Spoiler If You Remove the Kind Protagonist’s Mask

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    I also want to know mtl but i couldn't open the file at all .can anyone spoil in the thread.
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    Thank you so so so muccch!!i hope you're healthy and happy wherever you are! :aww::cookie:
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    will we learn what is going on with the pile of dead bodies we saw at the very beginning, the ones the ML was killing? It feels like the story just kept going, completely ignoring that bloody scene ^^;;
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    Huhu I'm too late the link has been expired. Can you please send the link again?? Pleaseee. Thank you

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    Can you please post more spoilers like how ml fall for fl and their cute moments . Their confession and ending part too, I'm just curious.Thank you for your hardwork,love you!
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    Oh my God!!!!!
    before this chapter did they have any fights??
    could someone post??

    Please!!!! (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
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    “It’s dark and I can’t see well.”

    The corridors of the royal palace were dark and there were people everywhere, so it was difficult to pave the way.

    Joidel quickly returned to the room where the original clothes were and closed the door.


    “Whew… … .”

    My heart was pounding because of what had just happened, and on the other hand, I was excited with a pleasant excitement that the matter had been resolved.

    'It's been a long time since Heil-nim.'

    I was worried because I hadn't seen him for a long time, but it appeared with a worse complexion so that my worries became a reality.

    What herbs are good for a long-standing hypnotic addiction?

    His mind was constantly rolling, thinking of things that might help him.

    'I like the cigrettin herb. Mix it with the cool citrus scent and it'll be good for you, and it'll help you get rid of toxins quickly.'

    And I really did not know that the Holy Spirit would come.

    The more I thought about it, the more I felt like a really kind person.

    Of course, the intense memories of the first time we met were not forgotten. But it was also true that I had good enough memories to cover it up.

    It seemed like I had seen the face of the old Sungha a while ago, but... … .

    'I think it's because Akakos said something strange.'

    I was excited to go back, so I thought of various things.

    Ulysses cherishes and loves Seongguk as Seonghwang.

    And he is a priest under his jurisdiction.

    'Because Sungha has a strong sense of responsibility.'

    It was clear that anyone other than himself would have treated him the same.

    Rather, if it was someone who wasn't involved with him, he might have treated him better.

    In fact, he always had a friendly face to all the priests except for Yoidel.

    'Ah, Heil-sama, who puts pressure on marriage, is an exception. I forgot.'

    Yoidel took off her wig and untied the ribbons on her back and waist.

    “Ah, I can’t reach it.”

    Such a gorgeous dress was awkward and strange. Acacos... … No, it was different from the one that tied the ribbon when I was Akis.

    Maybe it was because I only wore a priest's uniform that was easy to put on and take off, so it was unfamiliar and strange to me that there were a lot of buttons and required someone else's hand.

    This is not a white priest's uniform, but a dress with a lot of colorful patterns, fabrics and colors.

    Her shoulders were exposed, and soft and delicately woven lace wrapped around her body and unfolded with every movement.

    '… … It's a gift from Akakos, but I can't take it with me.'

    I was grateful for my heart, but because I am dressed as a man.

    Besides, it was difficult to take this and get caught. Yoidel grunted and ran, trying to untie the ribbon near the wingbone.

    “Ah, ah, I can’t reach you… … !”

    It was very awkward.

    I couldn't even go out in this state and ask anyone for help.

    Yoidel whimpered, approached the window and looked down.

    “It must have happened, so it must be confusing.”

    Through that window, I could see the Paladins getting ready to leave.

    Does that mean that the Holy Father will be leaving soon?

    He may come sooner to find him. Because I'm not the type of person who likes to mess with time.

    Yoidel got impatient and jumped and tried to take off her clothes. But his flexibility was lacking.


    Yoidel, who had been weeping with gloom, found something and got up bravely.

    "what should we do… … ah! I'll just hang it on the hook over there and loosen it!"

    She approached the curtain hooks on either side of the window. She was going to untie it by hanging a ribbon over it.

    “Telepathy was good, but it’s going to be a little difficult in the future.”

    Yoidel thought about the situation after that. Perhaps, the Holy Ghost will pamper him without further ado.

    'But I'm glad nothing happened.'

    It was very fortunate to have dealt with the traitors of the original. Remove anything that threatens his well-being, because both the Holy Father and himself are safe!


    Then, my back was scratched by the curtain hook.

    “Ah, it stings… … .”

    It must have been a red wound. Yoidel was ill for a while, then remembered something.


    Surprised, Yoidel quickly casts first aid magic.

    After healing her body with simple magic, Yoidel sighed in relief at the pain that had completely disappeared.

    'Because when I get sick, Sungha gets sick too.'

    Joidel leaned against the half-drafted balcony window and sighed.

    You can't wear the priest's clothes over the dress... … no?

    can't do it

    Then it's a pity, but I have no choice but to rip this pretty dress.

    “Thank you, Akakos.”

    Unable to see anything sharp, Yoidel knocked over the vase.


    “Whew… … .”

    right then

    The door opened quietly and calmly.


    Joidel was startled and slipped into the curtain.

    What is this ominous thing?

    It could just be all day. But somehow it didn't seem like that.

    Joidel hid between the curtains and the balcony and re-dressed her dress.

    “… … Yoidel?”

    Outside the open balcony, the leaves fluttered in the wind.

    “Mr. Yoidel.”

    Ulysses was there.

    He had a somewhat urgent face. His voice was a little more hoarse than usual.


    Yoidel exercised her wits, went deeper into the balcony and closed the curtains.

    I would have almost screamed out loud. But I was so startled that no sound came out.

    My body trembled.

    Curtains do not cover the toes. And the dress is longer than the curtain.

    By the way, the moonlight was so dazzling today.

    He didn't say anything as the clouds drifted gently, darkening and revealing the room in the veiling moonlight.

    “Mr. Yoidel.”

    It's already been called three times.

    Yoidel opened her mouth. His tense, dry lips barely moistened.

    When Ulysses called out Yoidel's name three times, the voice's temperature was different.

    The first was relief.

    The second was a question.

    'There was anger in the third.'

    Joidel grabbed the curtain like a lifeline and tried to look carefully at his face.

    He was standing in front of that dark door with only his eyes wide open.


    The visit was closed.


    He locked the door so no one could enter.

    Yoidel, who was in a brighter place, could not see Ulysses' expression.

    'Just wearing a dress... … Did you notice?'

    I saw a red wig under his feet. Then his steps moved.

    towards her.

    “Where are you?”

    “… … .”

    “You are here.”

    Ulysses said nothing.

    Rather, he was smiling softly. as if relieved. But… … .

    “I was looking for you. It's like I haven't seen you in a long time. I'm afraid you'll be okay."

    Ulysses, who smiled with eyelashes lowered while looking at the object on the palm of her hand, looked directly at Yoidel in the next moment.


    Hiccups leaked out, startled by the beast-like gaze. Yoy Dell covered her mouth and shrugged her stretched shoulders.

    In his blue eyes, he could feel a strange brilliance that could be called the light of his eyes.

    “But not someone I haven’t seen in a long time, but someone I’ve seen for the first time.”

    Yoidel's round eyes gradually opened wide.

    Deep anger oozes out of every word.

    Yoidel, who had been hiding behind the curtain, raised her head and looked up at Ulysses.

    He couldn't escape his deep gaze.

    Ulysses looked down at Yoidel's hand holding the curtain tightly for a moment, and then smiled. It wasn't because the situation was funny. It was a cold smile that dripped with anger.

    I couldn't move in the heavy anger that was close to living.

    “It must be the thing you most need right now.”

    In Ulysses' palm was Yoidel's ring.


    Ulysses slowly lifted Yoidel's head.

    He looked closely at Joidel's eyes, nose, cheeks, and smooth, unmarked neckline.

    “Now I know. A powerful psychedelic magic ring.”

    “… … .”

    “If it was such a valuable keepsake, it should not have been lost.”

    “… … .”

    “If you were going to deceive me to the very end, you should have stayed undetected forever.”

    His expression contorted.

    A broken eyebrow and red lips holding back words. cold blue eyes.

    His eyes were colder than ice.

    The ice reflected light, but his gaze was infinitely deep and subdued.

    Ulysses looked at Yoidel with a face that was difficult to interpret.

    “So did you hurt your back? To take off your dress before you get caught by me? What the hell is this outfit?”

    And, as if in disbelief, he exhaled and squinted his eyes.

    It was neither laughing nor crying, and it seemed too empty to be self-help.

    “Why do you, like a stranger, have the same characteristics as the person I know best?”

    "ah… … .”

    “The voice is more the same. The mouth and the habit of biting the lips.”

    Ulysses knew her better than Joidel thought.

    His eyes seemed empty, as if looking at something beyond Yoidel.

    Yoidel felt it. There is something scarier than anger in the world.

    That anger isn't just about getting angry and getting angry.

    “You, the most sincere of all, have been hiding a secret from me. I hope I am wrong.”

    Ulysses took her white hand, which she thought was unusually soft for a man.

    The moment his blue eyes met her properly.


    Yoidel's heart fell to the floor. His eyes went cold and withered.

    Ulysses didn't ask any further questions.

    However, he grabbed Yoidel's small hand and brought it to Ulysses's own neck.

    Just like the day we first met, but not with his sword, but with her nails.

    He drew a line on his own neck, not hers.

    As if to separate his and her distance.

    The single red line, which was scratched and raised red, descended from the neck down to the collarbone, leaving a red mark on Ulysses' neck.

    It was the same with Yoidel's neck.

    Ulysses shed a self-helpful laugh as she looked at the white nape of her neck where the same wounds were formed.

    Is this the kind of pain in your chest?

    I had a sore throat. The cut of these tiny claws was more difficult than the battle that crossed death.

    It was the greatest pain I have ever experienced.

    Even if I almost had my throat cut, even if my body was in danger of being pierced, I never thought it was pain.

    For the first time in his life, he realized the meaning of pain. This stifling fear and betrayal was clearly painful.

    “… … .”

    Ulysses' eyes were filled with emotions that transcended anger.

    “I don't know where to start trusting you. you to me... … .”

    “… … .”

    “Are you the one I am looking for?”

    It started to rain heavily.

    Small drops of water that had just started pouring went to them and flew away.

    The whipping of these tiny particles was particularly bitter.

    But it was the face of Ulysses that stabbed the heart even more.

    He smiled sadly enough to look sad at first glance.

    He closed his eyes and finally opened it, returning to his former form.

    when we first met him.

    An expressionless expression. With cold eyes mixed with contempt, as if looking at a stranger.

    “Is this your true form, Yoidel-sama?”

    he whispered quietly.
    “… … yes?"

    Yoidel asked cautiously.

    The beating of my heart, which I didn't know existed, began to grow louder.

    The eyes of Ulysses looking at her were unfamiliar because they were friendly.

    It was similar to him before his identity was revealed. Maybe more than that.

    “I just found it.”

    “Why did the Holy Spirit make me… … .”

    Yoidel's voice trembled a little. It wasn't that Ulysses didn't notice it.

    Embarrassed, Yoidel smiled a little shyly with the same face as usual.

    His eyes were forcibly curved, and the corners of his lips trembled slightly.

    "ah… … I'm sorry."

    Thick tears were dripping down.

    The tears I had been holding back and holding back finally burst.

    Tears welled up because of the long-time affection that contrasted with the cold eyes of the past.

    'I didn't mean to do this!'

    But when I looked at the eyes that had been cold and warm the whole time, my whole body stinged as if my body had melted from frostbite.

    Yoidel didn't know why the tears were coming out, so she quickly wiped the corners of her eyes. But the tears continued to fall.

    Yoidel, who was pressing her eyes gently, with the back of her hand, wiped them away as if scratching them.

    "I'm sorry. Um, why are my eyes like this? I think it's dry. There must be a lot of dust on the road. It's because my eyes are dry. It hurts.”

    Tears continued to flow as much as I had endured it. The more she wiped, the more she flowed.

    Even when I first met Ulysses, tears did not come out like this. It wasn't like this at the moment when his blood was covered in it.

    Then why?

    Joidel wiped away her tears, barely holding back the tears that were about to leak out.

    "no… … Why am I crying?”

    “… … .”

    “Actually, I think I wanted to talk to Sungha again.”

    Yoidel continued to whimper.

    “Uh, I thought we would reconcile like an adult, but I think our thoughts and reality are different. Strangely, I'm glad that the Holy Spirit spoke to me like before. It's not okay for me not to cry. Is it funny?”

    He smiled and wiped away the tears with the back of his hand. Her eyes turned red and started to swell.

    It was an emotion that came out of nowhere.

    His breathing was trembling as if the tears that were constantly welling up wet his lungs.

    I wanted to stop, but I couldn't stop sobbing.

    “… … It seems that the feeling of being hated by Sungha is different. What do you do after being caught? It was fine when she imagined doing it. But because I feel it, I... … .”

    Yoidel lowered her hand and covered her face.

    “My heart hurts so much… … .”

    speech was blurred.

    In the meantime, I thought that it was okay to receive cold eyes, and that it was okay to be disappointed because I deceived him. But it wasn't.

    Yoidel took a deep breath—he took a long breath and looked up again.

    I couldn't see Ulysses' face properly.

    Since I told the truth, Ulysses said that she was weak, and she might be looking at herself with cold eyes again.

    'I will. you will A person like me who suddenly starts to cry will be embarrassed, and it would be ridiculous to cheat and ask for forgiveness. Yeah, you can't do this.'

    Yoidel forcibly pulled the corners of her lips together and smiled. I laughed out loud for nothing.

    Embarrassedly, she looked at the hem of her clothes and fingers stained with tears, and then hid it behind her back.

    “It just stings. heart, um... … I imagined it, but I guess I wasn't ready to be truly hated by the Holy Spirit.”

    I couldn't even organize the words I spit, and I didn't know where my eyes were looking. she just said crazy.

    I'm glad it's night. I don't have to see all of this.

    His voice, which had not calmed down, trembled a little.

    "I'm sorry. Uh, again... … .”

    Still unable to look at him as he said nothing, Yoidel bowed her head more deeply.

    I couldn't cause any more trouble while performing official duties, so it was good to leave here.

    I cleared my voice once.

    “It is late. I'll go back to the Great Hall first, Sungha. Forget the previous words.”

    “… … .”

    “Now, I will make sure that you do not see my face unless it is absolutely necessary.”

    At that moment, as he had turned his back busy, warmth grabbed Yoidel's fingertips.

    It was the last chance I had when I was about to go wrong. Knowing this, Ulysses was no longer calm.

    He turned Joidel to face him.

    “If I can’t see your face, who is punished? Is that the price of Joidel-sama’s sins?”

    He put Yoidel between his wide arms and looked down. It was the first expression he showed.

    Innocent blue eyes darkened with a heightened emotion, and his eyes frowned painfully.

    An expression of strange anger and of putting up with something more difficult than that. He let out a low breath.

    “Do you want me to never see you?”

    Ulysses' expression was extremely cold. But his eyes were insanely sweet.

    “Do you think that will benefit me?”

    “… … His Holiness?"

    “I thought the reason you didn’t tell me was because you were going to leave me at any time.”

    It was something I hadn't thought of at all. Yoy Dell was startled and bit her mouth.

    “In Yoidel-sama’s future, I feel like I’m not even a part of it. I was upset that you didn’t tell me what even Elder Marcelina knew.”

    “… … .”

    “Why do you put me lower than those around you? Was I not worth more to you than them?”

    Ulysses' eyes grew sharper.

    “You are my companion. A being that cannot be shared with others. It was Yoidel who started this relationship. But you only care about me.”

    If so, it's like... … .

    No, that's ridiculous. what am i thinking

    But it seems real.

    Yoidel's head went blank.

    “Sungha, I’m jealous right now… … I think you are doing it.”

    A sensible word came out of nowhere.

    I didn't really mean to ask, I just wanted to think inside!

    Yoidel hastily covered her mouth.

    “Oh, no! I'm sorry. I… … I must have said something strange. Forget it, absolutely not.”

    “I was jealous.”

    Ulysses tried to make a casual face.

    But that doesn't work.

    “If it’s a misunderstanding, Yoidel-sama, please understand me.”

    When I stood in front of these clear eyes, everything didn't go my way.

    It's my face and my heart, but that one thing is so difficult that I'm restless.

    No one had ever given him such a disgrace.

    “As you think… … shit."

    Ulysses' eyes became sharp.

    “More than that, everything is jealous. But can't I? I don’t know how far I have to pretend I’m not, and I don’t want to do it anymore.”

    He looked at Yoidel's lips. I have definitely felt a slight pain before.

    “I see him with another man and he smiles, but I don’t know how to not be jealous. After teaching this kind of feeling for the first time, I... … How do you do more?”

    Ulysses, who poured out frankly, uttered swear words out of shame.

    “Where in the world is there a crazy person who will be fine after seeing such a situation several times?”

    After he finished speaking, no one was able to speak first. Even the ants passing by were still as if they were suffocating.

    “Do you know what to do in a situation like this?”

    “Hey, how do I know!”

    “Coming to think of it, I think it would be annoying to know.”

    He was not polite as usual and said all frankly that he was annoyed and jealous.

    Ulysses' gaze at Yoidel shook.

    “Am I on your mind?”

    “It wasn’t because I didn’t care. That's not it... … .”

    He looked at Yoidel silently. It was meant to say more.

    “You didn’t even give me a chance to explain properly! I had no intention of leaving. I like it here. The people are nice, and I have a promise with the Holy Father. I will keep it! So it's a misunderstanding!”

    I tried to say it very nicely, but it all went wrong. Yoidel cried and stuttered. The voice still went out like a goat.

    “I, I… … I… … No, it's polite to hate me on the contrary."

    “Why do I hate you?”

    Ulysses looked really embarrassed. Then Joidel trembled in anger.

    “He said he would never do it for an audience! Don't come near me, don't go to the office, don't talk to me... … Black, yes, it was... … .”

    I was so upset that I couldn't finish the conversation.

    “I’m upset… … .”

    My heart was pounding at the messed up emotions that I didn't know if it was fire or what.

    Yoidel looked up at him helplessly.

    At that moment, Ulysses' eyes filled with tears from crying for a long time came into her eyes.

    Ulysses' lips fell lightly against Yoidel's eyes.

    “… … ah?"

    Just, what... … .

    What touched my eyes... … no way… … .

    Yoidel put her hand around her eyes and looked up at him. His body temperature rose rapidly as if on fire.

    "His Holiness?"

    There were tears on his lips.

    Ulysses looked down at Yoidel's eyes and gently bit her lower lip to moisten her lips.

    His lips turned even more red, and a short sigh came through the gap.

    “How do I choose my feelings for you? I feel like I am drawn to it.”

    “… … .”

    “It was scary. I feel like I'm proving that I'm nothing to you."

    He ran his finger across his now empty lips briefly.

    “Now that I think about it, you were an idiot who made you cry cowardly.”

    When her hard fingers touched her dry lips, Yoidel looked away with embarrassment.

    "this… … Is there any reconciliation like this?”

    “Usually reconciliation does not begin with tears or licks.”

    Somehow, his face got hot.

    “I don’t want to just be reconciled.”

    Ulysses looked at the round eyes that followed me, and raised her hand upwards, gently wrapping Yoidel's cheek.

    As Yoidel's head and shoulders crouched in the tickling, he gently stroked his face to get used to him. His hand went down.

    From round cheeks to lips gradually.

    “Maybe it was your mistake that you came to me.”

    The moment when Yoidel's head lifted slightly.


    Their lips held each other for a moment, then slowly moved away, letting a quiet breath flow.

    Unbelievable at this feeling, Yoidel looked up at Ulysses with round eyes.

    just, just... … .

    When Yoidel looked at him, Ulysses smiled sadly with her eyes closed.

    “I like that mistake.”

    The moment Yoidel, who was red hot, licked his lips, his breath that had been parted ruffled her lips.

    Feeling like his whole heart was melting as if his reason was going to fly away, Yoidel flinched and grabbed his arm.

    My breath was mixed and my mind was dizzy.

    She felt an unfamiliar sensation she had never known before, desperately pulling her towards her.


    My head was dizzy from the last breath I took.

    Yoidel, who had come to his senses, barely calmed his heart. Then she really didn't know she would die of a heart attack.

    Because it's not a kiss to live like before.

    He felt his breath pressed into his ear.

    “… … Yoidel.”

    He gently bit his lips again, as if stroking them with his lips, and gave them a small kiss.

    It felt as if he was confirming that he was who he was with his senses.

    When he opened his body, he looked down at Yoidel with eyes that did not go away from the heat.

    He calmed his disappointment with a light kiss and made eye contact with Yoidel. But Yoidel's eyes seemed to ask if it was impulsive.

    He smiled lowly as he straightened Joidel's hair.

    “I make no mistakes.”

    A friendly voice rang in my ear.

    Ulysses' gaze was arrogant. His eyes were still like beasts, longing for affection, but his smile was gentle.

    “Please don’t mistake me for it either.”
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    agigatou!!!!! You are a tenshin (angel)o(^_-)O

    do you have the continuation of chapter 76?? not abusing....(^^;;
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    If the pope is the protagonist/ogML who is the ogFL?
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    daijobu and yeah i have

    Inside Yoidel's hand, he could feel his pounding pulse.

    The beating of my heart, which I don't know who it belonged to, began to grow faster.

    This tiny, warm little hand felt more menacing than a blade.

    “… … You don't even get angry as usual."

    Ulysses pulled her hand closer.

    “Even on the day of the festival, you didn’t have any pain.”

    It was a low-pitched voice.

    He was convinced that the woman he met at the festival was Yoidel.

    I wondered why he suddenly ran away, but it makes sense so that his true form is not discovered.

    It was also the case that the eyes were red. Being an unidentified medical priest.

    “What wish did you make on the wish tree?”

    Ulysses' voice was riddled with ridicule.

    “You want me to stay undetected forever?”

    “No, Sungha. that… … That's not really… … .”

    Tears slowly welled up in Yoidel's eyes.

    Ulysses, whose expression hardened even more at that point, let out a suppressed sigh.

    “… … Or what did you want?”

    Ulysses looked at the white nape of her neck with the same scars as herself.

    His eyes on the neckline were no different from appreciating the crude objects that were often found on the roadside.

    “I don’t know where all of Yoidel-sama’s truth comes from.”

    The blue eyes were not like the firmament, but like a glacier.

    Even if the pieces melted in the warmth, the ice was still ice.

    He gave out a small piece and then froze again, and a colder air blew from him.

    “Did you have any sincerity in what you did?”

    “… … .”

    “The truth is, was there?”

    Yoidel did not respond to Ulysses' words.

    “How many of the words and actions you showed me were real?”

    “… … It was all sincere.”

    Yoidel, holding the hem of her robe so that her arms trembled, barely spoke. A cracked voice came out.

    “There was nothing that was not sincere in what I said to the Holy Father.”

    But there were many things that were not true.

    Because Yoidel didn't say that she wasn't what she used to be, and that she had the ability to foresight was a lie.

    "However… … .”

    However, there were no lies other than that he was not afraid when he was scared.

    I sincerely admire him. Seriously, I'm afraid of him.

    Not wanting to disappoint him, even this situation was all Yoidel's sincerity.

    My eyes got hot without realizing it. Tears like dew fell like rain.

    “Really with the Yobohilde family… … It has nothing to do with it. That is the truth.”

    I won't ask you to believe me.

    But I didn't want to raise any doubts about it.

    Not to save my life, but because it was already a tiring night when I found the traitor.

    "I… … .”

    Ulysses' voice became even lower. He clenched it.

    And I slipped my big fingers between the fingers of the small, fragile hands that were already overlapping each other.

    He pulled Yoidel closer to his arms.

    "Do you think I'm doing this just because of the duke's family and your organic nature, only because of that?"

    He felt a pounding heartbeat under his hand on his neck.

    Their gazes were closely intertwined, and the two of them were closer than ever.

    My heart was the most distant now, just the opposite distance.

    “Then I will ask you another question.”

    He tilted his head and looked down at her.

    “When the promised year is over, what are you going to do?”

    Initially, Yoidel was promised a full amnesty for only one year.

    “In fact, you wouldn’t have planned for the rest of your life to be that way.”

    “… … .”

    “After that, as you said at first glance, did you intend to go to the commercial realm and earn some money?”

    His gaze turned to her neck.

    “It wouldn’t be easy with that body tied to me.”

    Ulysses laid her cheek against Yoidel's hand with a cold face. And he watched the troubles of Yoidel, who couldn't help it.

    “If that were the case, I would have searched the commercial realm.”

    If I had left without a word, of course I would.

    Of course, it wouldn't stop there.

    “How did you feel when you accepted the offer for one year?”

    “… … .”

    “Through the academy, we made a connection with Mediah by saying, “For the sake of the Holy Kingdom, we got a way to untie the pairing, so our relationship… … What were you going to do after that?”

    Yoidel's heart was pounding with trembling.

    Every single word he spoke jokingly pierced her.

    “There is a reason why you so requested exile to the outskirts.”

    Yoidel's eyes fluttered aimlessly.

    Yoidel, who was biting her lip, relaxed her body as if she had made up her mind.

    "I… … .”

    already heard it all

    He and himself both knew that it was useless to make any excuses now.

    Yoidel's head dropped.

    “… … I'm sorry."

    Silent tears flowed from her bowed head and her shoulders trembled.

    “Recognition is quick.”

    Ulysses smiled coldly.

    “Couldn’t you have made more excuses?”

    “… … Because Sungha hates excuses. Regardless of the reason, it was my fault for not telling the Holy Spirit.”

    “Then you deceived me so I didn’t notice until the end, didn’t you? lest you betray me.”

    It was an emotionless eye.

    As he said, Yoidel became a 'unknown person' to Ulysses.

    Ulysses smiled with a friendly face as if it had been taken, just like the unspecified majority.

    He took Yoidel's hand and slowly put the ring on.

    That's right.

    “… … indeed."

    Although it was a slight difference, seeing him becoming a boy did not shake him any more.

    His hand was so respectful that the boundaries he had drawn became clearer.

    “It’s a ring made of Mediah’s stone.”

    With such a special stone, it is difficult to detect the magic on it at once.

    Yoidel, who bowed her head, still couldn't make any excuses and bit her mouth.

    Ulysses let go of the white hand she was holding and wiped the wound on her neck.

    “I will return to the Holy Land immediately. Get ready.”

    His back turned firmly.

    “I’m sorry, Sungha.”

    Ulysses's steps stopped at the slender voice that came out as she suppressed her crying.

    “Mr. Yoidel.”

    "yes… … .”

    “I have no intention of unpairing anymore.”

    At that, the crying stopped.

    A voice without a single word of warmth flowed out.

    He looked at Yoidel with cold eyes.

    “This is probably the punishment you most want. May you continue to be bound to me as you are now.”


    a few days later in the morning.

    Ulysses looked at the rose decorations in the Grand Chapel.

    “It’s a secret.”

    The rose symbolizes the secret.

    So, the Rosarium given to Yoidel was the perfect place for her.

    'The two guards confessed that they knew.'

    After returning to the Holy Land, Ulysses called the two of them and rebuked them. At the time, he had doubts about the report.

    Looking back, I felt that I knew something and purposely hid it. And, too, they knew that Joidel was a woman.

    The reason he hid it was because he felt suspicious about the Yobohilde family, not the Yoidel.

    Instead of reporting to him, the two guards chose the path for their master. It was a clear mistake, but the task given to them was faithfully performed.

    They confessed to what they had not seen and posted to themselves.

    No traces of the other children he investigated were found, but rumors exist that twins were born in the duke's family in the past.

    'The other must have been a boy.'

    It was clear that he had made Yoidel live as a substitute for the other. But why? There is a high risk of being caught in men's clothing.

    The fact that he accepted that and sent Yoidel here means that the Duke of Yobohilde has a different secret.

    Yoidel was sent to the Great Shrine at the age of 13. Since then, the Duke Jovohilde has come to see her only once. The very day that I slapped Yoidel on the cheek.

    If you have a small child, you will probably come to say hello at least once.

    'Media stone with that ability, no matter how much a duke, can't easily get it.'

    Ulysses suddenly recalled a sense of déjà vu.

    Yoidel guessed it was a human being Mediah was looking for.


    Mediah closed the trade route in 19 years to be exact.

    No, one year has passed, so 20 years.

    The Brikalt Empire that drew huge sacrifices from Lavorvich.

    The Duke Jovohilde was a close confidant of Emperor Brikalt. and a magician's name.

    It was a well-known fact that the duke and duke had been without children for a long time after marriage, so they inquired everywhere in search of a treatment method.

    But what about the attitude of the two towards the child they barely got?

    His eyes sank into another dew, different from the coldness he had shown to Yoidel.


    A shadow appeared in the empty space.

    Men, all covered in darkness, appeared from the darkness and bowed before him.

    If the paladin was a knight of light, the penumbra was an elite unit of darkness. The one standing in front of them handed over an organized document.

    “That’s all I’ve been researching so far.”

    “Keep watching.”

    “Jon name.”

    The two guards were entrusted with the investigation of the Jobohilde family, but not entirely.

    It was entrusted to them as to the individual Yoidel. This is about the Duke Jovohilde.

    Ulysses' eyes, scanning the lines, gradually subsided.

    [Clementine Jovohilde is inquiring about a nanny from ten years ago. As the Duchess, she is an exceptional wizard and a human who has completed the top of the Magic Tower. It's strange that she's just looking for a nanny. It is also doubtful that an ordinary nanny has not been pursued by her for many years. As a result of tracking, traces of the nanny's passing to Media are secured.]

    The next paragraph contained more clear information.

    [Securing evidence suggesting that he had two children as a child. Gender is assumed to be different. One was short-lived as a child.]

    Ulysses' eyes narrowed.

    [Duke Yobohilde frequently enters the Imperial Palace under the pretext of helping the disabled emperor. Clementine Jovohilde sometimes made contact with the old mistress at that time. All blood ties such as maternal and collateral and relatives of the duke family were investigated, but none of the predecessors with pink hair.]

    The next chapter provided a link to the Lavorvic case.

    [The break between Lavorvich and Brikalt after the Giorbeni incident. As a result of the investigation, heaps of skeletons were also found in other countries near Lavorvich. All of them have the energy of gold magic, and how to find the identity is difficult.]

    [Christoph Jovohilde secures parts of Clementine Jovohilde's body. Detection magic possible.]

    It was a family with more problems than expected.

    What the hell is 'to protect as a priest under his command'? Because he found out his identity later than the escorts.

    Ulysses just closed her blurred eyes.

    The face of Yoidel that I saw the day I found out the truth came to mind like a haze.

    'It was all sincere.'

    Those innocent round eyes that said that.

    angry Among the many betrayals, it was the only anger that had a private feeling.

    But the betrayal of the elders, there was no more anger. I didn't have to be so rough.

    there would have been You could ask what it is.

    But it was hasty. I fear that the bird, startled by the smallest things, will fly away without leaving a trace.

    Rather, it is not the present self that is dangerous to Yoidel.

    It was also not enough and it made me cry, so it could be said that it was the worst.

    “… … .”

    It wasn't just the emotions of anger that had stirred my mind all the past day. There was something worse than that.

    In other words, her eyes were as beautiful as jewels that only looked up at her.

    It was a heartfelt voice that I would like to hear for a long time. It was the first soft hand he had ever touched deeply.

    I feel sorry for being so small and fragile, I want to support you.

    The hypocrite was himself.

    His face became unbearably red.

    'This feeling is dangerous.'

    Beneath the vast chapel, Ulysses wiped her face while swallowing a self-helpful sigh.

    “… … It’s ugly.”

    "yes… … .”

    “You answered. Shall we go to our kingdom together and live with me?”

    Yoidel, who was dazed, looked to the side in amazement.

    When his red eyes changed wildly, unlike the usual Yoidel, Akakos smiled and took a step back.

    “Are you going to hit me again?”

    “I told you not to say that.”

    “But it hurts because the priest didn’t even say a word and was expelled from his friend’s seat. Where will this body find its lost first love?”

    Akakos shamelessly kissed Yoidel's hair.

    The pink hair was about the length of the badge, so it was difficult to kiss her, but she tried her best.


    Joidel decisively beat him down.

    “Go back to your kingdom and fill it up.”

    “So, I was going to go, but why are you so dazed? Don’t let the priest step on you and leave you behind.”

    “No, I replied. And I had no intention of leaving with the prince!”

    Akakos laughed out loud.

    He hadn't yet adapted to his man's disguise, no, his original form. He straightened the insignia of his formal uniform and looked at Yoidel.

    Akakos, who was alluring even when disguised as a woman, was even more enthralled by the appearance of a man.

    He pursed his lips in regret.

    “It’s still different.”

    Today was the day that Akakos, who had briefly ascended to the Sky Continent for a new agreement between Seongguk and Lavorvich, left.

    While the Warpgate was being prepared, Yoidel, along with the other priests, met Akkakos.

    When he returns to his home country, Akakos becomes the king of Lavorvich.

    Akakos whispered into Yoidel's ear.

    “You thought you couldn’t live like this even after becoming a king?”

    “… … no?"

    “Lies. But what about the eyes? But, did anything happen with Seonghwang?”

    “Oh, no?”

    “It’s not like that, Young-ae.”

    “Don’t call me that.”

    There was no success in the procession to see off.

    'There is a difference in nationality, but it's not just because of that.'

    It is a pity that only he witnessed the brutality of that day.

    That madman must have been watching the current situation from somewhere in those temples or palaces.

    I think there must have been something serious with Yoidel, who was looking for even while strangling her own neck. Is it me? then good

    Akakos smiled as he looked at the gloomy Yoidel.


    The moment he knelt down on one knee when he called out his name, a large bunch of pale pink roses filled his vision.

    Akakos, who had offered flowers to Yoidel, acted arbitrarily, not paying attention to the surroundings.

    “Ah, uh, no, what is that!”

    “The King of Lavorvich… … How... … ?”

    All witnesses on the spot opened their mouths and eyes wide.

    Husteron and Laios also hurriedly broke up between them, but Akakos' attitude did not change.

    “Because someone is all old and I’m going to be very young and green when I do today and tomorrow.”

    Akacos openly shot Ulysses. In the long run, he knew that he was superior to him in life and youth, but he didn't care.

    “Then come to me when you’re tired.”

    “… … .”

    “I am younger than you.”

    Akakos came closer and whispered in a serious voice.

    “And I won’t make you cry. Instead, I didn’t have friends back then, so I came to know that.”


    At that time, a lightning strike struck the place where Acacos was.

    “… … Wow, what crazy.”

    Akakos, who hastily escaped, looked at the charred spot and smiled absurdly.

    All the priests who were there and the people of Lavorvich looked around in amazement.

    “Is it going to rain all of a sudden?”

    “Hee hee. Lightning without thunder or rain.”

    Akakos looked towards the castle. Could this be a natural phenomenon? He beat him to death. There was no such thing as a madman, let alone benevolence.

    “The boot is ready. Let's go, prince."

    Akakos smiled broadly and turned towards the magic circle.

    "So goodbye! See you again, Yoidel! I love you! I'm serious!”


    After the commotion had settled to some extent, a convention was held.

    The main agenda item for this meeting was the vacancy of the Senate.

    “One of the three seats in the Senate is vacant, how will it be filled… … .”

    “Isn’t there any other choice but to raise one of the highest ranking priests?”

    “It is, but it’s a big deal because we don’t have a very suitable priest at the moment.”

    There are three seats in the Senate.

    The one who had one of them disappeared due to a great betrayal.

    “I’ve never seen anyone talk so much after death.”

    “I heard that there were no illegitimate children. It's so embarrassing that I can't even say anything."

    “We must be more careful in selecting the next elder.”

    “But the dead elder… … No, even civilians in the Great Hall were very good.”

    All the priests were in trouble.

    Surprisingly, only Marcelina in this hall had a calm expression on her face. Because she was a person who was as accustomed to betrayal as she was to Ulysses. She was also rebuked by the Holy Father.

    'But, why does the Holy Father seem depressed?'

    Although he is merciful, he is not swayed by private feelings. It's probably not because of Giorbeni's work.

    At that moment, Ulysses's gaze moved and caught the moment.

    '… … Are you swayed by your personal feelings?'

    He clearly saw Yoidel.

    However, looking closely, the expressions of the two were not equally good.

    'I thought about it. After returning from Lavorvich, Sungha and Miss Yoidel looked strangely cold.'

    After their return, the full story of the incident was revealed. The word “National Founding Day”, which also coincides with the 100th anniversary of Hapil Lavorvich, spread very quickly.

    In this regard, even Brikalt cannot escape the scandal.

    In fact, Brikalt became impatient and made an unofficial request to communicate with Lavorvic, but all were turned down.

    All of the Brikalt minions who remained in Lavorvich were removed. The Crown Prince was executed and the throne changed.

    Brikalt's cooperation or support would be lost, but Seongguk was going to take its place.

    “Until now, you have put up with Brickalt’s atrocities, but we must not let it go any further. We must not release a second Giorbeni.”

    “That’s right, His Holiness! Catfish smashed Brikalt... … Cole, please don't leave me alone. They are believed to be imprinted with shamelessness in their genes.”

    “Calm down.”

    Stepped seats were arranged in a circle, and the chairman stood in the center of the circle and struck a pole.

    “Please comment on the election of elders again.”

    “It’s honorable, but it’s usually not difficult, so I don’t know if we can pick out candidates.”

    “Besides, it is not a position to be appointed only if a majority of the votes in favor are obtained. It seems that there will be difficulties because suspicions are easily built up by civilians who were former elders.”

    Elders had to have certain divine powers, age, other abilities, and merit.

    Besides, what is now vacant is the chapter of the Dongguan that Giorbeni was in charge of.

    Dongguan is a more academic place for studying science, books, and historical records.

    Currently, the number of high-ranking priests in Dongguan is small, and most of them are quiet and do not like to go out, so there were almost no applicants.

    Except for the North Building of the Knights, there are elders in all of the East, West, and South Buildings.

    'Scholarship… … There are people who think of it, but I will never do it.'

    Yoidel sighed inwardly.

    As with the work of the elders, seeing Ulysses in the conference hall made me even more uncomfortable.

    After returning from Lavorvić, he did not penalize him, but he did not speak to him. All audiences were also rejected.

    'They say don't unpair... … Maybe good.'

    He was clearly misunderstanding something. Yoidel had no intention of going anywhere else even after a year.

    'But why aren't you punishing me?'

    It was something I was prepared to think about when I would be caught one day.

    There was a time when I thought that I could find a traitor in the original story and make a deal, but now the situation has changed.

    Yoidel was no longer just trying to survive. He also had a growing love for Seongguk.

    And Ulysses' expression, which seemed empty, was more concerned than the fact that her identity was revealed.

    “… … yes."

    “… … .”

    “Yoidel, you!”

    After the meeting, it was Heil who woke up Yoidel, who had been sitting blankly.

    “Look what worries you have. Are you worried that you can't tell me? It's been a while since the meeting! Shouldn't I just go back and rest?"

    "iced coffee… … It really is. thank you."

    Hail looked at the boy with a visibly expressionless expression and rummaged through his pockets.

    Eh, I don't have that much power. I can't help it because it's so annoying to see.


    He handed me a package of sweet caramel, opened one of them and shoved it in.

    Yoidel's complexion suddenly brightened.

    “Very sweet!”

    "right? It is an excellent beggar for energy recovery. A fairy's decision. Besides this, I bought a lot of unusual things, so please look forward to it.”

    When Heil was scouting around the foreign countries, he collected memorabilia little by little as an artifact and handed it to Yoidel.

    "that… … Did you see it?”

    "yes? What?"

    “Hey, do you have a present? … ?”

    I don't know why I bought it, but most of the gifts were strange.

    They were all sorts of rare things in their own way, such as witches from each country, bizarre healing art specimens, rare flowers, oversized and unusual gems, and ancient treasures.

    “Joe, it’s a little odd, but… … It's delicious and beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that.”

    "okay? Do you like it?”

    “… … yes! really useful... … do."

    “Do you like the gift Marcelina gave you?”


    Heil looked around and smirked very quietly.

    “Marcelina doesn’t move very well, so giving her presents is nothing but insignificant things. do you understand My gift is more precious.”

    Hail coughed again as if embarrassed.

    “And now that I’m back, I have plenty of time. It's a bit leisurely, so if you really want to, I can tell you everything if you ask me about it... … .”

    In other words, he asked me to play with myself, not with Marcelina.

    When Yoidel understood the meaning, he laughed a little, and Heil handed the paperwork to Yoidel.

    “Wow! Anyway, that’s it, please give this to the Holy Father instead of me!”

    "yes? Heil, no!”

    “I suddenly remembered that I was busy! Then please!”

    Heil was embarrassed to find out his heart, so he hurriedly left the meeting room.

    'What about this?'

    In the end, Yoidel pondered and arrived in front of his office.

    Yoidel, who had grown timid, looked at the gatekeeper and wondered whether to speak or not, and then just turned around.

    “Please tell the Holy Spirit. There was a request from Yeha Hail.”

    “Aren’t you going to give it to me?”

    "yes… … I don’t think I can.”

    The gatekeepers also put on a strange expression on Yoidel's dead face.

    But Ulysses was listening from inside the door.

    At the end of his cold gaze, there was a document.

    [The eldest son of the Duke Yobohilde, Yoidel Yobohilde… … .]

    It was an official message delivered by Brickalt.

    […] … Accordingly, we request repatriation.]
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    Episode 6

    These days, there is the best ghost story that hits the temple.

    "Did you hear that? Yoidel came back alive."

    First of all, the vast Holy Land under Ulysses is divided into four large areas.

    Seventy percent of villages consist of ordinary residential and urban areas.

    As if a few villages were combined, a huge Daeshinjeon Hall is 20%.

    The castle where Ulysses lives is 10 percent, and instead, it is located inside the hall.

    And the last four, it was the domain of Yoidel. Everyone's reluctant. The road was open.

    "How can a person come back alive from the death penalty!”

    "The Holy Father has shown mercy. To give such a benefit to a heinous man who tried to harm himself. It's because you're too good."

    Eventually, he attacked the Holy Father, and unfortunately, the brother-in-law disappeared. I prayed for peace in my heart, but I didn't want to come back alive. Everyone was on the same page.

    "I'm sure you'll be worse now that you're alive, right?

    "Every rainy dayThe knee that was smashed by Ethel hurts."

    How such power comes from that little body.

    Training center where women and men are taught separately. Even there, full of boys of his age, Yoidel boasted of his unrivaled ferocity.

    Of course, it was the first time I saw Eidel's body and caught him, but I forgot that in their memory.

    "Good morning, everyone!"

    At that time, the new guidance center that educates them entered the education center.

    "Oh, who woke up without sleeping in the morning and wiped the floor of the third education center to shine?" It's very refreshing and clean."

    The new map officer opened his eyes wide in surprise. This was because none of these miracles happened during the long years of teaching the training center.

    Who in the world is a special training officer?

    "This goodness that cares about everyone! Now, raise your hand!”

    He looked around with anticipated eyes, but everyone only looked at the dog, and no one said he did.

    Then someone raised their hand carefully.

    "Oh, yes, it's you!"

    "No, sir. Actually, I woke up early in the morning and saw...….”

    "It's all right, so take your time and shake it off. The more you share good deeds, the better, so it's good to recommend them without any burden."

    "It was the Yoidel Training Center!"

    The young priest raised his hand and shouted with a trembling voice.

    "…… what?"

    At that moment, the air froze as if it had been sprayed with cold water. Yo-idel was the one who cleaned up all these big educational centers?

    "Get off the floor!"


    Everyone jumped out of the place. There was a sense of fear on people's They didn't believe in Yoidel's good deeds.

    Because Yoidel, he's never a good man!

    Even if you're dead and awakeEthel was a man who couldn't be virtuous. The new map officer roared with his eyes wide open.

    "Detect the ingredients of the floor detergent! There is something strange mixed upOr there's a high probability of a problem. Come on!"


    Why is everyone avoiding me?’

    Lying in bed reminded me of what happened today.When I woke up in the morning and cleaned the building of the educational center in Daeshinjeon Hall, the reaction was not good enough.

    No one approached her within a radius of five meters, as if she were a poisonous snake.

    Cleaning was just my hobby.

    I thought it would be good to get rid of my worries while cleaning, and the results would be clean and other people's feelings would be better...… Not at all.’

    I thought about why and quit.

    Since I made my name as a villain, I fully knew how my daily life was.


    Yoidel smoothed her short pink hair. It was also awkward to wear the ring with this hallucination magic every time.

    It was yesterday that Ulysses gave him a year's grace.

    Yoidel was asked to do so by him.

    When we meet outside, you and I become strangers. Never pretend to know. Do you understand?’

    It was good, but Ulysses' words didn't end there.

    I will also treat you as a simple training priest. Apart from that, you have to comply with the call at any time.’


    'However, you shouldn't. You shouldn't talk to me.’

    Yoidel asked why it was so unfair. Then Ulysses looked down at her with a look of asking for the obvious.

    "I'm embarrassed."

    That's what I said. Yoidel sighed.

    "I heard it was a sweet male lead, but it's weird."

    My mind was full of anxiety.

    It wasn't that awkward to be alone, actually. I've been alone since I was born.

    The day he was found abandoned in front of the convent became his birthday.

    The reason why I got up at 6 a.m. every day, started cleaning, and fell asleep right at 10 p.m. was because I spent time helping the nuns with small things.

    Cleaning is a natural routine, so I didn't ask for praise.

    Of course, I liked the warm hands that complimented me. But I'm treated as a vicious criminal for cleaning up a little bit.k.a.

    Tears welled up when I was alone.

    "No, it's okay."

    Yoidel flapped his hands and fanned them.

    I don't cry. I'm not sad. This was nothing.

    Yoidel went to bed, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

    "We can get closer now! Friends are all you need!"


    But things don't go your way.

    "I'm scared. I made eye contact with Yoidel again today."

    As she passed the street, everyone looked frightened.

    "It's okay! It's only been two days!"

    However, unlike his determination, his expression was honest, so he drooped his shoulders and cleaned the floor of the temple like ventilation instead.

    It's rattling.

    But was there a place like this?

    My chin was stepped on the tip of my foot and I raised my head, and before I knew it, I was at the end of the dark hallway.

    Is it a warehouse? I think it is, given that there is nothing around the old iron door.

    'That's good. We're done cleaning, so let's put the broom in.'

    The heavy door was barely opened. Yoidel was constantly sniffing at the air full of foggy dust.

    But there was something strange in the warehouse.


    The warehouse was unexpectedly vast. Plus any decorative plant that rises wide and high like an altar.

    On the unit of the day before yesterday, there was a large white egg as if it were shining.

    I'm alone in the dark.’

    Somehow, being alone and lonely seemed to be himself.

    Should we get closer?

    You look even more pathetic up close. Yoidel patted the egg slightly out of pity.

    "You must have been lonely, too."

    It's rattling.

    What is it? I think it just moved. Did I see it wrong?

    I rubbed my eyes and saw the eggs again, and nothing happened. The moment Yoidel carefully took his hand off...….



    "Shall we block the view, Holy Father?"

    The gray-haired man spoke to Ulysses.

    Machaan, Ulysses was returning from working on the outside. And then he walks to the temple with his sullen shouldersFound this Dell.

    When I looked at it to see what was going on, it disappeared into the temple with a broom.

    Why do useless brooms, what sullen shoulders and facial expressions.

    It's better to keep the mouth shut. It would have been very shameful if it was known that his pair were that kind of person.

    "But what do you mean by blocking sight, sir?"

    "The Holy Father seemed confused when he saw the Yoidel training shrine..."….”

    Ulysses closed the window and looked at the middle-aged man sitting opposite him.

    He was an elder priest named Hail, one of the three elders who actively promoted Ulysses' marriage.

    The old man is tired because he talks a lot.

    "Did you see me?”

    "Yes, he even smoothed his forehead, which he hadn't done in his whole life. I'm worried that the existence of a low-extremely vicious Hanja will be harmful to the mental health of the planet."

    "I don't know what you're talking about."

    "Didn't the Holy Father follow with his eyes the deed of a priest named Yo-Idell?"

    Hail laughed and tilted the dog to speak. The air seems to have cooled down for a moment. Is it an illusion?

    His Holiness was smiling affectionately with his usual face.

    "You mean me?"

    "It's a very heinous boy. I also feel very guilty about that. Wasn't the Holy Father clearly looking at you with a reluctant eye?”

    That crazy young look towards the Holy Father. My body trembled, recalling that time.

    Hail suddenly came up with an idea. Your Holiness's love. What happened then?

    Hail said, suppressing the twitching clown. The clenched lips were insidious to anyone.

    "Come to think of it, were you okay last time?"”

    "What do you mean?"

    "I was very worried because I couldn't see your Holiness when there was an explosion. Holy Father, tell me the truth. What happened then?… Our Samwon-ro feels like a wave of love...….”

    "Nothing happened."

    Ulysses smiled even more. Hail could tell. It's a pressure not to ask.

    "Shouldn't we revive Shinsu's eggs before encouraging my marriage?"

    Ulysses closed his eyes and flatly expressed his refusal to speak.

    a divine egg

    Sinsu was a sacred being who lived on the continent a long time ago, and was now extinct and disconnected.

    It was hundreds of years ago that he found such a precious egg in another country and received it as a gift as a token of his friendship.

    Far from being born, there has been no crack in the egg, so it was now suspicious until something existed inside.

    It's better not to be born.’

    The reason was not special. Because when you're born, you'll have a lot of trouble.

    And it was also a shield that Ulysses pulled out when he avoided marriage pressure.

    Because he was in a hurry to live a long life than his future successor.

    Of course, Ulysses wasn't thinking of hatching the new tree.

    It's useful anyway.

    But it doesn't even allow its own contact.

    Ulysses knew what the gods were like. a self-respecting and uncontrollable

    Of course, people do not follow what they say, but selfishness pierces the sky.

    But most people expect the birth of God.

    "What should I do to make Shin-su hatch into the world?”

    Hail's anxieties spread far away in a sigh.

    "If anyone knew how to hatch the god, Lee Ha-il would cross the continent on a wooden horse."

    Hail was genuinely willing to do so. Even if you are a heinous criminal, you will think it with your heart and love it.

    Well, that's not gonna happen.

    Episode 7

    Let's see Yoidel's eyes on the eggs! he sprang into the air. Is there something wrong with my eyes?

    Surprised, he held up a broom and stuck to the corner.

    But that was a bit of a size, a normal egg. If there's anything unusual, it looks weirdly white and has pink spots on it?

    But how did you end up alone in such a dark and empty place?

    Is it such a big egg? There were few people who could eat that could eat that anyway.

    That's what I'

    "It's your meal egg!"

    At that moment, the eggs jumped. The egg, which seemed to be angry, ran wild like a horse hit on its butt.

    "Really……did I see it wrong

    Yoidel blinked quickly. I don't think it's a mistake.

    As I approached carefully, I put my hands on the egg, and there was a warm warmth as if there was life.

    "Are you angry? I'm sorry, but are you alive? Will you answer me?"

    It was quiet when I saw it again.

    But at one point Yoidel was watching, he jumped small as if he was glad to see her again and touched her nose.

    "It must really be an egg to be born!"

    Yoidel exclaimed with astonishment. And I smoothed my nose lamp, which had a vague warmth.

    I can't believe I'm alive and alone in such a lonely place. Tears welled up for no reason.

    "Poor thing, have you been alone for a long time? How did you end up here?”

    It wasn't even a place with a security spell. Yoidel didn't feel anything.

    So it's just a warehouse.

    "Did people leave you alone?”

    The egg moved very finely as if it did.

    "Then do you want to play with me? I know a lot of stories. I don't know if you believe it."

    Just in time, Yoidel, who was lonely, took the round egg as a friend and talked about this and that.

    It was a magical thing. To be friends with Al.

    The pink egg listened to this and that on her lap, as if she understood everything Yoidel said.

    By the end of the day, Yoidel had risen from her seat.

    "I have to do it now."

    The moment I tried to open the door after the greeting, something got stuck at my feet.


    It was a pink egg. How did you follow me without breaking it?

    It was strange, but I took it back to its place for now. However, Al rubbed the skin against Yoidel's arm, as if it were very disappointing.

    It was the first warmth I met here. a mysterious egg that is about to be born

    I felt uncomfortable leaving it, but Yoidel pretended to be resolute and took off the eggs.

    "You mean I'm sad when I go?" I'll be back to see you. It's a promise."

    I couldn't reach out my little finger, so I put my hand on it and stroked it for a long time. The eggs vibrated joyfully.

    "My name is Yoidel. You have a name, right? If you don't have it, can I keep it for you?"

    Al rubbed himself into her palm as if he liked it.

    What would be good? Yoidel pondered. the name of a dear friend

    "Plotes, do you like it?”

    Al jumped up several times, pong, pong, pong, pong, as if he were happy before he finished speaking. And he turned around and showed his joy.

    "All right, Flo. We're friends now?”

    Al vibrated as if he had understood it properly. It's a very strange and unique egg, no...….

    It was my first friend, Flotes.


    "Huh? What's this?"

    He's been broomming in the morning, as usualEthel found a shiny object at the end of the rake.

    I don't think it's going to be anywhere.

    Upon closer examination, a picture came out of the open pendant. And the name on the back.

    If it's Lucini... Ah! I heard about the attendance of the education center.’

    Before class began, Yoidel took the pendant to his seat so that no one could notice it and looked ahead.

    And after a while, the boy whose eyes and nose were swollen was sobbing when he saw the pendant lying on his seat.

    "Who kept this? I lost it while practicing swordsmanship, so I thought I'd never find it again.… My grandfather's present...….”

    It's a tearful sound coming from behindEthel was quietly proud. I'll be scared if I tell you I found you, so stay still.

    At lunchtime, Yoidel was still alone. I was about to enter the dining hall for a meal, but Yoidel stopped walking.

    "What's the difference with Yoiddell?"

    It was because I heard my name. A number of training shrines in the hallThe story of Ethel raised the heat.

    "If you go through a crisis of death, people will change." Yoidel is also a person, so it's scary to see the death penalty."

    "But we have to be careful, we! Is there anyone here who hasn't been bothered by Idell? Raise your hand if you do.”

    The boys exchanged views. There is probably very few.

    "Yoidel used to steal my snack.”

    "He passed the assignment to me and took a nap."

    "There was a time when I gave him an upset stomach medicine, saying it was good for the body. I had to travel a long distance to go to the Empire that day! It's very bad, very bad."

    The boys vented their anger and breathed heavily. And one of the people who brought it up said quietly while looking around.

    "But not too long ago,Ethel helped me."


    "I didn't have enough money to contact my parents. But Eidel paid for it, so I contacted him with a safe hyatti fact."

    "But you can't be fooled. I don't know how scary Yoidel is...….”

    "I, I saw who found Lucini's Pendant.”

    The boy who was talking opened his eyes wide with surprise.

    "What? Who is that? Someone picked it up for me! Good for you. I wanted to find it and thank you.”

    "It's Yoidel."

    "…… what?"

    "It's Yoidel. I didn't steal it, he cleans every morning. I saw it on my way back from a night out, and while sweeping the floor, he pulled something shiny out of the broom. When I thought about it, it seemed like your pendant."

    "Oh, how did you...… But what's with Yoidelder?"

    It's rattling.

    Yoidel eventually went into the restaurant in the middle, unable to resist hunger. At that moment, however, the number of people in the restaurant quickly decreased.

    "Uh, ahaha. Oh, this is good. What are the ingredients?"

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"I forgot my assignment! I'll go first."

    The moment Yoidel entered, I felt the surrounding air freeze coldly.

    'How on earth did you live your life so that everyone avoids me’

    Yoidel stopped trying to recall memories.

    I didn't want to recall it anymore because I already knew very well that she was the villain in the original.

    "But it's kind of lonely to eat alone without anyone."

    In Daeshinjeon's restaurant, the officials gathered to eat together.

    However, no one approached Yoidel as if only a shield had been placed around him.

    Yoidel looked aside with a sidelong glance. Then I met eyes with the person sitting next to me.

    It was a sickly brown-haired new tube with glasses. But he's like he lost a grudgeI've been looking for Ethel.

    "Is it time to say hi?"

    But that way, he swung his head around. Yoidel shook his spoon sullenly, calming his excited mind for a moment.

    Another training officer who was watching Yoidel looked suspicious.

    "But do people change easily? I don't know... Huh? Crying, breathing, Sue...… Breathing!"

    His face flashed away when he threw the fruit into his mouth.

    "G, save..." On the neck, ugh."

    "Antonio! There must be something stuck in my throat! Someone went to the Southern Hall and said,Sing it for me!"

    "What should I do? Is there anyone who can recover?"”

    The trainer, called Antonio, thumped his chest and found it hard to even coughing.

    'I'm really going to die at that rate.’

    The moment Yoidel sprang up. People who are in chaosEdel prevented it from approaching.

    One of them asked urgently.

    "Yoidel, what are you trying to do?”

    "That person has grapes on his neck. I saw him play with throwing it up and eating it.”

    "You're not even a new therapist!"

    They reacted sharply. Everyone's eyes were bad, but Yoidel calmly bit others.

    I'm losing consciousness. We need to get the food out of the airways.’

    Yoidel knew how.

    "Get out of my way."

    "Ugh, Ugh....”

    "Are you sure you can do something? Are you sure?"

    Yoidel nodded gravely. People who were in conflict gave way.

    "Please, if you really can, save Antonio."

    Yoidel immediately approached Antonio's back, placed his fist between his stomach and stomach, and wrapped his fist in his other hand.

    Then, the moment of pressure, as if pushing up between the stomach and the stomach.

    "Cough, cough!"


    Antonio's spirit, which was about to die, returned along with his vomit. He was panting with droop, but he came back to life.

    "I'm glad..."

    Yoidel, who was relaxed, sat down as it down. I didn't expect what I learned before to be of use here.

    But somehow it became quiet. What did I do wrong?

    The moment Yoidel bowed his head, there was an amazing sight.

    Everyone opened their mouths and admired Gayidel.


    "What, what, Yoidel……. How did you do that? Did you have a talent for treatment? What's the principle just now?"

    "No, it's...….”

    "Yoidel, you saved a man! How did you do it, teach me!"

    The gods who shine their eyesIt approached around Edel. It was completely different from before, but it was burdensome.

    The same was true of Antonio, who lay panting. He looked up at Yoidel with respectful eyes.

    "Thank you, Yoidel."

    "I know. It was really cool. Is that power or skill?"

    When the eyes of envy narrowed the siege.

    Yoidel got up and walked quickly with a tableware that he couldn't eat because his focused eyes were embarrassing and embarrassing.

    But just at that moment.

    Come on


    A leg popped out as if to trip over.

    But the pace was speeding up and it was too late to stop. Yoidel looked at the criminal for a moment.

    "The brown hair with glasses that was staring at me before!"

    Why would I put my legs on it? But it was too short a moment to ask.

    The vision passed slowly like a flashlight.

    But Yoidel is a man who has already overcome the crisis of death. I was more confident than anyone else in my ability to deal with crises.

    Yoidel decided to jump quickly.

    The moment I stepped lightly to jump over it was...….

    Oh, right. Gravity

    I realized it right away.

    The fact that her physical abilities are not very good. That's why the jump is not far.


    Yoidel jumped up and landed as it was.

    Right on the back of the foot of the person who was about to walk.

    It's crunching!

    "……… Huh?"


    Episode 8

    "I think my companion has a bad memory."

    I was scared to see him smirking.

    It was a bright, beautiful smile like the sun in a dark space, but she knew.

    That smile is a smile when he's angry.

    The fact that it's intentional to give strength to the name of your partner.

    "I'm sorry."


    The tall man swept his flowing silver hair and looked down at the pink-haired boy.

    The crouching and trembling looked like a pitiful little animal.

    Ah, since you've done something big, are you a beast than an animal?

    It's rattling.

    Then the door opened and the guard rushed in.

    "Your Holiness, do you mind if I really have a private meeting? The Yoidel training center is...….”

    "That's all right. It's also my mission to make sure there's not a single unfair retainer."

    The guard admired the gentleness of the success. You're going to check and figure out what's going on between the trainees.

    "Ah, Holy Father! I accept your will. Then, if anything happens, please call me right away."

    Ulysses smiled like an angel at the guard turning back. But when the door was locked, the smile quickly turned into the face of the devil.

    eyes open as if someone were laughing and eyes that looked down.

    Yoidel admires his duplicity and quietly stares away.

    I could hear him kicking his tongue.

    "I asked you not to make something embarrassing, but you couldn't stand it."”

    That’s right.

    Yoidel was back in prison now.

    She looked up at Ulysses' face who had come to her. That wasn't a look of pity.

    However, it didn't even look as harsh as words. Rather, it seemed interesting.

    "You're laughing right now?"’

    I wanted to ask so much, but it wasn't Ulysses' business, so she had nothing to say.

    When Yoidel can't say anything, he saysHe smiled.

    "Well, let's see who and how you did it."

    Ulysses' long, fine fingers licked the pile of papers.

    His hand stopped at a point where it flowed on a piece of paper.

    "I think it's Yoidel. Punishment, three hours in prison. The time of the incident, around 1 p.m. today. Inspector, the foot of the training shrine Theo at the dining hall in Daeshinjeon...….”

    He narrowed his eyes interestingly and drew closer to the paper. And listen to meI looked into Ethel's red eyes.

    It's very depressing to say that you've done a great job.

    Yoidel replied that he didn't do it on purpose.

    Ulysses opened his eyes wide as he saw it. I don't know if he's bold or timid.

    He read it with a clear pronunciation, as if to listen carefully.

    "……crush the back of one's foot."

    "Well, that's it."

    "Eight weeks to heal. It's a masterpiece."

    "……Yes, I did."

    Yoidel readily admitted. That's why she's in jail now.

    a crime of jumping on the foot of a fellow Theo and stamping him down and destroying him

    It was an act of avoiding it in its own way, but the result was injury.

    Usually, you can easily jump and avoid it.’

    But it didn't go as I wanted in Yoidel's reality, just imagining it.

    Ulysses isI stared at Ethel. There are so many crimes I have committed in my daily life that I have no choice but to face heavy punishment even if something happens.

    I've looked into Theo, and he doesThe reputation was not as good as Edel.

    I would have thought I would have stepped on my feet before, but not now. Yoidel in recent years was quite different.

    In fact, Yoidel before the fairing was not very threatening to him either.

    If it was a threat, it would have been eliminated. I let him run wild because it wasn't worth dealing with.

    But these days, it's calming and quietEthel's figure, strangely, caught his eye more than ever.

    Anyway, as I watched, you wouldn't have broken your foot with that timid personality.

    Theora must have tried to put her foot on it.

    "There were eyewitness statements

    Lucini and Antonio unexpectedly wrote a statement defending Yoidel. It was a thorough mistake.

    Rather, he said he saved the Antonio in an emergency in an unusual way.’

    But why doesn't this pink-haired boy make any excuses.

    Ulysses isIdel answered and pointed his forehead.

    "But I'm glad you're a special monitoring target. I wouldn't have known if the report hadn't been posted to me right away.”

    Ulysses sighed.

    If you pick a fight, you should say yes, why are you in prison?

    If he hadn't come in to interrogate himself, he could have been beaten. The trouble between the two bureaucrats is subject to disciplinary action.

    I don't understand. Don't you think it's right to hide my sin and go to the Theo Shrine where I secretly escaped and break the other foot? I can't believe I'm lying on the ground for breaking a bullet.’

    For an instant Ulysses' laughter turned sour. That's what it looks like. Ethel shuddered around the back of her neck.

    "What's wrong with you?"

    "No, please tell me in advance if you plan to cause another disturbance. Didn't you do anything else?”

    Yoidel recounted his deeds calmly at Ulysses' words.

    Not really. I just cleaned up hard, and...….

    "I met a bouncy egg."

    "Al? There is no way that there is such a strange egg in this temple

    His eyes were the look of a madman. Then my eyes narrowed as if I had thought of something.

    "Do you mean the eggs of God, Mr. Yoidel?"

    Shinsu's egg? It didn't look that big.

    Yoidel explained, drawing the shape with his hands.

    "It's pink and about the size. It was mottled. He reacted bouncyly as if he understood what he was saying, and that was Shinsu's egg...… I guess so!"

    "Did you say it bounced around?"

    It couldn't have been.

    It was a lump of dust that he dared not respond to.

    Does it mean that it reacts to the training priest, who was rude and couldn't say it?

    "That's right. When I touched it, it rubbed like a puppy."

    For a moment he was speechless.

