Spoiler I'm a Martial Art Villainess but I'm the Strongest!

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    probably possessed by the demon sect?

    also season 1 ended im sad no more gunwoo and haewon for who knows how long
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    While i'm not sure how much the manhwa might change, it's been spoiled in the chapter 79 mtl if you go back a few pages.
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    It's something his father fed him to control him. And yes, that sister is possessed. you'll read about it in the spoilers above^^
    Anyway...first season is complete T_T
    I hope we won't need to wait too long for season 2
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    I wish this was included in the manhwa, it's a small character building moment, but it spotlights the differences perfectly. Actually this entire conference sequence would have been gold if they left it as is. It's a missed world-building opportunity too.
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    Here's some Character info for those who confuses with names and can't read the novel.

    Dang Mujin

    Headmaster of Sacheon's Dang Clan

    Rather than the status of the Clan in the society, he cares more about family bonds. Loves his only daughter Dang Haewon. Doesn't particularly like his only son Dang Haejun. Deeply loved and still loves his deceased wife Eon Seoyeon. Don't particularly like his 2nd wife Moyong Bi.

    Being a matchmaker:

    Most Emotional Moment:
    1627953493729.jpg 1627948975032.jpg

    Epic Moment:
    Water Splash on Hwang Jinsoo
    Dang Haewon

    The Young Lady of Dang Clan.

    Our Female Lead. Once a failure fantasy-romance novelist. After a road accident, was transmigrated into Haewon's body, a Villainess in the novel Young Master Namgoong of A Noble Family. Righteous in her own way, Strong, Reliable, Pwetty, Cute.

    While Fighting:

    After Fighting:

    Epic Moment:

    Guess the previous line :3

    Being pretty(ʃƪ^3^):

    1627915371983.jpg IMG_20210803_073820.jpg
    Dang Haejun

    The so-called Young Master, the next heir of Dang Clan.

    Good for nothing crybaby. But still is greedy. Like mother like son? He's weak. Totally unreliable.
    Chamberlain Jin

    Take cares of Dang Clan's affairs, Property Management.

    Dang Mujin's Most trusted subordinate. Loyal to the Dang Clan.

    Dang Mujin's Loyal Assistant/Aide (?)

    Didn't appear in the Manhwa. But an important character in the Novel. Hope he appears in season 2 at least. Not sure if the name is correct (sorry༎ຶ‿༎ຶ). In previous chapters, I translate it as Am Daeju or Daejoon or Daejun. Will be AmDae from further Chapters. Loyal to Dang Mujin. Supports Haewon.
    Yang Bangshik

    Vice Captain of the Dang Clan's Escort Guards.

    Despite being a commoner, he's famous among young fighters for his skill. Loyal to Haewon. Don't like Haejun.

    Eon Saryong

    Headmaster of the Eon Clan in Jinju.

    Haewon's Grandfather. He's cute. Loves his deceased daughter, Eon Seoyeon. He's planning to make Gunwoo and Haewon a couple ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ.

    Being a Matchmaker:
    Eon Gunwoo

    Young Master and Heir of the Eon Clan

    Our Male Lead. Actually is a step-brother of the current King. He's a prince, known as King Heon. Currently is hiding his identity. The current King loves him. A fool in love with Haewon.

    In front of Haewon:
    1627942580966.jpg 1627941505975.jpg

    In front of others:

    While Fighting:

    After Fighting:

    Eon Seoyeon

    The deceased daughter of Saryong.

    Haewon's mother. She loved Martial Arts and was a tomboy. But after marrying Mujin, she quit Martial Arts and became a female physician. Dang Mujin deeply loves her.

    Moyong Seok

    Headmaster of the YonYeong's Moyong Clan.

    A trash. He's the main reason for Demon Sect's revival. He made a deal with the Demon Sect Head to make the Moyong Clan stand above all Clans. He treats his children like rolling stones and guinea pigs. Definition of Evil (1)
    Moyong Hwi

    The Young Master and Heir of the Moyong Clan

    Our Second Male Lead. He's an eye candy. The most pitiful character so far in the novel. He's mischievous, cute, playboy like behaviour but no stories heard of him actually dating someone.

    Being an eye candy:
    Even though he is hurting, he's still butiful(๑˙❥˙๑)
    1627915921525.jpg 1627942865090.jpg
    Moyong Bi

    Moyong Seok's sister

    Second wife of Mujin. She waited a long time to marry Mujin. Kinda forced Mujin through her brother to get married to Mujin. She's wicked, cunning, eye candy. Manipulated Haewon all her life, to make his son Haejun the next head of Dang Clan. Definition of evil (2)
    Moyong (?)

    One of the many Step-siblings of Hwi

    Appeared in both novel and manhwa. Was a victim of the Demon Sect Master(?).
    She's dead. Currently the demon sect leader/master is possessing her body.

    Jaegal Ihwan

    Young Master and Heir of Jaegal Clan

    Righteous in his own way. Loves his sister.
    Jaegal Hee

    The only Young Lady of Jaegal Clan

    The Female Lead of the Novel Haewon transmigrated. Rumoured as Namgoong Jiha's first love but she denies it. She is better at using Swords than her brother and father but keeps it a secret as they think of her as a weak girl. Although both her Father and brother love her. She loves swords. An eye candy.

    Namgoong Hwan

    Headmaster of the current Namgoong Clan

    He's righteous in his own way. My favourite character for sucker punching Jiha. I misspelled it as Ihwan in previous chapters.
    Namgoong Jiha

    The Young Master and the heir of Namgoong Clan.

    The main character of the novel 'Young Master Namgoong of A Noble Family', Haewon transmigrated. Haewon's ex-fiance. Arrogant.

    Ahk Twins from Ahk Clan of Sandong

    Ahk Siyeon is engaged to Young Master Feng(?).

    Ahk Cheonbong thinks he's good at Sword Dance, but that's probably just him. Is rumoured to be a troublemaker.

    Hwang Jinsoo

    Headmaster of the Hwang Clan

    Is a wicked man who is after the position of one of the Five Noble Clan's of Moorim. But is like a rat in the corner after The Sect Battle.
    Hwang Woojin

    Young Master and Heir of the Hwang Clan

    Ended up being dead in the novel. Donno about the manhwa. He gossips like old woman( -_-)'

    Jin Soye

    Haewon's Loyal Subordinate

    Loves Haewon and is super loyal to her. Is Namgoong's Warrior in the novel Haewon transmigrated. But now she is Haewon's subordinate. Is good at using illusion magic.
    Lee Jagang

    Haewon's Loyal Subordinate

    Loves Haewon and is super loyal to her. Is a subordinate of Jiha in the novel Haewon transmigrated. But now is a trusted Subordinate of Haewon. Loves Dumplings.

    Part of the Escort Guard

    Loyal to Haewon.

    Part of the Escort Guard

    Loyal to Haewon.
    He's mentioned before. But he's one of the most loyal Subordinate of Haewon. So I mentioned him again.


    The Mountain God/Deity/Guardian

    Mythical Beast. While visiting the Black Market, Haewon somehow saved and freed the trapped Cheonho. So now he Greatly Favours Haewon and current most Strongest Mythical Ally.
    Sa Okcheon

    The 12th Branch Manager of Moorim Alliance.

    She planned to recruit Haewon in the Alliance but Haewon rejected respectfully. So now she's one of the strongest allies of Haewon.

    I feel bad for this side Characters. Especially the ones who died heroically. My tears won't stop.
    Dang Hyomun

    Chief Elder of all the elders of Dang Clan (?)

    He's ugly old man. Joined hands with Moyong Bi for his greed.

    He was hired by the Hwang Clan during Noble Clan Conference.

