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    Title: Lovely Fish
    Alternative: 鲛人崽崽三岁啦 / The Merchild Has Been Three Years Old / Jiao Ren Zai Zai San Sui La

    Description: After experiencing the tragic death of her family in her previous life, Mo Jiaojiao has been reborn back into her 3 y/o self! This life, she decides to enter the palace earlier to save Mo Yuan State, but never would have thought her papa was a cruel tyrant. he not only forced her to learn etiquette, but also kills without reason... After, Mo Jiaojiao becomes the little princess most doted on, and even connects with that hostage from the enemy state. The tyrant can only angrily warn: all of you scram! jiaojiao is a treasure that belongs only to me!

    Translations: https://bato.to/series/93460/lovely-fish
    Other Info: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=186566

    I just recently discovered this new manhua. Is this based from a novel or is this an original work? One of the tag in bato.to says that this is an adaptation, but I can't find the novel raws. Does anyone know where to find the novel? Though I can't read Chinese and just depend in MTLs.

    The story seems quite interesting. FL is really cuuuttteee! Plus, Papa ML is hooot!!! I'm looking forward to some juicy spoilers. Thanks in advance!!:aww::aww::aww:
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    It does have a novel but not translated. You can search it's title in Chinese :blobokhand:
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    Thanks for the info!!:aww:
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    The manhwa has updated till 13 chps...really cute...:blobnosebleed:blobmelt_thumbs...a must read...:blobcatblush::blobcatblush::blobcatblush::blobicecreamlove:
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    Any spoilers about her mother??
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    Are there any more spoilers?
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    Till now...no...
    But i don't know why i am having this gut feeling that her mother is in danger:sweating_profusely:.....i hope she is safe n ok...:notlikeblob:
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    Till now in Chapter 28

    Female Lead- Jiaojiao.....9th princess of the Mo Yuan State
    Full name
    - Mo Jiaojiao

    Male Lead- Jinglan.....6th prince of the Yan Jing State...enemies with FL's country n staying as an envoy basically hostage
    Full name- Yan Jinglan
    Nickname- FL calls him 'Pretty Brother'...:blobicecreamlove::blobcatblush:

    I'm using short forms as it is quite lengthy to write the full form:sweating_profusely::blobsweat_2:

    EIPS- Eldest Imperial Princess...
    Name- Chuyao
    EIPR or EIPB- Eldest Imperial Prince...FL call's her Eldest Imperial Brother

    -It shows the Empress's Room telling her daughter that is the Eldest Imperial Princess... that FL has only come for a month and gained so much favour and shouted at her
    -Empress was saying if you give way in the palace countless people will trample you...*that's true.....:blobcry:* so you need to kill the 9th princess to have a stable foothold in the palace...
    -So Chuyao wants thinks that she can't be soft-hearted carelessly and the FL's care towards others is also fake...*that's not true at all:blobdevil::blobcat_hyper::blob_catflip:*
    -She needs to find the FL's weakness
    -Jiaojiao went to meet her Imperial Elder Brother...*he calls her 'Fishy Sister or Fishy'.....kawaiiii:blobcatblush:blobmelt_thumbs:blobmelon:*
    -FL wanted to escort her brother out with her to the academy
    -FL's Eldest Imperial Sister comes thinking she did all her homework so she will recieve praise from her father
    -She hears the voice of the FL and thinks what is this Little Wildling...*EIPS calls her with that name*
    -FL escapes after EIPS calls her name telling her brother to go n I wll find u after the class ends
    -FL runs and the sister chases her saying why is she running away after u see me...are u having a guilty conscience...*as if:blobamused:*
    -FL says that should I wait for you to just bully me then with FL's one finger pulling her one eye down with her tongue out:blobtongue:
    -EIPS stop running ... FL says EIPS is envious of her as Papa likes her Pretty Brother also likes her and EIPS is angry
    -EIPS grabs Fl's hand n leaves her in the back mountain n no one will come there...FL will feel the night is cold
    -FL bites her fnger:blobsmirk::blobrofl: and EIPS brushes her whn she was about to fall but saves her...*thank god:sweating_profusely:...phew...*
    -And she lies down on the ground and FL on top of EIPS's back
    -She goes when she trips on a stone and falls
    -EIPS says that she is in this state because of her. if she has a sensible mind, hurry and help her up...if i end up missing a limb, i will report to imperial father
    -FL laughs and says that EIPS is quite cute like this...and Chuyao/ EIPS slightly blushes :blob_blush:
    -EIPS says that don't think i will let you off with ur sweet words
    -While FL lifts her up bottom dress ...while EIPS says what is she doing and sees her ankle and sees a injury there..
    -FL says seeing that you're injured, Jiaojiao wants to help her bandage it up, can i?......*such a sweetheart:blobcatblush::bloblove::blob_patpat::blobpats::blobnom:*
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    Can i have the link for the novel? I can’t find it even if i tried searching for it.
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    Can you read chinese? I tried searching using the alternate chinese title and found this. If you can read chinese and have time to read it, please spoil us!:aww:

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    Just wanted to ask a question...should I post the spoilers from the beginning...?

    I opened the link but the translations are MTL...if u want i can post them but it will be quite difficult to read
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    In the manhwa its chap. 30 and in the novel its chap 104. I fixed some that i understand.

    The emperor was about to leave with the little guy, Jiaojiao hurriedly pulled her father's sleeve and said.

    "Daddy, eldest imperial sister has hurt her legs."

    Mo Yinyuan asked the guards to take the princess back to ask a doctor to see, and then left Houshan with Jiaojiao.

    Jiaojiao was taken to the Hall of Nourishment by the emperor.

    Mo Yinyuan, who has always been a cleanliness addict, directly put the dirty little guy on the dragon bed, and then saw the bruises on her body.

    The little guy's injury is not serious, but her skin is tender, and the injury looks rough and shocking.

    The handsome face of the emperor sank, and a chill flashed.

    "Take my bottle of jade dew ointment."

    He told Grandpa Lin.

    Father Lin was shocked. The Yulu Ointment was a good medicine for removing scars and swelling. It was given to the emperor by a small country last year. There was only a small bottle. The emperor himself hadn't used it several times, so he was willing to use it for the little princess.

    Father Lin hurriedly fetched the Yulu ointment.

    Later, she saw that the emperor asked Grandpa Lin to make a pot of hot water.

    He wiped the dirty face of the little guy with a clean towel, and wiped the little guy's arms and calves.

    Then he unscrewed the Yulu ointment and applied ointment to the injured area of the little guy.


    Jiaojiao cat's eyes burst into tears again, and she wanted to exhale in pain, but was afraid that her father would dislike her as useless, so she bit her lower lip and did not dare to shout.

    Mo Yinyuan looked at the injury on the little guy's body, and the chill in his eyes deepened.

    "Call out when it hurts."

    He looked at the little guy with a forbearing expression, and gently squeezed the little guy's lips. The little guy's cry came out like a cat.

    "It hurts~"

    Mo YinYuan put a lighter action on drugs, eye color dark tunnel: ( I dont know what this mean) "I was not taught eldest princess, I thought she was just a bit feisty, never thought capable of such a thing."

    Shark man born of pain Sensitive, a little pain can be magnified several times.

    The petite hand was holding the small pacifier tightly, and the small pacifier was about to be torn off by her.

    Jiaojiao's little hand reached out to the middle of the brows of the emperor , smoothed his frowning brows, and the voice of the little milk was soft.

    "Daddy, in fact, the eldest imperial sister nature is not bad, she just lacks care and wants to be recognized by her father too much."

    If the eldest imperial sister was really a bad person, there were so many opportunities in the back mountains, she would have been able to deal with her a long time ago. But not.

    The irritability in Mo Yinyuan's heart was smoothed out by the little guy, and the little guy said again.

    "In fact, the dignified eldest imperial sister shown to dad are all because you, dad likes it. The eldest imperial sister nature is very arrogant and domineering, and eldest imperial sister also loves you very much. If you try to look at it from another angle, you will find a lot of beautiful things. It's up."

    Mo Yinyuan's eyebrows moved again, and a dull look appeared on his handsome face.

    He never knew this, but thought it was the queen who taught well.

    "Daddy Su Su does not like ladylike ah? May kiss your mother say waited prime is a wild child, dad is not it will not like the nest? Sang Heart ah ~"

    little guy hand hands Kouzhao small pacifiers, small milk are sound With a hint of grievance.

    Mo Yinyuan didn't want her to be sad, and said, "I don't like everyone's ladies, I like little babies like Jiaojiao."

    "Really?" The little guy raised her shiny cat pupil.


    This is true.

    Since coming into contact with this little guy, he feels that dignified ladies are not pleasing to the eyes of the little guy.

    The little guy pushed her nose to face, "So Jiaojiao isn't so generous that she doesn't have to learn etiquette?"

    Once again, the emperor overturned the truth and overturned what he had said.

    "My daughter is the best in the world, even if she doesn't learn etiquette!"

    "Daddy is so nice~"

    Jiaojiao gave her a fragrant kiss together, which coaxed the emperor into a daze.

    After the dressing was over, Jiaojiao remembered the previous rumor again.

    She looked at her Daddy secretly, and stopped talking, until the emperor reached out and knocked on her little head and asked, "What do you want to say? Huh?"

    "Daddy, Daddy, are the seven sisters(?) who died before ? Killed by you?"

    Mo Yinyuan's handsome face sank, he stared at the little guy, his voice wrapped in two minutes of chill.

    "Do you think of me that way?"

    Jiaojiao could feel it, and Dad was angry.

    She shook her head.


    "People outside said that the seven sisters were all killed by Dad, but Jiaojiao didn't believe it."

    In an instant, the coldness on Mo Yinyuan's body disappeared, and he squeezed her with a smile. The emperor asked:

    "Oh? How does Jiaojiao think of me? Didn't you call me a big villain, why now you say that I won't kill people anymore."


    She held her soft little hands. Staying in the hands of the emperor, the innocent cat's pupils were filled with determination, and she said anxiously.

    "Daddy may not be a good father, but he actually wants to be a good father in his heart."

    The little guy's soft words slowly spread into Mo Yinyuan's heart.

    "If Dad is a bastard who doesn't love his children, how could he leave Jiaojiao? How could he be so good to Jiaojiao? How could he care about eldest imperial sister and other imperial brothers homework? How could he agree to let Eldest imperial brother go to the college?"

    "It looks like Jiaojiao changed her father, but it's not!"

    "What is that?" Mo Yinyuan looked at the little guy curiously.

    He found that he could always hear a lot of strange words from this little guy.

    Obviously this is just a three-year-old little kid, but she speaks the same way, but she also pokes your heart in every sentence, so you can't refute it.

    Jiaojiao: "That's because Daddy wants to be a good father himself."

    "It's just that Daddy doesn't know how to be a good father. He has to take into account the eyes of the outside world and be a good emperor. That's why he is stunned and lost. direction."

    "That's why such a father would not kill his own children."

    "Hahaha." Mo Yinyuan suddenly laughed out loud.

    Grandpa Lin was shocked when he heard the laughter.

    You know, the emperor hasn't laughed like this in twenty years since he became king.

    The little princess made the emperor amused.

    Originally, he was worried that the little princess would anger the emperor if she asked.

    It seems that the little princess is really a little pistachio!


    Jiaojiao shrank her neck in fear when she saw her dad smile so magically.

    It's over, dad won't be stimulated, is he crazy?

    Mo Yinyuan laughed for a while before returning to his senses. Seeing that the little guy’s eyes became softer, he hugged the little guy to his lap, kissed her white and tender bun’s face several times, and said, “Jiaojiao is really My great treasure, it would be nice if I knew about your existence sooner."

    I saw this little guy three years later.

    It's all because of that woman!

    Mo Yinyuan's prejudice against that woman has become deeper, just for the sake of my Jiaojiao being so caring, so let's not care about it for now.

    "Jiaojiao couldn't come out to find daddy before."
    It takes a three-year-old to get out of the sea and transform into a prototype.

    This is why Jiaojiao came to see her father now.

    Mo Yinyuan didn't hear the implication of the little guy's words, he said: "I didn't kill my daughters."

    Jiaojiao tilted her head and asked: "The seven sisters are all swollen and dead?"

    Mo Yinyuan's eyes A dark color flashed at the bottom, and he hugged the little guy with his big palm, his face was unspeakable, but he didn't go on.

    "Well, it's late, go to bed."

    Jiaojiao was stuffed into the dragon bed by her dad. She handed the bottle to her dad to make her grandma. Suddenly, there was a scorching heat in her heart, which spread to her toes.

    Then Yuren’s sensitivity sent a dangerous message to her: You should make up water~

    After a while, Jiaojiao's whole body turned a faint red, and her whole body was hot as if it was about to burn.

    This is a state of emergency lack of water.

    It should be caused by the excessive fright in the back mountain today.

    Mo Yinyuan didn't realize that there was something wrong with the little guy. He asked Grandpa Lin to clean up the gauze and water. When he saw the little guy who was motionless under the quilt, he thought she was already asleep. He pinched his tired eyebrows and was ready to go to bed. .

    As soon as he took off his coat and was about to lie down, a small hand stretched out from the quilt to grab him.

    "Daddy, Jiaojiao is so hot, Jiaojiao wants to take a bath~" The little bun blushed, like a little cat waiting to be fed.

    "Why is it so hot?"

    The emperor touched the little guy's warm little hand, and his first thought thought that the little guy was feeling cold in the back mountain.

    "Jiaojiao has a fever, Jiaojiao just feels so hot, so Jiaojiao wants to take a cold bath."

    Jiaojiao was anxious, pulling her dad's thigh, softly begging.

    The "new father" is a little helpless, what should I do if my child likes to act like a baby when she is sick?

    Seeing how uncomfortable the little guy looked, he still felt relieved, and he took the little guy to the back bath and let people adjust the temperature.

    He wanted to remove the clothes for the little guy, but the little guy refused.

    "Jiaojiao is a big kid now, Jiaojiao wants to come by herself, dad, go out soon~"

    Ordinarily, Jiaojiao finally coaxed Daddy out, and then jumped into the bath to replenish water.

    Jiaojiao originally only planned to make up some water and get up, but Dad's bath is very wide, swimming around, Jiaojiao wants to sleep in the water.

    When Jiaojiao was about to go to bed, she heard her father's deafening anger.

    "Walk so slowly, Do i need someone to carry you over?"

    After Mo Yinyuan came out, he asked him to call in the doctor Li. He was worried about the little guy's condition. He was very irritable at the moment, but he frightened the doctor Li. Not light.

    There was no movement inside. The emperor is worried about what happened to the little guy, so he hurried in to take a look.

    Jiaojiao just walked out of the bath and rushed to the screen. The emperor only saw something blue flashing past.

    "Daddy hug ~ sleep sleep~"

    Jiaojiao wiped her feet, and rushed out from behind the screen to put her in Daddy's arms.

    Could it be that I was wrong?

    Mo Yinyuan glanced at the little guy's white and tender feet, his handsome face had a dark color, then he carried the little guy out of the room, and asked Dr. Li to check the pulse of the little guy.

    "Let's see the little princess."

    After taking the pulse, the doctor Li said that the little princess was in normal health, and the emperor was relieved.

    After a while, the father and daughter went to bed.

    Knowing the little guy's sleeping appearance well, the emperor directly held the little guy in his arms to prevent her from running around in the middle of the night.

    Jiaojiao was so guilty that she thought that her father had seen it, but when she saw that her father hadn't asked anything, she relieved her heart and yawned to get sleepy.

    The emperor suddenly said.

    "Can I send you to the school?"

    Jiaojiao was awakened immediately, she stared at her father.

    "I know that the three-character classic of the eldest prince was taught by Jiaojiao. How can my daughter be so talented at a young age."

    Mo Yinyuan is very proud, as she deserves to be my daughter, who can be a master at only three years old.

    When Jiaojiao thought of the literary words and the teacher's big ruler, she immediately burst into tears and refused.

