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    This is the first time I write a comment on this site and it was for you because I am very, very, very happy
    Thanks for the chapters. You are more than wonderful, you are brilliant.
    I open the site every quarter of an hour to see if additional chapters of the wonderful novel have been uploaded

    thank you YoongHye You are the paradise of those who cannot read with Koka
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    Can anyone tell me bout the mc mom?
    The duke's wife what happened??
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    The day Kashmira arrived with Aria. Caesar, with the keen sense of the Sword Master, woke up the moment the issue of confusion came to the front of the mansion.


    In addition to realizing that a large presence was approaching, his hair stood on end all over his body and his eyes widened.


    A crumpled sheet emerged from the leaning scabbard next to Caesar's bed. Affirming your instinct. He didn't know what was coming, but it was definitely unusual.

    'Is it an invasion by the Northerners?'

    It was a commanding presence to the point of feeling a great army approaching. As the movement of the Northerners these days has not been so serious, Caesar has assembled several families and prepared a communication zone for any situation.

    'By the way…'

    Caesar's brow furrowed. The looming presence was strangely familiar. Caesar stood in front of the window, feeling the heartbeat that had always resembled that of the dead.


    There was an explosion with a roar. Dazzling light appeared everywhere. The surroundings were engulfed in light for a time, and then fell back under the curtain of night. The shield protecting the dukedom broke in an instant.

    As much as possible, Caesar stopped breathing as he stared out into the courtyard with his hand on the window.

    Like a beast without a rein, it is an energy that runs menacingly. Something that is shockingly depressing and bleak. An aura that is out of control with despair that falls endlessly

    '... Mir. '

    "Shit! Open the door! Get out!"

    Mir, overflowing with violent mana, began to knock on the Duke's door.

    Long black hair messed up. Deep pink eyes that glow drenched in moisture. Girl in his arms, arms tightly clasped as if this could be her lifeline.

    At that moment, Caesar felt the strange sensation of his heart sinking.

    "Open the door please!"

    Mir screamed desperately. The little hand is constantly banging on the door. Red blood stained the door. For some reason, Caesar couldn't take his eyes off the little creature.

    '... Ah. '

    Caesar suddenly thought. Mir, he looks a bit like himself.

    Shiny curly black hair, glassy reddish eyes, everything looked like him.

    '...The woman.'

    In an instant, Caesar's eyes sunk into a woman's face.

    "Think of saving both people and help me once. My magic, my abilities and even my soul belong to the Duke. Help me keep what I love ... Just once, just once help me."

    Caesar had only once in his life helped someone at no cost. In the midst of endless despair, a woman who pleaded with him with a firm attitude that did not break his heart.

    He mixed his body by being influenced by the being that tried to protect his precious things with everything.


    At that moment, Caesar discovered the identity of Mir's feelings of despair.

    "I'll do everything, so please lend a bed."

    Mir looked like the woman.

    Caesar stared at the vibrant pink irises with dark eyes. He had seen those eyes. They were desperate eyes that only appeared when they had to protect something more precious than themselves.

    'Is that?'

    His callous gaze turned to the girl in Mir's arms. The smell of the forest touching the girl's nerves was definitely that of the fairy. The red eyes sparkled with interest for a moment at that fact, but soon disappeared as if evaporating. The numb pupils regained the light that had been lost only after the gaze moved to Mir.

    Caesar, who had not been impressed by anything for a long time, was feeling something intense as if it were going to explode from Mir.

    Bang! Bang!

    The entire area of the mansion trembled as Mir's small hand knocked on the door. At the same time that the steel door was scratched, blood began to flow from the clumsy little hands. Mir did not stop striking even as the bones in his fist began to crumble.

    Caesar wrinkled his face. As the little hand bled and banged on the door, it seemed like something inside him had collapsed. Something boiled in him. At the same time, anger-like feelings arose, and at the same time, Caesar was captured by a strong urge to destroy something.

    'Are you crazy?'

    He wasn't used to his always calm heart pounding like a sailing ship meeting a storm. She couldn't take her eyes off Mir's bleeding hand, even though she felt it wasn't like usual.


    Caesar distorted his face. Whenever Mir's skin was torn, the feeling that his skin was also torn was curious and painful.

    I wish Mir wasn't hurt. By the time he turned to open the door.

    "Fuck it! Take a step back!"

    Mir, who was breathing wildly, drew his sword from his waist.


    Mana, running wildly, approaches the blade of the sword. As if expressing an unstable state, Mir, who forcibly gathered around his sword, breathed out an aura that could grab and shake mana.

    It was a famous story that Mir used a black aura. A disaster of disaster that destroys the plague of beasts with an aura as black as an abyss.

    Caesar Krysis captured Mir's Aura in his eyes for the first time.

    It was despair itself.


    The question arose.

    The aura is the only answer found by the soul of a person who overcomes his own limitations. The aura was formed based on the correct answer, so the darker the correct answer, the darker the question.

    The answer Caesar found with the Sword Master leading the way was 'Slaughter'. Because it cut everything that interferes. Because of this, his auror had a dark red color that resembles blood.

    'But the auror is…'

    A deep black that does not dare to let the light pass through. Endless darkness. Caesar has never seen an Auror darker than Mir's.

    'Why do you have that color?'

    Feeling the urge to know why he wanted to wipe away the tears that flowed through the mask, Caesar watched Mir's movements in a dazzling way.

    And it wasn't long before the doors of the Krysis mansion, which boast hundreds of years of history, were smashed under Mir's blow.

    "Ha ha ha!"

    Caesar laughed after a long time.

    It wasn't enough to knock on the door of the Duke of Krysis, where rumors said demons lived there, so I don't hate Mir, who destroyed a long-history mansion. No, rather, what it feels like.

    'It's lovely.'

    Caesar realized that looking only at Mir made him strange, but he felt it wasn't bad. Except for the unpleasant experience of seeing Mir's hand injured, something seemed to change, the changes in emotions caused by Mir were only pleasant.

    Mir, who smashed the door and entered the mansion, disappeared from sight. Caesar was delighted by the visit and hid in the wall next to the stairs.

    "... I'm Taylor, the general manager of the mansion. May I ask your name?"

    "This is Mir."

    "Yes, Mir. Somehow ..."

    "Please call the Duke first. I'll explain everything later."

    'Am I the purpose?'

    Caesar felt the situation growing more and more exciting. He observed the situation with a smile that was about to increase.

    "... I'm sorry, but that's a bit difficult. The duke has already gone to bed."

    "I am so sorry."

    The entire hall was filled with aura. Caesar realized that even he, the sword master himself, was suffocating for a moment.

    "I have to see the duke right now."

    The cracked voice was sad.

    "... Please tell us what you are coming for. If you go out like this, I can't help you."

    For many years, Taylor, who worked as a duke's butler, was rational even when faced with cut skin.

    I looked, her eyes were dead at Taylor's question.


    He couldn't tell why his heart felt like this.

    "My little sister, my little sister is ill. Please call the duke ..."

    In a desperate voice, for some reason, Caesar felt the need to jump down the hall at once.

    '...a little more.'

    Sudden impulse and anguish between reason, he decided to press his instincts and observe the situation a little more.

    "Duke, bring Duke Caesar Krysis! Call him!"

    Mir, who had been trying to stay calm, started running wildly like an explosion as the girl in his arms began to vomit blood. Mir found himself crying.

    'Should I go down? Not yet.'

    Caesar had to resist his instincts to betray reason and tremble. Every time the tears flowed from Mir's eyes, he experienced a strange sensation of leaking into his heart.

    "The Duke is in bed now ..."

    "Who are you serving?"

    And then Mir.

    "I am Kashmira Krysis, the daughter of the Duke of Krysis! Lead me to my father!"

    He dropped a huge bomb.


    The heart keeps falling high. His heart beat faster and faster.

    Only then did the spreading dizzy puddles hit him. The missing woman and child. Red eyes. A strange sense of stupidity that he felt. The feelings that ran strangely.

    Caesar leaned against the wall. It was a new shock that had been inflicted on him after so long that everything was boring. While confused, he couldn't take his eyes off Mir or Kashmira.


    And Mir took off his mask.

    The face that was revealed as soon as the mask fell, resembled Caesar.

    It was lovely.

    'Are you finally crazy?'

    Caesar closed his mouth. The laugh that escaped him was awkward. Reason and instinct seemed to play separately.

    'It's fun.'

    Caesar attracted interest by the feelings that twisted in his heart. He supposed it was more than that, but he didn't know what to name the feeling.

    "Whoever blocks, will fly."


    In this way, the mansion would collapse. In fact, if the boy wanted to knock her down, he wanted to let her do it, but he seemed to have to mediate so much as it was a protest to call him himself.

    "Stay back, Taylor."

    Caesar slowly brought Taylor to a stop, suppressing a strange squirming sensation.

    At that moment, the boy and his gaze met.

    His eyes are as red as hers, contaminated from living.

    What was contained under the mania-filled eyes was like a form of despair falling into hell.

    Your heart beats. I didn't know why. As if he were the only hope, the boy's wet eyes, following him gravely, made Caesar's stomach rumble.


    Finally he stood in front of the boy. The look of the boy he saw up close was worse than he thought. The appearance shakes again and Caesar exhales a rippling aura. The boy took a deep breath.

    He wondered if the aura fight of the two Sword Masters would continue for a while, so it was dangerous for the boy.


    The little hand released the sword, holding it desperately. Placing a sword first in front of the same sword master, was like laying a lifeline, so he was bound to feel strange.

    'Will it be so precious?'

    His eyes, tense and dry, looked at the adored girl in his arms. It seemed that he had the treasure of the world.

    "It's fun."

    Caesar laughed slightly. It's really fun being able to be desperate for something like that, it was weird.

    He strode over to Kashmira and lifted her chin slightly. Her skin was clammy and sticky with tears.

    "Are you my daughter?"

    It was the moment when Caesar Krysis, who had not experienced love for 39 years, knew the one thing he would love for the rest of his life.

    "My lady's condition has calmed down to a certain extent. The absorption rate of regular energy is fast, so if she wakes up after a sigh, there will be no problems in her daily life."

    The doctor, who measured Aria's pulse, said with a bright expression.

    I lay down on a clean bed and breathe wildly as I watch Aria breathe evenly.

    'Is over.'

    The disaster that devastated my life is over. Moments of pain that had been terrifyingly long ended the duke's power, and ended in vain. I was happy, although I couldn't find that fact.

    'I feel weird.'

    A helpless laugh broke out. Unbearably happy, overwhelmingly sad, and painfully bitter. Too many emotions disappeared, so I couldn't feel them anymore.

    My whole body was relaxed and swayed slightly, but the big hand that came up over my shoulder supported me.

    "Is one bottle feeding enough?"

    "Yes, for the next five years at least, it won't be caught in a regular shortage."

    Caesar couldn't see him with his eyes closed so I looked so terrible and he told me to come in and treat me, but I couldn't sleep until I saw Aria recover. Having watched Aria ingest energy for the first time since she was born, it was difficult to sleep amidst the overflowing emotions.


    My little world.

    I staggered my steps and knelt next to Aria lying down.

    He carefully lifted my flesh and blood stained hand and swept Aria's cheek with the tip of my blood-free hand. The cheeks that are pale, but carry the warmth of the living.

    "...You lived."

    If I spit it out, it will evaporate and turn into a lie. Even if it was a dream, although it was a situation that was not realistic enough to believe, the warmth that reached the tips of the fingers evokes a terrible sense of reality and tears fall.

    "...Thanks god..."

    He cried and kissed Aria on the back of her hand. Finally. The longing that I dreamed of and worked hard for my whole life came true. The surroundings became silent, but there was no reason to worry about that. With both of my hands shaking from tears constantly, I grasped Aria's pale hand.

    I couldn't raise my head because a cascade of emotions that couldn't even be described dare to overflow.

    It can be boring watching me cry without even moaning, but Caesar, Taylor, and the doctor waited in silence for quite some time until I regained consciousness. It wasn't until I got dizzy how long I shed tears and stumbled, and Caesar, who was watching silently from behind, walked over to me.

    "You'll be exhausted like this. Do you need more time?"

    She bent her upper body and lifted the long strap of the shower gown that was wrapped around her waist and wiped my tear-stained face. The touch was so sweet that I was fascinated, but Caesar was still sad. When I realized I was wearing only a coat, I came to my senses.

    "Lo, sorry. Now it's okay."

    The tears wiped away with the back of the hand, causing the knee to buckle, and for a moment the dizziness began to rise and the body trembled.

    "Watch out."

    Big hands supported my back. Caesar's expression was still calm, but I was only embarrassed by the idea of him showing only an unspoken figure in front of him. To support myself in a hurry, I gave strength to my legs, but I only staggered once more, and the strength did not enter my tired body.


    Caesar, with a slow sound, lifted me slightly and sat me on his arm.

    "Pu, I can walk alone!"

    My blood and dirt stained his white shower robe. Of course she was scared and struggling.

    "Puck. He's going to fall on the road."

    I missed a word to refute and bit my lip firmly. In fact, I was exhausted to the point where it was difficult to even hold onto my mind. Taylor leaves the room at a brisk pace, and Doctor Paul rummages through the briefcase and hands Caesar some salve.

    "Then go."

    Caesar, who saw that she was so tired and dejected, took a step. I hugged him silently and left the room.

    A duke immersed in darkness had a strange light. A majestic but relaxing environment. As I crossed the dark hallway, there was an awkward silence between Caesar and me. I barely lifted my sleepy lids, feeling his body temperature through the skin he touched.

    "Wash and sleep."

    Caesar, looking at me with only my eyes open, raised his hand above my head and stroked it slowly. Long black hair, stained with blood and dirt, entwined between his long fingers. I woke up and nodded hastily.

    "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Kashmira. This is Mary, who will attend to the lady."

    A middle-aged woman standing in front of the door I had come to greets me with a bow. I looked at Caesar in a vague state and asked him to get off me. I landed on the ground, staggered slightly and pulled me closer to Mary.

    "Nice to meet you. This is Kashmira who has come to your care."

    Politely bowed your back and greeted her at an angle. There was silence for a moment.

    "... Miss. Speak comfortably. I am the maid of the lady."

    "Well, I feel comfortable this way."

    In a cold sweat, he scratched my cheek in front of Mary, who had no idea what to do. Caesar, standing behind me, heaved a little sigh.

    "Kashmira Krysis."

    The name on Caesar's mouth was unfamiliar. I stiffened for a moment and looked around me, and he looked at me with his arms crossed.

    "You are not in debt to this place. This is yours."

    The words spoken in a monotonous voice were unrealistic. She wasn't sure how to react, so Caesar sighed again and opened the door in person.

    "I'll make you feel it very soon. But today it would be better to sleep first. You look too tired."

    His words were true. Right now, he was in no mood to see if this was reality. As I looked at him blankly, he, with a weak but clear smile, rubbed my hair.

    "The room next to you is my room, so come to me immediately if something happens."

    Sleep well.

    Word for word contained in a careless voice was unbearably sweet. My heart itched. While I was thinking of that sweetness with a vague spirit, she turned away from me and went into the next room.

    'Can I ... return this favor?'

    Suddenly, both of my shoulders became heavy as if they were heavy loads due to the raised questions. I couldn't figure out how to repay him or how to react to the ruthless affection that I could detect.


    A loving voice calling me with closed lips and head down. Mary, who came to me, smiled softly.

    "You must have many thoughts. There will be many worries and burdens. However, there is only one thing that this old woman wants to say to the young woman even though she is willing to be rude."

    Mary slowly took my hand and laughed.

    "It is natural for a father to take care of and care for his children."

    Natural reasons have always been ruled out of my life. Since there was no such thing as a father for me in my 18 years of life, it probably took me a long time to understand what Mary said.

    "...I see."

    But even so, I nodded because I wanted to believe it at least once.

    Also, she wished she had a father.

    ۞۞ Ԟ ۞۞

    "Undress Please."

    Mary, who took me in front of the bathtub with all kinds of bubbles and bath products, told me, stop away.

    'It's a bit embarrassing.'

    She was crouched uncomfortably and, before Mary's encouraging eyes, loosened two buttons on her shirt countless times.


    After releasing the third button, I stopped my hand. Skin that began to show through the gaps in the clothes. Distort my face. Avoiding Mary's waiting gaze, I murmured all I could.

    "Can't I just wash myself ...?"

    "It is natural for nobles to receive bathroom services like the lady. Don't be shy, miss."

    Maybe she thought I was just being shy, Mary comforted me with a loving smile. I bite my lips firmly.

    'I couldn't help healing the wound in front of Didy.'

    At that time, as the situation was urgent, there was no time to hesitate, but now it is not urgent, but it was a situation where others had to touch my body. I hesitated with my hand on the button.


    A body that has lived a lifetime as a mercenary. Without tricks, my body, which has fought the beasts with a single sword, cannot prosper.

    'What should I do if he hates him for being humble?'

    I have not regretted my life so far, but it was true that I was reluctant to reveal my body to people. I wanted to look good with them. There was no way to do anything for the dignity of those who were put under the deep sea.

    "If you are really embarrassed, do I take it away?"

    She looked confused and I shook my head hastily when I saw Mary approach.

    "... No need. I'll take it off."

    'Good. No big deal ... Mary should finish the job quickly and rest. She's awake because of me. '

    I didn't want to look like I was going to campaign, so I stood my ground and pushed the button through the hole in the hole.

    Tuk, Tuk, Tuk.

    The buttons are released and the dirty shirt falls to the floor. A body appeared that looked like a piece of meat cut with a knife.

    There can be no safe place under attack from a ruthless beast. Because Aria was worried, her face desperately avoided my injuries.

    The hands of the clerks have calluses in the center of the pen and the hands of those who do manual labor are worn. The human body recorded the life of its existence in the body.

    When it happened, it was a fatal wound that threatened my life, but now it is a huge scar that has not killed me. Little scars all over the body like a worm. Skin tissues and prominent blood vessels are seen for little venom. Corns all over the body.

    My body also recorded my life. This defeated body was Mercenary Mir's life.


    The perfume in Mary's hand shattered with a harsh sound. Mary's eyes widened. His lips trembled slightly.

    "Ah ..."

    Mary closed her mouth. Her dilated pupils told how shocked she was. His gaze roaming my body became irresistible, and my whole body had a fever.

    "No, I don't need a bath! I'm sorry my body is so disgusting. Really, I wasn't trying to surprise you, but I ..."

    I grabbed my shirt and put my arm on hastily, trying to calm my cheeks that were too hot and throbbing. Embarrassed, the buttoned hand kept slipping.

    "No, no, my lady. It is not disgusting."

    Mary rushed over and took my hand. I couldn't raise my head, I stared at the floor tiles and barely looked up.

    "Uh ..."

    When Mary and I looked into each other's eyes, I finished with a shocked expression.

    Mary was crying.

    "...Why are you crying?"

    Not knowing what to do, he raised his hand and wiped away Mary's tears. Mary, who accepted my hand without refusing, fluttered loudly.

    "Why did you hurt yourself like that ... how much it would have hurt ..."

    I felt weird that there was someone crying for me, so I scratched my head and staggered as if to appease Mary.

    "Mary. I don't get sick anymore ... I'm a sword master. If I had been struggling with this kind of thing, I wouldn't have gotten to this point. It's really okay. Never mind."

    "No. No, my lady."

    Mary wiped away her tears. Despite the sadness, his strong eyes looked at me warmly.

    "There are no occasional injuries in this world."


    I closed my eyes tightly. The affection is too much. Whatever I did wrong, people here were urging me to do something precious again. The important thing is that it always hurts.

    I have lived like I was nothing, but there has never been a case where I was nothing.

    I was always sick. Every night he felt the sensation of the wounds penetrating the flesh. I was in pain because I couldn't be happy and I couldn't make you happy.

    "It's okay now, miss."

    The feelings that came from the sweet voice that soothed me slowly flowed down. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.

    I felt that I was dying of tenderness.

    ۞۞ Ԟ ۞۞

    After bathing, I was able to lie in bed only after applying the ointment all over my body by Mary, who constantly nagged me while looking at the wounds on my body.

    'It's not a dream?'

    Everything that happened urgently was unreasonable. I wiggled my toes, submerged in the huge, fluffy bed.

    'What will happen tomorrow?'

    I bite my lips firmly. I was afraid that Caesar's whims would end tomorrow. Yesterday I was crazy for a while. If he tried to kill me and Aria, I thought a lot about how to respond, and at some point my heart broke and I stopped thinking.

    I squeezed the soft blanket.

    I was scared, suspicious, and worried, but at the same time, I was so happy that everything would be okay.

    '...I do not know.'

    I covered my head with the blanket.

    I know nothing. Just what I want.

    'I hope the duke's whims last as long as possible.'

    I closed my eyes. I could no longer prevent the arrival of sleep.

    That night I slept well for the first time since I became a Sword Master.

    ۞۞ Ԟ ۞۞

    And in the morning.

    When I walked into the breakfast room, I opened my mouth, taking turns looking at the head of a beast twice my body, placed on a huge plate, and a note next to the food.

    [I asked them to grill the meat of the largest beast that lives on the continent because it would break if you hit it too dry. Eat it all and have a doctor examine you.]

    'Is my father ... a madman?'

    ۞۞ Ԟ ۞۞


    Without my knowing it, I sighed and looked around me. A cold snowflake fell on my cheek.

    The duke's garden with white snow was beautiful. I liked the scent of flowers rubbing the tip of my nose, and I raised my mouth wide without knowing it.

    The news I heard was that Caesar's call from the emperor was early in the morning when I fell asleep and opened my eyes in the early afternoon. Since Aria hadn't woken up yet, I had to have breakfast alone in the hallway of a huge mansion.

    'I ... I eat alone, but this is too much ...'

    "For Miss Kashmira, she is only underweight. At first glance, the muscle mass is considerable, but the whole body is muscle because there is not too much meat. You must eat a lot. As much as you need to increase the meat, the food is mainly fat and protein ... "

    Sitting alone in front of a long table that could only be seen in the conference room of the Imperial Palace, I had to get rid of the innocent chant that filled the table while listening to the annoyance of the doctor. I was able to get up from the seat only after I had emptied half of the food from the table.

    "The garden outside the window was pretty, so can I just take a walk for a little while?"

    "Going alone! It can be dangerous, so come with me!"

    "... Wouldn't the person who finds me more in danger than me be?"

    "Ah ..."

    After a short walk, Mary who said she would go with me, let me go while placing my sword around my waist with a trembling expression.


    Breathe slowly and walk slowly through the garden. The only footprint left on the ground where the snowflake fell was mine.

    I looked around slowly. It was so beautiful without realism that it wouldn't be strange even if the snow fairy appeared immediately.

    'In spring ... more beautiful flowers will bloom.'

    I looked at the trees that had been eroded by the cold. The snowy garden had a mystical charm, but the spring garden, full of flowers, seemed much more beautiful.

    'But can we stay here until spring comes?'

    I looked up at the sky with a bitter smile. A vain sigh became a fleeting breath and disappeared into the sky.

    'It really is double.'

    Looking at the blue sky, I suddenly remembered the blue eyes that one day were looking directly at me. An unidentified man who arrived as a guest one winter night and left unforgettable memories.

    'I asked Didy to believe in a favor for no reason ...'

    Doubly, he didn't believe a favor without reason. I was tired of being disappointed in anticipation, and I no longer wanted to be hurt by thinking positive. Doubts and vigilance to protect precious things were like my daily life.

    'Because I was kind to Didy for no reason, because I wanted to receive kindness as well.'

    I started my self help and walked slowly. My stomach trembled.

    Now that Caesar's unreasonable favor arrived, he was still suspicious and alert.

    'Because these are things I never expected. It does not quite fit me?'

    A comfortable bed. A quality meal. A kind touch that seemed indifferent. I feel like I have become an important person.

    It was all undeserved to me.

    'If I were a bit more naive, could I have accepted this situation soon?'

    I look carefully at the heart that has been turned to rags and the heart that has been cold for a long time. If I could pretend that I don't know anything about Caesar's warm eyes, it would be nice if I could stay in favor.

    So I lived a very difficult life.

    I doubt and I am careful with his intentions. Whenever I try to soften my mind, I am aware that I can become unconscious at any moment. These undeserved things constantly reminded me that one day is enough.

    Just by saving Aria, he owed an indelible debt to the duke. I couldn't wait for anything else.

    I said that I would have no illusions that this dream life would continue, and that I would not be greedy that I would not fit in with most people.

    Even if he told me to go out tomorrow, I decided again that he would never hurt me.

    'I just want it.'

    For Aria, this favor stays.

    Everything was twisted because of me. Aria should be happy to become Aria Freya, but my intervention ruined it.

    'Aria. I've ... done everything for you ... would you mind? '

    It was painful. Black emotions, mixed with guilt and responsibility, seemed to go beyond the neck.

    'If she wasn't involved.'

    Many thoughts disturb my head. Numerous 'what ifs' bothered me.

    It's okay if they kick me out of this place tomorrow and come back to life as a rat. I was well.

    But Aria shouldn't be like this.

    'When the duke returns ... I'll talk about it again.'

    When Caesar returned from the imperial palace, he was thinking of asking what it would be like to adopt Aria. Aria is the most adorable girl in the world, so I was sure that Caesar would love Aria like me.

    It must have been that Aria is so wonderful that yesterday she had shown incredible mercy.

    'Actually the face value is better in the Krysis duchy. Perhaps the Duke of Krysis would be better than Count Freya. '

    I tried to console myself and carefully organized what I would say to Caesar.

    For a moment, I imagined a photo of the Krysis family with Aria. I felt proud, miserable and strange.


    I filled my steps with countless thoughts and at some point my steps stopped. There was a flower or radish in front of me with a pink flower on top.

    The petals blown by the winter breeze flutter between the branches where the snowflakes fall. Rose petals flew in the sky.


    As if possessed, she pulled me closer to the flowering tree. The fallen petals crumbled and fell under my feet.

    'A flowering tree that blooms in winter.'

    I stared at the sparkling snowflake flowers. It was a very strange time now to be able to see the flowering trees so calmly as it was always busy in the spring, winter and all.

    I lost my words as I watched the spectacular landscape of pink colors that bloomed in the white world.

    Raise your hand and gently touch the flower. The soft touch was vivid. Looking up at the tree, suddenly a great momentum pushed my reason and it shot up.

    'Let's go up.'

    The thick branch seems very strong, and even if the branch breaks after climbing it, my motor nerves can land me without any injury.

    'Because nobody sees anyway.'

