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    Welcome to the Magic Association's Main Hall! Please do check the other threads!

    Please do not talk in this thread. It'll be used for future official announcements and player stories.

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    With the talk we've had about money just now, I kinda realized (tbh, I had it in my mind since 2 days ago, but it sunk on my head how troublesome it was only now) that having Nyllia using a coin 150x stronger than Nuffia wasn't exactly the best of ideas.

    So, I talked to Utopia-kun and made a slight change to how Nyllia's coin works, the change log is at the end of the post.

    Nyllia's national coin are the peonies!

    The Peonies are a pink coin made out of a mineral that is relatively common in Nyllia, the Rhodonite. They all have a small flower design on them, which is Nyllia's national flower, the Peony.

    It is has 5 different categories:

    Unpure Peony
    Small Peony
    Medium Peony
    Large Peony
    Shiny Peony

    The unpure peony is a small iron coin with a thin layer of Rhodonite surrounding it, while the small/medium/large peonies are actually alloys of iron and Rhodonite, it is a necessity because Rhodonite is actually a rare material on other countries, which would make it really hard to make transactions with pure Rhodonite on the coin.

    The Shiny Peony is a proper Pure Rhodonite coin though. It's size is about the same as a Small Peony though, and it has a more vivid pink color.

    Ten of a coin equal to one of the above. (1 Shiny Peony = 10 Large Peonies = 100 Medium Peonies = 1000 Small Peonies = 10000 Unpure Peonies)

    Quick Conversion Chart:
    1 Unpure Peony = 15 Small Enchanted Wooden Coin
    2 Small Peonies = 3 Small Enchanted Copper Coins
    1 Medium Peony = 3 Large Enchanted Copper Coin
    2 Large Peonies = 3 Large Enchated Silver Coins
    2 Shiny Peonies = 3 Small Enchanted Gold Coins
    Nyllia is a pretty small country that is located between 2 big rivers and the sea. It has only 2 direct neighboring countries.

    The topography is mainly consisted of plains and a fair amount of smaller rivers, there is no mountain on the queendom, though some plateus do exist.

    The mines are mainly located underground, they are natural cavities that are rich in Rhodonite, though also minerals do exist in it as well.
    Due to its small size and relative abundance of a rare mineral, Nyllia needs to make sure to keep friendly relationships with the neighboring kingdoms... Or it will be engulfed by them.

    The country survives by making mutual benefit deals with its neighbors and by avoiding conflict. While Nyllia does make sure to keep an army of its own, it's not strong or big enough to hold even against its neighbors, so in case a war breaks out, the country would depend on the help of its allies to face against the outside threat.
    While Nyllia did put iron on its currency to make it easier to trade with other countries, its coin is still too strong when dealing with countries with an excessively low base currency, such as Novelias Forum.

    This made Nyllia's economy grow in a way to exploit the fact it has a stronger currency and obtain a good profit from trade.

    Nyllia usually tries buying cheap products and sells expensive ones, in particular, grains and other basic day to day food are mostly bought, with national production being kept to a minimum.

    On the other hand, Nyllia tends to sell goods for the nobility, such as paintings, sculptures, ceremonial equipment and... Books.

    While the level of literacy of Nyllia isn't particularly higher than of other countries, the job of a scribe is even more important in the Queendom than it is elsewhere, for the scribes can actually write poems or novels to sell to nobles of other countries.

    Books still aren't mass produced, there aren't enough nobles that are willing to pay for them, just like there aren't enough scribes to manually copy all texts in a quick pace, but there are definitely more books being produced in Nyllia than in pretty much anywhere else.
    Nyllia's religion is a pretty unique one that has a very small amount of followers outside the Queendom.

    The main deity of it is Lady Luck, they pray for her grace to give them a lucky harvest or a lucky trade... She is essentially a goddess for all purposes, so she is the only deity of the country's official religion.

    The Queen does not persecute people that do not believe in the faith of Lady Luck though, she allows her subjects to choose the deity they prefer, though the majority of citizens adhere to this religion.

    While there is a fair amount of small churches spread across the queendom, the biggest one is obviously on the capital, it has the unique name of "Lucky's Library", where most of the original sacred texts of Lady Luck are kept, as well as all sorts of important matters that the clergy may need to know about.
    Which makes the name a pretty fitting one actually, as it's the biggest storage of books on the whole queendom, maybe on the whole continent.

    While some believe Lady Luck died with the fall of Magic, the most accepted teaching is that she fell into slumber and took the world's luck with magic as a trial for all living beings.
    As they dedicated themselves to survive without magic and kept faithful to her, she decided to wake up from her slumber and restore the world's luck with magic, to allow it to be spread again.
    Nyllia has no particular policy regarding the gender of its ruler, the firstborn child will be the next ruler. It's currently reigned over by a queen.

    The queen is known to be a kind person that made considerable advancements on the development of Nyllia's Magic Academies and on the deals with other countries.

    She is also a well known summoner that seems to be able to deal with all sorts of elementals.

    The royal family has always consisted of humans.
    While the royal family has only humans in it, there is no discrimination against other races in Nyllia, rather, there is a good amount of non-human nobles.

    In fact, while there is a good amount of humans, the most common race in it are Nekomimis, which are a race of cat-like beings that have some features similar to humans...
    It should be noted that they are not a sub-variety of humans or an hybrid of humans and cats, but a race of its own.
    Nekomimis can have children with humans, but the races don't mix, the child is either born human or a nekomimi, following the race of the parent that has their own gender.

    After the nekomimis and humans, the other common race of Nyllia are the Sea-folk.
    While Sea-folk were said to be water-only creatures in ancient times, they clearly adapted to switch between sea and land, they seem look a hybrid of a human and a fish, having a humanoid body, but with a few fins on arms and legs.
    They generally need to reside near the water and return to it from time to time, or they dry up.
    While they can reproduce with humans (they can't with nekomimis), they hybrid between human and Sea-folk cannot give birth, so they tend to only reproduce among themselves. They still have a good relationship with the other races of the queendom though.

    There are a few other races on Nyllia, but their numbers aren't big enough to be mentioned.

    Approximate percentages of each race per social status:

    - Commoners
    Nekomimis: 40%
    Humans: 30%
    Sea-folk: 25%
    Others: 5%
    - Nobles
    Nekomimis: 50%
    Humans: 35%
    Sea-Folk: 15%​
    People that are born in Nyllia have the right to move away from the country if they so desire, though they need to obtain permission first.

    Merchants have it easy, as they only need to pay a small tax of 5 Small Peonies to leave and have commerce with other countries.

    If their wish is to simply travel abroad and come back, they need to estipulate a time they will stay away and pay a tax of 3 Medium Peonies. Failing to come back will make said person's family pay a tax of one Shiny Peony, or receive some years (1 year per Large Peony they don't pay) of forced labor in case they do not have the required amount.
    If the person has no family, their life is forfeit if they are ever sighted by Nyllia's troops. Their belongings would also be confiscated in case they did not make family outside.

    If one wishes to permanently leave the country, they need to pay a tax of 7 Large Peonies to leave, they also lose all rights to their citizenship if they do.

    As for outsiders, merchants are free to enter the country's border if they pay a tax of 2 small peonies.

    Non-merchants need to pay a larger tax of 5 medium peonies to enter the country if they do not have official business, and they are not granted citizenship.

    Anyone can buy citizenship though, they need to pay a tax of 4 Large Peonies to obtain it.
    • It is rumored that the royal family has a pact with a pink wind dragon, and that this pact has been maintained since ancient times up until the current age, somehow surviving even the era of magical absence, which should have killed or put all magical beasts to slumber.
    • The national flower is the peony, which grows through most of the country's fields. Which is the flower that gave name to the country's coin as well.
    • The national animal is the Pink Lizard, a docile reptile that is commonly kept as a pet, it can grow up to an adult's human size, and its tongue has a paralytic poison, which makes them as excellent guards for houses.
    • Visitors say that Nyllia has a very pink air in it, while it is generally viewed as a good thing, nobody knows what exactly it means.
    • Lady Luck is usually depicted as a long-haired human girl with green hair, generally wearing a white dress and holding a pair of dies on her hand.

    Change Log:
    1. Unpure Peony added (is worth 10x less than the Small Peony)
    2. Quick Conversion Chart added to make change between Peony-Nuffie easier.
    3. A slight change on the Merchants and Travelers Part was made, Merchants now need to pay 5 Small peonies to leave the country, as opposed to 1 Medium Peony that was asked of before.
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    “Sorgre, we’re back!”

    Seeing the group of young mages coming back from the sewers, Sorgre frowned. They were had some stains in their clothes and the stench of the sewers seemed to accompany them all the way until here.

    “Frankly, couldn’t you have at least cleaned yourselves before coming here?” The man complained as he stared daggers at them. He wanted to thoroughly scold them, but didn’t had the time to do so. “So, have you checked that thing I asked you?”

    The leader of the group placed the report over the table and said. “The monsters are making quite a show down there… I couldn’t figure out what it was, but something is making them go nuts.”

    After briefly checking the contents, Sorgre grimaced. “So the young Luke was right… Thank heavens we received a report before it got out of hand...”

    “Your thoughts on that…?”

    “I have no thoughts for now. Only suppositions.” He said while folding the report. “For now, you can go. Thanks for the hard work.” Sorgre said as he handed a Proof of completion.

    After the team of associates left, he muttered to himself. “Let’s not make rash actions for now... ” Calling for three staffs as he started writing something in some pieces of paper. He handed a paper to one of them. “Please hand this report to the Association Head. Although we have bigger problems, I need at least to report this.”

    Handing another piece of paper, he said. “Submit those at the Task Buletin.” It wouldn’t be a good idea to just send a bunch of associates if the problem was simple, since they still had their hands full with the troubles caused by the recent weather. It would be better to evaluate the situation before acting.

    It would be way easier to solve the problems regarding the sewers if only they had expanded the barrier to block creatures from getting in. Instead, the barriers are only there to lock stronger monsters in the lower levels, while the highers are filled with weaker monsters. The big monsters that fed on the magic waste of the lower levels couldn’t climb up because of the barrier that acted as a filter, so they drove away the weaker ones to the higher levels as to reduce the competition.

    It gave birth to a multitude of problems, but also served as training grounds for the new mages without needing them to leave Association. Of course, the sewers weren’t left without someone, or something to watch them over. “Please try to contact the Warden in the 3rd level of the sewers… Ask if the situation there had any changes.” Sorgre asked to the last staff left from the three he called. The Warden was just a name given to the Magical Beast contracted with the Association to watch over the sewers from the 3rd level.

    Hopefully, this situation wouldn't be spread that deep.
    Overview of the situation:
    - The creatures at the first level of the sewers started acting strangely, collecting experimental waste and transporting to lower levels;
    - Week long mini-event [Investigation of the Sewers, 1st Level];
    Search for other Storage Areas at the Sewers of the Association (1st Level)
    Rank: E
    Type: Hunter/Explorer, Simple Task
    Description: It has come to the Association’s knowledge some strange occurrences at the first level of the Association Sewers. Some creatures have been storing experimental waste in a dome-like area to later on transfer to somewhere in the lower levels, but we have no idea if that is the only storage spot. Your task is to search for other spots where the creatures of the first level are accumulating experimental waste.
    Reward: [ 1 L. Wooden Coins and 10 S. Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]

    Check the conditions of the Barrier at the Sewers of the Association (1st Level)
    Rank: E
    Type: Hunter/Researcher, Special Task
    Description: Requires a Barrier Magician. It has come to the Association’s knowledge some strange occurrences at the first level of the Association Sewers. As the problem might be related to the integrity of the barrier put to isolate the level. Your task is to check the situation of the barrier and if necessary repair and/or report back.
    Reward: [2 Large Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]

    ((And our first event, I guess. Though a minor one, and not that much planned, since it was something I ended up making by myself. It's just to fill the hole while the bigger plans are still WIP (AKA as we wait the bridge tasks to be completed). I hope you can enjoy it, though this is more like a phase 1.

    On a side note, the Task Bulletin was updated and rewards were added. To retrieve your rewards, please quote the posts where I gave the Proofs of Completion at the Meeting area and I'll give the rewards.))
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    Short SS, with @leegood

    Some time after the the bridge task, Joan was yawning inside a small tavern near the slums in the Novelias capital. She was supposed to meet Lee there for some window shopping, under the pretense of a tour of the city. Just when the catgirl thought it was finally getting peaceful, her ears picked up a far off sound, approaching the busy morning street.

    Lee entered and looked around "H-Hi Miss Joan! I'm ready to adventure now~!" she cheerily walked up to Joan "It's going to be fun~"

    "Hello, Lee! Thank goodness, you didn't get lost on the way here. Adventure will wait a bit." Joan turned to the tavern maid. "Bring breakfast for my friend here as well!" she turned back towards Lee and winked "It's my treat."

    At this point the sound of the wedding procession was getting louder. Large drums were beating an unequal rhythm. Bagpipes and flutes produced loud, cheerful melodies. Strong howling resonated together at every 9th beat, forming the final piece opposing the comparatively quiet and calm energy of the capital's other inhabitants.

    The tavern maid approached the table, looking apologetic "It would seem the greywolves are celebrating the union between the two major clans today. The crowd stretches all the way from here to the slums, and you know how those guys are, right? Always howling at a full moon, the second it rises, even during daylight hours!"

    "Where are they headed anyway?" Joan asked.

    "If you want to miss them, avoid the temple district, and you should be fine. Novelias aristocracy may be lenient, but they won't allow such a large gathering of violent slum dwellers to approach the main road, as well as the fancy shops." That last part was said in a smaller voice. The tavern maid seemed to be slightly ashamed of the establishment she worked at.

    "Thanks~!" She was a bit hungry since she did not eat breakfast yet "Oooo~ a wedding~! that sounds fun~!" she would've insisted then and there to go outside but decided on her empty stomach to eat the stew before continuing.

    Joan spent most of her time cradling her chin with both hands, ignoring her own stew, while watching Lee cutely consume the meal before her. She felt the girl was somehow distracted, restless.

    "It's a political marriage, but wolfkin have always had strange traditions, regarding pretty much anything. Want to go see?" the catgirl said, thinking their time was better spent doing something else. Today was to be spent having fun with Lee, however, so anything was fair game, so long as it made her smile.

    Lee tilted her head in thought Should I go to the marriage or explore the city She thought about the pros and cons We could always explore the city....and large marriages don't happen everyday...

    Looking about at Joan, she noticed that Joan was not eating "You need to eat to have energy~!" placing the spoon back in the bowl, "I think~ we could just go see what it's about~ and if it's boring we can go back to exploring the city~"

    Joan looked confusedly at her stew for a second, before picking up the bowl and gulping it down in a rush.

    "Mmm, delicious! Okay, let's go now."

    Outside, the wolfkin crowd was entering the vicinity of the tavern, with pedestrians hurrying to turn around corners, into the side streets and away from the incoming celebration. At the very front of the procession, two roofless sedan chairs carried the bride and groom, who were dressed in colorful clothing, ponchos covering the shoulders of both, the bride wearing a dress of pied patterns down to her ankles, while the groom rocking a pair of black trousers, and a top similar to the bride's gown, but with a different pattern of shapes and colors.

    Both were wearing heavy makeup, that made them look like oriental actors, the bride reminding one of a glamourous white skinned doll, her bright silver hair tied in a complex bun of braids, a thin colorful veil with beads at the sides of it, covering her face just enough to blur out her features slightly, imitating the aura of a goddess.

    The groom had a base of white, with dark eye liner and blood red eye shadow, his eyebrows covered in red lightning bolts, that expanded into his forehead, a red trio of thick lines connecting his mouth to a short grey beard, protruding downwards from the chin. His hair was tied at the top of the head, the rest of it long and wavy, falling backwards from the scalp, its volume presenting itself to the incoming wind.

    Behind the two were the orchestra and closest relatives, followed by more distant relatives, all of them letting a voice out, to hail the newlywed couple.

    "I would never imagine the greywolf daughter would be this beautiful, and with a silver hair atavism, as well! If she was born in another family, the clans would produce a bloodbath just to possess her. A wedding would be held three times every winter!" Joan spoke to Lee.

    Lee followed her outside, stopping to look at the bride and groom
    "Un~ Pretty~"
    Her eyes sparkled as she looked at the bride's dress
    "So many colors~"
    She looked around the group of wolfkin, eventually spotting one of them with something shiny walking around the back of the group so she tugged on joan's shirt and pointed at the man and whispered "I wonder if it's a present~"

    Joan looked at the wolfkin Lee was pointing at. Her mood suddenly soured, but before she could decide how to react, other than pulling Lee behind herself, the wolfkin spoke up.

    "Rajesh! Today I will protest your claim on Nishe, whom you unlawfully proclaim to be your beloved!"
    "Rajash, my blood brother! Have you gone mad?"
    "I have in my arms a magical device that will destroy everybody here, should it stop hearing the beating of my heart! Listen now, and stop this travesty, before all common sense is overturned, and you marry my beloved!"
    "Rajash, my heart weeps for you, how could you ruin Nishe, and our clan's final chance at happiness and peace! Stop your nonsense, and remove yourself from this ritual, lest your sould suffer damnation for offending the Gods!" Rajesh retorted.
    "Please Rajash, don't be foolish, I promise you I will bet my silver hair that no misfortune befall you, if you just step down!"
    "Nishe, my love, how could you deny our union to the very last? All I do, I do for you! Does it really matter, if you marry the firstborn or the secondborn?"
    "Rajash, as your brother I give you final warning to step down. The elders have spoken, Nishe has accepted, and know that we have found love in each other even now!"
    "Lies! All foul lies! Nishe would never take you in willingly, what remains of before the wedding!"

    The misfortunate Rajash was clearly getting more and more aggitated, tightly gripping the shiny device in his hand, as if it was his own brother's throat.

