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    Best would be to talk with the people at lightnovelbastion. Go to their discord and ask sebas, he should be able to help you.
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    Are you good as Yoshi that's the real question here, if not then don't.
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    Let's not be rash here. It is a shame to let talents go wasted.
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    I agree anteopta. Yoshi and Sebas are very good. They can give you good advices. My proposal is that you can do what Hand of Vecna and Two More Free Thought did with A Wild Last Boss. It can provide you lot of experience and maintain the quality of the releases.
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    Depending on your skill level, you could probably use the shoddy translations from JPMTL as a point of reference, while translating. Beyond that, I'd suggest you simply create a free wordpress page to post your translations.
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    700 Pages! Yay!!! :blobphone:

    I just realized it now, Alda may doesn't really need to use guduranis Physical frags, just the soul frags, after all, Alda has many vessels they can put gudu soul frags on: sealed evil gods.

    Alda faction have been keeping many evil gods sealed, thus, it is perfectly possible for Alda to put one or two or even 3 soul frags in each evil god in a small group of evil gods.

    Guduranis would further power up those evil gods and be able to use those evil gods abilities and priesthood as new fighting style to attack Vida faction and Van himself while Heinz is attacking his back, to kill and seal away Van before Gudu does it first and ressurect itself greatly and faster.

    And for arguments sake, Alda shouldn't think all those ressurected guduranis would be intact, they will get damaged and spend power while fighting Van's forces and as long as guduranis doesn't attack Heinz,change its attacks to his faction or run away at Amid holy Country direction, Alda forces will keep fighting and killing Vida forces until they are satisfied and either let some guduranis be sealed by Vida camp and defeat the ones left themselves or have no other choice but to re seal all them away themselves... to release one or two again in the next battle.
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    There’s only a few soul fragments. Also you’re forgetting again that Gudu is not going to have instinct or memory. There is no way to be sure how another reincarnated Gudu will act. I mean Ambition soul fragment would imply the taking over the world / standing above others would still be part of the personality but even then it is still questionable how it would manifest without his memories.
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    could post on pastebin. if you post send the link
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    I also doubt Alda have a body for Big G comperable to Arc Avalon + 30 or more physical fragments + unlimited growths and 5 more cheats + Death Attribute. Densuke said that Van still ganna win against Big G even if his alone. Van right now is 2 or 3x more powerful than his is when fighting Big G and interns of combat Pharmoun said in volume 14 that Van is already equal to Bellwood so it's safe to say that Van is Already stronger than Bellwood.
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    Power, core and life are probably the most useful soul frags in battle tho, memory and instinct were given so Avalon could get used to the power even more quickly, that would leave reasoning and emotion left so why not used them anyway? Alda is totally getting desperate
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    In reality only power is useful in combat, and that under the premise that you can use it (although there are Guru's records are superficial), at most the core would allow a better compatibility with the body and I don't even know what to do with life, But the problem is that instinct and memory are exactly the best parts for combat, memory gives you access to all the skills and knowledge of great, while instinct gives you his super senses as a magician of death and a better reaction capacity, without them the rest of the fragments only serve to create a Bellwood, but without combat skills and experience, only brutal statistics
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    Yeah.... if you only want brute force witch isn't really useful against Van(see Faitun?). You also forgetting that this new Gudo isn't ganna became Death Mage and become an Attributless creature.
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    Hi I just joined the thread but there’s 700 pages. So what happened with his dead elf mother? And has he dealt with the classmates that killed him? If he has, who are the notable people dealt with and what were his methods to do it? Also what happened with the boy who took all his skills and luck? I feel like the girl he tried to save will think it was the other guy who looked like him, is that how it is? What happened with the god who made him suffer?
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    Only Power is directly useful in combat. All fragments can be weaponized in some way.

    The translation already caught up to these parts, but whatever.

    Darcia was successfully resurrected thanks to Zakkart's technology. Vida and Van mutated her into the progenitor of a new race, so now she's immortal and really hard to kill. On top of that, she has become Vida's avatar.

    Van doesn't care about the people who killed him, since that was all in a past life. He's currently dealing with them based on their actions in this life. Some of them he killed, others he befriended.

