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    Title: Married To A Savage Duke
    Associated Name: 피폐물 속 괴물 남주와 결혼했다
    NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/married-to-a-savage-duke/
    Raws: https://ridibooks.com/books/4689000001?_s=search&_q=피폐물+속+괴물+남주와+결혼했다&_rdt_sid=search&_rdt_idx=0

    She was reincarnated in a cold wasteland where romance didn’t exist.

    It was only a minor role whose name was not even mentioned, so she simply assumed that she would live a life that was far from the original.

    On the night of a full moon, a male master had come to visit her, possessing a title that didn’t exist in the drama.

    “The Marquis had asked for money in exchange for you.”

    It took her a while to remember that he was a cold-blooded man who would draw his sword first and ask questions later.

    Cherryl realized that her father was trying to sell her.

    “I don’t think it’s a bad offer.”

    The problem is that he was a savage monster who wasn’t capable of mercy.

    Yet, if she let him go, she would have to be married to an aging, bald Earl.

    Cherryl thought about running away at night but instead, she ended up leaving with Cade to the North.

    “Do you think it’s all a coincidence?”

    On the first night of the wedding, Cade kissed her wet cheeks tenderly and revealed his thoughts.

    “Would you believe if I said I was living like a dog for this night?”

    “Your—Your Grace.”

    The man’s golden eyes glittered with insidious longing.
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    Interesting :cookie:
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    where my spoilers
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    I've only read the first two chapters available but gotta say, first impressions of the FL is not too great. She had suspicions that she will be sold, have some circumstances and evidence that support it, and all she did was hope that it wasn't the case? Hope aint gonna do sh*t gurl. I get that she isn't in a position of power, but I would of really liked to see her do at least something, no matter how minor it is. Maybe plan a runaway, or ask around to investigate more to get a better understanding, which might help her plan. Something, just anything other than sitting ducks hoping for a miracle.
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    I’ll try to MTL this, since it’s on ridi
    DM me if you want the korean version
    Or I’ll guide you create a ridi account so you can read it legally

    He was a man with a greater presence than the seven giants. No matter who looked at it, he was definitely the leader of the bandits.
    The men were eating meat, but the man had not touched the food.
    With his broad shoulders erected at an angle, he simply sat there sipping win e. It was as if he was patiently waiting for his favorite food.
    I can prey on my own... .
    Seeing the atmosphere that could not be ignored, an ominous thought ran th rough Serael's head.
    'What is this feeling that it is a first screen but not a first screen?'
    Even in the original work, it feels like the male protagonist who was endlessl y ruined by killing like a bug.
    'It won't be. There is no way a murderer can sit in front of me if I'm wrong.'
    In the original story, it was a famous anecdote among readers that a prisoner had his eyes cut out and his body slaughtered and hung in front of the camp be cause he was staring at him.
    The man gazed at Sarahel, choking quietly with the bright red wine.
    It was a golden eye that could not easily read emotions.
    '... Am I right? I even dropped a ring on that man's forehead.'
    As if she had already lost two of her wrists, Serael, who was dizzy, staggere d.
    “Are you here? Come on, sit down.”
    The Marquis of Milrose looked at her and pointed to the seat next to the ma n.
    There was no time to be embarrassed by his father's smile, which he often s ees these days. As I slowly approached the table, the servant took the chair ou t.
    The man's golden eyes followed Sarahel as if watching the prey approaching closer.
    As she sat down and reached eye level with him, Serael's heart raced.
    Upon closer inspection, it was a man with an appearance that forcibly drew a ttention.
    Black hair that was a little disorganized as if he had just gone hunting, and go ld eyes that sparkled like that of a predator who reigns at the top. A straight no se and bright red lips.
    The sharply trimmed jawline was finished at a clear right angle below the ear s, making him very manly.
    The features arranged in perfect proportions without errors were also amazin gly fascinating.
    Sherael had never seen such a face in her previous life, even when modern medicine was raging.
    The most impressive thing was her strong body. The man had a balanced ph ysique with shoulders and muscles wide enough that the chair seemed insignif icant.
    Even if I didn't want to look at it, I kept seeing the man's thick side tube.
    I just feel weird... It was such a body.
    Even though he was aware of the situation he was in, when his heart started to itch for nothing, Serael quickly turned his gaze away from the man observing the man to somewhere in the air.
    “This is my one and only girl, Sarah. She is famous for being beautiful becaus e she looks just like her mother.”
    The Marquis then honored the man with overly crafted hand gestures.
    “This is Grand Duke Vlkanov. You are a precious person who has visited from afar, so treat them with respect.”
    ... Bulkanov?
    Serael, who was sweating profusely, rolled her round eyes again and looked a t the man.
    A harsh and dangerous energy surrounded his handsome face that made his eyes pop out.
    'Somehow, I felt a strange sense of euphoria.'
    I hoped it was an old woman, but it must have been Kaed Bulkanov, the prot agonist of the original story.
    'How could someone from the north have come to such a remote central regi on? It also leads to a group of bandits.'
    Unspeakable doubts wandered from the tip of his tongue. Pushing away the tangled clutter, Serael greeted her with respect.
    "Nice to meet you. It is an honor to have an audience with His Majesty, Gran d Duke Serael of the Marquis of Milose.”
    The man's dark eyebrows twitched slightly.
    'Well? Wait a minute.'
    There was one strange thing.
    'Vulkanov 'Archduke'. Did you have such a setting? It's a little different from w hat I knew... ?'
    Even though he said it, it was awkward.
    Serael opened the pretty wall in a circle and looked at the man carefully. The n the man smiled and put down his wine glass.
    “It’s a curious expression.”
    The voice that came out of his mouth was a low-pitched, attention-grabbing voice. There was little change in pitch, and the pronunciation was clear, so it w as a cool voice that sounded somewhat unfeeling.
    Serael focused on the man, with all his nerves on fire.
    “Did you think that a thief was more suitable than a noble title like Archduk e?”
    The man raised one corner of his mouth and smirked. Serael, who had beco me as insignificant as a rabbit in front of a predator for an instant, his heart san k. But a more honest reaction floated to the surface.
    'Is a rogue more suitable than an archduke?'
    I wanted to get a mirror and put it in front of the man.
    Even though he has a very handsome face, he is the leader of the bandits, w ho would have expected him to be in a position as high as the emperor in the E mpire.
    'Even in the original, he was a man who commanded a huge band of bandits.'
    So Serael answered without knowing it.
    It was a small voice like a sigh, but there was a stillness like ice. Sherael felt all eyes being focused on her.
    Even the subordinates who were eating meat stopped their movements and l ooked at this.
    Animals capable of biting off the neck of those who make a mistake with the boss like those venison meat. no, men.
    A cold sweat ran down Sarah's back. So he showed his wits.
    "yes. ... to?"
    Pretending that he didn't finish the answer, he raised his tail while continuing his voice.
    'It was natural. It must have sounded like a question.'
    Sherael closed her eyes tightly, comforting herself.
    Archduke Vlkanov laughed, scattering the low wind. As he smiled, the air tha t was like the tip of a needle loosened a bit, and everyone laughed along.
    It was also awhile.
    “It’s a thief.”
    The man just cut it off.
    "yes... ?”
    Serael unintentionally repeated the same voice as before. The man spoke slo wly, like a roar of a wild beast.
    “They steal other people’s money, kill them if they want to, and even kidnap women.”
    There was a sense of eerie in the low tone that enumerated the ruthless act s.
    “It was unavoidable because I was surviving on the bleak northern frontiers.” At the end of the man's fresh words, there was a breathtaking silence.
    It was also only for a while.
    "It's a joke."
    “... ... .”
    “I’m not interested in such filthy thieves, so put your face down.”
    As the man drank the red wine leisurely, the protruding neck roared.
    He had a very calm and laid-back attitude.
    Kaed's men exchanged glances and giggled, but Serael didn't laugh at all.
    'If you joke with that expression, no one will believe you.'
    Serael drank the wine hastily.
    The Marquis of Milose, who had been watching men all the time, scolded Ser ael as she looked at him.
    “This ignorance. Don't you know the first Duke of Vulkanov, who was praised as a hero for the achievement of the founding of the country centuries ago?”
    The Marquis, who recounted the history of a great family, immediately had th e momentum to bite his tongue.
    “An imperial person should not be ignorant of the Vlkanov family that has suc ceeded him.”
    "Ah yes... .”
    “Kaed, who is sitting here, is now the only Vlkanov, and he has led the dignifi ed family alone.”
    While trying not to offend Kaed, the Marquis continued to speak quietly.
    “Because of the trouble that happened to the family a few years ago... Hmm mm. Because you inherited the dukedom.”
    “... ... ?”
    “It was a little difficult for the Archduke to receive the title since he was an a dopted son without a drop of blood. So, rather than being annoyed, I can say th at it was a good thing again. Whoa, this is a disrespectful remark to the previou s head of state.”
    The Marquis artificially covered his mouth and looked at the man's complexio n. It was clear that he had intentionally uttered a slur to provoke him.
    “He is the one who successfully eradicated the frontier barbarians who were troublesome. The emperor entrusted the real power of the North and was eleva ted to the title of Grand Duke.”
    The pouring information confused Serael.
    Kaed in the original work was adopted by the Vlkanov family and did not inher it any titles.
    Becoming a duke was just a beginning.
    'Is it possible? So what happened to the duke, who was the stepfather, and t he children who had one after another?'
    Furthermore, the fact that he was promoted to the title of Grand Duke was e ven more surprising. It was clearly a twisted setup.
    Before the silence could get longer, Serael bowed her head humblely toward Kaed.
    “Duke, please forgive my ignorance. She couldn't go to the academy and of c ourse she didn't have a tutor after her mother died.”
    Kaed gently shook the glass and stared at Serael without a word.
    All were true. The Marquis of Milrose is a human being who sold out books fr om the library early, saying what kind of study a woman is.
    If it wasn't for her mother, who taught young Sarahel how to write while she was still alive and also the knowledge she had learned at the academy, she wo uld have grown up with ignorant black eyes.
    “It is a pity that we do not know the history or political history in detail.”
    Sarah looked at her father and smiled. He had a smile that was sharpened en ough that any sharp man would recognize that he had resentment.
    She turned her eyes back to Kaed, who was still watching her.
    “It is really impressive that the Archduke is leading the family. You are the onl y member of the family.”
    The adjective of being unique was heterogeneous.
    She looked back at the original. The members of the Vulkanov who persecut ed Kaed for being an adopted child of unknown origin. Where have they all gon e and only Kaed is left?
    “But at the very least, there must be relatives of the same family... .”
    Sarah kept her mouth shut.
    After reading her thoughts, Kaed slowly raised the corners of his mouth.
    Contrary to his dangerous appearance, he was a man with a lot of laughter. T he problem was that it just felt creepy.
    “Everyone is dead.”
    Kaed gave an answer that was as creepy as a laugh. 'It was' must have been 'was'.
    'No, no matter what. It must have been 'was'.'
    Sherael pretended to hear something wrong and drank the wine, manipulatin g her brain. Only by borrowing the power of alcohol could he endure this chokin g situation.
    “Duke. Do you have any concerns about successors? Since you are still singl e, I am speaking to the old woman.”
    The Marquis of Milrose smiled darkly and looked at Kaed.
    “After all, there must be a second generation who will inherit the history of t he Grand Duke. Recently, there has been interference from the imperial famil y... .”
    While hesitating, the Marquis did not stop fluttering.
    “As I said before, our family has a high reputation and is generous in its own way. So, there is not much to wish for... .”
    Sherael was startled by her father's gaze that looked at her with a deep look, and she opened her eyes.
    'I think this guy is crazy. Are you really trying to sell me off?'
    Caed drank dark red wine.
    I knew I would ignore the marquise's nonsense as it was, but a low-pitched voice opened my mouth.
    “I’m not worried about the future.”
    Words suspicious of his ears flowed out of the man's mouth with the corners of his mouth slightly raised despite his expressionless expression.
    “If it’s marriage, it’s in the plan.”
    Serael, who was glaring at the marquis at that sudden answer, was stunned and stiff.
    'Marriage plans... ? Caedga?'
    A question mark rose above his head.
    'with who?'
    The man's eyes that seemed to have melted gold gleamed with a subtle glo w, as if expecting some kind of reaction.
    Serael picked up the glass of wine with a shaky hand to keep from shaking.
    After drinking all the wine, he took a long breath. Still, he couldn't calm dow n, so he fiddled with the empty glass without letting go.
    It's not a big deal, but I felt unusual gazes on me.
    'Why is everyone staring at you?'
    Kaed leaned his arm on the table, stroking my lips with his long finger, and s mirked as if he was having fun.
    “It seems that Young-ae was a bit perplexed. Does a man like me look far fro m marriage?”
    “It is not. How could I be so rude... .”
    “It’s because you’re acting so devastated that you can’t even tell the differen ce between your own drink.”
    A low voice pointed to the glass she was holding in her hand.
    In her beautiful hand, a glass of wine, which Kaed constantly licked his lips, was placed savagely.
    The entrance is stained red with lipstick.

    Serael's eyes, blue as jewels, fluttered to and fro in great bewilderment.
    “Excuse me!”
    Serael picked up the burinaque napkin and wiped the lipstick stains off the gl ass.
    'No. You can't return the cup I put on.'
    As she stopped moving at the sudden thought, the Marquis of Milrose looked her up and down with a disgruntled look.
    “Hey Goyan! Dare to disrespect in front of anyone... !”
    “There was no disrespect, so please don’t make a fuss.”
    Caed quietly pointed out the Marquis who was about to shout, and made him shut his mouth with a single knife.
    Then he watched the wine being poured into the new glass that the servant had brought, impressingly.
    While everyone was waiting for Kaed's reaction, he didn't care and took a slo w sip of his drink. He soon was speaking with an expressionless face.
    “How far have you been talking?”
    “... that, hmmm. Yes. It was about the Prince’s heirs and future.” At first, that topic was a fuse.
    When my father told my doctor about the luck of the wedding without asking any questions, I was first surprised, and the second shock was the answer of t he Archduke that he was thinking of getting married.
    'What kind of marriage is a man without blood or tears?'
    Marriage between nobles often took place in the name of passing on a noble generation. As such, his remarks, as if worrying about his successor were not t he top priority, were also surprising.
    'I'm sure there's a girl you like, what is it?'
    Even though he probably didn't mean anything about Serael, the marquise's f ace was shining.
    “After all, there is no way the noble Archduke would not plan for the future. T hen, as I said earlier, with my wife... .”
    “Your glass is empty.”
    “... Oh yes, yes! What is the servant doing? We must fill the Grand Duke's cu p quickly so that it doesn't become empty!"
    The servant standing behind him hurriedly approached him.
    The marquis grabbed the bottle of wine the servant was holding and snatche d it away.
    “Just come here! I will follow up with you.”
    The Marquis, who had filled Kaed's cup with his own hands, smiled sullenly t o repeat his sarcasm again.
    Then he lowered his gaze to Kaed's empty plate.
    “... Stir, Grand Duke. Maybe the food doesn't suit your taste?"
    The Marquis, who had just realized he hadn't touched the food, asked cautiou sly.
    “Is there any food you don’t like?”
    The thieves, who had been eating meat in a form that could not even be foun d in culture, had already emptied several bowls.
    “Not to my taste.”
    Caed emptied the remaining wine in the glass and uttered ambiguous words.
    “I like it more than I expected.”
    It wasn't something a man who didn't even pay attention to at the dinner wo uld say.
    However, his sharp eyes, full of wild energy, were pointing towards Sarah. As if he was just pointing to himself, Serael's heart sank.
    The original <Descendants of a Fallen Hero> was a devastating novel without a single romance. The reason why the rating was so bad even though it reache d thousands of stars... .
    kim*** and Mr.... The protagonist X Poor Saida is an impossible developme nt. I get frustrated and leave.
    └ re: 19 Don't be fooled by gold. It's just a story about dying and killing ea ch other.
    └ re: The main character is an extreme job. It's a history that has been twi sted from the ancestral era;
    └ re: Please note that there is no Romance 1 either. A novel that become s a full-fledged sociopath after only having a war with the most pitiful prot agonist ^^
    └ re: Kaed I understand the poor past, but isn't it too cruel? Sometimes I get rejected because I kill him.
    └ re: There are only 5 scenes where Kaed is bathing alone in the lake, and it is worth seeing. Description It is a restaurant. Volume 4, 69 pages.
    It is because the readers are angry with the devastating life history of the mai n character.
    'It's good that he has a great body that drives people crazy, and he painstakin gly portrayed that even that is the basis of a man's body, which is flawless.'
    Sherael in her previous life was one of them.
    'You can't even love, and you're just going through hardship and then you die? If that's the case, why is it so vividly described?'
    Every time I turned the page, I couldn't help but be amazed.
    'The author made a sweet potato with a purpose.'
    It was a novel that I couldn't take my eyes off of, even though I gave it one st ar out of five.
    'I heard that Kaed, who was adopted by the legendary duke, was actually the legitimate heir of that family. No one knows the secret of this birth.'
    The first Vulkanov, who was a hero of national achievement, was a man of be astly skills, and as long as he went to war, it sounded like a victory.
    Thanks to this, the Duke of Vlkanov has been praised for being a bloodline of heroes for hundreds of years, and the imperial family has a power to fear.
    However, due to the conspiracy of the later imperial family, all descendants were secretly purged. Even the imperial illegitimate child is humiliated to sit in Vulkanov's head.
    On the other hand, only one true descendant of Vlkanov, who was thought to be dead, remained. It was Kaed, the main character of misfortune, who was gr owing up with wild people in a devastated forest just beyond the border.
    The tragedy began when Duke Vlkanov, a member of the imperial family, ado pted Kaed, whom he met by chance during the Northern Expedition.
    'Because a fake bloodline adopted a real bloodline as an adopted child.'
    Caed suffered terrible persecution within his family for being an adopted chil d.
    Unable to know that he was a descendant of a hero in history or that he was the proper owner of the family to which they belonged, Chidle bit him every da y.
    An irreversible fate was struck when Caed, who was impatient, murdered Co nfucius, who was at the forefront of the bullying.
    It was the beginning of a lot of slaughter.
    'Bad Confucius bastard, you deserved death. He said he was going to practic e archery and shot an arrow in Kaed's shoulder. I even aimed my eyes, but it w as a miss.'
    Afterwards, a horrific war broke out between Caed, who returned to the bord er with the savages, and his stepfather, the Duke.
    Caed's army absorbed various savages, and the duke's army continued to en gage in endless fighting with the support of the imperial family.
    Kaed, who had completely lost his emotions after repeating a death-and-dea th struggle, began to regard human lives as less important than flies.
    He did a lot of killing, and he even earned the nickname “The Killer If He Was Stupid”.
    It was a novel that ended with the conclusion that Kaed, who had finally won the war, ended his life by suicide the day after the victory was announced.
    'I want a refund.'
    I read 69 pages of volume 4 until it was worn out, but I was exhausted from r eading exhausted texts.
    The Milose family, where Serael was reincarnated, was roughly described as ' a nobleman who slandered the imperial family'.
    So, he was one of the many nobles who would be in opposition to Caed, but he was a minor role that had not been mentioned a single line other than that.
    'Something must be wrong.'
    According to the original story, Kaed, who should be on the battlefield, appea red in front of Serael with the title of Grand Duke of the North today.
    Moreover, all the fake Vulkanovs who fought with him are dead.
    Since he became the owner of the family that should have been owned by K aed, the history has been corrected.
    'Looking back on what my father said, it seems that there was a big change.'
    It was a better development than continuing an endless war for him, but in th is world, he couldn't have done such a thing because Kaed knew the secret of his birth that only Serael knew.
    Where did the original settings come from?
    'Calm down, calm down... .'
    Sherael took a deep breath, shaking off his bloody feast.
    It was a very uncomfortable meal time.
    A glass of wine every time Kaed and his close eyes pass, a glass of steak clo gged up in his throat, and a glass of his father talking crazy.
    Every time I got a stomach ache, I got dizzy from how many drinks I had to d rink to soothe my stomach.
    My father sent the women up to the second floor to discuss business with K aed. I was out of breath, but I was worried because I didn't know what kind of s tory would come and go.
    Sherael changed into comfortable clothes and drank the tea that Lucy had br ought. When he drank milk and sugar, his raging heart calmed down a little.
    Lucy opened her mouth with a sullen expression.
    “I’m sorry, miss. I turned on the lights and looked around the floor, but could n’t find the ring.”
    "Do not be sorry. It's my fault for being surprised to see the Archduke and dr opping it. I'll have to look for it again when the sun comes up."
    Even if I said that, it was a memento left by my biological mother, so I felt e mbarrassed and depressed.
    Lucy lowered the corners of her lips as she combed Seriel's curly hair.
    But I couldn't be sad at the same time. To divert Serael's attention, the maid deliberately flirted with her.
    “By the way, I never imagined that the men Oliver spoke of had something t o do with Archduke Vlkanov.”
    “... So do i."
    “It was a bit unusual to have men like that as an escort, but somehow we go t along well. Is it rude to say this?”
    'It's a thief!'
    Serael swallowed a cry that could not be uttered.
    “The users were also outraged. Everyone said it was like a walking statue.”
    Lucy lowered her voice, as if telling a secret story.
    “But you know what? There are strange rumors circulating about the Archduk e.”
    At the meaningful whisper, Sarah swallowed her saliva.
    Is it a rumor that he killed someone because he was fooled, just like the origi nal nickname, "He who kills if he's wrong?" Or did I destroy the family members with my own hands to claim the title?
    “It seems that women who fell in love with the Archduke’s handsome appear ance are courting him.”
    “... therefore?"
    “Only known people are the daughter of the Marquis de Maldin, the second d aughter of the Velde family, and even the princess.”
    “Can you tell me the main point?”
    “I heard there were too many suitors to be bothered with, but they say they h aven’t killed anyone yet.”
    Serael looked at Lucy blankly and was furious.
    “No, why is that a strange rumor? Of course you can't kill people!"
    “It contrasts with the ugly gossip. There are also weird stories about taking a walk in the garden or liking animals.”
    At the sound of nonsense, Sarah rubbed the nape of her neck.
    The laughter of the Marquis Milrose was heard from downstairs. My father, w ho never showed a smile or gave me a candy in his entire life, was making all s orts of jokes to sell my daughter's food.
    “It is also true that the Archduke cleared the northern barbarians who had be en a troublemaker for a long time.”
    Lucy looked at Serael through the mirror and continued.
    “The emperor honored him and sealed the title of Grand Duke. It is as if the i ndependent autonomy of Karlsvik, Grand Duchy of Vlkanov, was recognized.”
    In the north, there were a lot of barbarians besides the Valken people led by Caed. Among them, there were also dangerous races that murdered for fun.
    'What a great achievement. Kaed must have swept them right.'
    In the original story, he was a man who absorbed all conflicting races into his army in order to win the war.
    Did you change your mind because of a change of heart?
    'He was a man who only knew how to kill. I don't think they drove out the bar barians to make the North a better place to live... .'
    Then, out of nowhere, the door swung open.
    It was Natasha who had already been invading Serael's space twice today.
    Serael looked at her stepmother with a look on her face asking if it was you a gain.
    “Where did you leave the knock, mother?”
    “The Archduke and his companions have decided to stay in our mansion for a while. It is the order of the Marquis, so you should guide the Grand Duke to the guest room.”

    "I do not like it."
    Natasha's face lit up with contempt when Sarahel quickly refused.
    “It looks like you don’t have this fussy hair!”
    Natasha came closer and raised her index finger.
    “You, when you say something nice, get up right now and go down to the firs t floor where the Grand Duchess is.”
    Serael, who was moved by the ugliness, where no manners could be found, shook her head.
    “I told you I didn’t like it. I have an attendant, so I don’t have to do the job of guiding guests to the room.”
    “Are you really doing this because you don’t know? There is no other dull wor m that I have not realized anything from the conversations we have had today.”
    Serael smirked at the extravagant remarks.
    “Don’t cross the line. I don't have a mouth, so I can't say anything?"
    “I’ve been dressed up at the best, but I’m just bluntly replying to a topic that I can’t attract a single man. I mean, I spent several months' worth of living to b uy your jewelry and dress."
    To Natasha, Kaed's characteristic indifferent attitude seemed completely unin teresting to Serael. It was as if the carefully prepared product had been rejected without the packaging unopened.
    Besides, the stepdaughter who spoke back to me without changing her com plexion made me go crazy.
    “I never asked for jewelry. You're going to get it back anyway, right?"
    Sherael had never received anything like a gift from her father or stepmother. He had a foreboding foreboding that it would be an unpleasant gift at a cost.
    Natasha held out her hand as if she wasn't embarrassed.
    “Give it to the seaweed. After all, it was an undeserved ornament for you.”
    “Bring your mother too many ornaments.”
    Like Natasha, Serael slapped the package of trash with her hand and dropped it on the floor.
    With the sound of metal crashing, the stepmother's eyes opened wide enou gh that it couldn't get any bigger.
    Serael did not stop there and fired again.
    “It’s just ugly for a mother to shout that she hasn’t achieved what she want s.”
    “You are out of your mind!”
    Natasha, half-naked, muttered in a hoarse voice.
    “I thought that one shell was worth seeing, but I guess it wasn’t. You incomp etent one, the Archduke shows no interest in you!”
    Natasha, the dull one, didn't seem to feel any strange air currents from the di nner party.
    Serael, who had no obligation to explain, did not want to react to the words t hat scratched her insides.
    “I know.”
    “... What?"
    “I don’t know, ma’am.”
    "this... This is real!”
    Natasha, lost in reason, raised her right hand high.
    “No, no!”
    Lucy, who had thrown herself at the moment, cried softly and barely interven ed between the two of them.
    Although Lucy was small, the muscles of her body were well developed than ks to the work she had done day and night.
    It meant he had enough strength to separate Natasha. “Master! Calm down!”
    “Leave this! I'm going to fix that habit right now!"
    “You can’t slap your hands on the girl!”
    “Let it go!”
    “I can hear you all the way downstairs! If there is a commotion, the Marquis will be in a lot of trouble!”
    It was Natasha who was choked to death by the words of the Marquis of Milr ose.
    Occasionally, Serael would resent her father, who had remarried to Natasha, blinded by money.
    I remember the Marquis crouching at Natasha in the early days of their remar riage.
    I always wondered how a father, who had a virtuous ex-wife like his mother, fell into the pockets of such a vulgar woman and remarried.
    It was absurd that a marquis, who was arguing about aristocrats and arguing about the highs and lows of status above all else, had a relationship with the se cond daughter of a poor baron.
    If you think about it, it was a remarriage that Natasha had no regrets about. B ecause he was able to pretend to be a hostess while having an elegant mansio n and dozens of employees.
    As the years passed, Natasha, who had a lot to lose, was in a situation where she was complaining to her father.
    So, it seemed that Lucy's words a little while ago were punctuated.
    Natasha was courageous, but didn't rush anymore. She was tangled, trimmin g her dull-colored hair and just staring at Serael.
    Serael looked at her stepmother, untouched by dust.
    "miss... .”
    Lucy's expression looked distressed as she almost hugged Natasha and block ed the two of them. It seemed terribly hard to see her dear maiden quarrel with her stepmother to death.
    Natasha pointed to the door.
    "you! Last chance. Go downstairs now and take the Archduke to the guest ro om.”
    Sarah sighed and stood up. She didn't want to see Lucy struggling because o f her stubbornness.
    It's about showing guests a room... It's nothing.
    Natasha thrust a dagger behind Sarahel's back as she trudged forward.
    “Since you have come a long way, I hope that you will untie them well so tha t there are no gatherings. Did you understand?”
    She wasn't so young that she couldn't understand those words.
    'What? Do you want to untie the clumps? What do these humans treat me lik e!'
    Serael slammed the bedroom door with all her might. I could have heard it all the way downstairs, but I didn't care. Soon the door swung open and Natasha r ushed out.
    “How dare you slam the door on this frivolous thing!”
    “It was closed because of the wind.”
    Serael continued walking while making an obvious excuse.
    In the banquet hall on the first floor, Archduke Vlkanov and Marquis Milose w ere still talking.
    It seemed closer to the one-sided chatter of the marquis rather than a conve rsation.
    Caed's minions did not appear to have left first.
    When Serael appeared, the quick-witted Marquis smiled sternly.
    “Duke. You must be tired, but why don't Saddam continue tomorrow? Special care has been taken to ensure a comfortable stay in the guest room.”
    The Marquis glanced at Sarahel.
    “My daughter will pick you up.”
    Serael came closer and clicked her mouth like a kokeshi doll.
    “I will guide you.”
    Caed, who was handling the empty wine glass, raised his golden eyes and lo oked at her.
    Serael's heart fluttered as if she had been attacked by the eyes that looked li ke they were piercing through.
    Kaed gave a brief greeting to the Marquis.
    “It was a great dinner.”
    He, who showed no interest in the prepared dish, got up from his chair, tellin g an obvious lie.
    Immediately, a daunting shadow fell over Serael's body.
    I knew from afar that he was tall, and when I sat next to him, I knew that he had a stout physique.
    However, the body of the man he encountered was large and strong enough to feel the overwhelming physical strength.
    The broad shoulders were thick, and the chest in front of Serael's nose was v ery tight.
    One after another, the taut figure of the fabric caught in her vision.
    Shaking off the useless force majeure, Serael closed her eyes tightly and turn ed her body to take a gait.
    But Kaed caught up with her in just one step and walked right next to her.
    I would have been a little embarrassed if a man followed me from the back w hen I was going up the stairs, but I thought it was fortunate.
    'But I don't think it's because it tickles me to walk side by side.'
    The guest room where Caed was staying was probably right next to Serael's bedroom.
    'Is the road this far?'
    The hallway you walk in every day must be so unfamiliar.
    With my heart pounding incessantly, I arrived at the front of the room with hi m.
    “Your Majesty can stay here. ... yes?"
    Sherael, who was about to open the door, rattled the handle in bewildermen t. The bedroom door was firmly locked.
    'Who's locked it again!'
    It was because it was not used often because it was a room only for valuable guests.
    The handle was loose and even rusted on the metal inside, so it was often lo cked inside if even the slightest mistake was touched.
    Perhaps the user in charge of cleaning made a mistake.
    As she stood in a space so cramped that the tip of her shoulders touched the man's solid body, Serael's heart became urgent.
    “Excuse me, Grand Duke. This is another trouble.”
    When Kaed reached out her hand instead of answering, she stopped the tre mbling gesture.
    A large hand approaching as if it could be reached at any moment came into view.
    It was a very masculine hand with protruding bones in the length of a single word from Sarahel's hand.
    As she moved away, Caed grabbed the doorknob with a dazed expression.
    fight. tuk.
    It doesn't seem like it gave him much strength, but his strong grip shattered the metal inside the doorknob like a toy.
    He simply opened the door and hurriedly entered the room.
    Serael looked at the door that could never be locked again unless it was repla ced.
    “Yes, this is your room... .”
    Even as she stumbled again, she did not forget her manners.
    Whether or not he knew her insides, Kaed sat down on the edge of the bed. She let out a low breath as she pulled the fabric near her neck in a stuffy way. Then she peeked out of her clavicle bone beneath her black shirt.
    I suddenly remembered a message from my stepmother telling me to relieve the man's fatigue.
    Her heart, which had barely subsided, was beating rapidly, and the thought o f going out filled Serael's head.
    “There is a bathroom in the room, so you won't have any problems. You can e ven take a bath. If you need help, call me.”
    “... ... .”
    If it wasn't for Kaed, the golden eyes that would have immediately exclaimed that it was very beautiful turned to Serael.
    It was then that she realized that her words sounded very strange.
    “Oh my gosh. It's not that I'm going to help the Prince take a bath."
    Sarah's words became faster.
    “Please, if you need any help, even if it’s not a bath help, call me. ... Not me, of course, but a servant.”
    Sarah took a step backwards.
    Kaed, who was watching her silently, burst into laughter.
    'Smile... ? Are you laughing at me?'
    But the feeling was subtly different from the sneer.
    It was similar to seeing a cute little animal if the texture was similar. No matt er what happened, strangely, I didn't think it was as scary as before.
    Caed tilted his upper body and looked at Sarah with smiley eyes. She then op ened her mouth with a sweet, clean bass.
    “You are too nervous.”
    He brushed his smooth black hair. The exposed forehead was very straight.
    At the same time as the impression that he was handsome, he remembered the mistake of hitting that handsome forehead with a silver ring.
    Sherael's shoulders, who had been slowly losing their strength, were firmly a ngled again.
    “You seem to be nervous even during dinner, so I joked a little.”
    “... ... .”
    “Am I uncomfortable?”
    Kaed looked up at her, placing his loosely interlaced hands to his lips.
    'That was no joke. It was close to threatening to kill everything if it bothered me.'
    In the original story, he was a man who did not know that he was joking.
    It was all full of doubts about whether Kaed was trying to relieve Serael's ten sion or asking for his opinion on himself.
    “... It’s not uncomfortable.”
    I thought I'd cut my throat if I said it honestly, so Sarah slapped me first.
    “I understand the inconvenience. Because it looks wild.”
    Then Kaed lowered his eyes and helped himself.
    Sarael, bewildered by the unexpected words, opened her mouth slightly. Of course, the high-pressure current surrounding him was a bit scary, but... .
    'You're fierce. That face?'
    Does it look like a crystal of testosterone that a normal woman would admire without losing her soul?
    “Since it’s just the two of you, it must be even more inconvenient. You can ju st leave.”
    A large man, well-balanced with muscles, had a strangely lonely expression on his face.
    It was quite different from the original I knew. Amid the vague fear of men, c uriosity surged.
    Besides, if he left like this, he was admitting that he felt uncomfortable.

