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    i just read 52 chapters of pure emotional torment lmao like jesus christ this poor girl
    pls if anyone could spoil at what point does it get better for her? because some raw chicken eggs aren't it
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    I'm waiting until chapter 80 because I know that around 70 is when sid confesses that he's her husband.
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    Same here :blobexpressionless:
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    Sarreh if the translations is weird, I used Papago to translate the raws...


    They honored Kendrick without making any mistakes in the exact order of the ceremony known. Although she was well educated in manners according to the queen's polarity, it was due to Alyssa's personality. To set up the utmost courtesy for the dead.

    If you can't do that, there's no reason why Alyssa is here.

    While Alyssa and Darnia were at the cemetery, Countess Kerald blocked the queen's front. The Queen, contacted by Countess Kerald, allowed her to choose cloth with him.

    "I like this cloth. I like this cloth. What fabric does your wife look best in?"

    "This cloth looks sophisticated to me. It's a beautiful color."

    Countess Kerald and the Queen had exactly opposite tastes. No, she deliberately chose the opposite of the queen's choice to blow her ankle. The Queen must have been quite gullible, but Countess Carold often fell for it.

    Countess Carold sighed with relief as she looked at the queen. It was a good thing that the sun was falling, and that the night would soon come. There is no one to stop Alisa and Darnia.

    "Well then I'll have to decide on this. How much is the payment?"

    Countes Kerald picked out a receipt from the parlor where the queen had delivered the final cloth. Now the payment is due, and the queen is looking at it with a subtle look on her face.

    "Oh, I thought I'd have someone else to pay for this, Sienna. Not yet?"

    "He'll be right back."

    Sienna answered.

    "Who the hell is..."

    It was before Countess Kerald asked. The door of the queen's parlor opened and two familiar people came in. Darnia and Alyssa. That's why Countess Carold is sitting here today.

    "Oh, Alyssa. Long time no see."

    Countess Carold's heart began beating unpleasantly. The queen could not have called in Alyssa for a good reason.

    "Long time no see, Mother."

    Alyssa greeted mechanically and Darnia next to her also had a polite example. The queen's eyes glistened like a snake. Countess Carold's arms are fluffy. (????)

    I couldn't forget that dull, shady look even for the rest of my life.

    "I called for a favor, Alyssa. I was glad you were coming in. You know, isn't Kruno getting married soon? That's why I need you to help me."

    Alyssa lowered her eyes. Darnia, who clung to her dress behind her, stood obstinately as if she should never accept it.

    The queen frowned unpleasantly at Alyssa, who did not say anything. After getting married, she had a strange rebellious period, and I couldn't say anything about it.

    "However, the Duke of Cambridge doesn't seem to like you going in and out of the royal family, so I'll have to help you in another way."

    Alyssa let out a smile. It was because I had a rough idea of what the queen would ask for.

    "There will be budget set aside for you in Cambridge. Help Cruno prepare for his wedding with it. I shouldn't be your sister and pay for it. Are you?"

    "... I understand that my mother also manages my future royal budget."

    "Well, that's for you, and it's gonna be used to prepare for Vanessa's wedding. Actually, is it only 100,000 gold? You need to help Vanessa get married next year."

    Countess Carold and Darnia looked suspicious of their ears. Is this really a reasonable conversation? It was a totally disadvantageous conversation for Alyssa. The queen was from the Duchy of Seraphina. I've been a loyal daughter all my life, so I can't believe I didn't study enough. Why did I lack common sense?

    Crown Prince Kruno, along with the Queen from the Duchy of Seraphina, three members of the Universal Family. I'm engaged to Ra.

    Did Sera feel this way when she entered the kingdom? It was time for Darnia to try her best to think of Sera's face, which is already trying to act as a queen bee in society.


    The queen filled Alyssa.

    Alisa sighed a long sigh.

    "Why would I do that?"


    The queen's voice became shrill. Of course, she thought Alyssa would accept it, so she was offended.

    "Oh, my God, what a bad influence Cambridge is having on you. If you forget your family, you're gone."

    "I don't care". [note: GO GAAAL, FIGHTING~!]


    The queen asked stupidly again this time. She couldn't believe what she was saying. All this time, Alyssa had obeyed her.

    "I will no longer help my mother and neither will the royal family."

    It should have been like this.

    I've had to drag myself around because of the bondage of the family. Because I don't want to get out of that fence. However, it is different now.

    Alyssa decided to abandon this royal family. I'll do it as it is.

    Darnia clasped her forearm as she listened blankly to this ridiculous conversation. It seemed to be to cheer for Alyssa.

    "I am Alyssa Cambridge. I'm not a part of royal family anymore. So I'll call you this again, queen. I hope the city doesn't have to do anything." [translation is weird ._.]

    Alyssa said coolly. Her eyes no longer contained any lingering feelings.

    "Alyssa! What the hell made you do this?!!"

    The Queen screamed. Her cheeks turned red when she was humiliated in front of Countess Carold.

    What made you do this?

    I don't know which was the trigger. Alyssa has endured the royal family all ger life and has only become akin to patience. Every moment was an opportunity and could be a reason for this moment.

    Alyssa wasn't Avery, she was just an outsider and a servant of the royal family's dirty work.

    "If you don't have anything else to say, I'll go back."

    It was no longer necessary to worry that the Queen would do something dangerous to Cambridge. Seidrick dealt directly with the king and was guaranteed Alyssa's freedom. She was in debt to Cambridge, but not to the royal family.

    The king will no longer force Alyssa, and if the king does not, the queen cannot move.

    No matter how powerful the queen is, she is not a king or a scarecrow.


    "I'm calling you now, Mother, and you won't come."

    Alyssa turned away coldly.

    Darnia followed suit. Countess Carold followed by Darnia. She seemed worried about leaving Countess Carold, but she just shook her hand as if she were okay.

    Ugh, what's going on?

    All others could have been blocked, but not the queen's maid. In addition, Alyssa volunteered to meet the queen and negotiate with her. I can't believe it was like this.

    "You're so happy, aren't you?"

    Darnia smiled brightly.


    When Alyssa was dealing with the queen, Seidrick was dealing with the relatives of Cambridge.

    Their excessive affection has crossed the threshold that Seidrick can bear. It was their couple's job to deal with the child, not someone who could interfere.

    But if she doesn't listen, you're going to visit Alyssa?

    "You wield your power like a weapon."

    Seidrick said coolly.

    "However, Seidrick. This is an important matter. It has to do with the survival of Cambridge. Look at Kendrick. I don't know when or what will happen. As of now, Cambridge has no alternative but you, so you have to take responsibility for it as a homeowner."

    "I'll take care of it, Aunt."

    "Seidrick, don't feel bad about what I'm saying..."

