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    Thank you sooo much for the spoilers!!! :blobsneeze: same thoughts also. Didn't they get married? If so how did Yiangxi propose to Mingxi? blobmelt_thumbs
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    They didn't get married in the novel, which is expected since they haven't even started college hahahaha there is a part similar to a proposal tho

    During their last day as senior, everyone else in their class was tearing up pages of their books(which was apparently like a ritual for them during graduation?) And yiangxi was pretending to be nonchalant as always and tore a book for himself and mingxi just didnt care about it. Then yiangxi took out a chinese dictionary from his desk.
    Yx just blushes furiously lol then just takes the dictionary and places it on his desk. Mx was suspicious since she knows how yx can be such a tsundere hahahaha so she takes the dictionary. Yx was protesting but she still took it and opened it. When she opened it, there was a small box hidden in between the pages with 2 silver rings. Yiangxi was actually planning to give her a couple ring. He had planned for it to be romantic and all that jazz by giving it to her at night, under the starry sky. So he hid the box of the couple ring in between the pages of mingxi's chinese dictionary and he was gonna surprise her later. With his plans spoiled, he just owned up to it and told mx "give me your hand" and put the ring on her. Note that they were still in the classroom but they didnt care about their classmates hahahaha our babies were just off in their own little bubble
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    I like this fluffy story. It is not super dogblood, no aphrodisiac, no drugging incident, no killings or kidnapping of female leads, miscarriage, dispute about property. The ML here is not the CEO domineering type, but a student, naive, sometimes arrogant in a cute sense. No too many women surrounding ML.

    A little bit light specially if you had read too many heavy novels recently. Her goal is to severe ties, move on, earn more luck and prevent the misfortune of a cannonfodder which is to die early, and be with the ML till the end.

    This somehow has the same background with the story "After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness".. not 100 percent the same, just for the family background thingy.

    All in all, it is a good one. I like how the ML is loyal and and respecting the FL in every decisions he made
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    does anyone know what chapter the birthday is? Edit: I found it! Now at Mingxi's birthday.
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    I remember that one of the parallel stories tells how the Zhao family was when Zhao Mingxi died in the first timeline.

    The mother Zhao had told Zhao Mingxi that she did not know how to be a true daughter or have filial piety, and a lot of words that ended up hurting Mingxi even more.

    After a month the Zhao family is reunited celebrating, I don't know, and they keep asking themselves why Mingxi doesn't show up (really, it gave me a very big hate at that time, it wasn't even anger it was hate). And they go on to say that Mingxi does not know what filial piety is.

    Then the older brother starts calling people who know Mingxi to find out where she is. And does he receive her medical report saying clearly that she has cancer of the heart, and the first thing they think? THAT IS A LIE INVENTED BY HER TO CALL ATTENTION!

    Still believing that her illness is too unreal, they start looking for her. That's when these people realize that it was easy to find Mingxi because she was always after them.

    "What is it like to find a person who doesn't want to be found?" - talks about them. And I say what? WELL DONE. I wasn't supposed to have found it.

    But they find it, and do you know where? At her funeral.
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    omg..I stopped reading bc I couldn't handle it yet but this is just so sad. Thanks for sharing, be angry together.
    I feel like I want to make a short animation of the story..It just feels so painful, but I don't have time to commit to it
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    Yeah the anger is real
    What happened before and after Mingxi's death in his previous life.


    At that time, Mingxi's college entrance examination scores were average, and only an ordinary non-double first-class university.

    Although the Zhao family's circle does not attach much importance to academic qualifications, after all, most of the children in the circle go abroad for gilding after finishing college, or have studied abroad since college. But the Zhao family still felt that Zhao Mingxi couldn't make a move.

    Although she is beautiful, judging from her grades, she is not that smart.

    Not to mention that Zhao Zhanhuai and Zhao Mo both have their own careers. Just talk about Zhao Yuan. After high school, Zhao Yuan applied for a full scholarship from a famous university in the United States, and then traveled across the ocean to study and now returns to Zhao's father. The company’s help has gradually emerged in the circle. Much better than her.

    Compared with the other children of the Zhao family, Zhao Mingxi's strengths are really lackluster.

    The Zhao family did not know that Mingxi would have various situations every time they took the exam. They only felt that it was the growth of Mingxi that had been growing up in poor and backward small towns in the previous fifteen years.

    The education she has received is too shallow, and the environment she has been in is too barren. So that she became a girl with mediocre talent and sharp personality.

    The tit-for-tat between her and Zhao Yuan may be a large part of the reason that affected her study.

    And Mingxi couldn't refute, she herself didn't know what was going on.

    Sometimes there are faint thoughts in my mind, but the next second is like being pressed down by a cloud of dark clouds, my mind becomes a mass of paste, and some thoughts and thoughts are lost before seeing the sky. An invisible hand was strangled and returned to the hazy chaos.

    Mingxi only thinks that he is really inferior to others and that he is not good enough.

    Before the age of fifteen, the reason why he ranked first in a remote town was only because there were few people in the town that he could become a crest. Now that I came to a big city with a huge crowd, of course I fell heavily, not even a cocktail.

    She can only work hard to overcome.

    Put your own in the mud, admit that you are bad, and put in more time and energy than others.

    At this time, of course, Mingxi couldn't like Zhao Yuan, nor could he accept Zhao Yuan's existence.

    But there are certain things that she has never done--for example, when she was seventeen, she made Zhao Yuan allergic.

    In this matter, she was just a dumb eating Coptidis, and she couldn't explain why she was suffering.

    At the beginning, she tried to get the care of her family and did a lot of things to please them, but after her junior year, Mingxi rarely did such things.

    Faced with the day-to-day cold face and the awkward look of choosing Zhao Yuan between her and Zhao Yuan, even if she is a fire, she will be extinguished again and again, sometimes she will not burn.

