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    Genre: Cultivation mangas, manga with kind mc [ but pls no simp ], manga can have romance [ but pls it should not be the main theme of it or main focus ], it can also be manga where mc is twisted, like to torture, is villain/evil or maybe like to do bad things [ maybe for some good reasons like an anti-hero or maybe for just sake of doing evil, i will appreciate some rational reasons more though ], You can introduce all sorts of mangas in here [ Just pls only post the ones, you really like ].
    As long as you like it. Then it's ok. no problem. Just no random mangas.
    And also share some info.

    Gore and Torture mangas will also be included.
    I'll add info on all the ones. I'll post here.

    I just hope that in case, you are posting some romance manga then you just give a Lil info. so people know that it's romance. You are free to post all kinds, to be honest.

    1> Leveling up by only eating

    Tags: Comedy, Easy going mc, Slice of life, Game, Virtual world, no heroine or late romance
    MC is in the game just to enjoy life. He is a chef and a very good one. He is very strong for a chef. I like how they describe food and the process. The story also has fights, it's not a slice of life 100%. But still, it can be counted as one. I liked it.

    2> Taming Master
    Tags: Game, Virtual World, no heroine or very late romance
    MC is a tamer in the game. He is smart. Fights are nice. It's readable.

    3> brutal-confessions-of-a-homicide-investigator/
    Tags: Brutal, Evil, Cruel, ANti hero, Justice giver
    MC is a homicide detective and likes to torture bad guys. It is like dexter in a way. Just in this mc like to give them a brutal lesson of life [ death will be a gift for them at that point ] Well it's nice and my fav. But a very slow update

    4> Second life ranker
    Tags: late romance, smart mc, cold mc, weak to strong
    mc in this one has entered the tower to take revenge. he is cold. strong. powerful. he will get one girl in later chapters [ like late romance ]. I liked this one.

    5> Arcane Sniper

    Tags: game, virtual world, mc is a soldier in real life, who gets injured and can no longer be a soldier, he gets into this game. I like the plot and fights. no heroine till latest CHP [ look like a late romance novel ]. try it.

    6> Strongest ANti- meta

    Tags: Comedy, Harem, System, different world, go back to earth, later on, a Chinese novel, less romance, as the focus of the novel is not on romantic scenes, mc has a system, it's very funny tbh.
    I read this novel, only for comedy and a fun plot. killings are there. everything.
    the fun will begin when mc will finally get a dog [ dragon Krillin or something, right now in dog form... lol ] try it. --
    Alternative name: Strongest Scheming System

    7> Lost+Brain:
    Smart mc, anti-hero, no heroine at all, mc will use everyone as a tool, twisted justice concept
    This mc want to create a just world, just like Light Yagami [ death note mc ]. The story is very good. MC is in a normal world [ earth ]. no magic. But his unique talent will be: Hypnotize. He will use it as a weapon for his purpose. The story is very similar to Death note anime, as both mc want the same thing. And are smart too. And also met some people who are like, L - a good enemy/competitor.
    I liked this one. [ a little short though ]lol

    8> Crime Puzzle
    Nice detective puzzle story. Well, think of it as a psychologist professor killed or at least is charged for the crime of his fiance father who also happens to be mayor.
    Now, why does he do that? what did he get?
    All the puzzles and relationships will slowly be revealed and past info will be shared slowly. It's a nice story, a crime story.
    So if you like such stories, then this one is for you. Btw it is not where many small stories are mixed, instead of a big story that is divided into many small parts and is slowly revealed. MC is playing mind games and he is good at that.
    Well, he is not evil or something. he is just giving justice. Maybe the method is wrong and the world won't agree to it.

    9> Seoul Station’s Necromancer
    This is a manga adapted from the novel. It's a nice novel. I have read it. Though I believe that now I will no longer enjoy it, as I like evil more ... lol
    But still, I am following it for now.
    GENRE: Harem, Cold MC, Anti-Hero, Necromancer, Unique Cheat, His cheat is not shared in any way with others, MC can kill people, He is also cruel, In another world, he is known as demon king.
    A nice anti-hero mc manga.
    CHP: 21 [ ongoing ], updates are not slow.

    10> Solo Max-Level Newbie

    A nice manga. MC can kill people. He is like a loner, a lone wolf for now. He and other people from the get-go are killing people like it's ok. That was strange, but ignore some small info that the author missed.
    GENRE: Cold MC, Anti-Hero, Unique Cheat [ no one can be his match even in the future, need to grow though, not OP mc ], Can kill people, but he is not a bad person. Just he knows what to do and when.
    CHP: 20 [ ongoing ] Updates aren't slow

    11> I Grow Stronger By Eating!