    "However, I can't get rid of the idea of excessive authority. I haven't been married long and Alyssa and I are still young. And I don't go to war, so I don't have to go to war"

    Seidrick could not have known that they were doing this to catch Alyssa's pod.

    You don't have the courage or the courage to kick her out, but you're being so mean. What would you do if you didn't do that outside? The inside is rotting like this. Now that I'm a member of Cambridge, I can't see anyone cursing. Can you bully yourself as much as you want?

    It couldn't help but be funny.

    Seidrick hated Alyssa for compassion to Seidrick. It's not even possible to manipulate their emotions.

    However, this is not the case.

    Seidrick was willing to act as shield for Alyssa. [hey i hear bathump bathumpp lol]

    "Seidrick, this is..."

    "Stop it. If you tell me anymore, I won't stand still."

    The dinner table froze cool/

    "Alyssa is my wife and this is for me and her to decide. If you don't want my seat, stop there. Don't even bother her anymore."

    "... Did you forget about your brother? Don't you think she's disgusting to look at?"

    It was really contradictory. Disgusting Alyssa and thinking about seeing her descendants. It was like stamping my feet like a forceful little kid.

    "... It's been a year. I thought you'd be different this much. Do you really think Kendrick wouldn't want this? Kendrick was warmer than anyone else?"


    "Stop being so stubborn. Stop it. Kendrick is lost, and I don't want to put it all on Alyssa. It was the royal family's fault, not her."

    "So you're going to be like the royal family? What's so different about cats playing with mice than the royal family?"

    The audience became quiet.

    It is because Seidrick is not wrong.


    I think this is one of the best chapter. Alyssa stood for herself and Cambridge, cut connections with the DISGUSTANG royal F*CK*NG family, and being such a queen. As well as Seidrick standing up for Alyssa, her freedom and being a shield for her.

    Anyway... I want to ask if you guys want me to translate Chapter 70 (CHAPTER WHERE SEIDRICK CONFESSED TO ALYSSA THAT SHE IS THE GARDENER AS WELL AS HER HUSBAND). Or translate Chapter 55 to 70? (I bought some raw chapter in Naver).

    Also i bought last chapters of the novel... I saw a very little spoiler at the LAST chapter:

    "I love you."

    "You love me too, don't you?"

    Not sure who said that tho...

    and this:

    This is how the two will survive.
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    Chapter 70 please :aww: I want to see how Alyssa react after the reveal
    And thanks a lot ... I was dying for spoilers

    Also is there any side stories? What about babies?:cookie:
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    i did not see any side stories in naver series... and im still trying to translate last chapters so i really can't say anything.
    but i can tell some in chapter 70... (I'll post it tomorrow)

    Alyssa cried when Seidrick confessed. And then Seidrick fainted... turns out he has gastric cancer
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    Can you do 55-70? Also what are the relatives talking about? I get they are talking about an heir but do they want them to divorce? Or for him to bring in a Mistress or something?
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    i can't stop myself... and this chapter is cute between Sid and Lisa hiehie :bloblove:

    Everyone has left the mansion. Only Seidrick, Ophelia, and Juliana remained at the quiet dinner. With almost all the food that remains intact.

    Grilled fish, which Alisa has worked hard all day to serve them, remained uneaten. In fact, Cambridge's nobles could not touch such common food. I've never seen such coarse food. There must have been no enemies.

    Seidrick wiped his face nervously.

    In addition, Ophelia added after Alyssa herself said Kendrick had prepared the most enjoyable food of his life. That much, it was to let Alyssa know that she was trying, but her heart couldn't reach them all.

    ".... I'm going to finish my meal, Mother..."

    "I'm going to eat too. I think Alyssa prepared this food herself. You can't just throw away the food she prepared for Kendrick. Butler."

    "Yes, my godfather."

    "Call everyone in the house. Let's share a lot of this food together. And Gilbert and Mona."


    "But what?"

    "On a day like today, it's okay to ignore those customs and manners."

    "... Yes, my godfather."

    Under her command, the butler gathered those who still worked at the mansion to the dining room.

    As soon as everyone sat down, Seidrick took the nearby roast fish and put it in his mouth. The savory aroma of baked food spread throughout the mouth with poor but sincere skill. The fish itself is added to the flavor of Alyssa's heart.

    "It's delicious."

    Ophelia smiled brightly.

    "She must be good at cooking."

    Only then did Gilbert's addition break the silence in the quiet dining room. The quiet and sunny atmosphere disappeared and a warm dinner began.

    Seidrick was relieved that Alyssa's mind was not in vain. Isn't is the dish she learned by breaking her busy schedule?


    Alyssa and Darnia are also on their way home. The way out was easy because the queen could no longer hold on to Alyssa.

    "I'm hungry."

    Darnia glanced at Alyssa and talked to her.

    Blaming the queen for disturbing our writer, I was going to have a quick dinner outside with Alyssa if she hadn't caught me. But our writer was just looking out of the window with an indifferent look on her face.

    She talked to her to lighten up the mood a little, but Alyssa ended up nodding her head. It was natural that Darnia's resentment toward the queen deepened.

    And Alyssa also noticed that Darnia cared about her. I didn't mean to offend anyone else.

    Alyssa brought it up awkwardly.

    "It's okay. You don't have to worry about me."


    Darnia said with an expression full of words.

    How can our writer not care when she has such a weak face?

    Alyssa has a Darnia personality and realizes she will never stop worrying about her. Then it might be better to talk."

    "Dania's love."

    "Yes, Alyssa."

    "Maybe the queen won't give up. As I said before, I will continue to pressure Darnia Youngae and Count Kerald. She thinks the royal family is a great right and duty. The queen is Dani I think it's a rights and a duty. The queen will probably resent Daniel's refusal to marry the royal family. "

    "What should I do to give up?"

    "Never, so Darnia will have to think of a different way. Just like Ophelia was trying to get a hold of herself earlier."

    "Oh, my God."

    It was a real mess. The royal family was wielding its rights like a weapon and ignoring its obligations.

    Why have people been sitting on the fence all this time? On reflection, the answer was not far off. It's been a long time since the royal family existed. No one thought of a country without a royal family, even if they were nominal, they followed their head.

    It has been a 'perception' that has been robbed in people's perceptions since the past. The fear of the royal family and the unknown origin of it. Until Alyssa threw stones as a novel, people didn't have any questions about the royal family.

    No, I didn't say anything even if I had a question.

    It is Alyssa here who was led to such a change. Would it have been easy for her to turn her back on the royal family? For Darnia, he was a stranger, but for Alyssa, he was a family he'd known all his life.

    No matter how hard the royal family persecuted and harassed her, it was true.