    She gradually felt a little tired.

    Moreover, it was mainly because Ming Xi's body suddenly began to go downhill at the beginning of his junior year.

    During that time, she often caught colds, and felt dizzy every so often.

    Mingxi didn't think much about what could happen to her at a young age. She thought it was because she stayed up too much late.

    But just after Mingxi deliberately adjusted her work and rest, she was still in a bad spirit after eating three meals a day on time.

    In June of the senior year, Mingxi could not afford to have a high fever, was absent to defend and almost dropped out of school.

    Fortunately, the tutors are good, and Mingxi didn't really let Mingxi.

    At that time, Mingxi went home very few times. She was far away from Zhao Yuan, sprinted, and was admitted to a relatively good domestic school for graduate students.

    Mingxi became even busier after starting graduate school, and for a while, he forgot to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination.

    After a period of good and bad health, Mingxi finally went to the hospital.

    Before the examination, Mingxi vowed to his classmates in the laboratory that he was absolutely fine, at best it was hypoglycemia.

    But many things she couldn't think of even if she wanted to break her head.

    For example, when she was found by the Zhao family when she was fifteen, her whole life has been changed since then. Another example is the diagnosis and treatment sheet pinched by her pale fingertips when she walked out of the hospital.

    The cruelty of life does not lie in the hurdles waiting for you to pass, but in the unknown mist ahead, you will not know when you will jump out to bite the fangs.


    One month after Mingxi disappeared, the Zhao family later realized that something was wrong.

    Because she was in graduate school, she didn't come back very much, so she came back two or three times during the holidays during the semester. And I don’t like to call home very much. Sometimes it’s normal not to call for more than a month.

    So the whole family didn't receive Mingxi's call or text message for a month, and no one thought about it.

    It wasn't until Zhao's father returned from a business trip in South Africa that he brought gifts to Zhao's mother, Zhao Yuan, and Mingxi. Zhao Zhanhuai called Mingxi, and her mobile phone was down. Zhao Zhanhuai felt that something was wrong.

    Zhao Zhanhuai immediately called Mingxi’s school again, but a friend in her school said that she had taken leave and took a leave of absence and had already left school for a month.

    My friend was still on the phone and asked in surprise: "Are you from Zhao Mingxi's family? You don't know

    such a big thing? " "Such a big thing? What's the matter?" Zhao Zhan frowned, and suddenly a feeling of uneasiness rose in his heart. Wonderful hunch.

    The student seemed quite speechless on the phone.

    After a while, Zhao Zhanhuai's WeChat was added, and a diagnosis and treatment form was sent.

    * There was

    laughter in the Zhao's living room.

    Father Zhao hadn't returned for a long time. Mother Zhao and Zhao Yuan were very happy. Zhao Yuan knelt on the carpet and opened her present, showing a surprised expression: "Dad, so beautiful!"

    She turned her head and acted like a baby to Zhao Zhanhuai: "Brother , Put it on for me."

    Seeing that Zhao Zhanhuai had been staring at his own mobile phone, his posture leaning on the back of the sofa became extremely stiff. He stood there, stood up straight, and turned a blind eye to his own voice. Zhao Yuan didn't care much either, thinking it was something in his company, he was looking at the report or something the assistant sent, so Zhao Yuan turned around and asked Mother Zhao to help her.

    Mother Zhao and Zhao Yuan put the necklaces on each other, and they both rushed to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

    Zhao Yuning is now in college and is about to graduate. He is wearing white sportswear and his short hair has just been shaved in the shape of a lightning bolt. He is afraid of being scolded by Zhao's father. He has been wearing a navy blue baseball cap these days, which looks like a cool guy.

    He looked around in the gift pile and saw that the gifts Zhao father brought him were books on business management instead of the keys to Hummer he wanted. He suddenly showed dissatisfaction: "Dad, This is not fair. The gifts you brought to the three of them are hundreds of thousands per person, and the necklace of your mother is worth more than one million. How come it is a broken book worth dozens of dollars when I am here?"

    Zhao Yuning recently talked about it. A girlfriend, not doing business, spent hundreds of thousands last month.

    Father Zhao didn't bother to pay attention to him.

    Father Zhao took a sip of tea and turned to look at Zhao Zhanhuai: "Where is Mingxi? Isn't it the Mid-Autumn Festival these few days? She hasn't come back yet?"

    But Zhao Zhanhuai's expression was not right.

    He took the cellphone, his finger bones turned white, and looked at Father Zhao.

    "What's the matter?" Father Zhao frowned.

    Zhao Zhanhuai's brain buzzed, and she squeezed out a few words: "She took a long vacation at school and took a leave of absence."

    Mother Zhao who came out of the bathroom heard these words, her face suddenly changed, and she said angrily: "She is Didn’t it cause trouble again? Suspended school? Why didn’t the family know at all? She did it when she was in high school, and it’s a little better after college, how come now—what’s wrong again, you give me your phone and ask her to come back quickly-- "

    if not finished, he was interrupted by Zhao Zhan Huai:" No, this is not. "

    "Then what happened? How come you suddenly dropped out of school?!" Mother Zhao said anxiously.

    Zhao Zhanhuai handed the phone to Zhao's mother.

    Mother Zhao's voice stopped abruptly as if she was pinched by someone out of her throat.

    * The

    Zhao family is deadly silent, depressed like a tomb.

    They have been in turmoil these days.

    In the beginning, because they only saw a medical certificate sent by Zhao Mingxi’s classmates, the Zhao family still didn’t believe that Mingxi looked healthy and vigorous when he came back. How could he suddenly be late?

    This is simply a fantasy thing.

    They wondered if Mingxi was again trying to figure out tricks to attract their attention.