    "Wow, Jiaojiao don't! Jiaojiao doesn't go to school!"

    Mo Yinyuan didn't expect his daughter to be so resistant to going to school, but it's okay if she doesn't learn etiquette, and if she doesn't know how to read, she won't become illiterate.

    So he sternly said: "Choose one between studying etiquette and reading."

    Jiaojiao felt that neither of them was good, and she didn't want to choose either.

    But Dad had to let her make a choice.

    Jiaojiao was extremely embarrassed, and finally she closed her eyes with the emperor's cold eyes, and she slept ~ the little guy's shallow breathing sounded right away.

    Mo Yinyuan simply laughed angrily.

    This little ass kid will still act in front of me to deceive me.

    "Don't pretend to sleep, choose one."

    He thought that the little guy was pretending to be sleeping, and reached out to pinch the little guy's face, but didn't respond, went to pinch her little nose, and she opened her mouth to breathe again.

    Because the emperor has adjusted the sleeping position of the little guy to lying flat, at this moment the little guy's swollen belly is ups and downs with the sound of her breathing.

    He reached out and poked the little guy's belly, not daring to push too hard.

    In the end, the severely ill gentleman relented.

    "Fine. You don't need to go to school."

    "My daughter just doesn't learn anything, and she's as good as me!"

    Then the emperor thought of something, and his eyes instantly became cold, and he was infected with a trace of murderous aura.

    He exchanged for Grandpa Lin and ordered.

    "Send the Buddhist scriptures on my desk to the queen, and give her four words so that she can do it herself."

    Granpa Lin responded and went down quickly.


    The Queen is now scolding Mo Chuyao as a princess for running to the back mountain with a lowly small wild species, and she is so embarrassed that everyone knows that she has completely lost her face as a princess.

    Suddenly there was a notice from the maid of the palace outside, and Father Lin came, and the queen instantly put away the scolding, returning to the queen's dignified atmosphere.

    Father Lin passed on his things and words and left.

    Queen thought that the emperor had given herself some surprise, but when she opened it, it turned out to be a Buddhist scripture.

    The eldest princess carefully glanced at the Queen Mother, and asked: "Queen Mother, what does the father mean?" The queen couldn't wait to tear the Buddhist scriptures to pieces.

    The emperor gave me something bad, but he gave me this Buddhist scripture, which was clearly to warn her and let her concentrate on cultivating the Buddha and reduce the number of moths.

    That's it.

    Let go of that small wild species for the time being!


    The next day, Jiaojiao got up early to eat breakfast with her father.

    Having a meal with the little guy, the emperor's appetite could not help but healed, and he ate an extra bowl of porridge.

    After breakfast, Dad was about to go to court, Jiaojiao couldn't wait to jump off the small stool and ran outside.

    Jiaojiao stepped on her short legs and was carried back by the emperor.

    "You was injured only yesterday. Where are you going to run today?"

    "Daddy let go of jiaojaio, and jiaojiao is going to play~" As soon as the little guy's voice fell, she was immediately rejected by her father.

    "Don't go! Stay at home and heal your injury!"

    When Jiaojiao heard this, she felt so sad that she wanted to cry. She squeezed out two tears, and said pitifully, "But Jiaojiao wants to play~ I won't cause trouble. Now, let go of jiaojiao~Daddy~"

    "Don't cause trouble!"

    When he saw the little guy's tears, the ill emperor suddenly disappeared. After confessing the little guy, he went up.

    Jiaojiao kept her mouth shut, and when Dad left, she pulled off her short legs and ran away all over the palace.

    She looked at the flowers in the garden for a while, went to the pavilion to catch the butterflies, and then she didn't know what to do.

    By the way, go pick up the big emperor and just learn!

    Jiaojiao ran to squat under the big tree outside the academy again.

    But she was so likable, and the butterfly and bird kept spinning on her, even the mosquitoes.

    Before a while, Jiaojiao was bitten all over by mosquitoes.

    "Don't bite Jiaojiao~"

    Jiaojiao's pink lips pursed, and when she scratched her ears, she suddenly heard a gloating laugh in her ears.
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    Reading List:
    In total...the novel chapters that are released are 688...

    I will give the titles of the chapter...I tried my best to edit the MTL so that it is easy to read...
    I will post the rest later

    Ch-1- The Birthday Banquet of the Sick Lord
    Ch-2- Daddy will Die Alone~
    Ch-3- I Don't have such an Ugly Daughter!
    Ch-4- Dare to lie to me, I will throw you into the mountains to feed the wolves!
    Ch-5- She is actually born again~
    Ch-6- Yes, this little beggar is my daughter!
    Ch-7- As for the father's love, don't even think about it!
    Ch-8- I give you two months! Don't come to see me if you can't learn etiquette!
    Ch-9- The Sixth Prince Yan Jinglan
    Ch-10- Beautiful brother~Don't be afraid~Jiaojiao protects you~"
    Ch-11- I can never change my mind just because of a kid!
    Ch-12- What a troublesome little kid!
    Ch-13- Jiaojiao give her father a new birthday present, okay?
    Ch-14- Cai Cai is so delicious, why doesn't Dad eat Cai Cai?
    Ch-15- .
    Ch-16- You are so beautiful
    Ch-17- Jiaojiao wants to protect her beautiful brother!
    Ch-18- Mo Chuyao, Princess of Mo Yuan Kingdom
    Ch-19- Nine Emperor Gods, you won't blame me...
    Ch-20- Is the Ninth Princess pushing the eldest princess!
    Ch-21- This eldest daughter is not as simple as the surface
    Ch-22- The murder will go to the eighteenth hell.
    Ch-23- The beautiful brother will one day be willing to be a good half-brother with Jiaojiao~
    Ch-24- You're Worried About New Year's Eve to the Rooster
    Ch-25- This small wild species is dead!
    Ch-26- This is the birthday gift you prepared for me?
    Ch-27- I must give her a little bit of color today!
    Ch-28- Jiaojiao is a wild child who has no father and no one wants~
    Ch-29- What the truth is this little shit kid is telling!
    Ch-30- Dad must feed porridge to Jiaojiao
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    Jiaojiao saw Mo Jingxuan walking out from the gate of the academy with a dog's tail in his mouth.

    Mo Jingxuan eyes were smiling, he looked at her with a smile on his face, and walked towards her at a pace that his six relatives did not recognize.

    As soon as Jiaojiao saw him, she remembered the fear of being dominated by heart-mindedness in these two lifetimes.

    She didn't even scratch her itching, her body was stretched with tension.

    She looked left and right. There were flat bottoms and big trees all around, and there was no place to hide.

    Finally she pulled up her short legs and ran behind the big tree, covering her eyes.

    Hidden away, Third Imperial brother can't see it.


    Mo Jingxuan was almost laughing when he saw the little fat guy hiding her ears and stealing the bell.

    Why is this little fat guy so cute?

    He specifically walked around behind the big tree, narrowed his slender eyes, and said with a smile: "I saw you, little fat man."

    The little guy was so scared that her body was shivering, covering her eyes and muttering in her mouth.

    "You can't see Jiaojiao... You can't see, You can't see..."

    Mo Jingxuan laughed loudly, laughing so hard that he deliberately teased her, leaning close to her ear and blowing air.

    "I like the heart of a cute child the most. I think you are very cute. Why..."

    "Jiaojiao is not cute! Not at all cute!"

    Jiaojiao yelled.

    My mother said that too cute children would be targeted by bad guys, and it was true.

    Jiaojiao don't want to be cute anymore.


    Mo Jingxuan let out another ruthless ridicule.

    "Bad guy! Don't bully Jiaojiao!"

    The Eldest prince who had just come out of school heard Mo Jingxuan's laugh, and there was a sense of fear in his heart subconsciously, and the little dull hair turned up.

    He subconsciously wanted to run back to the cold palace, but soon he saw Jiaojiao surrounded by Mo Jingxuan again, not knowing where the courage came from.

    He grabbed his little schoolbag and rushed over.

    Mo Jingxuan was caught off guard, and was knocked aside by the prince.

    "Eldest imperial brother?"

    "Run! Bad stuff!"

    Before Jiaojiao could react, she was dragged to run by the eldest prince.

    The two ran for a long time, until they could no longer see the academy, and then stopped.

    Jiaojiao thought, it seems that every time she sees Third imperial Brother, she runs like this.

    "Third Imperial Brother is bad, don't talk to him, don't talk to him."

    Mo Shiyi's face was pale with fright, and he told Jiaojiao out of breath.

    Jiaojiao's heart is warm. Eldest imperial Brother is so kind to her~

    "Thank you, Eldest imperial Brother ~ Remember~"

    Jiaojiao stood on her toes with a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat of Eldest imperial Brother . Mo Shiyi was also very cooperative. Squat down, let Jiaojiao reach it.

    Then Jiaojiao asked him what he had learned in the academy, and Mo Shiyi told Jiaojiao everything in detail.

    "Eating, playing, reading, reading, going to the cottage, drinking water, in a daze, thinking about Yuyu, sister."

    Jiaojiao: "Then anyone in the school is bullying Eldest imperial Brother ?"

    Mo Shiyi lowered his head and thought, then Shook his head at her.

    "That's good, if Eldest imperial Brother is bullied, you should tell Jiaojiao, and Jiaojiao will help you teach them!"

    Jiaojiao said fiercely, waving her small fist.

    "Yuyu(fishy), sister, it's great."

    Jiaojiao said, "Eldest imperial Brother is better! Otherwise Jiaojiao will call you big brother in the future~"

    Big brother is more kind.


    "Big brother~"


    Mo Shiyi's big black eyes hide the little star, clapping his hands, laughing like a child.

    After school, the princess saw the two smirking, and immediately rolled her eyes and said disdainfully: "Naive ghost!"

    Seeing the eldest princess, Mo Shiyi hurriedly stretched his arms top block in front of Jiaojiao, want to bully Jiaojiao pass over me first.

    The eldest princess snorted, and turned and left with disdainful steps.

    The wild thing is wearing a mask again.

    Jiaojiao took the hand of eldest prince in front of her, poked her head out, and asked curiously, "Big brother is afraid of eldest imperial sister?"

    Didn't eldest imperial sister behave very empathetic outside?

    When Mo Shiyi heard these words, he suddenly turned up and said: "Protect, Yuyu, don't bully Yuyu."

    It was because of Jiaojiao.

    Jiaojiao raised her dimple and smiled sweetly: "Big brother is really nice, Jiaojiao likes big brother~"

    Jiaojiao said, suddenly feeling a chill, she raised her head and met a pair of narrow and dark phoenix eyes.

    Yan Jinglan was still wearing a black suit and stood in the distance. I don’t know how long he stood. His beautiful face was calm. Yan Jinglan swept across the small hands held by Jiaojiao and eldest prince. Jiaojiao loosened unconsciously. Opened her hand.

    She don't know how, seeing such a beautiful brother made her a little scared.

    The chill in Yan Jinglan's eyes seemed to be less. He said:

    "Come to Huadian ."

    The voice was cold and sweet, but mixed with a trace of strength that could not be beaked, it made Jiaojiao think of her father.

    After speaking, the boy turned and left.

    "Yuyu, don't play with him, play with Xiaoyi."

    Mo Shiyi held Jiaojiao not to let Jiaojiao go, but Jiaojiao felt that he would definitely be angry if she didn't go to pretty brother.

    "Big Brother, you go home quickly, or your mother will worry about you. I have something to tell pretty brother."

    Jiaojiao said to Mo Shiyi and she ran short legs to catch up with the boy.

    But the boy's legs were too long, and immediately left Jiaojiao behind.

    "Pretty Brother, you are walking too fast, I can't keep up."

    Jiaojiao squatted on the ground, panting, her face flushed like a little apple.

    Only then did the young man stop walking, looking sideways, the extremely cold phoenix eyes swept over her.

    Jiaojiao suddenly shrank her body, stood up properly, and walked in front of him.

    Then the two walked in tandem.

    Jiaojiao found that there was no one in the place where her pretty brother took her.

    The two didn't speak all the way, Jiaojiao was afraid to speak, for fear of annoying her pretty brother, she finally asked when they were approaching Linhua Hall.

    "Pretty brother are you angry?"

    Yan Jinglan didn't say a word, looking ahead and walking unhurriedly.

    But Jiaojiao still thinks that her pretty brother is angry.

    But what the hell is pretty brother angry with?

    Jiaojiao lowered her head and walked, thinking for a long time without expecting it, and then Yan Jinglan stopped.

    With a bang, her little head hit the boy's thigh directly.


    Jiaojiao Cat eyes immediately forced out shining tears.

    Yan Jinglan looked at the little guy's pitiful appearance unmoved, and asked coldly: "Why did he call you Yuyu (fishy)?" The

    little guy guiltyly pulled the pacifier.

    How much did pretty brother hear?

    "Does he know that you are a small mermaid? Huh? You forgot how I told you?"

    The young man took a step forward and approached her, the dark phoenix eyes filled with a hint of chill.


    Jiaojiao was so frightened that she didn't dare to tell the truth. She stepped back and stepped back to the door, with nowhere to go.

    Only then did the little milk voice tremble, and said weakly, "Pretty brother, there is no way. Big brother doesn't know. Big brother likes fish, so he called Jiaojiao Yuyu."

    Yan Jinglan leaned down, his face that was so delicate that couldn't find any flaws approached Jiaojiao, her little neck shrank with fright, and her heart became even more panicked.

    Did the pretty brother find that Jiaojiao was lying?


    Will the pretty brother cut off Jiaojiao's skin to make a sky lantern?

    He looked at her for a long time without the slightest warm eyes, and said: "Hide your little tail so that no one else can see it. Don't get close to other men."

    "Wow, why don't you let me be with my big brother?"

    Jiaojiao looked at the boy in confusion.

    Hearing the difference between her treatment when she called herself and Mo Shiyi, a chill again appeared in the boy's eyes.

    He squeezed her fleshy chin, and the extremely cold words were a little bit strong:

    "Call me brother."

    Jiaojiao was pinched so that her chin hurts. At such a close distance, she smelled the faint cold fragrance of her pretty brother. Everyone was in a trance, and yelled in a low voice.

    "Brother, brother."

    The corners of the thin lips of the young boy's eyes curled up with a smile that was not a smile. He seemed to be satisfied with the name, and even the movements of his hands became gentle.

    He gently rubbed her fleshy chin with his fingertips.

    Jiaojiao got goose bumps for a while, and her small face was pinched by the big cold hands of her pretty brother, she didn't dare to defy or squeak.

    Why pretty brother become so wierd?

    "Hey, you can only call me brother from now on."

    The young man touched her head as if he was touching a little pet, his voice still overbearing.

    Jiaojiao opened her cat's eyes slightly: "Why? Big Brother...Isn't he my brother?"

    "Huh?" The boy didn't like the mention of other men's names in her mouth. He swept over with dark and cold eyes, Jiaojiao didn't dare to say a word.

    The pretty brother is terrible.

    Jiaojiao obediently shouted with a white face: "Brother~"

    "Good." The boy was satisfied, lifted her small body, and threw it into the wood barrel.

    When Jiaojiao appeared in the form of a mermaid, he squatted beside Jiaojiao holding a handkerchief and carefully wiped her hand.

    She pulled the hands over pretty brother.

    It hurts~ The delicate white and tender little hands were rubbed red, and the cat's pupils were infested with large drops of tears, and looked at the boy silently.

    Yan Jinglan was very concerned about her hand touching someone else, "Say you are mine."

    "Wo, Wo yours...brother." The little guy's voice was soft and grumpy.

    "Hey, brother will take a bath for you."

    Yan Jinglan stopped the movement of his hand, and his thin lips made a faint curve, but his eyes were very cold, and then he gave her a bath.

    His big cold palm held up the hot water, washing her little tail, little feet, and small face... The movements were very gentle, for fear of breaking her.

    But when the teenager noticed the bruises on Jiaojiao’s legs and hands, his eyes instantly condensed with chills, “How did this come from?”

