Spoiler If you save an immoral beast (r15)

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    If you save an immoral beast
    KR Title: 배덕한 짐승을 구원해버리면
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    Countess' maid, Asha, dreams of earning money for her sick mother's medicine and opening a small veterinary hospital.

    One day, when she was living her normal life, Asha was appointed by the maid and went on an errand.
    So I go to the darkest and most bizarre street of the Arte Empire called 'Night Butterfly'... … .

    "go away. Don’t touch it.”

    There, he met a very beautiful slave, Lee.

    “I, I… … . I will definitely treat you. It will be painful and painful, but please be patient. I will make sure you get better.”

    Asha wants to heal Lii who is struggling with her wounds and
    let him go , now healthy.

    “It was you who saved me. My salvation and my master, my Asha.”

    He seemed to have decided to join Asha's side.
    Seeing him smiling strangely, Asha realized.
    ruined. This is completely ruined.

    Clearly, that seductive smile had already predicted that he could not escape.
    I think this is an upcoming manhwa:aww:
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    Pure MTL Here
    Little boys and girls gathered in an enclosed space with a musty, stinky smell and no light coming in.


    Children trapped in a small space flinched at the sound of the sound. The children trembled in fear without knowing English.

    Amidst the suffocating horror, the boy with exceptionally white skin and bright blonde hair clenched his lips and shed tears.

    Apparently, until a few days ago, the boy was living alone with his mother in the mountains without anyone knowing.

    The two of them lived a quiet life by wandering the mountains, digging up precious tree roots, trimming the roots, and selling them at the market. But one day, a sudden misfortune struck them.

    A fire broke out in an instant and engulfed the house. Hat, who had nowhere to turn to, was unlucky and caught by a slave trader while seeking help.

    The boy's mother, while being dragged along with the boy, was killed by a blunt weapon accidentally wielded by a mercenary. The boy who witnessed the scene was stunned and passed out. It was the beginning of all misfortunes.


    Another sound rang and the door opened.

    The children, startled by the sudden bright light, tried to run away to the corner. From those who wandered around the room, the children instinctively felt fear and crouched down as much as possible.

    The slave trader frowned for a moment at the disgusting smell in the room, but then he didn't mind and looked at the children with hawk eyes.

    "Hey, you're the biggest one out there! Follow me.”

    The tallest of the children, the bright blonde boy, with his fine lines, widened his eyes and was terrified. The slave trader dragged the boy out.

    He was in an unbelievable situation.

    The blonde boy burst into tears in the reality that he had no place to lean on. It was a misfortune that was too difficult for a young child to bear. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that it was hard to breathe, and tears flowed endlessly.

    Before he could recover from the shock of losing his mother, the boy followed his slave dealer to another room.

    The boy was brought back to another room after his mouth was washed by the old woman's hands and changed into clean clothes.

    The boy frowned at the strong scent of perfume he felt as soon as he opened the door.

    On one side of the room was a large bed and a canopy lined with thin silk, and on the floor was a carpet made of monster hair.

    “Um, I’ll leave it alone.”

    At the best view of the room, the slave trader and the lady in the mask were having a conversation. The boy couldn't even imagine what was going to happen, and he just stood there stiff.

    The lady put several embellishments on his red hair, and puffed up the dress, but the overall look was not luxurious and elegant, but vulgar and distracting.

    The boy flinched at the eerie gaze that she showed through her mask.

    He turned his head to avoid his gaze, but the lady's sharp eyes watched the boy's body from head to toe. The boy grew goosebumps as he felt like bugs were crawling all over his body.

    “Is it possible, ma’am? Call us anytime if you need anything. Then I will go away.”

    Pierre, a bear-sized, beak-eyed slave trader, flashed his eyes and fluttered his tongue.

    Seeing what the picky lady likes will make the slave boy thick his pockets.

    Pierre's expectations gradually became a reality. Everyone was fascinated by the boy. Pierre recognized the boy's worth and began to make the most of him.

    The boy's time passed quickly.

    The boy who was disgusted with everything became an adult. He no longer sat on his stomach after work, but instead gave them the sweetest, most seductive smile in the world.

    Days turned into months, months turned into years, and the boy started making plans. He plans to use the guests to escape from here.

    "really… … , you are always beautiful.”

    “You are overjoyed, my lord.”

    The now-adulted man naturally folded his eyes into a half-moon. The woman looked at him as if following him.

    He knelt before her and looked at her as if she were her most precious treasure. The woman who watched him wet her lips.

    The woman who had been stroking the man with the bright yellow chick-colored hair lifted the man's face and met his and her eyes.

    His appearance was always mesmerizing just looking at it. It wasn't just the ecstasy that came from his pretty appearance.

    Anyone with a decadent face and a slightly drooping, white-eyed gaze will be swept away by temptation. And when he is enchanted by his clear, jewel-like purple eyes, no one can escape.

    The woman intoxicated with his gaze slowly moved her gaze to look at his ivory skin and red lips.

    He makes me want to leave this room forever.

    "ha… … . Can't I own you?"

    Her desire to spend more of her time with him was eroding her.

    Not only her, but her and all her guests who met him felt possessive like her.

    The man spoke like a person who treats the most precious thing in the world.

    “You are my only light and salvation, the only love I can feel in this hell. I just want you to find me.”

    Moved by his sweet voice, the woman trembled.

    But the man's eyes were cold, unlike his sweet words.

    The man who read her desire smiled inside without anyone knowing. It was easy for him to deal with customers who wanted him. He just smiled moderately and said what he wanted.

    The woman, however, was of noble origin. If she had enough money and power to come to her periodically, she was of some use.

    “I don’t want to go back to the days when I didn’t know you. I feel like I don’t need it all.”

    “So do I. I don't want to deal with other people anymore. I just want you to be my master.”

    People who struggled with the temptation of a man and wanted him. The man smiled at their expectations and whispered his sweet words.

    The people who fell for him tried to take him out again and again. There was also an attempt to buy a mercenary and let him escape. There were also plans to officially buy him or something.

    Of course, there was no way Pierre would lose the man.

    Slaves are property, not humans.

    Those who tried to take other people's property were ultimately punished by the law. Men were also punished and tortured.

    They can no longer meet men. In Pierre's blockade, the man again spent several days and months.

    The man gradually lost his vitality and became dry.

    The man locked in the room died day by day. Both his body and his soul were exhausted.

    “Is this kid not eating again? Do you know how much money you have left to feed your bastard? Everyone is anxious about what a bastard like a half penny likes.”

    It's so good that everyone doesn't like it."

    When the man in the cell refused to eat again, the servant got angry and provoked him.

    In fact, it was close to dog food mixed with leftover rice, but if you didn't eat even that, you would die of starvation. So the servant forcibly opened his mouth and poured dog food.

    “Giggle, what’s good about this nonsense half-poon?”

    At the servant's ridicule, the man turned over the food that had been forcibly flowing, and then turned to his side.

    He meant that he didn't want to hear any more sarcasm or noise. However, the servant touched the man without knowing the extent.

    “Come to think of it, did your mother look just like you back in the day? It's a shame. Either the ignorant mercenary who killed it, or the owner who passed it over, you bastard.”

    It was when the servant who had climbed without knowing how to put down his bowl and left the room.

    The man got up from the bed and slowly walked towards the servant. He stared at the servant with an expressionless expression on his face.