    It's a dustproof follow that chick tube? You didn't even budge?

    He's blinking his eyes without knowing what's going onI looked at Ethel.

    I communicate with Shinsu and see the future. It's so accurate that it fits the negativity of the Geram shrine.'

    Ulysses bent down and made eye contact with Yoidel in prison.

    "Yoidel is a training priest, and the training officer is not an official one."

    So you're not even a priest, you want to say this?

    Yoidel instinctively shuddered around his neck. I didn't want to do this because it's not an official retainer.

    "Oh, I know. You have to be promoted to an official new employee to be recognized as an ordinary new employee."

    "That's right. You've been training for six years. It's been a pretty boring time."

    Ulysses, who seemed to be pondering for a moment, smiled brightly.

    "I need to change your place of residence and duty."


    A limp, a limp.

    "Did you hear the incident? "Yoidel said he broke Theo's foot."

    The next day's Great Temple was on thin ice.

    Here's what happened.

    Yoidel jumped sharply but overlooked his physical abilities. I thought I could jump far, but the results are hurt.

    Theo's foot was completely broken with a snap and a broken sound.

    No matter how loud the scream was, everyone across the front door of the dining hall heard him cry.

    Theo walks in on crutchesI started eating at the table next to Ethel.


    But that wasn't the worry of Yoidel. Yoidel sighed without a bite.

    "I heard that Yoidel will be selected as the new Al manager. I guess he's about to become a full-time retainer.”

    "What? No, there, but...… Oh, it's not. In fact, he was exiled."

    At first glance, the word "management" seemed amazing.

    But it wasn't real.

    "It would be best if you were born, but now I don't know...….”

    "I haven't been born for the past 300 years, but there's no way I can hatch now, right? It's a job that makes sense."

    The new management job, which had to be managed to maintain the optimal environment in the dark warehouse and worked alone, was a job that everyone avoided.

    Should I say that it feels like I'm getting mental training without any promise? I can't believe I'm going to a place like that.

    "And you don't have a clear affiliation.”

    "Where will Yoidel go? "Is Dongkwan the best?"

    "That's right. I don't go to Dongguan to dig up my studies or take charge of recording, I don't go to Seonggisa or Battle like Bukguan, and I don't go to study or practice healing like Namguan or Seoguan. It's been vacant since you ran out and didn't come back, right?”

    Of course, if the gods hatch, the story will be different.

    The upgrade of the position was natural, followed by respect and honor, and the position was a honeyed position that would remain unchanged as long as Shinsu was alive.

    But it's already been more than 300 years since I was born. The possibility of hatching was slim now.

    "A famous summoner or spirit could not hatch Mundo Shinsu.”

    "Yoidel is now completely stuck in his career."

    Some sympathized with Yoidel's situation. You're being tortured with hope without a promise.

    Of course, Yoidel hated this situation the most.

    Ulysses suddenly ordered her to take care of the eggs of God. May he say to Yoidel.

    'Hatch them.’

    I said so.

    It's not very pleasant, but if there's a chance of being born, it's better to hatch for this country.

    The problem is, you have to do it to me, but...….’

    Of course, Ulysses did not forget to threaten with a smiling face. You're going to eat a huge egg roll if you're not born?

    If you want to protect your precious first friend, try. That smile was so devilish.

    How can you make such a cute egg dish?’

    Furthermore, there was a greater despair.

    Secrets with him that others don't know yet.

    I'll take off my training and promote you to the official new building.’

    Until then, I was happy.

    If it became an official new building, it was possible to go to a place that fits the prefecture's preferences in the east, west, north, and south.

    It meant that his living radius would be different from that of staying in the main building in the center of Daeshinjeon Hall.

    Yoidel looked at him with joy, hugging his pounding heart.

    So where am I going? Is it the scribe because we have to do biological research on you? Or since it's a study, Dongkwan? I like anything, Holy Father!"

    Are you happy to draw?’

    Ulysses smiled as if he had seen through his mind, looking into his sparkling eyes.

    And so did Joel, hehe, and the moment he laughed, Ulysses' smile cooled.

    "From now on, you belong to the center of my line."

    Episode 9

    Yoidel did not want to accept orders to be centralized.

    It was a great honor for everyone, but her thoughts were different.

    'Cause I'm going to be totally under Ulysses' eyes.’

    Yoidel decided not to believe in people's smiling faces anymore.

    "……the new building."


    "Yoidel Training Center!"


    Looking ahead, a middle-aged man with gray hair and red eyes was looking at him. Right, this was a training center, right?

    "Oh, yes!"

    "Do you know what I just talked about? Don't tell me you didn't listen to it in vain. You tell me."

    At the same time, there was a sharp look behind my back.

    The person who asked the question was Ha Il-ro, one of the elderly, who had entered the training center as a special class.

    He was looking down on Yoidel from the beginning.

    "You didn't think of anything else, did you? You're the one sitting in the front seat!"

    Yoidel looked calmly at the blackboard. The cure was written there. Things like the efficacy of herbs.

    How should I answer this?

    My head was spinning, but I slowly looked at the suggestion again and came up with an answer.

    The problem he asked was to match what trees can be used as the basis for many drugs.


    Yoidel got up right away and faced Hail.

    "The answer is the marshmallow."

    "Marshant? Why did you think so?"

    This is because it is a tree named after Masha, who laid the foundation for the study of healing in the southern branch building, laying the foundation for the administration of the Holy State in the early days of the founding. It's the basis of everything."

    "……That's correct. Exactly."

    Ha Il with a dazed face smiles shylyI looked at Ethel with a strange eye.

    He was in a daze until he came out of class.

    It was obviously a ferocious boy, but when did he become so bright? I asked to scold him, but it was rather vague to see the shrine again.

    This is a very strange thing.

    When Hail was walking in the hallway with his head tilted.

    with a thud

    "Elder Yeha!"

    "No, you're...…? Uh, don't run. I'm going to fall, but what's the matter?"

    Yoidel followed Hail and gasped. Yoidel, who looked up, said urgently.

    "If you mix and boil the marchent essence in a honey-baked pear, it will be effective for sore throat.”

    "……why do you tell me that?"

    "Your throat seems to hurt, so I thought it might help."

    "How did you know that?"

    "I heard you scratch because your voice didn't come out well. I'm sure you'll feel better when you drink that tea.”

    It was a tea enjoyed by the male protagonist who had frequent meetings in the original movie.

    "………well, thank you for now. I'll remember."

    Hail disappeared, muttering 'I don't know' with a puzzled face.

    Yoidel smiled inside, feeling somewhat proud. Was it helpful? That would be nice.

    I went into the dining hall excitedly, but this time,A gas came and sat down near Edel.

    Even if I didn't talk to you, there were many people around me, so I was filled with energy.

    "Yoidel, do you want fig tart?"

    Then someone grabs the courage and squeezes it outI asked Ethel.


    I was so surprised that I couldn't say anything. Are you giving it to me? Why?

    The other person, who realized the question after seeing the surprised red eyes, spoke quietly.

    "Don't you remember catching bugs last time? I was thankful then."


    "And I actually don't think you're that bad. I saw Theo try to walk first."

    Everyone breathed his breath. Some quietly murmured, "I must be crazy." If it's the Yoidel they know, they'll go wild saying, "I'm giving it to you to eat this!"

    How will they react? Everyone watched with a nervous heart.

    Uh, Yoidel's eyes get bigger. Open your mouth. I'm sure you'll get mad

    "Thank you so much, you made me feel better."

    The air froze at that moment.

    (Singing "Dropping

    "Yoidel! Do you like juice? Eat this. I picked it up on the way here, but it's not my type!"

    "Maybe this is..."

    "I like sweet things, no, I don't like them, but there's dessert left." Do you want to eat this, too?"

    At the same time as the thin ice broke, the arc was pushed like a wave.

    They were all people who helped her. They shared the favor with Yoidel, both of themselves.

    As much as Ethel's bad reputation was previously so high, they were easily relieved by a small favor.

    The effect of small good deeds was as great as usual.

    "What, what, Yoidel! You're laughing. Did I see it wrong?"

    They were surprised for two reasons. One is the bravery of those who talk to Yoidel. The other is Yoidel's shy smile.

    It's because of the notoriety, Yoidel wasn't handsome like a man, but he had a long and beautiful line.

    I've never seen anyone in a restaurant beforeI couldn't take my eyes off Edel's expression.

    I've always seen you angry. That's how you laugh.

    Little by little, there was a warm feeling. Yoidel didn't know, it was a change of heart for many people.


    But there were some who looked down on him.

    Yoiddell's the one who's in charge?’

    I walked down the hallway, limping my feet when I heard the news. And when the deserted road came out, he took off his crutches and threw them away. The complexion was almost as fierce as a car.

    In fact, he wasn't seriously hurt. It was just a little exaggerated. That's the only way I'm gonna get punished.

    It was enough if you paid the medical officer for a wound and asked for it.

    Theo raised his glasses.

    'No way. I can't do that. I could do better! Why!

    I chewed my fingers out of anger and injustice. Blood flowed between the pointed fingernails that were ripped off arbitrarily.

    No way. Something's wrong. The Holy Father could not have put a man like Jeyodel in such a position, no matter how hard he was.

    That's wrong. That's a lot wrong.

    It's crazy to hear himIt had to be himself, not Idell.

    He was from a family that produced summoners for generations. Any animal, whether it be a bird or a beast, would have outgrown Yoidel.

    By the way, what do you mean, Yoidel? I can't believe it's Yoidel!

    It's because the Holy Father didn't see my skills. I'm sure if you recognize meI'm gonna kick Edel out and keep an eye on me.’

    Theo has a chanceI was going to kick Ethel out completely.

    Already, Yoidel's reputation is extremely bad.

    Although I have improved a little by doing strange things these days, I am not yet complete. It would be better if we could bend it properly at times like this.

    Theo's nervousness smeared with arsenic.


    He opened the door to the room where Shinsu's eggs were. The security was so tight that I had a hard time.

    It was a relief that I had a recall. If it wasn't for the summoner, I wouldn't have unlocked it.

    Theo didn't know the gap that existed from the beginning.

    The door, which was easily opened to Yoidel, was firmly closed to him. The fact that he was an uninvited guest from the beginning.

    Theo tapped a small summoner from the back of his hand.

    The squirrel-like So Hwan-soo did not give up and climbed up as if he wanted praise and looked into his eyes.

    Squeak! Squeak!

    "Don't be loud and get out of here."

    However, Theo did not want to see the sparkling look, so he lifted the summons.

    I don't need such a trifling summons.

    It should be like that.’

    Only when the new definition is achieved can the family be seen. Something that will earn the confidence of success and raise one's reputation.

    Theo looked at the pink egg with his handsome eyes.

    The reason why it wasn't born is because it didn't meet itself. He could do it. At least Theo believed so.

    Yoiddell's in the way. Nothing.’

    So Theo doesn't know the top and bottomI was going to tell Edel the sting of the world.

    If you scratch a little bit, the pink-haired guy will be the culprit.’

    He came all the way here, wearing a pink wig and not his own brown hair.

    Just in caseEthel's hair has been picked up and magic tools with no fingerprints have been found at a high price.

    So whatever he does here, it's going to be a problem for Ethel's management.

    Or your usual bad behaviorEither Ethel is the culprit.

    Either way, it was what he wanted. I put my raised fist down hard at the egg.




    Yoidel hugged the egg and threw it as hard as he could.

    "Damn it. Is it you again?"

    "What the hell are you doing?….”

    Yoidel raised his upper body with a painful groan. She flew to protect the eggs of the gods.

    Some of them were bruised and throbbed, but they bit their lips and endured it.

    She looked at Theo with an angry face.

    "He's alive. I can understand what you're saying! Why are you trying to break the innocent flow!"

    This egg was her first friend. For my dear friend, it was nothing but bruises.

    I knew that Theo hated him.

    Then you can bully yourself directly, why are you even trying to bully him who can't speak? Yoidel could not understand Theo's accident.

    Naturally, the appearance further stimulated Theo, whose sentiment was twisted.

    "You're being ridiculous. I think you're already acting like a manager...….”

    "Flo is my friend. If you don't want to limp the rest of your legs, quit! I won't forgive you.”

    Yoidel shouted from the bottom of his heart. Fortunately, the egg did not crack. But she was trembling in her arms, much surprised.

    "It's all right, Flo. You don't have to worry because I'm here. Don't tremble, shhh."

    Although Flo was shaped like an egg, he was definitely a living creature.

    Yoidel quietly blocked the surface of the egg, guessing where it might be hanging. You shouldn't hear bad things.

    "Legs? Ha!"

    "Yeah, you were hit when you tried to walk on your legs!"

    But when I saw it again, Theo's legs were fine. And that pink hair is mine

    Yoidel, who grasped the situation, stepped up in displeasure.


    Then he sat down straight away.

    My legs were throbbing and I couldn't even stand up properly. At a time like this...…!

    "I must be sprained."

    I was in trouble for an unexpected situation.

    Theo approached with a twinkle in his eye. It was a good time for Yoidel to hold the egg and not move properly.

    "I don't know the subject..."…!”


    I put my hand up. But I got caught in something.

    Huh? Why isn't my arm going down? It's weird.

    I tried to swing my arm, but I couldn't move as if I was stuck in a nail.

    In addition, I began to breathe slowly. This isn't it, it was weird. My body is weird.

    "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh....”

    just then

    Light poured in behind Theo's back. No, I looked closely and it wasn't light. It was silver hair that gave a brilliant glow.

    "Why is he making that expression?"

    The face of Yoidel in front of me was strange. His eyes gradually opened wide as if he were looking at something behind Theo.

    Theo sweated in an ominous mood. No way, it couldn't have been. How does he know...….

    Theo raised his stiff head and slowly looked back and up.

    "I don't even know the subject…….”

    The man recited the words of the relaxed Turotheo.

    "Isn't that right?"

    There was Ulysses staring at him with a smirkless blue eyes

    Episode 10

    Because of the magic of Ulysses' gun, Theo couldn't move his body.

    It was an overwhelming difference of power.

    Even though I had a mouth and nose that I could breathe tight to the chest of my breath, my jaw was blocked.

    I gasped up to my throat.

    Just like that.

    When the magic was released, the body became free, but the body was convulsed by psychological fear.

    "Oh, my God."

    "Theo, my lord."

    His eyes sank so deep that he was frightened. Theo had never seen Ulysses look like this before.

    It seemed that he was criticized more than any insult even if his name was called with a low and heavy voice.

    "Your Holiness! That's not it!"

    He passed through a sedentary Theo.

    The foot, moving relentlessly toward the goal, touched the finger of Theo, who sat down. Of course Ulysses knew that, but he didn't mind.

    "I didn't know how to throw myself for a useless egg."

    The white hem of Joel's clothes was torn by heat, and the white skin below it was also washed away by friction heat and stood up red. A face with dull pain from a slightly sprained foot. There is no place to prosper.

    It was a pain that he had no choice but to share his wounds through pairing.

    "Why are you in a place like this, like this?"

    When I touched it, Yodel crouched down as if it hurt. I hold it in without screamingUlysses sighed deeply at Ethel.


    "You really have no choice but to be under special surveillance."

    Ulysses healed the burn with a smileless face.

    Yoidel was surprised and didn't even think about waking up, but looked up as if he were hugging him.

    He was a man far from soft-necked in the first place. The mood is completely different when you laugh and when you don't.

    The real face is rather like the coldness that comes from winter.

    Ulysses looked at Theo, the criminal of the incident, after taking a rough first aid measure.

    Theo trembled in his bare face.

    "Your Holiness..."

    It didn't seem like the Ulysses he knew.

    Was it here from the beginning? That means you've seen everything you've been trying to do with the pinkhead.

    Theo's face turned pale.

    "No matter how much training it is, it is impossible to ignore the internal disturbance between the retainers."

    "That's not it, Holy Father…….”

    "And even Shinsu's egg. Tell me exactly what you were going to do, Father Theo."

    Ulysses's icy voice rang in his ears. He was questioning himself. Yoidel is wrapped up.

    "It's unfair! The new administrator isFor a training priest like Edel, it's beyond his means. And I wouldn't have come in here if I had a mission and managed the gates properly! It's an obvious neglect of duty, and it's an unqualified retainer!"

    At the end of Theo's words, Shin Soo's egg shook like a struggle.

    "Flo, I'm fine. Calm down."

    I can't hold it in as if I'm shakingI tried to get out of Edel's arms.

    "You said you weren't qualified."


    Ulysses smiled alarmed at his confident words. It's always fun to deal with idiots.

    "Then it's my fault. I was the discerning person who appointed Yoidel as the new manager. There was a lack of management of the Holy Land.”

    Theo's pale complexion began to grow dark. When I saw him, Ulysses said,Slowly touched Shinsu's egg in Edel's arms.

    Then he bounced Ulysses' hand in a bad mood. Ulysses looked at the unlucky egg and said calmly.

    "As you can see, you are chosen by God."

    "No words… No words…….”

    Theo shook his head, muttering that it couldn't be. It was on the verge of breaking my pride.

    "I can do much better!"

    cried Theo with great enthusiasm.

    It was then.


    "Did you choose the Yoidel training center?"

    The door opened violently and Hail with a shocked face came in and looked at them with despair.

    a room in the room where I thought something was going on The story I heard there almost made my heart stop.

    What did you say?

    If a person appears to hatch Shinsu, I will ride a wooden horse and go around the continent.’

    That's exactly what I said.

    The judgment was also blurred by the unexpected brilliance shown by the education center. But I remembered the brutal past clearly.

    There was a lump in my head. He looks like he's parading on his shoulders.

    I'm still in trouble because I haven't found who Ulysses' companion is, but this is happening!’

    Hail shouted as if his jaw was about to fall.

    "No, I can't, I can't, I can't!"


    (Singing "Deng")

    At 8 p.m., when the bell of the bell tower rings three times, all the work of Daishinjeon Hall is finished and rest.

    "I still feel like the old man's angry voice is ringing in my ears."

    Ulysses narrowed his eyes annoyingly, covering one ear slightly. As the days go by, the elder Hail only gets louder and louder in terms of marriage pressure.

    But why can't I hear a little human footstep?

    Ulysses looked back.

    "What are you doing? Aren't you following me?”

    "Oh, yes!"

    Yoidel looked around with wide eyes, in a fantastic space he had never encountered before. This beautiful castle was the palace.

    A castle as cold and white as the character of Ulysses, the owner of this place. Instead, there are several huge palaces located behind the main building inside.

    The white, shiny space made of shiny marble was clean and beautiful, not to be believed to be a palace that has kept its place for a long time.

    Artwork and flower decorations were located everywhere, but the color seemed to be restrained by using at least one.

    The Guards did not back down in advance.

    There was a vast space that was incomparable to when the top hallway doorways on the top floor opened. The front of the wall is made of glass, with a soft carpet and at least a few walls.

    It was his office.

    The Holy Father must be trying to get rid of me quietly.’

    Yoidel sheds a few tears as he feels dragged to the slaughterhouse.

    There were a lot of mistakes in the past. But to lose credibility from today's work, Yoidel had a lot to blame.

    "I should tell you even if I get in trouble. Holy Father, Theo training shrine tried to break the egg, there's no evidence, and you won't believe me, but if you give me a few days, I'll prove--"

    "I know."


    He looked back. The narrow blue eyes and eyes met.

    "It's not so stupid that I can't even grasp one of the evils of the idiot's retainer. Me, too. The eggs. And you, too."

    Ulysses uses magicI let Ethel sit on the sofa. Yoidel opened his eyes wide and looked at him bending forward.

    The silver hair was flowing gently and the sharp jawline was revealed. He walked the hem of Yoidel's pants.

    "Isn't Yoidel also trying to protect the egg by recognizing his hostility?" Do you think I don't know what you, a rookie, know?"

    He spoke calmly and put on his gloves.

    "Well, I don't have germs or anything...….”

    "Did the man named Theo even say that to you?"

    "No way!"

    "Then who is it?"

    Ulysses' complexion hardened.

    "It's not that... Your Holiness seems to be reluctant. You don't have to treat me.”

    "Until now, most of the wounds have been treated, but the only thing I wear with unwashed hands is because it's not good for hygiene. There's my personal reason."

    Yeah, he didn't like to touch people. Yoidel stared at him.

    Ulysses, who had a sensitive atmosphere,I tapped Ethel's leg. It was a consideration to check if there was any pain, but it was almost handling things.

    "Are you sick?"

    "Ugh, I don't know because it's burning. I think it hurts."

    "You're right that you're sick. It's a part where I feel pain, too."

    Why did you ask, then?

    I felt grateful and emotional at the same time. If you knew better, you could have checked with your own body

    When he opened his eyes wide in bewilderment, he smiled kindly and moved his hands to his ankles.

    Press it.


    "It hurts here, too. I see. The wound is deep."

    "You're pressing it painfully on purpose, right? Isn't

    He lightly ignored his words and cast a healing spell. That short moment alone cured the pain like it had gone away.

    "It's the same pain, but how come you don't care?"

    "I'm physically fit and you know you're physically ill. The frame is thin. Shall we look at more? My skin is weak, I get bruises easily, and my muscles have only enough strength to scoop up food."

    "You can stop talking!"

    Yoidel's face flushed red. At that time, I realized by looking at the bruised area and smiling. He's enjoying himself!

    "However, it is my responsibility as a success to protect such a weak henhouse."

    Ulysses's quiet voice was heard.

    "You are my retainer, and your protection is also valid for you. Perhaps the most so."

    Ulysses replied, patting the wound. I was embarrassed to show my skinWhen Ethel pulled his clothes down, he flicked his hand away like he was walking.

    "Don't do anything inefficient. Are you ashamed of the same men?"

    He asked, with one eyebrow frown.

    Yoidel quietly wrapped a man's magic ring on his finger.

    "What's wrong with your face?"

    "It's a disturbance with the previous Theo, Holy Father."

    "Theo's magic is not a serious magic. It simply stopped the movement. You don't have to worry about it."

    "No, that's not why, honestly, it's...….”

    May I speak to Yoidel? He looked into Ulysses' blue eyes with a look on his face and said in a small voice.

    "I'm sorry, but I thought it was you. It's his fault. If Theo had threatened Flo again, I might have hit the nail on the head.”

    Yoidel said a lot in a timid manner. And I hesitated and eventually lowered my head and said what I wanted to say.

    "Thank you for saving me, Holy Father."

    Ulysses stared at Yoidel and opened his mouth.

    "A thorough thank you."

    You don't want me to say hello? the moment one's body shrank in a low voice

    "All right, that's a definite compliance

    He nodded quite agreeably.

    "By the way, I got a heat burn in the future that you're watching."I don't think there was a fact that I was going to hit it."

    Yoidel opened his eyes wide in surprise. That's why the Holy Father appeared right away.

    "You are the one who decided to run to my call immediately, but the situation seems to be going the other way. Why should I rush to your call, not Edel. Isn't that funny?"

    While still in the office, he frowned at the sharp pain. I didn't do anything, but it suddenly came to my mind.

    I knew it right away after I saw it. He shares pain with himselfThat something happened to Ethel.

    Yoidel grabbed Ulysses' clothes. His eyes were sharply squinted with displeasure.

    "What are you doing?”

    "Hurt! Is Ulysses okay? Did it sting a lot?”

    I felt sorry and my voice trembled like a goat.

    Ulysses is too surprisedEthel's attitude was doubtful. How can you worry about someone else first when you can't control your body properly?

    He wasn't used to worrying about others.

    "The best you can do is not to get hurt. That's more helpful than worrying. Even in the Cha Hoo-chi test."

    'I beg you here, Holy Father. Please go through the official gate to select the new management position!’

    Hail offered them a test.

    Episode 11

    It's just because it's time for the gods to be born, Hail thought so.

    It was a sign that no great man had ever chosen.

    Even the Holy Father, the master of this temple and of the Holy Land, and even of the Changbai.

    Therefore, it was proposed to conduct an objective examination for everyone.

    When Shinsu is born, Shinsu manager will be a huge position.

    Hail's reason was that he should not sit down on a vicious warrior like Ethel.

    As a result of the short meeting, there were three items.

    First, a written test.

    You can't leave your life to someone who doesn't know the history of the Holy Land.

    Second, physical fitness test.

    You have to be patient to take care of Shinsu.

    Third, treasure test.

    Even in the Lacras, Sarri avoids the trap and brings what you think is most valuable.

    It was all intended to grasp the ability and strength to cope with the crisis, and the strength to save Shinsu from the crisis.

    "You've gone to useless things, insidious old man:

    Ulysses thought so to himself, but he accepted it with a smile on the outside anyway.

    There is no way that others will become new managers anyway. Shinsu was about to refuse.

    If so, it is best to pass the external formalities.

    "Will I be able to do well? I heard Theo was from a great summoner family.”

    "Well, I don't think a great summoner would have thought of taking my lips away. You're above the mark."

    Yoidel's face widened and his eyes closed tightly. I crumpled the hem of my knee in shame.

    Ulysses looked at Yoidel and made a strange expression.

    "I'm not worried about you."


    "You have to make it, not whether you can do it or not. Don't even think about the question type."

    "Well, what is it...… What?"

    "Don't you value the eggs with their names on them?"

    "Oh, did you hear that? That's right. She's Flo. My friend."

    Yoidel laughed with joy. And I realized again. Yes, Flo is a precious first friend.

    We need to keep the flow. You can't leave the flow to anyone.’

    The biggest score was the last gate. And Yoidel knew the secret of the mountain range. With the odds on that, it might be a possibility.

    There's a sleeping monster in the Lakras Mountains. The monster is sensitive to sound and burns down intruders. If you let me smell the saffron flowers, I'll fall asleep quickly.’

    But it wasn't easy. The saffron flower was a valuable spice and boasted a very high value. Because it's hard to raise and it didn't grow anywhere.

    It would be great if I could bring the saffron back to the treasure.’

    The problem was that the place where the numerous saffron flowers were grown was in the area of monsters.

    That's why it hasn't been discovered.

    According to the original, it was discovered a long time later.

    The Lacras Mountains were a very useless place, difficult to use as a passageway due to the barren terrain.

    The biggest reason was that the monster was blocking it, but it was a half abandoned land that was not willing to develop as a holy country because it was useless.

    It's too cheap to ask for your cooperation if you have petals because you have this kind of idea, Holy Father. Because it's cheating.'

    She looked at Ulysses with a sudden curiosity.

    "What should I do if Hanateo wins?"”

    "There's nothing I can do about it."

    He cut firmly and looked down at Yoidel.


    "Did you think I'd make a cheat for you and turn the tables on the outcome?"

    As if his smile was a lie, he quickly returned to his usual cold face.

    "What? I don't want that. I don't want to do that either. That's so mean!"

    Yoidel quivered at his words.

    "For me to live, Ulysses'...… It's true that I took it away, but it's not a matter of life."

    "Your life is important, and my earnest request is nothing?"

    "Sure. Oh, no?"

    What do you mean you're desperate

    When Yoidel finally calmed down after pressing down on his beating heart, Ulysses' face, smiling up at the corners of his mouth, came to his eyes.

    He smirked with a funny face and gave a gentle look.

    "There's no way he'll become one anyway. Because his red egg is not that stupid."

    "There's a name called Flotes. It's not an egg, it's Flo."

    "You mean holy. I don't deserve that little thing. Well, all right."

    Ulysses swept his hair as if he was not very curious.

    "Then I'll change the subject. Do you intend to betray the faith of your first dear friend? If not, do your best."

    Yoidel opened his eyes wide at the words.

    Ulysses has bruisesI found the tip of Ethel's foot and opened my eyes.

    And he treated it meticulously and put his foot on it like a bump. I was confused whether it was sweet or not, so I thought my eyes were going to explode.

    "If you pass the official gate, no one will raise an objection."

    "That's... that's right.”

    "You have to wrap your ankle around your ankle and step on it before you climb it' Who can throw up at you if you show me this example at this time?"

    His voice was more serious than ever.

    "Shinsu has an accurate eye for eyes. There are no cases where a fallen soul is not approached, nor is he even listening to me."

    I don't know why it's so rare not to listen to him, but I just listened to him.

    Ulysses patted the wound on the other foot and spoke in a quiet tone.

    "You're the one who dares me to take care of the training center, so whatever you do, you'll do it."”

    I couldn't tell if it was sarcastic or a little acknowledged.

    Yoidel held his breath as he looked at the silvery hair that gently grazed the flesh.

    "You are born with a thin frame. It's going to fall easily. You have to be careful during the physical exam.”

    "Because your Holiness will be sick, too"

    "It's natural, and it's a particular pain for an ordinary human god." I can't believe you're in so much pain with just one sprain.”

    Somehow I felt a strange sensation rubbing my ankle.

    Maybe it was itchy, but I wanted to scratch it.

    And it's like...….

    I think the cat is pressing it hard.’

    It's like a fluffy white cat that doesn't usually come.

    My hair happened to be white. That thought made me laugh suddenly.

    "There's something I didn't tell you, Mr. Yoidel."

    "Ah! What? Oh, I didn't think of anything weird!"

    "What is that?"

    Ulysses opened his eyes wideI looked at Ethel. I guess I shouldn't have.

    He let off his suspicious look for a moment.

    "If you think someone will understand you like today...….”

    "You're telling me to avoid the situation, right? I'll keep that in mind!"

    "Hit more. It bothers me to be beaten up."

    "What? Oh, I can't believe it's happening..."… Is it okay for the Holy Father to say that?"

    "My mentor will decide on his own, so don't worry, and the point of the word is don't stand anywhere." Keep your pride as my fair. That's a lot of trouble, this weak one. It takes a lot of work."

    It's been treated as this weak thingEthel rolled her eyes.

    The more you know, the more you are afraid, but the treatment is kind. What's this guy? Is it a dream?

    "Zefair should not lack an inch. So if you think you're going to get hit, hit at least one more generation and come back. You must not lose to anyone but me."

    I think it's real.

    His expression was solemn and noble, not recommending violence, but explaining the laws of any temple.

    Ulysses grumbled and threw his cured foot. And patted his hand, shook it off. For him, who hates contact with others, his patience to this point was also miraculous.

    "Are you worried about me?”

    "You're hurt and there's a lot of reaction going on in my body. Something like normal pain, normal pain. It was a strange pain.”

    Ulysses showed his forehead.

    There was a small scratch on the inside of the hair.

    That's what happened to this Dell when he fell.

    It was a wound that even Yoidel himself didn't know. Ulysses walked through her hair and there was a scar like mine.

    "Thanks to you, I often have a hard time in my life."

    He recited in silence.

    "It's an interesting life."


    "Is it like a compliment?"

    The blue eyes shone bitterly. I guess I'm a little excited. Yoidel lowered his tail quickly and shook his head, saying no.

    "No, I'm sorry."

    "I don't have to be sorry, but if you're my fair, you shouldn't kneel more than others." My pride cracks."

    Ulysses' silver feet tickled the skin of Yoidel.

    He's coming closerI stared Ethel in the eye.

    It seemed to be looking at a strange animal, and it seemed like an experimenter who didn't like it but tried to observe it.

    "I have a special experience that will never happen, and I am all experiencing it all because of you."

    Yoidel was stifled by his atmosphere and shunned. As expected, sight is dangerous.

    It sounds like "I'm having a strange hard time because of you" is "fun thanks to you."

    With his exceptional appearance, which interprets every situation as a fairy tale, he stretched out his hand toward Yoidel.

    "Put your hand out, Mr. Yoidel."

    "What? Why? Why?

    "They should have been checked since they were paired."

    The new Ulysses shipI slipped to Ethel. What's wrong?

    The moment Yoidel swallowed his saliva in tension, his mouth opened.

    "I'll have to measure your credibility."

    Episode 12

    "Measurement of new talent?"

    "As a body bound inevitably with you, I need to know basic information. How strong is it, and how helpful you will be to me."

    There's a magic tool to measure the divine power separately. How good is my grade?

    Yoidel rolled his eyes out of curiosity while looking at a glass sphere floating with white powder. Why didn't I know?

    And then I realized.

    The original was mainly composed of Ulysses, the male protagonist, and he didn't have to do a sexual test or anything.’

    That's why he didn't have a name after his name.

    It's perfect just by its existence.

    He was the only one who didn't have to prove himself with family history.

    'But I'm not.’

    Come to think of it, I found out about my last name not long ago when Ulysses called me.

    Instead, all those who work in the war belong to him, who is prosperous.

    Therefore, as soon as you enter as a new official, you must remove all the names of the family members.

    Did you say "Yoidel, yo-boy-hilde"? By the way, a castle called Bochilde...… I think I've heard it somewhere.’

    Is it just me?

    As soon as I thought about it, UlyssesHe held Edel's cheek with one hand and turned it toward himself.

    Yoidel blinked urgently, his lips sticking out like a carp.


    "Ubb, yes?"

    "You have the ability to see the future. He's smarter than I thought, and he's timid, but he's not a big fool."

    Ulysses said calmly. And inside, I swallowed a word.

    "I broke down the wall of God that even I couldn't pierce."

    I didn't show it, but so farThe ability that Ethel showed was remarkable.

    So you can look forward to it.

    Ulysses had already reviewed Yoidel's record, but somehow there were no clear figures.

    Yoidel was a distant relative of the Geram Shrine who was kicked out, so I once thought that he had come in with confidence in the power of the family by working hard behind him despite his lack of ability.

    "Yobo-Hilde Gong Writer."

    The nobles who flew and ran in the empire were also the great nobles who couldn't control themselves.

    The emperor's closest relatives and distant ancestors were of the imperial family.

    However, there was a separate reason why the Duke was notorious. in collusion with the emperor to write all sorts of dirty fortunes

    Unlike Ulysses, who is full of doubtsEthel was buoyed by expectations.

    Can you freely use magic as wonderful as the Holy Father? Every time I went out on a street inspection, I sent my blessings to the crowd. He said it was really cool.’

    My heart fluttered with excitement. The divine magic of Ulysses is unmatched.

    "If I have the power of divinity, can I use divinity magic, too?"”

    To be able to create such a fantastic thing, like the average priest does! Yoidel approached Ulysses with joy and asked.

    He beckoned with a clean disregard.

    "Well, give me your hand."

    How much will it be? Will it be a lot? I wish there were a lot. Yoidel looked at the Western sphere with a trembling heart.

    "I don't feel anything new."


    Ulysses looked serious several times and measured Idel's divine power.

    But the results were the same every time. Failed. Failed again.

    It's so bad that it's impossible to measure.’

    Even if you squeeze your strength and express it in a close way, it was only enough to come in with a chin-

    It couldn't be more like this. Did Geram really look behind you?

    If so, Yoidel means a courageous person who has admitted his injustice and accused him for the truth.

    Ulysses brought all of Joel's hands and feet to the sphere. Still, the credibility of hitting the floor was the same.

    "Do you know how to use any divine magic?"


    Yoidel rolled his eyes. I can't believe it. I can't think of where the Yoboilde family is or how they've lived so far.

    Ulysses laughed as if he was dumbfounded by Yoidel rolling his eyes.

    "What should I do with you?"

    "Let's do our best. Shall we?”

    "It's a special lesson, Mr. Yoidel."

    "Teu, special training?"”

    Yoidel's voice trembled like a lamb.

    "At this rate, you will be the first to fail the test. You can't even do a physical exam, but you can't even use a magic that can complement it. May I lose my first friend?”


    "You won't be able to work easily or recover your physical strength by using divine magic during the exam, so you have no choice but to improve your skills."

    Ulysses looked at the motionless meter.

    Such a state of calm meant two things.

    "There is too much elasticity to be measured with a low measuring instrument, or there is too much elasticity

    Of course, there was no e-mail.

    It was only possible if it was Ulysses level. There has never been such a religion in the Holy Land in history.

    However, it was too early to give up hope when it comes to predictive intelligence and Shinsu friendliness.

    It shouldn't happen, but it's a big problem if the boy is known to be his pet. On the outside, on his face.

    "I will share my strength with you."


    "Tell me how. Is it an act that is only transmitted through intrusion like before?"

    Yoidel stared at him with round eyes. You made such a suggestion with such a disgusting look on your face.

    Yoidel fiddled with his clothes for a long time and strengthened his will.

    "No, I don't want to."

    The answer returned to him was a flat refusal.

    "It's not my strength. I did it to live, but I didn't want to take the power. I know it sounds like an excuse."

    At that, Ulysses turned his headI looked at Ethel. The round eyes, which had only been groggy, were clearly shining.

    Ulysses could not sit idly at that snow.

    He changed his postureI looked at Ethel.

    "Instead, please tell me how to do it yourself."


    The temple was soon muddled. This is because the declaration of selecting a new manager was announced.

    It wasn't new, but this time it was different.

    "I hear that Eidel is a man of Shinsuh's egg...….”

    "You're awake? Are you back to your old self?"”

    "He didn't wake up, he woke up."


    "Shh, no one knows yet. I just heard it, too, but it's a secret between us."

    But the secret has become a fact that everyone knows across the street.

    I wake up to a god who hasn't been born in the last few years. If so, the new administrator becomes a senior new officer.

    All eyes glistened.

    But there was a separate person who shined his eyes the most.

    There is no way that the low-hat chick factor will pass the test. I'm going to increase the level of difficulty to the highest level, so try and be frustrated. This is what the bitter taste of the world is, boy.'

    He doesn't know how evil he isI watched Ethel.

    "LOL... I'm so mean, too

    Originally, I liked people and went around the temple, but nowI followed Ethel around.

    According to his investigation, Yoidel was never promoted to the rank of general retainer during his long career.

    In addition, his reputation was the worst, his grades were the worst, his dignity was the worst, and everything was the worst.

    I don't know what the Holy Father saw about the possibility of that chick, but this is different. Your Holiness is all good, but you're too generous. How can you find a good side in that evil man?’

    On the surface of the new management test, all new officials in the temple were given a chance to participate.

    However, three tests, at the first gate, it was obvious that not only the general retainer but also the intermediate retainer would be outstanding.

    Hail only needs to love the "best talent" who survived.

    'Oh? That's the fruit of the Greenis plant. Are you trying to eat it? It would cause a fatal stomachache for a chick like that.’

    At that time, Yoidel was seen walking in a precarious manner in the arms of a basket full of fruit in the small forest behind the temple.

    What are you going to use all that fruit for?

    You don't know anything, you're like a hot chick.’

    Not only does it smell bad, but it's sour than lemon, and the taste is bitter the more it ripens, so it's a fruit that's used as a spice. Why?

    Besides, it's an unripe fruit.

    Eating it before it's cooked can cause a big stomachache, but you don't know anything because it's a hot chick. Oh, my...

    Should I help you?

    While Hail was in conflict, Yoidel entered and left the temple's corner.

    The fruit seemed to have been steamed and put in a basket.

    "You can eat now.”

    He then smelt and distributed the meal bowls to the small animals in the forest.

    "What if you have a stomachache?"

    Hail, who hid behind the tree, watched, tearing the tree out of impatience. As time goes by, obviously. No, it's been a while. Why?

    'Everyone's finished their meal!’

    He rubbed his eyes and looked again. There was no animal with an upset stomach.

    Animals that have a bulging bellyI rubbed my body as if to thank Edel.

    He couldn't take his eyes off the scene for a long time.

    Then, after everyone disappeared, I snuck out and ate the fruits that the animals spilled.

    'Oh! I see. Steam the fruit and remove the toxins.’

    Obviously he was a heinous man, but he's clever.

    Apparently, he saved Antonio's new bride in a way he'd never heard of. If so, it is worth checking his skills as the general manager of the test.

    It's not because I'm curious. Yes, of course.'

    The blood as an unrecognized scholar began to boil with joy and excitement toward the low priest.

    Hail's eyes glistened for the first time in a long time.

    Episode 13

    Every day at 8 p.m., when I'm asleepEthel visited Ulysses.

    Come to my office before the three bells in the tower stop.’

    Mo, are you going to secretly kill me?!’

    I'll do it if you want, but not now. We will provide education at your level as you ask.’

    I was worried that there would be a rumor, but the loyalty of the Guards was greater than I thought.

    Yoidel came out again today to feed forest animals visiting the temple.


    Thanks to you, Ethel was so busy. Education by day, education by the Holy Father, which is scarier education by night.

    "Flow will be doing well, right?"’

    It would be fine to say that security has been strengthened to be safer since the disturbance.

    I didn't even know there was a protective shield. Did Flo ever let me in?!

    As usual, Yoidel steamed and distributed fruits to small animals.


    It was fortunate that the fur allergy did not affect the pairing.

    If that's the case, the Holy Father wouldn't have locked me up, would he?

    Yoidel trembled, recalling him, who was violently rolling people with a smile.

    I'm not tired or tired until dawn after my successful careerI rolled Ethel. It was Yodel who was always in a mess.

    If he got a problem wrong or neglected his physical training with a clean face, he relentlessly increased the difficulty.

    But it wasn't bad. Because I knew he was thinking of himself.

    "But I like it because there are a lot of colleagues who talk to me these days."’

    I don't eat alone anymore. My colleagues also shared a lot of desserts.

    Theo was, of course, a man of principle, but...…. He was disciplined after the Shinsubang.

    It is only the authority of the successful situation that immediate decision can be made without a trial. Ulysses put him in immediate quarantine.

    Oh, yes. There was one more person who had a great eye like Theo these days.

    "Why is senior citizen Ye-ha looking at me like that.’

    Hail's interference has intensified recently. I don't know if it's interference, tailing, or observation.

    In particular, he followed him as if he was interested in giving fruits to the animals and watched himself at the foot of a tree far away.

    When I turned my eyes sideways, there was also a day.

    At first, I was surprised to think that he was an animal and then a strange person, but when I looked closely, it was Shin Gwan-ha-il, the elder.

    "Well, sir...… Do you have anything to say to me?"

    "No! How did you know?" Do you have eyes behind you?"

    "It's very obvious."

    "You're smart in many ways.”

    with a rustling

    He sprang to his feet with his squatting body in the grass.

    Shining his eyes like it was in the Shinsu room, he came up to his nose and looked at him with an angry face for a long time, and suddenly pointed at him.

    "I never watched you because you were smart. However, we only conducted a preliminary survey to understand the competence of the test participants!"

    Yoidel looked at Hail with a blank face. Why do my eyes look so shiny and fun when my voice is high?

    "Do you know what ingredients are in the roots of these flowers, dear!"

    What's more, isn't that out of the blue?

    Yoidel answered calmly, recalling what he had acquired with his original knowledge and terrible training.

    "It's toxic, so it's important to remove roots well when people eat it or touch the body."


    He looks like he's expecting something moreEthel added a hint.

    "When combined with the ingredients in the leaves of Dammacho, it can be used as a great treatment."

    "Wow! Pass!"

    He left the words behind and quickly disappeared like a runaway villain.

    I just blinkedI thought Ethel was just bored.

    The higher the sacred power, the longer the lifespan and the younger the appearance, so the appearance must have been lonely even if it was younger than it actually was.

    It may be talking to you in vain.

    Yoidel has seen many people like that in his previous life. So I didn't bother to report to Ulysses.

    But a strange thing happened the next day.

    "When you're in a hurry, you grind the skin of Ronia's herbs, and when you have an upset stomach, you grind the shell of the cellum leaves to make powder and take it. But then."

    Like the day before, he looks like he's looking forward to itEthel took his word at once.

    "Cellum leaves should not be eaten when symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and constant stomachache appear together. Depending on the symptoms, it's better to eat Tnoila fruit.”


    "When you have an upset stomach due to an acute disease, the cell room can cause more severe abdominal pain and side effects."

    "Now, how can you do that! Do you understand my plan?"

    Ha-il stepped back as if he didn't believe it, and fell into the flower garden after being caught in a stone.


    There was a pretty loud noise, so Idel rushed off.

    "Mr. Hail!"

    "Oh, my. I'm dying..."….”

    "Are you all right, Hail?"

    "When did I allow you to call my name...…! Hey, man. Ouch, thug! Ouch, cow, soso, thorn in your hand!"

    Hail looked at his finger and grabbed his hand in a hurry.

    Crying out tingling, he was almost ready to faint.

    It looks like it's stuck in a thorn, what should I do?

    "Wait a minute! I'll be right back!"

    Yoidel thought for a moment and ran into the side forest where the fruit was planted.

    "Are you leaving your sick old man behind?"…! I'm going to die now, and if a thorn in my hand flows through my veins and blocks me somewhere, my life will be over. Oh, this is how it goes. "Do you go pitifully by being stabbed by a thorn?"

    with a clatter.

    When Hail was talking nonsense, Yoidel came up with the fruit in his hand and spread it on his finger.

    "What are you doing? Even if you're young, you shouldn't play with food."

    "The thorn will come off in an hour.”

    "What? Do you think I believe that?”

    Hail, who was half-believing, stopped whining and went back for now.

    And the next day, without fail, appeared in front of her.

    "Hmph! That was great! You saved my life!"

    I left such words with a gift and ran away again as if I was embarrassed.

    After that, he appeared steadily, and when he got the answer right, he grabbed a mysterious candy and went away.

    "This is a gift! Eat or not, sleep as you please!"

    While saying that.

    "Oh, by the way, if you want to go to the government, you can call it Hail. It's a young man's wish. I can grant it!"

    Yoidel gathered the candies that Hail gave him without eating them.

    I guess I got it as a gift.’

    Somehow I felt good. It was such a waste to peel a pretty shiny candy. So I emptied the glass bottle and kept the pretty colored candy in it.

    Yoidel thought it would be a simple relaxation, but Hail, the senior citizen and the head of the southern branch dedicated to treatment, thought differently.

    It's the Yoidelgium.….’

    Namgwan's treatment officers looked anxiously at him, lost in thought.

    "What's wrong, Yeha? May I help you?"

    "You seem to be in big trouble lately."

    "Huh... It's nothing."

    Hail looked at them and thought. Even the retainers who have assisted themselves have not shown such rapid development at such a young age as Yoidel.

    'Maybe, there will be a big change in this test.’


    Yoidel drank warm tea because his heart was pounding.

    'The exam is about to open.'

    Time flies, and the day of the examination is just around the corner.

    Now her house was stacked with pretty fragrant tea leaves. It was something I received in return for helping my fellow priests.

    Of course, there were still many people who doubted this Dell, but in the past, the suspicious eyes were clearly reduced.

    Where is that alone? Yoidel was proud and happy enough.

    "I love it. But is it okay to just have so much fun?"”

    It feels like yesterday when I was talking on my pillow alone.

    Now there were many people who could talk even if it wasn't a pillow.

    Yoidel rolled over a soft fire.

    It was a small detached house, but now Yoidel's room was full of warmth.

    In fact, the only reason she was single-handed in the dormitory area was a kind of isolation to protect others from the evil.

    Yoidel in the past was famous for that.

    But not anymore.

    The story that the change began to occur in Shinsu's egg, thanks to Yoidel, also became sad. I don't know where the rumor came from, butIt has brought a positive perception towards Ethel.

    Of course, some people hate Eidell more. For example, Theo.

    Come to think of it, I didn't see Theo. I can't stay still.’

    Theo had been on probation for three weeks for being caught evil by Ulysses.

    Don't let any footprints come out of the dorm room.

    Since then, surveillance has been put in place.

    I also heard that he was shocked by himself and that he had been ducking like a scoundrel since then.

    knock, knock.

    Then someone knocked on Ethel's door. I don't have anyone coming this late, who is it?

    I looked out through a small door.

    "It's Theo!"

    Episode 14

    "I'm here to apologize, Yoidel."

    You want me to believe that?

    I almost got angry. He is not such a fool as to believe the words of a man who tried to harm and frame himself and Flo.

    I can't believe I came to apologize late in the evening.

    His voice seemed rather sorry, but his facial expression was immature.

    "I think I know what my fault is a little bit. So I wanted to apologize. I brought you a present, too. It's sincerity, so even if you don't like it, just take it."

    Theo must also participate in this test. But I can't believe you're visiting the house ahead of the competition.

    I'm sure he's here to figure out what he's doing.

    Yoidel became even more unpleasant because he could clearly see the inner feelings of Theo. And a gift box?

    I was thinking about itEthel looked outside. There was a man standing behind Theo earlier. He seemed to record Theo's actions.

    Now I get it.

    'A proper apology to me is the last thing he has to do.'

    If you don't open the door, Theo will come to you in some form. I was thinking about itEthel came up with an idea.

    It's rattling.

    "What's up, Theo?"

    "I told you, it's an apple."


    "Why don't you believe me when I say so? You're not going to leave a guest outside, are you?"


    "Oh, I mean…… I said I'm sorry. The words came out wrong."

    The apologist's attitude was never.

    But Yoidel was happy to open the door to Theo. He smiled a lot.

    Theo frowned at Yoidel's smile. He recovered quickly, but his trembling lips told him that he was struggling now.

    The gift box he brought was an ordinary gift set containing spices, fruit syrup, and tea leaves.

    Yoidel treated Theo immediately for fear of the tea leaves he brought, and then confirmed that there was no special toxicity or stomachache-inducing substances.

    And Theo went back with an apple, really just drinking tea.

    "I don't think there's anything wrong with tea leaves, but...….”

    Yoidel looked at the glass bottle that had been removed to a corner of the kitchen, which had not been displayed. It was a bluish pickled red fruit in honey. Theo gave it to me as a present.

    Somehow I felt that the red work soaked in sugar resembled my eyes. Is that a good idea?

    After Theo returned just in case, he looked around his house. There are no signs of suspiciousness, but...….

    Yoidel approached the side of the desk where the traces of study were left and opened the pile of documents.

    "As expected."

    Yoidel, who noticed something, looked at the place where Theo was.

    As I suspected, Theo didn't come to apologize. Yoidel was genuinely angry for the first time.

    What should I do?… Oh, yes!'

    I didn't want to go that far, but I can't help it if Theo comes out like this.


    The tests were conducted on a large scale following Hail's claim.

    Instead, the site at the northern end, which connected to the forest behind the temple, consisted of vacant lots and old buildings. Even if the giant three lie down, all the believers who can participate in the remaining space applied and kept their seats early in the morning.

    Teo, please sit far away from the written test waiting roomHe grinned when he found Ethel.

    He immediately worried about the tea leaves as if he suspected the tea set, but it was not easy for him to aim for.

    Well, it's easy to beat a guy like Yoidel.’

    "What if I get it wrong?" No, it'll be fine. You've memorized enough.”

    Theo passed by Yoidel as if he were passing by and heard Yoidel worry. He couldn't hide his joy, and I don't know himI laughed at Ethel.

    That's right. I'm much better than Yoidel. It will be a natural result.

    However, the result of the written test I received a few days later was different from Teo's idea.

    First place, Yoidel. Second place, Teo.

    Theo couldn't believe it even when he opened his eyes. You're in 2nd place? First place is Eidel? What about him?

    What's going on? There must be something wrong. 'I have to protest!'

    Theo looked for Yoidel with his eyes twinkling. Far away, I could see pink hair fiddling with embarrassment.

    Unlike himself, he is in the praise and celebration of many people.

    At that moment, Theo felt ashamed of himself standing alone in the crowd. I couldn't shake with envy flooding in. I felt like my head was losing my mind went blank.

    Not even Holy FatherI was looking at Ethel.

    My fist, which was clenched to the point of bleeding from the flesh crushed by my nails, hurt to tears.

    Theo murmured to himself.

    Nothing's gonna work out the way you want it to.

    However, the physical fitness test was also shocking.

    Yoidel was not sharp, but his endurance and perseverance were great.

    Of course, Ulysses' flogging, which was severely rolled with a smiling face, also played a part.

    He doesn't go easy on meHe moved Ethel and taught her magic to restore and control her physical strength.

    Although it was a basic magic that most of the priests could do, Yoidel soon learned and showed noticeable application.

    After the fitness test, Ulysses, who was looking at Yoidel's results, lifted his chin and looked down at the podium.

    'You look proud of yourself.’

    He seemed nervous, but at any rate, the chick seemed happy to be praised by people around him. Of course, it was more than expected for Ulysses.

    Is it a relief to do chin-ups? I seriously only had that much expectation.

    But Yoidel has done more than expected.

    Yoidel came in third and Theo came in second.

    Following the written test, people were surprised that she passed the gate with excellent grades.

    But Hail was not surprised. Rather, he looks more proud of himselfI watched the performance of Ethel.

    'You seem to like it.’

    Ulysses looked at Hail sitting next to him and turned his head.

    Hail, the most active of Sewon-ro, was very interested in researching herbs and medicines.

    However, there was no one to talk to him because of the harsh nagging and the tendency to inform him of knowledge.

    But Yoidel quenched that thirst. Besides, you can't help but like it because you know the strange use that is unfamiliar to you.

    He did not seem to easily acknowledge the reputation that Yoidel had accumulated, but it was seen in Ulysses' eyes.

    Every time he makes a difference, he hardensThe door is twitching.

    This man and that man are all weird.’

    Ulysses' predictions, meanwhile, were accurate.

    Hail is a clean new building. I swear I've never enjoyed entertainment, but now I can fully understand the feelings of the tramps who bet on gambling.

    I was also excited during the first written test. As a general supervisor, he hummed and watched the results.

    In my mind, I wanted to take away the judges' scoring tables first and check them, but I endured it because I had dignity and position.

    He smiled at his hand, which had been neatly removed.

    For him, who was so severe, Yoidel was almost a lifesaver. Of course he doesn't fully admit it.

    There was a heated argument between the mind and the head.

    Hail looked down at the examination room. And I sent a lot of cheers that I couldn't reach to someone.

    But I can feel Ulysses' energy from that boy. Haha, me too. You're getting old. I'm confused with the basics.’

    Hail's gaze at Yoidel was already softened.


    During the break, Yoidel gazed at the egg in the glass tube far away.

    "Can I meet Flo again?"

    Al was quiet.

    It was a friend who fell apart after that day. I could never leave it to someone like Theo. Of course not Ulysses.

    Yoidel tried his best to calm his pounding heart before the final test. I felt a little better after coming to a quiet place and resting under the shade of a tree.

    The one in the Lakras Mountains

    Yoidel outlined his own treasure. I don't know if I'll succeed, but I have no choice but to try.

    However, it was a problem to pass. Then we have to move to the palace, right? Your Holiness is there.

    She groaned. There wasn't a good choice, one way or the other.

    In addition, the crime of attacking the Holy Father was forgiven, but Ulysses' suspicion was not rejected. She had to try to earn his trust within a year as promised.

    It's only the beginning now. Once you've got his full faith, then...….

    'Oh, right. Pairing.'

    Yoidel sighed and fiddled with his forehead. You must also find a way to loosen the pairing.

    Maybe it's right to be benevolent...….’

    In the grotesque scene filled with corpses, bright blue eyes came to mind. Ulysses was still saving himself. Of course, I can't help but share life and death.

    And for the sake of purpose, it was honorable to give a new management position, to refuse, but to be in the central line.

    It's weird thinking about it. Is that a nice thing? His head tilted automatically.

    "You're like a fool."

    Then a familiar voice burst in.

    Ulysses wore neatly embroidered robes that he wore only when performing his duties as a successful man or when there was a big event.

    "Get your act together. The last test is just around the corner."

    And he still said cold words with a bright smile.

    But he's right. It was finally the last time. If there's no change, you'll pass without a hitch.

    However, it was important to get excellent grades beyond passing. I didn't take the physical exam, but the one with the biggest score was the last exam.

    Yoidel opened a map of the mountain range.

    The last gate was to find a 'treasure' somewhere in the mountain range.

    It was free to think of anything as a treasure. However, there should be enough "value" for anyone to think so.

    The greater the value, the higher the score.

    It was an abstract and ambiguous test.

    But the most important thing here was whether you could avoid the gatekeeper of the Lakras Mountains or any other monster.

    Yoidel looked at a map of the mountain range that all participants had been pre-distributed.

    "It also contains someone's slander. It's supposed to lead you to a dangerous area."

    Ulysses found something strange at a glance and spoke in a cold tone.

    At that word, Ethel bowed a little sullenly.

    "I know. It's a gift from Theo."

    He looked gloomy at first glanceEthel took another map out of her bag.

    Theo would think I was fooled.’

    I didn't think Theo would really have come to apologize. The timing was too strange for that.

    As he passed away, the map had changed slightly. I couldn't stand it any longer.

    Yoidel opened a new map and smiled.

    "So I also changed Theo's map."

    Episode 15

    After Theo returned, Yoidel looked at the map. With Ulysses' urging, we've been on the ground hundreds of timesEthel noticed the difference.

    For certainty, Ethel unfolded another thin piece of paper.

    She had already scripted a thin piece of paper on the map of the existing Lakras Mountains. for moving one's hand well memorized

    In contrast, it was also different. Dangerous area markings that have been altered so finely that they are hard to notice. Theo tried to trap himself again!

    I can't take it anymore.’

    Yoidel took advantage of Theo's gaze this morning and picked out the most sloppy map he had ever drawn for practice and exchanged it with his map.

    His real map, which he wrote down hard,It was with Ethel. It was also understood that his purpose was a jewel mine.

    I looked into whether he had a device on his guidance, but it wasn't.

    In the end, Theo was able to return the bad things he did.

    "So I will definitely beat Theo."

    Ulysses smiled quietly as if he liked it. I thought you were a chick, but you know how to think.

    But it was too early to be relieved.

    "The final examination has the greatest score, Mr. Yoidel. But I told youThere's a monster in the danger zone--"

    "Oh! Don't worry. "I spent all my money and bought it."

    Yoidel took out a small bag of incense from his pocket.


    After the third test startedEthel climbed the mountain range safely under normal guidance.

    "Treasure……Saffron would be better."

    Just above where the monster sleeps is a mine with jewels. But it's dangerous. If you move on to your nest, the monster reacts sensitively.'

    One of the reasons for not developing the Lakras Mountains was the monster's fault.

    Since the saints were fairly punished as much as they completely exterminated the intruders from other countries who invaded the territory.

    Since there were many mines in Seongguk, there was no need to build this place, where the efficiency of the effort was significantly reduced due to the difficulty of development compared to the possibility of development.

    In this test, some people may take risks and challenge the mine, but Safran was worth more than enough jewels.

    Fortunately, monsters are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day of the test.

    Yoidel moved carefully to the back of the nest.

    (Singing "Cough")

    The monster's snoring was similar to a thundering sound.

    The saffron flower field spans the monster's territory, but it was far from the nest and remote, so it was not a place to directly face the monster.

    Yoidel carefully placed the saffron flowers in the prepared subspace bag.

    Phew, phew...… It's done.'


    It's so loud!

    The monster's snoring was cut off the moment Yoidel fell and made a sound. Did I wake up? Did I wake up? When I couldn't move for a second.


    I realized that I'm talking in my sleepEthel ran down without looking back.

    "Arrived, arrived...….”

    Yoidel sprawled down in the test waiting room.

    "No, you don't even know how to think of yourself!"

    At that time, Hail, who suddenly appeared, opened his eyes wide and applied a recovery magic that was incomparable to the treatment kidney.

    "Get up, get up. You shouldn't fall down."

    And as if he had intended to do so, he walked a little bit of recovery magic to all the test participants next to him.

    "There's not much time left for the sunset. Is there anyone who hasn't come yet?"

    "That's strange. Most of them came back, but no one came."

    Then I heard the worried voices of the supervisors.

    The Lacras Mountains become extremely dangerous from the moment the sun sets.

    It was because it was time for the monster to open his eyes. If you don't break in, you won't touch it, but it was Lakras' monster that burned the uninvited guest relentlessly.

    'That's Theo. He hasn't come back yet.’

    Yoidel closed his eyes and thought.

    He has the wrong map. But that's what he was trying to give meIt's been a long time, so there's nothing to be sorry about.’

    Yoidel made a clear judgment. But objectivity and humanity are different things.

    'No, let's not mess around, Yoidel. It's Theo's fault.’

    Yoidel was troubled for a moment. Yes, this concern is really stupid. Even if you think about it yourself!

    What if Theo dies?’

    Yoidel eventually made a quick turn with the passing of the test at hand.

    Without knowing that Ulysses was following him with his eyes.


    Legs climb the mountains, but a hundred more different livesThe angle flashed. I didn't want to die, I wanted to live.

    What have you done with your desire for life? For the first time in my life, I escaped from prison, fainted two Jangjeong, and at the end, I took away other people's lips like a chieftain.

    But how far has Theo gone? You didn't really climb up to the jewels, did you?’

    Theo is such a fool...… That's right. It's clear.

    at the time when one was sweating profusely out of sinisterness

    Press it.

    A squirrel pulled the hem of Idell's dress.

    "I'm sorry squirrel, I'm too busy to feed you right now.”

    But for a normal squirrel, the energy was different. And a self-lead figure. Then, the squirrel used a little magic.


    Then, a flock of crows flew away and the ground shook.

    "Are you the summoner of Theo?"”

    The squirrel clapped its small front paws and pulled the hem of its clothes. Hurry up and follow the squirrelEthel was appalled.

    That monster, called the gatekeeper of the Lacras Mountains, looked like a giant dog with wings at first glance. a dog the size of a three-necked building

    "Go away!"

    That idiot!

    Theo was eagerly stimulating the monster. That monster reacts to the sound.

    It was like dying together to jump there right away. Yoidel hid in the grass and watched the situation.

    "Get away from me! Get lost, monster! I don't understand!"

    Yoidel closed his eyes tightly at his stupidity. Theo doesn't seem to be very helpful in life. She looked around.

    The only thing in hand was a small saffron scent bag. It's something that I bought with a lot of money.

    'Let's use magic...'’

    When rolled vigorously from Ulysses, he managed to master a very basic magic. Recalling the harsh mood of the time, I brought in the wind.

    The cool air poured in in in an instant on her hand.

    "Turn around that cave with incense." Then lead the monster to the saffron flower garden in the distance.”

    The saffron flower reached the tip of the monster's nose in the wind. Then the monster's nose began to flinch. The monster, whose ears drooped, which had become stiff, followed the wind with his eyes half relaxed.

    'Yes, just a little bit more...… Like that.'

    As the monster slowly moved away, Teo and his eyes met, who were looking around the question.

    Ah, Theo was trying to find a jewel. He had a bag strap in his hand, and the tools were all over it and the bag was untied.

    Yoidel quickly approached and ran with the collar of Theo, who was bewitching.

    "Argh! Hey! Crying! Crying! Breathing!"

    "Don't make a noise! I've stimulated the monster enough."

    It was dark and I had to wipe away the sweat that was flowing over and over again.

    "You changed my map, tooI know."

    Yoidel whispered quietly. Theo, who was guilty, did not speak.

    "That's why I told you earlier, tooI changed the poem. You returned the judgment ship. I've become the same person as you, but I'm not sorry anyway.”


    "I'm really not sorry. I'm just here to watch how you fell into your trap. Don't get me wrong, I'm not such a nice person. To be honest, I saw your tear marks and thought you were a teacher."

    Yoidel spoke in a cold voice that could not hide his anger. Theo was more surprised than before.

    "I'm not done talking yet. We'll fight more if we go down completely."

    Yoidel grinned, stung more and smiled liberally.

    "You, you..."

    "Let's go. It's dangerous if the monster wakes up again."

    In addition, there was not much time left for the final examination.

    "Wait a minute."

    Then Theo grabbed the hem of the eidel's robe. Yoidel looked back at him with a curious eye. Then Theo, with a troubled complexion, mumbled.

    "I didn't find the treasure! There's nothing going on in this situation.”

    "Is that what you're saying right now?" So you're gonna burn a monster to death?”

    "That's not true, but...…! What am I supposed to do with my test!"

    Theo sat down again on his loose legs, and there was a thud. It's a creepy feelingEthel turned her head slowly.

    The monster reacts to the sound. And there was a loud noise just now.

    - Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

    A gust of wind from the sky, and the expression of Theo in front. I looked up and saw a fierce wing. Yoidel recalled his earlier mood.

    Theo doesn't help in life.


    "Ah, why does that dog have legs, wings, and a lot of heads!"

    "Shut up, Theo!"


    Even though I was busy, I couldn't take a step as a monster. Yoidel rolled up the mountain like a beast. It was the same with the gimmick Theo.

    It's too strong! I'm going to eat it if I do this!’

    Yoidel's magic was useless. I tried to lure him back to the flower garden of Safran, but he failed. Already in a state of excitement, the other monster began to shoot his claws indiscriminately.

    Bang! Kwagwang!

    a dead skin

    The sharp wind cut my hair.

    At this time, I felt like I was going to faint. If you go up, of course you can't, but if you go like this, you're really going to the end of the cliff.

    The place to run was on the other side of the road, not the descent. But there was no other way.


    The monster's claws got closer and closer, and as I turned around, a hot energy burst into the flames.