    Jiaojiao found that her pretty brother was angry, and she hurriedly told about what happened to the back mountain yesterday and pretended to be miserable.

    "It hurts, my brother huh~"

    She stretched out her chubby little hand, but Yan Jinglan looked at her eyes deeply for a long time, and then said: "No injuries in the future."

    "Uh, uh uh. "

    Jiaojiao retracted her hands aggrievedly, but was caught by her pretty brother.

    He lowered his head, his thin lips opened, and he blew into her hand, making her petite hands itchy.

    Then the pretty brother continued to bathe her, just washing, pinching and touching her soft ears.

    Jiaojiao's ears were too sensitive, and her whole body was tinged with redness. Seeing that her pretty brother was so interested in her ears, she cried while holding the baby bottle.

    "Don't cut Jiaojiao's ears, don't burn oil, and don't light the day.

    He didn't fish her out of the barrel until her body was full of his breath, and Jiaojiao was so scared that her little hand encircled the young man neck, let the teenager toss.

    He took a clean towel to dry her body, and said gentle words.

    "As long as Jiaojiao is good, my brother won't let you light the day."

    "Really, really?"

    Jiaojiao raised her wet cat pupil, her little nose twitched: "Jiao, Jiaojiao is good."

    "Then Jiaojiao and brother go to school together."

    " Go to school?"

    Jiaojiao hiccuped in fright. She flattened her pink lips, wishing to cry without tears.

    She escaped from her father, is she still going to be in the hands of her pretty brother?

    Jiaojiao is so miserable.

    Jiaojiao knew that her pretty brother might be angry, so she still squeezed her small fist and plucked up the courage to say truthfully: "Jiao, Jiaojiao doesn't want to go to school."

    School is very tiring.

    And going to school will be beaten by thugs.

    Jiaojiao don't go.

    The teenager picked up her short skirt and put it on her, tied the skirt, and said calmly: "Does Jiaojiao not want to accompany her brother? You deliberately by passed Linhua Hall these days, hiding from me?"

    "Think, Jiaojiao thinks. Be with her brother, Jiaojiao didn't hide to her brother."

    Jiaojiao said something against her heart.

    Jiaojiao shouldn't be struck by thunder, woooo.

    In the blink of an eye, Yan Jinglan had already put on the little guy's short skirt, he pinched her soft little ears, and suddenly said with a smile.

    "Jiaojiao said she wanted to accompany her brother, but she didn't want to go to school with her brother. Isn't Jiaojiao just talking about it and want to lie to her brother? Huh?"

    He finished his words slightly, and his cold eyes glanced at her.

    "Jiaojiao has it."

    "So Jiaojiao would you like to accompany your brother to school?" Yan Jinglan stared at her small mouth intently, as if, if she said something was not good, he would peel off her skin and burn it.

    Jiaojiao seemed to have been acupunctured all over her body, she kept her pink lips flat and wanted to cry without crying, "Yes, Jiaojiao is going to school."

    Wow woo woo woo.

    Jiaojiao is still a baby, she has to go through this kind of pain?

    "Why don't you laugh? Is it because your brother forced you?"

    She squeezed out a forced smirk and said, "Jiaojiao wanted to go to school."

    Yan Jinglan saw the little princess who was lying at a glance, but Did not debunk her.

    His cold fingers played with her soft little ears, watching her look exactly like the dog emperor's little face, and there was a trace of playfulness in his dark eyes.


    He has been alone in this cold and gloomy Mo Yuan country for five years. It's not bad to have such a small thing. The remaining five years will be much more interesting.

    The boy had a good time playing with her ears, and finally he was willing to let her go back and let her talk to the dog emperor to go to the academy.

    "Good~bye, brother~"

    Jiaojiao waved Chubby's hand, raised two sweet dimples at the corners of her mouth, and ran out of Linhua Hall.

    When Jiaojiao left, Wuxin, dressed in black and wearing a mask, quietly appeared in Linhua Hall.

    "Your Royal Highness."

    Wuxin looked at the image of Jiaojiao leaving as he looked at a dead person's eyes. Jiaojiao was so scared that she ran faster, wishing to insert her wings and escape from this place.

    "This is the daughter of the Dog Emperor Mo Yinyuan. She broke your and my secret last time. Why did His Highness prevent me from killing her? Did His Highness like the Dog Emperor's daughter?"

    Yan Jinglan suddenly heard this. He pulled his thin lips as if he had heard a joke.

    "I like the dog emperor's daughter?, I can't be crazy."

    "Even if all the women in the world are dead, I can't like this little fat guy!"

    "I really want to goug her eyes and cut off the skin the same day. Lamp." With a cruel and bloodthirsty smile on the boy's lips, he walked over to the book table, his black robe added a bit of coldness.

    The eldest princess sent the Buddhist scriptures that was punished yesterday to the Hall of Yangxin and handed it over to the emperor for inspection.

    "This princess copied it in the morning. Because she went to the school, she didn't send it to the emperor in time, so she asked the emperor to punish her."

    The princess confessed and said, in fact, she deliberately wanted to wait for school to come over in person. I want more opportunities to get along with my father.

    Mo Yinyuan flipped through two pages of Buddhist scriptures, and suddenly thought of what Jiaojiao said to him last night.

    He raised his head and stared at the princess. The princess bent her body lower, feeling that she would be punished.

    "Don't make this kind of mistake again next time."

    "Yes." The eldest princess greeted him gently and softly, with a little surprise in her heart. It was the first time for the father to speak to herself in such a soft tone.

    Mo Yinyuan asked again.

    "What happened to your injury yesterday? Is it serious?"

    The princess felt warm in her heart. She raised her head and looked at the concerned eyebrows of the emperor. It took a long time to come back to her senses.

    The father is actually concerned about me?

    The princess's hands trembled with excitement, and she tried her best to restore her composure. She replied, "The child's leg was only injured by the skin and flesh. The medicine last night has been much better. Thank you Father for your concern."


    Mo Yinyuan did not miss the excited and shocked expressions of the princess, and said that he still cared too little for her.

    It seems that I am really not a competent and good father.

    He said again: "You don't have to be so restrained in front of me, just be yourself."

    The dignity on the princess's face suddenly became a little uncontrollable.

    Father, what does this mean?

    Did that little wild thing talk to her father about yesterday?

    Mo Yinyuan hesitated how to speak, and when he was about to say something, a da da da sound suddenly came from outside.

    I saw the little guy rushing into the Hall of Nurturing Heart with the speed of escape.

    Eunuch Lin at the door saw the little princess and smiled as bright as a chrysanthemum: "Little princess, why are you here?" The tearful cat pupil looked at Eunuch Lin and the emperor on the dragon case, and immediately rushed. Into her Daddy's arms.


    Mo Yinyuan saw the little guy whose nose was red and he had obviously cried. His handsome face sank immediately, and his eyes were killing air. He hugged the little guy on his thigh and wiped her tears with a handkerchief. ,

    Asked: "Tell me who bullied you?"

    Jiaojiao shook her head, her small body twitching silently.

    Upon seeing this, Mo Yinyuan's face became more gloomy, as if ink was about to drip out.

    "Yao'er, you go down first."

    "Yes, this princess retires first."

    The princess saluted and left generously. Before leaving, she glanced at Jiaojiao who was buried in the emperor's arms and bit her lower lip tightly.

    The father finally improved his attitude a little bit, and was ruined by this little wild species again.

    And she was talking nonsense in front of father.

    Fortunately, she thought this little wild species was a little cute yesterday.

    all fake!

    Eunuch Lin saluted the princess, but saw that the princess's face was a little scary, and his smile was a bit false. He didn't dare to ask more, and hurriedly lowered his head.

    After the eldest princess left, Mo Yinyuan waved his palm and ordered: "Check it out! I want to see who dared to bully my daughter! I have punished his nine races!"

    There was a bit of sorrow. The scared Jiaojiao heard it, and it was pretty good.

    If Dad finds out the pretty brother, pretty brother will definitely be slapped.

    When the time comes, pretty brother will only hate Daddy even more.

    Jiaojiao hurriedly raised her small face, pulled her father's sleeve, and said with a gruff voice: "Daddy, the wooden man bullies Jiaojiao, Jiajiao is just, it's just a little bit sad~"

    Jiaojiao blinked her beautiful cat pupil, expressing that she was really just a little bit sad.

    Mo Yinyuan squeezed her small face that was carved jade, and his anger disappeared a lot.

    "Oh? Then Jiaojiao tell me, what are you sad about?"

    This little guy is so small, what can be sad about it.

    "Huh! Daddy, don't look down on the three-year-old child, there are so many things that Jiaojiao feels sad about." Jiaojiao could see his questioning from her dad's eyes at a glance, and she immediately retorted in an unconvinced manner.

    The emperor pricked his ears to listen.

    Jiaojiao said in tears, "Jiaojiao only learned today that there is a golden house in the book, and the meaning of Yan Ruyu's sentence in the book. Jiao, reading is so wonderful, Jiaojiao is so playful, so unmotivated, so unloving. Studying..."

    "So Jiaojiao is very sad about what she said to her father last night."

    Jiaojiao "admitted her mistakes and reflected on", then said.

    "Jiaojiao suddenly liked going to school today."

    Mo Yinyuan: "??"

    Is this really what my daughter said?

    Obviously last night this little guy cried and said that she didn't want to go to school, and pretended to be asleep. Why did she change her mind after only seeing her for a long time.

    "Jiaojiao is serious?" The emperor asked with relief while pinching the little guy's hair.

    Oh, Jiaojiao is forced, Jiaojiao is not serious, don't believe it, dad!

    Jiaojiao sucked her little nose, and saw that Daddy was so happy, but she couldn't bear to make him sad.

    So she nodded a little head, and said in her heart ten thousand reluctantly: "Jiao, Jiaojiao decided to go to school."

    "Hahaha! As expected, my daughter loves studying as much as I do!"

    The emperor was so happy that he hugged the little guy and kissed her several times, and Jiaojiao slobbered.

    So, a large palm waved happily told Eunuch Lin: "Go on quickly to prepare for admission ceremony."

    Eunuch Lin asked the sentence: "? Your majesty, when school let little princess go to college,"

    "Nature is more The sooner the better!" The emperor thought for a while and said, "I will send my daughter to school tomorrow !"

    "Tomorrow?" Jiaojiao wanted to cry again.

    She is still young, and she wants to enjoy a few more days of beautiful childhood.

    "Daddy, Jiaojiao's injuries are not good."

    She lifted up her small skirt, revealing the injuries on her arms and thighs.

    The emperor just remembered this.

    He frowned, and changed his words again: "Fine, a few days later, I will notify the bad old guys in the college, and it won't be too late when Jiaojiao's injury heals."

    "Daddy is so good~"

    Jiaojiao gave him a kiss. Dear, I really want to be moved and cry.

    She hopes that her injury will heal more slowly, and later, it is best not to heal within two years.

    "Daddy's good baby."

    Oh, Jiaojiao is not good, Jiaojiao doesn't want to be a good baby.

    The emperor looked at his daughter's eyes softly and dozingly.

    Jiaojiao stayed in Yangxin Hall for lunch, and couldn't wait to return to Xianyou Palace.

    She wants to go back and enjoy the only happiness left before school.

    Once back, Jiaojiao slept on the bed.

    After a good night's sleep, I got up and ate several bowls of rice.

    After eating, I went back to bed to sleep.

    The next day, continue to do so.

    Jiaojiao didn't even leave the door, she didn't want to get out of the bed.

    Then the wound was getting smaller day by day.

    A few days later, the scars were gone.

    Jiaojiao was still forced to face reality and had to go to school obediently.

    At this hour, Grandma Li came over and called Jiaojiao to get up.

    "The little princess's injury is healed. It's time to go to the academy today."

    Sleeping Jiaojiao was disturbed by her dreams. She covered her ears with two little hands and mumbled, "Jiaojiao hurts, Jiaojiao don't go to school. ~"

    After speaking, she cocked her little butt and continued to sleep with a small pacifier in her mouth.

    The voice of the little milk is soft and pitiful.

    Grandma Li looked at the little princess' body being white and tender, and that little injury was healed long ago.

    But the little princess didn't want to go, so let the little princess be lazy for another day.

    Mother Li was about to retreat when she saw a bright yellow figure walking in through the gate.

    "This old servant, see the emperor."

    Grandma Li hurried forward to salute.

    After Mo Yinyuan came in, he glanced at the little guy who was sleeping on the bed, and a small smile appeared on his cold handsome face.

    My girl is so cute.

    Grandma Li was afraid that the emperor would punish the little princess. She was about to say something when she saw that the emperor had strode to the bedside and pinched the little princess' nose.

    "My little princess should get up."

    Jiaojiao, who was pinched by her nose, had difficulty breathing and suddenly opened her small mouth to breathe.

    She glanced at the person in front of her dazedly, then closed it again, and her little head fell into the emperor's arms.

    "Jiaojiao is still sleepy~"

    The soft little milky voice and small body almost made Mo Yinyuan compromise again.

    "No, today is the first day you go to the college. You can't be late."

    Mo Yinyuan rubbed her messy hair and asked seriously: "Why, you told me yesterday that you wanted to go to school because you lied to me?"

    Jiaojiao lighted her head and was about to fall asleep. When she suddenly thought of what her pretty brother said yesterday, her body trembled.

    Woo woo woo.

    Why do Dad and his pretty brother speak the same tone.

    "Jiaojiao porridge, go to school with rice porridge."

    In order to bury the pit she filled, Jiaojiao had to endure sleep and get up. She was so sleepy that her cat pupils were half fit, and her small body walked forward in a daze. Fortunately, Mo Yinyuan stretched out his long arm in time to fish up his daughter.


    Jiaojiao thought that her father finally found out that she was ready to let go of her three-year-old baby. As a result...her father himself held her to wash, combed her hair, and then took her to the table for dinner.

    After some tossing, Jiaojiao became sober a lot, just want to eat breakfast quickly, and play truant when Dad goes to the morning dynasty!

    Dad didn't know that jiaojiao didn't plan to go to school anyway.

    But ginger is still old and spicy.

    After breakfast, Mo Yinyuan took the little hand of his daughter and said, "I just went to the morning court, and I will send you to the academy."

    Jiaojiao: "..."

    Oh, I refuse your generousity.

    Then Jiaojiao boarded her father's imperial chase.

    In Jiaojiao's mind, the time was slower, and the shouts were slower, Mo Yinyuan still stopped in front of the academy.

    As a "good father", Mo Yinyuan personally hugged his daughter and sent her to the gate of the academy and handed it to Taifu Chen.

    Let Jiaojiao have no chance to play truant at all.

    Chen Taifu said to Jiaojiao: "Don't worry, little princess, the emperor has already told the minister. You are young, and the minister will not be strict with you, and will not assign you homework. Just come over and learn."

    Jiaojiao looked at her father who was leaving in Yuhu, and then at Mrs. Chen, who was over half a hundred years old, with all white beards and looks a little charitable, the tears in the cat's pupils suffocated.

    This Chen Taifu seems to be a good person, and should not be able to hit Jiaojiao's palm.

    When Chen Taifu pulled Jiaojiao in, the students were booing.

    "Isn't Chen Taifu saying that a little girl is coming to be our new classmate today? Why no one?"

    "Don't Chen Taifu specifically lie to us children?"

    "Chen Taifu liar!"

    "Little princess comes out to say hello to everyone." Taifu Chen pulled out the little princess who was hiding behind him.

    Jiaojiao grabbed the small baby bottle in front of her chest and poked her head out quietly. Cat pupil blinked and looked at everyone.

    The students in the college are all teenagers, and the younger ones are seven or eight years old, and Jiaojiao is three and a half years old.

    Faced with such a cute child, everyone was captured.

    "So cute! I really want to pinch her face."

    "So beautiful, I want her to be my daughter-in-law!"

    The charming blue and barking cat pupil carefully glanced around the room and saw eldest imperial brother and eldest imperial sister, but didn't see Pretty brother.

