Novel Killer Siblings

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    Not bad...I'm intruiged. This is pretty decent
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    Is there a link?
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    If so it seems I can't reach it
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    It was my bad, I had deleted it -

    I'll post it here again, its not much - just a part of the 1st chapter
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    Yakuza, also known as gokudō, are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. The Japanese police, and media by request of the police, call them bōryokudan, while the yakuza call themselves ninkyō dantai.

    Yakuza gangs are effectively, dropouts from society. Each member has suffered some kind of societal fall from grace, resulting in them becoming outcasts and misfits. And since they no longer ‘fit’ into society, they are recruited by and/or join the infamous gang of misfits and crazy characters.

    The Yakuza as a whole, is not a single organization but rather a collection of separate gangs or clans, akin to the American mafia. In this world, these separate clans are known as ‘branches’. And the Siblings are a part of the Roppongi Branch of the Yakuza, centered in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, known for its nightlife and clubs.

    The leader of any gang or conglomerate of yakuza is known as the oyabun (“boss”; translates to “parent status”), and the followers are known as kobun (“protégés,” or “apprentices”; which translates to “child status”).

    The Yakuza are infamous for engaging in extortion, blackmail, smuggling, assassination, drug trafficking, gambling, loan sharking, day-labour contracting, and other rackets and control many restaurants, bars, trucking companies, talent agencies, taxi fleets, factories, and other businesses in major Japanese cities. They are also involved in criminal activities worldwide.

    * The branch of yakuza that the Siblings are affiliated with have "business" in America. The Sibs sometimes take "business" trips to America, to fortify the business interests of their yakuza. (*Perhaps this is where they encounter Shibumi). *

    The gang known as the Tokyo Dragons had been late on their payments and were stealing from the Yakuza....

    Reinforcements (Collectors) have been sent.

    Chapter One

    Tokyo, Japan


    TICK, TOCK. TICK, TOCK, TICK TOCK. The room was eerily quiet. So quiet, in fact, that you could hear the sound of every raindrop that fell outside. Or better yet, you could hear the sound of a vintage clock... so clearly, so loudly, it was almost deafening. TICK, TOCK. TICK, TOCK, TICK TOCK. As beads of sweat began to fall helplessly to the floor, members of the Dragons (gang) began to stare at each other intensely....afraid to make a sound, to say anything. The music that they were listening to had been forcibly turned off. The tension in the room was palpable. So palpable, that you could cut it with a knife.

    What was causing all of this aforementioned tension?


    (After a crack of lightning, they appear)

    You see, also in the room is the wickedly terrifying presence of three blood-soaked high school-aged Siblings. The boy, the brother, is dressed rather sophisticated in a suit and tie, and the two girls, who are his sisters, are wearing suspenders and a cutoff dress shirt, finished with Yakuza style pants. One of the gangsters looked into the other room for the men that were supposed to be guarding the place, but to no avail.... no one was in sight.

    Who in the hell are they....when did they--’ he thought to himself.

    All of their eyes widened as the boy began to speak.

    " *Clears throat* --Ahem. The Dragons have been late on their monthly payments again....and The Boss thinks you've been siphoning money." The boy said. Next, he stated in a joking manner, looking at his two sisters beside him. "What to do.....what to do..." He asked.

    "Hey...what the hell did you do to our guys?" A gangster blurted out.

    "They.... were in our way, unfortunately." The boy replied.

    "Did you really take out a dozen of our men?" One of them asked. "That's not possible, that shouldn't be possible!"

    "I've heard the stories of demon kids like them....faster than the eye can see..." Another one uttered.

    "They look like yakuza."


    "Ding, ding, ding, ding! That's right, you may have heard of us." The boy proclaimed. "But before we get down to business, let us properly introduce ourselves. So you will know who will send you to your grave early today."

    The men had pained looks on their faces as they looked at each other with a mix of surprise and confusion.

    "I am Shinji Masada, and these are my sisters, Asume and Suzuka." He said, as he gave an elegant bow.


    "Don't worry, my sisters do not talk much, so you'll have to forgive them."