    He was known as an Famous Teenage Master. He looks like a gorilla I'm telling ya. And was beaten up badly in the Sect Battle by Haewon.

    Haewon's deceased Maid

    Actually works for Moyong Bi. Fed Haewon the poison for 10 years at the order of Bi.
    Jang Gwong/Gwing

    Manager of Eight Star Merchant Guild, Sacheon Branch

    Worked for Moyong Bi. Was connected with the Black Market. Pig.
    Seok Gwangyoon

    Young Master and Heir of the Seok family

    A trash. Ruined lives of many girls. He died heroically.

    I tried to give small info about some Characters. I could forget Something or Someone. Remind me if I did guys(@_@);. I'll add em later.
    I'll add more info after more characters appear.

    And the next chapters of novel, I'll try to upload them in three or four days after I'm done:blobdog:.

    All The Manhwa Art Credit Goes To
    Leviatan Scans
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    Woah this is amazing!!(。•̀ᴗ-)✧
    so informative and detailed!! especially that description about Namgoong Jiha. Arrogant. lmao.
    And gosh, Moyoung Hwi is just so beautiful ಥ‿ಥ

    It makes me wanna read the whole thing again(~‾▿‾)~
    haaays I miss Haewon & oraboni
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    Thank you for this incredible amount of work!! Is extremely appreciated and very well done.
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    Wait, Soye is the original female lead? Not Jaegal Hee?
    And thank you for the list:blobxd:
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    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 91

    * * *

    "What are you doing!"

    A loud yell was heard in the peaceful sky of Sacheon's Dang Estate.

    This was because the warriors, led by Dang Mujin, overturned the elders and captured some of them. They were violently rebellious, but when they were attacked by dozens of warriors and pressed to their blood, they gave up. In the first place, they were people who rose to the position of Elders by blood, not by their Martial Arts.

    Two of the elders were captured. Including the deceased Dang Hyomun, there are three.

    'All but one of the four elders who made up the Elder group/association were in different pockets.'(means they were pocketed by Moyong)

    Dang Mujin sighed at the deplorable thing.

    "Ugh! Ugh!"

    The elders, who had been crushed and seized, were sent to the dungeon of the Yeon-Myongson* without being able to move.(*in the previous chapter it was used as Wonmyongsoneun. It'll be Yeon-Myongson in the further Chapters)

    A damp, moist, cave-like prison with no sunlight was a place to house the sinners of the Clan.

    "Mujin! Mujin!"

    As the blood flow gradually dissipated and his mouth moved, Dang Mujin entered the prison.

    The elders, who did not know what was going on, raised their voices while holding the iron bars.

    "Mujin, say something. Why did they suddenly attack us and lock us up here and search the elders (association)!"

    "No matter how old you are, how rude you ask us to come, there is no such disrespect. How can you do something to us, who are about your father's age, that even our ancestors can never forgive!"

    "It's not a big deal."

    However, Dang Mujin's gaze looking down at the iron bar prison was cold.

    "Chamberlain Jin."

    "Yes, My Lord."

    At Dang Mujin's call, Chamberlain Jin presented him with a bunch of documents that he had prepared for a long time.

    "You've already heard what Elder Dang Hyomun did today, haven't you?"

    'The Lord has finally pulled out his sword.'(here it doesn't mean he literally pulled out a sword. It just means he took action against them.)


    Dang Mujin scattered it in front of the elders. The whitewashed letters on the white paper fluttered.

    The elder, who noticed the identity of the paper that flew into the prison, paused.

    "These are documents that accuse the elders of corruption in the Sacheon Dang Clan. Of course, it is the corruption of Dang Hyomun, not the elders."


    “Without my approval, the chief elder took out the Warriors from the Clan and used them in his own way, and embezzled reliefs and forcefully took the villagers to serve him. How cruel he was to people, and some people fear him more than the headmaster."


    "In addition, what did you want to get by putting the poison in your hands, which is treated as top-secret in Yeon-Myungsoo, and taking the weapon out of the Clan's area?"

    "I, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know anything about the chief elder's doing. We're not at all…..."

    The elders stuttered and hung their hands.

    Then there was the sound of creaking footsteps in the prison. They were the warriors of the Clan.

    They were holding a polished, well-trimmed box.

    "Th, That's……"

    The face of an elder who recognized the identity of the box was contemplated. At the same time, the warrior opened the box and flipped it over.

    Glittering gold nuggets/bars and all kinds of gold and silver treasures spilled onto the dirty floor.

    "There are more than 20 gold bars inside. It's the property stolen by the elder, is it not?"


    The faces of the elders were young with embarrassment. But soon they came up with a refuge called Elder Dang Hyomun.(Means they'll put the blame on Hyomun)

    "Ye, Yes….! The chief elder, that greedy man, did it behind our backs!"

    "Yes, my God. How could an Chief Elder of the Dang Clan do such a thing? It must be punished!"

    No. That box was found in the residence of an elder other than Dang Hyomun.

    The elders did not notice Dang Mujin's gaze, colder than ice, as they passed all the sins onto Dang Hyomun.

    Dang Mujin knew that not only the dead elder, but also the elders in front of him were in the same group.

    The sheer enthusiasm they once had to contribute to the Sacheon's Dang Clan by studying martial arts together had long disappeared. There are only people who covet the wealth and glory in front of their eyes.

    The Sacheon Dang Clan was absolutely sensitive to internal solidarity as it(their research) was closed to the outside world. The strong family bond of the Dang clan was the driving force that allowed them to sustain themselves for hundreds of years.

    But the problem is, that absolute trust blinded the Headmaster.(means Mujin had blinded trust over them)

    The stagnant water is bound to rot, but those who forget it and put the name of the Dang Clan were much more corrupt.

    Dang Mujin glanced at them coldly.

    "I knew you were taking care of my property little by little, but I turned a blind eye to old times, but I didn't know you'd dare to cut my limbs. The 'Elders' who studied with my father."

    After Dang Mujin's reply, they had nothing to say.

    "Of course it's my misunderstanding. It has to be a misunderstanding. How dare/can these elders who will value the existence of the Sacheon's Dang Clan more than the law of Moorim (do such a thing)! I don't think so."


    "Haa, forgive me. I trust the elders, but I can't let it go because the dead elder mentioned you."

    Dang Hyomun, That punk! If you want to die, go die alone!

    At the words of Dang Mujin, the elders' faces turned strange that were neither angry nor relieved.

    "It's a formal investigation, so don't worry. That is, if you didn't do anything wrong."

    The elders stood firm at the words of Dang Mujin leaving prison.

    * * *

    At the time when the elders(group) were turned upside down, Haewon was chasing out the Clan Warriors.

    She summoned all the members* of the Sacheon's Dang Clan, except for the members directly under the Moyong Clan.(* Members means all people like Warriors affiliated with the Dang Clan)

    Only the soldiers who did not participate in the Clan Conference did not see the transformation of Haewon.

    They looked up in bewilderment and laughed.

    "What? Why are you bringing us together all of a sudden?"

    "Do you understand? Our fickle young lady's mood changed again. Tch!"

    The appearance of the gathered members of the Sacheon Dang Clan in the wide training hall/ground was disappointing.

    There was no end to their chatter and their standing posture was crookedly kicked with uneven feet.

    Forget about standing in a row, the way they were standing, there was no way to know whether they were escorts, solitary or affiliated.

    'What a sight.'

    At this rate, it would not be strange if the demon(affiliated with the demon sect) collapsed as soon as they entered the Dang Clan. Haewon let out a laugh.

    "What's going on? What brings us together all of a sudden? How can you tell someone to come and go when we have a lot of work to do?"

    The Leader/Captain of the escorts, the highest rank of the personnel there asked with an angry face.

    Everyone looked at Haewon as if they also thought the same as him.


