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    Name: I was the unrequited love of the male lead
    Alternative: 남주의 짝사랑이 나였다니
    "You can't go anywhere. Not a single step away from me."

    I decided to lay a flower path in front of my favorite book.

    However, the situation cannot be changed.
    For my favorite character to be happy, he must meet the original heroine and fall in love!

    So I tried my best to help the male lead and female lead to meet each other.
    But when I tried to leave after fulfilling my responsibility, the male lead became dark.

    He pulled her arm roughly and the tip of each other's noses was within reach.

    "Ariela, you know everything in this world."
    "I only know part of it. I know it best!"
    "If you really knew the future of this world, you would have known at least that it was impossible for me to want another woman other than you."

    Kyron's eyes shone dangerously.

    "You belong to me."

    The male lead and I was one step away from each other.
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    I only read chapter 1.
    So the female lead was not loved by her father in her previous life. Her father loves the other daughter. That's why she get used to be alone in her house. She was reading the novel until dawn and transported to that novel. The prologue was so good. The male lead asked her who she really is and she confessed that she is not the real Arielsa. The male lead asked her if she knows his future and she said yes and they both agreed that the female lead will help the male lead. So about the father, she was akward to Arielsa's father (the real body owner) because she never felt that worried expression from his real father but she's also scared that the father will kill her after knowing that she is not the real Arielsa
    That's all I have.
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    Thank you for the spoiler.
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    A smart ML that actually goes straight to asking why she's so different? Camping~
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    Another doting and possessive ml.. I see. Is there an English translation for this or not other than above one?
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    Arielsa's lines are 'Duke, have some tea. I didn't know Arielsa's usual way of speaking or behaving in detail, because of that, I had to rely on the excuse of aftereffects of falling off the ladder.
    Spend as little time as possible with Georg.

    "Dad, I'm sleepy."

    "Yes, sleep tight."


    Georg, with a light flick on my forehead, pressed the edge of my blanket to keep out the cold wind and went back.
    I sighed with relief, but my heart was still pounding.
    I had to pretend to be someone else from now on. In addition, in these relationships and emotions that have not been fully explained in the work.
    It was really unpleasant to know how a good person who cared for me so much would die.
    Yes, I know how George dies in the early stages of the original. The crisis facing the Duke of Kyron.
    There were many events planned for this castle in the future, and I was the only one in the world who knew.
    Only here did I know I was more important and special than before.
    Realizing that a lower, more palpable fear came to my heart. But the fear was mixed with a little excitement.
    I closed my eyes after organizing the blanket. I wanted to go to bed and meet our man tomorrow with the best skin condition.

    "Northern style, I don't like it."

    Early in the morning, I opened the closet door wide, but I could only sigh.
    There were several dresses hanging in the closet. The clothes made of coarse wool looked thick and warm, but they were all dark and dull. The design was also simple, so this and that clothes were no different.
    Considering Georg is a household god with considerable status in this castle, this was Ariel's own taste.
    It's a timid, taciturn extra and fashion sense…

    "I feel like the chairman of Silicon Valley."

    I sat in front of Ariel's wardrobe, criticizing her taste in clothes.
    But it didn't make a difference, so I went to work in a different dress that didn't look any different from the dress I wore yesterday.
    The Duke of Kyron was looking at the books at his desk in a straight posture, nothing different from yesterday.

    "Good morning. Duke."

    I greeted as gently as I could. Because I thought Ariel Sasa would.
    It was surprisingly easy to greet someone with a soft glow. I'll go to the temple and think I'll see the Buddha.
    The Duke of Kyron said without even looking at me like that. There was a blade in the voice.

    "You fell off a tree yesterday, didn't you?" Go back, Chaers was insensitive."

    I was embarrassed because he suddenly talked to me.

    "No, it's not, but yes, it's a little..."

    It sounded like a neighborhood idiot who fell from a persimmon tree when he was young. To be precise, it fell off a ladder.
    It didn't fall from the tree, but it was right that Chears was insensitive. Isn't it too much to ask the person in the accident to go to work right away?
    But after saying yes and saying no, I ended up looking like a neighborhood idiot who fell off a real tree.
    I answered stupidly, looking at the main character wrapped in a soft glow.

    "That's fine."

    His desk was stacked with thick leather-bound books. Judging from his slightly frowned expression, something must not have worked out.
    The slightly distorted brow of agonizing over his subtle aura as the male protagonist added excellence to his beauty.

    [Duke Kairon used to be described as indifferent from his surroundings. It was both true and not.
    He was completely indifferent to what he considered as worthless, but he had a habit of tenaciously focusing on what was given meaning.]

