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    감금물의 하녀로 살아가기, Living as a Maid in Confinement
    Novel Link: Official Novel Raws: Author: 연한 | Yeonhan
    Artist: 지나가던 사람 | Passerby
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
    Status: 91 Chapters (Ongoing)


    transmigrated into a novel and reincarnated as the maid of a prince who was trapped inside a tower.

    It was depressing to be trapped in a tower, but the situation that I found myself in as soon as I transmigrated was straight up dangerous.

    The original owner of this body, Rosé, threatened the prince and forced him to kiss her!

    To make matters worse, Rosé was completely obsessed with the prince, and while trying to monopolize him, she dies a futile death!

    We’re right on track to [ death via decapitation ] as soon as the prince escapes the tower.

    So instead, I offered to make a contract with the prince, aptly titled as ‘The Contract for the Life and Death of Rosé Artius’.

    No skinship at all! As long as he guarantees that I’ll live until an old age, I will devote my diligence and loyalty to the prince!

    But somehow… the prince’s gaze was a bit dangerous. And inside the tower, we were totally alone.

    “Rosé, let’s kiss.”

    …How did it end up like this?!

    * * *

    The breath that lingered on my lips disappeared as the stranger moved away.
    I stared at the man who kissed me just now.

    Under those dark eyebrows were red eyes that were exceedingly cold.
    I was instantly bewitched. I couldn’t look away, as if there was an irresistible force coveting my gaze. Because he’s so handsome.

    “Rosé, how long do we have to do this?”

    I shuddered as the sweet voice whispered next to my ear. Only then did I come to my senses.
    I laughed awkwardly to fill the silence. Ahaha, I really don’t know…

    “I-I think we can stop now.”

    At my words, Albert grinned. It was the forced, soulless smile of a salesman. Nonetheless, he was still breathtakingly beautiful.

    “Then, can I see it now?”


    He took the wand that I had been holding.
    In the novel, the maid Rosé always asked for a kiss from Albert in exchange for letting him see the wand.

    In short, at this very moment, I was digging my own grave.