    If I knew this would happen, I'd throw Theo away. Yoidel desperately wanted to survive, feeling the stinginess of me.

    Oops, oops. I was out of breath and even my lungs were thin, and a whimpering moan came out. My neck, which was split because it was not cool, dried up with a cold feeling.

    I cut my hand to wet it as soon as I hit the grass, but the wound began to look like it. I was stabbed by a thorn and my skin was torn and bleeding.

    when my whole body was throbbing with pain

    "Your skin is back?"’

    Yoidel was surprised to see his arms and legs. And then I realized it. Ulysses figured out his condition and treated him.

    Since the two share the same wound and pain, if the wound disappears from one body, the other also disappears.

    'I'm sorry I thought you were a bad person, Holy Father.'

    His help made me tear up. But there is no Seoul. Yoidel calmly grasped and looked back.

    That's a real cliff. Theo has passed out and is not helping for a long time.

    Yoidel thought of the silver god magic. If only I could hide myself for a second.

    I've used up all the saffron petals, but there's still a scent bag. There's got to be a scent here, too. Let's throw it as far as we can.’

    You can run away at that time. Now, the pocket...… The pocket?

    I think I lost it when I ran here’

    Yoidel prepared a defensive spell by backing away from the monster. And when the monster comes one step at a time.

    There was no time to start.

    (Laughing out loud!

    The wailing masu folded his wings and ran like crazy.

    Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

    "Magic, defensive magic! Come on! Come on!

    However, it was too late when Masu was seen in view. The small thing looked like a fist. Then, right in front of my nose, finally, a huge canine tooth that opened up wide in front of my face.

    '………it's over!'

    Just when I'm gonna be swallowed up in painfully.

    Yoidel stretched one arm forward to invoke the defense magic.

    Episode 16


    Did your arm work?

    But it doesn't hurt. It doesn't sting and it's weird. It's rather itchy, but...… Is it heaven? No.

    I thought my arm might be ripped off. One arm would be fine, though.

    What was that whining sound?


    Kking. Kking. Kking. Kking

    The moment I opened my closed eyes, an unbelievable scene unfolded. A giant monster bowed his head in front of his little hand.

    Far from tearing off his arm, the monster's wet tongueI washed Ethel's body.

    A huge dog with three necks turned its tail around and the wind blew the tree away in the forest.



    The monster turned over to his stomach and gasped as he met eyes with Yoidel.

    This wasn't an attitude towards mountain intruders. It looks like he left the houseHe was so close that he thought he was a dog to welcome his returning owner.

    "I've used up all the sapran petals, why is this happening?”

    I couldn't find a clear reason to think about it. My legs just relaxed and sank. There was a great sense of relief that I lived as much as I wondered.

    KK: Kking.


    The masoo is a wild animalEthel sneezed continuously.

    The monster kept acting like a puppy. I'll have to report it beforehand, but it was a good situation for her anyway.

    At the beckoning of Yoidel, the monster rubbed his head and gasped. He answered the question well as if he understood what he was saying. I was gasping for words like "Can I use the saffron field?" or "Can I go to the jewel mine?"

    Yoidel looked up at the faint and then at the monster again.

    Theo has no treasure yet. If so...'

    Yoidel came up with a clever idea. The final gateway, the treasure.


    The sun was on the verge of falling to the ground.

    Two people haven't returned yet.

    Yoidel and Theo.

    Ulysses had previously noticed that Yoidel was about to climb the Chiracas Mountains. It was such a useless idea. Of course he grabbed it, and Yoidel refused.

    'What kind of goodness does he behave like that?’

    I didn't understand it anyway.

    The examination time was coming to an end. You'll be out if you pass the time.

    Those gathered at the examination hall and supervisors began to murmur one by one.

    "Where is the priest of Yoidel?" He was definitely there earlier.….”

    "I saw you go back to the mountains earlier!"

    "What? At this hour? When this is getting dangerous?"

    Everyone's faces were stained with consternation.

    Ulysses smiled secretly as he watched the tumultuous hall. It was ridiculous.

    You went to save the guy who threw away the obvious victory and tried to hurt yourself.’

    Ulysses measured the time. There really isn't much time left...….

    "Oh! Someone's coming, directors!"

    From afar, I began to see a small man-young.

    "I see something over there!"

    "This is the Yoidel Training Officer. Theo Training Center is next to you!"

    As I followed the people's uproar, I could really see them. Inside the huge waiting area, people began to gather toward the entrance like bees.

    As soon as I entered the examination roomEthel threw Theo right on the floor and breathed heavily. Yoidel was no different from bringing Teo, who was much bigger than him.

    Then she sat down with a tired complexion.

    "Saffron flower!"

    Theo had something very precious in his hand. an expensive spice called the price It was obvious that the items that the participants had were the cheapest.

    In addition, as Teo turned over the space pouch, countless sapranes piled up like mountains.

    "Did Theo bring it?”

    "Then what did you...….”

    Yoidel opened his mouth after contemplating.

    "I didn't think treasures were necessarily for anything with a clear shape."

    "Oh, you have a point."

    "But…… we'll need a little space."


    A clear whistle came out of my mouth. But nothing happened.

    What did you do? It was when everyone looked at Yoidel with puzzled eyes.



    "Is it an earthquake? Everyone, avoid it!"

    A strong gust of wind blew the ground.

    The body shook left and right beyond and the world turned as if the vestibular organs in the ears were paralyzed. In that confusionOnly Ethel and Ulysses looked to one side in a calm manner.

    Where are you looking? As I chased that gaze, I saw a small black dot in the distance.

    The closer it got, the bigger it got and ran toward them. As fast as running to bite off the prey's neck, and fast.

    The identity of the dot was a monster.

    "Well, why is that suddenly down the mountain range...…!”

    People looked at Ulysses in horror, but he didn't respond.

    And the moment the monster came.

    "Berry, sit down."

    KK: Kking!

    I rubbed my forehead on the small palm of Joel's hand and put my feet together.

    -Huffing. -Huffing.

    "All right, good job, Barry, it's a snack."

    Yoidel, who threw the cookies, looked at everyone.

    "The final test task I'm going to submit is Berry, a gatekeeper in the Lakras Mountains."

    The name given by Yoidel himself was Berry. Since my eyes are red, I'll pick strawberries.

    "Berry allowed me to enter the Lakras Mountains. Anyone can enter the mountain range without being attacked if they follow the precautions.”

    "But there are mines other than that. Is there a reason why you chose the mountain range?"

    When Hail asked, Yoidel thrust out a small stone from the inside of the hem. It was a strange mineral that I had never seen before, shining brightly in the dark.

    "It's a creon mineral."

    "That useless thing? No, it doesn't glow, how?”

    Hail full of curiosityI asked a question to Ethel. As he said, the Creon mineral was usually useless.

    It was a little later that this appeared in the original. Yoidel could not forget the original knowledge as soon as he remembered it.

    "Cryon minerals can be used as glow lamps because they contain light when they are smelted by exposing them well to the sun."

    It was a common mineral from the Lakras Mountains, a stone that was treated less than a stone.

    " Then mix the power of expensive light, but hard to hear and have a lot of cream on eungaesu Poor people who can't get the light at night, many will help to provide for cheaper prices. "

    “How did it know you?”

    Hesitated a moment is urinary idel What am I supposed to say?

    When hair is so afraid of the fire light up when " I was a kid.”

    How is a cream alliteration grew up in the caves. Take advantage of with and easily broken sword, no other, since it's supposed to be a passable. Many people thought so.

    In fact, however, was different. Cream the smelting, it's not treated like a good one when you don't know how to.

    Yaw idel Eunsan show the cream all minerals in the Cave of the Mac. The smelting methods and value of it.

    A total of never even think about it open my mouth and listen to stories in value. Overflow with enough simply by mountain ranges to tame questions already.

    By the way to new uses and how to find out.

    The obvious winner of this gate was Yoidel.

    "There was also a saffron flower garden."

    Theo, who was staring at Yoidel, turned his eyes to Hail. He gave out the saffron flowers in a calm voice.

    "It's over the secret forest near where the monster is."

    "I can't believe the flower garden is there..."….”

    "These were all told by the Eidel."

    And Theo said something unexpected.

    "I even changed the map to trap the Yoidel Shinbun before the test began."

    Theo returned the saffron flowers to Yoidel and bowed his head.


    Ulysses looked at it and evaluated it monotonously. I was thinking about how to end it...….

    Was it that bad after all right.

    One of the supervisors stared at Theo.

    "If that's true, the priest Theo will be disqualified. Do you know that you'll be kicked out of there?"

    "I accept everything."

    Theo closed his eyes. And I lowered my head deeply. Only one, to Yoidel.

    "I was truly sorry for changing the map, walking, and bothering you."

    The temple poses an influence across the entire continent. Now, wherever he goes, he will be stigmatized as the one who was expelled. Until he died.

    But Theo humbly accepted his fault. He raises his headI looked at Ethel.

    "Thank you for helping me despite all that.”

    I'm glad I've lived long.’

    Hail, who was watching this situation, sincerely thought so. It was the most interesting moment in his life. It's not common to see a person change.

    But there was a problem.

    "I'm going up the mountain range that I've already come downThe priest is also against the principle. I don't know what to do."

    The supervisors were troubled.

    Principles and discipline were not for nothing. However, Yoidel was more successful than expected. Far from disappointing, I've done more than a surprise.

    And the treasure he brought is not only for himself, but for everyone. It was indeed a divine choice.

    "The difficulty is zero."

    Hail was saddened. Will you stick to the principle thoroughly? Or will you follow the good heart and courage, that is, the virtue of a priest?….


    Just then, out of the blue, a sharp, pointed piece hit Il's forehead. Looking closely, it was a piece of egg.

    How dare you do this!

    When I looked forward, rubbing my sick forehead, I almost collapsed in shock. Because an incredible sight was unfolding before his eyes.


    a half-baked body A sacred white body with silvery white and flapping little wings, tiny hands. Shape of a young dragon.

    The god of God's War, which no one could doubt, was moving vigorously now. It was the god who had been struggling for over 300 years.

    Shinsu trembled with the still-unopened snow.

    Finally, the glistening eyes were as bright as the sun's gold.

    "Kkuung! Kku!"

    And Shin-su flew to somewhere and hugged her.

    It's from Yoidel.

    Shinsu stretched out his short arms and legs as if protecting Yoidel and shouted bravely.


    Episode 17

    "……that's what's decided.”

    Ulysses' voice rang out.

    "God chose you as his manager."

    "Oh, my God..."

    It was a fact that no one could deny if there was snow.

    Shinsu flew into the arms of a pink-haired boy and rubbed his head as if he were only one pet.


    What's this? What happened? Yoidel was surprised and forgot what to say.

    Shinsu doesn't hug herEthel looked strange. The baby dragon, who is still too young, has short, chubby armsTook a swipe at this Dell.

    And with a whimper, she put her hand on her head, struggling with a forefoot.

    He pulled the hem of his tight clothes down and stroked his head as he wanted. Little Shinshu stared at Yoidel with his glittering golden eyes. As if you're asking me to be pretty.


    "Flo. Flutes, right?"

    "Kku! Kking! Kking!"

    Shinsu found scratches on wood on Yoidel's finger and licked it with his tongue.

    Then, surprisingly, the wound disappeared as if it had been washed away. Yoidel, who was absent-minded, came to his senses quickly.

    As soon as his name came out, Shin-su literally burst into tears. He complained that he didn't recognize him until now.


    "You can't tell me yet? Ouch, Ouch."

    I'm not sure if that's upsetting for BabyFloEthel's finger was slightly bitten.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. Well, how can a baby talk?”

    However, he smiled, leaning over the dog to face Idel again.

    That's so lovelyEthel held Flo in her arms.

    "Cute, Flo!"

    Everyone around me seemed to be in a space of two, excluded.

    "Your Holiness!"

    "Your Holiness."

    Ulysses, who was watching the situation from above, came down himself. Everyone in the examination room knelt down and showed courtesy.

    Ulysses approached the two and whispered quietly.

    "The same males are making a fuss."


    Then a cold voice pierced my ear.

    It's blue eyes that shine coldly when I turn my headI was watching this Dell.

    "Why are you so surprised? That egg is stuck in the picture, and his face is playing a game just by looking at it. It's pretty funny. What are you guys doing?”

    "But was Flo a man?"”

    "You didn't know that either."

    Ulysses kicked his tongue.

    "Because I knew...…!”

    Ulysses shook his head.

    And I raised my hand and made everyone who bent down stand up. People's eyes were nailed to Shinsu.

    "Wow... She's such a god."

    "I haven't been born in hundreds of yearsDunny, what happened? Did Yoidel hatch you?”

    "Hey, it's Yoidel now. You'll be a high priest at once. Anyway, it's amazing.”

    The trainees whispered among themselves.

    Even Theo, who was holding his breath far away, was looking at himself with his mouth open.


    But Flo must have hated that gaze. The louder the other people's murmurs, the more they dug into their products.

    with a flick

    That's when UlyssesI took Flo from Edel's arms. It was no use struggling with short arms and legs because I didn't

    He smiled softly like the moon shining on the dark night with a very beautiful smile. But the blue eyes, seen between those thin folded eyes, flashed furiously.

    Digging into other people's goods. Isn't this like a pure perversion?

    Ulysses thought so.


    However, Flotes' personality was not as good as it was. The two stared at each other as if they were competing. Of course it didn't look like that on the outside.

    "God recognizes Your Holiness.”

    "I think you're having some kind of conversation. As expected of you!"

    It just looks like a beautiful sight like above.

    Shinsu, who was born with a beautiful silvery white body and bright golden eyes for a long time.

    the most beautiful success of all the more beautiful

    The two looked like a picture.

    "When I'm in the egg, my temper is as dirty as now. Do you disobey me, the Lord of the Temple, on the subject of the temple?”

    "Kku kku kku kku kku kku kku"!

    "Speak human. If it's unfair, grow up more."

    However, they poured abuse into each other in their own language, so close that they could not hear others speaking.

    Yoidel heard it. So I looked at the two without knowing what to do.

    Flutes was cryingI was stretching my short hand to get back to Edel.

    "Come here, Flo."


    Flutes purposely snapped Ulysses' face with his tail and ran away hurriedly.

    And I held her in my arms and let out a short cry.

    Ulysses stared at the strange sight.

    It doesn't matter if two males are attached or not, but why do you feel strangely bad?

    Shinsu's birth was surprising to him, too. It was a remarkable sight even for him who was indifferent to the world. The god who's been asleep for hundreds of years has really hatched.

    I'm going to use that pink-haired boy as my manager.

    "I don't know."

    The more I knew, the less I knew. A little boy named Yoidel always misses my expectations. No wonder I didn't like that face smiling as if I was happy alone.

    Oh, yes. Then a thought came into Ulysses' head. a trick to make Yoidel droopy

    "You look pleased, Mr. Yoidel."

    As he approached, Yoidel stood back a little, protecting Flo.

    "I'm also very happy that you've become a new administrator."

    I mean it no matter what I think. Yoidel, by the way, only looked puzzled and didn't respond.

    He looked like he was rolling his head to see if Ulysses' words were sincere.

    "You don't ask me why. Aren't you curious?"


    Ulysses's smile on the outside was smoothed at the careful question. He laughed like a demon on the verge of taking away his soul.

    "Because your residence has fallen into my hands.”


    "As I told you before, the new administrator Yoidel belongs to the main building."

    His words chilled my blood for a moment.

    "And Shinsu is young. I like you, so I'm going to need you to stay close, relax and grow."

    "Don't tell me... ...isn't it, Holy Father?"

    "Yes, that's what you guess."

    Ulysses smiled brightly.

    "As it is the first time, I will give you all the empty coffins in the main building. Study, work and live there."

    I was scared to say that I should work secretly. That really puts him under his radar all day long.

    Yoidel denied the reality.

    "That's too much, Holy Father! Can't I just live in the dorm area?"

    "It's impossible."


    "In other words, you can't be free at any time.”

    Ulysses said in a tone that it was unfortunate to think about it even though he already knew everything.

    "You're out of work."

    When he heard him, Yoidel hardened like a stone. as if to cry

    Yeah, that's the look. He was interested in this. Ulysses smiled beautifully at the face.

    "Pityfully true."



    The emperor, whose eyes were gone and his complexion blackened, lowered his chair. Unable to control his trembling anger, he repeatedly stood up and sat down, hitting the armrest of his chair.

    "In the Holy Land, God was born. Do you understand?"

    The voice trembled with anger.

    Originally, the provincial capital was a place where many continental people gathered their eyes. It was a giant temple that served the only god, Jushin Cielo, and faith spread throughout the entire continent. So what happened there spread everywhere in less than a day.

    The Holy Land was not aware of others, but the kingdoms of the Continent were the opposite. Among them, it was the Ibricalt Empire that had a bad relationship with Judah.

    "But why don't we even have a plausible summons to match Shinsu!"

    the largest of the landlocked nations, the British Empire

    It was also this empire that the Geram Shrine stole information and brought it back. I mean, Geram andIt was the home of Ethel.

    "If you have any words about Duke Yoboilde's hatching of Shinsu, tell me.”

    The emperor was about to faint when he heard that a god had appeared in the Holy Land. It is essential to the Empire that it is there.

    No, yes. I thought about it a hundred times, so Shinsu could.

    But it's a completely different story for a person from Bricalt who hatched the god himself.

    Human beings from their own empire have grown other people's power with their own hands.

    That's even more if you're a human being I sent you on purpose!

    with a bang

    The emperor rolled his feet once more. It meant that his anger was not severe enough to be called out at this dawn.

    The Duke, soaked in cold sweat, could not continue his words.

    "Well, it's...….”

    "Is this the plan you were talking about? I almost got caught that Geram was our spy!"

    A great cry fell from the emperor's mouth. It was him who couldn't step on the success. However, the work of the Geram New Hall almost entangled the Hwangga.

    No, maybe you already know.

    'That hell of a thing. What's the matter with you?’

    The emperor nervously walked around and hit his teeth. If this was successful, it would have greatly reduced the reputation of the Holy Country.

    The trust that people from all over the world had in the Holy Land was great. Probably because they provide medical supplies to civilians or support without borders to enrich their lives.

    So the emperor wanted to discredit the Holy Land. I didn't like the idea of going beyond the power of the empire to the theme of a temple or a hole shop.

    However, no one could use it for the time being because he was completely caught in a case of Geram.

    "You know there was a traitor inside, Duke Yoboilde!"

    At the words, the Duke threw his head on the red carpet and bowed. The emperor pointed to one traitor.

    the man who spoke of the injustice of Geram And hatched the gods and found a vast field of saffron.

    "Your son, Yoidel-Jobode."

    I can see that the Duke raised his head. His face was stained with mud.

    "You'll have to know right away what happened."

    Episode 18

    "It's Yo-idel!"

    "Where? Wow, she's with Shin Soo."

    Yoidel quickly gained the position of a high-ranking retainer at the training retainer

    the post after the ministerial office and the highest official office It was simply an extraordinary promotion. Perhaps the most famous person in the Holy Land right now is Eidel?


    The most famous animal is probably Flotes.

    Yoidel still used a broomstick to relieve stress. It was her pleasure, for I was proud to see the road twinkling.

    "But Flo, it's a little heavy...….”


    "No, I said it wrong. You can stay.”

    When he tried to let go for a moment, Flo kept whining and hugging him even more tightly.

    After the exam, it was revealed that Toyodel was originally first.

    Even if you don't have Flotes' choice after all right?Ethel was protecting her first friend.

    I was proud of my happiness, but on the other hand, I was caught. It is not the library of the mobile library, but the main building. And the house.

    'Until now, the house was small, but it's so spacious that I can't get used to it.’

    The new residence, which I received, could only be described as "absurd."

    It was a building full of rose vines right next to the main building, Rosarium.

    Rosarium was a beautiful building with colorful roses all year round, as its name suggests.

    Once upon a time, it was used to display or store artworks, but it was not used at any time, so it was left as it is.

    It was ordered to be successful and decorated to show off its cleanliness like a new building.

    It was like a dream to give a three-story building as a whole. But...

    It's simple, but you won't feel uncomfortable living there. If you need anything, just tell me right away.’

    What Yoidel desperately needed was his indifference.

    And I didn't understand the simplicity of this house.

    Walls and furniture made of green and gold for relaxation and buildings with shiny white and peach-colored stones that show off colorful embossed ornaments.

    The private office and library-sized study were left even after lying down and rolling a hundred times.

    It is said that the warm arrangement of the carpet with warm colors and flower decorations piled up in a cozy manner included the hands of the Holy Father.

    Next to the space of Yoidelman was the room of Flotes. Thanks to that, Rosarium was covered with dozens of layers of thorough crystals, boasting strong security.

    But roses are also a symbol of silence.’

    On the other hand, it was also a residence containing the will of the Holy Father to keep secrets from the name.

    Anyway, I was happy that the pretty room and pretty house I had for the first time in my life didn't seem to be mine.

    For the first few days, I felt uncomfortable about being kicked out soon, but now I'm a little more stable.

    Yoidel smiled at Flotes, who patted him with his small paws.

    "But I'm so glad I have you. I'm so glad Flo was born."


    "Put it in. Put it in the tea pact."

    Come on.

    Then I felt a dark shadow following them. Phew, again. I was surprised at first, but now I'm used to it. Because I knew what it was.

    "I made eye contact with Yoidel!"

    "You idiot. Yoidel, you're not that kind of person anymore."

    They were the ones who were paid to film the images of Shinsu and Yoidel together with artifacts.

    "But I'm still a little scared...….”

    "Are you going to insult Yoiddell?”

    Then others gave the priest a pin. When they gathered in a circle and nagged him, Shin-gwan, who was looking at him with suspicion, said, "I understand," and disappeared.

    I'm thankful, but I feel a little pressured.’

    Yoidel's popularity was increasing day by day. First of all, being recognized as Wonrohail was the first factor.

    "Seongha seems to hate Ha-il because he's pushing her too much for marriage."’

    After all, Hail was a very respectable person both internally and externally. At first, he seemed picky, but he often called Yoidel and asked her about minerals and herbs.

    Of course, Idell answered as he knew it. Then Ha-il looked at her and Shin-su with a smile between the insidious and proud, and poured out sweet snacks, saying, "You did well."

    The second reason is that what happened during the test was known. The story of saving Theo has spread widely, and the fact that Berry opened the road to the Lakras Mountains and allowed them to freely collect saffron gave a good impression.

    Of course, the third thing that woke Shin Soo was the biggest.

    Thanks to this, unknown favors flooded her.

    "Yo, Mr. Yoidel. Can I give a snack to Flo?"

    "Flo, are you okay?"

    "Coo! Coo!"

    I meant to ask for it quickly. Flo grew quite big enough to be hugged in a short time.

    Flo, who chewed on expensive vegetables, breathed out as if he were fullI fell right out of Edel's arms.

    "Well, Mr. Yoydell...….”

    And then a girl comes running to meI gave Edel something. What is it? When I opened my eyes wide and looked at it, the priest ran away over there like running away.

    Yoidel looked back and looked at what she had given.

    "A confession letter?"

    Oh, my God. Yoidel couldn't move with the new shock.

    "I'm thankful for that's all. Thank you very much, but...… What do I do? Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...….’

    The unexpected shock broke my head. I always appreciate human kindness, but, uh, what should I do?

    Yoidel remembered who she was. Not long ago, I accepted a new woman who crossed the wall to see if she was late for education.

    I think I'll hurt myself if I stay still.

    'That's why...….’

    Yoidel wiped his neck for no reason in bewilderment. I didn't know that I would receive my first confession when I was dressed as a man.

    Anyway, it was the first letter of my life. Yoidel prized a letter with a heart in it.


    Then a butterfly appeared in the air. The butterfly flew gently and sat in his ear.

    "I have a message, so please crawl as far as you can to the office."


    "Sing it in a normal way. I'm scared because the butterfly is talking.”

    "No, sir."

    On entering, he was refused with a single stroke. Yoidel is now immune to his cold words. Holy Father is always like that.

    "By the way, what are you calling me today?”

    "Do I have to have a reasonable reason to call you out?"

    Ulysses fluttered through the papers and spoke like water. Yoidel was choked up but held it in. The crime of stealing lips is so great. Ulysses grinned at Yoidel.

    "Do you like the changed residence?"

    "Oh, yes. A lot! It's so good that every time I open my eyes, it's like a dream."

    "That's your expression. But are you seriously not going to bring in a single person? The Rosarium is incomparable to the previous detached house, so it will be difficult to manage

    "I'm fine!"

    Someone took care of meYou might find out she's a liver woman.

    Yoidel touched the magic ring with tension.

    "Ah! By the way, Holy Father. I saw records of Shinsu in the study. Is it the document written by the Holy Father?"

    "These are the materials handwritten by the new administrator who was before you."


    I heard at first glance that he was a fugitive before.

    However, the materials were vast and meticulous and could not be written without affection. Yoidel was impressed with the effort. There were signs of intentional tearing here and there, but...….

    "But today,I have the news to tell you."

    Ulysses clasped his hands solemnly. Standing on top of it with his face slightly touching itI looked up at Ethel gently.

    "Good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"

    "I like... ...the good side, Holy Father."

    "The good news is, you received your first love letter. Congratulations."

    "Well, were you watching it all?”

    "Did you like it?"

    Somehow Ulysses' voice was cold. After seeing the embarrassed face of Yoidel, I narrowed my eyes as if it were funny.

    "Just kidding."

    "……do you know how to joke?"

    Ulysses frowned lightly as Yoidel stared at him.

    "It's not as inhumane as you imagine."

    "I'm sorry."

    "All right, I'll tell you the good news first. First of all, your parents want to see you very much."

    "My parents?"

    I never thought about meeting my parents. Has the original story ever come out about Yoidel's parents?

    I said Yoboilde.’

    The castle was strangely familiar. Yoidel hesitates a littleI looked at him.

    His expression looked strange. And I felt like I was gazing at her to read her face.

    "Last one. Bad news."

    Yoidel gulped down. My body was in a state of nervousness.

    "That they are already in the Holy Land."



    The soft voice of a middle-aged woman was heard.

    Bright and friendly faces smiling back at themselves. My mother had blond hair and green eyes, and my father had brown hair and green eyes.

    Mr. and Mrs. Yoboilde.

    The impression was round and good. a figure full of soft smiles

    The appearance and color that were not similar to me stopped me for a moment.

    Nevertheless, I was excited about the unfamiliar name of my family.

    "I missed you. Welcome!"

    They just ran from the lobby window of the reception hallI looked at Ethel.

    So they're my parents.’

    LEGO in a friendly voice, and at the same time, my heart was itchy. I've never had a parent in my previous life. It was so awkward and unfamiliar to have a family with blood.

    It was also amazing that he had a family to come to find him.

    "Our child must have been very surprised by the unexpected arrival of his mother and father.”

    Even at a glance, colorful clothes and straight back, the straight posture and dignity flowing in the tone told me that their status was unusual.

    You said you were a princess of the Empire.’

    What was surprising was that he was a former imperial princess.

    Yoidel recalled some news he had learned from Ulysses before coming here.

    I think that's why I heard it so many times.’

    I was very surprised when I found out that Geram and he were related.

    Ulysses, who saw Yoidel strangely, asked if he knew about the injustice of Geram. Of course it wasn'

    But maybe....

    Even if I knew he was a relative, I would have told him about the crime of the new Geram in that time.’

    So, in conclusion, nothing changed. But do your parents feel the same way?

    If the Geram Shrine was close to your parents, you would have been in great trouble.’

    I couldn't get any closer to the idea. It was due to caution because it seemed to have committed a great disrespect.

    The Duke and Duchess of Jovahilde spread their arms wide. A sweet voice came out of my mouth.

    "Dell, you didn't want to see your mom and dad?”

    "It's been such a long time. I missed you because I didn't have any letters. I've only met you like this, and I'm very sad because of my son."

    Their tone was smeared with a loving pin glass. However, the friendly touch was a little strange.

    "Shall we go into the drawing room now? There's too much snow here.”

    The Duchess whispered quietly.

    Episode 19


    The door was locked behind Yoidel's back. The duchess sat silent on the sofa in the center.

    "Somehow, the atmosphere is weird.’

    The danger signal felt somewhere in her body, which had been felt for a while, seemed to keep pounding her heart.

    "We're very tired, I guess. A good boy doesn't keep his parents waiting. Show us the gods."


    When asked back in amazement, the Duchess squinted her eyes.

    "Who did you learn to talk back to? Just answer the question. I came all the way here to see you. Where's Shinsu?”

    "You just came to see me..."….”

    "Just answer what you ask. That's how you're a good kid. Don't you think so? Yoiddell!"

    My ears ached at the Duchess's anger. My heart throbbed with a loud cry. As if I was taught by that sound.

    Is this the usual attitude of a parent who misses his child? No.

    Never felt it before, at least I knew it wasn't normal.

    Yoidel felt something strange and took a step back from them and leaned his back against the door.

    I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're doing or where you're at. It's not something I can decide to attend to Shinsu."

    For some reason, this body seemed to be shouting for them to stay away. Then the duke and his wife's complexion gradually hardened.

    He wasn't so stupid as to not know how strange he felt.

    "This is Shinjeon, and you two are outsiders. No matter how much you are your parents, you can't break the rules."

    "Oh, my God, Del."

    "I want to meet Shin Soo."You have to send an official letter. No one can be excluded from the procedure."

    It was an unreasonable request. Yoidel could never listen to the whining.

    And if it's just curiosity, if it's just tired and sensitive, I would say you don't have to look at it here.

    The duchess looked at Yoidel and pointed her head out as if she had a headache.

    "I've come to know how to accident with my head before I saw it.”

    "Yes, well done. "The water, the mineral, and the flower garden were all your achievements."

    They came slowly to Heiyodel.

    "That was good. It would have been better if you hadn't really given everything to the Holy Land."

    "I will..."

    "It was around the age of 13 that I discovered your talent, which was stupid like an idiot, and sent him to the new building."

    My heart pounded at the anger. I've seen that look. I've seen that look a lot.

    The image of the couple scolding themselves with the same eyes crossed my mind.

    'I don't want to go, I'm scared. Mom and Dad.’

    That's when I realized. ChildhoodEthel didn't come to the Holy Land because she wanted to.

    Two pairs of green eyes were angry.

    It popped up in my mind. I don't know where I saw the castle called Yobo Hilde.

    'The villainous family of the British Empire. The worst people who colluded with the imperial family and ended up cutting their necks while trying to destroy the Holy State. Using forbidden magic...….’

    at the very moment

    Here we go!

    His head tilted to one side.

    "You must have miscellaneous thoughts. I think it's Yo-idel-Yo-Bo-ee. I wouldn't have taught you that at home”

    The red hand marks gradually began to show up on Yoidel's cheek.

    Who looks at their family with this cold eye?

    "It's, uh, what the hell...….”

    Yoidel grasped the situation by holding his red-hot cheeks. At first, I was just in pain with shock, but gradually the fever started to rise and the pain in my cheeks began to beat.

    "Cutting the Geram Shinbun with your hands, are you out of your mind?"

    The duke slapped his ringed hand. A red line of wound on the cheek is clearly visible and it is on the skin.

    "I sent you as much as I could to find out the gaps in the Holy Land, and you accuse Geram." Before that, Geram told me to turn my eyes around while I was working on it, and I was sentenced to death for no reason. "There is a certain amount of work even if you increase it."

    "How stupid. Cindell should have lived, not you. Cindell, who was far better than you who were incompetent!"

    Yoidel opened his eyes wide with surprise at the words. He went to prison because of the Ulysses attack.

    That's what Geram did while he was digging the name of the temple.

    Of course. Didn't Yiddell like Ulysses?’

    In the original she had an incomprehensible obsession with Ulysses. But maybe it's not her will either.

    "But who is Ciendel?"

    Yoidel was the first to hear such a name. Cindell should have lived, which means that Cindell is not currently alive.

    "You don't live by yourself. It's a replacement for Cindell. You should always live like him, thinking of Ciendel, who you killed."

    I couldn't understand a word they were saying now.


    At the moment I thought for a long time, my head suddenly throbbed. A memory rushed in with a headache.

    Some blurred scenes passed through my mind. In those memories, she and Cindell were quite good siblings.

    "You were twins."

    However, the problem was that my parents secretly watched the scene of studying taboo magic, had an accident by mistake, and the two of them were there.

    Cnendell was surrounding Yoidel...… He's dead.'

    Yoidel closed her eyes tightly.

    That's why Yoidel grew up crooked. He saw those scenes in front of him and thought it was his fault. Because her parents brainwashed her like that.

    "Because of you, if it wasn't for you!"

    After some time, for some reason, the duke and his wifeI had Edel dress up as a man and made her look like she didn't have a daughter from the beginning.

    Yoidel lived as the only child, but never met the expectations of the duchess. That's what they said themselves.

    I didn't have any of my own except the name.’

    Yoidel was lost in thought, touching his short back hair.

    In the original, after it was revealed that Yoidel was a man-dressed woman, the duke's family cut its tail, saying it was unknown.

    That's why. Now that I see the Duke and Duchess, I know why.

    'Cause it's no longer useful.’

    The more I tried to recall this memory, the more my head ached. Like squeezing over a lock that's locked tightly.

    "That's how you survived."

    And in some supporting work, he was portrayed only as a villainIdle's life is beginning to feel sorry for him.

    The duke and his wife didn't come to the cold prison when they first opened their eyes. If it's a little bitIf I had thought of this Dell, I wouldn't have let him hear of the execution.’

    Even now, they were not asking Yoidel to do it, but rather threatening it. as a thoroughly villainous family in the original

    The Yobo Hill family had no qualms about abandoning me. That means one day when they're in danger, they can run away with me as a third.’

    It will never go their way.

    Yoidel thought a lot as he looked at the floor. I felt uncomfortable and strangely sad.

    'You really were a loner.’

    But it was better to know the truth.

    I lowered my head silentlyLooking at Ethel, the Duchess smiled contentedly.

    Yeah, you have to be obedient like this to be normal.

    I almost thought it was someone else earlier. It's far below Cindell's abilityThere was something I liked about Edel, too. That you don't know how to go against your parents' will.

    "……Yes, that's good. Maybe it's a good thing. Now that you've become a high-ranking person, you can play the role of Geram. I can overlook the mistakes I made so far made."

    said the Duke, looking down at Yoidel in an imperative tone.

    The Emperor of Bricalt foamed even the expensive saffron petals were found in the Holy Land. While securing seeds by paying high prices and signing trade, he also grated his teeth.

    A plant could try to grow it somehow, but it was impossible to grow it.

    Shinsu, who was born after more than 300 years, will be a symbol of the prosperity and the national prestige of the Holy Land.

    It was crazy for the emperor who was so proud of himself.

    It's their daughter who's luckyThe fact that Ethel is the manager.

    It's good enough for research.’

    The Jovahilde family knew how to use forbidden magic.

    Of course, some of them deal with the soul. I've tried cloning life, too. It would be quicker to find a taboo trick you haven't tried.

    It would have been very helpful for them if they were lucky enough to lay eggs or brainwash their spirit. Shinsu was a good researcher and could be used as a kind of offensive weapon.

    But why isn't there an answer?

    The Duchess stared at Yoidel with questionable eyes.

    Yoidel put his hand on his constantly tingling cheek and closed his eyes.

    It's okay, it's not something to cry about. It's all right.'

    I was alone in my previous lifeEthel learned how to hold back tears.

    You shouldn't cry where no one is on your side. The only thing that hurts right now is if you go to your room alone and go to Seoul.

    The Duke is still quietLooking at Ethel, I noticed something strange.

    "Where is the scar on your cheek?"”

    Did this even learn healing magic?

    There was definitely a wound that I had made, but it became clean without a trace. It was a fact that Yoidel didn't even notice.

    I'm telling you, it doesn't hurt.’

    Yoidel was surprised and touched his cheek. And I thought of one person who could make this happen.

    "No way, Holy Father?"’

    The Duchess sighed and approached him as he was shaking with confusion.

    "It should be the same in the future as if he had been a good child so far. You're our baby, even if you've removed the castle. So we can do everything we're told to do, right? First of all, what you have to do is...….”

    "I can't."


    The angry Duchess immediately aimed at Yoidel.

    But Ethel's eyes were unshakable and clear.

    "What's wrong with him?" What did you just say?”

    "He was put to deathI've been out of my mind since you came down.”

    The two kicked their tongues in bewilderment.

    Yoidel put his hand on the cheek he was hit earlier and pondered.

    "Think again and tell me. What you have to say!"

    "……I can't.”

    Yoidel raised his head proudly. And he looked at the duke and said clearly.

    "I'm sorry I didn't meet your expectations. As you two say, we cannot discredit the family. So you're gonna have to get me out of the house. I'll take it."

    The duke and his wife screamed in silence.


    It happened at the same time that Ulysses' cheeks, who sat still in the office, swelled up.

    Yoidel and Ulysses share physical pain.

    It means the chick has a problem.’

    A thin line scratched as long as the ring appeared on his cheek. I had to lick it with my fingers and a thin drop of blood came together.

    "……what will happen?"

    Ulysses closed his eyes and smiled coldly.

    What are you doing, Mr. Yoidel?

    He soon healed his cheek. I had a vague feeling, but was it this?

    I slowly opened my closed eyes and looked out of the window. In the blue snow, the cold air dried up, leaving only consistency.

    He rose from his seat and turned around.

    into the drawing room where they are
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    Episode 20

    Yoidel really couldn't figure out his fault.

    "I don't know if I'm sorry to you."

    They really had nothing to be sorry about.

    Just because they abused Yoidel in the past, there's no reason for her to suffer now.

    Wouldn't that be more wrong? At least Yoidel thought so.

    Meanwhile, the Duke and his wife, surprised to hear a powerful answer that they knew, jumped up from their seats.

    "What's wrong with him?" You don't even recognize my parents?”

    They were surprised at the boldness they had never seen before.

    Yoidel took a short breath of cold air and exhaled deeply. It wasn't something to cry about. It was nothing to be hurt. Yoidel was a man who knew it well.

    Usually, I couldn't talk because I was nervous, but I was able to think calmly and rationally because I was genuinely angry.

    "I know you're my parents. But I let myself down many times, so I can't stay in the family. I might disappoint you more in the future. I think it's polite as a child to reduce the number."

    "You really... You must be trying to go to the bottom in a moment that you haven' Yoidel Jovahilde, you are a man of the Jovahilde family, not really a priest!"

    Yoidel continued, calmly choosing his thoughts.

    "There are three large continents in the world, as you know. The continents where Brickalt is located are on the ground, and the Holy State palladium is in the sky."

    The Holy Land in the sky itself was a continent. Ulysses's, the only land with a clear owner.

    So this meant that at least here, Duke Jovahilde could not exert influence. They were outsiders and Yoidel belonged here.

    In addition, the Holy Land itself is naturally higher than the Empire.

    "So even if I go to the bottom, wouldn't I be geographically above the empire?"

    "Yoidel, you must be Yobo!"

    Once again, when a sharp hand flew in and was about to slap his cheek.


    Yoidel sat down and avoided himself. What happened? She opened her eyes wide in surprise at her agility.

    The duke's face, which had become ridiculous, turned red again.

    The moment he tried to raise his hand again. Suddenly, my body was stiff and didn't move.

    "Ugh! Damn! I got a cramp, why isn't it moving!"

    No one touched it, but the Duke of Jovahilde's strong movement stopped.

    As if the wax had melted and hardened as it was, I was amazed by the strange sense that it did not fall off.

    "What have you done, Yoidel!"

    A huge force that could not be resisted by a mere human body crushed him as if it were crushing him.

    A time when an unidentified chill sprang up from the depths of his lungs and everything seemed to threaten his life.

    It's rattling.

    The door of the drawing room opened behind Yoidel's back and tilted back.

    "Am I right to see the situation, Duke Jovahilde?"

    Ulysses took Yoidel's body lightly, which was about to fall.

    "Seo, Holy Father?"

    He has blue eyes for a momentAfter staring at Ethel, he stood right next to him as if protecting him.

    When Ulysses beckoned, the knights and servants who followed him bowed and backed away.


    The door closed and his cold gaze swept through the drawing-room.

    "As expected."

    Ulysses stared at Yoidel, who was surprisingly not crying, and then at the angry Duchess.

    He smiled as if he knew nothing.

    "I was thinking about having a talk with the distinguished guests of the Empire, but I don't think it's a good situation."

    A smile that everyone but Yoidel would praise as benevolent and affectionate.

    However, Yoidelman, who saw Ulysses' true self the closest, could see.

    "You must be really angry!"

    And the Duke and Duchess of Jovahilde felt it. The fact that he didn't come without knowing. They groaned under pressure.

    Yoidel gently wrapped his cheek, which was clean and intact.

    Then Ulysses and his eyes met. He threw a cold look at Yoidel as if he were angry.

    'Since I shared the pain, your cheeks hurt a lot, too.’

    More than anything else, Ulysses' cold anger was the scariest.

    The duchess was nothing.

    "I see Your Holiness."

    The Duke and Duchess of Jovahilde paid him a quick salute.

    The Duke and his wife knew how to bow down to the stronger than themselves.

    Ulysses looked at the figure emotionally.

    "Ball, did you really slap your hands at your child?"


    The duke could not straighten his bent back in a daze. Why do you have to go to successful places?

    They thought that no matter how unconventional Yoidel was treated, it would have nothing to do with success.

    Once you've gone to the death row, you don't even care what you do with Yoidel.

    However, Yoidel seemed to be doing his part more in the temple than they thought.

    The duchess also shook her hands in panic.

    If I knew this would happen, I would try to conciliate, not intimidate.’

    Anyway, they didn't give up their will or think it was their fault.

    "I haven't heard from him for a long time, so there was a misunderstanding in communication for a while. You have nothing to worry about, Holy Father."


    The Duke and his wife truly thought so. I've been outside for a long time. Hold onHe's crazy.

    "I am only grateful to your grace for caring about my young child."

    "As a parent, there is a great difficulty in raising a child, so sometimes it seems that there is a misunderstanding due to the high voice. Please release your anger."

    They pretended to be part of the education, saying it was Yoidel's fault.

    "If the Holy Father allows me, I will take him to the family for a tired child and take him to rest."

    "If Yoidel also takes a few days off, he will be able to supplement the Holy Father with more sincerity." As a parent, I am worried that there will be many mistakes because I am still an inexperienced child."

    Ulysses' eyes, which seemed to be looking at bugs, were stuck above their heads.

    "Raise your head."

    When they looked up, Ulysses looked at the duke and his wife with a calm expression without showing any sign of it.

    And he stood next to him and pulled the hand of a young chick who didn't know what to do.

    "Even though you don't know the position of becoming a parent..."….”

    Ulysses turned Yoidel's hand over and saw clearly the traces of wiping the blood on his cheek.

    "I know that the sins of parents who flirt with their children are bad, regardless of continent or country."


    "Well, it's not that…….”

    The Duke and Duchess of Jovahilde were lost in thought.

    "Blood drops!"

    The blood on the back of the hand and on the fingertips proved what happened here. However, they could have insisted that it was the Duke and Duchess's.

    "It had the effect of teaching you healing magic.”

    The Duke and his wife were once again distressed by his affirmation. You even mastered healing magic. In addition, the success seemed to have taught Yoidel the magic by hand.

    Their predictions were completely wrong.

    As Gong said, the relationship between children, parents, and blood ties. So I can't get involved with Yoidel as Jobohilde."

    Ulysses approached Yoidel and rubbed her cheek. It was to make sure that the wound was healed.

    Yoidel looked at Ulysses in surprise, but he only looked carefully at her with calm blue eyes. to the point of being almost mistaken for being friendly

    Deep eyes hidden under tight eyelashes slowly climbed up to Yoidel's red eyes. My eyes met for a long time.

    He grinned away his hand.

    "There are countless reasons to protect you as a priest under my jurisdiction."

    "Well, it is Holy Father…….”

    "This is not the duke of Jovahilde, nor the empire in which he is."

    Ulysses is still smiled and looked back at them. But a polite attitude is not to treat a guest. Don't know if rather close to the face of the raw?

    그는 시린 눈동자 색만큼이나 차갑게 웃었다.

    “Were you, and forget.”

    Realized that then he made a slip of the tongue is a yoboilde

    " The training even if fuse is fuse. In addition, the top by a. "

    " I mean, that! His Holiness, I ...…!”

    “All new building here are my own, and in addition to the no one can talk about their behavior.”

    Silver hair flowing down to appeal, he is not a speck of snow looked at the Duke.

    Duke was horror-struck, horror-stricken to the atmosphere cool site found with other. 그냥 하는 말이 아니다. Full of all my heart to live.

    “offensive? the new building top yoidel”

    "Oh, no, Holy Father! I was just worried about my child's future as a parent...….”

    "I think the Imperial education law is much more barbaric than my standard."

    The Duke's face flared up at the words. The Duchess was also speechless.

    It touched the name of the empire. This was now asking if the Duke and Duchess of Jovahilde's actions were the same as the will of the Empire.

    In other words, it is to ask whether an outsider of the empire has touched the clergy of the Holy State, regardless of blood ties. It meant whether they wanted a dispute between countries.

    The Duke, who understood the words, looked at the Duchess with a white face. They closed their eyes tightly with impatience.

    "The new building itself is the property of the Holy State. In particular, Mr. Yoidel holds the one and only important position to manage you. Of course you know this."

    He smiled again and began to talk. The eyes with blue eyes bent thinly. Looking at the figure slightly, Yoidel trembled in a different sense.

    He looked angry beyond comparison with what he had seen so far.

    "Of course, Holy Father! Please trust me.We really had no other intentions."

    "The Duke and his wife entered the country recklessly before they were granted approval. But I understood you once because you are the parents of a valuable retainer."

    "It's because parents want to see Yoidel in a hurry...….”

    "But it's different now.
    Seongguk as all the offensive the beurikalteu jegungmin for disdain for the coming will likely prove to be even considered to be of reasonable behavior. "

    The couple face into it be black and blue all over.

    See the yoidel, slid his eyes wandering aimlessly.

    At that point, you survived and took his lips, maybe it really last good luck.

    " The living room also fit you exactly what the senior, parents of the new building to serve, my command. But yoidel your treatment, which will soon for my sincerity, May I be considered to be reckoned with. "

    Duke again hear that a heartless move will soon be directed toward her toward yoidel treatment was horror-struck, horror-stricken. Flag of the press to her stomach.

    The fuse each and every one of the same thing for me and senior level, such as the new building one office the same seat. The Seongguk of rules and outside yoboilde of course, ignore stuff there.”

    Ulysses's voice is gradually and became cool.

    “In that case outside visitors not considered to be an intruder.”


    “Soon, a summary of the problem, then it means that.”

    He stared at the Duke was missing. Duke wasn't say a word, rather than doing.

    “But ... Seongguk The virtue of mercy and forgiveness.”

    Ulysses spoke in a low voice.

    "Sungguk also has no intention of causing unnecessary disputes with the outside world."

    They raised their heads in hope at Ulysses' subsequent words.

    "As I said, it's family's job, so forgiveness should also be done at home, not me."


    "Don't miss the opportunity."

    Ulysses smiled and winked at Yoidel's toes.

    Episode 21

    "There was no sincere self-reflection. Are you satisfied with that?"

    Ulysses had a dubious response. His eyes were directed at the small shrine that was trailing behind me.

    "It's too soft

    "But…… I looked pitiful because I was blue.”

    At that, Ulysses raised the corners of his mouth and smiled.

    "If the Duke had heard that, he would have looked very good. If you knew that you had been given a sympathetic look, your noble pride would have rotted away."

    Earlier, the Duke and his wife sincerely apologized to Yoidel. I don't know what's going on inside, but for Yoidel, it was an apology from them.

    By their standards, they've suffered quite a bit of humiliation, so they won't dare to contact Yoidel for a while.

    "………But since when has Your Holiness been in the hall?”

    Have you heard of Cindel or Geram? I don't think I've heard from his quiet attitude yet.

    Yoidel glanced at Ulysses.

    He could even infer that he was a woman.

    "It was from the time you lectured the duchess on the relative ground difference according to the location of the continent. It was a great lecture.”

    That's where it started, that's a relief. Then I didn't get caught. Yoidel wrapped his flushed cheek in embarrassment.

    "Well, it's a shame, but it must have been hard to deal with because he's not from our side."

    "Yes, Your Holiness can be in trouble, and I'm really good enough.”

    "On the official ship."

    ……is it just me that I might kill you unofficially?

    Ulysses saw the firm Yoidel and whispered a word quietly. Then Yoidel grew pale.

    "Well, it's so inhumane. Holy Father, are you kidding?”



    "You're surprised by everything."

    Ulysses smiled with his eyes bent as if it were funny to see Yoidel shaking even in a weak family.

    Sung-Ha is the best person among scary people.’

    Yoidel decided to keep his secret.

    The punishment given to the duchess was a permanent deportation order that could never be visited again. It was a stigma to aristocrats who had as much pride as power.

    It was the same as giving the opportunity to point the finger at the lowly human beings who dare not stand shoulder to shoulder with them by their standards.

    The great nobility of the empire like Jovahilde is even more. There will probably be a lot of rumors and speculations about the reason for the deportation order.

    'There's no house to go back to this, but it's okay.’

    I touched the cheek that seemed to have left a hot phantom pain for no reason. Ulysses stared at such Yoidel.

    "Are you sick?"

    "What? Oh, no. Not at all."

    "A wound that usually causes bleeding is said to be painful."

    Ulysses turned his head and looked at Yoidel's cheek.

    "Even more so if the person who made the wound is the parent."

    Ulysses looked down at Yoidel's chin lightly with his fingertips lightly.

    "Are you sad?"


    "You're better at lying than you seem."

    His cold blue eyes fell on Yoidel.

    "But you won't have a secret in front of me. Whatever it is."

    For a moment, my heart sank because I thought I was talking about hallucination magic.

    When Ulysses bowed his head, his calm silver hair fell.

    "Let me ask you again. If it's not sad, are you ashamed?"


    "You usually want to hide your family history, so you'll be ashamed and ashamed. The young chick pretending to be brave must be trying to hold back her tears.”


    "You know my shame, and I'm in the flesh of your shame."

    Yoidel bit his lip. It was as he said. It wasn't my fault to be hit. I said it was okay, but I was actually upset.

    And it was the most embarrassing that someone saw that.

    "……thank you for your help. But can't you pretend you don't know this?"

    "What if you pretend you don't know, alone?"

    The inevitable sincerity popped out. But Ulysses didn't budge from his angry words.

    "You'll probably go into the room alone and cry, hugging only the lump you can't help." No? It wasn't a cool enough disposal to bury your wounds."

    I never tried to cry. But Ulysses seized him and penetrated his mind with a keen gaze.

    I was forced to shed tears. I endured and endured, but it ended up being a mess.

    "Are you sad?"

    Ulysses asked in a low voice. He stared at Yoidel with a calm tone and an elegant manner.

    "What are you crying about?"


    Yoidel couldn't tell if this man was kind or unkind. But I wanted to refute what he said.

    "I know I didn't do well, but I endured it in front of them. Well, I'm not as strong as the Holy Father. I'm the ugly one. It was the best thing I could do...….”

    I tried to hold it in, but tears came out. I know, but I'm upset to hear it openly.

    Then Ulysses, who was staring at Yoidel softly raised the corners of his mouth and smiled slightly.

    "Yes, you did a great job."


    "How can you do better than that? A normal human being just past adulthood. Now, you've done well enough just for that."

    Ulysses had doubted Yoidel at heart. Are you not a spy from Jovahilde or are you doing my business?

    The suspicion has been corrected for today's work.

    "You also kept your promise with me that you wouldn't go around getting it. You held it in better than I thought. It was more than I expected."

    Ulysses said calmly.

    I thought I had some tricks, but the buds are pretty good.

    Although it was shameless, it was not possible to hand over talent to the empire. He's the one who rediscovered the Creon mineral, which was nothing short of trash.

    It was a use that even Ulysses never knew. It will be of great help to the poor who cannot freely use light.

    As expected, it's worth it.

    But seeing that it's pouring out just because I've tried it, the new chick is still a new chick.

    Yoidel relaxed and his eyes watered when he found out he had tested him for a moment.

    "Are you crying?"

    "Whoa, who cries...… That's the kind of question I'm asking. No, no. No, don't look...…! I'm ashamed."

    When Yoidel tried to lower his head, he grabbed Yoidel's chin with his hand and firmly fixed it.


    What's going on here?

    Yoidel, who lost his mind in absurdity, gathered all his strength to lower his head, but it was far weaker than his one hand, so it was impossible.

    He doesn't even do much power. What is it?.

    His face flamed up like a burning carrot. But he didn't care and observed it carelessly.

    Why don't you let me cry? This was more sad than being tested.

    "Well, why are you doing this to me?”

    "It's amazing to see you cry."

    He rather raised Yoidel's head upward so that he could look at him.

    "Your eyes, nose, and eyes are all red. If you think about it, you don't look like the Duke and his wife in many ways

    There was a devilish face just around the corner.

    "You must be the weirdest person out of all the scary people."

    His face turned red and tears flowed, and his blue eyes just stared at the figure.

    "If you're going to cry, cry only in front of me like this. You look like a carp right now."

    "Oh, oh, oh my...".”

    "You cry so ugly."

    "Why do you say that so badly?"

    "It's even stranger to praise you for crying beautifully. Rather than crying alone, if you cry now, you won't be sad anymore. Although you'll be a carp."

    The tears that were about to come out of his cold words slowly stopped. There's a way to soothe people in a weird way.

    Ulysses grinned at Yoidel.

    "I was wrong about the good news before. Then I'll give you some really good news this time."

    "Cow…… Black, news?”

    "There's no bad news this time."

    Ulysses bowed himself and attached something to Yoidel's coat.

    Suddenly, Yoidel closed his eyes tightly and held his breath.


    Yoidel, who opened his eyes and confirmed the "good news," looked at him in surprise.

    His clothes had a badge with wings wrapped around the brilliant sun.

    an emblem of the Holy Land Among them, he wore a badge made of colorful jewels that was more special and only Seonghwang could use.

    The badge on Yoidel's chest was silver in the same pattern.

    "It was the best news I had to tell you."

    "Is this... the silver badge of the high priest?"

    "So it's yours."

    Ulysses smiled heartily, looking at the young chick who could not shut his mouth in surprise.

    "Congratulations on being a member of the Great Hall, Master Yoidel."

    His words made my heart pound. The night breeze blew gently.

    "Every new officer should forget his original family as soon as he enters the temple instead. Is the person in front of me a man of the Duke of Jovahilde or a priest of the Holy Land?"

    "C, Of course I'm a retainer!"

    "If the pulpit you showed wasn't an illusion, prove it."

    Therefore, it seemed to mean that you no longer have to be hurt by the work of the Duke and his wife, who are outsiders.

    I felt very emotional. Why do you have to be the best of the bad guys...….

    Will it just look like a good person? Is it a fantasy? A hallucination? A hallucination?


    At that time, Ulysses' outer garment covered Yoidel's head and his vision became black.

    "This is a road where ordinary people are restricted from entering, but cover it just in case. Unless you're going to have an open crying banquet."


    "You have to do better because you are an official retainer now. I'm not going to let it slide. If it's my pair, it's natural that I have to be better than normal."

    When I thought about the fact that I rolled for the Shinsu test, I thought I would let it go, but I nodded for now.

    Ulysses' coat flapped.

    "But it's okay. I'm a real retainer now!"

    Ulysses watched the chick silently.
    "What if you have runny nose on your clothes?"

    "Damn it..."

    "You just cursed, didn't you?”

    "No, sir

    No, I think he cursed. Yoidel wiped away his tears with his coat.

    Then tears came out again with unknown warmth.

    "What did you make this out of? Why are you the only one wearing a nice cape? "You don't give this to other retainers, but you do everything you like. It feels good."

    "It's the only outfit in the world made of the scales left by the mermaid. Please wash it and return it."

    "What if it shrinks?"

    "What can I do? You have to pay me back with your life."

    "No, you're kidding, aren't you?”

    He was silent.

    And Yoidel noticed right away. You're serious about that.

    Yoidel bowed his head as hard as possible so that his face wouldn't get on his clothes. I felt like I was going to get a cramp in my throat.

    But I didn't cry anymore.

    Episode 22


    A playful-faced boy with brown skin whistled.

    "Isn't that him? Yoidel, who was the biggest headache in the Holy Land." But it's unexpected. Did you see it?"

    Rolling purple eyes interestingly, he touched his chin.

    The name Yoidel had even been heard of by them working in a completely different space.

    I heard that he followed the prosperity like that, but he was almost an anti-mad maniac.

    Of course, I wasn't interested at the time. Because I don't think he's going to care about the threat of Joe's hair. It was like that in real life.

    There were many believers who secretly admired the successful appearance and good character. It was more than that. Yoidel was one of the dogs, but his personality was only more vicious. But...

    "That's the image of a priest who is rumored to be vicious?" "Isn't everyone's eyes sprained?"


    "Hey, Rios, you saw it. Huh? There are so many bad guys in the world. Besides, he doesn't mean anything to his face."

    The brown-skinned boy shook his body with excitement, shaking his black hair around.

    He was an interesting person who found it in a bored car.

    Seong-hwang was recently agonizing over an interesting suggestion, but something more interesting made his heart beat.

    And even more interesting words.

    "Speak in a low voice. And be careful with your rude whistling."

    A white-skinned boy who listened silently raised his eyes.

    White skin, brown skin, blonde hair and black hair were in sharp contrast, but their eyes were similar.

    Their eyes began to glow with interest. It's just the difference between showing off or still watching.

    "It's my habit. I can't change my voice volume. Rather, I want to see it again just now."

    The brown-skinned boy jumped out of the tree and re-enacted the image of Yoidel that he just seen.

    "Because my bottom is higher than the sky of the empire.”

    The boy twisted his body in admiration.

    Then he went to the blonde boy's side, who showed signs of displeasure with his behavior, and pushed his face in. The boy couldn't stand still at all.

    "I guess the rumor that it's changed these days is real. It's so different from the rumor that he was vicious!”

    The two boys, wearing white armor and a huge sword, squinted interestingly.

    "I agree."

    "What do you mean, there's nothing good about believing what the public says. I like him. I think I just fell in love."

    The light words sent a reproachful look at the blonde boy.

    "Oh, don't get me wrong. That's not what I meant. Please take back those eyes."


    "By the way, what you said was fair, is it real?"

    At the playful question, the blonde boy took his eyes off the book and took off his glass.

    The boy, with indifferent eyes as if nothing had been captured, looked about the same age as the naughty boy.

    "You didn't hear it wrong.”

    "Of course, I heard it clearly with this ear. He said fair, and the Holy Father himself."

    "That's not something even the Holy Father can say recklessly."

    "Right? Fair is that."

    "I'll take you."

    The two boys spoke at the same time. The two looked beyond the disappearance of Yoidel and Ulysses.

    "It's going to be fun, from now on."

    "It's Yoidel...".”

    An unknown smile was drawn around the boys' mouths.

    But there was one more problem.

    "F, bababab, class, companion!"


    Hail, who came to present a book to Yoidel, who is becoming a lovely student, also witnessed the scene.


    Should I oppose this love as an elder? Or should I bless you for finding a companion as an old servant of the Holy Father?’

    Every Monday morning, the president of the convention.

    With everyone having a heated discussion, Hail hit the petal spot with her drooping shoulders.

    'I like you, I don't like you. The Holy Father really likes the boy, he doesn't, he likes...… Ugh!

    Like this!

    When the result came out that he liked it, Hail threw flowers in a game.


    "First of all, the distribution of minerals in the Lakras Mountains..."… "Mr. Hail."

    The sudden scream drew everyone's eyes. When the chairman raised the question, Hail replied.

    "I'm sorry. I saw nothing."

    "Be careful.”

    Ulysses, who does not tolerate other things when working, also stiffened his face.

    Hail coughed heavily and looked around. But what is that.

    "Why did you get nail marks on your body?" What's with the bruise?

    Ulysses' condition has been strange these days.

    Besides, you said you care about the pink-haired boy. I can't believe this is happening while I'm taking my eyes off it.

    I can understand the great repercussions. The priest of Yoidel woke up Shinsu. It's because two outstanding people are formed.’

    After eavesdropping on the conversation between the two, Ha-il didn't even hear the sound of meetings.

    "You're right about the priest of Yoidel. How could the Creon mineral become a new mineral of light...… It's amazing. I can't believe it was used like that.”

    All the new officers in the conference room admired.

    It was a soft stone that was crushed just by touching it for trimming, so I didn't even think about getting some sun.

    Would you dare think that the mineral, which grows only in dark and humid places, would be a back if it had light?

    "We needed a large amount of fuel to turn on and keep the lights on at night, but now we don't have to forcefully bring them in from Bridal."

    "Is it true that the first person to find out this was the Yoydell Shrine?"

    "We all saw it."

    He was a vicious death row prisoner only a while ago, but he acted nice as if he had suddenly come to his senses and eventually woke up Shinsu. Is it just that?

    "I heard you named Lakras' monster."

    "It's called Berry. I tamed the monster in a test to pick a new manager! Does this make sense? I couldn't believe it.”

    The big, three-headed beast has a silly and cute name, Berry.

    "Amazing or brave."

    "I'm sure it's both. Besides, aren't you the manager of Shinsu? What's there to fear? I'd feel like I had the world. I almost let him go without recognizing him.”

    Looking at the figure, Hail thought of something else.

    It could really be the world. Since you have the Holy Father.’

    But contrary to his flip-flops, most of the believers were busy laughing at the good news that broke out one after another.

    "The British Empire must be grinding its teeth, lol!"

    "Keep your dignity, retainer."

    However, even the face of the retainer, who was self-centered, twitched with joy.

    "I heard that the Duke of Jovahilde visited the Yoidel Shrine and made a fuss. The deportation of the noble is an unusual issue, and countries outside the Holy Land are already excited.”

    "Their holy spirit is famous on the continent, so in the end...…. Tsk, I heard that he violated discipline due to excessive attempts to enter the country and was kicked out for disorder in the process. How can he be humiliated like this?

    Externally, the expulsion of the Duke of Jovahilde is known to be due to the defeat related to immigration. There was nothing good about Yoidel's name being woven together.

    "If the Holy Father hadn't stopped it, what kind of death would have happened."

    "That's right. I heard that you personally listened to their disturbance and relieved the guards of their difficulties."

    "Don't you know the details?"… Your Holiness's arrangement seems to have reached the whole country."

    As if he had done something for granted, Ulysses sat peacefully and smiled slightly. Was there a ceiling behind him?

    All the retainers marveled at his atmosphere, looking at his softly curved eyes without a word.

    In fact, however, this smile was a dismissal not to ask more questions because it was annoying.

    "Do you have anything else to say?"

    The chairman looked around and said.

    Ulysses was tired. I didn't want anyone to raise their hands, but then Hail raised his hand.

    Ulysses dodged him with tired eyes, but was forced to speak to a stubborn claim.

    "Your Holiness, this is the time to marry...…!”

    "I won't."

    "Then the latter is……!”

    "I'm not going to be born."

    Ulysses laughed and blocked the plea of the faithful.

    That guy's talking about marriage.

    How many times do I have to listen to you treat me like a stallion?

    "Are you sure you won't?"

    "I am married to the Holy Land."

    At the words, Hail tried to scream, but swallowed the noise and hardened. No wonder my eyes had a lot to say.

    "……But didn't the senior priest Hail say that when the god hatches, he crosses the Daishinjeon with the main character?" When do you plan to do it?"

    Ulysses, irritated by the bell, gently sarcastically criticized him.

    It was simple grumpy, but Hail swallowed tears with unknown sorrow when she heard the question.

    'Do you want to make your lover happy, Holy Father! Why don't you put it on your forehead?’

    His misunderstanding deepened day by day.


    After the meeting, Ulysses returned to the palace and sat down.

    "There we go again.”

    Originally, the senior trio were serious about his marriage, but Hail's symptoms have worsened recently.

    Ulysses is in a hurry as if he had someone else in mind.

    They collect and spread out portraits of young lovers from all over the continent. He asked me to tell him about my ideal type.

    Ulysses closed his eyes to the ensuing headache.

    "What do you mean, think of the Holy Land as a prosperity?"

    He knew more than anyone that his blood was special. The last line of blood of the Shinto people, the name was grand, but the substance was well.

    a marriage made for a purpose and a child born between them Ulysses knew the futility better than anyone else.

    He didn't want to be someone's husband, let alone a good parent.