    "Woah~ something that complicated must be worth a few coins~ for it to 'hear' his hearbeat~" lee's curiosity peaked "So if someone forcibly made his heart continue 'beating' even after he could tie that piece to the heart, and make something that would act as a 'pin' an---"

    Lee clapped her cheeks "That's bad research, bad lee, bad!"
    She looked back at the pin
    and whispered to Joan "Should we try and take it somehow?"

    "Sure, why not?" Joan began to like Lee even more. "It's just a couple of wolfkins arguing who should be the dominant male in the future family, anyway. I can make you invisible for five minutes, will that be enough?"


    "Opsie, we need to hurry." Joan was grinning even wider.

    "Alright!" Lee said as she looked for a path to the man with the item.

    The catgirl bit her index finger, quickly drawing a trio of runes on the little girl's dress, enclosing them inside a triangle. She carefully added in silver powder, quickdrawn from an inside pocket of her coat, mixing it into the symbol, then chanting. "Sky mirror, reflect aside, as your Lady Lake returns to you your timeless image; hide this person like the day hides the stars, away from prying eyes, underneath your endless domain"

    A temporary enchantment of personal invisibility was granted to Lee's clothing, who would now see the world in blue hues.

    "Hmm, you can still make out a sillhouette, if you look hard enough, but this should do. I'm going to do a diversion." Joan said, and shot one of her pistols in the air. The orchestra stopped. "Listen up you fools! Hear me out, or thunder hits the first wolfkin I see glare at me funny!"

    "You! Who do you work for?" an old wolfkin's voice boom during the sudden quiet.

    Using the distraction from Joan, Lee sprinted quickly to Rajesh, Just in time to see Rajesh relax his hand in time for her to swipe it quickly and replace it with a rock. This worked since the rock has the approximately same 'feeling' of weight as the silver mechanism.

    Lee turned back, hurrying a bit, only making a mistake when she accidentally tripped background character number 3 but everyone was too focused on the action to notice the person's distress.

    She walked quickly behind Joan, while clamping both her hands on the silver item in question, imbuing mana in her hands to imbue her mana into it, which was easy, since the person before only had the slightest of mana and did not properly claim it.

    "I work for myself. As for you guys, you should know that your antics can easily be considered terrorism, and as a citizen my impetus is to hold you down until the guards come, which should be about now." Joan snickered, because while she was speaking, Rajash was aiming his large rock at the groom, releasing it with impeccable timing, right at the moment she was done.

    The rock hit one of the sedan chair carriers, tripping the groom's sedan into the bride's, causing both to go out of balance, and flop to the ground. At the same time a squad of guards arrived, ready to do their duty, and a shocked Rajash was looking rather pale, as this comical situation was a far cry from his intended effect.

    Meanwhile the device in Lee's hands started to make a strange ticking sound, producing a glow on its surface. Joan didn't notice that, as she was busy grabbing apparent empty air, bringing it into the tavern.

    "Glad I didn't bring the handcannon with me today, though... Lee, have you been eating well recently? You're rather light, even for your age." Outside confused howling could be heard.

    Lee panicked a bit till she thought
    If there's a timer...
    She guided her mana to the timer, though since she did not know fine mana control..
    accidentally knocking out the mechanism that told it to explode
    making it's value worth less
    Though a benefit was that It stopped being silver colored?

    "That's that thing, right? Wow, looking at it closely, it's looks like a giant nut. Did you stop it from exploding?" Joan asked, inspecting the object.

    Behind her the tavern maid appeared, taking out a small bag out of a pocket inside her apron.

    "Here's the compensation for your work. The elders will nevertheless be pleased, but there won't be a bonus, since you exposed yourself. Do hope that Rajesh isn't suspicious."

    "Yeah, later." The magician responded, absentmindedly grabbing the money, putting it inside her coat. The tavern maid's face looked a bit cramped, but still maintained a smile. She decided to leave quickly, and turned to a table nearby, resuming her day job.

    "I guess...I could study the formula's and mechanisms in this...But I'm more focused on healing so I'll have to ask someone else...Miss joan, do you know anyone?"

    Joan definitely knew just the right person with expertise on magical devices, but decided her time was better spent with her friend.

    "Maybe we can find something, if we research a bit in the Library back at the Association? But before that! I made your dress messy with my blood, so even if you can clean it, it's only right that I buy you a new one! Let's go shopping." Joan was giddy, as she patted her newest financial acquisition.

    Lee nodded, after asking the waitress at the tavern she started planning the 'general' route that they were to go through since she wanted to return to a place of sleeping or an inn before nightfall.

    "So~ We go here~ and here~ and look here~ and here~"
    Excitedly she pointed to local snack joints and a seamstress place, while having the main street as purely window shopping before going to rest.
    "I'm a genius~ Yah~"
    *fake cough SFX*

    Joan suddenly thought her money won't be enough. Ah well, gold is for spending, hoarding only stagnates the eco-nomy, as that professor back in the academy kept repeating. Then again he had it easy with such a large tutition going his way...

    She reached down for her choco stash, and pulled out a small box, full of chocolate-almond confections, filled with a milk-based substance. I need this she assured herself, delivered one in her mouth, and felt herself melt from the sensation.

    "Lee, try these!" she presented the oppened box to the girl, fully expecting her to take only one.

    And so she did, Lee tried one of the chocolates and let out a happy silent squeal as she ate it slowly. She was, of course, tempted to eat more than one but treats like these were expensive, and well, Joan was the one who bought them but her eyes betrayed her as she said "I'm fine now~ anyways~ let's go~ go~" and tugged on Joan's hand gently.

    Unable to resist the pull of temptation, Joan grabbed the girl's hand, and ate another ball of deliciousness, before stashing them back and departing.

    Not too long after they arrived at their first destination.

    "Welcome! Welcome! To Nuffia's Snack shop galore, Jerkies of many flavors, of many meats, and we have many long lasting travel breads and biscuits!"
    It sounded almost like the man was singing, and combined with the smells coming out of the shop, customers were being drawn in.

    Joan was rather pleasantly surprised. "Lee, I didn't know you were such a fan of meat! No wonder we get along so well~" she produced a rather catlike smile, and began discreetly sniffing around for something tasty.

    "Hmm?" Lee had just wanted some travel rations and snacks, and it seemed like a popular place with good prices. She walked in, and started looking around, after a few minutes she had bought 3x Wild Chicken Jerkies, 2x Wild boar Jerkies, and 4 herbal dry breads all for the price of healing the shop owner's foot which had been injured in a previous back alley scuffle with a nearby competitor.

    Joan, on the other hand came back with a large piece of dried wild goose meat, a rather expensive piece of smoked beef, and was chewing on a rather underseasoned piece of jerky, though that last one wasn't as tasty, as it should have been.

    "I'm definitely coming back here for rations next time." She said, satisfied.

    "Hmmmm~ Now there's the Clothing place~ or a local eating restaurant next~ Joan should choose~"
    Of course after that, It was off to the equipment stores/ and or interesting landmarks or places that might be good to see, like the wealthy places that Lee knew not to go in with her dirty dress.

    "We should go pick out something cute for you to wear. All of your clothing has seen way too much adventure, and I need some replacements for my outfit. Have you picked a favorite out of the possible ones?"

    Lee thought back to the list she made and decided "I think~ the clothing shop then!"
    She led the way, The shop seemed to have a few customers, and the clothes inside in display seemed alright.

    Lee was a bit shy though....Clothes shopping caused motherly figures to keep on hugging her, so she looked at joan to enter first.

    "Ugh, it feels crowded in here. Ah, hello" She approached somebody she considered to be part of the staff "Can you help me pick out something for my cute friend over there?"

    "Oh my, you certainly did well to ask myself! Even better, considering what a fashion accident you are. Come over here, young one, this big sister will show you the world."

    As it would appear, Joan encountered a purple haired ringlet hairdo local fashionista...

    Lee poked her head out from behind Joan
    Then looked with interest at her purple hair
    "Joan~ why does she have rings in her hair~?"

    "I assume it's to better recieve divine messages from the Fashion God."

    "Misguided as your words may be, you just might be correct... Anyway, you girl, purple would look perfect on you, with your pink hair and blue eyes. Maybe this outfit" The ringlet fashionista produces a rather gaudy purple skirt, to be worn with a petticoat, along with matching white shirt and purple waistcoat. "Try these on."

    "B-But that looks expensive!"

    Joan, feeling rather competetive, said "We have money. Let's see what the nice lady has picked out for you. If it looks bad, we can always pick something else."
    "Are you doubting my aesthetic sense, perhaps? Fine, I shall prove it to you immediately. Here" She passed the clothes to Lee "Try them on, and show your companion what a real maiden is all about."

    She took the dress and went into a nearby changing room, when she walked out with the new outfit on her and twirled around. "Is..Is it good?" Lee asked them curiously, she had never dressed to impress before, only enough to look like a normal person at the academy she went to, which was her pink dress.

    "You look splendid!" the ringlet girl said.
    "I have to admit, you had me confused for a second there, Lee. Are you perhaps a noble girl in hiding?" Joan wondered out loud. What she actually thought was, that wine red would look better, but didn't want to encourage the fashion tyrant any further, than she already had.

    "Noble...Girl?" She gripped her dress and blushed slightly "T-Thanks for the compliment..." Lee looked outside the shop, at the sky "Joan, If we take too long we won't be able to explore the rest of the places that looked interesting."

    "You... Are right." Joan admitted with a hint of disappointment. She disliked playing dress up in stores, as she was generally bad at it, but this time was different.

    "Bring me an outfit like that one. Her size, in wine red." she spoke to the ringlet girl.

    "I'm not part of the staff! I'm a magic researcher, I'll have you know! Also it should be purple."

    Joan ignored her, and waved at a person nearby to come over. She had promised to buy Lee clothes, and they were in a hurry.

    "It's not Ringlet, I'm... Hmm, let's see... Call me Azalia Cerazette. Azalia is fine." the purple haired girl corrected Lee, while Joan was at the counter, making a transaction.

    "What Magic Device? Just for you, I'll appraise it for free this time." Azalia offered.

    She handed the colored out device to Azalia "I might have.....Disturbed one of the processes that make it a...explosive item by accident. We don't know how it's made though, and I don't have the knowledge to know what makes this ummm tick."

    Though lee did not know it, If someone were to carefully analyze it, they would make out a strange symbol, what it represented was another mystery altogether but it could lead to something big.

    "Lee, don't just give that thing to strangers." Joan just returned, carrying neatly folded wine red clothes on her. They weren't the exact same ones, as the purple outfit, but were rather similar, so the catgirl was happy with her purchase, unconsciously stroking it. Her earlier commission was now two thirds lighter.

    "Oh, what a curious contraption." Azalia looked at the bottom of the device, searching for something. "Here's my card." She presented Lee with a thin piece of wood, that said 'Zaff Company, Ceratto', slowly brought the device closer to herself, and continued "I'll need to take this back to the lab, and see what it is. You don't mind that, do you?"

    "I mind." Joan placed the clothes aside on a shelf.

    "You're not the one being asked, beastkin." Azalia retorted.

    Lee hugged Joan as she was given the red wine dress set "Thank you!" she turned by to Azalia, Though her earlier calling of Joan as Beastkin confused her, was it a new way of talking? She thought, would she have to say the other person's race at the end of her sentences? It would be pretty funny to say 'Hello billy, water drinker'

    "Hmmmmmmm........I'll have to ask Joan first Miss Azalia" She turned to Joan to see what she says.

    Joan hugged Lee with one arm, while discreetely placing the other inside her coat. Azalia noticed, however, and began to back off.

    "Lee, prepare a healing spell."

    The would-be thief suddenly felt a shudder, she turned around and started running, only for a blur to jump on top of her, aiming a flintflock pistol's bayonet at her throat. She inserted mana inside the device, only for it to fail to activate, the symbol at the bottom glowing red. Joan grabbed the much-lighter-than-a-handcannon purple head, waving Lee to follow her.

    "Let's take this to a more appropriate location." She said, dragging her prey outside.

    Lee simply nodded and followed her "Ohhhhhhh" Obviously a magic item and getting dressed are not the same value as each other, she was going to get scammed!

    As she had noticed that, she hugged Joan's arm in thanks and followed her.

    "Now, I wonder what I should do with you?" the former pirate said sarcastically, slamming the ringlet girl onto a back alley wall, easily prying the device from her hands.

    'Azalia' shrunk up, terrified. "I only wanted to have that expensive thing! I need the money! Please let me go, I promise I will never do it again!"

    "Don't act cute with me... But fine, I'll let you go, but you need to be punished properly for trying to steal from my friend." she spoke in a instructor-like tone. The fashion tyrant turned victim, got her arm twisted, turned around to face the wall, and roughly handled with a bayonet slicing the back of her clothes down to her butt. A bit of blood was drawn at the right buttcheek, as a brand that may or may not have read "thief" was inscribed upon it. A tiny amount of mana was infused in a slap, that spanked the bottom painfully, and purple hair and teardrops flew through the air, as the offender ran away to freedom.

    Joan turned to her small companion with a serious look. "I've put a tracking enchantment on her. It would work with the map we're using. It's your day, Lee, so it's your pick. Do we follow her, or do we continue with the tour? I'm starting to think that thing is going to be worth more, than we thought it would be."

    "I don't think we can handle wherever she's going...too many unknowns" Lee pondered seriously "Lets go and report it, do we have everything we need?"

    "Yes! I even got us some coins for our trouble. Looks like she wasn't in need of money. Also, this." Joan pulled out a mysterious note, along with a pouch. "The name written here should be familiar. Ah, I wanted to tour the capital more!"


    "And that's all. I and Lee think that this is related to the bridge incidents. The last known location of the girl we traced was here in the Slum West Area. We've hurried back to the branch as fast as we could, but they may have already left. The brand on the device also seems to be related to the organization behind the Marden bridge incident, at least. Since we did that on our day off, we ask that our vacation time be extended, as compensation for working off duty. This concludes our report."
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    Super short story while I wait for Stage 2 of the event~

    “I have decided! Today shall be my rest day!” Luke exclaimed as he jumped up from the bed and grabbed a paper and quill and wrote something down on the piece of paper and put it into his pocket and headed outside…

    “So bright!” Luke mumbled as he noticed the extreme brightness this morning, but soon brushed it off and went to the Association to turn in his request for a day of vacation.

    “Sir, why are you here?” A lady receptionist asked Luke when he walked into the building.

    “I need a day of vacation! And fast! Today I have a very grave duty to do!” Luke suddenly began to spout various reasons for his vacation, something about a close family member becoming extremely ill.

    Soon the lady receptionist began crying at the sad stories that Luke thought up as excuses and offered to give him a few more days in vacation, but Luke hastily declined…

    “Really Ma’am! 1 day is fine enough!” Luke hurriedly said to the receptionist who was sobbing.

    “Are you sure!? I can talk to the Head-Receptionist to get you more days off to take care of family!” The woman kept insisting before finally relenting to 1 day.

    After getting his day of vacation Luke suddenly walked outside the Association building while wiping a large amount of sweat from his forehead.

    “Phew, I didn’t know I was so good at this! I need to make sure I don’t repeat this incident again…” Luke exclaimed as he began to walk away from the association building and go back to the Inn where he slept, all day.

    After waking up the next day his first words muttered were, “Sleep is indeed precious, all my troubles were worth it.”
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    I said I'd be done with this first thing in the morning, @The Everdistant Utopia!
    Yorokobe, for Belgard, otherwise know as the Great Nation of the Wolves is here!
    Belgard’s currency are Thrones, wooden coins with a throne carved in one side and the symbol of one of the gods carved in the other. Every ten throne of a type are equal to a single throne of the type above.

    Death Throne = 1 Belgardian Coin
    Farmer Throne = 10 Belgardian Coins
    Wanderer Throne = 100 Belgardian Coins
    Doorman Throne = 1000 Belgardian Coins
    Crafter Throne = 10000 Belgardian Coins
    Scholar Throne = 100000 Belgardian Coins
    Lady Throne = 1000000 Belgardian Coins

    As Belgard rarely does trades with other countries, being mostly self-sufficient, it’s hard to estimate the conversion rate.
    Belgard is the second largest nation in the Central Continent, with almost of its entire territory covered in dense forest. The only exceptions are the Lzarier mountain range, the small patches of land that make border with other nations and the mountainous area where the Ogres inhabit.

    The Capital is Old Belgard, the first city of the old kingdom, while the religious capital of the kingdom is New Belgard, standing just some kilometers from the Tree of Gods.
    Belgard is a very closed country, but does maintains good relationships, or at least non-aggression ones, with the neighboring countries aside from Lzarier.

    Belgard’s currency is mostly used inside Belgard, and very rarely is used in foreign trades, due to the lack of value for being a wooden made coin, even though Belgard is a mineral rich nation.

    For this reason, when trading with other nations, they usually barter. Their main selling products to other nations are metals and food.
    The religion of Belgard is the Faith of the Seven, a religion based around seven human shaped guardian deities with the Lady being the highest and with three deities of each sex: Three males (The Death, the Doorman and the Crafter) and three females (The Farmer, the Wanderer and the Scholar). Due to the level of literacy not being that high, most of the traditions of church are spread orally.

    The leaders of the religion are the Shaman Princess (always a human girl, chosen by the Tree of Gods), a figure set after the first queen to unify Belgard under the Faith of the Seven, and the Seven Saints, the seven assistants of the Shaman Princess.

    Belgard also has three divine beasts: Lzarier of the Sky, Norn of the Land and Alba of the Sea. Respectively an eagle, a wolf and a dragon turtle. Though any of those are not confirmed to exist.
    In terms of military, Belgard relies heavily on their numbers, battles in their favourable terrain (the forests) and in their beasts, who compose a good part of the army.