    …Damn it.
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    What happened with her hair? Is she some kind of descendant who awakened or something?
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    Please someone put some spoiler:blob_pout::aww:
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    Spoilers please. Anyone who has summaries/mtl of the chapters?
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    Spoilers please:blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
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    Use (Korea) vpn
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    I like this novel! Spoiler pleaseee. :aww:
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    Do you guys want me to post the mtl chapters here, I have read until the latest release from kakaopage
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    Whatever you're comfortable with, if it's through mtl (by chapters) or in summary then you can just post it on here.
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    please spoil us.... I am looking for the next title to read..I am not sure if this is the good or not.
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    Its okay. Your the one givig the spoilers anyway
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    Please spoil us:aww: I've been reading until chapter 5 and craving more for spoiler :blob_grin:
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    Ok so here's the mtl, I'll post another chapter later
    Chapter 6
    "There is a beautiful food called chicken, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. When did you see me lying?"
    °You're not a good cook."
    "But whoever makes it, it's delicious. What? What? Prince Niiim."
    With an iron plate on my face, I waved my other hand.
    There's no pride in front of a pet, I'm a faithful butler in front of a cat! Pets are the best!
    Albert looked at me and breathed out a sigh while I was so amazed.
    " Would you let go of my hand first?
    ''No right away.''
    ''Do as you please.''
    "Oh, really?'
    "If there is a kid who can get in here."
    Albert grinned.
    ...I feel like l've been tricked, but I'm sure it's an illusion.
    "I'll assume you're in a hurry...? Then I'll go down to prepare lunch."
    In my words Albert casually replied and turned back to the book. There was a strange sound in my stomach. I was hungry maybe because I've been using my head for too long.
    I mean, I'm ready to have a delicious lunch.
    Today's menu is spicy tteok-bokki that will blow away all the stress you've accumulated while you're stuck here!
    Koreans like red pepper powder! Red pepper powder is a Korean! You can't leave them out.
    The kitchen had a faucet connected to the outside capital, so the water could be used at any time.
    It is true that Rosturatu used his head to make the tower.
    He wanted Albert to suffer more mentally in the tower. Albert grew up struggling, so he was rather blunt in physical pain. Rostura, Thu, didn't want Albert to die of a problem other than mental distress. So, all the systems needed to survive in the tower were darkened.
    Rosé asked me to make something like this. Because Rosé loved Albert so much that he was obsessed with him, I wanted to take good care of him. That one I am grateful to Rosé. We had almost everything we needed to serve Albert.
    When I turned the faucet around, fresh water came out.
    I put a moderate amount of water in the pot and unpacked the red pepper powder and red pepper paste. The transparent water turned red. Writer, thank you for letting me be possessed by this ridiculous world.If it were the Middle Ages, I would have died unbearably. If it's Ropan, it's best to mix your own settings!
    "Okay, let's get started."
    After a simple stretch, I started to finish making tteok-bokki.
    First, put the pot on the fire. Waiting for the tteokbokki soup to thicken, I cut vegetables. Add green onions and cabbage. It's a shame that we don't have ramen or noodles, but there's no such thing as tteokbokki in this generation. Fortunately, all the materials requested by the soldier were delivered. Getting quite close to the soldiers would have been a part of it. I found out that they were the fathers of a family, having a short conversation while handing snacks to those who stood guard at the tower.
    Of course, my acting skills, which had been strengthened by social life, played a role until the relationship developed like this. He fully appealed to the prince, who is beautiful but picky in appearance, and the anguish of the king of the deceased who can't help it. They felt sorry for me for being locked up alone with a notorious prince. All of this was possible because it was an external secret that maid Rose signed a contract with King Koja. Now, I and the soldiers spoke informally and knew each other's names. Friendly It's enough to ask after you. Once a week, it was a great result for a few minutes. I can say that I am a Korean who can survive under pressure from my boss only when I can do this much. Boiling. The soup is boiling.
    "Oh, it boils."
    I put chopped vegetables and square fish cakes in the pot. The way he fell into the water was like watching a diving player. "Eggs are the best for tteokbokki."
