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    No? The FL is the aunt (mother's sister), and the ML is the uncle (father's brother). Isn't it clear from the novel description? :hmm:

    Still, why don't you read the first page of spoilers, at least? Descriptions of the ML and FL are like the third post. Here's the link.
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    Honestly, is there no follow up spoilers with this series? I even forgot the reason this was dropped (but this was clearly because of legal reasons)
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    The author or the publisher threatened to sue the tl group which is why they decided to stop their translations.
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    Thanks for the reminder! Though it still feels weird they had to delete up till ch.40 when it was already released for days.
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    Here’s some spoilers from chapter 40-41
    *i skipped some parts when they were describing the clothes and other parts that I didn’t really understand but anyways it seems our MC has a crush on the ML :aww::aww:*
    There was some kind of banquet going on and our MC was getting ready. She told her maid that it was not necessary to put much effort but her maid insisted and she was going to wear a light gray dress.

    Her maid asked what kind of jewelry she would like to wear *the one which the duchess gave her aka The tears of the fairy or the ones that Rudiger brought*

    She didn’t know what to choose but eventually chose the lavender necklace that Rudiger gave.

    By the time she was ready Luca came to her room.

    ‘He was like a prince’ Judith thought when she saw him and glanced at him with thrilled eyes

    “What’s wrong with your face?“ asked Luca nervously

    “You look like a young master“

    “Oh, my god“ Luca kicked his tongue, it was a day when he was dissatisfied with being treated as a child

    He looked at Judith and murmured “Well, mom.. it’s not bad. This isn’t what you chose, is it? “ * he’s talking about her dress

    “why are you so confident?“

    “if mom had chosen it, it wouldn’t have been as good as it is now“

    The dress that she would wear was tailored under Rudiger’s influence, it looks like he didn’t believe in Judith’s fashion sense

    Luca looked at her and said “you look good, though. Pretty“

    He smiled brightly like a golden rose in full bloom, and even his surroundings seemed to shine

    But under that face, Rudiger’s face smiling at her overlapped.

    She thought it was strange and felt like she has no conscience to see Rudiger’s face in Luca’s.

    Rudiger came to escort her as soon as she thought of him

    “Can i come in now?“ said Rudiger

    “yes, i’m ready“ she answered in a hurry

    She thought that the dress and makeup were just a necessity for the banquet and they were like a shield. She wasn’t interested in looking pretty so she wasn’t interested when the maid complimented her.

    However, when she came to face Rudiger like this, her heart skipped a beat.

    ‘Did i even want to look pretty to him?’ She thought and laughed to herself because it was a ridiculous idea.

    As soon as her permission was given, Rudiger opened the door and entered the room.

    He wore a black uniform and he looked perfect.

    ‘Oh, it’s too destructive for a person who has a crush on him’ She thought looking at Rudiger

    In addition to her. If it was Rudy * her maid *, or the other maidens who were trembling with fear, they looked at him as if he was the god of war in a famous painting.

    ‘Did i look too closely?’ She realized that so she quickly looked away and said

    “ Well, you look good “

    “ .... “

    Something was strange, she thought that he was supposed to answer her back at this point so she looked up carefully.

    Rudiger stood there blankly with a visible embarrassed appearance.

    “ What, do i look so awkward? “

    She was nervous about her appearance it was the first time that she wore something like that and started thinking if it was too much.

    “ Doesn’t it look weird? “ she asked nervously, tying the hem of her dress.

    “ Bea-.. It’s very beautiful “ Rudiger struggled to open his mouth.

    “ it’s not bad to hear empty words “ she breathed a small sigh of relief.

    ‘What is Rudiger trying to say?’ He clapped his mouth. However, Luca has to intervene before he spoke.

    “ it’s really pretty that he’s been anxious since a while ago. Don’t you believe him?”

    “ Um... “ She believed it but she couldn’t answer

    “ ... First of all “ Rudiger reached his hand out to her with a sigh.

    She thought he had something to say, but he didn’t say a word.

    With a sigh she held Rudiger’s hand. As soon as that happened Rudiger squeezed her hand tightly.

    It was a strong grip that seemed to capture even her pulse.

    He smelled like cologne. The scent that used to feel distant before but now her heart trembled just by passing it at the tip of her nose.

    So, escorted by Rudiger, she walked down the hall of Vinterval castle.

    The moment she walked with Rudiger, she suddenly felt she wanted it to last like this forever.

    Not just because she liked Rudiger but she didn’t want to meet the other people at the banquet.

    They’ll look at her with sharp glances, to find out even a little flaw.

    She felt like she was being dragged to a slaughterhouse.

    “ You’re wearing the necklace that i gave as gift. Do you like it?” Rudiger talked and a heavy silence fell.

    ‘Yeah, i’d rather have a conversation to change the mood than go with bad thoughts’

    “ Of course, but maybe the duchess will feel displeased that i didn’t wear her gift”

    “ My mother doesn’t care about such trivial things, so don’t worry”

    “ But it was my first gift and it’s our first banquet”

    If you give a gift, it’s natural to want the other person to like it. And the easiest way to find out whether the person who received the gift liked it or not was how often the gift was used.

    Sophia was doing her a favor, but she knew it was just because she resembled princess Vanessa.

    I thought about how i should answer if Sophia brought up the story about the necklace.

    “Then you”

    “What?” Rudiger’s question was sudden that I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation for a moment. So I asked back in a daze.

    Rudiger’s blue-gray eyes, like a winter lake, stared at me. His low calmness, but there was an indication that he couldn’t hide.

    ‘Why so suddenly?’ As soon as i wanted to question it, he continued calmly.

    “ What did you think about wearing the jewelry i gave you for your first banquet?”

    It was as if Judith has given a meaning to Rudiger’s gift.

    ‘All the jewels i have are gifts from Rudiger, except for the necklace that Sophia gave me..’

    in short, she had no choice but to wear Rudiger’s gift.

    However, hearing his voice that seemed to be anticipating somehow, she felt like she shouldn’t be so cold-hearted.

    ‘Yeah, well if a gift is given to someone, it’s natural that they like it and want to use it often.