    He sighed deeply, very deeply. Then Yoidel, who was looking at him, asked a question stealthily.

    "……Did I do something wrong?”


    "Well, really?"

    Yoidel has been there for a long time.

    Yoidel, trembling in his eyes, squeezed his courage.

    "Yes, I had a mint candy in your office. I'm so sorry."


    "As expected, you all know. I'm sorry, I actually ate two."

    Ulysses lost his words in bewilderment. Do you think he thought he had picked up a few candies? This me? That thought was even more repugnant.

    "Yes. Be sure to buy it. That's not a herb-scented candy, it's a fairy's decision to restore strength."

    He glared at Yoidel's arm, which was exposed through his sleeves.

    "What's wrong with you?"

    "As expected, you were the culprit. I wondered if I had hit something."

    His arms were full of blue bruises and scratches. Traces of working up the Lacras for Hail and research.

    Ulysses frowned at the figure.

    "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know you had a wound."

    "You are threatened by will and will, so I will attach a person to you."

    "If it's a person…….”

    Ulysses looked at the door silently.

    "Come in."


    As soon as Ulysses' horse fell, the door opened.

    And it was two boys who appeared from beyond the door. Blonde and black hair. Two very different people.

    "A knight of the castle?"

    Hello can you please repost the mtl file

    Episode 23

    Instead, there were not only the Divine Hall but also the Holy Knights.

    Built on a small hill, the Bukgwan is responsible for knights and combat troops.

    It was the first time I saw it this close because I didn't have to meet it unless it was a special event due to the different radius of activities.

    And it's a very high-ranking Knights outfit!’

    That's also the 1st Knights.

    Except for the successful Guards, it was the most outstanding elite unit.

    But what are they doing?! I don't think I'm introducing you to be close.

    "These are the people who will be your escort from now on."


    His jaw dropped open.

    Who?! I'm being escorted by them?

    This was ridiculous. I don't know if it's the Holy Father's escort, but it's just a priest? It was too much.

    "I guess it's a new kind of bully!"

    Yoidel clasped the hem of her dress and trembled. Ulysses, who saw the figure, said calmly.

    "There has been a safety-related risk since your status was promoted. It's a good thing to have an escort."

    "Ha, but…….”

    Ulysses whispered softly when Yoidel hesitated.

    "Theo and the duchess, we don't know who's next. If you get hurt, my body gets hurt, and I don't get hurt, but you get hurt a lot."

    I couldn't answer.

    That's true.

    In fact, Yoidel has been injured several times since he was paired with him.

    It was not just a problem for Yoidel, but also a problem related to him.

    I was a little saddened to think that I had hurt him.

    Ulysses put Yoidel ahead of the two articles, either.

    "This black-haired knight is Mr. Whisteron."

    "Nice to meet you, Yoidel! No, Mr. Yoidel! Let's be friends since we're the same age!"

    Unlike his appearance, the boy with black hair, purple eyes, and sharp black leopard-like eyes was very formal.

    The tender boy grabbed Yoidel's firm hand.

    But it wasn't his name that came into Yoidel's ear.

    Friend? He asked me to be his friend.’

    My pupils grew bigger and my mouth opened by itself.

    I've never heard of a friend. Suddenly my heart began to pound.

    Because Yoidel didn't have any human friends.

    In the past, if Yoidel was isolated alone like bullying the world, no one approached him as a friend anymore. I'm just looking forward to it.

    "Be careful, Mr. Whisteron."

    But Ulysses snapped their hands.

    "Oh, Holy Father, that's too much. That's mean. Can't I shake hands? Just catch the Holy Father? You're a greedy."


    The blonde boy warned, but Whisteron slipped over with dexterity. Yoidel was surprised to see the figure.

    "You must have two livers to swallow the words of the Holy Father."

    Ulysses lightly ignored the black-haired boy as if he were used to it, then shifted his gaze.

    "This is Mr. Lyos."

    "Nice to meet you, my lord."

    The blonde boy bowed his upper body calmly with the body movements that the thief had in his body.

    I guess he's a serious person. You two feel the opposite way.’

    Just as I was thinking that way, Laos sat on one knee.

    What is he doing?

    As he tilted his head, he kissed Yoidel's hand.

    "Ah! What are you doing?"

    "Do as the tradition of knighthoods."

    With pale blond hair and blue eyes, Laos was like an angel in the picture.

    But his personality seemed as stern as an angel.

    Yoidel drew back his hand trembling.

    Ulysses, who was watching him, rubbed the back of his hand as if he felt uncomfortable for no reason.

    It wasn't just the body that felt strangely uncomfortable. What is this useless ominous feeling.

    The two guards did not avoid Yoidel's eyes, but faced each other clearly.

    'I wanted a friend, but I didn't want an escort.’

    Of course, the one wearing the big sword.

    Yoidel swallowed while looking at the two great swords for no reason.

    My heart pounded with a strange feeling.

    Is this an ominous thing, or an expectation of becoming a new friend?

    "It's going to be okay, right?"


    "Is this really okay?"

    Yoidel walked the temple at a quick pace, sweating profusely.

    "You walk fast, Yoidel! Are you ashamed of us?”

    "About 20 steps ahead, there is a broken piece of tile. Be careful not to get your feet caught, my lord."

    "Oh, thank you."

    I'm thankful, but I'm embarrassed. Yoidel bowed his head to the gaze that was focused on him and accelerated his walk.

    I really want to be alone. Is this a punishment or a prize?

    Behind Yoidel, Whisteron and Rios, who had taken her luggage, were trying to catch up with her with quick steps.

    "I think Yoidel is treated very special.”

    "You deserve it.”

    "It's not that, I want to treat you special, but I'm sad that I can't even talk to you." Who are those sexual knights?"

    "Look at the pattern. It's the 1st Knights! He was selected as an escort."

    She could hear a whisper in her ear.

    I wish I had a friend, but I wanted everyone to pay attention! I never wanted to.

    This is too much.

    "Is it the new torment of the Holy Father?"’

    They became escort drivers and shadowed all of Yoidel's deeds.

    When you eat, when you go to the bathroom, even right before you go to bed!

    'We're on a mission, so don't worry and do what you've been doing, Mr. Yoidel.'

    Then he stared at me.

    Even when eating rice, it was too much, such as taking a knife to cut meat and cutting it into bite-size pieces.

    They didn't go back until they saw themselves close their eyes comfortably at night.

    Let's not pay attention. I'm busy right now.'

    Yoidel tried to ignore the escorts and moved to prepare a banquet for Flothes.

    Your precious god, who was only born hundreds of years later.

    It is not just an animal born, but a symbolic existence that will widely shake the influence of the Holy State.

    Therefore, Daeshinjeon's decision was to hold a huge banquet that was rumored to be held in all countries.


    Even though Yoidel entered Flutes' room, Shinsu did not respond.


    "Are you mad, Flo? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I couldn't come because I was busy preparing for the banquet and working in the mountain range.”


    Flotes sat still with his back turned as if angry.

    "Ta-da! It's the white peppermint grass that Flo likes.”

    The small back flinched a little at the voice, but surprisingly, the resolution was firm.

    As he lowered his head to look at his eyes, Flotes raised his head in reverse.

    "Flo's birthday party will be held soon, what should I do? I can't go with Flo, can I?”

    When Yoidel heard that he couldn't go, Flutes was greatly agitated and wowed. But he shook his head straight away.

    I can't do it.

    Yoidel stretched his knees and drew nearer to the door.

    "Then Flo, thank you so far. I'll go."

    Flotes flinched but did not look back. You're more upset than I thought. But it works best.

    "I'll never see you again, but I was happy to have Flo. Take care. Bye."

    "Koong! Koong! Koong! Koong!"

    with a thud

    Flutes ran with his short legs, Dodo, and was held in Yoidel's arms.


    An hour later, Yoidel grumbled for a long time and headed to the grand banquet hall with Flotes, who fell asleep.

    It said that the owner of the top of Orbis was coming to this banquet.’

    There was no job on it, but Yoidel had a list with his name on it. The name of one of them caught my eye.

    He was of a different status, but she was well aware of the secret of being at the top of the scenes.

    Since it was a prestigious family from generation to generation, his family did not welcome him to enter the business, and he, who had a sense of finance, had to hide his talent.

    It would be nice if these groups could take charge of the distribution of minerals.’

    He made a great success by building up the top.

    In addition, Yoidel was not able to talk to him, saying, "I know your secret."

    Seongguk also trades with other countries, but now there has been some confusion.

    Originally, it was an area managed by Geram, but all the people involved were cut off.

    Yoidel, who was relieved of his regret, walked through the huge banquet hall and carefully calculated the structure and movement of Flotes that could be injured.

    Of course, after that, the two escort drivers were closely attached.

    No, I'm sorry if you think the drivers are burdensome. Besides, I'm just following you around to protect me.’

    Suddenly Whisteron saw something and shouted.

    "Yoidel! Look, it's a lizard! This thing crawls on the floor of the temple."



    When Yoidel shouted in great surprise, Flutes was also surprised.

    "Dell, Yoydell! Frogs are amazing, right? Argh!"

    Then Laos hit Whisteron in the back of the head.

    "Rios, why are you hitting me on the head? It hurts!"

    "It's pathetic. Can't you see the priest being surprised?"

    Whisteron changed the subject at all, not being scolded.

    "By the way, Yoidel, how did you know the use of Creon minerals? Grandfather Hail was surprised, too."

    "It's, uh, I've read a lot of books since I was young! I must have seen so many things that I thought of it without realizing it."

    Anyway, the original book is a book. Yoidel replied, hiding his cold sweat.

    "Hmm, really?"

    Whisteron whistled suspiciously.

    "Actually, Creon minerals are used a lot in my hometown. But I was surprised to know that you were from the Empire.”


    "Yes, the continent of life, Media. That's where Rai and I are from. "Didn't you tell me?"

    Media was the most secretive of the three continents.

    Spirits and Summoners, Mana and the source of vitality and the birthplace of all magic.

    Media, a continent in a beautiful fantasy.

    It was also a powerful continent with abundant resources and incredible gold and treasure. Between the Holy State and the Empire, where the conflict continues, it is a neutral country that does not take sides.

    But a decade ago, you said you suddenly locked the door for an unknown reason. Why is that?

    Episode 24

    Originally, the three continents actively interacted, but about a decade ago, for unknown reasons, Media closed all trade routes.

    Like the Holy Land, Media was a country on one continent.

    Median people who move thoroughly, led by the head family.

    Medias said they had separate languages, Whisteron and Lyos were proficient in the official languages spoken in the Holy Land and on the continents of the earth, and the appearance was the same.

    If there is a slight difference, is it just a color tone?

    The color of Lyos' skin was exceptionally white as if it were the blood of a fairy, and Whisteron's skin was a very rare copper color.

    The eyes were prettier.

    Lyos' eyes were blue, but if you look closely, gold was mixed around his pupils, and the whistles were purple and blue, so it was very beautiful.

    "But can you tell me?”

    Yoidel asked cautiously.

    After a unilateral communication stop, the eyes on them were not good.

    In addition, many people from Media were beautiful in appearance, so they were secretly sold at high prices as slaves.

    The British Empire was the best among many countries for such a thing.

    It's not like you two don't know that.

    'Cause I'm from the British Empire anyway.’

    When I asked carefully, the two drivers laughed as if they were talking about something.

    "Because we are your guards. Yoiddell should know about us, too! And there's no need for Yoidel to be sorry.”

    "Many people in Daishinjeon already know, my lord."

    Whisteron laughed as if he were having fun, and Lyos silently affirmed.

    "Well, so I was wondering if you also had Media's blood mixed in. I know about animals and I know about creon minerals. But I don't think so

    Whisteron smiled and put on a serious look for a moment.

    "But like our rumors, you don't have the ability to curse at others, so don't worry."

    After the continental blockade, rumors spread that Medians could curse others with special abilities, or that they were barbarians with terrible diseases.

    Of course, there was no basis, but it didn't matter in the first place. It was just one of the reasons I made to avoid Medians. Anger at the suspension of trade.

    The rumor was so successful that the rumor about the Medians got worse day by day.

    At that time, a priest who was preparing for the banquet next to him looked at them with surprised eyes and whispered.

    "Ma, Median?"

    Then the priest next to him added a horse.

    "How can a person from Media be a sex knight...….”

    When Whisteron and Lyos were found to be Medians, there were usually two reactions.

    You admire your beautiful appearance and treat it as a rare seed, or you're reluctant. Both were the worst.

    Although he left the Media continent for some reason, it was a reaction he had to endure each time. It didn't matter now.

    But I said it first because I felt an unknown sense of homogeneity with Yoidel, but was it a mistake?

    Whisteron, looking at her silent, smiled brightly because he felt awkward for no reason.

    "Come on, Yoidel. Let's finish the inspection. It'll be night soon."

    But Yoidel's face gradually hardened. Although he had a soft personality, he was not so obtuse that he didn't even know the meaning behind the words that pretended to be nothing.

    Yoidel clenched his fist in anger and smiled broadly.


    "……… Huh?"

    Not only Whisteron but also Lyos opened his eyes wide. But Yoidelman smiled brightly with his eyes shining.

    "Then you know a lot about magic, don't you?”

    Media, the magical source, was the first continent to create the pairing between Yoidel and Ulysses.

    There were many races with special abilities in Media, and naturally, there were many mixed races, so the lifespan was usually long.

    Therefore, it was natural that research on companion relationships was actively conducted.

    In other words, you can also figure out how to solve their relationship. In fact, the record of the Median continent was the only clue.

    Yoidel grabbed Whisteron's hand and said in a loud voice.

    "In addition, the architectural magic used for the convenience of life, the magic of building sewage facilities, and the way to incorporate magic into fabrics are all from the media. Artifacts that contain videos!"

    "……well, is that right?

    Even Whisteron, who was adroit at Yoidel's sudden reaction, was embarrassed. But Yoidel went on to say.

    "There will never be such a fool who ignores the Median continent before this. Isn't that right?"

    I wasn't saying it to both of you.

    This was a word to say to those who were reluctant to them earlier. I was frozen for a moment and was absent-minded with shock, but I clearly felt the coldness of staying with them.

    Yoidel spoke in a strong tone on purpose, as if to listen better.

    Then, the two retainers who said cold words earlier flinched. Most of the believers who watched the situation clicked their tongues at them or smiled faintly at Yoidel.

    "If there were such people near me, they would be huge idiots. Or someone who has been constipated for a long time and can't control their mood."

    The faces of the retainers in the back turned red at the words.

    Whisteron and Lyos also immediately recognized what Yoidel meant.

    "You're right, Yoidel."

    And both burst out laughing.

    "They're idiots."

    One is cheerful, and the other is holding back his smile. However, their eyes were directed at Yoidel with equally pleasant feelings.


    The next day, Yoidel came out to the mall.

    I'm going to buy him a present.’

    Yoidel had plenty of money.

    After becoming a high priest, salaries rose by a wide margin, and more saffron flower beds were discovered after Berry allowed them to enter.

    There is also a side that has made an exceptional achievement for it, so I have plenty of pockets. If you cash everything, not in your pocket, you have to pile up the room.

    "I can eat and live forever!"’

    Ulysses had questionable eyes when Yoidel said so with delight.

    It was only paid for a month.’

    That's what I said.

    On top of that, he seriously asked if it was an irony to ask for next month's share as soon as possible.

    "Your concept of money must be different from normal."

    Indeed, no matter how long it was left empty, Rosarium was also a valuable asset of the Holy State.

    You can guess because you gave it your share.

    "Would a necklace be good for Flo?"

    Yoidel, who was walking around the nearby shopping district, looked at the window and agonized.

    Flutes is an animal, but it was difficult to choose a suitable gift, not a dog or a cat.

    I wish I could humanize it.’

    According to book records, Shinsu can humanize.

    I don't know the exact time, but Shinsu has a long lifespan, so it will probably take a long time, right?

    These days, Yoidel was into reading books.

    Old books were hard to read because they were corroded or had a lot of old words, and at that time, the materials of the sheets tied together were of great help.

    Relatively much more recent ones.

    It was a detailed material with the utmost care and affection in handwriting. What about the painting on the outside? It was superior to most artists' ceiling paintings.

    I was told that the person who created the data was a former new administrator.

    'Why did he rip off a part of it when he was so affectionate?’

    As if I'll never look back.

    The records were much more detailed than other books, but were greatly damaged. There was also a trace of reattaching the torn paper.

    Although it was not corroded, there were some that were not as good as old books.

    Some of the other books seem to have different languages, so I glanced at them and covered them up.

    "Oh, I think that'll be fine.”

    Among the products displayed by the window was a shiny, well-smelt gemstone.

    with a rattle.

    The store that opened the door boasted a luxurious atmosphere with subtle lighting.

    "Plotes likes to shine these days." I'm sure you'll like that.’

    Flotes, who grew up a little more than he was born, now knew how to distinguish tastes.

    I couldn't help but laugh and hide it under the blanket in the cradle.


    At that time, there was a person who caught something at the same time as Yoidel.

    When surprised Yoidel turned his head, he saw a middle-aged man with a embarrassing face.

    "Oh, my! What should I do? This is the only jewel left. The customers have a good eye, so it's exactly the same.”

    "Is there only one on display?”

    "You'll have to wait a week to get a new entry…… I'm sorry, sir."

    The shopkeeper looked troubled.

    "What's the name of this jewel?"

    "Ah, yes, sir! It is a Cletia mineral that is frequently visited by highly discerning people like customers. Usually, they sell it by processing it with necklaces or earrings, but sometimes there are people looking for gemstones, so I put it in like that."

    Yoidel didn't take his hand off the gemstone. It was the same for middle-aged men.

    I think this is going to be Flutes' favorite, what should I do?

    A timid heart pounded.

    "I'm here to buy ingredients, what's the matter with you, the priest?”

    "I'm sorry, but... My precious friend's birthday is coming up soon. It's cheap, but I'll go first...… I think I picked it up, can you give it up? Please."

    "Oh, birthday."

    When asked earnestly, the man with a gentle atmosphere with a good impression smiled lightly.

    Only the index and middle of the right hand are slightly bent. Unlike the callus and appearance in the meantime, they were rough and cracked hands.

    "Cletia minerals are mainly used as pigments for artists because they are shiny, attractive, and create a subtle glow."

    His job must be a painter.

    When Yoidel thought hard with a serious face, the man eventually smiled and backed away.

    "Your precious friend's birthday will never come back, so I'll step down. Happy birthday to your friend. May the blessing of the Lord be with you."

    The man smiled back. At that time, Yoidel thought, "Maybe.

    The Holy Land was a country with advanced art and culture and was treated as such. Finding artists on the street was more common than picking up coins.

    "Shall I wrap it for you, sir?"

    Somehow I looked at the window where he left with a vague feeling.

    The owner of the store hummed the joy of the sale and wrapped it beautifully. Then he guessed Yoidel's little worry and smiled tenderly.

    "You don't have to worry too much, sir. You already have a lot of ingredients, so you won't be in a hurry.”


    "Yes, the one who just left. He's from the Saya family. He's a famous artist."


    He was the owner of the top of Orbis.

    Episode 25

    "Wait a minute!

    Yoidel rushed after Michaelle and caught him.

    "……the new officer of the store earlier?"

    "Yes, that's right."

    "What brought you here in a hurry?"

    I managed to catch up with him. Yoidel gasped and handed him the box.

    "I just wanted to say thank you for this!”

    "That's why you ran so hard. It's not a big deal, so don't worry about it, retainer."

    He was a middle-aged man who was seemingly ordinary.

    The Saya family is one of the best in the Holy Land. They said they were reluctant to do business because of their high self-esteem.

    But Michele has a talent for business, and he knew it.’

    The reason why Michele was present at Flutes' banquet this time was that he, who was also excellent as a painter, was supposed to paint a ceiling painting in the second chapel of the Great Hall of God.

    However, Michaelle's skills cannot allow only a second chapel.’

    He was a man of many talents.

    Michele's paintings were popular among the upper classes due to their warm and antique colors and soft painting style.

    There is a saying that he must be a king of a country to commission a portrait, so the ransom is worth knowing.

    You wouldn't have been able to get requests for paintings often because you would have to pay a lot of attention to the work at the top. That was the reason why his number of works was small compared to the great demand.’

    He gladly took charge of the ceiling painting of the second chapel, not the first chapel or the grand chapel used by the Holy Father.

    "Are you religious?"

    Although he was not a priest and was not a question to ask, there was no reason to receive a small request from the Holy State unless it was.

    "I... may I ask why you willingly gave way?"”

    Yoidel decided to ask directly.

    Then Michele's face was slightly surprised and smiled kindly.

    "Since you are a young priest, I wanted to make concessions as an old man."

    "Oh…… I see. Thank you."

    "Are you here for that?"

    "That's, uh...….”

    Or maybe there's some other reason.

    Yoidel looked at the gift box in his arms. This is still a gift from Flutes. I couldn't give it back.

    A mineral that can be ground and mixed with pigments...… If that's the case, by any chance.'

    The gemstone I bought earlier had a shiny material.

    Michele's paintings were famous for creating a sacred beauty by glittering slightly from the side when painting the veil or sky of the figure.

    And Orbis' top owner's eye is tricky.

    "Since you have a good eye, you have to be more picky."

    On the contrary, it means that we accept the goods as long as they are fine without any other flattery.

    It could be rather good.

    "Are you an artist?"

    "Oh, the owner of the store must have told you."

    He laughed helplessly.

    As a person who does not reveal his identity, he seemed to be careful about personal information.

    He was gentle, but his expression looked a little uncomfortable when asked about his personal information.

    "No, I was wondering when I saw your hand. And the paint underneath the fingernails doesn't come out easily. I was wondering if he was drawing before.”

    "Oh, my God, I came out sloppy again."

    Michele scratched her head awkwardly.

    He was dressed well, but in fact, it was hard to think that he was the owner of such a great top.

    He looked more like a simple and ordinary person than a member of a deep-rooted noble family.

    Yoidel went to him and held out a small pocket.

    "Thank you for your concession. So I'm a little bit of a reward, but...… I want to give you a stone that can be used as a pigment.”

    "Do you think it's me?"

    "Yes, it's a soft mineral that's good for crushing and using. I heard that if you expose yourself to the sun for a long time, it will sparkle with the sun shines.”

    "……was there such a mineral?”

    Michele looked puzzled as if she had never heard of it.

    "Oh, this stone...….”


    "No, this is too much of a gift to receive as a concession."

    Michele closed her mouth while trying to pretend to know. Because the information is not leaked from the outside because it is still being studied in the temple.

    But Michelle, who is fast information, may know.

    a creon mineral

    He looked through the robe with his eyes and accepted the pocket as if he was trying to figure out whether Yoidel's new official suit was a trick for impersonation.

    'You look interested.’

    Yoidel observed Michele's attitude carefully. Indeed, his eyes twinkled.

    Art is basically inseparable from luxury. It was a culture enjoyed by people who could afford it.

    There was also a way to price it as if it was a competition.

    Therefore, if Creon is mixed with Michele's work, ordinary nobles will be very interested.’

    It's going to be a promotion. Practical uses instead of lanterns are also good, but luxury consumers that are affordable were also needed.

    "In Daeshinjeon, we will manage it so that it does not overheat, so there will be no risk that the price will not be used for its original purpose."

    Seeing Michele riding in a carriage, Yoidel hoped that the mineral would appeal to him. So I whispered to myself without realizing it.

    "Nice to meet you..."….”


    "Oh, my!"

    I almost dropped my heart.

    Just as Yoidel was about to fall in surprise, someone firmly supported him on his back. It was Whisteron and Lyos.

    The glow of orange glistened over their heads because of the sunset.

    "Buddhist, who is the author? There seemed to be no personal threat, but those who don't know should be careful."

    "How are you here?”


    The two had similar features but said completely different things like completely different color contrast.

    "Because we're your escort!"

    Whisteron grinned.

    "I've been following you secretly since a while ago! You didn't know, did you?

    "I didn't notice it at all...….”

    "The Holy Father told me to take care of you wherever you go.”

    "Your Holiness?"

    The two escorts opened the carriage door.

    "Now let's go home. Did you buy everything? I'll listen."

    "I'm already holding it. Stupid fellow."

    Yoidel laughed at the growl of the two. Even though Jovahilde had no family, Jovahilde had a place to return.



    "Why are you laughing like that?"

    Ulysses stared at Yoidel with an expression of looking at something strange.

    "If you're going crazy, please tell me in advance. Even if mental pain is not shared, you don't know what risks will come.”

    The Grand Banquet Hall. Ulysses looked down at the priest sitting together with discontented eyes to supplement his divinity. What's wrong with her today?

    At that time, when I was suspicious of Yoidel, a series of groups approached and greeted him.

    "Congratulations on Shinsu's birthday."


    Flutes, in Yoidel's arms, greeted the crowd with his plump forefeet waving.

    On the day of the banquet, Flutes was supposed to be sitting alone next to Ulysses, but whenever I went to him, I cried and went crazy, so Yoidel was forced to hold his life.

    Thanks to this, Yoidel received a guest for several hours by tapping on his numb leg.

    On the high platform overlooking the grand banquet hall, people who enjoyed the banquet gathered far below, so it was lonely and bored. I'm hungry.

    "Do you have anything to say?"

    "What? Well, that's it."

    I remembered the reason why I laughed earlier. Yoidel answered him, fiddling with Flo's front paws for no reason.

    "You know me, Holy Father. I made a friend.”

    As he cast his eyes, Yoidel shyly opened his two fingers.

    "Two people! I love it."


    Yoidel recalled a few days ago.

    Whisteron and Laos smiled heartily and reached out to her once more. What they said at the time...….

    Yoidel, let's be friends. I mean it's true

    Whisteron once again said and Lyos agreed. Yoidel opened his eyes wide and was deeply moved and accepted.
    Ulysses stared at Yoidel with an expression of looking at something strange.

    "If you're going crazy, please tell me in advance. Even if mental pain is not shared, you don't know what risks will come.”

    The Grand Banquet Hall. Ulysses looked down at the priest sitting together with discontented eyes to supplement his divinity. What's wrong with her today?

    At that time, when I was suspicious of Yoidel, a series of groups approached and greeted him.

    "Congratulations on Shinsu's birthday."


    Flutes, in Yoidel's arms, greeted the crowd with his plump forefeet waving.

    On the day of the banquet, Flutes was supposed to be sitting alone next to Ulysses, but whenever I went to him, I cried and went crazy, so Yoidel was forced to hold his life.

    Thanks to this, Yoidel received a guest for several hours by tapping on his numb leg.

    On the high platform overlooking the grand banquet hall, people who enjoyed the banquet gathered far below, so it was lonely and bored. I'm hungry.

    "Do you have anything to say?"

    "What? Well, that's it."

    I remembered the reason why I laughed earlier. Yoidel answered him, fiddling with Flo's front paws for no reason.

    "You know me, Holy Father. I made a friend.”

    As he cast his eyes, Yoidel shyly opened his two fingers.

    "Two people! I love it."


    Yoidel recalled a few days ago.

    Whisteron and Laos smiled heartily and reached out to her once more. What they said at the time...….

    Yoidel, let's be friends. I mean it's true

    Whisteron once again said and Lyos agreed. Yoidel opened his eyes wide and was deeply moved and accepted.

    That's how Yoidel's second and third friends came into being.

    "Do you know how delicious the lunch box made by Rai is?" Rai is good at peeling fruits, too! It's shaped like a rabbit.….”

    But Ulysses' expression became more harsh as he spoke. Did I do something wrong? Oh, you left that out.

    "It's all thanks to you that I met Whistles and Lai."

    I was very proud. Now he knew how to socialize.

    Look, this is what the Holy Father wants.

    It wasn't. I'm in trouble.'

    Yoidel closed his mouth and turned his head and looked ahead.

    "You don't have to report your friend's play."

    "What? But it was Holy Father who talked to you first."”

    "I have an obligation to be briefed on your actions."

    It doesn't add up I knew he would be happy that his reputation was gradually improving, if not congratulations. But why is he even more upset?



    Then Flo, who was on his knee, snapped Ulysses' finger. Ulysses had bewildered eyes, rubbing his finger with the bite of his teeth.

    "You did something stupid without knowing that even my master's hand was swollen.”

    Ulysses bit his hand, so of course Yoidel's finger hurts. Surprised by the words, Flotes opened his eyes wide and licked her wound.


    "It's all right, Flo. I sometimes want to pinch my mouth, too

    Yoidel whispered in a low voice.

    "That's enough of your report."

    Then Ulysses' voice suddenly came in.

    "There's something you need to be careful about today."


    Ulysses raised his finger and pointed at one place with his dull eyes.

    Far away, a plain silver fountain in the garden beyond the glass window.

    When some people dipped their hands, the fountain increased and decreased, and the color of the water became murky and clear and shiny. Every time I dipped my hand, a different color of water rose.

    It's unique to call it just a fountain.’

    Ulysses' mouth opened as Yoidel looked at the place in wonder.

    "You should never dip your hands in the fountain in the garden."


    "That depends on the sacred power of the person who touched it. If you touch it, you'll find out that you have ridiculously little divine power."

    The words gave me a cold sweat.

    "Never touch it.’

    Yoidel hugged Flo tighter in his arms.

    Episode 26


    "Are you sleepy, Flo?"


    Flutes opened his mouth and nodded again, smacking his lips.

    It was too much because I met so many people today was too much.


    "Do you want to sleep for a bit?"

    "Koo, koo."

    "You're going to the Holy Father? Are you sure, Flo?"

    What's wrong with volunteering to go?

    Flutes poked Yoidel's arm, hugging him with his small front paw.

    Then he wriggled out of his arms and jumped mercilessly toward Ulysses.


    He looked at Shinsu with a stunned face.

    "You know you're heavy and came to relieve your master of the burden."


    "It is a four-legged beast with a warm heart for my master.”

    Flutes nodded a short neck saying yes.

    Thanks to the consideration of small animals, Yoidel came down the stairs of the grand banquet hall and enjoyed freedom.

    "It's delicious!"

    The escorts who put food in their small mouths smiled.

    "Right, Del? Try this, too."

    "This is good, too, Whis!"

    "Dell really doesn't eat a lot. Do you like champagne?”


    Regular alcohol has a prescription, so I had to avoid this kind of banquet where I worked half-way, but if it'….

    I felt good thinking about the sweet and tangy taste.

    "I can't see the champagne, Whistles."

    "You know what? Just one bottle. You're supposed to pour it, but he's monopolizing it. It's expensive champagne."

    Whisteron, who finished talking, walked as if he was trying to take the champagne. Yoidel stopped him in a hurry.

    "Isn't it someone else drinking it?"”

    "Yes, Del."

    "It's not true, Whis, I mean it's already someone else's.”

    "There's only one bottle in the world."

    "Lai, please stop Whistling...…!”

    But Lyos narrowed his eyes as he looked there.

    "You're a greedy person. I'll throw up what I've already had. The priest."

    "No, Whistles, that's not...….”

    Lyos smiled shyly like an angel with an understanding face.

    "I'll deal with the author as a whole so that you won't feel uncomfortable."

    I didn't know he would do this. The two were serious without any mischief.

    Yoidel said he would get some fresh air and managed to dry the two friends out.

    "Mr. Bride?"

    "Oh, that store!"

    "I see you here. Long time no see."

    When I came out to the outer garden of the grand banquet hall, I saw a welcome face.

    Yoidel knew his name, but he couldn't make a general name, so he misrepresented it.

    "How are you here?"

    "I have something to do with Daeshinjeon, so I'm invited this time. But if you think about it carefully, this is the bride's workplace, and I looked surprised for no reason."

    He smiled indignantly.

    "No, it's amazing that I sometimes work for Daeshinjeon. I'm glad to see you again.”

    "Haha…… It's good to work in Daeshinjeon. It's been a long time since I've been here, so I feel very new."

    "Long time no see"?

    When asked by Yoidel, he smiled clumsily. a curiously mixed smile

    "It's embarrassing, but I've also worn a new uniform in the past. He was only a trainee.”

    I was genuinely impressed. He was a versatile man in many ways.

    "What do you think? Has Daeshinjeon changed a lot compared to then?"”

    "It's pretty much the same. It's just that I'm very old. Ha ha."

    He drank a light glass of wine. The natural wrinkles around his eyes matched him well.

    Then Michele's eyes grew to amazement

    "You were not an ordinary official retainer.”


    "You were a promising retainer at a young age, already a silver boatman. Oh, I should have seen better.….”

    And Michele exclaimed briefly, as if she had remembered something.

    "It was very suitable as a mineral and pigment you gave me last time. It was good to mix it with paint and there was no feeling of hesitation."

    "Did you like the present?”

    "I was surprised. Much better than the gemstone that gave way to the priest...… Maybe."

    Michele looked at the grand banquet hall for a moment.

    "Was it Shinsu's birthday?"

    "That's right. Shinshu likes to shine."

    "……I see. I was also happy to meet Shinsu in person while I was alive, which I've only heard about."

    His words sounded bitter for no reason. As if not to be caught, Michele quickly smiled kindly.

    "Then the priest's name must be Yoidel."

    "That's right."

    "My greeting is late. Michele Saya, who was in charge of the second chapel ceiling painting, entered the hall instead."

    "Wow! I can't wait!"

    It's a fact that I already knew, and once I was surprised, I couldn't properly act surprised.

    Michaelle was silent for a moment when he saw an awkward Yoidel somewhere.

    "Did the priest already know?"


    "No, it's not. I don't know each other, so I can't...….”

    And rolling his eyes alone as if he were confused, he stared at Yoidel as if he really didn't know.

    "I've had a lot of examples. Then I'll go now. May the glory of the priest be with you."

    "Wait a moment, please."

    At the voice of Yoidel, Michele looked back.

    "Do you happen to know the former recruitment manager?"


    Yoidel's intuition was correct.

    After meeting Michele for the first time, Yoidel, who was looking at the torn material, felt that the cover and explanatory paintings were extraordinary.

    And I found that the difference between the author's handwriting and the short explanation written under the painting was clear.

    "It's true that I drew a picture. The writing was written by another priest.”

    "Do you know where it is?"

    asked with some anticipation. But Michele shook her head.

    "I was a friend who didn't know life or death."

    "It was a material full of affection, but why did he leave?"


    Michele seemed to know something, but she didn't seem to have any intention of saying it yet.

    That means it's related to Michele, too.

    There was a reason why I accepted the request for ceiling painting. But the exhibition is open, and anyone who wants to see it can come in and worship.’

    It felt like I was looking for an excuse to come in instead.

    In the original, Michele wasn't a bad person. Just a little tricky artist with a secret. He's from the Holy State family, so he's not related to Brickal either

    The Holy State, which advocates the benevolence of the Lord Cielo, did not restrict access itself for most things.

    The duchess and wife of Jobohilde are not close enough, and the threshold of Daeshinjeon, not the gate of the Holy Land, is even lower.

    However, in principle, in the case of a dismissed new building, you cannot enter the Daishinjeon.’

    It was a very rare case.

    It's a punishment you get when you break something that's harmful or important before.….

    Oh, no way.

    "Was it Mr. Michele, who tore up the data?”

    "You've already guessed that far.”


    "That's what it's known as."

    "I don't think it's true. Didn't Mr. Michele do it?"

    He laughed with an equivocal expression.

    "I think the priest already guessed and asked.”

    "Otherwise, he should be a criminal of a tremendous rank, such as murder or death, but Mr. Michele doesn't look like him."

    "Haha, it's an honor."

    And he was positive.

    "That's right. There was nothing I could do. I don't regret it because I didn't intend to live as a priest for the rest of my life anyway."

    Michele's light brown eyes looked firm.

    "But you had a reason to come before, right?”

    "There's no point in cheating. Yes, that's right. Instead of lifting the entry restrictions, we decided to pay for the painting."

    "I don't think you won't pay for it”

    "That's what I wanted to do."

    Suddenly, as if it were strange, Michele groaned and fell ill.

    "Did you give me the mineral on purpose?"

    "There's no point in cheating, right?”

    "……Oh, my God. This is why you shouldn't look down on young people. Indeed, we cannot keep up with the extraordinary greatness of high-ranking officials."

    Michele laughed.

    "What do you want from me?"

    I thought about saying it right away and thought about it for a moment. First of all, the mineral is right to his liking.

    But that wasn't enough to get confirmation.

    Rather, he may be more reluctant to be suspicious because he knows who he is.

    "Let me ask you again what you asked earlier, Mr. Michele. There must be a reason why you came here, right?”


    "There must be a reason why a famous artist like Mr. Michele put a request smaller than fame first.”

    Both the Grand Chapel and the 1st to 3rd Chapels were located in the center of Daeshinjeon Hall, that is, near the main building.

    The second chapel is close to the library where the materials currently placed in Yoidel's study were located.

    "The materials that Mr. Michele painted are not in the library."

    His expression suddenly sharpened as if he had been caught off guard.

    "But I know where to store it."

    "Where is it? Is it a castle?"”

    Michelle was so embarrassed that she didn't even recognize that I was asking her back.

    Yoidel smiled at him.

    "My house."


    "Losarium..."… That's great."

    Michele, who had become sensitive for a moment, looked foolish when she heard the answer.

    Yoidel dragged the former manager's materials and slammed them down.

    At the time when Michele tried to reach out to the data with a face of worship. Yoidel cut off his touch.


    "However, I have a condition."

    After seeing things in front of you, you lose control. The chance is now.

    Yoidel took a deep breath.

    "Please take charge of the distribution of Creon minerals at the top of Orbis."

    Episode 27

    "I see."


    Can I answer right away?

    Yoidel was more embarrassed by the answer so readily. Michele, who actually spoke, looked fine.

    "When I started working on the ceiling, I was going to take the opportunity to offer it to you instead. I'm lucky that it was processed faster than I thought."

    "Have you already thought about it?”

    "I took the bride's gift and tested it. I was going to visit you again someday, but I didn't expect to see you so soon."

    I mean, I've already liked him. Michele smiled softly and gradually gave a mysterious look.

    "But how did the priest know about me? The identity of the owner was not disclosed."

    As far as Michele knows, Yoidel was an outstanding priest, but he was not particularly associated with the top.

    Yoidel replied resolutely.

    "Because the owner of the store didn't get paid by Mr. Michele."

    Michele was an unexpected answer.

    "Is that proof?"

    "We don't get credit at stores where traders deal in large valuables. Mr. Michele didn't bring any money or artifacts, but the shopkeeper didn't ask if he had any money and thought he could pay for it.”


    "I thought it was a place where I had a long deal with Mr. Michele, or I knew him well."

    "What did you guess after that?"

    Michele seemed to be interesting in the pursuit of himself.

    "A long time ago, I knew an anecdote that Mr. Michele's sketch was sold at a high price with the top of Orbis. That's when Media closed the trade and it was very shaky overall. However, Mr. Michele's painting, which has a long period of work and does not show well, came to the world as if it were helping the top."

    It happened more than a decade ago. The appearance of sketches was a big topic because it was Michele who only produced completed works.

    "I understand that the Saya family avoids commerce. So I thought I was at least an acquaintance."

    "It could be a sketch that you bought before"

    "No, because the paper that drew the sketch, it belonged to the Holy Land."

    There was a fine quality difference between the two.

    "Media's is the best cloth for painting. The work of the time when the trade route was open was painted on the fabric. But it was Sungguk's paper that came out at the auction."

    "We have to prepare the ingredients in advance. The finished works were painted on Media's cloth even after the trade route was closed."

    "I'm sure you didn't put expensive fabric in the sketch you'd sell soon anyway. It's better to save the cloth to draw the work properly."

    Michele washed her face dry.

    "As I said before, I believed that he would be at least an acquaintance or an executive at the top because he had a reputation."

    "Then the assumption that he is the owner...….”

    "I knew it was the owner because Mr. Michele just told me."


    Yoidel smiled broadly. I was glad he confessed earlier.

    Then Michele made a shocked expression and eventually laughed in frustration.

    "I see, I was...….”

    Relying on the table, Michele picked up a book that had fallen on the floor.

    "It's written in Media's language.”

    It was a book that Yoidel glanced over and covered. Since the language is different, I can't read it.

    "But why are you looking for these materials? Do you have a half?"

    "I don't have one. "However, the place where the memories were buried is written there."

    When Yoidel looked into his mysterious eyes, Michele read after the first letters of the first paragraph of each paper.

    It was a bell tower.


    "This is it!"

    The place written on the paper was the bell tower closest to the center among the seven bell towers in Daeshinjeon Hall. The high-rise buildings are twice as high, and you can see the city far away at a glance.

    However, the bell tower was a sacred place, so it was impossible to climb except for the shrine.

    What they hid was buried at the top of the bell tower, under a brick on the northeast floor where the bell was. It was an old artifact and a letter.

    "Found you, Mr. Michele."

    Michaelle's expression was hard to see because it was a high place, but he could see the movement of bowing his head.

    At that moment, the wind blew.

    The stairs below are also steep, so you'd better go down carefully.

    "If I do something wrong, I will fall..."….”

    Yoidel rose up to go down the stairs.

    But then a sudden gust of wind blew.


    Nothing touched under my feet.

    A small body fell steeply as if it had an anchor.





    "Oh, Shinsu seems to like you very much."

    Did I give you too long a break? Ulysses thought bitterly of Yoidel, who had disappeared.

    He was grinning benevolently with a cheeky Shinsu in his arms instead of Yoidel, the new administrator.

    "What are you doing and not coming back?"’

    Whisteron and Laos were not seen together, so they did not seem to be in danger.

    And Ulysses himself will be the first to notice anything wrong with Yoidel. I wasn't worried about that. It's just...


    The problem was Lee Shin-soo, who only touched him so much that he didn't get sick.

    I was unlucky even when I was in a lump of eggs, and I was in trouble until I was born.

    Shin-soo should listen to himself who is born with similar blood. I didn't like who I looked like.

    "May I ask God to bless you?"”

    "As much as you like."

    Ulysses quickly handed over a small sign. It was what he wanted.

    It was a fact that Yoidel did not notice, but when Ulysses came when Yoidel was holding Flotes, Flotes secretly stuck out his little pink tongue and teased him.

    When he tried to turn fierce, he opened his eyes and said, "Kkuung!" and dug into Yoidel's arms and pretended to be bullied.


    Shinsu, who returned to his arms again, made an unpleasant appearance. So did Ulysses, of course.

    "But how far did Yoidel really go.’

    I don't think about coming back. Are you going to enjoy the banquet, leaving your job of taking care of Shinsu?

    If you were from an imperial aristocrat, you would be familiar with the banquet, but it didn't show that.’

    Even if I was born as Confucius and didn't go out to society as much as Young-ae, there were many strange things.

    He leaned his head against the chair and breathed out a long breath.

    At the same time, Shinsu patted his arm as if complaining.


    "I guess you don't like me."

    Shin-soo nodded as if he did.

    Not long after birth, his body, which did not go its way, flapped its wings as if it were annoying.

    "I don't like you either, so go find your master."

    Ulysses whispered in a calm voice that no one could hear.

    It was then.

    I felt the sensation of hitting Ulysses' back. However, there was only the back of the chair behind the back.

    Ulysses asked, looking down at the divine water in his arms.

    "Is it you?"


    Shinsu wasn't even joking.

    Then there is only one meaning of this sense.

    "Is there a difficulty with the chick?"

    I've put up an escort for safety, but where and what are these two doing.

    He wanted to get up right away, but Shinsu kept coming to him.

    A huge banquet hall, a place where many people gathered to see Shinsu.

    He was the host, so he couldn't leave. Even if Yoidel is his half.

    In addition, there is no abnormality in the body yet. I don't feel any pain.

    "Your Holiness!"

    At that time, a new officer approached urgently.

    Among the three elders was Marcelina, the elder.

    He was the only senior retainer to remain calm under any circumstances.

    Her face was white like that. He seemed quite out of breath.

    "The fountain... ...is in trouble."

    "What's wrong?"

    "I think you should go right now, Holy Father. Come on."

    Ulysses frowned.

    Fountain, big trouble. And the feeling of hitting my back.

    "No way."

    When I looked at the door of the banquet hall, my eyes were on the outside.

    There is a fountain there.

    Ulysses rose from his seat.

    As I approached the door, the buzz grew and people looked up. Their heads were leaning toward one place.

    Those who recognized him paved the way for him, but it took time to reach the fountain because there were many people already in place.

    Whisteron and Laos should be kept on their own for neglect of duty.’

    When you reach the fountain after overcoming the anxiety that you are not aware of.

    Just like that.


    It was raining hard outside the banquet hall.

    "Oh, my God..."

    "This is not a fantasy, is it?" It's because I can't believe it even after seeing it."

    Far from hiding from the rain, people were amazed by the rain.

    In addition, the two missing sex knights were half mesmerized with their arms vaguely open.

    It wasn't until the end that I knew why.
    "Your Holiness?"

    one's red eyes

    Before I knew it, the pink-haired bride looked at herself with her hands, or body, in the fountain.

    Yoidel was not trembling.

    Rather, he was looking back at him with a bright smile that he had never seen before. Bright drops of water flying around her like shooting stars.

    It wasn't raining.

    It was because of the fountain that showed a different appearance depending on the sacred power it possessed.

    Every time I miss my expectations.’

    Ulysses admitted that he was wrong in the past.

    "I'm sorry, I almost fell from a high place, so I quickly used magic, but I landed on the fountain. Is it... is it broken?"

    In the subtly shining fountain, the stream of water with more clear, transparent, and unknown light than anything else was soaring as if it were touching the clouds and pouring down to the ground like rain.

    It was the greatest sacred force ever.

    28, animation

    The horse than man's steps quickly spread.

    The work of the day spread from a number of other countries in a flash in the mouth of the participants.

    " Seongguk Everything hit after the steep.”

    Sinsu born in the hundreds of years alone enough to fuse with the holy power that a blessing, nonsense!

    Each country's society and will be noisy with their stories without turning a blind alley.

    " I surprised even the fuse? So why did not realize it. Look, if that should have goose is the jinjeuk. Seongguk to freezing, disappeared in existence, you know? "

    Great about an ultimate weapon. " believe may have been. Isn't it about equivalent to the success., that rain of water fountains. "

    Remember clearly the moment people are the untimely rain.

    Laughter were harvested even in the face of success that was always a delicate with a smile.

    " You look, after that to try to get the existence. Seongguk are increasingly is seeing its status rise.”

    The people who recalled the scene were all amazed at the greatness.

    I was so surprised when the pink-haired retainer fell into the fountain at first.

    I thought it was raining heavily in the dry sky.

    It was a pleasant downpour.

    It was a scene that many nobles who did not like to lose their dignity looked at with rapture.

    Hundreds or thousands of years from now, there will be no descendants who will experience the same thing as them.

    The rain only became drizzle after a long time.

    "I heard that the retainer was from the empire. I'll go on a rampage in spite of myself, maybe."

    By the time this issue was passed, people ended with a common opinion.

    The very person who automatically comes to mind when talking about the Holy Land.

    About the Emperor of the British Empire.

    "Call the Duke of Yoboilde right now!"


    And, as many speculate, the Emperor of Bridal was madly angry and breaking all the grab in the office.

    "Damn the sun! I don't want to see that light at all, put the curtains on all the palaces right now!"

    The emperor walked for a while, then stormed out of the office and entered a secret space under the palace.

    a dark, shady burrow full of bleakness

    Inside the maze of secret spaces, there was a stone that glowed.

    stones sealed with layers of sorcery

    The strange turquoise stone floated in the air.

    An unknown unpleasant energy flowed from the stone, and dark gray clouds filled the surroundings.


    The Emperor of Brickal approached a huge stone as if he had been possessed by something.

    His expression became frighteningly calm.

    The anger earlier was undisturbed, as if hypnotized.

    "Your Majesty."

    Then I heard a call for him at the entrance.

    It was the Duke of Jovahilde.

    The Duke of Jovahilde, who was recently humiliated by the Holy Land. I told him not to make a mistake, but the Duke turned the tables.

    "Duke Yoboilde, do you know what Jim wants to get?"

    "……I feel ashamed."

    The Duke of Jovahilde closed his eyes tightly.

    "I don't like this or that……. Yes, ball. Do you remember this stone? It was a precious treasure that you brought to gold. The stone that made your wish come true."


    "It's already been almost 20 years.”

    The emperor coughed dry as if to vomit.

    "Ha, ha.... There's got to be some progress in magic research, right?

    "Of course."

    Duke Jovahilde, who knelt on one knee and lowered himself politely, could not even raise his head.

    In fact, the Duke still couldn't believe the change in Yoidel.

    'I can't believe that the fragile thing changed in a flash. I must have made some kind of deal with the prosperity.’

    According to the three works in the Holy Land, Yoidel was on a close relationship with the prosperity.

    It seems like you're getting more and more confidence day by the day.

    What kind of deal did you make to have that ability?’

    The duke gnashed his teeth inside. Obviously, he was a trivial child who had only a very insignificant divine power no matter how many times he tried.

    a fruitless, useless, idiotic failure These days, however, the move has been bizarre.

    'I'm sure he used gold. I need to do some research.’

    Besides, if there is such a way, I should let my parents know, how dare you monopolize your abilities alone. The more I thought about it, the more disgusting it was.

    Now that he has announced everywhere that he has great ability, he can't even touch it carelessly.

    The Duke of Jovahilde gritted his teeth with his head bowed toward the emperor.

    The emperor lifted his vision and looked at the Duke with blurred eyes.

    "The Holy Land..."….”

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    "Don't answer Jim, Duke. Your voice is scratching your ears.”

    He reacted sensitively to the sound. The emperor touched a gray stone wrapped in green. There was an infinite amount of power in it.

    "Do you know what this is?"

    The duke opened his mouth and bit his lip.

    "A miracle stone that will change the owner of the Holy Land."


    "The largest British Empire on this land continent is mine, and shouldn't the Changgong continent be mine, too?"

    Suddenly his voice cracked. The emperor, who coughed as if blood was about to vomit, smiled and turned back.

    "The status of the noble Holy Land will also fall to the ground. Only one pillar, no matter how much God's blood it is. Even great buildings need dozens of columns. But how many more years do you think you can keep the country by yourself? It's already been a thousand years. It's time to change hands.”

    The emperor recalled some possibilities.

    Unless he becomes two pillars for his companion, the fall of the Holy Land will surely come.’

    It won't be easy to find someone who will play the role of the companion. There can't be such an equal ability.

    Except for the pink-haired retainer who has the greatest divine power of all time.

    "Your daughter said she died a long time ago. Are you sure?"

    "……I'm sure."

    If there is a girl with that ability, it is difficult.

    But the son of the rumor's new priest, Duke Jovahilde, was a man. There was never a chance for success and the Senate to have a man as a companion.

    It's not too late to kill. It's better to get rid of it when you're most excited.’

    The emperor looked at the green stone emitting light, relieved by it.


    "It's Yoidel!"

    "Oh, my God, we made eye contact! "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    It was the same reaction as the first day I cleaned the pancake. People who curl up and tremble when they meet her eyes.

    But there was a difference.

    "I think my eyesight got better! Ha, please make eye contact one more time!"

    People were no longer in fear.

    Those who were reluctant to do what Yoidel did in favor or good faith were now trembling with curiosity and excitement.

    There was a strange line around her. A group of retainers kept their distance from Jeyodel and followed her as she moved.

    "Well... It's a strawberry cookie as pretty as Yoidel's eyes, can you accept it?"

    A small retainer, who looks about four or five years old, approached timidly and held out a package.

    No way. You're giving me this?

    Yoidel shut his mouth with surprise.

    When Whisteron and Laos blocked the front, the young priest's eyes quickly changed to tears.

    "Oh, I'm in trouble, kid."

    "No, I like strawberries the best. I'll take it thankfully."

    Yoidel pushed the overprotective escort away and received a package of gifts.

    At that time, everyone's eyes opened wide while looking at the gap.

    "Hey! Then mine, too! If you don't accept me, I'll cry!"

    "It's here, too!"

    "Oh, really. Del, you brought it on yourself? Hold on tight."

    When the crowd tried to tighten her up. Whisteron strode with Yoidel in his arms.

    After a long chase, Yoidel and his escort managed to stay away from the crowd. So they managed to get to the Holy Father's office.

    "Wow, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....”

    "Dell, you're such a celebrity, lol! But you don't eat. Why is it so light? Men are usually not as light as you are. That's weird."


    Whisteron and Lyos are sometimes sharp in strange places. Yoidel stretched his shoulders wide and pretended to have a large body.

    "I take you there for now, but when Seong-ha tries to bite you, you call me Whis! Lai!" I'll run to you any time.”

    The two escort drivers asked and left.

    Yoidel, who was left alone, recalled the situation after the fountain incident on a banquet day for Flutes.

    'I'm sure that fountain was broken. I can't do that. You measured it with Holy Father’

    So Yoidel didn't feel like the favor he was getting now was ever mine.

    It is clear that the fountain did not recognize it properly for a while because there were many users. So I just happened to have an error in my turn.


    When I was standing in front of the office thinking about it, the door opened violently without touching it.

    "Your Holiness! I believe in you. You will leave your descendants for this Holy Land, Holy Father!"

    Today, Ha-il, who came to pressure the latter, was being pushed out by the strong wind.

    Should I say that he has a great will? He was serious about his Holy Father's marriage.

    "Seongha must be really angry, too." Can I go in now?’

    Yoidel rolled his eyes and looked around. But the gatekeepers, who were only in charge, beckoned to Yoidel.

    "Here comes Mr. Yoidel, Holy Father."

    "Come on in."


    The door closed behind Yoidel's back.

    Ulysses swept his face with his hand and spat a long sigh.

    Now he had a complicated mind just thinking about Yoidel's ability.

    If you are from a family that has lived in the Holy Land for generations, it was a rare probability, but there must have been a way to explain its power.

    Or if you're from the now unknown land of the Median continent, you might.

    However, Yoidel was from the great nobility of Brickal.

    a family completely unrelated to divine power from generation to come He has never produced an outstanding retainer.

    "Where the hell did that power come from?"

    It was a great power beyond doubt. The elders were not as sacred as Jeyodel.

    So I had to know. What the hell is Yoidel.

    The new building has an unusual ability to see the future and tame animals.’

    Ulysses slowly raised his head and looked aside. If you used prohibited sorcery and gold, you couldn't have felt energetic yourself.

    Because abstinence is the exact opposite of divine power.

    Furthermore, the pressure on Hail's marriage has increased since that day.’

    What did the great ability of the Yoidel bride stimulate Hail?

    "Did you notice that Yoidel has become a companion?"

    In his view, Hail was not such a sensible retainer.

    If you find out that Yoidel is your partner, you'll faint. As I reached that point, I thought I wanted to see it somehow.

    "The best performance ever." It's a force that even an elder cannot overcome. I don't know how to handle it, so it's just suppressed. As Hail says, shouldn't that boy be my companion for the sake of the Holy Country?’

    If it's really for this Changgong Continent. If he has a companion, then he should be an opponent with similar abilities.

    "Your Holiness?"

    A throbbing headache blurred my focus.

    Pink hair and red eyes showed off their presence strongly through the blurred vision. Come to think of it, it looks different than usual.

    "Are you okay, Holy Father?"

    Ulysses looked closely at Yoidel, pressing his temples with his hands with a surging headache. You see nothing, but what's different than usual.

    It's not like there's any magic at stake for Yoidel to disturb his vision.

    He opened his eyes thin.

    Rabbit-like eyes looking at themselves with worried eyes, watery red lips.

    A flat neck with no protruding uvula and a softer lines.

    "What the..."

    Ulysses sprang up from his seat in surprise at his thoughts. My heart sank with a thud.

    His wide-open eyes were not even closed by shock. He covered his forehead and eyes with a slightly trembling hand.

    It was strange.

    Why did the Yoidel bridegroom look like a woman?’
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    Episode 29

    "Your Holiness? You don't look well."

    "It's all right, so don't come up to me."


    Yoidel opened his eyes wide with surprise. I don't think I've done anything wrong yet. What's wrong with me?

    'You must hate me so much.’

    Somehow I became sullen and often stepped back and stood in the corner of the office. Yoidel slowly dug into the bookshelf as if it were seeping into the wall.

    Ulysses was just watching Yoidel's timidity.

    He is a clear boy even though he has a small frame. It's ridiculous to look like a woman.'

    When I closed my eyes again, I saw it properly. Yoidel was just a normal, old-fashioned boy. Shaking when you see yourself and busy being scared.

    "Do you have anything to hide from me, Mr. Yoidel?"

    "Yes, yes? Me? What? Oh, no?"

    His words startled Yoidel. Ulysses, who saw it, laughed in self-pity.

    You must have been so tired that you were mistaken

    This was all because of Hail's pressure to marry. The human curse-like marriage and descendants' songs lingered in my ears.

    Ulysses looked at the boy, half-hidden by the bookcase in the corner of the wall over there. I didn't like being so scared of myself.

    "What are you asking? There must be something."

    "No! There's nothing.”

    That's right. There's no way he'll be bold enough to fool himself with that personality.

    He gestured languidly.

    "But why are you in the corner like that? Come closer."

    "I actually really like corners."

    "Come on."


    Contrary to his reluctance, his body steadily stood close to him.

    "As expected, you must be angry because you broke the fountain on the day of the banquet." I'm sure you'll be claiming a lot of damages’

    Ulysses, who Yoidel knew, belonged to a cold-blooded person. There's no way he'll let himself go.

    "I was……thank you for that day."

    "What do you mean?"

    "The one you rescued from the fountain. Your Holiness brought you out."

    In a chaotic situation, Ulysses calmly rescued Yoidel. Of course, it was a bit of a load.

    "Ah! I guess you feel worse because I made you work so hard." You're not going to pay for that, are you?’

    My liver has shrunk. I recently bought a gift from Flutes and the money was reduced, so should I ask for a little more time?

    My body trembled on its own. But the Holy Father is rich, so wouldn't he let it slide a little?

    There's no way he'd take the money from a priest's nose...… There might be. He might be. Let's pay the tax voluntarily.

    "Well, Holy Father, I'm a little short of money now, but I'll work hard and pay you back. Well, the fountain had a silver lining, so...… Is it expensive?"

    Ulysses frowned, wondering if he had heard anything wrong. Is that little thing you just said about the value of the fountain?

    The red eyes did not see him right and rolled down.

    Ulysses slipped his chin in bewilderment.

    "If it's too expensive, maybe it's a little...… It's going to take time. But I'll definitely pay you back, so trust me. Should I write an IOU?”

    "Don't tell me I'm going to get paid for the fountain."

    "My sacred power came out ridiculously high! It must be broken. But a lot of people think I'm amazing. What should I do? Is there a claim for damages accordingly?”

    Yoidel trembled. What the hell are you looking at with that eye to charge?

    Tears were about to flow. I ran away from the death penalty, and now I'm a debtor. Life is too much to be desired.

    "What should I do with you?"

    "Seo, I'll leave the Holy Country and go to the Commercial Kingdom and make money somehow. If you give me a little more time...….”

    The eyes of Ulysses were terrifying.

    "……I've never thought of anything like that! Ahaha! If I work, I'll have the same muscle pain in your body, right? Ha ha."

    Ulysses looked at himself coldly. What's wrong with him again? When he looked at him with those eyes, he felt like a skewer being baked in a hot furnace.

    I'm scared, I'm going to be eaten.

    But I hate it more if I show that to Ulysses. Yoidel purposely opened his eyes not to be discouraged.

    'Oh, no. As expected, I'm scared.’

    Yoidel stood a couple of steps away from him. Just like Ulysses became a host for carrying germs.

    He frowned for a moment and opened his mouth.

    "If you're ready to work yourself, you can do anything.”

    Yoidel listened to his next words.

    "First, learn how to deal with vast amounts of power. You've learned it quickly before, so it won't be difficult."

    "Yes, yes?

    Yoidel was horrified at the words. A huge amount of power?

    "But if your Holiness wants to give me strength...….”

    I need to make contact Yoidel swallowed the horse. Of course, Ulysses quickly noticed what Yoidel swallowed.

    He did not hide his displeasure at the ridiculous speculation.

    "I don't intend to give you my strength either. Are you going to grab me by the collar again and take a picture of my lips?"

    He covered his mouth as if it were filthy.

    No, I don't. I don't want to kiss someone I don't love I have a preference, too!’

    But Yoidel was never, ever in a position to say such a thing.

    Because it was she who stole his lips, who had been keeping his purity for a long time.

    "I'm sorry…….”

    Yoidel bowed his head. Ulysses, who looked at the figure, sighed briefly.

    "And I don't know what you're talking about with the fountain failure, but your power is true. The fountain has never broken down. Therefore, there is no amount for you to compensate."


    I thought I heard it wrong. Yoidel raised his head and hardened.

    "Is my strength real? It's not broken?”


    Ulysses, who was looking at it, thought that my eyes had also caused an illusion. That clumsy boy can't be a woman. I don't feel any particular physical deformity.

    "First of all, the elders currently in the Daishinjeon Hall will teach you knowledge."

    "Are you Ha Il?"

    "Not only Senior Hail but also Daewon showed great interest in seeing you on that day. It's a good opportunity for you who are still clumsy, so I hope you learn and make it your own."

    Yoidel's eyes twinkled. Ulysses stared at the chick and lowered his gaze. It's a waste of time to reprimand a person with that kind of eyes.

    "Go ahead. That's all I've got for you today."



    "Wow, Hail!"

    A gray-haired bride popped out of the returning hallway. He waited for Yoidel to come out. In my head, I can't help but imagine the relationship.

    But as soon as there was a spark in my eye...….

    "Long time no see, Mr. Hail! Your voice got better”

    "……Well, yes. How have you been?"

    I lost my will to Yoidel's smile, which smiled happily.

    "Oh, my! I can't ask you anything because you're so bright!"’

    Hail sighed heavily.

    I saw Yoidel who entered the office after he came out. Hail agonized over it.

    He was a faithful believer in his own way.

    Because he was promoted the fastest among the three seniors who trained at the same time and was the first to be selected as the senior citizen.

    "Hail, are you sick?"

    I never thought I'd have to worry about this in my life.

    Will the Holy Father's holy blood be cut off here...….

    If the tooth in front of you is not a man, you are perfect as a Seonghu. But it's a miracle that can't happen.’

    At the Shinsu Banquet Hall, Haido saw the power of Yoidel.

    Even if you swim in the fountain, you won't have that much strength.

    That explains the previous wave. No, I'm sure it's the new Yoidel. If it's the power that shook the battle, it should be this much.’

    I don't know if it's as strange as it used to be. But these clear eyes!


    What's wrong with Hail? Both Seongha and Ha Il are weird today.

    Yoidel checked his complexion by bending his knees carefully. At that moment, Hail's red eyes popped up.

    "It's been a long time."


    Hail looked as if she was leaving a lifelong will. Then he put his hands on both shoulders of Jeyodel.

    "That ability will help the development of the Holy State in the future. Although it is not such a future development, it will be a different future development."

    He muttered madly.

    "Oh, what kind of future are you talking about?"

    "You're trying to pretend you don't know, man."

    "It's not that, but what do you really mean…"….”

    "It's okay. Yeah, no matter how great it is, it's a chick, so this kind of urge must be surprising and scary.”

    Haile, who was still thinking, twitched his mouth.

    "But you made a bold choice, too.”

    "What choice did I make?”

    "Well, if you don't mind...… I know everything. Aren't you lonely, man?"
    Hail guessed at Yoidel's heart. Seong-ha is busy, so he must be negligent. Yoidel, who I saw while passing by, was mostly alone except for the escort.

    "No matter how much you are loved, it will be hard to bear if you spend a long time alone due to work.”

    Yoidel listened to him seriously. If you're sick, let the Holy Father know.

    But why love? Oh, I guess you mean the attention sent by the people of Daeshinjeon.

    If that's the case, I definitely received it too much, but I was lonely because Flotes was the only life in the spacious Rosarium besides Yoidel.

    The building belonged to the main building, but the building used was completely different, so there was no contact point with people.

    In particular, I was so envious when I watched the believers of the east, west, north, and south through the window.

    "How did you know, Hail?"”

    "I knew from the beginning.”

    "What? Really?"

    "I've been denying it, but I'm sure he has a meaning because he's only found it…"….”

    Haile lowered his head solemnly and looked straight.

    "I'll admit you."

    Episode 30

    He looked as if he had made a lifelong resolution.

    "I won't disturb you any more, so don't worry. Don't worry about the rumors because I will never reveal them to the outside world."

    "What? Yes... Thank you."

    Yoidel, who was thinking for a while about what the rumor was, found the answer right away.