    As Haewon's eyes slowly turned towards him, the Captain took a step back, shaking his cheeks without realizing it.

    This is because, in the past, believing in Moyong Bi's power and being rude to Haewon, he was slapped in the face saying that what he did was arrogant.

    The soft hands that flapped around were hot, but what was worse was the head that looked like a dragon breathing fire.

    Didn't Dang Mujin go wild saying he'd rip the black bread apart if they came and stopped him?(idk what black bread means here -_-'')

    'What is that guy Yang doing over there? You don't even know who your boss is?'(He's talking about Yang Bangshik)

    Instead, the Captain rolled his eyes towards Yang Bangshik, who was standing next to Haewon like a Jangseung*.(* A village guardian, kinda like a korean totem made of woods)

    Even the escort Warriors who accompanied Haewon along Jinju's Eon, such as Heokcheon and Soryung, who followed Yang Bangshik.

    I wasn't happy with Yang Bangshik already.

    'I thought you were the only one who was proud, and refused my offer.'

    The other day, I tried to appease Yang Bangshik after receiving the fortune of the Moyong Clan, but failed.

    'He doesn't even know how the Dang Clan works. The circle is over, if Dang Haejun becomes the head of the Clan and the Moyong clan uses their hands. You don't know that, you idiot.'

    "Captain, please observe the example of the Dang Clan toward the bloodline."(Means he should respect the bloodline, like Haewon has Dang Blood so he should respect her.)

    Without fail Yang Bangshik pointed out his rudeness. The Captain snorted.

    "Heh, a master should act like one. How can you win the respect of those below when you're busy chasing after men and begging for a coalition?"(he is insulting Haewon saying that she is busy chasing after Jiha.)


    "The Captain is right. So now I want to try something as a master."


    "Seung Nyang from other house's keep squealing for a seat that should only be given to those who is worthy the name of the Sacheon's Dang Clan."(means other Clan's minions keep asking for a position they don't deserve. As you know they are like spy ,or the people who betrayed the Clan for money, working for Moyong Clan)

    The Captain frowned at Haewon's words.

    "If you want to chase the dog, you have to wipe out the bugs that have eaten your house first."

    So, I'm thinking of fixing it. Haewon shook his hands like a horse.

    "What? What do you mean…"

    "The reason why she brought you here is to let you know that as of today, she will dismissed all the units of Sacheon's Dang Clan, except for the direct subordinate Warriors."

    "Al, all of us are dismissed?"

    "Don't be surprised. I mean, we're going to disband the existing battalion and reorganize it. All the positions you have now will be gone and all will return to an equal one(position)."

    "How are you going to reorganize it?"

    "Bimu."(it means Martial Arts. I think PROBABLY it means challenging someone to a martial arts battle and there's risk of death. Kinda like if the winner wants, he/she can kill his/her opponent.)

    Haewon replied refreshingly.

    “We will reorganize the battalion in order, starting with the highest rank.”(they'll probably show their Martial arts skill and then it will be decided who will get what position.)

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 92

    A crystal clear voice rang the training field/ground/hall without any force.

    "Bimu can be applied to anyone, to anybody, even to a superior. The position of the unit will be strictly ranked, regardless of their status."

    'A thorough survival of the fittest.'

    Haewon was planning to scare away the idle soldiers along with the three men(elders probably).

    "Th, then we can get into the······ elite squad/unit(or it can be the Clan's inner Disciple or something), too?"

    A trembling question burst out from a low-ranking soldier guarding the gates of the Sacheon's Dang Estate.

    Haewon glanced at him and nodded.

    "Didn't I say, 'regardless of your status?' If you have a high rank(in the battle), you can choose where you want to go."


    The crowd filling the hall/ground was buzzing.

    It was a Dang Clan that was considered fair in its own way, but there was an invisible difference in status within it(The Clan).

    It was a known fact that, unless it was a great master who rivaled a teenage master, positions such as the Captain/Master or assistant/vice Master/Captain were limited to traditional soldiers/fighters.(here traditional means like from a renowned Clan or family or sub-clan members who has little bit high status than others)

    Even though he was a commoner, Yang Bangshik overcame various prejudices and environments and became a Vice Captain, which was also the reason why he was respected by young warriors.

    “In other words, if a six-month-old kid who came in(or joined the Clan) less than a year and a half beats the Captain of the guards, he could be given the position as the Captain of the guards”

    Haewon alternately looked at Lee Jagang and the Captain of the Guards.(It means the Captain who joined hands with Bi)

    Even at a glance, Lee Jagang, a young boy, did not even reach the Captain's shoulders, so Haewon's words were not credible.

    'What, if that boy beats the Captain of the Guards? What kind of nonsense is that?'

    Lee Jagang noticed the buzzing crowd. He chuckled, sticking out his bright red tongue towards the Captain, and raised around.

    The Captain, who considered Lee Jagang, the stone that had been rolled, as an eyesore, couldn't stay still at the provocation of Jagang.

    “What kind of nonsense is that kid with no blood on his head taking my place! Isn't the Young Lady trying to use a shortcut to spare him?"( In the last line he just means Haewon in letting Jagang do whatever he wants, as he is her subordinate)

    Haewon ignored Daeju and continued.

    "If you don't mind demotion, you can refuse to do so. But you have to take into account that the more rejection you make, the lower your ranking will get."

    As soon as she finished her remarks, the reaction was divided into two.

    Those who are uncomfortable with the fact that all the positions and powers given are gone and that they have to compete only with their skills, and those who are willing.

    Mainly, the former were those who 'had' something, including Daeju, and the latter were those who 'did not'. (It means the first reaction was for those who had position given to them without real skill, and the later reaction was for those who had no position at all or low key positions)

    "No way! What right do you have to disband us, Young Lady?"

    “It was also approved by the Headmaster. Moorim is the world of the strong. The underdog(weak) will know that they will be tragically culled. If you want to stay in your place, you just have to win. How can the Captain be so angry?"

    The Captain was startled by the significant question.


    "Aren't you the Captain because you are the strongest of them all? What are you afraid of?"

    "I'm not afraid of anything! It's a problem because the Young Lady is arbitrarily breaking the sacred rules of the Clan! If you whim again and change your mind, you're going to pretend nothing happened! How long did you expect us to be swayed by your whim?" (Wtf! Haewon beat the shit outta this old man)

    "That's not gonna happen. I swear on my own name. I promise I won't take issue with my insolence."

    The Captain stopped at Haewon's tired gaze.

    "And this time, I'm going to participate."

    "The Young Lady will also join the ranking battle?"

    Surprised fighters took a breath. But for a while.

    'You're such an immature girl! If we hurt the Lord's cherished treasure, we're gonna get hit!'

    'There's no way the young lady could have defeated Gumaji!'

    "That's not possible! If the Young Lady gets hurt while battling, we'll be the one in trouble."

    After the Sect Battle, the name of the Dang Haewon spread widely.

    However, if there were people who did not believe the rumor the most, it was her Clan, Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    Even Dang Mujin and the soldiers directly under the control of Am Dae who accompanied the Noble Clan Conference would not have believed it if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes.

    It was hard to imagine that Haewon, who had been in Sacheon all her life, had a bad temper and was chasing after Namgoong Jiha, beat Gumaji, the teenage Master, and made Headmaster Hwang to kneel on his knees.

    Haewon chuckled.

    "This is not the time for you to worry about me."

    * * *

    "Ugh! Whoops!"

    "I'm going to die, I'm dying!"

    There were constant sounds of pain in the training ground/hall.

    Ten hours after the opening ceremony for the re-establishment of the ranks of the Sacheon's Dang Clan, countless fighters fell out and only the truly powerful remained.

    And among them, it was the people of Dang Haewon who took the lead in victory.