    Hiroto is fine, and Van is the demon godfather of his kids. Also, Van is currently babysitting the kids.

    That misunderstanding has been resolved. They're still happily married.

    Rodcorte keeps trying to kill Van, but always fails and accidentally makes Van stronger each time. Alda is now very angry at Rodcorte and punished him accordingly. Rodcorte's familiar spirits are doing their best to do his job while he's immobilized.
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    ・Name: Vandaloo Ark Hillwillow Solda Zakart

    ・Race: Dampeel (Mother: Goddess)

    ・Age: 13 years old

    ・Two names: [Gour Emperor] [Shokumitsu] [Guardian of the Settlement] [Son of Vida] [Scales] [Tactile] [Brave] [Great Demon Lord] [Ogre Emperor] [Trial Cheats] [Invaders] [Black Blood Emperor] [Dragon Emperor] [Stall King] [Genius Tamar] [True Ruler of the Red Light District] [Guardian Saint of Transformation Orthosis] [Liberator of the Goddess] [Giant Emperor] [Savior] [ Demon King killed] [self-proclaimed human]

    ・Job: Nergal

    ・Level: 0

    ・Job History: Death Attribute Magician Golem Alchemist Undead Tamer Soul Killer Poison Hands Mushi Tsukijujutsu Mageshi Otoshi Zombie Maker Golem Creator Necromancer Maou Tsukai Makudo Creator Mage Maker Maki Ima Makan Warrior Granted Kamen Yumeshishi Demon King Demiurgos Whip Tongue Evil Enemies Dead Revenge Magician Stringer Daimaou Revenge Devil Master Hades Magician Pale Rider Contradictor Demon Goddess Kyoou Magician Divine Magician Dungeon Master Qliphoth Demon Ruler Sorcerer Magic Wand Creator Takumi: Orthodox Orthosis Netherworld Magician Nether Devil King Maden Soul Martial Vandaloo Shinmaou Yinden Transduction Mage Guru Devil Warrior Mushi Ninja Corisher

    ・Ability score

    ・Vitality: 1,471,586+(882,951) (555,977 UP!)

    ・Magic: 108,904,589,156+(108,904,589,156) (3,055,975,838 UP!)

    ・Power: 899,870+(224,967) (305,411 UP!)

    ・Agility: 771,890+(192,972) (295,058UP!)

    ・Physical strength: 826,265+(206,566) (137,747 UP!)

    ・Intelligence: 985,618+(246,404) (327,936UP!)

    ・Passive skills

    Super power: 8 Lv (UP!)

    Super-fast playback: 10 Lv

    Underworld magic: 10Lv (UP!)

    Status error invalid

    Magic resistance: 10 Lv

    Night vision

    Atsushi Arai

    No casting

    Guidance: Ayaya

    Magical power always recovers: 7 Lv (UP!)

    Follower group strengthening: 7Lv (UP!)

    Secret of venom: Tongue and tongue: 5 Lv (UP!)

    Body infinite stretch: tongue

    Attack power increase without hands: Large (UP!)

    Super-strengthening of the body (hair, nail, and tongue): 8 Lv (UP!)

    Magic thread refining: 9Lv (UP!)

    Increased magic power: 10 Lv

    Magic power recovery speed super rise: 5 Lv (UP!)

    Increases attack power when demons are activated: Medium (UP!)

    Increased vitality: 6 Lv (UP!)

    Ability boost: Reign: 9Lv (UP!)

    Ability boost: Faith: 7 Lv (UP!)

    Ability enhancement: Vidal Demon Empire: 8 Lv (UP!)

    Self-regeneration: Cannibalism: 9 Lv (UP!)

    Ability enhancement: Cannibalism: 9 Lv (UP!)

    Increases ability value when wearing soul: Small (Awakens from increasing ability value when wearing soul!)

    Super killing recovery: 1 Lv (Wake up from UP & killing recovery!)

    Self-strengthening: Killing: 1 Lv (UP & Self-strengthening: Awakening from killing!)

    Magic power increase when wand is equipped: maximum (UP!)