    Alyssa winked at Darnia, who seemed to have a lot of thoughts, and shut her mouth. Now I'm going to make some decisions. It was up to him whether he did.

    The only way Alyssa could see fit was for Darnia to emerge from Count Kerald. Even temporarily.

    So far, the royal family has been forced and powerless. A force called the Royal Knights.

    "There's a long way to go, Alyssa. Of course..."

    Darnia continued with a subdued look.

    "I think it's time for me to become independent. I need to get out of my father's family register."

    Alyssa sympathized with a hazy smile.

    "I'lk do what I can."

    Just as you're also doing what you can.

    It was only a week later that it was heard that Darnia had been dug our of Count Kerald's family register.


    By the time Alyssa arrived at the Cambridge mansion, she had already lost her guests in silence.

    'I don't know if you enjoyed it.'

    On the way here, Darnia was dropped off at Kerald, and there was a delay. Hungry shhips were no longer feeling hungry. It was when Alyssa entered the mansion with a tired face.


    "Butler? Why have you been waiting for me?"

    "Yes, Madam. In fact, Gilbert asked me to see if you could come to the cabin, but it was a torch."

    The butler said, looking at Alyssa. In fact, it was rude for a subordinate to ask for his superiors like this, but it was all because of Seidrick. The master urged Gilbert and Mona to invite Alyssa to their home.

    He promise to pay enough for it. Thanks to his, Seidrick helped clean the garden of fallen leaves as soon as he had time this fall.

    Juliana, who knew Alyssa was there to find peace of mind, sympathized with Seidrick's behavior with acquiescense and eventually led to this result.

    Alyssa nodded at the butler's careful question.

    ".... Yes, thank you for telling me."

    Alyssa turned her head to Sasha's place.


    "Yes, Ma'am."

    "I need to wear a thicker jacket."

    "Are you cold?"

    "A little."

    It was like that after coming back from the royal family. Even though it;s the same weather, it feels colder. Maybe it's because my heart is empty and cold, but I look for clothes like this.

    Alyssa headed to the garden, clad in thick clothes.

    Maybe this is better than being in a mansion. If you go there, there will be Gilbert, Mona, and Sid.

    If you fill your empty stomach with them, this cold will go away.

    She slowly walked with the lamp that the butler handed to Alyssa. And far away, someone's pacing was visible.


    I don't know if I'm waiting for Alyssa or any other reason but I was guarding the cabin. Alyssa paused for a moment to examine his movements.

    It was clear.

    Sid was waiting for Alyssa. [NOTE: omlllllllllll this is it]

    'Someone is waiting for me?'

    Except for Sasha, this was the first experience. Looking forward to seeing you come out to meet you. Alyssa bit her lips on overwhelming chest. Sid is waiting for her, while the royal family fretted over her. [NOTE: :<<]

    It was the moment when the special seed was once again engraved with Alyssa in a new meaning.

    And Sid found her.


    Alyssa stared blankly at Sid's slow-spreading smile on his face.

    Someone who doesn't even laugh often is smiling.

    This dark night seemed to lighten up. Sid approached Alyssa. Taking her lamp naturally, he took the lead.


    Alyssa's voice flowed out with terrible trembling.

    Sid stopped walking and turned his head and stared at Alyssa. She breathed along with his curiously tilting motion.

    "Did you come out to meet me?"

    This was a very special meaning.

    In fact, it's different from Sasha and others waiting for Alyssa. Sid and Alyssa were on an equal footing and were not perfect strangers. And yet Sid was waiting for Alyssa.

    As if it were quite natural.

    "Yes, Lisa. I heard Gilbert invited Lisa, but she's running late." I thought I had a bumpy fall on the dark night road.

    It was a minor and minor concern, but it meant a lot to Alyssa. Alyssa blinked slowly. It was to carve this moment into my eyes forever.

    'Don't forget it when you die.'

    Alyssa's heart sank with a thump.

    It's a magnet-like force that pulls her, so it falls off without hesitation. Without knowing that it is as dark as sweet underneath.

    ~~ end of chapter~~

    a bittersweet chapter :'<

    NOTE: I will post Chapter 70 tomorrow... it's already night where i live (and im sleepy) :blobsweat:

    They don't accept Alyssa as a member of Cambridge, they even talk bad about her even if she can hear them. They hate the royal family including Alyssa because she's 'disgusting' and they can't go to Kendrick's burial due to the royal family's order.

    (but it was not clear if they want him to divorce her)

    okay i'll try my best to post them here when i get a long free time. i'll post chapter 70 tomorrow...
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    What really he confessed and knock out :facepalm:
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    How many chapters does this have? I'm really looking forward to any side stories hopefully.
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    okay i'll try my best to post them here when i get a long free time. i'll post
    i didn't explained carefully srry. (sometimes my brain isn't working carefully when im sleepy :blobsweat_2:)

    They both collapsed.
    Im working on that chapter rn, might post later... blobmelt_thumbs

    only 120 chapters, i haven't found any side stories :<<
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    CHAPTER 70 SPOILER RAWS (the most long awaited chapterr~)

    It’s a truth that needs to be revealed anyway.

    If you procrastinate, time will shut him up again. Seidrick’s lips trembled.

    “Hmm? What do you mean?”

    A smiley face resembled the sunshine. I want to protect that smile, but I don’t think I’m going to lift it today.

    Like Clemore in Alyssa’s novel, you can’t even trust someone you’ve been friends with all your life.

    Seidrick took a deep breath.

    My heart pounded.

    “I’m not Sid, Lisa.”

    Alyssa reaches for Seidrick as if he is strange. Alyssa, who held his arm, smiled. That ingenuity had to be ruined by Seidrick’s own hands. It was so painful that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

    “….. I am ……”

    “I am?”

    “I’m your husband.”


    “I’m your husband, your homeowner here in Cambridge.”

    Alyssa’s lips were trembling. She didn’t seem to believe the truth of what she was told now. Purple eyes, which were so big that day couldn’t get any bigger, were shaking under the light.

    “I am….”

    “Don’t tell me. Just for a moment……”

    Alyssa raised her hand to stop Seidrick from speaking. I don’t understand what he’s saying. My head was dizzy. Husband?

    A husband whose face I never saw?

    Alyssa’s lips spread like buds.

    “Seidrick Cambridge…..?”

    It’s not that I didn’t hear what he said. I just hope not and I just want to pretend I didn’t hear it. However, it was clear that the distance between Seidrick and Alyssa was close that his low voice was low.

    It is not that there has been no doubt about Sid’s existence.

    Sid, the gardener’s whereabouts were unclear, and when he was away, similar to Seidrick, was not available until he returned to the mansion. [NOTE: I think it means that when Sid is not in the mansion, Seidrick is not there too, similar to when Sid goes back to the mansion and found in garden, then Seidrick is in the mansion too.]

