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    NU link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/in-the-years-when-i-was-a-father/
    Raw name: 我当爸爸的那些年[快穿]

    The story of being a father in every world!

    Qi Sheng was originally the executor of cannon fodder male match tasks. After going through infinite worlds, Qi Sheng succeeded in turning himself into the perfect male god with all kinds of skills. He was caught as a strong host by the system and continued to start the next themed task.

    System: Sir Host, save the child!!!

    So, Qi Sheng had to cross the world and become a “scum dad” one after another, to save a poor child one after another!
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    @Xu Wen Hui @araarq
    Here are the spoilers :
    Qi Sheng (mc) was a 20 years old 2nd generation young master of a coal boss. But he couldn't enjoy the riches before died because of stomach disease. He became a space traveler with a cute system. At first he was assigned final villain role obsessed with females. He did his job excellently and learned many skills that he was promised a vacation and promotion. He sent his system to chose protagonist roles for him. But his system is so soft and easily bullied , he could only get his on the scum father task roles. And since his role needs immediate attention, mc's holiday was cancelled. And thus began his journey to be the best dad.
    Original story: ori!host was a scum 2nd generation. His father started from scratch and made an empire. He was spoiled by his mother and grand parents that he became good for nothing. Only know to drink and play. His father chosed a good talented girl for him. Since she was very pretty, ori!host started chasing her. She knew he was a playboy and didn't want to marry him. But her family business suffered causing her to marry him. First 2 year he was sincere. But after the birth of his son, he got himself a mistress. Wife was disappointed but stayed for the son. When the son (qi wenyu) was 15 years old, it was revealed that he was changed at time of birth by a girl jealous of the wife and is not a child of qi family. Instigated by the mistress and illegitimate son, host believed hat qwy was helping his birth mother who abused his real son and threw qwy out. His father was not supportive of that and fall ill in absense of qwy. Qi wenyan (legitimate son) and qi wenfeng (illegitimate son) started to fight over the company and made it a mess. Qwy returned and started to help qwyen . Mistress and 3rd son got desperate and tried to kill qwyen but killed qwy who tried to save qwyen. Letter qwyen discovered the Masterminds and send both of them in jail. Qi empire got destroyed. Task is to save qwy.
    New timeline: Mc transmigrated right after o!host threw qwy out of the family. He got called by the father and told that he have to bring back the child. He pretend argued, father told him he suspect mistress behind it. Mc was threatened by father with disownment. Mc tried to look for qwy. Found him in a motel. Coxed him to come back. qwy was weary of mc as he is not reliable. Then he went on to talk with qwyen. Qwyen is not very confident and jealous of qwy as he was treated very poorly by qwy's birth mother but qwy had the love of his mother and grandfather. Mc encouraged him to try his best to learn. He acknowledged qwy as his eldest son and qwyen as 2nd son. And promised to bring his 3rd son to meet him. He went to meet qwf and on the way threatend the mistress. Qwf is interested in music but got pressured by mother to study and overthrow qwy so he hates qwy. Mc promised him, if he beheaved then he has a chance on getting into the family. And showed the evidence of his mothers cheating. Later he took him in a vacation with the legitimate family. At first he was hostile with 2 boys but later became friend with them. He started to get serious with study. Got into the same major as other 2. He, tried to convince the mom to stop doing wrong things and after so much nagging from her he got tired and with the encouragement from mc , decided to enter music industry. Qwy started his own company. Qwyen become the ceo of qi company. And qwf become music emperor. Mc started to show his talent in chinese medicinal wine making. A photo of mc and qwf being intimate went viral. They were criticized untill it was revealed that they were father-son. He stayed till old age. When he returned to space he found out qwf was a secret task. He set on emotion purifier chair and got ready for next world.
    Original timeline:O!host was a villager in the 80's. He was the second son of his parents. Before his parents could collect money for his marriage, they died. His older brother and sis-in-law chased him out of the house. He is only elementary passed man, who fell in love with a college student. Married her. She was very beautiful. His 1st son xiangdong was very healthy. He was very happy. But at the time of his second son xiangyan's birth, his wife died. He, who was mourning didn't cared much for the second son. Some years later he married a widow whose husband used to beat her which caused her to be infertile. She loved the second son very much. But she also died saving xiangyan from an incoming traffic. When Ori!host arrived at the spot, yan was seating next to his wife's dead body. And there was rumors circulating that yan was cursed, which caused him to hate yan.
    I would add spoilers here.
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    i read the first few chapter already, its super interesting XD
    could you spoil the first arc?
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