    Increased all ability value: Small (Wake up from increased all ability value!)

    Ability enhancement: lead: 2Lv (UP!)

    ・Active skills

    Blood: 10 Lv (UP!)

    Ruin: 4Lv (UP!)

    Golem Genesis: 5Lv (UP!)

    Kakaigami magic: 5Lv (UP!)

    Precision control of magic: 9Lv (UP!)

    Shinrei: 3Lv

    Alchemy: 6 Lv (UP!)

    Soul Exhaustion Magic: 2Lv

    Multiple activations: 10 Lv

    Kaijutsu: 4 Lv

    Implementation: 9Lv

    Group: 10 Lv (UP!)

    Super fast thinking: 10 Lv

    Shogun: 9Lv (UP!)

    Dead thread operation: 2Lv (UP!)

    Grudge Technique: 4Lv

    Screaming: 2Lv (UP!)

    Spirit magic: 8 Lv

    Shinmaou artillery: 2Lv (UP!)

    Demon World: 5Lv (UP!)

    Fragment transcendental limit: 8Lv (UP!)

    Seirei: 7 Lv (UP!)

    Whip technique: 6 Lv (UP!)

    Change in spirit: Lightning

    Cane Technique: 7Lv (UP!)

    High-speed flight: 5 Lv (UP!)

    Musical instrument performance: 5 Lv (UP!)

    Butoh: 4Lv (UP!)

    Muscle surgery: 8 Lv (UP!)

    Magical Technique: 6Lv (UP!)

    ・Unique skill

    God Eater: 10 Lv

    Multi-faceted soul

    Soul erosion: 3Lv

    Labyrinth rule: 3Lv (UP!)

    Great Satan


    God enemy

    Soul Eater: 10 Lv

    Protection of Vida

    Blessing of the Earth God

    Group of souls

    Protection of Zantak


    Soul body: 9Lv

    Devil's Devil Eye

    Origin God

    Recruit protection

    Protecting Zulwan

    Perfect recording

    Breakthrough limit: 8 Lv




    Botin's protection

    Blessing of Pelia

    Body world



     Previous experience value cannot be carried over

     Existing job impossible

     Unable to acquire experience value
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    next part august 29th
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    And it definitely didn’t take me a long time to post this shit post
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    Van decides to attack in Winter. Pope received an Oracle from Alda to begin the holy war. I feel like Alda hasn’t learned much if he wants Van to have the defense advantage:
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    Ch 383: "It All Begins Just Before the Start of Winter"

    So turns out that Van training with the most powerful warriors of Vidal all at the same time with his Guduranis-type demon king avatars... and remodeling the Trail of Zakkart for Randolf and Merolis... and generating massive quantities of demon king fragments for Tarea to make equipment with... helped Van squeeze some more level-ups out of his various skills, including some awakenings in his all-attributes boosting skills. Also hilariously, it turns out the system considers the Guduranis-type demon king avatars enough of a separate existence from Van that if say for instance Borkus defeats one while Van is watching in one form or another... that's considered one of his party members defeating an enemy monster and Van gets experience... for defeating... Van? :blobawkward: Van checks with Luciano about this, but Luciano is just as shocked.

    Luciano: "I honestly don't understand the exact mechanics of it either, but the fact this is even possible may very well be worthy of several research papers!" :blobhyperthink:

    As the status system is a black box, people on Lambda have put forth numerous theories on how exactly experience works. Do you absorb energy from the enemies you defeat? Are the status system gods determining experience values? Or is it simply a measure by the system of your own soul's internal growth rather than a representation of an outside factor? :blobdizzy: Among scholars, the first theory is the most prevalent. Though in the general community... most people don't care. Do you need to know how air works to breathe, or how your heart and veins work for your heart to beat? No. Experience system is much the same. For those who wish to research it, it's an interesting topic of debate. For most people though, it just works.

