LCD Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

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    C1: Why would the system regard cryptocurrency as illegal? Its actually much easier to regulate and track than normal currencies as far as I know. Not that I want to read about a cryptominer. It just seems odd. Is it a Chinese thing or something?

    Also not sure why large scale purchases would be off the table. If the business gets large enough, they're basically required for it to function.

    "That was his wish – for the company to soar to great heights as soon as possible!" Isn't that the opposite of his wish? I would think that Icarus Industries would be closer to what he wants ;)

    This premise really reminds me of Brewster's Millions, or maybe The Producers.

    C2: Why did he put "network" in his company's title if he didn't plan to do anything with networking?

    "what if the professionals he employed were really incredible and ended up making the project a success?" Lol. O the horrors ;)

    "As such, no matter how messed up the game is, it has to be functional." So, at base, it'll be better than more than half the garbage the industry produces right now?

    Honestly, this game sounds like a lot of fairly successful titles like Journey. Well, except for that ending message lol.

    I wonder what he plans to do with the next two weeks. Extended periods of not providing value are a violation after all.

    C4: "there was no way any games merchants who wanted to work with him for sponsored posts would dare publish anything through that segment." There's one who might, if you weren't about to screw him ;)

    C5: "This game can’t be paused!" lol. This would be even funnier if it was intentional ;)

    C8: Actually, if it got popular enough, he'd be in the black again. He should be regretting that things can't go as viral as in his past life.

    C10: I'm betting that game design is Ma Yang's true calling, and he simply had no opportunity to realize it in his last life ;)

    C12: Actually, I could totally see people gravitating towards it precisely because it barred whales from being whales. A lot of people really, really hate whales.

    C14: As funny as this is, I feel like it would be way funnier if I was more knowledgeable about the three kingdoms.

    That said, I could totally see this game exploding. People love ridiculous things.

    C15: "I’ll ensure the style is consistent as well.” Red flag right there. Half the benefit of hiring so many artists is that their styles will clash ;)

    C20: "This is a normal card game with nothing new." lol. His company is going to become famous for its brutal (but deceptive) honesty about its games ;)

    I wonder if it will be his "fans" from the last game or his artists from this one that will undertake the task of advertising it for him ;)

    C21: "Did the creator bear some grudge against his own game or something?!" lol. Yes.

    C28: It seems kinda risky to hire a truly competent assistant. Someone that will screw up and get the company fined on the regular would probably be better.

    C29: So...the eternal secretaries are all women, and the future VPs are all men. Yeah. That's totally not sexist in the extreme.

    C30: "Nowadays, people who were too ugly would not get a chance at transmigrating." lol.

    C31: Just how much money is Ghost General making that he can still afford to waste money even after spending everything the system gave him for the next three months and 1 mil extra? What does he plan to do if he can't make rent for the next two months? Or pay his secretary? It'll be hard to hire someone new, or rent someplace new if he develops a bad reputation of not paying his bills.

    C34: "The third was for administrative work and the requirements were that they had to be female with decent looks and poise." So much casual sexism :(

    C42: I'm betting that they come up with an awesome story, and the MC finds out the hard way that gamers f'ing love a good single player mode ;)

    C43: With this setting, won't it severely limit the multi-player maps? Sure, its basically Bioshock meets TLoU, but I assume they're not planning to ditch the multi-player completely if they're charging real money for guns.

    C48: He should have made it so they could bring their families too. That would definitely increase expenses.

    Wouldn't gaming companies be too busy to bother with him and his people at the end of December? Even if they don't celebrate Christmas in China, they still do a lot of international business with countries that do.

    C49: I get the feeling that the MC is going to be hiring the daughter of his building's owner. I wonder why though. Maybe in hopes of a rent hike?

    C51: "Their lack of understanding for the other party created a silent agreement where they both skipped over typical praises of the other party" rofl.

    C53: Wow, Bullet Hole sounds like garbage. I wonder how many people are going to lose their jobs for putting out a steaming turd like that so proudly?

    C55: You know, since the restriction is just on "unannounced products," he could just set the release date for the last day of the month and make sure to run out of money by that day. His odds of making a profit off the game's sales in a single day would be quite low, especially without any marketing.

    Ah, so he hired her by accident. I'm looking forward to why he'll regret it ;)

    "Could there be any mistakes in Boss Pei’s plans?" Always.

    C57: I wonder if they have enough fans now that they don't really need to market in order for their games to be discovered. They've gone viral twice already after all.

    C60: lol. He needs to keep her far away from marketing. I have a feeling she'd be unintentionally extremely successful at it ;)

    That aside, I wonder if people will decide that he poached her specifically so that she'd do this for his game.

    C67: Honestly, I'm surprised that he didn't rent the best server package he could get just as a way to waste more money.

    C74: I wonder if he could use his personal funds to buy stock in his company. That way, regardless of what happened with the company, his personal wealth would go up.

    C78: I wonder why he doesn't sell off his IP for his currently successful games. Sure, he'd make a ton of money, but it would be in a lump sum and he wouldn't have to worry about it anymore once the money was gone.

    "This kind of genre would not fly!" ...Someone should probably warn him that there are tons of games like this that do quite well...

    C81: I'd play it. I could also see LPs of it being fairly popular. I'm pretty sure critics would also love it to death for its originality, depth, quirkiness and freedom, all while maintaining a very high standard of quality.

    C83: There's a legal restriction on how good an internet cafe's computers can be? Weird.

    C85: "It was nothing to be feared!" He'll never learn ;)

    C86: I wonder if this guy was a famous director in the MC's previous life.

    C87: There's definitely a joke here with "Surprise" that I'm not getting.

    "why would he break the contract?" That's definitely a flag... And I'm betting that remuneration would have to be paid from his personal funds.

    C91: Honestly, I was beginning to think we'd never meet his family.

    C92: If he wants to give his parents money, couldn't he just hire them? He'd have to use an intermediary of course, and he might need to create another subsidiary in order for the job offer to make sense, but he's totally capable of it.

    C102: I'm mildly surprised that Ma Yang didn't pre-download all of the company's games onto the computers.

    Also slightly surprised that he didn't think to give steep discounts to his employees at the cafe. He might not have been able to manage free, but giving them everything at (or even slightly below) cost should be manageable.

    C111: I wonder if the script will be taken as an ironic meta-commentary on industry advertising practices.

    C115: This feels like it could become the new Rick Roll ;) Though, I expect the author is aiming more for Raid Shadow Legends.

    C120: Since one website can have a different name, he really should consider that two can.

    C128: So, no medical privacy whatsoever, huh?

    C131: That is a total puff piece. Honestly, if that could take off, then an unsubstantiated hit piece could probably have taken off even faster.

    C144: "Of course, that gave him an excuse to give Assistant Xin overtime pay." There are times when I'd really like to see one of these chapters from her perspective ;)

    C148: So, where does the monetization come in?

    C154: This sounds a lot like Twitch etc. I wonder how well it would work in a RL setting though.

    C155: "If he did a great job for Ghost General and Game Designer, the consequences would be dire!" Really? I would think that the damage is basically already done there. It'd be like adding drops into an ocean.

    C159: I considered him boosting the singer's career to get rid of him, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. It feels like burning your home to stave off the cold, and very obviously so.

    C160: I wonder if the documentary's theme will switch to "the rise of a star" or similar as they track Chen Lei's meteoric rise to fame.