    I looked around. I couldn't feel any signs around me. Like a child committing evil, I put my feet on a branch. I was excited and my cheeks lifted slightly.

    Climbing a tree was ridiculously easy. Like a flying squirrel, I climbed up and sat on a giant branch at the highest point.

    Looking at the snowy garden from the trees was really unrealistic.

    The sleet that began to fall back in front of me. He hated snow and winter, but winter here was undeniably beautiful. I was fascinated by the amazing scenery.

    'When I was younger, I loved to climb trees.'

    As I watched the white breath rise into the sky, I fell into the depths of memory.

    When I was a child, on the days when the day was hard enough to bear, I would climb the tallest tree in the city in a night's sleep and enjoy the night scene.

    'It was the most fun hanging from a branch and upside down.'

    She was small and tall. It would be scary for other people, but for me, who enjoyed exciting things from a young age, there was no game as fun as that.

    '... We tried?'

    Momentum fluttered. It seemed that rational thinking was impossible due to the smell of winter.

    As if he had returned to youth, he rested his hamstrings on a branch and I turned my body face down.


    In an instant, the world is turned upside down. Long hair smelling of fragrant perfume embroidered in the air. The upper part of the body shook from side to side.

    A perfect laugh alone caught my mouth.

    Upside down garden, upside down mansion, upside down heaven and earth. I shook from side to side to appreciate the spectacular view. I felt like a girl who fell into an inverted mirror of everything.

    I slowly closed my eyes and concentrated on other senses besides sight. The winter breeze that shakes your head. The smell of flowers and balm oil that tickles your nose. The sound of fluttering leaves. A dreamlike environment that seems to be separate from the entire universe.


    My whole body was relaxed and my intuition, which had always been sharp, gradually diminished as dead. Just when I thought I wanted to fall asleep forever like this.

    Someone touched my cheek.


    I slowly raised my eyelids.

    The gaze, which had been blurred by the confused mind, focused. Beneath the white world unfolds again.

    What I found was a pair of eyes that were as red as the blood flowing down the altar, and they glowed darkly as if they were trapped in madness.

    Cold hands hold my cheek. The coldly raised line of his eyes doubled up.

    Jet black short hair with shiny finish Cold impressions like icy feet. Creepy beauty. Red eyes shining coldly.

    "Are you not strong enough to protect me?"

    A voice with a slight warmth, clearly etched in my heart.

    "I caught it."

    It was my half brother, Carl Hyma from Caesar Krysis.

    '... Huh?'

    Still backwards, both eyes blinked blankly. I was on a fairly high branch, but thanks to Carl's height, his face was located right in front of me.

    Cool print that looks cooler than falling snowflakes. An enemy eye that has a subtle light and stares at me.


    My mouth fell open and my body stiffened.


    At the same time that my legs were relaxed, I fell from the tree.


    The touch that grabs my body in that moment.


    I slowly blinked my eyes at the hard chest that touched my head. I felt a warm heat on my hard arm. I looked up blankly and looked up at Carl. A satisfying smile spread across his mouth, looking at me.

    "I have you this time."

    "Drop down. I'll catch you."

    "Didn't your left arm get bitten?"

    "I have enough strength to lift Carl."

    It was a word she remembered when working in the woods in the middle of the night holding Carl spent. My eyes closed quickly. My face turned red from the fact that I fell and he even hugged me because I couldn't keep hanging from the tree like a child.

    "I was able to land!"

    "Is there a strong Mir-nim?"

    He hugged me tighter. The fever rose to his back.

    'Why is Carl here ...?'

    I bite my lip. After eating, I asked Mary and listened to the answer, and she said that Carl spent the night in the tower last night and would be back tonight.

    And now it was only 4 in the afternoon.

    "I heard that you would definitely come back at night ...?"

    "I should be able to work after hearing the shocking fact that the mercenary king was my half sister."

    '...You know.'

    Although Carl was clearly smiling, my body slightly shrunk. As a mercenary, I was always used to facing noblemen, but this is the first time that I have faced my brother as a younger sister.

    It was my first meeting with Carl as Kashmira.

    'The original Carl ... hated Kashmira.'

    I stiffened my face while thinking about the original.

    Carl despised Kashmira. It was not because Kashmira was an extramarital child of ordinary people. In the first place, Carl despised the ideology of the pedigree of the nobles and Carl was not interested in what Caesar was doing.

    Carl said that when he found out he was an extramarital son, he was not disappointed in Caesar, but rather surprised to ask if the man had felt anything.

    It was when Kashmira touched Aria that she began to seriously despise Kashmira. When I remember the things Kashmira did to Aria in the original, it's only natural that I would have wanted to die sticking my head in a pond.

    "I don't care if the child's mother is a commoner or a family of wolves. However, I tell her to stop chasing me to the tower and destroying accessories."

    Until then, however, he hated Kashmira's disgusting obsession with Carl himself while behaving in the mansion.

    When I remember that, I feel a little anxious, although I know that it has changed a lot from the original.

    'What if Carl ... doesn't like Kashmira? It seemed like she had a good feeling for Mir, but if Kashmira was despised like the original ... So what if she even despised Mir? '

    I bit my lip to bleed. I had already given my heart to Carl who I had found a while ago, so it seemed hard to bear being despised by him.

    "... Please put me down."

    My heart, which had been racing because of it, calmed down under the deep sea and turned blue, and I woke up slightly. I was able to defeat him with force, but if I failed to control the force, I could not move easily because there was a possibility that the bones in Carl's arm would break.

    "Suddenly, I didn't feel good."

    Carl, looking at me, hardened his mouth. I raised my head to look at him and leaned into the eyes I met.

    I didn't understand why there was a slight concern in his cold gaze. I was afraid to read his feelings, fearing that he would convince me that what I had just seen was an illusion if I found him again.

    "It's a bit cold. If you let me, I'll come back on my own."

    I muttered, avoiding his gaze. I felt cold sweats as his gaze on my skin became more persistent, but Carl slowly opened his mouth.

    "...You do not like me?"


    A low and gloomy voice. The moment he said it, I raised my head, suspicious of my ears.

    Carl, looking at me with eyes infested with strange madness, had the look of an abandoned dog, contrary to the look in his eyes.

    "What what..."

    "Isn't that so? As soon as you see me, you fall like a scare and you don't like me to hug you. Don't you like me that much?"

    "Well, it can't be! How could the young master ..."

    He stuttered and avoided the lingering gaze. I don't like Carl? Rather, I was close to not knowing what to do because I really like it.

    "Heard you're my half sister, but you don't even call me by my name. Well. I guess you don't like it. When he defeated the demons, he didn't listen to me and kept coming back ... I mean, it didn't help much. Didn't it did you say goodbye to me because you hate me and suddenly you left? "

    "No, wait, what ...!"

    Hearing the word 'Young Master', Carl, raising his eyebrows, sank down and muttered in a dark voice. There was a thick shadow on his face. I shook my head hastily, sweating in guilt as if I had committed a great sin.

    "Never, never hate young master! How would I hate young master!"

    "But you don't say my name. Isn't she dissatisfied that the young master, the coward she saw then, is her brother?"

    Carl lowered his head gravely. At one point, I felt like I was faking it, but I felt guilty that I made it gloomy, so I urgently opened my mouth.

    "Carl! Carl! Never hate Carl! I'm so happy that Carl is my brother!"

    While calling him by name several times, a fallen Carl raised his head. I apologize carefully, sweating.

    "So… I'm not used to having a beautiful person like that. I'm not used to dealing with people either. So I was afraid of making a mistake with Carl."

    I hesitated and laughed honestly.

    Since Carl already had a history of hating Kashmira in the original story, I was concerned that even a small mistake would distort the relationship.

    "My sister was also a coward."

    Then Carl with a satisfied smile told me and hugged me. I was thinking about asking me to get off again, but the thought that Carl might be discouraged again silently embraced me.

    "It's okay if you don't worry about it."


    "I've come too far to hate making a mistake."

    He looked up at Carl, bowing at his awkward words, and smiled.

    "How can I call you?"

    "Oh, you can call me Kashmira."

    "Isn't it just a name?"


    Carl laughed slowly as he was just blinking for something to say.

    "What's your nickname?"

    "Uh ... My little sister calls me Shushu."

    "Then I also call you Shushu."

    The nickname I first heard from Carl's mouth toughened me up a bit.

    "Because now you are my sister."

    I bowed my head to avoid the friendly look at me. I felt that the tears would fall for some reason.

    The snowflakes are flying. They poured out without anguish as if erasing my entire complex mind.

    "Young master, no, Carl, don't you hate me?"


    Moving his eyebrows, he looked at me with his eyes asking for an explanation. I opened my mouth carefully.

    "Because I'm a child out of wedlock and I'm a stranger who got out without warning. I'm a mercenary who has lived like a commoner in the back alley all his life. Don't you feel bad?"

    He joked embarrassingly. It is difficult to find a corner to be loved if you look at it slowly. He couldn't believe the favors to come. I'm not the one who deserves those favors.

    Carl didn't reply. Thinking of that silence as an implicit consent, I am looking at the drift of my self-esteem that has fallen to the bottom of the sea.

    "...Listen carefully."

    Carl opened his mouth with a cold expression.

    "You are the one who saved me."

    "That's right ..."

    "There are times when you defeated demons, but you've been saving me long before."

    In that word, I felt the depth of emotion beyond description. Deep and deep, I stared into his eyes, like an abyss, constantly falling when he entered.

    "No one can tell you that way. Even yourself. No one can discount the meaning of your life that way."

    Incomprehensible words and incomprehensible emotions.

    I looked at Carl who made a face that I couldn't understand. He was angry.

    "I am proud that you are a princess of Krysis and my sister. You deserve it."

    Even though it was a cold voice, the lyrics inside were too warm. I bite my mouth and close my eyes.

    "Why are you so good to me?"

    It was full of incomprehensible things. Carl was a challenge and a mystery to me. I still couldn't understand him, he approached me with favor from the beginning.

    "Maybe you can't understand, but ..."

    Moving her lips slowly, she curved the tail of her mouth so that the thin lips were wide. White snowflakes covered her black hair. The sky, where the sunset began to set, was also hit by snowflakes, and a red sunset was painted over Carl's head.

    Bow your head. His night black hair, which seemed to be loved by nature, tickled my forehead. A smile floated on his face as he approached.

    "You took my hand into the abyss of boredom. It made me live."


    Something soft and warm touched my forehead. Carl kissed my forehead. Like I kissed her forehead in a winter forest a while ago.

    "It's force majeure for me to love you. Probably always. So don't be nervous and enjoy my favor."

    'A person that I really can't understand.'

    At this point, I can't tell if there is anything else I don't know. However, he did not want to solve it. The only thing that matters to me is the fact that they love me so much right now.

    I closed my eyes tightly. He wanted to cry unpleasantly if he didn't detect it. Looking at that day, Carl smiled slightly and entered the mansion.

    The sun was setting on a white world with just one step across the garden.

    "I know, miss? Teacher?"

    Last night, after the majestic steel door was shattered by my brutality, Mary now, who was waiting for me in the hallway, was amazed when the temporary wooden door was opened and I entered.

    'It is shameful ...'

    I couldn't lift my face to listen because it was carrying me at this age. To make it smaller in some way, he threw Carl's arms away. I wanted to die a little for Carl's giggle.

    "...What happened?"

    Mary, who she couldn't even lift her face, and who switched between Carl who seemed carefree and unabashed, quickly regained her calm and asked. Carl moved.

    "My little sister was hanging upside down from a tree, so I brought her."


    Carl's voice was filled with a slight laugh, Mary was scared and the look of the employees surprised.

    I was just before biting my tongue because I was shy.

    "Please put me down ..."

    With a loose fist, I timidly struck Carl's chest. There was a slight smile on Carl's mouth.

    "If I let you, I think you'll do something strange again."

    "Do not!"

    He gritted his teeth and screamed. Carl bit his lip as if stifling his laughter. When I was looking out the snowy window and contemplating how to die immediately, only then could I step on the ground as Carl got off me.

    "... Thanks for bringing me."

    He gritted his teeth and gave a greeting of thanks, like a threat. Carl pressed against my head.

    "It was too light. Eat more."

    'Really, why does everyone say to eat?'

    I sighed as I remembered Paul, who was always scolding me that he had to be by my side while he ate.

    "The duke returned a while ago. He ordered that they meet in the office as soon as the lady and the young master returned to the mansion."

    Mary said. Caesar, who left for the Imperial Palace early in the morning, seemed to have returned. Not knowing where the office was, Carl took notice, so he took the lead into the first-floor hallway. I followed him.

    "On the second floor, there is a dormitory for the members of the house, the accommodation for the employees in the right hall on the first floor, and the duke's home office at the end of the left hall. mansion, ask Mary. "


    I nodded as I walked in step with Carl heading down the hall.

    "... Shit. You can't hurt me."

    And at the end of the hall. Something unusual was happening through the ajar door.

    A familiar voice that grows cold like the cold snow of the north wind. Caesar, with a virtuous and interesting expression sitting at a desk, faces a girl with pink hair.

    '... Aria?'

    Aria and Caesar were fighting.

    Without covering anything from side to side, I caught up with Carl in front of me and focused my nerves through the gaps. The atmosphere in the room was cold.


    'The duke is stalking Aria ...?'

    Although Caesar is a bit insane, he is not a bully who torments a little boy who is less than half of him. However, I was always concerned about Aria's involvement.

    It was time to forget to knock and put my hand on the doorknob because my heart was racing.

    'Let's wait a little.'

    As sleepy red eyes looked this way, mana echoed in my head. It was very easy to pass mana through rituals to sword masters who use mana to the limit.

    '... Duke? What is?'

    Suddenly I wanted to send a mantra, once I took my hand off the knocker. On Caesar's red lips, seeing my confused expression, a deep, captivating smile blossomed like a trembling red rose.

    'Your sister, she's so funny.'


    "Living in the back alley is a damn thing. From my own eyes ... you can't hurt me. You love Shushu, don't you?"

    Before even asking Caesar to speak, a familiar girl's voice clung directly to the yoke of my ear.

    If there is weather in the voice, there must be frost in the girl's voice. A cold, authoritative voice like a cold wind in the middle of winter broke through the office.

    Although it was a familiar voice, it was unfamiliar with the dominating atmosphere like that of a ruler.

    "Because your eyes change when you talk about Sister Shushu. Ideally, she loves Sister Shushu ... she won't be able to hurt me, which she loves the most."

    The girl's long white fingers touched the table. The girl's face, her upper body bowed, came just before Caesar, who looked interesting. Caesar's mouth twisted.

    "I'm not afraid."

    "I have more confidence in my opinion than in that."

    A confident smile floated over Aria's mouth. An expression that resembles an arrogant trickster without a single suspicion of his own number.

    It was a shape that she didn't show, but it fit her as if it were Aria's true shape.

    "The reason I was ill was a mixed race of fairies, but I couldn't consume energy regularly, and you said you helped me. You are the Duke of Caesar Krysis. So why did the Demon Duke help me? Obviously there was no contact me. It is possible to deduce from his attitude that he did not help me out of sympathy. The reason seems to be in Shushu, but what kind of contact is there between you and Shushu? "

    "I am Kashmira's father."

    "By my instincts, I think so."

    Aria struck without surprise. Without any trembling, Aria faced the creepy enemy that was Caesar, twisting her mouth. He was roughly twice his age, and it was a confrontation between the Sword Master and the general public, but Aria didn't back down in spirit at all.

    It felt like watching two beasts fighting.

    "By the way. Why did a person who never helped her turn up when she was going through a difficult time and come to us?"


    Caesar's first mute expression was given to Aria's sharp questions. Her eyes calmed down and Aria, who took the lead in the atmosphere, smiled crookedly.

    "Why. Are you saying you're interested now? Sister Shushu is Mir, the mercenary king, so you want to use that power? No wonder the noble duke is trying to bypass the spine of my sister who lives in the alley, right? "


    At the time, I was embarrassed that he knew I was Mir, but I thought Aria, a genius, had been hard to hide until now, so I wondered. When Aria shoved him provocatively, Caesar's expression, which was indifferent, hardened coldly.

    "If you want to live, you must not go beyond grade, darling."

    Two frost-cold red eyes. It was a daunting eye that made me tingle, but Aria, who faced it face to face, smiled even more coldly. He ran into a tense atmosphere as if it would explode if he touched her, thinking of what to avoid, but Aria slowly opened her mouth.

    "That was exactly what I wanted to say, Mr. Duke."

    The sound in his throat, roaring like wild icy feet, changed in an instant, politely and decisively, like that of a nobleman. Aria's quick change of posture left me in awe, but her eyes were rigid, Aria sharpened her eyes.

    "Shushu is a person weak in affection and favor. If she does it well, she will give her heart saying that she doesn't know what to do. So if your curiosity calms down and you turn your back on my sister, she will feel very hurt."

    Aria's eyes were cold, spitting the exact things on me. My heart beats.

    With Caesar looking into her eyes, Aria spits.

    "I am very grateful that His Excellency saved me. I know it shouldn't be like this for a lifeguard."

    Smooth voice and smooth tone. However, he did not feel friendly or warm at all. It was like the slow growl of a beast at the top.

    Aria, looking at her fingertips with her eyes closed, slowly raised her eyes. His cold eyes.

    The opposing colors of blue and blood tangled in midair and they fought fiercely.

    "But it is more important that my sister is not injured than my comfort or my life. If you are not sure to take responsibility for Sister Shushu to the end, please do not give favors. It means not crossing the grade."

    A cold voice as if a beast warns of an invading entity. His eyes, which were only light, burned coldly. I was suffocating.

    Aria, slowly closing and opening her eyes, raised her hand to Caesar's neck. Caesar, shivering around his eyes, looked at Aria with his unreadable eyes.

    Pretty white fingers gripped Caesar's neck and gave him strength.

    "If my sister suffers because of you… I will kill you even by selling my soul to the devil."

    The weight of emotion contained in the words spoken in a dark, grim voice was unpredictable.

    When the inside of the wall that was always considered to be a fairy feels like an icy sea. The girl holding the neck of a wild beast that could swallow it in one bite to avoid being hurt didn't seem weak.

    For a moment, I thought that Aria might love me more than I love her.

    "I really respect him. Personally, I want to learn that determination."

    She was admired by Carl clinging to my side, watching Aria and Caesar clash. I looked into the office where silence flowed, and slowly I opened the door, thinking that it might be necessary to clarify the situation.


    With a hard mouth, I called the name of my world.

    My younger sister who is no longer ill. Aria glared at me, hastily removing her strangling hand.

    "... Sister Shushu."

    The vigor and coldness that filled my eyes just now disappeared like a tide, and only sadness and anxiety towards me took their place. It was a chillingly quick change of posture, but without asking anything, I spread my arms.

    "C'mon darling."

    As if to endure the mounting emotions, Aria ran towards me with her mouth tight.

    The familiar warmth filled my arms. I felt that the tears would come when I noticed a red hue on both cheeks, which were always inanimate, but I held back and hugged Aria tightly.

    "How are you feeling. Are you okay?"

    "Yes. Nothing hurts anymore. I think I can go for a five hour walk with my sister."

    Aria, her eyes glistening with water, laughed at his comment. With a sigh of relief, I turned to Aria and checked her physical condition before letting her go. He couldn't believe that Aria, who always smelled like death, was so healthy like that.


    I took a deep breath and walked over to Caesar. She tilted her head, afraid to see what kind of expression he was making.

    "I apologize for my sister's rudeness. Please forgive her."


    Aria screamed as I apologized while kneeling on one knee. I deduced that her scream meant why I was kneeling, but I just lowered my head.

    "Please tell me what to do in the future and I will follow you. I am completely yours."

    He declared in a firm voice.

    Although Caesar said he would take me as a daughter, he could have changed in a day. He knew very well the whims of man.

    Since Caesar gave the elixir to Aria, I decided to dedicate this body to the duke, so there was nothing he couldn't ask for.

    "You, you said your name was Aria."

    Caesar, who had a dark atmosphere without words for a long time, suddenly spoke to Aria. Aria, who looked at me with her knees bent and her face twisted, nodded.


    "Yes. Then it must be Aria Krysis from now on."


    I raised my head in surprise. Caesar, looking at me with wide eyes, opened his mouth.

    "If you are not responsible, I told you not to do any good."


    "Then you can be responsible."


    Caesar got up from pushing the chair and slowly approached me. A heavy hand reached out in front of me.

    "I'll tell you again."


    "No one, not even the Emperor or the Pope, can make their knees buckle."

    Caesar, spitting out the words that shook me last night, reached out later. It looks like it's telling me to take it.

    Grabbing his hand uncomprehendingly, he lifted me up with great power. Caesar, looking at me and Aria alternately, slowly opened his mouth.

    "I'll be responsible for the ending, so won't the two of you become my daughters?"

    I didn't read the novel yet, so I don't know spoilers... I hope someone who did read it til the last chapter can answer your questions. :)

    I don't have a kakao account either :(
    I have found the mtl only up to ch120, so if you guys want to read ch121 and forward, this will be possible only there(kakao).

    You can MTL spanish to english:
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    Can anyone summarize the mlts plz
    Btw I got hooked in this manhwa After there are very few manhwas with good prologue and can keep interest (except hate the cliffhanger )
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    I feel sas when i read abt fl but their sisterhood is so cute and finally without a word duke adopted two sisters =) now the battle for female lead s love begin in the family =). Thank for spoil, hope we can have someone spoil abt her father and mother relationship
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    Hello, i'm translating for some chapters of the link you provided @YoongHye

    I jumped slightly from the train that stopped. I got here alone without a maid or escort, so there was no one to hold me under the carriage. I faced a magnificent building in front of me and lost my words for a moment. The white and shining temple had the power to overwhelm people.

    '...the atmosphere is similar to Helene's.'

    I smiled at the restaurant where I had stopped walking for a long time. This is because the face of a person I met there came to my mind.

    I visited today to keep my promise to Julian, but more than anything, I had something to check.

    'You have to be convinced of the assumptions.'

    It's disgusting to wrap my head around myself and worry. I don't know if I can see you, but I was thinking of making a decision today anyway.

    "P-Princess Krysis?"

    One of the paladins who found me wandering around outside the temple and opened his eyes wide. Usually, nobles make reservations a few days in advance and visit, but I would because I appeared without a word. He smiled gently at the paladin who wandered without knowing what to do.on the appearance of a great figure.

    "I visited in silence to receive a prayer from the priest. I hope there is no scandal."

    By emphasizing the last words, I spoke again and again, and the paladin, who seemed to be calling his boss, quickly became apparent.

    "Isn't the temple always open to everyone?"

    "P-of course!"

    I came to pray in silence, but I couldn't help but draw attention. The paladin who saw me for a moment pointed the sword at my waist.

    "I -- but guns are forbidden. If you give me this, I'll keep it well."

    "Oh, of course. It's a beautiful sword, so I'd appreciate it if you would take care of it."

    I didn't really like taking the sword off my body, but I laughed and handed the sword to the paladin. The fact that a noble lady used a sword was surprising, but the paladin made a subtle expression and opened the door.

    Mr. Kig.

    A huge door opened. I walked on a dustless marble floor and entered the temple. The temple, shining with coloured lights coming in through the windows, was full of grandeur and solemnity.

    The priest who guarded the hall found me and made an expression of wonder, but soon managed his expression and laughed profusely.

    "Thank you for visiting the temple, sister. May the protection of the sun be with you."

    "Thank you for your welcome. I hope you always live in a place where light stays."

    "Do you have any special reason to visit?"

    I answered with a soft smile.

    "Personally, I'd like to meet the high priest Julian. Could you tell him that I have something to ask about 'Eli'? "

    Originally, I couldn't have a personal meeting with the high priest without a word in advance, but it was Krysis. The priest said he was worried about a slightly embarrassing expression.

    "Would you mind waiting here for a moment? First of all, I'll ask the high priest and come over."

    I wonder if I waited about five minutes sitting in the chair led by the priest, the priest was running fast.

    "The high priest says it's okay to see him right now. Can I show you the reception room?"

    "Of course."

    I smiled and followed him down the hall. The priest who led me to a room tilted his head.

    "The high priest will be here soon."

    I looked at the priest's back, entered quietly and sat on the sofa provided. With eyes full of determination, look at the door to let Julian in.

    I'll ask directly.

    In fact, I was going to go to Eli in person and ask him, but I didn't know if he was a human who hadn't been corrected despite the fact that I called him the high priest until now.

    'But Julian seems to be able to answer honestly.'

    When I think about the attitude towards me.

    Would you have waited about 10 minutes while I was having tea with the game of sandwiches in front of the table?

    "There's a lot of crap. Do you think I'm lazy like you?"

    "Oh, is it really good that you go to sleep? Come on first! You'll never regret it!"

    There was a scream outside the door. They were both family voices.

    'You've noticed why I'm here.'

    As one might expect, Julian quickly realized. I was thinking of asking, but it was quite a good time to bring in the person responsible and confirm.

    "Why do I meet an aristocrat who wanted to see you personally?"

    "Well, first of all, come and see. Okay! May I come in?"

    "Go ahead."

    I heard Julian's voice, still making a noise with his mouth, and I allowed it to go off lightly.


    The look I felt outside became harsh at the moment. In a moment, I heard a fight.

    "Let it go! Let it go! This new goddamn crap is really...!

    "Oh! Don't step on my feet! Crazy, don't pull your hair! Don't run!

    Eli hadn't answered for a while. His rigid expression was so rigid that you couldn't read it. But I read the hesitation in that silence, so I waited until he opened his mouth first.


    Maybe it was when the tea cooled, Eli slowly opened his mouth. Dark loneliness, sadness and mourning hardened and turned into waste, decorating the upper part.or of their eyes illuminated by the moon like a hole in the moon.

    "There I was, my sister."


    "She's dead now."

    That word seemed too heavy. In the extent that he couldn't handle it,

    '...she's dead.'

    When I turned around in an empty space, I hoped that the child's death couldn't be preserved, but it was still heartbreaking.

    She was a girl who shouldn't have died like this.

    I closed my eyes with a strong eye, remembering her two round eyes that reminded Aria of.

    "...I'm sorry."

    "Is there anything Mir regrets? It was inevitable."

    Heavy silence calmed down between Eli and me.

    "Sister, thank you! Thanks to you, my brother seems to have been very excited! It would be nice if I could live with my brother for the rest of my life ... "

    I closed my eyes for a moment, remembered a day in the past and slowly opened them.

    "...thank you for your help."

    The boy who was always full of scars and even had trouble recognizing his face. A child who distills the scent of terrible poverty but also casts the sacred scent of li'srivers. A nDark-eyed ian and dark brown hair, short and raw, full of poison and hatred for the world.

