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Kill off a Human, a Demon, or an Angel?

  1. Angel

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  1. IReadWhenBoredSoWhat

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    I need a murder plot. We got three "groups" Humans, Angels, and Demons.
    Humans have a grudge against Demons for routinely slaughtering towns every so often, but they interact with demons more, (deals with the devils so to speak) and think of Angels that that one overly religious but well? meaning aunt who doesn't get that you aren't five anymore and can make your own decisions, Debbie
    Demons are pretty much as stereotyped but more laidback and surprisingly good at making medicine so as to more easily to trick people into make deals
    Angels, also as typically seen but their moral code guide book for "helping" sinners was writing by an individual who didn't have one and they still haven't found how to fix it without breaking around 15 laws though they would very much like to
    Anywhom, this is a comedy and the murder is very much a subplot that will have no impact so it doesn't matter who gets killed or who did it and thus my problem.

    TLDR; How would you murder someone my dears? Magic, weapons, and poison are free game, as are overly complicated loony-toon traps
  2. elengee

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    NTR their angel waifus and get her to poison them to prove their loyalty.
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  3. Darius Drake

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    Honestly, my first response was to ask if you were writing a Murder Mystery, or a Political Fantasy, but then I re-read your post and realised that this is for a minor sub-plot. In which case...

    1. Find a place where you can easily gather up random feathers, hairs, and other remnants of all three races, preferably with evidence of either combat (blood) or sex, though combat would probably be easier to provide evidence for. Then falsify a massive fight (for combat), or a massive orgy (for sex), between all three races, in an area where the murdered individual died from a poison that induces heart attacks, but is hard to trace. Sex is preferable, as it can seem like the person died from a heart attack in the middle of an Orgy, but, due to combat being easier, you might need to add some minor wounds onto the recently deceased, claw marks and the like, and throw them onto the floor.

    2. Rube Goldberg Machine the death! Someone built the house to turn into a death trap to anyone who didn't know how to avoid all the traps every night, and the only reason the resident of the house survived so long is due to having observation skills and luck akin to Mr Magoo! For those who don't know of him, Mr Magoo is a cartoon character created in 1949, who's three traits are extreme near sightedness, a stubborn refusal to admit to being near sighted, and an insane level of luck needed to get out of all the danger his extreme near sightedness gets him into. The murdered individual was believed to be the owner, but it turns out to be the owner was randomly away and his cousin, who ordered the death-trap house (having Demons build it), broke in during the night because the death-trap house wasn't working, and died, because it turns into a death-trap house every night.

    Those are my ideas. One "This could be a murder", and one "How has nobody died here before" situation! Neither of which requires a set race to be murdered.
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