    C164: Speaking of Lin Wan, I wonder why her father hasn't called the MC about her yet.

    C168: How would he upgrade Shang Yang's furniture to Tengda's standards? There's not enough floor space for it.

    "how could Manager Zhang have such authority to make this decision?" Lol. He wouldn't, but Lin Wan's dad would ;)

    C170: I can see where this is going, but honestly, I think it would have been funnier if she'd gone off to start her own studio, failed spectacularly, got rehired as a genius talent, and then made him a ton of money. I can just imagine his frustration at ever step of her arc ;)

    C171: "I could open a restaurant more high-class than Swan Lake Restaurant, couldn’t I?!" He wouldn't lose nearly as much money on the cohesions if he did that though?

    Why would Chen Sha have to give up his account to get the epic sniper from a scalper? The Red Kilin could be traded between players, so shouldn't the sniper rifle be able to be traded too?

    C178: I've been wondering this for a while now, but why does he even want to invest in this? The business' biggest problem is its location. He might as well open a copycat business in a good location instead. It'd probably cost the same if not less, and he wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of a hostile takeover.

    C179: Lol. I love that it was the documentary that screwed him in such an unexpected way.

    C180: Is using failing businesses as a tax dodge not a thing in China? If it is, then I'd expect Li Shi (at minimum) to have at least suspected him of trying to use the cafe in this way.

    C181: I was totally expecting Chen Lei to come back and bite him in the a**, just not like that XD

    C184: lol. Why is Use and Maintenance of Hand Tractors in Greek? XD

    "The Lin Family and I will be absolutely irreconcilable!" lol. I totally didn't expect Lin Wan to stab him in the back again at that moment XD

    C185: Well, at least he gets to keep the +10% conversion rate. Honestly, I thought that was a one time thing.

    "The System advises the owner to achieve a loss before the next settlement date." rofl. Its like its taunting him XD

    "A mysterious surprise within the System’s regulations." This is definitely a trap.

    C186: I wonder if it'll ever occur to him that he could get paid unreasonable amounts of money to give lectures on random topics, based solely on his status as the founder of Tengda.

    C187: Since the experiment is being done purely with someone else's money, I wonder if he'll try to make it successful.

    C190: That reminder that they can still get a refund will definitely be seen as taunting them.

    C194: "I will use the rest of the budget to make sure Teacher Qiao completes the game a hundred times." That sounds like a plan that will backfire spectacularly...

    C207: "were even targeted at females." And why would that be a bad thing?

    C209: Wouldn't opening a high end restaurant inside of a high end neighborhood be a bad idea? Even if only a few villas ever actually got sold and occupied, each of those people are extremely wealthy and are highly likely to want to use such a restaurant to host various events.

    C215: He does a lot of unintentional satire...

    C217: "His ideal maximum number of customers was around seventy to eighty people." Wasn't the main reason he decided to open this place the fact that the other restaurant couldn't hold 200+ people?

    That aside, I wonder if his restaurant will accidentally attract Michellen or something ;)

    C221: I wonder how the guy who funded these videos will react to his family's phone being smashed in them.

    C224: I bet Lin Wan is about to recommend this place to her friends and family ;)

    C229: I'm surprised that he didn't look at the script (or even the product) before agreeing to the job.

    C230: I really think he's underestimating the degree to which people explore games.

    That aside, I wonder if the ending he's going for, and the weapon he hid will become the basis for this becoming a speed runners game.

    C244: So, what exactly is stopping Qiao Liang from just sitting in front of the screen for eight hours with the game open? Other than pride, honor, etc.

    C246: Couldn't he check governmental records to find out the name?

    C247: I always knew he was going to explain the appeal of souls style games to people and prevent the game from flopping, but now I have to wonder if he'll also be advertising the virtues of the internet cafe chain ;)

    C248: I wonder why the restaurant didn't contact him to let him know about the surge in reservations.

    C255: He just turned down 100k, and he's practically guaranteed to see losses this time in order to trigger whatever trap the system left for him in that special mission, so I'm betting that his losses will be much, much less than 100k. I'm just not sure how much less yet.

    Unless the gameplay is super simple already, its actually quite hard to go from keyboard+mouse to touchscreen only without it severely impacting the gameplay.

    C266: I wonder how long it'll take people to make the connection between Shang Yang and Tengda.

    C267: It would be nice if the story didn't constantly repeat stuff we already know. Its clearly just padding the word count.

    C269: "No matter how hard she worked, she could only become the assistant to a company’s president at best." Not true. She could win the Dream Fund, assuming she's not been excluded from the voting pool.

    So, why not just try to get her to open her own game studio under her family's umbrella? She's already proven what she feels she needs to prove. It should be possible to convince her to go home if she can stay in the industry.

    C276: "Given your standard, you will never be able to complete the game." rofl XD

    C281: I'm surprised no one's complaining that Pudu makes things too easy, thus cheapening the accomplishments of "real" gamers. I certainly hear enough of that anytime someone talks about adding an Easy Mode to any Souls or Souls-like game.

    C287: It really feels like he should just give up on not making money at this point ;)

    C288: “My brain: I know now! My hand: No, you don’t.” I know that feeling ;)

    “Cause of death: ‘this monster doesn’t look that powerful’.” lol.

    "In order for the local games media to review this game, everyone in the editing team had to complete it." Is this a Chinese thing, or is the author just making stuff up?

    C290: Honestly, I thought it would be the Lins stepping in again to screw the MC with an excellent translation. This is way better.

    C291: "It was common knowledge that hardware that glowed had fifty percent better performance." lol. I really hate hardware that glows, but this is definitely a true statement of how people think ;)

    C295: I'm betting this will backfire by getting him on the city's good side, thus resulting in various discounts and favors ;)

    I can also see them "thanking him" by reinterpreting everything he says in the interview in the best possible light.

    X297: rofl. I can't wait for his reaction to this interview XD

    Also really looking forward to his employees' new "understanding" of his attitude towards losses and gains.

    C306: He got a lot more out of that than I thought he would. I'm still betting on the "reward" being a trap though.

    C307: I was completely wrong. That's an excellent reward that should make his life much easier. I'm sure it won't for some reason, but it totally should ;)

    That aside, I wonder if the charity cap includes the portion of system funds calculated from fixed assets.

    C308: roflmao. I love his letter to the company XD

    C310: You know, I know a lot more women who love scary stuff than I do guys. So it always strikes me as strange when authors insist that women don't like scary stuff at all.

    C313: "there was no need for Pei Qian to write the script in great detail." He has too much faith in his employees. If he wants them to fail, he has to write the entire script in detail at bare minimum. Even then, he'll still run the risk of Springtime for Hitler, but its still better than leaving them so much creative freedom.

    C316: I'm not seeing the bootlicker part of his character. So far, there hasn't even been anyone for him to bootlick. Also, this plot seems to be extremely anti-capitalism, which should make it super popular with the Party. That a serious danger he should try to be aware of.

    C317: Is it just me, or does this plot sound too long to fit into a 90 minute movie?

    C318: "He wanted to start an investment firm." Wasn't that specifically forbidden by the system in chapter one?

    C319: I wonder if that conversation will end with the headhunter trying to get a job at Tengda ;)

    C320: “Brother, is your company hiring? If I want to apply for a job, where should I submit my resume?” lol. I knew it.

