Spoiler It’s Dangerous Playing the Tyrant’s Doll

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    Yes, spoilers please. Translations seem to have vanished.

    Does the MC regain her ability to speak and if so when?

    At what point does it start getting obvious others she's not just some "doll" to him? As well as her being able to go without the bracelet to change her appearance?

    Relationship milestones, kisses, nookie, kids?
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    . I think there’s something wrong in the summary bc Lilyana isn’t the og fl.
    Lilyana was Ridrian (ml) first love, she was already dead at the start of the story.
    The og fl is Eris she’s stuck in a time loop and died 50 times.
    every time she dies she returns back 3 years in the past before the world gets destroyed and tries her best to stop the world from being destroyed but in the end she fails and dies. She eventually found out that the way to save the world from being destroyed is to kill Ridrian but stopped her plans bc in this timeline everything changed bc Iona (mc) has memories of the novel and the emperor fell for her before he and Eris met each other. (Eris doesn’t really care that Lona and Ridrian love each other bc the emperor in this timeline is different from the one she knew and she already stopped liking him after dying and returning to the past 50 times.)

    In the side stories she ends up with one of the 2nd mls of the og novel.
    the Villain is Marquis Piet he’s one of the 2nd mls of the og novel also, he’s not human and is in some kind of demon tribe (?) he’s the reason why the emperor is crazy. his grandfather signed a contract with ml and did something to him that makes him want to kill people.
    Ridrian kills him in the end.
    But he apparently comes back in the side stories begging Iona and Ridrian to save his tribe
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    Thank you very much @Wapdyne!! :aww::aww::aww:

    But do you have fluffy times of Ridian and Lona??? And why Lona family was framed? And why she was made a slave and not killed??

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    When did they decide to heal MC?

    At what point did it start to get obvious to everyone she was not just a doll. Especially the bit*** maids?

    Also kudos to OG heroine for going " F that bastard he murdered me." To bad she got stuck in a time loop.
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    at first not a lot of people knew that Iona couldn’t talk they just thought she just doesn’t talk because she’s a doll. So when Ridrian asked her to talk he found out she can’t talk and they went to the temple to heal her.

    About the maids, they kind of stopped thinking of her as a doll after there were some maids who were punished for doing something to Iona.
    But everyone stopped thinking of her as a slave/doll when they found out she’s a Noble.
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    sure I’ll mtl some chapters including the side stories.
    But They don’t really have lots of moments together bc the 2nd half of the novel was mostly about them conquering the continent, defeating the demon tribe that wants to destroy the world.

    Idk why her family got framed but maybe because some of the other nobles hated their family (?) and the count who was Iona’s previous owner was the reason why her family was framed
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    Ch 91

    (This is before the confession when Lona was avoiding The emperor bc she misunderstood that he and the og fl were kissing.)

    “We’ve taken her to the drawing room as you ordered.”

    After returning to the Oval Office, Kraman reported politely. Asked Lidrian, raising one eyebrow.

    “Why did you come back? I would have said escort.”


    Kraman looked a little perplexed.

    “She won’t budge in her room, so I’m told to go back. She doesn’t want people looking at her. She was so stubborn that she…”

    “Oh, that’s why.”

    Kraman was surprised to see the emperor go over even though Suha did not fulfill his orders. I knew that the emperor had become so soft since that white-haired woman entered the palace, but in fact he was determined. In the past, he would’ve been stabbed.


    “Yes, your Majesty.”

    “Send her books so that she doesn’t get bored. Also send her all kind of banquet food.”

    “I see.”

    Kraman opened his eyes wide. I can’t believe the Lord, who was indifferent to other people’s circumstances and couldn’t recognize others as human beings, took care of others with consideration. He was speechless for a moment at the sight of the lord, who had changed so much.

    On the other hand, Lidrian was still struggling.

    ‘Why are you so angry?’

    Until now, no matter what, she was always kind and kind to himself. However. I couldn’t understand why she was being so cold to me all of a sudden. I was lost in the thought throughout the ceremony, and somehow it bothered me that Lona was being hard one me.

    Did I make a mistake? She doesn’t want to be seen, but she didn’t like the fact that I called the entire Knights of the imperial households. Or did you hate me staying in the mansion? But we haven’t said anything when we were sleeping together. Oh! Did I bother you too much?

    Even in the head of chaos, his hands moves assiduously. While the ceremony was over and preparations were in full swing for the banquet, he was just looking at the documents that had been backed up in his office.

    Then a servant came in at a rapid pace and reported something to Raven.

    “Your Majesty, Miss. Leslie says she won’t attend the banquet.”


    “She must feel uncomfortable inside.”

    Raven’s report raised Lidrian’s eyebrows. Lona is not feeling well because she’s eating like she’s about to collapse! Lidrian felt what he had been agonizing about until just now fly away.

    “Let’s go.”

    “I’ll leave the opening address to the chancellor.”

    It was questionable whether Lidrian, who hurried out of his office, would have heard it.

    “You're sick. Is that what happened yesterday?”

    Lidrian arrived in the drawing room with Lona as if flying with Magic.

    “Your Majesty?”

    “Has the banquet already begun?”

    Dylan and Eris held the doorknob to enter, ignoring their surprise. Then I felt uncomfortable about whether the Sacrilege was working properly. But soon I opened the door without caring.


    “Your majesty?”

    Whether she was looking out the window or standing against the window, Lona looked at me and opened her eyes wide. Lidrian closed the door with two tightened men outside.

    “You’re not feeling well?”


    Her eyes widened with my questions. “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “I heard you told Raven you’d be absent from the banquet. Do u feel sick.”

    “I just said I’d rest because I was tired.”

    Lona frowned slightly as if she didn’t know what was wrong with him. Lidrian stopped breathing for a moment.

    It’s … adorable.

    It’s not been a few days since I realized myself, but it’s been a long time since I started to feel this sense. Why on earth did I realize it now? I was disgusted by myself who was so dull.

    ‘If I had realized earlier, I would never have let her out of the palace.’

    (T/N there were some rumors about Lona being a witch who possessed the cold hearted emperor and about him being wrapped around her so bc of the rumors, the emperor’s aides suggested her to leave the palace and live somewhere else.)

    I would never have let her go out with me by his side by side. Then I shook my head at the thought that came to my mind.

    ‘Then Lona would feel frustrated and dry. That won’t do.’

    She already experienced frustration while living as a doll. I never want to do it again, crying and fighting like we did in Temple of There’s. Lidrian’s heart fluttered when he recalled her confused appearance. Suddenly I wanted to take her out somewhere.

    Actually, I had to keep Lona a little more in the palace today.

    “If you’re not very tired, let’s take a walk.”

    She stared at him with sky-blue eyes, and soon turned her head away to avoid his eyes. As expected, it was a shock.

    Are you avoiding me again? Why the hell… you don't like me anymore, do you?

    I wanted to turn a blind eye to it, but my heart felt like it was pounding. Lona turned around, showing her back to me.

    “I just want to rest in my room.”

    Lidrian clenched his first when she flatly refused. Suddenly a terrible impulse sprang up. I wanted to drag her down and lock her up in my room so she wouldn’t refuse me. I wanted to make her look at only myself. If you don’t like, at least you can’t stay away from me…

    ‘No, I shouldn’t.’