    "Ekk, Vice Captain, please have mercy! I will never look at your position from now on!"

    "Yang Bangshik, I will never challenge you again! I wouldn't even ignore you as a commoner!"

    Yang Bangshik beat up those who were really bothered under the guise of accepting requests for Bimu to take over the hierarchy.

    "What, what's wrong with this bastard! What's with his teeth!"

    "Aaaaaah! You crazy dog! You put poison on your teeth!"

    Even without poisoning the teeth, Lee Jagang boasts a menacing health mentioned above, and rises terribly from the lowest rank of the escort guards.

    "This girl's magic! Eek, I'm going to drown...... Cough Cough……..!"

    "It's military! Why are you participating in the ranking battle instead of reading books?"

    With an even more dazzling technique, there was Jin Soye, who pushed up like a storm from the outside, who wasn't even part of the ranks of escort guards.

    "I can't lose to these kids!"

    And the escorts of Haewon, including Hukcheon and Soryung, were also fierce. The groans of being beaten rose all over the place.

    "This, wh-, what sort…..! When did you become so strong? Yang Bangshik, the little guys, and what else were they hiding?"

    The achievements of those who guarded Haewon's side and trained countless times with Yeongyak(영약과, technically it means elixirs) were now only shining.

    The results were amazing. This was because the men/people/warriors of Haewon defeated all the strong men of the Clan, and all of them placed in the top 30 among the top 100 warriors gathered there.

    'Uwaa, good job, my cubs.'

    Haewon stared at her subordinates with delight. And glanced somewhere near the training ground.

    Someone must be watching as the warriors who have been him hands and feet are pushed away one by one.

    'There, keep on watching a little more.'

    She was smiling softly and delicately like a masterpiece painting - But Haewon's smile - Her face turned cruel in an instant.

    "My Lady? What's wrong?"

    "Huh? It's nothing."

    she smiled softly.

    The eyes of the fighters were focused on Haewon. It was also because they were surprised at her brilliance(it's like an effect that makes her seem like shining), as if flowers were scattering from behind, but it was also because she had not yet participated in the rank battle.

    'No one came to me.'

    No one asked her for bimu.

    Not only did they not want to get caught in the fire after daring to file a request against the daughter of the Headmaster.

    'Beasts don't gather at bones without flesh.'(It means that predators only hunt down an animal which has flesh. Ya know like they left the bone and all. Like they don't care about fleshless bones.)

    It was because Haewon did not have enough power in the Dang Clan for someone to want to covet her position.

    But it was going to be different from today.

    "I'll apply, too. I'm not part of any unit, so let's assume I'm at the bottom of the ranks with the new recruits here…..."

    By the time the ranking battle had been sorted out, Haewon stepped forward and applied for the bimu.

    "You, you, you…. Hmm, you, you too, and you, the bald head there."

    "What? M, me?"

    "Young Lady, are you talking about me?"

    "Are you asking me for bimu?"

    Haewon reached out and pointed to several of the fighters standing at the top.

    "Come on out. I don't have time. Come on at once."


    Are they crazy? They looked at Haewon with a face like that.

    "Get started."

    'Uh-huh, I have to match the whims of Dang Haewon and finish it quickly. What the hell are you doing?'(the last line, he's asking himself)

    They sighed and slowly looked around Haewon.

    With some strength,they threw away some Kunais.

    And just a few seconds later, they had to regret the decision.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 93

    A desperate scream echoed in the Arena.

    "Ahhhhh! Spare me! Young Lady!"

    "I surrender! Surrender! Argh! Eek!"

    "Next, you. You. You. Come out."

    "Eek, Young Lady, please…….!"

    Haewon picked out others without a break.

    Regardless of status, the opponent she chose had no distinct characteristics. She picked out the most talented fighters, and smashed experienced masters who had decades of experience.

    The Captain of the escort was no exception.

    "Clan's General Conference…… The rumor…. It was true……"

    At some point, the fighters, who were in shock, noticed. Haewon has absolutely no interest in the ranking battle.

    What she wanted was a bimu. It's an overwhelming bimu where only the majority die unilaterally.

    And is it really a coincidence that all of the fighters Haewon applied for Bimu are related to the Moyong Clan?

    There were no exceptions, not even a renegade of the Dang Clan, nor a member of the Moyong Clan. To an astonishing extent, Haewon picked out only those who had joined hands with the Moyong Clan.

    This was possible because Jin Soye had already completed all investigations about them and reported to Haewon.

    'If you punish him, the Moyong Clan's minions will show up. Not yet.'

    There's the Demon Sect behind the Moyong Clan, so I had to be more careful.

    And even if we make this matter public, only the Sacheon's Dang Clan will be ridiculed, saying that internal leadership is a mess.

    Therefore, Haewon chose the battle disguised as a non-military application. How cruel and sure is this method of punching out with a fist?

    "You seem to be in a bad mood today, Young Lady."

    "Master is in a bad mood? But isn't she smiling?"

    "Jagang, look at the flow of her Ki, not her smile. Normally she would control it while fighting but she isn't doing that at all. Well they are cheap anyways."

    "Flow of her Ki? What's that? I can't see anything like that."

    "Haa. I forgot that you still have a long way to go."

    Yang Bangshik whispered to Lee Jagang and sighed.

    'Master is angry.'

    But Jin Soye knew. Haewon's cold anger simmered beneath her smiling face.

    "Uh-oh, why are you doing this? How can you try to kill someone in the Bimu like this…"

    "Huh, wasn't it something you did with the risk of death?"(means didn't he accepted the Battle request knowing the risk of dying)

    Cold eyes flew towards the Captain of the escort, who struggled to block Haewon's Kunai.

    He got goosebumps all over my body as if he were facing the tiger's eye.

    “I thought everyone was prepared when they left the Dang Clan.”

    The sense of overbearing pressure emanating from Haewon crushed the Captain's shoulder terribly. The Captain was so stunned by the intense suppression, that he couldn't even breathe properly.

    Because he realized that the attack he was barely receiving was less than 20 percent of her power.

    If this calamitic master knew what I did, if everything was revealed. The result would be terrible.

    Dang Haewon won't let him live.

    "Th, then you know everything….."

    Haewon did not answer. It was because the Captain had hardened even before he heard the answer.

    "...oh, my God."

    Haewon paused for a moment and stepped back.

    Then Thud! The body of the hardened Captain leaned to the ground.

    "His heart stopped and he's dead!"

    The warrior, who ran quickly and felt the pulse of the Captain, shouted. The face of the Captain, who had been taken away, was filled with fear.


    Silence fell in the training ground.

    "Oh my god, what should I do? He lost his life in the Bimu. He is a great man who has devoted himself to the Dang Clan all his life, so please hold the funeral of the Captain."

    He devoted his life to the Clan. It was an ironic, but seemingly flawless, smooth language.

    People doubted their ears again.

    Is the woman in front of them who exudes a deadly aura really the Dang Haewon they know?

    What happened to the scoundrel of Sacheon's Dang Clan?


    Then someone jumped out of the crowd.

    One of the three fighters/assassins(kinda like a spy) of Moyong Clan felt the seriousness of the situation and tried to deal with Haewon.

    It was one of the masters under Moyong Bi sent by the Moyong Clan secretly.


    However, before the dagger he threw went halfway towards Haewon, the Ki bullet, which Haewon sent with her finger, hit the dagger.

    Even after the dagger was shattered, the ki bullet that flew without hesitation at the speed of the wind pierced the assassin's forehead.


    And the assassin was dead. The body that flew up, fell down over the fallen captain.


    The silence of astonishment flowed again in the training ground. Haewon muttered, wiping the tip of her index finger.

    "How many rats are still running wild in someone else's house?"


