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    Chapter 40 – A Pleasant Bath With Friends
    After we are done cleaning the main hall, I move with Sirgia and the slimes to the workshop to pick up some tools that will help us in repairing the broken floor. The rest of the girls leave to tend to their own small chores or whatever they have been doing before this unexpected encounter.

    I assure Cornelia that everything is now fine with my body. Having someone with real healing abilities is already starting to show its benefits. My Rejuvenate is great, but it’s not something that can save lives, so Elea's specialization is a truly valuable addition. All the other girls seem to have much more offensive-like Classes, with four of them using physical weapons and two with magical focuses. Elea counts into the latter.

    We bring the stuff to the main hall and scrape all the shattered and broken parts of the solid floor. Sirgia works the fastest with her already great strength, additionally supplied with strengthening skills. I and the slimes take care of the most damaged areas and leave the less crushed parts to her. In around an hour we scoop everything clean and a shallow hole is all that’s left in the spot.

    Next, we move back down, and to not leave everything to our only craftsman, we assist Sirgia in melting the broken pieces and then preparing a mixture of materials with a similar style and structure. Safi and Emi get completely absorbed in her craft, curiously following every small movement Sirgia makes during every single process of crushing, mixing, melting, planning, checking books, etc. It’s fun working together like that and seeing the girls being interested in each other’s areas of expertise.

    Within another hour, Sirgia creates a mass of liquid stone and pours it into a container ending in a funnel. She tells me to ask Cornelia if she could help and I go get her while the girls walk to the main hall. She comes back with me, eager to give us a hand and curious what Sirgia needs her for.

    When we gather together, our little dwarf pours the melted stone into the gap in the floor and smooths it out with a big spatula. Confirming that there are no uneven parts anywhere she turns to Cornelia and asks her to cast Chilling Breeze. While she does so, Sirgia attentively observes the material which is being cooled down and instructs Cornelia on increasing or reducing the intensity of her spell accordingly.

    In a few minutes, the floor is fixed. You need to glance at the spot where it was broken from really up close to see the outline of the now non-existent hole. It was quite smart of her to utilize our ice magician's skillset to speed up the process. I give Sirgia a lot of pats for it.

    Noticing a slight pout on Cornelia's mature face before she leaves, I sneakily catch up to her in one of the corridors, embrace her from behind and surprise her with a kiss when she looks back at me over her shoulder. She elbows me into the stomach playfully and backs off, just to pull my face up for a kiss of her own. We both laugh and walk together while discussing some things linked to the brothel and the rules.

    We all meet again during dinner. The dragonewt girl is naturally present too. She looks much better and cleaner now that Elea has taken care of her, also giving her some fresh clothes so she can cover herself. She keeps glancing at me for the whole duration of our little feast. Why feast? Because it looks like Roseni and Cinra were really happy with receiving the marks and prepared some nice dishes with Sirgia’s help.

    Nevertheless, our new guest still has some doubts about me and I’m not that surprised. I’ll let the girls handle her for the rest of the day and speak with her tomorrow. She might get less suspicious of me if she spends a bit more time around us. I just mention to her that she can rest properly in one of the rooms and we will discuss her case later. She definitely didn’t have too many chances to relax recently. I ask Elea to keep her company for the night so that she won’t worry about me trying something underhanded while she sleeps, although, Elea being pretty much my servant, could always be doing things according to my wishes.

    But, the girl somehow agrees so I guess we are fine. After dinner, I take care of some documents in my room, check my status a bit and decide to walk around to check on everyone. I find all the elves besides Elea in the underground arena, sparring with each other.

    They wear short and tight tank tops and shorts. A lot of their belly area is exposed. Most of them train in doubles. Longbow using Filue is practising on some wooden targets placed near one of the far walls, accompanied by a catalyst user Neira who shoots bolts of lightning by her side. A shortsword wielding Roseni fares against double daggers of Cinra. Only Leyne is currently revising some of her spear techniques by herself.

    I approach her and observe the clearly skilful thrusts and slashes. She continues her set of exercises for a few more minutes before finally taking a breather and turning to me. I pass her a towel and a waterskin from my ring so that she can wipe her face out of the sweat. She really must have been pushing herself hard even though it wasn’t obvious from just looking to be covered in it so much.

    “I’m sorry for showing myself in such an unsightly state, Master.” She hastily tries to wipe her whole body with the small towel and steals some glances at me.

    “It just shows that you are serious about training. And, it doesn’t impoverish your beauty in any way, I’d rather say that it accentuates your amazing body.” I shake my head at her.

    She smiles and her ears twitch a little. “Thank you. Ekhm. How can I help you then, Master?”

    “I was wondering if I could perhaps join you to receive some pointers. You girls seem to know how to handle yourselves pretty well.”

    Leyne makes a slight bow. “I’ll gladly be of use to you, Master. It would be an honour to spar with you.”

    I wave my hand. “Haha, stop that, I’m much worse than any of you when it comes to combat. Even my Class is pretty much useless, besides a few decent tricks.”

    “Please, don’t say that! We all have seen your fight with the Berserker, Master! Considering the fact that your Class isn’t mainly an offensive one, you showed some amazing battle prowess and judgement.”

    “Well, if you say so then I won’t argue anymore. Anyway, I would be happy to learn from you. Shall we start?”

    Leyne agrees and asks Neira to cover the blade of her spear with a coating of mana to turn it into a blunt weapon. First, I use the shortsword form of my artifact, and fortunately, I have enough control over the mist to materialize it with a blunt edge too. We begin our sparring.

    As expected, her movements are completely out of my league and I barely react in time to block or parry her thrusts. She commends me for being able to keep up with her and soon we switch to a more equal bout where Leyne instructs me on what to focus on while facing a spear user. She shares with me much more techniques and how to counter them than my old instructor from the castle.

    In thirty minutes, all other girls stop their activities and come closer to observe how I try my best to get through Leyne’s guard, according to her guidance on the spear’s weak spots. I can visibly discern my slow progress since I don’t think she would intentionally start acting like my slashes throw her weapon around much more than before. That would be pointless in a training bout.

    Next, I switch to my new weapon, which is the sword whip mode, and we change roles. Leyne starts trying to get me while I do my best to defend and possibly counter. Still not being that proficient with it, I naturally let myself get hit a few times, but not without giving her some troubles. The always writhing, sharp line threatens to cut her from multiple angles, slowing her advances considerably.

    I somehow manage to sneakily position part of it on the floor while creating a loop and then luring her to step into it, which of course results in Leyne falling down after I pull the whip back and me closing the distance to pin her down before she gets up. The girls start clapping at my little victory. I step off Leyne and help her up, receiving congratulations from her too.

    The next two hours are spent with me exchanging pointers with everyone while I work on my proficiency with all the Formless Blade shapes. I spend most of the time with Roseni since she uses a shortsword as her main weapon and it’s just the most beneficial for me to learn more about when I also partially use that weapon type. She is goddamn fierce though. I have thought that my movements are getting quite good, but when I begin exchanging pointers with her, she utterly wipes the floor with me.

    We finish with a little challenge where they all attack me at once, of course without going all out or I would get shredded in a blink, while I try everything to repel their assault. If not for the Filue's longbow and magic using Neira, I could actually have a chance to compete, as utilizing all my blade forms and abilities I somehow survive 3v1, but when these two joins, it’s just too much to keep track of.

    I end up completely exhausted and bruised all over. That said, before falling on my back, they all surround me and I get a lap pillow from Leyne while panting heavily. No, rather than a lap pillow, I’d say it’s a body bed since pretty much every limb of mine is lying either on someone’s chest, belly or thighs. Looking up, I’m met with five alluring smiles of dark-skinned girls in tight clothes, almost akin to sportswear, completely drenched in sweat and breathing a bit less rough than me.

    This naturally evokes a proper reaction in my body and they obviously don’t miss that not-so-little detail, giggling to each other while I can’t do literally anything to hide it with how I’m positioned. Well, whatever, not like they mind at least. Rather it seems to amuse them.

    I suggest that we go take a bath after this extensive training and they all agree. While I plan on going to the men’s section, they literally drag me with them into the mixed one by surrounding me from all sides and not letting me split up from them in the intersection, saying that there’s no need to heat up two parts and Dark Elves are used to coed facilities.

    In the changing room, they quite literally don’t care that I’m there and strip naked while chatting with each other about random things. I try my best not to leer over their seductive bodies but that’s insanely hard with five dark-skinned world-class beauties acting all gingerly in front of you.

    Not wanting to look like some shy boy, I follow suit. The moment I completely take my top off, some whistling takes place. I glance over my shoulder since I have been showing my back to them to hide my boner, and see two of the girls showing thumbs up. I smile and shake my head before getting naked too.

    I have been expecting them to jump at me the moment we enter the bath, fighting over the right to wash my body, but somehow after Neira asks if they could do it and I say that it’s not necessary, they move to take care of each other without pressuring me. Perhaps I was slightly mistaken about their goals.

    Without much fuss, they happily wash each other’s back and hair. I get the feeling that they did it quite often in the past. Most likely all of the Princess’s servants were close with each other and her too and took many baths together. Trying to ignore a group of enticing girls to my side, I focus on myself. Fortunately, they get done pretty quickly and move into the main pool to relax a bit.

    But, while I’m taking care of my hair, I hear steps behind me which soon stop and a gentle palm grazes my back from the top to bottom. I begin turning around.

    “I thought we’ve already agreed on not—”

    I stop mid-sentence as two voluptuous peaks enter my sight, hanging down pretty much in front of my face. I stare absentmindedly at the breathtaking sight of the round, chocolate delicacies with lighter but also dark toppings until a chuckle arrives from above. It turns out that those belong to Elea, who seems to have joined us on our bath time and is currently leaning forward behind me sitting on a stone stool in the side area of the chamber.

    “Are they that pleasant to look at, Master?” she asks, still chuckling.

    I sigh and smile. “How could they not be, hmm? You can’t convince me that you are not aware of how powerful your womanly charms are. And this is coming from someone who has a quite high Charm Resistance.”

    She laughs at my little joke. “Thank you for the compliment and I guess you are right. Would you mind if I assisted you, Master?”

    “Wouldn’t it be a little too indecent for a Priestess to wash some man’s body, hm?” I ask teasingly.

    She straightens up and puffs her chest out. “Former Priestess. I’m now Master’s personal maid. And there’s nothing indecent in taking care of someone’s wellbeing.”

    I chuckle and spread my arms in a ‘do as you wish’ way. I have a feeling that it would be a little bit harder to argue with her than how it went with the other girls. Elea, content with my response, sits behind me and takes over the duty of washing my hair.

    “So, how is the new girl?” I strike up a conversation.

    “I did my best to explain to her that Master is not a bad person and that she could leave whenever she wants after consulting it with you. I think she is still a little wary of Master, but that won’t stay for long, I promise.”

    “Just how much did you tell her?”


    “Ha?” I furrow my brows and glance back at her again just to see a proud smile and a little bit of her jiggling breasts. “What do you mean by everything?”

    “Of course, I didn’t disclose Master’s real identity. I won’t do that without your permission. I just spoke how you saved us and took us in, I told her some things I learned about Master from the other girls and whatever I felt like could ease her worries. She finally calmed down a little after I mentioned how Master welcomed Safi, Emi and Sirgia into his embrace even though they are not Humans.”

    I sigh again. “So that’s why she was eyeing me like that during dinner. I bet she now sees me as some weirdo who has a thing for demi-humans and she is the next target on my list.”

    “If that’s true, then I will have to correct that misconception since that’s unacceptable.”

    “Just don’t be too hard on her. Don’t force her to change her beliefs in a day. Remember, we are not trying to lure her in so that she stays here. She is free to leave. If she was captured then she may have relatives she wants to get back to.”

    “It would be rude of me to speak about someone else's situation without their permission so unless Master order’s me, I’ll just leave it to her.”

    I chuckle. “It would be rude, yet you are willing to do it if I ask?”

    “Of course, I’m your servant so I’m obliged to follow my Master’s orders.”

    “You are taking your maid role too seriously, Elea.” I raise my voice a bit more so that all the girls hear me. “Never forget that you are a free person even though you all have my mark. You are a friend. All of you are. I don’t mind having you as maids and acting as servants, but you will always be FRIENDS to me first and foremost. And friends aren’t obliged to follow orders. They accept or deny requests.”

    Considering the silence from the other side of the chamber, I assume that they heard me properly. Elea definitely did as two, soft objects press onto my back and her hands appear on my chest. There’s nothing lewd in her action. Despite our naked bodies and me experiencing quite a nice sensation on my skin, I can feel the kindness and sincerity of this hug.

    “I thank you again on behalf of all of us,” she calmly conveys her gratitude.

    “You are welcome.”

    A bit later, we share a pleasant time all together in the pool. It actually feels nice to spend time without having to worry what the girls would think about me or with them getting all shy, embarrassed or just not being able to relax with that being openly visible.

    The elves keep up a nice, chatty atmosphere which really feels like we are kind of a family, or as I presented it, friends. I do catch them stealing a glance now and then at down there, but it’s not like I am not doing the same. It’s just impossible for eyes to not wander into some places when talking to each other and it seems as true for them as it is for me.

    After the bath, we all go our ways. Before I head to bed for the day, I have one more thing to take care of. I come to my room, which is already occupied by the colourful duo as Sirgia informed me previously, and ask them to wait for a moment while I write a short letter to Ross, explaining the situation on the square and sharing some of my suspicions.

    I exit the mansion and enter one of the nearby shops, a cafe. Just like usual, a man I recognize from seeing pretty much every day around it is sitting by one of the tables and reading something. I inconspicuously slip him the letter while passing by to the counter and ordering two pieces of a chocolate pie. He signals to me on my way back, confirming receipt of it.

    Arriving back in my room, I quickly pass through the door to Cornelia’s room and give her one of the pieces. She always loved the chocolate ones. She accepts it with a smile, slightly blushing since she already got into her negligee and I guess this particular one brings forth some nice memories.

    Discerning a bit of hesitation in her mind through our link, I act as if I’m just leaving without a word after presenting her with the gift. A tinge of disappointment surfaces there and I think she even takes a step to stop me but doesn’t manage to do so. I fake closing the door behind me and focus my senses, waiting for Cornelia to drop her guard.

    She falls onto her bed face first, most likely cursing her tsun behaviour. I don’t waste this precious chance and very carefully pull the door open again and move on my tiptoes to her location, crouching so that my face is on the level of her head. I can hear her mumbling something into the pillow.

    I gently blow some air into her ear and she turns her head towards me, revealing those delicate lips which I instantly steal with a quick and soft peck, backing away right after. She freezes and her eyes widen in surprise while I just stare at her with a mischievous smile.

    “Damned rogue… you knew...” she quietly says and more crimson paints her cheeks.

    “Who is not being honest with herself again, hmm?” I raise one of my eyebrows.

    She looks away. “One more… as an apology.”

    I gladly fulfil that request and we share a slightly more intense dance of tongues. Saying our goodnights, I get back to the patiently waiting slimes and we consume the other piece while cuddling lots and lots.

    The next day after breakfast, I ask Neira to accompany me to the underground. She must have been thinking that I want to practice more, but I can sense her confusion and curiosity when we enter a different corridor and arrive in front of a door to a chamber she hasn’t yet been into.

    I open it and invite her inside. A small but quite packed with tables, desks, painting frames, shelves full of various utensils and cabinets of materials room can be found inside. She glances all around wide-eyed from amazement.

    “How do you like your new studio?” I say with a smile.

    This was done by chance when the crafters had some spare time and I waited a bit to show it to her. She spins around and jumps at me for a hug.

    “It’s more than I could ever wish for! Thank you so much!” She enthusiastically spins both of us.

    “Hahaha, no need to thank me, it wasn’t completely selfless. I would like to ask you to draw a few things for me in your spare time.”

    She stops the movements and starts nodding fervently. “Absolutely! Whatever you need!”

    After one more hug, Neira jumps back and begins examining all the stuff in here. I leave her alone so that she can explore her new cave uninterrupted. I will give her details on my little projects a bit later. Hopefully, we’ll get done with that for the opening.

    While I’m walking through the corridors already on the surface, Cornelia approaches me, holding some piece of paper. She hands me a letter.

    “You got a message. You can guess the sender.” She smiles.

    “That was fast. Did you check it?”

    She shakes her head. “No, it’s yours, not mine.”

    I pull her close and our faces almost touch each other. “Whatever is mine, is also yours.”

    Cornelia smirks and her hand wanders over my chest, slowly reaching the lower regions of my body. “Is this also mine?”

    “Only if you are brave enough to take it.”

    I go for a quick peck on her lips, making her laugh a little. Then, we separate and open the letter to read it together. It naturally came from the King.

    {Damn. Thanks for letting me know. To think that something like that took place in the middle of the street in broad daylight. I’m going to investigate this. How could you allow such a thing? There definitely were plenty of children running around. I’ll also check that guy. Thank you for stopping them, even if a little late. Next time if you see something unsightly happening, just show the sigil I’ve given you and threaten the idiots with beheading!

    Also... Al... what the hell have you done to mother?! Did you develop some insane stealth or teleport skills and sneak into her chamber each night?! I had to literally change my usual sleeping room with how loud she screams EVERY BLOODY NIGHT! It’s even worse than when father was around in the past! But well, whatever you are doing, she at least looks much livelier and brightened in the mornings. I really missed seeing her beautiful, genuine smile. Thank you. Just… maybe try to tone it down a little… Now, I am the one starting to get awkward around her…

    I hope you are doing good. Let me know when you are ready to open, I’ve prepared some channels to push the information out.}

    Cornelia laughs after we finish and hits my shoulder with her fist. “Are you hiding something from me, mister I’m-not-trying-to-seduce-the-Queen?”

    “Ow! Of course not, hahaha. How could I sneak out during nights when my real queen is just by my side?”

    She pulls me into a kiss, pushes me back and begins walking away. “You better start preparing yourself to take responsibility.”

    “What? It’s just a toy. What’s the connection there?”

    She chuckles as she disappears around the corner. “You will see in time.”

    I stand there confused while scratching my head. There definitely is something she is not telling me and she is having a lot of fun with it. Well, it’s not like I will be abducted one night and wake up with the Queen on top of me… Right?

    While visiting my room to check some of my to-do lists and reminders, I gaze through the window and notice the dragonewt girl slowly wandering around the garden. She sits down in one of the bowers and sighs heavily. Deciding that this should be a good time to have a talk with her, I head down to join her.

    She naturally notices my approach and I sit on the opposite side of the round alcove with a hanging table in the middle. I try not to stare too much at her, but you can’t really expect me not to be curious when seeing a real Dragonewt for the first, maybe second now, time. The shimmering, crimson scales perfectly accentuate and suit her fierce-looking face. She looks feminine and badass at the same time. And her vertical pupils can send shivers down your spine when you make eye contact. I really wonder how her slightly scaly on the edges and their backs, pointy ears feel in touch.

    I’m not really sure how to strike up a conversation, but fortunately, she speaks up first.

    “Your elf maid has already told me a lot about you and this place so there’s no need to repeat all that. I’m… sorry for attacking you.”

    I wave my hand and smile. “It’s okay. You only wanted to protect yourself. And I’m fine already.”

    “Mhm. Thank you for saving me. I was a bit confused by your words back there, but the fact that I’m alive thanks to you persists. You are quite a good talker…” She looks at me, visibly considering how to address me.

    “Alastair or Al is fine. Don’t worry yourself over such details. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know your name too.”

    “Teffith. Thank you again… Alastair.”

    I sigh. “And I’m sorry I didn’t step in much earlier. I could have stopped them before your… comrades? Were slaughtered.”

    A slight grimace appears on her face and she looks to the side. “I’m not going to blame you for their deaths. I understand that you seem to think differently from most of the Humans. Nothing that I or you say will bring them back so there is no need to talk about it. I only wished they could have died fighting instead of in that… shameless display!”

    She slams her fist on the hanging table while gritting her teeth. I give her a moment to calm herself down. After she sits back limply and drops her gaze, I continue.

    “I will understand if you don’t want to speak about it, but were you all abducted by them from somewhere? I told you that I can help you leave the city. I will not hold you back from returning home… and perhaps informing your families about the deaths of your people.”

    She exhales heavily and rubs her temples. “I… I don’t think there’s a home I can get back to. These other Dragonewts you’ve seen back there were my only friends, or rather family. Umm… most of our kind follow a nomadic lifestyle and travels in small groups, gathering together from time to time around well-known hubs to us. There are some villages here and there, but most of those who wish to settle down, usually do it in other races’ cities.” She slowly shares some details with me.

    “Anyway, one evening these Humans stumbled on our camp. We were suspicious of them the whole time, but they acted like they didn't care who we were and set their own just by ours. In the morning, we all woke up feeling sluggish, most likely drugged by them somehow and with all our valuables stolen. One of us was a Charlatan so we quickly recovered and pursued them. Unfortunately, they only laughed at us and after we fought, they came out victorious and captured us. The man conducting our execution whipped and hit us for the whole way here, clearly enjoying the time he spent on beating up monsters as he called us. And then we jump to yesterday, with some minor details omitted.”

    She clicks her tongue and looks away again. I can feel the anger emanating from her tensed posture. I swear that I have seen the visible part of her scales do something like a very faint wave from up to down.

    “Do you seek revenge?” I put both my hands under my chin and stare at her.

    Teffith looks straight at me and furrows her brows. “It’s not like I can get that bastard in the middle of the Human kingdom capital.”

    “And if I told you that I can make it happen?”

    Her eyes widen in surprise and she averts her gaze, definitely thinking about her answer. I stand up and begin walking away, stopping by her side and placing my hand on her shoulder. She looks up at me.

    “Think about what you want to do now. What is your goal? What are your options? And take your time. You can stay here as long as you want. If you find yourself lost within indecisiveness, come to me. I might have a proposition for you. But don’t worry, I will not force you into anything against your will, especially not into sexual stuff.” I give her a few reassuring pats on the shoulder and leave with a kind smile.

    I should give her some time to work through the chaos that may be taking place in her head right now. A lot has happened and she lost people she found close.

    After getting something to drink from the kitchen, I move down to the underground again, this time entering my hard-working dwarf’s den. She’s tirelessly carving something out in a blank slate. I lean over one of the walls and observe. Sirgia definitely notices my presence as her ears twitch a little while she tries not to lose focus. I think she already understands why I’m here. Let’s see if she will take the first step.
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    Chapter 41 – A Forge Full of Passion ❤❤❤
    After just a few minutes, Sirgia pretty much forgets that I’m watching her and completely immerses herself in the stone tablet again. I smile a little. This doesn’t make me feel neglected or anything, quite the opposite, I’m happy that she still can wholeheartedly focus on her passion. I was getting worried that I might have stirred up her life a bit too much, getting her too attached to myself. While that might still hold true, she at least isn’t pushing her dreams totally aside and placing her love for me above everything else.

    To not stand on the side like some old log, I move closer and examine what she is creating. From just a glance, I can guess that it’s most likely the communication artifact we have discussed previously. It’s like a stone tablet with two rows of five squares on the bottom. I bet those will be numbered from 0 to 9 later. There are various rough inscriptions on the surface and she is currently carving deeper lines here and there.

    Sirgia stops after a few more minutes, blows onto the slate to clean the dust and checks her work carefully from many angles. One of them makes her notice me again, standing almost by her side this time. She jumps a little and looks up at me.

    “Ah… I’m sorry for ignoring you, Master… I got lost in thought…” She drops her gaze to the ground while hugging the stone device to her chest.

    I quickly place my hand on her head and start patting it. “Don’t apologize, I’m a guest here so it’s natural that I should wait until you have some time. Want me to help you? I don’t know much about this stuff, but with your guidance I should be of some use, right?”

    She smiles faintly, clutching the carving even closer to her body. “I’d be really happy to work with you, Master. But… didn’t you come here to—”

    “Shhh.” I place a finger on her cute lips and shush her down. “It doesn’t matter why I came here but what you want to do. Personally, I want to spend some more time with my adorable little dwarf. In any form.”

    Her smile grows into a bit bigger one and she nods cheerfully. I start following Sirgia around while she explains to me what she managed to already achieve, showing me each part of the artifact-making process. She has finished designing mana circuits which will give life to the device, with some help from Cornelia.

    She shows me the schematics of the plate’s front panel. They are decent, but with my otherworldly knowledge of many old phones and such things, I suggest a few tweaks here and there to make it more user friendly. Sirgia carefully notes down my ideas and then we draw some of them together, with her sitting on my lap, closely snuggled to my chest. The way she looks up at me for confirmation if she correctly imagined a specific part is just so damn cute that I can’t hold myself back from giving her a peck on the forehead.

    After agreeing on the final version, we walk to the counter with many drills and various tools used to carve stuff in things and modify the previous slate she has been working on. I mostly pass Sirgia the correct utensils and hold and rotate the object while she diligently works on it. She turns so mature when she is completely focusing on work. You can discern years of experience in just her expression and eyes, let alone hand movements.

    Sirgia notices my fascinated gaze and blushes a little. I chuckle and move a small, mischievous lock of her brown hair away from her face so that it doesn’t impede on her artisanry. She thanks me quietly and focuses on carving again. After half an hour, we are done with all the lines, trenches, holes and whatever was necessary.

    Sirgia has already taken care of the magical ores she needed for the core functions of the device and all that is left is to smelt them and shape up the parts she needs to fit into the stone frame. Since the object is much bigger than just a simple tube-like dildo, we need to use a more sizable kiln to achieve the expected results.

    Naturally, this place has many sizes of furnaces and other structures. Sirgia covers her front with a heat resistant jacket, which I help her wear since it’s quite sturdy and stiff, and moves to one of them with the metals on a wide ladle. While she sways it carefully over the fire, I operate the magic stones responsible for its intensity and change it according to her spot-on instructions. The heat on the side is unimaginable already and she has to stand in front of it while attentively mixing the liquid metals. Quite impressive.

    During a short moment when I don’t have to tend to the fire, I hastily make a big circle around her and walk up to Sirgia from behind, partially covering myself from the waves of scorching air. I peek out from behind her only for a moment, to use a handkerchief to wipe her forehead out of sweat. I’ve noticed some forming quite close to her eyes before. She keeps her focus on the ladle but gently rests her back on my chest with a smile. I support her for a moment.

    When the time comes, I move away to bring the form on a long handle and position it near Sirgia’s ladle, allowing her to pour the contents into my tool. She places hers back and takes the matrix from me to leave it in another place for cooling. I help her get out of the jacket and wipe her face again. She leaves a peck on my cheek and skips gingerly to another part of the room.

    The next part requires a lot of precise handiwork so I just watch from the side as she mixes various shiny, metallic liquids of different colours in vials. They will fill the circuits for sigils and runes when she finishes preparing the required solution. In fifteen minutes she is almost done. Just a few minor tweaks are left.

    Sirgia picks up a silver tray with the vials on it from the table in front of us and steps to the side to move it somewhere else.


    One of her feet stumbles on the edge of the structure and she begins falling forward. Fortunately, I have been standing really close to her so I quickly lunge after her, grabbing Sirgia around her waist with my right hand and pulling her towards me while firmly getting a grip on the table with my left and utilizing all my strength to resist the merciless force of gravity.

    With a lot of effort and a pained grunt, I manage to stop my cute dwarf from falling face-first onto the tray with glass vials, and to my astonishment, she succeeds in balancing the tray so well that not a single bottle flies over the edge, with a few only falling onto their sides.

    She ends up bent forwards like a toppled letter L with her arms stretched out and head locked onto the board she is holding, and held up by me, standing with both my legs widespread to the sides, leaning over her while supporting myself on the table with my left hand and pulling Sirgia’s waist against mine with the right. I chuckle at our unbelievable save.

    A few moments pass but she isn’t moving. It doesn’t look like anything would fall and break if she does so I’m starting to get a little confused. That is slowly getting cleared up though, with me beginning to notice Sirgia’s cute, short, pointy ears growing redder with each passing second. My eyes catch hers in the reflection on the silvery tray and she quickly averts her gaze. One more glance at the position we are in completely finishes that process.

    A small, mischievous smile appears on my lips. I push Sirgia’s butt a little bit harder against my crotch and lean much closer to her back, soon arriving near her ear.

    “Hey… Sirgia…” I whisper to it from up close, making her body shiver lightly. “Did you perhaps… fantasize about doing that in your workplace?” I gently nibble on the pointy tip, evoking one more tremble. The vials clink quietly from the shaking.

    A few seconds in silence pass and she slowly nods. Bingo. I don’t tease her any further so that she doesn’t drop her precious materials, but continue to question her further.

    “Since when?”

    She hesitates for a moment, but answers, still in the angled position and holding the tray. “From the moment when… we started working together… but… it’s not just now… In the past, I...”

    Sirgia tilts her head to the side a bit to take a peek at my reaction and after seeing my smile, she moves her gaze back to the front before continuing.

    “I always wanted to do… it… with the man I would love… in my own forge…”

    Even her face starts getting completely flushed as she gives out her secret she has hidden from everyone up until now. She didn’t mean it as just on the bed in the workshop, oh no, I’m quite confident in thinking that she has imagined a lot of stuff happening ALL around her dream forge. That’s pretty fun and interesting fetish right there. And I have been beginning to think that maybe she is a completely pure soul. Oh well, it’s a win in my eyes.

    “Bring the next batch of solutions to the table,” I whisper again and she nods.

    I help her up and Sirgia walks away to place down the tray, giving me a few glances back over her shoulder while doing so. I can feel her curiosity and expectant mood. She then quickly prepares a new set of vials and liquids and comes back with them. Stopping in front of me, she looks up. I nod at the counter for her to lay it down there.

    “Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s start working on it. If you can finish it in under half an hour, we’ll move onto the reward part.” I keep the mischievous smile on.

    Sirgia stares at me for a moment, wondering why there's this much time given for the task before she gets to it. I can feel a tinge of confusion, perhaps disappointment, but also, determination from her. She must have been expecting me to embrace her immediately after she voiced her wishes out. And, she wasn't completely wrong.

    While she shakes one of the vials in front of her eyes, I step behind her, lean over and blow a bit of air at her ear. She shivers again from the sudden sensation and glances back at me.

    “What’s wrong? I know that you still have 29 minutes left, but should you really be getting distracted like this?” I chuckle.

    Her eyes widen a little. She must have started to realize my little ploy. Sirgia hastily turns back to the glass containers and resumes her work, trying her best to focus on the task in front of her. And of course, I will also be doing my best. In making it harder for her that is.

    I begin sensually tracing my finger over the edge of her cute ear, which starts growing red again. Her movements slow down a notch when my hand finishes the caresses and leaves its edge. The same thing happens when it’s back. For the next step, I move my face closer and start nibbling the pointy tip.



    A quiet moan escapes her mouth as my lips close on the little summit, accompanied by the sound of two vials hitting each other.

    “You need to be careful with those. We don’t want to shatter them, right?” I whisper to her in between the nibbles.

    Sirgia takes a deep breath and regains part of her composure. I can see that her movements are much more confident right now. She must have finally figured out what is at stake here if she doesn’t manage to finish in time. But… I have a lot of ways to distract the adorable dwarf.

    Having to step up my game, I lean even closer to her, now pretty much pressing my chest against her back, and skillfully guide my hands around the stripes of her pants on belts, straight under her shirt.

    No bra, huh. You naughty, little dwarf.

    My palms find their way on top of Sirgia’s very modest breasts and massage them gently. I move my face close to her cheek and nudge it with mine.

    “Hnnn… Mmmnnn…”

    A few more moans arise. Seems like she isn’t trying to desperately hide them like the last time. That’s good. We can be open with how good we feel. She’s finally not stopping herself from admitting it. I start giving her little pecks on the cheek while tracing circles over her small mounds with my fingers, brushing against the erect nipples from time to time. Each time I do so, one more cute moan follows.

    I check on the vials. From what I got during our previous attempt, she should be around 30% done now. Time to switch into a higher gear. Heading south with my hands, I brush over her belly a few times. She does her best to not burst out giggling, but she can’t stop her whole body from shaking a little, with some stifled, little laughs escaping the tightly shut lips.

    My palm arrives at its destination and gently slides down over the soft material of Sirgia’s panties, until… my fingers run into a quite damp area on the cloth. I softly press my middle finger against it, sending a wave of shivers through her whole short frame.


    A much more sensual cry gets released into the air. I chuckle a little, rub my fingers more into the moist material to soak them in her love juices a bit, and retract my hand. I move it to the front of Sirgia’s face, placing my head on her shoulder. We both stare at the very faint trail of something slimy between my thumb and index finger after I grind them together.

    “What’s this? Are you perhaps getting turned on by being teased while working?” I ask while tilting my face towards hers.

    Her gaze jumps from my eyes to my lips, to the vials and back to the first. An embarrassed smile paints her face.

    “Uhn…” She nods shyly.

    To reward her honest answer, I tilt her chin towards mine using my left hand and join our lips in a gentle kiss. I’m not pushing my tongue inside her mouth, just softly exchange affectionate pecks with her. Sirgia closes her eyes and lets the pleasant feeling overcome her. I let her take the lead and she gingerly plants a myriad of sluggish kisses onto my lips.

    After I split from her, she pursues them with hers and lifts the eyelids covering her beautiful, cinnamon brown eyes up. A slightly hazy and enamoured gaze moves lazily from my eyes to my lips in turns.

    “Are you almost done to be slacking like this?” I waggle my eyebrows at her.

    Sirgia almost instantly recovers from her infatuated state, shooting a quick glance at the vials. She’s halfway through the process and something around 15 minutes is left. It would seem that she is doing fine, half of the work done in half of the time, but the next steps will only increase in difficulty. And so will my advances.

    Acting like I’m releasing her from my clutches, I step a little to the back and place both of my hands on Sirgia’s shoulders. Those are also the places where the belts upholding her short pants are located. With a click, they let go of their hold and her pants slide down to the floor, revealing a cute, plump butt, covered by light grey panties.

    I poke the soft and round hills with my fingers a few times. A sudden urge grows inside me and I crouch down behind Sirgia, move my face closer to her buttcheeks and very softly bite on the springy flesh.


    A cut yelp arrives at my ears. I didn’t clench my teeth hard so it’s not filled with any pain, only a bit of pleasure. She glances down at me over her shoulder and I show her an apologetic smile.

    “Sorry, it’s just so beautiful I couldn’t stop myself.”

    She also smiles, definitely not holding any grudge over this, and quickly gets back to work. And so do I. After a few more squeezes of the amazing butt in front of my eyes, I move my fingers to the cloth piece. From my position, I can now clearly see the wet stain on the bottom of her panties. I spend some time rubbing the place gently with two of my fingers over the material.

    Seeing that she is able to focus pretty decently during this, I move my hands to the edges of it and pull the underwear down, revealing her adorable slit to the world. A string of slimy juices connects the moist spot to the closed entrance as I do so. Without further ado, I bring my face closer and leave a quick and gentle peck on Sirgia’s lower lips.


    As expected, a little moan follows and her body jumps a little. I rain more of them using just my mouth while softly squeezing her cute buttcheeks. Each concurrent kiss evokes one more adorable yelp from my hard-working dwarf. Though, instead of trying to make it harder for me to assault her, she actually spreads her legs a bit more to the sides, giving me easier access to her precious place, invitingly raising her butt towards me as she leans more onto the counter.

    This little pervert…

    I can’t ignore such a view in front of my eyes and I start using my tongue on the pink crevice, gently moving the two perfect folds to the side with my fingers. I graze over every part of her beautiful flower before diving inside the moist cave.


    “Ahhn… Mmmmhmmmm…”

    A sudden invasion of her secret place results in a light tremble to pass through her whole body and she hits the vials together again. I greedily explore the uneven tunnel with my tongue, starting to swirl it fiercer with each passing moment. She has to stop working when I greedily lick the insides of her vagina.

    To bring the pleasure up a notch, I moisturize my fingers using her love juices and press my thumb on the spot where her sensitive little bulb, covered with a hood, is located. It’s instantly met with another wave of shivers and even more moaning. I assault both her pussy and clitoris at the same time, slowly bringing Sirgia closer to her climax.

    She places the bottles she has been holding down, to avoid dropping them, and braces herself for the incoming wave of pleasure. That’s the moment when I slowly retract my tongue, keeping only some soft rubs over her clit with my fingers. Thinking that I’m letting her off for a bit, she picks those up again. A rookie mistake.

    The very second she brings her guard down, I increase the intensity of my massage and violently thrust my tongue into her pussy. The vials clink loudly as she is forced to support herself with her elbows on the table, making the bottles shake in her hands and hit the surface of it while her whole body spasms violently.


    She loses a bit of strength while she orgasms, making her literally sit on my face, and pushing my tongue even deeper into her depths.

    “Haaaaah… Haaaah… Haaaah…”

    I hold her hips with my hands until she regains enough composure to stand again. I also raise myself to check on her progress and her state. She’s around 75% done. Just a bit more mixing and stirring and there’s like 10 minutes left. Impressive.

    After recovering enough, Sirgia jumps at the remaining task again, sending me only a few glances before doing so. Time to bring out the big guns. I get rid of my clothes and shove them into my storage ring. Naturally, my little friend down there is already eager to help me in whatever way I might need. How could he not be after witnessing so much of the alluring dwarf girl in front of me?

    Moving closer to her, I place my chin on her shoulder again and observe how she mixes the solutions near the end of the process. She still hasn’t noticed my intentions. As she is going to pour the contents of one into another, I spread her lower lips with my fingers and press the shaft of my penis against her pussy from below.

    “Ah! This is...”

    She jumps a little and turns her knowing yet questioning gaze towards my eyes. I smile mischievously.

    “Better hurry up or you will run out of time,” I announce playfully.

    Sirgia understands that the reward will come after she succeeds so she quickly turns back to the vials. She lifts herself to her tiptoes to avoid my cock brushing her hidden flower, but due to our height difference, I just need to straighten myself a bit to pursue the fleeting slit and seal the entrance to her pink dungeon with my member again. Her escape plan fails miserably as it gets even more pleasurable for her with my member grinding against her pussy while she balances herself on her tiptoes.

    After a minute or two of me moving my shaft over her entrance back and forth and evoking tens of sensual moans from my sexy dwarf, I pull back my cock. She again tries to make the most of the short chance to focus and frantically tries to finish the process.

    I, on the other hand, guide my tip towards the dripping wet from all the teasing hole and press my glans against the entrance, enveloping it in her cute folds, but not pressing any further as to not penetrate the erotic doors. Sirgia squeals a little after feeling my hot penis ready to impale her and falls to her elbows again.

    Another moment passes and instead of regaining her composure, she looks back at me over her shoulder and starts pressing her butt towards me, trying to invite the guest waiting in front of her home inside. I’m the one to run away this time as I pull back little by little when it gets too close to penetration. It looks so damn cute watching her adorable butt desperately try to catch my penis.

    “Have you given up?”

    Some clarity returns to Sigia’s eyes as she hears my question. Still not stopping her rear from advancing, she begins to work on the last bit of the task while completely stretched over the table. She barely reaches the solutions with her hands, but it doesn’t stop her from mixing the last batch of liquids together with an amazing focus and speed which makes me instantly get amazed by the sudden show of her insane skills.

    She finishes in a flash and hastily slams the vials against the silver tray lying on the table.

    “Haaah… I’m done… I made it in time… we—ahnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! It’s in! Master’s hot penis… Mhnnnnnnnnnnnn…”

    She waited long enough, so I don’t prolong the time any longer and gently slide my cock inside her expectant pussy the moment she places down the glass bottles. Sirgia shivers a little as I embrace her waist with my hands affectionately. She lets the pleasure take over her and lays down on the counter, supporting herself with her elbows. I move closer to her ear while leaning over her short frame.

    “You are so amazing, you know? I really didn’t expect you to be able to do it with me distracting you so much, but you just crush my expectations every single time.”

    I speak softly and Sirgia turns her face to meet mine. She giggles cutely, but I can sense a lot of pride behind it.

    “Haah… I barely made it…" She looks at me with expectant eyes. "Ummmm… what are we going to do now, Master…?”

    I give her an affectionate kiss. “Are you really asking this while knowing the answer?”

    Her eyes escape mine for a moment, but she quickly pulls them back and smiles beautifully as she nods. I move my mouth as close to her ear as I can and nibble on it before whispering sensually.

    “I’ll fuck you hard all around the workshop as you’ve always dreamed of.”

    Without waiting for her response, I begin pistoning my cock into her tight pussy. I use my fingers to stimulate her clit at the same time. Sirgia rests the top of her body on the table and focuses on receiving my thrusts while moaning fervently. As I promised, I keep slamming my waist hard against hers in a standing doggy style as she leans over the counter. Nothing else besides increasing pleasure can be felt through our connection.

    “Master… Ahnnnn…. Ahhhhh… Can we… ahnnnnn… kiss?”

    How could I deny such a request from my beloved dwarf? In a flash, I rotate her around on my dick and pick her up from the table. She locks her legs behind my waist as I start dropping her body onto my cock while we hug each other closely. She dives in for a deep kiss and I stop moving her hips with my hands and begin thrusting into her pussy while keeping her stable.

    “Ahhhhhh… It’s so deep… I love it… Ahhhhnnn… Mmmmmmmhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

    She climaxes on top of my member and I shove it as far as I can without hurting her. Sirgia’s internal walls squeeze me tight while convulsing during her orgasm. I pepper her cheeks and neck with kisses while she breathes heavily with her head thrown to the back.

    After she stops shaking, I pull her up from my penis and let her stand on the ground while still embracing the little dwarf to my chest so that she doesn’t fall. Sirgia snuggles her face into me and then looks up with a happy smile.

    “Master… Can we do more?” she asks, a little bit embarrassed.

    I pat her head reassuringly. “Of course. Didn’t I promise you that I’ll let you jump on me for as long as your body can endure?” I lean forward and we join our lips in a wild kiss. Our tongues dance together in joy.

    Then, we proceed exactly as I mentioned. Sirgia looks at one of the wide, stone workshops with a sizable surface and I quickly catch up on her thoughts. After picking her up again, I head there and sit us on it. With a soft peck on the lips, I lie down and place her on top of me, squashing my rod to my belly with her pussy.

    She grinds over my dick for a few moments while looking at me a bit shyly, but after one more passionate kiss from me, she finds the courage to take action and raises her hips into the air, positioning her pink flower above my penis. She uses one hand to guide the tip in and the other to spread her beautiful, small pussy.


    Siriga moans loudly as she slams them down in one single movement. I support her body with my hands on her waist and she leans forward to my chest, placing her own small hands on it. After giving me another kiss, she starts dropping her hips onto my member in quick slams, releasing a lot of adorable moans. She stares right at my face while smiling, satisfied with her performance.

    And not without a reason. Her tight walls coil around my cock and squeeze it in waves as she takes it in and out. I think she is also controlling the pressure the walls apply to my dick, even though she already feels unimaginably tight. I let her have fun with my member until she arrives close to another climax.

    “Ahnnn… Ahnnnn… Master… can we… uhnnnn… cum together?”

    “That’s exactly what I was planning to do.” I raise myself on my elbows to give her another kiss.

    “Then… I want it deep inside, please… ahnnnn… push it all in!”

    A promise is a promise so I fulfil that wish too and timing my release to her peak, I throw my hips upwards and plunge my throbbing cock as far as I can into her convulsing pussy, helping myself in with my hands pressing her body down onto it, making the small girl arch her back in pleasure.

    With a grunt, I release the held back torrent of white straight into her baby chamber, filling it to the brim with creamy milk as waves of it shoot out of my cock ferociously. With each burst, Sirgia’s body shivers again, visibly relishing the sensation of hot liquid crashing against her insides. I empty my load in a few seconds and she falls onto my chest, trembling softly.

    After a moment of some heavy breathing, she entwines her arms around my neck and pulls herself up, releasing my member from the clutches of her pussy with a soft plop and places a loving kiss on my lips. Then she rests on my chest and moves her head to the side of mine. A very shy whisper arrives in my ear next.

    “Ummm… More?”

    I chuckle to myself. I’ve predicted that outcome and I’m just finishing casting Rejuvenate onto myself, even though it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost any vigour, but just to be sure that I can match my lovely dwarf’s expectations. I raise both of us to a sitting position and lock our lips together without any warning. Sirgia launches her own assault against my tongue and we fight fiercely against each other. She backs down with a giggle.

    “Is that a yes, Master?”

    “For you, always will be.”

    I turn her around and sit her in my lap while hugging her so that she can find another spot she wants to have sex at. Sirgia scans the surroundings with her eyes but in the end, she has a hard time deciding on the next place. Surprising her a bit, I pick her up and walk towards the desk she uses to create designs and sit her down on the stool which has a comfy, leather cushion on top of it.

    Sirgia looks at me questioningly as I pull her waist to the back so that only most of her thighs stay on the round chair and her alluring butt sticks out invitingly. She blushes after realizing the possibilities of such a predicament and leans forward to support herself with her hands on the front of the stool, on the sides of her closed together legs. She wags her rear while looking at me over her shoulder with an upwards glance. A bit of my seed drips out of her not-yet-fully-satisfied hole.

    I place my hands under her buttcheeks and slowly slide myself in again as she moans happily from having my thick cock inside. We start another round of affectionate lovemaking with me piercing her needy pussy with upwards thrusts at various different angles.

    “Ahnnn… It’s so different… mmmmm… from before… Mmmmmmmhnnnnn…”

    I’m already aware of a few quite sensitive spots in her precious place so I focus on grazing against them with my glans as much as I can. Sirgia keeps jolting up whenever I manage to brush those hidden weak points. I squeeze her butt harder with each thrust of my cock, which also spreads her vagina in deeper parts bit by bit. I leave the furthermost destination for the last when she will be close again.

    Even with this much pleasure, Sirgia still doesn’t lose herself in it completely and thinks about my own fun. I grunt in surprise as she raises herself on her hands and quickly crosses her legs before sitting down again, tightening her already amazingly constricting pussy even more. A soft giggle escapes her mouth in between the moans, which in turn increase by a notch after the change.

    “You little, cheeky dwarf… Huuuuh… Let’s see if you can endure this!”

    I slip my fingers closer to her flower and spread it to the brim while starting to force my way into it through the amazingly tight tunnel. My throbbing cock ravages her insides, aiming straight for all the best spots. No more mercy. She loses strength in her arms, falling with her chest onto the desk.

    “Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahnnnnnnnnn! Yesshhhhhhhhh! I loveeeee iiiiit! Masteeeeeeeeeer!”

    I stir up her insides until I can sense her climax quickly approaching. Focusing my thrusts on the most faraway place, I plunge my cock into her as hard as I can, slapping my waist against her bottom, and send one of my hands towards her clit to fondle it with the tips of my fingers. This brings Sirgia to orgasm in a flash and we cum together again.

    “Masteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! Ahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

    Another huge load fills her insides completely, with my penis making its way as far as it can. The amount clearly exceeds what her small frame can take and the white delicacy starts dripping out from between her lower lips coiled around my member. I brush through Sirgia’s hair as she shivers in post-orgasmic bliss, waiting for her to slowly cool down.

    After she finally recovers a bit, I lift her up into a princess carry, which naturally results in an almost constant stream of cloudy liquid flowing from her girly parts. She covers her face as I walk with her in my arms, but I brush them away with my head to give Sirgia a few loving kisses.

    We spend some time just lying together in each other’s embrace on the bed in the corner of her workshop while breathing heavily. I slowly spend my mana to cast Rejuvenate on both of us. It will be hard, but we still have over half of a day left in front of us. I chuckle while staring into the beautiful, brown eyes of my charming dwarf lying in front of me.

    “Looks like I will have to carry you around for the rest of the day.”

    “That may be so, ehehe~.” She giggles a bit embarrassingly. “I’m sorry for inconveniencing you, Master.”

    “Did you like it?” I ask.

    “Uhn.” She nods.

    I boop her nose and smile. “Then don’t mind it because I loved every moment of our little fun.”

    She steals my lips with a quick peck. “I’ll be in your hands for today then, Master.”

    I can’t resist her cuteness and pull her closer into a myriad more small kisses. We rest while playfully pecking each other’s lips until we are ready to head for a quick bath.
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    Chapter 42 – It’s Time
    When Sirgia regains enough vigour to move, I bring her to the bath and we spend some time washing each other. We also chat about her progress with the tablets and future plans. She informs me that she started researching spatial storages more in her free time and plans on trying to infuse that magic into the gems that are in their collars. I compliment her for such a clever idea and tell her to ask for whatever she might need. It’s not a simple matter and she still has other things to focus on, but I can start looking into materials or knowledge she might require later.

    And thus, she spends the next three days working on the communication devices with the improvements that I showed her. Naturally, I often pay her a visit and help whenever and however I can. She seems much happier when receiving my assist and I just can’t get enough of looking at her while she does her artisanal magic.

    After we complete the first, fully working pair of artifacts, Sirgia mounts one in the reception’s desk and the other in my room. Everyone gathers in the main hall for the presentation and instruction on how to operate them. Even Teffith observes from the side curiously. She kept herself quite off the sight in the last three days, exploring the mansion and learning more about the girls from none other than themselves. She still hasn’t shown any intention to talk about our last conversation.

    Anyway, when we are all close, I give Sirgia a few pats, giving her a green light to start the explanation. She smiles and turns to the crowd.

    “This is the artifact I’ve sometimes mentioned to you in the past and the one Master requested for easier communication. Its usage is very simple. Look at this panel. As you can see, there’s a visible handprint in the middle section. That’s the place where you lay your palm when you want to operate the device.”

    She assumes a fully professional lecturer mode and looks at everyone, checking if they all follow. She then rests her small hand on the spot she mentioned and continues.

    “Below the handprint, there are two rows of five squares with numbers from zero to nine. Every room in the mansion has a number on its door and that number will be the identification of the copy of this artifact placed inside. You just have to touch the desired number plates with your fingers and then send some of your mana through the palm above to activate the connection. If you don’t, the chosen numerals will reset after five seconds, so if you make a mistake, just wait for a moment.”

    Sirgia makes another glance and everyone nods, including the elves, after Elea properly translates the details for them.

    “Okay. Currently, there’s only one more device set up in Master’s bedroom. It has the identification of 0. When a person on one of the ends correctly activates the artifact, the one chosen as the target will emit a sound, signalling that someone is requesting a conversation through it. And above the handprint, we have this wide, rectangular box with five carvings, looking like a number eight but made out of sticks. This will lit up and show the identification of the device requesting a connection. To answer, you just place your hand on the middle area. Also, taking it off breaks the connection. The conversation takes place in the users’ minds since it’s based on a low-level telepathy sigil, but I don’t need to go into its details here. Was everything clear up to now?”

    Everyone keeps nodding and Sirgia looks up at me with a proud smile. I give her some more pats.

    “Master, since you know it best after me, could you help us test the artifact?” she asks.


    “Thank you. The reception has an ID of 1. Please, make the first call.”

    I leave the group and head to my room. The device is mounted on a short pedestal near one of the beds. I do as Sirgia instructed and try to connect to the reception. I can feel my mana connecting to the circuits in the artifact and after a few seconds, most likely where she explained more things to the girls, I sense another person on the other end.

    Hello? Can you hear me?」Cornelia’s voice rings in my head

    Loud and clear, my love.

    Gosh, you can’t be serious even for once.

    But I was completely serious there.

    A short moment of silence follows before Cornelia speaks again. I wonder if she started blushing in front of them all. That image makes me snicker a little.

    Well… so this is how the artifact works. It really seems handy. I think we should place them in the kitchen and baths too,」she gives her opinion.

    Good idea. Tell that to Sirgia later. She has to count them into the production list.

    Her presence in my mind disappears so I conclude that she broke off the connection and I take my hand away too. Now, someone from the other side should be trying to call me most likely. And my guess proves to be right as I start hearing a pleasant ring from the device and the plate shows number 1. Sirgia managed to replicate the sound of a quite modern-sounding tone really well from just my description and some makeshift noises I made.

    I place my hand back on the tablet and connect with another person.

    Master! Hellooooooooooooooooo!」A really upbeat, cheerful and cute voice of a girl resonates in my head. I furrow my brows. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard it.

    Who?」I ask confusedly.

    It’s me! Emi! Hahahahaha!


    And it suddenly dawns on me. I’ve never heard that voice because the owner never spoke vocally to me before. But, even if Safi and Emi can’t talk, they still are able to communicate mentally. And to do that, you do need to sound in some way. So, this might actually be how she would sound if her vocal cords worked. It may be also somehow similar to the voice of the girl she consumed since this fits her tomboyish looks perfectly.

    Another realization comes to me. I do have a way of mentally communicating with my Partners. I even did so in the past with Sirgia or Cornelia. I somehow never thought about reaching to Safi or Emi with my Sweet Whispers. Maybe because I just didn’t have a need to do so yet. I shake my head and decide to fix that mistake right now with the use of this device.

    You have a really beautiful voice, Emi.

    Ehehehe~. Thank you, Master! So, we can talk with this artifact?

    We can also talk with our shared Sweet Whispers skill, but it will sound a bit more… sexual. I really should have tried speaking to you earlier, sorry for that,」I apologize sincerely.

    Don’t worry, Master! I also kinda didn’t think of it, ehehe~. Oh! You must want to talk to Safi too, right? I’ll let her use the device now! She will be really happy!

    Before I can give any reply, she disappears from my head. Soon after, I sense a different presence.

    Ummmmm… Master?」A very polite, warm and kind voice slowly echoes in my head. Another perfect personality and appearance fit.

    You sound as charming as I’ve imagined it, Safi.

    Ah. Thank you. I’m really happy to finally let Master her my voice. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t suit Master’s likes. It’s very different from Emi’s.

    There’s no way I would ever dislike it. It fits you completely. I love it.

    I’m glad. Maybe one day we will be able to converse vocally and I will be able to let Master hear it whenever Master wants, ufufu~.

    After she disconnects, every other girl present in the lobby has their turn to test and experience the artifact. Even Teffith somehow ends up being talked into trying it out as I hear her voice as the last person in the queue.

    With the communication training done, everyone goes their own ways and Sirgia returns to her workshop to construct more copies of the device now that we confirmed everything to be working properly.

    I also move down to the underground area and pay a visit to Neira in her artist’s den. In just these few days she has made it her new home, pretty much as Sirgia did to her workshop. Only the bed is missing. She happily agrees to help me with my little project as she promised previously.

    We spend this and the next day working on my idea of introducing a kind of menu card but presenting a list of girls who will be working in the establishment. Each one would get a full page with some interesting information, like likes, dislikes, characteristics, style and such, accompanied by a big portrait image since the girls won’t always appear in the lobby. And that’s where Neira comes in.

    I let her design and draw the portraits, currently only of Safi and Emi, but more will come in the future. She can decorate the cards and the whole menu book as she sees fit. I suggest personalizing the girls’ pages to their personalities and likes and she agrees on that, assuring me that she will talk with them about it and do her best to make it perfect.

    Before leaving, I share with Neira another idea that just comes to me at that moment. I tell her that we could replace the current paintings, or the ones we already took off, with her own creations. I’m sure they would be much more suitable for our home. She gets all excited about that privilege and thanks me a lot for the chance. I’m looking forward to seeing what she will come up with.

    Next, I go to my room and grab a finalized version of rules and some terms and move to the castle to confirm the date of our opening so that Ross can make his network work a bit in advance. Everyone agreed that a week should be enough. Hopefully, we will be free of any more incidents this time. I go by the tunnel and arrive in the castle without any issues. I’m guided to the garden again and told to wait there.

    While I peacefully enjoy the tea presented to me by some servant, a clatter of a woman’s high-heeled shoes reach my ears from behind me.

    “Oh! Sir Carter! What a coincidence!” A feminine voice soon follows, one I know decently well.

    Queen Lianne approaches my table from the side with a really charming smile. She doesn’t seem to be feeling tense or awkward as she did during our previous meetings. Her clear and visibly merry expression also supports that observation.

    “You must be waiting for my son, mind if I join and make your waiting time less boring with a pleasant chat?”

    “With pleasure, Lady Lianne.” I nod my head with a polite smile.

    She takes the seat in front of me very gracefully and joins her hands on her hips, smiling at me softly. She still emanates the same delicate and royal aura as before, but you can notice that it’s much less forced now. Somehow, I start wondering if this really is a coincidence with this timing. I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain magician didn't send a certain queen a notice about my visit. Nevertheless, I shouldn’t get lost in thoughts about it while in front of a fine lady.

    “I see that you are feeling better, my Lady. It’s easy to discern how much more radiant you seem now,” I start the conversation.

    “It’s all thanks to your amazing gift, Sir Carter.”

    “I’m glad to hear that it managed to help. And that it wasn’t found offensive.” I show a wry smile.

    “Oh, by no means! Please, don’t even dare to think that! It’s true that it wasn’t a… conventional gift, and I was a little bit sceptical at first, but… as you said before… it really helped relieve myself from all the accumulated stress. Well… to some extent…”

    She gives me a quite cute side glance and chuckles a bit.

    “I’m enormously thankful for such a thoughtful gift. I could even say that it’s the best one I’ve received up to this day, and I’m confident in thinking that I won’t see another beating it in the not so near future. In all seriousness, Sir Carter, it’s a marvellous artifact. Where did you acquire such a masterpiece?”

    She is pretty much gleaming when she praises the toy. What a sight. I still can’t believe she is a sex freak.

    “I’m honoured to hear such praise, my Lady. While the idea and general design are of my own, a friend of mine was the one who gave birth to it. I don’t think you will find a similar product anywhere else. Yet, at least.”

    Her eyes slightly widen in surprise. “Oh? You came up with such… thing?” She covers her petite mouth with her hand, hiding a wide smile, and sizes me up. “You must be really knowledgeable about a woman’s body to create a tool which fulfils its purpose so well.”

    I chuckle a little. “Certainly, I do have some theory in my mind, and even a bit of practice, but that’s still quite a fresh experience. I’ve studied various materials back at my homeworld. I wouldn’t gift such a thing to my Lady without properly making sure that it’s the best it can be.”

    “I see. Am I right to assume that it’s linked to the business you will be starting up soon?”

    “Well, to some extent, yes. But on the other hand, I’m just a man blessed with very understanding partners and friends.” I spread my arms and smile kindly.

    “Certainly, you must be truly blessed to be able to win even the heart of the famous Ice Witch, fufufu~.” Even her laugh is all soft and petite, just like her looks. I feel blessed just by hearing it. “You have no idea how many men tried to pursue my dear Cornelia.”

    She gingerly winks at me and laughs a bit again. This pretty much confirms for sure that the two have quite the close relationship. Not like there were any doubts before about that.

    “Looks like nothing can escape the Queen’s information network. Yes, I truly must have accumulated a lot of good karma to be worthy of receiving the feelings of such an amazing woman.”

    “Take good care of her, okay?” She shows a sincerely kind expression.

    “I will do my best. That I can promise.”

    She nods visibly happy and silence falls. For a moment it looks like Lianne wants to ask about something, but she stops herself and stands up.

    “Well then, I really enjoyed our short meeting, but I’ll excuse myself now. I’m getting a little bit… tense… so I should rest for a while in my chambers.” She makes a very courteous bow, grabbing the hem of her beautiful dress and showing a faint blush on her fair complexion.

    As she turns around, I stand up too and call to her. “Lady Lianne.”

    She immediately turns back to me with a beautiful smile. It feels like she was hoping for me to stop her. Anyway, I step closer to the Queen and bring out a small, rectangular box from my storage ring. I present it to her on my palm.

    “Hearing that you found my previous gift enjoyable, I thought of presenting you with another creation of mine. It can function by itself, but also as a complementary part with the last artifact. The instruction is inside, as usual. What does my Lady say?” I show a soft and knowing smile.

    A bit more of the crimson blush paints her cheeks as she eyes up the little box. After locking her eyes with mine, she shows an embarrassed smile but extends her hand to receive the gift nevertheless.

    “Al! You cheeky bastard! I knew you were scheming something behind the scenes!”

    With completely perfect timing, Ross appears on our sides, just as the Queen was about to pick up the box. Looking again at our postures and the whole situation, and the box specifically, it’s easy to guess what he just assumed. I rub my temples and sigh.

    “Ross. No. I’m not proposing to your mother. This is not an engagement ring. Is that clear enough?”

    He comes closer to us. Lianne gets much more hesitant to grab the package now.

    “Eh? Then what is it?” the King asks.

    “It’s not your business, that’s all you need to know.” I turn back to the Queen and gently grab her delicate hand, placing it on top of the box in mine. “My Lady, I’m sure that this gift will also be to your liking so don’t let this situation hold you back from accepting it.”

    She quickly takes the box and escapes my touch with her soft laugh again.

    “Thank you. I’ll cherish it.” She nods with a smile and starts walking away, stopping by Ross’s side “You better not be rude to him.” She squints her eyes for a moment, turns around to wave at me and leaves.

    It takes me a moment to somehow tame down the King’s curiosity before we move onto the important things. I pass him the completed set of rules and we discuss some details about how the whole thing works so that he can figure out how to properly make it sound good from the promotional side of things.

    He plans on setting some rumour-spreading people around various bars and restaurants, who supposedly heard good stuff about my place, and some other moves like that. He conveys the slight disappointment of his nobles over the fact that there aren’t any Beastkin or Elves planned to work from the start, but more in a playful way than a serious one.

    Without wasting his time, after we finish what we need to do, I head back through the city and step into Barren’s shop on my way. We haven’t talked much recently, besides his short visits with deliveries. He offers to provide some refreshments and such for the opening night and I naturally accept. Supportive as usual.

    After arriving at home, I bring some of my notes with me and sit down in one of the alcoves in the garden, going through all the stuff we have completed and those that are slowly closing to the finishing line. It’s looking good so far. Let’s hope for a calm start.

    Sometime later, I notice Teffith entering the garden’s grounds and she walks up to me. I close my notebook and nod at her while gesturing with my hand so that she sits down instead of just standing on the side menacingly. She complies and I wait for her to speak first.

    “If I accept your proposal to work here, would I still be allowed to leave at any moment?” she asks, looking at me in full seriousness.

    “Naturally. An employee can always quit their job if it's unsatisfactory or some circumstances arise. I don’t plan on enslaving you, but that should be clear already,” I explain.

    She stops to think for a moment and then moves her gaze back to me. “What is the offer you mentioned before then?”

    I glance at her again. It’s clear that she is a refined warrior. Just by looking at any Dragonewt’s sharp face, you get the feeling that the whole race knows how to handle themselves. And in terms of women, it just creates an image of insanely strong, badass beauties covered in shimmering scales.

    “What’s your Tier?” I join my hands under my chin and ask her.

    She hesitates for a moment, but answers nevertheless. “Four as of right now. I’ve reached it a long time ago, but I don’t think I will be able to advance further.”

    “I see. Your weapon of choice?”

    She raises a brow. “Naginata.”

    “Interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen even one around the capital’s shops or in the ranks of knights and adventurers. Is it perhaps a racial or regional thing?”

    While they do have katanas, non-sword type weapons of oriental design are quite non-existent here.

    “For us, it’s often a commonly used weapon and it’s similar for most draconic and demonic races. It’s much less popular on the Human continent. I’m quite surprised you even know about it.”

    I open my notebook again and make a quick sketch of what it looks like back on Earth. “Something like this, right?”

    She glances at the drawing and nods.

    “Thank you. What about your Class?” I continue the interrogation.

    “Lancer,” she answers without a pause this time, most likely getting used to my weird questions.

    “Oh, another derivative. If I recall correctly it was from Spearman. Main stats Agility and Strength, a lot of skills focusing on thrusts but also area swipes. Quite flashy and good in most situations.”

    She seems surprised by my knowledge again. “Are all those questions related to my responsibilities somehow?”

    I smile at her on-point remark. “Yes, to some extent. You see, what I need right now is a guard, a bouncer, a security guy or girl. I’m not so stupid to believe that there won’t by issues in the future where a bit of good, old, persuasive smacking wouldn't be necessary. In short, during the operating hours, you would be looking over the lobby and stepping in when something happens. I believe that you are a perfect fit for the task. And you could have a chance to beat the shit out of some trashy Humans once in a while. What do you think?”

    Teffith definitely hasn’t expected this kind of offer. She most likely thought about me inviting her into my maid corps.

    “Well, before you give an answer, I would like to test you a bit. Are you fine with that?” I continue.

    After a short moment to gather her thoughts, she agrees and we move to the underground where the elves are currently doing their daily training. We gather together and explain to them the reason behind our visit. Since they are much better fighters than me, I pair Teffith up with each of them for a short spar. We don’t have a naginata at home, but she settles for a slim halberd for now.

    I stand on the side and observe the bouts. As expected, she knows her thing quite well and holds her ground against pretty much each one of the elves. Her fighting style is a bit aggressive, focusing on not giving the opponent even a slight moment of rest in between the combined strikes. She skillfully spins and rotates the halberd at various angles to block most of the attacks aimed at her.

    She manages to down two of the three melee using elves and also deflect a lot of Filue’s arrows when paired up with her. Neira completely obliterates her with her magic though, maybe taking Teffith a little bit off guard. All in all, she is plenty strong and that was with barely any skills used.

    After our little competition is done, I pass her a waterskin and we sit down on the sides while the elves get back to their exercises. Teffith starts the conversation.

    “So, am I good enough?”

    “Hahaha, I’d even say that you are quite overqualified for the position. But yeah, if you are willing, I’d gladly have you around.”

    She rests her head on the wall behind us and ponders for a moment. “I think I’ll take you up on it. At least until I figure out what exactly I want to do. I’m still not sure, but this place seems nice to stay for a while. It’s like… a luxurious inn where no one looks at you as if you have murdered their grandma. So… ummmm… yeah. I’ll do my best to cover my stay here… Master?”

    “No need to call me Master. You should already know that most of them just choose to do so. Address me however it feels the least uncomfortable for you. And also, there are three more things I need to know if you are fine with.” I turn my head to the girl sitting on my side.

    “Yes?” She also glances at me curiously.

    “First, you should already be aware of some of my abilities from the girls, so I would like to register you as my Partner, for easier communication and such.”

    She nods. I’m pretty sure Elea had already convinced her that there are no repercussions in doing so.

    “Second, look at them. Anything they have in common?” I point at the practising elves.

    Teffitth observes them for a moment before turning back to me. “Collars?”

    “Correct. The dangling badge in the shape of a heart with succubi-like horns and tail is part of our image. Do you have anything against putting one on?”

    “Do I have to wear it all the time?” she asks.

    “No. Only while working. And when we leave to the town together or perhaps by yourself in the future.”

    “I understand.” She nods again.

    “And lastly, I bet you have noticed the marks on other girls, right?”

    “Yes. The dwarf girl and the head maid explained to me their purpose and the fact that they requested them by themselves as a part of your plan to increase their safety outside.”

    “Pretty much. What do you say?”

    She takes another moment to think. I understand how this might feel a little disturbing to her. Getting collared and marked even though I said that she would be free.

    “I guess I’ll comply with that too. It doesn’t need to be in a visible spot, right? Well, since my shoulder is covered in scales, then, would on the inner side of a forearm be okay?”

    Looks like it’s less of an issue than I expected. That’s good. We go with her suggested spot and I weave the mark onto her skin. This also gives me a chance to feel a few her scales on the other side of her arm and the sensation is just amazing. So smooth yet hard and pleasant in touch.

    We stand up and shake our hands to commemorate the deal. On the same day, we also move out together to order the collar and suit for Teffith. I think it will fit her much better than a maid uniform. Badass dragongirl in a suit and naginata in hand. Oh yes, please.

    Time flies as we spend the next two days on perfecting everything. Teffith’s clothes should be done tomorrow, the collar hopefully will arrive before the opening night too. Communication devices are finished and placed in all rooms. Neira also created a few rulebooks and menu cards already. Everything seems to be on the right track for once.

    Cornelia sends me a whisper to meet her in the lobby so I head there to see what she needs help with. After coming down the stairs, I look around but don’t spot her anywhere in the vicinity of the reception. A moment later, the main entrance opens and she walks in.

    She begins a slow stroll towards me with a sensual pace, swaying her hips seductively. An alluring smile paints her face. I stand in place, frozen, staring at her with my jaw dropped to the floor, as she arrives in front of me.

    Instead of her usual robes, Cornelia wears a slim, long, dark purple nightdress with cuts on the sides, starting at waist’s length, revealing her incredible legs with each step. On her chest, there’s literally a boob window in the shape of a heart in the middle area, showing a little bit of the sideboob view of both of her ample breasts, slightly squeezed together by the material. The cloth extends upwards in the shape of a narrowing triangle up to her neck, which is additionally decorated by a collar with a dangling, crystal heart of a hazelnut colour.

    To sum it up, a fucking bombshell beauty straight out of some kind of a superstar night gala just stands in front of my eyes and smiles enchantingly, enjoying my reaction to the fullest. She chuckles. I step closer and pull her to me. My eyes land on the iconic badge.

    “Wait… this is… this is why you ran back into the store on that day?” I ask while playing with it in my fingers.

    She clicks her tongue. “I knew you would catch on that. I should have just gone there alone later.”

    “Well, I definitely didn’t suspect you of getting a collar for yourself, that’s for sure. But, it looks beautiful on you. Like this whole attire. It’s so damn sexy.” I brush over her cheek while staring intently into her hazelnut eyes.

    She chuckles again. “Looks like it works as intended.”

    “It works too damn good. I’m starting to get worried that many guys might try to hit on you.”

    Cornelia laughs a little. “They are welcome to try. I’m sure that no one can even hold a candle to you when it comes to flirting though.”

