Recommendations I'm looking for BxG Omegaverse stories

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    I already tried using the Series Finder feature of Novelupdates, but only two stories came up. The tag I want in the story is "omegaverse." However, the tags I do not want in the story are "r*pe", "reverse r*pe", and "r*pe victim becomes a lover." I'll mention again that I am looking for a BxG story, and no smut please.

    I already read Small and Soft Girl A and Overbearing President Man O and I loved it, by the way. Meanwhile, The Rabbit Is Over Here! is a miss for me because it's too short even for a one shot.

    I'm open to reading from mtl so it's fine if it's not yet translated. Thanks in advance!!
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    You can read - I Wake Up As a Female Alpha [ABO]
    In here the mc is a alpha and the ML is a omega....

    Novel summary:
    When Jiang Luochen woke up, she was told that she was useless and fainted during the military training.

    Neuropathy, she has graduated for many years, how could she get fainted in military training.

    Five minutes later, Jiang Luochen, who was forcibly identified as having amnesia, was holding a handbook of common sense and was baptized by the new world.

    Turning to the first page of the book, it is said that there are six genders in the world, male alpha, female alpha… It is unfortunate that she became the second.

    The second line introduces some rough descriptions of AO combination. Fifteen minutes after waking up, she rolled off the bed.

    “What the hell is alpha—”
    Ps: female A male O pairing, plot text + emotional line, self-cut thigh opening text QAQ

    Content Tag: Supernatural Women Strong Future Overhead Shuang Wen
    Search keywords: protagonist: Jiang Luochen, Lanxi