    The words uttered by Haewon's low-pitched voice caused many of the mutineers and sejaks/ assassins/ spys/ raiders to tremble in horror.

    The change in Haewon was not important. Their survival depended on her fingertips.

    They did not know that the fateful end of the Sejak would be their future.

    This was a warning from Haewon to the people of Moyong Clan and at the same time to the fighters of the Sacheon's Dang Clan.

    That the Dang Clan won't be easy anymore.

    It is said that the spring days in Sacheon, where the Moyong Clan used to roam around freely, were all over with Haewon's return.

    ".........Fo, Forgive…….."

    "Please forgive us! Young Lady!"

    Clank, clank, clank····!

    Daggers and Kunais falling to the ground met the cold stone floor and made a shrill roar.

    At that time, those who had had dull thoughts towards Dang Haewon dropped their weapons and apologized.

    "Hyuk, hewm····."

    Those who did not deserve forgiveness lost their lives in fear and shame.

    The three sejaks took advantage of the chaos and hurriedly fled. Of course, Yang Bangshik and escorts also disappeared secretly.

    The three sejaks would not be able to return to the Moyong Clan. Moyong Bi, whose powerful hands and feet had been controlling the Sacheon Dang Clan for the past 10 years, have collapsed.

    At the same time, it was the moment when the mainstay of the huge plan that the Moyong Clan had completed with millions of bribes and resources collapsed.

    Haewon raised her head. Then she stared at the two eyes staring this way.


    Despite her distorted face, the stepmother was still beautiful.

    * * *

    Late at night, when the sound fell heavily, Hae-won visited Chamberlain's office.

    "Sorry for taking the liberty of bringing the Young Lady here late at night. The matter is urgent…….."

    "That's enough. Forget that polite apology, it doesn't suit you. Chamberlain Jin's eyes are saying that if it's a matter of the party, you would wake up even at dawn."

    Chamberlain Jin paused and laughed bitterly.

    "Did you learn how to play along with martial arts?"

    "It's not that I didn't notice, I noticed but kept it inside."

    Chamberlain Jin sighed. Even if he had a long distance with her, he wouldn't have won.


    Haewon sat at the top of the seat with wide sleeves fluttering.

    She placed one leg on her knee, both arms on the armrests, and her back against the backrest of the chair.

    She was comfortable but arrogant as if she were in her own room.

    "Yes, at this time of night, let's hear about the thing that Chamberlain Jin wants to say to me alone."

    "......I brought the Young Lady here because I had something to say to you to avoid the eyes of the Headmaster."

    Chamberlain Jin struggled to swallow the words that Haewon's seat was originally his seat.

    Then she sat on the opposite side of Haewon where the folding screen was built.

    He brought up the point.

    “Two elders who were imprisoned in Yeon Myungsoo died a little while ago. They were recently under investigation along with the deceased Elder Dang Hyomun due to their relationship with the Moyong Clan, including murder and embezzlement.”


    "The cause of death is poisoning using Muhyong(It means intangible in English) poison. It's a rare, colourless, odorless drug that kills your opponent without leaving any trace, and it's extremely rare even in the Dang Clan that deals with poison."


    "If the head of the Yeon Myungsoo, Elder Dang, hadn't found the sting marks left on his scalp, he would have concluded that it was a simple heart attack."

    "Why are you telling me such a story?"

    Chamberlain Jin looked at her as if trying to understand Haewon's intentions.

    "You know better how thorough the surveillance of Yeon Myongson is. Who would go through such surveillance and enter a dungeon to silence the elders?"

    Moyong Bi seemed to have reached the limit as she moved quickly even though she knew that Chamberlain Jin would find out who was behind them.

    "Sounds like you already have someone in mind?"

    "Stop playing with words, Young Master."(It's like Jin is addressing her as the Next head of the Clan)

    Haewon was startled.

    SEJAK: This word was also used about the assassins who attacked Haewon's group on their way back. So yeah it kinda means assassin or raiders.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 94

    Young Master.

    The words acknowledging came out from none other than the Strict Chamberlain Jin.

    That meant that he recognized Haewon as the successor of the Sacheon's Dang Clan, and that was nothing less than a declaration of surrender that he would bow down to her, the heir.

    Haewon hid her surprise and replied casually.

    "I didn't expect Chamberlain Jin to say anything. You must be desperate to borrow my hand. Why, even though you are the one who overturned the elders, are you worried that thinking about my mother(Seoyeon) will weaken father's heart?"

    "......I won't say no. But I thought you'd want that, too. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The Dang Clan never forgets it's enemies. Young Lady too……"

    "Oh, that's what you're saying."

    Jin's words reminded her of what she had forgotten.

    "I'll take care of mother's deeds now, so don't tell him about any of it(about Bi poisoning her I guess)."

    "Why? If it wasn't for the madam, the Young Lady would not have had all her Ki blocked, nor would she have been ignored for not being able to do Martial Arts. The Lord should know that too."

    Jin did not seem to understand Haewon.

    "My father remarried because he was worried about me. If he knows the truth, he will blame himself. I don't want to make him resent the decades he endured for me."


    Haewon left the seat as it was.

    Chamberlain Jin sighed deeply. Then he looked at the folding screen on the wall, not the door where Haewon went out.

    "That's why I told you you'd rather not listen."

    "Haewon knew I was here."

    There's no way the kid who defeated Gumaji wouldn't even notice a trace of him. What she said to Jin must have been what she wanted to say to Dang Mujin.

    'The scarecrow would've been better than me, for I have not even noticed that monster's plot to harm my child in my house. What a worthless father I am.'

    Dang Mujin looked at the door where Haewon left for a long time, soaked with grief.

    * * *


    Hae-won, who fell asleep immediately after returning, opened her eyes in a light. In the middle of the night, when the sun didn't rise, and it was quite late.

    'Have I slept for about two hours ······?'

    There was no assassin hiding in the room. However, Haewon felt a sharp touch on her skin.

    'There is no way I can continue to fall asleep after feeling so alive.'(Here alive means refreshing.)

    It was not a deep sleep, but it was strange that I had never felt so alive before. But soon I found out.

    'There's deep sleeping incense in the air.'

    Although it is used as a kind of Anesthetic Incense That makes you fall asleep deeply, it is better used to treat insomnia as it does not have a function to weaken one's opponent.

    'Why is this in my room...?'

    Then the faint traces of movement came into my ears.

    A gentle movement that seems to be trying hard not to make any sound as much as possible.


    She literally smashed the roof and jumped. The assassin, who was standing on the spot where Haewon jumped, lost his balance and tilted.

    'Uhh? Why can't I see anything? I'm sure someone was standing right here?'

    Flash! Something was hit by the volume(Probably the whirlwind hit by Haewon) in the air. It was an assassin. He was struck by Haewon's blow and rolled down the roof and never moved again.

    The assassin's breath was lost and the body of the assassin, dressed in blue, was revealed in the transparent air.

    Haewon was surprised by the young man who she struck.

    "Oraboni? What's that all about?"

    There were many corpses around Haewon's place. When on earth did the raid begin? Her front yard was filled with bodies and had no space to step into.

    It must have been a long time, but why didn't I know until then? How come there was no sound?

    Even the corpse of the assassin in blue that had fallen a while ago was caught by a black assassin that jumped out like lightning. And he laid it down quietly on the ground. So that it doesn't make any noise.

    'What's that?'

    Why are you so careful? Are you on the same side or the other side?


    Shining gently under the moonlight, Gunwoo's face was also embarrassed.

    "Why are you doing this on my roof? Since when?"

    "That ·····."

    Before his well-shaped lips could even flutter, a silent blow flew in.

    Gunwoo blew the sword flying towards him in the thin air. The sword that was crushed into small pieces fell down onto the grass without a sound.