    I move my face a bit closer and we join our lips in a passionate kiss. Cornelia’s hands wander over my back, while mine find their way through the cut sides of her dress, straight to her plump butt and squeeze it gently.

    She breaks off the kiss and playfully smacks my face with a giggle. Leaving one more peck on my lips she steps back and does a spin to showcase the full extent of her dress.

    “Gorgeous. I can’t find words worthy enough of this sight. Why so fancy though?” I ask curiously.

    “The last time I checked, you didn’t have anyone for the reception, did you? Well, here I am then.” She makes a light skip and nod.

    “Hahahah, really, you didn’t have to. I planned to man it myself.” I pull her into my embrace again.

    “While you are quite pleasant to the eye, I think you would agree with the statement that a good-looking girl would fill that role much better considering the clientele, isn’t that right?”

    “True words.”

    “And with me there, you will be able to watch over everything from the sides and move where help is required without leaving the reception empty. Much more suitable role for the owner, I think.”

    “Certainly. I never dreamed of having such a dazzling Madame.”

    Cornelia starts the kiss on her own this time and we exchange a few loving pecks. She steps back after and puts her hands on her hips.

    “Well then. We are pretty much ready now, right? So, what’s the name?”

    I furrow my brows at her question. “Name?”

    She raises hers. “Yes. Name. N-a-m-e. People give them to other people, objects, places. You don’t expect them to talk about us as ‘that fancy-looking brothel by the vegetable shop’, do you?”

    She jokingly provides a long explanation while my eyes widen to the brim and I get frozen for the second time. Cornelia notices the change and stops chuckling, assuming a consternated expression.

    “Wait... Don’t tell me you never thought about it before. We are a few days from the opening and you didn’t even consider one? Bloody hell! I thought you decided on it long ago and that’s why you never brought it up!”

    I chuckle nervously. “Oh, fuck me…”

    Cornelia steps closer and grabs me by the collar, giving me a stern glare. She then sighs heavily and drops her forehead onto my chest.

    “Ugh… you dummy…”

    I ruffle through her hair. “Sorry. I fucked up.”

    She shakes her head. “No. We fucked up. I shouldn’t have assumed. I was supposed to fill the holes you missed as your assistant.”

    “Shit. And here I thought I was pretty decent at filling holes.”

    Cornelia snickers and shakes her head again. “There’s nothing you can’t turn into a sexual innuendo, can you?”

    “Not when you lay such a perfect opportunity right in front of me.” I lift her chin to place a soft kiss on her beautiful lips before continuing. “Do you have any good ideas?”

    “Not even in the slightest. Haaaaaah… I always sucked at naming things.”

    We rest our backs on the reception desk and begin thinking about the issue. I instantly get reminded of one of my favourite Visual Novels back from Earth and almost suggest to Cornelia that we name our place Monster Paradise, but I realize how stupid it would sound in this world. Even Monpara feels damn cringy. I really would like something with meaning but also with a nice ring to it like the aforementioned ones.

    While we are working our brains over it, a few girls pass by the main lobby. The sight of a Dwarf, Slime and Dark Elf freely wandering through the corridors and happily interacting with each other, and with me or Cornelia, Humans, gives me an idea.

    “Utopia,” I turn to my new Madame and utter the word.

    She stares at me for a moment, analyzing the name, and raises her brows in a positive fashion. “Hey, that could work. Utopia as a place where all races are equal, right? And everyone follows the same rules? Damn, why didn’t I think of that.”

    “You like it?”

    “You bet I do. It sounds nice and has a real meaning behind it, which, I think, fits your intentions perfectly.” She bumps my shoulder with her fist and smiles.

    I push myself off the reception desk, turn around to face her, and glance all around the main hall once more.

    “Well then. I guess it’s time to finally open our own, little Utopia,” I announce with a wide smile.
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    Chapter 43 – Through the Eyes of Another: The Samurai’s Sleepless Night
    Meanwhile, somewhere near one of the vassal kingdoms - Ronerulle, to the south of Evalitia's capital…

    I roll from one side to another in my sleeping bag, trying to muffle the intense sounds coming from the tent adjacent to mine with a fluffy pillow rolled around my head. It’s already been an hour or two since they started and there are no signs of them ending anytime soon.

    Violent, rhythmic slapping is accompanied by a myriad of different moans, gasps and grunts. Occasional shouts and curses get released into the air with a lot of giggling and chuckling from both a man and a woman. It’s insufferable. I bet it’s like three in the morning already and I haven’t gotten even a whiff of sleep.

    Uuuughhhhhhhhhh… Enough!

    I take the pillow off my ears, raise myself to a sitting position and slam it into the ground furiously.

    “Ahnnnn… ahhhhh… ahhhhh… you beast… ahhhh… so fierce… ahhhh… moooreeee...”

    “You love it there… uuuuffff… huuuuuh…”

    Without any second of delay, the now unobstructed and clearly noticeable sounds of battle from the people to my right instantly fill in the quiet air. The amount of dirty talk surrounding it makes me start feeling a warm sensation spreading through my cheeks as my fingers grasp the sheets of my bedroll tightly.

    Shaking my head to clear all the thoughts and imagery, I stand up, get into my boots and leave the tent. Furrowing my brows, I take one last glance at the slightly fluttering structure next to my own shelter and head the opposite way with a snort.

    Cursed horndogs…

    Not that far away from where the tents are put down, a small campfire is currently rippling with lively tongues of red and orange. The distance is not enough to make the noises completely disappear, but it’s much better than lying right by the source.

    Natalie-san is sitting near it on the ground, with her guitar placed on her lap, serving as a table, and writing something in her small notebook with one hand while the other supports her head, resting the elbow on the wooden instrument. She looks so beautiful with part of her golden hair hung over her ear, showing her amazingly calm profile.

    She notices my approach, moving only her eyes to the side for a moment and then getting back to focusing on whatever she was doing. I sit down on my knees by the fire and stare at the enchanting figure of Natalie-san focusing on her writing. After a few moments, she stops, closes the notebook and glances back at me. I quickly move my eyes to the fire.

    “My shift doesn’t end for three more hours.”

    A soft and melodic voice travels through the air and reaches my ears. I could never understand how someone can have such a pure and musical tone. It’s like Natalie-san was destined to become an actress or a singer from the day she was born.

    Countless men fall for her angelic voice the instant they hear it on TV or on the radio. And it’s not only boys. Even in our small school, there were girls who fawned over the distant, blond beauty with heavenly vocal skills. Many approached her just to get turned down in a blink. She didn’t seem even slightly interested in anyone. I feel really lucky to be able to call myself Natalie-san’s friend as she doesn’t allow other people to get even this close to her, giving them the cold shoulder treatment.

    I nod to her words. “I know.”

    “And it’s Marcia who is supposed to take over.”

    I nod again. “I know.”

    “Can’t sleep?” she asks.

    I groan while rolling my eyes and point my gaze towards the direction of the tents. Natalie-san follows it.

    “Ah.” She cocks her head back in understanding.


    Now, Natalie-san has this amazing ability which she developed while working on many bustling movie sets where she can completely shut herself off from any sound and noise around her at will. She just needs something to focus on. And that’s why, even if she was sitting right by them, it wouldn’t be even slightly inconvenient for her. I’m so jealous… Ughhhh…

    “They are going at it for something around two hours now like some inexhaustible, horny rabbits!” I continue.

    “That’s the Hero’s high Constitution for you,” she comments.

    “They are like that since the day we’ve left the ruins, getting touchy with each other almost every other night! It’s getting worse and worse day by day! Seriously, I have no idea how Paul-san is unaffected by this! Their tent is in between mine and his!” I cover my face with both of my hands and huff in annoyance.

    “You know that he went through pretty much every possible military training course that didn’t require him enlisting after. There could be a stage with the loudest death metal band playing live and he could lay down behind it and just sleep through the whole thing like there is nothing around. But, let someone step on a small branch in the three-meter-long vicinity of the tent and he is up in an instant,” Natalie-san explains what I’m already aware of.

    “Ughhh… why can’t I ignore things like you or Paul-san…” I sigh.

    We sit in silence for a few minutes. Natalie-san goes back to reading her own writing while I stare at the fire. Noticing a branch by my side, I pick it up, move closer to the small tower of burning wood and switch into a position where I sit with my knees huddled to my chest. While gazing into the mysterious, dancing wisps of fire, I use the stick to lazily poke all around the burnt coals. I release a long sigh.

    I wonder what he is doing right now…” Natalie-san’s voice brings me back from my thoughts.

    “Eh?” I turn my head towards her.

    “That’s the face you are making,” she clarifies while supporting her chin with both hands and staring right at me.

    “I… don’t understand…” I gaze back at her confusedly.

    “You always have this exact expression whenever something reminds you of him.”


    “Mister Carter.”

    My cheeks start turning warm again and I’m sure that it’s definitely not from the fire. I move my gaze away from Natalie-san just in case and hug my knees closer to my chest. I had no idea that it’s showing on my face so clearly that people can notice it… So embarrassing...

    “You should have approached him long ago,” she says casually.

    Feeling my whole face getting warmer and warmer, I hide it in my knees. “It’s not so simple…”

    I hear Natalie-san sigh. “From all of us, and I could bet all of the people he knew back on Earth too, you are the one closest to Mr Carter and know him the best. There’s not even a shadow of a doubt he likes you back.”

    “W-w-w-w-whatever could you mean?” I stutter a little while my mind gets a bit fuzzy.

    Another sigh follows. “Okay. Stop me when I say something that is not true.”

    I slowly raise my head to peek at Natalie-san’s expression. She looks at me with one brow raised, waiting for my confirmation. I give her a little nod.

    “You liked him since the very first day he appeared as our teacher. You started being interested in him after we noticed during one of our breaks that he was playing Destiny/Insignificant Chaos on his phone, spending hundreds of dollars to get the new character, which as we later learned, was one of his favourites. After that, you accidentally dropped your phone onto his desk from your hoodie’s front pocket, having the game open. He started talking about it to you and you exchanged ID’s.”

    She pauses and glances at me, checking if I’m going to disagree with anything, but… I would lie if I did… uuuuggghhhhh… that was so stuuuuuuuupid…

    Not seeing any reaction, she continues. “Then, you sometimes chatted about random stuff during breaks and you learned that he is as much into anime as you are. You found out that he loves most of the books, movies, novels, series, games that you personally like and you started exchanging opinions, reviews and suggestions about them, right?”

    I can’t show any more of my face. I’m certain it’s all red from how hot I feel. My heart is starting to beat faster and faster as Natalie-san recounts all the major events from the past. She is my best friend so we, of course, talked a lot about them, but having anyone present things about you like this is just insanely embarrassing… I just wiggle my head a bit, with only a bit of my eye poking out from above my knees.

    “He added you as a friend on every single communicator he used. He even gave you his private phone number. You guys talked to each other pretty much every day. The moment we were leaving the classroom, the first thing you always did was pulling out your phone, opening Harmony and staring at it for five minutes at least, figuring out what to write to him, just to not send anything in the end. You guys played multiplayer games together on most of the weekends you weren’t busy with practice or traditional lessons. You were basically a couple already.”

    “C-c-c-couple?!” I let out a quiet scream.

    “Didn’t you even go on a date?” Natalie-san asks.


    “Yeah. I remember you getting VIP tickets for AniFest XIV and inviting Mr Carter to go with you, saying that there’s no one you could take and you don’t want to let the entry go to waste. You went together and had a blast. You kept talking about it for two weeks straight, how you played arcade for hours, attended panels about your favourite series, ate together and how he gifted you a purple ribbon he won in a knife-throwing contest. You still have it, right? Tied around the tip of your katana’s handle right now.”

    Certainly, all of that is true, especially the part about the ribbon… but…

    “Can you say with a clear conscience that you didn’t consider that a date even for a moment? Or are you perhaps saying that a girl inviting a guy somewhere can’t be counted as a date because it has to be the other way? You know that he completely doesn’t care about things like that.”


    I let out an embarrassed groan and quickly hide in my knees again. I… thought about it as a date from the very moment I ordered those tickets… but sensei… he definitely didn’t see it as one, because…

    “I know that you were afraid to confess to him back then, worrying that he would reject you because you were a minor and his student at that, but Shino, you are almost nineteen now. You turned eighteen six months after we got here. You should have gone to him straight after we settled down, even before your birthday. This is no longer Earth. And we both know Mr Carter understands it the best with how active he was to learn about this world.”

    Natalie-san’s words perfectly hit all my doubts, worries and thoughts. It’s not that unexpected, we have been close friends since the first week of school. She is the only one I have been completely open with about everything and we were spending lots of time together back on Earth. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she knows me best after sensei. Or actually, even better since she knows that I… I… love him...

    Natalie-san takes her guitar off her hip and places it on the side. She then stands up, walks to me and sits down. She is so much taller than me… Even though she is currently seventeen, I feel like I’m talking to mom when we speak sometimes…

    I try my best to raise my head up and look at her. She shows a very faint smile. How can someone have so much control over their emotions? Seeing her on-screen and in-person is unimaginably different. I can’t even hide a blush while she can fake lively, evil smirk as easily as keeping a poker face in reality.

    She places a hand on my shoulder. “If you keep distancing yourself like this, someone will steal him from you. Yes, back at home he might have had issues with dating women due to his hobbies and interests, but here, Mr Carter is just a very handsome, nice, kind, gentle, understanding, helpful and protective man. And do you remember his Class? I really hate to say it, but it’s possible that someone has already made a move on him. Or more than just one someone. When you finally find the courage to step up, you might find yourself being one of many—”

    “I’m fine with that,” I stop Natalie-san and glance at her. Seeing that she doesn’t ask anything, I sigh a little and continue. “Natalie-san knows that I come from an influential family back in Japan. Daughters in our clan almost always end up being wed to other big houses to maintain positive relationships between our families. Male heirs often have many wives and concubines and that’s why we are raised fully aware of that possibility from a very young age. We know that it’s our responsibility.”

    It’s one of the things I never spoke with Natalie-san before. I didn’t particularly hide anything about my family, but we just never discussed these topics deep enough to reach that information. It isn’t something I am proud of. I know how it looks in the eyes of outsiders. I didn’t want Natalie-san to unnecessarily worry about me. I was lucky to not be engaged to anyone yet due to my achievements in studies and kendo. I still had to be prepared for the worst. There was even a low chance that my family wouldn’t allow sensei as a candidate for my husband… but now… it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Noticing that I keep unintentionally glaring at Natalie-san while recalling our family’s overbearing traditions, I quickly move my face away again.

    “So… if sensei would end up with many girls… which I think would be actually weird if he didn’t with how nice and handsome he is… I would be happy if I… could join his harem… Even if I wouldn’t be the main wife… I’m sure he would take good care of me… not like the young heirs who are just forced to accept the marriage.”

    I speak very quietly, slowing down the more I talk about that potential situation. My words are additionally being muffled by my knees while my mind starts getting filled with a myriad of images where sensei pulls me into a hug, pats my head or… gives me a kiss…

    Natalie-san’s hand rubbing my shoulder brings me back from my daydreaming and I struggle to look at her while feeling like my whole face is melting. Not from the nearby fire.

    “I see. I didn’t know,” she says calmly.

    “It’s okay, Natalie-san. I just never brought it up before. And it’s not like I agree with these practices. As sensei always kept saying, everyone should have the freedom to choose who they want to be with, no matter the family situation, common beliefs, race or even gender. I… I’m actually a bit happy that… ummmm… we ended up here…” I take a quick glance at Natalie-san’s face, just to drop my gaze again in an instant. “I’m sorry!”

    A very soft and quiet chuckle arrives from her side and I raise my head to see another very slight smile. She rubs my shoulder a bit more.

    “Don’t worry about me. You are not being rude. We all have different situations. And, Mr Carter convinced me back when we arrived here that I should focus on the present and the future rather than let my thoughts wander over my relatives. We don’t have even the slightest idea of what is happening on Earth. Maybe the time stopped. Or maybe it doesn’t even exist anymore.”

    I smile at her. The thought about our world being gone is quite a scary one, but I don’t think something like that happened. I hope… or… do I? Would I even want to come back if sensei would actually accept me? There’s no point in thinking about that now. We could die at any moment too.

    “Anyway, this is not about me but you. If you have resolved yourself this far then all you need to do is just go to him. As I said before, you know him the best. Tell me, do you really think he doesn’t like you even a bit?”

    She keeps gazing into my eyes with her stoic expression. I can feel how flushed my face must now look from the intense goosebumps that envelop my whole skin and the heavy thumping of my racing heart. I hesitantly shake my head.

    “Then that’s it. If you keep wasting any more time, who knows how long it will take before you two have a chance to sleep tog—”


    My eyes shoot wide and I start flailing my arms in front of Natalie-san’s face in panic. She backs off a little and raises her brows questioningly while I stop my hands in the air and look at her through my fingers.

    “... Pardon?” she asks, slightly befuddled.

    “W-W-W-WHAT COULD YOU BE TALKING ABOUT!?” I shout at her.

    “Um, obviously se—”


    Met with another scream from me, she stops. I’m getting so hot that the temperature of my body must be rivalling the core of the campfire right now. I’m getting slightly dizzy and my vision shakes with every beat of my heart, which now sounds like some huge, tribal drum during a pre-battle rally.

    “Ummm… Shino?”


    “You pretty much drew explicit content, and from our time together, I’m quite sure that you also watched and read a lot of it too, so… why are you reacting like this?” she asks.

    “Fiction and reality are two completely different things! It doesn’t matter how much hentai I watched! Talking about inappropriate stuff like this in the open is embarrassing!” I try calming myself down a little but still answer in a raised voice.

    “But, you didn’t seem so flustered when we spoke about Kamil and Marcia doing it.”

    “It’s… it’s… that’s obviously because it wasn’t about me and sensei!” I wave my hands each time I speak.

    She sighs. “Don’t you want to become one with the man you love?”

    I stop. I can feel myself squirming under Natalie-san’s gaze, but I don’t want to straight-up deny her words… It would be a lie… I do want sensei to embrace me... but… how can everyone just talk about things like this so casually?! I don’t understand… Every time I see Kamil-san and Marcia-san flirting together I’m getting all hot from embarrassment, but no one else even bats an eye…

    Taking a few deep breaths, I move my hands down and do my best to look Natalie-san in the face. She’s unmoved as usual. She’s my best friend… we’ve gossiped about sensei a lot in the past… It’s normal to talk with your best friend about se… se… se… ughhhhhhh I can’t… My imagination is too vivid and clear…

    “I… I… mhm…” The best I can do is to nod while lowering my eyes to the ground.

    “I’m sure Mr Carter wouldn’t mind, but do you really want him to see you freak out when you guys end up alone in his room and he finally reaches out to you?” she asks.

    “I won’t… freak out…” I answer.

    “Are you sure about that?”

    I stay silent. I don’t know. I think I wouldn’t, but… would I? What if he dislikes shy girls? No… that’s impossible. He was into danderes and kuuderes the most. But...

    “Listen. Since we are already going through a lot of things, let me just sum everything up in simple words. Mr Carter definitely likes you. He wouldn’t spend so much time with you outside the school if it wasn’t true. You don’t need to be so hesitant about this. Don’t overthink everything. Even though you know him so well that you could probably pinpoint his answers to most questions we came up with, you are letting yourself forget about that because of stupid anxiety. Want me to tell you something as your friend and as someone who watches from the side? He definitely fantasized about you more than once.”

    “Ehhhhhhhh?!” I cry out in shock.

    “What? Aren’t you basically a textbook definition of a beautiful otaku girl, being a Japanese princess at that, for which many men would die just for a chance to even talk to? And with the fact that you often draw your characters after yourself, do you really think he didn’t?”

    I start fidgeting with my hands back between my knees while smiling to myself over the thought that sensei might have had lewd thoughts about me.

    Ehehehehe… It’s not like I drew most of the kitsunes as myself because he loves them the most…

    “So, believe in yourself and go for it. Or are you planning to wait forever?”

    I take a very long and deep breath, clearing my mind completely. I slap my cheeks a few times and switch my position back to a sitting on the knees. Turning towards Natalie-san, I lower my head.

    “Thank you, Natalie-san. I will look for sensei as soon as we are back in the capital. I really appreciate what you did. You are the bestest best friend I ever had. I really can’t thank you enough. I promise you that I will take your words into my heart and stop acting like this. Well… at least as much as I can…” I speak my honest feelings.

    She chuckles quietly again. “Good. You better do. You made me utter more words in one night than I have spoken during the last few years. Excluding castings and recordings.”

    “Ehehehe, I’m sorry! I know how much you hate talking. But… it meant a lot to me. Thank you again, Natalie-san.” I bow my head as far down as I can, almost entering full dogeza.

    “Okay, okay, get up. Just treat me to something nice when we get back to civilization and we will be even. We are best friends, right?”


    We both giggle a little and spend some more time together just talking about random things. Most of them somehow end up connected to sensei in some way. About half an hour later, we hear footsteps behind our backs and turn around to see Marcia-san coming our way. She is all sweaty and a bit out of breath. She arrives at our side while gulping down water from her waterskin.

    “You still have a bit over an hour before your turn,” Natalie-san informs her.

    Marcia-san finishes drinking water with a long huff afterwards and chuckles. “I know. I came early. Like a certain someone, heh.” She smirks with a wide grin and laughs again.

    “What about Kamil-san?” I ask.

    “The Hero’s valiant steed ran out of juice and he fell asleep. Sorry for keeping you up, Shino.” She winks at me.

    “Ahahaha… well…” I shift my gaze to the side.

    “Also, what was that scream from before about?” She glances down at me.

    “Nothing!” I quickly avert my gaze. I can feel Marcia-san squinting her eyes on me.

    “Anyway, remind me to ask that Court Magician woman in purple robes and glasses about that spell to mute your surroundings when we have a chance… What was it called?” She scratches her head.

    “Hall of Serenity, I think,” Natalie-san answers.

    “Yeah, most likely that. Would be great if we could learn it. Well, I think you would definitely be able to with your magical talent, Nat.”

    “So that I can cast it on your tent when you guys want to have sex?” she asks.

    “Bingo. And I guess it’s a useful one anyway. Or we could ask the King for an artifact which works like that or something. That blondie is quite generous.” Marcia-san smirks and plops down to the right of me and Natalie-san.

    A curious thought appears in my mind and I decide to let it out. “Ummm… Marcia-san... aren’t you afraid of getting pregnant?”

    She glances at me while taking another sip and quickly finishes it. “Huh? Ah, I’m infertile.”

    Suddenly, unexplainably uncomfortable silence falls onto all of us. It seems as even the crackling of the campfire has toned down to accentuate the tense atmosphere. I can feel that bitter hotness, which appears after you say or ask something stupid or inappropriate, quickly spreading through my whole, stiffened body.

    “I’m… really sorry…” I drop my eyes to the ground and apologize.

    Marcia-san notices my and Natalie-san’s expressions and furrows her brows. “Oh, come on, you two look like you just killed my grandma with a banana peel and don’t know how to tell me, hahaha! Chill, Shino! We are good!” She grabs my shoulder and shakes it a few times while smiling.

    “Still… I didn’t know…”

    “Obviously! Judging by your reactions, you wouldn’t ask if you knew! I’m not offended so forget it. Life is too short to worry over small details like that.” She leaves my shoulder and takes another gulp of water. “My mother was attacked by some maniac with acid when she had me in her belly. Supposedly, some kind of a developer which lost most of his fortune when my papa’s company’s expansion went completely bonkers. Total piece of scum. Not even aiming for him but his wife. The trashiest trash of all trash on Earth. Phtoo.” She spits to the side with visible disdain.

    “Does… Kamil-san know?” I don’t know where I get the courage, but I somehow ask what I’m curious about again.

    “Hm? Yeah. I tell that to all the people who would like to get closer together. Remember girls, honesty is the most important part of a relationship! No matter what kind of relationship. Fueled by love, affection, mutual pleasure or interest. Only a total bitch would hide crucial facts like that from a man. Or another woman. Being open is the best!” Marcia-san looks at both of us in turns and smiles. I don’t think there’s anything that can bring down her enthusiasm.

    “Is that why you are…” Natalie-san starts a question but it seems like she can’t find the proper words to finish it. Marcia-san catches onto her thoughts.

    “Having sex with any healthy and handsome guy who also looks interested in having some fun together after knowing about me and my sex-friends? No, no, no, no, no.” Marcia-san waves her index finger at us. “Yes, the fact that I can’t have kids is a part of me, but no, it didn’t influence who I currently am. I’m not on a fuck-spree out of spite or frustration at my situation or from the need for revenge on the unfair fate that was brought onto me by that bastard. Nor I am jumping on so much dick in hope that maybe one day I will magically go poof, pregnant. You know that I grew up in a tolerant and understanding community with loving parents and lots of friends. It’s just my way of being, my style, it has nothing to do with that issue. Well, all in all, I don’t care, it’s quite useful, right? I can have as much raw fun as I want without any worries, hahaha!”

    Marcia-san explodes into a hearty laugh. The loudest one as of now. We glance at each other with Natalie-san and nod together. We move on our knees closer to her and sit on both of her sides. I take Marcia-san’s left arm and hug it while Natalie-san picks the right one. The person in the middle stops laughing and looks at both of us.

    “What are you doing?” she asks while raising one of her brows. “Oi. Are you pitying me?”

    “Don’t you wish you were healthy?” Natalie-san asks her with a serious gaze.

    “Huh? I told you that I don’t care, didn’t I? I’m long after the phase of—”

    She stops her sentence and her smile falters a little after Marcia-san locks her eyes with Natalie-san’s. She turns to me and even though I can’t make the same concerned expression as her, I do my best to look as serious, even though I can feel some tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

    Marcia-san throws her head to the back with a groan. “God. Fucking. Dammit… Haaaaaaah…” She shakes it and brings it back to us, slightly dropping it down. “Of course, I do. It’s not even a matter of wanting kids or not. If I wanted one, I could always adopt some poor bastard without a loving family. I hate not even having a choice. I was robbed out of it. Forced to accept the outcome. No matter what we tried or how much money did papa drown to fix me… Fuck! You are fucking the worst, Nat! You don’t talk for shit, but when you finally do, you always know what to say to get to people! Arghhhhhhhhh! Are you some god of counselling?!”

    She moves her face closer to Natalie-san’s and raises her voice, but we both know that Marcia-san doesn’t mean anything bad. She could push us away at any given moment yet she lets us stay with her. No matter what she says, I know deep down, that I would never completely get over something like that. She definitely didn’t lie when saying that it wasn’t the reason behind who she became in the end, but she definitely cares and we both felt that somehow.

    We sit in silence for about a minute or two, just glancing at each other. I admire Marcia-san. I would most likely burst out into tears when reminded about such a thing and she just keeps calm after shouting a bit earlier. She is strong. Suddenly, I feel stupid for my biggest worry being about a person who I’m close with, liking me.

    I shake my head. Now, it’s not about me. That part ended after Natalie-san helped me organize my thoughts. I’m sure that she will also say something to Marcia-san soon, but I feel like it’s my turn now. I take a deep breath.


    “Mhm.” She turns her face to me with a smaller smile than usual.

    “I… I don’t know a lot about biological stuff from back on Earth, but… we are now in a fantasy world where magic exists. There are Priests, Shamans, Artificers, and many other magic users that could potentially be able to heal your condition, don’t you think? Or some very strong potion or elixir. Or maybe your body would even heal by itself after you reach a high Tier? We don’t know that, but it’s possible, right?”

    I squeeze her hand with mine and try to smile kindly like sensei usually does. “I understand that you might have lost hope back there, but now, here, there are many new options to try out. I’m sure that you will—, no, we will, together, find a cure one day. And if we end up saving this world without stumbling onto it, we will just start another journey to find it. So, let’s do our best. We are friends, right?”

    She stares at me for a moment before throwing her head to the back again and releasing a long sigh. A few seconds later, Marcia-san starts chuckling louder and louder. She moves her face back to us.

    “You damned shortie.” She places her hand on top of my hair and begins violently brushing through it, making me giggle a bit. “That’s right. We are friends. All of us. Even though some of us might be jerks with a slightly inflated ego. But, that’s all we have. Let’s keep pushing forwards together.”

    Marcia-san stops making a mess out of my hair, places her other hand on Natalie-san’s head and slowly stands up, leaving us on the ground. She then moves her hands to her hips and shows a wide smile.

    “I would have never imagined that I would be getting comforted by you, Shino-chan. Thanks. Both of you.” She lightly taps us with her feet. “Now go. You gotta sleep. I’m so full of energy that I could keep watch for three days straight!”

    We smile at each other with Natalie-san and stand up too. After bumping fists with everyone, our duo heads towards the tents.

    “Oi, shortie!” Marcia-san calls out to me when we are at half-point. We turn around. “That includes that handsome teacher-boyfriend of yours too, so you better get him back to the squad soon!”

    Natalie-san chuckles softly at me. “I told you. A couple.”

    I quickly turn away and leave her with a hasty step, moving straight to my tent. Using Shadow Step, I flutter inside, through the small hole in the bottom of the zipper. I could practically feel my head steaming out of embarrassment.
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    Chapter 44 – Through the Eyes of Another: The Samurai’s First Transformation
    Surprisingly, considering all that happened last night, I wake up quite well-rested. Maybe that’s because I had this amazing dream where we fought together with sensei side by side. His support magic made me feel unbeatable and we bulldozed through a whole army of those weird creatures.

    Haaaaaah… I wonder what abilities can sensei use. He always avoided questions about his Class...

    I shake my head to clear my thoughts and release a long yawn. After a short toilet time, I join Natalie-san and Paul-san in the middle of our camp to eat a light breakfast. Soon, the rest of our party also wakes up and we dine all together.

    After packing up, we jump onto the horses we received from the King and resume our journey.

    “So, we should be pretty close to Carivia now, right?” Kamil-san asks as we ride.

    “We should arrive there before night falls. That’s if nothing unexpected happens. The map we bought at the Adventurer’s Guild is pretty solid,” Paul-san answers calmly.

    With how good he is with maps, there is no way that we will be lost or even step outside of the path. Paul-san’s ability to work with them is really incredible. But well, he knows a lot about all that stuff connected to survival, which naturally includes navigating through various terrains and reading maps.

    It wasn’t easy, but we managed to convince Kamil-san to let Paul-san function as the leader. Fortunately, our encounter in the mines slightly opened his eyes to the dangers of this world. I’m glad that he relinquished that responsibility. Paul-san’s commanding is really good and the fact that he can watch from the backline definitely helps a lot.

    He has the best perception out of all of us. Which is kinda cliché. Guys in glasses always end up having the best sight in all the mangas and novels. Well, not like he actually needs them. He just has a thing for glasses. If I remember correctly, the lenses are just clear ones, made out of some kind of bulletproof material. So, I guess the trope doesn’t work here perfectly.

    I wonder if sensei likes real girls with glasses. I never asked. A lot of kuuderes are often designed with them. I bet he would say they suit mature girls perfectly. And I… don’t exactly look like a mature woman… Now that I think of it, Cornelia-san gives such vibes. She seemed uninterested in things like love though. Well, maybe besides her love for research. I was expecting her to ask for permission to join our party so that she can observe us during our journeys, but I guess she couldn’t do so due to her position under the King. She’d definitely be interested in learning more about us.

    Five hours later, we begin to see the grey walls of Carivia, surrounding the city alongside the deep moat. Some traffic can be spotted around the main gate from this direction. We arrive closer and wait for our turn since it looks like there’s a simple checkup on entry.

    “Identity and purpose of the visit?” the guard asks us mechanically.

    “Can’t you see that we are heroes? We are travelling to get stronger and your town was just on our path,” Kamil-san glances at the man in steel armour and emerald poncho-like cloak and points at his own gear.

    The guard looks up at him and then back at his notes. “Right, and I’m half-abyssal. Grandma had a thing for glowing monkeys. You got ID cards or anything?”

    Marcia-san chuckles at his retort and Kamil-san groans. Paul-san rides his horse closer and passes his adventurer card to the man.

    “B-rank, huh. First time here?” Paul-san nods. “The Guild is in the eastern district then. Don’t make any trouble in the town.” He glances at the rest of us and we flash him our cards too. “Good. You can go. Next!”

    We enter through the gate and lay our eyes on the first buildings of the first major city after we left Evalitia’s capital. Most of them are constructed with grey stones in various patterns or geometrical stone blocks with wooden finishings. Different shades of grey can be spotted around. It looks like there’s a certain style pretty much everything around here pertains.

    “Woah. It’s completely different from that place. There’s almost no resemblance when it comes to the colour palette. Here it’s all stone and back there it was often smooth marble or other white minerals,” Marcia-san expresses her surprise while gazing at the shops and houses we pass.

    “It’s natural,” Natalie-san chimes in. “While all the Human kingdoms are united under one banner and are like vassals to King Rossberg, having to obey the major laws and rules, they once were, and to some extent still are, independent domains, so a difference in style and architecture has to be expected.”

    “Now I’m curious how the capitals of other kingdoms look like…” I voice out my thoughts.

    “Most likely with just some minor differences. I’d rather like to see the cities of other races like Elves or Demons! They must have their own, unique style!” Marcia-san says joyfully.

    While admiring the different scenery, we move to a nice looking inn to have dinner. I go through the menu to pick something. It actually even has hand-drawn pictures of the dishes. Amazing. I guess that’s for illiterate people?

    I notice something looking like a tortilla with chicken pieces and instantly get reminded of those back at home. Sensei loved grabbing one from his favourite spot near the school during breaks. I instantly decide to order that and we share our requests with the waitress. Our meals arrive shortly since the place isn’t that crowded.

    “So, what now? The blondie pretty much gave us free reins right? He is going to contact us if some shit goes down again somewhere or if he has something to investigate,” Kamil-san says while munching on a chicken wing.

    “Well, the most obvious thing would be to check out the quests in the local Adventurer’s Guild branch,” Paul-san suggests.

    “Or we could ask about some dungeons in the area and have some fun there! I bet there’s at least one in the vicinity,” Marcia-san shares her thoughts. “Or, we could go monster hunting. Chasing some wild beasts must be exhilarating!”

    Everyone looks at me as I take a bite of my tortilla. “Ummm… I’m fine with anything. But I think we should check out the Guild first.”

    They discuss it amongst themselves as Natalie-san also doesn’t have any preference and I just focus on enjoying my meal. It’s much better than I expected. It can’t compare to our Earthly standards, but still, it’s tasty. Sensei would definitely like it.

    During our conversation, a guard in full plate armour walks in and glances all around the inn. I’m sitting while facing the entrance so I can see him clearly. His gaze stops at our table as if recognizing us. Then, he goes out and comes back with two other men who stand on the sides of the door and hit the floor with their pikes decorated with emerald tassels.

    Everyone falls silent and looks their way. The guard who entered first walks straight to our table, not paying attention to anyone other. He stops in front of us, glances at each one and makes a deep bow.

    “Greetings brave adventurers! King Melrond wishes for an audience with the Heroes of Evalitia. Would you please accept this invitation?” he speaks loud enough for most likely even people outside to hear.

    Other guests start whispering to each other about rumoured, summoned heroes and how important we must have to be for their King to invite us like this. While the man stays prostrated, we look at each other in confusion. That's a totally unexpected turn of events.

    “I mean… we can always hear what he has to say, right?” Marcia-san asks.

    Everyone shrugs or nods their head and we comply with the request. The fancy armoured guard guides us to an even fancier carriage standing just by the inn. It’s big enough for all of us to fit so we get in and depart. The insides are cushioned with emerald material. We are starting to notice a pattern here.

    We ride to a much smaller castle than the one in Evalitia’s capital, but it seems to cover more area around itself. After getting through the gates, we jump out of the carriage and are led to the throne room. And as we suspected, most decorations and tapestries are in the dark emerald shade.

    With a row of guards on both sides of an also green carpet, we arrive in front of the thrones. An aged man with a silvery beard and royal robes sits on the biggest, middle one while on his right, most likely the Queen, his wife is seated, also wearing a beautiful, emerald dress, having long, slowly greying hair.

    “Welcome in Ronerulle, adventurers. I fully understand that I was the one to call you here, but would you be so kind as to prove your Hero status?” he says in a low tone, full of confidence and power, but not overbearing.

    We glance at each other and reveal the Hero Sigils on our hands. He nods at us.

    “Thank you. I apologize for doubting you, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We did have a description of your appearances, but those might be changed easily with some proper magic and abilities.”

    No one says anything. Paul-san is the leader but he isn’t that good with interpersonal relations on this kind of level. The last time we were in front of an unknown king it was sensei who took that responsibility on himself. If only he was here…

    Haaaaaah… I guess I have no choice...

    I step forward and make a courteous skip while grabbing my skirt with my hands and nodding my head.

    “With all due respect, King Melrond, but we weren’t informed about your wish of meeting us by King Rossberg. We would like to ask for the purpose of this audience as we are merely passing by and decided to stop in your domain for some time.”

    He waves his hand. “Oh, don’t worry, he wouldn’t know as it isn’t anything official between our kingdoms. I just heard that Evalitia’s Heroes are heading our way and might actually appear in the city. I’m sorry if the gatekeepers didn’t show you enough courtesy or respect, they can be quite strict, but I was instantly notified about your arrival by a captain stationed at that post.”

    “There’s no need to apologize, we weren’t subjected to any rude behaviour,” I inform the King.

    “Good. As for the reason for this summon, it’s a personal request. Naturally, you aren’t obliged to accept it, but I hope you could at least hear me out.”

    He waits a moment for our response and then continues after not seeing any objections.

    “You see, not that long ago, I lost my son.” He sighs dejectedly. “He appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that is of no importance to you. We’ve recently retrieved his body from Evalitia’s capital where he was killed in a fight and are preparing for a royal burial.”

    “Wait! Was there a battle after we left?!” I shout in surprise. The King raises an eyebrow at me. I quickly calm myself down. “I apologize for my rudeness but that information is really shocking to us.”

    He ponders for a moment. “Hmmmm… Since you are heroes then Rossberg would most likely not hide this from you, so it should be okay if I tell you that the knights launched a large assault on an underground slavery ring. The battle didn’t reach the streets, fortunately.”

    I sigh in relief. For a moment there, I was worried that sensei might have been in danger, but there was no chance he would have been involved with them in any way. He left to be a merchant when we departed so he has nothing to do with King Rossberg’s knights and he is too kind for slave trafficking. If the streets were kept safe, he couldn’t stumble on a fight by accident. I nod at the King to continue.

    “Moving on, besides my deceased son, I still have a daughter by the name Vanessa. She is an adventurer like you and she’s currently not present in the city. My request would be to escort her back to us for the ceremony. She isn’t weak, but you should understand the worry of a grieving father for his now only child. I will naturally reward your efforts accordingly. We can make an official request at the Guild too,” he finishes his story and awaits our answer.

    I glance over my shoulder at everyone and they nod lightly. I don’t have any objections either. It feels like the right thing to do and we were looking for something to do anyway. Turning back to the royal couple, I try to smile kindly.

    “We will gladly accept this request and promise to bring your daughter back safe and sound, Your Majesty. Do you know where she is?”

    The King nods gladly. “Thank you. I appreciate your help. Vanessa should currently be in the town of Clonehill, around three or four days south-east from here, most likely partaking in some quests as she was looking to get stronger while helping people out. We didn’t send her a message, because she would definitely rush here instantly.”

    He smiles faintly while talking about his daughter. “She most likely tries to keep a low profile to avoid preferential treatment, but I will notify the Guild branch there about your cooperation with me, they definitely are aware of her real identity. Just in case they still wouldn’t answer your questions."

    After shortly discussing the looks of Princess Vanessa and other details about her, the King stands up and extends his arms to the sides.

    “Well then, if you wish, we can accommodate you in the castle for the night. There’s no need for you to head out immediately, you’ve just arrived here so you should be allowed to enjoy the city for the rest of the day. The servants will be informed about you, but it’s not necessary to come back here if you’d prefer to rest in a different environment.”

    We move out, and as instructed, spend some time walking around the city and sightseeing its most beautiful areas, also taking a peek into various shops and artisans to check on interesting items. We decide to rest in a cosy looking inn and as usual, I take a room with Natalie-san. We often share one since it's fun. After a good night of rest, we visit the Guild to pick up the request from the King, verify the location of the other town and head out towards our goal.

    The trip goes by without much stuff happening. The road is quite calm and empty, we pass a few merchants going towards Carivia, but nothing of greater importance. I do another check on my current status.


    So far, I and Natalie-san are the only ones to reach Tier 2 after those three weeks. She gained some useful spells and abilities, whereas I learned more moves for my Moon-Slashing Arts, a skill to hide in any shadow for some time and a few weird sounding abilities and spells from the demonic school.

    As the King said, we reach the town in around three days of casual riding. The walls surrounding it are much smaller and you can tell that it’s not the main city in the nation. There’s only one guard by the small gate and he doesn’t interrupt the visitors, just watches over the flow. The town is kept in a similar, stone and wood style as the capital but with less splendour.

    Leaving our horses in the stables, we move straight for the Adventurer’s Guild branch in Clonehill. The name finally becomes clear to us too. There are countless clone trees planted all around the town and as far as we noticed, there were plenty of them outside too. The guild building is smaller than those in Evalitia’s capital or Carivia, but it’s as busy as them.

    We walk up to a free receptionist, a girl with beautiful light-green hair and oval glasses.

    “Welcome to Clonehill’s Adventurer’s Guild! How can I help you today?” She starts with an upbeat tone and a kind smile.

    “We are here on a request from the King to find someone. Here’s a copy of the task.” Paul-san hands her a piece of paper. “You guys should be informed about our purpose.”

    The girl reads the notice carefully and nods to herself. “I see. Yes, I understand. Let’s move to a more private space before we continue.”

    After guiding us to one of the small conference rooms for discussions and quest explanation, she brings some water in a jug and we all sit down around a table.

    “Well then, first, I have to ask you guys to prove your identity.” We show her our ID cards and also Hero Sigils. “Great! You must be the party mentioned in the message we got from Carivia then. I can already tell you that Lady Vanessa should still be in the town. It would be easier if you ask questions, so please, feel free to do so.”

    “The King mentioned that she might be working incognito, does she use a nickname or a fake identity? It would be wise not to expose her in front of random people,” I decide to ask first.

    The receptionist nods. “Yes, as an adventurer, Lady Vanessa uses an alias of Tooru the Geodancer.”

    “Geodancer?” Kamil-san raises one of his brows.

    “It’s after her fighting style. You will understand instantly the moment you see her.” She smiles and winks at us.

    We glance at each other and Paul-san takes his turn. “Do you know where we can find her?”

    “Hmmm… If I remember correctly, she joined a party of adventurers who took the request to subjugate a herd of Dracotaurs. A big one was recently spotted to the west from here and they can be quite destructive wherever they appear. The group was supposed to leave this morning,” she explains.

    “Dracotaur? The hell is that? Cow-dragon?” Kamil-san asks in confusion.

    I can feel a smile forming on my lips. About half a year ago, I stumbled on sensei researching monsters and beasts in the royal gardens. I was really curious about it, and he told me many things about some of them, including Dracotaurs. It was a great day. He even patted my head.

    “They are like horse-sized komodo dragons but their body is covered in sharp plates and spikes created out of earth minerals and stone. They possess an innate ability to infuse those into their skin. The taur part comes from long, pointy horns sprouting from their head, making them look like an armoured bull. They often use charge attacks too. As for their weakness, it’s their joints, under the jaw and tail,” I fill him in on the topic of Dracotaurs from my memory.

    The receptionist applauds my presentation. “Amazing! I’m not sure about those komodo dragons you mentioned, but all other details were spot-on! You must be really experienced adventurers to know this much!”

    I feel a little blush creeping onto my cheeks from the unexpected praise so I look down. To be honest, we haven’t done much adventuring yet and we should be considered newbies by their standards, it’s just we have pretty strong Classes and had lots of training. And well… the knowledge came from sensei… I should have spent more time with him, learning more about the world…

    After learning some details about the adventurers accompanying the Princess and also about their quest, we agree with each other that we should go after them immediately. It’s not that far so we leave on foot and follow the path to where the herd was last reported.

    Two hours later, sounds of battle reach our ears and we head towards the source. Soon, we reach a big clearing, or rather a sizable chunk of the forest with trees cut down and shredded from all the spells and abilities. Many corpses of Dracotaurs can be spotted all around the area, and a four-man party is currently engaged with the few ones that are left.

    We walk closer to get a better view on them but not too close as not to interfere in their hunt. It doesn’t look like they are struggling. The party consists of two frontliners, one zweihander and one great maul, and two mages in the… backline?

    That certainly should be the case here with their light attire and staves in their hands, but a young woman with long, light-brown hair and in a beautiful emerald-white cloth armour which has many long parts fluttering in the air, with stylish, leather gauntlets and greaves, splits up from the three people, leaving one Dracotaur to them and runs towards a different one.

    She starts making various pirouettes while spinning her staff along the way, creates an arched cut in the ground with its tip and jumps into the air with a backflip. Next second, she lands gracefully on a chunk of earth, which arose from the ground after she lost contact with it. The woman is now riding a huge boulder on top of a wave of earth, like your typical surfer. Even her lowered stance looks completely professional.

    A moment later, she crashes that boulder into a Dracotaur’s side, sending it tumbling a few meters back. She makes a few spins in the air and lands on the grass elegantly.

    Not wasting any time, she rotates her staff three times, taps the ground to her right with its tip while making a pose, spins it again and repeats the action while touching the dirt on the right. Back to the middle, she positions her pole vertically in front of her eyes and slams it into the ground.

    Two giant arms surge from the terrain. She thrusts her rod forwards and makes a slamming motion with another pirouette. The earth hands follow it and fall onto the fumbling Dracotaur, squashing its belly and head.

    Meanwhile, her party manages to deal with their opponent, but one of the attackers gets hit by a charge from the last remaining monster and is sent flying towards us. He scrapes over the ground and stops about twenty meters ahead of our group. The Dracotaur shakes off the other warrior and opens up its jaws, beginning to create an earth javelin, clearly aimed at the rising person in front of our eyes.

    “Kamil-san!” I yell quickly.

    He breaks into a run while grabbing his shield and jumps into a slide just in time to parry the incoming projectile, making it ricochet somewhere into the woods. During that time though, the monster started another charge and is soon to reach the two of them. I grab the hilt of my katana and begin judging the leftover distance.

    The Dracotaur doesn’t get a chance to land that attack as the woman comes in while moving on a gurgling patch of earth and slides herself between them and the rushing beast. She hastily makes a pirouette and does a wide swing like a golfer. Tens of sharp spikes rise from the ground in a half-circle and create a wall which blocks the charge of the monster with a loud thump. A screech reaches our ears as her teammates finish off the dazed creature.

    She turns around and glances over Kamil-san sitting on the ground. Panting heavily, she takes a few steps towards him, leans forwards, supporting herself with one hand on her hip, and speaks as she moves a mischievous lock of hair from the side of her beautiful face to behind her ear.

    “Are you okay?” A soft and kind voice, full of consideration, leaves her lips. She helps him up with a smile after Kamil-san nods a few seconds later.

    Someone starts repeatedly nudging me into the side with their elbow.

    “Hey, hey, hey.”

    I look at Marcia-san who is standing by me. A playful smirk begins forming on her lips while she tries to cover it with her hand. I follow where she is pointing at and raise my brows in surprise at the unexpected sight. I quickly elbow Natalie-san who is standing on my other side and nod my head in the same direction. Even her usually calm eyes widen in shock.

    Now that they are standing with their sides turned to us, we can clearly see Kamil-san’s utterly smitten expression as he talks about something with the girl who definitely is Vanessa-san. She shows a cute smile and keeps laughing sweetly at him.

    “During all three years we spent together in that school, I’ve never seen him make a face like that.” Marcia-san starts giggling.

    Certainly, that gaping mouth and awkward smile are a first. We look at each other with Natalie-san and she shrugs. Then, we walk closer to the other party which gathered around Vanessa-san and Kamil-san.

    “Oh, hello! Thanks for not interrupting our hunt! And for saving Beryl, but I guess I’ve already thanked his saviour already,” she waves at us with a nice smile and makes a slight bow towards Kamil-san.

    “Good day, Tooru-san. There’s no need to thank us, it was an obvious thing to do,” I say.

    “No need to be so polite. Many other groups would have jumped straight in. Were you after Dracotaurs too?” she asks.

    “Not really, we were actually looking for you, that’s why we weren’t interested in those monsters,” I continue.

    “Oh, me? Why?” She looks at us curiously.

    Before I can answer, Kamil-san interjects while showing a wide smile and scratching the back of his head. “We are… errrr… those… ummm… heroes, yeah, heroes! Hahaha. We were hired to… errr… ah! Deliver a message from your father, Ki—uogh!”

    Natalie-san slams him into the stomach before that idiot reveals more than necessary.

    “What he said, basically. It would be better to discuss details in private if I were to suggest,” she quickly follows up with a save.

    Vanessa-san expression changes and she nods, clearly understanding what we meant. “I see. You certainly are right. Let’s wrap those carcasses up and have a pleasant chat in—”





    The sound of trees creaking and breaking under the pressure of something heavy arrives at our spot from the west. Everyone turns towards the source and gazes intently into the woods, noticing how flocks of birds fly into the air in the distance. We begin hearing heavy thumps and soon, the last trees blocking our vision fall, revealing the weighty entity.

    “That’s a—”

    “—Dracodon…” I murmur under my breath after Vanessa-san gasps in surprise.

    From behind the tall trees, a house-sized beast has just emerged. It looks similar to Dracotaurs, but is much wider and covered with considerably tougher stone plates all around its body. It doesn’t possess the two horns since it wouldn’t even be able to use them with its humongous weight. It’s so heavy that it scrapes over the ground with its belly as it moves. That’s a monster of a higher tier than just a few Dracotaurs.

    It stops and glances all over the battlefield, releasing a loud and low roar into the sky.

    Oh no… If I remember correctly from that day with sensei, Dracodons sometimes take a herd of Dracotaurs under its protection while those find food for it. And we are standing in front of a Dracotaur genocide...

    The big beast locks its gaze onto our group and starts raising its head upwards while opening its jaws. Chills run down my spine as I realize what is going to happen in a few seconds. Vanessa-san and I could possibly avoid the attack, but no one else will be able to outrun it.

    “Kamil-san! Bring out everything, now! Natalie-san! Buff him! Everyone, line up behind the shield!” I cry out in a hurry and start pushing them to the back.

    Natalie-san instantly drops down onto her butt and starts playing her March of the Braves, followed by Hymn of the Royal Knights. Paul-san stands with me and Marcia-san behind Kamil-san and I show them to place our hands on his back.

    “I don’t know what’s coming, but everything means everything!” He shoves his shield into the ground and fills it with mana to increase its durability. “Overdrive! Impenetrable Fortress! Great Wall!”

    He shouts the names of all his best defensive abilities and his shield starts glowing with golden light like in the cave from the past. The ethereal layer of protection extends over the edges of his shield with his Great Wall skill and creates a see-through, short tunnel around him and partially us.

    As soon as Natalie-san finishes throwing a few more magical spells which boost his defence, the Dracodon finishes charging its attack and drops its head down, releasing a ferocious pillar of swirling air like a barn-sized tornado full of various sizes of boulders and stone lances, straight at our position, obliterating the terrain in its path.

    The ability hits us with enormous force, and even with the three of us supporting Kamil-san’s back, we are slowly getting pushed back while surrounded by a brutal torrent of air from all sides. Everyone starts getting smaller or medium cuts as the tunnel can’t completely cover us. We are literally in the eye of a stone cyclone which can be aimed in every direction by the monster with ease.


    Kamil-san does his best to stand his ground against the almost unstoppable force. Some cracks start forming on the surface of the shielding layer. Fortunately, before all the energy gets drained from our cover, the assault stops and we lay our eyes on a completely barren path in front and behind us. There are no trees in like a hundred or more meters in a straight line. Just dug out earth.

    “By the Goddess… the destructiveness…” One of Vanessa-san’s party members gets astonished with the extent of the damage.

    “Everyone, let’s close the distance to make sure that it can’t use this move again! Shino, you seem to know a thing about this monster, figure out how to deal with it while we buy you time! I'll try to pinpoint some with my Eye of the Dragon! There’s no chance for all of us to safely escape!” Paul-san instantly starts shouting out orders to not let ourselves get cornered again.

    We run to the huge beast and start attacking it from all sides while avoiding its claws, bites and strong tail, which ends in a spiked mace made out of earth. Its armour is so tough that even Kamil-san’s best skills have trouble going through and Paul-san’s Arcane Arrow - Piercing Wind barely penetrates the plates with its swirling tip. Even with his Behemoth Slayer title, he has a lot of issues still being at Tier 1. They all do inflict some damage in the weaker parts of the Dracodon's body, but it will take too long if we keep going like this. Vanessa-san does her best to use her geomancing ability to weaken the stone, but the Dracodon has much higher mastery over it than her. It’s not looking good. We can’t find any considerable weak spots.

    Think, Shino, think! What did sensei say about Dracodons then? They are incredibly tough and heavy and much more armoured than their lesser brothers, but they must have some kind of weakness…

    While I’m mulling over all my memories with sensei, I fail to dodge a piece of flying rock controlled by the monster and it hits me in the stomach, sending me tumbling to the back.


    I raise myself with the help of my katana and hold my stomach with the other hand. Then, while looking at the slightly torn clothes, sensei’s voice plays by my ear as if I’m still sitting by his side on the bench in the royal gardens.

    ‘Dracodons? Hahaha, they are just fat Dracotaurs with some more armour. Do you know that if they trip onto their back they can spend hours or days trying to turn over if there’s no help? That leaves their completely exposed bellies wide open, hahaha!’

    A smile appears on my lips.

    That’s it! Thank you sensei!

    I quickly glance around and locate Vanessa-san. Using my Shadow Step, I jump out of her shadow just in front of her.


    I ignore her startled expression. “Can you flip it over with your magic?”

    “If that’s what is necessary, then there’s no can, only do.” She smiles at me and rushes forward. I summon my status window. I too need to use whatever I can.

    While I’m checking some skills and abilities I haven’t yet used, Vanessa-san starts spinning and dancing with her staff on the side of the monster while Kamil-san and Marcia-san do their best to cover her. Ten seconds later, she shoves it into the ground like a shovel and thrusts it up into the air. Five giant arms of stone emerge from the dirt and start pushing the side of the Dracodon. She makes a few more spins with her staff, creating some marks in the ground and we see as the beast starts tilting to the side due to huge stone pillars rising from under it.

    “Kamil-san, boost me up!”

    Seeing it almost fall over, I run towards him. Just as the monster rolls onto its back, I get launched into the air off Kamil-san’s shield. The Dracodon’s belly truly looks much more vulnerable than all other parts.

    As Vanessa-san said, there’s no can, only do.

    I activate Demonification for the first time ever. My whole body gets enveloped by scorching hot mana from inside for a few moments and I feel a slight pain in two spots on my forehead. My consciousness is guided towards two paths, one in the light and the other in the shadow. Something tells me the light one is more suitable for the situation and I step onto it.

    A few seconds later, as I’m falling down, I start realizing the proper use of some of my skills and also learn about a few new ones. I start creating footholds in the air to slow my descent. The platforms take the form of shiny, white stars. I stop in the air around ten meters above the beast’s belly.

    I feel like something again gives me hints on what to do and I push myself off the platform while casting Curse Magic - Withering Blade on my katana, which gets enveloped in a silver aura. The sword plunges with ease into the hard skin of the monster’s stomach near its rear end and the spot starts rotting instantly.

    Next, I send a huge chunk of mana into my weapon and cast a skill called Moon-Slashing Arts - Pillar to the Moon, and I somehow know that the blade of it got extended further into the Dracodon’s body. Its pained roar confirms that feeling.

    Lowering my posture, I grab onto the hilt with both of my hands and invoke another new skill, Demonic Fusion Arts, which appeared in my mind after I used Demonification. I merge Moon-Slashing Arts - Crescent Cleave with a rush skill, Moon-Slashing Arts - Journey Through the Starry Sky, and launch myself with an incredible speed along the beast’s belly, cutting it open as I go.

    Reaching around the middle part, I swing my katana upwards to the sky and the extended, pure white blade emerges from its body, something around six meters long, splitting the whole monster into two for the remaining distance while making a crescent trail after itself. I make footholds again to avoid falling into the bloody intestines of the monster whose split body starts falling to the sides.

    When I descend to the ground, everyone runs up to me with various expressions, ranging from amazement, curiosity, through confusion, ending even at some visible displeasure. The last one comes from two guys from Vanessa-san’s team.

    “Woah! You look so damn cool now, Shino! You are even more of a princess now than before!” Marcia starts happily jumping all around me.

    “Eh? What do you mean?” I ask, slightly befuddled.

    “Look at your hair, girl! It’s shining white!”

    I grab my ponytail and bring it to the front. My eyes widen instantly. It truly did turn white. Is that due to the Demonification skill? Natalie-san brings out a small mirror from her storage ring and positions it in front of me. I let out an involuntary gasp when I see myself.

    Hair is not the only change. My skin turned into a light shade of greyish-silver, my purplish eyes started glowing and my pupils turned into vertical ones. Additionally, there are now two Onii-like horns growing out from my forehead. The mysterious pain has now been explained. Same with the almost hateful looks of the two guys. I must look like some kind of a Demon to them.

    I glance at Vanessa-san to check her reaction and she doesn’t look repelled, more like visibly curious, which is good. I turn the ability off as I finally start feeling how much mana it burns per second. I’m almost empty now. The changes slowly reverse and I’m back to normal.

    After answering a barrage of questions from all my friends while we collect materials from the Dracodon and Dracotaurs, we move back to the town together. Or rather, we go with Vanessa-san and the other party splits up. Looks like they don’t want to have anything else to do with us now that they saw me look like a non-human. The magician seemed fine, but obviously, he would stick to his old party.

    We explain the story to her and depart immediately as she can’t wait for any second longer after hearing about the death of her brother, just as the King has suspected. It’s fine. We will rest on the road soon anyway since it’s almost evening now. We keep discussing the new skills that appeared in my status after I used Demonification. They are still there, but I just know that I can’t use them without it.

    While everyone is fascinated by their versatility, only one thought floats all around my mind for the whole trip back to Carivia.

    I wonder what would sensei say after seeing me like that...
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    Chapter 45 – The First Night
    Back in the capital...

    After we finish our little chat with Cornelia, I quickly head to my room to write a letter to Ross and inform him about the name we’ve chosen for the establishment. I still have no idea how we all have missed it completely. Like, no one ever asked about it, not a single person. A name is a key part of running a business, forgetting it seems kinda impossible, and yet, I somehow did it. I guess I was too focused on all the girls around.

    I compose a short explanatory note and deliver it to the usual guest at the place on the other side of the road. I’m sure Ross’s contacts managed to do fine without having the name, but it should still be possible to alter a few things to have the rumours mention it. Well, it’s not like a lot can be done anyway. If people start hearing too amazing rumours about a place that hasn't even been opened yet, it will work in a completely opposite way from what we are trying to achieve. But, I believe they know what they are doing.

    Meanwhile, we have to focus on our side of things. I might not be expecting crowds on the opening night, but it still is an opening night. It has to look good. We should host a small party. If no one shows up, it will still be a nice event for the girls. First, I should secure food. No better place to do that than at our little chef’s.

    Naturally, Sirgia is exactly where you’d expect her to be at this time. After walking into her workshop, I knock loudly on the open door and wait for her to reach the point where she can take a little break. She soon lays off her drawing utensils, jumps down from the stool by her desk in the corner and trots up to me.

    “How can I help you, Master?” She looks up with her hands cutely entwined behind her back.

    I plop my hand onto her head and ruffle through her hair with a smile. “We’ll be having a small, celebratory party in three days during the opening night. I figured out that it’s best to ask our hardworking chef about some proper food for the occasion. Would you be up for the task to prepare it?”

    She smiles faintly, enjoying my pats. “Of course, Master, whatever you need.”

    Grabbing her under the armpits, I sit Sirgia on a nearby counter so that we can be at a similar height. I place a soft peck on her cheek. “Thank you. Any suggestions?”

    “Hmmm… It should be more like a desert ball rather than a dinner, right? Then, I could prepare cakes and light snacks and such. I love making cakes. It’s so much like crafting artifacts. You first design the structure, prepare all materials, then slowly process them into required parts and—ah… I’m sorry…”

    Sirgia gets filled with enthusiasm the moment she mentions cakes, starting to recount the whole process of making them, which in fact is quite close to her other beloved field of expertise. She notices her behaviour after her eyes land on my smiling face and averts her gaze while blushing slightly.

    I chuckle a bit, pull her small chin back to me and give her a sweet kiss on the lips. “Don’t be. I’m happy to see you happy about the two things you love the most. It looks like I can leave this to you without worry. Please, make a list of ingredients you will need and we’ll fetch them tomorrow.”

    “Uhn.” Siriga nods shyly. “Ummm… actually… there are three things now…”

    Before I can ask about the third one, she leans forward to join our lips again. Sirgia is the one to take the initiative this time and she affectionately showers my mouth with gentle pecks. Most likely wanting to solidify her point even more without needing words, she meekly extends her tongue inside and it invites mine for a gentle dance. We exchange a few sloppy kisses before she backs away with crimson cheeks.

    I chase after her lips to leave one more peck on them as the ending act. “If you keep spoiling me so much with how adorable you are, I will have a hard time not wanting more and more of you, you know?”

    “Everything that I am and have already belongs to you, Master.” She giggles a little bit.

    “Geez, I hope magic can cure diabetes in this world. Okay, I’ll be off then. Have fun with your work.”

    Sirgia pulls herself closer to envelop me in a warm hug and jumps down off the counter after leaving one more kiss on my cheek.

    Now that I think of it, doesn’t it actually help her more than just improving her mood a little bit? Craftsmanship’s skills should also partially depend on the person’s stats like the combat ones, and by getting lovey-dovey with me, she raises them by something like 25% if I recall correctly. I think that was the amount for a deeper kiss. Oh well, more the reason for me to shower my girls with affection.

    Okay, I will need to restock the bar too. We can’t have an event without some nice alcohol. I’ll get to that tomorrow after Sirgia passes me her ingredient list. I haven’t been to Barren's place for some time, so it would be a good idea to visit him on the way too. We’ve only seen each other during deliveries.

    I can sense Elea and a few other girls in the garden so I head there next. Teffith walks out from behind a corner while I’m on my way, wearing some casual clothes we’ve bought for her previously. She usually uses a t-shirt and long pants. It’s nice. It allows me to take a peek at her marvellous scales covering her arms.

    She stops and clearly doesn’t know what to do with herself or what to say.

    “You don’t need to greet me every time we stumble on each other like I’m some Lord or something.”


    “Weird, isn’t it? Well, I definitely am weird in the eyes of many. Anyway, since we are already here, are you fine with a spear for the time? I’ll have Sirgia cooperate with you to make a naginata sometime later,” I ask.

    She nods her head. “Yes, of course. It will be more than enough.”

    “Good. Do you maybe need anything?”

    “No, thank you. I’ve been provided with a lot and honestly, I didn’t expect this much. I can’t even come up with what I could ask for if I had to.”

    Moving past her, I pat Teffith’s shoulder. “Glad to hear that. Tell me if anything comes to your mind. Or others. We are a family here.”

    “Quite a peculiar one.” She leaves with that comment.

    As my senses told me, I find Elea, Filue and Leyne having some fun with the garden. The first one uses her Nature affinity to quicken the growth of flowers and bushes while the other two plant and stylize or trim them. The old, neglected garden is pretty much no more. Lively bushes and flowerbeds now surround the paths, and the bowers are decorated with beautiful vines.

    Elea notices me first and quickly lets the other two know. They come almost running to me and make a slight bow.

    “Master, welcome.” They all speak in unison.

    “That’s some great work you’ve put into this. It’s amazing,” I praise them a little.

    “It’s really nothing. Since I was gifted with the Nature affinity, I always tended to flowers during my free time and those two often helped me,” Elea explains.

    “I see. Thanks for your hard work. I’m really happy to have you.”

    The girls smile beautifully at me and bow again. We move to one of the bowers to sit down and touch onto the main topic. Elea takes place on the opposite of me while Filue and Leyne take spots on both of my sides. I can see their deep cleavages from my position since they are wearing tank-tops, barely containing their voluptuous bosoms. They seem to notice my gaze but it doesn’t faze them at all. I’m slowly getting used to how they don’t pay that much attention to being considerate of showing their bodies.

    Ekhm… Well then, Elea, how are things going with our maid swimsuits project?” I refocus myself and ask the headmaid.

    “We have received three sets of clothes that were ordered. I’m pretty sure another one won’t arrive before the opening night so that will be all for the time. The tailor says it’s really troublesome to work on so detailed attire while using the hydrophobic material,” she answers calmly.

    I rub my chin. “It’s something at least. Better than having you go naked or in clothes that could get easily see-through. Did you ask others? Anyone willing to work in our bathing service?”

    As our establishment doesn’t only focus on the good, old aspect of sexual services, we are naturally going to make use of other facilities we have at hand. And that’s why the water-resistant maid swimsuits. We plan to offer a pleasant bath time after, before, or even without needing to partake in lewd activities, where a person can pay to be accompanied by a beautiful girl to wash their body and hair. No snu-snu included. Just a pleasant relaxing time with an alluring girl by your side.

    It’s another field where girls that won’t want to do sexual stuff can work at. Of course, if they don’t mind showing a little bit of skin here and there. The outfits are naturally quite sexy and seductive. But, they won’t have to do anything more as getting with it in the baths is forbidden. At least for the customers, heh.

    The chambers are quite spacious so why not have them function as a bathhouse too. No one said that we have to only do sex here and I definitely didn’t plan on limiting myself to it, not with such an impressive mansion with so many facilities.

    Instead of Elea, Leyne answers this time. “I could work in the baths. Filue and Neira agreed too. I don’t think Cinra and Roseni would have anything against it anyway, but we haven’t asked them yet.”

    “That’s right,” Filue confirms and they both smile at me from the sides.

    “Thanks. You girls are really the best. I feel like I don’t deserve any of you, hell any of the girls that follow me.” I laugh a little.

    “Did you forget who it was that saved us, Master?” Elea leans over the table in the center and scoops my hands into hers while looking me straight into the eyes. “We wouldn’t be here if not for our Saviour, so it’s natural that we will do what we can to repay you. Of course, you can rest easy, Master, nothing so far has been against our wishes and likes.”

    The girls on my sides entangle their arms with mine and squeeze their impressive mountains against them, burying my arms in between the dark peaks of fluffy heaven while a range of chocolate hills peeks at me from the front due to Elea’s leaning position.

    “The Princess is right, we wouldn’t do anything we hate,” Filue informs me.

    “And so far, there hasn't been anything like that. Besides, Master always repeats that we are friends and friends help each other,” Leyne follows.

    Noticing a slightly visible change in a certain part of my attire, the girls on the sides giggle mischievously and release me from their clutches. I mean, I can’t control that. Not with such beauties at every angle.

    I smile at each of them after Elea also returns to her seat. “Got it. That’s great to hear. If there’s anything you want to have or do, just come to me when I’m free and we’ll see it done. Anything for my charming friends.” Just in case it was about what I think it was, I leave a small encouragement for them too.

    After some more chatting, I let them return to their activities and go back to the mansion. Since I’m already having a talk with everyone, I should spend some time with my lovely slimes. If I’m not mistaken, they are in the underground and seem to be training or something.

    And that’s certainly true as after arriving there I see them having a go at each other. They hopped out of their uniforms to not damage them and they are currently having a bout while completely naked. But, that’s normal for them as their whole bodies are their weapons.

    I observe as they shift and reshape all the time, once striking with countless tendrils and at the other time trying to swallow each other in their own slime. In their humanoid forms, they shape their limbs into various weapons. It looks like they can achieve a decent level of sharpness with that.

    They obviously sense my presence and stop immediately. As they run towards me, their whole jelly bodies bounce and wiggle with each step. It doesn’t have to be mentioned what a sight it is with them not having a single piece of clothing on. Safi’s sizable breasts sway in the air with considerate force while Emi’s a little smaller boobs wiggle up and down with a higher tempo.

    The overjoyed green girl jumps at me as usual and pins me by the waist, slamming my back against the wall. She seems conscious of her actions as she shields my head from the impact with her jelly hands and instantly dives in for a deep kiss while latched onto me. After she doesn't stop her assault for a good minute, I forcefully tear her off my face to make space for Safi to receive some kisses and she leans in to get them.

    [Master, Master! Is it time for more lessons?] Emi asks and nuzzles her face into my neck while Safi stands in the back with her iconic smile.

    “Hahaha, no, not right now. I just came to see what you are doing here.” I give her some mana-pats and hugs.

    [As Master saw, we are exercising control over our slime,] Safi explains their actions.

    Emi doesn’t let go of me and just hangs there like a koala attached to a tree. Oh well, I’ll just let her be.

    “Interesting. Getting any better?”

    [I think we are almost at the breaking point to move onto the next stage and some exercise should allow us to reach it.]

    “That's really good news! Not that much time has passed since you two advanced a stage.”

    Safi grazes her belly with her hand and her core floats in circles near its surface. [I think it’s thanks to all the essence Master keeps giving us. It’s full of nutrients and mana.]

    I chuckle. “Well, we certainly did it a lot. Happy to know that it helps you that way this quickly.”

    Emi moves a bit to let me see her lips. [Yes! Master’s seed is really tasty and good for us! Please, keep giving more to Emi!]