    C321: If he wants someone to actively sabotage Lin Wan, then why doesn't he just get her family to send someone capable over? They likely have a ton of employees that are capable, and said employee can be told the truth of why they're there. The MC just has to make sure to keep them off of Tengda's payroll so that he won't be in violation of the system regulations. Well, that and make sure that no one else finds out that they're not on the company's payroll.

    C322: “This is to compensate you for the psychological suffering you will endure while playing games with Boss Ma.” lol. In that case, he's being underpaid.

    C324: It feels like there's a language based joke here that I'm missing.

    C326: "How did Ma Yang, who always had a KDA ratio of 0-3-0" Wasn't his KDA 2-2-2 when he was first introduced? I seem to recall it being mentioned as a normal rating for him as well.

    C327: Well, on the up side, when this explodes, it'll probably destroy Ma's 20 mil investment ;)

    C328: This feels like it could turn into a battle royale game with a super dark theme. Though, I could also totally see it becoming Among Us.

    C332: Making them Westerners will make the CPP love this movie even more.

    C334: "the first movie that depended purely on the cast’s fanbase and not their acting skills premiered in 2011." In China maybe. I've seen old movies from the States that were definitely made strictly because the "actors" were popular. Pretty sure they were from the late fifties or early sixties.

    C335: "They were not the kind of actors who would star in any role they were told to as long as they were paid" Zha Zhuti is. Otherwise, he wouldn't be Zha Zhuti.

    C336: "After all, the lead actress would only play a small part in the movie." What? She's at least as important as the judge, probably more so. If the audiences don't fall for her as the protagonist does, it'll cripple the impact of the whole movie. Its critical to pick someone with no charisma whatsoever.

    C337: "However, on further thought, Pei Qian had no good reason to turn down this request. " Of course he does. He wants to keep his identity hidden. If he gives a public speech, then not only will everyone there know his identity, but so will anyone that talks to them or sees the cellphone videos that will inevitably be made of it.

    C344: “How did Boss Pei know I like those?” Honestly, this is the response I was expecting from the interview team.

    C346: Honestly, he should have expected this outcome. He's made this city much, much more attractive to purely online businesses like Ruan's.

    C347: I thought he might start an amusement park after the local one failed him. I wasn't really expecting him to forgo the entire thing for just the haunted house. I wonder if it'll somehow wind up being a tie-in with Be Quiet.

    C348: Why do factories in the middle of nowhere that no one wants have rent that's twice as high as premium office space in the heart of the city?

    C350: Making the bugs more likely to happen, and thus easier to trace, would actually make it easier to fix them, resulting in a much higher quality game.

    C352: It feels like they're both underestimating how much improvement in user experience you can gain from optimization. Yeah, its probably not enough to matter to the average consumer, but it can be the deciding factor in the cutthroat high end market, especially since customers can add any apps they think they need after the fact. More bloatware isn't really a good thing.

    C358: lol. I don't know what he's talking about. That handbook perfectly encapsulated the Tengda spirit ;)

    C359: I wonder if the employees working the event will also be eligible to participate in it.

    C360: “That simple? Of course, I have to work overtime if the work’s not done." Sigh, someone was kind enough to straight up give him this answer just a few minutes ago, and he still blew it.

    C370: Who the heck doesn't know what the Gate of Babylon and the Iron Throne are? Have they been living under a rock? Even if you didn't watch either series, they were so influential (and had so many memes) that its hard to not know at least one of the two.

    C375: Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that we didn't get a single chapter in the States.

    C379: "the language was at least comparable to the standards of students in their second year of junior high." lol.

    I'm really looking forward to how this one will backfire. I can't decide if it'll be extremely useful, so novel that it attracts tourists, or both ;)

    C380: That movie is totally going to explode Tengda's various businesses with all those product placements ;)

    I'm also totally expecting Ruan Guangjian to make huge contributions to the horror game now that he's headed to SYG.

    C383: Wouldn't the AEDs be a legal liability? As I understand it, those things are super dangerous if used incorrectly.

    I wonder if Ruan will wind up using themes and images from Be Quiet on the phone booths, thus turning them into advertisements for the game. I'd bet on him doing it for the movie instead, but I don't think he's aware of that project.

    C384: "He had thought of a great idea. He could paint the heroes of GOG!" Why did I not think of that? It was twenty booths. It should have been obvious ><

    C388: "How dare he misinterpret Boss Pei’s words in front of him?" lol. Honestly, he's being very reasonable in his interpretations. He's not stretching at all, unlike most of Boss Pei's cultists ;)

    That aside, I'm not seeing the appeal of these phone booths. They still feel like they're mostly a waste of money.

    C389: Are there no karaoke places in the mall? Or are they just much more expensive?

    This Cui Geng sounds like the dream employee Boss Pei has been praying for. I wonder how this class will ruin him ;)

    C390: What about the people who can't properly relax or focus without some sort of background music?

    C391: "Thus, it was impossible to waste the entire day away reading novels and forums while in the lockdown state." Still totally possible to waste tons of time on wikipedia and similar sites though. I'm sure there's also tons of more niche forums where you can go waste time if you're really determined. Not to mention the possibility that sites that preserve old internet pages might not have been blocked.

    C392: “Kidnappers, these two votes are for you. If you see this comment, keep him for a few more days. Thank you!” lol.

    C393: I wonder if Finger Games (or anyone else really) will decide that Tengda was acting in bad faith since they were developing a very similar game to FG's.

    "A rough cut will be produced in a few days for your eyes." Honestly, I was starting to think he wouldn't see it before it hit the theaters. Now I'm wondering how he'll screw up on sabotaging the editing.

    Would theaters even let you release on a Tuesday?

    C394: Looks like Boss Li will be left holding the bag when the app fails. Boss Pei will be so envious.

    C398: "They can play and laze around at will? Boss Pei encourages everyone to be lazy?” Man, this kid was such a genius. Its too bad he fell into evil hands. If only Boss Pei had taken over his training personally. He could have made him COO of Tengda.

    C399: Well, at least the transparent author insert character didn't have his same pen name. Not sure about the author's given name though.

    C400: If he's planning to end it rather than abruptly dropping it, then why would people scold him? I could understand them expressing disappointment that it was over, or encouraging him to come up with a sequel, but I'd expect at least as many people offering words of encouragement and expressing their intention to check out his next work. Honestly, given his track record, I'd also expect some people to be thanking him (with varying degrees of sincerity) for not axing it in the middle of an arc.

    C402: That phone booth is definitely a ticking time bomb considering how many times he's been prevented from looking into it.

    Well, the reputation and networking gains from introducing a blockbuster to all of his contacts should help soften the blow from his sister's dreams not being crushed ;)

    C404: I thought there were only 20 booths and 20 heroes? Why are there now 21?

    "Was Cui Geng going to continue writing the book or not?" Wasn't his completion forecast extremely clear? He specifically said that he'd be continuing to write it for a week or two.

    Every time that it mentions uploading 8-10k words a day as normal, it just makes me feel a bit sorry for them. That's a torturous workload to inflict on yourself. Its hard to imagine the majority of people being able to manage it while maintaining any semblance of quality, not to mention the horrific effect on their mental and physical health and their work/life balance.

    “Once IOI releases a local server" They can't do that though? Boss Pei owns the distribution rights for China. If he doesn't do it, then they can't. Honestly, there'll probably be people that think that that was one of his reasons for investing in IOI; to prevent them from being able to properly compete with GOG.

