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    Im looking for novels similar to ....
    BUT, what i do not want is anything that is not SWORD and BLOOOOOOD. You think i wanna see a beta male japanese mc farm some corn and level up?? FUCC NO. hit me with some warlord crazy bastards. Thats the type of vibe im searching for...
    - TRL (Tales of the Reincarnated Lord)

    -Mature novel, meaning blood + gore + women etc
    - MC is semi-OP
    - Interesting world setting
    -MC is retarded, coming from 'chinas 5000 years of history' and he wants to be a 'noble' under some stupid king the entire novel. idk actually finishing the 600 chapters felt like a major waste of time due to the ending and how f*cking weird some decision making choices were.
    -Realistically, if you are transmigrated into some backward ass medieval times with a military backround with hundreds if not thousands of years worth of technological advancements in ur head, 1000% ur becoming a warmongering Overlord like comon. Guy gave up about 100 chances to conquer whilst doing nothing.

    - The World Online

    Filial, extremely concise and interesting history, interesting plot, tugs on the heartstrings a lil bit due to the historical aspect, leaving earth, and humanity coming together.
    The structure of his kingdom building would honestly probably work if you were thrown into a situation like that... I think?? (if someone has big brain lmk if its retarded or not)
    extremely GREAT character growth, from defeated guy into emperor. dope as fuck in that aspect, you can see true growth and the mentality change into a true emperor.
    No sequel- the sequel would be SO sick. the author could literally just turn it into a cultivation novel on a new world.
    author got lazy last 600 chapters - it seems this trend happens to literally 90% of authors, they make masterpieces then give up or get burnt out.
    no harem- even tho his would have honestly been pretty good, it made me have an urge to copy and paste the entire novel and tweak it to where it became the same novel but with a harem... LOL.

    honestly i would throw in 100 other similar novels but you guys get the jist/vibe im going for right???
    Give me a badass, overpowered, warmongering lord. thats all i ask for. I just want some bloodthirsty intelligent king, or some dude who gives no fucks about politcs and takes his royal guard to wipe out countries.
    honestly if i cant find one im gunna write one smh.

    RE EDIT- 4/19
    HERE IS MY ULTIMATE NOVEL LIST, I ONLY HAVE NAMES, THE ORGANIZATION OF MY LIST IS F*CKED SINCE I FORGET TO ADD NOVELS, AND JUST GET LAZY SOMETIMES. SOME ARE MANGA ASWELL, I BINGED THAT SHIT FOR A WHILE. I only record down ones that I think are decent enough to read, hopefully you can find atleast one novel or manga you have not read.

    i wont add a ranking index to bias any of these, just a little note here and there, if i say something is trash, you might love it so give it a shot.
    (also, i understand my likes and opinions may differ than others, but you never know, maybe you will like a novel you read from here, and some might be on royalroad and webnovel, idk all the sites)