    “I will. Don’t worry. Are you going to be able to choose an upgrade or something, like the last time?” I turn to Safi.

    She nods. [That should be so, Master. We already planned on trying to replicate proper vocal cords so that we can finally speak with you and the others.]

    I reach out to brush the top of her head with some mana-pats too. “If there’s anything much more beneficial for you, don’t hesitate to pick it over that. We can communicate well enough and now you can also use our whispers skill.”

    After Emi finally slides down off me, we sit near the wall and they snuggle to my arms. The chilly softness is really pleasant.

    “So, how are you two doing? We are going to have the first working night soon.”

    [Don’t worry, Master! You’ve taught us a lot! We will do our best!] Emi conveys with all her jiggliness.

    [Certainly, we have learned a lot of techniques from Master. We definitely won’t let you down,] Safi also responds.

    “Haha, I know, I know. I’m more worried about how you are feeling about everything as we are close to starting.” I try to bring them more onto the topic I have in mind.

    They look at each other for a moment and then up at me with smiling faces. [We just have to make other Humans feel good the way they asked, right? It’s completely different from doing it with Master. They won’t be touching our cores. We are just going to use our slime as Master has taught us. I don’t see anything for Master to worry about here. Master doesn’t even force us to consume their fluids,] Safi slowly introduces her points.

    [Safi is right! Master has nothing to worry about! Emi is really happy to be of use to Master! Emi can’t just keep getting spoiled all the time so Emi will work hard so that Master can praise Emi lots and lots!] The green girl supports her sister with all she has.

    I chuckle again and shake my head a little. “Okay, okay, looks like we are good. I will reward you as much as you want, Emi. That goes for you too, Safi. Don’t forget.”

    We enjoy some cuddles for a few more minutes and I escape before Emi starts assaulting me in a much more serious manner. Not that I wouldn’t like it, quite the opposite, but now it’s not the time for that and we have lots of fun during the evenings anyway. They get back to some more training with each other.

    Rest of the day passes uneventfully with everyone doing their own things and me still checking around and speaking to them. Sirgia joins me for a relaxing dip in the bath before going to sleep and we wash each other thoroughly. I really enjoy helping with her hair and she also likes when I do it. She doesn’t come with me to my room so I guess it’s not her turn today.

    I slip into my comfy bed and wait. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. Fifteen minutes pass. I start wondering if perhaps I missed something or maybe they decided to leave me alone for the night. That hasn’t happened since like forever. Well, it’s not like I mind in any way. I might have gotten a little used to having someone by my side, but this is nice too.

    While I’m still pondering over it, the door to Cornelia’s room barely opens, most likely enough for her to peek inside. The person in question soon increases the gap and sneaks inside as quietly as she can. My tsun magician dressed in her lovely negligee glances around and softly walks to the side of the bed without locking her gaze with mine. She hastily dives under the sheets and lies down with her back to me.

    I chuckle to myself. This explains a lot. It’s the first time we would sleep together like this after our quite passionate night. I should have figured this out much earlier. Well, anyway, I scoot myself closer to her and gently envelop Cornelia in a hug from behind, pulling her into a little spoon. She jerks a bit in surprise but doesn’t run away.

    Snuggling myself up to her, I brush my face against her hair and take a deep breath. My hands lovingly brush her belly without any illicit intent. My nostrils get filled with an extremely pleasant lavender fragrance.

    “I love this amazing scent of yours, my beautiful Ice Queen,” I whisper to her ear.

    A few moments pass and nothing happens. As I’m considering just drifting off with her in my arms like this, Cornelia actually turns around to face me and goes for a small kiss on the lips. We stare at each other. A slightly embarrassed but happy smile paints her face.

    “I love yours much more,” she whispers back and embraces me with her arms too.

    Cornelia rests her head on my collarbone and finds herself a comfortable position. I move one of my hands to the back of her head and stroke it gently.

    “I actually… was really looking forward to this…” she says.

    “And yet you pretended to just lie down and sleep?” I ask her teasingly. Even in the low light, I can see a visible blush creeping onto her cheeks. “Hahaha, I know you are doing your best, don’t worry. I’ll be more proactive where you can’t. Anyway, how are you recently?”

    Cornelia giggles and lifts her face to plant a quick peck on my chin from below. “Is it my turn for the daily interview now?”

    I laugh a little too. “I guess so. I might have asked this question to everyone.”

    “I’m great. I’m a little bit excited. Never expected to start something like this, ever. And I’m really happy to be doing it with you by my side.”

    “Hey, that should be my line.”

    She giggles again. “We both can use it. Anyway, I’m pretty much done with my preparations and stuff. I wonder how it will go. I haven’t heard about a place that offers sex, alcohol, bath and social interactions in their menu in the whole Human continent. And as you may know, I’m all in for new things.”

    “We have a chance to go big. Or completely miss the mark. In any case, the priorities stay the same. I’d like to not stay under the King’s care, but if that will be required to keep helping others then nothing much can be done. After we open, I’ll need to focus way more on finding people who could work in the main field.”

    She lovingly brushes my chest. “They will come in time. I know you will find a way to do that without being forceful. Also, I think the elves wouldn’t mind, at least some of them. Have you talked about it with them already?”

    “I planned to do so soon. I had a similar feeling with how carefree they are. Especially today. We shall see.”

    We try to get rid of our worries and have a pleasant time together. I doze off with Cornelia snuggled to my chest. In the morning I wake up with her still in my arms, but not embracing me hard enough to not allow me to leave without inconveniencing her. With a soft good morning kiss, I move out and let her sleep for a little bit longer.

    Roseni and Cinra are already in the kitchen and they prepare a quick breakfast for me. I thank them and enjoy the short meal before heading out. Sirgia anticipated this and left her list on the counter for me so that I don’t have to disturb her sleep. She needs lots of it.

    I get myself in the butler outfit and head out. First, I go to the Noble District to look for some good quality wine and stuff. It doesn’t take long. There are countless shops and stores catering to such needs. It was quite obvious after seeing how nobles usually party.

    After acquiring a fulfilling number of bottles of different beverages, I move onto the next target, which is Barren’s humble abode. He should be open already. Whatever he won’t have, I’ll get from the market.

    With a ring of a hanging bell above the door, I enter the shop. The muscular shopkeeper hastily raises himself from behind the counter, where he was taking care of something below. He instantly recognizes me and smiles widely while extending his arms to the sides.

    “Al! What a surprise! I thought you had forgotten about this place!” He jumps over the desk and walks up to me to envelop me in a bear hug. “What brings you here today?”

    Doing my best to not get crushed, I try to somehow answer the question. “Umph… opening night… party… cake… air!”

    Barren chuckles and finally releases me, who desperately catches their breath. He slams my shoulder. “Hahaha, you’ve lasted quite long. Getting stronger?”

    “Haaaah… yeah, you can say that… anyway, here’s a list of stuff I need.” I hand him the paper and we begin chatting while he collects the stuff he has in stock.

    He seems to be doing fine. Life is slow and kinda boring. Not much he has to do in his small shop. He enjoys the time with Sirgia during the deliveries as they often talk about food and stuff so that’s nice. He also noticed that my staff grew a little and I fill him in on the new arrivals. Barren asks to keep him up to date as he will also try to sneak a word or two to his customers from time to time. He doesn’t take no as an answer. What a great guy.

    Actually… Was it fine to openly advertise this kind of business? I need to check that again. If yes, then why not make some nice posters for the common noticeboards, of course not the one with tasks and requests. It’s a thing for later, but a decent idea I would say.

    He has a delivery to make soon so I don’t bother him for too long. While heading back, I take a stroll through the market to pick up the last required ingredients for Sirgia. Then, for the day, I help her with Roseni and Cinra with baking and preparing all the dishes.

    Finally, the big day arrives and we finish everything we can before. We’ll be opening in the evening and it’s just an hour or two before that. Cornelia got into her beautiful dress she showed to me recently and all the other girls are in their maid uniforms. Not all of them will be in sight all the time obviously. They all look amazing though.

    We make a short recount of everything and take the last glance around. The tables on the bottom floor are filled with lots of dishes and desserts and beverages. The stronger ones are available at the bar above which will be manned by someone when necessary. I know that everything for the baths and rooms is prepared too.

    Sirgia, Cinra and Roseni disappear into the kitchen where they will spend most of the time by choice. The slimes and rest of the elves want to stay in the main hall to entertain guests. My dark-skinned girls have been taking Common classes behind my back for this reason. Not all of them managed to get that much communicative, but Elea was and is quite decent with it while Filue and Leyne can have a simple chat now.

    We sit down on the sofas and enjoy the feast while we wait. Neira walks to the upper floor so that she can let us know if someone will be heading towards the entrance. Two hours pass and not that much happens. Quite as expected.

    Then, at the third hour, Neira leans over the railing and starts waving at us before running back to the stairs. We get up and take our positions. I stand on the right of the reception while Teffith takes the left side, dressed in her suit and with a spear in hand.

    Safi, Emi, Neira, Filue and Leyne make two rows on the sides of the carpet from the door to the main desk and await the guest. The door opens and a tall man walks inside.

    “Welcome to Utopia, honoured traveller!” All girls, the ones that can, speak in unison and make a courteous bow, staying in it for a moment.

    The man visibly laughs and starts heading towards the reception while glancing at the girls on the sides. I shake my head with a smile. I had a hunch he would be the first one to show up. The mysterious first guest approaching me and Cornelia is no one else than the muscular and tall Barren.

    He whistles in amusement and rests his hands on his hips after reaching us. “It’s my first time seeing this side of the mansion and man, it is awe-inspiring. Same can be said about all the beauties here. I’m starting to regret my choice of career a little.” He laughs wholeheartedly.

    I step closer and enter a manly handshake with him. “Welcome. Happy to hear that. The first part of course, hahaha. Not only are you our first supplier but also now the first customer. That’s if I didn’t assume wrongly.”

    He slaps my shoulder with his other hand a few times. “Ha! You bet your ass you didn’t! I was curious since the beginning so I obviously couldn’t miss the first day! I’ve also heard a few decent things about the place already.”

    “Oh? I’m curious what those were.” I show a grin.

    “Well, even though the business is just opening, people are talking about some group of pros in this field being invited by you to check the quality beforehand. They supposedly travel all around the nation and rate the establishments. And from what I’ve heard, they had quite the good impressions of the place even though it deals only in non-humans right now and Slime girls are the only option for some serious fun. Although, the other facilities, including baths and social, were rated top of the top. They only complained about the lack of choice so far, but this is something that can be easily solved with time as everything else is top-notch."

    I try my best to not explode into a laugh at how familiar his description of the rumours looks to a certain story I remember reading back in the day. Damn, are all of the King’s people men of culture even though they don’t even know stuff like that exists?

    Stifling my chuckles, I smile at him. “That’s certainly nice to hear. Yeah, we’ll have to deal with the employee shortage with time.”

    “Definitely! There were some other rumours but whatever! It will be better when another source of good words appears, right? So, what do we have here?” He shows a knowing grin.

    I step aside and make a courteous bow while pointing with my hands at Cornelia behind the main counter. He slams my back once more and turns to the charming Madame. She skillfully introduces him to some basic rules and how the whole establishment works, presenting him with the menu of services for each department. Barren naturally accepts the rules without any issues.

    After the short introduction, he turns to me. “Aight. I may not have much experience with places like this, but I can honestly say that all this looks damn cool. Guess I’ll jump into the bath first, then leave myself in the hands of one of your beauties and take a short dip after too so that I can spend some time here later without looking like a miner after a day of work, haha!”

    “Great, since this is your first visit, I’ll throw the second dip for free and the rest will be with a 30% discount.”

    He waves his finger at me threateningly. “Oh, no, no, no, my little friend. I saved some spare coin just for this occasion and I’m paying full. You don’t need to lure me in like others.”

    I shake my head and smile. “Fine. I won’t be able to change your mind.”

    I raise my hand and snap my fingers. All the girls willing to help with the bath line up on our left, and those up for some sexy time, all two of them, stand on our right.

    “Choose your beauty from these charming elves and your partner from my cute slimes.”

    Barren glances around, making an acted thinking expression for a moment. His gaze first stops at Safi and she smiles enchantingly at him.

    “Safi, was it? I’ll be in your care then.”

    She makes a little bow and he looks to the other side. Barren extends his hand towards the girl with long, black hair, which is Leyne, and she takes him under her arm. She nods at me and starts escorting our first guest towards the bath.

    Cornelia leans over the counter and looks at me. “He seems like a good guy. Wouldn’t it be nice if all people were like him?”

    “Yeah, but that’s just wishful thinking. We’ll see with time.”

    While they are gone, I have one more talk with Safi, but she assures me to not worry so much. After I get a Whisper from Leyne saying that they are done, I send my sapphire slime to one of the rooms on the upper floor and instruct the elf to lead Barren there.

    During the busy time, no one else comes in. Neira reports that she saw a few people circling around the open gate, but they didn’t decide for it in the end. Hopefully, with some more confirmed rumours and time, their curiosity will win over the most likely hesitancy over the demi-human aspect. After they finish in around twenty minutes, Safi leads Barren to the baths again as he requested and he stays there for a solo dip this time while the slime girl comes back to us.

    I instantly approach her. “So? How are you feeling? Anything unpleasant?”

    She gently hugs me and places a light kiss on my cheek before stepping away. [I’m fine, Master. We told you not to worry so much. There wasn’t any foul taste or sensation like from the bad people in the past. I think I did a good job. Your friend was really happy. I might have been a little too… forceful, as he almost fainted for a moment, but he asked for it, so… it was okay, right?]

    She shows a little bit of concern, but I smile at her and shower her in lots of mana-pats. “Yes, of course. I’m really relieved to hear that. Hahaha, really, what did you do to make such a huge man almost faint. Ah, you don’t need to answer, I’m just speaking my mind out loud.”

    Well, hopefully, the thing from the past works as we suspect it and Slimes can sense someone’s bad intentions towards them through direct contact, so it shouldn’t be back for as long as no one gets any weird ideas. And I’ll make sure to be wary of any suspicious people.

    Barren soon joins us in the main hall and we sit together around one of the tables. Neira and Leyne casually take his sides while most of the other girls lean all over me. I have a feeling that they are showing who is the boss here much more than it’s necessary.

    He praises Leyne and Safi a lot, also sharing an idea with us. He suggests that we could also offer massages and such since he noticed a few of those wavy, stone structures where you can lie or sit down, alongside the usual benches. I certainly thought about that before and we may introduce it later.

    We spend some time chatting. Mostly it’s him assuring us that he might come once in a while even just for a pleasant dip as public baths or even his own small bathroom can’t compare to this. I was hoping for someone else to arrive tonight too, but it doesn’t look like it. Before he leaves, we inform Barren that we are planning to be open each other night currently, to have some more time to work on increasing the roster and introducing new services.

    The closing time comes and Neira reports around eight silhouettes wandering around the entrance in total during the whole period. Anyway, time for a quick rest and then back to work. With most of the things completed and tested, it’s time to focus more on the people aspect. Selina’s might be a decent choice now.
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    Chapter 46 – A Fragrant Pursuit
    We all work together to clean the place up after our opening night. I wouldn’t call it a successful one, but at the same time, it definitely wasn’t a failure… I think. Yeah, the only guest being Barren shouldn’t be considered a win, but there were a few other people lingering around the gate, so the interest is definitely there. And it was great for the girls to practice on someone who isn’t a complete jerk or buffoon.

    Everything gets swept up from the tables in the main hall and moved to the kitchen where most of the girls are dealing with the plates and cutlery. Anything that can be preserved for longer than just this day is being stored in our giant fridge and freezer. We certainly feasted tonight. I can tell by their expressions how happy everyone is. Seeing them work together like this also brings a smile to my face. They really get along great.

    After we are done, each of us heads to our respective rooms for a well-deserved rest. My sweet slime girls accompany me to the bed. I get Safi to share some more details about her first job with me now that we are alone and, oh boy, no wonder she said that he almost fainted at a certain point.

    It looks like Barren was quite confident in his stamina. I mean, judging by his muscular body, I’d say it wasn’t baseless, but… yeah. He asked Safi for a little bit more than he could handle. Hell, from her description, I am starting to have doubts for how long I would last with how fierce she got, even with my Title’s ability.

    Surrounded by the lovely and squishy gel from both sides, I have a pleasant and relaxing night. In the morning, I thank them both for their care with deep, mana-imbued kisses and we move to the dining room after dressing each other up.

    They are starting to take the maid responsibilities quite seriously recently. I can’t even put my clothes on by myself if they are present. Well, I have nothing to complain about. Okay, maybe the accidental, chilly brushes over some specific areas while they carry out the task.

    Seriously, looks like I’ve corrupted those pure and innocent beings way too much with my lessons. I send a few waves of mana straight at their cores through their soft bellies to show my thanks again, which naturally ends in both of them shivering and wobbling from the pleasure while they try their best to hold onto me with ecstatic expressions.

    The breakfast is already prepared. I have no idea how early I would have to wake up to not be greeted by the sight of Roseni and Cinra in the kitchen, sometimes alongside Sirgia, but they are good enough to work on the food alone, letting our main chef get the necessary sleep after she always overworks herself in the workshop.

    I and the slimes help them a bit until everyone comes down to the dining hall and we partake in our usual morning meal together. Some casual chatting amongst the girls accompanies it. Another great proof of their improving relationships. Even Teffith is way less tense now after she officially joined as our bouncer and guardian.

    Since Leyne sits relatively close to me, I take this chance to strike up a conversation with her. Of course, my closest sides are completely occupied by Cornelia and the slimes. Sirgia, even though still very shy around others, sits happily on my lap, feeding me a bite from time to time. How could I have rejected such a request from her with how giddy her usual, almost barren of expressions face gets from this joy of serving me food.

    “So, Leyne, how was the bath yesterday?” I start, opening my mouth wide for the cute dwarf to drop a tiny tomato there with her slender fingers.

    The elf turns to me with a wide smile and nods her head. “There’s nothing you have to worry about, Master. Everything went perfectly well. The bathing uniforms are really comfortable, much better than your usual clothes that would inconvenience the washing after getting completely drenched.”

    I nod too. “Thanks for the info, but that’s not exactly what I’m asking about.”

    She takes a sip of her orange juice before continuing. “There were no issues with the service, Master. Your friend didn’t create any trouble. He wholeheartedly enjoyed my company. And I’ve made sure that he could do so to the best of my abilities. Judging by the state of the towel over his waist, I can proudly say that it was quite effective, fufufu~.”

    Hearing her giggle, I chuckle myself and shake my head. Who wouldn’t get hard over a beautiful Dark Elf in a skimpy bathing suit washing them all over while definitely making some quite alluring poses?

    “Unfortunately, I’m not yet proficient enough in Common to hold a proper conversation, so I barely responded to his banter. I will keep working on it in my free time so that I can do even better, Master.” A glint of determination can be spotted in her eyes.

    “As long as you are fine with it, that will definitely be helpful in the future. Thank you for taking this initiative. Anyway, back to the main topic, I’m glad that it went well, but we shouldn’t let this cloud our judgement. People like him aren’t exactly common. Don’t forget that.”

    She looks around at the other elf girls and then they all turn to stare at me with smiling faces. “Master. We aren’t some weak maidens easy to abuse. Especially now, after you removed our restraints. That’s why don’t worry. We appreciate the right to protect ourselves you have given to us and we promise that we won’t hold back from using it. We definitely don’t want to make Master sad about something happening to us.”

    I glance over all of them and can clearly sense both appreciation and confidence from them. “Right. You girls roughed me up pretty hard the last time we sparred.”

    Most of them giggle. “We only want for Master to grow stronger and there’s no better way to help than letting Master experience what we know on Master’s own body,” Elea adds.

    “And I’m thankful for that.”

    We finish breakfast and everyone leaves to do their thing. Sirgia returns to her workshop. She is currently working on the Spatial Enchantments for the crystal hearts from the collars. Elea and Cornelia do their best to help as they are the most well-versed magic users here and the latter has access to some decent information too.

    Neira most likely will be having fun in her studio. She told me that she is working on a great piece of art to return the favour. I told her that it’s not necessary, but wasn’t able to change her mind. I am looking forward to it a bit. She hypes it up a lot, even requiring help from all the other elves at times. I wonder what it will be.

    As for me, I decide to head out to town and pay a visit to a certain business I haven’t been at in a while. Madam Selina was quite fond of me the last time, but I didn’t buy even a single slave after that day. Hopefully, I won’t get my card revoked or worse.

    Well, no point in thinking about all that when I will see for myself shortly. It would be great to find someone willing to work among the slaves there, but I’m afraid it will be difficult. Most of them dream about getting free, not ending up as a sex slave in a brothel. I don’t think I will be able to explain things properly and convince them of my good intentions right on the spot. Perhaps I should have taken one of the girls with me.

    I arrive in front of the peculiar, reddish building and stop to fix my suit and bowtie. Last time I came here in my adventuring gear. Ah, memories. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Well, it wasn’t that long ago. But still, I would have never imagined that my search for a chef would end up like this. With an adorable and loving Dwarf by my side. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if I didn’t pass near her on that day.

    Shaking my head to drive away all negative thoughts, I make my way through the entrance. Nothing changed since the last time. The same two counters with employees behind them.

    Oh, if I’m not mistaken, one of them seems to be Lucas. It must be his shift to work at the reception today. I’m curious if he still remembers me.

    That question gets answered instantly. The man notices me coming closer and looking at both of the queues. To my surprise, he stands up, quickly bows to his current customer and hastily walks away through one of the doors, to everyone’s confusion. The woman at the other counter apologizes and explains that it’s a sudden, urgent matter and that he will soon be replaced. I have a weird feeling that I might have been the reason behind his escape.

    Just a moment later, the door to my right opens halfway and Lucas is signalling to me to come. I raise one of my eyebrows and look around. Quite sneaky. Using a door that’s behind all the other people so that they don’t spot him. I comply with the request and pass through the entrance to the corridor.

    “Welcome back, Sir Carter.” He bows courteously right after closing the door.

    I nod at him. “Hello. Should you really leave the customers hanging like that?” I ask while pointing with my thumb behind me.

    “I’m your personal advisor, Sir Carter. Tending to the wishes of someone of your status is my highest priority.”

    Looks like I’m still a VIP.

    “I see. Thank you.” I nod my head again.

    “Also, I’ve been instructed by Madam Selina to bring you to her private office right after you visit us again.”

    Uh oh. I might have just jinxed it. Shit.

    “Well then, lead the way. We shouldn’t make the lady wait too long.”

    He guides me through the familiar passages until we reach the floor where Selina’s chamber is located. Lucas then knocks on the door and announces my entrance while holding it open for me to walk inside. He bows again and quickly closes the door, leaving me alone in the magnificent room.

    Madam Selina stands on the other end of the chamber while looking through the huge window and smoking a cigarette on one of those fancy pipes or poles I sometimes saw rich ladies use in movies. It was always more funny than dignified to me.

    She turns around with one hand on her hip. She wears the same dress I’ve seen her in during the last time. Her love for all that’s crimson didn’t change even a little bit.

    “Long time no see, Sir Carter,” she says in an elegant yet playful tone.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you again, Madam Noint,” I answer with a bow with a hand over my heart.

    She chuckles lightly. “Oh please, there’s no need to be this official. It’s Selina’s Splendid Servants, not Noint’s.”

    She walks closer from the window and sits in her fancy chair, gesturing at me to do the same on the opposite side of her desk. Naturally, I comply. It’s nice and comfy.

    “I’ve heard from Lucas that you wished to see me. Is there perhaps something important for us to discuss?” I begin.

    “It’s not that crucial, although… I’ve heard some interesting rumours about you and your newly opened business recently. Ones that include a lot of other races…” she says while taking the golden pipe into her hands by both ends and glancing all over it in front of her face.

    “I see. That was unavoidable. I can imagine how having someone like me on your VIP list could be troublesome for a person of such status and publicity. I have the card with me so I can return it to you right away.” I begin reaching into my inner pocket to summon the slate from my ring.

    Selina starts waving her hands at me. “Oh, no, no, no. You got it all wrong, Sir Carter. I didn’t summon you here to revoke your VIP privileges.”

    I stop. “Then?”

    She places her pipette down and joins her hands together with an impish smile. “To verify those rumours of course! I told you that I have a good nose for great people and you again proved it to be working splendidly. I’m itching from my curiosity to know how much truth is hidden in the commonfolk’s words. By all means, I have nothing against your chosen use of demi-humans if that part is indeed true. It’s really… what was the word… eccentric, yes! I knew during our first meeting that you were meant for something extraordinary and that hasn’t changed in the slightest.”

    A wry smile makes its way onto my lips. Rather than getting kicked out, it seems like I scored additional points in her eyes. Well, she definitely is special and she did tell me that she has a great intuition for people worthy of doing business with. Good. Let’s not waste this opportunity. I should try to forge the best possible relationship between us. Having the support of the biggest and most respected slavery company would definitely be a huge image boost for my brothel.

    “I apologize for my rude assumptions then, Madam Selina.” I lower my head a bit. “Now that I think about it, it was foolish of me to label such an individual dealing with a prospecting business with the best quality merchandise similarly to other people I met. I already knew that you are able to see past those limiting common beliefs or you wouldn’t be able to build such an empire. Wasting potential business opportunities is not your style.”

    A wide smile starts growing on Selina’s face. “Ohohoho~. You are quite good with your tongue, Sir Carter.” She explodes into a small fit of lady-like laughter.

    “I hear that a lot.” I give her a very cheeky smile.

    It looks like Madam Selina gets what I mean as she covers her mouth with one hand and chuckles naughtily. It feels a bit strange flirting with a woman like twenty years older than me.

    “Well then, what kind of rumours did you encounter, Madam?”

    She proceeds to list what she heard on the streets. As expected, it’s about the opening, my slimes, some rules and regulations that were spread through them and also again about that group of wandering reviewers. I can’t help but chuckle and shake my head whenever I hear about that.

    Since I have decided to develop this partnership, I confirm what I can and also support all that information with more details about my business and my stance on the whole idea, omitting the part about the shelter goal, breaking the seals, my relationship with some residents and other crucial key elements, but making sure that she understands that I’m quite kind to my employees. She looks fascinated the whole time.

    “That’s such an amazing idea. You are assuring the highest quality of your services by scrupulously tending to the mental health of your merchandise. You don’t force the girls to prostitute themselves against their will but take time to slowly change their minds. Everyone dealing in human resources knows that efficiency is much higher when the employee does their job happily rather than out of coercion. Ohohohoho~, I was so right about you! I don’t believe that there’s even one man who would look at demi-humans the way you do in the capital. This is an unimaginable opportunity!”

    Selina’s expression turns much livelier as she rains praises at my way of doing things. The part about changing the minds of others makes me feel slightly guilty as if I’m brainwashing them, but I really shouldn’t think of it like that. All I am doing and planning to do is to show and explain to the girls that there’s nothing shameful or bad in working that way. I can even bring the argument that my mother is a prostitute. Well, it would work way better if she wasn’t a complete bitch at the same time, but the point still stands and it has nothing to do with her field of work. She really is a rotten apple ruining the image of that field.

    “It’s definitely a huge opportunity, but also an equal risk with the current views on demi-humans and other races, Madam Selina. A risk I am willing to take nevertheless. But, to minimize that risk as much as I can, I need a source of the best possible demi-human slaves. Now, I wonder where could I find such a thing?” I confidently lean back into my chair and look at her with both eyebrows raised.

    Selina crosses her arms, accentuating her quite decently sized chest and gives me a side-glance while also leaning back. “Oh, I wonder that too. If only there was some big and well-known company in the capital dealing in such things, I could perhaps introduce you to them.”

    We match our gazes and start chuckling. “So, should I take this as a confirmation of our very promising partnership?” I ask.

    She extends her hand over the desk with a smile. I stand up from my chair, walk closer and grab it with mine, but instead of shaking it, I lean down and leave a kiss on the back of it, like a true gentleman.

    Madam Selina chuckles again after I let her take it back. “You really know how to please the ladies, Sir Carter.”

    “What can I say. Sometimes I feel like I am destined for it.” I laugh a little too.

    She claps her hands. “Okay, enough of this flirting, I’ve already taken a lot of your precious time, Sir Carter. Are we talking some business today or am I perhaps going a bit too fast?”

    I ponder for a moment while stroking my chin. “Hmmm… Certainly, I did come here today with such intention, but I’m not really sure what I exactly want.”

    “Let’s do it like this then. I will order my men to round up some nice girls around for your next visit, which we could register at the day after tomorrow if you are fine with waiting,” she suggests.

    “That does sound promising, but…”

    But I’m not sure about their ability to pick the nice girls out of demi-humans when I recall Lucas’s stance on them. I’d prefer to do that myself if there’s a possibility more of them share such views.

    “You are not sure about us being able to select the proper goods for you, right?” Madam Selina reads through my thoughtful expression with ease. “Don’t worry, I will personally ensure that the people undertaking the task won’t have any deep prejudice against demi-humans. Trust me, we will find the most beautiful girls for you. That aspect is quite universal, even for Human men.”

    “Is that so. I will leave this in your hands then, Madam Selina. I’m not sure about the number though. I may very well end up buying ten or one, I can’t say.”

    “That’s not a problem. Look forward to our best products. Can I assume that the location of the brothel is your home address?” she asks.

    “Yes, you can.”

    “Then I will send a notice there when everything is ready or if there will be any changes. Thank you for your time, Sir Carter. It was a pleasure speaking with you again.” She stands up and nods her head.

    “The pleasure is all mine, Madam Selina. Till the next time.”

    After a polite bow, I leave her office and Lucas escorts me back to the exit. I think I should ask Selina to change my personal assistant if we are going to focus on the non-human part of our partnership. He’s not exactly fitting the role here. There’s no need to tell him that though.

    Next, I take a stroll around the city, visiting some places I usually come to, like the weapon shop or my favourite alchemist. It’s a good idea to pick up a few things for Sirgia now and then. I communicate with her using the Sweet Whispers skill and ask if she needs anything. Given a few instructions, I hunt for the ingredients.

    While visiting our usual tailor, I spot a few interesting outfits he is currently working on. Not for us of course. They look kinda like nun habits but designed in a way that doesn’t restrict a lot of movements. I can tell that it would look quite sexy on the wearer.

    Asked about that project, the artisan explains that it’s an order for one of the temples of the Goddess in the capital. Some priestesses are also working as adventurers, or more like mercenaries. You can hire them to join your party if you have enough funds and are looking for a healer.

    This… gives me a certain idea which could definitely be used in the future. I really would need my personal tailor though, with what I have in mind. Maybe I can find a slave with an interest in that? Eh, after getting Sirgia with her passion for artifacts and cooking, I don’t think it will be this easy to find someone with a talent for sewing. I don’t have enough main character aura to attract such lucky events so often. I should have read even more isekai novels back at home to raise it.

    It’s already past noon so I start heading back. On my way home, I decide to step into Barren's shop, because why not. We haven’t talked much about his experience previously since that would be improper with everyone around and a bit in a bad taste, but I’m curious what he thinks.

    With the sound of a hanging bell above the door, I enter his store.

    “Welcome—, oh Al! Already missing me? You are coming here quite often recently, hahaha.” The burly owner greets me with a Roman-style handshake.

    “I am just passing by. Why not visit for a moment. I have been neglecting you quite a lot in the past weeks,” I reply.

    “Ahahaha, that’s just like you. We both run our own businesses so that’s granted. Well then, what can I do for you?”

    “Just wanted to make use of some alone time together to chat about your time at my humble abode.”

    “What’s there to say? I definitely didn’t expect to get done that easily, hahaha. That slime, ah sorry, that girl was really something. She made me lose my guard with how ladylike she was with all that caring and docile act of hers. I swear I’ve seen the Goddess reveal herself to me for a moment there, I was this shaken.”

    I smile at him. “Yeah, that’s Safi for you.”

    “I’ll definitely pass the word to some of my friends and such. I’ve also gotten that business card of yours which was handed to me by the elf girl, so I will make use of it too. It looks damn nice. Whoever made it has great talent.”

    He brings out the small card that Neira prepared. It was one of my ideas for promotion. Just as they usually do, it has location info, business hours and some nice, sexy ladies on it, of course, my jiggly two ladies. Don’t want to use false-advertisement.

    “Ah, speaking of elves, the bath! I don’t know if you taught all that to her or if she is a natural, but oooooh brother, she knows exactly how to angle herself to make a man’s heart skip a beat, without any damn touching! I thought I was going to burst even before we moved to the real thing!”

    I laugh. “Or maybe you just have a thing for Dark Elves, hahaha.”

    “Maybe, who knows. There’s no way to test that yet, right? Well, let me know if that changes in the future. I’ll still pay a visit from time to time. It’s so damn relaxing at your place that a whole month’s worth of stress and tension just went poof. Just that is really enticing. I tell you, after they work over the first uneasiness, people will start flocking there, so you better start preparing.”

    “I’m working on that even right now. I’m aware of the shortage in that department, but I can’t rush some things,” I inform him.

    “Ye, ye, naturally.”

    Our little chat moves onto the topic of potential girls in my humble abode and we spend an hour or two discussing various races and possibilities their characteristics could bring into those love sessions. It’s fun having an open talk like this with someone who doesn’t get all weird at the mention of non-humans or explicit stuff.

    “Alright, time for me to go, I had a great time,” I finally decide to head back.

    “Wait a moment.” He stops me and disappears behind a curtain, soon coming back with a small, paper bag. “Here, have this, I kid you not, this is the tastiest bread you can get. It’s best to eat hot so I’ll give this one baguette to you since I have a few more. You should be able to share it with your girls before it gets cold.”

    He hands me it and I take a peek inside. As he told me, there’s a tasty-looking lance of bread there, alongside a few other things he didn’t mention. I shake my head and graciously accept the gift.

    I move out with the bag in my arms in front of me. The smell… it’s just so damn juicy… I couldn’t hold it anywhere else than in front of my face. This is just bliss… I can feel myself drowning in my own saliva.

    Sorry everyone, but I don’t think this treasure will survive until I get ba—



    Suddenly, my perspective changes and the blue sky surrounded by various rooftops enters my vision. I think I can also see my feet on the bottom there.



    Soon after, I slam the ground with my back. I lie down in a cross position, with both my legs raised upwards. Realizing what might have put them in this state, I quickly raise my head and spread them to the sides. I catch the very last bit of someone’s short figure disappearing in the nearby alley. And… I’m sure I saw a tail too.

    “Haaaaaaaaah… Some people just never look where they run.” I sigh heavily and raise myself to a sitting position.

    I look down to see the state of my fragrant merchandise… just to not see it anywhere on my lap. It’s not around me either. Even slightly further on the sides of the road. It vanished. Not even crumbs are left.

    “Did I just… get robbed out of my bread?”

    I laugh inwardly at the situation. It looks like the baguette really was a one of its kind for some thief to tackle me down just to get their hands on it. I’m kinda bummed. I didn’t even get a bite of it.

    Curse you whoever stole my baguette! If only I was able to find you, I would ki—… wait. I am?

    A sudden idea dawns on me and I summon the description of a certain skill.


    I mean… there’s a chance… right?

    I stand up, brush away some dust from my suit and glance around. No one is here at this moment. Looks like it’s time to try this ability out. Let’s pray for the thief to be a girl.

    Invoking the skill causes my vision to suddenly turn into greyscale. Everything around me is of a different shade of black and white. If I were to follow the description’s hints, that’s most likely how some beast sees the world when chasing their prey, but… what now.

    In all these bleak surroundings, I notice a faint puff of pinkish smoke swirling a little bit behind my back. I move closer to it and poke the mist with my fingers, but nothing happens. Getting another weird idea, I lean down and try to sniff it a little.

    The moment I get a whiff of the mysterious smoke, my nostrils get filled with an insanely sweet and… intoxicating fragrance. I instantly know that the owner of this criminal evidence is a female. My body starts getting all hot and I swear there is a ferocious roar reverberating through my head. I have to hold it for a moment as I keep shaking from it.

    When I regain my composure, the puff of pinkish mist has changed into a trail leading to the corner of the alley where the thief disappeared.

    Gotcha. Time to play a little game of cat and mouse.

    I start jogging where the line leads me. There are tens of turns and changes of direction, but I never feel like I have a hard time keeping up with the trail. It’s truly like she has no chances of escaping after I laid my eyes on her. Or my nose in this case.

    After twenty minutes of running, I arrive in some side alley of the Artisanal District. I see the scent leading me towards another turn, but I know deep down that this is the last one. My target is just behind that corner.

    I start slowly approaching it since I do not know what I am dealing with. Besides the fact that it’s a girl. I don’t want to get instantly deleted from this world by some pro assassin that got a little hungry.

    A pile of big, wooden crates enters my vision and I can hear the rustling of the paper bag behind them. Step by step I move closer, trying to be as sneaky as possible. Soon, I’m able to lean myself over them and a peculiar sight appears in front of my eyes.

    A grey-haired girl of short stature, I guess somewhere near Emi’s height, dressed in completely tattered rags in the form of a shirt and short pants, lively munching on my precious baguette like it’s her last meal. She looks really dirty, but first of all… she has cat-like ears on top of her head, twitching every time she takes a bite. The tail I’ve seen previously is also there, behind her back.

    I wonder which one of us was the cat here, haha.

    Beastkin have much better senses than Humans so this piece of bread must be really extraordinary for her to not notice me come this close. Or she was extremely hungry. I bet it’s both. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out how her everyday life looks.

    I’m not sure to which tribe she belongs, so I try to use the universal language most of Beastkin should understand, which is Sylvan.

    “Is it really that good?” I ask with a calming tone.

    Her ears and tail instantly spring up and she shoots her gaze upwards at me with wide eyes while mid-bite. She curls into herself and starts pushing with her legs to escape by sliding along the wall.

    “Wait, wait, wait! I mean no harm! Can you even understand me?” I walk out from behind the crates and take a step back to the other side of the alley with my hands raised.

    She stops and attentively looks me all over. Still clearly vary of me, she takes a hesitant bite of the bread while not dropping the eye contact. A moment later, she faintly nods.

    I lean my back on the wall and slide down to not tower over her. We sit on the opposite sides. She observes me carefully.

    “So… I’m not sure if you recall, but I’m the owner of that loaf.” I point at the paper bag. She instantly realizes it and squeezes the remaining bread closer to herself. “Ah, it’s okay, I won’t try taking it back against your will. You look like you need it way more than me. Hmmm… can you perhaps speak?”

    Silence falls as she keeps nibbling on the piece. I start assuming that maybe she can’t, but then the girl finally moves her mouth away from her snack and replies in a very soft but hoarse voice.


    I instantly realize how dried up her throat is. Without a word, I bring out a waterskin from my ring and to her surprise, throw it at her. As expected, she catches it with ease.

    “It’s water. You can drink it all.”

    The girl looks at me doubtfully and then at the object. She uncorks it and very carefully sniffs the contents. Still keeping her eyes on me, she moistens her lips just a little bit. After finally confirming it for herself, her eyes widen again and she begins chugging the water down. My waterskin gets emptied in a blink.

    Finished, she takes a long sigh and glances back at me confusedly, with a tinge of curiosity in those cute, grey eyes.

    “Do you need more?” I ask and she shakes her head.

    “Why?” she finally speaks on her own.

    “Because that’s the right thing to do.” I smile gently.

    She tilts her head adorably, definitely not used to such views. “How… did you find me?”

    “I have some… questionable abilities.” I chuckle.

    The catgirl glances at the remaining bread and back at me.

    “Go on, you can finish it. It’s a shame I couldn’t get a taste, but it’s okay.” I try being kind but not too fake.

    She visibly hesitates. Then, she slowly stands up and very carefully walks up to me, tearing off a bit of the loaf and extending her hand with it as far as she can towards me. I smile again and place mine under it so she can drop it down. After doing so, she moves back to her wall. I throw the piece into my mouth. Hot damn… it truly is a work of art.

    We again sit in silence. I take it on myself to break it. “What’s your name?”

    The girl ponders for a moment, but answers. “As... trea.”

    “Astrea, huh. It’s a very cute name. Nice to know you, I’m Alastair. Al for short.”

    “Ala...stair…” she adorably repeats my name to herself.

    “So… is this… how you live? On the streets… stealing stuff?” I ask.

    She nods.


    She shakes her head.


    Shaking again.

    I sigh. Just as expected. I don’t think I’ve earned enough of her trust to ask this, but…

    “Say… do you want to have one? Mine is very big so there’s a lot of space and there are even other demi-humans, like Elves, a Dwarf or even Slimes.”

    Her eyes open a bit more again to that revelation, but I can see that she is still very wary.

    “I know I look like those trashy nobles, but I promise you I’m not like them. You know what? I actually run a brothel. With demi-human girls. Isn’t that weird? And they aren’t my slaves. They are really happy to live there and help me with the place. You can come to see if you want. Or, if you are still afraid of me, I can come here with my cute Dwarf friend so that you can speak with her. What languages do you know?” I do my best to smile and talk politely.

    She definitely looks curious after hearing my story. “This one… and… Common too. I learned it from people on the streets. Why do you know Sylvan, mister?”

    “Just call me Al. I learned it because I was curious about Beastkin. It looks like it paid off, right? I’m a very weird Human who likes to learn all about other races because he finds them really interesting. I know a lot of languages. I can confidently say that I know the most in this world.” I boast a little. “So… what do you say? Want to come with me”

    Silence falls onto us again. She does look to be contemplating the offer, but I guess it’s really too good to be true in her eyes. Who knows what kind of atrocities she experienced from Humans. I sigh and raise myself up with the help of my wall. I step closer to her and point at the waterskin. She passes it to me and I use Livelihood Magic to fill it with water again before giving it back to her.

    “Here. For later. I’ll take a stroll around here now and then if you ever want to speak again.” I smile at her for the last time and turn around to walk away.

    After I take a few steps, I can hear her standing up. “Wait…” she calls to me so I glance back. “Are you really… not lying?”

    Now, a glimmer of hope can be recognised in her eyes. It’s heavily obstructed by cautiousness, but it’s there. I move back to her and kneel down onto one knee so that I am the one needing to raise my head instead of her.

    “Unless you can discern lies, there’s no way for you to know for sure. But yes, everything I’ve told you was true. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth believing me.”

    She gazes down at my smiling face, hesitating a lot. She steps closer to me and places her slender hands around my neck, starting to slowly squeeze harder and harder, carefully watching my reaction. It’s obvious that she is testing me according to something she has experienced in the past. As much as it is painful, I try my best to not lose eye contact with her, hoping that she won’t crush my throat.

    Noticing tears forming in the corners of my eyes from the lack of oxygen, she quickly releases her grasp and I wheeze for air.

    Damn… That was quite… risky.

    Looking back up, I see her expression ease up a little bit. “I will… trust you. But if you are lying… know that I can easily snap the neck of Humans twice your size.”

    Chills run down my spine. I’m quite sure from the previous showcase that she is telling the truth. She definitely had killed before. Most likely in self-defence. I stand up again and bring out a cloak from my storage ring. I extend my hand with it towards her.

    “I’ll do my best to not give you any reasons for that then.” I smile. “Cover yourself with this. We’ll draw less attention this way.”

    She nods and dons the caped cloak of dark sapphire. I begin walking away and she soon appears by my side. Looks like we are getting a Catkin as our new resident. A cute one at that.
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    Chapter 47 – Two Hundred Years of Abstinence ❤❤
    I walk through the streets with our potential new resident by my side. Now, that we both are standing straight and our perspectives are at a proper height, I can easily confirm that she is somewhat as tall as Emi, or perhaps close to her, I’m not sure if more or less yet. The part I’m certain of is that the catgirl following me is about one hundred and fifty-something centimetres tall.

    As we stroll through the town, she takes careful and attentive glances around, following different people that come from ahead of us, with her eyes. From the slightly jumping top part of the hood she has on, I can clearly deduce that she is being really wary of everything around us.

    Beastkin senses are much sharper than your usual Human’s or other races'. Especially their ears and nose are developed to the extent where they can hear over unimaginable to others distances and discern faint scents even in a huge downpour.

    That also depends on which type of Beastkin they are. In our case, Astrea is what is called a half-blood Beastkin. It can be determined by her almost completely human-like appearance, but with an addition of beast-like ears, tail and eyes.

    And, differently from the usual images of catgirls back in my homeworld, she doesn’t have two pairs of ears. There is only one pair, the cute rounded triangles on top of her head, currently hidden under the piece of material. If I were to move part of her hair on the side of her head, I would be met with a flat and empty surface of her skin. Some may find that disturbing, but for me, it always felt right and natural.

    But, back to the whole Beastkin thing, the other part of their race consists of pure-blood Beastkin. They look similar to the male slave I’ve met weeks ago after leaving the shrine during the Class reveal ceremony. If I were to explain it in simple words, they are like werewolves from various fantasy works. Or furries, scalies and whatever other names of individuals completely covered in fur or other things are, with their heads, hands and feet being almost exactly like their beast counterparts.

    Those people obviously trump with their senses over the half-bloods. Where those two sides of Beastkin come from and why is it like that? Well, if the inhabitants of this world were aware of those things called genes, then that would be the proper explanation. It’s actually quite simple to explain without having to delve deep into that topic.

    At first, there was only one type of Beastkin, the pure-blood ones. They were a closed community, huddled up together in one of the other continents. But, at some point in time, long, long ago, they came in contact with other races. And again, sometime later, they stopped being so wary of others and began opening their community. Naturally, that led to interracial relationships too. And that was the emergence of half-blood Beastkin. Let’s recount every possibility right now.

    Basically, when two pure-blood Beastkin, male and female, elope together, their child will obviously be pure-blood too. Then, if a pure-blood male gets together with a female of another race, the child will end up either half-blood Beastkin or completely whatever the mother’s race is, let’s say an Elf. If we take a female pure-blood with a male of another race, the result will always be half-blood.

    Then, the half-bloods enter the equation. For a half-blood and another race, the result of their relationships will be either a half-blood or a member of the mother’s or father’s race in this case. And for two half-bloods getting together, they end up with a half-blood kid obviously. Then when we get to pure- and half-blood combinations. In both scenarios, either pure-blood male or female, there's a chance for their children to be born pure- or half-blood. That chance is supposedly higher when the mother is pure-blood.

    Pretty simple and logical. To some extent at least. You could question many different parts of those combinations and ask why it’s exactly like this and not some other way, but that’s just how it works in this world. Some will just say ‘magic’, others that it’s just how the Beastkin lineage is. I bet there are some researchers interested in the topic, but with the current state of things around the realm, they most likely aren’t working with that many other races. And definitely not with Humans. Not like those relationships now happen that much in this continent. Maybe there are Humans living amongst Beastkin in their homeland.

    Anyway, Astrea is a half-blood in the end. I’m pretty sure she is an escaped slave or something in those lines. It’s obvious that she survived on the streets for quite some time. I wonder why she didn’t try to sneak out of the capital. Maybe she did and she failed or she is afraid of getting caught. If she decides to stay, I hope to learn more about her with time. I would need to gain her trust first and that most likely won’t be as easy as with Safi and Emi.

    When we reach the mansion, she stops in front of the gate for a moment and glances all over the incredible building and the path leading to it. She hesitates. I can feel the uncertainty from her wary gaze. I kneel in front of her to take a better look at her face inside the hood from below.

    “I promise that nothing will happen to you and no one will approach you without your permission. In turn, I ask you to not hurt my friends if they accidentally offend or surprise you, okay? I’ve already informed them about you with my skill, something like telepathy,” I speak calmly, trying to show a soft smile.

    She squints her eyes at me, most likely because of the last part, but nods lightly.

    “You can keep your distance from me, staying close to the entrance if you are still suspicious. I don’t blame you. It’s natural.”

    After adding that part, I begin walking the path to the mansion. Astrea follows a few meters behind me as I suggested. While we were walking through the streets, I asked all the girls mentally to come to the main lobby, if they could of course. I wouldn’t drag them out of something important or perhaps the middle of a bath.

    I go through the front door and leave it open for the catgirl to come in after me. Most of the girls did gather in the main hall. Safi, Emi, Sirgia and Cornelia are sitting by one of the tables on the side and the elves took a different one on the opposite part of the room. Besides Neira and Cinra, they are all there. I can feel those two in the former’s studio when I expand my senses. Teffith is leaning on a wall with her back and arms crossed over her chest, with her spear lodged inside that hold, and closed eyes.

    It looks like they even got into their uniforms and prepared some light snacks and drinks. Sirgia stands up from her sofa and trots to me. I plop my hand on her head and brush through her hair.

    “Was this your idea?” I ask.

    “Uhn.” She nods with a very faint smile.

    I can’t let her go unrewarded so I lean forward to give her a gentle peck on those petite lips. She dives in for one more after I start backing away, so I let her leave a few more little kisses on my mouth before finally departing. I keep patting the head of my adorable dwarf while the other girls start coming closer and saying their welcomes.

    “So… is that her?” Cornelia asks and we all turn towards the entrance.

    A figure of a short girl completely covered in a cloak stands literally in the middle of the doorstep. Her glinting eyes wander around the interiors and pass over every person present in the room. She stops for the longest on the slimes and then the dragonewt. Teffith lazily opens one eye after sensing a not-so-friendly gaze on herself. Our little friend shudders a bit.

    “Yeah… That’s Astrea. As you all can see, she is quite wary of us, so please, be understanding.” I look at each of my girls and they nod. Then, I turn to the catgirl again. “Well then. This cute dwarf here, Sirgia, decided to prepare all this food for you, so don’t be shy and dig in. You don’t need to hold back. I’m sure that you didn’t get full with just a piece of bread,” I speak to her while patting Sirgia’s head.

    Astrea moves her gaze to the tables with various simple dishes and jugs. I think I can spot a little trail of saliva leaking from the corner of her mouth as she stares intently at all the delicious food. She should be able to get a good whiff of the aroma from that distance with her keen nose. Finally getting out of her daze, she looks back at me. I gesture towards the table with my hand and nod at her.

    While she is hesitating, Sirgia escapes my caresses and begins slowly walking towards her. Astrea instantly locks her wary eyes onto the approaching dwarf, observing her carefully. My little artificer, or rather my little maid at this moment, stops at a comfortable distance from her. I’m not sure what is Sirgia’s expression since I can only see her back, but I can tell that she is doing her best to look friendly.

    “You don’t need to be so suspicious. Master is not a bad person. He saved me when I was in a really bad state and also gave me food, clothes and a home. Just like he is trying to give them to you,” she softly speaks to the slightly taller girl.

    I didn’t expect Sirgia to take the initiative. She is always so withdrawn and a bit shy around others. But, I guess she wasn’t always completely like that. I mean, in the past she lived amongst her kin and even travelled a bit. She might finally be regaining some of her courage, and Astrea is a Beastkin, so it should be easier for Sirgia to interact with her than with Humans. I do feel like she always was distant and timid, but surely, the things she went through added another layer on top of that, which is now slowly melting away.

    Sirgia extends her hand towards the catgirl and waits. Astrea keeps intently staring into her eyes as if judging the dwarf’s true personality. After a moment, she finally decides to move her worries aside and grabs the arm of the smaller girl in front of her.

    She is then slowly led to one of the sofas and both of them sit down. Sirgia encourages her to take whatever she wants and pours some apple juice into a glass, passing it to her. Astrea takes a careful sip and then gulps down the whole thing at once, releasing a pleased sigh afterwards.

    It looks like this was enough as Astrea takes down her hood and reveals her short, grey hair and cute animal ears. She then starts wolfing down all the offerings prepared for her. I can see Sirgia smiling a little as she watches her consume everything so greedily.

    Roseni and Leyne step closer to me. “We will go prepare a bath for our guest, Master,” the latter speaks and they leave towards the stairs.

    “And I will check for some clothes for her,” Leyne soon passes by me too, nodding her head courteously.

    I turn to Elea. “Will you accompany her there later? Just please, let’s not barrage her with information like in Teffith’s case, okay?”

    She giggles while covering her mouth and giving me an innocent look. Well, it doesn’t work as well as she intends as due to her quite sharp and mature face ends up looking more seductive than pure-hearted.

    “As you wish, Master. I’ll try my best.” After answering me, she moves to sit on the other side of the feasting catgirl.

    “I think it should be fine to leave the new girl in their hands. It’s not like you have to watch over every newcomer twenty-four-seven,” Cornelia appears by my side and suggests.

    “Right. On one hand, it’s a huge relief having others help out, but on the other hand, I just can’t shake off the feeling that she may get the wrong idea about me if I don’t specifically explain everything myself. It’s just something that always accompanied me, no matter where and about what. Haaaaaaaah…” I share some of my troubles with her.

    She pats my back. “There, there. I know you like to be in control of most things, but you should also be aware that it will get much harder with more people around. You also need to trust others.” She moves to my front and gives me a little pep talk while gazing into my eyes.

    I brush over the side of her face and slowly lean for a kiss. As my mouth gets close to her lips, Cornelia closes her eyes and waits for the connection. But, just before it happens, I move my face a little up and leave a small peck on her forehead.

    “Thanks for cheering me up,” I say with a smile.

    She rolls her eyes after opening them and sighs heavily. “Seriously?” But she chuckles right after and pulls me into a proper kiss. After a few seconds of loving caresses, we separate. “Why did I even admit enjoying this…”

    I chuckle this time. “Because I love honest girls.” I give her a quick nibble on her ear as I whisper to it.

    Emi informs me that she wants to help too so she will stay with the girls. I naturally let her do that. Even if she can’t speak, her joyful and easygoing nature is so strong that she doesn’t need words to affect others.

    With Cornelia and Safi by my side, I move to my chamber where we discuss the events that transpired when I was out. Both of them support my decision saying that it was a correct one and that I shouldn’t think that deeply about it as they know that I will only bring back girls that truly don’t mind being here. We again touch on the topic that I can’t save every single slave in the Human continent and Cornelia brings up the argument that sex for pleasure is a common thing for many races and I won’t be in any way lowering the self-worth of them by having them work if they explicitly agree.

    I guess she mentions that because of one conversation we had in the past where she was curious about the society back in my world and I shared with her the usual situation around. But, I assure both of them that I’ve never viewed things like sex or prostitution as impairing a person’s dignity or such and I’m completely fine with that fact.

    I’m sure that they knew this much up to this point but still were somehow worried about me. I just need to get over that feeling I get while seeing enslaved demi-humans. I can’t change the world overnight. I need to think about the bigger picture way more. I’m already much better than in the beginning. And it’s thanks to all of the amazing girls around me.

    They promise to fill others in on our little talk and we move onto some aspects connected to our brothel, mostly me and Cornelia. Safi offers her lap with a charming, kind smile and I have a hard time rejecting her offer so I end up on her thighs, while she sits on a chair by my desk, and being pampered as I converse with my Ice Queen.

    It looks… emasculating. But why in hell would I care about that. This situation gives Cornelia a few chances to poke fun at me so it’s even better that she gets her turn to tease me a bit. We all have fun and pleasant time.

    Later in the evening, I take a dip in the male bath, just in case Astrea would be in the mixed one with Elea for whatever reason. You gotta avoid the cliche situations if you can. I relax while submerged in hot water and with my arms spread to the sides over the edge of the pool.

    At some point, I begin hearing soft plops of someone’s feet on the flooring. And they are clearly heading towards my position from behind. I decide against prodding the area with my senses and wait for the person to reveal themselves.

    A shadow finally drops onto me from above me and I tilt my head to the back to glance up. The first thing my eyes land on is an enticing pink slit in between two juicy, chocolate thighs, adorned by a patch of violetish hair above the front. Then, much higher, two utterly impressive peaks stand to attention proudly, hiding the face of their owner behind the impressive mountain range.

    I don’t need to see it to know who is standing almost right above my face. Elea moves her hand and squashes her bountiful breasts to her chest while leaning forwards to glance at me with a smile.

    I also smile at her and sigh while shaking my head lightly and then taking my arms off the edge to sink myself a bit more into the bath. Elea giggles and soon, her legs appear on the sides of my face, descending slowly into the water. A moment later, I’m surrounded by her juicy thighs and the back of my head rests on her underbelly. She moves her hands onto my head and begins massaging it with her fingers.

    After a few minutes, I finally speak up. “So… what brings you here, Elea?”

    “I’ve finished bathing our new friend as you requested, Master. Then, after sensing your presence in the other bath, I decided to come and join you. Am I making you uncomfortable perhaps, Master?" she explains in her usual, calm and slightly royal tone.

    “I would shake my head to show my answer, but it’s currently locked in between those two very beautiful thighs.” She giggles at my compliment. “You are not inconveniencing me in any way. You are always welcome to join if you want. Well, that’s if that part doesn’t bother you.”

    And that part is, of course, my quite hard rod. I don’t have any towel covering my lower half or anything, and obviously, such sight would result in an adequate reaction.

    “Of course not. Why would it? That’s just how our bodies work. I’m actually glad to know that you find my body alluring, Master,” she answers.

    “There’s no way I wouldn’t. With such a beautiful and amazing body you would be called a world-class sex bomb back in my realm, that’s how bewitching it is. No offence.”

    “None taken. It’s just as you say. I do look quite sinful for a priestess, don’t you think? Fufufufu~.”

    Looks like she enjoys this sexy talk. I laugh alongside her.

    “Truly, you do. I’m not surprised that the guy who pursued you fell for you so hard as to resort to such shameful and evil tactics. If the prejudice against non-humans was non-existent, many would fight over this body… and face.”

    Elea smiles as she has fun listening to my playful flirting until I mention the last thing, what makes her show a bit of surprise.

    “Because while this tempting figure of yours certainly plays a big part in the whole picture, I personally think that your noble-looking face with those lady-like, sharp angles and eyes, make it actually complete and have such a strong effect. It’s just… I don’t know… perfect?”

    She stops her massage somewhere in the middle of my monologue and stays unmoving.

    “Ummm… Elea?”

    I try to find an angle that would allow me to glance at her face but it’s impossible from my position. She soon spreads her legs and moves one of them over my head to sit by the side of my ear on the pool’s edge. A moment later, she lowers herself into the water next to me and I finally get a proper view of her.

    And what I see on her dark-skinned cheeks can be called a dignified blush. Quite different from the usual, mischievous or teasing ones she sometimes shows. By no means did she suddenly turn all shy, but it looks like my statement did come out as unexpected.

    Elea’s hand makes its way to my thigh as she smiles at me. “Say… Master…”

    I don’t need special skills or abilities to read the mood here. Looks like it’s most likely time to take responsibility for my carefree and flirtatious words. But before that…

    “Isn’t a Princess supposed to stay pure?” I also smile at her and ask while placing my hand over hers.

    She chuckles. “That’s true, but… my service has ended at the moment we pledged our loyalty to this place. And well… I’ve already been pretty close to reaching my limit if I had to be honest with myself. While I have been guarding my purity for almost two hundred years, most of my attendants were able to enjoy the taste of a man many times as they didn’t have to follow such a rule.”

    Elea shows a bit wry, reminiscing expression.

    “At the beginning, I thought nothing of that, but with time it began to be… frustrating. The number of times I saw one of my attendants consummating their relationship quite close to the temple is… impressive at least. Plenty of times I got myself off to the sounds. It was impossible to ignore in the long term. But… fingers and such are not the same as the real thing. And then I understood why almost every Princess mentioned in our history requested their dismissal before reaching the last day of their service. Including my predecessor,” she finished her short story about the past with a chuckle.

    “I see. I certainly can imagine how hard it would be to keep abstinence for so long with many stimuli around. You are really strong, Elea,” I express my admiration for her resolve.

    “Yes, it was hard. But I believed that one day I would be rewarded by the Goddess with a man of my dreams. Someone I would be able to dedicate the next part of my life to, as I previously did to her. Someone like you, my Saviour.”

    She rotates her hand and grasps mine into a gentle hold while smiling at me beautifully.

    Damn… how am I supposed to react to her basically putting me on par with a god? Well… there’s only one answer here.

    I escape her fingers, grab her by the wrist and slowly guide her hand along my thigh, towards my towering boner, stopping just short of it. Her eyes stare at the gap between her fingers and my rod expectantly.

    “The reward is yours for the taking then, my Princess,” I say in a seductive tone, leaving the last step to her.

    Elea stares the underwater Leaning Tower of Lust down and hesitates for a moment. After taking one more glance at my smiling face, she finally reaches out and her fingers close around my shaft gently. She gives my cock a few weak squeezes before releasing it again and starting to brush all over it. The monument sways under her curious pokes.

    After a while, she stops caressing it and stands up. I watch as she crosses over my body and descends into the water again, sitting on my stretched out legs, very close to me, with her underbelly almost touching the horny pole standing tall. She then moves both of her hands down and uses one to stroke my dick up and down while tickling my balls with the other.

    I throw my head back and my arms over the edge of the pool again and sigh as pleasure from this erotic massage spreads through my body. Elea curiously examines my penis to satiate her desires that were locked for hundreds of years. She might have the knowledge, but it’s the practical experience that gives the most satisfaction here.

    At some point, she grabs my forearm and guides my right hand to her voluptuous breast. I return my gaze to her when my fingers sink into the soft and hot flesh of her impressive, dark brown mountains. A fervent blush and an impish smile paint her face.

    “Mhnnn… I can’t be the only one feeling good,” she explains her motion while still having fun with my cock in her other hand.

    I raise my brows at her and chuckle. “What do you mean by ‘I can’t be the only one feeling good’? As far as I am concerned, I’m the one receiving a heavenly handjob from a gorgeous woman.”

    She chuckles too. “Just touching your manly thing makes me feel good, so please, enjoy my body too.”

    Well… how else am I supposed to respond to this besides starting to give her juicy breast some good squeezes? I don’t know and that’s why I do exactly that. She recalls her hand back down to my member and continues to stimulate it with one now rubbing the glans while the other pumps the shaft with irregular squeezes.

    To fulfil her request, I reach for her other breast too and playfully stroke both of them with my fingers. I graze all over those unimaginable valleys, making swift circles around the areolas at the peaks and nudging them from time to time with my thumb.

    “Nhhhnnn… It feels so good having them touched.” Elea starts releasing some more moans and sighs.

    “You stole that line straight from my lips.”

    Her smile grows wider and she increases the massage on my precious jewels. I’m pretty sure she wants to make me feel good enough to cum, so I stop holding it back completely and let the pleasure build the climax up.


    Another soundly moan gets released into the air after I lean forward and give Elea’s left nipple a few licks and nibbles. I can feel myself getting close so I increase my teasing too.

    “Mhnnnnn… Amazing… Your tongue is so tingly… Ahnnn… I love it… Alastair… Ah!”

    She calls my name and then jumps a little in realization. I quickly dive in for a kiss before she has a chance to apologize for not calling me Master. Elea lets my tongue invade her mouth almost instantly and it starts lewdly exploring the insides of it while we are joined in a passionate exchange.

    “No need… to call me Master… I would love for you… to use my name…” I speak during the moments we gasp for some air.

    While we kiss each other, I reach my limit and shoot out a few waves of white liquid into the hot pool, creating a surreal, three-dimensional piece of modern art.

    She separates our lips and looks down at the floating serpents of sperm. “Such a waste…”

    I give her one more quick peck. “Don’t worry. There’s a lot of it in the store. I can promise you that it won’t run out until you get your deserved fill.”

    Elea hangs her arms over my shoulders and hugs me tightly. Her soft boobs press against my chest and her erect nipples graze it aggressively.

    “I’ll take you up on the offer then, Alastair. I’ve been suffering from its deficiency for a reaaaaaaaaaaaally long time and I was hoping that your manly cock would help heal my condition,” she whispers to my ear.

    “With pleasure. Let’s get you ready for the first dose then,” I answer and stand up with her latched to my waist, sitting Elea down on the edge of the pool.

    The spot we are in has its ledge low enough for my dick to end up right in front of Elea’s untouched, virgin flower when I stand in front of her sitting down on it. But, I first kneel down and move my face towards her secret place.

    “There’s no need. I’m already prepared and we’ve been in the water too,” she tries to convince me to dick her down straight away.

    “No can do. It’s still your first time so just let me take care of you properly. Water is much worse lubricant than you’d think.” I give her a smile from below and land a kiss on those alluring lips in front of me.

    Elea surrenders and pulls her legs up from the water, placing her feet on the sides, and showing me her pussy in its full glory as her legs make an M-shape. It opens invitingly to me a little, flashing more of the pink crevice. There certainly are some fluids different from water slowly dripping out due to her arousal. She got this much into it just from stroking my cock.

    Without further ado, I start grazing around her labia with my index finger while looking intently at her face. Every time I get close to the inner layer, she tries to move her hips to make me cross the border and brush the sensitive flesh. When I gently rub the little hood on the top, Elea releases a prolonged sigh and bites on her lip.

    I finally take the next step and use both hands to spread her lower lips a bit to the sides, giving the pink entrance to her virgin hole a good, long lick from bottom up.


    Just from this, her knees bang together above my head, encasing it between her plump thighs. I begin peppering her wet pussy with little kisses and licks all around, nudging the precious orb carefully with my tongue.

    “Mhnnn… Yeeessss… Please… More…”

    She shivers a little whenever I nibble over it with my lips. I do as she says and focus my attention on her clit, playfully sucking around it. I time sneaking the tip of my finger into her cavern to the moment when she just finishes a sensual moan, increasing the pleasure just as she is out of breath. Elea’s mouth opens agape and her eyes widen a little when I invade her secret place.

    “Ohhhh! Your finger is inside! Mhnnnnnnn~!”

    I know that she is looking forward to the real thing, so I do my best to bring her to orgasm soon. While I twirl my finger inside her vagina and suck on the shy hood above it, Elea starts to fondle her own breasts as her breathing grows more and more ragged.

    “Ahhhh… Ahhhhaa… Nhhhhnnn… I’m close… Ahhhnnn… It’s so different… from when I do it… I’m… Aahhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~!”

    Elea throws her head back and her massive breasts start jiggling along with her spasming body. Her inner walls constrict a little over my finger and her thighs push my mouth into her virgin lily, not letting me go until the shivers are over.

    “Haaaah… Haaaah… Just a finger… and this much…” she says in between her panting.

    Released from my quite enjoyable imprisonment, I stand up and lean over Elea’s body, supporting myself with my hands on the floor by her sides. She assaults my lips with a ferocious kiss, inviting my tongue for a round of lively dance.

    While at it, I lift her up and carry Elea towards one of those angled, wavy bench-chairs[modern_footnote]Basically, this, but out of stone.[/modern_footnote]. With her being even taller than me, having Elea latched to my waist requires me to turn my head upwards by a lot as it’s almost on the level of her impressive tits. She doesn’t stop kissing me for even a moment.

    After I lay her down on it, she quickly pulls me towards herself and swiftly switches our positions. In a flash, I land on my back over the angled surface and with her straddling my waist while turned towards me. The bench is a bit wider than our bodies so our legs are spread to the sides as they fall over the edges and rest on the floor. Elea’s pussy touches my balls and erect rod, fully eager to help with getting rid of her centuries-old virginity.

    “I’ve already received plenty. It’s my turn to give now.” She leans into me, pressing her boobs against my chest and squashing my expectant cock with her slit. “I may be inexperienced, but I’m not uneducated. Let me show you how passionate a Dark Elf can be.”

    She then gives me a kiss and rests one of her elbows on the side of my shoulders, making sure that I get a perfect view of not only her seductive mountains but also my penis being led into her dripping wet entrance. After it gets lodged against her folds, she moves the other hand to rest it on the elbow too.

    “Mhnnnnnnnnn… Hooooooot…”

    She sighs right into my face, clearly intentionally, showing an ecstatic expression as my rock-hard dick slowly makes its way into the unexplored dungeon. It finally reaches the seal placed there by its creator. Elea bites on her lip really hard while she moves her hips around, rubbing the head of my cock against it just not strong enough to break her hymen. It’s such an unimaginable sensation for me and I sigh in pleasure at her too.

    “Finally… After soooooo many cursed years… A real… hard… hot… manly dick will ravage my sacred pussy… Uhmmmmmmnnn…”

    She stares me right into the eyes while expressing her yearning. I’ve never seen this much lust in the gaze of any of the girls I’ve been with up till now. It’s like the hundreds of years of pent up desires are going to be unleashed instantly after the gate holding them back gets breached. And it finally happens.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuucckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss…”

    Elea almost screams into the air as her body trembles while breaking her hymen and bit by bit descends lower and lower onto my cock, which mercilessly spreads the constricting walls of her untouched pussy. She swallows me whole, up to the very root, and throws her head back with a loud moan. I can see a trickle of blood running down from the place where we are connected.

    She completely rests her body on mine for a few moments, giving me sweet kisses on the cheek while she recovers from the insertion. I brush through her violet hair with one hand and graze her back with another. Elea raises herself a little and guides the latter one to her butt, forcing me to squeeze the soft flesh as she shows me a wide smile.

    “Shall we begin then? Feel free to play with my tits. Men love them big right?”

    She says invitingly while straightening herself fully and arching her back a bit to push those enormous melons more towards me. Elea begins to move her hips up and down, supporting herself with her hands behind her on the further part of the bench.

    I move my fingers to her nipples and give them a few weak pinches. “It’s not the size that matters, but the owner. Although, I’ll gladly enjoy these.” I flash her a grin and begin to fondle her boobs. My fingers sink into the dark-coloured Valley of Dreams.

    “Ahhnnn… Ahannnn… Mhnnnn… Goood… Do what you like… ahhhh… while I borrow this incredible cock for a moment… Mhnnnnnnnnn~! By the Goddess~!”

