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    Thank you for the spoilers :blob_teary:
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    I am....aghast. All I can say is....THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTING!!!
    Chapter 81:




    Pavabak! (it’s supposed to be like a flapping sound???)

    Dang Mujin quickly and instinctively reached into his bosom. He pulled out numerous blades made of gold ingots and, like lightning, thrust them in the space above him.


    Breaking the roof of the wagon straight away.

    A strong energy flowed out from the ambushed Dang Mujin who looked around sharply.

    The smell of blood was thick in the air. It was a situation in which dozens of men who appeared to be assassins raided the Sacheondang Gate party.


    Am Daejun came out of the wagon, bleeding. He couldn't completely dodge the dozens of blades that pierced the wall like a crane.

    “Everyone! Prepare to reorganize the battalion to face the enemy!”

    At the shout of the leader, the members of the party moved in perfect unison. It was fortunate that only the elite members of the direct lineage were brought along, so the damage was small.


    Despite the surprise attack, they stopped the enemy step by step without panicking.

    ”Ugh……the west has been breached…’Guard the Lord!”

    Still, there were too many enemies, and each one was too strong.

    Each blade that struck had powerful flesh behind it that was meant to take life in a short time.

    “My lord, there are too many!”

    “Spray the Obodan Chief Poison!”

    Befitting of Moorim’s No. 1 poison masters, the unarmed people took out the poison from their arms in unison. From a small incense sachet, a subtle and mysterious scent spread. It was the secret of the Sichuan dynasty and would cause the internal organs to fail in less than five steps.

    “Go, go…!”

    However, the opponent was the most elite of magicians, the Demon Blood Group, trained with magic gong (cue Mushu from Mulan??) and white lotus powder.

    It was impossible to stop those who had already become accustomed to the constant pain with the degree of oversight. (Essentially the deadly Sacheon poison doesn’t work well on them because they were used to suffering under Moyoung Seok’s arduous training >w< )

    Am Daejun blew a stronger poison several times, but the change was also negligible. On the contrary, the hemp explosives that were exploded by the assassins caused the Sacheon fighters who were exposed to collapse. Far from being swayed by the poison of the Sacheon party, the assassins were being blown away by the sudden blue blades flying in.

    Then, the members of the Demon Blood Group changed their direction. The direction was towards Dang Mujin, the members surrounded him in a circle and continued their bloody attacks. He lost his subordinates in an instant and was single handedly, with his body of blood and flesh, facing off several people at once. Dang Mujin was not pushed at all.

    Moyoung Hwi chuckled, ‘Is this because a tiger is a tiger even if it gets old?'

    “Over your head!” cried Am DaeJun in surprise.

    However, there was a long way to avoid the attack coming from above because of the assassins occupying the east, west, north, and south of Dang Mujin.

    Dang Mujin closed his eyes without realizing it. The soldier’s blade moved through the air, cutting the wind as it flew in a dizzying way.


    A whip flew through the air and in an instant wrapped around the neck of the assailant.

    Before he could run out of breath, a large soldier blocked his path and broke his sword.

    It was Eon Gun-woo. *gritos de perra loca (translates to crazy b!tch noises)*

    Buried in the snot of the screaming horse (ma’am wtf is this?)

    After chasing the traces of baeknyeoncho (also translated as White Lotus) powder, he came back late.

    In spite of the late joining, he began to slaughter the stingers with a windy force. The speed of the roll was so fast and heavy that no one could avoid his fist .

    Seung-gi (who is even this?? Irrelevant. NEXT.), who had been leaning towards the appearance of Gun-woo, began to move again toward the Sichuan Dangmun.

    “That’s the gyoryongsak of Juk-gun…!”

    One of the other four kings, Nan, who recognized the familiar identity of Gun-woo, felt the blood drain from his face. He hastily sent a message to Moyoung Hwi.

    “Captain, it’s that guy. The guy who killed the falcon last time in Yeongpyeong Fortress!”

    ‘Eon Gun-woo?’

    Moyoung Hwi tilted his head as he looked down at Eon Gun-woo, who ran wild like a fierce tiger commanding the mountains.

    ‘Why would he do that? Eon Gun-woo? Was he that strong? What should I do? With him, this might fail. We’re not that strong!’

    There was fear on the face of king Nan who predicted failure just by the appearance of Eon Gun-woo.

    This is also because, following the last time at Maegun and Jukgun (don’t ask TT) , their army had just died at the hands of Geonwoo.

    “I’ll take care of it.”

    Whatever it is, in this situation, his existence was just unnecessary. I had to fulfill the order to annihilate all members of the Sichuan Party.

    Being! (gurlll what onomatopoeia is this???)

    For a moment, the air seemed to resonate, and then Mo Yong-hui pulled out the magic. The scattered black energy gathered together and changed into the shape of a giant sword.

    It was the pinnacle of technology to turn 'Qi', the energy of nothing, into 'river', the shape of yu.

    The only difference was that the 'Qi' was magic.

    Mo Yong-hui held a sword, the same way one would handle a child, and flew toward Eon Gun-woo.

    'I'm curious about the real face you're hiding, young master. But I'm in a bit of a hurry.’

    Moyoung Hwi smiled bitterly and lowered his sword towards Gun-woo.

    However, the sword that was meant to cut Gun-woo's body in half did not work.


    The sharp resonance of iron striking iron. A shrill noise followed by rising dust the color of soot.

    Haewon ran with Uicheon's sword and managed to block Moyoung Hwi’s sword.

    If it were any other sword, it would have been split in two by Moyoung Hwi’s sword, but the Uicheon sword, which was said to be Cao Cao's famous sword, took it without any problem.

    However, Mo Yong-hui's swordsmanship was different from others’ swordsmanship. Since it was a weapon welded from his magic, it could freely change its shape.

    As soon as Hae-won blocked the straight sword that stretched straight into the sky, it immediately changed its appearance into that of a whip.


    As it flew towards Haewon the tip of the sword, curved like a hook, wrapped around Haewon's left arm and dug into it.


    For a moment, he could see her biting her lips. Because she ran in a hurry, she struggled to catch her breath and the dripping blood made her crinkle her face into a grimacing expression.

    Ironically, even that figure was as beautiful as a painting. That same thought could be seen in the eyes of Moyoung Hwi, who faced Hae-won.

    'The main character has arrived.’ (ppl when I walk in UwU)

    Mo Yong-hwi smiled bitterly as he saw the red traces spreading over Hae-won's arm.

    Was it because you didn't want to face Hae-won like this? Mo Yong-hwi cursed under his breath and sneered at himself with regret.

    But even that was not visible under the tightly wrapped mask.




    When Hae-won returned to the place where the carriage had stood, the fight was already in full swing.

    More than a dozen men in black robed the Sichuan Party Gate.

    'It's meant for a life-threatening attack. It hasn't been long since the Sega Alliance has ended, but who is attacking us right away?'

    The corpses of the fallen soldiers on the side of the gate were already forming a mountain and lined up here and there.


    Hae-won's attacks sent many of the assassins who were in the midst of attacking the soldiers of the Sacheon party to their deaths.

    It was enough for the Sacheon party members to catch their breath and recharge.

    "Where’s my father?"

    While Haewon sought her father, the clan head, all that was reflected in her eyes was the black blade that stretched into the sky and descended toward Gun-woo.

    Before she could even think, her body moved on its own, and as soon as possible, she pulled out a sword sticking out of the carriage and blocked Gun-woo.

    It was only after blocking the blade that she noticed it was Cao Cao’s righteous sword, which she had previously gifted to Jegal-hee, when she had the opportunity.

    'What's this? That man is not wielding a sword.'

    The assassin’s blade that the Uicheon Sword had blocked had no substance.

    From a distance, I thought it was a sword, but when I saw it up close, it was nothing more than condensed black smoke.


    Pulling out the energy of nothingness and making it materialized was a more difficult state than the 'sword technique' that infused the inner spirit into the sword.

    Even the masters who could pull off that swordsmanship were few among the Moorim.

    ‘Are you saying that the swordsmen who attacked the Sacheon Dang clan are superior to them?’

    Haewon stopped.

    'Wait, if it's pure inner work, there's no way it's so cloudy and black.’

    A sword made of only black without a single speck from start to finish. It seemed somehow ominous

    In addition, this black energy spews out the righteous sword of Cao Cao.

    "Don't tell me.”
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    (I slightly changed the TL of Headmaster' into My Lord'. It sounds more realistic this way. And also SACHEON'S DANG CLAN as SACHEON'S DANG GROUP as the only few Warriors or members went to the Conference. You guys better read chapter 51 before reading this chapter.)

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 81

    * * *


    Dang Mujin quickly took out the Shuriken from his arms and threw it away.

    A solid Shuriken made of Geumkang Ore cut out the numerous blades that were thrown in front of them, and created a space in front.


    Dang Mujin, who jumped up immediately after breaking the roof of the carriage, radiated a strong aura. He was able to look around sharply.

    There was a strong bloody smell. Dozens of men, who appeared to be assassins, raided the Sacheon's Dang group.


    Am Daeju escaped from the carriage bleeding. He couldn't completely avoid dozens of stabbing blades like Dang Mujin.

    "Everyone, take battle formation and face the enemy!"

    At the shout of Dang Mujin, the warriors of Dang Clan moved in unison.

    Fortunately, there was little damage because Am Daeju, who was directly related to the estate, brought only the Elite Warriors .


    They stopped the enemy step by step without panicking despite the surprise attack.

    "Ugh…. The West is through….."

    "Guard the Lord!"

    Still, there were too many enemies, and each one was too strong.

    Each of the slayers/assassins' powerful sword's blade strikes was meant to take their lives in a short time.

    "My Lord, there's too many of them!"

    "Spray the Obodan Jangbok(poison)!"

    Like Moorim's best poison master, the warriors took out the poison in their arms in unison.

    A meek and mysterious scent spread from the small scented bag with the pouch open.

    Obodan Jangdok. It was the secret of the Sacheon's Dang Clan, which was said to inflict the pain of the organs being cut before taking less than five steps.

    "M, My Lord…..! "

    However, the opponent was the most elite of magon(from Demon Sect), an elite group of demons who were tampered with Baekryun powder.

    Obodan Jangdok can't stop those who are already used to constant pain.

    Although Am Daeju burst stronger poison several times, the change was also minimal. On the contrary, the warriors exposed to the demonic aura spread by the demonic explosives collapsed.

    Far from being swayed by the poison of Dang Clan, the heads of the soldiers of the Dang Clan were blown away by the sharp blue blades flying in.

    Then, the members of the Demon Blood group aimed at Dang Mujin, surrounded him in a circle and continued to attack him violently.

    But Dang Mujin was not pushed back at all, after losing his men quickly, he dealt with several people with short blood.

    Moyong Hwi laughed.(Oho? That's an interesting development.)

    'A tiger is a tiger even though it's old?'

    At that time, Guk-gun, one of the two Sagun kings who survived in the Yeonpyeong Fortress* last time, attacked with a thick sword.(* remember in probably ch 51, Gunwoo fought with people in that fortress, and two people ran away from there that time.)

    The direction was towards the head of Dang Mujin, who was dealing with the slayers/assassin at once.

    "My Lord, over your head!"

    Am Daeju shouted in amazement. However, there was a long way to avoid the attack coming from above because of the assassins occupying the east, west, north, and south of Dang Mujin.(Idk why the author wrote EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH, he/she could've just used SURROUNDING.)

    It was when Dang Mujin closed his eyes without realising, while the blade of the sword that cut through the wind flew in a dizzying way.