    It was obvious that if the Holy Father found out that he was lonely, he would scold him for being his weakness. Because I'm paired with him.

    So he seemed to be saying, "Don't worry, you won't be scolded by the Holy Father." Oh! As expected, it's that!

    Yoidel smiled broadly.

    "As expected, Hail is a good person."


    Hail hid her shyness by turning over her well-brushed gray hair.

    "Well, the man has a light smile, so...…. It's strange for a young man these days.”

    You laughed so brightly that your Holiness fell for it. It's no wonder you keep looking at that smile.

    It was rather comfortable to admit it.

    You don't have to try to hate that new chick.

    He was a boy with many advantages.

    "Hmm! Anyway, I was curious about your meaning. Future plans...… The retainers can get married, too."

    "I have no intention of getting married, Mr. Hail."

    "No! Why!"

    "It's because... there's no one to do it?"

    Hail clicked his tongue.

    He said he would keep it a secret, but he was so cautious that he must be trying to pretend.

    Then as adults, you have to do it together.

    I heard that young people these days don't like forced marriage.

    "Anyway, that's not why I asked for my future hope."

    Hail coughed solemnly.

    "As you know, the new officer of the main building is directly under the Holy Father. However, your talent seems to be more suitable for medicinal herbs and treatments, so I can ask you to have a revenge for your affiliation."

    "But Flautes...….”

    "You mean Shinsu?" No, no, I mean that you can only adjust to the areas where you study while maintaining your affiliation and residence."

    "Then, do you want me to have two affiliates?"

    Hail nodded as Yoidel stared in surprise.

    "Originally, the center is close to the palace inside Daeshinjeon Hall, and it is in charge of the administrative affairs of the entire Seongguk. It's a place where you think about practicality. Trade, money management, and diplomacy are different from the four officials of Daishinjeon

    Everything he said was felt by Yoidel.

    "For what purpose did you enter the war?"

    It was an unexpected question.

    It was around the age of 13 that Yoidel entered the temple. Abandoned here as a disgrace to the family.

    And as the family moved, Geram had to draw attention when he was committing work to interfere with the work of Daeshinjeon.

    The fact made me feel heavy for no reason.

    Then a person's warmth came over his head.

    Hail was looking at Yoidel with comfortable red eyes.

    "Your hatching was wonderful. The achievements you showed were brilliant."


    "I've done my part with that alone, so look for what you really want to do, young chick. Ah, hmm, my retainer. You look bored here, so I'm worried about this old man.”

    Hail patted Yoidel a few times.

    Yoidel pondered after he returned.

    All I have to do is to gain your trust and survive safely and solve the pairing.’

    But I never thought about what I wanted to do.

    I couldn't afford to be extravagant enough to worry about that in my past life or in my present life.

    "Dell, what did you make that sticky thing you gave me last time?”


    Whisteron, who popped up, smiled and pointed to his shoulder.

    "The pain got better after using it. Can you make one more? Or two...… Can you do three? The Knights asked for them, too."


    "I forgot the most important thing. Thank you very much, Del."

    I realized at that moment.

    What you want to do.

    "Whiste belongs to the North Hall, doesn't”

    "Yes, the knights are there. You're going to be a knight, Del? Anytime is fine with me. Do you want me to teach you?”

    "This rude man is ignorant. If you want to learn, I'll assist you, priest."

    The two quarreled with each other and eventually left to fight outside.

    Inside the rapidly silent Rosarium, Yoidel closed the most referenced book in his study.

    The author's name was written on the surface of the already tattered book on the traces of reading it while diligently marking it.

    a day of summer

    The fact that he couldn't write his last name means that he is a person from Daeshinjeon.

    Yoidel ran to Namgwan the next day as soon as the sun broke.

    "Well, I want to be helpful to many people like you. I want to learn more healing magic!"


    "The book that Hail wrote, it's my favorite book. It's amazing that you wrote such a book."


    Ha-il laughed loudly inside, looking at the new chick he visited from the morning.

    Of course, it is ostentatious on the outside.

    "Well, if you have any questions, feel free to visit my lab. There are a lot of books, so come and see them."

    Hail gave a card embossed with colorful wings on a gold background.


    "I'm going to beg you to let me stay somehow.”

    Yoidel was determined.

    "I like it here. I don't want to go back to my family, and I don't have Flona Whis, Rai, or Hail in other countries.”

    After the incident at the fountain, the days passed without knowing the Holy Father.

    These days, it was hard to see him getting busier even in the game.

    "Is it a good thing?"

    After such a big accident, I have a little more time to make excuses.

    'The compensation for the fountain will be enormous. It's silver, but it's platinum, not silver. Platinum was much more expensive.’

    Yoidel folded his fingers and quit.

    I should've just taken the carriage.’

    The site of Daishinjeon was large, but I didn't know it would be this big.

    The area within Daeshinjeon Hall is largely composed of the center, east, west, north, and south, and it took a long time to get from the center to the south, not from the north to the south.

    This was the reason why the road was well paved. Because I can never walk there.’

    Yoidel, who had been walking for an hour sweating profusely, eventually got a carriage and arrived at Namgwan.

    "What should I do? Mr. Hail is away today, I'm sorry, but your name is...….”

    "It's Yoidel."


    The new building, which was managing the entrance and exit of the men's hall, was embarrassed and quickly opened the door.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm blind. There was a request from the elders that Mr. Yoidel was allowed to enter at any time. I'll take you this way."

    Yoidel received an unexpected favor and passed through the door of the men's hall.

    "You are free to look at all the books and materials here."


    "It was the first time that Ye-ha specifically asked for one person."

    The officer smiled amicably.

    Each pavilion depends on the atmosphere of the intestineDunny, this place has a similar feeling to Hail's people and buildings.’

    Yoidel was purely admiring.

    The exterior was mostly white, like all buildings in Daeshinjeon Hall, but the feeling inside was completely different.

    Ulysses's palace was splendid inside, but it had a strong cold feeling.

    On the other hand, there are many comfortable dark green wallpaper, warm brown, and wooden furniture, giving the overall warm and familiar atmosphere.

    People also seem to be delicate and meticulous, but it was just like Hail to do their own work without looking at anyone even if they spilled a cup.

    Yoidel sat down after reading a vast amount of books in a lab without Hail.


    On the wooden table, there was a picture of Hail and the two shrines together.

    "Ah! They must be seniors."

    They were very young-looking priests. The present elders said they were old friends, so they would be right.

    Jealous of his long relationship, Yoidel left the room to go back. However, the person inside the lab followed Yoidel.

    "The priest of Yoidel! You left your coat behind."

    "Oh, thank you."

    "...your name is Yoidel?"

    "I'm sure it's Mr. Yoidel."

    The eyes of the priests, who were busy moving in the hallway doing their own work, were caught at once by Pavavat.

    Did I do something wrong?’

    In the approaching dark shadow, Yoidel gradually retreated.


    "Yoidel! You chose Namgwan, not just a simple entrance, right?"

    "Well, one by one...….”

    "The main building is good, but it's strict. You don't have to choose just one building, so think carefully and...….”

    "I'm done with my job. Just shake hands with me! Or how did you wake up Shinshu, everyone get out of the way. Let's keep the order and talk too! I can't stand it! You men!"

    In an instant, Namgwan became a mess.

    "You'll have a lot to learn if you stay directly under the Holy Father, but you'll be bored because it's quiet. Come to our interesting side!"

    "Oh, thank you... Thank you

    When they saw Yoidel, they hit each other to talk first.

    C, I'll be back next time. Thank you."

    "Wait, my lord!"

    "Don't go!"

    At the frenzied grip, Yoidel sprang out. I almost got caught.

    Yoidel grabbed his pounding heart and gasped.

    "Mr. Yoydell!"

    "Oh, my!"

    A little pain came up.

    Then a man stood in front of her.

    A man with the same wound on his palm just now.

    "What is this look like?"

    Yoidel looked at the blue eyes looking far and wide.

    "Your Holiness!"


    I think I caught the wrong one. He looked very unhappy.

    Did something bad happen out there?….’

    There was a breathtaking silence in the carriage. Yoidel clasped his clothes and tried to look at the window.

    But Ulysses' eyes were always on Yoidel.

    "Mr. Yoidel."

    "Yes, yes?

    "Explain why you were caught sneaking out of the Namgwan by me."

    He stared coldly at Yoidel across the street with his long legs crossed.

    "So this is...….”

    "Your affiliation is central."

    Ulysses' voice was extremely low.

    Inside the rattling carriage, he stared at Yoidel without wavering.

    "Don't you belong to me?"

    Episode 31

    Yoidel was perplexed for a moment.

    "Hail told me that I can read as much as I want to read, so I went." Because the Holy Father also told me to gain knowledge."

    "The elder went out on an outside job today

    "Yes, so I was alone, and the men...….”

    I don't know how to explain after that. If I tell you the truth that I was recommended, I'd eat it with my eyes.

    But Holy Father hates excuses.

    "I heard that you can get multiple choices. Is it true, Holy Father?"

    But I can't tell you the truth. Yoidel's face, which was changing the subject, was absolutely awkward.

    Ulysses smiled kindly at Yoidel and raised one more corner of his mouth.

    "I see. Namgwan's retainers made a fuss to choose him as their second member."

    "Oh, how did you know, Holy Father?"

    "You just admitted."

    Yoidel crept his hips and hid himself at the edge of the carriage and into the corner.

    Why is there no place to hide in this carriage?

    "It is true that multiple choices are possible according to the principle, but there are few actual believers."

    Ulysses replied, stepping back.

    "Why? Do you have any sense of belonging?"”

    "That's right. Each office is so proud that they look down on each other."

    "You used honorifics to communicate with each other"

    "Respect among the official believers is a principle of proxy warfare. However, just because you look good on the outside doesn't mean you're on good terms with each other."

    He calmly recalled his old memories.

    "Decades ago, a new officer of a library tried to transfer his/her affiliation because he/she was interested in Namgwan'

    "What happened?"

    Ulysses folded his eyes thin and smiled at Yoidel's concentrating eyes.

    "The new officer of the library found the new officer of the Namgwan who tried to take away his retainer and hit him on the head with a thick Bible during an argument, and the new officer of the Namgwan, who did not hold back, took the medicine that caused stomachache and vomiting at the same time to the other person's meal."


    "That's what it is."

    The actual case has lost its color.

    Yoidel laughed awkwardly and quietly dug into the corner. So you're threatening me to be careful?

    As she expected, Ulysses narrowed his eyes.

    "It is surprising that the Namgwan Shrine tried to take away the main building."

    "……are you going to put him to death?"

    "I guess I'm quite an amazing person in your head."

    His expression became colder.

    "Well, I like the main building."

    You should save your own life and Namgwan's life. Yoidel plucked up his courage and said.

    "There's never, ever going to be another place or having two affiliation!"

    Ulysses looked at the imploring pink-haired priest with a tearful face.

    "Do you want to prevent Nam-gwan from being punished?"

    Of course, there is no discipline to punish such a thing.

    Still, when he couldn't get rid of his strange displeasure, Yoidel's eyes became more tearful.

    "I want to continue to be your direct."

    Ulysses' gaze slowly fell off. He loosened his arm and sat down calmly.

    And only now did I discover that there was something gold in Yoidel's pocket.

    "That's a men's pass."

    "I thought it was just a customer card."

    "Gold is a special card distributed among them to the heads of each government office. It's different from the status card, so it's given to a few people in the form of an invitation."

    "Did you give that to me?”

    "I guess I liked you."


    For a moment, Yoidel's face heated up happily. Yoidel looked at Ulysses with glistening eyes.


    He stared silently at Yoidel, who was at a loss what to do, and turned his eyes away.

    "Hail has to leave for outside work soon. I think I gave it up to relieve the regret that I couldn't take care of your class properly."

    "I guess you go outside a lot when you become an elder..."….”

    "Originally, the Senate is an organization to guard against its authority. I often get checked out and thrown out."

    "What? Really?"


    Ulysses smirked as if Yoidel, who was constantly surprised, was funny.

    What, really. Yoidel turned red and bowed his head.

    He's the weirdest person out of all the bad guys.’

    Yoidel clasped the hem tightly and grumbled timidly inside.

    "So your class..."

    "Oh, yes?"

    "Instead, Daewon-ro is the only senior citizen left in the temple, so Daewon-ro will take charge."

    I saw it at the New Year's party, but I didn't remember it clearly.

    "Daewon-ro is the head of the library, right?”

    a librarian who is primarily responsible for biological, physical and practical research

    "You should know that the nature of each coffin usually follows the enema."

    "………Didn't you say you hit a person with a Bible earlier?”


    Ulysses smiled with a vague face.

    "The case I mentioned earlier was an incident caused by the heads of the West and the South, or the two elders, when they were young."


    I should prepare thoroughly so that I don't get scolded by Daewon-ro. Yoidel lived in his study after that.

    "Michelle said that this book was written in Media's language."

    It was a book that Yoidel glanced over and covered.

    "At that time, I thought I wouldn't be able to read it because it looked different, but it's amazing that it was read well."

    Maybe it's a language you learned in the past? The aristocrats usually learn a variety of skills from an early age.

    Yodel yawned and turned off the lights in his study. The Rosarium, where no one was present, was silent.

    (Singing "Two-Doo-du-du-du-du-du

    Then an ominous rain splashed on the window.

    Seeing that the sudden rain brought thunder, it seemed that it would not stop easily.


    Oh, Flutes isn't here because he's with the Holy Father.


    It's rattling.

    'The sound of the window is a little scary. I've got to go.’

    Without using the servant, Yoidel lit the hallway and bedroom himself. I'm careful not to get caught, but sometimes I felt lonely and lonely in an empty house with no one.



    Surprised, it was just the wind. Yoidel's heart thumped with the ominousness of someone pounding.

    Being alone on a day like this was also a little scary.

    'I used to not approach people because they were scared, but now I'm just alone.’

    Somehow I felt lonely. Whistles and Lai lived in Bukgwan, even though they were friends. It was hard to make friends with the guards around the house.

    After returning to the room, Yoidel locked the door tightly and stood in front of the mirror.

    Yoidel's white hands were fitted with a plain-looking silver ring.

    When I took the ring off, it came back to its original shape.


    There was not much difference.

    Originally, Yoidel's physique did not change much from his appearance, and if it is considered a figure, will it change from a round corner square to a sharp corner square?

    What if I lose my ring?’

    A lot of people will be disappointed to find out that they cheated on them.

    I was suddenly afraid when I imagined it.

    I barely made friends, and now people's eyes have eased, but I didn't want to get the cold eyes of the past again.

    For example, the look that the Duchess and Duchess of Jovahilde sent to them.

    Yoidel shook his head and put on the ring.

    Maybe Plona Rai, Whistles understands, but...… Your Holiness will never forgive you.’

    The mere thought of it made my mouth dry.

    "You dare to deceive me, I guess you don't want to waste your life."

    Looking in the mirror, Yoidel mimicked his tone and expression, and his mouth clapped.

    "Probably like this?"

    Until when should I dress up as a man?

    And will the Holy Father not be able to find out the whole time?

    The reason for dressing up as a man was because of the Duke of Jovohilde, but now he has already attracted people's attention in many ways, so he couldn't return to his true self.

    Faking his identity was tantamount to deceiving the prosperous Ulysses.

    'He probably won't forgive me.’

    Yoidel fiddled with her short hair in a troubled mood.

    I lay down early in bed because I was disturbed, but I didn't feel comfortable.


    Surprised by the loud thunder, Yoidel covered himself with a blanket to the top of his head.

    But at that moment, lightning flashed as if the view was going to get far away.

    Dazed by the light that penetrated through the blanket, Yoidel hugged the pillow tightly and trembled.

    "One sheep...… Two sheep...… Three hundred and twenty-five sheep...….”

    The view slowly blurred. There was darkness all around.

    Then the sound of the water gradually weakened.

    I guess it's not raining anymore. But it's cold. Why?'

    It was just then.


    The Duke and Duchess of Jovahilde appeared in the distance.

    How did you get into the Holy Land? I'm sure he was banished. Why are they suddenly...….

    "How can you not solve even this basic thing! Huh? What an idiot!”

    Looking closely, the duchess's face was young.

    When I looked into my hand, my hand was very small like a child.

    Moreover, they were far above Yoidel's vision.

    "Yoidel, I didn't go through that trouble to raise you as an idiot. Now, at least try to do half of Cindell's

    "It's hopeless. I made a useless half.”

    "I told you not to read books in the Median language!”



    Instead, there was a late rainstorm.


    "You can go back now that you're done."

    Ulysses laid down a struggling silver block from his product.

    As soon as he was told, Flutes glanced at Ulysses and waddled to the door.


    According to Ulysses' standards, it is a beast that does not know grace, but it is a sign of the Holy Land, so it often accompanies the official appearance.

    But the two didn't get close at all.

    However, Shinsu, who was trying to take out his wings and fly away, suddenly opened his eyes wide.


    "Are you afraid of rain?"


    Flotes returned and patted Ulysses' legs with his short arms.

    "Koo, koo!"

    "What's going on...….”

    Ulysses, who seemed to be bothered, paused for a moment.

    There was only one case in which that arrogant beast spoke his mind properly. When it comes to Yoidel.

    He lifted up his spirits.

    "What happened to you?"

    Episode 32

    "Ha, you're not good at anything."

    I finally realized it. This is a dream.

    The vicious Duke and his wife constantly criticized themselves. It was even worse after Cindell died.

    "I can't. I don't have dinner tonight. I want you to think about what you did wrong there."


    A scary, dark space with no windows and no light coming in. Yoidel banged on the door and begged.

    "Open up, please!" I'm scared, mom and dad. C, I'll do it again. I'll study harder, just like Cindell.….”

    But nothing changed.

    One winter day, when the cold wave hit, I once suffered from a high fever.

    The users tried to help themselves, but they could not reach out to the Duke and his wife's orders.

    Nevertheless, the only one who cared for Yoidel.

    There was a nanny who secretly gave me medicine, fed me, and washed me, but one day it suddenly disappeared.

    That's when I realized. The more you struggle, the more your side disappears.

    So Yoidel remained calm, and sniffed at the thunder and lightning in the cold, narrow room. Those days were repeated many times in my dream.

    And one day after my 13th birthday.

    "You will soon go to the Holy Land. I'll buy my share of Cindel there."

    "Sis, I don't want to! I can't live in Cindel."

    "Are you saying you can't do it? I lost Cindell for someone! If it wasn't for you...… No, it's not Cindell, it's you.…!”

    I mean, I'm not CND.

    I know it's a nightmare, but the long dream didn't end like I was dragged into the memories of the past.

    Somebody help me, I'm scared. Please, here...… I don't want to live as someone else.

    "Mom, Dad...…!”


    Then a warm touch gently covered Yoidel's eyes.

    The magical energy of healing flowing in.

    As my hands lifted, I could see the blue sky shining through the blurred vision. It was a human eye.

    Very clear, blue and strong.

    "Who are your pathetic parents?”

    The silvery thread tickled Yoidel's cheek. Another person's low voice rang the room.

    "You're not going to stick those bad guys to me."

    "This time, it's Holy Father's dream. But I don't want to dream of you, Holy Father. I'm scared.….”

    The words suddenly narrowed my blue eyes. It's getting thinner?


    Then something hit my forehead with a thud.


    Yoidel sprang up and clung to the wall. God, it's real, isn't it?

    "Seo, why is your Holiness in my room?"

    "I thought Yoidel would hate it, so I came to someone else's room carelessly."

    The words cooled Yoidel's blood.

    Crazy, what did you say? I thought you said you didn't want to see me in your dreams.

    Yoidel covered his tingling forehead with a flick and buried himself deeply in the wall where there was nowhere else to go in.

    "I was worried because you had a nightmare, but you ate too much properly."

    Ulysses shook his hand lightly and glanced away.

    As expected, you heard it right. Yoidel chewed his lips and blamed himself.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."


    Then Ulysses' arms fluttered and something popped! It's sticking out.


    It was a silver bullet with short, plump limbs.

    When Yoidel called his name, Flutes waddled with a twinkle in his eye and was in her arms.

    "The egg insisted on going to your room. It's pretty good, isn't it? I woke my boss up for my master."


    Flutes recognized me for having nightmares. No, wait a minute.

    Did I have a ring on my hand? My heart sank. A ring that disguises you, if you don't have it, you'll get caught!

    "Oh, my gosh."

    Fortunately, the ring was properly attached to the finger. I almost got caught.

    Ulysses squinted and watched the suspicious appearance.

    "The ring."

    "It's a keepsake!"

    "I didn't ask for a story. I see. You must be very precious."

    He looked as if he was jumping up and down. Yoidel, whose feet were numb enough to be sore, cleared his voice and pretended not to be embarrassed.

    However, Ulysses' eyes could not have captured Yoidel's tremor.

    You're overreacting to the ring


    At that time, Flutes broke and made a loud noise, disrupting Ulysses' view.

    "No, Flo. You can't touch Holy Father's face carelessly."


    "How did you know you had a bad dream, Flo? Our flow is great."


    "Thank you. I feel so reassured."

    Ulysses watched the warm and beautiful sight with displeasure. On the other hand, I thought it was quite a useful animal.

    Most of the difficulties of the new chicks were caused by humans. The Duke of Jovahilde was even more so.

    It's even more suspicious because the empire is quiet. I don't think they'll be quiet.’

    Should I ask you to show your foresight again?

    This wasn't the right time anyway. The rising star out the window was fading away. It was time for the others to wake up soon.

    "I feel like I've been used by a beast."

    When Ulysses was sweeping his face for a moment in fatigue, a warmth struck his chest.

    Yoidel held Ulysses' nightgown and his eyes were wide open.

    "Oh, that's because the clothes are too much."

    "……Are you crazy?"

    "Well, that's not it, Holy Father. I have a past, but this is really, um, Holy Father's clothes, the hem of his clothes kept opening up!"

    I just opened it because I kept seeing the skin between the open gowns.

    I swear on my three friends, I never meant to touch Holy Father's flesh. I never want to do that in the past, present, or future.

    But when the wind goes into your skin, you catch a cold. Yoidel was really innocent and unfair.

    But his reaction was a little strange. I couldn't hear anything, so I opened my eyes slightly, and only the part where Yoidel's hand touched was swollen red as if it were a rash.

    "…… Holy Father?"

    The urticaria subsided when he let go of his body.

    "Is it not that you don't like contact, but that you're reluctant because your skin is sensitive?"”

    Ulysses twisted his brows unpleasantly with a caught-off look.

    "No, sir

    "But sometimes the Holy Father just touched it...… But why do you feel urticaria...….”

    You can touch it, but you get hives when you touch it. have a clear subjective body Is your arm okay and your body not working?

    Yoidel glistened in his eyes and picked up the note.

    "By any chance, is there anything else?" "You're scared of sharp things, or you don't like high places."

    "Are you trying to pry into my weaknesses?”


    Yoidel nodded obediently.

    "What are you going to do if you know my gap?" Do you want to do that with me by squeezing it into your weakness?"


    "Diarrhea You reveal your weaknesses "But who would believe me?"

    Yoidel, who was embarrassed for a moment, smiled blankly.

    "…… Your Holiness before my eyes."


    "The Holy Father accepted the story of Geram, which could have been vain. The fact that Shinsu's egg moved. Your Holiness believed in everything."

    Yoidel smiled at Ulysses, who was embarrassed.



    "I'm sorry to make you misunderstand, but I get upset when I hear such sharp words. I asked for another vulnerability...… It's because I'm afraid I'll make another mistake like now."

    Yoidel hesitated and delivered his point straight.

    "That way, I won't do anything that Your Holiness hates even by mistake." I wanted to be careful.”

    Ulysses was half speechless at the slight dwindling voice, and on the other hand, it was amazing.

    "Now you're looking me in the eye and talking. You're not as nervous as before."


    As soon as I raised my head, my eyes and eyes were intertwined with blue eyes that were clearly visible in the moonlight.

    "Well, I might be good at snowball fights.”

    Yoidel spoke confidently and stared at him.

    Then, gradually, Yoon Seul sparkled like the sea and looked at the blue eyes clearer than the midday sky, and I was amazed unconsciously.



    It was the same for Ulysses' side that the opponent's face-to-face. He stared innocently at Yoidel, who was surprised.

    At one point, Yoidel realized that the distance between the two was too close.

    "Oh my god!"

    Yoidel fell with surprise.


    Ulysses smirked at Yoidel smiling awkwardly.

    "I think I won the snowball fight."

    "Well, I know."

    My heart pounded with astonishment. When Ulysses saw the flapping chick, he recalled the situation earlier.

    When I came here following Shinsu, a moan of pain was already leaking.

    "Has this happened before?”

    "If this is the case, do you mean the same nightmare as now?”


    Since I saw thunder and lightning and had an instinctive fear, I probably did it as usual. In the dream, bad weather, shouting, and smacking appeared together.


    Ulysses slowly looked around in response to Yoidel's answer. There was something in his eyes.

    "I see."


    Whisteron approached Yoidel with a smile.

    "Dell, we're neighbors next door now.”

    "It's downstairs."

    "You're so loud, Lyos. Anyway, Del, I love it. Right?

    Ulysses immediately moved the two guards to where Yoidel lived.

    The reason was that it would be difficult if the work efficiency was reduced due to nightmares like last time.

    "Do you really live here, too?”

    "That's right! Your Holiness told me to protect Dell more diligently. I can protect you 24 hours a day now. Nice to meet you, Dell."

    "Nice to meet you, my lord."

    Now there are two other people in Rosarium than Yoidel.

    Since Rios and Whisteron are knights, they don't have to be served, so they don't have to come into the room, and the floors are different, so you can sometimes meet in the drawing room and enjoy talking moderately.

    "I love it."

    Yoidel's little heart fluttered at the thought that he was no longer alone.

    "But Del, I can't believe I'm taking Marcelina's class today. I need to turn my head a lot.”

    Whisteron's face wasn't right.

    "What about Marcelina?"

    "The standard is very strict. More than old man Hail. Maybe…… Our Dell, we might cry."

    Episode 33

    It was Marcelina, who was called the Treasures of the Great War.

    She was the oldest person in the Holy Land except for Ulysses, who lived longer than Hail.

    I just saw her briefly the other day, so I didn't know what she was like.

    However, I knew that he was quite determined and genuinely liked research, unlike his soft appearance.

    "It's going to be a long war."

    Lios continued, looking at Yoidel with a slightly shaky eye.


    "Grandmother Marcelina only sends me what I studied until I put it in my head properly.”

    "Well, really?!"

    "They don't give me water or food. It's amazing. Do you know what I said when you said you were going to the bathroom? He told me to sweat it out and hold it in, huh."

    Whisteron trembled as if to recall the day.

    And he took Yoidel, who was frozen in surprise, to his destination and waved.

    "I'll pick you up when it's over! Even if it's dawn, I'll definitely! Don't worry, Del!"

    Yoidel came to his senses as he looked blankly at the escort who was leaving with a wave.

    And I quickly went into Marcelina's lab.

    Yoidel sat at a desk that seemed to have been arranged by Marcelina and opened her eyes wide with tension.

    'Okay, let's do our best. Let's take a look at what Marcelina will teach us.’

    On a positive note, it was rather good for a strict teacher who was strict. I'll tell you a lot of things you don't know.

    While looking at the empty seat, Yoidel found a formula written on the blackboard.

    a magic formula with a lot of painstaking traces

    It seemed like I had written it again after erasing it several times as if I hadn't solved it yet.

    One of the books Yoidel read in his study was like that.

    Oh, that handwriting. It's similar to Median. It looks a little more difficult.’

    Yoidel looked at them with her eyes and realized one.

    I think we can erase this.’

    There was an intrusive part of the stretched magic modifications.

    It was a kind of starting word, and it was easy to confuse because it was a part that had to be written in an ancient language. The language system is different.

    Cut this part in the middle, replace the language...….’

    When I changed the joint, there were many things to touch, but Yoidel calmly wrote it down one by one.

    'Good. I think it's working now.’

    Before I knew it, I wiped the sweat off my forehead and looked at the blackboard with pride. But how did I read this right away? It was strange to think again.

    I read this one without hesitation.’

    It wasn't unfamiliar to look back. I couldn't believe it myself.

    Yoidel saw the magic formula on the blackboard and slowly read the note next to it.

    "About the prohibition…….”

    It was an interesting subject. The taboo magic was closely related to Marcelina's main event, the biology and mental system magic.


    Then suddenly there was a loud noise.

    When I looked next to him, Marcelina with round eyes dropped all the books and stood with her mouth open.


    My voice trembled.

    "I solved the problem……?”


    "Try more, Mr. Yoidel."

    "My stomach is about to explode..."….”

    "How can you solve a problem if you're so skinny? You need to eat to gain strength. Go ahead and eat more. "Our Yoidel is a valuable talent and a gifted person."

    Marcelina laughed loudly and fed Yoidel plenty of sweet desserts.

    "How can I solve this, Mr. Yoidel?”

    Now Yoidel was just in trouble and wanted to run away.

    It was about an hour ago that Marcelina became like this.

    I was preparing to apologize because I thought I would blame myself for touching the blackboard. Even if you find the right answer, it can be unpleasant.

    Marcelina, who approached with a red face, raised her hands wide.

    At the time when Yoidel, who had already suffered from the Duke and Duchess of Yoboilde, tried to avoid himself reflexively.

    "Amazing, Mr. Yoidel! Are you Mr. Yoidel at the time?"

    Marcelina clapped her eyes out.

    And immediately put some formulas in front of Yoidel.

    "If you apply a different framework…….”

    Surprisingly, Yoidel solved them without difficulty. so easily that even he himself wondered As if you've seen it somewhere.

    The magic formula Yoidel solved earlier originated from Media, and even Whisteron and Rios, who are from Media, could not be solved.

    But this young priest did it.

    "It doesn't make sense considering this boy's divine power."

    Marcelina looked at the pink-haired boy with pleased eyes.

    a young-looking new building It was surprising that the water in the silver fountain he showed was pouring like rain.

    In fact, when Yoidel was asked to help him use his divine power properly, he didn't expect much.

    She also remembered Yoidel's misdeeds in the past and saw great abilities, but she was not a very good impression. But now...….

    "You can eat it with it on your mouth. You must have been very nervous."

    "Ma, Marcelina...….”

    "Call me Selina comfortably, Mr. Yoidel."

    Rather, I was dissatisfied with the Holy Father. I can't believe you introduced me to such a talented person.

    Besides, what are you gonna do if you leave your weak teeth standing out like this?

    We should feed well and gain weight to make it healthier, and then invest for the future!

    She looked at Yoidel as if she were treating her grandchild.==

    "Eat slowly, Mr. Yoidel. If you want anything, feel free to tell me."

    "Uh, yes! Go, thank you."

    Yoidel said, barely munching on a mouthful of dessert.

    Can I just accept this kind of favor? My heart tickled because I was not used to it yet.

    Marcelina, who gently patted Yoidel's head, opened her mouth again as if she had remembered something.

    "Yoidel, what is the price of the magic of exchanging souls in gold?"”

    "It's a living life. We need a lot of mountain offerings."

    "Then do you know what happens to the soul that escaped when an error occurs while attempting to replace it?”

    "I understand that the soul usually dies and the body is broken."

    Marcelina smiled darker when she saw Yoidel who answered quickly.

    "Ha, but the higher the number of offerings, the higher the probability of success.”

    "There are times when you fail even if you burn a lot of offerings. In what case would that be?"

    Yoidel pondered for a moment about the problem that became a little more difficult.

    "This is when the age of the target who tries to change his or her soul is low."

    Marcelina stiffened her face at the words. Did I say something wrong? By the time Yoidel rolled her eyes, Marcelina's mouth slowly opened.

    "……My kid, he was a genius, not a genius.”

    Marcelina jumped up and clapped wildly.

    The problem was from there.


    A few days after the first class.

    Marcelina's voice rang in the kitchen.

    "Did anyone here see Mr. Yoidel?" At first glance, it seemed like you went in here."

    "He just left, yeha."

    "It's as fast as a squirrel. My student, Mr. Yoidel. It's fun to catch it when you're on fire it. Ohhhhhh! Where are you hiding-"

    Like this.

    The door closed and silence hung in the kitchen hall.

    "You can come out now, Mr. Yoidel."

    "Thank you."

    "Are you having a hard time?”

    Yoidel crept out of the drawer of the counter with the help of the chef.

    He looked at Yoidel with a little pity.

    "This is a good herb for hay fever. It would be good to put it on a handkerchief and tie it.”

    "Oh, every time I do this...….”

    He giggled with emotion.

    After listening to Marcelina's class several times, Yoidel avoided her at some point.

    There was a reason why Hail spat and praised him.’

    Until then, I was able to end with emotion, saying that Hail was talking about me.

    Suddenly, Marcelina's eyes flashed.

    It was because I saw the pass of Namgwan given by Hail.

    'You see, Mr. Yoidel, the choice of revenge is not a violation of discipline. Come to the library. You might have to grow herbs if you go to Namgwan. You know how boring growing plants is, right? But we don't. A man who lived and died...… No, Masu...… It's not Cough, it's life. Isn’t it beautiful?’

    I didn't think that was right, so I worked hard to avoid classes with Marcelina. Since then, Marcelina's obsession has worsened.

    Marcelina is a person who would have been able to beat Hail to the Bible.’

    I doubted a little whether the Holy Father's story was an exaggeration, but I realized it for sure.

    And I thought it was creepy that I might get hit by the Bible.

    Only the Holy Father can stop Marcelina.’

    But Ulysses was too busy to meet easily. I couldn't see it well.


    "I think I heard you breathing"

    It's your mother.

    Marcelina's voice from that hallway gave me goosebumps.

    'If I tell the Holy Father, I may have another cold misunderstanding, but I don't want to cause any other trouble.’

    However, Marcelina's sixth sense seemed to have developed to a level that almost surpasses wild animals.

    Where is your Holiness?

    I wish I could track the location, but...….’

    Pairing didn't, and Yoidel could use tracking magic, but he was far too capable to be caught by her magic.

    "Mr. Yoidel?"


    When the voice was heard again, Yoidel fled anywhere and opened the door.

    The huge wooden door was hard to push, but I opened it with my back and quickly closed it and fell flat on the floor.
    "Sigh, sigh...….”

    Did he go? He probably went. Don't tell me...….

    "Mr. Yoidel."


    Yoidel, who started the game reflexively, moved his head stiffly.

    Wait, but this voice...….

    "Your Holiness..."

    Why is the Holy Father here that I've been looking for so much? With that thing in your hand.

    Yoidel rubbed his eyes and raised his head straight.

    Episode 34

    And I stared blankly at his hand. It wasn't a mistake.

    What's that?

    Why is the Holy Father here and why is this place so wide?

    "Oh, it's a big chapel."

    Looking around, I realized that I had run away wrong. I didn't mean to come all the way here.

    Holy Grand Chapel at the intersection of Daeshinjeon Hall and the Holy Palace.

    This was a thriving space.

    I can tell from the rose decorations around me.

    The story we shared here means that we should not leak out, and it was a secret chapel that was not open to the private sector unless it was a big event.

    That's true, but....

    Why are you doing that here?’

    Yoidel's eyes shook in a lost way.

    Far from being solemn.

    "……Oh my God."

    Because he was smoking in the Grand Chapel.

    The morning sun was dazzling, so it almost looked like a natural phenomenon like winter breath, not smoke.

    Ulysses was sitting leisurely and enjoying a midday break.

    He seemed to be using the Great Chapel in a slightly different sense.


    When Yoidel, who doesn't smoke, coughed in agony, he cast a purification spell.

    Then the murky air disappeared like a lie and a cool wind flowed.

    The unexpected intruder was distracted for a moment, so it seemed to be late to grasp.

    "I said that the sign was not that of the assassin, and it was you.”

    He looked at Yoidel with a languid gaze.

    The silver-haired man sitting in a sacred space full of sunlight even looked like an angel at first glance.

    a rather profane angel Is it really the male lead?

    "What are you doing here, Mr. Yoidel?"

    Oh, right!

    Yoidel looked at him with a desperate look.

    "Seo, Holy Father, where have you been? I really wanted to see you!”

    "It's my first time seeing you welcome me.”

    Ulysses laughed interestingly.

    "Please come to see me in person. It's a great honor."

    He stared softly at Yoidel, his eyes slanted. His head tilted and his dazzling silver hair moved gently.

    "What else did you do to me?"

    "Oh, I did want to see you, but Rain, I didn't mean to invade the secret space. Do you want me to tell you again later?"

    "That's all right, you've already done it once.”


    Yoidel, who was still looking back on the past, recalled the secret room of the underground library.


    "So what brings you to me this time?"

    "Marselina said to me, "… Please like it."

    "……Good for you. Isn't that what you want?"

    He lowered his gaze at Yoidel's words. He looked somewhat displeased.

    "As I said before, you don't have to report to me about your personal relationship."

    Ulysses' eyes, which tilted his head, closed gently.

    I didn't seem to want to hear it.

    "It's because... Marcelina also offered to come to the library."

    "I'll take care of it."

    He gave a prompt answer.

    "Did you say anything else?"

    Yoidel quickly nodded as his relaxed and languid eyes became sharp.

    "Your Holiness, but the process...… You're not dealing with that, are you?”

    "Who do you think I am?"

    Ulysses' eyes narrowed. Fortunately, that wasn't it.

    Yoidel wriggled his hands and smiled awkwardly.

    "But what was Holy Father doing here?”

    "As you can see, worship."

    Ulysses nodded toward the platform in front.


    I genuinely couldn't believe it.

    It was a chapel he used alone, but it was larger and more beautiful than the size of the first chapel.

    Yoidel smiled vaguely, thinking of one thing in his mind. He soon saw through the expression of a chick.

    "Do you think it doesn't suit you?"

    "Why did your Holiness build a temple instead?"

    "I guess I don't look faithful."

    It's obvious.

    Ulysses, seen by Yoidel, seemed far from religious.

    Externally, it shows the dignity of a prosperous city better than anyone else, but it felt strange when I witnessed the appearance beyond this mask.

    When he hesitated without answering, Ulysses, who was looking at Yoidel, smiled kindly.

    "Is baking always fun for Mr. Baker at the bakery?"

    "Yes, yes?

    When asked, Yoidel pondered.

    "Well, there will be days when you get sick of the smell of bread, right? It's good to smell it once, but I don't think it'll matter if I keep smelling it."


    "Then, did you also become insensitive after a long time?"


    Ulysses glanced at Yoidel next to him and smiled deeper as if he were having fun.

    "Not really."

    "Then why..."

    "Besides, you'd better get out of here."

    He looked outside for a moment and made an unexpected face. Oh, you've interrupted Holy Father's time too much.

    Just as Yoidel was about to say goodbye.

    It's rattling.

    The doors of the Grand Chapel opened.

    "I see Your Holiness."

    Flustered, Yoidel stooped quickly. What's this?

    Top officials wearing badges mixed with gold and silver came in.

    Yoidel, who was embarrassed, hid himself in the space inside the podium.

    That's why I told you to get out!’

    Yoidel squatted on the platform and looked at Ulysses, clenching his fist.

    He's a really bad guy.

    He read the signs in advance and didn't tell me that.

    The top officials came in unexpectedly and began to line up a few steps ahead of Ulysses.

    How do I get out of here?’

    Yoidel is still a high priest, not yet in the position to enter his space, the Grand Chapel.

    They came in and came to Ulysses only after they had completed the solemn prayer procedure.

    Ulysses looked at them casually.

    "Have you finished your service safely, Holy Father?"

    Ulysses smiled at the polite greeting.

    But unlike him, who was laid back, Yoidel's bean-sized heart fluttered.

    "I took the liberty of visiting you because I had something to tell you. Or, you haven't finished your service yet."

    "Tell me, sir. You must have come in a hurry because I asked you to investigate something."

    "Oh! Yes, then I'll tell you about the Daeshinjeon that you gave me a few days ago as an important agenda and the places that were selected in relation to the top of the new trade framework."

    He wiped away his sweat, admiring Ulysses' kindness.

    "First of all, the top of the deal was cut off during the last Geram case, so this selection took quite a long time to consider."

    "Yes, Holy Father. I was careful not to repeat the same thing."

    The top officials seemed to have pulled out the top list and conducted a new investigation.

    "So we selected some of the top candidates, and this time we looked into the eight cousins of the in-laws of the top states."

    "Who knew that Geram's status was fake."

    "Bricalt's behavior was repugnant, so this time we chose those who were not related to the Empire at all. These are the tops based in the Holy Land.”

    Yoidel listened to them quietly.

    "What about the top of Celturas?"

    "Yes, Celltrion is not a giant top that encompasses all continents, but it is a top that has long ties and distributes with trust, and although there is no deal with the small kingdoms, it is not a place where big profits are generated anyway, so it is bearable."

    No, Celltrion is weaker in mercenaries, so fees for some dangerous areas are more expensive than others.

    What the Holy Father needs is food grown in the plains, which is mainly harvested in the small kingdoms.

    In addition, it is the top of the border of other countries belonging to the allies of the country, and is greatly influenced by the economic situation of the home country.

    Yoidel tapped Ulysses on the leg.

    When he looked down, Yoidel took a paper and pen from his pocket and wrote an "X."


    When he asked with his eyes, Yoidel quickly wrote.

    [Fee is high.]

    Ulysses saw the writing.

    "What's the next candidate, apart from Celltrion?"

    "There's the top of Kevel."

    "It's Kebel..."

    "Since it is an emerging power, it receives less commission than Celltrion, and there are many countries that have connections because it is a family specialized in maritime trade. It's also easy to open specialized stores in many countries and distribute and supply them in bulk."

    There was no particular advantage.

    On the terrestrial continent, there were more countries gathered in inland regions than in countries surrounded by the ocean.

    General temples, which are branch offices of Daeshinjeon, which are located on the ground, were also gathered in mountains, forests, and fields. In that position, there would be no influence at the top of Kevel.

    The more you go toward the coast of the continent, the worse the security and no usable land, and the more suitable coast was the territory of the British Empire.

    Expensive items such as crafts, art, or minerals were traded by the Holy State, and other travelers visited the traces of the Lord.

    The top of the sea, which is not a teleportable warpgate, is not very helpful.

    [Oh, right]

    Yoidel pulled Ulysses' hem again.

    [How about the top of Orbis?]]

    Ulysses shook his head. They are so proud that it is complicated to open a deal.

    [But it'll be the best]]

    Yoidel is right about that. While Ulysses was staring.

    Yoidel held out a piece of paper again.

    [Michelle will do it for you]

    Episode 35

    It wasn't long before I knew what Yoidel meant.

    The top side of Orbis, which had been ambiguous, has asked them to be listed as candidates.

    The owner of Michele and Orbis is the same person.’

    When he first asked for an audience, I thought it was Cheon Cheon-hwa's job, but it wasn't.

    "Michelesa, as the owner of the top of Orbis, greets the Holy Father."

    "Long time no see."

    "I visited once when I started the ceiling, and it's an honor for you to remember."

    Indeed, there is no way that Seonghwang will remember people one by one. There were a lot of people that day. Michele added an explanation and smiled.

    But Ulysses was not saying that.

    "I mean when you were in the temple before, Lord Michele."

    "……Do you remember that time?"

    Michele was genuinely surprised.

    Even those who stayed in the temple around the same time do not remember Mikhele's face well, but the Holy Father remembers himself when he saw tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

    "I made something unsavory and left a deep impression on you."

    "That's not the only reason. You've been good at painting since a long time ago."

    Michele once again admired his memory. I didn't expect you to remember that.

    "But my talent as a top player was unexpected."

    "Ha ha…… Our family is hiding it in opposition." I'm sorry I couldn't come to you first."

    Michele bowed to him.

    And I told them all about the story, how I was caught by Yoidel, and what kind of deal I made.

    Eventually, the top of Orbis came to the place where the top of the kite was cut. Not a bad result for Ulysses.

    If it's the Saya family, it's a clear identity.’

    In other words, it was significantly less likely that the previous incident would be repeated.

    Although we have to set up an agent because we can't reveal the identity of the upper house.

    Anyway, it wasn't a bad deal for Michele either.

    He is well aware of the feelings of the members of the Saya family for the Holy Country.

    As a result, even if Michele later confessed to his parents that he was the top owner, he was in charge of distribution for the Holy State, so he could avoid criticism.

    Michele smiled at Ulysses before leaving.

    'The priest of Yoidel was unparalleled in my childhood.’

    After saying that.

    This was an unexpected achievement for Ulysses.

    I didn't think I'd make a deal with the tricky Orbis top stock.

    I don't know what the deal was, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.’

    Ulysses' first offer to Yoidel was one year.

    Buy your own trust in it.

    Apart from his private assessment, Yoidel was showing remarkable progress.

    If you count your achievements alone, you are so good that there is no one to object to even if you raise your position further.

    knock, knock.

    "Your Holiness, the priest of Yoidel is here."

    "Come on in."

    The door opened carefully and pink hair showed up.

    "………why are you coming like a sinner?”

    "Because I'm scared if the Holy Father suddenly calls me."

    "If you're really afraid of me, you shouldn't even be able to answer that."

    "Oh, is that so?"

    Yoidel, who smiled awkwardly, looked at Ulysses for a moment and stood at the end of the office.

    I thought I could open the door and go outside quickly if I turned my body.

    Is it because it's a safe distance?’

    Ulysses stared at Yoidel.

    "Come closer."

    "Oh, yes!"

    "Come more."

    "……this much?”


    As Ulysses' expression became cold, Yoidel quickly approached and stood in front.

    "I'm leaving you with an important task today."


    "I shook off the insidious pursuit of Daewon-ro, so shouldn't I be rewarded?"

    Yoidel agreed with that. Thanks to this, Marcelina's obsession has been reduced a lot.

    "Please sit there."

    Ulysses gave the sofa to Yoidel.

    Is it a magical sofa? Why is the Holy Father giving us a soft sofa?’

    Ulysses' expression was curt, so Yoidel did as he was told.

    There was one reason why Yoidel was nervous now.

    "Is there something wrong with Mr. Michele?"

    I was worried that something might have gone wrong, since I had arranged the positions of Holy Father and Mr. Michele myself.

    Ulysses' eyes turned to her. Yoidel was startled by the glance of Ulysses.

    Should I crouch down?’

    With Ulysses' sharp eyes, Yoidel rounded his shoulders. Then Ulysses' expression became more harsh.

    "Is this not it?"

    Yoidel raised his shoulders again, put his fist-clenched hands on his knees, and straightened his back. Then Ulysses' expression improved.

    His steps came quickly and stood close to Yoidel.

    It was overwhelming energy.

    Yoidel turned his frozen, rattling head like an oiled tin woodman without making eye contact.

    "Are you mad that I've been feeling too comfortable?"’

    Yoidel looked at Ulysses and smiled awkwardly.

    "Lower your shoulders."

    Yoidel looked puzzled, but immediately lowered his stiff shoulders to the trapezius muscle.

    "Hold the pen."

    "Pay, pen? Yes, I did."

    "Then this."


    Ulysses put down the remaining overtime documents in front of Yoidel after he had handled them.

    "I hope you take care of it."


    "It won't be difficult. The important thing is that I did it and it's just the rest of the work.”

    Yoidel stared at Ulysses in amazement.

    "You can take care of it while I'm resting."


    Yoidel opened his rabbit's eyes as if he had misheard it and kept asking again.




    A bewildered question burst out.

    What did Seong-Ha just say?

    "This is not my job."

    "I know."

    "What if you know?"

    "It's not difficult. As I said earlier."

    "It's not that. Why, no, uh, how do I do your work?”

    Either way, Ulysses gently pressed his tired eyelids with his hands.

    Everything was tiring.

    Ulysses had never rested properly or made others do his little work.

    However, this new chick seemed to be useful if it was taught well.

    "Wake me up when it's five o'clock."

    "That's too much, Holy Father. Did your work with Mr. Michele go wrong?"

    Is that why you're making me do this too much work?

    When Yoidel asked in a trembling voice like a goat, Ulysses, who had his eyes closed quietly in his place, smiled.

    "The owner complimented you."

    "Mr. Michele?"

    The voice quickly went up.

    It's simple anyway.’

    The change was so stark.

    When he sees himself, he makes a dying voice, and he quickly rejoices that he has been praised by others.

    "He was impressed by how clever he was. And I told him everything about what happened with Mr. Yoidel."

    "Mr. Michele is a very nice person, too."

    "I think so. Seeing that he believed in the new chick and tried to reveal his identity, "

    His voice dropped a little.

    But Yoidel, who didn't notice the discomfort, smiled brightly.

    "When will the ceiling be completed? I'm sure it'll be pretty."

    "Maybe it will be completed after winter."

    "It's autumn now, so we need another season."

    There was no answer from Ulysses.

    Yoidel also repeated to himself, "Seong-ha is the worst person among the bad people," and began working overtime.

    "Before that, if the gatekeeper knocks on the door, tell him to deliver it later." I don't want to talk because I'm tired."

    Within minutes, the security guard in front of the office knocked on the door.

    Can a chick do it?

    As far as he knows, he can't say no to most requests.

    The reason why he chose Yoidel is because he saw the sincerity of moving in the morning.

    "I thought I'd stop soon, but I'm patient."

    The morning of Daishinjeon originally starts early.

    Among them, Ulysses started a day earlier. But each time there was Yoidel.

    That new young man diligently cleaned the Daishinjeon. to the point where people would think that he was hired as a servant

    knock, knock.

    Once again, I could feel Yoidel hesitating for a long time at the appearance of someone who knocked on the door.

    Ulysses made a deliberate toss. What are you going to do, man.

    "Your Holiness is sharing his opinion with me on an important issue related to you. Please give me your word again later."

    It's interesting because it's unexpected.

    Ulysses slept peacefully, drawing a line at the corners of his mouth.


    A few days later, Ulysses checked the conclusion of the match.

    It was to double-check the wonder I felt before.

    There's nothing wrong.’

    The Holy See was surrounded by several layers to form a huge semicircle.

    It was a bond that maintained with great power in the sacred magic stone, which is usually invisible, and becomes the pillar of his magic and the Holy Land.

    But there was a catch.

    'There was a time when the appearance of the priest Yoidel felt like someone other than him.’

    When I think about whether his eyes felt that much tired, it wasn't that bad.

    But Ulysses obviously mistook Yoidel for a woman.

    "If there's magic, there's no way I can't detect it."

    There was no artifact that Yoidel carried in particular.

    There were only accessories, but at best, the ring was all.


    But if there's any special magic at stake, he can't be unaware.

    But I wasn't sure where it was.

    Episode 36

    "Mr. Marcelina?"

    After Yoidel spent a few days avoiding Marcelina, Marcellina first visited Yoidel's place and gave him a desperate look.

    "Let's solve one of the formulas together, okay?

    Yoidel also nodded at her eager eyes.

    Marcelina is just a little scary, because she wasn't

    "Don't worry too much, Mr. Yoidel. If the proposal is burdensome, I won't do it anymore."

    Marcelina sighed as she drank the warm tea served by Yoidel.

    "Sorry, I surprised you a lot, didn't I? I can't help this personality, whose perspective turns upside down when looking at talented people even though they are old.”

    Yoidel then resumed classes with Marcelina.

    Actually, there was something I wanted to ask her. Yoidel put some books down on the desk.

    "Do you know what this is, Marcelina?"

    "Oh, it's torn and torn like rags. It looks like you've worked hard to make it...… The cover is pretty."

    "It's the data that the former Shinsu administrator left behind."

    "It's great to see it again. I can feel the exhaustion of time."

    Marcelina changed her attitude and praised it, saying it was a valuable book.

    "How could I read Median?”

    "You may not remember the language you learned naturally when you were young."


    Marcelina smiled kindly as if it were a matter of course.

    "Median is a language that aristocrats learn a lot to brag about because the system is difficult. As the continent is so big, it's helpful to learn. Didn't Yoidel learn it then, too?"

    At her answer, Yoidel agreed, "Yes, I see." Yobo Hill is also a noble family.

    "Why did Media's trade route close?”


    “Lai's country and hwiseu.”

    " Our dearest friends ' country? But they don't have to worry, yoidel family. "

    I turned thumbs down as if he don't mind mareusellina.

    " They are in still to come and go free because the son of gwijokka the other side. Trade routes and footpaths were closed, but their citizens are in and out is how you can. "

    " Really? Then, I am fortunate. But when they are here? The mareusellina're ...Be comfortably sing. "

    " I have a saucy hwiseuteron halmanggu Did you go to calling for? Ha-ha! "

    " Oh, oh no, no! I really ...! "

    " hwiseuteron know is his bad talking. You don't have to make excuses. Don't worry."

    Marcelina seemed to recall old memories for a moment.

    "Maybe it was when I was a kid...… I don't remember."

    And whispered quietly.

    "The rumor is that Media lost something and closed the door."

    "Will you lose it?"

    "I heard that what Media lost was some 'treasure'.”

    A treasure.

    Yoidel's ears opened up to an unexpected story.

    "I don't think it's a real gold coin."

    "As expected, Mr. Yoidel, you were right. Media is not a material-poor country at all. I guess it will be that precious, but it would be even more surprising if it was a gold and silver treasure, breaking everyone's expectations."

    Marcelina muttered curiously, "What is it?"

    "It must be very precious. If you see the trade route closed, they won't let you get out, so you'll be looking for it in there. But it's already been almost 20 years."

    "It's been a long time."

    "I think it will open again soon, given that I haven't found it yet. There is also a deadline for closing trade routes and maintaining them closed."

    Marcelina actually wanted to talk about something else than that. What I wanted to do when I met Yoidel.

    I've been warned by the Holy Father.’

    Compared to Hail, he was not even bothered by knowledge.

    "Well, then we're going to...… Shall we solve this?”


    Marcelina's book vibrated the table.


    'You must have been very sleepy.’

    Marcelina fell asleep before I knew itI looked at Ethel.

    Was it too much? I'd be in trouble if I ran away like all the other disciples.’

    It was a cute and fresh new building that I liked after a long time.

    It was the right time when Ha-il was away. He had to ingratiate himself before he took away Yoidel.

    Marcelina, who is as eager to study as Hail, smiled at Yoidel.

    He had to take it away at this time because he was cute with soft cheeks and an innocent face that fell asleep without knowing the world.

    'Although the first player was taken away by the Holy Father, the second player chose the West and Marira.’

    Marcelina, who was burning her fighting spirit, tilted her head.

    I've been feeling a bit strange.


    Yoidel's complexion was strangely bad as if he was suffering from stomachache.

    In addition, he is sleeping with his lower abdomen wrapped around him even though he is unconscious.

    '……No way, that can't be.'

    Marcelina looked for a long time and rummaged through her magic bag.

    Finally, binoculars that see the truth came out. Marcelina looked at Yoidel with it in her eyes.

    "Oh, my"

    From the day the water rose from the fountain, I wondered if.

    Instead, she has an excellent sense in many ways as the center of all the magic research in the exhibition and the head of the library that requires keen observation. But I didn't expect it to be me.

    Does the Holy Father know?’

    It was supposedly a pair. That means there's someone special.

    But if that's Yoidel...… For Marcelina, it was hard to be sure. Because he didn't affirm anything.

    Hail went to find out every time and came back empty and grumbled.

    Marcelina agonized.

    I think I can feel the energy of the Holy Father from this child, but it may be an illusion. It's premature to be sure.’

    Again, the Holy Father came to the conclusion that he did not know. It's a pretty powerful disguise magic, but how did your Holiness not notice it?

    "Is it related to the family?"

    According to Marcelina, Yoidel is almost insulated from the Duke of Jovahilde.

    Aside from that, how can the magic of the Yobo Dde family be so powerful?

    I don't know what's going on, but there must be a story. You must have had a hard time, Miss Yoidel.'

    Marcelina gently swept Yoidel's cheek out of pity.

    I didn't mean to spill the beans. Because it was off the subject.

    Her eyes touched Yoidel warmly.


    Yoidel squatted on the wide stairs and wrote a note. The paper on the knee crumpled up because there was no support.

    Yoidel groaned and agonized. The class with Marcelina was fun, but the more I learned, the more difficult it was.

    So Yoidel always wrote it down in a memo like this after accumulating knowledge.

    Marcelina praised Yoidel as a genius, but in fact, she was a hard worker who could memorize it after writing it about 10 times.


    The subject that Marcelina talked about with her fever and anger.

    Usually taboo magic is not well mentioned even out of curiosity because of its high risk.

    However, there was only one group of evil in the world that abused it without caring about it.

    It's the British Empire

    Yoidel stared at the letter given to him. It was a letter from a duke.

    There was no parent-child relationship, but somehow it was ambiguous to throw away.

    "What are you doing, Del?"


    Yoidel looked back in amazement. And unlike before, the letter was quickly burned down.

    "Whistles, lie!"

    "Did you exchange any secret letters? Who? The cute-looking new building that you gave me last time?

    Whisteron grinned and looked at Yoidel. His face was full of mischief.

    Yoidel, who was looking at the training of the two guards in the smoke field, looked around in surprise.

    The eyes of the Knights were also glancing this way.

    Yoidel was somehow embarrassed and lowered his voice. Ah, that's right.

    "You know, Whistles, what's important to you?"


    Whisteron rolled his purple eyes.

    I didn't even think about it.

    "Eating? I don't feel good if I starve."”

    "That's true."

    Yoidel nodded. It doesn't make sense anyway.

    There was a pathetic view of Whisteron, and it was Lyos. He clapped his tongue.

    Yoidel called him this time.


    "Yes, my lord."

    Lyos knelt before her, tidying up his sweaty mist suit.

    "La, Lai! Please don't kneel down! "We're friends, but I don't want you to use honorifics."

    "Is that an order?"

    "That's not true, but...… No, yeah. That's right, it's an order. So please don't."

    "I'll try, my lord."

    I don't think it's going to work. Yoidel gave up and asked the question for now.

    "Lai, you know what? What's most important to Lai? Do you have any?"

    When asked the same question as Whisteron, Lyos pondered for a moment.

    "I'm your escort, so you're the most precious."

    "Wow. I should have answered like that! Del, can you ask me again, huh? Huh?

    At the words, Yoidel jumped up in surprise.

    '……that's it!'

    The closed media moves the entire continent along the head family. The power of the head family was so strong.

    But even they are struggling.

    If the continent of Media, where each individual has an excellent ability, has never opened a trade route, what is it?

    Something you can't find easily. It is a high risk to ask for cooperation from other countries, and it will take a long time for one force to find it.'

    an unfinished treasure hunt

    Yoidel came to a conclusion.


    The answer was one.

    What the Median continent lost, it was people.

    Episode 37

    It was a reason for the closure that I didn't even imagine.

    Is it related to the British Empire again? If it did, the empire wouldn't have been fine so far...….

    Anyway, he's probably very precious and important.

    If you've sealed off the continent and everyone has followed your will, is it probably the family of the head of the family?

    "I can't believe my family is so desperate to find me." It's amazing.'

    Yoidel thought of his parents, the Duchess of Jovahilde, and soon quit.

    "Dell? Are you sick? I'll give you a piggyback ride!"

    "Are you okay, retainer?"

    I was out of breath and felt nauseous. Her escorts were sensitive to the change.

    "Well, are you the priest of Yoidel?"

    Then a strange voice came from somewhere.

    When I turned my eyes, I was waiting for the Sung Knights with sparkling eyes to talk to me in a line.

    They were like squirrels holding acorns. The Knights thrust acorns, or their hands.

    "Ho, ho, by any chance, may I ask for your blessing, Master Yoidel?"

    "I really wanted to meet the priest of Yoidel. It's such an honor."

    Yoidel blinked at the unexpected.

    "No way."

    "That's too much, Whisteron. I asked the priest!"

    "Oh, shut up. Get out of here. The escort is me and Rios, and you have no right. My retainer hates the smell of sweat. Muscles go away."

    Whisteron swung his wrist and blocked the front of Yoidel. The same was true of Lyos, who looked disconsolate.

    It was like a garrison guarding an acorn.

    "Dell, you're in trouble, aren't you? "Did I do well?"

    Whisteron turned around and asked in a low voice. Yoidel shook his head firmly.

    "It's all right, Whistles! The magic is not difficult. You two are colleagues, right? I can do this much. It's a chance to see a lot of people. So I want to try."

    There was something that the two guards overlooked, the fact that Yoidel liked his friends.

    Red eyes sparkled and my heart thumped and my heart was full of excitement. The more people I could get along with, the better.

    "Yo, Master Yoidel! Then, do you happen to be...?”

    "Okay, Del, but don't overdo it."

    Yoidel nodded as he looked at the dozens of holy knights seized by their worried gaze and anticipation.


    "I feel like my arms are in tatters.”

    "See, it's not normal. Dale, you went overboard today.”

    Yoidel fell to the floor exhausted.

    The line, which was initially tens, increased exponentially.

    Over 100 people, 200... 300...…. Perhaps, instead, it seemed to have blessed all the Seonggisa in this exhibition.

    "Mr. Yoidel, I...…!”

    "Ugh! There are no other masu who died and survived. Dale, run away. Go to the smoke shelter for now. We'll leave you alone."

    The procession, which I thought was over when I heard the rumor, continued again.

    "Sorry, thank you!"

    Yoidel left his back to the two and went into the nearby building. Yoidel, who escaped to a small room, was deeply relieved.

    It's rattling.

    Then the door opened and a person came in.

    Oh, I'm here to rest because it's a shelter.… Why are you taking off your clothes?’

    Yoidel quickly hid in the corner before the lights went on. And then I went deeper into a certain coffin basin.

    "Wow, I don't think I'm sick because I'm blessed by the priest."

    "That's great, Father Yoidel."

    'Mom, I'm changing!’

    That's right. The place where Yoidel entered as if he was running away was none other than the dressing room of the training ground.

    Yoidel covered his mouth to hold his breath. However, I gradually became suffocated.

    As I stayed quiet not to make any sign, I lacked air. I couldn't breathe properly. It was a humid and stuffy space.

    "I can't breathe."

    It's dark and I can't see anything. The lights outside went out as if the sexual drivers had left, but this time the door did not open here.

    Boom! Boom!

    Why isn't this working?

    Yoidel knocked on the door again and again in embarrassment.

    'Mom, dad, I'm sorry. I'm hungry.'

    Being trapped in a dark and narrow place, memories of the past flooded like waves.

    'No, it was a long time ago. I'm not young, I'm not scared.’

    But will and body were different.

    I was so short of breath and my heart was pounding. Just as if someone was dragging her into the darkness under her feet. My whole body trembled with anxiety.

    And at that moment, Jermi wasn't the only one who felt pain.

    'What the...'

    Ulysses, who was in the conference room, raised his hand to his chest.

    For a moment, I felt a heart-stopping pain.

    Was it an illusion? No, this ominous energy is not an illusion. But it couldn't have been his pain.

    So there's only one possibility. The pain that Yoidel feels.

    'Wasn't it just sharing external pain?’

    I've never really exchanged feelings with Yoidel. So the pairing stage cannot have gotten deeper. I've never shared that much of a heart.

    At least that's what he thinks.

    Yoidel, the party to this feeling, would be more if it was pain that made even his heart tremble, born with a naturally strong.

    Ulysses used tracking magic.

    It's the Holy Knight's coat of arms.’

    If so, it is highly likely that Laos and Whisteron are together, so why are they in such trouble?

    It was a misunderstanding last timeBut this time we may really have to reprimand Yoidel's escorts.

    And so did Yoidel.

    You'll have to take responsibility for making me move.’

    The pink-haired retainer acts like a bell many times. However, in order to reprimand, Yoidel must be safe for now. That was the order.

    Ulysses rose from his seat without realizing it.

    "Your Holiness? What's the matter?”

    The afternoon meeting, which was held temporarily on urgent agenda, was stirred up by a disturbance.

    This is because he, who was successful, rarely solidified his impression. I can't believe the person who was always smiling all of a sudden looks nervous.

    Only then did Ulysses see the surrounding scenery.

    "Damn it."

    I was in a meeting now. But he tried to leave the center of the exhibition.

    He was frightened at his misjudgment.

    "What's the big deal?”

    The chairman asked him.

    His unusual appearance also caused a stir among the new officials around him.

    At that time, Marcelina, who was sitting next to me, felt something strange and opened her mouth carefully.

    "If something more important happens, I'll look at the agenda instead, Holy Father."


    At any moment, the superior value, it was only the Holy Land for him. Just because Yoidel is in trouble, there is no reason for him to chase after him like a lost dog.

    Wasn't it an escort that was put in place in preparation for such a risk?