    MC is evil, killer, psycho from the get-go. So you will get an evil mc who is ready to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.
    His power is to eat and digest the thing he ate and replicate their power. So he will even eat humans in the future [ i have seen it, no graphic violence btw ]
    it was like, they just tell that he did this. ok.
    No chance of harem or romance at all. MC is an evil, cold, cruel, psycho, madman.
    CHP:39 [Ongoing] Updates aren't slow

    12> Regressor Instruction Manual
    MC is cold, cautious, readable, will have a harem and friends. It is adapted from a novel. Go check out the mc info on google by writing, mc name or novel name and wiki in end. See all his future powers and his character.
    TBH I can still see some harem things in manga [ compared to novel ], so I think it is readable.

    13> Hero Has Returned

    unique manga, try it.
    really, it's a bit unique. like an mc go to a different world than after he saved the world and returned. he find out that the whole world is bad, and so he kinda went mad [ many incidents happened ], but that's the case. then he becomes a big villain on earth. killed a person, then that person went through a similar cycle and returned back on earth to kill mc [ right now we are at this stage, but the way it is going ] I think, history will repeat itself and this mc will also go crazy.
    and way, it's just manga.
    try it, if u think u can see such a premise.
    for me it was new.
    CHP: 25 [ slow update ]

    14> Heavenly Martial God

    try it.
    this is a nice manga.

    15> 3CM Hunter
    This manga is unique for me. This was the first time, I saw this premise. It is an apocalypse-type setting. But it is actually a survival game created by some gods. All humans become only 3cm in size, while all other things in the world stay the same. Now the top predators have become last in the food chain. So, that's the apocalypse scenario. And it's a game, as when these people will finish the mission. Then they will go to the next floor. It's like, the whole world is a game. MC has a sister, he loves him. He also has friends. He is not a bad person. But in his journey, he will learn to, fight and even kill when necessary. But he is the type to put himself in danger for strangers if he thinks he can save them and survive. Mostly, he always thinks he can survive as problem always begins after he saves them. So, too much poison. for the likes of me. But still, the plot was different and new for me. so I posted it here. [ So poison is there, but it depends on pov. as some focus on the character of mc while some on plot development. anyway, it's not that bad ]
    16> Winner Takes All
    This manga is good. MC is cold, rational. He got some friends. But they are not friends, most like some are stupid while others are there just for the same reason. Revenge and survival. no superpower, it is a pure mortal world. but still, their skills are not less than any superpower. well, it's a nice manga. Try it.

    17> Pigpen

    Survival-type manga. where mc and other people are trapped. And are forced to play some sick games. See, few chp and decide if you like it. i found it ok-ok. time pass manga.

    18> Name: desire-diary

    Comprise of short stories. In all stories, a different mc is there. And all end up getting killed or in some big trouble. All these mc are evil or villain-like or end up doing bad things. Basically, it's a very unique genre. Difficult to just explain. You can think of it as some, retribution style twisted and brutal with lots of gore....

    19> Name: juujika-no-rokunin
    A story about revenge. MC is not a bad person. But he is a killer now, a killer only for his revenge. His goal is to kill the people who bullied him to such an extent that he should have just done suicide. Past info. will be revealed slowly throughout the manga. it's ongoing.
    So mc parents are dead. He is broken from inside. His grandpa is equally broken from before as he was a war veteran who did some things which just end up changing him entirely. seeing mc situation and how mc want to kill those people who killed his parents just for fun. He trained him to be a killer. and mc will slowly integrate, catch them, torture them, and finally kill them. But the plot is not simple and many twists and turns are there.
    So it's quite nice. Just in some scenes, even I just skip fast. like fuk
    let's move on. this is too much.

    Btw mc is a straight guy. he will get one girl, who he saved from rape and getting killed. And the scenario was equally weird. mc save him, on one hand, and then went in another room to torture people. Well, in later chp she joined him in his revenge.

    Tbh such manga ends up with heroine/female lead deaths. well, it's to be seen, what will happen here.