    That's what Duke of Kyron was described in the original.
    There was no comparison between the imagination through the type and the real impression of seeing it vividly in front of the eyes.
    I was watching a low-definition streaming video on my phone, and it was a shock that someone took it away from me as if I had pushed in a so-inch ultra-high-definition monitor.
    My heart skipped a beat, let alone displeasure, at his chilly manner.
    That's the Duke of Kyron, the northern lord. Only one who has no match in this world by beauty and force.
    A man who looks closed and rough, but can run to the end of the world for a woman.
    I can't believe I saw him in front of me!
    I tried my best to suppress the rising virtue, but I felt enmeshed in the influence of his aura.
    I was already in love with him, by the way. I have to go to the morning class of the academy tomorrow, but I read all the snow deserts until dawn.
    Would I have avoided a car running across the lane if I had been in good condition due to the explosion that day?
    I shook my head and looked at Duke Kyron, shaking off my gloomy thoughts.
    He didn't seem to mean to berate me for the rudeness I ran away with yesterday. In the nature of the Duke it would be because I don't care, not because he understands my condition.
    I was a little disappointed to think of it that way, but I was in a state of pessimism when I was excited by the favorable snow.

    He spoke a little sharply, turning over the bookshelf.


    I felt sorry for myself. Isn't Ariel the unique tea and refreshment director of Snowy Desert?

    "Yes, Duke."

    My heart pounded.
    I didn't expect his nervous voice to be so excited, with his beautiful eyebrows slightly crooked.
    Was there a slightly crooked tendency I didn't know?
    I blushed to myself and carefully went to the console table, where tea and alcohol were placed.
    The bottles next to each other were not the standardized bottles I've seen so far. Glass was thick and murky, with different shapes and sizes.
    Still, the color of the alcohol inside was nice and cool.
    So this is a different world.
    I remembered that fact and just put my hand in a tea box.
    I stroked a luxurious box with dense embossed patterns with my hands, closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.
    If this place really is in the Snowy Desert...
    And I walked outside on a thud. I felt the Duke of Kyron's ridiculous gaze again on the back of my head.
    When I came back a little later, the Duke of Kyron didn't even pretend to see me.
    I could tell he was a little upset. He was a man who kept his mouth shut when he was angry.
    I couldn't say it was small because of an accident on my first day at work. But I was sure I was gambling to win.
    I approached the Duke of Kyron with a cup of tea in the most modest movements as possible. Focusing as much as I can not to lose my mind to his aura that radiates beautiful irritation.
    The Duke of Kyron stared at me as I placed a steaming teacup on his desk.
    I swallowed my saliva.

    "What are you doing?"

    Yesterday, the maid ran away only looking at the owner's face, but today she ran away when asked to bring tea. He couldn't turn a blind eye to it either.
    But I said with a big smile as much as I could.

    "Duke, have some tea. Cinnamon tea."

    The Duke of Kyron stretched his back out of his chair and breathed a short sigh. He seemed to be exerting considerable restraint not to be angry with me. It didn't have much effect though.


    I cleared my throat with a weak cough and answered.

    "Yesterday I fell off the ladder to make you an apple pie….., Duke."

    I didn't expect to hear you say I'm the Duke! I shut up in a state of internal excitement.
    I wanted to stress that the place where I fell was not a tree - a ladder - but I regret that it seemed to sound resentful of him.
    As expected, the Duke of Kyron turned away from his chair and stared at me.

    'So what? '

    The Duke of Kyron's eyes were saying that.
    'Are you going to blame me for your carelessness?'
    I replied with a smile.

    "But you don't like apple pie."

    "I don't like apple pie, do I?"

    He said the words as if to confirm.
    I had to be exited even though I knew the Duke of Kyron was angry.
    The best man in the world was focusing on me now. My heart was pounding and I felt itchy inside my chest.
    How should I put it? I don't think I can be offended if my favorite boy gets mad at me?
    But his voice has not kept a lid on his anger now, so I quickly came to my senses.

    "What do I like, I don't know, and you know, Arielsa?"

    "No, Duke. It's just that the Duke liked the cinnamon scent in it rather than the apple pie. You don't like sweets except apple pie. You should try it…"

    I tried to hold it in, but I kept laughing. I was excited, and I felt a little woozy.

    This is how it feels to know other people's secrets!
    In the future, the Duke of Kyron becomes involved in the emperors plot, losing the castle of Harpel, and relying on the Southern aristocrat. It's the father of the Female Lead.
    There, while he struggles to adapt to new customs and food, he realizes that he likes cinnamon. He enjoyed apple pie because he liked the scent of cinnamon powder sprinkled cinnamon powder.
    I was just a little ahead where he realizes it.
    There was one thing I realized while living in this body for a day, and I could recall Ariel's memory when I concentrated. It wasn't always clear, mainly related to the situation, thanks to that, I was able to find cinnamon powder in the kitchen.
    The Duke of Kyron, looking at me, frowned slightly more in one eye and picked up a teacup. He carefully scented and then sipped a sip.

    I hope it wasn't too confusing:blobpensive:

    Episode 4

    There were no words, but I was relieved to see his forehead spread comfortably, which had always been tense. I'm glad.

    He let out a thin sigh and put down the teacup. And He concentrated on the papers again.

    It would be nice if you could say it's sweet, sour, or something!

    But I didn't hate that kind of personality of him. That's why I read it until the end while keeping my sleep down.

    He was originally a self-righteous character who was short-tempered and bordering on personality breakdown. Until the summer-like blond woman of the Southern Marquis melted the ice in his heart.

