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    ikr?! I was looking forward to seeing that but oh well, she's still the coolest *gasp* *screams*

    you guys are amazing! @dumbass_jutsu420 @Gothita thankyou for the spoilers! ^^
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    I tried translating after finding a way to purpose on kakao but the it's a bit hard to follow, I assume the current arc is 72 onwards?
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    Well while I figure it out I'll post a slightly corrected chapter 73

    “Anyway, the master is going to the state.

    If you miss it, that day is the end of the day.

    Anywhere the mamma tells me

    It was sold and I got my feet in every corner of this house.

    I can't put it on... damn!"

    Soye hit hard on the water

    Water splashed on the bat.

    "I'll be patient as long as I can,

    Don't touch our master."

    A bloody voice I hear for the first time, and glaring eyes.

    Hong-joo is startled, and then a little

    I was even more upset at the fact that I was scared of the girl.

    "What do you stare at me like that? What are you going to do? to reach the person concerned and go; hey, look yes sir

    I put one finger on my body, the limb of

    Because I can’t.”

    "Ok? try it for real

    "Wanna see?”

    “What kind of test is the test!” Soye's voice asked.

    When I thought it was strange, Soye took place he got up and shook her hand.

    “I’m going to raise a hand for you.

    whether you can or not."

    "What? you? you hate me now

    Words… ”

    “I roll in the street just like you said

    There is nothing I haven't done since I'm a glutton

    But... … . The magic that curses people

    I did it often.”

    Soye put her hands together and did something and started muttering.

    “Evil God, omnipotent evil spirit; today, this Jinsoye, raise your flag

    Oh, the woman in front of me here is Hong Joo

    She cursed her... … ..

    It barely reaches Hong-joo's chest.

    Small stature and neatly stacked hands

    Doc, serious Earl without a single smile

    The oysters were quite solemn.

    'It's soye'

    He pronounced it over and over again.

    “This woman is a sacrifice to the gods.

    I'll give it to you, so it'll be fish food

    Please do it.”

    "Are you crazy? Did you turn? what now

    doing... … .”

    Hongjoo stopped.

    Suddenly, the calm valley water gurgled

    Because she started to overflow.

    Ga Hong-ju rushes towards where he is standing

    'What, what? I can't. just

    It's a coincidence. That's what that bitch did

    It's you.'

    Hong-joo thought hard.

    The stem soars high in the sky and bites

    A swarm of flags swirled around like a whirlpool.

    where the vortex ends

    was Hongju.

    She is water wrapped around the stem.

    “Aww! Oh, it's cold! what, a wave! It stings!”

    In a column of water as cold as ice

    A shoal of fish sting her flesh and they started biting and biting.

    It hurt to be sick, but to fish the feeling of biting crab meat is creepy inflicted

    'It was real! It was real!’

    Then the plume of water disappeared. Shirin

    Valley water pouring down to the bottom

    The fish that fell to the floor, flopping the ground.

    Aggressive flapping fish's gills twitched.

    It looked like he wanted to eat it.


    managed to drown and shoal of fish avoiding Hong-ju, breathing heavily

    "Oh right. can't kill that:

    Rum, change the curse on you, would you?”

    Soye muttered quietly.

    If you want to be respectful, be respectful and If you want to talk, you should be half-talking.

    The grotesque rebellion of a little girl

    Dude doesn't make Hongju flutter at all. No, rather it was terrifying.

    “Thunderbolts fall from the sky, the forest

    Beasts on the inside, pests on the ground

    Let the herds chase after you. Every step this woman takes makes it full.”

    At the same time, Kwak Kwak! the sky is dark

    When the lightning strikes were small one of them was at Hong Joo’s feet when reconnected.


    Hong-ju ran away because of the confusion.

    With every step she runs away

    Her thunderbolt slammed and she was all around filled with the eyes of a beast.

    Wings of weeing weing pests in your ears

    A threatening sound resounded.

    “Aww! Hate! Hate! follow me


    She cried with tears and runny nose.

    Quiet the loud screams of Hongju

    echoed in a valley.

    “Heh, let’s get back to the party gate properly.

    can't even be in the maze because I put a method that makes it spin huh?”

    I look at the back of Hong-joo who runs away

    Seeing it, Soye snorted.

    What is lightning, the sky is sunny

    The sun was shining because I couldn’t do it all, and the fish

    The fields have disappeared, and when the waters of the valley

    It flows peacefully as if nothing happened

    Soye's technique is developing day by day.

    * * *

    How much would you squat down?


    She finally finished the last laundry, Jin So-ye whimpered and didn't pick up the basket

    It was time to hear radish in tall and heavy laundry baskets.

    She stumbled again at the crab.

    "Uh huh...?"

    Her arms suddenly became lighter.

    “Give it up.”

    When did Lee Ja-gang Soye appear? I stole the basket from her side.

    Instead, she slipped it into her arms

    She threw a small pocket.

    "What is this?"

    What was in the pocket is a little ointment and bandaged jagang's red eyes

    Glitch, the blood-dried radish of Soye rubbed the knee

    “Come and pick it up.”

    "Where did you get this from? You my

    Do you think I'm stupid like you?"

    She pointed out that Soye was absurd.

    “Oh, then I know that! The egg-sized crab catches only the pods!

    I'll be holding this painting now.”

    “Can’t you bend your knees?"

    "give it to me?”

    Zhao Kang's voice still sounded rough.

    When Soye didn't answer, her self-esteem dropped.

    Lay down like a basket and stop

    danced and the little pockets again

    I took it away and pulled out her ointment.

    one kneeling on one knee and one with his back bent

    The back of the head of the river is a well shaved chestnut, It was round like a toll.

    'They told me I was a bean."

    When Soye suddenly thought, An ointment with a sweet scent

    Put it on top of the dried up wounds

    Even though it seems crude, it touches the wound

    The touch you don't want to lose is quite delicate.

    “This is also the case with Mo Yong-bi.


    Standing in the name of the hostess of the Sichuan Tangmun

    His ill-tempered work that calls out without hesitation

    Tae-eun let out a sigh.

    “Because I have to call you Madam. Because of you, the master is in trouble

    If you cancel, will you be responsible?"

    “I'm not here, what does it matter?

    If they don't have an owner, they'll go to the owner.

    I want to be liberated.”

    It's a protruding word, but I can't

    There was a sense of worth

    Maybe he treats Haewon badly too

    is dissatisfied with the three kings of Mo Yong-bi.

    Seemed big.

    Well, Soye was like that a little while ago

    He even showed off his drinking techniques and mixed up Hongju.

    Didn't you give me

    “He fired at me,

    Did you do that to them too? very

    Yes, politely, yes


    “You, too, are nothing different from me.

    seems to be?”

    Soye looked at her self-esteem.

    Bright red eyes and still a boyhood

    Ah, the youthful face.

    It's not the same as leaving Yunnan Mountain

    a silver face, but a little more than usual

    He looked tired.

    In one day, the mighty Sichuan Party

    He also attacked Lee Ja-gang, who became an uninhabited doorman. three spilled Even after a few years of training, it comes easily.

    Haewon, a prestigious samurai who cannot. Because I brought you here, it's a shame I don't understand because I've been assigned to a high rank There was nothing to do. But more like me The owner seems to love Lee Ja-gang too. You're probably trying to chase me away.' Soye also used the territorial territoriality of Lee Ja-gang Eyes that the breath of the rain is buried hit it

    “You were with the party members yesterday. Was it? Did you lose again?”

    A bluish bruise was around Jagang's eyes

    “I didn’t lose, I lost, You idiot!”

    “Okay, correct me. Are you right again?” Lost or beaten, scratching my pride is the same Jagang, who was crying, responded harshly. All.

    "no! You've been fighting for a while."

    “Hey, what is Dalian? herbivore, memorization I don't even know the law yet, so beat me hard It must have been right.”

    Lee Ja-kang was startled as if he had been stabbed in the corner.

    "Ugh, it's obvious if you don't see it. Your main special: Didn't you even write a gira? I wish The eyebrows would have been fine.” s

    Lee Ja-gang, who pondered Soye's words, I cried again.

    “Sir, if not, I’ll kill them. I think so, what should I do? still like that I can't control the delicate force, In is... … I told you not to use your teeth. Go.”

    Teeth for later vision Reinforce Han Haewon's command to keep was well guarded.

    'Efforts were made in my own way. That's it.”

    I'm going to beat Lee Ja-kang's personality straight away I thought, but it's as territorial as Soye earning quite a long time while receiving was teeing.

    “By the way, how did you get here? I was practicing alone today Will? Haven't you put it on yet?"

    “It’s not that I don’t put it in, I'm not playing with them."

    “That’s it.”

    “No, it’s different! there is a huge difference!”

    Vigorously, he was punished on the spot I woke up and was led by Soye and sat down again.

    “Sit down, you idiot. shake your head how would it be You're tall like a mule."
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    I had already done Ch 71, 72 and 73. So I'm uploading it anyways:blob_blush:

    Moonpa Battle = Sect Battle

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 71

    * * *

    The night after finishing the coordination of the Moonpa Battle, Sa Ok-cheon, the head of the 12th branch of the Moorim League, who was in charge of refereeing, visited the guest house where the Sacheon Dang Clan was staying.

    "May I speak to Young Lady Dang for a moment?"

    She asked Dang Mujin, but her eyes were fixed on Haewon.

    "Go ahead."

    Dang Mujin looked at Hae-won, and left his seat, as she nodded her head.

    'Why does the head of the Moorim League branch want to see me? The results of the Moonpa Battle must have been coordinated.'

    Haewon was curious, but quietly waited for Ok-cheon to speak out.

    "I apologize for visiting so suddenly. I'm in a hurry because you're leaving for Sacheon soon."

    She was an elderly middle-aged woman. However, since she had been in the Moorim League all her life, her tone was rough and stiff.

    "No. It's an honor for me to see the branch manager here."

    Haewon smiled slightly.

    "I have come here despite my rudeness, ···· Because I'm curious about you."


    "You are the one who changed the game of this clan war. If it wasn't for you, the Sacheon's Dang Clan would have been collapsed by now."


    "It was surprising that you won against the teenage master Kumaji, but it was even more surprising that you controlled the intensity of the injury. He was supposed to lie down and recuperate for at least half a year, but you managed to control it so that no disability remains."

    Since she is the Head in a Moorim League branch, she seems to have noticed even the smallest details.

    "You are truly a righteous person, the cruel mercy you show to the person who tried to deceive you. It's so rare to find in Gang-Ho these days."

    "That's ·····."

    It's a pain in the ass if you kill him. What a pride of teenage masters.

    If it is known that a child under the age of 20 has been beaten, everyone will challenge Dang Clan.

    Hae-won's facial expression, which cannot be said to be ki or not, has become strange.

    "I wonder why you haven't stood out until now. Why did Headmaster Dang hide you so tightly?"

    Sure enough, Sa Okcheon asked about Haewon's sudden growth.

    "No, my father didn't know. The reason why I haven't been able to do martial arts so far has been My St·····."

    Haewon decided to tell only a little truth. The lashes on the slightly lowered eyes shook pitifully.

    "I'd appreciate your understanding as I can't easily reveal my family's personal circumstances."

    So that anyone can feel that she's heartbroken.

    'Ah, did you say that the current hostess of the Dang Clan is the stepmother of the Young Lady Dang?'

    At Haewon's words, Sa Okcheon was lost in thought.

    'And that stepmother borrowed the power of her family and petitioned the Moorim League to speed up the selection of a successor as soon as possible.Even though I said that the Moorim League couldn't get involved in Clan's affairs.'

    Even Dang Mujin didn't know about her daughter's martial arts.

    'What if her stepmother had noticed her talent first?'

    There could be more complex internal affairs than we thought.

    "I see. I apologize. What's so important about how you grew up? The only thing that matters is the fact that I met you here."

    Haewon shook her head, saying that she was not in awe of her apology.

    "All I have said is true."

    Sa Okcheon finally revealed her purpose.

    "Speaking of which, Young Lady Dang. Your negligence and righteousness are essential to the current Murim alliance/League. Are you interested in joining us?"


    "I know that the successor of the Sacheon Dang Clan is almost chosen as Young Master, who was given to your younger brother. The name of the Moorim Alliance/League will never be inferior to that of the Sacheon Dang Clan."


    "If you're the one who beat Kumaji, you'll grow even more stronger."

    Am I being scouted now?

    As Hae-won was bewildered, Sa Okcheon continued calmly.

    "Have you ever seen the Leader/Lord of the Moorim Alliance/League? No matter how high the name of the five generations is, if you multiply the strongest of the five generations, they cannot be compared to Kang Ho."

    Moorim's Lord? Kang Ho the strongest?

    "Many warriors dream of becoming a Leader/Master and join the ranks. In Moorim, the name of the Leader/Master is higher than that of the emperor."

    Sa Okcheon smiled. It was a confident smile with a lot of pride in the Moorim Alliance/League.

    "Whether it's power or wealth or whatever."

    So the emperor was also called the best to eat.

    After realizing that Haewon's eyes sparkled at the moment, Sa Okcheon told the story the Master/Leader's power.


    Haewon was able to realize the dignity of Murim Alliance, which she had only read in writing.

    "That's all? In Moorim Alliance, you can learn all ascending martial arts regardless of origin. Also, under the most outstanding teachers in Moorim, Maengju and My Kings."

    King Mu referred to those who reached the peak of each martial arts field, such the King Gum/Sword King, King Kwon/Ki, and King Dowang.

    'Then it would be good to raise an army that can respond to the magic corps.'

    "Murim League/Alliance is full of ancient books that have existed since the beginning of time. There's no answer you can't find in the library."

    'So can I find out why I came into this world of martial arts in the library?'

    It was time for Haewon to fall into the passionate promotion of the Murim alliance of Sa Okcheon.

    'No, I can't go straight to the Moorim Alliance, though.'

    It's easier to find traces of magic if you're an independent.

    'But I want to go to the library later, so ···· It would be nice to open up the acquaintance with Moorim. It's better not to say no too clearly now.'

    "What do you think, Young Lady Dang?"

    When Sa Ok-cheon asked, Hae-won opened her mouth after reaching the conclusion.

    "I'm ·····"


    Then thud! The door made of sturdy bamboo fell and people poured in.

    "No, you can't take my lady with you!"

    They were the warriors of the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    The clumsy hunks struggled on the collapsed door. And clung to Haewon's ankle.

    "Lady, don't abandon the Dang Clan!"

    "What are we going to do if you're gone, My Lady!"

    "I will apologize for the sin of ignoring you until now young Lady, so please forgive me!"

    I was distracted by the people who hit their head on the floor as if imitating Gwanggwang and Kumaji.


    Dang Mujin, who was watching all the commotion from behind, coughed.

    "I told you there was a guest, what rudeness is this! Everyone be prepared for severe punishment. I apologize, Sa branch manager."

    Dang Mujin scolded the soldiers and apologized to Sa Okcheon. However, the atmosphere was disturbed by the sudden intrusion of the warriors.

    'You did this on purpose.'

