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    I actually took into consideration the time period. However, it doesn’t change the fact that most “coming of age” ceremonies were either 15 or 16 years old. The MC said she wasn’t able to have one in the previous timeline. That means there is a concept of “adulthood” in terms of romance set for that age rather than 12 years old.

    Of course there are always engagements or betrothal that parents make for young kids even less than 12 years. However, I guess the most appropriate judge of if it’s okay for Lippe and Hal to be entangled romantically together right now will be from the reaction of her parents if things were ever to head that way.

    Notwithstanding, I still find it strange for Hal not to think twice about flirting with Lippe and perhaps even hoping for a mutual relationship when she’s that young. I’m not saying that he isn’t entitled to his feelings. All I’m saying is that I’m surprised he never hesitates or is never troubled. The age difference “issue” of course would have lessen as Lippe gets older as well.
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    I really like this story!! It's kinda different from all of the reincarnation manhwas!
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    I agree with you, but not really sure if Hal is even serious now with how he flirt with her he even flirts with her since she was as young as 4-6 as playful jokes. I feel like as of now Hal does'nt really have romatic feelings for Lippie and just see her as a sister who he likes teasing because she'smore matured and since his younger sister is 1 year older than Lippie, but he will probably fall soon. But yupppp I agree with your sentiments though
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    Hmmm... This manhua seems to be very interesting as it is an age-progressive story.:hmm:
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    I’m not so sure about that though. :) He can make other kinds of jokes with her but he’s more often make “romantic” jokes. In the most recent chapter he told her twice that “this must be destiny”. It can be taken as an innocent joke, and that’s how Lippe takes them, but from my interpretation, I think he means it. He even grumbled in his thoughts when the piano prodigy enthusiastically greeted Lippe and told her this must be destiny too. He said that’s his line. Haha!

    What’s interesting is the way the chapter ended. I’m not sure if the concert attendees were murmuring at something else but the ending of the chapter gives the impression that the attendees overheard Hal’s declaration to Lippe that he’s going to stay with the woman (Lippe) destiny put him with. After he says this the attendees are seen whispering to each other, the pianist and the host are seen with serious expressions on their faces, and Lippe is shown gulping. So it looks like people overheard and are maybe wondering if they are a couple. :)
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    I think he does like her already but he just doesn't realise it.
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    7 years older feels way bigger between 10 and 17 than 24 and 31 for example. it's all relative. also lippe mentally is far older. i personally like her with rias all the way but hal would always respect lippe and there would be no issue in terms of a power dynamic
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    So, in today’s chapter Lippe finally sang in front of nobles in a salon where they exchange new ideas and philosophies. Harchen played for her. It would have been nice if Raes’s grandmother had told her about her lacks of voice control because up to now everybody else praises her singing. Either way, I know she will succeed in her goal since the spoilers said so. Heh. I suppose Harchen will continue to play for her although I hope he realizes it will be dangerous. At least the story is progressing.
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    So much pages . I wonder how much spoilers are in it can't wait to read it .
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    True, but I don't really care about the age gap, I just care who end up with who but so far I haven't seen any spoiler on it except for the main couple lippe and the white hair dude, who I forgot the name to
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    Well, what, this is you, you know who I dare!” cried the boy with his hands tied behind his back, blindfolded.

    “If you touch me, do you think the Marquis of Monterte will be still?!” He bluffed, but his voice shook without reason.

    "Even now, if you send it back, I'll pretend you don't know. Uh, come on!"
    But there was no reply
    By the time the boy began to doubt that there was anyone, the person in this room spoke.
    “Walen Youngsik,” a soft voice said
    "Who, who......?"

    The Wallen Young-sik was startled and twirled around

    The opponent who spoke to him was standing right in front of him, but his eyes were blindfolded

    I could only hear myself gasping with excitement and fear.

    I don't know what's going on. The situation of not being able to see anything made the five senses more difficult
    "Who are you!"
    Fearful, he screamed like a thunderbolt

    "Well, who could it be?"

    It was still a relaxed and soft tone

    Feeling teased, the Wallen Young-sik clenched his teeth.