    Lidrian grabbed onto his dizzy head and shook his head. It had not been easy to control the soaring desire because of the lack of self-control in recent years.

    ‘You can’t do that against her.’

    She is a woman with a weak body. I couldn’t bear any terrible treatment. It was enough for me to break up because I could t stand it. I don’t want to see my precious person break anymore.

    Lidrian, who kept a short silence, tried poorly to persuade her.

    “You won’t need an escort if you come out with me.”

    Hopefully, this time, Lidrian held Lona’s hand carefully, hoping not to be rejected. Then I could feel her body nervous. She flinched, wondering if she didn’t even want to touch me now, but fortunately She didn’t shake off her hand. I just glanced and looked awkwardly.

    ‘You’re adorable, too.’

    While I was not impressed by the way others froze at me. Lona was just lovely no matter how she reacted. I can’t believe you reacted to that little gesture in the midst of anxiety that it wasn’t accepted.

    ‘That is how you feel.’

    An awkward and strange feeling, but Lidrian did not reject the sweet addiction. It was strange, but I had no doubt that if the target of this addiction was Lona, she would accept it.

    But when her attitude suddenly changed, she felt like a lamb with no place to come and go. Lidrian felt as if he had gone back to his childhood.

    “Walk, no?”

    As she carefully asked, still looking at her mind, she glanced back at herself, hesitated for a moment, and nodded reluctantly. Feeling a breath-taking sensation in one of those little movements, Lidrian sighed.

    “Is there anywhere you want to go?”

    “......I want to go the new garden I saw last time.”

    “New garden?”

    Lidrian suddenly frowned, retracing where it was saying. It’s definitely a place that I avoided in a hurry because Lona suddenly started the game after going nearby. Later, Earl Rushen, knowing that the son of a bitch had locked Lona in a cage for years, I ordered to destroy the new garden.

    ‘And I heard a report of the new building.’

    The new one was quite useful. Suddenly confident, he put his lips darker than usual on the back of Lona’s hand that he grabbed. Then watching Lona’s face turn red, he bent his eyes round.



    I went for a walk with him alone, leaving everyone else in the drawing room, as Lidrian said. Lidrian’s cut off with a single stroke that Eris and Dylan would follow.

    ‘You don’t want to show Eris we’re alone.’

    I felt even more depressed, and I shouldn’t have brought my umbrella close. It felt cooler to cover up the hot son.


    I walked a little ahead, deli barely ignoring Lidrian’s call. How dare I walk ahead of the Emperor! In the past, Elmeria’s head maid could have nagged me.

    As I walked so diligently, I could see the sparkle of the new garden I had seen before. The moment I got close, I doubted my eyes.

    “This is the new garden then?”

    Being there was a great beauty. The new garden, which was made by adding glass to a golden plaid iron window, looked completely different.

    There was only a vertical frame, like a pumpkin, and there was no cross-sectional frame. Between the frames was a layer of glass, with vines growing on the bottom, and the vertical frame was also transparent, so it was hard to see.

    It was like a small garden in a huge bubble. It was a mysterious sight.

    “It’s bigger than before.”

    I looked around Lidrian. A look of satisfaction reminded me of the old days. I missed it, but at the same time I was in trouble. I just wanted to know if I had overcome my dark past on my own, so I went to the new garden, leaving no trace of him to recognize it

    ‘Oh, you really shouldn’t have done this.’

    It sounded as if he had built a new garden because of me, so I kept shaking my heart. He’s trying to open his heart to the original Heroine, Eris, and make the story according to the original story. I can’t believe I’m trying to be a distraction at this point.

    ‘No it’s probably just a bolt out of the blue. There’s no way he built it because of me.’

    I forced myself to shake my head and refresh myself.

    “I want to go in.”

    “You’re gonna be okay?”

    “Yes, I’m really fine now.”

    I gave him a light nod when asked anxiously. Then he opened the glass door of the garden himself with a little relief face.


    The inside of the garden was more fantastic.

    ! —ppiiik (sfx)

    A refreshing bird’s cry that had been heard before rang in my ears. The dark green scent pierced the tip of my nose, giving me a sense of being in another world. As I walked slowly through the interior, the mystery gradually deepened.

    We both just strolled through the garden without saying a word. No, I was busy looking around.

    I felt as if I had come to Mureungdowon thanks to the mysterious forms of trees, blooming flowers, colorful exotic birds, and small artificial waterfalls and ponds installed here and there. I could see the reason why ladies go to the palace every day after day.


    ‘It’s hot enough to die.’

    Come to think of it, it was. Now is the time of the heat wave with even tropical nights, and the new garden is in the form of a greenhouse garden, so it was natural for the inside to get soggy. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten these basic things in my head.

    It was hard for me to say that I should go out first in the face of regret. Looking back, he didn’t seem hot at all.

    “Would you like to sit down?”

    He, who was quietly following me, reached out his hand to me. It was awkward to say, but it was time for me to hesitate a moment to say let’s just for a momentarily. A mosquito that appeared from somewhere with a wailing noise sat on his hand. When I saw it, I came to my senses.


    There were mosquitoes in the word? I hit the mosquito with all my might, just as hard as I could.

    ! — jjaak (sfx)

    The sound of the flesh meeting rang strangely through the beautiful singing of the bird. When I saw a mosquito in the palm of my battered hand, I patted my hand with satisfaction. Then I suddenly realized.

    ‘Oh! Did I just hit the Emperor's hand?’

    Holding a fluttering heart, I looked up and saw Lidrian looking down at my palm with a stiff face.
    Ch 92

    ‘What the hell did I do?’

    He looked down at his hand for a long time and soon withdrew his hand.

    “......may I leave you if you don’t like it.”

    My heart was pounding and I felt like it was going to pop out of my mouth as I was waiting for ‘Open up, open up and down.’ But he seemed to just let it go, and he was embarrassed.

    ‘You’re not angry, are you serious? No, you said you weren’t mad at my rudeness, but I think this is something that ordinary people would be angry about.’

    I was a little panicked and missed the time to answer. Besides, I couldn’t hear him muttering to himself.

    “Are you so angry that you don’t even want to say anything now?”

    “What? What did you say?”

    Suddenly I came to my senses and asked him back, and he clenched his fist and raised his head.

    “Let’s get out. It’s too hot in here.”

    I was a little relieved by his words. He’s a normal human being who feels heat and he doesn’t seem really angry.

    “Yes, it is.”

    Somehow I felt my face burning, so I turned quickly. No matter how crazy I am, I hit the Emperor’s hand and ignored his words.

    The closer he gets to Eris, the more public I’ll be. So I gotta be careful.

    In a fit of tears, I hurried out of the garden.


    When I got out of a garden like a sauna, it was heaven outside. I took a deep breath with a sense of refreshment to the point where I wondered if heaven with Theres felt like this. When I was finally relaxed,

    I felt drowsy. I couldn’t sleep well last night, and I was so tired of dressing up with Lina and Ji Hanna in the morning, and I was just sitting with Lidrian. I murmured to myself.

    “I want to go home.”