    Isn’t pretty brother going to school in another college?

    She only knows that colleges are distinguished by age and qualifications, and different age and qualification colleges are also different.

    And children ten and under are all in the same college.

    She quietly breathed a sigh of relief and asked Mr. Chen.

    "Grandpa, pretty ...... brother---- Yan Jinglan is not here, does he not go to school ah?"

    If not here just fine, and that would not have waited a day to be threatened.

    Taifu Chen was shocked by her name: " Little princess call me Taifu Chen. As for the sixth prince of Yanjing, he is also in the college, but he did not come to school after taking leave for a few days."

    "Oh, good, thank you Taifu Chen ."

    Then Taifu Chen asked her to sit down again.

    "Big brother, big brother~"

    Jiaojiao immediately pulled up her short legs and ran to the seat beside the big brother.

    On the way, she was stopped by a young man with short hair cut and blindfolded.

    "Do you want to be my wife?." The short-haired one-eyed boy cocked his leg on the table and said politely.

    "No! You're not Jiaojiao's brother!"

    Jiaojiao proudly pointed to Mo Shiyi in the last position, and ran over.

    "Yuyu! How do you come to school?"

    Mo Shiyi was originally taking notes. When he saw her, he stood up, and quickly moved his ass aside to make room for Jiaojiao.

    "Learning because of porridge."

    Jiaojiao didn't say it was forced by her pretty brother.

    Mo Shiyi saw Jiaojiao carrying a small bulging cloth on her back, thinking that the contents were all books, and immediately raised his thumb to praise her.

    "Yuyu, great! Better than Xiaoyi!"

    He was the one who brought the most books in the academy, but he didn't expect Yuyu to bring more books.

    Then he saw Jiaojiao sitting down and taking out the small cloth bag, and then digging out the oranges, biscuits, candies, milk cake and other snacks in the bag.

    These were all prepared by Grandma Li and Sister Ling for Jiaojiao in the morning, for fear that Jiaojiao would be hungry.

    "Please eat Tangtang (candy)~"

    Jiaojiao grabbed two Tangtangs(candies) and gave them to her elder brother, and then took one of them to eat.

    Above, Chen Taifu began to teach everyone to read.

    Jiaojiao supported her small head, ate most of the snacks, and finally survived the first class.

    But Mo Shiyi listened very carefully, he was up, and Chen Taifu said something, and he remembered one sentence.

    Others have finished class, he is still remembering.

    "Eldest imperial Brother, you are so amazing~"

    Jiaojiao saw that her Eldest imperial Brother was full of words on the paper. Although she couldn't understand, she looked amazing.

    "Why is it called Eldest imperial Brother ?" Mo Shiyi drooped and said angrily; "Why not called Big Brother."
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    Ch-39- If you don't tell me, how can the emperor know?
    Ch-40- Dad Come and Play with the Nest to Play the Eagle and Catch the Chicks~

    Ch-41- Don't even think about your father's love!
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    Ch-47- Daddy's Life-Saving Grace
    Ch-48- Daddy will lose your little baby if he misses it [Xiu]
    Ch-49- Mo Yinyuan, don't fight the nest...
    Ch-50- Father bows his head, Wo wants to tell you a little secret~

    Ch-51- I don't care about your likes!
    Ch-52- I want to be with Dad forever~
    Ch-53- For your face, I allow this little kid to sleep on my dragon bed!
    Ch-55- He never wants to sleep with this troublesome spirit again!
    Ch-56- As long as Yan Jinglan falls in love with her, she will be the queen of this continent in the future!
    Ch-57- Beautiful brother, Jiaojiao misses you to provoke you~
    Ch-58- I want to go to school
    Ch-59- It's All You Harmful!
    Ch-60- I am not killing people!

    Ch-61- I don't want you as a bad dad! I want to change my dad!
    Ch-62- I want to see who dares to be your father!
    Ch-63- Daddy just needs a little time to change
    Ch-64- I promise you not to kill good people in the future
    Ch-65- .
    Ch-66- The Man Who Is Afraid of His Wife Is a Good Man~
    Ch-67- The Emperor Father Treats Himself and Treats Xiao Ye Zhong differently [Top Ten Free List plus more]
    Ch-68- Wo is going to teach these bad guys!
    Ch-69- Dad scolds you and scolds him!
    Ch-70- .

    Ch-71- Dad is actually a different person!
    Ch-72- My Sister Is So Fat, As White and Fat as Meat Buns
    Ch-73- .
    Ch-74- This is the blessing of the entire Mo Yuan Nation!
    Ch-75- My girl is better than others!
    Ch-76- As soon as I am sad, my love for my dad will be reduced and lost~
    Ch-77- You are the daughter of my Mo Yinyuan, who dares to say that you are a trash?
    Ch-78- Father Goes to the Cold Palace to See the Emperor Brother~
    Ch-79- You mention another man. Believe it or not, I immediately cut him off?
    Ch-80- Daddy Thinks As A Little Black Rabbit In Tiger Skin

    Ch-81- Brother Wo Jiao is studying!
    Ch-82- .
    Ch-83- .
    Ch-84- I think you are as good as your mother! It's not worthy of me being good to you!
    Ch-85- I hope my father can be happy every day
    Ch-86-Such a cute little guy, why am I willing to make her cry?
    Ch-87- I Will Work Hard to Be a Good Father【Repaired】
    Ch-88- Let the whole world know that you are my daughter!
    Ch-89- .
    Ch-90- The Grand Prince Recited the Three-Character Sutra

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    Mo Shiyi has been studying for a few days, speaking more fluently, and can clearly express his thoughts and meanings.

    Seeing the sad look of Brother Dahuang, Jiaojiao hurriedly shouted: "Big brother~"

    Anyway, pretty brother is not here, so he can't hear her.

    "Sister Yuyu!"

    Mo Shiyi's face was like the weather, and it turned sunny in an instant, his mouth grinning behind his ears.

    Jiaojiao was also happy.

    "Jiaojiao likes Big Brother very much, Big Brother, don't be sad~"

    "Does that girl like Grandpa?"

    Suddenly a teasing voice came.

    The person who came was the one-eyed boy with short hair who just stopped Jiaojiao and wanted Jiaojiao to be his wife.

    The young man shook his hair, and stepped one leg on the table again, posing in a good-looking sultry posture, but Jiaojiao reached out to stop him.

    "Dirty, don't step on!" Jiaojiao stared at him angrily.

    "Okay, I won't step on it. My father is Xiao Jingyu. What is your father's name? Where do you live? I will go to your home to propose a marriage tomorrow." What do you mean by wife?

    Jiaojiao twisted her eyebrows, feeling that the young man in front of her seemed to have an abnormal brain.

    Two of Xiao Jingyu's attendants also came over and shouted Jiaojiao respectfully: "Good Sister-in- law!"

    "It's Yuyu! It's my younger sister! Not your sister-in-law!" Mo Shiyi heard it and retorted vigorously.

    "Hey, you..." Xiao Jingyu wanted to scold Mo Shiyi as an idiot, afraid of leaving a bad impression on Jiaojiao.

    "Big brother, my mother said not to talk to fools and eat candy."

    Jiaojiao took apart a candy and stuffed it into Eldest imperial Brothe's mouth, patted his shoulder to comfort him.

    "Well, ignore the fool, fool!"

    Mo Shiyi sang along with Jiaojiao and said harmoniously.

    Xiao Jingyu was so angry that his blindfold was crooked.

    For the his future wife, Shinobu! (I dont know what this mean)

    Xiao Jingyu stretched out his hand and asked politely: "Girl, this lord also wants to eat candy, can you give him one?"


    Mo Shiyi refused.

    Jiaojiao saw more than a dozen children staring at the candy in her hand. She thought about it, and decided to separate her beloved candy.

    "Big brother, my mother said that my friends have delicious foods to share with each other, and there are a lot of candies. Let's share them with Jiaojiao. There are a lot of them in Jiaojiao's family~"

    "Well, then, okay, listen. Sister Yuyu's."

    Mo Shiyi didn't want to refuse Jiaojiao.

    "Give you one, you..."

    Jiaojiao took three candies to Xiao Jingyu and his two attendants, and then asked others to come over to get candies and biscuits.

    The big friends got the candy, thanked them happily, and wiped a handful of her delicate hair by the way.

    "Wow, your hair is so soft."

    "It turns out to be sky blue, and so are your eyes..."

    "It looks so good, I want blue hair too..." The big friends circled around Jiaojiao.

    Jiaojiao was not impatient at all, but responded with a smile, making several new friends all at once.

    Class is about to begin, and everyone has returned to their positions.


    Jiaojiao heard the swearing on the side, turned her head, and saw the eldest princess on the side staring at her with unkind eyes.


    "Eldest imperial sister, eat candy~"

    Jiaojiao looked at the last candy in her hand, even though she was not willing, she smiled and passed it over.

    "This princess does not eat the enemy's food!"

    The princess looked disdainful, but her heart was very unbalanced.

    Before jiaojiao came, everyone was around her, sharing good things with her, including boys, but when jiaojiao came, she bought everyone.

    The little wild specie must have some means and scheming to fascinate her father and everyone.

    Such pretentous!

    The princess stared at Jiaojiao fiercely, trying to poke her into a hornet's nest.

    Jiaojiao didn't notice the look in the princess's eyes, and when she listened to Chen Taifu reading ancient poems on it, she was already so sleepy and yawning that she wanted to sleep.

    "Can't sleep..."

    "Daddy will be angry."

    Jiaojiao put her eyelids in her hands, and forcibly kept her sleepy from sleeping.

    But after a while, her head tilted, and the whole person went to sleep on the table.

    Her little pink lips opened slightly, and there was still a toffee in her mouth, and a scent of milk came out.

    When Xiao Jingyu saw it, he was ecstatic in his heart: Look, this is the master's daughter-in-law, and the grandfather's daughter-in-law is so cute even when she sleeps!

    Mo Shiyi silently erected a book in front of Jiaojiao, preventing Taifu Chen from discovering that Jiaojiao was sleeping.

    Mrs. Chen looked away silently, as if he hadn't seen it.

    However, some people don't want Jiaojiao to live well.

    "Chen Taifu, here is someone who is sleeping late."

    The princess raised her hand and stood up and said.

    Her revelation was met with dissatisfaction from many people.

    The new partner is so cute, what's wrong with sleeping late?

    But due to the status of the princess, everyone's dissatisfaction is only hidden in their hearts.

    The named Mr. Chen had to look up at Jiaojiao who was sleeping, then he blew his beard and stared, pretending to be angry: "That's unreasonable! Someone dared to sleep in the old man's class! The old man will punish her severely! Let her sleep! No! Don't wake up until the end of class!"

    The eldest princess was still happy when he heard the first half of the sentence. Taifu Chen was also notoriously harsh, and jiaojiao would definitely be punished.

    Only after hearing the second half of the sentence, the eldest princess suddenly doubted life.

    "??" Is sleeping a punishment?

    Jiaojiao, who was in her beautiful dream, seemed to be quarreled, frowned, and pushed the book in front of her, then smashed her mouth and changed direction to continue sleeping.

    "Princess hurry up and sit down for class." Chen Taifu was afraid that Jiaojiao might be noisy, but also softened his voice specially.

    The princess was so angry that she gritted her teeth, but had to endure the breath and sat down.

    She was so angry that she stared at Jiaojiao's head several times, and she felt much more comfortable.

    Jiaojiao didn't know what happened during class.

    She slept until the end of school.

    The Eldest prince awakened her.

    "Go home, eat."

    Mo Shiyi packed up his schoolbag, then packed a small cloth bag for Jiaojiao, and then he wanted to take her home.

    Suddenly several people walked up to Jiaojiao and pressed them, holding the food in their hands to share with Jiaojiao.

    "What are you doing here?"

    The princess suddenly appeared, standing in front of Jiaojiao, blocking the others.

    "This princess has something to tell her." The eldest princess pulled Jiaojiao away regardless of Mo Shiyi.

    After the eldest princess pulled Jiaojiao to the big tree at the entrance of the academy, she shook her hand fiercely, her pretty face showing disgust.

    "This princess only learned today that the green tea watch is talking about yourself! You are not right in your mind, so you provoke the relationship between me and father emperor, and you rob my friend. Are you green tea?"

    "Wooo didn't instigate separation..." She just wanted to let the father understand the real eldest imperial sister and accept eldest imperial.

    Jiaojiao kept her small mouth flat, and was interrupted by the eldest princess before she finished her words.

    "If it weren't for you, how could the emperor know that I pretended to be a lady? The emperor told me not to pretend, which is obviously a sarcasm and hint at me. It was you who caused the emperor to completely change his attitude toward me!"

    The father's attitude towards her these days is completely different from before.

    The recent father's concern is a bit too much.

    But it was this contrast between before and after that made the princess flattered.

    She felt that the emperor must be testing herself, and when she showed her feet, she would definitely fall out of favor.

    The princess didn't dare to trouble Jiaojiao these days, let alone show something wrong in front of outsiders, and behave with her tail sandwiched.

    And all of this is thanks to Jiaojiao.

    How can she not hate Jiaojiao!

    Jiaojiao found that Eldest imperial sister had a deep prejudice against her.

    Although she didn't like Eldest imperial sister before, but after getting along in the back mountain that day, she found that Eldest imperial sister was not as bad as it was on the surface.

    Compared with having a mother and being loved by his father, Eldest imperial sister is just a poor older child who longs for her father's love.

    She told the truth.

    "Jiao Jiao doesn't wants to harm Eldest imperial sister, Jiaojiao just reminded her father to care more about Eldest imperial sister."

    "Sneez! Are you so kind? This princess doesn't believe it!"

    The princess sneered and threw away Jiaojiao's hand.

    Just as the eldest princess threatened Jiaojiao, Eunuch Lin's voice came not far away.

    "Your majesty, isn't the little princess and the eldest princess behind the big tree?"

    The eldest princess turned her head and saw the emperor coming down from the imperial court. A guilty conscience flashed across her face, and she didn't know if father had seen it just now.

    Thinking about it, she saw Jiaojiao on the side already stepping on her short legs and rushing up.

    The eldest princess didn't feel good about it, for fear that Jiaojiao would go to file a complaint, she also hurriedly pretended to be a lady and walked up.

    "Daddy hug~"

    Jiaojiao opened her short hand and rushed into the emperor's arms.

    The emperor was angry with those bad old men in the court hall. He was in a bad mood, but when he saw his daughters, he lost his anger.

    He quickly picked up the little guy and squeezed the little guy's face.

    "There may be good in college?"

    Wrapped her arms around his neck, rolled eyeball with a guilty conscience, "There ah, good friends - Jiaojiao may have to go to school to make friends ~ tired today"

    sleeping face down on the table Too tired, not comfortable with a big bed.

    "Really? Then what have you learned?" The emperor asked the little guy indulgently.

    Jiaojiao was about to answer, when she saw the Eldest princess walking over in small steps, she saluted and said softly: "This princess, sees the emperor father, why did father come here?"

    Is it to pick up Jiaojiao?

    Mo Yinyuan frowned and glanced at the eldest princess, with a slightly different expression in his eyes.

    Then he hugged Jiaojiao to Yuhu, and said to the princess: "You come up too, I will send you back."

    The princess did not miss that word, and had to face the facts.

    The father really came to the academy to pick up Jiaojiao, and she was just incidental.

    The eldest princess gritted her teeth hard and sat on the father's imperial chase.

    This is the first time that she has been an imperial court, but it is thanks to Jiaojiao's blessing.

    "Go to Fengyi Palace first." The emperor ordered the guards, but Jiaojiao held him back.

    "Daddy, big brother!"

    Mo Shiyi walked out from the gate of the academy, still shouting his sister. When he saw her, he immediately rushed over with a smile, but he saw the father next to Jiaojiao, scared. He trembled.