    Pretty soon, she starts to rain her hips faster and faster onto my rock-hard dick, slapping her pussy against my pelvis ferociously. The glans of my penis assault her vagina without mercy, stroking her insides and spreading her fleshy walls with joy. The hot and moist folds caress my whole cock as it goes in and out of the lewd, elf pussy.

    “Ohhhh… I so needed this… Fuuuuck… Ahn… Ahn… Ahnnnnn…”

    Her massive tits bounce up and down while I play with them. Elea bites on her lower lip again, signalling getting close to her peak. I try my best to time mine to it too and when I notice her lips beginning to part, I quickly move my hands from her nipples to her ass and slam it down onto my dick as hard as I can while also thrusting my hips upwards.


    The sudden change breaks her swearing in the middle and we both climax. I keep nailing her thirsty pussy while shooting a full load of creamy liquid into her womb as my cock pushes its head against the furthest depths in Elea’s vagina.

    I then hug her tightly to prevent Elea from falling as she spasms and shivers in pleasure. After fifteen seconds it finally calms down and she pants heavily while in my embrace.

    “Haaah… Amazing… Haaaaah… Your dick… is so fierce… I love it… Haaah…” She brushes my cheek and pecks my lips, still breathing roughly. “I kinda want more, but… you already came twice so… ehhhh?”

    She gasps in surprise after realizing that my penis inside her pussy is as hard as before. I chuckle and give her a kiss too.

    “I told you that it won’t end until you get your fill. We have plenty of years worth of frustration to get rid of.”

    Elea’s eyes show even more lust in her almost hazy and completely enamoured gaze. She stands up, releasing my cock from her clutches with a soundly plop, and turns around, leaning forward onto the other side of the wavy bench.

    Now, I’m met with the full view of her beautiful back and spread out pussy which rests on the surface of our uneven chair as her legs hang down on the sides. She glances at me over her shoulder and spreads her precious flower with her fingers even more, letting some of my creamy seed spill out. The pink hole surrounded by chocolate flesh lures my eyes in.

    “Fuck my neglected pussy with that beastly cock of yours~” she speaks in a tone literally dripping with lust and seduction.

    I do as she asks and instantly shove it into her needy hole.

    “Mhhhnnnnnnnnnn~ It’s sooooo different in this position~”

    Leaning over her back, I begin pistoning that recently deflowered pussy with all I have, sneaking my hands under her soft breasts squashed on the surface of the bench. My pelvis slams against her ass with enough force to make her jump up a bit with each slap.

    “Ah! Ah! Ahn! Yes! Ahn! Ahn! Fuck it harder! Ah! They always! Ah! Fucked like rabbits! Ahhnn! In front of me! Ah! Ah!”

    She turns her head even more and I seal her lips with a kiss. We sloppily brush our mouths, gasping for air together as I keep hammering this sexually ungratified elf’s pussy. I move one of my hands to her clit from the front and begin softly flicking the swollen orb.

    “AHHN~! OH FUUCK!”

    It’s met with an instant reaction. Elea breaks our kiss to bring her face back to the front and moan loudly while in pure ecstasy. She again assaults her lower lip with her teeth as her eyes lose focus. I just hope she doesn’t injure her delightful mouth with how often she does this.


    Her pussy’s walls begin constricting even more, making it hard for me to pierce the tight insides, almost sucking me like a vacuum and not letting go. Figuring out that she is very close, I raise the tempo as much as I possibly can right now, and decide to go for something that may or may not be a great idea.


    As she reaches her orgasm, I naturally let my cock send ferocious waves of indecent delicacy into her scorching hot pussy, but what drives Elea completely crazy is my unexpected bite on her long, sensitive ear. I keep nibbling on the sexy shape, sending her into unthinkable heaven of pleasure. Her pussy constricts so hard it basically tries to milk me dry, increasing my own high too.

    I wait for her to finally stop shaking, shivering and literally jerking up and down in this intense orgasm, the biggest one she most likely ever had, and I had ever seen. Note to self, nibble on elf ears during sex.

    It finally dies down. She still is a steaming and panting mess though. I help Elea rotate herself and I rest on her soft body, using those bountiful breasts as a pillow. She starts brushing through my hair while gasping for air.

    “I think… haaaah... I fell even more… for you… my Saviour... Haaaaah…”

    I chuckle, making her boobs jiggle. “You sure you didn’t fall for my dick instead?”

    She giggles too. “That may be so, but it’s the owner that matters, right?”

    We both laugh until she drags me up for a kiss. After resting for a few minutes. I princess-carry my Princess back to the bath where we wash each other thoroughly. She ends up washing a certain part of my body with her mouth though. I just can’t say no when Elea gazes at me pleadingly.
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    Chapter 48 – Destined for Greatness
    After she finishes having a taste of me, Elea switches back into her maid mode and washes me thoroughly again while making sure that I get the best possible view of her every nook and cranny as she moves around. At some point, she starts preparing herself to clean that part of my body with her impressive breasts, but I quickly stop her or we would have a repeat of the result of her previous cleaning attempt with her mouth.

    We then rest our backs on the edge of the pool and cuddle together in the warm water. Elea is sitting by my side while stealing my left arm from me and drowning it between her soft, chocolate breasts, hugging it tightly to her heart. She lays her head on my shoulder and a contended yet elegant smile paints her lips.

    I slowly move my right hand to her head and brush a lock of hair behind her pointy ear. She opens her eyes after I gently graze over its edge in admiration, pushing her cheek into my hand as her smile grows wider.

    “And to think that I was literally robbing myself out of such bliss for almost two hundred years…” she says to me.

    “Are you regretting becoming a Princess?” I ask curiously.

    Elea ponders for a moment. Her gaze wanders all over my body, starting at my face and ending at my crotch, where the ferocious beast is currently taking its rest. She squeezes my arm into her boobs even more and looks back up at me.

    “While it certainly was hard to live in solitude after some point, I don’t think I regret choosing that path. I enjoyed most of the time I spent tending to my responsibilities. And besides, I’m sure that if I didn't become a Princess and save myself for so long, I wouldn’t have a chance to meet you. In the end, it was surely all worth it. The Goddess sent me the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

    She raises herself a little and leaves a peck on my cheek.

    “Who would have thought that a Dark Elf Princess would dream of a Human?” I say jokingly.

    Elea chuckles. “The fact that I don’t remember the dream doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

    “Right. Sometimes you just forget them. I guess the Goddess was kind enough to pick it up for you.” I let out a little laugh.

    “I still think this is just one of them though… That I’m just lying asleep in a cage, waiting to be delivered for the auction… It’s just too good to be true...”

    I move my hand from her ear to her cheek again and turn Elea's face towards mine, instantly diving forward to steal her lips. A little surprised at first, she quickly starts playing an active part in this little show of affection, sending her own tongue to meet mine in the middle. We exchange a few loving kisses and I don’t even notice when she manages to let go of my arm and climb onto me from the front, being the one to assault my mouth from above while holding my face up with her hands.

    We finally separate after almost running out of breath. “Does it still feel like a dream?” I ask with a grin as I pant.

    Elea chuckles and grinds her breasts into my chest while she looks at me from a little above. “I’m not sure. I think I need to verify it more to fully discern what is real and what might be fake.”

    I sneakily move my hand to one of her considerable mounds and gently pull on her nipple, just hard enough to evoke a cute yelp from the dark elf lady straddling my waist.

    “And now? They say pinching is the best way to wake up from a dream,” I say as I move the other hand too and give Elea’s pointy tips a few pleasant squeezes.

    She catches both of my wrists and pulls them up and to the back, pinning them to the floor over the edge of the pool, presenting me with a full view of the domineering mountains right in my face in the process. Before I have any time to react, Elea rushes for my lips, completely overwhelming me with the fierceness of her approach.

    I’m literally being at the mercy of this beautiful, dark-skinned woman as she rains passionate kisses down onto me, leaving me almost no space for breathing. Whenever I catch a window to resupply my oxygen stock, she almost instantly seals my lips like those high-tech pressurized doors that do not let a single atom pass through. I know that she won’t let me suffocate and that it’s pretty much the result of my teasing, so I let Elea ravage the insides of my mouth as she pleases.

    When she senses that I’m slowly approaching the limit of how long I can survive solely on my sheer will, Elea gives me the last, insanely deep and powerful kiss before finally releasing me from her sweet torture. I instantly gasp for breath with my mouth shooting wide like a fish out of the water. She also looks winded as hell, but a little better than me. Elea rests her forehead against mine and stares intently into my eyes with a sultry gaze while we both huff and puff straight at each other’s faces without any restraint.

    “Haaaah… Haaaah… Are all… Princesses like this…?” It’s hard to control my face in such a state so I’m only able to show a semi-broken, wry smile.

    She somehow manages to fit a giggle in between panting for air. “Only those… that didn’t get any dick… for almost 200 years… huff….”

    “Truly, that was the most ferocious kissing session I’ve ever experienced, haaaah…”

    Elea places one more kiss on my lips and slowly slides down to my chest. “I apologize. It’s really hard to control myself after finally experiencing the joy of being this close with someone.”

    I brush through her hair with one hand. “Do you like being the dominant one? I ask playfully.

    “I don’t know. It was my first time doing all of this, but… just now I felt… kind of ecstatic seeing you under me like that. I hope you didn’t hate it.” She glances up at me with just a tiny bit of worry in her eyes.

    “Hate? No way. Instead, I can’t help myself but imagine how it would be if you went all out on me, hahaha.”

    I swear Elea’s heart has just thumped so hard I felt it through her back and in my chest. It looks like there might be something to this actually. So far, all the girls were the types who enjoy more being on the receiving end, so that’s certainly new. Well, besides Safi and Emi. I’m not sure how to categorize them as it’s pretty certain that they would do whatever I told them. That still counts as a sub to some extent, right?

    Meanwhile, I feel like Elea is a switch like me, but leaning heavily on the dom side. She definitely enjoyed getting pounded and teased, yet I’m starting to notice more and more details convincing me that she would much more prefer to be in the lead. Even back when we did it recently.

    I decide to follow that hunch. “So, what do you say about doing whatever you want to me during our next fun together?” I ask and brush over her alluring tummy with my hand as she lies with her back on me, now directing her gaze forwards. “I’m sure that this little session we had didn’t fill the hole left in your heart by those tough two hundred years of suffering.”

    She trembles a little and I can feel her hand slowly making its way lower and lower over my body. I start to think that I might have teased her a little too much and we’ll end up setting that plan into the motion much quicker than I expected, but Elea actually stops her fingers just short of my nether regions and places them on my thigh, squeezing it gently.

    “I think I would love to try that, Master Alastair.” I feel a kiss on my neck and her hands move back up to embrace mine lying above her waist. We sit a moment in silence before she continues with a different topic. “I know that you are currently looking for more girls to serve in the brothel—”

    “Okay, I’ll have to stop you there.” I interrupt her in the middle of the sentence. “Elea, do you seriously think that I would even consider asking that of you after you have pretty much announced that I’m the one you want to dedicate yourself to after ending your servitude to the Goddess?” I ask her in full seriousness.

    “You remembered…”

    I squeeze her hand which has been above mine. “Of course I did. This was like an hour ago. You didn’t expect me to just ignore or forget those words like they were some insignificant flattery, did you?” Her soft smile clearly states that she did. “To me, it was pretty much like a vow, or a confession if you would like. I am quite aware that you most likely meant that as devoting everything to me and doing whatever I would ask of you, but as a recipient of such a thing I could never use it against your zealous nature. I’m sure there was a hidden meaning of being only with me somewhere in that, like you were only with the Goddess for all those years. Tell me if I am wrong.”

    Elea reciprocates my hold and pulls my arms more into herself. I can feel her being really happy through our bond.

    “You are right. I wish to devote myself to you, my Saviour, Master and also lover. I’m sorry for mistakenly bringing that up and I’m really glad you have noticed. Thank you.”

    “It’s okay. There will be plenty of girls willing to work in that department with time. That said, as much as there’s literally nothing shameful in having sex with many people because you either enjoy it or its part of your work or even both and more, at the same time it’s exactly the same with devoting yourself to one person. So, I really hope you will not be feeling down due to all this. Always focus on what makes you happy and follow your feelings.”

    Elea giggles a bit. “Ah, sorry! It’s just that, you really are completely different from Humans in this world.”

    I shake my head and sigh. “Trust me, it’s not that better in mine. Especially for the girls working in that field. It’s like everyone just forgets they are girls and women too, having full rights to fall in love while at the same time working with their bodies. It’s like being a prostitute crosses someone out from being able to love and be loved by default. But they are people like anyone else. That part is their job, a job they might enjoy, but it’s not even close to having a real boyfriend or someone close to lean on and get together. Just, so many people don’t understand that. But well, that’s just how the world is built. I really hope some of those girls will find a guy that will accept them for who they are.”

    She wiggles herself a bit and I’m sure she does that so I get a better feel of her amazing body pressing over mine and looks at me with something akin to a proud smile.

    “I feel like if you would have opened a brothel back in your world, the girls there would have been the happiest in the whole realm, having someone like this watching over them. I’m now sure that it will be the same here. I bet someone has already mentioned this to you, but here, a lot of non-human races are much less reserved towards getting passionate with multiple partners without specifically nourishing a deep emotion with them than Humans are, so my advice will be, approach them straight up about the subject. You would be surprised by how many won’t mind. But of course, it still depends on the person, like in my case, fufufu~.”

    Elea, like the other girls, encourages me to follow through with my idea and definitely tries to get rid of some of my insecurities. I hug her closer and place a soft kiss on her collarbone.

    “Thank you for the tip, I’ll keep it in mind.”

    “And I will think of ways to help with the shortage of girls too.”

    I raise an eyebrow at her but Elea just giggles. She definitely has something in mind.

    “As you wish. Okay, let’s get out, we’ve been sitting here for quite some time. Others will start worrying soon.”

    That said, she doesn’t let me move an inch and keeps herself on me. Elea looks up with pleading eyes.

    “Could we stay like this for a little longer? It’s so pleasant being embraced from behind…”

    I chuckle and fix our postures a bit, enveloping Elea’s body with my arms again. She comfortably rests the back of her head on my shoulder and sighs while relaxing. I decide to use that moment to check our Statuses and other things. First, the bond.


    “It’s my second time seeing it, but… Siv’ieanr… It just sounds very royal,” I speak my thoughts out loud.

    Elea shivers a little hearing her own surname.

    “Oh, sorry, did I butcher that?” I ask worriedly.

    She shakes her head. “No, it couldn’t be any better. I just forgot that you can see a person’s true name after you register them as Partners. You really have a talent in languages, Master.”

    “Well, I may have learned it earnestly, but I think that I’m able to speak it so well only thanks to the Linguist skill. It kinda feels weird when whatever you say comes out as perfect speech after you completely master a language.” I dive back into my thoughts again after this short exchange.

    So, we start at the second level of the bond. I think it’s normal. We haven’t known each other for long and Elea definitely didn’t get completely smitten with me instantly, even though we did start our journey together with a lot of favourability from her towards me.

    I can understand the Bond Type, but what’s with that description? From all the previous experiences, I can deduce that it’s how the girl views us, I think. So, in her mind, I’m her destined lover I guess. That’s kinda to be expected with how religious she is. But, in case that it’s not just how my Partners view me, it actually gives me slight creeps to think that it’s the Goddess behind all this. She did create the System in the first place, right? It’s supposed to just show, not affect, but has anyone confirmed she doesn’t actually influence it? I’m quite certain not. You would have to confront her personally to ask and I don’t think that happened like ever. And certainly won’t happen anytime soon.

    Then, I summon both of our Statuses and place them side by side. I make them visible so that Elea can take a glance too. She is aware of what I can do and how it looks in general, but this will be her first time having a full view of it.

    First, I focus on hers.


    As expected from her story about becoming a Princess under the age of 100, she definitely served for almost two hundred years if not more now that she is 273 years old. As far as I know, for a Dark Elf, that’s something like almost one-third of their maximal lifespan. To me, it’s quite a lot, but to her, it’s just a small part of her life. It still depends on the person though. The average lifespan in the past was noted as something around six or seven hundred.」

    Her being a Tier 3 is actually not that surprising. She spent most of her life in servitude and it shows from the level of her skills too, but she definitely didn’t see that much fighting while she was tending to the shrine and all the rituals, so there weren’t that many opportunities to raise her Tier. I feel like she will advance with my help soon though. As for her stats, INT is really high, but it seems like she isn’t that good on other ones. No wonder she focused on her talent in magic.

    Elea is intently going through my window so I join her to check the change, although I can pretty much guess the increase with the level of our bond and her base stats.


    And it’s as I expected. An increase of around four points in most areas and like eight in INT. Our connection is too weak for it to have a bigger impact, but even with just this, it’s a lot. I can imagine how the numbers would look if I got with many girls even at the first level of a relationship. Broken. But well, it’s not like I have a way to utilize those stats efficiently besides via skills and spells. I can't jump over the walls that are called Human physique and aptitude. Still, at some point, it’s possible for my stats to get so high the impact will be truly visible in everyday life. I already feel stronger with just this.

    “To have such high stats at such a low Tier… Even some races that specialize in different fields don’t reach these levels early. If not for the Human body this would be amazing,” Elea comments exactly what I was thinking about.

    “Yeah, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m happy a lot with what I have, though,” I add.

    She then averts her gaze from the window, nuzzles into my neck and plants a kiss there. “We just have to find you enough girls to let the sheer numerical increase in your stats overcome the Human limits, isn’t that right, Master?” she speaks in a playful tone.

    I glance down at her. “Really now?” Elea giggles, satisfied with her tease.

    “So, these bonuses in my window come from all the other girls, right? And I will actually get more the closer we get, yes? It may not look like a lot when compared to yours, but it actually is,” she asks a few questions.

    “Yeah, pretty much. But don’t think about it too deeply. It’s not like any of us can force ourselves to like or love the other more on-demand. I’m sure that it will grow fast nevertheless. It’s not like it’s one-sided, my dear Princess,” I say to her with a smile and begin pondering over something while staring at the window.

    Elea smiles too at my declaration but notices the change in my expression. “What are you thinking about?”

    “Hm? Ah, nothing. Just about how this whole thing works in my case. You know, the whole more Partners and deeper bonds translating into tiering up. I’ve had a few… meetings with other girls since my last upgrade, so I was just analysing stuff,” I answer her question.

    “And it looks like adding me to your evergrowing harem didn’t give you enough points to reach the next Tier, huh,” she says jokingly.

    I chuckle. “Oh please, you make me look like some jerk who scores girls to get stronger.”

    “But that’s true, isn’t it?” She chuckles too. “It’s just how your Class works. Without sugarcoating it. At least the part about you growing stronger with the help of the girls that accept you. And the fact that you are using it with so much consideration for every one of us is just… very lovely… But in the end, pursuing more girls is pretty much your destiny with this Class, isn’t it?”

    “Come on, Elea. Next thing you will say is that the Goddess herself picked it specifically for me when I crossed worlds and thus I’m pretty much permitted to go after any girl and they should be happy to be chosen since I’m a Hero.”

    She laughs openly and I chuckle too. “I mean, that’s a possibility. We don’t know,” she adds.

    I pull her up more and rotate Elea’s body so that we get into a lotus position and I give her a little kiss on the lips. “Right, right. If I ever get the chance to meet her, I’ll ask about it.”

    Elea’s eyes widen a little at such a bizarre statement and I actually get a bit anxious for a moment if I didn’t go too far with my little joke, but she quickly switches into a full-blown smile.

    “You have to promise to tell me... every... single... detail... about her if that happens.” She breaks the sentence with more soft kisses in the middle, showing me just how much she desires to learn anything about the Goddess straight from the real source.

    I nod. “You got it. I’ll even let Cornelia cast Mind Bridge on us so that you can see it for yourself from the inside of my head.”

    She jumps at me joyfully and squashes her ample bosom into my chest while embracing me with a tight and loving hug. With her latched onto me, I finally move both of us out of the bath, getting a good feel of Elea’s plump ass on my way to the dressing room. Along with the jittery sensation of her breasts pushing against me with every step. I think I’ve already met the goddess. Of lust and beauty.

    We wipe each other with towels next. Elea still keeps seductively making all the juicy parts of her body wobble and sway as much as she can, giggling to herself after seeing how it influences my little friend down there, standing pretty much to attention for the whole process of us drying up.

    I get my revenge as I help with her hair, sensually rubbing my hard rod all over her back, poking it forward around her sides from time to time and swiftly escaping her hands trying to get a hold of it for herself. When I’m finally done, she looks completely turned on and a little frustrated. I flash her a smirk and start dressing up. Two can play this game, my naughty Princess.

    After we leave the bath, I question Elea about our new friend and she pretty much confirms what I expected by saying that Astrea was very suspicious of her the whole time, but she managed to make her relax a bit and wash her body thoroughly. Her hair was in an especially bad state.

    Elea then proceeds to smile at me widely as she explains that while Astrea is currently very thin and malnourished, she will definitely be back up to my standards in a flash with Sirgia’s cooking, and I should wait a bit before getting a feel of her. And she assures me that there definitely are things pleasant to the eye at the catgirl’s disposal.

    I roll my eyes and berate her jokingly, knowing very well that she is just playing with me due to our last conversation. Well… for the most part. I get a feeling that she’s still very much up for believing in my fated mission to bed as many girls as I can in the name of the Goddess. And I don’t think I’ll be able to convince the former priestess otherwise. Why does this idea sound like a plotline to some cheap smut novel? For fuck’s sake…

    Nevertheless, it’s not like I’ll have a chance to do that in the near future. Similar to Sirgia, Astrea must have gone through a lot, but in her case, she didn’t use to be a slave for a lot of time and didn’t accept that as part of her life, so it will take time before she even stops looking at everyone here like they are her possible enemies. Not even talking about opening up or reaching the point where she would be fine with getting closer to me. That’s life on the streets for you.

    We finally split and Elea goes to check on the other elves as her responsibilities as a headmaid require. It’s quite too soon for me to head to bed yet, even though we spent more time in the bath that I assumed I would. That is if I was alone.

    I send a sensory ping around the mansion to see what everyone is doing. Elea found Roseni and is currently in the middle of a conversation with her. From what I can feel, I’m pretty sure the topic is her recent ascension from virginhood.

    Nice checking on your subordinates, Elea. The first thing you do is boast about having sex with me to another girl.

    I shake my head and move past them. My slimes seem to be actually sparring with Cinra and Leyne in the underground. Sirgia is obviously working on something in her sacred workshop. Neira is also in her studio, accompanied by Filue, which… looks to be in a slightly weird position in front of the former. She may be holding something in place? I have no idea what the two dark-skinned girls are cooking up together, but I don’t think I should intrude on their work or fun, whichever it is.

    As for the rest of the residents that I can actually sense, Teffith is doing pushups in her room. I guess a before-the-bed routine workout or something. She did give the vibes of someone who likes to keep herself in the best possible shape.

    The last person I find is of course Cornelia. She sits on a chair in one of the rooms on the upper floor and seems to be speaking. Since she doesn’t have a habit of talking to herself, I can only conclude that she is in the room that was given to Astrea and is currently engaged in conversation with the catgirl, who I obviously can’t sense there.

    Out of all of them, visiting Sirgia looks like the only non-intrusive option tonight. Somehow, I keep meeting up with her really often when compared to other girls. I mean, I do like her a lot and I enjoy spending time with my cute dwarf, but I really do hope that other girls won’t take that as showing favouritism. It’s just that she is always alone in her forge! Well, she might be actually busy, but still.

    So, I head down, greet the fighting group with a kind smile and a wave of my hand, and enter the artificer’s den. Contradictory to all my previous visits, I don’t find her still huddled on a chair by her desk but I get lightly body-slammed the very moment I pass through the doorstep and the adorable dwarf hugs me tightly while rubbing her face into my chest with a faint smile.

    I let her nuzzle to me for a moment before crouching down and giving her a small peck on the cheek.

    “What got you so worked up tonight? I sensed you hunching over something just minutes ago,” I confront my lovely shortie.

    “And I felt Master coming down too so I ran to give you a hug. Master always waits for me to finish patiently. And besides, congratulations,” she explains with a soft tone.

    I furrow my brows a bit. “For what?”

    “Master finally did it with Elea, no?” She tilts her head and asks like it’s your daily thing.

    My mouth opens a little from surprise. “How did you know? Did you guys plan this like in Cornelia’s case?”

    Sirgia shows a faint smile again and shakes her head. “No. At least I knew nothing if there was such a thing. I just suddenly felt warm recently and like reinvigorated or even a little bit stronger, so I pulled up my Status menu and noticed that my values slightly changed. Then I tried to sense where Master is and found you in the bath, also being able to feel Elea much clearer than before, so I assumed that Master had finally made love to her and turned her into a proper Partner,” Sirgia describes her deduction step by step.

    I chuckle to myself and slap my forehead.


    “Did you also feel that way when I did it with Cornelia?” I ask.

    Sirgia nods. “Yes, although, it was stronger at that time.”

    Hahaha, goddammit. So, basically, every time I bone a new girl, all of my current Partners that receive additional stats know about it almost instantly. And I guess they get ‘pinged’ when my Bond Level grows with someone too, which is most likely to happen during passionate time anyway. Why haven’t I thought of that? It’s kinda embarrassing, but also would be really bad if I ever tried to lie to any of them about doing it as they would be aware of the fact beforehand. It’s pretty much forcing the owner of the Class to not hide anything from their Partners, no secrets, no anything. Well, I didn’t plan on having any in the first place, but good to know.

    I scoop my little dwarf into my arms and walk with Sirgia to her desk, patting her head affectionately. “Thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t aware of that. I now understand how weird this might feel to suddenly sense another person inside our little connection.”

    She giggles a bit under my hand. “It’s okay, Master. I actually feel a little sorry since it’s like an announcement that you did it with someone while you might have wished to tell us properly after, not in the middle of things, which feels like a huge violation of Master’s privacy. And that other person’s too. Suddenly a lot of people learn that they had sex with Master without them consenting on sharing that information.”

    I sit down on her chair and place the smiling Sirgia on my lap. “You are right. It does seem kinda rude when put that way. But I don’t think we can do anything about it so let’s leave this for now. Better tell me what my charming Master Artificer is up to recently.”

    She giggles again and plants a quick kiss on my lips before leaning over her desk and unrolling a medium-sized parchment. I instantly recognize the shape of our pendants here and there amongst the sea of scribbles, runes, glyphs, lines, statistical numbers and such. She is still working hard on trying to figure out spatial infusions for them.

    “Cornelia is helping me a lot with this project, but it’s a very hard one and the knowledge she can find in the Royal Library is limited when it comes to that subject. It doesn’t seem that Humans are willing to share their crafting and production secrets with others of their kind, that’s if they actually have them,” she fills me up on the progress. “I, unfortunately, lack some crucial information on enchanting and infusing a specific kind of Spatial Magic into crystallized vessels via joint synthesis of aforementioned methods, without having access to extremely expensive and rare junction catalyst called Behemoth’s Scaletear and high-class tinkering appliances with precision guaranteed on at least zero point zero two microunits.”

    She sighs really heavily after this whole bunch of professional magiscience talk and looks up at me with an apologetic expression. Seeing my wide eyes from listening to her awesome monologue, she most likely takes it as a sign of disappointment and drops her head down dejectedly, gripping her clothes with her small fists tightly.

    “Even though Master provided me with so much… I’m still having so many problems… If only I studied more at home instead of skipping lessons to waste time attempting to create pointless artifacts, I would have definitely been more useful now… I’m a failure of an artificer—”

    I quickly place my own hand on her cute fingers and hug her as close as I can, using the other one to gently brush through her cinnamon brown hair.

    “Shush now or I will get angry. The only pointless thing here is you beating yourself down over something like this. You are not a failure, you are the best artificer I could have dreamed of. You are way more useful than I would want to admit. I forbid you from thinking otherwise. Is that clear enough?”

    I can feel her head brush against my chest in a nodding motion. “Uhn…”

    “Good. And I better not catch you repeating this mistake or I will have to punish you.”

    I start tickling Sirgia around her neck until some soft giggles escape her mouth. She then takes a deep breath and pulls herself up using her hands which moved onto my vest and leaves a slightly longer kiss on my lips. We stay in each other’s embrace in silence until I get a certain thought in my head.

    “Say, Sirgia… have you ever thought about returning home?” I ask.

    Her small body jolts a little and she looks back up at me anxiously. I smile kindly and pat her head again to clear her mind out of those completely silly worries that might have just surfaced with my question. And she quickly realizes that I don’t mean to send her away, making her blush shyly from even considering that possibility.

    “I… when I was still a slave, I did. Many times. But now… after Master saved me… I… ummmm… I…” The rosiness on her cheeks increases a bit more and she keeps averting her gaze from me.

    “You what?” I pry a little further.

    “I… it will sound weird, but I don’t want to leave your side anymore… I want to always stay with you and be… Master’s little dwarf… so… I don’t anymore…”

    Moving my hand to her cheek, I graze it softly with my thumb. “It’s anything but weird. I’m really happy to hear that.” She smiles clearly. “But, if it was just a visit, having me with you, would you want it?”

    Sirgia's eyes widen momentarily and she repositions herself to sit on my lap on her knees while facing me. “Really?” she asks with almost sparkling eyes.

    “Of course.”

    “Then… then yes! I would love to! I could try to gather as many useful things and information as possible there! It would help us a lot!” she eagerly agrees.

    I chuckle and poke her forehead a few times. “Silly. I meant it as having a trip to your birthplace to not keep you holed up in my cellar forever. And perhaps checking on your family and peers. Shouldn’t that be your priority instead of trying to be even more useful to me? I don’t think you have even sent them a letter since your capture, did you?”

    “Ehehe~. Sorry.” She giggles embarrassingly. “No, I didn’t. But it’s okay. It’s normal for Dwarves to travel to gain more knowledge and experience so it’s not like they are that worried about me. And I don’t really have anything to tell them about besides being enslaved, so…”

    “I understand. We’ll wait until you create something worthy of boasting about to your elders. It’s not like we can depart anytime soon. It was just a thought.”

    She nods. “Uhn.”

    “Okay. Enough of overworking yourself for today. You are coming to bed with me so I can cuddle all those negative thoughts that remain in your body out for good,” I say, let her down onto the floor and position myself to suggest a piggyback ride while smiling back at her over my shoulder.

    She blushes heavily again but after a moment walks closer and hops onto my back, enveloping my neck with her arms and her cute face soon appears near mine from behind. We move to my room and I let her cuddle to me in the bed sweetly before she falls asleep in my embrace first. I wish I could help with her problems, but there's no one better than Cornelia to do that, so I can't really see a way for me to join the struggle. I'll just have to convince my little dwarf to take it slow.

    Nevertheless, I get to sleep too. Tomorrow is another working night and I should be focusing on improving everything for it. And preparing for receiving a few new arrivals from Selina the day after. And helping Astrea fit herself here. There's just so much to do. Cornelia is right. I have no chance of covering every single aspect alone.
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    Chapter 49 – Like the Good, Old Times ❤
    Some weird nudges wake me up. Opening my eyes, I judge it is early morning, an hour or two before we planned to end our peaceful slumber. My gaze falls onto the adorable dwarf lying by my side, slightly curled into herself. I notice the uncomfortable expression on Sirgia’s face and some occasional shivering. She must have hit me during one of the trembles. I don’t need to be an expert in body language or a mind reader to realize that she is having a nightmare.

    I place a hand on her warm back and pull Sirgia closer to hug her tightly, at the same time using the other one to slowly brush through her hair with as much gentleness and care as I can muster. Her face relaxes a little bit, but the small tremors still persist for a while longer before her breathing calms down and she rests her head on my chest.

    Soon after, Sirgia opens her eyes and glances up. Looks like my caresses did a bit more than just calming her down. I smile at her while keeping my hand on the back of her head.

    “Morning. Bad dream?”

    She looks back down. “Uhn. I’m sorry for waking you up, Master.”

    With a sigh, I pull her face back up by her chin and rest my forehead against hers.

    “Don’t be. I’d rather not sleep than have you like that by my side. Everything okay?”

    Sirgia shows a faint smile. “Yes. Thank you. It was just a memory from… the tortures…” she explains, moving her hand towards her left eye and touching the whitish scar with her fingers.

    I grab them into my grasp and rub the back of her palm reassuringly. “I will never allow something like that to happen to you again. I promise. And don’t worry about that scar, I—”

    A gentle peck on my lips halts the words before they manage to come out. Sirgia lovingly plants small kisses on my mouth, with a cute smile. I let myself be lost in the pleasurable, little tingles the short and soft connections make. After a moment, she finally backs away.

    “I’m not worried about it. It’s a reminder of one of my most precious moments with Master. I don’t want to get rid of it. Ever,” she says and pulls herself as close as she can to snuggle to me affectionately.

    While doing so, her petite hand grazes over my chest, going lower and lower. I notice her gaze also dropping again. Sirgia's fingers stop under my navel, just short of the material of my shorts. She waits for a moment before moving further and brushing over the visible protrusion in the form of a lying log. Then, she retracts her hand a bit and slides her fingers under the strap, lifting the covers just a little.

    “It’s so hard…” she mutters.

    That was obvious just from looking at the visible bulge. There was no need to lift the material up. I chuckle a little.

    “Don’t tell me that Dwarves don’t get morning wood.”

    Sirgia giggles, leaving my underwear alone. “It’s not like I have ever seen one, but I think they do.” She sits up and glances down at me. “It will be uncomfortable for you to walk like this. It’s my responsibility to help relieve Master of this tension.”

    I sigh while shaking my head and also raise myself, leaning towards her again. We exchange a slightly more intimate kiss as I brush my hand over her slim waist. The sight of such a lovely and petite girl sitting in front of you just in cute panties is like an exotic dream. And I get to see this dream every time we sleep together.

    “There’s no need,” I say after we finally separate. “It will go down soon. Come on, we have lots of things to do today.”

    Sirgia uses her strength to push me back down onto the bed and playfully grabs my arms as if she is locking me in place.

    “No can do, Master. Like you relieved me from my struggle, I should also help with yours, so please, let me return the favour,” she says while staring straight into my eyes, averting hers after a moment. “Besides… Master’s buff… would certainly be helpful to my work…”

    There’s not much I can do here. I can’t be so heartless to decline such a request. I peck her lips once more and decide to go with it.

    “Okay. It’s all yours. Just don’t strain yourself like the last time.”

    Sirgia smiles and lets go of my arms. “I won’t make the same mistake twice. I have my pride as an artificer!” She puffs out her small chest and moves down to my waist.

    She wastes no time and slides my underwear off, releasing the completely awake beast from its cage and it springs up happily. Before acting in any way, Sirgia stares the lewd tower down as an even wider smile makes its way to her lips. She lays herself down onto her belly from my side and moves closer to the twitching pole.

    Her petite hands soon start prodding the tender meat before she begins to lovingly graze the shaft with them. As they slide up and down, she leans closer and touches the lowest part of the structure with her lips, leaving a gentle peck on it. Then, she peppers the whole length with quick kisses until she reaches the top of this pulsating mast.

    Letting her tongue out, Sirgia starts giving the glans careful licks all around while using her hands to pleasure the other parts. One is pumping the shaft, squeezing it at uneven intervals, and the other focuses on massaging the bag holding the precious jewels.

    She glances my way and our eyes connect. I give her a thumbs up and try to show a satisfied smile. Seeing that, Sirgia doubles her efforts and increases the pace, leaving the tip alone for a moment. Instead of focusing completely on the rest of my cock as I thought, she pulls herself a bit closer and supports her body on her elbows. Next, she opens her mouth wide and very carefully takes my dick inside from above.


    It’s only the tip that went in, but that’s already plenty. Her tongue starts energetically swirling over it while she tries to apply pleasurable sucks along the way. And her hands don’t slow down in the slightest, still pumping the rod or playing with my balls. She does it way better than the last time. The difference is like night and day. The glans don’t graze over her teeth even once in a whole minute of her amazing performance.

    “Haaaaah… How did you get so good at blowjobs? Nhhhhn...” I ask and moan slightly when Sirgia’s tongue starts intensely tickling the spot just under the head of my penis.

    She gives it one more, strong suck and guides the staff out of her mouth, again, without any discomfort for me. She blushes heavily while dropping her gaze, sending me only some side glances. She keeps the massage up.

    “Ummm… It’s… embarrassing to say…'' she speaks in a quiet tone.

    I chuckle. “Talking is embarrassing but sucking a cock isn’t?”

    “It’s different…”

    “If you don’t want to answer, then that’s fine.”

    She shakes her head. “No... I… I kind of… created a replica of Master’s penis…”

    I raise my brow. Now, that is something I did not expect to hear in the slightest. I’m not sure how I feel about that fact. Suddenly a random thought surges into my mind and the whole process of Sirgia making copies of my dick and us then proceeding to sell those toys in an on-site store, getting them so popular that there’s not a single girl in the kingdom that isn’t dreaming of getting her hands on one, flashes in front of my eyes.

    Good gods… That’s so weird… Hahahaha...

    The increasingly red face of clearly waiting for response Sirgia brings me back from my fantasies.

    “And? How does that relate to my question?” I ask, even though I can already guess the answer.

    “After the first time… I wanted to practice making you feel better with my mouth… so that I don’t cause you pain… and then I got the idea to craft an imitation of your penis… so one night I hid a special, mana-sensitive mould under the bed, snuck into the room when you were sleeping and… played a bit with your thing and shaped the form when it was hard… Safi and Emi helped me a little...”

    As I listen to the story step by step, I grow more and more surprised. I would have never suspected my shy, little dwarf to go sneak into my room and pretty much take measurements of my dick while I am out. That also explains the weird, chilly feeling I had around my crotch after waking up one day. Honestly, I’m amazed. But it looks like it’s not all.

    “After that, using the techniques and ideas you showed me… I recreated it with an elastic material… and since then… I’ve been using it to practice and train my mouth… I’m sorry…” She apologizes sincerely as if she had done something really bad and insulting.

    “Sirgia. Come here,” I call to her and she stops the caresses to move up.

    I pull her towards my chest and let her lie on it while I go for a deep kiss. I intrude on her mouth without a warning and our tongues clash with each other. I fiercely explore her insides while also embracing her back with my hands. Her cute, warm breasts press onto my skin and I think she begins to rub herself up and down on me.

    Finally releasing the poor dwarf from my clutches, I leave Sirgia slightly panting.

    “I am a little shocked at this revelation, but on the other hand, I’m much more impressed that you came up with such a thing and even pulled it off. So, you have my full permission to use it however you like, be it for licking or having some fun when I’m not around. Honestly, that was such a surprise, you little vixen.” I laugh a little and playfully pinch her cheeks.

    She giggles happily. “Thank you. I still think the original is incomparable. I haven’t tried putting it in down there yet, but I would much rather just wait to do it with you again instead.” She pecks me once more. “Let me show you the results of my training, Master.”

    I let her go and Sirgia crawls back to the lower part of my body. She sits on her knees by my waist and resumes her caresses using both hands to stroke the shaft this time, and takes the tip back inside her mouth. A little shiver rushes through my body after I feel her warmth around my dick again.

    Her tongue is now back in action, joyfully coiling around the glans and she slides my cock inside, bit by bit more until it pokes the back of her throat. Impressive. By now, she would have normally panicked at least a little and forcefully closed her mouth, but instead, she begins moving back and forth, giving me a truly proper blowjob. She really must have spent a lot of time on this.

    “Huuuh… You really exceeded my expectations… That’s some pro—ngh?!”

    She stops bobbing her head, takes back her hands and takes my dick as far as she can until it hits her throat again. At first, I assume that she’s just going to switch moves or something, but Sirgia suddenly begins very slowly pushing my cock even further in, and I’m interrupted mid-sentence as the sensation of my rock-hard penis sliding down her moist tunnel hits my brain.

    It takes her a while, but she actually manages to gobble my whole damn dick up to the very root. The insane pleasure of my rod being squeezed by her unimaginably tight canal assaults my whole body and mind, resulting in the thick rod furiously twitching in excitement. I can clearly feel every single tremble due to having my meat surrounded by the fleshy walls of her small throat. I have not a single clue how she doesn’t gag with all of this, but the struggle is clearly visible on her strained face, with tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

    If that wasn’t enough, while deep-throating my whole cock, she uses one hand to knead my jewels even more and moves the finger of the other one to softly tickle my anus. I already was not that far from getting off even before we had that little break to talk, but with all this, my dick is pulsing so hard I’m going to explode at every possible moment.

    “Ohhhh, fuck meee… Sirgia! Pull up! Nhhhhhnnngggg! I’m going to cum!” I grunt at her as fast as I can.

    She’s already past her limits and she doesn’t need me to additionally flood her throat with cum. It could end badly. Fortunately, she listens and I watch as her visibly bulging throat slowly returns to its former shape while she fulfils my request.


    That movement evokes even more pleasure and I focus my all on the Title’s effect to not bust a nut midway. Seconds feel like hours, but she finally reaches the top and as soon as I sense my glans on her tongue in between her cheeks, I release all of the pent-up desire and shoot multiple waves of milky-white liquid straight into her mouth, each one even more ferocious than the previous load.

    Sirgia still keeps licking and sucking, trying to increase the height of my orgasm even more, taming the wild beast which is assaulting the inside of her cute lips. After a moment, I finally stop twitching and spewing more of the creamy delicacy. I feel a careful lick coil around my glans and she frees my penis with a loud pop. Soon after, I watch as Sirgia cutely swallows all of my semen in little gulps. She then shows a proud smile. It would be great if there weren’t any tears flowing down her flushed cheeks.

    I raise myself instantly and pull her into a hug, giving my lovely dwarf a gentle kiss.

    “You little… Should have warned me about this. Do you think I’m blind?” I brush those wet spots off her face. “I told you to not take it too far.”

    She nuzzles her face into my collarbone. “Sorry. I really wanted to do this for you. And it wasn’t painful. The tears came out from me holding the gagging back. Was it bad?” she asks concernedly.

    “No, it was incredible. Just please, let me know beforehand about things like this. Surprises are nice, but can also be scary. I appreciate your effort though. I could feel how much work you put in that,” I say while patting her head.

    “It’s natural, because… I love you, Master,” she whispers.

    “I know. I love you too, my cute, little dwarf. You really don’t need to prove it this hard.”

    We stay cuddled up together for a few moments longer before heading to my personal shower for a quick wash. To return the returned favour, I spend some time to take good care of her hair, glancing at her status window on the side and confirming that she got a 30% buff from her performance.

    I have a feeling that at some point this might be a daily occurrence if the duration doesn’t rise in the future. Well, I don’t mind. I should start distributing kisses to my lovely partners already. Damn. This sounds so wrong and… capitalistic. But hey, it’s free stats.

    Since it’s still shortly before the main breakfast hour, we prepare something together. It always makes Sirgia happy and I love seeing her smile. During the meal, the atmosphere is way better than I expected. It’s not even close to the silence and tension from when Teffith joined. Astrea still looks wary, but listens to others suggestions and even talks a little bit. Cornelia sends me a wink and I assume she had something to do with that during the time I felt her speaking yesterday.

    Everyone, of the key members of this household, knows that we are open again tonight and leave to take care of their own stuff before we gather together before evening. I so wish I could head to Selina’s already, but it would be improper when we both agreed on the date. The lack of personnel bugs me more than before after the talks I had with girls, especially Elea in the bath.

    No use thinking about it now. I should be figuring out other ways to get more people in. I could venture out in search of monstergirls… No. Not until I can leave this place without any worries. But that certainly is a plan. I could take different people with me on various trips. That would be a huge morale boost. And we are adventurers in the end. But again, I need to set things up here properly. If the new business with Selina works out, it will help. I can’t steal employees from the base when we barely have any.

    I walk around the mansion while coming up with different ideas on what to do. Well, at least I try to as my mind repeatedly returns to a single thought every now and then. My dick. Or rather, the clone of my dick. I just can’t stop thinking about Sirgia’s creation. Guess I’ll go down and have her show it to me or I won’t be able to focus properly. Geez, I’m such a weirdo. Why do I even have this urge to see it?

    But on my way there, I stumble on Cornelia taking a stroll in one of her casual, dark blue robes.

    “Oh, hi. How is it going?” she asks.

    I stop by her side. Why not chat a little. “Hard. But Sirgia already took care of that.” I grin at her.

    She furrows her brows for a moment before her eyes widen in realization and she sighs ostentatiously. “Goddammit…”

    “Don’t be sad. I promise I’ll come to you next time I have that problem,” I say jokingly.

    “What?! Get out of your bubble. It’s not like I want to shove your dick into my mouth while I'm being tie—… shit...”

    “Hahahaha, too easy.” I chuckle.

    “Ugh.” She slaps her forehead. “Seriously, it’s like you know exactly what to say to make me slip—”

    I don’t let her finish and seal her lips with mine, diving for a deep kiss. Slightly startled, Cornelia quickly reciprocates the action and we get entwined in a short show of loving affection. I have no idea why, but interrupting someone with a kiss is weirdly satisfying.

    She breaks it off with a smile. “You are even more straight-forward than usual. Was she really that good?”

    “Uhh, I guess she did play a trick or two on me. But I just thought we should make use of my Class more often. Ah, but it’s not like I kissed you just so that you can get a few more stat points. I have an urge to do so every time I lay my eyes on your exquisite hazelnut hair and brilliant face,” I let her know both truths.

    Cornelia blushes visibly and pecks my cheek. “You flirt. You know damn well that I would be up for this juicy bonus nevertheless.”

    I smirk at her. “Perhaps.”

    She chuckles and playfully boops my nose. “Okay. What are you up to right now? Are you busy?”

    “Not really. I was just heading down to meet Little Johnny’s younger brother.”

    Cornelia again furrows her brows and attempts to figure out if that’s another one of my cheesy jokes while I intently observe her reaction. Her mouth opens just a little at some point and she knows well that I noticed.

    “Sirgia?” she asks.

    “So, you knew?”


    “Shit. 1-1.”

    We both laugh after my comment.

    “Yeah, I did. She showed me the form before the attempt. The whole operation was so well-planned to every smallest detail it could rival our raiding one. I was actually curious what your reaction would be after you learned about this,” she says.

    “Surprise. Shock. Disbelief. Amazement. Pride.”

    “Pride?” she asks curiously.

    “Hey, someone made a mould out of my cock for their personal use. What kind of man wouldn’t have his ego stroked with that? Well… maybe if they learned that it was another man…”

    “Hahahaha. I see. I think I get it. Thanks.” She does her best to tame the chuckle. “Alastair v2 can wait a bit. He won’t run away. Not with Sirgia watching over him, hahaha.” Which doesn’t really work when she keeps following with more jokes. “Anyway, the thing I would want to discuss is actually kind of connected to that area. Now that I think about it… isn’t everything connected to it with the type of business we are dealing in?”

    Uh, oh. She’s getting too much into this little joking session.

    “Possibly. But, how can I help you?” I interrupt Cornelia before she switches into a higher gear.

    “Ah, yes. With Safi and Emi there’s no issue when they work, but as we both are aware, one plus one equals two when it comes to man and a woman,” she says with a smile.

    I chuckle again. She just doesn’t let go. “Yeah. That’s kinda natural. For most races at least, I think?”

    “Yes. And that’s why I was working on researching some useful magic to prevent our family from growing in that aspect. Why rely on expensive pills from the Alchemy Guild, or some shady ateliers, when we can work something out ourselves, making it pretty much free if we exclude the initial investment.”

    I raise a hand. “Hold on. You want to create anticonception magic? Like, a general spell and not an ability similar to mine?”

    “Not really create. I’m pretty sure there was one back in the days before meds started to be popular and common. I won’t be trying to invent something new, I just plan to do some research in the Royal Library and hope to find enough hints to maybe resurrect it or revamp completely. I thought about asking for your help with this. You know more languages than me and your otherworldly knowledge could be a huge factor,” she explains everything about her idea.

    I ponder while rubbing my chin. That would certainly lower our operating costs in the long run. And if she says it already existed in the past, someone as talented as Cornelia has a chance to actually figure this out.

    “I’m down. We don’t have that much time today so let’s get going.”

    “Sure. Thanks a lot. I don’t think we’ll deal with it so quickly but just starting is good,” she smiles and hugs me.

    “Don’t mind it. You are doing all of that pretty much for me even if you say otherwise.”

    I give her one more kiss and we depart soon after, taking a trip through the underground tunnel. Without any further ado, we head straight for the library. On our way there, we talk about where we should start. I suggest the restricted area and the section that deals in body modification while Cornelia suggests we start in the open records on the life aspect as that kind of magic shouldn’t have been hidden from the public.

    We decide to check both a little since we won’t have enough time to dive deep enough in either and we start with the unrestricted zone. After going through tens of shelves together, we gather books that sound related to our topic and sit by each other’s side to start going through them. To make it more efficient, I focus on those in languages she doesn’t know while my wise magician zooms through the other ones.

    This reminds me of my time spent in the library back when our group was in training. Especially of the parts where Cornelia joined me just like this. Who would have thought that we would be in a situation like that again?

    She catches my reminiscent smile and asks about it so I reveal my thoughts to her. Blushing a little, she pulls me closer to give me a small kiss and we return our focus to the task in front of us.

    Two hours pass in an intense battle of our eyes versus countless lines of text and sigils. I go through so many races’ scripts that I didn’t even remember actually knowing some of them. I know I gobbled tens of languages, I can forget that they existed and still have them mastered, right? Right. Maxed Linguist is such a cheat.

    There is not that much useful stuff we find out in the books about Life magic, which is heavily linked to Holy, Nature and somehow Curse and Void magic. I guess life is close to death and those are like the opposites? Whenever we catch something sounding close to our topic, I help Cornelia take extensive notes on it so that she can later work at home on the spell or magic.

    I ask her if she wouldn’t want a research lab down under and she says that while it would be nice, it’s not that necessary and I should focus on Sirgia’s alcove as she also visits her often to make use of some appliances there. I promise Cornelia to make it happen someday for sure. She ends our short chat on the note of me being just too kind and considerate.

    We dive again into the mental struggle. All in all, some of the books help me understand many aspects of Nature, Holy, Curse and Void magic much better. And that’s really good. Like, I personally am somehow connected to the last one and Elea is our expert in the first. I’m not sure about Curse, I have a feeling that it’s quite close to Void though, but nevertheless, Holy is what Kamil is specialized in and it’s always welcome to learn more about them. Actually… I think Shino had something to do with curses. This is great. I wonder how they are doing right now.

    Anyway, if we ever meet again and they will have some questions about those fields or perhaps need help with understanding their skills, I should be at least a little useful in that situation. Ugh. I still have this teacher mentality. Doesn’t look like it will ever just go poof someday.

    Well, I don’t think it’s bad. I lived most of my adult life like that and it certainly could be called decently successful. Maybe besides the relationship part. But I’m slowly catching up on that. Yeah. Slowly. Ha. Gods, is this karma? I don’t think I’ve done or suffered much to receive all this though. Besides a small part of my childhood. Okay, maybe it was a little fucked up, but certainly, many other people had it way worse. Okay, enough sidetracking, Cornelia is counting on me, full focus.

    In an hour more, we finish the batch of books we gathered. There seem to be some useful notes and traces or mentions of the spell from long ago, but I don’t think we’ve stumbled on any key parts. I certainly hope this is not on a level of some ancient magic though, like the whole thing with my draconic hilt. That would be… tough.

    We take a short break and resupply lost calories and strength in the nearby cafeteria, chatting about what we went through as we eat. She says that it definitely is not enough. Our next move should be checking out the restricted area. Maybe my guess will be more successful.

    To get there, we, of course, have to add one more member to our small party. It so happens that it’s exactly the same lady that accompanied me the last time I made my way into the limited section to look for information on slavery seals. She seems surprised to see me with one of the royal magicians.

    We go in and repeat the process of selecting books. I ask the girl for some input and she points out a few more positions she thinks could have a chance of being useful. Inquiring more about our goal, we explain to her what we are looking for and she blushes slightly while looking at us in turns. I’m sure Cornelia does too but tries to act calm and composed. I won’t tease her like this. I do have limits and she has her reputation in the castle too. I choose a good moment to send her a Whisper assuring her about that and she gives me a beautiful smile.

    Then, we get back to work. Three-man-team this time. I sit on her side as previously, and our temporary supporter places herself on the opposite side of the table. I again focus on works in languages unknown to Cornelia. The girl seems slightly amazed with the speed of the two of us going through the writings and making our own scribbles. Ha. Don’t underestimate professional nerds at work. You have no idea how many chapters a day I was able to go through back at home when I got into a novel reading spree.

    Two hours fly by and we actually get much more little details than from the public zone. At least twice, I would say. Seems like body modification was the right path to follow. From what we gathered, it definitely doesn’t look like that magic was heavily intrusive in one’s anatomy but most likely temporarily tempered with certain reproductive organs for the duration of the effect. For males, it most likely ‘disabled’ the ability of sperm cells to fertilize the egg, and for females, exactly the same but mirrored, with the ability to get fertilized.

    That’s just my general impression though. We will have to spend some more time on all the data we collected. The hardest part will be to actually figure out all parts of the original spell. Or restructure it as Cornelia suggested. But I believe in her. In us. We should still make use of the chance we have today and do more research. But before that, I notice Cornelia cracking her neck to the sides.

    I stand up and move behind her. She follows me with her eyes.

    “Let me give you a hand. I might not be an expert, but I know a thing or two about relaxing those muscles. Most teachers in my organization were offered courses to dabble a bit in this a little. You know, desk work,” I say and place my fingers on her shoulders.

    She nods and straightens her back. Now, as I said, I’m no masseur, but I follow the steps that were drilled into my muscle memory during those lessons. I kept giving small massages to a few other teachers back on Earth.

    Cornelia lets out a sigh and even releases a faint moan as I press and rub certain spots. After a moment, she surrenders all of herself to me and just focuses on enjoying the pleasant nudges. The moans and little oh’s and ah’s increase, but fortunately, she still keeps her voice relatively low. Five minutes later, I finish my job and she sighs in relief once more.

    I sit down again and Cornelia instantly grabs me by the collar and pulls me into a passionate kiss, completely ignoring the innocent bystander. Well… maybe not that innocent. I can see in the corner of my eye how she bites on her lip with a slightly… jealous expression? Ah. She was kinda all over me the last time due to the Title’s effects. Right. What can I say? Sucks to be her.

    My beautiful magician parts our lips after showering me in enough affection and chuckles very lady-like.

    “Ufufu~. Thank you. Remind me to return the favour later.” She sends me a wink and we return to work. At least the two of us. I think the other one is a little too frustrated to continue.

    In the next hour, we gather what else we can about the structure of the possible magic this time. Our six-hour-long research was quite a bit more fruitful than both of us expected. Obviously, this doesn’t mean anything yet as this is just the first step, but I can already see Cornelia going through days and nights over this like Sirgia tends to do.

    And that’s fine. If the new girls will be able to work not that long after getting recruited, we may need this magic. Naturally, we should stock at least a bit on the current era meds in case it fails to be revived in time. But I think our new workers will need a few lessons with me first and to accustom themselves to the atmosphere anyway.

    Gods. That sounds like I want to have dibs on them before they enter the services department. I swear that’s not the case. Not like I care about such a thing. The more they know, the easier and more comfortable for them. And now I sound like a teacher again. What the hell. I guess I am one. Never imagined I would teach sex though.

    We pretty much vacuum piles of notes into our spatial storage rings and head out. Our supervisor follows until we reach the desk of the librarian stationed near the entrance to the restricted section. She bows to us and shows me a wry smile with a side glance. I think Cornelia noticed it as she entwines our elbows and pretty much walks me out of their sight. I give a peck on the cheek of my bully queen and she giggles in response.

    It’s shortly after 1 pm when we arrive home. I do a quick checkup on everyone, but there doesn’t seem to be any issues that came up when we were gone, so I head to Cornelia’s room to unload our cargo completely and help her somehow organize the flood of papers. It takes us almost an hour and her chamber turns into an evidence investigation space with all the scribbles over every piece of wall and furniture. Even most of her bed is covered.

    I sit down on the unobstructed part and she does the same close to me.

    “You know, if you use up the whole mattress, you can stay at my place for the time being,” I say teasingly.

    She chuckles, stands up and sits on my lap sideways, throwing her arms around my neck.

    “I would happily take you up on that offer, but I suspect that the only time I will actually enter the dreamland will be when I fall asleep over this extensive project,” Cornelia replies with a smile.

    “Guess I now have two people to regularly check on and force breaks onto.”

    I lean forward and we start to exchange soft kisses, which soon develop into more passionate ones, but still on the edge of gentleness. Cornelia lightly nibbles on my lips here and there as we are engaged in our little fun. I begin moving down and peppering her beautiful neck with a myriad of pecks and she giggles adorably. I earn myself a playful slap after leaving a hickey at one spot. She brushes over it with her fingers with a loving smile.

    She can get rid of it with just a bit of magic, so it’s not an issue in any way. I do feel like she wouldn’t do that unless something really important was happening, like a meeting with the Queen. Okay, not the Queen. She would gladly show up with it to her. Maybe the King.

    We cuddle for a little more before I politely leave her to have a different kind of fun with all those notes. I instruct Cornelia to call me whenever she needs anything and to rest at least a tiny bit before we open in the evening hours. She sneaks a hickey on my neck too and promises me to be a good girl. We chuckle together and I leave the room.

    The moment I’m out, Neira enters my vision. And she clearly has been waiting here for me. She bows a little and skips towards me with a refined step. I wonder what she needs. Time to check on my favourite artist. Well, maybe after Shino, but it’s not like she created any new pieces. I think.
    I don't remember if I shared, but we finally got ourselves the first art of Alastair! Artist is Suweeka from Twitter!

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    Chapter 50 – Master of Art
    “Master, could I have a minute of your time?” Neira asks after arriving in front of me.

    Looks like everyone wants a piece of me today. Oh well, it does feel kinda good being this popular, haha.

    “That depends on what you need. We should start preparing for the night soon. But I’m happy to help however I can.”

    She nods with a beautiful smile. “It won’t take long, I promise. I just need a favour or two back in my studio. It’s purely for my hobby so I understand if the timing is not that good.”

    That certainly can be observed from her attire. She is currently wearing a loose white shirt with her sleeves rolled up a bit onto her forearms, and simple, brown pants. Both pieces of clothing are stained with various colours, definitely from painting or perhaps mixing some stuff. Not gonna lie, she looks really charming in this getup. It also fits her short, white hair.

    I wave my hand. “It’s fine. Come on, lead the way. I’m actually curious what you may need.”

    We don’t waste any more time and head down. I take a peek into Sirgia’s workshop, and yeah, she’s working hard. It looks like she is even more fired up than usual. Did our morning fun make her like that? It’s such a weird thought. But hey, what is not weird about me. My cum is literal magic. Why should I even be surprised by these things anymore?

    Neira leads me into her own, small workshop, and I spot the change tight from the doorstep. There are many more utensils and different painting appliances and tools than I remember being here. Also, there are a few standing frames with rectangular or square shapes covered by material. I guess those are some of her works.

    Overtaken by curiosity, I move to the closest one and try to lift the sheet up a little, but Neira is quick to notice and slaps my hand away, positioning herself between me and her secret showpiece.

    “These are not yet finished, Master. You would only embarrass me if you saw them. Please, wait until they are done, okay?” she says in a playfully sad tone.

    “My bad. But the curiosity is really eating me inside out, you know? I haven’t seen any of your bigger works yet, besides some sketches and portraits for our menu.”

    Neira chuckles. “I will soon present you with my first masterpiece, Master, I just need some more time. And also, your help, because that’s the reason I asked for you. I can’t move forward alone from where I currently am.”

    I nod my head. “I see. I’m all yours then. What do you need me to do?”

    She then starts moving various frames and other structures from the middle of the chamber to the sides with my assistance. We clear the center pretty quickly and Neira positions an empty easel there, equipping it with a clear board. She brings some of her utensils and arranges them around on a few stools. Then, we drag a fancy, pillowy chair, almost a small throne, from the corner of the room and set it in front of the painting station. I wonder where she got it. It was most likely in one of the storages or they just moved it here from the mansion.

    “Please, sit comfortably, Master.” She points at the chair and I comply.

    Seeing her pick up a pencil and eye me from bottom to top makes all the gears in my head click and I finally realize my role.

    “You are going to draw me?”

    Neira smiles and nods. “In simple words, yes. I’ve been spending almost all my free time recently trying to return to my previous glory, as they say. I had quite some time of a forced break after we left the main community with the Princess. I need practice to regain my past style and ability.”

    “Understandable. I guess the other elves were helping you out with that during their visits down here?”

    Her eyes widen a little and she gets visibly surprised. “Ah. Master can sense us. Right. Even if only a bit. Ummm… how much…”

    She has a slight problem finding the correct words so I reassure her before that. “I haven’t been spying on you or others, don’t worry. Only checking from time to time. I saw one of your friends holding something? I think. Not much more than that.”

    A relieved sigh leaves her lips. I raise my brow at her a little and she notices that, showing a slightly nervous smile.

    “It’s nothing! I just got really stressed after realizing Master can pretty much watch me work. I’ve never been good with audiences. I’m always like this when others see my paintings halfway done. I’m sorry.”

    I feel like it isn’t exactly all, but I’m not the person to pry into others like that. “It’s fine. I’ll try not to peek at you too much. I’ll just focus on your general location from now on. Don’t want to have you nervous all the time over the possibility that I could be watching,” I tell her with a smile.

    Neira clears her throat and also smiles, more naturally this time. “Ekhm. Thank you, Master. Well then, continuing, it is as you said, others have been helping me by acting as my models or by holding certain compositions for me. I’ve invited you here today for the same reason, as you have guessed, Master. I’m pretty much on par with what I could do in the past with women, but… I obviously lack in male counterparts. And Master is the only man available around, so I decided to request your help.”

    “I’m honoured. Please direct me however you wish. I have no experience with this so don’t hold back from being strict. You can drop the master too if that would make you more comfortable.”

    She nods her head. “Thank you. Let’s start with something simple then. A straight pose with both hands on the armrests. Like a king during an official ceremony or something.”

    I shuffle myself on the chair until Neira nods again and begins scribbling on her board, glancing at me from time to time. It’s actually much harder than I thought to keep your position up without deviating it in any way. And I feel like it’s even worse when you are consciously trying to do so.

    Fortunately, it seems that she works really fast, and just after ten minutes Neira steps back, gives me one more full glance and nods again after comparing it with something on the paper.

    “Great. Let’s move through some more sitting ones then, shall we?”

    And we start our little marathon of various poses on the chair. Each takes from ten to fifteen minutes and they range from some simple, stiff positions to completely weird and entangled ones at numerous angles. After a bit over an hour, she switches the layer on her stand for a fresh one and brings a different pencil.

    “Alright. That was magnificent. Now, shove that chair somewhere to the side and strip, we are goi—ah…” She starts in quite the gung-ho mode, but stops herself in the middle, bowing down. “Apologies, Master. I got too much into it. What I meant to do was to ask if it would be fine with you posing in underwear. Bare body and muscles are the areas I lack in the most currently.”

    I chuckle a little and start following her instructions, getting rid of my clothes after I push the furniture away.

    “Don’t worry, I don’t mind. I’m not that good of a nude model though. I’m merely mediocre when compared to the more pleasant to the eye guys.”

    “I dare to disagree, Master. Elves are often called the beautiful race, but I think even amongst elven men you take quite a high spot when it comes to your well-toned body. It is really pleasant to look at, if I may say. Every single one of us thinks so too.” She shares her opinion with a wide smile.

    “Uhh… Thank you, I guess? But I’m pretty sure that’s mostly due to the effects of my Class. The reception might be warped,” I answer.

    “Aren’t you able to control that, Master? And if I remember correctly, it isn’t as invasive towards people who already hold positive feelings or thoughts about you, right? Why don’t you try blocking it completely?” She barrages me with a myriad of questions.

    Following her request, I focus on limiting all effects as far as I can and then glance at her with a raised eyebrow. Neira checks me out whole again and nods.

    “See? Nothing changed. I still think you are a really handsome man with a beautifully chiselled chest, Master. Not too much, not too little. You kept in shape even before arriving in this world, right?”

    “Well, yeah, as much as I could. Okay. If you are fine with me, then let’s do this. What now?” I spread my arms and ask after ending up in just my underwear.

    She then guides me through a few sets of different poses again and it’s way harder than before. Having a chair to sit or lean on was a blessing when compared to this. Being a professional model is definitely not for me. I have no issues with staying still for hours in a comfortable position, but it’s another thing when I’m almost reenacting discobolus.

    We finish in under an hour this time. An hour of straining your muscles in many, tough positions. Neira brings a stool for me to sit on and hands me some water she poured into a glass.

    “Thank you again, Master. This is really helping me a lot.”

    “Don’t mind it. I’m having fun too. It’s something new I haven’t tried before,” I reply. “We should wrap up soon, it’s past 3 pm now or so.”

    “Alright. Let’s do a final piece then. Can you bring the chair back, Master?”

    I move it to the middle again and await further orders.

    “Okay. Now… I don’t have the exact pose in mind yet, but… let’s try something that emanates confidence, power, respect, pride. Like you are above everything and anything around and below. Not necessarily evil but more like exalted, looking down on others as not even close to what you are,” she tries her best to explain the idea.

    I sit down and dive into my mind. Countless images of book covers move in a stream inside my head and I try to recall those with a character sitting on a throne. I look for the closest ones to what Neira wants. After a minute or two, I decide to give it a shot and fuse various elements into one.

    Setting my ass close to the edge of the cushion, I lean onto the backrest with my whole posture slightly bent and angled to the right side. I slide down a little to allow my right elbow to lay on the armrest and use the hand closed into a fist to support the side of my chin.

    Mustering all of my acting skills, I bring out the most fitting smirk I can call onto my face, trying to fill it with pride and the feeling of looking down onto someone, as if trying to make them unimaginably jealous of my situation.

    Next, I lazily hang my left arm over the other side of the chair. As for my legs, I lift the left one and rest my ankle on the right knee, creating a cross-legged position with what some people call ‘a table’, angling my left shin to be horizontally flat and parallel to the ground.

    I wiggle and shuffle to find a perfect finishing touch to everything and then glance up at Neira. Her expression instantly makes me break the character. She is literally standing there frozen with her chin pretty much resting on the very floor. I’m not sure how it looks from her perspective, but I have a feeling that I kinda nailed the setting.

    “Neira?” I call to her.

    After finally snapping out of it, her eyes widen to the brim. “STAY LIKE THAT!” she shouts and instantly rips the current sheet of paper off from her stand, throwing it away without any care wherever and however it lands.

    In a flash, she puts on a new one and dashes to the side towards a wide cupboard with many drawers and shelves above it. She frantically opens them one by one and literally creates chaos inside, shoving her hands into them and digging like a ferocious beast chasing her mischievous prey that has hidden itself in some hole.

    Just a moment later, she runs back to the stand with a set of various pencils in both hands and slams them down onto a nearby stool. Starting to feel her extremely focused gaze, full of passion towards her craft, I take a deep breath and do my best in making the previous expression resurface again.

    It seems I manage to do it properly as Neira hastily dives into sketching. She fervently brushes and scribbles with her pencil on the other side of the frame, peeking out her head from above or around it from time to time and glancing all over my posture.

    She switched into a higher gear. I’m well familiar with those. I saw Sirgia enter such a state many times during our little talks about artifact making. Neira is so into it that she even uses her other hand for some details, dual-wielding her artistic tools. The speed and intensity of her pace make them run out in a flash, and instead of tempering them, she just throws them to the side and grabs another one or two from the stockpile she prepared before.

    I’m forced to stay still for something like forty minutes I think. It certainly does feel like an eternity to me though. The edges of my mouth start aching from the constant strain. But, Neira finally stops, lays off her pencils, gently this time, onto the stool, and takes a few steps back.

    “Perfect! Marvellous! Exactly what I needed!” she exclaims in a quite overjoyed tone.

    I take that as a signal to finally stop posing and release a deep sigh before standing up and walking towards her and the frame. As I’m reaching it, Neira notices me coming closer and quickly grabs the whole piece from the stand and presses it against her chest to hide it from my sight.

    “Oh, come on! It’s not done? You said it was perfect.” I sigh again and glance at her slightly panicked face.

    “I’m sorry, but that’s only a rough sketch for practice purposes. It is a perfect sketch though. I can’t thank you enough for coming up with such a pose. It really inspired me. But I really can’t show it to you yet, Master.”

    “Seriously… Do you want me to die out of curiosity? You are just too cruel…”

    She gazes at me hesitantly from above the frame. “I’m truly sorry… I can show you all the previous drawings but not this one. I didn’t expect to be able to create something like this so soon. I can’t let others see it before I make sure it’s complete. But… if… if you order me…”

    “No. I won’t do that.” I wave my hand at her in a dismissive way and bring a sheet of fabric. “At least cover it with this so it doesn’t tempt me.”

    Neira complies and wraps the square around, laying it down on the side with similar ones.

    “Thank you.”

    “Yeah, yeah. That thing better blows me through the roof when it’s done or I’m cutting your budget in half,” I threaten her jokingly.

    Neira giggles and acts like she is all panicky before answering. “Oh, I’m sure of that, Master. There’s no doubt.”

    I shake my head with a smile and drag the chair to the side again, picking up my clothes from a cupboard. While putting on my shirt, I notice her thoughtful and slightly unsure gaze on me. She steals a few glances while also going through a few things. It’s obvious there’s something on her head.

    “What’s the matter? Still need more? We will be cutting close if we stay here for much longer.” I walk closer and ask.