    Realms In the Firnament
    Against the Gods
    Desolate Era (a true masterpiece imo, this got me addicted to chinese cultivation)
    The Lord's Empire
    Ultimate Scheming System
    Rebirth of the Urban Immortal
    8th Brother (idk the japanese name i forgot)
    The New Gate
    The Beginning After the End
    Life Hunter
    Breaker of Chains
    Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles
    The Amber Sword
    Lv1 Skeleton
    M E M O R I Z E
    29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikata...katta (lol idk what this means but its an isekai)
    Colossus Hunter
    Super God of War
    Game of Divine Thrones
    Overlord of Blood and Iron
    Possesing Nothing (trash)
    Reincarnated as a Dragons Egg (trash)
    Chrysalis (weird af)
    Main Character Hides His Strength
    Hero without Blood or Tear
    Failure Frame: I became the strongest with .............
    Bastard in Zombie Apocalypse (beware, mature and gory af, i love this shit tho.. maybe im insane lolol)
    Immortal Mutant Teen
    World of Chaos and War
    Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
    The Tutorial Is Too Hard
    Reincarnated into a Human?
    Age of Heroes (dont believe the false narrative, no NTR, you will understand if you are not a 12 year old)
    Armipotent (lol i love this one aswell, conquering and blood, gets my blood boiling)
    (random note, sometimes i wish i was born in like the 800's to see if i could become a king or emperor deadass... anyone else? )
    Divinity : Against the Godly System
    Legend of Randidly Ghosthound (This book is fire, on RR, will make an impression, level system, world gets integrated into some shit, you get it. these next few will all be on RR i think, this part of the list is ROYALROAD binge reading )
    Inexplorable Chaos (i forgot but i think this one is weird af just take ur chances)
    BlackThorne (99% sure its dropped but if you are bored there is a lot to read and its interesting)
    Returning (royalroad)
    Stygian Mage
    Infinite Realm
    Defiance of the Fall (good)
    Gilded Hero (meh)
    Everything Will Be My Way (trash)
    My Status as an Assassin (probs trash)
    Fantasical Apocalypse (trash)
    Chaotic Lightning Cultiviation ( i think we are off royalroad binge)
    Great Demon King (SS ranked novel, bloodthirsty, beauties, right up my alley)
    Dunegeon System Within DanMachi (dont judge me i was bored as shit)
    Summoning the Holy Sword (fucking great read, actually interesting as fucc, give it a shot)
    Divine Brilliance (god this book is so badass, should have gone for another 3k chaps and i would NOT have been bothered. SS-SSS rank
    Reincarnated as Both God and Devil (SS rank, lovable OP mc)
    A Bored Lich (extremely fun and interesting to read, we just found a part of the list with only BANGERS)
    End of Magic Era (fuck me please read this if you havent, honestly extremely good)
    Second Coming of Gluttony (dude id rather chop my nuts off than read another korean novel)
    Pivot of the Sky
    Paradise of Demonic Gods (cant remember 100% my list says A ranked, so maybe goodread?
    The Magus Era (B ranked garbaaaaaaaaaaaaage? maybe)
    Devouring The Heavens (A ranked, try her for a spin...)
    Martial God Space (needs a translator, cool ideas tho)
    Beast God (this was ranked S, but i honestly dont remember it LOL)
    Reaper of the Martial World (bro is insane genius)
    Soaring of Galaxia
    Sage Monarch
    Zenith's Tower

    ahem... I will be withholding the ECCHI novels until further notice...
    let us continue... we are stepping into uncharted territory, these are all novels i have completed and FINISHED from now on, my memory should come back...I will rate them as i go.
    The World Turned into a Game after I woke up (Nice, good read, but korean)
    Night Ranger (decent, if you have time you might as well)
    Dungeon Hunter (another korean i believe, shits alright)
    Goblin Kingdom (trash)
    The Strongest System (trash)
    Shadow Hack (some people enjoy it, not me)
    MMORPG : Martial Gamer (Time burner, read if you have nothing else)
    The Strongest Gene (who doesnt want to be an apex predator?)
    Castle of Black Iron (SSS RANK, Read this novel. Read it. One of the most underrated novels on this entire website in my opinion. You must.)
    The World Online (Kingdom Building, Humanity saving, Chinese Nationalism, History, very interesting and cool. I love this novel and wish there was a sequel)
    Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian (VRMMORPG Very interesting to say the least, i finished it so that must mean something)
    God and Devil World (honestly i love this but i also love war, ruthlessness, and the REAL side of people logically portrayed in novels. This one checks the boxes. How would you react if the world really went this way... You are telling me you would not do the same? Lies)
    Epoch of Twillight (bleeeeeeeeeh)
    Spearmaster and The Black Cat (interesting cool, fun to read, just LOOOONG AF)
    King of the Battlefield (korean, but good honestly, Reincarnator.)
    Acheivement Junkie (this one is some ass)
    Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils (not very good)
    Life Mission (i dislike this one ALOT)
    Trash of the Count's Family (honestly not bad, just long af to read)
    Tales of the Reincarnated Lord (decent, trash ending, rushed af, dumb MC)
    The Book Eating Magician (dope, magic, seven deadly sins, OP mc)
    Heavenly Jewel Change (classic AF, pretty decent imo)
    Ascenders Rift (eh)
    Doomsday Pillars (dont read this trash, indonesian nationalism literally so hard)
    The Avarice System (hoho, system)
    Mutagen (if thats your style im with it)

