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    Thought I'd start a thread for those who want to discuss the untranslated chapters of Death Mage.

    Below you can find some of the more recent information you might be curious about. The current raws chapters are in the start of the 11th arc so the following lists will be changed when new chapters are released.

    Van's latest stats:
    Vitality: 373,162
    Mana: 14,136,660,622
    Strength: 43,351
    Agility: 39,536
    Stamina: 47,047
    Intelligence: 56,398

    Vitality: 575,691 (202,331 UP!)
    Mana: 8,514,741,172 (+7,663,267,054) (overall 1,973,384,604 UP!)
    Strength: 58,882 (15,5531 UP!)
    Agility: 52,751 (13,225 UP!)
    Stamina: 62,480 (20,433 UP!)
    Intelligence: 67,493 (11,095 UP!)
    死属性魔術師 : Death-Attribute Mage
    ゴーレム錬成士 : Golem Transmuter
    アンデッドテイマー : Undead Tamer
    魂滅士 : Soul Breaker
    毒手使い : Venom Fist User
    蟲使い : Insect User
    樹術士 : Tree Caster
    魔導士 : Demon Guider
    大敵 : Archenemy
    ゾンビメイカー : Zombie Maker
    ゴーレム創成師 : Golem Creator
    屍鬼官 : Corpse Demon Commander
    魔王使い : Demon King User
    冥導士 : Dark Guider
    迷宮創造者 : Labyrinth Creator
    創導士 : Creation Guider (*)
    冥医 : Dark Healer
    病魔 : Disease Demon
    魔砲士 : Magic Cannoneer
    霊闘士 : Spirit Warrior
    付与片士 : Bestowal Fragment User (*)
    夢導士 : Dream Guider (*)
    魔王 : Demon King (*)
    デミウルゴス : Demiurge (*)
    鞭舌禍 : Whip Tongue Calamity
    神敵 : Divine Enemy
    死霊魔術師 : Dead Spirit Mage
    弦術士 : Thread manipulator
    Great Demon King
    The ones marked with (*) are my(Kari not Fussy's) translations rather than Yoshi's.
    Van's available job's (33 currently):

    怨狂士 : Vengeful warrior
    冥王魔術師 : Dark King Mage
    堕武者 : Fallen warrior (*)
    蟲忍 : Insect ninja (*)
    滅導士 : Destruction Guide (*)
    ダンジョンマスター : Dungeon Master (*)
    混導士 : Chaos Guide (*)
    虚王魔術師 : Fake king magician (*)
    蝕呪士 : Eclipse shaman (*)
    デーモンルーラー : Demon ruler (*)
    創造主 : Creator (*)
    ペイルライダー : Pale Rider (*)
    タルタロス : Tartarus (*)
    荒御魂 : Wrathful spirit (*)
    冥群砲士 : Dark cannoneer (*)
    魔杖創造者 : Magic staff creator (*)
    魂格闘士 : Spirit grappler (*)
    神滅者 : God destroyer (*)
    クリフォト : Qliphoth (*)
    冥獣使い : Dark beast user (*)
    整霊師 : Refined soul master (*)
    匠:変身装具 : Crafting: Transforming equipment (*)
    虚影士 : Hollow shadow warrior (*)
    バロール : Balor (*)
    アポリオン : Apollion (*)
    デモゴルゴン : Demogorgon (*)
    大魔王 : Great Demon King (*)
    魂喰士 : Soul eating warrior (*)
    神喰者 : God eater (*)
    ネルガル : Nergal (*)
    羅刹王 : Cannibal King (*)
    シャイターン : Shaitan (*)
    蚩尤 : Chi You (*) (Chinese god of war)
    【Dark King Mage】【Fallen Warrior】【Insect Nin】【Destruction Guider】【Dungeon Master】【Mixed Guider(?)】【Void King Mage】【Curser(?)】【Daemon Ruler】【Creator】【Pale Rider】【Tartarus】【Aramitama】【Dark Gunner(?)】【Wand Creator】【Soul Warrior】【God Destroyer(?)】【Qliphoth】【Dark Beast User(?)】【Spirit Tuner】【Artisan: Transformation Equipment】【Shadow User】【Balor】【Apollyon】【Demogorgon】【Soul Eater】【God Eater】【Nergal】【Rakshasa King】【Satan】【Shi You】【Divine Spirit Mage】【Uroboros】
    Van's titles (16 and counting):
    グールエンペラー : Ghoul Emperor (*)
    蝕帝 : Eclipse Emperor (*)
    開拓地の守護者 : Guardian of the Cultivation Villages
    ヴィダの御子 : Holy Son of Vida
    鱗帝 : Scaled Emperor (*)
    触帝 : Tentacle Emperor (*)
    勇者 : Hero (*)
    魔王 : Demon King (*)
    鬼帝 : Demonkin Emperor (*)
    試練の攻略者 : Capturer of the Trial (*)
    侵犯者 : Invader (*)
    黒血帝 : Black Blood Emperor (*)
    龍帝 : Dragon Emperor (*)
    屋台王 : King of the stalls (*)
    天才テイマー : Genius tamer (*)
    歓楽街の真の支配者 : True ruler of the entertainment district (*)
    Patron Saint of Transforming Equipment
    Passive skills:
    Herculean Strength : LV6 (LEVEL UP!)
    Ultra-Fast Regeneration: LV3 (LEVEL UP!) <高速再生/Rapid Regeneration->超速再生>
    Dark King Magic: LV8 (LEVEL UP!)
    Abnormal Condition Nullity
    Magic Resistance: LV9
    Dark Vision
    Dark Demon Creation Dream Path Enticement: LV9 (LEVEL UP!)
    Chant Revocation: LV9
    Guidance: Dark Demon Creation Dream Path: LV9
    Perpetual Mana Recovery: LV2 (LEVEL UP!) <魔力自動回復/Automatic Mana Recovery->魔力常時回復>
    Mass Strengthen Adherents: LV3 (LEVEL UP!) <従属強化/Strengthen Subordinates->従群超強化>
    Deadly Venom Secretion (Claws, Fangs, Tongue): LV4 (LEVEL UP!)
    Enhanced Agility: LV9
    Body Expansion (Tongue): LV10
    Augmented Attack Power while Unarmed: Small (Awakened from Strengthened Attack Power while Unarmed!) <無手時攻撃力強化->無手時攻撃力増強>
    Enhanced Physical Ability (Hair, Claws, Fangs, Tongue): LV9
    Magic Thread Refining: LV1 (Awakened from Thread Refining!) <糸精製->魔糸精製>
    Mana Enlargement: LV9
    Mana Recovery Rate Increase: LV9
    Strengthened Attack Power while Firing Magic Cannon: Max
    Augmented Vitality: LV2
    Strengthened Attribute Values: Ruling: LV6 (LEVEL UP!)
    Strengthened Attribute Values: Target of Religious Faith: LV3 (LEVEL UP!)
    Strengthened Attribute Values: Vidal Demon Empire: LV1 (NEW!) <能力値強化:ヴィダル魔帝国>
    Self-Renewal: Cannibalism: LV1 (NEW!) <自己再生:共食い>
    Augmented Attribute Values: Cannibalism: LV1 (NEW!) <能力値増強:共食い>
    Strengthened Attack Power while Using Materialized Soul: LV1 (NEW!) <魂纏時能力値強化>

    Active skills:
    Bloodrule: LV1 (Awakened from Bloodwork!) <業血->統血>
    Surpass Limits: LV9 (LEVEL UP!)
    Golem Creation: LV7 (LEVEL UP!)
    No-Attribute King Magic: LV6 (LEVEL UP!)
    Precise Mana Control: LV2 (LEVEL UP!) <魔術制御/Mana Control->魔術精密制御>
    Cooking: LV8
    Alchemy: LV10
    Soul Destroying Combat Technique: L5 (LEVEL UP!) <魔闘術/Magic Combat Technique->魂格滅闘術; 魂格滅 is more like soul level destruction than spirit form destruction, like saying someone has bone breaking punches>
    Poly-Cast: LV4 (LEVEL UP!) <同時発動/Multi-Cast->同時多発動>
    Surgery: LV8
    Realisation: LV4
    Coordination: LV10
    Ultra-Fast Thought Processing: LV6
    Commanding: LV10
    Thread-reeling: LV8 (LEVEL UP!)
    Throwing: LV10
    Scream: LV7
    Divine Spirit Magic: LV2 <死霊魔術/Dead Spirit Magic->神霊魔術>
    Demon King Artillery Technique: LV4 (LEVEL UP!)
    Armour technique: LV10 (LEVEL UP!)
    Shield technique: LV10 (LEVEL UP!)
    Group Shadow Binding Technique: LV7 <装群術/Group Binding Technique->装影群術>
    Trascend Limits: Fragments: LV1 (Awakened from Surpass Limits: Fragments!) <欠片限界突破->欠片限界超越>
    Refined Spirit: LV1 <整霊>
    Whip Technique: LV3
    Spirit Form Transformation: Lightning
    Staff Technique: LV2 (LEVEL UP!)
    High-Speed Flight: LV1 (NEW!) <高速飛行>

    Unique Skills:
    God Devourer: LV8 (LEVEL UP!)
    Abnormal Soul Hive (Awakened from Abnormal Soul form!) <異形魂魄->異貌多重魂魄>
    Mental Encroachment: LV9
    Labyrinth Creation: LV5 (LEVEL UP!)
    Great Demon King (Awakened from Demon King!)
    Abyss: LV10 (LEVEL UP!)
    Divine Enemy
    Soul Devour: LV6
    Vida's Divine Protection
    God of Earth’s Divine Protection
    Collective Thinking: LV7 (LEVEL UP!)
    Zantark's Divine Protection
    Collective Operation: LV7
    Spirit body: LV4
    Demon King's Evil Eye
    God of Origin's Divine Protection
    Ricklent's Divine Protection
    Zuruwarn's Divine Protection
    Perfect Recording Technique
    Surpass Limits: Soul: LV1
    Mutagenesis <変異誘発>
    Demon King's Flesh <魔王の肉体>
    Demigod <亜神>

    Experience gained in previous life not carried over
    Cannot learn existing jobs
    Unable to gain experience independently
    Name: Race (comment if needed)

    Rank 14:
    Godwin: Absolute Diablo King
    Knocken: Bone Pandemonium Giant (Previous rank 13 Bone Pandemonium)
    Rank 13:
    Zadiris [Mahou Shoujo] [Arc 13 ch 309] - 301yo, Ghoul Full Moon Wizard Princess (13).
    Basdia [Colossus Cutter] [Arc 13 ch 309] - 36yo (27), Ghoul Amazoness True Night Queen. (13)
    Vigaro [Death Axe King] [Arc 13 ch 309] - 176yo, Ghoul Soul Tyrant Lord King (13)
    Elenora: Vampire Princess Knight
    Isla: Vampire Chain Lord Zombie
    Bellmond: Vampire Emperor Butler
    Gehenna: Absolute Queen Bee
    Eisen's: Skogsrå High Empress
    Borkus: Zombie Legend Hero
    Bone Man: Skeleton Blade Kaiser
    Numerous Pure Breed Vampires protecting Vida
    Levia: Seitan Prominence Ghost (Previous was rank 11 Satan Prometheus Ghost)

    Rank 12
    Saria and Rita: Tartaros Maid Chief Armor
    Miles: Vampire Duke
    Basdia: Ghoul Amazoness Midnight Queen
    Zadaris: Ghoul Moon Wizard Princess
    Legion: Eclipse Dark Legion
    Budarion: Noble Orc Abyss High King
    Orbia: Deep Chaos Broad Ghost (Previous was rank 10 Chaos Broad Ghost
    Pete: Magical Steel Goring Thunder King (Previous rank 11 Magic Iron Roaring Lightning Great Centipede)

    Rank 11
    Kuhl: Satan Blood Mimic Slime
    Iris: Succubus Princess Knight
    Vigaro: Ghoul Soul Tyrant
    Jeena: Zombie High Saint
    Kimberly: Evil Blackput Blitz Ghost (Previous was rank 10 Schwartz Blitz ghost)
    Quattro: Phobia Ghost Warship (Previous rank 8 Ghost Chimera Battleship)

    Rank 10
    Zandia: Zombie High Princess
    Rapiéçage: No Life Abyss Chimera Zombies (Previously: Rank 9 No Life Chimera Zombie)
    Yamata: Orochi Orochi??? this is what MTL gives (Previously Rank 9 Orochi)
    Pain: Great Seitan Moth?? (MTL again sorry)

    Rank 9
    Sam: Dimension Lord Carriage
    Nemesis George: Dark Magical Unholy Sword
    Braga: Black Goblin Ninja Absolute Master (This is what Google tells me)
    Gizania: Large Ushiomi samurai master (Previous was rank 7 Arachne Samurai Master in vol 10)
    Myuze: Crystal Empasa Kunoichi Master (Previous was rank 8 Empusa Shadow Kunoichi in vol 10)
    Prevel: Scyla Origin High Druid Princess (Previous was rank 6 Scylla Origin High Druid)

    Rank 8
    Kachia: Ghoul Wizard Sword Adept
    Fang: Orthros

    Rank 7
    Chipuras, Daroak and Berkert: Evil Flash Ghost

    Rank 6
    Tarea: Ghoul Elder Artisan
    Marol: Prison Flame Mouse
    Urmi: Dead Snow Mouse
    Sulga: Dark Copper Mouse

    Rank 5
    Rank 4
    Mane and Hoof: Shadow Horse

    Rank 3
    Rank 2
    Rank 1
    79 Bravers left in Origin
    Reincarnators in Lambda
    Van's Group: Van, Hitomi (Gazer), Kanako (Venus), Doug, Melissa (Aegis), Yuri (Perseus/Baby), & Tanaka (Baby)
    Destroyed: Kanata (Gungnir), Kyuuji (Death Scythe), Hajime (Marionetter), Murakami (Chronos), Misa Anderson (Shylphide), Akira Hazamada (Odin)
    Angels: Aran (Calculation), Izumi (Inspector), Kouya (Oracle)
    Asagi's Group: Asagi (Mage Masher), Tendou (Clairvoyance), Shoko (quick look @ google translate)
    Other: Mao (Noah's Ark), Gotouta, and Akaki (Ifrit)
    Talosheim (population approximately 23,000)
    Demon continent city (population approximately 50,000)
    Noble Orc Kingdom (population approximately 100,000)
    Zanalpadna (population approximately 50,000)
    Ghoul country (population approximately 5000)
    High Kobold country (population approximately 100,000)
    High Goblin country (population approximately 150,000)
    Demonkin country (population approximately 100,000 - of which, about 1000 demonkin)
    Onikin country (population approximately 7000)
    Dragonkin country (population approximately 5000)
    Centaur country (population approximately 15,000)
    Harpy county (population approximately 27,000
    Lamia country (population approximately 20,000)
    Dark Elf country (population approximately 10,000)
    "Vida's bedroom"
    Mermaid country (population approximately 40,000)