    A beautiful landscape, as if sprinkled with silver powder.

    "You can just knock it out, did you really need to crush it?"

    Haewon cut the assassin's neck with a persimmon and cut off the daggers sent by another assassin.

    Chachang! A loud iron sound echoed in the night sky.

    "...There was such a way. I forgot."

    Gunwoo replied in a dry voice that did not match the bloody situation of the assassin's knife coming.

    'I don't think you forgot ·····.'

    In the meantime, Gunwoo's movement became faster and fiercer, as Haewon woke up and he didn't have to stop the sound.

    Chirp chirp chirp! (Sound of cricket chirping)

    How long has it been? As the surroundings seemed to be cleared up, the assassins jumped high into the sky and ran away. Gunwoo stopped her when Haewon tried to follow them(the assassin).

    “Oraboni, it seems there are two groups of assassins. One was dressed in navy blue and the other was dressed in black with red lines. Maybe they hired two groups of raiders to kill me."

    "......Yes. But it's too dangerous to go after them right now."

    However, the only ones that were scattered around were the navy blue dressed assassins.

    'What the hell are those Black assassins? They ran away without looking for their comrades…… Or are they not comrades?'

    "Well, it doesn't matter who sent them anyway."

    Haewon shrugged her shoulders.

    If it was anyone else, she would have run without listening a thing, but Haewon decided to respect his words because it was Gunwoo.

    Moyong Bi was probably behind them, as they entered the Dang Estate without a fuss.

    They were more likely to be from Demon Sect or Ghost Guest(Yes, it really was written as Ghost guest, it can probably mean Ghost Sect idk), whose special skill was the martial arts that made their body transparent like a ghost. Unless they die, they never fail a request with ghost movement.

    However, it is difficult to find their whereabouts and the cost of the request is very high, so it is not well known in Moorim.

    How much did it cost Moyong Bi to bring them to the Dang Estate?

    A bitter smile lingered around Haewon's mouth.

    "I'm sorry to wake you up."

    He apologized. It's not something to be apologized for.

    "Your eyes are still red. I'll protect this place, so go in and get some more sleep."

    'You're not usually going to get any sleep in this situation.'

    Haewon thought as she looked at him with a really apologetic expression.

    "No, I have a place to go. I was given an invitation by the expensive ghost assassin, so I have to visit her."


    Before that, I need to stop by a place. Haewon moved without answering. Gunwoo followed her quietly.

    The shadows of the two fell long above the bodies scattered under the moonlight. And ······

    “Gong Heo, we are the highest members of the Imperial Court. So how come we have to do our best and hide in the Dang Estate like some kind of thief?"

    As they escaped from the area of Sacheon's Dang Clan due to light move, Geumuiwi took off its black mask and grumbled.

    "His Highness told me not to even breathe, so I thought I was going to the other world first after holding my breath before I died by my ghost sword."

    "Shhh, it's all for the sake of the future Queen Heon!" ((☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞)

    Gong Heo smiled with his wrinkled hands around his mouth.

    * * *

    At the time of dawn, Moyong Bi was still awake. Her index finger was tapping the table regularly.

    A beautiful face flashed, not knowing what to think.

    "I thought it was you."

    Haewon was sitting opposite Moyong Bi.

    Moyong Bi did not ask how Haewon had sneaked into her room without a sound and sat in front of her.

    As long as Dang Haewon was alive in front of her, all the questions were meaningless.

    "Yes, mother. This girl is here."

    "Yes, thank God you found mother."


    "Come on, didn't you say you wanted to eat Danggwa( 당과, it means candied fruit) last time? Mother prepared it for you."

    With a sweet voice, Moyong Bi pulled the string.

    I'm The Martial Arts Villainess, But I'm The Strongest!

    Episode 95

    A clear bell rang. It was a signal to call a maid.

    "Yes, My Lady, called...!"

    Moyong Bi's maid came in, but when she saw Haewon in the room, she stopped. Behind the open door, dawn light poured in, illuminating the room.

    The round spheres that were placed in a white space, including the decorations, the table, and the floor, were reflected in the light and revealed themselves.

    The spheres, arranged neatly without any error, were all severed heads of ghostly people who tried to raid Haewon today.

    "It's been a while since Haewon came, so bring something delicious. Look at the table carefully. Also bring the sweets I made last time."

    "Hh, huhh………"

    "Come on. Are you going to embarrass me in front of Haewon?"

    Even after being surrounded by dozens of severed heads, Moyong Bi's face remained calm.

    As if they were invisible to her eyes.

    "Ye,Yes…… Bring…. I'll bring them right away….."

    The maid trembled and went outside. Then she came with a table of refreshments, side dishes, and white liquor bottles. Her(the maid) legs were shaking.

    However, it was unclear whether the reason for the shaking of the maid was because there were many dishes or because she walked between human heads. (How is it unclear ತ_ತ)

    "Th, then……."

    With the clattering sounds and cold atmosphere clashing, the maid barely put down the refreshments and the liquor. Then she quivered right away and left.


    There were colorful dishes in front, but silence continued in the room.

    Only the smell of blood from the bodies that permeated the tip of the nose drifted through the air.

    "I put my hopes on the fact that the ghost Masters are capable of surpassing the Teenage Masters, but they really disappoint me to the very end."

    The first person to open mouth was Moyong Bi.

    "The elders have collapsed, and the warriors have been replaced. All the three Sejaks of Moyong Clan have been slain, and now he treats me as a complete enemy. Amazing, you've done all of this in less than 15 days since you returned to the Dang Clan."

    "Thank you. I was just trying to live up to my mother's expectations."

    As usual, friendly conversation and soft voice.

    However, both Moyong Bi and Haewon were expressionless.

    “Neither the elite of the Moyong Clan nor the elders nor the Ghost Masters could stop you. So now I have no choice but to admit it. That the prophecy was true.”


    "I met a famous old monk not long after Haejun was born. He was a sage who had mastered the laws of heaven and earth and reached the gods, who wanted to keep even the Emperor Seon(Probably Gunwoo's brother) by his side, but failed. I barely managed a seat to show Haejun, but the old monk said that as soon as he saw you."

    As if recalling that time, Moyong Bi closed her eyes.

    "She's a genius who is born every once in a thousand years. Yes, Haewon. He said that as long as you are there, Haejun becoming the head of the Clan is a battle between a dragon and an earthworm. Tch, he was a very eccentric old man."


    "It was from then on."

    With a friendly voice, Moyong Bi opened her eyes softly.

    "From the moment I heard that you had a talent comparable to that of the Master of Moorim, I wanted to kill you."


    "You were no longer his daughter. She was Eon Seoyeon's daughter. The daughter of the woman who has taken everything from me from the beginning till the very present."


    "You've won."

    And when she met Haewon's expressionless gaze, Moyong Bi had to admit it.

    I was completely defeated by my stepdaughter whom I hated and despised so much.

    "I can't believe what I've accumulated for more than a decade can collapse in one day."


    "I'm not apologizing for what I've done to you. You won't understand, and I don't want you to understand either."

    Even in the face of humiliating defeat, Moyong Bi raised her head as if not to collapse.

    Then she reached out and grabbed the white wine bottle.

    Grasping the slender bottle neck and tilting it…… The moonlit glass was filled.

    One more time.

    And another filled drinking glass was pushed out to the expressionless Haewon.

    "Take it. This drink will cut the tough bond between you and me. It won't be too late to kill me, even after that."

    If Haewon kills Moyong Bi without cutting the kite, it becomes a scandal.(Here cutting the kite means cutting their relation or something.)

    No matter how the stepmother and the daughter are, Haewon's name will be stigmatized as killing her mother.

    It was surprising that Moyong Bi was worried about that.