    Of all the jewels Rudiger gave me, i chose the lavender necklace because it matches the dress i’m wearing today. But what he said about lavender’s love has no effect of that decision’

    * Um- i’m a little confused it seems that there’s a love story behind the necklace that Rudiger gave to Judith but I haven’t read the previous chapters so— *

    ‘I was lying because I thought the necklace meant something to me, but when Rudiger asked i felt ashamed’

    “ .... I thought this jewelry would look better on today’s dress. Uh, what do you think? Is it alright?”

    “ Yes, it looks great on you” Rudiger answered calmly.

    The answer is so dull. It’s okay.

    Still, the atmosphere has eased a lot compared to the beginning.

    She was quite relaxed. Her arms are still cold, but she was relieved that her tongue would at least harden and not make her look stupid.

    As she walked through the hallways of the castle, Rudiger looked down at her hand that he was holding with a frown.

    She thought her hands were sweaty, but her cold hands were dry.

    “What?” She asked curiously

    “Your hands are very cold. Is it because the clothes are too thin?”

    “That’s not it... i’m just nervous”


    Rudiger’s the reason why i’m nervous.

    He asked again as if he didn’t know. Rudiger’s reaction was not new anymore.

    She slowly explained with a sigh.

    “There’s a lot of people coming to see Luca and me. It would be weird if i weren’t nervous in a situation where they’d catch a flaw if i just blinked my eyes”

    Honestly, it’s enough that the duke and duchess of Vinterval welcomed her. It was a lucky thing. But it’s not gonna happen in a row.

    As much as she didn’t expect it in the first place, she was determined to get through the time of the upcoming showdown.

    *** *** ***

    They reached the banquet and it was already filled with dozens of people.

    She thought Rudiger’s physique was huge, but all the northern lineage seemed to be like that. All the people in the room who filled the table were well-built.

    ‘I’m not short either, but i think i’m a little man in this giant country’

    She almost shrugged her shoulders without realizing it.

    ‘But I can’t be discouraged like this first impressions are important’

    That’s why she straightened her shoulders a gracefully greeted them.

    “This is Judith Mybaum, and this is my son Luca. I look forward to your kind cooperation”
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    It warms my heart reading Luca calling Juduth mom.
    Honestly, I just hope when the manhwa adaptation arrives, we get a healthy dose of equal
    JudithxLuca parent & child moment
    and naturally Jud x Rud shipping moment
    Ofc Judith being badass would also be a nice touch
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    Wow wow, thank you so much. I really miss this story.
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    It's not really her fault because she did ask him why he treat her so nicely and his reason is because it's how a gentleman treats a lady, so she assumed he treated her like any other ladies for a long time, until when they got to the capital then he confessed to her. He asked her for her response and she told him she'll answer him after Luca gets officially made successor.

    He only calls her mom in front of others because they're pretending she's his mom to the rest of the staff and family so only Rud knows she's not really Luca's mom. When they're alone, he calls her aunt.

    She treats him like a child often but he's awkward with it since he went back in time so he wasn't a child at some point in his past life, but he's getting used to, or just bearing with her treating him as a child. :blobrofl:

    So Princess Venessa knows the Duke doesn't love her. In fact she married him knowing he wanted Sophia. There's some underlying secret I haven't read up to, but basically Princess Venessa told her sister that she will be back after she give birth to the son that the Duke needs. That didn't happen since she died given birth to Jonas. Her sister believes the Duke may have killed Venessa and even killed their son Jonas. Personally, I think that's too farfetched given the Duke may have love Sophia, but he doesn't love either of his sons. He's so indifferent with everyone else, but Sophia. Venessa may have struck a personal deal with the Duke because when he married her, it was to get Sophia and the railroad was just something shown on the surface. Sophia married the Duke because of some deal Venessa struck with the Duke.

    It's for the family. The Duke and his wife may not accept Judith if she was just an aunt. It makes more sense to accept her into the manor if she's his mom.

    Edit: Luca also faked it so Judith can stay with him at Winterwald.

    Sophia is obsessed with Venessa, so that's why she love Jonas only, since he looks like Venessa, and she also likes Judith because she has purple eyes like the princess. As for Rudy, he's so indifferent with everyone so Judith is trying to make him understand emotions.

    Sophia had always been loyal to Venessa so Venessa's younger sister believe Sophia married the Duke for Venessa because Venessa used Sophia as a trade for something from the Duke. I haven't read up to what actually happened yet. As for why she dotes on Jonas more, above answers that.

    Jonas is the duke's son with Venessa. He just looks like his mother, Princess Venessa, more. He have the Duke's blue eyes though, which Sophia doesn't like. Sophia also doesn't like Luca's blue eyes so when she met Judith, she was saying it's too bad Luca doesn't have Judith's eyes, cause Venessa has purple eyes too. She only like people who look like Venessa, blonde hair and purple eyes.

    I think Judith may be related to the royal family since she also have purple eyes like Venessa. It wouldn't be a surprise if Venessa fell in love with a commoner and the Duke made a deal with her to escape that royal/noble life and so she married some commoner and had Judith, hence why purple eyes. (This is a theory.)

    edit: Jonas is not the duke's son. He's the son of Venessa and some unknown man because Venessa sleeps around. Judith is the former king's sister's granddaughter. She's one of the rare royals with purple eyes, Judith's grandmother, Venessa, and Judith. Judith is like extended cousin three times removed? Not sure how that goes but they're related just not that close. Same with her sister.

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    Finally the moment of the wedding has come


    When I was ready, the king came to pick me up. The king saw me and couldn't say anything.

    His honey-colored eyes shook for a long time, as if overlapping Greta's wedding ceremony, which he had not seen before, and Vanessa's wedding, which had to be spent badly.

    I approached the king with a red smile.


    ·It's really, really pretty. U


    The king with thirsty coughs for a while


    I reached out to him, and King Sun's wrinkled hand took my hand and put it on his arm.

    Seonwang said, turning his head around as if to hide his embarrassment.

    "Hong. My granddaughter like this
    Trying to take you! I am not going to send you to my Winterwald!”

    If you don’t let go, you’ll have a duel? It will take less than 10 seconds

    I think?

    Whoever the opponent is, he is a Rudyger with no hesitation in his hand. It was clearly seen that the King Seon was scared to say that, using force to deal with him and take me.

