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    Yes, she fall for him, but she keep running way i think... because she not sure what arsene feel about her...

    Regina got into the carriage and took a small deep breath as she felt her heart pounding. Whatever it is, he was the male lead in the original. The male protagonist, who she've seen from afar but personally has never seen up close, and the heart that was pounding when she first saw Isota, the female protagonist who she personally saw closely, announced her existence this time as well.

    Arsene, who sat across from her, seemed to have not stopped feeling since morning. As he got into the carriage, he had an unusually cold expression on his face, and he suddenly held out his hand to her.


    Not knowing what he wanted, she placed her hand on the palm of his hand. But as if that was the correct answer, he gently squeezed her hand. And he put the ring on her finger. As he looked at her hand at the touch of the metal, the same thing as before, the same as Arsene's engagement ring, was shining.

    'I don't think it was that ring. I know that it must have been thrown away by empress dowager aide. Then you've been making the same ring again?'

    He was making this again while he was busy, so she wondered if it was necessary. 'Besides, it's a waste of money.' Since the diamonds in the ring are large, the price would be too high, but while looking at the large jewels, a question suddenly came to mind. 'By the way, why did empress dowager throw away the ring?' It's probably not because they don't like their engagement.

    Maybe there was some kind of magic on the ring? If she had a protective spell on it, it was understandable that she had spread her ring out of the blue. With that in mind, it made sense that he had remade the ring.

    Regina, who had made various assumptions, decided to just ask him. "Arsene, do you know why the person who kidnapped me then took the ring?"

    Then Arsene, who was looking at the ring, raised his eyes. He tilted his head slightly and told the truth about the ring without hiding it. He said, "I put tracking and protective magic on it."

    "Ah." Regina unconsciously looked down at her ring. When she heard the story, the ring looked different.

    Is it for safety and protection? Or... If the day comes when she run away from this mansion, she must throw it away. However, seeing what he was saying, it seemed that he was confident that he would chase after her even if she abandoned him.

    While wondering if she could escape, a carriage arrived at the Imperial Palace. Originally, other nobles would get off at the entrance of the Imperial Palace and walk in. However, he was a member of the Imperial Family and the Emperor Because they were a close aide to the king, the wagon sent them only through simple identification.

    They got off in front of the main palace where the emperor was and followed the formal instructions and walked. Probably Arsene would have come many times. As she was walking, she quickly went into the office with Arsene.

    "Greeting, Your Majesty." Regina greeted him in the manner her body remembered and looked up.

    She saw a man standing with his back against the window. The sunlight was strong behind his back. The sunlight hitting his shoulders seemed like a halo, as if trying to show that this person was the main character.

    "Welcome. You're the Blois girl i've only heard of." Ruairi was a man with sun-red hair and red eyes. As he took one step closer to them, his impression became a little clearer. He was handsome like a male protagonist and had a medium physique.

    She thought it would be a good match if she put it together with Isota. 'But my taste is a little more...' Her gaze unconsciously turned to Arsene. Soft platinum blonde hair and mysterious purple eyes. Their eyes met. She looked at him for a moment and then turned her head, and Ruairi led them to the sofa and sat across from her, looking at her.

    "I heard from Arsene, that You saw 'the incident'".

    "Yes. Your majesty"

    Apparently, as she was about to pass by, Arsene killed Count Durand on the spot. Regina, who nodded her head at those words, looked at Ruairi, startled by her sudden realization. 'Can he say he's involved?' After reading her eyes to some extent, he smiled. "It's all my order. So don't think of Arsene as a bad person."

    She couldn't understand. He can leave all this to Arsen's responsibility and shut up, but what is the understanding of telling her? Besides, isn't he the emperor? The weakness was a place to hide even one more thing. As she was confused, he continued his speech. "I'm sorry, you've been forced into marriage. You can't kill an innocent person."

    Then, with the red eyes looking at Arsene, she followed that gaze and looked at him without realizing it. Their eyes met again. For some reason, every time she looked at him, it felt like our eyes met. He looked at her and smiled at her as it was his habit.

    Her heart was pounding slightly on her face, smooth as if carved out of marble. Regina turned her head away as if to shake off her feeling, and looked at Ruairi again. Ruairi, who was looking at the two, picked up the teacup in front of her and spoke in a gentle tone. "But that doesn't mean I can trust you."


    Regina agreed with him. From their point of view, she is a Countess who suddenly appeared and had no one-on-one relationship, so what do they see and believe? Taking a sip of her tea, he put down her glass and smiled as he showed Regina sitting unmoving. he said, "People shouldn't believe everything, no matter how close they are. Of course, everyone makes mistakes."

    Murder, theft, and fraud are rampant among his parents and children, brothers and friends, and this, to some extent, was agreed upon. Examples include Arsene and Ruairi.

    At the beginning of the novel, they were quite friendly brothers. Arsene even killed his father and helped him ascend to the throne, and Ruairi treated him as much. However, when the brothers fall in love with a woman at the same time, their relationship is ruined.

    Arsene betrayed his brother. So he became a villain. But now Isota and he don't seem to have any interest in each other, let alone affection. If so, will their friendship continue? While Regina was contemplating, Arsene looked at Ruairi with eyes telling her not to say anything in vain.

    In his eyes, Ruairi shrugged his shoulders a little and brought up another story. "I heard that you were kidnapped a while ago. Let's be careful about that in the future."

    "Thank you."

    He pushed for marriage because he couldn't kill an innocent person, but because she's his wife, if someone else kills her, it's like nothing. "If you have a problem with Arsene, you're welcome to come to me. I'll help you with anything."

    "Your Majesty." As he was about to say a few more words, arsene frowned and cut down and he looked at him. 'Didn't you clearly say you weren't interested?' But somehow, his reaction wasn't like that, as he, who had been together as a brother for twenty years, 'no way'


    "I guess I've been holding you for too long." Eventually, Ruairi let them go by spitting out words that left his place. In this situation, he didn't know what Arsene would look like if he asked him to have dinner with him. Arsen's back, which took Regina away without looking back, disappeared out the door. 'More than I thought...' Ruairi, who looked at them until the door closed, folded his arms and buried himself on the sofa.


    In front of emperess dowager Alicia, who was sitting in an elegant and arrogant posture, those who could not kill Regina were lying flat on the floor.
    "I'm sorry."

    Arsene found them sooner than expected. After receiving their report, empress dowager looked at those who were prostrate in front of her with a cold expression. Some of them, including those who swung their swords at Regina, ran away from Arsene's hand.

    Then he came to Alicia and reported everything. Even the scene where the Auror cut and bled, but healed again in a matter of seconds. When she heard the story, alicia eyes changed.

    She said, "She was a funnier kid than I thought. I didn't know she was hiding such abilities." Besides, from Arsene's reaction, it seemed that he wasn't an ordinary contractor. Maybe she can use a little more. After pondering, she gave them new instructions.

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    After meeting Ruairi, she was able to go out. Although she had to take her escort more than her previous one. She still had something she could get out of somewhere. Regina immediately made an appointment with Isota and Kai to meet at the cafe.


    Upon entering the cafe, Isota, who found her, jumped up from her seat. She said, "In the meantime, you've refused to go on a picnic, you've also refused to visit. I was so sad."

    Two days after the kidnapping, she got a call from Isota. She was asked to go on a picnic. She, of course, was rejected by Arsene. So unfortunately, she asked Kai to go, and she replied that she would come to play with the duke. That too was riveted.

    She had nothing to say, and awkwardly nailed Regina to her seat and turned her around. "It happened. By the way, did you two go to a picnic?"

    "No. Without you, why am I going with Kai?" Isota answered, erasing her expression, and she looked at Kai once. Kai also frowned once more and shook his head.

    “So, when are we going to have a picnic, huh? How about boating? The weather is getting warmer these days."

    "I think you'll be fine, how are you, Regina?" Regina, contemplating on their request, nodded her head slightly. She's been stuck in the house for a while, so can't she just wander around now?

    "Really? Are you going with me?" Isota, who smiled and hugged her tightly. "Isota, keep your dignity." Kai shouted, but Isota didn't even listen. As she hugged her face to face and smiled, the woman who had been hugged as if hanging on her face looked at her with a sneer at Kai.

    Needless to say, she glared at Kai. She smiles at them again, thinking that she's started, and she feel a gaze from somewhere. Regina turned her head toward where she instinctively felt the gaze, and her eyes met the turquoise eyes as he looked at her.

    His hair was the usual light brown, but the eyes of a mysterious color caught her eye. The man did not panic even when their eyes met. Rather, seeing his smile, she suddenly smiled at him and turned her head first. 'what.....?' Why did you stare? Why are you laughing?'

    Regina, who was worried, looked at him with squint. he wasn't looking at her now. "Would you like to go get some sandwiches and bread?"

    "I'm going to bring a drink too." Attention returned to this side of Isota, who clings to her, and Kai's voice as she clashes with each other. The eye contact with a man passed into a faint memory.