    In an instant, a flying whip wrapped around the army's neck tightly.

    Before the crowd was out of breath, a large Inhyeong(body shape) blocked his front and broke the sword.

    It was Eon Gunwoo.

    He had followed the traces of baekryun powder on the snot of the screaming horse and came back belatedly.

    In spite of the late joining, he began to slaughter the assassins with a wind-like force. The speed of the right throw was so fast and heavy that no one could avoid his fist.

    Seung-gi, who had been leaning towards the appearance of Gunwoo, began to move back towards the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    "That's, Juk-gun's kille...!"

    Along with the whip, the face of the other four kings/ Sagun Wang, Nan-gun, who recognized Inyoung's identity, turned pale. He hastily sent a message to Moyong Hwi.

    <Captain, it's that guy. The one who slaughtered Maegun(on that ch 51, I used HAWK as the translation. Although I changed it now.) and jukgun at Yeonpyeong Fortress last time!>

    'Eon Gunwoo?'

    Mo Yong-hwi looked down at Eon Gun-woo, who was running wild like a tiger commanding the mountain.

    'Why would he do that to the Sagun Wang? Eon Gunwoo, you are this strong?'( OMG! This is epic! I'm gonna die! Kyaa~)

    <Captain! What should we do? With him, this mission could be a failure. It’s(the assassins) not strong enough!>

    There was fear on the face of Nan, who predicted failure just by the appearance of Eon Gunwoo.

    This is also because, following the last time Maegun and Jukgun, of the Sagun Wang got slaughtered at the hands of Gunwoo.

    <I will handle it.>

    Whatever happened, Eon Gunwoo's existence in this situation was just unnecessary. I had to complete the order to exterminate all the Sacheon Clan members.


    The air seemed to resonate for a moment, and then Mo Yong-hwi pulled out the magic. The scattered black aura gathered together and took the shape of a Giant Sword.

    Geomgang. It was a technique that made 'Ki', the energy of life, into 'Kang', the shape of 'yu'(which can take physical shape).

    However, the only difference was that the "Ki" was magi.

    Mo Yong-hwi lightly grabbed the sword as if he were a child and flew toward Eon Gunwoo.(It means even if the sword was big and heavy, he held it like nothing.)

    'I wonder what you are hiding, Young Master.'

    I'm in a bit of a hurry.

    Mo Yong-hwi smiled bitterly and lowered his sword towards Gunwoo.

    However, the sword that was going to cut Gunwoo's body in half, did not work.


    A sharp and metallic noise resonated with the clash of iron and sword.


    Haewon ran with the sword of Uicheon and stopped Mo Yong-hwi's sword.

    If it were another sword, it would have been divided into two pieces, but the Uicheon sword, which was the great sword of famous Jojo, took it(sword attack) without any difficulty.

    However, Mo Yong-hwi's sword was different from the usual. It was able to change shape freely because he pulled it out with a magi(magic probably).

    As soon as Haewon blocked the straight sword that stretched straight into the sky, it immediately changed its shape into a whip.


    Then it flew towards Haewon. The end of the sword, which was bent like a hook, penetrated around Haewon's left arm.


    For a moment, I bit my lips. Because I ran in a hurry, I couldn't breathe, blood dripping from my bitten lips, and even a steamy impression.

    Funnily enough, even that figure was as beautiful as a painting. It was also seen in the eyes of Mo Yong-hwi facing Haewon.

    'Here comes the main character.'(More like main target (-_-))

    Mo Yong-hwi smiled bitterly at the red traces spreading over Haewon's arms.

    Was I rushing because I didn't want to face Dang Haewon like this? Mo Yong-hwi sued and muttered to himself.

    Even though that was not visible under the tightly wrapped mask.

    * * *

    When Haewon went back to where the carriage was standing, the fight was already in full swing.

    Dozens of men in black robes raided the Sacheon's Dang group.

    'Optimized for a life-threatening attack. Who can send assassins after us right after the Noble Clan Conference is over?'

    The bodies of the fallen warriors of Sacheon's Dang Clan were already forming a mountain.


    Several assassins, who were in the midst of attacking the Dang Clan Warriors, Were killed by the Kunai Haewon sent.

    The Clan Warriors got a moment to catch their breath.

    'Where's father?'

    Meanwhile, Haewon found the location of Dang Mujin, the Head of the Clan.

    But what reflected in her eyes before was the black blade/sword that stretched out into the sky toward Gunwoo.

    Before I could think of anything, my body moved first.

    In a hurry, she pulled out the sword sticking out of the carriage's luggage and blocked the front of Gunwoo.

    It was only after blocking the blade that she realised that it was Jojo's righteous sword that she had brought to give to Jaegal Hee when the opportunity arises.

    'What's this? It's not a sword that he's holding.'

    The blade of the assassin that Uicheon sword blocked was not real.

    From a distance, it looked like a sword. But looking up close, it was like Black Smoke.

    'Geomgang?'( 검강, this also means black steel in English.)

    Extracting the energy of nothingness and materializing it was a more difficult state than the 'sword technique' that infuses inner strength(Ki) into the sword.

    Even the masters who drew swordsmanship were counted among the best in the Moorim, are you telling me the one who attacked the Dang Group is superior to them?

    Haewon hesitated.

    'Wait, if you're pure, you can't be this murky and black.'(here PURE means no involvement with black or demonic aura/sect)

    Darkness consists only of spotless black from start to finish.(means the sword consists of Darkness with only black) No wonder it looked so ominous.

    In addition, the inexhaustible power that this black aura unleashes with a force that even Jojo's righteous sword is…..

    "Don't tell me, Magi?" (Ugh~~ I don't know what Magi means! Can someone tell me. But I have a feeling it's related to the Demon Sect.)

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 82

    At that moment, my mind flashed as if I had found the key.

    At the same time she faced the murky eyes of the assassin.(FYI, this assassin is Hwi)

    A mysterious mix of black and blue eyes.

    At that time, the black energy changed its shape like a whip and wrapped the Uicheon sword around it, and flew towards her.

    Hae-won quickly turned around, but failed to completely avoid the flowing Gemogang hook. The whip-like edge of the sword fluttered and wrapped around her arm.


    The burning pain spread over her left arm.

    Since entering the Martial Arts world, it was the first wound that another person had inflicted on Haewon. If she didn't pull your arm out instinctively, it'd have been cut off.


    While biting her lips, she swung the Uicheon sword and slashed through the black sword.

    "Huff, Huff…….."

    She barely managed to escape from the trajectory of the assassin.

    On the other hand, the sword(Geomgang), cut in half, seemed to fall into the air, and then it flew back and stuck together.

    There were some gaps in the process.

    This is because the assassin re-formed the sword instead of attacking Haewon directly, giving her enough room to escape.

    It was a mistake that was unlikely to be made by a master who could pull out the Geomgang.

    Haewon frowned and stared at the assassin.

    "What are you doing?"


    The assassin didn't say anything. However, somehow, the tail of the eyes seemed to be slightly bent, so the lips under the mask seemed to be smiling.


    The assassin withdrew and jumped high into the sky. And disappeared into the forest.

    'Maybe he's a magician.'

    I don't know why the Demon Sect was aiming for the Sacheon Dang Clan now, but the Martial Arts the assassin showed a little while ago were unusual.

    'If I beat that guy, something(info) will come out.'


    "Take care of my father!"

    Haewon shouted at Gunwoo and immediately followed the assassin.

    The assassin went deeper and deeper into the mountains. Though she thought she was being lured, Haewon picked up speed and chased him away. The burning sensation of the arms had long subsided.

    In fact, the first time a hook-like blade scratched her arm, there was a strange pain that seemed to be piercing into her body, and soon her aura pushed it violently.

    It didn't completely heal the wound, but at least it prevented the evil magic from seeping into the body.

    'Maybe the poison serpent's inner core is pushing it away like it did in the last blood clot.'

    Anyway, fortunately, thanks to the lack of pain, Haewon shot Kunai at the assassin with the other arm, which was unharmed.

    It was a little weaker than usual, but still a threatening blow.


    The assassin turned around and struck out her Kunai. A silver Kunai fell under the feet of the assassin.

    But it didn't matter. Because Haewon just wanted to hold him back.

    He stopped as if it could not be helped because Kunais was fired consecutively.

    "Until when are you going to run away like a rat?"

    'Flying flies, rats... All the little things are popping out of the stars.'

    Instead of an answer under his silver mask, she heard a low laugh.

    "Are you laughing?"

    "Well I can't cry, can I."

    A high-pitched voice came out on the mask, as if something had altered his voice.

    Even though it was a rough voice, it was low and abundant, so it was a voice that would sound better for women to hear.

    'He's got a lot of testosterone......?

    Don't you have a good voice if you have a lot of male hormones? Haewon suddenly remembered the magazines in the modern world she lived in.

    Then she came to her senses and immediately took a posture. It was an attacking position.

    "You're going to cry soon."

    Then, like a storm, she jumped on the assassin.

    * * *

    'Were you this strong?'

    Moyong Hwi thought as he received the attack of Haewon, which was pouring non-stop like a rain shower.

    Since accepting the demon, Hwi has never been so overwhelmed dealing with anyone, and Dang Haewon was a master beyond his expectations.

    The Martial Arts she showed against Gumaji in the Sect Battle were less than 10 percent of her original skills.

    Every time I moved my body, threatening kunai followed my hands and feet. As if she knew where he was going, it was not difficult to detect his movement in advance and fly towards it to avoid it.

    Not only that, but if you avoid kunai, a bloody Neungyule(Sphere) that can break your bones in an instant will arrive.

    'I heard your mother's family is somewhere in Jinju…....'

    Have you ever taken the essence of Kwonbeop from your mother's side? Is that why you were with Eon Gunwoo?

    Meanwhile, Mo Yong-hwi recalled the two who seemed close.

    There was one more reason why Haewon's attack was so heavy.

    Haewon's left arm was wet with the blood that had flowed from the wound Moyong Hwi had inflicted, because wheneverhe fought with her and brushed against her, there was a poison that melted the grazing part.

    The black robe he was wearing was also a specially processed leather that prevented blades and poisons by a Magician.



    Even though it only rubbed against the hem of Haewon's wet red sleeve, a round hole appeared on the top of the leather.(means Haewon's blood has poison)

    'I can't believe you poisoned the blood. You really are the daughter of Sacheon's Dang Clan's Head.'

    In fact, the toxicity flowing through her body was a coincidence created by the Sokgakhwamang(endocrine of the toxicizing network), but Mo Yong-hwi did not notice it.

    'I have to deal with this side with sincerity, too.'

    Mo Yong-hwi pulled out his sword . Haewon's eyes also lit up.

    Paas, Paas Paas! The sound of the bloody wind blowing through the air was all the noise surrounding the two now. Both Haewon and Mo Yonghwi focused on killing their opponents without saying a word.

    'You're very strong, you bastard.'

    For the first time in Moorim, he was a strong man who made Haewon work hard.

    She had no difficulty since she became aware of her talent, but this time she was aware that she might die if she didn't really get her act together.

    Sword, spear, whip········.

    Because she didn't know when that strange magical energy would change into various shapes and attack her neck and cut it off.

    Even before the leaves of the bamboo that had been cut off by their attack fell to the ground, dozens more(attack) came and went again.

    'Haewon, Dang Haewon.'

    There was a bitter smile around Moyong Hwi's mouth, who rolled the name of Haewon into his mind as if it was one day.

    It's been a long time since I've met someone who makes me go all out. It was a pity that the pleasure had to be overshadowed.(It means he has to forget the joy of fighting and kill her.)