    Belgard has a group of elite fighters called Forest Knights. That, however, doesn’t means they’re knights like the other kingdoms have, as the word was merely taken from the Lzarier knights, since it didn’t existed in Belgard’s mother language.
    Although Belgard is a kingdom, the position of King is merely handed to the husband that the Shaman Princess choose for her, which is currently vacant.

    Aside from them, due to the fact that Belgard is a country composed of many ancient wolfkin tribes, there are also the tribal chieftains of the Thirteen Tribes of the Wolfkin, the Ogres and the Avians that inhabit Lzarier Mountain Range.
    The population of Belgard is composed of:

    75% Forest Wolfkin - An ancient variant of the wolfkins. They’re excellent fighters, but terrible craftsman. Don’t like the wolfkins of the plains much.

    5% Humans - Humans from Belgard, mostly inhabit New Belgard and surrounding settlements.

    10% - Avians - A race that is a mix of humans and birds. Inhabit the Lzarier Mountain Range.

    10% - Ogres - Inhabit the northern part of Belgard and the coastline. Excellent fighters and craftsman. Usually around 2.5 to 3 meters tall.
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    ((@Fossil Got your broom done! ^^)7

    ... And Aria is poor again... Teehee?))

    After finishing up with the report, the Crazy Cat Girl poked me, and put something in my hand.

    The coins! There is so much! "Ah! Thanks!" I quickly put it in my pocket before I forgot. "Teehee, so much~" I'm rich! I'm rich!!!

    I hopped out of the association in a happy mood, I finally had some money to spare! It's enough to go on traveling now, I just need to hop on my broom and...

    My broom.
    My... Broooooom!!!!! I needed it for traveling! It got stuck with that Noble Boar Girl!!!

    Agh... At least I have money, so I can buy a new one... My hard-earned money... orz

    I walked around until I found a nearby store, it was... Well, full of stuff. Getting near the counter I talked to the woman in charge.

    "Excuse me, could I get a broom please? Ah, and a knife! And and... And another broom!" The dragonman asked me to make one! I almost forgot!

    She looked at me with a predator smile... Scary. "A knife you say? Which kind though? You don't seem like one to need knives much."

    "Ah! One for carving things on wood!"

    "Oh, I see~" Her smile was really scaring me! J-just sell it to me already! "I didn't know mages used this kind of thing, but... I have just what you need~" She moved a bit behind the counter and picked a knife... Wow, it seemed like a really nice knife! It shone brightly!

    "This is a work of a wonderful craftsman friend of mine, I can assure you, you'll find no knife as good as this one! It will be able to carve even on the toughest woods without a single blemish on it!" She showed off the knife while bragging about it... Uhn... Isn't that... Too amazing?

    "Uhn... How much is it-"
    "5 Small Silver Coins."

    ... I felt like my heart was going to stop for a moment.

    "I... Need something... Cheaper. Like... A lot cheaper." I asked while trying to recover my breath... Wow, don't go saying this kind of thing! Even as a joke!

    "Come on, I can make a nice promotion for you~" She tried pushing me, but...

    "No no, I couldn't gather this much money even if I worked a whole month non-stop! There is no way I can buy this kind of thing!" >.<

    Her smile suddenly got gloomy. "Fine, what can you pay for then?" Her voice was clearly aggressive! Don't talk to a customer like that!!!

    "A-a few large wooden coins at best! No-no more than that!"

    "Hmph, cheapskate." He-hey! I'm a customer! Where are the good-

    "Whoa!?" I picked a knife she threw at me nonchalantly, it wasn't even wrapped up! That's dangerous! "Here, it costs 2 Large Wooden Coins." Then she shoved 2 brooms at me. "Each of those costs 1 Large Wooden Coin."

    S-so expensive! "Ca-can't you make it a bit cheap-" She slammed her hand on the counter.

    "Take it, or leave, now!" Eeeeeeeek!

    "I-I'lll take it! I'll take it!!!" I hurriedly dropped 5 coins on the counter and her hand swapped to grab them! I had to move super quickly to get the extra coin back! Scary! Scary scary scary!!!

    "B-bye!!" I hurriedly ran away from the shop, I could hear her snorting at my back... Why are people on this city so scary!? >.<

    Haa... Such a bad start... Well, at least I have a broom now... I just need a place to make the arrays in I guess... Hmmm... The inn from last time was pretty quiet and... *stomach rumbles* I am pretty hungry...

    I moved back to the inn and met the girl from the reception. "Welcome Onee-san! What can we do for you today?" She said with a bright smile... Ah, so soothing...

    "I need a meal, a bit of water and a room please!"

    "Sure, that will be 23 Small Wooden Coins!" She replied... She really is fast with math... Amazing.

    "Right... Uhn... Is this enough?" I showed 2 Large Wooden Coins to her.

    "Onee-san... You only need 1 of those, and you get two small coins as change." She said in a bit of a confused tone.

    "Eh!? Really!? Tha-thank you!" I dropped the large coin on her hand.

    "Just a second then! Your food will be prepared! Have a seat!" She went to the counter and I took a table to eat... Ah... I wanted to be with Firia again...

    She brought back the coins and asked. "Onee-san... Where is... Firia-san?" She seemed a bit worried on how to say it, but... She had to bring that up...? Thanks a bunch...

    "Ah... Firia is... Away. For a while... At least until I recover enough Mana to summon her again... Haa..." So bothersome...

    'So-sorry Onee-san! I didn't-"

    "It's okay." She seemed really flustered, which made me feel kinda bad about it. "You didn't know anyway... Just... Uhn... What is Onee-san anyway? And why Firia-san? Her name is Firia."

    "Ah! My parents are from far away, and people talk like that where they're from!
    ... They never told me where they're from though... Still, they always talked like that, so I got used to it!" She smiled a bit, her smile was warm... Aaah... Firia's smile is so so warmer though...

    "I see... Thanks uhn... Could you... Leave me alone for a bit?"

    "Ri-right away! So-sorry for the bother!" She bowed a few times and ran away... Dear Lucky, I didn't want to make her feel bad like that... I just... Needed some time for myself I guess...

    I don't know what I thought about, my head kinda wandered without a proper thought until the food arrived, I ate it... I think it was tasty, but I don't really remember...

    After eating I went to the room for myself... Haa... Why can't my Mana recharge already... It was always like this after Firia leaves... Why does summoning consume so much Mana... I want her near me again... *sighs*

    I started carving the array on the broom, it's a good thing I had already done it twice, so I had a good gist of what I needed to do, it went pretty smoothly and after testing it a bit, it worked perfectly.

    Then I started working on the next broom... Hmmmm... This was a problem.

    The surface would already be covered almost entirely by the flight array, and I needed to put the fire resistance one on it as well, I didn't need to worry about Mana Converting enchantments, since I'm pretty sure that elemental can provide the Magical Energy to power it herself, but...

    How will I merge them both?
    Hmmmmm... This seems hard... Oh well, let's try it anyway! Not like I have anything as small as a broom to test it in anyway!

    I carved the arrays and tried making them both merge together, but... It didn't fit very well, did it? Well, let's test it anyway!

    I put one hand at it to provide the Magical Energy, and with the other one I approached my hands with a small fire in front of the gloves... Well, it's properly resisting the fire so far.

    Now to make a fireball! Go!

    ... Burnt to a crisp... Great.

    I walked out of the room and asked the receptionist girl.

    "Uhn... Is there any place that I could buy a cheap broom?"

    "A broom? You can get it on the store in front of our inn, they sell it for 4 Small Wooden Coins." She replied kindly.

    I paid 1 Large one for mine! I was scammed!!!!" >.<

    "P-please don't shout within the inn! You'll bother other customers!" She hurried to my side and whispered... It's amazing how she can sound so hurried while whispering...

    "So-sorry... And... Uhn... Thanks!" I hopped out of the inn and went to the nearby store.

    "Welcome~" A kind old man welcomed me. "What can I get you young miss?" He asked.

    "Ah, I need a broom please!"

    "It will be 4 Small Wooden Coins little girl." I'm not a little girl... *pouts*
    Well, he is selling a cheapt broom though, so I won't complain!

    I went back to the room and... Burnt.
    I bought another broom and... Burnt.
    One more and... Burnt.
    Just one more broom and... Oh, this one wasn't that bad... But burnt.

    When I came into the store again, the old man couldn't help but ask. "Excuse me young miss, but... Why do you need so many brooms?"

    "Ah... I'm actually trying an enchantment on them, but... I'm faling all the time..." T,T "The broom is being destroyed when I fail, so I need to try again...

    I'm getting the hang of it though! The next one will definitely work!"

    "I see, then I wish the young miss the best of luck, 4 Small coins please." He said kindly before I put my hand on my pocket and took the coins to pay him...

    ... One, two, three, four, five, six... Seven. I had seven small coins left...

    ... I put 4 on the counter with a wry smile. The old man kindly smiled back while taking them. "I-it's okay! It will absolutely work this time!" It has to...

    Getting back in the inn room I tried it once again... Made the array with a few modifications, tested with a small fire and... Firebal!

    It worked! It was only a small fireball, but it properly stopped the flames this time! Yay!!!

    Now I only need to...
    This room is a mess...

    There was a lot of charcoal on it, and it was smelling pretty badly too... Uhn...

    I went to the counter talk to the receptionist girl.

    "Say... I kinda... Made a bit of a mess on the room..." I started without knowing what to say...

    "Oh, it's not a problem, we'll clean it up later!" She answered kindly. Do-don't be this nice to me... I will feel worse...

    "No no, I mean... It is... A bit of a big mess..." I wasn't sure how to explicitly say it out...

    She looked a bit worried though, so she took a key and came with me... When she saw the room though...

    "I'll need to call mom for this." She said with a cold tone... Ouch! Don't be cold to me too! Everyone else was already cold!
    ... Expect for the crazy people of the association, but that's beside the point!

    Her mom came, looked at the room and just told me. "2 Large Wooden Coins for the cleanup fees."

    And now I have a debt again... Great... They didn't kick me out or anything though, I just need to gather the money and pay them... orz

    I really need to get some money now...

    ((You didn't set a price for brooms on the Market Thread, so I just set it as 4 Small Wooden Coins
    @The Everdistant Utopia, if it's too little, feel free to put it bigger, I'll just assume I bought it from a cheap place that didn't sell goods with good quality.))
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    SS with @Quaesitor, @BB_Tensei, and @Naraku.

    Following Joan, Blaiz and Ruby walked towards the training area.

    Umbrum simply had a cup of wine that Joan gave to him as he was waiting for both of the competitors to begin talking. He couldn't help but smile as he thought that it will be a great show.

    While walking, Esta, while still slightly doubtful equally excited, asks Blaiz: "So you really can dodge cannonballs? And firebolts?"

    In response, Blaiz tapped on his katana as he explained, "It's not really dodging so much as it is slowing down the spell or object. I can also teleport to make the spell lose it's target. Benefits of being a space-time mage, I suppose."

    "Eeeh? So you can teleport? This would actually make this fun. Make sure to think fast, when we start."

    "Haha," Blaiz laughed. "No problem, I always think fast."

    "You're all so strong...!" Said Esta.

    "Or unreasonable...?" Muttered Umbrum as he was simply watching from the sidelines, his eyes were closed during a second as he temporarily discarded his sanity for now.

    "So, should I prepare the spell before hand, or wait for you to fire?"

    "Just get in front of that target over there, and your doom will come soon after." Joan pointed at a stone slab with concentric red circles on it.

    "Fine, fine." Says Blaiz as he walks in front of the target and waits for Joan to fire.

    "I'll prepare my spell, okay?" After looking around for a few seconds and not discovering any fire, Esta decided to first use Fire Cloak in order to prepare for his Fire Strike.

    "So you are going first, then. Come a bit closer, and I'll accelerate your fire" Joan was scratching her left hand with a slight expression of glee. "Are you ready, Blaiz?"

    "I'm completely ready! Now let's get this out of the way before my speed returns to normal!"

    Sitting, Umbrum yawned as he had nothing to do except watch in and possibly judge this competition ? That is a good question. He will just watch and appreciate what will happen in the end.
    He shrugged and wondered how much Blaiz will get hurt if he gets touched, not much probably.

    After stepping a few steps closer to Joan, Esta takes a deep breath and casts Fire Cloak, choosing a ball as its form, and then, after shouting a quick: "Here it comes!", casts Fire Strike at Blaiz, causing the fire to rush towards him.

    At that same moment, Joan snaps her finger, casting Accelerator on the fireball. It would now increase its velocity as it travelled, while ignoring air drag, and any other inertial force that may slow it down.

    Immediately afterwards, Blaiz shouts, "Slow!" The fireball slows down as Blaiz rushes past it. He even runs his hand through it to test the temperature. The dragonkin didn't feel like it was that hot, but he was used to Ruby's flames, so it's understandable. It was probably as hot as his, so it's quite good.

    Having successfully dodged, Blaiz taunts, "Is that all you got?"

    Witnessing this, Esta was a bit dejected but, after a few seconds, thought of another method. "Hm... no, I can do more!" Concentrating for a few seconds, Esta casts Fire Cloak three more times, the first time as a square, and then twice behind it, covered by the first spell. With the preparations done, he casts a questioning gaze at Joan, not sure whether he really should fire those three spells at Blaiz, and if the remnants of the last spell should be included to strike him from behind.

    Meanwhile, a certain person was sighing, being a witness of this arrogance of a certain despicable dragonkin.
    He had nothing to say, he had two letters in his mind yet he didn't know why that was those two. O and P. He thought about it but couldn't find what influenced him to think that.

    "My turn!" Joan said, activated her half-moon to nearly instantly aim her loaded handcannon. The full moon had only one charge remaining, as it got one 3 hours after the last moonrise. She would have to make it count. Using the control array, she sped up her thoughts. Blaiz might be fast, but he was distracted, and to her, moving at a normal speed.

    She activated the Full Moon, Accelerating the cannonball several times over, as it exited the large barrel. Last second correction pointed toward a location Blaiz wasn't looking at, but she knew it was probably a feint. She had time to lead her target, and that's what she did. Just to be sure, she threw normally (with superhuman speed) a bayonet at the opposite side, aiming for the center of the torso, should it be there. The cannobal was in fact infused with air blast spell, causing a cloud of dust to rise and swirl, obscuring it, while the bayonet was infused with an alcohol poisoning effect, to be activated on contact with the air.

    Should Blaiz run away from the cannoball, he'd get very, very drunk. The opposite was more desirable, though.

    “Inferno!” Blaiz shouted, masking the field in flames. Immediately afterward, he started rolled backwards and fell on his back as he prepared a teleport spell.

    The cannonball hit the Training Area Barrier, causing a blinding flash of light, and a loud bang. The cannonball evaporated with an explosion, causing the barrier to vibrate, along with the entire training area, while the dry dirt on the ground rose as a dust cloud, carried away from the collision area at a speed enough to exfoliate people's faces handsomely. Joan, not expecting the effect of her own attack, barely managed to close her eyes, and pierce down with Chaos, holding on tightly.

    While the others were prepared for this, Esta was not. With Fire Cloaks in front of him barely reducing the shockwave, Esta gets thrown over, rolling for a few feet and getting quite a few bruises in the process, while also losing control of the remnants of the Fire Cloaks. Dizzy from both casting a lot and having faced this accident, Esta remains lying on the floor for a few seconds, before mumbling: "Ouch... what happened...? Everything is blurred..."

    Reappearing near Ruby, Blaiz nods in appreciation of the attack. Getting up, he asks, “Ruby, do you think that you’ll be able to recreate that?”

    "Huh... I have seen a lot recently~" That was so ridiculously outrageous from his point of view, so much, that it made him laugh.
    Then he stopped to wonder about how strong they were... They are too fast.

    Joan opened her eyes. Her tail dropped down in disappointment, then began to twist in annoyance. "Ah dammit, I guess I missed!"

    “Ruby, did you learn that spell Esta was using earlier?”

    “Yep! Want me to use it on him, Master?”

    “Yeah, see if you can wake him up while you’re at it.”

    “Of course!”
    Ruby said before kneeling next to Esta and healing him.

    "Oi newbie, are you fine?" Joan noticed the young man laying on the ground only after Ruby was already applying treatment.

    "Oh?" After a few seconds, Esta recovered somewhat and spots Ruby. "You learned my spell? Thanks for helping me. But I'm still dizzy... used too much magic. Sorry."

    "Y-yes, I'm not really hurt, thank you. But I really didn't expect that..."

    "Ah sorry about that. It's actually my first time testing it out, teehee~" Joan showed a toothy grin, exposing her sharp teeth.

    "Oh! Well, next time, please warn me? I think I'm mostly fine by now..." Although shakily, Esta manages to get up.

    "No worries, I won't be doing that again soon, I think. I can't really afford the cannonballs, you see~ But if Blaiz is okay with it, I want to test something else out." Joan told Esta, then turned to Blaiz.

    “You two okay over there?”

    "Yeah, just a bit surprised."

    "Yeah! Are you ready for something even more fun?"


    "Ester, right? Do you still have mana? I'll need a really small and dense fireball to demonstrate."

    "Esta, yes. Uh, I think I can manage one or two more spells." After taking a deep breath to calm down, Esta casts Fire Cloak once again, this time as small and concentrated as he can. "Is this good enough?"

    "That's plenty." Joan casted Accelerator on the small fireball. "Throw it real quick" She said, and prepared to cast Redirect Path, as soon as it flew out.

    "Yes!" Without waiting for another second, Esta directly casts Fire Strike.

    "Wait, what are you two trying to do over there?"

    "I don't know?"

