Recommendations Looking for r18 sex scene focused fanfics

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    Can't believe I created a new account just to ask for recommendations but I'm really desperate and I can't read Chinese.

    Just a while ago I found and read a r18 fanfic titled [Release that Witch: Ntr] on novelupdate and I don't know if it is because I'm new to r18 sex scene focused fanfic, reading the fanfic is like opening a new world to me. Honestly have never expect that words alone can amount equally to porn. Maybe it is because I have read the original novel of the fanfic.

    To my main point; I want to read similar fanfics to this fanfic I just read but I don't know how to search for the fanfics. So can anyone help me search for fanfics of [I Shall Seal the Heavens] & [Emperor's Domination] & [Tales of Demons and Gods] or recommend me similar fanfics and provide the links to me so I can machine translate. I will appreciate it a lot. Thank you.