    Some of the Dragons gave out an uncomfortable laugh, acting tough, but they were actually thorougholly intimidated by the demise of their brethren.

    “So what is this about heh? What does the Yakuza want with us?”

    “Don’t play games with us....we know what you did. You’ve been stealing from us!” Shinji articulated.


    “What?! I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.... We didn’t ---

    "Where is the money." Asume suddenly asked, cutting him off with no expression whatsoever on her face.

    "You killed our men, we're not going to give you shit! You're're all dead, you hear me!"

    "Ohh.. Is that so?" Shinji asked.

    "Hmph. Let's try to leave at least one alive this a messenger." Suzuka said.

    "I cannot guarantee that." Asume candidly replied to her sister, and got into a combative stance.

    The Siblings took out their weapons, and a few of the men took off running, to go get theirs. The girls gave chase. The others, feeling confident, stood behind to take on Shinji, who is now on his own.

    "You're gonna wish you were never born, little man." Thug #2 says.

    The fighting commenced and Shinji took on 3 by himself, dodging and blocking, seemingly toying with them. He never even took out his weapons.

    "That all ya got?" Shinji asked. "-Tch-. Pathetic!"

    Not soon after he opened his mouth, he was surrounded by more thugs when reinforcements arrived. Shinji, in his usual, overly-confident manner, started off by taunting them. He then signaled one of them to bring it on. One of the goons gladly obliged and took out their axe.

    Shinji’s eyes narrowed as he rolled his eyes.

    “Come on....put that stupid thing away!” Shinji told him, referencing his axe. “No weapons....just our fists. Like real men!” Shinji bellowed as he shook his head.

    The man smiled as he put away his axe and rolled up his sleeves.

    “With pleasure...” he said while he walked towards Shinji.

    If there is one thing about Shinji Masada, it is that he absolutely disdains using his beloved Washikazi swords in a fight. He would rather keep the blades new, nice and shiny. How they’re meant to be.... The man that he taunted approched him with a grin, and they traded blows. They both landed significant strikes. But to Shinji’s surprise, more join in, an all of them jump on him.

    "What's your big mouth got to say now, huh?" Thug #3 says as he brought out his axe. Shinji struggled mightily to get free. And just as he was about to get slashed, Shinji screamed out at the top of his lungs--


    The room grew quiet, and one could hear a breeze flow through the air. The lights flickered unnaturally.... Hair stood up on some of the goons' arms.

    "What is that/Nandeska?" One of them can be heard saying.

    They feel a sudden tension in the air....and distant slashing sounds, quick and precise, are followed by gurgled screams in the other room. The thugs could only stand frozen in place, trying to piece together what happened, when all of a sudden, SWOOOSH!

    A shuriken violently and swiftly sliced through three of the men’s necks, one after the other, in the order that they were standing. A few seconds later, a second shuriken goes through another three at blazing speed, leaving just one left standing.

    The lone gangster started to freak out and tremble. He was the guy holding the axe to Shinji’s neck. After a moment, the girls slowly appeared from the shadows, startling him.

    " freaks don't scare me...." the guy said.

    "That's not what your legs are telling me." Suzuka replied.

    “Do you know what they call my sisters...?” Shinji asked the goon. “Demons! Ahaaahaaaaahaaa!” Shinji answered as he gave out a laugh.

    The look of concern grew on the goon’s face as he looked around.

    "You tried to kill our brother." Asume uttered. "And now you will pay with your life." She said, before she lunged at the man, without any hesistation.

    Asume’s katana struck him fast and ferociously, slicing him at the elbows, sending his forearms and blood flying. He was struck so fast in fact, that he did not even have time to react. Or to process what had happened.

    After a moment, he screamed in agony. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” As blood violently shot out of his arms. Asume approached him to finish him off.

    No, wait!” he pleaded. “I’m sorry!! Please forgive me!!!” He wallowed some more as Asume slowly approached him again. She took her katana to his neck--

    and SLICE!! ... His body fell lifelessly to its knees as blood gushed out everywhere. All the while she kept his head against the wall, balancing it on her sword. He didn't even have time to scream.