    But Zhao Mingxi’s phone call could not be reached. WeChat and various accounts that can be canceled have also been canceled. Those who have not been canceled have no traces of reuse. They have stopped updating the update a month ago-and their time is up. Only found out today.

    The Zhao family still doesn't believe it, and Zhao's mother is still muttering to herself whether Zhao Mingxi is doing a full set of the show.

    Zhao Zhanhuai noticed that something was not quite right, mainly because the friend of Mingxi who answered his phone didn't speak as if he had cooperated with Mingxi's performance.

    Zhao Zhanhuai felt uneasy. And Zhao Yuning thinks that Zhao Mingxi is not someone who can do this kind of thing. She hasn’t used it since she was fifteen. Now the relationship between the whole family and her has been relatively harmonious. What to do. It makes no sense. Zhao Yuning is also a little worried.

    So the two flew to the province and city of the school where Zhao Mingxi was located that afternoon.

    Zhao Mingxi’s mentor mentioned Zhao Mingxi’s tone of sadness: “She had dizzy several times a few months ago, but no one thought at the time. After all, she was still so young...I didn’t fulfill my responsibility as a mentor, and it’s not true. I know what help can be provided to her, this child, it is a pity, we persuaded her to be hospitalized first, but the cure rate of this cancer is very low, and she has to go through painful chemotherapy. She refused, saying that she wanted to take the last time to do something. What I want to do...but you are her family, how come you didn't know until now?" After

    listening to these words, Zhao Zhanhuai and Zhao Yuning didn't know how they finally got out of university.

    At noon, the scorching sun was sky, and the two of them looked in a trance, and their eyes turned black for a while.



    These terrible words are like heavy hammers, hammering their hearts one by one, making them breathless.

    The two never thought that something like this would happen to Zhao Mingxi, she was still so young! Such a fresh life will face the torment of illness!

    Moreover, why did she not tell anyone in the family at all when such a thing happened? Do you distrust your family, or do you not want to see them in the last period of time?

    But the two immediately reacted-what was the first reaction when the family learned that Zhao Mingxi might be ill? Their first reaction was not to believe it! I think Zhao Mingxi is acting!

    The two were about to suffocate.

    It is conceivable that if Zhao Mingxi got the results in the hospital, he went home and talked to his family as soon as possible, he might have to face questioning words such as "Are you acting?" and "Stop making trouble". How will Zhao Mingxi, who is already exhausted and suffering, react? Would it be like a camel that was about to be crushed being crushed by the last straw?

    Just thinking about it, the two of them felt as if they were caught by a big hand, and they felt terribly painful.

    "What, what should I do? Where can I find Zhao Mingxi now?" Zhao Yuning noticed that the person who said this was shaking.

    Zhao Zhanhuai reluctantly calmed down: "Mingxi has not much time left, so she can't let her give up the treatment. Anyway, she must find it as soon as possible. I will first contact the best foreign surgeon. You go home and tell your family about the current situation. "

    Although Zhao Yuning has been an adult for several years, she is still a young college student in front of Zhao Zhanhuai, and she is at a loss for such things.

    He returned home according to what Zhao Zhanhuai said.

    Then came the disbelief of the whole family, a chaos, and finally Mother Zhao cried loudly.

    After Zhao's panic, she was heartbroken.

    She burst into tears in pain.

    No one can accept that his daughter who was conceived in October was lost since childhood, and finally found it back. After eight years of raising and cultivating affection, he learned that the daughter was terminally ill.

    She never thought that such a thing would happen.

    In other words, she thought she would spend a lifetime getting along with this strange child later. Two quarrels are not a big deal. She thought she had brought Mingxi back. Mingxi is her daughter, and it is impossible to lose it again, right?

    ——But unexpectedly, she and Zhao Mingxi didn't have so much time to resolve all the embarrassment and estrangement.

    The last time she talked with Mingxi on the phone, it was more than a month ago, because Zhao Yuning didn’t call back often, and Zhao’s mother was also used to it, and she was getting angry, so she didn’t even think about calling Mingxi on her own initiative. Who knows, just over a month, such a big thing happened to Mingxi.

    How desperate was Mingxi the moment he got the diagnosis?

    What I said, the first reaction was to think she was directing and acting by herself again.

    Mother Zhao began to think back to the last time she talked with Mingxi and what was the last word she said.

    She didn't give Mingxi a good face at the time. Mingxi said that something was wrong and she didn't go home, so she just threw it away: "Love can't be returned, Yuanyuan is more obedient and sensible than you."

    Before Mingxi lost her hope of life, what she said to Mingxi was such a vicious words.

    With bursts of heartache in Zhao's mother, she desperately begged Zhao's father and Zhao Zhanhuai to find Zhao Mingxi as soon as possible.


    Want to find someone is easier said than done.

    For the card that the family gave to Mingxi, the last payment stayed for a month and a half before she went through the formalities of leaving school.

    Her calling card no longer has any signal, it should be thrown away. Her WeChat, Weibo and other social accounts have never logged in again.

    He Yang scolded Zhao Yuan for some things that happened in the student days, so the relationship between the Zhao family and the He family has always been relatively unfamiliar. As for the Dong family, they openly wanted to take Mingxi away, and they had some disagreements with the Zhao family.

    But now things have reached this point, I can't take care of that much.

    As early as the first day when he started searching for Zhao Mingxi, Zhao Zhanhuai personally came to the He's and Dong's to find someone.

    However, there is no whereabouts.

    Mingxi's friend He Yang, who started from the girlhood, doesn't know where Mingxi has gone.

    The Dong family didn't even know, and even because they learned that Mingxi was terminally ill, he almost had another wave with the Zhao family.

    After searching for half a month, Mingxi completely disappeared.

    She seemed to have evaporated

    this time Mingxi does not know where he can go.

