Novel Kung Fu Beyond the World

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    Chapter 18 - Configuring the Medicated Bath

    The next step is to buy the herbs needed for the medicated bath.

    But for these medicinal materials, Zhong Yihan also bought some of the more common on the earth in a store, such as a safflower, camphor wood shavings, hydrangea, etc.

    He did not buy other materials, not because they were not available in the store. Although Zhong Yihan did not know what level of Xia Ling ’s “medicine bathing learner” skills, she was rewarded systematically and the “medicine bathing learner” skills will not be too bad. Think about Xia Ling's other massage skills. Although IQ is not very reliable, after finding the right strength, the massage technique is still really good.

    So, he can’t buy all the materials in one store. What if it catches others' attention and they try to make medicinal bath bags with these materials?

    After all, safflower and camphor wood shavings are common materials for making medicated baths. As soon as he said the names of these medicines, the little girl in the store guessed that he wanted to configure the medicated baths package.

    Zhong Yihan asked the price.

    Cheap 1288, expensive 2888.

    The specific effect was blown up by the little girl who sold the medicine, and he didn't know how much commission she could get in a pack-but when the little girl learned that Zhong Yihan had no intention of buying, the expression was wonderful.

    After going to several stores, Zhong Yihan bought a lot of medicinal materials at one time and spent a total of four thousand yuan.

    Because tomorrow is Sunday and there is no need to go to school, Zhong Yihan called his mother directly and said that he would go to the Internet cafe tonight to surf the Internet with the fat man, and he would not go home.

    The mother also understood it, saying that it was necessary for Zhong Yihan to relax and not to strain himself so tightly.

    Only his sister, Zhong Qiaoyue, was very depressed...because her brother went online without taking her.

    Of course, Zhong Yihan definitely didn't go to the Internet cafe, but took all the equipment and opened a room in a small hotel near the school.

    He chose this small hotel because it was recommended by Zhu Zhenxing.

    He said that this small hotel is particularly private, with good sound insulation, and the price is not that expensive, only over a hundred a night.

    the most important is……

    There are bathtubs, big double bathtubs!

    Zhong Yihan clearly remembered the lascivious expression of the fat man raising his eyebrows after saying this.

    But on the way to the hotel, an episode happened.

    Xia Ling has been hiding in Zhong Yihan's clothes pocket and looks honest-in fact, she is panicked because the "giants" all over the world and the "metal buckets" that come and go are all over the street. A building higher than the sky ...

    Frightened the elf.

    So for a whole day, Xia Ling hid in the pocket and couldn't say a word.

    Until the evening, after Zhong Yihan bought the equipment and herbs, he felt hungry, so he went to a fried chicken shop, bought a big hamburger, fried chicken and the like.

    This kind of high-calorie food is Zhong Yihan's favorite. Now young people consume a lot because of learning Kung Fu, so high-calorie food is a good thing.

    Of course, rich people don't like this kind of junk food, they have better choices.

    Nutrition potions, even the flesh, and blood of the beasts of Different World.

    But for Zhong Yihan, since his father was in prison, even if such junk food, he is reluctant to eat on weekdays.

    But it's different now.

    Although he still owes 30,000 yuan to Zhu Zhenxing, he is already able to make money, and he is convinced that he can make more money in the future, so it ’s not bad to spend a hundred yuan for a “good” meal.

    But as soon as the fried chicken was in his hand, Xia Ling in his pocket became agitated abnormally.

    "Master, is there something delicious?" The elf's voice was pitiful, "Xia Ling has been hungry for a day, and the stomach is choked!"

    Zhong Yihan was very surprised. He originally thought that Xia Ling, an elf "produced" by the system, didn't need to eat, so he didn't care about her for a whole day.

    Even more strangely, she was interested in fried chicken burgers?

    Looking for a no-one corner, Zhong Yihan quietly put a chicken leg in his pocket and asked, "Can you eat this thing?"

    Seeing the fried golden yellow chicken legs, Xia Ling let out his eyes and grabbed them.

    Then Zhong Yihan felt a flash before his eyes, a chicken leg only bones left.

    "It's delicious, Xia Ling still needs it!" The elf licked his greasy mouth and stared at the vat in front of him.

    Zhong Yihan was speechless and had to give her another one, and then only chicken bones were left.

    This can surprise Zhong Yihan.

    You know, Xia Ling's head is just the size of a palm. The two chicken legs are bigger than her, but the problem is that after eating, there is no abnormality in the small belly, and she is screaming to continue eating.

    Is her stomach connected to another dimension? !!

    In this way, Xia Ling ate eighteen chicken legs and twenty-six chicken wings in a row. Then she sat up and slaps her belly full of satisfaction.

    "This is the best thing Xia Ling has ever eaten! Master, can Xia Ling still eat it in the future?"

    Zhong Yihan had no power to speak at this moment, and had to say, "As long as you perform well, there will be such fried chicken in the future!"

    Ignoring the happy little elf in his pocket, Zhong Yihan ate the rest of the chicken wing burger and filled his stomach before going to the hotel.

    After opening a room with a bathtub, Zhong Yihan took Xia Ling out of his pocket.

    "Wow, this room is so big and the bed is so big!" Xia Ling flew around as soon as she came out, and curiously looked at everything in the room. Finally, she flung onto the hotel's big bed, happily looking at the pillow, "The bed is so soft and so comfortable!"

    Zhong Yihan ignored her and took out the medicinal materials one by one. After finishing, he said, "Okay, don't play, let's prepare a medicated bath bag. Today I will try the effect of this medicated bath bag."

    As soon as she heard the medicated bath, Xia Ling's eyes lit up immediately, and she flew up and called out, "Okay! It's an honor for Xia Ling to serve the master!"

    The elf flew over such a pile of medicinal materials, first closed her eyes, and twitched her little nose to sniff.

    After a while, Xia Ling opened her eyes and said, "Master, the quality of these medicinal materials is not good. Look at this safflower. The medicine is average. In ten, medicine is only four points. The quality of Xue Jie is also poor, and the medicine is only five. In this case, the effect of the medicated bath will be very poor... "

    Xia Ling spoke a lot, and Zhong Yihan realized that the medicinal materials were not bought casually.

    Because of the variety of medicinal materials, growth environment, and year of growth, the quality of each medicinal material is different.

    Like artificial fattening ginseng, even if it is the size of a radish, its medicinal properties are not as good as a beard of wild ginseng for decades.

    Therefore, these medicines bought by Zhong Yihan from the store are basically not very medicinal. If on a scale of 10 out of 10, they are basically four or five.

    "Do you mean that medicinal materials of this quality cannot be configured in a bath bag?"

    Zhong Yihan was very disappointed and couldn't help but scold two "dishonest traders" in his mind, but he also knew that most of the medicinal materials sold in this ordinary store were artificially cultivated, and it is normal not to be able to buy those with high medicinal materials.

    Xia Ling shook her head and said, "It is not impossible, but the effect of the medicated bath will be discounted a lot."
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    Chapter 19 - Xia Ling's Tears

    "If you can't configure, just ok... wait, what do you say ?! Can you configure?"

    Xia Ling nodded: "It is still possible to configure, the higher the medicinal properties of the medicinal materials, the better the effect of the medicated bath bag. If it is a perfect score, it is, of course, difficult to find medicinal materials with perfect medicinal properties. If they are all eighty-nine points, a medicinal bath close to the perfect score can be configured. But now these medicinal materials can only be configured with a medicinal bath pack of 40-50% level, mainly because of the high quality of this purple energy grass. "

    "That's it!"

    Zhong Yihan rejoiced again.

    As for the effect is not good...

    There's nothing he can do about it.

    After all, high-quality medicinal materials are not so easy to get. Even ordinary medicines, if you want to pursue high quality, you must look for the wild ones. The old ones are not only scarce, but the price is not cheap. Zhong Yihan can not afford it now.

    "Master, do you want to start dispensing now?"

    "Of course, start now!"

    After Xia Ling got the order, she immediately started.

    Only see her flying around constantly, taking out a variety of materials, some ground into powder, some shredded, and some two materials put together and mashed, dumping the residue, leaving only sap, and some of the medicinal materials were burned to ashes by her ...

    Then, Xia Ling configured these processed herbs into a medicine bag at a special ratio.

    "Master, help Xia Ling pack it."

    After the medicines in the medicated bath bag are prepared, they need to be packed in a small bag prepared in advance. Xia Ling's arms are too short and it takes too much effort to pack.

    Zhong Yihan picked up the medicine and poured it in, and said, "Is this over?"

    He always felt that the process was a bit too simple.

    "Not yet."

    Xia Ling flew to the opening of the medicine packet, her face was facing the medicinal material, and she cried after a while.

    Seeing her tears twirling frantically in her eyes, Zhong Yihan suddenly panicked.

    "Hey, why are you crying? I didn't bully you?"

    Xia Ling's two drops of tears fell into the pill pack, and then a faint green light was emitted, and the green light was soon turned into water vapor and dispersed on the medicinal material, and was immediately absorbed into the medicinal material.

    Xia Ling wiped the snot that was about to flow out, and suddenly laughed: "This is all right, the master can try it."

    "What does it mean?"

    "Hee hee!" Xia Lingjiao laughed. "My tears are very powerful. It is a strong catalyst. If there are no my tears, even if someone uses the same medicinal materials and the same ratio to make a medicine pack, the effect is only one-hundredth of this! "

    "That's it!" Zhong Yihan was overjoyed. Doesn't this mean that this kind of medicine pack can be kept as secret as possible?

    "Great! Xia Ling, you are really my little angel! I'll try it now and see how effective it is!"

    Zhong Yihan couldn't wait any longer, so he had to go straight to the bathroom with a medicine bag.

    But Xia Ling stopped him: "Wait, master!"

    "What's wrong? Anything else to watch out for?"

    Xia Ling tilted his head and said, "Master, the main effect of this medicated bath pack is to eliminate fatigue, activate the blood vessels, stimulate the activity of cells, and also eliminate dark injuries and whiten the skin. Therefore, this medicated bath pack needs to be used in a place full of energy. The effect will be better because, in the state of the bath, the body will absorb the energy greatly. "

    Zhong Yihan stunned and said, "Do you mean, this medicine bath is best to go to Different World to use?"

    Seeing Xia Ling nodded her head, Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly.

    He went to the Different World to do a medicine bath. Even though he had this idea, he didn't have the courage!

    The place in the Different World is dangerous. With his current strength, although he can easily kill evil rabbit beasts, he must also be careful.

    As for the more powerful tooth canine beasts, he can only avoid them now and dare not face them at all.

    In case of a medicinal bath, a group of evil rabbits or fangs and beasts rush over, then his life will be lost? !!

    Unless, he can clear up an absolutely safe area in Different World, and also need to arrange protective measures.

    This kind of thing may be considered in the future, but now he has no ability at all.

    At this time Xia Ling also said, "Even if you don't go to Different World, but it's not the best state for medicated baths now!"

    Zhong Yihan wondered, "Why do you say that?"

    "The medicated bath prepared by me can stimulate the potential of the human body, but the premise is that you must also work hard! If a person does not work hard, he will soak in the medicated bath all day, and the growth of the body is also limited. The medicinal bath has the maximum effect, then you must exercise, fight, and release your physical potential. When you are exhausted, come to the medicinal bath to achieve the best effect! "

    Zhong Yihan stunned: "I see, you mean, I'm going to fight in a Different World now or practicing, and when I'm exhausted, come back to take a medicinal bath, right?"

    "Yes! The development of human potential is in the process of continuous squeeze and recovery. Whenever you feel that you have reached a limit, it means that you have made new progress in the development of potential. Such growth is the most effective and is the most stable. "

    Seeing what Xia Ling said made sense, Zhong Yihan was surprised.

    Maybe it's because of her talents?

    If her talent is still so stupid, Zhong Yihan really has to doubt the reliability of this system.

    "Okay, then I'll go to practice in Different World. Squeeze the potential, right? I'm doing this!"

    This is not Zhong Yihan's bragging. He knew that his qualifications were mediocre long ago, but in order to make a name for himself in this era, an ordinary child without qualifications and resources must pay more effort than ordinary people.

    Squeezing potential ...

    He has done this kind of thing countless times before!

    Xia Ling nodded again and again, and said, "It will be more effective when matched with my massage methods!"

    Zhong Yihan nodded and took out the equipment from the package next to him.

    "Okay, I'm going to Different World right now, you can continue to prepare medicated bath bags here! But don't make too much noise, and no matter who knocks on the door, don't respond, let alone open the door, do you understand? "

    Xia Ling nodded again and again: "I know! This world is so terrible. There are tall giants everywhere, so I will not open the door!"

    Zhong Yihan nodded with satisfaction: "Xia Ling, take a good medicine pack, and tomorrow I will buy you delicious fried chicken to reward you!"

    When Xia Ling heard the fried chicken, she was even happier. She flew a large circle in the air and waved her small arm and shouted: "Fried chicken! Fried chicken! Xia Ling loves fried chicken! The master is the best to Xia Ling! "

    Zhong Yihan shook his head helplessly.

    This little guy, that is, she is smarter when she is dispensing medicine, and she usually looks so stupid.

    Maybe this is her talent.