    I loved the way he put himself down, risking everyone he had in love.

    I already knew his personality, so I wasn't too disappointed with his attitude.

    Because it was obvious he liked cinnamon tea.

    His expression after drinking tea became more comfortable, but his aura felt different.

    I can't explain it, but it felt a lot more comfortable and healthier than before.

    Most of all, my heart pounded when I found out that my original knowledge was actually useful. It was as if I had a superpower.

    I glanced at the Duke's desk and suddenly got stuck.

    "May I help you? You're busy."

    Oops...the Duke of Cairn's eyebrows are more twisted than ever.

    I can't believe Arielsa, the maid of honor, said things she could never say. I had a cold sweat on my back.

    In the original, Arielsa was a quiet and timid innocent child. And she was a lady-in-law, seemingly absent.

    Then she couldn't have broached first interfering with the Duke of Kyron's political affairs.

    But the water that was already flanked, in this case it was not retreat, it was forward!

    I glanced at the books under his hand and said quickly.

    "I'll help you if you're paying the bill."

    Oops, I added timidly in a crawling voice.

    "You, if it's not too hard. "

    The Duke of Kyron was not one to slip away, saying, 'Um, is it?' But embarrassed, I was talking nonsense like a falling domino.

    Looking at me, he put his hands away from the books. There was a distinct displeasure in his face.

    "What do you say?"

    A cold sweat came up on my palm.

    I could understand both the language and the numbers on the books. I could figure out what was wrong by looking at the notes he had written on paper.

    The only problem was that I got carried away.

    "You're having a hard time because the tax books and the warehouse are out of stock."

    The Duke of Kyron narrowed his eyes slightly as if unexpectedly.

    It would have been nice if he had admired a bit, but what came to his eyes was doubt and displeasure.

    Having received the best education since he was young, he was naturally ridiculous as a maid of honor offered to help with the problems of public universities.

    But instead of getting angry, he spoke stiffly.

    "If you keep the grain, it will naturally reduce its volume and lose a lot of money by eating it. So far, the warehouse has been inspected and lost in the spring, but I want to get rid of the hole."

    "You can't tell if it's lost or stolen?"

    He looked at me and nodded. I felt like I wanted to meet his intentions.

    The moment I was relieved, he said, as if it were a very simple matter.

    "If you can't do it, I'll punish you."

    Oh, that personality.

    But as I dug my own grave, I put aside the inconvenience and concentrated on the books. I was slowly able to grasp the situation.

    The Duke of Kyron was appreciating the accounts made by the administrators. The loss of grain was an important issue where the grain received from taxes was no less than money.

    But it's not calculus, it's enough.

    As I grinned, the Duke of Kyron got up and emptied his chair. He was looking at me with his eyes narrowed as if he were contemplating the punishment he would give me, but I sat at the Duke's desk as if possessed.

    When he felt the warmth of the chair he had been sitting on, his heart was pounding again. But after shaking his head, he concentrated on the books.

    General mathematics in this world is not far beyond the level of the four-principle operation. So putting grain that disappeared out of sight into the books had to be a tricky issue.

    I first checked for artificial losses to grain. The books were better organized than I thought, so it wasn't hard to find the numbers I needed.

    Meanwhile, the Duke of Kyron was sipping very satisfactorily at the cinnamon tea I had made, with one leg pulled off on the sofa. Though the eyes on me were fierce.

    On closer examination, this was a matter of surprisingly simple proportions. By calculation, the grain loss rate was almost the same for each warehouse.

    If anyone touched the grain, only one warehouse should have had a higher proportion, but it wasn't.

    One might think that a certain percentage of warehouses could be used, but the warehouses were far apart and the administrators in charge were different.

    And it was hard to assume that the thief knew the ratio that the Duke of Kyron couldn't calculate and only stole away that much.

    Soon, there was no problem with the grain storage inventory.

    "I'm done. Duke."


    Duke Kyron slightly distorted his eyebrows and put down the cinnamon tea. Despite the obvious disapproval, there was no sound of tea hitting the table.

    He returned to his desk and I quickly got out of my chair and settled.

    He sat on the chair, then peered through my ticket. It was a list of income, expected loss rates and actual inventory on the tax books.

    I explained as carefully as I could to fit Ariel's character.

    "We're losing an average of three percent of our crops. Wouldn't it be convenient to manage the warehouse the following year if you treat it as an expense as a percentage of the loss and record the estimated amount of the loss when you receive taxes in the future...?

    "There are no thieves in my house."

    "Who dares to deceive the Duke?"

    I tried to back off with an awkward flattery. But his eyes on me stiffened his legs.

    "How did you know how to calculate this?"


    In a word, I was condescending and forgot to think ahead of how to explain this ice chair buff. I wanted to have a good night in my head.

    "Don't tell me you did a good job counting. Because I know you couldn't leave an additional ticket until you were 10."

    It was a sort of Gugudan ticket, according to the memory of the additional ticket.

    Oh... oh...

    While I was embarrassed, Ariel's childhood memories with this shining male character came back to my mind a little.