    ok this is too taxing, just gunna list novels now.
    S-Rank in Another World
    Let Me Game in Peace
    Whats a King without A System
    Master of Time
    Monarch of Time (read this)
    Supremacy Games
    The Challenger's Return
    Stealing The Heavens
    Erea: Hero Summoning
    Realm of Myths and Legends
    Lord Shadow
    The City of Terror
    Evolution of The Cosmos
    Trash in the Apocalypse
    Omniscient Reader
    Supreme Uprising
    Re-Birth of A Genius
    The Trembling World
    Rise of the Undead Legion
    The new World (RR) royalroad
    Unlimited Power Arcane Path (RR)
    Dante's Immortality (RR)
    Requiem of Souls (RR)
    Wake of the Ravager (RR)
    Agent of the Alternates (RR)
    Great Filter System (RR)
    Returning (RR)
    Twice Lived (RR)
    The Scourged Earth (RR)
    Dungeon Crawler Carl (RR)
    Ancientblood (RR)
    The Infinity Project (RR)
    Second Chances
    Born Under the Moon
    (maybe cut some words out of these next few titles being lazy)
    Until Death
    Perks of Immortality
    Sacred Brother
    Forging His Own Destiny
    Blades and Bonds
    Chronicles of a Dungeon Core
    The God Virus
    Atonement of an Immortal
    By the Sword
    Abominable King
    Dragon Road
    Mythran's Master of all (this author should be burnt on a stake fr)
    Unfamilar Faces
    The Immortal
    Soul of SEaring Steel
    I am the Monarch
    Evolution (RR)
    KWATD - Kidnapped into another world
    Sword Immortal's Rebirth
    Risen World
    Return of the Monarch
    Twisted World : Time Lord
    Project Doomsday Paradise
    Way of the Knights
    The Insatiable
    The Returner
    Second Chances
    Evolution God System
    Young Adversary
    Master Hunter K
    Emperor of Solo Play
    Aquiring Talent in a Dungeon
    Kumo Deso Ga, Nani Ka
    Evolution Theory of the Hunter
    Return of the 8th Class Mage
    One Man Army
    Hail the King
    City of Sin
    Limitless Sword God
    Doom Lord
    Apocalypse Meltdown
    Transcending the Nine Heavens
    Advent of the Archmage
    Age of Adepts
    Shoujo Grand Summoning
    Devil's Son in Law
    Dimsensional Soverign
    Mushoku Tensei
    Warlock of the Magus World
    Eternal Freedom

    God Emperor
    Coiling Dragon
    Close Combat Mage
    Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual
    Sage Monarch
    Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
    108 Maidens of Destiny
    Black Iron's Glory
    Long Live Summons

    Ok fuck ive literally been typing for 2 hours making this and cant do it anymore. My list was on my phone zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Ill continue again sometime soon, this is only 1/4 of it. lol.
    all these novels are decent, just pick on randomly and hopefully there is something you like.

    MANGA (btw if you have never read manga, 99% of them are trash and a waste of time)

    Tower of God (SSS RANKED MANGA, you will binge read to the updates i swear)
    Rebirth of the Urban Immortal (manga)
    I am the Sorcerer King
    My Wife is a Demon Queen
    Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World
    8th Brother (manga)

    The New Gate (manga)
    Re:Monster (manga)
    The Beginning After the End (manga)
    The Last Human (trash)
    King of Apocalypse (trash)

    Skeleton Solider Couldnt Escape the Dungeon
    Ragna Crimson
    Isekai Kenkouki

    All these next ones may be R-18/Mature Mangas (dont really remember tbh, read these long time ago, i dont think all of them are just check the tags, sorry in advance lol)
    Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome
    Lookism (korean manhwa, idk i think it may be trash)
    Game Obu Familia - Family Senki (badass and Mature, i think he plows his whole family lmao, i was a sick bastard at one point)
    Isekai Tensei Soudouki
    I was Trash
    Volcanic Age
    Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? (idk bro imma just stop i think the ecchi will not stop... my list is corrupt... ugh.)
    Apocalupse no Toride
    Darling in the Franxx
    Death March Kara (fuck this shit)
    Breakers (shit is fire, we survived the ECCHI section. MC is badass AF)
    Tsuyokute New Saga
    Dungeon Seeker
    Maken no Daydreamer
    Ubel Blatt

    Also, this is the homie @Daresan 's list, he has a lot of decent ones that are organized unlike, ahem, someone i know.

