Korean I reincarnated into a different world and became a man eating plant

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    Name: 이세계로 전생했더니 식인식물 / I reincarnated into a different world and became a man eating plant
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    NU Link: not available
    Why It Should Get Picked Up: if the giving tree were to become a fantasy game-system adventure plot, i think this would be what it is like.
    total length: 9 volumes
    genre: fusion fantasy, reincarnation, growth, survival plot, dungeons, game system, skills,
    Description: Our protagonist has brain cancer, and dies. He lived all his life in the hospital without being able to make friends or enjoy life at all. After his death, he realizes he has reincarnated into a different world as a man-eating plant inside a dungeon.

    As I read this, it's very interesting because our protagonist used to be human, and reincarnated into a monster. He naturally wants to consume humans, but at the same time he has intelligence and a conscience. He isn't scared to kill humans that try to hurt him, but at the same time he does his best to save the innocent and helpless. The way his life blooms, reminds me a lot of the giving tree. I haven't read to the end but it is very interesting and fun! 100 percent rec!

    edit: portion of chapter 1 had been translated for preview below at post #5
    here -> https://forum.novelupdates.com/posts/6863907/
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    sounds cool ´・ᴗ・`
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    For a sec I thought this is another JP isekai story :blobjoy:
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    the title indeed gives the impression haha!
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    I really don't have time to translate after work... and i'm too tired.... but here is a preview....
    warning... my grammar is horrible... I didn't re-read what I translated lol. This is not all of chapter 1. just a small portion of the beginning.

    Chapter 1 Sprouting

    Sanghyun died.

    When he came to his senses, he felt as if was encased in something very hard and solid.

    All he could see was darkness. It might have been something similar but different to darkness. He couldn’t move his arms or legs at all. He couldn’t even breathe.

    At the same time, he felt cozy in this place. However, as time continued to pass, ‘so suffocating.’

    He felt trapped and wished nothing but to escape this place.

    So, Sanghyun did just that. Uu-ji-jik, he stretched out.

    [You have sprouted!]

    [Small Root]

    [Level not available]


    For the first time, he managed to take a breath of air.
    click spoiler to
    Sanghyun stretched his body as much as he could. He attempted to wrap his arms off the blanket which trapped him. His roots gradually dug into the soil.

    He realized he had become a plant.

    He instinctively stretched his roots as deep into the soil as he could.

    He hungrily absorbed what moisture he could manage to find in the dry soil.

    He felt hungry and thirsty. He felt as though his body was burning up from dehydration. He greedily dug his roots deeper into the soil.

    Deeper, more deeper.

    ‘I’m so thirsty!!’

    As he grew his roots, he could only manage to catch small droplets of moisture. This was not enough at all.

    Not enough. I need more. Sanghyun fought against death greedily growing his root deeper disregarding the pain shooting through his body due to lack of water.

    Just then, he felt his final limit. Everything was hopeless. He felt weak and empty. He felt distraught down to his soul over his own uselessness.


    He used up all the energy he had saved when he had been a seedling.

    A seedling could last an incredibly long time without water.

    However, as soon as he broke out of his shell everything changed.

    He body screamed for water, and his leaves longed for the sun. He couldn’t survive without photosynthesis.

    Of course, the plants deep in this dungeon found other sources of energy to survive.

    This was the way of life for plant monsters. They hunted and consumed small animals.

    However, he had just sprouted and was no different than a normal everyday plant.

    Sanghyuk had sprouted quite a ways down in the fifth floor of the dungeon.

    He was just next to a set of never ending spiraling stairs. He couldn’t find even a speck of light in this dark floor.

    ‘Uaaah. I don’t have anymore energy…’

    As soon as Sanghyuk opened his eyes, he was at death’s door.

    The roots he had grown were slowly shriveling up.

    He had absorbed all the moisture in his reach, and had no more energy to grow his roots further. He felt his consciousness slowly fall into death.

    Just then, a miracle graced him.

    “Damn it! These cobalt little shits.”

    “Phew, stupid idiot. How could you get injured by cobalts?”

    “Shut up! Damn. Why would the cobalts hide inside a chest, it’s not even a mimic.

    A party of adventurers passed the set of stairs at the spot he had taken root.