    Eris will be home anyway. When I recalled the fact, my shoulder dropped. However, the house would still be more comforting than the palace.

    “Do you want to go home?”

    “What? Oh, actually I would.”

    For some reason, he seemed to have no intention of letting me go home for a while, so I sneaked around and expressed my opinion. But he accepted my offer unexpectedly.

    “Then, I’ll tell them to prepare the carriage. I’ll clean and come out, so wait in the drawing room.”

    “Yes… ...Yes?”

    I tried to answer reflexively, but I looked back at him for what it meant.

    “Are you coming with me?”

    “It’s natural.”

    Is it natural? Where the hell is it natural?

    It was obvious. When I came back to the drawing room, there was a message from Eris and Dylan that they had already returned to the mansion. Something urgent came up, so you’re going home first? No, what’s the big deal that you two are going to have at the same time? Without them, Lydia wouldn’t send me back along without an escort!

    Would it have been better if I went with Kraman?

    On my way back, in the carriage, I glanced at Lidrian’s face. I didn’t think you were angry earlier, but was that an illusion? As soon as he got into the carriage he closed his eyes and said nothing.

    You must be angry. You must be offended that I have dared to hit the Emperor’s palm for a little bit of sparing.

    I shook my head.

    ‘That’s pretty good for you. You’re gonna be with Eris anyway.’

    I felt uncomfortable breathing, so I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I might feel a little better if I sleep until I arrive at the mansion. Then, the carriage stopped.

    “Master, we’re here.”

    Lidrian opened his eyes at the horseman’s words.

    ‘Oh, my house was five minutes by carriage from the palace.’

    Suddenly I wanted to move to the countryside.


    Lidrian got off first and reached out his hand as if it were natural. I hesitated for a moment and took his hand and got off. But the atmosphere of the mansions was a bit strange.

    ‘Why is the house so quiet?’

    It hasn’t been long since I started living, but it’s the first time I’ve ever had such an inactive mansion. It seemed quieter than when I arrived on the first day.

    ‘Is anyone breaking in?’

    I gripped my chest with anxiety. There was a possibility that the clever Piett might have used humans as intruders, although the house was said to have been consecrated. In a bit of a hurry, I grabbed my skirt and ran to the front door.


    “Something must have happened at home.”

    “No, wait!”

    I ran without looking back. There are also iris alt people at home like Lina and the employees. I hope they don’t get caught up in they work and get hurt! The scene of a few days ago when a man suddenly became a beast passed through my mind.

    ‘That’s the last thing you can do!’

    “Lina! Eris! Dylan!”

    Boom! I almost opened the door and came into the house. The house was also quiet. I began to run about in the mansion, clutching my anxious chest.


    “No one?”

    Anxiety grew gradually. There was no sign of a man in the dark mansion. What the hell happened? Why isn’t anyone there? There are more than one or two employees! Why can’t I see anyone, including Eris and Dylan, who said they’d gone back in advance?

    “Lona, calm down.”

    “You look like you’re calming down now! It could’ve been a disaster!”

    “No, let me explain.”

    I kept opening my door to avoid Lidrian trying to hold me. No one was seen in the room. Pale and pale, I arrived at the restaurant before long.

    ‘If there’s no one here…’

    I struggled to contain my anxiety and immediately pushed the door open.

    “Is anyone there?’

    Feng Feng!! Suddenly, my eyes flashed with the sound of something popping in my ears. I closed my ears and sat down and screamed, wondering if a bomb had exploded.


    “Happy birthday!”


    Lidrian came up in a flash and hugged me. He summoned his sword immediately, and I opened my eyes as I wondered what the hell was going on.


    “Your majesty?”

    There were even many people inside the restaurant, including Dylan and Lavis. They were holding some familiar firecrackers in one hand, all with blank faces. When I looked around, I saw what was going on, and there was a fancy ceiling inside the restaurant for a celebration.

    As I hardened with astonishment, everyone swarmed beside me.

    “Are you All right, miss?”

    “Miss Lona, are you okay?”

    As I stood up from my seat, I asked with a puzzled look.

    “What the hell is this?”

    Then Lina shook the firecrackers in her hand beside her face and laughed.

    “It’s your coming of age birthday party!”

    “Birthday… …a celebration party?”


    “What do you think? Do you like it?”

    Asked Lina and Eris proudly to me, with a feisty face. I was so surprised and hardened that from behind, Lavis smiled and congratulated me first.

    “Congratulations on becoming an adult, Miss Lona.”

    Then, as everyone followed up and said something, the restaurant quickly because noisy.

    “Miss, congratulation on you formal succession!”

    “Happy birthday, my dear!”

    “Miss, wasn’t it dark on your way? Congratulations.”

    “Happy 20th birthday, dear!”

    The pouring celebration made my eyes ache.

    “Did you prepare all this together?”

    “I made a suggestion. I feel like I’m not going to do anything. It’s too bad we can’t just let it go, right? I’m good at this.”

    And then Eris winked at me. That’s when I realized I was holding on to Lidrian’s hem.

    “Oh, sin, sorry.”

    “That doesn’t matter. Are you okay?”

    “Yes, a little surprised. That’s all right.”

    When I came to my senses and looked around, the interior of the restaurant was decorated with splendor. Various bright summer flowers, decorative fabrics, and brighter mana lanterns and candles. It was obviously a party decoration.

    ‘You must have had a lot of hands, did you prepare all this behind my back?’

    It was only then that I remembered the subtle strangeness of people’s attitudes from the morning. I was so out of my mind that I thought it was just me. But this is why Eris and Dylan left me and went home first, and why Lidrian pushed me for a walk.

    “Did your Majesty prepare it with you?”

    “All i did was hold you back so you could be back late. When Lona left me out, Deron Young-are told me about the plan. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, so I just let it go.”

    ‘You can’t say that…’sorry?’

    I realized when it was. And at the moment, a conversation between the two came to mind.

    “What do you think?”

    “......I think it’s all right.”

    “Right? I’m good at that.”

    And realized what I had mistaken, my face was so hot that I wanted to jump out of the building right now.

    “Well, then you two didn’t kiss each other?”

    Reflectively speaking, I was stunned and shut my mouth. The two people who heard me looked at me at the same time as they did when they first met. Unlike then, both of them were just different.


    “What does that mean?”

    I shook my head desperately. Eris pushed her head at me with her hands on her waist as if she were fed up.

    “Don’t be scary! I swear to god I’ve never done anything like that with that tyrant!”

    This time Lidrian spoke in a low voice, approaching me with a blue face.

    “The same is true. I’d rather jump off the Edubull, than kiss that woman? Lona, do you want to see me so angry?”

    I shook my head again with my mouth shut. I was afraid of Lidrian’s face, who was not angry at the rudeness I had slapped on the palm of his hand earlier.

    ‘I see. I was mistaken.’

    At the same time as I was relieved, tears suddenly fell from my eyes. Only then did I realize how foolish it was that I tried to give Lidrian’s side to Eris. I repeatedly said it was for Lidrian and that it was the right way, but in fact I was only deceiving myself.

    ‘That’s a relief. No, it’s not a relief, but it’s a relief.’ (?)