    Whisteron and Laos are also strong contenders for the top spot in the 1st Knights.

    It won't be a big deal. It was not accompanied by external pain, but my heart was pounding for a moment.

    He'll appear smiling as if he didn't do it again. The red-eyed retainer must be.’

    He looked at his hands outside his sleeves and his arms hidden inside his clothes. There is no particular place where scars come up with scars.

    Ulysses judged coldly.

    Nothing, no man could be put before his job. As we have kept it for over a thousand years, so will we.

    "Your Holiness, is something really wrong?"

    His surrounding retainers expressed concern over him.

    "……it's nothing. I will resume the meeting."

    Ulysses sat down slowly again.

    There is no exception at any time.


    Yoidel gripped his stuffy neck. I couldn't breathe properly even if I unbuttoned the button tightly filled up to my neck.

    "I wish I could do something right."

    "How come they only give such silly answers?" If I knew he was like this, I'd rather...….’

    Bad memories came flooding in. Yoidel squatted down and scratched himself.

    I was anxious, nervous, and gradually blurred my vision. Very deep, very dark…….


    At that time, the ring that was scratched by my finger and pushed to my fingertips rolled on the floor.

    The ring, which escaped through a small gap, ran away cleanly and ran on the floor, stopping in front of a man's shoe.

    Ulysses recognized the ring at a glance.

    A ring with a straight finger twirling around was tapped, hit, and put it in the grip.

    "This is…"

    It's not an unusual shape, but I've definitely seen it. I saw it on the tiny white finger of the pink-haired retainer.

    He frowned at the ring alone without its owner.

    'There's a trail of magic left.’

    Looking closely, there was a subtle energy.

    Come to think of it, I wondered why I always wear rings.

    The ring that Ulysses carried was the seal ring of the Holy Land. He had a reason to wear it.

    But Yoidel is not a gaju. I heard that the ring was a relic, but it was plain without decoration and had a short age, so it did not look like a noble to come down to the noble family.

    I don't think they have a friendly relationship enough to be attached to the belongings of someone in the Yoboilde family.’

    I barely managed to catch my breath and looked at the ring because I was in a hurry.

    "As you ordered, we sent everyone out and closed the building. If it's true that Masu infiltrated, I think we should search mainly in the dark."

    "Find every place where you can feel the biological energy."

    "I see."

    The meeting was called off urgently with a false declaration that the masu had invaded.

    Ulysses could not understand himself.

    "Don't come near where I go."

    "Your name."

    Ulysses grabbed the ring in his hand and hurried on.

    Entering the dressing room, he grazed his teeth.

    "Damn it."

    In the corner of the dressing room, the trajectory of light stopped. You went into that narrow place? I'm going crazy.

    I couldn't open the door and made a huge hole in case I was leaning on it.

    Thang! (wordplay)

    The door of the narrow cabinet rolled on the floor. There was a pink-haired retainer curled up in a narrow, dark place that could barely fit a child.

    "Should I say that I'm glad that it didn't go against my expectations at times like this.….”

    He knelt down and carefully hugged Yoidel's body.

    'I fell asleep. Fortunately, there's no major problem.’

    Then Ulysses sighed deeply. It was a proper breath that I held it in and barely spit it out.

    He gently swept the sweaty forehead of Yoidel with his hands.

    I was sweating a lot on my closed eyes and skin, but I didn't care. He, who is close to myelophobia, did not even recognize it properly in his eyes.

    He breathed in healing energy.

    Ulysses stared at the ring he had picked up. His eyes narrowed in the darkness.

    Boom boom!

    Then I heard a knock on the door outside.

    Holy Father, what's the matter? Is Masu there by any chance?"


    When his touch touched the soft skin, the hair that was stuck to the sweat slowly lifted.

    I could see it all. His calm expression in his arms, his lips that exhaled shallow breath.

    No, something's different than usual.

    He stared at the ring and slowly put it into Yoidel's hand. And it was silence.

    "……there is no one."

    His gaze at Yoidel was frighteningly calm.
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    Inside Yoidel's hand, he could feel his pounding pulse.

    The beating of my heart, which I don't know who it belonged to, began to grow faster.

    This tiny, warm little hand felt more menacing than a blade.

    “… … You don't even get angry as usual."

    Ulysses pulled her hand closer.

    “Even on the day of the festival, you didn’t have any pain.”

    It was a low-pitched voice.

    He was convinced that the woman he met at the festival was Yoidel.

    I wondered why he suddenly ran away, but it makes sense so that his true form is not discovered.

    It was also the case that the eyes were red. Being an unidentified medical priest.

    “What wish did you make on the wish tree?”

    Ulysses' voice was riddled with ridicule.

    “You want me to stay undetected forever?”

    “No, Sungha. that… … That's not really… … .”

    Tears slowly welled up in Yoidel's eyes.

    Ulysses, whose expression hardened even more at that point, let out a suppressed sigh.

    “… … Or what did you want?”

    Ulysses looked at the white nape of her neck with the same scars as herself.

    His eyes on the neckline were no different from appreciating the crude objects that were often found on the roadside.

    “I don’t know where all of Yoidel-sama’s truth comes from.”

    The blue eyes were not like the firmament, but like a glacier.

    Even if the pieces melted in the warmth, the ice was still ice.

    He gave out a small piece and then froze again, and a colder air blew from him.

    “Did you have any sincerity in what you did?”

    “… … .”

    “The truth is, was there?”

    Yoidel did not respond to Ulysses' words.

    “How many of the words and actions you showed me were real?”

    “… … It was all sincere.”

    Yoidel, holding the hem of her robe so that her arms trembled, barely spoke. A cracked voice came out.

    “There was nothing that was not sincere in what I said to the Holy Father.”

    But there were many things that were not true.

    Because Yoidel didn't say that she wasn't what she used to be, and that she had the ability to foresight was a lie.

    "However… … .”

    However, there were no lies other than that he was not afraid when he was scared.

    I sincerely admire him. Seriously, I'm afraid of him.

    Not wanting to disappoint him, even this situation was all Yoidel's sincerity.

    My eyes got hot without realizing it. Tears like dew fell like rain.

    “Really with the Yobohilde family… … It has nothing to do with it. That is the truth.”

    I won't ask you to believe me.

    But I didn't want to raise any doubts about it.

    Not to save my life, but because it was already a tiring night when I found the traitor.

    "I… … .”

    Ulysses' voice became even lower. He clenched it.

    And I slipped my big fingers between the fingers of the small, fragile hands that were already overlapping each other.

    He pulled Yoidel closer to his arms.

    "Do you think I'm doing this just because of the duke's family and your organic nature, only because of that?"

    He felt a pounding heartbeat under his hand on his neck.

    Their gazes were closely intertwined, and the two of them were closer than ever.

    My heart was the most distant now, just the opposite distance.

    “Then I will ask you another question.”

    He tilted his head and looked down at her.

    “When the promised year is over, what are you going to do?”

    Initially, Yoidel was promised a full amnesty for only one year.

    “In fact, you wouldn’t have planned for the rest of your life to be that way.”

    “… … .”

    “After that, as you said at first glance, did you intend to go to the commercial realm and earn some money?”

    His gaze turned to her neck.

    “It wouldn’t be easy with that body tied to me.”

    Ulysses laid her cheek against Yoidel's hand with a cold face. And he watched the troubles of Yoidel, who couldn't help it.

    “If that were the case, I would have searched the commercial realm.”

    If I had left without a word, of course I would.

    Of course, it wouldn't stop there.

    “How did you feel when you accepted the offer for one year?”

    “… … .”

    “Through the academy, we made a connection with Mediah by saying, “For the sake of the Holy Kingdom, we got a way to untie the pairing, so our relationship… … What were you going to do after that?”

    Yoidel's heart was pounding with trembling.

    Every single word he spoke jokingly pierced her.

    “There is a reason why you so requested exile to the outskirts.”

    Yoidel's eyes fluttered aimlessly.

    Yoidel, who was biting her lip, relaxed her body as if she had made up her mind.

    "I… … .”

    already heard it all

    He and himself both knew that it was useless to make any excuses now.

    Yoidel's head dropped.

    “… … I'm sorry."

    Silent tears flowed from her bowed head and her shoulders trembled.

    “Recognition is quick.”

    Ulysses smiled coldly.

    “Couldn’t you have made more excuses?”

    “… … Because Sungha hates excuses. Regardless of the reason, it was my fault for not telling the Holy Spirit.”

    “Then you deceived me so I didn’t notice until the end, didn’t you? lest you betray me.”

    It was an emotionless eye.

    As he said, Yoidel became a 'unknown person' to Ulysses.

    Ulysses smiled with a friendly face as if it had been taken, just like the unspecified majority.

    He took Yoidel's hand and slowly put the ring on.

    That's right.

    “… … indeed."

    Although it was a slight difference, seeing him becoming a boy did not shake him any more.

    His hand was so respectful that the boundaries he had drawn became clearer.

    “It’s a ring made of Mediah’s stone.”

    With such a special stone, it is difficult to detect the magic on it at once.

    Yoidel, who bowed her head, still couldn't make any excuses and bit her mouth.

    Ulysses let go of the white hand she was holding and wiped the wound on her neck.

    “I will return to the Holy Land immediately. Get ready.”

    His back turned firmly.

    “I’m sorry, Sungha.”

    Ulysses's steps stopped at the slender voice that came out as she suppressed her crying.

    “Mr. Yoidel.”

    "yes… … .”

    “I have no intention of unpairing anymore.”

    At that, the crying stopped.

    A voice without a single word of warmth flowed out.

    He looked at Yoidel with cold eyes.

    “This is probably the punishment you most want. May you continue to be bound to me as you are now.”


    a few days later in the morning.

    Ulysses looked at the rose decorations in the Grand Chapel.

    “It’s a secret.”

    The rose symbolizes the secret.

    So, the Rosarium given to Yoidel was the perfect place for her.

    'The two guards confessed that they knew.'

    After returning to the Holy Land, Ulysses called the two of them and rebuked them. At the time, he had doubts about the report.

    Looking back, I felt that I knew something and purposely hid it. And, too, they knew that Joidel was a woman.

    The reason he hid it was because he felt suspicious about the Yobohilde family, not the Yoidel.

    Instead of reporting to him, the two guards chose the path for their master. It was a clear mistake, but the task given to them was faithfully performed.

    They confessed to what they had not seen and posted to themselves.

    No traces of the other children he investigated were found, but rumors exist that twins were born in the duke's family in the past.

    'The other must have been a boy.'

    It was clear that he had made Yoidel live as a substitute for the other. But why? There is a high risk of being caught in men's clothing.

    The fact that he accepted that and sent Yoidel here means that the Duke of Yobohilde has a different secret.

    Yoidel was sent to the Great Shrine at the age of 13. Since then, the Duke Jovohilde has come to see her only once. The very day that I slapped Yoidel on the cheek.

    If you have a small child, you will probably come to say hello at least once.

    'Media stone with that ability, no matter how much a duke, can't easily get it.'

    Ulysses suddenly recalled a sense of déjà vu.

    Yoidel guessed it was a human being Mediah was looking for.


    Mediah closed the trade route in 19 years to be exact.

    No, one year has passed, so 20 years.

    The Brikalt Empire that drew huge sacrifices from Lavorvich.

    The Duke Jovohilde was a close confidant of Emperor Brikalt. and a magician's name.

    It was a well-known fact that the duke and duke had been without children for a long time after marriage, so they inquired everywhere in search of a treatment method.

    But what about the attitude of the two towards the child they barely got?

    His eyes sank into another dew, different from the coldness he had shown to Yoidel.


    A shadow appeared in the empty space.

    Men, all covered in darkness, appeared from the darkness and bowed before him.

    If the paladin was a knight of light, the penumbra was an elite unit of darkness. The one standing in front of them handed over an organized document.

    “That’s all I’ve been researching so far.”

    “Keep watching.”

    “Jon name.”

    The two guards were entrusted with the investigation of the Jobohilde family, but not entirely.

    It was entrusted to them as to the individual Yoidel. This is about the Duke Jovohilde.

    Ulysses' eyes, scanning the lines, gradually subsided.

    [Clementine Jovohilde is inquiring about a nanny from ten years ago. As the Duchess, she is an exceptional wizard and a human who has completed the top of the Magic Tower. It's strange that she's just looking for a nanny. It is also doubtful that an ordinary nanny has not been pursued by her for many years. As a result of tracking, traces of the nanny's passing to Media are secured.]

    The next paragraph contained more clear information.

    [Securing evidence suggesting that he had two children as a child. Gender is assumed to be different. One was short-lived as a child.]

    Ulysses' eyes narrowed.

    [Duke Yobohilde frequently enters the Imperial Palace under the pretext of helping the disabled emperor. Clementine Jovohilde sometimes made contact with the old mistress at that time. All blood ties such as maternal and collateral and relatives of the duke family were investigated, but none of the predecessors with pink hair.]

    The next chapter provided a link to the Lavorvic case.

    [The break between Lavorvich and Brikalt after the Giorbeni incident. As a result of the investigation, heaps of skeletons were also found in other countries near Lavorvich. All of them have the energy of gold magic, and how to find the identity is difficult.]

    [Christoph Jovohilde secures parts of Clementine Jovohilde's body. Detection magic possible.]

    It was a family with more problems than expected.

    What the hell is 'to protect as a priest under his command'? Because he found out his identity later than the escorts.

    Ulysses just closed her blurred eyes.

    The face of Yoidel that I saw the day I found out the truth came to mind like a haze.

    'It was all sincere.'

    Those innocent round eyes that said that.

    angry Among the many betrayals, it was the only anger that had a private feeling.

    But the betrayal of the elders, there was no more anger. I didn't have to be so rough.

    there would have been You could ask what it is.

    But it was hasty. I fear that the bird, startled by the smallest things, will fly away without leaving a trace.

    Rather, it is not the present self that is dangerous to Yoidel.

    It was also not enough and it made me cry, so it could be said that it was the worst.

    “… … .”

    It wasn't just the emotions of anger that had stirred my mind all the past day. There was something worse than that.

    In other words, her eyes were as beautiful as jewels that only looked up at her.

    It was a heartfelt voice that I would like to hear for a long time. It was the first soft hand he had ever touched deeply.

    I feel sorry for being so small and fragile, I want to support you.

    The hypocrite was himself.

    His face became unbearably red.

    'This feeling is dangerous.'

    Beneath the vast chapel, Ulysses wiped her face while swallowing a self-helpful sigh.

    “… … It’s ugly.”

    "yes… … .”

    “You answered. Shall we go to our kingdom together and live with me?”

    Yoidel, who was dazed, looked to the side in amazement.

    When his red eyes changed wildly, unlike the usual Yoidel, Akakos smiled and took a step back.

    “Are you going to hit me again?”

    “I told you not to say that.”

    “But it hurts because the priest didn’t even say a word and was expelled from his friend’s seat. Where will this body find its lost first love?”

    Akakos shamelessly kissed Yoidel's hair.

    The pink hair was about the length of the badge, so it was difficult to kiss her, but she tried her best.


    Joidel decisively beat him down.

    “Go back to your kingdom and fill it up.”

    “So, I was going to go, but why are you so dazed? Don’t let the priest step on you and leave you behind.”

    “No, I replied. And I had no intention of leaving with the prince!”

    Akakos laughed out loud.

    He hadn't yet adapted to his man's disguise, no, his original form. He straightened the insignia of his formal uniform and looked at Yoidel.

    Akakos, who was alluring even when disguised as a woman, was even more enthralled by the appearance of a man.

    He pursed his lips in regret.

    “It’s still different.”

    Today was the day that Akakos, who had briefly ascended to the Sky Continent for a new agreement between Seongguk and Lavorvich, left.

    While the Warpgate was being prepared, Yoidel, along with the other priests, met Akkakos.

    When he returns to his home country, Akakos becomes the king of Lavorvich.

    Akakos whispered into Yoidel's ear.

    “You thought you couldn’t live like this even after becoming a king?”

    “… … no?"

    “Lies. But what about the eyes? But, did anything happen with Seonghwang?”

    “Oh, no?”

    “It’s not like that, Young-ae.”

    “Don’t call me that.”

    There was no success in the procession to see off.

    'There is a difference in nationality, but it's not just because of that.'

    It is a pity that only he witnessed the brutality of that day.

    That madman must have been watching the current situation from somewhere in those temples or palaces.

    I think there must have been something serious with Yoidel, who was looking for even while strangling her own neck. Is it me? then good

    Akakos smiled as he looked at the gloomy Yoidel.


    The moment he knelt down on one knee when he called out his name, a large bunch of pale pink roses filled his vision.

    Akakos, who had offered flowers to Yoidel, acted arbitrarily, not paying attention to the surroundings.

    “Ah, uh, no, what is that!”

    “The King of Lavorvich… … How... … ?”

    All witnesses on the spot opened their mouths and eyes wide.

    Husteron and Laios also hurriedly broke up between them, but Akakos' attitude did not change.

    “Because someone is all old and I’m going to be very young and green when I do today and tomorrow.”

    Akacos openly shot Ulysses. In the long run, he knew that he was superior to him in life and youth, but he didn't care.

    “Then come to me when you’re tired.”

    “… … .”

    “I am younger than you.”

    Akakos came closer and whispered in a serious voice.

    “And I won’t make you cry. Instead, I didn’t have friends back then, so I came to know that.”


    At that time, a lightning strike struck the place where Acacos was.

    “… … Wow, what crazy.”

    Akakos, who hastily escaped, looked at the charred spot and smiled absurdly.

    All the priests who were there and the people of Lavorvich looked around in amazement.

    “Is it going to rain all of a sudden?”

    “Hee hee. Lightning without thunder or rain.”

    Akakos looked towards the castle. Could this be a natural phenomenon? He beat him to death. There was no such thing as a madman, let alone benevolence.

    “The boot is ready. Let's go, prince."

    Akakos smiled broadly and turned towards the magic circle.

    "So goodbye! See you again, Yoidel! I love you! I'm serious!”


    After the commotion had settled to some extent, a convention was held.

    The main agenda item for this meeting was the vacancy of the Senate.

    “One of the three seats in the Senate is vacant, how will it be filled… … .”

    “Isn’t there any other choice but to raise one of the highest ranking priests?”

    “It is, but it’s a big deal because we don’t have a very suitable priest at the moment.”

    There are three seats in the Senate.

    The one who had one of them disappeared due to a great betrayal.

    “I’ve never seen anyone talk so much after death.”

    “I heard that there were no illegitimate children. It's so embarrassing that I can't even say anything."

    “We must be more careful in selecting the next elder.”

    “But the dead elder… … No, even civilians in the Great Hall were very good.”

    All the priests were in trouble.

    Surprisingly, only Marcelina in this hall had a calm expression on her face. Because she was a person who was as accustomed to betrayal as she was to Ulysses. She was also rebuked by the Holy Father.

    'But, why does the Holy Father seem depressed?'

    Although he is merciful, he is not swayed by private feelings. It's probably not because of Giorbeni's work.

    At that moment, Ulysses's gaze moved and caught the moment.

    '… … Are you swayed by your personal feelings?'

    He clearly saw Yoidel.

    However, looking closely, the expressions of the two were not equally good.

    'I thought about it. After returning from Lavorvich, Sungha and Miss Yoidel looked strangely cold.'

    After their return, the full story of the incident was revealed. The word “National Founding Day”, which also coincides with the 100th anniversary of Hapil Lavorvich, spread very quickly.

    In this regard, even Brikalt cannot escape the scandal.

    In fact, Brikalt became impatient and made an unofficial request to communicate with Lavorvic, but all were turned down.

    All of the Brikalt minions who remained in Lavorvich were removed. The Crown Prince was executed and the throne changed.

    Brikalt's cooperation or support would be lost, but Seongguk was going to take its place.

    “Until now, you have put up with Brickalt’s atrocities, but we must not let it go any further. We must not release a second Giorbeni.”

    “That’s right, His Holiness! Catfish smashed Brikalt... … Cole, please don't leave me alone. They are believed to be imprinted with shamelessness in their genes.”

    “Calm down.”

    Stepped seats were arranged in a circle, and the chairman stood in the center of the circle and struck a pole.

    “Please comment on the election of elders again.”

    “It’s honorable, but it’s usually not difficult, so I don’t know if we can pick out candidates.”

    “Besides, it is not a position to be appointed only if a majority of the votes in favor are obtained. It seems that there will be difficulties because suspicions are easily built up by civilians who were former elders.”

    Elders had to have certain divine powers, age, other abilities, and merit.

    Besides, what is now vacant is the chapter of the Dongguan that Giorbeni was in charge of.

    Dongguan is a more academic place for studying science, books, and historical records.

    Currently, the number of high-ranking priests in Dongguan is small, and most of them are quiet and do not like to go out, so there were almost no applicants.

    Except for the North Building of the Knights, there are elders in all of the East, West, and South Buildings.

    'Scholarship… … There are people who think of it, but I will never do it.'

    Yoidel sighed inwardly.

    As with the work of the elders, seeing Ulysses in the conference hall made me even more uncomfortable.

    After returning from Lavorvić, he did not penalize him, but he did not speak to him. All audiences were also rejected.

    'They say don't unpair... … Maybe good.'

    He was clearly misunderstanding something. Yoidel had no intention of going anywhere else even after a year.

    'But why aren't you punishing me?'

    It was something I was prepared to think about when I would be caught one day.

    There was a time when I thought that I could find a traitor in the original story and make a deal, but now the situation has changed.

    Yoidel was no longer just trying to survive. He also had a growing love for Seongguk.

    And Ulysses' expression, which seemed empty, was more concerned than the fact that her identity was revealed.

    “… … yes."

    “… … .”

    “Yoidel, you!”

    After the meeting, it was Heil who woke up Yoidel, who had been sitting blankly.

    “Look what worries you have. Are you worried that you can't tell me? It's been a while since the meeting! Shouldn't I just go back and rest?"

    "iced coffee… … It really is. thank you."

    Hail looked at the boy with a visibly expressionless expression and rummaged through his pockets.

    Eh, I don't have that much power. I can't help it because it's so annoying to see.


    He handed me a package of sweet caramel, opened one of them and shoved it in.

    Yoidel's complexion suddenly brightened.

    “Very sweet!”

    "right? It is an excellent beggar for energy recovery. A fairy's decision. Besides this, I bought a lot of unusual things, so please look forward to it.”

    When Heil was scouting around the foreign countries, he collected memorabilia little by little as an artifact and handed it to Yoidel.

    "that… … Did you see it?”

    "yes? What?"

    “Hey, do you have a present? … ?”

    I don't know why I bought it, but most of the gifts were strange.

    They were all sorts of rare things in their own way, such as witches from each country, bizarre healing art specimens, rare flowers, oversized and unusual gems, and ancient treasures.

    “Joe, it’s a little odd, but… … It's delicious and beautiful. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that.”

    "okay? Do you like it?”

    “… … yes! really useful... … do."

    “Do you like the gift Marcelina gave you?”


    Heil looked around and smirked very quietly.

    “Marcelina doesn’t move very well, so giving her presents is nothing but insignificant things. do you understand My gift is more precious.”

    Hail coughed again as if embarrassed.

    “And now that I’m back, I have plenty of time. It's a bit leisurely, so if you really want to, I can tell you everything if you ask me about it... … .”

    In other words, he asked me to play with myself, not with Marcelina.

    When Yoidel understood the meaning, he laughed a little, and Heil handed the paperwork to Yoidel.

    “Wow! Anyway, that’s it, please give this to the Holy Father instead of me!”

    "yes? Heil, no!”

    “I suddenly remembered that I was busy! Then please!”

    Heil was embarrassed to find out his heart, so he hurriedly left the meeting room.

    'What about this?'

    In the end, Yoidel pondered and arrived in front of his office.

    Yoidel, who had grown timid, looked at the gatekeeper and wondered whether to speak or not, and then just turned around.

    “Please tell the Holy Spirit. There was a request from Yeha Hail.”

    “Aren’t you going to give it to me?”

    "yes… … I don’t think I can.”

    The gatekeepers also put on a strange expression on Yoidel's dead face.

    But Ulysses was listening from inside the door.

    At the end of his cold gaze, there was a document.

    [The eldest son of the Duke Yobohilde, Yoidel Yobohilde… … .]

    It was an official message delivered by Brickalt.

    […] … Accordingly, we request repatriation.]
    Of course, Yoidel's request for extradition was immediately rejected.

    'The dog is barking.'

    Ulysses leaned her chin and looked at the official document with the seal of the Brikalt Empire.

    Priests of the Great Shrine gather from all over the world. As a result, many retained their former nationality.

    This is because nationality has never been a particularly serious obstacle.

    It was already a great honor to become an official priest of the Great Hall of Fame, and there were very few priests who wanted to leave this place.

    'By the way, it is an immediate request for repatriation from the home country.'

    There were several reasons for requesting the extradition of Joidel.

    In one of them, it was written that Yoidel was the son of a great aristocrat, so there was a fear that national secrets would leak out and cause a big problem in diplomacy.

    'The rest is about the library.'

    The library of the tower mentioned at the time of Giorbeni's execution.

    'Is it that Clementine Jobohilde is going to use the point of being the owner of the tower once again?'

    According to the official document, misunderstandings about the Brikalt Empire are spreading across the continent, and it should be corrected.

    Giorbeni had nothing to do with them, and Mattap asserted that Joidel Jovohilde had gone out with her mother when she was young.

    So, rather, Seongguk should watch Yoidel Jobohilde carefully.

    However, the Duke and Duchess of Jovohilde are pleading with tears, claiming that Joidel was only a child at the time and did not know anything about it.

    He asked for the return of Confucius of Jovohilde to find out the facts.

    It was an effort to prove that Brickalt was not guilty of anything.

    'The horse is a request for repatriation, but if you send it back as it is, you will surely die.'

    It's a pity even if I go to a good place, but I dared to ask to hand over it.

    At their arrogance, Ulysses' expression gradually grew colder.


    Then someone knocked on the door from outside.

    “Sir, Hierarch Yoidel left the documents behind saying that Heil asked to deliver them.”

    "I heard."

    “Can I put it on the side table?”

    “And this.”

    It was a piece of paper showing Brikalt's seal. The knight immediately understood the meaning of Ulysses.

    It was a cold winter, so the firewood in the fireplace was burning warmly in the room.

    “I am concerned that the Holy Father will be tired because it is a cold day. I will adjust the temperature in the room right away.”


    After bowing politely, the driver put the official message in the fireplace like burning garbage.

    The paper quickly burned to black.

    First of all, it was an urgent task to break the link so that Brikalt could no longer touch Yoidel because of his blood ties.

    There is only one way.

    To deprive the Brikalt of citizenship.

    As a high priest of the Great Hall of Fame, it is easy to give the nationality of the Holy Kingdom Palladium. The problem was brikalt like a leech. They will never let go easily.

    'So I have no choice but to make it approved.'

    He had parts of his body inside and outside the peacock that were capable of sensing magic. Now all you need is a part of Yoidel.

    'Check if the paternity is correct.'

    It was his feeling.

    There is a high probability that they will not be biological parents.


    “What are you doing, priest?”

    Surprised, Yoidel glanced at Lana. And she wiggled and finally opened her mouth.

    “There you are, Lana. What do you think Lana would do when she committed a big mistake to someone?”

    Lana thought for a long time, "Ummm."

    “Should I apologize?”

    “What if the other person doesn’t want to see their face?”

    “Well, then, it’s serious. Have you ever been able to see each other at all?”

    “Not really.”

    “Then it will be more difficult.”

    Lana smiled sadly and straightened Joidel's broomstick.

    “So Yoidel-sama’s expression didn’t look good. He even brushes his broom.”

    “Did you know?”

    “Because I usually don’t get up in the morning and brush my broom. This is my opinion, but if the priest has any concerns, I think he cleans it up.”


    “You got it right? Whoops, actually, the priest looked quite gloomy, so everyone was worried. What's wrong with Priest Yoidel... … I do.”

    Lana is right.

    When Yoidel looked at her softly, Ulysses ignored her as if she had become an invisible person.

    When he had the courage to talk to him, he and his aides went away with a cool breeze.

    “Pr. Yoidel, do you want to reconcile with His Holiness?”

    “… … Uh, how did you know, Lana?”

    “It’s a feeling.”

    It really felt like a ghost.

    “If the Holy Father had really been reluctant of Hierarch Yoidel, he would not have rejected Brikalt’s request right away.”

    “A request?”

    Lana made a troubled expression for a moment. Her appearance was somehow awkward.

    "Oh my goodness… … . Did I mistakenly say that the Holy Father recently received Brikalt's request to repatriate Yoidel, but immediately refused it?”

    “I just talked a lot… … ?”

    Lana widened her eyes and said, “Oh my God,” and fanned her hands.

    “You told me never to let it go into Yoidel-sama’s ears… … Stop saying it in vain. Be embarrassed.”

    I didn't know such a thing had happened.

    After all, was it because Giorbeni's work revealed Brikalt's evil deeds?

    If it became known that there was a traitor in a high position in the high priesthood, the authority of the temple could be reduced.

    However, Ulysses turned the incident into an opportunity and revealed Brikalt's evil deeds.

    So, at present, Brikalt is being asked to find out the truth from various countries, and it is impossible to do this or that.

    But you are requesting extradition to yourself. It was as if she was using her to get away from her.

    'Can I stay here? … .'

    Could it be a nuisance to the kingdom?

    Then Lana wrapped Yoidel with a warm blanket.

    “It’s cold, priest.”

    “Lana… … .”

    “If you are thinking something strange, don’t do it. Priest Yoidel is our priest.”

    “That’s right, if you decline the extradition request, that’s it! And the Holy Spirit has already done it!”

    “Or how about giving up Brikalt’s nationality?”

    People around them helped Lana.

    It was a method that even Yoidel had not thought of.

    'Give up your nationality... … .'


    “A letter has arrived from Husteron-sama!”

    After completing the training, Fisteron threw away his sweat-soaked clothes and looked at the Boiler.

    “From whom?”

    “Uh, that’s… … You are the owl of the forest.”

    “Oh, damn it. It's mine."

    Husteron received a letter from the Boiler.

    Stationery sealed with golden wax.

    'Anyway, what seal is it with magic?'

    So, I like formal things.

    Husteron hated seeing the silence of the communication tool he always carried. What do you need to write a letter for?

    But I couldn't hide my overwhelming heart, so my hands were shaking.

    'I feel weird. I'm pretty sure that's why.'

    He sent a letter to Media some time ago.

    And only today did I get a reply.

    “Don’t let anyone into the forest gym today!”


    “Anyway, I’m in a hurry!”

    Instead of going to the rosary, he ran into a quiet forest and opened the letter by himself.

    In fact, Husteron was very surprised to hear Yoidel's guess.

    I don't know if Mediah said that she was looking for a human being, or maybe something was leaking, but it was the truth in the end.

    'I didn't know it would take this long.'

    It's been a while since I left Media with Laios. Because they were sent to find someone in a transaction between Mediah and the Holy Kingdom.

    'Until now, I haven't seen any clues.'

    But something strange is happening these days.

    Far from being close, the Confucius of the Duke Yobohilde, no, the princess who makes everyone hate him.

    The pink-haired girl was a little different.

    It was the first time I saw a girl dressed as a man. Not necessarily just that.

    His ability to reason was amazing, and above all, he was the companion of the Holy Father.

    'Yes, dear. If the guess is true... … How's it going?'

    In an instant, goosebumps erupted.

    The rough skin was covered with ragged chicken meat, and a chill ran down his spine.

    'It's good for everyone, but it's also good for the person involved... … But between countries... … Are you okay?'

    My mind was dizzy with half excitement and half fear.

    let's see first

    Just guessing is useless.

    Husteron opened the envelope.

    [Originally, the age is 25 this year.]

    This was something that Hysteron knew as well. So she went looking for women who fit that category.

    Even if it was small, it was good.

    We also investigated women who had a habit of being a leader, had similar eating habits, and had other minor touch points.

    But there was no result. So there was only one conclusion.

    'I do not know what form it will be in.'

    That's why Mediah closed the trade route and showed extreme closure.

    'Daughter of a sleeping chief.'

    One day, I suddenly fell asleep and couldn't open my eyes. After tens or hundreds of days to find out, the diagnosis was the loss of soul.

    Now, Princess Mediah's body was an empty shell.

    It can't happen all of a sudden. It must have been something that someone did on purpose.

    I don't know what happened to the soul that escaped, but if the purpose was clear, the body would also be targeted, so the fact of the crisis had to be hidden.

    When he was alive, he was a person who was rumored to be brilliant or promising, so his body could be stolen as a subject of an experiment.

    Therefore, the current state should never be made known to the outside world.

    'It's something that the Holy Father doesn't even know.'

    He only knew that the two paladins were entrusted outside for some reason in Mediah, but he did not reveal the details.

    Husteron finished reading the letter.

    [The girl you mentioned is twenty. what are you doing Oh, her birthday isn't over, so she's nineteen. Then you'll be twenty soon. It doesn't fit the category.]

    Still, the tone of the next president was unlucky.

    But the quick reply meant that there was hope.

    [But, well, there must be a reason for your guess. Bring it with all your strength.]

    Hysteron doubted his eyes and read it again.

    [Neither the soul nor the body can sense it. It is most accurate to look at the abilities of the soul. If you have it, tell them to contact you through the telecommunication area instead of a letter. The letter came too late. have a slow burst. When you come back, the training difficulty will be drastically increased... … .]

    Fisteron's complexion, who had read the letter and burned it, became troubled.

    Where are you going to put your skills?

    “Dell, can you reduce your divine power a little bit?” Where in the world can a madman ask the same question?

    If he did, he might be suspicious or hated by Yoidel.

    absolutely can't

    “… … It’s difficult.”

    I'll have to tell Laios first. It's okay if he doesn't hate himself. Bad roles should be played by Laios.
    "Wow! Is the ceiling painting already finished?”

    Yoidel widened her eyes and raised her head high.

    Despite the high ceilings of the second chapel, the dome-shaped ceiling, arched windows, and window frames were full of paintings.

    The painting was ecstatic and beautiful, as if it was pouring down to the ground at any moment.

    The dome of the ceiling had a unique shape with a large circular hole in the center. Sunlight poured into the circle, so it looked like the sun itself.

    It was also interesting to paint on the ceiling, but when I saw the completed second chapel, it did not look like a finished product made by man.

    “I think Michele is a new artist... … .”

    “Haha, I don’t know what to do when the priest says that. You are exaggerating.”

    It was a long reunion with Michele.

    He seemed to have gotten a lot better while he hadn't seen him.

    “But what is the meaning of this picture?”

    “According to the meaning of the expanse, I drew the morning of the city that was glorified in the meaning of the sky of Cielo.”


    I don't understand what you're saying, but I smiled.

    Seeing Michele excitedly explained, I couldn't say I didn't know. And there are some things that bother me a bit.

    'I couldn't tell Mr. Michele about Mr. Ashureo.'

    If you look at the artefacts the two of them had buried before and the ceiling painting of the 2nd Chapel to find the letters, they must have been precious friends.

    However, Asureo did not ask Michele's well-being and said that he had no intention of going out.

    It's better to keep it a secret than to hope in vain.

    The moment Yoidel leaned back slightly to get a better view of the ceiling painting.


    Books spilled out of Yoidel's bag.

    “Oh, I must have put too many books in it earlier.”

    "This… … .”

    “Ah, it’s mine.”

    right. That was Ashureo's material, which Michele drew on the cover.

    'Originally, the half was torn, but Mr. Asureo gave it to me a while ago and restored it again!'

    Yoidel looked at Michele in contemplation. Then he quickly took it from his helping hand and put it in his bag.

    “You have found the other half, priest.”

    “The car was in the warehouse.”

    Michele hardened her face, which had smiled a little perplexed at those words.

    “Asureo left no material here. The halves were what I had barely found at the garbage dump.”

    “Are you Asureo?”

    “… … And although I never gave Asureo's name, the priest seems to know him.”

    Oops. Yoidel thought quickly for a moment.

    The top of Orbis has already established a solid connection with Seongguk. So, now that I'm here, I wouldn't be able to go wrong easily because of my emotions.

    However, Michele's expression seemed desperate for some reason. I've been thinking about it for a long time, but it doesn't seem like a simple task.

    According to the original story, Michele made a mistake once as a child.

    In the future, in order to correct the old work, he cuts off a large portion of his upper part and gives it to Seongguk.

    'Is this a mistake? Ashreo-san left the temple in a hurry, and Michele-san was also fired. It would not have been simple.'

    I don't want to wait for the original time to come.

    In a situation where Brikalt is proudly arguing over himself, the top of Orbis has also been trading with Brikalt.

    With this incident, if Michele is completely brought here and the items that enter the Brikalt side are controlled, the Empire will be in more trouble.

    It's a situation where other top ranks across the continent are also withdrawing from Brickalt. Brikalt didn't have many options.

    If Brikalt presses Joidel himself as an excuse, he has no choice but to do this as well.

    'If Michele's mistake is related to the past of the two of them, then if it can be solved, Asureo-san might come into the world.'

    Joidel thought Asureo was suitable for the next Elder. A place in Dongguan that requires outstanding academic knowledge.

    Asureo has contributed to writing dozens of books and collecting Divine Beast's eggs, has enough divine power, and is a single-minded person who is obsessed with learning.

    I have scars from the past, so I won't be easily swayed by the delusions around me.

    'If only the old scandal of running away can be completely eliminated, there is a good chance.'

    Yoidel decided to try Michele.

    “Would you be deceived if I told you the name of someone you don’t know?”

    “It will be difficult.”

    He laughed bitterly. Michele's reaction was clear.

    Even if it was a mistake, it certainly helped something.

    he is the top It means that you clearly judge your values and your own interests. There was never a fuss about moving.

    what was it, that

    “Ashureo-san… … I was curious about Michele’s well-being.”

    If his guess is correct, he will respond. How about? Michele bowed her head.

    “And I asked him if he had any regrets about it.”

    Michele's eyes fluttered as she raised her head.

    '… … Also.'


    “It’s like reading a record.”

    “Yes, is it possible?”

    Joidel went to Judge Sandro. He belonged to the Dongguan, which was in charge of academic research and observation.

    “As the head of the Dongguan is not currently elected, it is not my authority.”

    “Are you saying it’s difficult?”

    “Even with this body, I have a great desire to show old documents to a priest who is full of enthusiasm, but the head of the Dongguan decides to read important records… … .”

    He shook his head as if he had seen him in prison for the first time.

    “It’s really sad. Even if it wasn't for the civilians, then I can understand why the high priest asks about old stories.”


    The east wing, filled with the smell of old books, was kept clean and free from dust.

    It is a place where you can feel the years since it was built longer than other buildings. The symbol of Dongguan is a blue divine water and flowers, and the inside of the building is reminiscent of spring.

    However, due to a series of events, the atmosphere inside was excessively heavy.

    Sandro's expression was even more so.

    “It’s because of that rumor.”

    “… … yes that's right."

    I don't know, but I pretended to be. I think I'll get a clue to the story.

    "Also. Even though he was a trainee priest, his dismissal was unusual. The young priests' arbitrariness was a bit questionable, but at that time, a civilian, who was the head of the Dongguan, was in charge of the case... … There was a reaction that it ended quite blandly.”

    Sandro was solemn, but he poured out his words like rags of fire.

    “Civilian” seemed to refer to Giorbeni, who had been sacked. Are you saying that even the work of Asureo and Michele in the past has something to do with Giorbeni?

    “At that time, it was a chaotic period for the entire continent, so the Holy Father was often absent, and suspicions toward civilians soon subsided.”

    Yoidel did not know, but pretended to understand and nodded.

    “If you think about it, there should have been an execution — or at least a trial. Isn't it?”

    Sandro lost his appetite as if he was sorry.

    “Anyway, if a new elder subordinate is elected, I will request it. Don’t promise for the future.”

    “Judge Sandro, do you have no intention of running for office?”

    “Oh, no.”

    he was disgusted

    “I haven’t seen anything good happen because of power. I'm going to be stained like that civilian, so I'll be patient."

    So where do you find hints?

    Not long ago, Mr. Michele had no longer given a proper answer to his question.

    The problem was that I noticed that Yoidel didn't know much about the old case.

    'It feels so good.'

    But it was a thing of the past to shake that feeling. Once Sandro's words and the contents he picked up were put together, the most plausible thing was one.

    'You've accepted an illegal request.'

    That he is a priest of the Holy Kingdom Palladium.

    In other words, it was a great honor to become a priest of the Great Hall, and even becoming a priest of training was not easy.

    'I think I came in easily with the help of Geram.'

    Contrast exists everywhere. In other words, it was the inference that Geram and Giorbeni were the only ones who committed the wrongdoing.

    The sources of income for Daishinjeon are diverse.

    Hundreds of temples spread across the continent for those who seek to feel the glory of the God-given Cielo up close.

    High standards of art and culture, minerals and luxuries and holy water.

    Holy water was precious water that springs up from the rock with the power of a special gem.

    Since it is water that springs up drop by drop with the old energy inside the kingdom, it is clearer than dew and contains natural mana that is strong enough to be unmatched by ordinary potions.

    In the forest outside the castle, you have to break through the barrier with special warp magic and use magic to move further inward to reach the spring.

    And ‘Seongsu’s jewel theft case’ that appears in the original work.

    'What month is it now?'

    Having confirmed that it was already the end of January, Yoidel ran towards the office of the castle palace.


    -By the way of life… … .

    Ulysses heard the news of the emergency and turned on the Artifact.

    I've been quiet lately, but I'm sure there will be news like this from the outskirts again.


    -There is not.

    “Then who got out?”

    ―It was not detected either.

    “Priest Leleta, I asked about the facts, not the senses.”

    The priest trembled at his soft but firm words.

    ―Papa, no one escaped. According to the official detection record, yes.

    “Have you inspected the inside of the temple?”

    ―Yes, but no one has seen each other... … .

    It was natural. Who said, “I hid it.” and come out voluntarily?

    Ulysses pressed her stinging eyebrows together. It's been a year since then, so it's time to scout Seongguk once.

    It would have been better for him to go and figure out the situation on his own.



    Communication was cut off at the sound of a knock at that moment. Who is it that knocked on the door recklessly?

    Come to think of it, there was one exception that I had told the gatekeeper before.

    “Sir, Priest Yoidel has asked for an audience.”

    I refused the audience so much, but what made me walk this far this time?

    If it was the Yoidel he knew, he wouldn't have come to see him in private. She's the girl she's not that kind to herself.

    And he knew all too well that he was not a serious person to her.

    Ulysses sighed, hiding her bitterness.

    I see what public thing happened.

    “Come in.”
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    Episode 38

    Ulysses recited softly at the sight of Yoidel's dress.

    "Was it painful enough to break the knot?"

    It seemed different from usual because of the open coat. Ulysses re-tied all of Yoidel's clothes.

    But it was a little strange. Didn't the line look as soft as before when I first found it?

    "What are you thinking?"

    At some point, the eyes that looked different were strange. I've never felt this much tired before.

    Ulysses was quietly relieved to see Yoidel in his arms.

    I'm glad you caught my eye first.’

    He was dressed to the point where he could see his sternum. I couldn't let others see this. Somehow I was disgusted to think about it.

    But then again, putting the sweatshirt back on the patient didn't seem like a good thing.

    Ulysses, who completely changed his clothes by magic, only looked around.

    I'm glad I didn't get slapped like that day.’

    The door was not locked by anyone, presumably in the form of a locked door.

    Where did these incompetent escorts leave their jobs behind?’

    The fact that the body's physical strength has decreased significantly means that it went overboard.

    They had a duty to manage Yoidel's physical condition as well.

    The answer is one if it is so fast that it loses its divine power.

    You used a blessing spell. a blunder for the newbies’

    It looked light and easy, but it was a perfect magic to be tricked into losing strength by its laxity.

    Since it has the best reliability ever, it was clear that God would have used it without knowing that it was slowly falling.

    I can't help but lose my mind because my body's energy is exhausted.

    In short, the body was overloaded.

    "If you leave it like this, you won't be able to move your body for a few days."

    It doesn't affect him to let it go until it recovers on its own.

    But the pain earlier.

    It was more painful than when this chick was slapped by Duke Yoboide.

    The pain of the mind comes from an oblivious memory.

    Ulysses laid his hand on his forehead and read the memory of the past to grasp the state of Yoidel.

    A lot of things that had never been seen before flowed into him. But it wasn't a good memory.

    Ulysses' forehead was self-stained. But in the memory of Yoidel, we saw another child.

    "Ai? Wasn't she an only child?"’

    I stopped reading records in the past, which was not as good as I thought.

    for Yoidel was fully aware of the causes of fear

    "Mom, Dad...….”

    The closed eyes were wrinkled with anguish again. The effect of healing magic seemed to be so severe that it would soon die down.

    It would take two weeks to show that he had used his strength until he ran out, and a month to recover.

    I'm physically and mentally exhaustedThere is only one way to restore this Dell in a short time.

    '...that's all there is to it'

    He sighed in distress and swept his face away.

    A long, conflicting sigh came out of the red lips.

    For Ulysses, the sadness of others was just someone else's. However, there was no academic ability to neglect the sick.

    Even more so if you're the one who's

    "Originally, do ordinary people have a lot of hands?" Or is it Judas or weak?"

    It was not up to me to be involved, whether I was scolding or not because I had no energy.

    Rather, Yoidel was a poor boy who took the place of a companion at will.


    However, when Yoidel's body gradually trembled to the limit of his physical strength, he made a decision.

    "This is the last time I'm helping you."

    His hand with strong bonesI gently swept up Ethel's bangs.

    the same pattern as mine that is clearly stamped

    Ulysses is asleepI glanced at Edel's face. It was breathtaking.

    His hesitant eyes closed slowly under his eyelashes.

    "Please don't wake up now."

    There was a soft warmth on Yoidel's forehead.

    Brilliant silver hair and pink hair intertwined.


    "Seong-Ha, I guess it was true that you've been feeling sick lately”


    "That's what Dell does. Seongha keeps saying that he feels uncomfortable whenever he sees him. Del, I have a lot of worries. Right?

    "Sit down."

    Ulysses' smile was stronger than ever. The gentleness rather made Whisteron a little suspicious. Is it just me?

    "But Holy Father, what do you want us to do secretly?"

    After that on the smokefield they were given mental disciplinary action to mine minerals with bare hands in the Lakras Mountains.

    "Is it because of what Masu came in when Idel was in the training ground?”

    It was actually quite a surprise that day.

    "It wasn't a simple season either. I thought so. Yoidel opened his eyes and he was still shaking. You intruders."

    with a throbbing

    Whisteron's teeth were gnashed. When the writing was burning up as if I were running out right away, I felt a greater vitality next to it.

    Even Whisteron was surprised and looked next to him, and there was a pit on Laos' neck.

    "Is it the British Empire, Holy Father?"

    "What? Bridal?"

    asked Lyos calmly.

    Whisteron's anger was weighed down by Laos's thick flesh and became nothing.

    "No, sir

    "Oh, I am again. What is it, Holy Father?"

    "When he found the Yoidel shrine, he was locked in the dressing room of the training ground."

    "Who left it?!"

    "It was Jaja. It is assumed that it was to hide the body for some reason, but he was conscious of being extremely afraid of the narrow and dark space."

    Ulysses slowly lifted his downward gaze.

    "As a result of the investigation, the priest of Yoidel seems to have been subjected to inhumane punishment, which has been neglected, verbally abused, and trapped in a side room since childhood, and cannot see a single ray of light.”


    "That's all."

    Rios cracked down on Whisteron's words and actions.

    "All right, Holy Father. You're asking Yobo Hill to break the door. Right?

    "About the Duke of Yoboilde. Find out everything as far as you can."

    Yoidel's memory that day was somehow strange.

    It was different from doubting him.

    "And one more thing."

    He got up from his seat and walked the curtains.

    "Regardless of whether it is an adopted child or a companion, all the remains of an old child in the Jovohilde family."


    Yoidel later frequently visited his office in the palace.

    It was because of Ulysses, who declared that he would continue to work because of his poor ability to handle overtime. At first I thought it was a joke, but I meant it.

    You said it's easy to call because the office is close to Sarium.

    But it's a relief that you don't sing at night like before.’

    You said you were embarrassed and told me not to stand out. Is it a little better?

    Yoidel glued to the far corner of the office and looked at him carefully.

    Oh, my eyes met.

    "The weather is nice today. It rained for a while. Holy Father, you like it too, right?”

    But Ulysses' face looked particularly unpleasant. He's always like that, but why is he especially like that these days?

    I don't know if I think with a tilt of my head.

    "Blessed together."

    Yoidel knows how to say things like that in a male leadIt was Jeonghan. Smiling like the sun.

    Aren't they twins?

    Ulysses turned his head this way when he was in doubt.

    "Mr. Yoydell."

    "Yes, yes?

    "Is there any progress in research on pairing release?"

    "I found a biology book in Marcelina's library. I think I can get a hint even if it's hard to read because the writing is a little strange.”

    "Can you read it?”

    "Yes, but it's different from what's used these days. For example, the word elephant used to mean fish, so it's a little difficult.”

    "It's as I've been told by Daewon-ro. All right."

    "Oh, I have more to tell your Holiness about pairing."

    Ulysses, always sour, reacted sensitively to the word pairing.

    He looked at Idell with his chin on his back. What's wrong with Seong-Ha? Yoidel reasoned quickly.

    This was meant to be. Say something. Now I know what he means.

    "I think you're worried that we'll have to contact you again."

    "I didn't."

    I know everything I did.

    Whenever I say something, I cover my mouth with my sleeves. Sometimes, I look at my forehead and squint my forehead.

    "I don't know how to release it yet, but usually I can exchange strength with just a short contact."

    Ulysses stopped moving for a moment.

    "Of course, you won't be able to do that, but...… You said that when I fell down a few days ago, right?”

    Ulysses visited her room, where she was resting on his caring vacation after Yoidel collapsed.

    He looked down at Yoidel with a distinctive cat-like and animal-like expression.

    Even if you're my pair, I don't intend to share my power. Instead, we'll extend the period of rest, so take a good rest.'

    He said so and flung off.

    Yoidel was baffled.

    Who asked for it? I never asked for more vacation!

    Of course, I was grateful for the extended vacation period.

    Honestly, it was nice to be able to rest.’

    Yoidel, who was well rested, returned with a glossy face.

    'And it's amazingly powerful. Much more than before I collapsed.’

    So I didn't mean to force the Holy Father to give me strength.

    But I'm misunderstanding, so I'll have to say it right.

    "Well, I know. Your Holiness will not do that to me, but if you want to give me strength, ah! I'm not asking for it. If, very if."

    Yoidel approached him as he looked around.

    "Excuse me, Holy Father."

    And I hesitated and moved my hand.

    "If we want to share our power in danger...… I just need a little touch. Like this."

    Yoidel tapped his hand on the back of his hand.

    "Are you saying that this alone can share power?"

    "Yes, of course!"

    "It's only about this much."

    Ulysses, who laughed as if he was disappointed, stiffened his expression coldly. And I breathed a long breath like someone who was holding back something.

    "What's wrong with you?"

    It's that mysterious heavy energyEthel walked on her own. Her sense speaks.

    I shouldn't be near him now.

    "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"


    Don't you have to tell me in advance? It's not just your own relationship."

    "What? Oh, but it's not going to be used at all, and it's not how to release it, but I told you this purpose."I don't think you'd like liver.….”

    When Ulysses heard the answer, he turned his eyes. So what did you do?

    He covered his mouth with his hands in silence.

    '…… this is crazy.’

    "And then."


    "Have you been in Dalia since your vacation?"”

    "Yes! It's strangely powerful."

    Ulysses has a complex mind and a bright faceI looked at Ethel.

    He just bit his lip as he opened his mouth as if to say something.

    "If you're not sick, that's fine."

    Episode 39

    "What? What happened?"


    Unlike the oddly friendly words, the expression became increasingly bad in experience.

    Yoidelo could not even tell what had gone against him.

    He swept his forehead with his hand, slurring an unknown word to himself.


    Then he rubbed his lips with a sigh from Danjeon.

    Not only his lips, but also how powerful it is to rub with his sleeveEven Edel's lips were swollen like a wound.

    Ulysses, who saw it, frowning.

    He must have been in a bad mood. Let's get back to the topic.

    "Oh! That's right! Ahahaha, I heard that Masu came into the training ground. Your Holiness, are you not hurt?”

    Ulysses still hasn't answered for a long time with his sunken eyes.

    "There was no attempt."

    "What? Then was it a smoke screen for another case that was temporarily closed?"”

    Somehow I didn't feel the energy of Jo Ji-soo, but I was surprised to hear that it happened.

    The Holy Father felt my pain and came to the training ground...… It's not, right?

    No way. The pairing couldn't have gotten that much deeper.

    Besides, there was no reason for him to come to save himself.

    "Did your escorts not tell you?"

    "It was…… I didn't have time to meet.”

    "Is it because you're being disciplined?"

    "Well, Holy Father, can you reduce the disciplinary action between the two?"”

    Yoidel cried out courageously as he looked at him today, who was in a low mood today.

    Ulysses isI looked more annoyed at Ethel.

    "Don't wrap the Lios and the Whisteron too much. They should have protected you more properly."

    "But it's all thanks to Rai and Whistles that I can be here."

    As soon as I said it, I stopped what he was doing.

    It looked like what it meant.

    "If it weren't for two people, I might have fallen for hours in that narrow space. I was able to be this healthy thanks to the Holy Father's designation of the two as escort drivers."

    It's weird.

    His expression hardened as he spoke.

    Taking off his hand casually, he looked this way with his eyes, which were like ice fields, to his feet.

    "Who did you say?"

    "What? Two people?”

    "I asked him who saved you there."

    Yoidel tilted his head.

    Isn't it Whistling?

    But when asked, Whisteron said, "Yeah. I saved you, Del," he replied with a big smile.

    When I asked if it was true, he replied that it was true again.

    I used to play a lot, but I didn't play with it.

    It's not that mean.

    "Whisteron and Lyos, Holy Father. I didn't know you didn't know either. No wonder, that's why you took disciplinary action?”


    "You two did your best, so please don't make me do anything too bad. Please!"

    Yoidel bowed his head proudly.



    Since then, extended work has continued for this nanny.

    Even though it was just a chore, I held it until dawn.

    It was hard to learn the lessons of the Southern Pavilion and Marcelina from time to time, but he didn't let it go at all.

    "Seongha doesn't even sleep." It would be nice if you could sleep half of Flo's.’

    Yoidel laid Plotes, who had fallen into a nap, in the cradle and quietly closed the door.

    "Plotes are sleeping for a long time these days."

    Is it because I was just born?

    I've seen it in the library. Baby Shinsu sleeps long.

    Anyway, it was a good situation for her, who had a lot of work to deal with with Ulysses' unknown anger.


    "Oh, my gosh! Whis!"

    As soon as the office door opened, the whistler jumped out and held her in her arms.

    "Dell, I'm done with my discipline! I'll be back from today!”


    Ulysses, who was watching them, closed the door with magic.

    "This is my office, Lord Whisteron."

    "I know, Holy Father. Do you think it's chronic here? This land is self-made by a couple."

    As expected, Whistles has a big liver.

    Yoidel looked at Ulysses with nervousness. He didn't seem to care a bit about the fly's wings.

    "Oh, my God! The devil!"

    At that time, I was surprised to see Masu looking back.

    What's all that? What the hell?

    Closer to the window, I could see huge and black animals piled up like mountains outside like whales.

    Whisteron, who realized his eyes, burst into laughter.

    "I guess an ant den was built somewhere. We've got it, Del, you can have it if you want it."

    "Thank you, but I don't like disgusting things.”

    "You've become firm in a moment, my dear."

    Whisteron smiled and looked back at Ulysses.

    In the meantime, LaiosI greeted Ethel briefly. When we smiled at each other, it hardened like we were surprised.

    Whisteron approached Ulysses, stretching as if he were home.

    Anyway, Holy Father, that's what I was going to report. It's going to be a festival soon, but there are so many things. I've never done this before, so shouldn't we put it off?”

    The St. Cielo Grand Festival in honor of the Lord was held every 10 years.

    It was a meaningful festival that awakened the pride of being the nation of the Lord and the best playground for the saints who lived a boringly peaceful life.

    In recent years, the movement of the empire has been unusual, and there has been a need to boost people's power with festivals now that there is confusion in some trade.

    Once the festival is held, jobs will be created and the economy will be active.

    It's hard to stop or postpone the increase in the number of people...….’

    It was almost a time when people would be afraid if they declared that they would postpone it because of the timing.

    Yoidel understood Ulysses' predicament.

    However, Whisteron looked at Ulysses as if he had another concern.

    "There are a lot of shamans that I couldn't see in the past. What do you mean, Holy Father?"

    "It looks like a new horse that appeared near the Akman Snow Park."

    There was a mountain where the ice caps were piled up in Lee Seong-guk. Near the heart of the continent.

    "The snow field in the Lakras Mountains?" What's wrong

    "What is certain is that unlike conventional marathons, some marathons adapted to the divine power have appeared. Although it is only a trifling level, the imasu make a profit by extracting the sacred power of the holy knights, putting a hindrance on the subjugation."

    "That's annoying. Are you saying you're a parasite? Was there such a thing? Ugh, I'm scared, Del."


    Ulysses, who saw the Whisteron sticking to Yoidel, knocked on the desk to warn him.

    "There are no articles in this kingdom that are not sacred. Therefore, it is not something that can be easily suppressed."

    While listening to the horse, Yoidel opened his rabbit's eyes and opened his mouth.

    "How about holding a hunting contest instead of a festival?"

    "Hunting competition?"

    "Yes, there are no articles without sacred power, but there are many Holy Fathers without sacred power.”

    Since it is said to be a delicacy, not a giant horse, the sword will not go too far for those who know how to handle wooden alcohol.

    "The festival has been held several times since the foundation, but the hunting competition has never been before. Wouldn't everyone be more interested?”

    "That makes sense, Del, or we divide the hunting contest and the festival and open it like a comforting reward!"

    "If they defeat the unknown at the beginning, it will be easy for the Knights to enter. That's the limit on the range of hunting competitions that everyone can participate in.”

    It's too early for Ulysses to do anything. It's not that serious of an issue.

    His strength is better prepared for the most dangerous moment.

    In addition, it was not easy for him to leave his seat with the final authority because he was preparing for the festival.

    Besides, if the Holy Father overdoes it.

    'I'm having a hard time...….’

    Yoidel was proud of his black intentions. Now I could think of this against him.

    "Laughter is insidious."

    "Me? Me?"

    As expected, Sung-Ha catches on quick. Yoidel blinked and pretended not to.

    "If you hold a festival in the name of a hunting competition, you can not only borrow other people's hands but also deceive your eyes.”

    Ulysses stared at Yoidel in the eye.

    Yoidel was now confident that he could stand it without giving a wink.

    The reason why they were not as nervous as they expected was because they were trained.

    "That's a good idea."

    "And there's one more thing that can draw people's attention."

    Ulysses looked with interest. A faint smile was drawn on his face.

    In his silent permission, Yoidel pointed to an object.

    "This is it."

    In addition to the hunt, Yoidel made another suggestion

    "Putting embroidery on a handkerchief and presenting it to the other person."

    When the exchange with Media was open, luxury goods were prevalent.

    However, as the number of banquets decreased and there was no need to wear banquet dresses or robes, the work of the foundation decreased, so the textile market naturally took a decline.

    If you create a culture of giving embroidered handkerchiefs to those who participate in hunting competitions and fix them, the textile market will be lively.

    That's what Yoidel looked at.

    There is a new culture where people gather, and the embroidery of handkerchiefs is easier to convey meaning than other gifts.

    "I'm participating in a hunting contesta wish not to strike "How about carefully expressing how much you think is precious?"

    In addition, it is expensive and burdensome to give knives, bows, and blunt weapons as gifts in the sense of cheering for participants.

    But handkerchiefs are not. It's also relatively cheap, good for long-lasting, and practical.'

    Participants in the hunting competition were restricted to overage.

    Significant achievements in this competition not only increase popularity but also win quite a good prize.

    Young and healthy young people will participate the most. I want to show off my coolness because I'm full of blood, and it's perfect for showing off my strength and gaining fame.’

    That means there will be many participants in marriageable age. Handkerchief gifts were a good event for young people to consume fabric.

    "It's my heart to embroider a cloth the size of my palm."

    Ulysses was lost in thought with a vague face.

    "When you get injured in a hunting competition, it will be difficult to get a clean cloth to stop bleeding right away. When you get lost, it's also good to mark the tree branch. It's practical. I'm sure it's useful.”

    Ulysses, who seemed to be agonizing for a moment, nodded calmly.

    "Do it."

    "What? Really?"

    "I'll put it up for the meeting."

    Yoidel opened his eyes wide with surprise and emotion.

    Without knowing that Ulysses' eyes were a little different from before.

    Episode 40

    "Are you talking about the hunting contest, Holy Father?"

    "There was a report from the Knights that a sorcerer using divine power appeared near the Akman Snow Garden."

    "Oh, my God...… I can't believe there's such a trick.”

    The conference hall was imbued with consternation.

    The average masquerade is vulnerable to divine power. But there is a magic trick that uses divine power as a prey.

    "I thought I could just be a regular subjugation...… I didn't know it would be a problem for the Knights of the Holy State to be mostly based on divinity."

    The retainers kicked their tongues in surprise.

    It was the same for Marcelina. Because I've never heard or seen such a thing before.

    "As expected, your wisdom is amazing!"

    The believers gathered in the hall buzzed and looked at Ulysses.

    He was sitting at the top of the huge amphitheater, smiling unexpectedly.

    "This proposal is not designed by me."

    "Oh, no, then...….”

    The deities rummaged through the documents in front of me. The name of the promoter was not written.

    "It's the new building of Yoidel."

    "Is he again?"

    "It's amazing..."

    "Now I can participate in the conference."

    Yoidel still has a bad reputation for some conservative believers because he was guilty of past wrongdoing.

    Among them, some judges who sentenced Yoidel to death were the most.

    However, many people felt the effectiveness of Yoidel, so they avoided the embarrassing gaze.

    "Well, well..."

    "It is said to be a good idea, Holy Father."

    Those who opposed it also accepted it, clearing their necks. Ulysses watched their changes with interest.

    But there was also someone who couldn't hide his pride.

    "Of course."

    It was Marcelina.

    Marcelina returned to the lab with a light step after the conference.

    These days, a colleague who talks magically visited.

    "Mr. Marcelina!"

    "Have you been waiting long, Mr. Yoidel?”

    "I just got here!"

    Marcelina smiled and looked at the customer sitting first.

    It was a hot sweat to say it came soon, and the marks of Nulin were clear on the carpet.

    Let's be fooled by this cute lie.

    "I heard that there will be a hunting competition this time. I heard it was Yoidel's agenda."

    I saw Marcelina's expression that was a bit surprisedEthel hesitated.

    Was it too provocative? She who loves learning may be surprised.

    "What it is, Marcelina."

    "Oh, what a shame. If I were a little younger, I would have joined. "Oh, my."

    "Do you like hunting?"

    "Of course, Mr. Yoidel. Where do you think the bio-magic experiments in this lab came from?”

    When I glanced around, I could see many evil spirits shining their eyes in the dark.

    Wasn't that a model?

    Yoidel calmed and followed the eerie feeling. I didn't know I was in the masu's cemetery.

    He was a lot scarier than Ha Il or Seong Ha.’

    Marcelina smiled broadly and put the cookie in Yoidel's mouth.

    "Don't be nervous, of course it's a joke."


    "……… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Is that also Yoidel's opinion?"

    "The original festival has not disappeared. The original festival period was seven days, but it will be adjusted to a total of ten days as a hunting competition and a festival for five days."

    "That's nice, too. It's also a good choice in honor of the merit after the hunting competition."

    She kept patting Yoidel with a complimentary look.

    "How can you find the exit so well?"

    "Ma, Marcelina?"

    "You should eat a lot of delicious food and grow up well.”

    "It's already been a year since I was born.”

    "Was it 19 this year?"

    Yoidel nodded.

    My birthday in the summer passed and I was completely nineteen years old. The adult age here was 18 in common on the continent.

    "Are you going to participate in a hunting contest?"

    No, I can't participate because I have Shinsu. I'm with you, though.”

    "Well done. You might want to eat it in one bite because you're so cute."


    "But, Eidel, don't get too close to your Holiness."

    "Does Marcelina know the duality of the Holy Father?"’

    Yoidel was astonished.

    "It's okay, but it's difficult if you're swallowed by the Holy Father."