    Let Xia Ling continue to configure medicine, Zhong Yihan put on the protective gear, took out the long knife and bow and arrow, and carried the equipment on his body.

    Then, he took out the shuttle and teleported to the cave in the Different World.
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    Chapter 20 - Kung Fu 72 Styles

    A steel arrow nailed the head of an evil rabbit beast in the dirt.

    At the same time, the system also sent a prompt:

    [Basic Archery Proficiency +1]

    Zhong Yihan had no time to sigh because in this nest there were three evil rabbit beasts gathered together. After he killed one, the other two rushed towards him frantically.

    But now Zhong Yihan is not the rookie a few days ago.

    For the evil rabbit beast, he has sufficient combat experience.

    After a few knives went down, two evil rabbit beasts were killed by Zhong Yihan's knives, which also provided him with a total of 3 system points.

    This is already the fourteenth system point obtained by Zhong Yihan tonight.

    His total system points have also reached 97, which is a hundred points short of 3 points.

    With a bow and arrow in hand, plus a distance of 50 meters, he hit 80% of the still life. Now, unless there are more than five or six evil rabbits together, he still dares not provoke it. The rabbit alone is already the way he used to add the system points.

    In addition to adding the system points, it is the proficiency of "basic archery".

    After a dozen experiments with evil rabbits, Zhong Yihan finally figured out the system's operating principle.

    Stopped animals must shoot their heads to increase proficiency.

    As long as the moving animal hits the deadly part, it can increase proficiency.

    Of course, his ability to shoot at moving targets is not good enough, and it is good to hit one or two of the ten arrows.

    Therefore, the skill of practicing "Basic Archery" by shooting and killing rabbits is really too slow. It took more than an hour to increase the proficiency level by seven or eight.

    Zhong Yihan turned around again and killed a dozen evil rabbit beasts again, but found that the evil rabbit beasts within 100 meters had been killed by him, and he could not find one, and could not help but sigh.

    "I still have to hurry up to improve my strength. Otherwise, in this Different World, I can only explore such a small area. Doesn't this mean holding a golden rice bowl for a meal?"

    "It's just that my current archery is still not good. Otherwise, I can explore a greater distance. Tooth canine beasts ... If there are not many, it is not impossible to fight!"

    In the past few days, all his activities have been centered around the cave in the base area, with a radius of about 100 meters.

    It is not that he does not want to explore further.

    Instead, go a little further and reach the inspection site of tooth canine beasts. Although he can occasionally encounter several tooth canine beasts, Zhong Yihan is afraid to take too much risk.

    After all, life is his own. He has now obtained a way to grow steadily, so when he thinks of the move to venture into Different World before, sometimes he still feels scared in his heart.

    And more importantly.

    The tooth canine beasts rarely move alone, basically as few as two or three, as many as seven or eight, all of which are group activities. Even if he has bows and arrows in his hands, he still has no confidence.

    Without his prey, Zhong Yihan had no idea of continuing to expand, but it did not mean that he had nothing to do.

    He recovered all the lost arrows, then returned to the cave and began to shoot at the branches.

    After shooting more than a dozen arrows, after slightly increasing the proficiency of the bow and arrow, his arms were a little tired, so Zhong Yihan put down the bow and arrow and started punching.

    This is a set of physical techniques called "Kung Fu 72 Styles". It is a Kung Fu practice method popularized around the world, it is said that numerous powerful Kung Fu learners and experts specializing in Kung Fu have worked together to research it.

    "Kung Fu 72 Styles" is divided into four sections.

    The first eighteen styles in the first section strengthen the body and are suitable for novices with vitality below 1.5. They can effectively train the whole body and strengthen the body, but there is nothing particularly prominent.

    The second section is only suitable for cultivation when the vitality can generally reach 1.5. The eighteen styles of this section focus on the cultivation of the flesh of the whole body and the one who reaches this level are called Kung Fu learner.

    The third section is based on the vitality of 5 and is practiced by those who have completed the flesh practice. The main role is to start to cultivate tendons-in this realm, it is considered a true fighter.

    The fourth quarter, the last eighteen styles, is based on the vitality of 10, the strong man who has completed the tendon training, majoring in the bones of the whole body-this realm is called a Kung Fu Strong.

    A Kung Fu Strong is already an absolute elite recognized by the country. He enjoys all kinds of benefits and certain privileges. If he joins the military, he basically starts at the school level.

    Of course, the Kung Fu Strong is too far away from Zhong Yihan, he doesn't even think about it.

    His goal now is to get the vitality to 1.5, officially enter the stage of Kung Fu learner, and then start to cultivate flesh.

    Those who succeed in the practice of flesh and meat have thick skin and thick bodies, and their endurance is greatly enhanced. The strength of their arms reaches 100 or 150 kilograms, reaching the limit of ordinary people.

    At present Zhong Yihan's arms can reach 50 kilograms, which is still progressing rapidly during this time.

    However, Zhong Yihan believes that it will be a matter of time before he reaches the standard of a Kung Fu learner.

    Although the first eighteen styles of "Kung Fu 72 Styles" are only entry-level, the difficulty of practice is not small. After all, this is a collection of the world's Kung Fu, whether in actual combat or theory, are the most top that group of people, spent years of painstaking efforts to summarize things.

    Among them, it adopts the strengths of a hundred schools, not only the legendary Kung Fu but also the secret methods of many denominations. It can be said that it is the most scientific system of practice at present.

    Its cultivation method is also very simple to say, that is to put out some special movements, and use these movements to stimulate the corresponding parts of the human body and develop human potential.

    But in real condition...

    Anyway, for some people who are not physically fit, this is simply to twist themselves into twists and turns!

    Zhong Yihan just practiced this body technique to the twelfth style.

    In the thirteenth style, no matter how he tossed himself, he couldn't practice it, because his physical fitness could not meet the corresponding requirements.

    In the next hour, Zhong Yihan practiced the first twelve exercises three times.

    He was sweating heavily, with white gas on his head, and his whole body was exhausted. Then he gritted his teeth to finish the last action and then collapsed to the ground.

    He didn't hesitate, he just activated the shuttle.

    "Master, you are back!"

    As soon as he saw the surrounding scene clearly, he heard Xia Ling's cheerful voice.

    Zhong Yihan smiled tiredly and said, "Good Xia Ling, is the medicine packs ready?"

    "Well, it's ok!" Xia Ling said, "A total of twelve packets were allocated. Many materials have been used up, but there is still a little left, and half of the purple energy grass is left. "

    Zhong Yihan counted the book in his heart, and the medicinal materials plus purple energy grass were distributed with a total of twelve packs. The price of one pack was more than five hundred!

    This is still the cost of pure materials!

    No wonder the medicated bath packages on the market start at 2,000 or more, and the advanced ones are tens of thousands!

    This thing really is not afforded by civilians.

    "Okay, good job, and I'll give you a reward later." Zhong Yihan felt that the elf was so reliable for the first time and smiled. "Can I do it now?"

    "Of course, Xia Ling has already put the water in! Even the medicine pack has been put in, the master can already soak it directly! Then Xia Ling massages you!"


    Zhong Yihan lay on the carpet for a while and finally recovered a little strength, struggling to prop himself up, and then went into the bathroom.

    Then he saw a tank full of blood-red water, and there was a smell in the air.

    Some medicine, but not bad.

    "This is the medicated bath?"
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    Chapter 21 - The Magical Medicated Bath

    "This is the medicated bath?"

    Zhong Yihan looked strangely at this big basin of blood-red bathwater.

    Xia Ling flew to his ear and nodded again and again: "Yes! This pack color is relatively dark and has been soaked in hot water for more than ten minutes, so it seems so dark. Master, hurry up! "

    Although Zhong Yihan was muttering but thought about it, the system should not hurt himself. Anyway, it is just taking a bath, but can it be peeled off?

    So he undressed, but because the little guy Xia Ling was there, kept a pair of underwear, and then carried the tired body into the water.

    "Huh ... comfortable!"

    Zhong Yihan breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't as immediate as the medicated bath, but when the tired body was wrapped in 43 degrees hot water, the feeling was too comfortable.

    Just like that, he feels that his day's hard work is worth it!

    "Master, I will give you a massage! Then you just need to close your eyes and take a good rest. Moreover, the medicated bath itself has the function of promoting the human body to enter deep sleep, so you only need to rest peacefully. Just fine! "

    Zhong Yihan nodded, he was so tired that he didn't even want to talk.

    Xia Ling flew to Zhong Yihan's body and started stimulating his muscles and acupuncture points with an electric current. After all, he had tried a massage before, So Xia Ling remembers the amount of current released, so it is just right for Zhong Yihan.

    The pressed part felt sour but extremely comfortable.

    Zhong Yihan could not help but utter a comfortable moan.

    He was really tired. In the case of hot water outside and Xia Ling massage on his body, he soon fell asleep comfortably ...



    When he opened his eyes again, he found that it was two o'clock in the morning, and he had slept for two or three hours.

    However, the water temperature is still very comfortable.

    This is why Zhong Yihan chose this hotel-because the bathtub here is not only large but also has the function of automatic insulation.


    Zhong Yihan couldn't help but stretched his waist, and then was surprised to find that the feeling coming from his body was unexpectedly relaxed and comfortable!

    This feeling of relaxation is not just a matter of falling asleep as usual and recovering from fatigue, but it seems to be washed from the inside out.

    Not only is the spirit refreshed, but the whole body is full of strength and vitality.


    Zhong Yihan waved his arm with excitement. He felt so good now that he could hardly describe it with words. It can only be said that even if there was a tooth canine beast in front of him, he dared to go up to fight 300 rounds with it!

    Moreover, he examined his body carefully and found out.

    Even the black and blue bruises caused by the sudden encounter with the tooth canine beast have disappeared, and the chest pain that was faint before is now completely intact.

    There is another amazing thing.

    That is, the medicated bath has now shown a kind of light red. Compared with the blood-red before, the color is much lighter. It seems that the medicine is absorbed by him.

    "This medicated bath is so amazing? Even the slight scars on my body can be repaired. This is too good?"

    Zhong Yihan was surprised.

    Although he has not used the tens of thousands of medicated baths on the market, he has always seen the effects on others. Although some medicated baths are really effective, they can restore fatigue, eliminate dark injuries, and eliminate scars. But this soothing medicinal bath was effective immediately, and he had never heard of it.

    And according to Xia Ling, because of the material of the medicinal materials, the effect of this medicated bath bag may only be about half of the perfect quality.

    This makes Zhong Yihan full of expectations for this medicated bath bag!

    At this time, Xia Ling flew to Zhong Yihan carefully, and said with some uncertainty: "Master, are you satisfied with this medicated bath?"

    "Satisfied! Hahaha, I am very satisfied!"

    Zhong Yihan hugged Xia Ling, kissed her on her little face, and laughed, "I didn't expect you to have this ability, well, this is a reward for you."

    After speaking, Zhong Yihan picked up the clothes on his side and took out the artificial shell he bought in the afternoon and handed it to her.

    Well, it's a blue shell.

    The artificial dye is naturally brighter than the shell that is exposed to the wind and sun every day in the wild, so the elf's eyes suddenly straightened, staring at the blue shell, and then a "wow" surprise yelling, the whole person rushed to the shell, wishing to be one with the shell.

    "Woo, this is the most beautiful shell Xia Ling has ever seen in my life. Woo, the master is really nice to Xia Ling!"

    When seeing Xia Ling was happy and almost cried, Zhong Yihan hurriedly said, "Don't cry, don't cry! Keep your tears and dispense a bath bag later."

    After this dispensing, Zhong Yihan realized that Xia Ling's tears were very precious. From now on, he will never let her cry anymore. After all, waste is shameful.

    Before thinking of it, when Xia Ling was summoned out, the guy cried with a snot and a tear, and Zhong Yihan is regretful.

    It's too wasteful!

    He knew it would be time to prepare a bottle to collect the tears!

    Xia Ling was excited for a while holding the shell but found that Zhong Yihan had worn the equipment again.

    She asked strangely, "Master, what are you going to do?"

    Zhong Yihan looked at the mechanical watch on his hand: "It's only more than two o'clock in the morning, and I think I'm in better shape than ever, of course, I'm going to practice!"

    Looking at Xia Ling who was holding the shell and not letting go, Zhong Yihan said, "Let me do it this time, I will go by myself. If you don't want to go, just stay here and play with shells!"

    "No!" Xia Ling shook her head quickly. "Xia Ling wants to accompany master to fight!"

    Looking at her, Zhong Yihan was both funny and a little moved, and said, "Okay, let's fight together. What about your shells? Can't you hold this thing in battle?"

    "Don't be afraid, I have my own small space, you see ..." Xia Ling waved her little hand, and the blue shell that had been held in her arms immediately disappeared, and then she was very proud, "Xia Ling's space can put a lot of shells! "

    "Portable space ?!"

    Zhong Yihan's eyes were almost staring out.

    What black technology!

    He also found the "space pocket" item in the mall before, but the price is the highest among the first lever malls now. A 1m by 1m by 1m space pocket and the price actually needs 1000 system points!

    Of course, this price is not unacceptable. After all, the space pocket is black technology. He has not heard of any country that has overcome this technology.