    Even more so if it were the woman who aroused his interest last time.

    But the sadness drew a gap from Moyong Hwi.


    It was because Haewon's power struck Mo Yong-hwi's chest as fast as lightning.

    Haewon's blow with a sense of remorse fell on Moyong Hwi's body, which had not fully recovered from the aftermath of Godog.


    The sword fell from Mo Yong-hwi's hand with the power that would have been fatal if he had been an ordinary person.

    At that moment, Haewon's eyes and murky dark blue eyes met. It was a moment of desperation when his heart was completely open.

    If Haewon stretched out the Neungyule or threw Kunai once again, she could have taken Moyong Hwi's breath.


    But she didn't.

    "Pick it up."

    Instead, she only took a step back from him. Like waiting for Mo Yong-hwi to pull out the sword again.


    Mo Yong-hwi stopped. Staring in disbelief at her as she blows away her golden opportunity.

    However, Haewon was annoyed with an insignificant face.

    "I said, pick it up quickly or pull it out. Are you going to fight empty-handed?"

    "You are too generous to your enemies."

    Mo Yong-hwi took a breath again and pulled out the sword that he had missed a while ago.

    However, Mo Yong-hwi also stared at Hae-won instead of rushing to her with a regenerated sword Geomgang.

    "I just don't like to lose the light."

    As soon as he was ready, Hae-won rushed back in. The speed was so fast and sharp that Mo Yong-hwi could see that she really let him off the hook a little while ago.

    "I didn't lend you anything here."

    "A while ago·······. Okay, then let's just pretend it didn't happen."

    Haewon was annoyed as she didn't want to explain everything while fighting.

    On the contrary, the corner of Mo Yong-hui's beautiful lips in the mask were covered with a smile.

    The fact that she recognized the unconscious favor made him laugh.

    Besides, I never thought I'd get it back in this way…...

    It was the first time in his life for him, who was familiar with the world of crushing and stepping on, an opportunity given by his opponent.

    (Am I the only one who ships Hwi and Haewon. Maaan~ I wanna see more of their scenes༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽. I ship them sooo hard. Gosh~ Hwi is like a hero (rather than a heroine) waiting for his heroine to save him(?). Cool~. I'm a fool ( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ).
    Although Gunwoo is the best puppy type for a fluffy romance. But I think Hwi is the type who loves to tease his lover(?). That's a cute romance.)

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 83


    His heart was trembling.

    It seemed painful, and a strange feeling, as if something was floating in the sky.

    'Are you a little in love?' (He's asking himself.)

    It was time for Mo Yong-hwi to make a self-help smile. He heard the prelude(Telepathic msg) of Nangun(One of the Sagun Wang) at the Sacheon Dang Group.

    <Chief, Eon Gunwoo is running wild. At this rate, we're going to be annihilated! What should I do?>

    <What about Dang Mujin?>

    <Because of Gunwoo, I can't use my hands at all. More than half of the Demon Blood Clan died or was injured.>

    At the unexpectedly desperate voice, Mo Yong-hwi paused.

    I don't think it's going to be easy to win against Haewon, who he's facing, but it's a similar situation over there, or worse than that.

    'This is troublesome.'

    Mo Yong-hwi smiled bitterly for a moment and then sent out a sound (telepathic message).

    'I'll have to deal with my father's anger, but it's better than losing the blood group.'

    < Retreat.>

    And quickly turned around. Haewon shouted.

    "Hey, where are you going! Where are you going without fighting!"

    She tried to block Moyong Hwi's retreat by firing Kunai.

    But it was already long after the black aura enveloped him. And Mo Yong-hwi disappeared as he jumped to the sky where the sun was setting.

    "Darn it, he wasn't a rat but a flying squirrel. He ran away very quickly."

    Haewon gritted her teeth.

    "I shouldn't have let you off the hook earlier. What a look at my subject….."

    Perhaps she was possessing a heroic pose, she bit her lip.

    I shouldn't have looked him in the eye.

    Unlike its dark blue and murky colors, the light in his eyes was crystal clear. Ironically, there was no killing intent towards her in the eyes of the assassin.

    It made Haewon return the unfavorable favor.

    I don't think anyone with that look would be a total villain. I wanted to hear something.

    'It was a crazy idea.'

    A person who draws a sword that is presumed to be a demon. Why didn't I think of the fact that even the clear light in the eyes can be faked?

    She returned to her group, brooding over her mistakes.

    It had been a long time since the Demon Blood Squad that had been there quickly disappeared following Mo Yong-hwi.



    When seeing Haewon returning, Dang Mujin and Gunwoo ran away at almost the same time.

    Eon Gunwoo's white face and trembling lips came into her eyes first.

    He patted the back of his hand as a sign that it was okay, and Haewon turned to his father and Am Daeju.

    "I missed it. I'm sorry."

    I decided to keep it to myself that I was pretending to be cool and let go of the assassin.

    Haewon recalled that when she was stabbed in the arm by the assassin's hook, the assassin was forced to take time off(meaning it was out of his control) and overhaul his weapon.

    I don't know why he had done me such a favor, but it was obviously so that I could buy time.

    'Let's not think about it anymore. It's literally just light. There's nothing to see next time.'

    “Haewon came back alive. You….."

    Dang Mujin shook his head and frowned.

    "Are you hurt?"

    Haewon was surprised and looked at his father.

    He was a fighter who bravely fought against dozens of assassins alone, but he was not a god either. A bandage was wrapped around his side.

    Haewon saw the white bandage soaked in pink.

    "It's just a little cut. This would have been worse without the Young Master."

    There was gratitude in the eyes of Dang Mujin, who was staring at Gunwoo.

    "Now that we've finished the first aid, we'll get better if we show Chamberlin Jin as soon as we get back to the estate. Don't worry, Haewon. You should heal the wound too."

    "I'm fine, so take care of yourself first. For now, the first thing to do is to recover the dead Warriors(corpses) and leave. We don't know when they'll be back."

    Haewon shook her head. And commanded the remaining warriors and Am Daeju.

    "Let's fix the wagon and leave this place right away within an hour. Throw away any broken luggage or anything that might impede the road."

    In a sudden attack, more than half of the Clan Warriors were lost, and Haewon herself, following her father, was also wounded by the assassins.

    But, unexpectedly, Haewon's voice was no different than usual. Except for the bloody anticipation shining in her eyes.

    The odd gap strangely reassured those who saw her.

    "And search the bodies of the dead(assassins) and bring whatever clues you can get. Since this side got it back, shouldn't we know whom we need to return the favour?"

    "Yes, Miss!"

    They shouted loudly at the Haewon's command, without any moment of grief or shame.

    "Wh, what is world has happened to you…...?"

    Meanwhile, Dang Haejun, who belatedly appeared at the scene of the slaughter, trembled. But no one answered his question.

    No, it was correct to say they couldn't answer.

    Because the sense of Dang Haejun's existence has long since been erased from their minds.

    Haewon was the first to leave and they(the rest of the warriors) scattered in perfect order.

    Dang Mujin looked at the figure carefully. While frowning at the pain from time to time.

    "Lord, it's a pill that relieves pain."


    "My Lord?"

    "I'll have to decide on a successor quickly."

    It was the moment when Dang Mujin, who did not want to let her daughter be swept away by the strong winds of the Kang-ho, and to leave a little room for her, was determined.

    * * *

    Nothing was found on the bodies of the dead assassins.

    "If you're an assassin, you'll have at least one sign of belonging, whether it's a tattoo or a seal, but they're clean. At least it does not seem to be a known group within the Murim."

    "Geomgang user guy was the head, and there's no way he can fit into such a small place."

    Hae-won replied, recalling the assassin with the silver mask.

    Then a small shadow fell over Haewon.

    Suddenly, a white bird that had circled the sky, flapping its wings vigorously, landed on her arm.


    It was not a Falcon of the Moyong Clan that Haewon knew.

    It was much smaller like a pigeon than a Falcon.

    If not looked at properly, it would be mistaken as an ordinary pigeon that landed down for food.

    But there was a cloth wrapped neatly around the pigeon's ankle. The cloth, which was light blue and embroidered with cherries at the end, looked familiar.

    "Why is the hair strap I bought for Soye tied to this bird's leg?"

    On the cloth pulled down by Haewon, something was written in small letters.

    [Raid. Estimated Bayan's house/Clan. Both red-eyed and horned hollows/serpents are unharmed.](Okay guys from here on the TL are messy. I myself don't understand a single line. Sorry T-T)

    There was an attack?

    'If it's 'red eyes', it's probably referring to Jagang, and if it's 'serpent'......'

    Doggakhwa(It was like this 독각화망은 is Korean, means Awakening Reference Intoxication (internal form)?) was one. You don't have to take revenge.

    If so, the narrator of the note is a two-way escort who knows about the struggle with the Doggakhwa(something related to poison).

    And the fact that they're safe means that So-ye, who wrote this, is safe as well.

    Haewon made several inferences from a single line of text that Soye purposely wrote as a code for fear that this note would fall into someone else's hands.

    "And assume the opponent is Bayan's house/Clan….."

    Bayan's house/Clan.

    'The word Moyong is written as Bayan in Mongolian.'

    Haewon hesitated.

    The raid happened twice.

    Once to the remaining crew members at the Dang Estate, delivered by Soye's note. Once to the Sacheon Dang's group that started the Clan Conference with Haewon.

    It's also around the same time. Is this really a coincidence?

    'Moyong Bi has moved.'

    Maybe Mo Yong-bi eventually noticed that Haewon expressed herself as a Murim(Martial Artist).

    'But I didn't expect her to use her hands before I arrived at Sacheon.' (USE HER HAND means make her move.)

    She glanced at the bodies of dead assassins scattered on the ground.

    'There is no way Mo Yong-bi alone can handle this level of assassin.'

    If so, the person Moyong Bi can ask for help conveniently is…..

    'I'm sure it's Moyong Clan's Head. He was the one who released the Demon Sect into Moorim, that way it explains the magic that assassin pulled out earlier.'

    He was a demon(I'm not sure if 마교였네 this means Demon or DEMON USER), too. He was such a bad guy. Haewon grated his teeth.

    "What's going on?"

    Dang Mujin asked when he saw Haewon's intimidating expression.

    "There was another raid. It seems to have happened within the Sacheon's Dang Estate."

    "That's what ······!"

    I can't believe that someone tried to kill the Head and members of the Sacheon's Dang Clan, but what group of masquerades dared to go to the estate of the Sacheon's Dang Clan?

    Dang Mujin stormed out of his seat.

    Haewon shook her head with a calm face as if to reassure him.

    "Don't worry, Father. I think it's only my people they're after."

    Her beautiful lips raised as if painted by a painter with all his might.

    However, the elaborately crafted jewel-like eyes remained cold.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 84

    * * *

    Crackle, a bonfire blazed and lit up the darkness.

    Since the mastermind was specific, the Sacheon's Dang Clan's group moved quickly.

    However, no matter how vigorously they drove the horses, they couldn't overcome the distance to Sacheon in a day.

    They quickly got out of the place and succeeded in covering their tracks.(Means they quickly get out of a place to cover their trails)

    However, in the raid a few hours ago, they lost a number of their Warriors in an instant.

    Haewon stopped the wagon and rented a shabby folk house before the warriors got too tired.

    The warriors quickly unloaded and braced for another possible raid.


    The atmosphere of the Dang Clan's group was subdued. However, the first thing to do is to fix the situation, so everyone just focused on moving quickly.


