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    Hi, shameless self-promotion of our site:

    It has over 300 novels, numbering over 450,000 chapters. And we are still working hard on the design and adding more books and chapters!

    We also machine translated all already-translated chapters from scratch. Here are some comparisons:

    Webnovel - Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 1484

    Even the thickest-skinned of people wouldn’t treat this as something glorifying. Going around boasting about it as if it was something glorious after being beaten up badly by someone, having his spirit sealed and kneaded and pounded at will… Gu Yigu wasn’t that crazy yet.

    Based on this, the other two naturally wouldn’t be such dimwits either.

    But he was unable to refute Chu Yang’s words either.

    Because the truth was indeed so.

    If it weren’t a supreme expert, that person really wouldn’t have sealed their spirit into the token.

    “At that time, my big brother had said that in this world, there are only ten people who are worthy of exchanging blows with him! Elder Gu is one of them. My big brother only told me about the two others who left their mark on this token. But I wonder who the other few are?”

    Smiling, Chu Yang asked, “Since Elder Gu is so familiar with the heroes of the world, you must know this, right?”

    Frowning, Gu Yigu shook his squarish head side to side like a hammer as he replied, “This, I really don’t know who had exchanged blows with this lunatic before……”


    No matter how thick-skinned he was, he wouldn’t treat this as an honor—After being beaten up violently, his divine soul was sealed, and he was even bragging about it as an honor… Gu Yigu felt that he wasn’t that crazy.

    So on and so forth, the other two naturally wouldn’t be so stupid.

    However, he couldn’t refute Chu Yang’s words.

    Because it was the truth.

    If he wasn’t a top-notch expert, that person really wouldn’t have sealed his divine soul in.

    “At that time, my big brother once said that there are only ten people in the world who are qualified to fight with him! And Gu Gu is one of them. And my big brother only explained to me about the other two famous people on this token, but who are the others?”

    Chu Yang smiled and said, “Elder Gu knows all the heroes in the world like the back of his hand. Surely you know?”

    Gu Yigu frowned. His squarish head swayed like an eight-pound hammer as he said, “This, I really don’t know who has fought with this lunatic before…”

    Webnovel The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 1169

    The moment Wang Ling confronted Gao Tianming, he had already thought up more than three thousand ways to perfectly get rid of the other party. But Gao Tianming wasn’t evil; it was just that the power of Shadow Dao had amplified the dark thoughts in his heart to such a boundless extent that there was no going back for him now.

    Wang Ling had no intention of killing Gao Tianming; he just wanted to take back the power of Shadow Dao. As long as Wang Ling could retrieve the power smoothly, the darkness in Gao Tianming would fade away.

    This was the best solution Wang Ling had come up with, before things got worse.

    Gao Tianming had tried to be smart by sealing off the entire battlefield, when he was in fact doing Wang Ling a favor; without anyone to disturb them, Wang Ling didn’t have to worry about using his power.

    He took a step forward. It was just one step, but the greatest of pressure, like a waterfall that was ten thousand li in height, instantly fell on Gao Tianming’s head and made it hard to breathe.

    "You…" Gao Tianming stared at Wang Ling with profound shock all over his face. He had thought that this would be a good show of him using the power of Shadow Dao to catch a turtle in a jar – never had he thought that the turtle would be him!


    The moment he faced Gao Tianming, Wang Ling had thought of no less than three thousand ways to perfectly solve Gao Tianming’s problem. However, Gao Tianming wasn’t evil. It was just that the power of Shadow Dao magnified the dark distracting thoughts in his heart infinitely, so that Gao Tianming was now in a situation where he couldn’t take it back.

    Wang Ling didn’t intend to kill Gao Tianming. He just wanted to take back the power of Shadow Dao. As long as the power was successfully retrieved, the darkness in Gao Tianming’s heart would fade.

    It was the best solution Wang Ling had thought of before the matter had really expanded.

    At this time, Gao Tianming pretended to be smart and sealed the whole battlefield, but he had done it for Wang Ling. Without anyone disturbing him, Wang Ling could use his ability without worry.

    He took a step forward. It was only a single step. In an instant, a tremendous pressure descended like a waterfall from the Milky Way, forming a force of empowerment that made it difficult for Gao Tianming to breathe.

    “You…” Gao Tianming stared at Wang Ling, his face full of astonishment and disbelief. In his judgment, this should have been a good trick to catch a turtle in a jar with the power of Shadow Dao! But he never expected this turtle to become him!

    Wuxiaworld Necropolis Immortal Chapter 726:

    At Ge Long’s reminder, the truth of the situation suddenly dawned on Lu Yun.

    The Dao Tree wasn’t a treasure without an owner. There was a group of crimson long-haired monsters protecting the third layer and stopping immortals from plucking their origin dao fruits. For that very reason, the path of immortality stopped after the origin dao realm.