    It would be nice to be cooperative with the one who admitted it.

    Acted like a mermaid.

    "Today, though, my wedding, the last banquet season 2, will not happen."

    I hoped that both Lüdiger and the Seonwang would take care of themselves, and I laughed awkwardly at the words of the Seonwang.

    Holding the hand of the king, he passed the hall and entered the hall.

    The white peony and light purple iris filled the grand banquet room of the royal palace. And the music that fills the ears and the shouts pour out.

    As if for a moment, I stood blankly looking at the banquet hall.

    Behind me, I heard Leah kick his tongue and grunt.

    “Well, I thought I won because I was married to the prince, but if there is such a difference at the wedding, it seems like I lost… … ! Ugh. That doesn't mean you can't have a wedding twice!”

    “Haha, you can do it twice. You can do it three times."

    Received words is dark blood

    He was a man who grew up black hair well and tied it up. Probably Leah's husband, the prince of Bo-child.

    "I'm a girl with common sense too, right? I know that if I do that, I'm cursing people at Boa Tong!"

    "Leah's common sense is a bit difficult to understand. Why are you swearing that we are having a wedding again because we like gold thread?"

    "Sometimes I feel sorry for people....."

    It looks good. Leaga Prince and Two

    I laughed quietly as I was swaying.

    okay. Now I have to go to the person who will be my husband

    I moved my foot where I stopped for a moment.

    Hwa-dong Charlotte and Luca stood side by side, dressed in matching clothes, and sprinkled flowers on the road in front of me.

    Unlike Charlotte's smile, Luca's face was dark, because he struck a frenzy saying that he didn't want to become a confession.

    'Why am I sowing flowers at my aunt's wedding? Who do you like!'

    'Who do you like? I like it! Or what, you hate me like me? Are you against my wedding too?'

    'No, it's not the opposite, there's no reason for me to sow flowers. I mean this.’

    Black-black, Charlotte said they did it. Like a nephew that's worse than my sixties


    'Oh really. Ok! Do it, do it! Really, why is the Charlotte dog again?

    Because you do it!’

    I gave up raising my hands for crying, but I wasn't happy with it either.

    In fact, Hwa-dong was not a very important role.

    It was just crying to see Luca and Charlotte, who were dressed side by side as Hwa-dong.

    'I mean, you did a good job in the rainy season. It's cute and I'm dying.'

    I smile at satisfaction as I see the small, round back head walking ahead


    As if it wasn't just me that I was thinking, whenever Charlotte and Luca went ahead, the other nobles were also cute and gave out an indescribable resemblance.

    Of course, each time he did that, Luca’s expression became even more wrinkled,

    I stepped on such a long carpet. As the grand banquet hall was large, the road I had to walk was long and long. At the end, Rudiger was standing. White example on the dark purple carpet

    Ludiger, well-dressed, turned around, waiting for me.

    Me and Ludiger's gaze met. At that moment, Ruddyger's blue-gray eyes filled with tears.

    I was the one who told Luka that Ludiger would shed tears, but I didn't really know how to cry.

    'It's not that I pour out the tears I've accumulated for 32 years at once... … . Don't you cry too often these days?'

    His cheeks rumbled with tears. Lüdiger looked at me clearly, tearing down her tears. It seemed that I couldn't even think of wiping away my tears.

    “Lu, does Rudiger Winterwald cry?”

    "What? Colonel, no, the brigadier is crying?"

    "Isn't it possible that the groom was replaced?"

    The surroundings murmured when I belatedly realized that Ludiger was crying

    The mouth of King Sun, escorting me by my side, also broke open.

    I was so surprised that his hand, having repeatedly pledged to never hand me over to Lüdiger, was released by itself.

    Rüdiger caught my hand and snatched my hand. The kite grabbed the squirrel and made a quick gesture.

    "Not this!"

    Seonwang was disappointed only late, but it was already late.

    Ludiger is crying, but I don't know why he laughs so much. I asked, holding back laughter.

    “Why are you crying on a good day?”

    "Mr. Judith is so beautiful


    "I'm pretty, but why am I crying?"

    “I can't believe that such a beautiful Mr. Judith will be my wife.”

    Oh my, look at this man.

    I reached out and wiped the tear marks on Rudiger's cheek.

    The tip of his glove dipped in his tears.

    "I'm going to swell my eyes again.

    "No, I won't swell today because I'm going to give it strength to my eyes."

    Something nonsense.

    But, of course, Ludiger forced it to seem possible. I laughed slowly, holding his hands together and putting them in a pod.

    Lüdiger took my hand and stepped on the purple carpet to the front of the Pope, who would be officiating.

    His footsteps were as if walking in our future, without any shaking.

    The pope's ritual was followed. During those long, long hours of blessings in the future, the pulses of the hands that held each other hit my heart.

    “.… Thus, the officiating ceremony solemnly declares before you that the marriage between Judith Mai Baum and Rudiger Winterwald has been smoothly accomplished.”

    The officiating ended.

    Everyone's blessings poured down like starlight on me who looked back

    It was a moment like a scene from a romance movie. I think it would be nice to keep this kind of romance for my life

    I stared at the sight blankly with emotion.

    Luca was caught at the end of my gaze. I kept complaining, and I wondered if I cried secretly as the officiating continued.

    I'm so thrilled

    Meanwhile, Rudiger suddenly raised the other hand that didn't hold my hand.

    'Wait a minute, the feeling of a suspicious event that is somewhat familiar... … !'

    just as expected. It snowed from the sky, terrifyingly for Lüdiger to raise his hand.


    People murmured again in the eyes that weren't the time.

    Although it is winter now, it is indoors... .… !!

    No way Rudiger lifted the ceiling of the royal palace

    I was surprised to see if there was anything wrong with it, and I looked up and looked at the ceiling.

    Fortunately it wasn't.

    “How do you feel? At this glorious moment, I wanted to show you the most beautiful scenery in the world to Mr. Judith.”

    Is the scenery a snowy scene in Winterwald?

    I reached out. Extraordinarily shiny and white things fell on the palm of the hand.

    "awhile… … . This."

    "I can't move Winterwald as it is, so I tried to make it as similar as possible. Do you like it?"