    Volume 12 Stats
    577,752 (2,061 UP!)
    Mana: 8,940,478,230+(8,046,430,407) (overall 808,900,411 UP!)
    Strength: 59,631 (749 UP!)
    Agility: 52,968 (217 UP!)
    Stamina: 63,430 (950 UP!)
    Intelligence: 68,171 (678 UP!)
    Job: Destruction Guider
    Level: 0

    Job history:
    Death-Attribute Mage
    Golem Transmuter
    Undead Tamer
    Soul Breaker
    Venom Fist User
    Insect User
    Tree Caster
    Demon Guider
    Zombie Maker
    Golem Creator
    Corpse Demon Commander
    Demon King User
    Dark Guider
    Labyrinth Creator
    Creation Guider
    Dark Healer
    Disease Demon
    Magic Cannoneer
    Spirit Warrior
    Dream Guider
    Demon King
    Whip Tongue Calamity
    Divine Enemy
    Dead Spirit Mage
    Thread Manipulator
    Great Demon King
    Vengeful Berserker
    《Jobs that can be selected:
    【Dark King Mage】
    【Fallen Warrior】
    【Insect Nin】
    【Dungeon Master】
    【Chaos Guider】
    【Void King Mage】(虚王魔術師)
    【Eclipse Shaman】(蝕呪士)
    【Daemon Ruler】(デーモンルーラー)
    【Pale Rider】(ペイルライダー)
    【Ara Mitama】(荒御魂)
    【Dark Battery Cannoneer】(冥群砲士)
    【Magic Wand Creator】(魔杖創造者)
    【Soul Grappler】(魂格闘士)
    【God Destroyer】(神滅者)
    【Dark Beast User】(冥獣使い)
    【Spirit Tuner】(整霊師)
    【Artisan: Transformation Equipment】(匠:変身装具)
    【Shadow Warrior】(虚影士)
    【Soul Eater】(魂喰士)
    【God Eater】(神喰者)
    【Rakshasa King】(羅刹王)
    【Shaitan】(シャイターン) (arabic word شيطان, not サタン/Satan)
    【Chi You】(蚩尤)
    【Divine Spirit Mage】(神霊魔術師)
    【Blood Ruler】(血統者)
    【Demonic Lightning Warrior】(魔電士)
    【Ghoul Emperor】
    【Eclipse Emperor】
    【Guardian of the Cultivation Villages】
    【Holy Son of Vida】
    【Scaled Emperor】
    【Tentacle Emperor】
    【Demon King】
    【Oni Emperor】
    【Conquerer of the Trial】(試練の攻略者)
    【Violator】(This is Zuruwarn's term for the champions, 侵犯者/Violator (of boundries, taboos, life/death, etc.), not just Invader)
    【Black Blood Emperor】(黒血帝)
    【Dragon Emperor】(龍帝)
    【King of the Stalls】(屋台王)
    【Genius Tamer】(天才テイマー)
    【True Ruler of the Entertainment District】(歓楽街の真の支配者)
    【Patron Saint of Transforming Equipment】(変身装具の守護聖人)
    Passive Skills:
    Herculean Strength: Level 6
    Rapid Regeneration: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    Dark King Magic: Level 9 (Level UP!)
    Status Effect Nullity (Awakened from Status Effect Resistence!)
    Magic Resistance: Level 9
    Dark Vision
    Dark Demon Creation Destruction Dream Path Enticement: Level 9 (fused with 【Destruction Path Enticement】!)
    Chant Revocation: Level 9
    Guidance: Dark Demon Creation Destruction Dream Path: Level 9 (fused with 【Guidance: Destruction Path】!)
    Perpetual Mana Recovery: Level 2
    Mass Strengthen Adherents: Level 3
    Deadly Venom Secretion (Claws, Fangs, Tongue): Level 4
    Enhanced Agility: Level 9
    Body Expansion (Tongue): Level 10
    Augmented Attack Power while Unarmed: Small
    Enhanced Physical Ability (Hair, Claws, Fangs, Tongue): Level 9
    Magic Thread Refining: Level 1
    Mana Enlargement: Level 9
    Mana Recovery Rate Increase: Level 9
    Strengthened Attack Power while Firing Magic Cannon: Max
    Augmented Vitality: Level 2
    Strengthened Attribute Values: Ruling: Level 6
    Strengthened Attribute Values: Target of Religious Faith: Level 3
    Strengthened Attribute Values: Vidal Demon Empire: Level 1
    Self-Renewal: Cannibalism: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    Augmented Attribute Values: Cannibalism: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    Strengthened Attack Power while Using Materialized Soul: Medium (LEVEL UP!)

    Active Skills:
    Bloodrule: Level 1
    Surpass Limits: Level 8
    Golem Creation: Level 7
    Void King Magic: Level 6
    Precise Mana Control: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    Cooking: Level 8
    Thaumaturgy: Level 1 (Awakened from Alchemy!) <錬金術->錬神術>
    Soul Destroying Combat Technique: Level 5
    Poly-Cast: Level 4
    Surgery: Level 8
    Realization: Level 4
    Coordination: Level 10
    Ultra-Fast Thought Processing: Level 6
    Commanding: Level 10
    Thread-reeling: Level 8
    Throwing: Level 10
    Scream: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    Divine Spirit Magic: Level 2
    Demon King Artillery Technique: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    Armour technique: Level 10
    Shield technique: Level 10
    Group Shadow Binding Technique: Level 7
    Trascend Limits: Fragments: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    Refined Spirit: Level 1
    Whip Technique: Level 3
    Spirit Form Transformation: Lightning
    Staff Technique: Level 2
    High-Speed Flight: Level 1

    Unique Skills:
    God Devourer: Level 8
    Abnormal Soul Hive
    Mental Encroachment: Level 9
    Labyrinth Creation: Level 5
    Great Demon King
    Abyss: Level 10
    Divine Enemy
    Soul Devour: Level 9
    Vida's Divine Protection
    God of Earth’s Divine Protection
    Collective Thinking: Level 7
    Zantark's Divine Protection
    Collective Operation: Level 7
    Spirit body: Level 4
    Demon King's Evil Eye
    God of Origin's Divine Protection
    Ricklent's Divine Protection
    Zuruwarn's Divine Protection
    Perfect Recording Technique
    Surpass Limits: Soul: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    Demon King's Flesh

    Experience gained in previous life not carried over
    Cannot learn existing jobs
    Unable to gain experience independently
    Demon King fragments:
    Ink Sacs
    Scent Glands
    Luminescent Organs
    Jaw (Fangs, Chin)
    Eyeballs (Retinas, Lenses)
    Jointed Legs
    Compound Eyes
    Auxiliary Brain
    Venom Glands
    Evil Eye
    Bone Marrow
    Fallopian Tube
    Silk Glands
    Sweat Glands

    Reference Guide from ssj4maiko

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    His jobs up to chapter 278 which is the current one, chapter 274 being the last time he changed jobs.
    Here is the list (from google translate):
    1º Death-Attribute Mage, 2º Golem Transmuter, 3º Undead Tamer, 4º Soul Breaker, 5° Venom Fist User, 6º Insect User 7° Tree Caster, 8º Demon Guider, 9°Archenemy, 10º Zombie Maker, 11º Golem Creator, 12° Corpse Demon Commander, 13º Demon King User, 14º Dark Guider, 15º Labyrinth Creator, 16º Creation Guider, 17º Dark Healer, 18º Disease Demon, 19º Magic Cannoneer, 20º Spirit Warrior, 21º Fragments Consensor, 22º Dream Guider, 23º Demon King, 24º Demiurgos (the current).
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    Thank you for this. Sometimes those don't come out very well
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    Well, the last two jobs are no longer monstrous but inhumane. With the work [Demon King], Vandalieu can now create his own reincarnation cycle and with [Demiurgos] he achieved the unique ability [semi-god]. It seems that he allows him to do the same things as the gods, such as allowing his followers to use "Angels".
    "Demiurge means" what works for the public, craftsman, manual worker, "meaning" people's "and -orgos," worker. "In the sense of" worker for the people, "the word was used throughout the Peloponnese In Plato's cosmogonic thought, the term designates the divine craftsman - the cause of the soul of the world - who, without actually creating the universe, gives form to a disorganized matter imitating the eternal essences, the inferior gods, created by him, as the task of the production of mortal beings. In Gnostic thought, the demiurge, creator of the world is distinguished from the supreme God and generally considered evil. "_ from wiki
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    Changing this post to put in highlights of the thread:

    Scene setting: Amemiya and Narumi had just arrived home from the Bravers’ headquarters. It was a rather peaceful day in which nothing significant had happened. In other words, a good day. It is always better when the abilities of the Bravers are not needed.

    As they arrived home, they dismissed the security guard for the time being. It had been a bit over a year now since the incident in which their children were kidnapped by terrorists. While it was a harrowing incident, that was actually not the most significant thing that happened that day. It was not the fact that they were kidnapped, but the manner in which they were rescued. A short while after they had realized their children were missing, a phone call came in saying exactly where their children were. When they arrived at the scene, they found their children in a truck, and all 7 of the terrorists who had kidnapped them were killed in various gruesome ways.

    More significant than that though was that they had found the symbol of the 8th guidance on the side of the truck. The members of the 8th guidance, the victims of the death attribute experiments who gained their own limited use of death attribute magic as a result of their contact with “the undead,” were supposed to all be dead. However, it appeared as though some reminent of their organization were still around. It was likely a copy cat, and it was not likely that they could actually use the death attribute, but they took every precaution and even installed death attribute magic sensors throughout the house.

    Even if it was a copy cat, whoever these reminents of the 8th guidance were were sure to be very dangerous. Pluto, before she died, had declared that Amemiya in particular was someone they considered an enemy, and it was their intention to make him suffer and they had even attacked his wife. The only reason Narumi was still with him was because of his unborn daughter who was growing inside her, still too early in her development to even be noticed on the best scientific instruments or life attribute scans of the day, but Pluto who had the death attribute could sense it and because of this she immediately withdrew the death attribute from Narumi, saving her life and the life of their child growing inside her. This was all due to the policy the 8th guidance had of not harming children.

    If these were the same 8th guidance from back then, dealing with this may be easier. However, if they were remnants or, even worse, a copy cat, then there was no grantee they would hold to the same principles as the original group. Since that day, they had kept their house and their children under 24 hour surveillance. There had been no activity from these 8th guidance remnants in the past year though, and so at least while Amemiya and Narumi were home they allowed the security guard to rest. He would stay on standby though in case something happened, and he would be back on duty while they were asleep.

    “Do you think Rokudo is doing alright?” Narumi asked. “I haven’t seen him around at all since he had to leave early during Mei’s magic attribute confirmation.”

    “I’m worried too.” Amemiya admitted. “This is the first time I think I have heard of one of us being sick to that degree. I checked and just about every single one of us has had no serious illness in childhood or adulthood.”

    Due to the good fortune that was given to them before they had reincarnated, all of the bravers were protected from serious illness, and if they did get sick it was either an asymptomatic case or the most mild form of the disease possible.

    “Well, I suppose it’s possible he is just sick, but considering everything that’s happened I really have to wonder.” Amemiya continued. He walked in and found his son Hiroshi standing in the middle of the room, instantly putting their conversation to a stop. He did not want to continue such a discussion in front of their children, and he knew Narumi would be of the same mind on this issue.

    “Hey Hiroshi!” Narumi greeted her son warmly.

    “Hi!” Their son responded, but did not move from his spot. Something seemed wrong. Hiroshi looked a bit nervous, and he had a large and strange smile on his face. It was probably nothing serious. In fact, it could be a good thing. He also looked a little on the excited side after all.

    “What’s going on champ?” Amemiya asked his son. Hiroshi’s face went through all sorts of contortions from nervous to eager in the matter of a few seconds before he finally spoke up.

    “I want to show you something!” He said in an upbeat tone with a slight crack in his voice. “It’s a spell I’ve been practicing!”

    Well, sure enough. Nothing serious after all. Looks like he was worried over absolutely nothing. “Alright, let’s see it,” Amemiya encouraged his son. This was how things were supposed to be, to see his son excited to show him the latest spell he had worked on in school.

    “I got something else cool to show you too!” Hiroshi announced before showing them his spell. “I’m going to cast it without chanting the spell!”

    This caught Amemiya by surprise. He looked over to his wife who was wearing an equally bewildered look on her face. Before either of them could say anything though, Hiroshi took a couple skips backward and then floated up into the air. Their son was now suspended around 3 feet off the ground and his head was slightly above their eye level. Amemiya realized something else strange though. While levitation of this sort could be accomplished with wind magic, this would normally kick up a lot of wind in the area. However, there was hardly even the slightest disturbance in the air beyond that which was displaced by Hiroshi’s rapid movement as he rose up off the ground. It seemed unlikely that their son was doing this with wind magic.

    “Uhh… Hiroshi.” Amemiya said, trying his best to keep calm and not yell at or scare his son. “What… what kind of spell is that?”

    “It’s flight!” Their son said proudly. “I just learned how to do it, and today Banda finally said I could show it to you!”

    Flight? That didn’t give him very much information, but… wait, Banda! Wasn’t that the name of that strange thing Mei used to draw pictures of? They had attributed it to some form of trauma she had suffered as a result of her kidnapping, it was her imaginary friend she had made up after the incident. She had not talked about Banda as much recently though, but suddenly Hiroshi was saying something about him.

    “Did you just say…” Amemiya says in a halting voice. “What do you mean Banda taught you?”

    “Uhhh…. yeah!” Hiroshi says in a guilty sounding voice, still levitating 3 feet off the floor in front of them. “He’s been teaching me a lot of things! He told me about the cheat abilities you and mommy use, he says you got them from the reincarnation god, uhhh…” Hiroshi suddenly looks off to the side as though paying attention to someone speaking to him. However, there was no voice that Amemiya or Narumi could hear, and there was no one in the direction Hiroshi was looking. “Rodcorte! That’s right!” Hiroshi suddenly said a name that shocked both his parents’ minds cold. “He says his name is Rodcorte!”

    Amemiya looked over at his wife in absolute shock and horror as everything was catching up with him. Nobody in this world should know that name. Not unless they were among the people who were reincarnated in their group. This would mean this Banda who their daughter had been seeing was one of them, one of the reincarnated, or at least they were supported by one of them. But who!?

    As Amemiya was struggling to catch up with this new information, Hiroshi looked off to the side again as he slowly lowered himself to the ground and ended his strange spell that broke all of his knowledge about how magic was supposed to work in this world. At this point, Amemiya was starting to realize something and he looked at the empty space in the same direction his son was looking. There was definitely no one there. Not a person, not even that creepy monster looking thing his daughter had drawn several pictures of. However, Hiroshi definitely looked like he was hearing something, and suddenly he turned back to his parents.