    “No. I mean… Yes. There’s one more thing I need to work on… I don’t think I can ask you for such a—”

    “Shoot before I get angry,” I interrupt her.

    “Butts,” she says while staring me right into the eyes.


    “I need to practice drawing male butts. Naked,” she adds.

    Psshhhhhhhhhht, hahaha! Oh, really?” I explode into a laugh and swat my face with a hand. “Thirty minutes. No more. Others will get angry if we leave everything to them,” I say while returning to the center.

    “Really? Is that fine?”

    “You literally bathed with me before.”

    “That's a different thing, Master. The fact that I saw it once in the bath doesn’t mean I have permission to draw it.”

    “Well then, now you have it. Come on. Thanks for the consideration but let’s get done with it.”

    I position myself in the middle, turn around and glance back. She is standing with a new sheet in front of her and a satisfied smile. Without further ado, I slip out of my shorts and move my eyes to the front. I’m not sure what to do though. Fortunately, the masters of ancient times come with help and I recall seeing Michelangelo’s David statue. It had quite a nice butt. I try to copy the pose and even use my underwear as a makeshift prop of whatever he was holding.

    “This… The tension is heavenly! You are a born model, Master!”

    Neira’s voice, full of praise, arrives from behind me and I smile. The scratching of a pencil soon reaches my ears too. Now I just have to keep this up for some time. I cast Rejuvenate to lessen my fatigue a little and focus. Easy. Peace of cake. It’s not a hard pose. I just need to stay like this and... let her… stare… at my ass. In full view. Completely naked.

    Wait. No. Stop. No. No, no, no, no, no. You are not going to— I said no! Don’t you even dare— DOWN! STAY PUT! This is not the time! You had your fun in the morning! I. SAID. DOWN. YOU DAMN HORNY SAUSAGE! Ugh… For fuck’s sake… I shouldn’t have used Rejuvenate… DOWN OR YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY PUSSY FOR A WEEK!

    “Umm… Master? Are you okay?”

    “YES! I’m fine! It’s just… uhhh…”

    “Are you tired? Please, don’t push yourself too much. I can’t exhaust you just before opening, Master.”

    “I’m really fine. I, uhhh, got a bit... hard. ”

    A soft giggle leaves Neira’s lips. “Shame we are out of time. I’d love to practice that too.”

    “So ass is a no-no but dick is okay?”

    Another giggle. She is just teasing me now. I take a deep breath and do my best to keep my body tensed for her to draw my behind. With a dangling stiffy in the front. Gods. Where did I go wrong for you to punish me like this? It was going so well.

    She wraps it up in twenty minutes and tells me to dress up. This time, I’m allowed to take a peek at her masterpiece. In that short time, she managed to capture my manly butt from four angles, drawing the same number of even sketches over all the board. I do have to say, it does look quite… sexy. Now, I’m not exactly into that, but at the same time, I’m not really against it. A sexy ass is a sexy ass. That’s all.

    While we clean the chamber, Neira showers me in thanks. She really looks grateful for the help. I guess all people who are very passionate about their hobby or profession are like that. It didn’t seem like much to me. It was just a short session. I’m sure she was good before, from the arts she did for our menu, but one training session won’t let her get back her knack fully, right? Or am I just surrounded by geniuses?

    We finish up quickly and walk up to join the rest of the inhabitants in preparations for the working night. It’s nothing as grand as before so it doesn’t take long. Everyone gets into their outfits or suits and takes their stations. The bar on the upper level has been supplied with some decent wine and other drinks already and the manning order has been given to the elves, depending on which one will be free at the time of the request.

    The hour comes and the gates open. Literally. I go near the entrance to the mansion, still inside, and press a wooden button. Sirgia installed a simple mechanism to close and open the gate in the front with it. Partially my design of course. It’s nothing grand though. A simple pressure thingy working on water and wind crystals in pistons.

    Surprisingly, someone reaches the door already, and they open, catching me by surprise. I quickly bow down and say our welcoming phrase. A young man with short, brown hair walks in.

    “Uh, hi,” he starts quite hesitantly. “So ummm… this is the place where you can… with Slimes, right? And it’s really safe?”

    I quickly switch into a business mode and throw my arm around his shoulder with a smile.

    “Yes, it is! There is no risk or danger here! As long as you follow the rules of course! Come! Don’t be shy!”

    He reciprocates the smile and lets me guide him to the counter. Filue doesn’t signal anyone else coming so I explain the terms of service to the man with Cornelia helping me. He seems to be a very careful type as even after that, he does another readthrough of them by himself. Confirming that there aren’t any weird clauses, he moves onto the menu of services.

    “Oh wow. I thought the prices would be much higher when I saw this place from outside. But they seem quite affordable. The range is decent. I expected everything to be at least a few gold coins, but it even drops below one here and there,” he comments.

    “Naturally! We are aiming to provide the best quality services without overcharging our guests!” Cornelia puffs her chest out proudly. “There are many rules to follow, as you saw yourself, dear customer. Not everyone will be admitted. But, if you keep acting like a good boy, nothing stops you from enjoying yourself to the fullest!”

    He does seem convinced. And choosing Emi, a bath with Cinra and a drink afterwards truly confirms that. The former escorts him to the room and they disappear behind a corner. Fifteen minutes later, they come back. A big smile paints his lips and he does seem a little tired. That doesn’t stop the man from jogging up to me and grabbing my hands.

    “Boss! Do you have VIP cards? Or regular customer status?” he asks very eagerly.

    “Uhhh… No. Not yet at least. Perhaps when we get more guests,” I answer, slightly thrown off-track.

    He brings up a piece of paper and writes something down on it. “Here! This is my name! Put me on the list when you add the thing! Ah! How long until you close?”

    “We’ve just opened. There are still at least 7 hours up,” Cornelia adds.

    “Great! I need to get my brother! Be right back!”

    “Hey! Your bath and drink?” I shout behind the man, but he speeds through the door like a bullet. I turn around to face Emi. “What the hell did you do to him?”

    She playfully shows her tongue and makes a funny face. Oh well. I guess he was one of those who really wanted to try a Slime. Looks like Cornelia was right about men in this world having a thing for some gelatinous delicacy. What was it? A hundred or so reported cases of genitals burnt by Slime acid last month across the kingdom? And in the public, they would never admit getting horny when looking even at another race. Hypocrites.

    After an hour, the man brings his said brother, not so different from him, and he goes for a ride too. Afterwards, they share a bath and some drinks together before leaving. Hopefully, they have some ties to the Slime Lovers community and spread the word. The power of boner will conquer the capital! Maybe someday.

    There are three more people that pay us a visit during the rest of the night. One seems to be a friend of the first duo. They don’t have any problems with the rules either, which makes me quite glad. I was afraid there would be more disputes. But, it’s just a few people. It’s hard to use this as an indicator.

    They only stay for the main service, but that’s still plenty. Especially that they do seem quite satisfied. So far, so good. Afterwards, I thank everyone for their work, especially my amazing slime girls that did a great job, and we clean up the main hall. The rooms were taken care of by the elves shortly after the service part. The night seems to be successful. Now, let’s hope we can get some nice girls to join us.

    Everyone cashes in on their well-earned rest and we meet again during breakfast. I have to leave for Selina's shortly after and I’m wondering what to do. It would be great if I had some help in convincing the girls about my true motives and such. Safi and Emi are out by default. Not only they can’t speak, but also are Slimes, and that would be risky. In the end, it falls either on Elea or Sirgia. Surprisingly, the cute dwarf is very up for the idea. She must really want to help me.

    So, we decide to head out as a trio. I instruct Astrea to bother Cornelia if she would need anything while we are gone. She looks a little hesitant but nods nevertheless. I’m pretty much stealing the two people that interacted with her the most right now, so I can get her uneasiness. Hopefully, she will get more familiar with the place this way.

    I get into my butler suit and the girls jump into their maid outfits. I hide their weapons in my ring. Sirgia is still on the case of the enchantments. It’s a tough one to crack. I pat her head and we move out.

    On our way there, we stop by a few commercial boards and slap some posters onto them. More exposure is always good. Also, we do get some curious stares. And some not-so-friendly ones too. But that’s to be expected. They better not get any weird ideas. I haven’t used my hilt in quite some time and my hand is itching to whip a baddie or two. I shouldn’t let it feel neglected.

    We arrive at the peculiar building and stroll inside. Both the customers and employees behind the two counters look slightly surprised by a man in a suit accompanied by two demi-human girls in maid outfits. I try to act slightly high and mighty and stare down everyone around.

    Not sure what to do, I pull out my card and wave it nonchalantly. One of the employees disappears behind a door for a moment, leaving his customer waiting, and quickly comes back, informing me that someone will soon come to assist me and that I shall feel in the recreational area as in my own home.

    I kinda expect Lucas to show up, but it seems like either Selina changed my personal advisor or he is not here currently. Hey, no complaints, I get a pretty lady which doesn’t look at my girls like they are bags of turd. She leads us straight to her boss’s office and lets us in after announcing our visit.

    “Welcome again, Sir Carter.” Selina stands up and comes forth from behind her desk. “Oh? Who do we have here? Are my eyes deceiving me or do we know each other?” She playfully raises her eyebrow after noticing Sirgia.

    The person in question is visibly nervous. I don’t need my connection to notice that. Who wouldn’t be in this situation? I plop my hand onto her head and gently brush through Sirgia’s hair.

    “I would be grateful if you didn’t tease my employees, Selina. I know that you two share a not-so-happy past, but Sirgia is willing to forget all of that while working for me. And she is a valuable addition to my team.”

    The little dwarf nods and does her best to glance up at the woman with determination. Selina lightly bows her head to me and smiles.

    “My apologies. I didn’t mean no harm. Just so we are clear on this, I don’t have the habit of reducing my merchandise to such a state. It was done by the kingdom’s law department. I admit that I avoided taking care of the aftereffects, but to me, she was just a broken product, not worth investing in. Especially with the death sentence hanging over her head. I will more than gladly start on a blank slate with you, little one,” she explains.

    I nod at Sirgia as a sign of allowing her to speak.

    “I’m the same, Madam Noint. I will make sure to be of the best use to Master and I won’t let my past grievances affect that,” she replies to the woman and courteously skips on her legs while holding the hem of her skirt.

    “Ufufufu~. What a devoted girl you are. You really picked up a treasure, didn’t you, Alastair?”

    “Definitely.” I glance down at my lovely cutie and smile at her. “Well then. How is our commission coming together?”

    “I would say quite good. There are eight girls that weren’t openly hostile to our employees trying to inform them about you. Come on, let’s go and meet them.”

    She then leads us down a few corridors, stops by another office-like chamber with many people working on some documents and papers and instructs them to gather all the things related to my order. We then walk further and end up in a simple room on the lower level, most likely serving as a meeting and showcasing one but without a stage for slaves in it.

    After ten minutes of chatting about random things connected to our respective businesses and slaves, someone knocks on the door and a group of demi-humans with manacles gets escorted into the chamber. There are eight, just like Selina said before. They all wear the usual shorts and t-shirts of various shades of brown.

    Amongst them, I recognize three Tieflings of different skin colours, a pure-blood Beastkin of the tiger kind, a brown-skinned Ogre, greenish-skinned Orc, both looking quite buff, a tall and beautiful Oni and a brown-feathered Harpy.

    Tieflings are classified as a demonic race. They often possess two horns growing from the sides of their heads like your typical Demon Lords from various fantasy novels. They also have tails quite close to those of Succubi or some thin-tailed Lizardfolk or Dragonewts. Their skin colours are as vibrant as a rainbow. The three that walked in have it crimson red, dark purple and slightly dark blue. Tieflings’ eyes don’t have irises and pupils, they are just full whites in much brighter colours than their skin, glowing very so slightly.

    The Beastkin is just as you imagine it from that short description. It’s a quite tall and muscular but slim woman fully covered in yellowish fur with dark lines. She obviously has the face of a tigress, with all the features.

    Ogres and Onis are close relatives. The former has one single thick horn growing from their forehead while the latter has two thin ones, usually longer than their tougher, distant family. Ogres are also quite similar to Orcs when it comes to physical ability. Both races are very strong but the former is also way tougher on the outside while the latter focuses purely on strength. When it comes to Orcs, the females are pretty much She-Hulks with two tusks growing out from their lower jaws, of various sizes and shapes. Ogres just have their single horns. And well, as for Onis, their race is more about magic and such. They are way more sensitive to it.

    Then finally, we have the Harpy. She’s an example of a monstrous race, entities that possess sapience and intelligence close to most humanoids, thus not considered pure monsters. They do function in communities even if not that developed. Yeah, it’s basically like in many books I’ve read in the past, they often migrate and build nest-villages for short periods of time. Basically, oversized birds with intelligence and an ability to speak.

    As for their looks, they have two wings with long feathers instead of your usual arms and they don’t end in hands, but they do bend in elbows. There are some bones at those far parts of their edges that allow them to clumsily grab thighs while using both limbs, but it looks like someone in an oversized hoodie trying to hold something through the sleeves. Their legs are obviously finished with three wide and long talons and go up like bird ones until somewhere above the knee where the hardened skin switches into more normal flesh, covered in feathers. Both parts are of similar thickness, just the external coverage differs.

    Selina seems to be intent on showing that she trusts me as her business partner and leaves us alone with the guests. They are marked so they won’t be able to directly harm us. Without wasting much time, we split into three groups. Elea handles the Tiefling trio, Sirgia takes on the Beastkin and the Harpy, which leaves me with the Ogre, the Orc and the Oni.

    The three groups position themselves in different spots over the floor and my partners dive into explaining our purpose. While moving towards mine, I notice the faint tinge of nervousness from Sirgia and crouch by her side for a moment, gently brushing through her hair.

    She smiles at me and raises herself a little to plant a shy kiss on my cheek before moving her gaze back to the women in front of her. Well, I guess this might have helped not only her but also them a little? We shall see.

    I sit down on the floor near my own group and begin explaining all the things with as much honesty as I can muster. I mention pretty much everything about the establishment; how it works, what are the roles, what we need, what will be their living conditions, responsibilities, rights and so on. Also about how I will help them learn necessary things about the job if they aren’t too well-versed in sexual stuff to make them less susceptible to any uncomfortable situations.

    Since I can talk in their native tongues, I secretly mention that I can get rid of their seals, but due to this being a monitored transaction, I can’t exactly let all of them leave free or it would start drawing unnecessary attention when I would start releasing numerous slaves at short intervals. There is no rule or law prohibiting that, it’s your slave, at least in the field of the demi-human ones, but it would certainly not be received too well by all the people or other slavers around.

    I do promise them that if they would be truly dissatisfied or some harm were to come their way, they would be allowed to leave instantly, with my help. Without that, they would have the right to request dismissal after a year of service and become completely free, receiving a parting wage alongside their usual earnings too. But, they are always welcome to stay. I think these conditions are quite good.

    They, of course, are quite hesitant about all of this. It truly sounds too good to be true and seems like sweet-talking them into a possible trap. Well, not like they would have a choice if someone wanted to purchase them, they have no say in that, but I decided to give them the freedom to agree or not.

    After the short talk, we give them some time to think and they sit all-together to discuss it between themselves. I don’t think all of them knew each other before, but I guess this is an example of a situation where people in the same predicament are pulled closer together.

    And, it seems like Elea truly has something for talking to and convincing people as all three Tieflings agree to follow us. Whoever she spoke with before also ended up with a quite favourable impression of me and the place too. She might be a natural-born spokesperson. But well, she was a priestess so that kinda checks out.

    Sirgia’s side also goes quite well. The Beastkin woman refuses our offer and keeps her slightly aggressive demeanour while the Harpy shows an interest in coming with us. She seems to be one of those reserved and timid types. I’ve heard though that their kind tends to get very passionate during mating.

    As for my group, they all don’t look too convinced. I’m not sure if I did a bad job explaining or other women just had it easier to believe another demi-human than a Human like me. I don’t push them though, and only the Orc girl agrees to go with me. I feel like the Oni lady finds all of this still below her noble self.

    I’m afraid that this kind of personality won’t help her get out of here. But, I can’t work my head over what might happen to her if some common guy from this world picks her up. She is an adult and has her brain. If her pride is more important than her life, then I can’t do anything.

    So, we call Selina and finalize the transaction, getting ourselves five new employees; a Harpy, an Orc, and three Tieflings. She throws in an additional set of some low-quality clothes for the women to cover themselves with as a gift for me and we head out.

    Elea entwines her arm with mine and walks filled with pride of her achievement while Sirgia cutely holds onto my other hand with a satisfied smile too, blushing shyly. I will have to thank them both for the help later, but for now, I give each a more passionate kiss, earning myself some curious stares from a few of our new friends. Oh, how good it would be if they were as understanding and accepting as the rest of the girls around me. Only time will tell.
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    Chapter 51 – New Arrivals
    This time, we are not sneaking around the city covered in cloaks and in the middle of the night, so we just stroll through the streets like normal people. I must look like some rich noble bringing home more slaves. The new girls glance all around the buildings and stuff as we walk. Only the harpy looks very nervous and perhaps a bit scared, trying to position herself in the middle of the group all the time.

    Fortunately, no one finds an issue with our peculiar group and we reach the mansion. The tieflings are most amazed by its splendour from the outside. I mean, who can blame them? You wouldn’t expect to see something like this after getting bought by a brothel owner, no matter how sweet and promising their words were.

    We make our way into the building and Elea moves ahead, turning herself towards me.

    “Master, let me take our new friends to the bath first. I’ll call others and we will take good care of them.”

    I nod my head. “Okay. Get them some decent clothes after,” I say and also turn around to face the gawking demi-humans and my cute dwarf. “Sirgia, can you cook something up for them?”

    “Of course. Leave it to me, Master,” she replies and trots towards the kitchen.

    “For now, listen to this elf, Elea. After you get properly cleaned, she will lead you to the dining room. We will talk about everything after that. Feel free to ask her or others anything,” I inform them in Common and then repeat in Orcish for the one girl that isn’t good with the former.

    “Human has meat? Garrena didn’t eat meat for long! Bad humans fed Garrena only bread!”

    A smile makes its way onto my lips. I’ve read and mastered the Orcish language, but hearing it in person is a completely different experience. And I’m able to confirm for myself how weird it actually sounds.

    Contradictory to the first impression, Orcs aren’t so stupid as to not be able to build extensively coherent sentences. No. This is just how their language works. Short messages with straight to the point content. They convey what they need and that’s all. No unnecessary words or grammatical structures. It might seem crude, but it’s effective and that’s what’s the most important. I might need some time to get used to it though.

    “Yes, Garrena, I’ll let my cook know to prepare something meaty for you,” I answer.

    “FINALLY! Make elf guide to bath! Hungry!” She throws her fist into the air and starts enthusiastically walking towards Elea.

    The three tieflings bow to me a little and follow the tall woman. Only the harpy is left alone. I did notice her almost doing the same, but she stopped herself while glancing at others’ backs anxiously. It doesn’t seem she trusts the strangers she found herself with enough to rely on their judgement and her doubts are still stronger.

    I walk closer to the visibly uncertain girl and she moves her attentive gaze onto me. She is a tad shorter than me. It looks kinda cute when she gazes up at my face with her timid and visibly worried expression. I have an urge to pat her head, but that would only worsen the current situation so I try to smile at her kindly.

    “What’s your name?” I ask.


    “I see. That’s a cute name. There’s no need to be so vigilant. Are you perhaps regretting your decision?”

    Her eyes dart around the hall and back to me in turns. “I… I don’t know…”

    “I can’t know what you went through in the past, but I can at least assure you that no one here will hurt you in any way. As long as you don’t try harming others, of course. However unbelievable the story you heard from my little dwarf seems, it’s definitely all true. You girls are now under my care. You can relax. I’ll make sure only good things happen to you from now on.”

    I slowly reach my hand towards her as I speak, making sure that she sees the movement clearly. Nebu observes it intently until I stop close to her face. I fully expected her to start cautiously moving away halfway there, but she somehow manages to keep herself in place while looking me in the eyes.

    We stand in the middle of the room in slightly awkward silence, with my hand hanging in front of her face. I don’t go all the way because I want Nebu to be the one who makes the decision here instead of me just forcing it on her. It’s of course just wishful thinking. I have no confidence in her actually doing it. But. Miraculously, it works.

    She very carefully brings her cheek closer and brushes it against my palm. My smile grows wider and I gently graze over her skin with my thumb. Slow and steady. Reassuringly. I keep the soft caresses until she visibly drops some of her tension and closes her eyes.

    With that, I move my fingers up and start brushing through the hair on the side and back of her head. The brown, shoulder-long threads seem to be slightly different in touch than the usual ones. The texture feels close to that of a feather but not exactly. It’s hard to put in words. But well, there are many things in this world that I am and will be unable to describe with my otherworldly dictionary.

    Nebu opens her eyes again, slightly less anxious now, but still with noticeable cautiousness. Feeling lucky, I gently pull her into a hug and move my hand to the top of her head to start giving her some pats. She doesn’t resist. A moment later, her wings actually hug me in response and cover my back.

    “Go take a bath with others. You deserve it. Then we will talk. I would love to learn more about you. Will you give me that pleasure?” I speak to her softly.

    “Okay…” She nods into my chest.

    Looking over my shoulder, I notice that everyone has already left, so I step back from Nebu and guide her to the place myself, walking by her side and brushing through her hair the whole time.

    I’m slightly worried about how she would take working as a prostitute with such a timid personality, but then I remember that Harpies basically do it with any male they find around during their mating periods. Of other races and species of course. There are no male Harpies here. As far as I know, they even sometimes kidnap men just for that purpose, but they let them go right after. She should be fine after we talk a little.

    But, imagine explaining to your wife or girlfriend you are late for dinner because a horny bird-woman swept you from the ground like an attacking falcon and then proceeded to jump on your dick for hours, returning you to the previous spot after she was done with you. God, now I can’t get that picture of a diving, horny Harpy out of my mind.

    We arrive in the dressing room and I instruct Nebu to join others, reminding her that she can talk with them about anything and that I’m also here for her. With that out of the way, I drop by the kitchen to give Sirgia a kiss on the cheek and mention Garrena’s request. She acknowledges it and goes back to work with her two elf helpers.

    While one group is bathing and the other preparing food, I take this opportunity to check on Cornelia. There’s no answer after I knock so I open the door and walk inside. She is standing in the middle while glancing at the wall full of paper notes and scribbling something in a notepad. As expected, too focused to even notice me. I decide against spooking her this time.

    “Yo. How are you doing?” I ask from behind.

    Cornelia jerks a little and stops moving her pen. Instead of answering, she drops both arms down and her shoulders slump. Turning around, she walks to me like a lifeless zombie and crashes into my chest, groaning and moaning in an annoyed fashion.

    I chuckle a little and start patting her back. It doesn’t look like it’s going too well. I pull her up, position her face in front of mine and join our lips in a soft and gentle kiss. Cornelia instantly follows the motion and we stay like that for a moment.

    “Thanks for the refill,” she says with a smile after we separate.

    “Always at your service.”

    She leaves one more peck on my lips and pushes herself away. “There’s progress but I’m currently in a small hole. The main part about making the sperm lose its fertility. No matter what I try, I just can’t make it work like it’s mentioned in the descriptions. It’s like I’m missing something. The formulas don’t react with the rest of the spell.”

    I ponder for a moment. “How much do you know about how sperm and eggs work?”

    “Uhhhh… Well… Basically, sperm is like water. A fluid. It’s made out of very small droplets that when making contact with an egg in a woman’s womb have a chance to join together and make a baby?” she answers.

    “Okay, so you guys are more or less aware of this. Good. But what about their structure? Which parts are directly related to fertilization?”

    Cornelia raises an eyebrow. “Erm… Don’t they just like, come together and start growing into a person?”

    “Guess it’s time for a short biology lesson.” I smile at her and sit with Cornelia by her desk.

    Now, I might be a teacher, but that doesn’t mean I know literally everything from every single field of science. And e-marketing isn’t any close to this stuff. But, pretty much every educated person back on Earth knows the very basic parts and so do I. If someone asked me to list every small detail about those cells, I wouldn’t be able to answer obviously.

    I draw clear pictures of the sperm cell and the egg cell, marking the most crucial part in both, which is of course the nucleus. Besides mitochondria in the former, I honestly don’t remember the correct names of all other auxiliary parts of both. But, this will be enough.

    After finishing, I explain in simple words how the little swimmer tries to make its way inside the egg, pushing through the external membrane, and pretty much shoots its nucleus inside the other cell, where the whole fertilization magic then happens with both nuclei present. I wouldn’t be able to talk more about the other, smaller steps in this long process anyway.

    Cornelia listens attentively while studying the sketches I made and nodding her head along the way. Either Humans didn’t manage to delve this deep into molecules and such or she just didn’t come across books about the topic. It’s not like this knowledge would be as commonly known as back on Earth and she is an ice magician, not a surgeon.

    “Fascinating… So, all the other parts besides the core are just to help both of those cells meet, pretty much. And as for the egg, it’s to create the environment for the joined cores to develop properly. I see… This clears up a few things… I think the original creators of the spell were aware of this. I need to reread everything and focus on those details. Especially the cores. Thank you! This helps a lot!”

    She summarizes the new information and then gives me a hug with a small peck on the cheek. Modern knowledge for the rescue! Or is it ancient if they were aware of this in the past? Honestly, that came as a surprise to me, but hey, people were like, stronger and smarter back then, right? Or something.

    Anyway, I pamper my devoted researcher for a little longer and then excuse myself out. I know better than to distract her or Sirgia too much while they are in their passionate knowledge pursuit or artifact making. I sense Elea and two other elves in the bath so it seems that they are still taking their sweet time. It’s okay. I bet she is filling our new girls’ minds with pro-Alastair propaganda right now. And I can’t really do anything about it.

    While deep in thought, I arrive near Teffith’s room just as she is about to enter it, returning from wherever she was. Perfect timing. We haven’t spoken much besides a sentence here and there during work or training.

    “Mind if I join you for a moment or are you busy?” I ask.

    “Of course not. I was only planning to read a book.” She reveals it to me, bringing up the item from behind her side. She must have been in the library. “It’s not something I can’t postpone for a bit.”

    She holds the door for me and we walk inside. It hasn’t changed much. Actually, I’m not sure why I was expecting anything different. It’s not like the girls have many ways to personalize their rooms as of now. She sits down on the bed and I plop down on a chair by the desk. Let’s touch on that topic since I’m already on it.

    “So, anything you would like to change in this room? Something to get you? Replace?”

    Teffith glances around. “No, I don’t think so, thank you. It’s already very comfortable and spacious. You know that I’m used to living in tents and such so this is quite more than my usual environment.”

    “Glad to hear that. If anything comes to your mind, let me know.”

    She nods and silence fills the room. We both gaze into space or random objects lying around. It’s quite… awkward. Well, let’s try to break it then.

    “How are you recently? Everything fine?” I bring out the most overused question in existence.

    “I’m good. No issues here.”

    And, I have no idea what I expected from such a conversation-killer, but fitting exactly what it is often called, the question doesn’t work in the slightest. We are back in the soundless vacuum. It’s a bit different from what I got used to recently. Literally every other girl would speak to me a lot out of their own volition if we met.

    Ah. Maybe this is the problem. I see. Well. Worth giving a shot.

    I take a deep breath and stand up. “Okay. Time to get this straight. I’m well aware of how the situation looks. Pretty much every single girl, besides you, excluding our new additions, has, boldly speaking, been nailed by me. And it’s clear that a few of them are to some extent in love with me. And it’s also quite apparent that I will most likely be having sex with the new girls at least once too.”

    Walking around the room back and forth, I start my little talk. Stopping for a moment, I glance at the dragonewt to judge her reaction to my words. She patiently waits for me to continue and I do exactly that.

    “With all that in mind, I just want to clearly say that however I act towards you, I am not doing so to try and get into your pants. Whatever I do or say is just how I am, and scoring every beautiful girl from various races and species that somehow ends up in this establishment is not some kind of my life goal. I admit I would be more than willing if the other side was up for it, but it doesn’t mean they have to. And why am I saying all that so suddenly? Because I don’t want things to be awkward between us. Yes, I am curious about your body, especially those mesmerizing scales, but whenever I’m nice to you, I’m not doing so to gain your favour in hope of getting touchy later. If you will ever be okay with it then great. If not, we can just stay as friends like now and still have fun together without any pressure, which I bet you are getting plenty from all those other girls. Hell, if you are even frustrated but some Human dick is not to your taste, I can always get you a thing or two to help with that. Anyway, before I get sidetracked too much, just know that not every girl here has to sleep with me, period. This is a working environment. I employ people. Not seduce them. Was that clear?”

    I end my long lecture with my hands spread and looking down at the smiling Teffith. She stands up, walks up to me and lightly taps my chest with her fist.

    “Crystal clear, boss.” She chuckles. “You worry too much.”

    “Yeah, I’m told that quite a lot,” I reply with a smile of my own.

    “Thanks for the speech. I admit that it does feel weird at times with pretty much everyone around me fucking you, but I’m okay with that. I think. It’s not really my business, to be honest. They do seem happy.” She turns her back to me, takes a few steps and stretches. “And I’m quite happy too. Even though I pretty much knew that you aren’t aiming for me, thanks for saying it out loud. I’m sorry if I feel awkward. I’m not really a talkative person, and well, I would lie if I said that I wasn’t slightly anxious around you at times. But I see that this mindset was partially my mistake too. You want to touch it that badly?”

    The sudden question makes me move my eyes up and our gazes meet. I might have slightly spaced out while watching her long and beautiful tail serenely move around. Teffith shows a knowing smirk while looking at me over her shoulder.

    “Ah, my bad, it’s just… still something very new to me. Especially from this close. Where I’m from, only Humans live. Sorry for staring,” I apologize.

    “Hummm… Not even demi-human slaves? Must be a weird Human town I guess.” She ponders for a second. She doesn’t know about my real home yet. “Well, anyway, it’s okay. We are supposed to make things less awkward, right? Here, you can check it out.”

    Teffith walks back to me again and shows me her back, or more specifically, her tail. With such an invitation I don’t hold my curiosity back and pick it up into my hands and start brushing it carefully. It’s quite thick. The part where I squeeze a bit barely lets me surround it with my fingers. The surface is tough but the muscle itself seems tender and very flexible. The sensation is very pleasant, smooth and slightly cold.

    “Fuuuuuuuuuhhhhh…” Teffith releases a long sigh.

    “You good there?”

    “Yes. I just haven’t had it touched by anyone for quite some time,” she answers calmly.

    “I hope I’m not breaking some customs or taboo of your people with this.”

    “No, it’s okay.” She points at her head. “Our horns are a no-go zone for strangers, not tails. Basically, we only allow our mates to touch them.”

    “Dammit,” I curse playfully and chuckle, making her reply with the same laugh.

    Not wanting to make Teffith feel too weird, I release her tail and step back. “Thanks. It’s nothing like I ever touched. Very amazing and beautiful. And strong enough to send me flying across the whole main hall.”

    She chuckles again. “I’m sorry about that. I was a little nervous at the moment.”

    I wave my hand in dismissal. “Nah, it’s understandable. I’m glad to have someone as strong as you as my guard. We’ll need to work on that naginata soon.”

    A smile finds its way back on her lips. “Thanks. I can’t wait. Although, I don’t think it will see much use.”

    “Maybe for now. But don’t forget we are registered adventurers. One day you might be able to go out without much worry for a quest or two during a free day.”

    We have a friendly chat only for a few minutes more and I leave to allow Teffith to dive into the book she found in our library. It really feels not right though. I mean, none of the girls ever bring up anything related to their stay here. I know it’s quite good, but they are still pretty much locked in the building for most of the time. It feels kinda unrealistic if I were to say.

    Sirgia catches up to me in the corridor and brings me to the dining room, informing me that everything is ready and the new girls will soon come down, alongside some other people who wanted to join our early dinner. Good. More contact between the two groups, residents and new arrivals.

    All of the elves, Safi, Emi and Astrea join us. The green, overenthusiastic slime gets comfortable on my lap very quickly, before my little dwarf has even a chance to steal a glance of that spot. Sirgia sits on my right with a slightly dejected expression. I do my best to shower her in pats.

    Soon, the new squad arrives under the leadership of Elea and she sits everyone down at their spots. I guess our little chef sent her instructions via Whispers. Seriously, do they really have to sound this sexual? Anyway, we all dive in and start enjoying various dishes our kitchen masters prepared.

    The tieflings receive the same as every resident present, which is a deep plate of white borscht. It’s very tasty. I’ve heard that Dwarves love their borscht and this certainly supports that claim. I lean to the side and give my thanks to Sirgia, leaving a peck on her cheek. She grows too flustered to eat from the sudden compliment and every one of my girls keeps staring at her with a smile.

    Garrena gets two huge chunks of meat. From the smell and size, those must be the legs of some wild, monstrous boar. She wolfs through both at once with ferocious enthusiasm. Who can blame her though? Her kind is known for overblown feasts with lots of meat. It’s not the only thing they eat, but can be considered a staple part of their diet. A strong body needs meat.

    As for Nebu, I was actually the most curious about her eating habits. I know that Harpies are omnivores, but I have a hard time imagining them eating something in a different way than catching prey with their claws, maybe roasting it over a fire, and then chomping down on it with their strong fangs. I mean, they have no hands and we are in a ‘civilized’ house.

    But, it looks like Sirgia thought of everything, and our harpy was given a bowl of various fruits and vegetables. While she has no hands, I mentioned before that her kind can still grab things like a person in an oversized hoodie, using the further edges of their wings. And that’s exactly what she does, picking one and then carefully taking a bite while sneaking glances at everyone present. Most of them are earned by me and Elea. I can guess why. It looks insanely cute to watch her timidly eat like this.

    After finishing my portion, which was slightly reduced by the need to feed a few spoons to my clingy bundle of jelly because she was curious, we agree to talk separately. I would have to repeat stuff in different languages anyway and Elea notifies me that Nebu might not be as comfortable speaking about this stuff around the others as they are. I leave the lovely birdie for the last and firstly pay a visit to the tiefling trio.

    When I enter, one of them is sprawling herself over the whole bed, another is taking in some sights of the city through the window, and the last one is actively going through all the drawers and wardrobes with a curious expression. They notice me and quickly gather on the mattress together. I climb onto it too and sit down in front of them.

    “So, I bet you already know that, but my name is Alastair and I will be your master, or rather your boss, from now on. Can I know your names?” I start.

    The crimson-skinned one with horns going up and then arching to the back nods her head. “My name is Mafaris. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master.”

    Then, the dark purple girl with horns going up but slightly to the sides and then curling once, ending the spiral with the tips facing upwards, speaks next. “I’m Shawure.”

    And for the last, the blue-skinned beauty with horns going almost straight up like those of an Onii, but much thicker, finishes the introductions. “And I am Zalia.”

    I nod at each of them. “Thank you. Are you perhaps close to each other?”

    Shawure takes the question. “If you are asking about us knowing each other before the capture, then no, we were enslaved at different times and places. We landed in adjacent cells at some point though so we aren’t complete strangers.”

    “I see. I know we’ve already agreed on this back at Selina’s, but are you completely fine with working as prostitutes?” I ask once more.

    They glance at each other and nod in unison.

    “Okay. Do any of you have any experience in sex?” It might be a blunt question, but quite an important one.

    “I had three boyfriends back in Dul’rhenne. We had fun together quite often. Sometimes as a group too. So, I think I do have some experience? Humans aren’t that different from us when it comes to that, right?” Zalia takes the lead.

    “Oh. That certainly is a lot by Human standards. And yeah, physically there aren’t that many differences. It mostly comes to the additional erogenous zones you guys possess due to the tails, horns and such. Say, don’t you miss them?” I pry a little further.

    She shakes her head. “Maybe a little in the past, but that was four years ago. They definitely found new partners in less than a year after I disappeared. It was fun, but nothing too deep. Which certainly can’t be said about my pussy.”

    I snort at her obscene remark and playful grin. This one will definitely be fun to deal with. Looks like I don’t have to worry about her. I move my gaze to the other two.

    The crimson-skinned woman captures my attention. “I had only one partner in the past and we did it a few times, but then I realized I prefer doing it with girls rather than him and he felt hurt, leaving me in the end. Ah, but I have nothing against sex with men, it can be very enjoyable too. I just have way more fun with the same gender. And these two know very well what I mean.”

    Zalia and Shawure giggle at her words and the latter sends me a wink. So far so good. They all seem really open. And while we aren’t yet considering female clientele, who knows what may change in the future. Mafaris would definitely volunteer to take care of them if I judged her correctly.

    The purple tiefling then clears her throat and shares her part. “I actually had many partners. I can’t even remember all of their names. I come from a bloodline with a very strong libido and it’s just uncomfortable for me not to take care of it. And unfortunately, playing with myself only increases the sensation. So, I’m kind of cursed to seek a dick when I get almost in heat like a Beastkin, hahaha.”

    “Oh yes, you have no idea how hard it was to help relieve her back there, Master,” Mafaris comments. “Somehow, no matter how hard we pounded her pussy with our fingers or even fists, she still would crave for a penis afterwards. And imagine that, they intentionally set her in a cage between the two of us so that no male got close to her through the bars.”

    Oh boy. I might have scored a jackpot with them. I was aware that Tieflings are a bit more sensual than Humans and seek pleasure more often, but here we have one that, boldly speaking, craves for a cock now and then, one that is into getting gangbanged and one that realized another pussy tastes better than a dick but still is up for both. What the hell is that setup? And they didn’t know each other before? It feels almost like the Goddess herself placed them together in those cells. Was I really that delusional about other races women? Am I making it way more complicated than it really is? One way to find out,

    “I see. Thanks for being honest with me. What about having sex with Humans or other races, although I don’t expect many to show up here anytime soon?”

    Another wave of looking at each other and Zalia is the one to answer. “I mean, it’s Humans who are usually against it, not us. All this talking about not going to fuck a monster that killed their ancestors in the past. At least, that’s the majority, right? I would be stupid to believe that there are none who pretty much rape their demi-human slaves in secret.”

    Shawure and Mafaris nod and the former continues. “Sex is sex, dick is dick, race doesn’t really matter for us. Unless we are talking about some pure-blood Beastkins. No way I would have fun getting my tight pussy destroyed by a Bearkin’s massive log. I’m not into that.”

    “I mean… maybe if he was gentle…” Zalia adds.

    “A gentle Bearkin? They are as gentle as water is dry. When those freaks fuck in the open, they bring home a wagon of lumber from all the trees they topple in the process!” the purple girl rolls her eyes and shouts at the blue one.

    “Okay, thank you, girls. No need to get into more detail there.”

    I stop them before the images in my head get much more illustrative. I’m already getting slightly warm in a certain spot from all this lewd talk. And they don’t miss that detail with my cross-legged position.

    “So… Are you going to check our bodies now?” Shawure shows a playful smile and walks closer to me on all fours.

    “I’m pretty sure Elea had a good look at you back there and she would have notified me if there are any issues to take care of. And you seem quite experienced so it’s not exactly necessary,” I answer with a wry smile.

    She makes a slightly sad expression as her somewhat thinner than Teffith's tail starts to slowly coil around my arm. “As the owner of this place, shouldn’t you make sure that the goods are of the best quality yourself?”

    I chuckle. “Why so eager? Is it that time for you?”

    Zalia arrives on my other side. “Your elf maid has pictured you as quite the passionate person. And judging by how lovey-dovey the girls we met act towards you, it does seem quite believable. It would be a lie to say that at least two of us aren’t interested in checking that rumour out.”

    “Hey! I’m also curious how so many different women could have fallen for his dick! Don’t hog him all to yourselves!” Even Mafaris joins the assault and I end up surrounded by three colourful and enticing women.

    I don’t dislike the idea of my first ever foursome with such amazing and vibrant ladies, but there are two other women waiting for their auditions. I smile at each of them and shake my head with a sigh.

    “Guess I will have to verify if you are not lying.” Their eyes sparkle a little. “But, I have to talk with the orc and the harpy first and I feel like you girls would drown me in pleasure for too long if I let you, so this will have to be enough for the moment.”

    From right to left, I give each of them a small kiss. Zalia, being the last in the queue, has enough time to process what is going to happen and tries to sneak her tongue into my mouth, but I squeeze it with my lips and don’t allow it to pass through. She starts jokingly hitting my shoulder until I let her go.

    “No cheating.” I chuckle and stand up. “You are free to explore the mansion. Just don’t leave. Please. I’ll deal with your seals later.”

    Saying that, I leave the room hearing something about how it can be so sweet. Zalia must have gotten a taste of my saliva most likely. This damn Class changes even that. With them done, I mentally ask Elea about Garrena’s location and head to the adjacent room. They are all next to each other from what she tells me.

    I enter the chamber and find the quite tall woman with greenish skin, chest-long brown hair and a very muscular and chiselled body sitting on a chair in front of the desk. She is balancing on its back legs, with her own feet placed on the furniture, while trying to spin a pencil with her fingers.

    She must have watched the guards do that. She obviously fails to recreate the action and when the tool finally falls to the ground from her fingers, Garrena notices my presence and loses her balance, leaning too much to the back and tumbling onto the ground with a groan. She quickly stands up and fixes the chair into its proper place.

    “Garrena sorry. Chair is fine. Not broken.” She scratches her head while glancing at it and then at me. “Garrena thanks human for meat. Errrr… not human… forgot name… Master?”

    I smile a little. And feel a little bad. I was expecting her to be way ruder even though I’m the last person who should judge by stereotypes.

    “I’m glad it was up to your standards. And I’m Alastair. Al for short.”

    “Ala… stair. Alastair. Hard name. Garrena can use Master?”

    “Yes, you can call me however you want, I don’t mind.”

    “Good. We talk now, right?” she asks and I nod. “If Garrena understood Master correctly, Garrena can be free after a year if she does good work, yes?”

    “Simply speaking, yes. But it’s not like I will extend that time when something bad happens or you make some mistakes. And if you will have a really hard time living here and working, I may let you go earlier. Do you have a place you want to return to?” I explain more and ask.

    She makes a thoughtful expression and rubs her chin. “Hmmmm… Garrena not sure. Didn’t see village in three years. Garrena's tribe very aggressive. Might had war with others and not exist now. Have to think. Don’t know way back.”

    That can certainly be noticed from various scars over her body since the shirt and short pants don’t cover all of it. She definitely was a warrior of some kind.

    “I could try to help you find your village after our promise ends. But you can also stay here for as long as you want. You have lots of time to think about everything and see how it is here.”

    She nods a few times. “Good. Garrena thanks Master. Master gives tasty meat, Garrena thankful and happy. Master’s hut big and nice. Comfy bed. Very pleasant. Garrena also likes. Good food and good home. That’s important to an Orc. Garrena will miss fighting though. Fighting also important.”

    “Oh, that won’t be a problem. After I take off your slavery seal, you will be able to fight,” I say with a smile.

    She gets a bit more lively and hits her fists together. “Garrena can fight too?! Hahaha! Great home! Garrena already likes very much!”

    “Yes, you can. My other girls are quite strong too. I don’t know how much when compared to you, but we have an arena underground and they often spar with each other there. They would definitely love to train with you. And we have a healer, so if they agree, you may even go wild a little. It’s up to them though.”

    She throws her fists into the air and releases a sound roar. I’m pretty sure it conveys excitement and thrill. I instantly receive a few Whispers asking if everything is fine though. With a wry smile, I quickly reassure everyone with a bulk message and refocus on Garrena again.

    “Moving onto our main topic, will you be fine working like this? Do you have any experience?” I ask.

    Garrena hits her chest with a loud thump. “HA! Garrena body tough! Puny Human dicks won’t hurt! In village, Garrena was strongest fighter! Orcs love strong! Many males wanted to copulate with Garrena! Only chose strong too. But Garrena fine with Humans. Will Humans want to have sex with Garrena? Humans call Orcs monsters. Scared of us. Scared of tusks.” She points at the two protruding teeth. “Master not scared of tusks?”

    I chuckle. “I’m not scared of how you look, your tusks or your muscular body. I am a little scared though. Of how strong you are. I can feel and see it. Weak should fear the strong, isn’t that right?”

    “Ohhhh. Master thinks almost like an Orc! Garrena agrees. But. What about babies? Won’t be a problem if Garrena gets pregnant? Humans and Orcs can have babies together. Female Orcs easy to have a baby.”

    I’m honestly surprised by her question, but again, contradictory to their crude way of speaking, most Orcs are pretty much as smart as your usual Human. People tend to forget that due to all the love for strength and adrenaline in their communities and the simplistic way of speaking.

    “It will be fine. My friend is working on a spell that will prevent that from happening. And well, if the two of us do it, I can actually control if I want to get a woman pregnant or not.”

    She laughs heartily. “Haha! Master’s friend is smart! No-baby magic! Sounds fun! No problems then! Garrena thinks Master’s place is great! What now?”

    I stand up, come closer to the tall woman, I guess something around 190cm in height or a little bit more, and cross my arms in an X-shape in front of my chest. Garrena’s eyes widen a little and a smile soon arises on her face.

    She then pulls back her fist and hits the intersection of my forearms. It’s a heavy punch and I can certainly feel it, but it’s just a greeting amongst most Orc tribes, so she isn’t aiming to send me flying. Then, she does the same as me and I throw my punch. She doesn’t even budge. It’s like I hit a stone wall. Ouch. This makes her laugh heartily again and slap my shoulders in amusement.

    I explain that I have to visit one more person and then I will most likely take care of all their seals. Of course, she is allowed to explore too, and we will most likely have lessons similar to the ones I had with Safi and Emi about Human anatomy before they start working for real. In their case, we have to wait for Cornelia’s research results first anyway.

    Okay, looks like the Mafaris, Shawure, Zalia and Garrena’s cases went much better than expected. Now I just hope everything will go well with Nebu too. It definitely won’t be as easy, judging by her personality. But, she also agreed to work after having it explained by Sirgia, so she should be at least a little comfortable with it.

    Hopefully, she still is similar to her kind deep down and will get more comfortable after opening up to me. She might just be a young one, without much experience. I've read that their first hunt for a mate is like stepping into adulthood and it's sometimes assisted by the young Harpy's mother if the girl isn't too confident in herself, and they grow much bolder later. Or I just found a very shy and timid one.

    Time to have a talk with the cute Nebu.
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    Chapter 52 – Like a Real Harpy ❤❤❤
    After leaving Garrena’s room, I walk up to the door of the adjacent one. I lean my ear onto it to check for any sounds inside. It seems quiet. We aren’t Partners yet so I can’t feel Nebu’s presence. I don’t think she tried running away so she might be sleeping. It wouldn’t be surprising. The change in the environment is definitely huge.

    Just in case I’m right, I try to open the door and enter as quietly as I can, taking a peek through the gap I created first. She actually is lying on the bed with her back turned to me. I sneak inside and glance around. It doesn’t seem like she was as curious as the other girls and didn’t rummage through the room. Or she was too scared or reserved to act.

    Seeing that she doesn’t react to my steps, I arrive on the other side of the bed and sit down. Nebu looks already much better than earlier. Her hair, skin and feathers are much cleaner and fluffier. And someone helped her get into a simple t-shirt and shorts. I can see her slim tummy from the way she is laid down. She is also clutching one of the pillows to her chest and face.

    When I move my gaze to it, she slowly opens the one eye uncovered by it and stares straight at me. I try to show a gentle smile and tilt my head a little.

    “If you are tired, I can come later. You can rest here for as long as you want.”

    She continues to just lie there while observing me for a while longer and then carefully raises herself up, not letting go of the pillow she embraced. Nebu sits in a cross-legged position and puts the soft rectangle on her lap, positioning it vertically. She then squeezes it even harder with her wings and hides her chin and part of her mouth behind its top, showing me a shy gaze from below.

    Gods… Did Sirgia finally get a rival in her cuteness? If she keeps this up I will have a hard time not jumping in to pet her...

    “No… I’m fine…” she answers my question with a quiet whisper.

    This might be tough. She truly does seem like a very delicate girl. I’m not sure how exactly I should approach her. Oh well. Let’s not overthink this and just act like I usually would.

    “Are you nervous?” I ask softly.

    Nebu nods her head just a little bit. I try moving my hand placed on the surface of the bed towards her and she instantly catches onto it with her eyes. Harpies do have amazing eyesight as far as I know. Especially when it comes to movement.

    “Why are you… so nice… towards me?” She actually asks a question on her own.

    “Do I need a reason to be kind to a cute girl?” I say without dropping my, hopefully, gentle smile. “That’s just how I am. I bet my elf friend talked lots and lots about me, isn’t that right?”

    I wait for a longer moment this time, but she finally nods her head.

    “Then, are you perhaps scared that she was lying?”

    Her eyes wander down onto the bed and she visibly ponders over my question. “I... don't know… She seemed… happy… Was it really true?”

    “I’m sure it was.”

    She returns her gaze to me and we sit in silence again. It’s going slow but I don’t want to appear too forceful with how meek she is. I sigh a little. Nebu tilts her head seeing me do that.

    “Say, can I do something to help you relax? Maybe, if you let me touch you for a bit, I can take away your slavery seal? What do you say?” I decide to use her mark as a means to reassure the timid harpy.

    As previously, the answer comes after a few seconds and it’s a shy nod. I also nod with a smile and begin slowly moving towards her on all fours on the bed. Stopping in front of Nebu, I sit on my knees. The way she looks at me with those big, deep brown eyes is just so adorable.

    I raise my right hand and bit by bit approach her wings which are hugging the pillow. Nebu observes my fingers very carefully. After what feels like an eternity, they finally touch the top of her arms. I graze over them first, trying to be gentle and caring. She looks to be fine with this much.

    And she also is smart enough to figure out that I won’t be able to do anything with her sitting like that and Nebu moves her wings down and to the sides, releasing the pillow she was squeezing. There’s still one thing in the way after I take it away.

    “Are you fine with taking your top off?” I ask.

    Nebu nods. “Ummm… Can you help me with it?”

    Having her permission, I grab the bottom of her t-shirt and begin slowly pulling it up. It passes her chest and covers Nebu’s head with her arms raised. Her perky breasts jiggle a little when the material brushes over them. From the first glance, they aren’t that big, perhaps only a little bit more sizable than Sirgia’s. They still look insanely cute and charming.

    “Ummm… You can pull it faster... Master. My feathers will be fine.”

    Mistaking my short pause for being worried about her wings, Nebu is the one to reassure me that it’s okay to continue faster. I quickly comply with her words before she realizes what was the real reason for it and free her from the clothing completely. She covers her chest with her wings and glances down a bit, still keeping her eyes on my face. I’m going to end up with diabetes if this continues.

    I switch from sitting on my knees into a cross-legged position and tap my lap. “Come here. Don’t be shy. I promise I won’t do anything that might hurt you.”

    Nebu follows my request and I help her settle down on my legs while sitting with her side towards me. I put my left hand on her head and gently push it against my chest so it leans over it and I start affectionately brushing through her hair. She glances up at me and I smile.

    I move the other hand to her wings and wait for Nebu to notice it. After her eyes drop down onto her chest, I carefully uncover it by moving her left and right wings to the sides as she watches over my movements. Finally, I approach the seal with my fingers and tap it to accustom Nebu to my touch a bit.

    “Okay. I’m starting then. You might feel a bit warm in your chest. Just relax and enjoy the sensation.”

    After she nods, I go over the process of removing a seal that was registered to me. It takes just a moment and it soon disappears from Nebu’s collarbone, not leaving even the tiniest trace after it’s gone. She uses the tip of her wing to rub the spot and smiles very faintly. I use that moment to hug her closer and keep scratching her head. She closes her eyes and lets me caress her with that soft smile still present on her lips.

    Three minutes pass before Nebu opens them again. Not wanting to impose on her too much, I help her sit in a bit more equal position, still on my lap.

    “Better?” I ask.

    She nods a bit more noticeably. “Yes. Thank you… Master.”

    “I don’t know anything about your past or what other Humans might have done or said to you, but you really don’t need to be scared of me. As I said before, I will do everything I can to make you have a happy stay here. But now, I’m actually not sure if this is okay after seeing how reserved you are. Did you really understand what you were getting into back there in the slavery company?” I decide it’s a good time to start our main discussion.

    “I did.” This time, the reply is quick, almost instantaneous. Nebu’s expression darkens a little though. ”I didn’t have that bad time with Humans… They were rude and scary and sometimes hit me but… it was okay… They… didn’t hit me as much as other Harpies…”

    From her tone and dispirited gaze, I can easily guess it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows before she was captured. I pull her closer again and resume caressing the poor girl in my arms, waiting to see if she will continue her story. I’m pretty sure I can guess the contents anyway. It most likely relates to her personality.

    After a moment, Nebu speaks again. “Thank you… Ummm… you see… I… I’m already five years past the age of reaching adulthood right now… Humans caught me two years ago… But before that, I… couldn’t do it… I... couldn’t mate…”

    You don’t need to be an expert counsellor to notice the heavy shame in Nebu’s voice. Her eyes run away from mine. I still don’t know the details, but it’s clear that in their society it’s something frowned upon, at the very least.

    To show her even more of my support, I lay ourselves down on our sides so that Nebu’s and my face are in front of each other. I bring myself closer and lean my forehead against hers, using my left hand to brush her cheek and the right to embrace her and rub her back. One thing I must commend Nebu for, even in this situation she still hasn’t blushed even a little. Sirgia would have been at least fully rosy right now. She might be timid, but I don’t think being intimate embarrasses her that much.

    She takes a deep breath and decides to share her worries with me. “I was scared… Every Harpy starts mating after they mature. It’s something normal. But I… couldn’t do it… I saw many of my friends and sisters do it, but I…” She closes her eyes and sighs. “For my first time, mom even brought a Human that didn’t look intimidating and wasn’t very aggressive… but when that touched my skin, I panicked and jumped back… She consoled me saying that it happens and it’s okay… but we tried many times and I couldn’t do it… I was scared… I am scared… of pain down there… I saw blood when my sisters mated for the first time…”

    A moment of silence passes and I wait. Letting her finish is the most I can do for now.

    “I tried and tried… Mom didn’t force me at the beginning and I only tried it during our mating seasons… But… it didn’t work… I even hurt the males a few times when mom and my sisters had enough and tried to push me onto my partner… After a year, everyone in our flock was laughing and cursing me and… hitting me… Even mom pushed me away… She said I’m not her daughter… I’m not… a Harpy… I’m… I’m...”

    I stop her by moving my thumb onto her lips and shush Nebu down. “It’s okay. That's enough,” I speak to her with a very quiet whisper and pull her as close as I can. While I keep repeating to her ear that everything is fine, Nebu’s wings cover my back and she hugs me tightly. I slowly brush her back with as much care as I can muster.

    We stay close for a few minutes and I don’t stop my hands for even a moment. Nebu finally moves a little and I let her out of my arms. She pulls herself up again to get back in front of my face. Hers have clear traces of a tear or two here and there. I clean them with my finger. I didn’t hear any sniffles or sobs. She is stronger than I thought, letting only a few tears out while reminded of such things.

    After Nebu calms down, I smile and brush a lock of hair behind her pointy ear. “I’m sorry you had to think about it again. But then… If you are scared of mating… Why did you agree to come with us, knowing exactly what we do here?”

    Her gaze starts jumping all around me. She is definitely looking for correct words to explain herself.

    “I wanted to leave… And… if I were ordered to… then maybe I would finally be able to mate… When other Humans ordered me there, I had to listen or it really hurt… or my body moved by itself…”

    Even with all she went through in the past, she still tries her best to overcome her fears no matter what. Even if I tell her she can just live here without having to do it, nothing would change. She would still feel ashamed.

    I take a deep breath and sigh heavily. She returns her focus to my face. “Okay. I can see how much this means to you. You are a very strong girl, not letting go of your resolve after all that. I want to say that you don’t need to have sex to prove that you are a real Harpy, but that would be just rude of me. So, instead, I will help you do it. If you will trust me, that is. What do you think?”

    Her eyes widen a little and she opens her mouth to say something, but quickly closes it and stares at me without moving. I can feel her hesitation and uncertainty even without her being my Partner.

    “You see, Nebu, I mated with girls from different races. And they always enjoyed it a lot. Even during their first time. And that’s partially because… my magic… can make the other person feel really good and… make the pain go away. If you do it with me, I can promise you it won’t hurt even a little bit. I think this is your best chance. I don’t want to force you. I will not order you to do it. You don’t have a slave mark now anyway. But, if you ask me, I will do whatever I can to help you.”

    I finish trying to convince her and move both of my hands to Nebu’s cheeks, slowly pulling my face closer towards hers. Seeing that she doesn’t stop me, I plant a gentle kiss on her forehead. I don’t go for her lips. Not without a clear agreement. After the short peck, I quickly withdraw myself and wait for her response.

    “Is it really possible?” she asks with a little bit of hope showing up in her eyes.

    “I have no reason to lie to you. If I wanted to do so, or just to use you, I wouldn’t have removed the sigil. I can bring here my dwarf friend you spoke with. She can confirm that I dealt with her pain during our first time. Although, she will definitely be really embarrassed to talk about it with a stranger, hahaha,” I suggest with a smile and giggle a bit.

    Nebu also smiles a little when I mention Sirgia. She must have left a positive impression on the harpy girl during their talk. The feathered woman tightens her wings and hugs me again, nuzzling her face to my neck. I pat her head in the meanwhile.

    “Then… I want to try it,” she announces very quietly.

    “Okay. Let me know when you will be ready and I’ll do my best to help you. I will make you into a proud and bold Harpy that can mate with any male she wants.”

    She pushes herself away from me a little and looks up at my face with expectant eyes. “Can we do it now?”

    I sigh softly and chuckle. It was obvious this would turn out like that after my last words. I didn’t plan on sleeping with any of the girls this quick, before even releasing their seals together, but I can’t trample on the resolve Nebu has gathered. I inform my girls that I will be busy for a while with our new friend using my Whispers, and return my attention to the adorable and motivated harpy in my arms.

    “Of course. Will you let me take care of you?” I ask while looking down at her.

    Nebu nods a few times. “Yes. Please. I want to finally become an adult Harpy. I’ll do what you say… Master.”

    “Okay. First, please, accept me as your Partner. It’s part of my skills.”

    I send the invitation and she instantly agrees. A wide smile appears on my face.

    “Have you ever kissed?” She shakes her head. “Then this will be our first kiss. My saliva can get rid of pain so swallow as much of it as you can.”

    I start pulling her body up and Nebu even pushes herself with her legs to meet me midway. At first, I only gently brush my mouth against hers, observing Nebu’s reaction with a smile. She keeps staring into my eyes all the time. Then, I begin softly pecking her lips and she soon copies the action. After a short while, I slowly send my tongue out and she lets my muscle in. We share a calm and slow dance where I try to pass my saliva to her. Nebu sucks it greedily like it’s some kind of treasure, gulping it down as instructed.

    Her expression softens and her gaze also turns much less tense. After around two minutes of this exchange, we part our ways and start panting softly. While we rest our foreheads against each other, her gaze drops down. I leave one more peck on her forehead and raise myself up.

    “Let’s first get you accustomed to the thing,” I say and throw all my clothes, besides the underwear, into my storage ring.

    Nebu also sits up and glances all over my body. “Master… looks better than other Humans I tried to mate with…”

    “Oh, thank you. Have you ever licked a man’s penis?”

    She tilts her head. “Why? It just goes inside my hole, no?”

    Figured. I don’t expect Harpies to have developed their lewd techniques more than it’s necessary to satisfy themselves during their mating seasons.

    I reach my hand out and brush her cheek. Nebu pushes it into my palm and rubs it against my fingers herself.

    “Yes, that’s the main part, but there are also other things that can make you or your partner feel good, like the kissing we did just now. Did you like it?”

    She nods. “Mhm. It was… sweet.”

    “I can give something even better,” I say with a smile and pull off my shorts, revealing my erect rod to the cute harpy.

    Nebu of course recognizes the male genitalia and her gaze almost instantly locks on my cock.

    “You can take a closer look if you want.”

    I sit with my legs spread to allow her to approach it comfortably and Nebu crawls closer on all fours until I can feel her breath on my sensitive penis. She curiously examines every inch of it from all sides and angles. I don’t think she paid this much attention to other dicks before.

    “To make a male feel good, you can use your tongue to lick it. Like honey from a honeycomb. Want to give it a try?”

    Nebu glances up at me slightly uncertain but nods after a moment. She then opens her mouth, brings out her tongue and starts to very slowly shorten the distance. She stops for a moment just short of my cock and hesitates, taking one more look at my face. Seeing my smile, she pushes forward and takes a long lick from the bottom to the top. Of course, the way she does it is crude and not that good, but it feels nice nevertheless. Her tongue seems a little bit rougher than the other girls I’ve done this with. Might be a racial thing.

    She repeats the motion a few times. “It’s… weird. But am I doing good, Master?”

    “Yes, you are. You can play with it a bit more. Leave some kisses here and there. Try licking around the tip or these two bulbs down there. Just be careful with the top, it’s sensitive. You can even take it inside your mouth, but if you scratch it with your teeth it will hurt me. I trust you though. If you are curious, you can do it.” I try to fill her head with various ideas so that she grows more fond of my penis.

    Nebu listens to me and follows my guidance. She starts leaving kisses along the shaft. Then, she moves down and gives my balls a few licks and gentle sucks. Next, Nebu travels with her tongue all the way to the top and greets my glans with some pecks too. She jumps a little when my cock twitches in response and glances at me with a slight worry.

    “It’s okay. It does that when it feels really good,” I say and move my hand to ruffle through her hair.

    I’m just going to say that this should be enough for her little date with my junior when her lips part and Nebu begins aiming her open mouth at my glans. She readjusts her chin a few times while trying it out over my tip and takes it inside after achieving a wide enough gape. The hot insides of her mouth assault my dick instantly and her tongue brushes the underside a little.

    “Don’t push it too far or you will hit your throat. Just use your tongue to lick it around a bit and we can finish this. Look me in the eyes if you will need help to get it out, okay?”

    She nods very slightly and follows my advice, starting to coil her muscle around my glans. Again, it’s not that skillful, but it’s the very first time she even thought about putting a cock inside her mouth. Sirgia’s first blowjob might have been awkward too, but she knew it was an actual thing people do.

    Nebu glances up and I place my hands on her cheeks to slowly guide my rod out of her mouth without grazing over her teeth. We succeed. She licks off the saliva trails that appeared on her mouth and keeps looking at me.

    “How was it?”

    “It was sweet too. A bit different than before. I think it was stronger and more… syrupy? I didn’t know it was so tasty,” she answers.

    I chuckle a little. “I’m pretty sure it tastes much worse in the case of other males. But we can talk about that on a different occasion. It’s my turn now.”

    Nebu tilts her head, trying to figure out what I mean by that, and I place my hand on her cheek before giving her a small kiss. Then, I gently push her down onto the bed and move my fingers all alongside her whole body, reaching the material of her shorts.

    “To make sure that you definitely won’t feel any pain, I have to lick you down there too,” I say while rubbing my finger over her panties. “Tell me if it feels uncomfortable, and don’t hesitate to stop me if anything happens, even if you would risk hurting me.” Making sure that she nods, I pull down her panties, slowly tracing them over her long legs ending up in talons.

    Surprisingly, there’s not even a single strand of hair down there. I guess Harpies just don’t have them. Even the fibres on her head felt way different from what I am used to. They very well might be differently shaped and structured feathers too.

    Nevertheless, that’s not the part I should be focusing on right now. The beautiful and petite slit in front of my eyes deserves all the attention. Nebu’s lower lips seal the entrance to her girly parts so tight one could wonder if those soft folds have ever parted. This image is just the cutest sight my eyes have ever feasted on.

    Feeling now not only her nervous gaze but also a little bit of an anxious mood, I decide to not prolong this waiting game and lazily bring my lips closer to Nebu’s petite flower. Her body shivers when I leave a kiss on it. I wait a short moment and look up, but she keeps observing me attentively. More pecks follow until Nebu doesn’t tremble when our bodies make contact.

    I take it as a signal to move onto the next step and very carefully uncover Nebu’s most secret entrance. The moment I pull her smooth petals to the sides with my thumbs, a tiny trail of slimy liquid travels down towards her cute anus. It seems that this long-neglected place is very much looking forward to some action already.

    With a smile, I give it what it yearns for and use my tongue to make a single, long lick from the very bottom to the very top of the pink crevice. Nebu’s body trembles again. Looking up, I see her making a heaving sigh. Thinking that I’m waiting for another permission, she quickly nods her head. No need to correct her. I dig in according to her wishes.

    Already having some experience behind my belt, I try to bring out my most trusted and tested techniques and patterns when caressing the inner side of her pussy’s lips. Nebu shivers from time to time but her increasingly faster breathing announces that those are the good shivers.

    I switch into a higher gear and move my lips over her shy, little hood on top of her precious spot, closing them around the stiff bulb with utmost care.


    Finally, a gratifying sound reaches my ears. Nebu’s first moan. I might be weird, but I feel much better hearing it than when she licked my dick. That’s perhaps what they call a man’s ego. I redouble my efforts and tickle the tiny orb with the tip of my tongue while giving it playful sucks.

    “Ahmmm… Nhnnnn…”

    I’m so fortunate she doesn’t immediately try to cover her mouth. Those cute, soft moans are like music to my ears. Nebu keeps her eyes locked on my head the whole time, and thanks to that, I can enjoy her expression which is growing more flushed with each second too. I spend two more minutes playing with her flower, adding some brushes with my fingers to the performance, and then scoop some of her love juices and move my face back to her.

    “Do you see this?” I ask while rubbing my thumb and middle finger together in front of her. She nods. “This means that the place down there really wants to meet this guy and is more than ready to welcome him.” I bring my hand to my cock and stroke it slowly. Her eyes follow the motions.

    “I… I’m ready too… Thanks to you… Master… I believe you… It won’t hurt…” she says it more to convince herself than to inform me about her trust.

    I lean forward and we join our lips for one more kiss before the main thing. I pass her some more of my saliva during our passionate exchange and then pull away, moving back down. Positioning myself between her legs, I place my hands on Nebu’s thighs and rub them reassuringly. My rod slowly descends onto her awaiting pussy. I stop just short of it, glance at her again, and while we keep eye contact, press my shaft over her slit.

    There’s a shiver, but she doesn’t instantly kick me away or starts thrashing as she mentioned in her story. Just that brings a beautiful smile onto her lips and I can see tears forming on the edges of her eyes. Just with this. She really wanted to do this for years but her fear was not letting her.

    “Please… Make me into a real Harpy, Master!” she speaks a little louder and with some determination behind her words.

    “Very well,” I answer and lift her butt up, angling it so that she can see more of her beautiful pussy. “Watch carefully as you become what you always wanted to be.”

    I rest her lower body on my thighs and use both hands to spread those overprotective petals of hers, pressing the tip of my cock against her yearning hole. Nebu takes my words a bit too seriously and gazes into the place where we are almost connected like a hawk eyeing its prey. But well, this is a very important moment in her life.

    Not wanting to let her down, I swallow my saliva, praying to the Goddess that brought us here for the very first time for this to truly not cause the excited harpy any pain, and as gently as possible, I push the tip inside her untouched cavern.

    Nebu’s mouth opens a little and she gasps, but I don’t think she is hurting in any way. I gradually slide my length deeper and deeper from slightly above and keep an eye on her expression. For Nebu, I might as well not exist right now. All her focus is directed towards my cock, unhurriedly making its way through her tight tunnel. I don’t think she is even aware of her gaping and panting mouth.

    So far so good, but the real test begins now. I bump into a stretchy obstacle on my path and her body trembles.

    “You okay?” I ask.

    She nods very energetically. “Yes! It tickled, but it’s not hurting.”

    With part of my penis already inside her hot and moist entrance, I release her thighs and lean forwards to hang over Nebu’s body. She glances at my face for the first time since the insertion and I smile at her from above.

    “Welcome to adulthood, Nebu.”

    With that, I push through her purity seal and slide further inside. The young harpy releases a prolonged moan while shaking and drawing her head to the back, but tries her best to keep her eyes on mine for the whole duration of this new sensation. After a few seconds, she raises herself on her elbows and pecks my lips. Tears are flowing down her cheeks. I sneakily move my hand down to cover our nether regions.

    “Thank you! Thank you so much! There really was no pain!” She rains kisses on my lips while thanking me repeatedly and hugging me with her wings.

    Calming down after a moment, she releases me and falls back onto the bed. She can’t stop smiling. And so do I. I’m way happier to be the one to help make her dream come true than to have sex with such a beautiful and exotic girl. And it truly feels amazing down there already.

    Nebu finally notices my hand when she glances down and gives me a confused look.

    “There’s a bit of blood. I didn’t want it to startle you. Are you ready to see the proof of you becoming an adult Harpy?” I say, still smiling.

    “Yes, please.”

    As she wishes, I take my hand away and a trickle of blood continues its path up her underbelly with her slightly raised hips after the obstruction in the form of my fingers disappears. She giggles a little. Giggles. So DAMN cute.

    “But… It’s not yet all in, isn’t it, Master?” she asks after seeing my uncovered penis too.

    “Let me fix that mistake now.” I gently push the rest almost to the very root, making Nebu moan softly. “So. How does it feel to have a penis down there?”

    Nebu moves one of her wings and brushes over her navel with the tip of it. “It’s really hot. Your penis is pushing the insides of my hole around.”

    “It’s called a pussy, Nebu. And people call my thing penis, dick, cock and such. All grown-up girls use those.” I decide to teach her a little about sex.