    Haewon personally handed out a drink to each of the surviving Clan members. Then she stretched out her arm and tilted the bottle.(I'm gonna use MEMBERS instead of WARRIORS from time to time.)

    The transparent liquor fluttered in the small glass with the moonlight. It wasn't much to drink.(means it was just a sip)

    However, in many ways, it was not appropriate for today's raid and the current tense situation.

    Are we wrong to recommend alcohol in this situation? The members (fighters) had a troubled face.

    "Young Lady, now drinking…"

    "It's a drink she allows. Drink it and shake it off. At least until we get to Sacheon."

    They understood the meaning of Haewon.

    "When you go back, you won't have to forget them. I promise."

    What Haewon gave was not only a warning as a leader but also a consolation to those who lost a colleague as a member of the same Dang Clan.

    "Then I will accept it."

    A small glass of wine passed through all the surviving warriors. A sip of the shimmering moonlight caressed their hearts.

    They were able to go to bed with a little peace of mind.

    "Go in, I'll stand guard."


    "Even if you had a hundred, would you be comparable to me? You should sleep more at that time. We have a long way to go tomorrow."

    It was an arrogant voice, but no one could fail to notice the consideration contained in it.

    'You know how to touch the hearts of your subordinates while judging the situation more soberly than anyone else. Indeed, she has all the qualities worthy of leading the Clan. Since when did the troublemaker grow up like this?'

    Am Daeju was surprised and felt gratitude and respect for Haewon.

    The remaining warriors were no different. They were the elite members of the immediate armies serving the Dang Mujin.

    Gaining their respect was no less than recognition of her qualifications as the next head of the Clan.

    It's past midnight. Haewon, who even returned a warrior who was on patrol, sat in front of a bonfire.

    Crackle, the sound of firewood burning added to the sound of melancholy crickets.

    Haewon was lost in thoughts while looking at the flames. Until someone touched her shoulder.


    She was on the chest of the owner of the hand, scared(that it might be an assassin). She held the sharply forged tip of Kunai under his chin.

    In the kunai that instinctively stretched out, it was difficult to live.

    "Young Lady Dang."

    A soft voice awakened her senses.

    Haewon then realized that it was Eon Gunwoo whom she attacked.

    ".........I'm sorry. I didn't notice that it was Oraboni."

    I could have killed him if I did it wrong. Why the hell am I so distracted?

    Hae-won felt ashamed and put in the kunai.

    "No, it's my fault for surprising you."

    Gunwoo shook his head and replied, but it was not her consolation.(means she still felt it was her fault.)

    "My senses are standing sharp…… Unknowingly ········. Haaa."

    Haewon came down from his body and sat on a stone in front of the campfire.


    Her thin fingers swept her face nervously. Sensitive silence surrounds the two.

    Only crickets, who had forgotten the day and night, chirped loudly, but silence continued.

    Haewon raised her head, startled by the sudden sensation of heat on her skin.

    Gunwoo was holding a white towel on Haewon's injured arm with one knee boiling. It was the wound, which was struck by the sword of the assassin.

    At some point, Haewon even forgot that she was injured because she was thinking of trying to recover the bodies of the dead warriors, accelerate the carriage going back to Sacheon, and even thinking about responding to Moyong Bi.

    Gunwoo's long, straight fingers rolled up her blood-soaked sleeves carefully without hurting her.

    Haewon's blood, which had melted even Mo Yonghwi's collar and boasted a fierce poison, unexpectedly quieted down at Gunwoo's touch.(you guys do remember how her blood melted Hwi's robe. But it didn't attack or affect Gunwoo.)

    It was because Haewon did not recognize Geonwoo as an enemy, and the poison of the inner stage under her strict control had quietly subsided.

    A towel soaked in warm water gently erased the dried blood. Under the big hands, the towel looked as small as a baby's bib.

    He applied ointment carefully over the wound and wrapped a clean bandage. The touch was so careful that Haewon felt like a glass that would break if he touched it.

    It stings.


    "I'm sorry, I was trying to be careful."(Omg! He's fluffy ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ( ꈍᴗꈍ))

    With a brief frown, he apologized straight away.

    "No, it felt ticklish."

    It was a bit of a powerless bluff. But Gunwoo didn't smile.

    The handsome man with a gentle impression turned his head. When the shadows dimly reflected on his beautiful side, a cool energy flowed out.

    Gunwoo's gaze at her sleeve, which was left with red blood stains, sank low.

    "I'm afraid of your/my face."

    Haewon straightened the wrinkles on his beautiful forehead with the index finger of her unwounded hand.


    "It doesn't hurt, so don't make that face."

    "What kind of face do I have?"

    "It's a face that seems like it's going to go out and throw them away."


    Gunwoo didn't dare to deny it.

    "I deserve this. A master who leaves his men behind, haha, that's the worst."

    "Such words….! Don't. You didn't do anything that would make sense for this wound."

    A man with a more painful face than I do.

    A man who is more upset than she is to the point where his handsome face collapses at the self-assertive remark that she deserves to be wounded.

    "Oraboni, I mean……"

    Haewon's view of Gunwoo was strangely blurred. Eventually, Haewon couldn't stand it and buried her face in his hands.

    "I······ made a mistake today. There's something I'm trying to figure out······ I thought I might get a clue because I saw something from that silver masked man."

    An aimless voice came from between the buried hands.

    "The leader of the assassins who attacked you and father was strong enough to pull out Geomgang(the sword with black aura)....... I thought we'd find out who sent him if I followed him."


    There was no answer from Gunwoo. Haewon was grateful that Gunwoo didn't say anything.

    At the same time, I was so ashamed when I remembered myself chasing after the slayers, leaving the soldiers of the Clan to Gunwoo.

    "But I couldn't figure out Wonheung( 원흥을 in Korean. Probably means the one who sent them) and I couldn't catch him. It's all my fault."


    "I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have prioritized that and gone after him….. Then there wouldn't have been so many people dying, and father wouldn't have been hurt."

    Haewon glanced past the clear eyes that looked up at her.

    Why can't I hide my inner thoughts in front of this man?

    Haewon knew it was dangerous to reveal too much(of her inner thoughts), but she couldn't stop.

    I was able to speak when I was alone and out of the situation where everyone was watching my move. No, I just wanted to say.


    She wanted to throw up(her words) on anyone. She wanted to excuse today's mistake made by her complacency.

    And it's because I feel instinctively that I can reveal it in front of this man.

    That if it's him, it's safe.

    And that he would stay with her for a while, no matter what the world does to point fingers at her. Maybe I just want to believe it myself.

    "You're hurt, too."

    Gunwoo's soft voice fell over Haewon's sigh.

    However, Hae-won, who was drunk with his emotions, did not realize that Gunwoo's beautiful face, looking down at her wound, was distorted.

    "Nobody knows what's ahead. I just want to do what I think is best in the present and hope it is best."


    "You saved the men who were in danger today and saved me from his attack. You've recovered and comforted the grief-stricken Clan members."

    The sound of crackling firewood, the scattered moonlight, the low-pitched comfort that resonates like one.

    "Who can say that you didn't do your best while thinking about today alone only at this time when everyone is asleep for fear of being shaken before returning to Sacheon?"(means she was guarding them alone, while they were sleeping peacefully because they trusted her. Or they couldn't have been sleeping in fear of getting attacked again.)


    "You did the best you could." (That's ML for ya.)

    (btw idk if I said it or not, but in some line I changed Warriors into members of Dang Clan)

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 85

    Haewon bit her lips.

    When I hear words that stand up for me in this situation ········

    'It's as if my side cares(or is worried).'

    As if I was waiting for someone to say such words, tears welled up ·········.

    "No way."

    Haewon bit his lips. Until the tears go away.

    "Why do you always have to ······."


    "Why are you in front of me only in situations like this? Why do you have to come up and tell me what I want to hear when I'm having the hardest time?"

    Until the urge to forget the shame and throw up upsets disappears.

    The aching pain on the lips allowed me to hold on to reason.

    In front of him, I always felt like an immature child.

    And it wasn't Haewon's fault. Because he treats me like he wants me to(do whatever she likes).

    So….. Because of Eon Gunwoo…….

    "I don't know if I did, but was it wrong?"

    Gunwoo held(stretched out) out his finger and loosened Haewon's biting lips.

    The man's face was beautiful as he stood in the moonlight. Haewon sighs and covers her face. His eyes were filled with Haewon.

    Eyes that contain only her. A dim shade under the high nose and sharp features. Broad shoulders, as if sitting in the light of the moon and hitting the feet. The shadow created by the white-painted mass(it means moon)....

    Everything seemed perfect right now.

    Emotionally and externally.

    "No, Oraboni didn't do anything wrong."

    I'm the one who's wrong. In the meantime, I can't stop the beating of my heart at every look of him.

    Haewon sighed and buried her face again.

    If you don't look, I'll stop. The burning heat on the face may go away a little.

    "Young Lady Dang."



    "Don't call me."

    "Haewon."(I'm dying guys! Imma dead from nosebleed from this FLUFFINESS)

    Gunwoo's call continued as if he would not stop until she saw him.(Remember she is covering her face?)

    "Haewon, please raise your head."

    "No, I don't want to."

    Haewon's murmuring voice flowed from under her buried face.

    "If I've done anything wrong ········"

    "Oraboni didn't do anything wrong."

    "But how come you aren't looking at me?"

    "That's ······."

    This man doesn't even know my heart…. Feeling emotional, she looked up and tried to retort, but stopped.

    'My heart?'

    How do I feel? The voice in her heart asked.


    He's such a nice and sweet person, I'm sorry to feel this one-sided feeling.

    'What do you like? Who do you like?'

    The voice asked in a mischievous waywardly.

    Haewon couldn't say anything and shut up.

    But the beating heart still thumped loudly. In a subdued atmosphere, keep thumping clumsily.

    "I know who sent them."

    At that time, Haewon raised her head, which was buried in both hands by Gunwoo's unexpected words.

    "You know?"


    "Who is it?"

    "The Demon Sect."


    Haewon's surprised voice burst at Gunwoo's words, which pinpointed the person behind the scene.

    'How did Eon Gunwoo know the Demon Sect?'

    At this point, I thought that the only person who knew about it was Haewon(she meant herself), who knew the original story.

    Gunwoo went on as if he knew her question.

    "After Haewon returned to Sacheon, I met four strange Masters. I got into a fight, and after inhaling a white powder, they turned into a monster."(He's talking about Ch 51 of the novel)

    "White powder...."

    "The power that suddenly exerted was amazing, but somehow he didn't seem to feel any basic sense of pain or touch. Like a man who's obsessed with one goal."

    Haewon thought that the white powder Gunwoo saw might be Baekryun powder.

    "And one of them said that they belong to the Demon Sect."

    "Did he say that himself?

    What a fool you are! Haewon let out a dejected breath.(she meant he was fighting them alone, which could've harmed him.)

    Gunwoo nodded.

    "Yes. The rest of them panicked and tried to shut him."

    Habuk was already a place where the Black Market had been formed, it was not surprising even if the demon sect members visited Habuk again.

    "Two of them died and the remaining two fled. And today, among those who attacked the Sacheon's Dang group, I saw those who ran away."

    Gunwoo recalled the one who attacked Dang Mujin

    "Then, it's really the Demon Sect."

    Haewon already knew who they were, but nodded to Gunwoo.

    "Yes, the Demon Sect, which disappeared from the exorcism 50 years ago, is showing up again in Moorim, so something must be going on."