    “He says he wants to talk to you. He’s going to make it so you can see him, but he wants you to not be too afraid. He looks like a monster, but he’s really nice.” While hearing Rodcorte’s name, the name of the god that nobody should know in this world, had given Amemiya quite the shock, hearing these words from his son confirming everything he had been growing to fear was like a bucket of cold water had been dumped on him. He could feel the cold creeping tendrils of dread climbing up his back, but now that he knew how things were he just had to find out who this “Banda” really was, and if he wanted to talk to them calmly that was all the better.

    “Ok,” Amemiya says, trying his best to keep a straight face for his son. “I promise not to be afriad.” He wore a stiff smile as he said this, feeling like his face was going to turn to stone and freeze in that position.

    “Well, it is very good you can be so understanding. It would be a real inconvenience to me if you were to try to make a large scene in front of Mei or Hiroshi.”

    Amemiya looked in the direction of the childlike voice that had come from the direction Hiroshi had been looking to all this time. It was a flat monotone voice, almost like a child who was having a hard time reading off lines for a play, and it seemed to belong to a child a little bit older than their son. When Amemiya looked in the direction of the voice, his stomach immediately turned in knots. He had suspected what he was about to see, he had been seeing pictures of this creature in his daughter’s drawings for over a year now after all, but if anything this only made it more creepy to see that exact same creature in the flesh standing in the middle of their living room.

    He had a body that was completely back, and what looked like thin tentacles writhing around from his waist. He was covered in what looked like an insects carapice, but he also had dark black hair growing all over his body. The creepiest thing of all though was his face. His face featured a large toothy mouth that looked like it ripped open his face and went from one ear to the other, above which there were four eyes arranged roughly in a V formation.

    “Ah… so you’re… Banda…” Narumi was the first person to speak, obviously every bit as disturbed as her husband by the sight. Their son however didn’t seem in the slightest bit rattled by the sight and seemed to be looking up at them with concern at their reaction.

    “Yeah! This is Banda!” Their son said in an excited voice. “He’s a monster, but he’s a good monster! He’s been teaching me all kinds of neat things! He’s really not scary at all!”

    For their son who seemed to be trying to plead with them not to be afraid, Amemiya did his best to put his shock aside. Right now, he wanted to yell for the security guard. He wanted to grab his children and get them out of the house and as far away from that thing as he possibly could. However, from what their son was telling him, it was very clear this… this thing! No, this person had been in their house for quite a while. Mei had been drawing pictures of him for over a year! That means he was in their house that entire time without them knowing about it. Once he was able to get his logical mind to do the thinking, Amemiya realized that the likelihood of this Banda suddenly attacking his children at the very least was quite small. He wasn’t quite so certain about himself or his wife, but at the very least he felt his children likely wouldn’t be harmed.

    The pieces were finally starting to come into place. The remnants of the 8th guidance. It was probably this Banda who was now in front of them. No! A terrifying realization came to Amemiya at that moment. If this was a user of death attribute magic, and he somehow knew about Rodcorte, this only left one possibility. “The Undead.” He had already reanimated himself after his own death once, and his power was incredible. Perhaps he had only lost his body back then and had still remained around in spiritual form.

    “The Undead,” the original possessor of the death attribute in this world. He was the member of the 101 reincarnators who Amemiya had failed the most. The one who in their previous life had tried to save Narumi as she was falling off the boat. The very reason they had met in the first place was because his name was so similar to this person that she thought the two of them were the same person. This had been cleared up later, but after that misunderstanding they had grown to know each other better and got closer, eventually getting married. They all knew him as “The Undead,” but in his previous life his name was…

    “Amamiya Hiroto?” Amemiya said breathlessly. His wife beside him seemed surprised to hear that name, and the creature before him slightly tilted its head and looked at him.

    “That was my name in my first life, but I do not go by it anymore. I go by Vandaleu now. Or rather, that’s the name of my main body. This body you see in front of you is just a spirit clone. Mei was unable to pronounce the name of my main body, so in this form I go by the name Banda. I would prefer you not use any of my old names.” The incongruity between Banda’s monsterous appearance and the voice of a little boy, even if a little flat, only served to add to how creepy he was. However, knowing who he really was managed to ground Amemiya’s mind in reality a little better.

    “What? What do you mean!?” Narumi looked around and demanded. She was looking at him now, realizing that he knew something she didn’t. Something he really should have told her a long time ago. He had wanted to spare her from the horrible knowledge that they had killed the very boy she fondly remembered as having saved her in her previous life, and who they had also so horribly failed and had gone through all that suffering. He had thought that he was dead and it no longer mattered, but now he was kicking himself as that was all coming back on him now.

    “Hiroshi, your parents and I need to talk about something very important now. Could you please go and practice in the play room with Mei?”

    “What!? Uhhh… Ok, ummm… Banda, I mean, what was that name you said? Vanda…. uhh…”

    “Vandaleu, but it is fine for you to keep calling me Banda.”

    “Yeah! Umm… do you know my mom and dad?”

    “I sort of knew your mother at one point. I will tell you about it later though. I would really like for you to let me talk to them alone for a while.”

    “Ok!” Hiroshi agrees and promptly runs out of the room as per Banda’s instructions. This entire time, Amemiya was holding his breath. This Banda really did seem to relate to his son like an old friend, almost like he was more of a parent to his son than he was. This left him with several conflicting mixed emotions. Fear and dread that someone was so close to his children all this time without him knowing it despite their best security measure, furry that this frightening person seemed so much closer to his son than he was to the point where Hiroshi had actively hid his existence from him, but despite these harsh negative emotions they were actually washed over with a sense of relief that the positive way Banda was interacting with his son only served to further drive home that his children were not going to be in any immediate danger.

    With his son gone, the situation becomes slightly less complicated and in the back of his mind Amemiya even thanks Banda for taking this action. Now there is one more issue to sort out. He turns to his wife who, despite still looking quite weary of Banda, is throwing an accusatory glance in his direction.

    Well, he didn’t tell her before, but he was going to have to tell her more. “Umm… well, I figured it out after the incident with ‘The Undead.’ The Death Attribute was something that had never been seen in this world before. What’s more, after the incident with ‘The Undead,’ Toya asked his oracle what could be done to keep all of us reincarnators from dying. The result… the result he got was that one of the reincarnators had already died.” After saying this with the weight of his own guilty conscience in front of his wife, Amemiya gave a meaningful glance back in the direction of the strange small monsterous humanoid standing several feet away from them in their living room. Narumi followed his gaze and took in the meaning of his words and he could see the shock of light through her body as she came to realize what he was saying.

    “Wh… what!? You mean!?” She takes a couple halting steps toward Banda, but stops short as the full weight of this revelation begins to hit her.

    (To be continued)
    Narumi was shocked to the point she didn’t know what to focus on anymore. First her son shows her this strange new magic, then he tells her that he learned it from “Banda.” The very same “Banda” who she had previously thought was her daughters imaginary friend who she drew creepy pictures of, said creepiness being a result of a trauma she had suffered when she was kidnapped by those horrible terrorists.

    Now, not only did it turn out that “Banda” as real, but he was also a user of death magic. As a matter of fact, he was “The Undead” who she had personally played a part in killing, and to top it all of he, he was also one of them. He was one of the 100, no, 101 reincarnated individuals. She had thought he had gone back to the normal cycle of reincarnation, rejecting the god of reincarnation’s offer of cheat abilities and reincarnating with all his memories. The boy who had tried to save her life but died himself in the process. She had long held feelings for him even after he was gone, but… who would think he was alive all that time and she had personally destroyed him. She… she had crushed his head. The memory was coming back to her now, sending chills through her entire body as she remembered the feeling of his skull breaking beneath her foot.

    “You… you! No way!” She wanted to scream those words, but she recalled her son who this Banda had just sent away. “What… what are you here for!? How could you be here!?” She had spent her entire life idealizing him, the boy who had saved her, but now that she knew the truth she felt nothing but horror and dread as she felt her sins coming back at her all at once. After what she did…. after what she did he should want to do horrible things to her. To destroy her in revenge for what she did to him. She was glad he seemed to hold a soft spot for her children as the evidence seemed to show, but that did not mean her or her husband who had personally killed him were safe. After all, the 8th guidance were always sure when they attacked their targets to spare even the soldiers who were not personally involved with the death attribute research. They spared the innocent and targeted only the ones who had done something wrong, and it was reasonable to think they had learned this from the very undead they had idolized.

    If he was out to kill them here and now, but… but he had been here for over a year before this though! Maybe he was waiting for their children to grow old enough to make it on their own?

    “As for how I am here, it’s a complicated story.” The deformed child-like spirit form of the one who was once known as “The Undead” said. “Why I am here is a far more simple question to answer. Perhaps I should start by informing you that the results of Mei’s magic attribute test were not her real results. I was responsible for this, I had them switched with those of another child.”

    “Wh… what?” Narumi was stunned. When he said those words that were not at all in line with what she had feared as though it was all a lie, she felt almost as though someone who was trying to catch a bus that just left without her. What was he talking about?

    “You switched her results?” Her husband had the state of mind to ask the question.

    “Indeed, her real magic attribute is something that would be very bad for her if it got out. However, we are not at a point where it can continue to be hidden forever. I felt at the very least her chances would be better if I told her parents about it at this point. Your daughter has an affinity for the death attribute.”

    Your daughter has an affinity for the death attribute. Those words, after the monstrous visage in front of her spoke them, continued to rattle around in her mind. “This is a dream, it has to be.” She mutters. That was the last straw. Not a single thing that has happened since she entered the house has made any sense at all. This all has to be a dream. Just as she was thinking this, she sees the hand of her husband reaching for her. His thumb and fore finger take a firm hold of her cheek and begin to squeeze. “Ow!” She yelps and bats his hand away.

    “Too bad,” he says with a mournful voice as he commiserates with her. “This would all be much better if it was a dream.”

    “I am afraid this is reality, this will all be a lot easier if you can accept that as quickly as possible” the monstrous form of the one she now knows is Amamiya says in his flat child-like voice.

    “How do you know she has the death attribute anyway!?” Her husband demands. “How did this happen!?” The face of Banda is unreadable in response to her husbands angry demands. He merely blinks with one set of eyes and then the other and then looks down slightly before responding.

    “I am afraid that was the fault of Pluto.” He says. “I only found out about it because Mei actually came to me when I was passing over this area once. She reached out to me, or rather my main soul form, and would not let go. That was when I created this spirit clone you see in front of you in order to bring her back to her physical body so she would actually be capable of waking up the next morning. At that time, I discovered I was attached to her, and also that she possessed the death attribute.

    The fault of Pluto? That’s right! Narumi remembered how Pluto had filled her body with death attribute mana. Narumi would have surely died that day if Pluto had not discovered Mei in her womb, so early in her development that no tool in modern medicine could detect her, and withdrew that mana. Could that exposure have really caused Mei to pick up the death attribute.

    “But how do you know!?” Narumi found it was her turn to start demanding things now that it seemed he was not out to harm her in any way. After all, it seemed as though he was saying he wanted their help protecting their daughter. That couldn’t possibly mean he was going to kill them.

    “I recognized the same signs, things only someone with the death attribute would be able to see.” He says. “I am not the only spirit she is able to see. She sees spirits all the time, and those spirits are naturally inclined to treat her well. These are the very first early signs of someone with death attribute affinity that can be seen even in someone who is untrained in its usage, and it can only be seen and confirmed by someone else with the death attribute. And, while I don’t usually judge the shape of a person’s soul all that much with how many odd shaped souls I have seen, I suppose it is worth mentioning that hers is colored completely black.”

    Narumi still did not quite know what to make of all this, but his words sounded convincing. It seemed she would have to simply take his word for it, but she was attacked by Pluto at that time, and it does not seem unreasonable to believe that this would lead to someone gaining affinity to the death attribute if they were exposed to that much death attribute mana when they were at that stage of development.

    “So, you are saying that you came back to protect my daughter because she has the death attribute?” Her husband asked. “I would like to know one thing. If you have been around for so long, why are you only talking to us now?”

    “I did not know if I could trust you before,” Banda answers simply. “How do you think you would have reacted a year ago if something that looked like me suddenly showed up and tried to talk to you about your daughter? I believe you even made several comments upon seeing your daughter’s drawings of me about it being creepy.” He looks up at her with his four eyes and his face stuck in a perpetual jagged tooth grin. She cannot read his expression, but she imagines she can sense the accusation behind it.

    “Besides, there was also a specific impetus for why I had to come forward and tell you about this now. As a mage of the death attribute, I attract the spirits of the dead toward me. When they die, they seek me out by instinct, and those who die as a result of murder in some form usually want to tell me their story about how it was that they died. There was someone who died recently who told me something that makes things quite urgent now, and this made things such that I absolutely had to tell you about what was going on now. You likely knew this person by a code name since she was one of the reincarnated Bravers. She was called Metamorph.”



    Narumi heard her shocked response to this information echoed in her husband’s voice.

    “No! That’s NOT possible! She already died four years ago!”

    “I’m afraid not, going by what I heard it would have been far better for her to have really died back then. Unfortunately, she has been alive and under the influence of powerful brainwashing drugs up until yesterday when she was killed in a death attribute related experiment. This experiment was done by an individual who has had his eye on your daughter for a while and does not seem to have been fooled by my switching out the results of her attribute affinity test.”

    Narumi feels as though her heart is pierced by this revelation, but when she looks over at her husband she sees a far different expression overcome his face. His face turns very dark as he looks straight at the form of Banda. “Who!? Oh no! Don’t tell me… it wouldn’t have happened to be Rokudo by any chance?”

    What!? Why? Why would he think that?

    “I am genuinely surprised you knew that.” Banda responds. “People are usually not able to read my emotions, so I will tell you, I really am surprised. That is exactly the person responsible. I have been hearing about him from Kanako, Melissa, and Dogue before hearing from Metamorph, but I was not under the impression you were aware of any of the things he had been doing.”

    Kanako, Melissa, and Dogue. Those were three names she did not want to hear. They were part of Murakami’s group of trators who had joined the 8th guidance and were responsible for the deaths of several of their close friends. She had tried her best to remove their names from her heart, to never think of them again, but here their names were coming up.

    “I didn’t tell anyone about it at the time,” her husband said, “but I heard a voice in my head a few days ago. It said it was a message from Rodcorte, the god who gave us our powers. He, he said that I should kill Rokudo. No, it was an outright order to do so. If what you say is right, that means it would have been just before Metamorph was killed, which would mean…” Her husband freezes, looking at his own hands clutching at the air in frustration as the tension floats off him in an almost palpable form.