    Suzuka joined her sister as they proceeded to attack what was left of his body, very gruesomely, and a concerto of flesh being sliced, cut, and maimed followed... His body parts ended up a jumbled, bloody mess, scattered all over the ground. With blood splatter all over the walls and the Siblings themselves, turning their entire bodies red. As the girls walked away, they turned around to do their customary wiping of the blade. But Shinji interrupted them--

    "Wait/Matte! I want to see his blood hit the ground..."

    Asume and Suzuka rolled their eyes, with a look of annoyance on their faces. They let their swords drip a few times into a small puddle.

    Shinji's pupils widened as he gasped, taking in the sight, and sound of the blood from his enemy dripping onto the floor.

    Ohhhhoooo! AHH! That’s it! That’s what I needed to see....”

    He started to readily enjoy it, twisting and turning, writhing in pleasure with a crazed look on his face.

    His sisters just stared at him and sighed.

    "There's our pervert of a brother, showing his true colors again." Asume remarked in a rather disappointed tone.

    "Ahhh, thank you Asume, thank you Suzuka!" Shinji exclaimed. "This fight was the best one yet."

    "Ugh. That's what you say every time, you psycho." Suzuka said, followed by a long, awkward pause.


    "...NO, really, thank you for being the best sisters ever to your one and only Onii-sama!" He proudly said.

    "Onii-san, not Onii-sama." Asume replied, with a smirk.

    "But I'm the a few seconds---"

    "It's not that, dear brother.... its just that we just don't respect you." cracked Suzuka, as the girls couldn't help contain their laughter.

    “You’re a little bit crazy. Juuuust a little bit!”

    "HA. HA. Laugh all you want—but make no mistake, you WILL call me Onee-sama (sign of respect) one of these days." Shinji proclaimed while he was posing intently. "And everyone will bow to me!"

    "Sure, Sure." Suzuka answered back.

    Because, we’re going to be in charge of this town. But only if you listen to me, your big brother! Because of course, I’m just a natural leader....” Shinji added, posing confidently, obviously impressed with himself.

    And why would we ever listen to you, egghead?” Asume wondered aloud.

    "Well technically, I came out of the womb first, so I'm the oldest.......that's why you have to listen to me!" Shinji said.

    "No, you didn't, how can you even remember that?" Suzuka barked at her brother.

    I do, I remember! That is why I am onii-sama, heheha.”

    Asume just shook her head, with an increasingly growing look of hate plastered on her face.

    "Alright everyone, let's head back." Suzuka said, breaking them up. "I'm sure Wasabi-san won't be happy with these turn of events."

    In the aftermath of decimation of the Tokyo Dragons Club, there was nothing but blood draped on every nearby wall, on every surface, in every crevice. The Siblings themselves were covered in it. And blood was slowly leaking from all of the dead bodies, forming many small rivers...flowing down to the nearest drain.

    They talked while walking over dozens of dead bodies with puddles of blood staining their shoes. Seemingly making nothing of it.... It was just another day, to the Siblings. Another gang strong house eradicated, for having the nerve to steal from the Yakuza. The Siblings then made their exit.


    After walking for quite a while, they made their way through the crowded streets of the Roppongi District of Tokyo, on their way back to their gang hideout, an industrial warehouse. The Roppongi District was once famous for it’s nightclubs and entertainment, but recently, gang violence has deterred it a little bit. There’s also more and more industries coming to the area, somewhat diluting the vibe. But this night, the nightlife was definitely starting to bustle in the area, as day began to turn to night. The streets were filled with vendors and tourists from every corner of the world. You see, Japan, like the rest of the world, has seen their borders open much more than anytime in their history. And although organized crime has skyrocketed in Japan’s capital city, the people are still out and about, enjoying the vibrant sights and sounds that the city has to offer.

    Japan has seen an influx of foreigners, and organized crime has increased as a result.