    She bought a plane ticket with cash, bought a cup of coffee, sat down with her jacket in her arms, and stared at the crackling rain outside in a daze.

    She watched one plane after another on the tarmac outside the French windows take off, but did not board.

    Everyone has their destination, but she doesn't know where her destination is.

    Finally, she took the suitcase and sat at the airport for a whole day, tearing off the purchased ticket, dragging the suitcase aimlessly, planning to leave.

    When leaving, Mingxi's passport fell on the ground inadvertently.

    One minute later.

    The passport was picked up by a slender hand with distinct knuckles.

    The owner of the hand is a young man.

    The man is holding a long black umbrella. He has a dazzling red short hair and stands out in the crowd.

    When he was transiting, he got a little rain, his windbreaker cuffs and black suitcase looked a little damp, his red hair was slightly damp, and his eyebrows looked deeper.

    He turned around, holding his passport in his hand, and looked at the back who had just passed by.

    "Sir, what's the matter?"

    "It's her." The

    young man handed the passport to the staff at the boarding gate and asked the staff to catch up and give it to her.

    After a pause, he thought something was wrong.

    The crowd is raging.

    In the background that seems to be pressed fast.

    Desperately, he looked back again.


    Mingxi walked out of the security checkpoint, he was overtaken by the staff and got his passport that he lost accidentally.

    "Thank you." The

    staff handed over an umbrella.

    Men's, black long-handled umbrella, embroidered with golden thread at the corners?? a letter.

    Mingxi was stunned, and looked back subconsciously.

    But the person who picked up his passport had already boarded the plane.

    Mingxi pulled the suitcase and left the airport.

    It was still raining outside, and in the overwhelming rain curtain, the corners of Mingxi's skirt were blown by the wind?? slender white calves.

    Her face and lips were a little pale, but it was not because of being frozen, but at this time, she could feel the rapid flow of life in her body.

    She embraced her arm and opened the umbrella in her hand.

    Mingxi raised his head and turned the umbrella in his hand around, looking at the spinning rain and the letters under the black umbrella.

    She felt that this was the only time God had been kind to herself in this period of time.

    *I have been

    looking for Mingxi for three months.

    could not find it.

    Zhao Zhanhuai had been to Tongcheng, but when he went, people over there said that Zhao Mingxi had never come back. Later Zhao's father found the ticket that Zhao Mingxi had bought, but was told that Zhao Mingxi had not boarded the plane.

    There was a huge crowd, and the Zhao family only realized how difficult it is to find someone who no longer actively contacts them.

    In the past, Zhao Mingxi could be contacted at any time. Zhao Yuning and his classmates were making trouble, and he dared not ask the parents. After a call, Zhao Mingxi ran over anxiously. Zhao's mother mentioned going home for dinner, and Zhao Mingxi happily took a large bag of gifts home-because Zhao Mingxi wanted to stay by their side and was eager to be reunited with them. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    But once Zhao Mingxi didn't want to do this anymore, they suddenly discovered that Zhao Mingxi had always come close to them, and they rarely took the initiative to get involved in Zhao Mingxi's life.

    *In the

    end, the Zhao family did not see Mingxi for the last time.

    In the last period of time, Mingxi did not contact anyone, nor disturbed anyone. At that time, something happened to He Yang's house and it was almost bankrupt, so she could trouble her any more. And the Dong family seemed to be infected with bad luck because they knew her. Mingxi didn't want to continue to bring bad luck to the Dong family in the last life.

    She returned to Tongcheng, contacted the local village committee and the Civil Affairs Bureau responsible for cremation, filled in the information and went through the registration procedures. Because I grew up on this land when I was a child, and there were a few people I knew in the small town. After she talked to Aunt Li, Aunt Li helped her a lot in the last period of time.

    When the Zhao family arrived in a hurry, Mingxi's Touqi had passed.

    That was the first time that the Zhao family saw a rural mourning hall, with one or two white wreaths, and smoke and dust rising from the cold air, simple and depressed.

    Although Mingxi had told her that she didn't want to have anything to do, she just needed to be cremated, but Aunt Li burst into tears and still did not listen to her instructions.

    White flowers hung at the entrance of the street office. In the winter frost, some people who knew Mingxi and her grandma came to pay homage.

    The people at the door handed black yarn to the Zhao family.

    ... The

    Zhao family looked at all this in amazement, their fingers seemed to be filled with lead, so heavy that every pore was sweating, and they couldn't lift it up to pick up the black gauze.

    They stayed there, unable to make a sound, their eyes turned black, and everything was spinning around.

    What kind of feeling is that?

    The fresh life was cruelly withered before their eyes, and when they rushed there, they couldn't even pick up the last withered petal.

    All things they thought they could slowly change, accept, and compensate for the rest of their lives, Zhao Mingxi would never give them a chance again??

    I always thought there was still a lot of time, but I didn't expect it to be short.

    Zhao Mingxi passed away??

    Life will never stop at the age of twenty-three.

    Mother Zhao stared blankly at the burning brazier that was constantly swaying by the wind in the middle of the mourning hall. She breathed quickly and her tears were hazy. She screamed heartbreakingly and passed out.


    Half a month after Zhao Mingxi's death, the souls of everyone in the Zhao family still seemed to be pulled away.

    All this happened suddenly, and Zhao Mingxi walked cleanly, leaving nothing or a word.

    They didn't even have anything to remember her.

    She didn't say goodbye to them. I don't know if they were punishing them when they were fifteen years old. After they brought her home, they didn't have a good opening remark with her.

    Sometimes they feel like they have a dream.

    In a daze, I felt that Zhao Mingxi hadn't left yet, and was still running around in the school laboratory, but didn't call home much.

    However, after they woke up, they suddenly remembered that Zhao Mingxi had already left.