    Serael decided to try it with a little more courage.
    He approached lightly and carefully took a seat in the reception chair opposite him.
    “The Archduke’s appearance is ferocious... . It is not.”
    With a gap that almost touched her knees, Serael looked at Kaed. The man's eyebrows, which gave a cold impression, were thick and delicate when viewed up close.
    The eyes, which I thought were sharp like a beast, had very soft inner double eyelids, giving me a drowsy feeling whenever I opened my eyes.
    He was a man in a tragedy who wished that Serael in his previous life would be so happy.
    It was Kaed who broke the not-so-long silence.
    “Do you know what happened between me and the wedding?”
    “... I knew.”
    Sarah nodded, and he corrected.
    “It’s too much to dismiss it as a marriage talk. Because the Marquis demand ed money from me in exchange for the Sherael sheep.”
    "I knew it... . How much money did your father expect?”
    “It would be about the same amount of tax that the Marquis would collect in ten years.”
    “Ten, ten years?”
    Serael was stunned and touched her round forehead.
    I hoped it would go downhill until the end, but that crazy guy did it all the wa y.
    “Are you trying to sell your biological daughter to an outsider man? That's not really sane... .”
    I was so angry that thoughts flowed out in front of the other men.
    “How can you do such a thing, no matter how hard you are?”
    “I don’t know if it will be of any consolation, but I am not referring to you dire ctly.”
    Kaed's calm voice was heard in his ear.
    “He said that if he bought the building he had completed in Hindel, the capita l, he would let me have a relationship with my wife.”
    It wasn't comforting at all.
    It's not even 1+1, and if you buy a building, I'll give you my daughter, what ki nd of nonsense.
    Sarah pressed her forehead, which was throbbing again.
    "I'm sorry."
    Kaed calmly apologized to her for showing her complicated feelings.
    'It's not my fault. Do you even understand my situation?'
    With a little comfort, Serael shook her head laboriously.
    "no. There is no need for the Archduke to apologize... .”
    “I think it’s not a bad offer.”
    Sherael laughed self-deprecatingly and cut the end of the words as if he was waiting.
    Serael, who was awakened by the shocking remark hitting the head, made e ye contact with Kaed.
    His eyes were quite serious, like a wild beast that reigned at the top of the fo od chain. Seeing the smile on his face, he was never in a playful mood.
    At first, he was a man who didn't know it was a joke.
    "It's not a bad suggestion, I'm not sure what you're talking about."
    Serael was so confused that she felt like her eyes were spinning round and r ound.
    “Your father’s building in Hindel? Or maybe... .”
    When he stopped talking, Kaed asked again instead of answering.
    “What do you think of Sherael?”
    “... yes?"
    “To marry me.”
    The walls of Serael, which seemed to contain the light of the sea, lost their way and shook violently. The man in front of me was proposing to marry me.
    No, can we call this a proposal?
    “If it’s not my mistake, the Archduke seems to want to marry me.”
    "of course."
    “So you asked what I thought?”
    “Can’t we just push it unilaterally? Even if it’s a courtesy, you should ask Ms. Sarahel’s doctor.”
    As a precaution... The word was caught, but Serael was not afraid and asked questions one after another.
    “I’m sorry, but are you serious?”
    “If Miss Sarahel gives you a positive answer, you can get married right awa y.”
    As soon as I put the question mark, an answer immediately followed.
    Sherael put her hand on her shaking chest and calmed herself. Why? Why ar e you going straight like this?
    “The Grand Duke.”
    Kaede stared at her quietly. Sherael caught her breath and carefully opened h er mouth.
    “I believe that marriage is an ambassador of life, in which a man and a woma n must live together for the rest of their lives under one roof.”
    “I agree.”
    “That’s why I don’t think you should make a hasty decision.”
    “It was a decision I made after thinking hard enough.”
    “I am not. Wouldn’t it be ideal to make a promise based on the affection and trust that comes from getting to know each other step by step?”
    “Isn’t it okay if I get to know you after the ceremony?”
    Contrary to his usual voice, his words were very outspoken.
    Thanks to this, Serael was on the verge of fainting. In fact, considering the pr esent day when love marriages are extremely rare, his words were not complet ely wrong.
    Besides, where is the woman who refuses to be connected with a man who has power, wealth, and beauty?
    The problem was that he was Kaed. The man Serael knew was a man who h ad never had a love affair with the opposite sex in his entire life, let alone marry ing him.
    Besides, it's not like the woman who comes with 1+1 when buying a building wants to have it.
    This man's obsession, which felt so strangely sincere, was entirely directed a t her.
    So I had to say more.
    “I don’t know why you want to have a wedding even if you pay a huge amou nt to your father. I am not a buyer or seller.”
    “I understand your feelings, but it would be better for you to stay with me.”
    It would have been a very unlucky remark if it wasn't for his mouth-wateringl y handsome appearance.
    Sarah shook her head.
    "no. It's a marriage that went like a deal. I think it would be difficult to marry t he Grand Duchess.”
    “Don’t you like me?”
    Kaed asked with a quiet gaze.
    'I don't think that's the problem now... !'
    The man who looked like a boss who fiercely commanded the wolf corps biti ng raw meat had a strangely dead expression.
    "yes? It’s not like that.”
    Sarah hastily answered.
    It looked so unfamiliar and pitiful to see Kaed's wide shoulders drooping. Her golden eyes turned to the floor with a pathetic light.
    “You’re rejecting me because you don’t like me, because you don’t like me.”
    The repeated remarks one after another urged a silent answer.
    Embarrassed, Serael unwittingly pulled out the emotions that were only in he r head.
    "no. Your appearance is very attractive. Black hair, which is rare in the Empir e, and shiny golden eyes are so pretty.”
    At the urgent praise, Kaed's eyes turned to Serael again. He let go of his gloo m and smiled softly.
    “I also thought of the Sherael sheep. I need to control myself to be with yo u... .”
    “Oh, me, I don’t mean that, do I?”
    “... ... .”
    "there. Please listen to me for a moment.”
    A man like the wolf king threw away the same cynical air flow from nowhere and lowered his eyelashes.
    He looked pathetic like a man who was rejected after confessing the innocen ce he had kept for a long time. Serael, who was weakened by his innocent app earance, began to praise him again.
    "do not misunderstand. Kaed-nim is really cool.”
    “... What is it?”
    “Hey, you have a very nice body with a rare stature. Any woman would want to hug Kaed.”
    It felt like a contest to compliment who was prettier and more handsome.
    Now Serael was in a very troubled state. A man in a tragedy who lost his em otions and looked at the world without color.
    A man who could not do anything other than killing people appeared one afte r another in completely different settings, expressing a deep affection for him.
    He even seemed to want to marry her right away.
    When I think about where it went wrong and the tragedy of the original, I wa s confused as to whether this was wrong or not.
    “What about Sherael?”
    Kaed's eyes quickly turned to life.
    “Is it the same with the Sherael sheep?”
    "ah... . Yes, of course. Me too.”
    With nothing to do, Sarah muttered whatever came out of her mouth.
    He slowly raised the corners of his lips and smiled.
    “It is of the same mind. I'm looking at Sherael up close, so I want to hug her to crumble. I have good patience, but it’s hard to control.”
    “I, Grand Duke. Wait."
    She raised her hands and stopped Kaed.
    'It's safe for me to be here... ?'
    I had to keep my mind sharp and speak straight. Only then was she able to st op this man from making a woman's heart flutter.
    “Your Majesty is a wonderful person. But she has a lot to worry about as a w oman, in that she's having a relationship with a man she doesn't know very wel l."
    He put aside the pathetic look he had seen a moment ago and leaned forwar d as if intrigued.
    The moment she was about to be embarrassed by the sudden change of at mosphere, she got close enough to feel her breath, and she leaned back slightl y.
    “What, for example?”
    "Well... .”
    She looked at the common causes of family strife.
    “Conflicts between husband and wife are also common.”
    “My blood does not exist in this world.”
    Kaed just cut it off and countered.
    “Not one.”
    He even confirmed the death with a clear pronunciation.
    Sherael, at a loss for words, clenched her chin.
    'Isn't that wrong? There were only those who did not have a drop of blood in t he Vulkanov family.'
    Regardless of the incident where his family members were wiped out anywa y, he was a man with no blood.
    'oh. Why am I being persuaded?'
    Without realizing it, she nodded and regained her senses.
    “Lifestyle and personality differences are also issues to be considered.”
    “It’s a trivial matter.”
    “It’s not so, Grand Duke. It is very difficult if the other person often lies, has unclean hygiene habits, or has bad hand habits.”
    “So it's a trivial matter. If you make a pact with me, there will be no such slop py thing.”
    He added in a very clear voice.
    “I promise to be consistent with honesty and cleanliness.” Serael shook her head at the rant with no room to refute. 'What else was the cause of the discord.'
    oh I've left out what is perhaps the most important part.
    “Since we have been living together for the rest of our lives, we need to cons ider whether the relationship between a man and a woman will work well toget her.”
    “... ... .”
    “Oh, oh my! what did i just say That’s not what it means.” Embarrassed, Serael waved her hands.
    that's what it means
    I was just talking with my mind, and I was talking about an unfamiliar topic. K aed blinked his eyelashes slowly and lowered his eyes. She was contemplating something.
    After a brief silence, he smiled and understood. “Certainly it could be.”
    Sarah nodded sheepishly.
    “Is that right? Marriage is difficult... .”
    “You can check it out in advance if you want.”
    Kaed smiled with a strangely confident smile. Serael, terrified, widened her e yes.
    According to the listener, Kaed was refreshingly presenting words that were open to interpretation.
    It was not difficult to guess what the basis of that confidence was.

    “What do you want me to check?”
    Surprised so much, Serael got the thoughts out of her mouth and shouted. I didn't ask because I was curious, but Kaed answered me diligently.
    “Didn’t Miss Sarahel just tell you? Between a man and a woman... .” "no! It's okay, Grand Duke."
    Sarah hastily cut his horse.
    I had to do it even though I knew it was against my dignity.
    “It would be better to get rid of the worrying parts early.”
    He tilted his chin as he spoke in a tone that clearly gave answers to trivial co ncerns.
    I was about to lose my soul because of the man who was going straight with out a break.
    “Duke. This is the story of the premise of marrying the Archduke.”
    Serael resolutely expressed her values.
    “I don’t want to get married without love.”
    It was sincere. Regardless of what kind of person Kaed was, I didn't want a marriage like that.
    Despite the fact that arranged marriages are not uncommon in this era, Sera el, who has experienced a free-spirited past life, is a difficult reality to accept.
    “I want to get married when I am convinced that I want to be with the man I l ove for the rest of my life.”
    It was questionable whether her opinion would work in the marriage that her father was trying to make at will, but she did nothing and could not obey.
    “I have no intention of offending the Archduke. But I think it would certainly b e unreasonable to suddenly start a relationship with a man you don’t love.”
    “Do you think there is no love in this marriage talk?”
    Kaed, who had been silently listening, asked with a voice that seemed to be crushed. Surprised by the unexpected question, Sarah blinked her eyes.
    Her intentions were a marriage talk that went on without any consideration. T he man with whom he had never even spoken to. There could be no love betw een the two.
    “The Archduke and I are first meeting, so there’s no way there’s such a thin g.”
    “... ah."
    Kaede was speechless. Finally, he seemed to take Serael's opinion seriously.
    She gained strength and spoke up.
    “I literally hate marriage without love. If the partner with whom you share you r life is a stranger, the risk is high.”
    “... ... .”
    “I hate being passed over like a sale. Until recently, I was determined to run away.”
    Kaed's face, who had been listening with his eyes closed, suddenly darkene d.
    Sarah shrugged her shoulders. Her golden eyes, which had been pinned to t he floor, moved up towards her, giving her the same shape as her three hundre d eyes.
    He exhaled quietly, clasping his large hands as if trying to suppress somethin g.
    “You must have planned to run away.”
    Thick veins suddenly revealed their presence on the back of his hand.
    “You must have hated it. Enough to imagine the impossible.”
    The low-pitched voice was unmistakable.
    There was a cool madness in Kaed's eyes, as if he was about to hit anything. 'That's not the point.'
    Sarah tried to smile.
    “Of course, you can’t marry a man you don’t even know well.”
    “... ... .”
    “Of course, Sang, Hwang, who has no choice but to run away... .”
    The man's eyes, pierced by Serael without shaking, were as cold as frost. 'Are you listening... ?'
    Goosebumps appeared on Sarah's white skin.
    Why does he suddenly remember the many murders he committed in the ori ginal work? A ruthless slaughter that was so cruel that I had no choice but to lo se my emotions.
    When the warning light came on in her head, Serael got up from her chair, st roking my arm.
    “It was late at night. I didn’t even know the time had come.”
    Saying that, I was deliberately conscious of looking out the window, but Kae d's eyes followed her as if nailed.
    It's a beautiful golden eye, but I couldn't shake the feeling of being persistent every time I turned to myself.
    Everything that happened today was full of questions, and Serael's head was pounding.
    “It’s a sudden proposal, so I need time to think about it. It's late, so I'll have t o go back to my room first."
    I needed to calmly organize my thoughts. To do that, it was urgent to get out of his sight.
    "I hope you have a good night's sleep, Grand Duke."
    After saying hello, Serael turned around and hurried to walk.
    “Sheep Sherael.”
    A sweet low tone grabbed my ankles. Hearing her slow footsteps, she turne d her body again.
    Eyes that meet as if waiting.
    “I want to give it back.”
    Without further explanation, Kaed offered something. On her strong-looking hand was a silver ring, a keepsake of her mother.
    After I hit him on the forehead, I thought he was going to lose it in the wind, but I never thought that he would pick it up and take it.
    At the unexpected favor, Sarah closed her eyes and smiled.
    “It’s a precious thing... . Thank you very much."
    Kaed, who was staring at her as if possessed, lowered his gaze.
    Slowly blinking her eyelashes, she glanced down at her white, unblemished h and.
    “I didn't throw the ring away on purpose. I accidentally stopped while trying t o take a closer look at the Archduke... uh?"
    He carefully grabbed Serael's fingertips with a large hand.
    Then he slowly put the silver ring he was holding on to his finger.
    Was it a coincidence? The ring rested on the middle finger of her left hand, w hich she always wore.
    It was warm without notice. For some reason, it felt kind and affectionate.
    Surprised by the deep emotion that came from the touch, Sarah hurriedly pull ed her hand away from him.
    “I’ll just go. I hope you have a restful night.”
    Drawing the line, Sarah hurriedly left the room. He messed up his mind with unorganized thoughts.
    He didn't know when he would leave, but Caed was still staying at the Marqu is. However, he hadn't seen each other since his first day because he was awa y from his party for unknown reasons.
    Natasha, on the other hand, glared at Serael with thorny eyes as the days we nt by. It seemed that her marriage between her and her leaving her and her ma rriage did not go well.
    'I wonder how things are going.'
    Serael sighed as she looked at the greenery outside the window.
    'I'm worried because nothing's going on. It's like the eve of the storm.'
    It was frustrating because there was no way to know what was going on beh ind the scenes.
    Lucy, who suddenly entered the room, hurriedly looked for Serael. “I need you to come over here for a moment.”
    "What's happen?"
    “Come on. You have to hear it for yourself.”
    Lucy grabbed Serael's wrist.
    The two reached the small side door leading to the backyard.
    The backyard was a place surrounded by manicured shrubs and high fences. There was a small tea table in the center, so it was a good place to invite guest s.
    It was an open and tightly closed space, so it was perfect for secret conversa tions.
    Through the slightly opened door, someone's image could be seen.
    Natasha was arguing with refreshments. Sitting next to her was her close fri end, the Viscount Mao. She said they met each other, and she was a frivolous person like Natasha.
    “... So, I’m just going to throw it away, even at a bargain price.”
    “Why don’t you wait a little longer?”
    “It would never work. You are a heavenly archduke, so he bent over from this side and entered, and he was just a great businessman!”
    It was a word referring to Kaed.
    Not knowing if Sarah was eavesdropping, Natasha hummed one after anothe r.
    “Are you trying to downplay the value of the product or what, when your hus band only talks about marriage, he gets spunky and avoids the topic?”
    “But do you really plan on handing it over to Count Maxon?”
    Lucy looked up at Sarah with trembling eyes.
    “I want to. Her husband must have leaned that way too.”
    “Are you going to send your twenty-something daughter to an old man over sixty? Can you handle the gossip?”
    Heng, Natasha snorted and folded her arms.
    “Is that important in a yard that needs a power supply? Not even my daughte r! Her husband’s business has ruined the house!”
    “Even so. Aren't the conditions on the Archduke's side better?"
    "Well. At least, the Countess didn't seem to be able to scale. I must have bee n paying attention to Serael since we met at a ball before.”
    It was a common conversation between businessmen. The problem was that the item to be traded was Serael.
    Even after hearing the story about how her hands should tremble, her face h ardened coldly.
    Count Maxon. It's a name you've never heard of.
    Shortly after remarrying her father, Natasha attended a social party hosted by a lady.
    That day, Serael was not feeling well and wanted to rest at home.
    However, Natasha insisted that she accompany her to the party she attended as the new marquis, arguing what would be her prestige if she couldn't bring h er stepdaughter.
    'Even though I didn't like it, I pushed it to the end. At that time, Natasha and I were close friends, so I ended up attending the party.'
    I was just sitting in the ballroom, drinking juice like that.
    A bald old man who looks good today and tomorrow is wandering around Ser ael, and in the end he's flirting!
    Serael, very angry, was impatient and sarcastic.
    “Look, Grandpa. no, sir. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to plant your hair first w hen you’re talking to a woman your granddaughter?”
    As a result, Serael's reputation in the social world was ruined.
    Young girls who had been through a similar thing were more understanding, but young people who value authority and face, especially older singles, empat hize with the elderly and slander Serael.
    Lucy later told me that the man was Earl of Maxson, a filthy noble with a na me for lewdness.
    'I need urgent money, so I'm going to sell me to that crazy old man, right?' Serael, who had clenched her fists, turned around.
    "miss... ?”
    I ignored Lucy and walked away.
    It wasn't towards Natasha in the backyard.
    Serael headed upstairs with a slow gait. Soon she reached the room used by Natasha and her father.
    A closet filled with dozens of valuable dresses came into view.
    The dark green silk dress that Natasha was going to wear to the weekend so cial party was also lying on the bed.
    It was the dressing table that drew the most attention in the luxurious room. Each of them was strewn with expensive ornaments.
    “If you are in a hurry, you can sell this instead of me.”
    Serael, who looked down at the ornaments, muttered quietly.
    Even if he disposed of only what he saw right away, he would be able to rece ive more than tens of thousands of gold.
    At that moment, the fireplace right next to the dressing table came into view.
    A bright yellow flame was blazing over the firewood.
    Serael grabbed Natasha's gold dagger in her hands and threw it into the firepl ace.

    It was a move without any hesitation.

    Lucy was stunned and covered her mouth.
    The thrown ornaments caught on fire. The luxurious gold pieces melted little by little in the flames.
    Serael watched the scene for a moment, then tumbled out of the room.
    I felt frustrated. She thought that she had a happy life in her own way, but sh e was foolish.
    'It's silly. Her family's wealth is not mine, and her mother, whom she cared fo r with love, is dead, so what makes her happy.'
    The attitude to play and eat comfortably was also quite complacency. Serael brushed away her tousled blonde hair.
    “Let’s go get some fresh air, Lucy.”
    "ah... miss."
    “It’s okay, so hurry up.”
    Lucy followed Sarahel with a pale face.
    As I went down the stairs, I ran into a maid, but she didn't stop and headed o ut.
    The two sat in a field in which dandelion flowers were beautifully blooming a nd took in the panoramic view of the Marquis.
    The village seen from the hill was very beautiful in the sunset light.
    The bright roofs of the houses lined up in rows created a warm atmosphere u nique to the central region, and the endless green wheat fields waving peaceful ly behind them.
    The orchard, where she often went to play with her mother when she was a child, was also dyed with luscious fruits and beautiful colors.
    This peaceful place where she was born and raised felt like a different world now. Sherael pulled her two knees together and buried her face.
    'It's better to run away than to marry the bald Count. But where should she g o?'
    In his previous life, he lived in a place where lodging and food and safety wer e guaranteed, even if it was narrow and shabby.
    However, this world, the Lofern Empire, was a society where women had no choice but to belong to men and there was a class system. The places that a si ngle woman on the run could go to were extremely limited.
    Serael was born as a young marquise and has been favorable for 20 years, ca n she really survive in the worst environment?
    The direction of thought was toward the first plan that came to mind.
    'What about stealing money and running away? Wouldn't it be okay if there w as even a piece of junk?'
    Even he doesn't have an escort, so if he encounters a robber, all his belongin gs will be taken away. It would be better if I just lost it. No one with evil intenti ons would let a young woman go.
    '... No, I wouldn't have burned it in the first place if I had planned to steal the junk and run away.'
    I knew the truth. That there is only one realistic way to get out of this place ri ght away and preserve your comfort.
    Sarah lifted her face that had been buried in her lap.
    'If I had to be sold to an old man over sixty, I would leave this beggar mansio n with a young, handsome, wealthy man.'
    I had to accept the sudden crisis as an opportunity and make a realistic decisi on. Serael's eyes, resembling the blue sea, flickered with determination.
    Now she had only one option left.
    When I returned home late in the evening, the mansion was turned upside d own.
    Buckets of water and dirty towels were all over the place, leaving no room for footsteps. Up there, even the servants with cleaning tools were busy moving.
    Without even taking a closer look at the clutter, Natasha ran towards Sarahel with bloodshot eyes.
    "you! you! Like this damn sissy!”
    It was the face of a stepmother, and the hem of her dress was full of ashes.
    “Master! calm down!"
    Lucy and another servant held Natasha.
    Natasha, who was struggling, reached out a hand covered in ashes, and Sara h frowned.
    “Keep your dirty hands away. Didn't I tell you not to cross the line?"
    “All because of you... ! you are right! You did it!”
    “I don't know what you're talking about. I just came back from going out, wha t kind of fuss is this?”
    “Don’t take the shichimi! You put my jewelry in the fireplace! When I tried to take it out, the floor caught fire, and even the dressing table burned down!”
    Serael was then able to comprehend the whole story of the mansion in a me ss.
    Natasha, who was about to find a burning gold piece and pull it out, seems t o have grown her business further.
    Serael shook her head as she stared at Natasha, who was vigorous.
    “It’s something I don’t know. Could it be that the accident happened becaus e my mother’s dressing table was close to the stove?”
    Natasha twisted her scruffy face terribly in ashes.
    "this... This crazy girl is real!”
    “At the end of every word, bitch, bitch. You seem to have no intention of sho wing a little bit of graceful language. Words reflect the character of the speake r, mother.”
    “Who are you trying to teach this to!”
    The butler, who was watching the situation with a puzzled expression, came forward and stopped Natasha.
    "lady. Fortunately, no one was hurt, so please calm down.”
    “Is that a big deal? My clothes and precious jewels were all burned down! Do you know how expensive those trinkets are?”
    “Hah... .”
    "noisy! The culprit is definitely him. Do you think I got into the stove with my feet on the necklace?”
    “The Archduke and lord, who have gone to the capital, will be returning home soon, but if the commotion grows, it will be a big disrespect to the guests... .”
    Natasha, crushed by the butler's words, glared at Serael. 'What will you do if you try.'
    Serael also stared at her stepmother without losing.
    It seems that Caed's party, who had disappeared, went to Hindel, the capital, with the Marquis. They were supposed to come back soon, but it would be thei r first reunion since that night, when Kaed actively pushed for marriage.
    'I'd rather be fine. I hope I can proceed with my plan.'
    Sherael's heart was firmly entrenched.
    As the commotion subsided, the users returned to their seats or started clea ning the surroundings.
    However, one of the maids, who had only been watching from the corner, he sitated and appeared.
    It was the maid she saw when she came down to the first floor earlier. She h ad just worked in the mansion, and she was a servant.
    I also remember seeing Natasha often farting.
    It was clear that Natasha had judged the mansion more powerful than the yo ung Sarahel or Marquis Milose, who frequently went out.
    The maid, who had been examining Serael with eyes full of fear and curiosit y, spoke carefully.
    “Hey, my lord... .”
    The maid took a step forward to announce my existence.
    “Hey, I’m really sorry... .”
    “Sorry, shut up.”
    Serael intercepted the words coldly.
    Natasha raised seagull eyebrows at the sudden air current, and smirked.
    “Shut up what you shut up! you! Keep talking.”
    The maid, who was noticing the cooking and cooking, quickly approached Nat asha's back.
    “I saw it, my lord.”
    The stepmother clapped once at the maid's taunt.
    “That’s right. You witnessed what that naughty thing did, didn't you?"
    For some reason, the shrill voice was absurd.
    The maid, who gained confidence, nodded vigorously.
    “Yes, sir. I clearly saw the young lady coming out of the master’s and lord’s r ooms.”
    “Isn’t that certain?”
    "Yes. I was curious to see you come out in such a hurry, so I was watching y ou.”
    “You will be the witness for this, as the Marquis will surely be reprimanded. I won't let you feel bad for the reward."
    “... Thank you, madam.”
    I see them live and live and buy witnesses right in front of their eyes. Beside s, we only met once on the stairs, but it was adapted quite a bit.
    It would take a lot of guts and brazenness to turn someone into an arsonist, but that maid didn't seem like that type of person.
    “Do you have any evidence?”
    Sarah asked, clenching her chin. Hesitating at her unexpected question, the maid stuttered her words.
    “Evidence, there is no evidence, but I am sure... .”
    “But to what extent do you believe what you say? You also stole jerky from t he kitchen a while ago.”
    The maid was very embarrassed and her face turned pale.
    A few days ago, I heard a servant in charge of the kitchen complaining that b eef jerky is gradually disappearing these days.
    He said that it was embarrassing because it was prepared for the journey of t he Marquis, who often goes to the capital.
    Serael has witnessed this maid in charge of cleaning the guest room and stu dy on the second floor hurriedly coming out of the kitchen.
    As I was constantly looking around while hugging something in my arms, I co uld tell that I had stolen the food.
    'I didn't even know I closed my eyes because I was hungry.' Serael fired one after another.
    “Is there no credibility? In the words of a jerky thief like you.” “Oh, no. I never eat beef jerky... I didn't steal anything.”
    “I never said beef.”
    Serael tilted her chin as if strangely.
    “It’s unfortunate. You were a real jerky thief.” "I... Absolutely not!”
    “Does a user with such bad hand habit deserve to work in a marquis estate? How do you know what else you might have stolen on a subject that even lie d?”
    The butler and some servants exchanged glances.
    I don't know the exact reason, but the mansion is on fire and everyone is in a crazy situation. Meanwhile, her young maid drove an innocent girl to please the hostess.
    Then it was ridiculous that I had to reveal my sins to everyone again. In partic ular, the servant in charge of the kitchen food looked very angry. The maid look ed almost crying.
    "that... It's not really me... .”
    Natasha groaned. She wasn't aimed at the jerky thief, but Serael.
    “Don’t try to be clever!”
    Natasha pointed at Sarahel with her ashes finger.
    “You are really finished. When the Marquis returns home, he will tell you abo ut your atrocities. Prepare yourself for the crime of burning all my jewels.”
    “Is that so? I will also ask you to marry me when the Archduke returns.”
    “I will report this to the Marquis right now... ! ... uh, what?”
    Natasha opened her mouth at the shock of the blow to the back of her head. So were the users. Serael clasped her arms wildly.
    “I’m going to marry you.”
    The intestines became quiet as if cold water had been poured.
    “Why are you surprised? Wasn't that what you wanted?"
    Natasha's face turned white, and she shook her head in disbelief.
    "radish... What nonsense? Are you going to marry Archduke Vlkanov?”
    “What else are you going to ask? We will make a hundred-year covenant.”
    Serael secretly laughed at the words she had said out loud.
    It's like a hundred years old in one day with a man you don't know. It was a st atement that broke the values that he proudly showed to Kaed.
    Natasha shook her chin in disbelief.
    "Nonsense... . As far as I know, the Archduke was obviously not interested in the wedding.”
    “Oh, you must have misunderstood. A few days ago, the Archduke said that i f you were planning to get married, there was.”
    To bolster my argument, I point out a conversation Serael had at last supper.
    A lie needs a bit of truth to sound like the truth.
    “Then the Archduke said he wanted to marry me. They all fell in love with me at first sight. Do you like me, or what?”
    It was said that the amount of money the Marquis demanded from Archduke Vlkanov in return for Serael was equivalent to 10 years of tax on the estate.
    Natasha couldn't have known that.
    “Did the Archduke propose to you?”
    “I accepted it. It's the first time I've seen someone so cool and cool in my lif e. Why would you reject a man who even holds a title?”
    Ignoring the memory of refusing to do so, Sarah shivered, pretending to be in love with him.
    Not knowing what to say, Natasha opened her mouth like a crucian carp.
    It was the moment when the always bold and flirtatious stepdaughter looked like a nugget of gold.
    “... Oh, is that all true?”
    “Then is it fake? I have already received the ring.”
    Serael showed her fourth finger, where her mother's relics were placed. It was a silver ring that had been changed from middle finger to ring finger before meeting Natasha.
    Natasha's eyes widened in surprise.