    "You know I'm from the Wallen family...!"
    I tried to move my hand, but it was tightly tied to the back of the chair, so I didn't budge
    It was painful when a thick rope dug into my wrist. The first pain he suffered made him shrug of his first pain

    "There's a Marquis Montert behind me!"
    He shouted louder to hide his fear.
    In the midst of fear, Walen Young-sik was in a state of ecstasy

    It was surprising that the opponent kidnapped him knowing that he was a nobleman, but he would be surprised and confused as he heard the name of the Monet family
    He's gonna let me untie him, and he's gonna lie on his stomach and say he's sorry.
    Then you dare to make him pay for giving you pain.
    But coming back was a smooth question with no agitation
    "What, what?"
    "What does it matter who's behind you?"
    I couldn't understand what the man was saying

    Even though I didn't understand, I trembled as if my body was out of will.
    "If you don't make it out of here, it's all over."

    The man's voice was small and gentle beyond its content

    a tender murmur, as of a feather falling down

    But as soon as the feather reached the ground, it turned into a bomb

    The Wallen Young-sik trembled. I couldn't control myself. Cold sweat rose like mad and nauseated me as if I were getting motion sickness,
    Even the stupid and tactless man understood for sure this time.
    That man is serious.

    They are saying that if you die from the bottom of your heart, it is over.

    If you kill me, the Montert family won't forgive you, or if the case gets bigger, it'll be hard to fix.

    Those things don't reach that man any spirit. If I say it, I'll just say 'So?' like before.

    That's what it says.

    No matter what happens later, whether a man is punished or miserably avenged.
    'Dead and done.'

    The chair on which the Waleen Young-sik sat made a noise.

    For the first time in his life, a realistic fear of death hung over him, who was unfamiliar with the pain of a rope penetrating his wrists

    Every time he struggled hard, somebody's self rattled on the floor

    The rope was swept away, and the wrists were swollen and traditionally bleeding, but Wallen Young-sik didn't realize

    For the arm is about to fall, and the wrist is swollen, and the rope is dug deeper, and the rope is blood-colored(persevere for some reason i can feel this)

    Due to the fear of death, only the sharp pain was clearly felt and did not recognize why

    The incomprehensible pain stirred up more fear.

    "Save, save, ·····Help me." (Can also translate spare me)

    The cloth covered with snow has become damp
    "Please, ···!!! Well, I'll do anything."

    Even between the trembling lips, my saliva leaked out uglyly.

    Astareas, a man standing before him without doing anything, looked at the Waleren's spirit, which wriggled like Burger's.

    His eyes were as pale as glass crafts, and his face, which was always smiling, was expressionless.

    He tilted his head slowly to the side.
    silver hair dripping on his forehead
    Astareas was really curious.

    How can I show some humidity in front of her on this subject?(?)

    Don't you have to crawl in the shadows that rot in front of the sun like a buggy?(?)

    I can't tell you that your in a state of panic by myself, even though I haven't done anything yet

    The pupils of the blue eyes narrowed sharply

    I couldn't control my intention to kill him when I remembered that he bullied calliope// (ok this funny it really translate a he bullied his daughter in law laughing)

    Boom! Boom boom!


    He looked indifferently at the Wallen Young-sik, who shrieked with his face on the floor.

    It doesn't feel good at all when I see a certain habit of screaming and suffering. I don't feel anything
    Wallen Young-sik, whose hands were tied behind the back of the chair when Astareas kicked the chair and knocked it down, put his face on the floor(??)

    Wallen Young-sik, whose face was stamped on the hard stone floor, was literally out of his nose. It's a bonus to have your face split on a bumpy floor.

    Astareas gently stepped on the muttering mutter of a muttered mutter like a sullen man.(?))


    "Hah, for God's sake, ."··.".".".".""

    Painful yet Waleen Young-sik tried to shut up.

    Astareas took some pictures out of his pocket
    It was a picture of Calliope

    There was something strange about the picture. The fact that the temple versus the caliope does not stare at the camera

    It was late spring, so Calliope liked to wear a knee-length mini dress

    The camera zoomed in on Calliope's face and took as many of the exposed calf lees as it could be

    The photo was crumpled in the hands of Pasasak, Astareas.The blue eyes gazed at the joyful face of tears, runny nose, and blood

    Recently, Calliope refrained from going out, except to come out to practice singing with Mann Astareas

    Then Astareas felt a strange sense of incompatibility

    So it was Wallen Youngsik and this picture that came out after the investigation

    'And you said you had a job at the salon on Montert Street today.
    He was a good family for political strife in Castillo, and naturally he planted his eyes and ears in other families leading the political world

    at a pinch

    The Wallen Young-sik stopped breathing at the touch of a thing that reached the nape of his neck

    "Kni, knife....."