    The memory had a very positive feeling. Not in the original, it was a life and memory of an extra.

    But Arielsa's delightful past was largely a dark past for me. Oh, my.

    I blushed with embarrassment. But I had to get out of this crisis.

    "Well, there's no shame in saying that!"

    " ..."

    But the pure suspicion in the eyes of the Duke of Kyron was unwavering.

    "Arielsa, I have never been ashamed of your ignorance. Did you forget to bring a few days to class with L and start embroidering?"

    Oh my gosh.

    Arielsa didn't seem to have any interest in studying at all. There was nowhere to escape.

    I said because tears are like that.

    "I heard everything embroidered! I can concentrate better with my hands, Duke."

    "You took classes in embroidery?
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    Episode 5

    "The only warehouse Romney manages is Poslan, but according to your review, no grain has disappeared in Poslan. It is proof that he is innocent."

    I felt my whole body fluffy.
    I didn't remember the name Romney, but I only knew that the name of the Poslan warehouse manager wasn't Romney.
    Who was it?
    He plays a major role in the Duke's defeat by intentionally not sending food to the Duke's army. He was a traitor.
    Soon, by proving Administrator Romney's innocence, I just stopped the traitor from taking charge of the Poslan warehouse.
    It is highly likely that the person who accused Romney is the traitor or a group of betrayers.
    I squeezed my sweaty palm. It was an presumptuous question for a maid to ask, but I couldn't move on.

    "Duke, if Romney had been expelled, who would you have chosen to replace?"

    "That's something to think about when his guilt is proved."

    The Duke of Kyron's answer was concise.
    It was hard to know whether he believed in Romney's innocence or if he didn't want to talk about it with me.

    "By any chance, who is the accuser-"


    "Yes, Duke."

    "You may go. Call Chears."

    It was a natural answer. There was no way the Duke would tell his maid about the affairs of the estate, because I helped him sort out the books a little.

    "Yes, Duke."

    I stepped back, but my heart ached.
    Was the seeds of every case already being sown everywhere?
    I felt like I was losing my hair when I realized that every incident I read and enjoyed in the book was a reality that would come to me from now on.
    Then the Duke of Kyron called me.


    I was going to call for Chears, but I turned in surprise at his call.

    "Another cinnamon cup of tea, please."

    It was strange. The tension surrounding me seemed to fall like a spring breeze.

    "Duke, have some tea."

    I quickly got in a warm cinnamon tea. The tea was the link between the two of us.


    I lay down in my room, gazing at the ceiling and thinking over my conversation with the Duke of Kyron.
    In fact, the first thing that came to mind was his appearance. The appearance of our Duke with a subtle glow.
    There's nothing we can do.
    Objectively speaking, he was feisty and seemed to secretly ignore Arielsa. It was probably because of his picturesque appearance that didn't upset me very much.
    How stupid I was.

    When I closed my eyes and concentrated, Arielsa's childhood memories gradually came back.
    Arielsa was also a pure child from a very young age and was reticent. She was scared enough to burst into tears when her father Georg froze her.
    The Duke of Kyron must not have minded her dullness, though she could never be said to be clever or quick-witted.
    Maybe it's because he's been doing two or three servings of intelligence alone since he was a child.
    After Ariel became a playmate of the young Kyron Confucius, she took care of him kindly. She seemed to have had half the feeling of taking care of her younger brother and half the feeling of playing with dolls, but of course the doll was Confucius.
    She had no intention of looking good for the future Duke. It's just that she was born with it.
    Therefore, it was natural on the other hand that Confucius took Arielsa more comfortable than the petty boys who tried to win him and left her to stay by his side.
    In her hazy memory, I remembered the sight of young Kyron Confucius offering Ariel a flower bracelet he had made.
    It was a break time while studying in a sunny garden.
    I tried it as a test because the children did this with their facial expressions. But I don't know where to throw it away. It was obvious that Ariel was happy to see you.
    And while the boys of the castle were torturing Arielsa on the street, Confucius Kyron saved her.
    Every time he threw a small stone, the wicked little boys screamed with a flick on their head.
    His athleticism has already been innate since then. Cute!
    After all the children ran away, Ariel said, 'Thank you. Confucius. I was going to say hello.
    However, it took Ariel a long time to open her mouth, and in the meantime, Confucius Cairan turned around and disappeared.
    He was less than ten years old, but he couldn't be so handsome.
    Her memory warmed my heart to the point where I remembered it.

    "That's why Ariel stayed by his side silently. Thanks to those good memories."

    I also liked the fact that the extras had their own stories and good memories, but my heart was filled with the appearance of our Male Lead, Duke of Kyron, who was silent and emotionless from an early age. Too bad I couldn't read this part of the original.
    It was about that.
    So I thought I could forgive him a hundred times for his feisty attitude now.
    The situation suddenly thrown into the novel should be hopeless, but the virtue of our Male Lead was making me forget all of it.
    ...that's a good thing, right?

    "Arielsa, are you sleeping?"

    I got out of bed in surprise. It was Georg who knocked.

    "Yes, please come on in."