    No, it must be... … .

    Should I do it with jewelry?

    What is falling from the sky right now was artificial snow made of diamonds and pearls.

    People who later knew it was a jewel reached out to the ceiling and tried to get even a little jewel powder.

    He was a really ridiculous man. Don't know that money is precious! I know you're all as long as you like me!

    I complained a lot of dissatisfaction with the scale of Rudiger, who couldn't be afraid to follow.

    Whether I do it or not, Lüdiger just smiled brightly as he looked at me in the dazzling scenery.

    It was definitely the most beautiful figure I've ever had in my eyes.

    Oh, I don't know!

    I gave up on questioning and decided to just enjoy this moment.

    Even if the genre of my life is not romance, it's a fucking comedy, it doesn't matter if the other person is a Rudyger.

    I reached out for Ludiger. His head was drawn by my hand.

    Did you guess what's going to happen?

    His eyelashes were rolled up.

    I just put my lips on his lips. My surroundings were filled with cheers again at my bold attitude without any hesitation.

    It seems that I heard a choppy sound in the middle, but, well, it would be Luka if it wasn't a predecessor.

    okay. Even if you do this and that, the genre

    Has changed. I was satisfied with that alone.
    I used google translations that's why it is sloppy. Sorry if you are unable to understand anything. :blobpeek:
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    Wooow, thank you, thank you my friends...
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    Wait you said a notification from the thread soooooooo.......is there any way to follow a spoiler thread??
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    You essentially follow a thread the moment you watch/make a comment or reply. Ofc if you follow quite a lot, the notifications you get are either the ones that have sudden multiple replies or the ones you recently visited
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    It's so funny Rudiger is crying hahaha, is there a side story? Thank you for sharing;)
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    Chronological event

    Luca gets announced to the Duke's family. Judith meets extended family of the duke, including Franz, Rudy's cousin and the villain of the og novel.

    After the banquet, Franz tries to propose to her and Rudy stops him from doing that.

    Sophia wants to chaperone for Judith at the imperial banquet but she fell sick so she left it to Princess Malinda, Venessa's younger sister.

    Rudy and Luca learned to throw and catch ball. Judith used to play softball in past world. Originally she was teaching Luca, but Rudy saw them also wanted Judith to play with him.

    At the train to the capital, she wanted to play cards with Luca. She's still trying to get Luca to have a normal childhood. It was around this time she get more suspicious cause Luca was really good at gambling. He won all the games. Rudy is really bad and lost all the games. Luca won a bunch of money off Rudy. At the end she stopped the gambling and they did questions instead. Luca kept asking Rudy questions like what's his taste in ladies and if there's someone he has in his heart. Rudy couldn't say (he already loves Judith from when he first met her).

    **where Rudy confessed and we find out Judith's family tree**
    They head to the capital where there's a banquet at the palace to add Luca into the Duke's family officially and make him successor. Before that banquet, Judith memorizes all the women Jonas had been with so she can prove that Isabella's son isn't Jonas's son. Jonas and Isabella never had a relationship before. Also Isabella's son's father is actually Franz.

    Judith also meets Malinda who originally didn't want to chaperone for Judith cause she hates the duke, since she believed the duke killed her sister and Jonas to make Sophia's son, Rudy, as heir, cause he loves Sophia. Judith is confused with that since in og novel, Luca did became heir eventually so it's not like he cares if the heir is from Sophia's side. Also from what she experienced, the duke doesn't care for anyone but Sophia, not even either of his sons or Luca.

    After that meeting with Malinda, she met an old man accidentally in the palace. (Later finds out he's the former king.)

    Judith also finds out Rudy loves her when she met his "friends", but Rudy doesn't call them friends. They work with him as soldiers. They also thought Judith is the lady Rudy loves. Around this point Rudy confesses to her but she told him she will answer after the banquet because she doesn't want their relationship to effect Luca's succession. They're still pretending she's Luca's mom so it'll look bad to the public if the uncle is vying for his brother's lover.

    At the banquet, she met Princess Josephina (Malinda's niece, current King's daughter) who the current King wants Rudy to marry. Josephina doesn't want to marry Rudy though so she tries to pit her older sister, Princess Victoria, to go for Rudy but she also doesn't want to marry him because she wants to be the next King (she's fighting for succession to throne with their brother, Samuel) so she wants a husband who is will just do as she says and not try to overstep her power. Instead Victoria tries to ship Rudy and Judith together. Judith felt awkward but Rudy was pleased with the ship.

    It was after Luca got named as successor to the Duke, Isabella showed up pretending her son is also a son of Jonas so why only Luca can be successor. Judith interrogated her in front of everyone with the king's permission. Luca also helped her. Then some guy (Peter) from Judith and Luca's old hometown, came forward revealing Judith isn't Luca's mom but aunt and she had been abusing Luca the whole time. He was trying to call Judith a scammer and liar. Rudy threw a glove to his face to call for a duel.

    It was then the former king showed up and saved Judith.

    This was when the family history got revealed. Judith is the granddaughter of Greta (Margaret) who is the former King's sister. Greta ran away to marry a commoner because she fell in love with a commoner for his looks. The former king had been upset ever since. Apparently it's also the reason why he was so overprotective with Venessa, because he thought Venessa would end up like Greta. (Later found out Venessa married the Duke to run away from the palace because of the former king. He's too much, won't even let her leave so marrying the Duke was the only way to leave the palace.)

    **when Judith finally confessed**
    The former king made Judith stay in the palace. Luca don't want to leave Judith alone so he pretended to be some spoiled kid and got to stay. Rudy couldn't stay and had to return back to his manor. The former king put a ban on Winterwald so Rudy can't enter the palace and won't let Judith leave either.

    Judith tried to find a way to escape. She was able to persuade the former king using Luca as an excuse saying she had to discuss about the heir of Winterwald, so he let her leave but she must return for dinner. She left and went through some secret passage of Winterwald manor and finally met up with Rudy.

    Isabella ended up in prison, as for the guy, Franz killed him before he could reveal anything. Rudy couldn't even kill him. Judith was going to tell him not to kill the guy to get info first but he told her he was already killed before the duel can happen. Judith also told him to watch out for Franz. Rudy got a bit sad when he found out she came to see him because of dealing with Luca's succession. He originally thought she came to see him. Judith admit she likes him too (but he thinks she only like him a bit not like love him).