    20> Rooftop Sword Master
    MC's parents' suicide, mc was bullied, can be said to be mental torture. MC got a chance, become stronger than any known human, started killing people, military, get to those high-level people who were the reasons for his family death. Started killing them one by one, instilling fear. The whole country comes forward to stop mc. But mc is even stronger than hulk. No one can stop him. Later on, more supernatural existence started appearing. MC also started becoming a bit more rational and calm. But still, that maniac, chaotic, unruly, aggressive being is still hidden inside of him. His girlfriend also is no longer a normal character and instead is similarly a criminal or more like, part of a faction now. [[ I only told you guys rough information, instead of details. But believe me, it is worth your time ]] Well, POV also matters.

    21> Yoru ni Naru to Boku wa

    Very nice manga. I love it.
    I was totally engrossed in it
    It is like, Death Note
    I won't spoil it. I will say only one thing, try it.

    22> Acma:Game

    Very weird manga. i dropped it at 7th chp.
    This manga is really good, brainstorming, with a smart mc and lots of puzzles, analytical reasonings. So this is a good manga. Can be compared with the death note anime.
    Reason for dropping: Only one word, A KIND MC

    23> Alma (Shinji Mito)
    A decent read. BTW mc is kind and not smart. Look like it's been on hiatus for quite some time.

    24> Funouhan

    Nice manga/ comprise of many short stories/mc is killer in all/ he takes the contract and kills people / and it gets revealed, the whole plot and misunderstanding and retribution of people/mc is rational / watching like some god / seeing human play like they are some creature only for his amusement.
    well, try it. it's dark.
    whether u will like it or not, depends on your POV

    25> Manager Kim
    a really good revenge-type manga. mc is a father. who is like a super-assassin who served in army and also a madman, to some extent.
    fighting scenes are really worth it. and not much plot spent on setting up emotional attachment with his daughter or family. So, it's like we directly jumped into action very fast. loved it.

    Note: Pls. no BL and g*y main characters. [ and in case you do so, then pls also mention that it is BL...] <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    Some mangas I like include:
    Kangoku Jikken
    Horror, Mature, Psychological, Seinen, Social game
    Some people with different issues and problems in their lives were gathered, each wearing a mask, each in a different room with their targets tied in front of them and different torture tools, the game started with different MCs and ended with just one that went from a complete personality turn over, from a timid cringey character happy with the "power" they got to take their revenge to a new cooler but somewhat instable person as he was forced to face his past and realize the contradictions in his person, quite the messed up plot in the manga XD
    Dr. Frost
    Psychological, Seinen
    A manhwa about a genius psychologist with a troubled past and some empathy/emotional problems, a nice story of different social and human issues and behaviours, quite the nice and fun manhwa
    Franken Fran
    Mature, Psychological, Supernatural
    Not much to the plot aside from the different desires and client problems and an MC who is a gifted doctor and surgeon, but also got some screw loses with a bunch of merry strange friends or family, I like the weird mix of bizarre and comedy to the manga, and most of all, the nonchalant attitude of the MC XD
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    Blue Lock
    Chapters: 150 ongoing
    Tags: Sports mana, soccer.
    Its a uniuqe Sports manga, as the theme of this manga is that individual strength matters more than teamwork, which totally subverts our idea of soccer as its highly team based sport..over all its a manga worth reading...
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    Hi. I am quite a veteran about mangas/novels (but focused myself at reading raw chinese novels OF GOOD QUALITY = no poison of faceslaps focus, shitty lowkey invincible MCs that let people mock them, MC god of war coming back and finding his wife and daughter being trashed, MC being son-in-law, etc etc).
    But as i am quite addicted to reading and playing PSO2 : NGS, i will try to recommend stuff but quite ultra short. Because (sorry if i sound edgy) i am tired of trying to be kind but never getting reciprocal kindness + losing number of times i encounter douches or selfish people that i mistakenly thought they could be befriended.

    Warning in advance. My craving fluctuate so i probably try a little of evrything but NO EVIL MCs. And I will never touch RI.
    I like perfect anti-hero MC and good MC. THE WELL WRITTEN ONES !
    outch so i guess only stuff of NU and mangas huh ?

    1) Martial arts master.
    Ignore the generic title. Also warning when you recommend. Because there is a shitty manhua named Martial master.
    Old series. It is basically the big ancestor chinese novel that wrote a ENJOYABLE ROMANCE for a MALE READER. Sadly it tooks only this recent years to began the big "(sfw/nsfw) VANILLA COUNTER-ATTACK" that is popping up. For info, it is heartwarming. Takes near 100 chap before confession. But FL appear from ch1 and the romance of MC trying to get FL is quite detailed (for the era where romance was shit) and sweet.
    SO GOOD that fans of it joke "the true name is Love arts master". FL is perfect and not usual cold-iceberg.
    Author is a famous one that did Lord of Mysteries.
    LAST 2 DETAILS. Fights can be good but skippeable (if you prefer the romance in it). And it is mostly tournament as it is gaowu = urban+ martial arts official.
    Author love to axe his own series. Yep. Ask others that know his series to see i am not lying.