    Well, anyway, the trainees have defeated enough Vans for Van to reach level 100 as well... for [Fallen Warrior], [Insect Ninja] and [Eclipse Cursecaster]... so time for another job change. [Fallen Warrior] by the way gave corrections to martial arts skills. Van also thinks the "Fallen/Corrupted" adjective was in there because it gave corrections to his poison skills as well. [Insect Ninja] gave corrections to scout and bug tamer type skills... but Van honestly has insanely high tamer skills and almost non-existent scout type skills, so the changes were very subtle. [Eclipse Cursecaster] gave Van the ability to curse any object he touches with his body or even his blood... as well as help with the planting and growing of various types of plants and mushrooms. Yeahhh, turns out Densuke was making a pun with [Eclipse Cursecaster] in fact. In Japanese it's a homonym for [Tree Planter]. :blobsweat: (Maybe [Eclipse Curse Planter] would be a better English translation?)

    Back to that job change, since Van only has conspicuous jobs left at this point, he decides to go with one of the mythical ones again and selects [Nergal]. Van figures since in Mesopotamian mythology Nergal is a sun god it should probably fine, right? (...No one tell Van Nergal is a god of both the sun and death because for a religion formed in an area with a lot of deserts, sun isn't alway a good thing. :sweating_profusely:) Well, anyway, status gods probably thought it was a good job for the death mage who's also the [Eclipse Emperor] of the city of the sun giant, Talosheim. [Nergal] grants boosts to super strength, death magic, hp and mp related skills, faith skills, and his staff skill. It also causes [Self-Enhancement: Murder] and [Murder Healing] to awaken to [Super Self-Enhancement: Murder] and [ Murder Super Healing].