    Saokcheon knew the story right away.

    Dang Mujin was looking at Sa Okcheon with the eyes that would never give up.

    'How dare you use such a cheap trick because you don't want to lose your daughter to the Moorim Alliance.'

    Sa Okcheon sighed.

    'Well, it's not like I'm any different? I ran all the way here in case I lost the player.'

    In the Moonpa War, Dang Hae-won left an unforgettable impression on a large crowd.

    In the future, more and more people will covet her.

    "I understand. But isn't the choice upto Young Lady Dang's anyway? Isn't that right, Lady Haewon?"

    Sa Okcheon answered, looking at Haewon. The center of the conversation has returned to Haewon.

    "I'm... No, wait a minute... You, please let go of my feet first. It's heavy."

    Haewon was annoyed, but the fighters did not give in.

    "No! You're going to join the Moorim Alliance!"

    "If you leave us behind, we'll have an outbreak in less than ten miles!"

    Does Sacheon Dang Clan teach tick martial arts?

    She couldn't step on the children hanging on their feet, nor could she shake them off easily, so Haewon shook her head.

    "Why are you doing this when Dang Haejun is already in the Dang Clan?"

    She pretended not to know and asked them back. The change in attitude of those who had never been interested in Dang Hae-won so far was too quick.

    But there was something Haewon didn't know.

    They accepted Hae-jun as their successor because they had no alternative but him.

    Whenever they saw Dang Hae-jun's pathetic behaviour, they swallowed a vase that was boiling as much as Dang Mu-jin. And that patience finally burst here.

    When the immature young master became the reason for the Munpa battle.

    How miraculous it is to see the existence of Dang Haewon, who appeared in front of them on the edge of a cliff, saved the Sacheon Dang Clan, and raised its status!

    'I'll never miss it. You are the only hope of our Dang Clan's future!'

    The same thought echoed in their minds.

    At that time, Dang Haejun, who had been possessed by the barley bag he had left behind since the Moonpa War, quickly stepped out without missing the opportunity.

    Sadly, the young master of Dang Clan, who had grown up in a hurry, was as much a fortune teller as a martial artist.

    'If my sister joins the Moorim Alliance, I can regain their trust!'

    "Tha, That's right. Sister, don't worry, I'll take good care of the Dang Clan. They seem very upset…"

    At the moment, the soldiers of the Dang Clan glared at Haejun. It was such a fierce look that Dang Haejun faltered and stepped back.

    "Who's there? I can't see it."

    Even Am Daeju, the closest aide of Dang Mujin and who remained neutral, stared at him.

    "Other than the man who left his father to live and ran away when the Moonpa battle started."

    I'm the Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 72


    Am Dae-ju's words were nothing more than a clear indication that he supported Dang Hae-won.

    "Lady, we have faith in you."

    And put a stop to the last word.

    'Ugh, this is too much….'

    The blazing gaze of dozens of people looking up at her was uncomfortable and cringy.

    Anyway, they were just waiting for her answer.

    "Thank you for the generous offer, Branch Manager, but I'd like to stay at my Clan for now."

    The sighs of relieved Clan Warriors burst out in the room.

    "But how can I not understand the hard work of the Murim Alliance, who always works hard for the strong? If you need my help, I'll always be there."

    "Thank you very much, Young Lady Dang."

    Despite being disappointed, Sa Okcheon was moved by Haewon's words.

    "I'm glad to know you here. I will never forget your kindness, so come by anytime if you need my help."

    In the Moorim Alliance, there are only twelve officers. So when Sa Okcheon and Hae-won shared a simple friendship, the warriors took a deep breath again.

    Sa Okcheon's eyes were full of affection for Hae-won.

    "Haha, even I'm not close to a Senior Official of the Murim Alliance yet, my Hae-won is amazing."

    Dang Mujin, who could not hide his pride, raised the corners of his lips slightly.

    Sa Okcheon bowed politely to the people of Sacheon Dang Clan and left.

    "…What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

    As if looking at a child who brought a 100 marks test paper, their eyes were full of joy.

    Hae-won, who couldn't stand the cheesy feeling, frowned.

    Without realising that the eyes of the warriors who are looking at her are already Westernized.

    Chapter 9. Receiption of The Dang Clan (1)

    Meanwhile, the Sacheon Dang Clan at the time of the opening of the Noble Clan Alliance.

    After Hae-won left for Hakseong, the Sacheon Dang Clan was quieter than ever.

    Jin So-yeh woke up early in the morning and was heading for the library with small footsteps.

    'There's a lot of work to be done today. I have to check the items handled at the top of Baeksa Temple, write a letter to inform the branch…... and I can't neglect studying.'

    Since Hae-won left, So-ye has been a lot busier than before.

    It wasn't just because of the task she was given.

    And that too,

    "Hey, you little bitch!"

    'Oh, My God…... I came out early in the morning on purpose……..'

    Soye closed her eyes at the sharp voice calling her.

    "Hey! You! Can't you hear me?"

    Jin Soye agonized for a moment and stopped. Then calmly turned to the owner of the voice.

    "What's going on?"

    "What's going on? I called you because I had work."

    Hong-ju, Mo Yong-bi's closest aide, blew her away coldly. Mo Yongbi brought her from her parents' house.

    Hong-ju used to meddle in every matter of the Dang Clan, as if she were a general.

    So, none of the attendants of the Sacheon's Dang Clan liked her.

    However, because of Mo Yong-bi, no one could stop her.

    'I heard a fox borrows the power of a tiger, and it's really the same thing here.'

    "Hey, are you deaf or are you pretending to not hear me? Either way it's bad luck."


    "Here, take it!"

    Hong-ju shrugged and gave the laundry baskets that piled up like a mountain. Suddenly, So-ye's body, which picked up the basket unexpectedly, stumbled.

    "What is this?"

    "Don't you know? It's laundry for today. We have to change all the bed sheets for spring. There's still one more left, so hurry up and move!"

    Why was the laundry of Mo Yong-bi's place given to me? I can just guess by seeing, Hong-ju must have passed on her work.

    It wasn't like that just for a day or two, but ever since Hae-won left, she called So-ye to work like a log.

    "What are you doing not going to the valley? Don't you know that if you don't settle down quickly, you'll lose all your seats?"


    Should I say this or not? Soye agonized for a moment.

    But yesterday, I couldn't do anything because I was cleaning the dusty food warehouse alone.

    I had to deal with the top of Baeksa Temple today.

    "I'm not your servant, I'm also a warrior of the Sacheon Dang Clan. And since I am, I know that there are separate people to serve the lady."

    Hong-ju's face turned red at the calm remark.

    "What? Thi, This!"

    Her face seemed to turn like a monkfish, then she reached out her hands and pushed Soye away.

    The body, which was already holding a heavy pile of laundry, stumbled out and fell to the floor.


    I think my knees are tingling. Soye frowned.

    "Warrior, that's funny! Who do you think you are? Do you think you've become a real warrior because the lady put you in the armchair?"

    Hongju stomped her feet and screamed.

    "What, what's going on?"

    "No, you know what this bitch said? She can't do this because she's a soldier!"

    "By the way, are there any soldiers from the poor? And a girl at that too!"

    "The young lady has heard all the different kinds. What's all this fuss about?"

    Mo Yong-bi's other quarrels, who had rushed forward, were also on their side. Soye clenched her fist.

    'Let's hold it in. I can't cause any trouble when there's no master or vice-master Yang.'

    Both ways were also at the time of leaving Haewon by delivering food and escorts to the residents of Unnam Mountain.

    'The master is still taking care of me. So I have to be patient too.'

    So-ye was a subordinate of Hae-won. A superior subordinate should not scatter his Master's plans.

    "...Yes, I'm sorry. I'll be right back after doing the laundry."

    She bowed her head and collected piles of laundry that was scattered around.

    "Wait, come with me."

    Hongju answered Soye who stood up.


    "Where you say? The Valley. I'll keep an eye on you to make sure you're not lazy."

    Because she was gone, Soye had no choice but to follow Hong Ju. It's obviously not a surveillance plan, it's a plan to bully.

    'I might not be able to finish it today.'

    So-ye sighed.

    The sound of banging and laundry bats rang out in the valley where water flows.

    "Can't you do it harder? Are you running out of time? This is why I don't like street people. They try to play and eat whenever they have time."

    Hong-ju did not lift a finger and scolded her in every way.


    But So-ye only finished her work silently with a shrewd face.

    So-ye's hands were frozen red while the laundry piled up like a mountain slowly exposed the floor. Dark red blood clots stuck to the knee.


    Finally, Soye, who had finished all the laundry, stood up from her seat. Fortunately, it ended earlier than she thought.

    'Hey, why the hell aren't you reacting!'

    Hongju got angry.

    'My Lady told me that I must get rid of this girl before Dang Hae-won arrives! That way I can put three pieces!'

    This was the reason why Moyong Bi left only a spoonful of money left next to Hae-won. Because Mo Yong-bi drove out all the people who genuinely cared and worried about Hae-won in this way.

    But this girl was different. She didn't budge no matter what I said or ordered her to do.

    Even senior slaves were given hard work that was not publicly available. And they only moved silently even if they caught them as if they were catching mice whenever they saw them.

    'No, the day of Dang Haewon's return is just around the corner!'

    If she's not out before then, Mo Yong-bi's order will be issued. I'm already dying because of the madam who has become more sensitive these days ······

    In a hurry, Hong-ju kicked the already-done laundry basket. Wash it clean.” The bed sheets rolled over the sand.

    "Oh, my God. What should I do? My foot got caught."


    "You need to wash it again, don't you?"

    Hong Ju mumbled meanly.

    'You can't do it, so just throw it away and leave!'


    The pure white bedding stained with soot will have to be dabbed in the icy valley water for a long time.

    It was way past lunchtime, but she(Hongju) ate it alone and didn't give it to Jin Soye. She was limping because of her knee on the floor earlier.

    However, So-ye seemed to be quietly looking at Hong-ju, and she bent over and picked up the dirty laundry again.

    Silent patience to the point of exhausting.

    "Why are you doing this!"

    Now I'm beginning to wonder why.

    "You know I'm being stubborn. Just throw it away and leave. If you disappear and leave this place, I won't bother you any more."

    Bam- Bam- Bam-

    But instead of answering, only the sound of tapping the laundry bat rang in the valley.

    "Ha, do you trust that girl? You're stupid.What do you think you're doing now that she brought you here?"

    Halt, for the first time, a laundry bat stopped.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 73

    "Anyway, if the Young Master becomes the head, that's the end of the day for your Lady. She won't be able to put even her feet in the corner of this house because she'll be sold somewhere...!"

    Water splashed on the bat that So-ye hit on the surface of the water.

    "I'll bear with it, but don't you dare say anything about my Master."

    She has never heard or seen that fierce voice and glaring eyes.

    Hongju was more angry at the fact that she was scared by a little girl.

    "Staring at me like that, what are you even going to do? Are you gonna reach Dang Hae-won? Humph, look. Even if it were, you won't be able to put a single finger on my body, which is my Madam's limb(She is just saying that she is Moyong Bi's right hand or somethin.)."

    "Is that so? Would you like to test it out?"

    "What kind of test is it?"

    When Soye thought her voice was strange, Soye got up from her seat and wiped her hands.

    "I wonder if I can lay a finger on you or not?"

    "What? You? You're talking down to me…"

    "As you said, I'm a commoner who used to roll on the streets, and I've done all kinds of things….. I used to curse(with magic) people often."

    Soye put her hands together and began to murmur something.

    "Oh Evil Spirit, Almighty Evil Spirit, today Lee Jin Soye gathered her energy and cursed Hong-ju, the woman before her…..."

    It was quite solemn with her small height barely reaching Hongju's chest, a neatly folded palm, and a serious face without a smile. So-ye pronounced it(the curse chant) repeatedly.

    "I will sacrifice this woman to the God of Water, so please let her be a fish meal."

    "Are you crazy? Have you lost it(her mind)? What are you doing now...?"

    Hongju hesitated.

    Suddenly, the calm valley water began to flood.

    And thousands of fish were flocking to Hongju's side.

    'Wh, What? That can't be. It's just a coincidence. That girl can't do it.'

    Hong-ju thought hard. At that moment, the stream of water soared high into the sky, and a swarm of fish was entangled in a whirlpool.

    The end of the whirlpool was facing Hongju. She was wrapped around a stream of water.

    "Ahhhhh! Uhh, it's cold. What, ah! It stings!"

    Inside the icy column of water, a flock of fish began to prick her flesh.

    The pain was painful, but the sensation of being bitten flesh by the fish was terrifying.

    'It was real! It was real!'

    Then the water column disappeared. The cold valley water spilled down to the floor, and the fish that fell together fluttered on the floor.

    The gills of the aggressively flapping fish twitched. It was as if they wanted to eat the flesh.

    "Huff, Huff!"

    Hongju, who managed to avoid drowning and swarming fish, breathed heavily.

    "Oh, right. This can't kill you. Then should I change the curse on you?"

    Soye murmured calmly.

    If you want to be respectful, you should be respectful, and if you keep looking down upon, you'll be looked down upon. The little girl's grotesque half-honorifics never made Hong-ju flutter.

    No, it was rather terrifying.

    "Let lightning fall from the sky, wild beasts in the forest, and swarms of pests on the ground to chase after you. Let every step she takes be filled with lateral fluid."

    At the same time, Kwakwakwang! The sky darkened and lightning began to fall.

    When one of them fell at Hongju's feet.


    Hongju ran away in chaos.

    Every step she took to escape, a bolt of lightning hit her, and the surrounding area was filled with the eyes of the predators.

    The wings of the flying insect sounded threateningly around her ears.

    "Ahhhh! No, don't! I don't want to! Don't follow me!"

    Hongju's loud scream echoed in the quiet valley, crying with a runny nose.

    "Well, you won't even make it back to the gate. I've put a trick on you, you'll circle around like in a maze."

    Soye snorted as she looked at the back of Hongju, who was running away. Then again, Bang Bang, she started to focus on the laundry.

    What lighting. The sky was sunny, the sun was tight, the fish disappeared, and the valley water trickled down peacefully as if it had never been.

    Soye's art was improving day by day.

    * * *

    How long did she squat down?


    It was time for Jin So-ye, who finally finished her last laundry, to hold the basket.

    The weight of the high and heavy laundry basket reeled her.


    Suddenly, her arm felt lighter.

    "Give it to me."

    As soon as he appeared, Lee Ja-gang took the basket from So-ye. Instead, he threw a small pocket into her arms.

    "What's this?"

    Inside the pocket was a small ointment and a bandage.

    Jagang's red eyes glanced across the blood-dried knee of Soye.

    "I picked it up on the way."

    "Where did you pick it up? Do you think I'm stupid like you?"

    Soye pointed out as if he was absurd.

    "Oh, if so, I know! A crab the size of a bean can catch only a horse pod! I'll hold this, so apply it now."


    "Can't you bend your knees? Do you want me to apply it?

    Jagang's voice was still blunt.

    When So-ye didn't answer, Jagang put down the laundry basket and stopped.