    2) SFW Starting oneshot-manga work for "yuri" for newbies:

    3) Slightly NSFW Starting novel for newbies to novels if they are weak otakus like me (VRMMO + otaku, overly kind MC + funny harem that got their past problems).Heartwarming. Kinda big wishfulfilment and a fair dose of dramas well done:

    4 + 5) Isekai novel for newbies (big original isekai): or sci-fi novel for newbies (big original space combat and close-range battles+magic in space is too op):
    Because it's english author. It is short but perfect quality. So high that i doubt other isekais or sci-fi works can surpass them. Or maybe but at least can easily stay in TOP10.
    A few spoilers : Author reuse the soul of MC + FL but reincarnations. And the chapter that mention their first life always make me..... Anyway, the MC is mad scientist, anti-hero, most powerful mage ever, control the elements + time + soul + blood + necromancy + well, basically everything about magic. BUT he is mid-talent in close-combat despite close-combat being about putting-mana in muscles. MEANWHILE. FL IS REVERSE. Quite crazy like him as both reincarnated for infinite times after their first life where they were kind. SHE IS NUMBER 1 in close-combat (putting mana in muscles) but medium at magic. At their peak, they fought and did draw, causing too the obliteration of a moon and planet but won't mention the work. FL is expert in medicine/cooking (because she thinks it's similar as it's just about ingredients mixing) /witch/study of body/high EQ - good at manipulating/know that MC is addicted to chocolate/good at politics/good at economy/quite horny.
    They are my top1 anti-hero couple.

    Some works are connected, some are stand-alone (or a work got the daughter of them being the protag). I wonder if this author is even human for writing so high quality.

    6) Currently, i feel "Return of mount hua sect" is my current top manhwa. As i finished most previous or letting them stock up.
    Top3 of my anti-hero MC

    7) "Volcanic age" manhwa
    During my life. I don't have lot of series that their smiles made me remember. One that i can mention is for example the ONESHOT that the author of nisekoi did. Where FL + MC got the disease they gonna die if X numbers of heartbeats happen. MC of course die earlier than her and FL show a really nice smile at end when it mention that FL did whatever she felt like trying.
    This series.....i feel like the artist should get a raise. It had 2 or 3 smiles worth saving forever. If you can't know which ones i talk about, you need new eyes.

    If people like cats. Sweet but of can guess the end but "the journey was interesting wasn't it ?" if i needed to resume it.
    + "Living a fulfilment happy life is a nice life".
    I won't talk more about it.

    A series i read in highschool (15+ years ago) where baka-tsuki existed as the only website for reading NOVELS.
    Warning. Buy the whole stock of tissues of your nearby supermarket.

    10 ) For women / josei tag :
    Autobiography/moments of female author about her romance / husband

    If you want a relaxing isekai. FMC but no romance. Easy-peasy story.

    12) If you want gender-bender-into-girl series :
    (F)MC is blind and got a op and rich family in isekai.
    Series of course won't write when grown up.

    13 - 14)

    Best 2 novels for cooking. Both are completed in the raws.
    Another cooking series.

    Go check the manga. I am lazy. But basically MC an half-orc (human looks) and want an harem. That is it. Generic ? Nope, because the art of the manga and the arcs are quite good and sometimes there are FEELS.

    16) ............................................lazy and wrote enough. Now just go to "scribblehub" website that NU cooperate with and just "series finder" there tags. If you got school/work/busy life, just having a few big series from them probably will take you years to finish. Really. The big reason i know/tried/read so many series (but of course never finished entirely most) is because i had LOT of FREE TIME.
    PS. Me rambling/monologuing : I wonder if Novelupdates patented his tagging. The high-quality tagging here, i never saw it elsewhere and make rage other websites don't use it.
    Manga, youtube, cough....videos, other novel websites, even scribblehub. Websites of other countries.
    You won't EVER find a so good quality tagging compared to NU.
    Heck i don't know coding but i don't think doing codding to have a bunch of tags is hard.

    16 re-do)
    If you want crazy comedy but dang it is funny. KR. Just don't be angry as it also go the plot of Youjo senki of harsh training trainees.