    Mother Zhao recalled more than once, the last words she said to Mingxi before Mingxi died, the last look she cast at Mingxi.

    The last word she said to her was scolding, and the last look she gave her was the sternness of the quarrel.

    She didn't even hug her well before she died, let alone give her a unique moment of preference. After learning that she was terminally ill, the first reaction was to doubt!

    What does she do as a mother? !

    Zhao's mother was in pain and wanted to live.

    Mingxi passed away with these bad, stabbed, and disgusting memories, so she didn't contact anyone in her family until she passed away.

    She must have been so disappointed that she never wanted to see them again.

    Mother Zhao thought of all this in her heart every night and her soul was suffering. She couldn't fall asleep. When she closed her eyes, it was the moments when she scolded Zhao Mingxi. The heartache and regret for Mingxi flooded over and overwhelmed her. It was almost suffocated.

    Is there a second chance in life?

    If time can turn back, Zhao's mother wanted to rush to hug her when Zhao Mingxi stepped into the door of Zhao's house when she was fifteen years old.

    If time can go backwards, Zhao Yuning will not steal the chemistry competition registration form again, nor will he bluff and confront Zhao Mingxi. He will become a good brother and will pull her behind to protect her.

    If time can go backwards, Zhao Zhanhuai will take Zhao Mingxi to the school to register on the first day of school. He will notice Mingxi's timidity and panic, and patiently and gently comfort her and help her quickly integrate into the city.

    If time can go back, Father Zhao also wants to spend more time with his daughter who has been living away for many years.


    However, time cannot go backwards.

    Everything is gone forever.


    Just like that, day by day.

    Time passes in sorrow, sorrow, regret and mourning.

    One year after Zhao Mingxi passed away.

    The Zhao family can barely continue to live on, but the scars that have been torn apart have left the imprint of eternal marks on everyone's heart.

    When Zhao Mingxi was alive, no one in the family had taken a good look at her.


    After Zhao Mingxi died, everyone loved her.

    Mother Zhao did not allow servants to enter her room, nor did she allow people to move her things. She often sat in a daze on her bed, and occasionally turned through the notes and test papers of her teenage years.

    Zhao Zhanhuai and Zhao Mo kept silent when they mentioned that they had a sister, and then told others that their sister was excellent.

    Father Zhao did some charity in the name of Zhao Mingxi.

    After Zhao Yuning moved out, he also brought back the cat he and Zhao Mingxi raised together.

    However, Zhao Mingxi will never come back again.

    She will never smile at them again.

    She will never show up at the dinner table again.

    She will never give them another chance to make up.

    * In

    this life, Zhao Yuan got what she wanted as she wished, and her fate was smooth.

    But where she couldn't see, the Zhao family had "Zhao Mingxi" in their hearts—a white moonlight that hurts when touched.

    Even, because of Zhao Mingxi's death, the Zhao family could no longer treat Zhao Yuan well.

    Because the dead Zhao Mingxi is a hurdle they will never cross.

    However, for Mingxi after his death, all this is meaningless.

    No amount of remembrance and care, she can't see it.


    After Mingxi passed away, the memory was a process of faint and shallow gradually. All the scenes in her mind faded, and finally only stayed on the rotating umbrella surface on that rainy day.

    She opened her eyes again and she was seventeen years old.

    Her memory is no longer so detailed.

    She remembered roughly what happened at some point in her previous life, but she couldn't remember the umbrella.

    It looked like a dragonfly stayed gently on the tip of the heart, and finally there was no trace.

    However, good luck is brought.

    Daily after marriage.

    *After the

    university starts.

    The two rented an apartment next to the botanical garden near the university. It was only eight or nine hundred meters away from the side entrance of the university, which was very convenient.

    According to Fu Yangxi’s habit, it’s always impossible to live below two hundred square meters, but he didn’t deliberately show off his wealth (of course, when he said this, Mingxi still thinks he owes him a lot), but because of his size. Tall, if the place is not big enough, it will feel cramped.

    But because their prestigious school is in the old campus, the air is fresh nearby, and there are not too many high-rise buildings, so the best apartment is only 100 square meters.

    If you want to rent a better place, it will be too far away from the school, which is very troublesome.

    Traffic jams on the road every day are enough to choke.

    In addition, Mingxi took a fancy to that small apartment.

    It is a small duplex, with two bedrooms on the first floor, with a large balcony. From the balcony, you can see the lights of thousands of houses in the distance, and a little further away, it is a sea.

    There is still no TV in the living room. The homeowner is a designer and installed a projector on a white wall. The curtains are closed at night and the lights are closed. The movie will be very clear.

    There is no room on the second floor. It is a sun room tea room with a wooden carved long tea table, tree pier chairs, and pillows. On the other side is a storage room, put some sundries.

    There is a walkway with floor-to-ceiling glass windows next to the tea room. A glass door is opened in the walkway and pushed aside. It is a terrace of more than ten square meters on the second floor.

    It was summer when they went to see the house, and there was a breeze on the terrace, summer night, street lights, and quiet.

    They can kiss, hug, and see each other's trembling eyelashes clearly under the dim light.

    Mingxi immediately liked this place.

    It is rare that Mingxi liked it, and Fu Yangxi had no objection at all, paid the money and signed the rental agreement.

    The school is not allowed to ride a motorcycle or drive to avoid comparability among students. So Fu Yangxi bought a silver-gray mountain bike and took Zhao Mingxi to class every day. On weekends, he would take Zhao Mingxi to the next botanical garden for a drive.

    After two months of military training, Zhao Mingxi and Fu Yangxi were listed on the school's top personalities because of their outstanding looks and temperament.

    Mingxi didn't care much about it.