    But such black technology, Xia Ling was born with it, it was so enviable!

    "Xia Ling, let’s have a discussion ..." Zhong Yihan smiled like a grandmother wolf. "How big is your space, can you help the master with something? Can this knife fit?"


    "What about this backpack?"

    "also can not……"

    Zhong Yihan compared with Xia Ling for a long time, only to know that the elf's own space, which is about the size of a liter of bottled water, is very big for her, but for Zhong Yihan, it really can't put anything in.

    Zhong Yihan sighed.

    There is no free lunch!
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    Chapter 22 - Encounter Tooth Canine Beast

    When the purple moon was on the sky, Zhong Yihan felt weird no matter how many times he saw it.

    The 100-meter-long evil rabbit beasts have almost been killed. Even if there are occasionally three or five remainings, they are hidden in the burrow, and it is not worth to find it.

    But there are still a lot of evil rabbits outside. Zhong Yihan climbed to the tree and looked through the telescope, and found that things like rabbits were everywhere on this island.

    The problem is ...

    He didn't dare to go out!

    Because these evil rabbits are obviously part of the food chain on the island, they are being preyed by the tooth canine beasts. Looking at the swift gestures of the tooth canine beasts, Zhong Yihan thinks that he should not act lightly.

    Let him work hard to improve strength first.

    Therefore, after returning to the island in a Different World, Zhong Yihan did not rush to expand his hunting but exercised himself around the cave.

    First, he practiced archery for a while, then practiced knife method for a while, and finally practiced "Kung Fu 72 Styles".

    After all, the energy here is very plentiful, plus he now has a medicated bath bag to recover, he probably felt a bit, practiced once here, and the effect was at least as good as the practice on the earth for a week before.

    Zhong Yihan likes this feeling very much because he can feel that he is getting stronger. Although most of them are only psychological, this feeling still fascinates him.

    He worked hard in the Different World for more than two hours, probably exhausting all his energy, and then went back to take a one-hour medicated bath, and then he recovered, and then entered the Different World for the next round of training.

    Because today is a weekend, there is no need to go to school during the day, and Zhong Yihan finally saw the sunrise in a Different World for the first time.

    It was a rather pale sun, which looked very different from the sun on Earth.

    He doesn't know if it is because of the different seasons in the two worlds. The white sun doesn't seem to be as hot as Zhong Yihan, and the temperature is a few degrees lower than on the earth.

    Of course, these are minor issues, and Zhong Yihan doesn't care.

    What he is thinking now is practice.

    Another two hours passed, and Zhong Yihan exhausted and finished the first twelve styles of the "Kung Fu 72 Styles" again. He was about to take a break and suddenly heard Xia Ling screaming in the air.

    "Master, be careful!"

    Zhong Yihan was sitting on the ground exhausted, hearing this shout, and subconsciously shouted in his heart: "Teleport!"

    With a flash, he returned to the hotel.

    But the moment he returned, his light also swept to a creature on the edge.

    It was a rushing tooth canine beast with a large mouth, and two huge fangs were biting at him.

    It is conceivable that if there was no Xia Ling's warning, and he immediately transmitted back with the shuttle, even if it was a second later, his neck would be bitten by the sharp fangs!

    Zhong Yihan was lying on the hotel carpet, panting heavily.

    This was the closest he had ever been to death in his life.

    If it weren't for the shuttle...

    "It's still too careless, there is Different World, a crisis-ridden world!" Zhong Yihan panted, using his hand to soothe his leaping heart, "Although the surrounding area has been emptied, the monsters will come to you. Fortunately, fortunately ... oh no, what about Xia Ling? "

    Zhong Yihan quickly sat up straight, only to find that although he fled back in time, Xia Ling still stayed in Different World!

    He couldn't help feeling panic for a moment, as if it was empty for a moment.

    Although the elf can fly, that tooth canine beast should not hurt her, but ... Zhong Yihan is worried!

    She is so stupid and so timid, what if she doesn't know how to fly?

    What if she hit a tree in panic and fell down?

    For such an instant, there flashed a dozen of Xia Ling's death methods in his head, and suddenly he was covered with maggots, and the subconscious was going to shuttle back.

    But thinking of his exhausted body, Zhong Yihan stopped his thoughts, opened the mall, bought a bottle of recovery medicine, drank it, and suddenly felt refreshed and full of strength.

    This bottle of recovery potion required ten system points. He would have been reluctant to buy it before, but now he doesn't care so much.

    "Xia Ling, wait for me, I'll save you!" Zhong Yihan clenched his fists, "Isn't it just the tooth canine beasts, who fears...Teleport!"

    There was a flash in front of him, and Zhong Yihan appeared in a cave in Different World.

    Then he saw that outside of the cave, Xia Ling was crying and flying outside, and below was the tooth canine beast snarling and chasing her.

    "Master! Where have you gone, master! Come and save Xia Ling! Xia Ling is so scared!"

    Seeing this scene, Zhong Yihan's original hanging heart suddenly let go and replaced it with a feeling of anger and funny.

    Because Xia Lingfei was as high as seven or eight meters, the tooth canine beast chased her up and down, but it couldn't reach her at all.

    But she is crying ... it seems like she will die next second.

    Really ... shameful!

    At this time, the tooth canine beast also noticed the return of Zhong Yihan. Although with its poor brain capacity, it could not understand how the "two-legged beast" suddenly disappeared and came back suddenly, it clearly felt this "two-legged beast" is different.

    It was a feeling that could threaten it!

    The tooth canine beast turned its heads, arched, and stared at Zhong Yihan, with a low-snarling growl called "Woo".

    At this time, Zhong Yihan had picked up the Tang knife on the ground, with one hand holding the knife out of the sheath, and he was ready to fight.

    One person and one beast stood in this way, and the atmosphere was very serious.

    But at this moment, there was a cry in the sky that broke the serious atmosphere.

    Xia Ling was totally unaware of the changes below, and she looked like a headless fly, turning and crying, "Master, where are you? Oh, master, it is terrible here. Come and save Xia Ling! "

    Zhong Yihan: "..."

    Tooth canine beast: "..."

    "Well, Xia Ling, don't cry," Zhong Yihan had to say, "I'm here!"

    Hearing Zhong Yihan's voice, Xia Ling froze, looking down to see Zhong Yihan, and suddenly gave a cheer: "Master! Master, you come and save Xia Ling!"

    The elf wailed and pounced on Zhong Yihan, crying at the same time: "Woohoo! Master, Xia Ling is so scared! Xia Ling thought that master doesn't want Xia Ling anymore!"

    Seeing her crying tears, Zhong Yihan was bleeding from the bottom of his heart.

    These tears are excellent material for dispensing bath bags!

    That's a waste!

    With such a distraction, a flaw was immediately revealed in the momentum, and the tooth canine beast flew up instantly!

    The flutter was very rapid, but Zhong Yihan was not the former one. Training and hunting during this time awakened him with a good fighting instinct.

    Therefore, Zhong Yihan felt the moment when the tooth canine beast flung out, and his body retreated sharply.

    The tooth canine beast hurriedly gathered figure and avoided this knife.

    No one took advantage of this confrontation.

    One person and one beast confronted again.

    Zhong Yihan stood with a knife and said, "Xia Ling, you stay on sky first, here is dangerous, don't come over!"

    Then he spoke defiantly to the tooth canine beast in front of him:

    "Come to battle!"
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    Chapter 23 - Taking Fruit

    After five minutes ...

    The fangs and beasts were ripped apart and blood was flowing to the ground.

    And Zhong Yihan was covering his left arm, sitting on the floor and panting.

    Xia Ling cried and flew to Zhong Yihan and asked anxiously, "Master, how are you? Master, are you okay?"

    "Okay, I'm fine, don't cry, don't cry!" Zhong Yihan said helplessly. "It's just that arm was hung by its fangs. It was protected by leather armor and was not seriously injured."

    Of course, his injury was not limited to this part of his arm. His chest, waist, and thighs were struck by the canines or sharp claws of the tooth canine beast during the battle.

    Fortunately, he also has experience in fighting beasts now, and he has been evasive a few times, which has not caused much damage.

    But bruises are inevitable, but this small injury is not a problem for Zhong Yihan at all.

    He is distressed by Xia Ling now, but the girl's tears are a treasure, so much has just flowed, all wasted!

    After a while, Xia Ling was finally soothed, and Zhong Yihan calmed down and walked to the corpse of that tooth canine beast to recycle.

    [One dead "Tooth Canine Beast" was found. Purchase price: 3 system points. Want to sell?]

    "Is it only three systems?"

    Zhong Yihan frowned. The threat of this tooth canine beast was definitely greater than that of the three evil rabbit beasts, but the problem was that the system offered such a price, and he couldn't bargain.

    So angry!

    Zhong Yihan still chose to sell, because he really has no better way, and after obtaining these three system points, he now has a full system of 104 points.

    If he hadn't bought a bottle of recovery potion before, he should have 114 points.

    The 10-point recovery potion has been replaced with a 3-point tooth canine beast, which is not a loss, because he is now full of strength and can fight again, and the main thing is ...

    After killing this tooth canine beast directly, his fear of this creature has been greatly reduced. Now Zhong Yihan is already thinking about whether to expand the scope of the search outside because he is not so afraid of tooth canine beast now.

    From this point, it is actually earned.

    After all, people are like this. They have a subconscious fear of unknown things. After a real battle, it is found that although the tooth canine beasts are just so so, the fear has been greatly reduced.

    Of course, Zhong Yihan did not carelessly.

    Because there was still a bit of a thrill in that battle just now. If it wasn't for the time when he slaughtered the evil rabbit beast every day, regardless of his mentality and knife method, he had made great progress. If it was the state he had just entered into the Different World, he is afraid he is dead now.

    What's more frightening is that according to his previous observations, most of the tooth canine beasts acted in groups.

    The one just now may be inadvertent breaks into this area, but it does not mean that he can have that good luck in the future and encounters the tooth canine beast alone.

    "It's time to redeem the fruits."

    Zhong Yihan opened the system mall and turned to the page of "Attribute Fruit".

    [Strength Fruit LV1: Strength increases by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect is halved after the last five doses, and it is not effective after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

    [Agile Fruit LV1: Agility increased by 0.1 after the first five doses, the effect was halved after the last five times, and it was invalid after ten times. Price (newbie price): 50.]

    [Physical Fruit LV1 ……]

    [Spiritual fruit LV1 ...]

    Each of these fruits requires 50 system points. This price is not cheap, so although Zhong Yihan had enough of the system points to buy one, he has been hesitant to buy it.

    Because he still wanted stability. After all, the fruit of this property was very effective, but the price was too expensive. In case he needed to buy something else, he was afraid that the system points would not be enough.

    But after being attacked by the tooth canine beast just now, Zhong Yihan finally realized that this Different World is very dangerous. If he can't quickly improve his strength, he can't have such good luck next time.

    Therefore, he thought about it carefully and changed the 101 points systematically into a fruit of strength and fruit of Physical.

    The appearance of strength fruits and physical fruits is similar to that of apples, but with different colors.

    The skin of strength Fruit is red.

    The skin of the physique fruit is green.

    Zhong Yihan tasted a bit of strength fruit, with a slight sweetness, sufficient moisture, refreshing taste, and no nucleus.

    He quickly ate the fruit of strength, and then couldn't wait to punch out and felt it.

    Zhong Yihan roughly calculated before. If the vitality is 1.5 and the strength of the arms is 130 kilograms, then every 0.1 of the power value should theoretically increase 10 kilograms of power.

    Of course, this calculation is not accurate because it is related to the complete degree of flesh cultivation. It can only be said as a rough estimate.

    In terms of punching, the increase in power of 0.1 is not too obvious.

    But once he picked up the Tang knife, this one-fifth increase in power made him feel like he was wielding a stick.

    Not only is the action faster, but it is also handier in changing moves.

    This is only increased by 0.1. If he waits for his power to reach the lowest level of 1.5 of the Kung Fu learner, presumably the feel of this Tang knife will be as useless as a toy.

    Zhong Yihan is in a good mood, and this kind of openness is really addictive.

    But thinking back to his efforts these days to get system points, Zhong Yihan felt that he deserved it.

    After all, he almost completely gave up his sleep time at night to practice, and this boring and tedious and the danger he faced is not acceptable to everyone.

    Just when Zhong Yihan was about to eat his physical fruit, he suddenly found that Xia Ling was drooling and staring at it.

    "Master, is it delicious?"

    Because of too much saliva, Xia Ling didn’t speak clearly.

    "It's not good. This is medicine. The medicine is bitter."

    Zhong Yihan shook his head. Although he did not know that the effect of this fruit did not work for Xia Lingqi, now this fruit was not enough for himself, how could it be given to Xia Ling.

    "But Xia Ling saw that you are very happy to eat!" Xia Ling retorted.

    "I'm not happy because I ate this, but because I thought about what happened just now. If you hadn't warned me just now, I would have been eaten by that bad guy, and Xia Ling would have been eaten, so you did a good thing. Great work, Xia Ling is amazing! "

    When Xia Ling heard it, she was very proud, and quickly said: "Xia Ling is the best! The master rest assured that with Xia Ling in, all bad things cannot be close to the master!"