    "I've done a lot of bad things to you, but I've raised you, and you're not going to accept the last bereavement of the road to the underworld?" ((-_-) Wtf! What? Whaaaaaat? What kinda melodrama is this! tanaka-haikyuu.gif )

    Moyong Bi did not beg Haewon for her life. Rather, she was stubborn and confident.

    She gazed at Haewon inquiringly.

    It was unclear whether she was looking Eon Seoyeon in Haewon, whom she hated all her life, or Dang Mujin, whom she had longed for.

    Haewon accepted the drink.

    "Thank you."


    The morning sunlight shone through the window and reflected the two glasses of wine.

    Moyong Bi lifted the glass high and gulped it down at once.

    It was Haewon's turn now.


    "Why don't you drink? Mother's last…"( Now I'm definitely sure she mixed something)

    “It seems that I have misunderstood the communion, not the bereavement on the road to the underworld.”

    Moyong Bi's face was shaken by a simple reply from Haewon.

    "Didn't you mean that I would join my mother(Seoyeon) in the underworld?"

    "What are you saying…….."

    "I can't keep anyone who wants to kill me alive."


    Haewon threw the glass of alcohol on the head of the corpse on the floor.

    The side that was hit with transparent alcohol began to melt away.

    "It is colorless and odorless, so it is Muhyong poison. And Hwagolsan(an acid) has the effect of melting only the flesh leaving only the bones. You mixed the two?"

    "How can I do that…….!"

    "You must have already taken the antidote before I came."

    The last resort prepared to deal with the Haewon is caught.

    Shock and anger were deeply placed on Moyong Bi's face. Her face, which had been elegant and calm until a while ago, was so distorted that it was hideous.

    "That's a relief, Mother. You haven't changed. I don't need to feel guilty either."

    Haewon smiled for the first time.

    At the same time Clank, Moyong Bi's hand stiffened and the drink she was holding fell.

    "Yo, You….. What did you do? What did you do to my drink…..!"

    Realizing the abnormalities of her body, Moyong Bi roared violently.

    "It's not the drink. I mixed paralysis poison in the air. You probably didn't notice because of the smell of blood."

    Haewon relieved her stepmother with a friendly voice.

    "Ah, don't worry, mother. It's not life-threatening. It's just that from now on, you will no longer be able to walk around the Dang Clan as freely as before.”

    "Dang Haewon, I'll bet four years! Argh! Take this off! Remove this!"

    Moyong Bi pressed the blood vessels to stop the poison from spreading rapidly, but it was useless.

    It has been a long time since the paralysis poison spread throughout the body through the respiratory tract.

    It was because she took too much time to give Haewon a drink. It was like she caught up in her own trap.

    "Oh, don't worry. Mother's maids will be the same now."

    Haewon added as if she suddenly remembered.

    "Aaghh! Dang Haewon! You sassy bastard!"

    Moyong Bi tried to jump at Haewon, but she couldn't control her stiff body and fell to the floor.

    Moyong Bi couldn't get up, but she didn't stop shouting hatefully at Haewon.

    "Do you think I'm going to give up like this? I've got my brother behind me! The Moyong Clan! If they find out, they will never let you go for making me like this. To the extent that it would be more convenient for you to die...!"

    "That's right, Mother. My dear mother won't give up. I'm not going to kill mother, but you're going after my life whenever you can."

    Haewon nodded her head.

    "So I thought of a way. Since mother won't stop, I have to find another way."


    Randomly cut dark brown hair fell down in front of Moyong Bi's eyes.

    "Do you know what this is?"

    It's frizzy and a little curly, somehow a familiar coloured hair.

    "He was so sleepy that he didn't wake up even though I cut half of his hair. He's big, but he's still a kid. Huh."

    Moyong Bi opened her eyes wide. And stuttered incredibly.

    "Thi, this can't be….. This is……?"

    "Next time, I'm going to bring his fingers. Haejun wore a yellow ring on his middle finger."

    Haewon grinned.

    "I'll bring it too, so you can recognize it."

    "Dang Haewon! Aaagh! Dang Haewon! You wicked bitch! He's your brother! You've the same blood! This wicked without blood and tears…..!" (Wtf! ಠ益ಠ! Can I make her bald…)

    "That's not something Mother should say. So stop trying useless things."

    "I can't believe you took that soft and tender child hostage! I forgot that your mother's cunning is flowing through you!" (Tender… Ewww. I'm gonna puke!(๑´•.̫ • `๑))

    Haewon bent her knees, thinking that the meaning of "Soft and Tender", which her stepmother thought, seemed very different. Then she raised the chin of the hardened Moyong Bi.

    "Yes, I am the daughter of Dang Mujin and Eon Seoyeon. And I proved it."

    When the name of Dang Mujin came out following Eon Seoyeon, fire seemed to pop out of Moyong Bi's eyes. (Muahahaha)

    "Unlike Haejun, who can be treated like a wild dog abandoned on the street without his mother."


    "If you want to save that shitty dog, just shut up. As your mother knows, what Moyong Clan wants is the Sacheon's Dang Clan, not Haejun's life, right? Mother is the only one who can save the child."

    Sorry it took so long:sweating_profusely:. Stuck in some work:blobsob:. I probably will take a lot of time till the next chapter TL, probably. :blob_coffee:

    And I thought She died in the OG novel when Haewon poisoned her. Imma correct it right away.:blobcat_hyper:
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    Does anyone know when season two for the manhwa is coming out? I tried skimming page 11 but I didn't want to risk spoiling myself before reading the novel:blobfearful::blob_teary: also who is the actual scanlator? I thought it was leviathan scans (though I read from a different website, I did see the logo and information panel and what not) but apparently they were an aggregator and copy work from other sites?
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    Hey so i completely MTL the last chapter and it’s kind of hard to understand but here it is
    When the man, who is bigger than anyone else, hung like a puppy, sorrow arose. My big shoulders trembled intermittently. The warm moisture was felt on his shoulder. "Are you crying? Oh my God, you're not crying, are you?" Hae-won was surprised and took him off. The shaded sculpture-like face looked down at her. A drop of dew-like tears fell from the eyes of the moon.

    How sad the tears flowing through the calm face look. "I was just kidding." I have no intention of doing that. Never!" "Haewon doesn't know the depth of my heart, so you might, but I·····." One more drop. Haewon freaked out. "No, you're the only one!" "You're the only one for thousands of years, Eon Gunwoo!" I'm afraid just by assuming a future that changes my mind.

    To the man who was wearing it, Hae-won put eternity in his mouth. Only then did tears stop. Hae-won hugged his broad shoulders and patted him on his back, saying he would stop crying. Without realizing that Hae-won herself is the one who can't get out of his manly arms. Gunwoo fixed Haewon and hugged her deeper into his arms. A woman who was great enough to command the world when dealing with the horse is now peacefully in his arms.

    I was there. Is it possible for you to see how dreamy this is? A bleak face with a bright white moonlight raised its head. "I have a lot of speculation, Haewon." There were no better players than women in the imperial palace to hold the opponent's heart. They risked their lives or death on the heart of the emperor. Gunwoo grew up in the imperial palace, where there were a lot of pet peeves and scammers. Mo Yonghwi.

    Wow, Namgungjiha will not be his opponent. Nevertheless, I was not willing to think of the family at all, so I felt bad. "Are you my brother?" Hae-won looked at him as if he was okay. She always pulls him out of the darkness like this. Gunwoo held Haewon's hand. As the warmth seeps through my fingers, I smile on my beautiful face.

    I went. "I love you, Haewon." His moonlit face was beautiful. The most precious thing in this world she protected was in front of Haewon. "Eon Gun-woo," he looked at her. "I'll protect you forever.""Haewon hugged Gunwoo's neck with a big smile.