    She is extremely busy every day, the pace of the courses is fast, and her tutor is demanding and assigns her a lot of tasks. In this life, she has studied the same chemistry major as in the previous life, and she spends every day doing various calculations in the laboratory, because she is careful and focused, and almost never makes mistakes. Sometimes she will be borrowed by professors from the physics department to help.

    In addition, she has to fall in love.

    Fu Yangxi's boy is full of blood, and there seems to be a fire burning between the two every day. They have done everything that should be done, and the posture that should be experienced has also been experienced.

    Sometimes Mingxi didn’t know how to get on the bed inexplicably. She was still watching a movie a second before - she sat on the carpet in front of the sofa with a pillow in her arms, Fu Yangxi wiped her hair and sat down, and a drop of water fell on it. Her face was icy cold, and she subconsciously raised her head and glanced at Fu Yangxi.

    Fu Yangxi looked at her slightly stunned appearance, thinking she was asking for a kiss, and her hair was not dry, so she pinched her chin, bowed her head and kissed aggressively.

    He stared at her, her beautiful eyes were all her.

    Mingxi tilted his head and neck sorely like this, and stretched out his hand to push Fu Yangxi away.

    But he was obviously dissatisfied, picked her up on the sofa, put his hands on her head, and continued to kiss.

    Mingxi was breathing fast. With the entanglement between her lips and teeth, her hair became unruly, and her body was a little soft, like a small waste, falling to the side of the sofa.

    Fu Yangxi had to kiss her while supporting her body.

    In the end, the bodies of the two of them were close together. Fu Yangxi gently stroked her long hair with one hand, and combed her hair with her fingers, as if to seize her soul with his lips and tongue.

    Mingxi's body began to burn and scald, like a steamed shrimp.

    She wanted to curl up, but she wanted to be weighed down by the person on her body, filling up a certain desire.

    Ming Xishang is still hesitant to untie the bra, Fu Yangxi has already stripped off her white t-shirt.


    Fu Yangxi hugged her horizontally and brought her back to the room.

    "Anxious ghost." Ming Xi hooked Fu Yangxi's neck with cold arms and muttered in his ear.

    Fu Yangxi's ears were reddened physiologically.

    But after all this kind of thing was born and matured again, he is much more calm now than before.

    He bowed his head and kissed Mingxi's forehead, and said confidently: "I am anxious about my wife's color, what does it matter."

    "Wife" is not just a call, but an established fact.

    After the college entrance examination, the two flew to France to register their marriage, obtained a marriage certificate, and then went to the Chinese Embassy in France to be certified. Otherwise, I don’t know how long it will take to reach the legal marriage age.

    Fu Yangxiguang thought of having to wait for four full years, and in these four years, he didn't know how many Shen Liyao, Bai Liyao, and Gu Liyao were staring at Zhao Mingxi, and he was not very happy. He didn't feel a little safe until the paper certificate fell into his hands. In addition, Fu's property changes are also part of the reason. Fu Yangxi hopes that half of the property can be put into Zhao Mingxi's hands as soon as possible. This is equivalent to a huge insurance for Zhao Mingxi. Even ten Zhao's families will be worth less than her in the future.

    Although Mingxi was not as anxious about marriage as Fu Yangxi, she actively cooperated in everything Fu Yangxi wanted to do, so that was it, the trip after the college entrance examination was also a honeymoon trip for the two.

    It was not until after the marriage that the two rolled off the sheets.

    Fu Yangxi was too shy for the first time, her face blushing and bleeding, for a while she was afraid that she would hurt, and for a while she was afraid that she would think he was not good.

    When the two were lingering and scorching, they couldn't make up their minds and sweated profusely.

    Finally, we got up and watched the film together, and imitated it step by step, only to realize the great perfection of life.

    Mingxi missed Fu Yangxi for the first time

    , and she felt so cute-- then she was no longer innocent after she looked at her again, she skillfully put her on the bed, untied her little sling, and lifted her two ankles. , Put it on his shoulder, leaned forward and pressed Fu Yangxi to kiss her.

    Mingxi looked at the ceiling and sighed quietly.

    Fu Yangxi: "..."

    The consequence of sighing casually on the bed is to be played and unable to get out of bed the next morning.

    Mingxi is like a stranded fish, limp on the bed, eyes blank, no place from waist to toe is not sore, nor can he lift his fingers.

    □ □ After burning to the extreme, the body is completely hollowed out.

    Fu Yangxi hugged her and coaxed: "You asked me yesterday to remind you that you have an experimental class today, and you can't be late."

    Ming Xi weakly smashed a pillow over: "You know I have an experimental class, you still get it?"

    Fu Yangxi wiped out people's food, it is impossible not to be obedient.

    He stared at her with a smile: "The little mask, I will take you to brush your teeth and wash your face, okay?"

    He said he wanted to take Mingxi to the bathroom.

    After he got up, he saw Mingxi curled up listlessly in his arms, and the white and tender skin on the collarbone of his neck was covered with red marks made by himself, like a tempting little strawberry in bud.

    His eyes darkened, and he couldn't help but leaned down, and drank water on the corner of Mingxi's lips.

    Mingxi was furious and beat him in the chest.

    But because of lack of energy, he was beaten limply, as if acting like a baby.

    "Don't be hard!"


    Fu Yangxi was so wronged, she suppressed her evil spirit, and asked her: "Then, my wife, when will it be hard next time."

    Mingxi rubbed her sore waist: " . Five days later it "

    Fu Xi Yang Mingxi will hold a half hug and a half before the bathroom mirror, squeezed toothpaste to the toothbrush, handed Mingxi hands, still bargain:" two days / okay. " "

    when you are dishes Buying vegetables in the market.” Mingxi was so angry that he pushed the electric toothbrush on.

    Fu Yangxi: "Three days."

    Mingxi: "...a deal."