    It didn't seem to be a joke. Marcelina's expression was strange and serious.

    I'm not a cannibal. What is it? First of all, Yoidel promised to do so.

    "By the way, Mr. Idel, and the handkerchiefIt was Ethel's idea, right? If you're already that good at your age, you'll soon catch up with the old men.”

    "Marcelina is not an old man!"

    Marcelina waved and laughed when Yoidel answered in surprise.

    "Of course I know, Mr. Yoidel.Four old men in the Senate."

    "Are you talking about Hail?"

    But they were at most middle-aged looking. Marcelina laughed again.

    "There's another one. I wouldn't have met him because he was wandering around each country because he was no different from a medicine dealer."

    The three were close friends, so they used to talk softly.

    Yoidel was envious and admiring. Deep friendship isIt was Ethel's dream.

    "Shall we solve one more question today? Then I'll give you free time."

    She smiled and conciliated.

    Come to think of it, I had something to say to Marcelina.

    "Do you remember what I read last time you said was the spelling of the ancient Median?"

    "Of course. Do you have any more questions, Mr. Yoidel?”

    "I've been thinking to myself.”

    Marcelina closed the book and focused on Eidel. What interesting thoughts did he have this time?

    "I thought differently."

    "What is that?”

    "As Marcelina said, I thought it would be a little strange if something had been lost in the media and changed to closed. If you lose it, you'll ask for help and find it outside, right?"


    "I thought it would be better to lock the door when the situation becomes more dangerous if I ask for help, or when the internal affairs should not be known. It has to be secretive. So I think...….”

    Yoidel had a careful serious look.

    "I wonder if it's a person who's looking for it' Someone who has something to do with the ruling class.”

    At that moment, Marcelina spat out her hubby like a waterfall.

    "……people. God."

    Then she opened her eyes wide and banged the desk with her fist! I hit it.

    It was at the same time that the desk sank while blowing dust.

    It was the moment when Marcelina's long-concerned clues poured out like shooting stars.


    "What does this look like?”

    "Great dragon, my lord!"

    That's the answer from the Namgwanghwan, who taught me how to sewEthel bowed her head in a sullen

    The new officer quickly mobilized all his food.

    "Then an angel? Oh! It's Lakras monster Berry. Oh, this time?

    "It's all right, but...… It was a dog."

    Yoidel laughed bitterly.

    Whisteron once said he liked dogs. That's why I was going to embroider my dog on my handkerchief.….

    "No wonder he looked like a puppy at first glance. I'm telling you! By the way, my lord. Do you want me to do it for you? "Don't be too heartbroken because you're born with sewing."

    "I'll try as much as I can. Thank you."

    But unlike the horseEthel kept poking her hand at the needle.

    It was also work to sew while continuously applying healing magic in case Ulysses noticed.

    Yoidel was sleepy when he talked about the hunting competition with him.

    "Mr. Yoidel, what have you been up to lately?"



    He's been chasing after them with a bunch of papersEthel stopped walking in amazement.

    "Oh, the papers!"

    Thanks to this, he hit his back and all the paper flew away.

    Ulysses, who was watching Yoidel's embarrassment, quickly organized the documents by magic and took his place.

    In the first place, the amount of Ryu seemed too big for that boy.

    "You're very surprised. I guess something's going on."

    When asked by him, Ethel shook her shoulders in surprise.

    "My hands are stinging these days. "I don't know what you're doing while I'm away, but please refrain from it."

    "Oh, yes!"

    Ulysses looked down at Yoidel with still unquestionable eyes.

    When Yoidel's conscience poked him with laughter, he hesitated a little bitI walked in front of the city.

    "Phew... I almost got caught.”

    'I want to get it too...…. I want to get it from our Dell...…. The knight who died after receiving the handkerchief said that the color was good...….’

    Yoidel began to prepare for the blatant rush of Whisteron and Laos.

    They are precious friends. Should I prepare Flo's too?

    But the Holy Father wouldn't be happy with this present. You can say, "What is this?" and throw it away firmly.

    "Do you have any favorite plants, minerals, or jewelry?"


    He answered without looking back.

    "As expected, you don't like Sung Hwa."

    And I gave up my thoughts sullenly. Holy Father's handkerchief should never be prepared.

    The line ran into each other again, looking carefully. Yoidel dodged the snow quickly.

    In fact, there was one more reason why Yoidel wanted to postpone the start of the festival.

    You can't participate in the festival that day.’

    Episode 41

    According to the original, Ulysses had some difficulties with the attack at the festival that year.

    I was naturally resilient, but the problem was that I hurt my arm.

    'Cause the Holy See is symbolic. It is also a day when people from all over the world have to pay more attention to security.’

    And his life is nowIt was like Edel's life.

    Life, death, pain together.

    To be honest with you, it was scary to get hurt. If he gets hurt, he gets hurt himself.

    'I'm sorry I'm only thinking about this, Holy Father. But I'm scared of being sick, too. Let's live well together!

    Yoidel secretly shouted fighting behind him.

    "What is that fist?"

    Then Ulysses turned back. Yoidel stiffened with his fists raised.

    "It's quite an improvement."

    "Ah…… uh, that's what it is, Holy Father. I didn't mean to hit you from behind.”

    "You raised a shy and brave tiger boy who would harm me. I was showing my back to youIt's amazing."

    "No, really not. It was a blessing, in support of the Holy Father."

    But Ulysses smiled coldly, raising his mouth. As if such a lie is beyond question.

    "For the escort, put your hands down, and shake your fist at your superior." Is that what you mean?"

    "Did you know that?”

    Did you ask that before? Yoidel opened his mouth in surprise.

    "I don't know what you're doing. The pain of being pricked with a needle is transferred."

    "I used healing magic, but I'm sorry."

    "You seem to have gotten acquainted with the guards without any qualms."

    Yoidel, who listened quietly, tilted his head.

    I thought I would be scolded for raising my fist behind him, but he seemed more annoyed to be close to Duhojisa.


    While Yoidel is still thinking, Ulysses isHe looked at Ethel coldly and disappeared first.


    the day of the hunting contest

    Dozens of barracks were spread out around the Akman snow circle in the center of the continent, creating a spectacular view.

    Yoidel hugged Plotes, whose sleepiness increased noticeably, and looked in front of Ulysses' barracks.

    "Buddhist Yoidel, you have to wear clothes that are different from the capital. Do you want me to borrow your knight's fur?"

    Then the driver who found Yoidel spoke to him. It was the castle knight I saw in the smoke and mirrors last time.

    "Oh, thank you for your concern. But my clothes are very warm and nice, so it's okay!"

    Yoidel smiled brightly and followed the magnetic knight with a smile.

    "Hey, Paul, what's the point of not standing guard properly? Oh? Hello, retainer! Do you remember that? You're not wearing gloves. Fur socks, too. You'll get frostbite. Can I borrow an extra?"

    "I'm really okay...….”

    "Oh! Is this the priest?" What's wrong with your outfit?… Your ears and cheeks might freeze. Do you want me to lend you an ear cover?"

    In the end, Yoidel received a knights-only pole training backpack and clothes as a gift, and only then could he see the geeks laughing with confidence.

    "The Holy Father has allowed an audience, Reverend Joel. This way."

    The Knightsman bowed to Ulysses and left the barracks.

    With the two remaining, Yoidel somehow became aware of Ulysses.

    Keep your eyes on the mapHis silence, not even pretending to see Ethel, bothered me and suffocated.

    "What's the matter?"

    As usual, Yoidel fiddled with his hidden hand. I also prepared a handkerchief for him, but now I didn't feel like I was in the mood to receive it.

    "I heard that the Holy Father is also going deep to understand the source of Masu. I was worried."

    "I see. Thank you for your concern."

    Ulysses still looked low. Today he was particularly mean enough to want to pinch that high nose.

    Did I make a mistake?

    I looked back on the past, but it wasn't there.

    With the help of Plotes, he continued his work by pointing out the right place from the Akman Snowfield to the barracks area.

    "Is that all you want to say?"


    "Didn't you come because something else happened?"

    Ulysses hesitates, hiding his hands behind his backI recognized Ethel.

    And at that glance Ethel shrank.

    As expected, he noticed that I prepared a handkerchief. I'm sure you're wary of giving yourself such a ragged thing.’

    Yoidel figured it out quickly.

    "The Akman Snowman...… It's going to be dangerous."

    "Ordinary participants will be fine as long as they don't go inside."

    "Your Holiness goes deep inside, right?"


    "Don't get hurt.”

    With his trembling voice, UlyssesI looked at Ethel.

    "It's like a new kid who went out for the first time in winter."

    "Oh, this...… The drivers took care of this and that...….”

    "I hear you. You look happy.”

    "Yes, it's pure goodwill! Thank you very much."

    But somehow Ulysses' complexion became dark. He gazed at Yoidel and smiled. Like it's ridiculous.

    "Didn't you come because you wanted to give me something?"


    Yoidel hesitated for a moment.

    No, I came to say hello because I didn't want you to get hurt. Of course, your Holiness is strong, so it's okay, but he's going out soon."

    "……I see. Go and keep your health safe."

    It's Edurin's Celebration OrderEthel came out quietly.

    He went back to his barracksEthel was surprised once again.

    "Wow, Del. I think I can dress up with the handkerchiefs I received”

    On a sunny snowy day, Whisteron stumbles because of the handkerchiefs he got as a giftI laughed my head off at Ethel.

    The beginning of the custom of giving a handkerchief to someone you like.

    UnexpectedlyEthel was the main character.

    "Whistles, I must have made a lot of friends!”

    My heart was pounding with excitement. What a load of goodwill.

    I looked at it again several times as if I had come to the wrong place, but my name was right.

    "Pfft. Yoidel, you're so cute. I'm not asking you to be friends, I'm saying I like you. I want to go out with him."

    "……Oh, I don't think so."

    It had to be not. Yoidel turned his eyes to difficulty.

    Whisteron and Rios were also very popular, so they already had a handkerchief full of pockets.

    Whisteron drove all the bags with infinite expansion magic as if they were not interested.

    Seeing that, Yoidel hesitated.

    "Where are you sick, priest?"

    "It's not that, there."

    Yoidel looked for something, wriggling firmly in his furry cloak.

    "Here it is. I want to give it to both of you...….”

    It was none other than a handkerchief.

    "What is this, Del? Did you make it for us?"

    The embroidery was not beautifully embroidered, but it was even more like Yoidel.

    The embroidery was sloppy, but the thread was neatly arranged, so you can feel the effort.

    Whisteron and Laos stared at the handkerchief as if they were two-to-one.

    Then my hands get embarrassedEthel opened her mouth for no reason.

    "Even if you don't like it, please take one each. First of all, it's a handkerchief."

    "I'm taking two! Argh!"

    Hit it!

    As soon as Whisteron picked up two, he was hit in the back by Laos.

    Rios glared at his share of the handkerchief and blushed.

    He was shyly at a loss and bent one knee.

    "I will keep it precious for the rest of my life. Thank you, my lord."

    "No, it's a handkerchief made for you to use, so just use it as you please.”

    Laos held the handkerchief, which was only a piece of cloth, to his heart with a lump of gold.

    "By the way, Dell, we clicked. We prepared it too.”


    The two knights held out their white handkerchiefs. Surprisingly, they both boasted of their beauty.

    Yoidel was surprised and looked at the two. Whisteron grinned, and Lyos shied away.

    "Is it really mine?"

    "Of course, Del."

    Whisteron is hard like a stoneLooking at Ethel, I tucked the handkerchief I received into my chest.

    "I like this the best of all my life, Del. I'll solve it only with this."

    "I feel the same way. The priest."

    Lyos, who was looking at it, murmured quietly.

    When the heart of Yoidel was full of excitement.


    But at that moment, a gust of wind suddenly blew and the handkerchief flew away.


    "I got you!"

    Yoidel seized his heart with surprise. I almost lost it.

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the handkerchief held by the two knights.

    "But why did this fly away?"

    Yoidel's whole mind was focused on the precious handkerchief given by the two.

    So Yoidel didn't even know that someone was looking down at them from above.

    "Is that the result of making small wounds on the hands?" To give it as a gift to a guard or something.'

    Ulysses watched the three men with his chin on his back.

    Even though it's a hunting contest, how can you be so relaxed?

    He has no basic attitude as a new officer.

    He feels a deepening sense of discomfort, the most irreverent of allI looked down at Ethel.

    I don't know what I don't like so much, but anyway, I didn't want to see that smile today.

    with a throbbing

    "No! Holy Father, are you all right? The decoration of the chair...… I'll fix it in a minute!"

    "That's all right. Don't worry."

    The ornament of the chair he held was broken. It seemed to be bad because it was an ordinary gold growth. At least Ulysses thought so.

    He raised his hand firmly to the crowd.

    "The hunt begins."

    The sound of a huge instrument heralded the beginning of the snow field.

    Episode 42

    Yoidel looked at the snowfield from inside the barracks. It was peaceful earlier, but the snow gradually began to fall.

    The snowy landscape of the snowfield was pretty and peaceful, but somehow it was unpleasant.


    Flutes seems to be tired these daysI scratched Ethel's arm. He keeps biting off his clothes.

    "Flo, your teeth are growing. Can you see it?

    Something was strange, so I found that a small white rose from Plotes' gums.

    As he reflected himself in the mirror, Flotes stared at him for a long time as if he were curious.

    And point at yourself with a short handI looked up at Ethel.


    "Yes, that's what Flo looks like."


    Somehow Flothes looked sullen.

    "What's wrong, Flo? You don't like something?”

    "Koo, koo, koo, koo."

    Flo then swelled the ball by pointing the mirror, Flotes, and Yoidel with his front paws.

    Plotes, who pointed to himself, was visibly dead.

    "Oh, I guess it's because I found out that only Flo looked different."

    Plotes was the only one in the present. Since birth, there have been only humans in the world of Flotes.

    Of course, you can mistake your appearance for being human.

    So where's Flo from? How old are they? They must have parents, right?

    At first glance, I think you said it was a symbol of a friend sent by Media.

    I felt sorry for some reason when I saw a lamp that was dried in a round shape.

    Even if I tapped it, I didn't look back, so I lifted it up and turned it to the front.

    To his surprise, Flotes was crying with tears in his eyes.

    "Flo! What do I do? Are you surprised?"”

    "Cooing..." "Cooing, kooing, kooing."

    "It's because Flo is a special subject. When I was small like Flo, my arms and legs were short and I had no teeth...….”

    I persuaded Plotes by painting, but it was not enough.

    As if he had been shocked by his own appearance alone, Flutes sighed and fell asleep.

    "Mr. Yoidel, would you like some hot tea?"

    "Oh, thank you."

    In the barracks, there were several internal departments, including the new administrative officer and the attendant, and sentry knights.

    The barracks where the participants went out were quiet.

    In this hunting competition, the winner of the most number of marches will be presented with a wish to achieve anything.

    Maybe it's because the reward is shockingEthel's proposed hunt was a success. Many people were excited about the unexpected event and went hunting.

    Even the Knights were the same. Originally, the article was intended to be excluded from the award-winning list for the purpose of protecting the sexual knight, but articles such as Laos and Whisteron said they would win the first prize, saying, "It doesn't matter if Masu doesn't touch the body."

    They're fine if they eat up the sacred power.

    'Dell, I love meat. I want to win first place and ask for meat as a reward.’

    Whist's number one wish is meat that can be eaten anywhere at any time, although there's no lieI replied that I would work hard for the honor of Ethel.


    When I looked outside the barracks, the frost was getting stronger. To the point where the fabric of the barracks trembles.

    It was then.


    Unexpected tears fell from Yoidel's eyes.

    I didn't know what it was, and I burst into tears.

    Then came the pain in my arm.

    It's Chaeng-grang!

    The attendant who brought the car broke the tea cup in surprise. The hard-filled tea water spread like blood on the floor.

    "Where are you sick, Mr. Yoydell?"

    "Oh, my God."

    He almost screamed for a moment, but he blocked his mouth and barely breathed.

    It hurts. It hurts so much.

    That's for certain.

    Ulysses had a problem with his body.

    Yoidel quickly put a healing spell on his arm.

    If I'm cured here, the Holy Father will recover the same way.’

    When asked how he suddenly screamed, he answered indirectly.

    However, even when the people who went hunting gradually began to return, Ulysses was not seen.

    In addition, snowstorms like storms began to blow in the peaceful weather of the snowy field.

    While looking at the heavy snowstorm with my eyes wide open, I saw a large man-young in the distance.

    "Is it Seongha?"

    Yoidel climbed high and looked far away. The cloudy appearance gradually became clear.

    "Rai! Whis!"

    "Wow, Del, did you come to meet us? If you do this, I'll cry. I'm touched."

    They have brought in large numbers, and artifacts have brought in a lot of dead bodies.

    "Did you get the inside horse, too?”

    "Yes! I scratched it completely.”

    Whisteron poured out, and Lyos bragged expressionlessly. As long as there was no change in this situation, Laos was the first place.

    "It's amazing, Lai and Whist."

    Yoidel was genuinely impressed. At the same time, it was difficult.

    Lai and Whistles will never let me find you. 'Cause it's an escort.'

    I didn't expect to be back so soon. No matter how you avoid other people's eyes, these two were too much.

    But I told you the truthHe's got to know I'm his pet. Yoidel continued to be at odds.

    "It wasn't for you. What's going on, Del?"

    Yoidel explained that many people came back, but the Holy Father was invisible.

    Whisteron looked worried, but shook his head firmly at Yoidel.

    "Seongha is stronger and has lived longer than you know. It doesn't die, but you do. It's only a snowstorm, but it won't be a classic for you."

    "Your Holiness is surely the Lord of the Holy Land, but my Lord is the Divine."

    Even Laius was a horseEthel did not hesitate.

    "Rios is right."

    And I looked at them with determined eyes that were different from their usual timidness.

    "So this is an order as a person to be served. Get out of the way."

    The red eyes shone with determination.

    "All right, Del. No, it's not actually good, but I'll move on. Tell me what you thought of the way. That's how we protect you, too


    Yoidel whistled as he looked at the snow field beyond the frigates.

    It was then.

    "What, this wind...…! "Dell, it's dangerous!


    A gust of wind blew the hand flute for a minute and a huge shadow fell on the ground.

    Flapping huge wings...….


    It was a monster in the Lacras Mountains.



    The sharp wind is driving me crazy. The untamed monster was quite dangerous.

    When I met an obstacle, I didn't realize that someone had put it on my back, and I randomly pierced it.

    I felt like I was going to lose my mind because of the speed added to the blizzard.

    But Yoidel opened his eyes and looked at the canyon. This anomaly was not just a disaster.

    Whisteron, who felt the same thing, frowned.

    "Dell…… this is going to be really dangerous

    Just then, there was a gap in the canyon in the distance between the raging snowstorms.

    a clear dark niche on a white snowfield

    Is it over there?

    Yoidel fastened the bag he had received from the knights earlier. And drove the berries over the canyon.

    When the suspiciously heavy snowstorm swirled like a whirlpool.

    (Singing "Cough!


    Berry almost swung off a giant wing.

    Looking down, the tail of the berry was pricked by something pointed.

    "What's that! Dale, do you see what it is? He must be sick!"

    "A wooden stake?"

    Why is that here. Besides, this tree...….

    At that moment, Berry shook and shook his body.

    "Hold on, Del!"

    Berry's body is in a state of great excitementEthel struggled down and pulled out a stake.

    My frozen hands were scratched by the cold, so it was so painful that blood flowed and tears started to come out.

    "Wait, Barry, it's nothing, calm down...…!”


    At that moment, my body turned upside down.


    The moment Berry flipped over, she couldn't stand a strong reactionEthel bounced out.

    My fingertips were drained without a chance to properly recognize the changing scenery around me. Yoidel fell to an endless bottom.

    I couldn't even call Berry. The wind was so strong that my voice didn't come out properly.

    "It's over now."

    Slowly, the snow-covered tree came into sight and the ground became close. But Eidel's body sank deeper into the canyon.

    into endless darkness

    Yoidel felt a flash of light going through his head. I thought it would be a big deal for Ulysses, but it seemed that his life would be cut off first.

    "I'm sorry. What should I do?’

    Ulysses would have lived if he hadn't kissed him. I never thought I'd escape from prison and die like this.

    And the sharp cold you feel.

    The view was completely buried in the dark.

    When the light that is left dimly on the snowfield, like her consciousness, slowly, slowly becomes very distant.

    Like this.

    "Is it you again?"

    A ridiculously warm light wrapped around my body and settled gently somewhere.


    No, it was a person who hugged her.

    Yoidel slowly opened his closed eyes.

    Silver feet as beautiful as the moon, warm people's body temperature, and...… Cold blue eyes like a glacier? It's your mother.

    "Your Holiness!"

    It was Ulysses.

    Episode 43

    "Are you really, really angry?"”


    He answered in a flat tone.

    Rubbing his eyes and looking again, he was right.

    With cold blue eyes and shining appearance in the dark.

    But why is Holy Father here?! Is it really Holy Father?

    "What's with your eyes as if you've seen them?"

    The look of boredom filled my eyes.

    Yoidel answered politely, with his hands neatly gathered in his arms.

    "How was it, Holy Father? Are you hurt? But you accepted me, so are you a fantasy or a masquerade in disguise?"

    "Who are you talking about?"”

    Maybe it's the magic of the empire. Or a face-changing sham.

    "There's no way that Seong-Ha will accept me!"’

    The conjecture was valid. It's based on the experience I've accumulated.

    Yoidel poked his forearm to check his condition. Oh? They're staying still.

    It's weird. It's weird. His body and body temperature, which are not human-like, are the Holy Father. It was impossible for him to hold himself.

    Hit it!

    Ulysses dropped Yoidel like a load and shook his hand.


    "How long are you going to be hugged?"


    Fortunately, my butt didn't hurt because the snow was piled up nicely.

    "Bad personality. It's Seong-Ha!"

    Yoidel looked up at him, buried in soft, cool snow.

    "You're alive!"

    The words narrowed Ulysses' eyes. Yoidel floundering, got up, shook his eyes, and smiled brightly.

    Ulysses, who was looking at Yoidel, tilted his head and made a grim expression.

    "Are you sorry I'm alive?"

    "That's a relief! That's a relief!”

    Yoidel didn't care about the sarcasm, jumped up like a rebound and grabbed Ulysses' hands.

    His red eyes, contrary to his, were filled with tears.

    Ulysses' mouth opened a little with suspicion when he saw him. Yoidel then shed tears.

    "My arm suddenly hurt so much that I was very worried because I thought something big happened to you..."…. I'm glad you're fine.”

    I guess it wasn't a big deal to see you not talking.

    Ulysses has never been as welcome as he is today in his life.

    Of course, I was worried about his safety, but his life was also involved. I'm sorry, but I was a little mixed up.

    "That's a relief, Holy Father. Thank you for staying healthy. You don't have a fever, do you? You have a cold or a chill."

    Yoidel sniffed because it was so cold. But Ulysses looked casually as if nothing had happened.

    It was truly a relief. It was the second day I was grateful to his bloodline.

    The first was a pair that could have survived him. The second one is today.

    Looking around, it was definitely right to fall into the valley.

    It was very dark from above, but when I came down, it was as dark as dawnIt wasn't that scary. It wasn't a small place.

    "Oh, but how did you manage to sell it?"Did you hit it? Why are you here?"


    "Your Holiness?"

    I looked up at him, who was silent, and rolled my eyes. Oh, you grabbed my hand! Because he's extremely reluctant to contact and stands out.

    As expected, Ulysses was gazing at his hand in hand in hand.

    "Oh, I'm sorry."

    As soon as I tried to take out my fingers, my hands were tightly held by the road with strong power.

    Ulysses sighed quietly as he looked at Yoidel's hand.

    "When I said my hands hurt, it was also your arbitrary behavior. I scratched a lot. Didn't you know?"

    Oh, that's why. I was surprised.

    "I know, but if I'm late, I'm afraid the Holy Father will get hurt more and wander the road..."…. I didn't know then."

    "I know, but I never asked you to find it."

    Ulysses exhaled calmly and healed the wound.

    "But the quick decision was great. Now that your ideas are right.”


    "It's true that I had an arm injury. It is also true that I recovered from Yoidel's judgment."

    He gave the bottle, gave the pill, and said what he had to say. He's a strange man, no matter how much I think about him. Yoidel fiddles with his hand for no reasonI opened my eyes wide.

    The scar on the hand has not been completely cured. What's going on here?

    "Again, the crisis is right."

    He turned his head, gently sweeping his wet hair from the snow.


    His figure of crossing his arms and leaning on a hard rock looked suspicious.

    Maybe you're in a pretty bad situation right now...… It's not, right? No way.

    Yoidel looked at him with a desperate shake of his head that he would not be. Say something. It's not, is it?

    His eyes, which were looking aimlessly into the distance, slowly adjusted toward Eidel.

    with an unprecedentedly friendly

    Oh, no way.

    "The reason I hurt my arm is because I was careless for a while. There are other guests here.”

    "If you're a guest... Isn't it more than your power?”

    "So it's a problem."

    Ulysses opened his hand.

    "We have a power constraint."


    "I don't even know where to get out of here."

    "……but it's okay!"

    The presence of a backpack came to mind for a moment.

    Yoidel bravely pulled an artifact out of his backpack.

    "I thought so, so I brought a moving magic artifact. If you tap it and activate it...….”

    Tap, tap.

    There is no response.

    Yoidel repeatedly knocked on the art fact, denying reality in horrifying fear.

    What's wrong with this? It can't be broken. Hey, hey!

    Ulysses, who saw him hanging on to the artifact like a madman, kicked his tongue as if he were a madman.

    "It seems that the use of more than a certain amount of credibility is limited."

    "He, don't tell me...….”

    "I'll have to wait without a promise.”

    I can't!


    Whisteron, who returned from leaving Joel alone, struggled with anguish. It's a name tagger, and I should have taken care of Yoidel first.

    "The blizzard is strong. Grandma, this isn't just a weather freak, is it? Oh, my God, old lady!

    Whisteron poked his lips at the rude remarks. But neither Marcelina nor Whisteron were used to it.

    "A cheeky muzzle.”

    "Twee, we need to find Dell! Unscramble this!"

    Marcelina, who was smiling and giving strength to her hands, looked out of the barracks.

    "It's not just a change in the weather, but it's different from the energy of the empire. It's mixed but different."

    "Oh, it hurts. But if you don't know your grandmother, who knows? I don't know if there's Grandpa Hail. "Everyone's gone"

    Just as I was about to pout my mouth again.

    Suddenly, the door opened and the stiff-faced Knight Commander entered her barracks.

    "As you ordered, I looked at the canyon, and there were signs of a river in the upper class. The same goes for the priest of Yoidel

    "Why did you change your mind?"

    "I can feel the unpredictable energy inside the canyon. I found something like this nearby."

    "It's an outside job.”


    The chief of the Knight CommanderIt was a wooden stake Ethel pulled out. At first glance, it was a common stake, but it was different if you look at the bottom closely.

    Seongguk has little change in temperature due to the seasons except for winter. However, the stake was clear by Knight.

    It meant that it was not a tree that grew on this land.

    The most obvious climate change in the middle of the three continents was the land belonging to the British Empire, a continent with dozens of countries.

    The best thing is, Holy FatherThe one with Miss Ethel. The next thing is to be in a safe place. The worst is...'

    She looked back at the article.

    "Keep the piles and withdraw the first and second knights. After this, I forced myself to do itOnly care is lost. No disclosure of the Holy Father's personal safety. The person we're looking for should be an externally Yoidel.”

    Having an empire stake means having enemies outside or inside.

    "When the snow subsides, the search resumes."

    "I see."

    Marcelina cast a disguise on herself.

    Silver hair, blue eyes, unique facial expressions and gestures. Just like Ulysses.

    Her specialty, magic, was so perfect that it would not be recognized unless she was more advanced.

    "But how long did Grandpa Giorbeni spend on business? Did you send him to the underworld? It's not the senior trio, but the grandmother is working."

    "He disappears to perform official duties according to the will of the Holy Father.”

    "Suspicious. The weirdest, the old man."

    Whisteron rattled his wrists and his body tied to a chair that prevented him from going forward.

    Yoidel has just come up from the training center, so he can't get out of the canyon as well as use the necessary magic.

    But Ulysses is not. The point was unsettling.

    I don't feel a big wave yet, so I'm not dead, but...… Besides, the water supply is still.


    "Do what you have to do, Shinsu. Can't you do something great like summoning magic or tracking magic?”


    "Don't speak to the Lord, Whisteron."

    In his straightforward words, Flotes rolled up his body sullenly.

    I dozed off and opened my eyesIt was the same for Flotes that was heartbroken by the absence of Ethel.


    Flotes likewise gave a kiss to the captive Rios.

    He was surprisingly skillful in consoling himself.

    Whisteron looked out the window at the figure.

    The gale is too strong. It's dark, and Yoidel has a fear of darkness.

    "Yoidel will cry if he is alone in the dark." Oh, Dale. Where the hell are you? The squirrel-like one. I'd rather find you and meet you in the snow."

    Whisteron released his bound hand at one stroke. He shook his hand lightly.

    "It's better to stick to the cold because they're like that. Then your chances of survival go up a little bit.”


    "Anyway, I'm worried."

    On the day Yoidel fell in the smokefield, Whiswarai was quite surprised.

    It's a canyon in this weather, and now it's night.

    be alone at a time like thisIf you fall down, your life is really in danger.

    "Oh, Del. I shouldn't be crying too much. Wait a minute, I'll find you soon.”


    "Fire! Holy Father! Fire!"

    Yoidel quickly moved like a squirrel to make a fire with a small amount of artifact and made a bonfire.

    Tadak, squatting in front of the scarlet light, where small sparks began to pop, made a happy smile.

    And he turned his head toward Ulysses, who was staring at all the movements.

    "Your Holiness, if you don't mind, could you go over there and collect some branches that aren't wet?" Hurry up."


    "Your Holiness?"

    "Mr. Yoidel, what is it?"

    Episode 44

    "What? I'm me. It's not a sham, so don't worry."

    It was still cold enough to be swirled with snowstorms from above and to breathe out every time.

    Yoidel covered his cold eyes with artifacts and tightly opened his clothes.

    Ulysses was heartily troubled by the sight.

    Does the Duke of Yobohilde teach teacher-existence skills?

    To his first astonishment, Yoidel soon adapted well.

    Of course, Yoidel was not happy with the situation. But there was a deep desire.

    I'm going out alive.’

    She was already an experienced exodus from the death penalty.

    Even then, he survived by harming people with his survival instinct, but he could not collapse in the face of a distress situation.

    "Do you know what my needs are, Holy Father?"

    "Do I have to know?"

    He frowned and locked his clothes firmly.

    I've been branded a pervert.

    I can't help it because there's a past. But Yoidel spoke firmly.

    "It's a need for survival.”

    "Is that so?"

    "It's all right, Holy Father. I'll make sure to take you out! It's edible and tastes good, so try it."

    I picked up some edible fruit nearby and baked it for him. Artifact water bottles contain water that can be used as drinking water.

    "I don't know who you are."

    He's been making a lot of noise today. But it didn't matter.

    The most important thing for her was her life, his life, our safe escape.

    The location would have been known because of Lai and Whistles, even though they were in distress.

    Before being rescued, it was the first thing to stay alert to the cold.

    Yoidel looked at Ulysses with a strange expression and nodded sternly.

    "Don't worry, Holy Father. Lai and Whistles will definitely come to you. Until then, I will take good care of you."

    I didn't know that my past experiences of exploring remote areas, traveling programs, and reading would shine here.

    I didn't want you to apply it, but let's survive this.

    "Aren't you close to the situation where you and I are left behind?"


    He asked calmly.

    "Do you mind me?"

    "Me? No."

    "I remember you were scared every time."

    "Oh! That's right. Because Seong-Ha said to me every day."

    Yoidel frowned, his eyes sharply raised.

    "Because you look at me like this, with this kind of course

    It was a bit of a drag, but he admitted it. Resemble.

    Yoidel answered brightly again as if nothing had happened.

    "But it's not like I don't like it. I like the Holy Father."

    Anyway, it's the male lead. Once an object of admiration.

    Do you still yearn for it's like that

    There was nothing to say, so silence continued.

    "There's a greater energy around you. Be careful."

    He tested his strength with his hands up and out. It could be used a little, but it wasn't great.

    It was originally a weak magic that was less than one percent of its power.

    "Does that energy not give you the right energy?"”


    He frowned at the distance.

    But there was nothing in Yoidel's eyes.

    I felt a strange pressure that made my ears go blank, but I don't know the clear direction.

    Yoidel lifted his head and looked at the high cliffs that blocked both sides, the stream flowing into the center, and the waterfall at the end.

    "Something's not right?"’

    Yoidel dipped his hand in the water as he walked.

    "By the way, Holy Father. With the weather so cold and snowy, how did the river on the canyon floor not dry up?”

    Ulysses' eyes, who had been calm by Yoidel's words, opened sharply.

    "Are you saying there's something in the river?"”

    "Uh……maybe not?" Water is usually frozen. Even more so in this weather. But there's not even a piece of glacier melted here.”

    Joel's cheeks and nose were flushed, and even his fur could not stop the cold.

    But it was strange that the water was flowing gently.

    And it wasn't very cold.

    Mild water? There's no way there's a hot spring.

    "Where is the bottle of Artifact that used to contain drinking water?"

    "Oh! That, here!"

    As soon as the bottle was handed over, the water was splashed in the air.

    "Ah! What are you doing?"

    Yoidel sat down as if he had fallen and stared at the water on the floor.

    Now I felt like I was going to drop a waterfall in my eyes. You're so mean, you really don't have to do this. No matter how much you don't want to be with me...….

    Yoidel was frustrated.

    "Hey, what are you doing? You know how hard I've been getting this water, black, how...…. You're so mean.”

    I went to the waterfall to scoop the cleanest water, grabbed a branch with one hand, and shook the water with the other.

    Tears dripped down the snow in front of Yoidel.

    "Mr. Yoydell."

    I hated that soft voice today.

    I'm trying to help you. How can you throw away the water?

    Yoidel was so resentful of him. I knew I hated myself, but I didn't need to be bothered like this.

    It's not enough to work together in such a difficult situation...….

    Then Ulysses slowly approached her.

    "Please don't talk to me. I'm so disappointed in your Holiness today that I don't want to talk more."

    He refused to comply with the request.

    He just approaches, covers his cheek, and makes him look into his eyes.

    The snow-white and beautiful even froze her feet cold, tickling her cheek.

    His eyes and head are cold, but his body temperature is warm. Yoidel stared at him and said nothing. I think my nose is going to run.

    "Do you see that?"

    "No, I won't. Don't talk to me!"

    "Your tears have come to my eyes."

    "What? No way!"

    God, it's true. Yoidel, who touched his skin, opened his eyes wide with surprise.

    "The water didn't freeze, but my tears froze."

    "That's true. How did the water not freeze when the tears would be harder to freeze?”

    "Your guess was right, Mr. Yoidel."

    Ulysses opened his eyes thin and frowned.

    "It's not normal water."


    "It ends at this waterfall. There's no way out.”

    Ulysses glanced at the waterfall pouring down from the Senate. If this is not a normal river, there must be something at the end.

    Then Yoidel recalled old memories.

    A program dealing with remote exploration, where a cave hidden over the waterfall was introduced.

    "Isn't there a road beyond that waterfall?"”

    There's no way it's not here. Besides, if it's this mysterious water!

    "If it was made with Lee Kang's intention, it would be a camouflage to hide something."

    "Do you mean it's a waterfall?"

    a great power limited to the capacity of Ulysses

    At first, I thought it was a trap. Maybe it's a chance

    A vague hope sprang from Yoidel's mind.

    "The more precious things are, the less easy they will accept people. It would be hard to imagine that something is hidden in a strong waterfall with an unknown depth of water.”

    The stream was very strong. Enough to communicate with the sound of the waterfall half-closed.

    "Let's go."


    There must be some safe way.

    Looking at him with confidence, Yoidel opened his eyes wide.

    The same was true of Ulysses, just watching.

    Yoidel shook his head, saying it wasn't because of the misfortune.

    "You're not going to break through, are you?"


    "Whoa, whoo…….”

    It looked like a drowned rat.

    Use as little wind magic as possible to cut off the water and keep the waterfall safeThe other one was good.

    However, just before, Ulysses' power gave way to the water splash of the waterfall.

    What's there to be done then?

    Yoidel rubbed his face with his hands, feeling the weight of his wet clothes.

    Anyway, I think it's refreshing because I took an unintended shower. It wasn't cold water.

    The problem is, the temperature is too cold.’

    Regardless of the temperature of the water, the weather was just harsh. The inside of the waterfall was warmer than outside, but it was cold.

    I hugged my trembling body and looked around. They were right in their conjecture.

    "There was a space behind you!"

    They were in a huge cave. It was large enough to be comparable to the hall of Daishinjeon Hall.

    Ulysses, who had gone deeper then, returned with a rather troubled face.

    "I can't go any further. Small stones blocked the road."

    "Shall we go outside again?"

    It's better than being alone in a small space. People out there might miss us looking for us.

    Ulysses agreed silently.


    But what's wrong with this?

    Why can't I touch the water? Rather, I felt a transparent wall as if something was blocked.

    Yoidel tapped the stream of water at the entrance. There was no change.

    It was the same no matter how many times I tapped it again. This... No way.

    Yoidel looked back in a cold sweat.

    "Your Holiness."

    Ulysses followedThe look on Ethel's face left a question.

    "What's the matter?"

    "Don't be surprised, Holy Father."

    Yoidel rolled his eyes around and smiled awkwardly.

    "We must be locked up here."

    Episode 45

    "The sound of the water is so clear."


    "Why is water transparent? It's mysterious and beautiful. Right? I think the air is really nice.”

    Ulysses, who was silently listening to one-sided communication, turned his head in the opposite direction. Yoidel smiled at him and gradually became serious.

    The two sat far apart from each other as if they were about to die.

    The inside of the cave is blocked by piles of stones, and there is a threat outside, and it is blocked by a grain boundary.

    I mean, in other words

    I'm suffocating!’

    I had difficulty breathing.

    Wouldn't it be better to hug the first black bear than to be in the cave alone with the Holy Father?

    At first glance, the expression of His Holiness was incredible.


    My clothes were wet with water and my body trembled.

    "You look like a raw mouse that fell into the water, but unlike me, Seong-ha looks like an elegant cow head mouse that grew up eating the best food."’

    After reflecting on it, I realized that the reality is the same.

    Yoidel sat with his knees together, wriggling his hands, and stared at him.

    The wet silver hair was as beautiful as the Yunseul of the night lake, so there was no way to lose dignity.

    Even the clear water falling from my head was shining like a halo, so I looked like a flower fairy who bloomed quickly.

    Oh, the fairy turns around.

    "Are you going to stay like that?”

    You were a goblin.

    People's eyes can be colder than the cold wave

    He got up from his seat and undressed. And I took off my clothes...… Why did you take it off?

    "What are you doing? Then freeze to death!"

    "Wearing wet clothes is much more harmful to keeping your body warm. You should also change into skinny clothes from the mask."

    Ulysses took out extra clothes from Yoidel's bag.

    "It was not useless to have a friendly conversation with the knights."

    Fortunately, the bag given by the drivers was intact due to the preservation magic, and emergency supplies were also carefully contained.

    Ulysses looked at the bag and looked at other suitable items.

    Unlike Yoidel, who was embarrassed, he looked fine.

    Well, first of all, you'll look like a man. Still, or even so.

    Yoidel was fiddling with the ring and bit his lip in impatience.

    "What's wrong with you who stole my clothes?"

    "That's, that's me!"

    You did that in the past? But that's not what I did. Yoidel bristled his blood on his forehead.

    "I'm sorry!"

    But it's this body.

    Yoidel shed tears of blood inside.

    Doesn't pairing have a function to delete the other person's memory? I wish I had one.

    I closed my eyes tightlyEthel gave up, opened her eyes blurry and moved away from him.

    "You should change, too."

    "Me? Well, is it necessary to change clothes? You can dry it with your mouth, uh...… Also, I really like my clothes even though they're wet. "I feel proud of my new uniform."


    Or I'll change it when the Holy Father sleeps.”

    As Yoidel, who had turned white, shook his head desperately, he calmly glanced away.

    "If you wear wet clothes, you will smell bad and your body temperature will also drop. If you don't want hypothermia, take it off and dry it."

    "But pairing doesn't share the disease itself, right?"

    "If you die from complications caused by that, it's the same as a result."

    It's a very extreme situation. But, uh...

    Ulysses was speaking only objective truth without malice. So there is no justification for further refusal.

    Because what he's saying is something he already knows.

    "You must already be a snowman by the time you're dressed.”

    To be honest with youEthel was feeling the cold, too.

    "Shame is instantaneous. Please exclude your personal feelings and put your physical condition first.”

    Yoidel sighed, exhaled, wrapped his blanket around him, and moved his hands from inside.

    No wonder my nerves were tense.

    Yoidel went as far and as dark as possible from him.

    "You should never look back.”

    "Even if you beg me to watch it, I won't watch it."

    "What? Why do I ask you such a strange favor?”

    "I'm the one who's not, and that's the sameIs there any reason to see Ethel take off? Don't say things that don't make sense from the premise."

    What do you mean, "That too, Mr. Yiddell"?

    My heart was pounding with anxiety while I was fluttering inside.

    It's over when it's known that you've fooled everyone.

    Yoidel trembled when he pulled out his sleeve, like a carriage with a loose wheel, and trembled when he touched the button.

    Whoo! Ha! Whoo!

    There's nothing to panic about. as if nothing had happened Because I'm the same gender as Seongha right now.’

    On the one hand, it was fascinating.

    Even the power of the Holy Father is limited, but his disguise magic is normal.

    It was amazing and fortunate. Is there anything to do with this?

    The cave soon sank into silence.

    Just like that.

    However, behind his back, he heard the sound of his layered clothes falling one by one.

    Why can the cave hear small noises well.

    Yoidel was surprised at his small movements as if he had touched a fire.

    'I can't hear you. That's a white puppy. It's not a person...…. The white puppy is grinding. I don't care.’

    Yoidel changed completely into skinny clothes, suggesting self-importance.

    It was a short time, but it was a tense time.

    I can't wait to get out.’

    Yoidel fell flat on the floor. The tension made my body hurt more and my hands and feet were weak.

    Whistles and Lai will be looking for you, but how long will it take?’

    the Akman Snow Park, where the ice caps are spread

    Among them, there was little known information about each valley.

    There were several hypotheses that could be inferred from the limited power of Ulysses.

    It's the closest thing to the heart of the continent.’

    Although Ulysses was the current owner of the Changgong continent, it was not the continent that Bondig created.

    Long ago, the land inhabited by Shinshu and Shinto people.

    Ulysses was the only heir to the blood.

    The power to buoy the sky was his share, but not his own.

    There was a huge buoyancy in the middle of the continent. A huge amount of unknown energy.

    But it was only mentioned that it had the power, but it never came out.’

    Is it because Flotes was born that the road that should not have been opened?

    Ulysses would feel it if it was closer to the center of the continent.

    "You don't like bloodline."

    He was not proud of his own blood.

    They are only horrified to continue to be pressured into marriage for posterity.

    Holy Fathers were able to marry regardless of gender after adulthood, and everyone who assisted him hoped he would have a descendant.

    I'm sure you're still under marital pressure’

    He'd be in more trouble because he'd been taken away.

    Yoidel returned to his side after checking his clothes. Because dark places are scary.

    Still, it was not as narrow as it was then, so it wasn't as hyperventilated as it was then.

    His pretty and transparent eyes, like Ulysses' glass, were consistently calm in times of crisis.

    So I was relieved.

    Yoidel sat next to him at a certain distance.

    "I'm sorry, Holy Father."

    A sudden apology narrowed Ulysses' brow. He seemed to have no idea.

    "I will quickly find a way to solve the pairing so that the Holy Father does not get in trouble later.”

    "What's the trouble?"

    "Even if you are caught having a companion, you will be in trouble if Holy Father truly wants to marry someone."

    Ulysses didn't dry out, so he scrambled his swept hair again without saying a word. So the pattern on his forehead looked right.

    Yoidel glanced at him and quickly turned his head.

    Maybe because I was relaxed, I felt strangely tired. I think it's cold.

    "If that happens, I'll explain that pairing means nothing, and it's my fault."


    "I don't know, but I think the Holy Father will listen to me."

    Probably a very sweet person. No, it must be that kind of person.

    By the cold nature of Ulysses, you won't easily find a marriage partner. That never happened in the original.

    But just in case.

    At the time, I did it to survive, but I didn't want to stop him from going forward.

    Since he was the main character of the story he once admired and liked, shouldn't he have a happy ending?

    There will be times when Seongha who has lived alone for a long time will be tired.’

    It'll probably take a long timeI wasn't worried at all.

    "Seongha will be kind to a special person from beginning to end, right?" I hope so. It's not a mask, it's the truth.'

    It didn't work out, but it could always be as warm as an external mask for someone.

    Ulysses, who is as consistent and friendly as he is to himself.

    I can't imagine it.’

    Yoidel nodded his head after many households.

    It's right to be kind and kind to ordinary people. That's probably how it is, right?’

    But the more I thought about it, my head became heavier and dizzy.

    Why is this? I could see his face, his eyelids kept falling down, and his face was wrinkled through the gap.

    Holy Father, why are you sitting there shaking?

    I wanted to ask, but I was so sleepy.

    "That's never going to happen."

    Ulysses' tone was as sharp as a knife. He sighed, sweeping his face roughly.

    "Not only will you not get married, but it is impossible to make a specific object. It can't happen and it's not something you should be involved in."

    He repeatedly said, "It will never happen again. I don't know why, but he seemed to regard the exchange itself with others.

    "Don't say unnecessary things..."

    But this Dell didn't hear him right.

    "What's wrong with my hair?"’

    Because my body was shaking uncontrollably. Hands, arms, and legs trembled regardless of the will and goosebumps formed on the skin.

    What's wrong with me? I think I should listen to you, but I'm sleepy again and again.

    My consciousness keeps....

    Don't be a fool. Yoidel. A weak kid doesn't deserve to eat.’

    Then, the voice of the duchess came from beyond the consciousness.

    Gradually, I lost my strength. No, you'll get in trouble if you're sick.


    Episode 46

    "It's warm."

    Is it already morning?

    Don't oversleep!

    I was in a hurry to change my clothesWhen Ethel casually looked at the window.

    The sun suddenly meltedI rushed at Edel's mouth. With the lava mouth?I can't!

    "I can't eat it!"


    The moment I opened my eyes, I saw blue eyes.

    And Ulysses' face covered in soup in the wind he spits out.

    Yoidel grasped the situation by looking back at the static air.

    Far from the sun, this is a cave and only warm wood fire was burning.

    "Sorry, sorry!"


    He scrubbed his face in silence. I wasn't particularly angry or annoyed.

    But when I wondered where he was so comfortable, it was in his arms.

    He was supporting his head and putting watery soup into his mouth.

    I thought I would roughly squeeze it, but I scratched it around my mouth with a spoon and fed it properly.

    He looked gentle enough to resemble a benevolent adult, but he didn't seem to overlap with him he knew.

    Yoidel reflexively swallowed the soup.

    It's a bonfire and soupWhere did you get it? And why did I...… Oh, you fell down.’

    "Are you sober?"

    A quiet voice completely awakened the consciousness.

    "Your Holiness?"


    "Are you really angry?"

    "Yes, that's right."

    What's so close? His temperature was felt in the distance.

    "Cooperation for a more reasonable and efficient escape."

    He answered immediately as if he had read the expression.

    "Well, I don't want to go to exhibition”

    "Will I be happy? I couldn't help it because you collapsed from hypothermia."

    "Ha, but Your Holiness has a prominent presence."

    "If you have a doctor, that's fine."

    It was still like a dream.

    If this is reality, no matter how hypothermia you have, you can't feed me soup. If so, by any chance...….

    "Did you eat it to me first because you thought it wouldn't taste good?"”

    "You must be out of your mind."


    Ulysses is in no timeI rolled Ethel the other way and got out of my seat.

    The blue eyes that looked down were filled with coldness.

    "Your mouth will be bitter because I also took the recovery medicine in your bag.”

    It was all taken out of there.

    The body is still chilly and awkward with the Holy Father. Just then, he's wearing his own clothesI threw it at Edel.

    "Just mind raising your body temperature."

    "If you give this to me, what will your Holiness wear?"… Oh, go, I'll thank you!"

    I almost fainted.

    I saw UlyssesEthel rolled her eyes like a parabola and looked far away.

    Same body but so different from your own.

    It was similar to the rugged knights of the kite-armament, but the texture was different. If they were rough rocks, he was a noble, refined gem.

    a rigid line running on an oblique wooden line

    The firm chest muscles that rise and fall big every time you breathe and the shoulders that are as well trimmed outward made your shoulders look already wider.

    It was more elastic when the thick side line supported the solid body.

    On the other hand, the skin was soft and clean at a glance, so I thought it would smell good when brushed.

    He indifferently increased the flames of the bonfire with a large hand that seemed to be able to control his hands with one hand.

    He seemed to understand why so many sculptures were made bare. It was enough to be called a piece of work.

    Your Holiness is great in many ways.

    No, why are you looking at me? What are you doing, really?’

    Yoidel bowed his red-hot face more with the strength to touch the ground.

    I'm a man. I don't care. That's just a little dark white snow fox. Or white snow leopard, white...… Let's stop.

    be crouched with a ashamed faceHe raised his head slightly.

    Anyway, the clothes he covered were warm. So I was worried that Doug might catch a cold.

    "Well, but, Holy Father, that...… The clothes...."

    "You can close your eyes."

    "Oh! That's right!"

    But I didn't mean to say that Just as Yoidel was about to open his eyes again.

    "Don't open it secretly."

    "Oh, I don't."

    Ulysses smiled.

    I close my eyes really innocently because I told you to. This chick acts as it is.

    The color of red was slowly returning from Yoidel's pale cheeks. He narrowed his eyes and changed his strange color.

    This and that is a small new building.

    He was small, and even his skin was white, so he looked weak as if his small body would break.

    However, the chicks fell down whenever they saw me.

    Is it such a hateful thing to be with you? It doesn't matter, but it's annoying.

    Don't you waste your break just to give a handkerchief to a knight?

    But I don't like the cocky and brave attitude of the new chick, which I completely forgot about.

    It's time to re-deploy the knights.’

    Excessive tightness is unnecessary. I need to change the escort.

    "Thank you for your clothes, Holy Father."

    Ulysses sighed for a moment at the small voice.

    You might feel lost if you re-deploy now. The redeployment of the Knights is not too late to contemplate.


    Then Yoidel opened his eyes in surprise. A little lizard skimmed past the skin.

    When Ulysses grabbed it and put it away, it did not come out into the packed stone.

    "Seong-Ha, you don't hate lizards?"

    I thought he wouldn't like it because it was slippery, but his expression didn't change a bit.

    "Why do you think I hate it?"

    "Do you like it?"



    Ulysses smiled at the absurdity of his voice.

    "I don't particularly like it. But I've raised something alive."

    "Wow, animals? Rabbit or deer?

    "It was a black pony."

    Well, I usually learn horseback riding since I was young.

    Seong-ha, who was happy to receive a pony as a gift, was not drawn well now, but it seemed cute for some reason.

    What do you mean, a child Seong-Ha with shining eyes?

    "What was your name?"

    "Railus, that's what I called it."

    "That's a nice name. If it were your pony, I would have grown very bravely.”

    "Protect me from the attackHe died at a young age."

    Yoidel thought that he would pierce the floor for a moment.

    "The other day."


    "Worried about the companion you mentioned. I'm not a person who cares about animals either. It's the same for humans."

    He seemed to recall what had happened earlier. As Yoidel said, about the real return situation.

    But his expression was as cool as usual.

    "I don't want children, I don't want families. I don't want to be a parent."


    "Even if there are consequences, what would be the life of the child born as a forced marriage?" I don't want to make everything unfortunate."

    I turned my head and stared at him. Strange, why does the last sound like his story.

    Hit it.

    The burning bonfire rose in his eyes. He had an extremely quiet face.

    "Good owner."

    I looked at him quietly and said.

    "You didn't ask Reylus. What kind of owner was he? Did Reylus tell you that?”

    Yoidel thought it was not.

    "No matter how loyal an animal is, it cannot give everything to its owner. Besides, it's a life. Must have been a precious and good owner for Reylus.”

    Ulysses' eyesHe sank heavily toward Ethel.

    "And I know that the lifespan of a horse is usually about 30 years. But you've lived more than a thousand years, haven't you?"

    Yoidel stretched out his finger and showed it.

    "It's already dozens of times more. Reylus is tens of times the average life expectancy, right? "Because I lived in your memory for a long time, I was longer than Shinsu."

    Yoidel smiled broadly.

    "Thanks to your Holiness, it has become the longest horse in the world."

    Yoidel bowed his head again and spoke quietly.

    "Today, I feel like the Holy Father is a normal person..."… It's fascinating. If you think about it, you can get hurt, you can get tired, you can get tired, but why did you just know that?”


    "I was worried when you hurt your arm earlier. But it was really nice to be able to help you today because of the pairing."

    Did I say too much? There was no answer from Ulysses.

    Yoidel, embarrassed, rose up and wandered around the cave for no reason.

    So I didn't know.

    Ulysses with a face he's never built before.

    "Oh! I'm not saying the pairing is good. It was nice to be able to help you. I don't mean anything else.”

    I wonder if he misunderstood his quiet reactionI added it quickly.

    He may be misunderstood as having a black heart because he has a record.

    "After unpairing the pairing as you requested, I will forget all the work with the Holy Father and keep quiet. Don't bother."

    He made me look even worse without knowing it.

    Yoidel looked inside the cave in the distance and tilted his head. But didn't the lizard that went in earlier come out?

    Is there a way to go to New Year's Day?’

    "Your Holiness, in there...….”

    Just then, a strange sound came from nearby.

    Yoidel breathed his last and listened to the sound.

    "This is... this is not...… What the hell."

    "……look all over!"

    "What's that waterfall? I don't have much energy."

    It wasn't a good vibe, it wasn't a Holy Father accent.

    Yoidel put out the bonfire and went further inside, blocked my mouth and killed my breath.

    Holy Father, the enemies are just around the corner. It's dangerous to find this cave. We have to go inside! Holy Father?"

    The whisper rang out like an echo.

    The cold rainwater falling from the stalactites accelerated the cooling of the air, increasing anxiety.

    Walking around is the sound of words and footsteps. And the shaking of the body.

    The back is blocked, and there is no retreat. Just as I was getting more and more and more.

    It's rattling.


    The stones behind me collapsed and crashed.


    Lyos and Whisteron came down to the spot where they had lost Yodel.

    a snowstorm of snow

    Among the countless knights who occupied the white snowfield, they stood out.

    Then a scream was heard, but of course it wasn't theirs. It's just the imperial wizards that break easily in their hands.

    "Argh! Save me...… "Ahhhhaha!

    Screams were heard one after another.

    They were small children who didn't have to swing to the sword.

    "You know, were you the one who suddenly increased the number?”

    Whisteron asked the wizard with a gentle smile.

    If you tell me, I'll save you. It's true."

    "No, no, no. We were not dispatched for success."

    "Excuses will hurt a lot. I don't want to."

    "It's true! I'm not here to find a success, but everything else.”

    "Find it? Aha."

    Whisteron grinned.

    "Okay, I'll save you. I like the one with a big mouth. Traitors like you have a taste for torture. I keep my word. I'm sure I'


    just then

    Flotes, who had tears in his eyes due to the absence of Yoidel, also moved his small horn.

    "Shinshu, were you scared? Dell will be back soon. Don't worry."

    "Kku! Kkukku!"

    I scratched my face.

    You fools! Floates was so frustrated that he was going crazy. Shinsu could feel it.

    Yoidel is right there!

    Episode 47


    The stones behind the back collapsed with a scream.

    Keep going down, faster, closer to the dark place as if you're in an endless hole.

    It's the land.

    I can't!

    I crouched down a lotEthel opened her eyes gently when there was no pain she had expected.

    Ulysses, who landed first, had accepted him.

    "Seo, Holy Father?"

    With Yoidel down lightly, he looked around. His eyes were as if he knew something.

    When I looked around in a bewilderment, it was a much darker and humid place than above.

    "It's a bone of God."


    The columns, almost as big as the trees, were curved in detail.

    It was really a bone shape that was seen in normal animals.

    "When they feel the end of their lives, they find a place where they can rest and hide their traces. There's a lot of sleeping water here."

    "Wow... I knew it would get bigger when I became an adult, but it's much bigger than I thought."

    The bones were big enough to fill the ceiling of the cave. Is this what Flutes does?

    "Your Holiness must have seen such a great thing happen to you."

    "Not many times. At that time, there were extremely few individuals. I didn't know it was buried here."


    "I'm not interested."

    Ulysses licked the sleeping water sourly. Well, he doesn't really like Flotes either.

    Even when Flutes was born, he was probably more sorry for the disappearance of a device to stop the marriage urge.

    He didn't seem to be bothered by his bloodline as well as his god.

    "Well, shall I take the lead and walk?”

    Shinsoo is more interested in himself. I said it bravelyEthel was quickly pulled behind him.

    "Brave is high, but stay behind me."

    "But... doesn't Your Holiness hate having someone behind her?”

    Ulysses opened his eyes thin. He looked like he knew how.

    "He was more sensitive when singing from behind than from the front, so I thought he might not like it."

    Probably not because of the threat of life that followed since childhood. If you show your back to the enemy, you'll realize it's dangerous.

    The look on my face seemed to fit me. But he held out his hand instead of answering.

    "If you fall down again after being in a dark place, you will be in trouble. Please step back."

    "What? When will I write..."….”

    It was only once that I was trapped in the locker of the training ground. Did he help you then?

    "You were sweating profusely. There are no more clothes to change, so I'm in trouble when it's twice."

    "Your Holiness was also in the smoke and mirrors?"”

    Ulysses moved without answering.

    At that moment, I felt an ominous sensation. "I saved you!" said Whisteron, laughing exceptionally, and although Lyos did blame him.

    I knew Whisteron's pranks were too much, but...… the summer solstice

    "Did you save me, by any chance?"”


    At that moment I stuck my forehead in his back.

    Yoidel looked forward because he was strange, and Ulysses put his hand on his mouth and hissed.

    Without a moment to recognize UlyssesEthel's head was pressed down and she avoided it lightly.


    with a wave of air

    Hundreds of arrows penetrated the place where they were and stuck on the wall.

    Ulysses looked back at Idel.

    "To bring strength, you need only light touchDid you?"

    "What? Yes!"

    Ulysses held Yoidel's hand and exercised his original strength.

    Originally, it was warm gold, not white like his divine power.



    At that time, the wall in the distance collapsed, and a small bundle of hair showed up.


    "It's a person."

    Ulysses narrowed his eyes as if he knew well.

    "The person you need the most."

    The clump of fur rattled the papers down. Yoidel received the paper from higher ground and read it.

    It's all about God.’

    The mysterious man lifted his growing head and looked this way with sparkling, but fearful eyes.

    "Long time no see, Holy Father!"

    And I fell flat on my back. Yoidel realized right then.

    "You were in the Jedi, sir!"



    Each hot teacup was placed in front of Ulysses and Yoidel.

    He seemed to have no sense of temperature, but the person who came out of the tea drank it easily, so it seemed to be the right temperature for him.

    You lived alone for a long time. That's why I can't think of anyone else.’

    His name was Ashureo.

    the owner of the vast amount of data And an old friend whom Mr. Michele missed.

    But I didn't pretend to know. Yoidel looked around and admired innocently.

    "Are all these collections of treasures from Ashureo?"

    "Hahaha! That's right. It's a collection of watches that go through the closed Karabal coast and pick up the warm wreck, and the footprints of the God of the Kingdom of Louver!"

    "Amazing. Did you know that there is Shinsu's tomb here?”

    "Actually, I was in distress and I was lucky. And as I lived, it was good for research and it was okay."

    At first, he felt like a wild bear, but he was surprisingly watery.

    And he was so cutely small that he looked like a cute bunch of fur.

    "But what I'm saying is...… Is it weird? Haha, it's been so long since I talked to someone. Stuttering, awkwardness, not these days...….”

    "It's very normal."

    "Phew, that's a relief."

    With his clothes, hair, and beard like a bear, he laughed and lowered his head quietly when he saw the Holy Father.

    "I'm sorry I quit my job and ran away at will, Holy Father."

    Ulysses just stared at it without saying a wordEthel knew well from her last experience. That he's something that can shake people with just his eyes.

    'Look at those eyes. I'm scared.'

    The Holy Father also paused while drinking tea, and it seemed to be a hot temperature for him as well.

    "Right, Seo, Holy Father. The arrow earlier wasn't intentional! It was a device for intruders. But it's triggered by its own way.….”

    "I understand what Lord Ashureo said. What did I do in the exhibition instead?"

    He said he was wandering and learned more.

    But Ashreo's expression seemed to hide something.He seemed nervous, and very nervous.

    There were various rumors about why he went out. Because it's one job, because I'm bored, because I'm not responsible, because I've done something, etc.

    But it doesn't look that simple. Mr. Michele's attitude, which I saw before, was strange.'

    Do you know what it is?

    Yoidel looked at Ulysses, but he didn't show much.

    Ulysses' calm eyes raked through his lab. It was crude but spacious and comfortable.

    "Is it Gyeong that created the magic tree?"

    "Oh, that's... My power is divine, and as I put it here, I think there's something unique about taking care of these little masquerades because they're hungry. I'm terribly sorry, Holy Father."

    In the end, the appearance of Masu, who adapted to the divine power, was also an event he created.

    "It's not easy to contact others because of the long-term hiding, haha."

    He wiped his sweat nervously on his hands. Ashreo seemed frightened by the long-awaited conversation with the Holy Father.

    "Is it Ashureo who made the payment at the entrance?"


    Ashreo opened his eyes wide in surprise.

    "Was there such a thing?”

    And shook his head as if he had no idea. That's weird. Who made that?

    "Didn't Ashureo hit the conclusion that made me unable to go out or go back?"”

    "I don't know. I've been living here since I fell off."

    "There must be Shinsu's powerful mana here, so how did you get in, Ashureo?”

    He really didn't seem to know.

    "I just... I've been walking around the world and collecting Shinsu's eggs over decades. Whether it's broken or dead. Then I got lost and I opened my eyes and here. That was it."

    All the eggs on that shelf were those.

    Flutes's was a clear and white egg, which flowed only with a strange sacredness and felt no life.

    "Cough, hoo, anyway, I'll take care of the magic. Holy Father. I'm sorry to see you like this."

    The moment Ashureo bowed his head, he felt something strange. It seemed the same to the Holy Father.

    "Mr. Ashureo, are you sick?"

    "A little bit, now that's why. I think it's been 20 years since I came to the exhibition I can't remember, haha."

    However, the physical ability of the new building depends on the divine power. I think he has some kind of disease.

    "Isn't it hot?"

    "Rather, I was worried because it was lukewarm..."… Do people feel hot these days? Haha, I'm an old man."

    No, it was never a lukewarm temperature. This was proof that his senses were not normal.


    Yoidel looked around.

    "Didn't Mr. Ashureo just say 'kkyu'?"”

    "Me? No, young priest, no matter how secluded I was alone, I didn't degenerate into a child.”


    But I heard it again.

    It's similar to the sound of Flotes. Yoidel looked back at Ulysses.

    Holy Father, is the reason why you used my power earlier because I can use my power freely here?”


    "Is that because of your relationship with Flotes?”

    "This is a resting place where the gods have been buried for many years. No matter how strong my strength is, the person allowed by Shinsu seems to be deviating from the restriction."

    "What about you, Ashureo?"

    Yoidel looked back at him.

    "I didn't use much magic, but I didn't have a problem with shower or brushing my teeth. I could make food."

    Then it was clear.

    Yoidel approached several eggs in his collection.


    Then I heard a different voice than before. Shinsu, who is still young, several voices similar to Flotes.

    "The conclusion is not Mr. Ashureo's behavior. Holy Father, please doubt it."

    Yoidel touched the egg still. It was clearly damaged, but I heard a voice.

    "It's the gods who brought us here.”

    "But the eggs I collected were never born..."….”

    (Singing "Ring Ring")

    Then the cave vibrated again.

    "Cough, cough…….”

    Kung, Kuung, and stalactites fell and fell sharply to the floor.

    Something came out through the thick fog.