    Regina chatted with them over a cake after a long time. “So, when I went to kai house, when you refused to have a picnic or visit, so do you know what kai said? "

    "Huh? What did he say?"

    "'Regina probably with something, be patient'" say isota.

    It's natural to be worried about not being able to communicate. She looked at Isota who imitates Kai's voice and smiled, and kai had a sullen expression on his face. He didn't like how isota smiled. Regina looked at Isota again and said, "I'm at home, and I'm with my parents and my brother, what's there to be anxious about? Stop fighting, you guys."

    They seemed very friendly to each other when they met, but if they left it like this, they would growl again for a while. "Come on, eat the cake." Regina picked up a fork to dry them both. When she scooped out plenty of her strawberries and whipped cream and presented it to Isota, She pretended she couldn't win and ate it, but unfortunately the strawberry couldn't get into her mouth.

    "Ah." The strawberry covered in whipped cream fell onto Regina's hand, which was supporting Isota's bottom, as it headed towards Isota's mouth.

    Kai pulled out a handkerchief from his clothes. "Use this." His handkerchief looked luxurious to anyone looking. You can't get whipped cream on a handkerchief like that.

    Regina, who put the strawberries on a plate, shook her head and got up. "I'll wash up." This cafe was a high-class cafe visited by nobles, so there was a toilet.

    After looking around, she held her palms up and strode to the place where the toilet paper was stuck. However, perhaps because she took her steps without hesitation, Regina ran into someone who was coming from beyond the corner and teamed up. Although she didn't lose her balance to the point of falling, the other person reached out and grabbed her. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

    She looked up at the soft voice, and it was the man was before. "Yes, it's fine." She took a step back and let go of the man's hand.

    It was only then that he realized that he had grabbed her arm. "Sorry for touching without permission." The man raised his hands to the side of his shoulders and gestured not to touch. "That's fine."

    "Because I was trying to catch you. "

    "Thank you." Regina checked her outfit with him to see if the cream on her hand had gotten anywhere else, and bowed her head. Then, as she passed him and went to the bathroom, he suddenly called her up. "Hey."

    "Yes?" She looked into his turquoise eyes, wondering if there was anything more he could say. Could it be that there was something she hadn't seen before? " Nothing, I'm sorry." She think he has something to say.

    Regina shook her head in amazement, but without asking any further questions, she greeted him face to face. 'Your eyes are pretty.' Looking at the green and blue eyes, somehow her heart melts. It was a comfortable color. In some ways it looked blue and in some ways it looked green.

    She thought of his close-up eyes and washed her hands when she came out and the sun was setting outside the window. The number of people in the cafe has decreased a little since dinner time is slowly approaching.

    "It's already this time. Shall we go now?" Reggina, who returned to her seat, winked out the window and looked outside and nodded. "Then I'll see you on the boat. 'I'll pack up a lot of food!"

    They promised to meet up a few days later, and went back to the mansion in their respective wagons. After breaking up with them, Regina returned to the Duke's, handed her her coat to Sally, who was waiting for her, and asked. "What about Arsene?"

    "Duke in the dinning room."

    "already?" Looking at the clock, it was time for dinner. Arsene was originally on the side of arriving a little early, so she thought it might be so, and she walked straight to the dining room.

    As she entered, he looked up at his papers up to here, and looked up at hee. "Have you been having fun with your friends?"

    "Yes." Arsene called the butler who was standing nearby and handed him the documents, and he went out of the dinning room with them, and as soon as Regina sat down, the prepared menus filled the table one by one, and after all the food was served, all the employees in the dinning room left.

    "Lady Isota Rose and lord Kai Belloff?"

    "I have only two friends." As she nodded her head, she looked at him with an unfamiliar expression on her face, and found a hand wrapped in a bandage.

    "Why are your hands like that?"

    "Oh, it's not much. It's jus little cut." But she saw the blood seeping out of the bandages to believe her words that she wasn't naked. "I don't think it's just cut. Show me later."

    Recalling her own supernatural powers, she patted her neck once involuntarily. "I don't know if I can cure it."

    His gaze followed as she touched the part of her that had been unconsciously cut.

    ".....okay." she looked at him at the sound of a slightly subdued voice, but perhaps she was mistaken, he was casually eating the soup. His hand might have been dulled by the bandages, but he was in an elegant posture.

    He showed an impeccable manner as if he was born with noble blood. At first glance, it looked like a machine designed to move like that. Just by looking at his movements, she couldn't tell that he had injured his hand.

    That's why she checked his hands from time to time while eating even more. Regina didn't know why she cared so much about his wounds. Anyway, it was regina who asked him to show her, so after the meal, the two went up to his office together.

    They sat side by side on the sofa, facing each other. Arsene, who held up his hand, loosened the bandage that had been holding him tight, and the bloodstains grew thicker as each layer was peeled off.

    "Isn't this a big deal?" When she looked at his hand, she saw that his palm had been cut so that the flesh could be seen. 'What do you do to get a scar like this?'

    Regina, who opened her mouth to see the wounds in disbelief, carefully grabbed his hand with both hands. She frowned slightly as she took his hand. Lifting her gaze and looking at him, he was looking at her with mysterious eyes.


    In Arsene's eyes, she looked cute and innocent. His straight, long fingers were extended towards her. He had such pretty hands that he could be a hand model.

    She squeezed his hand, and she looked at his wounds half-heartedly. '.......What should I do?' Originally, she didn't know how to use her powers. Her own wounds healed instinctively.

    She was in a situation where she was going to die if she didn't do it, so she seems to have activated her powers momentarily, but as she held his hand with both her hands and stood still for a while, a voice mixed with laughter was heard above her head.

    "Let me help you" When she raised her head, he smiled at her like it was so funny.
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    Umm... what happened to the queen dowager and her son in the end?
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    "Think of this as a cure, think of a wounded hand. Concentrate." Regina was dubious and concentrated her thoughts on what he told her to do.

    'Clean hands, clean hands, better hands.' After thinking about it for a while, she suddenly felt something oscillate inside of her, and his wound moved.

    "Hyuk." Without any dazzling light or effect, As she blinked her eyes at the bizarre sight, his flesh slowly filled up and his cracked back disappeared completely.

    Surprised, Regina raised her head and looked at him. Arsene was smiling as if seeing it. How does he know a way she doesn't even know? Looking down at his hand once more, she ran her fingertips over his wounded area.

    It really disappeared without leaving a trace. Did the wound on my neck heal in this way? After waving his hand for a while, admiring her own ability, she suddenly raised her head.

    "Useful ability......" She was going to say it was a very useful ability, but she couldn't finish her words and shut her mouth. Their faces were too close.

    She was so close that she buried her face in the palm of his hand, and then suddenly lifted her head, and there was only a bottle between them.

    Her thoughts stopped when she saw the purple eyes staring at her with mysterious eyes. Long fluttering eyelashes and eyes so close that you could see the grain of the iris beneath them. Platinum hair brushing her forehead. Slowly lowered his head, breathing mingled in the distance closer than a bottle.

    When she remained still, he swallowed her lips, which had moved gently. He bit her lower lip lightly, and with the tip of his tongue licked and bitten her lip, poking through her slender slit. Without hesitation, the tongue that entered her without hesitation as she opened her mouth without realizing it, found another one and touched its end.

    The feeling was strange. The tingling sensation on the sensitive tongue, when the hot body of another person touched her, in an instant, goosebumps all over her body. She, who had been hardened by her exhilarating pleasure, squirmed and stuck out her tongue slightly.

    Her hands, which he was holding with both his hands, grabbed her against and pulled her towards him. In an instant she sat on his thigh and leaned against her body, her soft chest pressed against him.

    It was as if the pounding heartbeat was transmitted through the skin touching it. When she woke up, she was chasing after him, as if drinking water from an oasis spring. "Ah, ha ha... "

    A moan like a sigh lingered in her ear. "Is that my voice?" Suddenly, Before she knew it, he hugged Regina, who was hanging on the hem of his clothes, and came in a little deeper .

    Her head was paralyzed by the sensation of rubbing the small bumps. She didn't know that the inside of her mouth was such a sensitive place. She breathed in with a pleasure she had never felt before, but did not wake up to the urge to use the mucous membrane on the inside of her cheeks.

    At this moment, only the soft, damp, and hot body temperature dominated the thought. She felt a tingling sensation in her stomach from the exhilarating feeling that went all the way to her toes. Her whole body touched him as Arsene hugged her close to him.

    Regina, who was sitting on his thigh, trembled as she felt something hard between her legs. Because of her posture, she could tell what the thick thing was without even looking at it.

    Her head was dizzy as she thought that something she had never imagined had reached her. Her qualitative and touching flesh made her stomach feel lewd. She couldn't help but think of his provoking thoughts as it filled her mouth, then pulled her out, and pushed her back in.

    As she squeezed the hem of his robe out of breath, he slowly opened her lips as he poked inside her gently. Her saliva, which she couldn't swallow, dripped and wet the corners of her mouth. She heard a voice she didn't know it belonged to.