    That day, it rained.

    The wonder of the time when we faced each other in the rain, why now? Alyssa swallowed her hot saliva. That’s right. The two were the same people.

    I thought I’d seen a face somewhere.

    However, the time with Sid was so sweet that I didn’t want to doubt it. Everything will be broken the moment you doubt it.

    I felt like I was standing on a fragile board-like glass.

    The time with Sid was happy and precious, but always disturbing. If he was really just a gardener, it wasn’t Alyssa but Sid who would be kicked out if the relationship was caught like that. I didn’t want to put him through that injustice.

    Alyssa enjoys as much as privileged class, and in return has pushed many people into injustice. Unless the biggest victim is Kendrick Cambridge. I didn’t even want to do that anymore.

    So I didn’t want to know much about Sid.

    I’m sure Alyssa could have found out about the gardener Sid somehow if she wanted to, but she just pretended she didn’t know.

    Alyssa was careful and careful because she was afraid of harming Sid by misinterpreting his name.

    ‘On my subject….’

    Alyssa took a step back.

    Her kindness and extramaritality were always betrayed. People have made nothing out of Alyssa’s strenuous giving.

    So this time, it just wasn’t that different.

    The deceptive three years are upsetting, unfair, sad, and really nothing.

    ‘Not a day or two.’

    Dumpy, overcoat.

    But I don’t know why my heart is pounding. Why do you say, …..

    “Don’t cry, Alyssa.”

    I don’t even know why I’m crying.

    Alyssa sank to the floor crying. I couldn’t stand any longer because my legs were loosened.


    “Heu…..” [NOTE: she’s crying T__T]

    The sound of crying burst out. Beneath the fallen feet was a monster named Despair, whose mouth was open and waiting for Alyssa to fall.

    Alyssa slowly fell down there.

    “It’s all my fault. I am…..”

    Seidrick sank down along with Alyssa. Sitting on both knees, Seidrick reached out to her and crouched again. With a face that doesn’t know what to do. Just as Alyssa collapsed, so did Seidrick.

    I didn’t want her to know until the end. No, it’s contradictory, but at the same time I wanted you to notice quickly.

    3 years.

    It was a long, short, short time.

    Seidrick didn’t want to hide it with all his might, and it was a sloppy disguise. And yet Alyssa never doubted him. I believed every word Sid, the gardener, flustered and evasive. That’s how desperate and lonely I am. It’s what it used to be.

    I may not have been able to say more because I knew Alyssa’s heart was that much.

    After waiting through the shadow of Kendrick, Alyssa was seen properly.

    She always stayed where she was. Invariably.

    It is Seidrick who scratches and hurts Alyssa. [NOTE: how do i hurt a fictional character? like just some punches ………. J]

    Alyssa shed tears silently.

    “Alyssa, please……”

    No more emotion can be read from her. Seidrick’s hand touched Alyssa’s shoulder and fell off. I jumped up and sat down again. But I didn’t know what to do to appease Alyssa.

    I don’t even know how to apologize.

    I’d rather swear at least. If not, I’d like her to shout out the blame. But Alyssa was doing nothing and playing ball in her heart.

    With the alcherum curried up hard.

    “Don’t cry……”

    Please, Alyssa.

    Alyssa breathed out slowly.

    My head was blank and tears kept flowing down. I don’t even know what’s on my mind. It’s just that I wanted to disappear from here. No, I wanted to save myself in this world. The sheet waas a hard-beaked tree in Alyssa’s heart.

    It might have been better if you’d been trampled like this when you were just a sprout at first, very first. But he grew and grew like a tree, destroying the world that Alyssa supported.

    I can’t breathe.

    What’s worse than three years of deception is that Sid no longer exists. Then who has Alyssa worried about, thought about, and liked? I lost my mind and couldn’t figure out where to go now.

    I lost Sid. [NOTE: :<]


    I lost my only mission.

    One, however, was different between Seidrick Cambridge and Sid the Gardener.

    That’s why Alyssa didn’t have the strength to hold on any longer.

    Alyssa was willing to throw herself in the darkness swallowing them.

    I hope this hell ends when I open my eyes. I wish I’d grow to death.

    Alyssa had a strong eyes.


    At one point Alyssa picked her up and collapsed, and astonished Seidrick carried her on his back. He jumped and jumped on his back, his body hardened and couldn’t breathe properly. Seidrick breathed out.

    Being in a pretty deep garden, the long road felt like a lonely road. It was like forever.

    Even after this road was ever, Alyssa seemed unable to return and seemed to face a disastrous end.

    It shouldn’t be.

    Seidrick doesn’t want anything. It’s just…

    “I want you to be happy.”

    It doesn’t mean to say this as the person who ruined Alyssa’s little happiness but I’ll hope she’ll be happy.

    And then, really, if Alyssa happens to forgive him, if she’ll just look back once.

    If it happens like a miracle……..

    But it was the greatest selfishness that Seidrick could dream of.

    It was an arrogant Seidrick’s illusion that there would be another chance. I realized when I saw Alyssa crying without making any sound. What did he broke.

    At that time, it was only now visible that it was not overwhelming just to take care of itself. With what desperation Alyssa has treated the gardener Sid.

    For Alyssa, I realize that was a great courage. She had managed to butter herself up all the time she thinks hadn’t taken care of Alyssa as she picked herself up and ran for Cambridge. Unlike Seidrick, who abandoned Alyssa with countless hearts and caught her again, she held on to him eagerly the whole time.

    “Chuck, Hee…..” [NOTE: chucky??? :/ im wheezing why is the translation like this]

    The mansion was getting closer. The mansion with the bright light on felt like a Savior. Seidrick took one step, one step at a time.

    Alyssa’s wrists, which were dried up, came into my eyes like a prick.

    “…… What have I done? ……” [NOTE: IDK BOI GO FIX THAT MESS YOU MADE]

    Seidrick clipped his lips.

    After Kendrick was taken out between the two, everything became clear. Seidrick was destroying Alyssa.

    I didn’t know until now that the castle I had built up was nothing but vanity that would soon college. The sense of lots that I learned from walking up my father and losing Kendrick filled Seidrick familiarly. I can’t tell whose tears are wetting my toes.

    The sky didn’t cry, but the ground kept getting wet.

    Seidrick took a breath.


    Seidrick took a heavy, overwhelming step.


    There was one thing Seidrick overload.

    Over the past three years, everything has fallen apart, lived again, and tried hard to butter it up to 4000 things.

    He overlooked himself.

    Kendrick disappeared and supported and abandoned this huge family. Bringing Kendrick back was like lifting Seidrick’s ban.

    The things I had forgotten because I was hit by something else overflowing from the collapsed daeng.