    Mingxi's legs really didn't have much strength, one hand supported the white pool, and he felt like he was falling down.

    Fu Yangxi hugged her waist with one hand, trying to lend her some strength, looked down at Mingxi’s white and tender calf with some red marks, he bent another knee, and said to Mingxi: "Or you go Lean back a little bit?"

    Mingxi leaned forward, placing his weight on his thigh, and said unceremoniously: "Don't be hard."

    Fu Yangxi: "..."

    The little mask is really at home!

    He didn't pinch the face of the little mask for three days, and the little mask went to the house to reveal the tiles!

    Fu Yangxi took out her toothbrush, and said: "Otherwise you can install a high stool in front of the pool, and you can sit and brush your teeth in the future -" He

    was stabbed by Ming Xi's elbow before he was finished: "Don't be overwhelmed. Yellow waste, only once in the next night."

    Once, her waist will not be so sore and her legs will not be so soft.

    Fu Yangxi: "Who said that I still want it last night, my dear is great, brother don't go."

    "..." Mingxi's cheeks burned quickly: "What you say on the bed, how can you take it seriously?"

    Fu Yangxi's heart hurts.

    He raised his dark eyelashes, and grumbled at Zhao Mingxi in the mirror: "Then you can't take the'I love you' you said last night?"

    Mingxi brushed his teeth, wiped the corners of his mouth, and saw him in the mirror. The hair on his forehead was curled up and he was so cute that he felt the urge to snore behind him.

    She turned her head, stood on tiptoe and kissed his chin unexpectedly, and said sweetly, "This is true." She

    kissed Mingxi and ran away.

    She slipped on the soles of her feet while Fu Yangxi was still brushing her teeth.

    Fu Yangxi took her back.

    He threw the toothbrush viciously, grabbed her by the waist, pressed her against the sink and the mirror, and deepened the kiss.

    "Little mask, you seduce me again."

    "Mmm, don't kiss, don't kiss, your mouth is full of bubbles."

    "You will run away every day if you flirt, and run away if you flirt ! See if I don't kiss you to death!"

    "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Uhhhhhhhh!"

    In short, learning and falling in love take up too much time for Mingxi, so even if he knew that there was such a list, Mingxi had not visited the campus bbs.

    You have to register for an account to log in. It's better to go to the road with Fu Yangxi when you have this time.

    Therefore, she didn't know that her popularity soared in the topic of "Which girl among the major departments in the school want to chase the most".

    One of the reasons is that Zhao Mingxi is beautiful and sexy.

    She no longer wears school uniforms after university. She occasionally wears some small suspenders to show off her slim figure.

    She occasionally wears light makeup, making her already pretty face even more delicate.

    The slender ankles, wrists, collarbone, various details can easily evoke the inner madness of the boys.

    The second reason is that everyone knows that Zhao Mingxi is the girlfriend of Fu Yangxi, the second generation of the rich, but this is more challenging.

    How can there be so many three views on adult love? Can't everyone compete fairly if they are not married again?

    What an exciting thing to be able to pry into Fu Yangxi's corner.

    And Mingxi didn't know that, on the contrary, Fu Yangxi single-handedly became the inverse of the topic of "Which boy among the major departments in the school want to chase the most", and the ranking is very bleak.

    The incident originated from the fact that one night during the military training, Fu Yangxi sent Mingxi home first and then went to the dormitory to fetch the computer she had forgotten.

    It turns out that there are more girls in the dormitory.

    She was neither the girlfriend of her roommate nor knew him, so she pestered him when she came up and asked him to send her back.

    Good guy, the next day this girl received a lawyer's letter from Pizza Hut for harassment.

    As soon as the incident spread, Fu Yangxi directly ruined any luck for him in the next three years. (The old man made plans for the two to go abroad for their junior year)

    Although he is tall and handsome, his school-dominant temperament is much weaker when he arrives at university, and he will buy breakfast for his girlfriend and take off his coat. He looks quite normal. But since this fight, the girls around him ran away when they saw him, wishing to leave him three feet away.

    Mingxi told Ke Chengwen about this during the video. Ke Chengwen, who was studying at another university in the same city, almost laughed, and Coke sprayed a computer screen.

    "History is repeating itself." Ke Chengwen said: "Brother Xi did this in high school."

    If it weren't for Zhao Mingxi, Fu Yangxi really deserves to be single.

    "Little mask, you rescued Brother Xi." Ke Chengwen smiled.

    Fu Yangxi took the remote control and walked over from behind and glared at Ke Chengwen.

    Ke Chengwen immediately changed his mouth in good faith: "xkz, you rescued Brother Xi. When do you have summer vacation and come out to play."

    Mingxi: "..."

    What is it, what is the Jinjiang mouth shielding word for'little mask'? ?

    * There

    are many people who want to pry Fu Yangxi into the wall.

    Fu Yangxi was simply overwhelmed sometimes.

    He was in the lecture hall with the little mask. After he went out to make a phone call, he could see a boy licking his face and chatting with Zhao Mingxi. Of course, the little mask ignored the anger in Fu Yangxi's heart.

    Sometimes he even thought that if he rubbed the little mask into his arms, he alone would be able to see it.

    In this regard, Ke Chengwen registered a trumpet, pierced the boss's ribs, and did the same thing as high school.

    On campus bbs, under every id who clamored to chase Zhao Mingxi, he replied: "Just you? Toad wants to eat swan meat, do you have Fu Yangxi handsome? Do you have Fu Yangxi rich?"

    Mingxi likes to watch Fu Yangxi eat and eat. I'm jealous, but I also know that if he gets jealous and eats too much, he will really feel wronged.

    But Mingxi couldn't do anything about prosecuting the suitor.