    But he wasn't alone. Chaers and an old man she had never seen were coming in together.
    From the immediate memory I knew he was a doctor.

    "Arielza, I'm here to see the condition. Are you feeling any pain? Headache or dizziness. Like forgetting things."

    I pulled the quilt under my nose as I watched three strange men stampede into my bed.
    Why are they here all of a sudden?
    I bit my lips a little bit. It seemed that the Duke of Kyron sent me a doctor thinking that I was doing something I didn't do because I was injured and became weird.
    I said, shaking my head wildly.

    "It's okay!"

    The odds were low, but I was terrified that a doctor might notice I wasn't really Arielsa.
    But no one seemed to believe that I was okay. Actually, I didn't think I'd believe it either.
    Georg was at my bedside, and the doctor sat in a small wooden chair, looked close to my eyes, and swung fingers in front of my eyes.

    The doctor asked again.

    "Do you remember what we ate yesterday?"

    I replied with my eyes rolling nervously.

    "Boiled potatoes and soup..."


    "Lunch and dinner."

    The doctor looked at Georg and he nodded. Because it was a meal that he brought me.

    "What about the day before yesterday?"

    "Soup and... oven-baked potatoes and boiled chicken."

    I rolled my eyes and noticed the doctor.
    I don't know what to do, doctor!
    I answered thinking I'd eat soup every day, but then I was at a loss. So I suddenly said what I ate today.
    But Georg's face is grimly distorted by my answer. My shoulders were full of strength.
    He looked as if he would become so square and turn into a giant green monster. I was really scared.
    Even Chears was frowning.
    Who would remember every meal? Do you remember?

    The doctor spoke in a very awkward and friendly way.

    "Will you reconsider, Arielsa?"

    "I remember eating similar things every day..."

    I couldn't stand it anymore, and Georg said, bursting out of resentment.

    "The day before, you caught a cow and held a dinner. How can you not remember it!"


    The doctor dried it up as I crawled into the blanket, leaving only my eyes

    "Huh, Lord Georg. You shouldn't scare the patient. The ladder must have taken Ariel's memory away."

    "The ladder..."

    As Georg and Chears muttered shockingly at the same time, the doctor nodded solemnly and replied.

    "Yes, the ladder. A big head impact can cloud your memory before falling off a ladder."

    Sir, the diagnosis is a bit...


    Georg let out a painful groan.
    And Chears, with a serious face, asked a heartless question.

    "Then will you be able to serve the Duke properly?"

    "What are you talking about!"

    When I burst out, the three men looked at me with their eyes wide open.
    What do you mean to me who endures life by looking at our boys instead of rice?
    I quickly crawled back into the blanket and said in a thin, Arielsa-like voice.

    "Well, come to think of it, sometimes I forget. But there's no problem serving the Duke. It's really. ah. dad."

    "Oh, Arielsa!"

    Georg called me in pain. One would have thought I had leukemia or a brain tumor.
    But my emphasis on 'Dad' worked quite well and he seemed much relieved.
    The doctor patted Georg on the back and took him out, saying.

    "Take a good rest, Arielsa. If you have a headache, come visit me."

    "Yes, sir. Thank you."

    But Chears stayed behind and looked at me enchanted. Cold sweat, which had entered a suspicious gaze without a heart, seemed to pop out again.
    He was a cool-headed human being described in the original book.
    If it was the image of a perfectionist man, he might have developed a fan sentiment, but he was more of a type that distrusted humans.
    Apart from having a bad personality, if the Duke of Kyron has the insight and determination that pierces the core, Chaers has good momentum in a bad sense.
    So, he was the kind of vassal who would do anything for Duke Kyron without knowing the conscience.
    It was clear that he came to me with Georg not because of my worries, but because he intended to check my condition in case there was a problem with the Duke's tea time.

    But Cheers said something unexpected.

    "The Duke was worried about you."

    Episode 6

    Chaers still asked with a suspicious face.

    "You didn't pick up anything weird, did you?" If you have a disease that carries to the Duke..."

    "Sir Chaers..."

    When I looked as poor as I could, he sighed a thin sigh and shook his hands and walked out.

    "No, that's fine."

    Defeating Chaers felt good, but I felt nervous about the anxiety that the Duke of Kyron's suspicion might grow any time soon.
    I shouldn't have been so excited by virtue!
    Chaers, ordered by the Duke, would have come to my room with Georg and come up with measures, thinking of all sorts of cases.
    If I'd gone berserk, they'd lock me up until they confirmed it wasn't contagious, fake or suspicious, they'd put me in a dungeon right away.
    At least he knew that this northern Harpel territory was not actually peaceful, unlike the way it looks now.
    But fortunately he didn't pick on my 'ladder bottle'. Even the duke's master could not have blindly abused Georg's daughter, the duke's left arm.
    Pulling back the blanket and covering it I relaxed. It was rather fortunate that I met a doctor. If I had a difficult situation in the future, I could act with a headache.
    But I was scared if I could keep up the good work of a quiet Arielsa.
    When the Duke of Kyron and the mistress called Rose of the South finally make love, what happens next? Can I go back home?
    I was avoiding it all the time, but it was wrong to think about the house. I sobbed to sleep.