    The tree core that these immortals were fighting over was most likely a fake. Lu Yun smelled foul play at work here. With that in mind, he slowly backed away, ready to leave. Noting his intentions, those keeping watch relaxed inwardly.

    After all, the prevailing rumor in the outside world was that the immortal emperor had chosen Lu Yun as his heir, that this tree was a gift left for the young man. Therefore, seeing him withdraw from the competition was quite the relief.


    Space trembled as a bronze spear tore through the void and landed firmly next to Lu Yun, cutting off his retreat. A crimson ripple undulated in the air, followed by a humanoid monster covered in thick hair that was the color of blood. Beckoning with its hand, it summoned the spear back into its grip.

    “You’ve finally come.” An eerie, putrid smell wafted from the crimson monster, and its arrival tainted the space dark-red.​


    Lu Yun came to a sudden realization.

    The Dao fruit tree was not ownerless. A group of blood-colored long-furred monsters guarded the third level, preventing immortals from picking the Primordial Chaos Dao fruits.

    It was also because of this that the Immortal Dao ended at the Origin Realm.

    The tree’s origin that immortals were fighting over was likely fake, and Lu Yun felt that it was a trap.

    With that thought in mind, Lu Yun slowly backed away from the world.

    The immortals who’d been paying attention to Lu Yun breathed a sigh of relief when they saw his intent to retreat.

    Rumor had it that Lu Yun was the descendant of an ancient emperor, and the tree had been left behind for him. The fact that he’d given up on the tree was a relief.


    Suddenly, the air shook as a bronze spear flew out, piercing through the air and landing steadily beside Lu Yun, sealing off his retreat.

    In the next moment, a blood-colored ripple appeared in the void as a humanoid monster covered in blood-colored spears walked out step by step.

    With a wave of its hand, the spear returned to its hand.

    “You’re finally here.”

    The blood-colored long-furred monster had a strange rotting smell. The moment it appeared, the void turned dark red.

    Wuxiaworld Heaven's Devourer Chapter 1461

    From where he was, he could clearly see the central glowing sphere and the four Rainbow Pearls.

    There weren't many that was as close to the central glowing sphere as Wu Yu.

    At this moment, Wu Yu rolled into a new cell and a new ghostly king was sent in.

    Wu Yu was basically prepared to face another ghostly king, a descendant of an immortal emperor or a descendant of an eternal devil emperor.

    To reach where he was, his opponent would most likely be at this level.

    When they were swept into the mini world and stabilized themselves, Wu Yu had never expected to encounter such a terrifying opponent at this point. He could only blame it on his luck.

    The middle-aged ghostly immortal that was standing in front of him had a black and white eye each. He had a grim look, indifferent eyes, robust aura and the disposition around him was clear that he was a tyrant that ruled an area, someone who held great authority.

    When he saw Wu Yu, his eyes were still indifferent and Wu Yu couldn't tell his thoughts.

    This man was none other than the one Wu Yu wouldn't want to face, the Astral Hell master, Chakravarti Ghostly King!

    Before this, Wu Yu had even eliminated her daughter.

    Also, he had pretended to be his son for a long time.

    One could say he had certain entanglements and nothing less of a feud with the Chakravarti Ghostly King.


    From here, one could clearly see the central ball of light and the four nine-colored pearls within.

    There were not many like Wu Yu.

    At this moment, Wu Yu rolled into a new grid. A new Ghost King had been arranged.

    Wu Yu was basically prepared to meet the Ghost King, Immortal Emperor descendants, and Demon Emperor descendants.

    Those who could reach this position were basically all at this level.

    When they were swept into the small world and stabilized, Wu Yu had not expected to meet such a terrifying opponent at this time. It could only be said that he was unlucky.

    The middle-aged demon god standing before him had one black eye and one white eye. His expression was stern, his gaze cold, and his aura majestic. Just from his aura alone, one could tell that he was a mighty and powerful existence.

    When he met Wu Yu, his gaze was still cold. No one could tell what he was thinking.

    This person was the Starry Sky Prison Lord that Wu Yu did not want to meet – the Revolving Ghost King!

    Before this, Wu Yu had eliminated his daughter.

    Of course, he had played his son for a long time.

    He had a certain level of conflict and grudge with this Revolving Ghost King.

    Wuxiaworld Sage Monarch 1548

    “Proud Heaven, you vicious wolf! If I’d have realized you’d do this, I would’ve taken care of you a long time ago. You’re my son! I raised you! How could you possibly betray me like this? Are you even human?!” Previously, Proud Central hadn’t been scared at all of Proud Heaven. But seeing Proud Heaven reveal his Ten Universes made it clear that he had been hiding his true strength. And now... Proud Central was afraid.