    The body became stiff with the cold sensation of stealing. My heart pounded like crazy and my mouth dried up


    A sudden burst of laughter swallowed the breath of Wallen Young Sik. The knife around the neck didn't dare to move

    "Wow, this is a masterpiece. Poo-boo! A nobleman with his pants wet his pants. If you report to the paper, it'll be on the front page."

    It was a pleasant and cheerful voice. It's a different person from the main artificial with a soft voice I've heard before

    Wallen Youngsik didn't quite understand the situation

    'It's a nobleman who peed on his pants.......?'
    Once again, I heard in my head that my pants got wet

    In the meantime, giggling laughter So-ri continued

    "Oh, my stomach. You're so, so, so! Hahaha, ah, I laughed so hard, haha. Hm." (Why is this so funny to me rofl)

    I could hear a man with a smile coming closer

    "Our great and gentle man on the back of Montert Street~Are you afraid of pens?"


    The Wahlen Young-sik's mouth opened

    It's a pen!?

    This feeling on the nape of your neck is a pen, not an knife?!

    "Oh, I almost peed."

    The muttering man whispered in his still lingering voice

    "Oh, come to think of it, ignorant people are afraid of pens. I guess that's exactly what it is."
    Anger and shame beat pain and fear

    "I, dare you to me,.....!"

    The Wallen Young-sik spat and shouted

    His hands are tied behind the back of the chair, which he tried to get up on the ground

    Astareas looked down at the humidity expressionlessly and took off his pen.

    Under the chin of the Wallen Young-sik, who began to run even more, he stabbed the pen point of the soup and fountain pen(?)

    a towering figure

    Wallen's body hardened as if it were a statue

    "Hahahahaha! I've just been through it, and I've been through it! Is the pen that scary? Is that so?"

    "You,, are you making fun of me!"

    When Waleen Young-sik found out it was a pen, he shouted wildly

    Astareas took off his pen again and pressed the nape of his neck with a pen-point.

    Like a lie, wallen Young-sik's movements were few
    Disgrace grazed the blue eyes of Astareas

    I've been confirmed to be a pen many times, and even if I yell it out in a fit of rage, I've been fooled like this again.

    Just in case it's a knife this time.

    Easy to be scared, scared, two-faced. Such a poor and sloppy man who has not even a handful of courage to overcome it

    'How dare you to dare him?'

    My hand with the pen was poking.

    Of course, you can kill people with fountain pens.

    There have been such incidents several times. People who died with a neckless American(?) carotid pen

    Astareas had enough power to do that

    Then, Rugwin took Astareas' hand.


    Rugwin sighed at the sight of Astareas who slowly relaxed his hand

    'Yes, not enough at all.'

    The chilly eyes of Astareas scattered the Wallen spirit


    After a while, Walen Young-sik opened his eyes

    The cloth that was covering his eyes was gone and his hands were loose.

    "Yee, shit, ·····. You bastards won't let it go. I'm not gonna let it go!"

    He rose hastily and fell in a fit of rage.

    There was something in his groaning eyes

    A palm-sized communications seat and a luxurious message card

    [Didn't I get a good picture?] I think everyone will like it.]
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    Sorry, but I did not understand what is this ?! Who did it? And what is this event, maybe the translation is bad, can you provide a summary? Who tells the events anyway? I'm in a whirl:blobdizzy:
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    This was for the next chapter um not really good at english so imm gonna explain what i understand
    After this manwha chapter someone kidnap(?) Wallen the boy whose forcing lippe to date it was reas who kidnap him cause lippe was refrained from coming out except practice with hime then he investigate and found he stalking lippe then kinda torture happen to scare him off:blobsweat:
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    [Chapter 151]:
    As soon as I read the message card, I felt my heart sank.

    He forgot the pain and hurriedly manipulated the cockpit.

    Soon white and clear light spread out into the dark room.

    The video that came to mind showed him/her starting to cry and beg like crazy when the opponent didn't do anything.

    There was no sound, but I could see at a glance that it was a petition.

    Wallen Youngsik was shocked.

    'You didn't do anything?'

    No way. It was so scary, it hurt, it was so painful, it was indescribably painful.

    It was ugly to see him beg alone for nothing.

    It was a sight to see an invisible opponent kick down a chair.

    to get angry every time you put a fountain pen against your neck as if you were making fun of it

    I couldn't believe how scared he was.

    What is more unbelievable is that the fountain pen was sealed with gold.

    The video kindly took a close-up of the wet pants and the humming liquid on the floor.