    And I look at the person in front of me. A man who looks at me with eyes full of emotions that can't be defined because so many things are mixed up.

    A white face like the white jade. Good impression as an angel. There's no trace of poverty in the fragrance of lyri. Noble silver eyes and fine blue hair fixed.

    'The nameless child and Pope Elior.'

    The only thing in common is the nostalgic smell that tickles my nose. But still, my heart was convinced that Eli was the child at the time.

    "Then I'll ask you one more time."

    Eli, who was closing his eyes, leaned slightly on the couch, lifted his long eyelashes. Every time I see them, beautiful silver eyes appear. The wandering eyes focused on mí. The rabbiThe llo of his eyes closed painfully.

    "Ask anything."

    He seemed to hate to answer. Although it was clearly visible, Eli allowed it. Like I'm allowed anything. I felt an indescribable feeling about that appearance.

    'What do I say?'

    The boy of the past remained to me as memories and pains of my childhood. But how am I gonna stay with that kid in the past? Because it was hard to predict.

    'Why didn't you come then?'

    I really wanted to ask a question beyond my mind, but I came up with the same question as when I was younger.

    "Do you want me to pretend I don't know?"

    "Child. Would you like me to pretend I don't know?"

    Eli's eyes were shaking a lot. I just smiled at the look, asking if that's what I wanted to ask.

    I didn't want to force him to answer something he hated.

    "...I want you to pretend you don't know. Until I have the courage to speak in person."

    "...I want you to pretend you don't know. I don't want to show you weakness."

    I remembered the painful memories of my childhood.

    Must have been the worst time for you, but you still remember.

    The boy at the time he held me tight.

    "Well. So it's done."

    I laughed gently. That was enough of an answer.

    In fact, when I came here, I had a lot on my mind. If Eli is really the Pope, if Eli isn't, then if he's that boy. What do I have to do?

    But now that I knew the truth in person, I didn't think much about it. Whether the Pope or the child, the things he has helped me in so far remain unchanged.

    My childhood friend and the person who helped me. A person who has become precious to me in no time.

    He was just Eli to me.

    "I have to go. Please rest well, Holiness."

    I said goodbye to Eli, who seemed to be thinking a lot, and I got up first, and he hurriedly, but carefully, grabbed the edge of my shirt and threw it away a little.

    Looking at him with blinking eyes, Eli cut his eyebrows with sadness.

    "As a Papa, can't I be Eli for you? I told you. Even if I look different, it's always the same for you."

    Eli's eyes were falling. It seemed like her shaky eyelashes were seducing me.

    "Call me Eli, Shushu. I decided to do that."

    A low voice resonates in the eardrums. Unlike his shaky, delicately packaged appearance, lurking in his eyes was like an obsession with entangled madness.

    "Miss Le Wellin Descartes invited us to Aria and me to the tea party?"

    "Yes, there's an invitation here."

    One day, while I was having tea with Aria in the garden because of the sun, Mary. brought an invitation.

    'Aria had been working hard in the social world, so it's often saidI was with Le Wellin... But after my debut, I was just obsessed with sword handling, so I rarely performedsocial activities. Why did you send it to me too?'

    It was understandable that the invitation was sent to Aria, who is currently inis at the top of the social agendaof the zation. But it was amazing that the invitation was sent to me, which I'm currently refusing.I'm going to go through all the invitations everywhere.

    I opened the letter with a shorter letter more prepared spinning the envelope with a pink dofinely recorded radium.

    Inside, there was an ordinary invitation.

    "Ah! Miss Descartes sent me and my sister an invitation to the same placeor time? It's funny because it canyou see the inside so clearly!"

    Aria laughed at the invitation. I was confused to hear that Aria talks so much.

    "Why? Do you have a problem?"

    "The lady can't send me an invitation. If you were an older sister, would you be able to send me a letteryou would be invited to take a drink quietly?"

    Oh, my God!

    I'm taking a little breath. I forgot for a moment that the relationship between Le Wellin and Aria was not good.

    Today, Le Wellin and Aria are rivals of fate who fight to be the social queen. Just as in the original, if Aria were being harassed unilaterally, would have intervened and avoided, but both were biting and doing something like a good-intentioned competition, so I'll leave it first.

    '... do you hate him that much?'

    He looked at Aria looking at Le Wellin's invitations as if he was looking at an mgarbage can, and he made an expressannoying feeling.

    I'd never seen them together, so I couldn't tell how bad she was.No. I'm not.

    "That human, Le Wellin, definitely wants to send an invitation to my hermAna. There's no excuse for that, as well.¿that he sent invitations to both of them pretending to invite me! Clearly the purpose is my sister!"


    Aria, who seemed angry, screamed. I blew my eyes off and frowned on my eyebrows.

    "...why is Miss Descartes? Isn't that too interpreted?"

    "Look carefully! When is the day of the tea party? It's the date of the itrade information for exporta zone of harnesses and body chains!"

    I took a look at the invitation. Tea party's in three days. That was the day Aria decided to meetand with merchants in the Kingdom of Atara. It was an important meeting, so he couldn't get it out.

    'It's a little strange... that Le Wellin sent an invitation to Aria, that he didn't. could go even though I knew it."

    What kind of family is Descartes? It was the best welcoming family praised as the entry and exit of all of the of the empire's gold coins. Since Krysis also gave Descartes some folds for sheer wealth,a, it was no exaggeration to say that there are no monetary transactions within this empire that Descartes does not know.

    "It's impossible for intelligent Descartes not to know I can't go! He chose thefreely a day that I can'tI couldn't go and it was obvious that I was planning to eat my sister alone!"


    "That woman, Le Wellin, suspected that I would ask for my sister every time I was in the hospital,and go! Now you're revealing your true color!"

    Although he tried to calm Aria, who was bursting with rage with a sigh, Ariawho was already selling Le Was an enemy of the empire and an unprecedented slavery in the world, seemed to have nothing to do withand see.

    I stopped thinking while I was looking at Aria, the impulse to sing an improvised songis called 'Le Wellin cursedat the tea table in the short term.

    "Sister. Have you ever dated Miss Le Wellin Descartes?"

    "Kogh! W-what?"

    "Yesterday I spoke to Miss Descartes for the first time... but she keeps asking por my sister. I'm upset ... Tell me rdid you like Miss Descartes? Don't you know?"

    Not long after he started working in the social world, I remembered Aria, qwho had met Le Weland he followed me terribly, and he put on a shivering expression.

    I haven't seen Le Wellin since my debut because I've been busy training for the past few months. all winter, but Aria, who is active in society, ran into Le Wellin every time and came back to blow up in resentment.

    My seat was next to the organizer, Le Wellin. He's the best senior on both sides of the organizer. Since there's no one from the Imperial Palace, I, who is the highest rank here, fit in here.

    I sighed with relief at the fact that I wasn't playing with the seat.

    "Thank you for accepting the invitation, Princess Krysis. Thanks to you, I think this place will shine today."

    "It's a word of great praise."

    The formal greetings as guests and participants were brief. In general, he was praised, and greetings had to be much longer.

    Although I had already checked the guest list, I looked at the ladies who sat slowly in front of the table.

    I was a little proud that all the young girls in this place had chains for the body.

    'In front of me is Count Hanel's lady, and the rest of the Count or Baron's lady.'

    Of course, there was no taller young man than me.

    But, given that the social world was not a place to be dominated by status, the most powerful young woman in the social world was, by far, Le Wellin.

    The ladies, who greeted me briefly, looked at me as they spoke.

    What struck me was mainly curiosity, or goodwill, and a reluctance to see if it was okay to touch it at least once.

    '... you must be a little tired.'

    It was my first social activity since my debut, so I thought I couldn't help but get a lot of attention and get in trouble, but it was true that it was annoying to deal with it.

    He had a sip of tea with milk and sighed.

    '... does Le Wellin hate me?'

    I wasn't interested in what other girls thought of me. Malice was familiar to me, and none of it was necessary for my plan.

    However, if Le Wellin had malice in me, I would be disappointed.

    Slowly I turned my eyes white and looked at Le Wellin sitting next to me, and I was amazed.

    Le Wellin was looking at me.

    What lives in the green eyes was a sharp observation, a long sense of favor, and a shivering emotion.

    Even when I met my eyes, Le Wellin opened his eyes and looked at me fixedly, instead of avoiding my eyes. Those eyes were so heavy I avoided his gaze without knowing.

    'You don't seem to hate me, but... '

    The eyes are pretty heavy. Still, I wasn't sure I knew he was the Sword Master.

    I think he's having doubts.

    Although they looked at me, none of them spoke to me directly. I was eating crunchy desserts that weren't too sweet, like the fine fortress.born in Descartes.

    "Ah! By the way, Miss Krysis ... looks very comfortable in her outfit."

    A lady, in a nice, pale brown dress, spoke to me in a low voice.

    'When you point one.'

    I haven't even sighed. He blinked freely and looked at me.

    A dark purple vest on a pure white shirt, a black harness on top of the vest, and a half-palm black leather glove with half the palm exposed. Rack-up black pants with a high waist that fit comfortably to my waist legs. A black coat on the shoulders.

    It was an ordinary outfit that would never have been marked if it were a man.

    "Right. It's very comfortable. Because I value simplicity and comfort."

    I answered, pretending not to understand the secrets between words.

    I was not active in the social world, but after being adopted by the Duke of Krysis, I had to meet the nobles inevitably, and I learned when to intersect and when to listen as it is.

    "Hmm! Even so, Miss Descartes invited you to this beautiful garden, but I'm afraid it may not be an educated dress. It's a man's dress."

    And when there was a dispute like this, it was better to listen to what it is than to investigate the truth of words.

    Until the frustrated opponent gets his true intentions out.

    After I became a Krysis, every time I went out in pants, I heard that to the point of boredom. It's not very polite for a woman to wear pants.

    'Even if I go to the same place with Carl wearing a couple look, they don't say a word to Carl and they just tell me.'

    The reason why humans who couldn't even walk because they were afraid to walk the streets wearing only those clothes was so transparent that I felt nauseous.

    Because I'm a woman.

    Something I can't pick and change with all my effort.

    With his face hardened, I gave a little strength to the glass he held. The glass exposed to the sword master's handle has been vibrating.

    'What, it doesn't matter. Those humans will need me soon too.'

    Some philosopher said that if the world leaves me, I will leave the world too.

    I was a little different.

    The world has never had me. If the world doesn't love me, I'll be indispensable to the world. Then the world will kiss my feet and make my existence pleasant.

    "P-Princess Aria Krysis told you all that?"

    "Well, yeah."

    Even Le Wellin's ears and neck were sewn reddened. The emotion on his face was shame. I'll close my eyes because it was hard to know where the point of shame was.

    "Ah! Princess Aria is really bad! Dec.to go all that ways things...! "

    "Uh... was that something I shouldn't know?"

    Looking at Le Wellin's anger with his red face, hit makes an expressionI'm confused. It was embarrassing to see Le Wellin, who had been acting like an adult all day, suddenly become a baby red cat.

    "I-I asked him, but -- I just asked for information personal lighteror cordial greetings! I never laughed insidiously while investigating the lady's private life as a stalker!"

    Le Wellin, ashamed of the situation, gave a...to a non-orcious excusedenuded. The fierce denial is 'I did it'. It seemed confused, but I sat down first.

    "Of course it is. Miss Le Wellin didn't is who stops to do that."

    I couldn't even imagine Le Wellin laughingcome and insinuate mewhile I was researching my information. Le Wellin wouldn't have a reason for that, and when I said that, Le Wellin's face somehow turned red.

    "Can I ask you to answer the first questiona? By the westor, if you have problems, you can exercise the right to remain silent."

    He looked at Le Wellin, who couldn't even do cvisual contact with me, and I said in a thoughtful way. Anyway, I wasn't very curious, so I didn't care if he didn't answer.

    Le Wellin, who hesitated for a moment, closed the doors eyes, still red.

    "I-I was curious to know what kind of chithat was the princeStop!"


    He closed his eyes slightly. It was an answerto strange and lovedbigua. 'Why is that me?' I was going to ask, but I decided to give and take questions one by one, so I kept my mouth shut.

    "Hey... then I'll ask you a question now."

    Le Wellin, who had barely cooled his rustreddish roo, said with a voice that was still a little bit stimulating. He looked up to ask the question.

    "Princess Krysis ever saved me?"

    After the second time, he brought me a ra ballheavy request. As I had expected, I blinked slowly and then watched the tea without any hurry.

    "I just did something for a reason."

    What I always think is that living a natural lifeural is real.I'm not tired. It's really hard to live without transcending injustice and ignoring the innocent blood that flows before your eyes.

    However, I can't help but do these thingsatural.

    The broad self, which came to the point of hiding my iteeth and podser, it was also a stupid seed.


    In an unreadable expression, Le Wellin gave no kingput on duringand a lot of time. While holding the cup of tea with both hands, he was just making a exhausting act of playing with his hands, and sighed after a while.

    "...that's a silly person."

    "It's a precise implementation."

    It was a word that could not be refuted. While nodding and noddingheptab, Le Wellin laughed like it was absurd.

    "Can I ask how do you know? As a question additional. Carto mask and voice altered. How did you know?"

    The original described how Dominik had a look at and he met Mir twice. I thought it might be, but Le Wellin looked at me for a moment and asked me how he realized.

    Le Wellin lifted his head arrogantly.

    "In view of the grace that he has helped, I only inform himI'm going to sea from this. It's the lady's hand."


    I tilted my head. Le Wellin, who looked at my manor holding on the cup of tea, he began to explain.

    "When I meet a person, I have a habit to guess the that person's life with his hands. It's been a habit since I was a child, so now it's developed in many ways, but I've changed to remember the way people look. h.Fingerprints."

    'Isn't that... a genius?'

    I was wondering if it makes sense to look at the hand of one person and to remember his fingerprints, but Le Wellin did. It seemed plausible. If you were Le Wellin, you'd have made a grenade with pineapples at the age of five. I'm speaking again, Le Wellin.

    "Even when the princess saved me, I looked at craise your hand. The princess' hand was so worn out that it was hard to forget. Above all, it was very strange that her fingerprints were worn out and she couldn't see them, so she always re-read them.I would string."

    'That's how my hand is.'

    I looked at my fingertips. The yemas of the d'stwo people who wereand they were worn and wounded, leaving only the calluses, they were very rough. After smiling bitterly for a moment, I really hardened my expression.

    "It was an advantage just before, so let's go to the question real. If I ask you to keep it a secret, will you keep it?"

    I asked her honestly as if she was pgoing for a peand tation.

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    Yes, she's properly accepted in the family. MC was surprised because she's able to talk back against the Duke...not that he did anything wrong lol she's just extremely protective of MC .

    The Duke can't hurt her because he knows MC loves Aria more than anything else. The best thing is Aria knows it.

    Aria repeatedly says how she doesn't like the family, but she can't help it since her sister loves them. The Duke would say something along the lines of, "How shameless of my daughter to criticise the family in front of me."

    She has a truce with the brother, Caesar. At first, they hated each other but came to respect each other's skills after the brother became her magic teacher. Caesar acknowledged that Aria is a genius, while she admitted that he's a good teacher. They have a truce on keeping MC safe at all costs since they know how reckless she can be. They've even worked on an artifact that can store healing magic.
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    She is as strong as MC im glad shes okay and not being put in corner just from being different. But is she learning about magic okay? Since her body condition are a bit unique since she has blood of fairy (if i remember correctly), does learning magic help her body condition? Like does it makes her body stabilize?
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    Yes, she's fine for the next five years. Afterwards, she's going to need another bottle of "medicine".

    I haven't read past 120...but somewhere between 110-120, it was mentioned that there's a plate/key found in their old house and it links to the elven or fairy forest . I reckon their mum wasn't normal lol I mean she got two men, one with the power of dragon and the other with fairy blood, as the father of her children. Maybe it can help stabilise Aria's body and mana in the future?
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    The greatest dishonor of my life."

    After a moment of heavy silence, Aria sighed and opened her mouth.

    "But if it's because of Sister Shushu, I have to risk disgrace. To be clear, the only real family I have is Shushu. I won't say that we are father or daughter, but rather a partner for Sister Shushu's happiness." ."

    "You are so crazy."

    "Please tell me I'm brave."

    A sharp look went back and forth between Caesar and Aria. Obviously, they both looked at each other and raised their mouths, but the feeling that they were fighting could not be erased.

    "Well. So Kashmira, what do you think?"

    I shivered at Caesar's look at me.

    In fact, I still don't know. I am not the person who suits this position. Is this too twisted a situation with the original story?

    Can I open my heart to someone else?

    I was afraid of hurting myself in my relationship with others. She was afraid of having something precious because she knew very well how far a person would stay because of love.

    That's why, until now, I haven't had a deep relationship with anyone except Aria.


    Instead of feeling hurt among people, I felt terribly alone.

    He had to be a support for Aria. Otherwise I couldn't lean on a sick child. I couldn't even tell Aria everything. Aria was not a friend, but a younger sister to protect.

    An empty seat, an unsatisfied thirst, burned my heart.

    Perhaps, long ago, you may have needed a support to rest on.

    "...I really am a person with nothing to do."

    My vision was blurry. I thought it was a bit hot.

    I know my self-esteem is frustratingly low, but it was just too hard for me to have confidence in myself.

    "But, if it's okay for a person who only knows how to wield a sword…"

    But still.

    "I want to be the duke's daughter."

    I also wanted to be happy easily.

    "That is."

    Caesar, with a bloody smile, Carl pulled me into a tight hug.

    "Kashmira Krysis, Aria Krysis, congratulations on being my daughters."

    That winter day was a lovely day that I won't forget even if my whole life was exhausted.


    Aria Krysis is a genius.

    No one can say no to this simple phrase. Because it was something no one could deny.

    'Is so easy.'

    He did not forget to see anything. Subjects that require application such as math or magic, games that require spatial perception skill and tactics, sense at the same time, such as chess, probability calculation, reasoning, essay writing, etc. Anything that had to use her head was too easy for her.

    Among them, the easiest and most skillful was reading and understanding people's emotions. Aria showed excellent skills in tasks that require a lot of attention, natural sense, sense and quick understanding of the situation.

    She was sharp. She was alert when to bend and when to push. She knew how to read the impressive fit line, and she was able to figure out if it was a wolf that would hurt others in front of her or if it was a person that would protect her.

    In Aria's eyes, Caesar Krysis was a wolf who could never hurt her. He had fangs that could bite his neck at once, but he could never attack him.

    'By the way. Why did someone who never helped him when my sister was going through a difficult time show up now and help us?'

    Teasing Caesar was because she was convinced he wouldn't hurt her. She did not face the beast without conviction.

    Aria wasn't satisfied with the fact that others had invaded the world where there were only two. Kashmir is yours. She is her own sister. Although she agreed to share her own world for Kashmira's happiness, she hated it.

    He knew that Kashmira was a person bright enough to fall in love with, and he certainly expected to be loved by many. However, when the situation arises, she distorts his idea that he should share Kashmira's love that he received.

    "Hello, young master."

    It was because of these circumstances that Aria Krysis was unhappy with Carl Krysis.

    After the conversation in the office, Aria grabbed Carl in front of the office. Carl, who was looking at Aria with a friendly smile with his eyes closed, put arsenic in her mouth.

    "It looks like this in front of Shushu, but I don't think it's necessary in front of me."

    "If you tell me that, I'll be happy to beat you."

    The laughter on the coral-colored lips disappeared in an instant. The excessively rapid change in attitude made her laugh as if she were an absurdity.

    "Can I talk when there are only two? Now the state is the same."

    "What you want."

    Aria's mouth twisted. The atmosphere was too cold to say that she was a brother and a sister.

    How close to war of nerves was the elaborate exchange of glances, Aria spoke for the first time.

    "I don't like you or your father."

    "I do not like you."

    "But I love Shushu."

    Carl quietly affirmed the fastball that went in with a flickering laugh. Aria, who didn't look so good even after shooting, stared into Carl's eyes for a while, then roughly swept her bangs.

    "...Not a light heart."


    "Ha...yeah. Because my sister always attracted people."

    Aria is good at reading the feelings of others. The strange in front of her eyes, which is more unpleasant because she looks like her sister, she had eyes mixed with obsessive madness because she didn't weigh when talking about Kashmira.

    "I'll just ask something. Are you waiting for Shushu's happiness or do you just want to hold Shushu in your hand?"

    "I hope Shushu is happy."

    "A little more honest."

    "In my hand."

    "It does."

    Aria, with a disgusted smile, faced Carl with crooked eyes.

    "I also want my sister to be happy in my hands."

    Two pairs of eyes filled with dark, gooey obsession and youthful madness. Her eyes were similar.

    "Aren't you sure you want Shushu's happiness?"


    "Do you know what he needs for Shushu's happiness?"

    "...Well. It looks like this."

    With a dissatisfied expression, Carl spat as if barely admitting the fact that he didn't like it.

    Aria smiled. She knew how important her existence was to her sister.

    "I hate to admit it, but I thought I'd need you for my sister's happiness too."

    "Probably. Because I'm the person Shushu loves."

    This time Carl smiled and distorted his face as if he didn't like Aria's words.

    "But I'm the person my sister loves the most."

    "Whether it will be until the end remains to be seen."

    Although the colors are different, the temperature of the eyes and the emotions they contain are similar. As they looked at each other, Aria, who smiled with her teeth, held out her hand in front of Carl.

    "For my sister's happiness, I have to face them often even if they are unpleasant. Let's do well in the future, not as brothers, but as colleagues."

    Aria had only one family. No one, except Kashmira, intended to enter that deep, cozy place. Aria's eyes, as if asking for an unavoidable alliance, were filled with disgust.

    "Well. For Shushu's happiness."

    Likewise, Carl, showing an unpleasant expression, grabbed Aria's hand with a gesture full of pain, shook it, and quickly pulled it out.

    "Then just come on in, brother Carl. See you at dinner."

    Aria, who wore the sister mask over her thin face, smiled slightly. Shortly after Carl, who was frowning on her face, put on the friendly brother mask and laughed.

    "Yes. See you later. Take a break."

    And they turn their backs on each other. The faces of the two looking in the other direction cooled to the same temperature. Although there was not a single drop of blood connected, it looked horribly similar.



    At that time, the thoughts ruling the two minds were the same.


    'It's unpleasant.'

    Unpleasant feeling towards the same type of person.

    It was chilling.

    From the day I became Kashmira Krysis, I was busy without my eyes opening.

    "Miss! What kind of balm will you use for your debut? I tried to select about five things and choose one of them."

    "It is customary to wear one or more family crest accessories at debut, but should you wear a brooch? A necklace? A hairpin?"

    "What color should I wear for her lips? The socializing trend these days is a pale pink, but I think the young lady will match red as well."

    It was for the preparation for the debut.

    "From now on, for a week, you and Aria should prepare for your debut. Although the period is very tight, it's better to prepare for this year instead of postponing it until next year."

    Debutante. The debut stage of the noble ladies occurs when they turn 15 years old.

    It is held every year during the winter ball, and it was an important event that the achievements of social activities in the future depended on how many achievements were made in the debut.

    To prepare for the debut, five more maids except Mary were assigned to be my direct maids. Ren, Dahlia, Cherish, Penny, and Bell were young but experienced maids in their early twenties.

    "Actually, when the miss broke the door and came in, I thought I was really seeing something reaper. The arrogance in the distance... Our miss is the coolest in the world. A woman with a sword is the best."

    At first, the maids, they were a little afraid of me, now they spend time with me and act like old friends.

    "This is the Countess Helena Levito who is in charge of teaching etiquette to little children."

    The next day, before debut, Aria and I had a speed education teacher in etiquette.

    A middle-aged woman, who introduced herself as Countess Helena, eyed Aria and me carefully. The fact that we were enrolled with the Duke was currently the biggest problem and concern in the country, so he must have been curious about us.

    "I've heard that both of you have to learn the basics due to the circumstances. Since time is tight, I'll skip the basics and teach the minimum necessary etiquette for your attribute debut. Classes will be a bit tight since time is tight." ."

    Helena maintained a polite attitude, knowing that we have lived as commoners to this day. I started the class with a pretty generous score for her.

    "The walk is smooth and light, and the hand does not waver when walking, but is gathered in front of the dress. When greeting other nobles, bow your head gracefully only in front of the royal family or the Holiness of the Pope. The feet They shouldn't be open."

    As expected, the nobles' manners were complicated. Helena taught many things quickly as expected, and according to the syllabus, etiquette classes were to be taught four hours a day until the day before debut.

    However, if there are two things that were not reflected in your perfect study plan,

    "Miss Aria is so perfect, she's like an elegant swan. Oh my God! How can she walk so far? If I say it once, you'll immediately get the point!"

    Aria is the heroine of this world who will soon recapture the entire society.

    "...I can't believe it. Did you memorize everything you saw once? It's not the level of difficulty it can be...Yes? Did you memorize all the tango moves?"

    I was a sword master with a genius sense of everything I do with my body.

    It's ridiculous... This was a curriculum that took my breath away even after completing the sixth day..."

    Helena, who finished the six-day etiquette class in two hours, muttered sadly. After showing off a perfect sword dance, I laughed a bit while drinking water.

    "Aria is very talented, isn't she?"

    "That's pretty good! You two ladies are geniuses! It's an honor to teach you both!"

    Helena cried out in excitement like a person witnessing a miracle with both eyes.

    "First of all, I tried to talk a bit at the end of the class because I had little time alone with his outer etiquette, but since the young people are so good, he will learn the language formally."

    Helena seemed to think that Aria and I would learn to speak quickly.

    And his thoughts collapsed after a while.

    "What if someone comes to Miss Kashmira and curses Miss Aria right back?"

    "...I throw the gloves in his face and call for a duel."

    "Miss Kashmira! I said that you should smile softly and then show your nasty look!"

    "What would it be like! He's cursing Aria!"

    "Why don't you use the words of gentlemen! It's not 'I will', but 'I will!' I have to tell you sometimes to use the right word!"

    This situation wasn't much different from Aria.

    "What if someone walks up to Miss Aria and curses her origin?"

    "I covered my mouth and smiled, 'It's awkward to hear. May I understand that this is a curse on the name of Krysis and the duke who took me in? I answer."

    “Perfect! So, if you curse Miss Origin and curse Miss Kashmira together…”

    "I hang upside down on the balcony including stabbing those crazy girls with a croissant..."


    Helena walked out after three hours and abandoned Aria's pitch correction.