    “I am probably not the best one to be saying this, I plan to kill him myself. However, you should be aware that he has been secretly working with several national governments that are researching the death attribute. Of everyone in the bravers, he likely has the most power on the international scale. You may want to be careful about how you approach him. He is also unlikely to show himself in person from now on. In fact, he hasn’t for a very long time. Even a few weeks ago at Mei’s attribute confirmation party, that was actually Metamorph taking Rokudo’s form. This is how he has been using her under the influence of his brainwashing drugs. He seems to have subjected her to this deadly experiment because she was beginning to be able to fight back against the drugs.”

    “I… I can’t believe it! All this time, I thought he was my friend!” Amemiya shouts. “I… I will find out the truth, and if what you say is real then I will definitely kill him myself!”

    Her husband is shaking all over. Despite his anger, he is as white as a sheet. Normally in a situation like this she would use her ability “angel,” but that depended a lot on her own mental state being calm and at this point hers really wasn’t all that much better than his. “Hon, um… maybe you should sit down.” She suggests.

    “Yes,” Banda immediately backs her up, “it would really not be good for you to have your mind become overloaded and collapse. At the very least, it would be quite difficult to explain if the security guard has to be called back to assist you.”

    Narumi looks up at Banda after he said this. While it was probably a joke to lighten the mood, something still seems a little off about what he just said. He certainly does not seem at all like the same Amamiya she knew in her previous life. That said, she can’t really say she knew him very well at all. But still, even though he does seem like the same good-hearted person to have come to protect their daughter when he discovered she had the death attribute, it still seems as though there is something in his personality that has changed.

    Van and Ainz.

    Setting: We are out a few years after Alda has been defeated, and Sam has evolved even further into a carriage that has the ability to cross dimensions. Van has decided to start exploring interdimensionally by world hopping just for the fun of it as a pass time whenever he decides to have a vacation. He has left his mother along with Bakunawa in charge of Vidal as he goes out with only Sam, the sisters, and Gufadgarn.

    After arriving in this world, Van has heard rumors of a city of undead ruled by an undead king and wants to check it out. Time setting is a little bit after the most recent episode of the anime without much progress toward what starts happening after this in the light novels. (however, I will be borrowing from volume 12 of the LN in order to establish what daily life is like in Erantel now.)

    Start: Van has just arrived at the gates of Erantel aboard Sam.

    Vandaleu was rather interested to see this city of undead he had heard rumored so much about. There were several people in the surrounding kingdoms talking about people being used as slaves and oppressed daily by the undead that lived there under the rule of the undead king. However, there were also rumors that the people happily lived along side the undead under the rule of a wise and benificent king. He did not know which to believe, he would reserve judgement until he saw it for himself.

    Rita: So, what do you think it’s going to be like in this city of Erantel? Which of the rumors do you think will be true?

    Saria: I don’t know, but of course if the one about the people being enslaved is true we are going to help them right?

    Rita: It’s really not nice to think about undead enslaving humans after living with Bochan for so long, but I bet it’s going to be fine. If they have a king, I bet he’s going to be a king just like Bochan.

    Saria: Bochan is an Emperor though.

    Rita: Oh yes, there is that.

    Gufadgar: Personally, I can’t wait to have this king meet the great Vandaleu sama. I’m certain the king of this country won’t be able to help but immediately see the incredible greatness of Vandaleu sama and will immediately bow to him and pledge his allegance to the Vidal empire.

    Van: I hope such a thing does not happen. That would create several complications. However, if he is actually an undead then that possibility cannot be discounted. I will have to think about what to do when the time comes.

    Rita: Well, I’m sure it will work out.

    Van: Hmmm… yes. Well, at any rate, it sounds as though the rumor about the living being oppressed by the dead in this city is all nothing but a rumor after all. In fact, it sounds as though the towns folk are treated quite nice in this city.

    Rita: Oh? Are we close enough now for the spirits to come out and meet you?

    Van: Yes, we should be seeing the city soon.

    Sam: Bochan! Everyone! Come up to the front, this is quite a sight!

    Everyone comes to the front of Sam’s carriage and looks out the front. Since they are going to a city of undead, they did not see a reason to bring along any normal horses, so instead it is pulled by 3 ghostly white horses that are actually an extension of Sam’s body. From a distance, nobody would be able to tell the difference between these horses and a normal white horse. However, on closer inspection it would become clear that the horses are not breathing and this would likely give it away.

    This was something Van and the rest were quite used to by this point. What was captivating their attention was the sight in front of them. The road had recently turned from dirt to cobble stone as they approached the city, and the sight of the city gate was quite incredible. The entire city was surrounded by tall walls as tall as a true giant, and they were decorated with sculptures and archetecture that spoke to the long history of this place.

    Van: Hmm…

    Rita: Bochan, what are you thinking about?

    Van: I was just wondering about the walls of Talosheim. Perhapse if I were to add more sculptures like that the golem defense of the walls would be stronger. No, actually I’m not certain it would make that much of a difference.

    Rita: Well, it is a nice idea though. If it doesn’t make a difference then at least it would make the walls look nice.

    Van: Yes, I will have to study the architectural techniques.

    Gufadgarn: I’m certain anything Vandaleu sama makes will be at least as good if not better than what we see before us, and I’m certain the beautiful archetecture will make the people of Talosheim happy.

    Saria: Yeah, it will be nice to look at sculptures like that whenever we pass through the walls.

    Sam: Uhh… uh-oh.

    Rita: Father, what’s wrong? Oh!

    Van: It looks like someone is coming out.

    What everyone was reacting to was that a large number of black armored skeleton figures wielding gigantic swords and tower shields were marching from the city in formation at that moment.

    Van: Perhaps they are leaving at the same time as we are coming in. It is likely nothing to be concerned about.

    Sam: Maybe we should get off the road?

    Before Sam could begin doing as he suggested though, the ranks split among the black armored skeletons and they were filing onto either side of the road. They were not readying themselves for combat though. The large black-armored skeletons formed ranks on either side of the road and then turned and with an impressive sound they all took up honor-guard positions on either side of the road in perfect synchronization.

    Van: Well, they are certainly well disciplined. Is the king coming out at this time perhaps? We probably should get off the road after all.

    Saria: But Bochan, don’t you think it’s also possible they may be coming out to welcome you?

    Rita: Yeah, if they were charmed like the spirits, that’s very possible it might be what they are doing.

    Vandaleu suddenly had a flash back to a time when he was only a year old in this life and had gone into a dungeon full of undead. Indeed, at that time the undead of the dungeon were lining up in a manner very similar to this.

    Van: Oh. This is quite a problem if that is the case.

    Sam: Should we wait to see if someone else really does come out?

    They all looked curiously down the road and through the great gates to the city looking for some sign that someone might be coming out. Instead, the only thing that they saw were more of these large black skeletons gathering and lining up along the sides of the road as they seem to be gathering from every side street in order to meet them.

    Van: No, they seem to be gathering together from inside the city. If it was in order to escort their king I am certain they would have gathered together at the castle and would have already been in formation as they escorted him. I don’t think we can look at this any other way than that they have come to meet us. Let’s go on through.

    As such, they proceeded through the gate to the sight of a very stunned gate keeper watching them from the side. It seemed as though the gate keeper was a perfectly normal human. The poor guy must not know what was going on at all, so they decided to stop and talk to him.

    Van: Umm… hello.

    Gatekeeper: What!? Umm… yes! Yes! Are you, uhh… associates of the Sorcerer King?

    The man was clearly very shaken and visibly sweating.

    Saria: Bochan, I don’t think he was expecting us to talk to him given the circumstances here.

    Van: Well, we are just normal visitors to the city, so it’s proper to go through the proper procedures. Anyway, (van addresses the gate guard) we do not know the Sorcerer King. However, we have come hoping to meet him.

    Gatekeeper: Ah! Yes! Well, he has made the govorner’s mansion into his castle here! It, uhh… it is down this main road at the center of the city.

    After this exchange, Vandaleu and the gate keeper continue to stare at each other for a while, the gate keeper with uncomfortable and skittish eyes and Vandaleu with his usual empty expressionless eyes. In the mean time, a lot of attention was being gathered from the towns people who had clearly taken notice of the large size black armored skeleton knights lining up in honor formation lines across the street.

    Gatekeeper: Uhh… was there something else?

    Van: Don’t you need to inspect our carriage or something? I just told you, I am not a guest of your king. You will get in trouble if you don’t do your job properly right?

    Gatekeeper: Ah! Uhh… I…! Yes! Then I’ll be… Whaa!?

    The gate keeper runs around Sam’s carriage with a flustered demeanor, and then when he sticks his head inside he makes a surprised scream.

    Gatekeeper: Why is it so big inside here!?

    The inside of Sam’s carriage was truly spacious. Since there was so much room inside now, a 2 story house had been built in the middle of the bed of the carriage. There was easily plenty of room to allow for it and there was even still plenty of space to store things, and it was by no means a small house. It was certainly built for luxury and comfort, like a villa, and it was complete with all the appliances that Van had invented and even had an alchemy work space in one of the rooms as well as sleeping quarters for as many as 12 people to live inside it comfortably.

    It was really no wonder the gatekeeper was flustered. Because of this, the inspection took some time. It was really not too long though. Given the scale of all this, it seemed he decided that all he would have to check for is to make sure they were not exploiting this space magic to drive in with an army. Confirming Van, the 2 sisters, and Sam were the only ones in here, Gufadgarn remaining hidden in the subspace behind Van, the gatekeeper decided that was good enough and they were declared as acceptable to enter the city.

    Gatekeeper: Umm… uhh… by the way, ummm…

    The gatekeeper seemed to have something else he wanted to say and was repeatedly looking up to the large skeleton knights and then back to them.

    Van: Yes? Was there something else you wanted to say?

    Gatekeeper: Yes! Uhh… Well, you see… It’s uhh… about these uhhh… death knights. I…

    Van: Yes, I am sorry about causing a spectical. Unfortunately, I have an ability that causes undead to just act like this sometimes. I really have no control over it.

    Gatekeeper: Right! Umm… well, they sorta act like our enforcers in the town. They will normally attack and kill anyone who does violence to anyone else in town, so…

    Van: Ah, yes. I understand.

    With this, Van jumps down off the carriage and looks in both directions and raises his voice

    Van: You should return to your usual duties and do as you normally do.

    At Vandaleu’s word, all the knights turn toward the inside of the city at once and begin marching back in, dispersing and walking down the streets careful not to knock into any of the curiously onlooking townspeople.

    Sam: Well then, does that settle the problems? I apologize for any inconvenience our Bochan’s ability may have caused.

    Gatekeeper: Ah! No! Well, I hope you have a pleasant stay.

    The man was clearly shaken by the encounter.

    Van: Umm… are you alright?

    Gatekeeper: YES! I mean… Well, I have to admit I really don’t know what is going on anymore.

    Van: It’s ok, just think of us as normal guests passing through like anyone else. Well, thank you very much for your help.
    Note: the majority of this chapter is a direct rip from Book 10, Chapter 1 of Overlord. The very end is the only part that is my original work. I feel I cannot do a better job than this material from the book itself in demonstrating the nature of Ainz's character.


    The Sorcerer King. The absolute ruler of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and the Sorcerous Kingdom of Ainz Ooal Gown. A being who ruled the 41 Supreme Beings, and the last of them who had remained in Nazarick. At this moment, that entity who should have been enjoying the attentions of his subordinates was curled up on a soft bed, reading a book.

    Said bed had been moved from the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick to this place ― to the private chambers of the former ruler of E-Rantel, Mayor Panasolei, which had been partially remodelled and converted into Ainz’s own chambers. Ever since it had been moved here, he could no longer detect the fragrance which it used to emanate when it had still been located in Nazarick.

    Perhaps it’s because the bed here doesn’t have perfume sprayed on it, Ainz thought as he leaned his weight onto the bed in question.

    Of course, sleep was completely unnecessary for an undead being like Ainz.

    Indeed, it was only the remnants of his humanity telling his mind that he should be tired. That was why Ainz occasionally did this sort of thing, lying down on a bed to cool down his overheated head and heart. However, that was only a temporary solution. Thus, lying down like this for a long time, like a human being would do, was actually quite meaningless.

    Of course, there were always a few exceptions to the rule.

    For instance ― yes. While he was reading for instance. In particular, when he was mindful of the way others were looking at him.

    It should be daytime soon… oh!

    A weak ray of sunlight filtered in through the gap in the curtains, giving Ainz a rough idea of the time. With that, he stuffed the book he had been reading until now back under his pillow.

    Then, he inclined his skull to look over to a corner of the room.

    He saw a maid there.

    She was one of Nazarick’s regular maids, and she was attending to Ainz today ― to be precise, she had attended to him since yesterday. Currently, she was elegantly seated on a chair with her back ramrod straight. However, that posture had not changed since last night. From what Ainz knew, none of the maids had failed to hold that position.

    Her line of sight was constantly fixed on Ainz, barring several momentary distractions.

    It was a truly indescribable burden.

    Of course, she had certainly not intended to exert this pressure. It was simply because paying close attention to him would allow her to respond immediately to any situation that might arise. However, it made an everyman like Suzuki Satoru want to cry and beg “spare me, please”.

    Nobody would feel comfortable if they were constantly stared at like this, especially if it was a member of the opposite sex doing it. Even if nothing happened, it made him feel like he had left something undone somewhere.

    The most important thing was the way she silently responded to Ainz if he made any movement at all.

    Simply put ― it was a miserable experience.

    Of course, Ainz was an absolute ruler. If he forbade her to do so, she would stop. However, when he thought of the look on the maid’s face if he said so, he could not bring himself to speak the words waiting in his mouth.

    After coming to this world, Ainz had quickly sprung into action in the guise of Momon. That was the first time the maids had surrounded him like this. Even now, they continued to render their service to him with awe-inspiring loyalty. It was because he knew this that Ainz could not bring himself to make them obey him by force.

    Besides, they will get tired of it after a while.

    It had been a month since he had thought that.

    The idea that this state of affairs might continue forever filled Ainz with some degree of unease. Because the maids took 41 days to complete a single shift rotation, he had decided to leave that matter for the future, but that line of thinking had merely kicked the can down the road until now.

    Is this what they call the burden of leadership… administering Nazarick, planning for the group’s future, responding to my subordinates’ wishes… people who stand at the top really are great. No wonder they have such high salaries...

    The people on top do so little and yet collect so much pay. Now that he understood what they were going through, Ainz laughed at his past foolishness. Then, he slowly rose from the bed.

    At this moment, the maid silently rose from her seat as well. It made him feel as though there was a string connecting them.

    How could her movements be so graceful after staying awake through the night?

    “―I’m up.”

    “Yes. Then, your servant shall take her leave. After this, today’s maid will come to take over for me.”

    Ainz did not say anything along the lines of “I’ll leave it to you”, but simply grunted “Umu” and waved his hand to indicate that she should carry on.

    Perhaps I’m being too arrogant, Ainz thought.

    Still, it might be better like this.