    Faction building/ kingdom building
    1.War that transcends timeline.(Orginal)
    2.Out of space. (Orginal)
    3.Age of Cosmic Exploration.
    4.Road to crown.(Orginal)
    5.Time traveller's guide to feudal japan. (Orginal)
    6.Sword of dawnbreaker
    7.Empress's gigolo. ( RTW + I have mansion mix)
    8.Building the ultimate fantasy.( Power trip+ KD)
    9.Magic industry Empire.(Harem+Power trip)
    10.King of german Mercenary.(KD)
    11.Holy roman empire.(KD)
    12.I am king of technology (Orginal and kinda bad but works)
    13.Black iron glory. (KD)
    14.Tales of Reincarnated Lord(KD)
    15.The World Online (Vmmorpg personally dont like the genre)
    16.Lord's empire (Vmmorpg)
    17.World domination system (Orginal)
    18.losing money to be tycoon.(money)
    19.I am god of games. (God complex)
    20.Low dimension game (God complex)
    21.Shepherding humanity (God complex)
    22.Soul of Negary. (Dark)
    23.Extraordinary genius. ( Money)
    24.Godfather of champions.( Football)
    25.Gourment of another world. (Food)
    26.Dady's fantasy restaurant. (Food)
    27. Monster Factory. (Machine + Money)
    28. Master of Untold Daos ( Most similar to HN1F)
    29. History's strongest senior brother ( Same author)
    30. City of Sin
    31. The Human Emperor.
    32. Monarch of Evernight.
    33. Gamers of underworld. (Comedy)
    34. Chuhultu gonfalon. (God Complex)
    35. Chyrsalis ( Orginal)
    36. Plague doctor. (Dark)
    37. I have a mansion in post Apocalyptic world ( Harem + Power trip)
    38. Kingdom's bloodline (Very good + Schemes)
    39. king of the worlds (Fast food Universe building)

    (Note :- Orginal does not mean good, most of them are sub par, it just means Webnovel orginals written by people like you and me)


    1. Gourment of another world ( Cooking)
    2. Dady's fantasy restaurant (Cooking)
    3. Building ultimate fantasy ( Power trip)
    4. Losing money to be tycoon ( Money)
    5. Godfather of Champions ( Football)
    6. Almighty Game Designer ( virtual reality game making)
    7. Scholar's advanced technological system ( kinda Scifi)
    8. Strongest Abandoned Son. ( Harem Power trip)
    9. Superstars of tommorrow. ( kinda slice of lifey)
    10.. i have mansion in post apocalyptic ...( Harem power trip)
    11.. Re-birth of godly prodigal. ( Harem Money)
    12. Elixir Supplier ( Medicine)
    13. Extraordinary genius ( Money)
    14. Shepherding humanity ( Power trip)
    15. Netherworld investigator ( Detective)
    16. Crazy detective ( Detective)
    17. Paradise of demonic god ( power trip)
    18. Genius detective ( Detective)
    19. Gamers of underworld. ( Power trip)
    20. I am Really a superstar ( Modern/Faceslapping)

    Evil Mc Stuff ( Cultivation included but different type not usual kind)

    1. Paradise of Demonic Gods. ( Recommended for cold mc with zero emotions no romance at all and absolute face slapping, Anti-hero)
    2. City of Sin ( hotblooded kills lots of people and dark world , Harem though but unlike other brainless ones)
    3. Building the ultimate fantasy ( Kills lots of people, calm , super op , mostly focus on side characters no romance )
    4. Eternal Sacred King ( Hotblooded, kills lots of people, anti-hero, Romance but only one probably good waifu )
    5. Way of the Devil. ( Nice power up system , Cold and ruthless Mc , Anti-hero ,Romance but only one probably good waifu)
    6. Renegade Immortal ( Cold and Ruthless Mc , Anti-hero, Romance good waifu, Technically 2 but Mc just loves 1)
    7. Nightmare's call ( Interesting power up, Cold Ruthless MC, Anti-hero, No romance yet )
    8. Warlock of magus world (Legend )
    9. Reverend Insanity (Legend)
    10. Reincarnation paradise (Good novel needs mtl)
    11. Divine Throne of Primordial Blood (New Cultivation path, Anti-hero)
    12. Death sutra (Tragedy+ cultivation)