    I boiled eggs for Albert today. It's fantastic to dip the egg in the boiled soup. Well, just thinking about it made my mouth water. Do you think Albert would eat this well? Would it be spicy? I thought of his cheeky face.
    I prayed for his stomachache as I wanted to see the spiciness once.
    I thought of Albert's handsome but mean face and added more red pepper paste. It's spicy. More spicy! I nodded satisfactorily when I tasted it in the middle. Well, yeah, this is it. Addictive spicy taste as if you added seasoning to X-dak-bokkeum-myeon. The cooking is done. Transferring the steaming tteokbokki to a bowl, I put Albert and eggs one by one in my bowl. I put tteokbokki on the tray and went up the stairs.
    "Prince, we're all set".
    When I entered the room, Albert familiarly took the tray in my hand. Albert's eyes naturally turned to tteokbokki and soon became silent. No, it seemed to be speechless.
    ''...what's this?''
    ''You've had potato soup. Is this weird? It's spicy tteokbokki."
    Albert put the tray down on the desk. I quickly sat on the chair. I opened my mouth with a serious face after coughing in vain.
    "You know what, my prince? I feel better when I eat spicy food."
    ''I've never heard of it before.''
    ''Trust me and try it.''
    It was a tone reminiscent of a drug dealer, but I was proud. I poked the rice cake with a fork and stuck it out to Albert.
    "Here you are."
    "Aren't you hungry? You had a light breakfast."
    Albert's hesitant hand lay on my hand. He's almost over!
    "Just trust me once and try it."
    Albert eventually bit the rice cake. A rice cake full of spices went into his mouth! As I chewed the rice cake, Albert's face, which seemed reluctant, changed subtly. How did I know? It's because of the corners of my mouth that went up.
    Albert, who skipped the rice cake, breathed out afterwards. ''It's spicy.''
    ''If you sweat a little while eating something spicy like this, you'll definitely feel better.''
    ''And did you like it?" Albert asked, eyes dropping.
    ''Did my lips curl up again?''
    ''Of course. Prince, it's delicious if you put seasoning on eggs."
    I cut the egg in half with a fork and coated it with tteokbokki sauce evenly. And then, Kok, put it in my mouth. The taste that spreads in my mouth was fantastic. I closed my eyes and savored the taste of tteokbokki. Now, I could be confident that my tteokbokki is as good as Yeop-X Tteokbokki and Shin-X Tteokbokki.
    I dipped fish cake and rice cake together. The chopped vegetables were crunchy and delicious.
    "Wow, I'm happy."
    Today was the most perfect meal I've ever had in the tower.
    ''Happiness,'' a startled look blinks.
    Like it's unexpected.
    ''It's so easy to make you happy, Rosé.''
    ''There's a saying that you live to eat. It's not like there's a stage to happiness, but it's happiness when you eat delicious food and have fun."
    "It's clear."
    "It's better to be happy than depressed every day, so I'm looking for reasons to be happy."
    He laughed at what I said. Like you have nothing to say. I felt like I was denying what I was saying.
    ''I didn't know happiness was such an easy thing to do.''
    His glancing eyes contained an instant of bitterness. Albert laughed and put the tteokbokki in his mouth. At first glance, it was spicy, but it seemed to be trying not to show. Like someone who is more used to hiding. When I saw him resting and eating from time to time, it was clear that his mouth was burning.
    I slipped out the glass of milk that I had placed on the tray.
    ''··· What is it?''
    ''It's not spicy at all if you drink milk when it's spicy.''
    ''It must still be obvious.''
    ''No, it's not that easy to read the prince's face. Did you expect it right?"
    Albert picked up a glass of milk instead of an answer. He put a glass of milk to his mouth.
    You're a true champion, even when you drink milk. Then the meal continued with my silly comments. Albert succeeded in clearing tteokbokki with milk. I was actually surprised that he ate better than I thought.
    He's feeling better after eating spicy food. I'm sure he's under a lot of stress because he's stuck in here, and I asked him because I hope tteokbokki helps.
    Albert's gaze stared at me.
    "Not as happy as you, but I feel pretty good," said Albert, who spoke in a low voice, stroked my head gently. I felt like I became a cat at the momentarily.
    ''It's been a long time since I felt this way,'' Albert's eyes narrowed as if he were lost in thought. Listening to his languid voice, I felt like I was playing ASMR.
    Still, the finger that smoothed my hair was careful as if it were an art piece. I felt queer. Albert is under contact surfaces would you do this, sometimes I don't know. I want to give everything to him as if I were enchanted. Like a sailor who heard Seiren's voice. But he also knows that he has no feelings for me.
    For him, this physical contact would be a means of using me. The confusion subsided because I thought so. Business relationship. Thorough A and B.
    "I'm glad you enjoyed it."
    I smiled brightly. The smile on my face was the best defense I could see. It's not hard to smile.