    This was my desire against the original, against the great flow of the world.

    “l, Lona?”

    When I burst into tears, the two suddenly hurried to calm me down.

    “I’m sorry to surprise you. Please don’t cry!”

    “Are you alright? Was I talking too much?”

    Lidrian and Eris, who are more precious to me than the original. I gave them a big smile.

    “I’m fine. I’m just happy.”
    Ch 93

    It was true in a sense. After I came to this world and went through a hard time, I thought that the only future i could hope for was to escape everything related to the original work and disappear. But being surrounded by so many people and congratulated, I realized again how foolish the wish was and how happy I am now.

    ‘And I’m hoping for my happiness.’

    As I washed my eyes and calmed down, Lina sneaked up and offered me a present.

    “Well, I don’t know if you like it.”

    It was a hair tie made of delicate hand seeing. When I was working at the palace, I complained that my hair was cumbersome, and I thought she remembered it and made it for me. The deep blue hair tie was also full of delicate lace decorations, which seemed to go well with most high-end dresses.

    “Thank you, Lina. It’s really pretty. I’m going to start wearing it tomorrow.”

    To me who was delighted, this time Eris stuck out a large box that seemed to be her gift.

    “This is mine!”

    “This is …!”

    “It’s the hat in the dressing room that I couldn’t make it to last time. I heard it was made by a famous designer, and as soon as I saw it, I thought of lona.”

    What Eris presented was a stylishly designated hat. It would not have been easy to find here where the bonnet is basic.

    “Thank you!”

    Since then I’ve been given a hectic stream of gifts for a while. Lavis gave me protective jewelry containing the newly-made sacred magic, a small dagger from Dylan to carry around my arms, and the employees gave me office tools, Amal daily necessities, and homemade snacks.

    Even though the original characters are the same, it was surprising that even the employees celebrated my birthday. Later, I asked him, and he saved my life thanks to my safe return. I’m sorry. I think we should send Lydia back to the palace as as possible for the mental health of our employees.

    And Lidrian, who seemed to be the least fitting birthday party in the world, gave me a piece of paper, feeling awkward.

    “...Happy birthday.”

    I accepted the paper with an uneasy look because he was the first person to go to the ball and gave me the national treasure of the old Riemann kingdom. I asked him, just before I opened it.

    “It’s not a land document, is it?”

    “It’s not.”

    His smile was subtle. That face is similar to when I got the necklaces I looked down at the stiffened paper.

    ‘Something like a booking card?’

    I tilted my head and untied the string of silk. I was looking up and down with a light heart and stiffened as it was.

    “Hey, what the hell!”

    “Why, what is it?”

    “Hmm? What did Your Majesty give you…”

    At the same time, Lavis and Eris saw the paper content behind me, and at the same time stiffened.

    “It’s a place that’s not much yet, but in two or three years, it’ll be worth watching. If you don’t like it, just take the whole island……”

    I stopped him in a hurry.

    “No! It’s okay! Really, sincerely, absolutely fine! That’s enough!”

    I tried desperately to stop him. I’m not sure about this, but it was also an astronomical amount. I didn’t want to cause the same thing as the last necklace. The necklace was now held in the warehouse with the dress.

    “What is it?”

    Eris whispered to Lina, who asked naively. Lina’s quiet face soon turned pale.

    “What? A villa? That’s the largest Catarape villa on Leftha island that’s under development? Including the beach?”

    Where does Lina get that kind of news from? She soon looked at me as if she was right, and the news of the employees who heard the sound began to glisten even more.

    I just wanted to run away.


    I ate, drank and chatted for a while and came out to the terrace to take a breather. The hot midsummer wind brushed my cheek.

    ‘It’s hot. I should’ve gone to the drawing room with a cooling mana.’

    But soon after I smelled the thick grass, I flipped down on the terrace railing. I was a little excited because I had about two glasses of wine. I looked up at the sky with my hands on my thumping chest.

    ‘I feel good.’

    Somehow I couldn’t control my childlike excitement. The moment I found out that Lidrian didn’t kiss Eris, the moment I heard that they had no feelings for each other and they denied each other, my heart kept pounding ever since.

    ‘I’m greedy.’

    Unlike the original, he saved my life and regained my identity. Thanks to Lidrian, I had a house, identity, and future, but now I want Lidrian. I didn’t know I was this greedy.

    ‘I’m so glad they don’t care about each other at all.’

    If I say this, I may be a bit brazen, but the original male and female characters were now wrong. I was happy about the fact but a little guilty. My greed has cost me the surest way to heal my wounds. Recalling the original story of healing and pain of losing the previous, I shook my hands lightly with excitement and fear.

    ‘Can I take the place?’

    Perhaps it is more difficult than the dangerous puppet game with the tyrant. But it was something that I had to do for my future with him. Somehow I grabbed my trembling chest and looked up at the sky.

    Recently, two months were getting closer. I’ve been checking the position of the moon almost every day lately.

    ‘I think we have about three months or so. The time when Lidrian was in a rush in the original is when the two months overlap.’

    The strange feeling of two months overlaps only twice a year, in fact it hasn’t had much effect on people. It was just a day when people made stories and enjoyed various things like Dano in their previous lives. However, the day when Lidrian was in a frenzy in the original work was when two months overlapped.

    ‘What does it mean?’

    I wanted to keep this routine for the first time. My life, my life with people who rejoice in my birth.

    ‘It won’t be easy.’

    It is a matter of dealing with the Ma people. In the original work, Lidrian had never faced the Ma person. So there was no information as to whether he could defeat the Ma, nor was there any certainty that I would be able to defeat the Ma, although my strength was second only to that of the Pope.

    The thought of me fighting that creepy piet gave me chills.

    ‘Can I really stand up to Piet?’

    “Here you are.”

    Then Lidrian opened the terrace door and came out. He felt as if his clothes were stuffy, so he took off his Kraman and unbuttoned his tunic properly. Suddenly his hard chest came to mind, and my face turned red.

    At that time, the door closed and the noise inside was completely cut off.


    “Oh, no. Nothing.”

    For a moment he was silent. When I looked at him for a reason, he looked a little downcast. As soon as I wondered what was going on, he opened his mouth.

    “Are you still mad at me?”


    “I don’t know why your angry, but if I did something wrong, please tell me. If you have something to say, please don’t hold it in. If you don’t tell me, I’m not good at noticing things like that…”

    I shook my hands hurriedly as I stuttered and spoke in an excuse.

    “Oh, no. I’m not mad.”

    “But you kept avoiding me. Keep avoiding my gaze, keeping my hands off. Aren’t you really mad at me? Tell me straight.”

    “Really! I’m not angry. The reason I avoided Lidrian, I mean, I was mistaken.”


    “Well, it’s something like that.”

    “Is it the one you talked about earlier kissing young-ae?”

    At Lidrian’s question, I wanted to become dust and disappear right now. When I couldn’t answer and avoided looking, I could feel him approaching me.

    ‘I’m sure he’s smiling. Uk. I am.’

    I covered my face with my hands. I never had the nerve to look him in the face.

    “Show me your face, Lona.”

    “Oh, no.”

    “Are you sure you can.”