    Broken stones and signs of attack. The screeching laughter in between.

    "This is an unexpected harvest.”

    It was an imperial accent

    Episode 48

    "They are the magicians of the Empire.”

    whispered Yoidel.

    "The Duke wants to see you, Prince Yoidel. Come with us. Oh, no... What about him?

    "How can the Holy Father be here?"

    The giggling Empire wizards quickly got sick of Ulysses.

    The ring that fell from their handsI rolled in front of Ethel.

    It was the Duke's ring that hit the cheek of Idel in the past.

    I guess I was able to get blood on my cheek then.’

    If Shinsu was right to lead here, they could have gotten into their own blood.

    Even the Holy Father has lost his strengthThat would be right....

    Yoidel held the ring tightly in his hand and looked at them. Now that the ring has rolled into this hand, their power is useless.

    They all failed to bring up any particular threat, though they were seen stuttering to use magic with a startled look.

    Feeling embarrassed, they threw away their weapons, changing their color.

    "Well, we didn't mean to hurt you. No way! However, after being asked by parents who miss their children...….”

    "Princess Yoidel, you know that, "You know more than anyone else how much your parents miss you?"

    Yoidel clung to the hem of Ulysses' robe. And then he responded. The blue eyes looked down this way.

    Yoidel held his arm tightly and whispered in a very small voice.

    "Your Holiness, no. I haven't spoken to Boehilde since.”

    Ulysses is shortAfter looking at Ethel, I looked back at the intruders.

    "What were you going to do with Confucius?"

    "Well, we don't know...… Ugh."

    The intruder, stricken with murder, was sickened.

    "Was it you who attacked at the snowfield?"

    "What? We never, ever intended to threaten your Holiness! However, following Confucius' energy...… Seol, don't tell me that's not Confucius...… No way."

    The intruders opened their mouths in embarrassment. Then Ulysses breathed out a breathless breath as he calmly held his breath.

    "I'm sure I tracked your energy…"… Why... did the magic get lost...….”


    Then suddenly the cave shook.

    (Singing "Fan ID")

    Yoidel and the invaders of the empire were bewildered, but Ulysses was different.

    He held the shaking body of Yoidel properly and made him look in one direction.

    "Did you say it was a godsend to bring you here?"

    "Wow, I think. But Holy Father, it's dangerous. The ground is shaking!"

    "Look, Mr. Yoidel. What power you're protected by. "Who are the people who care about you?"

    His blue eyes shone horribly. The laughter was cold.

    Ulysses watched the intruders with a look at even insects. It was an interesting and cruel laugh.

    It was then.



    "How does that move? Everybody, get away!"

    (Sound effect)

    The stalactites on the ceiling slammed down on the floor like thunder and lightning.

    It was a supernatural power, but it clearly distinguished what to punish.

    As if to make unauthorized intruders dust, the huge rocks in the cave moved, locking them up, crushing them down and crushing them into dust. No one was able to escape as the stones poured down like a heavy rain.

    There was no one in the place where the dust had disappeared.

    "Oh, my."

    Then I heard a strange voice.

    a cute whining that breaks the tension

    It feels like I'm not pulling my clothesEthel looked down.


    "Sir, Shinshu!"

    There were dozens or hundreds of gods that looked like Flotes.

    Ashreo is thrilledI passed out.


    "You look just like Flo. Besides, there are so many...….”

    Yoidel was in awe.

    Ulysses said that these were the ideological bodies of the gods who came to the tomb to rest and the unborn eggs.

    Old masters of this continent, who lived much longer than the Holy Father. Now they're all but extinct. They were the ancestors of Flutes and were born far ahead of Ulysses.

    They took in the mana of the bamboo invaders and made a wise move.

    "Hey! Miss Miyang!"


    The gods were all small baby figures. It seemed to be the maximum that could materialize with that much.

    When Yoidel held them in his arms and melted, the godsI came up to Edel and smelled it.

    "Even if it looks like that, it's thousands of years old. They seem to be calling for you to be treated with the police. I wanted to help the police who found the eggs, and I wanted to meet you who woke me up."

    As if he was right, a new type of god rubbed his cheek at Idel.

    The whiteness around the body was definitely different from the number of bogans.

    Shinsu, who was playing with Yoidel's hands as if they were curious, approached and looked at them with eyes.


    "Eyes? What's wrong with my eyes?"

    "My, my, my, my."

    Han Shin-soo pointed to the eyes of Shin-soo next to him. It was a pretty gold color.

    And with the little paw of his foot, he nodded, pointing alternately to the eyes of the god and Yoidel.

    What do you mean, my eyes are red?

    "Did you call us?”


    "Did you cause a snowstorm? You want me to come find it?

    "Hey! Laughing."

    The gods nodded as if they were all correct.

    And Ashreo, who fainted and repeatedly woke up and shed tears of joy, dragged with his small front paws and pointed out.

    "Do you mean to take him away?"”


    Yoidel looked at Ashreo. He was a rather sullen bear, as if he thought he was being kicked out.

    "Mr. Ashureo, you're actually sick, aren't you?”

    "How can I....”

    "Ordinary people say hot things are hot. But Mr. Ashureo has a pain in his tongue. It must mean it hurts a lot."

    "But I don't mind dying like this. I don't want to communicate with the outside world. A secluded life is perfect for me."

    That's what he said, but when he met the two, he talked very hard. If you care about the way you talk, it means that you needed someone to talk to.

    Ashreo coughed heavily.

    "Your Holiness, please."

    Shinsu considered Ulysses to be an intruder and released his constrained power. Ulysses, who wore a bright light straight away, healed Ashreo easily.


    After screaming in pain for a while, Ashreo stuttered in surprise.

    Yoidel's conjecture was true. I thought I hid it well, but did the young priest help me?

    I thought it couldn't be cured because it was a rare disease that led to heredity. But...

    "Thank you very much, my lord! You're my benefactor!"

    Ashreo grabbed Yoidel's shoulder and immediately lowered his hand under the pressure he felt somewhere.

    Is it just me? Ashreo scratched his bearish head with his big hand.

    "Mr. Ashureo, would you like to come with me?”


    After thinking for a while, Ashreo shook his head. I didn't agree with that place even though I thought about it many times. It is more appropriate to study alone.

    "If you allow me, I want to stay here.”


    They nodded as if they were allowed. Then he came to Yoidel's front and gestured to put his face down.



    His bewildered eyes opened wide. Yoidel was surprised and pressed the kissed forehead and looked at Shinsu. The gods laughed together.

    I feel like I'm lighter.’

    The gods blessed Yoidel. And he took something out.

    "It's a jewel, isn't it?”

    "It's a divine decision."

    Ulysses looked interestingly at the gold-colored fist-sized jewel.

    "Shinsu are said to build up their wisdom for many years and be bitten by a newly born Shinsu. That's it."

    "Then, will Flotes be able to acquire the knowledge of his predecessors?"”

    "Yes, enough if you have it."

    Yoidel was delighted to sing Flothes inside. It reminded me of a small back that was shedding tears because it was the image of a single god alone.

    "I don't know if you need it, young priest, but...… Take it if you don't mind.”

    They were huge enough to be twenty books.

    hand-wringed food Ashteo gladly puts it in an artifactI gave it to Edel.

    "And there are eggs that are still in good condition, so I want you to take them with you."”

    "I will."

    "And there's only half of it, but...….”

    Ashreo held out a bunch of torn paper. That construction horse, half of the torn materials in the study?

    "Most of them have only half, so it's hard to see, but if necessary.”

    "Mr. Ashureo…….”

    "If I have it, it's a piece of paper. Take it as a gift. And I want you to use it if you need it."

    If so, it means that Ashreo is not the one who left half.

    Who tied up what he left behind?

    Mr. Michele would be the only one who could do that.’

    Now he's not coming out, but there's definitely someone waiting for him.

    Since I opened the door a little, if I suddenly try to drag you out, you'll hide more.

    Yoidel smiled with regret at Ashreo.

    "Mr. Ashureo, if you want to come out anytime, please come to the exhibition instead. I'll be waiting."

    "Gi, gi... Haha, that's all. Call me if you need me. I'll be there any time."

    And Ashreo lowered his bearish weight and looked carefully at Ulysses.

    "Please return safely, Holy Father."


    Then the cave rumbled and vibrated.

    Water dripped from the stalactite. Like it's about to collapse.

    Shinsu opened the exit door. Their appearance gradually faded under the water.

    "Mr. Ashureo, can I write to you?”



    The two returned to the entrance of the cave, behind the waterfall. Yoidel was upside down, while Ulysses stood gracefully.

    This time it's not a catch. Why does it seem strangely cold?

    Ulysses reaches outIt gave rise to the Ethel.

    Really, they give you a bottle and a medicine.

    Yoidel stood up hand in hand, and an idea flashed and pulled Ulysses.

    Looking elsewhere, he also lost his focus due to an unexpected counterattack.

    "Haha! It hurts because you fell, right? Every time I fell, I fell...… What?

    Like this.

    But where Ulysses fell,It was just above Ethel.


    Even Ulysses, who was holding out his upper body with his arm strength, lost his composure and opened his eyes wide.

    I saw Ulysses' eyes just around the corner.

    I ran as if my heart was going to explode because it was so close that I could see the texture of my blue eyes.

    Yoidel's inadvertent breath shook his hair gently.

    Even if one person collapsed, it was a matter of conversation.

    Yoidel stared blankly at Ulysses above him. Is it because of the mood that Ulysses' gaze seems to be gradually low?

    I felt a thumping heart and warm skin from the palm of his hand pushing him. It smelled really good.

    The breath of the lips tickled Eidel's skin.


    The cave collapsed and a huge hole was drilled. I saw Plotes shooting light from his mouth and piercing a hole.


    "What are you doing?"


    At the same time, the voices of familiar escorts were heard.

    Flotes, who was angry with the startled Laos. Soon, Flotes also opened his eyes wide.

    "I'm here to save you…… Uh, look...… The atmosphere is really nice.”

    "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!"

    "Do you want us to go back?”

    Whisteron smiled awkwardly and gestured backward.

    this is ch 48 guys! I typed it as ch 49 by mistake :(

    Episode 49

    "Dell, do you like it that much?"


    After the hunting competition ended, Yoidel was preparing to watch the first festival of his life.

    The last hunting contest ended in a surprise.

    The winner of the 1st Company Cat Contest is...… "Mr. Shinsuflotes!"

    When Flutes went looking for Idel, he spat out a tremendous light from his mouth and randomly dealt with the surrounding horse.

    The total number is enough to cover and help the number of second-place Rios.

    But Plotes is a god. The voucher was received by Yoidel, the new manager, and Yoidel prayed for it as a wish.

    "A Day's Vacation."

    I'll make a happy wishLooking at Ethel, some people shed tears of pity. Everyone knew your Holiness was a workaholic.

    Should I ask for a vacation as the first wish of the first hunting competition?

    "My pockets are full!"

    Yoidel was delighted to receive the money for questioning given by the elderly retainers. The goodwill is good anyway. Few people hate money, and so did Yoidel.

    "I'm afraid I'll miss the delicious food. Whistles, what did you say was delicious last time?”

    "The fruit skewer on the stand in front of the central store and the meat skewer next to it. "If you eat one, you want to eat ten, and you will lose by two kilograms on that day."

    "I've arranged it here, my lord."

    "Wow - even the summary table. Thank you, Lyos. Thank you so much!"

    For the first time Ulysses was greatly embarrassed by Yoidel's

    Eyes that seem like it's just that, and a confused face that much wanted to rest. When asked what he was going to do, he answered, "I'm going to participate in the festival."

    Yoidel really only wanted that.

    I was worried about throwing him out with a cold face, but the result was yes. It was the first freedom I gained.

    "Huh? This letter.”

    Yoidel returned to the palace and checked the letters. Among them, there was an undesirable one.

    "Letter from the Celto family."

    I didn't even look at it and put it on Whistles.

    Oh, what is this? Really.'

    And there was a small gift box from the Cavans.

    That's the last name of a distant relative of the Jovahilde family, and Yoidel's parents used to send letters under pseudonyms.

    He tried to take himself, and in many ways, it was surprising.

    "Whistles. Don't give me letters with the names of Celto, Cheetero, and Caban, but burn them."

    "Aha, it's the borrowed name of a family from Delne?"

    Whisteron smiled with a quick glance. Yoidel nodded with ease.

    "Yes, they are all names that are related to Yoboilde.”

    "I'll take care of you. Don't worry. What do you think about killing him in advance?”

    "No way."



    Even Lyos flinched as if he were caught thinking and sighed sadly.

    "Oh, Del! How about this? Does it look good on me?"

    Whisteron gets wet in the inner pocket of the uniformI showed you a handkerchief made by Ethel.

    "Do you carry it with you?"”

    "Of course. I sleep with a handkerchief given by Dell instead of a blanket."

    Laius also showed a precious white handkerchief.

    Yoidel didn't know what to do and just laughed. Whisteron and Rios laughed along.

    "But you didn't give it to the Holy Father?”

    "How did you know, Whistles! Did you notice what I prepared?”

    "It's the opposite, but I made it anyway, so give it to me, Del. That's too bad. I did my best.”

    Will Seongha like it?

    "Oh, Del. The...… I don't think I should go to jail."


    "All the intruders I caught and moved killed themselves.”

    "That's what happened."

    "Aren't you surprised?"

    "Yes, but there is other evidence.”

    Yoidel took out a ring with a large egg from his hand.

    a ring with its owner's fingerprints and hardened bloodstains still on it What I picked up in the cave that day.

    "It's a duke's ring


    "What the hell is he doing in the Holy Land?"


    Duke Jovahilde's eyes glistened sadly.


    The windows in the white-puffy frost were half broken, and a cold wind came.

    It hasn't been long since the girl died.

    You've managed to calm the emperor down, and now you're in an accident you can't stop?

    "I can't believe I found a single egg of God in a pile! Why didn't you pick him up? Why! I found the trace first, but it was taken from my nose!"

    The duke shouted.

    The emperor's anger had long since crossed the wall of the castle.

    He took away all the nobility, talent, and status he wanted so much.

    The growth of Yoidel was not desirable even as a duke.

    I've never taught you how to walk, but you're trying to fly over my head.

    "Honey, you shouldn't be so angry. You know that. How do you know that the jewel of God is fake? "It might have spread false rumors."

    "You too! You haven't noticed until now? He must have been acting! How else can an idiot be smart in one go! You've been cheating on my parents!"

    "Please lower your voice. I'll listen to you all the time!"

    The Duchess looked at her husband like a piece of trash.

    There are already five bottles of alcohol rolling around in the office.

    the highest family in the empire and the marriage stand chosen in accordance with one's wishes

    Her choice should have been the best, but how the remainer gets stupid.

    The old guns went out of shape day by day, as if the emperor had run out.

    'This is again after Endel's death."

    The only heir to the duke, and a very bright child.

    one precious child

    The Duchess walked a curtain in a secret space on one side of the office.

    There was a portrait of Cindell that he drew himself.

    It's already been more than a decade. Cindel, a young son, was lovely and beautiful just to look like him. He was smart and knew how to play his role.

    He was just a perfect kid.….

    Poor Ciendel. Only to save the child!’

    Cindell's name and existence was a secret between the duchess and the duke and the emperor.

    The real Cindell was not supposed to be known outside. The child who announced to the world is Yoidel.

    The couple did not change the name of Yoidel to Ciendel. The name of the precious CindellTheir reason was that they didn't want to mess with this model.


    "Why are you sighing? Was there any other language from the emperor?"

    "It's because we have a lot of troops that we lost in this incident. You should also think about your body at the tower."

    She was in a hurry.

    In the past, all servants who knew the existence of siblings were purged.

    It'll be difficult if a secret is leaked. But only one, how did you know.

    It's strange that I still can't see a nanny like that. Where did it go?’

    The corners of the Duchess's mouth were badly torn. No matter how hard I search for it, you can't find it.

    'If you want to live, you'll be stuck somewhere like a mouse.’

    But the nanny adored Yoidel exceptionally. He just didn't pay me back because he couldn't do his part.

    'I dared to argue with my nanny's status, saying this was abuse.’

    I was full of energy at the thought of that time.

    I thought he was gentle and foolish, but I thought he was a headache full of useless sympathy.

    It was even angrier that the mouse was not caught.

    The Duchess glanced at her husband.

    "If you know that, your nervous breakdown will worsen and it will be worse."

    My husband doesn't know.

    The most dangerous person to replace all the servants was the nanny. She lied that she killed everyone, of course.

    But it's already been several years since the nanny didn't show up.

    "There's no country that I can't reach."’

    The duchess was a wizard with a gift of genius and was the mainstay of the sorcerer's organization.

    Special blood, not ordinary people.

    Magic was a natural gift, and their network was solid. Empire, kingdom by kingdom.

    Therefore, there was no way that one nanny could not be found in this continent.

    I don't think you've got a big back.

    'Anyway, I'm sick, but

    The Duchess has been heard latelyHis eyes glared at the news of Ethel.

    I thought it was just a failure, but it took years for me to show my talent.

    "I'm a fan that I raised properly."

    I was proud of Yodel because I was proud. Not as lovely as Cindell, but useful.

    "You must have been born to suck us up. So, why! Such magic!"

    "So, honey. Why don't we, uh, bring the kid?"

    "Ha, why don't you know what kind of rumors have spread to the continent?" Rumor has it that the Holy Father is a particularly cherished retainer! Not to mention we've been humiliated!"

    The duchess explained with a tirade.

    "He was in danger of execution once anyway."

    "What is it like?”

    "It means that there are as many places as you can when you dig again and shake your location." For example, losing the confidence of the prosperity."

    The duke gradually focused on her words.

    "Then what's left of the poor girl?"”

    "What if you kill yourself?" Now it's useful unlike before.”

    "It's only a small gap. It's already prepared, but it's close to the root, and once it's turned on, it collapses. We waited for that momentYou can take it out."

    "No way."

    They laughed with wild eyes, thinking the same thing.

    "Yes, the secret that only we know."

    The duke rejoiced at her suggestion.

    The face of anger and blood vessels slowly warmed up as if they had let go.

    There is one occasion to make all the contributions that Yoidel has accumulated come to nothing.

    "If you find out that she's a girl, would you stop her?"

    Episode 50

    "This is a ring."

    "I heard that the invaders of the empire killed themselves. You can't get a confession.”

    Yoidel explained why he put up the ring. Ulysses did not deny it.

    "It's definitely worth using as evidence. May I take your father's things, Mr. Yoidel?"

    This was meant to be.

    It doesn't matter if the Duke of Yoboilde's injustice will be revealed.

    And another question was to test Yoidel's credibility. Can you boast that you have nothing to do with it?

    "Yes, please take it. So that there are no more invaders in the Holy Land."

    Yoidel did not hesitate to nod. From his point of view, it was most important to be trusted by him.

    As much as his safe life.

    "The crisis is over, Holy Father, but you have to be careful today."

    "Your prediction."

    Yoidel nodded.

    It would have been a relief because it was a day to strengthen the crystal magic to the point where the color of the sky looked different.

    However, it was Festival Day when something big happened to Ulysses in the original.

    It is said that the story was twisted and happened a little earlier, but you never know.

    "It doesn't seem like a big risk if you follow your way differently than before. I'll keep that in mind."

    "Did you give me a compliment?"”


    Ulysses replied casually. He certainly took care of the reward and punishment in spite of the cold.

    And he popped his pocket out.

    Yoidel blinked at him.

    "If it's a festival you wanted to go to, make a good memory for sure. The joy of the festival will come from that pocket."

    Yoidel moved his hands up and down. It's heavy and jingling.

    Are you sure?

    Yoidel, who opened his pocket, was surprised and closed his mouth.

    "100 gold?"”

    Here, the average citizen's monthly salary was about 70 silver. It was enough money for a family of four to live and save money.

    So Ulysses just paid for the house as a bonus.


    One day, Koel, the leader of Daishinjeon, found a gift box.

    "It's not a box to hide behind a tree like this."

    And I narrowed my eyes and checked the name of the box.

    Training shrines in Daeshinjeon often live as dormitory priests, so after a severe quarrel, they secretly hid other people's things and caused bigger troubles.

    Oh, no, this is! 'Isn't it the stuff of the Yoidel's

    He was an exceptionally outstanding talent among the countless training new spectators who went through him, who became incomparable to the past.

    His Holiness recognizes him, too.

    In addition, not long ago, he released dozens of documents saying that he suddenly found a huge amount of old data.

    "Who's jealous of such a promising retainer?"

    As far as I know, the Yoidel New Hall was quite popular regardless of gender.

    Although she is much smaller than the average Seongguk man, it is understood that women's shrines have sent quite a few good letters due to her beautiful appearance.

    It was also the new building that received the most handkerchiefs in the last hunting competition.

    Coel was pleased with the growth of the chick. So I looked angry at the abandoned box.

    "It's obvious that someone's slander to throw this away, seeing that they haven't even opened the package!" I'll have to put it back in place!’

    Koel hummed and called the bell and handed the box over.

    "Please put this in the priest's room.”

    "Is the priest of Coel giving it to you?"”

    "Yes, but don't tell me. Isn't good deeds supposed to be secretive?

    "I see."

    The servant of the main building, who thought it was a gift from Coel, not picked up by Coel, was allowed to enter and leave the Rosarium.

    At first glance, it looks like the usual and common, frequent gifts for the priest of Yoidel.

    In addition, the Coel Shrine is a faithful leader who has served for decades. You don't have to doubt the source of the gift.

    Sijong left the room leisurely with the gift box given by Coel between the verified gift boxes through the procedure.


    It was a few minutes later that Yoidel returned to the room.

    'Rai and Whistles will be here to pick you up in a little while.’

    Yoidel looked at the clock.

    It was not dark even at night when the white night began, so the time could not be estimated by the appearance of the sky.

    "I have money, and clothes, it's okay because even the retainers can go around freely today."

    Yoidel nodded and laughed with delight.

    knock, knock.

    "Dell! Let's get out."

    "Wait, let me get the robe. Please wait."

    Yoidel dressed himself in a robe and trimmed himself in the mirror.

    just then

    Just like that.

    A strange mist hit Idel when the glass cracked in the box that had been accidentally dropped.


    I was stiff looking in the mirror.

    A more gentle face, skeleton, Adam's apple, diminished height, hands, feet, and long sleeves.

    No, it wasn't a matter of clothes.

    "It's ridiculous

    The disguise magic is undone.

    Why did the magic suddenly come off?’

    Even if I tried magic, I didn't change into a man's figure. Time just goes by. What am I gonna do?

    Boom boom boom.

    "Dell, why isn't it coming out? Is something wrong? You're not sleeping, are you?"


    Outside the door, a knight of the Doohojisa waiting for him was jokingly knocking on the door.

    "Dell! If it doesn't come out quickly, I'll leave it!"

    My hands trembled with nervousness and embarrassment.

    You can't go out with your appearance. Although his physique decreased and his line became gentle, the difference in hormones was clear.

    Most of the men here were tall and strong, so no matter how short the man was, there was a universal difference from women. That's why Yoidel usually stood out.

    "Cough! Ugh, I must have caught a cold because I went to the snow park. I think you'd better rest. Whistles, Lai. You two go first."

    Does this sound like it hurts?

    Boom! Boom!

    "Dell! Does it hurt? Does it hurt a lot? Oh, my God. He's dying! What's with that old man's voice? That's serious!"

    "Buddhist, please tell me if you are sick. We'll get you some medicine, so you can't be sick alone."

    "Cough, keung! No, I have a cold, so I think I can rest a little. I'm sorry, Lai and Whistles don't mind me and have fun.”

    "…….Then we'll go because you must be feeling heavy and tired. But if you have any business, please call me, my lord."

    Whisteron was dragged by Lyos, chanting advice to get over his cold.

    "Phew... I barely made it.”

    My whole body was relaxed. Yoidel pictured the future after today in his head.

    He really doesn't like to cheat on himself. In the original, when he was betrayed by a close aide, he dismissed the traitor and cut him to death with a single knife.

    Wait, who was that traitor?’

    Yoidel, who was sniffing, stopped crying. Maybe he can trade as a traitor, even if it is known that he is a connoisseur.

    Let me tell you that there is a traitor in this country who colluded with the Briquette Empire.….

    I'm from the noble family of Brickalt, and I'll be the most suspicious. It's a hold for now. I don't even remember who it is now.'

    Yoidel looked down at his finger. Did someone play a joke?


    At that moment, the door crumbled and a woman entered.

    "Oh, my. What a soft door!"

    The intruder was Marcelina.

    "Ma, Marcelina?"

    "The door didn't open, so I gave it a little bit of strength, and it broke."”

    Why is she here?

    When Yoidel covered himself with a damaged sheet, Marcelina covered her mouth and laughed. Then I walked up to Yoidel and took a little walk on the sheet.

    Yoidel only noticed that Marcelina was hugging Flotes.


    "Looking at the condition, I think I came at the right time. Isn't that right, Miss Yoidel?"

    Marcelina is hardenedHe smiled sadly at Ethel.

    "There's a problem with this ring.”

    Marcelina grasped the situation at once.

    "Did you know that I cheated on everyone, Marcelina?"

    "Thanks to this sense, I was able to take over the position of chief since I was young. My specialty is biological magic."

    Marcelina still looks nervousLooking at Ethel, I smiled more comfortably and held her hand.

    "In fact, I wonder when Miss Yoidel's lower stomach looked painful in the pastI got it. Don't be afraid. The Holy Father, who doesn't know the pain, will never know.”


    Yoidel was noticeably relieved. That's why.

    'Pairing doesn't share the pain of the internal organs

    Marcelina smiled and relieved Yoidel, but on the other hand, she was puzzled.

    During the festival, many outsiders also enter the country to enjoy the festival. Security magic will be extremely strengthened, and most disguise magic will be released...… Especially if it's this hallucinogenic magic.'

    The ring seemed to be a much stronger magic than it seemed.

    But I can't feel any special energy. However, if the eyes of the Holy Father are deceiving, it means that they are not ordinary minerals or magic. It's worth researching.’

    Yoidel bowed his head waiting for Marcelina's disposition. Because the sin of deceiving everyone was never light.

    Yoidel fiddled nervously as she watched her expression harden.

    "But regardless of my good opinion of Miss Yoidel, Miss Yoidel's secret is a clear sense of exodus. It's not something you can easily overlook to deceive your identity."

    Marcelina stiffened her lips. As expected, she's right.

    "But maybe because I'm getting older, my eyes keep closing." My memory may be blurred."

    Marcelina's voice was more affectionate.
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    Yoidel crouched and approached with a quick pace. Her eyes of her Ulysses looking at her faltered for a moment, then caught her attention.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Excuse me, Your Majesty. I have something to tell you quickly. It’s about the work of the Holy Kingdom.”

    Ulysses smiled bitterly for a moment, then hardened her expression again.

    “… … Please tell me.”

    “It’s about Eltasha’s holy water.”

    Holy water is collected in February every year, only for one month.

    It was enough to make enough money just by selling it once a year, and it was also a quantity control for maintaining the quality and rarity of holy water.

    Seongsu did not trade with ordinary noble families.

    It is only a trade item between countries, and it was sometimes given as a gift for friendship.

    'There is a danger that such holy water will dry up. This must be reported to the Holy Spirit.'

    To buy holy water, you need to make a reservation 10 years in advance.

    Now that the holy water has dried up, it cannot be declared that the supply is impossible.

    Yoidel couldn't face him properly, so he bowed his head and touched his fingertips.

    There was an awkward silence in the office. It came in a hurry, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut at the reality that he was in front of me.

    “Come on, the Holy Spirit… … I know there was a reason you saved me in the past. It was because of his foresight ability.”

    “… … .”

    “The holy water of Eltasha Forest will dry up. Because of the theft of the jewel that makes holy water. You will be contacted soon.”

    The speaking voice trembled like a goat.

    “If we cannot make holy water, we will have to pay compensation to other countries. We need to find it one day soon.”

    Yoidel was trembling, but said firmly. Even Ulysses, who had cold eyes, did not avoid their gaze.

    'That's correct.'

    The person who had just communicated through the telecommunication district was Lerlta, the Bishop of Eltasha.

    Ulyssia's blue eyes looking at Yoidel sharpened.

    “Like you said, I have received a report that a major incident has occurred in Eltasha.”

    you've already woken up

    Yoidel bit her lip as she was one step late.

    “I am going to go on a reconnaissance, so please prepare yourself, Yoidel-sama.”

    “… … .”

    “Did you think I could even kick you out of your job for that reason?”

    He spoke in a flat tone, but his smile was the coldest.

    “Go out. And from now on, you won't have to go in and out of this office as freely as you used to."


    After the door closed, Ulysses properly raised her head.

    He glanced at the doorway where Yoidel had left, and put away his pen in a sense of shame.

    Returning to the rosarium he had provided, Yoidel hugged the pillow alone and sniffed.

    It was a night of deep misunderstandings.


    As time passed, we arrived at the forest of purification, Eltasha.

    A feast of beautiful greenery that even breaks into a warm yellow even in the sun.

    Eltasha, the forest of purification that has been shunned by the seasons, was surrounded by vines, trees, flowers and grass on all sides, and looked like a fantasy garden that slept long ago.

    “Sir, what are you doing?”

    “No, no.”

    “… … Well, if that's what you're saying, then that's it. Dell and Eltasha have a swing made from woven vines. Aren't you curious? Shall I push you?”

    The two guards were restless as they looked at Yoidel, who had become more dazed and calm.

    Until now, the guards could not be vigilant in protecting Yoidel.

    'Bang!' on the wall And it wouldn't collide, and all sorts of accidents were about to happen.

    'Oh! Dell! There's a stairway, roll it down!'

    'It's hot water, not cold water. You almost got burned, priest.'

    These were the warnings that Yoidel had heard in the past.

    Yoidel smiled at the escorts who were worried about him and got off the carriage. The fresh wind seemed to surround her and purify her body.

    “This is Eltasha.”

    “Look. It's our first time here too, and it has a strangely similar feel to our hometown. Isn't that right, Laios?"

    When dozens of carriages stopped, Eltasha's priests lined up to welcome the outsiders.

    “I see the Holy Spirit, Lord of the Holy Sky.”

    Eltasha's priests all bowed their heads in unison. Priests, knights, and servants staying here were a total of about a hundred or so, and it was not a very large temple.

    The temple had four buildings behind the main building, and it was similar to a general castle with a moat as a circular lake circulates around it like a waterway.

    However, there was a huge mountain that could be several times the size of the building, so it had a strong sense of mystery that was unique to Eltasha.

    “My name is Lertah, the faithful servant of the Lord, Bishop of Eltasha.”

    Said the platinum-haired old man at the forefront. it's that person responsible here.

    His eyes were brown, full of guns. But those eyes, I think I saw it somewhere... … Is it an illusion?

    Then his eyes met.

    “It’s been a while, Bishop Leleta.”

    “It is an honor to receive the visit of the Holy Spirit. Eat right at the temple.”

    After ordering the priests of Eltasha to serve guests, Lertah left.

    It was a kind of consideration that the bishop could not show him being rebuked by his subordinates, so he would do it alone.

    It was a big event to lose the gem that produces holy water in the spring.

    Maybe that's why the people at Eltasha's temple were in a bad mood, and there was a lot of silence overall.

    'Because there's nothing I can do until the Holy Father makes a decision... … .'

    Joidel rode on a swing placed on one side of the temple garden. He was the vine swing that Hysteron was going to push.

    “Oh, it stings.”

    “Why are you doing this, priest? what are you up to? Have you been bitten by an insect? I'll get you some medicine right away."

    "What? Dell, are you hurt?!”

    “No, calm down, both of you.”

    I was afraid that the pain would go away, so I quickly used healing magic.

    “I guess I haven’t been taking care of the vines for a long time. So it’s just a thorn in it.”

    “Yeah, the swing will almost break. barely holding on Isn't this dangerous? Why doesn't Eltasha pay like this?"

    “It’s a place where there are very few children, so you probably won’t have much use for a swing.”

    Yoidel comforted Histeron, who was raging on the swing for nothing.

    When I looked at the net, I could see the inside of the shell as if it was about to break, and there was a bare stretched part.

    It's best not to ride something like that. It was just right that if I hit it with force, it would fly off on a swing.

    “… … for a moment."

    "What's going on, Dell?"

    “No, nothing.”

    “You look tired. How about taking a break so that you don't overwork it?"

    Yoidel looked over the forest with a thought that crossed her head.

    The spring is not inside the temple building. over there

    But it was too much to check by himself. I have to speak to the Holy Father, but he… … .

    'If you tell me, you're not the one who won't listen. But it's not the situation to talk about. How do you talk?'


    Then, suddenly, Yoidel's body came to mind.

    “Whis? What are you doing?”

    “You look sick. We'll have to stay here for a few days anyway, so we'll have a room assigned to us. Go in and get some rest, Dell.”

    When Yoidel entered the temple while holding her like that, the priest of Eltasha called his superior with a troubled face.

    “Ah, the priests of the Great Shrine. I'm sorry, but we're checking the room you're staying in, so please wait.”

    “You mean you didn’t prepare in advance to receive guests from Eltasha?”

    Husteron's expression became rarely harsh.

    “What’s going on?”

    Just when the quarrel was about to happen, Bishop Lerlta and Ulysses appeared after the conversation.

    “Bishop Relta… … That is… … .”

    Eltasha's priest whispered in Lerlta's ear with a troubled face. he clicked his tongue

    “It is disappointing that the restoration of the room has not been done yet.”

    LeRta looked at Ulysses cautiously.

    “Are you saying that there is not enough room?”

    “I’m sorry, His Majesty. A part of the building was damaged by a mountain storm a while ago and was restored, but it is said that it is difficult for all priests and knights to stay because the wallpaper has not dried yet.”

    LeRta stared at Ulysses as if embarrassed.

    “So it is difficult for each individual to share a room, and it seems like we have to combine the rooms… … .”

    The bishop pulled the horse and counted the number of people.

    “The guests are all men, so it seems like two or three people can share the same room.”

    At that moment, Ulysses's complexion turned cold.

    The camp of the temple people was a frequent occurrence during training or business trips. But this time there is a woman.

    “Since we are the escort of Priest Yoidel, the three of us will share the same room, His Holiness.”

    "That's right. Please allow me to follow orders as an escort.”

    It was the same with Hysteron and Laios that became urgent.

    Never let Yoidel share the same room with the others.

    If you'd rather share the same room with them, you can stay up all night with open eyes or go out with an excuse to train, but Yoidel can't.

    “I said that Eltasha’s servants were not enough, Priest Relta.”

    Then Ulysses said with a calm smile.

    “Ah, yes… … Unfortunately, however, if you wish, we will rescue you right away so that you do not have any inconvenience.”

    “Rethinking, it would be better to have someone close to you rather than an outside servant.”

    “Are you speaking among the priests?”

    “Everyone doesn’t mind their hard work, but you can’t use a single room alone.”

    Ulysses gave a quiet remark to the assistant priest.

    After receiving the words again, Leta nodded, saying “Ah”.

    “I will prepare.”


    'I can't sleep.'

    Yoidel hugged her pillow and blinked her eyes.

    Thank you for saving me the trouble of sharing a room with the men.

    But how did this happen? It's the same room as Sungha.

    Big and spacious room. two beds.

    Yoidel pulled the bed north and placed it on the edge of the room. It was placed as far away from Ulysses' bed as possible.

    'Tomorrow, you must go to the spring in the forest, so be careful not to build up fatigue on your body. That's all.'

    Ulysses spoke coldly and left the room to go to the public bath.

    'Maybe it's an opportunity. Are you able to tell the Holy Father about jewels? Since it's the same room, you won't leave just because you don't want to hear it.'

    If it's his personality, he could really go away, but let's not assume the worst for now.

    “First, I need to wash my face.”

    I've been riding the carriage for a long time and I feel uncomfortable. Yoidel cautiously stepped out of the door.

    The hallways of the Temple of Eltasha were dark.

    There was a bathroom connected to the room, but it was inconvenient for nothing. Yoidel lit up the light with the Kryon mineral and carefully descended downstairs.


    Somehow, a gentle wind blew.

    ride on

    Then I heard footsteps. Of course it wasn't her own pace.

    'People are awake. But at this hour?'

    Awarded. As I listened closely, I heard a voice from below.

    "how… … It’s a bunch.”

    “Responsibility… … .”

    What is this sound?
    A voice could be heard from beneath that small, gloomy space under the stairs.

    Yoidel used stealth magic to hide her presence.


    "Anyway… … Since the Holy Spirit has come, it's not a normal thing. It should have been prepared, but it's not easy to find a replacement gem. Who would have known that it would break apart after holding on like that?”

    “The bishop is also really, what happened in the past, so he was just trying to endure… … .”

    They were the people of Eltasha.

    They licked their tongues and sighed deeply.

    'Hold on? What were you trying to hold on to?'

    Joidel came closer and pricked up her ears. He was definitely talking about holy water.

    “Isn’t it amazing what you’ve endured so far?”

    “Hey, it wasn’t strange even if it broke earlier. Only when the Holy Spirit comes, I restore it with all my might... … . I knew this four months would come one day.”

    “Who was responsible for the theft?”

    “I told him to do it with an outside village or unknown people, but I am worried that the Holy Spirit will not know. And isn't that deceiving His Holiness? No matter how much we say it is for the Bishop, I don’t know if this is okay.”

    "I'm sure I'll get caught someday, so maybe it's better to just tell him right now... … .”

    At the words of one priest, the other priest stopped him.

    “Then the bishop is the least executed! Are you going to leave it like that?”

    “Of course, the bishop is important, but we are priests of the Holy Kingdom. Isn’t it something you can do to think that that comes first?”

    “It is, but… … .”

    Even among the priests of Eltasha, they seemed to disagree.

    “Stop it. Whether the bishop did it or not, it's Eltasha's job. We will all be punished. We didn't do anything in the past, did we?"

    Yoidel shut her mouth at their words.

    Eltasha was a remote area where it was difficult to even find a location, let alone intrusion from the outside.

    A place where the path changes from time to time even if you try to find it by magic.

    A strong barrier that the Holy Ghost had struck directly protected the forest and the whole of Eltasha.

    'Even jewels have durability. It can break when hit.'

    I looked at the swing earlier and thought. No matter how strong a thing is, it can break over time.

    The fact that even special gems can break because they are minerals.

    “To tell you, people in the past should have done it. It has to be an outside act. I can't let the bishop be sacked."

    Yoidel shut her mouth at the reaction that was not wrong as expected.

    'I did too!'

    It wasn't theft, it was their mismanagement.

    But even if it is durable, it is a jewel that makes holy water. No matter how long the impact, it cannot be easily broken. Why?

    right at that moment.

    thump. Tingle-

    Badges fell from Yoidel's body.

    “Who is there!”

    “What’s going on?”

    “I heard something falling from the stairs.”

    “No, what… … !”

    'You caught it!'

    Then they noticed the suspicious look and looked left and right.

    “Who is it?”

    “What did we just say? Did you not hear the conversation?”

    “I said a little, but… … .”

    They hurriedly moved towards her.

    Yoidel also ran in the other direction right away, but it was difficult to get out of the way because of the darkness.

    Besides, it's too dark here. Where are you? why is it so cumbersome can't see ahead

    “Ugh… … .”

    A heavy pressure pounded my heart like the day I was locked in the gym.

    Joidel barely managed to walk and enter the place where he could see the light.

    “Ahaha, so then… … .”

    Aww! Why is this a large public bath?

    In fact, I came into this place by mistake. Yoydel bowed his head and turned around.

    But the vapor was so full that she couldn't see an inch ahead, and she stuttered as if she was about to collapse.

    I'm out of breath, so dizzy. where to go... … .


    At that moment, Yoidel's back was pulled inward.

    A warm and wide embrace that embraces the body.

    'His Holiness?'

    Ulysses lowered her gaze and put her hand to his lips with a hissing.

    When I look up, I see strong blue eyes. His hair was also wet with water.

    'He said he went to the public bath too.'

    The silver hair sank calmly, and the color became even deeper. Yoidel stared at his face involuntarily.

    It was the first time I had seen Sungha's cheeks red.

    It felt soft and nice, as if it had just been washed.

    It was an unfamiliar face with a natural complexion due to the heat.

    It was so close that Yoidel's tiny heart raced.

    The large communal bath was full of steam and smoke.

    The humid air choked on inhalation and quickly cooled. like a saint.

    It was comfortable, but on the other hand, I was tired, and the air outside the bath was cold, and I was thirsty in the gap.

    There was a separate public bath for the VIPs.

    Right next to the general public bath.

    'Would you like to check this far?'

    Probably not. But if we go out now, we'll meet in the general public bath right next door.

    - I'm sorry, Sungha.

    It was fortunate that it didn't come in while I was washing. He looked down at Yoidel's apple.


    The eyes that looked at him indifferently were still unmoving.

    But it was a strange feeling that his eyes met when he looked down and looked up.

    - What was the reason you were looking for me as if you were being chased?

    I didn't come here looking for him, but because I was running away.

    I didn't mean to ask him to hide it, but would I have misunderstood that it was causing trouble?

    -no. I wasn't trying to find the Holy Father, I was trying to wash my face.

    -There must be a bathroom in the room.

    -that… … I was a little concerned about it so I didn't write it. It was originally the castle's room.

    -It is also where you stay. There is no reason for you to ask me for permission, and no reason to hesitate at your convenience.

    Ulysses's eyes frowned slightly.

    -I'm afraid the Holy Spirit might come... … .

    ―It looks the other way around now. Are you looking for me or you?

    Upon recognizing a nearby body, Yoidel's face became red.

    -That, that, that's not it!

    ―I'm just leaving your seat vacant for fear of making you uncomfortable. Knowing that you are a woman is no reason to be particularly rude.

    Somehow, it felt like his arms were getting stronger. Come to think of it, yes, the conversation in my heart is still maintained.

    I thought that trust could not be broken now.

    ―I just wanted you to rest without me.

    Ulysses roughly wiped away her wet silver hair. Tight muscles were exposed due to the light clothing.

    Yoidel rolled her eyes to the side, not knowing where to put her eyes.

    ―Isn't it Yoidel-sama who makes me feel uncomfortable?

    ―No, that’s not what makes it uncomfortable. Now, that, a little… … .


    Ulysses hid Yoidel behind her back.

    “Sir, excuse me late at night, but have you not witnessed a suspicious person here?”

    They were the priests of Eltasha who were looking for Yoidel. I can tell just by hearing your voice.

    They were not allowed to enter this place, so only their voices could be heard from the doorway.

    “I, my lord… … .”


    As they set off, Ulysses calmly sanctioned them. Those who were about to appear through the door hurriedly retreated.

    “I’ve never been so happy for you to come here.”

    “Sorry, I’m sorry. Good luck! We are only concerned about the safety of His Holiness... … .”

    “I didn’t ask why.”


    The priests of Eltasha trembled at the first cold they encountered. His voice alone felt the wrath of the Holy Ghost.

    "You guys are enough for Eltasha's rude intrusions without permission, so please stop."

    "yes! Thank you, Holy Father!”


    They fell behind their backs and ran away.

    “Now you are next.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry. Come on—”

    “I don’t mean that.”

    He caught Joidel.

    “Why did you come all the way to avoid them?”

    “Sir, I have something to tell you.”

    I was sure If it's now, I'll listen to you properly without kicking you out.

    Yoidel faced him head-on and jumped.

    “The priests of Eltasha are suspicious. The jewel may not really be lost.”

    I could hear my heart pounding through my arms. Looking up carefully, Ulysses could not help but look as indifferent as usual.

    Why is my heartbeat so loud? Yoidel tilted her head at the question.

    “Sir, the jewel is—”

    The moment she tilted her head, her eyes met with Ulysses. It was a breath-taking distance.

    "Ah oh… … We're so close... … .”

    “… … .”

    “Will it float or fall?”

    Yoidel asked in a trembling voice, but Ulysses did not answer.

    The moment he got up, thinking it was an unspoken permission, power entered his hand that supported his back.

    "His Holiness?"

    However, as if it was a momentary illusion, he immediately raised Yoidel right away.

    “Oh, right. His Holiness, according to the priests of Eltasha, it was not theft.”

    He was not surprised. As if you had already guessed.

    “Can you tell me what conversation you had with the bishop earlier?”

    “It was nothing special. However, Leleta’s words kept changing.”

    “Are you lying?”

    “The barrier had no sign of being broken, and if it was that powerful, it should have affected me too.”

    “Is there any chance that the jewel is damaged?”

    Ulysses paused with a slightly startled face. also seems to be

    “I know that jewelry is also durable. A special gem would be much more durable, but that doesn't mean it's not unbreakable."

    Joidel persuaded him.

    “Sungha, holy water is made in the fountain of purification, isn’t it? Eltasha's higher priests take turns protecting it. Why did you take turns keeping it? It would have been safer to limit the number of people watching the jewel to one or two.”

    Let's say it's been a while since the cracks in the gem. But holy water has been well produced so far.

    'It might be possible if the priests gathered their strength and maintained the cracks in the gem to the limit.'

    But Eltasha's priests were not villains. Rather, they are loyal to the kingdom. The one they considered more important was probably Bishop Leleta. He is the leader of Eltasha, which is closed due to the nature of the terrain.

    “Sir, please don’t push them and listen to their story once.”

    “Stopping the production of holy water is a big problem.”

    “We also have some great gems, don’t we?”

    Ulysses looked away for a moment and thought. And he suddenly remembered.

    “It is a gift you have been given.”

    "But it's so powerful that you don't need the other two gems."

    Yoidel chuckled.

    The jewel given by the gods, it was there.
    Yoidel looked at the sleeping Ulysses on the back.

    'You are sleeping well.'

    At first glance, I think I heard that I don't sleep that well. It was he who stayed up all night with open eyes now.

    Normally I would have had a good night's sleep, but I couldn't sleep until the sun was almost bright.

    'I'm sleepy, but I can't sleep because I'm in the same room with Sungha. Is it because you're nervous?!'

    It's not the first time he's been alone with him, but the situation and relationship were different from that time.

    Even though the beds were far away, being in the same space was a bit of a concern.

    Yoidel looked at his broad back for a while, while repeatedly thinking about putting on the blanket up to the top of his head and then lowering it.

    On the other hand, there was also a strangely reassuring feeling just by the presence of other people.

    I've always slept alone, but that's what it's like to have someone's warmth. I'm glad you slept well too.

    Feeling somewhat embarrassed, he pulled the blanket up to his eyes.

    'I have to go to the fountain of purification tomorrow, so I need to sleep early, ha ha. Come to think of it, why do I feel like I've seen Bishop Relta somewhere?'

    those brown eyes.

    It's a common sight, but somehow I'm used to it.

    'If you have brown eyes, Lana is brown, Marcelina-sama has brown hair, and... … Mr. Asureo! That's right, he had brown eyes too.'

    Judging by the appearance of Asureo, he was probably of mixed race with an extraterrestrial race. Extraterrestrial races are known to be the most numerous in Mediah, but they are not absent from other continents.

    Especially if it's a place that people can't see where they can create their own safe zone.

    'Because Eltasha is a place with thick forests and trees. There's a possibility.'

    If the durability of the gem is broken, it means that there is a chance of cracking.

    That is to say, it was crowded.

    But I don't think I've ever seen any stories of Lerltha being a traitor like Giorbeni... … .

    'Why?! According to the Eltasha priests, it's clear that Bishop Lerlta was doing it. And it's an old thing. Considering that such a gem is not easily broken, it would have survived in the same state for at least twenty or thirty years.'

    Yoidel tilted her head as she folded her fingers.

    'There are very few situations where the crowd will go. It's not affected by nature, and it doesn't break when hit. As long as you don't force yourself... … .'

    That's it.

    It was a bigger shock to the jewels that had already been grouped.

    'Then there is a high probability that the time period for collecting holy water has just passed. Perhaps spring or summer. In the fall, I rested enough, and in the winter of the next year, one cycle returns.'

    Why? … .

    Gradually I fell asleep. Yoy Dell blinked her eyes and fell asleep.

    However, there was something Yoidel did not expect.

    'Now I'm asleep.'

    Ulysses couldn't sleep for a second, let alone sleep.

    He let out a deep sigh only after Joidel fell asleep. He could barely turn her around and look at her.

    I was fortunate enough to sleep so deeply. I couldn't help but feel her piercing her own back.

    'I'm not sleeping too well.'

    It's not a complaint, but at times like this, it struck me that the emotions she felt were extremely different from hers.

    He sat leaning against the wall and stared at Yoidel.

    If you sleep on one side like that, isn't it uncomfortable because your cheeks are pressed? I thought he was like a crucian only when he cried, but he was cute like a crucian when he slept.

    Still, he didn't like the innocence he didn't care about. He doesn't even fit into the category of friends he cherishes, and he doesn't trust himself that much.

    why wouldn't you talk Why didn't I know that even the guards would notice?

    Her own stupidity, resentment towards her, a sense of betrayal, and such complex thoughts tormented Ulysses.

    To her, he doesn't even seem like a consideration. The current situation, when it is confirmed that they have no relationship other than the promised one year, has plunged him into hell.

    Still, it was hard to hate.

    Ulysses scanned Yoidel's face and hair with her eyes instead of her hands. Now, I have come to the point of memorizing even where the little dots are.

    Why was your arms so warm earlier? It was even more beautiful to see them face to face in the hazy water mist.

    And even this sleeping figure, I couldn't share it with anyone else.

    It didn't matter if he couldn't sleep for days or days. Yoidel is her own companion of her constraint whether she wants it or not.

    It was much better than the crazy situation where I had to share the same room with other men even though I was in pain.

    'The two escorts knew and went out to share the same room.'

    My head was throbbing, so I pressed my index finger to the forehead.

    Other than that, it must have been a consideration to avoid mixing with others. But in Ulysses' eyes, that was just annoying.

    Like a crazy person, my emotions were fluctuating and frustrating several times a day.

    What annoys me the most is that these men are special 'friends' to Yoidel.

    And it was that she lived in the same dormitory. That too, 24 hours a day.

    The fact that he was the one who made it all drove him crazy.

    It was he who made the escort to stay together all day.

    Now there is no justification for withdrawing the order. And their skills are well known. It is absolutely necessary for Yoidel's safety.

    “… … shit."

    It was all the pain he caused himself.


    Deep in the forest, a fountain of purification.

    It is a forest full of grass and trees, so there is no water in sight. When one of the branches was removed, the jewels embedded in the rock were visible.

    One is empty right now, but if I fill it in, it's perfect.

    “I didn’t know that the jewels of the divine beast would be consumed here.”

    “Me too, Sungha.”

    This is the one I was given as a gift to the gods the other day.



    When the jewel of the divine beast entered the rock wall, a blue light appeared, enveloped the entire forest and faded away.

    The stopped holy water started to flow down the wall like a lie. The dried spring was filled like a lake.

    “It’s a miracle… … .”

    Priest Leleta muttered as if in wonder.

    All of Eltasha's priests were captured, and both hands were bound.

    Based on what they had heard, after an early morning interrogation, they confessed that the theft was not true. The point was clear and there was no way to escape.

    “I have nothing to say thank you, I dare not say… … .”

    Leta smiled relievedly, then immediately lowered her head to the point of touching the ground.

    “Why did you hide it until you reached the present situation, Bishop?”

    "that… … .”

    “I am here to Xiamen because I am well acquainted with the merits of serving as the bishop of Eltasha.”

    “Answer your Holy Spirit’s Xiamen, Bishop of Eltasha.”

    The knights who suppressed the Eltasha priests fiercely rebuked them.

    There was no mercy in Ulysses' gaze. He hates lies, and since he hid the damage to holy water for a long time, it will be difficult for him to receive a light sentence.

    'There are more things for Sung-ha to be concerned about. Who else should I choose as the bishop of Eltasha?!'

    The reason why Eltasha's priests tried to cover up Lerlta's mistake was largely due to the geographical characteristics of its location in the forest. The spiritual distance between the bishop and the bishop was closer than before.

    In the meantime, Leleta led Eltasha without any problems. However, this was not something to be overlooked.

    Yoidel looked into Lerlta's brown eyes and tilted her head.

    This face is also familiar.


    Joidel bit the people and moved forward. He had something he wanted to ask him.

    “Bishop, do you have any relatives in the capital?”

    “No, not really, but… … .”

    Even considering his divine power, he looked old. Unless you are a relative.

    “Then do you have any children?”

    “There is, but… … What is your question?”

    When the story of his child came out, Leta was extremely wary.

    I remember who I looked like. these brown eyes. The other things were similar, but the gentle eyes were the same.

    “Is your name Ashreo by any chance?”

    “Do you know my son?”

    Leleta's eyes widened in surprise.

    “I heard that Ashreo-san was a divine beast manager from my previous generation.”

    “It was. As a child with a lot of interest in academics, I did a lot of research on this and that. But no one will remember until now... … how… … .”

    Although he was wary, he could not hide his welcoming look.

    Yoidel did not miss an opportunity.

    “I met Ashleo-san by chance. I was deeply moved by the material you left, so I wanted to meet you once. So I heard a lot of stories.”

    And he took out the letters he occasionally exchanged with Ashreo from the magic bag and showed them to him.

    If Michele's past had anything to do with him, perhaps this case would be similar.

    Michele and Lerlta had one thing in common: Asureo. I had to stimulate Lelata more.

    Relta's eyes fluttered wildly.

    “You really know my child.”

    When I was taking a class with Marcelina, I once asked about Asureo's disease and symptoms.

    She is not a medical priest, so I don't know, but she replied that it was a genetic disease that is common among the beast people living in the mountains and forests.

    “As a tribe living in the wild, there must have been a genetic disease caused by indiscriminate consumption of toxic food. On the tongue.”

    “… … My wife was the first to become a star with the same disease.”

    It hurt my heart to see the eyes full of longing.

    It seemed to be a disease that was difficult to save even as a priest. Yoidel looked at Ulysses for a moment.

    “I couldn’t tell the temperature of the food, and my tongue was hardened and my pronunciation was slurred.”

    “Well, how… … !”

    “Sorry to startle you. But Ashreo is well.”

    “I, really?!”

    “The Holy Spirit healed me, so now we are exchanging letters. In a cozy place… … Have fun.”

    “It’s okay if you don’t tell me the whereabouts of the child. You didn't even tell me, so you don't deserve to be heard."

    After realizing that he was deliberately ignoring it, LeRta smiled faintly. She was a smile that really understood her opponent.

    “I didn’t even know I was sick, and I don’t have the qualifications as a father. Thank you, Holy. Priest.”

    His voice became wet.

    LeRta put her fists on her forehead and bowed her head. After praying solemnly, he slowly raised his head.

    “It must have been about 20 years ago.”
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    She still had troubled eyebrows, but she was clearly smiling.

    "I can't help it. The high-level disposition is the authority held only by the Holy Father, so I have no choice but to close my eyes."

    "So, you're not going to kick him out right now?”

    "But Miss Yoidel, you have to tell me what you have in mind. I can't acquiesce."

    Yoidel nodded cautiously.

    Based on his memories, Yoidel explained why he dressed as a man. That he lived on behalf of his twin brother who died.

    It was an indirect process, but I could only guess how Yoidel had lived.

    Marcelina's expression, who was listening to the words, gradually became harsh.

    She covered her mouth and sighed.

    "That's why you really wanted to see the festival. I see, why did Miss Yoidel do that?"

    She has seen a lot of people in her long career as a new bride. Among them, parental abuse was the worst.

    It gradually improved, but I could see the reason for the timid appearance that I sometimes saw.

    But then, a question crossed Marcelina's mind.

    There's no way that the Holy Father doesn't know what I know. No? You don't know much about women's pain, so you might not notice it even if you look sick. That's true, but...….’

    Marcelina's mind was busy running.

    He did spend a lot of time, even though it was because of work.’

    She could say she had seen Ulysses for a long time in her own way. It was barely noticeable, but it was fully visible that Ulysses had confidence in Yoidel.

    I also knew that there weren't many people like that so far.

    '...Wait, isn't it similar to when you feel the energy of your companion?’

    Marcelina agonized furiously. In this case, let's ask them directly.

    "Did the Holy Father know that Miss Yoidel is a woman?"

    "Don't you know...….”

    "What's going on?"


    "Oh, nothing."

    That means Ms. Yoidel is not a companion.

    Do you mean there's a separate companion and a separate boy who keeps them close? No, it doesn't make sense.….

    It was the most difficult problem in Marcelina's life.

    "Yoidel, do you like your Holiness?"

    "Well…… yes."

    Yoidel simply replied.

    Regarding him, the owner of Daeshinjeon, he said, "It's different from being good, but I admire and respect him." And I think he's the best of the weirdest people." I couldn't answer that.

    But Marcelina's expression got worse.

    "I see..."

    If Miss Yoidel is not the Holy Father's companion, the feelings of admiration can deepen later and the young heart can be greatly hurt.

    Marcelina shook her head. I can't shade this cute, lovely, adorable look.

    "It will be known later that Seong-ha has a companion." Before that, I'll have to make Miss Yoidel a better match than Holy Father.’

    Marcelina hugged Joel's body tightly. Patting it preciously like handling a baby kangaroo.

    However, I was still confused in my head.

    Who in the world is the veiled anti-piracy?

    I think Hail knows who her companion is. It's hard to guess because he never opens his mouth.’

    At one point, when Ha Il's symptoms of urging marriage worsened, I asked him. "Did you find out who your partner is?"

    Then Hail screamed and shouted.

    "As a Daewon-ro, is that a job to pry?" I never! I never know! Don't ask me!’

    What a fuss.

    Marcelina sighed and hugged Yoidel further. Without knowing that I put too much effort into it.

    "Wow, Marcelina, I'm suffocating!"

    "Ah, I'm sorry, Miss Yoidel. "I've gained strength without realizing it."

    Marcelina grabbed Yoidel's cheeks with a relatively grim face.

    "Did you say you wanted to go to the festival, Miss Yoidel?"

    "It's okay now. I'm not in a situation to go. You can go next time."

    "Miss Yoidel, you can't fix your ring now anyway. You know, right? Let's do what we can each do."

    Marcelina peered at the silver ring.

    "It's worth the research. If Ms. Yoidel is okay, I'll try to fix it quickly from now on. I'm interested, too."

    "Mr. Marcelina!"

    "So, Miss Yoidel, consider the crisis an opportunity and enjoy today. And there's a wonderful relationship...… Kellock, not that. Oh, by the way, I'll study this by myself."

    "But I'm so sorry."

    "Actually, Miss Yoidel has nothing to support. It's much faster to fix it by yourself. Or I can find a magic ring in disguise among the magic rings I have.”

    At that, Yoidel was forced to accept.

    "It's a long-awaited festival. I'll do this as an adult rather than Ms. Yoidel. I'm good at it. Believe me."

    "But I might get caught by someone else. So I don't want to go out."

    Marcelina glanced at Yoidel, who was hesitating, and her eyes shone.

    Her eyes sparkled with the same madness as when she was doing her research.

    "I have a way."


    "Did you just dream about me?"

    Whisteron muttered with a stunned face.

    Lyos was quietly startled with shock and had no power to spit words out of his mouth. He has hardened like a stone.

    The two guards sat on a tall tree looking toward Yoidel's room.

    Various remedies and foods in their hands fell down the tree.

    "Wow, Dell is a woman. Oh, my God! I'm going crazy!"

    Whisteron muttered madly.

    "I didn't know that I was the quickest person in the world. "Why? Did you know?"


    "I'm out of my mind. Yeah, me too, but you--"

    The two had no intention of leaving Yoidel from the beginning.

    I'm back with medicine, medicine, food. What's this?

    I waited to go in when Marcelina went back, but I couldn't do anything because of the shock.

    "I didn't expect to overhear such a secret.”

    The two removed the auditory amplification horse tool from their ears.

    Although Yoidel's skeleton was noticeably small, I thought it was an individual difference. But that's not it?

    "I'm shocked."

    Whisteron rubbed his heart as if he were seriously ill.

    "Why do I feel betrayed? My heart hurts. Am I sick? What's wrong? Rios, you should say something, too."

    Even Laos' lips, which had always been neat, opened blankly, and his pupils grew as if he had been shocked.

    I would normally make fun of him, but this time I understood Whisteron.

    Whisteron shook his head with a sickening sound.

    "How far do I have to report to Holy Father? I can't guess”

    The bundle of paper he took out of the subspace was all about Yoidel, who was ordered to investigate not long ago.

    More precisely, about the Yobojilde family.

    The Duke of Yobo Hill. the founding family of the British Empire and the blood of the sorcerers There is one child under the present duke.'

    The purple eyes slowly went down.

    Hypothesis classified separately because it is not confirmed from here. However, the Holy Father asked me to know 'everything'.

    Originally, it was a document that should have been placed on his desk without skipping this part.

    There is a rumor that twins were born more than a decade ago. According to the investigation, there is a record of the nanny being kicked out more than a decade ago. Nurse, whereabouts are currently unknown

    There is certainly a suspicious part of the situation. Whisteron knew that, too.

    Previously, it was considered a common rumor following the aristocracy, but now that I know the gender of Yoidel, it was different.

    I knew by intuition.

    It's not just a rumor, it's related to Yoidel.

    "I'm in trouble."

    He rolled up the pile of papers and tapped me on the forehead. The purple eyes facing upward were full of difficulties.

    "I don't think even Seong-ha knows this secret of Dell. You left us with the investigation. How about you?"

    Lyos gradually came to his senses and nodded as if to agree with him.

    "If the Holy Father knew, there is no reason to hide the priest as a companion."


    "The greatest sacred power, divine power, and the fact that he is from Bridal are at stake, but the Holy State embraces everyone. It is no secret that the Holy Father is reluctant to marry. The bottom line is."

    Your Holiness doesn't know.

    The two spoke at the same time and soon became silent.

    Yoidel, who already had a companion relationship, excellent ability, and gender, was a good match to temporarily prevent the elderly from urging their descendants.

    He would've been quiet since Hai was the nagiest. Hail probably wouldn't let Yoidel step on the ground.


    Because he was so happy about the event that he went crazy that he would have loved Yoidel on his shoulders.

    However, Seonghwang did not announce this fact.
    "Then if you don't know that Dell is a woman, or if you know it, it's not a partnership you agreed to."

    They knew before that they were in a companion relationship. Which side of the hypothesis should be used?

    Seonghwang tried not to show, but it was seen in Whisteron's keen eyes.

    His subtle special treatment of Yoidel.

    He personally cast a healing spell on Yoidel, who fell asleep after the incident of the training ground. over and over again

    It's not like being fair to everyone. In the first place, there was no one who could get that much healing from him. Even an elder would not be able to be directly cared for directly.

    Then the two knew. There was no such thing as a masquerade in the smokehouse from the beginning.

    The two deeply regretted not protecting Yoidel, but on the other hand, they were relieved that Yoidel had a large ally.

    "As expected, the one who doesn't know the gender is right. So your taste is a real man? Or doesn't it matter No, then it's weird that Yoidel doesn't reveal the truth.”

    I sighed because I couldn't reach a conclusion.

    "What should I do? Report or not? Our owner is Yoidel, but this is too secretive."

    Whisteron looked at the pile of papers and sighed. You have to make a decision.

    Whether to report the true gender of Yoidel to the Holy Father or not.

    "Dell, the secret we don't know has to end here. All right? I can't handle it if I have more."

    He muttered as he watched the robeed woman go out of the palace.


    the first day of a festival


    St. Cielo's Grand Square in the capital of Sungguk was packed with colorful heads, making it difficult to find the usual glossy landscape.

    Tourists and outside crowds from all over the province flocked to one place, and people filled the small alleys of the Great Square and the rooftops of buildings lower than the bell tower.

    On days like this, there were some smart people who booked a restaurant in the plaza and watched it safely from the window seat.

    There were a lot of people and a loud cry of emotion.

    "Your Holiness!"

    "Such a success."

    Several voices were mixed, but it was clear that it was a cheer for Ulysses.

    He appeared under the huge bell tower in the middle of the square, and appeared at the site of an external meeting with stairs huge enough to occupy the center of the large square.

    He responded by raising his hand to the thunderous familiar cheers.

    Ulysses gave direct rewards to non-first-place contestants to pay tribute to the hunting competition

    It's a time when everyone who climbed to the huge external site was grateful for the award and bowed to Seonghwang.

    Instead, the servants in the temple looked at the figure with pride. But Ulysses' thoughts were different.

    Handkerchiefs with embroidery on the swords or clothes of the hunting contestants.

    'That useless little piece of cloth, it's annoying to see.’
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