    He had sent Hamsuke to ask around, and the maids’ first response seemed to be, “It feels like he’s dominating us, Ainz-sama is the best” or something like that. It would seem they were all masochists, and while it troubled Ainz when he first heard it, after calmly considering the matter, he realized that a ruler needed to act and dress the part. It was what his subjects would wish for.

    Using a company as an example, a boss had to look and act like a boss.

    When he thought about it in that way, Ainz felt that what he had done was what the Sorcerer King should have done. The fact was, when he had been spying on the ruler of the Empire, Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix, in his spare time, he noticed that the man conducted himself in pretty much the same manner.

    Still, Suzuki Satoru had been a working man, and he felt a little uneasy about not saying something along the lines of, “Thanks for your hard work”.

    “...Then, you should go have a good rest yourself.”

    “Ah! ― Please allow your servant to offer her deepest thanks for your generosity, Ainz-sama!”

    The maid bowed deeply as she expressed her gratitude.

    “However, it is thanks to this item that you so graciously lent me that your servant could stay by your side to attend you without having to rest, Ainz-sama.”

    No, that’s not what I meant, Ainz muttered in his heart.

    It was true that once one put on a Ring of Sustenance, one could go all day and night without any sleep. Still, sitting on a chair and watching Ainz all night should have been nothing short of hellish. Although he was very pleased by their dedication, there was no need for them to go that far.

    At least they should cancel the night shift… the part where they watch me sleep, right?

    As maids, it was only natural for them to faithfully serve their master with their hearts and souls.

    He did not know exactly which of the maids had said it, but he remembered hearing it from one of them.

    Faithfully serve their master, huh. What would you say if I wanted to live as an equal to you?

    Unlike how he felt when he first came to this new world, Ainz was now confident that all his subordinates were absolutely loyal to him. As long as Ainz paid attention to his actions and did not do anything which would disappoint them, there was no chance of their betrayal ― barring outside interference. In that case, perhaps he should change the relationship between them, and put himself on equal footing with the NPCs. That might be a good choice to make, at some point.

    If that happened, Ainz would be free from this life of being a ruler, of having having to rack his brains all day long. In addition ―

    ―it would be like before, indeed, just like during the guild days. I wonder if I could go back to that sort of life again.

    Whenever he spoke to the NPCs, he kept imagining his former friends superimposed over them. Because of that, Ainz hoped that he would not have to relate to them in the capacity of a master to a servant, but rather, the way they had in the past ―

    No, Ainz thought as he mentally shook his head.

    While he did not know what might plant the seeds of disappointment in his subjects, such a dramatic change in circumstances could not possibly be a wise decision. In addition, since he knew that they desired a master-servant relationship with him, it was his responsibility as their master to continue in that capacity. At the same time, as the last person who remained here, he had to do everything he could for the NPCs (the children).

    The maid excused herself to Ainz, and left the room.

    In that moment, Ainz sprang into action. First, he replaced the book under the pillow with another book. The book he substituted in had a very complex title ― just looking at it would make anyone lose the will to continue reading. Then, the book he was reading last night went into his personal pocket dimension ― his inventory.

    After placing the book where it would not be easily stolen, Ainz breathed a sigh of relief.

    That too, was part of his responsibilities as their master.

    He certainly did not want to read those difficult books which made his head hurt all night. If possible, he wanted to read some popular books instead. However, being spotted reading such books would damage Ainz’s dignity as a ruler. Therefore, Ainz was forced to take such troublesome measures.

    Incidentally, he had already taken into consideration the fact that the maids would move the book under the pillow to another location.

    Now that he had finished everything he could do on the bed, Ainz pushed aside the thin gauze canopy which shrouded the bed and rose to his feet.

    Just then, several knocks came from the door. Shortly after that, the maid who was due to take over the next shift opened the door and entered the room.

    As she saw Ainz getting off the bed, she smiled and approached him. It looked like she was the maid assigned to accompany Ainz today.

    “Good morning, Fifth.”

    A blindingly radiant smile dawned on the maid’s face.

    “Good morning, Ainz-sama! I’ll be in your care today!”

    If Fifth had a tail, she would probably be wagging it with all her might. Suddenly, he thought of Pestonya wagging her tail in the past.

    Her maid uniform was the same as the one worn by the previous maid, Fourth. Unlike the battle maids, the regular maids all wore the same uniform. However, their exact appearance varied between each maid ― probably because each maid wearing them was different.

    Ainz recalled something that one of his friends had said so often that it seemed to have taken up residence in his ear: “Simple maid outfits are good, but decorated maid outfits are the best”. There was also a follow-up to that: “In other words, maid uniforms are the best, no matter how they look. Maid uniforms are the greatest invention in human history. Viva maid uniforms~”

    Although Ainz did not know what he meant by “viva”, it was probably some sort of exclamation. It might have also been some personally-invented term of his. In this way, Ainz recalled the memories of his past companions, bit by bit.

    Ainz smiled bitterly ― though his facial expression did not change, of course ― and silently looked at the maid.

    “Ai-Ainz-sama, is, is there some way I can serve you?”

    Fifth blushed as her hands tightly gripped the apron of her uniform. It was then that Ainz realized his carelessness.

    “Forgive me. It seems I was… yes , it seems I was somewhat entranced by you.”


    “Then, let’s go.”

    “―Hieh? Ah, yes. Understood!”

    The maid froze for a moment, but still managed an energetic reply as she fell into step behind him and they left the room.

    Ainz passed through several other rooms. What he saw there could not possibly compare to the scenery in the 9th Floor of the Tomb. Thus, when Ainz had decided to stay here, the Guardians voiced their objections one after the other.

    Point. This place is lacking in taste as a residence for a Supreme Being.

    Point. The defensive capability of this place is lacking and it has inadequate protection against spies.

    Point. Point. Point―

    However, Ainz shrugged all these objections aside and selected this place as his home.

    This was his responsibility as a King ― after all, Jircniv too lived in the Imperial Palace of the Imperial Capital. Or at least, that was what he wanted people to think. The fact was, this place was luxurious enough for Ainz, no, for Suzuki Satoru. His old home was even less worthy of comparison. In addition, his room on the 9th Floor had always been too flashy and too large.

    He did not mind it when it was still a game. However, now that he actually had to live there, he was acutely aware that there was no place for him within its walls. All Ainz wanted to do was to burrow into a corner of the room.

    Ainz led Fifth and the Eight Edge Assassin that dropped down from the ceiling to the dressing room.

    Several regular maids were already there waiting for Ainz. They executed respectful bows to him in unison. Fifth swiftly joined their ranks as well.

    “Ainz-sama, what would you like to wear today?” Fifth asked in a voice that was bursting with energy.

    ...Oh, there’s a sparkle in Fifth’s eyes. Come to think of it, didn’t everyone who had this job have the same sparkle in their eyes as well? They do say that ladies like clothing… is that how they express it? Or do they just like coordinating clothes and accessories?

    A steady sensation of fatigue crept over him, but he could not show it. Instead, he went “Umu” in a conceited way ― or at least, that was how it felt when he practiced beforehand.

    Frankly speaking, Ainz did not need to change his clothes.

    His magic robes would not get wrinkled even if he spent all night rolling around on the bed. His body did not excrete any waste products. The dust floating in the air could settle on him, but all he had to do was brush it off. In addition, any place where Ainz went would have already been thoroughly cleaned by the maids. Furthermore, he did not need to eat or drink, and thus he would not get dirty from those activities.

    Wearing the same set of clothes would not pose a problem to him.

    However, none of his subordinates could permit that. Yet it was only to be expected; having their absolute ruler wear the same thing everyday would ruin his image.

    That said, Ainz was not confident in his ability to coordinate his outfit.

    Now, if he was preparing his equipment for battle, after considering his opponents’ abilities and skills and planning out his tactics, he would be quite confident in his ability to select the appropriate loadout to best combat the foe he was facing. However ―

    Well, to some extent, the experience gained by Suzuki Satoru allowed him to comment on whether this necktie would work with that suit. It did not let him say anything about whether this purple robe with silver filigree matched a silver necklace socketed with four diamonds and so on. In addition, he had to select clothes to match a skeletal body.

    However, if he wore a mismatched outfit, people might doubt his sense of style as a leader. That would be like betraying his loyal subordinates. Therefore, Ainz had to give his utmost even in the matter of dressing himself.

    Therein lay a fatal problem.

    Would any of his subordinates comment even if Ainz wore something unsuitable? It was a similar situation to a toupee slipping off the head of the CEO of some large company; nobody would dare say anything.

    That being the case, there was only one alternative left to him.

    “―Fifth, I’ll leave it to you. Prepare a set of clothing that best suits me.”

    “Understood! Leave it to me, Ainz-sama! Your servant will take the greatest care in her choices!”

    You don’t have to get so worked up over this ― well, Ainz thought that, but he had never actually said so to the maids before.

    “I ― I think red suits you well, Ainz-sama! Therefore, I was thinking of using red as a base color for coordinating your attire. What do you think?”

    “...I just said that I would leave that matter to you. That being the case, there’s no need to confirm your choices with me.”

    “Yes! Understood!”

    If he had no confidence in himself, then all he needed to do was hand the task to someone else ― like how he had allowed the maid to pick for him.

    Ainz was very troubled by the crimson robe she had selected, however. The red color was so bright that it almost hurt his eyes, and it was further adorned by many huge button-like gemstones. It might have been acceptable if they were all the same color, but the many gemstones reflected half a dozen different colors of light. In addition, the garment was edged with strange characters embroidered with gold thread.

    ―Is this really normal clothing? Can it be considered clothing in the normal sense of the word?

    He felt like a sandwich-board man illuminated by neon lights. He would never have picked this clothing of his own accord. Or rather, Ainz began to wonder why he had ever bought this in the first place. Since he had no recollection of his guild members forcing it upon him, by process of elimination, he himself must have obtained it somewhere.

    Was it a gift? Did I win it in a lottery or some kind of an event? … Still, well, it can’t be helped, huh.

    Even recalling how he had obtained it would not make the crimson robe before him vanish.

    While it would be easy to simply refuse, it would turn the “I’ll leave it to you” that he had told Fifth into a lie. More to the point, Ainz might be the only one who found it embarrassing while everyone else liked it. Or rather, that was quite likely to be the case.

    And, to put it more bluntly, since Fifth had selected this robe, he could blame her if anyone commented on it.

    I really am a terrible boss.

    Ainz knew that this was not something of which he could be proud, and he felt guilty about it.

    Pushing the blame to someone else was not laudable conduct for a boss ― for a superior. Ainz knew this, but even so, he needed some way to preserve his dignity.

    He had to protect himself by sacrificing his subordinates. It could not be helped.

    “―Sorry about that.”

    “Ah, my sincerest apologies!”

    “It’s fine… I was just talking to myself. Pay it no heed. Come to think of it…”

    Ainz decided to choose his words carefully as he asked his question.

    “There’s something I’d like to ask. Do you think this robe is a bit too gaudy for me?”

    “Certainly not! After all, just about anything looks good on you, Ainz-sama! Although I feel that black as a base with dark brown as a secondary color would look good too, wearing such colors all the time would not show off your other virtues, Ainz-sama! All this is to imprint your powerful image into the eyes of everyone who―”

    Ainz interrupted the gushing flow of her words.

    “―It’s fine. As long as it’s suitable, it’s fine. Then, could you dress me?”


    Fifth and the other maids got to work.

    As Ainz remained standing, the maids silently removed Ainz’s clothing. The act of having his clothes changed by women, even if his body was nothing more than a skeleton, filled him with a burning shame.

    But of course, such a gesture was a natural act for an absolute ruler.

    At least, it was that way for Jircniv. Ainz had also read the same thing in one of his books.

    Ainz remained still and allowed the maids to work, while he silently looked into the dressing mirror.

    Soon, a red-robed Ainz appeared in the mirror. As expected, it was gaudy. It was nothing but gaudy.

    ...No. This world has a pretty divergent sense of aesthetics. For all I know… these clothes might be quite suitable for a ruler to wear.

    He recalled Hamsuke as an example, and quashed his unease.

    “Then, let’s go.”

    Those thoughts went through his head as he strode forth, accompanied by Fifth. How he wished he had the time to sigh.

    ♦ ♦ ♦

    The swaying, gaudy red robe advanced toward his office. As Ainz neared the door, Fifth swiftly darted forward and courteously opened it for him.

    Sometimes, he thought of saying, It’s just a door, let me open it. However, as he watched the look on the maids’ faces which said, “Whoa, look at me, I’m working!”, Ainz could do nothing but accept this as a form of automatically-opening door.

    Ainz led Fifth and the Eight Edge Assassin into the office.

    The desk in the center of the room was like the one Ainz had in his own room, and it radiated an air of gravitas.

    It had been brought here from Nazarick, along with his bed. A flag hung in the depths of the room ― the flag of Ainz Ooal Gown ― of the Sorcerous Kingdom.

    Ainz passed through the room, and approached the balcony.

    There was a glass box on the balcony. It was not very large and contained a jungle environment. Ainz inserted his bony finger into the box, which seemed devoid of life, and lifted up a leaf. Hidden beneath was a creature that hid in the darkness to avoid the sunlight.

    Its brightly-colored body was coated with sticky yet slippery secretions, and the front part of its body resembled a pair of human lips.

    Ainz carefully studied the Lip Bug before his eyes.

    “―That’s a good color. You look quite lively.”

    He remembered what he had been once told, which was that color was very important. He also recalled having several Lip Bugs placed in front of him, and being taught to tell when they were most energetic by their color. And indeed; the Lip Bug before him seemed much livelier than the others at that time.

    Ainz picked out a fresh cabbage leaf from a nearby plate.

    “Come, Nurunuru-kun. It’s time to eat~”

    He brought the leaf close to the Lip Bug, which latched onto it with a nom. After he let go of the leaf, the Lip Bug frantically took large mouthfuls out of it.

    Ainz brought out two more leaves, which the Lip Bug readily devoured as well.

    He decided to stop there, because Entoma had told him that overfeeding it was not good,.

    Ainz gently returned the fed and happy Lip Bug to its shaded home in the glass box ― to the place it loved the most .

    “It seemed a little gross at first, but after taking care of it for a while, it’s grown to be quite cute.”

    He was not speaking to anyone in particular, just talking to himself. Ainz had a cheerful smile on his face as he closed the thin box lid. The box was not very sturdy, and the Lip Bug could escape if it really wanted to. The reason Ainz used it was to prove his confidence in being able to take good care of its occupant. That said, it was a mercenary monster spawned with gold, so the question of whether or not it would escape still had no answer.

    Ainz gently cleaned his hand with a nearby cloth, and after finishing all his tasks for the morning, he took a seat in his chair. He leaned his weight onto its back and let his body sink in deeply.

    ...Ah, work. There’s no official working hours, but my heart still sinks around this time. I guess old habits die hard.