    Jiaojiao hugged her dad's arm and acted like a baby: "Daddy, let the eldest brother come up too." The emperor reacted this time, and there was an eldest son in her academy.

    He only thought of doing his father's responsibilities to his two daughters, but forgot that his son is also his child.

    He was negligent.

    A complicated look flashed across the face of the serious emperor, rubbing the little guy's head, and responding fondly, "Okay."

    Eunuch Lin saw the emperor's expression "Everything my girl said is right", and felt that the emperor was about to become a slave to his daughter.

    Only soon, Eunuch Lin realized a problem.

    "The emperor, this imperial court can only sit down to three people at most..." The prince couldn't sit down even when he came.

    Jiaojiao tilted her head, looked at the left and then at the right, as if Eldest imperial Brother really couldn't sit down.


    She suddenly lifted her butt and sat on Daddy's lap, and the cat smiled crookedly: "Jiaojiao sits in Daddy's arms, and eldest imperial Brother can sit down~"

    Eunuch Lin patted The head, ashamed, said: "The little princess is so smart, why didn't the servant expect it."

    Then the eldest prince also went to Yuhu, and sat on the left and right sides of the emperor with the eldest princess.

    When he was about to leave, Chen Taifu saw the emperor outside and was so frightened that he rolled over to kneel and salute, but was stopped by a gesture from the emperor.

    "Return to the palace." The emperor hugged the soft body of his daughter and motioned for the guard to leave.

    The eldest prince had such close contact with his father for the first time, and he was so nervous that he kept looking down at the schoolbag, drooping the little dull hair, his body tight, and he didn't even dare to breathe hard.

    Mo Yinyuan saw with his cold eyes, but his handsome face was faint, and he didn't say anything.

    Jiaojiao saw her holding her pink lips and hiding in her father's arms for fun.

    The relationship between Daddy and eldest imperial Brother has gone further~ The relationship between

    Daddy and eldest imperial Brother has been estranged for so many years, so you must not be too anxious, you have to take your time, and it will always get better.

    As soon as Mo Yinyuan lowered his head, he saw the girl who was grinning and smirking in his arms. He didn't consciously curl his lips and smiled, and asked, "What is the smirk?"

    "Wo didn't tell his father~"

    Jiaojiao was selling Guanzi, and seeing her father's eyes cold, she shook her father's sleeve again and asked, "Daddy picks up Jiaojiao for the Shenmalai Academy?"

    Mo Yinyuan played with the big palm of the little guy's hair before he didn't say that he think of the little guy, so he came here to pick her up.

    "I am passing by." I didn't come here on purpose!

    He sternly said coldly.

    "Daddy lied! Mother said that if you lied, your nose would get longer!"

    The little guy raised two small dimples and said greasyly, "Daddy must want Jiaojiao, so you came to the college to find Jiaojiao.

    " Little fart girl!"

    Mo Yinyuan's cold eyes showed a trace of teasing, holding back a smile, and couldn't help reaching out to pinch her fleshy little face.

    When the princess saw the interaction between the two, she was envious in her heart.

    Why didn't the father do this to herself? Why does father only treat Jiaojiao like this?

    They left the college and went to the harem.

    When he reached the fork in the road, Mo Yinyuan sent the eldest prince back to Lenggong.

    "This prince, will retire first!"

    The prince bowed his head and saluted in a panic.

    "Go back." As soon as Mo Yinyuan's voice fell, the eldest prince ran away, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

    "Big Brother..."

    Jiaojiao didn't even have time to say hello. She wriggled her little pink lips, then raised her head to look at Daddy. Seeing Daddy gloomily looking at the direction where eldest imperial Brother was leaving, she was a little worried.

    Daddy won't be angry, and she has to change his opinion of her elder brother.

    "Daddy, don't be angry with big brother~"

    Mo Yinyuan retracted his gaze and glanced down at the little guy next to his calf. His handsome face couldn't see any emotions, and he took her hand and said, "Have lunch with me."

    "Father..." When I was about to say whether I should go back, I heard the emperor tell her.

    "You also accompany me."

    It is accompany again!

    The princess grinds her teeth for a while, but still follows.

    This is the first time the father and daughter have lunch together.

    The eldest princess maintained the dignity of her ladies, and waited for her father to move the chopsticks before she started.

    The eldest princess only had two bites of rice, but Jiaojiao had finished one bowl of rice and was about to eat the second bowl.

    The princess was only picking white rice and eating the two dishes in front of her, but she did not dare to extend her chopsticks.

    Jiaojiao took a small spoon and spoiled every dish.

    She ate her cheeks bulgingly, still grumbled in her mouth.

    "A good time~ my eldest imperial sister and dad have a meal~"

    The emperor listened and smiled openly, and almost didn't engrave the words "I'm very happy" on his face.

    He turned into a loving father again, put a piece of fragrant braised pig's feet for the little girl, and said compassionately:

    "I allow you to eat with me every day." I have a meal with this little girl. I feel great appetite!

    The princess only felt that her mouth was bitter and her eyes were sour. At this moment, a big pig's feet suddenly appeared in the bowl.

    "Give the eldest imperial sister a pig."

    Jiaojiao gave the trotter that her dad gave to the princess, her mouth was still stained with oil and a grain of rice was glued to her, with a charming smile.

    The princess was slightly moved, and suddenly thought that the pig's feet were given to Jiaojiao by the emperor.

    And Jiaojiqo knows that she is pretending to be a young lady, and she will definitely not chew the pig's trotter, and she will give it to herself. Isn't this deliberately humiliating herself?

    In an instant, the little touch in the princess's heart also disappeared. She smiled far-fetched: "Thank you Ninth Sister."

    Jiaojiao didn't think so much. She just saw that eldest imperial sister was pitiful while eating white rice, so she liked what she liked. The trotters let her eat.

    Jiaojiao's move made the serious emperor notice the unknown princess.

    He saw such a cautious princess, and put two pieces of pork belly into the princess bowl.

    "Yao'er, don't worry about eating, eat more vegetables."

    "Thanks, thank you father." The princess raised her head, a little flattered in her eyes, but finished her father's food.


    Hiccup ~" Jiaojiao ate three bowls of rice, and her belly was bulging. She leaned her belly on the stool and opened her small snack bag. There was only one candy left.

    She looked at Daddy who was already sitting down on the Dragon Case, ran over and started to slap rainbow farts.

    "Daddy~ Jiaojiao love you~"

    Mo Yinyuan squeezed her small face and smiled with her lips: "Stop playing tricks in front of me. Go back to Xianyou Palace and sleep. I will send to you later. College, I won’t go in the afternoon when I’m busy."

    "Okay~ There is no reward for Jiaojiao for being so obedient? Can Jiaojiao ask for twenty candies?" The little guy opened the empty little cloth bag, and the fox's tail was exposed. come out.

    This little shit kid!

    Feelings are so sweet because of sugar!

    He immediately retracted his hand and hummed: "No!"

    "Daddy~ Do you want two at Nalun's family?"

    "Go back to sleep!"

    The emperor sternly lowered her face, and Jiaojiao immediately shivered and lowered her small body, azure blue With grievances in her cat pupil, she turned and left.

    Bad daddy!

    When Eunuch Lin at the door saw such a sad little princess, he quickly took two candy from the kit and stuffed it into her small cloth bag.

    Mo Yinyuan was so soft-hearted that he took a handful of candy from the small box under the Dragon Case and prepared to give it to the little guy. Suddenly, he heard the little guy sweet and authentic.

    "Thank you, grandpa Lin~ grandpa Lin~ for the delicate candy~ This bead is given to grandpa Lin."

    Mo Yinyuan saw the mermaid bead: "!!!"

    Didn't this little kid say she likes me? And that mermaid bead is not just for me? How come Eunuch Lin has it too?

    Mo Yinyuan tightly squeezed the mermaid pearl in his hand, feeling that he had been deceived.

    That kind of emotional deception!

    Grandpa Lin received the gift from the little princess, and his smile became brighter and more kind. He walked in with the mermaid pearl, and suddenly saw the emperor's deep, cold, dissatisfied cold eyes staring at him, and his legs trembled.

    Did he not do anything just now?

    Mo Yinyuan stared at the mermaid bead in Grandpa Lin's hand, and then coldly ordered, "Show me the bead in your hand!"

    Grandpa Lin really thought it was just a look, and handed it over. .

    Then I saw the emperor put the shark bead into his sleeve, and then, no, no.

    "Emperor, the beads were given to this servant by the little princess."

    "Huh? What did you say?" Mo Yinyuan did not take away the shame of other people's mermaid beads, but rather plausible.

    Eunuch Lin said with tears: "No, the servant didn't say anything."

    The next time the little princess gave me something, I must hide it quietly.


    Jiaojiao bounced out of the Imperial Study Room holding two candy candies. The princess was waiting for her at the door.

    Seeing the candy in her hand, the princess turned around with a look of disdain and left.

    She thought that his father would grow something good for Jiaojiao.

    Both Fengyi Palace and Xianyou Palace go on the same road.

    The two of them went one after the other, their petite legs followed, and they quietly stretched out their legs and stepped on the reflection of the princess.

    The eldest princess walked into a trail, and Jiaojiao followed. The eldest princess frowned suddenly and turned around.

    "Why are you following me?"

    "Jiaojiao didn't followed you." Jiaojiao Maotong looked at her with an innocent expression.

    The princess sneered and pointed to the road ahead and said: "That road is the way to Xianyou Palace. Now this one can't go to Xianyou Palace at all. You said it wasn't with me, you lied to ghosts!"

    Jiaojiao Picking up the pacifier with a guilty conscience, she raised her head and said aggrievedly for a long time.

    "Wo, jiaojiao don't know the way."

    She would use teleport when she came out to play, but when there were people, she wouldn't be able to use it.

    So she actually can't tell where is where.

    The princess did not expect that she would say that, she was speechless for a while, and then she snorted, and said, "Idiot!"

    "Go straight on the road we have just now, and then turn left and you are there. Don't follow me."

    The eldest princess finished speaking proudly, then turned and left.

    She didn't want to be with this idiot.

    It's just that when the princess walked with her front foot, Jiaojiao also walked behind. She walks fast, Jiaojiao walks fast, she walks slowly, Jiaojiao also walks slowly.

    The princess couldn't bear it, turning her head again, Jiaojiao stepped on the princess's shadow and got caught.

    Her cat pupil suddenly became guilty, turned her back, squatted on the grass and played with grass, as if I didn't sneak with you.

    "Didn't i tell you not to follow me? What are you doing with me?"

    Jiaojiao pulled out a small green grass and squatted on the ground in a small mass.

    She raised her head and asked weakly: "Where are you going for eldest imperial sister?"

    The princess rolled her eyes angrily: "Where do I go? What is your business? Go back to your Xianyou Palace! You'll be caught by the bad guys later. But i don't care about you!"

    "Bad, bad guy?"

    When Jiaojiao heard this, her little ears trembled with fright, she stood up and grabbed her sleeves, and said weakly, "Can Jiaojiao follow you?"

    "Why are you following me? I'm going. Look for brother Jinglan! Don't follow me!"

    The princess pushed Jiaojiao away, turned and left, unexpectedly Jiaojiao followed and grabbed her sleeve, and said forcefully.

    "You don't want to go!"

    This one is exciting!

    Jiaojiao became anxious when she heard it.

    If pretty brother came to school, Jiaojiao would have no freedom, and she would not be able to play with Eldest Imperial Brother .

    Moreover, she has to live with the threat of peeling the skin as an oil lamp every day.

    Jiaojiao don't want her pretty brother to go to school!

    Jiaojiao came up and grabbed the princess, and said forcefully, "You don't go!"

    The princess suddenly became angry.

    "You don't want me to contact Jinglan, you want to take care of Jinglan alone, do you? I will not do as you wish! I just want to find brother
    Jinglan !" Jiaojiao rushed to her and opened her short little arm. Blocking her way, puffed up her cheeks and said furiously.

    "If you want to go past, step over Jiaojiao!"

    " Jiaojiao, you'd better not stop this princess, or you will be not good!"

    The princess's pretty face was filled with forbearing anger, and she walked around Jiaojiao. Step away.

    "Don't go!"

    Jiaojiao shouted, and she reached out and hugged her leg. The princess took a step forward, and she dragged a step.

    After a few steps, the eldest princess was panting and couldn't walk anymore, her beautiful eyes stared at the person lying on her feet.

    This little wild species humiliated me several times, and even filed a lawsuit in front of my father. Now she still wants to prevent me from contacting my brother Jinglan.

    Why is there such a vicious little wild species?

    The backlog of anger in the princess's heart all rushed to her heart, and her beautiful eyes burst into anger. She kicked the person away and cursed when she lifted her foot.

    "You little wild species without a mother! If you stop this princess, this princess will let her mother kill you!"

    Jiaojiao was kicked and suddenly became dirty. She heard the word mother. , She tugged at the eldest princess to argue vigorously.

    "I have a mother! It's not a small wild species!!"

    "You are lame! You are lame!"

    The princess's pretty face stiffened, and she was poked into the sore spot.

    After coming out of the back mountain that day, although her legs had improved a lot, she was still a little lame when she walked. Although she had put on a long skirt and tried to control her pace, she was still spotted by Jaiojiao.

    "Jiaojiao, say one more thing? You want to die, don't you?"

    Her beautiful eyes showed a cruel look, and she grabbed Jiaojiao's cloth bag with her big hand, and pulled the person over.

    The bag of the "tear-pull" small cloth bag was torn off.


    Jiaojiao looked at the broken small cloth bag for one or two seconds, and then the cat pupil was covered with a layer of mist, her curled and long eyelashes trembled, and she whimpered sadly: "Broken, broken It's..."

    The princess felt guilty, and quickly said fiercely: "Isn't it just a small rag if it is broken! What's so great!"

    "It was my mother who sewed Jiaojiao bag!" You pay for it! You pay for Jiaojiao! "

    Jiaojiao tearfully took the princess's hand, and pointed to her little cloth bag, and said: "Pay Jiaojiao! Same! Lose!"

    "This princess won't pay!" Jiaojiao jiaojiao! Jiaojiao without a mother!"

    "Don't scold my mother !" Jiaojiao scolded but the princess went back and forth with this sentence, the bun's face flushed anxiously.

    She opened her mouth to face the thigh of the princess and bit down, which happened to be the place where the princess was injured a few days ago.

    "Hiss, Jiaojiao let go!" The princess reached out to grab Jiaojiao's small face, Jiaojiao's pain was so painful that tears flowed out of her eyes, and she also waved her paw to scratch the princess, cursing milkily.

    "Cripple! Bad guy!"

    The princess went to pull Jiaojiao's hair, Jiaojiao also pulled her hair, the two of them scratched me, i scratch you, you hit my face, I also hit your face, rolling on the ground.

    A few of the house-sweeping ladies saw the two princesses scratching their heads and were so frightened that they didn't dare to step forward, so they hurried to invite the emperor over.

    The eldest princess saw that her father was about to come over, and she was immediately guilty. If she was seen by her father, there would be no way for her to look like a lady.

    She grabbed Jiaojiao's hair hard and shouted fiercely: "Jiaojiao, let go! Father is coming!"

    "No! You pay for it!"

    Jiaojiao pressed on the princess, her sharp little teeth Biting the eldest princess’s ear, her little hand was still holding her hair, and the eldest princess was also clamped between her legs, and she used the energy of breastfeeding.

    The princess was furious.

    Why is this small wild species so difficult and vicious? she deliberately wanted me to show my stuff in front of my father.

    At this moment, the emperor had already come over wearing a dragon robe.

    He stood aside with his hands on his back, cold eyes glanced at the two people on the ground who were all embarrassed and invisible. Although he didn't say a word, his face was full of chills and there was a sign of Long Yan's anger.

    The eldest princess had long been frightened by the emperor's majesty and her whole body was weakened, and she did not consciously let go of Jiaojiao's hand.

    Although Jiaojiao turned her back to her father and couldn't see her face, she was shocked and shook her body.