    The small fireball darted through the air, only to suddenly turn at a right angle upwards, then a moment later, do another right angled turn downwards, ending up getting bounced around in a ping-pong motion between two points of empty air. Joan was rather pleased, though sweating a bit. She wasn't very high on the list of mana gifted. The fireball made got redirected upwards, perpendicular to the ground and very soon left the premises for the stars... Only to go in Blaiz's direction a second later, at a suddenly increased velocity.

    "Yep, that guy is nigh unkillable. I'm runnng rather low, so I'll take a break. Thank you for coming along, Esta, Blaiz, Ruby, and Umbrum."

    Seeing the fireball, Blaiz didn't even bother to dodge since fire had no mass to begin with. Dragonkin were also very resistant towards fire, so he took the hit without flinching. He still scolded the two, though.

    "Oi! Watch were you throw that! What if it hit Umbrum?! He would have died! Anyway, I'll also take a break and start recasting Slow on myself."

    "Like I'll let that happen." Joan was irritated. She shot an accelerated ball lightning bullet at Blaiz to make a point, reloading at the same moment it reached the target, repeating the action.

    Sighing, Blaiz dodged by ducking under the lighting. That's the issue with guns, if you were fast enough they could easily be dodged.

    What Blaiz failed to take into account was that lightning liked to go underground, preferably through the nearest path possible. Ball lightning was more compact, but that didn't prevent it from grounding. Well, it wasn't that powerful of a charge, though. There was no point in killing a colleague.

    Rolling to the side, Blaiz narrowly dodged the electricity sparking towards the ground. I probably should have flown towards the sky this time.

    Joan sighed. It was nigh time for upgrades. Just a little more, until she got a silver. Then she wouldn't have to suffer any humiliation.

    "You're pretty good! Let's try this again in a few weeks. I'll show you a better time... This arena wouldn't hold, however. Well, figure it out when the time comes~" The catgirl smiled, despite the defeat. There usually wasn't anybody to practice like that with.

    "Sure! Though at that time I'll probably be stronger myself!"

    I still say Blaiz isn't OP.
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    OOC: Here goes a SS because why not ?

    Approaching this carriage, the crutches sinking into the ground, the dirt dirtying a the tips of a pant, a loud sigh could be heard as a voice chuckled on a cynical tone.

    “It only has been two days yet you are already this exasperated ? If you continue like this, it would be more than one full week.” her voice was still cold, perhaps a bit comical, he wasn't really sure but it made him sigh a second time for sure.
    “Maybe~ but I seriously want to hunt, to move, to jump and all that comes together~ I feel like I am dying of boredom like this…” Umbrum’s voice was cheerful yet it wasn't because of the reasons he orally said. Niris sighed and helped him get into the carriage by supporting him by holding his elbows.

    “Haaa… I an going to take a nap…” That's all he currently wanted, he didn't have anything else to do as his hood fell on his nose and his sleeves his the tip of his fingers. Seeing this, Niris sighed and didn't comment as she slightly pat his head after a pitiful sigh, he was way too ridiculous in her point of view but then she thought that there was something else weighing on his mind considering that he almost disappeared during the last joint task. No, he even wanted to disappear. In only in a span of seconds, he was already snoring, is it possible to fall asleep this quickly ? That was she wondered as she put a blanket on him then left the carriage toward the Meeting Area, to relax probably, she began to be bored and idling around, it was indeed peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable nevertheless something was wrong with it.

    And that wasn't a little thing, it felt fake. At first she didn't notice but now she did, this happiness and peace felt terribly fake when she was with Umbrum, she didn't understand why because he was too silent and secretive despite his cheerful and social attitude that was sincerely irritating at times.

    “Heh… she is gone now~ see you soon~” he stretched his arms, trying to make his body feel better, he cracked his neck, then his knuckles, then his spine and… now he tried to warm up his legs, as he stood up, he almost fell and quickly supported himself with a crutch.
    “Well… I still can't… hmm… I will just try, it should be alright I think.” Wordlessly, Umbrum left the carriage, still with his bow on his back and only one of his crutch.

    Simply, even if he restrained himself for two days, it was too much, he needed to move or to hunt something, both were thing he wished for since he felt itchy to make his body ache. Indeed, he always loved to train until his muscles ache like hell since to him, it means that efforts were made. And well, he also got used to this kind of training every day, specially with his spell of Transportation he didn't have the slightest control of it. But today, he wouldn't. No, he will just hunt to calm his mind.

    Inhaling deeply as he entered into the forest, forcing his legs, he climbed on a tree. Since now he was sat, he drew out his bow and happily looked at his surroundings, expecting nothing interesting. However, just using his bow made him smile a bit.

    “Heh.” A giant boar was in sight, a string was pulled, and an arrow was formed, aiming at the boar’s head.

    The arrow flew.
    The air was pierced.
    The eye was opened.
    The arrow passed through.
    The blood was spread.
    The warmness disappeared.

    A corpse fell abruptly like it was nothing, the arrow easily passed through the boar’s eye and reached the inside, killing it quickly. Umbrum simply sighed, that was a bit too… he didn’t know how to describe this, it didn’t felt like usual, he couldn’t jump nor run while aiming and chasing his preys.

    “ doesn’t…. feel relaxing…”
    That was the main problem of this way of hunting, it didn’t gave him a peace of mind. It felt somehow disgusting. Yes, him being a sniper felt a bit disgusting, he didn’t even know why he felt this way. Hiding himself from something he could kill with his own hands with only a dagger felt… sincerely repulsive. That was one of his most sincere feeling at this moment.

    Honestly, he couldn’t understand what was making him feel this way, only by being someone lurking and aiming at his prays ? Wasn’t it what he always has been doing ? Chasing and killing quickly.
    The only difference was that he was staying still, that he didn’t move an inch. That’s all, there was nothing else than this stupid difference which unconsciously made quite a lot in his soul. Actually, the only reason that he is still hunting despite the fact that it makes him remember his disappeared father and family, was to move, to have thrills, to force himself, to feel his body ache. However, all that was left somehow… didn’t please to him, but this sensation was quickly forgotten as Umbrum quietly left the tree and stared at the cloaked man who was only at a few inches from him.

    “Silent ? Untouchable ? Seen only by me ? Why ?” this voice asked as the usual cheerful emotion from it disappeared like it never existed just like how he could disappear like he never existed by just becoming a “shadow”, by being “nothing”. It was a thought that was very recurrent in his mind, it didn’t want to leave, it was just there and couldn’t leave like many things.

    Like how his life is currently meaningless and worthless since his original goal was to find back his family, however, he gave up on it and now he has nothing to do, all he has been doing is taking tasks for no apparent reasons, then he hurt himself twice, this one is just more severe than the previous one which didn’t create much of a predicament since he could still move properly without any problems which was enough for him.

    As always, the man didn’t reply as Umbrum sighed and was ready to leave and go back to the carriage to sleep and nothing else, what else than hunting and old objects did he had ? Nothing. Just nothing.

    A dagger from his childhood who had no meanings except being there at his awakening after his first disappearance.
    A grimoire named “Umbrum” and on it, there was only a few pages about only one spell which was named “Edax Umbra”, it was a book that was probably meant to be his, nevertheless, he never understood why first he could read it then second why was it there in the first place ? Why was there so many missing pages ? He still didn’t understood.
    A coat that was owned by his also disappeared master, one that was previously soaked in dried blood.
    A bow that bought by his senior.

    And ?
    These were only items and not individuals, he had concretely nobody.
    Except this silent cloaked man, he was still there, however, he never really conversed with him, and he never tried to.
    But should he ?
    Should he try ?

    What if everything changes again ?

    Well, it will be the third and last time probably considering how much this child doesn’t want, something completely unlike him may happen if he disappears once again.
    Something like an eternal rest ?
    As his eyes were closed, Umbrum continued to stare at the cloaked man as he asked a simple question, at his turn.

    “What are you ?” That was quite an ironic question as both of them looked at each other in the eyes, Umbrum wasn’t startled by the changement of attitude of the cloaked man which didn’t have fearful eyes nor emotionless ones, no, they were simply serene and nothing else than that.
    “Don’t you already know ?” This voice was chilling, it sent shivers to his spine, however, he didn’t back away as this hand just approached his shoulder, when it passed through his body, he could feel the freezing mistral of death that came yet wasn’t strong enough to affect him. Maybe, that man could just have stolen his life just like this ? We never know what might happen when illogical things are currently running amok probably all over the world.

    Nothing was rational.
    Why would it be after all ?

    “Why would I ask if I knew ?” Replying with only questions, sweat began to flow along his face’s traits, to him, it was still a stressful situation to talk with the person that can be called his nightmare, yet also a precious memory of the past.
    “Because you are a fool.” And indeed, he is a fool, without forgetting that he still didn’t apologize for ignoring this man who he thought was an hallucination for ten years. Isn’t it quite terrible for him which was still nameless to Umbrum who was wondering what could be his eyes, what he could be, what was his origin and all those things that goes together.

    Suddenly, that was at this precise moment that a monster attacked Umbrum by behind. An attack that no matter what happens, he won't be able to avoid, one that may be fatal. One that will lock him into cold and deadly abyss.
    However, something intervened and broke what was unavoidable, a hand coming from Umbrum’s shadow came and caught his feet, it quickly dragged this child on the ground, which made him avoid the teeth that was aiming at his neck, instead, he was at that creature’s feet.

    Realizing what happened, he quickly glanced at his feet then the man, the man was missing an arm. And this arm was the one who dragged him at the ground, saving him from losing his neck against this wolf.
    A wolf indeed tried to kill him, sneakily and just like this.

    “So ? Then ?”

    As he was still on the ground, Umbrum quickly launched an arrow into the wolf’s mouth that was open because it charged to bite off his throat, to rip it, to kill him, however, before that, an arrow entered into it and instead of biting, it only crushed against Umbrum.
    The heat in the wolf’s body quickly disappeared, just like how the man suddenly caught Umbrum’s neck, yes, he did catch him. Physically talking.
    However, if someone was there, they will just see Umbrum being lifted in the air and strangled by nothing ? By the air perhaps ? Anyway, they would see a young man getting strangled by something they aren’t able to see, to hear or to touch, while this victim isn’t even struggling, no, he is letting himself getting strangled.

    “...” Umbrum didn’t say anything, in the end, he never accomplished anything in his life, so why struggling ? His family is long lost. His friend aren’t there, they disappeared or was he the one who disappeared ? He didn’t care.
    Right, at the Magic Association, there was some nice people, but is it enough ? To him, they were just one thing : Acquaintances.
    Nothing else than that.

    “I see.” As he was released, the cloaked man simply disappeared and appeared behind him, but he seemed more transparent, more like a ghost… and his mask somehow closed. He couldn’t see his eyes anymore.
    Somehow, he became more like an apparition from now, nevertheless, there was nothing else. He was silent as he was floating, almost invisible to Umbrum’s eyes.

    As always, he will just follow and be near to him, if he was breathing, that foolish child could easily feel it. But he wasn’t. Not a sound.
    “I don’t understand… but whatever.” Umbrum sighed and just decided to go back the Meeting Area, understanding that he should find something that will make him hold his life instead of simply not caring about anything.
    Honestly, he didn’t think that he will find one.

    Worthlessly, he will never stop to try becoming stronger.
    Meaninglessly, he will never stop to interact with people.
    Mendaciously, he will never stop to act.
    Aimlessly, he will continue to live.
    Pointlessly, he will continue to search.
    Truthfully, he will continue to feel alone.
    OOC: And hop, a little 2K word~ and the cloaked man is still nameless~
    Actually, this is just a random SS I thought on impulse *shrugs*
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    With @Quaesitor

    "Alright, let's go~" said Umbrum as he walked toward the training area he always went not a long time ago, there was still this cloaked man that was following him closely. As always, only Umbrum could see him.
    "While we are on the way, can we talk about what you would like to train ?" Honestly, Umbrum was bit curious about that, he thought that it may be nice to know in advance and not to waste time.

    Following Umbrum, Esta replies to his question cheerfully. "Of course! In the last task, I noticed that I am still missing many things in combat. For example, only having my arms cloaked in fire isn't that useful if the enemies are small. I can barely reach them then. Then, my Fire Cloak isn't flexible enough. I'm thinking of changing the spell to something more... more flexible, you know?"

    "Haha... Offensive spells are what I lack the most~ I always need to use my bow or my dagger to kill my enemies... I understand your problem~" Umbrum couldn't help but agree with him since he came back injured, then he remembered how he was harmed. He climbed on the basilisk's head and repetitively stabbed into its eyes, his arms were sinking into his head as the acid from its mouth was spit against his legs.
    "If I had some... maybe I wouldn't have been injured...?" Sincerely, he wasn't sure, it mostly depended on what spell he can get since he couldn't even learn the basics and simplest spells that exists. Just making a little fire which has the size of a finger was impossible to him.

    "The advantage of my spells is that a burning enemy isn't hard to fight." States Esta before trying to address Umbrum's worry. "I'm sure you will learn some offensive spells in the future, too. Maybe messing up a spell on purpose could do the trick? Anyway, we're almost there, right?"

    "Well, actually, I think I am more specialized at ambush and well... disturbing the enemy...? Though messing up with one of my spell...?"
    Making a limb disappear was obviously quite perturbing to everybody except someone who is used to it probably ? And messing up with ones of his spells...? He honestly didn't know with which one it may work. Maybe teleportation...? Actually, he wanted to call it Transportation since he can only use it with a few objects, and he is awful at it... Mirror is probably the only spell he can consider as Offensive ?
    Anyway, they entered the training ground quickly as a wide field was there.
    "Yes, we arrived~"

    "Ambushing and disturbing is good too! Maybe a good weapon would be enough." Unable to come to a conclusion, Esta decides to postpone this matter. "So, now that we have arrived, I'll first try the modification of Burning Hands, namely Burning Limbs, okay?"
    After taking a deep breath, Esta starts chanting: "I am the Flame, carrying a blaze in my limbs that always burns."

    Umbrum simply receded a little as he waited for him to finish his spell, then he wondered, thinking about what happened this night when he strangled him.
    "I can."
    The cloaked man replied even before he could ask his question, so... maybe the man could help him while fighting just like how he saved him ? Maybe...? Anyway, he continued to think as he prepared his own spell.

    'Shall reality disperse.' That was his silent chant at this moment, well, that's an illusion spell after all, he still never used it since he entered into the Magic Association.

    After a few seconds of waiting, Esta's spell starts to show its effect, and encases both his arms and legs with fire. Overjoyed, he can't help but let out a shout. "It works, yes!"

    As a wave of water splashed on Esta, Umbrum clapped and said with a smile as he noticed all of him limbs surrounded by flames.
    "Congratulation and no worries about the waves, that's just an illusion."

    "What!? Where did- an illusion?" Blinking a few times in confusion, Esta comes to the conclusion that Umbrum had cast a spell. "You can cast illusions? That's really amazing!"
    "Haha, that's for sure but just casting this one exhausted 3/4 of mana~ and I didn't even reproduced the sound... only the sight while only you could see it, in others word, this is a limited target spell.~" Umbrum replied after sratching his head, he was a bit embarrased by Esta's smile who seemed completely sincere at how he was impressed at his spell.
    "No, this is impressive! I'm sure it will get more and more impressive in the future! I tried illusions once, but they really don't seem to be my strength." At the end of this sentence, Esta is slightly dejected but shakes this off after another second.

    "I tried Fire Magic, I didn't succeed... I tried Water Magic, I didn't succeed... I tried many basics thing, but most of them concluded in a failure, I only could use something not really used like <Physical Enhancement> since just a fireball could stop me from moving or one that may kill its user if not strong enough like <Mirror>... then there is one that is unknown to all people while... the last one I can't even use it properly since I would aim wrong most of the time and also hurt myself~" Umbrum's voice seemed quite carefree as he said this. Most of the spells he used were self-hurting.
    "But, Mare's Nest, my illusion spell will probably get better one day but not now~"

    "Oh. Well, if I can help you, I will! You just have to ask, okay?"

    "Well, let's just continue training I suppose ? I mean, we still have a lot of time after all. And well, using more your Burning Limbs will probably help you to master it more quickly~" His voice seemed really cheerful as he drew out his dagger as he simply threw his dagger into the air, when it was close to thirty feet away from him, it was teleported next to his feet, almost piercing his own feet.
    "Oopps... well, it's not the shoulder at least...?"

    "That's dangerous! But yes, you are right. For now I will try to see if it works properly when I punch and kick." Said and done, Esta starts practicing kicks and punches with Burning Limbs active.

    Whistling, after using a mana crystal to recover half of his mana, Umbrum continued to throw his dagger then teleport back, twice in a row, it missed, the third time, it's almost pierced his side.
    "Oooopss~" Fortunately, he was already used to this as he avoided his own dagger, then the fourth time, it did reached his hand. It sunk into it.
    In others words, his hand was currently pierced by his own dagger, he quickly looked around and put his hand into his pocket as he decided to stop training for now, hoping that Esta didn't notice anything.
    "...Uuuuu... at least... I used the spell correctly this time...?"

    Having been too focused on performing the kicks and punches right, Esta really failed to notice. "Really? That's great! I think that Burning Limbs is working fine, so now I'd like to try a new version of Flame Cloak, okay?"

    "Sure, begin~ I will watch for a bit~" said Umbrum as with his unharmed hand, he threw his grimoire named <Umbrum> and teleported it back in his hand, well since it didn't make thirty feet of distance, it was easier to do this.
    After the first time, he stopped and wondered about what he could do to train then looked at Esta, having an idea. Training <Mirror>.

    "Hey~ would you like to launch your spell at me ?" His voice was simple as carefree as always.[

    "Mhm!" Taking a few seconds to decide on the new chant, Esta gets ready to cast the spell, until hearing Umbrum's question. "Well, I can, but it would be more of a solid flame that I may use to immobilize the enemy, for example entangling the enemy with a string of fire. Would that be okay?"