    "Please just don't swear in front of His Majesty and His Holiness…"

    Weary Helena sat down on a chair. Carl, who was attending the class, closed his mouth and held back a loud laugh.

    "One thing is that I couldn't engrave your image with magic tools. I think it could be used as a treatment for depression."

    "My father, brother, and sister are so beautiful. I guess it's not good."

    Aria, exhausted from the long class, looked at Carl. Carl also looked at Aria with a smile.

    'They're still the male and female leads, but… aren't they seeing each other too much as enemies?'

    What is pink, only blood. The atmosphere between the two of them was so fresh that no one shouted to jump out with a sword as he threw gloves at the opponent's face.

    'The two of them are... won't continue...?'

    Honestly, when the two came together, I thought that my eyes could fit according to the deterrence of the original, even if there is no probability. It was strange falling in love with each other being brother and sister.

    "No matter how beautiful we are, will it just be our lovely little sister?"

    Aria's eyes went up and Carl narrowed his eyes. I noticed a look between the two who exchanged bloody eyes.

    The question stuck in my mouth about what they were thinking about each other, but I thought the answer would come out saying that each of them decided to save money and send assassins to each other.

    'Even though they are both happy.'

    With that thought, I cleared my head and inhaled.

    Actually, I don't care about the original. At first, she hoped it would fit in a bit due to Aria's happiness and anxiety that she didn't know how the future would bounce. First of all, the plan I set up now is a way to make a harpoon because I couldn't twist the original.

    'I make my life. I will make the happiness of the people around me. I can do it.'

    As long as Aria survives, nothing will stand in my way. There was nothing more to doubt. As long as I become Kashmira Krysis, this world will be different from the world written in print.

    'If so.'

    My fate will be decided on my own.

    “Both of you worked well… Please, I wish you a successful debut…”

    Mrs. Helena, who appears to be 10 years older, returned to the Count's House with a greeting.

    Carl was tall.

    "Don't worry. Because Krysis who makes a mistake can be covered up. Even once she curses the Emperor or the Pope, my father will be able to take care of it."

    I drank water again, listening to Carl behind me. Four days before the debut, the preparations were going well.

    And the next day, Aria and I went to the dressing room for the outfits that we would wear for the debut.


    "Really… you look so good, ma'am."

    Dahlia, who had finished dressing before going to the dressing room, looked at the mirror excitedly. There I was with an awkward and embarrassed expression in the mirror.

    A while ago, there was a slight argument between Dahlia and me, who was in charge of my makeup.

    "I'm going to buy clothes anyway, why should I dress up? I think I can wear pants in a shirt and vest. Required for black knights. When I come here, I'll also carry the sword I brought."

    "The dressing room is not just a clothing store, it's like a rumor base. If you don't dress well, there will be rumors that the duke won't recognize the lady! Why don't you try on this pink dress? It's the same color than her beautiful pink eyes. Will she have an escort…does she have to bring her?"

    She was in a position to use a long sword with a light outfit so she could fight at any time, and Dahlia was in a position to put it down and wear a cumbersome dress.

    "Ha... fine. If you don't like the ones now, you'll wear pants. Instead, not just any! Of course, the girl is stunning even if she wears it roughly, but it's a crime not to decorate a girl who can become a swimming dragon ('an imperial proverb in the context of a winged tiger) with a little care. Kendo is not a long sword, but a dagger that can be hidden in clothing!"

    Having lived my whole life in danger, I was anxious if I wasn't ready to go into battle at any moment.

    After a long discussion, we found a compromise, and this was the result of the compromise.

    White shirt with bishop's puffed sleeves, burgundy vest with two carefully embroidered buttons, with baroque motifs. Cute short black cape, black and silver skinny breeches. From low heeled leather boots to a gorgeous magenta cocktail hat with a fine black mesh lined silhouette.

    Obviously, even though it was me, it looked weird.

    "It's like a very beautiful porcelain doll... It's the greatest masterpiece of my life!"

    When I closed my mouth and looked at Dahlia muttering, the embarrassment rose. Both of my cheeks in the mirror turned red.

    '...It is uncomfortable.'

    The scent of sweet balsam oil touched my braided hair. The black hair that was neatly tied into one and braided to the right was awkward. When I realized myself once again, the back of my head went up.

    "Come down quickly, miss! You have to show it to everyone!"

    "I'm a little embarrassed..."

    "Ah, you have to let go! Get down quickly!"

    "Oh yeah..."

    As Dahlia dragged me, I went downstairs. Caesar, Carl, and Aria were seen across the hall.

    Aria was already ready and drinking tea waiting for me. I took a breath.

    The pink hair, braided into one, was decorated with white flower fragments and emerald hair vines. Also, Aria, in a light green dress with lots of lace, was like a fairy.

    'It suits him.'

    I smiled proudly and quickened my steps.


    As he happily called out to her, Aria's back, which had tilted her teacup, shuddered. Aria, tea in her mouth, smiled broadly and turned her head.

    And when our eyes met

    As soon as Aria saw me, she jerked her head back and spit tea water onto the lap of Caesar, who was sitting next to her.


    Aria, tea flowing from her mouth, clamped it shut. She seemed to be crying somehow. Caesar's eyes widened slightly, turning his gaze to me.

    "Ha... Well. Such is life..."

    Aria mumbled constantly and wiped her eyes with a tissue. Caesar, who didn't even glance at the tea running down his knees, blinked slowly and looked at me.

    "... It fits you well."

    Carl who was standing on the table muttered expressionlessly. As he put it down, Carl waved his hand a bit and the steaming water from the tea dripped onto the table, but he didn't seem to care about anyone.

    "Thanks for the compliment."

    Somehow, everyone was overreacting, making my face burn. I scratched my head darkly.

    "I asked her to try something other than black! Try something more than just a cape on a shirt! Don't tie it with just one hair, try other hairstyles! I said so! Really! Really good!" "

    Aria walked over to me and hugged me, crying out loud. I hugged Aria and laughed awkwardly.

    "It is not weird?"


    Aria, cutting firmly, rubbed her head against my neck.

    "It's so good."

    The smile on his face was bright. Above Aria's head, a vine of glowing hair rippled.

    "Are you going to the locker room now?"

    Caesar asked, who looked somewhat serious. When I answered 'yes', he took something out of his pocket and threw it at me.


    I grabbed an object that flew forward, checked it and blinked.

    'The black dragon surrounding the sword is the patron of the duke.'

    What Caesar handed me was a golden plate with a delicately engraved pattern of the duke's symbol. I tilted my head to see what he was ordering, and Caesar took a sip as he held up a cup of tea and spilled more than half of the tea.

    "It's an identity guarantee card that means the Krysis family is a buyer. If you prove it, you can live on an island in the east comfortably."

    Caesar looked at me slowly and looked away. Perhaps an illusion, his ears were slightly red.

    "...It doesn't matter if you take the pillar out of the laundry room."

    'Really crazy guy.'

    Once again, Caesar Krysis was weird.


    It would have been about 20 minutes in a beautiful carriage with the duke's seal emblazoned on it, and while having a brief conversation with Aria, I arrived in front of a beautiful building in the center of town.

    "Catherine's Dressing Room is the most fashionable dressing room in the Empire. During the social season, even if you book three months in advance, you can't get it whenever you want."

    Dahlia, who came with me, released information. She was listening carefully, and I narrowed my eyes at the question that arises when everything is different in front of the dressing room door.

    "... Is it empty now?"

    Now that the Snow Festival is approaching, it's time for all the dressing rooms in the capital to be busy. However, the interior of Catherine's dressing room was empty. Unlike me, Dahlia smiled as she winced.

    "These days in capital society, curiosity about the two young ladies is skyrocketing. The duke rented the entire dressing room for the day because you might have trouble going out."

    'Really the money.'

    It was ridiculous to do this, but renting a dressing room for a day wouldn't deal a small blow to the circumstances of the Krysis Vault anyway. I knew it, so I opened the dressing room door with a sense of collapse.

    "I was waiting, ladies from Krysis. This is Catherine Fatalite, head designer of the Catherine Dressing Room."

    Catherine stepped out and bowed. She, who appears to be in her thirties, wore clothes that suitably matched the pre-era fashion, worthy of the name of the leading designer of the capital's best wardrobe.

    "Pleased to meet you, ma'am. This is Aria Krysis speaking."

    "This is Kashmira Krysis."

    Catherine's eyes when she raised her head, glittered terribly. Her eyes were like beasts before her prey.

    Her cheeky gaze darted out and swept over Aria. It was a feeling of being naked. After a long observation, her gaze released, she smiled happily and clapped her hands twice. The people spitting inside the dressing room came out and enveloped Aria.

    "So, shall we measure it first?"

    Since then, it's been a party of all kinds.

    It took him 30 minutes to measure my entire body. Obviously, the body that was fine even after beating the demon for a few days was exhausted for a while. Also, while she waited on the soft sofa with Aria, who looks tired, Catherine came over with everything, including the catalogues.

    "You two ladies are really opposites. Miss Aria's innocent impression, low muscle mass, and a nice body line seem to be a good match for a ruffled dress with subtle exposure, and Miss Aria's fresh impression Kashmira, tight muscles and body shape, I think a clean satin dress would suit her."

    As a chief designer, Catherine was the owner of a quick judgment and good eyes.

    "The trend is the robe these days, but do you know the fashion? The bodies of young girls will really match the clothes! I hope to make you the most beautiful sisters in this debut. You two will be the leaders of fashion. "

    Even madness was seen in Catherine's blinking eyes. Feeling a bit scared, she put down the cup of tea she was holding. Thanks to the warm lemon honey tea, my mouth was filled with a fresh lemon scent.

    "Before I seriously do the wardrobe, I have two things to say."

    After having enough conversation with Aria in the oncoming carriage, I decided on a few things. While she was serious, Catherine also looked at me seriously.

    "First. Aria's dress should be something that can be worn without a corset."

    Currently, the most popular item in the social world is a corset. For this reason, most dresses currently on the market had to be worn with a corset.

    However, I had no intention of my lovely sister using a waist-killing tool like that.

    I smiled when I saw Catherine in white.

    "Second. The clothes I will wear is a uniform."

    No matter how much I say that I have become a princess of Krysis, my eternal and sleepless identity is definitely a 'swordsman'.

    After joining the Krysis family, I had a lot of thoughts.

    Now, as a princess, I can no longer swing my sword? Should I take off my comfortable pants and put on a dress? Should I stop being a sword and become a flower?

    Last night, when I couldn't sleep with overflowing agony, I impulsively went to the next room where Caesar was staying and asked. Now that I have become a princess of Krysis, should I give up all my previous life? Caesar, who watched for a long time that day, replied: "Do you want it?"

    "Well. You are the Princess of Krysis now. At the same time, you are Kashmira, a commoner who grew up in the alleys, and swordmaster Mir, praised as a mercenary king. You don't have to abandon all your identities and remain a princess." of Krysis. Of course, I don't want you to continue working as Mir and be in danger. But I won't say anything if you want. I have the confidence of having all their identities, so do what you want. That's what I want."

    The overwhelming words, the slightly cool hands dragging my head down, and the friendly glances on my skin, put me at ease.

    "I have no intention of committing myself."

    I am a princess of Krysis, Kashmira, who has endured a hard life, and Mir, who has fought beasts. I didn't want to give up all those identities.

    Catherine's face turned blue.

    What is the most powerful and enduring power in the social world?

    High position? Of course, you can't ignore that either. However, it only acted as an additional power, and it was a bummer to say that it dominated the social world.

    Beautiful appearance? That is also important. However, it was not enough to call it our top priority. Beauty often fades so quickly.

    The greatest power in the social world was the power to lead fashion.

    The nobles are those who have turned their eyes towards luxury and refinement. They couldn't bear to fall on someone who couldn't follow the style.

    'No one who leads fashion can be ignored.'

    Social fashion has a great influence on the monetary operation of the empire. The money that came out of the wallets of the high society boys took the market version of the empire.

    Money was also related to politics, so even the emperor or pope could never ignore the social world.

    'And I'll pave a way for Aria to lead the way.'

    It was a decision since she was duly enrolled in Krysis.

    The greatest witness that social status does not have a great impact on the social world is the original Kashmira. Kashmira was shunned from the social world even though she was a princess of the only imperial duke.

    'If Aria suffers from that.'

    I didn't even want to imagine. I wanted to make sure Aria wasn't ignored by the social world.

    Of course, he knew he could do just fine without my help. Maybe he does much better than me. However, as a person who becomes an older sister, she wanted to make Aria's start smoother, so she wanted to give Aria a certain item.

    Aria and I are an illegitimate daughter and adopted daughter who are the right people to bite. To survive with this pain, he has to gain clear power in the social world.

    This debut must be the case where Aria lays the groundwork in the social world. I also have to make sure that my position is not neglected by the social world.

    Debut was an important event that it would not be too much to say that it would decide whether or not the social race would succeed. It should not be ignored by the clothes, but rather look up.

    "Bu, but there's no precedent for a lady in uniform in her debut! Obviously, the lady will have to be the main character in the backstory for a while!"

    Catherine yelled. At the shocked look, I took another sip of lemon tea.

    Catherine was definitely right. The idea of men and women still remained in the Solatine Empire. A woman in uniform rather than dress in a formal position was a story to be heard.

    That was what I wanted.

    Theme and differentiation.'

    Imitation cannot lead to fashion. There had to be something to attract attention and bring out the languages they liked to talk about.

    'It will be difficult to put a fashionable uniform. There will be few young women who have the courage to break the molds formed so far.'

    Fashion should be something that anyone can follow. The preconceived notion of little boys' clothing was too strong to spread uniforms as a fashion among socializing little girls.

    For that reason, wearing a uniform was more proclaiming that I was a knight with a sword than leading the trend.

    'You must never be seen as a girl who is only interested in social circles.'

    When I thought about the next steps I had planned, my first image needed to position myself strongly as a gentleman.

    There's something else I'm going to do.

    "Ma'am, could you take a look at this?"

    I handed a piece of paper to Catherine, who was worried and frustrated. It was the article that occurred to me last night after a long agony.

    "... This?"

    Catherine's eyes, which seemed depressed, shone like a flash of light. I enjoyed her reaction and tipped the teacup once more.

    "This is an item to wear over a shirt. It's simple, but it maximizes the weird atmosphere just by wearing it. What does it look like in the eyes of an expert with a broad vision?"

    "...It is definitely simple and innovative. I think there will be a lot of different feelings to decorate thanks to the simple virtues. I think it will be popular with young people who often wear shirts first, but if you change the feeling a little, it will be popular with the ladies."

    "I've already drawn something to wear over it."

    I took out another sheet of paper and showed it to him. Catherine's eyes shone with a light close to madness.

    "This must be in style."

    Catherine was convinced like the attitude of a cool businessman. The eyes that raised my head and looked at me shone to the point of charging.

    Only after seeing it did I raise the corner of my mouth rather mischievously.

    "Miss! Have you ever wanted to work with me on this idea?"

    'As planned.'

    I cast the bait and Catherine took the bait.


    "Sister, how did you come up with that idea?"

    Aria asked as I barely pulled away from Catherine, who is showing mad passion, and headed back in the carriage. Her eyes shining with respect were overwhelming.

    "Well, how do you see?"

    'This is how I copied the memories of my previous life.'

    I laughed awkwardly and got angry. The item that Catherine highly praised and she suggested when we did business together was none other than a fashion item that was popular in the previous life.

    "It looks great on my sister! She was wearing it over the dress a lot! I think it will sell well when it starts to sell, but are you really trying to do business with Mrs. Catherine?"

    Aria excitedly looked at me with sparkling eyes. I shrugged.

    "I have no money, so I should ask the Duke to invest. I don't know if he will listen to me."

    "That man will accept my sister's request."

    Aria laughed. A bloody laugh erupted from Aria's cynical demeanor. There was an awkward silence between Aria and me.

    "...Are you curious about your sister?"

    As the day progressed, I looked out the window and looked out at the city, where there were fewer people, and asked carefully. Aria's gaze reached me.

    Aria must be filled with shame.

    I know the original. Because of that, I understood all the storms that hit in the last few days, but Aria was different.

    He passed out and opened his eyes at the dukedom of Krysis. Her sister, who has been with her all her life, was actually the duke's daughter, and it is rumored that the duke, who is blood mad, intends to adopt her sister. Before even hearing a proper explanation, she prepares for her debut.

    From Aria's point of view, it's going to be full of amazing stuff because it's absurd.

    'It will feel like there is no bridge between the event and the event.'

    She had to talk to Aria seriously, but she was still busy, so she couldn't speak properly. At the same time, I felt sorry for not explaining it properly and grateful to be followed without saying anything.

    "...Question, can I have answers?"

    Finally, I nodded at the request that was cautiously spat out. This time, I had the confidence to answer anything truthfully.

    "I heard it from the duke's doctor. He said it was a mixed race of fairies."

    I nodded slowly. Aria laughed sadly.

    "Did you know about before?"
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    And have their offspring. Mir's mother life genre must be R-19 and tragedy lmao
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    Until the envoy from the Atara Kingdom arrived, I devoted everything to practicing swordsmanship. For almost 10 hours every day, I practiced mana management in the training center and swung my sword.

    There were some things that were difficult to accomplish just by practicing alone, so she fought Caesar once every three days.

    After the first battle when I injured my shoulder because I was blinded by my desire to compete, I played a battle with a wooden sword without an aura. It was a bit silly, but just hitting the sword with the same sword master helped a lot to improve my skills.

    "You are strong."

    As usual, Caesar gasped, looking at me, lying on the ground and pouring water down my throat like a waterfall.

    I turned to him for an unexpected introduction.

    "But there are three more important problems."

    "...If there are three problems, shouldn't I use the word 'most'?"

    "It's because all three are very serious problems."

    Caesar was so good at hitting bones with a sloppy face. It was okay to issue a patent. He sighed as he made a painful sound in his bones.

    "What is?"

    "First. There is no technique. Second. He has weak physical strength. Third."

    Caesar's bloodshot eyes gleamed terribly.

    "I've said it dozens of times and yet, it doesn't even pretend to defend."

    His cold voice trembled. There seemed to be a lot of discontent on his face.

    "You are strong in short-term battles and attacks. It is a good idea to overwhelm your enemies in a short time. It would be irrelevant to assume that there are few swordsmen who can defeat you in real battles on this continent."

    Heard the compliment he says. After all, it was good to hear the praise anytime.

    "But it's the worst in the long run and in defense. If, for whatever reason, the fight goes on for more than an hour, you won't be able to beat even one weaker than you and you'll lose stamina. There's no technique for wielding a weapon there." sword, so the efficiency of physical strength is not good. Defense... I have nothing to say. I have never seen an ignorant swordsman who fights and never defends."

    Before I even enjoyed the praise, a bitter rebuke came to me. There were no words to say that the sentence was correct. He sighed as he glanced slightly to avoid Caesar's scathing eyes.

    "It would be nice if I could take you like this and train you intensely, but... I'm not very good at teaching someone. I'm too busy these days and it's hard to make time."

    Certainly Caesar was not a good teacher. It was true that he was busy moving on the emperor's orders and barely found the time to fight me.

    "So I'm trying to hire you a teacher, okay?"

    "A teacher?"

    "Well. I don't have a close relationship with other sword masters on the mainland, so I can't give you a master with a higher level than you... I know one of the best sword experts in strength training and defense skills." It's weaker than you, but teaching is a different problem than your ability, so it will be very helpful."

    I held my breath for a moment. The word 'master' alone had the power to shake my heart.

    Caesar's eyes narrowed at me, and I hurriedly wiped my expression.

    Of course, thanks for attaching it. Even though I was there, my stamina was weak and I was completely ignorant of defense skills.

    "It's good for me, but... I'm not hiding that I'm a Sword Master. As I learn, a person called that master will realize that I'm the Sword Master."

    "When we meet, can we meet him as Mir?"

    "...How would you explain to that person? If you suddenly bring Mir in and tell him to teach, will that person understand?"

    It would be like this, how absurd it would be if the duke of Krysis suddenly asked him to teach the mercenary Mir. The Duke of Krysis and the Mir mercenary were two names that were too far apart when thought of.

    "The person you called master, is my subordinate."

    Caesar said calmly, leaving me behind, wondering if this was even possible.

    "And when you give orders to your subordinates, you don't need an explanation."

    The tail of his mouth viciously twisted.

    "If your boss orders you to put dragons in your jewelry box, you have to do it right away. Don't worry. I'll do it obediently and bring it back."

    I really felt sorry for those who had Caesar as their boss and were crying.

    And the day I decided to meet a person called that teacher.

    Without knowing the identity of the teacher, I arrived at the training center owned by the duke's family in the center of the capital. I didn't ask Caesar who he was because I thought he'd do fine.

    I looked around the training center after awkwardly touching the mask I hadn't worn in a long time. The fully equipped training center looked clean and easy to use. It was when he was waiting for a teacher that Caesar said he would take while hearing a strong footstep.


    The faces of the two people were closer to me. I turned my head toward Caesar's voice calling me by my nickname.

    And the surprised eyes, yellow and gold that I found.


    I almost threw the weight I was holding onto my foot.


    I was amazed with my mouth open. Reiner was able to put surprise on his indifferent face, not knowing that I was the person he had to teach.

    'Why are you out here?'

    With Caesar in the middle, he exchanged a shocked look with Reiner. Me, just before passing out with my eyes wide open, Caesar furrowed his brows, who shifted his gaze between Reiner and me, which wouldn't be strange, even if I turned into a stone statue since I was hardened.

    "Is this a sign that you two know each other?"

    Both Caesar's look, which needed clarification, and Reiner's gaze turned difficult and they closed their mouths.

    I met him while saving Le Wellin who was in crisis, and I knew he knew my real name, I swear to keep my real name a secret. The words were as far as I knew.

    'Damn it... So it turns out that you're also Caesar's subordinate...'

    Caesar currently holds the position of Secretary of Defense with the highest command in the Armed Forces. Reiner, the head of the Second Division Knights of the Imperial Palace, was a subordinate that Caesar had to deal with.

    'No matter how much, who would have known he would bring a commander!'

    No matter how much he said he was Caesar's subordinate, he was the head of the Knights Templar of the Imperial Palace. Knight Commander! It means he's too big to give me physical training.

    'Besides, he knows my real name too! Honestly, I think you've realized that I'm Mir.'

    I was planning to meet up with Reiner one day and clear up that matter like Le Wellin, but I didn't know that I would come across this all of a sudden. I carefully opened my mouth, looking at Reiner, who I thought was still stiff and breathing.

    "Imperial Palace... Isn't this the Second Knight Commander?"

    In the first place, it's not clear if Reiner noticed, so I called out to him as he had introduced himself in the alley. Reiner's gaze, which was stiff and wandering aimlessly, landed on me. Both ears burned.

    "Mir-nim...why are you here?"

    Reiner seemed unable to understand the situation. I can't even add an explanation because this situation is absurd, Caesar, taking turns looking at Reiner and me, tried to mediate the situation.

    “It seems that you already know each other, but I will introduce you. Mir, this is Sir Reiner Einhard, the second commander of the Knights of the Imperial Palace and minor Marquis of Einhard.”

    'So, can you get such a big guy to spend his precious vacation as my training assistant?'

    The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous it was. He may not have seen my stupid look, but Caesar firmly introduced me to Reiner.

    "Sir Einhard, as you can see, this is Mir, the Golden Shield Mercenary. Greet each other."


    Awkward and crazy greetings come and go. It felt like the first time meeting a couple who were forced together by their parents' compulsion.

    Caesar, who felt a strange current of air between Reiner and me, moved a little between his eyebrows and spoke to me in my mind.

    'Shushu. No way sir Einhard harassed you before...'

    'There's no such thing!'

    Caesar's bloody glances made him hesitate for a moment, so I quickly denied since it would make Reiner the main character of workplace bullying.

    'Then why is he putting on an embarrassing expression? If it's uncomfortable, tell me.'

    'Like this, not like this...'

    It wasn't awkward. As the male lead in the original, he was full of inner bullying. However, it was a complicated relationship, and she wasn't sure to what extent Reiner knew about it, so it was hard to figure out what kind of attitude to show.

    'And because I don't want to force Reiner to help me with my training.'

    He glanced at Reiner. Even so, the panicked face was from a person who hadn't heard beforehand that the person who would become his student was Mir.

    "Isn't Sir Einhard busy? I don't think he is free enough to help me with my training, he seems to be a nuisance."

    I noticed and asked carefully. We know how talented Reiner is at teaching, how well he performs at standard skills training and physical fitness.

    I was greedy because he realized my identity and it was better not to force him.

    "And I'm a mercenary…Perhaps Sir Einhard seems uncomfortable meeting me."

    I murmured, sinking slightly. Knights despise mercenaries. Reiner, an outstanding knight, might have been embarrassed to meet Mir, a mercenary.

    "Is this the famous Mir? Ah! As expected, mercenaries are cowards! Are you stealing other knights' achievements and claiming they belong to you? It's ridiculous to say that a mercenary is a hero!"

    "No, it looks pretty good because it's pretty, so maybe you got a job selling yourself. It's common for mercenaries to get dirty, isn't it?"

    Working as a mercenary and being ignored by the knights countless times, my self-esteem unknowingly lowered when I faced the knights.

    "...Sir Einhard."

    I kept my mouth shut, avoiding Reiner's wavering gaze, so Caesar, who had a cold impression, called out to Reiner in a crackling voice. When I heard the voice, I thought that I would blanch Reiner in boiling oil right now. Reiner, keeping his expression blank, hurriedly shook his head.

    "No way! How can Mir-nim make me uncomfortable!"

    Reiner's voice contained a hideous denial. I wondered if it was because Caesar was scaring him, but Reiner's trembling golden eyes were only aimed at me.

    "But I've heard that there is a person I have to teach, but I'm surprised that Mir is there. Mir is not the one who needs instruction from me."

    Reiner must have felt very embarrassed, but he was humble and polite. Honestly, it seemed to be true because if he was really uncomfortable, he would have been left without liking Caesar, whether he was in front of him or not.

    "Of course. Mir also hits Sir with his little finger."


    I touched my forehead in embarrassment at the sight of Caesar scattering ash on Reiner's humility. Even though I gave Caesar a look asking if that should be the case, he just gave me a shameless look asking if that was correct.

    "There is no need to teach Sir Mir swordsmanship. You just need to teach him how to develop stamina and defensive skills according to the training course at the Imperial Palace."

    Even so, Reiner showed signs of hesitation. The emotions that swayed in his golden eyes seemed very complicated.

    "But how do I train Mir-nim..."