    Then he took the small pouch again and took out the ointment.

    The back of Jagang, with one knee and his back bent, was round like a well-cut chestnut.

    'You said I was a bean, but you're a chestnut.'

    As Soye suddenly thought, an ointment with a yellowish and pungent scent was gently applied over the dried up wound.

    He seemed clunky, but he was quite delicate in his effort not to touch the wound.

    “Did Mo Yong-bi's maid do this again?”

    Soye sighed at the rude attitude of calling the hostess of the Sacheon's Dang Clan without hesitation.

    "You have to call me Madam. Are you going to take responsibility if the Master gets in trouble because of you?"

    "What does it matter if she's not here? If she isn't here Master, they call Master Dang Haewon(by name)."

    It was a remark that popped out, but there was a feeling of disapproval inside.

    Perhaps he was also dissatisfied with the works of Mo Yong-bi minions, who treated Hae-won carelessly.

    Seriously, didn't Soye also show off her magic a while ago and scold Hongju?

    "You told me not to be rude, but you did that a little while ago? Very Polite, yes, you are."

    "And you, too, do you think you're any different from me?"

    Soye glanced at Jagang.

    Red eyes and a face that was youthful.

    His face is no different from when he left Unnam Mountain, but he looked more tired than usual.

    In one day, the turnse was also poured on Lee Jagang, who became an invincible man of the powerful Sacheon Dang Clan. (It means he was also probably bullied/didn't respect but they failed to do so as he is strong and all.)

    He was a prestigious warrior who could not easily enter even after several years of training, but he was assigned to the escort squad because Haewon brought him, so it was not difficult to understand.

    'But more than that, they're trying to kick us out because Haewon seems to care about us.'

    Soye noticed that even in the turnse of Lee Ja-gang had the involvement of Mo Yong-bi.

    "Didn't you go against the disciples of the Dang Clan yesterday? Did you lose again?"

    The blue bruise around Jagang's eyes seemed to have been caused by punches.

    "I didn't lose, they lost, you idiot!"

    "All right, let's correct it. Did you get hit again?"

    It's the same when you lose or get hit or scratch your pride.

    Teary Jagang replied harshly.

    "No! It's been a while."

    "Haaah, what are you talking about. You don't know how to eat or memorize anything, so I guess you were beaten."

    Lee Ja-gang was startled as if he had been stabbed in the right direction.

    "Ugh, it's obvious. Why didn't you use your skill? If you did, your eyes would have been fine."

    Blue bruise…..

    Lee Ja-gang, who was pondering at So-ye's words, was moved again.

    "Oh, my God, that will kill them! I can't control that power yet. Master… told me not to use it."

    While saving his power for a future vision, Jagang was faithfully obeying Haewon's orders.

    'It's a hard work in its own way for a nerd.'

    I thought he would hit them right away because of his personality, but he was added as much as So-ye and held on for quite a while.

    "By the way, how did you get here? Were you practicing alone today? Are you still not joining them?"

    "It's not that I won't join in, it's that I'm not playing with them."

    "That's it."

    "No, it's different! There's a huge difference!"

    Jagang sprang up from his seat and dragged down by So-ye again.

    "Just sit down, you idiot. My head is going to fall. As long as you're tall as a distance."

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 74

    Soye applied the remaining ointment around the eyes of Jagang.

    "You must be too small… Ouch, take it easy! It hurts!"

    Jagang's mouth was forcibly closed as the annoyed soye pressed hard on the wounded area.

    The two became quiet for a moment while Soye's little finger spread the medicine.

    "It's like a beggar."

    Soye stopped at Jagang's murmuring.

    "... Commoners don't teach me how to eat herbs and put me in training. We're only close friends when there's Vice Captain. What on earth is so great about your status?"

    "...that's the way it is. That's the world, That's kind of people. You didn't know because you were only in the mountains."

    Soye recalled people groveling at the evilness of the Seok Clan.

    Seok Gwang-yoon, who had longed for her, her father caused that situation…

    A cynical smile flashed across the girl's face and disappeared.

    "But Master didn't."

    "She was the exception. So you and I can be here."

    So I have to do better. So that no one will trouble Master Haewon who chose me.


    “So I will be the master’s quill and ink."


    "...I'll study hard, I'll move diligently, I'll dig into her enemies and destroy them. So that the Master won't have to lift a finger."

    Soye's ambition flowed out of her.

    It was the enthusiasm of a girl which was never been shown to anyone. Her eyes were sparkling and her fists were clenched.

    Jagang stopped.

    'On the subject of rat beans…. Pretending to be cool.'

    Why is it so shiny? No, it's probably because of the sunlight shining under Soye's round dumpling head.

    Jagang, who was grumbling, blinked his eyes, and soon stopped.

    'Wait, you can't fall behind a kid who's younger than you, can't you?'

    "Then I will ····!"

    He tried to respond reflexively as if he would not lose, but then stopped again.

    'If Soye Jin uses a brush and ink…… What am I gonna do? I have black eyes.'

    "I'm not confident that I'll look like this and become a great sword or spear….... Ah!"(Lol. He's worried about his looks.)

    As if a good idea had come to mind, Jagang clapped his hand and smiled. Soye lifted her head and looked up at the boy.

    The lips of Jagang, who smiled mischievously, grew longer and white fangs flashed out.

    "I'll be Master's crazy dog."

    The red eyes glistened dangerously.

    "I'm confident about that."

    Jagang straighten his chest. The boy's face was full of pride.

    "What do you think?"


    "Why, do you think it's so cool? Isn't it shiny? Do I look handsome? Huh?"

    Grumble! It might have been the case if it hadn't been for the thunder from the stomach of Jagang.

    "Well, it's not a crazy dog, it's a starving dog."

    So-ye suddenly felt hungry because she skipped lunch.

    " Ye(short form of Soye), these disgraceful bastards don't give me food! They're stealing mine instead!"

    "Follow me, let's go eat."

    "Even if I go now, they won't give me food with all sorts of excuses. Forget it, it's not like I'm gonna die skipping a few meals….."

    Soye quickly stepped out first. Lee Jagang hurriedly picked up a laundry basket and chased after Soye.

    "Hey, where are you going! Ye, this is terribly heavy. Jin Soye! The Dang Estate isn't over that way!"

    "I'm not going to the Dang Estate, just follow me quietly!"

    "Then where? The tavern? Where's the money for that? Did you sneak a peek at the person earlier?"

    The Nokbongs given to the disciples of the Dang Clan had not yet been released, so Jagang gave them a pint cup.

    "Hong, what do you think I am?"

    Soye triumphantly pulled out a thick fairy tale from her pocket.

    "Did you forget that I was the representative of the Baeksa Temple? I heard the young lady gave me some extra money. It's not a big deal to buy some dumplings."


    The eyes of Lee were filled with surprise.


    So-ye lifted her nose high, feeling proud. And ordered.

    "Bend it."


    It was a long time ago that Lee Jagang calmly turned to the tavern on the way to the Dang Estate with a laundry basket.

    * * *

    After the General Conference and the Munpa/Sect battle ended, the participating Clan members returned to their Estate.

    "I won't see you again for a while when I get back."

    Hae-won and Gun-woo stood in front of the wagons that were ready to depart.

    Somehow it was regrettable that we had to split up, so we couldn't go back to our respective wagons and just hung around this place. (Means it's sad that they couldn't go sightseeing together.)

    "Did you forget that I've mastered advanced light technique? I can go see you in the middle of the night."

    Haewon giggled.

    "Hey, you keep bragging that you've learned advanced light technique... If you learn that and use it just to see me, isn't it worthless?"

    "That's not true. What do you mean it's worthless? The reason why I learned it in the first place is ······."

    Gun-woo's voice, who immediately rebutted what she was talking about, quickly stopped. Because he realised what he was saying.

    Like fire, his white ears blushed.

    'If someone who sees you like that is embarrassed enough…'

    Youth is said to be monochromatic, and Haewon, who discovered a young pink flush over his beautiful features, also turned red.

    "Well, even if you say so, I won't learn. There's a lot to learn besides advanced light technique."

    It was only then that Gunwoo's smiling face was young due to his mouth-pouting response.

    "Yes, you don't need to learn Haewon. I'll just go there."


    Ugh, it's hot, hot. Haewon fanned again.

    I wasn't hot because I was shy, but because the sun was intense where the two people stood. However, Gunwoo and Haewon seemed to have no intention of moving, standing in the intense sunlight.

    At that time, Dang Mujin, who made farewell to other Clan Heads, came to pick up Hae-won.

    "Haewon, we'll be departing in a little while. Hurry up and get ready….."

    He raised his eyebrows when he saw Hae-won with Gun-woo.

    "I see the head of the Sacheon's Dang Clan. It's Eon Gun-woo."

    When Gun-woo saw the party, he straightened his posture and took the lead. It was neat and polite, without frills.

    The face that was released in front of Hae-won was expressionless again as if it had never been the case.

    "Hmm, yes. You seem to know me, so I will omit the greetings. You are the Young Master of Eon Clan in Jinju. How is father-in-law doing?"

    Although it was an indifferent voice, all the attention of Dang Mujin was focused on the young man in front of him.

    Eon Gunwoo, a thief who will steal our Hae-won, has a lot of potential.

    "Please, you don't have to speak so formally. I'm not that great to be spoken to formally by the Head."

    But he's really polite, really. Despite being the fiance's father, Namgung Jiha maintained an equal position with Dang Mujin until the end.

    'He won the Great Martial Arts Battle at the age of Haejun, and defeated all the more than 100 men. On top of that, Headmaster Eon Saryong saw the buds early and chose him…..'

    Considering that Eon Gun-woo is a promising Young Master known to Moorim, although not as much as Namgung Jiha, his politeness was quite surprising.

    'Hmm, but you can't judge everyone by that.'

    The gaze of Dang Mu-jin, who pulled out the corner of his mouth that was struggling to rise, stole Geon-woo from head to toe.

    It was an overly detailed and overbearing gaze to just look at, but Gunwoo calmly received it.

    Gunwoo's expression was calm..

    'Namgung Jiha was able to fight my energy while writing my first impression…… He's got quite a personality, though. Seeing that he doesn't respond immediately to sudden provocation.'

    Even though Eon Gun-woo was called 'Eon-ga-nome' at first, Dang Mu-jin did not know that he was always called 'Dang-ga' by his father-in-law, Eon Sa-ryong.

    One way or another, the heart of a father who might lose his daughter will always be the same.

    Anyway, in his head, the evaluation of Gunwoo went up one line and the evaluation of Jiha went down one line. In fact, Namgoong Jiha was already at the bottom of the assessment.

    "Lord, the carriages are ready."

    After Dang Mujin, Am Daeju came to pick them up.

    It was time to bid farewell for real.


    However, while watching Dang Mu-jin and Am Dae-joo's eyes, Hae-won was somewhat confused.

    'It's been a while since we've seen each other….. Because of the Munpa/Sect battle, we didn't have much time to see each other….'

    "Haewon, go ahead. I hope you stay healthy and safe until I see you again…."

    But this tactless man is impatient because he can't let her go.

    Whenever he blushed his ears, he said goodbye to her in perfect rationality and neatness. He also did not forget to send a polite greeting to Dang Mujin.

    'Damn it, why is your voice so sweet? People will feel restless…······.'

    With her mouth sticking out, she didn't notice Gun-woo's gaze that didn't fall from her.

    "Ahem, ahem, there····."

    At that time, Dang Mujin coughed and called attention.

    "Well, why don't you come with us Young Master?"

    And he(Mujin) made a suggestion as if it were a trickle down to Eon Gunwoo.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 75

    It seemed improvised, but in fact it was a proposal that was not at all improvised.

    This was the reason why Dang Mujin came all the way here to pick up Haewon.

    'Cause I forgot to tell him to stop by Sacheon because I was so busy with the Munpa/Sect Battle…... I have no choice but to say it now.'

    Dang Mujin did not intend to miss the opportunity to observe Eon Gun-woo closely.



    Haewon was also surprised by the unexpected offer. Am Dae-Joo answered on the behalf of Dang MuJin.

    "I think the Lord wants to invite you to the Dang Estate."

    "Haewon was indebted to you last time. It might have caused some inconvenience in Jinju. I was really busy and wasn't able to visit my Father-in-law, and now I'm too ashamed to visit him, so please make it easy for me."

    However, with a pitiful voice with no change in expression, the request to 'make it easier for me' was more like a command to 'make it easier for me.'

    "I want to see how many people my father-in-law has chosen."

    He didn't forget to say something slightly provocative.

    But Gunwoo agreed without waiting any longer.

    The time to meet Haewon with the Mando Looking Glass was too short, and the distance between Hebuk and Sacheon was still far even with the advanced light technique. So there was no reason to refuse.

    "Then I will accept your offer."

    "Thank you."

    The sudden proposal and the quick acceptance happened in an instant.

    'What just happened?'

    Haewon blinked her eyes. Nevertheless.

    'Young Lady must be happy to have Young Master Eon with her.'

    The quick-witted Am Dae-ju glanced at Haewon's mouth as the corners of her mouth slowly rose.

    * * *

    The carriage of each Murim Clans left and arrived there, so not only the Sacheon Dang Clan but also other Clans were there.

    "It's rare for Headmaster Dang to invite someone."

    When Dang Mujin offered Eon Gunwoo to accompany him, Namgoong Ihwan, the head of the Namgoong Clan, had his ears pointed towards him(Mujin).

    "Isn't he the heir of the Eon Clan in Jinju? The one who won the Best Martial Arts Tournament a few years ago."


    Namgoong Ihwan continued without caring about the son who did not answer. Namgoong Ihwan's mind was all focused on the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    "Headmaster Dang is quite an unsociable person….. He's taking him to the Sacheon Dang Estate? What a surprise. Are you looking into your daughter's marriage again?"


    "Well, who wouldn't? She's the woman who defeated a teenage master and revived her family that was in crisis. The name of the Sacheon Dang Clan was engraved into the hearts of the very Moorim people."

    Namgoong Ihwan breathed a long sigh. It was bitter to just admire the performance of Dang Haewon.

    “The name should have belonged to our Namgoong Clan.”


    Finally, Namgoong Jiha called him as if to stop.

    "Don't even call me Father."

    Namgoong Ihwan, who was angry, raised his voice a little.

    "When the Dang Clan asked to break the engagement, you were so proud and rushed to the Dang Clan with the engagement annual papers. And now I can't even face Headmaster Dang because I'm too ashamed! How stupid is this guy! How could you do that!"

    “It was something I wanted, not just the Dang Clan."

    That's what they say to build their own pride. Namgoong Ihwan snorted.

    "Are you talking with that bursty mouth? You wanted it too? For a fool who couldn't even recognize a hidden dragon, is that all you can say?"


    Unlike his usual self-righteousness, Namgoong Ihwan showed his frustration by hitting his chest. I don't think he's…

    "After the Moonpa/Sect Battle, The Sacheon's Dang Clan received more than ten engagement proposals. Everyone laughs at you for missing Haewon. Do you know what people are saying about you? A fool who didn't recognize the jewel in his hand and threw it away. They say!"