    Scifi + Apocalypse + infinity

    1. The mech touch (Orginal)
    2. Super Gene. (Power trip)
    3. Oracle path ( Orginal + Very good)
    4. I have a mansion in post apoclyptic world. ( Sorry had to mention cause its sicfi)
    5. Super Gene optimization fluid.( Fastfood)
    6. Forty millennium of cultivation. (Cultivation)
    7. Dark age blood. (Apocalypse)
    8. The First Order (Aftermath of Apocalypse)
    9. World's Apocalypse online (Harem)
    10. The Strongest Gene. (Power trip)
    11. Superstars of Tomorrow ( Slice of lifey)
    12. Mutagen (Orginal)
    13. The Ultimate Evolution. (Infinity + game)
    14. Galactic Dark Net (Cliffhanger very bad)
    15. SSiezed by system.( Comedy)
    16. Battle Frenzy (Harem)
    17. God and Devil World (Not recommended)
    18. Epoch of Twilight ( Not recommended)
    19. Terror Infinity (birth of Infinity genre)
    20. Godly Model Creator. (Ok)
    21. Devil's cage ( infinity + Game)
    22. The Legendary Mechanic (Game)

    My most recommended novels
    1. Lord of Mysteries (Mystery)
    2. My House of Horrors (Horror)
    3. Trafford's trading club (Psychological)
    4. Martial Arts Master (Romance + Modern)
    5.A record of mortal's journey to immortality (Xianxia)

    after reading a plethora of novels, i came to the conclusion that, im gunna write my own. but as i started writing. i realized to make a concise and detailed plot is actually kinda fucking hard? but fun. extremely fun. its like im a deity creating a realm. no really, this shit is extremely fun.

    so if you read this far, i salute you my friend.

    You shall see my brainchild Long Bao,龍暴, will be coming to life soon.

    A realm of infinite mysteries, massive infinite continents filled with every race, 3 realms.
    World conquering, kingdom building. starts as a trash obviously, beauty conquerer. cruel battle junkie...
    ok done spoiling

    Peerless Monarch of the Divine
    damn, that name slaps, giving me chills fr.
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    Hmm? Was this the one where the MC asked a nun to have sex with him? Something like, "Hmm, so you say you're suffering from hip pains recently? Maybe if we have sex, it will stop hurting," the man confidently proposed to a woman that took a vow.

    You just want death?
    Summoned Slaughter
    Summoned Hero, practically kills anyone. Gets disciples (female, of course), kills more people. I don't really remember if he becomes a king though.
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    The World Online is vr novel, it will leave bitter taste in people's mouth if you recommend it without mentioning vr. VR = shit for some people like me

    My diciples are all villians ( mc is not villian)
    Strongest sect of all ages
    Ancestor above
    History's number 1 founder
    None of mc are evil but all the novels have main focus on sect or clan building
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    Is Ancestor above in NU, because I can't find it
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    Back to the beginning of Ming to do charity. Kinda like reincarnated lord but Chinese and mc is actually smart. He takes up the persona of Buddha because it made it easier to control his subjects but in reality he’s very manipulative and ruthless. Dude even starts calling himself south bodhisattva and as the story progresses he gets more distant from his friends and family and begins wearing a fake benevolent smile so often that in one chapter he looks at his reflection and was frightened by how much he had changed. I just think it’s a really interesting novels cuz we get to see how he gradually improves the life of those around him. The side character are also cool cuz they die and have their own stories and are actually important. Don’t worry about the shounene ai but tbh idk why the author added it theres barley any content and I think mc is so caught up in his own act he almost tricks himself into believing he has no desires thus there was only rumor of their relationship no real confirmation. The love interest was literally like a good friend.
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    Its in webnovel, its very well written novel but unfortunately webnovel abandoned by just translating 60 chapters. They are free to read after that you can use some chinese pi rate site and use google translate. It is miles better than mtl.
    Its very good novel if you can stomach the concept.