    The desk did not have so much as a speck of dust on it, to say nothing of documents.

    It was completely unlike Suzuki Satoru’s desk.

    All this was because he did not need to work through the night. Ainz’s job was to make the big decisions, not worrying about the fine details. After he decided the overall direction, his subordinates went into action.

    ...Still, this is why it’s so difficult. For the first time, I realise that the difficulty of a job is determined by how much responsibility it places on oneself. It’s more mentally than physically tiring… and it’s certainly more stressful. Ah, is it time to start work?

    There was no need to look at a watch.

    At that precise moment, a hurried knock came from the door. Fifth ― who was standing at attention by the door ― moved to verify the identity of the caller. However, before she could even reach the door it burst open to admit the familiar face of Albedo with a very unfamiliarlly panicked look on her face.

    “Ainz sama!” She yelled as though relieved to see him as she dashed up to his desk and looked around furtively.

    “Albedo! What is the meaning of this!?” Ainz shouted out in surprise. Actually, he would have liked to ask something more along the lines of ‘What’s wrong?’ but in order to keep his image he was forced to choose words that were considerably more forceful.

    “Ainz sama? You? You cannot feel that presence? No, of course! It’s because!”

    “Albedo! Calm down and try to explain it in a way I can understand!” He was at the ready now. Something that could get Albedo to actually become panicked, it had to be something serious. In fact, he had never seen her like this before.

    “It’s the lord of demons! I don’t know why, but the lord of demons has come to this town!”

    Deep in the underground tomb of Nazarick, in the grand throne room chamber, the grand king of this tomb Ainz Ooal Gown was in a true state of concern. If it was possible for a skeleton to sweat, he would certainly be sweating right now.

    After Albedo had run in to deliver her panicked report, he had attempted to ask for a report from the elder liches he had created and assigned in the town. However, he did not get a response from a single one of them. Perhaps what was even more concerning is that he did not even feel a response from any of the death knights he had assigned throughout the city. No, most concerning of all was that despite his complete lack of contact with the elder liches or the death knights, the towns people were still going about their business as normal without concern. And then, when Ainz looked out the window he could see the death knights still marching through the streets, except he could not make contact with any of them through the magical bond he should have with them as the one who created them.

    Upon realizing this, Ainz had immediately ordered a retreat to the underground tomb. “Hmm… but how could I have lost control of them?” He mused. In the space of the past 30 minutes, Ainz had had his emotions canceled at least once per minute in that time as he repeatedly went into various extreme emotions from panic to anger to fear. If he had any organs at all, his worry would be causing him to nearly vomit by this point. How could anyone take control of his undead from him?

    Ainz couldn’t help but think of those people who had taken control of Shalltear with a world item before, but an item that powerful should not be able to be used across a wide area or have rapid repeat use abilities. And yet, several hundred undead had quite clearly been subject to either charm or brainwashing effects. This was certainly not a normal mind control magic, undead are supposed to be immune to all forms of mind altering attacks. Effects such as charm, sleep, confusion, and certainly brainwashing should be totally useless against undead.

    The larger concern was just how many of the other servants of Nazarick were also under this demon lord’s control. Indeed, it was already quite clear the forces of Nazarick had never faced an opponent as devilish or as fearsome as this demon lord. Albedo had told him that demon types such as herself and Demiurge were uniquely sensitive to the aura let off by the demon lord and they could sense him any time he was near. If it were not for Albedo’s warning there is no telling how much danger he would have been in. It seemed merely by approaching the city, nearly all the denizens may have been already placed under the demon lord’s control. This instant brainwashing magic or ability that could even effect undead was certainly like nothing that had ever existed in Ygrassil.

    “If he existed there, he would likely have a title such as ‘ruler of the demon world,’ a world creature for certain.” Perhaps he was some kind of hidden boss of the game nobody had triggered, but then even if that was the case, how did he wind up here?

    For now, as a precaution, Ainz had called everyone back to Nazarick. Every single one of the servants without exception were to return.

    “To.. to thin, the lord of demons.” Demiurge said in a shaky tone that even seemed to have a hint of admiration behind it. “To have even outsmarted the great Ainz sama and driven us into such a predicament. This is a truly fiendishly clever adversary.”

    Normally at this time Albedo would have chastised Demiurge heavily for such a comment that sounded like it could in any way disparage the might of their leader. However, in this instance, she could do nothing but just direct a sour glare at him as she let off a grimace of shame.

    “No, this is all my fault. If only I had sensed the demon lord’s approach sooner and warned Ainz sama immediately.”

    “That’s enough Albedo.” Ainz cut her off. “You brought news of this as soon as you were able, and while we may have lost the city of Erantel, all that was there were a few Death Knights and Elder Liches. I can easily create more servants like that. All of my irreplacable children such as you are still safe and so long as that is the case we will be able to deal with this somehow.”

    “Not. All. Of. Us. Have. Arrived. As. Of. Yet. However.” Cocutus announced.

    “Yes, that idiot Shalltear is still missing!” Aura, the dark elf tamer said to confirm. Although she spoke harshly, and she was known to fight a lot with Shalltear, it was clear from her expression that she was actually quite worried.

    “I hope nothing happened to her.” Aura’s twin Mare said in concern. Mare, although being Aura’s twin brother, had a far more reserved demeanor and wore a short skirt as he was made by his creator to be a “trap.”

    “Well, she was not stationed near the city, so I imagine she should be fine, but…” Albedo said and then had her eyes dart around a little. At this time, everyone still sorely remembered the incident where Shalltear had been brainwashed by a world item once before.

    “It should be alright. Unlike last time, she has a world item. Even if she does meet up with this demon lord, she ought to still be protected from the brain washing effects.” Ainz says to calm everyone’s concerns, but mostly his own.

    “Oh my! You all have such depressing faces! Why don’t you try to put on a more positive face in front of our majestic leader!” A voice comes from a deep red portal that just opened up in the middle of the room as the subject of everyone’s conversation appears from that hole in space. At once, everyone’s heads lift up and are glaring straight at the source of that voice. The owner of that voice was indeed the vampire Shalltear dressed in her usual gothic lolita style. She wore a red dress dyed in various shades of deep crimson and it was lined in violet frills. Something outside of the norm for her though is that today instead of her usual parasol, she appeared to have picked up something new. A large white-haired doll. The skin was a porciline white and it was dressed in a manner that seemed a little sparse for the normal porciline doll, but something about it seemed to really complete her image. The one truly odd thing about this doll though, aside from it’s somewhat large size, was that it had different colored eyes, one red and one purple, almost as though to match her dress. If it was just wearing the same cloths as the one who was holding it, the look would most certainly be complete.

    “Shalltear! Do you have any idea how concerned everyone was about you!?” Aura immediately jumped up to shout at her. “And what is with that strange doll? Have you finally realized that your never going to grow any bigger in that undead body of yours and so you’re finally deciding to regress into a little kid now?

    “I’m not a doll, my name is Vandaleu.” The person Shalltear was holding in her arms suddenly spoke in a blank monotone while turning to look at Aura.

    During this whole exchange, and outside of the attention of everyone else, Albedo and Demiurge had stiffened as a pained expression spread over both of their faces in unison as though they had both been stung by a bee the very moment Shalltear had walked through her gate spell, and while Aura was arguing with Shalltear they were moving, albeit somewhat stiffly, to take defensive positions in front of their leader Ainz. Although they both looked like they wanted to do nothing more than to run away or to immediately throw themselves down on the floor and beg for their lives, they both showed a great sense of resolve to remain standing and stay guarding their beloved leader Ainz Ooal Gown.

    -Earlier that day.

    After getting past the check point at the gate, Vandaleu and their party decided to go straight to the govorner’s mansion that the gate keeper had mentioned. However, when they arrived, they were informed that the Sorcerer king had just left in a hurry a little earlier.

    “I am sorry I cannot be of more help. He just suddenly left and took all of his servants with him declaring a state of emergency. I am not certain what the issue was, but I was left behind. I have been given administrative duties over this city, so I am doing my best to continue serving in that role while the master attends to other urgent matters.”

    The one talking to them, they were informed, was an elder lich. And in addition to that, he mentioned he was created by the sorcerer king himself. Vandaleu was suddenly thankful he had not decided to bring Luciliano along on this trip, he could imagine how interested he would be by this individual and the fact he was created by another undead. Not only that, the fact that it seemed he was sane before he was exposed to Vandaleu’s guidance was another thing that was quite significant.

    At any rate, they were left wondering what they should be doing at this point. If they had left because of some emergency, perhaps the best course of action would be to find an Inn in town or something and wait for the Sorcerer King to return after he had finished attending to whatever crisis situation he was dealing with? Just as they were about to leave though, there was another voice deeper in the building.

    “AINZ SAMAAAAA!!!” A clear voice of a young girl rang out from deeper inside the building.

    “Who is that?” Vandaleu asked the elder lich who was still in front of them.

    “Ah, that would be Shalltear sama. She is one of the floor guardians of Nazarick, one of the highest rank servants of our lord the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. It seems as though she has gotten the destination wrong and came here by mistake. I should go inform her that the order to rally was to go to the throne room in the underground tomb and not here.” The elder lich helpfully informed them.

    “Ah, I will leave you to that then.” Van said. Just as he was about to turn and leave however the voice of that girl, Shalltear, grew much closer.

    “Ainz Sama! Where are you?” Her voice was heard from right out in the hall, and in that moment they came face to face. “Oooooh! Who are youuuu!?” What they saw was a lovely young girl who looked to be around 14 years of age dressed in a deep red dress in the Victorian style. The most striking characteristic about her however was her platinum blond hair and the deep crimson eyes. In their own world, those crimson eyes signified a vampire. Was it the same in this world?

    The willful girl ran right passed the elder lich and immediately took Vandaleu into a possessive embrace. “Ohhh! What a sweet tender looking child, and you have such a powerful scent surrounding you! Huh?” She was now holding Vandaleu by the shoulders a good foot off the ground, she had lifted him up and was holding him at arm’s length as she suddenly began to scrutinize his face very carefully. “Different colored eyes? This is not my first time seeing that, but, isn’t one eye the crimson of vampires? What is the meaning of this?”

    “Ah, so I take it then this is your first time seeing a damphir? I am the biologically born child of a vampire and a dark elf.” Vandaleu informs her.

    “Ooohhh??? How interesting.” She says, calmly placing him on the ground and getting a huge caniving looking smile on her face. “So, that means you are not attached to a vampire parent then. So then, would you like to become mine?”

    “I think I have heard enough of that!” An elf girl who looks to be almost exactly the same age as the vampire girl in front of him steps out from the sub-space and appears directly between the two, directing a very harsh glare at this boisterous newcomer. This elf girl was Gufadgarn, the evil god of labyrinths who always followed directly behind Van. She had taken the form of a young elf girl due to a misunderstanding, and now followed him around with that appearance everywhere, although most of the time she was invisible and hid in the subspace behind him due to her mastery over space magic. “To think! Talking about making the great Vandaleu Sama your own possession! I can think of no greater insult! You have clearly gone too far.”

    “Ooohhh? I only recognize one existence as the greatest. Everything else is mine to do with as I please so long as it does not displease Ainz Sama!”

    “That’s enough!” Vandaleu inturrupts the two of them. “If you would like to fight, we have a rule for that in our group. You may have it out for five minutes. You may not use any special abilities or magic. If you can agree to those rules, we will continue to listen to what you have to say.” These were actually rules for fighting among friends in the Vidal empire, but since he had heard this girl was an important servant to the Sorcerer King who he presently did not consider his enemy and wanted to have a good relationship with he was regarding her with the same rules as a friend.

    “Hmm… Interesting! That’s fine, I will agree to these rules. I do not need magic or abilities to stomp a little elf girl like you flat!”

    “Gufadgarn is a god of laberynths though you know? You really shouldn’t underestimate her.” Vandaleu informed her.

    “WHAT!? This little girl!?”

    “Oh-hooo! Are you becoming scared now? I cannot quite bring out my full strength in this vessel, but it is still large enough that I can access quite a bit of power even like this.”

    “Wow! I don’t think I have ever seen Gufadgarn like this!” Saria comments in astonishment.

    “Of course! This child is not one of the great Vandaleu Sama’s friends or associates, and she even had the nerve to talk about taking him like a possession! She is not deserving of the normal courtesy I direct to everyone else. Don’t worry, I will not permanently maim her since she does seem to be the associate of someone Vandaleu wishes for a positive relationship with, but I will make sure she knows her place before we are through today!”

    “Well then, I suggest we take this outside of town. It is likely for the surroundings to be damaged by such a battle.” Vandaleu makes this suggestion while looking to both of the girls.

    “Hmph! Well then, shall I take you all outside of town then?” Shalltear offers. With a wave of her hand, a deep red portal opens in the middle of the hallway. “This portal leads to a field where we should be able to go all out against each other.”

    “That will not be needed. I will take Vandaleu Sama to our destination. I have already grasped the coordinates of where that portal leads. Well then, Vandaleu Sama, shall we?” At these words, Gufadgarn bows to Vandaleu and gestures toward a door. It is not the front door, but one of the doors leading to a room off of the hall way where they currently are.

    “I’ll go tell daddy what’s going on.” Rita offers and then leaves for the front door.

    “Well then,” Saria says, moving for the door Gufadgarn just gestured to and opening it, taking up position on the opposite side from Gufadgarn. With a shrug of the shoulders, Van looks at Shalltear and raises his hands in a gesture to say “it can’t be helped.” Indeed, it may have been better to accept the hospitality of their host and use Shalltear’s space magic to get to their destination, but given the situation he had almost no choice but to use Gufadgarn’s. Oh well, they should calm down after they fight.

    Vandaleu walked through the door which had him come out in a field some distance from any civilization. Not only would nothing be damaged, but it’s unlikely anyone would even be able to see the battle going on here. Saria was quick to follow him, and then the portal closed and then Gufadgarn teleported by a different means on her own. At that moment, they were looking to a similar blood-red ovoid portal a short distance from them and Shalltear was quick to appear from it with a regal and confident look on her face.

    Vandaleu quickly used golem creation to create a 5 minute hour glass which he passed to Saria.

    “Well then, to repeat the rules from earlier, you will not be allowed to use any magic or special abilities. You will have five minutes. After five minutes, if no victor is decided, the fight will end regardless. Begin!” And, at those words, Saria flipped the hour glass and Gufadgarn and Shalltear launched themselves at each other.

    Vandaleu immediately began preparing a picnic blanket as soon as the fighting began, and Sam arrived quite quickly with Rita aboard. Rita was already prepared with snacks she had taken from the back of the carriage and got out to join in the preparations. Once everything was prepared, Sam who had gained some skill with long distance control managed to get his human projection to get down off the carriage and join them on the picnic blanket and they enjoyed the finger sandwiches prepared as they watched the fight.