    And since organized crime in Japan and around the world has increased dramatically over the years; crime groups, gangs, and factions are all currently trying to stake their claim at the top of the criminal food chain.

    Tokyo is now almost exclusively under the control of gangs, with police seemingly unable to stop them. And these gangs each have, of course, a piece of the city as their marked territory. Today, the city is under a full-blown turf war. There are 5 gangs fighting over the city. The first of these is the gang that our Main Characters belong to, the Yakuza.

    In addition to the Yakuza, there are 4 more main gangs vying for control of Tokyo.

    The Industrialists (also known as Steampunks) are very similar to the Yakuza, and are believed to be a direct offshoot. They believe in preserving and using only Industrial age technology, which separates them from all of the other branches of the Yakuza. In a world where guns are scarce, the Steampunks are formidable, due to their steam powered weapons, mechanisms, and other inventions. It is even rumored that they have Steampowered guns.

    Next, the Tokyo Dragons Club are another powerful gang in the city. They are very territorial, and are known as the craziest of all the gangs. They react quickly and with a fervor, with what they call ‘The Dragon’s Breath’. Which is quite the fear tactic, as most people do not want to come across it. They were once the biggest player in town, but recent events have knocked them down a peg, and the Yakuza have now claimed the top spot.

    Meanwhile, the Black Tiger Clan, another powerful and feared gang, is a very sophisticated, very fashionable gang. They dress up in fancy gold-plated clothes and masks, aiming at making an everlasting impression on their enemies. The high ranking members even have golden weapons. The BTC is known for their organizational loyalty and fighting prowess. Not much is known about their leader, and it seems that they only want their own territory, and do not want to be a part of the gang war for control over the city.

    But, all in all...... these aren’t your ordinary, run of the mill gangs. These gangs each have at least one or two members who are anything but ordinary. From the outside, they look like normal human beings, but on the inside, they’ve actually been artificially ‘enhanced’. Meaning, that they either have more strength, agility, speed, or mental ability than the average human.

    And this is what Asume, Shinji and Suzuka are to their gang, the Roppongi Branch of the Yakuza. The Siblings have all been enhanced, and it was done before they were born, when they were only embyros still in their mother’s womb. The procedure was done through state of the art gene-editing, performed by an infamous International genetics corporation.

    And having the upper hand when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and the use of melee weapons is paramount. Especially nowadays.

    Because in this part of the world, guns have all but disappeared. Only a few law enforcement agencies carry them any more. And most of them are pistols. So, close-quarter melee weapons have become the weapon of choice for criminals again, hearkening back to an older era. A person’s physical attributes have never been more important.

    Each gang has a melee weapon that they specifically use. For the Yakuza, which has three different branches, they each use the katana, a classic in Japan. The Tokyo Dragons, another powerful gang, mainly uses axes and hatchets as their go-to weapons, along with top-notch martial arts. And then, there is the Black Tiger Clan, who use sickles, brass knuckles and other curved blades. The gang known as the Industrialists mainly uses bombs, single shot pistols and rifles (of which they only have a few), staves, and maces. And who knows what else the mysterious Steampunks have up their sleeves.

    But that’s enough about the other gangs, for now, back to the story>

    As the Siblings continued to make their way home, through the crowded, neon-colored streets, they stopped by an ice cream parlor beloved by them since their youth.

    "Hey, remember when Katoshi-san took us here to get ice cream?" Asume asked.

    "Yeah, we all had a different flavor as our favorite..." Shinji replied.

    It was sooooo good!” Suzuka said as her mouth began to water. “Mmmmm, strawberry ice cream and macaroons! Now I want some ....

    Let’s have Katoshi bring us back here one of these’s been a long time.” Shinji admitted.

    As the sun began to set, turning the sky a vibrant sunset orange, the Siblings continued to reminice and enjoy their walk home.

    You guys hungry? I know I am, after working up an appetite back there....awwh man...” Shinji said, before giving out a long yawn.

    You mean, that time where we saved your ass yet again?” Asume barked.