    'What they're up to….. they're trying to consume Moorim.'(Like slaughtering Martial Artists and all)

    And after taking advantage of me, the Demon Sect blamed everything on me and abandoned me(the OG Haewon). In a miserable way.

    Haewon smiled bitterly and nodded as if she didn't know anything.

    "One of the dead members of Sacheon had this."

    Gunwoo took out Gyorongsak and small folded paper.

    Baekryun powder was wrapped in the piece of paper, and the strong cord he held out looked like a whip.


    "It's called Gyorongsak because it's made of Gyorongsak's tendons. It turned out that 10 years ago, this Gyoryongsak had also been stolen from the imperial treasury, which is believed to be the last source.”

    Gunwoo carefully unraveled what he investigated.

    "That would mean that the Demon Sect has been on the move since at least 10 years ago."

    Ten years ago, Haewon sighed.

    She thought she had caught their clues immediately, but the movement of the Demon Sect began much earlier.

    "....... I don't know how much they've spread already by now."

    I'm sure it's spread like a spider web. Along with the black market run by the other three impostors(it also means merchant. But I think imposter suits better.)

    Haewon sighed.

    The more I knew, the deeper it felt.

    "Then there's no way they could have stolen just one silk Gyorongsak, were there no other stolen items in the Imperial Treasury?"

    "Yes, the legendary weapons and elixirs collected by the royal family, such as the Uicheon Sword and Cheonggang(it also means Blue) Sword, were missing one by one. After discovering that fact, they killed the eunuch who was in charge of the treasury, so there seems to be a line in the Imperial Family."(After the fact that Imperial treasures were getting stolen was discovered by the eunuch, they killed him to silence him. And there seems to be someone working in the Imperial family who's a spy for the Demon Sect.)

    'Oh my God. I can't believe they reached out to the imperial family.'

    I had to admit the tenacity of the demon sect.

    Namgoong Jiha, the main character of the original book, seems amazing.

    Anyway, Hae-won sighed as she thought she had more things to do after hearing that.

    "Don't worry, Haewon. I'm tracking the trail, so something will come out soon. They may have been hiding under the water for until now, but from now on, we won't be the only ones chasing them."

    Gunwoo's consolation worked better than I thought. It was a little comforting that I wasn't alone.

    The heavy burden placed on the shoulders seemed to be a little lighter as even the imperial family joined the pursuit of the Demon Sect.

    "I'll be with you, too."

    However, the most reliable thing was that Gunwoo would face the Demon Sect with her.

    I couldn't get him involved, so I kept trying to hide it from him, but when he found out, he couldn't be more supportive(which means he became a great strength).

    "Thank you. Really, for every time."

    Haewon had no choice but to thank him in that way. And then I suddenly stopped.

    "But is the Imperial family chasing them? Why is the Imperial…..? Oh, they stole the treasure, so that makes sense."

    Haewon tilted her head while asking and answering alone.

    "But how did Oraboni know that? That the treasures were stolen and that the imperial family is chasing the Demon Sect?"

    Gunwoo hesitated and replied smoothly.

    "...there's someone I know."

    From the Imperial family?

    Haewon's ears twitched. Isn't the imperial family another world for her who just entered the martial arts?(Sometimes I forget that she is transmigrated (-_-)```)

    "Really? I think you've got a pretty high-profile network."

    'If you knew what the stolen goods were, wouldn't you know what they were trying to do?'

    Knowing the story of the original work, it may be easy to understand the flow of stolen goods.

    "Oh, yes······."

    Gunwoo dragged the horse.

    "Can I meet him too?"


    It was an uncharacteristically quick refusal.

    Indeed, it was also the first time he refused.
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    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 86

    "Why? You don't want to introduce me?"

    "It's not that……."

    "Is he a man?"

    Haewon sneaked a look at Gunwoo.

    If the reason you don't want to introduce me to him/her is because she/he's a man, wouldn't it be okay to think that he's jealous of me meeting other guys a little, a very little?

    I also had a little drink.

    "No… Yes …. No! Not at all."

    Gunwoo unconsciously denied, answered and hurriedly denied again.

    "What, is it a man or not?"

    I don't think it's a transgender. No-yes-no. What else is there?

    Gunwoo hesitated a little at Haewon's question.

    "It.... I'm going through an unfortunate incident……."

    If it's unfortunate….. Haha! Haewon hit the jackpot.

    "Unfortunate incident? Aha, he's an eunuch. As a man, that's obviously the case."

    I've watched so many Chinese imperial dramas that I can't help but pretend!

    "Did you know the Imperial eunuch, Oraboni? That's great. Show it off to Haejun! Then his nose will be flat."

    Oo~ Haewon extended her thumb(like thumbs up), sending a look of admiration.

    The color of Gunwoo's face was lost because of Haewon who got the answer at once.

    "Oh, no. That's not the case. What I was saying was that he went through some misfortune and became a woman."

    "Huh? I don't understand what that means."

    Gunwoo's desperate efforts to move away from the answer produced a completely different result.

    "So…… The misfortune he went through… She became the emperor's woman despite being a man."(wait -_- Now I am confused. Gay?)

    Before I realized what I was talking about, my mouth moved freely.

    "He has not suffered the misfortunes of an eunuch(like he still has a reproduction organ). So never, never an eunuch."

    I'm sorry, Gong Heo.

    Gunwoo, who suddenly transformed an old penitentiary into an emperor's concubine, made a silent apology to Heo Gong.

    King Heon, who overwhelms the imperial family and ministers with his sharp speech and shrewdness, was not here.(Means ML who is normally Sharp and cold nature, wasn't here)

    Now standing there is only an idiot who can't even lie properly in front of Dang Haewon.

    "If it's the Emperor's woman, then he's a concubine! Wow!"

    Of course, Dang Haewon also believed Eon Gunwoo's words as he(Gunwoo) was in the scene.(Just means that she believed the words easily as it was Gunwoo who told her. FL believes ML a lot. (ʃƪ^3^))

    "Wait, he's a man, and he didn't cut it and became a concubine….. Umm, then His Majesty the Emperor is…"

    Haewon's interest in not listening to any of Gunwoo's words made the situation worse.

    "That's what I think······, right?"

    Gunwoo closed his eyes tightly.

    'I'm sorry, brother.'


    He also apologized to his half-brother (a heterosexual), who was enjoying a good time with the empress (a woman) in the palace a million miles away.

    "I see… Oh, I'm just a little surprised, not prejudiced or anything. What's wrong with people liking people?"

    Haewon quickly added whether she realized that the reaction was rude a while ago.

    "·········· Anyway, it seems difficult to meet. However, since I said I would actively help you track down the Demon Sect, I will let you know as soon as there is any news."

    "That's great. I think it'll be a great help."

    Haewon's happy voice contained relief and expectations. Gunwoo wiped the cold sweat off his back. In the meantime.

    "Oraboni, you're sweating again."

    The way she lifts a handkerchief and wipes his forehead was so pretty that his heart ached.

    * * *

    A fluttering pigeon swung through the sky and landed on Soye's arm.

    After checking the two legs of the clean pigeon, Yang Bangshik gave a worried expression.(here clean means that there wasn't anything on the pigeon's leg)

    "It doesn't have a note on it's leg.······. Was it really delivered to the Lady properly?"

    "I hung a sachet used by the top agents of the Baeksa(in English White Sands) in the Lady's bag so that I could contact her."( I guess that way the pigeon can follow the scent and reach Haewon.)


    The white pigeon cried.

    "If another informant intervened in the middle, it might not have been delivered to you, but it would be hard for them to immediately see what it's about, because I've twisted it so that only the Master can recognize it."

    "Ha, I hope you'll be back soon. What a mess!"

    Yang Bangshik looked down at the side of the Sacheon's Dang Estate where Moyong Bi was, and sighed.

    Now they were in the mountains not far from Sacheon Dang Estate.

    Last night, someone attacked the group returning to the Dang Estate after a mission of delivering food and escort to the residents of Unnan Mountain.

    Moorim's notorious assassins/slayers, the Black Assassin Squad.

    The group responded bravely, but were outnumbered by professionally trained assassins.

    It was then that Jin Soye and Lee Jagang appeared. They must also have gone through a lot of work, and Jagang's clothes were torn and covered with blood.

    "It's not my blood, so don't worry. By the way, you guys, it's not time to worry about me, is it?"

    They looked really determined.

    Lee Jagang immediately jumped into the fight and threw away the ten black assassins who were attacking the group. His red eyes flashed in the dark.

    With his comrades at stake, Lee Jagang ran wild to his heart's content, perhaps because he didn't think he needed to listen to Haewon's order anymore.

    When Mo Yong-bi planned to kill Haewon's men, she did not know the boy's full talent of becoming a teenage master.

    "Gasp, what is this…..?"

    And Jin Soye cast a spell on the slayers Lee Jagang defeated.

    The illusion of hell, where the heavens and the earth were opened and the earth split apart, unfolded before their eyes.

    The biggest disgrace of the Black Assassin is to fail this mission just for two people's existence.

    Because if there were only the two, Lee Jagang and Jin Soye, we would not be envious of 100 people.(means they were better than 100 ppl)

    The Heuk Saldan(Black Assassin Squad) couldn't escape or die, and only confessed in a terrible way after being trapped in illusion for hours in Jin Soye's spell.

    "We took the job only for commission! If we had known you were this strong, we wouldn't have accepted the request!"

    All of this was planned by Moyong Bi, the Hostess of the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    "We can't let this matter slide. Let the Lady know immediately."

    This was the reason why the carrier pigeon at the top of the Baeksa( white sand) flew into the sky as soon as the sun rose the next day.

    "By the way, if we go back to the Estate now, the Madam will know we're alive and keep trying to kill us, so should we stay here until the Lady comes?"

    "Are you going to stay homeless in the mountains without knowing when they'll be coming? And no, Vice Captain. We have to go back to the Dang Estate quickly."

    "Why! Jin Soye, you can stay here and go in together when the Master comes. I have some money for a guest house and to buy you some dumplings, so why are you pushing my neck at the Dang Estate?"

    At the whining of the immature Lee Jagang, Jin Soye reached out and pinched his forearm with all her might.

    "It hurts! Your hand is like a crab's!

    "It's an emergency fund, so you have to save it! You can't use it your way, you idiot. And if you don't go back now, Chamberlain Jin will be in danger."

    "Sigh, stop fighting. This isn't the time. And Soye, why is Chamberlain Jin in danger?"

    Yang Bangshik asked while grabbing Lee Jagang, who was about to run into Jin Soye.

    Even though they seem to be getting along a little bit, there was another wrinkle on the forehead of Yang Bangshik because of the two children who fight like dogs whenever they have time.

    I wondered if Dang Haewon, who made his stomach turn black, had grown up a little these days, but his face was getting deeper and wrinkled day by day as he was babysitting behind these two baby monkeys.

    “The fact that she commissioned the Heuk Saldans to kill us means that Madam Moyong has begun to move. Maybe she's trying to kill us and take control of the Clan before the Master and her father return to the Dang Clan's Estate. Then who is the most disturbing person(for her)?"

    "Of course, Chamberlain Jin······. Ah!"

    Only then did the group understand Soye's words and nodded their heads.

    "Yes. So the Lady must have prepared Something to take care of Chamberlain Jin separately."

    Chamberlain Jin is the most loyal subordinate of Dang Mujin and the spiritual pillar of the Sacheon's Dang Clan members.(Here members means Clan affiliated Warriors and stuff)

    And recently, he continued to fight(more like confront) with Moyong Bi as he expelled the intruders(fighters or assassins hired by Bi) and reorganized the budget given to the clan.