    Something hot touched my forehead. Sniffing in my sleep, I fell to a boil in the eighth phase.
    When I woke up at dawn, I realized that the warmth and pressure still on my forehead came from the hands of 'Dad'.
    And I realized that the words he whispered to me were real, not a dream.
    Georg stayed by my bed all night and seemed to have just returned. I felt sorry for the little chair that had been struggling all night to bear his weight.
    I was alone when I opened my eyes and felt much better.

    "Arielsa, if something happens to you, this dad..... Don't scare him and get healthy quickly, my girl,"

    When Georg's loving whisper, who had been guarding me all night, came to mind, I felt scared and guilty.
    I'm not even your real daughter.
    Arielsa probably died the moment the ladder fell and was thrown to the ground.
    Maybe he's losing time to grieve for his real daughter because of me.
    But I couldn't say that to him.
    Without Georg, my life was like being thrown out without a shield. And to the man who's willing to risk his life for a word of my 'dad,'
    I didn't have the courage to say that.
    When I gave him Arielsa in return for his protection, I decided so.
    Let's protect our Male Lead, Georg, and even the standing but loyal Chaers with all my power.
    Let's make sure that our Male Lead doesn't lose this northern land and Georg doesn't die like that.
    I gained strength after making up my mind like that. It was the only thing I could do.

    ❄ ❄❄

    "Good morning, Duke."

    Having gone to the Duke of Kyron's office, I greeted him as darkly as I could and immediately headed to the console table.
    He didn't answer. He didn't even look at me. He was making quick fun of the pen as if he were replying to a letter.
    I put down the winter strawberry tea cup in front of him.
    Even though it has nothing to do with strawberries, a herbal tea named after it spread its unique sweet scent on the desk.
    Kyron took the teacup under his nose, took a sip and put it down. And I sat with my back straight.
    He looked at me. You're handsome again today. Duke. No, no, calm down.
    He spoke in a low voice.

    "It's different from usual."

    "Today was a bit of a blow. How do you like it?"

    The Duke of Kyron looked at me enchanted and lifted the teacup again.
    Oh my, can you hold a sword so white and long?
    Where's the determination to calm down, and I swallowed my saliva, leaving myself to my mischievous thoughts.
    He swallowed another sip of tea and said.

    "Good. It's the most delicious winter strawberry tea I've ever had."

    "Thank you."

    Arielsa should not dance to her boss's compliments. At the most, a response of 'Oh, that's fortunate', was appropriate.
    So I squeezed my thigh with my nails and smiled a little.
    It was when I was about to step away from my desk.

    "Why didn't you boil it like this before?"

    [Most people said the Duke of Kyron was picky and self-righteous, but in fact he had never complained in his life that the tea made by his maid was not very palatable. I read the original book, so I know, he was being picky or self-righteous, only when he had a good reason]. Duke.

    But I spoke as timidly as I could to win sympathy.

    "Because of the ladder these days..."

    The Duke of Kyron's expression was slightly distorted, so I quickly continued.

    "The worse I was, the more I wanted to concentrate on my job. To serve the Duke. I wanted to make the tea more delicious."

    "... I see."

    The Duke of Kyron's answer was short and difficult to read. He was just drinking tea silently.
    The warm steam coming up from the tea was obscured by his aura, and his eyes were joyful.

    "Knights often fall off horses and hurt their heads. But that doesn't change their personality or behavior dramatically. Arielsa."

    He drinks the hot tea, I'm cold and feverish.
    Wasn't the suspicion resolved with the excuse of a ladder disease?
    My mouth is dry as a bone. I had to convince him.
    I was so nervous that my voice cracked.

    "When I fell off the ladder....."

    The Duke raised his frowned eyes as if 'Is that about that again?'

    "Well, I think I saw that world over there."

    It was already dry water. The water without me, not the side water.
    Duke Kyron's eyes were slightly shaken, but he slowly put the teacup down.

    "That world?"

    I almost got caught up about the car that was rushing towards me on the way to the academy.
    There are too many cars in the world that ignore traffic laws. A damn car that's killing people's lives.
    But I quickly shut up my mouth. I just shook my head with confused and sad eyes.
    In fact, I didn't have to act much because my feelings were like that.

    "I want to live better. I don't make the same mistakes as before, I see a lot of good things, eat well, and so on."

    The Duke of Kyron was looking at me silently.

    "I became a good daughter to my father, and the best maid to the Duke."

    I smiled vigorously at him.
    It was my real resolution. I felt more encouraged after I put it out of my mouth.
    There was also a subtle smile on the lips of the Duke of Kyron.
    It's too bright. Don't laugh.


    "Yes, Duke."

    "Just tell Chaers I have a headache."

    "... Yes, Duke."