    I am currently reading iron dynasty, it is kingdom building novel and i am really enjoying it, it is also mtl but it is much more readable then any other novels. But it is not as well written as ancestor above, at least concept of developing medival kingdom into technological powerhouse is superfun
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    Reading List:

    In this novel MC runs around trying to build up the human race for the impending abyss. Kills humans who get in his way and sometimes has to do morally grey things for the greater good
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    Sup, Haly.
    Not just pure death, obv i would like someone who also has a bit of a brain :). But yes, if this guy isnt just some serial killer physcopath I would probably enjoy it. Lol

    LOL Also, i know the exact part of TRL you are speaking of since its still fresh in my head.
    You have misunderstood,
    She was having period cramps, MC thought back in his past life of a love affair he once had, she told him that before when she was a virgin that the pain of those cramps were 100x worse then after she lost her V-CARD.

    MC told 'Telesti', "O? I heard if you become a woman.... The cramps subside" or something along those lines
    he then was thrown out of the room by her. lol, but it did work after he did it later....

    1) Overlord- Absolutely Agree, Badass as fuck novel. Read up to the most recent volume.
    2) Tzukuku Michi- Honestly this one is pretty mental, author a little sick in the head, but yes. I also concur on this novel, very much badassery, I want him to go claim his vampire waifu ASAP! but it would be cool if it showed him after that conquering and become a Overlord type shit..
    3) Wortenia Senki- I have only read the manga and it was decent, so i will give the LN a try and see if its fire.

    (Spoilers for The World Online ahead)

    My bad about not mentioning the VR part. Its not really VR in my opinion due to the fact Gaia, aka super ai #1. Literally can make the players into humans. Secondly, its not like its only 20% of people playing. Literally every human on earth was there leaving.
    And its all to prepare them and 'train' essentially for the same enviroment on Planet Hope. TBH, this is one of those where i find it debatable that its a 'VR' novel. Cuz that shits pretty real. You can literally cultivate in game and IRL. That shits real.

    Daresan, Ill check those out. I think i may have read 1-2 of them but not recently. Thanks for the recommendations my guy.

    Back to the Beginning of Ming, you say?
    I do always enjoy my big harem... But having 0 waifus is good on occasion aswell...
    Thanks for recommending it, sounds super interesting. Ill give it a go..
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    Read 1/2 of Summoned Slaughter
    To be honest, great premise. but the author is straight retarded.
    Its almost as if there is 1000000 opprotunities to make this read interesting and exciting, for example.
    I understand hes a MF killer, physcopath, lunatic, etc. But if hes trying to find strong people, would it not make more sense to just go and fucking walk into kingdoms challenging kings, strongest warriors etc? Or going to travel and fookin' slaying dragons etc.

    Anyways appreciate the recommendation, be interesting to see if you think the same.
    Rated 5/10 for me currently.

    2nd update
    fuck this shit book
    trash ending
    very angry
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    Now i am reading iron dynasty in mtl, i am at chapter 450. It is probably the most readable novel in mtl. It is very easy to understand.

    It is kingdom building and technological advancement type novel but it is much better than Release that Witch interms of realism if you can stomach chapter 1 and littlebit plot armour. I recommend it very highly if you do not mind to put yourself in mc situation and assume yourself to be patriotic. its like playing eu4 as china
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    If I recall correctly, he doesn't think very highly of kings and their warriors because they go to war in organized lines. Might be this story, but might be something else. Something about slaying dragons might have been an interesting challenge if he's trying to find the strongest people, but he's only been practicing something like PvP, so his style wouldn't exactly work against titanic creatures unless he modified it.
    I consider him less of a psychopath and more of a murderhobo (maybe edgy?) since it just looks like he kills people for the sake of it, maybe for the fun of it. Aside from that and maybe the claims "Oh, I'm just trying to advance martial tactics," and "I want to make a dojo," there really isn't any other motives that rationalize how ever many people he's been slashing down, and it's not like he couldn't have done it in a less destructive manner.