    "Then you just discovered it when the tooth canine beast finally attacked me ..." Zhong Yihan was defamatory in his heart, but instead of speaking, he found a red shell from his pocket and passed it.

    "This shell is a reward for you!"

    "Wow! The master is great!"

    Xia Ling, after seeing such a beautiful shell, forgot about it and hugged the shell wholeheartedly to play, her face was full of happiness.

    "So foolish ..."

    Zhong Yihan quickly took the opportunity to eat the physical fruit. he only felt a heat flow in his body. It seemed that something was improving his body softly, and that feeling was very comfortable.

    After a while, the feeling of heat flow gradually disappeared, and Zhong Yihan opened his own system panel.

    Name: Zhong Yihan

    Sex: Male

    Strength: 0.95

    Dexterity: 0.85

    Constitution: 0.95

    Spirit: 1.05

    Comprehensive vitality: 0.95


    Basic archery: 432/1000, (in progress).

    Basic knife method: 358/1000

    Basic Boxing: 283/1000

    Basic footwork: 175/1000

    "Vitality is 0.95 ?!"
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    Chapter 24 - A Fierce Battle

    Zhong Yihan was overjoyed.

    Before that, he only added vitality of less than 0.02 a month, but after getting this system, it took only one week, and he has fully increased the vitality by 0.15!

    This growth rate is simply terrible!

    He picked up the recurve bow on the ground and tried to pull it, and found that his strength was indeed much greater than before.

    An arrow shot, the steel arrow pierced the trunk, and the tail continued to shake.

    "Bow and arrow fire faster than before, now the strength is a bit much greater..." Zhong Yihan thought, "It is time to expand! Or even have no system points!"

    Purchased a shuttle at the last four points, and Zhong Yihan packed up his equipment and took Xia Ling to go deeper.

    An evil rabbit beast was nailed to the ground. The other evil rabbits around it reacted and flew towards Zhong Yihan immediately.

    But it was an arrow, another evil rabbit beast was also killed by the steel arrow from the skull, nailed to the ground, and died.

    But there were three evil rabbits, showing their sharp teeth, rushing towards Zhong Yihan.

    The distance is only 50 meters, and the three evil rabbits have rushed to Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan took the long bow back to his back and pulled out the Tang knife to welcome him.

    Just a few knifes and the three evil rabbits died tragically on the ground and were recycled by Zhong Yihan to the system.

    It was only a minute.

    "I'm really stronger!"

    Zhong Yihan felt the fighting just now. Obviously, the increase in vitality and strength made his shooting faster and more flexible.

    After all, the outer skin defense of this evil rabbit beast is not so thick, and the tang knife in his hand is a special blade, so as long as the move is ok, even a light stroke will make beasts blood.

    The main thing is that the evil rabbit beast is too flexible. The previous few injuries were because his knife couldn't keep up with their speed.

    Now, when dealing with two or three evil rabbits at the same time, Zhong Yihan has the confidence to kill them without injury.

    "Master, there are a few rabbits there! One, two, three, four, four! Come on!"

    "Master, there is also a nest of rabbits there!"

    "Ah! The master runs away! There are big dogs in front, seven or eight big dogs together!"

    With Xia Lingfei as a "radar" in the sky, Zhong Yihan is more familiar with the movements and distribution of the surrounding beasts. As long as the evil rabbits are not more than a dozen of them, he is not afraid, but basically he must run away when meeting tooth canine beasts.

    In this way, the efficiency of hunting is greatly improved.

    In just over an hour, a total of forty-nine evil rabbits died under his arrows or knife, and his system points once again reached 50 points.

    So, Zhong Yihan bought another strength fruit from the mall and ate it.

    At this time, Xia Ling said loudly in the sky: "Master, there are three big dogs in that direction, let's run away!"


    Zhong Yihan thought for a moment, picked up his bow, and said, "Don't have to run, just three tooth canine beasts, it's possible to fight!"

    "Ah? Master, do you want to hit them? Okay, okay, Xia Ling will help!"

    Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes, thinking that it is better that you don't be counterproductive.

    But this cannot be said, so Zhong Yi said: "Okay, Xia Ling, look at the surroundings, find a taller tree that is closer to the big dogs, but we will not be found. "


    After Xia Ling agreed happily, he flew forward, and soon returned: "Master, there is a big tree there, which is very suitable!"

    Zhong Yihan followed Xia Ling to the big tree and found that the tree was four or five floors high, with lush foliage and thick trunks, and it really was a good tree.

    He climbed lightly along the branches and then saw the three tooth canine beasts lying on the grass, and estimated the distance, which was about forty meters.

    This distance is very suitable!

    "Xia Ling, fly a little higher and hide away. Don't take part in the battle later, I'll do it!"

    "Doesn't the master need Xia Ling to help?"

    "You've helped me a lot, so you can fly high and watch it!"

    Xia Ling nodded again and flew up.

    Zhong Yihan bent his bow and took an arrow, aiming at the one with the largest volume among the three tooth canine beasts in the distance.

    After eating two strength fruits, Zhong Yihan increased the strength of his arms by 20 kilograms, so the speed of the steel arrow was faster and the accuracy was better.

    This arrow was shot directly from the eye of the tooth canine beast, straight into the brain, and it couldn't die anymore.

    The other two tooth canine beasts suddenly panicked when they saw their companion die suddenly, and stared at Zhong Yihan at the same time.

    Zhong Yihan didn't hesitate, and immediately caught up with another arrow, and randomly chose a tooth canine beast to shoot it.

    But unfortunately, that tooth canine beast was prepared, and this arrow could not hit the target.

    And these two arrows completely exposed the position of Zhong Yihan, two tooth canine beasts howling and rushed towards the big tree where he was.

    Zhong Yihan continued to bend his bow and arrow and shot two arrows on the way when the two beasts rushed over, but unfortunately, his hit rate for the moving target was still too low, and the beasts were fast, so these two The arrow was completely useless.

    In a blink of an eye, the two beasts rushed under the tree, and then ...

    One of them pushed back and kicked, and rushed to the tree. After a few ups and downs, it came to the thick branch that Zhong Yihan stepped on.

    The agility is more than one grade higher than that of the evil rabbit beast!

    Zhong Yihan stood on the tree without a support point, and could only bluff and intimidate the beasts in place. It didn't dare to come up easily, but he also suffered in his heart.

    "This guy climbs a tree so agilely. This kind of tree is completely the home of the opponent. I have to go down!"

    However, there is still a tooth canine beast watching from below, two beasts formed a trap.

    Zhong Yihan jumped directly from the tree and smashed straight towards the beast below.

    The beast below saw the prey, overjoyed, and quickly took two steps to the side, and then waited for the prey to fall in front of itself.

    But at this moment, Zhong Yihan in the air suddenly shook his hands, and the three steel arrows were thrown out by him as a hidden weapon!

    This time the tooth canine beast hurriedly dodged, but it was too late, and they were directly hit by two steel arrows.

    Although the force of Zhong Yihan's "swinging arrow" with his hand is completely incomparable with that of a strong bow, the weight of the steel arrow itself is not light. The arrow is made of alloy, sharp, and has blood channels and inverted thorn.

    Therefore, these two arrows were inserted into the back of the fangs and beasts. Although they could not be killed immediately, they were also seriously injured.
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    Chapter 25 - Narrowly Escaped Death

    Zhong Yihan took the opportunity to roll a circle when he landed, and then took a long knife out of the sheath to adjust the combat posture.

    However, many creatures from Different World are very fierce. Although the tooth canine beast was nailed with two arrows on its back, it still inspired its fierceness. After reacting, it ignored the injury on the body, but moved more fiercely, rushed over to Zhong Yihan.

    At the same time, the tooth canine beast on the tree also quickly jumped down from the tree and wanted to reinforce.

    Zhong Yihan knew that once he was surrounded by two beasts, he basically had to use the shuttle to run. He certainly didn't want to give up so easily.

    So facing the injured beast, Zhong Yihan screamed with a knife and rushed straight up!

    The beast jumps up high. This acceleration of the forward flutter skills is a hunting stunt of this type of animal. Based on the weight of several hundred kilograms and the speed of the sprint, this flutter is heavy, generally, prey will be killed directly.

    Just when one person and one beast were about to hit each other, Zhong Yihan suddenly slipped on his feet, and his whole body fell to the ground, sliding along the ground.

    The long knife in his hand was lifted high, and passed directly over the belly of the tooth canine beast above his head!


    Blood and viscera fell to the ground. It was just that Zhong Yihan hadn't had time to be happy, and he saw a dark shadow and swooped over from the side—it was the tooth canine beast on the tree just now! !!

    The tooth canine rushed straight up, and a paw hit his chest.

    Zhong Yihan uses the same move and can not avoid, he can only use his last strength to move his body to the side.

    But it was useless. The claws of the tooth canine beast patted him straight on the chest. The huge impact force directly knocked him out. Zhong Yihan only felt that his internal organs were injured, and he rolled a few circles on the ground to remove the impact. Then hurriedly got up.

    This hit is lightly, and his entire chest was stuffy, and he felt a little breathless.

    What's more frightening is that there are three deep scratches on the leather of the chest, which can almost scratch the armor.

    This is the first time he has faced such a dangerous situation. If his response was even slower, he is now almost the same as that tooth canine beast!

    Only seeing the beast come down from the tree. It seemed that the eyes were irritated by the death of its companion. After adjusting its body, it rushed towards Zhong Yihan again.

    At this moment, Zhong Yihan's breath was not stable, and he could only evade intimidation. He immediately got injured on his shoulder and back.

    This time, the injury is not light, the back is hot and hot, the armor on the back is absolutely scratched and bleeding!

    "No, I'm in a passive situation, let's run ..."

    Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly in his heart. Although his current strength can fight with a tooth canine beast, in this passive situation, it is almost a dead end.

    So Zhong Yihan meditated in his heart: "Teleport!"

    But the familiar scene change situation did not appear, but the system made a mechanical sound:

    "The shuttle is unavailable during battle. Please use it after the battle."

    "WHAT ?!"

    Zhong Yihan was almost faint. He was going to die almost immediately, and the system was saying something like that?

    After surveying and hiding one claw of the tooth canine beast, Zhong Yihan yelled angrily: "System, what is the hell? What is the meaning of being unable to teleport in battle?"

    The system said: "The core purpose of this system is to help the owner grow and become stronger. If it can be teleported freely during the battle, then the owner has a dependency, which makes you difficult to improve yourself."

    "But I'm going to die now! If I died, you're completely done!"

    "If the owner dies, the system will continue to look for the next owner, please do not worry."

    "I X ^ * @ # &&& # * & (@ ……"

    Zhong Yihan's incoherent speech was incoherent, and after taking another claw on his arm, he cursed: "Then you also explain it in advance! How can I know that you can't teleport during the battle without explaining it in advance? This is your BUG. I'm not convinced! "

    The system was silent for a while, and said, "It is true that there is a bug in this system. We hereby compensate the owner for a ‘full effect baptism’, which can restore the owner ’s full state to the peak. Please prepare for acceptance.”

    "What a full effect baptism ... Ah!"

    Zhong Yihan suddenly made a scream because he was too late to dodge and was bitten on the arm by that tooth canine beast.

    Those long canine teeth pierced the left arm directly!

    The bloodthirsty expression appeared in the eyes of the beast, and the long fangs were forced to tear!

    Zhong Yihan's entire left arm was torn from his body!

    Zhong Yihan screamed fiercely, rolling on the ground in pain, this pain is completely beyond his ability to endure, if it was not for his strong will to support it, it would have been dizzy.

    Instead, the tooth canine beast didn't rush forward anymore, but stood on the side, watching the painful "two-legged beast" rolling there.

    Xia Ling, who was flying in the sky, saw this scene and burst into tears, desperately trying to save Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan felt that he was going to die. At this moment, instead of fear in his heart, he only felt guilty to his parents and sister.

    "Sorry, Dad, Mom, and Qiao Yue ... I can't take care of you anymore!"

    But just then, the sound of the system suddenly sounded:

    "The full effect baptism begins, please prepare!"

    A white light appeared on Zhong Yihan's body, and the severe pain of the broken arm disappeared instantly. Zhong Yihan stood up and saw that his broken arm also turned into white light, and then the light condensed on the broken arm.

    Then, an arm exactly the same as before grows again.

    Even the leather coat wrapped on the arm is exactly the same as before!

    Just a few seconds before and after, the white light disappeared.

    Zhong Yihan stood in place, looking at the lost and recovered arm, and found that not only the injuries on his arm were healed, but all the wounds on his back and waist had disappeared.

    As if everything was just a dream.

    But it is an extremely real dream.

    He would never forget the pain of tearing his arms!

    The tooth canine beast opposite him was also silly at the moment. Although it had a certain level of intelligence, it was pitifully low and it was impossible to understand why the “two-legged beast” had been seriously injured, but suddenly recovering again?

    How can you even connect a broken arm?

    If the tooth canine beast can talk, they will scold!

    How to fight? !!

    Xia Ling flying in the sky was also froze, staring blankly at Zhong Yihan below.

    "Master ... Master, are you okay ?!"

    Zhong Yihan only reacted this time, and this is the system's compensation, he just did not expect that the system's compensation turned out to be so nice, which made him difficult to hate the system again.