    Caesar's bloodshot eyes looked at Reiner. His mouth twisted slightly and he tilted his head.

    "Can't you do it right now, knight commander?"

    'That is an abuse of power.'

    Being called by rank meant giving an order. While admiring Caesar's stupid power for a moment, Reiner sighed and opened his mouth.

    "...I follow the order."

    I really feel sorry for Reiner who had Caesar as his boss.


    "... Yes, hello."

    After receiving an urgent call from the emperor, Caesar was the righteous thing to do, but he disappeared leaving a word to punish Reiner if he bothers me.

    Reiner and I, who were the only two left in the large training center, were already sharing our third awkward greeting.

    "I didn't want to see you like this."

    Reiner, who had a rather complicated face ever since he came here, muttered with a sigh. I tilted my head to listen, but he came over to me with his back against the wall. His ears, beginning to burn, could be seen at a glance.

    'How would you feel if you lived with that face?'

    He was admired as he watched Reiner's shining beauty approach. The moonlight hair and golden eyes mixed on top of the sculpture-like face gave Reiner a cool yet bestial atmosphere. There was something about her beauty that made many women's hearts flutter.

    Even me, it was a handsome enough face to put everything aside for a while and appreciate it.

    "Let's start with physical training. When Mir's physical strength is trained to a certain extent, it would be better to learn defense skills in parallel from then on. Are you alright?"


    "Then, I will start with 100 rounds of the training center to check Mir-nim's basic physical strength."


    Reiner began to lead the training familiarly even though it was difficult before. Following his instructions, I rotated my ankles and started exhaling mana lightly to go around the training ground. With a body strengthened with mana, it was easy to do 100 laps.

    "No. You can't."

    And Reiner gave me a sweet rebuke.


    "Aren't you trying to strengthen your body with mana and run? No. Isn't that just a test of Mir's basic physical strength, not his mana handling skills?"


    I didn't even go through formal training, and it was thanks to my unparalleled mana handling skills that I was able to become a Sword Master. I was born with an infinite amount of mana, and once I understood it, I was able to freely use difficult skills using mana.

    However, because of that, she wasn't equipped with the basic items at all.

    "It's 100 laps naked. I'll run with you, so don't worry."

    Reiner's determined expression and my face, which had been running for a long time using mana, turned white.

    "...Are you really alright?

    Reiner, who looked at me with very worried eyes, asked instead of running. Transparent beads of sweat flowed down the forehead of him who was spinning with me on the 98th lap, touching his long eyelashes.

    'How can a person be so fine?'

    Instead of smelling the sweat, even when wet from sweat, I looked at Reiner who only deepened the scent of rosewood, a peculiar scent.

    "Is nothing."

    It was a lantern. I kept running with only my mental power. The whole body was drenched in sweat and damp. The legs fluttered. Reiner seemed like he had a lot to say, but I couldn't speak, so I kept my mouth shut and ran on.

    "If you're having a hard time, it's okay to stop."

    "Until the end, I said I could run."

    Just speak in a broken voice. Honestly, it was hard enough to the point of wanting to bite my tongue and die, but my name wouldn't let me give up halfway.

    'I am Mir, the mercenary king...!'

    Due to the responsibility of this name, he was not even breathing at a steady rate, and was quietly spinning 100 laps of the training center. Since my legs have been loose since the 60, it was my pride that made me run now.

    'Half twist forward...!'

    Although I don't sweat much, my whole body is wet. The expression tries to pretend to be strong, but the soul was gone after fleeing the body. I felt my physical strength really weak again and did the last turn.



    "Ha, huh..."

    and goal. After 100 laps, I stopped and took a slow breath. I leaned against the wall for a moment, feeling my lungs shrink. My legs rattled like crazy. The sweat was congested between the mask, so I wanted to take off the mask.

    "Thank you for your effort."

    Even though he was upset, he spoke to Reiner in a hoarse voice. He, who looked careless and untouched, nodded and handed me a bottle of water as if he was going to drink.

    I lived.

    Just before I died, I drank water like a man who has found the water of life. It seems that half of the water spilled while he drank in a hurry, but after drinking anyway, he seemed to be much better.


    The drops of water dripped down the neck and got into the clothes, making the body drenched with sweat even more uncomfortable. Feeling the urge to strip off my clothes, I reached into the hooded hood and roughly wiped away the damp hair.

    "... Why are you doing this?"

    Suddenly, I looked at Reiner again, then he made eye contact and tilted his head. Reiner, tilting the water bottle as if he was going to drink water, looked at me without understanding that I was spilling all the water on my body.

    I felt like he couldn't come to his senses even with my call, so when I got a little closer, he took a step back and put down the water bottle. Reiner was also tired and his ears were burning with no time to cool down.

    "Mir-nim's stamina isn't bad. Compared to the average swordsman. But when it comes to the average sword master..."

    "It's terrible?"

    Reiner silently affirmed. I too fell to the ground, half released. He approached me carefully and sat down quite a distance from me.

    "The exercise will be done by combining strength training and aerobic exercise. Next week, I will prepare a suitable training course and deliver it to Mir. When he starts to exercise seriously, he will need to get enough nutrients. Mir is too dry."

    Reiner, who was explaining the move to be made in the future, ended with words close to scolding. Although I wondered a little if Reiner was such a character, I could tell that he was worried about every word he said and I felt a little strange.

    'You are a friendly person.'

    In the original, except for compulsory work, sword-related work, and Aria-related work, he expressed himself as a rather nonchalant person, but the original was also unreliable. He couldn't even look at me properly and was making anxious words.

    "Sir Einhard, do I need more exercise today?"

    I interrupted and asked. Reiner, who looked at my body for a moment, shook his head.

    "Today is the first day, so I don't think he can do much."

    "So, do you have any special dates today?"

    "There isn't. Do you have any reason to ask?"

    I laughed at Reiner bowing my head like a dog.

    "Then why don't you go eat with me? I'll treat you."

    'I have something to ask you and thank you for your help.'

    According to my plan, I had to be face to face with Reiner frequently. It was good to be around for this training opportunity.

    "Y-you mean the food?"

    Reiner stuttered. His neck turned red like a burning sweet potato. On Reiner's face, who did not know what to do, the emotion that could not be hidden was revealed.

    'Is that because I'm a Sword Master?'

    It was natural for the sword madman to be interested in the sword master. I was a little puzzled that Reiner didn't request a challenge as soon as he saw me, but it seemed to fit the scenario where Reiner liked people stronger than him.

    "I'm asking for a date, but are you turning me down?"

    It was curious that I didn't know what to do with this indifferent and ascetic impression, so I closed my eyes and adopted a tone of regret. Reiner shook his head and shook it hurriedly. Now even his hands were warm.

    "Never! Absolutely not! This..."

    It was very nice to see a man much older than me and be confused by my words. If I teased some more, I thought I would cry, so I waited silently for Reiner's reply, and he slowly opened his mouth, who had been worried for a long time.


    "Yeah? I didn't hear you right."

    I approached Reiner with a small murmur and walked over, pretending not to hear him, and leaned my upper body close to his body. A trembling large Reiner covered his face with large hands. It looked like he was trying to cover his flushed face, but it was useless because there was red on the back of his hand as well.

    "...I said it was fine."

    Reiner with a very dry face lowered his hand slowly. His eyes revealed under his hand had a very different light than I thought. The bright gold color catches my eye. This time, I was surprised and flinched a bit.

    Longing was the greatest emotion of gold, where numerous emotions were entwined like a spider's web. A deep, dark, endless longing to see.

    It was the obsession, the excitement, and the sparks I couldn't understand that filled the space between the yearning that seemed dry like the land split by drought for a long time.

    'Why is Reiner looking at me with those kind of eyes?'

    The feeling of seeing something you shouldn't have seen. She couldn't take her eyes off the thought that he was dangerous. Something deep and thick that I can't understand.

    It was never an emotion that could be described by a name like the Sword Master's longing.

    "Please come with me. I want it."

    The line of his eyes curved. The feelings were still infested with his eyes narrowed below the line.

    If it was just a meal she wanted, she wasn't sure.

    We walked into a quiet liquor restaurant where we could eat, sat down, and looked at Reiner's complexion. He used to live as a commoner, so it was a place he often heard about, but it was obvious that Reiner, a nobleman, didn't know about it.

    "Would you really like a place like this?"

    "That's enough."

    Reiner casually sat down on an old wooden chair. Although I wasn't familiar with his mannerisms, I certainly didn't dislike them.

    "But I was able to buy it at a really better place..."

    "It's really fine. It's not the place that matters to me."

    With a slightly slower voice, he said meaningful words and slightly turned his head because it was kind of hard to meet Reiner's gaze, who fixes his gaze on me.

    At first, the place I was going to go was not like that. Since the entrance of the Krysis family has created a huge private estate in front of me, the quantity is not a problem, so I wanted to treat it to a high-end restaurant.

    However, the problem is that there is only one high-end restaurant that I know of in the capital.

    "Uh...do you know of a restaurant called 'Helene'?"

    It was the place where I always saw Eli. Reiner nodded, wondering if he scrunched up his face at the time of my question.

    "Yes. Isn't that the Pope's restaurant right behind the temple?"

    "Oh, Helene was owned by the Pope?"

    'That's why he used it as his home.'

    Eli used Helene freely, and Helene belonged to the Pope. Eli is the Pope. Only now did he know why he could use Helene, who is always crowded, at will.

    Aside from me who got new lighting, Reiner didn't look so good.

    Although always expressionless, he used to bite his lip when he wasn't feeling well.

    "I was going to buy a meal at Helene... but it seems the Sir doesn't like Helene."

    "...I don't like the owner more than that."

    If it was Helene's owner, it was Eli. I tilted my head to see why he hated Eli, thinking that there might be circumstances, and fought with other places. I didn't like it, but I couldn't drag it.

    "...In fact, I don't know the restaurant where the nobles go. Is there somewhere you want to go?"

    No matter how much I thought about it, there was nowhere to go, so I asked Reiner directly, blushing with embarrassment. I know I can't help it because I've lived like a poor commoner, but it's always been a shame to show ignorance.

    "Actually, I do not know."

    "... Yes?"

    "I eat everything fine, I can do it anywhere. How about over there?"

    Reiner, who was looking at me, who slightly avoided his gaze, said dully. He, the junior marquis, couldn't be ignorant like this, but as if he really didn't know, I read Reiner's consideration, who points to an ancient building that commoners could go to.

    'He is a very considerate person.'

    I don't know who it is, but I thought that the person who would be loved by Reiner would be very happy.

    "Do you want a drink?"

    "No thanks."

    "Then I only order two meals."

    I ordered two portions from a menu that was more or less edible and sat down. He leaned his elbows on the table and looked at Reiner with his chin on his intertwined hands. Exposed to my gaze, he shook his neck with a tense expression.

    "So, Sir Einhard. Let's have a talk."

    When I gave him a serious look, Reiner's expression turned serious. When I walked in, it was just us at the bar where everyone had been told not to go in. Since the bar is the main store, the lighting was dim, so it felt like interrogating a criminal in the interrogation room.

    "...What kind of conversation are you talking about?"

    He must have sensed what to say to some extent, but my eyes narrowed as I looked at Reiner pretending not to know.

    "That's where Sir Einhard knows my real name."

    Reiner's shoulders shook slightly. It couldn't be said that he couldn't remember it because he had a knife to his neck. He looked at Reiner's swaying pupils and I slowly parted my lips while maintaining a sense of tension.

    "At that time, you called me Kashmira in the alley."


    "By a very strange coincidence, the name of the eldest daughter of the Krysis family is Kashmira."


    "Surprisingly, the Duke of Krysis was the one who introduced me to Sir?"

    Reiner's pupils trembled as I came out and pointed at the singularities one by one. He didn't know what to do and avoided my gaze, but moved his body slightly backwards. It seemed to be an instinctive behavior.

    In a world surrounded by mana, I clearly read his energy, his expression, and his eyes, which felt like a wave, and came to a conclusion.

    'Reiner wants to avoid this situation.'

    I'm not sure what exactly you want to avoid. But my senses said this.

    'Reiner is already aware of the Mir mercenary's identity, but he doesn't want to face him in front of him.'

    I narrow my eyes.

    Reiner Einhard is not stupid. It was evident that the Mir mercenary was the same person as Kashmira Krysis when I met him in my debut.

    However, it was clear that there was a reason for the widespread manifestation of wanting to avoid the situation facing the person and the problem.

    "I'll tell you bluntly. I'm Kashmira K..."

    "Just a moment...!"

    Spinning around doesn't suit my personality. Whatever her circumstances, she had to tell me she would keep this part a secret. So I tried to start by speaking with my mouth, but Reiner urgently stopped me.

    'Ting.' I had to stop talking with a sound. The knight's hard palm lightly wrapped around the softest part of the body.

    When I looked at Reiner with my mouth closed, I looked at my mouth stuck on his hand and I was blinded at the time, he made eye contact with me and started talking.

    "I'm so sorry. I dare to touch Mir-nim's body. I'm..."

    Reiner had the look of a criminal who would be arrested if he ordered it now. He apologized over and over, quickly removed his hand from my lips, and I grabbed the big hand that was about to pull away.

    Reiner's hands were hot. The golden eyes, holding her hand, sway unintentionally. His fingers tensed. A tight atmosphere enveloped him.


    With the person who had hardened like a stone statue in front of me, I fell into a deep thought. Even though I desperately shut my mouth, it was a strange situation no matter how much I thought about it.

    'What is the reason why Reiner doesn't want to hear it?'

    The fact that the Mir mercenary was a princess of Krysis was information that could gain enormous value by selling it for informational purposes only.

    Of course, Reiner is not a person who sells other people's secrets. However, Reiner's attitude, who seemed to be afraid of revealing my identity, was quite strange.

    "You realized?"

    I asked, holding his hand, which I still couldn't let go of, spinning around. Telling you didn't fit my personality, but I don't know why, but I didn't want to focus on what Reiner hated until now.

    Reiner's complexion disappears. He, who was looking somewhere at the dining table with strangely bright golden eyes, slowly blinked. It was a sign of affirmation enough.

    "Are you going to reveal it to the others?"

    My eyes narrowed and the hand pressed down firmly, exuding a slow atmosphere. Quite rough skin wrapped around his thumb like he was a gentleman. A rough pulse felt under the skin.

    The wrist through which the arteries flow is vital. It was a touch that contained the meaning of intimidation.

    Reiner's hands are visibly stiff. His hands were squeezing so tight that I wondered if he could turn red like that.

    Reiner covered his face with the hand that I couldn't hold. Both of his ears burned and turned to ash, as if they had just been blown away. Maybe my blackmail worked well.

    "I will not speak. I will swear by the sword and Einhard's honor as a knight and the second knight of the Imperial Palace. So please release your hand."

    'Well... that's what he said I'd bet on everything he said...'

    With her white skin all red, she looked at Reiner speaking seriously and made a trembling expression. If I hold on to him a little longer, he has the urge to swear on his own organs and his parents.

    "... I believe."

    Reiner is not one to lie. I thought he was so scared so I let go of the hand I was holding slowly and he quickly pulled his hand out and covered it with the other. His face, with closed eyes and raised head, looked like a burning sweet potato.

    The meal unfolded in a slightly subtle atmosphere. It was a hamburger steak with vegetables and a cream sauce. The flavor was good enough to eat.

    As I looked at Reiner's appearance, he was eating well. That's about it except for making the mistake of cutting into a bowl, not a steak, or drinking gravy instead of water.

    After finishing the food, I watched as Reiner slowly continued with the food, so I could see cold sweat flowing from his forehead. I opened my mouth a little carefully.

    "Are you very uncomfortable?"


    Reiner's hand with the knife cut the center of the plate. There was a gap on the plate indicating how much force he applied and the cream sauce seeped between it.

    "Never no."

    It was firmly denied. His golden eyes seemed to speak the truth, but I knew immediately, somehow he couldn't make eye contact with me for a long time.

    'I don't think it's...'

    "First I understand."

    There was nothing more to say that it wasn't me. Still, he seemed to be overwhelmed, so instead of watching his eating process, I turned my head and looked at the capital outside the window where the darkness had started to increase. It was still early spring, so the sun was short.


    I turned my head only after hearing the sound of the spoon sinking into the table. Reiner who cleanly emptied the plate was wiping his mouth with a napkin.

    "Did you enjoy your food?"

    "It was satisfactory. Thank you for your hospitality."

    Formal greetings came and went, and there was a moment of silence. I picked a question and said what I was curious about.

    "Do you have a reason for that?"

    He doesn't want to face my identity. No other topic was required.

    Reiner looked at me with thoughtful eyes. Slowly sinking, the golden-yellow eyes, whose depth was unknown, disappeared under the lids. Reiner, with his eyes closed, said with a sigh.

    "...I don't want to know yet."

    "Even so, you know."

    If he had said he didn't know, I would have taken that to mean he didn't want to get involved with me, but the premise of 'not yet' gave me a sense of incongruity.

    Reiner slowly opened his eyes. It was after the deep agony that covered his eyes like a cloud of ink disappeared. I looked into his golden eyes, burning like a fire, with only deep longing.

    'That boy.'

    The boy with dark hair and blue eyes looked at me squarely. A boy who does not fade away and remains in my memory even though it was a long time ago.

    The scent of rosewood, similar to that child's, constantly tickled my nose.

    "When I'm strong enough to fight back to back with you. Then I'll go straight to you."

    Words you can't understand when you look at Reiner.

    But if he was that child, then .

    One little sentence blew my mind.

    Reiner slowly approached my face. I blinked slowly at the look asking for permission to touch me, and then nodded my head to give permission.

    Like a gentleman's hand, the rough calloused fingertips gently sweep the area around my mask-covered cheek. Of course, I didn't feel the touch. He slowly grabbed my cheek. The tips of the long fingers touched me lightly and fell near my ears.

    There was a tense atmosphere as if something was going to explode soon.

    I am not afraid that my mask will be removed, I am convinced that he already knows who I am. However, the reason why this situation is tense is by far Reiner who is in front of me.

    A hand tying the strings that connect the mask as if I wanted to take off the mask soon. Red lips bit down hard as if desperately suppressing something.

    A red tongue that does not stop brushing his lips and disappears as if it were a joke.

    Full of aspirations, the golden eyes that resemble beasts seem to have no more gaps.

    "You must give an answer that day."

    Along with his face getting closer, a low and thick voice scratched my ears roughly.

    At that moment, I remembered the memories that had faded in the past.

    "When we both grow up. When the spoken words gain weight and you become as strong as me. If you still have your heart back then... I will definitely give you an answer then. I don't know if I will ever see you again."

    'No way, seriously...?'

    Past and present blended together and my mind wandered. I stared into his bright golden eyes that came up to my nose.

    There was a deep scent of rosewood from her neck as she approached.

    "He has..."

    Reiner heaved a deep sigh. His hands seemed to go through my skin, even though I was spinning inside the mask.

    His eyes, which had flickered with something that seemed to explode soon, disappeared beyond the lids with a scent of blood spreading.

    His red lips were overloaded by his sharp fangs and he shed red blood.

    In his eyes that soon reappeared, only a desperate request remained.

    "...I'll pretend I don't know until then. I don't know who you are, you only know me as 'Reiner Einhard'. We haven't met again yet."

    Reiner's expression was too determined to say that I couldn't say anything more and nodded.

    "It's very dark outside. I want to take you, but I don't think Mir will. I'll go first."

    Reiner, who had taken the hand that had touched my cheek, stood up with the back of his hand, rudely wiping away the veins of blood that flowed from his lips. It was an urgent gesture, as if fleeing.

    "I hope you are healthy until we meet again."

    A low, querulous voice that seemed to be buried beyond the depths of the sea left a brief greeting. Reiner turned around and left the restaurant. I stared blankly at her fluttering silver gray hair and said.


    The name of the boy I met in a forest full of evil spirits.

    "Reiner Carter Le Noah Einhard."

    Only then did I remember Reiner's full name.

    The boy I met again was older than me.

    Time is like a handful of sand on the beach.

    Just as the sand slipped through a gap in my hand as I blinked for a moment, time passed as much as before.

    Then, it was heard that the Atara Kingdom's mission had arrived.

    "Sister Shushu! What are you going to wear to the delegation's visiting celebration banquet? Match the dress code with me!"

    "I'll match the dress code with Shushu. You didn't fit in last time."

    "Don't be a pest, come out, come on brother. Because my sister will match me."

    "The plague is what you're doing. I saw a good uniform design."

    "Ah! My sister is going to pair me with burgundy! Is the burgundy uniform okay? I'll order in Catherine's dressing room!"

    "Look at Shushu's expression. Isn't that the expression of self-determination while matching the dress code with you, which is evil and horrible? Isn't that you force Shushu's opinions like that after saying that you love Shushu? Really is worth seeing."

    "The cute boy who has to destroy his family only lives with his tongue... Did you lose your eyes? That's the expression he makes when he's happiest. Oh, my sister has only lived with you for a few months, so you can't even read their expressions? My brother and sister don't have any memories of when they were young, do they? I'm sorry."

    "...That's disgusting. If you act like that, Shushu will hate you too."

    Between the two of them fighting violently, I came up with a compromise in order to pretend to drink the tea and finish it.

    "Can't we just match the three of them? Something like blue..."

    "Why would I match the dress code on this kid?!"

    "It would be better to be naked."

    Of course, the engagement was immediately dismissed.

    It wasn't a day or two to see Carl and Aria right before they bumped into each other, but I gave up on familiarity and immersed myself in different thoughts.

    'The mission of the Atara kingdom is the same as in the first part of the war.'

    It was the starting point for the true 'Fairy Night' to have serious content.

    'Alexandro Leone of Atara.'

    A young king of the kingdom of Atara who captured the throne covered in blood and ash with a sword. Born as the seventh prince in Atara, whose birth order had a significant influence on the succession to the throne, he was a man of tenacity sitting on the throne.

    'He is literally a black man.'

    At the age of just 15, Alexandro reached the level of a swordsman, killed his brother and sister, and became king at the age of 17.

    'Actually, I was surprised to be quite quiet for that sort of thing.'

    I looked at Carl who was fighting Aria in the distance, and then I looked down at the paper in my hand.

    The newspapers have always been taking care of the original work since I remembered it.

    'There has never been a newspaper article written about Alexandro's tyranny.'

    In the original, I remember that the entire continent was very noisy due to some crazy tyranny at the same time as the coronation.

    However, at this time, which I read a lot every day, Alexandro's tyranny was never mentioned. In today's newspaper, only the article that the delegation had arrived was written on the first page.

    'If you just think about Alexandro's treacherous tyranny described in the original, there's no way it wouldn't appear in the newspaper... The original is hardly believable after all.'

    With a slight sigh, he folded the newspaper.

    Even if he promised not to trust the original too much, he used to habitually fit people into the framework of the original.

    I hated myself like that, but in order to protect my loved ones from the coming war, I had to trust the original to some extent.

    According to the original, this delegation arrives in the Empire at the hands of Alexandro, disguised as one of the ambassadors.

    It was an unlikely incident.

    Even when the original work was published, readers asked how the king left the kingdom, and the author replied that it was because the only thing that could be seen as a black and stupid Alexandro was because of Aria.

    'In fact, it's worth it. Alexandro…because he was really crazy about Aria.'

    She sighed as she looked at Aria, who was ruffling her soft pale pink hair and cursing with her lovely wild lips.

    Aria was the only reason Alexandro visited the empire with the unprecedented madness of emptying the royal palace.

    Alexandro was an ordinary bastard in the world of fiction.

    Alexandro, who was born as the seventh prince and has the least position to succeed to the throne, was a troublesome pet to deal with the older brothers who were building the ground for the throne.

    From birth, he was routinely ignored and neglected, finally facing assassins sent by the Second Prince in the year he turned 12.

    "You must be strong. That's why you have to take revenge! I don't want to be a nanny to a prince anymore! Please be the king. Be the king and let me be the one who laid the foundation for the king!"

    Alexandro, who managed to escape on the sacrifice of the nanny, the only guardian at his side, and escaped, fell seriously injured in an alley of the Solatine Empire.

    "Oh! This person...!"

    And there he meets Aria.

    'According to the original, Aria should have healed Alexandro and put the flag on…Um…'

    Now, looking at Carl and Aria biting each other like dogs, I made an ambiguous expression.

    According to the original, Kashmira should have disappeared from Aria's side when she was 10 years old, but I became Kashmira and joined Aria's childhood.

    Based on my recollections of living with Aria her entire life, Aria never had a record of picking up a dog and bringing it home, let alone Alexandro.

    'Rather, I was the one who collected a lot of things.'

    I made a subtle expression, remembering Carter and Leo, the boy with no name, and Dominik, whom I had picked up when he was older.

    If you think about it, I have been weak to sick and weak things since childhood.

    'Because I was young, I couldn't even imagine that relationships would be like this... but they are really solid relationships.'

    Now, I thought of Reiner and Elior, who had grown up. When I grew up, I couldn't imagine such an encounter.

    'Who would have known that all the children I saved as a youngster were male teachers!'

    Honestly, if he just thought about this, it was still a good thing.

    His subtle attitude now made sense, but he had no idea how to treat them.

    'Ever since Elior told me with his mouth to pretend I didn't know, I'm pretending I don't know. Reiner said he'd pretend he didn't know, so first of all, I'm pretending I didn't know...'

    They all pretend not to know, actually they don't. The days I spent with them were precious memories that still shone bright even in my youth, full of blood and ashes.

    I'd like to say I know those memories and share them, but pretending they don't know how the two were intertwined was a bit disappointing.

    'Oh... they're all older than me and one of them is taller than me, so I can't give inside and out not to... How should I really treat him...'

    I fixed my hair in a complicated mind. Suddenly, I realized that only one of the three boys I had saved as a child had yet to be found again.


    I once saved a boy who introduced himself as Leo, who had been seriously injured at the age of 13 and fell in an alley.

    It was quite annoying to play with an unknown child in the cabin where Dominik was healed, but when I think about it now, it was just some memories from my childhood.

    '...Wait a minute.'

    An idea that comes to mind at once.

    It was an absurd assumption to expect based on this unwritten rule, that it could be my bad luck or my luck to get involved with the male leads if I get the chance.

    If I am 13, Alexandro is 12. It was at the age of 12 that Alexandro fled to the Empire.

    Alexandro was seriously injured falling into the back alleys of the empire, and Leo, who had fallen into the back alleys in the heavy rain, was also seriously injured.

    'Leo… is Alexandro…?'

    One of these phrases was intoxicating.