    Ahhhhhh, gotta love when a plan comes together! We work so well together, don’t we?” Shinji said

    Ugh, shutupp idiot!” Suzuka snarked back. “Let’s just get something to eat, you’re buying, since we did all the work!

    I know, what about ramen? With extra miso?” Shinji asked.

    His sisters nodded intensely.

    Three ramen bowls, please.” Shinji told the girl behind the cashier.

    They scarfed down their bowls of steaming hot ramen, and got back up.

    As the Siblings continued on their way, they spotted a rather peculiar looking girl.

    "Hey, look. Look at that little girl with the umbrella. Someone's over dressed." Shinji joked, as they passed her on the sidewalk, not hiding his snicker from the crowd. *Do a callback back to this when introducing UG later on*

    She certainly looks... interesting...” Suzuka added, joining in on the joke.

    Yeah, with the kimono, full getup and everything. There’s not even a special occasion today!” Shinji said.

    As they passed the girl by, Suzuka felt an intense urge to look back, feeling something very unusual brewing within her. It turned out that the girl was watching her leave, and they made eye contact as the girl flashed a smile and waved slightly, if not awkwardly at Suzu.

    Suzuka just squinted her eyes and turned back around abruptly, catching back up with her siblings, a little weirded out.

    Huh. That was... I don’t know what to call it...” Suzuka mumbled to herself.

    Suzu? Everything OK?” Shinji asked his sister.

    Yeah. I’m fine, let’s just keep going.” She replied

    The Siblings passed a karaoke bar and a club, seemingly forgetting about the previous interaction. Suzuka pleaded for her sister and brother to go in with her. There was a long line to get in, and it went halfway down the block.

    Uh, no.. NOT happening.” Asume told her sister.

    Shinji couldn’t help but laugh. “Maybe tomorrow, Nii-chan. We’ll drag her in there screaming, by her legs.” He said sarcastically, staring her directly in the eyes.

    OH SHUT UP SHINJI!!” Asume barked back, her arms straight to her side.

    They turned the corner and walked for a few more minutes toward their headquarters/base of operations, which is also the place they call home. It is a rather large, old and dreary industrial building complex, with a warehouse that houses the gangs' money, guns, swords and other belongings. The building has a very heavy guard presence, and each and every one of them is dressed clad in black suits, katanas in kilt. The Siblings made their way towards the entrance, and the guards nodded and allowed them through.

    After some time, they make their way to the warehouse at the back of the building.

    They are met by an imposing figure....a large, round, mound husk of a man.

    "'re finally back..... it's about damn time." Their Boss - Oyabun Wasabi remarked. "We were starting to get really worried." He said sarcastically, with wasabi sauce dripping down from his mouth.

    "Maybe you shouldn't keep sending them on missions like this, Boss....they're something ..... else." Remarked Katoshi Watanabe, the Oyabun's right hand man.

    "I know exactly what they are (chew, crunch)....and it never hurts to get rid of some competition every now and then. " Wasabi said, while eating, mouth still full of food, wasabi sauce dripping from his mouth.

    The Siblings exhaled a sigh of relief, thinking he would have been angry with them.

    "Yeah, there were.....uh, some complications with the mission." Shinji said.

    What happened tonight is sure to make waves and shake some things up in this city, to my favor. It lets everyone know, exactly who they are dealing with here.” Wasabi-san said.

    Oh. Understood. We thought that you would have been angry at the results.” Suzuka said.

    "It's fine. I have a new mission for you, anyway." Wasabi said. "Together, we're going to run this city."

    "The Roppongi Branch of the Yakuza will become the envy of all Japan."

    That’s right. We’re gonna show this town what we’re made of....fuck those Dragon Club bastards!” A Yakuza member guard proudly said.

    "But first, rest up my children. It has been a long day." Wasabi directed.

    "Yes, Boss." the Siblings replied. They promptly turned around to walk away.

    "And remember, your loyalty is to me and only me." Wasabi said.

    The Siblings paused, and looked back.

    "Don't worry, we remember everything you've done for us, Wasabi-san." Suzuka remarked. She gave a respectful bow towards Wasabi, to make sure its crystal clear, on behalf of her siblings.