    Luca showed up before she can say more and he also told Rudy to keep an eye on Franz. Rudy was surprised two people told him to watch out for Franz, but he was ignorant of Franz before since he thought Franz's father was the actual villain. He didn't question them and told them he will do it.

    Luca and Judith returned to the palace for dinner. It was around this time Judith have a one to one talk with Luca since she knew now he's a regressor, someone who went back in time. She saw Luca almost going to drink alcohol, so it was obvious he was an adult before. She told Luca that she will protect him from people finding out. Luca stopped trying to keep tabs on her since now he knows Judith and him have same goal, to take down Franz. Originally he kept Judith from doing things cause he thought she would screw up all his plans. He didn't admit he was a regressor though. Instead he just avoided her after that to keep that secret from her.

    Laura, Judith's maid from Winterwald, helped Judith meet up with Rudy privately at the palace. Rudy is still banned and Judith can't come up with anymore excuses to secretly meet him so instead Rudy had been sneaking into the palace wearing commoner's clothes to see her. It was this time, she asked him why he loved her. Also when she really confessed to him and he asked her why she loves him. She told him it's his appearance but he was happy about it because everyone always prefer Jonas's appearance more than his.

    Judith meets up with Isabella in prison and made a deal with her. She had been taking care of David, Isabella's son. Isabella found out Franz didn't take care of his son and had left him starving for 3 days until Judith had him found and taken care of, so Isabella now sides with Judith. Judith got the former king to release her from prison and allow Isabella to be her maid.

    Judith tries to get the ban lifted so she asked Victoria for help. Victoria and Rudy are sided together since Rudy made a deal with her to see Judith and he will help her with her succession to the throne. He gave her a bunch of diamonds to learn the palace's secret passages. (That was how he could meet Judith dressed as a commoner before.) Victoria told Judith it's better to ask Malinda.

    Judith didn't want to talk to Malinda at first cause she thought Malinda would hate her since she got the former king's favoritism. She did eventually go to Malinda and Malinda told her it's not good to have the former king's favoritism anyway. He's too over protective, like with Greta and Venessa. Both people got his favoritism and both ran away because they can't deal with him. (So he favorites the royals with purple eyes cause he also favorites Judith, who looks almost exactly like Greta.) Malinda told Judith she can lift the ban for one day by having him hold a banquet for her, welcoming Judith into the royal family.

    Obviously former king agreed to it and he even made it super grand.
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    This is called plot twist in plot twist hehehe.
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    Laura tried to dress Judith as close to Greta as possible to get on the former king's good side. He always put an image of Greta on Judith even though she's not like her grandmother, except for her appearance. Judith also chose to wear the lavender diamonds that Rudy gave her before.

    Luca escorted Princess Charlotte to the banquet. She's the same age as him, but she acts mature (not a regressor though). When Judith saw them together, she felt happy since they were like the originals together, except Charlotte's personality is much nicer than Luca's.

    While current king is making a speech and Rudy was trying to approach her, Judith tried to send him morse code with her eyes telling him to stop, and he did for a moment, but then he started walking toward her again and all the people moved to the side and the orchestra started play wedding music. Judith freaked out when she thought he knew her secret message but he was ignorant of it and took it as her "trembling" lashes made his heart beat more, and he immediately went and proposed to her with a lavender diamond ring. (She actually told him before she's fine if he proposes but she didn't think he would do it so early since she's still trying to get Luca and the former king to like Rudy.)

    Luca and the former king went and opposed it. The former king tried to speak on behalf of Judith as if she didn't want it and she corrected him that she had spoke with Rudy about it before. Rudy continued his proposal ignoring everyone except Judith, saying he will continue to polish his face and body so she will continue to be happy with him forever. The former king tried to say Judith isn't shallow like that. He was trying to deny that Judith is like Greta who ran away for the handsome commoner guy or Judith's sister who fell for Jonas cause of his face. Too bad, Judith loves Rudy cause of his appearance.

    Just when Judith was about to accept the ring, Luca stole it. Judith was upset, but Rudy said he knew people would oppose so he brought a spare wedding ring. The former king called the guards to separate them. They didn't want their pay cut so they listened. Rudy tried to chase after them. The guards were carrying Judith away. The former king tried to throw a vase at Rudy. Luca stamping around in anger. Pretty hectic ending.

    Judith got sent to her room. Laura went out and Isabella was going to grab water for Judith. She never returned, but Luca visited her to interrogate her about the proposal. He's really against Rudy, believing he will hurt Judith since he can't love. Judith realized that Luca must've really liked Rudy a lot before and felt betrayed.

    There was a time when assassins were going after them. Rudy ordered Luca to escape, but Luca didn't want to leave his uncle there to die. Rudy told him that it's his duty. Rudy didn't love Luca and only took care of him because it's the Winterwald duty just as his father took care of him. His responsibility at that moment is to protect the Winterwald successor. Rudy told the coachman, Hans, to drive the carriage away from the scene. It was the last time Luca spoke or saw his uncle.

    Judith didn't really recall reading this scene in the og novel but she can tell it was a scene from the novel. When she kept thinking about it, she fainted.

    Judith fainted for 2 days. Rudy was apparently imprisoned for a day and got released, but then Winterwald is now banned from the capital. The Duke and Duchess of Winterwald are heading to the capital. The proposal was all over the news and the banquet news.

    Isabella told Judith she bumped into Frantz on her way to grab water. It seemed like he wanted to get into Judith's room. Isabella didn't tell him. She lied to him how she got released from prison. Laura was informed about Franz. (Apparently Laura doesn't really like Rudy and scared of him.) Laura think they should tell Rudy though, but Judith thinks he's a wild card so it's hard to know what he will do. Laura said she will inform Luca then. Judith felt like Luka is being treated as her guardian.

    There's a meeting held by the former king with the rest of the royal family to oppose the proposal. Most of them don't oppose it since the public already supports it thanks to Rudy buying out the press to write out the stories. Luca doesn't like it but he told the former king it's just an engagement and not marriage so he's sure there's another more handsome guy to capture his aunt. Judith finally voice against the former king, also trying to appeal Rudy. One of her conditions was, she can take care of Luca, since he's Winterwald heir. The former king said Luca can be engaged to Charlotte so he can stay in the palace. The current king opposes that and the two kings started to argue.