    “My pussy is being spread by your hard cock... But… it now feels tingly. There’s an itch there, just a little bit further.”

    “Let me take care of it then.”

    With that, I slowly pull back, evoking another moan from the cute harpy, and plunge myself inside again, with moderate force, of course. I start repeating those thrusts while listening to the soft moans she releases.

    “Ahh… Ahhnn… So this is real mating… Ahnnnn.” Nebu smiles at me. “It feels… ahhhhh… really good!”

    As expected, my saliva and other fluids helped in our operation and she seems to be doing fine during her first time. Nebu locks her legs behind my waist and keeps covering my back with her fluffy wings while staring at my face with an overjoyed expression. I move my hips in a regular motion, not too fast yet, and keep rubbing the insides of her tight pussy with my thick rod.

    “Ahhh… I was scared… nhnnn… of this? Ahhh… Ahh… Please! Ahnn… Mate with me harder, Master!”

    Looks like she got into it straight away. It might be her nature as a Harpy finally surfacing. I follow her request and increase the pace bit by bit, ending up hammering her waist into the bed. To make it even better, I stop just looking at her face and lean down more, closing my lips over one of her beautiful peaks. My tongue tickles the erect nipple.

    “Ehhhh? That place… ahnnnn… is for kids…”

    As I thought, she knows nothing about real sex. I move my hand to the other breast and caress them both while plunging myself into the depths of Nebu’s neglected cavern. Her moans grow louder and she tightens her hold on me even more.

    “Master! Ahhnnn… Something is… coming… Ahhhhhhhannn…”

    “Then let it all out, Nebu.”

    I keep repeating my thrusts the same way to not overwhelm her during the first time and Nebu soon reaches her first orgasm.


    Her body convulses and I feel her pussy squeezing me hard. I decide to present her with one more gift and stop holding back my own high, releasing a torrent of creamy liquid deep into her scorching hot insides.

    After a few seconds, both our orgasms end and I give Nebu a soft kiss, which she quickly reciprocates with a giggle.

    “That warm thing… is that your seed, Master?” she asks with an elated smile.

    I nod and she peppers me with pecks.

    “Finally… I was able to take a male’s seed… Thank you so much…”

    Before I pull out and lie down on her side, Nebu uses her strength to pull me close to her body and rolls us over, ending up on top of me, with my cock still buried deep inside her amazing pussy. She glances down at where we are connected and moves her hips around a little to take in more of this sensation, releasing a few cute sighs and gasps.

    “Master…” She returns her gaze to me. A small jolt of electricity runs down my spine. Her eyes are different. Much more lively, hazy and… hungry. “It’s still hard. Other males I watched could only shoot their stuff once. I want more. I want to mate more and more.”

    I chuckle nervously. “Hahaha… I sometimes really hate being right…”

    Nebu leans forward to steal my lips, or rather drown them in a myriad of kisses, also licking all around my whole face, and starts moving her hips on her own, vigorously dropping her pussy onto my still erect cock. She slams her waist against mine much harder than my previous thrusts and the room gets filled with loud and erotic slapping of flesh hitting flesh.

    “Ahnnnnnn… So good! Aaaahhhhh… Mating is the best!”

    She turns a complete one-eighty. The reserved Nebu is no more. At least for now. It’s replaced with a real Harpy drowned in lust which was kept imprisoned for way too long. Her hips rain down on my junior like a guillotine. She seems to be enjoying herself to the fullest.

    But… Ironically… I’m actually wrong this time. Nebu still yearns for more and leaves my face alone, sitting up straight. I watch as she jumps up and down on my cock while moaning fervently. Her beautiful, slim body, with those perky, jiggling breasts is a spectacle on its own. Yet, this is not enough for her.

    Nebu spreads her wings fully to the sides and I instantly get chills from how powerful and menacing the figure towering over me looks. I feel like a hopeless prey caught in her clutches. She smiles hungrily and flaps her feathered arms once, raising her body into the air just high enough to barely leave the very tip of my dick squeezed in her narrow entrance.

    My eyes widen in realization when her talons tightly grip the sheets on the sides of my abdomen, and before I can say anything, she flaps her impressive wings again, upwards this time. With the joined force of her leg muscles and wings, she comes crashing down onto my waist, plunging my cock irrationally deep inside herself, doing the mightiest squat I’ve ever witnessed.

    “Ngggghhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnn! Yeeessssssssssss!”

    While I groan from the powerful blow, Nebu screams in ecstasy. It wasn’t painful for me. Just unexpected. And really powerful. And obviously, it doesn’t end there. She keeps moaning even louder while repeatedly shoving my cock into her yearning cave at different angles with those air-boosted slams. The bed caves in so deep with each attack I wasn’t even aware this mattress could deform so much.

    “Ahnnn! Ahnnn! Ahhhh! Cock! Ahnnnnnn! I’m mating! Ahhhaaann! With a male! Mhhhnnnnnnnn! It’s the beeeeeest!”

    Her breathing is a mess and it’s no wonder. I’m surprised she can even fit words between the moans and gasps for air. I’m in not much better state myself with how roughly she assaults me, but still, Nebu is doing all the work now. If all Harpies get this ferocious during their mating sessions…

    It doesn’t matter now. Let’s give Nebu the best finish I can under those circumstances. Which are… kind of limited. But I still can find the proper timing and thrust my cock upwards the moment she drops down.


    And it works splendidly. Nebu throws out her tongue in pleasure and gazes deep into my eyes. I don’t think she’ll be able to speak again like this. Starting to sense her approaching climax, I keep pistoning her pink flower from below with perfectly adjusted movements and reach with my hands to her chest, pinching those cute, perky nipples between my fingers.

    Within a few more seconds of violent smacking and me caressing her breasts, Nebu finally reaches her second climax and I shove my cock upwards with whatever strength I have left, flooding her tight tunnel with another load of the whitish delicacy just as she starts spasming.


    “Guh… Fuuuuck…”

    We both ride the wave for many seconds until our convulsions tone down. Nebu’s shivering body begins falling forward and I quickly stop it with my hands on her chest, calmly lowering her onto myself. I brush through the hair of the almost breathless harpy in my arms. I’m panting only slightly less than her.

    A minute or two passes and Nebu finally calms down enough to cutely snuggle up to me. I pull her up from my cock and lay her down on my side, turning to her too. She covers the remaining distance and instead of a kiss, she rubs her nose against amine with an adorable smile.

    “I’m finally an adult… I’m so happy…”

    I keep patting her head. “I’m glad you are not scared anymore. You are now a big and strong Harpy.”

    Nebu backs away a little and looks me in the eyes. “Ummm… If I stay here… I will be able to mate with other males too, right?”

    I smile at her question. “Of course. If you let me teach you a bit about sex, I’m sure there will be many Humans wanting to mate with you.”

    She instantly dives back into my embrace. “I will learn. I want to stay with you, Master. Mate lots and bold like a real Harpy.”

    It looks like she is slowly turning back into her more reserved mode. She is still a little bit livelier than before, but I’m glad Nebu didn’t turn into a sex fiend permanently. It’s enough that she gets this passionate when being intimate with a man. Guess people who like to be dominated will have someone to choose now after she joins our ranks.

    We rest on the bed together for a few minutes more. Then, I pick two lengthy towels, wrap one around Nebu and the other over my waist, and princess-carry my little birdie to the bath. We both really need it after all this.
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    Chapter 53 – A True Masterpiece
    We arrive in the bath and get into the mixed section. I fold the towels on the side and sit us in the cleaning area before we jump into the main pool. She is still a little reserved, but Nebu lets me take care of her body, especially those amazing wings. I cherish them with utmost attention to not hurt her accidentally and it certainly looks like she enjoys having them affectionately washed.

    After that, she offers to help me but I politely decline, thinking that she would have a hard time trying to do that with her wings. And I’m instantly proven wrong. She doesn’t use them. Nebu grabs the sponge with her feet, or rather talons, and skillfully rubs it over my whole body while keeping herself in balance with her wings spread to the sides.

    She has great control over her legs and I should have expected that, considering the fact that Harpies use them a lot to do most things. This type of cleaning also results in some quite amazing angles when she takes care of my chest, raising her legs pretty high. The blush on her cheeks tells me that she is well aware of how exposed she is with that move, but chooses to continue for my sake nevertheless.

    We finally get into the main pool and I pull Nebu into my arms after we sink our bodies in. She sighs deeply and rests her head on my chest while lying on me. I, of course, keep gently brushing through her brown hair. We don’t speak. Nebu isn’t a talkative person. I let her just relax while snuggled to me, taking this chance to take a quick peek at our statuses. I’m curious how a Harpy’s one looks like.

    First, I check the Bond menu.


    First level, as expected. Bond Type is Gratitude. I haven’t seen that since Safi and Emi joined. I guess their situation and feelings are similar. I did help them and her in a similar way. Looks like the relationship also aligns with the slimes. She must be fine with remaining under my orders, at least for now. Or maybe most, if not all, monster-like entities tend to end up as familiars when getting closer with the main humanoid races? Who knows. I might learn more about that when I meet other monster girls in the future. So far it’s only Safi, Emi and Nebu that are considered monsters.

    Swatting the small rectangle away, I pull up her full status.


    19 years old… That checks out. She said it was around five years since she reached the age of adulthood and Harpies fully mature between 13 and 15 years old. Hawk Bloodline? I guess each of them can have a different one like all Beastkin have different animal characteristics. Oh. It looks like what we did allowed her to finally evolve. She might need a good night of sleep to finish the process like Emi had in the past. Even as a young Harpy, her stats are quite high. STR and AGI are the highest. Well, she now has my buffs too. I’ll have to check on her after she evolves.

    Closing her status window, I glance down. “Nebu.”

    She raises her gaze and looks straight at me with those big and deep brown eyes. “Hm?”

    “Make sure you rest properly today. When you wake up, you will finally be a proper, adult Harpy,” I say to her with a gentle smile.

    Nebu stares at me in silence for a moment before breaking eye-contact and looking down. I notice her wings beginning to tremble a little so I use my hand to raise her face up again to see if she is fine. After I do so, two small streaks run down her cheeks while her cute lips are tightly shut.

    I instantly hug her closer and urge Nebu to not hold back. Those are tears of happiness, they shouldn’t be forcefully blocked. She doesn’t get into a crying outburst like Sirgia did but just sniffles a little into my shoulder as I pat her head, finishing with a quiet thank you.

    After she calms down a bit, I glance at part of my own status, although I know how much I should get with the 10% share from her.


    Yeah, not much, but it’s not like every single girl I get closer with will end up as my bonafide lover, sharing at least 30% of her stats with me. Bit by bit and the numbers will grow immensely. I might someday reach the second level with her as it happened with Safi and Emi.

    Anyway, I close everything and poke Nebu a bit to get her attention. “I want to meet with all the new girls to get rid of their seals, create my own and then explain some other things further. Do you mind coming along or should we do it now, alone?”

    She tilts her head. “Create your own?” I explain to her the whole principle of my fake seals and she ponders for a moment. “I think I will be okay… if I can stay close to you, Master. I’m now an adult Harpy, I can’t be like I was before. I’ll do my best to not disappoint you,” she says to me with a nice smile and eyes full of determination.

    While I reward her courage with a little kiss on her forehead, the door to our bath opens and we glance back towards it. Cornelia walks inside with just a towel, barely long enough to cover her waist. Nebu hides by snuggling closer to my chest, lowering her body a bit and covering it with her wings. I chuckle a little.

    Our new bathing companion walks up to the cleaning section and quickly rinses herself, dropping the towel completely. I watch in awe as Cornelia rubs her whole body quite sensually, sending me a wink over her shoulder at one point. After getting done, she approaches the edge of the pool and lowers herself into the water by my right side, where Nebu is facing while lying on my chest.

    Cornelia chuckles at the sight of the embarrassed harpy and locks eyes with her. “Hey, Nebu, do you mind if I get a bit closer to him?” The shorter girl glances at me and then faintly nods her head at the magician. Cornelia’s smile grows wider and she pulls herself closer, leaning onto my chest too and resting her head against my neck while grazing my abs with her hand. She takes a deep breath.

    “I sooooooo needed a hot dip after all this work…”

    I gently rub her head with my chin. “Definitely. Good that you came here yourself instead of being dragged by me.”

    She raises herself a little to leave a peck on my cheek. “Maybe I should have waited for that. What would you do if I resisted? Tie me up with your amazing chains and forcefully wash me while I struggle under your intense care?”

    I sigh with a smile. “That would be a reward, not a punishment.”

    She chuckles again. “Would it be?”

    I laugh a little too. “How is progress?”

    “I’m slowly getting there thanks to your help. Maybe a few days more. Sorry for the delay. How did the talks go?”

    “Don’t apologize, you are doing wonders. And it’s actually fine, I plan on teaching them for a while before they get added to the roster. As for our first conversations, all seemed to go very well. Right, Nebu?” I brush the cute harpy’s cheek with my thumb and she nods while blushing.

    Cornelia grins at her. “How was it?”

    Understanding the topic of her question, Nebu hides her face in my chest, but answers nevertheless. “It was… amazing… Master was really gentle and at the same time… strong…”

    My charming Ice Queen pulls my arm into her bountiful bosom and squeezes it while looking me in the eyes.

    “Isn’t he just the best? There’s no better man in this world. I’d even bet my innocence on that if he didn’t forcefully steal it from me while I was chained up, ufufu~.”

    It’s now my turn to blush a little. How can you not when two beautiful girls casually talk about your sexual escapades in front of you. Cornelia seems to be enjoying herself with all this teasing. Meanwhile, Nebu uncovers her body which was hidden behind her wings and glances down at her own breasts, which are about half the size of the Human woman.

    I pat her head a bit more and lean towards her ear. “You are perfect the way you are, so don’t go comparing yourself to others, okay?” She looks up at me, smiles faintly after a moment and nods.

    Cornelia giggles on the side and squeezes my arm even harder and more ostentatiously. “He may be saying that, but he definitely enjoys them big.”

    I move my left hand from Nebu’s head to Cornelia's and bonk her. “Tease me as much as you want, but don’t overdo it with Ne—”

    Before I can finish my sentence, the person I was just going to mention shifts her position and falls flat on my chest with her front, entwining her dazzling wings behind my back. She then locks her eyes with mine, and with a determined expression, starts rubbing her slightly smaller boobs against me, up and down.

    “Hey! That’s cheating!”

    Cornelia whines at her and also starts using her whole body on my right arm. Both girls begin staring each other down while brushing themselves all over me, releasing some quiet moans now and then.

    I lean my head backwards, sigh heavily and follow that with a chuckle. Who would have thought that Nebu can get this competitive instead of getting dejected? Before this situation spirals out of my control, I grab the young harpy’s plump but with my left hand and tickle the mature woman’s secret place with my right, which is very close to it thanks to the way she is hugging me.



    Nebu moans softly while Cornelia yelps a little.

    “Okay, that’s enough, I appreciate you both, no matter the size. We came here to get cleaned and relax, not to end up in a threesome. Got it?” I look at both of them while squinting my eyes.

    The girls glance at me, then at each other, and giggle adorably.

    “I’m sorry, Master.”

    “My bad, I got carried away.”

    I give each of them a kiss and we lie in the water for a while longer while cuddled up together. Afterwards, we move to the dressing room to dry ourselves up. While Cornelia uses a towel on me, she accidentally slips and her hands accidentally grab a certain pole to find balance.

    The follow up is obvious. I’m not so heartless to refuse my lovely magician. She proceeds to have some fun with me and experiment a little, judging my reactions. She invites Nebu to join and teaches her a thing or two along the way, ending up with a mouthful of energizing drink afterwards.

    Actually finishing getting dry, we escort Cornelia back to her room and then move to mine. I leave Nebu there to wait while I grab the other new women and we’ll begin our business. Near the tieflings’ room, I stumble on my jelly beauties and have to stop to shower them in some cuddles and mana-pats. I didn’t pamper them much recently but they don’t say anything and continue being good girls. They are just too understanding.

    I bring Garrena, Mafaris, Shawure and Zalia to my chamber and everyone sits down comfortably. Nebu takes place in my lap on the bed, the tieflings surround me from all sides and the orc actually drops down on the floor in front of us. Hey, if that’s her fancy, who is gonna judge.

    We go through the basics of the job and all the previous promises again just to be safe and no one has any objections. They all have already settled their minds on joining. Then, I explain about the seals, the whole process, placing my own on them, further registration as combat slaves as long as they want it, collars, outfits and such.

    The colourful girls get all excited to know they will also receive those cute maid clothes. Garrena isn’t as happy as they are, but she, fortunately, doesn’t object. I honestly expected her to be strongly against it. Dunno, some kind of tribal pride or something. Nevertheless, I of course tell them they don’t have to wear those all the time. And that I might have something interesting in mind when it comes to clothes, but that will come in the near future.

    We break all their seals and apply my own. Mafaris, Shawure and Zalia fawn over the design. No surprises there. I knew they would like it. Next, everyone helps and we get measurements of their bodies for the clothes already. Why push it for later when we are all here right now, and it’s not like they are some shy girls who can’t show a bit of underwear. Quite the opposite. The tieflings immediately jump out of ALL of their clothes when I mention measurements. Those naughty teases. They rub themselves all over me when I try to use the meter.

    Afterwards, I add every one of them to my Partners and check their statuses. Garrena is a Tier 4 Ancestral Warrior. That must be some tribal variation. And it seems like she fought a lot in the past to get so far. Tier 4 in current times is an achievement. Well, at least for Humans. Maybe other races and monsters are different. Anyway, no matter how rude that sounds, she will provide me with a quite decent buff to Strength and Constitution. Even at the bond’s first level.

    The tieflings are all Tier 2. Mafaris is a Knight, Shawure is an Archer and Zalia’s Class is Flame Witch. Besides the last one, they aren’t anything uncommon, but the blue-skinned beauty is pretty close to Cornelia when it comes to rarity. Witches are more focused on supportive magic as far as I know, like enhancements, buffs, imbuing weapons and attacks with their element and such. I’m just curious how Cornelia’s Ice Witch Title relates to Zalia’s Class. I’ll have to observe them at one point.

    Nebu is Nebu. A Harpy. I’ve already seen her sheet. That reminds me, I still didn’t have any serious talk with Astrea. Well, it’s only been two nights since she came here. I’ll give her some more time. Hopefully, she isn’t avoiding me after her talk with Cornelia.

    We finish our meeting by creating a first draft of our training schedule. I’ll share my knowledge with them as I did with Safi and Emi, starting from tomorrow. It will give them time to get accustomed to this place and learn more about Humans, at the same time, allowing our other girls to properly prepare all necessary things, like adding them to the services menu by Neira.

    Everyone goes their way and I’m left alone with Nebu. I chat with her for a while longer and she also decides to leave to not trouble me anymore, thanking me again for helping her and promising me that she will do her best. I tell her that I know while patting her head and we go out of my room.

    She jumps on the railing when we reach the main hall and just like that, she leaps and flies to the other side, going to explore the place. I must say, that surprised me a little, but at the same time, it was an amazing sight to watch a Harpy in flight. She waves at me with her wing after reaching her destination and I wave back. Such a cute creature.

    But, it’s time to get some work done. Cornelia is busy with her research and Sirgia is most likely focusing on the spatial enchantments. Not wanting to bother either of them, I go out alone to order clothes and collars for our new girls.

    It goes smoothly. The tailor I always visit and place orders at has now grown a little. They tell me that with so many high-quality costumes I commission they had to expand for it to not affect the rest of their work. It’s good that they are developing. They are too small for what I have in plans, but maybe this will change before I reach the point in time when I will be able to focus on that aspect.

    I would be more than glad to maybe find a slave, or a group of them, proficient in sewing and other stuff related to clothes, but that’s too much wishful thinking. I may drop a hint at Selina’s one day, but as I said, it’s still too early for this. There are many more pressing issues and things to take care of right now.

    With clothes out of the list, I check the notice boards around the city to see if our posters are still present or if someone didn’t tear them off for whatever reason. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a huge advertisement for a place that is quite favourable towards other races. Fortunately, the districts I visit still have them, for the most part. Those that disappeared, I quickly replace with spare copies stored in my ring.

    Returning home, I take a peek at Neira’s location and activity. She seems to be heavily focusing on some art piece so I decide against suddenly sending her a lewd Whisper. Making her jump in surprise and damage her work is the last thing I want. Instead, I ask Filue to pay her a visit and ask her to contact me since she seems to be lazing around the garden area.

    Not too long after, our artist sends a Whisper to me and I request a bit of her time if she isn’t too busy. She agrees, asking me to wait a moment while she tidies up her studio from the total chaos, as she describes it.

    We then meet down there. Most of the stands with frames are covered by white sheets. I’m not sure on which one she was working just now, and I’m not going to pry into it if she herself isn’t willing to show them. She does seem a little tired so she must have been going at it quite fiercely.

    Without wasting too much of her time, I talk about our new arrivals and we design their portfolios for our menu. While she already starts working on some sketches representing poses and angles besides the typical shoulder portraits, I write down the most crucial rules related to each of the women.

    For Harpies, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t try to grab their tail if you don’t want to end up as a piece of modern art. Yes, they do have them. It’s quite weird as their feathered parts end around the middle of their thighs, but there’s a fan of feathers above their bums. Nebu actually let me play with it a little and it did look like she was feeling a lot from that, so it’s understandable they would be protective of that place.

    For Garrena, nothing much needs to be noted. Well, besides her tusks. Orcs are very prideful of them and don’t let any random person touch those. Only the chosen mates have the privilege to rub their own tusks against the other person’s. Better emphasize that if we don’t want to end up with a Human paste as a byproduct of some services.

    Tieflings are a bit tricky. I’m not completely sure, so I reach out to them in my mind, asking what is a no-go in their culture or for them personally. They tell me about the area under their tails, just a bit further from the very base of it, which is considered an extremely private zone. Accidental touches won’t result in instant retaliation, but any more conscious action will be taken as an offence.

    Without a surprise, they all say that they would be more than happy to show me it in person and even let me touch that spot with my fingers, if not something a little thicker. Looks like I’ve already been deemed worthy. Besides that, their horns are also usually out of question, but that can actually be discussed and permission may be issued for their partner. It’s a personal decision or a principle in some regions around the Demon continent.

    Neira acknowledges all the rules, shows me her ideas for the pictures, we agree on the best ones and she promises me to take care of drawing them as soon as she has some free time on her hands. She has to pay them a visit to do that. Drawing from memory is quite easy for her, but she would rather produce the best quality for me, without worrying about mistakenly adding or forgetting some little details.

    I leave her to her own machinations. No need to waste more of her time than necessary. She certainly was looking slightly anxious, most likely still thinking about the piece she was working on before I requested this short meeting. It’s not good to distract an artist mid-creation and she really seems to be putting her whole heart into this, like a certain, adorable dwarf too.

    During the next five days, we continue operating every other night as usual while I focus on teaching and instructing our new family members during all the free time. Of course, it’s not the only thing I do, there are various other smaller or bigger things to take care of.

    As for the working nights during that period, they pass slowly, but fortunately, without any serious issues coming up. The number of guests is still low and some familiar faces visit us now and then. That’s understandable, nothing really changes in these five days. It’s usually a few people that come in to check the place out of curiosity after hearing about it from the rumours or seeing the poster.

    Now, the important part, which is training. At first, I focus my efforts on Nebu, not neglecting others of course. She seems the most eager to learn and it would be stupid to ignore that drive. I thought it would be tough, but she absorbs all the knowledge with insatiable curiosity, very quickly assimilating the simplest anatomical explanations.

    As promised, she does her best, especially with practical lessons. And even more specifically, blowjobs. I have a slight suspicion this might have been caused by that short scene after our bath with Cornelia. Nevertheless, even though things like this are completely new to her and not something a Harpy would ever care to learn, she truly tries everything to earn my praise.

    I must say, I didn’t expect a wingjob to feel so good. It’s extremely ticklish with all these feathers and the sensation is weird, but it’s the amazing weird. It’s a very slow and steady process, but the ending is totally worth it. With her approval, I decide to add that idea to the menu of services.

    Having specific things listed and priced there is our strategy to avoid clients just doing whatever they want. And if one thing is not enough for them, the magical phone is there to help request another. Every room has a menu card too and all the girls are supposed to know how to use the communication device or explain and show the instructions to the guest.

    After Nebu starts getting comfortable with various things, we slow down a little and I dedicate more time to Garrena. She is strong, buff, tough and intimidating. A quite good example of a dom, I’d say. Theory doesn’t go as well with her as with my cute harpy. She’s more of a practical type and learns quicker with actual experience.

    That said, I’m pretty sure the demand on Orc blowjobs won’t ever reach too high levels. Why? Because there’s something a bit scary seeing your manhood between two, pointy, sharp tusks that sometimes scratch your underbelly. Not for people with faint hearts. She’s also quite rough and awkward. But, nobody is perfect and that’s just how she is built.

    When it comes to the main thing, it’s as expected. First of all, she’s damn hot. Blazing, scorching hot. I know I always had a thing for well-toned and fit women, but goddamn, her muscles are a piece of art themselves. And since she isn’t completely inexperienced, we go through some fun together to learn more about each other’s bodies of course.

    Again, no surprise, Garrena prefers to be the one in control. At least as long as she is the stronger one or feels like it. But, she doesn’t mind being on the receiving end if that’s necessary and I’m thankful for that.

    If there are some boys hiding in the capital and dreaming of being dominated by a buff Orc momma, they will be in heaven after they learn of this place. Okay, well, maybe without the momma part, it doesn’t really fit her personality, but… who knows, maybe we’ll work on that. This certainly gives me another great idea. Too many of them, not enough time and hands onboard. Sad.

    Anyway, I have to work much harder with Garrena than with Nebu, but I’m glad she is comfortable with what we are going through together. I wouldn’t want to force any of them to do something they are strongly against. The menu of services comes with help here again. Not every girl will agree to the same things and that’s to be respected.

    And that’s all that pretty much happens in the first, five-day training period. The quite distinct duo is more than ready and eager to join the ranks of our establishment. Especially one certain birdie. She repeats now and then how she can return the favour like this, but she can’t fool me, she is looking forward to mating with other Humans now that she tasted actual flesh. That kind of flesh of course. Not the other one. Haha.

    That said, she changed a little after that night in the bath. Her wings got slightly bigger and her feathers became more prominent or noble-looking. She is now a full-fledged adult Harpy. And her stats rose by a few points too. She was so damn happy that morning I could barely tear her off me for the whole day. That was also partially the reason I started the classes with her.

    As for the colourful trio, we only got to know each other a bit more during that time, without the training or learning part. I already knew they are experienced and knowledgeable about these kinds of things, and our bodies don’t differ that much, so I left them for the last.

    I explained to them that there’s not much for us to actually do, but they swore that until I sleep with them, they won’t be doing any work, no matter how proficient they are. And well… they meant it as with all of them… at once… so yeah… I need to prepare myself properly if I don’t want to end up drained to death. We’ll do that soon. I promised them.

    Also, most of our new arrivals found something to do in the mansion, which is great. Garrena obviously occupies the arena for most of the time. We finally got a few training dummies from the Guild. Cornelia was waiting for the approval and it came just recently.

    Nebu likes to laze in the garden or fly around the mansion. I made her promise me to not cross our premises for now since it could spell trouble for her. She agreed without making a fuss. Elea even created something akin to a nest-treehouse for her behind the mansion, using her Nature magic and instructed by the harpy herself about the structure.

    Zalia fell in love with the library and that’s where she can be usually found. Sometimes, her tiefling friends accompany her there, but they actually prefer the kitchen and Sirgia’s workshop more. Especially Mafaris likes the latter a lot. They found some common interests with Sirgia. That's great news for my lovely dwarf. Nothing boosts creativity better than a friend to speak with. And I can’t spend a lot of time with her in the forge currently.

    On the sixth day after our introductory meeting, which also so happens to be the free one between working nights, Elea informs me that Neira has finished her first art piece and that it’s just magnificent. She asks me to not peep while they hang the painting as they think they found the best place for it in the lobby. I of course comply and wait for their signal, working on things in my own room, accompanied by the overly clingy emerald jelly.

    Sensing all the elves cooperating together on something is really raising my curiosity more and more, but I try my best in avoiding focusing on their movements and positions to not accidentally guess something important. Emi senses my struggle and helps in distracting me, turning around while sitting on my lap and raining down kisses on me. It’s not like I am able to get any work done after Elea warned me about their surprise, so we move onto the bed to cuddle a little and I make sure to shower one of my first Partners in lots of mana-filled affection.

    Half an hour later they seem to be done and someone knocks on my door. I obviously know that it’s Neira. Emi untangles me from her sophisticated hold and we walk to the entrance together. I open it and a smiling, faintly blushing Neira enters my sight, dressed in her artist getup.

    “Good day, Master. Everything is ready. Would you mind… checking out my painting now?” She starts quickly but grows slightly nervous and shy in the latter part.

    Like it’s something natural to me, I pat her head reassuringly. “Yeah. I’d love to.”

    She shows a brilliant smile, grabs my hand and leads me to the main lobby. When we arrive, everyone seems to already be there, ready for the event. She lets go of me and happily skips towards the right stairs leading above the reception. A huge sheet of material is hung from the railing in the mid-level between the floors, covering the short wall behind the welcoming desk. That’s the place they must have chosen.

    Cornelia approaches me with two glasses of wine in her hands and passes me one with a smile. I thank her with a nod and notice that everyone has one. Such a grand reveal.

    “So, do you know anything about this?” she asks me with a smile.

    I shake my head. “I have no clue. I promised Neira to not peek at her work. You?”

    “None. Elea and her girls did a great job hiding everything from the rest of us. She made sure we don’t get a whiff of what’s coming even today.”

    “It must be truly amazing.”

    “I bet.”

    The sound of Neira clearing her throat interrupts our short exchange and we glance up like the rest of the audience. She leans over the balustrade, moves her eyes over every person present in this hall and smiles beautifully.

    “Okay. Let’s start. Honestly, I was never good with this. Princess Elea has a talent for speaking, not me. But, today, I have to. So, welcome everyone! Thank you for coming here today. I’ll soon reveal the very first official painting I’ve created for Master Alastair. It will be one of many at some point, but it is a symbol of change. For me and for my friends. But especially for me. Master not only saved me and offered me shelter, but even went out of his way to cater to my dreams. And even if he says that it was for mutual benefit, I know he did it out of pure kindness of his heart. I will never forget that support. I truly felt blessed on that day when Master brought me to the workshop he secretly prepared.”

    She pauses for a moment to take a deep breath and to most likely calm down her emotions. Everyone glances at me. The people who know me for some time already, smile kindly and with understanding. I can’t help but start blushing and getting increasingly hotter from all this attention.

    “And if that wasn’t enough, he even still came to check on me and helped me whenever I asked for anything. He just kept giving and giving, without wanting anything in return. And no, this very small work I’ve been doing on our menu cards is too insignificant to be counted. So, I diligently worked on something I would be able to call my masterpiece. Something truly worthy of my Master. And I finally achieved it.” She pauses again and chuckles. “But believe it or not, it again was possible only thanks to his help. The piece I've been missing was handed to me by none other than him, just when I needed it. So, without any further ado, since it looks like even I can keep blabbering when it comes to things I love, behold! My first dedicated art piece, The True Harem Lord!”

    Finishing up, she cuts the ropes upholding the material and it slides down accompanied by a lot of fluttering. The painting is revealed to the world. It’s a quite huge and majestic picture of… WHAT. THE. FUCK.

    Silence falls on the hall. At least for a short moment before Cornelia starts giggling to herself like crazy and poking me with her elbow.

    “It’s truly magnificent! Perfect! Amazing! Splendid! Glooooorious! Just a flawless depiction, Neira! Impeccable job!”

    She keeps giggling, others start whispering between themselves and discussing the art while I just stand in the same spot, completely frozen, unmoving since the moment the material fell to the ground, with my jaw literally on the floor alongside the cloth.

    Neira arrives by our side before I manage to get a hold of myself and stares at me with anticipation. She is clearly anxious, not knowing how to interpret my reaction. Her hands are shyly joined in front of her and she rubs them together nervously.

    I take an extremely deep breath to calm my mind. No matter what it is and how it was painted, it truly is a one-in-kind masterpiece, and as someone who loves appreciating such art, I can see even from this far how incredible it is. I move my gaze to Neira and bring out the proudest and kindest smile I can.

    “It’s beautiful.”

    That’s all. It’s both impossible and pointless to search for an appropriate description. No words can come close to describing this treasure. And Neira also understands that. Her lips tighten while she tries her best to also smile kindly, faintly nods at me and quickly runs away to join her elf friends on the side, who start patting her on the back and congratulating her.

    Now… The painting… Well… I should have expected something like this. Honestly, I should have pieced all the hints together. Other elves coming to her workshop and assuming weird poses. Her constant insecurity about the artworks and sketches whenever I asked. Her reaction towards my pose on that one specific day. It’s all coming together now.

    In the painting, simply speaking, is me. Sitting on a fancy, totally royal-looking throne, made most likely out of dark mahogany, with purple, pillowy finishings on the main area, back- and armrests. As for the pose, it’s exactly the one I assumed on that fateful day. The one with a very prideful and powerful grin, with crossed legs and my head resting against my hand. Exactly like it was then, to the smallest detail. I look straight at the audience, whoever is looking at the picture.

    The thing is… I’m completely naked. And I feel like my quite fit body has been slightly… enhanced. Or at least that’s how it looks to me. I look hot, in the simplest words. More than in reality. I think.

    Now, this is not the end. Oh, no. It’s just the beginning. All of the dark elves are in the picture too. And yeah. All of them are completely naked too. But again, it’s not like they just stand or sit somewhere in front of me or in the background. Nope. It’s way more, fucking, complex.

    Neira is, boldly speaking, crawling against my right leg, which is set on the ground as it was in the pose. She presses her chest against it from the side, perfectly accentuating her womanly charms, and with her right leg moved forward while the left one is lying straight on the ground to the back, her secret place is in full view due to that slight split. And there’s certainly a small trick of liquid dripping out of that spot. If that wasn’t enough to picture her yearning, Neira’s face is directed upwards, towards mine, with an explicitly longing expression as she bites on her lower lip.

    Roseni is sitting on her knees on the opposite side of her friend and leaning onto the flat surface created by my crossed legs I’ve earlier called a ‘table’. She is using my lap as a pillow and strategically is just so positioned for her breasts, and head turned to the viewer, to obstruct the view of my manhood. While lying on her crossed arms on my lap, she is gazing into the audience with an alluring smile as her perky breasts hang under it with a side-view.

    To the right of the throne, on the side where my arm hangs down over the armrest, Filue is on her knees with her side turned to the recipients of the art, and she is intimately hugging my limb, pressing it against the whole length of her body, squeezing part of it between her amazing breasts and guiding the fingers of my hand towards her pretty flower. And from her almost moan-like expression or the way she presses my fingers against her secret place, it’s quite obvious that she uses them to make herself feel good while fervently looking at my face.

    Next, the lewd side… Left! I meant left! Goddammit… It’s already affecting me… Anyway, on the opposite side of the fancy chair, Leyne is sitting on her butt with her back against it. Her head is at the perfect height and she leans it back against the armrest by my elbow which is part of the arm that supports my head. With her head angled to the back, she obviously looks straight at my face from below. Then, as for the rest of her position, she has her legs curled up close to her body in an M-shape and she is totally drawn furiously masturbating. It’s not even half-hidden like in Filue’s case. The amount of love juices just flying from the pictured motion over her pinkish crevice is impressive.

    That makes four of them. Two more to go. Cinra. The silver-haired beauty is standing behind the right side of the throne. The top part of her body is peeking out, with her huge breasts hanging some distance above Filue’s head. She uses her left hand to hold onto the chair while leaning towards my body and using the right hand to lewdly graze my chest, definitely aiming to move it down where her eyes are currently focused. With her happy expression and bitten lip, you can easily guess what she is so intently looking at from that angle above.

    And finally, there’s Elea. The leader. She is standing straight behind the throne, which is shorter than a person, something around one and half a meter I think. She leans forward from behind and envelops my neck with her lavish tits, forming one of those neck-pillows around it. Both of her hands are entwined over my chest and stroking it provokingly. Her face looks exactly like someone who is going to say ‘bow before the true king’ a moment later.

    This is… insane. And this thing is hanging literally above the reception. The very first sight you stumble on after entering the hall through the main entrance. And there’s no shadow of a doubt who is the person in the picture. It’s truly beautiful, but… I’m going to need a long talk with our dark-skinned friends...
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    Chapter 54 – Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd, and Six’s an… ❤❤
    While Cornelia enjoys her time poking fun at me with her teases, a trio of girls approaches us. My charming slimes and the cute dwarf come closer and Emi soon jumps into my embrace.

    [Master! The picture is amazing! You look so good in it! It’s perfect!] the overjoyed, emerald girl conveys before starting to rub her face into mine.

    Safi stands behind her and smiles charmingly. [I agree. And the other girls are drawn in such a dazzling manner too. Neira is a really talented individual.]

    “You should be telling that to her then. I knew nothing about this. Even if she said I helped a lot, I did barely anything. I just visited her once or twice and that’s all. She is too humble,” I reply with a smile while rubbing Emi’s head.

    “Inspiration is a quite crucial part of anything. And I can confidently say that you are certainly good at giving it to others,” Cornelia shares her opinion.

    “Well, I guess.”

    After Emi finally releases me from her clutches, I kneel down to get on Sirgia's level. She blushes just slightly under my pats.

    “I think… Master looks really handsome there.”

    I chuckle and place a kiss on her cheek. “Oh, thank you. I’m happy to hear that. I’m sure that if she drew you, you’d look gorgeous too.” She starts fidgeting a little hearing my words.

    “Hey, that’s actually a great idea,” Cornelia says as I stand up. “If she would be up for it, we could decorate this chamber and the hallways with paintings of the girls. Not all need to have you in them. This centrepiece could be a unique one while all other ones hung around would just show our residents solo or in groups.”

    Pondering over her words, I look around. There certainly is a lot of space on the walls here, and there is the level above us too. Those who wouldn’t mind could get their portraits or full paintings displayed in the lobby. That would create a fitting atmosphere for this place and solve our small issue with the lack of relevant decorations as we took off all those depicting racial cruelty or such.

    I nod after a moment. “I’ll bring that up when I talk with her. I’m sure Neira will be thrilled to be able to draw so many different people. A nice way to show my appreciation for you girls.”

    “Yes!” Cornelia agrees enthusiastically. She seems to be looking forward to being painted.

    “Hmmmm…” I visibly stare at her for a few seconds and bring out a grin onto my face.

    She obviously notices that and raises her brow at me. “What?”

    “Nothing. I was just wondering if I should accompany you when it’s your turn. It would be hard for you to pose without my help.” I keep smiling.

    Cornelia furrows her brows at me before her eyes widen in realization. “You jerk!” She hits me in the shoulder. “There’s no way I would ever want to be drawn in that shameful state! Not even talking about other people seeing it! NEVER! EVER!”

    I chuckle at her reaction and pull Cornelia closer, preventing her from hitting me more. She glares at me with a slightly flushed face.

    Something tells me otherwise. At least about the first part,” I lean to her ear and whisper.

    Our connection allows me to feel her getting aroused just by the idea of being pictured in restraints, completely exposed and vulnerable.

    “Besides, it doesn’t have to be displayed here. I would gladly put such a masterpiece above my bed,” I continue after backing away to be in front of her red face again.

    “Bully…” she says, looking away from me, making Sirgia giggle a little.

    Cornelia looks down at the cute dwarf and squints her eyes. “Don’t you dare laugh at me, you little pervert. Or else I’ll order Neira to draw the two of you during one of your forging sessions and nail it above the main entrance.”

    Sirgia turns quiet in an instant and pales a little. I can see a bead of sweat rolling down her forehead. She glances up at me and quickly runs to my side, hugging my arm tightly.

    “Master wouldn’t let you!”

    “Oh? Are you sure about that? Because I’m sure if I asked kindly, he would. Am I right, da-r-li-n-g?” Cornelia smirks at her and leans more onto me, using her hand to pull down her top a little, revealing more of her cleavage.

    “That’s not fair!” Sirgia cries out and begins looking around.

    She runs away towards the reception and soon comes rushing back with a stool from behind it. Placing it by my side, she hastily jumps onto it and pulls my head into her chest, which is now at the level of my eyes. She uses one hand to hug me to her small breasts and the other one to affectionately brush through my hair. I catch a few people staring at us while grinning. Especially the groups of dark elves and tieflings.

    “You think this is enough to win him over? You have no chance against these. Men love them big.”

    Cornelia grabs my hand and moves it to squeeze one of her boobs while starting to leave kisses on my neck as she stares Sirgia right into the eyes.

    “Keep dreaming. Master loves petite chests. Doing it with him more times than you speaks for itself.”

    My lovely magician is the one to freeze and turn quiet this time.


    “Alright. Enough. Both of you.”

    She opens her mouth to fight back, but I stop her before she finishes by squeezing her soft boob a little harder, which evokes a small moan from Cornelia. At the same time, I turn my head to the side and nibble on Sirgia’s nipple over the material with my lips, causing her to release a quiet yelp of surprise. As expected, she isn’t wearing a bra.

    “We are in the middle of something and you are causing a scene. Quite an embarrassing one at that. Others are looking at us, you know?” I say to them and they both blush heavily after realizing most of the gazes are focused on us. I chuckle. “I love both of your chests. And everything else about you.” I give a soft peck to Cornelia and then to Sirgia before helping her jump down from the stool. They both apologize.

    Well, this was something new. Cornelia seems to be getting more competitive, or rather more into teasing others. I guess that’s partly to her semi-tsun personality. She might have gotten somehow used to others’ presence and it's now showing more. But for Sirgia to answer such provocations instead of just blushing and looking away, she might finally be breaking through her shell. I’ll miss the timid and passive dwarf cutie if she changes completely one day. Who knows. We’ll see.

    I’m thankful Emi didn’t suddenly decide to join the action. I have a feeling that Safi held her back when my attention was on the two love rivals on my sides. After some casual chatting for a few more minutes, Cornelia takes the empty glass I was still holding and the girls let me go to speak with others. I head straight for the elves.

    Unfortunately, before I arrive in their close vicinity, three colourful ladies cross my path, showing brilliant smiles. Their tails dance gleefully behind their backs.

    “Man, I’m so jealous,” Mafaris speaks first. “That painting looks glorious. The details on all the girls are so good it makes me wet just by looking at them from afar. Mhhnnn…” The crimson-skinned woman bites on her lip. “Fuck… Dark Elf pussies are just so hot… and the way they are dripping with love...”

    I show a wry smile at her wriggling as one of her hands snake down towards her nether regions in front of my eyes.

    “Yeah. I haven’t seen anything with this much effort even back at home. It feels almost… enchanting. My body gets hotter when I take a peek at your chiselled body… I hope you aren’t planning on going back on your word, Master…” Shawure walks closer to me and embraces my arm.

    “Of course not. My focus will be all on you girls soon.”

    “Good. Even I can tell that Shawure is almost going through that again,” Zalia comments from the side with a giggle.

    “I’ll be there to help then,” I say with a smile, leaving a soft slap on the purple-skinned beauty’s bottom as she frees my arm. All of them chuckle while she moans loudly. “And don’t worry. I was just going to ask Neira if she would like to draw other girls besides her friends if they were up for it too, so you might have a chance to get portrayed soon.”

    “Really?!” Mafaris shouts in surprise.

    “Damn! I’m so hoping she agrees!” Shawure joins her.

    “Hell yeah! Let’s get painted together! It will be like our own, group memento!” Zalia adds last. Then, her eyes sparkle and she quickly turns to others. “Hey, can I be the one who gets her pussy drilled by Master’s cock in the picture? Please!”

    I slightly choke on air while the group of tiefling women starts discussing in the open who should have the privilege of getting depicted with my dick inside.

    Are my normal days coming to an end now that we have finally opened the establishment? Well, not like I should be calling the previous ones normal, but it definitely looks like it will be getting only more and more lively now. I worry about what the future holds for me and if I’ll be able to handle it. Especially my body.

    But before that happens, I need to focus on the present. “You want to be drawn while having sex with me?” I ask them to stop their friendly argument, which again starts drawing attention towards my person. Fortunately, some less acquainted people with me already left.

    Zalia turns back to me. “Of course! What could be better?”

    “That would mean you’ll have Neira literally watch us while at it, you know?”

    “And? She is one of your girls, isn’t she? It’s not like she is some random stranger,” she answers.

    “I wouldn’t mind such a pretty girl seeing me naked…” Mafaris adds while sending a glance towards the group of dark elves. It seems like Neira caught her eye.

    “Okay, okay. I wanted to let everyone get a picture however they like so I guess it’s fine as long as she has nothing against it. I’ll ask about that too.”

    “Great! We won’t hold you back any longer then!” Shawure grabs the other two and drags them away while they get back to discussing who gets to have the dick.

    I shake my head and chuckle to myself. The night I finally visit them will surely be an unforgettable experience for me. They are such an energetic bunch.

    Finally reaching my target, I stop in front of the six graceful and dark-skinned beauties. They surround me in a half-circle and smile elegantly.

    “You really did a good one on me, didn’t you? Hahaha.” I laugh a little after looking at each of them.

    Elea steps forward and bows to me. “I apologize on behalf of all of us for keeping this a secret from you, Master. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive this little mischief.”

    “No need for that. I know it was meant as a surprise. It went flawlessly. Now I’m starting to wonder what else could you be hiding behind my back,” I reply with a smirk.

    She makes a playful grin and glances at all the other girls. I raise my eyebrow at her. It didn’t feel like just an act to keep our fun exchange going. Elea only giggles and smiles even more suspiciously.

    Before I get the chance to question her, Neira breaks the line too. “I’m sorry too, Master. For using your person in my work without asking for permission first. I know it wasn’t right placing your depiction in a situation I wasn’t sure if you would find offensive, but I just couldn’t throw the image I had in my mind away.”

    She is still visibly anxious about the whole thing. I step closer and hug my amazing painter, patting her on the back.

    “You are an artist. You know best what goes well with what, and I can clearly see that your artistic sense is on another level. I’m really happy with your choice, even if it is a little embarrassing to me right now. It’s truly beautiful. Even others are moved to the core.”

    Neira slowly backs away and looks to the side, avoiding my gaze.

    “Umm… That may or may not be only the fault of the painting’s quality and detail…”

    “What do you mean by that?” I ask, slightly confused and curious.

    “Some of the paint had my mana mixed in it, and I also used a few techniques that are known only to my lineage. They… enhance the picture and its reception by the onlookers.”

    I ponder for a second before my eyes widen a little. “Is that why everyone was acting so boldly?”

    Neira nods. “Yes. What I did and used has an effect that helps whoever is looking at the picture bring their true desires, wants and thoughts out. Their true self. Additionally, slightly… boosting their libido.”

    I snicker. “So, you basically created a piece that makes people horny when they look at it?”


    “Hahaha, goddammit. I can’t say that it’s not perfect for this place. You chose to hang it above the reception exactly because of that, didn’t you? So the visitors will see it and get into the mood. You are a sly woman.” I laugh openly. “But why don't I feel much different? I know you said it only works slightly, but… Ah... Is it perhaps similar to Charm Magic?”

    “To some extent, yes. And I’m sorry I didn’t ask for permission for that too. I can easily teach others how to resist it immediately after we finish here. I hope I didn’t get ahead of myself, Master.”

    I rub her shoulder reassuringly. “It’s fine. I don’t want to drug our clients to make them addicted to our services, but this little incentive is okay I guess. You said it helps them be true to themselves. That’s good. People being too afraid to pursue their likes is one of our major problems due to the common racism and beliefs.”

    “Thank you. I promise it was only this once. I really wanted to surprise you. I’ll consult my future work with you, Master.” Neira smiles beautifully and bows her head a little before stepping back.

    “Ah, on that topic, I have something to ask. Would you be willing to decorate our mansion, especially the lobby, with paintings of our girls? It could work as a little showcase and they would also love to be drawn by you after seeing this magnificent masterpiece here.”

    Her eyes open wider and Neira blushes really hard. It’s clearly visible on her dark cheeks now. “I… I… I would be honoured! I’ll gladly do it!” She starts nodding enthusiastically while clenching her fists.

    “Good. Don’t rush it. You can talk with everyone and decide to work on those whenever. And also… the tiefling girls wanted me to ask if… you would be willing to… draw us. Having sex,” I explain slightly awkwardly. It’s still impossible to speak about this in front of six girls, where five of them didn’t get that close with me yet.

    Neira chuckles at me. “Of course I wouldn’t mind. That would be extremely helpful to me too. Even back at home, I’ve drawn such scenes only once or twice. I’ll talk with them about it.”

    “Thank you. And the rest of you too. For all the work you’ve put into it and are putting into everything else here.”

    They all bow elegantly and smile at me. To not prolong this grand reveal unnecessarily, we stay together only for a few minutes more. The girls tell me they’ll take care of cleaning and such so I walk back to my room to resume working on whatever I was focusing on before coming to this surprise party. There are a few things I might be introducing in the near future and have to go through some notes and plans about them. I can’t stop imagining the reaction of people who will come here during the next open night.

    After a few hours, then dinner with everyone, then another few hours of writing my ideas, I stretch myself in the chair and decide to end for the day. It’s time to take a bath and hit the bed. I should rest enough to start my meetings with the tieflings tomorrow before we open. If it will go exactly as I’m expecting it to go, I’ll need all the energy I can get.

    Taking a dip in hot water is the best. While I soak myself in the warm liquid, my jelly friends come to accompany me. I welcome them with open arms and we cuddle in the pool. I expect them to try getting a piece of me but they just stay by my side enjoying some pats and kisses.

    They tell me to leave first as they want to float some more. It’s rare for them to not come out with me, but it’s not something to take notice of. It might not be their turn to sleep by my side today. I’ve lost track of the schedule the girls are managing. It’s too unpredictable.

    With just my shorts, pants and a towel over my shoulders, I walk back to my room. I open the door and the moment I step in, I almost slip on the surface of the fluffy carpet. But, it's not the main cause of that. The five, dark-skinned, completely naked women lying on top of my bed are.

    “What the—”

    Noticing my entrance, they sit up and turn towards me, sending a wave of jiggling mountains of various sizes as they do. “Welcome back, Master,” they say in unison.

    This surely can’t be what I’m thinking of...

    For a few moments, my eyes wander all over their delicious, chocolate bodies. From top to bottom, they are not covering anything, letting me clearly see every single inch of their skin in all its glory. Including the pinkish one down there. They giggle seeing me in a daze.

    I shake my head to calm down. “Okay. Care to explain what is the meaning of this?”

    “Isn’t it obvious, Master? We are here for you,” Cinra, the girl with long, silver hair starts.

    “Yes. You don’t need to worry about anything and just come embrace us,” Filue, the grey-haired beauty continues.

    “The Princess said it will help you a lot, Master,” Leyne adds after them as she throws her long, black hair to the back so it doesn’t obstruct the view.

    “Wait a moment. Elea told you to do this?” I ask, slightly dumbfounded.

    They all nod with a smile.

    That woman…

    I use my Whispers to call her to my room and she soon arrives here, just to see me with my hands on the hips and staring at her with a raised eyebrow.

    “Is there some issue, Master?”

    “Elea, I know that you want to help me grow stronger and find me more Partners, but you can’t force your subordinates into having sex with me,” I speak to her with a wry smile.

    “But Master, I didn’t force anyone. Do you really think I’m a person who would abuse their subordinates like that?" She shows a playful smile and then turns to the girls. "They all want to embrace you. I only asked them if they were fine with things staying like they were and gave them the necessary push. They would never ask you to sleep with them by themselves due to the fact that I’ve already done it with you. Their previous status was preventing them from approaching the man I chose for myself too, even though I’m no longer a Princess,” she explains.

    I glance back at the group on the bed. “Is that true?”

    “Yes. We want to do it with Master too,” Roseni answers while twirling her semi-long, brown hair seductively.

    Elea steps closer to me and bows a little. “I apologize for the misunderstanding I caused. You don’t have to worry, everyone here thinks greatly of you, Master, and there’s no one who has even a hint of dislike towards you in their hearts. You saved them, gave them home and cared for them greatly.”

    I’m still slightly hesitant even though I understand all that. Just the sheer number of girls here overwhelms me, not letting me fully comprehend that all of them are fine doing it with me at the same time.

    Elea approaches me from behind and her hands appear on my chest, sensually tracing over my uncovered abs and abdomen. I feel her breath over my right ear.

    “They can barely contain their pussies after I told them how amazing our first time was, Master. Can’t you see? Just look down there. The sheets are already soaking wet, ufufufu~” she whispers naughtily, giving my earlobe a gentle kiss.

    Now that she mentions it, I can certainly spot visible stains on the material under their nether regions. They are already looking forward to it even before I did anything. I turn my head to Elea with a surprised expression.

    She giggles after seeing it and moves her attention to her stark-naked friends. “As your superior, I order you to give honest answers. How many times did you masturbate last week while thinking of Master?”






    I’m dumbfounded. Completely shook. Flabbergasted. Frozen. What the hell is wrong with these numbers?! Twelve?! That’s almost two times a day! And that reply came from Neira, who looks to be the only one even a little bit nervous, stealing glances at my face repeatedly as if judging my reaction.

    Elea releases my chest and steps to the front, turning around to face me. “See?” She smiles proudly and then leaves a peck on my lips. “I know you’ve read a lot about our race, Master, but there are some things that are kept a secret from the outside world. Like the fact that all Dark Elves love sex.”


    She giggles. “You may be aware of our longevity and low birth rate, which are a curse and a blessing at the same time, but you definitely don’t know that all Dark Elves love physical contact and intimacy and they very often have passionate intercourse with each other. From that standpoint, it’s a blessing."

    Elea shows a playful smile.

    "Also, we Dark Elves don’t exactly marry each other like Humans do to form a bond as husband and wife. We consider sex as something casual, something friends do for fun and pleasure. Of course, when a woman gets pregnant, the man doesn’t just abandon her. No, he takes the responsibility and they raise the child together until it’s of age to take care of itself. They are already close friends with each other so it feels natural to do so.

    She continues her story.

    "And, romantic love sometimes takes part in it, but here comes the curse part of our longevity and birth rate, people change with time and we live really long. One Dark Elf can fall in love with many others during their lifetime and that’s why it’s not frowned upon in our community to switch partners after a few decades or so and why everyone considers others as friends at most.”

    Elea chuckles again and pecks my lips.

    “You kept saying that we are all your friends here. Time and time again. I’m aware that you were doing so to make us feel more welcomed, but these words had another meaning to us. After a few times, we took them to heart and started really seeing you as our friend, by our own definition. Thus, it was only natural for some of us to start wanting to do it with you.” She glances back at the group and then returns to me with a wide smile. “You don’t need to hold back. They aren’t virgins like me. I’m certain though that they don’t even hold a candle to your techniques, ufufu~”

    And with that, she steps back and quickly walks to the door to leave us alone. She waves at me through the gap with a smile before closing the door and disappearing. I turn around to face the five expectant beauties and sigh heavily.

    Is this karma for not doing it with the tiefling girls earlier? Five instead of three? Forget about having the energy to meet with them tomorrow, I’ll be lucky to wake up before we open… Oh boy, I can already feel my Rejuvenate rising a few levels from this.

    “Alright. I guess everything is cleared up. I apologize in advance if I won’t be able to satisfy all of you girls. I’ve never even had a threesome in my life, not even mentioning this many, so I have no idea how far I can go, hahaha,” I say and laugh awkwardly.

    “Master, may I?” Cinra raises her hand.

    Seems like without Elea present, she took the role of the representative of this small gathering.


    “We also wanted to inform you that we decided to work for you after this night, Master. At least four of us did. Princess Elea already explained our nature, so I don’t think we need to repeat ourselves. We don’t mind doing it with Humans.”

    “Is that so? Thank you then.” I nod my head. “Wait. Four? Who wishes to remain just a maid then?” I ask and glance curiously at the five of them.

    Four heads instantly turn to the center and four pairs of eyes land on a single girl with short, white hair and the smallest breasts of them all, still impressive though, sitting in the middle. Neira.

    Cinra scoots closer to her and embraces her from behind while looking at me. “I don’t think she wants to remain just a maid either, Master.” Everyone besides the hugged girl giggles.

    “What do you mean?” I ask, glancing at Neira, who keeps avoiding my eyes.

    “This poor soul seems to have fallen for your charms, Master,” Cinra informs me and then whispers something to Neira’s ear, which makes her look at me and then nod after a heavy sigh.

    Everyone moves away a bit to give her some space and Neira slowly pushes herself to the edge of the bed, standing up from it. She walks closer and stops in front of me. She is only a tad shorter than me so she is able to look me in the eyes without any problems. Neira takes a deep breath before she starts speaking.

    “It’s as she said, Master. Because of all you have done for us, for me, I seem to have fallen in love with you. I suddenly started feeling like I don’t want any other men to come close to me. I had many partners back at home but it’s my first time experiencing this. When I’m near you, my heart starts beating faster. When I think about you, a smile finds its way onto my lips. When you touch me even slightly, I get a strong urge to be in your arms.” She stops for a moment before continuing. “So, if you are fine with me, would you let me be your woman, Master?”

    Instead of answering with words, I place my hands behind her waist and pull Neira closer, hugging her to my chest. The two, soft peaks press against my skin. With a smile, I dive for her lips and we start exchanging soft and affectionate pecks. A moment later, her own fingers appear on my back, caressing it lovingly. We take one step further and entwine our tongues in a sloppy dance for a few minutes.

    Finally separating our lips, Neira hugs me back even harder. “Thank you. I love you, Master.”

    Ekhm. I don’t want to break your moment, but you guys are taking forever,” Cinra tries to get our attention.

    Neira chuckles. “I’m sorry.”

    She then grabs the towel that hangs around my neck and drags me towards the bed. The moment I get into their reach, all other girls grab whatever part of my body they can and pull me to the center. In a flash, I lose the only two pieces of clothing that remained on me until now. They push me down onto my back and a myriad of hands starts grazing my whole body.

    “Let’s get him ready properly.”


    A moment later, at least three warm tongues appear on my already erect rod from different angles. While those hot and affectionate muscles start lively licking my penis from the bottom to the top, Neira crosses her legs over my body and lays down onto my chest. She takes my head into her hands and starts another passionate kiss.

    Keeping my focus on her sweet lips, she prevents me completely from seeing what is happening to the lower part of my body. I have no idea who is who. The only thing I know is that everyone down there is doing heavenly work.

    Two people keep licking my pole like a lollipop. Someone starts gently sucking on the tip, parting with it with each pull, releasing loud pops into the air. Another person mischievously plays with my two, precious orbs, stroking one with their fingers and tickling the other one with their wet tongue.

    In just a few moments they manage to bring me so much pleasure I’ve never felt before. And I can clearly tell their actions and movements are very refined. Each of them knows what they are doing. It’s pretty much my first time with someone who has more actual experience than me and it shows. I can barely keep myself from moaning into Neira’s lips.

    After a short while, my jewels are freed from their assailant and Cinra speaks up. She is most likely the one who played with them. “Alright girls, let’s leave it at that. We shouldn’t waste Master’s stamina if we all want a piece of him.”

    All of them stop whatever they were doing and sit up around me. Only Neira remains on my chest. She looks me in the eyes.

    “Who do you want to start with, Master?”

    I smile at her. “Since you are already in a perfect position, why won’t you give me this honour?”

    She blushes just enough for me to notice and a moment later, she turns her head back in surprise. The other girls spread her buttcheeks and place my rod against the entrance to her pink crevice.

    Neira turns back to me. “Looks like I will,” she says with a dazzling smile. “Please, don’t hold back, Master. Pound me as hard as you can. So hard that I will forget all my previous partners forever. I want to remember only you. My whole body is only yours from now on.”

    Giving her a small kiss, I nod and begin slowly sliding my hard member into the moist cavern placed above its eager tip. Neira closes her eyes and releases a prolonged moan as her insides get spread by my cock bit by bit until it's swallowed whole. I can feel how hot and wet it is in there.

    As she wishes, I instantly start moving my hips, gradually increasing the speed of my thrusts. Regular pounding makes her body move up and down on my chest and her erect nipples graze over my skin.

    “Ahnnn... Yesss… It’s already so much better… Mhnnn…”

    In a few moments, we reach a pace where I have to grab her enticing butt to keep Neira from sliding too far up my body or she would fly off my cock. She moves her arms to my back and hugs me too, allowing me to pound her even harder.

    “Ahhh… Ahhhh… Nhnnnn… Harder! Ahnnnn… I still remember them!”

    “Well then… Allow me to fix that for you…”

    I move my arms up and tighten my hold above her waist in a bear hug. With her position secured, I start pushing my hips upwards as hard as I can, bouncing off the mattress with each return to gain even more force. My cock relentlessly hammers her pussy from below. Violent slapping and wet sounds travel through the air in the room. The bed is squeaking like never before.

    “Yessssss! Like that! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahnnnn! Ahhhhh! I’m going to cuuuuuuuuum!”

    Hearing that, I leave only one arm on her back and move the other hand to grab her shoulder from behind, beginning to pull her whole body down to match my thrusts. I can feel her orgasm quickly building up.


    She arches her back and bites on her lip. Neira’s head flies to the back and her whole body starts spasming. But, I don’t stop. Instead, I push her thighs up with mine and lock my feet behind her waist, increasing the intensity of the drilling her pretty flower gets even more. Using my intertwined legs, I push her butt down against my pelvis as I thrust up, shoving my cock even deeper inside.


    Neira enters another peak shortly after I start this intense movement and that’s when I release my withheld load. Waves of white delicacy wash over her coiling insides just as she starts trembling again. I hold my cock in her lily for as long as Neira’s body keeps shaking, unplugging her precious place afterwards.

    She is an even bigger panting mess than I am while she lies on my chest. I start casting Rejuvenate without a moment lost. There are still four girls that are waiting for my affection. When I glance to the side, my eyes widen in surprise and my ears finally register what has been happening around us this whole time.

    “Mhnnnnn… He is so fierce…”

    “Fuuuck… I wish that was me…”

    “Nhnnn… Nhnnn... Ahnnn…”

    All of them are sitting or lying in different positions and either schlicking their petals or fingering their holes while moaning to the heavens. The amount of wet noises they create is like a synchronised orchestra. Only Cinra somehow manages to keep her voice relatively low, biting on the fingers of her hand as she flicks her little bean just inches away from my face with the other.

    I chuckle at that spectacle and she finally notices my gaze. Instead of freezing completely, she bits on her fingers even harder and increases the pace of her rubbing, staring straight into my eyes. Using the sheets, I pull myself closer and drive my tongue into her dripping wet tunnel, starting to lick the walls inside it.

    She keeps masturbating for a few more seconds and then moves both of her hands to my head, pushing it against her clit with all her strength, grinding her flower against my mouth repeatedly.


    A stream of liquid splashes onto my face as she cums violently. After she stops spasming, I sit up with Neira in my arms. Leaving a kiss on her lips, I place her down beside me and look around at all the other girls.

    “Are all Dark Elves this erotic?” They all giggle at my question. At least those three who can do anything besides panting. ”Sorry for leaving you out like that. Let’s start the party. I’ll do you all at once.”

    They glance at me with surprise and look down at my junior, still full of vigour. Leyne, Roseni, Filue smile impishly and crawl to me. I grab the closest one to me, which still is Cinra, and push her down onto the bed.

    I pick Roseni and Filue up and throw each of them to Cinra’s sides, telling Leyne to sit on her face. No one protests. Even the silver-haired beauty in the middle seems to be looking forward to what’s going to happen.

    Without any further ado, I shove my cock into her freshly-out-of-orgasm pussy and start pistoning through the scorching hot tunnel, at the same time inserting two fingers into Roseni’s and Filue’s leaking honeypots. They start wriggling the moment I begin caressing their sensitive orbs with mana-filled thumbs. Of course, I don’t forget about Leyne and ask her to lean towards me so we can start passionately making out.

    And with that, we create an accompaniment of moans, schlicking and slapping sounds. Cinra understands her position but struggles to please Leyne’s flower above her mouth while I keep drilling her yearning pussy. With my lips sealed, I send Whispers to the two girls on the sides and they extend a hand each to play with Leyne’s jiggling mountains and stiff peaks.

    “Ahhhhh… Ahnnn… Even his fingers… Mhnnnnnn… Goddess almighty… Nngggghnnn…”

    “Ohhhmmmm… I know! Ahhhhnnn… Damn Neira! Ahn... Ahn... So lucky to be first! Ahhaaann…”

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to hear the opinion of the one girl that actually receives my pounding as her mouth is blocked by Leyne’s lower lips and all moans are turned into vibrations that further increase her pleasure. From how Cinra’s body jerks when the tip of my dick scratches against certain spots as I relentlessly keep trying to find even better ones, I understand clearly how good she feels.

    After a few short minutes, I sense the three lying women approach their climax. Making good use of my Mana Control, I tune my caresses to their increasing pleasure and make them all cum at the same time, spraying Cinra’s insides in white in the process.


    She actually manages to scream loud enough for us to hear something from under Leyne’s pussy. Her own vagina releases another burst of love juices and pushes my cock outside. They wet my and Leyne’s whole chests and we both chuckle as a bit of them sprays onto our faces. She is such a squirter.



    Roseni and Filue reach their peaks at the same time and start spasming while grabbing their pussies to rub them fiercely after I pull my fingers back. Only Leyne is left without coming, but I won’t let this state persist for much longer.


    She shouts in surprise as I grab her under the armpits and throw her into the air just enough for her to land on my chest. She instantly entwines her legs behind me and I support her butt with my hands. Crawling on my knees backwards, I step off the bed to have solid ground under my feet and drive my still rock hard pole into her unsatisfied hole. God bless restoration magic.

    “Ahn! Ahh! Thank you! Ahnn! Ahh!”

    She starts rocking her hips too while raining down kisses on my face and neck, whichever is close during various states of thrusting. Cinra did a decent job before, so it doesn’t take much to bring Leyne to her climax too, and within two minutes, I can sense her erotic walls beginning to squeeze my cock as if they want to milk me dry to the very last drop. I throw ourselves onto the bed and hammer her leaking cavern even harder until she finally comes.


    I give her a few more thrust for as long as my little friend keeps sending new waves of semen inside, pulling him out after the job is done. Ignoring her post-orgasmic state, Leyne pulls me closer and steals my lips, sloppily joining our tongues. I let her kiss me for a short while before backing away. It’s still not the end.

    “He is still hard? What a monster…” Filue comments on my ability to continue.

    “How is that possible? He came 3 times and it looks as lively as before?” Roseni eyes the undefeated beast.

    I chuckle and crawl closer to them. “The answer is simple. Magic. Don’t forget what my Class is.” They both giggle and start stroking my cock as I lean over them on my elbows. “While my mana isn’t infinite, I’ll do my best to give you what you deserve.”

    “We are in your hands, Master!”

    “I wanted to say we are in your cock, but that sounds so bad.”

    Everyone except Leyne bursts out laughing. I shake my head and push Roseni onto Filue, with their chests joined together. Two intensively leaking pussies enter my sight. Their love juices join into one, steady stream of sweet nectar.

    I take a deep breath and smile widely. “Alright. Time to dig in.”


    I sink my little brother into the gates of the upper dungeon named Roseni, making the owner of them moan in surprise. Affirming my grip on her waist, I shove my dick into the humid corridor repeatedly, trying to explore various different points inside as fast as I can. Something tells me that’s what she wants the most.

    “Ahn! Ahh! Ahnn! Ahnn! Ahhh! So fast! Ahnn! Ahnn! And fierce! Ahnn!”

    “Not fair… I wanted it too… You always end up receiving things before me, even back at ho—AHHN?!”

    Without any warning, I pull out of Roseni’s pussy and insert it into the dungeon on the lower level, starting to thrust my member inside with slow but steady and strong movements, slapping my pelvis against Filue’s bottom with powerful slams.

    “Ohhhhhh… Nhnnhnnnnnn… Like that, please… Ohhhhhhhh… Ahhhnnnnnn… I love it…”

    Same as with Roseni, I felt like Filue would have liked it this way. Their desires might be leaking through our connection or something. I’ll think about it later, I have two enticing girls to properly please right now.

    “Ahn! Ahh! Ahh! Master’s cock is the best! Ahh! Ahh! I’ve never been fucked so good!”

    “Uhhhnnn… Mhnnnnn… Right… Hhhnnn… He hits the best spots… So mighty… and slow… Mhhhnnnnn…”

    I keep switching between the two and slowly bring them back to climax. I don’t have two dicks and it would be rude to give my load to only one of them while the other cums from my fingers, so I finish twice in quick succession, ejaculating with both of them one after another. My Class’s control over my orgasm comes really handy here.

    They both moan loudly while receiving my seed and hug each other tightly. I pull out of Filue and admire my own work of two, exquisite, pink flowers decorated with my creamy-white semen spilling out of them. Their dark skin just accentuates this sight.

    Sitting down on their side, I take a deep breath and sigh heavily. It is quite exhausting even with Rejuvenate. All the girls scoot closer and surround me from all sides, leaving a kiss on various parts of my face, neck or chest.

    “Are you all satisfied or do you need some more?” I ask the question to everyone while patting the heads of Filue and Roseni who rest them on my thighs.

    “You can still do more?” Neira asks and everyone looks down at my sheathed sword.

    One touch later, and some greenish particles of light, the mighty rod reveals itself again.


    “Are you a god?”