    "But did you bring the Jaegal Clan? It's not like that. You missed both the Sacheon's Dang Clan and the Jaegal Clan.You've thrown out all the pillars that will be the mainstay of our family. It's like I gave you a dog for porridge."

    Everything Namgung Ihwan said was true.

    Dang Hae-won's unrequited love was so famous in Moorim that when they talked about her, how she always followed Namgoong Jiha came out.

    After all, after the engagement between the two of them is broken, what will he reveal his talent for?

    If Namgung Ihwan had known in advance, he would have maintained this engagement at all costs, but it was already spilled water.

    Namgoong Ihwan sighed again, as if telling the ground to sink(so that he can hide. Lmao).

    “If only you and Young Lady Dang still would have been engaged, the name of Namgoong Clan would have rised even higher in this Noble Clan Conference. People would have praised you and our family, who recognized the true value of Dang Haewon early.”

    Namgung Ihwan blamed Jiha with his whole body(Lmao).

    "But look now, because of your arrogance, the name of the Namgoong Clan has become a laughing stock."

    Cold voice, disapproving eyes, shaking head.

    Ji-ha was furious at her father's strong criticism he received for the first time.

    "Should I sacrifice my happiness for the Clan? I can never be with a woman like her. There might be something else going on behind. How did a woman who didn't even have any experience suddenly become so strong all of a sudden…"

    He recalled encountering Dang Haewon in Heukjang, Black Market.

    When he realized that the masked master who blew him away at that time was Dang Haewon, Haewon only looked more suspicious.

    'I'm sure you're up to something. I'm not going to be fooled even if everyone is fooled by her.'

    Namgoong Ihwan snorted as if he could see what Ji-ha was thinking.

    'This guy doesn't even know what kind of face he had in the Munpa Battle.'

    The one who was ready to jump off the stage at once, and the one whose eyes trembled slightly whenever Kumaji attacked Haewon.

    'That guy, he's gonna have to get his act together sometime.'

    His son was too arrogant. And dazzling talent and family backed that damn character.

    'I thought it would get better with age…'

    He has never been defeated or disappointed and has lived his entire life thinking that he is that good.

    'But seems like the problem only grew.'

    Namgung Ihwan shook his head.

    "Haa, happiness, what do you say to a fool who doesn't even know his heart?"

    He couldn't hide his pathetic looks toward Jiha.

    "My father said, you mustn't be caught up in your own ego and see the essence of things."


    "Does it seem like you've become superior to her when Lady Dang followed you around because she liked you? Did you just get engaged because of the Clan?"

    The fierce gaze scattered Jiha. His eyes were piercing as if they were peeling off.

    "I know you. If you didn't want to, you would have refused the engagement even if you were dead. One, you didn't."(Bull's-eye :blobhyperthink:)

    "....... That isn't……."

    "Yes, that's how you are."

    Namgoong Ihwan immediately said as if he expected that reaction of Namgoong Jiha to deny it immediately.

    "Sigh, now what good is it, but let me add one thing to your arrogant illusion. Have you ever heard the Headmaster Dang suggest you stay at the Sacheon's Dang Clan like he did to Young Master Eon earlier?"


    "You think your engagement was made because of Dang Mujin's ambition to take advantage of his daughter's love?"


    "Do you think the Sacheon's Dang Clan really pushed ahead with the engagement because of your reputation and our Namgoong Clan's power?"

    Namgoong Jiha did not reply. No, he couldn't.

    Because Dang Mujin never invited him to the Dang Estate. Dang Mujin did not hover around Jiha nor showed interest, as he did to Eon Gunwoo earlier.

    The only moment he and Dang Mu-jin met was always when there was a public reason.

    Looking back, they were supposed to be the future father-in-law and son-in-law, but Namgoong Jiha never considered or treated Dang Mujin as a Father-in-law.

    "Look, you weren't the only one who wasn't happy about the engagement."

    And Namgoong Jiha now realizes that Dang Mujin did as well.

    "How can a man who is not recognized even by his fiance's father be so proud and take his head away? It's stupid."

    Namgoong Ihwan got on the carriage, kicking his tongue.

    Namgoong Jiha, who was left alone, had a wrinkled face.

    * * *

    The lights were not turned off until late, in the place where the hostess of the Sacheon's Dang Clan stayed.

    "What, What is this…..."

    Mo Yong-bi, who received the letter of Mo-yong Clan, trembled.

    A small letter with danced handwriting was crumpled relentlessly in her slender hands.

    "Not only did Haejun kill someone, and a clan war broke out….. But Dang Haewon….. She beat Kumaji in the battle? That's ridiculous!"

    Mo Yong-bi's quarrels/maids trembled at the convulsive shouting.

    "How is that possible? I'm sure it's impossible to build up your strength by eating those poisonous herbs!"

    In the whole episode 75 Namgoong Ihwan was like:

    'why did you do that?![​IMG] How can you do that! Nooooo~'

    Ugh~ I can't stop laughing[​IMG]
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    This written with all my hope that this dressing down does make it in. The manhwa, but considering the storytelling and world building so far, I'm not holding out hope for this to happen.

    Especially since the manhwa fast forwarded to the step-mother...
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    Finally a competent parent who slaps some sense into their child! Every word his father uttered was pure facts, he definitely put him in his place.


    Poison that blocks the blood in Haewon It's been over 10 years since she ate the sword grass.

    Mo Yong-bi, who is thorough, is a relief every time she ate it year by year, the amount of test herb to be fed was also adjusted.

    All the qi and blood in Haewon's body

    to block everything.

    And it was successful.

    As a result, the In the body of the circle, the qi of inner air because of that she didn't even feel it.

    "But how!"

    Moyongbi trembled. Wave

    The release note is for the victory of the members.

    Contrasted party with cheers from senders

    Haejun's miserable situation in detail

    wrote it down

    'Leaving our Haejun and leaving Daehaewon

    Are you going to treat me like a successor?'

    Her son is a member of the Sichuan Tangmen

    They are being neglected by people

    Moyong-bi's heart ripped in her part

    she seemed to lose

    “Kumaji, no way, never

    Nonsense. So in an instant

    It can't be done……. how,

    Obviously I can't…... .” Mo Yong-bi stopped.

    For a moment, she felt dazed.


    I would have left suddenly with this pearl

    Since then, and when you come back

    I felt a strange sense of anxiety.

    “Dang Hae-won, this girl deceived me.

    Goa. Even though I know it all... …

    That's why I killed Shin-ah and Mi-hee

    Hey. So Mihee's wave release was opened.

    There was no lock….. stuck

    I cut off all the people who were alive and made my own limbs

    I brought them.”


    Laughter came from her red-painted lips, a small sound came out

    “Ahaha, ahaha!”

    A sharp laugh that sounds like a docile

    sound came out she has a boat

    grabbed it and smiled. how smiling

    Wipe away the tears that flowed

    it was about

    She said, 'Why is Madame suddenly smiling?

    'Did you expect the officer to do that?

    look at me. Anyway, no matter what

    It's not in my wife's palm."

    Mo Yong-bi looks happy

    The cubs were a little reassured. A little

    I looked at the note and looked like an angler

    I was afraid to build it, but fortunately……



    No, no.

    The ferrets were frozen. Cost of use

    She couldn't overcome her anger, so she left the table

    because it was swept away the tea

    breaks violently and it shattered

    “The person concerned! I hit the back of my head!

    How dare the scumbag girl use this face



    Mo Yong-bi started to break everything in sight.

    The spilled tea overflowed, and the luxury

    The old vase flies to the wall and shatters

    Fragmented, expensive scrolls

    torn to shreds from Mo Yong-bi's hand

    it got messed up

    “Madam, fix it!”

    'I wasn't a master, but Moyong Sega's

    Like a famous daughter, she has learned martial arts'

    Her room quickly became a mess.

    Without looking at it, she throw it recklessly

    The quarrels and quarrels are pale blue

    Shooting the room to and fro with the burrow

    The dragon's attack had to be avoided.


    Even if she hit everything and break it, the anger doesn't go away

    Mo Yong-bi was all out of breath

    “No, ma’am… calm down.”

    “Are you calming down now? the year

    One bitch pushes our Haejun away

    Trying to swallow the old Sichuan Tangmun

    but! All the achievements of my 10 years!

    It's useless!"

    Mo Yong-bi cried out.

    her fiercely distorted face is beautiful

    She looked like an angler despite her lack of luck.

    “I just pressed it down with

    place…...I can't lose it again."

    “Once in a thousand years I am a genius.

    Inner strength, stamina, everything is excellent

    Come, she said thy stepdaughter

    small? Then she would be saddened,

    As long as that girl is alive

    Dae-dae’s (Dang) son is becoming the head of the household

    Not even in my dreams dragon and earthworm

    It's like a tooth fight, so don't be early

    Fold the note.)

    Mo Yong-bi recalled memories of her past.


    Seriously, who is the headmaster? Moorim leader

    also not enough This child is Jang Seong-ha

    To leave your name in history

    will be a person who will live so dearly

    Don't miss her, her stepdaughter

    Where is it easy to put her offspring? this again

    One of your blessings.)

    She took her and her life all over.

    She changed her memory of that moment.

    “The party, that person who is the party, usually

    how much i loved that bitch

    I can't forget Un seoyeon

    book…. ..… I've been waiting for decades

    place…….. you'll lose it again now more

    It's only going to get worse. In addition… … . That

    Unseoyeon, as in the past, to that bitch... …

    Cracking cracking, moyong raining her nails


    Unseoyeon dies and calls her brother

    She reluctantly she pushed through the door

    A party unwilling to remarry her

    Even after Unseoyeon died because of Mujin

    She had to wait patiently.

    After all her hard work, she took the place of the hostess

    But she was the only one party.

    Her heart that always stays with her dead ex

    was back

    In the end, she won the heart of the party that gave up getting her.

    His love is from start to finish.

    It was Un seoyeon.

    But now, Seo-yeon's daughter is golden.

    Taking the place of her son like her

    she was going.

    "never… … It cannot be.”

    Mo Yong-bi's face flashed mercilessly

    it was spit out rage like the devil

    Now, colder than ever, frozen

    Her appearance was more meaningful.

    “You have to move first. those guys

    Before I steal it, I... … .”

    She raised her brush and looked at the

    She wrote her letter to be published. her oh

    Ravi, letter to Mo Yong-seok

    It was.

    'If it's my brother, that guy without a trace

    I can handle them.'

    Moyongbi is Moyong, Sega, Magic and

    I can't imagine I'm in pain

    she did

    But I don't know, a few years ago

    Moyong Sega is revealed in Moorim

    Leading a secret elite squad

    she knew there was

    Mo Yong-seok made the elite squad his own

    I am using it to remove the static

    In fact, also

    Received a letter that is no less than a killer

    Mo Yong-bi, who even wrote Jin's name

    has stopped and that stop

    Biting her lip as if embarrassed even to her rim.

    She said, 'You're wrong. Un seoyeon

    I couldn't forget you, but you didn't turn away from me

    Degree! It wouldn't have been like this.

    maybe you loved it so much

    Maybe he didn't hate the person

    I don't know.

    But now it's useless

    it was ability

    The beauty in her heart

    The part that grew out of umbilical cord is too big

    because of it.

    Mo Yong-bi was able to remove even the slightest hesitation.

    She blew out two and ended her correspondence.

    and raised her head.

    A poem that caught the eye of Mo Yong-bi

    The rain trembled.

    “Now leave that to your brother.

    Go… … . You, the one that Dae-won loves

    Who were they?”

    "Um, um, that's… an escort this time.

    Two low-key kids who transferred to the main road with…..both lieutenants of the escort captured.

    Together, we went to Jinju.

    Dunn people.

    That small group

    My house, we are working hard"

    "How poisonous... … .”

    Sibi still chases Soye out

    "Be careful not to be reprimanded for something you didn't do

    Be careful."

    However, Mo Yong-bi has a different idea.

    There was no word for a moment, as if lost

    “It’s a pretty good number. when the rat

    I grew up so strong like a baby

    would you?”

    You don't know how to get your clothes wet in the drizzle,

    Mo Yong-bi said that I was too careless

    She realized the truth.

    If the prophecy goes forward, you will grow without knowing your limits.

    So even now, still she must be killed before fully awakening.

    She said, 'She should have done this earlier. Namgungji I'm not going to push you to marry me. Should've done it before... … .'

    In fact, I also received a letter that is no less than a killer Mo Yong-bi, who even wrote Jin's name

    has stopped and that stop

    Even Rim bit her lip as if embarrassed

    It was.

    'You are wrong. Un seoyeon

    I couldn't forget you, but you didn't turn away from me

    Degree! It wouldn't have been like this.

    maybe you loved it so much

    Maybe he didn't hate the person

    I don't know.

    But now it's useless

    it was ability

    The beauty in her heart

    The part that grew out of umbilical cord is too big

    because of it.

    Mo Yong-bi was able to remove even the slightest hesitation.

    She blew out two and ended her correspondence.

    and raised her head.

    A poem that caught the eye of Mo Yong-bi

    The rain trembled.

    “Now leave that to your brother.

    To keep an eye on Dang Mu-jin, before that

    What I couldn't kill was Choo Chu's Korea and Japan

    it was only The opportunity that was thrown away

    Moyong Rain bit her lips again

    Drops of blood on the torn lips

    Because she doesn't know she looks bizarre


    “Putting a barrel in the black salve, I

    Look, tell me.”

    “Are you a black killer?”

    The Black Killer has never received a quest.

    Moorim's notoriety of never failing

    It was a high watering group.

    "okay. I have work to entrust to you.

    Guess I'll have to get some blood on my hands


    "Madam, then how many, how many lives?

    Are you all right?”

    "all. Ask them to bring them all."

    If it's all Black Death, the price is in the ceiling

    It not only soars to the ground, but also stalks a small sect

    I was able to live.

    "all… … Yo? How many members of the family are there; killing ten people is too much you wouldn't need this."

    Need to kill a pig with a cow knife

    Are you there, the quarrel is asking so

    It was.

    “Everything, torn limbs to shreds

    tell them to stand up to Hae-won

    I have to bring it.”

    Mumbling at the hesitation of quarrel

    Her face shone brightly.

    The reason why I was only hanging out with Dae-won

    in front of the corpses of those who lost their lives

    What kind of face does that sissy in

    Shall I?

    “No, before I saw it, I

    Do you want me to die?"

    Mo Yong-bi's gloomy voice resounds

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    Thank yo so much~
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    lol Namgoong Ihwan way to goooo~
    so in the first place Namgoong Jiha could've rejected being engaged to Haewon but he didn't lolol. He won't be able to realize his feelings due to his pride, but ohhh well....not that I care hoho keep your pride cuz all is well with our oraboni and Haewon <3

    Moyong Bi is desperate lol. wait till you have to pay a large sum of money to kill her but then fails miserably haha
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    "haha… Don't, ma... … ."

    At that time, I was confused by Soye's jinbeop.