    The second question was filled with laughter, but I resisted weekly. At that moment, I felt a soft touch on the back of my neck.


    Surprised, I rolled my eyes or scream at him and froze. His golden eyes, full of deep desire, we’re looking at me. Lidrian wrapped me around the waist with a slow hand gesture.

    “How was I kissing her in your eyes?”

    “Well, that’s what it…”

    The truth was hidden from the back of Eris, and it was not even seen properly. I thought it was a kiss when I saw the subtle composition. I was so ashamed of the fact that I couldn’t get it out of my mouth.

    ‘But it was so obvious!’

    As I avoided looking for a long time, he whispered quietly to me at a very close distance to breathe. Secretly, in a voice so small as to be heard only by myself.

    “My kiss is like this.”



    The moment my trembling hand held his forearm, his hot lips touched me. It was a completely different sense from touching the back of the neck or hands like a joke.

    ‘It’s like….’

    It was as soft and sweet as a bite of a sweet candy. The only thing that changed was my mind. The mere touch of him made me feel as if the golden color was spreading all over my body.


    Even yesterday, I felt like I was suffering even the eyes were on me. The fact that he didn’t give Eris his heart and the mere fact that I decided to love him made all of him so sweet that it was tearful. The world looked golden.


    I felt addicted to his languid voice calling my name. Every time he glanced through the inside and outside of my lips, I felt dizzy. Strong, gentle, persistent. Sometimes he smacked with kisses, sometimes as if he were going to eat me whole.


    In the end I was short of breath, so I took advantage of the gap he gave me for a breath. His thick forest scent lingered at the tip of his nose.


    “Lidrian. Haa”

    This is his first kiss, too. Why is he so good at it? Tears were gathering around my eyes because I was suffocated. Lidrian smiled and wiped away the tears around my eyes.

    “Was it this kind of kiss you saw?”

    “Uh. It’s my fault.”

    He poured willow kisses on my cheek as he couldn’t stand it when I was about to cry. He hugged me tightly, rubbing his chin against my head.

    “I’ve never felt this way before. I can’t stand kissing someone I have in mind.”

    His passing remark opened my eyes wide.
    Ch 94

    “Me, in mind?”


    Surprised by the sudden confession of the bomb, I flipped up my head and smashed his jaw with all my might.

    “Oh! Are you all right, Gwak?”

    “......the tongue is safe.”

    “I’m joking now!”

    I slapped his arm at his joke. Of course it was my hand that hurt. When I screamed and clasped my hand for a moment in the unexpected shock, he grabbed my hand with a deft face and threw a side kiss on my palm. I wanted to run away right away because my lower stomach was itchy.

    “Is it such a surprise that I had you in mind?”

    “Oh, since when?”


    “Since when, I…”

    Maybe he saw my face trying to hold back his shame, but he smiled and wiped my cheeks

    “It’s been a while. I realized it recently. I was stupid, too.”


    “......why does she come up with you?”

    “What do you think of Eris.”

    I deliberately whitewashed my hair trying to be a mess again and asked again. Then Lidrian suddenly frowned.

    “Why are you trying to hook me up with her? I really don’t want to get involved with her.”

    “What? Why? She’s pretty, capable, and sweet.”

    His expression grew strange at my words. What on earth was he talking about?

    “What the hell are you saying? She’s a violent, rude and shameless woman. pretty, capable and sweet is about you.”

    That’s how he folded his golden eyes and smiled at me. It was the eyes I had seen a few months after entering the palace. When I realized that it was a look of affection for me, my face was as hot as it exploded.

    “You’re making fun of me!”

    He hugged me as I tried to get away from him in a daze.

    “Don’t look at me like that. I want to eat it right away.”

    “Your majesty, you’re a human being! Why would you eat people? And I’m not tasty!”

    I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even know what I was talking about. He grinned and brushed my back gently with his hard hand. I felt strange because my whole body was itchy.

    He quietly whispered in my ears in his distinctive husky voice.

    “Come on, you’re the only one for me. I can’t slept at night unless it’s you, but you’ve tamed me like this and now you’re coming and sending me to another woman?”

    “Who, who tamed you!”

    “Lona Lespri. She’s my precious person.”


    In the end I couldn’t stand his desperate confession and called him. Then rather, his smile deepened.

    “I like that title, too. Keep calling me that.”

    Then he poured light kisses on my lips. As he closed my eyes tightly not to run away, Lidrian suddenly signed.

    “I can’t believe you’re on the move at a time like this. War, shall we stop?”

    He leaned his forehead against my shoulder as if to reveal his complicated feelings.

    “War of the conquest of Lucretia, you mean?”


    In the original book, Ivant declared war on Lucretia after the summer. And Lidrian returned from the war after only a month and met with Eris at the victory banquet.

    ‘Now I don’t care about Eris. But… …we have to fight the Lucretia war.’

    The war was important in curing Lidrian’s trauma, but also for Lucertia’s. At present the rich kingdom foreshadowed its downfall. Although the natural environment was favorable, the degradation of the dynasty had already gone too far.

    In the past, when the former crown prince siphoned off Liliana, the prince of Lucretia was privileged and overlooked the horrendous thing. And it monopolized the royal family with huge wealth by supplying silk, a natural specialty. Based on its wealth, it was now

    Posing as a tyrant in the continental business world.

    “Bye, it’s necessary. Do you want me to go if You have to go alone? Or I’ll be a dedicated holy water for Lian.”

    (T/N she means that she’ll heal and help him with her powers.)

    “You went out of the Imperial Palace for fear of a scandal, but you are going with me to the battlefield?”

    It wasn’t a scolding tone. It was just a curious tone. I knew it was contradictory, but I couldn’t say that it was because of Eris, so I skillfully suggested a solution.

    “I can apply as a soldier.”

    Then he cut me with a single stroke.

    “Never. The battlefield is already vulnerable to blood.”

    “Why, I’ll just stay in the barracks. Well, that’s a soldier. So, since I’m an aide to Lian, how about a staff or something?”

    I almost remembered the aspects of the war that appeared in the original story anyway. Thought not detailed, I clearly remember the dangerous strategies of the Lucretia and the king’s neglecting handling.


    The case of the staff was quite sincere, so when I was rejected at once, his lips popped out of his mouth. After seeing it, Lidrian looked so cute that I could die.

    ‘I can’t stand looking at you like that with that dangerous beauty.’

    I felt like I was going to have a heart attack right away, but I put up with it. Indeed, it was bullying, not bullying.

    “Instead, make me something I can take with me.”

    “Anything you can take?”

    “Oh, at the hunting competition, a woman made something for a man.”

    He turned his head as if he were embarrassed. It was a little cute, so I smiled softly, but soon I looked embarrassed.

    “I actually have a lot of bear hands to give up on Lina. Is that okay with you?”

    “It’s okay.”

    “If I make a doll, I might have a cursed figure.”

    “The curse you get, that’s good, too.”

    No, it looks like it. Why are you distorting your words? But when I saw his smiling face, my heart thumped again. This sweet harassment, which seemed unlikely to develop resistance, reddened me again

    “Then I’ll try to make something.”

    “Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

    He gave me a short kiss on the forehead.