    Three years later. a mountain village in Gwangseo The two people's Inyeong entered the village. "Is it here?" Their steps stopped in front of a simple guest room at the entrance of the village.

    The lower floor was a restaurant, and the upper floor was an ordinary guest room. It is the only two-story building in the village, and seeing the loud sound of words bursting out of the door, it seemed that in addition to merchants peddling, residents who relieve the fatigue of the day frequently come and go. Creaking. The door of the guest room opened and two people entered. At the time of sunset, an old man with gray hair and a shabby piece of paper holding his care.

    Then, "Welcome." The owner of the open-minded guest cup welcomed them. It looked like Pujungan would be better suited than a guest who entertained guests. "Are you going to stay here tonight?" If you stay, it's ten cats." "It's quite expensive for a guest party in a rural village."The old man's voice was quite clear, overshadowing his age.

    It's because it's hard to airlift things because it's a remote place. If you don't like it, go out." The owner responded with a clear voice. "No, I'll stay overnight." Gunah." When his name was called, the flinching servant took his pocket out of his pocket. While the jingle, straight, thick fingers counted ten coins, the owner looked greedily at the full money bag.

    The owner looked up. "...I had an implicit gaze from other guests sitting throughout the guest room. "Here." The owner, who snatched ten nyang, headed to the kitchen and returned with a steaming dumpling plate and a bottle. "The meat dumplings caught a piglet, and the rice wine was made with wrap rice, so it would taste good. No matter how I look at it's still

    It's the best food in my house." I proudly served it, but I only looked at the food of the elderly and servants. "You're not going to eat it?" "No, I'm going to drink it." But dumplings are done." The old man soon smiled and raised his glass. "Eat that side, too. "It must be hard to take care of the elderly, but I won't accept the price of alcohol."

    Despite his blunt tone, he was generous, so the owner gave his servant a bottle of alcohol. ******* The servant seemed to clench his fist for a while, so he drank quietly at the eyes of the old man. <What?> <First of all, there's a lot of money.> The old man punches, and the bell is only big.><It was loyal. Did you see the owner serving an emperor?>

    "Both of you are going to get wet anyway. What does that matter?" It's been a while since I've had a good number.> The owner silently exchanged eyes with others. That night. "This is the last room, right?" Masked men climbed to the second floor of the guest cup. They opened the door silently and went inside. On the shabby wooden bed, the two bulging figures were seen.

    "I'm completely asleep.""Of course. How much medicine did you put in? The tiger will nod, too." The owner did not lower his voice when he confirmed that the two were scattered. "I can't help it, I can't believe you're making this fuss at this night to steal some money from the travelers, so we've gone as far as we can." "I can't help it. They are chasing us to the tip of their chin. You have to hide here for a while."

    "My crazy children, after the change of leader of Moorim, I really turned around completely. Shouldn't we at least give them time to breathe?" They couldn't even do the black thing called the blood light gate. He was once a disciple of the Hwasanpa, one of the Gupa, but was excommunicated while secretly learning the blood of the other faction he accidentally saved. The martial arts were very outstanding because they were even disciples of Ewha Womans University. Those who failed to strike a volcanic wave in retaliation.

    He exterminated the rumors near Lo and ran away. Since then, it has been increasingly popular with the power of evil blood workers, and has once been notorious enough to scare the islanders. Not long ago, however, they were also kicked out of the massive Heukdo cleanup operation proposed by the leader of Moorim. Get out of the tail. It was here, Gwangseo, that barely escaped.

    "The relevant personnel······. I'm the only girl.

    If you think about it, your teeth will split!" "No, does this make sense? Baekdo is worse than Heukdo?" "Don't hesitate to kill him, just kill him quickly." Aren't you going to train tomorrow? And I ran out of speed to make dumplings." The owner urged me with annoyance. They killed travelers visiting this place, extorted blood, and honed their blood. The few villagers are porridge.

    They got rid of it, and they were living in hiding pretending to be both residents who had lived for a long time. "If I could revive my blood from this herd again someday, it would be nothing." All the guest rooms crowded with customers were also directed by them. It was possible because it was a mountain village with few people even in Gwangseo. Push, push, push! They stabbed the sword over the blanket covered by the old man and his servant.

    However, there were no signs of strength in the old man and his servant who came today. "If I get caught by you, what would I do with my face?"A voice that is more like a woman than an old man." "Hi." The old man with white hair went somewhere and there was a beauty that could open his eyes wide. "Catch, catch, catch!" Catch that! They know who we are!

    Blood-crowded Mundo ran out of the excellent guest cup to catch Hae-won running away. After hearing the shouts, the village's blood-lighted Mundo also ran out. Everyone chased the woman, and they finally succeeded in driving her to the cliff. "Is this all about your blood light door?" Even though it was surrounded by dozens of people, a smile did not leave the woman's face. "It's not like you don't know who we are".

    "It's not as much as I thought. Fortunately, "You're being arrogant." It's a waste to kill him because his face is half and half. If you ask for forgiveness, I will save your life. "Hey." Go. "I!" There were dozens of enemies in front of me and a thousand miles of cliffs behind me, but the woman only lifted her shoulders. "You won't be able to survive here!" I'm not afraid of death. I learned the blood even though I knew it would be excommunicated.

    The power of the ball was great. Once you overcome the weakness of continuing to supply blood, there will be few people who will stop them from this powerhouse. "It's okay. It's nothing like this." "What did you just say?" "It's okay because I'm the strongest." They were annoyed by the way of talking like teasing young children. "Just kill me!"

    They stopped trying to rush in at once. This is because I found countless lights shining behind the woman's back. What············· "That's the blade?" If you are skilled and meritless enough to move countless memorizations freely. 'We're dead, now.' Hae-won lifted his shoulders at the frozen blood Gwangmundo Island. You have to show it to me without understanding it.

    There are idiots. "I told you," Hae-won said kindly once again with his thick lips closed. "I'm the strongest.""At the same time, the overflowing memorization poured toward them. <Completed>
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    thank you for sharing with us the translation I hope you will be able to post soon
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    Hello! Can someone spoil me on what actually went down between OGHaewon Haewon and Jaegal Hee before the current Haewon transmigrates? Why was Hee hurt, and did OGHaewon really hurt her? What happened to OGHaewon?
  15. lamperass

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    Im sorry guys, Ill get the updated side chapters soon
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    I'm praying someone will pick this up and translate the novel. I'm dying to read it! The manhwa so far is one of my favorites! Can't wait for it to get back from hiatus!
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    Likewise, I'm also pinning for season 2 of this manwha! Does anybody have news on the subject?
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    How she hurt Jaegal Hee- OGHaewon used her influence to be engaged to Namgoong, but it was a loveless relationship, so when Namgoong found a lover (Jaegal hee), OGHaewon became resentful and jealous as a result she started mocking and eventually poisoned Jaegal hee. :blobowoevil_horns:

    OGHaewons death- OGHaewon had been used as a scapegoat and was blamed for everything she had done, thus the demon sect decided she was no longer needed and killed her
    (I might be a little messed up on explaining so if I'm wrong please correct me! :bloborz:)
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    But doesn't Jaegal Hee herself mention that she and Namgoong Jiha aren't lovers? Therefore, why would OGHaewon poison Hee? That's the part that confuses me. Does she just assume they're lovers and poison Hee anyway regardless of whether they're actually romantically involved?

    Oh, I see. So the demon sect murdered her. I had thought it might be Moyoung Bi that's the culprit.
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    from the flashback we had she seemed more pissed that hee had the talent and power while haewon herself lacked all martial arts and couldnt learn them, now whether it was because she wanted to be strong or she wanted to get jiha's attention is unknown
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