    He hastily checked Alexandro's face in the newspaper. The fiercely beautiful face once again aroused a sense of confusion. My intuition flickered dangerously, but first I calmly organized my thoughts.

    'That... The cat in the alley couldn't have turned into a black idiot like Alexandro. The hair color is different, the face is... Unreal? Nerd. First of all, I don't know until I meet them.'

    I bit my nails without my knowledge.

    It doesn't matter in itself having saved Alexandro.

    The problem was that while I was staying with him, I treated Leo, who was behaving like a cat, quite roughly.

    'Should Alexandro come under the guise of a mission like the original...? No, he might not make it because he had no case of Aria saving him. By the way... yes, if the Leo I saved was Alexandro... Won't you come back with a vengeance against me...?'

    My head ached with countless thoughts. I thought about wanting to see Leo again, but I never imagined that Leo could have grown up as a black idiot like Alexandro.

    'Who else is the crazy guy Eli was talking about? ...'

    As I thought about the mission, my head ached when Eli's advice on debut occurred to me.

    I grabbed my head and growled. I stopped thinking with a sigh.

    It will be announced at the banquet celebrating the delegation's visit next week.

    It was there that I had to check who Eli was talking about when he said crazy and if Leo was really Alexandro.

    'If Leo...really is Alexandro...So if you hold a grudge against me and disguise yourself as an ambassador...Could it be something wrong?'

    No matter how black he is, he won't be able to crush me, a princess of Krysis. I wasn't the one to be flustered easily, and I decided to make sure that was the way it was anyway.

    'First of all… maybe the time I spent with him wasn't that great for Alexandro. So he might have forgotten me... he might not recognize me.'

    When my thoughts got here, it turned a bit sour. It's kind of sad that time that was precious to me wasn't too much for someone I was with.

    However, the moment when I prayed for the happiness of the boy who suddenly approached me and disappeared leaving only the smell of dark lemon remained unchanged, even though the relationship was fading due to countless entanglements of complex interests.

    'Still. I wish Leo was happy, whether he was Alexandro or a farmer from the suburbs.'

    For the boy who lived in the mud it was a small empty wish.

    As I thought about it for a while, I managed to persuade Aria and Carl, who wanted my dress code to make amends, and came to an agreement.

    As a result, my wardrobe was a burgundy, black, and gold uniform, Carl had a black and gold tailcoat, and Aria was a burgundy dress. It was because of Carl and Aria that the locker rooms, which are similar to each other, couldn't be used even if they died.

    Even after the deal ended, I secretly went out on the streets, avoiding Carl and Aria who were biting each other. As a sword master, I was allowed to go out without an escort, but it was a burden to go bare-faced, so I left the house disguised as Mir.

    My steps, wandering the streets, were none other than to a bar.

    "...Isn't it Mir?"

    "No way. Mir won't come to a place like this. He's one of the mercenaries following Mir."

    "But… I heard that Mir is wandering around here a lot."

    "Ah. Haven't you heard they're saying that Mir doesn't even get a request these days? There were even rumors that he was dead, but he must be drinking alcohol in a place like this."

    "Is that so?..."

    It is true that you do not even die and you are drinking in a place like this.

    I sat in the corner of the bar, familiarly ignoring the people who were looking at me and talking loudly. The waiter looked at me as if trying to see if I was Mir or not, looking at me and coming closer.

    "What would you like to order?"

    "Vodka Martini. Shake it instead of stirring it."

    It was my set menu for a long time. In a word, like a sigh, a modulated voice flowed out. The waiter's pupils trembled slightly and the chatter around me grew even more.

    "Isn't Mir real when you see that even his voice is altered?"

    "...Mmm. Still, you can continue with the modulation..."

    She was familiar with the noisy environment. Suddenly all the noise around me turned to white noise.

    With my feet on the footrests of the bar chair, I leaned against the wall and sighed slowly. When my mind was really complicated, it was better to hide among noisy people than in a quiet place.

    'I'm annoyed.'

    There were so many thoughts leaking out.

    Atara Kingdom Delegation, Hunting Association, Fencing Contest, War, Alexandro, Alexandro, Alexandro.

    'Damn it... Alexandro is the problem.'

    I touched my forehead with a sigh. Leo's face, which was like an anxious cat, and Alexandro's face in the photo, which was like a fat beast after the predation, did not leave my mind.

    'Dammit! What if the real Leo was Alexandro?'

    I remembered a young day when I treated Leo like my close brother in the neighborhood and grabbed my head.

    "I'm not eating! I said I didn't want to eat it!"

    "This kid really…humans die if they don't eat, it's a damn truth."

    "Well! I'm not going to waste it! Then I...Eup! eat."

    "Don't you think I brought you here to dispose of the body and even treated it? I'm helping you in circumstances where I don't even exist, so do it in moderation."

    "Ah. Hup. Keugh."

    “Ha… Do you know how expensive the ingredients are to make this medicine? Please stop rebelling and be kind…”

    "Then why are you making my medicine with such expensive ingredients? You can just throw me away, but why are you helping me? Respond immediately...! Keugh!"

    "Are you a dedication partner? If you don't like it, take it off. Next time, if you don't eat it, I'll feed you by mouth."

    "Heo-eok, huh, you know, this, oh no, huh, okay?"

    "You're weak, so you have to move like this. There are herbs again. Go ahead and get it."

    "She's crazy, really! It's just because you're bothering me! Ugh, get off my back!"

    "There is no exercise that is as good as carrying a bag of fertilizer to build physical strength. There are no bags of compost in my house, so he has to carry me, what should I do? It's all for you."

    "I will kill you for sure!"

    "Do you think I'll die just by moving my finger? Don't pretend you're scared if you say that after you've gotten stronger and stronger."

    As a child, I was much more childish, upset, and emotional than I am now. The present at 50 years old, which remembers the original work and the previous life, and the past when the actual mental age was 13, although a little more adult, could not have been the same.

    When Leo, who used to act like an anxious cat, went crazy, I said that I used to be quite childish.

    'Dammit! What should I do if he really comes to kill me?'

    With a silent clamor, I squeezed the Vodka Martini in front of me and immediately tightened my throat. It would be better if I was drunk, but as soon as I became a 15-year-old adult, I wasn't drunk at all because my liver was highly trained and my body exceeded the limits of humans.

    I hurried over to the waiter who looked at me, sighing with an empty glass in front of him.

    "Ha... with the strongest vodka."

    "Ah, let me then..."

    "First bottle, I don't need a cup."

    The bartender, who came with a Vodka with a stupid look at my request, watched in amazement as I drank vodka like a person who gave his life and took a step back.


    He lowered the bottle with a bang and I closed my eyes.

    Even if Leo is a prince, I can somehow blend in. I am a princess of the Krysis dukedom, which has the same power as the imperial family and the temple. Atara's prince level was similar to mine.

    'But if you become king, you are officially taller than me!'

    That was the problem. If someone with a lower status than me rushes in, it's enough to squeeze him with a sword. However, it was a matter of diplomacy when I cut off the attack on the king of Atara.

    'As such, I have no choice but to hope that Leo has become a simple farmer working in the valley. No, even if Leo is Alexandro... It's different from the original, so you just have to come disguised as a mission. If you don't recognize me, even if you come... if you recognize me... Damn! I'm his lifeline, so why should I worry about this?'

    Suddenly, I felt unhappy and drank a lot of vodka with a straightened face. There was no assumption that Leo wouldn't hurt me even if he knew I was that person at the time.

    "You! I will really kill you!"

    "This madman is real! Make sure to kill!"

    "Even if I don't know the other guys, I will kill the most terrible!"

    'If I just think about the way he was treating me, it makes sense to say that he became king to kill me!'

    When I was a girl who recognized Leo as a spoiled child, I enslaved Leo. I stuck my head into the bar, feeling the need to blow an aura into the past.

    By the time we said our goodbyes, we became pretty close, but by the end of the finale, he might have been trying to catch me off guard.

    And there was a big guy who touched my intuition with many thoughts.

    '...Why this presence in such a place?'

    A little surprised, I turned to the door.

    Perhaps a class similar to Reiner. However, the fierce energy running wildly, as if the opposite of Reiner's energy restrained and ordered, approached the door.

    I wasn't supposed to be his opponent, but I raised my hand on the sword, a little flustered by the sudden appearance of a strong man.


    The door opened with a small chime sound.

    A tall human body, wrapped in a black robe, entered the bar.


    Seeing the man's appearance, I swallowed hard. The entire body was covered with a robe, and the hood was completely covered, so not a single strand of hair could be seen.

    'I think the level is a sword expert just before the sword master, and the weapon is about a sword on the waist and a dagger around the thigh...'

    I flipped through the stamp to check the information about the weapons. He was a strong player in a rather suspicious outfit, but it wasn't enough to be my opponent.

    It's a bit suspicious, but it's not a problem if you come to drink at the bar. There was another reason why he couldn't take his eyes off the man, where he appeared.

    '...The smell of lemon...'

    I looked at him a bit blankly. It has long since faded, but the bitter lemon smell of a child that is still in my memory.

    It was a nostalgic aroma that clearly captured my sense of smell, even amidst the terrible smell of alcohol from the bar and the strong smell of drunks.


    While imagining nonsense, I watched the man in a robe from a distance, but the face of the man looking around the bar was fixed on me.

    The only thing I could see was the man's lips due to the strong pressure of the hood, but I felt him and I make eye contact. Even though he was clearly covered by the hood, I felt his gaze sweep over me deeply. The red lips moved slowly.

    A crooked smile hovers around his mouth. It was a smile like a beast finding the prey it sought. Somehow I got goosebumps and turned around.


    Even after turning around, all my senses were focused on the man who had just entered. I took a sip of vodka when I heard him laugh. I was thinking of going back after I finished drinking quickly.

    And the man himself, who captured my senses, dared to sit next to me.

    '...Do you dare?'

    I frowned slightly and tilted my head. This bar is a place with a bar and a regular dining table, and the dining table seats that can be seated in groups are full, there were many seats in front of the bar. I say she didn't have to sit in the seat next to me stuck in the corner.

    'You will be a person who enjoys a corner seat...'

    I tried not to over interpret the man's behavior, ignoring the scent of lemon that had become much closer. It was time to pay attention to other people as I fixed my gaze on the vodka.


    The distance between the chairs that were arranged with a certain distance is reduced. The scent of lemon dominated my sense of smell. My chair and the man's chair collided slightly.

    The man pulled the chair closer to me until just before he made contact with me.

    'Are you trying to put a burden on me...?'

    I blinked shakily at the presence I felt just before. The man turned his body towards me, looking casually at my face with a chin-up mask. Somehow, a cold sweat hit me.

    'I guess…it's because I'm wearing a unique outfit.'

    I tried to rationalize it. My heart beating hard. This was not the thrill of approaching the opposite sex, but an increase in heart rate caused by feelings of insight and ominousness.

    'Let's pretend I don't know.'

    I had an intuition that it was best to pretend I didn't know the man here. It was time to sigh and pick up a bottle of vodka, pretending to be deeply anxious to create a situation where there would be no time for the man to look at me.


    A low, sweet voice tickles my ears. The white nape of her neck covered by the hood was slightly revealed as she moved, drawing my attention.

    Even though it was covered with black leather gloves, a pretty hand, showing a straight and long shape, grabbed a bottle of vodka. The tip of his finger rubs lightly as he places the bottle in the middle.

    Pressing down deeply on the hood, I saw a nose that extended sharply under her unseen eyes and pretty lips that glowed red like the apple from the tree of good and evil.

    Red lips draw a line. Whether intentionally or out of habit, the flesh redder than the lips slowly faded and disappeared.

    When I felt the vibrant scent from the back of my neck, it hit me.

    "If I drink alone, I don't like it."

    The fragrance of the man in front of me is not a youthful fragrance full of freshness and acidity like that of the boy in the cabin, but rather a fragrance of a sensual and avant-garde adult.

    Even without looking at myself in the mirror, I could feel my pupils trembling a lot. If you get this far, you can't pretend you don't know.

    That the purpose of the man who came here is me.
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    Tbh, I was rooting for him in the manhwa as well...or the King from the other Kingdom. But after reading the first part of the novel, I understand why the CP is the ML. Everyone is too obsessed with MC to the point that they can forego their own opinions and thoughts for her sake. CP is one of the people who isn't like that towards her. MC coddles the other male leads like children as well since she encountered them when they were young.
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    Ola! I just continued the spanish mtl ver. of @YoongHye. & spoiler cont. of @lilymmzz


    I cut it off and denied it. I didn't know before. The appearance of the fairy is almost the same as that of humans, and the half-breed Aria didn't even show the few characteristics of a fairy. As a child, I firmly believed that Aria was just like me.

    "It's been a while since I found out."

    The feeling that Aria was different from ordinary humans was only after reaching the level of a sword master who reads the flow of nature. Aria, the daughter of the fairy king, not only the blood of fairies, was different from ordinary humans.

    'At the time, I thought it was because Aria was so outstanding.'

    Since she hadn't met a fairy before, she couldn't even tell that the natural energy she felt in Aria was that of a fairy. It was hard to say that he knew Aria from the past since I learned that Aria is a mixed race of fairies.

    Aria, who blinked blankly a bit, took the second question in her mouth.

    "Isn't my sister the sword master? That's also the mercenary king, Mir."

    I overheard Caesar's conversation with Aria in the office and realized that Aria already knew, but it was a different feeling when she flew right at me.

    I bit my lip and nodded slightly. Aria sighed deeply.

    In fact, I never thought Aria would ignore this. It's harder to hide that I'm working hard since I come back every day tired and hurt, and Aria was a genius.

    "...Did you say you memorized all of this?"

    "Hey! Was it easy?"

    I remember Aria, who laughed happily, saying that she memorized the entire book the day she bought the old textbook. Aria, a genius who memorizes everything he once saw, transcends the perpetrator's head rotation and displayed an extraordinary talent for analogy.

    For such an aria, it would have been easier for him to pretend he didn't know he was working as a mercenary.

    "...You found out I was a mercenary. How did you find out I was Mir?"

    It was cold but bitter inside. Aria laughed sadly at me, smiling hard.

    "When my sister couldn't wake up for a while due to the poison, I saw the request from her pocket to Mir."

    "...Well, when then?"

    I noticed and scratched my head. I couldn't predict a certain time because it wasn't once or twice that I didn't wake up due to the poison for a while. Aria, who bit her mouth and released her, took a deep breath.

    "When you fall for viper venom."

    "Ah... So it's been two years or so."

    "I knew my sister was a mercenary from that day on."

    We both tried to chat in a fun way, but we both knew there was bitterness in each other's voices. Aria, taking a deep breath with a shaky expression, laughed bitterly.

    "Then the last question. My sister still…"

    Do you love me?

    I ask about it even though I would have been curious about it.

    My lovely little sister. My half that I will love forever.

    My world begins with you and ends with you. Even if the world expands and the things I love increase, the one I love the most will always be you. Until now, my life has been a sacrifice for you.

    I smiled with a sigh and hugged Aria tightly.

    "Forever, Aria."

    It will be eternal and immutable, my love.



    Caesar, perusing the business plan, put the paper down. There was a slight interest in his indifferent eyes.

    "I'm going to work on Catherine's clothing wardrobe with this item."

    "Yes. I'll take care of all business matters, so you don't have to worry about it."

    Speaking stiffly, a little nervous. No matter how good the item was, there was no way to get investment funds if Caesar didn't approve of it.

    "Are you confident in your business? It wouldn't be that easy."

    "I have seen it through beast byproducts for businesses, but the owner is only me, and I intend to leave the actual business operation to a trustworthy agent."

    The work of the mercenaries does not end with defeating the demons. After subjugation, it was necessary to dispose of by-products, such as a pile of finishes, and sort out useful ones before distribution. Because of this, he also knew something about business.

    'But there is someone who can do it better than me.'

    There was a genius who knew very well. He was a beginner who had never been in business, but he clearly showed interest in business, so I thought he would do well after learning to a certain extent.

    "Well. Try investing. It certainly seems like a possibility."

    She smiled happily at Caesar's acceptance. I looked at it a bit and took out one more agenda.

    "Well, and...if you're okay, why don't the Duke and Young Master wear this one to a dance as well?"

    "Carl and me?"

    I nodded firmly at Caesar, who blinked. Aria and I haven't been positioned yet, but Carl and Caesar will be one of the best in the Empire. It was clear that if they used it, it would be good for publicity.

    "Well, it's not hard. Do that. Don't ask Carl once. If you ask me, I won't look back and say it's good."

    "Thank you!"

    Caesar, with a bloody smile, nodded. When I smiled happily, Caesar, who was looking at me, opened his mouth.

    "Instead, there are conditions."


    I was suddenly nervous about the condition. I nodded with a tragic face.

    "Please tell me. I'll try."

    He snapped his head around to discover the difficult conditions he would face, and Caesar, who was looking at me, burst out laughing.

    "It's not hard, so let go of your worries."

    He laughed wildly.

    "Call me Dad from now on."


    I felt embarrassed for a moment and made a stupid expression.


    I slowly rolled the awkward word in my mouth.

    'What is this?'

    My face was hot. It was embarrassing, but a corner of my heart tickled.

    I tilted my head as I looked at him, looking at me, smacking my lips. He laughed cheekily.

    "Shushu, don't you want to?"

    My ears were hot. The nickname I first heard from a person I came to recognize as a father was enough to make my entire body squirm.



    The friendly look is awkward. Even facing dozens or hundreds of beasts, it wasn't that difficult.

    I hesitated even after taking the first note, and mumbled a bit avoiding his gaze.

    "Fa, father..."

    I closed my eyes in shame. This was my best effort.

    A small laugh took over the table. My face burned.

    "That's enough."

    Big hands covered my head. It was uncomfortable, but the slowly sliding hand was warm.

    "It's okay to come slowly. I'll always be waiting for you."

    A soft smile caught in my sight warmed my eyes. I lowered my head unknowingly.

    He was a friendly person, my father.


    The day of debut has arrived. The maidens who flocked to my room from the terrible dawn began to dress me with passion as if to recreate my existence.

    "The perfume is the last one I chose, yes. That's the earring."

    And she was busy talking to the busy maids. Starting from the bathroom, I washed my curly hair and dressed in a prepared outfit, so it was an afternoon with my debut in front of me.

    "...It's really fantastic."

    The day I was ready, Mary, slowly looking up and down, mumbled blankly.

    "The main character of this debut ball must be the lady."

    Mary was convinced with an ecstatic expression. She was shy and I scratched my head.

    "Now! So, let's show everyone this wonderful figure!"

    Following Mary, who was on the rise, I took a step back and forth. She was not familiar with things like a body full of fragrances or expensive clothes.

    "Shushu. All set..."

    Carl raised his head as he drank tea with a dull cup below it seemed to see that it had already finished brewing. When he found me, he stopped loudly. Caesar, who was sitting across from him, also widened his eyes.

    'Genes are great.'

    Originally, they were stunning faces, but seeing them in uniform, I had no choice but to admit that they were beautiful that would appear anywhere in myths. They both wore black uniforms in a similar way, so the two people who originally looked the same as if they had split a person in the past and the future.

    'That's why I think I matched the dress code.'

    Of course, I was also wearing a black uniform, so it would be like an ensemble if the three of us were together. Somehow, I felt better and laughed.

    'So, only Aria has a different dress code... She may be fine the way she is. Because Aria will stand out as the main character.'

    The most important thing for me is that Aria is doing well in her debut. Since I thought that Aria would be the main character tonight, I filled my face with laughter.

    "Aria hasn't been released yet?"

    Walking down the stairs quickly, I asked them. After a moment I was left with no answer to my question. I bowed my head.

    "...Carl? Father?"

    A little awkward, I put the changed title in my mouth. Carl and Caesar visibly flinched. The place where Caesar's wandering gaze landed was the accessory that filled the upper part of my body.



    "It's too sensational."


    'You're using it too.'

    As he looked alternately at Caesar's face and upper body, his expression hardened.

    "I didn't know it would be so sensational. I think it would be better to take it off."

    "Well. It's great, but it's so unconventional."

    'It's just…Should I reduce it?'

    Seeing even Carl give serious advice, I wondered if it was so weird. I'll adjust the accessories.

    "It's really looks good. Sister! Don't take it off because it's great!"

    I quickly turned my head towards the familiar voice coming from behind me.

    '...Oh my God.'

    I lost something to say for a while. The aria, which had been decorated to the fullest, was beautiful enough to make anyone speechless.

    “Wow… This is life. It was a good life, really…”

    When I face her directly, Aria, who also had a blank expression, spat out an exclamation that made me doubt her age. Aria, who was muttering words like 'crazy' and 'good to be alive', with a harsh breath and an ecstatic expression came over and hugged me.

    "WOW! You're looking fantastic today!"

    She smiled as she faced me. Although Aria was extremely generous in praising me, it was likely that she meant it when she said that.

    "You too. You will be the main character tonight."

    Aria's cheeks lifted slightly at a short but heartfelt compliment.

    As I held Aria's hand, I smiled at Caesar and Carl, who were still giving me wide eyes as if to say why didn't I cut back on my accessories.

    "Shall we go then?"
    The Solatine's Imperial Winter Ball is one of the biggest events of the year, and it's splendid and perfectly staged.

    Dishes made with winter specialties. An elaborately decorated hall with ivory and gold. The nobles dressed as a feathered peacock.

    "Did your wife hear about the story that the Duke of Krysis took two daughters?"

    "Oh of course. It's the empire's biggest problem."

    One topic that warmed the mouths of the beautiful nobles was definitely the story of the two daughters of Krysis.

    “I heard that they are both commoners… I am worried that they have the proper social etiquette.”

    "Of course! What do you think Duke Krysis thinks about taking commoners as daughters?"

    Numerous scandals roamed about the two sisters who suddenly threw away their tickets at the time of their debut. Most of the nobles were curious about the intentions of the Duke of Krysis, who had two daughters of commoners, but were busy with sarcasm about the origins of the sisters.

    "Duke Caesar Krysis, Young Master Carl Krysis, Princess Kashmira Krysis, and Princess Aria Krysis enters the banquet hall!"

    Entrance to the banquet hall is usually done in the order of title, and it was common to appear late as the title was higher. In keeping with his power, news of the duke's position rang through the banquet hall just before the royal family's appearance.

    Finally, time in the banquet hall seemed to have stopped and a huge door opened and the main characters of this debut dance appeared.


    Sighs echoed here and there.

    A fairy-like spring girl who walked in with Young Master Carl Krysis smiled gently.

    A pale pink hair decorated with white roses. White and transparent skin. Light blue eyes that shine like a watery sky and droopy eyes. A light blue and white shirt dress that looks comfortable at first glance because it doesn't have a corset.

    And a silver chain that covers the upper part of the body in detail and tightly.

    "What is that?"

    someone murmured.

    Covering the upper part of Aria Krysis's body was a diamond-studded chain. Obviously, it was just a simple chain, but the vibe was quite strange just by wearing the chain that bound the upper body and wrapped around the knees following the texture of the dress.

    "...Oh my Gosh."

    And the next protagonist who appeared with Caesar Krysis.

    The entire banquet hall was in a great uproar.

    "That princess, is she in uniform right now?"

    Someone's murmur echoed loudly.

    Long curly black hair.

    Soft, droopy eyes. Her eyes are slightly red and hot. Her eyelids parted and her fluorescent pink eyes flickered in between. A strange feeling of pressure that spreads in all directions. A black uniform that fits her perfectly.

    And the black stripes that covered the top of the white shirt and bound the body.


    The elasticity spread. Obviously, even though she was wearing a matchless ascetic uniform, a black thread binding her body from one side to the other spread a strange atmosphere.

    In their world, they were commonly known as "body chains" and "harnesses".


    "It is very noisy."

    I expected it, but the looks on my skin were very sharp. However, the look and the gossip around me were the parts I had gotten used to living with as Mir, so I casually skipped it and had a glass of wine.

    "If something happens, sell the Krysis name. If so, you can draw the sword. I'll do the backup."

    Likewise, Caesar, who had a glass of wine, spoke loudly in an elegant tone. With a bloody smile, he looked at the sword at my waist.

    Nobles were usually not allowed to enter the ball with weapons, but Krysis's power was well-known outside the normal trajectory, so she could be allowed to come with a sword.


    It's been less than a few minutes since he entered, but Caesar was approached by a servant. Caesar raised his eyebrows and adopted a cold, expressionless expression.

    "Your Majesty calls."


    He curses with a sigh. The emperor called out to him, but I was only blinking to see if that might be the case, and Caesar turned to me.

    "…I don't think I can be in this debut anyway. I'm sorry."

    Caesar laughed like he was okay, but I could see deep annoyance and sorrow on the side of his face.

    "I'm fine. Have a good trip."

    Carl and Aria laughed out loud as they stared at Caesar's missing back with eyes filled with disgust and contempt for life. It was when I felt tremors because it was laughter that seemed to have a very good sense of knowing.

    "Don't worry. I'll stay by your side..."

    "Young Master Krysis!"

    A group of spirits approached before Carl, who had laughed scornfully, finished speaking. Carl's face quickly hardened coldly. Seeing the greed in their eyes, it seemed that they wanted to collect something from him. Seeing the crowd coming, Carl looked terrifying.

    "Are these the sisters of young master Krysis?"

    "It's an honor to meet you! Young Master Krysis, can you introduce me?"

    "I do not know."


    I gave Carl a subtle glance, who was speaking coldly to the group of spirits. Carl shuddered.

    It was impolite to refuse when elder siblings were asked to introduce the topic, and might even think of family discord.

    "...This is my little sister Kashmira Krysis. This is my little sister Aria Krysis."

    Carl came out with a nasty look and introduced Aria. The spirits who were used to Carl's coldness laughed and started talking. It was time to ditch their noisy one-eared banter, donning the social smiles she'd learned from Mrs. Helena.

    "By the way. Where did you buy the black accessory worn by young master Krysis and princess Krysis?"

    In response to someone's question, everyone else showed a sign of curiosity. I lifted my mouth in satisfaction at the thought of attracting attention.


    She sent a mantra to Carl.

    'What is?'

    Carl answered, narrowing his eyes slightly. It wasn't a stable mantra like Caesar and I share, the sword masters, but since he was a mage with some skill, he can understand a little.

    'Can you bring these liquors and promote my product?'

    He smiled at her and tipped his wine glass. I feel sorry for Carl, but since my ears hurt from the noise, it was better to promote the products, and it was one stone and two. Carl, who was looking at the crowd with contempt, looked at me with a look that reminded me of something.