    Hong-ju is back in a hurry.

    "Come on! what do you do now


    Planting the already sensitive Mo Yong-bi

    I want to go against it, so I have a bitter quarrel

    Grabbing Hong-joo's arm roughly and dragging him outside

    “Your mother is in a bad mood right now.

    So, if you don't want sparks

    Stay quiet.”

    Come inside, in a suffocating voice

    Sibi glanced at Hong Joo.

    However, Hong-joo understands Hill-nan.

    the situation was not

    “That girl… … she... … . ha

    There is always a thunderbolt... … the beast... …

    Huh, bees, bugs... ."

    “What the hell are you talking about?

    Why are you like this again? where do you go

    Have you seen God?”

    Hongjoo's hair is messy

    Well, it's been a long time since I was half frozen.

    Even her face turns blue and trembles

    It looked like he was talking.

    She's the strangest I've ever been through

    Tried to uncover her curses. But

    As soon as she finished speaking, in front of her eyes

    Her lightning flashed.

    “Soye, that, huh… … jane

    end… … I'm drunk... … . very bad

    One… … He's a cursed wizard, ah!

    Another thunderbolt!”

    Hong-joo takes a step back and jumps

    it got messed up

    "What is lightning, the sky is fine

    distant. Hongjoo, what the hell are you doing?”

    “Jin So-ye, she’s a normal kid

    It's you. He says he uses magic. no matter how

    I can't come back to the gate even if I walk

    it was Like a maze... … . crab

    The beast and the thunderbolt and all kinds of curses

    to me... … !”

    “It’s magic, what kind of shit is that?

    It sounds like crap... … ? ugh, ji

    I don't have time to worry about you

    Calm down. and jin soye

    There's no need to kick a girl out.

    It’s because the command of the lord has changed.”

    All nerves are Mo Yong-bi's every move

    The quarrels that are concentrated on the family are Hongju

    He ignored his words.

    “Sister, listen to me… …

    Aww! Thunderbolt again!"

    I can only see Hong Joo's eyes again

    Lightning struck. like her

    As if trying to cover her mouth.

    Hong-ju is a blind gleam from afar

    She found Sue's pupils. so far

    her ferocious beast that has been chasing her

    I was terrified by the light in their eyes.

    "please! Please forgive me! never tell me

    I won't! I won't tell anyone

    Because If I stay here, only lightning strikes"

    She realized that she was going to

    she turned white

    "Heh, huh, huh!"

    I can't even breathe properly

    The Lord ran away.

    “What, why are you like this girl? ear

    As if God had seen it... … .”

    All of a sudden, he mumbled to himself and huh

    Seeing her running away

    Another quarrel tilted her head.

    "What is it? Where did Hong-joo go?”

    "I don't know either. It's a thunderbolt from before.

    It's magic.

    Then she said, and she ran away.”

    "thunderbolt? What kind of rice in this dry sky


    The quarrels tilted her head.

    "So. I don't care about anything in vain

    Nigo, Uh-huh, the review brought by Dae-won

    Min's sissy makes me panic

    Even if your mind wandered."

    “Heh, Hong Joo, how clever he is.

    place. sit on top of your head

    there will be Madam's mood

    It's annoying, so I'm afraid I'll catch fire for nothing

    It must have splattered.”

    "right? Anyway, with the Black Slayer

    My head hurts from touching

    I'm sick, but she's lost in cooking again

    because you went out anyway foxy

    jane. Aww, that's silly."

    The quarrels buy Hongju in a hurry

    She chimed as she looked into the darkness.

    That night, Hong Joo was terrified

    She went to pack her bags and rush to Sichuan Party

    She found out later that she had left.


    But even then they did not know

    there was. Commoners brought in by Dae Dae-won

    Little, the reality of Jin Soye.

    The night when the little bird cries strangely,

    In the cup where the dragon Sega stays, there is still

    The light didn't go out either.

    Whistle, sharp with the sound of the wind

    A wasp boasting a lucky claw and beak

    an open window with a bird of prey

    flew inside

    "Quick, quiver!"

    The wave release of Moyong Sega is the owner

    watched and cried Somewhat bleak night

    The cries echoing on the floor

    Got goosebumps like scratching with


    "Good work."

    Mo Yong Sega's head, Mo Yong-seok

    Reach out your hand with a benevolent smile

    It was.

    I put my hand in the box next to him.

    Except he is a cute little rabbit

    holding Marie.

    Did I even have a foreboding of my fate?

    A baby rabbit in the hands of Mo Yong-seok

    I struggled desperately.

    Stroke, he took the rabbit out the window

    threw At the same time, the wave is like lightning

    snatch this rabbit

    Crackle, broken bones and flesh

    A hawk enjoying a chewy meal

    Mo Yong-seok's heartwarming gaze fell

    sat down

    “That’s right, you’re eating well.”

    Eyes that feel almost warm

    Cold-blooded with no light, no blood or tears

    It was hard to believe that

    “Would you like one more?”

    he opened the lid of the box again

    All. The bubbly bunnies

    crumpled body box

    He reached out again inside.

    woah and wobbly.

    Pabalmae's meals have been around for quite some time.


    Mo Yong-hui quietly looked at his father.

    it was Beautiful lips as if painted

    went up faintly. silently

    is lightly ridiculed in laughter


    'The new seller is better than me.

    To the children who inherited blood

    Rock cruel man to mere beauty

    How little interest is shown

    There is always a relaxed smile

    Dawn Mo Yong-hwi's face is instantly clear

    Rock was cold.

    The sullenness that brushed his son's face

    Knowing or not knowing, Mo Yong-seok

    Release ends the meal satisfactorily

    I went back only after seeing it.

    A window sill held by a bird's claw

    There are several fluffy hairs in the stool.

    It was buried deep.

    Folded finely from the legs of Pabalmae

    Mo Yong-seok, who took out the note, was arrogant.

    He leaned his body into the posture.

    His eyes that opened the note

    It gets bigger for a moment, and in one part of the note

    He stayed deep.


    Mo Yong-seok quickly smiled.

    spewed out

    “For at least ten days, the road will run wild.

    I thought you would get a reply right away.

    My sister judged the situation like this

    She didn't know she was fast."

    “What did your aunt say?”

    A smooth voice leaked from Hui.

    came out Mo Yong-seok took a note

    He folded the song one by one and answered lightly.

    “The Sichuan Party at the Sega Union

    to kill all the people of

    group. before they arrived in Sichuan


    “Including the garrison party


    “Rumors of Munpa Daejeon spread to Sacheon.

    Raise Haejun as the heir before turning

    It seems like a real idea. but the party

    Trying to get rid of Gaju, aunt

    You are not like you.”

    “This is why if a woman has a grudge, oh

    She said that even New Wall would be frosty.

    When she has her feelings for a woman

    You are more generous than anyone in the world, but once

    When I turn around, it's as fierce as the north wind

    It is not.”

    Mo Yong-seok laughed.

    “Of course, Biya really wants to kill him.

    Your opponent will be different, though.

    In the first line of the killing department, the person concerned goes up.

    There is.”

    the person concerned.

    It wasn't an unexpected name.

    However, she said that her name came from her father.

    When it came out, the corners of Hwi's lips became fleshy.

    foot hardened

    "Hmm, the succession of our clan is so fast.

    Lee changed, this is progressing fast

    I will.”

    “I was still concerned. Party

    Haewon, that girl is no ordinary girl. deceiving the villain all the time

    I've been hiding the ball, like a rat

    In terms of subtlety and gloomy,

    It might be more troublesome than a corner

    I will.”

    To be cunning and gloomy in Moorim

    Mo Yong-seok-gun, who will be sad if he is the second

    The evaluation of this falling sea

    it was tight

    If Hae-won knew, a dog with poop

    He said that it was a chaff-covered dog, and he snorted his nose.

    would have been stuck

    “You have to step on anything that bothers you in advance.

    It’s a no-brainer.”

    However, Mo Yong-seok was able to destroy the enemy's cotyledons.

    Boasts the strongest nib for sensing

    was a man who

    Hae-won is annoying in his eyes

    The thing is that in the distant future she

    Words that are more likely to hinder your progress

    It was.

    “I have to move the Demon Blood Group.”

    blood gang. The principal's immediate escort

    Now, a magic school led by Mo Yong-hwi

    was an elite army of The four kings also

    He belonged to the demon blood clan.

    “If Biya comes out like this, listen to it.

    hey hey First of all

    get rid of it The party is next.”


    “First of all, what you need the most is

    It must be 'absence of a legitimate successor'

    I killed everyone except Hae-jun.

    You can throw it away.”

    And the demon blood group is the only demon lord

    move only under the command of that

    Even though it’s Mo Yong-seok who doesn’t know

    to wield the limbs under Qi Ze

    What is the reason for the command?

    “Dear Father, I also

    I want to make my mother's dream come true

    The heart is like a chimney, but it is the devil

    No, it’s the work of Moyong Sega.”

    Hwi let out a smirk.

    “Before I am Mo Yong, I am

    It is a faithful servant who serves the That

    Destroying the demon army without permission

    You cannot move.”

    “I had to tell the teacher later.

    All. In the midst of getting used to the shell

    How can you treat a busy person with a small thing?

    Are you trying to interrupt your business?"

    In Jeonggok, where his son stabbed Moyong Seok

    raised his voice.

    “Am I saying that you like me? four

    Tian Dangmun has been used as a poison and antidote since ancient times.

    The best characters in the Ramen Moorim

    I'm bringing you!”


    “If you get them, baekhyun cho

    that it can advance the study of powder

    How can I not know!”

    The magician enters the magic with a strange power

    Since ascending to the throne, they have a strange filial piety.

    A study of white lotus root powder showing fruit

    hung on

    However, performance is still sluggish

    could not escape white lotus powder

    Those who ingested it with great strength and perfection

    showed one obedience, but it was

    it was only

    If it's a hundred, all the bags are foamy and porridge

    because it's gone
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    Reading List:
    Years to prevent that side effect

    An astronomical amount went into

    However, the duration of the powder is slightly reduced.

    It only increased.

    Mo Yong-seok-gun, Baek-ryeon, faced difficulties

    Research of candle powder to Sichuan Tangmun

    It was a thought to carry out.

    The head of the Sichuan Dangmun, the Dang mujin radish.

    A study on the poison of a closed party with energy

    You might even be able to get your hands on the equipment.

    And the white lotus they find

    The results of the research are not magic, but

    It will fall into Yongseok's hands.

    Only use white lotus root powder properly

    If possible, Mo Yong-seok-gun will be the headmaster.

    You can get over it!’

    Even if you hold hands with the magician, you are greedy

    Unlucky Yong-seok Mo is hosi-tam-tam to them.

    I saw an opportunity to get over it.

    "As the devil disappears, it is established in Sacheon.

    The black field I had been trying to achieve was useless.

    Two businessmen are gone and the money is flowing

    It has gone down drastically!”

    Mo Yong Seok raised his voice again.


    “Avoiding the eyes of the Moorim maeng and hiding the magic

    Creeper is also the spirit required by the teacher

    Preparing water is too much work

    It's not like I'm lifting my body

    The teacher, who is difficult to pray, pays attention to these details.

    How can you know things!"

    It's not that it's not, it's dating and ogre,

    Two of the merchants disappeared and went underwater.

    The amount of money coming in has been drastically reduced.

    So he did not use the white lotus powder.

    Securing sincerity and using it as another

    It was planned to be used as a source of funding. mother

    Yongseok-gun's intention to expand his power

    by that

    In Hwi's eyes, his father's greed

    It was clearly seen in

    "So, before hitting the party

    Shouldn't we be more careful?

    The place where the devil tried to establish a black field is a bar

    Because it is in Sichuan.”

    Ogwi was executed by the order of the headmaster

    However, the whereabouts of the couple were unknown.

    There is no sign of assassination, and the eight-star statue

    The merchants of Dan were also unharmed.

    However, dating and demonic dating

    The sound of sprinklers sent by crabs

    disappeared without a word.

    And welcomed the rest of the magicians

    All that's left is an empty mansion's treasure trove.

    In addition, the black magic of the five demons, Ansi Fortress

    The King of the Four Kings sent to was attacked by a monster.

    Received the fire and the ROK Army alone

    oh come back alive

    'The King of Four Guns is the one that the teacher raised himself.

    they are elite enough to handle them

    Otherwise, I am not a master at all.”

    Hwi's instinct to detect enemies

    He sounded a sharp alarm at him.

    If the person who has dealt with the Four Princes is dating

    What if it was in the black field of

    'Someone knows our movements

    If you're trying to stop it... .

    Than to defeat the Sichuan Party

    Finding new enemies is urgent

    it was nothing

    But as always, Yongseok Mo

    The appearance of his prudent son to himself

    I thought of it as a challenge.

    "Hey, katabuta words from a while ago

    That's a lot. just vomit mine father

    Are you trying to disobey?"

    Mo Yong-seok's eyes shone cruelly

    It was time to want everything. he has thick hands

    He wriggled the rock.

    Using the magic of magic, his son's

    The loneliness he put in his body

    It was his moving fingers.


    At the same time, the whistle staggered.

    “As long as we have teamed up with Magic

    You are a descendant of the great Moyong clan.

    Now, this is the son of Mo Yong-seok.”

    “Do you understand, my son?”

    my son.

    The loneliness in his body ran rampant, and his veins

    Hwi's lips in the broken pain

    Lee climbed up crookedly.

    Solitude is a poison parasitic in the body

    to obey only the words of the caster.

    When the host rebels against the caster, the body

    circulates through blood vessels and organs

    Because of biting here and there, no matter how

    Even a strong Moorim master is helpless

    knelt on his knees.

    And Mo Yong-seok is the first

    The subject who tested the loneliness of the devil

    It was the young son of God, Mo Yong-hwi.

    Father, I don't like it. I don't like to eat.

    It's disgusting. please… … . now magic

    I will study hard. I'll listen to you

    Yo, so please... … .)

    What to say to a weak child

    Are you stingy with this? fence

    The guy who didn't even learn the 10 stars of !)

    Father, father, please... .!)

    Namgoong jiha has already excelled in swordsmanship.

    I couldn't even pull out the sword.

    How the hell are you so far away

    I pushed him more than him.

    I couldn't move forward even an inch


    In order to surpass the Namgung Sega, he

    Three water children competed.

    He defeated all his half brothers and won

    Mo Yong-hwi was the best among them.

    I can't even reach the basement of Namgung

    To Ja Hui, a non-military member of the political faction

    He made him learn the magic of waves.

    Moorim is a world of strict self-esteem!

    If you are weak, you will rot and fall apart!

    If only I could be strong, what would a magician be?

    Is that a problem!)

    However, magic is powerful

    As such, the side effects were significant.

    I can't handle magic and go crazy

    anxiety, both physically and mentally

    Jung Hae-Jae is wearing a coin (inner air flows backwards)

    A person who falls into the runaway phenomenon)

    It was a boogie index.

    I don't want to bear the side effects ah

    The week that made Deul Hui learn magic

    Yes, Mo Yong-seok forces Hwi to

    It even fed the loneliness of magic.