    The water problem happened in the evening.
    "Oh, my intestines are twisted."
    I felt a slight pain in my stomach. I was surprised to eat something spicy after a long time. It was Rosé's first time eating tteokbokki with her body, so that's understandable. I was lying in bed in the attic thinking that lying down would make me feel better, but I didn't think I'd feel better.
    It got worse. I started to break out in cold sweat. After crouching in public, I finally decided to pick my hand.
    "Needles ··."
    Where are the needles? There was a basket with a ring for sewing. While searching the attic, I realized after a long time that the ring was underneath. In fact, it was safe to say that everything related to life was in the bedroom downstairs. It means that you have to go down and run into Albert.

    Chapter 7
    Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to the bedroom. Walking down the stairs, I ran into Albert, who was reading a book. He stared at me, who was concentrating on reading in a monocl.
    "What is it, Rose?"
    ''I'm going to sew."
    I laughed and picked up the basket next to his bedroom. Albert, who was looking at me closely, got up from his seat.
    "I'm sick and tired of my face.''
    ''It's okay · · 요요.''
    I was about to smile, but I grabbed my stomach from the sudden pain. Oh, it really hurts.
    ''Your stomach seems to hurt.''
    ''...I'll admit it. Prince, I think what I ate earlier was wrong. It hurts."
    "You did eat in a hurry. What were you trying to do, though? Why are you taking the basket?"
    ''I'm going to get some hands. Prince, can I talk to you after this?"
    I smiled awkwardly and slowly moved to the ladder. Albert asked me again, clenching his chin if he didn't understand what I was saying.
    "Do you want a hand?''
    ''Let me do it first.''
    I didn't seem to understand Albert's hand-picking, but I couldn't afford to worry about it now. I'm dying. I'm dying. Anyway, I decided not to hide anything that was caught or hurt. I groaned and took out the needle. It was a needle for destroying clothes.
    Well, this would be nice. Disinfection is a must. I burned the needle over the fire Albert had left next to the bed.
    Albert was looking at what I was doing without saying a word. Well, who would pick their hands in this era?
    "If you feel sick later, you can do the same thing. It's great because it's effective."
    ''What the hell are you going to do with a needle?''
    I opened my finger and poked the end with a needle. At the moment, black blood flowed out with a tingling pain.
    Wow, I guess I'm really sick.
    Albert, who was standing behind me, quickly approached. Albert hugged my body and punched out the needle he was holding in his hand. He looks like he's giving me a back hug. Albert muttered in a low voice,
    "Rosé, what are you doing?"
    I couldn't see your face, but the cold air said everything.
    Albert was surrounding me and I got goosebumps.
    "Cow, I dug my hand...I don't feel well, so · ·."
    "Picking your finger with a needle is 'picking'?"
    Albert grabbed me lightly on the wrist. His eyes turned to my index finger. Blood was dripping from the tip of my index finger. It was a cold voice that embarrassed me more than a grabbed wrist.
    I blinked at the look of interrogation as if I had done a big mistake.
    ''Yes, it's folk remedies ··.''
    ''You didn't mean to do anything more?''
    ''I'll do something more.''
    Prince, my life is precious.I felt unfair because Albert's tone seemed to drive me. Albert stood up from behind and came in front of me. My wrist was still held. Albert, sitting in front of me, ordered with a clear voice.
    "Look at me, Rosé."
    I realized that I was not the one to be king for nothing. The same was true of the fact that what he had shown so far was only his cross-section. He knew how to hold a man by his voice alone. My heart pounded.
    "Look at me.''
    I couldn't avoid my eyes any more. I finally looked up and faced him. The face that I thought was gentle is as cold as a glacier. A cold face, No matter how handsome he was, he was so scared that he wanted to run away. The red eyes were scarier than beautiful. In a brutal look I recalled the fact that he was a man who knew how to kill people. The man who killed Rosturatu and his aides and sat in the king's Even if it's a justifiable murder, it's not something that can be easily understood from a modern perspective. I've never imagined killing a soldier in my life.
    ''You're not lying,''
    Albert's voice crawled thickly around my ear. I replied, pretending to be calm. Actually, my hands were a little shaky.
    ''Oh, no,'' he stammered.
    At this rate, Albert would know what I was thinking. Albert asked me a question whether I was right.
    "Rosé, are you afraid of me?"
    I don't want to say I'm scared, but it was hard to avoid answering. Apparently, I was so surprised that my excuse didn't come out properly. When a person is driven into extreme situations, it is difficult to act as usual.
    "Sa, that's what people do, Prince."
    I understand.What I said didn't work at all. Albert squinted his eyes.
    "You're scared of me."
    Is it so important that I'm afraid of him? I quivered and replied.
    ''I think the prince already knows the answer.''
    "Because your mouth didn't say the exact answer. This is your chance to use what you usually say."
    What I'm usually good at is Abu. Only then did I realize why Albert asked me a question again. He doesn't want to hear the truth. The fact that I'm afraid of him.
    Why do you want to hear a lie when you know how I feel?
    "Rose,'' he called my name hastily.
    I finally opened my mouth.
    "I'm not scared. The prince is handsome. It's okay if you're handsome."
    The inside was different from what I said, but after saying it for sure, he seemed less scared. No, I think Albert's atmosphere has been loosened compared to before, or is it an illusion?
    ''Thank you, Rosé.'' For doing as I say. I think I can hear the sound of words without saying it. I swallowed and nodded my head. Albert looked down at my finger. It was bleeding all the whole time to time. I didn't say much.
    "Oh, blood is fine. Soon it stopped ··."
    ''I'll help you,'' Albert pulled my wrist. My body naturally leaned forward and I was held in Albert's arms.
    His arms were wide and warm. I can't believe he's the one who's been giving off the cold air. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away. No, I was going to push you down.
    "Ha ha, I lost my balance. I'm sorry."
    ''It's bleeding, so I'll have to stop.''
    ''I think I'll just have to hold a cloth or something.''
    Albert put my finger in his mouth. It was hot as if all the nerves were on my fingertips.
    ''Uh · ·!''
    This time I'm speechless in a different sense. Forgetting that I had to push Albert away, I stared blankly at Albert, who was biting my finger. As Albert lowered his head forward, gray hair fell around and touched my shoulder. It was close. I could even take a closer look at his eyelashes. The pupils of the eyes, which were seen between the long eyelashes, rose steadily up. He was staring at me.
    ''Now the blood is wonderful,''
    Albert laughed brutally, folding his eyes. I looked at his face in a moment. This guy.
    It was clear that his specialty was to seduce people without knowing.