    C405: "They would have to memorize the requirements for all the shipping containers and then try to make it through at least three before they would pass this stage." That doesn't sound fun at all. Its like going to the movie theater only to be given a study assignment with your ticket and expected to complete a quiz on it during the movie.

    C406: "The candlelight continued to glow, but Ruan Guangjian’s reflection had disappeared into thin air!" That wouldn't actually work. TV screens are reflective. Not as reflective as mirrors, but more than reflective enough to show someone their own face when the screen is showing a black image.

    C410: I thought the second place just meant you had to travel, not that you had to travel internationally?

    C412: I wonder if the author is exaggerating, or if they've actually gotten comments like these on stories they properly finished.

    C413: Honestly, I would have preferred it if the story he was writing maintained more of a distance from the story that he's in.

    C415: “Finger Games, lend me some strength. Work harder during Chinese New Year and drive GOG to the ground…” He does understand that regardless of what happens, he'll still gain a boatload of money, right?

    C416: What's so confusing about opening a FCIC near a high speed rail station? I would think it would be an excellent spot. Honestly, I'm more surprised that Boss Pei is the one suggesting it.

    C418: Wu Bin should just start a motivational speaking business and write a few best sellers on the Tengda Spirit ;)

    C420: Bloody heads in the ceiling are a common sight at home? Uh oh. Boss Pei should be very careful about offending Boss Li :O

    Oh no. Top Student, Come Quick is about to become a major cash cow lol. Though, I do wonder how Boss Pei will wind up screwing over the other shareholder. Its unlikely for him to help them prosper, and its doubtful that they'd be willing to be reformed. Maybe he'll buy out their shares after some catastrophe or other causes them to lose confidence?

    C423: Since this is all in English anyway, I wonder if he'll be forced to export it to the world and make waves internationally while earning tons of money ;)

    C433: I kinda wish the author had just left online novels out of this story. Its clear that he's not going to criticize qidiang or its amoral and unethical practices, so it really just doesn't fit in with the other businesses that are being lampooned in this series. I don't know if he really believes qidiang is flawless, he's being coerced by the website, or if he's just bootlicking his employers, but regardless, I'm not super interested in reading about it.

    C435: "How would Pei Qian know if his subordinates understood his instructions if they did not question him or express doubt?" rofl I love this metric XD

    C436: Honestly, if he were going to embed it in one of his older games, I would expect it to be in his first one, possibly somewhere in endless mode.

    C442: I wonder how long it'll take people to link the logo at the start of the challenge to the hostel in TPDb.

    C443: If all you have to do is search the database for Thriller Hostel in Mandarin, then wouldn't people find it by accident pretty easily?

    C444: "However, that was the most useless skill in Tengda Corporation!" lol.

    C454: “Lastly, we can set up a reward system in GOG." Looks like he's forgotten that one of his people is about to start an esports team...

    C455: "I knew this was hunger marketing from the beginning!” lol.

    "MMORPGs were still the clear winner in the games market." I wonder if the MC will be developing one of those next.

    C460: So, if he's not allowed to invest in the next cycle, then what are his investment firm's employees supposed to do? Develop new content for GoG?

    C463: If only he hadn't warned them he was coming. He could have seen the kind of messy office that would have warmed his heart ;)

    He should have just not invited Li Shi. He'd probably have shown up anyway, but there's a small chance that he wouldn't have, and then the investors might actually have backed out. Or, if he had the time, he should have invited them one at a time to work on them individually so that they wouldn't feel pressured by the group to stay in.

    C464: “Just explain the current situation for the project. Do not say anything more.” He really should have been more explicit here. The current state of the project includes its recent cash infusion after all.

    C468: Well, on the plus side, they'll be more proactive with burning money ;)

    C469: "In the next four months" How does he know how long the next settlement period will be? Or am I misremembering that they've usually not been the same length?

    “Boss Pei, a foreign distribution company has stumbled upon Tomorrow is Beautiful, and they’re going to screen the movie overseas!” He was basically asking for this to happen when he had them write the script in English ;)

    C470: "gamers slowly realized that they were equally bad at the client-side game and mobile game" lol.

    I wonder how Tengda's esports team fared in the first season of GoG, or if its even been formed yet. I could certainly see the guy in charge of it deciding to use the rankings to figure out who to recruit.

    C471: "Next Settlement: Six months later." Doesn't this mean that his film studio will come back from shock therapy one month before settlement?

    C473: I can already see hints of the ways in which the players will misinterpret the meaning of this game ;)

    That aside, I'm surprised that the CPP didn't have anything to say about Tomorrow is Beautiful. Maybe they didn't like that it commented on things like data privacy in spite of it blaming everything on English speaking foreigners?

    C485: "Pei Qian just had to prevent himself from being greedy and keep the total value of his fixed assets less than half of the starting sum in the System Funds." Honestly, I really don't agree with this. The closer to zero fixed assets he gets, the easier it will be for him to experience a loss. Up till now, he's had a very narrow window in which to operate such that he'll experience a loss without going into debt. There's not really a need for him to keep it narrow if the System is willing to widen it.

    C486: "Why did you bring this unstable element over here?!" lol. I know variations on this joke get told all the time, but they still make me laugh ;)

    C493: "Those whose feedback and ideas were considered would get a five percent share of the profit earned from the sale of that hero’s skins." This feels like a legal nightmare where plagiarism and fake copyrights would abound.

    "He had not made any headway on the special mission for this cycle, which involved limitless learning." Speaking of this, I'm not sure I see the point in wasting time on it. The amount of effort required just to ditch about 10 million doesn't seem worth it when he could more reliably burn that money in some other way.

    C495: rofl. I love how honest his answers were XD

    C500: Honestly, if he plans to block the restaurant's expansion, then I think the gourmet lab would actually be a good idea. It would let him burn tons of money on expensive ingredients without any worry of it generating more profits. He'd just have to make sure that any new dishes were priced such that they wouldn't be any more profitable than the old ones.

    C502: When he fixated on the %5, I thought he was planning to bump it up to 50% or something, not try to seize it for himself. Though, I do have to wonder if his ported characters would even be selected without him putting his thumb on the scale.

    C504: "Ten seemingly internet-addict teenagers" I wonder if he'll insist on sending them all to Deposit Fitness to distract them and reduce their training time, only to have it backfire by improving their health, and thus their overall improvement rate.

    Also curious if DGE will wind up like the Harlem Globe Trotters and become a team specialized in exhibition matches. I could totally see them generating tons of revenue that way.

    C506: Wasn't it 1.6 million?

    "Pei Qian did not learn any practical methods from this precious failure experience other than envy." lol.

    C511: "Something had to be done about this tumor!" I wonder if he'll make her the coach for the esports team.

    C514: lol. I wonder if he'll still get his %5.

    C515: lol. He's definitely going to regret this XD

    That aside, I wonder how she'll react to the "athletes" when she meets them.

    C517: I can't help but feel that Tengda will be starting a luxury clothing and accessory line with the initials LL at some point during this cycle...

    C519: "As Zhang Yuan looked at Coach Yaling’s sweet smile, a chill ran down his spine." lol. I'm sure they'll be regretting life for the next month or so, but after they roflstomp their less fit competitors, they'll understand the value of Coach Yaling, as will Boss Pei ;)

    C520: Tengda Spirit sounds more and more like a cult as time goes on...