    If this wasn't who he was, the Wallen Young-sik would laugh very coolly.

    And he must have been more interested in the victim than the perpetrator.

    Who's the son of a family?

    M: so reas recorded a video of him torturing that guy roflclap

    He must have laughed at that speculation. But I couldn't.

    The main character of the video was Walen Youngsik himself.

    It's funny and disgusting like a clown because it was his own self.

    "Damn it, shit, shit!

    Wallen Young-sik scouted me, gazing on the floor.

    I didn't even dare to look behind the scenes.

    Never show this video to anyone

    Only the thought and fear that there is none.

    * * * * *
    "But wouldn't it be like giving them a clue if we left the commons behind?"

    said Rugwin, handing Astareas his hat.

    If the communications section can be used as a threat,

    it means that the company has considerable financial resources and status.

    It's impossible to find the man behind it, but somehow it's going to narrow the net

    You can.

    "It's all right. I'll be in a hurry to hide that communication line. Or we can destroy it."

    Astareas was well aware of the kind of Wallen.

    "Give information to Monet's successor. about Wallen Street."

    Astareas climbed into the faintly smiling carriage.

    I'd rather have a Wallenian movie stalking Calliope and filming him.

    M: reas isnt stastisfied he want to torture him more roflrofl

    I wanted to kill him. Especially, when I saw a picture of Caliope, I was filled with blood.

    But the reason for not doing so was simple.

    Astareas had no intention of leaving his mark.

    'It will be taken care of.'

    The woman who succeeded Monbert was not so easy.

    When I thought of Montert, I naturally remembered that he had always been in the salon.

    Lippe made a great decision.

    Astareas couldn't help but wonder if he would sing the song, which had never been planned.

    When things don't go their way, it takes courage and thorough calculation to grab the flow in their own direction.

    Neither of them should be left out.

    Courage without thorough calculation is only for use,

    and no matter how hard you calculate, you will miss the time if you don't have a dragon flag.

    It's very rare for a man to make such a decision in a moment,'

    Astareas was purely admired at the decisive decision
    Everyone has a habit of taking a safe road.

    But while expecting the boat to flip over in the wind and waves,

    Caliope lays down the sails. And miraculously, the ship cruised through the storm.

    Astareas did not think it was a miracle.

    M: Reas go and confess already! Ur so inlove with her

    It was ability.

    She didn't decide to sing without hesitation due to the situation,

    but she bet because he thought there was some chance of winning after reading the atmosphere of the salon.

    'I still wanted to see you.'

    I wanted to share the moment when Calliope sang in front of people for the first time and changed prejudice into admiration.

    'It's a little different from what you sang at Ber Rubens.'

    I didn't mean to be an accompanist in the first place. that he and she are close

    I can't let the public know.

    So I was going to be content to watch, but even that was wasted.

    If you say you're not disappointed in the least, you'll be damned.

    I felt bad even though I thought it was a good decision.

    He also wanted to join Carlyope.

    At the most important moment I wanted to stand beside her and support each other.

    M: Reas sobheart_eyestwo_hearts

    He wanted to show people proudly that his piano melody and her song were mixed together.

    This soft, ticklish wish that sprouted on the spring lawn.

    This kind of wish is really rare for him, so Astareas gave a bitter smile.

    I've seen all sorts of things, but I can still have such a wish because I have Callie Opera.

    'Harchn ········.'

    It's an ability, not to mention.'
    But I didn't like it.

    Astareas pulled out a boy with curly purple hair from his memory.

    As he couldn't stand in front of people, he thought

    he would be an official accompanist and put on a proper accompanist.

    'Among female accompanists, there are so many outstanding poems, ···!!!

    I couldn't stop thinking about it when I thought I was childish.

    The carriage stopped before we knew it.

    Rugwin opened the carraige.

    "Hello, Mr. Reas."

    The butler, who came to meet him, bowed politely.

    'There's a telegram,' said Astareas, raising his eyebrows.

    "From Lady Rustichel," said Astareas.

    "Check right now." Astareas doesn't even change clothes -

    Eun checked the telegram first.

    It was a pity that I could not see the neat handwriting of Calliope,

    not the letter, but I felt good because I could feel how quickly she tried to get the case across to him.

    Based on the length of the telegram and the reception time,

    Calliope sent him a telegram as soon as he arrived at Rustichelle.

    Most of the contents of the telegram were detailed explanations.
    That's because Caliope thought that Astareas didn't know anything.