    WN and not LN
    You know the anime ? Bad luck. You probably saw the beginning that trashed the beginning of this series.
    Manga at least did it.
    Anyway. Beginning and you skip to AFTER-STORIES.
    This series is an old series from early era of JP web novels.
    And surprisingly. IT IS STILL ON-GOING. At chapter XXX (go search yourself) it enter AFTER-STORIES. Where basically MC is back to earth with class and his harem. It is the only isekai series that wrote in detail ISEKAI AND EARTH-return.
    In fact i am a fan of the series that read the manga, skipped isekai-novel and rushed to after-stories.

    If you want a demon lord MC. Using guns.

    Manga is wholesome.

    GENDER BENDER + Yuri. Slightly serious series.
    ....Cover kinda a shame now.

    Read manga to get an idea.

    22 )
    Manga is NSFW. Read it if you want MC having minecraft cheat.
    And if you want high quality art + dark elf waifu. Also she was a normal elf originally but turned dark elf as she needed power to help others survive.

    23 ) WHOLESOME (slightly ecchi) harem isekai
    MC is shota and the FLs........are young. That means they won't do......*cough*.......
    Worth reading is you want to mega mega mega relax.
    Warning of the ecchi parts though.

    24) Pinacle of chinese NSFW novel :
    If only someone rich could pay translators to do it.......

    25) NSFW
    NSFW ff to be precise, there is misaka, the pink hair of Hayata gotoku, Ikaros, the mind-control-power blondie that tease misaka, the girls of ITEM
    = that means that the girls are.................quite young. Ah there is also flandre. But she is legal as she is immortal.
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    Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, little romance (none between the 2 MCs)
    A story about a fallen hero and one of the 4 heavenly kings traveling to save the world by killing the king of humans.
    It starts as a gag manga, but before you know it, it becomes a very well constructed dark fantasy that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Considering the art style and how long it takes to really start taking off (ch 40-45), it's probably better to go in with the mindset of reading it as a gag manga though.
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    Reading List:
    Yomawari Sensei

    This is not the type of manga i read, so i dropped it. [ and i think it's also not the type anybody like to see ]
    But still, i respect and appreciate this sort of manga. So i am posting it here.
    This manga has many scenarios and many social messages. A very good manga, which we need in this day and age,
    So if you are interested in reading something like this. Then go and read, maybe you will realize the darkness and brutality of society a bit more as i am not the type who experienced this in real life. so it was new.
    So i will not say, this is good or bad. enjoyable or not, as it is not for enjoyment but for a more serious read.
    So i will just mention it. [ If you don't like such, Then JUST IGNORE IT ]
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    Reading List:
    Evil Again
    a very good crime story about the darkness of society and schools and rich people.
    Well, it's a good one. Read it, if you like to read such stuff.
    The only problem, they made it quite messy. well, it's not messy but you will feel like it. If you are not reading carefully. They have made it like a movie, with past scenes, cut scenes, in appropriate places. so if you like to read linear stuff and are not careful then you will get lost in the content.
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    Reading List:
    OK i am not including these in my main list.
    just copy-pasting in here.
    i also won't give much explanation. but still, you will like some and hate some.
    so feel free to try. read summary and reviews first before trying.
    The Player That Can't Level Up
    Memorize [ mc is not evil, but can dirty his hands. he will get subordinates, friends and most likely even harem ]
    Return To Player
    Omniscient Reader’S Viewpoint [ mc is not the main character, its more like where story/plot is more important. i will say there are 2 mc in it ]
    Dungeons & Artifacts
    990K Ex-Life Hunter
    Leveling With The Gods
    The Only Necromancer [ readable ]
    Dungeon House
    Kill The Hero [ its good ]
    The Constellation That Returned From Hell
    Sss-Class Suicide Hunter
    Bug Player [ its good ]
    The Second Coming Of Gluttony [ i didn't like much ]
    Reformation Of The Deadbeat Noble
    Survival Story Of A Sword King In A Fantasy World
    The Dungeon Master
    To A New Life
    Solo Spell Caster
    Fff-Class Trashero [ very good ]
    The Live
    Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing [ readable ]
    I Stack Experience Through Writing Books [ readable ]
    Dungeon Reset
    I Log In Alone [ nice one ]
    Limit Breaker [ readable, but many poisons in there ]
    Manager Kim
    Return Of The Frozen Player [ readable ]
    Solo Max-Level Newbie [ very nice ]
    The Tutorial Is Too Hard [ nice ]
    Villain To Kill