    Mo Yinyuan saw the two people who were motionless, and his cold voice was wrapped in anger: "Get up!" For a moment, the two little guys who were still lying on the ground stood up numbly, and then bowed their heads. The neck is like a little quail.

    Petite clutching the small cloth bag, she also raised the tearful cat pupil to look at his father, then handed the small cloth bag over and said with a choking voice.

    "Broken, broken, little bag, mother kiss, mother kissed, it was not annoying..."

    Mo Yinyuan saw the little guy's hair messed up into a chicken coop, and there were several scratches and slap marks on her little face. The little skirts are all broken.

    The condition of the princess is not much better. She got a handful of hair taken off, her face has scratches, there is a black and green mark on her eyes, and her ears are bleeding. Go and fix your hair.

    Mo Yinyuan was distressed and angry when he saw the two of them now.

    These two little brats!

    "Who moved the hand first?"

    Anyone could hear the anger hidden in the emperor's words.

    Eunuch Lin shook his legs in fright. Why did these two little ancestors fight like this?

    "Emperor, the eldest princess and the little princess are still young and ignorant. They must be jokes, jokes..."

    Before the words were finished, Eunuch Lin received the emperor's icy eyes and closed his mouth in fright.

    The eldest princess glanced at Jiaojiao on the side, and Jiaojiao only yelled pitifully with her short hand.

    "Daddy hug..."

    Mo Yinyuan saw that they refused to say, and he took another look at the small cloth bag and he could probably guess what was going on.

    He had a straight face, ignoring Jiaojiao's aegyo, and said bluntly.

    "Get me all here!"

    The princess gave Jiaojiao a fierce look in her eyes before striding to follow her.

    "Hmm~ fierce~"

    Jiaojiao whimpered aggrievedly, with huge tears rolling in the blue cat's pupils, hugged her small cloth bag tightly, and her short legs swayed to follow.

    Lingyun and Grandma Li rushed over when they heard the movement, and just saw the little princess's back. The two were very distressed, and quietly followed the little princess and stopped at the Royal Study Room.

    Jiaojiao lowered her head and looked at her little cloth bag, feeling even more aggrieved. She just walked in a daze. The eldest princess just stopped, and her little head slammed into it.

    "It hurts~"

    Jiaojiao caught a trace on the princess's forehead, and slammed into the princess's elbow. The pain caused her tears to come out.

    "Deserve it!"

    The princess sneered with a voice that only two of them could hear.

    Mo Yinyuan stood at the entrance of the Imperial Study Room, his handsome face cast a heavy glance at the two of them coldly and said: "You two will kneel down in the courtyard to review yourself for me. You are not allowed to get up without my order, and you are not allowed to give them food!"

    The last sentence was addressed to Eunuch Lin.

    After speaking, the emperor coldly brushed his sleeves, stepped into the imperial study room, and sat down on the dragon case.

    There is a skylight between the inside and the outside. The skylight is open, and the emperor can see the two in the courtyard as soon as he looks up.

    For this reason, the princess and Jiaojiao did not dare to be lazy. They knelt in the courtyard. Fortunately, there was a layer of soft grass on the ground, and it didn't hurt to kneel.

    It's just that the sun above her head is a bit big, the princess's face hurts a bit, and her legs are a little bit painful. She feels pain all over her body, but she bowed her head and knelt silently.

    Xiaoyao people are more afraid of heat, Jiaojiao soon became sweaty, so hot that Jiaojiao's face blushed, as if she was coated with rouge.

    She lifted her sweaty face and looked at the emperor in the skylight brightly. The voice of the little milk was as soft as cotton, "Daddy, it's hot~"


    "Daddy's hands hurt~"

    "... "..."

    "Legs hurt."


    "Daddy is so bad that he doesn't care about Jiaojiao." Jiaojiao sang a one-man show for a long time without seeing her dad care about herself, her small mouth squashed even more aggrievedly. There was mumbling about daddy's wickedness.

    My poor little princess!

    Eunuch Lin looked at him with a whiff, wishing to pick up the little guy.

    The emperor won't really let the little princess kneel down?

    The emperor turned a deaf ear to the soft coquettish voice of the little guy, his handsome face was so cold and inhuman, he was full of displeased breath, and bowed his head to deal with official affairs.


    If I'm bad, I'll be bad!

    Not long after the events of the previous two days passed, the two little rascals were fighting again.

    I have to take care of them!

    Just a closer look will reveal that the memorial in the emperor's hand hasn't moved for a quarter of an hour, obviously a little absent-minded.

    After a long time, Mo Yinyuan finally raised his head and glanced at the little guy in the courtyard.

    The little guy screamed so weak that her little head was drooping in the small cloth bag, and it looked like a frosted eggplant, motionless, which made people feel a little distressed.

    Mo Yinyuan twitched his heart, as if it hurt a little. He frowned, and said coldly, "Mo Jiaojiao, come in."

    This was the first time that the emperor called the little guy's name.

    But the little guy remained motionless.

    "Emperor, the little princess was punished for the first time. She must have been scared and crying. This servant will call her." Eunuch Lin walked over and pushed the little princess with a distressed expression on his face: "Don't be afraid, little princess. The emperor is only angry for a while. What is really going on..."

    "Um~ granpa Lin, is it swollen?" The little guy finally raised her head, her cat pupils half-opened sleepily, wiped the saliva from her mouth, with a face of ignorance.

    God cried so sad, the little princess was clearly asleep!

    How could the little princess be so capable, she could fall asleep on her knees.

    Grandpa Lin turned his head to look at the emperor awkwardly, and saw that the handsome face of the emperor became darker, as if it were covered with dark clouds.

    "Little princess, the emperor calls you."

    "Daddy?" The little guy finally realized that he was being punished by his father on his knees now.

    Is Dad not angry anymore?

    The little guy was no longer sleepy, her hands were no longer sore, and her legs no longer hurt.

    She stood up and dashed towards the emperor.

    Jiaojiao rushed in front of the emperor happily, flicking her little blue curly hair lightly, opening her hands and shouting crisply.


    Mo Yinyuan chuckled his lips coldly, his eyes were so cold that he showed the emperor's majesty and sternness.

    "Mo Jiaojiao!"

    "Wow, Daddy called the Jaiojiao's name for the first time." The little guy tilted her head, her little pink lips grinned, and she was so happy.

    Mo Yinyuan became even more angry when he thought of the little ass kid being punished and was still sleeping, his face was almost as dark as Hei Tan, and his whole body was full of dissatisfaction.

    Does this little shit kid mean that he will correct if he knows a mistake?

    "Mo Jiaojiao, stand for me!" There was a cold drink from the imperial study room, and the little guy was shocked immediately.

    She looked at her angry dad, silently withdrew her little hand, and looked at him with big eyes, like a frightened little rabbit.

    Mo Yinyuan almost felt soft again, and forced a cold heart, so I couldn't feel soft about this little ass kid, lest she slap me on the nose again.

    "Do you know where you are wrong?" he asked coldly.

    Dad is fierce.

    Jiaojiao bit her lower lip, then slowly nodded her little head.

    Mo Yinyuan thought she was really confessing her mistake, his face lightened a little, took a cup of tea, and asked, "Where did you go wrong?"

    "Jiaojiao is wrong. Jiaojiao should be less cute and less beautiful. "

    The tea in the mouth of the emperor almost spurted out. He squeezed the cup with his big palm, his handsome face was dark, and asked: "Tell me again. What did you say was wrong?"

    Even Eunuch Lin slipped on his feet and almost fell. Little princess, are you kidding me? ? Is this a confession? ?

    "Jiaojiao's fault is that Jiaojiao grows too big and loving~" The little guy raised his head, and the cat looked at him innocently and innocently. These words were from the heart, without any joke.

    "If Jiaojiao is so cute, eldest imperial sister will not bully the jiaojiao..." The pretty brother would not want to make jiaojiao an oil lamp.

    The anger in the emperor's heart burned to his throat again, and his fist was grasped, blue veins appeared, and his handsome face was full of cracks, and he was directly laughed with anger.

    "Good! Very good!" As expected of my good daughter!

    Mo Yinyuan stared at this little ass kid who didn't know whether he lived or died, and gritted his teeth and asked: "You said how do you want to die, do you want to go to Houshan to feed the wolf or be beaten by me?" The little guy is holding her own dirty. Jiaojiao, immersed in sorrow, didn't hear his father's angry words at all, only sobbed with tears.

    "Mother had waited kiss, kiss my mother but now can not stay with my mother waited ...... definitely want to kiss waited, waited yesterday a dream kiss my mother waited ...... not ......"

    The small guy said, children suddenly red nose, tears rolling, small body pumping despair and said: "No kinds, not with your mother kiss, there's daddy ......"

    "ooo, ooo small bag is broken, mother I know that she will be angry..."

    Mo Yinyuan was initially very angry, but seeing the little guy crying so sad, and seeing the hurt on her face, he felt a little unbearable in his heart.

    He asked Eunuch Lin what was going on.

    Eunuch Lin had just asked the maid who was sweeping the floor to find out the ins and outs of the matter. She hurriedly accused the eldest princess calls the little princess as a small wild species without a mother, and tore the little princess' cloth bag, and then the two people started talking about everyone's affairs.

    The eldest princess leaned forward quietly, pricked her ears to eavesdrop on what was inside, but didn't hear anything, and was given a stern look in her father's eyes.
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    Our Jiaojiao is really brave...without her mother, she didn't even cry n stayed strong to avoid the destruction of her family:blobconfounded::blob_teary:...Let Big Sis (me) give her a pat, hug and kiss on her forehead to assure that it's okay and everything will be fine...:blob_patpat::blobnom::blobhug:

    I'm uploading the other titles...

    Ch-91- The Big Prince Goes to the Academy
    Ch-92- Is just two wastes, just kill it.
    Ch-93- Father is the Dog Emperor. Can be vegetarian, not stupid!
    Ch-94- .
    Ch-95- Next time you touch me, I will let you be my oil lamp.
    Ch-96- Remember, you are my Yan Jinglan
    Ch-97- Too Cute, Will Be Eaten.
    Ch-98- You are waiting to fend for yourself!
    Ch-99- Xiao Ye Zong, you have caused this princess so miserable!
    Ch-100- .

    Ch-101- No One Will Know If You Ruined One's Face
    Ch-102- Green tea, have you always been so domineering and unreasonable?
    Ch-103- .
    Ch-104- Was the seven emperor sisters who died before killed by father?
    Ch-105- Jiaojiao is really my great treasure
    Ch-106- How about I send you to a college or go to school?
    Ch-107- My daughter just doesn't learn anything, she is as good as me!
    Ch-108- Bad Things! No, bully Yuyu!
    Ch-109- Did He Know You Are a Little Shark?
    Ch-110- .

    Ch-111- Even if all the women in the world are dead, I can't like this little fat man!
    Ch-112- Who knows how to bully my daughter!
    Ch-113- Jiaojiao suddenly liked going to school today.
    Ch-114- .
    Ch-115- .
    Ch-116- .
    Ch-117- I'm Sorry
    Ch-118- Daddy picks her up from school
    Ch-119- I'm Sorry
    Ch-120- Is there any reward for Jiaojiao to be so obedient?

    Ch-121- Emotional Deception!
    Ch-122- Losing Jiaojiao! the same! pay!
    Ch-123- Who Moved the Hand First?
    Ch-124- How can the little princess be so able to fall asleep on her knees
    Ch-125- Jiaojiao's mistake is that Jiaojiao grows too generous~
    Ch-126- I'm Sorry
    Ch-127- What's wrong with the sudden feeling that Ono Kin is a little cute?
    Ch-128- The emperor hasn't done anything after so many times?
    Ch-129- It's Impossible to Bow Your Head!
    Ch-130- Bad Boy Fights! We want to be good children! !

    Ch-131- Let the whale's father beat your ass with green tea tea! Beat it!
    Ch-132- Don't fight Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao apologized.
    Ch-133- I'm a good man!
    Ch-134- She is the princess's imperial sister, we are a family!
    Ch-135- This princess didn't help you, so be less affectionate!
    Ch-136- If you listen to Sister Yuyu, you can't bully girls!
    Ch-137- Mo Cai Don't Eat With Bad Daddy!
    Ch-138- I Don't Want You, This Bad Father
    Ch-139- I Don't Believe Your Nonsense!
    Ch-140- Do you know where Brother Jinglan has gone these past few days?

    Ch-141- .
    Ch-142- .
    Ch-143- Does the princess like me?
    Ch-144- Because she broke my things, remember you are mine.
    Ch-145- Brother, brother is not too generous to grab candy with children~"
    Ch-146- .
    Ch-147- My Jiaojiao Just Hasn't Realized the Joy of Studying
    Ch-148- Big Brother Wants to Read More
    Ch-149- Starting from today, the eldest prince will go to the middle school
    Ch-150- Jiaojiao Likes Brother the Most~

    Ch-151- Isn't it great to take her skin off and burn oil as an oil lamp?
    Ch-152- That Jiaojiao Wants to Be the Wife of Little Whale!
    Ch-153- Mo wants to let Dad transfer his beautiful brother to the middle school!
    Ch-154- It's Ok to Lose a Tooth~
    Ch-155- I'll Let You Down
    Ch-156- Green, Green Tea, I Can't Go Down
    Ch-157- Big Sister~
    Ch-158- I won't buy you candied haws if I run away!
    Ch-159- Can I Use All Candies For Two Candied Haws?
    Ch-160- .

    Ch-161- Since we dare to kidnap you, naturally we are not afraid of the dog emperor Mo Yinyuan!
    Ch-162- Take the Dog Emperor's Two Daughters for the Sixth Highness
    Ch-163- You are not allowed to like him from today!
    Ch-164- Mo Jiaojiao If you dare to die, I will leave you here!
    Ch-165- I can only show this princess to play alone!
    Ch-166- You have to remember your identity as a princess, and he Yan Jinglan is just a proton!
    Ch-167- Jiaojiao sings the little white rabbit for you, okay?
    Ch-168- Three Emperor's Brothers Seems To Be A Good Person
    Ch-169- .
    Ch-170- People's hearts have always been the most unreliable thing.

    Ch-171- .
    Ch-172- I'm Sorry
    Ch-173- The father will not be poisoned to death, will he?
    Ch-174- It turns out that beautiful brother is so popular.
    Ch-175- The Twisted Melon Is Not Sweet
    Ch-176- .
    Ch-177- Punish the little princess, copy the academy rules once, hit the palms ten times
    Ch-178- .
    Ch-179- .
    Ch-180- If you dare to bully Mo Jiaojiao in the future, this princess must kill you!

    Ch-181- If you bully Sister Yuyu in the future, I will kill you!
    Ch-182- I heard that you like Xiao Jingyu?
    Ch-183- Let's choke this little kid to death together!
    Ch-184- I'll pick you up with a few more beautiful horsemen than Yan Jinglan!
    Ch-185- .
    Ch-186- Why is Mo Jiaojiao?
    Ch-187- .
    Ch-188- Don't get close to me!
    Ch-189- .
    Ch-190- You Are My Food

    Ch-191- This Brother Really Wants to Eat Her
    Ch-192- .
    Ch-193- You Are Not Allowed to Approach Mo Jiaojiao
    Ch-194- .
    Ch-195- Except for the prince, don't go too close to the other princes
    Ch-196- The three princes treat sister Yuyu as a pastime!
    Ch-197- The little princess is upset
    Ch-198- You Are My Wife
    Ch-199- Mother said that Jiaojiao is already a shark with a fiance.
    Ch-200- Experiencing Country Life

    Ch-201- Mo Jiaojiao, you just sit here and don't move!
    Ch-202- .
    Ch-203- Yan Jinglan, What Are You Pulling?
    Ch-204- If I Broke My Sister, I Can't Forgive You!
    Ch-205- .
    Ch-206- .
    Ch-207- Yan Jinglan Is Finally Dead
    Ch-208- .
    Ch-209- It is best to bless my daughter to be safe, otherwise I will slaughter his entire Yan Jing country!
    * Daddy tsundere...:blobtongue::blobamused::blobwink:*
    Ch-210- Jiaojiao Cuts Her Skin to Make an Oil Lamp to Save Her Beautiful Brother (1)

    Rest...I will post later...in batches as I told...:blobsmilehappy:

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    Mo Yinyuan, didn't stop looking at the little guy crying pitifully at first, and said coldly.