    Since he has such a straight personality and he doesn't bend at all, Moyong Bi is more likely to try to get rid of him than to persuade him.

    “Augh, we need to move quickly. You should have told that sooner.”

    The wagon wheel ran hard towards the Dang Estate.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Chapter 87

    * * *

    At that time, Jin was checking the ledgers in the grain warehouse.

    The warehouse was located in a secret place, which took 30 ~ 40 minutes to walk from the main building of Dang Estate in Sacheon.

    It's a place that deals with grains, valuable property of the Clan, and a place to store Guholmi(relief) for residents living in the Sacheon Dang area.

    Those who moved in and out of the warehouse were strictly controlled.

    Therefore, it was also a closed place where only Jin, the general manager of the warehouse, and direct members of the Dang Clan could enter.

    "Looks like there's an error, seeing how there's a difference between the harvest quantity and the amount listed in the warehouse. Where did the missing 700 seom of rice go?"

    "Th, that uh….."

    "And obviously, the ledger says 3,000 seom of rice was sent as relief, but why isn't there any accurate details?"

    Jin's sharp eyes soon found an empty spot on the ledger.(more like hole than empty spot)

    The manager of the warehouse showed signs of embarrassment because he did not know that a man who was busy dealing with the affairs of the Sacheon Dang Estate would suddenly come out to check the grain warehouse.

    "Th, about that….. There are a lot of residents who request relief, so it is difficult to list them in the ledger······"

    "How come there's so much rice left in the warehouse when so many people are asking for it! Is it really true that the food was distributed?"

    Tak, Chamberlain Jin hit the sack of rice and threw out his anger.

    "Th, that! That's the (sack of)rice of Elder Dang Hyomun."


    "There's a lot of rice left... Elder Hyomun gave that statement…. The grains here are to be distributed separately to the residents of Elder Dang Hyomun's hometown…… He told me not to touch it…"

    "The Elder?"

    Dang Hyomun was one of the four elders residing in Dang Clan, Sacheon, and was the chief elder who led the elders(other elders).

    Furthermore, he was also in a good relationship with Moyong Bi.

    "The management of Clan's property is not the elder's job, but how did he get involved here? And why didn't you inform me about that?"


    "How dare you say nothing!"

    The manager couldn't say anything.

    Cold sweat was running down his innocent-looking face, and his hands were trembling.

    "Get out of the way."

    Jin suddenly pushed the manager away with a thought that crossed his mind.

    "Cham, Chamberlain!"

    And kicked the pot containing the grain.

    "No, Chamberlain!"

    Crisp! clatter! Crunch!

    The pot that had been tumbling shattered to the floor.

    Yellow rice poured over the shattered pieces of the pot, and at the same time, a fishy sound was heard.

    Surprisingly, it contains yellow, insect-eaten old rice instead of white and shiny rice.

    "Why is the Kunais of the Dang Clan hidden under the rice?"


    "You bastard, you've been smuggling the Clan's weapons."

    The manager trembled at the fierce eyes of Chamberlain Jin glaring at the manager.

    "Since when? Whose order did you do this? How dare you try to siphon off the Dang Clan's weapons, do you want to lose your head?"

    Jin immediately ordered his subordinate Su-ha, who was with him.

    "Tie him up. I'll take him to the inspection room for questioning. Unless the liver comes out of the boat, I'll have to find out for myself how a mere warehouse manager could do such a thing."

    "Yes, Chamberlain."

    It was then.

    "That's enough, Chamberlain Jin."

    An unpleasant voice was heard from the entrance to the warehouse.

    An old man in his 70s, or thanks to his experience, stood Dang Hyomun, the elder of the Sacheon Dang Clan, who appeared to be about the same age as Dang Mujin.

    "Elder, how are you here?"

    “Is there any place within the Sacheon's Dang Clan that this Dang Hyomun cannot go?

    The old man's voice was arrogant, as the leader of the Clan's elders.

    “It is not something for the Elder to get involved in. And this is a place where only direct descendants/members of the Dang Clan and I can come in, so please get out as soon as possible….."

    "I know that Chamberlain Jin is a stiff and boring person, but I can't do that. Why are you making such a fuss when Mujin isn't even home yet?"

    "What do you mean Fuss? The charge of siphoning off weapons of the Clan is a felony."

    "Well, if you keep messing around like this, we have no choice but to use our hands."

    He sighed.

    “Tch, if you had been living quietly in the estate, you would have been able to live three more days."

    It was when the eyes of the Elder seemed to sparkle brutally.

    As if blocking the escape route, some Warriors lined up behind the elder, who stood at the entrance.

    Some familiar faces that Jin knew were also seen. All of them belonged to the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    But they were dressed in dark clothes with no patterns, rather than blue and red, the colors(that represents) of the Dang Clan.

    'They are trying to kill me here and disguise themselves as raids.'

    Chamberlain Jin recognized their ulterior motive. Then Kwang! The warehouse door was closed.

    "Haha, you look like a rat in a trap. I can't believe you always look so shabby following Mujin around the Clan."

    "You do know what it means to attack me, a pillar that obeys the will of the Head. You're prepared for the punishment, aren't you?"

    The Elder laughed.

    "That's when you go back alive. With Mujin out , is there anyone who will come all the way here looking for you?"

    "Cham, Chamberlain…….."

    Su-ha was suppressed by the deadly aura that was emanating from them, but Chamberlain Jin was not faltered.

    "I turned a blind eye to the Elder's corruption. I told you I would not charge for the stolen property. Is this your answer to my favour?"

    "That's why you should've stopped. Why are you suddenly trying to pick up the pieces? Is it really for you to poke around? Not to check the quality of Moyong Bi?"(It just means that he should've stopped and supported Bi.)

    Chamberlain Jin stared at the Elder.

    'You received orders from Hostess Mo Yong-bi.'

    The face of the Elder, who once shone even in the midst of Moorim Masters, was flashing with greed.

    "How much did you receive from the Moyong Clan to forget your pride as a Dang member?"

    Chamberlain Jin's skill of using a mixture of respectful and mocking words was better than Jin Soye.(means Jin is better at sarcasm than Soye)

    "How dare you talk to an Elder like this? What are you talking about? Ha, today will be the last time you can move that cheeky mouth of yours. Kill him."

    "Yes, Elder!"


    With the order of the Elder, the fighters drew out the kunai. Jin did not back down and stood up to them.

    'There is no chance of winning if it takes too much time.'

    However, Jin was not conceited by their skills and sharply calculated the odds(of winning rate).

    The martial arts of the elder, who once commanded the stronghold, was still superior to Chamberlain Jin.

    In addition, they were outnumbered. Having mastered martial arts, it was unlikely that Chamberlain Han Hae-jin and his subordinate would survive here.

    'At least we have to stop them from taking over the Clan. If I disappear here where both the headmaster and the young lady are also absent, the entire family will fall into the hands of the hostess.'

    Then they might even try to assassinate Dang Mujin and the young Lady.

    'But who should I bring? If the Elder comes out like that, he's confident that he'll be able to coax the soldiers. Alas, it would have been nice if there were the Clan's captain…'

    However, Yang Bangshik, the vice captain of the escort force, was also away due to Unnam Mountain reliefs.

    'No, it can't be the Captain of the escort. He probably took bribes from the Moyong Clan.'

    Haa, Chamberlain Jin sighed deeply and struck down the attack.

    In front of him were a couple of explosives prepared for an emergency. It was small, but it would be powerful enough to break the walls of this warehouse.

    <I will make an escape route by bushing the warehouse wall, so go back to the Dang Estate immediately and inform Am Daeju.>

    And he sent a Telepathic message to Suha as if he had made up his mind.

    As Am Daeju worked directly under the head, the works of the Moyong Clan wouldn't be hidden.

    If Am Daeju was here, it would have been reassuring, but he also went to the Noble Clan Conference.

    So, I have no choice but to put my hopes on the vice Captain and the remaining soldiers of his unit.

    "Bu, but then, Chamberlain-nim will...!"

    The outcome was obvious if Chamberlain Jin faced those who were too difficult(to fight) even with the two of them.

    By the time they get back, Jin won't be in this world.

    As Suha faltered, Chamberlain Jin shouted.

    "One o'clock is urgent, come on!"(He's probably telling Su-ha to go at that direction)


    Then there was a roar that seemed to resonate with the heavens.

    And Boom, Crack!

    Cracks(explosives) that started on one wall made a cracking sound and continued on all sides for a long time.

    And it seemed that incontinence was going all the way to the ceiling…

    "The warehouse is falling apart!"

    "Open the door!"

    The panicked elders and soldiers stopped fighting, opened the locked door ahead of them and went out.

    Taking advantage of that opportunity, the general and subordinates also escaped. Suha thought Chamberlain Jin had already made an escape route, and stopped trying to throw himself away.(means she thought Jin made a route to save both him and Su-ha instead of sacrificing himself.)

    The same was true for Chamberlain Jin, who was also bewildered.

    "Wait, I haven't touched the wall yet.'(means he hadn't made the escape route yet.)


    Before they could get out, the space that had just been a grain warehouse a minute ago collapsed.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 88

    If I were inside, I would have been crushed to death by a beam or killed by their hands.

    Jin sighed again, barely relieved.

    He managed to get out of the warehouse, but there were still those who wanted to kill him.

    "Hey, Lee Jagang. What if you destroy the warehouse? What are you going to do with the repair cost?"

    "The door's locked. You said we had to go inside. And you thought It'd get knocked down by a single blow? That's crappy! You must have hit the ground again when you built it!"

    Then I(Jin) heard the murmur of words.

    One slightly frivolous voice and one fierce voice.

    "Sigh, Soye and Jagang, stop fighting."

    And even a tired voice. I was out of my mind.

    "What is this, what bastards! How dare you sneak into the grain warehouse and attack a Clan member! Looks like You're not afraid of life."

    As a thief who hid in the Clan's door, the elder shamelessly rebuked them.

    Then a little girl came forward. Jin recognized her pretty and sturdy face.

    'She was brought by the young lady…...'

    Come to think of it, the red-eyed boy next to me was also familiar. The girl replied to the elder in a calm voice.

    "We're part of the Sacheon's Dang Clan. Can't you see this blue outfit?"

    A small hand fluttered the hem of the blue robe. As if she wants him to see this.


    Who is this rat?

    <This is the girl that Haewon brought along recently. The guards in the back are also the ones charged by Haewon.>

    Mu-min, an elder next, sent a message to the elder.

    "What? Dang Haewon?"

    The elder was only concentrating on becoming Moyong-bi's supporter, earning wealth and gaining power.

    I had not heard of the stories about the commoner's childs brought by Haewon, and even if I had known, I would not have cared about them.

    Especially for a girl who is not even close to his chest.

    Chak! Jin Soye held hands together and took the opportunity to greet each other.

    "I'm Jin Soye, a military escort. Who might you be old man?"

    Old, old man…..? The elder stopped. Lee Jagang intervened.

    "Isn't he a gramps, not just an old man?"

    "No. Look at the fine lines and drooping flesh on your forehead. It's just a white-haired old man."

    The people who came to devour on the gambling table were just like that. My eyes are accurate.(means the people who are addicted to gambling are just like that. Remember, her father is a gambler.)

    Soye muttered in a voice that he could hear.

    "Then we should call him squishy, not gramps."

    Lee Jagang clapped back.

    Old man. Elderly. Gramps. Squishy.

    In the 70 years of his life, the low names that no one had ever bungled in front of the elder flowed out without a break.

    "These crazies dare to say the Elder...!"

    It was when the elder's face turned red.