    Seidrick, who’s carrying Alyssa on his back, fell apart.

    “Your Excellency!”


    “What the hell is going on here? Call a doctor!”

    “Alyssa!!! Oh, my God!!!”

    Ophelia’s cry soaked the mansion. Another tear has been added to Cambridge’s tearless days.


    oml why do i always read tragedy novels like WIMTBY and ISHJD????

    PS. this chapter is criminally so LONG, rip fingers.
    PPS. im working on chapter 57 and so on [56 is done]
    PPPS. imma go to sleep with sadness :<
    PPPPS. my fingers are slow when typing forgive mee
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    So the ending is open ended? No closure. I really hope there are some side stories
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    i hope so too :blob_teary:
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    wait?! so what you're saying is that Seidrick kept up this charade for 3 years?!? Before now telling her the truth? Like I want to know how it finally got to the point that he told the truth though. (Like i get that they were mourning the brother, and it was awkward between the two, but I was hoping that they would of warmed up sooner and then revealed it, but idk I'll just wait until the story is complete)
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    Wow this is no joke ,I wonder how they reconcile once they wake up , I mean will we be lucky enough to have some fluff after this storm :blobpensive::blobcry:
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    CHAPTER 56-58 (i have decided to post this now hehe... im not sure when i will post the other chapters coz im not done yet~ blobmelt_thumbs)


    Time passes faster than running water. I’ve been in the mansion for three years. Time has slipped along.

    Alyssa got used to Seidrick, who spends most of his time out there, and no longer. I didn’t even look for him unnecessary. The expectation completely dropped.

    Candrick’s first visit to the mansion two years ago was also significantly reduced. I don’t know what happened, but thanks to this, Alyssa’s mind and body had a little peace.

    Oh, Kruno also had a distant wedding.

    Countess Carold said she had to sell the queen’s jewelry to cover her shortfall. It was a great resolution for that pride. Then Vanessa married a year after Kruno.

    The queen apparently put a proposal to Count Alberto, but the second son of the Count refused. I’m already married. It was because there was.

    The queen had to marry Vanessa to someone else, who was the only Duke of Seraphina. It was also a great anecdote that Vanessa came to Cambridge because she liked him from the royal castle because he was about 15 years older.

    Vanessa naturally seemed to think that Alyssa would accept her, but the door to the tightly closed mansion wouldn’t open. Vanessa finally cursed Alyssa as she was captured by the royal knights who came looking for her, and the malicious words crossed the gate of the mansion.

    So only Norfe remained in the royal family. He was still perceived to be a pain in the ass, running from bar to bar on the street and living with this woman and that woman.

    Oh, and the greatest change that has ever been made was Darnia.

    Darnia left the royal family shortly after her visit to Alyssaa. She did not become independent by marriage, but by herself. Darnia rebuilt her own castle. She was no longer Darnia Kerald, but Darnia Kendrick. Kendrick’s first name is written to her last name.

    That consolidated Darnia’s commitment to honor Kendrick forever.

    And winter 2 years ago.

    A new civic group was created as a trigger for a novel by a criminal writer that also created a new wind in the kingdom. That was the revolutionary group.

    It was centered around Caradela in Dandelion. Caradela had previously been small part of the civic group, so he had a wide network of people, which helped the revolutionaries’ clandestine activities.

    The temple restored its lost power and posted daily criticisms targeting the royal family, and some criticized the royal family along with the temple.

    The biggest scandal would have been the heretical faith believed by the king.

    Seeking eternal life.

    People began to reject heresy on their own.

    And Alyssa.

    She was doing her part as a writer’s creamer, as well as a Caambridge hostess. Alyssa often met Mona, Gilbert, and Sid, and was still running a series of Clemore stories, and had been making donations.

    And lastly, it was a new friend class.

    I became good friends with Darnia. Darnia left Kerald and got a small mansion near Cambridge, where she lived.

    After that day.

    “Alyssa, you didn’t forget we were supposed to eat together, did you?”


    I’ve been going back and forth like this. Darnia was a much more lively person that I thought and although it was often hard to guess, I liked her.

    Although she preached the purpose of the Revolutionary Corps to the nobles, she waaas adamant about a country without a royal family.

    I had a will.

    He was a good man.

    Alyssa grinned as she served Darnia a tea.

    “It’s a new restaurant and it tastes good. All there say that it’s not a waste of money.”

    “Really? I’m looking forward to it.”

    “You’re interested again, are you? It’s soulless thing to say, absolutely.”

    Darnia bit her lips. However, Alyssa were not hard on. Everything is indifferent to Alyssa, but it was Madal who knew she was kind to Darnia, who had already stepped inside the buy-a-boundary.

    “Our writer, we’re going to eat delicious food at the station.”

    How can a man be like those two chopsticks?

    He joined forces with Ophelia and took her here and there, unchanged. Since people’s perceptions of the dragon house changed, the royal position has begun to crumble. People have come to speak out criticizing the stopping royal family.

    He simply abandoned the attitude that he used indiscriminately.

    Darnia pulled out a new magazine.

    Alyssa was still hiding her identity, and as far as Darnia knew, everyone in the mansion knew she was aa cream writer. It was only natural that Alyssa wasn’t so bad at hiding things. But I was turning a blind eye for her.

    “This is the latest Dandelion issue. There’s another story about Clemore. Read it!”

    Alyssa accepted the magazine with her cheeks turning red.

    It was a little embarrassing to receive a book containing a novel written by him as a gift.

    ‘I don’t know about Darnia…..’

    Clemore has been gaining unprecedented popularity and been breaking sales records day after day, but that’s all. Alyssa is Alyssa.

    She took the magazine and stuck her eyes out over it.

    “Well, is that funny?”

    “Yong. It’s really, really fun! He’s so popular! I don’t think anyone I know doesn’t read this novel.”

    “Is it that bad?”

    “Sure! You like it, don’t you?”

    “What, what.”

    Alyssa nodded her head. Darnia’s mind watchong the scene was lso relesed like like a spring day. Alyssa is so soft and cautious. Moreover, she was cute when she saw her like that.

    I don’t even know if that’s why I’m maaking fun of her.

    Darnia swallowed a smile and sipped tea.

    Alyssaa opened the magazine. Because she knew that Darnia wouldn’t back down until I read the novel in front of her. Let’s pretend to read quietly.

    Alyssa quietly dispersed the novel.

    Clemore’s life, the last royal daughter, was also coming to head. Clemore, who enjoyed aa spectacular free love affair and helped a new political system take over, hiding behind her back.

    I was preparing to leave.

    Clemore is also a by-product of aa ruined royal family.

    In fact, she also didn’t deserve to stand in this world.