    It was only him and her that existed in the place now. Arsene kissed her lightly once more and drank the saliva from her lips. His arm that she had been holding back slowly loosened. As she breathed in, she realized what she had just done.


    She was obviously crazy. Arsene and kiss? She, who had been clinging to her liking for a moment, passed her own eyes. The color of her ears, which had been burning red, spread all the way to her face. She got up from her seat, holding her weak legs, and ran out of the place as if running without saying a word.

    She worried that he would catch her, but luckily he let her go to her room. Regina was so trance that she didn't know where she was walking and she returned to her room.

    "I'm crazy. How... ?"

    With a man who was betrothed with a mortgage on her life... like that... She jumped into the bed, covered herself with a blanket, and rolled her feet. She was so embarrassed that she was speechless. 'What were you thinking? I like his face, I admit.'

    She admit that he's handsome enough to think he's handsome even if she doesn't like it. She couldn't figure out why he kissed her. As Regina sat on the couch, forcing herself to bring other things to her attention to push it out of her head, she just had something else to ponder. What the hell is this ability?

    Arsene was pushed aside for a moment when she consciously paid attention and deliberately spit it out. There was no mention of Regina in the original work. Searching the memory of this body, she found that few people in this world had such powers.

    They knew that healing was the realm of God, and few were blessed by God. Does God really exist? Originally, she was not a person of faith, but to say that there is no God, she skipped the world and fell into a book.

    Even in the body of another person. Such an unbelievable thing happened, and there is no such thing as a God. If the god they worship is really this world If he looked down, he'd know for sure that she wasn't the spirit she was here, or he had her buried here.

    As she was thinking about other things, arsene kept coming to her mind, so she thought it would be better to go out than to stay in the mansion. Of course, she thought it would be better if she could find out why the power of the divine realm appeared in her.

    After washing herself neatly, she lay down fully covered with a blanket for tomorrow. And emptying her head... The duvet filled with goose down intermittently floated upwards and then landed. After tossing and turning for over an hour, she finally fell asleep.


    The next day, after having lunch in the room, Regina made simple preparations and left the mansion quickly. It was because she was likely to meet Arsene if she had delayed here. It wasn't far until she arrive at the largest shrine in the islands, Planacio.

    Out of her carriage, she glanced up at the rather large temple in front of her and stepped into the building. The temple was quiet. The entrance was large enough to hear footsteps, but no one was passing by. 'Is nobody there?'

    Gazing at the high ceilings and embossed columns, she entered and stopped in front of a large mural. The mural contained so many different contents that we had to look closely at each part, but it was the cotton.

    The most striking part of them was a red-haired woman holding out her wand, and all kinds of things were lying on her face under her feet. As a rule of thumb, that woman seemed to have won the battle.

    "Do you need help?" As she looked around her at the sound of the voice echoing through the large space, someone was approaching her.

    White clothes with gold embroidery on her clothes looked like people working here. "May Rastein -sama's blessing with you, may name is lucia the priest of the Great Hall of Planacio."

    She also bowed her head to greet Lucia, who lightly placed her hand on her chest and greeted her. "Hello. It's my first time coming to the temple, is it really this quiet?"

    "It's prayer time now, so everyone is in the prayer room."


    Somehow, it was so sloppy. If so, it seems that this priest was also on her way to the prayer room, can she hold her? As she pondered, Lucia smiled softly.

    "Can I help you with your guidance?"

    "I would be grateful if you could do that. "

    'Anyway, I was thinking of wandering around in this big place, but it turned out well.' Regina decided to follow her.

    "Is there any place you want to go in particular?"


    “Then there is a place that first-time visitors to the temple must visit. In the Great Hall of Planacio, there is an exhibition hall where relics and paintings are displayed. The library is great too, but if you've never been, I think it would be better to show the exhibition hall."

    Her ears were full of the word relic. Clues are bound to come out of the original ones. As soon as she nodded right at her, wondering if she could get any clues about her abilities, Lucia led her to the showroom.

    "As you may have guessed, the mural you saw earlier is a founding myth. It was a long time ago, until the first emperor, His Majesty, destroyed the evil things in this land and established the Jurden Empire."

    As she searched through Regina's memory, her vaguely similar story came to mind. Seeing that she doesn't come up with details, it seems that she wasn't interested in history as punishment. “As you know, the first emperor was blessed with the power of healing and fire by receiving the blessing of Rastain. There was nothing against him who judged by fire, and in the end they were all dragged into the abyss."

    She rolled her eyes for a moment at her words. It was the first time she knew. That aside, the story of the supernatural that she was looking for came out. Regina cleared her throat for a moment and slyly spoke. "That, the power of healing. Is it possible that it is also acquired?"

    "It is almost congenital, but there are some people who have devoted themselves to Rastain on rare occasions. They are really respectable people."

    If so, did she have this ability? She had never dedicated herself to a god named Rastain. 'Then did this power come to her?'

    "Does it show only to those who have devoted themselves to Rastain and have been blessed?"


    Regina's expression became mysterious. Looking through her body's memories, she showed no interest in history or religion. She was not interested in Rastain as punishment. While chasing Lucia with serious thought, he came to the entrance of the exhibition hall.

    The sound of footsteps ringing in the hallway diminished. Two paladins were guarding the large door that opened on both sides in front. Lucia stopped in front of the door and put her hand on her chest. "May Rastain's blessing with you."

    After greeting Rastain's blessing, a paladin placed his hand on the door and the door opened by itself. The exhibition hall was more colorful than expected. As soon as she walked in, flashes of light filled my vision. Lucia smiled slightly as she opened her eyes and looked around her.

    "Since the holy relics have been gathered over thousands of years, it has become a historically valuable place."


    From crowns studded with ornaments and jewels, to gold statues engraved with saints, long swords, and old books filled the exhibition hall.

    "This is the ring of Saint Thecla. It is said that she received the ring when she decided to dedicate herself to God."

    Priest Lucia explained to her each of the relics and pictures as if she had become a docent. Unlike the original Regina, who was not interested in history, she liked these stories, so she really like visited the exhibition.

    Thanks to this, Arsene was successfully forgotten from her mind. As they went inside, examining each object, they reached a semi-separated space at the far end.

    "And this is..."

    In the deepest place, there was a long staff lying in a glass case.

    “It is the staff that the first emperor Peha used." When she looked closely, it looked similar to the staff she saw on the mural earlier.

    “There is a legend that this staff has the power to purify evil spirits. Of course it's a legend. The main opinion is that the story was misrepresented because the first emperor was holding it when he used his ability."

    It seemed likely that she would, too. In the first place, as in other founding myths, it is not entirely true that the first emperor drove out evil and established the country. The wand seen through the glass tube was studded with small gems, mainly large diamonds. The crown, the staff, and the jewels here seemed to make a small garden.

    "But aren't the relics here in danger of being stolen?" There were so many jewels, and no one could have coveted them.

    "Don't worry, there's an alarm set to go off if someone picks up something inside." It was the most advanced technology she had ever thought of. Is it similar to the principle that the door opens automatically? After looking around the exhibition hall, Regina went back to where she had come from, following Lucia's guidance.

    In the meantime, she could see more people than before as the prayer time had ended. "Then I'll leave. May Rastain's protection be with you."

    Lucia, who led them back to the mural they had met, put her hand on her chest to greet her and went back to the hallway. Since she had spent quite a bit of time in the exhibition hall, the sun was already setting. Regina tried to leave the temple to return to her mansion. Then, someone called her.

    Sorry for the delay, I've been unwell the past week, but it's getting better now. for the novel starting from chapter 17 the plot will be a little different from the webtoon
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    Thank you so much for translating, I hope you can still doing...
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    Turning her head to where the voice was coming from, she saw the man she had bumped into at the cafe yesterday. A rather suspicious man with a smile like a bright retriever at what the hell is so good.

    "Did we meet yesterday?" He seemed very happy to have met her.

    Otherwise, such a friendly greeting would not have been possible. Regina was a little surprised. How angry will he be to meet the person he met casually at the cafe the next day, impulsively at the temple? Besides, what is the probability that the person will be so happy with her?


    It's a beam here again. 'Oh, I'm on the sociable side?' Regina was amazed at how friendly he spoke to her even after the second meeting. “Do you often come to the temple?”

    "No. I'm here for the first time today."

    "Then it's a huge coincidence. I don't come to the temple often either. But to meet like this."

    Perhaps because of this great coincidence, he was smiling. His turquoise blue eyes disappeared between his softly curved eyes, and then they suddenly turned round. Ah, the man let out a short breath as if thinking of something, and then closed his eyes again.

    "May I ask for your name?"

    Regina thought for a moment. Her successive encounters are strange, but I don't know what kind of person he is, so she was a little hesitant to give her name at first.

    "I'll let you know when we meet again."

    So she avoided the answer. It was a great coincidence that they met twice, but she was thinking that we might meet again. However, the man responded calmly, as if he did not understand the intention of rejection contained within. "Can we meet again?"