    “Well, this is certainly developing in an unexpected direction isn’t it Bochan?” Rita says as she places tea bags inside of a small tea pot that has already had the water heated up with her fire magic.

    “Indeed, however I am actually somewhat concerned. This Shalltear seemed to be carefree enough to start all this, but is it really alright?” Vandaleu voiced his concerns.

    “That’s right, didn’t that nice elder lich say that there was some kind of emergency they were supposed to be dealing with? We are holding up an important servant of the Sorcerer King right now with all of this nonsense.” Saria responds.

    “Well,” Sam says, joining in on the conversation, “if she is the type to suddenly pick a fight out of nowhere, the Sorcerer King is probably used to this sort of delay. We will just explain the situation if they ask about it.”

    “Hmm… perhaps I should offer to somehow make up for the situation of holding her up.” Vandaleu considers. At about this time, the form of a rapidly flying Gufadgarn approaches the hill where they are sitting. However, when she is just about to run into them, a dark mist immediately cancels her momentum and then vanishes, allowing her to fall safely to the ground.

    “Hey! That’s cheating isn’t it!?” Shalltear angrily yells at her.

    “That was Vandaleu Sama’s inertia barrier. I did not cast the spell. If you don’t like it, simply do not hit me in this direction! Sorry about that Vandaleu Sama.” With those words, she launches herself back toward Shalltear and the fight continues. The combat is actually quite evenly matched.

    “Urr! You are a lot better than I thought!” Shalltear barks out.

    “You as well, I believe you may even be more powerful than the pure breed vampires who serve Vida.”

    “Of course! That’s because I am a true ancestor!”

    “Oh! A true ancestor huh? Well then, I will have to be more considerate not to damage you too much so as not to make your vampiric children sad. Once you have properly learned your lesson we will call that good enough.”

    “Vampiric children? I don’t have any actually.”

    “Oh? You have yet to create any pure breed vampires? Well, I must admit you are a rather strange case. I do not know about the circumstances, but wouldn’t the one responsible for your birth have wanted you to start your own vampiric line?”

    “Peroroncino Sama!? But, the only duty she ever assigned to me was to guard the top three floors of Nazarick! No! I don’t! She would have said something if she wanted that!”

    “I have been told that there is no parent who does not want to see their own grandchildren born. I do not know this Peroroncino who is your parent, but perhapse if you were to ask her.”

    At these words, Shalltear turns a face full of tears toward Gufadgarn. “I can’t ask her anymore!” She cries and throws a punch full of frustration and emotion, but not much power toward Gufadgarn. Gufadgarn receives that punch with one hand and then places her other gently on Shalltear’s shoulder.

    “I see… So that’s how it is, is it? I cannot say anything except I’m sorry.”

    Somehow, the fight had turned into a counseling session. Gufadgarn seemed very uncomfortable with this role, but somehow she had gained Shalltear’s trust. They awkwardly began to explain their situations to one another. Shalltear explained how they were created by 41 creator gods, but 40 of them had gone missing and now they all despirately served the one who remained behind who was also the same one they called the Sorcerer King. Gufadgarn in turn explained how Vida, the goddess of love, had given birth to several new races, but the children who were the ancestors of every race, including the true ancestor of the vampires, were killed by Bellwood and Alda’s forces, and how for 100,000 years until Vandaleu had shown up and lead a counter-offensive against Alda’s forces, the children of Vida were persecuted and genocided by Alda and his followers.

    “Vandaleu is the reincarnation of Zakkart sama, the one who was the greatest champion chosen by Vida herself. Zakkart was also the father of the Vampire race, but his child also was slain by Alda’s and Bellwood’s forces. Because of this, I consider the Vampire race to be very precious. You have the power to be the ancestor to an entire new race of Vampires in this world. I am certain this would make your mother proud.”

    “Yes.. Yes! You are right!” Shalltear agrees with new life in her eyes.

    “I will warn you though, you cannot have Vandaleu Sama as your child. I am not certain it would work anyway, he has drank the blood of several pure blood vampires and given his blood to them as well. None of them caused any transformation in him. Rather, even the pure bloods had their race change into abyssal vampires. Although he is a Dampir, his blood is actually superior to that of a true ancestor. If anything, it is you who should become Vandaleu Sama’s child.”

    “What!? I could never!”

    “Indeed,” Vandaleu agrees, having come down from the hill to join them. “That might be considered rude to the Sorcerer King if I were to suddenly take one of his subordinates like that.” The time had gone well past 5 minutes by this point, but he had been giving them some space since it seemed this conversation was important.

    “Yes! I could never do something like that! I would never abandon Ainz Sama!”

    “Anyway,” Vandaleu continues. “We were just going to meet the Sorcerer King, but we were told he had left to deal with some kind of emergency.”

    “Oh! I will take you to him then! You cannot enter Nazarick without a special ring to disable the teleportation dampening effect, but my gate spell is the one exception.” Shaltear had regained herself in a big way after this long emotional conversation, and now she seemed quite energetic. She quickly scooped up Vandaleu in her arms and opened another one of her portals. In short order, she then walked straight through it and seemed to have forgotten to leave enough time for the rest to follow behind.
    In the throne room of the great underground tomb of Nazarick, a rather chaotic situation was unfolding. At this moment, when the Demon King Vandaleu was brought into the throne room so nonchalantly by Shaltear, there was nobody who really knew exactly what they should be doing.

    In the case of Albedo, as a demon herself, she could instinctively sense the frightening and overwhelming power of the demon lord. She had often basked in the overpowering aura of her master, the great Momonga. He insisted on going by the name Ainz Ooal Gown after the name of the guild since the rest of the creators abandoned them, but he was always only Momonga sama to her. He was the one she loved dearly, and until this moment she had felt his presence was truly supreme and nothing could possibly ever be more powerful and overwhelming than him.

    Although, though she hated herself for admitting it, the overwhelming aura of her lord was absolutely nothing before the frightening and oppressive air of the lord of demons who allowed himself to be carried limply like a doll in Shaltear’s arms. She was surprised though, the demon lord looked like nothing more than a little girl, and the clothing she wore was nothing impressive either. Certainly nothing that would be befitting of the term “demon lord.” And before she started to move in response to Aura’s words, she could have easily been taken for a large doll. However, there was no mistaking that frightening aura that was like the very physical incarnation of death itself. A force that could bring certain death to even immortal beings such as demons.

    ‘Damn that Shaltear! How could she be so careless as to fall to the Demon Lord’s control?’ She cursed in her mind for the harsh betrayal of Shaltear bringing the enemy straight to the heart of the tomb of Nazarack right as everyone had gathered together. She had to do something. She did not have her full combat gear at this moment, she was not expecting to suddenly be thrust into a battle situation at a time like this. However, if she were to leave to go get her equipment at a time like this it would be leaving her lord in danger. This was bad. This was very very bad.

    Demiurge too was in a similar situation of unrest to Albedo. In his case though, he couldn’t help but bitterly admire how quickly and expertly this demon lord had played them all for fools. Simply by entering the city the demon lord had let their presence be known to Albedo who immediately alerted Ainz. Meanwhile, they had demonstrated their power by even charming the undead. An impossible move that could only easily be detected and understood by the likes of their lord Ainz, who appropriately acted quickly and retreated from the scene.

    Demiurge did not know how the demon lord had gotten their hands on Shaltear and placed her under their control, maybe Shaltear was charmed before this attack even began. Then, an appropriate amount of time was given for all the power figures in Nazarack to be gathered in one place, at which time the demon lord had Shaltear, a trusted face, bring the enemy in like a Trojan horse strategy. It was brilliant, and this checkmate was achieved in just barely over an hour. They were truly defeated by the demon lord’s fiendish cunning and intelligence, such an expertly performed plan, and such an aggressive yet subtle strategy. If Demiurge were not on the receiving end of it and it were not a plan directed at his lord, he would likely break down in tears over such beauty. However, he could not afford to get lost in such a thing in this dire time.

    “Umm… excuse me.” This voice came from Mare, Aura’s twin brother who was nervously approaching the demon lord Vandaleu still being held by Shaltear. “Umm, you’re a boy, right?”

    “Yes, why do you ask? Actually, now come to think of it, people often tend to think I’m a girl if they mention my gender at all.” The demon lord responded as such while jumping down out of Shaltear’s arms.

    “Ah, well… I… I mean, I am too…” Mare responds, becoming incredibly bashful as he furiously blushes.

    “Ah, I see. By the way, are you two dark elves?”

    “Ah! Yes!” Mare responds nervously.

    “Haha! Yeah!” Aura follows up sounding rather proud.

    “Ah, I have never really gotten to meet any other dark elves even close to my age, how old are you anyway.”

    “Wait! You’re a dark elf!?” Aura responds, getting into the demon lord’s face without a care or even seeming to realize who it was that was standing in front of her.

    “Yes, although I understand the confusion. You see, I am a damphir. My father was a vampire but my mother was a dark elf. It seems my father had a strong influence on the color of my skin which is pale like this.”

    ‘Heh, what is this now?’ Demiurge begrudgingly thought. ‘Is he trying to charm the kids now?’ It looks like he’s got us again. We are forced into a state of paralysis because if we make any hostile moves he will fight back against us with force. Demiurge did not fancy their chances in a battle of force on force as it was. This demon lord, or rather demon king now as Mare had established the demon lord is a male despite the appearances, had the confidence to infiltrate their stronghold on his own. There is no way he doesn’t have the strength to back up that confidence. And if that wasn’t enough, Demiurge could also feel from the Demon King’s aura that these tactics were no mere bluff. However, the Demon King had already proven that some form of charm magic was his strong suit, and the longer they waited without taking action the more time he had to work that magic on them. If they did not do something quickly, Aura and Mare would be lost to them the same as Shaltear.

    “Oh my, what an adorable sight. It seems Shaltear has brought a wonderful friend for the twins to get along with.” Demiurge felt as though every drop of blood in his veins had frozen solid when he heard those words spoken. The reason for that is that those words were spoken by his master from behind him. No, it couldn’t be. The target of the Demon King’s charm attack was not the twins, he had already worked it on their lord himself. Lord Ainz had already fallen under the Demon King’s control.

    Demiurge caught the eyes of Cocutus and Sebas who were standing a short distance away to either side. It looked as though they could understand the situation. They needed some kind of plan to minimize the damage from here. First step, they needed to find some kind of distraction that would allow them to get their master out of this. Also, if at all possible, they had to rescue the twins. If the primary target was their lord Ainz, maybe the twins had not felt the full effects of the charm just yet.

    Cocutus and Sebas both nodded to him and Albedo, and then they began walking forward. Honestly, he was grateful, and this was also likely the best course of action too. Cocutus was an insectoid ice elemental warrior, and Sebas was a dragon transformed into human form. Since neither one of them were demons, they were not under the direct influence of the Demon King’s commanding aura. This would mean it would be his and Albedo’s role to take advantage of the opening they would create in order to get Ainz sama out of here.

    Cocutus stepped up between Mare and the Demon King as he pushed Mare back with one hand. “Please. Step. Back.” He says.

    “Huh? Wh… what’s going on?”

    “Ah..hem!” Sebas loudly clears his throat and steps forward down the middle of the room toward the Demon King, his foot steps audibly echoing off the walls of the great throne room with every step. In this manner, he successfully manages to attract the Demon King’s attention. Once he is a few steps behind Aura, just enough distance to act in her defense if the need arises but not so close as to be taken as a threatening stance, he stops and gives a deep courtly bow as a proper butler greeting an important guest. “Greetings great demon lord, you said your name was Vandaleu correct? I would like to welcome you to the great underground tomb of Nazarack. I would like to ask to what we owe the honor of your visit here.”

    “What!? This kid’s the Demon Lord everyone was afraid of?” The dark elf twins were obviously quite surprised about this revelation. Aura gave a rather pronounced reaction. Mare also seemed somewhat surprised, but he seemed to adapt a lot quicker and seemed to get properly on his guard behind Cocutus and ready to take up a support role should the need arise. However, they were not the only ones to express surprise over this.

    ‘Eh? He’s the demon lord? No, there’s got to be some mistake.’ the poor mind of Suzuki Saturo, the mere middle aged gamer who was stuck in the body of the Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown thought to himself. He felt he should probably say something to clear up what obviously had to be a mistake of some sort, but what would happen if they were actually right? His subordinates were often a lot smarter than he was. Maybe in this situation he should just let them handle it, but no matter how he looked at it it looked like some innocent little kid was just dragged into Nazarick and suddenly started getting accused of being the demon lord without basis. If things did go wrong, the poor kid might even get killed for no reason. He didn’t really want to see that happen. He looked like he would be a very good play mate for the twins. Oh well, maybe he would see how it goes and he would intervene if it looked like things were starting to go in a bad direction.

    “What!? Demon Lord!? Now what’s all this about!?” Shaltear also seemed to have a rather strong reaction to this information. Cocutus, Sebas, Demiurge, and Albedo all had complicated expressions in response to this. They were expecting her to be completely brainwashed and under the Demon Lord’s control. For her to react like this, this added a whole slew of complications and possible considerations into the mix. Was she really not under his control? He was clearly quite cunning, it was entirely possible he had left her without fully brainwashing her just to force them to attempt to save her, thus endangering themselves in the process. However, it was also possible she was fully under his control and he had ordered her to act in this way. There was no way of knowing, and nobody knew quite how to act.

    ‘Oh! Yes! Way to go Shaltear!’ Suzuki Saturo silently cheered in his mind. Maybe now this would be properly cleared up.

    “Yes, I suppose that title fits me, although I am not particularly fond of it. Some oppressive gods in the world I came from placed that title on me at one point, and I have been troubled by it ever since. I am not particularly fond of it, and frankly it gives me nothing but trouble, but I have come to accept it.” Vandaleu gave his thoughts openly on his status as the demon lord.

    ‘Eeh? So he really is the demon lord?’
    Thanks to a timely intervention by his emotion canceling, Ainz began to think calmly through this situation. When he stopped to think about it, he realized Demiurge and Albedo have been rather stiff for a while now. He supposed it was kinda careless of him to have not realized that. After all, it seems they are the most sensitive to detect the aura of the demon lord or whatever it is.

    Now then, about this demon lord. Just what is he exactly? He is clearly something significant. Nothing at all like anything that has existed in this world. Is he actually from Ygdrassil then? Perhaps demon lord was some unknown ultimate job title. However, he said he was a dark elf damphir. He was uncertain a complicated and specific race like that was even an option in Ygdrassil. Then, pherhapse was he!?

    Ainz realized he had to consider the worst case scenario. It may even be possible that he was not a player at all, but in fact a raid boss that somehow managed to get transported to this world. If the NPCs of Nazarick were given their own consciousness and transported along with him, what’s to say the same wouldn’t be true for a raid boss? It was doubtful he was as powerful as the world eater, the final boss of the game, but he had never heard of a raid boss called the demon lord. Could it be possible he was some kind of unreleased content that was scrapped due to the failing popularity of the game? If that was the case, it was entirely possible there was some kind of gimick to him that made him every bit if not more challenging that the world eater even if his absolute stats were not as high.