    After all, what is lost will be especially cherished. Just now Zhong Yihan really thought he would die here.

    He turned back to Xia Ling in the sky and smiled: "I'm all right, Xia Ling, rest assured!"

    Then he picked up the knife and stared at the tooth canine beast on the opposite side, with a faint smile on his face.

    "I have never been so miserable in my life, son of a bitch, it's your turn now!"
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    Chapter 26 -Spiritual Sublimation

    One minute later, the tooth canine beast was killed by Zhong Yihan, and this time, Zhong Yihan was not injured.

    The reason for this kind of success is not that Zhong Yihan's strength, but that the mentality of this tooth canine beast has collapsed.

    After all, this kind of creature has some wisdom, and any creature that has a certain intelligence and can think autonomously can see that its prey has broken its arm, and can recover as usual in a few seconds. It is estimated that the state of mind will collapse. If it doesn’t understand, maybe this kind of mentality problem will not occur.

    After the battle, Xia Ling flew down, holding Zhong Yihan and crying.

    And Zhong Yihan also appeased Xia Ling.

    After all, he was almost dead this time. The impact and shock this time on him were bigger than the one he had lived for more than ten years before. At that time, he really thought he was going to die.

    Therefore, after this "escape from the dead", Zhong Yihan felt that his entire spiritual realm had been elevated.

    "Hey, the system ..." Zhong Yihan rested for a while and said, "Even if we are even with this matter, if there is any premise in the future, I hope you explain it earlier, I don't want to be so thrilling next time. "

    However, the system did not answer, but after a few seconds, a line appeared on the system panel: "I know, I won't."

    Zhong Yihan laughed.

    He is so generous, let this matter be so. Once he knew that even if he cares about it, there is nothing he can do about this system. The second reason is that after this experience, his spirit really sublimated, He is open-minded and unwilling to care about such trivial matters.

    Of course, he was awakened by the battle.

    With his current strength, it's not time yet.

    Xia Ling looked pitifully at Zhong Yihan: "Master, it's terrible here, shall we go back?"

    Zhong Yihan smiled: "Okay! Let's go back! Master will take you to eat delicious food! Just eat your favorite fried chicken!"

    "Really ?!"

    Zhong Yihan kissed her on her face, and laughed, "Of course it is true! This time you can eat as much as you want!"

    "Yeah! Master is so nice!"

    Xia Ling shouted in excitement, and then learned Zhong Yihan, and kissed him several times on his big face, making Zhong Yihan laugh loudly.


    The practice is important. This is his path, and he will continue unswervingly.

    But after the battle just now, Zhong Yihan found that his life could not just be practice, but also a lot of things he needed to do.

    Such as maintaining family relationships, such as maintaining friendships.

    Such as enjoying life ...

    Back to the hotel using the shuttle.

    Zhong Yihan was lying on the soft bed of the hotel. He never thought that he would be so nostalgic for the warmth of the bed one day.

    If he really died like that just now, presumably his parents and Qiaoyue would be very sad.

    Since his father was sentenced to justice, he has felt tremendous pressure. He has been practicing hard every day. Even if he eats, he just has to say a few words to his family occasionally. Then he quickly chops up and goes out to practice.

    So to speak, he hasn't talked with his family for a long time and had a meal.

    In addition, the conditions in the family are not good, and it has been a long time since the family had a nice dinner together.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan wanted to smack himself.

    He now clearly has the ability to make money and earns a lot of money. Although there are still debts that have not been paid off, it is not a problem to prepare a nice dinner for the family and make the living conditions at home better.

    However, he did not think this at all but bought himself equipment and medicine.

    It's not that Zhong Yihan is not filial, but that as a man, his way of thinking is often so careless, he doesn't care much about the details.

    "Master, eat fried chicken, eat fried chicken!"

    At this time, Xia Ling jumped and screamed aside, her eyes full of desire for fried chicken.

    Zhong Yihan turned back and touched Xia Ling's head pettingly and looked at the time.

    It is near noon.

    If it was before, he may make full use of the time to continue to practice and earn points in the Different World.

    But now, he decided to take a good meal with Xia Ling and go home.

    After leaving the hotel room, Zhong Yihan bought five barrels of fried chicken at one time in a nearby fried chicken shop.

    One of the barrels was directly in the corner of the street where no one could see it, was eaten up by Xia Ling on the spot, and then Zhong Yihan returned home with the remaining fried chicken.

    "Wow! Brother, are you rich?!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue saw Zhong Yihan walking into the room holding four buckets of fragrant fried chicken and screamed in surprise.

    His mother Zhang Aimei also froze and asked, "Yihan, where are all these ...?"

    Zhong Yihan had long thought about his excuses and said, "The bet wins, and this morning I went to work with some classmates to compare archery, then I won, won hundreds of yuan, and then thought Qiao Yue likes to eat this. So I bought some. "

    Zhang Aimei said a little bit angry: "How can you gamble?"

    Zhong Yihan laughed: "Mom, it is not gamble, it's harvesting. Gambling is risky, and I definitely don't do it, but there is no risk in harvesting. Yes, I told you the other day that I have been promoted to the 100-meter shooting range. Rest assured, I have the confidence to win the other side before I bet on them. "

    "That is not ok, how do you know that others have no hidden strength?"

    "Oh, mom, you can rest assured, I'm sure ... Besides, in fact, the person who actually bet is not me, it is Zhu Zhenxing. You also know that he has strong self-esteem, he has been provoked, I am his friend. Win, we split 50-50, lose, he pays money. so rest assured! "

    Zhang Aimei still wanted to say something, but at this time, Zhong Qiaoyue had already filled her mouth with oil and said, "Mom, it's so delicious, you can taste it!"

    Zhang Aimei sighed in her heart.

    Such things as fried chicken are recognized as junk food and the price is not expensive, but their family has not eaten it for a long time.

    Looking at her daughter, Zhang Aimei didn't know what she was going to say.

    At this time, Zhong Yihan handed a chicken leg to her and smiled, "Mom, rest assured, I now know how to practice, my strength will become stronger and stronger, and our family will be better and better. So, eat it, or you will rarely get it later! "

    Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue are both stunned. Why does this sound contradictory?

    Zhong Yihan patted his sister's head with a smile, and said, "Because your brother will make a lot of money next time. This junk food, we will soon look down on it!"
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    Chapter 27 - Homecoming Dinner

    Zhong Qiaoyue felt that her brother was bragging, and Zhang Aimei laughed.

    But after Zhong Yihan said so, the atmosphere at home immediately good, and then the three people together finished the four barrels of fried chicken.

    Among them, Zhong Qiaoyue ate more than two barrels...

    Then she patted her little belly with satisfaction and lay on the shabby sofa in the living room with a look of satisfaction.

    Zhong Yihan shook her head and laughed. She did not worry about her gaining weight.

    Because people practice Kung Fu this year, this high-calorie food is very popular, and even girls who care about their bodies are not worried about eating too much. She will practice "Kung Fu 72 Styles" two or three times later, it is enough to consume it.

    Zhang Aimei went to the kitchen to pack things, and Zhong Qiaoyue felt that Zhong Yihan was watching her, then turned around and said, "Brother, how do I feel that you are a little different today?"

    "What's different?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue sat upright from the sofa, thinking with a crooked head, and said, "It seems ... more confident? And more cheerful? There are some places ... I can't say, it just feels different. "

    Zhong Yihan smiled and didn't answer.

    Of course, it's different. He is a man who has experienced life and death now!

    Looking at her sister's curious appearance, Zhong Yihan made a gentle look, saying, "Qiaoyue, how are you doing recently? practice is very hard, right?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue bounced directly from the sofa in shock, and looked at Zhong Yihan in wonder: "Brother, did you take the wrong medicine?"

    Zhong Yihan saw this girl with a horrible expression, the mood that he finally brewed was ruined by her.

    Certainly, idol dramas are all deceiving, and it is difficult to change the way their brothers and sisters get along.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan simply said in the usual way: "You just took the wrong medicine, but your brother is concerned about you and doesn't know how to be grateful."

    "Thank you. I don't need you to care. It's too nasty. Goosebumps are going to fall."

    Zhong Qiaoyue's expressions were exaggerated with her arms around her arms.

    This made Zhong Yihan very upset and waved, "I originally wanted to give you a few medicated bath bags. Since you are so disgusted, then forget it."

    After speaking, Zhong Yihan was going to return to his room.

    As soon as Zhong Qiaoyue heard about the medicated bath bag, she quickly grabbed Zhong Yi and said, "Wait, you said medicated bath bag? Do you really have a medicated bath bag? A medicated bath bag is very expensive. "

    Zhong Qiaoyue naturally knew the medicated bath bag.

    There are a few students in their class who have very good family conditions. They don’t see much hard work and their qualifications are not very good. But because they often use medicated bath bags, their strength is improving faster than her.

    Zhong Qiaoyue's qualifications are very good, compared with Zhong Yihan, it is much higher.

    She is in grade two in junior high school, four years younger than Zhong Yihan, but now has a vitality of 0.65. Zhong Yihan only had a vitality of 0.8 before getting the system!

    The average vitality of junior students is only about 0.4.

    And that set of "Kung Fu 72 Styles", she had already practiced the ninth style at a young age. When Zhong Yihan was as old as her, the sixth style was not good enough!

    Although the girls' bones are relatively soft and it is easier to practice such body exercises, the above two figures also show how powerful Zhong Qiaoyue's talents are.

    However, in this age, talent is not enough, or it can be said that the more talented students, the more resources they need!

    But unfortunately, the family did not have the financial resources to provide Zhong Qiaoyue with enough resources to help her until his dad was unjustly imprisoned. The conditions are even worse now, and the family can only maintain the most basic food.

    Zhong Qiaoyue is also very sensible and never complains, but she occasionally fantasizes that if she can use medicated bath bags to recover her body every day, if she has more nutrition, will her current strength be already the No.1 in school?

    Of course, Zhong Qiaoyue also knew that her idea was very unrealistic.

    At the current price of the medicated bath bag, even the cheapest medicated bath bag, two packs can be worth a month's salary for the mother.

    In addition, the medicated bath bag must be used for a long time to have obvious effects. Using only one or two bags is just a try, and it does not help much at all.

    This kind of thing is not something her family can afford.

    But when she saw Zhong Yihan's look, she knew that her brother said might be true—because she knew too much about her brother's smile, every time Zhong Yihan has good things, he will have this smile.

    Although the last good thing will still be given to her, the process is torture for Zhong Qiaoyue.

    "Of course I have a medicated bath bag, and it's not an ordinary medicated bath bag. This medicated bath bag can not only eliminate fatigue but also eliminate dark injuries. The effect is very good. It can definitely improve the speed of practice. And the more fatigue, the more obvious the effect. how about it? Do you want it? if you want, call a good brother to listen. "

    Looking at her brother's smile, Zhong Qiaoyue rolled her eyes: "Brother, can you be mature?"

    Zhong Yihan smiled and said nothing. Zhong Qiaoyue waited for a while, but she couldn't help herself when he didn't speak. She whispered, "Brother, do you really have a medicated bath bag?"

    Zhong Yihan turned his head on his chest: "Say‘ good brother ’, and I ’ll give it to you.”

    Zhong Qiaoyue looked at him suspiciously.

    Although the two are close brothers and sisters, the call "good brother" is easy, but the problem is that she is a female man, and since the two grew up, she always called him "brother" and "brother". She has never called out such a nasty title as "good brother".

    Seeing Zhong Qiaoyue tangled there, Zhong Yihan was not in a hurry. Zhong Qiaoyue tangled for a few minutes, eventually exhaling, her expression softened, and then her voice exclaimed: "Good brother ~"

    Zhong Qiaoyue's crisp tone almost made Zhong Yihan goosebumps fall to the ground.

    Zhong Yihan for the first time to listen to her sister act in pettish.

    Originally, he still expected some kind of wonderful dialogue between brothers and sisters in the idol TV series, but Zhong Qiaoyue instantly brought him back to reality.

    He hurriedly waved hands and said, "Okay, okay, let's just speak in a normal way, coquetry is too difficult for you."

    Zhong Qiaoyue crossed her arms and said, "It's you who want to hear, but you who don't like it. You're really high maintenance. Anyway, I already called. What about the medicated bath bag? Take it out."

    "This is for you."

    Zhong Yihan took three packs of medicated bath bags from his pocket and threw them to Zhong Qiaoyue.

    "Well, that's it. Choose a suitable water temperature for you. Soak one packet at a time, and soak after the watercolor to turn red. The effect is the best."

    "And the most important point is that it is best to use it when you are most tired. The effect is the most obvious. I have experienced it personally and I will not lie to you. Imagine when you can’t lift your hands and feet. A pack of medicated bath packs makes you re-energized again, and the whole person feels like a freshman, so cool. "

    Zhong Qiaoyue took the medicated bath bag and looked suspiciously, "Don't you lie to me, brother, I know the efficacy of the medicated bath bag. This medicated bath bag is as magical as you said?"
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    Chapter 28 - Zhong Qiaoyue's Imagination

    "Why should I lie to you, good or bad, you will know if you try it. Also, this medicated bath can make people go into a deep sleep, so you only need to sleep well.”