    "Uh... If there's a relationship, it could be, right?" Regina paused for a moment before she uttered a word.

    Although she wasn't really thinking about her next meeting at all. The man made a strange expression. But after a moment, he smiled again like a spring day. 'I've been thinking since the day I saw you, this guy's smile is cute.'

    Seeing him smile over and over again made him feel a little friendly. The corners of Regina's lips went up against her will. After a while, she suddenly regained her consciousness and turned around, capturing her expression as if she had never smiled.

    "I have to go back, so... "

    "See you next time."

    The man greeted her brightly as if he really wanted to see her again. Returning to the duke's mansion in the wagon that had been waiting, the mansion smelled delicious to see if dinner was ready.

    She never thought she was hungry before, but she was so excited. Entering the lobby, she unconsciously went to the dining room. She was about to take a step, but stopped at the spot.

    'By the way, if you go to a restaurant now, i have to see Arsene. '

    That happened was just yesterday. She still couldn't have the confidence to look at his face with a sullen look. She would think of his lips. Even just this brief thought warmed her face. As she looked on the way to the dining room, she turned right back and strode up the stairs.

    "I'll have dinner in the room."


    She didn't think she would be able to avoid the person living in the same mansion for very long. Besides, Arsene was her boss. If he called her, she had to answer his call. But Regina was able to avoid it.

    Just imagining him is complicated, but seeing him in person can't tell how confusing it must be. Eventually, her dinner was moved to her room.

    Meanwhile, Arsene, who was looking at papers in the dining room, saw the food being served on the table. "Where is Regina?"

    "The lady says she eats in her room."

    He couldn't see her face after lunch or dinner. Arsene suddenly remembered the impulsive image of herself yesterday evening. What she thought when she saw her fiddling with his hand. It went through his head, his hand touched his lips, an unconscious action, staring at the empty seat even after the food was ready, he immediately turned his gaze away and started eating.


    Regina thought as she lay blankly, staring at the ceiling. 'Can I do this?' She was now wandering around the house. like a quantity. Originally, one of the reasons she received Arsene's proposal was to help him with his work in the social world.

    She brings rumors and information, and she manipulates public opinion when needed. Of course, the reason she dared to marry was because he had to fill the position of the hostess. Because of her kidnapping, she knew she couldn't get her out of her right away.

    She admits that she has the eyes of the users, so she has to show some pampering. So she rested hard before going to see Ruairi, and she thought this was enough. She's slowly running around, trying to find a way to escape.

    But Arsene still left nothing to her. Besides, that kiss, Regina, unconsciously bit her lower lip. Her reddish lips were crushed by the teeth, turning them even redder. Her life, which should have been dead at his hands, is still alive and she is his fiancée, which is not what she expected. 'How did i end up doing this'

    This place was right in the novel she had read, but it didn't feel like a novel anymore. An event she hadn't seen had happened, and it seemed like it would happen in her future.

    It had been a long time since she was already swept away by herself as a character. What should she do next? It was self-evident that everything was going to go wrong, as a life she shouldn't have pushed other things into.

    It doesn't go the way it was supposed to, is this really a novel? Who set up this twisted development story? Obviously she had read the original, but she could no longer see the future. how she should act.

    'I wish someone could show me the way.' There used to be a sign, but now it seems to have fallen into the open sea. It wasn't right for her to choose and carve out.


    The next day was the day they were decided to go boating. Regina got up early in the morning and got into the wagon with the baskets her maids carried.

    "I'll go."

    Arsene, who was doing his morning routine in his office, looked out at the sound of a voice coming through the open window. Now her accustomed black hair fluttered and vanished into the carriage.

    Then the wheels rolled with the squeal of the horse. He had been listening through the butler not long ago. he said she was going boating with her friends. 'Was it Marquis Rosé and Marquis Belloff?' His straight fingers tapped the window sill.

    His gaze followed the back of the wagon as it moved away. He had opaque eyes that had no idea what he was thinking. Even, who was standing next to him, looked into his eyes. His own master was originally a man who had no idea what he was thinking, but recently he has felt a little more that way. He followed Arsene as he watched the carriage coming out of the gate. Regina headed to her meeting place, not knowing Arsene was looking down from above.

    "Come on, Regina!" Isota and Kai, who had already arrived, greeted her. A yellow dress that matched Isota's hair fluttered in the breeze. 'Every time I see it, I think about it, but after all, it was the main character.' no one could refute

    "It looked like a two-seater boat." Kai also came out in a slightly different outfit than usual. However, his neatly pulled back pomade-style hair remained the same.

    "I'm riding with Regina."

    "Whoever wants it, Regina hasn't said anything yet." As soon as the boat said it was for two, Isota clasped Regina's arms and clings to her.

    Kai frowned as if dissatisfied with it, looked at Isota. "Regina, you're going to go with me, aren't you?"

    Today too, Regina, who was caught between stones and rolling her eyes, came out like a loach and pushed Isota and Kai's back. "No. You two will hang it together."

    Their faces frowned at the same time, but she didn't mind and put them on the boat cleanly. "If I leave it alone, I think it will be like this for a hundred days or a thousand days. Have a good trip."

    "Then Regina!"

    "I'll sweeten it by myself. I can do well on my own." Even so, seeing Isota and Kai quietly sitting on the boat that she had ordered, her laughter came out.

    Reggina, who pushed the tip of the boat off the bury, waved gently at them. Isota's mouth was sticking out, but she pretended not to see it. "Don't fight - don't fall into the water." Regina looked like she was the guardian.

    As soon as she left, she heard a knock, but this time she pretended not to hear it and turned her head. As she went to the front of her boat, Regina grabbed the hem of her skirt to keep her sky-blue dress from getting wet. And she took her step cautiously.

    The boat floating on the water was as if it had stepped on jelly. Her hands wandered in the air without realizing it because she was keeping her balance. She said it confidently, but the first boat she rode was a little scary. Then she heard a familiar voice.

    "Can I help?"

    When she turned her head, the man smiled with his eyebrows folded beautifully. what could be so good The man was smiling happily whenever she saw it.

    "See you again."

    The man took her hand even though she hadn't said anything yet. Thanks to him who supported her as if to use herself as her support, she boarded the ship safely. The strange feeling remained in her fingertips.

    “I guess we're meant to be.”

    Regina sat in her seat and looked up at the man standing in her burial. Unlike when they met at the temple, he appeared to be out on a picnic in light clothing.

    "I said you'd give your name the next time we meet."

    The man skillfully follows her and sits down before she can even say anything. "Did you follow me?" There was a lot of chatter in the cafe, so she thought he might have heard it.

    This was a boating spot, and there were still quite a few people other than them. But it seems hard to call it a coincidence anymore that she met one person so often.

    " I did."

    The boat left for burial and flowed into the center of the river. A former rowing man led the boat in familiar movements. Regina did not break her boundaries and treated him awkwardly. The man must have felt it too, but he was still smiling sweetly as if it would melt. His twinkling eyes glared at her mercilessly.

    "...Call me Leah." In the end, she gave her her name. Of course, she didn't.

    Leah was a nickname her parents used to call her. He probably knew that wasn't her real name either. The wind whipping over the water blew past them. Uncommon black hair fluttered across the sky blue dress. Few factors made her special, but it made her so easily identifiable 'That color is pretty, but the brown hair he obtained, which looked blonde in the sun, gleamed.'

    The owner of the hair is practicing her name. After pronouncing this silently, he chuckled. "Leah." The name that rolled off the tip of his tongue didn't seem to be calling her.

    It was an unfamiliar sound. Regina nodded awkwardly, thinking that she should know his name too. "What's your name?" The man blinked, as if he didn't know that she would ever ask his name. Then he smiled happily. The emotion seemed unadorned. 'Is it something to be happy about?' He was a little suspicious and odd.

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    Thank you so much... because of your translation i've been interested to buy the raw version. the plot is good in my opinion. Such a refreshing story after so much smut stories I've read so far. And thank you for your warning after chapter 17 the story will be a little bit different than the manhwa. I've noticed too... but because I was using MTL, it's a little bit confusing. Do you translate the chapter from Kakaopage? Because I've bought ridi version and the chapter division is a bit different.
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    The riddibook version, the chapter is combined into one, which makes it look different, but actually the same thing... in ridibook chapter 15 still on chapter 3
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    i’m currently reading the manhwa, and as much as i love the FL... why is she so fucking stupid? like? what? she’s literally coming up with the stupidest reasonings ever for pretty easily answerable situations, but yet she’s easily able to pinpoint the reason behind ML fake actions.make it make sense.

    edit: i don’t dislike her bc logically speaking she has every right to be afraid of him, i’m just. upset with the stupid conclusions she’s coming to! bc she’s SMART but why are these the conclusions she’s coming to(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
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    Can you think properly when your life is in the hands of a criminal? In fact, arsene killed Regina in the original novel. if i were regina maybe i couldn't think either. finding a way to escape from arsene alone is hard enough :blobsalute::notlikeblob:.
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    Thank youuu~
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    "My name is Lou."