    Duke Kyron picked up the teacup again, and I quietly stepped back and sat on my chair in the corner of the office. My heart pounded.
    Arielsa's seat was a small desk at the corner of the office and right in front of the window.
    Sitting there, I could not see the Duke of Kyron, but I could run immediately when I was called.
    I couldn't see him, so I focused more on his breathing. Today I wondered what he would be doing. Today I wondered what he would be doing. But it was dangerous to show more interest in his work.
    I kept laughing when I told Chaers that I just had a headache.
    In fact, Chaers would be more suspicious of stories like'the world over there'.
    Soon, the Duke was taking my side. Just like when I was younger…


    Cutting off my thoughts, the Duke of Kyron arose.

    "Yes, Duke!"

    I jumped up and went to his desk.

    "I'm going to the farm*." (*GT:train station?)

    "Yes, Duke!"

    I looked at him. He sighed briefly while looking at me.

    "Damn apple pie."

    Even though I was talking to myself, I could hear it so clearly that my face turned red.

    "Prepare me a coat."

    I followed his gaze and found a coat hanging on one side of the wall and ran quickly.
    He went so far as to put clothes on his body while being on high alert, but I don't quickly remember how to do a unique latch, neither a button nor a zipper.
    As she was putting her hand on his body, he became nervous and flustered.
    Then he held the back of my hand as if he were holding it. I looked up in amazement, and he clasped slowly, as if to learn.
    The back of my hand wrapped around his palm felt like it was burning.


    He asked with a slight frown as I made a lip-tight noise.

    "What's wrong?"

    What's wrong with me? Because you are handsome.
    I had no choice but to bite my lips if I didn't want to scream or groan in excitement.
    The Duke of Kyron, wearing a collar and fur-decorated coat, was a beautiful sight. I didn't expect strong masculinity to be emphasized with just one coat.
    The Duke of Kyron smiled casually, as if I looked clumsy in trouble.
    My face turned redder.

    "What are you doing?"

    He pointed to the corner with his tongue kicked. My coat was hanging in the corner of my chair. It was a simple ordinary coat.
    There was fur around my cape neck to prevent wind from hitting my neck, but it was far from stylish because it was just for practical use.
    I quickly brought my coat and put it on, and the Duke of Kyron went out the door first.

    I hope it was not too confusing:facepalm:
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    Thank you so much for sharing these.. really appreciated it and hoping for more when you have the time.. I find ML testing her and making sure if FL is okay or not .
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    I followed the Duke of Kyron with frequent steps. It was a little embarrassing that I was in the mood of dating alone, but it was true that I was a little excited about going out with him for the first time.
    Where we were headed was the training center. I opened my mouth wide when I saw a large playground with dozens of men running.


    Georg, who was playing some kind of soccer with his shirt thrown off, waved at me. He seemed pleased to see me performing good by the duke.


    Then a black ball flew toward me.


    I didn't panic and stopped the ball with my foot, then kicked it back to the knights.
    The ball I kicked flew in a pretty parabola in the middle of the mist. And I rolled myself between the knights' legs.
    Dozens of muscular men were wide-mouthed at me, halting the game.
    Something was out of the ordinary. What's wrong?


    When I heard the Duke of Kyron drool, I froze.
    Georg approaches me in contemplation as if I were holding a bomb and wraps me up to block the view of the knights.


    When the Duke of Kyron nodded, Georg took me to the castle as if to protect me.
    Georg grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "What's going on, crying and reticent."

    "You, you, why did you kick the ball?"

    I said, creeping back out of fear that he'd let go of another flick.

    "Huh? Did I do anything wrong?"

    "You don't know?"

    I looked at him with the most pitiful looking kittens possible. Georg then stifled and said, with a fine impression.

    "How did the Duke see you, kicking the ball in the eyes of the entire Knights?"


    "You're afraid of the ball! Besides, if you kick the ball like that, how can you get married?"


    When I freaked out, Georg looked relieved that I had just realized. But I freaked out in a different sense.
    Am I really in the underdeveloped world like this?
    It seems that the knights are more surprised because it does not suit Ariel, who is on the verge of being timid, but it seems that it is a culture where women should not kick a ball.
    I was supposed to be careful... but I was a rip-off that leaked inside and out.
    I was confused, but I had already done it.
    In addition, there is one thing that is hard to overdo, so I wanted to check carefully.

    "By any chance, do you have in mind to marry me off?"


    Georg's face heated up in an instant and his pupils shook.
    What, is this a worldview that shouldn't be asked?
    Fortunately, however, it did not seem to be such a problem.
    He said, groping enough to see his teeth rattle.

    "You, you, are you trying to get married?"

    The next moment he looked as if he was going to turn back into a green monster.

    "Maybe some guy from the knights told you to marry off?"

    I waved my hands wildly, looking at his huge fist.

    "What do you mean marring, I'm not leaving you behind! I kicked a ball around, so I can't get married anymore?"

    "Home... it's different between not going to go home. Anyway, let's say it's a relief."

    He suddenly became comfortable and went back to the traing ground. I also followed him with frequent steps.
    On the Fed, Duke Kyron was watching the knights play. Georg returned to the haze and chanted, and the knights quickly formed.
    The relaxed atmosphere of kicking the ball was nowhere to be found.
    I approached the Duke of Kyron, watching the knights train to quickly change formation according to Georg's chant.
    Dozens of muscular men were running around screaming, but a subtle-lit Duke of Kyron overwhelmed the place.
    I really liked the position I possessed. I even felt like I was around him longer than his right arm, Chears.