    "But I remind you that this thing is not cheap, so you better do as I say, don't waste it!"

    Zhong Yihan did not lie. The cost of this medicine bath package is about 500 yuan. Although it is much lower than the market price, it is still a considerable expense for Zhong Yihan.

    Looking at Zhong Yihan's appearance as a traitor, if she didn't know he was her own brother, Zhong Qiaoyue could not help but want to punch him in the face.

    But he was her brother after all, and he didn't have to lie to her.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Qiaoyue put away the medicine bath bag, and then went downstairs to continue practicing.

    When he saw her sister going downstairs, Zhong Yihan smiled slightly. In fact, this girl has always been very sensible and hard-working, and never proud of her talent.

    She is too like man, and it is estimated that she will not be easy to marry in the future...



    At one o'clock in the evening, Zhong Qiaoyue, who had come back, gently opened the door to go home.

    Because of excessive practice, her face was a little pale, she was sweating more than herself, and she even walked lightly.

    However, she did not complain at all, the only thought was to confirm the effect of the medicated bath bag as soon as possible.

    Zhong Qiaoyue came to the bathroom and touched the medicated bath bag in her pocket.

    The bathroom is small, but it also has a bathtub, just for washing large clothes on weekdays. There is a washing machine, but because the room is small, the washing machine is also small, can only wash daily clothes. But like bedsheets, quilts, and large pieces of clothing in winter, they can't be put in. On weekdays, Zhang Aimei washed them by hand.

    It's autumn and there aren't any big clothes, so the bathtub is temporarily empty.

    After filling the bath with water, she put the medicine bath bag in it.

    After a few minutes, the water in the bathtub changed from colorless to pale red and finally blood red.

    At the same time, a layer of mist appeared on the surface of the bathtub.

    Although Zhong Qiaoyue has never used a medicated bath bag, she has never heard of any kind of medicated bath bag that will have such a change after being soaked, at most because some special medicinal materials become a bit black, but most of the time, the color of the original water is still the color after soaking.

    Zhong Qiaoyue knew that her brother would not make fun of her health. Could it be said that this medicine bath bag really has any special effects?

    For some reason, Zhong Qiaoyue's mood suddenly became a little hesitant.

    But soon, Zhong Qiaoyue left this kind of embarrassing mood. Anyway, it is useless to think more, she just needs to know that her brother will never harm her.

    Thinking of this, she undressed and lay in the bathtub.

    "Huh! Comfortable!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue made a comfortable moan, then closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of hot water surrounding her.

    The medicinal scent in the air also seems to have a relatively strong soothing and hypnotic effect. Zhong Qiaoyue was already very tired, soaked in hot water, smelled this medicinal scent, and soon fell asleep before she knew it ... ...

    About an hour later, Zhong Qiaoyue opened her eyes.

    Looking at the water in the bathtub to restore the normal color water, feeling the unspeakable ease of her body, as if even the pressure of the boulder in her heart has been reduced.

    Feeling the long-lost ease from the body, Zhong Qiaoyue's face showed an incredible look.

    Zhong Qiaoyue knows that this medicinal bath that can completely restore fatigue in just a few hours is absolutely invaluable.

    Although she has not used those medicinal baths with a pack of thousands of yuan on the market, she has heard them talk about the feelings of using them ...

    The medicated bath of a few thousand yuan a pack is certainly good, but it can never achieve the effect of completely recovering from fatigue!

    During this period, she has accumulated a lot of fatigue due to excessive cultivation, especially in the recent period. It may be because of insufficient rest. She always feels that she cannot concentrate well, even during practice.

    And the most painful is that although she is desperate every day, her speed of progress has almost stagnated and has not improved significantly for a long time.

    Seeing that the surrounding classmates are improving a little bit, even those who are not as qualified as her, the recent progress is greater than her, this feeling of incompetence makes her very stressed.

    But now, Zhong Qiaoyue really has a feeling of being reborn. She feels smooth. Even the attention and mind become very good.

    This is also amazing!

    There was a thought in Zhong Qiaoyue's head: "Where did my brother get this medicine bath? Wouldn't it be tens of thousands of yuan a pack?"

    She sat up from the water with a thrill of fear.

    Although this is unlikely, the effect of the medicated bath bag was so good that she had to guess in this direction.

    Then think of the brother's mysterious look recently, and the whole person seems to have undergone great changes, even his strength has improved.

    That's weird ...

    Zhong Qiaoyue was obsessed with practice before. Although she could feel some changes in her brother, she didn't care too much.

    But now, she connected recent events but was surprised to find that Zhong Yihan had changed a lot.

    There must be a reason!


    At six o'clock the next morning, Zhong Yihan rarely slept all night and got up while listening to the alarm clock.

    He got up and went to the bathroom to wash, and found that someone was already inside.

    "Qiaoyue, are you inside?"

    "Oh, brother, wait a minute, I'll be right away!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue's voice in the bathroom was very cheerful, which surprised Zhong Yihan.

    In this case, Zhong Qiaoyue answered at most um, or sometimes she said one or two words.

    Zhong Qiaoyue seemed to be in a good mood, and she seemed very satisfied with the efficacy of the medicated bath bag.

    Within a few minutes, Zhong Qiaoyue walked out of it while wiping her hair.

    "Brother, I'm done washing, you can use it."

    Zhong Yi said: "Well, how is the efficacy of the medicated bath bag?"

    "It works very well, you are so nice to me, thank you."

    Zhong Qiaoyue laughed, making Zhong Yihan feel awkward. However, the spirit of Zhong Qiaoyue is indeed much better than usual, and he is satisfied.

    Wait for the medicated bath bag to have more than enough, let mother try.

    "Oh? Brother, when do you buy a model?"


    Zhong Yihan looked back and found that he had forgotten to close the bedroom door. Zhong Qiaoyue was standing at the door, just to see Xia Ling lying on the bedside.

    The elf was lying there, her skin was like jade, and she looked small and exquisite.

    Zhong Yihan was shocked and rushed to close the door in three steps and two steps, and then explained with a guilty conscience: "What the hell ... I picked it up on the road."

    Zhong Qiaoyue's "I understand" expression, frowned and said: "I didn't expect you like this kind of thing, oh, it's still on the bed ... But brother, rest assured, this secret will never be told because you give me a medicated bath bag. "

    "It is not what you think it is."

    Zhong Yihan can hardly argue, and he cannot directly say that it is his pet, but if he does not explain, his great image in the younger sister's mind will certainly change.

    "Okay, the explanation is to cover up, and you are a young boy, who doesn't have a little secret, you have to wash it, or you will be late."

    Looking at the back of his sister's departure, Zhong Yihan thought: When did his sister know a lot?

    This...... The change is so sudden!
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    Chapter 29 - Good Brother

    "Yihan, how do you feel that you don't look well? Didn't sleep well last night?"

    In the afternoon physical education class, Zhong Yihan was thinking about how to restore his magnificent image in the mind of his sister.

    Fortunately, Xia Ling was sleeping at the time, but Zhong Qiaoyue didn't find out that she was actually alive.

    It seems that he must be more careful in the future. If his sister discovers the secret of Xia Ling, it is really difficult to explain.

    "Hey, I have something for you."

    Zhong Yihan took out three medicated bath bags from his pocket and handed them to Zhu Zhenxing, who accidentally took the medicated bath bags and smelled them.

    "What, I thought it was food, it turned out to be a medicated bath bag. Why do you give it to me? If I want to use it, just buy it myself. Your money is not much."

    Zhu Zhenxing's younger sister, Zhu Xiaoyu, often uses medicated bath bags, so he knows something about this kind of thing.

    He thought that Zhong Yihan had borrowed money before to buy medicated bath bags, and he was actually very happy.

    Zhu Zhenxing never minded Zhong Yihan using his money to improve himself, even before he had hinted many times, but he refused.

    If Zhong Yihan could have figured this out earlier, his vitality would have already broken by 1.

    After all, Zhong Yihan's hard work is famous in his class.

    "This medicated bath pack is made by myself. The effect is very good. I have some extras here, so I want you to try it too."

    Zhong Yihan did not intend to conceal the matter of the medicated bath bag of Zhu Zhenxing, of course, he would choose not to say anything about Xia Ling.

    During this time, Zhong Yihan's strength has improved rapidly, and a suitable excuse is needed to explain the reason for his rapid improvement.

    Zhu Zhenxing disagrees: "Did you prepare it yourself? Just kidding? If the medicated bath bag can be prepared by yourself, it will be so expensive?"

    Zhong Yihan had expected Zhu Zhenxing to have such a reaction. He said: "I'm telling the truth. I accidentally picked up a recipe some time ago, so I borrowed money from you and wanted to try. Dispensing it, I didn’t expect it to be successful in the end. Otherwise, you think there are only 30,000 yuan, and I can’t buy a few medicated bath bags. How could I have the rest for you? ”

    Zhu Zhenxing looked suspicious, but after thinking about it, it didn't seem to make much sense to delve into such things.

    Anyway, it is a fact that Zhong Yihan's strength has improved, and he can give himself a medicine package, which is also a sentiment.

    Thinking of this, Zhu Zhenxing put away the medicated bath bag and said, "Well then, I'll take it, but you don't have to give it to me, you know, I don't have any plans to practice Kung Fu at all. You might as well keep the bath bag on your own. I know the situation of my sister. If it really started to be used. How much is not enough. "

    Zhong Yihan said with satisfaction: "You can rest assured, I know."

    Zhong Yihan felt relieved when he sent everything he needed to send.

    Today's physical education class is the practice of strength and boxing, which is the traditional punching bag. Zhong Yihan is just planning to try how much his strength has improved today.

    After using the fruit of strength, Zhong Yihan estimates that he now has about 70 kilograms in his arms.

    But this is only an estimate, he needs to confirm through sandbags.

    As usual, Zhong Yihan came to the commonly used forty-kilogram sandbag and punched it.

    Forty kilograms of sandbags were hit directly at sixty or seventy degrees, which was still the case when Zhong Yihan did not use his full strength.

    In the past, Zhong Yihan was able to hit a forty-kilogram sandbag at forty degrees.

    "Oh my god, you are so powerful."

    Zhu Zhenxing was still aside, startled by Zhong Yihan's fist.

    As a fat man weighing nearly 100 kilograms, his strength has always been his only advantage over Zhong Yihan.

    But now it seems that Zhong Yihan has made great progress in strength?

    Zhong Yihan turned his wrist and did not answer Zhu Zhenxing, but came to the fifty-kilogram sandbag.

    Zhu Zhenxing said: "Yihan, are you too anxious to hit the 50kg sandbag now? Don't underestimate the gap of 10kg. Many students fall behind because they are trying to be brave and get hurt."

    Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "I'm not trying to be brave, you just watch."



    Bang Bang!

    On the other side of the training ground, Yun Chao, surrounded by seven or eight students, smashed a 60-kilogram sandbag in one punch.

    Yun Chao is already tall and strong, so his strength has always been his most confident.

    Eighteen, nineteen, twenty!

    After 20 hits, Yun Chao stopped to catch his breath, but now he wasn't blushing and panting. It seemed that these 20 times were nothing to him.

    Some students were full of envy: "You are really amazing, I will be satisfied when I can reach this level."

    "Yun Chao’s strength is among the best in the class, even compared to Xiong Bo. If you want to reach this level, you can only rely on dreaming."

    "Of course, as long as Yun Chao is willing, it is not easy to catch up with Xiong Bo."

    Xiong Bo is the student with excellent grades in their class. It is also the only one in the class with a vitality of 2 and ranks fourth in the whole grade. He is the most promising student in his class for admission to Xiangshui university.

    Teachers and schools have high hopes for him.

    Yun Chao knew that there was a big gap with Xiong Bo. Although he and the opponent were in the 150-meter field, that was because the limit of the high school arrow course was only 150-meter field.

    As for strength, the nickname of Xiong Bo “Black Bear” is not fake. It is said that his ultimate strength has reached 130 kilograms or even higher.

    Although Yun Chao's arms are also 90 kilograms in strength, he clearly knows that it is almost impossible for him to catch up with the opponent.

    However, he was still very happy and even proud of being flattered by his classmates.

    "Ha ha ha, I still know my strength. But I am very happy to be able to improve today, I will invite everyone to a bottle of drink."

    Fa Niu is a refreshing drink that Zhu Zhenxing invited Zhong Yihan to drink. More than a hundred yuan per bottle, it is nothing to Yunchao, but to these students who are flattering, it is a rare drink.

    When a few people heard it, they were very happy, so they said more compliments.

    "Yun Chao is so nice!"

    "Yun Chao is generous!"

    Surrounded by all kinds of praises, Yun Chao is so happy. No matter how powerful Xiong Bo is, all day long he only cares about practice, he has lost touch with his class.

    He just bought drinks that can get a lot of fans.

    Uh ...

    "Well? Yun Chao, look over there, Zhong Yihan seems to be hitting a 50 kg sandbag!"
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    Chapter 30 - Zhong Yihan's Progress

    "Well? Yun Chao, look over there, Zhong Yihan seems to be hitting a 50 kg sandbag!"

    Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to Zhong Yihan's side.