    "Ah, you're an elder. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. I'm a newbie, so…"

    Soye bowed politely. It was a very contrived move.

    "But, Elder, why are you holding a sword? Don't the warriors behind you belong to the Elders(group)?"

    Then she looked over his shoulder and asked.

    "Why are they armed with the clothes that raiders will wear instead of the Clan's official attire? Why are the elders and them attacking Chamberlain Jin?"

    Her uncharacteristically calm speech and round eyes were now facing the elder Dang Hyomun directly. The elder faltered.

    "Or does the elder serve other Clan, instead of the Dang Clan?"

    “Wh, What? What kind of recklessness to me who has led the Sacheon's Dang Clan before Dang Mujin was even born! I will cut off that four-year-old's cheeky tongue of yours!"

    "Well, can you answer my question? I just asked you why you brought the fighters and attacked Chamberlain Jin."

    Along with the elder's roar, the air that seemed to cut her throat came out, but Soye did not blink an eye.

    Because she has seen countless people who want to hurt her when she gets them stabbed in the right direction.(here stab means stab by words ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ)

    "..... This cheeky girl!"

    And the elder burst into anger at her question, but never answered.

    "Are you trying to take advantage of the absence of the headmaster to kill Chamberlain Jin and get to the position of the head? Are you trying to commit treason?"

    At Soye's bleak words, the atmosphere became cold again.

    A confrontation between the elders and young warriors surrounding Chamberlain Jin. The elder's intentions were clear.

    Because it was not uncommon in Moorim to take advantage of the Head's absence to seize the empty Clan.

    However, the problem was that it happened in the Sacheon Dang Clan, which is well known for its stronger internal solidarity than anyone else in the Moorim.

    "Heukcheon Uncle, what is a Moban(birthmark probably)?"

    Meanwhile, Lee Jagang could not understand Soye's words and asked Heukcheon.

    "That's. Eating."

    Heukcheon was also distracted by the brutal atmosphere and gave a rough answer.

    "Darn it. Haewon, you stupid little girl, brought all these little rats….. Kill them all!"

    The elder shouted.

    The elder's men were ready for battle again, but this time Jin was not alone.

    "Chamberlain, leave this to us and get out of here."

    This is because Yang Bangshik and the Warriors came forward.

    "How do you know I was here...?"

    "It was the young lady's order."

    <Chamberlain Jin, take care of him.>

    A warning from Haewon, which had passed by the falcon, came to mind.

    A spiritual map that she offered along with her horse.

    'Did you think this was going to happen……?'

    In the meantime, Lee Jagang and Jin Soye dealt with the soldiers of the elders.

    Chamberlain Jin was surprised to see them(The soldiers) unable to keep up with only the boy and girl.

    How can they(Soye and Jagang) treat the warriors as if they were children?

    'Why didn't you(Haewon) reveal their skills? That's enough to transfer them to the elite force(or as the Clan's Disciple).'

    His questions were going to be answered gradually.



    "Damn, these useless things. Can't you use your power on these two little bastards who haven't even mastered the martial arts of the Clan, get out of the way!"

    As time passed, the elder's mind became eager as he pushed more and more to subdue the subordinates of Haewon.

    He shouted and pushed his men.

    'Lady Moyong asked to take care of him quietly, but now that things have become like this, I've no choice but to shut their mouth. When they see these piles of corpses, even those who remain in the Dang Clan will not dare to challenge me.'

    The elder's mind went back and forth quickly.

    A sharp Kunai sparkled from his fingertips. A extracted toxic poison, Hak Jeonghong, was buried at the end of it.

    And when the elder's kunai flew to Jin Soye, who was running wild in the crowd.


    A sharp sword flew from somewhere and reflected the kunai of the elder.

    No, the force of the sword was so powerful that it didn't just reflect the kunai and shattered into small fragments.

    And, like sand being scattered, the fragments flew towards the elder and got stuck.

    Eventually, the elder was hit back by all the kunai fragments he had shot with Hak Jeonghong.

    "Ugh...! No, who...!"

    Who, how can someone crumble a kunai like that? Even Dang Mujin will not be able to show this much power. (Honestly the real Translation was WHAT CRAZY MACHINE CAN CRUMBLE A KUNAI SENT BY ME?)

    The Elder was startled, but he couldn't do anything more because the poison quickly circulated and spread into his body.

    Dark red blood dripped from the corners of the old man's mouth, who staggered and knelt down.

    And there was a shadow ahead of him.

    "It's been a while, elder."

    A shadow as thin and lush as a willow that bends.

    However, the sluggishness of the shadow that seemed to choke his throat at any time took hold of the Elder.

    I got chills all over my body as if I were facing a giant tiger.

    Has he ever felt so small in front of someone in his 70 years of life as the Clan's elder?

    "I, the granddaughter of your nephew, Haewon, greets you."

    A sweet, shrill voice came out. Dang Haewon has returned.

    * * *

    "Why haven't I heard anything from him yet?"

    Crack~ When the return of the elder, who was sent to deal with Jin, was delayed, Moyong Bi bit her nails.(Btw guys CRACK is the sound of her biting nails. I donno the proper SFX for this乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ)

    "That old man didn't fail, did he? No, he took only the strongest limbs inside and out… Even if the old man is greedy enough to covet the position, he is sure of his skills……...."(here limbs meant the soldiers.)

    However, no contact has been received from the assassins/slayers sent to dispose of Dang Haewon and the rest of the Dang Group.

    "Disposing of the body is not something that can be done in one day, so it will take some time. It's only been two days, so the body must have melted away by now."

    Crack, Crack.


    The sound of biting one nail with teeth and grinding one nail on the table can give one goosebumps all over the body.

    Moyong Bi's maids held their breath and endured the goose bumps on the flesh.

    "There was no one that my brother couldn't kill. I've never failed, so it will be this time as well."

    Moyong Bi repeatedly talked to herself.

    "Is Haejun coming safely? I forgot to tell him not to be surprised(about the assassination attempt)."

    But somehow her mind was not stable and she was restless.

    Just like the time when she saw Dang Haewon returning from Jinju.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 89

    Then the door suddenly swung open.

    "My Lady, here, they are, th-they are here!"

    The maid had a white face and stuttered.

    However, Moyong Bi, who was anxiously waiting for good news from the elder, did not notice any more.(means she didn't notice the maids condition and she thought it was the elder who returned)

    Moyong Bi jumped out of her seat. The slender steps quickly ran towards the inner circle(main yard).

    'Thank God. If Chamberlain Jin disappears, I can get our hands on this place. The Captain of the guards is in my hands, even the Warriors of the elder....'

    It was only then that anxiety completely faded from her mind and hope began to show.

    'I'll be able to give him(Jun) a present as soon as Haejun arrives. If Haejun wants to take his(elder) place, he can poison him and kill him.'

    "Welcome. You've worked hard…"


    But Moyong Bi's beautiful smile completely disappeared when she was hugged by her golden son, Dang Haejun.(Golden… idk guys it was like this 금쪽같은, means like gold. I think it was added sarcastically.)

    "Mother, do you know what I've been through! Countless monsters appear and suddenly start attacking us….."


    As soon as Dang Haejun saw his mother, he vomited several days of torture.(Lmao)

    He was distracted bringing up stories that contained bluffs, such as dealing with the three monsters, saving the warriors who were in danger, and so on.


    But soon he noticed. That his mother is not listening to him at all.

    Her eyes were staring over his shoulder.

    'Ho, how come ······!'

    Moyong Bi's eyes widened in disbelief.

    Dang Mujin and Dang Haewon, who were supposed to be dead and gone, were walking through the main Gate. Both limbs, attached.

    Especially Dang Haewon with a brighter face than she remembers.

    "Ho, How come….. No way…… There's no way…... it failed……"

    Moyong Bi's face is as pale as the previous maid.

    "It just so happens that I'm back, Mistress."

    Moyong Bi trembled at the familiar low-pitched tone of Dang Mujin.

    Moyong Bi noticed that Dang Mujin's face was firm.

    'Don't tell me he noticed what I've done…..!'

    "Yes, Saf, you've had a safe trip, and came back."

    She managed to spit out her voice. She clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails were deeply embedded in the palms of her clenched fists.

    At that time, the members(Warriors) of the Clan were rejuvenated by Something long that surrounded them.


    One by two, they threw it into the front yard of the inner circle.

    Flop, Flop, Flop.

    Several lumps were thrown on the cold stone floor of the inner garden, and the heavy sound somehow stimulated Moyong B's ears.(Btw these were probably bodies covered with Straw Mats.)

    "That's... what is that?"

    "I've pulled out the evils of the Dang Clan."(evil means those who wanted to have the position of Head. And had no good will towards the Clan members.)

    However, Dang Mujin still did not know Moyong Bi's plot yet.

    Now she was disillusioned to witness the rotting Elder who had been poisoned in an attempt to kill Chamberlain Jin.

    "What shall we do, my lord? Shouldn't we have a funeral since he's also from the Dang Clan?"

    "No funeral for those who tried to destroy the Clan. I don't even want to call him my uncle. How could the leader of a generation(elders), Loran, be so corrupted!"

    It was the first time she had seen Dang Mujin so angry.

    "Chamberlain Jin, send all these bodies to Wonmyongsoneun*. Even if I have to peel off the flesh of their bodies, I'll search them and find out who's behind them!"(*it's TL is the Original Site.)

    Wonmyongsoneun was a research institute owned by the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    It is a place where many poison masters study the characteristics and effects of poison, but it was also operated in a closed manner and was performing the role of an internal inspection team.

    "Yes, I will, My Lord."

    Chamberlain Jin replied.

    "Am Daeju is going to the elders* with me right now."(More like elders Association)

    "My Lord, do you want me to summon all the workers?"

    "Yes. Don't keep a single rat out and search them. The High Elder's deeds and all those who cooperated with him!"

    He was not the Dang Mujin to let go of internal strife.

    On his way back from the Noble Clan Union, they were attacked, and in the Estate, the Elder tried to kill Chamberlain Jin.

    Could all of these things happen at the same time if someone had not intended to bring down the Dang Clan?

    Dang Mujin's face became as cruel as a general standing in front of hellfire.

    'Before announcing the successor, the poison that has permeated the Dang Clan must be removed. Must! I'll make sure of it!'

    "Yes! My Lord!"

    The Warriors also felt the crisis of the Clan. They answered in unison with a thunderous voice.

    Whoosh! Fluttering the hem of his dress, Dang Mujin went straight towards the elders. The armed Warriors followed him.

    How brutal and fast they were moving, they left the inner circle even before the dust settled down.

    "Wh, what is this…….?"

    Moyong Bi's mouth opened. Her eyes, filled with astonishment, slowly gazed at the lumps lying on the cold stone floor of the inner garden/court/circle.

    'Don-, don't tell me…….'

    Then realized.

    'How come the Elder, whom I sent to kill the Chamberlain Jin, is here!'

    The face of a gray-haired old man sticking out at the end of a straw mat.

    Hair that has become messy due to blood, skin that has turned purple under the influence of Hak Jeonghong, and eyes that are wide open.

    The end of the Elder who fell for her own scheme was so terrifying that she couldn't bear to see it.

    Moyong Bi staggered without realizing it.

    "Oh my, why do you guys put all these things down in front of your mother! What if a weak person collapses?"(Means what if a weak HEARTED person saw those dead bodies and lose her soul.)

    At that moment, a shrill voice resounded over the dead bodies.

    "Mother, are you okay? You were surprised, weren't you?