    My son's sluggish learning is magic

    I thought it was because I refused


    I'll try again. do this time

    I can, please give me a chance

    you please... … . Whoops... … .)

    Horrible memories of the struggled past

    Added to the pain of this vivid reality


    "Huh? Do you understand!"

    The cold fingers that gripped the nape of my neck

    Rock, step on the tongue

    The rising live worm, the esophagus

    nauseating foreign body filling

    up to the sense.

    You don’t know.”

    Always tell me with your body

    what you give

    A beauty with pouty lips

    painted a cow beautiful face,

    Tired gaze, drowsiness is dripping

    murky voice.

    No one sees him right now

    he's feeling the pain

    not noticing the fact that



    The two eyes met. Ah

    Let's meet their eyes, Mo Yong-seok-gun

    I have goosebumps on the back of my neck without realizing it.

    it sprouted

    But at the same time recognizing that

    Mo Yong-seok smiled slyly again.

    He wiggled his finger once.

    Hui's lips hardened. Again

    Cool because of the sullen solitude,

    Beautiful lips, bright red blood

    vomited up

    "I'm glad you haven't forgotten.

    If I forgot again, this father himself

    I was just trying to teach you."

    Mo Yong-seok had a mean laugh


    A son whose solitude is within me

    forever in his palm

    He and Mo Yong-hwi knew it too.

    So he is perfect

    could fall asleep Mo Yong-seok

    gently patted his son's shoulder


    “Hey, this is what I want to do well.

    Isn't that what you're doing? i'm moorim

    If I get it, my one and only successor

    Dazzling glory will follow you


    I didn't even expect an answer.

    Yongseok-gun just said what he had to say and then

    He left without looking back.


    Why did he come to see his son in the first place?

    as if that was all.

    Hwi looking at the distant back

    Knocked his father down and broke her neck

    Lee imagined. useless, wealth

    Even if it was a vain imagination.


    he spit dried blood on his lips

    He grinned and laughed.

    “Damn it, it hurts so badly.”

    Meanwhile, his pretty face

    The pathetic father who kept me alive

    Mo Yong-hwi burst out laughing at the consideration.


    * * *

    "Brother, are you okay?"

    Stumbled and managed to hit the pole

    Worries behind Mo Yong-hwi leaning on

    A roaring voice was heard.

    One of many half-brothers

    It was mock training.

    “Oh my God, so much blood… … .

    Did you go against your father again?”

    A young girl who dyes her pubic cheeks

    licked her lips.

    "This is really my brother's body.

    You won't be left with this. this

    Even before completing the great cause

    Your breath will fly first."

    It doesn't even reach Mo Yong-hwi's shoulders.

    He was standing on his crutches with his stature.

    “Come on here, lean on me. Bangka

    I will support you.”

    The girl put Mo Yong-hui's arm on my shoulder

    Put it on top and whip it.

    His height doesn't match, so his feet are twitching

    As far as the grip on her arm

    It had quite a bit of power.

    “It’s not a day or two. father

    How is it that you are so only to your older brother?

    Are you lost?”

    Mo Yong-yeon is my supporter of my brothers.

    I vomited my complaints against my father


    “It’s not your brother, but these three

    I don't have any red flags, but to my brother

    What are you going to do if something happens?


    It's just a complaint against the governor

    If it crosses a fairly high water level in


    "It's too much. 10 years bright moon

    They said that there is no flower that blooms for one year.

    How long will Daddy... …


    "How long."

    Exhaling harshly ever

    Mo Yong-hwi, who was quiet other than that, was his younger brother.

    The words of Yeonsu while repeating the words of

    cut out

    “I’m afraid you’re going to play with me.

    Who is my master?"

    Mo Yong-yeon was startled. bell

    Dunn girl's thick lips for a moment

    I thought I was trembling, but then it rained

    Her porridge raised the corners of her lips.

    “How did you know?

    I did.”
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    Black Sword Group/Black Assasin Squad = Heuk-Saldan(in Korean)

    I Am The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Chapter 76

    It has been more than 10 years since she had been feeding Haewon the Shigum herb to block her Ki from flowing.

    Mo Yong-bi, who was meticulous, even adjusted the amount of the Shigum Herb to feed Haewon every year.

    To block all the Ki in Haewon's body.

    And it was successful. As a result, no inner energy was felt in Haewon's body.

    "But how!"

    Moyong Bi trembled.

    The note also mentioned the pathetic situation of Haejun, in contrast to people's cheer for Dang Haewon who went to the battle instead of him(Jun).

    'You're treating Dang Haewon as the successor instead of Hae-jun?'

    Mo Yong-bi's heart felt like it was going to break in the part where her son was being ignored even by the Headmaster of Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    “Beating Kumaji, it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. You can’t become strong in an instant like that……. How, obviously, it can't be….."

    Moyongbi stopped.

    She had a sense of deja vu for a moment. The strange anxiety she felt when Haewon suddenly left for Jinju and came back.

    "Dang Hae-won, that bitch deceived me. Even though I knew it, so far …… That's why she killed Shin-ah and Mi-hee(the assasin). That's why there was no contact from Mi-hee….. She cut off all the people I attached and brought my hands and feet."

    Haha. Laughter came from her red-painted lips.

    "Ahaha, ahaha!"

    A sharp laugh came out that sounded like a communion.She held her stomach and laughed. She laughed so hard that she had to wipe away tears.

    'Why is Lady laughing all of a sudden?'

    'I guess Dang Hae-won expected it. After all, no matter what, it's not in your palm.'

    The maids were a little relieved by the appearance of Mo Yong-bi, who seemed to be enjoying it.

    They were scared when she(Bi) saw a note a little while ago and looked like an Angler fish, but fortunately……

    Clank! Clnksss!


    No, that's not it.

    The maids froze. This is because Moyong Bi swept away the table in anger. The tea set fell hard and broke into pieces.

    "Dang Hae-won! How dare you stab me in the back! How dare you, little bitch!"

    "My Lady!"

    Mo Yong-bi began to smash everything in sight.

    The spilled tea flooded, the luxurious vase flew to the wall and shattered into pieces, and the expensive scroll was torn apart from the hands of Moyong Bi.

    "My Lady, please calm down!"

    Although she was not a master, the room quickly became a mess as she was trained in Martial Arts as the famous daughter of Moyong Clan.

    Because she threw it recklessly without even looking, the maids had to run around the room with their blue faces to avoid the attack of Moyong Bi.

    "Huff…., Huff….."

    Mo Yong-bi was gasping for breath as the anger did not go away even after hitting everything.

    "M, My Lady….. Please calm down."

    "You're asking me to calm down! Two years ago, she tried to push Haejun away and take over the Sacheon Dang Clan! All my work for ten years! It was for nothing!"

    Mo Yong-bi shouted loudly. The grimly distorted face looked like an Angler fish despite her beauty.

    "I've only managed to suppress it ······· I couldn't remove it."

    <Nothing but a genius, who appears once a thousand years. Her strength, internal energy, everything is outstanding. Did you say she was your stepdaughter? Well, that's a shame. As long as that girl is alive, your son will never be the Clan's head. It's like a Dragon and an Earthworm fighting, so close your heart early(like to not expect anything).>

    Mo Yong-bi recalled memories of the past.

    <But, what's the matter with you? Moorim lacks leadership. When this child grows up, she will leave her name in history. Don't think too seriously. She might be a stepdaughter, but where can you get one like her? This is also a blessing.>

    The memory of the moment that completely changed Dang Hae-won and her life.

    "Da, Dang Mujin, how much did he love that girl ········ I can't forget Eon Seoyeon… I've been waiting for decades… I'll take it again. It's only going to get worse now. Just like back then, Eon Seoyeon, to that bitch…"(OMG! She is such a creep! She reminds me of the villain of POSITIVELY YOURS! Ugh~ Friggin Scary~~~)

    Crackling, Mo Yong-bi chewed her nails.

    After Eon Seoyeon's death, she forced her brother to push her through the Dang Clan. Because of Dang Mujin, who was reluctant to remarry her, she had to wait for a long time even after the death of Seoyeon.

    After a long struggle, she took the position of Hostess, but that was all. Dang Mujin's heart was always with his dead ex-wife. (If I can go to that world, I'll just save Seoyeon!༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽)

    Eventually she gave up on winning the heart of Dang Mujin.

    His true love was Eon Seoyeon from beginning to end.

    But now, Eon Seo-yeon's daughter was trying to take the place of her son, who was like a golden one.

    "Never… You can never…"

    Mo Yong-bi's face glistened mercilessly. It was more meaningful(scary) to see her frozen cold than to vent her anger like a demon.

    "I have to move first. Before she takes it, I'll…"

    She picked up her brush and wrote a letter to send to the palm of a Falcon. It was a letter to her brother, Mo Yong-seok.

    'If it's my brother, he'll be able to deal with her without a trace.'

    Moyongbi did not know that the Moyong Clan was communicating with the Demon Sect.

    However, she knew from several years ago that the Moyong Clan was running a secret elite group that was not revealed to Moorim. Also, the fact that Mo Yong-seok was using the elite group to remove his political opponents.


    Mo Yong-bi, who had even written Dang Mujin's name in the letter that was nothing more than a murderer, paused. And she bit her lip and hesitated, as if she were sad about that.

    It's your fault. If you had forgotten Seoyeon and didn't turn away from me! It wouldn't have been like this.'

    Maybe you didn't hate Dang Hae-won, you cared about so much.

    Because the part where Dang Haewon grew up with hatred in her heart is so big.

    Mo Yong-bi threw away even the slightest hesitation and finished the letter. and raised her head.

    When Mo Yong-bi's sharp gaze was received, the maid flinched.

    “Now I'll leave it to my brother…….. You, Dang Hae-won’s cherished ones, who were they?”

    "Well, th, that's…. That time, the two low-key kids who transferred to the escort squad… They were the soldiers who accompanied Dang Haewon to Jinju, including the two captains of the escort. We're trying to figure out how tough that girl, So-ye, is.…"

    The maid continued cautiously, fearing that she would be reprimanded for failing to expel So-ye.

    But Moyongbi was silent for a moment, as if she were lost in other thoughts.

    "That's a pretty good number. When did she grow so strong like a rat?"

    Losing her clothes wet in the crotch(it just means spilled water), Mo Yong-bi realized that she was too careless.

    According to the prophecy, Dang Haewon will grow without limits.

    So even now, I had to kill her before she was fully awakened.

    'I should've done this earlier. Instead of pushing her to marry Namgoong Jiha, I should have dealt with her before….."

    She couldn't kill her before because she was wary of Dang Mujin. The opportunity she let slip by was frightening.

    Mo Yong-bi bit her lips again. She didn't know she looked bizarre because of the drops of blood on her torn lips.

    "Send a message to the Black Assassin Squad and tell them I'll see."

    "The Black Assassin Squad?"

    The Black Assassin Squad was a notorious group in Murim that had never failed a request received.

    "Yeah. I have something to entrust to you. I think I should get some blood on my hands."

    "Lady, how many people do you have in mind?"

    "Everyone, tell them to bring them all."

    If all the Squad Members were recruited, the price would skyrocket and they could slaughter a small whole Clan .

    "All ········? If it's to kill Dang Haewon's subordinates, it probably won't be necessary."

    They were asking if there was a need to catch a pig with a cow catching knife.

    "Tell them to tear their(Haewon"s companion) limbs apart and collect them. I need to bring it to Haewon."

    Her face, muttering at the hesitation of the maid, glowed bleakly.

    What kind of face will the girl make in front of the bodies of those who lost their lives just because they were associated with her?

    "No, will you die before I see that?"

    Mo Yong-bi's dreary voice rang out.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 77

    "Huff, Huff…. M, My Lady…."

    At that time, Hong-ju, who was shocked by Soye's truth, came back in a hurry.

    "Come on! What have you done now...!"

    Worried about offending Mo Yong-bi, who was already sensitive, Shi-bi grabbed Hong-ju's arm and led her outside.

    "She's in a bad mood right now, so if you don't want to make it worse, just leave quietly."

    As she could hear it inside, the maid with a hushed voice gave Hong-ju a hint. However, Hong Joo was not in a situation to understand her(the maid).

    “That girl….. she… there were thunderbolts in the sky… and beasts… worms, bees, and bugs…. "

    "What the hell are you talking about? What's wrong with you? Did you see a ghost somewhere?"

    Hongju's hair was very messy and half-faced for a long time. Even her face was pale blue and she was shaking.

    She tried to shed light(uncover) on the bizarre curses she had been through. But as soon as she finished speaking, lightning flashed before her eyes.

    "Soye, she, that b······ she is a······ magician…… she's a terrible······ curse magician, Aughhh! Another lightning!"

    Hong-ju took a step back and fell down.

    "What lighting?! The sky is clear. Hongju, what's wrong with you?"

    "Jin So-ye, she... She's not an ordinary person. She used magic. I couldn't return to Dang Estate even if I walked! Like a mage…. Besides, the beast and the lightning strike and all kinds of curses on me……"

    "Magic, what kind of nonsense is that…? Ugh, I don't have time to worry about you right now. And Jin Soye, there's no need to kick that girl out. The lady's command has changed."

    The maid, whose whole mind was focused on every move of Moyong Bi, overlooked Hongju's words.

    "Unnie, listen to me... Augh, lightning again!"

    Again, lightning struck only in Hongju's eyes. As if to shut her up.

    Hongju found the eyes of a wild beast in the distance. She was horrified by the glow of the boisterous beasts that had chased her so far.

    "Please! Forgive me! I won't tell her again! I won't tell anyone!"

    Realizing that she would be struck by lightning if she stayed here, she was sick of the blue.

    "Haa, Haaa!"

    Without even breathing properly, Hongju ran away.

    "What, what's wrong with her? It's as if she had seen a ghost…..."

    Suddenly, she muttered to herself, and the other maid shook her head at the sight of her running away.

    "What's wrong? Where's Hongju?"

    "I don't know. She's been saying crazy things about lightning and magic and so on, and then ran away."

    "Lightning? What kind of lightning in this dry sky?"

    The maids scuttled their heads.

    "I know. It's like she's been on a wild goose chase, huh, maybe because of the commoner's girl that Dang Haewon brought in, she was terrified and her mind changed."

    "Huh, how clever Hong Ju is. I'll be sitting on top of your head. Lady's mood was really bad earlier, so I'm guessing she ran away to avoid sparks(Bi's anger)."

    "Right? My head hurts because of contact with the black Assasin squad, but Hongju just slipped away. Anyway, a foxy girl. Augh! She's so mean."

    The maids murmured as Hong-ju suddenly disappeared in the darkness.

    Later that night, they found out that Hong-ju, who was terrified, packed up and hurriedly left Sacheon's Dang Estate.

    But even then they didn't know. The reality of the commoner, Jin Soye, brought by Dang Haewon.

    On the night when the crows cry strangely, the light has not yet been extinguished in the guest house where Mo Yong Clan is staying.

    With a whistle and the sound of the wind, a bloody bird predator with sharp claws and beak flew into the open window.