    • Name: Vandalieu Ark Hillwillow Solder Zakkart
    • Race: Dhampir (Goddess)
    • Age: 13 years old
    • Title:【Ghoul Emperor】,【Eclipse Emperor】,【Guardian of the Cultivation Villages】,【Holy Son of Vida】,【Scaled Emperor】,【Tentacle Emperor】,【Champion】,【Demon King】,【Oni Emperor】,【Trial Conqueror】,【Transgressor】,【Black Blood Emperor】,【Elder Dragon Emperor】,【King of the Stalls】,【Genius Tamer】,【True Ruler of the Red Light District】,【Patron Saint of Transformation Equipment】,【Goddess Liberator】,【Titan Emperor】,【Savior】,【Demon King Slayer】, 【Self-proclaimed Human】(NEW!)
    • Job: Nergal
    • Level: 0
    • Job history: Death-Attribute Mage, Golem Transmuter, Undead Tamer, Soul Breaker, Venom Fist User, Insect User, Tree Caster, Demon Guider, Archenemy, Zombie Maker, Golem Creator, Corpse Demon Commander, Demon King User, Dark Guider, Labyrinth Creator, Creation Guider, Dark Healer, Disease Demon, Magic Cannoneer, Spirit Warrior, Bestower, Dream Guider, Demon King, Demiurge, Whip Tongue Calamity, Divine Enemy, Dead Spirit Mage, String User, Great Demon King, Vengeful Berserker, Destruction Guider, Dark King Mage, Pale Rider, Chaos Guider, God Guider, God Destroyer, Hollow King Mage, Divine Spirit Mage, Dungeon Master, Qliphoth, Demon Ruler, Spirit Therapist, Magic Wand Creator, Artisan: Transformation Equipment, Underworld God Mage, Dark Demon King, Pandemonium, Soul Grappler, Vandaleiu, True Demon King, Yin Guider, Soul Fighter, Spirit Guider, Guidance Lord, Fallen Warrior, Insect Ninja, Eclipse Cursecaster
    • Attributes:
    • Vitality: 1,471,586 (+882,951) (555,977 UP!)
    • Mana: 108,904,589,156 (+108,904,589,156) (3,055,975,838UP!)
    • Strength: 899,870 (+224,967) (305,411 UP!)
    • Agility: 771,890 (+192,972) (295,058UP!) )
    • Stamina: 826,265 (+206,566) (137,747UP!)
    • Intelligence: 985,618 (+246,404) (327,936UP!)
    • Passive skills:
    • Super Strength: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Super High-Speed Regeneration: Level 10
    • Underworld God Magic: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Status Effect Immunity
    • Magic Resistance: Level 10
    • Dark Vision
    • Alaya-vijnana Path Enticement
    • Null Chant
    • Guidance: Alaya-vijnana
    • Automatic Mana Super Recovery: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Ultra Strengthen Adherents: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Divine Venom Secretion (Claws, Fangs, Tongue): Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Infinite Body Expansion: Tongue
    • Increased Attack Power while Unarmed: Large (LEVEL UP!)
    • Super Enhance Body Part (Hair, Claws, Tongue, Fangs): Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Magic Thread Refining: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Mana Enlargement: Level 10
    • Super Increased Mana Recovery Rate: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Increased Attack Power while activating a Magic Cannon: Medium (LEVEL UP!)
    • Vitality Enlargement: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Enhanced Attribute Values: Ruling: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Enhanced Attribute Values: Target of Religious Faith: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Enhanced Attribute Values: Vidal Demon Empire: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Self-Regeneration: Cannibalism: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Enhanced Attribute Values: Cannibalism: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Increased Attack Power while Fighting with Soul: Small (awakened from Enhanced Attack Power while Fighting with Soul!)
    • Murder Super Healing: Level 1 (awakened from Murder Healing!)
    • Super Self-Strengthening: Murder: Level 1 (awakened from Self-Strengthening: Murder!)
    • Enhanced Magic Power while using a Magic Staff: Max (LEVEL UP!)
    • All Attribute Values Enhancement: small (awakened from All Attribute Values Strengthening!)
    • Enhanced Attribute Values: Guidance (LEVEL UP!)
    • Active skills:
    • Bloodrule: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Apocalyptic Roar: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Golem Genesis: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Outer God Magic: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Precise Mana Control: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Divine Spirit Cooking: Level 3
    • Thaumaturgy: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Soul Clad Demon God of Destruction Technique: Level 2
    • Greater multi-cast: Level 10
    • Occult Arts: Level 4
    • Embodiment: Level 9
    • Unity: Level 10 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Super High-speed Thought Processing: Level 10
    • Delegation: Level 9 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Deadly Thread Manipulation: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Barrage Technique: Level 4
    • Dark Scream: Level 2(LEVEL UP!)
    • Divine Spirit Magic: Level 8
    • True Demon King Artillery Technique: Level 2 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Demon World Binding Technique: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Transcend Limits: Fragments: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Spirit Therapy: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Whip Technique: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Spirit Form Transformation: Lightning
    • Staff Technique: Level 7 (LEVEL UP!)
    • High-Speed Flight: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Instrumentalist: Level 5 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Dancing: Level 4 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Muscle Technique: Level 8 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Demon King Fragment Technique: Level 6 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Unique skills:
    • God Devourer: Level 10
    • Deformed Soul Hive
    • Soul Encroachment: Level 3
    • Labyrinth Domination: Level 3 (LEVEL UP!)
    • Great Demon King
    • Root
    • Divine Enemy
    • Soul Devour: Level 10
    • Vida’s Divine Protection
    • God of Earth’s Divine Protection
    • Group Soul
    • Zantark’s Divine Protection
    • Group Existence
    • Soul Form: Level 9
    • Mystic Eyes of the Demon King
    • God of Origin
    • Ricklent’s Divine Protection
    • Zuruwarn’s Divine Protection
    • Perfect Record Technique
    • Surpass Limits: Soul: Level 8
    • Mutation Induction
    • True Demon King
    • Demigod
    • Botin's Divine Protection
    • Peria's Divine Protection
    • Inner World
    • Guidance Lord
    • Demon King fragments:
    • Blood
    • Horns
    • Suckers
    • Ink sacs
    • Carapace
    • Scent glands
    • Luminescent organs
    • Blubber
    • Jaw
    • Eyeballs
    • Proboscis
    • Fur
    • Exoskeleton
    • Jointed legs
    • Antenna
    • Claws
    • Compound eyes
    • Gills
    • Auxiliary brain
    • Tumors
    • Blood Vessels
    • Tongue
    • Lungs
    • Fins
    • Venom glands
    • Bones
    • Skin
    • Treasure orb
    • Mystic Eyes
    • Nerves
    • Stomach
    • Membrane
    • Wings
    • Shadow
    • Tentacles
    • Scales
    • Bone Marrow
    • Fallopian Tube
    • Silk Glands
    • Muscles
    • Crystals
    • Sweat Glands
    • Cnidocyte
    • Mucus Glands
    • Nose
    • Sebaceous Glands
    • Paw Pads
    • Right Arm
    • Left Arm
    • Brain
    • Curses
      • Experience gained in previous life not carried over
      • Cannot learn existing jobs
      • Unable to gain experience independently