    Of course, it was all a bluff, but Natasha was fooled.
    'At what point did you become such a relationship? This would cause another setback in our couple's plans.'
    She smiled secretly.
    'That's a good setback!'
    A few years ago, a hole in the Marquis' business left them in debt.
    In the meantime, he accidentally met Kaed Vlkanov, who had inherited a title and a huge fortune due to the annihilation of his family members.
    He was a very ugly man behind the scenes. The duke's annihilation was cons idered a mystery, but scandals were circulating openly that it was Kaed's action s.
    'Even though it was awkward, it was a perfect opportunity for us and I.'
    Because the emperor recently conferred the title of Grand Duke, and he had a connection with a great man who was constantly victorious.
    The Marquis and Marquis devised a ruse to sell Serael, who had one amazing shell.
    Since he had the face of aristocrats, he used the sale of the building as an ex cuse.
    However, Archduke Vlkanov responded with an expressionless expression thr oughout. It didn't seem like he was interested, but whenever the Marquis tried to give up, he showed an ambiguous interest in something unknown whether it was a building or a Serael, raising expectations.
    Since he was a man who could never understand his feelings, there was no p rogress in the couple's plans.
    'I was so desperate for debt, I tried to hand it over to Earl Maxon as soon as possible... . What is this!'
    I knew that the marriage between the Marquis and the Archduke was not wel l resolved.
    'He was doing things behind our backs. I never dreamed that I would even ge t a ring.'
    Unpretentious gazes glanced up and down Serael.
    'for a moment. So what happens to the money her husband asked the Archd uke?'
    Serael clasped her hands and stared dreamily into the air as Natasha shook h er head.
    “Ah, I hope the Archduke returns soon. My heart is pounding at the thought o f getting married and I can’t stand it.”
    “... ... .”
    “I want to leave for Karlsvik right now. I want to get out of this damn mansio n as soon as possible by marrying the Archduke.”
    Sarah made up a laugh and shouted the truth.
    The users blinked their eyes at the sudden development. Since it's a young la dy's wedding, I should congratulate you, but somehow I feel like I'm out of focu s... .
    Natasha smiled and took a step forward.
    “How could you not tell me earlier? Having a cup of tea with me and talking a bout self-inflicted things... .”
    “Can I go to my bedroom now?”
    Sarah cut off her horse at once.
    “I am exhausted both physically and mentally from a long outing. I should tak e a break in the warm bath water.”
    “... He, don't do that, talk to me for a moment... .”
    “Lucy, prepare me for a bath. Don’t forget the lavender bath and perfume, w hich are good for relieving fatigue.”
    She lightly rubbed her stiff shoulders.
    “Your mother also takes care of the bath. It's a pity to see you're covered wit h ashes, even though you're a marquise in your name."
    “What, what?”
    “No. The bedroom was on fire, so the attached bathroom must have been bu rned down.”
    In the end, Natasha, who could not kill her temper due to successive sarcas m, set up a bloodbath.
    But he couldn't get angry and just clenched his fists and trembled.
    Serael gave instructions to the deacon without regard to it.
    “Isn’t there another guest room across from the room where the Archduke’s party is staying? I want to make a temporary place for my parents there.”
    “Okay, lady.”
    “Even though the fire broke out because of your mother’s carelessness, you should rest in peace until the second-floor bedroom is restored.”
    Natasha, who was suddenly charged with arson, opened her eyes in panic.
    She squeaked, swinging her fists up and down.
    “Why is that my carelessness! The fire is because of you... !”
    “Or not. She thought her mother had made it because there was a fire in her mother's bedroom. Why are you so hot? suspiciously.”
    Serael nodded and went up the stairs.
    “Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Then I hope you have a good evening.”
    Behind her, she heard Natasha's indignant stomping on her feet.
    'It's a simple revenge compared to what you've done to me. It's not over until the Archduke returns.'
    Serael sharpened the blade of revenge while refining her fighting spirit. He just hoped that Kaed would obey his plan.
    Meanwhile, a quiet street in the capital city of Hindel.
    Three carriages stopped in front of a stone building with the sound of horses chirping.
    Soon the door opened, and men with majestic bones so that the carriage see med insignificant got off one by one.
    Each time they stepped on the threshold, the car leaned a little, making a da ngerous squeaking sound. I was afraid that the viewer would break it.
    The last man who got off cast an interesting glance at the carriage and smile d mischievously.
    “Sif-hyung, shouldn’t that be used as firewood the day after tomorrow?”
    "Shh. Watch your mouth, Axel. How many times have I told you that I didn't c ome to play?"
    An exceptionally muscular man called Shifra warned Axel, conscious of the le ad carriage.
    Caed and the Marquis of Milrose were disembarking from the carriage that st ood in the front.
    “Sheesh! There is no nagging.”
    Axel, who was conscious of them, grumbled, but did not slander any more. S ince the prestige of the boss was at stake, Sif had been warning from the Nort h to put up with any puns.
    “If you didn’t like nagging, wouldn’t you have stayed in the mansion instead of Lecter?”
    “Be quiet, Cole. It's a secret that I left a watchman in the marquis."
    When a man about the same age as Axel started chatting, Sif brought his att ention again.
    At that moment, the Marquis of Milrose got out of the wagon and stumbled u ncontrollably.
    Sif, watching the scene, approached the Marquis. “Need an escort?”
    Axel and Cole couldn't help but burst out laughing. Not only that, but the men of the Valken tribe, except for Sif, were giggling as if they were having fun.
    Among the seven closest to Kaed, the most gentleman was Sif. A very gentl e man, he showed kindness to those who seemed weak, men and women alik e.
    However, a carriage escort is an act that a man gives to a woman.
    They couldn't help but laugh when they asked for an escort from the Marqui s, a man who was just a little staggered.
    When the Marquis of Milrose dyed his face red and purple, Caed responded i n his place.
    “It was done because the Marquis could walk on his own. Stay away.”
    Sif nodded expressionlessly and stepped back for the marquis. It seems that Kaed was defending the Marquis from what he said, but from what the Marquis has been watching over the past few days, that's not necessarily the case.
    Caed was clearly blinded by the behavior of those chisels who had no manne rs for the nobles.
    'No, seeing that handsome corner of his mouth twisted up, he must be enjoy ing himself!'
    The Marquis of Milrose grinded his teeth.
    'As a man who was educated in the spirit of Vulkanov, the Archduke never br oke his manners. Damn it, so I have nothing more to say. He's not in a position to say anything.'
    He spit inwardly, shoving through Caed's minions and moving forward.
    Isn't it normal for everyone to step aside one step at a time, even subconscio usly, when passing between ordinary people? However, these tall men looked down at the Marquis and did not bite themselves.
    Even if they gently pushed their shoulders, their bodies did not move.
    On the contrary, the marquise had to fold his shoulders in the wind because he felt a tremendous amount of elasticity.
    All of a sudden, the Marquis appeared to be sneaking through the men in a f unny way.
    He secretly glanced at Kaed's very handsome face.
    'Even if you are a Vulcanop, you are also from an adopted child. It's absurd to drag a Cheon-chul who doesn't know the etiquette as an attendant.'
    For all high-ranking nobles, it would have been right for them to have people from the same nobility as their entourage.
    The Milose family's butler was also quite famous in the West, because he wa s a virtuoso.
    Therefore, a Vulkanoff who has been carrying on the noble lineage of a hero f or hundreds of years had to be as noble as a servant who closely followed the f amily.
    'It would have been easier for Duke Vlkanov to handle it. I even read what he was thinking. If he accidentally loses his life,
    The Marquis of Milrose crouched at Caed, pointing to the five-story stone bui lding in front of him.
    “This is the building I mentioned earlier, Grand Duke.”
    It was the building that I was talking about until my mouth was dry.
    The Marquis explained by examining the reaction of Yeonshin Kaed.
    “Because it is built in a new style, I expect that there will be many visitors if a store is opened.”
    As they entered the building, the Marquis's voice was a little lively.
    “It has been decorated in the manner of the Eastern Kingdom, famous for its sophisticated architecture, both on the outside and on the inside. This is a rare i nterior in our Lofern Empire. The transaction price is... .”
    At that moment, Caed's men climbed up the stairs as if they were going to b reak the stairs.
    The Marquis, whose eyes grew as if it were about to pop out, pointed out col dly.
    "there! Do not run!”
    “Aren’t you running?”
    “Sif hyung is a muscle pig. It's so heavy that it sounds like you're running eve n when you're walking with blonde hair."
    “Pu ha ha!”
    The big men giggled as they exchanged childish jokes.
    'The most important part is that those savages are making fun of me!'
    The Marquis of Milrose grinded his teeth.
    'As long as you accept money, this shame will be over.'
    The Marquis, who had regained his composure by coughing, spoke carefully.
    “Hmmmm. As I said earlier, 5 million gold... I believe it is not a bad deal.”
    “It is much higher than the actual transaction price of a nearby building.”
    Kaed, who looked out the window carelessly, turned to the Marquis.
    “It's far from the main road, so it doesn't look like a good commercial buildin g.”
    “... Yes, it is not a crowded street.”
    “As the construction period was extremely short, the interior and exterior ma y also be in poor condition.”
    “Boo, you’re poor! It's a misunderstanding, Grand Duke."
    “Is there any special reason to get higher than the market price?”
    The fiery Marquis of Milrose kept his mouth shut for a moment.
    Despite the plausible explanation, this building was more than five times mor e expensive than the market price nearby.
    The reason was, of course, to sell Serael together.
    'I thought I would have noticed since we had already had several conversatio ns under the guise of the construction business.'
    It was the first time the Archduke had asked such a direct question.
    'Since I have so many assets, I didn't seem like the type of person who was j udging profit and loss. Why are you asking such a question all of a sudden?'
    The Marquis Milrose rubbed his sweaty palms.
    “If you think it’s too expensive... .”
    “I have no intention of weighing you against an insignificant amount, so just a nswer the question.”
    Even so, there was a frosty coldness on the face of the Archduke, who alway s looked at him because of his expressionless expression.

    If he answered the Archduke's question frankly, the Marquis of Milrose was a cknowledging that he was a scum who had committed a wrathful act.
    He couldn't admit that he was treating his own daughter as if he was buying and selling, and that he planned to sell it to a gossip filthy man for money.
    “After all, my daughter... . Isn't it because Serael is hanging in the middle? I d on't know what my relationship with the Archduke will be like, so I'm cautious a bout making suggestions... .”
    “I can’t hear you well. Speak clearly.”
    Kaed urged with a cold, subdued voice.
    'How can I openly say that if I buy a building with my own mouth, I will hand over the woman's food to the nobility!'
    Nobles who run a business do not use direct language, especially since they value dignity and prettiness.
    For example, if a merchant from commoners exclaims without embellishmen t, 'Buy this!', on the other hand, aristocratic businessman prefers a pun, 'If you don't mind, I have a product that you may not like. Why don't you take a look?' .
    'I'd rather say that I'm going to sell this building and my daughter for 5 million gold, that's it.'
    Moreover, in the present empire, there was a system in which the bride-to- be had to give the groom a dowry.
    The marquis, who sees their children only as a means of earning money, has made plans to eat away from the groom rather than the dowry.
    So, while pretending to be talking about business, she tried to hide her origin al intentions by sneaking in Serael.
    'If it were a businessman from the same noble family, I would pretend and un derstand this, but it's because I'm from an unknown person, so it's bothering m e!'
    The Marquis avoided the gaze of Kaed, who was staring straight at him.
    'As Natasha said, it would have been better to sign a contract with Earl Maxo n even for a low price.'
    Even though I was sweating like that, Kaed's subordinate suddenly appeared and shouted something.
    “Hey, there’s a crack in the pillar on the second floor?”
    The Marquis of Milrose jumped.
    "No way! Not gold, but a feature of fashion in the Eastern Kingdoms!”
    “Is it about to collapse if you hit it? I hit it with my fist a few times and it fell out of stone and it was no joke.”
    “It’s already a weak pillar, so don’t hit the cracks! Ike, no... . Which pillar are you talking about?”
    “Come up and see for yourself.”
    Axel pointed up the stairs with a playful smile on her face.
    'It doesn't work well to hand over Serael, but it's a big deal if poor constructio n is discovered!'
    The Marquis of Milrose made a fuss and went upstairs.
    Axel, who had been sulking at the scene, suddenly stopped laughing and wa s silent.
    Kaed's golden eyes, who had been calm all along, were shining with a cold lig ht that seemed to tear the marquis to pieces at any moment.
    “Are you going to kill me?”
    Axel, who had read my master's will, asked so.
    “A guy who doesn’t even treat people with blood is trying to sell the building to the boss. Just give me orders.”
    It was a tempting offer. Kaed's hand slowly touched the scabbard on his wais t.
    “It would be worth looking at if you just hung your body in front of this messy building because you were filial. .”
    “Shall we do it now?”
    Serael's face was drawn in her brain as black as a dark cloud.
    She was a bright and beautiful woman like the light of the full moon. Just by imagining her, an arc was drawn on her lips.
    “If everything goes according to plan, there is no need for blood. It's never to o late to pick up that bug's throat, even after things go wrong."
    “Why don’t you just cut off the head of that man and his stepmother and giv e them as a gift? Wouldn’t a woman be moved and want to marry the boss righ t away?”
    Axel tilted her head with an innocent expression.
    It wasn't that Kaed didn't think about it either.
    It's a woman-daughter relationship that has turned into an atrocity. Wouldn't Serael rejoice in her heart if she killed her marquis and her stepmother as well?
    However, the look in her eyes that was afraid and wary of Kaed was not forg otten.
    Now that his heart was not open to him, he could not lock the door of his hea rt by giving him two blood-stained heads.
    The plan to weave her with him, who was rumored to be ugly, was going to b e in vain.
    If things go wrong, things will change a bit... .
    Kaed stroked Axel's hair as he looked up at me.
    “He said he needed time to think. We just have to wait patiently until then.”
    Can't you do one of those easy things?
    If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to care for the Valken l ike family.
    “What if I refuse the boss’s courtship even then?”
    “The results are unchanged. Serael leaves with me to the north no matter wh at.”
    Whether the process was peaceful or tainted with unknown blood, the result he wanted was the same.
    Just to have Sarah by my side.
    The only woman who recognized her existence.
    The woman who gave him back what he deserved.
    Kaed, who had seen the world through a black and white perspective, was a woman who gave him emotions he could never have known.
    A few days later, towards the evening when the sunset is about to set.
    “When the hell are these guys going to come back?”
    Serael, who had been waiting for Caed to return since early morning, murmur ed impatiently.
    “I’m going to die of nervousness ahead of the plan that will change my life.”
    I sneakily asked the butler, and he was told that he was probably going home today.
    However, not only the men of the Kaed and the Valken tribe, nor even the fat her, had their noses illuminated yet.
    Saying no, Sarah left her seat and got up.
    “Lucy, let’s go have a drink.”
    Lucy, who was embroidering the fabric, widened her eyes.
    "What? Tea?”
    “There is nothing wrong with tea. Let's go for a drink. They said there was a good bar on the outskirts of the estate.”
    Ordinary pubs selling cheap beer mixed with water and swearing harshly eve n among first-time customers were common on the streets, but they were excl usive to men.
    It was a difficult place for aristocratic women as well as ordinary women to e nter.
    On the other hand, the village at the end of the Marquis Territory was on the borderline with other estates, so a commercial district for tourists was develop ed in its own way.
    The bar that was newly opened there sells fragrant, high-quality alcohol, and the inside is also clean.
    Of course, it would be difficult for a noble girl to come in and out casually, bu t as long as she hid her identity to some extent, it wouldn't be a problem.
    “Ugh... . But won't the Archduke and Marquis come back soon?"
    "I've been waiting for a few days, but there's no news. Let her come back aft er a drink. My heart keeps beating and I’m going crazy.”
    Lucy, who was weakened by the sight of Serae wearing a stern expression a nd grabbing her chest, put down the fabric.
    “Then it would be ok to have a cold drink.”
    "great. Come back before it gets dark.”
    Serael put on a head-to-toe cloak and climbed into the carriage with Lucy.
    Shortly thereafter, I arrived at a village that Serael had visited several times.
    Rather than being a residential town, it had a strong feeling of a downtown th at was developed mainly for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and bars.
    The bar in the center of such a town was neat from the outside, and the insi de was spacious and decorated quite elegantly.
    As if they had heard the rumors, quite a few guests were already chatting an d enjoying their drinks.
    It was a place with a good atmosphere in many ways, as there were no swea r words like a typical pub.
    “Wow, so delicious!”
    Lucy sips the cocktail with admiration over and over again. The non-alcoholic cocktail she had chosen for Lucy, who could not drink alcohol, seemed to suit h er taste.
    Sherael smiled and drank her share of stamens.
    “This drink is delicious. I want to take one with me when I leave for the Nort h.”
    The stamens with elderflower, lemon and cherry were very fragrant and delic ious.
    I'm not a big fan of drinking, but there was a time when I felt the alcohol was particularly sweet and I felt that way today.
    Lucy didn't drink the cocktail, but looked at Sarahel's eyes.
    “Even if you say that, you look complicated.”
    “I guess it’s because I’m getting married.”
    Serael poured the remaining stamens into her mouth and ordered another dri nk.
    “Actually, there is no such thing as marriage yet. I have completely overturne d my resolutely expressed intention, but I don't know how the Archduke will tak e it."
    “You said you wanted to marry the young lady, so I’m sure you’ll like it.”
    “It’s not easy to understand. Just because you saw me, did you want to be in a relationship so much?”
    “Uh... . Could it be that you fell in love at first sight when you saw her?” "Oh. That's the most plausible reason I've ever considered."
    Serael nodded in agreement.
    Suddenly, from somewhere, a loud, shrill laughter was heard.
    'what... ?'
    Reflexively, Serael looked around to find the source of the laughter.
    They were the only people drinking in a group, so I couldn't feel their gaze to wards this side.
    After hearing nothing, Lucy's eyes lit up and she was convinced of my argum ent.
    “No doubt. Love at first sight! A friend of mine who lives in the capital also sa w her once and said the same thing. I have never seen such a beautiful person even in Hindel!”
    “You’re shy, lower your voice.”
    "Really! My friend has been to countless places by following the hostess. Ho w many gorgeous girls have you seen in Hindel? And yet, they said that there i s no beauty like a young lady!”
    “Okay, so shh... . What are you going to do if someone hears it?”
    “I want to brag about my neighborhood. Not only my friends, but also me wh o sees her every day. No matter how bad a day is, when I see the girl’s face, I i mmediately feel better.”
    “It’s just because you like me so much, Lucy.”
    "no. It's not just me, everyone is like that. Do not be humble.”
    Serael was stunned at the excessive praise thrown like a rapid-fire gun.
    I just laughed it off, but it was all true.
    Platinum blonde hair shining softly as if it had received the moonlight and the walls dazzling like jewels.
    It was such a mysterious combination that even Sarah herself wanted to look in the mirror.
    The dense facial features nestled in the small face and the pale blush that al ways hovered over the white cheeks also added to the fairy-like atmosphere.
    'Is it worthy of love?'
    Serael looked at my face at the pale pink stamens in the glass.
    Immediately, he shook the glass to shake off the afterimage of himself.
    “This is not the time for such nonsense and idle thoughts.”
    When I suddenly wanted to marry an outsider, my heart was flustered and I often sighed without notice.
    Serael drank the rest of the alcohol in one sip.
    “Take it slow, lady.”
    Seeing her ordering the whole bottle of flower wine, Lucy said worriedly.
    “If I don’t drink, I can’t get exhausted.”
    It was the first time Serael had been drinking so much since the first dinner with Caed.
    Fortunately, she was not easily drunk.
    However, seeing the girl pouring alcohol while showing her chaotic mood, Lu cy was not happy either.
    At that moment, the man at the next table, who had been staring at the two of them all along, spoke to them.
    “Hey, excuse me.”
    “... ... .”
    “Doesn’t Iljin look bad today?”
    He smiled and held out the glass of beer he was drinking as if to make a toas t.
    When Serael completely ignored him, the man did not give in and made fun o f his mouth.
    “Looks pretty bad. There are three of us here, but if it’s okay, can we join tog ether?”
    Lucy rolled her anxious eyes to and fro, but Sarah continued to ignore it, as if she had never heard. She even took a few more sips of her flower wine with a sad expression.
    As if embarrassed, the man looked at Lucy and Sarahel in turn.
    "excuse me? are you listening to me Why don't you flip the cloak back so you can see your face."
    Saying that, he quietly tried to sit down next to Serael.
    Then Sarahel quickly picked up the bottle and set it down on the chair the ma n was going to sit on.
    “... Hey!”
    The man who almost sat with his buttocks on a slender wine bottle was start led and jumped like a spring.
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    “It has been merged. I want to spend some quiet time with my friends.”
    Sherael smiled kindly and then answered.
    The man, who was dizzy by the accident that was about to happen, had his f ace slit and pointed at him.
    "this... This lady really is! You could almost injure an important part if you wig gle it!”
    “What are you talking about? I just put my belongings down.”
    Responding naturally, Sarah drank the flower tassels.
    Surprised by the carefree and weak attitude, even the men's party joined in a nd started yelling.
    “You are doing this very well! What if my friend got hurt?”
    “My ass... , hmmm! If anything got hurt, the lady would have been responsibl e, right? Mi, if you’re sorry, buy me a drink!”
    “Aren’t you sorry? Even if I got hurt, wouldn't it be my fault for trying to sit ne xt to her outsider without permission?"
    Sarah responded.
    'I don't think I'm aware of the intention of trying to get involved somehow, pu tting aside the injuries that were almost there.'
    Everywhere you go, this mundane tribe existed like an unwritten rule. How c ould they all go beyond expectations?
    Among the dogs, a man who was particularly drunk and staggered while sitti ng suddenly kicked off his chair and jumped up.
    “Apologize right now!”
    When Serael answered bluntly, the man pointed his stout hand at my friend's ass.
    “To the butt!”
    “If I apologize, will your buttocks accept it? Are you okay?”
    Lucy, who was about to burst into laughter for a moment, put her head on th e table and endured it. As the explicit language came and went, the man's frien ds seemed to be a bit perplexed.
    The drunken man staggered nonstop and shouted with a crooked tongue.
    “So I'm going to apologize, I won't! What if I had a hole in my friend's ass! u h?"
    “You don’t even use respect? Besides, your friend must have a hole there fro m the beginning.”
    "mister? mister?! Uncle to a handsome 22-year-old man? Did you finish ever ything you said?”
    “You did less, sir? Don’t act like a gangster, sit still and drink beer, uncle.”
    Now, the whole bar was watching Serael and the men.
    As the commotion grew, the man who had almost sat on the bottle at first gr abbed his drunken arm and stopped him.
    But he seemed to have completely lost his temper from drunkenness.
    After twisting his body here and there to remove the drying friend, he thump ed and approached Serael.
    Lucy, not knowing what to do, rolled her feet and got up in a hurry.
    It was a good idea to grab Serael's hand and rush around.
    However, the behavior of the drunkard was faster.
    It was the moment when the drunkard who was approaching with a very rou gh momentum raised his hand toward Serael.
    'There is a corner I believe in, so why didn't he show up?' Sarah closed her eyes tightly.
    The drunken man slammed his head on the table and wriggled by someone who came from behind like lightning.
    Her body was so chubby that she had mistaken her for an uncle, and she coll apsed without mercy.
    “Hey, hey, let this go! It hurts!”
    The person holding the drunkard's head with one hand and crushing it withou t mercy is... .
    “Ha, Mr. The boss told me to hide and watch, but it was ruined.”
    He was a man who appeared with a tone that was very far from the aristocrat ic language.
    Even though he had a face that had not yet taken off his youthful tee, his eye s shining like a wild beast were menacing.
    Serael knew who he was, wearing a black robe that was unique to the Valken tribe.
    'He was a man who ate deer's hind legs very impressively at dinner.'
    It was clear that this man was the one who couldn't hold back what Lucy said earlier and burst into laughter.
    'One of Kaed's closest aides... . Lecter, right?'
    Perhaps because he was the youngest among the followers of Kaed from afa r, he was the only man who did not lose his smile in the original, which was onl y a dark tragedy.
    “Human. Why do you make a big deal out of touching a woman?”
    Lecter growled as he messed up the rebellious drunkard.
    And with the other hand that did not subdue him, he beckoned Lucy and Ser ael to get out.
    "Lucy! Come on. Let’s go outside first.”
    Serael took Lucy, who was shivering, through the roaring crowd.
    Lucy, who came to his senses only after going outside and inhaling the cool air, looked back after stretching.
    “What if he gets hurt? There were three men over there... .”
    “It won’t matter if there are three people. Come on, let's sit here and wait."
    Sarahel and Lucy sat on a bench on a hill far away from the bar.
    It was located opposite the entrance, so you could immediately see who was coming out.
    "miss. Earlier, he was probably Archduke Vlkanov's... ?”
    "right. He was one of the envoys from the north with the Archduke. Do you r emember seeing that dinner?”
    “Remember? He was sitting at the end of the table. He emptied a few plates of meat and filled it myself.”
    “Lucy, you looked like your age.”
    Lucy covered her mouth.
    “Hey. So, how can you be that tall? I guess you have to eat well too.”
    “Kaed-sama has a short mouth, so it’s probably not because of the meat. I t hink it's just a characteristic of northerners. Both men and women are tall and h ave a good physique.”
    Serael could not forget the shock of seeing Kaed for the first time.
    A physique that stood out even among tall and strong men, and a meticulous appearance that attracted attention... .
    He was an attractive man who was attracted to Serael like an irresistible forc e, even though he knew that it was an unpleasant situation in which a marriage occurred without any words.
    Serael murmured while drawing him in his blurred vision.
    “In the central region, I only looked at stocky, round men, but when I saw the tall Prince with a sharp and tall face, it seemed like he had just opened his eye s.”
    “Serael? Isn't it, Miss Sarahel?"
    When a strange man's voice suddenly came from behind, Sarahel and Lucy w ere surprised at the same time.
    Since there were no celebrities at all, I had no idea who would appear. 'what should we do. You didn't hear me praising Kaed, did you?' Lecter smiled sheepishly and stuttered closer.
    “Or should I call you Serael?”
    He was different from Caed, who grew up in a peasant family and experience d deep aristocratic society.
    He had been raised without a class system across borders all his life, so the courtesy towards nobles was not natural.
    Is it because he knows Lecter's situation? Even though it wasn't a polite attit ude, she wasn't offended at all, so Serael responded with a smile.
    “You’re a benefactor, but what’s so important about your title? I was almost i n trouble, but thank you for saving me.”
    "you're welcome. It took longer than expected to come out. I came out of the back door and turned around a bit in case they were chasing me.”
    That said, it was really, really fast.
    'Somehow, I was looking at the entrance, but no one came out.'
    Lecter came back from the back door and came to the top of the hill without anyone seeing him for a month.
    Also, with a handsome face without a single scratch.
    He couldn't even imagine what Kaed would have been like to have had thous ands of such men under his control.
    “I met him in the Marquis Book, so it’s spherical. What is your name?” She already knew, but Sarah pretended not to know her name.
    Then, Lecter's youthful face brightened noticeably.
    “This is Lecter.”
    "Nice to meet you. I was lucky that Lecter happened to be at the bar. Or did he possibly follow us?”
    “It’s not unfortunate.”
    Lecter flopped down on the ground instead of on the bench.
    He didn't seem to care at all whether his clothes were dirty or not.
    “Before the boss went to the capital, he wanted to leave a guard behind. Earli er, the two of them rode the wagon and followed where they were going to wat ch.”
    "boss... Who are you referring to?”
    Doubting my ears, Lucy asked reflexively.
    “I mean, Kaed.”
    Lecter answered without hesitation.
    For Lucy, it was the moment when it became clear that the men were the ro bbers of the north and the Valken, also known as barbarians.
    However, on the surface, he did not understand why Kaed, who grew up in a peasant family, was called a boss.
    Serael, knowing the story, just smiled kindly.
    “That’s unfortunate. We came in a wagon, how did Lecter follow?”
    “I ran. I was chasing after the smell in case I missed it.”
    Lecter smiled, leaving a vague statement that was hard to believe whether it was true or not.
    Unlike Lucy, who narrowed her eyebrows out of doubt, Serael did not bother to point it out.
    “Hmm, that’s right. I know there are only seven people in Kaed-sama’s part y, but how did Lecter remain?”
    “Because of the size of my brother, there was no space in the wagon. It was my turn to ride, and there was no room left for even a mouse.”
    Sarah sighed and laughed.
    'You're too big for that... .'
    Compared to other Valken men, Lecter was on the slender side.
    However, he also had elongated limbs, which made him distinct from ordinar y men.
    “Serael’s father borrowed three wagons, but to no avail. I’m still the younges t, so I ride last every day, but of course I’m the only one who can’t ride it.”
    Lecter suddenly revealed his teeth and clenched his fists.
    “Axel is going to sit on her lap, but would you say I’m crazy? I hate jokes like that.”
    "Oh! Be mean too.”
    “I played a similar prank before, and I bit with my fangs. This time, I endured it because of the face of the boss.”
    “You are so mature. It's been a few days since the Archduke left. Where have you been?"
    Contrary to his large physique, he looks like a grumpy teenager, so Serael qui etly let go of his words.
    Lecter, who was at ease with the soothing conversation, also didn't mind the banter.
    “I slept in a field or a tree. I slept on the roof.”
    “Aren’t you uncomfortable?”
    “I am used to being outside. I didn't like the rest of the mansion. Thanks, I ha d a good view. I was very impressed with Sarah setting the bedroom on fire.”
    "thank you. Then something bad happened and I was very angry.”
    Lecter nodded as if he understood.
    “When I get angry, I just do it. When I was living in the northern forest, I got so hot that I burned a barracks. Let Serael guess who the barracks was.”
    "Well... . Maybe someone named Axel?”
    “Oh, right! Sarah is quick-witted.”
    I just hit him with my eyes through the conversation a while ago, but Lecter got excited and grabbed his stomach and giggled.
    But suddenly, Lucy shouted.
    “Lecter! Please use proper respect when talking to the lady!”
    “Being a benefactor, I was listening quietly, but really... !”
    Lecter widened his eyes at the sudden scolding and looked up at Lucy.
    A little maid, reminiscent of a squirrel, was making a stern look on my girl not to be rude.
    “I’m fine, so don’t blame Lecter too much.”
    Sherael shook her head while holding back her laughter.
    An invisible electricity splattered between the two men, each supporting Cae d and Serael from a distance.