    “When the war is over, let’s go to Leftha island together. Maybe you should take a month off from Catarape.”

    “That would be nice.”

    When the war is over, it will be a time of two months. By then, I think things will be finished, whether it’s a happy ending or an end-of-life ending. And it ended as well as possible, so it would be really the best if I could rest on the warm Islam of Leftha.

    ‘Wait a minute, but are you two going?’

    Out of the blue, my imagination splashed into the wrong place. Somehow it seemed that Lidrian wouldn’t want to take someone else. Honestly, I also want to go with him alone.

    Suddenly it began to feel extremely hot.

    “Don’t you think it’s too hot here? Shall we go inside?”

    The heater was very hot because of the tropical night, not just because of the mood so I suggested to him that I should go where the cooling mana is, but he snatched my waist.


    “To run away? I’m not hot at all.”

    “Oh, I’m not running! It’s just a little hot, so…”


    Then the terrace door burst open and Eris popped out. I was startled and pushed Lidrian hard and straighten out. Eris came up to me with a face red as if she has seen us or not, and grabbed my hand.

    (I’ll skip this part because I just wanted to mtl the part till where the confession ends.

    After this part it’s about the Pope sending knights to the palace to take Lona to the temple after recognizing her as the Saint, but of course they refused.)
    Edit: someone corrected me that the mc’s name is Iona and not Lona. I don’t have time to edit the whole chapters because of exams …
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    Side story 1 episode 1 (ch 156)

    Seven years from the invasion of the Magi, the continent has entered a new era.

    Under the blue sky, as if Theres were blessing, without a cloud, a long procession of carriages lined behind the path we had passed. Except for the annual event, Theres prayer, we left the palace at an untimely time because we were invited to a special event.

    I fiddled with the invitation in my hand. The invitation, written in neat handwriting. Included a polite greeting and a message that the imperial family would be invited to the Theres Centeral Temple.

    ‘I expected it, but it’s faster than i thought.’

    I closed my eyes for a moment and looked out the window.

    The fine weather that followed for days was perfect for a carriage trip. It seemed like Theres was blessing the journey.

    Then came a friendly voice.

    “What are you thinking so hard about?”

    As I turned my head, my dear husband, Ridrian, was looking at me with a look of desire to draw my attention.

    “I didn’t think much of it. Just a little faster than expected?”

    On the night of the wedding, Lydian would like me to be more comfortable with him. So from that day on, i always used a common language when i was alone with him.

    “Oh, you’ve had a lot of work lately, so it must’ve been hard to hold on in many ways.”

    “But i thought ten years would never stop. It’s only going to be Lavis busy.”

    “It’ll be easier to work.”

    “it’s obvious even if you don't look at it’ you’re thinking of passing it all on, aren’t you?

    “Oh, my god, are you caught?”

    As Lidrian approached me with such jokes, he looked at my knee, looking at my face for a moment, and took only my hand gently. With a short kiss on the back of my hand, my eyes curled. The sight suddenly made me feel hot in the carriage.

    ‘Oh, i guess I’m the only one who gets old. Why is that beauty getting more and more beautiful day by day.’

    I can still hear young children suffering from love sickness, if a married man over 30 is fatally attractive this year, i was wondering for a moment whether it would benefit the emperor or the continent. And when i thought that i was monopolizing him one after another, a smile leaked out.

    “My Empress, what makes you think so pretty?”

    “I was thinking of our Emperor. My husband is always so pretty.”

    “I’m so glad I’ve entertained your eyes.”

    We gagged face to face with a joke.

    Then the carriage rattled loudly.

    “Ouf.” (Sfx)

    He held me close to the arm and held me back from falling. Fortunately, it was not a shock enough to to fall, but it went well.

    “Oh, my. Are you all right?”

    “Yes. I’m fine…”

    Then i looked down at my knees. Sure enough.

    “Are we almost there?”

    “Woong. I’m sleepy.”

    The children who had fallen asleep on my knees seemed to be awakened by my movements. I looked sorry for my son yawning and stretching and my daughter rubbing her sleepy eyes with the back of her hand.

    “Oh, my god. I must’ve woken you up.”

    “That's all right.”

    “I’m not sleepy anymore.”

    In my words, the children shook their hands and dug their noses. A smile spread naturally love their lovely act.

    With his father’s black hair, my azure-eyes son, Jade,

    my platinum-haired, and Ridrian’s golden-eyes daughter, Liliana. The twins, who turned six this year, made me happy every time i saw them because they looked just like their beautiful father.

    Lidrian also stroked the children’s hair, looking down at them with affectionate eyes.

    “We’ll be there any minute now.”

    The children’s eyes, which were filled with signs of sleepiness at his words, were glistening. Then they looked out of the window excitedly and exclaimed.

    “Wow! Is that it? It’s really white and big!”

    “Is that the central temple?”

    Outside the window, i could see a huge temple of calcareous material that had not changed a bit. The spire that rose without knowing the sky was high and the shining white temple still looked sacred.

    “That’s right, it’s the largest temple on this Abba continent. It’s where the Pope of the Church of Theres lives.”


    The children's eyes are now almost radiant. The figure was so cute that i hugged the children without realizing it.

    “Come on, now you have to get ready to get off?”



    The two children rushed to me, giving me a unique answer like their own color. Lidrian, who looked at it a little envious of it, glanced behind them.

    It was a day full of happy thoughts.


    It was the first time since last year’s prayer service that the city of Evaron and the central temple were built. The road comes every year, and with the ever-growing cheers of Evaron citizens and believers, our carriage safely arrived at the central temple.

    “Thanks for coming the long way. Emperor Lidrian Felid Levrux, Empress Lona Lesfri Levfrux. Welcome to Theres Central Temple.”

    It was the pope who first greeted us at the central temple, which arrived in three days. Behind him, the cardinal and high priests greeted us with the pope. The pope, who had done his duty with polite greetings, soon bowed to us again with a relaxed face.

    “It’s been a looming time, your Majesty, and Holy mother.”

    A long time ago, he was forced to take me to the temple. But hewas actually a better man than i thought, he was also called the stepfather of Lavis.

    “Long time no see, Holy father. Have you been well?”

    Originally, it was right for the emperor, Lidrian, to respond but Lidrian, who originally regarded the Pope as a thorn in his eye, had no intention of keeping the law, and i came forward.

    Perhaps because i have the title of a saint, or because I’m so used to it, no one seems to think it’s strange.

    “It’s not a routine for an old man to get sick. He’s not seriously ill enough to save his seat, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

    He accepted his words with a shiver.

    After I woke up, I met him in person only once to officially tell him what happened in Magnalia, a pretty good man if he wasn’t politically involved. When i was in a coma, he said he came to the system several times to examine me in spite of his busy schedule.

    ‘You’ve been quite old in the meantime.’

    Perhaps because he struggled for seven years to deal with the deep rooted evils and corruption of the Theres church, which has grown rapidly since the invasion of the Magi, his face was wrinkled. Therefore, it was understandable that things went faster than expected.

    “We ask for your understanding that Cardinal Lavis was unable to come to meet you in preparation for the ceremony.”

    “It’s all right. I’m sure he’s the one involved and gas a lot to prepare for. Don’t worry.”