    Charlotte doesn't care about marrying Luca since she's sure he would be the best groom candidate in the future. On the other hand, Luca opposes it. He doesn't want to marry her. He made an excuse he doesn't want to ever marry. At the end of the meeting, only Charlotte was smiling.

    Judith talked to Victoria to persuade Charlotte, but Victoria told her to talk to Charlotte herself.

    Charlotte doesn't love Luca. She only wants to marry so her sister can be happy. She knows Josephine doesn't want to ever marry and live with her family forever like Princess Malina, but the king wants to marry one of them for insurance so Charlotte chose to be the one to marry. Judith originally thought she might've been a regressor like Luca cause she's mature but then she realized she matured because of her family surrounding. She felt like Judith, who is being overly loved by her family because they all see the deceased queen in her. (The current king's wife died and all 3 older children look like the king and only Charlotte looks like the queen.) She felt overwhelmed by the love of her family, so she wanted to try to give them just as much love back to them.

    Judith went to talk to Josephine. Josephina doesn't really like Judith because she thinks Judith has it easy to get what she wants. She agreed to help Judith though so she can get out of her father trying to engage her with Rudy. When Judith told her she needs help, Josephine realized Judith doesn't have it so easy.

    **first kiss**
    They met again secretly. Laura was the one to call her while she was with the three princesses.

    Rudy came because he missed her. They played a game where they go back and forth saying things they want from each other and if they can do it, they continue and if they can't they get a penalty. It went fine until Judith teased him asking for a kiss once a month and that froze him, so as penalty he told him to close his eyes with his head up (since they were sitting on the bench together). She gave him a kiss and he froze for a long time, then he stood up and walked towards her. She kept stepping back and he walked faster, grabbed her and kissed her more fervently with the tongue.

    It was then Laura informed her that Luca is heading that way, so she pushed Rudy to leave.

    Luca was suspicious of her but didn't say much.

    The former king invited her to watch cricket. She realized that Luca must've told him she likes it. But when they went to watch the game, they saw some really good batter and the former king tried to appeal that guy to her saying he looks strong and seem handsome. He told her to ask that guy out for a meal. It was then, the batter removed his helmet and turned around and she saw it's Rudy. She was so surprised he can play pro now.

    When the former king saw him, he started screaming at him, hoping he will do bad in the game. Rudy did very well and won all the scores for the team. He approached them at the end of the game to even tell the former king, he knew Judith likes cricket so he played there to show her that there's no better man than he is. He was confident Judith will love his appearance more and he was right; she fell in love with him again.

    Rudy also handed a newspaper to the former king where he publicly declared a duel to anyone who tries to propose to Judith so no other men would try to be engaged with her. It wasn't just that one newspaper he handed to the former king. He also bought out all other newspapers, which someone carried the whole stack to prove.

    Rudy also told the former king that it's the last person who last to win. Since he's sure he will live longer than the king's remaining life, he's sure he will win. Judith was a bit worried when he said that since he died early in the og novel, but so does the former king. Rudy continue to say that the former king should let Judith marry since he's old and can't live for much longer so wouldn't he want to hold her hand for her wedding.

    The former emperor ended up trying to drag Judith away since he realized the longer he talks to Rudy, the more he's in a losing battle. Judith mouthed 'well done' to him as she was leaving and Rudy smiled back.

    When Luca found out, he couldn't believe it since nobles don't entertain people. They wouldn't play cricket in front of many people. (He's still under the assumption that Rudy was like before his regression, someone who only does things as duty for the family.)

    The help Judith had asked from Josephina had to do with taking down Franz. Isabella already gave some lies to Franz. Judith plans to reveal that Rudy is siding with Victoria. This might make Franz try to side with Samuel. But currently Winterwald is banned from the palace so Franz having a hard time getting into the palace to speak with Samuel.

    Josephine had told Samuel to pretend to be friendly with Franz who will try to bribe him. Samuel is a person who does not take bribes and very noble to the core. His weakness is that he's too nice so he was able to do any favor just because his younger sister asks him to. Victoria think that's a bad trait from their father, current king.

    Josephina realized Judith not as naïve and innocent as people think she is. She thinks Judith probably most dangerous.

    As expected Franz fell for it and went to approach Samuel.

    Or Judith thought he plan was going as it should until she found out Rudy sent assassins to kill him on his side. Someone did end up dead but they don't think it's Franz. Laura came trying to warn Judith Luca is coming, but it was too late. Luca found out Rudy have been visiting her secretly through the palace's secret passage. He was about to storm to the former king to have it blocked. Judith tried to persuade him not to. In fact she's hoping the passage gets revealed to bait Franz. She revealed her plan to both Rudy and Luca to have Franz go to Samuel for loan because Franz needs money to hire enough assassins to kill Rudy. With the funds he have now, it's not enough. The only reason Rudy was able to die in og novel is because Franz stole the Winterwald's raw minerals so he was able to hire an excessive amount of assassins.

    Luca thinks it's a good plan but he disapproves of letting Franz into the palace for the safety of Judith. Rudy also agrees. He's even willing to have the secret passage blocked. Judith finally agreed.

    She was going to head to see Victoria about blocking the secret passage when she bumped into Franz, who was injured from trying to escape Rudy's assassins. Isabella tried to help her run away by acting as if she still love him. He shot her. Judith who saw her dead, couldn't move and Franz kidnapped her. She found out Franz must've hid in the slums to avoid the assassins.

    Franz was aiming for her from the beginning. He had let out an explosive on the other side of the palace to bait all the guards there so where Judith is will be empty.

    Apparently Franz misunderstood and thought Judith didn't want to marry Rudy and think Rudy is forcing the marriage on her for the railroad, so he's trying to make a seal with her. He left Isabella's dead body there to pin it on Rudy. He wanted her to reveal Rudy knows the secret passage so he can take the blame. Franz wanted her to accept his proposal, since this would help him become duke. Judith pretends she will think about it.

