Korean King Bangwon Maker /킹방원 메이커

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    The main character is very wonderful and it is interesting to watch him as he changes history despite the difficulties he faces, adding to that the story has a high rating on Korean sites of 9.1/10
    Description:Suddenly, it became a Jeong-jeon.

    And we must make Bang-Won Lee the king.

    Without causing a prince's rebellion...

    But at this time, Joseon was just hell.

    I had to change this too.

    갑자기 정도전이 됐다.

    그리고 이방원을 왕으로 만들어야 한다.

    왕자의 난을 일으키지 않고...

    그런데 이 시절 조선은 그냥 지옥이었다.

    이것도 바꿔야 했다.