    Lecter provoked Lucy with his arms crossed and deliberately smirking.
    “As rumored, Southerners are fussing over trivial things. Are appearances tha t important?”
    “I'm from the Middle East! This is central, not southern.”
    “It will depend on where the standards are. To the northerners, the people in the area below are all southerners, right?”
    Soon Lecter shrugged and agreed.
    “Well, I’ll try anyway. What is the proper respect or what? I know that blood i s important.”
    “Even if you are not used to it, I hope you will pay attention to the lady.” “Then can I not use respect for him?”
    “... yes, eh? what... .”
    Lecter laughed playfully as Lucy stuttered.
    “I just want you to look the same age as me.”
    “Let go, don’t let go. I'm not even friendly, but half-talking is awkward."
    “Aren’t we supposed to be friends?”
    “Where is the law to say something like that?”
    "Here you are."
    Serael watched with delight as Lecter and Lucy quarreled like children.
    But now that the sun had completely set, it was time to go home.
    “The two of you, if you want to talk, go to the mansion and have a conversati on. It's getting dark, so let's get her back soon."
    “I don’t want to have a conversation with a man like this!”
    “I don’t want to have a conversation with a woman like this!”
    Lecter and Lucy, whose cheeks were blushing, shouted at the same time.
    In any case, it is an outing with a confused mind, but we must not forget the plan we made up for it.
    I don't know if Kaed is at the mansion, but I can't forget what I have to say to him.
    'I have changed my mind, so please marry me... . I should say.'
    It really felt like a proposal.
    'You're so manly, I must tell you when we're alone. While explaining my circu mstances, I will have to convince him step by step of how he overturned the do ctor.'
    But up until this point, Sarah did not know.
    A future where he will announce his will to marry him in a very shameful wa y.
    Serael hurried the coachman and returned to the mansion in a hurry.
    However, Kaed and his party, who had been waiting for several days, still did not return.
    'The butler said he was definitely going to go home today.'
    When I got home late, I even had ominous thoughts.
    'Are you sure you haven't gone away forever? She told Natasha that she was going to marry the Archduke.'
    When a lie is discovered and sold to Earl Maxson... That was the worst of the worst.
    'Nope. I left Lecter behind on purpose, so I will definitely come back.'
    Moreover, he was not a man who would disappear like this when he thought of how he approached Serae that night recklessly.
    'I've been waiting for that man so eagerly.'
    Sarah shook her head and went into the kitchen.
    'I need to bring some snacks for Lecter.'
    When Lecter got off at Caed's order and spent a few days outside, I wanted t o give him some food.
    He said his role was a watchman anyway, and he was also sorry that he insis ted on walking alone instead of getting a carriage when he returned to the mar quis.
    'As an aide to Kaed, I need to be seen. If I go to the North, I need at least on e person on my side.'
    I had a stronger desire to take care of Lecter like my younger brother rather t han such a calculated thought.
    Serael packed the basket with salted meat, boiled potatoes, a butter bun, a li ttle apricot jam and a bottle of milk.
    'It's going to be a long growing season, so I need to feed him a lot.'
    He was about to deliver the heavy food basket to Lucy, who was waiting out side the kitchen.
    Suddenly, the door at the end of the hallway on the first floor opened and Na tasha ran out.
    Because of the fire, Natasha, who was living in a small room on the first floor instead of the couple's bedroom, was very sensitive to pretending to be popula r.
    It was because of the unfamiliar bed and the mean Serael who went out with out a word since early evening.
    He was convinced that the sound coming from the kitchen belonged to Sara h, so he slammed the door out.
    The sight of Serael passing a basket full of food to the maid was caught in th e eyes of Natasha, who liked to meddle.
    Natasha wrinkled her eyebrows for a moment and pointed to the basket. “What do you have in your hand now?”
    "Never mind."
    Sarael, tired of the shrill voice, turned around and gently pushed Lucy's back. It was a signal to bring it to Lecter.
    However, Natasha's voice caught Lucy.
    “You stand there!”
    “No, my lord... !”
    “Give me the basket right now. Where are you taking your precious food?” It was an unbelievable rant.
    Natasha seemed to have maintained her dignity, and she was blatantly arrog ant, buying all kinds of luxuries and giving away her wealth.
    Serael thumped and stopped the approaching stepmother.
    “It’s a snack for a dog I met on the road. Isn't it a noble virtue to take pity on hungry animals and take care of them?"
    "puppy? Are you crazy?”
    “If you make someone repeat the same thing over and over again, it is not ari stocratic behavior. It’s a mistake a mother makes five times a day.”
    "you... ! What did you say!”
    “I just warned you, but you’re asking me again. Anyway, Lucy. Go out and giv e it to the puppy.”
    I couldn't offer this food to the man who was monitoring the mansion, so I ro ughly called it a puppy.
    It touched the heart of Natasha, who was already angry.
    Even a sense of inferiority to the position that he had brought from a long tim e ago.
    'If you just open your mouth, you're scolding me for not being aristocratic... !'
    Natasha shuddered as she saw Lucy rushing out of the mansion.
    'Because you're married to the Grand Duke, you're arrogant! I couldn't even sl eep in the small guest room bed, and I thought about it, but no matter how I lo ok at it, it sounds like bluff.'
    Because of that, I endured a bit of grumpy yesterday, and the vase went out and I almost died.
    Natasha couldn't stand it any longer and began to burst into rage.
    “You left the house alone without saying a word to me, and now you are steal ing food? Are you a thief?”
    Serael, who had become absurd at the ridiculous Sainte's house, snorted. W hile she didn't say a word to her maid who stole her jerky!
    “This is my house, does it make sense to steal food? Don't turn it over with t he jerky thief, her mother's maid, and wholesale.”
    “What and how? And what, your house? under! You spoke well.”
    As the voices rose, the users in each area came out one by one and snooped around. They watched the quarrel between the master and the young lady with eyes mixed with concern and anticipation.
    “Listen up, you idiot. This mansion is no longer your home.”
    Serael breathed in at the meaningful words.
    “Is it a lie that I am engaged to Kaed-sama? Know that sooner or later you wi ll be betrothed to the person we choose. Count Maxon, a gentleman you’ve me t before.”
    Serael used her clenched fists to suppress the urge to commit an affair.
    “Be careful. There's no way I'm going to marry such a horny person. Sooner o r later, my mother will have to call me up and call me the Grand Duchess.”
    "Do not be ridiculous! The Archduke didn't even have any interest in you from the beginning!"
    Natasha was poking hard with her hand, which had about a dozen jeweled rin gs on it.
    “Didn’t your father give you the wedding proposal a day or two ago? It's muc h older than you think!"
    He already knew that Caed and his party had secretly visited during the villag e festival.
    It was expected earlier that some kind of transaction had taken place.
    'What is the marriage proposal? You know everything about Hindel's building and the one who tried to turn me over 1+1, right?'
    Not long ago, Serael was worried about selling herself, but now the story is c ompletely different.
    'Do you think I'm bluffing because I don't believe in anything?'
    Natasha has no way of knowing that Kaed expressed his willingness to marry her without hesitation.
    After all, the Marquis and Marquis would not have been able to read any emo tions from a man who was cynical and always expressionless in everything.
    Suddenly, Serael looked down at the rings that were stuck on Natasha's ten fi ngers.
    Each of them was a luxurious ring with jewels the size of a jujube egg.
    Above it, various bracelets, diamond necklaces, and earrings that were wrapp ed around his wrist stood out.
    They were the only jewels of the stepmother not lost in the fire. It was an ac cessory that I cherish enough to wear while sleeping, so it seemed to have bee n safely preserved.
    As soon as an idea came to mind, a war of fortune appeared in Serael's blue eyes.
    When Natasha, who had her eyebrows bent, started to use her jaw again, Se rael clasped her hands and spun around.
    “Are you lying? My mother really doesn't know anything! And he just likes talk ing with her mouth. How not aristocratic she is!”
    “... Let's see and see this, really!"
    “Don’t even know! Because the Archduke and I fell in love at first sight!”
    Serael pretended to have a happy imagination and looked up out the window through the moonlight.
    “When is the Archduke coming back? No matter how many days I wait, he d oesn't come, so I miss you so much. Is this what love is?”
    Serael, who was drunk with the play, muttered like a dream.
    “Yeah, I guess this is love. A love that the poor mother did not know! It's a pit y, my child, that no one has noticed my love with the Archduke who can't be se parated."
    “Hey, Miss Serael... ?”
    Ignoring the butler who hesitated and called her, Serael danced softly like a b utterfly.
    “I want to leave for the North with the Archduke as soon as possible. I can’t wait for the day when I can become one with him.”
    It was when I was playing the woman who fell in love while holding the hem of that white dress.
    In front of the wide-open door of the mansion, a long wait fluttered.
    “Is that really true?”
    The soft bass caught everyone's attention.
    Sarahel, who was running around the hallway as if she was happy as a happy new bride, stopped moving.
    When he turned his head, Kaed stood at the end of his bewildered gaze.
    Sherael blinked, unable to release her clasped hands.
    When their eyes met, the tall man who filled the high doorway entered the mansion.
    Behind them, seven men, were watching Serael with curious eyes.
    Lecter was alone, showing his teeth and smiling.
    Lucy, who came after seeing Kaed and the others returning home from deliv ering food to Lecter, also witnessed this embarrassing Saddal. The maid, who k new everything about her, closed her eyes tightly.
    empathy level... . That was the feeling.

    'What did I just say... ?'
    Raising his black hair slowly, Kaed drew closer.
    'Did you say that you can't wait even for a moment to become one with the A rchduke?'
    I even danced round and round.
    'The Archduke and my love that no one can separate... Did I say that too?'
    When she recalled a few seconds ago, she had no time to do anything, and f ever rose on her cheeks.
    In the bamboo forest, the king's ears shouted at the donkey's ears, but what would it feel like if the king was listening to him from behind?
    The metaphor was bizarre, but that was the only way to describe this somber and dreadful situation.
    Kaed's golden eyes, filled with only Serael, fluttered softly.
    “You want to go to the North with me... . Are you serious?”
    Kaed lifted his long finger and gently stroked her cheek. Her soft fluff brushe d against her fingers and trembled. As if representing the feelings of Sarahel no w.
    Realizing that there were many eyes to see, including Natasha, Sarah correct ed her awkward posture.
    'Since I've made up my mind, I shouldn't get caught up in my personal feelin gs.'
    She nodded her head, trying to pretend to be composure.
    “I’m serious. I want to marry the Archduke.”
    However, the corners of her lips, which she had not yet corrected, trembled slightly, and her reddish cheeks clearly showed how embarrassed she was.
    Fortunately or not, only Kaed in front of him seemed to notice.
    With everyone holding their breath and watching, Kaed broke the silence.
    “Are you okay? It’s about forming a relationship with a man you don’t know w ell and his wife.”
    A voice with a hint of ridicule repeated what Serael had said. Not long ago, sh e rejected his courtship.
    Kaed raised the corners of his mouth, recalling the appearance of Serae who boldly recites the reason.
    “I have no intention of overturning like the Sherael sheep.”
    If you want to get out, get out now, and the tone seemed to give you one las t chance to escape.
    'You have to be fine. Because there is no better option than this.'
    Again and again, Sarah swallowed dry saliva.
    “Everyone was committed. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to get to know the Grand Duchess from the ceremony.”
    Seen through the eyes of three people, the two of them seemed to be affect ionate lovers.
    There seemed to be some ambiguity in the conversation, but it also looked li ke a lover in the midst of a play.
    Natasha was very agitated and pursed her lips.
    'I, I, I... ! Is that really the kind of relationship with Archduke Vlkanov?'
    In fact, Natasha secretly wanted Serael to marry the Count Maxon, not the Ar chduke.
    Even considering the amount of money requested and various conditions, it was overwhelmingly good for the Marquis and Marquis to form a relationship wi th the Grand Duke.
    She looked like a nugget of gold the day she announced that she was going t o marry the Archduke.
    'It hurts my stomach so much that that thorny girl is the wife of a man of gre at power!'
    It was because of Serael's sharp shooting from yesterday. The word that I wo uld be called high, "Vision the Grand Duke," was a huge blow.
    Kaed was the perfect man if it weren't for the terrible rumors that the duke m ight have annihilated a member of the duke.
    The new bride of such a perfect man is an ugly stepdaughter!
    At that moment, the Marquis of Milrose appeared, wiping the hem of his clot hes.
    Serael looked straight at him, who had not shown his fatherly affection in his lifetime.
    “I’m going to marry the Prince. I want to leave as soon as I am ready without delay.”
    At the notice thrown without a greeting, the Marquis of Milrose stopped just as it was coming in.
    “What do you mean out of nowhere?”
    The Marquis was on his way to ignoring the fact that he was trying to hand o ver a building built due to poor construction to the Archduke at an exorbitant pri ce.
    To be honest, I wasn't even sure if it had been wiped out.
    “Are you saying that you and Archduke Vlkanov here are going to get marrie d?”
    "Not only that, I'm going to leave the mansion right away with the Archduke."
    The Marquis looked at Serael, who boldly insisted on going home.
    'Is this news that I don't know what to laugh or cry about while I was having a headache all the way home because of the mysterious whereabouts of my bu siness?'
    Natasha rushed forward and whispered something into the Marquis' ear.
    It seemed to convey everything he had seen and heard before.
    The Marquis of Milrose, whose face had changed noticeably, looked at Caed with trembling eyes.
    “... Is this all true? Do you think the Archduke is the same as my wife?”
    "of course."
    Kaed made a brief assertion without taking his gaze away from Serael.
    It was a different development from the plan, but when he graciously accept ed, Sarah took a long breath.
    The head of the Marquis Milrose, which had hardened as if it had been struck by lightning, quickly turned.
    “It is quite sudden, but... .”
    The Marquis carefully observed the appearance of my wife and the Grand Du ke, who seemed like lovers.
    “If a relationship is formed, it will be a good relationship with me. It is a very honorable thing, Grand Duke.”
    He crouched while rubbing his hands.
    “Why don’t you share the discourse that you and I couldn’t finish for a week or so? I think it would be good to go home with my daughter sometime next w eek.”
    "father. Does it need to be so troublesome?”
    Serael intervened coldly.
    'Someone knows the intention of trying to eat something out of the Grand D uke.'
    I didn't want to see my father fluttering around, leaving me like a commodity.
    She crept closer to Kaed.
    The barely touching body temperature gave him confidence.
    “If it’s okay with the Archduke, I want to leave for the north even tomorrow. I want to prepare for the wedding while getting used to it at least a day early.”
    “Your doctor didn’t ask. Please don't interfere with men's discourse."
    “The Archduke must return to Karlsvik as soon as possible so that he can see the work of the estate he left behind.”
    “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?”
    The Marquis, who had coldly ignored Serael, showed Kaed to the parlor and s miled again.
    “I’ll take you this way, Grand Duke.”
    Kaed, who was looking at Serae without moving, burst into laughter.
    Then, he blinked at Suha, who had been waiting behind him all the time.
    “Bring the wagon I prepared. I leave the mansion before dawn.”
    “Okay, boss.”
    Everyone inside doubted their hearing.
    '... boss? I must have heard it wrong?'
    It is questionable that he brought men dressed as thieves without fail.
    The users, who decided they had heard it wrongly, looked at the sky with clo udy eyes.
    Only Serael knew that Kaed was the leader of the Valken, one of the northern savages.
    He now possessed a high title, but the men of the Valken tribe seemed comf ortable calling him the boss even now.
    Suddenly, a large shadow fell on one of Sarah's shoulders.
    “If anyone sees it, they’ll think I’m hot because they want to marry me.”
    Kaed, who tilted his upper body so that only her could hear, smirked and whi spered in his ear.
    “What about the person who said that you don’t like marriage without love?”
    Sarah forcibly raised the corners of her lips.
    “... Ho Ho. There is something wrong with this.”
    “What was the reason that you changed your mind like turning your palms ov er?”
    “There are many eyes to see, so I’ll tell you later.”
    He felt his heart beat faintly in his chest, which was lightly pressed against h er shoulder blades.
    I thought he would be a numb man whose heart wouldn't be beating fast no matter what, but strangely, his pace was a bit faster.
    As if a little excited... .
    Serael swallowed dry saliva, and Kaed bit his body with a satisfied look on his face.
    The handsome face soon turned to the Marquis of Milrose.
    “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier. I made an engagement with the Milose g irl, so in the end, it was captured the way they wanted it.”
    “Yes, my lord. yea of course... .”
    “I believe that the Marquis will prefer this one more than delaying the next on e. As Ms. Sherael said, I will return to the Grand Duke at dawn on the first day of the week.”
    The Marquis looked stunned, but he did not dare to ask questions because it was the Grand Duke's words.
    He just had a troubled expression that seemed to have a speech bubble floati ng above his head, 'When are we going to talk about money?'
    'I'll take out the money you want.'
    Now that things are going without hesitation, Serael had something to point out.
    “But father. How about the dowry for the Archduke?”
    “... Dowry?”
    When the Marquis frowned and asked, Serael smiled calmly.
    “You are going to be my future husband. The wedding will be held later in Kar lsvik, so you must give the dowry before that.”
    In the Lofern Empire, where Serael lives, when a woman gets married, there was a system in which a dowry was sent to the groom before the ceremony.
    Depending on the amount of money, the dignity and honor of the bride's fam ily could be known, so it was always a topic of gossip in social circles.
    In the marriage market, there was an implicit formula that a woman without a dowry could not marry.
    Still, the father and stepmother were devising a scheme to sell Serael for mo ney.
    It was quite a shameless ploy.
    Serael clasped my hands and urged the Marquis to answer.
    “Since you were planning my wedding implicitly, you must have prepared a d owry. It's a system that the Empire should have, so wouldn't it be wise to follo w it?"
    “Hmmmm. Of course, you have some truth, but... .”
    The Marquis of Milrose was muffled.
    He has repeatedly demanded money from the Archduke, referring to the buil ding business with Serael.
    However, the two of them are going to get married at once, as they are frustr ated because they do not know what the Grand Duke is all about.
    'The Archduke has not yet expressed his intention to purchase my building. What do you think about this?'
    The Marquis secretly glanced at Serael.
    'You're so cunning who you look like. What if I pick up a cock and ask for a do wry? I'm already in a lot of debt, but I think I'll give it to the Grand Duke before he can even take the money.'
    In addition, even Caed began to support Serael's request without being able t o pull or beat.
    “It’s surprising. Were you planning on giving me a dowry?”
    "haha... . That’s how it happened.”
    “I am willing to accept it. I did not know that this marriage talk had so much s ignificance.”
    It was natural for the Empire to give a dowry to the new groom, so what Kae d was saying now was nothing more than a sneer.
    'Eat, damn it. It would be convenient to think of it as an investment.'
    It was a sudden situation, but it will be easy if you look at it as a business.
    The woman will be out of the house, but since Vulkanov, a wealthy man, will be my son-in-law, a hole for money is guaranteed.
    “If it is a dowry, of course I have it prepared.”
    After thinking about it, the Marquis of Milrose beckoned to Natasha.
    “Go upstairs and get some of your jewellery.”
    It wasn't for nothing that Natasha was ignoring her luxury.
    One of the methods of money laundering that businessmen do is often exch ange women's jewelry for cash.
    But Natasha whispered in the ear of the marquis for everyone to hear.
    “It burned down... No. Not even one!”
    The Marquis of Milrose wrinkled his teeth.
    He also seemed to have lowered his voice, but he shouted loudly enough to hear if he listened closely.
    "What are you talking about? How did you manage it, so burn it and eat it! W hat was the cause of the fire in the mansion in the first place?”
    “The fire was actually Serael... . Oh my! How do you like this?” Seeing her feet pounding, Serael offered a helping hand. “Why don’t you have jewels?”
    She pointed to Natasha with a slender hand.
    “What my mother is wearing now is the price of a house. Please give me that.”

    Natasha became contemplative.
    The jewelry she was wearing now was to cherish like her life.
    It was a very rare gem that Natasha, who had a knack for luxuries, rummage d through several jewelers in the capital.
    Among them was a rare ring imported from a distant foreign country. The rea son it didn't catch fire was because he was wearing it all the time.
    However, the investment-blind Marquis of Milrose urged Natasha. “Deliver the ornaments you are wearing to the Archduke.”
    “Ha, but... .”
    Natasha pulled out a necklace, earring, and ring with a shriveled expression o n her face.
    The Marquis put her treasure in a box and politely handed it to Caed.
    “Right now, this is the only thing I have prepared, but please accept it genero usly, hey!”
    Before he could finish speaking, Suha, who was behind Caed, hurriedly jump ed out and took the jewel.
    The marquise trembled in surprise at the robber-like movement.
    'The barbarians who can't find even a saliva of courtesy... ! You're terrifying m e over and over again!'
    Even when I was on a business trip to the capital, it wasn't the first time I al most fell my heart because of that guy's subordinates.
    Whenever he inadvertently looked behind or to the side, it was not uncommo n for a six-year-old man who had completely killed Inkigae to stand with his ey es shining like a wild beast.
    Each time, the Marquis almost died of a heart attack at an age well over infid elity.
    'I wonder if that's all!'
    Even when the Marquis was speaking slick words to the Archduke, they ofte n interrupted at the wrong time and made a fuss.
    'How good are the appetites!'
    When I made a reservation for a luxury restaurant in Hindel and served it, I kil led almost 30 people, and the marquis' pockets were broken.
    'I've never spent so much money on eating out in my entire life!'
    It was such a large amount that I wanted to bow down to thank Caed, who w as thirsty with alcohol, for reducing his food expenses.
    'Leave it. I will devour even the portion of the rotten savages that have been cruelly devoured.'
    The Marquis of Milrose regained his formality and smiled sullenly.
    “I am only happy that the Archduke will be able to stay one more night at the Marquis’ residence. It was late at night, but, as expected, the conversation bet ween Ongseo and Ongseo in the drawing room... .”
    “It’s late at night, so I’m going to take a break. Then come on.”
    After Kaed's words, the seven men stretched out and headed to the guest ro om on the first floor.
    "ah... no?"
    “I’ll just go up there.”
    Serael bowed her head softly to the marquis, who had only a small mouth.
    In the atmosphere of the sudden dissolution, the Marquis put on a bewildere d expression.
    'Ugh... . let's be patient In the long run, it will definitely be a benefit.'
    He reluctantly saluted Kaed.
    “Please get some rest, Grand Duke. I will see you off tomorrow morning.” Seeing the crouching Marquis, Sarah smirked.
    'Even though my daughter, who is the only human being, is leaving for the no rthern part of the country, she doesn't give me a single glance and just rants to the Archduke.'
    As she climbed the stairs, she glanced under the railing.
    The butler was pointing to another guest room on the first floor and saying so mething to the marquis.
    Perhaps because the existing bedroom had been charred, it seemed that he had prepared a temporary bed there.
    The Marquis had a precious guest in the mansion, so he could not speak loud ly.
    He clenched his fists with an angry face, and quietly headed towards the gue st room with Natasha.
    'On the other side of the room, there must be a lot of Caed's men, so I can sl eep well.'
    The very next morning after Caed's party arrived, Lucy said that she thought there was thunder in the guest room on the first floor.
    How loudly the seven men snore!
    Users passing by nearby thought it was raining because of the thunderous sn oring, so they checked out the window without a break.
    Kaed seemed to be sleeping very quietly, but it was fun.
    'My father and Natasha were so happy that I had to listen to the snoring quint et all night long.'
    It was a time when I was hastening my steps with such futile thoughts. Serael found Kaed walking up the stairs next to him.
    He was so startled that he briefly let out a scream like the cry of a chick. Sherael, with her hands on her chest, stood there as if nailed to it.
    But Kaed just glanced over my shoulder and walked past her down the hallw ay.
    “The Grand Duke?”
    All of a sudden, Serael followed after him. An unusual thought crossed my m ind as he walked recklessly toward Serael's room.
    'no way... !'
    She raised her eyebrows.
    'I'm not thinking of sleeping with you... ?'
    No matter how much the Israeli side expressed their intention to marry agai n, this was not the case. Serael called for Kaed in a slightly thorny voice.
    “Duke. Where are you going?”
    “Where are you going? I am going to rest.”
    “Are you going to follow me?”
    “Isn’t Sherael following me now?”
    Serael paused for a moment at the ridiculous pun.
    Then again, he tried to catch up with Kaed at a slow pace. It was in vain beca use the difference in stride length was so great.
    Serael opened her mouth again, glaring at Kaed's broad shoulders.
    “This is difficult!”
    “What do you mean the trouble?”
    “I mean, it’s difficult to do early nights right now. The Archduke and I are abo ut to get married, but... .”
    “Is it seconds?”
    Kaed stood tall.
    The wind slammed her nose against his hard back and forced him to stop at t he same time.
    “Ah! my nose... .”
    “What does that mean?”
    Kaed turned around while grabbing her sore nose and looked at her with a di mly hardened complexion.
    'How can the human body be so rigid?'
    My nose hurt so much that I thought I might even have a nosebleed.
    Serael looked up at him with resentful eyes, not letting go of her nose.
    “Literally. I caught the Archduke as if I was a pitiful person, but that doesn't make it just right for me to go to bed right away."
    When Kaed was about to say something, Serael quickly hit the player.
    "do not misunderstand. Because it’s before the wedding ceremony, it’s not li ke we’re talking on the old-fashioned level that we can’t spend the night.”
    “... ... .”
    “If you have a partner, you can do exciting things without even having to get married.”
    It was a value that was naturally acquired for Serael, who had been through a n era of supreme freedom.
    “But the Archduke and I are not close enough to even sleep.”
    Serael folded her arms defensively.
    “It’s an interesting value, but... .”
    As he rubbed his straight eyebrows, Kaed let out a subtle lingering sound.
    “Can you not be misunderstood? I don't know what Miss Sarahel is talking ab out."
    “Even if we have made a covenant, we can’t spend the night together withou t knowing the Prince... .”
    Something suddenly caught my eye in Serael's eyes, who had insisted on arg uing her values.
    Two visits side by side.
    One is Sarah's room.
    One was Caed's guest room, where she even guided them.
    “... Uh, were you on your way back to the guest room?”
    “Then where were you going?”
    As Serael glanced at the two bedroom doors in dismay, Kaed noticed what m isunderstanding she had made.
    'What do we do! I am... ! I made a big mistake. Kaed must have been on his way to the guest room!'
    He couldn't hide his absurd look now.
    “... under."
    Hearing Kaed's sigh of relief, Serael rolled her feet.
    What a foolish misunderstanding when I thought that he slept very quietly in the next room a while ago.
    'It's cool to be found out that you're playing a woman in love, and you're even making such a stupid misunderstanding!'
    It is a mistake that will remain in the black history. I immediately wanted to r un to bed and take off the blanket.
    Serael couldn't make eye contact with Kaed with her red face bowed down.
    “... . Unintentionally, I made a mistake to the Grand Duke several times. It wa s really disrespectful... !”
    Serael, who barely apologized in a crawling voice, ran back and forth.
    I didn't even care that I might look like an immature lady. She just wanted her out of this embarrassing situation.
    But her broad shoulders stopped in front of her in an instant. “Be second to disrespect.”
    “... yes?"
    “Do you have anything to explain to me?”
    “An explanation?”
    Yes, as Kaed said, he overturned his intentions about marriage like the palm of his hand, so of course an explanation was necessary.
    But why now?
    “There is, but... . Do you really need to listen to the Archduke now?”
    Look at this.
    Look at my face that's blushed up to my forehead.
    With such a tone, Serael paid attention.
    In fact, Kaed didn't care about explanations, he just wanted to see her shy fa ce.
    So he didn't even budge.
    “Look at me now and tell me. I don't mean to look through the cracks of your hands, put your hands down."
    I was so shy that I looked at him with both hands covering my face, and was pointed out mercilessly.
    When you go up the stairs with a glance at Serael, you insist on asking me to tell you why you overturned your marriage intention when you came.
    'You're trying to make fun of me for saying it's Choya, aren't you?'
    Serael shrugged.
    “No, didn’t Grand Duchess just pass me by on the stairs a little while ago, pr etending not to know me?”
    “It was.”
    “Why did you do that? You don't look like someone who wants to hear my sit uation right now, do you?"
    “Because there was a reason.”
    “Can you tell me why?”
    With the intention of urging you to be in trouble too, Serael plunged him into question mark hell.
    But Kaed shrugged as if it was nothing.
    “I have been nervous since the first time I came into contact with Ms. Sherae l. It was unfamiliar to me that my fingertips were hot and that it was an unfamil iar reaction, so I just had to go back to my room and calm myself down.”
    “I had no intention of passing Sherael at the landing. Is this enough to explai n?”
    Caed, who spoke in a monotonous tone of misleading remarks, was simply c alm.
    'Danjeon, what do you think of this? What, what calms you down?'
    At the completely unexpected answer, Sarah froze with her mouth open.
    “... Sherael?”
    At first glance, a look of bewilderment was reflected on Kaed's face, as stron g as a sculpture.
    Serael soon discovered the source of the emotional change. Hot blood was dripping from her nose.
    Also in both nostrils.