    “Thank you for understanding.”

    Then, Liliana grabbed my skirt from behind. The first place i came to seemed to be uneasy. I laughed and grabbed Liliana and Jade’s little hands one by one.

    “You two…”

    “You’ve never seen the children before, have you? The boy is Jade and the girl is Liliana. They’re twins and they’re six years old this year.”

    The pope looked at the two little children and bent his eyes. He Bowed lightly to the children.

    “It is an honor to see the hope of the future, your highness the prince, your highness the imperial princess.”

    “Nice to meet you, Holy father. I’m Jade Lesprey Levrux.”

    “Hello, Holy father. I’m Liliana Lesprey Levrux.”

    Knowing the difficult atmosphere, the two children, who had always been in trouble, calmly introduced themselves.

    ‘Oh, cute!’

    Liliana, who grabbed her skirt, and Jade, who put his arms back and forth, were so cute that I wanted to bite them. As both children were the prince and the princess of the Ivantian Empire, they had few men to bow politely to, there were not many opportunities to see this.

    The children finished greeting shyly, and Jade quickly grabbed my hand, and Liliana hid behind Ridrian. Their cute figure made the faces of the members of the church fluttering.

    Fortunately, the pope was the first to come to his senses and coughed in vain.

    “Oh, no, I can't keep the precious people from far away standing. Shall we go inside? I’ve got everything in order.”

    “Thank you very much.”

    Following the smiling pope, beckoning inward, we shifted our steps.

    This was the first long-distance outing, so the children kept moving. They didn’t say anything, perhaps because of the large number of adults, but they looked around and pulled our hands.

    ‘They’re a lot nicer than I thought.’

    Perhaps because they were like Lidrian or because they were children, the palace often embarrassed the adults around them because they were so attentive. Still, it was reassuring that the children were calm as they came to a strange place.

    Now we have passed the familiar path and arrived in a room dedicated to the emperor, which stays every year at the festival of prayer. The pope has given us a new line as always. It would not be easy to give up the workmen while they were busy with the event, but the church’s hospitality was always abundant.

    “Then, make yourself at home. See you at the ceremony tomorrow.”

    He bowed politely to us, and soon left. He must’ve been very busy because he was also the one involved.

    “Wow! The room is white!”

    “It’s as big as my father’s room!”

    When the difficult customer left, i turned my head into the room with the children’s excited voices. It was still a while, religious-colored room. But I felt something missing today.

    “This room is always the same.”

    As soon as i entered the room, i fell into reminiscence for a moment over the busy children.

    “This is the emperor’s camp. To.”

    “Did I disturb you?”

    “Oh, yes. I brought you.”

    The place where I went out with Lidrian for the first time, where I met Lavis and regained my lost voice. Where I first fought with Lidrian, and where I found out about his kindness. It was a room with many memories in many ways.

    As I stood idly looking around the room, Lidrian approached.
    Side story 2 episode 1 (157)


    “It’s all right. It just reminds me of the old days.”


    What he was thinking made him look a little embarrassed.

    (T/N i think He’s embarrassed bc they had their first fight here.)

    “There was no such thing as a hoodlum. Now that i think about it, I’m so embarrassed that i have nothing to say.”

    He slipped my hands in doing that. I laughed unconsumed at the silent expression, ‘I’m sorry, but you know?’

    “Because we were both young back then.”

    He smiled face to face as I held his hand together.

    Then the children rushed at us.

    “Abamama, can I explore the temple later?”

    “Louis and Eden are coming later, so four of us!”


    The excited twins nagged Lidrian, but worried about the children’s safety, he answered firmly. The children quickly became sullen. You must be worried about the kids, but you don't know what’s going on.

    It’s not a day or two, but for my husband, who still lacks explanation, i held the children’s hands tightly and made eye contact.

    “He’s saying this because he’s worried about you, so don’t be too sad. Mr Deron will be here later, so if you go around with him, you can look around then.”

    Immediately the children’s faces were filled with laughter.


    “Don’t do what the nanny tells you not to do, okay?”

    “I’ll keep it! Hooray!”

    The twins ran around excitedly, holding each other’s hands tightly.

    “Excuse me for a moment, Your Majesty.”

    Then there was a knock, and the door opened.

    “Lina. No, nanny.’

    There was now Lina, the wife of the marquis of Estaban, who was willing to be the nanny of the children. Now quite mature, she greeted the children, who ran with a gentle smile as usual. The children liked Lina as much as me and Lidrian.


    Seven years ago, one of the many amazing news I’ve heard since i woke up was the engagement of Lina and Raven.

    “In the original work, I heard that Raven and Lina had never been involved in the return story of Eris. I’ve heard the situation, but the more i think about it, the more interesting it is.”

    After half a year in a coma, Lidrian let go of state affairs, Ivan, Raven and other officials Died trying to recover from the damage caused by the attack.”

    It is said that even Raven, the world’s most beautiful man, died every day. At that time, Lydia allowed no one to touch me except for Eris and Lina, and such Raven was trampled in the eyes of Lina, who occasionally came in and out of the palace to take care of me. That’s why they started to pack lunch boxes and clothes whenever they came.

    ‘Yes, who doesn’t like our sweet Lina?’

    It was also understandable that Raven, who would’ve been Loyal to the country and the imperial family for the rest of his life, fell in love with Lina and proposed to her.

    Then Louis caught sight of Jade and Liliana with some envious eyes behind Lina.

    “Louis, you come in too.”

    When I spoke to him, the startled Lewis mumbles to Lina’s countenance. When Lina noticed it, she beckoned the child.

    “Your majesty says, it's alright if you come in.”


    The child soon came into the room in a bright light. He greeted us with courtesy and soon approached the children. Then the twins welcomed Louis with joy.

    “Louis is here too!”

    “Louis! Let’s explore the temple later!”

    “Really? I’m coming, too!”

    The children soon seemed to forget about their surroundings and fell in love with themselves.

    Louis, who is Lina’s son and Raven’s son, looked just like Raven, but the inside was just like Lina. Under the determined-looking face, a soft, friendly personality. Maybe that's why both twins got along very well with Lewis.

    “Then, your majesty I’ll take these two.”

    “Yes, please do good.”

    Lina, who is now used to Lydia’s attitude, greeted and left the room with the noisy children.

    In the hall, servants were busy organizing their luggage. Ella and Raven, who always followed us, had been away for a while to pack their bags. When Lina closed the door, they were the only two left.

    It was perfect timing because a guest is coming soon. I was going to go to Ella because i thought I’d pass ‘it’ to the two of them.

    But Lidrian snuck around my waist from behind.

    “It's been a long time since we’ve been alone.”

    “Right. I was busy working in advance for a few days away from the palace.”

    “I think it’s been another month since i saw your face awake in bed. I’m sure you had some time until the next schedule, right?

    He then fiddled around my lips with his finger. He looked at me with his eyes slightly down, and suddenly my heart dropped. Oh, it’s getting hot all over the room again.

    “Your lips are all cracked, so I guess the carriage trip was tiring. Do you want me to moisturize you?”

    His naked temptation literally burned my face.

    “What are you talking about from day to day? What if someone comes at this rate!”