    For some reason, his answer seemed to be a bit slow. It didn't seem like his real name. The fact that his eyes, which had been facing her, rolled to the side, made her even more convinced.

    "Can I draw just one picture?" Lou brought up another story, as if trying to turn it around, but Regina didn't want to talk more about the name, so she graciously followed his turn.

    "Drawing? ...Are you going to draw me?"

    "Yes. Leah." He called out her name, deliberately emphasizing it. The voice seemed to harbor some kind of longing, and it seemed like it was nothing but a repeated call.

    "Well- do whatever you want." It was like he was hiding something, but she didn't think it would harm her.

    The feeling was so subtle that it made her not know how to react. When her permission was granted, he pulled out something. At the end of his self-directed gaze was a small sketchbook and a pencil. Then with a crackling sound he began to draw.

    Lou turquoise eyes lifted his gaze from time to time to look straight at her. The detailed look gave me a different feeling from before. Regina turned her gaze away for nothing. She felt embarrassed for some reason as she was watching him drawing.

    Far away, she could see Isota complaining to Kai. She reached out of the boat and slapped the river. He was also seen wiping his cheeks, as if the recoiled water had reached Kai. 'Ah, there's going to be another fight.'

    What she thought was people who were elegantly fanning fans and stabbing each other with sharp words. Yeah, at least the Duchess of Haines she saw a while ago would be a classy aristocrat. Because she was such a free-spirited person.

    The fact that she was not a well-educated nobleman also contributed to her free-spiritedness. If you think about it, even this person was not easy. Regina's gaze turned to the face of Lou who was sitting in front of her.

    There were not many aristocrats painting here in the Jordanian Empire. This is because there was a strong view that paintings belonged to ordinary people. There were nobles who continued their creative activities because their parents respected individual freedom.

    Of course, that was not related to the succession. The wind blew between them in the silence. The surface of the water swayed in the direction of the wind. The boat gave herself to the flow without rowing.

    "Leah." Regina, who looked at the flowing water, turned her head a moment later at the sound of a voice calling her.

    Lou made eye contact with Regina and took a short breath. A feeling of pleasure swept over his body. She wouldn't know. The pink eyes through his dark hair, how long he had been waiting for this moment to look at her.

    Nearly lost in his own thoughts, he came to his senses and made a sketchbook. Regina took the paper he was handed and looked at herself inside. He drew it in a short time, like a sketch, but his drawings were excellent.

    When she saw the painting for the first time, she couldn't take her eyes off her mind, "Even though I'm not that talented, I want to give it to Leah."

    "It looks pretty to me." The appearance of her own, born through the hands of others, was interesting enough to make her forget to build a wall. Regina responded with pure admiration and a friendly tone as she came to mind. The sense of distance she had created by being deliberately rude to him was destroyed by the words she spit out unintentionally.

    "...... Thank you. "

    The voice that answered her seemed a bit shy. Only then did she realize that she had lifted her boundaries and treated him, and Regina was bewildered.

    "Let's go back now"

    Having folded the painting finely, she grabbed a paddle to return to the land. She felt a little rushed, but Lou smiled as if nothing had happened, taking the paddle from her hand.

    The softly curved eyes seemed much warmer than when she first saw them.

    "I'll do it."

    Regina just turned the paddle to him and avoided his gaze. It was not easy to be wary of people who were friendly to her and keep a distance. Especially if he seemed genuine.

    Her eyes met with Isota, who was looking at them , and her eyes, blue like the sky, opened in an instant. Because there was a distance, she couldn't see accurately, but she was somehow surprised. She reached out to her. Regina looked at her tremblingly, and quickly grabbed his hand and got off the boat.

    The moment she set her foot on the ground, he held her hand tightly. The next moment, her hand brushed her fingertips as if she had pushed the sand. She, who stood with her legs in the center, straightened her skirt and looked up at him.

    Lou, who grabbed her hands in disappointment, pretended to be calm and smiled. "Can i see you again next time?"

    "I'm not sure about that." Regina shrugged her shoulders and said the same thing as last time. The thought that he wouldn't do her any harm didn't change that he was a suspicious person. 'There is no need to make an effort to be friendly.'

    Lou smirked at her consistent story. She knew she was hitting the wall, but she didn't mind. "Have a nice day."

    "Goodbye." He bowed lightly, smiling until the end, and left the room.

    Regina looked at his back as he suddenly left. As if something urgent had happened, he walked away in an instant.

    "Regina!" Soon after, she turned her head to the voice calling her to see Isota trying to stand up even though her boat had not yet reached. She glanced anxiously at the narrowly moving ship, but there was no overturning.

    As the land of Isota got closer to some extent, she jumped out of the boat. "Who was it?" Approaching her step, as soon as she got off, isota asked, pointing in the direction he disappeared.

    Her eyes were full of vigilance. As Isota and Regina's boat followed the current of the water, they moved a little further away, so she couldn't see the man's face closely. "I don't know either."

    "You don't know, you two are on a boat together?"

    Regina rolled her eyes once as if something like that was happening, as if to tell the truth. "It's just someone I stumbled upon once or twice. His name is Lou."

    She didn't know much about it either, so she had nothing to say as punishment. "Lou. It's probably a pseudonym, but her brown-haired spirit is too much to pinpoint." Kai, who came down afterward, listened to her and tried to guess, but it went beyond his ten fingers when he picked only the candidates.

    he was someone who deliberately gave out a pseudonym, so he was very suspicious. Isota did not erase the eyes of disbelief. “Next time you meet that person, you must find me unconditionally. You must never be alone.”

    "Okay." Regina admitted that he was suspicious, so she nodded obediently. Isota sighed as she saw Regina like that. Her Regina was so popular. Just look at Arsene. When the hell did you approach Regina and build that feeling? Obviously, she should have stayed by regina side.


    As soon as Regina returned to the mansion, she ate in her room. After having a meal with Arsen separately for several days, everyone seemed curious, but they didn't say anything out of they mouth.

    As she was here, she continued to feel, and her servants seemed to run away from her master. 'At first glance, it may seem disrespectful, but with a sarcastic attitude, soften people's hearts.' As she said it into her heart, she had no choice but to admit it.

    She said that she had set her heart on him more than enough, and that she was adapting to him better than she expected. After her meal, she immersed herself in warm water. After bathing in the hands of the maids, it felt good to be relaxed.

    In the past, that is, when she first entered the body, everything was just awkward. To leave yourself in someone else's hands and let them wriggle, or to get out of household life. But now it has become a familiar routine.

    She couldn't be more comfortable with being accommodating and following along. It seems to be true that humans are animals that can adapt to anything. Regina enters her room and wraps a towel in the water dripping from her head.

    She refused to let the maids dry her hair, and she sat on the sofa and opened a book. She read before bed, but she had finished reading the novel and thought about sleeping. Reading the novels through her still wet hair, she was a little far from her dignified duchess.

    She is sure she will be full of people who will fit in this place than she does. Because in the first place, she wasn't the one born noble from her birth. She think, 'Why the hell did you suddenly propose? ' His sudden action was still an unresolved question for her.

    As she was half-flowing her type in contemplation, fiddling with the ends of her dark hair, she heard a knock. Reflexively raising her head, she responded without thinking long. "Come in." There were not many people to find her at this hour.

    Sally, she guess she's like a maid in charge. Without a second thought, she asked her to come in and the door slowly opened. And it was Arsene who came in. Embarrassed for a moment by the unexpected visit, she looked straight into his face without realizing it.

    The image that was constantly wandering through her head came into view clearly. Regina, who met her purple eyes, reflexively stiffened her body and tensed. She said that he had the power to make people nervous.

    The tension was a strange feeling, as if it was devoured from the inside of her body. Arsene entered her room and walked slowly to her sofa where she was sitting. It was a leisurely walk, but her heart was beating rapidly in the opposite way.

    She haven't seen him in a few days, but it feels like it's been a long time. As if meeting a new person, his beauty came anew. He came closer and grabbed her dark hair, which was still wet. Wet hair curled into his hands.

    Regina took her breath. It was only her hair that grabbed and she couldn't squeal. "It's only been three days." he sounded like he was asking, "Did you enjoy avoiding me for three days?" Regina licked her lips as if she was trying to make an excuse, but she avoided his gaze.

    His sluggish eyes passed through her hair he was holding, and he looked into her face. Her trembling eyelids, her lost and wandering pink eyes, her clenched lips... Arsene didn't take his eyes off her.

    Her gaze slowly rolled down his eyes, nose and mouth, and she even had the illusion that his hand was stroking her. But she didn't find it offensive, so Regina bit her lip, realizing what she was thinking.

    "How are you doing so far?" It was only after she exhaled that she felt like shit. It might sound a little cheeky to spit out in this kind of employe relationship. But Arsene looked down at her without changing his expression.

    Looking up at her face, she turned her head away as if avoiding his gaze. It seemed that she still lacked audacity. Gently fiddling with her hair, he let it go and sat down naturally next to her.