    So at the end of the first semester, when a boy in the computer department pursued himself frantically, when Fu Yangxi was jealous until he kept his head silent for three days, Mingxi couldn’t help registering a forum for love(?) id, very rampantly posted the marriage certificate that the two got in France.

    Everyone in the school was stunned.

    Queues began below the forum, and at the end there was only a string of:



    "囍囍囍囍囍囍囍囍." The

    suitors finally dispersed in a swarm.

    Others have already obtained a marriage certificate abroad, and if they pursue it again, it is not for true love, but for the mistress.

    Everyone still has this moral bottom line.

    Fu Yangxi began to wonder if it was because of her sleepwalking.

    How could there be such a good thing?

    I wanted to post a marriage certificate a long time ago. If it wasn't for the little mask that he didn't want to be too fanciful for fear of being too frivolous by the professor, how could he endure it until now? But now this is-who helped him post it?

    Soon Fu Yangxi knew that Zhao Mingxi posted it himself.

    When Mingxi returned from shopping, Fu Yangxi was sitting on the sofa and looking to the door.

    As soon as she came in, Fu Yangxi strode towards her immediately, picked her up, and turned around: "My wife, I love you!"

    Mingxi wanted to control the food not to fly out, and put his arms around Fu Yangxi's neck. afraid that they fly, could not help but laugh: "! Honey Honey Honey I love you!"

    and soil and Niwai.

    it is more than words.

    After turning for a few laps, Mingxi had not been put down by Fu Yangxi, she was a little dizzy.

    Fu Yangxi suddenly raised her handsome eyebrows aggrievedly: "Wife, so, can you be hard tonight?"

    Mingxi: "..."

    Thinking of the fear of being sore and unable to get out of bed, Mingxi's smile slowly solidified.


    Much later.

    Fu Zai Zai is in kindergarten.

    His skin is fair and his eyes are like pitch-black beads. As a little boy, he is not beautiful enough, and he is dressed very coolly by Mingxi. The teachers in the kindergarten like him, and many little girls like him.

    The little girl he likes the most is very good-looking and often brings him sweets.

    Fu Zaizai wondered in his heart--Does Xiao Tangxin like him?

    When Dad put on shoes for him, Fu Zaizai asked this question: "Dad, yesterday the teacher asked a question. I fell asleep and couldn't answer it. She quietly pushed the picture book in front of me, whispered the answer, and the class ended. Later, he gave me a candy."

    He spread out his clenched palms, and said gruffly, "Look, it's my favorite lemon flavor."

    Fu Yangxi raised her eyebrows: "You said you were when you went to the supermarket yesterday.

    My favorite is the peach flavor." Fu Zai Zai: "Men's preferences will change, Dad, you are so old-fashioned."

    Fu Yangxi looked up at Little Bunny, laughed angrily, and asked, "So, you After talking a lot, what do you want to ask?"

    Fu Zizai's face flushed, little fingers grabbed the hem of her clothes, and lowered her head: "I want to ask, does she like me?"

    This day, from my father's teaching , Fu Zai Zai will never forget.

    "Don't be narcissistic."

    "She pushed the picture book in front of you. It may be that you are the boss of the kindergarten class and want to hold your thigh."

    "She gave you candy, maybe because she didn't want to eat it, so she was too lazy to go to the trash can and had nowhere to throw it."

    "Don't be narcissistic, or you will cry if you learn the truth later."

    Fu Zai Zai: "... ......"

    My son really cried loudly with a "wow".

    Mingxi was playing a game and hurriedly rushed out: "Fu Yangxi, why did you put him on a shoe and made him cry again?"

    Fu Yangxi: "..."

    On January 12, the convenience on the wall at home There is one more post: I promise not to be jealous with my son.
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    Please could you continue on first TL about MX death??
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    Omg thank you. I won't lie, I teared up reading her death. The family were assholes. Big time. At least she got the happy ending she deserved
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    There are no more chapters.
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    Did Zhao Mingxi reconcile with her family at the end of the story? or was it stated that she will never forgive them? or was the ending left open?
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    Ending was left open but with a strongly implied never reconcile. I don't know how I feel about that. On the one hand I really didn't care for the Zhaos, on the other hand what they did was not that significant in terms of normal parenting. Most of the damage was done by Zhao Yaun and her aura. Then the family wound up amplifying it.

    Once ZY out of the picture and the family aware how they had been, the rift should have been able to be repaired. Then I look at TL1 and her death, where it's every parent's nightmare and the fantasy of every child that feels wronged and I'm even more uncertain. On the one hand she was so disappointed with her family she was willing to go to her grave alone, on the other hand when she came back she knew they were all under a type of mind control. If I were in that position leaving the family a record of my experience would be a must. After rebirth reconciliation should have been possible.
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    I read some later chapters, not the whole novel and I agree with you, like severing ties with the family forever when she knows that aura is also at work wasn't right, parents Zhao somewhat deserve this tho since they failed her, but I think her brother especially the youngest one should have been forgiven
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    The feeling of each person is different, remember that she grew up with her adoptive grandmother, and since beginning with Zhaos, she was an effort a lot, but all family saw this how-to steal attention from ZY. In the two timelines, her family does not know her, because they always only she tries a relationship. So when she stops trying she feels light, it is a freedom for her, and her good memories of the child were only with her grandmother. That is why in her first TL her she goes die in the city that she lived with her grandmother and in the second TL she visits and the FL buys the garden that she grew up with her grandmother, because her family was her grandmother, the only person that given love for her until that moment in the novel. So regardless of the cause, Zhao Yaun aura, or another thing, the Zhaos family didn´t build ties with her and represents loneliness and sadness, I think she just wants to be happy away from the weight that the Zhao family represents.
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    This reminds me of one arc of an QT story where the MC dies of a kidney failure and it had the same plot like switched at birth.
    I think it was Low IQ Supporting Female, Waiting For Death Online.
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