    C521: Why do none of the authors in this series ever create a chapter stockpile? Being able to take a few days, or even weeks, off from time to time without it interrupting the release schedule would greatly alleviate the pressure on him and make it much easier to deal with burnout, writer's block, and the need to collect more materials. He was already writing 3-4 chapters at a time in the beginning, if he'd stuck to a one chapter a day release schedule after the initial chapter dump, then he wouldn't be having any of these problems right now.

    C526: "Pei Qian very carefully considered whether he could send a Management Trainee over to Shenhua Corporation or not" rofl XD

    C529: Aww, I was hoping for an MMO, but it looks like we'll be getting an RTS. I wonder which one though. I doubt it'll be anything like Starcraft or C&C. They basically define the genre after all. Even if he tried to make clones of them in the hopes of disgusting players, they'd probably just take it as a retro love letter to the genre. Boss Pei's wise to mistakes like that now.

    C538: “It’s okay, learn while playing in a game; you’ll soon adapt.” I didn't think that was possible? Didn't GoG require you to reach a minimum proficiency in tutorial mode with any given hero before you'd be allowed to use it in multi-player?

    I don't play LoL and only have the vaguest understanding of its rules and mechanics. These gameplay descriptions assume way too much about my knowledge of the game.

    C539: Does he not have the right to turn off his title? Even if he doesn't currently, can't he just have that right added to the game?

    540: I've never heard a native English speaker talk about giving anyone face...

    C542: Didn't Boss Pei specifically order Lin Canrong to not let the waiters explain anything in any real detail?

    C543: "It was a message from the Management Trainee at Ming Yun Private Kitchen." I thought they had to make emergency reports through the girl that recruited them?

    C544: “To express our thanks, we have decided to recommend all of Tengda Corporation’s physical stores in our topical promotion as well.” I was wondering how the improvements at the nameless resturant were going to blow up on him. Honestly, I was betting on some sort of increased economic activity in the area due to increased foreign interest, not a review website directly stabbing him in the back ;)

    C553: What's the point in everyone wearing masks if the wait staff are going to be yelling out people's names? Or did no one explain to any of them that Boss Pei doesn't want his identity known and that he should not, under any circumstances, be referred to by name while the press and/or cameras were still there? Honestly, this feels really forced.

    C554: "The waiter confirmed afterward that this low-profile, handsome young man was indeed Boss Pei of Tengda Corporation!” Given Tengda's standing orders, this feels like grounds for firing the waiter.

    C556: I wonder why no one is suggesting taking GoG international and showing IoI the hard way that SYG aren't the problem.

    Also curious why IoI isn't even considering SYG's suggestions. I can see turning them down, but it seems odd to not even consider them.

    C557: This is definitely going to be misunderstood as a promotional tour orchestrated by Boss Pei to boost GoG.

    C558: "If you break or scratch it, we’ll have to wait until next year to get another one." lol.

    I wonder if Zhang Zuting will decide to become a director and semi-retire from acting because of this. I'm fully expecting him to get a lot of positive attention for his work as the game's director after all.

    C562: Why is he having his class in his own cafe? Wasn't he intentionally going to someone else's cafe specifically so that he wouldn't run into anyone he knew?

    C563: Honestly, if he wants to help the poor while changing society, he'd be better off aiming at a younger, poorer demographic. People who made it into college already have much better prospects, especially with how hard that college works to find its graduates jobs.

    “I’ll get someone to speak on my behalf" Wu Bin. It should totally be Wu Bin ;)

    “Little Tang, go and give a talk to the needy students that Tengda is sponsoring on my behalf." I'm feeling really sorry for her right now. He's going to turn her into a successful leader even if it kills her ;)

    "What if people spent all that money on shoes, bags, and cell phones? Would they still be human?” Yes. Just because they're poor doesn't mean that they don't get to have nice things. If they've already budgeted appropriately before the windfall, then they should be able to happily splurge on whatever they want using the money they earned with their good grades.

    That said, I'd agree that Assistant Xin's proposal on how to spend the money was better than buying a new high-end phone or whatever.

    C564: I wonder when the management trainees will catch wind of Wu Bin's project.

    C565: I wonder if he'll put the useless machine in this golden zone.

    Also curious if people will make money by mapping out the Golden Maze each day and then selling the maps to customers, or straight up acting as guides.

    C566: "You have to be so familiar with the entire process that you feel like you’re walking through your own backyard.” lol.

    C567: "Pei Qian was now hiding the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine like a baby. People must not find it." It appears my thinking was too shallow ;)

    C569: I wonder if "Coach Ma" will wind up accidentally sabotaging the opposing team ;)

    C575: lol. Poor Teacher Qiao. He too fell for Ruan's cowardice spiel. I wonder if he'll help Boss Pei get revenge on Ruan now ;)

    "You’re the first brave person to successfully make it through ‘Haunted House Nightmare’!" Didn't he need to go in three times to qualify?

    C577: lol. Lin Wan et al. are evil XD

    "Forget about the others, Lin Wan passed it even though she was a girl?" Okay, I feel decidedly less bad for Teacher Qiao's group. They totally deserve what's about to happen to them.

    C578: "Ruan Guangjian held onto the headwear with the devil horns, refusing to let go." lol.

    C579: "I’m not magnanimous at all! I’m very petty!" At least he knows ;)

    C580: It seems like a waste of a doctor to have her stationed there. I wonder how many people will die because she was hanging out in a mostly empty theme park attraction instead of working in a hospital or private practice or something. Well, assuming she was a real doctor and not an actor anyway. I could honestly see it going either way.

    C582: "Ruan Guangjian gave Qiao Liang the headwear with little devil horns, trying to exchange for the golden lantern in Qiao Liang’s hand." lol. I can't decide if Ruan is being genuine, or if he's some kind of sadist ;)

    C586: I really have to wonder why no one from city management has contacted the MC yet to thank him for all that he's done for the city's economy and reputation. He's making their jobs much, much easier and providing a serious boost to their careers, but they're completely ignoring him.

    C587: "I think we should do something similar to the shared phone booths and create a queue mechanism in an application." Honestly, I was moderately surprised that they hadn't already, especially since there was already a QR code for people to scan to pay for the individual attractions.

    C594: I'm looking forward to Lin Wan and SYG's interpretation of this when they figure out that DGE was the reason that IoI was roflstomped by GoG in this round. After all, DGE is only this good because of Boss Pei's training menu, and was only able to raise the standards of the entire field because Boss Pei insisted on them spending a bunch of time curbstomping pro teams. Add onto that the fact that the tournaments were Boss Pei's idea, and its easy to start drawing some wrong conclusions ;)

    C595: Honestly, I kinda expected H4 to win the competition ;)

    C596: "You’re welcome in Shanghai—Nevermind, we will come to Jingzhou more often.” lol.

    Well, even if Boss Pei does nothing, they're contracts are up in a year and its certain that every esports team in the country will try to poach them en masse. Of course, I'm sure it won't come to that ;)

    C598: "he firmly believed that as long as his expression was serious enough, his employees would be able to make something up." lol. I love how he learns and adapts as the series goes on.

    I wonder if they'll sell the fertilizer and make back the cost of the processors.

    That aside, he should have directed them to expand outside the province. After all, this new source of profitability only applies to Handong. He can still lose money elsewhere.

    C599: He should really be more worried about what Lin Wan will do. I'm pretty sure she has the authority to sell Tengda's shares in Finger Games after all.

    C600: "Huang Wang’s account was titled ‘Extraordinary Grand Master’." lol. Such modesty.