    She felt the sofa leaning slightly to one side. Regina realized that her nerves were so focused on him that she could feel the movement of his fingers or the blink of his eyes even if she didn't look at him. She knew he was still looking at her.

    "My lovely fiancée keeps avoiding me. I'm so anxious to see you, I have no choice but to come and see you in personally." His cold fingers brushed against her ear. The finger that ran through her flowing hair ran down the pinna of her ear. The gentle movement was so stimulating that her body trembled as if she had been poisoned when his fingertips touched a concave spot behind her earlobe.


    “Regina, if you avoid it for three days, won’t the people notice something strange?”


    All right, of course she felt their curious gaze. She knew that she had to look at his face in order to encroach on the eyes that seemed possible, whether there was a fight or not, but there was no way that the contents could come in.

    Regina didn't answer, just bit her lip. The book in her hand had already lost its presence. The eyes that had suddenly dropped were staring at the black letters. Her bowed head looked as if she had done something wrong.

    Arsene, who had fallen from her earlobe and was playing with her hair, looked at her like that. As if observing something, he opened his mouth slowly. "I'm going to the party soon." It's one of the reasons she's here and she's been rejected by him.

    It seems that the smoke surrounding her beloved fiancée is slowly coming to an end. Is he finally using her for his purpose? Then she lifted her head and looked at him, and their eyes met immediately. It was a gaze that never fell. "I'm attending a party at the Duke of Haynes this weekend."

    She got the illusion of a twinkling purple eye looking straight at her. She can't remember if he had any hypnotic powers or not." You can be friends with the Duchess of Haynes"

    His eyes seemed to have the ability to captivate people. Otherwise, she couldn't leave out the wideness as if she had been drunk like this every time. Regina, who was looking at those eyes, felt her heart beating a little and pounding.

    As soon as he finished speaking, he was still looking at her. Not far away, he could feel her eyelashes fluttering. Her fingers trembled. As if a snake was crawling, his hand slowly wrapped around her wrist and wiped the soft flesh inside.

    Clearly his hand was cold, but the part he touched was burning like a fire. Surely they had decided to pretend they were lovers. Under the gaze of the people. Even though it was made of intimidation, it was his and her promise. Promise to go out into the social world under his name, which means there is no need to act where their eyes are not. But the way he treats her now is that of a lustful man.

    Regina couldn't understand the man who kept coming to her, and she couldn't deny that he was shaking at such a sight. 'I had to come to my senses. I had decided to get out of his hand. I will never be able to get away from him by being swayed like this'.

    Ah, Regina only realized then. He's tempting her to hold onto him now. He don't want to lose her, who possesses uncommon healing powers. She think so. His behavior made sense. Love was a shackle in this relationship, at least a fatal weakness for her, trying to escape and survive safely.

    "It's late at night." As he gently pulled the wrist that was holding her hand, the hand that was gently wrapped around her fell gently. The cool, warm place was empty. With his other hand on her wrist, Regina pretended to be as calm as possible.

    She didn't want to show that she was shaking. "I have to sleep, so could you leave?" she said boldly to Arsene. She was the scoundrel who drove him away, the landlord.

    Looking at her with a mysterious look on his face for a moment, he quietly rose from his seat. "Sleep well. Good night" He left the room with a gentle tone, as if he didn't care much about her behavior.

    As soon as the door closed, everything felt blocked. She was left alone in silence. Regina put the book aside and buried her face in her hand. A hidden heat remained on her face.

    He had a look that aroused the interest of those who had never been interested in the Emperor's brother, the Duke of Greroy. She was weak in beauty. And sadly He seemed to know that. (lol)

    He was trying to tie her up with what she was feeling right now. He found that this worked very well for her. Don't be fooled by him. Arsene didn't like herself. (Poor my regina)
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    Thank you so much!
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    Have only read the first few chapters of the manhwa and I'm glad ogfl is not a b*** (and I hope that remains true until the end).
    However, I can't help but realize that in the og story she had a love triangle with the ones who killed her 'best friend' (ogml, red hair emperor, ordered regina to be killed and arsene was the one who did the killing). This kinds puts a bad taste in my mouth even though it hasn't happened.

    Any spoilers about the ogFl? Will she remain a trusted friend?
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    Can anyone tell me if MC actually runs away and how everyone reacts to it if she does?
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    Hi. I've already on the early chapter in third book (last book) on Ridi. She's really running away and getting help from Kiril (her new friend, son of count of duke or someone important). She left her ring which ML gave to her in her room. But ML successfully captured FL. And the most annoying part is that FL still can't understand that ML is in love with her. But, like any other ML we like in other story, ML in this story is trying hard to make FL understand his love and trying to justify her runaway attempt.

    here I put the MTL when ML successfully captured FL again and stopped her from running away. P.S : It is MTL version, i've done some editing with papago and googletranslate, but I know nothing about Hangul.

    They returned to Krasnata after shopping. Waiting, Kirill felt a subtle airflow between them and frowned.

    'What is it?'

    Something different felt on his nerves. Upon closer examination of them, Cyrill suddenly realized something. Regina was in love with Arsen. Otherwise, that atmosphere would not have come out. Yeah, like a woman in a first love.

    For some reason, he felt bitter in my mouth. He didn't love her deeply, but he couldn't deny that he was in love with her for a moment. She was a good person. He didn't want her to be hard. She was a pretty person with a pretty smile.

    Cyrill looked at Arsen. The purple eyes that were looking at Regina picked up his eyes and made eye contact. Looking at the eyes changing his feeling in a second, he kicked his tongue inside. he don't know if Regina can stand by him. Well, she could be happy. It looks like he is really into her.


    That night, Arsene still lay next to her and fiddled with her black hair. Regina lay still and closed her eyes. She could feel him staring from the side without seeing him. The moonlight struck quietly and the air flowed softly.

    They went out together today. Perhaps because of dawn, an atmosphere that seemed more comfortable than yesterday covered her. He still caressed her at the end of his gaze. Her uneven breathing penetrated his ears because she didn't fall asleep made him feel good. He suddenly opened his mouth while stroking her smooth hair. It was an unhidden question under the power of the night.

    "Regina, are you afraid of me?"

    She bathed her black eyelashes slowly as they shivering. Turning her head, she made eye contact with him. Why is he asking this question all of a sudden? He already know.

    Arsen read the questions he saw in her eyes and changed them.

    “Do you think I'm going to kill you?”

    He looked at her with dark purple eyes. Regina felt her heart numb at the moment. She was an extra in the original story. A person who dies from the beginning who can't even come to this situation. Now that the story has changed and the storyline has disappeared, she don't know if this is really in the story or not. If not, she wasn't precious to him, so she thought she might die one day because he didn't like her, as he did. Arsene Grerooy wasn't a man so generous as to stand by the useless. Unable to look at his face, Regina turned her head again and looked at the ceiling of the canopy. She said as she was trying to paint the pattern of cloth covered by darkness.

    “Maybe one day if I’m useless”.

    It was a straightforward answer. She was about to cry because she was in pain even when she spit it out with her own mouth. She don't know why he ask her this. It was resentful why she would admit this with her mouth. Arsene raised his upper body in response and threw himself over her. Arsen is back in her sight.

    “Why, do you think so”.

    He had a distorted face for some reason. Regina suddenly thought he was about to cry. It was not known whether it was distorted by the moonlight or real. It hurt her heart to see that, so she turned her eyes without realizing it.

    As she looked out the window of light, Arsene said in a desperate voice. “Look at me.”

    She hesitated for a moment and looked at him again. The white blond hair, which shone open in the moonlight, caught her eyes. The pink eyes he faced felt his heart beating heavily. He thought she'd run away again if he didn't convince her that he wouldn't kill her. No matter how hard he was, he couldn't stick around and watch her for the rest of his life. Besides, if she thinks he's gonna kill her and she's gonna be scared, her fingertips will be cold.

    Looking straight at her, he spoke with all his heart to persuade her. "I'm not going to kill you. I swear to you."

    Then her face frowned. Shee looked unhappy as if she didn't like something. “How can I believe that?” a distrustful voice directed at him. His oath was like an oath to the moon. Who can believe an oath to the moon that changes its appearance every day?


    Arsen has already killed twice in front of her. Once hidden in a dark alley and corner, she couldn't see it properly. However, the stabbing in the hallway was clearly visible. She still remember him covered in blood. In addition, he threatened her to marry him if she didn't want to die. And now he says he won't kill her. Can she believe it right away?

    One might, but at least not Regina. No matter how much she liked him, it was another thing. Even if she liked him, he wasn't. Arsen's expression was disturbed when he said he wouldn't kill and how to believe it. Her determined words seemed to be lodged in her mind like rain. Reggina, who was suddenly moved by his collapsing appearance, looked at him with a clear look.

    Why do you make that face in front of me? You are the one that made me incredible. Everything's on your own and why are you making such a sick face that makes me confused. She pressed the words on the inside of her lips, but as soon as she said ah, her mouth opened. Dawn made people honest, and she said what she didn't want to say.