    So not a lot of movement on his various unique skills, but Van's still growing somewhat. :blobowoevil_horns:

    After finishing his job change, Van wonders when exactly Alda is going to make his move. Sam, Saria and Rita come in here and start explaining that most wars between Amid and Orbaume have occurred from spring going into summer, and autumn going into winter. This is in part because most wars have had to be land based, as large numbers of naval vessels blowing stuff up all over the place had a tendency to be attacked by sea monsters. :blobfearful: War often doesn't happen till late spring because of the harvests (soldiers need rations). And winter is tough because it gets so cold, especially in the northern part of Ban Gaia where Orbaume and Amid are located. As such only elites can move during those times easily. Van is surprised Saria and Rita are so well informed, only for the two to cheerfully say they've been bothering Luciano and Cesare about this, because they figured Van would eventually want to know about it, and they wanted to be the ones to explain it to him! :blobfistbumpL::blobfistbumpR: (I don't know what pose they're actually doing but Densuke said they did a pose after saying this)

    Van thinks this is useful information, but since Alda's goal is the death of himself rather than the conquering of Orbaume, he won't count on Amid following their previous patterns. :hmm: Also Van, Rita and Saria wonder here if Van died but everyone else survived if they and the other undead really would go insane again (or just get incredibly pissed while still being totally sentient), and think it would probably turn out quite badly for Alda, with Sam flying through space-time and smashing up random cities and military installations... and between Borkus (destroy entire mountains or cities with a single swing), Knochen (endless skeleton armies), and Quattro (complete air superiority for aerial bombings), most of Amid probably being reduced to dust. :blobfearful: Also Gufadgarn, being Gufadgarn, has no interest in participating in this thought experiment, because she has already completely made up her mind to give up her life to protect Van if Van ever were put in mortal danger. :blobcry:

    Also interesting note here that Van sees Bellwood as a serious threat, and while he would be very happy to murder Heinz and get revenge for kidnapping and selling off his mother to a lunatic to be tortured and burned at a stake... he thinks if he doesn't eliminate Bellwood as well, a second Heinz could still emerge to threaten Vida's children at Alda's behest again. Van unfortunately doesn't know what Bellwood's actually thinking, he just knows that he's helping Heinz. In fact, if he knew how even Heinz barely talked Bellwood into helping him, and Bellwood generally thinks almost anything he does makes the world worse, Van probably wouldn't feel poor, sad-sack Bellwood has to be destroyed. :blobawkward: Anyway, Van decides after weighing various options that if Alda is just going to keep waiting, Vidal will launch an initial attack in the winter using some disposable demon king avatars. This will hopefully draw out Heinz, at which point they can use various space magic options to entrap him and finally finish off him and any elites with him (while the regular soldiers are just stuck in their cities and forts because it's too cold, I assume). Rita and Saria also ask if Van can turn some of those elite soldiers into bikini and high leg armor like them. So sorry heroic spirits stealing those Alda church people's bodies, sounds like you're going to suffer a hell of embarrassment worse than any you could possibly imagine.:sweating_profusely:

    Unfortunately for Van, Eileek just got an oracle from Alda that the holy war will begin now (middle of Autumn). Which is actually kinda what Van initially wanted (for Amid to be the initial aggressors), but also is worrying because Van wants to be able to be there if Heinz launches a sneak attack to protect his friends and countrymen. But anyway: SO IT BEGINS! THE SECOND DEMON KING WAR! :blobcat_hyper:

    Densuke apologizes, but the next chapter won't be till Aug 29th. He's not sick or anything, he's just hitting a bit of a creative slump at the moment, so he's going to take some time to rest and recharge. :blobsalute:
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