    My stomach got better, but I couldn't sleep in a different way. The reason why I like sleeping the most was because I had a big problem.
    What the hell is this prince thinking about?
    He always tells me to cheer up and kiss my lips and forehead. He sucks my fingers because it's bleeding. It was an act that was incomprehensible to ordinary people's minds.
    Don't you think these actions really like me?
    But that doesn't make any sense, usually it doesn't make any difference.
    The time you're with me is when I'm eating and when I'm not in the attic It's only time.
    The conversation is more like my one-sided silly comment, and Albert rarely speaks. Rosé in the book would have received more than this, but I never asked for this. It's not good to be too close between breaks anyway. In the long run, unnecessary contact will only make each other uncomfortable. I realized yesterday that I was getting Albert's bloody eye. As expected, people should live as they used to.
    In my life, a man is only a modest commoner handsome man.
    Nobleman is not bad, but I'll feed you everything, so just do the handsome and nice ones.
    Anyway, what's wrong with Albert, if he doesn't like me?
    Are we following the flow of the book? No matter how hard I struggle, I can't escape the flow of the book, the same cliche? Are you doing what you did to Rosé to me? But for that, Albert is hard to read.
    After a long time of agonizing, I came to a conclusion. I'm hungry, so let's just eat. Albert didn't tell me anything, and it didn't make any difference to wrap your head alone, so it was good to just eat. I've been agonizing for too long, unlike myself.
    What's the difference if Albert likes me? I don't like it. In this situation, it is better to ignore emotions.
    If it is a feeling that will not continue, it is much wiser to pretend to be tactless.
    I stayed up all night thinking about it.
    I slept well the day before, so I wasn't sleepy, but my stomach clock rang.
    The current time is 7:50.
    It's slowly time for the soldiers to provide me with food and necessities. This is the only moment when the gate of the tower opens. It's hard to procure all the ingredients with a small window.
    Of course I can't go outside. King Rosturatu worried about Rosé's change of heart.
    I cast a spell on her, too.
    "Yes, I should ask about pets."
    Handsome Albert is good for the eyes, but the quality of my life was just as important.
    I went down the stairs.
    Albert was sweating and concentrating on exercising. The wind blew through the window he had left open. Albert, who was working out with his coat off, wiped his face with a towel around his neck. He stared at me.
    ''A soldier's day.''
    ''Yes,'' I said succinctly, and there was an awkward silence.
    I could start exercising again, but Albert was looking at me. Like waiting for me to say more. I'm good at smiling. And I think I know what Albert is waiting for.
    "The prince is handsome today as well."
    I winked and made silly comments.
    All right, that was perfect.
    Albert smirked. The way he smiled, he looked different from yesterday.
    ''I'll be on my way then.''
    After a neat conversation, I went down to the kitchen.
    Obviously Albert's unrealistic face has adapted to it after a long time. The problem was that he was so used to his appearance that other people might look like squids.
    I look normal too, what if my eyes only get higher?
    I approached the door in a trifle of agony.
    Two soldiers were seen through the window. They looked like they were wrangling over each other.
    "I followed you!"
    "No, it's you! Why did you give me the sausage earlier?"
    What's following you? My ears opened wide.
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    I popped open the door.
    "Good morning!"
    The two exchanged eyes with puzzled faces as they looked at me bravely greeting. I peeked around them. I saw something vague behind me.
    "Oh, I think I see something wriggling behind it. What is it?"
    'You don't have to care. Here's the ingredient you asked for."
    The soldier on the left pushed the bags that he had brought near the door. Inside were daily necessities such as chicken, pork, seafood, and flour. It was an ingredient I asked for because I wanted to make fried chicken and Korean pancakes. I really like the delivery service if you want it this way.
    Customer satisfaction services reminiscent of Kux bullet delivery! It's a comfort I never thought I'd feel here.
    The other bag contained clothes, and I realized once again that maid Rosé was a man who knew how to make good use of her position.
    The maid's clothes were as colorful as the aristocratic dress, while Albert's clothes were indolent. But I know. The fact that the most important thing in a person's fashion is his or her face.