    Franz told her Rudy is dangerous since he's like the Duke, and the Duke killed Jonas. He used to be Jonas's drinking buddy and one day he saw the Winterwald's assassins following them outside. He was sure the Duke sent them to kill Jonas.

    Franz gave her a day to think about it and he left her alone in the room. She tried to cut the ropes with her wedding ring. She then saw a stone rolled and realized Luca came to save her. He told her Isabella survived but barely. She's the one who told him Judith got kidnapped. Luca told her Rudy's coming with the guards. When he saw Judith's hand with red marks he was wondering what happened. She told him she also tried to escape. (Her hands were tied behind her so when she tried to cut the ropes with her ring, she kept trying to get the sharp edges to cut the rope and also end up cutting her hands as well.)

    As they were trying to escape through the window, a hired man (Max) came. Luca was going to attack with a knife but Judith was able to bribe the man with her earrings. He told them Franz is coming back soon. It was too soon as Franz did saw them try to escape and attacked them. Somehow Max ended up helping them and attacked Franz. Judith got his name and his daughter's name (Chloe) and promised she will pay to help his daughter. Max stayed behind to defend them in front of the room they're hiding in.

    Max end up dead and Franz came in with his men. Judith showed herself and said she will help him if he let Luca go. When she hugged Luca, she secretly took his knife and hid it on her. When she went with Franz, she then attacked him. Luca then ran and attacked at Franz's leg causing him to missed his shot. Luca tried to grab the gun but one of Franz's men kicked the gun away and grabbed Luca.

    It was then Rudy came with his guards. Franz managed to get the gun again, Judith was worried he will shoot Rudy but Rudy end up shooting him. Judith smiled, but everyone else looked worried. She then realized she was shot by Franz before he died. Rudy ran to her.

    Return to modern Korea.
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    :blobdizzy:OMG!!! Is this the end? Please not:sweating_profusely:. Or does she find a way back to Rudy and Luca:hmm:?
    Thanks for the summary:bloblove:
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    uhh I really don't like the former king, his affection is too much. something superfluous is never good.
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    No that's not the ending. The novel just made it seem like she returned but actually it's not. I'm continuing to the end right now. :blobsweat_2:

    Same. In fact a lot of people within this novel are like that.

    **All secrets revealed**
    Judith actually was recalling her past life when she was in Korea, and how she died. She then realized that she was actually Judith. It was never a novel she had read in her previous life. The reason she was able to recall memories of the "novel" is because she was remembering Luca's memories of his last life. Basically what happened was she died in Korea and reborn as Judith and then time regress as Judith again. (I believe that's what was described.)

    Judith realized that since she's actually Judith, the abuse and neglect she had given Luca were real and they were things she had actually done. She felt guilty and upset she haven't even apologized to him for them.

    When she finally woke up from the 3 days of unconsciousness, her first view was of a crying Rudy. Apparently he had been crying ever since she fell into unconsciousness, so he had been crying for 3 days straight. Judith was amazed he didn't get dehydrated from that. In fact while she was unconscious Rudy was about to commit suicide. He thought when it was his gunshot that "killed" Judith. Everyone had to stop him from shooting himself. What actually happened was he killed Franz and Franz's gunshot grazed Judith. Judith felt relieved they stopped him from committing suicide since she didn't want her romance story to end up like Romeo and Juliet.

    There's a touching moment where Luca explained why he started calling Rudy 'uncle' recently. He's not blood related to Winterwald so he wanted to call him uncle for a bit until he gets removed from the family registry. He also realized his aunt was right that he can't always fully know people. The uncle he knew from last life was clearly different from the uncle from this life.

    She did apologize to Luca and Luca admit he understood how Judith felt, why Judith disliked him before. It was because Judith loved her sister a lot and her death after having Luca, made Judith hate Luca who doesn't even look like her sister at all. But he realized that Judith eventually did stopped disliking him in the past life, because when he left for Winterwald, she secretly gave him her only portrait of her sister. In fact her hate turned to Winterwald, so past Judith went to Franz to get his help to get revenge against Winterwald. Judith at that time didn't know Franz wanted to kill him and take over Winterwald. But later on, Luca realized Franz changed his plans on killing him because Judith had fought with Franz to make him change his plans. Luca knew then, Judith didn't really hate him.

    Both Luca and Judith revealed all their secrets to Rudy. Luca also said he would like to be removed from the Winterwald family registry because he's not really blood related to Winterwald. He actually pretended to be blood related so he can enact revenge on Franz, so now that Franz is confirmed dead, he wants to leave since he doesn't want to be heir. He told them that he was able to revert back time because he made a wish to the goblet. (It's the Winterwald's secret family treasure that's passed down as knowledge for 2000 years since the founding of the family. Only the heirs knew about it. Rudy also knew about it. The goblet was said to grant wishes, so Luca had made a wish for everyone to be happy and instead it turned back time.)

    The duke and duchess who took 2 weeks to arrived to the capital finally arrived.

    The three of them had a talk with the duke to removed Luca from the family. Apparently the duke knew he wasn't blood related. He also knew Jonas wasn't blood related to him. The duke, in fact, doesn't care who his heir is. He only cares about Sophie and Sophie wanted Jonas to be the heir since she's loyal to Venessa. The duke revealed his story.

    Venessa was a princess who as mentioned before was kept from being able to do anything because of her father. Due to this, Venessa entered a rebellious age and married the duke to run away from her father. She used her maid to struck the deal with him because she knew the duke loved Sophie. She wanted freedom from her father and he wanted Rosie. The railroad deal was something the former king made, because he doesn't trust the duke and thought the duke just wanted to steal Venessa from him for power and then toss her aside later. Basically the former king made the deal thinking it would keep the duke from tossing Venessa. He didn't know that the duke doesn't care for the railroad deal.

    Venessa on the other hand, is a promiscuous princess. She slept around, so when she got pregnant, she doesn't even know who the father is. It was unfortunate she died when she gave birth to Jonas, so her freedom was short lived. The duke felt some guilt over not being able to kept his end of the bargain so he just accepted and take care of her son for her. It didn't matter to the duke but he knew Sophie would care, so he kept it a secret and pretended the child was his. He didn't care if the heir is Rudy or Jonas, or even Luca.