    This was bad. This was very bad. If the worst case scenario was true, then even if they threw every resource in Nazarick against him, even if the entire guild was still together and present, it’s entirely possible they couldn’t beat him. He had already demonstrated he could charm even undead, that may be only the beginning of his power. Confrontation needed to be avoided at all cost.

    “Well then,” Ainz heard Sebas’ voice again. “I ask you again great demon lord, what business do you have here in our Nazarick.”

    No! Not good! Don’t go taking that kind of confrontational tone! “Enough Sebas!” Ainz stood and began walking forward. He wasn’t sure if this idea would work, it was probably crazy, but he knew he had to find some way, any way to avoid this turning into a full scale combat. He brushed passed Albedo and Demiurge who were standing in defensive positions in front of him, and he walked right around Sebas as he stepped out of the way with doubtful eyes, and then finally he dropped to one knee in front of the demon lord. It was not a substantive pose as though he was kneeling to the demon lord. Rather, because the demon lord had the appearance of a mere child he was taking a knee to be on eye level with him, a sign of an adult getting on the child’s level to be respectful and considerate, and then he delivered a gentle smile as best he could.

    “You said your name was Vandaleu correct?” He asks.

    “Yes, that’s right.” The demon lord responds in a monotone that Ainz would have likely found creepy from anyone else. From him however it actually seemed oddly endearing. Now that he got this close, Ainz was sure this tactic would work for sure. This child demon lord really did not seem like the type who would fight them if they made it clear they had no intention to attack first.

    “Well, I apologize for my subordinate’s harsh tone earlier. You see, we were all a little on edge because, you see, my two subordinates up there are demons and they felt your power and were a little frightened by it. Plus, that little stunt you pulled in town where you charmed all my death nights was also a little unsettling.”

    “Ah, yes. I apologize for that. You see, it was actually not on purpose. The undead just seem to be naturally drawn toward me. It is an ability I have which I have no control over. I ordered them to go about their business as usual, but it seems it still caused a disturbance. For that, I apologize.” At these words, the demon lord gave a proper bow at the hips. Ainz felt an uneasy sense about that bow for a moment, but he didn’t quite know what to make of it.

    “Hmmm… yes, well… it is a bit of an inconvenience, but I am glad we could clear that up without any sort of major incident. But more importantly, you said this ability affects all undead?” This was a somewhat disturbing thought. That would also mean that Shaltear, wait, maybe even he himself was under the influence of this charm. He did not feel like he was charmed, but then he couldn’t completely dismiss the notion either once he considered the close personal interaction he was having right this moment.

    “Yes, well, sometimes exceptionally strong undead who preserve their own ego even after death are able to resist the effects. However, any and all normal undead will be under the effect of this charm often before I even get the chance to get within visual range of them. By the time I interact with them they are already under the effects of my death attribute charm.”

    It seemed as though there was a collective sigh of relief that was breathed around the throne room. Were the floor guardians having the same thoughts he just was? That’s bad. He can’t be seen as a weak leader.

    “Ahem! Yes!” With a swish of his robe, Ainz stood up and turned his back on the demon lord in order to look at his subordinates behind him. “Well then, I hope this clears up any doubts you may have had.”

    “Ah! I… I am deeply sorry Ainz sama!” Demiurge cried “I should have never doubted you for a second! To think I had such disrespectful thoughts about my lord to have thought he would have actually fallen to the demon king’s passively released charm skill. I do not deserve to be called your servant!”

    “Oh Ainz Sama!” Albedo yells “I.. I never doubted you for a second! Oh my! How wonderful you are Ainz Sama! To think you can just so casually stand in front of the demon lord and even casually turn your back to him without concern like that!” Albedo began trembling. As to what it was that was making her tremble in this way, that was anybody’s guess.

    “Wait! Demon lord!? Charming undead? Somebody please explain all this to me!” Shaltear began to get angry.

    “Vandaleu Sama! I apologize it took me so long to break the seal and find my way back to your side. I’m sorry, was now a bad time?”

    Everyone immediately turned back around upon hearing this voice, and suddenly a large number of new people were standing behind the demon lord. First they identified the likely source of the voice who just spoke, a young elf girl who looked a little older than the demon lord. Actually, she looked to be almost exactly the same age as Shaltear, but far more simply dressed in the style of elven women. However, their attention was quickly drawn away from this girl by the sights of those farther behind her. There were several more individuals who appeared to be subordinates of the demon lord, 9 in total, 10 if you counted the elf who arrived with them. In other words, in terms of numbers, Ainz and the floor guardians were flat out outnumbered. Including Ainz, their side had 8 members. The demon lord’s side however had 11 if the demon lord himself was counted.

    A cold chill ran through Ainz’ body. Could this be the gimick of the demon lord raid fight? 11 powerful enemies in a single raid? If they managed to get gargantuar, victim, and Rubido here, it would be Nazarick that had the lead by 1 member, but Ainz somehow got the sense that only Rubido would be able to effectively go one on one against any of these powerful foes before them.

    Their eyes quickly caught on the two standing closest behind the elf girl and interacting like guards to the demon lord. It was impossible to miss. They were dressed in maid outfits. In other words, combat maids. Ainz was hit with a sudden twinge at the sense of the familiarity. However, it was entirely likely just one of the demon lord’s combat maids could take on all 6 of the peadies at once. This was not something that was proven out in actual combat, but they just somehow got that sense.

    Behind them was, for some strange reason, an entire 3 horse carriage. It looked like a perfectly normal carriage, if not somewhat fancy like the kind a noble might ride in, but there was some kind of powerful sense of bloodlust that could be felt from the coachman who drove the carriage.

    Of the remaining 6 new arrivals, not a single one of them had feet that were touching the ground, and all of them seemed semi-transparent. There was a large woman who seemed to be made of deep blood red fire, an octopus woman who seemed to be made of flowing blood, a red man covered in sparkling black lightning, two noblely dressed men, one of whom seemed to shimmer oddly. But, most notably of all, there was a large mass of writhing ghostly bodies coiling around one another. A mass of contorted souls that almost filled the great throne room. Hundreds of ghosts that were all pressed together into a single entity.

    Ainz was not certain about any of his own subordinates, but he could clearly sense the power of the individuals behind the demon king. All except for the elf girl anyway. The reason for that was, with the exception of the elf girl, every single one of them was an undead, but he could not recognize a singe one of them from Ygdrassil. In other words, each and every one of them was a unique undead. He could feel the effects of his undead blessing being triggered on them, and he got a sense that, with the exception of the two nobly dressed men, each and every one of them were more powerful even than an advanced undead. More than that, he had Shaltear as a reference to compare them to. Shaltear was the most balanced of Nazarack’s floor guardians, and could likely best any one of the other floor guardians in single combat. He was certain that aside from those two men among the ghosts, each and every one of the demon lord’s undead subordinates were more powerful than Shaltear.

    Indeed, an 11 boss raid of this level would surely quickly become a legendary quality raid if anyone had ever encountered it, and with enemies this varied there were certainly a large variety of attacks and tactics they could use that would disrupt players tactics. Those two weaker ghosts likely had some form of nasty specialized based on disruption, they were likely the ones meant to be targeted first so there was some sense of fairness so a person challenging the raid could get a lead-in on the others, that charriot would likely charge and disrupt the rear-line support fighters, while that large ghost made up of coiled bodies was likely the tank that was meant to agro players by making itself impossible to ignore as it moved around and disrupted the front-line fighters. Some of the others also appeared to be elemental based attackers, but the combat maids were hard to get a proper read on. The same goes for the elf girl.

    Not only that, apparently one of the demon lord’s abilities were the ability to charm undead. This meant necromancers such as him were at a particular disadvantage in this fight. It’s entirely possible the admins actually made this fight specifically to be impossible to the guild Ainz Ooal Gown beings they were dominating the server so much at the time they would have been designing this raid.

    “Ahem, well, I just have to say I am quite glad none of my subordinates acted foolishly toward you Vandaleu.” Ainz said, this time looking down on the demon lord with the dignity of a ruler. It just seemed right in this case where the demon lord was in front of his subordinates. “I do not doubt your ability to fight on your own, but it would have been especially unfavorable for us I believe if these subordinates arrived in the middle of some scuffle between us.”

    “Yes, that would have not been very good. It was not our intention at all to instigate some attack. Well, it might have gone that direction if we had not liked what we saw in the city you govern, but the people I saw on the streets looked quite happy with your rule and the spirits I talked to all had good things to say about you.”

    “Ah, yes, I’m glad.” Ainz responded. However, he was hit with a bit of a sense of incongruity. For being a demon lord, this child seemed awfully magnanimous. You would think someone with that title would be more fearsome, and certainly not have a mind-set to punish oppressors of humans, but then he also said he was troubled by his title of “demon lord.” If this was a raid meant to be punishing to their guild, could he have been given that kind of settings? More importantly, how would a Ygdrassil NPC have gotten to this world independently anyway? For that matter, he wasn’t entirely sure how he got here either, so it was hard to tell anything about this demon lord.

    “Speaking of spirits, the ones here in this place are rather strange” Vandaleu said. “It’s weird. I have encountered spirits stripped of their personality before, but the ones here seem different even from that somehow, almost as though they are artificial.”

    “Eh? What’s that?” Ainz asks in confusion.

    “It really is strange” Vandaleu continues to muse as he places his hand on his chin and begins to look off like he is somewhat bothered by this. “Would you happen to know anything about this Mr. Sorcerer King? Err… that is a little bit of a strange thing to keep calling you. May I call you Ainz? That seems to be what they all were calling you.”

    “Ah, yes. Umm…” Now the sense of incongruity was even stronger. Of course the spirits in Nazarick would probably feel artificial compared to this world, they were created by the game, same as the NPCs of Nazarick which became real people. But then… how would an NPC form Ygdrassil be able to tell the difference and even be bothered by the artificial spirits? Unless…

    A sudden realization hit Ainz, and this realization caused his emotion suppression to kick in immediately. “umm… Vandaleu, before I try to answer your question, I have a question I have to ask first. Are you at all familiar with Ygdrassil?”

    “Hmm… yes. In Norse mythology, that was the name of the world tree, and its leaves produced the worlds or something of the sort. I’m not too familiar with how it was supposed to go. Since you are asking this question, I take that to mean you are also from Earth originally then, but I don’t really understand why you would make that your test question for that subject.”

    “Hnnn that!!! Oh my god!!!” Ainz’s emotion suppression activated dozens of times in succession. However, it did little good as his excitement simply returned in less than a second after it was suppressed every time. “I… I gotta talk about something with you!” Ainz just barely had the presence of mind to say something for the sake of the eyes of the floor guardians watching behind him. “Please! Come with me!” With these words, Ainz grabbed Vandaleu’s hand and activated the ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, allowing him to teleport together with Vandaleu to his overly plush room now lacking in a bed and a desk since they had been moved to the manor in Erantel.
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    It seems a new chapter was released.

    Do only the angels know that there are multiple circles? Did they not pass that information on to the reincarnators?
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  7. Claus

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    No, Vandalieu has not created any yet, but he can create a new circle that would be separated from the Demon King and Vida. The reincarnation circles are in the area of the gods and are not transmitted to the reincarnators except the Vandalieu.
  8. FussyBadger

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    I thought the way you worded it earlier meant he has already created one not that he has the ability to create one. On the reincarnators I was curious on the fact that they don't know about the different circles. I know the angels do but do the ones who are trying to kill van or the ones researching the fragments know?
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  9. NeurogamiPrime

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    Demiurge was always my favorite exalted state in Dungeons: The Dragoning. Essentially a god who creates a divine kingdom where he is essentially invincible, but early on only takes up a space of about 10 feet in radius around himself. I hope that is how Van is becoming. "As long as I believe I am a god, I am a God". I think therefore I am taken to the ultimate level.
  10. Claus

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    On the reincarnated, excluding those who have made angels there are three groups. Those who fear the powers of Vandalieu and fled to the other side of the continent not to get involved with him, which by the way is the largest group so far. Those who chose to fight against Vandalieu at the request of that god of reincarnation. And finally the third party that chose to stay on the side of Vandalieu which consists of three people. And among these three groups the first two disregard of reincarnation circles.
    And there is one more, this one was possessed by the god of clouds and thunder to fill with Vandalieu, who seems to be the next opponent.
  11. Wannabe-shutin

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    What do you guys think about the matter of his fragment in Origin? Will someone find out that he is there during the kidnapping?
    Maybe the mother notices something weird later on, like the attackers mentioning a monster that strangely fits the picture of her daughter's 'fantasy friend'.
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    Just wanted to make sure I was understanding things properly thanks. It seems that Hajime and murakami's (spelling?) group are the next opponents for Van but I'll be surprised if Van breaks more than one soul during that fight.

    I think we'll have to wait a few more years for any development on that front. It'll probably be the start of the next big origin storyline is what I personally think. How long do you think Narumi will last in Origin?
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    It seems that this group wants to ally with the god of clouds and thunder against Vandalieu but I think he will not agree, because he wants a battle that makes his blood boil and not save people as Murakami and .co think.
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    I think it'll turn into a three way battle. The group of three will be on the sidelines for the most part but Fitun will try to fight Van one on one refusing their help. My prediction for this fight is that Murakami will try to kill Van before he can eat Fitun's soul thinking that he'll kill hajime as well. The new disciples will probably be matched up against the fire blades while this is happening and the ghoul women plus the monsters inside will be on standby.

    I've had too much time to think about this
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    New Chapter posted.

    Seems like the gods of lambda are having some issues looking inside the mountains.
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    One of them seems to be about the effect of mental invasion, not crazed but rather oriented. I'm looking forward to how this is going to end.
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    His mental invasion can also recruit others and i got the feeling that one of the young gods watching Talosheim might join Vida's faction. Maybe others will also join - Alda's subotdinates do appear to be a rather loose bunch. Maybe Phyton will lose to Van and join him cause he wants to serve the strongest and can fight even tougher battles if he opposes Alda...
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    Well, about God being guided with the mental invasion skill, it's almost a fact. I look forward to seeing Alda's reaction when he discovers that two (so far) of the gods he thinks follow him are actually with Vandalieu, the young god and sea goddess he thinks is sleeping. About the god of clouds and thunder I think it will be eaten as soon as I lower the guard, because Vandalieu is very vengeful and the moment he finds out about the blade of the flame that is with this god it will be the moment that God eat will increase level.
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    I agree with you completely on that. Van will let his two disciples take care of the adventurers while he relaxes and eats fitun
  20. FussyBadger

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    Another new chapter posted.

    Seems like Juliana's sisters? are going to become new magical girls. Kanako is encroaching more people mentally than Van at this point