    At the same time, however, it was also necessary to realize why it was said that people need proper distance. Standing behind him, waiting, for the reputation of the Duke of Kyron's character - mostly a bad press - had to be vividly identified.
    He did not forgive the little mistakes of the knights, and rebuked bitterly as soon as he saw any mistakes or shortcomings.
    He said he sprained a string that I thought had been struck with a knife. In my opinion, he told the drivers who were teleporting, "I think they only boiled snails and fed them, so the chef should be put in prison."
    Looking at it from the grain, my head really shook.
    After a hell of a time, Georg last screamed, and the Duke of Kyron nodded and rose.
    As I approached, he looked down at my face and said.

    "You're athletic. Arielsa."

    "Thank you...."

    I followed in his footsteps and bit his lip. There was a bone in his horse.
    I had to be more careful not to be a cellmate with the chef.
    We're back in the office, and I managed to take off his coat, this time in public. It was breathtaking to touch his body with aura wrapped in white.
    To paraphrase, it felt like touching a glass sphere where static electricity was blushing. Of course, it wasn't a prick in the hand prick. The problem was that my heart was tingling.

    "Would you like some tea?"


    "Yes, Duke."

    I quickly got in the cinnamon car and returned to my chair with the colonel.
    I sat still, closed my eyes, and tried to squeeze out memories.

    Arielsa, who came to mind like that, was a sporty enough to trip over her feet on the road.

    "Arielsa, walk slowly and you'll fall less."

    The words that little Confucius threw at Ariel remained deep in her memory.
    The young Kyron was at least a sweet little boy for her, but how did he get so feisty?
    I broke out in a cold sweat when he glared at me while leaving the smoke field earlier.
    I spent my time trying to reach Arielsa's memory. There's a long way to go not to make even a small mistake.


    The next day I walked down the hall to work, memorizing 'Let's be careful'.
    I pondered a lot at night, and there seemed to be only one way not to do anything that would make Arielsa do that.
    Doing nothing.
    It was frustrating, but I couldn't help it. Arielsa's memory was fragmented, and the original work had minimal explanation.
    So it was wise to keep this body safe until I fully knew the customs and culture of this world.
    As soon as I got to work, I sat in my corner, lightly broiling the winter strawberry tea. It was good to see the Duke of Kyron's aura, preoccupied with my problems.
    Survival comes first rather than being a fan.
    I reflected on the original content from the beginning. Because I was afraid I'd forget the little things.
    Then the Chears came in.

    "Sir George says he's going to start outdoor training because it's warm today."

    "Why didn't Sir Georg come himself?"

    Chears must have glanced back towards me. Strangely enough, such a thing can be felt even if it's not seen.

    "I'm encouraging the knights."

    Cheers' voice saying that contained some protesting feelings.
    He said as the Duke of Kyron remained silent waiting for the next word.

    "The young knights joked that Ariel thought she didn't want to marry, so I was told to report him while I was at it."

    I was revolutionized and hardened, and the Duke of Kyron replied without even snorting.

    "I'm coming with you."

    Then Chears went on casually.

    "Now that you mention it, let's take a rest while it's warm. Didn't you mind for a few days about the accusation? I ordered my servants to arrange the lake."

    I immediately set my ears wide open.


    "Yes, Duke."

    "I'm going to the lake."

    "Yes, Duke."

    I pretended not to notice Chaers and brought in the Duke of Kyron's coat and dressed him.
    I could feel Cheers' suspicious gaze on me, so I tried not to be conscious of him on purpose. Somehow I was able to close the clasp of the coat nicely.
    When I finished putting on my coat, it seemed to me that I felt a glimpse of a smile on Duke Kyron's face.

    Chears said, "I'll pack my coat, too.

    "You want to follow me?"


    I thought quickly. Does Arielsa hate water? But I didn't remember that.
    I had to follow him.

    "The Duke is leaving. I'll have to wait on you."

    The Duke of Kyron had already gone out, so Chears didn't speak much longer.
    We went to the lake just outside the outer castle.

    [The lake attached to the castle was small, but the color of the water was like emerald.]

    The lake, which was described that way in the original book, really had a jewel-like blue tint.
    The bluishness seemed to be accentuated by the black deck on which the boat was tied and a few white-dried dead trees around the lake.
    But I couldn't really enjoy that appreciation. Chears even glanced back at me, clenching his teeth slightly.

    Damn Northmen. Playing in the water in this cold weather!
    Perhaps they thought it was spring whenever the ice melted on the lake's surface, but every breath I breathed I could see my breath. I felt like I was on a windy playground in the middle of winter, especially for me, who was very cold.
    Originally, I had to run home and get into the blanket right away, but my hands were sweating.

    I know that some part of the MTL are not quite right, but I hope you could understand.:blobsweat:
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    Yayy.. a new post thank you so much.. I am enjoying this so much
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    When will our ML starts loving FL ?