    It was a three-hit black history.
    One thing I did not know that Kaed was looking at me with her eyes wide op en, saying, Lalala, I fell in love with Kaed♪
    The two of them called for Kaed, who was quietly returning to my room, and i nsisted that I couldn't spend the night with you like this.
    Three until he had a double nosebleed in front of his eyes.
    I can't even imagine how long it will take for me to forget this figure.
    “Are you okay? I'll bring you something to stop the bleeding properly, so I'm b locking this for a while."
    That's what Kaed said, who without hesitation ripped off my sleeve and cover ed Serael's nose.
    However, I still vividly remember the hand that stopped at which nostril to cl ose first.
    So, Serael was again acting apart from the manners that she should be respe cted as a noble girl.
    "this... Let's go inside!”
    Leaving the distinguished guest staying in the mansion in the hallway, he flut tered his skirt and fled.
    It was nothing compared to the three black histories added earlier.
    'what should we do! Too shy.'
    The desire to kick the duvet while hitting the pillow was like a chimney.
    What I couldn't do was because there was Kaed in the next room. Her pride, reluctant to find out she was agitated by her shame, laid her quietly on her bed.
    My heart that could not be calmed was boiling.
    'What's the point of having a double nosebleed there? It's all because Kaed's body is so hard!'
    Serael let out a silent scream, blaming his body.
    'I'm going to die of embarrassment. From now on, I'm destined to live under t he same roof with that man, so maybe it's good.'
    In a way, it's a physiological phenomenon, and it's not something to be asha med of.
    Because no one bangs their nose against the wall and doesn't bleed.
    'But why is it that my heart is pounding as if I've been running, and my cheek s are getting hotter and I'm even impatient?'
    Serael looked up for a while, conscious of the man on the other side of the w all.
    Unorganized thoughts floated through my mind, and dry saliva ran down my t hroat.
    It would be good to get some sleep for the long journey. Despite such worrie s, Serae fell asleep at some point.
    "ha... .”
    Kaed sat down on the bedside. He took a long breath and washed his face dr y. His heart never calmed down.
    The reason planting is so complicated is probably because of the woman slee ping in the next room.
    A laugh leaked out between her lips when she remembered Sarah who was arguing with absurd noises. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of the little cat chirping incessantly.
    Kaed was barely able to suppress the urge to grab her and lock her in her ar ms as she ran into my room.
    She was a woman who was so beautiful that even her face that had turned p ale with blood was creepy.
    'Are you crazy?'
    It seemed that he himself was not normal.
    It was the reunion I had been longing for. There were some variables, but thi ngs are going as planned.
    You shouldn't be in a hurry, as she might be frightened and run away.
    It would be good to know how to control the strange sensation of blood rushi ng to you every time you encounter Serael.
    Because there is no way to be defeated by such low-level desires and to err on the side of things planned for a long time.
    Kaed looked up at the night sky outside the window with his golden eyes shi ning brightly in the dark.
    It must have been a familiar time for him, who had never had a stable sleep i n his entire life, but it was a particularly disturbing night.
    The movements of the woman lying with a wall in between could be heard th rough her sensitive hearing.
    From the sound of sighing and tossing and turning, the sound of falling aslee p, and the sound of cloth rubbing against your soft skin.
    “... ... .”
    Kaed stared at a certain place and covered his eyes with the palm of his han d.
    Another sleepless night passed.
    The next day, there was no sunrise and it was twilight. The Marquis House, which would normally be quiet, had a chaotic atmosphere.
    "miss. Come on, get up.”
    Sherael, who woke up to the sound of Lucy waking up, groaned and tossed a nd turned. The surroundings were still as dark and quiet as midnight.
    'I think I only slept for three or four hours after tossing and turning all night.'
    Sometimes I woke up to the sound of a rooster, but today I woke up earlier t han a rooster.
    Sarah rubbed her sleepy eyes and raised her upper body.
    “You need to calm down... . What a normal day today is.”
    “It is the day the young lady leaves for the Vulkanov estate.”
    Lucy turned on the bedside lamp and handed him a tray of bread, apple jam a nd omelettes.
    “I have packed some of my luggage, so eat first and pack only your personal belongings.”
    “It’s early, but it’s a breeze.”
    “It has to be. The Archduke and the guests all left early.”
    Lucy rolled the curtains and looked carefully at the gate.
    “I think everyone is preparing ahead of time to leave as soon as possible. No w, the butler is personally loading the wagon.”
    “Duke and guests, have you eaten?”
    "no. The Marquis suggested a simple breakfast, but the Archduke did not see m to mind.”
    Sherael, who took a bite of bread, looked out the dark window. Even though i t was early in the morning, I was a little worried because everyone had dinner.
    “Then let’s bring something to eat just like we told Lecter. It would be nice to eat on the way to the estate.”
    “The Marquis seems to have given us a piece of bread.” “It will definitely not be enough.”
    Serael, thirsty with orange juice, got up from the bed.
    A person should not be hungry by accident. I don't know about Caed, but the other men seem to have very good appetites, so I wanted to take care of them generously when I left the mansion.
    I went down to the kitchen with Lucy as it was.
    Serael began to manually stuff the three large picnic baskets with food.
    “Now I don’t even need an excuse to give it to the dog, so bring it in as muc h as you like. Even if your mother sees you, you won’t be able to be grumpy.”
    “Okay, miss.”
    They're men with wolf blood, so they like meat, right?
    Smoked ham, salami, and sausage were served with nutritious bread. I didn't forget the boiled egg, mustard sauce, white cheese, and a few green grapes.
    He and Lucy were wriggling with the basket, which had quickly become heav y, when he encountered two men in the hall.
    "Oh. Hello, Lecter?”
    Lecter and another Valken man looked at Serael with curious eyes.
    "Good morning."
    As he said hello, he salivated and looked at the basket. He seemed to smell good food.
    Sarahel spoke first.
    “It’s early, but I heard it was dinner. I tried some food, but I don't know if it w ill suit my taste.”
    When he handed the basket, Lecter accepted it with a smile.
    “There’s no way it won’t suit your taste. Thank you, Sarah.”
    Lecter glanced at the man standing next to him.
    “This is Cole. He is one year older than Axel, whom I mentioned earlier.” "sister!"
    A man called Cole put his forehead on the floor. He was quick, unsuitable for his thick body.
    “The food that Dante brought was not even a chin... . You are really kind. I wil l enjoy this food."
    Dante was the name of the Marquis of Milose. When Cole, who doesn't kno w how to treat nobles, came up with his name, Lecter looked at Lucy.
    It was an expression of reminiscent of John Dae and Finzan, who asked to be careful about the use of titles.
    Lecter kicked an older caller than me.
    “What if I call you by name? When referring to nobles, you said to call them b y their surname and title.”
    “Really, that’s right. The food the Duke of Milillie provided was not enough fo r me, but thank you.”
    "'Milose' 'Marquis'! Don’t be rude in front of Serae-sama!”
    “This child. It might be confusing, did I do it on purpose?”
    Serael looked at them happily as they started quarreling like a young boy.
    In the original, they were men who lost their lives early while fighting at the f orefront of the war.
    Kaed was so emotional that he couldn't grieve when they died.
    Seeing the men I had seen in a black and white world come alive with color, my heart fluttered.
    Serael ripped off Lecter and Cole, who are now on the verge of a fight.
    “It’s not a big deal, so don’t fight. I wish you both well in the North.”
    "I'm really begging you. And it would be an honor if you would let me speak a s well.”
    “Yeah, nice to meet you, Cole.”
    Serael, who had already included two of Kaed's closest aides, smiled shyly.
    The men lightly carried the baskets on their shoulders and walked out of the mansion.
    Sherael was about to go back to her bedroom. This time, Kaed, who was sta nding with his back against the wall just in front of the stairs, came into view.
    Judging by the direct eye contact, it was as if they were watching Seriel chat tering with his subordinates.
    Kaed raised his leaning body.
    Lucy bowed her head politely to him and headed to the second floor first.
    As soon as I stood face to face with Kaed, who approached me, I realized the difference in height.
    “Are you all right?”
    Even at this point of view, I was really surprised by his handsome appearanc e without any confusion or corners. In the morning, isn't it basic to have black h air or a hoarse voice?
    "ah... . If you're talking about the bleeding last night, it's no big deal." Serael said with a pair of nosebleeds around her.
    “Did you sleep peacefully last night?”
    “... so so. Not bad.”
    “It was.”
    Eyes came and went, and a short pause of a few seconds passed.
    'It's so awkward!'
    It's not bad to see Kaed's appearance, which the users call a walking statue, f rom the early morning breeze.
    I am reminded of the Black History, and there is nothing to say, so I do not k now how to react.
    It was Kaed who spoke again.
    “He brought food to the children.”
    "children... ? Oh, are you talking about Lecter and Cole?”
    They were men who were too mature to be called children. However, they w ere still teenagers, and there was an age difference with Kaed, and he was also shorter, so it was worth calling him that way.
    “They are good children who never forget grace. Even in Karlsvik, without he sitation, I will give my life to support you.”
    “Ho-ho, even life is brutal... .”
    Why does it seem to refer to a dog or a wolf rather than a person? All of the m were of a different race mixed with animal blood, so I didn't feel a big sense of incongruity.
    “Are you ready to leave?”
    “Not yet, but thanks to the help of the maid, it’s almost done.”
    Serael clasped her hands together and stepped back slightly.
    “I have to pack up the rest of my stuff, so I’ll go up.”
    Then Kaed followed immediately.
    “I’ll accompany you because it’s heavy.”
    “Oh, it’s okay.”
    Serael stopped him with an open palm.
    The attitude of suggesting without hesitation to the chores the user had to d o was surprising, but he did not express it.
    “The Archduke would appreciate it if you could wait downstairs.”
    After hesitating for a moment, Sarahel added.
    “I have to change clothes, and I have to pack women’s personal items and u nderwear.”
    “... ... .”
    Caed paused and stepped back. There was a look of trouble on his very beau tiful face.
    His earlobe was also burning red as he backed away as he rubbed the nape of his neck.

    'Are you embarrassed? Was I too honest?'
    I was a little puzzled.
    He didn't seem shy at all when the story of sexual compatibility between me n and women came out, or when he said that he was excited about his own bo dy.
    But when she saw the tall, stout-looking handsome man blushing and unabl e to even make eye contact, Serael smiled softly.
    “Then I will go.”
    When she returned to my room, she changed clothes first. She later packed her suitcase with all the necessary things, including some clothes and small ite ms.
    'I lived here for over 20 years, and all my burdens were quickly filled.' It felt kind of disappointing.
    “The young lady is leaving forever... . Now it is real.”
    Serael grabbed Lucy's shoulder, drowning in sadness.
    “I want to tell you to go with me, but I’m sorry I couldn’t.”
    “I want to follow the lady.”
    “Kalsvik is close to the border where the savages live. It's a dangerous place, so taking Lucy with you is good for you."
    Natasha always looked down on Lucy, who took care of her like family. She di dn't know that after Serael left for the North, she would harass Lucy, who was l eft alone, with all sorts of childish tricks.
    Sherael also didn't want to be separated from the maid she loved more than anyone else.
    'But I can't ask you to accompany me because of my greed.'
    Born and raised in the warm countryside of the Midwest, can Lucy survive in the desolate North? There were even rumors that not only wild people but stran ge monsters lived beyond the border.
    As she left for a dangerous place where her life could not be guaranteed, she could not expect Lucy to accompany her.
    In the first place, there was no way for a marquis to attach a good maid to a woman who had no affection.
    “I had to leave because I was driven to the edge of a cliff and made a decisio n.”
    A situation came when I had to leave the space filled with happiness forever when my mother was alive.
    But I had no choice but to accept it as a turning point in my life and move on.
    “Don't worry, I don't think anything bad will happen. Looking at Lecter and Co le, doesn’t the Archduke’s aides look like much better people than they look?”
    When I think of Caedna who dyed her earlobe and his attendant who felt like a younger brother, a miserable future was not pictured.
    “Let’s write often. Have a good day and call me if anything happens.”
    “Yes, lady... .”
    Lucy picked up her suitcase. The two passed the familiar hallway and went b ack down to the first floor.
    Caed, who had been waiting quietly as Serael had said, reached out to her. S he was escorted as it was and walked together outside the gate.
    Near the wide open iron gate, the marquis couple, the butler, and some serv ants were already out.
    Natasha's plantings still looked distasteful, perhaps because the jewels had b een taken under the pretext of a dowry.
    The Marquis of Milrose came closer.
    “You will now become the Grand Duchess, but even if you go to the North, d o not forget that you are from Milose.”
    “... ... .”
    “Always be modest and behave modestly. Did you know? I hope you're doing well and I'll see you at the ceremony."
    It was a useless sermon given consciously of Kaed.
    'I think the conversation I just had with my father was longer than the conver sation I had with my father all my life.'
    Sarah also smiled.
    “I will dig deep. I will never forget everything you have done for me.”
    The fatherly love that never existed, the stepmother's negligence, and the ac t of trying to sell it to the elderly.
    She swallowed the back horse and headed for the carriage.
    In front of the door was a very large, black multi-seater, not the marquise's b rown carriage that Sarahel was riding on.
    There were as many as five in a row, and it was like a chariot unit attacking t he north.
    “Is this the first time you see a carriage?”
    Serael looked up at Kaed with a puzzled expression.
    He opened the car door with a no-nonsense expression.
    “I bought it.”
    "Ah yes... .”
    The chariot's threshold was high enough to be about the waist of Serael.
    After hesitating, unable to climb quickly, Kaed approached me. Soon his tight arms grabbed her gently and lowered her into her car.
    The man's body odor felt from the brief touch was fragrant and heavy.
    'At the same time, it smells really good. It doesn't look like you're wearing per fume.'
    While moaning, Serael leaned back on the leather seat. Once seated, Kaed s at down next to him and the door closed.
    Soon the wheels rolled and the car shook.
    The mansion I lived in wishing for a peaceful life was far away. There were m emories buried in each place in the estate where they had spent 20 years. Sera el smiled bitterly as she passed the orchard she had occasionally visited with h er mother.
    It was at that moment when I was more immersed in such gloomy recollecti ons. Sitting side by side in a cramped place, the man's characteristic wide shou lders kept brushing over and over.
    Even if I glanced at my body, I was trembling because of the overbearing pre sence it occupied at a distance of just one span.
    'It would have been better if we sat down facing each other.'
    It was a good carriage, and the cabinet in front of the seat had cushions to pr event shock, so this was the only place to sit.
    'The two of us have to spend a whole few days in this space.'
    Just imagining it was awkward and tense. Serael slowly rolled her blue eyes and glanced at Kaed.
    When viewed from the side, his jawline was sharply angled like a well-crafte d sculpture. The eyes, unable to read what was going on, were slightly lowered and facing forward.
    Unbearable, Serael abruptly hurried.
    “The carriage is very nice. ... Ouch.”
    Even though he said it, he wanted to.
    The words that I couldn't stand the gloomy atmosphere were, 'The weather is really nice.' It was the same cliché.
    Kaed looked at her with a strange smile on the tip of his lips.
    Serael, who was humbled, hurriedly spoke words that sounded like excuses.
    “Actually, this is the first time I have ridden such a good carriage. The foreign wagon I have at home is for my dad only, and I don’t go out far, so I only rode s mall cars.”
    “I’m glad you like it. This is a wagon I bought in writing before coming to the Marquis.”
    “Ah, I expected you to buy it from Hindel.”
    “Even if we run all day and night to Karlsvik, it will take ten days, so why not take the Sherael with us?”
    He was kind enough to have a good carriage for her, but somehow I felt a se nse of incongruity.
    If it was this high-end, it would certainly be possible to buy it only at a foreig n carriage shop in the capital.
    Such places are difficult to identify and operate on a strict reservation syste m. Money couldn't buy five high-end wagons in a day or two.
    'My father said he waited a year to buy a foreign carriage.'
    Of course, it didn't take that long since Kaed had a different status.
    'By the way, Caed also told his men to bring the wagon he had prepared. He said, when exactly did he start preparing the carriage?'
    Whatever the time, it was clear before Serael announced the doctor's overthr ow.
    Something flashed through her mind.
    “It was as if he knew this was going to happen.”
    “... ... .”
    “Duke. Are you sure you were trying to kidnap me?”
    Kaed raised one eyebrow.
    “A kidnapping. The word choice is inappropriate.”
    “How about the agreed level of companionship? Because I was planning to a sk about Miss Sarahel's doctor and bring him back.”
    Did you plan to prepare a high-end carriage for kidnapping and even ask the doctor?
    There was no such thing as a kind kidnapping. It was like eating hot ice crea m.
    Not knowing what to say, Serael just sat there from a distance.
    'I don't know why I'm doing this. What do you get from marrying me? .'
    He couldn't figure out why a man with a title and enormous wealth at a youn g age was greedy for Serael, whom he had never met.
    As Serael cast her gaze into the air with confused eyes, Kaed broke her luck again.
    “Are you offended by having a relationship with me?”
    She shook her head slowly.
    “... Neither is it. Either way, it was my choice.”
    Because he also served as a gang member to get out of a beggar-like hous e.
    I have no intention of arguing for good or bad in a yard like this.
    “Actually, my father and my stepmother sold me to a strange old man... Hm mmm. There was a reason for that.”
    Kaed looked at Serael without saying a word.
    'I can't tell my bald grandfather that I almost got married. It's too shameful.'
    It was a shame to have parents who tried to do such a wrathful thing for a fe w pennies.
    Sarah avoided her gaze on me and wiped her cheek.
    “I also feel fortunate to be able to capture the work without getting blood on my hands.”
    He spoke in a low voice, who had been silently listening.
    “I foresaw that it could end badly, but no one was hurt. All thanks to Sherae l.”
    He spoke very calmly that he could have killed or seriously harmed people.
    As she bit her lip and opened the rabbit's eyes, Kaed smiled.
    “You prefer honest men, so I’m telling you without hiding.”
    When I came out of the mansion where I had spent my whole life, my mind was already confused.
    However, because of this uncontrollable man, Sarahel's heart raced even mor e.
    “Did you mind what I said about having a hard time with a lying husband?”
    If not, it can't be like this.
    I could have made a bad impression, so I could have pretended or lied, but I wanted to tell you how bluntly.
    “You can’t be bothered.”
    There was a self-helpful laugh at the words that Kaed spit out as if to himsel f.
    “Didn't I promise you? I will always be an honest husband.”
    If not mistaken, his earlobes were red again.
    'Why are you blushing while saying those lines, even though it's not even ma rried because of love.'
    How did the banal words brought out to alleviate the awkwardness brought a bout such a shy situation?
    'I do not know.'
    Sherael bowed her head to cover her reddened cheeks.
    A very suffocating time passed.
    I don't know how long I've been on the road since then. The wagon drove thr ough the central part at high speed without stopping at any city.
    It was only after the sun had set that Serael's tension was relieved and sleepi ness came to Sinabro. Just as his mind wandered, a soft voice spoke to him.
    “It’s a long way to the grand siege. Put some eyes on it.”
    A large hand touched the ceiling and turned off the lights in the car. I was secretly sleeping, how did you notice?
    He was a man who was as agile as an animal in his sensing ability. Serael's eyes slowly closed as he felt a blanket covering his body.
    Kaed looked down at Serael, who fell asleep in his arms.
    She was a very strange woman.
    Anytime you are on your guard, you fall asleep while shaking your head back and forth even when you are left in an enclosed space with a strong man.
    Then, while moaning about whether her neck was broken by mistake, Serael slept well.
    I wanted to make an extra bed by pulling the pedestal under the seat to slee p comfortably, but I was shaking my head, so I decided to leave it alone.
    Instead, Kaed gently pulled her hair up and leaned it slightly against my shoul der.
    “Uh... .”
    Then he made a sound of pain and dug into Kaed's chest.
    Danjeon was tense at the soft touch, but it was not a bad feeling.
    He stroked the woman's hair in the moonlight and was seized with the urge t o hold her small body crumbly.
    It was a lust that had to be suppressed.
    'I'm not afraid. I didn't mean to hug you.'
    It wasn't that I hated it, but I didn't want to be the bad guy who touched an u nconscious woman.
    Suddenly, I remembered the message she had left to the user.
    “I had to leave because I was driven to the edge of a cliff and made a decisio n.”
    Her hearing, which had been raised all the way from the mansion, caught her voice coming from upstairs at once.
    “It’s a decision I made because I was rushed to the edge of a cliff... .”
    How can a woman who gave a breakthrough out of a ditch life call her marria ge that way.
    “I don’t feel very well.”
    Still, there was nothing to stop her affectionate feelings for her from soaring l ike crazy.
    I looked at the woman who was sleeping soundly with her cheek pressed to my chest as she moved up and down, and I tried to put her name in her mouth. A smile filled with deep satisfaction spread across Kaed's lips.
    Even if he didn't exist in her memory, it didn't matter anymore. He was confi dent that he would fill in the gaps for the long time we had together.
    Caed, who gently gripped Serael's hair, swayed in the low wind and smiled. For this moment, I felt like I had the whole world.


    As the car went up, Serael opened her eyes.
    The sun shining through the window was quite stinging. It felt like the wagon was still moving at high speed.
    'It's already morning... . How much time has passed?'
    Serael rubbed her sleepy eyes against the pillow.
    It was a journey that took more than ten days, so it must have been a long w ay to arrive.
    Because long-distance travel wasn't as pleasant as it was, I wanted to get to the northern part as soon as possible.
    'Everything is like a dream.'
    Enraged at the fact that he was almost sold to an old man who was insane b ecause of his father's debt, he left for Kaedwa North.
    I had never seriously thought about marriage, but in one day, I became the w ife of an unfamiliar man.
    To be married to a man who has never had any emotional exchanges in just a few days, even though it's a bit clumsy to be called a virgin.
    Sarah rubbed her face against the pillow.
    'Nope. Who is responsible for my life or me? I'll have to live a strong and fulfil ling life somehow.'
    I had to accept it because it was something I had to do to get out of the wors t.
    'Still, I think I slept comfortably last night because the pillow felt good.'
    A soft blanket wrapped around the body also helped with a good night's slee p.
    It was not as comfortable as a bed as it was in a moving carriage, but it was n't too bad just having pillows, blankets, and a place to lie down.
    Her eyes gleamed as she was about to close again.
    'Did I sleep on a pillow or something?'
    Come to think of it, now Serael was lying on her side with her cheeks buried in a hard pillow.
    Only the carriage wall was visible in front of him, but Kaed did not come into view.
    Where is he... ?
    'I don't want to know what I'm cutting at this moment.'
    Sarah creaked and turned her head slowly.
    Her eyes met with the golden eyes that were staring down at him as they w ere.
    "uh... Oh!"
    Sarah hurriedly got up. His slender hair might be tangled in a mess, but he co uldn't afford to trim it.
    It would have been less embarrassing if I had snored or woke up while talkin g. I mean, you wake up with a man's thigh cut!
    'It can be so manly.'
    In the silence, only the sound of the wheels of the carriage resounded.
    'How long has it been since I had a double nosebleed? This kind of thing hap pens again.'
    It wasn't that I really wanted to look pretty, but that didn't mean I wanted to s how ugliness.
    Serael was belatedly trimming my hair and squinting at Kaed. He was as hard as a stone statue, and there was no movement.
    Pretending to be okay, she decided to say good morning. as bluntly as possib le.
    “Good morning, Grand Duke. Did you sleep well?"
    “Did you sleep well?”
    The answer that followed immediately was full of reproach.
    “I’ve been fussing all night, but I should be able to sleep.”
    Kaed stared out the car window and shuddered.
    Its appearance gave me a strange yet distant feeling. It looked like he had en dured a time of hardship and anguish over the last night.
    'what should we do!'
    Sherael sighed and covered her mouth.
    I was so sorry for letting Kaed stay up all night unintentionally, but the shame came first.
    'I was stumbling... . Please, just don't touch sensitive areas.'
    She bit her red lips and covered her cheek with both hands.
    I thought of myself as a rather cold-hearted person, but in front of him, I ofte n trembled and fluttered without notice.
    Unlike Serael, who was noticeably embarrassed, he had other thoughts.
    It's a shame it's the left thigh, if it were the right one... .
    Feeling like a liberated monk, Kaed threw his eyes into the air.
    “I never intended to make the Archduke a pillow. I'm sorry if I had trouble sle eping because of me."
    “There is nothing to be sorry about.”
    He just cut it off.
    “Still, I’m really sorry. I guess I'm not used to sleeping. I couldn't sleep and I was tired."
    “It’s okay if you don’t make excuses.”
    Even though he said that, Caed seemed somewhat frustrated, sighed and un buttoned a couple of shirt buttons around his neck.
    With a sense of embarrassment, Sarah smiled awkwardly.
    “Are you feeling uncomfortable, too? I wish I could get to the Northern Territo ry as soon as possible. When will you arrive?”
    “The next nine days. You only have to wait nine days.”
    Biting his molars, he mumbled as if spitting out.
    Whether he was speaking to Serael or repeating it to himself, it was unclear whether he was speaking to himself.
    His fists, resting on his thighs, were clenched with purple veins on them.
    Coughing for nothing, Serael glanced at him sideways.
    Come to think of it, it was the first time I saw Kaed in a place lit by natural lig ht.
    'Aside from sleeping on this man's thigh, I think I know why my heart keeps pounding.'
    The smooth black hair took on a mysterious chestnut color as the sunlight fel l, and the eyes under the eyelashes glistened with enchanting gold.
    In the dark, the image of a wild beast that spreads a threatening atmosphere was strong, and the face line that looked sharp as if it was seen in the dark look ed very beautiful and delicate, probably thanks to the backlight from the sunligh t.
    Perhaps it was because he hadn't slept all night, Kaed's complexion was pal e, and there was a little blue energy around his eyes.
    It also gave off a feeling of excellence, and it resonated with the woman's he art.
    'What am I saying now.'
    Not wanting to see the admiration in her heart, Serael moved her gaze out th e window.
    The scenery in front of me was immediately admiring.
    There was a wide lake with a lush forest in the background. Even as the carri age continued to move, the blue lake stretched out endlessly.
    The clear water takes on a mysterious orange color as it breaks in the sunligh t, and it was very mysterious and beautiful.
    'I've never been far north, so I didn't know there was such a pretty lake above the Marquis.'
    She grabbed the chin of the car window and looked at the scenery frantically. Kaed, who had been watching the scene all the time, opened his mouth. “Are you not hungry?”
    Sherael opened her eyes from the window and shrugged.
    "I'm OK."
    I didn't feel hungry because I ate a little jujube. Conversely, Kaed had never e aten or chewed anything.
    “What about the Grand Duke? I’ve been curious about it for a long time, are y ou doing anything like a meal?”
    “That's a weird question. I'm a human too, so I eat as many calories as I nee d."
    Sherael resisted trying to say that the average person wouldn't speak that wa y.
    “But I didn’t see you taking care of your meals properly. Aren't you hungry?" “I have a bad appetite.”
    “How could that be?”
    She questioned me without realizing it.
    “I don’t think I can taste it very well.”
    Kaed added in a casual tone. Sarah covered her lips in disbelief.
    'So, did you only drink wine at the first meeting? Our chef is really good at co oking the steak so that it doesn't lose its juices, but somehow he doesn't even touch it.'
    Numerous fatty and delicious foods that she has been experiencing for a lon g time. Meat dishes with juicy juices are good, but fresh fruit salads are also de licious.
    How delicious are daddy's gelato or layered honey cake for dessert? Just thin king about it makes my mouth water.
    'It's too bad that I didn't know that pleasure.' What do you usually eat and buy? ?
    Feeling a sense of curiosity, Serael spoke. “What kind of food do you usually like?” “Nothing.”
    Kaed dismissed it without any hesitation.
    Oh my god this can be
    If she had been asked the same question, she could have answered at least one or twenty of them.
    “Then what kind of food do you usually eat?”
    I asked again, feeling like I was on a blind date. Instead of answering, Kaede took something out of her inner pocket and showed it to her. Serael silently obs erved the unknown beige object.
    “... What is this, Grand Duke? bark?”
    “It’s protein. Made to be easy to consume on the go.”
    What makes the food? Maybe I misunderstood that I couldn't taste the taste when I ate something like this?
    The words he couldn't bear to let out caught on the tip of Serael's tongue.
    In fact, as soon as I saw it, I almost asked if it was a cloth, but I quickly beca me polite and changed it to bark.
    'Have you been living on only these things?'
    Sherael, who values the pleasure of eating, has neither an appetite nor an ap petite.
    “What does Sherael like?”
    It was the question I had been waiting for.
    Taking a deep breath, she began to fold her fingers one by one.
    “Medium-cooked steak, ragu pasta, grilled salmon and plum salad, shrimp wi th lemon butter, and desserts such as tarts, raspberry macarons, eclairs, and v anilla pudding. Curious more?”
    “It’s done. If you write it down on the paper at a later date, I will deliver it to t he chef of the Grand Siege.”
    "really? Surprisingly, no... As expected, you are kind.”
    She was very moved by the unexpected kindness.
    As he thought about whether he had something to give him, a snack in his c arry-on bag came to mind.
    “Really, I have something I want to give you.”
    After digging through her luggage, Serael held out a snack in the palm of her hand, just like he did.
    It was a lemon candy that Lucy's friend who lives in the capital had sent her.
    It's a candy produced only in the sweltering southern regions, but it's sweet a nd sour, so addictive.
    The lemon flavored syrup in the middle was also very tasty. Rather than syru p, the texture was a little more tangy, so it was closer to jelly.
    Sweet + sour + candy + jelly.
    'Isn't it a delicious combination?'
    Lucy took care of the few leftovers, so I brought them with me.
    I was going to eat it sparingly, but I wanted to feed it to a man who said his t aste buds were broken. It seemed like it would be good for reviving the missing taste.
    Serael handed out a cute-sized candy.
    “Would you like to try one?”
    "What is this."
    “It’s lemon candy. It also has jelly inside, so it has a good texture.” In an instant, Kaed's complexion hardened.
    Sweet to sour. there jelly.
    He only glanced at the round candy in which three things he really hated coex isted.
    It was an object that was reluctant to see only the yellow color.
    But it was a favor from Serael. Her blue eyes were shining brightly next to he r, so it was hard to ignore her.
    Kaed picked up the candy and put it in his mouth without sincerity.
    Dark eyebrows frowned at the unpleasant taste. The urge to spit out this horr ific and sinister object at once soared.
    “How does it taste?”
    Serael bowed her head with a young expression of subtle anticipation.

