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Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by DragonLordADN, Sep 13, 2021.

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    Something that is as good as NU, i mean i did google it up and check out the results, mangaupdates seems a decent choice but after getting used to NU that gives a ton of info on each series, an amazing series search and continuous list of updates as soon as u open the homepage its hard to get used to that.So an other suggestions?

    Normally I just end up heading to kakalot (mangadex sometimes) to read it up:whistle: ,but after seeing so many of those 'read from our TL sites' I feel like going to theirs to read but without something like NU ,its kinda demotivating to search google for their manga/sites(especially if you just want a random good one to binge) and then read from there when you're getting everything in one place.

    (ps. Not just manga , also manhua,manhwa and webtoons )