    “This is unbelievable…”

    I chuckle at their reactions. “So? I might be able to give you at least one more round.”

    Neira pulls herself closer and gives me a loving kiss.

    “I would love to. But. Let us do the thing this time while you rest and enjoy our bodies, Master.”

    They gently lay me down and as promised, we go for one more session before all of us end up exhausted to the point of falling asleep right after finishing.
    Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd, and Six’s an Orgy! Oooooof... That's one fucking (heh) long chapter. Over 7k words.

    If you are looking for even more fun and creative chapters, there are already a few in the advanced batch on Patreon and they are quite something, I must say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) As it is the start of the month, it's the best time to join!

    Anyway, that was quite the challenge to pull off. I thought it was the hardest one I will ever write, but the next fun chapter toppled it instantly, hah. Still, five at once is something. It won't be a common occurrence, but it happens.
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    Chapter 55 – Never Underestimate Humans
    My consciousness slowly leaves the land of the dreams and I lazily blink a few times to probe how much sunlight might be assaulting my face. After a moment, my brain realizes something is wrong and they shoot open, revealing a sea of pink above me. Or rather, a sky of pink.

    It takes me a few turns of my head to fully comprehend the situation. I’m completely certain I’m back in the weird, grassy space with everything being in various shades of purple and pink. Considering that I just slept with five girls at once, making all of them my official, fully beneficial Partners, this actually isn’t as much of a surprise. Since I’m here, I must have tiered up with their help. I’ll have to thank them properly after I wake up for real.

    Finished with examining the situation I find myself in, I raise myself to a sitting position and glance around. Yep. It’s the same grassy hill I saw the last time. Even the cherry tree is there. Aaaaaaaaaannddddd, I’m completely naked too. My Hero Sigil is glowing. I have a hunch or two about why, but those can only be confirmed by that person.

    And just as I think of them, pinkish smoke starts rising from the ground in front of me and begins swirling like a person-sized tornado. A few seconds later, it forms a silhouette of a shadowy woman which I’m already pretty familiar with.

    Actually, that’s wrong. She looks way more detailed this time. I can easily discern all the lines over her mist-like body, which now seems to be enveloped in a membrane similar to Safi’s or Emi’s. The smoke still spins around inside, but she now looks more like a person than some being purely out of a purplish fog.

    Her body finally finishes forming and she glances down at the sitting me. And oh man, even if it’s just a slight shape, all the curves look just so perfect they feel like they belong to an insanely beautiful woman whose charm transcends whatever my little brain has ever registered in the past. My whole body shudders after the mind realizes how much even more perfect she would look with a proper body. And it seems that in this space everything functions as in reality and I start feeling hotness spreading through my lower parts.

    Seeing something rising, the ghostly woman smiles faintly and raises one of her eyebrows. I respond with a wry smile of my own. It’s pointless to try and cover my manhood now, she has already seen everything. And well, we are both stark naked and she doesn’t seem to be embarrassed by her form either.

    “Sorry for… getting hard like this. I hope you are not offended.” I decide to apologize just in case. If she is the same person as the last time, she should understand my words.

    “Don’t fret yourself over such a small detail. It’s not something you have much control over. Yet.”

    From the tips of my toes to the very last millimetre of my hair on top of my head, an immense wave of goosebumps travels lazily. Calmness and relaxation wash all over me as the mysterious woman’s unimaginably soft and soothing, yet powerful and somewhat divine voice reaches my ears. Or more like, directly my soul. The sensation is so tranquil that even my slightly eager junior slowly withdraws and every inch of me enters a state of full Nirvana.

    “Ah. I apologize. I should have toned it down before speaking.” She bows her head a little bit and her voice gradually becomes more and more tolerable, without melting my mind with each word that leaves her lips.

    Regaining control over my own body, I stand up with a lot of struggle. Every limb feels like jello. I’ve never been so relaxed in my whole life. If I had any doubts about the woman’s identity before, they were completely swept away without me even asking a single question.

    “There’s no need for the Goddess to apologize to a mere mortal. I feel blessed just by hearing your divine voice.” I also bow my head respectfully.

    A beautiful smile forms on the Goddess’s lips. “As perceptive as usual. Anyway, let’s not bother ourselves with those unnecessary pleasantries. Our time here is limited and the clock is ticking. You are right, I’m the Goddess that watches over Naharren. I’m known under various names amongst many races, but you can call me Lumina as it is the closest to my true name, which can’t be captured perfectly by mortal languages.”

    “Ah, right. Last time I got kicked out pretty quickly. I won’t be polite then, Goddess Lumina. May I know what is this place?” I start asking questions to not waste any more time.

    “Don’t worry, you got significantly stronger since that day and thus we can stay here for a bit longer. Specifically, your soul has grown a lot. This space all around us is inside it. Some people in the past called it the Soul Realm. Something like the deepest part of your being. And you have almost complete control over it. Try imagining something, perhaps a few chairs or a table first.”

    As she suggests, I try to think about two, comfy armchairs with a table in between them and soon, the pinkish mist arises from the ground again and forms them in a flash. The Goddess smiles and sits down. I follow suit.

    Deciding to do some more experiments, I envision my butler outfit on myself and the same dress Cornelia uses during work, on Lumina, just without the boob window to show some respect. Within a few seconds, we are covered in what I wanted. Taking it a step further, I wish for two glasses of water and the mist forms them too. Taking a quick sip confirms the contents seem real.

    “You got used to it pretty fast. You truly are something else. And to think that I judged you useless at first…” She praises me with a smile and then her expression darkens a bit.

    “Ermmm…. What do I owe this honour, Goddess Lumina? A second time we meet now. Do you perhaps visit all of the summoned heroes during their tier-ups? Because that’s what happened to me, I assume.”

    She takes a deep breath and refocuses on me. “No, you are the only one I visited and even spoke with. Their souls wouldn’t be able to hold a fragment of my own until around Tier 3 or 4, and it’s not like this is something common too. I don’t interfere this much usually. I shouldn’t. As to why… Well… First, let me just say that I’m truly sorry!”

    Lumina suddenly bows her head almost to the very table. This motion surprises me a lot. I didn’t expect a goddess to act so friendly with me and here we have one literally prostrating herself in front of me. And I have completely no idea as to why.

    “Please, raise your head. I feel… anxious… seeing a goddess be like this towards me. I don’t even know what it’s all about.”

    She sits up again. “I’ll try to explain everything in the simplest words then. From the very beginning. First, as you already know from the King and all the books you have read, there are limits to how much I can influence the world I’m overseeing. Most of the things I do are unseen to the eyes of the mortal races and are usually connected to the material and spiritual stability of the world itself. There are some boundaries even I shouldn’t overstep or my actions could possibly bring unforeseen consequences to my domain and all its inhabitants. So, unless the whole realm is in grave danger leading to complete destruction, I just keep tinkering with the fine adjustments. And you are already aware that this is exactly our current situation."

    Goddess Lumina pauses for a moment, most likely to see if I understood what she recounted for me. I nod for her to continue.

    “I’m sure you must be very curious about the Calamity, but I want to focus on explaining why I’m so sorry first. You see, the crisis is so serious that I decided to risk upsetting the spiritual structure of the world and chose the least invasive method in my hands to help solve it - the Hero Summoning. Without going into unnecessary details, I scanned other worlds in search of amazing people compatible with Naharren. And it so happened that I found five perfect candidates all close together. I couldn’t pass on that opportunity and initiated the transfer. I know what I did was pretty much kidnapping, but I was really desperate and Earth was already familiar with the Hero Summoning concept so it was at least a bit comforting for both sides.”

    She tries to justify her actions as she explains. Her expression tells me that Lumina truly feels bad and guilty about the whole situation, even if she did all of that to save a whole realm of sentient beings. But, it’s another detail that catches my attention.

    “You said five, but there were six people in that classroom. And all six of us got pulled into Naharren together.”

    Lumina’s expression turns anxious and a wry smile pertains on her lips. “Ummmm… That is the first of the two main things I want to wholeheartedly apologize to you for… You see… I keep myself from interfering with the world also because… I always end up making things worse…” She makes a very deep and sad sigh. “Remember The Great War?”

    “Of course. There were plenty of records in Rossberg’s Royal Library.”

    “There was a huge imbalance in the world before that. Humans were greatly oppressed and almost driven to extinction. It wasn’t looking good for the world, where strong races always dominated the weaker ones, and I finally decided to intervene by introducing the System. It was meant to make them more equal. Everyone was supposed to receive the same level of guidance on how to get stronger by utilizing what they are good at. But… I made a mistake…"

    Lumina chuckles anxiously.

    "I underestimated Humans… They not only grew stronger as I predicted but their numbers, far exceeding those of other races, overwhelmed those so bad it left deep scars on their enemies. You know the current state of the world. No other race wants to risk the repeat of the Great War and keeps themselves at bay, even if they could possibly retake the lands Humans took from them during their thirst for revenge if all races worked together. Most of them understand they only got what they deserved and even would be willing to forget old grievances, but Humanity’s grudges are buried too deep within their hearts to let them even think about such concepts.” She turns even sadder when mentioning the last parts.

    “Okay, but what does it have to do with the Hero Summoning and me?” I ask, completely not seeing the point of her bringing that up.

    “I… might have made the same mistake then… I accidentally underestimated Humans again… It actually feels more like a curse that keeps coming at me… ”

    I’m not sure if her mist-like being needs it but Lumina takes an uneasy sip of water.

    “I never intended to summon you to Naharren...”

    “What?” I furrow my brows and raise my voice in surprise. “What do you mean by that? If that’s true, then why couldn’t I just leave the summoning circle?”

    “The thing is… you shouldn’t have been able to enter it either… It was surrounded by a spiritual barrier. I specifically made sure to bring it up so no one besides the targeted individuals would end up inside the formation. And you weren’t one. You should have been pushed back when trying to get in, not out.”

    I slap my face and wipe it down with my hand, exhaling heavily. The Goddess lowers her head again.

    “I’m truly sorry! I have no idea why and how you broke through!”

    I sigh again and think for a moment but nothing comes to my mind. It’s not like I will miraculously remember something that can explain this whole situation. If she doesn’t know, there’s no way I would.

    “What’s done is done. And I guess you couldn’t send me back?”

    She shakes her head. “I didn’t want to risk it again so soon. I’m sorry.”

    “Just stop apologizing. I get it. You screwed up. We all do sometimes.” I wave my hand at the Goddess. “So, what about the second thing you want to apologize for?”

    “Contrary to all your friends, you received… pretty much the worst Class in the realm. No one in the history of this world broke through to the third Tier… And your body wasn’t enhanced too, staying the same as in your homeworld, while the quality of their bloodlines awakened. They were all prodigies in your world while you were…”

    “Just your typical nobody with a bit of knowledge. Yeah, I know. You don’t need to sugarcoat things for me. It never bothered me. Life is not fair. If it were to affect me in any way, I wouldn’t have been teaching a class full of geniuses. But that’s still the aftereffects of the first thing, right?” I ask as my curiosity rises.

    Lumina nods. “I felt really, really bad for your situation. Being suddenly thrown into an unknown world without any support when everyone else became powerful. I was pretty sure it meant a death sentence if you insisted on accompanying the Heroes. And even if you didn’t, I could easily see your life turning into hell with how weak you were. I truly pitied you. I didn’t want to do anything more but the guilt pushed me to help you just a tiny, little bit…”

    She shows a wry, reminiscing smile. “I judged your personality to be like Humans of Naharren. And I was proven badly wrong. But it was too late. I already gave you my blessing. And on the day of your Class reveal, during the short connection through the catalyst, I saw all of your memories. Immediately, I understood why you received that Class. As most of them usually do, it suited you to the core. I’ve done it again...”

    “You underestimated me.” I chuckle a little.

    “Yes… On that day, I realized that in your hands, the supposedly weakest Class which no inhabitant of this world was able to properly raise, has actually an unlimited potential. Your mindset and the way you handle yourself are completely different from any race in Naharren. But, as I said, it was already too late…” She sighs and rubs her temples while shaking her head.

    A smile makes its way onto my lips. I don’t know why, but completely shattering a godly being’s expectations and predictions just makes me feel… good. In all the stories, Humans always find their way to overcome those. I chuckle to myself again before returning my gaze to the Goddess awaiting my reaction.

    “That blessing… It’s why my stats doubled on tier-up, right?” I make a blind guess while rubbing my chin.


    “Thought so. I can see why you would do something like that. You wanted to boost my stats a bit while expecting that I won’t be able to win over too many Human girls, and especially those stronger than just common women.”

    “It’s exactly as you have guessed that day in the bath. Ah! There are actually three things I need to apologize for. After the reveal, I kept a close eye on you. I have no excuse. I was just really curious. I kept reading your mind from time to time. I’m sorry!” She bows for the n-th time.

    “It’s fine. You are a goddess. A much kinder one than most I’ve met in novels and stories. Reading a mind of a mortal or two is not a big deal, I guess.” I smile at her and she answers with a very relieved expression.

    “And you are much more understanding than your average Human, but I already knew that.” She chuckles a little for the first time and it sounds just heavenly. “Anyway. Back to the second thing, the blessing. The stats… are not all.”

    I furrow my brows. “What else is there? Ah. Perhaps all the affinities?”

    “No. It’s… a bit bigger than that… and it connects to the stats a bit. I made it so that the effects of the blessing come to you gradually, some at Tier 2 and the rest at Tier 3.” She ponders for a moment. “It will be easier to just show you.”

    Goddess Lumina snaps her fingers and a familiar, pink window appears between us. It’s my full status menu.


    “This was your status before you advanced. Quite impressive already at Tier 2. And now…”

    She snaps her fingers again and another window appears to the right of the previous one.


    The first thing that catches my eye is the enormous numerical values of my stats. I kind of expected that, but having sex with five Partners boosted the bonuses through the roof. And I can also see that my base stats rose by the same amount as they did on the previous advancement, 11, 11, 15, 14, 16, so it’s pretty much confirmed now that she set my upgrades at double my initial values for each Tier or something like that.

    “Everything over a hundred. Truly a bizarre sight,” I say with a wide smile.

    “Those girls are quite strong. Three of them are at Tier 3 while the rest is at Tier 2. One of them is into you quite a bit and started at the third level of the Bond. The rest is at the second level. You can check those later, including your new skills. Stats aren’t what I wanted you to see. Take a closer look.”

    I can see the slight anxiety in the Goddess’s expression in the gap between the two windows and, urged by her, I examine both of the screens with more attention. It doesn’t take long before my eyes open wide from pure shock just as they fall onto the very second line of my status.

    “Wha—… Wait… What?”

    I blink countless times in confusion. Wishing for my clothes to disappear, I start examining my body with my hands. It’s just as I remember it. Everything is normal. With a befuddled expression, I glance back at Lumina.

    “Could you… explain?”

    She slowly nods. “Of course. You see, the first part of my blessing was the static values of stats upgrades, and the second part was… a body to actually make proper use of those stats.”

    “Body? But it doesn’t look any different.”

    “And it won’t really differ much. You remember that every race’s physique works differently and that’s why numerical values of their stats can’t be compared in a straight manner, right? And that Humans are kind of the weakest when it comes to it?” I nod. “Well, back then, I decided to gift you with a body that could utilize them perfectly to help with your low values a bit. I didn’t think you would ever reach higher than the third Tier even with a lot of luck on your side, so it seemed like a decent plan…”

    “And that’s how I became a… Primordial?” I ask.

    “Yes. Primordials were a race of the very first beings born in this realm. From the outside, they looked pretty much like Humans do right now, so there weren’t going to be many issues with the change. The key difference is that their bodies were pretty much pristine. The efficiency ratio of different stats was at 100%. In comparison, current Humans have it at around 55% equally throughout the board. Elves, Dwarves, Beastkin at around 68% for their main stats, and beings like Dragons for example, at 87%,” Goddess Lumina explains as she counts the races on her fingers.

    I extend my hand to stop her. “Wait. Then how strong am I when compared to the usual Human?”

    She stares into the distance for a moment before answering. “Well, above Tier 3, the growth in stats increases significantly, so with yours slightly above 100… You would be at around Tier 6 with just them. If we included the fact that your body is not limiting your true capabilities now, then your real strength would be at Tier 7.”

    “What?! Wasn’t Tier 7 like the peak of Humanity in the past?!”

    “Kind of…”

    I slap my face for the second time today. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaah…. What kind of monster did you turn me into…”

    Lumina chuckles awkwardly. “That’s just in Human terms. Technically, you are no longer just a Human now, so… I’m sorry… I should have kept my hands to myself… It’s like I didn’t learn a lesson after two times...” She assumes a heavily disheartened expression.

    “Honestly, isn’t it worse from your perspective than mine? Isn’t it bad for the world?”

    “While you certainly seem strong on paper, especially when having Humans in mind, you didn’t suddenly turn overpowered as people on Earth tend to say. Neither are you immortal. Many monsters, beasts, entities can easily squash you. So don’t let it get to your head. Although, after getting there myself a few times, I’m fairly sure you will make the best possible use of what you got.” She shows a kind smile.

    “Well, thank you.”

    I feel like I definitely blushed a little after her compliment. Her mentioning immortality reminds me of the second change I noticed.

    “One more thing. One of my titles was The Embodiment of Lust and now it was renamed to Demigod of Lust. I assume it’s due to my race?” I ask.

    “Yes, you are right. Primordials were considered demigods essentially, thus the update. The effects of that Title didn’t change much. Here. You can compare them.” She snaps her fingers and two more windows appear in front of my face.


    I chuckle to myself after reading them both in detail. “Didn’t change much? It now sounds like I’m a god myself, hahaha. Oh damn… I will have to be even more careful with it now… And I just barely reached some understanding in the full power of that Title…”

    “Sorry…” She looks away from my gaze. I push the windows to the side so they don’t block my vision. “Now you know why I refrain from interfering with the races even more than other gods in their own worlds. I might be a goddess but… when you look at my history… I’m actually a huge failure…”

    A self-deprecating smile shows up on the Goddess’s face as she looks away. For a moment, she appears just like your ordinary, disheartened girl in my eyes. I don’t know if mortal sympathy means anything to her, but she didn’t instantly smite me down for getting hard from her body, so I decide to try my luck and wish to appear by her side.

    My vision blurs for a moment and I find myself sitting in a chair just next to Lumina. She looks at me slightly surprised and I pick her right hand into mine.

    “I’m sure that behind the scenes you are trying your best for this world, but it just doesn’t work out exactly as you desire. It may sound weird, but I’m actually kind of happy knowing that the Goddess isn’t some almighty, infallible, omniscient being that can do anything and doesn’t care about anyone below them.”

    It feels weird comforting a goddess, but I do it nevertheless.

    “Thank you. And I’m sorry for all the inconvenience I have caused you.”

    “It’s okay. Let’s end this apology marathon. I don’t hold it against you.”

    We just sit there while smiling at each other for a while. When I realize that it looks like I’m hitting on a goddess, I cough awkwardly and distance myself a little.

    “So… What now? Am I supposed to go and join the other Heroes and lead them against the Calamity, now that I can contribute something? Maybe even more than just something, actually, hahaha.”

    “I want you to keep doing what you do. I can’t demand from you to abandon everything you have built up until now. And I’m aware of your plans to start adventuring in the future.” She swats away the two windows that kept hanging in the air.

    “Isn’t the time limited?” I ask. Surely, the end of the world won’t just wait patiently.

    “I’ve noticed the Calamity early and took action as soon as I could so that the Heroes have time to grow. Besides sporadic Abyssal invasions, we are still quite safe. Also, even if unintentionally, you are in fact raising a small army of powerful women in your house.”

    Lumina snaps her fingers and portraits of a few of the girls show up in the air. Safi, Emi, Sirgia, Cornelia, Elea, Neira. Those seem to be the ones closest to me currently.

    “Each time you embrace them, they not only receive the timed bonuses but are also strengthened permanently. You’ve already seen the effects of that a few times. Just try to remember your night with the magician.” She smiles knowingly. “It’s thanks to you that she advanced. The influence might have been not that great back then, but now... With your new body… Let’s just say that their strength would soar if you kept filling them up, ufufufu~”

    I chuckle at her implicative laughter. “Got it. I’ll keep doing my best. Then, about—”

    While I’m speaking, ripples start appearing on the surface of Lumina’s body. She glances down at her shape and sighs dejectedly.

    “Looks like we are running out of our time. I can’t stay here for much longer or it will damage your soul. And we do not want that, trust me.”

    “Shoot. And I was just going to start asking about the Calamity…”

    She looks at me again and smiles. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell you what I can next time. There’s a chance you’ll be strong enough to host the imitation of my true body here, instead of this mist-filled form.”

    “So you are saying, smoking hot is not the peak of your beauty?” I ask her with a playful grin.

    The Goddess chuckles at my joke and shakes her head. “I must say, your witty puns made me smile more than once since I’ve started observing you. Keep them up. We’ll see each other soon again.”

    “Hm? Shouldn’t advancing from Tier 3 to 4 take even more time than before? But I guess for a goddess it’s still just a blink of an eye no matter if it’s a month or a year.”

    “I can’t say how long will it take you, but I’m confident in believing that you’ll reach it quite fast if you keep your current pace up. Before today, you were already on the verge of breaking through. One girl was all you needed. Having five of them at once boosted you over the threshold a lot. Ah! One more thing! Your real body still hasn't gone through the evolution so it will most likely start when you wake up. It may be a little painful. Sorry about that.” She joins her hands together in front of her face and bows to me for the last time.

    I shake my head as a strong force starts pulling me away from this place. “Because of course it will, hahaha…”

    A moment later, I open my eyes and I'm greeted by the sight of five dark-skinned beauties sleeping all over me. Cinra embraces my right arm. Leyne buries the left one deep inside her impressive valley, Roseni covers my right leg with her whole body, Filue is heavily entangled with the left, and Neira sleeps peacefully on my chest with a blissful expression. Thankfully, I managed to erase most of the evidence from our fun before we collapsed, so only the smell of sweaty bodies lingers in the air.


    Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to bask in the glory of our recent battle for any longer as an intense, searing pain starts coursing through my whole body. To avoid hurting any of the girls, I quickly roll myself to the side to escape their clutches, drop Neira onto Leyne and Filue, and fling myself off the bed, hitting the floor with a loud thud and grunt.


    It obviously wakes up the sleeping beauties immediately and Neira shouts in surprise after watching my desperate flight. Lying and groaning on the floor, I manage to stop them from jumping at me with a gesture of my hand. I don’t think I’ll be able to speak while clenching my teeth this hard. Every part of my body gets hotter and hotter, to the point where my insides feel like a violent, scorching inferno.


    As I roll around and keep wriggling, I try my best to not scream my lungs out and keep my voice relatively down, but it doesn't stop the door to my chamber from flying open with a powerful kick. Sirgia rushes inside, followed by Safi, Emi, Cornelia, Teffith and Elea. I’m pretty sure they felt my pain through our connection anyway.

    “Master! What’s happening!”

    My cute dwarf runs up to me and tries to hold me down but it seems like even she, with her quite impressive strength, has trouble doing so. Pushed away by one of my motions, she falls onto her butt.

    “What did you do to him!”

    Just from her tone and the seething anger in her voice, I can guess how enraged she must be. And the target of her emotions is obvious. As I flail over the floor, I just hope she doesn’t do anything to the elves. Mustering all my mental fortitude for a single moment, I send an open Whisper to everyone connected to me, releasing a loud scream as I stop focusing on keeping my voice in check.


    I don’t see it, but I can feel everyone present in the room shudder. The Whisper actually conveyed the message as it was, without converting it into a sexy tease. I would be up for researching that more if I wasn’t in a state of perpetual incineration of all my cells. At least I achieved my goal and everyone is now standing around, anxiously watching me suffer instead of attacking each other in any form. I’m pretty sure all other residents arrived in the corridor already and are observing the unusual spectacle too.

    It takes five minutes for whatever is happening to me to begin calming down and the intense waves of pulsing and scorching pain slowly fade away. I roll myself onto my back and frantically gasp for air. It’s no surprise my breathing is a hot mess.

    “Haaaaah… Haaaaaaah… Haaaah… A litte… painfull… my ass… Haaaah…” I utter barely audible words.

    Elea doesn’t waste any more time and drops to her knees to start healing me with magic. I open my eyes just to see hers widen in shock.

    “He’s not hurt anywhere… He’s actually perfectly well? What in the Goddess’s name is the meaning of this?”

    Still not completely calmed down, I just throw my arm up and show everyone a thumbs-up. “I’m fine… Haaaah… Just give me a moment… Haaaah... Sorry for… startling all of you…”

    Everyone waits patiently for my recovery. Cornelia creates some water to help my parched throat and I drink it like my life depends on it. I take a glance around and notice weird, semi-transparent sheets of something everywhere on the floor. Picking one up clearly reveals that it’s skin.

    “What the hell… Did I fucking moult? Unbelievable…”


    I turn my head to the source of Sirgia’s voice and see her teary face just above mine. Raising myself up, I pull her into a hug and start affectionately brushing through her hair as she releases a few quiet sniffles into my chest. She must have felt really powerless seeing that she couldn’t do anything to help me. And it seems like she stormed here straight out of bed as she has only her panties on.

    “It’s okay now. No one could have done anything. I had to go through this alone,” I speak loud enough for everyone to hear.

    “What do you mean by that?” Cornelia asks from my side.

    “I’ll explain everything in a moment. When it gets a bit less crowded here.” I glance towards the door which is packed with different heads and hands. “No offence guys, it’s not like I don’t trust you, but there are some things I can’t share with all of you yet.”

    Teffith takes a deep breath and sighs heavily, releasing all the tension she kept up until now, most likely ready to defend me from whatever was causing me so much pain.

    “Understandable. I do hope we’ll also get a short version of what happened. Come on girls, Master is fine. Let’s give him some space for now.” She starts walking towards the door and politely dispersing the audience.

    “Don’t worry. I owe you all an explanation. And I actually planned on filling you up on everything soon, so you can stay too. Just… you may want to grab something to cover yourself with…”

    She looks down and realizes that she is stark naked. Besides a spear held in her right hand, there are no other of her possessions anywhere near or on her body. She might be the nude sleeper type.

    “Be right back, boss.” Teffith chuckles to herself and leaves with most of the crowd that stood by the door.

    After those who wished to change their attire make their return to my room, Cornelia casts Hall of Serenity to cut off the sound from escaping, just to be sure there are no leaks. I sit on one of the beds with all of the elves and Sirgia on my lap. Safi, Emi, Cornelia and Teffith take the other one.

    “Before we begin, I want to test something out. You all noticed that there was some change to my body with all that shed skin lying around,” I start.

    “Even without that, it’s quite obvious that your body changed… somehow,” Cornelia squints her eyes a little. “I’m not exactly sure what’s the change since it looks pretty much the same as before but… it feels different. More… ummm… handsome…”

    Everyone nods at her remark and I chuckle to myself. “You are not completely wrong. But first, Sirgia, could you arm-wrestle with me?”

    My lovely dwarf looks up at me slightly confused. “Me? With Master? But… Dwarves are—”

    “You know I’m aware of your kind being much stronger than Humans. Also, what’s your Strength score with my bonus right now?” I stop her and ask.

    Sirgia quickly checks her status. “It’s… 66." Her mouth opens a little. "Amazing… So high and I’m only at Tier 3…”

    “It rose so high because of these beautiful ladies here. It’s only thanks to them accepting me that everyone can grow stronger.”

    I pat her head and smile at all the elves around me, making them giggle and hug me from behind. Neira leaves a kiss on my cheek while blushing slightly.

    “Are you sure you want to compete with me, Master?” Sirgia asks concernedly.

    I take a peek at my own Strength and confirm that it’s at 103 as of now. “Yeah. This will help us a lot.”

    We move a nightstand to the side of the bed and place a chair on the other side. Everyone observes intently as we take positions and join our hands. Most of them seem as confused as Sirgia.

    “Okay. You can use your Physical Strengthening,” I tell her.

    “What? But…”

    “Trust me. I’ll be fine. Elea will heal me if anything happens, so please, don’t hold back.” I show her a reassuring smile.

    Sirgia nods and activates her skill. I can feel her grip on my hand tighten. I summon a coin from my storage ring and throw it into the air. We both focus our senses and wait for the signal.


    As I requested, Sirgia puts her all into pushing my arm down. The nightstand cracks a little under her elbow, but… my hand doesn’t move. I can feel the confusion of our audience growing even more while I just keep smiling at the cute dwarf. It’s not like I feel nothing. I can tell how hard she is trying and I do have to put quite some effort to not lose, but it’s not all the strength I can muster.

    Sirgia pumps even more mana into her ability and my hand begins slightly shaking back and forth. I notice a few veins popping up on her forehead and decide that it’s enough for a showcase. Her eyes widen to the brim when my hand starts overwhelming hers and slowly but surely bringing it closer to the table.

    Before I manage to bring it down, the surface under her elbow breaks inside and Sirgia’s arm loses its fulcrum. I don’t react quick enough and slam her hand into the wooden top with so much force that it shatters, sending splinters into the air as our entwined hands hit the bottom of the first drawer.

    I quickly pull our palms out of the wooden rubble and check if Sirgia is any hurt. Fortunately, she is quite tough and there is not even a single bruise. I sigh in relief and glance at her face, noticing not only the extremely wide eyes but also how pale it got. Looking around reveals a myriad of dropped-to-the-floor jaws.

    I chuckle. “Well then… Where do I begin?”
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    Chapter 56 – The Abilities of Love
    Short notice on a small change in "I Own a Brothel in Another World". Alastair's skill【Sexual Predator】is being renamed into【Lascivious Hunt】for quite obvious reasons I guess. I'm not sure how it sounded fine to me at first while it can lead to too many misunderstandings.
    After the little show, we move the half-destroyed nightstand to the side and get back on the bed. Everyone whispers between themselves while stealing curious glances at me. Sirgia, who is again sitting on my lap, stares at her small hand while clenching it into a fist repeatedly. I bring her out of her daze by brushing her cheek, and after she looks up at me, I leave a soft kiss there, turning it slightly rosy in response.

    With a smile on my face, I pat her head and turn my attention to others. “Let’s quickly fill Teffith in on my situation.” I glance at the dragonewt and she nods. “In simplest words, I’m not from this world and I’ve been summoned as a Hero by the Goddess to help prevent The Calamity from ending this realm."

    Her eyes widen a little. “The Abyssals...?”

    “Yes, pretty much. Anyway, I came here with a few other people, but due to my Class being what it is, I left the team and they went their way while I decided to settle down in this mansion to create a warm place for non-humans. It was the best choice as I was really weak when compared to them. What happened after I arrived in this building, you should already know from your talks with other girls. And that’s the gist of this. Do you have any questions so far? Or, do you even believe me?” I ask.

    Teffith glances down and most likely goes over everything in her head before she sighs and looks back up at me. “I have no reason not to. It’s quite shocking, but I don’t think you’d lie about something like that, boss. A Hero, huh…”

    “Yeah.” I smile wryly. “The thing is, I was actually summoned here by accident and that’s why I was so weak.”

    “Accident? How is that possible?” Cornelia raises her brows.

    “Well, she told me I basically wasn’t supposed to get into the summoning circle but I somehow made it through the barrier and then poof, sucked in.” I shrug my shoulders.

    “She?” Sirgia asks.

    “Ah, right. That’s actually the next part I want to talk about.” I glance back at Elea behind me. “I didn’t expect to fulfil my promise so soon, but yeah, I’ve spoken with the Goddess just before I started rolling on the ground while screaming from pain.”

    Her hands involuntarily move to cover her mouth which opens from shock and surprise. I immediately notice a spark of curiosity in Elea’s eyes, chuckling at her expression.

    “Unfortunately, if you want to ask me how she actually looks, I can’t answer that question. It seems that she was the person that appeared in front of me during my awakening ritual and then during tier-ups, so I actually met her three times now, but she was always in the form of a shadowy figure, and she told me that my soul is still too weak to host more of her than just that. But, I was able to hear her voice for the first time and we held a short conversation.”


    “To think that Master met the Goddess… And even more than once…”

    “I knew Master was something else…”

    “I’m so envious…”

    “Ufufu~ As expected of Master.”

    The elves start giggling between themselves and praising me while Elea keeps her smitten expression up as she stares at me. Finally breaking out of her daze, she moves closer and hugs my arm tightly.

    “Did you at least get her true name, Master?” she asks with hopeful eyes.

    I nod. “Although it is supposedly impossible to capture it properly with mortal languages, the closest translation would be Lumina.”

    A beautiful smile appears on Elea’s face and she gives me an affectionate kiss in front of everyone.

    “Thank you! I feel like I got even closer to Goddess Lumina now! The name passed in our language was similar to it, but this one is definitely more truthful!”

    “Yeah, it seems that Humans weren’t that far off too as we call her Lumine. That’s almost the same,” Cornelia comments.

    “It’s Liumirn in Draconic,” Teffith adds.

    “And we Dwarves always used Lominarie in our prayers,” Sirgia also shares her people’s version with us.

    I don’t think Slimes even worship any gods, so it’s kind of pointless to ask Safi or Emi about it. I’m pretty sure they would mention the same name as Cornelia anyway, as most of the stuff they know about the world is based on the memories of the two girls they consumed.

    “Ah, how I would love to tell Goddess Lumina how grateful I am for bringing Master to this world and letting him save me…” Elea joins her hands in a prayer style and closes her eyes.

    I chuckle again. “Actually, you can. Well, not directly, I guess.”

    She looks at me, slightly surprised. “Master?”

    “Our great Goddess has a hobby of stalking this unimportant me, you see. I could bet that she is listening to us even at this moment.”

    “That’s… scary…” Cornelia shivers a little and looks around. “Did she also see…”


    I lowkey expect some divine effect to take place after she finishes her quite lively prayer, but nothing actually happens besides the appearance of complete silence in the whole room. Well, Lumina did say she doesn’t want to interfere with the world except when it is unavoidable and answering Elea definitely isn’t a matter of life and death of the universe.

    We wait for a few minutes more for the elves to stop sitting in praying positions and resume our talk. The dark-skinned group looks at me with even more awe and reverence than before. I should have expected that…

    “Okay… So… Let’s get back onto the main topic, which is my sudden outburst of pain and increase in strength.” I glance at everyone and they nod, eager to hear more of the story. “Basically, because of how weak I was, the Goddess pitied me and gave me her blessing shortly after I arrived here, to compensate for this weird Class. But, she judged my future performance having the usual Human’s from Naharren mindset, and… she kinda overdid it… a little…”

    I chuckle again when I think about the whole situation. “You know that my Class bases on strengthening myself by getting closer with others and also on strengthening them at the same time. Mostly by having sex. She didn’t expect me to find more than one or two partners and certainly didn’t think they would be any strong. And looking at my current situation,” I glance around at all the beauties gathered in the room, “she couldn’t be more wrong.”

    Sirgia giggles and snuggles her back more into my chest. “Master is so kind and caring and handsome that he could get any girl he wanted.”

    “You little…” I fiercely pat her head, evoking even more giggles from my cute dwarf. “Nevertheless, the Goddess’s blessing made my stats growth static, giving me a doubled value of Tier 1 amount on each tier-up, and also…”

    I summon my status window and show the section with main information, enlarging it so that everyone can clearly see the text. There’s only silence for a few moments before Cornelia is the first to raise her voice.

    “What is this?!” She points her finger at the obvious line.

    “Master is… not Human?” Sirgia glances up at me in confusion.

    “Primordial… I’ve never heard of such race…” Elea ponders.

    “Actually… I did.” Surprisingly, Teffith raises her hand.

    “Oho. As expected from someone whose race hails down from the fabled Dragons. Tell us more,” Cornelia quickly turns towards her.

    The dragonewt girl nods nervously and glances at me. “What I remember from the legends passed down by our people… Primordials were supposedly the first sentient race to live in this world. Even Dragons appeared after them… and… they weren’t their match…”

    “What?” Our magician’s eyes open as wide as possible. “Even stronger than Dragons? But… He looks almost no different than before…”

    I decide to join the discussion. “Both of you are correct. She told me that they looked pretty much like today’s Humans when it came to the outer appearance. The difference was in their prowess. All of you are aware that each race is physically and magically different, yes? And that’s why even though we can see our stats thanks to the system, we can’t really directly compare them?”

    Everyone nods. It's common knowledge in this world.

    “Well, if I were to put it into simple words, each race can utilize a certain percent of their strength. If we took 30 Agility as a base, Humans can make use of around 55% of that, while Dwarves can handle 68%. That’s where the difference comes in real-life activities. I was told that Dragons have an efficiency of 87%.”

    Cornelia rubs her chin and nods. “That’s pretty much how most theories covered the topic of racial differences. We never figured out the exact values, but I guess those are true if they came from the Goddess herself. But… If Dragons are at 87%... then…”


    Her jaw drops instantly after hearing my reply. And it’s not just her. Everyone in the room looks flabbergasted by the revelation. It’s no surprise to me. Complete efficiency is something that only god-like entities should possess.

    “So yeah… She turned me into a Primordial during my 3rd tier-up… That’s why I literally moulted after waking up. And, when you are aware of all of this, my stats should explain the rest.”

    I wave my hand and the window expands to show the numerical values too.

    “Holy shit! Over a hundred at Tier 3?!” Cornelia can’t hide her astonishment.

    “So I have like 60… and can use 68% of it… and Master has over 100… and he can use 100% of it… then…” Sirgia starts counting on her fingers as she talks to herself and then looks up at me. “So strong…”

    I’m starting to feel slightly weird with all that reverence coming from all of them. I’ve been pretty much turned into a demigod overnight. Or a god in their eyes. Even if Lumina said that compared to monsters lurking around the world, and I bet Abyssals too, it wasn’t overwhelmingly OP, for normal people like them it surely is.

    ~Ummmm…~ A slightly sensual whisper arrives by my ear, and judging by everyone’s reaction, by theirs too. The sender is Safi and we all glance at her. ~I don’t really… understand all those… numbers… How strong… is Master now… then…?~

    Looks like the adventurer girls weren’t that familiar with these theories. “The Goddess said I’m somewhere around Tier 7 of your usual Human’s strength.”

    “You are fucking kidding me…” Cornelia whimpers quietly. I can clearly see the sweat forming on her pale face.

    I chuckle. “If this was an actual offensive Class, then I agree, that would be freaking amazing. But don’t forget it focuses on supporting and enhancing others. And also… some of you may already know it… on helping them advance.”

    “Advance? What do you mean?” Teffith asks.

    “Well… You not only get the temporary buff, which I guess you are aware of, but there’s also a permanent one. I wasn’t sure what it was about in the past as I didn’t see anything change in the people I slept with, but the Goddess confirmed my suspicions. In simple words, I can raise someone’s Tier by having sex with them. Getting intimate with me basically works like training and gaining real experience,” I explain.

    Teffith’s brows raise in disbelief. “Such a thing… I’m sorry, but it just sounds quite unbelievable to me…”

    “I can guarantee his words.” Cornelia wipes her forehead with a tissue and turns to Teffith after taking a deep breath. “I was at Tier 3 for years and couldn’t break through, but after we did it, the next morning I was Tier 4. I mean, I’m sure I was close, but it was definitely him who gave me the last push.”

    “Or a few,” I add with a smirk, making her look away bashfully.

    ~Master helped us… advance too…~ Emi sends a Whisper to everyone and Safi nods in agreement.

    I reach to pat the emerald girl, which gives me a beaming smile in response. Certainly, they were the first ones to experience that strengthening effect. Both them and Cornelia had been really close to the breaking point and that was what allowed them to progress.

    “Ah. That reminds me. The Goddess said that this body will be able to utilize all of those effects properly, so while the boost was minuscule in the past, it should now be more considerable,” I recall one of the most important changes.

    “Wait…” Cornelia looks at me. “If we looked at it from the numerical perspective, even if it is wrong, wouldn’t it theoretically mean that this strengthening was only at like 50% of its power?”

    “Well… Technically speaking… I guess?”

    I answer, not really sure since we have no complete confirmation of how exactly the fine details in this world work. It could very well be much more if there were other things connected to my physique and other stuff that limited the Class.

    “Then… I wonder how many times we would have to… do it… to advance again,” Cornelia ponders.

    “There’s only one way to check that,” I say to her with a smile. “Just don’t forget that it mentions the rule of diminishing returns for acts in quick succession.”

    She keeps sending glances my way while fidgeting a little on her chair. I’m sure not only her scholarly part of the mind is eager for her to play the role of the test subject. And we haven’t done it since her advancement so it could work as a Tier 4 to 5 situational example.

    “We’ll see how it works with time. I’ll make sure to pay attention to others’ growth from now on. Let’s not prolong it more than necessary. I’ve dragged you all out of the bed quite early with my screaming. And we have a working night to prepare.”

    Teffith looks like she wants to say something, but in the end, she stays silent, carefully observing me while having that distant and contemplative look. Everyone nods in agreement with my words. Before we start getting up, Cinra softly clears her throat to gather our attention.

    “About the last part. We’ll gladly start working from tonight, Master.”

    I shake my head. “There’s no need to rush things. Rest for today. You’ve just spent a night with me, and while I appreciate your eagerness to help, I feel it would be disrespectful to you. Also, we need to wait for Cornelia to finish the anticonception magic anyway.”

    “Oh, I’m pretty much done. I think,” the person in question butts in. “We just need to… test it… somehow.” She looks at me, or rather, at a certain part of me. “My research taught me how to discern if the seed or egg is fertile too, so we just need to conduct a more… practical examination.”

    I nod at her. “Alright. We’ll talk about that later. I have an idea which overlaps with something that I’m almost certain will happen very soon.” An image of three, colourful tieflings appears in my mind. “Also, before I forget. Thank you, girls, for all the effort you put into learning Common. I’m truly amazed by your progress.”

    The elves look between themselves and even Elea furrows her brows a little. Cinra returns her gaze to me.


    “Hm? I haven’t seen Elea translate a single word for any of you during this emergency meeting. I’m sure I used a lot of difficult ones along the way,” I say, slightly disoriented by their reaction.

    “But… Aren’t you speaking Elvish since the beginning, Master?” she asks and other elves nod in unison.

    Now, it’s my turn to furrow my brows and look at them in confusion.

    “What are you saying?” Cornelia leans back and looks weirdly at them. “He is obviously talking in Common.”

    “I thought it was Dwarvish,” Sirgia tilts her head at me.

    “I was surprised a bit, but… isn’t it Draconic?” Even Teffith joins this guessing game.

    Meanwhile, I stare at each one of them as they begin arguing which language I was using this whole time. They are all so confident in their version that even I begin doubting myself and start wondering which one it actually was.

    It couldn’t have been all at once, right? I’m sure I wasn’t able to do something like that. Wait… I wasn’t able… Past tense… It can’t be...

    Ignoring the turmoil happening all around me, I bring out the skills list and scan through it with my eyes, looking for any changes.


    While I’m attentively reading every line, one specific skill catches my attention and pretty much explains everything with just its name. I can make at least a few vague guesses about its effect. Without any further ado, I quickly open it.


    The commotion quiets down after the girls notice me staring into space with raised eyebrows.

    “Master?” Sirgia pulls on my shirt.

    “Ah. Sorry. Here.”

    Everyone reads the information after I make it visible.

    “For real, Al. There isn’t a day without something unthinkable, unheard of, or utterly outrageous happening around you,” Cornelia sighs heavily and rubs her eyes, following it with a chuckle.

    “Hey. It’s that Class. I have no say in anything,” I chuckle too and reply with a wry smile.

    “How many languages do you know?”

    “Relevant to this world? Something like… above ten?” I try to remember without checking the skill.

    She snorts. “Freak.”

    “So… We can now understand each other perfectly, without Master having to translate anything as long as it’s between people accepted by him, right?” Neira asks in what sounds to me like perfect Common.

    “Looks like it,” Teffith answers. “I just tried speaking Draconic. Did you all understand it?”

    Everyone looks at her and nods.


    I clap my hands to capture their attention. “Alright. This is definitely a great help to all of us. Does anyone have something else they would want to discuss with everyone present?”

    They look at each other and most of the girls shake their heads.

    “Then you are free to leave if you want. I’ll be now figuring out what else has changed in me after advancing a Tier. Next, I’ll explain the commotion to other residents, visit Cornelia to talk about the magic and start preparing for the night. And whatever else comes up.”

    Teffith is the first to stand up. She bows her head a little and goes out. Cornelia soon follows her and the elf girls start jumping off the bed too. Sirgia gets on her knees, turns around, and plants a kiss on my cheek.

    “Come to see me too, Master. I have something to show you,” she says with a gentle smile and hops off me to skip towards the door too.

    Only Elea and my jelly beauties stay behind. The latter don’t do much around the mansion besides helping others with their tasks and lazing around, so it’s understandable for them to waste some more time cuddling to me because that’s what they start doing the moment Sirgia disappears from our sight.

    As for the Priestess, it’s obvious that she wants to be present during my self-examination, and perhaps to ask more questions about her beloved Goddess. Anticipating that, I talk to her first.

    “Elea, I’m certain that I’ll speak with Goddess Lumina again during my next Tier advancement, so if you want to ask her about something specific, you can think about it and prepare a list of questions I’ll familiarize myself with. We should have enough time before that happens.”

    Her eyes almost literally start sparking with excitement. “Can I really? Won’t that be too ignorant? It’s you who the Goddess wishes to speak with, not this insignificant me.”

    I place a hand on her shoulder. “You are significant to me and that means you should also be significant to her. I can’t promise you answers, but I can ask.”

    Safi makes some space on my right side and lets Elea hug me affectionately. I brush through her hair with my fingers.

    “Thank you again. I’ll think about them. Now, please, don’t waste your precious time anymore, Master.”

    She moves away and sits on her knees with a gentle smile on her face. I nod and pull up my list of skills again. Besides the Language of Love passive, I’ve noticed a few other, new ones, the previous time I checked.

    First, we have Charm Magic. So, it looks like Tier 3 was the prerequisite for me or something. I’ve had Charm Affinity since Tier 1. Or, after the advancement and evolution, my body got strong enough to handle it now.

    Opening the skill gives a list of spells I might be able to use. At least that’s what I assume. It’s my first time getting a branch of magic as an active skill. Actually, why wonder when I have an expert by my side.

    “Elea, you know a bit of magic, right?”

    She bows her head. “Water, Wind, Earth, Nature and Healing Magic, Master.”

    Damn, that’s a lot. I completely forgot she had this many mastered besides Healing and Nature Magic.

    “Do the skills for them show only what you can cast? I’ve gotten myself Charm Magic.”

    “Oh. I’ve heard Charm Magic is quite special. And yes, if something is on the list of spells then it means the person is able to cast it. But, the list doesn’t always show everything. It usually mentions spells the person is aware of and they might have the ability to cast other ones, but they don't know that.”

    “I see…”

    Going through the list of spells certainly makes me realize that the ones I see there are the same ones I’ve read about in grimoires and books back in the castle when I was trying out magic. It includes spells like Influence Thoughts, Make Friends, Arouse, Charm Person, Issue Command, Befriend Animal, Suggestion and such.

    “What do you mean by Charm Magic being special though?” I ask curiously.

    “Contrary to the first impression invoked by the name, that branch of magic doesn’t focus solely on charming a person or entity. As far as I know, it involves pretty much everything revolving around influencing someone’s mind. And effects that can be born from altering a person’s psyche are plentiful,” she explains.

    Certainly, the mind is pretty much the brain, so if you were able to influence it, you would have a plethora of methods to do so, ranging as wide as all the senses allow. And that also explains why I see here spells like Sleep, Calm Emotions, Motivational Speech or Confusion.

    To think that all of this is categorized as Charm Magic… Doesn’t it mean that if you figure it out, you could even imitate the effects of Illusion Magic and other schools that dabble in deceiving senses or enhancing them? I’ll have to study the list of my available spells thoroughly. They may come as a lifesaver one day.

    “Thank you.”

    Let’s move further. Not like there’s much more. I got my new race, one new passive and two new active skills. Now onto the second one. Its name is What's Mine Is Yours. I don’t think I can figure out what it does from just that. It’s too bizarre. Time to open it.



    I stare at the window with a blank expression.

    Isn’t this… too much? 48 hours doesn’t seem that long when you consider the nonexistent duration limit. I mean, yeah, if there was a skill that you knew could save your life at the moment of crisis but you were on cooldown, that would be bad, but… And to lower it, you have to keep using it as much as possible, which means that situation has actually high chances to happen. But you could just cycle two of the most useful ones… Argh, too much thinking. Let’s see how it works.

    I try to activate the ability and a multicoloured table appears in front of my eyes. I quickly recognize the names at their tops, belonging to all the Partners I’ve gotten intimate with. Each column lists their passives and actives, split into two sections.

    Some of the lines are greyed out. I guess those are the incompatible ones. I’m actually relieved to see a few of the unavailable ones, like Safi’s Formless Body or Nebu’s Weightless Body. I’d rather not imagine what could happen if I borrowed one of these.

    For now, I decide to pick something from Elea. Without much thinking, I tap on Nature Magic and feel a comfortable warmth spreading through my body. The tables disappear and I see the skill list of my own abilities again. What’s Mine Is Yours is greyed out and has 48h in the bracket behind its name.

    In my Actives column, the one under the Common Abilities section, I can see Nature Magic Lv. 5. It’s underlined and a little heart decorates it before and after the words. It’s clear that it’s the borrowed one.

    But, Elea has it at level 10. Why is it halved? Nothing was mentioned in the skill’s description about the copied one being weaker than the original. Maybe it’s something else. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the proper affinity? That would be my guess.

    “Master? Is everything okay? You look deep in thought for a few minutes already,” Elea asks worriedly.

    “Ah, I’m fine. It’s just a lot to take in with this one. Look.”

    Using one of the spells from the Nature Magic repertoire, I make vines sprout from the wooden floor and form a burly arm with a hand closed into a fist. Elea’s eyes widen instantly. She obviously realizes what I just used as this spell was originally something she must have cast plenty of times in the past. It seems that the ability copies the spells she has in her list too. Or at least those that I can cast.

    “You learned Nature Magic too? That’s amazing, Master.”

    “No, you are mistaken. This is yours,” I say with a smile.

    Elea furrows her brows and moves her gaze between the appendage and me. “What do you mean by that?”

    “Can you first tell me if you can still use it?”

    She stares at me for a moment longer, gathers her mana and creates an identical vine arm next to mine. Good. I don’t take their skills and abilities away but copy them as I thought. It isn’t that obvious with the skill using the word ‘borrow’.

    I nod to myself and summon the skill description again, showing it to her. “Check this out.”

    She reads it hastily and her mouth opens from shock. “Something like this… So, it really is my own magic… Truly amazing…”

    “Yeah. It gives me a little more versatility. Previously, I only had my hilt and Void Chains as something well-suited for combat. Now I can count Charm Magic and this borrowing skill in. Paired up with my ancient race and quite high stats, I’m not so defenceless now. I might want to start thinking about heading out into the world. After we set up all the things here properly, of course.”

    “I’d love to accompany you on one of these journeys then, Master,” Elea says gleefully.

    I smile and nod to her words. I could take one or two girls with me when I leave. Our combat slave plan would finally come useful. But, there are still things to be done before all of that happens. We are in the middle of a new demi-human resources acquisition and that’s the most important.

    Finishing up this learning session, we move out of the room perfectly in time to join others for a late breakfast. Since everyone is present, I shortly explain to them the unusual event from the early morning, telling them that it was connected to me advancing a Tier and pretty much evolving.

    Most of them are surprised to hear that a Human evolved as it usually happens to monsters, not even demi-human races, but after Elea throws in that I’m exceptional, everyone just starts nodding and saying that it’s true. First I felt like a revered entity, now I feel like a rare species. How times change.

    After breakfast, I follow Cornelia to her room and we go through what she figured out. It seems that the spell itself is on the level of Livelihood Magic when it comes to compatibility and affinity, so pretty much anyone with some practice and knowledge of magic can learn it.

    All this struggle and effort to piece together bits of ancient information gave the impression that the spell would be something extraordinary, but it turned out like this. It’s actually great. But it would have been better if it wasn’t suddenly all forgotten just because meds started making an appearance.

    Anyway, I get it to appear in my Actives section without an issue. Anticonception Magic is its name. Cornelia explains to me how it works. It’s simple. I place my hand on either my or another person’s belly and invoke it. Then the magic happens.

    We test it immediately and I cast it on her skin. A pinkish symbol in the shape of a heart on a shield appears on it when the person is under the spell’s effect. Both I and she can get rid of it. Cornelia tries it out on me too and it shows up properly.

    Then, she teaches me another spell from that branch of magic, which is called Fertility Scan. Its effect and purpose are obvious. We use it on each other with and without the no-kid symbol and learn that it takes around five to ten minutes for the body to switch back into fertile after the sigil is removed. Surprisingly, you go infertile instantly.

    I flirt a little with Cornelia, asking if she shouldn’t be the first one to conduct a proper, on-field test of the spell as its re-creator. She teases me back with a few loving kisses and informs me that I don’t have to worry about her feeling neglected this much and that I should focus on the others right now. Such an amazing woman. I’ll have to spoil her plenty after we deal with the new arrivals.

    Promising her exactly that, I leave Cornelia to her own machinations. She still wants to keep researching that Anticonception Magic, but without as much pressure as before. More like a hobby now. She is sure there are even more interesting, forgotten spells she can figure out from the material we gathered together. Scientists.

    Next, I head back to my own room and sit down to write a letter to Ross. I ask how is the Queen doing, and of course he too. I shortly fill him in on what we’ve achieved. I kind of feel the responsibility to at least report a thing or two to him as literally everything was possible only thanks to him and his generosity. And, I also mention that we finally have Dark Elves in the main department.

    I’m not sure how long we’ll be keeping that nobles I know pretend play, but I use that code phrase anyway and ask him to let those nobles know about the elves. We also have a Catkin, but Astrea didn’t agree on anything yet.

    Speaking of which, if not for the meals we eat together, I would have easily forgotten about her. I don’t think I’ve ever run into her anywhere in the mansion. She is either still avoiding me for some reason, or… she domesticated herself. Should I start looking into places where cats usually sit? I won’t start finding her curled up in cupboards or on top of the furniture, will I? Is that why I didn’t come across her? I need to check the kitchen later.

    Done with the letter, I move down to the underground to pay Sirgia a visit next. I’m curious about what she has to show me. For once in my lifetime, I arrive when she is taking an actual break, sitting by her desk, flipping through some book and nomming on cookies. My plan to surprise her fails instantly. She notices my presence the moment I step inside her workshop.

    Even though I tell her not to, she insists on filling me up on whatever she prepared instead of resting more. She brings me to another desk, lets me pick her up and place her on my lap after I sit down in front of it, and pulls out a sizable, wooden box. Opening it reveals one of the pendants, with greyish crystal. It’s meant for Astrea if she decides to help in any way.

    Then, Sirgia proceeds to report her progress on the Spatial Enchantments to me step by step. Unable to achieve what she complained to me the last time we spoke about them, she decided to completely switch her strategy and focused on figuring out alternate, less efficient ways to imitate the true ones.

    Hearing that, I didn’t expect much, but she joyfully explains to me how she utilized a Fairy’s Heart as a core of her project to simulate having created a spatial anchor inside the crystal. Because Humans aren’t aware of many other uses of that ingredient, which by the way, doesn’t require killing a Fairy or even harming them, she was able to get lots of those for cheap through Cornelia.

    Then, by trial and error, she created a stable foundation into which she could engrave self-designed runic circuits with the same role as the ones from true Spatial Enchantments. Sirgia managed to make them work together and succeeded in emulating small spatial storage. Totally awesome.

    The main downside to that method is the internal size. It bases on weight instead of volume. And the limit is low. If she were to put her maul inside, nothing else could fit besides perhaps a sack of coins or a set or two of clothes. But that’s plenty for us.

    Another thing Sirgia is unhappy with is the need to fuse the physical vessel, which is the Fairy's Heart, into the crystal. Even with her skilful work, she can’t completely conceal the core and a small orb can be spotted inside the gem when you examine it from up close.

    I tell her to ignore that as no one will even get a chance to gaze into them from such a distance, and that unless you know what to look for it’s easy to miss, but she still sulks, saying that she should have been able to do better than that for me.

    A few minutes of affectionate cuddles and appreciative pats fix her mood and I give Sirgia a green light to incorporate her invention into all pendants. Now, with that done, I can ask her to work on a few of my less decent ideas. Surprisingly, she accepts eagerly. I think Alastair Junior might have opened a new door for her creative mind. But first, I’ll let her finally make a proper weapon for Teffith.

    She tells me to send the dragonewt woman to her whenever so they can discuss the order and I leave the workshop. Time flies. It’s just two hours before we open. It’s time I start checking on everyone. I’ll first pass the letter to our contact on the other side of the road. Let’s hope for the best.
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    Chapter 57 – Testing the New Body
    After delivering the message to our always present observer, I go and make a round of checking on everyone. The elves still try to convince me that they are happy to start helping, but I keep turning them down for this night. They will have enough chances to work in the future and Neira will also be finished with adding their profiles to the menu cards.

    Also, now that most of them will be joining the ranks of the main services department, while naturally still retaining their bathing responsibilities as they wished for it, I’ll have to expand the maids' roster too, just in case that one day we suddenly explode in popularity as a fancy bathhouse and a brothel at the same time. Them being busy in either of these situations would obviously lock them out of the other, and I’m pretty sure Dark Elves should be quite a popular choice for people coming here with a bit of fun time in mind.

    I will ponder over that during the open hours, but for now, I continue walking around and checking on others. Teffith is fine and ready as usual, although she seems a little bit different now. I mention to her what Sirgia asked me for and she promises me to visit her tomorrow. I honestly can’t wait for the result. I know how amazing my cute dwarf is, but I’m eager to see what she can do when it comes to weapons.

    When I first learned that she was an artificer, I thought she mostly dealt with trinkets and gadgets, but as expected of a Dwarf from a decently famous lineage, her area of expertise is truly wide and she does know a fair deal of metalworking, smithing, woodworking and other areas of craft. She is the type to expand her knowledge and experience in all the auxiliary fields that could potentially support her main one. And that’s commendable.

    Anyway, these two are doing great. Cornelia rested a little after our last conversation and can’t wait for another night at the reception. I didn’t expect her to actually enjoy that due to her scholarly nature, but it looks like she is a natural. Or maybe it came from having to interact with many different people as a Court Magician in the castle. She did live there for a fair number of years.

    As for Safi and Emi, I have nothing to worry about. They are as eager as Cornelia. I’d say such simple creatures, but I don’t feel exactly right about that term, even though it describes them quite fairly. It takes me a few moments to peel Emi off me, but I manage to escape her jelly grasp and run away before she consumes me. In various meanings of that word.

    I obviously can’t forget our newest, already implemented to the roster, additions. Nebu was so happy to meet more Humans before, but she is now a little bit nervous if she will be able to do well. I spend a bit of time comforting her on my lap by gently brushing through her feathers. She nuzzles her head into my neck cutely and almost all her worries disappear. I tell her that if she follows what we practised and what she learned, nothing will go wrong and she agrees.

    Garrena is Garrena. After wrapping up her training session in the underground, she goes for a quick bath and that’s where I find her. I give her a hand with her hair as we chat. She reveals to me that she is also looking forward to the event and is hoping that someone picks her as she usually gets a bit horny after a heavy exercise and there’s nothing better to fix that than some lively sexercise. I chuckle at her and tell her that I’ll do my best in convincing our guests to give her a chance.

    I want to avoid meeting the tieflings, perfectly knowing how it will go, but that would be just rude. On my way to them, I actually stumble on Astrea, which surprises me greatly. She just stands there in the corridor, staring at me with a neutral expression, her tail dancing slowly from side to side, almost in an enchanting manner.

    She doesn’t respond to my greeting so I assume that she still doesn’t want to talk to me or something. I start walking to pass her and she does the same. When we are close to each other, she wobbles a little and I subconsciously catch her into my arms, helping her regain her balance.

    “You okay?” I ask.

    “Nhn,” she nods quietly and hastily moves past me.

    I observe her walking away, but it seems like whatever it was has passed and she is good again. I shrug my shoulders and prepare to move on too, but after a few steps, I notice a weird, chilly feeling on the top of my hand. Examining it reveals a bit of something wet like someone would graze it with a wet wipe or something.

    Did she lick me during that moment?

    That’s a bit confusing if so. I don’t remember reading about Beastkin races doing anything like that to others for whatever reason, so I’m not sure if she is finally opening up to me or what has just happened. Only time will tell, I guess. Hopefully, she liked the taste. I smile at the thought.

    After I reach the tieflings, everything goes exactly as I predicted. They instantly start pouting and playfully whining that I still didn’t fuck them and how cruel of a master I am. The trio has great cooperation though. I can easily tell they spent a lot of time together and are close to each other. They know how to work together to enhance whatever they are doing and aiming for.

    At one point, after their little spectacle fails, they all sit down on the bed in various seductive poses and start rubbing their crotches and breasts in an overly exaggerated fashion, releasing a myriad of fake moans into the air, seemingly trying their best to lure me in.

    While the prospect is truly enticing, we don’t have time for that right now and I decide to play a prank on them too by acting like I’m considering jumping at them for real and slowly coming closer to loom over them on the bed.

    I can clearly see their eyes sparkling with excitement as I come close enough to embrace them whenever I want, but instead, each of the girls gets tied up with purple leather belts from my Void Chains ability and hung up in the air with their butts up. I give each of them a good slap on the ass. Unfortunately, it backfires and makes them even hornier.

    After I threaten to lock them in these for the whole day, they finally back off and promise to be good girls. Since it will be only more and more annoying leaving them hanging like this, I promise them in return that we’ll have some fun next evening and that I can even bring Neira if they want, so that she can make a sketch or two.

    It works way better than the failed punishment and they change their behaviour instantly. It’s an amusing sight seeing them sit straight as much as possible like little girls during a lecture from their guardian while their tails shake and wave like crazy. I didn’t even know they could do that. Are they Dogkin or Tieflings?

    Satisfied with my promise, they let me go. Time passes quickly and we are all soon at our battle stations, at least those who have them designated. The news about Garrena and Nebu had already been passed onto the informants during our training period, so we may or may not see some people interested in them.

    The night starts calmly. Two adventurers visit the establishment in the first hour. Both of them heard about the royal-grade bath and wanted to experience it themselves. Cornelia talks them into picking a girl for the company during their time and one of them accepts Roseni while the other actually asks about Garrena, who is standing by one of the walls.

    I go to her and she has nothing against it so the two leave for a dip with those beauties. Fifteen minutes later, they come back, looking visibly refreshed. Although, the one who picked Garrena is awkwardly taking glances at her and walking quite unusually. I figure out what’s wrong and pull the man to the side for a quick chat.

    He ends up asking if she does and after my reply, he has another meeting with Cornelia to discuss the terms of service, walking away into one of the corridors with the orc lady in tow. Or rather, he is the one being towed. It doesn’t look like he minds though.

    His friend rolls his eyes and decides to wait for his companion while enjoying himself on the upper level. Neira mans the bar and serves the guy a drink of his choosing. All in all, it goes well. Both people leave satisfied, with one clearly a bit more than the other, judging by his dreamy expression and even more awkward step.

    Then, there are two hours of nothing until some people start appearing again. It looks like the rumours about the baths had more impact than the ones about the actual service as six people in total, excluding the initial two, come to check it out. Two of them end up trying out the other thing too, which is nice.

    As for those who come for the real deal, four people show up. One of them is the dude previously falling in love in some slimy action and asking about the VIP cards. The rest are actually new customers. Nebu has her first guest and it doesn’t look like anything went wrong after the guy leaves with a smile. She is happy too. Or more like proud that she managed to mate again properly.

    The numbers of visitors increased greatly when compared to the previous nights, but we shouldn’t let that get into our heads. Well, we certainly will keep expanding as it’s the priority right now, but one more busy day doesn’t have to mean it will now be like that in the next ones.

    We host a short meeting with everyone after closing and discuss the events. There are no complaints and all the girls who worked today for the first time are fine with it. It makes me feel relieved, even if they reassured me before that it wouldn’t be any different. The whole thing is going better than expected and we can only pray nothing bad will happen along the way.

    Also, the shared ability allowing us to communicate without the language barrier is so damn good. The conversations are now as smooth as never and they are much less awkward. It’s truly a godsent skill. As expected of a Class focusing on gathering people together. I just need to work a bit on the other areas of it, and for that, we agree with Garrena and Teffith to meet in the arena after a bit of rest. I want to try some things out after evolution and tier-up.

    We wrap up the meeting, clean the place up and go our ways. I don’t feel exactly tired even after all that happened to me today and wake up after around an hour of rest. I don’t want to disturb the peacefully sleeping Neira by my side, so I stay in the bed for two more hours while going through all my skills and abilities again, also developing a few ideas from before in my mind.

    After that, I manage to slip out of her hug without waking the dark-skinned beauty and move to my desk to write down what I came up with before I forget everything. There’s still an hour or two before others start waking up. I begin wondering if I’m almost skipping this night due to the surge in stats and the race change. I don’t think it would surprise me to learn that I can now rest once per two days with all the weird things that happened.

    When Neira wakes up, we move to the bath to wash each other. Naturally, we choose the mixed section, expecting it to be empty, but there actually are people inside. Nebu, Elea and Cornelia are taking a dip there. I have a feeling that the girls are starting to pick this one while knowing that I often come here.

    A short wash-party can’t be avoided and we clean each other after the quick night. The breakfast follows and it passes in a family-like atmosphere. Then, everyone leaves to do their thing and I move underground with Teffith and Garrena.

    We change our clothes into the sparring sets that are always prepared on the side and move into the arena. Garrena is eager to face me so Teffith lets her go first. The orc woman picks up a heavy, twin-headed axe from the wall as her weapon for this duel.

    I summon my draconic hilt from the storage ring and grasp it firmly. I did practice with it from time to time, but it hasn't seen many battles recently. Hopefully, the soul inside isn’t mad at me for not using the artifact.

    Earlier today, when I checked the skills, I noticed that Formless Blade Arts show more weapon forms listed in the description. Most likely thanks to my body being much stronger now. I’ve fought a lot with the shortsword, the whip and the whip sword, but for today, I decide to test the changes in me and close my eyes to imagine something different.

    A clear image in my mind quickly makes the hilt imitate a greatsword. When I lift my eyelids, a long and wide blade enters my sight, obviously, in the usual, purplish hues and glints. Even though the sword is something like 2 meters long and has this mighty shape to it, I hold it in my hand like a longsword, with a similar feeling of weight.

    I make a few test swings using only one arm and it looks like I can operate it fairly easy. Garrena seems impressed by the unintentional show of strength and gets fired up even more. Before we start, I notice that the misty helix which usually connects the crystal at the end of the hilt to my whole arm is now much weaker and fainter. It’s now barely visible. I guess I’m strong enough for it to not have to do all the work for me just so that I am able to use it.

    Garrena starts shivering from building up excitement, so I don’t prolong this anymore. Greatswords or zweihenders aren’t my forte, but I did receive some training with them, and I assume one of the basic starting stances I remember, gripping the hilt with both hands, resting the blade on my shoulder and lowering my posture.

    It’s easy for the opponent to figure out the trajectory of the first attack with this, but I’m sure she is looking for a simple and straight exchange of blows, and not a fancy duel of feints and parries. Nodding my head, I signal at Garrena and she jumps forward, crossing the distance between us in an instant.

    She laughs heartily as her axe descends onto me from above. Just as I predicted. She truly must want to just let loose. Then, let’s give her what she wants and test my own strength.

    Instead of angling my sword to receive her blow and making it slide over the blade, I swing in exactly the opposite way to her weapon and they clash with a loud clang. My hit seems to be stronger and Garrena’s axe is pushed back along with herself. She quickly regains balance and launches herself at me with a smile again, this time, aiming for my side with a wide, horizontal swing.

    She is fast. And clearly experienced. While my hands are still above my head after receiving the brunt of her attack, her blade is already whizzing through the air at me. The only thing I can do is to bring my greatsword down the moment her axe reaches me, and that’s exactly what I try to do.

    Coming from above, my sword slams into the head of her axe just shortly before it reaches my body and another loud clang resounds in the chamber. While Garrena’s weapon is lodged into the stone floor after my hit, I slam into her with my shoulder to land the first blow in this bout.

    Unfortunately, I either undervalued my own strength or overvalued Garrena’s power as she is sent flying backwards shortly after my body hits hers. She speeds through the air and crashes against the wall. Both of them seem fine as the orc woman raises herself to the knees and glares at me in excitement, and the surface behind her looks intact. The enchantments the girls covered the walls with are coming in a clutch.

    That reminds me, we forgot about one pretty important aspect. I hastily send a Whisper to Elea, telling her that we are having a bit more intense training session underground and it would be nice having her there in case someone gets hurt a little. She scolds me and says that she knew something was off with the strong impact that made the whole ground floor shake just now. I should have borrowed her Healing Magic back then, hah.

    “Good hit! Garrena did not expect this strength! Will now fight for real!”

    The muscular, green woman cracks her neck and stretches her arms after standing up. She is a tough one. Good. If she would have been done with this, I would have to limit myself and wouldn’t learn much about my new might.

    I use my feet to launch her axe still lodged into the ground in front of me into the air and manage to kick the pommel as the whole thing is spinning, sending the weapon flying towards the orc. She catches it with ease, getting pushed back just a little. I lower my greatsword to the right with one hand and gesture at her to come at me with the left.