    Yun Chao looked subconsciously, only to see Zhong Yihan's fist fierce, hitting a 50 kg sandbag, and each time he raised the sandbag at an angle of at least fifty or sixty degrees, looking very excited.

    But Yun Chao's expression was disdainful.

    A student beside him knew that Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao didn’t get along well, and the two still had a bet. They immediately said: "The fifty-kilogram sandbag is an individual that can be moved."

    "That's right. The strength of a fifty-kilogram is even less than that of most girls. Zhong Yihan was so embarrassed to challenge Yun Chao at this level. He couldn't do it, but he was lucky to advance in an elective course. "

    A student with yellow hair said, "This kind of person can't figure out their position. Even if they go to society later, they will definitely lose. This time, betting is as if Yun Chao gave him a lesson in advance. To him, Maybe it's a good thing. "

    Yun Chao nodded, expressing satisfaction with the words of the brothers.

    Then he subconsciously glanced in the direction of Li Xinyu. Like most of the boys in the class, Yun Chao liked Li Xinyu. In fact, he had once confessed to Li Xinyu in grade 2 but was rejected at that time.

    Li Xinyu only said one sentence at the time: "Only people who are stronger than me are eligible to pursue me."

    Yun Chao was anxious about this and always wanted to find a chance to prove himself.

    The matter of betting with Zhong Yihan has been advertised by him. Li Xinyu might know—for Yun Chao, he has never put Zhong Yihan in his eyes. This time the fight For him, it is a great opportunity to show off.

    Yunchao has decided that by that day, he must show his strongest strength. One is to give vent to his cousin's anger on Zhong Yihan. The other is that it would be better if Li Xinyu could look at himself.

    Under the sun, Li Xinyu's fair skin was as beautiful as white jade. When Yun Chao looked at the beautiful face, he noticed that Li Xinyu seemed to inadvertently glance in the direction of Zhong Yihan.


    With Li Xinyu's character, she should be impossible to be interested in Zhong Yihan, who is far worse than her.

    But when Li Xinyu looked at Zhong Yihan for the second time, and even her whole body turned around, her face was slightly surprised, and her eyes even blinked, Yun Chao's face suddenly gloomy.

    Zhong Yihan!

    What did this bastard actually do that actually caught Li Xinyu's attention?

    "Zhong Yihan actually moved the 60kg sandbag!"

    Someone suddenly exclaimed. At this time, Yun Chao noticed that the continually beaten flying sandbag in front of Zhong Yihan was printed with a prominent "60KG" sign.

    Zhong Yihan's punches the sandbag, each punch made a "bang" on the sandbag, and the sandbag was blown out at a height of forty or fifty degrees, proving Zhong Yihan's strength.

    A dozen punches and a sixty-kilogram sandbag flying up and down under his fists looked spectacular.

    To say that Yun Chao is not surprised that it is fake. It can move a sandbag of 60 kilograms, and it looks quite easy.

    This data is already in the middle of the class.

    Although it's not worth bragging about and can't compare with him, the problem is that's Zhong Yihan!

    When did this guy make so much progress? !!

    Let's look at Li Xinyu's sight for some time on Zhong Yihan. Yun Chao immediately said: "It's just sixty kilograms. What's so proud of it."

    Yun Chao said and came to the 70-kilogram sandbag, took a deep breath, fought hard, and thumped the sandbag.

    "Yun Chao is still more powerful. 70kg sandbags are too easy."

    "Zhong Yihan must be pretending. He must have seen Yun Chao hit 60 kilograms. He also learned to punch."

    "Even if Zhong Yihan can really move the 60kg sandbag, he won't be able to win Yun Chao."

    Yun Chao, while punching, paid attention to Li Xinyu's direction, and wanted to know if she was attracted to him.

    As a result, Li Xinyu didn't look at him here at all, didn't even react at all, just whispered something to a girl around her.

    "Xin Yu, this is Zhong Yihan, I heard he said with the fat man, you spent too much money."

    The girl who talked to Li Xinyu was named Zhang Li. She was considered Li Xinyu's girlfriend. On the appearance, it is ok, but popularity in the class is very bad.

    It's because she likes to gossip and feels good about herself.

    Li Xinyu frowned at Zhong Yihan, eyes full of disgust.

    Last time Zhang Li called and told her that Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing were talking about her, which made her very unhappy.

    There are still people who have such a patriarchal mind, such a view is simply disgusting.

    However, she will not waste her energy to pay attention to such meaningless things. In her opinion, whether it is Zhong Yihan or Zhu Zhenxing, the intersection with her in this life is limited to her classmates. Once she graduates from high school, they are in two worlds. There will be no intersection in this life.

    Why waste time and focus on them?

    Therefore, Li Xinyu didn't say much, just glanced, and continued her practice.

    At the same time, Zhong Yihan, who was getting better, started to try a 70-kg sandbag.

    Zhu Zhenxing was completely surprised.

    Is this really the Zhong Yihan he knows?

    Why did he suddenly gain so much power?

    "Yihan, wouldn't you cheat?"

    Zhong Yihan stopped and rested for a while and said, "Isn't that what I said before? I've been using medicated bath bags recently, so I can improve a lot faster than before."

    "But you have improved too much, right? From 40kg sandbags to 60kg sandbags, this adds at least 20kg of strength. What brand of medicated bath bags have such obvious effects?"

    Although Zhu Zhenxing is very happy to see Zhong Yihan’s progress, the current situation is really abnormal, and Zhu Zhenxing's only advantage is easily surpassed by the other side, which is inevitably a little uncomfortable.

    "It may be that the medicated bath has inspired all the accumulation of my previous practice, so it can be improved so quickly."

    Let students accept the fact that he is getting stronger quickly is better than being suddenly questioned after a sudden surge in strength a month later.

    Zhu Zhenxing couldn’t believe it, but the problem was that there seemed to be no other explanation, so he carefully touched the medicated bath bag in his pocket—when Zhong Yihan gave him it.

    "How does this medicated bath bag work?"

    "Let me tell you ..."

    Zhong Yihan pulled the fat man aside and whispered how to use it. Suddenly it felt like someone was paying attention to himself behind him. He looked back and found that Yun Chao was glaring at him as if there was any deep hatred.

    Although he didn't know when he provoked this guy again, Zhong Yihan didn't even think about it. He stared back at him fiercely, and then he continued to talk about the medicated bath bag with the fat man.
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    Chapter 31 - Zhu Xiaoyu

    After school in the evening, after Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan separated, they returned home.

    Zhu Zhenxing is in a good mood today because Zhong Yihan is finally willing to use his strength to become stronger.

    And the effect of progress is very obvious.

    At the thought of the classmates who laughed at them, especially Yun Chao, Zhu Zhenxing felt happy.

    They obviously don't have a few geniuses who can reach the rank of Kung Fu learner before the college entrance examination, but they always like to make fun of them.

    At Zhong Yihan's current rate, maybe it is really possible to meet the criteria for entering Kung Fu University before the college entrance examination.

    At that time, he would like to see what they look like.

    Zhu Zhenxing's home is in a famous villa complex in their county.

    The beautiful environment here, the rockery pavilion, even the concentration of energy is the best location in Anping County, it can be said that not ordinary people can enjoy it.

    In the past, Zhong Yihan often used excuses to play at Zhu Zhenxing's house, just to practice the energy concentration here.

    But now that he hasn't been here again since there is Different World with a higher concentration of energy.

    Fortunately, Zhu Zhenxing didn't mind this.

    Zhu Zhenxing's parents are often away from home because of busywork, so he is used to the days when there are no parents at home. Anyway, daily food hygiene is arranged by a professional nutritionist and nanny. He is not worried about going home and has nothing to eat. ——It is also worth mentioning that Zhu Zhenxing has very good cooking skills and often cooks himself.

    This guy is not interested in practice and has no talent, but the talent in cooking is extremely high.

    But what surprised him today was that when he returned home, he didn't see the babysitter, but only saw a little girl who was sitting on the sofa, eating potato chips with a depressed face.

    It is his sister-Zhu Xiaoyu!

    Zhu Zhenxing curiously said, "Why are your back today? Shouldn't you be in the training hall at this time?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu on the sofa sighed and glanced at Zhu Zhenxing, but did not speak.

    Zhu Zhenxing didn't mind it either. He grinned and sat on the sofa, and said, "What's wrong? And, where's the babysitter? Why didn't she prepare dinner for you?"

    "You stay away!" Zhu Xiaoyu said with a depressed face. "You sit here, the sofa is recessed!"

    Then she sighed: "I don't want to eat, let the aunt get off work first."

    Although the two are brothers and sisters, the gap between them seems too great.

    Zhu Zhenxing’s height is 1.75 meters and weighs 110 kilograms. But sister Zhu Xiaoyu looks small and exquisite.

    Zhu Xiaoyu is not tall, that is, her height is 1.6 meters, and the biggest difference between her and her brother is that Zhu Zhenxing is as fat as a ball, but she is like a small bean sprout.

    And two people, one is black and fat, and one for black and thin, look nothing like brothers and sisters.

    Of course, this is just appearance.

    In fact, even two or three Zhu Zhenxing may not beat this girl.

    Zhu Xiaoyu is two years younger than Zhu Zhenxing. This year she is in grade 1 in high school. She is completely different from Zhu Zhenxing. Zhu Xiaoyu has been a genius since childhood.

    The school she is currently attending is not a public high school such as Anping No. 1 High School, but a private high school called "Yazun High School".

    This kind of private high school is now very common. Unlike public high schools, which can only rely on state funding and alumni donations. Tuition fees for private high schools are extremely high.

    Of course, because it is richer, generally speaking, the teachers of private high schools are stronger and their teaching conditions are better.

    For example, Anping County No.1 High School can reach the level of "Kung Fu fighter", that is, there are only three teachers with a vitality of more than 5, and the vitality reaches 10 or more, and it has become a nationally certified "Kung Fu Strong" teacher ... has no one.

    However, in Yazun High School, there is a "Kung Fu Strong" teacher, which can be said to be the "town school treasure" and "recruitment signboard" of the whole school. In addition, there are more than ten "Kung Fu fighter" teachers.

    This is the gap.

    Of course, Yazun High School has a strong teaching staff and higher tuition fees-each student per semester, the tuition fee alone is 100,000.

    Others such as accommodation, equipment consumption, resource replenishment, and the teacher's separate classes also have to give the teacher money.

    A student a year, at least 500,000 to the school-this does not include the resources they usually buy on their own.

    Of course, schools like Yazun need expensive costs, but scholarships for outstanding students are also very generous. Such schools are generally unaffordable by ordinary people and only two kinds of people can enter.

    One, the rich second generation.

    Another Genius.

    Zhu Xiaoyu is a combination of the two, her family is rich, and her own talent is high, and she has worked hard. Now she is only in grade 1, her vitality has broken through 1.5, and she has reached the level of "Kung Fu learner", but her strength can't even enter the top ten in the same grade of Yazun High School.

    So don't underestimate her petite figure, 1.5 vitality, even if the three Zhu Zhenxing go together, it is estimated that only the abused.

    For this reason, Zhu Zhenxing has a mantra, saying: "Beat your sister as early as possible, because when she grows up, you can't beat her ..."

    For this, Zhong Yihan, who also had a younger sister, was deeply convinced.

    However, unlike Zhong Yihan and his sister, who always fight each other, Zhu Zhenxing completely cares for his sister. When he sees Zhu Xiaoyu's mood is not very high, he immediately cares: "What's wrong? You don’t go to the training hall. Are you tired? ”

    Zhu Xiaoyu's mood was very bad. She didn't intend to talk with Zhu Zhenxing at first, but the fat man asked several times, and she was depressed: "Okay, don't ask, it's because the teacher said that I have encountered a bottleneck!"


    Zhu Xiaoyu nodded depressed, then hugged the pillow, curled up together, unhappy.

    Although Zhu Zhenxing is not good in Kung Fu practice, some common sense is still very clear.

    The word bottleneck is easy to understand, that is, obstacles to practice.

    This obstacle will be encountered by everyone. Originally, practice and growth were smooth, but suddenly one day it got stuck. No matter how hard you tried, you would not get good results.

    If you want to break through obstacles, you must think of other methods, such as using medicines, getting the master's instructions, etc. Of course, according to scientific research, many bottlenecks in the early stages of practice are psychological factors, and some young people face small bottlenecks, in fact, it is not a big deal. After relaxing for a while, it may be resolved naturally.

    Zhu Zhenxing hurriedly asked: "Are you too tired recently, too anxious to achieve it? I read that if excessive psychological stress caused too much fatigue, you will fall into a bottleneck."

    Zhu Xiaoyu hugged the pillow and said unhappily: "The teacher said the same thing. He asked me to take a good rest for a while, but the question is how can I rest! Now the first year of high school has been two months away, and the distance from the college entrance examination is a thousand days! If I take a break now, I don't know how long it will take, then the chances of being admitted to the top four schools are even smaller! "
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    Chapter 32 - Top Four Universities

    Zhu Zhenxing couldn't help twitching his lips.

    His sister was only in grade 1 in high school, thinking about the college entrance examination all day. The problem is that he has already entered grade 3, but he has no feeling for the college entrance examination next year.

    Is this the gap between genius and him?