    'Well. Instead, I promise to let you see me brandishing the sword in the near future when we return.'

    '...? It is not so difficult.'

    He voiced his affirmation as I leaned into Carl's words for unforeseen conditions. Carl smiled.

    "I'll tell you where I bought it. Instead, let me move."

    "Oh! of course!"

    As Carl moved, the crowd hurriedly followed him. Some looked at me and Aria with regretful expressions, but I waved a hand with a social smile.

    "The annoying things are now gone."


    "...The insects are gone now."

    Aria, who looked at Carl's back and laughed mischievously, quickly changed her words at my call.

    "I want to stay with my sister...but I'll go there too."

    After chatting with me for a while, Aria saw the young women around her slowly approaching and took steps.

    Aria grabbed my hand tightly before leaving.

    "Because I'm sure, I'll let this social circle praise my sister."

    Aria's eyes, coming out with a strange aspiration, burned with excitement, so I couldn't say anything and waved my hands awkwardly.

    'I'm alone.'

    For a while, I waited for someone to speak to me first, but no one approached me, even though their eyes were full of curiosity, perhaps because of the unconventional outfit of uniform and harness.

    'I have to do something.'

    I click my tongue and drink wine. She was in trouble if she failed to debut, but as a princess, talking to someone first seemed to be too troublesome.

    When you cling to someone and even want to talk first.

    The hyenas looking at the liver began to approach.

    "Hello, Princess Krysis. Congratulations on making your debut."

    '...Is it from the beginning?'

    I sighed as I watched the three young women approach with a smile. In their eyes, their gaze were intense.

    However, at first she hoped that people of good will would come. But it cannot be helped?

    "Nice to meet you, miss, can I ask for an introduction?"

    The fights of the nobles were already prepared. I greeted them with a smile on my lips that I had learned from Mrs. Helena.

    "I am Lily Illium, the second daughter of Count Illium. This is Fleur daughter of Viscount Baronika, this is Melody daughter of Baron Terrina."

    "Hello princess. Congratulations on making your debut."

    "It's good to see you, Princess. I hope you can finish your debut safely."

    "Watch out for Count Illium's Miss Lily. This lady is right after Miss Le Wellin, daughter of Marquis Descartes, who make up the social world. They will definitely try to keep the princess at bay."

    I looked at Lily, remembering Mrs. Helena's advice. Lilly, who had light brown hair and light blue eyes, was full of mischief towards me. Although I felt annoyed, I smiled.

    "Thank you. I hope this will be a fun feast for you all."

    I raised the glass gracefully. They looked at me and started talking.

    "By the way... Princess Krysis has a unique outfit."

    "I know, right. A black uniform is quite unusual."

    "I think the princess is really modest when it comes to dressing like this for a ball."

    'They're just cursing.'

    I found it very nice to see them laugh sarcastically 'hahaha' and coldly cut my clothes off. I laughed slowly.

    "I don't know where to say because of your praises. Actually, I'm a person who holds a sword, so I enjoy wearing a uniform."

    "Do you want to grab a sword?..."

    The girls were very desperate when they threw a huge bait as they were good at pretending they didn't know anything.

    In the empire, it was believed that a young lady should be protected by male knights, so there was a strong perception that women who held swords were penniless commoners. They seemed a bit surprised and soon started interrupting me.

    "Oh! Holding the sword! The noble women of the Empire do not carry swords!"

    "This. Perhaps the lady grew up with ordinary people and doesn't know their virtues. As a senior in the social world, I think we should help out a bit."

    "Oh my gosh! Look at the princess's hand! It must have been a big deal. My heart aches. Would you recommend a little cream that's good for moisturizing?"

    'Well. Get excited and spread the rumors.'

    I grabbed the glass and looked at their excited expressions and I drank wine slowly. I laughed deeply as I looked at those who had eavesdropped from above.

    'It should not be revealed that I am a sword master, but it should be rumored that I was a sword player.'

    It was for my future plans.

    "I don't know if it's the duke of Krysis's shame that a noble lady uses a sword!"

    Leaving them alone without saying anything, an excited lady crossed the line.
    I erased my expression.

    "Miss Illium. Your words are too many."


    I put down the glass to make a loud noise and looked at them with cold eyes. Lily's expression hardened.

    "Did the Duke of Krysis's name seem light enough to be out of place?"

    "Is not that..."

    "Krysis is a swordsman who has defended the empire with a sword for a long time. It's natural to have a sword as a member of Krysis, but I'm not sure what you mean by that. Are you cursing the history of Krysis?"

    In the social world, family powers do not work well. However, that doesn't mean it didn't work at all.

    As the sole duke of the empire, the only organization that can control him is the Imperial Family and the Temple, and the name of Krysis, praised by the commoners, carried weight across the continent.

    “Princess. There seems to be a misunderstanding. We are not cursing the Duke of Krysis, but miss is holding the sword…”

    "Before I'm a miss, I'm a member of Krysis. Don't you know that insulting me is insulting the duke?"

    The lady trembled as she embraced the faint life in my cold gaze.

    "And what era are you talking about? You have classical ideas that go against the times."

    In the Empire, awareness of male supremacy was still strong, but these days, women inheriting titles and women becoming knights weren't that rare. As she twisted her mouth, the girls' faces turned red.

    "Miss Krysis!"

    The moment Lily raised her voice.

    The intense aroma of roses rubbed my nose.

    "That's right, Miss Illium."

    Red hair that resembles a flame. Glowing green eyes. Graceful gesture. The eyes of an experienced hunter resembling a beast at the top of the food chain.

    The entry and exit of all the gold coins of the Empire. Owner of numerous commercial districts. One of the three marquises.

    It had no name to follow it for being rich, commonly known as 'the rose that eats money', and it was Le Wellin Descartes from the Marquis of Descartes.

    Lily's eyes widen.


    I was also shocked and almost cursed for my upbringing.

    'Why is Le Wellin?'

    Social laughter began to crumble from embarrassment. It doesn't matter until Le Wellin appeared here, but the problem was that Le Wellin had seen Mir.

    'If Le Wellin says he recognizes me here!'

    Everything becomes futile.

    The pupil began to tremble without knowing its place.

    "But what qualification does Miss Descartes intervene with? This is between us and Miss Krysis, so step back!"

    Lily, who reigned like a fox on a mountain without a tiger, fluttered in front of a true ruler and flew into a rage. Le Wellin, who spoke, stepped forward as if protecting me.

    "As a member of high society, it's only natural to help Miss Krysis who is being bullied. Instead of helping her, who had just made her debut, she's been doing her job, so it seems her social status has dropped."

    "Wh! What! We're not like that...!"

    "That's right, Lily Illium. From what I hear, the Duke of Krysis also showed up. Do you want something big to happen? You know the name of Krysis is never light. I encourage you to apologize before things get too big. You don't want to let this reach the ears of the Duke of Krysis."

    Le Wellin twisted his mouth like a predator. Lily's face turned blue.


    I gaped internally. And that's what I call a direct and clean speech. The elegance that perfectly envelops the tone that does not seem a bit harsh to you.

    Even if it was later stolen, the current social queen was definitely still Le Wellin.

    "...I'm sorry, Princess Krysis. Excuse us."

    The fox that used to be the queen at the roar of the tiger silently curled its tail. They didn't seem remorseful at all about how they couldn't say anything to Le Wellin and stop looking at me with a venomous gaze, but I decided to let it pass.

    "Okay, because we all make mistakes. But you…"

    I looked at the three young women with cold eyes.

    "You must not forget that the mouth opens many doors. The tongue is a knife that cuts itself."

    It meant that if they carelessly teased using their mouths, it wouldn't end so easily.

    Lilly, who was so creeped-out, led the other young girls and left in a hurry.

    "...Thank you for helping me, Miss Descartes."

    When the storm passed, I sighed and gave Le Wellin a brief thank you. She, who looked at me with a deep gaze, opened a fan and covered her mouth.

    "It wasn't for the lady, so don't get confused. I just didn't want to see the social circle fall."

    'It's the same as the novel.'

    She tilted her cup and laughed.

    In the novel, Le Wellin was a personality called 'Tsundere' until she passed out due to her love for Reiner and jealousy for Aria.

    I briefly tilted my head at her.

    "Thanks anyway. I'm saying hi belatedly. My name is Kashmira Krysis."

    Le Wellin raised her head.

    "I am the eldest daughter of the Marquis de Descartes, Le Wellin Descartes."

    No matter how difficult it was, it just looked cute for the Sword Master who lived about 50 years in the past and present. The moment I laughed inside, Le Wellin, who gave me a new look, narrowed his eyes.

    "By the way, Miss Krysis."


    Sharp, rusty eyes stare at me with an intense gaze, and then the gaze moves to my hand holding the glass. The pupils have deepened.

    "Have we met somewhere before?"


    A flat cough broke out.

    "No, no, maybe not?"

    "Hmm…I think I saw you."


    As a result of embarrassment, I denied it too determinedly. It was when Le Wellin, who narrowed her eyes, slowly parted her lips as she averted her gaze.

    "His Majesty the Emperor of the Solatine Empire, and His sons, the Crown Prince and the Second Prince, are entering the banquet hall!"

    The rulers of the Solatine Empire appeared, where the sun does not set.


    The first thing I saw was the emperor who appeared with a sense of dominance.

    A man standing proudly on the throne with his golden hair, considered a symbol of the Imperial Family. It was Helios I.

    "I see the sun of the empire."

    At the same time, greetings spilled out throughout the banquet hall. I also bowed a little and murmured the greeting. The emperor, sitting bored on the throne, nodded.

    "I won't take up too much of your time, then. Everyone enjoy the banquet."

    The emperor's speech ended sadly quickly. I looked at the emperor, who seemed to be upset about everything, and clicked my tongue at him.

    'It was already a bit weird in the novel, but...'

    Still, the emperor was the emperor. As I watched the pressure of a cold gaze towards them, the crown prince eyes suddenly turned to me.

    My eyes met the prince head-on.


    As if possessed by a deep blue, I came to my senses. The prince was looking at me clearly. He already looked into my eyes, but I'm ignoring it a bit, the prince mouth and tail raised spitefully.


    It really was something. Embarrassed to see the emperor frown in one eye recklessly, as if he hadn't seen anything, I turned my head.

    It was the place where the prince got caught in the twisted view.

    And I was amazed.

    '... Is, that, Didy?'

    The prince was Didy, who only changed his hair color.

    "...Then I'll go."

    Le Wellin opened his mouth and stared at the entrance, kicking out with her tongue and disappearing. Whether she disappeared or not, she couldn't move me on the spot.

    'Why does Didy come out here?'

    It really was a surprise. I was still shocked by the revelation. And my mind turned blank. I was still looking at Didy sitting by the throne.

    'The prince of the Solatine Empire... is one of the male leads.'

    Dominik Ilias di Helios Solatine. The prince of the empire and one of the male protagonists of the novel 'The night of the fairy'

    Prince Dominik looks like the same person I had saved.

    'Tch, shit.'

    The only thing that came out was a curse.

    Was that the moment?

    Twisted. I twisted the original.

    In the original play, Dominik and Aria's point of contact was an incident where Dominik was rendered unconscious by the assassins.

    Prince Dominik, son of the former empress, was named crown prince from birth in the original. However, when he was 5 years old, another woman was crowned empress and she began risking Dominik's life to raise her second son, the second prince, as her successor.

    'The emperor loved Dominik, but he couldn't help him.'

    The Emperor must appoint the Crown Prince, but the Emperor must be the Emperor. The emperor could not get involved at all in the face of blood. It was a long tradition of the Solatine family.

    'In this process, all shortcuts and illegalities are implicitly allowed.'

    That's why Dominik faced an endless assassination crisis despite being the prince.

    'He has endured until now, but at the time of the beginning of the novel, the assassins attacked him, rendering him unconscious.'

    In my memory, there was a time when the prince's coronation ceremony was held. In other words, Dominik was named crown prince at birth. Also, if Dominik had fallen, the empire would have faltered. I should have felt weird because there haven't been any articles about this so far.

    I screamed silently and rubbed my head.

    'The contact between Aria and Dominik is when Aria heals an unconscious Dominik!'

    Fairies, the closest beings to nature, had the healing power that could save as long as their lives were united, no matter how much they suffered. Aria, a mixed-race fairy, was born with this power, and had to be pointed out while she healed Prince Dominik with her healing powers.

    'But it's ruined.'

    I saved Dominik, who had to be in a coma.

    Well. I have become the original destroyer.


    The glass she was holding was broken. I stared at Dominik for a long time like a charmed person, but the man sitting next to the throne with a beautiful smile as if drawn turned his gaze to me.

    My eyes that met deep blue eyes that seemed to fall down.

    His eyes widen, causing a great ripple.


    I quickly turned my head while cursing inside. My heart was beating like crazy. Dominik's gaze rested persistently on my face.

    'Shouldn't you have admitted it? surely! He even wore a mask!'

    There's no way he can recognize me. I always wore a mask when I met him. Even if he thought we were similar, there was no way the sword master and the Duke's miss could relate.

    "...What. Why is your neck red?"

    Aria, who had approached, took turns looking at me, who showed an unusual reaction, and the Prince who was still looking at me, narrowing his eyes.

    "No way, do you think he look good?"

    It was a voice so dull it was unsettling. Aria looked back for what she was talking about and looked seriously.

    “The face is worth looking at, but… No. Compared to my sister, it's a bear. A prince would have a lot of money, but my sister couldn't even compare to a dragon…”

    Looking at the prince with eyes of fire seemed to be enraged as if something had been stolen from him.

    "It's not like that. Just because he looks like someone I know."

    Taking a look, I avoided Aria's gaze and ran to the corner.

    'You must have recognized him. surely...'

    As I walked blankly in confusion, I hurriedly move away from the pressure I felt in front of me. I took a step back.

    "Oh I'm sorry."

    'Let's be alert.'

    I closed my eyes and then opened them and raised my head.

    I was amazed again.


    Shiny silver gray hair. A terrifyingly beautiful appearance with rigidity. The scent of rosewood rubbing the tip of her nose and the wide, golden eyes.

    'Reiner Einhard!'

    Everything I stepped on was my fault. When I couldn't deal with the collapsed face, Reiner muttered, looking at me with confused eyes.

    "How are you..."

    "So, sorry! I'll go first!"

    I hurried away from the man with a blank expression. Her heart pounded like she was crazy.

    'Shit! So, I meet many people who i knew here!'

    Of course, there was no such thing as a coincidence, but it was an expression to say that it was surprising to see bombs everywhere.

    Let's shut up. Let us be quiet, and move away.

    I pushed myself into a corner where there was no one. Aria will fully promote the body harness and chain, so I felt irresponsible that it wasn't necessary to use me. I hide through the gap in the curtain in the shaded corner.

    "Hello, Mir, aren't you bored alone?"

    Another uninvited guest appeared.

    The white priest's uniform covered the entire body. A mask that covers everything except the mouth and eyes. A face that was hard to see pressing the hat on the official uniform.

    The delicate scent of lilies piercing the tip of her nose and her sweet silver eyes looking up at me through the mask.


    'Why are you here?'

    I widened my eyes as I felt right before I passed out. He had a soft smile. He is innocent-looking face was like an angel, but his strangely glittering silver eyes gave him a sense of difference.

    "It's been a while, Mir."

    No, you should call me Miss Kashmira Krysis now.

    A sweet voice that seemed to be covered in honey made my body steady. Obviously, Eli was still there. He was still smiling gently and had an angelic face.

    However, the strange atmosphere she felt from him had a different look than before.

    'He recognized me.'

    I always wore a mask when I met Eli. However, he recognized me.

    '...When, and how did he know?'

    There was no point in thinking deeply about Eli. He was a very gentle and kind person. However, Eli, who seemed to feel no shame in this situation, clearly seemed to have intended this meeting.

    'If there is a rumor that I am Mir.'

    My expression turned cold. Eli, who was watching, raised his tail from his mouth, with a sign that he couldn't read.

    "Don't worry. I keep secrets well. I don't want to go around saying you're Mir."

    "How can I trust you?"

    Sharpening the blade. At the moment, my conscience was stabbed by the sign of the wound spreading across Eli's face, but it was so sensitive I couldn't pull back.

    "We are friends."

    A low voice soothed me and I grunted slightly. It was hard to bear weight in front of the injured baby cat Eli as he felt the cold spine of the voice contrary to the gloomy face.

    "...It's a different problem than being a friend."

    "Friends must trust each other."

    He silently avoided Eli's pathetic look and I replied as an excuse. Then, seeing the tears brimming from silver eyes, I was at a loss for words.

    'I'll turn around.'

    I closed my eyes with the feeling of being the worst person in the world.

    Obviously, I also thought of Eli as my friend and believed in him. But this was too delicate a situation for me. Since I was at my wits end, Eli wiped the moist around his eyes with the back of his hand.

    "What do you think? If I can give Mir faith in me, I'll do anything."

    Pathetic eyes looked at me. Eli, who said that he would do anything to earn my trust, seemed too naive. I hesitated for a moment and faced him with a hardened expression.

    "So can you take the sun oath?"

    The oath of the sun. Immortal promise with the sun as witness. With an oath that the priest becomes a bridge and activates it with divine power, those who break the oath of the sun die on the spot. It was a promise to ensure life.

    "If Mir wants, I'll be happy to oblige."

    It was a very harsh oath, so I thought even Eli would worry a bit, but he was unstoppable. I felt a little offended.

    "Don't you know what the Oath of the Sun is?"

    "...Do you think I don't know? Me?"

    When the innocent Eli didn't know what to say, I inadvertently asked him if he was accepting it, and Eli blinked and tilted his head. The high priest, Eli, could not fail to know the oath of the Sun.

    'Although he knows it, I accept it easily. Really?'

    No matter how naive Eli was, he couldn't easily accept the Sun's oath on his life. Furthermore, what he possessed was information that the princess of Krysis was a mercenary, and information that could intimidate the duke, an ordinary person could not easily give up.

    "What do you want of me?"

    Although Eli asks me to believe this, eventually I hesitate again. Even though she was feeling self-destructive towards herself, she narrowed her eyes and exhaled a fresh aura.

    "...You really don't believe me at all, Mir."

    Eli's resignation was pronounced. He stared up into the air with moist eyes and his eyes fluttered around as if he didn't want to shed tears. His reddish eyes were somber, not suited to the situation.

    Eli, who had been fighting back tears for a long time, finally closed his eyes tightly. It seems you don't want to show yourself that way.

    The unfortunate series of actions even felt like a temptation, so I turned back a bit.

    "I have a wish for Mir."

    No matter how good Eli is as the manifestation of sun, he would have been greedy as long as he had such expensive information in his hand. Knowing that, even though he was meddling with me, I became a bit bitterly cunning. It seemed that his good deeds also had intentions.

    "Speak. I will listen to everything as much as possible. Instead, you are taking an oath to the sun right now not to reveal that I am Mir."

    Speak calmly and rolled up your sleeves to reveal your wrists.

    The oath of the sun requires a priest to be a witness, and Eli is a high priest. If you agree, it could be enforced even now.

    "...As Mir wants."

    His sad eyes looked ugly. I pressed my wrist to him, feeling the sensation of my heart being pierced with an iron spike.

    "Do I have to tell you how to take the Sun Oath?"

    "Yes I know."

    Even though I pushed so hard, Eli, who was still speaking in a soft voice, grabbed my wrist lightly. The warmth of the skin was transmitted to the whole body. Eli, who was looking at my face for a moment, took a deep breath and opened his mouth. Divine power began to spread out in all directions.

    "I swear by the sun, the man of blood and flesh, and as long as the morning sun rises, this oath will last forever."

    A low voice makes an oath. A silver glow erupted from Eli's hand, enveloping the two connected wrists. Eli's divine power, swirling around his wrists in the form of blood, contained a familiar warmth and somehow tickled me.

    Feeling that the divine power, I slowly opened my mouth, remembering the oath I had learned earlier.

    "Do you swear that you, the sun worshiper, will not say that Kashmira Krysis, is the Mir mercenary... that you will never speak to others unless I allow it?"

    He can't be a nuisance to the duke. If it is known, my plan will be interrupted,

    It is clear that there will be ripples across the continent if Princess Krysis is known to be the mercenary king Mir. It was obvious that the duke would also suffer by becoming the victim of strong rumors. She did not want to damage her new and precious loved ones.

    One day it will be revealed, but not now.

    Eli, blinking slowly, laughed sadly.

    "I swear."

    The burst of light enveloped my wrist. As the connecting arteries of life throbbed, the sun mandala, a symbol of the sun temple, was carved and disappeared above the wrist. Now I speak coldly, sweeping my empty wrist.

    "Now tell me what you want."

    I asked in a slightly softened voice. Although she was a bit worried about what Eli expected, she seemed like she had already sworn an oath and she wouldn't wish for anything excessive due to his personality. Eli's mouth went blank in bitterness.

    "Mir has a lot to love."

    Confused by some unexpected words, I tilted my head and Eli spat out a sigh-like laugh.

    "Any one of them is fine."

    His long white fingers carefully brushed through the hair on the side of my face. The silver eyes that looked at me held me only obsessively.

    What was this little sweetie? My heart seemed to calm down for a moment.

    "Please love me too."

    He was still an unintelligible person, Eli. He must have looked terrible even though he had an angelic smile.

    '...It seems that.'

    The smell of lily rubbing the tip of the nose is familiar. The feeling of constant blows to the head.

    'It seems. With that boy.'

    "Eli, you..."

    Trying to express a question impulsively without being a little sane.

    "The blessing ceremony is about to begin!"

    The debutante highlight was about to begin.

    "...I'll see you again later. I'll go first."

    You shouldn't be late for the blessing ceremony. Swallowing the question that had filled to the tip of my tongue, I shuffled my feet. So I couldn't see what kind of expression Eli had at that moment.

    "Sister! Where have you been? It was very impressive. It's just before the blessing order."

    Aria's face, clutching the hem of her dress impatiently, lit up. Excited, Aria gripped my hand tightly.

    At the debut, the highest rank among the young nobles who debuted that year came out as a representative and was blessed by the Pope. Since there was no family member to debut, this time the representative was Aria and me.

    This year, the pope said he couldn't attend for personal reasons, so the high priest said he would give the blessing.

    I thought of the Pope of this generation, remembering what had been communicated beforehand.

    Pope, owner of the Temple of the Sun. The process of appointing the Pope to all ages was simple. The symbol of the Pope is also said to be light blue, as his hair color is light blue immediately after the former Pope's ascension and the sky that holds the sun is light blue. He was the next pope, occupied by the sun.

    In the history of the empire, the standards of being nominated as popes were extremely irregular. As if he was going to die soon, the old priest was busy and a newborn boy who had just been dedicated to the temple became Pope.

    'They said that the Pope of this generation is quite young. They named him at 18 because he is twenty this year.'

    The owner of the sun temple of this generation is 'Elior'.

    'Because of his young age, he was quite careless.'

    I remember the low-flying atmosphere when Elior had just been appointed. Most of them were negative about whether a child could rule. Also, since the former pope was close to a tyrant, people's perception of the temple was hitting rock bottom.

    However, contrary to people's expectations, Elior was a cruel but capable leader. Shortly after being appointed, he began to repair the corruption in the temple and correct what was wrong.

    Elior was an extraordinary man who reigned from a very young age with a rigor close to terrorism and held the heads of the temple.

    And one of the male protagonists of 'Fairy Night'.

    There were a total of five male leads in the reverse harem novel 'Fairy Night'.

    Dominik, prince of Solatine and the young master of Krysis Carl. Son of the Marquis of Einhard and Alexander, King of Atara.

    And Pope Elior of the Temple of the Sun,

    Although I think about it now, the author of the original work wrote so that the positions of the male leads do not overlap.

    Dominik is in a good position. Carl is a cruel madman. Reiner is a pure position and if Alejandro is a sword-wielding idiot…

    Elior was a laughing son of a bitch.
    "Fine. She said she was mixed with a fairy and couldn't heal properly."

    "I think Count Freya has become the target of all eyes. With this foster daughter."

    "Ha. She's so stupid... Your healing powers are a waste."

    Elior was a man who was described as having a beauty like one side of the holy and beautiful sun, but the moment he opened his mouth, he turned into a hellhound.

    A person who is always smiling, but just looks like a black curtain with a clumsy stain. He was cruel, intimidating and gifted.

    'But still he was very popular.'

    People are often attracted to peculiarity, so Elior, along with Carl, was a popular man-made mountain range. Whenever he showed up, they cursed at him because he couldn't keep his mouth shut, but rough beauty is a classic. His fierce, yet subtly friendly behaviors were popular.

    'The original story is crooked... Is Elior still falling for Aria?'

    I looked down the hall at a question that came to mind. In the original, Reiner, Dominik, must have seen Aria at this debut dance, but they didn't respond much. Also, even though Carl is a male lead, there seems to be no such thing as the original's deterrence in this world, as it seems to him that Aria and the enemy are the same.

    'No problem...'

    Although I decided not to insist on the original, it was true that I was also a little worried.

    As my thoughts increased and I stared blankly at the crowd, I made eye contact with sparkling golden eyes.


    Unless I was wrong, those eyes must have been on me before I even turned to look at him. He was a little surprised and his eyes widened and darkened.

    The golden swamp. Feelings that were so deep and so dense that I could not dare to define a name, caught my attention. She couldn't take her eyes off him, even though he was dangerous.

    '...Reiner Einhard.'

    Reiner's world, who used the glory of the empire as justice, changed their definition of justice upon meeting Aria. Reiner's love, which was called Aria's loyalty, was straight and bright, and at the time of reading the novel, I remember thinking that Aria, who received so much love, was lucky and envious of her.

    'When I looked at Aria, her golden eyes, which used to see carelessly, flutter like fireworks. Had they described that?'

    Someone said that the one who fell in love would not be himself. As if adding credibility to the words, Reiner, who was indifferent and hard at work, passionately changed in front of Aria alone.

    'But why...'

    They said he only gets those eyes when he sees Aria, but why does Reiner now see me with the same eyes as described in the novel?

    Reiner, with his arms crossed and his back against a wall in a sparse corner, couldn't take his eyes off me. The golden swamp catches me. The distance between him and me was so great that it was ambiguous to say hello, but the serious atmosphere he exudes tickled me as if the distance didn't matter.


    Why is it so strange? It was strange eyes that squeezed my heart just by looking. As I had been exchanging glances with Reiner for quite some time, falling into eyes that I couldn't understand, a voice came calling me.

    "Please come forward, Miss Kashmira Krysis and Miss Aria Krysis."