    "You go out and kneel."

    Jiaojiao walked out of the Imperial Study Room holding her small cloth bag in a whimper, and then knelt down where she was, her little head drooping, very sad.

    Then the eldest princess was called in again.

    The eldest princess' knees were numb, and she limped in.

    "This princess see the emperor."

    The princess saluted, but did not hear the emperor's voice for a long time, and she did not dare to get up.

    The emperor said it after a while.

    "Get up."

    The eldest princess quietly raised her head and saw the emperor bowed his head to make memorials, his face was cold and calm, and her heart became more nervous and undecided.

    Mo YinYuan ink batches over a memorial, just looking at the large, quiet princess, dismissively asked: "You know wrong?"

    "This princess, know that was wrong, ninth sister, this princess sister should let her "

    The princess said softly and empathetically on her face, but her heart was ruthless.

    The emperor father stopped calling my name suddenly, it must be Jiaojiao who just said bad things about me to the emperor father.

    Mo Yinyuan glanced at the squeezed hands under the princess's sleeves. Under those gloomy cold eyes, he knew everything clearly.

    He said: "How have I treated you these few days ?" The princess thought that in the past few days, the emperor would send someone to check her homework every day, and let the people in the royal dining room prepare medicated meals for her to replenish her body. People from the clothing bureau prepared new clothes for her, as well as the beds and mattresses needed for winter.

    The former emperor had never been so gentle.

    "Father is very good." It was so good that she was flattered.

    "Does Yao'er think it was good before or now?"

    The princess hesitated for a while and then said boldly: "The former father was also very good, but the current father is more kind."

    Mo Yinyuan resumed. He took a memorial and asked with a faint expression: "Then you don't wonder why I suddenly changed my attitude to you?"

    The princess said softly, "I don't know, I don't know." It must be Jaiojiao!

    In addition to Jiaojiqo, who else wants to harm this princess so much!

    "It's Jiaojiao."

    After hearing the emperor's words, the princess gritted her teeth hard, and I knew it was Jaiojiao! This princess is endless with her! This princess must let the queen take care of her!

    Mo Yinyuan did not miss the hatred that flashed in the eyes of the princess just now.

    There was a irritable hostility between his eyebrows, and he closed the memorial and said coldly.

    "Jiaojiao told me that I care too little about you. She also said that I never knew you. Let me be a good father and care about you from other angles."

    The princess suddenly raised her head when she heard this. There was incredible in her eyes: "This, this is not..."

    Halfway through her words, she realized that she had failed to speak, and quickly shut up.

    Mo Yinyuan snorted and glanced at her again, coldly.

    " Just let these words I know I was not a good father, I just want to be a good father, but also give you the opportunity many times before, I do not imply that you disguise."

    "So let me be myself . I simply doing what you meant, this child thought..." She thought that the father was going to test her, and then he found out her little handle and accused her.

    It turned out that she was thinking too much wishful thinking.

    The princess's pretty face changed a lot, from unbelievable, to shock, and finally to panic.

    She knew that the father would not lie to her.

    "As a royal daughter, you don't have to be ladies."

    Mo Yinyuan looked at the little guy in the courtyard, with a deep expression in his eyes: "I know you have objections to Jiaojiao. If you have any dissatisfaction in your heart, Tell me."

    Without looking at the expression of the princess at the moment, he waved and let the princess go out and kneel.

    The princess's pretty face was ever-changing, from unbelievable, shocked, and finally speechless.

    Because she knew that the father would not lie to her.

    What the father said is true.

    So she misunderstood Jiaojiao.

    The princess walked out of the imperial study room as if she had lost her soul, her beautiful eyes were dazed, and her pretty face was still white.

    She glanced at Jiaojiao, who was kneeling in the middle of the courtyard, and soon stopped starting. For some reason, she was very guilty.

    She also hurriedly knelt beside Jiaojiao.

    Jiaojiao had been stunned by the sun, and she lowered her head, without noticing that the princess was kneeling next to her, and the two of them could rub each other with their hands.

    The princess's shoulders suddenly sank, and she saw a small head leaning on her shoulder.

    She quietly raised her head and saw that the little guy next to her was already fast asleep, her little mouth mumbled, and a circle of white saliva flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

    Why is this Jiaojiao sleeping so bad!

    Mo Chuyao was very disgusted with her beautiful eyes, reaching out to push her, suddenly heard the little guy holding the dirty little cloth bag tightly and talking in her mouth.

    "Mother kiss... There is a mother kiss..."

    Mo Chuyao even called her mother when she saw her sleeping, thinking that she had no mother when she was so young, she suddenly felt distressed, and then thought that she was sarcastic at noon that she did not have a mother. The princess suddenly regretted.

    She shouldn't have said that.

    She shouldn't break her bag either.

    A trace of annoyance flashed in Mo Chuyao's beautiful eyes, and she withdrew her outstretched hand.

    Jiaojiao naturally didn't know what happened. She fell asleep and suddenly became thirsty, and her little hand was groping around her neck.


    It's just that she wiped it for a while and didn't touch it, and finally she was so anxious that she was about to cry.

    Mo Chuyao met, and quickly took the small baby bottle that didn't know when she ran behind Jiaojiao to her mouth.


    The little guy smelled the scent of milk, opened her mouth and bit the small pacifier, and then drank it. The plump little face was bulging, but hee eyes did not open all the time.

    The princess stared at the little guy who was drinking milk with beautiful eyes, her heart suddenly turned into an adorable one.

    What's wrong with the sudden feeling that ninth imperial sister is a little cute?

    She reached out and poked the little guy's face, soft and touching it well.

    She wanted to poke a second time, but Jiaojiao suddenly sobbed, and the princess was so frightened that the princess quickly took her hand back.

    Mo Yinyuan in the Imperial Study Room took all this into his eyes, and the corners of his stiff mouth twitched, and a gratifying smile appeared on the face of the cold and moodless handsome face.

    He knew that the eldest princess was dissatisfied with Jiaojiao's existence, and he also knew the careful thoughts and small actions of the eldest princess in private.

    He didn't mention just now that he just wanted to save some face for the eldest princess, hoping that the eldest princess could change it herself.

    Now it seems that the eldest princess should have figured it out.

    The emperor was in a good mood, and he ordered Mr. Lin to let the people in the imperial dining room prepare more good dishes.

    Jiaojiao and the princess knelt for more than an hour, from afternoon to evening.

    In the end, the eldest princess was asleep, and Jiaojiao leaned against each other, leaning against each other.

    "Come in for dinner." The two were awakened until the emperor said.

    The eldest princess woke up instantly from her sleep, and then saw the little guy who was still sleeping on her shoulder, and pushed her with her hand.

    "time to eat!"

    Jiaojiao opened the cat's pupil, then touched the flat belly, and ran into the imperial study room with her short legs dangling.

    "Hungry, eat, eat."

    The petite body swayed and shook like a little dull goose, about to fall down at any time, the eldest princess followed up with her legs.

    When she reached the entrance of the Imperial Study Room, Jiaojiao finally realized that there was something wrong. She turned her head around and looked at her: "Eldest imperial sister, you follow me?"

    "Who said this princess is worried about you, this princess is just afraid? You wrestled, and you blame me again."

    The princess snorted awkwardly, and walked around Jiaojiao to the dining table.

    The eldest princess raised her head to find that the emperor had been looking at them, thinking of her arrogance just now, and suddenly became a little worried. Fortunately, the emperor didn't say anything, only indifferently.

    "Wash your hands, come and eat."

    The princess breathed a sigh of relief, and she was about to pull the chair beside her father to sit down. Thinking of something, she went to the second stool and sat down, between herself and the father. A stool is empty.

    The princess comforted herself comfortably: I was just acting in front of my father, so I didn't worry about Jiaojiao!

    Jiaojiao stood silly and thought about what the eldest princess had said, her little eyebrows frowned in confusion.

    What is eldest imperial sister worrying about me?

    It's just that Jiaojiao didn't want to think about it soon, because the maidservants brought the food, and Jiaojiao was hungry smelling the scent of the rice.

    She washed her hands and sat down opposite the emperor.

    Jiaojiao stepped on the small stool to serve herself the soup, then sat down and ate with a bowl in her arms.

    She also only eats the dishes in front of her, the dishes in front of the emperor and the dishes in front of the princess, she does not touch.

    On weekdays, she likes to sit next to the emperor the most. She also likes to chat with the emperor on the dining table, and she also picks up vegetables for the emperor. This time, she ate the food quietly, and the bun’s face was puffed up. Don't say anything.

    Eunuch Lin is a little unaccustomed to such a little princess, but he also knows that the little princess is angry.

    When Eunuch Lin saw that the emperor's face was not good, he walked up to the little princess and "reminded".

    "Little princess, the emperor likes to eat the greens you get the most." Quickly pick up a chopsticks for the emperor.

    The little guy raised his head, looked at the opposite daddy, and asked, "Does daddy have no hands?"

    Why do you want me to clip it?

    When Eunuch Lin saw the emperor's eyes were as cold as ice, he was so frightened that he didn't dare to breathe.

    Mo Yinyuan naturally saw that the little guy was deliberately against himself, and he pulled his lips and laughed coldly.


    Mo Yinyuan also began to eat, and the entire Imperial Study Room quietly, Eunuch Lin and others were going to be frightened.

    Mo Yinyuan was irritable and had a bad appetite. He suddenly felt uncomfortable when he saw the little butt kid who was eating deliciously on the other side.

    No matter, who made this little ass child my daughter, I let her be nothing at all.

    So, the emperor comforted himself to become a benevolent father, put a piece of spare ribs into the bowl of the little guy, and then ate calmly, pretending that nothing happened.

    If this little kid admits wrong first, I can forgive her once...

    "Jiaojiao is full."

    Jiaojiao didn't even look at the ribs. After she finished the rice, she jumped off the table and walked out to the door. , Quite a bit of chic taste.

    Eunuch Lin:...

    "This little girl dared to shake my face when her wings were hard! Did she think I wouldn't dare to do anything to her?" Mo Yinyuan was so angry that he squeezed the chopsticks off, and his voice was cold and frosty. .

    Eunuch Lin whispered: "Don't dare, the emperor hasn't done anything after so many times?"


    The cold eyes of the emperor burst out with a deep chill, and he coldly shouted: "You also get out in front of me!"

    After Eunuch Lin went out, the princess was left alone.

    "This princess is also full." The princess couldn't eat anymore, so she hurriedly put down her chopsticks, saluted and retired in a panic.

    The eldest princess ran out, her stomach hurts a bit after eating, but she didn't see Jiaojiao.

    "Why does this little wild species run so fast!"

    The princess stomped angrily and returned to Fengyi Palace.


    Here, Jiaojiao got lost, she just used teleportation to return to the outside of Xianyou Palace, and then trot in again.

    Lingyun and Grandma Li were waiting inside. When they saw her, they rushed out and hugged her.

    "My fateful little princess, have you eaten? Did you kneel pain?"

    "Little princess, let the servant girl look at your knees."

    The two checked Jiaojiao and saw Jiaojiao's knees are swollen. After a while, her little face was hurt, and Grandma Li's eyes flushed immediately.

    "Why the eldest princess is so cruel, she can handle the little princess."

    "It doesn't hurt, Grandma Li, sister Ling, don't cry." Jiaojiao is holding Madam Li in one hand and sister Ling in the other. Jiaojiao raised a small dimple to comfort them.

    It actually hurts a little bit, but grandma Li and Sister Ling will be worried.

    While applying the medicine, Jiaojiao bit her lip and endured the pain without making a sound.

    When Grandma Li saw the little princess, she felt more considerate and caring.

    "But the little bag that my mother made for Jiaojiao is broken." Jiaojiao took the medicine and put on a clean little skirt. She was teary when she thought of the broken bag.

    If my mother knew about it, she would definitely play a petite butt.

    Both grandmq Li and Lingyun were curious about the little princess's mother, but they all thought that the little princess's mother had passed away. This was a relic left behind, so they didn't mention it.

    "The little princess sleeps, and the bag will be healed tomorrow."

    Jiaojiao's tears stopped, and the tearful cat pupils flashed and asked: "Really, really?"

    "Really. "

    Then the little guy was put to sleep by grandma Li.

    Early the next morning, Jiaojiao was called to school by grandma Li again.

    After breakfast was over, grandma Li handed the sewn and washed small cloth bag to her.

    "Is the bag better?"

    Jiaojiao opened her cat's eyes, a circle of small stars gleaming in her small eyes.

    She was holding a small cloth bag, but soon saw a small thread.

    That is a sign of stitching. The cloth bag made by my mother has no thread.

    The original bag cannot be returned.


    The little star of the little cat cat pupil disappeared suddenly, she hugged Grandma Li as if she didn't know, and the little milk said in a sweet voice.

    "Mrs. Li is so powerful that she has changed her way to make my bags better. Jiaojiao porridge. Mama Li~" Madam Li tied her two pony tails and said she wanted the emperor to send her to school, but Jiaojiao didn't do anything. Ken.

    Dad is so fierce!

    She didn't want her father to send her to school.

    So, in the end, it was grandma Li who personally sent her to the college.


    Here at the Hall of Nourishing the Heart, the emperor slowly used breakfast and looked outside absent-mindedly.

    Eunuch Lin's heart was as bright as a mirror, and the emperor got up late, and it was spent at this time, not just for the little princess.

    So, Eunuch Lin said aloud: "Is the emperor going to Xianyou Palace?"

    Thinking of that little bunny, the emperor immediately sternly said with a handsome face, and said coldly: "Yesterday she dared to shake my face for me, I haven't found her yet. Afterwards, why do I want to send her?"

    So, Eunuch Lin said: "The little princess may be waiting for you to send her to the college."

    "Why do I have such a troublesome daughter?" Mo Yinyuan uttered a big slap. Yang said coldly: "Let her roll over by herself!" It is impossible to bow her head!

    It's impossible in this life!

    Not long after the words of the emperor were finished, a court lady said: "I see the emperor, the little princess has just gone to college."

    Eunuch Lin: ...

    It seems that the little princess really intends to frustrate the emperor to the end.

    Mo Yinyuan: "!!!"

    He couldn't wait to rush to the academy now to catch the little ass kid and beat her up.

    This is my daughter!

    I want to be a loving father!

    Forcibly resisting the anger in his heart, Mo Yinyuan got up and walked out.

    "Shang Dynasty!"


    As soon as Jiaojiao arrived at the college, she was greeted enthusiastically by her friends, and a group of people swarmed up to surround Jiaojiao.

    "Jiaojiao, good morning~"

    "Good morning everyone~"

    Jiaojiao raised her dimple and waved her short hand to say hello.

    The little bully Xiao Jingyu saw that his heart was not at ease. Why did the father's daughter-in-law smile so happily at others, but she didn't smile at me?

    Xiao Jingyu roared fiercely: "That's the master's wife! Whoever dares to touch, the master will never end with whom!"

    "The bully is here! Run!" The people who were still together were all scattered.

    Xiao Jingyu was wearing a small waistcoat, stepped on small black boots, blindfolded, and rushed forward with a bag of candies on his back, "Daughter-in-law, good morning, this master brought a lot of candies today."

    He could see yesterday . Now, the future daughter-in-law likes to eat sweets very much.

    He is going to trick his wife home with sugar!

    Jiaojiao entered the academy with her empty bag on her back, only to remember that she had no sugar, she was squeezing her small mouth and was unhappy. Suddenly seeing so much sugar, her cat's eyes brightened.