    C601: Hmm, might be time to give up on this cycle and just start making mad cash. I don't think the MC really has anywhere that he can dump half a billion at the moment after all.

    That aside, I look forward to IoI getting crushed by GoG and finding out the hard way that Tengda was never the problem.
    in a lifetime XD

    I wonder if they'll actually be able to spend all 500 million in the next two months. They'll be burning money in quite a few different countries, so its hard to say.

    Also curious if DGE will start doing international tours to raise the levels of GoG players around the globe.

    C605: "It is not appropriate for us to go on any old website." I sense Tengda Life waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce ;)

    "It is not enough to meet national standards." I was wondering why Liang kept saying they were only going to meet the national standards and not exceed them.

    C606: Lol. Lin Wan had far too much fun throwing that in his face ;)

    Though, seriously, she should have kept her mouth shut. The less warning they had, the better.

    “Thank you for the flaming arrow—’Please stream naked, Host’!” rofl XD

    "Huang Wang was a principled man. One of his principles was never to fight against money." lol. Such strong principles ;)

    C607: I wonder if IoI will be couragous enough to retaliate by sponsoring GoG teams to wear IoI logos.

    C610: "In the end, Huang Wang could only give up on the treatment and simply change his live-stream room to ‘Former Boxer who Tortured Professional God-like Players’." rofl XD

    I was wondering why someone else would decide to hold a GoG tournament. I wonder how badly DGE will smash the rest, and if the two teams will participate separately and take first and second place.

    C613: “A Tengda Mall will be released in the future?” I see how the useless machines will be sold now. I just have to wonder why people will buy them now that they'll be able to find them.

    C614: "He only worried that his own teachers would kill a couple of brain cells, trying to think of ways to let him pass." His standards for himself keep going down...

    C616: If he's really worried about DGE, then why not have two of Tengda's most successful businesses eat up their last two sponsorship slots? Preferably offline businesses like the cafe.

    C617: Lol. I don't know how I didn't see Ma Yang's win coming.

    C618: Traveler Bao Xu is cursed. He should just call-in whenever these votes are held ;)

    C619: “I’m sorry, Coach Ma. I wronged you. Please continue farming!” lol.

    They really should have included Huang Wang in that conversation. He's not a slave.

    C620: He should just say directly that he wants more of the money to go to the player than to himself.

    C623: Why would Boss Pei envy Eric's inability to spend money?

    C628: There's a part of me that thought they might try to build a venue for the GoG international invitational at the park in order to piggyback off of its international advertising. Though their ability to actually do that is a bit iffy with the time constraints.

    C630: Do none of these investors have families? The Sloth Apartments aren't exactly designed with families in mind. Maybe if its a young couple without much stuff, but definitely not for anyone with children or a lot of knickknacks with sentimental value.

    C631: "However, if there is no more space, we can consider other places" This feels like a flag for Sloth Apartments to suddenly become the home of all the Chinese GoG teams ;)

    C633: Teacher Qiao seems like an odd choice for this. His reach is primarily gamers after all. Not local government or political activists or whatever. Also, if Boss Pei wanted to get involved, he has more than enough clout in the city now to simply talk to the government directly and get them investigated and dealt with. He's bringing far more money into the community than that real estate company after all, not to mention the extremely positive impact he's had on the community and its populace.

    C634: I keep feeling like this mind map will wind up getting deleted in a fit of anger, or wind up in the employees' hands and used as a road map ;)

    C643: “Boss Ma will definitely be inspired after listening to these contents, right?” Only if thoughts of suicide and/or murder count as being inspired ;)

    C645: "Fourth wall, are you alright?” lol.

    C646: "In any case, it probably would not be able to affect settlement." Is he not considering the possibility that the tournament might boost sales tremendously during its run?

    C647: "Deposit Fitness, of course!” lol. And he thought they couldn't find a way to stab him in the back ;)

    C650: I thought Boss Li was just going to stab him in the back with the Sloth Apartments when the reporter asked for the interview. I totally wasn't expecting him to have hunted down the bickering machine to stab Boss Pei in the back with that too ;)

    "I stayed here for half a year." Didn't he just move in like a month ago?

    Why did he expose Boss Pei's address? Doesn't he know that Boss Pei is an extremely private person who doesn't want his identity to be revealed to others? This is basically forcing him out of his own home.

    C651: "Why is it sold at such a high price?" She doesn't know its price...

    C652: "I give up, this sh*t doesn’t work at all!" So, its getting destroyed in anger and being used to stab him in the back. I called half of it at least ;)

    That aside, why hasn't Boss Pei realized that his address has been publicized? Its not like that part could be cut from the interview. It wouldn't make sense anymore if they did.

    C657: It feels like the author is spending more and more time on his soap box.

    C660: He really should have thought about it more before agreeing. This could go wrong in so many ways, with the simplest being that people didn't believe he was a substitute.

    That aside, why didn't he just dress in casual clothes before heading out? If he's not going to the office, then there's no need to be wearing a suit, and the suit is playing a larger role in people recognizing him than anything else.

    It'd probably also be a good idea to contact all the people he works with in Jinzhou to let them know that he's an intensely private person and he does not appreciate everyone's attempts to reveal his face, home address, and true identity to the general public. He could probably even use it as an excuse to shut down the Thriller Hostel to "punish" Boss Li for publishing his home address (though, that would require the author to notice that Boss Li had done so).

    C664: He's probably going to decide that Boss Pei set him up to release that Weibo post and that the whole "teaching him about game design" thing was just to get his head in the right place to properly analyze Struggle.

    C665: I wonder if He An will be giving interviews similar to Boss Li's, telling the story of this meeting ;)

    C666: "Could a stupid trophy also stab me in the back?" lol. Yes.

    Though, I do wonder why no one told the competitors that they were expected to lift the trophy together.

    C667: I half expected the new members to be foreigners that DGE was training up to raise the level of the international scene.

    C669: There's so much censorship and thought control casually woven into this story. It feels like its so pervasive that no one even thinks about it anymore.

    C670: “I think it’s that high awareness of risk that causes Boss Pei to attach great importance to avoiding it." rofl. Boss Pei must be spitting blood at that sentence XD

    I wonder what happened to the employees of that comic company he bought. Its never been mentioned. I wouldn't think that Boss Pei would be willing to let go of people who had bankrupted a company successfully, but it feels like that's exactly what happened. Well, either that, or the author just forgot they existed.

    C671: And this is why you don't invest in real estate, especially when you're doing so much to drive up the quality of life in the area, and thus the property values. Honestly, he should just sell the apartments while his gains are still so low.

    "That meant that he could buy more fixed assets now." He still hasn't realized that fixed assets do more harm than good?

    C672: Why did he feel compelled to give the award? Its not even been a year since the last one. He could have just let it slide and hoped for a better recipient to appear.

    C676: This is feeling more and more like an RTS version of Xcom.

    These are game designers. Why do they think a blank slate protagonist is an opera symbol and not an audience surrogate character?

    C681: How is he going to guarantee that the projects are finished before the deadline and that none of them engage in criminal activity?

    C686: I'm betting AEEIS will be used as the AI in the movie and both games.

    C687: Well, that certainly took long enough. I'd been expecting the city to express their happiness with him long before this.

    C691: "Of course, you can also issue instructions through the AEEIS, using the most primitive voice method" Sounds like they'll be integrating OTTO's AEEIS into the game.