    But he also knew that Zhu Xiaoyu's dream was the "Top Four Universities" as she said.

    Shuimu Kung Fu University;

    Jingshi Budo University;

    Baiyun Budo University;

    Fuxing Kung Fu University.

    The above four Kung Fu universities are the "Top Four Universities".

    These four prestigious universities are the top four Kung Fu universities, and also the fourth among the top Kung Fu universities in the world. Each year, a large number of high-level Kung Fu Strong are cultivated, which is the dream place of almost all students.

    Of course, the admission scores of these four Kung Fu universities are abnormal.

    In terms of last year, the minimum requirement for vitality among the admission score lines is also 3.1!

    And his younger sister, intelligent and work hard since she was a child, the family naturally placed high hopes on her.

    Of course, this "high hope" has not yet reached the level of the "Top Four"-but she herself, the goal set for herself since she was a child, must be admitted to the "Top Four"!

    The thought of this, Zhu Zhenxing more and more confirmed that he is a person who has no expectations of himself.

    Zhu Xiaoyu's expression was very weak. She is now in high school. Not long ago, her vitality has just reached 1.5, and she has entered the ranks of Kung Fu learner.

    However, she is still ranked outside the top 10 in the year.

    The person who ranked first was the "high school entrance examination champion" in three cities near last year. When the person passed the senior high school entrance examination, the vitality had already exceeded 1.7, and now it has reached the exaggerated value of 1.9-it is estimated that it won't take long to break 2!

    Therefore, Zhu Xiaoyu has a lot of pressure. According to the previous college entrance examination records of Yazun High School, generally, only five or six people can be admitted to “Top

    Four”. Last year, there were only three!

    Therefore, if she can't guarantee to enter the top five in whole grade, the hopes of the “Top Four” are very slim.

    And the bottleneck, some people may pass after sleep and wake up, but some people may be stuck for life!

    Zhu Xiaoyu certainly believes that she will not be stuck for a lifetime, but she has not felt progress for half a month. In the past half month, she has not told her family that she has tried a lot of methods, such as using some reasonable medicines and going to travel, see a doctor, find a master hypnotist ...

    But neither worked.

    Even after her weekly practice, the medicated bath bag she used did not feel any recovery effect.

    "The medicated bath bag is useless?"

    Seeing Zhu Xiaoyu's depressed nod, Zhu Zhenxing frowned.

    Zhu Xiaoyu's medicated bath bags are not cheap, and the wholesale price is 5,000 yuan a pack, which can relieve fatigue, restore dark injuries, and develop potential ...

    The effect is certainly there, and it is okay, otherwise, it will not be so expensive.

    But even the medicated bath bag has no effect, then it is a bit troublesome. In this case, in some research and training books, it is called "the potential is exhausted", which means that this person basically has little potential.

    Zhu Zhenxing touched his pocket subconsciously, not sure if the medicine bath bag given by Zhong Yihan would have any effect on Zhu Xiaoyu.

    But if everything is really as Zhong Yihan said, it is clear that Zhong Yihan was also in a "bottleneck period" before. He has made rapid progress during this period. This time he has made rapid progress, it may be because the previous bottleneck period was too long and suddenly broke out.

    Thinking of this, he took out the medicated bath bag and said, "I have three medicated bath bags from a friend here. He recently used this. Within half a month, his arm strength increased by 20 kilograms. But I am not sure if it is useful to you."

    "Raise 20 kilograms? Really? come and show me."

    Zhu Zhenxing's words brightened Zhu Xiaoyu's eyes. She snatched the medicated bath bag from Zhu Zhenxing, looked at it, smelled it, and then frowned.

    "Zihongcao, safflower, Xue Jie, black snake ... are just some common medicinal materials. Alas, there are several medicinal materials that don't smell well. Brother, are you sure that your friend used this, and then raised 20 kilograms in half a month? Wouldn't he lie to you? "

    Zhu Xiaoyu has used medicated bath bags since she was a child, and used it all the way from low to advanced. She has also studied it herself, so for some common materials of medicated baths, she can judge good or bad by just smelling it.

    "How is that possible ?!" Zhu Zhenxing jumped from the sofa like a fat cat, "It ’s possible for anyone to lie to me, but he wo n’t lie to me, Zhong Yihan, my best brother, you also know him, he won’t lie to me! "

    Zhu Xiaoyu's brow froze. She knows Zhong Yihan, and she had seen him many times at home. Naturally, she probably knew his origin and character, and it was really impossible that he lies to Zhu Zhenxing.

    "Wait a minute ..." Zhu Xiaoyu grasped a detail and was surprised, "You mean, Zhong Yihan raised 20 kilograms in arms in half a month?!"

    "Of course!" Zhu Zhenxing was proud of himself as if he had been progressed, eloquently said, "I saw him make progress with my own eyes, you know, he has now advanced to the 100-meter field at the archery hall. And today I saw with my own eyes that he blasted a 60-kilogram sandbag! "

    Zhu Xiaoyu immediately believed.

    Because Zhu Xiaoyu has a certain understanding of Zhong Yihan, the guy used to be average.

    But the problem is that in just half a month, he has increased the strength of its arms by 20 kilograms. Such a thing was absolutely unimaginable before!

    However, since he was able to increase 20 kilograms, it shows that this medicated bath is really amazing.

    Zhu Xiaoyu quickly grabbed the medicated bath bag, jumped off the sofa, and shouted, "I'll try it now!"

    "Hey, wait, wait!"

    Zhu Zhenxing quickly held her back and said, "Yihan told me that this medicine bath bag is used in a special way ..."

    Next, Zhu Zhenxing told Zhu Xiaoyu how to use it.

    After listening, Zhu Xiaoyu frowned and said, "Do you still need to consume power first? Okay, I know, then I will go to practice first, you remember to cook for me, brother, if I can’t see food when I go home, you know the result. "

    "You have gone out to practice, can't you eat outside and come back?"

    "No, I must eat what you make! Brother, I haven't eaten your food for a long time!"

    The most unbearable for Zhu Zhenxing is his sister's coquetry. In addition, Zhu Xiaoyu was in a bad mood before. In order to make her feel better, cooking a meal is not a big deal.

    After all, cooking is also his hobby!

    "I haven't made braised pork for a long time, and I don't know if my cooking skill has gone backward."

    Zhu Zhenxing rolled up his sleeves and came to the kitchen to open the refrigerator. As a result, there was only one egg left.

    He almost forgot that all the food in it was eaten by him.

    Well, he has to buy some food first!
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    Chapter 33 - Illusion?

    Zhu Xiaoyu came back after practice, and as soon as she opened the door, she smelled that the room was full of fragrance.

    "Wow, it's so fragrant. You made braised pork?"

    "Yes, if it doesn't taste good, you must be angry again. The braised pork is hot in the pot. You go to the bath first."

    Zhu Zhenxing walked out of the kitchen with his share, and saw Zhu Xiaoyu sweating, knowing that she had exhausted her energy in strict accordance with the requirements. The next thing is to see to what extent the efficacy of Zhong Yihan's medicated bath bag can reach.

    "I really want to eat it first, but the beautiful girl must take a shower first."

    Zhu Xiaoyu watched the braised pork in Zhu Zhenxing's bowl. She forced her eyes back and dragged her tired body into the bathroom.


    In the bathroom, Zhu Xiaoyu adjusted the water temperature in the bathtub.

    Actually, she doesn't have much expectation for this medicine bath bag now, and after all, it is the kindness of her brother.

    Zhong Yihan's impression was that he was an ordinary person. She didn't believe that Zhong Yihan could help her get anything good.

    When she heard that Zhong Yihan's arms strength had increased by 20 kilograms within half a month, Zhu Xiaoyu was a little surprised and full of expectations for this medicine bath bag.

    But when she was training in the training hall just now, she couldn't help but think deeply and asked a senior coach for a moment. The coaches said that it increase the strength of 20 kilograms of their arms within half a month. The possibility is indeed relatively small, but it is not completely no.

    The reasons for this effect may be various, such as continuous accumulation, or suddenly know the trick, or eat some medicines, etc ...

    But relying on a medicated bath bag ... they never heard of such a thing.

    Therefore, Zhu Xiaoyu thought about it and felt that Zhong Yihan's greatest possibility was the outbreak of accumulation—after all, that person was not inferior to herself in terms of effort, which she also knew.

    If my brother can have half of him ... No, even a tenth of hard work, it is not like this now!

    Every time she thinks of Zhu Zhenxing's laziness, Zhu Xiaoyu is speechless.

    The family has a good condition. Many talented but not good families want such resources, but Zhu Zhenxing did not take advantage of this advantage.

    In this era, Kung Fu talents represent status. It is better to have one more Kung Fu Strong in the family than only one.

    Seeing that Zhu Zhenxing has been in his third year of high school, there is still no change.

    Zhu Xiaoyu was too lazy to talk about him.

    After the water temperature in the bathtub was suitable, Zhu Xiaoyu threw the medicated bath bag in and waited for a while as Zhu Zhenxing said.

    The water in the entire bathtub changes from light to red at the speed visible to the naked eye and finally turns to blood red. At the same time, a layer of mist that is significantly different from water vapor quickly condenses on the surface of the bathtub, just like the clouds in the sky, with obvious thickness and layer.

    Zhu Xiaoyu was very surprised.

    This was the first time she had seen after a bath bag soaked in water.

    Generally, the medicated bath bag was soaked into the bathtub, and basically there was no reaction. Even if she used the best medicated bath bag, it just made the water become a light blue.

    But the depth of this red color is as weird as human blood.

    "Is there a pigment in it?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu has never seen such a strange phenomenon. She smelled suspiciously. There was no strange smell. Instead, she had smelled an unspeakable medicine fragrance.

    The smell of the medicine was so good that her anxious heart suddenly calmed down.

    Then Zhu Xiaoyu touched it again with her hands, no corrosion, no stickiness, and no color.

    Realizing that there might be no harm to the skin, Zhu Xiaoyu was relieved.

    She took off her clothes and sat in the bathtub. The warm and comfortable water temperature made her hum, and a faint mist covered her body, which had a different kind of beauty.

    Waiting in the bathtub for a while, nothing unexpected happened, and it didn't look like a prank.

    The exercise just made Zhu Xiaoyu tired. She simply closed her eyes and rested for a while. With this medicine smelling, she unknowingly felt that Zhu Xiaoyu had a long dream.

    She dreamed that she was wading in the milky river, and every cell in the body was nourished with milk.

    The physical ills accumulated through years of over-training are being repaired a little bit, and even the dark skin she has always been concerned about has become white and smooth as milk, and a sense of comfort has spread throughout the body.

    The color of Zhu Xiaoyu's skin was very dark, and the nicknamed "Little Black Girl" was given to boys in school.

    That was because when she was young, the conditions of the family were not as good as they are now. Therefore, the enlightenment of Kung Fu when she was a child was learned in the mountains with an injured and retired Kung Fu fighter.

    At that time, the conditions were limited. She was exposed to the wind and sun all day long, and her skin was a little rough. Later, the conditions were better, and her practice environment was also better, but her skin color never returned to white.

    This is the biggest pain in Zhu Xiaoyu's heart. The color of her skin kept her in a state of regret, and she did not know how many times she had dreamed of turning white.

    This is almost a demon!

    This is not surprising, most girls in the East still think white as the beauty.

    And some girls have more unique tastes, deliberately tanning themselves into wheat, but also a wild beauty.

    But what about her?

    The black ones are like immigrants from Africa, which is a bit exaggerated.

    And this time, the dream seemed more real. Zhu Xiaoyu never had such an experience. She absorbed the milk in the river greedily, and intuitively told her that the more she absorbed, the better she would become.

    "Sister, why did you wash for so long? Wouldn't you fall asleep inside?"

    A knock on the door made Zhu Xiaoyu wake up, she found that she was lying in the bathtub, the blood-red water in the bathtub became transparent again, and even that strange mist disappeared.

    "Huh? It feels a lot easier for my entire body."

    Zhu Xiaoyu was so tired that she didn't want to raise her arms, but now she was surprised to find that she had become extremely spiritual again.

    What surprised her more was that the color of the skin seemed to be a bit lighter!

    And the most important thing is that the big stone that has been accumulated in my heart during this time seems to disappear all of a sudden, the whole body is full of strength, and there is no feeling of softness that can't lift up the strength.

    "Is this ... an illusion?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu first responded, saying she was okay, and then punched.

    The feeling of this punch is quite good. As a senior Kung Fu practitioner, and has already entered the realm of Kung Fu learner, Zhu Xiaoyu's perception of her physical state is still keen.

    The feeling of that punch just now was something she hadn't seen in a long time!

    At this time, Zhu Xiaoyu's gaze focused on her right arm.

    There was a very obvious scar there. She was in a combat class two years ago and she encountered a bitch. She was attentive for a while and was scratched by the other side's weapon. A dozen stitches left such a scar like a cricket.

    This scar is also her pain point, so since then, even if it is hot again, even at home, she only wears a long-sleeved shirt, the purpose is to not see this scar!

    But this method of self-deception is actually meaningless.

    Because the scar is there, even if she can't see it usually, she can always see it when she takes a bath.

    But the problem is ...

    This scar seems to fade a little bit? !!

    "Is it an illusion ..."