    She asked weakly: "I, can I have one? I'll give it back to you tomorrow!"

    "It's all yours! Who made you my wife!"

    Xiao Jingyu smiled ecstatically when he saw her smile. Now, everything is fine.

    Jiaojiao took a candy, saw the big brother over there, took another one, and then she thanked him gruffly, "Thank you~"

    Xiao Jingyu was so confused that he could hardly tell the south, east, and north sides.

    My wife said thank you!

    Xiao Jingyu, an idiot, suddenly noticed the injury on Jiaojiao's face for a while, and immediately asked angrily: "Daughter-in-law, what's the matter with your face?"

    "Daughter-in-law, who on earth bullied you!"

    Jiaojiao's face was already on. The medicine is much better than yesterday, but you can still see it after a closer look.

    Xiao Jingyu showed off the bully's aura, stepped on a stool beside him, and called on his two small attendants to avenge Jiaojiao.

    "Zitian! Fanfan! Copy guys! Someone bullies the master's woman, and take revenge with the master!"

    "Big brother, we are here!"

    Upon hearing this, Su Zitian and Ye Fan ran over with a stick in their hands, and angrily agreed:" Take revenge for my sister-in-law!"

    Jiaojiao looked at the three of them with small toffee in her mouth.

    What does sister-in-law mean?

    However, when she saw the three of them fighting, she immediately urged: "Don't be too generous to fight! Bad boys fight! We want to be good boys!!"

    Xiao Jingyu stepped on the stool with anger and said, "Then you Tell the Lord! Who is bullying you! Lord does not beat her, Lord wants her to disappear from this world!"

    It happened that the princess also ran in from the gate of the academy with several bags on his back, then stopped, staring at Jiaojiao breathlessly.

    The princess also had injuries on her face. When the two were fighting, the princess was kicked in her eyes, with a purple-red mark, which looked a little funny.

    Xiao Jingyu laughed out loud immediately, and the two small attendants also laughed.

    Xiao Jingyu asked: "Who is so bold to beat the princess?"

    The princess pointed at Jiaojiao, and said angrily, "That's the person in front of you!"

    Jiaojiao also bit the toffee hard, with her hands on her hips, and angrily. The eldest princess: "She just hit me"

    "Why can't jiaojiao come to school so early?"

    Jiaojiao looked at the angry princess with toffee in her mouth, her light blue cat pupil was a little puzzled.


    The princess got up early and chose several bags to go to Xianyou Palace to find Jiaojiao, but she didn't expect Jiaojiao to have gone to school, which made her run in vain.

    The eldest princess certainly wouldn't say it. Her pretty face was flushed with anger, and she said unreasonably: "You can't come earlier than me!"

    "You are unreasonable!"

    Jiaojiao heard this answer, and her cheeks burst out with anger, right. Xiao Jingyu complained: "Eldest princess bullied Jiaojiao!"

    Xiao Jingyu and others were shocked when they heard the domineering words of the princess just now. Hearing Jiaojiao's words, he immediately showed the momentum of a big man, flicking short hair and feet. Stomping the stool hard, the exposed eye was full of ferocity.

    "It's you who bullied the lord's wife? Even the princess can't bully the lord's woman! How do you want to compensate the lord's woman!"

    Su Zitian and Ye Fanfan, the two small servants, also picked up the stick, shook their heads, and questioned Princess.

    "To bully sister-in-law is to bully us!"

    Jiaojiao doesn't understand what the sister-in-law means, maybe it means a good friend?

    Therefore, Jiaojiao put her hands on her hips, her small face puffed up as if she was blowing her breath, and she stared at the princess fiercely: " Yes! Don't bully Jiaojiao! You have to apologize to Jiaojiao!"

    The princess saw Jiaojiao. The bulging face looked like a white steamed bun. She stretched out her hand and pinched it up. The pretty face said angrily: "You also caused the wound on this princess's face. I don't know how many palace ladies and eunuchs looked at this princess on the way this morning. Laughing! It's all you! You should apologize to this princess too!" The queen mother asked her how she was injured last night, but she didn't dare to say.

    "Um~ it hurts`"

    Jiaojiao sobbed with pain, and a mist appeared in jiaojiao's pupil, but the eldest princess seemed to make sense.

    Eldest imperial sister beat her, she also beat Eldest imperial sister, Eldest imperial sister apologized to her, she also apologized to Eldest imperial sister.

    So the little guy was holding the small bottle with red eyes, and said softly, "Yes, I'm sorry, Eldest princess."

    When the princess heard the little guy's words, her hand seemed to be scalded, and she quickly withdrew her hand.

    She didn't start, a faint red appeared on her pretty face, and said, "Forget it!"

    Xiao Jingyu looked at the tearful Jiaojiao and the fierce princess, only feeling that Jiaojiao was wronged and weak.

    He suddenly exploded with a desire to protect, and warned the princess fiercely: "Mo Chuyao, you must not bully father's daughter-in-law, you must apologize to father's daughter-in-law!"

    The princess straightened her chest and stared back at her beautiful eyes: "This princess I just don't apologize, I just want to bully her, what can you do with this princess?"

    "My father is a minister of the Central Government, I am the young master of the National Palace! I let my father spank you!" Xiao Jingyu moved out of his father.

    When she heard that she was still wronged, she burst into tears. She bit her little toffee and pinched her small fist and said, "Yes! That's right! Let the whale's dad beat your ass with Eldest princess!"

    The princess rolled her eyes to both of them, and said disdainfully: "Two idiots! My father is still the king of a country! Believe it or not, I let my father copy your nine tribes!"

    Jiaojiao suddenly whited her small face Her ears trembled and her momentum disappeared. The innocent cat looked at Xiao Jingyu.

    "Whale, it seems that Eldest princess's daddy is better than your daddy, and your daddy can't beat her daddy."

    The princess rolled her eyes again, idiot! My father is your father!

    When Xiao Jingyu heard Jiaojiao's words, he thought about it carefully. His father is a minister, and the princess's father is a monarch.

    As a result, his blatant bully aura was also put away.

    But he couldn't let his wife look down upon himself.

    Xiao Jingyu thought for a while, and finally thought of a way.

    "Mo Chuyao, I'm going to fight you! That kind of fight alone!"

    He must let his wife see his sincerity towards her!

    "One-on-one! One-on-one!" His two small attendants also echoed loudly.

    "Idiot! This princess doesn't want to play with you ass kid!" The eldest princess grabbed the small bag in her hand with disdain and patted Xiao Jingyu on the head.

    Xiao Jingyu immediately rolled his eyes and fell limply to the ground. Su Zitian and Ye Fanfan hurriedly reached out to support Xiao Jingyu.

    "Boss, how about you, boss ?"

    "You dare to do something with our boss, we didn't play with you!"

    Su Zitian and Ye Fanfan were about to do it with sticks.

    The eldest princess patted their heads with her bag again, and shouted fiercely: "What are you going to do! Get this princess back to your seat! If you mess with this princess again, this princess drags you all down to play the board. !"

    The eldest princess is always a gentle white flower. This is the first time that she is so fierce, so that everyone in the class shrinks their necks in fright.

    How did the princess become so fierce today?

    "What should I do if I can't beat them?...Run!"

    Su Zitian and Ye Fanfan covered their heads and looked at each other, then dragged the unconscious Xiao Jingyu and ran back to their positions.

    That speed is called a fast.

    Then Jiaojiao was left alone.

    Jiaojiao looked at everyone who was acting as a tortoise, and looked at the fierce princess, suddenly shrinking her neck.

    Eldest imperial sister is fierce.

    She also wanted to run back to the big brother with her little bag, but was caught by the big princess.

    Everyone's heart is not good.

    The eldest princess is so fierce, the new companion of Xiao Jiaojiao is going to be bullied by the eldest princess.

    "Don't beat Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao apologizes."

    Jiaojiao lifted up her wet eyes. Eldest imperial sister is strong. Jiaojiao is only three years old and can't beat eldest imperial sister.

    Jiaojiao thought aggrievedly. Suddenly, her eyes went dark. Eldest imperial Brother didn't know when he came over, and her big palm grabbed her hand.

    The eldest prince is obviously very scared, his hands are sweaty, and the little dumb hair is upright, and he stands in front of Jiaojiao and says to the big princess: "No, bully my sister! No!"

    Jiaojiao hid behind the big brother, only sticking out. A head nodded, and said weakly: "Yes! Don't bully Jiaojiao!"

    "Idiot! Who said I was going to bully her!" The princess saw Jiaojiao so afraid of herself, and her heart suddenly became irritable.

    She stuffed all the bags in Jiaojiao's hands, and said, "The bags are new to you, and I will pay for you!"

    Jiaojiao's pupils opened slightly, looking at the five bags in her hand. Do you want to return so many bags to jiaojiao?

    Soon, she shook her head again, stuffed the bag back into the princess's hands and said, "No! It wasn't made by my mother, Jiaojiao don't want it!"

    "Pretentious! Then, forget it!" The princess glanced at her. Then she returned to her position with her bag on her back.

    Everyone suddenly wanted to laugh when they saw the princess's panda eyes, but the princess glared at them with a fierce look: "What are you looking at! I dug out your eyes!"

    Everyone was so scared that they opened the books and looked down.

    I don't know why the princess became so fierce today.

    The eldest princess returned to her seat and sat down, and there was no sound in the entire classroom that was frightened by the eldest princess.

    It's just that no one saw the princess quietly breathed a sigh of relief when she sat down, and the palms of her hands were sweating.

    Before she was five years old, she was a stubborn and willful princess, but later the father said that she likes a woman who is knowledgeable and reasonable. From that time on, the mother queen have packaged her as a young lady, and she began to disguise herself in order to get the love of her father.

    This disguise is five years.

    Having just been herself, the princess suddenly felt relaxed.

    Still comfortable to be yourself.

    Li Jingxian, the table-mate of the eldest princess, approached and asked the eldest princess.

    "Did our new companion hit the injury on your face?"

    Mo Chuyao gave a perfunctory hum without concealing it.

    Li Jingxian and the eldest princess have been good friends who grew up together since they were young. Seeing that the eldest princess was bullied by Jiaojiao, she already regarded Jiaojiao as an enemy in her heart.

    Before Chen Taifu came here today, Li Jingxian pretended to get up and throw away the trash. When she passed Jiaojiao, she falsely asked with a smile, "Hello new partner, my name is Li Jingxian, what's your name?"

    " My name is Mo Jiaojiao~"

    Jiaojiao When Jiaojiao saw this big sister taking the initiative to greet her, she was unprepared, and the little milk replied crisply.

    "Mo Jiaojiao, who is your father?"

    Li Jingxian didn't realize that Mo's surname was a royal surname, nor did she associate Jiaojiao with the nearest little princess in the palace.

    Yesterday, the emperor came to the college to pick up Jiaojiao and didn't make a big noise. Not many people saw it. Even if they saw it, they wouldn't think that Jiaojiao was the daughter of the emperor.

    "Daddy Mo..."

    Jiaojiao bit her finger for a while, but she still didn't say her father's name, which would scare the children.

    The mother said that Daddy was a heinous villain, and the children would be scared to sleep when they heard it.

    "Daddy Mo is a good person! It's good! It's just a little bad temper."

    Jiaojiao said euphemistically, Dad is really starting to be a good person.

    Li Jingxian smiled and returned to her position.

    Soon, Mr. Chen came in for class.

    He specialized in teaching liberal arts, and then began to talk about ancient poetry.

    Yesterday, the petite little friend could barely doze off under the support of Tangtang. Today, without Tangtang, she fell asleep with a tilted head before listening to the first ancient poem.

    It's just that the table is too hard, and Jiaojiao's buns' faces are squeezed into a ball, and she changes directions uncomfortably and continues to sleep.

    The prince saw it, stretched out his long arms, put Jiaojiao's head on his hand, and let her sleep with her hand on her back.

    Suddenly a small white ball of paper flew in mid-air and hit Jiaojiao's head. She was so small that she suddenly raised her head.

    She cat pupil blinked and looked at the little paper ball on the table in confusion, as if wondering where the paper came from? Why do you want to smash me?

    "Sister, sleep."

    When the eldest prince waited for Jiaojiao to sleep on his hands again, he turned his head, looking at the direction of the eldest princess with big black eyes, and Qingxiu's face was a little unhappy.

    "Isn't he just a foolish prince, what pride?" Li Jingxian rubbed a small paper ball from the drawer and was about to throw it over, but was stopped by the eldest princess.

    "Be quiet, you disturbed my princess reading!"

    It was the first time that the eldest princess spoke to her in this tone. Li Jingxian was taken aback, but thought she had really quarreled her, so she put away the paper ball and didn't lose it.

    Here comes the revealation!

    Jiaojiao slept until the end of class, when someone woke her up.

    "Mo Jiaojiao, someone is looking for you outside!"


    Jiaojiao wiped her saliva, her small blue curly hair was exploded from sleep, fluffy.

    She rubbed her distressed cat's pupil and looked at Li Jingxian outside. She asked grinningly: "Sister Jingxian, who is looking for jiaojiao?"

    "It's a man, right there at the door."

    Jiaojiao met in the palace . There are only a few people.

    Pretty brother, Big brother, daddy.

    Dad will definitely not come over at this time, could it be...

    "Sister Jingxian , is that person very beautiful in black clothes?"

    "Yes." Li Jingxian's mouth was rolled up, and there was a snicker hidden in her eyes.


    Jiaojiao felt her small neck was placed on a knife stand after hearing this.

    Sure enough, he is a pretty brother.

    Jiaojiao shuddered when she thought of a black-clothed, beautiful and exquisite young man staring at her skin with a smile and a smile, and said that she would be stripped off to burn oil.

    Although she was reluctant in her heart, Jiaojiao could only take small steps out of the room.


    what is the pretty brother doing to find jiaojiao at this time?

    Is he going to strip me in the academy?

    Jiaojiao is so miserable.

    The little guy hugged her baby bottle pitifully and walked out of the room, but didn't notice that there was a banana peel under her feet.

    This banana peel happened to be in the corridor. If it slipped to the ground, the whole person would fall into the lawn below, and it would cause embarrassment in front of everyone.

    When Li Jingxian saw Jiaojiao who was about to step on her feet, a trace of malice flashed in her eyes.

    At this moment, suddenly a pink figure rushed towards him.

    Jiaojiao was pulled aside before she could react, the princess who suddenly appeared in a daze.

    "Eldest imperial sister? What are you pulling me to do?"

    "You're stupid! You see what it is on the ground!"

    The princess pointed her finger at the banana peel on the ground, looked at it blankly, and then she understood, and immediately raised her head. Little dimple said sweetly: "Thank you for the eldest imperial sister~"

    "No thanks!"

    Mo Chuyao, don't let go of her hand, let go Pushed out, and then the flour in the wooden bucket poured down.

    The princess was covered with flour, her pink skirts turned into white skirts, and her black hair turned into white hair.

    Li Jingxian did not expect that the princess would come out, she immediately panicked and said, "Chu Yao, what do you stand up for? I did not expect you to come out. I am not targeting you..."

    Li Jingxian stretched out her hand to take the flour off the princess. , Was knocked off by the eldest princess before she touched her.

    "You'd better give this princess a point in the future! If you are doing such a small action, this princess will never spare you lightly!"

    The princess warned viciously.

    Li Jingxian suddenly couldn't understand the princess, and whispered in the ear of the princess: "Mo Jiaojiao hit you, don't you want to take revenge? Are you afraid of Mo Jiaojiao? She is just the daughter of an ordinary minister, you are a big Princess, what are you afraid of her doing!"

    In addition to the prince and princess in the palace, those who come to the Royal Academy will also come.

    Never thought, the eldest princess gave her a fierce look and said: "So what if i was beaten by her? She is this princess's imperial sister, we are a family!"

    "What?" Li Jingxian did not react yet. The princess said again.

    "This princess said that Mo Jiaojiao is the youngest daughter of father! She is the sister of the Ninth sister of this princess!"
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