    The duke said since Luca used the cup, he should pay back the price and stay heir, just because of Sophie. The cup can only be used once. The goblet that was passed down by the Winterwald family. In fact only someone with royal blood can use the goblet, so no Winterwald would've actually ever been able to unleash its magic. The reason why Winterwald has the cup is because of the greed from the children of the founding King. Winterwald was entrusted to hold the cup to prevent any royalty from using their greed to make some crazy wish with it. The secret was removed from the royal family by the founding king but Winterwald continues to hold the secret and the goblet. Winterwald was tasked to keep the royal family from accessing the cup.

    Now going back to what was previously mentioned, the goblet is passed down to the heirs of Winterwald and only someone of royal blood can use the cup. Judith recalled Malinda and Franz saying Jonas was killed by the duke. She started to wonder if the duke would've killed Luca as well if it was Luca accessing the cup.

    The duke admit to killing Jonas. Again as mentioned, he didn't care who his heir is, and in fact he didn't care who can make a wish or not, but what made him care was the words Jonas said. Jonas wanted to be king. He was arrogant, greedy and had a horrible personality. The fact he wanted to be king would be called treason if he was to be heir of Winterwald. But what really made the duke upset was Jonas looked down on Sophie, who was his mother's maid. Jonas think Sophie is an eye sore and wanted to kill her after he becomes king. The duke knew Jonas could use the cup to become king and try to ruin the country and kill Sophie, so he killed Jonas. Of course he kept all that a secret from Sophie since he thought it would hurt her.

    He asked Luca what happened to Sophie in past life. She died of anxiety after Rudy had been killed by assassins. The duke didn't ask about himself since he knew he must've let go of everything after her death. Rudy was the one who looked confused. He didn't think his death would've effected Sophie. The duke finally agreed to withdraw Luca from the family registry, but Judith have to keep all this a secret from Sophie and particularly what Jonas thought of her. It was obvious for Judith to do so anyway.

    Before he left, he patted Luca on his head and thanked him for making the wish since it was able to make them all happy. That scene surprised everyone.

    Judith felt bad for Rudy whose mother cared more about Jonas, a guy who doesn't even care about her. Rudy doesn't care though. In fact he pitied Jonas since he had a lot of things but he also want more than that. On the other hand, Rudy is the one who was able to experience happiness thanks to Jonas, he was able to meet her and Jonas's wonderful son, whom Jonas doesn't even know about. Judith felt touched and Luca started to shook Rudy's arm away while feeling embarrassed. He tried to separate his aunt from Rudy, telling them they're not married yet. Judith laughed at the two arguing and commented they're similar to each other, which they opposed.

    Judith met the former king after that. He felt guilty of her kidnapping since he wasn't able to protect her. The palace wasn't even safe for her, and he started to believe if she had stayed at Winterwald place, this probably wouldn't have happened. He finally accepted Judith and Rudy to be together, since Rudy was able to save her. He did wonder why she kept the messed up wedding ring since Rudy can replace it, but it was her choice to keep it since it carried memories.

    Judith struck another deal with Isabella. She helped Isabella become labelled as Franz's wife. This is so David can be the successor to take over Count Birkenrace in the future. They kept the secret of Franz bombing the palace a secret so Isabella won't be as many backlashes being labelled as his wife.

    Judith also paid a visit to Max's family and helped them out of their financial situation and get people to cure Chloe. She made her earrings into a brooch for Chloe. His wife was notified of his death but Judith didn't tell Chloe that.

    For wedding preparation, everyone went grand with it. Rudy who doesn't trust Judith's fashion sense, wanted to choose her wedding dress but she told him the groom can't see the dress before the wedding. She also told him Sophie and Malinda are helping her so it should be fine. He was dubious of that though. She realized later on why he was dubious of that, since Sophie and Malinda aren't on good terms and kept fighting with each other. Luckily, Rudy sent Luca to go help and Luca basically chose most of the final selection based on both Sophie and Malinda's ideas.

    Sophie gave Judith Venessa's necklace, that Venessa worn when she married. Sophie also revealed her side of the story. Her and Venessa were actually very close. They knew all their secrets of each other. In fact it was Venessa who handed her the first of every good thing in her life. As for why she treated Judith nicely, it's because of those purple eyes. Venessa had told Sophie to treat anyone with the purple eyes nice in the future, because that person will be experiencing trouble that she caused in the future. She already knew Jonas wasn't the duke's son. Actually she was able to get the duke to reveal why he took Luca out of the family registry once he got home. She just kept it a secret she knew because her husband was keeping it a secret from her as well. Judith realized both Sophie and Venessa kept the duke in the dark. She also realized Jonas was a substitute for Venessa since she didn't really love Jonas. Judith still kept it a secret about how Jonas felt about Sophie and that he was killed by the duke.

    Judith is still unsure what Sophie feels. The only time it was obvious was when she talks about Venessa, she would smile. Judith thinks the two parents are hiding their feelings so maybe in the distant future, she can slowly help them reveal their care for Rudy.

    As usual wedding news are all over the newspapers. Judith learned another new thing about Rudy. He would enjoy reading the news that tie them together. It was cute.

    They had their marriage portrait drawn, where they included Luca as well. Luca was reluctant with it but they mentioned they'll have to show his cousin someday and he blushed over it. He doesn't hate the thought of having a cousin.

    As for Rudy, he did became heir and will become the duke later on.

    Judith told Josephine to talk to her father at least so she can get her thoughts across that she doesn't want to marry.

    When Judith was already imagining promiscuous thoughts remembering the tailor commenting on Rudy's muscles, Luca spotted it and they bickered. Judith was dressing for the wedding. She asked him if she's pretty and he told her the groom should be answering that, but Judith said of course Rudy will shed tears while saying she's pretty. Luca admit she's pretty.

    Leah came to attend her wedding. She was someone from their old village. Apparently she ran off to seduce a neighboring prince and married the prince, so both of them attended the wedding, and Leah attended as Judith's "friend".

    Someone shared the last chapter already so that's it, until manhwa comes out, there will most likely be side stories then.

    family relations
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    I really want to translate this novel but I'm kinda scared of the author since they threatened to sue.

    Also, it looks like there are already side stories.