    At the very least, he seemed very clear on his stance regarding playing politics.

    I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!
    Some dude transmigrated into the body of a 4-5 year old kid who now has to run his decrepit domain. He wants to act like a shitty ruler, but he can't exploit already exploited territory, so he's building his domain for the sake of later being an asshole to it. Chances are everyone is going to continue to misunderstand his actions though.
    Slaughters a bunch of pirates and gets a harem he doesn't want because he likes his android maid.
    Beats up or kills other people because he wants to spread the name of his sword school.
    He just straight up hates playing politics, probably.
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  13. chillidude

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    Beware, some of these novels are not written by brain dead authors, and are actually good.

    Original Wizard : Similar to Throne of magical arcane, but magic doesn't exist in world, only gods do. MC studies gods and their descendants and creates magic civilization from scratch.

    I’m a God in Another World : MC finds out he can travel to another world from earth whenever he wants. He finds primitive people in other world who start to worship him. He starts to condense a Divine Shard in his body meaning he has the potential to be a God. He finds out that he can choose his own priest dome or create a new one that doesn't exist. He ends up creating one based on earth universe. He becomes strong in the other world and slowly creates cultivation techniques for earth as well. Similar to Shepherding humanity.

    My Hair can create a Demon Civilization : Same author as Shepherding humanity, plot is very different but the main idea is very similar. Has not been translated yet, so only on raw's sites. MC gets a ship that can travel through time and space, and allowed him to mutate soul, his soul is very strong and can morph life code allowing him to create new species of creatures. Creates civilization in small space like a table or garden.

    Creating a Sand table World : Author gets a sand table that only he can see and use. It allows him to interact with the real world. He can box off an entire part of the desert and turn it into a self contained world. He evolves ordinary humans at first, but later creates a magic civilization, cultivation civilization, moon elf's civilization, mars civilization.

    Rebirth Dominator : This is a sequel story of Low Dimensional Game by the same author. The MC is from earth, he gets killed by someone but finds out he can travel back to the day he was killed. He is one of many time controllers, apparently these beings were born after the 'god' left the universe. The 'god' is the MC from Low Dimensional Game. Time controllers are naturally born in their own time space, they are born at level 9, and can create worlds. MC creates a cultivation world based on china's myth. He later on goes to the crystal wall universe from the first novel. Meets Catherine and other characters, finds out about his powers and about 'god'.
    Has not been translated yet so only raw's available.
  14. dvces

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    KINGDOM not world.
    i dont really like the super sci-fi. fantasy. stuff tbh..

    Desolate Era
    Perfect World

    Those types of novels and what i listed are more up my alley. Thanks for the reco's tho.
  15. Hanada

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    I am a vampire progenitor is good one
  16. theoldmonster23

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    You should recommend those novels to actually be translated they sound interesting and I want to read them but MTL is garbage lol.
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  17. prasantbagale

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    Haven't read this one but many suggest
    Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece

    Check it out
  18. Jojo775

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    Dude, it has Online in title. For veteran as myself I can tell it's trash just by the title.
    Not written by brain dead authors....Throne of Magical Arcana......ROFL I won't even comment on the others
  19. Daresan

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    Dude Are you confusing it with something else?? Throne of Magical Arcana is written by cuttlefish that loves diving. He has written
    1. Lord of Mysteries
    2. Martial Arts Master
    3. Embers Ad Infinitum
    4. Sage who transcended samsara

    Each are high quality novels you will rarely find in nu.
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    Sorry but no. Look I've been here since the start and those are definetly not hq novels but your average trash, not even on the level of decent xianxia like Martial World 3/5. Hell they're not even on the level of Release that Witch 2.5/5. I don't read novels here anymore but if you want examples of actual HQ novels they would be Coiling Dragon, World of Cultivation, Tales of the Reincarnated Lord, Cultivation Chat Group, Monarch of Evernight, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
    That's hq for webnovels, not actual HQ but they're all pretty good and fun, 4/5
    Actual HQ would be Mother of Learning but that's not Asian. 5/5

    Here's a link to my list of best fanfics when you get bored and realize how bad asian webnovels really are
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