    "You've always acted to me. As I did." Reggina, who realized what she had said after seeing Arsen's face the next moment, shut up again. But it didn't seem to mean much to hide it when she had already run away.

    Not a long time with him passed through my mind. The moment he acted sweetly as if he was really in love, or he pretended not to know that she was making escape gold by selling drugs (Regina selling drugs she made with healing power she has).

    "It was all a lie. You know everything. But how can I believe it?" She put a lot of strength into her eyes and held back tears. It's nothing special, but why is the tip of her nose making a noise? Looking down at her, Arsen found out what it felt like to have a thump.

    Once lost, it takes a lot of time to rebuild trust. And they trusted each other. Arsene thought she was going to run away, and she thought he was going to kill her. No, he didn't gain trust from her in the first place. It was his fault that she was afraid of him, and that she was right to act like a scared cow. He in the past caught her by the ankle. He never thought he'd be this interested in her. Arsene Greroy was desperate for someone, which was a surprise to those who knew him. So he never imagined that he would regret the action. No one can predict the future. This was his arrogance, his misjudgment. After all, he was a foolish man, too. He seemed to be shaking as if his whole body were cold. She wasn't shaking, but he was shaking. Arsen now realizes he is afraid. He? What? He was afraid that she would abandon himself again and take it as a lie all the truth that she never believed him and uttered.

    It was painful to be unable to reach her as if they were far away even if they were facing each other. After He met Regina, he kept discovering feelings that he didn't even know were there. Without that much awareness, she became a big part of him.

    He thought he had to turn her mind at all costs. If he let her go like this, he'll regret it forever. His hand, which was leaning next to her, grabbed the sheet strongly.

    "What can I do to trust you. What should I do?"

    Arsene grabbed her as if she were the last in line. The way it is now was not a lie. But Regina still looked at him with incredulous eyes. The distrust that started to burn once was not easily extinguished. There was no answer. Realizing that there was no way to persuade her right now in that silence, Arsen couldn't hide his hopelessness. Not knowing how to control his distorted expression, he bowed his head and buried his face on her shoulder.

    "Please believe me. I swear on everything, whether it's Rastane's name or any God's name."

    A fine platinum hair brushed against her neck. Arsene begged her like a child who was at a loss for control. A child who encounters his or her instincts for the first time in his or her life cries over unfamiliar feelings that he or she has never experienced before. The uncharted emotion wielding itself aroused fear. He followed her behind without a break, like a sand castle in front of the waves.

    A sand castle that would crumble under a very small stimulus. His weak voice rang dull in her arms.

    "I will not kill you. I can't kill you."

    If you die, I'll definitely fall into hell. When he thought Regina was completely disappearing from the land, he felt like he was losing his feet. It felt like he had fallen into a black hole with no end in sight. He has been chasing her like a madman for a while, but he can't see her forever. It must have been hell. Just imagining the loss was a long way off.

    Regina, who didn't know that he would speak so desperately, hardened for a moment. Is this even a lie? It was highly likely that even Arsene, who she knew and read in the original book, was acting. But the content of the novel has already changed a long time ago. Now that we don't know whether this place is in a novel or not, we don't have to judge him for what was depicted there. Thinking about what to do with this situation, she hardened her face.

    “Wait,” embarrassed Regina pushed Arsene, who was burying his head in the back of her neck.

    His hard shoulder got stuck on her fingertips. As she pushed a little harder, he slowly rose up and made eye contact with her.

    “No way,” her voice revealed how embarrassed she is now. Regina's face, which looked at him with shaky eyes, was stained with surprise. "Are you crying?" She could feel the water in his breath, and she was wondering, but I could see his eyes twinkling in the moonlight that came through the window.

    She didn't expect to see him cry after seeing his weakness, which wasn't even described in the original story. In an unexpected situation, the heart rushed and the pupils expanded. Her lips slowly opened. His face was just around the corner because he raised his head just as much as she pushed him away. Because of that, she could see dimly under the red-colored eyes. Arsen didn't even know his eyes were teary. She was out of her mind. She threw it away during the day, but was it because of the darkness? Or was he just infinitely vulnerable in front of her?

    He didn't realize he was crying until she said it, but he didn't feel ashamed. This had nothing to do with it if Regina came to him. Her appearance was clouded by growing tears. He blinked unconsciously to clear his sight. Fluttering. The tepid tears that fell over her cheeks. Tears. It was really tears. Regina was so embarrassed that she raised her hand to wipe his eyes.

    Arsene slightly closed his eyes on her thumb after stealing his eyelashes. The dampness smeared on her fingertips. She reached out her hand first. The fact gave him some hope. She firmly said she couldn't believe it, but it wasn't her attitude. The warmth on his cheek was so precious. He didn't want to let it go, so he overlapped his hands on it. Frustrated, she flinched, but didn't shake him off. Her eyes were on him, his usual appearance was nowhere to be seen, and he seemed infinitely vulnerable.

    He leaned on his hand for a moment and bowed back to her. As Arsene bowed his head slowly, his hand went from cheek to ear and finally thanked her for her back hair. He, who faced her forehead, said, still exhaling a watery breath. “Trust me." Tears-soaked eyelashes twitched and twinkled. The close distance entangled his entreaties in her breath. She still hasn't answered what to do. She thought she'd fall for his beauty again and believe it, but she tried my best to pull herself together.

    She still needed time. But Regina didn't stop him coming a little further. Before I knew it, he was as close as if to kiss. Pink eyes disappeared over the eyelids and long eyelashes hung. Soon his lips touched her. Literally just landed on red lips. An open breath hovered between them. In the midst of silence, only two voices were heard dimly.

    Slowly opening his mouth, he bit her lips. It was a weak force that could easily come off if she pushed it away at any time. But she didn't reject him, and Arsen thanked her for her mercy. Soft lips constantly checked her. She was in front of him now, she didn't run away, and she was willing to accept him. This warmth was hers. The ripples on his eyelashes touched her and disappeared. Regina recalled his crying image just before the little bite.

    She felt a different palpation than before due to the delicate kiss that shared the breath, not the explicitly sexual kiss that she had last time. Her unconscious hand still wrapped around him and he hugged her. Before she knew it, he was stroking her on the head. It was a very careful and gentle touch. Every little thing he did kept tickling and warming his heart. It's like, "I really like you."
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    I really wanna know at what point did Arsene started to fall for Regina.. and why???

    Like what's his reason to falling for her like this??? And what about logan? Does he like her too?
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    As soon as she entered the party hall, she felt people's eyes on her. Everyone wondered what kind of person the duke's fiancée was. Having received all kinds of attention, Regina tried not to listen to the whispering in her ears.

    She's already learned that she'd rather not listen to such nonsense. It was a fact she found out occasionally hanging out with Kai and Isota, who she used to be the protagonist of the story.

    "Duke of Greroy!"

    "Nice to meet you, Duke of Haines."

    Upon entering the party, the Duke of Haines, who was greeting his guests, found them and approached them. The Duke of Haynes greeted Arsene with a smile, saying, "I'm glad to see you.". At first glance, they looked like they could be mistaken for being very close friends.

    "Then this must be the fiancee of the rumor."

    "I'm Regina from Count Blois. Thank you for inviting me to the party." Next to the Duke was the Duchess of Haines, the goal of the day.

    With her gentle impression, dark gray hair and black eyes, she was looking at Regina with her curious eyes. "By the way, you two haven't really met yet? This is my wife."

    "I'm Iria Haynes. Nice to meet you." Regina smiled softly at the unknown kindness shown on her expression.

    For some reason, she already felt that she was half friendly. "Then let's talk for a while and let the two of you come." After her moderate introduction of herself, the Duke of Haines recommended Arsene to move the place.

    he seemed to want to talk quietly. She looked up at Arsene, who was standing next to her, and he signed his eyes into her not to forget her goal. "Wait a minute. I'll be back soon." he then gave her a short kiss on her forehead and he walked with the Duke of Haines.

    What is he trying to achieve by becoming friends with them? But it was not her domain to even think about it. She looked at his back for a moment, then Regina felt a stare poking her side face.

    Recalling why she was here, she turned to the Duchess of Haines, trying to smile naturally. The Duchess immediately froze her mouth, as if waiting for her eyes to meet. She said, "Duke Greroy seems to really love lady a lot"

    "I think it's because we fell in love at first sight." Regina lied casually. She didn't originally think she was so good at lying, and she felt like she had discovered a new talent. (Lol)

    When Arsene and the Duke of Haines were away, the lady who were hovering around them approached them. In the meantime, Isota was also at the party today. Isota, who clasped right next to her, stared at Arsene, who was moving away, and turned her head.

    "Duke Greroy, one of his nickname was duke of iron wall, he is different for the one he loves." One of the people who approached brought up the conversation with a reaction as if reading a Romance novel.

    "You can't earn money in the presence of love."