    A warm hand grabbed Moyong Bi's cold hand. Because of the burning heat, Moyong Bi pulled out her hand.

    "Oh, I apologize, My Lady. I'll clean it up right away."

    As soon as Haewon's words fell, the Clan Warriors greeted politely and moved. It was polite and upright, as if obeying the orders of Dang Mujin.

    "Understand, Mother. There was a raid. Someone dared to raid the Sacheon's Dang Clan twice?"

    Moyong Bi slowly raised her head and looked at Dang Haewon.

    Unlike the beautifully built smile, Dang Haewon's dark brown eyes did not smile at all.

    Somehow, goosebumps rose up the back of her neck. Moyong Bi was barely able to take a step back.


    The two women quietly exchanged glances.

    'It's you. You are the one who ruined everything.'

    'What to do, mother? I failed your expectations.'

    The tight line of sight, which did not yield an inch, faced each other in the air.

    "Master, while you were away, there were more matters to look at."

    At that time, Soye slowly approached Haewon and said.

    And Lee Jagang, Yang Bangshik, and the escorts stood in a row as if to cover the back of Haewon.

    Like the legion of Dang Haewon. And even the mysterious figure standing next to Haewon.

    “Young Lady, I will take care of you.”

    The warrior of the Sacheon's Dang Clan bowed politely in front of Haewon.

    Then, as if the sea were splitting, the other Warriors also prostrated in front of Dang Haewon.

    All of them were in the Noble Clan Conference with Haewon.

    In a short period of time, those who lamented and criticized Dang Haewon, saying she was a disgrace to the Dang Clan, turned into loyal dogs who would not hesitate to die if she told them to die.

    "Well, whatever."

    Haewon smiled arrogantly with a small snort.

    "Mother, I've been living on the road so much that my whole body aches to death. I need to relieve my fatigue, so tell Hongju to heat up the bath and bring warm alcohol and meat. Mother's maids are good at cooking because they have a good taste."

    In the eyes of Moyong Bi, Dang Haejun had no presence, like a sack of barley placed in the same space.

    "As we travel so far all I ate was dried beef jerky that even dogs wouldn't eat….."

    It is also the pathetic view of the warriors towards Haejun, who is making a fuss.

    Her golden son, who doesn't even realize that the Clan's power structure has already begun to lean toward the circle.

    Everyone standing here only proved that Moyong Bi's plan failed completely.

    For a moment, it felt as if a shrill scream would come out of her throat.

    Moyong Bi managed to resist wanting to slap the cheek of Dang Haewon, who made fun of her.

    "......What? Are you listening, Mother? I want to eat meat."

    The immature Dang Haejun shook his mother's arm and begged her.

    "Right now······ Mother is tired······ I'll make it for you later."


    Haewon stepped in when she saw her brother pouting his lips.

    "Mother, me too. The confectionery you gave me last time was delicious. You're going to make it for me later, right?"

    Moyong Bi also swallowed her breath and smiled graciously at her voice.

    "......Of course. If my baby wants it." (Yuck! How disgusting!¯\_(☯෴☯)_/¯)

    And she straightened her back as if it was a lie that she had been shocked a while ago.

    The beautiful smile did not disappear from Moyong Vi's face until Haewon's group left with the Warriors and even Haejun's mouth popped out and went to his place.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 90

    She walked slowly toward her place, unlike a while ago, when she ran towards the inner circle.

    One step at a time, the loose cloth brushed and made a soft sound. Her steps were as calm and graceful as a swan walking on water.


    However, neither Dang Mujin or Dang Haewon disappeared, and she was all alone.


    Crumble! Flop! Crunch!

    The room was filled with a violent sound of randomly breaking things.

    She tore everything in the room apart. Under her feet, sharp pieces of pottery and torn cloth piled up like a mountain.

    "Argh! Damn it! Dang Haewon! Damn you Dang Haewon!"

    Unable to control, her hand went towards the broken shelf and picked up a whip.

    "Dang Haewon, four years! By all means! Argh!"

    The cruel whip was pointed towards the shaky maids of Moyong Bi.

    They had to endure the thrashing of countless falls.

    "I'm gonna kill you. For sure! For sure!"

    In particular, the whipping of a maid of Haewon's age was more brutal and cruel.

    "Argh! My Lady! Forgive us! It's all our fault!"

    "Cal, Calm down! My Lady…….! Argh! Help me! Save…….!"

    The pathetic screams of the maids trying to survive resounded desperately.

    * * *

    Meanwhile, Haewon, who returned to the estate, heard the full story of the past few days from Jin Soye.

    "Thank you, Soye. Thanks to you, we've managed to stop the big deal. What would have happened without you, I'm dizzy."

    Oh, I'm so proud of you. After hearing all the reports, Haewon held Soye and patted her on the back.

    Soye's face heated up at Haewon's generous praise.

    "I know, I'm glad I could help you, Master."

    When Lee Jagang started nagging, Soye bent her head down in embarrassment and twisted her body.

    "Hmph, Master. Don't believe it's like this. Do you know how squeaky and noisy she is?"

    Lee Jagang, who saw it from the side, intervened.

    "I'm still drooling about how I've put a terrible trick on the raiders who came to kill us. And how much she nagged me for breaking the warehouse to save the Chamberlain……. Ouch! It hurts! Don't pinch me!"

    Jagang grumbled and rubbed his pinched arm.

    'They've gotten really close.'

    Haewon smiled and looked at the two of them grumbling cutely.

    "You don't need to listen to him. But Master, how is Young Master Eon here……?"

    Soye gave a kick to Jagang and glanced at Gunwoo.

    "I will stay at Sacheon Dang Estate for a while."

    "Oh, I see. Welcome, Young Master Eon! I'll take good care of you this time."

    When she was staying at Jinju's Eon Clan, Soye, who recalled Gunwoo's kindness, who sometimes served snacks like honey rice cakes, welcomed him with a big smile.

    "Even the honey rice cakes of Sacheon Dang Clan are second to none to Jinju Eon Clan. As a member of Dang Soldiers , I assure you."

    Haewon held back her laughter because he was cute in his way of saying that he was a member of the Sacheon Dang Clan. Nevertheless.

    <Honey rice cake? At that time, the honey rice cake Soye brought with her was sent by Oraboni?>

    I asked Gunwoo in a Telepathic voice.


    Gunwoo's cheeks turned slightly red and disappeared. He avoided Haewon's gaze.

    <Huh? Tell me.>

    In fact, he didn't take it to give it, but when he snooped around Haewon and encountered her subordinate, he was embarrassed and gave it out as an excuse.So Gunwoo decided not to say anything.

    "Hah, you're not even a maid, so why did you take it from that guy?"

    On the other hand, Lee Jagang, who had never seen Soye so kind to a man other than Yang Bangshik and his escorts, lit up his eyes.

    It was his first time meeting Eon Gunwoo because Jagang joined the group after they left Jinju's Eon Clan.

    "What do you mean, that guy! Watch your mouth, he is the Young Master of the Eon Clan of Jinju!"

    "What the! The Young Master, did he gilding up from birth?" (Meaning more like golden Spoon thingy)

    Lee Jagang shouted angrily at Soye's way of speaking.

    'From birth I am gilded.'

    When I think of my birth with the blood of the Imperial family, it's not a very wrong word, but Gunwoo still kept his mouth shut.

    "What, hyung, why are you laughing? You look weaker than me!"

    However, compared to Gunwoo's sturdy size, who stood tall without knowing that the sky was high, Jagang had a long way away, both horizontally and vertically.

    "Jagang, be polite with my guest."

    Instead of pulling out the heat like Haejun, Haewon warned in a low manner.(Remember she slapped the crap out of Haejun in the forest)

    However, Lee Jagang understood the severe warning in the soft voice.

    He looked at it calmly, but it was scarier than when he faced dozens of assassins.(Means her warning was scarier than facing the assassins)

    "Ye….Yes, Master."

    Lee Jagang nodded reluctantly, pouting his lips. But his eyes were full of betrayal, saying, 'Even the master!'

    Jagang glanced at Gunwoo, who still received attention from Soye and Haewon.

    Gunwoo looked down at the red-eyed boy who was pouting.

    Although Lee Jagang's attitude was bad, Gunwoo was not a person who judged his status or age, regardless of his noble birth.

    Furthermore, there was no way to think ill of the innocent boy who he had not seen before.

    And seeing that Jagang's eyes kept glancing at Soye, the reason why Jagang's eyes were particularly mean to him was easy to guess.

    "I bought it on the way here."

    Gunwoo held out a white box with a pretty red knot to Soye.

    "Uwaa! It's honey rice cake with flower."

    "Hwajeon, the camellia flowers bloomed beautifully in Hakseong, where the Conference was held. Everyone makes Hwajeon as a snack."

    Haewon smiled and said, Seeing Soye's love for her, I think it was a good thing I bought her a present in the meantime.

    "So pretty! Thank you, Master! Young Master!"

    Soye greeted with emotionally wet eyes.



    For a moment, Haewon thought he saw a fire coming out of Jagang's eyes.

    No, I couldn't tell which one of the fire or mouth was sticking out first.

    At that time, Gunwoo extended his other hand to Jagang.

    "What, you? No, what the…… is this?"

    Lee Jagang tried to react harshly, but seeing Haewon's eyes, quickly added the word 'this'.

    " ......."

    Gunwoo jerked his finger as if to receive it.

    Several round bamboo steamers tied together with long straw hung on Gunwoo's long and straight fingers and moved.

    From the clear color of the steamer or the neatly cylindrical shape, it seemed to be only found in high-end restaurants.


    Soye shouted.

    "It, it's okay. I don't need….."

    Jagang tried to refuse in a sullen voice.

    "Open it!"

    Soye was more excited and opened the lid of the top steamer. The steam leaked out as if it had just arrived.

    And when the white steam disappeared, several large dumplings with a clear color appeared.

    "Lee Jagang! King Dumplings!"

    'That's definitely ······! A dumpling with black dragon spots that Jin Soye didn't buy because it was expensive.'

    It wasn't one or two, either.

    Shrimp dumplings with plump red flesh under thin and transparent blood, galbi(meat) dumplings with sweet and chewy seasoning, fish cake dumplings with chopped chives and chopped fish flesh…...

    It was so diverse that just looking down at the inside of everything was distracting him.

    'And you never bought it because one plate of black dragon dumplings could be equal to buying ten plates of dumplings elsewhere! I asked you to buy me just one! You threatened a man that you'd never buy it for him!'

    The time of grief that had been persecuted before the boy passed by in a flash.

    'And they always scold me if I eat three or more plates a day. Even if you raise cows, you won't be able to raise them…. If I take, how much can I eat…….’

    The height of the dumpling barrels tightly tied with thick straw was large and high. Not one or two plates, but at least ten plates, which was a huge amount.

    As soon as I took a bite from the seductive king dumplings, the hot juices seemed to flow out.

    The smell that permeated the tip of his nose was fatal, almost captivating even the Jade Emperor.

    Gunwoo was born with a talent for beating people. He also instinctively figured out how to use crazy dog Lee Jagang.


    With the sound of someone swallowing, Lee Jagang stared at Gunwoo with a more serious face than ever.

    "...I'll take you as my brother."

    Lee Jagang swore allegiance to Gunwoo.

    The boy's impeccable oath, though for a limited time, would continue until the dumpling plate soaring high in the sky was empty.

    Anyways guys I think the novel is better in many aspects compared to Manhwa. But I love Jagang and Soye more in Manhwa tbh. I love and appreciate their comradeship more than their romantic relationship really. I don't ship them(。ノω\。).
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