    "Sure, I want to test one of my spells, but it only works if my enemy is casting one, so that's perfect for me." Umbrum shrugged as his smile didn't change in the slightest.
    "The spell I want to train is Mirror~ I let you guess the effects~"

    "I'm not exactly sure, but I think I have an idea. So, I'll try now..." His eyes closed in concentration, Esta starts casting: "The fire that always burns, the hope that never dies, given form to aid me in my fight." Slowly, a floating flame starts appearing, shaped like a ring. After carefully prodding it and confirming that it is indeed solid, as it was intended, Esta proceeds to cast Fire Strike on it, aiming to have it drop down on Umbrum from above and then grow smaller in order to constrict him.

    "Hm." Looking above, Umbrum closed his eyes and said a few words before a magic circle form around his hand.
    "The broken glass shall reflect. <Mirror.>" As he felt his body burning despite not getting burnt, he bit his lips because of the pain as the same spell that Esta used was created in Umbrum's hand and launched at Esta however, at the same time, Umbrum entwined his own body as he said, feeling a fire that wasn't there burning and melting his skin which was completely fine.
    As always, that pain was fake, but it was one of the requirement of using Mirror.

    "So it really...! That's a strong spell!" Esta does a quick hop backward and, when the spell nears him, changes its trajectory with a high kick. "Amazing, Umbrum!"

    Argg...." Umbrum couldn't help but moan in pain instead of realizing that he was now trapped since strings of fire were tying up him. After finally noticing this, he couldn't help but exclaim on an awkward tone.
    "I feel like dying right now... Well... you got me~ I can't move anymore~" Umbrum struggled a bit to show that the flames that were formed around him was strictly restricting his movements.

    "Wait, are you alright!?" Upon noticing his plight, Esta hurries over to him and stops the spell.

    "No worries~ it hurt a bit... every replicated spells bring me pain, let's say... well, I felt like I was burning when I wasn't... " As the spell stopped, Umbrum simply supported himself with his crutch.
    "In fact, I am not even physically hurt~" So nothing was especially worrying.

    "Oh, that's good, I was really worried..."

    "I am sorry... I should have prevented you that it may happen... that's my fault." Quickly as the pain slowly disappeared, Umbrum deeply bowed to Esta who was seemingly worried about him.

    "No, I'm just glad you are fine. You don't have to apologize, really!" Says Esta, now less worried and more flustered.

    No I mean... you wouldn't have been worried if I prevented you, wouldn't you ?" Umbrum straightened himself and scratched his head as he averted his eyes, a bit embarrassed to have worried someone so quickly.

    "Well, yes, but..."

    "But you can't retort, do you ?" Umbrum smiled as he put both of his hands behind his back, as long as he stood still, he could discard temporary his crutch.
    "Anyway... did you spell worked ?" Well, he could just change the subject.

    "Yes, it worked! I'm really glad it did, thank you!" Struck with sudden inspiration, Esta remains silent for a few seconds, before asking Umbrum: "Do you think I could sew stuff with the solid flames?"

    "Sewing with solid flames...? Well... You can just sew with needles though...? What if you try to make a solid flame into a needle...?"
    Honestly, Umbrum thought that it was quite a weird idea, nevertheless, he didn't understand a lot of thing about basics element since he couldn't even master one spell of them.

    "I don't know. Thank you for the advice, though. I'll make sure to try it!" Happy to have found another possible way to grow, Esta starts humming.

    "That's good then... hmm... would like to continue training, or do something else if there is something to do ?" Umbrum asked as he didn't know what to do now, he couldn't risk continuing training teleportation considering his legs, Mirror needed Esta's help and considering his personality... while he didn't know if he could improve Edax Umbra or Mare's Nest without a guinea pig which was quite a bad idea in his opinion.

    "The Meeting Area sounds good." After a short pause, Esta, almost hesitant, asks: "We're friends now, right? Let's meet again soon, okay?"

    Umbrum somehow had trouble pronouncing this world, after some seconds of pure silence and a smileless face, he replied while having trouble about how to react properly.
    "Uhm.. y-yeah... we are friends...? Yes, we are~... We are friends !"

    Okay, I'm glad." Answers Esta, smiling.

    "Yes I am too..."
    Umbrum replied as he scratched his head while looking away.

    "Then let's go back, okay?" Says Esta after a short chuckle.

    "Sure, let's just go back."
    Umbrum coughed slightly before following Esta to go back to the Meeting Area.

    OOC: And yes, that is another SS which makes 2,2K words made with @Quaesitor ~ :blobmelt:
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    ((Phew, I was able to finish this before the event! \(^^)/

    Second part is kinda lewd, but nothing very heavy.

    Around 3700 words overall btw.))

    After I delivered my report, I was feeling really cold... I was going to get a cold for sure if I didn't move... But I was tired... And with a headache... And in pain... I wanted to lie down then and there... Agh! I hate this!

    I hoped on my broom and flew back to the inn, the heavy rain was really bothersome, but I just dealt with it. I was dripping wet when I got inside, and the girl on the counter saw that right away.

    "O-Onee-san! You shouldn't have gotten out under that heavy rain!" She said worriedly.

    "I'm fine, rather, could you prepare a bath for me? And some food later on? Your mother said I could get a discount if I paid in advance for a week..."

    "Ah, yes! We can cover one meal and the inn room per day for one week if you pay 4 Large Wooden Coins in advance!" She said cheerfully.

    "4...? I only have 2 though... I-I-" I felt a horrible feeling swelling up on my throat, I rushed to the window and puked outside... Agh, this is unusual... I guess I got sick as well...

    My sight was kinda blurry after puking, but... Wasn't the tone of it a bit too dark? I think it should be-


    "I'm okay." I interrupted her... Such a worrywart she is. "How much can I stay with 2 Large coins?"

    "With only 2... I can make it 3 days at most." She said a bit dejectedly... Such a good girl! Well, not as good as Firia though~

    "Yosh, this is good enough! Please prepare a bath for me, I'll get a cold otherwise!"

    "Ha-hai!" She took my coins and rushed to the back of the building.
    "Ah, you don't need to heat the water, I can do that myself! Just please bring it quickly!" I shouted to her. She gave me a confused look, but nodded and kept moving.

    I got into a corner of the room and saw her carrying buckets of water to the room... She worked pretty quickly, and those buckets didn't seem light... She is a real hardoworker!

    ... Come to think of it, I don't know her name, do I... I'll ask later I guess~

    "The bath is ready Onee-san! Though the water is still cold..." She warned me.

    "That's great! Thanks a lot!" I walked to the room and closed the door behind me.

    Then, I sat down on the spot with my back leaning on the door. It's a good thing I was wet, so she didn't see me... But I was sweating bucks, I felt really dizzy, and the pain was abnormally high... The painkillers should still be a bit in effect though... But I couldn't feel them working at all...

    I don't think I will be able to walk again today... I undressed on the spot, except my gloves, and made my broom slowly drag me to the bath.

    Haa... This is worst than normal... My thigs seem like they will explode if I take a single step... Just what in the world is happening...?

    I made the room lift me a bit in the air, but even that already made my arms ache... Agh... Still, it was enough to let me get my legs into the bathtub, while holding myself on the broom with one hand I took the rag out with the other... It was soaked, and there was very little water in it... Why is so much coming out?

    I put the rag down nearby and just let myself sank on the bath, leaving the room next to me so as to have it help me get out later, then I made a small fireball array aimed at the water to start heating it, I threw 4 of them before it was at a good enough heat, then I took my gloves off as well.

    With this I finally started relaxing... Ah, hot water really is best for relaxing... Makes the pain a lot easier to deal with... I think I will... Stay here... For a while...


    Mmm? What is it...? I'm tired, leave me be...


    Aaaaah... Just leave me alone...

    "Onee-san! Wake up Onee-san!!!"

    What is it!? I opened my eyes to a really blurred sight, I could barely see a thing... Ah, I'm so tired...

    "Finally, you woke up Onee-san! I couldn't get you out at all! Please move!" That was the voice of the inn girl... Why does she sound so worried...?

    I blinked a few times and tried wiping my eyes with my hands... And... Eh?

    Why are my hands... Red?

    I opened my eyes clearly, I was in the bathtub, and the water was still warm, so it hadn't been that long... But why is it so so red!?!?


    "That should be my reaction Onee-san! You should go to a healer if you're bleeding this much!!!" She was absolutely terrified... Well, so was I!

    "Ah... I will need another bath after this..."

    "This is what you're worrying about!?" She seemed incredulous, but...

    "Yeah! I can't simply go out while bathed in menstrual blood like that!?"

    "Menstrual...?" She tilted her head confused, but shook her head. "Nevermind that! You need to get out of this!"

    "On it on it... Give me a humid rag for me to wash my hands please!"

    "Why are you-?" She is way too worried!!!
    ... Understandbly so, but way too much!

    "It's okay, this much is normal, I just got a bit careless." It's not normal at all, but she doesn't need to know it. "Your mother can explain the details to you later, just bring me a humid rag, alright? And a big bucket with water for me to rinse myself please."

    "O-okay..." She didn't trust me at all, did she? Haa...

    She got out and came back in no time with the humid rag and an empty bucket that is big enough for me. "I'll be bringing the water for you!"

    "Alright, thanks!" She left again, so I cleaned my hands on the rag a bit before holding the broom to help me get out.. Good thing I had it, I was feeling really weak for some reason, getting out of the tub would be a serious hurdle.

    I leaned on it while dripping blood from my whole body... Well, I guess that's what happens when your blood fills the tub and mixes with the water... Haa, at least it isn't very thick because it was diluted.

    I could feel more blood dripping from down there though... So embarrassing... She is going to come back to see me like this!?

    I didn't have time to dwell on it though, as she quickly came back with a smaller bucket of water and poured it on the big one. Then she left again, she barely looked at me though... Well, probably because the naked girl dripping blood was a scary sight... Not that I minded, I didn't want anyone aside from Firia to see my naked body!

    After she brought two more buckets, I thanked her and asked to have dinner prepared, she quickly nodded and ran away again... Ah, I'm scaring her now, she thinks I'm dying... Oh well, this doesn't last too long at least. I'll be back to normal in no time!

    It was a hard effort to rinse myself though, my legs were trembling a lot, and the pain came back with double force, I was pretty sure I couldn't stay on my two feet on my own, so I had to keep on holding the broom with one hand, the other one was used to rinsing. I couldn't enter the bucket either, because the blood that is still coming out would just dirty the whole water... Seriously, stop coming out so fast!

    It took a while, but I was done... Though that area was still dirtied with blood, but... Well, I can't do much about that, I was already surprised I was able to use soap and water on my whole body with a single hand.

    I let my broom drag me near my clothes for a bit before taking another rag and putting it in place, then I just got to the bed and laid down naked... I wanna sleep...

    "Onee-san! Dinner is ready!" She knocked on the door... Oh right, I asked to have dinner brought over... I covered myself with the blankets and asked.

    "Can you bring it here? I think I can't go all the way there..." Which was true... Well, not by myself, though I just didn't want to get out of bed.

    "G-got it!" She brought the food in and I thanked her. She decided to take a peek at the bathroom, only to see the amount of blood on the ground which clearly gave her a shock... I'm also surprised, okay!? It's not usually that bad!

    "I'm... Going to call mom!" She left again... Oh dear, I have a feeling I'll be in debt again... Well, let's eat!

    I had barely started eating when her mother arrived, a quick look at the bathroom made her expression grim.

    "Is it always this bad?" She asked... Good thing her daughter wasn't around.

    "It's always terrible, but... Not this terrible... I'm feeling a lot more pain and I'm weaker than normal too..." I confessed, she looked at me kindly.

    "Got it, I'll prepare another painkiller for you tomorrow and you should go at the healer's tent to have it checked out... I recommend letting it run freely while you're on bed by the way, you can get an infection if you leave it there while sleeping." Dear Lucky, I'm not getting into debt again!? This is so great!

    "Understood! I'll be sure to rest properly then!"

    She nodded before adding... "Good, do that, we'll discuss the extra you need to pay after you're feeling better, leaving my daughter this flustered and causing us this much work isn't cheap, you know?" I knew it... T.T


    "Rest well, Iria will come take the food later." She said before leaving... Iria? Such a cute name~
    Not as cute as Firia of course, but it's close!

    I ate the rest of the food without hurry, I really felt no hunger at all, but I knew I needed to eat, so I gulped it down anyway. After finishing, I put the bowl of food on the ground and took the rag out... It was already blooded out again... Really, what is wrong with me?

    I just left it a bit far from the food bowl and decided to sleep already... I was tired.

    "Onee-san! Wake up!!"

    I felt very dizzy, and my headache was killing me... Not as much as the pain in my abdomen though. I wanted to puke, but I held it in somehow... Ah, right, this was the inn girl's voice...

    "Uhn... Morning?" I asked.

    "Morning!? We already cleaned the whole bathroom and let your clothes near you, but you refused to wake up! The sun is soon going to be at its peak, you know? Mom even prepared your medicine already!" She pointed to the side of the bed... I wasn't seeing things properly, but I think I saw a green thing there...? Oh! And those look like my clothes.

    "Can you... Help me drink it? I think I will drop it otherwise..." I asked her weakly... My voice felt kinda hoarse... Agh.

    "Ha-hai!" She brought it near me and helped me drink the solution... Tasted horrible, but I could feel my sight getting a bit better... Was I unable to focus because of the pain? Dear Lucky, this was horrible. It usually gets better as time passes not worse...

    "Thanks! Uhn... Give me a bit of time to dress up, I'll go see a healer then." She just nodded and left with the bowl with the medicine... Now let's see...

    I used my broom to drag myself again, I took a quick pick at the blood mark I left on the bed, and it was by no means something I ever left before... Something is seriously wrong.

    They also left a rag for me, so I put it in, then I dressed up... It was such a hassle to do everything while leaning on the broom... But they didn't leave it too close to the bed for me to dress up while sitting there... And I didn't want to sit again with that much blood there...

    After I finished dressing up, I took the effort to hop on my broom, again with both legs on one side, and then left through the door... It felt so weird after getting used to flying through windows, but I didn't want to bend my body, it hurt too much.

    Luckily, today wasn't raining, so I was able to reach the infirmary without much trouble,
    I saw the usual healer I saw the other times over there.

    "Oh, coming to help again?" She asked with a grin.

    "No... As a patient this time-" I felt something coming out as soon as I started talking, I leaned my head to my back and puked right there... It was filled with blood. More blood than food.

    "I'm... Feeling pretty bad..."

    "I can see that, come on, let's go in." She led me to a separate room in which she had treated me before.

    "So, what caused this?" She asked.

    "I... Don't know? I was just feeling in pain as usual because of my period, but suddenly blood started flowing like crazy, then I started feeling more pain than ever before, then I started puking, fainting, feeling dizzy and... And now I'm here."

    "Nothing else happened? Just a supposedly normal period?" She seemed surprised... So am I! Things aren't supposed to be like this!

    "Uhn... Yeah?"

    "Alright, lay down on the bed." I flew towards it and did as she told me. "Now spread open your legs." Eh?

    She didn't wait for me and spread it herself, then she put her hand in and started taking my panties off-

    "Wa-wait a-"

    "Shut up and let me do my job." Her voice was too stern... Scary!

    I ended up letting her do as she pleased, she took it off, then the rag and looked at it with a worried face, before looking at my... Ah, this is sooo embarrassing!!!! >///<

    "There really is way too much blood coming outside... Wait a bit." She moved away and I closed my legs... Ah, this felt horrible.

    She came back in no time with a big box with a new rag, a lit candle and a bucket of water, as well as an empty bucket.

    "Now open up."

    "What are you-"

    "Now!" I didn't have the force to retort, so I did as she told me, she put the rag on the water a bit to make it humid, then started cleaning the...

    I felt very hot, and started sweating, some weird moans also came out of my mouth... Ah, this is the worst... Please let this end already...

    She then approached the candle near it... I wasn't thinking very straight, what is she going to do there...?

    "Hmmmmm... It seems like some blood vessels ripped open... And others seem very fragile too... Wait a bit."

    I didn't understand much of what she was saying, but she left... What am I supposed to do now...?

    I didn't move and just waited... I felt absolutely horrible... I wanna sleep... It hurts so much, and I'm still feeling hot...

    She came back with 5 more people... Eh? Why do they need so many?

    They each held my arms and legs in place, with the last one holding my neck and putting something on my mouth.

    "Sorry, it will hurt, a lot." The healer said, she didn't use the sadistic tone she gave me the first time, but a genuinely sorry one... Just what is-

    She put the candle inside! I felt it burning, it was terrible, and at the same time made me feel a weird sort of pleasure! Stop it! Agh, it hurts! I tried moving to stop her, but I was firmly held in place.

    She moved the candle and I made some moans come out as it burnt me again! Aaaah, please stop! Pleaaase...

    She burnt me one or two more times before she took it out... A weird white liquid came with it as well... Was that wax? I don't know, it was hurting too much...

    "Well, the worst passed already." She put her hands over my weak part this time, instead of inside it, and a warm light came out of her hands. It felt soothing... Ah... It really did feel a lot better...

    After a while she stopped, and the others let go of me and took the thing out of my mouth... Second time I'm restrained while people hurt me for my own good... Hopefully a third one doesn't come...

    She sighed and talked to me in a calm tone. "I burned your wounds to forcefully stop the flow of blood, I'm afraid my magic simply isn't good enough to cure internal wounds like those. Good thing they were relatively easy to get.

    I don't know what happened to you, but this is definitely no normal period reaction... Try to be careful and think about it, alright? There ought to be something that caused it." I nodded at her.

    "Well, that's about it, it's gonna cost you 10 Large Wooden Coins this time."

    ... Eh? "I... Don't have nearly enough..." I blurted out...

    "It's okay, you can gather it and pay us later, just make sure to get it, alrighty~?" Her smile was so so terrifying... Where is the nice healer that was here a while back!?

    "UI-understood!" I gulped. I will have to work hard to get this much... Ugh...

    "Well, with this settled, please excuse us, we still have a lot of work to do... Ah, you should still put a rag there, alright? Your normal period isn't over." Great...

    I took another rag from my pocket and put it in, before putting my panties back... I felt defiled.

    Still, my body did feel considerably better... Was a wound there doing that much?

    I got on my broom and got back to the inn.
    Back at the inn, I met with the girl that rushed over to see if I was alright... I'm not dying, okay!?

    What was her name again...? Ah, Iria, just like Firia, but without the Flaming love~

    "I'm fine Iria... I'm not dying or anything... Rather, I just got healed, okay?" I gave her a cheerful smile, see? I'm good I'm good!

    "Ah you... I didn't tell Onee-san my name though...?" She seemed mixed between confusion, relief and doubt... Remove the doubt! I'm alright!

    "Ah, your mother told me! A-anyway! I'm fine I'm fine! I swear I am!"

    "Hmmmm... Okay, ah, mom wanted to see you when you were back!" See me? Ah, the debt... Great.

    "Got it..." I said depressively, she went to the back to call her mom, and I just waited, she arrived before long.

    "Better now?" She asked.

    "Y-yes! Thank you for all the help, turns out it was a somewhat worrying issue."

    She nodded. "Regarding the payment... 5 small copper cois."

    My jaw dropped open, and I couldn't give her any reply... I pulled a nearby chair and sat down while fanning myself with my hand.

    "Your blood impregnated the wood, we had no choice but to throw that bed out and get a whole new one, you're paying for it." She said bluntly, giving me no room to escape.

    "I have no money... I don't even have enough to pay for my treatment at the infirmary..." I pleaded.

    "Well, you better find some. You don't need to pay now, since you have been a frequent customer, but you better get the whole amount and pay up properly, or I'll have you spend your resting days on a jail instead of in an inn." She wasn't joking at all... Oh dear Lucky, why did you abandom me...? Should I stop calling you Lucky to see if you return?

    "U-understood... I... Will do my best to gather the money, just... I don't think I will be able to on the next 2 or 3 days, as I still feel horrible at this time of the month... Is... Is this alright?" I begged her.

    "You already paid for this much, you can stay, but you better start paying your debt starting the day after."

    "Tha-thank you very much!" I bowed... Why do I have to thank her for giving me such a huge debt...?

    I was really tired now, so I retired back to the room, undressed, changed the rag for a new one, and slept right away... I woke up at some point to change the rag, bathe and eat, but then I just went back to bed... Well, that was my usual routine at this time anyway, it's why I needed money for it... orz

    The following day was basically the same, just resting, eating and bathing... I was kinda hungry at the end of it though, only one meal per day isn't that fulfilling...

    Well, the third day came and I had no more booked room for myself, so I got breakfast, that they gave me as courtesy, and then got ready to leave... I'll need to work very hard now... T.T

    At least my Mana reserve is filled now, resting 2 days had its benefit.
    Aria is not an M btw, she just had a hand and a candle moving inside her sensible area in a moment it was a lot more sensible than normal.

    I hope it's okay to put this kind of description there, it's not the usual type of thing I write, but it was a nice experience~
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    A bit of a boring SS of Trima passing some time by herself away from other people.
    After receiving the rewards for completing her first task, Trima left the task building and stared at the coins.

    These are...made of wood...

    Pondering over how she felt about the economy using wood as its source material, she wondered where she should store the coins in her hands. I can't really put them with the enchanted items I made, since these are used to get items and I don't know when I might need to use them. Perhaps if I store them inside my trunk for now, then I can take them out whenever I want. Yes, I'll do that!
    Having decided where she would store the money, she then made her way towards her secluded spot, making sure no one noticed where she was going.

    Still holding the items from her task, she finally reached her spot and placed the items on the ground. Now, I need to keep these safe so I don't have to carry them everywhere I go, perhaps a storage tree could do. Touching a nearby tree, she used her wood manipulation magic to hollow out its insides and open it up. Storing the items within, she then closed off the hole and used the inner wood to make several thorny trees surrounding the main tree.

    It was quite late in the night once she had finished her work, and she dug her roots into the ground, passively activating her replenishing spell as she turned to a more tree-like form, resting for the night and feeding on the nutrients in the soil. As she went into her hibernation state, her roots connected to the nearby plants - passively activating her natural sense spell - and dreamed of all the information they had gathered.

    As the sun rose, Trima woke up - as did the rest of the vegetation surrounding her. Having had her mana continually replenished as she had her spell passively activated, her mana capacity had increased once more - much like it did every time she used what she had learned to be magic. Taking this opportunity of feeling refreshed, she began to practice using the mana within her to help her gain even more control over herself and her surroundings.

    At first, she began focusing on herself, she utilised her innate natural sense and used her mana to thoroughly explore the inner workings of her own body. After remaining in this state for roughly 10 hours, she cancelled the spell and contemplated her findings.
    So I have water running through my body which helps nourish and keep it strong and supple. seems it has been affected by the mana flowing through me.

    Concentrating on the mana in the water, she began to sense the nature of it, its free-flowing movement and flexibility.

    Trima spent the rest of the day studying the water within her. Once it turned to night, she halted her observations and returned to her hibernation state as she had the night before. The next day, she continued to study the water, expanding her observations to a few cm around her body.

    Night fell once again, and Trima repeated the night and day process for a few days. Every passing day, her range of observation increased; with every passing day, her understanding of water began to solidify more than before.

    . . .

    After about 2 weeks of her learning about the water around her, she eventually began to try using mana on it. At first, she waited until dawn before attempting to move the dew that had formed on her leafy hair. After an hour of concentrating on a single drop of dew, her efforts began to bear fruit. She had successfully managed to lift the dewdrop off her leaf a few mm into the air. Elated over her progress, she breathed a sigh of relief - the most human thing she had ever done since gaining sentience. Not wishing to forget the feeling of moving the dewdrop, she resumed her concentration, every now and then moving the dewdrop again.

    Another week went past and Trima's growth was impressive, to her at least. She had managed to lift the dewdrop a good 10 cm into the air, as well as another 4 dewdrops about 1 cm into the air at the same time. Of course, she could only do this for about a minute before they fell down again, but this was still a massive achievement to Trima. All of those years of observing the people she came across, of slowly learning how to better control her body, to speak, to read and write. It all took great effort, time and a determined patience for her to understand how to do them. Compared to those things, this was somehow easier for her to do, as if it was knowledge she already had but had just not accessed the memory before; her training now slowly turning the key to unlocking it.

    A month since she had first started learning more about herself, she could now gather the dewdrops into one fist-sized ball for about 10 seconds before it lost its shape and seeped into her bark. Happy with having learned more about herself, she ceased her practice and recalled all of the information she had gathered from the root network she had connected to every night.

    A plethora of herbs all around and some of those 'magical beasts' that the humans have difficulty dealing with...well, I'd better return to the Association building and see what other things I can learn. What better way to do it than by doing another task?

    Uprooting herself from the ground and assuming her human appearance once more, she made her way back to the task building, a little anxious over what she would do next.
    - Enchanted items have been stored and hidden in a secluded spot.
    - Money is stored inside Trima's body.
    - Trima is starting to learn how to use water manipulation magic, but hasn't fully grasped it yet and so hasn't created a spell for it atm.

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    Side story about Cadmium and Joan's visit to a pub after the barrier checking quest

    Cadmium and Joan have entered into a bar after their major success in the Barrier checking task and are looking in shops for different forms of entertainment that this city may hold.

    This particular bar, named "The Lucky Drake" was located close to the Association dorms, owned by a dragonkin named Tormund. People in the know joked that he was named like that, because his complaints in private felt like an attic door opening, with all the stuffed in items falling on your face. There was truly a lot to complain about, as association members were in fact rather eccentric, and often their only friend was the guy pouring the drinks.

    Suffice to say, he knew a lot about things, and kept his mouth shut when appropriate, though this was not the reason they both entered here. It's just that both Cadmium and Joan sat down exactly in front of the bar, as all the tables had been taken.

    "Ah, finally. I need a drink... Cadmium I don't think this place serves water, but you should still order something, so we don't get thrown out. I'll drink it for you." Joan winked.

    Nah I'll order a Vodka for this I'm probably going to need it.

    Joan wracked her memory about the drink, remembered the smell and the vomit, and whistled.
    "You sure can hold liquor. What are the insides of a golem like you made of anyway?"

    “Well it really depends on the golem but I am not a golem *Cadmium is doing hand signals here to tell Joan not to talk about this.* however I can't hold liqueur until it reaches above a certain alcohol concentration which is 50%. Or below 0.1% alcohol in a drink and it has very little affect on my mental state so I can even drink a dwarf under the table if the alcohol concentration is high enough otherwise I get sick like when we went to Marden.”

    "You sure you're not? What with that weird kind of tolerance." Joan laughed. "Barkeep, give me some of that Nylliac Ale you got."

    “Of course not it's a genetic condition every single one of my brothers and sisters had it as well I remember when my youngest sister drank a dwarf under the table.”

    "Sure, miss. And what will you want?" Tormund asked Cadmium, as he was pouring her drink.

    “Ahh I'll have a 75% vodka if you have some of that stuff otherwise anything with a higher alcohol content please and I'll be sick if it's not at that level.”

    "Speaking of the neigbours, here is the furthest Southeast on the continent I've been. Well, if we discount the ports. All I know about that country is that the drinks are good."

    "We don't have that kind of drink. Lzarier recently stopped the export of dwarven alcohol, due to some sort of diplomatic mishap. If you want something as tough, there's this, however" the dragonkin towered above Cadmium with a bottle "You need to answer a quiz."

    “What kind of quiz would this be?”

    "It will be about geography and history. I'm a bit of an enthusiast myself, so I'm always looking for a fellow. This special drink will only be allowed to the right kind of people. Do you wish to start?"

    "Wow, I never knew you could get drinks by answering questions. I'll go study hard, Barkeep!"

    "This is a special offer, for the rest of the stuff, you have to pay."

    "Aw, damn." Joan pouted, and sipped her ale.

    “Yeah I'll start but don't expect to much modern history from me I'm not to update with it.”

    "Strange choice of words. Well let's begin with the first question. Where is the capital of Schattelicht located?"

    "Oh, I know that one! Hehe!" Joan teasted Cad.

    “It was centered around the ascension point of the original God but the religion seems to have changed since then but the capital hasn't moved and it has stayed around the major house of the pope.”

    "Very good, but that's not the actual answer of the question. The capital of Schattenlicht is located on the shore of which large lake?"

    “Schattenlicht's major export town which is often confused as the capital Allegary is near a large lake however the actual capital itself isn't near a large lake only the river Lurmurdiya merchants might say otherwise but well they are wrong as the true government and capital is at Ophilia a much more defensible position that is closer to the sky.”

    "Speaking of exports, what is the most major product that Schattenlicht makes?"

    “This would be faith if you count that otherwise it depends to much when we are talking about such as originally their other major export was healing of all kinds especially physical but it has likely changed to assassins for hire in the recent years but for merchants it's definitely the Schattenlicht Fire weed (drugs) or Lighting devices depending on the countries stance on this issue.”

    "Schattenlicht's economy is rather weird, isn't it? Well then, what currency and denominations do they use?"

    “This is going to take a while to explain as they have 3 different currencies depending on were you come from and your job. All country residents are given credits (similar to communist Russia) for what they can buy. Merchants from outside have to buy products with their own countries cash and "pilgrims" turn their own cash into the Schattenlicht ivory coins with all different types of ivory used to make them which are judged by how white they are. The coins and paper are all enchanted to stop forgeries and they give each country it's own arbitrarily decided ratio at anyone time so it becomes even harder to explain the intricacies of the system.”

    The Ivory coins classifications
    · 50% black 50% white ivory 1 coin
    · 60% black 40% white ivory 100 coin
    · 40% black 60% white ivory 500 coin
    · 70% black 30% white ivory 1000 coin
    · 30% black 70% white ivory 5000 coin
    · 80% black 20% white ivory 10000 coin
    · 20% black 80% white ivory 50000 coin
    · 90% black 10% white ivory 100000 coin
    · 10% black 90% white ivory 500000 coin
    · 100% black Ivory coin 10000000
    · 100% white ivory coin 50000000

    "Might as well give you your drink now, but one last question. What is the main class of ship sported by the legendary Schattenlicht navy?"

    “Sure they have a legendary navy but BellowGravia's should still be better right? Anyway I believe that the major warship they have is the Magical Man-O-War which is a heavy warship used to transport magicians and reinforce their combat capabilities on sea whilst having the same strength without a magician as a Man-O-War.”

    Tormund nodded, and poured Cadmium a large glass of the drink. The smell of the exceptionally strong alcohol cause Joan to pinch her nose, and say
    "That stuff is comparable to Lzarier dwarven booze, alright. It actually smells even stronger."

    "It's a drink with medicinal properties." Stated Tormund matter of factly.

    Cadmium proceeds to sip a small quantity of the alcohol to have a slight taste. It tastes like almonds mixed with vodka. He then proceeds to drink it like it was in a shot glass. "Well that was refreshing now then wasn't it. Also I think the medicinal properties of this is for disinfecting internal wounds especially ones in the gut."

    "It also clears away certain types of parasites, as it's made out of a certain Belgard fruit that is toxic to them. You're drinking a very rare treat there, my friend. This is the rival to the Lzarier Knightblaze, which is an actual type of vodka. This is something else!" Tormund kept advertising what Joan considered to be lamp fuel, and poured Cadmium another glass.

    "Speaking of the Knightblaze, I once saw a whole squadron of Lzarier cavalry drinking the stuff directly from kegs. What happened next was they picked up a dog, they captured from somewhere, tied it with a rope, and spun it around in the air, expending the charges of their lightning bills around it. They kept calling the dog "King of the Mountain" and sung songs praising him. What kind of weird ritual was that anyway?"

    Tormund was silently stroking his chin, pondering the question.

    “That wasn't a ritual that was them getting extraordinarily drunk.
    Anyway this has the taste of almond juice mixed with a very high quality Vodka and Lzarier Knightblaze is a drink that I haven't heard of before but I think that if it's able to be made in barrels for military service it is highly overrated alcohol which is only expensive because of artificial scarcity similar to what happens to diamonds.”

    "Ah, perhaps you my friend are not aware of the legend of the King of the Mountain?" Tormund grinned, a mouth full of sharp teeth.

    "You mean that wolfkin that was said to have ruled over the North back in ancient times?" Joan asked.

    "It's not a wolfkin, it's a gigantic wolf, said to be defeated by the first King of the North with his cunning. It's what they base the Lzarier's King's Right to Rule to this day."

    "So it was in fact some kind of rite?"

    "By all means no, they were simply very drunk, and did a tasteless joke. That wolf is said to return one day to reclaim his lands, and they were probably defeating it, so to speak. As for artificial scarcity, that's the general policy up there. The country cannot afford to export cheaply, as there isn't enough production to meet those needs. Lzarier is generally poor in all aspects, except their military."

    “No I just meant towards that not being a ritual however the wolf wasn't defeated because of cunning at all but because of it's old age and the kings tremendous physical prowess that's why military might is such a highly cultivated aspect in Lzarier. “
    Cadmium takes another shot of the alcohol and no changes can be seen in his demeanour.

    "Be that as it may, most of their territory is now Schattenlicht's, and according to them, also Belgard's. You catkin, do you perhaps know something about the Faith of the Seven?"

    "No, not really. And I'm Joan. There isn't much of anything written down, and the Lzarier don't talk much about it with outsiders. I haven't had a friendly contact with anybody in Belgard, but I assume they are the same."

    "Yes, it's practically an entirely oral tradition, and they are very secretive about it. It's said that Schattenlicht has problems with their converts near the Lzarier Mountain Range to this day, and couldn't root the disbelievers out from among the flock, despite constantly trying to do so by all means. I heard the clergy offer an extra special service among these parts, as well, though the population somehow isn't keen on those offers." Tormund lectured for a bit

    "The Schattenlicht clergy are pretty good at what they do, but I doubt any kind of clerical service can compete with BellowGravia's. That island is the center of the world, as far as trade and entertainment are concerned."

    "Oh? And what might you mean by that?" Tormund's grin reappeared in a teasing manner.

    "Don't you want to know? But let's start with the games and the betting. That's perhaps the most common and one of the most exciting aspects of BellowGravia, that is rarely seen elsewhere in the Free World. Do you know about those, Cadmium?"

    “Well they have so many different games so why don't we just start with that and leave betting as if you can get people to place money on it and your more likely to earn from their placements it is done. The most well known game from what I have personally seen seems to be Bloodbowl which is a very weird name for a game that has nothing to do with bowling. “

    “Bloodbowl has a team appearing from each country within it generally having people who have been in service to one of the more elite corps within the country who have been given leave from service to participate in what is probably the second most dangerous game I have ever heard of.”

    "Ho? Is that what you were refering to, Joan?"

    "When you talk about Bellowgravian games it has to be the Bloodbowl, right? There seems to have been a change of rules recently, to make it even more bloody. I wonder if we can get leave from the Association next year to go watch the championship. Actually, we should participate!"

    "You are awfully excited about this..." The dragonkin sighed.

    "It's what gets my blood pumping! Part of my combat style is based on the previous international champion's vanguard, as well."

    "Novelias Foruim hasn't had a team participate in over three decades. I doubt that policy will change any time soon."

    "Well it should!" Joan pouted.

    “Actually we have had a team participate in everyone of those years it's just not listed as from Novelias Foruim but as one of the merchant run clubs as the nobles personally pay for the team members. But what really you should watch is the cat racing using lightning pumas and on the rarest occasion lightning jaguars.”

    "If I wanted to watch a cat run around, I'd just carry a mirror around, wouldn't I? Well, it beats horse races."

    "You sound awfully self-depreciating for a beastkin. Be more proud of your heritage."

    "There is nothing to be proud of, we're just half something or the other."

    "I see." The dragonkin merely uttered, but seemed to be offended.

    Cadmium pauses like he is trying to recall something very important. “Ohh yes I forgot about this but BloodBowl was once a non-contact sport how weird is that.”

    "Not at all, I think" Tormund turned to Cadmium. "I've heard Mystere has a flying non-contact sport, but I don't know what it is. Also there is the local flyball dueling, where you have to keep a ball over a net with the help of strange netted paddles, however it seems only the aristocracy organizes and watches the matches."

    “Riders in the wind is the official name for Mystere's game but many people seem to call it bribery of the highest order for some reason and Mystere always wins the games so no one really cares for it.

    But back onto cat racing you do realise that the cats are chasing after a human running above them in a maze and that is why it is so fun. Especially when the runner gets caught by the big cats.”

    "Oh, so you have seen it for yourself, I take it? To me it's just a betting race, like any other. I guess it's fun to watch when a volunteer fails the run, just for the sheer stupidity of the person, but that gets old rather quick. Sports should be about actual contests between the self-aware. Man has already won against beasts, after all, or they wouldn't be there in the first place."

    “Not recently no and it sounds like the lightning pumas have become far less intelligent then when I last saw them and far more aggressive than they used to be from your description they originally entered into that competition as a means of keeping humans out of their territory the more people they caught the longer the pact would last but times seem to have changed since then from what I hear.”

    "Magic beasts in generall seem to not possess much of an intellect. We would be done for if they did, since they have been around for nearly a century. Speaking of magic beasts,BellowGravia's flag seems to have a couple of them on it, and has had them since they got established. There weren't any magic beasts back then, so I wonder where they got the idea from?"

    “Hmmm I think it used to be a major naval cartel during the legendary era and that is why they have that flag and were able to hold onto such prime real-estate as it isn't worth going through the navies of BellowGravia even though the big three definitely can do it.”

    Cadmium pauses and takes a look around him to see if any merchantmen are nearby. “Meanwhile the big three are the biggest benefactors from the trade over there, as well as the banks, currency and information exchanges it runs as a completely neutral fourth party.”
    Cadmium says this very very quietly to the barman and Joan. “Finally if it wasn't for BellowGravia, the three superpowers' currencies wouldn't be able to circulate outside their own continents properly as the other members of the big three would try to stop them from bringing their money in directly, and thus making them dependent solely on the trade with immediate neighbours, causing those neighbours to hold undesired political power over them, which in turn would mean either constant warring or losing overall national power for the big three.”

    "That sounds to be right. They have been getting ahead of themselves recently, by supplying Marden with weapons and naval technology, however." Joan said.

    "It should go both ways. Marden has always been a center of innovation. Your handcannon is also one of those." Tormund added.

    "Is it? I kinda lifted it off the corpse of a naval officer one day, and never really wondered about its origin."

    "Yours is a rather large variant. They are typically much smaller, but deadly nevertheless. It used to give Marden an edge when dealing with magic beasts, but that was before they became a Union."

    "Hmm, maybe I can go to BellowGravia through a Marden port..." Joan began to dream aloud.

    “Why not just go from one of Novelias Foruims ports we do have direct shipping between the two countries after all and it's not like you will get in trouble for going there for entertainment or anything as people visit all the time.”

    "I'm being frugal with my vacation days. There is something I have to do..."

    "Going back to Lzarier or something? Or maybe Belgard?"

    "No, if I see another flag with horses on it, or a tree for that matter, I'm going to puke. Let them duke it out without my involvement. I'm now an official mage, anyway, I doubt Lzarier will be able to afford my services."

    Cadmium scratches his head not understanding this matter in the slightest. “Since when did we have vacation days I just thought we had to do a set amount of tasks to do each year?”

    "It's how I circumvented the recall clause in my contract. I need to be here some of the time, regardless whether I'm on a task or not, but during my off time, I'm free to go wherever, so long as I return on a predetermined schedule. It applies even during wartime, though then I'd be losing out if I don't join the draft, anyway.

    You probably don't have one of those, since you never assaulted a Novelias merchant caravan." Joan laughed bitterly.

    “No I have never had a chance to do as much otherwise I would definitely have done so for a quick cash grab after slaughtering all the merchants and guards at night and checking for strength of the mages in the group beforehand.”

    "Just make sure not to do so under mercenary contract. Novelias has a rather effective spy network. Even the magic guards stalk the city unseen."

    Tormund revealed a tooth, when he heard that last sentence, but quickly covered it back up. Joan felt a sudden inexplicable chill, so she quickly corrected herself.

    "We shouldn't attack our host country's caravans, though."

    “Of course but it's not like I plan on attacking any caravans in the near future that I come across I do have a shred of morals after all and I won't need any money for a long time to come so it would be a foolish endeavour to partake in when the likelihood of failure and as such consequences are so high. Also who would attack a caravan in such a heavily fortified country as this is it would be a death sentence hence why I haven't had the chance.”

    "Let's hope you never do. It would be sad to lose a friend over a bit of coin. I think you can help me make some better bullets, by the way? Want to go do that?" Joan was getting a bit uncomfortable with the conversation.

    “Sure I can, but I would never steal from a merchant caravan for a bit of coin as coin is to easy to trace the way it's manufactured it would have to be other things such as slaves to arouse my interest in stealing.”

    "Have you seen any slaves around Novelias, friend?" Tormund grinned.

    “Yes I have seen slaves around Novelias it's just that they aren't legal to sell it doesn't mean they don't exist.”

    "Ho? I might use some new barmaids around. I wonder if a market exists within this city." Tormund poured Cadmium another drink of the good stuff.

    "Hmm... I guess I'll have another ale." Joan shrugged. She began to think Cadmium had no real experience with people, but now wasn't a good time to explain this kind of thing.

    “No clue not going to find out ever unless I need to break it up.” Cadmium replies.

    "Do you have a grudge against slavers, Cad?" Joan asked.

    No I don't I just don't want to get involved in something that will become far more trouble than it is worth and it doesn't always make sense to me why people are sold indefinitely as slaves without having anyway out and then their children even will stay as slaves.

    "Ah, that's an interesting topic." Tormund said.

    "What's so interesting about slaves?" Joan groaned.

    "Slavery is based on the concept of a life debt, you see. It's the one area where men would measure equals in difference to each other, and the only way for a king to lose his right to power. It can be anything from a brigand sparing a life and taking the person into slavery, to divine pennance for a sin that transgresses the rules of the world, turning one into a slave for eternity, usually unless they can buy themselves back."

    And sometimes they are just late paying one small enchanted wooden coin to a debt collector and so get sold for life to some slaver with no possible way of escaping from servitude because of the countries laws thats why I dislike the current slavery system.

    "Well, that's why slavery isn't legal in Novelias. There are other ways to penalize debtors for defaulting. The market can't function without loans, however, so there's that."

    "Unlike Lzarier, where the market functions on the whims of the government. Well that's why they are so poor, after all."

    "I wouldn't say that, Joan, their problems have more to do with magic. At least historically."

    “Anyway lets stop here with this chat on slaves,” Cadmium takes the third shot of alcohol “and move onto this question of Joan’s before on increasing her bullet power unless she has something to say about slavery?”

    "I'd rather talk about bullets. Currently the problems are two. First is the bullet range. The balls simply don't fly as far, as I'd like them to. Second is the lack of lead on the market, right now. It's the best material for bullets out there, and somehow it's not available through any normal means!"

    "Currently most of all lead on the market is being bought out by the Alchemists for research purposes, I heard. Even the King got petittioned by the court magician about this recently, but since there is a low demand for it elsewhere, he just bought out the remainder for himself, and now merchants only sell to the Alchemists or Crown." Tormund made Joan think owning a bar somehow turned one more informed than Mystere's spy network.

    “How about trying some other metals to make your bullets since their is a lead shortage such as tungsten or Cadmium. We should go and try this out later today if we pass by the forge in town and their is room for some experimentation so you can get a feel for the different bullet types. But distance is easier to solve all you need is a purer form of gunpowder I guess you don't have all that pure gun powder at the moment right.”

    "Cad, I sometimes wonder where you get all that knowledge from. What element is Cadmium, anyway? In my twenty two years of life, I've researched and read through libraries whenever I could, tortured people for information, and stolen crafting secrets from a couple of nations, just to get where I am today. It's unfair." Joan sighed "I'm done with my ale. Let's go before the blacksmiths close up."

    “I'll tell you when we are alone sometime it's a family secret you see. Anyway thanks for the drink mr. Tormund.”

    "My doors are always open for interesting customers! Godspeed!" Tormund announced, though he was looking strangely at the two.

    When they left, he was cleaning the shot glass with narrowed eyes, thinking about the next report. He would need to know more about that blue man, especially now that he was getting along with a person on the watchlist.

    "Dammed guild receptionists are everywhere these days aren't they." Cadmium whispers to Joan

    "He's probably works for the watchers. They won't bother you, unless you disturb order in town, so it's fine, I think. Best be careful, though." Joan whispered back.
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    Here is the compilation of the first event on Aria's POV!

    The original post is the aftermath which isn't in quote form.

    Well, the golem isn't rising, the smoke cleared... Okay, it's dead! Now to get back to the inn and...

    Why in Lady Luck's name are there so many monsters near us!? >.<

    Alright then... Time for explosions!!!

    I flew up and started throwing fireballs left and right... Really, flight is such a cheat, even if it takes a bit for me to cast each fireball, they can't do much... Hooray me!!!

    Wait... Why was I killing those monsters again?

    ... Oh right, I guess it will help those other two get away... Well, my job is done, so... Bye bye! ^^)/

    I flew away back to the inn, I wanna rest already... Though I don't think I have money for one night stay... And I'm in debt and... orz

    Let's just check if things are alright first, I can deal with it later.

    The path to the inn was... Surprisingly peaceful? Really, I couldn't find any other monsters on the way... or people for that matter.

    When I reached it, I couldn't see that knight anywhere... J-just what the-!?

    I immediately flew in through the window worriedly, only to find...

    "What in Lady Luck's name!?"

    The knight was peacefully eating! Eating! What about the monsters!? What if more monsters came!?

    There were a few other people resting peacefully too...

    "O-Onee-san! You're back!" Iria hugged me tightly "I was so worried!!!" E-eh!? Th-that's embarrassing!!! >.<

    "I-I'm okay! M-more importantly! Why is he resting this peacefully!? There were monsters attacking a while ago! What if they came back!?"

    The knight just looked at me with a confused face. "Didn't you hear the announcement? The elemental was defeated and the attack is over, there is nothing to worry about."

    ... Elemental? Attack?

    I looked around and everyone seemed to be understanding what the knight was talking about... Bah! Whatever!

    I sat down on a table and let a huge sigh out. "Oh well... At least this is solved... Haa... Iria, give me some food please-

    Oh wait, I won't be able to pay for my stay if I buy a meal... And I really need a bath... What to do...?"

    "Onee-san, you can stay for free today, mom said it would be alright since you saved us..." Eh? I was saying that aloud!? And and...

    "For real!?" I hugged Iria tightly. "You're the best! Please bring me a meal then!!!!"

    "Uhn... Don't you... Want a bath first?" She asked in a small voice... A bath? Why would I want one before-


    Oh yeah, that's why.

    "I'll take up on your offer!" >.<

    "Teehee, it's already prepared, you can use your usual room!" She said cheerfully.

    "Thanks!" I raised from my seat and went straight to the room, I quickly lit up the fireplace with a small fireball and undressed, putting my clothes to dry near it and went to relax in the bath a bit, I also made sure to take the rag out, which was already soaked... At least there wasn't that much blood now, it should be ending soon... Thank the gods.

    After bathing I put a new rag in place and then my clothes on again, which had luckily already dried out... They were a bit smelly though, I need to get a day to clean them... But I need to work to earn money... orz

    Well, no use worrying about it for now! I just went to the main room and happily ate to my heart's content before going back into the room, undressing and sleeping... Ah, I was tired.

    Waking up I felt... Normal... Oh dear gods I'm finally not feeling any pain while waking up!

    I took the rag out and saw that was barely any blood on it, it definitely didn't bleed the whole night! Finally!!!

    Ah, such bliss, I can get back to working normally again... I dressed up and went to the main room have breakfast on a cheerful mood.

    While I was eating, Iria's mother approached me.

    "Say, Aria, right?" Eh!? How does she know it!? I never told her my name!!!

    "The knight told me yesterday... Seems like he knew you from seeing you on the association... Somehow." She coughed... That was clearly forced. "His stalking tendencies and tastes aside..." T-that was totally unnecessary! >.<

    "You're a fire mage, right?" She asked.

    "Uhn... Yes! I'm good at burning things!"

    "Good!" She held my hands. "I'll use you!" Eeeeeeeh!? "Come to the backroom once you finish eating... Don't try to run away~" Her smile and voice were really really scary... Why do I find so many scary people...? orz

    After I ate, I knocked on the backroom's door. "Enter." She said, and so I did.

    I didn't pay much attentio to it before, but it was a pretty neat kitchen... With more than enough space for... 2 people... Ah, right...

    "I-I'm sorry for not-" She put her finger in front of my mouth.

    "You saved me and this inn, this is plenty." She gave me a smile... It seemed sad though... "Come on, this is what I'll need you for."

    She dragged me near the oven. "It's just been one day, and Iria has already been overworked by trying to take the client's orders and also tend to the oven, and I'm busy with cooking, so I can't do it." She explained... Wait a bit... She isn't going to-

    "So... I want you to make me a new one!" I knew it!!!
    ... Wait what?

    "Make... A new one?"

    "Correct." She was smiling... Scary.

    "Not... Light it up... But make a new one...?"

    "Yep." Very scary...

    "Uhn... I... I don't really..."

    "5 Copper." Holy Lady Luck what in the-!?

    "Be-beg your pardon?"

    "Your debt, 5 small copper coins. If you make me an oven that doesn't need constant maintenance and that I can actually cook in, I'll consider your debt quit."

    I looked carefully at her... Her tone was totally serious... There was definitely no joke there...

    "I'll do my best!!!"
    I said that, but... How in the world am I supposed to make that work?

    I told Iria's mother that I would think of a way for it to work and flew to the nearby forest to try and come up with something... Still, I really had no idea.

    Haa... I wish Firia was here... She would be able to come up with an idea... But I spent most of my Mana by killing those monsters, so now I need to wait again to recover... *sighs* At least it isn't raining right now...

    Now let's see... I essentially need to make the oven able to maintain itself without... Well, actual maintenance... So... It can't need wood... And it can't require coal or anything similar either...

    Uhn... Well... It needs to gather Mana and to refine it into Magical Energy for a start! It cannot need me to go there after all, so... It will need those arrays...

    Then, it can't be burning all the time, so it will need a way to start and to end the fire...

    Muu... I'm already stuck... Let's leave that for later!

    It needs to produce fire, so... A fireball array is what I need to use with it... But it needs a constant fire, not a burst of it... Then maybe... Making many small fireballs non-stop? It could work...

    I guess I can try replicating the array of the fireball many small times within to it work out? Let's try it!

    So how to merge these arrays... Maybe... Uhn... Well...

    I need something to try it on!!! >.<

    But it can't be wood, because wood would burn... And I can't use stones because I can't really carve anything on rock...

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Ah! I will just paint it on a rock! Let's try it let's try it!

    I picked some nearby berries and used them to make a paint to put on a big nearby rock... It came out a bit weird, but that was alright... My hand was dirtied though... Now how to... Whoa!!!

    I dodged to the side as the rock started enamanating flames... Good thing it's only on the top part, so it's not burning anything else...

    After a while, it stopped as the paint out dripped down or became vapor... Still... It seemed to work!
    ... Only it worked by itself until it stopped due to the array itself disappearing... orz

    So now I'm back to how to make it start or finish... Hmmmmmmm...

    *ponder ponder ponder*


    Ah! I know! I just need to make an incomplete array, then I put a separate piece that finishes the array in the place and everything solves itself! I'm a genius!!!

    Okay, so... Let's try it on the...
    How am I going to separate a piece of a rock...?

    ... I'll need more than one rock for this.

    I flew for a bit on the forest until I found a small rock cluster that would serve for testing.

    I used some berries to make the array while passing through the rocks, but having some spots lacking due to the array falling in the space between the rocks.

    Then I took a small rock from the ground and put on the necessary place with the appropriate array already painted in it.

    Aaaaand, it worked! The fire started! Now to... How will I take that rock out?


    I waited until the array undid itself. Back to planning we go! >.<

    Hmmmm... Maybe if I put the small rock near the end of the array? No, it would still need to burn my hand to take that off... Oh! I could make the fire simply not come from the whole array! This would work!

    I will just need to modify it a bit... Let's see...

    I tried painting it again and now... To put the rock in it!

    ... Nothing. Tsk, I knew it was too much luck that my first attempt worked out properly. Let's try again!!!

    Wait... I need to get the ink from the berries off... *sighs*

    I threw 3 fireballs at it to make enough of the ink get away from the rocks' surface to allow me to try again... Yosh... How about this!?

    Fireballs... My poor Mana... It will take even longer to summon Firia like this... orz

    Okay, so... Now this!?

    Oh hey, it worked!!

    ... And the fire is too small this time... *sighs*

    I had to wait for a while until it turned itself off... Perhaps if I change this...

    Fire too big! >.<

    Okay, it should work now... Bah! The fire took the rock's starting spot!!!

    One more time!

    ... Eh? No more berries? Let's search for more then... Haa...

    After quite some time searchng, I finally got the berries... Only to get lost while trying to find that rock cluster... It really did take a while for me to find my way agan... *sighs*

    Okay, I can do it now... Like this!

    ... It worked!? I-I mean, it worked! Yay! I did it! I knew I could!

    Now I only need to put this on the Oven of the Inn and goodbye 5 copper coins debt!!!

    ... How am I going to make this array on a stone oven...? I can't really use some ink from berries because it gets off in no time... And I can't carve stone either.. What to do what to do...?

    If I was to ask for anyone to carve the array for me... I would need to pay for it, it would never work... Uhn... What then...?

    Maybe... Making very thin lines with a knife would work? Uhn... I never made an array with super thin lines, but... Let's try it!

    I got my knife and used it to make some scratches on the rock that made the array I needed... Here goes nothing!

    ... It actually worked!? Dear Lucky, thank you very much for your blessings, those 5 copper coins shall absolutely not be forgotten!!!

    Let's go back!!!!!

    I happily got on my broom and flew back to the inn to get the array done.
    Getting back at the inn, I immediately went to talk to Iria about it. Luckily, the place was pretty empty.

    "Iria Iria! I did it I did it!" I hugged her and jumped in joy!!!

    "Y-you did!? W-what did Onee-san-"

    "I made the array for a magical oven! I did it!!!" I interrupted her happily and started spinning.

    "O-Onee-san, I'm working!!" >.<

    Ah, right! "So-sorry!" I stopped spinning and let go of her, bowing in apology.

    "i-its okay... I-I'll call mom!"

    She went into the backroom hurredly, and soon enough her mom was back with her, she led me into the kitchen.

    "So, how does it work?" She asked me.

    "Right! I will carve the array into the oven, and then you will just need to..." Oh dear.

    "To...?" She pushed me to continue.

    "Ah... I'm an idiot." I honestly confessed. "I thought of how to make you able to turn the oven on and off at will, and the way I found was to put a part of the array on a separate piece, so as to let you simply take it on and off as you needed to make it work or not work, but... There is no such piece in your oven!!!!" >.<

    "Oh? That was the problem? This is easy." Eh? It is?
    She moved towards the oven and... Pulled one of the stone blocks out!? How strong is she!?!?
    "There is a fair amount of loose blocks on this old oven already, you just need to use one of them, right?" Oh, it was a loose block... Ah, I see... It makes plenty of sense...

    "Th-that solves everything! Yooosh! Let's get started-" I was about to head to the oven, when her arm was suddenly put in front of me, blocking my way.

    "Hold on." Eh? "I can't simply let you put in my oven without any thought, let me see it work first." Ah, right!

    "Got it! Uhn..." I looked around for a bit... "Can I get some berries or something? Anything that I could use to make some sort of ink."

    "Sure, I'll get some." She moved pretty quickly and got them for me.

    "Alright, so.. I put it here, like this..." I made the array on the oven... It was actually good that I made it with the berries this time, since I needed to adapt the format from the one on the rock, to make it fit the oven's surface... Having a test subject helped quite a bit.

    It didn't take me long to finish. "So, you just put it here like this... And..." The oven lit. "And it naturally generates the fire!"

    "... Magic really is amazing, isn't it...?" She said... W-was that to me? Should I answer!?

    "Uhn... I... Think it is nice?" Her hand patted me and she giggled.

    "Yes, yes it is.. Alright, you can make the real one now." Yosh!

    I allowed the fire to run to take the berries' ink out and then we cleaned it up with some water, which I also used to clean my hands which were hooooorribly dirty! *shivers*

    Then I caved the array on the oven and... It worked, perfect! \(^^)/

    "Alright, thank you very much for all the help Aria, with this I'll consider your debt paid. Please keep on visiting~"

    Yay yay yay yay yay!!! I did it!!!!

    No I only need to get the money to pay for the healer... orz

    A-at least it's not nearly as bad! I-I can do it! >.<

    I cheerfully went out of the backroom towards the main room of the inn, it was still a bit past noon, so there was plenty of time in the day left~
    It's feeling a bit repetitive to see her clearing her debts so quickly, but... Well, her debts really aren't planned tbh, and neither are the ways she clears them.

    They just... Kinda happen... Teehee?

    I think she'll go debtless for a while once she clears the last one anyway, gonna go for a change of airs.

    ... On another note, she was scammed on this SS actually, I don't think an enchanted oven would cost as little as 5 small copper... Rather, it would probably cost at least Silver... Even when paying her debts, Aria still gets scammed... Poor girl.
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    Sewer Assault Event Rewards are out!

    @AliceShiki | 120 Merit Points | 240 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro

    @BB_Tensei | 140 Merit Points | 280 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro

    @Ddraig | 160 Merit Points | 320 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro | Droplet of a Thousand Rains

    @Exitiumm | 20 Merit Points | 40 Event Currency

    @Fossil | 100 Merit Points | 200 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion

    @Kuma Desu | 40 Merit Points | 80 Event Currency | Katara Potion

    @Kysil | 80 Merit Points | 160 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion

    @leegood | 80 Merit Points | 160 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion

    @MaliMi | 200 Merit Points | 400 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro | Droplet of a Thousand Rains

    @Naraku | 120 Merit Points | 240 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro

    @Quaesitor | 120 Merit Points | 240 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro

    @shad12ow | 100 Merit Points | 200 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion

    @The Everdistant Utopia | 40 Merit Points | 80 Event Currency | Katara Potion

    @TiggerBane | 140 Merit Points | 280 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro

    @Unreachable Hope | 120 Merit Points | 240 Event Currency | Katara Potion | Asthenia Potion | Zaha Papyro

    @Naraku @Fossil @Ddraig @MaliMi | Mid-Boss Slayers Reward: Ramidreju’s Grace

    @Naraku @TiggerBane @BB_Tensei | Boss Slayer Rewards: Crest of the City's Guardian

    Information of the items:

    Katara Potion - A cure for curses based on corruption that was created by using the poisonous fog that the Sewer Elemental, was emanating.

    Asthenia Potion - A cure for sickness, considering that it was produced because of what the Caies spread, the cure can be considered top-notch.

    Zaha Papyro - This scroll can only be used three times, it has the spell : "Poison Touch"
    Poison Touch - A spell that poisons the target, if he doesn't has any resistances to poison. Requires direct contact.

    Crest of the City's Guardian - A rather small, badge like object, shaped as a shield, which was carefully crafted by the Magic Association’s Chairwoman. It holds no passive effects. Only a single Imbued Magic, [Caies].
    Caies - A barrier type magic, which was created out of the remains of Caies’ spirit. It’s a lesser version of the unshown ability that Caies possessed as a defense golem, and needs a long time to recharge. Once per week, it can create a shield that can withstand up to Tatical-Level spells with ease, dispersing the magic. It only lasts for 5 seconds.

    Ramidreju’s Grace - A bracelet with the passive effect of healing minor wounds. When the wearer receives life threatening wounds, it completely recovers them to a better state up to three times before completely losing its magic.

    Droplet of a Thousand Rains - A special alchemical product created by the genius alchemist of Novellias Flumen. This is a special catalyst that can strengthen slightly a spirit, or reduce greatly the requirements to summon one. It contains, as the name says, only a droplet per vial, so it can only be used once.

    New Tasks

    Collect Materials to Help the City's Repairs
    Rank: D
    Type: Helper, Simple Task
    Description: After the incident with Caies, a good part of the city was damaged. Together with the constructions, some of the storages were damaged and the construction materials there are beyond salvaging. Your task is to help collecting materials to help the repairs.
    Rewards: [ Min. 2 L. Wooden Coins, Max. 5 L. Wooden Coins | 20 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: You can collect any material you judge that will help, but focus on collecting chalkstone and wood.

    Help Repairing the City's Buildings
    Rank: D
    Type: Helper, Simple Task
    Description: After the incident with Caies, a good part of the city was damaged. Your task is to help with the reconstruction.
    Rewards: [ Min. 2 L. Wooden Coins, Max. 5 L. Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]

    Help Healing the Wounded Refugees
    Rank: E
    Type: Helper, Simple Task
    Description:A wave of refugees arrived in the Association city, coming from the villages at the surroundings that were suffering with the recent events. Your task is to help giving aid to those people.
    Rewards: [ 1 L. Wooden coin and 15 S. Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Can be done in either of the following places: South Gate - Has the largest number of refugees, but it's quite unorganized. West Gate - The gate managed by the City's Guard, being more organized.

    Hunt Down Wolves in the South
    Rank: E
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to slay at the south and collect their corpses.
    Rewards: [ Min. 1 L. Wooden Coins and 10 S. Wooden Coins, Max. 4 L. Wooden Coins | 10 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 3~5

    Hunt Down Forge Lizards in the Mares Mines
    Rank: D
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to slay Forge Lizards at the mines and collect their corpses.
    Rewards: [ Min. 2 L. Wooden Coins, Max. 6 L. Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 2~4

    Hunt Down Goblins in the Association's Surroundings
    Rank: E
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to slay a group of goblins.
    Rewards: [ Min. 1 L. Wooden Coins, Max. 4 L. Wooden Coins. | 10 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 10~20

    Hunt Down Lizardmen in the Fishing Villages
    Rank: D
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to slay a group of lizardmen and collect the corpses.
    Rewards: [ Min. 1 L. Wooden Coins and 15 S. Wooden Coins, Max. 5 L. Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 5~10

    Hunt Down a Titan Snake in the Fishing Villages
    Rank: C
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to slay a Titan Snake and collect the corpse.
    Rewards: [ 14 L. Wooden Coins | 35 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 1~2

    Hunt Down Carrion Beasts in Mira Village
    Rank: D
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to slay Carrion Beasts at the Mira Village.
    Rewards: [ Min. 2 L. Wooden Coins , Max. 7 L. Wooden Coins | 15 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 3~5

    Hunt Down Undeads in Mira Village
    Rank: E
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to help thining out the number of undeads around the Mira Village.
    Rewards: [ Min. 1 L. Wooden Coins , Max. 4 L. Wooden Coins | 10 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 5~10

    Subdue Rebels in the Nyllia Frontier
    Rank: D
    Type: Hunter, Simple Task
    Description: A simple slaying task to hunt down or capture rebel groups around the Nyllia border.
    Rewards: [ Min. 3 L. Wooden Coins , Max. 10 L. Wooden Coins | 20 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Recommended number = 3~7

    Lady of the Lilies
    Rank: D
    Type: Explorer, Special Task
    Description: With the winter coming to an end, the Festival of Flowers nears. A letter arrived at the Association, brought from Novellias Flumen, the Citadel of Waters. According to the letter, the alchemist that works directly for the Duchess of Novellias Flumen wants to prepare a special potion. For this, he'll be needing a special kind of lily, which she claims to be the queen of all lilies. Despite the conspicuously doubtful claims, the Association decided to lend a hand to search for those flowers. Your task is to go to the location indicated by the map sent together with the letter, search and, if possible, collect those flowers.
    Rewards: [ 1 L. Cooper Coin | No Merit Points | Special Reward (Secret) ]
    Extra Details: You won't gain Rank Points through this Task.

    Investigate the Situation Around Mira Village
    Rank: D
    Type: Explorer/Inquisitor, Special Task
    Description: It has come to the Association's knowledge that the Mira Village was turned into undead's territory. According the villagers words, they said that it could be work of a certain witch that visited their village and was chased out, though they aren't sure entirely about that. Your task is to conduct investigations around the village to find out what excatly happened.
    Rewards: [ 1 S. Cooper Coin | 25 Merit Points ]
    Extra Details: Requires a healer. Must be done by only two persons. Can't be done by spirit users or necromancers.

    Subdue Dying Wish
    Rank: E
    Type: Helper, Special Task
    Description: A wounded man arrived in the Association, staggering and on the verge of death. As his situation was beyound what could be healed, the man handed two things to the receptionists that helped him. One was his most precious possession, a locket given to him by his wife. The task is simple. Locate his wife and give the locket back.
    Rewards: [ No Money | No Merit Points | Special Reward (Secret) ]
    Extra Details: The only details the man gave about his wife were that she worked on a bakery and that she had brown hair, tied in a side plait. If possible, conveying his last words would be good: "I'm sorry... Event though I said... everything would be fine..."

    ((Well, no aftermath story since it was taking way too long. It basically went about the new tasks, the making of the rewards and some world building and details about the four cities marked in the map (Flumen, Lar, Parma and Procella) as well as about witches, but I'll add the later part on one of my reports most probably.
    The tasks were added to the Task Board already. The Event shop might take a while since I need to assign the prices. The potions and the scroll are items from there, just to give a teaser.
    Hope you like the rewards.))

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    The Event Shop is Online!
    Check the Event Hall for the exclusive items.

    P.S.: 100% of the Event Shop was made by @Naraku and @Ddraig, so props for them.
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    I'm putting Trima's off-person inventory here (the stuff she stores in her tree) since I won't have space to put it in my sig.
    - 3 enchanted wooden staffs
    imbued with wood and water element mana crystals, if burned will produce a dangerous toxin that can be fatal. Sturdy and strong. Possesses a high conductivity to mana.​
    - 4 enchanted wooden wands
    imbued with wood and water element mana crystals, if burned will produce a dangerous toxin that can be fatal. Supple and light. Possesses a high conductivity to mana.​
    - 1 enchanted wooden broom
    imbued with wood and water element mana crystals, if burned will produce a dangerous toxin that can be fatal. Sturdy and strong. Possesses a high conductivity to mana.​
    - 1 enchanted wooden bow
    imbued with wood and water element mana crystals, if burned will produce a dangerous toxin that can be fatal. Strong, supple and light. Possesses a high conductivity to mana.​
    - 1 enchanted wooden shield
    imbued with wood and water element mana crystals, if burned will produce a dangerous toxin that can be fatal. Strong and sturdy. Possesses a high conductivity to mana.​
    If you'd rather me not have this here, I'll take it off...
    I might add the list of her spells here, too, if she ends up with more than my sig can hold.

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    ((*Steals staff*))
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    Having once again been given some wooden coins as a reward for completing her task, Trima felt a little discomfort over the thought of wooden currency before storing said coins in her body with the other ones. Turning around and about to leave the task hall, she noticed the same young man from earlier standing in her way once more.

    “. . .” What are you doing? Why are you in my way again?
    “. . .”
    “. . .” Why are you talking to me? Did I hurt you when you touched me last time?!!

    Looking at one another, a strange and uncomfortable atmosphere was beginning to form between them when the young man spoke up – a sheepish smile on his face.

    “Umm…I think we kind of didn’t do things right before.”
    “. . .” What does he mean by that? Did I commit a terrible offense that has resulted in being reprimanded!?!

    He stared at Trima, his cheeks growing redder than she’d ever seen them.

    “. . .” Why is your bark getting so red? Have I released my poison by accident again!?!
    “…Uh, *ahem* my name’s Leon. Leon Cassler. I’m a member of the Magic Association and work in the Hunting branch.”
    “. . .” Hunting branch? Ah! I really have committed an offense! What do I do? What do I do!?!
    “Umm…your name?”
    “Huh?” Huh?
    “Hehe…” He put a hand behind his head and scratched it, showing a slightly dejected face. “…what’s your name?”
    “Why should I give you my name?”

    Looking even more dejected, the young man answered: “Because I want to get to know you more. The moment I first saw you, I thought you were a goddess come back from the Golden Age.”

    “Goddess? I’m no goddess.” What’s a goddess!?!?! Is it a type of monster to be hunted!?!
    “That’s probably a good thing, that means that you’re attainable then.” He smiled warmly at her, edging a little closer. “So? Your name?”
    “. . .” Attainable? Am I something to capture and lock up now!?! I’m a good tree! I haven’t killed anyone for over 100 years! ...Well, apart from that one time…and that other time…what have I done!?!

    Looking dejected once more, Leon stepped back a little, “*sigh* All right, I’ll not take up any more of your time, but at least tell me your name.”

    “…Trima…just Trima…” Why did I say that!?! Now my bark is going to be up for the highest bidder!!!
    “Trima. What a lovely name. Well, Trima – just Trima – I’ll leave you to your plans. It was nice talking to you, I hope next time I’ll get more than just a name. Oh, and don’t forget my name – Leon Cassler – cos I won’t forget yours.”

    Smiling and waving to her, Leon walked away and joined a group of young men all wearing thick looking bark, before they surrounded him and left laughing while looking back at the staff behind her every so often.

    So…he wasn’t apprehending me?

    Slightly confused by what exactly happened, she left the building and headed to her secluded spot in the nearby forest. Maybe it was a test? Taking the bundle of herbs she had received as a reward for her task, she replanted them into the ground. At least I’ve got some adults to look after the children, now. As she thought this, she tried using her mana to gather up some of her inner water and managed to produce about 5 mana-filled drops. Concentrating really hard, she dropped them onto one of the herbs before repeating the process with the other ones.

    The day passed by and night approached as Trima finished watering all of her new herbs. Feeling the lack of sunlight on her leaves, she dug her roots into the ground as usual and began to replenish in her hibernation state.

    When the sun rose up the next day, she awoke and began what had become a daily habit of practicing how to control the water within her. Once the sun reached its apex in the sky, she stopped her exercises and began to tend to the herbs, using her improved control to water them. As night approached, she sank her roots into the ground and began to replenish.

    This process was repeated for about 3 weeks, before she finally halted her training. Her reason for doing so, the ball of water the size of a melon floating in the air over her hand (branch).

    Hmm, it seems I have somewhat better control over the water now. I suppose I should take on another task, otherwise the association might think I’m putting my roots up and not doing any work.

    She rose up from her position and observed the herbs that were in full bloom before her. The mana-filled water seemed to have speeded up the growth of them, and they were very happy in this new environment.

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