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    Next we'll have Yulan and Vio talk about the furniture, drapes, rugs etc, they want to put in their new house that Yulan was thinking of. We can have a loooonnng discussion on that.
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    It's kinda sad that my friend dropped this one because she doesn't like 'weak' FLs. Instead of strengthening herself for her so- called downfall she chose to weaken herself.

    I really hope author will focus on Vio's character development and not just rely on the same plot where the ML always save the FL or do everything that the "Fl" supposed to do in order to achieve her goal.

    Thanks everyone for the spoilers. :aww:.
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    You just made my eyebrow twitch! :facepalm:

    The author either is distracted or running on fumes...or milking this self-discovery/growth arc for all it's worth...
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    Has anyone watched the Indian series 'tulsi'? I get the tulsi vibe from this novel.

    Tulsi is a series that was aired on t.v and went on for yrs and yrs until even the producers got fed up with it and gave up on it. As for the actors, they got changed midway due to the story never coming to an end.

    That's the kind of feeling I get from this novel right now. It makes me laugh at the absurdity of it all and at the same time feel a bit annoyed.
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    Yay new chapter it looks like we timeskipped out of the day that never ends, and vio is going on the offensive.
    167. Kaero Kaero

     The skin color is light enough not to be unnatural and healthier than usual. The lips are light and shiny, and the cheeks are slightly rosy. Don't put on flashy colors, just bring out the goodness of the material, just bring out the original things. The loosely braided hair and the metal hair ornaments without jewels are sophisticated because they are simple.

     It was a brand new product that I wasn't used to, but I was proud that only politeness and aesthetics were second to none. I take pride in understanding the appeal of Violet more than anyone else.

    "Good morning Vio-chan, are you in good physical condition?"

    "Well, I'm really fine."

    "It was good. It's been a while since I was in uniform."

    "Yeah ... so it feels a little weird. I should have been wearing it for years."

    "It's okay, it looks great"

     Not surprisingly, his slowly stretched hand touched Violet's hair. In addition to the original soft hair quality, a golden barrette glitters on the back of the head, which has been half-up with a silky texture with careful care and careful setting. Zilant's cheeks became soft and loose, with a light gray color flowing from the long fingers of his big hand, which was suitable for his height, as if the thread broke.


     A smile that melts with the sweetness of cotton candy sprinkled with sugar water is enough to complete the world of the two. I'm sure Marin isn't in my eyes. To be correct, it doesn't matter whether you are there or not. Originally, he is a man who has only three types of life: himself, Violet, and others. Marin is somewhat important, but after all it is superior or inferior in "Other". Marin is not as extreme as Zilant, but it's similar, so I have no complaints. Violet is shy, but laughing happily, that's all that matters.

    "Ah ... yes, thank you. Marin did her best."

     It's certainly Marin, but it doesn't mean anything to Zilant.

     Beautiful and adorable. It's something I always think about, and it's not a special feeling today. I notice such changes as different hairstyles and different makeup, but it's different if it is said that it affects my impressions. If Violet looks happy, it's great if it changes, and it's great if it changes. With that kind of impression, it's just a story of love.

    "I couldn't talk about cosmetics, but did I have all the tools? I checked, but I'm not familiar with it in the first place, so I'm not sure."

    "I'm not particularly detailed, but it was prepared more than enough. There were many colors I had never used."

    "That's right ... Tell me whenever you have something you're interested in or want. I don't seem to notice this, and I'm in trouble if I don't have it when I need it."

    "Yeah ... I'll spoil you at that time."

    "Yeah, promise"

     It's good now, but one day I'll definitely be back in the social world. It is the responsibility of this status that does not change even after being tied to Zilant. At that time, I don't have enough tools, I don't have enough colors, I don't have the skills, but I can't pass. Although my status as a student still protects me to some extent now, my palm is brilliantly turned around on the day of graduation. If Violet and Marin don't train their arms and eyes in the present, it's a world where even one blunder will be inherited. It can be said that we are already late when we have to incorporate not only the facial features, clothes, and accessories, but also the rapidly changing trends. There is only a short time left to hit with the good material.

    "Anyway, why don't we go see it together on our way home today? It's a good time, and I want to know a lot."

    "I'm leaving it to Marin, so I wonder if I should study a little."

    "Then it's decided! I'll pick you up after school, so wait in the classroom."

    "I am looking forward"

     At this time of the test, there shouldn't be such a time. In particular, Violet is absent on a weekly basis, so there is not only time but also no time to spare. If this goes on, the result will be easy to imagine, and my father will be angry like a fiery fire.

     Thinking so much, I wondered why. You don't have to endure the blame that you forgot to even feel depressed anymore, and if you don't like a little break, you can just run away.

     Violet is reasonably good, just because the results originally sought were unusual, and thanks to the study session with Rosette, he should be able to get an average score if he is taking regular classes from now on.

    "Then I'll go. I'll be back by dinner."

    "Don't worry, we will deliver it safely."

    "I'm afraid. Please be careful."

     Marin couldn't move for a while, with his head bowed to Violet, who shook his hand softly, and Yulan, who turned his back at a glance.

     For the first time, Violet, who smiled and said "go home," was so beautiful that she couldn't cry.
    I have no idea what kaero kaero means as well
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    Kaero = go home
    Like okaeri = welcome home
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    I don't know anything about it, but sounds spot on.
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