    Of course, there's a saying that it's fashionable. It doesn't matter what Albert wears. Everything shines when he wears it. I was continuing to be a great fanatic.
    'What do you see in the back?'
    'We'll take care of this. Clung together on the way."
    The soldier standing on the right sighed. The animal behind them appeared with the sound of Gyu-woo.
    "Oh, my God." So cute.
    The animal that seemed to be a reptile was really small.
    It was so big that I couldn't even touch my knees, but the twinkling eyes were cute itself.
    Walking on two legs and gently moving his tail seemed to appeal to me. It reminds me of something.
    I squinted my eyes.
    The appearance of the reptile in front of me kept reminding me of something.
    What is it?
    Me and the animal's eyes met in thought. The animal crawled through the soldiers.
    The animal that crossed the tower's door came straight into the tower.
    The animal walked around me to see if I liked it.
    I realized the identity of this animal only when I saw him wag his tail around.
    ...You're Dragon, aren't you?
    It was small enough not to think it was a dragon, but it was right.
    It was similar to what I saw in Dragon X. It's more mature than the ones in the animation.
    But is there a dragon in this book?
    Since it is a fantasy world, it is not that strange for a dragon to come out, but I wondered if there was anything that could come out of this book.
    Wasn't it early romance between Albert and the dimensionalist Seoina after killing Rosturatu?
    Although I couldn't read it until the end...
    I rolled my eyes slightly and looked at the soldiers. They were staring at the animal at my feet with disapproving faces.
    Don't soldiers know this animal is a dragon?
    the soldier on the right responded to me.
    I pointed to a dragon still hovering around me.
    "What does this look like?"
    "It's a black cat."
    Huh? What I see is a white dragon?
    The man on the right was named Bob. I asked Uncle John standing on the left.
    "Do you see a black cat?"
    "By the way, don't you like black cats? It's kind of unique. If you look at how you can get in there."
    "There's a rumor that cats are creatures, so I guess so."
    John and Uncle Bob talked to each other and concluded their acceptance.
    What, do I only look like a dragon to my eyes? I am what? Is this an ice chair buff, too?
    "If you don't like it, you can send it back out here. We'll take him."
    Uncle John looked worried at my subtle face. I stared at the dragon moving around. Dragon is the best, isn't it?
    Dragons are always described as the strongest animals. An animal that is strong and omnipotent.
    If you raise such animals well, won't you give them a gift to thank them later? Or ability?
    Now I'm possessed by a book, but I'm an extra 1 without buffs.
    But if a dragon sticks, this story changes.
    And you can't let him go and buy the dragon's hatred. You're moving away from your normal, safe life again.
    I was actually trying to get a pet...
    Maybe the Dragon likes me?
    A talented extra who rides a dragon. I like it pretty much - I like this imagination the most.
    "I'll take care of it. Thank you for this week,"
    I quickly laughed and closed the door, scared they'd take the dragon.
    I came out to the quiet kitchen and only the dragon was left.
    The space Albert couldn't come down was perfect for talking to your dragon.
    The little dragon hopped onto the chopping board. It was as light and raw as a cat.
    The dragon stared at me and nodded. I held onto my heart.
    You're so cute that I almost died of a heart attack.
    "Hello, Dragon··, no. Dragon?"
    I heard dragons usually live a long time.
    How old are they? My great-grandfather's great-grandfather's great-grandfather's great-grandfather's punishment is likely to pass lightly.
    Dragon nodded at my words.
    "...can't you talk about people?"
    Most dragons talk about people. You always communicate with each other.
    "Dear Dragon. My name is Jeongin ··· No, Rosé."
    At that time, the sound rang.
    ''Can you see me?''
    The voice was refreshing. But it was incredibly disparate to be human.
    A voice that doesn't seem to exist in the world.
    I looked at Dragon staring at me before my eyes. Did he just say that?
    "You're not even a wizard. Can you see me?"
    ''Is this what you're saying, Mr. Dragon?''
    said the dragon with a pouty mouth.
    ''Yes, you're right.''
    ''What do you mean, wizard?''
    I'm a diligent office worker who only talks informally at first sight. The reality hit me once.
    When I shook my head, the dragon moved his head.
    "But doesn't Dragon have a contract or anything? Can I use my strength and become omnipotent?"