    "A man who does good to everyone, but is gentle to me. Is it like this? I'm so envious."

    “Haha……” Regina, who somehow became the center of the love story because she got caught in the crowd, answered everything with a smile.

    A shrill voice was heard, "How passionately did the lady Blois cling to him, so the Duke of Greroy accepted it? I'm really curious." When she turned her head to ask her directly, she met sharp eyes for some reason.

    Judging by the expression on her face, it seems that she probably liked Arsene, liked his appearance, or else liked his position. Because she felt that she had a grudge against her

    If it had been just plainly out of curiosity, the choice of words would have been a bit odd, but she seemed to have deliberately chosen a word that was offensive. 'What was this girl name... ...... '

    She thought about it for a while, but it didn't come to mind. Unfortunately for lady, Regina wasn't very good at socializing, so she couldn't memorize everyone's names. In the end, Regina, who gave up thinking about who she was, answered her question simply and answered her question. "I'm not sure about that. Because I didn't confess."

    It couldn't have been her will to fall into a place like this. How much she didn't want to get involved with him. Regina agonized for a moment. She couldn't say she was threatened. "Well, Arsene proposed to me first."

    The red-haired young girl, who hear regina words, frowned for a moment at the sight of his name being called Arsene without hesitation, but then she barely opened her eyes.

    "Oh my, I don't mean that I don't believe it, I mean that it's surprising. Maybe you misunderstood it?"

    "Duke Greroy did ? That's an incredible story." Contrary to her intention to get over her, the lady took a quarrelsome attitude. She probably felt offended by the word proposal.

    Others around her felt it too, and her expression hardened. 'really? You say you're arguing childishly like this?' She's now the Countess, but she was the one who would soon become the Duchess.

    Moreover, externally, it is her marriage that falls in love with the Duke, and her hostility towards her was no different from her attitude to make the Duke of Greroy her enemy.

    It seemed that the young lady trying to do something she couldn't handle for a moment. Regina responded briefly to how she felt already tired. “i know. It feels like a dream to me, too.” It really is a story that could come out of a fairy tale.

    'I wish I could have a dream like that, lady. I'm so jealous.' By that time Regina didn't feel the need to argue about this. It was a little unfair to be like she confessed, but it wasn't a big problem.

    She was better off not having a conversation with someone she wasn't willing to talk to. Rather, at her sarcastic remarks about her, Isota teased her. The moment Isota was about to open her mouth, Regina grabbed her hand and stopped her.

    Then her eyes, as if she wasn't even angry, looked at her. She didn't want to make the problem bigger for nothing. As she slowly closed her eyes and opened her eyes once more, telling her not to do that, she took a deep breath and bit her mouth.

    Isota, above all, seemed to dislike that Arsene had approached her 'first'. Is it Arsene who refused all of the young girls who tried to win his heart? However, there was no way to prove it, so even if he continued to claim that he was married, it was of no use.

    "The Duke of Greroy's proposal is really, like a dream, right?"

    Now, she said, 'Isn't it really a dream that the Duke proposed to you first? don't lie'. So far, Arsene has only received it, so I think so.

    She says that regina lies to save her face in front of others, and she wonders what she has to say to this so that she can end the sluggish conversation, but her answer comes from elsewhere.

    "It's like a dream."

    Suddenly, the arm that stretched out from behind hugged Regina's waist. As she looked up at the top where she could hear his voice in surprise, Arsene, who came up before she knew it, was looking down at her with eyes full of love.

    From the perspective of a people, he looked so friendly that she thought he was really loved her. "How can i'm not love such a lovely person?" His lips lightly landed on her forehead.

    It felt as if there was a stamp on his soft lips. 'I thought you were going to talk to the Duke of Haines.' Looking ahead, some had a surprised expression as if they didn't know he would appear, while others covered their faces with fans as if embarrassed to see him, and their eyes were sparkling.

    "I think I'm really lucky to be able to propose before someone else takes her." He deliberately mentioned it, as if refuting the red-haired lady.

    The young girl, whose name she couldn't remember, had an muddy face. It was a fight that would not benefit her in any way in the first place for her.

    More than that. 'Before someone else took her...' She's probably the only one who hears his words in a different way.


    Regina had no intention of reacting seriously to that young girl from the beginning. She was more concerned about Arsene, who suddenly appeared than that.

    'Why are you here?' Looking up at him, Arsene, who read her gaze, rolled his eyes and smiled. It was a smile that seemed to drip honey from the end.

    A hand that wasn't holding her waist gently grabbed her left hand. "I forgot something." Arsene bowed his head and put his lips close to Regina's ear.

    His hand caressed the engagement ring she was wearing. A light gesture felt like electricity went on from her fingertips." I've put a few more spells on it." The whispers tickled so soft that only she could hear them.

    His voice is the same as usual, but her soft hair stands on edge all over her body. "Now, I've activated the magic." One Arsene pressed his lips to her ring as light as a feather before he left her.


    Unlike him, who looked calm as if something had happened, Regina, who was out of shape, couldn't even smile and looked up at him. It seemed that the hot hot ears were not simply due to the heat in the intestines.

    "Oh." A few of those around them, who watched them with curious eyes, caught the scene and flapped their fans. Isota did not miss the scene, and her gaze was satisfied as she watched the scene.

    "Then I'll really go, Regina. Excuse me." Arsene carefully let go of the overlapping hands with a gesture of regret. He even politely greeted the ladies around him and moved on.

    Appearing suddenly, he returned to where the Duke of Haines was waiting in the blink of an eye. His appearance was a bit disconcerting. It looked like it was planned, as if he knew someone was going to argue with her.

    "Duke Greroy really... seems to love lady Blois a lot." Regina barely held her head as she was about to stir her temple. Because Arsene's stories were heard only by her, in the eyes of others they seemed to share the secret talk.

    'That' Duke of Greroy sweetly smiled and whispered, it was a man who fell in love without fail. But there was no way that Arsene Greroy would have forgotten such a trivial thing.

    Even if you really forgot, there was no need to show off the Duke of Haines in this way by joining the ladies' backs. Originally, it was an unwritten rule that they did not get involved in the fights of the ladies.

    In a way, he was deliberately directing this scene in front of others. Arsene Greroy loves Regina Blois very much. Certainly that helped Regina establish her place in her social circle. It was as if he had taken the fame he had and put her at her feet.


    The red-haired young lady immediately left the room, probably embarrassed that she had teased her lightly. It didn't seem like she would come around here for a while.

    The Duchess of Haines and others stared at her behind her and clicked her tongue slightly.

    "Are you okay, Blois little girl?"

    "Its seem to have been moved by the news that Young lady is getting married to Duke of Greroy. Why do you think about such things by yourself at home? Why did she come all the way here?"

    "Don't be so upset with someone like that."

    They worried about regina being attacked by her out of nowhere and put her words on top of each other. Isota also looked at her expression. But Regina was more concerned about the warmth that seemed to still remain.

    Her fingertips touched the part where he kissed her. "I'm OK." It was really good. She's married to a celebrity, and she never thought she'd be blessed by everyone, and she wasn't beaten by her punishment.

    She didn't even love Arsene, so it didn't matter what the rumors were. Besides, she was even thinking of leaving this place anyway. There was no reason why it wouldn't be okay if there were a few more people like that, as long as it didn't harm her.

    'You might look envious in other people's eyes.' Her fiancée, Arsene Greroy, could be because he is a wonderful husband by anyone.

    he pretends to be a gentleman who is thoroughly sane in front of people. Doesn't he now wear his mask again just for her? Even though she was the one who even witnessed him killing people.

    She has to get out of here before she falls for him, with that face. Even she, who read the original work, was deceived by his act of pretending to be normal person with his beautiful face.

    He was different from others since childhood, and he killed his father with his own hands, and she didn't know how many more he will kill in the future.

    And she could have been included in his homicide list. Her name, her fiancée, did not keep her in his hands. When she saw that she had survived so far, she realized. No one really knew the future.

    "By the way, I'm going to have a tea party soon with a nice view this time." Iria Haynes brought up a different topic to change the flow of the conversation.

    Regina, who had wandered her thoughts at her words, looked at her. Her eyes met immediately as she was also looking at Regina. "Can I send an invitation to Young lady?"

    Her mind flashed. She reminded herself again of her purpose for coming to this party today. "Of course. If you could invite me to the event, it would be a very special message."

    Ladies usually only invited close friends to the tea party. Calling her to such a place could be interpreted to mean that you want to build friendships with her. Arsene's command to her was to "befriend with the Duchess of Haines."

    She was even invited to a tea party on her first meeting, so this was enough. If she meekly followed his orders, she wondered if her boundaries would loosen. At that moment, Regina, who had been smiling at the Duchess of Haines, turned her head to the faint gaze.


    Isota was looking at her with puzzled eyes. She seemed to have been heterogeneous because she pretended to be a tea party girl and sociable. Regina rolled her eyes once, avoiding the gaze, and then passed it over with laughter. She thought she need some story.
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    Thank you, you are the GOAT

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