    Have a good night, kids.” Katoshi remarked.

    Goodnight, Katoshi.” Shinji replied.

    They slowly leave as they walk past the wide-eyed guards, and some of them stare, frantically. When they get back to their room, they drop the grateful act and let out a little laugh.

    "Pffft. Whatever. Dammit and we’re not kids anymore..." Shinji let out.

    They sat down, and let out a sigh of relief and comfort. Suzuka headed straight to the bathroom to change, while Asume just kicked her shoes off and jumped right into bed.

    Shinji, still fully dressed, sat on his bed contemplating something. The moonlight dimly lit their room, through the grungy window.

    As Suzuka finished washing up, she walked pass him as he was immersed in deep thought. She shook her head while looking directly at him, knowing he was up to one of his schemes again.

    Right as he was about to talk, she turned out the lights and got into her shared bed with Asume. They got under their sheets, and completely ignored him.

    Shinji smirked a little bit and got under his covers as well. “Goodnight, my wonderful sisters!” He belted out.

    Suzuka mumbled something under her breath, most likely acknowledging him. He waited for a response from Asume, but she was already fast asleep.

    A few minutes went idly by until Shinji popped up and sat at the edge of his bed, clearly wanting to tell his sisters something.

    "Hey....I know I always say this, but this time I’m for real. I have a brilliant plan! A plan about how to finally get outta here.” Shinji told them.

    "Another one of your 'brilliant' plans, huh? Let me guess, you just sit back and we do all the work?" Asume remarked as she moved to the edge of bed as well, apparently not in deep sleep after all.

    "Oh noo, no, not in the slightest." Shinji said, with a wry smile on his face. He took a deep breath and then held his finger up.

    "NOW. You know....since you two are pretty much impossible to beat... with your uncanny speed, strength and killer......instincts, why not just kill our yakuza overlords and take over the city for ourselves?”

    Suzuka rolled her eyes with a ‘here we go again’ look as Asume leaned in closer.....intrigued that violence would be involved.

    My plan would be to strike at night, when everyone’s asleep. Then, all we’d have to do is take out a few posted guards quickly using stealth and the element of surprise. Ol’ Gorou won't even know what hit him. We'll take over Tokyo, and then Japan.....Then, we'll head to America and take over a few cities there. We'll be filthy rich and live like royalty! Hahahahaha!!"

    Asume’ smirked and nodded her head, impressed, suspiciously enough; and her brother picked up on that. She’s NEVER impressed with Shinji. Meanwhile, Suzuka continued to have a strained, annoyed look on her face.

    Still smitten over his plan, Shinji started to daydream about himself, sitting on a throne atop a mountain of money.

    Mhmm, ahhh, mmmmm.” He muttered out loud while rolling on his bed, pretending to roll on mountains of money.

    You do know, that that is the dumbest plan of all time, right?” Suzu said. “The rest of the Yakuza will be all over us afterwards. And, they have people over in America, that are like it won’t be that simple.

    Oh alright, calm down drama queen. Don’t take things so seriously!” Shinji replied back.

    I was only joking!” He said.

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea. There must be plenty of enhanced people to fight over there..” Asume added.

    Ugh, shut up..... you just want an excuse to fight someone!” Suzuka exclaimed, with her arms crossed.

    By the way, I was only HALF joking. But you have to admit, it would be a whole lot better than where we are now. I mean, we could rule the world.....have manisons with 30 beds, our own servants, and more money than we could ever count.” Shinji relented.

    Because look at where we’re at now...

    The Siblings looked around their small, unkempt, eyesore of a room, with only two beds to sleep on. Granted, they at least have a bed to sleep on. And they know very well that this was not always the case. But yet they yearn for more...they WANT more.

    They rested their heads on their respective pillows as they thought about their turbulent pasts and uncertain, yet exciting futures.

    And with that, let's learn a little bit more about Asume, Shinji, and Suzuka Masada. And the events that made these identical triplets become so feared across the criminal underworld.