    If that's the case, I'd like to hear more about the contract! Being in power makes your life so much better!
    a life of being second to none I'll try to do that.
    "Don't call me Dragon. It's not a dragon..."
    No, Mr. Dragon. What do you mean? You're obviously a dragon. What do you mean? And like this baby.
    What's that cute tone and voice? In agony, I asked carefully.
    "...then what do you call it? Do you have a name?"
    ''Call me whatever you want. I don't have a name...?"
    Just as I was going to ask more questions without a name, Dragon settled down on a table on one side of the kitchen.
    "It's warm here. I feel good because I have a lot of mana..."
    "The tower itself is a lump of mana, but are you sleeping? Now? In the middle of talking?"
    The voice grew loose and the dragon fell asleep.
    The dragon's tail was drooping with his eyes closed. The way he fell asleep with a rattling sound was really close to the cat that the old men talked about earlier.
    I broke my fantasy of the dragon I knew when I saw it.
    I called out, but I didn't think the dragon would wake up no matter how much I called.
    No, it's weird to call yourself a dragon when you say you're not a dragon.
    Is there something wrong with my eyes? It's actually a cat, but isn't it just me who can see the fantasy? But you asked me what I looked like.
    At times like this, Albert's help was desperately needed.
    I thought he knew everything because he was a well-informed prince.
    Albert gave me an unknown sense of trust.
    ''I can't bring Albert to the kitchen.''
    First, I had to arrange the ingredients and prepare breakfast.
    As the morning sun rose, the sun shone through the small window of the kitchen.
    First, I decided to change the name to Hayang - not Dragon - after putting a small blanket on top and then I started organizing the ingredients.
    Fresh vegetables are arranged between vegetables. The clothes that had to be carried up were left on one side by side.
    Meat was placed in a magical refrigerator or freezer.
    "Meat is the best in the morning."
    Chicken is good in the morning, but I'm so tired of making it first, so I'll reject it. People order chicken for no reason.
    I took out the thick pork and cut it. Scaffolding and lean meat were maintaining an appropriate proportion.
    Life is a connection.
    Meat caliti is definitely better than before. It's all thanks to Bob and Uncle John.
    Putting sliced meat in a bowl, I took out red pepper paste and red pepper powder again today. The garlic that I chopped last time was also included.
    It was stir-fried spicy pork and rice this morning.
    It was a diet focused on what I wanted to eat, but I was still disappointed.
    When your mind and body are tired, it is best to eat delicious food.
    Yesterday, I mixed the pork with the sauce instead of the rice soaked before going to bed. I cut the green onions.
    "It would be nice to have kimchi stew ··."
    How delicious is kimchi stew with big pork in it's mouth?
    The problem is that I don't know how to make kimchi.
    Fresh kimchi and cabbage kimchi are different. Rice cake in the sky. I'm so sad that kimchi is rice cake in the sky.
    I put pork on a tearful pan.
    Wait. I think I know Seo-na...?
    I remembered Seo Na, the heroine of the original story.
    Seoina's main job and hobby was cooking.
    The taste of her hands was good and the world's cuisine she mastered was truly enormous. He was a great man to say that cooking is life.
    Seo Na could cook a great Korean dish here, too.
    I thought it was possible where Seoina appeared in the original book I remembered the day when somebody first came here.
    Considering the timeline of the original work, there are about eight months left.
    I briefly imagined life after I left the tower.
    My appearance on a food trip rented from a building I own....
    A desirable scene where you can talk to Seo Na-ah, the main female character and talk about Korea from time to time, and build a true friendship.
    The building owner who enjoys eating kimchi stew made by Seo Na, the best cook Life of!
    Seoina. I can take care of you a lot of money.
    "It smells delicious."
    Oh my gosh. While thinking, I realized that a white cat came up next to me.
    I guess you liked the smell of stir-fried spicy pork. The sizzling is almost over.
    "I'll give it to you separately. Wait a minute."
    Thud. Hayang smelled stir-fried spicy pork.
    I quickly transferred stir-fried spicy pork to a plate, fearing that Hayang would finish Albert and my breakfast.
    The steamed rice was finished just in time, so the white rice was also put in a bowl.
    Stir-fried spicy pork with rice is done!
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