    Garrena laughs loudly and brings the weapon above her head, holding it horizontally by both ends of the long handle. She then releases a ferocious roar which lasts for quite some time. I start feeling like the air in the room is getting heavier or something. The pressure is just this noticeable.

    While she keeps shouting, blue, glowing patterns begin to appear on her skin, slowly slithering their way over her limbs, belly, chest, neck and then cheeks. A moment later, the space behind her starts getting blurry and something starts forming there.

    I recognize a bigger version of the axe she is holding but made out of blue, spiritual energy, and then, the apparition expands and shapes up into a... humanoid-looking... silhouette...

    What the fuck?! SHE HAS A STAND?!

    Truly, the semi-transparent, blue-coloured figure hovering over her back with a spiritual axe in their hand can definitely be considered one. And I’m pretty sure that thing is not just a flashy decoration. It’s a real, buff-looking, giant Orc dude with a war-like expression, just waiting to mutilate my puny body with his weapon, even if he is just a floating torso.

    Ohhhhhhh, if that’s a fucking ability, I’m stealing it the moment my skill is off cooldown! I’m so jealous!

    Garrena doesn’t let me fawn over the spectacle and takes a fighting stance, clearly indicating that her next move will be a furious charge.

    “Hahahahaha! Master get ready! Fun starts now!” she shouts before jumping forward.

    The floor cracks a little under her feet with each step she makes while running at me. I’m actually surprised that I can see her moving. She is definitely charging at quite an impressive speed. But, this is not good. I’m not a combat Class. If she gets to me I’m a toast. It’s now basically two versus one!

    In slight panic induced by the battle-frenzy orc racing straight at me like a speeding truck, I call for my Void Chains and cross tens of them on her path, making them as thick as my control allows for it. In a flash, Garrena disappears from my sight behind a wall of purple, smoking metal, or whatever the material is.

    But, that state doesn’t persist for long. There’s a shout, bluish gleam of light, and barely in time to duck, I notice a crescent wave of energy cutting through them like through butter and flying straight at me.

    Fuck me… That’s a Tier 4 warrior? What kind of monsters people were back in the days when Tier 7’s fought on the battlefield?

    Again, my contemplation is cut short as the orc woman quickly follows the arc of energy she sent to deal with the chains and appears in front of me, making a wide, diagonal, downwards swing. I take it onto my sword and it slides down into the ground. But, a second later, the spiritual apparition mirrors her motion and the two-times-bigger axe starts heading for me with the same trajectory.

    Not fair! I don’t have four arms and two weapons!

    Complaining in my mind, I dodge the second slash by pushing and angling my body to the side, barely, just barely avoiding the sharp, ghostly blade. I can feel it scrapping over my chest as it passes me and slams into the ground as the previous attack. A centimetre or two closer and I would be one layer of skin lighter. Thanks, but I like my body as it is.

    After I jump back, Garrena continues her assault, slashing at me from different angles and sides. Each cut is followed by a spiritual slice exactly one second after it. No matter how much I trained with the elves or others in the past, every single attack is a closer call than I would wish for. If not for my new, enhanced body, I would have been done long ago.

    But, I can only defend, parry and dodge. She leaves me no space to even think about counterattacking. Not like she leaves any openings either. This feels like cheating. Wasn’t I supposed to feel like a cheater now? My worries about getting OP were completely off the mark, it seems.

    Void Chains slow her down a little from time to time, but it’s nothing compared to Garrena’s momentum. Whatever Nature Magic spells I manage to cast on the move are too weak to do more than scratch her skin. The only things I can match her in are my strength, agility and stamina. Well, I’m sure I’m actually better in those areas than her, but the fighting experience is showing.

    Just as I start thinking about surrendering, and whining in my head about not having two weapons, something touches my mind and my gaze subconsciously moves to the hilt. The crystal at its end flashes three times and I feel my mana getting sucked into the artifact, like that day in the slavers’ den.

    As I see at the edge of my vision the next overhead attack from the orc lady coming at me, my left hand starts pulling the hilt to the left while my right hand does the same in exactly the opposite way. Before my brain registers what they are trying to do, the artifact turns a bit transparent, and I swear, it splits.

    No longer held back by the solid hilt, both of my hands fly to their targeted sides with a copy of the relic in each of them. Suddenly, I end up holding two greatswords. Without thinking too much about it, I cross them over my head in anticipation of the incoming blow.

    Garrena’s main axe makes contact with them and I pull the left greatsword down and to the side, making her blade scrape and slide over it into the ground to my left. A second later, her spiritual apparition follows and I do the same with the right greatsword, receiving the brunt of the ghostly attack and guiding it into the ground to my right.

    After the dust kicked up by the impacts falls down, she notices me standing unhurt in the middle of two blades lodged into the floor, with both arms holding one greatsword and extended to the sides after parrying her attacks. The previous smile disappears from her face and Garrena raises her eyebrows in surprise.

    I grin at her and quickly kick her in the stomach before she gets out of her dazed state, and send her flying back. She uses her spiritual weapon to slow herself down by shoving it into the flooring. I take a quick glance at the two blades I’m now holding onto.

    Eh? The right one is now pure scarlet while the left one is navy blue? Wait… Is this because red and blue make purple? Hahaha… I did not expect this level of logic from a magical relic… They look cool though. There’s still that glint and different shades on each.

    Before Garrena gets a headstart on me again, I lower my posture and prepare to lunge forward.

    “My turn now!” I shout as I push myself forward, giving it my all.

    After the first step, the flooring under my feet cracks deeply and I’m sent towards my target at an unexpected speed. I basically jump three meters in an instant, landing on my other feet, leaving a deep imprint of it there too. In five, quick steps, I show up in front of Garrena, who manages to put her guard up just in time to receive my blow.

    I swing my right weapon diagonally upwards, which pushes her axe above her head with the force of the impact. Retaining the momentum, I spin around and make a horizontal slash with the other blade, but it gets blocked by the spiritual axe and bounces back.

    With both arms crossed in front and above of me after this failed manoeuvre, I put all my strength into driving both greatswords at once into the apparition’s weapon again from the opposite sides, making mighty slices downwards.

    This attempt crushes the spiritual weapon’s handle into tiny particles and pushes Garrena a bit to the back. Proud of my achievement, I smile to myself and start planning the next move, when I notice that, in fact, I’m not actually in control of the situation.

    Just as I did at the beginning of our duel, Garrena uses the pretence of her obliterated guard to lunge at me with her body. But… accompanying her shoulder bash… is a dome of reddish smoke in front of it… and it gives the same vibes as the nose of a plane in an aerodynamic tunnel.

    And exactly as I expect, I’m hit by whatever the hell this skill is, as hard as by a fucking, speeding plane, and I’m sent flying backwards until I slam into the wall with a loud thud, coughing up a bit of blood. I bounce off the barrier and fall to the ground, somehow retaining both hilts in my hands.

    Lying there face first, I notice a warm feeling spreading through my body, and a greenish glow, before I have the time to bring myself up. Guess Elea must have arrived somewhere in the middle of our fight. I don’t feel like I’m dying after this hit, but her help is appreciated, and I slowly lift myself into a sitting position to smile at her, also noticing Teffith on my other side.

    “Thanks. I’m alright. Mostly,” I say to reassure the worried elf.

    She squints her eyes at me and then sighs heavily. “Yes, I can see that. Although it’s very unbelievable your insides didn’t turn into a mush. If this was your past self, the one hit by Teffith’s tail, you’d be a stain on that wall instead.”

    I chuckle nervously. “Guess this whole Primordial body is quite tough.”

    “It seems so.”

    While she keeps healing me here and there, Garrena walks up to us from the front. Hearing her heavy footsteps, I raise my gaze at her and my eyes instantly widen to the extreme.

    “Holy fuck! Elea! Do her, not me!”

    The Priestess quickly turns around and notices the reason behind my shout. Although she is smiling from ear to ear, Garrena has two, long, crossing cuts over her stomach. They don’t look deep, but they are bleeding like crazy, covering her legs and the lower part of her body in crimson streaks.

    Elea instantly switches targets and quickly casts a different healing spell, one that requires direct contact and is much more potent. Garrena’s smile then disappears and she looks down at the dark-skinned woman.

    “Wait! Pretty elf can leave a scar?” she asks.

    Elea glances up at the orc lady. “What? I can, but… why?”

    She laughs openly. “Haha! Amazing fight! No one hit Garrena this hard in the village! Master broke Ancestor’s Spirit! Powerful warrior! Garrena wants memory! Scars best memories!”

    The remaining three of us look at each other, Teffith and Elea look at me, and I shrug my shoulders.

    “If that’s what she wants. I don’t think it will impede her work. Orcs are viewed as strong and ferocious warriors. I guess it will add her some authenticity and appeal even.”

    Garrena laughs happily again. “Thanks Master! Was great duel! Strong, but lack experience! Garrena can train Master if he wishes!”

    I nod at her and smile. “Thank you too. I’ll definitely come to you when I’ll be looking for guidance in two-handed weapons. Sheer power is truly not enough, haha.”

    Elea finishes patching her up, and as promised, leaves two, crossing scars behind. They are of a lighter shade of green, still looking badass over her muscular six-pack. She is a perfect example of a hot warrior. Even covered in her own blood and scars, she looks dazzling and breathtaking.

    After standing up, I ask Teffith if she would like to go next, but she says that I shouldn’t overexert myself even if I have Elea’s healing and my own Rejuvenate. The current fight was quite intense. I definitely burned a lot of mana with that weird, splitting technique.

    Checking the Formless Blade Arts skill menu reveals that it is a legit move as it appeared in the list there, under the two other ones I know - the big swords from the ground thingy and the defensive hail of little blades from the sword whip. Good to know. I wonder if I can make copies of any shapes I can create. I will have to test it out later. Each new ability always consumed more mana during the first activation than the later ones.

    So, I agree with Teffith and we reschedule our bout for another time. She is also a Tier 4, so I’m really looking forward to facing her. Her Lancer Class focuses much more on speed and agility, so it will be different from Garrena. And also, I guess Sirgia will have her weapon finished by then, allowing Teffith to fight with something she is used to. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

    We notice that the arena has already fixed itself as we talked. Since we are not going to fight to the death again, Elea leaves us alone and returns to whatever she was doing. The three of us start practising and training together for two hours. Then, Siriga comes and invites Teffith to her humble workshop and we decide to end for today.

    I go with them to watch from the sides. They don’t have anything against it. Sirgia asks the other girl many questions about her ideal naginata and they work together on the schematics. She meticulously refines every single detail, even after Teffith assures her that it’s already perfect. But, in the eyes of our crafting maestro, it isn’t.

    It takes them around eighty minutes to finish the process of gathering information and designing the product. Teffith is not needed for the rest so she takes her leave. I stay for a little longer and pick my cute dwarf up to sit her on my lap as she works on choosing the correct materials and enchantments. She gives me an appreciative peck on the cheek and focuses on her task.

    As I watch her, sometime in the middle of her work, I start thinking about the maids issue. Well, it’s not exactly an issue, but let’s just call it that for convenience. The simplest solution would be to ask Selina for help again. This time it’s mostly about women who would be willing to do simple tasks related to cleaning and such, perhaps also bathing if they would be up for it. I get another idea along with that one and decide to bring it up during dinner.

    When the time comes, I escort Sirgia to the kitchen and leave her and the cooking duo of elves alone. Not that long after, everyone meets for the feast. I speak up during the meal.

    “We might need some more dedicated maids now that our elf friends are also going to partake in nightly activities,” I start and everyone looks at me curiously. “Thus, I think we should ask Madam Selina for help again. Sirgia, what do you say about paying her a visit on my behalf?”

    The lovely dwarf freezes mid-bite. She looks at me with wide eyes. “Me? But… I think Cornelia would do much better… And you didn’t want us to go out yet, Master…”

    “That’s also partially why I asked you. We should slowly start changing that as we get more known. And while Cornelia would definitely do good, you are the one who came with me there the last time and they already know you,” I explain. “Additionally, I would ask Cornelia to watch over you from the shadows. I do believe that you won’t have any problems with either the task or defending yourself if anything happened on the streets, but that would make you feel safer, right? She would follow you while out of sight.”

    Sirgia puts down her spoon and visibly ponders over what I said. Looking at Cornelia, I deduce that she approves of the idea. Small steps, but we can start letting our girls out right now. People need to start recognizing the uniforms and collars and associating them with us. It will make it even safer for them as they won’t be viewed as your usual slaves.

    “If that’s what you want, Master…” Sirgia looks at me and says quietly.

    “Only if it’s not bothering you too much. I’m only asking, not ordering you.”

    “I’ll do it. I’m much better than before. And Cornelia will be there so… Yes. I can do it.”

    I smile at her and pat her head since she sits close to me. “Thank you. I’ll fill both of you in on the details after we finish here.”

    And exactly as told, the three of us meet half an hour later and discuss everything. Sirgia has to demand speaking to Madam Selina on my behalf and discuss with her the acquisition of more slaves, this time maids that don’t have to be willing to work in the brothel part. We will leave the races up to her.

    The girls give me a kiss each and depart already. Even though she is nervous, Sirgia is eager to complete the job I’ve given to her as my representative. After they leave, I prepare myself mentally for what’s about to come and go towards a certain room with three presences inside. Oh boy...
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    Chapter 58 – Punishment Time ❤❤❤
    On my way to the tieflings’ room, I remember the promise I made with them. The one about letting Neira draw us while at it. I’m not sure if she will be up for it already, but there’s nothing wrong with asking, so I turn back and head to her room first, sensing her presence there.

    While thinking about this whole ordeal, trying to imagine how it could actually be conducted, I reach for the doorknob and open the door to Neira’s bedroom. The sight that enters my eyes just a moment later immediately brings me back to reality.

    Neira is standing close to one of the dressers and is currently buttoning up a casual, linen shirt on herself. The problem is, as I’m already very aware since like forever, my dark elves aren’t really into bras and such things, and thus, her modest breasts peek out from the gap created by the not-yet-joined buttons as she is positioned with her front partially towards me.

    Fuck. I got too accustomed to moving freely around here and created such an obvious situation!

    Well, I’m not some wimp, so I quickly step inside instead of outside and close the door behind me. Even if all the current personnel are all women, privacy is still a thing. I think. Hard to tell when my sexual escapades are known to literally everyone the day after they happen.

    I hear Neira giggle behind my back and I turn around. “Sorry.”

    She extends both of her arms towards the floor and playfully squeezes her supple breasts together, starting to walk towards me while intentionally swaying them from side to side. Soon arriving at my front, she hugs me softly, pressing them against me and looking up into my eyes as she is just a tad shorter.

    “What is there to apologize for?” she asks with a gentle yet slightly mischievous smile and pecks my lips delicately. “I have nothing to hide in front of my lover.”

    I give her a gentle kiss in return and hug her back. “Still. I should have knocked. What if you were in the middle of something more private?”

    “Then I’d invite you to watch. Or perhaps to join me.” She giggles again.

    I sigh and shake my head. “You girls are just too much…”

    “And look who is saying that. A demigod of all that’s lewd, seductive and erotic. Shouldn’t you be too much for us, mere, insignificant mortals?”

    Catching on her teasing tone, I lean forward and join our lips in a longer and more passionate kiss. A few moments pass during our sweet exchange. Neira clearly enjoys such affection and pushes her mouth for more and more until we finally break from each other’s lips.

    “I can’t speak on behalf of all other possible demigods, but I’m pretty sure you are quite significant to me.”

    She smiles beautifully and hugs me a little tighter before stepping away and continuing to button up her shirt. I lend her a hand and help with it, going from the top while she goes from the bottom. Neira nods her head as thanks after we finish.

    “How can I help you then, Master? You didn’t come here just for me, right?”

    “And what if I did?”

    She visibly blushes a little. “Can’t be. I’ve received lots of your affection just recently.”

    I chuckle. “That may be true but it doesn’t stop you from getting some more. Although, you are correct. I came to you to tell you that I’ll be visiting the tiefling girls and to ask if you would want to accompany me. You know for what.”

    “Hmmm…” She ponders for a while. “I think I very well could… There’s nothing super important that I’m working on. I’m actually waiting for a response from Cornelia about something. I might give it a try then. A long time has passed since I last drew something so dynamic. This will be a great experience. I’ll definitely be able to capture at least a few sketches.”

    “Alright. Thanks a lot.”

    “I need to prepare a few things and also grab some other ones from my workshop. I’ll join you guys in a moment.”

    “Do you need help with bringing an easel or other appendages?”

    “No, thank you, Master. I’ll handle these myself. You should go and join our models already. I’m sure they can’t wait for you to finally arrive.”

    She pecks my cheek and leads both of us outside. We split and walk the opposite ways; Neira towards her workshop and I towards my previous destination. I arrive in front of the entrance to the tieflings' room a few moments later.

    This time, I knock properly. But, there’s no response. I can clearly feel their presence inside. We only formed the contract, so I’m not really able to perceive them with pinpoint accuracy yet, but they are surely there.

    “Girls? Are you sleeping? It’s Al.” I knock again and call out to them but only silence keeps answering me.

    They might be deep sleepers or something. Still… Should I take a peek just in case? Maybe something happened? They said that Shawure gets a little crazy when that time comes for her, but it isn’t as bad as to hurt others, right?

    A little worried about my limited knowledge, I decide to check on them. They surely won’t mind with how easygoing they are. I turn the doorknob and push the door a little, glancing through the gap. There’s no one on the bed in the centre of the room and it makes me a little confused.

    I open the door wide enough to get myself inside and glance around. But, before I can get a good look at my surroundings, the door slams shut behind my back, something pulls on both of my arms, and a metallic clink follows. The next moment, I realize I can’t bring them to the front as they ended up somehow restrained.

    A wave of giggling soon follows and I hastily turn around. Shawure, Mafaris and Zalia are all standing in what should be considered the entrance’s blind spot, the area covered by the door when it opens. Each of the women is dressed in only lingerie while smiling mischievously.

    Mafaris, the red-skinned girl, wears a black, laced negligee with a semi-transparent gown flowing down from her also almost completely see-through bra, reaching her barely obtrusive panties.

    Shawure, the purple-skinned lady, has a creamy, light-brown nightgown on herself, looking like a simple, one-piece dress reaching to her knees. The only thing that differentiates it from casual clothing is the fact that it’s also quite translucent. And, she is not wearing anything under it, allowing me to barely make out the image of her perky nipples and seductive mound down there.

    Zalia on the other hand, our blue-coloured beauty, covers her private parts with a set of pinkish pieces of underwear in the form of an enticing bra and a thong. Not the one that’s literally just a piece of string, but a little wider. Still, her lower lips barely keep themselves from spilling out from behind the material.

    I raise my brows at them, tilt my head to the back to check on my hands, which are currently locked together with, literally, handcuffs, fortunately, ones padded with a soft material on the inside, and return my gaze back to the trio.

    “What’s the meaning of this?” I ask.

    Another round of giggling takes place and all of them walk closer to me, starting to move their hands onto my body.

    “You made us wait way too long, Master,” Mafaris says.

    “You kept fucking the other girls while we could only listen on the side,” Zalia adds.

    “And to top all of that, you even had a huge orgy with the elves,” Shawure grazes my cheek with her finger. “We felt hurt. A lot. We were promised a foursome, yet you just walked away and got yourself into a sixsome behind our backs. That’s why I think all of us here would agree this unfaithful master of ours needs to be punished.”

    I chuckle at them and decide to play along. “Oh? You dare to go against me? Quite bold of you.” They fake the expressions of shock and worry. “Where did you get these?” I shake my hands behind my back and ask, partially knowing the answer.

    “We made a new ally while you weren’t paying attention to us,” the red girl moves her face closer to mine while pulling on my collar, “and that little friend of ours let us play with these as they are just an early prototype.”

    As I thought. Sirgia must have started working on a few things I left the details about in her notebook. That was quick. She is truly overdoing it.

    “Shouldn’t you be worried about different things, Master?”

    Zalia replaces Mafaris and presses her body against mine, pressuring me to take a few steps back until I fall onto the bed.

    I make a playful, dejected sigh. “And here I even convinced our amazing artist to accompany us today… Looks like my efforts are truly not appreciated.”

    All of them freeze for a short second while crawling onto me from all sides. The surprise and excitement which is visible in their eyes almost make them break their play. Seeing my grin, they quickly return back to their mischievous selves, but I can feel the gratitude from the way the three of them peck my lips at the same time.

    And just like on command, the door opens and Neira appears in them with an easel in her arms and a paper bag full of supplies hanging down from it. She stops in the doorway and looks at me, lying down on the bed with cuffed hands behind my back while three women in erotic lingerie loom over me.

    “Don’t mind me,” she speaks a moment later and closes the door with her heel after coming inside. “I’ll just set myself in that corner. Act like I don’t exist.”

    A wry smile appears on my lips as the trio returns their gazes onto me. I loudly swallow my saliva and meekly stare back at the starved predators.

    “Well then… Could you at least free me for a moment so that I can take off my shirt?” I ask with a submissive tone.

    Mafaris chuckles. “We know you can make it disappear whenever you want. Besides, leaving it on only makes it hotter.”

    “And these restraints are not in the way of the most important thing,” Shawure comments while brushing her hands over my crotch.

    The next moment, Zalia and Mafaris start aggressively kissing my neck while using their hands to slowly unbutton my shirt. Shawure gets to unfastening my belt and throws my pants off in a single, strong motion. My underwear is gone in a flash too and my already hard erection springs forth into the open air. All that happens to the accompaniment of various rustling and creaking noises as Neira sets her artistic corner up.

    The kissing duo gets done with my shirt and their hands start to graze and brush my well-chiselled stomach and chest while keeping up the intense sucks and bites on my neck. Without a word of warning, the other woman gobbles up my dick in one swoop and pleasant warmth surrounds my rod.

    “Hoooh…” I let out a gasp of pleasure, making the two nearby girls giggle.

    “Looks like she did not get out of touch,” Zalia says.

    “That’s Shawure for you. There was no guy who could stand her blowjobs,” Mafaris responds to her.

    And truly, the purple-skinned tiefling’s experience is clear as a day to me. Even though she appears to be sucking me very violently and with rushed motions, she actually manages to pull it off so skillfully that I’m amazed. She works on my cock up and down like mad, but each movement is well-refined and perfectly applied, only increasing the pleasure I receive. And her tongue coils around my shaft in so many different patterns it feels like a different girl each time she pulls up.

    “But, he is holding on incredibly well,” the red-skinned lady states.

    “Yeah. Some of the guys would have already burst out like three times,” the other one adds.

    “Ah. My bad.”

    I apologize to them and stop holding back. I was depending on the Title’s effect out of habit. And now, with the recent changes, it grew even stronger. I feel like I can just sit and enjoy all the pleasure without any worry now, deciding to release my load whenever.

    Shawure seems to immediately realize something changed and she pushes my penis as far into her throat as she can, slamming her alluring mouth against the very base of my cock. Additionally to the increase in tightness, I experience something I’ve never encountered before.

    It is a bit similar to what Safi sometimes does with her blowjobs, but Shawure’s throat starts squeezing in regular motions along the whole length of my dick lodged inside it, almost as if she has an innate ability to milk cocks dry.

    Soon after getting treated to such an amazing sensation, I explode into her tight tunnel and flood it with creamy liquid, sending waves of seed straight into its depths. I’m somehow able to glance at her expression and she looks truly pleased with the received reward for her efforts.

    She slowly pulls her lips up and removes herself from my penis, starting to pant heavily while wiping her mouth from the dripping saliva.

    “Heavens… Haaaah… Haaaah… That’s one luscious load… Haaah… I thought I’d drown… Haah… But it’s sooooooooooo gooooooood…”

    The other two sit up on my sides and glance down at me.

    “What was that about, Master?” Mafaris asks. Both of them have curious smiles on their faces.

    “It just felt so amazing I forgot to deactivate my skill. In simple words, I can choose when I want to cum. And I can keep enjoying the pleasure without any problems too, no matter how long I do it.”

    Their eyes widen a little in surprise.

    “No wonder Shawure’s techniques were almost ineffective.” She nods.

    “That’s incredible! I’m so jealous!” the mentioned person announces.

    “But,” Zalia captures our attention, “for keeping such important things from us, Master should be punished with even worse methods. Don’t you all agree?”

    The other two nod and giggle. In the next moment, they fix my position on the bed so that I’m more in the centre again, and they sit on their knees all around me.

    “Close your eyes,” the same girl orders me and I obey.

    There’s some rustling here and there and something soft presses against my forehead. I fight the urge to sneak a peek and wait patiently. A moment later, something hot and moist tickles the underside of my penis, pinning it down to my stomach. At the same time, droplets of water fall onto my face occasionally, dripping on my lips or nose.

    “You can open them now.”

    I do as I am told and… nothing changes. It’s still black. Complete darkness. I move my head from side to side but it fails to bring any difference. There’s only one explanation for this. I’ve been blindfolded.

    “So, you know what waterboarding is, Master?” Zalia asks, judging by the voice.

    “I do?” I answer, slightly confused.

    Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face of the captive, causing the person to experience the sensation of drowning. There’s no way I wouldn’t know that with how much fantasy I’ve read in the past. And it’s a common move in many movies too.

    “Well then. Let’s play a game. One of us will take on your mighty cock and you have to guess who it is. If you manage to get it right, you are set free. Whenever you fail, waterboarding happens. But, we don’t have any water or cloth at our disposal so we’ll make do with pussy. It’s our new invention - Pussyboarding.”

    I almost snort with laughter after she comes up with the name. This explains the weird droplets hitting my skin. I’m pretty sure there’s a colourful slit just above my face. They are truly going to bring a new meaning to the saying to be drowning in pussy.

    “Guess it’s in my best interest not to fail then,” I answer her cheekily.

    There’s no response. Figured out. They won’t make it easy for me. The wet pressure disappears from my nether regions and the sheets shuffle around for a moment in complete silence. Shortly after, a hand starts caressing my junior and points it to the sky. The next thing follows exactly as I expect it to do and my glans hit against the entrance to someone’s vagina.

    That person rubs our respective private parts together for a moment, lubricating my pole with their love nectar, and slowly descend themselves onto the eager tower. Bit by bit, warm flesh surrounds my cock, squeezing it gently. My glans pushes forward, splitting the internal walls of someone’s lewd cavern until I can feel their lower lips kiss my underbelly. They took it whole without any noise.

    Without any further ado, they start moving up and down with regular motions. The person tries to angle their body so that my penis assaults their hole a bit diagonally, scraping against the uneven insides with its tip. They must really like having their erotic tunnel rubbed that way as I finally receive some sort of a hint.


    A very quiet but still perceivable moan escapes someone’s mouth, most likely muffled with their hands. Unfortunately, it’s not distinct enough for me to figure out the identity of the source. But, I will try my best to remember anything about it for later.

    For a while, nothing but rhythmic slapping of a body against body resonates through the room. Well, besides the occasional scratches of most likely a pencil against a paper or something. Gods… What even is happening right now?

    Nevertheless, I try not to think about the passionate artist definitely eating us up with her eyes and focus my mind on recalling everything I know and can use to make the right guess.


    Another muffled moan. As unhelpful right now as the previous one. The person increases the pace of their movement and rocks their hips slightly faster, pushing my cock a little deeper into their pussy. This won’t lead me anywhere. Well, anywhere except cumming at some point. I decide to take a guess based on their previous locations and the sound of rustling before they started.

    “Guuuhh… I bet Shawure couldn’t hold back her craving for cock.”

    A wave of giggling follows and I instantly realize my mistake.


    Shawure’s voice arrives at my ears from just above me, and in the next moment, my face gets slammed with her impatient crevice.

    “Nhhhhnnnn~! Finally! Now suffer the consequences of your words!”

    She immediately starts rubbing herself all over my face, moving up and down while heavily pressing her lower lips against my mouth and nose. Intense schlicking sounds accompany her efforts.

    “Ahhnnn~♪ Ahhhhh~♪ Yesssssssss!”

    Shawure moves faster and faster to increase her own pleasure. I stick out my tongue to help her a little and it’s met with instant reaction. She moans even louder and focuses on circling my muscle with her scorching hot hole. Whenever a little protrusion brushes over my tongue, I can feel her shiver. I’m pretty sure it's her clit.


    After a few moments, she brings herself to climax while using my face, and a bit of her love juices splash on it as she orgasms in convulsions. The person who was jumping on my dick leaves it without completely satisfying themselves. They are really resolved to keep their identities hidden so bad.

    “Round two,” Shawure announces, not allowing me to hear the voice of any other girl.

    A moment of irregular shuffling later, a dripping pussy appears above me again and another one rubs itself over my cock. I’m pretty sure the previous assailant is now my pussyboarder with how much of their nectar leaks onto my skin. Then, the next rider could be Shawure or someone else. I have no hints about the other two, so it’s still damn hard.

    My tip is led into yet another hole and sinks into it slowly. Even a little slower than the previous try. This passage is slightly tighter albeit still very moist and not unprepared. It’s just how it is. I carve this sensation into my memory. It could end up being crucial.

    When it finally swallows most of my penis, its owner starts doing their thing. This time, my pole is directed south while the last time it pointed north. From the way they drop their ass onto my waist from time to time, mostly hovering with it above me and not letting my whole length inside them for whatever reason, I’m fairly certain I’m being ridden in a reverse cowgirl or something.

    I lick my lips to clear them from the abundant juice that started accumulating on their surface and finally hear something again.

    “Mhhmph… Ghhmmm…”

    It’s faint, but I can spot the difference. It’s almost definitely not the previous moaner. If only it helped me in any way. Well, there’s no need to prolong this. It wouldn’t be fun for both sides if I won instantly anyway. I do my best to remember as much from this as I can and take my guess.

    “Okay… Zalia?” I ask. The chances are fifty-fifty.

    “Wrong again!” Shawure answers me, this time from the side somewhere.

    And I’m instantly punished. But, this time, my pussyboarder doesn’t let out a sound as they ride my face, intent on not revealing themselves. These women are trying way too hard, I swear. Whoever it is, they wiggle their lower lips from side to side while moving up and down, enjoying zigzagging over all of my face.

    Just moan! Only one, little, moan! It’s all a man needs!

    Unfortunately, I’m not given that chance. The person finishes herself off using my lips while keeping completely silent. Only a little trembling and squeezing from those juicy, pussy folds assure me they are real and not an illusion. Both the girl from up here and down there move away and the shuffle happens.

    It should be fine this time. If it’s completely different, then it most likely is Zalia, who presumably was the one sitting on my face, since if it was not her and Shawure, then I must have been fucking Mafaris. Unless Shawure can somehow make her voice appear at a different spot and they are playing with me knowing that sounds are the biggest hints there. Why do they have to be so smart?

    This time, my dick gets swallowed with a single and instantaneous drop of someone’s hips, slamming my waist with enough force to make me grunt in both pleasure and surprise. That vigorous person keeps raining their pussy down on me like a jackhammer, not slowing down for even a moment. How they are not releasing any moans is above me. They should be feeling as good as I am. I’m starting to think there’s magic involved. One of them was in fact a magician.

    As for the feeling of the insides of the vagina that is hungrily gobbling my dick up and down, it’s hard to tell if it’s any similar to the previous ones or if it’s different enough to belong to Zalia. Judging by the feistiness, it could be the dick-hungry Shawure in her Beastkin-like heat. Somehow, everything revolves around her from the very start of this game. This must have been planned.

    It’s my best bet right now and the one I pick. “This is definitely Shawure.”

    “Are you even trying?” the one who is supposed to ride me answers from above my face again.

    “Oh, come o—mwwwhhmhmhmhm…”

    She doesn’t let me finish and shuts me up with her delicious pussy again, laughing openly. She is having way too much fun. Well, I would lie if I said I’m not. It’s both extremely fun and stimulating. Each try is so different it brings me to a whole new world of pleasure. And thanks to the Title, we both can enjoy it without me painting their lewd corridors white with my seed and making this game way too easy.

    Shawure doesn’t climax on top of me this time and frees my mouth from her assault. I exhale heavily after breathing some air in after that torture. Oh, how cruel is my fate. Nevertheless, in my fourth round, one of their pussies gobbles my dick down fast again but stops at the bottom and freezes with me all inside.

    A moment later, the person begins grinding their pelvis against mine, once in a clockwise motion and then the opposite way, repeating these at irregular intervals. My hard pole stirs up their vagina literally everywhere. But, no matter how hard they try to make this way different from all previous attempts, that little stop at the beginning and the tightness of this tunnel clearly indicate the owner. It’s the same person as in the 2nd round.

    I smile to myself. Recounting everything that happened points out to one individual. Their effort in hiding their moans turned on them right at this moment. And of course, many other things allowed me to come to this conclusion. Time to end this charade.

    “It feels really amazing inside you, Mafaris. It’s a real pity you are more into girls.”

    I hear Shawure giggle, still above me. “Wrong again!”

    “Bullshit!” I shout before she descends onto my face.

    Absolutely confident in my deduction, I break the restraints that hold my hands. Even without my newfound strength, it would have been possible if Sirgia followed the design and made them easy to force yourself out. These are toys, not criminal apprehension tools.

    I grab Shawure’s waist as she pussyboards me and throw her behind me so that I don’t risk pushing her off the side of the bed by accident. She cries out while giggling, but I ignore that and raise myself to a sitting position, lunging at the girl impaled by my cock before she runs away.

    During the motion, I manage to grab her hands and pin them down above her head with one of mine. In the next moment, I tear off the blindfold with my other free hand and glare at the woman under me, who shows surprise, but also a playful smile. It’s none other than Mafaris. There’s a small, glowing sigil on the side of her neck. I immediately recognize the pattern of Hall of Serenity. It looks like a smaller version of that spell exists too.

    “You dare to not only play tricks on me but also openly lie to your master?” I ask in an acted, threatening tone and dispel the mark.

    She looks at me with remorse in the eyes but unable to hide all the excitement and pleasure. “Please, punish this impudent servant of yours with your almighty cock!”

    “So be it,” I answer and immediately start pistoning her tight pussy.

    “Ahhhh! Ahnnn! Ahnn! It’s even better now! Ahnnnn!”

    I keep her hands locked while I pierce her insides without mercy, repeatedly slamming my hips against her bottom. Nothing prevents Mafaris from moaning now and she does not hide it in any way, openly displaying and admitting her pleasure.

    Her breasts jiggle up and down with each thrust. I move my free hand to one of her mountains and pinch on its peak, rubbing it not too hard.

    “Ahhhhh! Yessss! Punish me more! Hardeeeeer!”

    As instructed, I squeeze her pointy tip even more and pull on it the moment her body jumps up from the hit of my hips. It’s clear she enjoys it a lot so I pound her narrow passage while teasing her crimson tits.

    “I will punish you with the worst thing possible then! I’ll shoot all of my seed into your deepest parts!” I shout at her.

    “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo…” Mafaris dramatically cries back, clearly into it.

    For a moment, I withdraw my other hand and use both of them to cup her bountiful bosom to the middle, lean forward, and suck on her nipples hard. I fiercely push my member into her pussy and nibble on them at the same time, sending her over the edge instantly. We cum together and I fill her lewd dungeon with lots of white delicacy as her inner walls convulse all over my cock.

    After our high calms down, I pull myself out of her and leave Mafaris lying there as a hot, panting mess. She partially covers her forehead with her forearm and keeps smiling at me beautifully. I smile back at her and then turn around.

    Zalia and Shawure are sitting with their fronts towards me and fiercely fingering their unsatisfied holes, one blue and one purple respectively. It’s such a heavenly sight. The flesh of their pussies is slightly lighter than their skin and it creates an extremely stimulating view. I want to plunge myself into them instantly, but we have to keep up our play till the end.

    I stand on my knees and direct my still hard cock towards them. Their eyes instantly get glued to it and their hands start moving faster.

    “Get your lying asses over here. Now.”

    “Yes, Master,” they answer unanimously and immediately start crawling towards me on all fours.

    When close enough, I mercilessly grab their respective horns and pull their faces against my abdomen, evoking a yelp of surprise from each of them. They glance upwards at me for a moment and then drop their gazes onto my cock.

    “Time for your punishment. Clean it.”

    They nod as much as they can with me holding their horns. I move their faces towards my dick and position their heads on opposite sides of it. They open their mouths wide and put out their tongues, allowing me to squeeze my shaft between them. Zalia’s tongue coils around my penis from the left while Shawure’s one takes care of it from the right.

    My cock is locked between their mouths and I start slowly pushing it back and forth, making sure they have enough time to lick it all over. They do their job perfectly, giving it their all. My cock is fully clean in a flash, but they keep their mouths joined together around my length and lick it until I order them to stop.

    Then, I throw them forward onto the bed, making them release another, playful gasp. I move towards the blue-skinned tiefling and rotate her body so that she lays on her belly. I grab her tender tail and knead it with my fingers for a while, which results in a lot of squirming and moaning. Shawure looks at her friend with lots of jealousy and I decide to make use of that.

    I push the purple-skinned lady down onto her back with my other hand and bring Zalia above her, just so her pussy and my cock are exactly over the blue girl’s face. Using both hands, I grab Zalia’s thighs and spread them to the sides while holding them in the air. I position my cock in front of her dripping pussy and glance down at Shawure.

    “You are forbidden from touching yourself while watching as I nail down your friend. It’s your special punishment.”

    Her eyes widen in shock, seeing my villain-like grin. She knows very well that I know she is the one desperate for my cock the most. Her lips tremble shortly and a whimper follows but she nods. Immediately after, I nail Zalia’s pussy in a wheelbarrow position above her face.


    I pound that moist cave with all I have while staring down at Shawure under us. Zalia’s pussy is not as tight as Mafaris’s and I recognize it from the first round. I give it my all to punish her properly, pistoning that perverted tunnel through the air. Loads of our juices drip and splash down onto Shawure’s face, who starts looking more and more desperate.

    “Ahn! Ahn! Ahh! Ahn! Ahh! This punishment! Ahn! I will always be a bad! Ahhhh! Girl! Ahnn! If I will get it! Ahnnnnnnnnnn!”

    Zalia keeps voicing out her pleasure and gratitude into the air with lots of moans and praises. In return, I shower her with even more love, poking as many different places in her pussy as our elevated position allows me. I catch Shawure’s hands creeping down over her body and furrow my brows while staring her right into the eyes.

    “Stop. Hands on my thighs. Now.”

    She whimpers again but follows the order.

    “Please… I’m sorry… I won’t lie ever again… Pleaseeeeeee…”

    I smirk at her and increase my tempo, nailing Zalia even harder. She throws her head to the back from the pleasure and I can feel her coming close to her climax. I time my release to her peak and flood her insides with a sea of white just as she orgasms too.


    Similar to Mafaris, she releases a playful, supposedly displeased cry, and starts shivering as I fill up her depths. I throw her down on Shawure’s side, still twitching from the orgasm, and look at the last tiefling. I nod at her and she instantly raises herself and leaves a trail of kisses from my very knee to the end of my neck as she does so.

    “Please… Punish me too…”

    I grab her chin and squeeze her cheeks as I stare her down. Then, I dive in for a deep kiss and assault the insides of her mouth violently. She enjoys it so much that little tears start forming in the corners of her eyes. I raise one of my thighs a bit and she instantly starts humping it. Hard. Like fire-starting hard.

    “Haaaah… Mwwhhhnnn… Fuck meeee… Haaaaah… Pleaseeee…” She keeps begging as she rubs herself over it insanely fast.

    So, I finally grant her wish and push her off me back onto the bed. Then, I jump on her and place her legs over my shoulders. Expecting my next move, Shawure grabs a nearby pillow and places it under her head, squeezing it with her hands. With how experienced she is, she already figured out the position. I thrust myself into her cock-craving pussy in one go.

    “Ahnnnnnn~! Thaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuu! Mhhhhnnnnnn!”

    I begin hammering her vagina down, aiming precisely at where her g-spot should be located if Tieflings don’t vary that much from Humans. After a few trying pokes, I think I find it as Shawure's mouth goes completely agape and she arches her back. I keep rubbing over that place, aiming to bring her to the climax as soon as possible. With all the teasing from before, she arrives there quickly and screams into the air as a bit of love juices spurts out from her hole.

    I wait only a short moment before plunging myself into her depths again, assaulting her freshly-out-of-orgasm internal walls with more hard-pole massages. Her back stays arched and she looks at me with wide eyes as I keep pistoning her right after she came. Another peak is brought to her in just fifteen more seconds and her eyes almost roll back from pleasure, not saying anything about her fierce moans.

    But, this has to be a punishment, so it can’t end here. I pull out for a second and flip Shawure onto her belly with one, strong move. She doesn’t even manage to register that before I bring her ass up, pull on both of her hands and slam myself back into her fleshy folds.

    “Ahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~! YEEEEEEESSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH~!”

    I pull on her hands with each thrust, pushing my member as far into her hungry pussy as possible. And she loves it. I can clearly see her ecstatic expression with a wide smile as her head bobs uncontrollably from my slams. They are also so loud it sounds like I’m beating someone with a plank.

    In any way, I make Shawure cum again in a flash and it’s the biggest one yet. I release my load inside her purplish hole and fill it to the brim with creamy ambrosia. She squeezes my cock so hard it's pushed out and a myriad of love nectar squirts out of her pussy, splashing my front in the process.

    I sigh and let go of her arms, and she falls down, drowning in convulsions. More juices stream out a little with each wave of them. Hopefully, I didn’t break her. She said she is a sex-crazy beast so she should be fine, I guess.

    Glancing down at my cock, I can see it still hanging out there pretty fine. I didn’t even have to use Rejuvenate amongst all of this. The changes that came from the tier-up and the Goddess are truly unimaginable.

    After calming down my breathing, I notice faint sounds of moaning and wet schlicking from behind me. Still standing on my knees, I turn the upper half of my body around and glance towards the source.

    Obviously, what enters my eyes is the sight of Neira sitting on a wooden chair next to the easel that holds a white sheet with countless sketches, with her feet on the seat and her legs in an M-shape. Her shirt is completely unbuttoned, her pants are nowhere to be seen, her black panties are hanging from one of her ankles and one hand is squeezing her breast while the other slides a thick handle of a brush in and out of her leaking, dark elf pussy. She stares right back at me while panting ever so slightly.

    I smile to myself and start making my way towards the edge of the bed. I can’t leave my beloved artist in such a state just like that.
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    Chapter 59 – More Maids and Upgrades ❤
    Slowly but surely, I make my way towards Neira. I take one more glance behind me to check on the tiefling girls, but they all seem to still be experiencing the aftereffects of our recent fun. Especially Shawure. Her body keeps jerking a little from time to time as she lays on the bed face first, unmoving, pussy up in the air.

    Leaving them to rest, I move my gaze forward. Neira keeps shoving the thick handle of her brush repeatedly into her leaking hole while staring at my face. Seeing me come close to her, she bites her lip and drops her gaze onto my dick, hanging just in front of her face now. Her movements grow even fiercer.

    I wait patiently with my arms crossed and watch her play with herself while moaning occasionally. She pulls her face closer to my cock and takes a whiff of it, which results in an instant shiver. The brush flies out of her hand, pushed away by her convulsing pussy, and she begins to furiously rub her clit as she cums with her mouth wide open.

    Seeing the chair rock a little, I quickly grab its backrest to support it, letting Neira ride her wave till the very end without any obstructions. No voice escapes her throat, tensed from the overwhelming pleasure for the whole duration.

    After a moment, her orgasm slowly fades away and she looks at me with completely flushed cheeks, perhaps just slightly embarrassed by the spectacle she made in front of me. She leans in and leaves a soft peck on the head of my penis.

    I give her a minute to calm her breathing and body and finally speak up.

    “Weren’t you supposed to be painting? Or is this some new brush technique I wasn't aware of?” I ask with a playful grin.

    She giggles while still sighing and glances at my face, moving her gaze onto my cock next. She smiles enchantingly and returns her eyes to me, staring straight into my own.

    Keeping that connection uninterrupted, she lazily moves her hand towards the easel’s little shelf which holds various utensils, and like a mischievous cat, Neira slowly pushes a cup with white paint off its edge while gazing deep into my eyes, making it shatter on the floor.

    “I’m sorry, Master. I ran out of white paint while you guys were in the middle of it.”

    I chuckle inwardly and try to sigh in slight disappointment. Looks like she is in the mood for some games too.

    “I see. That’s really unfortunate. But, you might actually be a bit lucky. I know of a very good replacement I might be in possession of.”

    Neira’s gaze wanders down onto my rod in front of her lips and then quickly back up. Her smile grows even wider.

    “So, where should I deliver it?” I ask.

    Her hands quickly move down and arrive at her secret place. She spreads her pussy open with her fingers and gives me an upwards glance, filled with lots of yearning.

    “There’s a bit of free space in the storage back there.”

    I nod at her and lean down, resting my hands on the wooden seat behind her chocolate hips. My glans rub her already moist entrance a few times and slowly slide in, evoking a prolonged sigh from Neira as my length fills her insides bit by bit until it's swallowed whole. She moves her hands to the top of the backrest and grips it firmly, beginning to rain small kisses on my lips above hers.

    I reciprocate her attempts instantly and we dive for a deeper kiss as I start rocking my waist back and forth, slapping my pelvis against her bottom and juicy thighs which are raised to the sides. With her holding onto the chair now, I move my hands under her knees and push them a bit closer to her body, angling her butt up a little bit higher for some more intense fun.

    “Nhnnnn… Mhhhhnnmmm… Mmmmmmm…”

    Neira starts moaning more and more into my mouth as I hammer her pinkish flower into the wooden chair. Our tongues dance wildly while I fiercely poke around different points in her dripping wet pussy. Her whole posture jumps up with each thrust and her considerable breasts jiggle joyfully alongside them too.

    She is so wet from her previous fun that each slap of our connected bodies covers our fronts in even more of her lewd juices, releasing loud, squishy noises of intense lovemaking. Neira leaves my lips alone and starts licking my neck, allowing me to hear more of her enticing voice.

    “Ahnnn… Ahhh… More, please… Ahhnnn…”

    I’m a little afraid I will topple the chair if I add more strength to it, but I can’t very well ignore my lover’s wishes, so I hook her legs over my shoulders and pin down the seat with my hands again, pushing it into the ground while increasing the tempo a little.

    With how much I lean onto her now, it looks like I pretty much folded Neira almost in half while drilling her pussy as her knees reach even farther than her head with how close my shoulders are to hers in this position. She loves it though. I both can feel and see it. And hear.

    “Ahhh! Ahhh! Yes! Like that! Ahnnn! Nhnnn!”

    I keep assaulting her slippery hole according to her wishes while leaving soft kisses all over her cheeks and sometimes those pretty and enticing lips. With me holding the chair down, she wraps one of her arms around my neck and uses it to push herself even more into me, timing it to my thrusting. Even more pleasure fills both hers and my mind. She must have been really frustrated watching us earlier.

    Feeling her slowly approaching climax, I let mine build up alongside it and start moving my lips to the side of her face. Due to all this almost animalistic pounding, Neira fails to register my intentions until it’s too late. My tongue carefully traces over the edge of her ear to the very tip.


    She releases a loud cry and I can feel her tightening inside, but she is still not at her peak. Before she has a chance to say anything, I thrust myself into her pink crevice as much as I can while very delicately sinking my teeth into the flesh of her sensitive ear.

    That instantly pushes her over the edge and Neira’s pussy begins to wring out my dick in fierce convulsions while her back arches to its extreme.


    A flood of white paint rushes through her spasming tunnel until it reaches the appointed storage, filling it to the brim with a fresh supply. Neira’s toes curl up and she again goes silent from all the pleasure, with her body completely overwhelmed by shivers and her mouth wide open.

    We bask together in our post-orgasmic glory for a few minutes, huddled up and gasping heavily. Neira gazes into my eyes with a wide smile and pulls me into a passionate kiss. I raise her from the chair, turn around, and sit there myself, allowing her to lean onto me and rest in a bit more comfortable position while she keeps showing her affection with loving kisses. It’s so damn wet from her love juices I almost slide off it during the attempt.

    Looking over her shoulder, I notice the colourful trio lying on their bellies towards us, resting their faces on their hands, grinning at me. What a sight.

    Noticing my gaze, they lift themselves a little on their elbows and start rocking their bodies to the sides, creating a wave of colourful, jiggling breasts. It makes me chuckle into Neira’s mouth, to her slight confusion.

    She sits up and also glances back, understanding instantly what made me laugh and she giggles too. Not wanting to lose to them, she starts shaking her slightly smaller boobs right in front of my face while smiling at me.

    I sigh heavily and slowly trace with my hands up her waist, placing a kiss on each of her beautiful breasts as I move my hands over them, finally arriving at her face and pecking her lips once more as I hold her cheeks dearly.

    She giggles again and finally stands up from me, releasing my rod from her the clutches of her lower lips. A faint stream of white drips out of it instantly and she makes a playful pout.

    “And after you put so much effort in filling it up…”

    I laugh a little and stand up too, plugging her leaking hole with my finger afterwards, and evoking a surprised moan from her. I stir up her insides a bit with my it, making Neira release some more whimpers as I tease her.

    “Gods, you never stop flirting, do you?” Mafaris asks and the trio chuckles.

    “What can I say? Whenever I see a beautiful girl give me a chance to tease her a little, I just can’t stop myself from doing it,” I answer and kiss Neira, who hugs me from the front.

    We move to the bed together and fall onto it. Everyone snuggles closer to my sides and we lie like that for some time. Neira of course takes the VIP spot on top of my chest.

    “I’ve never met with anyone who could fuck this much…” Shawure says at some point.

    “True. It was amazing. I’m pretty sure I won’t want to go back a year later if I can get some of this cock from time to time,” Zalia adds from my other side.

    “You are making me reconsider my life choices, Al,” Mafaris comments from somewhere to the south of me and a tingly kiss on my balls soon follows, confirming her location.

    “That’s right. Praise him more. There’s no one better than Master Alastair,” Neira proudly announces while gazing into my eyes lovingly.

    I chuckle and sigh. “You girls are just too much… Come on, let’s take a quick bath since we recovered a bit.”

    Zalia is the first one to sit up and she throws herself on top of Neira. “Yay! Carry us, Master!”

    The other two quickly catch up and I end up buried under a pile of beautiful girls, each one of different skin colour. They might have meant it as a tease, but Neira and I grin at each other, knowing very well that I’m more than capable to fulfill their silly request.

    Without any struggle, I use one hand to lift the three bodies into the air while still holding onto my dark elf girlfriend with the other one. The tieflings start laughing in surprise but try to stay still to not fall down.

    I could go like this, but I have a better idea. I carefully throw them onto the bed, evoking even more giggling from them, and stand up with Neira latched to my front. I let her reaffirm her hold before reaching out to grab Zalia’s ankle and pulling her into the air by it. She gets flung over my left shoulder with her ass to the front in an instant, laughing like crazy. I slap her butt, only increasing the intensity of it.

    The other girls quickly move closer, allowing me to playfully throw them over my shoulders too. Mafaris lands on the other one while Shawure finds herself on top of Zalia. Holding onto both sides, I walk towards the bath, not caring if someone may see us. They are having fun and that’s what is important. Fortunately, the path is clear.

    I throw myself and all the baggage into the pool in the mixed section and we take a relaxing dip together. Neira establishes her dominance by always ending up in my arms while all the other girls can only hold onto my sides or other parts of my body. Well, I guess I can show a bit of favouritism towards my actual lovers.

    After the short rest, we move out to the side and the girls start cleaning me all over. It’s impossible to convince them against it anyway. As they take care of me, I use that time to scan through all the notifications and my status.

    First of all, each of the colourful tieflings appears to be on the first level of the Bond with me. Nothing surprising there, honestly.

    For Mafaris, it says Passionate Curiosity with just a Master/Servant view of us. She might truly be a bit more interested in my dick than in the one she previously experienced, but I don’t think we’ll see the fabled case of turning a lesbian into a cock-lover. I’m pretty sure she likes being pan.

    Shawure’s one figures as Sexual Affection and she considers us Sex Friends. I kind of expected that. She is the one often getting into a sexual frenzy. Nothing like having to deal with someone in heat even before I employed any Beastkin.

    As for Zalia, it says Budding Friendship and we are considered New Friends. I’m happy to hear that. Glad to have some people who don’t always emphasize me literally owning them, even though I don’t find that bothersome anymore. Guess I got used to Sirgia repeatedly declining to act with a bit fewer formalities and all the elves pretty much revering me.

    They are all at Tier 2 so their stats aren’t that amazing, but that’s fine. I still get around six or seven points per attribute in total from the rainbowy bundle. It’s a lot considering my current state. Neira’s status didn’t change yet. If it will, then we most likely have to wait a bit. I try to remember all her stats and such just in case.

    We leave the bath to get a snack and something to drink. While at it, we chat about the fun we had and Mafaris tells me she got a bit closer to Sirgia as their interests are quite a decent match as I noticed earlier, and that’s how she managed to convince her to take the handcuffs. For testing purposes as she stated. Well, they were tested. And they didn’t feel uncomfortable.

    I get to know that Sirgia is working on a few of my smaller ideas on the sidelines, supposedly as a break from her main projects. That’s just like her. Her dictionary might have a different definition of the word break.

    Neira joins in and tells me that she is also working on something fun with Cornelia’s help, now just waiting for a bit of feedback from her. She tells me to visit her a bit later today so she can show it to me, preferably sometime after Cornelia comes back from the town. I peck her cheek to show my gratitude. Seriously, I’m surrounded by amazing people.

    We keep discussing the tiefling girls' future endeavours as part of our new, expanded roster, mostly focusing on what services they are willing to partake in, like for example some tailjobs and such, also filling Neira on what to include in the menu and their portfolios, when a Whisper arrives by my ear.

    ~Master… I finished… the task… You can come… We already… have… a few girls interested…~

    I rub my chin and smile. I did not expect Sirgia to do anything more than just pass the message to Selina and inform her about our needs, perhaps discussing the payment too, but it looks like she worked with her to get an even better result. Finding maids should be easier than girls willing to work sexually, so I guess they were able to quickly survey around.

    I let my current companions know about the situation and everyone leaves to take care of their own stuff. Before I answer Sirgia, the situation from not that long ago flashes in my head, when I sent a Whisper that didn’t break the sentence into a sexual mess. Focusing my all on somehow affecting it, I send her a mental message back.

    ~Good. I’ll be on my way in a moment. Great job. I’m proud of you.~

    And it partially succeeds. The contents weren’t forcefully divided into almost moan-like parts and stayed as a whole, but the overall, slightly sensual style still accompanied my words. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win. Possibly, the more I work on it the better it will get, but I don’t expect Sweet Whispers to not sound any sweet in the end. Sirgia thanks me back, still in the broken fashion, and I can feel her happiness through our connection.

    Without delaying it too much, I quickly move to my room to change my clothes into something more formal, which is of course my full suit, and leave the mansion, informing Elea on my way so that she can let others know if necessary.

    I head straight for Selina’s and push through the quite lively city. It’s pretty much the middle of the day currently and the weather is very nice, so that’s not unexpected. I’ll visit a few notice boards on my way back to check the posters. We’ll soon need to replace them after Neira prepares the expanded ones.

    I reach the peculiar, red building and enter inside. The very moment I step in, a lady in the company’s uniform approaches me and asks to follow her. She must have been waiting specifically for me so I do as she instructs and follow her lead to one of the more fancy meeting and showcase rooms.

    On my way there, Cornelia sends me a Whisper announcing her going to return now that I’m here. I agree with her, mentioning that Neira is waiting for her help, and enter the chamber the attendant points to me. Sirgia and Madam Selina are inside, sitting on the opposite sides of a coffee table.

    “Master.” My cute dwarf stands up instantly and bows a little.

    I raise my hand to acknowledge it and walk closer to them. Selina raises herself too.

    “Welcome again, Alastair.”

    “Nice to see you too, Selina. I’ve heard you already found something for me, even though I just barely sent my lovely servant to ask for your help,” I nod my head to her and sit down on the sofa at the same time as she does. Sirgia stands by its side.

    “Ohohoho~ You know very well that I care a lot about my precious customers. Besides, the order was much easier to complete this time. Your little maid provided us with a lot of useful details and accompanied us during the screening process herself, so it went pretty quickly. She already spoke with some candidates too.”

    I glance at Sirgia and she smiles shyly, dropping her gaze to the ground. She really tried to overdo herself for me. I’m pretty sure Selina figured out my ways completely, so I move on the sofa closer to Sirgia and gently pull her wrist to bring her to me, seating her on my lap and showering her in pats.

    The merchant lady smiles knowingly at the blushing dwarf in my arms and then at me. I smile back and turn my focus Sirgia.

    “So, how many did you find?”

    “I think around fifteen,” she answers quietly.

    “Did you talk with them all?”

    “Only with ten so far. I wasn’t sure how many you would want, Master, so I didn’t want to… ummm… give them false hope…” she answers again, slowing down at the later part and whispering it to my ear.

    I nod. As much as I’d want to say 'as many as physically possible’, we both know it’s not the best idea. I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

    “What about that ten then?” I ask.

    “Some of them are willing while others are still suspicious and distrustful.”

    “I see. That’s to be expected. How many did you manage to convince?”


    I pat her head again and look at Selina. “Could I ask you to bring those five to us?”

    “But of course. Excuse me for a minute while I arrange it.”

    She stands up and leaves through one of the two doors present in the room. With her gone, I rotate Sirgia on my lap so that she sits on it sideways, and cup her chin up, planting a gentle kiss on her cute lips.

    “Thank you. Did anything uncomfortable happen?” I ask while brushing her cheek with my thumb.

    She smiles at me and nuzzles her face into my neck. “No. Everything went fine. I did my best.”

    “I know. You always do.”

    She giggles and turns around after leaving a peck on my cheek, anticipating Selina to come back at any moment now. Before that returns, she jumps off me and sits by my side, saying that we’ll have to stand up to check on the slaves anyway. She already has everything planned ahead.

    And a minute later, Selina returns with a line of women of various races behind her. I recognize two Satyrs, a Lizardfolk, an Elf, and a half-blood Beastkin of some canine subrace, not sure what exactly is her ‘breed’ as it may differ from the Earth ones.

    She doesn’t lead them onto the stage this time but orders them to stand in the free space in the room. They all glance at Sirgia and then at me, most likely recognizing the dwarf girl that spoke with them earlier. She hopefully mentioned a thing or two about me too.

    Like the last time, Selina leaves us alone to discuss things and promises to return in half an hour, telling the women to listen to me now. I ask them to sit down on the opposite sofa and some of them look at me with a bit of uneasiness. Only after Sirgia explains that there’s nothing to worry about they follow my request.

    “Nice to meet you. My name is Alastair,” I decide to start politely, trying out Common, but it doesn’t seem to ease the worries of the more uneasy ones. “Did my friend here tell you about me and the place I manage?”

    The satyrs and the beastkin meekly nod while the lizardfolk and the elf keep staring at me as if judging me or something. I hear Sirgia sigh on my side and I look at her. She stands up, moves to my front and climbs onto me while crossing her legs over mine. She then sits on my thighs and grips my vest, pulling herself closer for a kiss.

    That motion surprises me a little, especially since I can feel how embarrassed she is from this public show of affection as her heart is thumping loudly, but I figure out she must be aiming for something and I graze over her back as she rains little kisses on my lips.

    After a moment she stops and glances back at the women. “See? Everything I told you is true. Even though I’m a servant, Master is a really kind and understanding person, letting me do what I want, even if I want to… to… kiss him in front of others while I'm a Dwarf…”

    I chuckle seeing her face get increasingly red and pat her head. “You chose a weird way to prove your point, you know?” I move my gaze back onto them. “But, she is right. I’m looking for people who will work with me, not mindless slaves. I’ll even get rid of your seals if you agree to help me. Since you are to be employed as maids and servants, you don’t have to worry about me laying my hands on you. Besides, I have them full already with how clingy my lovely dwarf is recently.”

    Sirgia squirms in my embrace, hiding her flushed face in my suit. She cornered herself alone, now she has to suffer the consequences of her actions. Shouldn’t have bitten more than you can chew.


    One of the other girls finally raises her voice and I glance at the young woman with dog ears and tail. The fur on them is light brown, just like her shoulder-long hair. I nod at her to speak.

    “I’d like you to pick me, mister. I’ll surely be of use.”

    “I’ll be glad to have you if you are willing.”

    She nods faintly and I can see her tail starting to wag excitedly even though she tries to show a neutral expression.

    “What’s your name?” I ask.

    “Rene. I’m a half-blood Dogkin and I’m twenty. My dad was an Elf while my mother was a half-blood too. I’ll try my best.”

    I nod at her with a smile. Now that I think of it, her features look slightly similar to the golden retriever’s but less… golden. I’m no dog expert. If there is a different name for these looking like them but with different colours, then that must be it. I barely remember some classic ones.

    Hoping that the ice has been broken with this, I move my eyes onto the first person on my left, which is the Lizardfolk woman. Her scales are of a very dark green colour while the areas over her front and inner limbs are slightly lighter. She has piercing, acidic green eyes and seems to belong to the kind without hair. There are a few different subspecies as far as I know.

    Her reptile head has quite the distinct, feminine angles, easily allowing even someone like me to recognize her gender. If the two peaks hidden by a linen cloth over her chest weren’t enough of a hint.

    Yes, they do have breasts and even nipples. While they do lay eggs, mothers can feed their newborns milk after they hatch, for the first period of their growth or something. As for how it works down there, it seems to be similar to mammals, but slightly different. They get fertilized the same way as Human girls, but after that, the birth process differentiates and eggs start forming. I don’t remember the details. It’s not like it’s important right now.

    Seeing my gaze on her, she sighs and bows her head a little. “My name is Dhosk. I’m from the Swamp Dragons tribe. I’m thirty-five. I guess I’m willing to accompany you too if everything was really true.”

    “I don’t even have to ask what Sirgia told you to assure you nothing was a lie. I trust her completely.”

    Hearing my statement, Sirgia tries to finally slide off me to the side and sit there while facing the other girls. She is still a little red but tries her best to appear professional and dependable. Dhosk nods at her and then at me.

    “I’ll be happy to get out of this place anyway. Tyriana, ninety-four years old, High Elf. I’ll be honest, I plan on returning to my settlement after the one year period ends. Don’t worry, I won’t run away before that. My pride wouldn’t allow it.”

    The blond-haired and blue-eyed beauty joins the conversation and I nod at her, accepting her will. Now, only the two Satyrs are left. One girl seems to be around 160cm while the other is like 15cm taller I think. As for the other women, the high elf looks to be quite tall as their race usually is, the lizardfolk is somewhere around my height too, and the lovely looking dog girl is slightly shorter than me.

    The satyr girls both have dark brown hair and slightly lighter fur over their hooved legs, ending shortly under their navels where it switches into the skin, and short horns peeking out of their curly hair. They look very similar to each other, but maybe that’s a racial thing. Nevertheless, I decide to ask.

    “Are you girls sisters?”

    I ask in Sylvan to try easing their minds a little. Rene’s ears perk up when hearing it. Most of Beastkin also use it. The other two look at me curiously. I smile at them and refocus on the remaining duo. The taller one nods.

    “Yes, we are,” she answers in Sylvan too. “Could you… pick us both? I don’t want us to get separated, mister.”

    “I don’t mind. I would hate myself for splitting you girls. If you are fine with working for me for a year, then you are welcome to return with us.”

    They glance at each other and then nod. “Thank you. I’m Neiya and this is Meiya. We are both thirty-nine years old. We are good with nature, so if you have a garden, mister, we can do our best to tend to it.”

    “Guess it will get even more lively there soon. Alright. Everyone is coming or does anybody have any second thoughts?” I ask back in Common.

    Everyone shakes their heads. We wrapped it up pretty quickly, so we spend the rest of the time chatting about the work awaiting them and also about themselves. I’m pleased to know that most of them don’t mind helping with baths if nothing indecent is involved there. Only the satyr girls seem hesitant and I’m not going to force them. I thought that the prideful high elf lady would be more against it, but she seems fine.

    Selina comes back and we finalize everything together, finishing with these five girls for now. She tries pushing us for a few more, but I politely decline. It’s better to let these women accustom themselves to their new place first and Sirgia already did plenty of good work seeing through all of this, deserving a rest instead of another round of talking and screening.

    On our way back, we visit the usual tailor to receive some of the finished uniforms for the previous batch of new employees, and to take measurements of our today’s companions already. They need them soon if they are going to be focusing on maid duties.

    All the posters on the notice boards we visit are still intact, so we head home without any delays. The girls stop for a moment in front of the main gate to the mansion to admire the sight, not really sure if they believe that it will be their new home now. Sirgia urges them in, saying that it’s just the beginning, and we get inside.

    Elea and her squad are already waiting for us, missing only Neira. I can also see Nebu sitting on the railing above and glancing our way curiously. Emi obviously rushes into my arms, as usual, followed by the always kind and stoic Safi. I think the plethora of races is a bit too much for the new girls and they don’t know who or what to stare at. I’m pretty sure I catch Rene eyeing the big painting while salivating a little though.

    Now that I think of it, will it be fine? We now have a cat and a dog in here. I’m aware that most Beastkin subraces don’t function exactly like their Earth counterparts, but one can’t help but worry. I have a feeling that while Astrea is the typical, carefree cat type, Rene might turn into the loyal and loving dog type. I already can imagine their rivalry, hahaha.

    Anyway, Elea takes it on herself and her friends to introduce our new arrivals to the mansion and most of the quite light rules here. She also promises to verify their knowledge and train everyone in maid duties with her followers. These dark elves know a thing or two about serving like that.

    They leave to bathe first and I escort Sirgia back to her room to help her change. We get her into her smithing clothes fairly quickly and move down to her workshop. She pretty much runs back to her desk, that’s how much she missed working on her projects.

    I chuckle and report to her about the handcuffs, also checking on what other little things she started tinkering with from the list of gadgets I provided her with. She is currently focusing on the spatial enchantments and Teffith’s naginata so there’s not much, but I can see she picked up a few of them. My smile grows wider when seeing which ones exactly. I’ll have to visit the Queen again soon.

    After leaving her alone, I contact Neira and ask if I should come and she invites me to her workshop where I feel Cornelia’s presence too. I come in and find them exactly there, sitting by a desk together and leaning over something.

    “Oh, Al. You are finally here.”

    “Welcome back, Master.”

    They greet me as I walk closer.

    “What are you working on? I can’t say that I’m not curious about what my greatest magician and my greatest artist can come up with together.”

    Cornelia averts her gaze with a bit of rosiness appearing on her cheeks while Neira smiles brilliantly. She is still a little tsun-tsun and I love it. I peck her cheek to fluster her a little more and Cornelia elbows my stomach softly.

    “It will be hard to sleep with him again if you keep acting like this, Cornelia,” Neira giggles and teases the other woman.

    “Wha—?! Who cares about doing t-that again! Love is not all about sex!” Cornelia glares at her with an even redder face.

    I tap both of their shoulders and chuckle. “Okay, okay. Cornelia is right. It doesn’t matter who did it how many times with me, I love you both equally.”

    My tsun magician proudly nods, but her expression soon changes while she stares at Neira’s lips. Seeing the dark-skinned woman grin faintly, her eyes widen a little and she turns a bit dejected, most likely realizing that Neira had one-upped her even though she joined the ranks of my lovers just recently.

    I pull her a little bit to the side and move my face closer to Cornelia’s ear, aiming to whisper to it in private.

    “You still haven't collected your reward for the ancient magic and you are already piling on another with whatever you girls did here. You better cash in on them soon before they amount to more than your body can handle.”

    Cornelia shivers a little in response and she looks me in the eyes, nodding while biting on her lower lip. I chuckle and peck her cheek again before we separate and act as if nothing happened.

    “So, what am I looking at?” I ask, moving my gaze onto the desk littered with random pages from our menu cards.

    Ekhm, I found Neira’s previous attempt at magical painting intriguing and we exchanged some knowledge from our respective fields, coming up with a few interesting ideas. We hope you like the first one. It’s ready.”

    She nods at the dark elf and Neira picks up a full menu card, handing it to me. I open it and flip through the pages. It’s great but nothing much changed. Then, she inserts her finger in between the pages when I’m going through the roster and stops me on the section with her dark elf friends’ portfolios. Her finger moves over Filue’s portrait and it soon loses all its colour, fading into various shades of grey.

    I raise my eyebrow and watch as she does the same with the three other girls on these pages, turning them back into colourful pictures afterwards with another stroke of her finger. Cornelia leans over my back and throws her arms over my shoulders. Her face shows up to the side of mine.

    “We called it reactive paint. I’ll skip the scientific and magical mumbo jumbo and just say that when it makes contact with mana, the mixture loses its colours and fades to black, depending on how much energy gets transferred into it and what were the proportions of resources used in the product’s creation. After filling it up more than the mixture can handle, the change reverts due to all the mana getting released into the air, making it possible to loop it again.”

    I nod in admiration. “Amazing. I guess it’s not something you can find anywhere?”

    “I believe it’s first of its kind, Master. Even my family which deals in art didn’t have such a technique,” Neira answers. “But, we didn’t create it just because. With this, we can easily mark the girls that are unavailable or currently working in the menu cards handed out to the customers. I think it’s a very useful and smart function to implement.”

    I chuckle and shake my head. “Truly, it is. You came up with something incredible. This will really help a lot and also take some burden off Cornelia’s shoulders. This is great.”

    Neira smiles and moves to peck my lips. Cornelia seems to be a little jealous as I feel a gentle kiss on my cheek where her head is too. We all chuckle together and I sit down to listen about how they came up with this and managed to pull it off. Looks like I can expect surprises not only from Sirgia but also from them now. Fun.