    Seeing the man's cheeks convex in the shape of a candy felt fun and strange again.
    “Are you okay? Can you taste the sweet and sour taste?”
    “... Not bad.”
    At the same time, there was the sound of candy cracking.
    Was it bad? Or is it just because it's so delicious?
    Scanning Kaed's unintelligible face, Serael also peeled the crumbly shell and poured the candy into her mouth.
    It was good to eat it in the morning without being burdensome and fresh. Yo u have to keep it in your mouth for a long time before you can enjoy it, but seei ng that it was eaten quickly, I think Kaed was fine.
    'I don't think he's the type that hates sweets. I also brought some chocolates in my luggage, but I'll recommend them later.'
    The time spent in the wagon passed quickly.
    The verdant greenery of the south central part gradually faded toward the nor th.
    Instead, a gigantic coniferous forest, thickly thick, embraced the carriage. Ev en in the middle of the day, there was steam on the windows, and the cold air r ubbed the exposed skin, leaving an invisible trace.
    Serael intuitively noticed that he was getting closer to the North.
    Thanks to the wagon's full speed, they were able to arrive earlier than Ahre.
    A barren land with frequent invasions of wild people and very little sunlight si nce ancient times. It was Karlsvik, the territory of Vlkanov located under the nor thern border.
    By the time the carriage entered Karlsvik, the sun was hanging over the edge of the horizon.
    The land was so wide that when we arrived at the main gate of the Great Sie ge, the sun had already set and darkness settled in the son-in-law.
    A huge and heavy iron gate that was incomparable to the one in Milrose's ma nsion greeted the party.
    Even after going through the door, it took a while for the nature to come out.
    'Wow... . I can see why they call it a castle and not a mansion.'
    The Grand Gongseong, standing majestic against the backdrop of a dim ridg e, evoked a sense of intimidation.
    There were no gilt frames or splendid design decorations commonly found in the imperial palace or the castles of high nobles.
    It was just an eerie old castle made of black and crude bricks. It was also an exterior that well represented the Vulkanov family, who ruled the desolate estat e of Karlsvik and was called the manager of the north.
    'I think even a vampire will come out.'
    In the south-central region, there were many brick mansions with bright colo rs such as milk or ivory. Serael, who had been accustomed to it, felt like she w as looking around at a tourist spot.
    As I passed the drawbridge and looked through the window, something caug ht my eye.
    “Duke. What is that building?”
    Sherael pointed to the large building just in front of the castle. It was a place where an outside janitor or security guard would likely stay due to its location.
    “Is this where the users live?”
    Kaed gave him an unimpressed glance.
    “It’s a doghouse.”
    “... okay."
    She slowly pulled her hand out the window.
    What kind of doghouse was the size of a household. From the outside, the at mosphere was gloomy like an anti-aircraft castle.
    It didn't look like a place where a cute little, curly puppy lived.
    “The anti-aircraft castle is impressive, too.”
    “Every time I go out to the border, I accompany a hunting dog, so I am raisin g several dogs. It's a bit of an understatement to just call it a dog."
    Sarah glanced at him gently.
    'Are you a wolf? .'
    Heterogeneous Valken, who inherited some animal blood from their ancestor s, were able to tame wolves.
    Chief Kaed and his party would treat the wolf like a pet dog, but it was a com pletely different story for an outsider like Serael.
    “They are vigilant and ferocious, so they are prone to being bitten by stranger s. Do not go near the doghouse.”
    "I know."
    In order to enter the Grand Siege, you had to pass the doghouse. If it sounds like a warning not to even come close to the entrance and 'exit', maybe it's a mi stake, right?
    'The doghouse, the drawbridge, and the iron gate I saw earlier. The security i s stricter than expected.'
    I didn't plan to sneak out anywhere right now, but I thought I couldn't even dr eam of it.
    It was a bit of a disappointment for Serael, who sometimes enjoyed going ou t without telling the destination even in the Marquis.
    The wagon soon stopped.
    Serael gently grabbed Kaed's hand and hugged him, and gently stepped onto the floor. Then, without realizing it, I shrugged.
    "cold... .”
    At the end of Serael's voice that came out of nowhere, a breath of emptiness followed. As the wind blew on her skin, even her teeth trembled little by little. He's going to experience the northern weather he's only heard of.
    Seeing her hugging me with both arms, Kaed narrowed her brow slightly. “Are you very cold?”
    “Not really.”
    It was just north because it was cold.
    Without realizing it, he drew closer as if hugging him.
    I can feel the warm warmth and fragrant body odor unique to men, but it was cold, so I couldn't afford to be surprised.
    Kaed wrapped a thick blanket around Sarahel's shoulders, who began to trem ble like a rabbit.
    Contrary to his dull expression, he carefully opened the blanket to prevent col d air from entering.
    Then, the man's straight fingers touched the nape of his neck involuntarily. S erael shuddered at the sensation of staying in the sensitive area for a moment.
    Kaed seemed to be indifferent.
    “My body is full. You better go in first.”
    “The Grand Duke... Aren't you cold?"
    I barely asked between the teeth that collided.
    He, as well as the men who got off the wagon afterward, were moving casua lly.
    “I have never felt the cold.”
    Caed replied, taking out Sarahel's personal luggage.
    “I grew up on a border that was colder and bleaker than here. I am used to th is cold.”
    Sherael, trembling as she grabbed the blanket wrapped around her, made ey e contact with him.
    Now that the previous Duke Vulkanov, who brought Kaed, discovered during t he Northern Expedition, to the estate, died, his origin is unknown to anyone in t he Empire.
    He was casually telling me where I came from, which was only known to be unclear.
    Moreover, beyond the borders is an uncivilized, unknown territory.
    To say that he spent his childhood there where even the monsters he had onl y heard of in tales lived was tantamount to declaring himself a savage.
    It's a shame that Serael knows the truth, but someone who doesn't know wo uld have been very surprised.
    Kaed continued, pointing to the anti-aircraft castle.
    “The castle is broadly divided into five zones. There is a distance between th e areas, so you have to use a wagon to get around, but unless there is a special event, there will be no travel.”
    “It’s really spacious. Is it not possible to move zones inside the castle?”
    “There is a connecting passage in the basement, but it is now sealed off. ... But why are you curious?”
    He suddenly hardened his complexion, who had been explaining carelessly.
    Surprised Sarahel shook her head.
    “I was just asking. She did it just to keep in mind that she might get lost whil e walking around.”
    “If you don’t want to get lost, it’s best not to think about wandering around in the first place.”
    All of a sudden, I lost my soul.
    Kaed continued speaking without giving a break.
    “Ms. Sherael will live in District 4 and will be served by Mrs. Bailey. It's just c oming over here."
    A huge door opened in the distance, and a middle-aged woman was walking over there.
    “Excluding expenses, there are few users, but there will be no inconvenienc e.”
    "Well... .”
    You know who Mrs. Bailey is.
    A maidservant from the Viscount Bailey, a long-lived family of Vlkanov, she was one of the few who took pity on young Kaed when he was persecuted.
    By the way, I thought that there would be many users because it was so larg e that it could not be compared with the Marquis.
    “It would take a lot of people to manage this spacious castle. Is there any rea son why there are so few users?”
    “Most of them died or were purged.”
    I just asked
    Apparently, when the family members were wiped out, the servants and clos e aides also disappeared.
    'Did this man standing next to me really do such a thing?'
    Of course, those who occupied the Vulkanov family were human beings dese rving of death.
    Because he was an illegitimate bloodline planted by the ancient imperial fami ly, and he was terribly persecuted for being an adopted child without knowing t he identity of Kaed.
    Because of their extinction, Caed ascended to the head of state, and the fals e genealogy that has continued for hundreds of years has been liquidated.
    Was that purely a coincidence?
    For what reason did he find out about the secrets behind Caed's birth, which only Sarahel knew... .
    “I’m happy though.”
    A slightly tired voice broke Serael's thoughts.
    “Now that you are here, there are only people you can trust.”
    Before she could respond, Kaed blinked at the Valken men.
    “Before you go, be polite to Young-ae.”
    “Thank you, Milose young lady!”
    “Thank you, Milley!”
    Then the seven men shouted loudly to Serael. One voice, who cried out for Milili, was a little concerned.
    "uh? Isn't the Archduke staying here?"
    After saying hello to her subordinates, Serael looked back at Caed, who got o n the carriage again.
    Not only that, but all the Valken men were in the wagons. “I live in District 1, the center of the nature.”
    "ah... .”
    “Any doubts?”
    “If you feel uncomfortable or need anything, ask the maid.”
    Kaed gave Serael a light glance.
    “Then rest in peace and let go of your poison.”
    The car doors closed and the black wagons moved away as they made their way across the large front yard.
    'Are you really going?'
    Of course, I didn't expect to share the same room from the first day we lived together.
    It was before the ceremony, and the marriage was made without knowing ea ch other well, so that was not what Serael wanted.
    However, he did not know that he would have to live so far away that he had to ride a carriage.
    'Even unless there is an event, there is no need to move between areas?'
    Doesn't that mean we rarely see each other?
    A woman with a profound impression approached Sarah, who was standing o bliviously.
    “It is an honor to meet you, my lady.”
    “Oh, you are Mrs. Bailey. It's nice to meet her."
    Serael greeted him politely.
    Then a gentle smile appeared on Madame Bailey's wrinkled face.
    “I was contacted in advance in writing, so I knew that Milrose was going to e nter. It is something I will live to see for a long time to be able to meet such a p retty and kind person.”
    "You're welcome. It's my first time in the North, so I think I'll need a lot of hel p from my wife, so please take care of it."
    “I will help you with all my heart, so just ask. Now, it's cold, so shall we go in side?"
    Holding on to the blanket that Kaed had wrapped around her, Serael started walking.
    However, a small feeling that I do not know where it came from made me lo ok back again and again.
    It was an unfamiliar and unfamiliar feeling to call it regretful, so I eventually t urned my attention away.
    From the moment he got off the carriage, the image of Kaed, who was actin g strangely and urgently, did not disappear from his mind.

    In the middle of the night, the round moon was fully revealed.
    Caed, who sat at the top of the strategy room in Area 1, drenched his throat with red wine.
    The thirst was not easily quenched. Because of the full moon that awakens V alken's instinct, his heartbeat was also rougher than usual.
    So did his close associates.
    “These scum!”
    In a somewhat enraged tone, Sif growled as he crumpled up the letter.
    "boss. The dynamics of the onyx tribe living in the snow forest are not so gre at. According to scouts, about 30 people are leaving their base and heading to t he border.”
    “When you say onyx, isn’t it a group of small children with only a large numb er of heads?”
    When Cole asked a question, Lecter shook his chin.
    “Recently, there are rumors that they are touching women or children becaus e the boss has changed. She used to be a kid who could steal me.”
    "Shit! Beggars have been running rampant since we moved.”
    “There is also a risk of crossing the border and coming down to the Vulkanov estate. Boss, what should I do?”
    “Find them and kill them.”
    Kaed, who was touching the glass with his eyes closed, boldly ordered.
    “The boss will dig up the snow and hang it at the entrance of the forest for all to see. Executives cut off their limbs and feed them to wolves.”
    The voice that gave the horrific command was terribly boring.
    “With the necessary troops, step firmly so as not to climb again. If you do, kil l them so they can’t even plant seeds.”
    “Of course, boss.”
    As the night deepened, the men left the strategy room one by one.
    Sitting alone in a space where only the light above the candlestick flickered, Kaed slowly brushed his hair that covered his eyebrows.
    Even after gaining the duchy and wealth, I killed countless savages to bring h er here according to my own greed.
    In the process of removing the risk factors, he unexpectedly received a highe r title from the emperor and even possessed the autonomy of the north.
    Caed knew that the most unreliable being was the imperial family.
    'The threat is endless. I don't know how much more blood I have to get my h ands on.'
    As long as there was an opponent who had to risk his life to protect, it was a part that had to be patiently endured.
    His black pupils, narrowed in the darkness, swiftly turned towards the opposi te side of the window.
    Spiers of Sector 4 where Serael is located.
    For her, who could not adapt to the cold of Karlsvik, she decided to live in the warmest place with good sunlight.
    In fact, the meaning was different. Kaed had to protect Serael from his thirsty lust, which he couldn't control.
    Lust, which she could control even at the first dinner on the full moon, ran wi ld like a crazy dog the more she spent time with her.
    Now, even on a night when there was no moonlight, a great deal of patience was required.
    In the carriage returning to the estate, it seemed that he had used up all his patience for the rest of his life. She needed to figure out a way to control hersel f, raising her patience to hit her floor while she was away from her for a while.
    It is said that somewhere in the snowy mountains, medicinal herbs to calm t he excitement grow, so it was a good way to find and take it as soon as possibl e.
    'In my mind... .'
    Kaed swallowed up with alcohol a vulgar craving that he couldn't even imagin e.
    The bright red emotions that clearly express my existence tonight must have come from the pouring moonlight.
    I wanted to blame him for that.
    Serael was quick to adapt. Thanks to this, although his time in Karlsvik did no t last long, he was quickly adapting to his surroundings.
    I got used to the unbearable cold, and I couldn't get lost in the 4th zone, whic h has more than 20 bedrooms.
    It was thanks to the caring care of Mrs. Bailey and her few but kind maids. M aybe that's why Sarah's curiosity gradually began to flow in a specific direction.
    “What is the Prince going to do now?”
    As she was drinking tea in her bedroom, she muttered to herself.
    After the first day, I almost died wondering what the man who couldn't even see his nose was doing.
    'It's not like I really want to see you or I'm worried.'
    It's a love affair, but it's a love affair, but they're a prospective couple, and the y have to live far away.
    'I don't think I have to live like this for the rest of my life.' Can't we even have a meal together?
    'I'm a man with no appetite, so that's impossible.'
    Sarah stared blankly out the window.
    “Girl, I got the bath water.”
    Just then, Mrs. Bailey came in, rubbing her wet hands on her apron.
    “The perfume I ordered also arrived today. It has a sweet scent and will mak e you feel better if you apply it after bathing.”
    “Thanks for your concern, madam.”
    "you're welcome. A few years ago, the Grand Gongseong Fortress did not ser ve women with high stature, so there was no use of women’s consumables.”
    Mrs. Bailey smiled kindly.
    “You have no idea how happy I am to be able to use the budget for you. Com e on, eat this way.”
    “I haven’t eaten yet, but I’m ashamed to be a lady.”
    So, when will the wedding be held?
    You'd have to talk to the man who was going to be the groom to figure it out.
    Serael, who was walking to the bathroom, suddenly stopped.
    “Hey, Mrs. Bailey.”
    “Tell me, lady.”
    “Is there any village near the siege castle? It doesn’t have to be bustling, so i t’s a town with shops.”
    I didn't ask with shopping in mind.
    Sherael wasn't a big fan of shopping, but she liked to see the city streets and festivals.
    Besides, since I came to the castle, I felt strangely locked up.
    It was difficult to describe it as a confinement, as he was eating well and get ting along well with the gentleman's treatment.
    'Still, I want to go somewhere nearby and get some fresh air.'
    Even in the Marquis, the situation was not good, but at that time, I was able t o go out secretly.
    Mrs. Bailey nodded her head.
    "sure. There is a big city nearby in about an hour by horse-drawn carriage. So metimes winter festivals are also held here.”
    “Oh, it’s a winter festival, so I think it would be fun just to hear it.”
    “There are such festivals in the bleak Karlsvik. It is quite large and there are a lot of tourists. It's not a festival right now."
    At Madame Bailey's words, Serael clasped her hands together. “It’s good. Could you please prepare a carriage after bathing?” "Yes?"
    “I want to go out.”
    "ah... .”
    The lady's smile faded along with the tail.
    His face, which had always shown only benevolent smiles, hardened as if em barrassed, hesitating for an answer.
    Sarah tilted her chin and asked.
    “Can’t you? Being in the tower is sometimes boring, and the name of the pal ace is a preliminary archduke, so I think it would be good to tour nearby villages to inspect the estate.”
    “Ugh. Well, lady... .”
    Mrs. Bailey, who had a troubled expression on her face, sighed.
    “When you go out, you must get permission from the Lord.”
    "Hmm. Then I want to go to the great garden in District 2, is that okay?”
    “I’m sorry, but I also have to ask the Lord about that.”
    “Then, are you going to Area 1 where the Archduke is located to get permissi on?”
    "I'm really sorry. I have an order from the lord not to come out of the spire for the time being.”
    It just meant to be locked up.
    Serael cast a resentful glance towards the nature where Kaed would be.
    "Also. It seems that it is forbidden not only to go out of the castle, but also to move inside the castle.”
    She sighed and folded her arms.
    He knew about the direction of the Vulkanov estate, which is close to the bor der.
    Since the distant past, there have been frequent raids by wild people, and it i s a place where you cannot be relieved.
    I could understand the feeling of being overprotective to some extent.
    'But I wonder why you locked me up like this and left me alone.'
    He came out of his family as if he was running away, so he doesn't expect m uch from Kaed.
    Still, it's not too much to prepare even the finest wagon to take Serael and ac t as if it's been planned for a long time, and then hide as if waiting for Serael to come to the north and keep Serael alone in the tower.
    As Mrs. Bailey was about to say something, someone knocked on the door.
    "Who is it?"
    “A letter came from the center of nature.”
    The maid's voice reported the news.
    “Come in.”
    When Mrs. Bailey answered, a maid with a gilded tray entered the bedroom.
    On the tray lay a stiff white envelope sealed with a red wax seal.
    “This is an invitation from the lord to Milrose.”
    “The Archduke gave me an invitation?”
    No matter how far away they were, it was a bit absurd that they were sendin g polite letters to people in the same castle.
    Serael tore off the shilling and read the letter down.
    It was clear that the typefaces lined up with a knife-like spacing, as if measu red with a ruler, belonged to Kaed. It was rather rigid and without a single typo, it conveyed a short and short message.
    There will be dinner tomorrow at the District 1 Banquet Hall, so please att end.
    “... ... .”
    An invitation without this affection.
    As she looked down at the letter in vain, Mrs. Bailey opened her mouth caref ully.
    “Perhaps you are planning to hold a reception for Mrs. It's rare for a lord to hol d a dinner party, but it worked.”
    “It’s more like a notice rather than an invitation... .”
    “Oh no, ma’am.”
    Serael, who muttered without realizing it, shrugged.
    'What should I do to make it a habit to put my thoughts out of my mouth.'
    It seems that there is something to escape from the daily life that has been c onfined to me. Other Valken men will also be present, so it was an opportunity to repaint and exchange greetings.
    More than anything... .
    'I can meet Kaed.'
    The anger that had accumulated while being imprisoned in the spire will slow ly melt away... Far from cheering, an unknown fighting spirit burned in his ches t.
    the next afternoon.
    The carriage carrying Serael traversed the vast courtyard and headed for Sect or 1.
    There were no winter dresses available right away, so I wore a silk dress brou ght from my parents' house, but it was very cold because the fabric was thin.
    The light green dress she is wearing now has a design that reveals the chest area and the entire arm without adding or subtracting.
    It went well with Serael, who had blonde hair and fair skin, but had to wear a white fluffy cape to cover half of it because of the cold.
    The carriage stood in front of the dark nature that soared to the end of the sk y.
    As soon as I entered the interior, I saw a vast hall covered with dark gray sto nes. It had no fancy decorations, but it was a noble and dignified castle.
    Huge stone pillars supported the high ceiling, and in the center was a veil wit h a roaring black wolf pattern.
    It has been a symbol of the Vulkanov family that has not changed since a lon g time ago.
    Just by looking at the endless stairs that lie beyond the second-floor railing, we could see how large the nature was.
    Serael followed the servant to the banquet hall next to the drawing room on t he first floor.
    “The Miloses have arrived.”
    The servant who entered first bowed to someone inside and immediately op ened the door.

    As I was told, the center of the castle where Kaed lived had the largest banq uet hall.
    Pillars made of the same material as seen in the hall were erected everywher e, and embossed stone panels were placed on the walls, creating a quiet atmo sphere.
    There were several chandeliers made of ink-colored metal hanging from the ceiling, adding to the elegance.
    The mahogany table placed in the middle of the space was very large and elo ngated, and it seemed that it could accommodate more than thirty people just by looking at it from the public eye.
    There was a particularly heavy iron chair at the top, and the man who occupie d it was, of course, Kaed.
    Wearing a stiff shirt, the muscles on his wide-open body revealed the firm c urves of his body.
    The black hair tucked behind the bright forehead was neat and uncluttered, a nd his handsome appearance shone even more.
    'Wow... .'
    Serael, who forgot the moment before the bridegroom's heart trembling appe arance, admired.
    When his eyes met, she grabbed both ends of her dress to make her look.
    “It’s been a long time, Grand Duke. It’s been intense for a while.”
    Belatedly, I greeted them with dissatisfaction, but Kaed seemed to be rudely silent.
    "welcome. Please take a seat.”
    The servant took out the chair next to Kaed.
    This time he tenaciously glanced at Serael as he settled down.
    It was the same eyes as before. It is like the eyes of a predator watching a fl ower deer grazing while waving its plump tail with its body lowered from beyon d the grass.
    Every time we met eyes that seemed to be out of the normal range because of their dazzling splendor, my qi was suppressed and my dry saliva passed.
    When he wondered if he was staring at him for an awkwardly long time, he a verted his eyes.
    It was then that Sarah let out the breath that had been stuck in her throat.
    The servant poured the wine, and they both drank at the same time.
    Caed narrowed his eyebrows at someone's unimportant action and met their eyes again.
    “My throat is burning.”
    Serael muttered as if in excuses, and he clicked his tongue.
    “If you drink it on an empty stomach, you will lose your stomach.” “Isn’t that the same for the Grand Duke?”
    He snorted briefly and emptied his glass.
    It was as if her throat was burning as much as Sarahel.
    Kaed opened his mouth, waving his hand on the table.
    “I hope that there were no inconveniences during your stay at the castle. The re must have been a lot of differences from the central part of the country in ter ms of dry climate, wasn’t it difficult to adapt?”
    “It’s difficult. Thank you, I had a good time. I didn’t know that living in a chip munk where I can’t even take a walk can be so much fun.”
    Her gentle voice spoke softly thorny words.
    Kaed looked at her silently and touched her glass.
    “... I hope that you will enjoy it as it is a dinner made up of Miss Sarahel’s fav orite food.”
    “Thank you for your concern.”
    As soon as the ceremonial greeting was handed out, appetizers graced the ta ble.
    My mouth watered when I saw the food in front of me, disrespectful of my h eart that had set the day.
    The crustacean dish topped with lemon sauce was so delicious that it was a pity that it was an appetizer.
    Serael ate all of the salad with pickled tomatoes and sour plums, leaving noth ing behind.
    The flour bread served with it was so soft and savory that I kept getting lost. Before the main course came out, I started to feel full.
    I was satisfied with my stomach, and my body felt a little warm.
    Serael unbuttoned the cape that had been tightly closed.
    Then the front part of the clavicle, the curved rim of the chest, and the upper body in a light green dress were exposed through the gap in the open cape.
    Kaed looked at Serael without a word, then turned his head to the other side.
    “... ... ?”
    She tilted her chin at the strangely quick movement.
    Come to think of it, there was no plate in front of him, only a glass of red win e was placed in front of him.
    Are you not eating again?
    Contrary to Caed, who had no appetite or favorite food, Serael was enjoying everything at the dinner table.
    As soon as I arrived at the castle, I remember being asked by the maid to wri te down a list of my favorite foods.
    Besides, there was no way Valken men would prefer a full course dish that w as served one after the other, so today's dinner was a meal prepared in conside ration for the noble Serael.
    It would be a lie if I said I didn't resent Kaed while locked in the tower, but I was also deeply grateful to him for taking care of me behind the scenes.
    Sherael put down the tableware for a moment to express her gratitude.
    However, Kaed did not pay attention to this side, and was talking with the m an who was presumed to be the butler.
    I must have felt the gaze looking at her just when I unbuttoned the cape... ? “There, Grand Duke... ?”
    Even if he called me, he didn't pay any attention.
    'You're so busy that you can't even hear my voice, so let's just eat.'
    Serael poured a small amount of the ivory gooseberry wine and took a sip.
    It was sweet, but a bitter taste lingered on the tip of his tongue. I wondered i f it was because of the taste or the mood of the drink.
    “Serael, can I follow you?”
    As I emptied the glass, I heard a familiar voice in my ear.
    Lecter smiled and was holding a bottle of wine. He had been caring only for Kaede all the time, so he didn't even know that Lecter was sitting next to her.
    After wiping her lips with a napkin, Sarah smiled.
    “Yes, thank you.”
    “What would you like to drink? this? I don’t know much about alcohol.”
    He asked, showing him three or four bottles. Pointing to a decent red wine, L ecter poured the drink into an empty glass.
    "thank you. It feels like I haven't seen you in a long time. How have you bee n?"
    “After returning, there were things I had to deal with, but I had a good time. How about up north?”
    "not bad. Even though it was a little cold, it was elegant and nice to see the winter atmosphere melted everywhere.”
    "That's fortunate. Aren't you supposed to be northern?"
    "Ho Ho. It’s just that you get used to it quickly.”
    The men, including Lecter, emptied their plates early and waited for the next dish.
    One of the dogs had a disgruntled expression on his chin on the table.
    “It’s really annoying to come out so little.”
    just as expected. After a while, the man began to grumble.
    “It’s all going to go into the ship anyway. The only courtesy the southern nobl es set out is face, and it is very cumbersome.”
    "Quiet! If you come to the South, you must follow southern etiquette anywa y.”
    Lecter consciously glanced at Serael and gave him a pint glass.
    It was true that the savages treated humans unconditionally as southerners u nder their borders.
    The Vulkanov Territory was as far away as the northern part of Serael, but it was interesting from a different point of view.
    “This is Axel. Say hello to my brother.”
    The grumbling man nodded impatiently.
    "Nice to meet you. You don't have to be respectful to me because you're the boss woman."
    The boss woman... .
    It was an embarrassing word.
    “Nice to meet you, Axel. I have always wondered who you are.”
    As he spoke in a friendly way, his sullen expression softened somewhat.
    “Did you hear a lot of good things?”
    “It was said that he often bumped into Lecter because he was a prankster.”
    “It’s going to collide. It’s all because I love it, so it’s not like that.”
    “If that’s the case, don’t spare it!”
    Axel's eyes widened in surprise when Lecter screamed out in the middle of t he conversation.
    He clenched his fists towards Lecter.
    “Where is this kid yelling at his brother? Will you be mad?”
    “Who should be my soul? I must be my brother I just joke around every day a nd nothing happens because of you.”
    “It’s not a joke, it’s love. Don't you know that too?"
    “You want to know? I don't need that kind of love."
    Serael laughed aloud because they were young boys who were arguing with each other.
    It was unbelievable that not so long ago, they were trembling with fear of the ir vicious force.
    At that moment, the man who was sitting in the front seat suddenly got up a nd picked up a bottle of wine. He was a Cole who had never properly called the surname of 'Mil Rose', Ser Rael.
    "sister. This time, give me the honor to follow.”
    “Oh, of course. Thanks, Cole.”
    “You remember my name.”
    He put his right hand on his chest with an expression of excitement. “How could I forget?”
    “You brought me food the other day, and he will even remember my name. T here is no other angel who came down from heaven.”
    Memorizing a name with only one syllable and providing a basket full of food were on the same line.
    Is it because it's a call? Still, at the compliment that was pleasant to listen to, Sarah smiled softly.
    With a smile on the corner of his lips, his gaze suddenly collided with Kaed. Her expressionless man was watching her, rarely raising her blade.
    '... Why are you staring at me this time?'
    He was a man who could never fathom his heart.
    Serael, who was openly drawn to alcohol, stared at Axel without eating the s alad.
    “By the way, did you say you didn’t like the course because it was cumberso me? I understand you too.”
    She held the round body of the wine glass and lifted it.
    It was more comfortable than holding a thin stem, but if the nobles saw it, it was an act that would have made them smile.
    “Actually, I don’t really like table etiquette that emphasizes appearance.”
    “It’s surprising. Not all Southern nobles are the same.”
    “Sometimes I want to drink a glass full of wine, and sometimes I want to eat the whole bowl when I’m hungry for dessert. I’ve never done it before.”
    "Eh? Is that wrong?”
    “It’s completely against the rules of aristocrats.”
    Serael, who drank the rest of the alcohol in one sip, motioned for a servant. A nd he asked for a large glass of beer.
    The cup the servant brought was about the size of three fists of an adult ma n.
    “Since you guys are by my side, you don’t have to worry about the people aro und you.”
    Sherael opened the wine bottle by hand and began pouring it into the glass.
    The bottle that was just opened was emptied in an instant, and she drank it without hesitation.
    "Wow! That’s great, sis!”
    Lecter and Axel admired with their eyes shining.
    It was so amazing to see a woman who looked like a delicate spring flower dr inking coldly.
    The two men, stimulated, immediately ordered a huge beer mug. However, he was immediately stopped by Sif.
    “You two. As a minor, drinking is prohibited.”
    "why! Valken is not like that!”
    “It was cold across the border, so I warmed my body with alcohol. This is no w the realm of the empire. We must obey the laws of the society to which Kae d-sama belongs.”
    Sif then politely greeted Serael.
    The food that came out after that was delicious, and the fragrant wine was n ot burdensome, so I could drink it like water. The men sitting next to me were able to treat me like they had known each other for a long time.
    After eating and drinking for a while and chatting, Serael's vision was getting blurry, even though he was drinking heavily.
    It was the same with the brain.
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    Every time he chatted happily with men and laughed, an unusual gaze was th rown like a blade from the side.
    If it were a sane mind, I would have been a little bit self-respecting. 'Why are you looking away now?'
    Sarahel drank the wine with her eyes wide open.
    "sister. How about making a toast?”
    Lecter, drunk on sweet grape juice, excitedly suggested.
    Axel, who was excited at the same time, helped.
    "Five! I want to hear it too. Southern nobles break champagne glasses with ta bleware to toast?”
    “You idiot, why are you breaking the cup! You’re just making noises to get att ention.”
    "Eh? Then wouldn't it be better to just break it?"
    The conversation between the two, who did not know any etiquette, was fun ny and cute, just like a boy of his age.
    Sherael covered her lips and burst out laughing a little loudly. At the same time, Kaed's eyes flashed fiercely toward her.
    'I don't know. I'm drunk.'
    Sarah jumped up from her seat.
    Then he lifted a crude beer mug and tapped it elegantly with silverware. As the people around the table focused, she rushed out in a bright voice. “It’s a dinner the Archduke opened for me, so can I say something?” “You seem to be very drunk.”
    A cold low-pitched sound stopped it with a single knife. The owner of the voice was, of course, Kaed.
    'I'm just trying to express my gratitude, so why stop?' Sarah didn't care.
    “It has been a few weeks since I came to Karlsvik. It's not even before the ce remony, but everyone was so welcoming that we had a good time. I also take t his opportunity to thank Mrs. Bailey.”
    “Serael. Stop it and sit down.”
    “But honestly, I wonder if the Archduke and I are holding a ceremony... .”
    The atmosphere became so cheap that you could even notice it with your blu rred senses for a while longer than when you were sane.
    It's probably because of the airflow of the man sitting at the top.
    So, I think I should stop shutting my mouth, but the alcohol I drank incessantl y did not let Serael go.
    “Since I was away from the Archduke in this spacious castle, there was no co mmunication whatsoever. I don't know what's going on."
    Her red lips moved incessantly.
    “All this time, the Archduke locked me up in the spire and how have I been? I'm a little frustrated and sad, and I think of the Archduke... . Especially at nigh t.”
    Even in the midst of a frenzy, I hurriedly corrected it because I wanted to mis s it.
    “No, I think a lot at night. I know the North is dangerous, but since the Archd uke doesn't even come and go, I'm curious about what it means. It's not that I want to write something... .”
    Suddenly, there was the sound of a chair scratching the floor.
    It didn't take long before he realized that it was the chair Kaed was sitting on.
    Serael's blurred vision filled with a very outstanding face.
    There was no sense of the man's characteristic high and low, and a cool voic e rang in his ear.
    “Stop getting up.”
    “Uh... . Grand Duchess?”
    Kaede silently grabbed one of her arms and got her up from her seat.
    “I was going to say thank you earlier, but why did you ignore me?”
    Sherael smirked as if she was talking nonsense with her crushed tongue.
    "wake up. I will take you to your place of residence.”
    I walked with the help of a man.
    After stumbling a few times, he lifted Serael halfway up and supported her.
    After getting into the carriage, it seems that his memories have been cut off, and he seems to have fallen asleep.
    When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a dark hallway with only the wall li ghts lit, holding Kaed in her arms.
    The hand that held her tightly was so cautious.
    It was unfamiliar to him that he was hugging a man even while drunk, so Ser ael staggered once.
    The wind blew her coat off the floor.
    “Card. The cape is falling.”
    Serael stretched out a hand that held his broad shoulder in dismay. “Leave it alone. I'm going to take it off anyway."
    The response that Kaed spat out was somehow meaningful.
    Then Sarah's eyes closed again.
    When I woke up again, I was lying on my cozy bed.
    A handsome figure was drawn in the whitish vision.
    Kaed was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at the fireplace. For some re ason, the sharp side of the face that received the soft flickering light looked full of excellence.
    Sarah's eyes turned a little further down. He was rising and falling with slow breathing as his thick chest muscles swelled over the man's white shirt.
    The sound of Serael swallowing dry saliva was added to the quiet sound of b urning wood.
    “The Grand Duke.”
    Sherael, who could not stand the strange feeling, got up and called him first.
    Caed straightened his loosely leaned forward posture and looked in this direct ion.
    “Are you out of your mind?”
    "yes. Better than before... .”
    He glanced at the fireplace, who was watching Serael, whose tail was twitchi ng.
    “I was going to leave it lying down, but it was turned off.”
    Oh, so it must have been sitting at the foot of the bed in front of the fireplac e. She lit her fire to take care of her, who was shivering in the cold all night.
    Serael turned her gaze to Kaed as she looked at the raging wood fire. “... Thank you. Cologne!”
    She sighed in relief at first.
    Kaed poured water from a glass bottle on the table and handed him a glass. When Serael, who had been quietly accepted, drank cold water, he showed a di spleased expression.
    “If possible, refrain from drinking alcohol. You shouldn't be concerned about y our injection."
    When I drank water, my thirst was quenched and I felt much better. Sherael looked up at him, rubbing his wet lips with the back of her hand.
    “What were your concerns?”
    “Do I have to tell them all?”
    Kaed, who asked a bitter question, pulled the cravat from the bottom of his n eck and hung it down.
    Then, suddenly, he laughed.
    “Why are you laughing?”
    “... It seems that you are not very alert.”
    At that moment, Serael realized that her clothes were sloppy.
    Her white legs were exposed under the tangled hem. The sensual dress veile d by her cape boldly revealed the immaculate skin beneath her breasts.
    I felt weird.
    A disheveled hem and a hazy brain. And the two men and women in the dark bedroom and bed.
    My heart was pounding at the atmosphere perfectly prepared for the early ni ght.
    “Could you bring me a blanket?”
    Sarah asked, stroking my arm. It was because I thought it would be unnatural and awkward to cover my exposed body with a blanket or pillow.
    Kaed meekly got up. The blanket had been hand-wrapped to Serael the day he first arrived in Karlsvik.
    As Kaed approached and sat down on the bed, a soft scent wafted through hi m. It was the sound of a man who was heavy yet refreshing.
    “It’s a lot of work.”
    As back then, Kaed smiled as he covered her body with a blanket. As if conta gious to him, Serael raised the corners of her lips too.
    The eyes that had been facing each other for a moment became entangled. Under Caed's taut shirt, his chest rose and fell a little faster.
    His golden eyes were tinged with primal desire.
    Serael blinked, and felt something cool in her left hand.
    Kaed gently touched her fingertips and held them together slowly.
    Two pulses interlocked as I held the large hand that I had the urge to hold on to.
    He lowered his eyes for a moment, then lifted them up.
    The man's thick eyelashes were very delicate, not like that of a chief who co mmands the beastly men.
    As he observed Caed as if possessed, he felt a weak grip on the hand he hel d.
    Serael let out a shaky breath. “The Grand Duke.”
    “... ... ?”
    “Call me by name like before.”
    'Have I ever called you by name? ?'
    If it was earlier, I was even more sober, so even looking back, I couldn't reme mber.
    Serael pushed the thought aside and did what he asked for.
    The first man's name on her lips tickled her heart like a soft feather. But there was no time to be stunned by the unfamiliar feeling.
    It was because he kissed Serael's cheek as he unwittingly drew closer.
    The sound of the skin rubbing against each other was particularly blatant. It was also a contact that was made in such a brief moment that I became impati ent.
    for a while too.
    He got closer enough to touch his breath, and this time, he overlapped his lip s. He licked his lower lip with his tongue as if to relax, then gently pushed it int o his mouth.
    He cupped Serael's back with one hand, churning deeply inside his mouth.
    As a dauntingly large shadow was cast over her body, she felt a force that co uld never be pushed away by a woman's strength.
    Still, the kiss was soft and tender. Serael wrapped her arms around Kaed's n eck, as she liked the feeling of being tightly interlocked and rubbing against eac h other.
    He didn't care that the blanket he had wrapped around fell to the bottom of t he bed.
    The sound of saliva dripping slowly made it very itchy somewhere in my ches t.
    When he wanted to feel a little tan, he slowly opened his mouth. The man's neck that protruded out of it made a big wave.
    Serael was nervous as she suddenly realized that the hem of her dress was u nprotected and her chest was touching him.
    As he exhaled, Kaed opened his mouth in a calmer voice.
    “Are you afraid?”
    It was a question that had no subject, so it was difficult to clearly understand the intention.
    Are you afraid of yourself, or do you mean the cold and barren North? .
    I didn't know if he meant this moment, as if he was about to have a relations hip with him.
    "little bit."
    Sherael also continued her voice by giving an ambiguous answer.
    “When I imagined it, I wasn’t so nervous.”
    Her slender, fine hands were trembling a little. Caed, who clasped her lips de eply with soothing force, let out a light laugh at her.
    “Isn’t it because it’s cold? Even before the ceremony, whenever you say som ething like you can sleep with a man.”
    ... I guess it's correct to mean the latter.
    Serael smiled with an arc on her red lips.
    “I am quite used to the cold in the north. Maybe it’s because I’m less drunk.”
    It was probably then.
    The moment when the longing that had darkened in Kaed's eyes was shake n.
    “Are you still drunk?”
    “Ugh. My head is a little dizzy, and my hands are trembling when I’m nervou s.”
    “... ha."
    He let out an indescribable sigh and rubbed my face violently.

