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    I just read chapter 1 of the raws for the novel and it’s way different than the manga. But I know it’s the same because the characters have the same names. The mc died in 2019 and was reborn in 2119 in the novel. The author also says that thermal weapons like guns and nukes don’t work anymore. I decided to stop reading after I read that. I hate when they use that as an excuse to stop using modern weapons.

    Here is the raw link https://m.kayege.net/1_1745/124329.html

    It also said that the earth expanded hundreds of times in the novel. I’m not even going to try to explain how many people that would have killed. Also the sun is only 109 times bigger than earth. That means that the earth is way bigger than the sun now unless it also expanded. The size would still be nothing to people that are faster than lightning. They should be able to just teleport around the planet.
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