    Honestly, given the nature of the role, I would think Zha Zhuti would be a better casting choice. Not only is he more experienced, but the character would likely not be as young as Lu Zhiyao, and would feel more natural if played by someone approaching middle age.

    C694: "However, he did not know what sort of performances Old Ma would come up with." I'd say that there's a high probability of him going to all the Tengda businesses and collaborating with each of them in his live streams.

    C695: So, not only has he not learned to not buy fixed assets, but he also hasn't learned that his renovations of them and his reputation will drastically increase their value. Honestly, this feels uncharacteristically stupid. Boss Pei is usually much better at not making the same mistake in the same way twice.

    "he couldn’t possibly allow Liang Qingfan free play." What ever happened to having him renovate all of Tengda's properties? That could easily keep him occupied for years while generating little to no income and soaking up millions in funds.

    C696: Ah, so he is considering appreciation. I'm still not clear on why he wants fixed assets at all, but this is at least an improvement.

    C701: Isn't this just a review show? There are already review shows in this reality. Heck, Boss Pei hosted one for a while.

    C704: “However, what if we link this function with the content of Useful App?" Unless you're giving OTTO phone users free access to Useful App, this doesn't really seem like a good idea. It'll just look like you're charging for answers that any other phone assistant would give for free.

    C706: I wonder how they're planning to manage GPL teams internationally. Contract law can vary quite a bit from one country to another. Its possible that the GPL's regulations are actually illegal in some countries. Would those countries simply not be allowed to participate?

    C707: Couldn't Tengda just cut the teams loose as independent, self-governing groups after doing a bit of restructuring? There's no need for Tengda to hang onto the clubs after they buy them. They just need to exist and compete. The management teams of the clubs are superfluous from Tengda's perspective, even if we ignore Boss Pei's true motivations.

    Though, even if that weren't the case, what makes these clubs think that the other clubs wouldn't stab them in the back and actually buy up all their best players?

    That aside, I wonder how they plan to spin this so that they don't look like total a**holes who are upset because they can't abuse their players anymore.

    C708: "This is a lose-lose situation for athletes, the audience, and the clubs alike!” Ah, so they're just flat out lying and hoping people are too stupid to notice. I kinda wish I could say this is unrealistic, but EA exists.

    C709: It feels like these guys are being a bit naive about their chances of getting a slot in the GPL after this. It also feels like they're underestimating the difficulty of building up a new team after they've lost the early mover's advantage.

    C712: It looks like the base price of a GoG team is about to go through the roof. I wonder if any of the people selling will be able to afford to get back into this business later. Also curious how many of them will decide to default rather than sell once they find out how much their teams are actually worth.

    C714: I wonder if they plan to put a mechanism in place to take the GPL slots back from teams that are lowering the standard of the league. I doubt Boss Pei would implement such a thing, but I could see the people he put in charge of the league doing so.

    C715: "Obviously, Chen Yufeng was afraid of offending big manufacturers." Those who produce educational supplies are not small companies...

    "No one would be interested or pay attention" Parents, teachers, schools, etc. definitely would be interested, and given his large fan base, those interested would definitely find out about it and pay attention.

    C716: “Guide books for Tengda’s entrance examinations?” lol. I wasn't expecting this, but I feel like Wu Bin should have been ;)

    C718: He could always just give away an official guidebook for passing the test to all would-be test takers. That should cut into the unofficial publications' sales enough to get them to drop it, while leveling the playing field and preventing the arms race he was worried about. Yeah, he'd get more hardworking people, but that's going to happen anyway.

    C720: Wouldn't his brother be mildly upset with him if he spent all the money on a slot instead of a team?

    That aside, I wonder if Boss Pei will dump all this money into the GPL to get the competitions going immediately. He'd basically have to start up the international version of the GPL to have any hope of managing it. There's simply not enough places to spend the money locally if he wants to keep the the international invitational competition's prize the one with the highest payout.

    C722: Couldn't the three teams have still backed out after the auction? Up until the contracts with the buyers were signed, they could still have paid the penalties and kept their teams, right?

    C727: "That was equivalent to falling out with Boss Pei and all the other clubs that had just won the GPL quota" Personally, I'd be more worried about falling out with the buyers. None of them were people that a sane person would want to offend without good reason, and its hard to say at this point if this is a good enough reason.

    I can understand the reasoning, but I dislike the idea that slot ownership is independent of worthiness, and that new teams can't compete professionally regardless of how good they are unless they sell themselves off to the already existent professional teams, or fork out massive amounts of money to buy the slots (assuming anyone's even willing to sell).

    C729: “No, we have to thank Boss Pei.” Wasn't his involvement supposed to be a secret?

    C730: I get the feeling that Cold Faced Lady will be featured on Boss Ma's livestream, discrediting it and boosting Tengda's reputation at the same time.

    C732: "Anyone who knew their place would not do that." That's a flag. Boss Ma definitely doesn't know his place ;)

    C738: It would seem that Eric is the ally that Boss Pei has been dreaming of ;)

    C740: I wonder if the fake reviewers would be interested in AEEIS as a way of tempering themselves, or if they'd find it to be too low level of an opponent ;)
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    I more interesting with how you make an text wall with summary. Also that novel is good for laugh without thinking to much.

    So if someone to smart please don't read the novel because the logic of MC doing thing is weird is the nice thing to say. But at least it fun to read if you don't think to much.

    Also this novel, l still can't find romance, so if you want romance or harem or loli or childhood friends or anything like that, forget it. Still don't had any FL with the MC
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    There's a formula for reading. If possible, ignore logic and enjoy as you read And if it's not, drop and pick another one.
  4. Bachingchung

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    I can get pass through the logic, what I dislike about this novel is the MC's non stop whining. It started as funny, but it became difficult for me to enjoy his success along with his colleages when he still won't stop being such a debbie downer.
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    Am I alone in not caring about the movie's plot at all? A brief synopsis would honestly be more than enough for me. Wasting a dozen or more chapters on it just makes me want to read something else.
  6. jacobpaige

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    C746: It feels like Pei Qian is constantly forgetting that property values will absolutely skyrocket in the future if things go even somewhat like they did in his old life.

    C747: I'm a bit surprised he didn't try to replace the furniture in the original apartments with the new manufacturer's goods.

    C748: "Those who had passed the Tengda spirit test would definitely choose to make a name for themselves and help their company develop." I'm not seeing how that makes them a slacker? Or how the alternative answers would make them a slacker if I'm misunderstanding him here.
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    C1 - Crypto is against the rules since cryptocurrencies are considered gambling in China.

    There's a big push in the west for them to be considered a legitimate currency that's never actually going to happen to put it mildly. States exist because they have a monopoly on violence, money being one of the means by which this monopoly is established. If you own a currency, you can manipulate it as needed to serve the state, debase it for lower export prices, increase it to benefit internal producers, etc etc. There's a lot of stuff you can do with currency and giving it over to... random internet people that want to gamble? Insane.


    Just look at what's been happening in Europe with the Euro and nobody in the EU save for Britain having their own currency. Austrian and German bankers control the EU Central Bank and dictate monetary policy, but doing that for 50 different countries with different needs has caused Germany, Romania, export driven countries to make bank. France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc who are service driven economies have been forced into more and more austerity and riots are an ongoing problem. A currency outside a country's control is a terrible idea.

    Cryptos? An even worse idea, they exist for speculation in the main, letting that happen to your currency? What happens if someone pumps and dumps it, what happens to your country?