    “I’ve been drinking that much, so there’s no way I’m already drunk.”
    Kaed, who muttered a monologue, soon got up from bed. His expression of h olding back something strongly seemed to have crossed his mind.
    “It’s late at night, so let’s go.”
    Serael, startled, slowly closed her eyes.
    Kaed, who had gently avoided his gaze while stroking the nape of my neck, l ooked at her again.
    “And I had no intention of imprisoning you. I just wanted to keep them apart for a while for some reason.”
    “I think we had a similar conversation before. What happened this time?” When Sarah asked the question, a strange smile appeared on his face. “It would be better not to know.”
    “Then tell me tomorrow when I’m sane.”
    “I can’t do it anymore if I’m sober.”
    “Then have a cup of tea with me. Just the two of us without any other attend ants outside, not inside the cramped room. What time is it around noon?”
    At the unexpected date request, Kaed smiled as if he had heard a funny joke.
    He looked like he wouldn't budge even if a knife got into his neck, and the m ore he got to know him, the more he laughed.
    “I’m not a fan of cars, but... .”
    Kaed, who had narrowed the distance again, lightly pressed her shoulder.
    “It’s a blue that’s hard to refuse.”
    Serael, pushed back by weak physical strength, quietly laid down on a pillow.
    Caed pulled the blanket at her feet and covered it with her.
    “See you tomorrow, then.”
    The long shadow of the man walking backwards fluttered along the wood fire and then disappeared.
    Serael rubbed the heat left on her lips anew.
    And little by little I was engulfed in the sleep that was brought on by drunken ness.
    I haven't had a hangover once or twice.
    “... head.”
    However, this level of hangover was the first in my life. Sherael got up with a squeak and pressed her stinging temple.
    It was strange that he was in good health as he poured wine into a gigantic b eer mug that a greedy pirate or mercenary would drink and drank several glasse s.
    Even though the memories of last night were still there, I didn't have the ene rgy to try to replay them all.
    “What time is it?”
    Outside the window, it was only bright enough to tell the time.
    Then there was a knock on the door.
    When I was allowed in, Mrs. Bailey came in with a tray.
    “You are coughing. Are you out of your mind?”
    "yes. Good morning, madam.”
    Serael said goodbye to her in the morning as she straightened her tangled ha ir. Mrs. Bailey approached her bedside and handed her a tray of soup bowls.
    “It’s morning, my lady. It's past lunchtime and the sun will set in a little whil e."
    "Oh. Are you saying I overslept? I didn’t even know that the time had come, a nd I was terrified.”
    “I came in a couple of times to see if he was sick or not, but he had a hard ti me sleeping. The young lady gathered a lot last night... I guess you did.”
    “It was a huge crowd. It will make your whole body ache. I have to restrain m yself for the time being.”
    The wife carefully looked into Sarah's face.
    Serael, who ate the mushroom soup, stopped moving with an expression tha t she did not understand the English language.
    “What’s on my face?”
    “Oh, no. Don’t forget to eat this after you finish eating.”
    There was also a small bottle of blue liquid on the tray.
    “It is a potion that recharges energy.”
    “How did you know you were out of energy? It's exactly what I need right no w. Thank you very much."
    Serael smiled softly and held up the potion bottle once. “... ... .”
    “... ... ?”
    But something is a bit strange.
    'I think Mrs. Bailey blushes at the end of every word I say, am I wrong?'
    Mrs. Bailey fully pulled the half-shielding curtains on the windows and opene d the windows, letting bright light and fresh air into the room.
    The maid spoke again to Sarah, who was comforting her with a hot meal. “The lord left around noon.”
    The hand holding the spoon stopped.
    “The Archduke?”
    "yes. She seemed worried when I told her she was still sleeping. She did not pay a long ticket and went back to District 1 again.”
    “Oh, maybe.”
    Looking back on my blurred memories, I asked Kaed on a date last night for a cup of tea.
    Yes, I was just oversleeping.
    Serael rubbed her forehead in disbelief.
    “I proposed to drink tea today. We decided to spend time alone outdoors aro und noon... I overslept.”
    At that, Mrs. Bailey laughed happily.
    “The Lord is also true. People who don’t like tea should be kind.”
    “Kind... ? It could be... .”
    “I will send you a letter by nature to see what the Lord’s next schedule will b e like. If you don't have a job, I'll reply right away."
    Another letter
    No matter how wide the anti-aircraft castle was, I was not used to exchangin g letters whenever we shared news even though it was the same space.
    If we were going to meet anyway, it would have been better to visit in perso n.
    "no. It would be better for me to bring snacks and visit the Archduke. Surely t his doesn't mean that I have to send a letter asking for permission from the Gra nd Duchess to go out, right?"
    It seemed like he would fall into a swamp of correspondence.
    I remembered the days when I couldn't freely go out of the spire without Kae d's permission.
    It was a life that was too rich to be called incarceration.
    Mrs. Bailey roared with a benevolent expression.
    “Now she said that she can move around the area as she pleases.”
    “However, the condition is that you must accompany the user when moving, and you still need to get permission to go out of the anti-aircraft castle.”
    “Compared to before, the degree of freedom has increased a lot. After all, I t hink I got closer to the Archduke since yesterday.”
    Again, Mrs. Bailey was embarrassed and coughed in vain. I don't know what' s so embarrassing.
    As I sat quietly eating the soup, the events of last night came to life one by o ne.
    'I was talking with Lecter, Axel, and Cole, pour, drink, drink.'
    The three teenagers drank grape juice instead of wine, but looked just as exci ted as Serael.
    I also remember that Axel secretly tried to steal alcohol in the middle, but fail ed because Sif caught him.
    Not long after, I got up and started muttering something, but luckily that part was a little blurry.
    'And Kaed hugged me... .'
    I took you all the way to the bedroom.
    Sherael, who had been searching for memories one after another, immediate ly recalled the strange kiss.
    He let out a short scream and covered his eyes with both hands.
    'Oh my gosh.'
    Moreover, he even hugged his neck tightly as if in response to the rush of kis ses.
    Serael's pale face quickly turned peachy, as if watercolor paints soaked into a white canvas.
    Mrs. Bailey tilted her chin worriedly.
    “Lady, are you okay?”
    “Okay, it’s okay. After thinking about shame... .”
    Sherael drank a glass of water to calm the little redness on her cheek. Even s o, the traces that Kaed left last night did not seem to disappear easily.
    “You must have been thinking a lot about last night.”
    The maid, with a gentle smile, filled the empty glass of water.
    “When you have finished eating, please pull the seolreong cord and call me. She must be getting ready to go out.”
    “Thank you, madam.”
    “Don’t forget to drink the potion.”
    Again, Mrs. Bailey carefully closed the bedroom door and left.
    'Fufu. The lady is very cute too. It must have been a difficult but satisfying ni ght.'
    But at the end of the hallway, young maids were whispering. Just like a girl o f that age, they gathered together and looked excited.
    “Did you see it too? Last night, the lord must have come out of the lady’s be droom.”
    "right. The person who was only as cold as ice must have been reminded of i t in red.”
    "Oh my gosh. Then two minutes... ?”
    “There is nothing really wrong with the couple because they are about to get married. Only people watching get lonely, huh?”
    The maids laughed and rejoiced. The original love story of someone else is m ore interesting.
    Moreover, the subject was their cold-hearted master who seemed to have n o feelings, let alone love.
    After he, who had always been as cold as frost, went out one day and brough t the bride-to-be, the mood changed like a spring breeze.
    Serael and Kaed did not live together for a long time, and there was only two contact between them from the first day.
    Still, everyone could easily recognize it.
    On the day Serael arrived at the siege castle, all the workers witnessed Caed lovingly wrapping a blanket around her.
    One maid watching through the window was startled and dropped a handker chief.
    Caed looked at Serael's spire with affectionate eyes from time to time while he was working, and his expression softened noticeably.
    Even last night.
    We were having dinner together at the main castle, and when Serael got dru nk, he came in and hugged him and took him to his place of residence, but it w as obvious that he was like that... Didn't you spend a long time!
    After that, I came out of Serael's bedroom with a red face that didn't look like Kaed, so I've said it all.
    Even he could not take his steps as if he was missing something in front of t he bedroom door, and hurriedly left the tower while washing his face.
    Mrs. Bailey approached the maids who were excited as they remembered th e owner who was in love without fail.
    She put her hands on her waist and looked. “Everyone, stop being sad.”
    "oh! sorry... .”
    “What are you going to do if it gets into the ears of the lord or lady? You can't easily put the two of you's private life in your mouth. Let's go back to our respe ctive places."
    The maids who bowed their heads quickly disbanded and headed for their po sitions.
    Although he gave me a pint glass, in fact, Mrs. Bailey had similar thoughts.
    It was the woman who had been working in the Grand Siege before Caed wa s adopted.
    As a young man, he was so terribly harassed by his predecessors and his gru mpy heirs that everyone who saw him suffered.
    It would not be an exaggeration to say that Kaed, who had never smiled sinc e he first came, has probably lost his smile forever because of them.
    After a horrific event in which they were destroyed, Caed took over, but Mrs. Bailey thought that this development would be better.
    The dead family members were gloomy and mean by birth, and they were cr uel to their users. It was hard to believe that he was the bloodline of the hero w ho decorated history.
    Rather, the one who had the dignity worthy of Vulkanov's name was his adop ted son, Kaed. The wife of Bailey, who was Vlkanov's long-lived family, used to wonder if he was the real enemy.
    'Anyway, I'm so glad there is someone who has colored the lord's heart.'
    Last night, the two of you were so intensely in love, hmm, that was enough t o share.
    'You seem to enjoy a date today, but I have to prepare refreshments soon.'
    Even at this age, the maid urged her to step forward, thinking that she was a very arrogant person.

    Serael got out of the carriage, carrying a picnic basket of snacks.
    In front of them, there was a Sakkaman castle that soared to the end of the s ky. Sector 1 was said to be its original nature, and it was incomparably wider th an the spire where Serael lived. Even though I came here for a dinner party, the interior was too spacious to fit in.
    She walked slowly, traversing the centuries-old historian Semin Castle.
    Then he climbed the stairs one step further towards the second floor where Caed's office would be located.
    On the wall, there were many square faded spots as if large picture frames h ad been hung for a long time. Perhaps it was as if they had hung portraits of th e successive heads of Vlkanov before.
    'I think Kaed has taken them all away.'
    Since the imperial bloodline was occupying Vulkanov due to a scheme long a go, it was reasonable to clean it up now that the enemy, Caed, became the lor d.
    'It could be a coincidence, but... .'
    Serael looked at the vast empty wall and fixed the heavy basket.
    Inside the basket was the chocolate she had brought from the marquis. She was the chocolate she wanted to feed Caed.
    'But where's the office?'
    Even though I went up to the second floor, there were many doors in the lon g hallway, so Serael was taken aback for a moment.
    Another hallway that came out after a few steps was leading somewhere.
    Nature's internal structure is complicated, so it was a moment of shame to h ave refused Mrs. Bailey, who offered to accompany her.
    I heard the way to the office, but I wasn't sure if I was on the right track. The re was no user waiting nearby, so I couldn't ask.
    That was then.
    I heard the growl of a beast, and a huge shadow fluttered at the far end of th e dim hallway.
    Serael narrowed her eyes narrowly trying to figure out what it was.
    “... dog?"
    No, it wasn't a dog, it was a wolf.
    A wolf the size of a house was walking slowly with a frown on the back of his nose, ready to attack.
    Serael, who swallowed a startled breath, stumbled backwards. “Oh, don’t come.”
    That fearsome beast must have recognized her as an intruder. "uh? Wait a minute."
    Serael, who found a certain point of contact, frowned.
    That wolf, whose hair is as black as someone else's hair, and her eyes are sp arkling with gold... .
    “Are you the Grand Duke?”
    She cried out in a slender voice to the black wolf.
    The wolf has narrowed the distance regardless.
    Even so, there was no way that Kaed could have turned into an animal.
    The Valken were only a heterogeneous race mixed with wolf blood, and were not beasts that could transform into wolves.
    The wolf, approaching only a few steps away, showed off its sharp teeth and began to threaten him fiercely.
    "do not be like this. I am your master’s girlfriend.”
    The front paws of a wolf the size of a human thigh scratched the floor. It was unbelievable.
    "no no. Not my girlfriend, but my prospective wife.”
    I was terrified and my words came out in vain.
    A picnic basket came into Serael's sight as she suddenly fluctuated. She slo wly reached into the basket and pulled out one of her sausages.
    "Want some?"
    The wolf stood tall and sniffed its shiny black nose.
    “Would it be delicious? I will give you this.”
    He put the sausage on the floor and slid it towards the wolf.
    The beast lost its ferocious momentum for a moment and devoured the saus age.
    And she stared at Sarah with slightly softened eyes.
    “Would you like one more?”
    With trembling hands, she handed the croissant this time.
    Next was sandwiches, blueberry cookies, and muffins. The snacks in the bas ket were running out one by one.
    Serael was stunned as she looked at the floor where only chocolate was left.
    The black wolf approached a span and sniffed the basket as if asking for mor e.
    “I have nothing left to give but chocolate... . This is what the Grand Duke will give you. Besides, dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate.”
    Well, but he's not a dog, and he's not a dog. Anyway, it's a canine, so you sh ouldn't eat chocolate.
    Sarah forced a laugh.
    “You still won’t bite me, will you?”
    At once, the wolf's nose wrinkled and began to growl.
    “What if I take it all and eat it and get angry!”
    Unknowingly, she was driven into a corner and cried.
    'You can't get married all the way to the north and die from being bitten by an animal in vain.'
    I glanced around and saw a heavy wooden door a couple of steps away. 'Before they attack me, I'll open that door and run away.'
    With that in mind, Serael ran and grabbed the doorknob.
    Before that, the door was opened wide by the force pushing from the inside. “Damn!”
    Serael's body shook violently with the recoil.
    The man who opened the door and came out quickly embraced her with his body just before she was tangled up.
    The man who looked down with a surprised expression was Kaed.
    “What are you doing here?”
    A man who looked as ferocious as the head of the beast at first glance would be so pleased.
    Serael, who found an unexpected savior, hurriedly grabbed his arm.
    "dog... ! No, the wolf is trying to attack me!”
    Fortunately, that black wolf wasn't Kaed's transformation.
    Even though I knew it wasn't, doubts were rising from the side of my heart.
    Kaed, startled by the sudden touch, looked in the direction her trembling fing ers were pointing.
    When the wolf, who was living in a difficult situation, saw Caed, it quickly be came a loyal dog and wags its tail. The beast, as thick as a calf, was now lying on its back and playing aegyo.
    He calmed Serael with a look that didn't matter.
    “It’s a wolf raised in a kennel, and I wouldn’t have thought of attacking it.”
    “It looked like it was ready to attack. I was so scared.”
    Kaed smiled silently as he looked at Sarah who was hiding as if hanging on m y shoulder.
    Then he grabbed her hand and led her forward.
    "it's okay. I won't ask."
    "oh... !”
    The wolf who quickly became meek is cutely bruised! looked barking.
    However, the crying sound was so loud and the teeth that appeared for a mo ment were full, so it didn't feel cute.
    “Because he’s smarter than other wolves, he’d be able to distinguish intrude rs, but he was probably sensitive because there were cubs around.”
    “A wolf cub? No, wolf baby?”
    Sherael bent down and looked under the beast's belly. Immediately, he put on a face that was lost in a labyrinth. “Are you male?”
    “Wolves are very paternalistic beasts. In particular, the wolf of Valken is a spi ritual creature that is faithful to the family and takes care of raising children and hunting.”
    “I lost all my snacks, but maybe... .”
    “Probably planned to go back to the cub and vomit it.”
    “Contrary to its appearance, it is also a modest beast that only sees one fem ale for the rest of its life.”
    "Well... .”
    You're praising the wolf, so why do you feel like you're appealing to yourself?
    “What is this wolf’s name?”
    "There is not. I don’t name them all because there are hundreds of people w ho are grazing and raising them.”
    Kaed stroked the wolf's head.
    “From now on, he will be your master. Do not cause trouble, and wherever y ou go, give your life to protect it.”
    The wolf answered vigorously and rubbed her scruffy forehead on Serae's lap as if a promise of loyalty.
    Then he turned around and ran to somewhere.
    It was probably going back to the cub.
    “Come inside.”
    Kaed took Seraeel's hand and led him inside.
    Beyond the wooden door he stumbled upon was his office. It didn't seem lik e Serael was just wandering the road.
    The office was very spacious, but it gave a dark and hard feeling overall.
    The dark brown bookshelves on either side of the wall were high enough that Serael could not reach with all his might, and there were countless books insid e.
    There was a hospitality sofa and a mahogany coffee table near the door, but t here was no sign of anyone as if it had not been used for a long time.
    The desk, with its back to the huge window, was clearly the place where Kae d worked.
    “I have to serve something, but there are few visitors, so nothing is available. I will call the butler and order them to prepare.”
    “You don’t have to.”
    Serael, who was looking around the office, stopped him.
    “I overslept after we were supposed to spend time together. So I brought so me snacks... But I gave it all to the wolf. It’s like coming to play empty-hande d.”
    With a smile, she passed Kaed and walked over to the desk.
    Just by looking at the clutter of books, documents, and correspondence, it w as clear that he had a busy schedule.
    Instead of looking around with interest, she turned around.
    “If there is any work, I will go back to my residence. I came here because I w as worried about my appointment, but you seem to be busy.”
    "no. It went well.”
    Kaed rummaged through the pile of papers.
    “I had something I wanted to give.”
    He handed him a small, square piece of paper.
    "What's this?"
    Although the material was similar to paper, it was thick enough to not be ben t easily.
    In the center, the wolf pattern, the symbol of Vulkanov, was carefully engrav ed and was shining with brilliant gold.
    'Is it like a card?'
    Sherael tilted her head and told her to use it.
    “It is a document of credit that can be used in place of cash at the store. The payment will be billed in a later payment, so please feel free to use it. There ar e no limits.”
    “Wow... .”
    Indeed, it was a product of the same concept as a credit card. And there is n o limit!
    The walls of Serael did not know how to depart from the token, a symbol of e normous wealth.
    “Are you giving me this?”
    “Who are you going to give it to if it’s not Sherael?” In a subtly soothing tone, Kaed continued.
    “I know it was frustrating to be alone in the castle. Now when you go out, I w ill escort you, so just say a word to me. If you want to buy something, don't hes itate.”
    “Thank you, Grand Duke. Fortunately, I have something to give you in retur n.”
    Serael searched through the almost empty basket and took out the chocolat e.
    “I think you like sweet things. I brought it from the marquis house, but I brou ght it to the Grand Duchess.”
    “... ... .”
    Kaed accepted the chocolate without answering.
    An unknown smile spread across the well-sculpted, beautiful face.
    Sherael didn't know yet that he had no taste for anything sweet.
    “I don’t know where to put my body because you care so much.”
    “It’s insignificant compared to what the Archduke gave me, but I’ve always w anted to give it to you.”
    "you're welcome. Much more valuable than that piece of paper.” He compared the limitless credit card to a mere scrap of paper. “By the way, how about a hangover?”
    “When I just woke up, my stomach was churning and my head felt like it was going to break. Still, she's improved a lot thanks to Mrs. Bailey. I even took her energy-boosting pills.”
    “I drank too much, so I expected to suffer. I'm glad you're feeling better."
    Serael, who was humbled by the harsh tone, shut her mouth.
    It wasn't that he wasn't ashamed that he drank alcohol without knowing the end of the banquet's bustling atmosphere.
    Kaed leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and scanned her face slo wly, as if estimating.
    “Do you remember last night?”
    There was a certain intention in the question he posed.