    There was a great difference between listening to Sejak and listening to her from her point of view.

    Astareas concentrated on the telegram as if he had never heard it before,

    and a smile spread around his mouth.

    What did Calliope think and how she felt back then?

    She didn't write it all down like she was calm, but I could feel the traces on the line.

    - the mind which Calliope did not leave in the direct language.

    It was pleasant and surprising to find among, as if to find water for beams.

    Astareas savored deeply one letter, one letter left by Calliope.

    At the end of the report there was a door to the vagina that remained hesitant.

    Astareas was surprised to read his mind correctly.

    Did she think of him, too? I think she's a little bit disappointed.

    Did she?

    Maybe that's why she asked him.

    Please forget I said something I shouldn't.

    Astareas smiled at the last sentence, which he felt shy.

    The mere arrival of the telegram made me feel better.

    She thinks of herself too. It may be natural for her to take care of the person she has practiced with.

    It was good, though

    But I was disappointed when they asked me if I was upset, but it just went away.

    'I was dumbfounded by myself. What kind of face would you make if you honestly said you were upset?

    " "I don't know what to do."

    How can I comfort you if you do? Even in that respect, you must be sincere.

    But in reality, you can't even say honestly that you're upset.

    I can't even say that your letter has solved all that upsetting feeling.

    There's a lot to hide from you.

    But the imagination was freedom.

    The Rigo imagination was as sad as the moon.
    Chapter 4. Partner Wars

    M: i think its an extra ch! Not sure.

    "Lippe! I've got all my time! I'm free then!"

    Suddenly the door opened and Robert shouted in.

    Calliope blinked.

    It was because he was embarrassed, but Robert went out of the room. Knock knock.

    I heard a little knock. -

    Carlyope smiled and said,

    "Come on in. Strong. and said,

    "So come with me!"

    I see this out of the blue is an extension of the previous one.

    'So where?' Caliope recently remembered where he wanted to go or mentioned on a special day,

    but that didn't happen.

    "I didn't say it was cowardly to play first like this."

    From behind Robert's back came Lucius.

    His heart fluttered slightly, perhaps rarely running.

    "Lippe, this isn't the only one who's free that day. You'd be much better off coming with me."

    "What?! Why better? She'll want to come with me more."

    "That's your idea."

    "No! She wants to come with me, too! Isn't that right?" Carlyope couldn't

    'No, where the hell?'

    [End of chapter 151]
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    What do you think of Hall's actions and expressions in Chapter 119? About myself, I did not like it, well, I do not like his physical affinities with Leppe and his indirect flirtations, although I would have really liked him had it not been bothered by his behavior.
    As for Hrchin Ou, he is really cute and cute :p:love:
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    Hmmm. Well, Lippe allows him those liberties so if she’s okay with it, then it should be fine. Granted, she allows this because she thinks of him as a “brother” so she doesn’t read anything romantic into his actions. In a way, it’s kind of odd because her own brothers don’t seem to act that way with her (like taking her hair and gently caressing it, for example). However, Hal uses his familiarity with her, as a brother, well. Heh. He gets to touch her as he likes.

    In contrast, I remember that scene where Raes escorted Lippe home and asked her to please excuse him as he wiped the makeup off her face. Her heart was racing and she actually thought he was going to kiss her instead. Then she suddenly realized that she wasn’t going to push him away if he had tried to kiss her. I guess this is the difference when she unknowingly thinks of the other person in a romantic way vs a friendly way. She even noticed Raes’s scent and liked it.
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    Yes, completely, she is never affected, no matter what he hints at, touches, or indirectly expresses about his feelings, but also with everyone, such as Heldert or Julian or another, but it is disturbing for him to take advantage of the situation and not set himself limits, especially since he is seven years older than her and She calls him my brother very clearly, and it is also strange that Leppe does not understand the romantic meaning except with Reas, who is ashamed of him all the time and acts childishly despite her mental maturity, whether when they were children or now
    I hope that the situation does not develop any further, although I know that he will confess to her in the future
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    Hal has always acted that way with Lippe so I guess for her it’s normal. So, Hal will actually confess to her? I didn’t know that. I didn’t see that in any of the spoilers I read.
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    I answered an independent question, Hall on page 48, that he would become a black knight to spy on the emperor's plans, to help Leppe, and he would confess to her, but she would reject him indirectly, and he would still love her.
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    Wow, so he really did it. Thanks for that spoiler on page 48. Do you know under what circumstance he confessed and how old she was at the time he confessed to her?