    "Squeak, squeak!"

    Moyong Clan's Pavalmae/Eagle/Falcon cried as it looked at it's master.(The bird we saw at the end of Ch 45 in Seok's hand of the Manhwa)

    Somehow the cries that rang out on the bleak night made the floor creepy as if it were scraping with iron.

    "Well done."

    Moyong Seok, head of the Moyong Clan, smiled benevolently and withdrew his hand.

    He put his hand in the box next to him and pulled it out, holding a cute little rabbit.

    Perhaps foreboding it's fate, the baby rabbit desperately struggled in the hands of Moyong Seok.

    Swoosh, he threw the rabbit out the window. At the same time, Pavalmae(hawk or owl) caught the rabbit like lightning.

    Mo Yong-seok's pleased gaze fell on the hawk, which feasts with broken bones and chewy flesh of the rabbit.

    "That's right, you eat well."

    The eyes that feel warm. It was hard to believe that it was a cold blooded man with no blood or tears.


    "Would you like one more?"

    He opened the lid of the box again. Crowded baby rabbits reached back into the crate.(It means they backed down because they were scared)


    Crunch crunch.

    Pabalmae's meal lasted quite a while.

    Mo Yong-hwi quietly looked at his father. The beautiful lips as if painted rose faintly. The silent laughter contained mocking.

    'The bird's fate is better than mine.'

    How insignificant is the interest that such a cruel man shows to a mere little creature rather than his own child who has inherited his blood.

    Mo Yong-hwi's face, which always had a leisurely smile on it, became cold.

    Whether or not he knew the desolation of his son's face, Mo Yong-seok returned only after seeing pabalmae finish the meal satisfactorily.

    Around the window frame grasped by the bird's toenails, few strands of fluffy hair were scattered around.

    Mo Yong-seok pulled out a finely folded note from Falcon's leg and leaned forward in a relaxed posture.

    His eyes widened for a moment as he opened the note and stayed deep in one part of the note.


    Mo Yong-seok soon gave off a fishy smile.

    "I thought it would take at least 10 days, but I got a reply right away. I didn't know my sister was so quick to judge things."

    “What did aunt say?”

    A smooth voice came out of Hwi. Mo Yong-seok replied lightly, folding the notes one by one.

    "She wants us to kill all the people of the Dang Clan who attended the Noble Clan Conference. Before they arrive at Sacheon."


    "Including Headmaster Dang Mujin."

    "I guess she's going to put Haejun on the throne before the rumors of the Sect Battle go around the whole Moorim. But it's not like aunt, trying to get rid of the head."

    "That's why they say, when a woman bears resentment, there's frost even in May. A woman is more generous than anyone else in the world when she has a tender heart, but once it turns around, it's just as terrifying as the north wind."

    Mo Yong-seok chuckled.

    "Of course there's someone else Bi really wants to kill more than anything. The first one in the list, Dang Haewon."

    Dang Haewon.

    It wasn't an unexpected name, but when her name came out from his father, the corners of Hwi's mouth hardened.

    "Hmm, the successor to the Dang Clan will change quickly, and this will make progress faster."


    "It's still concerning. Hae-won that girl isn't an ordinary bet. She may be more troublesome than Namgoong Jiha in terms of subtlety and dreariness like a rat, to think that she deceived Bi and hid her Martial Arts the whole time."

    The evaluation of the Haewon that Mo Yong-seok, who was said to be subtle and dreary in Moorim, was harsh.

    If Haewon had heard that, she would have snorted, saying that the dog with shit was blaming the dog with the armpit.

    "You have to step on it in advance to kill it."

    However, Mo Yong-seok was a man who boasted the strongest point in detecting the enemy's worth.

    Hae-won's irritation in his eyes meant that she was more likely to interfere with their progress in the distant future.

    "We need to move the Demon Blood squad/group."(It also could be the BlackAssassin Squad, idk)

    Blood Squad/Group(It was like this 마혈단 in Korean. I'm a little confused). It was the elite army of Demons, with Mo Yong Hui as its chief, who was the direct escort of Head(of Moyong Clan). King Sagun/ The four Masters(Note in the next Chapter) were also part of this Demon blood group.

    "If Bi comes out like this, you should listen to it. Get rid of Dang Haewon first. And then Dang Mujin."


    "The most necessary thing for her is the absence of the legitimate successor, so they can kill all the rest easily except Dang Haejun."


    And the Blood Group only moves under the orders of the Clan's Head. Why is it that Mo Yong-seok, who can't be unaware of it, commands them as if they were acting under his command?(Moyong Seok probably isn't the Head of Moyong Clan.)

    "Dear Father, I also wish to fulfill your long-cherished desire, but this should be the work of the Moyong clan, not the Demons."

    Hwi let out a smirk.

    "I am a faithful servant who serves Headmaster Moyong before anything. So I can't move the Blood Group without his permission."

    "We can inform the Head later. How can we interfere with such a small matter to a person who has bigger matters to handle?"

    Mo Yong-seok raised his voice at the peak of his son's stab.

    "Am I doing this for me? The Sacheon's Dang Clan have had the best characters in Moorim when it comes to poison and antidote since ancient times!"


    "How can we not know that if we get our hands on them, we can speed up the research of Baekryun Flower powder!"

    Since Demon Sect ascended with Demons with strange power, they have devoted themselves to the study of Baekryun powder, which has shown extraordinary effects.

    However, results have yet to be found to be sluggish. Those who consumed the Baekryun powder showed great strength and perfect obedience, but it was only for a short time.

    Because all who consumed it had foam in their mouth and they ended up dead.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 78

    Astronomical sums have been spent over the years to prevent the side effects, but it only slightly increased the duration of the powder.

    Mo Yong-seok was determined to carry out the study of Baekryeon powder, which was faced with difficulties, to the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    If the Haewon and Dang Mujin of the Sacheon's Dang Clan collapse, they will be able to touch the closed research facilities of the Dang Clan.

    And the results of the Baekryun Flower research they find will fall into the hands of Mo Yong-seok, not the Demon Sect.

    'If only Baekryeon powder can be used properly, Mo Yong-seok's power can surpass the headmaster!'

    Mo Yong-seok, who was greedy even though he held hands with the Demon Sect, saw a chance to overcome them.

    "With the disappearance of the Jang Gwong, the black market that I was going to build in Sacheon became useless. I've lost a lot of money since two(Jang and Gwang-yoon) bad guys fell out!"

    Mo Yong-seok raised his voice again.

    "It's not easy to hide the Demon Sect from the eyes of the Moorim Alliance, nor to prepare the spirits required by the Headmaster, but how can the Headmaster who has a hard time taking care of himself know these details!"

    Not that it wasn't, but the money that came into the Clan drastically decreased as the old man, the ogui, and the two merchants disappeared.

    So he planned to secure the stability of the Baekryun powder and use it as another source of funding. This is to expand Mo Yong-seok's own power.

    In Hwi's eyes, father's greed is nothing but an empty treasure chest of lovers.

    In addition, Sagun Wang*, who had been sent to Anshi Castle/Fortress, the black market of Ogui, was attacked by unidentified men and returned alone.
    (* It was written like this 사군왕은, it can also mean Four Masters/King. So I'm not sure if it'll be King Sagun or Four king/Masters. If it's king/Master Sagun it's singular and of it's not it means an elite squad! So I'm using it as 'Sagun-wang' as a singular! REMEMBER it can be plural too. This is also a note for the previous chapter)

    'Sagun Wang is an elite warrior raised by the Headmaster himself. He's a master enough to deal with them.'

    Hwi's instinct to sense the enemy gave him a sharp alarm. What if the person who took care of the Sagun-wang was also in Hakseong?

    "If someone knows our movement and tries to stop it ······."

    It was more urgent to find that enemy rather than killing Sacheon's Dang's group.

    However, as usual, Mo Yong-seok considered his cautious son a challenge to himself.

    "Hwi, you've been talking a lot about this and that. Just throw it up. Are you trying to disobey your father?"

    It was when Mo Yong-seok's eyes were cruelly shining. He wriggled his thick fingers.

    It was a finger that moved the Godog(蟲毒/ Poisonous insect) that was put inside his son's body using magic skill.


    At the same time, Hwi staggered.

    "Even if we join hands with the Demons, you are still a descendant of the great Mo Yong Clan and the son of Moyong Seok."


    "Do you understand, my son?"

    My son.

    The corners of Hwi's lips rose sharply in the pain of the blood vessels being cut as the Godog in his body ran wild.

    Godog is a venomous insect parasitic in the body that only obeys the words of the Caster.

    When the host rebelled against the Caster, he wandered around his body and bit blood vessels and organs here and there, so even the strongest Moorim master would kneel helplessly.

    And Moyong Seok was the first person to experiment with the Godog of the Demon Sect, his young son, Moyong Hwi.
    (What a piece of shit! Ugh~ T-T I feel bed for Hwi)

    <Father, I don't want to. I don't want to eat it. It's gross. Please…… Now I'll practice martial arts hard, I'm going to listen everything you say, so please…..>

    <What do you have to say for a weak son? You didn't even learn the 10 skills of swordsmanship!>

    <Father, Father, please…!>

    < Namgoong Jiha has already mastered Swordsmanship, even Martial Arts. You're so far away than him that even if you push him without a hitch he wouldn't move an inch!>

    He made his twenty-three children compete with each other in order to overcome the Namgung Clan.

    When Mo Yong-hwi, who defeated all half brothers and won, fell short of Namgung Jiha despite being the best among them, he was forced to learn the magic of Sapa(Poison Art? Probably?), instead of martial arts.

    <Moorim is a world of strongholds! Weaklings are rotting and falling! If only this way you could be strong, what would be the problem with magic!>

    However, the side effects of the magic were considerable as they were powerful.

    The number of people who went crazy because they couldn't handle the magic attack or who were unstable both physically and mentally and went into Juhwaimma(a phenomenon where the internal strength flows back or runs away) was enormous.

    Unwilling to bear the side effects, Mo Yong-seok forced his son Hwi to learn magic, and even forcefully fed Hwi the Godog.

    Because he thought that his son's lack of martial arts was due to his refusal to learn Magong/magic.

    <I'll try again. You can do it this time, give me a chance, so please ······. Whoops…...>

    The terrible memories of the struggling past were added to the pain of vivid reality.

    "Huh? You didn't forget!"

    Cold fingers gripping the nape of his neck, living worms crawling inside, and a disgusting sense of foreign body filling the esophagus.

    "...I didn't."

    You always would let me know through my body anyways.

    The colorful lips drew a pouty smile. A beautiful face, a cunning gaze, a languid voice.(It's Hwi not Seok, who was smiling)

    No one will ever notice that he is feeling a blinding amount of pain in front of his eyes right now.


    Both of their eyes met. When he met his son's eyes, Moyong Seok unconsciously felt chill all over his neck.

    However, as soon as he realised it, Mo Yong Seok smiled again and twitched his finger once.

    Hwi's face hardened. Because of the Godog that raged once again, his well-shaped lips vomited bright red blood.

    "I'm glad you didn't forget. If you had forgotten again, this father would have taught you personally."

    Moyong Seok gave a nasty smile.

    He and Mo Yong-hwi both knew that as long as the Godog was inside his body, Hwi would be in his father's hand forever.

    So he couldn't have been more considerate. Mo Yong-seok gently tapped his son on the shoulder.

    "Hwi, this isn't about me being successful, you know that right? If I put the murim in my hands, as my one and only successor, you will receive dazzling glory."


    Perhaps he did not expect an answer, Mo Yong-seok said only what he had to say and left without looking back.

    Like that was the only reason he came to visit his son in the first place.

    Hwi looked at his distant back and imagined breaking his neck by knocking his father down. Although it was just a useless, futile imagination.


    He grinned, spitting dry blood around his mouth.

    "Damn it, it hurts like hell."

    Meanwhile, Mo Yong-hwi burst into laughter at the pathetic consideration of his father, who kept his(Hwi's) pretty face intact.

    * * *

    "Are you all right, brother?"

    A worried voice came from behind Mo Yong-hwi, who stumbled and barely managed to lean on the pillar.

    It was Moyong Yeon, one of the many Step-siblings.

    "Oh my God, there's so much blood.... Did you go against your father again?"

    The girl who dyed her cheeks clenched her lips.

    "You're not really going to leave your brother's body. In other words, your life will be lost before you complete the great task."

    She stood on tiptoe at a height less than Mo Yong-hwi's shoulders.

    "Now, here, lean on me. I'll help you to your room."

    The girl put Mo Yong-hwi's arm on her shoulder and frowned.

    Considering that her feet were trembling because of the height difference, she had quite a force in her grip to hold his arm.

    "It's not just a day or two. How could father be so hard on you?"

    Moyong Yeon expressed her displeasure towards her father, who did that to her brother.

    "By the way, I don't have anything against these three other than my brother(She doesn't have any grudge against them other than that they hurt Hwi), but if something happens to my brother, what am I going to do?"

    It's not just a complaint against the family head, it's a pretty high level.

    "It's too much. You said that there are no bright moons for 10 years and no flowers that bloom for 1 year, but until when will father…"

    "Until when."

    Mo Yong-hwi, who had been quiet except for breathing hard so far, cut off and repeated Yeon's words.

    "Are you going to play with me, my Master?"

    Moyong Yeon was startled. The thick lips of the girl, who was babbling, trembled for a while, and soon raised the corners of her mouth.

    "How did you know? I thought you wouldn't notice."

    I'm the Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 79

    The appearance of the younger sister, who was crying and worried about her brother, went somewhere and the child laughed.

    Her cruelly shining eyes made her less like a child.

    "I can smell the blood all the way here. If my father knew that the headmaster was here, he would be terrified."

    "Hmm well, I thought it would be covered in the smell of your blood."

    Mo Yong-hwi sighed as the girl shrugged her shoulders. Fatigue subsided on the beautiful face.

    "How are you feeling, Lord?"

    "This is the worst. I failed again this time. Look at this, the skin will explode even if you put a little pressure on it."(It means whatever he is, he took another person's skin and now he's wearing it. And if he presses it a little it torn off. How creepy!)

    Under the soft silk that the girl was wearing, a scar was seen.

    There were traces of patchy stitching here and there on the skin, as if the clothes had been folded.

    “You need more spiritual power to contain it. If you spit out your aura like this before you can even find the power of the demon, Chi-woo will smell it and chase you."


    "Yeah, that creepy bastard in the basement. The watch dog."

    The girl's impression was distorted in an instant along with the bloody sound of her teeth clenching.

    But she smiled again as if she had never done so.

    "Never mind, it's useless. You don't have to worry because there are plenty of places to hide this magic."

    The girl lifted Mo Yong-hwi's chin with her index finger. Moyong Hwi's blue eyes met the eyes of a girl which was all black.

    "You've got your body ragged again. Tch, I didn't give your father Godog for this."


    The girl slowly leaned toward Mo Yong-hwi. The red, thick lips were fluttering.

    "Hoo, I'll do it."