    Alyssa was preparing for Clemore’s death. With that, Clemore will complte the new parliamentry system. That ws the most perfect ending to her novel.

    At the same time, Alyssa was preparing for a scenario up to her death.

    A life that was improving little by little was no comfort to Alyssa.

    It was a life out of place in the first place.

    Alyssa, who was broken from the inside, was still in the mud and repeated the same thought.

    ‘I should have just died.’ [NOTE: imma replace it: The royal family should have just died.]


    Seidrick published aa report from the South. Pauline stood in front of him with a triumphant look on her shoulders. The report contauined the income from southern iron ore. Irone ore was sold to those who needed it, except for the transfer to Joseon. That alone has been profitable.

    It ws the revolutionaries who bought most of the iron ore.

    It was possible because some of the revolutionaaries were very rich. Instead of strengthening nationaal defense aand preparing for the rebellion of the revolutionary list, the royal family ws obsessed with heresy beliefs.


    Seidrick curled his lips up.

    As the royal family collapsed, Alyssa’s good deeds emerged. It was thanks to Pauline’s hard work. Pauline and Seidrick impliticitly symphatized with the publicity of her good deeds. It was to separate Avery and Alyssa.

    Even if the royal fmily collaapse on the first day, Alyssaa must survive.

    She was well entitled to it.

    Instead of doing what no one else in the royal family did, they took care of the starving people. Many people are alread starting to think differently of her aand the royal family.

    Not Avery’s Alyssaa, but Cambridge’s Alyssa.

    “It’s too soon to be frightened.”

    Seidrick smiled pleasantly.

    The business is also on its way to success. A week ago, a commercial ship at sea completed a pilot voyage safely.

    The heads of foreign land draagons trding couldn’t reach Seidrick. This is because using ships will not only halve the time but she also expand the range of items.

    “You still haave homework to do.”

    Terrooy denounced Seidrick in a stern voice. He was still out there, willing to keep Alyssa unidentified.

    It was three years. Three years of jag-match.

    Alyssa has spent three years in Cambridge without knowing her husband’s face. [NOTE: uhm… :/]

    “You should know that you deserve a divorce.” [NOTE: fr tho]


    Seidrick used to cough and turned his head. At first Kendrick was the reason, but now he was too scared to know. The relationship between Alyssa and Sid, a gardener, was deepening. Even if it’s only friendship.

    The disappearance of Sid was like a support for Alyssa.

    Seidrick was scared of her collapsing.

    The wrong button was still in trouble in the first place. I wish I had known from the beginning that Alyssa wasn’t the same person as Avery, but it’s been a long time since I’ve given up such useless regrets.

    Seidrick had a headache thinking about how to identify her.

    After signing a contract with the merchants, they will receive a down payment in return for loading the goods onto the ship. Some of the money was planned to be handed over to the king and transfer to Kendrick’s cemetery. Then the obstacle between Seidrick and Alyssa is completely lifted. It’s not long before you have to show yourself.

    “..... I’m going crazy.” [NOTE: as u should :p]

    Seidrick rubbed his forehead.



    Ophelia’s wedding preparations has begun, whatever relationship between Seidrick and Alyssa is. Ophelia and Kayhan, who have become adults, are just around the corner. Alyssa, who has experienced royal persecution, was in charge of preparing for the wedding.

    It was out of one’s volition, not a request from anyone.

    Juliana has been very week in the past two years.

    Parents with their children at the forefront must have been far away

    Juliana was drying up day by day. Like Alyssa. However, he kept nagging her daughter-in-law that she should eat well and healthy. Alyssa and Ophelia. That’s because Juliana had made a lot of progress.

    Her mind was rotting in the opposite pay as she gradually found her way to life and stability in Cambridge.

    Is it okay for me to enjoy this?

    It was not a walk, but a result from a broken stomach. Alyssa doesn’t know how to take the favor she’s given at face value. Just feeling burdened and struggling to get away with it.

    It was rather up to the people around her to feel sorry and heartbroken for her.

    No matter how much her life has improved, the reality of hell has not changed for her who cannot know it. The only time Alyssa felt comfortable was when she put everything down and was in Gilbert’s cabin, which could only exist as “Lisa”.

    Neither Avery’s princess nor Cambridge’s mistress, just Lisa.

    Sid’s stay in the garden has increased significantly. In other words, Alyssa has become a person to meet as long as she goes to the garden. On the other hand, her husband has not even come to the mansion since he started his new business in the capital.

    “I have to divorce and leave this mansion.” [NOTE: ooof seidrick is be f***** up lol]

    It was a daily thought. It maybe a little easier to do as she wisher after becoming a ‘person’ rather than a Duchess. Alyssa no longer wanted to be a nuisance to Cambridge.

    It was a perfect disappearance upon divorce.

    A place you’ll never find because people you’ve gotten close to might be looking for Alyssa.

    ‘….. I should say goodbye to Sid, too.’

    I didn’t want to show Sid too bad either. I think he’s the first official friend of Alyssa. So Sid had a desire to show only good looks. The existence of a sweet emotion underlying that desire is trying hard.


    Alyssa was not qualified to bear such feelings.

    Besides, Alyssa is a married woman. That feeling was excused to Sid as well. So Alyssa was trying to hide her feelings.


    I was thinking about something else, so I wrote something strange. Alyssa will line ip the remaining seed’s name on the manuscript.

    “…. I think I’m crazy…..”

    Alyssa, wake up.

    You said I shouldn’t show it.

    Alyssa bit her lips tightly. I clearly remembered when this feeling started. It would have been after she declared never to find her again in the presence of the queen.

    That day, the moment I saw Sid for me around the dark.

    There was still a vivid sensation left.

    Alyssa bit her lip. I raised my hand, pressed down on my eyelids, and breathed a trembling breath.

    ‘No, Alyssa…..’

    This venomous feeling was so sweet that it was driving people crazy. Because of this, she gradually reduced the number of visits to the garden. It was a feeling that should not be embraced in the first place. No matter how neglected she was. Alyssa was a married woman, and Sid was…

    “You’re such a waste to me. Don’t be greedy.”

    I’ve repeatedly said it’s selfish greed.

    Sid was indifferent and friendly. Ever since he waited for Alyssa in the dark, he had become more affectionate. He prepared a blanket for her and cut the food into small pieces to make it easier to eat.

    If it was too late, he took Alyssa to the eggs of her mansion and waited as if it were natural on the day she didn’t come. That was a fact I could tell by watching Sid secretly.

    “Oh, my God….”

    However, when I think of Sid, the moon rises from the inside and my passion becomes potty. Fortunately, she doesn’t do this when in front of him.

    Alyssa covered the manuscript. I didn’t think I could write more novels today.