    A man had taken a fatal hit to his hip and blood dripped to the ground.

    The blood luckily dropped within Sanghyun’s reach.


    Sanghyun’s blurring consciousness suddenly became clear.

    ‘A fragrant smell!’

    This feeling was like the moment he passed by a bakery in an empty stomach, or when he could smell bbq.

    The shock pulled him out from death’s door.

    Sanghyun reached his root to the source of the fragrant smell.

    He had no idea where he mustered this last burst of energy from.

    The drops of adventurers blood was gradually absorbed by his root.

    Sanghyun had somehow managed to stretch his withered root to the source of moisture.


    It was delicious!

    It was so sweet.

    Sanghyun greedily drank up the moisture.

    He was nothing but weed at the moment, but anyway he had monster dna to his form.

    He felt energy burst through his roots once again. Sanghyun made his way through the soil with great energy once again.

    [You have absorbed an adventurer’s blood!]

    [You have been registered into the dungeon]

    [Blood sucking weed]

    [Level 1]

    Sanghyun managed to spread his roots under most of the tile around the stairs.

    He only managed to spread across a single tile, but he felt a degree more safe.

    ‘I need to save my energy.’

    He almost died spreading his root in complete blindness.

    He stopped his urge to root deeper for a long moment.

    ‘But what in the world happened to me?’

    He could finally take a moment to realize his status.

    He had been too thirsty and hungry, and then he had fallen into a very weak state and had no room to think at all.

    The area he could sense was very small.

    ‘I don’t think I have eyes.’

    I can’t see, but I can still sense the world. What a unique feeling.

    He could hear, feel, and taste. He could mix all these sense to feel the world around him.

    He felt as if he was inside a deep fog, but he didn’t feel completely blind.

    ‘But I died for sure.’

    Sanghyun could remember his death. He had accepted his death.

    He felt a bit confused and wasn’t quite sure exactly how he had died.

    He could remember his own name and his parent’s face. But he had no idea of his current situation.

    He suddenly remembered the language the humans from earlier spoke.

    He had never heard of such language. He couldn’t understand them at all.

    His current status. Sanghyun could feel all his roots.

    ‘I’m a plant no matter what angle I view myself’

    After a long while of senseless thoughts hunger gradually creeped up again. He could feel a slight sense of danger.

    It didn’t seem like the humans from earlier would return.

    The party of humans were climbing up from down under.

    ‘First the side I’m at must be a passage. That’s a relief.’

    An injured human wouldn’t pass his path every single time. Nor would they spill blood at his exact spot every time. Other monsters might gather this place smelling blood.

    Adventurers worked hard to recover their injuries.

    Additionally, they wouldn’t spill blood as long as they bandaged up properly.

    So there was almost no chance that he would come by free blood like earlier.


    Adventurer? Heal injuries?

    Something was strange. What was strange… yes..

    He had knowledge of something he had never experienced.

    It was as if a memery stick was installed into his brain.

    Sanghyun had no idea that the fragrant water had been someone’s blood.

    He simply didn’t want to die and drank up what moisture he could find within his reach. That had been human blood? Ugh, he wanted to throw up.

    He wished to throw up, but didn’t do so. He didn’t know how nor did he have the ability to do so.

    ‘Still, that was very delicious.’

    If he happened to find human blood again, he wouldn’t hesitate to drink it.


    He felt as if he was losing his humanity at a quick rate. He didn’t have much of a choice.

    What was morals when his life was on the line, survival was more important.

    ‘How do I survive now?’

    This was his current problem. How would he live on.

    He pondered longer, and a thought came up.

    He wasn’t sure if it was his instinct or from his newly installed memory card, but the hint was just what he needed. He had to hunt whatever that was weaker and smaller than him.

    For example, small bugs.

    Sanghyun could remember the documentaries he watched when he had been alive. There were many plants that consumed bugs.

    This was the path he must travel.

    He slowly gathered his thoughts into a single space.

    ‘In between the tile…yes. As if I am spreading my hand.’

    He focused his thoughts on this single image. He should be able to grow like he had grown his roots.

    ‘Good. Good. Yes… I did It!’

    [You have acquired sticky bug trap skill!’

    [Skill level beginner]
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    sounds inteeresting enough
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    bump >_<