    “I’ll let them know what happens if they dare come into the Emperor’s quarters without permission.”

    “Another old habit!”

    The bad habit of considering people's lives as flies’ lives in a change of mood and intentionally changed the subject.

    “Oh, where are you going? You used to be more active. I’m a little disappointed these days.”

    “No, because we were busy. I don’t have enough time to sleep at night, so there’s no time when we get back, we have to prepare another prayer.”

    “My empress is so workaholic. People need some rest.”

    No, it’s not convincing if someone who doesn’t sleep five hours a day says that.

    Lidrian, who gained mana instead of mana, (?) was much stronger than before. In the first place, mana was not human power, so it had been gnawing at Lidrian’s body and spirit. But after it was changed to mana, he was incredibly energetic.

    ‘Well, actually, i like it. Oh, no, what am I thinking? Wake up, lona!’

    At the moment, I almost opened my mouth wide, and soon shook my head in a fit of surprise. What kind of embarrassing thought is this from day to day? If we move on like this, we must’ve been able to get out of here until dinner.

    ‘And I’m sure I’ll doze off.’

    It would be a dinner with some of the best people in the continent, but if you doze off and drop a fork, what kind of disgrace is that?

    “What do you think when you’re with me?”

    “Oh, i don’t think about anything. Let go of this anyway!”

    “You’re lying, do you know you’re being respectful when you’re embarrassed?”

    It was Lidrian who now knew so well about me. He had never tried to use it for medicine, but after nearly ten years with me, he seemed to have developed a knack.

    As if he was going to read my mind, I shouted back as if I were getting closer to Lidrian.

    “No! Anyway, give me this!”

    -Knock, knock!

    “Excuse me, Your Majesty. The Duke of Deron. May I come in?”

    Then I heard the sound of saving me. I answered quickly in a bright light.

    “Come in.”

    Then with a sigh full of regret, Lidrian finally fell form me. With a sigh of relief, I hurried away from him and rushed to the door.

    “It’s been a long time since I saw you…”

    “Eris, long time no see.”

    I pulled the Duke of Deron, or Eris, into the room, with open doors. Rarely embarrassed, she came in with a puzzled look.

    “Uh, ah, hi. Long time no see. No, long time no see, your majesty the emperor.

    Only then did I see Dylan, Aiden and their servants by their side. Caught up in the sight, I coughed in vain. He seemed to have been embarrassed.

    “Welcome, Duke of Deron, Sir Deron.”

    “Long time no see, Saint.”

    “Hello, his majesty the Emperor, Her majesty the Empress. How have you been?”

    I smiled at Auden, who greeted politely with difficult manners.

    “Ah, yes. It’s been a while.”

    “How are you. Aiden?”

    “Thanks to your consideration, I was able to stay well.”

    Aiden, a child of the two, had brown hair and pretty green eyes, as if he had mixed them half and half.

    I got Eris’s permission and called in a servant to take Aiden to the room with the children. Then Aiden, who seemed mature, seemed excited.

    Aiden was two years older than the twins, but in fact, when I was asleep (in a coma) and she had premarital pregnancy when she postponed her wedding. Thanks to him, Dylan survived the attack, and he almost died by her father, Earl.. Even now, Dylan is working like a dead man. Somehow, whenever I saw Aiden, the story came to mind and I always laughed.

    ‘I can’t believe you’re a flustered Dylan.’

    In fact, I was very happy to have him with Eris, who was always desperate for life, as a collection of passion. I was really grateful for holding on to Eris, who may have wandered into the unknown future a hundred years after her return.

    When I saw Eris, who escaped from a long, long return prison and smiled happily at her wedding with a loved one, I somehow ended up shedding tears in a fond mood. I knew that the memory was fabricated as a book, but to me, Eris was still a heroine of tragedy and a successful heroine who had a happy ending with power.

    And now she was my best friend.

    “What’s the matter with you? Are we supposed to meet today?”

    “I called you. I had something to tell you.”


    “Yes, because of the merger.”

    “Is there a problem?”

    “There’s a problem, there’s a lot.”

    I guess I’ve endured a lot, so I’ve got a reflex from Eris.

    “No, this time the princess and prince are getting married and Eltera and Lucretia are merging. Do you know how crazy the border is because of you?”

    After Eris and Dylan married, Earl Deron because a duke in recognition of his exploits in saving the world from the invasion of the Magi. However, Eris, who took over the title, hated the palace, and Dylan was also a knight, so he refused to live in a complicated system and was granted a fertile territory in the southern border area as a spy’s territory.

    Thanks to this. Deron, who strives for the safety of his people before and after his return, was famous his empire's sword, which is recognized even on the continent. Eris, who wanted to be a knight, said, “I think I have achieved my dream a little.”

    I expected the merger to be roughly so, but I didn’t know that patient Eris would be so furious.

    “What do you mean, because of the immigrants?”
    I don’t have time to mtl the other side stories, but in the last side story they both reincarnate with their memories and meet each other when they’re in college
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    @Wapdyne thank you soo much for all this spoilers :blobsmilehappyeyes::blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    @Wapdyne thank you very much!! may you give to us when Lona recovery her voice and the first fight with Ridian?? :blobpeek::blobpeek:
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    Liliana was his first love. Then came the original FL after her demise. But when our MC transmigrated, he fell in love with her even before meeting the original FL. He was bonkers cause of Liliana's (his first love's) demise.
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    I thought it was another doll story.
    I am just a doll,but the tyrant is obsessed with me.
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    So when the tyrant know her real appearance ?

    Cause it kinda disappointed he love her bcs her appearance resemble Liliana
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    Yeah, Spoiler! :D
    The tyrant doll sounds like a love doll that looks good. :sneaky:
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    Any more spoilers
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    If someone has spoilers -
    1) What did the maids do that got them punished by the king?
    2) How does ML change from looking at her as a 'doll' to 'Lona' the individual?
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    Spoilers anymore?? How does the romance unfold
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    The maids intended to bully MC a bit, because they are jealous and disdainful of her. They brought her out saying that it's by ML's order, and somehow caused MC to fall down a staircase and got badly injured. ML decapitated one of them and imprisoned the other for interrogation.
    He picked up the differences between MC and Liliana bit by bit, which was 'surprisingly okey, sometimes even intriguing'. When he saw MC was hurt, he was forced to recognize that MC was an individual person in order to stay in his right mind, because 'a hurt Liliana' would brought out his trauma. He found he still care about her after he stopped thinking of her as Liliana.

    There's some imprecision in previous spoilers concerning MC's family.
    Her father was not a marquis but a viscount. The marquis was accused of treason, MC's family got framed in this case and was ruined along with that marquis family. MC'S father was accused to have provided weapons to the treasonous Marquis, but what he provided were actually common groceries such as potato. MC's family is said to be the scapegoat for the deeds of an Earl. And another Marquis, who was called 'the lacky of the dethroned emperor (ML's brother and Liliana's fiancé)', was closely related to the aforementioned Earl, and in order to survive under ML's rule, this Marquis tried to get his daughter married to ML.
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    Hello can anyone tell me the plot?

    is Lona the true name of FL? if yes
    Why her face is Liliana? :blobdead: