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    Hello everyone ,how are you? Can somebody help me please i forgot a novel. What i remember are
    1.male lead mc transmigrated to fat boy
    2. With system or similiar, it is not posting task but help him to learn, ex. He read math then he will get exp,he read shaolin books he will get exp for martial arts
    3 title something with male god if i am not wrong
    4. Early romance around chapter 1*th
    5. No harem at all mc faithfull from beginning to end with his lover, not even mess up with other girl except his gf
    6. Dog food from start to end the novel mc plag famous song in real world like something with diet 'callories' or something and learn to meow something.
    8. There are mrtial arts there but no immortality chapter around 100 - 200 with rushing ending
    10. The ending is graduate from university and get married
    11. Ah he create A.I in his home but not make it to public
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