    The girl breathed out a black breath. Black smoke formed a round sphere in the air and was sucked into Mo Yong-hwi's mouth.

    Unknown black aura, magic.

    What the girl exhaled was the core of the demon and pure magic/aura that contained the power of a demon.

    That powerful energy permeated Moyong Hwi's body. The blood and intestines that were generated by Godog were randomly tossed.

    At last, the blood circulated smoothly, and little by little, blood began to circulate on Mo Yong-hwi's face, which was dazed.

    However, Mo Yong-hwi's blue eyes, which were as blue as the sky due to his acceptance of magic, were mixed with black.

    Like clear blue sea water contaminated with black oil.

    "Well, that was still insufficient."

    Once again, the girl tried to blow her energy close to his face. Mo Yong-hwi turned his head and avoided it.

    "Because it's still a long way off. I couldn't recover all the torn internal organs."

    "That's enough."

    His side smile over his sharp jawline signified a polite but clear rejection.

    The girl giggled.

    "That's why I like you. People who once tasted this magic/aura/energy lose their minds and change like a maw and beg for more, but you're not like that."


    The girl thumped her nose on the face of Mo Yong-hwi, who just smiled without answering.

    "You smell good. It's faint, but even that smells delicious and sweet. It can't be your stinky father, and my God, what did you eat on the way?"

    "I've eaten nothing but a dozen blood droplets. Go away. If you push your nose, it makes me want to rip your face off."

    "Ouch, then it must be your sister's skin that gets ripped to pieces?"

    "We're not very close in the first place. There still will be more than 20 left anyways."

    The girl giggled.

    "That's right. With twenty-three children, no one in the underworld boasts fertility as vigorously as your father. What's the secret?"

    "Well, it's not that difficult because it's just a cheap job."

    The girl giggled again at the soft yet blunt answer.

    "Master, we're moving the Blood Demon Squad/ Black Assasin Squad."

    "Oh? Was that your father's idea? That's why you look like this. Who is it this time?"

    "Sacheon's Dang Clan."

    Mo Yong-hui answered meekly.

    "They are the best when it comes to poison in Moorim, so you'll be able to find the answer to the Baekryun powder."

    "Huh···· Your father's greed as a pig is annoying, but it's not unbearable. One thing that makes you here is…"

    The girl's expression hardened for a moment.

    "I like beautiful things."

    A small index finger stretched out. And he seductively swept Mo Yong-hwi's jawline, not like a child.

    "It's a shame I didn't meet you earlier. If your body wasn't like this, I would have been wearing you now."

    Mo Yong-hwi grinned.

    Because of the Godok my father forcibly fed me, I didn't lose my skin to the Demon Lord.

    'Do I have to thank him for this?'

    "When my strength comes back ...… I'll free you from your father."

    He didn't miss the greed in his master's eyes. He knew that the reason why the Master cared about him was because he was limited to consumables that he used and discarded. (Like that Demon Lord or whatever can take over someone specific and Hwi was one of em)

    Only the opponent had changed, but the hand reaching out toward him was familiar.(Poor Hwi (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ). Everyone wants to use him)

    "I like beautiful things. So I'll break(destroy) the heavens, you break the earth."


    "Let me show you how fascinating it is when beautiful things fall apart."

    But Mo Yong-hwi pretended not to know anything, pretended not to be seen, and just smiled cunningly.

    "I look forward to it."

    * * *

    In the carriage heading to Sacheon, Dang Haejun, who still cannot grasp the situation, learned that Eon Gunwoo had decided to accompany them to Sacheon.

    "Why is he here!"

    "Be careful what you say. I personally invited the Young Master to go with me."

    He shut up when Dang Mujin warned him in a low voice, but that was only for a while.

    Dang Hae-jun, who was sitting opposite Gun-woo with a shriveled face, looked serious as if he had witnessed a very serious conspiracy.

    "Don't tell me father ……"

    What's going on in your little head?

    As if Gunwoo was taking away the Dang Clan of Sacheon, Haejun raised his eyebrows to the fullest extent and stared at Gunwoo.

    It was a curiosity sent by a guy who couldn't even fit a fistful of Gun-woo.

    "No, you can't. Why don't you get engaged with Namgoong Clan again! He doesn't suit my sister. Is that all? The wealth he has built on as an illegitimate child that he doesn't even know his mother...…"

    "Dang Haejun."

    Hae-won's cold voice blocked the mouth of the Sacheon's Dang Clan's Young Master.

    Her eyes quickly looked at Gunwoo's eyes. Geon-woo, who was sitting with a grave face, did not pay attention to what Hae-jun said, or, in fact, was unaware of Dang Hae-jun's existence.

    But Hae-won's mind toward him was different.

    'He's pretending he's okay because he doesn't want me to care. You son of a gun. You were like this last time….. A bad puppy needs to be beaten to his senses.'

    Hae-won unleashed an intense aura without Gunwoo stopping.

    Dangm Mujin and Gunwoo had a peaceful face because they could easily endure the aura she had unleashed.

    However, Dang Haejun, who couldn't break through all the twelve meridians in his body, was not at ease.

    The Young Master of Dang Clan's mouth, whose shoulder was like crushing under the pressure, was completely blocked.

    "Ugh, sister!"

    "Come out."

    She stood up, raising her index finger as if to shut up and follow her.


    It was a gesture that seemed to call a street dog, not a younger brother. The carriage stopped for a moment.

    "Haewon, your brother will be out of breath before that."

    Hae-won takes back the energy that was pressing Dang Hae-joon due to Dang Mujin's concerns.

    After being released from the heavy pressure, Dang Haejun talked back to the audience.

    "Hyuk(like Eek expression), si, sister, you can't do this to me. Unlike Eon Gunwoo, I am a lineal descendant of this family, and how can I stand in front of the other three families….."

    “My little brother, who was a direct descendant, and who caused a Clan Battle by drinking alcohol and almost made Headmaster Dang bow down to the Hwang family, should I continue?”

    "Hyuk, sister!"

    Dang Haejun stuttered. This is because he was stabbed in pain all the time.

    "Or, the guy who still hadn't mastered Martial Arts, and the guy who begged Headmaster Dang because he was too scared......."

    "I, I'm coming!"

    Dang Hae-jun quickly replied as he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of Gun-woo.

    As soon as he stood up from his seat, Hae-won grabbed her younger brother's back and pulled him towards her.

    "Uh! Sister, it hurts!"

    "Wait, excuse me."

    Hae-won opened the carriage door with a boy who was taller than her hanging on her slender grip.

    "Don't kill him."

    Dang Mujin said in a low voice.

    Haewon smiled.

    "You know I'm soft on Hae-jun."

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 80

    The carriage stopped, and the warriors of the Sacheon's Dang Clan set up their ranks for a while. (More like they lined up)

    They tried to bow to Hae-won, who came out of the carriage door, but stopped.

    "Where are you going, Young Miss?"

    This is because they found Dang Haejun hanging from her grasp.

    "Ugh, sister, your hand….!"

    "Are you going to freshen up with Master Haejun?"

    "Yes, I'm going to refresh myself for a second."

    "Aa….. But if you hold the young master so harshly ·····."

    "Why, do you want to go with me instead of Hae-jun?"

    The warrior, who was about to offer a helping hand to Haewon's gaze, quickly shook his head.

    "No, I trust you, Young Lady! Give the Young Master the right lesson!"

    "Then excuse me for a moment."

    Haewon grabbed his brother's back and shook him and headed into the forest.

    A place where people can't see them.

    "I'm soft on you. Don't you think? I've let you run like a thunderbolt all this time."

    "Ack! Ack! It hurts!"

    Hae-jun's cry rang out in the quiet forest.

    However, there was no mercy in Haewon's hand, which slapped his cheeks.

    "If you weren't my brother, I would have broken your handsome forehead like Gumaji."

    "Ouch! It hurts, sister! Dang Hae-jun is dead! Your brother's gonna die, sister!"

    "Once more, come on!"

    "Manners! Heek! I'll keep my manners! I won't judge people by their Family and Status! I won't judge! I won't! Heek! Heek!"( Yeah, Ahem! He's crying! Lmao:blobjoy:)

    Birds of the forest flew away at the shrill shout, which was dripping with tears and runny nose.

    * * *

    "I apologize for Haejun's rudeness."

    "No, you don't have to."




    Since Haewon left, Dang Mujin and Eon Gunwoo became awkward for a while. But that too was brief.

    "So, how old are you this year?"

    "Year and date of birth?"

    "Well, three years apart? You have to be four years older to make a perfect match ········· Such a shame. How's your name spelled in Hanja?"

    "Have you ever been engaged to another woman? How many female friends have you been to and from before?"

    While his daughter was away for a while, Dang Mu-jin poured out questions at Gunwoo like a storm.

    'Let's see if you turn out like that Namgoong guy…..'

    It was because Dang Mujin wanted to investigate Gunwoo, so he couldn't miss the opportunity now.

    "My Lord……. Please stop…."

    Am Dae-joo sighed and poked Dang Mujin.

    Perhaps he realized it was rude, but Dang Mujin awkwardly moved his body toward Gunwoo again.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. My one and only daughter……."

    "I fully understand your concern. I know I'm not good for Young Lady Dang as I am right now."

    Eon Gunwoo replied calmly.

    "I will not make any trouble for Lady Dang or become a member of the Sacheon's Dang Clan. I will just stay quietly with the favor of the Lord, so don't worry about it."

    Dang Mujin paused at his answer and sent a message to Am Daeju.

    <That…. Does that mean he doesn't like Haewon? Is he rejecting me around the corner?>

    <Lord, don't send the whole note right in front of Young Master Eon. He'll notice….>


    A horse's cry was heard from far away. There was something sinister about the cry of the beast, which raised its voice and cried desperately.

    Dang Mujin paused and sighed.

    “Haewon, no, did Haejun cause another accident?”

    "Lord, I'll go and check."

    "No, I'll go, and Am Daeju please be at ease with the Lord."

    Gunwoo bowed with a polite face and opened the carriage door and went out.

    At the impeccable attitude, Am Daejoon nodded happily as if he was looking at his son-in-law without realizing it.

    “I thought he would have a high nose because he was the successor of Eon Clan and the King loves him so much, but he is polite.”

    "Didn't I say he wasn't as ignorant as Namgoong Jiha?"

    “Compared to Young Master Namgoong, everyone must have been seen as a bird. He should have been a little arrogant. Where in the world did Lady Haewon fall in love except the face of the Young Master….."

    "The face is darted. Would there be more than that? He's been eating snacks on pretty plates since he was a kid."

    "...I can't deny that."

    Dang Mujin grunted,and Am Daejoo muttered, then looked at the carriage door which was closed by Gunwoo.

    "By the way, Headmaster, why did you ask about the birth date of Young Master Eon? Why were you talking about compatibility? You've gone too far."

    "Shouldn't I see the Astrologer? Last time, Haewon liked it, so we had no choice but to pair it up, but this time we'll be discussing it one by one. For sure."

    Nevertheless, Dang Mujin looked at Gunwoo with regret.

    "Haewon only liked guys like that bitch, but this time she chose pretty well. If he's the same size as him(Jiha), he won't go anywhere…..."(It means if he turns out to be the same a Jiha, he'll beat him)

    “What do you mean, I’ll crush him. To be honest, even more than the Lord…”


    Am Dae-ju unconsciously refuted and shut up at the sad eyes of Dang Mujin.

    "Hmm, where did you get such a seonpungdogol(The appearance of a good man and the skeleton of a swordsman. It means an exceptionally outstanding appearance)?"

    "He has a good personality. He came to help us out in this Sect Battle and came to see us in person."

    "Yeah. I was surprised. The other Clan's secretly noticed Hwang's Clan('s scheme), even though they turned a blind eye towards it."

    "But if it's so lukewarm, doesn't he like Haewon?"

    "Is that possible? It must have been because of the Young Lady's that he wanted to fight the Gumaji on behalf of our Dang Clan."

    Am Daeju shook his head.

    "Now" is not good enough for the Haewon lady, so we'll have to wait and see...……"

    "Sigh, I can't figure out the complexities of the youth."

    Dang Mujin sighed.

    "I guess I'm too old. When I see Haewon, I get worried about her getting hurt again."

    The sigh of Dang Mujin was buried with eternal worries as a father.

    "Even if the headmaster isn't worried, won't the Young Lady take good care of herself? You saw her performance of the Sect Battle, didn't you?"

    "Whatever the performance may be, a parent's heart can't stop worrying about their child…….."

    It was then.


    Dang Mujin pushed Am Daeju to the side. And at the same time.


    A thick sword flew in and split the carriage in half.

    A cool breeze blew in over the roof of the carriage, which was cut off.

    A man with a silver mask suddenly raised his head. Above the mask covering the face, eyes of strange colours, not completely black or blue, were revealed.

    It was a murky color, compared to the clear sky.

    "Who is it!"

    With Am Daejoon's high shout, dozens of blades pierced the wall of the carriage.

    * * *

    "Sister, Augh, my cheeks are split in two... Sister, how can you treat me like that!"


    "Mother won't stand still. Heuk, when you get back home. She, Heek, ·····."

    Haejun, who was beaten to death by Haewon, cried and stole tears.

    I stared at his tearful eyes as if the beating was almost over at any time when I was trying to cultivate the right personality in him.

    We'll see, Hae-won said. I want to give you a slap in the mouth.

    Should I say that simplicity stupid, or that I'm glad you're not as vicious as your mother, Moyong Bi?

    Haewon sighed and uttered a quiet word.

    "You're not quite right yet."(means he needs more beat up.)

    Heeek. Dang Haejun cringed his shoulders with a blue face.

    "No, you're right! How do I get hit more here? If I get hit more, I'll die. Sister, sister, I'm going to die! Don't hit me again! Heek!"

    "So make sure you think carefully before you speak. Otherwise, my careless fist will leave before you're done, huh?"

    When Hae-won clenched her fist and shook it, Hae-jun was terrified. Even so, it looked like the mouth was still alive, even though it had been opened.(it means he was still talkative after all that beating)

    "Huh, they said you couldn't see anything when you were blinded by love, but is he so great?"


    Lo, Love?! Who loves who!

    Hae-won's face heated up quickly.

    However, her resentful brother's spout did not stop.

    "What's so great about a guy who has no power, no wealth, no way to know where he's from! You're so enchanted! He's like a rattlesnake! I'll definitely see how long that heart lasts!"

    "Ench, Enchanted? Who's enchanted by whom? That mouth of yours……!"

    Then a faint smell of blood was carried in the wind that swept through the forest.

    "Sis, sister? What's wrong with you all of a sudden…..."

    Haewon's fists stopped above Dang Hae-jun's head.

    In preparation for a fight, she wrapped her hair around her head, raising her head.


    Haewon disappeared, and only empty grasses welcomed Haejun.

    Hwi is really pitiful.

    And it seems like the Manhwa's progress is little back and forth from the novel.

    Like Ch 46 had scenes from Ch 71 and both Ch 75 of the novel.

    Her new hairstyle.... Omg she looked so pretty ♡(> ਊ <)♡

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