    Today was the last time Ophelia’s dress has to be fitted. Alyssa, Ophelia, and Darnia visited the dressing room. The number of people getting married was increasing while the country was in a state of limbo. They said if ever, I don’t know when the country will go down and I don’t want to leave any regrets.

    ‘I’ll never let you go under.’

    That’s why he decided to destroy the 2101 room. [NOTE: ??????]

    Anyway, Ophelia was dazzling in her dress. Unlike Alyssa. For Alyssa, the day of the wedding was like a winning streak being sold out. It was only a week after Kendrick’s death that day. Alyssa’s wedding resembled funeral.

    Ophelia, however, was different.

    Unlike Alyssa, who doesn’t even know her husband’s face yet. Ophelia gets married after dating. Ophelia’s beautiful face was rife with a happy smile. It was a smile that made even the heart of love to see warm.

    “I think you should change the ribbon on your waist……”

    Darnia said agonizingly.

    “I think so, too. The dress is fancy, but the ribbon is fancy, so I think it’s too much.”

    “Well, then how about this?”

    Darnia put a simple velvet ribbon around Ophelia’s waist.

    “Ophelia, how about this?”

    “I think it’s better. Let’s change it. It’s still possible, right?”

    “Yes, Ophelia.”

    Fortunately, the Madame in the dressing room actively accepted Ophelia’s request for correction. While I was at it, I also checked Kaihan’s robes.

    Alyssa was actively accepting Ophelia’s opinion and continuing preparations for the wedding.

    It was to make the most unhappy girl in the world the happiest bride of three years. Darnia also cherished Ophelia like her own sister, with Kendrick buried in her chest.

    “Lunch is on me today. Ophelia, do you have a salad today?”

    “I wish I could eat more. I’m still skinny.”

    At Alyssa’s words, Darnia and Ophelia’s eyes turned on her. In fact, the thinnest one was her. Whether she was eating properly or not, her wrist was thin and fragile, and her skinny body raised concerns that she didn’t know how to get around.

    Ophelia, who was quietly looking at Alyssa, said boldly.

    “No, let’s go eat meat today. Meat!”

    “Good idea.”

    Darnia agreed.

    “What the hell is you chef doing?”

    Darnia whispered to Ophelia quietly.

    “He cooks well. But she couldn’t eat it after few bites. I think she’s eating at Gilbert’s cabin more.”

    “That’s why you want to write my writer’s?”

    Darnia whispered this time sp that only Ophelia could hear it.

    “It’s our writer, Sis.”


    Darnia danced Ophelia.

    “Have you seen this episode?”

    “Of course.”

    “Was Clemore in critical condition? Our writer wouldn’t kill Clemore.”

    “Oh, why are you asking me!”

    “Living in the same house. How can you ask such question so badly?”

    “You can’t even do it.”

    This time, Darnia shut up. Alyssa called the two people who were caught up in a fight. Alyssa, who was about 10 steps ahead, turned around and beckoned to the two.

    “Darnia, Ophelia!”

    The refreshing autumn sun was pouring behind Alyssa. Alyssa’s platinum hair glistened. The bulging purple eyes glistened like jewels. The white pinu and lobe had pink lips with a small smile.

    “Oh, my God…….”

    Ophelia swallowed with her mouth covered.

    I’ve heard all sorts of praises from people as I tried on my dress today, but the praises should have been heard by Alyssa. Alyssa, with a halo behind her, was as beautiful as the rest of the world. [NOTE: HECKK~ seidrick is one lucky man :< but he doesn’t realize it]

    Darnia murmured when she was named.

    “My writer, you’re so beautiful again today……”


    Alyssa took out part of Maria’s fortune for Ophelia’s wedding. Sasha rebuked why she did so, but it was Alyssa’s mind. It was all she could do.


    Alyssa took it and knocked on Juliana’s bedroom door.

    “Come in.”

    As expected, there was a voice that was much weaker than two years ago. Alyssa opened the door, unable to erase her regret. Juliana was reading a book against the head of her bed.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Juliana smiled warmly.

    “I’m here to tell you something.”

    Alyssa approached carefully and sat on the chair beside Juliana.

    “Mother, are you taking your medication?”

    “Of course, you guys take good care of me.”

    “……. I can’t imagine Cambridge without mother.”

    Alyssa is now able to bring up quite a few bold words. Juliana gazed silently at her face. How the world has ruined such a beautiful child. Now she was no longer worried if she die. [NOTE: indeed… the world did her very wrong :<<]

    Ophelia was getting married, and Seidrick was finding his place.

    If there is only one concern, it is Alyssa.

    It was just this kid.

    Alyssa, who had dried up like a flower that would fall at any moment, was so caught up in my eyes.



    “Thanks for saying that, Alyssa.”

    “….. I mean it.”

    Indeed, without Juliana Cambridge, I can never imagine that. She was always there as a godfather, like a hard pillar guarding Cambridge. When Alyssa was wronged by Norfe or stoned by the world, she blocked her face.

    The fact that Juliana is getting weaker day by day made even Alyssa sad.

    “In fact, I came here to tell you something.”

    Alyssa tried to change the subject. I’m gonna ask Sasha to see another doctor. I’m still thinking of what to say. Three or four!

    “Mother. I want to give you this.”

    Alyssa put a pocket of money on the bed.

    “….. Why are you giving it to me?”

    “I’d like you to pay Ophelia’s bills.”

    At first glance, the money seemed comparable to the monthly income of the duke. That kind of money for Ophelia?

    Alyssa was often like this much. It’s as if she couldn’t give other what she had after being brainwashed.

    Two years ago, Kendrick’s first appearance in Hwang Seong was told by Darnia. This is what the imperial family made Alyssa things like this. In Juliana’s eyes, the girl looked like child yearning for affection.

    Juliana shook her head.

    “….. Alyssa, we don’t need this….”

    “I know, Mother. It’s okay if you don’t. This is just how I feel. I hope Ophelia gets married without any shortage.”

    “It’s possible, with the assets of a duke if you want. So this is….”

    Alyssa obstinately placed the purse on Juliana’s hand.

    “I don’t have a heart there. Please take it, Mother. Please.”

    It was not until she saw Alyssa, who was filled with tears, that Juliana realized. The fact that this is the light of heart that she’s been stirring at Ophelia.

    The amount brought by Alyssa was delivered to the Kayhan family as a dowry.

    As she wishes.


    There can’t be peace at Alyssa’s life.

    Rumors hit the social scene that Cambridge paid a huge dowry that evening when Alyssa visited Juliana. Ophelia, the new bride who is about to get married, did not attend the social gathering, but Darnia did. The nobles pointed out that Darnia ran out of Kerald and joined the revolutionaries as a stupid thing, but they couldn’t ignore her.

    There was still Kerald behind Darnia, and now there seemed to be a duke.