    So yeah, China went and said 'crypto's are gambling, never currency, whatevs' and since MC can't gamble, the same applies to cryptos.
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    C755: If he's been doing so poorly, then I wonder if he'll request a re-shoot of any of the scenes.

    C760: Normally, I'd agree that foreign players would be ticked off by the price differences. Unfortunately, I've actually played Asain MMOs, and them hiking up the prices when they go abroad is standard practice. Its not even just by one or two times either. They're absolutely massive increases based on the assumption of player wealth and stupidity, which too often proves to be correct.

    Granted, there will definitely be those that stop playing, but the whales will make up for it, at least in the short run.

    That aside, those prices still seem quite high when you consider how many skins there are to buy. If I recall correctly, the industry definition of a whale is someone willing to spend $15-20+ per month (with major emphases on the +). That would only get people two of the more expensive skins. I assume that there's more than that being released each month, which means that this isn't even close to being as budget friendly as the story is making it out to be.

    I wonder if Tengda has any plans for developing teams internationally. At the moment, the league is strictly domestic. That wouldn't burn nearly as much money as making it an international event with sponsored qualifier tournaments all over the world.

    "There’s also a branch in Deposit Fitness." They opened an internet cafe inside of a gym? That's more than a little weird if all of the gym's clientele aren't pro esports athletes.

    C761: Speaking of Shenhua's football experience, I wonder if they sent over any of their football trainers to help get things going in terms of physical fitness training.

    I wonder if IoI's tournament will be overshadowed by GoG's qualifier tournaments.

    C764: "Of course, everyone felt that Bao Xu had this potential." lol. Why do they have to curse Brother Bao like that ;)

    C770: I wonder if Boss Pei's team will win the IoI competition, or just cause so much of a stir that they windup dragging even more players into GoG ;)

    C772: I feel kinda bad for the three players that stuck around.

    C773: As a matter of reciprocation, they should have each of the borrowed players wear their team's sponsor's logo, and their team's logo for that matter ;)

    C774: "She did not have any relevant professional knowledge" Would that still be true? She's been working at Tengda for a while now. Even if she's not really trying to learn game development, she should still have picked up some stuff.

    "request to use the modified version in the finals to compete." Yep, Boss Pei's team is definitely winning the IoI tournament. This decision is basically handing it to them since they'll have the greatest familiarity with the altered systems.

    I wonder why FV isn't using their star lineup in their advertisements. Or are these executives just too unfamiliar with the star players' names to notice?

    C784: I'm really curious how this Cold Faced Lady thing is going to make Boss Pei tons of money. I know it has to with how much time has been wasted on it, but it doesn't really feel like there's much room left for truly massive profits here.
  9. jacobpaige

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    C787: "It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were undercover spies." They're not really "undercover" when absolutely everyone knows who they work for...

    Trying to reimburse Boss Pei's business expenses? You're courting death! ;)

    C788: "and then engaged in price wars and unfair competition, Pei Qian would be thankful." I don't know why, but this still makes me chuckle ;)

    C789: "Wait, kick FV Club out!” I wonder if Boss Pei will see this as an opportunity to spend money sending them himself, or if he'll keep them in China in hopes of them falling behind.

    C790: Well, that answers that. Still, I wonder how they'll manage to take all the US and EU teams by surprise during the competition if they play against them before it. Maybe they won't be able to find sparring partners other than SUG and teams that didn't make it into the tournament?
  10. jacobpaige

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    C791: “Ye Zhizhou, Min Jingchao, Bao Xu, Zhou Pengyuan.” Poor Bao Xu. No one's willing to just let him rest at Tengda HQ ;)

    C792: He forgot to require secrecy about the investment...

    C793: I really wish the dates at the top of the chapters included "days until settlement." I always forget when settlement will be, so all the dates that get tossed around wind up meaning nothing to me.

    C794: That felt like a paid advertisement from the airline industry...

    C795: Honestly, four bodyguards doesn't really seem like enough for a group that size. I'm sure Boss Pei wouldn't have minded hiring two guards per person (so they can take shifts) with an extra one to act as their leader ;)

    C798: How is it a "good fitness habit" to be working from early morning 'till passed midnight every day?
  11. jacobpaige

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    C799: lol. I can already see how this will backfire ;)

    C800: “Recognize the situation and give up on fantasy.” rofl XD

    I wonder how he'll get rid of this money. According to his "he who earned it should spend it" policy, it should be used by GoG international, but he knows how dangerous that would be.

    C801: If the restriction is simply that they can't wear the logo, then there's still plenty of space for sponsorship ;)

    C802: Now I can't help but think that the final match will be FV vs the team still wearing the GoG logo.
  12. jacobpaige

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    C808: lol. I've only read the chapter's title and I already love it XD

    C809: "It would be hard for Pei Qian to tell if it was because of his hard work or because of the examiner’s hard work if he scored 60 marks." I love how self-aware this is ;)
  13. KhayDesu

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    you're dedication is amazing desu~ hands down :blob_plusone:
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    "but why do I feel like it doesn’t treat me as a human?" lol. Because you're perceptive ;)

    "The Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine would definitely not be able to sell much this month." I think that will depend on when the movie's premiere is...

    Why did he offer three million when he was told people would expect between three and five million? Shouldn't he have opened with at least five? Heck, I wouldn't have been surprised if he went directly for seven.
  15. jacobpaige

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    C815: I wonder if the bickering machine has the movie's lines in it. If so, then people might accidentally spoil it for themselves.

    Boss Pei really needs to learn to take the wins when he gets them instead of being greedy and tossing more money at the few failures he manages to obtain.

    C816: "Why would they have to choose an independent game that was neither profitable and very tiring?" Because "proper" game companies grind their workers down to nothing before discarding them onto the trash heap as broken shadows of their former selves? Being independent doesn't mean being incompetent. It can also mean that you simply value yourself and are aware enough of how game devs are treated to not want to be treated that way.
  16. Kylar9119

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    I just started reading this. Does he ever get out of the "must spend all my money and get in the red" mindset and start actually pursuing profits?
  17. jacobpaige

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    "The others agreed readily and went to a small bar nearby which would stream the IOI International Finals live" I honestly can't imagine this happening in an American bar...

    I think he has occasionally, when it becomes clear that he has no hope of making a loss, but i could be misremembering. He does both fail and succeed at making profits through losses though.

    If you're asking if he ever completely switches his plan for good though, then no. Definitely not. I'll be shocked if that ever happens.
  18. frustratedguy109

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    There was a chapter (can't really remember exactly which one) where he spends a few paragraphs thinking about this. The conclusion was that he's never going to think about profits because he has done so much good for society by pursuing losses. If he decided to actually pursue profits, he would never be able to bring himself to provide anywhere near the same amount of benefits to his employees and customers. Therefore, for societal good, he will continue going after losses.
  19. jacobpaige

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    C820: I can't see this not backfiring if it gets out, and I also can't see it not getting out.
  20. jacobpaige

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    It sounds like the HR department has dropped the ball if she's still making the same amount she did under Meng Chang ;)

    “Rumor has it that Tengda has taken over? I wonder if it’s true.” Isn't it extremely easy to check this thanks to TPD?

    “They’re all talents! It’s a pity that I can’t contact them and recruit them to Tengda.” lol.

    I'm fully expecting a reverse psychology effect from all the judges bashing the noodles.