    “Maybe I’m your son, Proud Central, but that doesn’t matter. Do you think I don’t know the truth about your plans? You know the amazing potential I have, so you’ve been grooming me with the goal of eventually devouring me to improve your cultivation base. Thankfully, Yang Qi has given me the perfect opportunity to kill you.” He threw his head back and laughed loudly. “To be honest, I should thank Yang Qi. Without him, I never would’ve been a match for you. But now, the time has come for you to die!”

    The ten universes behind Proud Heaven started rotating, making them look like enormous suns that cast out rippling strands of light, which shot toward Proud Central at top speed.

    Central Grand Tempest!” Proud Central shouted, unleashing the most powerful psychic tempest there was.

    Dark Universe!” Proud Heaven shot back, unleashing a pitch-black universe that instantly devoured the psychic tempest.​


    Proud Heaven viciously struck Proud Central, and without the slightest scruple, started absorbing his power. As for Proud Central, there was nothing he could do but watch as the energy of the Dark Universe infected him, turning him into a pitch-black mass covered with pinpoints of light that resembled stars.

    “Proud Heaven, you animal!”

    Although Proud Central fought back viciously, he was too distracted by King Immortal-Slayer and the Lord of Righteous Justice. And that wasn’t to mention how Yang Qi had used the Sovereign Lord’s lightning attack to wound him. Given all that, how could he possibly defend against this sudden ambush by Proud Heaven?​


    “You! Proud Heaven!” Proud Warpatience shouted. “You rapacious wolf! If I had known this would happen, I would have taken you in! You’re my son, born and raised by me! How dare you betray me! You’re inhumane!” Proud Warpatience had never been afraid of Proud Heaven, but now that Proud Heaven had broken his own seal and created ten universes, he knew that his son was hiding something that surpassed his understanding.

    He was scared.

    Yang Qi burst out laughing. “I might be your son, Proud Central, but that doesn’t matter. You think I don’t know what you’re thinking? You know how talented I am, and that’s why you’re trying to groom me. In the end, you’ll devour me and push your cultivation base to a higher level. Unfortunately, Yang Qi gave me a chance to kill you.”

    Proud Heaven burst out laughing. “I really have to thank Yang Qi. If he hadn’t given me that opportunity, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything to you. I wouldn’t have been able to suppress you. But now, you can just die!”

    Ten universes appeared behind Proud Heaven, swirling around each other like ten planets, devouring each other and heading toward Proud Heaven.

    “Central Tempest!”

    A psychic tempest erupted from Proud Warpatience.

    “Dark Universe!”

    Proud Heaven had long since prepared for this. He unleashed his dark universe, which was like the most domineering entity in existence.

    Proud Heaven slammed into Proud Warpatience, absorbing his power with impunity. However, Proud Warpatience was powerless to do anything about it. His pure white body was stained with the aura of the Dark Cosmos, and he became like a pitch black sky that was riddled with countless holes.

    “Proud Heaven! Bastard!”

    He tried to fight back, but his psychic power had been severely damaged by King Immortal-Slayer and the Lord of Justice. Furthermore, Yang Qi had used the lightning that the Sovereign Lord had worked so hard to create, which had been very damaging to him. How could he possibly stand up to Proud Heaven?

    MTL is MTL after all. There will inevitably be mistakes, but at least it won't make you pull out your hair reading!

    We are also working to edit some of the MT of books that have been abandoned by translators depending on demand.
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    so, from someone inadvertently found a "part of a contract" on a random laptop, to creating an mtl website competing with another site (that could possibly be the original owner of said contract), that's quite a strange leap in event. sasuga NUF.

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    oh, it seem you even went to erase the post. why tho?:blobowoevil:

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    hooray for google cache:blobpopcorn:
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    What engine do you use for MTL? Is it DeepL, Google, Microsoft, Systran, or other?
    What about issues with spears/guns, he/she, etc?
    Can I read both Chinese and MTL together? (Btw, it's a great thing if you study Chinese)
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    One user posted on reddit about the difference in translation quality between Webnovel i.e Qidian International and Wnmtl, the only difference was that Webnovel ones were slightly edited version of the wnmtl. See where this goes :blobpopcorn_cool:
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    The sad thing is that people will pay for this crap
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    Nowadays almost every novel picked up is poorly translated at webnovel. That's why when they picked up some old novels i thought "how can they release 4 chaps a day " but after seeing that post all my doubts got cleared. Sadly those mtl chaps are behind a paywall after some editing.
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    I've read the mtl output on your site, and it's so good, I'm not even sure if it's really mtl, the quality is on par with a manual translated novel.

    Well, I'd like to recommend a novel for translation: mtlnovel(.)com/my-hair-can-create-a-demon-country/