    Darnia diffused diffidently that Alyssa had paid the sum to enhance Ophelia’s prestige.

    Those who knew her and Alyssa were sleeping spread the word.

    And the story also flowed into Vanessa’s ear.

    “Is that true?”

    Vanessa shouts with a new voice.

    “Yes, Ma’am.”

    Vanessa’s hands trembled.

    “How does Alyssa save that money?”

    “I’m good at it, too…..”

    “Did you risk your money?”

    These days, no matter how much I ask the queen for money, she complains that she has no money. I suspect Alyssa may have siphoned off all the money. Vanessa pouted her lips.

    No, it must have been crazy to say that it was Alyssa’s personal assets.

    To spend money on the bloodless Ophelia, let alone on helping the needy royal family or handing it out to Vanessa!

    “…… Whoo, call Norfe. We should talk to Alyssa today.”

    These days, a lot of stupid and crazy things have been clamoring that the royal family should be eliminated, and the country was in good spirits because of the novel Clemore. How dare you let the royal family judge you!

    The royal family must exist and enjoy and its rights. That’s how to the royal family was born! Only when there is a royal family can the country be maintained and its stupid people are protected. It was amazing to see the ignorant people listening to the CD.

    “That’s why you can’t guarantee freedom to the underlings.”

    Vanessa jiggled her lips.

    A hundred years ago, slavery was abolished and the status system began to falter. A hundred years ago, the king did all right, but only one was not good enough. What a stupid thing to do in the those days when the most glorious culture blossomed.

    Alyssa seems to be upsetting the queen, so she should teach her well as an older sister. Vanessa’s eyes glowed.


    That is why Cambridge received untimely uninvited guests.

    It was Vanessa and Norfe.

    The Duke ordered no royal family to enter the mansion, but where does it go? The royal family is royalty, no matter how gangsters live on the street.

    Eventually, news of their arrival went to Alyssa. It was because Seidrick didn’t return home because stayed up all night at work.

    Alyssa stopped preparing to sleep and came down to greet rude uninvited guests.

    Alyssa’s harsh eyes, who wore gowns, dragged the two.

    “What’s going on?”

    “I have something to say.”

    Vanessa said irritably. I don’t know why they’re so crazy because my sister might come to see my younger brother late at night. She raised her eyes and pulled Norfe, who stood beside me foolishly.

    “Oppa, what are you doing?”

    Norfe shook Vanessa’s hand off. My sister said she’d pay me, but Cambridge.


    Norfe’ shady gaze boiled Alyssa up and down.

    “You’re still in for a treat.”

    Norfe smacked his lips with narrow thoughts. From a long time ago, Alyssa looked like her mother and had a pure and bizarre charm. It was deplorable that such a child was a half brother. If it weren’t for the ueen’s vigilance, I would have put her in bed a long time ago.
    [NOTE: WADAHECKK? so he’s into sweet home alabama :/ ]

    Now that’s not possible either.

    I think we can enjoy it from the perspective.

    Norfe stepped forward with and insidious smile.

    “Long time no see, Alyssa.”

    “Go back, you two.”

    Alyssa lightly ignored Norfe. Cambridge is now its territory. Cambridge love would stand by her, not the side of Norfe.

    “Do you want me to call the driver out?”

    “You cheeky b*tch!”

    Norfe hits Alyssa’s cheeks without anyone stopping it. A sharp wave of air roared through the air. Alyssa was beaten after a long a time and scattered her torn mouth with her tongue. There was a whiff of sound coming here and there. The butler blocked her in front of her. [NOTE: sometimes, murder should be normalized :D]

    However, Alyssa pushed him away with a soft touch.

    “So you have to listen to me.”

    “Vanessa quirked. In the first place, she knew there was no duke in the mansion today. Without the Duke, she had nothing to be reckoned with. Vanessa stood next to Norfe.

    “You should be able to stay still to hear that you’re doing something stupid. Where the hell did you get your money from? I don’t know, but I’ll pretend I don’t know.” [NOTE: I didn’t understand the last sentence again srry]


    “Instead, return the favor that has raised you in the royal family. You still don’t know who your family is. You shouldn’t have spent that on Ophelia, you should have spent it on us.”

    Alyssa burst into a laugh.

    I’m so disillusioned.

    Where does such an arrogant and selfish way of thinking come from? The royal family is Alyssa’s family. She hasn’t I thought of them as a family in two years. No, actually it was from the beginning. When I heard that Vanessa, who had never been here before, cam here. I knew why she would come.

    “….. Go back. Stop.”

    “Alyssa! She’s still out of her mind. Shouldn’t you hit her one more time?”

    “That’s the only way to get this crazy woman come to her senses.”

    It was time for Norfe to smile despondently and raise his hand toward Alyssa.

    “You’re still struggling. Both of you.”

    The purple eyes that stared coldly were about to pierce the two. Norfe took a step back, stopping her dream without realizing it.

    “What are you saying, Alyssa? Think about it, didn’t you say family should help? We Aare the type to be dealt with. It’s a family that needs to be together forever.”

    “Not me.”


    “I don’t think of the royal family as a family. Get out here before I call the driver and kick you out.”


    “Get out.”

    Alyssa put aside her manners and said coldly.

    “Get out of Cambridge without further ado.”

    “You b*tch!”

    Alyssa sighed and gestured to the drivers who had already been put on standby by the owner of the house.

    “Get these thugs out. Don’t let them in the mansion again.”

    “What the hell are you doing? Don’t you know who I am?”

    “This is my order as the Cambridge’s hostess.”

    The knights pulled Norfe and Vanessa out. It wasn’t even royal to scream all kinds of swear words. Alyssa stared all the way to the scene where they were dragged out.

    I feel a little better inside.

    Even though my tingling cheeks have been hurting little by little. Alyss burst into laughter.


    Sasha called her master with an anxious face. Because now she looked like a crazy person.

    “Isn’t that funny, Sasha? Who would call them royalty?”

    She was smiling, but Alyssa’s eyes were cold. Alyssa stopped laughing and rubbed her cheek. She wasn’t even scared of it anymore. Queen has raised her hand once or twice, and even if she is beaten, the pain will be forgotten.

    Unlike the wounds in your heart, the wounds on your skin will heal soon.

    However, Alyssa made one decision.

    I’m not gonna leave that sick royal family behind for this world.

    ‘….. We’re going to die together.’

    I won’t be able to close my eyes comfortably until then. Alyssa moved slowly. I needed a place to stretch this tired body.


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    Thank you for the translations!! ❤️ Just wondering who Darnia?
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    I wonder what’s the relationship between darnia and Kendrick
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    Pretty sure I read that she was expecting to marry him before he was arranged to marry Alyssa. She loved him and is still close with the family