    I shook my head to clear the mess and looked away from Reiner. I struggled to ignore the gaze following closely behind my back and moved to the center of the room with Aria.


    A man in a white priest's uniform came out and stood in front of Aria.

    Short shiny silver hair. The tail of his eyes lifted like a cat. The pale purple eyes resemble the color of Lyle Rock. He was a beautiful young man who felt divine in color, atmosphere, and in so many ways.

    I dropped to one knee and raised my hand. According to a previous teachings, wait for him to activate the divine power and recite the blessing.

    "Wow. Is it Miss Kashmira?"

    " ... Yes?"

    I blinked because I was embarrassed by a small whisper. It wasn't my turn. Embarrassed or not, the man's eyes were bright as if he had met a fifty-year-old friend with a holy smile like a priest's. He opened his mouth silently.

    "Thank you so much. I really wanted to meet you because you're the one who turns the damn tyrant into sugar-coated macaroons. I was really curious what kind of person you were, but seeing you in person, I can see why he was crazy."


    "My daughter, since I was so picky about everything, I thought my eyes were running to heaven, but in fact, I was above Ra's place. Miss is too much for that madman."


    "Well, after seeing the miss, he will become a lunatic..."

    There were only words that I did not understand. Aria, who was listening to him, was also looking at the man with an expression that she didn't know what he was talking about.

    After a while, the man who was excitedly talking about the unknown gibberish. As he looked at Aria and me, he spilled arsenic and clicked his tongue.

    "Young man, the filthy temper… If I do this any longer, my limbs will break alive in his hand. He's a little scary, but he's cool inside. Anyway, he's punished because a weak subordinate overloads him for his story." of love."

    After all, I couldn't understand. I looked back a bit, searching for something.


    As the blessing was delayed, somehow, an eye caught Eli in the crowd. When his cold gaze met me, he went upstairs with the same kindness as always.

    "Tsu. That double rack."

    In the eyes of the man looking at Eli, a light of reproach turned. He seemed to see a cockroach crawling on the ceiling.

    "The Supreme Minister. Won't you give the blessing?"

    I don't know how to react, and while I'm away, Aria gracefully shoots him. Just the way she spoke and the smile on her mouth was sweet, but her eyes seemed to see a madman.

    "Oh. Look at my spirit! I have to. I'm sorry."

    The man who wanted to say 'Speak with the eyes' with Eli nodded. The man who turned his eyes and looked at me smiled spitefully, like a bad boy who liked his toy.

    "I am Julian, the high priest of the temple of the sun. If you need help from the temple, come to me at any time."

    'It was definitely the first time we met...'

    Curiously, Julian's eyes were filled with favor. I was reminded of Eli, who was kind to me from the first meeting, so I wondered for a moment if he was a face that could communicate well with the people in the temple.

    "I will bless you."

    Julian, who quickly returned with a stern expression, exudes divine power on his hand. A silver glow explodes over Aria and my head. I was stunned by the quick change in posture, but I closed my eyes comfortably at the welcoming, numbing sensation of divine power.

    "The end of the year has come repeating the sun rises and sets. Blessings be on the young living beings who are trying to sprout in the winter when life goes to rest. The sun will shine their way, and as the sun rises and put on, they will have spotless glory."

    A monotone voice spoke the blessing softly. Julian raised his hand as the sunlight covered my head.

    "The blessing is over. I wish all the young ones who are making their debut a life of peace."

    Applause erupted. Julian turned and frowned at me before disappearing.

    "Don't forget. Whenever you need help, come to me."

    'What does it mean?'

    I frowned. I was wondering if there would only be crazy guys in the temple of the sun.

    "Who is that boy? Do you know someone like him, sister?"


    It was flatly denied. When Aria, who was looking at the head behind Julian, muttered suspiciously, a song dedicated to ballroom dancing played in the hallway.

    "I have to dance."

    Aria whispered a little. Aria, her eyes sparkling, walked up to me.

    "Sister! with me...!"

    "Hello Miss Krysis!"

    As soon as the song started, countless men came from everywhere and surrounded Aria. Aria, wearing an expression of instant disgust, quickly caught her expression and smiled gently at them.

    "What's going on?"

    "Could you dance a song with me?"

    "Please dance with me too!"

    "Get out of there! Please join me!"

    "TCH...those who don't realize."

    Aria, looking at the swarming insects that had started fighting each other, swelled up. A faint whisper that others would not have heard entered my ears. I tried to pretend I didn't know.

    'Because Aria is a girl who deserves love.'

    The aria, surrounded by eligible men, seemed to have grown too big, so the inside of my mouth was bitter, but at the same time, I was proud of her popularity.

    I'll find out the information of each and everyone that requested Aria to dance later.

    "Oh, here you are. Miss Aria, if you're okay, why don't you give me a tune?"

    Julian appeared, having briefly disappeared into the crowded corridors. For some reason, he had a bruise on his right eye that seemed to have been hit by an unprecedented blow.

    'No way... He talks to me, but in fact, he was interested in Aria?'

    I wasn't very interested in the character that didn't appear in the original story, but if Julian is interested in Aria, the story will be different.

    I watched with great interest Julian and Aria, who were facing each other among the young people who were excommunicated by the appearance of a great figure called the High Priest.

    "...I didn't think the Supreme Minister would ask me to dance."

    Aria smiled softly, but didn't hide her absurd eyes. Julian laughed as if he had anticipated Aria's shaky reaction and made small talk with her.

    'What are you talking about?'

    I was a little curious. I could hear the content using mana, but I just watched quietly since I had the tag.

    "...If so, no specifications."

    'What are you talking about?'

    I felt amazed when I saw Aria gently grasp Julian's hand. It was as if something happened. She was overwhelmed by a subtle feeling of emotion and regret on the other hand.

    'The original Aria dances with one of the male leads...'

    I thought of the original and tipped my wine glass.

    'By the way, I have to dance once.'

    Even though the dance started, I was frowned upon by the mocking glances rushing towards me who was just standing like a stone on the wooden floor. When debuting, it was common to dance at least once, and it was tradition that the first dance was requested by others.

    'If you don't get any dance requests, you'll get a capsule with this.'

    You usually get a dance partner in advance, but Aria and I couldn't find one because there was no time. Of course, Aria got requests to dance from a lot of people, but I didn't have anyone.

    'Should I ask for a dance first?'

    It was when I was annoyingly scratching my bowed head.

    And the two pairs of shoes that appeared in front of me.

    "Nice to meet you, Miss Krysis."

    "Hello, Miss Krysis."

    I looked at the two voices calling me. Two men with different charms caught their attention.

    The blond hair shining brightly under the chandelier. Blue eyes that resemble the deep sea. Her eyes lifted to his soft smile.

    Silver-gray hair that shimmers as if woven from thread in the moonlight. Sleepy golden eyes that resemble those of a beast. His eyes and a forceful expression like a beast.


    Two men approached me at the same time, their mouths open and hard.

    "Would you like to dance with me?"

    "Would you like to dance a song with me?"

    Dominik Solatine, Prince of the Empire, and Reiner Einhard, Commander of the Second Knights of the Imperial Palace, have invited me to dance at the same time.
    Two men approach me. People exclaiming in amazement. In the center, I feel like a sack of barley, although I am the protagonist of their gaze.

    '...Why? Why do they ask me to dance?'

    The posture of holding the glass stiffened. It was an unimaginable situation. Mouth open for a long time, I made a vague expression, slowly lowered my gaze, and looked at the two outstretched hands.

    Dominik's hands are clean and beautiful, as if they have not suffered even once, as seen a while ago. The rough but upright hand of Reiner who has been a gentleman.

    'I am going crazy.'

    My head ached in a sudden situation. I looked at them confused.

    "Young Marquis of Einhard. Nice to see you. Is there a problem with the Second Knights?"

    "I see the prince. It's working fine thanks to your concern."

    At the same time, the two of them, who confirmed the person who approached, exchanged formal greetings. Dominik had a subtle smile and Reiner had a callous but calm expression, but the atmosphere between the two was like a layer of ice.

    "Pleased to meet you, prince. Hello, Marquis Einhard."

    As I watched the two's confrontation, I hurriedly witnessed the idea that I had to say hello anyway. An unknown emotion spread through the eyes of the two people who looked at me.

    'I don't think they realize I'm Mir? Is it just a political reason?'

    I quickly started to turn my head.

    The name of Krysis is noble. If a young man besides them had asked for a dance, it would not have been difficult to predict that he had coveted the name of Krysis and accepted it, instead of being in love with me.

    'However, Dominik and Reiner in the original aren't the ones doing that...'

    Dominik and Reiner weren't the ones to get close to someone with power. Their power were great, but the people themselves were the powerful ones.

    'That's why it's hard to say that they knew i was Mir...'

    It is too ambiguous.

    She narrowed her eyes and stared at them. However, in her expressions, they only showed inexplicable favors and subtle emotion.


    She stuttered with a face full of embarrassment. Dominik and Reiner looked at me kindly, but even though I thought about it for a long time, I couldn't figure out how to react.

    "I think the prince and Marquis Einhard ask Miss Krysis for a dance at the same time."

    "I'm curious who the lady will choose! After all, the most perfect shape in the world is a triangle! It's really exciting."

    The nobles, moved by the provocative scandal, roared loudly. He felt like a monkey on us.

    'Anyway, I have to dance once, and the scandal of choosing who is here is inevitable.'

    I heard that no one can avoid the scandal with the debutante's first dance partner. I was embarrassed because the opponents were Dominik and Reiner, the male leads, but I had to dance.

    'The problem is... he was choosing which of the two.'

    A cold sweat spilled over the burning gaze of the two who touched the skin. I couldn't easily determine which hand was better to hold. By this time she was rolling her head like crazy.

    "If it's not too late, I'd like to propose it."

    Someone from the crowd approached Dominik and Reiner.

    "If it's okay, won't you dance with me?"

    A man wearing a pure white uniform and covering his face with a white mask. An angelic smile beneath his mask.

    It was the high priest Eli.

    'It's crazy.'

    I closed my eyes and opened them. At this point, I was wondering if you three were making fun of me. That was why Dominik and Reiner's faces were overwhelmed with embarrassment at seeing Eli appear.

    "What is this? Your..."


    Eli, who smiled softly, stopped Reiner who looked embarrassed by raising his index finger to the corner of his mouth. Reiner closed his mouth immediately. Dominik and Reiner were amazed and seemed to know who Eli was.

    'Is it so amazing that the chief minister came to the ball?'

    I felt like I was alone and didn't know the situation, so I tilted my head with a stupid expression.

    "Who is he?"

    "Well... he's wearing a mask..."

    As if she wasn't the only one who didn't know, there was a whisper around to guess Eli's identity.

    'I have to choose anyway.'

    I heard that if you throw all three here, it's rude. It is a tradition to give the debutante's first dance to the applicant.

    I looked at Eli's hand which was pale enough. A large hand with a rough mark, not like a high priest. It was a very familiar hand.

    After holding it, the texture can be easily expected. Because Eli's hands were always warm, as befitted the companion of the sun.

    'If this happens... my choice is decided.'

    I sighed slowly.

    It is said that the human hand resembles life itself. I grabbed one of the three hands that contained different lives.

    "Thank you, Miss Krysis."

    It was Eli.

    'Honestly, how do you hold the hand of a young marquis and a proud prince in this crowd?'

    Dominik and Reiner are the ones mentioned as the best eligible men in the empire, and those who follow and adore them made a crowd. If you choose one of them, it will be an image of kicking the other, and then there will be enemies.

    'If so, I have no choice but to get rid of both of them.'

    Eli was wearing a mask. The identity was said not to be revealed. It was better than choosing one of the two that clearly revealed their identities, but choosing Eli didn't reveal anything even if I got caught up in a strange scandal.

    "Oh, it was a formality. I was wondering what kind of person she was because I haven't been to Krysis for a long time. I was curious about her dancing skills."

    Dominik, picking up the hand, laughed playfully. He was like a prince who was on top of socializing to resolve situations that could escalate through exhilarating square relationship scandals with simple social problems.

    "I was moved to disturb the decline with my immature dancing skills. If you'll excuse me, I'll ask you to dance first at the next meeting."

    "I will wait for that day."

    Dominik laughed sweetly as if he were melting. I felt strange because I felt consideration for myself for every word and action.

    "Next time... please give me the glory of dancing with you."

    Reiner with a callous impression seemed upright. There was no change in facial expression, but the ripples of emotion swaying in the golden eyes were strong. Downcast eyes, like an abandoned puppy, winced.

    'It seems I was wrong...'

    "That... Next, I'll ask you to dance first."

    "I'll wait."

    His floppy ears seemed to be visible above his head, making him break out in a cold sweat, but he seemed to laugh lightly. The people's chatter died down as they watched the two casually pass the rejection.

    "So, will Miss Krysis dance with me?"

    While watching me talking to Dominik and Reiner, Eli gave strength to his hand. The hand he grabbed for me seemed to be complaining, and I nodded as he leaned in.

    "Of course, it is an honor for me."

    Eli laughed lightly at my formal response. Following his lead, he moved me to the center of the room.

    The Imperial Palace orchestra begins to play the waltz. When I briefly bowed to greet us, Eli's arms were wrapped around my waist. Putting my hand up, I began to walk slowly. Although Eli was a well-bred noble spirit, he took the perfect steps.

    "Actually, I didn't know Mir would hold my hand."

    Eli finally opened his mouth.

    His silver eyes, sparkling in the light of a chandelier, were like the glitter of the night sea sparkling in the moonlight. I answered without hesitation, though he turned a bit awkward at a close enough distance to see his red lips even if he looked slightly up.

    "I think dancing with Eli is the least controversial."

    "Of course."

    There was bitterness at the corner of Eli's mouth. He took his hand and made a slight turn.

    There was no splendor of skirts fluttering and twirling because I was wearing a uniform, but it was clean. It was also a harness in the form of cords simply woven with the accessory selected for its neatness.

    Eli, who saw me for a moment, blinked.

    "What are the accessories on the body?"

    "This is an accessory I designed myself. I decided to call it a harness."

    "I see."

    It would be pretty stinging to say that I designed it myself, but I decided to be cheeky. Eli, who was looking at the black harness that covered my torso tightly, turned his eyes.

    "...A little, isn't it obscene?"



    Only then do the ropes get a little tangled. After Caesar and Carl, I wonder if it doesn't look good on me as Eli points to the harness.

    "... Does it look bad?"

    "No, that is not..."

    Eli looked back as if it was difficult. The tips of his ears were slightly red.

    "...It fits well."

    His murmur was evident because he was too close. However, I laughed a little to think that it was not strange.

    "Why did Eli come here?"

    He is the supreme minister. Some may get in with a free pass, but in reality, there were few instances where the chief minister was socializing. Eli, blinking slowly, smiled happily.

    "Yes, to see you."

    Step. Pause.

    The footsteps faltered for a moment. I looked up and looked at Eli with my sunken eyes.

    "...You, since when did you know that I am Princess Krysis?"

    "Perhaps even before you knew it."

    I didn't know how to react to Eli's response. As he gently stepped on the steps he was memorizing with my body, my head was constantly spinning. Seeing me like this, Eli added an explanation.

    "Don't be so surprised. I was just guessing after seeing various situations. I wasn't sure, so I couldn't ask Mir."


    "It is said that Duke Caesar found a woman 18 years ago. The men predicted that a daughter would be born to him."


    "He found it quite difficult, but he said he couldn't find it in the end."


    "It is a fact that many do not know, but the only people in the empire with red eyes are from the Krysis family."

    These were contents that did not appear in the original. When I looked at Eli in amazement, he smiled softly.

    "Furthermore, Mir was born with great swordsmanship talent from generation to generation, like the people of the Duke of Krysis, who had unique swordsmanship skills... It seemed quite plausible. Of course, it was a prediction in my end."

    The words that led were quite sharp. She was confused for a moment.

    'Why did Caesar find a woman 18 years ago? Really... did you find me? He said that he found me with his own mouth, but... How was I born?'
    Even in the original, the process of Kashmira's birth between the brothel prostitute and the duke was not explained. The birth of a disposable villain wasn't that big of a deal at work. Narrowing her brows, she doubted that wasn't what mattered now.

    'I thought about my previous life and figured it out, but... what is it really like?'

    I looked at Eli with incredible eyes. It was surprising that, with those little clues, he discovered that the mercenary Mir was a princess of Krysis. Eli, who looked at my blank expression and laughed, lifted my wrist slightly. It was the hand on which the trace of the sun's oath was engraved.

    "Don't worry. I'll never tell the others."

    As long as he had sworn the sun oath, she didn't doubt Eli. Looking at her with slightly softened eyes, he lowered his head slightly and brought his face close to her.

    "I'm glad Mir is Princess Krysis."

    A joy that cannot be hidden shines in his silver eyes. He was too beautiful. I was fascinated by those eyes.

    "... Why?"

    Eli, who laughed slowly at my vague question, moved on with the accompaniment leading up to the climax. He bent his upper body down, holding my waist firmly in his arms.

    The waist bends and Eli and my heart make contact. Even though it was just a perfect dance move without being disturbed, the moment I felt confused by the face of him who approached me.

    "Because I can see you now that you're not covered by a mask."

    Right before my ear, a faint whisper echoed. The tail of her mouth had a fascinating line.

    Eli, who seemed innocent, seemed to know how beautiful he was.

    'Damn… this man really…'

    The poker face didn't collapse, but the tip of my ear felt a little red. I breathed and tried to stay calm.

    "...With that information, it's amazing that you predicted that I would be Princess Krysis."

    "Well, I must be a bigger person than Mir thinks."

    As I slowly walked away and praised him, Eli calmly showed his pride. He wore a smile and, at one point, his face hardened seriously.

    "Actually, I came here today because I want to tell you something."

    It wasn't until the end of the dance that Eli got down to business. I narrowed my eyes finely.

    "I know that a delegation from the kingdom of Atara will arrive soon."

    "Yes. Did the king take the throne some time ago...?"

    "Be careful with that mission."


    When the voice calmed down and Eli gave me some serious advice, I even became serious and gave a stiff expression.

    "Is there a problem with the Atara Kingdom mission?"

    "Perhaps a madman comes with that mission."


    For the time being, I woke up to see if I misheard. Eli was still serious.

    "Don't deal with that madman. It's detrimental to Mir. Cut it off quickly even if it sticks, and remove it if it doesn't. It'll be noisy for diplomacy, but the Duke of Caesar can handle it. I'll help with post-processing, too."

    "What... who is that person?"

    Eli took a deep breath as he looked at me showing only question marks because I couldn't understand the flow of the conversation.

    "I can't tell you who he is, but… Anyway, there must be one thing that rubs off on him as soon as he sees Mir. Pay no attention to that."

    From the beginning to the end, there were only sounds that I couldn't understand, but first I nodded and looked.

    'Is there a big incident in the original due to the Atara kingdom's envoy?'

    As for me, who knows the original, I was firmly prepared for the coming event. Eli seemed at ease.

    The waltz entered the final stage, and after a graceful turn, the song ended.

    "Thanks for the dance, Mir."

    "It was nothing. It was an honor to be together. Eli."

    It was time to let go of her hand with a light wave.


    Eli held my hand so I wouldn't fall.

    'How do you say my nickname? ...'

    I was amazed at the nickname of his mouth, and Eli, who pulled my hand, lowered his lips to the back of my hand.


    Eli's lips fell with a short sound. He laughed sadly at me, where my eyes flew.

    "When we meet again... Don't be surprised even if I'm in a different form. Things for Shushu are always the same."

    Eli, who left a strange greeting, turned around and disappeared. The white priest's uniform rippled like waves. As I looked at his back, I suddenly looked at the back of my hand where he had touched his lips.

    '...light blue hair?'

    I lifted the hair from the back of my hand.

    Eli's long hair was clearly blue.

    Eli, who became a dance partner in the debut in the middle of winter, disappeared leaving a lock of light blue hair, a symbol of the Pope.


    It's been a month since the debut. That month was a very busy time for both me and Aria.

    Other than that, my debut was a drama full of chaos and destruction, Aria's debut was quite successful. As soon as she finished her debut, Aria received a lot of invitations, expanding her social presence. It was very peculiar for who she was.

    "As expected, harnesses are all the rage among the people! The harnesses that were shot for the first time sold out in two days! The body chain is slower than the harness, but it sells out in five days!" Complete success! There are also more and more custom-made uniforms in the Catherine Dressing Room! This is all thanks to Miss!"

    Perhaps thanks to Caesar and Carl's harness management and Aria's publicity, the business was successful. I shared this story about revenue sharing with Catherine, who was excited, and spent some time matching Aria and my clothes in the dressing room.

    "See you again, princess."

    There was also a case where Julian visited the Krysis mansion. Of course, he didn't come to the mansion just because he was crazy. It was because Caesar invited Julian to take the oath of the sun.

    The need for the Oath of the Sun was due to the fact that the knights and employees found out that I was Mir.

    "You have a plan."


    "Well. You have an idea. Do what you want."

    After a serious talk with Caesar, I confessed that I didn't want to reveal that I was Mir.

    Mir has many enemies. Caesar didn't want me to be in danger either, so we decided to keep it a secret through the Oath of the Sun. The faithful servants of Krysis readily agreed to proceed with the Oath of the Sun.

    In order to connect about dozens of people at once, Caesar invited High Priest Julian to the mansion. When I inevitably told Julián that I was Mir to proceed with the oath, Julián's reaction was absurdly calm.

    "Oh, that princess was Mir, the mercenary king. What a surprise? I'm so surprised I don't think I can eat tonight."

    Julian, who muttered because he was surprised but the voice that didn't contain any emotion, got suspicious.

    "It is a pleasure to see you after your debut. If you are in good health."

    "Thank you for your concern. I was doing fine."

    "I heard that the princess started a business. That's because there was a uproar in our temple too. Since some priests wore them and they were banned because they were obscene, there were even people who smuggled harnesses into the temple and received money. Well, is there some crazy people who want to put a harness as an accessory to the official suit? All the high priests were suffering from the harness crackdown. No, well, wasn't the Pope's Holiness wearing a harness at Mass this morning? How much of that crazy , no, precious Holiness…”

    Julian was sociable when he spoke well and loud when he spoke poorly. I looked at Julian, who was talking like a fish in water, and smiled. Even though the ears stung a bit, the talk was cute.

    "...Sister. Do you like him?"

    "That guy won't do."

    Aria and Carl, who came to see the oath, were serious enough to ask these questions with serious expressions, since they were listening to Julian's unpleasant talk. I just smiled and shook my head.

    The oath was taken as a group, including the high priest Julian.

    It was very likely that Julian's divine power would be exhausted to take a formal oath that would lead to summary death if violated. Therefore, by trying to reveal a secret with his hand to his mouth, he cast a petrified curse on himself.

    "I'll send the case directly to the temple. Just think how much."

    Caesar told Julian bluntly that he had finished his oath. Caesar felt uncomfortable whenever he saw someone other than me because he had a cold feeling.

    "As a compassionate servant of Ra, how can I expect an example? I would like you to pour a cup of tea."

    Julian's purple eyes with a loving smile turned to me. His eyes were sweetly crossed.

    "Yes, it is alright, Princess Kashmira Krysis."

    "What kind of order is it."

    "A dog is speaking through a human mouth."

    Carl and Aria, who were on guard against Julian and protecting both sides of me, yelled at the same time. I stopped them in a hurry at the words of the two people before a discord broke out between the dukedom and the temple.

    "Instead, I apologize, Lord Priest. As a sign of apology, I will treat the tea myself. Maria, bring the tea set into the parlor."



    With a determined expression, Aria bit her lip hard and took a step back. I felt sorry for Aria, but this was the opportunity because I was the person she was going to meet anyway. I led Julian into the living room, leaving Carl who looked full of discontent on his face.

    "Honestly, I didn't know you would actually treat me."

    "My blood and my flesh made a mistake, but what can I do?"

    "There seems to be a reason other than that."


    Looking at Julian with a suspicious smile, we smiled face to face. As you can see, I thought it wasn't a bad deal, but it was also strong.

    "I have something to talk about."

    With a gentle addition, Julian hurriedly took a step with a bloody smile.

    I like people who pick up on it quickly, so hopefully I thought I could be a good friend to Julian.

    I slowly poured hot water over the ruby-decorated teapot. The deep scent of chamomile filled the room. Tea I learned a while ago. I remembered the method and poured the perfect tea into a teacup.

    "It is an honor to drink the tea that the Princess gave me."

    "The glory is mine. Because I had tea time with the high priest."

    A ceremonial salute came and went, and there was silence for a while. Silence was deafening but somehow calm. I wonder if he would have tea for the third time and I looked inside at Julian in front of me. He was looking at me too.

    'You mean handsome is really handsome.'

    Short, finely trimmed silver hair. His pale purple eyes sparkled as if sprinkled with pixie dust. Fine and elegant facial line. He was an admirable beauty. Appreciating his beauty for a moment, I took another sip of tea and opened my mouth.

    "I think you called me because you have something to say."

    "You're sharp. Yes. But let's hear the princess's question first."

    An electrical current flows between the bright hot pink iris and the bright pale purple silvery iris. We were both too relaxed to be a war of nerves, and we both had no malice in each other, so it was correct to call it a light scouting war.

    "It's not a big question. It's not urgent, it's a personal question."

    "I will answer anything to the extent that I can answer."

    When I raised the white flag for the first time, Julian smiled and put down his cup of tea. I held my hand for a moment, then slowly opened my mouth.

    "What I want to ask is, can the Sun Oath be falsely executed?"

    "...The oath of the sun?"

    Julian, with a frown on his forehead, responded with a sense of absurdity. The oath of the sun is absolute. I knew how stupid the question was, so I nodded even though I was a bit shy.

    "No way, you're suspicious of the oath I made a while ago..."

    "Of course not. I took an oath on similar matters a month ago, so I was wondering if it could be forged."

    I was still feeling anxious about the oath I made with Eli. He was obviously a good person, but his actions and words were strange. Whenever he looked at me, she remembered the desire that had overflowed from his silver eyes and bit my lips.

    "Oh, no way..."

    Julian's expression grew more and more strange, and then, at some point, the corner of his mouth tightened. He closed his mouth and turned on. His shoulders trembled.


    Julian wanted to put up with it, but finally snapped.

    Gracias! & Enjoy!
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    I'm curious about the relationship between MC's parents I'm so confused as to why her mother got preggo and left and then got preggo again by a different man :blobconfused:
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    Not just any different man either, a king fairy. One of the comments said that MC's mom life seems to be an r19 harem tragedy and honestly I agree XD