    The wind that blew through the open window flew through Sarah's bright hai r. She smiled softly as she tucked her curly hair behind her ear.
    “I can’t come.”
    How can I forget the first time I kissed Kaed?
    was that the only
    They held hands, kissed the cheeks, and if you lifted them, you almost did so mething bizarre.
    Sarah lowered her gaze to the desk again. A very poisonous liquor bottle cam e into view.
    “There is another drink here.”
    Serael, conscious of last night, smiled softly.
    Standing close to a certain gap, Kaed raised one eyebrow.
    “I’m not going to drink.”
    “Please. I don't want to drink for a while."
    "for now? How about quitting it altogether?”
    “I hate that. It would be better if you stop drinking alcohol with the Grand Du ke. You always drink instead of eating.”
    “You don’t drink alcohol like anyone else.” “It’s not alcohol... !”
    “If you are angry, you will admit it.”
    Without losing a word, he responded back and turned around the desk and s at down on a chair. Then he rummaged through the papers as if nothing had ha ppened.
    Inje turned out to be a gentleman, but he was a man who had a tendency to push him back suddenly and recklessly.
    “I have something else to show you.”
    Kaed held up a bunch of envelopes.
    “We have received many letters congratulating us on our unity. I was about t o send you a reply, would you like to take a look?”
    “... Yes. It would be nice to see.”
    The wedding of the two was a construction of the noble Vulkanov, who was t he bloodline of a hero who contributed to the founding of the country and has r uled Karlsvik for over 800 years.
    Ostensibly, both of them took the place of head of state, but now that the m embers of the family have been completely annihilated, the only ruler in the Vul kanov family is Kaed.
    It would be good to understand the politics going on if you read the letters se nt by the nobles who are said to be the best in the empire.
    But Sarah hesitated. He answered once, but he had no place to sit. Beside th e desk or on the other side.
    The only place to sit in front of the spacious mahogany desk was the chair Ka ed sat on.
    “Where should I sit... .”
    Serael hesitated, and he patted me on the thigh.
    “... ... ?”
    “You can sit here.”
    Following his hand gestures, Serael cast her gaze on her thighs, which looke d very strong.
    Doubting my eyes and ears, she stopped breathing for a moment as if hiccup ing.
    There was no embarrassment on his face when he offered suggestions with out hesitation.
    “Are you going to stand still? My legs would hurt.”
    Kaed skillfully glanced at the stack of letters.
    “There are so many letters. It takes quite a while to check everything.”
    "ah... .”
    “Well, if you’re comfortable standing for hours, there’s nothing you can do ab out it.”
    It was like sitting on a man's thigh for hours.
    Contemplating whether or not to sit down right away, Sarahel didn't even thi nk about it.
    Hesitating, she came closer.
    Kaed held out his hand as if waiting. Driven by a subtle but unbearable force, Serael rested her butt on his tight thighs.
    Then, his thickly muscled arms naturally wrapped around his back. It seemed to support the body from falling backwards.
    Kaed showed her the letters one by one as she sat on my thigh. “This is a letter from Count Kelly. Are you going to be with him?”
    “... no. However, he was a longtime business partner of his father, but I und erstand that he resigned from the business due to a worsening medical conditi on.”
    “I am still battling the disease, so my successor is taking on the job as a prox y. The ceremony was also notified that he would attend. And this is... .”
    The low voice that followed became more and more muffled.
    Even from a distance, there was a face that was surprisingly gentle, literally i n front of his nose.
    Black hair with fine texture that slightly covered her straight eyebrows, and g olden eyes set under long eyelashes. The angle of the high nose bridge and the straight jaw line.
    Wide shoulders, a strong chest, and a balanced body with muscles, which ar e exclusive to men, all touched me clearly.
    Not only that, but I could feel the warm body odor and the subtle scent witho ut adding anything to it.
    As all of her senses were stimulated at once, Sarahel's breathing quickly acce lerated.
    My heartbeats were steadily narrowing the gap to the extent that I thought I might be caught in the meantime.
    'I'm so nervous... .'
    Serael's focus on the desk was as dim as a mist of water.
    “I also received a letter from the Marquis of Maldin.”
    As Kaed stretched out his arms to pick up the letter at the end, he got closer enough to feel his breath.
    Serael, who was nervous, stopped breathing without realizing it.
    In the afternoon sunlight, the back light of his side face was trimmed with a sharp angle without an inch.
    And she pressed her lips to Kaed's cheek, as if possessed by something. “... ... .”
    “... ... .”
    The sound of soft lips sticking short and falling was cute.
    Kaed, who was as hard as a stone statue, stopped moving.
    Sarah did not realize what she had just done. During that moment, his head was bleached white and he couldn't think.
    Caed then slowly turned his chin to look at Sarah. His golden eyes trembled slightly.
    'Why did I do that?'
    I was seduced and kissed by the body of a man with a very good appearance and sex appeal.
    No, was that really all there was? Unlike last night, when we had similar cont acts, now he is sober.
    Even this time, Serael approached first.
    'I wasn't sitting on this guy's lap.'
    It was a closeness that could advance in any direction.
    Kissing the handsome face in front of him was probably a natural result.
    He made eye contact with him, laying out excuses that he would never hear. A certain emotion that permeated his eyes was burning steadily, heating up. A pale blush permeated the white cheeks of Serael, with its soft, fluffy hair. Facing Kaed on the same street as last night.
    However, the sensations of his body were reacting more sensitively than eve r before. The gaze that scanned her face and the hand that touched her back se emed to be getting hot.
    As the long silence passed and the length of time they stared at each other i ncreased, Serael grew nervous.
    “Card... .”
    So, without realizing it, he kept his name on his lips.
    It happened really quickly.
    There was no time for embarrassment that he had raised his hand and grabb ed Serael's back.
    Caed, holding her tight so that she could not move, twisted his chin for an in stant and rushed to his lips.
    At that moment, his tongue pierced through the gaping lips as if invading. “... ... !”
    It was different from yesterday's kiss, which was only soft.
    It came in deep and rubbed the fragile mucous membrane without hesitation and ripped it apart at will. A groan escaped from the sensation of her tongue wr apped around her.
    Not knowing what to do, Sarah placed her hands on Kaed's chest. It was like igniting a fuse.
    "for a moment... .”
    When there was a space between the tightly intertwined lips, Serael thought about something, but it was quickly stopped.
    His nose rubbed once, the angle twisted, and he kissed more fiercely. The so und of wet tongues intertwining in a large space was overly obscene.
    Saliva came and went as if his soul was falling apart, and suddenly he parted his lips and got up.
    “Duke, sir... ?”
    He stroked the desk with a hasty arm.
    The glass shattered and a heavy book fell, and papers flew in all directions.
    Ignoring him, Kaed gently hugged Serael and put her on the desk, and their li ps met again.
    The eyes that met for a moment were filled with a strong desire for somethin g.
    Now, not only the lips, but the whole body was in close contact.
    'Hey, this is okay... ?'
    My head is turning white and I'm tickling somewhere I can't pinpoint.
    Something indefinable was caught in Serael's heart to surrender everything t o this pleasure.
    I couldn't enjoy it as much as last night.
    It was because I could easily imagine what the next act would be like after th e heavy kiss that seemed like it would be eaten if I didn't wake up.
    It was the moment when the hand on Sarahel's waist changed position subtl y.
    “Lord, a letter has just arrived.”
    With a knock on the door, the butler's voice came from outside.
    Serael, startled, struggled, but he seemed unwilling to let go.
    "Get out now."
    It was so urgent that he gave the order to the butler, who had not yet come i n.
    The presence outside the office stopped and then gradually moved away.
    With their lips closed again, Caed hugged Serael tightly and pushed her as if she was about to lay her down on the desk.
    When she made a sound of pain from the heavy burden rushing like a wave, then she gently lifted her body.
    However, he kissed Seraeel's earlobe and the nape of her neck without stop ping, blowing a warm breath.
    Caed whispered in her ear in a voice that seemed to press something boiling. “Go through that door and it’s my bedroom.”
    Serael remembered the dark brown door on one wall of the office.
    “Is that okay?”
    I wasn't stupid enough to not know what the low voice meant.
    It was a very thoughtful question, but the hands holding her tightly and the lu st in the gold made it difficult to refuse anything.
    'What do we do.'
    Before the relationship, he was asking for permission, but his mouth did not f all off.
    It wasn't that he hated it enough to say no at once, but it wasn't that he want ed to jump onto the bed without hesitation either.
    'I'm not ready both physically and mentally right now.'
    No, can you say that the body is... ?
    “You don’t think so?”
    Caed, who kissed briefly while Serael was worried, asked again with a voice with a deep breath.
    It was somehow persuasive. “Answer me anything.” "that... .”
    How are you supposed to respond while constantly rubbing your lips on sensi tive areas and rubbing your nose?
    Even her smooth black hair continued to tickle Serael's chin and neck.
    She placed her hands on the man's chest, annoyed that she couldn't push he rself any further.
    Kaed grabbed Serael's wrist and rubbed it like he wanted to touch him more.

    Serael pushed the palm on his chest with a little more force. “Duke. I'm actually not ready yet... .”
    “What preparations?”
    “My body, no, my mind is not ready.”
    She shrugged her shoulders because of her lips tickling her auricle, and finall y came up with an answer.
    According to my true intentions, it was close to the axis of wanting to share body temperature with the man in front of me.
    However, it was not enough to step on and overcome the vague fear of an ar ea he had never experienced before and the hesitancy in the middle of his min d.
    Caed, who was letting out ten breaths near the nape of Serae's neck, slowly r aised his upper body.
    There was an unquenchable thirst on the sharp-lined face.
    Serael was not at ease because it seemed as if he had stimulated him impul sively and pulled him out just before.
    In the end, he apologized for not being able to overcome the unfamiliar air cu rrent.
    “What do you have to be sorry for?”
    “No, I first... .”
    “It’s done. Don’t bow your head over this.”
    As he cut off the waist, Caed reached over her legs.
    I didn't realize it while the breaths were mixed, but the dress was messed up and rolled up to the top of my thighs.
    Caed, who was wiping down Serae's soft skin with his fingers filled with regr et, quickly took care of the hem of his clothes.
    he burst into laughter.
    “I have to apologize.”
    “This time, I kissed you, so there’s nothing wrong with the Archduke.”
    “If I knew what I was thinking, I wouldn’t say that.”
    He hugged her again and let her feet on the floor.
    He even took care of his messy hair because the back of his head was held d uring the kiss.
    Contrary to the complexion that did not completely remove desire, the hand was very kind.
    Even after touching her clothes, Kaed couldn't let go of her hand.
    “Can I hug you?”
    At the sudden question, laughter erupted from Serael's teeth.
    It wasn't something a man who had shared an act more intense than hugging a while ago would ask.
    Instead of answering, Sarah put her hands around his neck and hugged her. As her head bent sharply because of her height difference, Kaede bent her tors o and buried her face in the nape of her neck.
    Just as the heat returned to the air that had barely sank, the sound of an ani mal whining was heard outside the door.
    Both eyes turned to the door at the same time.
    From the fact that he was scratching the door with his claws and sniffing thr ough the cracks, he looked like a black wolf before.
    They seemed to want to enter the entangled space.
    As Kaed opened the door, a wolf with a tuft of gray fur in its mouth entered d ignifiedly.
    Upon closer inspection, it was not a bundle of fur, but a little wolf cub. "Oh my goodness!"
    After that, two adorable baby wolves were walking in again.
    "so cute."
    Serael knelt on the floor, smiled brightly, and caressed the cub.
    It was fortunate that the awkward atmosphere was broken thanks to the wolf who cried to enter the office, but the cubs in front of him were really lovely.
    The father wolf deliberately put his young in front of Serael, and pushed the other two animals in front of them with their elongated snouts.
    "Yes? Are you bragging about your baby?”
    When Serael asked playfully, the wolf sat dignifiedly.
    “Why don’t you give these wolves a name?”
    Serael suggested, stroking the whining wolf. Caede, who was pouring her dri nk into a glass, smiled.
    “Give it a name that Sherael wants.”
    “Hmm... . What would be good?”
    After thinking for a while, she came up with a cute name.
    The three baby wolves were named Ding, Dong, and Dang, and the father wo lf decided to call him 'Mo'.
    I thought it would be convenient to call it a short term. "What is it. Is your name Moya?”
    Serael, who was playing with her own words, grinned.
    Embarrassed by a joke, she glanced at Kaed, but he didn't laugh, probably be cause it wasn't very funny. He leaned loosely against her desk, sipping her liqu or and looking down at her.
    Sherael coughed to hide her embarrassment. Fortunately, Mo Mo seemed to like the new name.
    It barked loudly once, then swung its tail like a black broomstick, spinning aro und in place.
    "What is it. Do you like your name?”
    "Woof woof!"
    Mo responded vigorously and licked Seruel's hand. Soon after, he left the offi ce with the cubs.
    "Now... .”
    Serael raised her body and curled her tail. Unverified letters were still piled u p like a mountain.
    “The correspondence should be sorted out.”
    Caed, who spoke lightly, picked up a wad of papers from the desk.
    “I had no intention of sharing the work, so Miss Serael may return to her resi dence.”
    “... I'll be here too. We decided to check it out together.”
    I didn't mean to run away because I had a deep kiss that could lead to a relati onship in bed.
    I also wondered what kind of letters the nobles sent.
    Kaed, who had been silently scanning his face to understand Sarahel's intenti ons, took a step forward.
    “If you are tired, you can stop in the middle.”
    He made space by removing the books from the reception table. Kaed, who was seated on the sofa for two in front of the table, glanced at the seat next to him.
    “Sit down.”
    Serael sat down next to him and began to work. He also shared his impressio ns of the letter, and he picked up a pen and wrote down his reply.
    Then I suddenly realized.
    'Isn't it better if I sat here from the beginning?'
    How could I have made space without having to sit her on my lap?
    Come to think of it, it wasn't too much of a problem because it was such a sp acious room!
    I felt helplessly caught up in the man's scheme.
    Kaed, who had completely erased the desires he had expressed before, was immersed in his important work.
    Sarah secretly shook her head.
    'Let's work, work... .'
    The two exchanged opinions while checking letters together until late at nigh t.
    Not knowing that it was getting dark, I concentrated on it, then lit a candle lat e, and continued eating the refreshments that the butler brought.
    how much time has passed
    Serael stretched out when the sound of grass bugs chirping through the win dow rang in his ears. Kaed, who had been concentrating without showing any s igns of exhaustion, noticed her and put her papers down.
    “Are you tired?”
    “My eyes keep closing. Aren't you tired, Grand Duke? The letters are still pile d up.”
    “It’s okay because it’s no different from the job I usually see. I’ll have to take you to the place you live.”
    "no. I want to finish all my work. Just take a break and you'll get better."
    Serael let out a moan and leaned against the back of the sofa. Her half-close d eyelids fell heavily.
    'When will I go back to my home in the wagon again?'
    I didn't like the troublesome movement, but I didn't want to go back right aw ay since I went out to help him.
    Kaed, who had been watching her for a long time as he touched the paper, o pened his mouth.
    “Don’t do this here.”
    He put the papers down.
    “How about resting in my bedroom?”
    There was no emotion in his voice, suggesting to rest in my bedroom.
    I wondered if I couldn't remember the physical contact we had before.
    “It’s right across the door.”
    Embarrassed, Serael straightened her upper body.
    'I must have said that I wasn't mentally prepared... ?'
    Kaed let out a low laugh, as if reading her thoughts thoroughly.
    “Why do you look like that? Are you afraid I won’t be able to hug you?”
    “No, that’s... .”
    With a smile on his face, he grabbed Sarah's hand and lifted him up from his seat.
    So he opened the bedroom door himself and pushed her back inside.
    “There is no other meaning. I won’t even take a single step, so don’t worry a nd rest.”
    “... Then I'll close my eyes."
    I kept closing my eyes because I was not in the best condition right now.
    Serael really took a few steps to get up after sleeping.
    His bedroom was very spacious and open.
    It was dark and cold without any ornaments, like the space where Kaed lived.
    It was no exaggeration to say that there was only a large bed that could fit thr ee people and two side tables.
    'Are you always sleeping here?'
    Even though a window wasn't open, she felt a chill as if a gust of wind had bl own from somewhere, and Serael patted my forearm.
    She laid herself down on a bed where there was barely any trace of anyone.
    He seemed to be living here, seeing the faint scent of men's scent drifting fr om the cold bedding.
    If Serael had accepted it, the sticky contact would have taken place right her e.
    I was too tired to feel ashamed as I put on a blanket in my imagination.
    Laying down on a pillow, she stared into the dark air and fell asleep as a sina bro.
    As promised, Kaed has not entered the bedroom yet.
    Instead, he leaned one shoulder on the open door and watched her as she sl ept.
    Even just looking at it, the blood rushes to me.
    When I kissed someone whose saliva and breath mixed together, my instinct ran wild like a crazy beast.
    Sherael said she wasn't ready, and she was very patient again, who suppress ed it.
    No, actually, I felt like I was being tested every time.
    A priest who fights against not only lust but the various tortures of the world seemed unlikely to experience this kind of suffering.
    I had no idea that the painful moments of living as a man would come so oft en after becoming a full-fledged adult.
    It was Kaed, who laughed whenever he heard that my high-spirited subordin ates were complaining that they had been humiliated and out of control in front of the woman they liked.
    That would be his story.
    It was as if the period of blood boiling came too late.
    Even at the height of my life, my body changes so often that I wondered if it was possible.
    There was nothing Serael did that didn't frustrate him.
    The scent that scatters in the wind, the eyes as clear as the blue sea water, and the occasional stubborn expression on her face.
    The promise I had made hundreds of times not to be in a hurry melted away l ike a snowman under the scorching sun whenever I faced her.
    “You can’t do this.”
    As he ran his finger across my lips, he said monologue.
    Sharing the body temperature would require a greater determination for her t han for herself as a man.
    If possible, it would be better to do it when Serael has feelings of the same s ize as his.
    ... nope
    If I did, I might not be able to do it for the rest of my life.
    Will she be able to embrace the huge volume of love that even Kaed cannot handle, and the high-temperature longing that can burn anything?
    "under... .”
    I laughed out loud because I thought I had become garbage because I wante d to sleep with a woman.
    A smooth married life would be impossible if she caught even a single piece of the insidious thoughts that filled her head.
    Refining patience, Kaed slowly approached Serael so as not to wake him up.
    He reached out to kill hundreds of people to keep her by his side.
    He gently swept his long, curly platinum hair to the pinna of his ear. A faint s mile appeared on Serael's lips as if it was pleasant even in his sleep.
    She was a woman in the palm of her hand anyway, but the anxiety soared as if she would disappear like smoke at any moment.
    “I like it so much, yes, I like it... .”
    The noticeably inflated Yeonjeong continued to increase in volume even after midnight.
    Even if my hands were once again stained with countless human blood, I had no intention of giving up on this heart.

    Caed returned to the office after kissing her pale blush on her cheek.
    He poured strong alcohol into his mouth to calm himself, who was losing his temper, perhaps because he saw Serael asleep.
    I have now picked up the one remaining letter.
    What the butler brought was a letter with the seal of the imperial family. The Imperial Family of the Lofern Empire.
    The envy and scheming engraved in their bloodline destroyed the ancestors of Caed to the root, and took away the title and territory that he should have po ssessed.
    Kaed knew everything.
    If it wasn't for Serael, the dirty bloodlines of the imperial family would take ov er Vulkanov, and he would have lived a life of ignorance as per the distorted his tory.
    Kaed, who lifted his finger for a moment as he recalled his past life, read the letter and went down.
    “Did you hear that?”
    next day.
    Area 4 where Serael was staying was in full swing. The young maids were ve ry excited about the whereabouts of Serael, who had gone to see Caed and nev er returned.
    "why? What?"
    “Yesterday there was a call from the lord’s nature. I'm telling you to bring so me clothes, etc., for the reserve archduke to change into."
    "really? Then the two of you will do the same again... !”
    "okay. Did I go with Maid Bailey? But I couldn't even see Sarah's face. You we nt to bed early, but you can't wake up!"
    “Hey, you said you were tired enough to fall asleep!”
    The maid, who looked around where there was no one around, lowered her v oice.
    “You even requested an energy potion today!”
    As soon as the score was reached, the maids screamed and ran all over the place.
    “Looks like they are very good to each other. In aristocratic society, sleeping before the ceremony is discouraged, but if you look at it, you don’t care.”
    The maid looked up into the air with a look of love.
    "Envy you. I want to be in love too.”
    “You can’t do it. There are many good men among the lord's subordinates. H ow about Axel?”
    “It’s okay, but it seems like a playful style. Call is nice too... I like smart men. A man with a bad memory is in trouble.”
    "Is not it. He always told me my name was wrong. It’s Lily, but I’m going craz y for calling me Lala.”
    Another maid thought of Lecter.
    Among Caed's aides, Lecter was the most popular.
    “What about Lecter? He is the youngest, but he looks serious.”
    “I can’t. Looking at the two talking, it seems that there is a woman I miss. I' m not sure if her name was Rossi or Lucy."
    "You're not in a position to tell Cole that he has a bad memory."
    Mrs. Bailey entered the sight of the chattering women.
    The maid trembled and grabbed her belongings.
    "oh! i have to go now I have been ordered to come to listen to Seriel-sama, who will wake up from the castle.”
    "See you later. Please tell me how good you two look.”
    Behind the maid, who was walking backwards, the employees smiled happily as if they had made a promise.
    When the sun hit her face, Sarah opened her eyes.
    I was taken aback by the unfamiliar environment around me, but soon realize d that I had fallen asleep in Kaed's bedroom.
    He wasn't next to him.
    Seeing that there were no people last night, it was certain that Sarah was sle eping alone in the bed.
    'I was planning to wake up after only 30 minutes of sleep.'
    Suddenly, the morning sunlight was projecting through the window.
    "Did you sleep well?"
    Sherael turned her head at the sound of a distant voice.
    "uh... Grand Duchess?”
    Caed, standing with his arms crossed by the door, wrinkled his dark eyebrow s slightly.
    “No matter how many times I knocked, it didn’t get up. Where do you not lik e it?”
    The bedroom was dark and uncomfortable, but there was no pain.
    Caed came to the bed and sat down next to Sarah, gently touching her foreh ead with the back of her hand.
    “There is no fever.”
    “I’m not sick.”
    “I slept so long that I thought I was sick. Miss Serael, do you know that I slep t for fourteen hours?”
    “... yes?"
    “You mean you slept for fourteen hours.”
    The voice that told me when to sleep was very worrying.
    However, I couldn't help but be embarrassed to hear this from a man I'd neve r overslept in my life.
    Just then, a maid came in with wash water and a change of clothes.
    The courteous and polite maid looked at the two with twinkling eyes, and the n quickly bowed her head.
    “Did you crowd yesterday?”
    Kaed looked at Sarahel's complexion.
    It seemed that his heart was used for sharing my work until the night.
    “Did you have a hard time? It’s okay to stop in the middle, so I’m just stubbor n.”
    "no. In the end, I couldn’t even finish it.”
    “If you were sick, you wouldn’t have spoken.”
    “Because I’m not sick.”
    The fourteen hours of sleep seemed quite shocking, so he watched Serael cl osely for a while.
    He grabbed his chin and turned his face around, then touched his forehead a gain to measure the temperature.
    After confirming that she was fine, he got up.
    “Meals are served in the breakfast room. When you're ready, come down to t he first floor."
    “Yes, see you later.”
    Kaed exited the bedroom first.
    For some reason, the maid, who had her mouth wide open, hurriedly bowed down when her eyes met Serael.
    Then, with slightly trembling hands, he began to adorn Serael.
    “You seem to get along very well.”
    Changing clothes and getting ready in his bedroom was awkward and unappe aling, and the maid who was combing her hair carefully gave her an opinion.
    "Why do you think so?"
    Serael asked with pure curiosity.
    “We have never seen Archduke Vlkanov so caring for anyone. After Aga cam e, she smiles a lot. You two get along really well.”
    “... okay. thank you."
    It wasn't something I didn't know, but hearing it through someone else's mou th felt strange.
    The appearance of a man who was completely indifferent, was dyed with em otions of various colors when he was dealing with Serael.
    From the first time we met, it was definitely a reasonable crush.
    Thoughts that had been pushed into the corner were revealed one by one.
    He was an unpredictable man.
    Kaed sometimes looked at Serael with a very tenacious gaze. At first, he tho ught it was his habit to stare with his eyes lifted up like a wild beast.
    It was only later that he found out what kind of emotion the subtle difference was coming from. Considering the time the two of them had known each othe r, it was a deep feeling that was difficult to have.
    'It's not like I felt rejected.'
    The fear that used to bloom in lumps due to the perception that he was a ma n who killed himself when he was wrong also disappeared from time to time.
    It was because he was convinced that no matter what, he would not harm S erael.
    It just felt empty, as if I had skipped an important step.
    Maybe that was the reason I pushed him last night, I didn't know.
    Sherael, who had changed into a dress for breakfast, headed to the first floor with her long hair neatly tied in half.
    Caed, who was sitting languidly on the back of a chair, checking his docume nts, straightened his posture as she entered.
    As soon as Serael was seated, he chink on the table.
    “Eat it.”
    A hot and thin meal was laid out like yesterday.
    Even though it was because of alcohol yesterday, I felt like I had become a p atient after eating the soup that was easy to digest for two days in a row.
    However, there was no meal prepared in front of Caed. “Aren’t you eating, Grand Duke?”
    "I did."
    “Already? Like that bark... Did you eat protein?”
    I was so surprised when I saw that unknown food for the first time.
    Caed, who responded with a brief smile, poured hot tea into Serael's cup.
    The waiting user was willing to do what he had to do. He even put a medicin e to boost energy next to a glass of water.
    Just because she overslept, Serael was being overly cared for. “Because I’m not really sick.”
    “Eat first. Because it's better than going to the bone all the time." “It wasn’t even a goal. I just slept a little longer.”
    "little? It is not normal for a human to sleep for 14 hours. It may be due to a b ad physical condition or a cold, so please take your medicine.”
    Do I need to pinch myself to say that I have slept for 14 hours?
    Even humans are not normal.
    She was shy, but she said she would close her eyes and was embarrassed t o have slept for half a day, so Sarah quietly held up her spoon.
    “Where did you sleep yesterday, Grand Duke?”
    “I didn’t sleep.”
    "yes? Haven't you slept?"
    Her already round eyes curved even more in response to the startled emotio n.
    It must not have been that she couldn't sleep because she was occupying th e bed.
    There were dozens of bedrooms in the castle alone, so he could have slept a nywhere he wanted.
    Whether voluntarily or unintentionally, she contorted her eyebrows slightly, f eeling sorry for Kaed who could not sleep.
    “Aren’t you even tired?”
    “It’s not to the extent that it’s physically disruptive.”
    “It might be a problem someday. Come to think of it, I hadn't even slept in a carriage coming to the North before. Are you okay?”
    “At that time, Miss Sarahel was using me as a pillow, so I couldn’t sleep.”
    "ah... Child! I’m just saying it because it doesn’t look like you’re going to slee p properly.”
    “It doesn’t hurt that you don’t sleep for a few days.”
    Even though he made remarks that made him suspicious of his health, Kaed showed no signs of doing it.
    Sarah looked suspiciously at her.
    “I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, I don’t drink. Please be honest. Is the Archduke rea lly a human being?”
    Kaed laughed out loud at the sharp question.
    He kept his eyes down and kept smiling, but he seemed very happy.
    Serael, who frowned slightly, added a word like a sermon.
    “I would rather have slept for 14 hours more humane. Don't call me abnorma l."
    “Are you mad?”
    “... Didn’t it happen?”
    “Then are you screwed?”
    “I’m not pissed off!”
    Why do you make people angry?
    Serael, who drank in the car, glanced at Kaed once and avoided his gaze.
    Her white cheeks were puffy and puffy like bread, and her face was bloated.
    Kaed swallowed the new smile that came out of his lips. He grabbed her tiny body and barely resisted the urge to kiss her as much as he could.
    Seeing him react like an angry chickadee like this made me want to keep my eyes locked in a cage for the rest of my life and stick my head out.
    Shall we play some more?
    A playful joke crept into his mind. He just had something he wanted to sugge st, so it was just the right time.
    Whether or not he knew what Kaed was thinking, Serae showed a serious ex pression on his face.
    “I'm not joking. Humans need to sleep well and eat a well-balanced diet, but the appearance of the Grand Duchess I have seen is far from that.”
    “Miss Sarah, would you like me to sleep well and eat?” “... Isn’t it natural?”
    “Then do you want to move the bedroom here?” "yes... yes?"
    A shocking proposal wrapped in a soft voice swooped in.
    Serael lost the vial she had picked up from her hand. He was covered with a stopper so it didn't spill, but he couldn't afford to look at it.
    Caed, who had picked up the deguru-rolling vial, opened the stopper and ha nded it over again.
    “I want to lead a decent life. If you share your daily routine in the same place as Miss Sarahel, your circadian rhythm will return to normal. What do you thin k?”

    "Wait... . Now, dazedness is blocking my mouth.”
    As she proved herself, Serael slept very well and ate well.
    I ate snacks between meals and drank different types of tea depending on m y mood that day while taking a walk.
    He was living a healthy life as opposed to a man who said madly that it was o kay to eat sparingly and not sleep.
    Now Kaed was offering to do anything with her like that.
    “One day, I will have to sleep under a blanket, so it’s not unreasonable, will i t?”
    A low voice whispered to Serael as if bewildered.
    In fact, living far away from him, there were a lot of frustrating things.
    Keeping in touch by correspondence and having to ride a carriage to see him will be particularly troublesome going forward.
    On a more intimate level, I was curious about what Kaed was doing, and furt hermore, I wanted to spend time with him.
    It was a dissatisfaction that would disappear naturally if we lived in the same space.
    However, sharing a bedroom with a fully grown man was a very nuanced mat ter.
    Sarah rolled her eyes.
    It was difficult to say no to trying to eat and sleep while staying with her. She didn't like it because she herself she didn't like it either.
    'Let's not think too hard.'
    Sarah shook her head. He had to speak his candid heart as usual.
    “It’s not a bad idea, but... . Hmmmm.”
    She resumed her voice as she regained her cloudy horsetail with a brief, hoar se cough.
    “Actually, it’s a little bit like sharing the same bedroom with the Archduke.”
    "What does it mean?"
    “No, it’s a little bit like that. The Archduke is such a perfect person, you may not know it well, but I am different.”
    The day I left for the North from the Marquis, the Kaed I saw in the early mor ning was in a clear state without any disturbance.
    There was not a single hair sticking out of her soft black hair, and her unlocke d voice was just sweet.
    On the other hand, what about Sarah?
    His eyes are nodded and his thin hair is tangled and staggers like a drunken p erson.
    “I’m not ready to show you how you sleep and break.”
    Molgol when I just woke up was also a problem.
    The thing that worries me the most.
    “Especially when I sleep in one-piece pajamas, the hem of my clothes goes up to my chin. I can't show you that kind of thing from the morning breeze."
    Caed, who was listening leisurely, slowly stiffened as he listened to the next words.
    Serael waved her hand out.
    “No, I was too honest. Please pretend you didn't hear it."
    He covered my eyes with his large palm. What was so enjoyable, the lips tha t were open on either side dispersed a low laugh.
    Serael blinked her eyelids, not knowing English.
    “Miss Sarahel, now that I see you, you tend to misunderstand me.” “What do you mean?”
    “Or is it just a habit to think that way?”
    Kaed, who uttered a single word, stared at her with eyes full of laughter.
    “It's not about sharing a bedroom. It meant to come to my nature. There's a s unny room on the third floor, which I suggested because it's not bad for Miss S erael.”
    "ah... .”
    “I’ve known it since the early night rhymes in the marquis. Do I look like som eone who is anxious to sleep with Sherael?”
    He was an anxious person and he purposely elicited a reaction, but Kaed did not show any expression.
    Sherael bit her lip and forced a smile.
    “Duke. The Archduke seems to have a tendency to mislead me.”
    The shame and injustice of misunderstanding ignited a fire in the war.
    “If you ask me if I want to move the bedroom here, how do I know if it is the nature or the Prince’s bedroom that ‘here’ is referring to? I have no choice but t o match the circumstances, but it must have sounded like the latter.”
    Bringing out even the forgotten black history.
    Due to a little excitement, she was equipped with a horseshoe bird, which sh ould not be equipped with a noble maiden.
    “At that time, I had no choice but to misunderstand because the Archduke w as walking briskly toward my room.”
    “There is a point. I'm sorry."
    "furthermore... uh?"
    Sherael, who was about to continue complaining, heard a quick apology and kept her mouth shut.
    I'm going to admit my mistake so bluntly.
    “... I'll forgive you. I didn't mean to say that either."
    It was a conversation that flowed like water, but why did I feel like I was bein g sucked into a well-organized labyrinth?
    Anyway, Serael, who seemed to be childishly angry, was fiddling with my ear lobe.
    “I wish I had just led you to that room from the beginning. I didn't want to be far away from the Archduke."
    A heavy silence descended like a weight.
    It wasn't until she reached the point that she realized that what she had said might sound like a love confession.
    It was a bit strange, but I did not correct it because it was a word that came f rom the heart.
    Kaed, who was silently staring at Serael's dense face, reached out at a slow p ace.
    His unusually long, straight hands carefully wrapped around the back of Sera e's hand.
    “Then is it okay if I move?”
    “... Yes, I also want to stay in nature.”
    As he nodded, Kaed raised his lips slightly.
    Then, as if waiting, he called the butler and gave an order.
    He was probably sending a letter about the Hagga to Mrs. Bailey.
    As if it had been planned in advance, the moving of Serael was proceeding in an instant.
    “There is a small construction going on in the private room, which will be co mpleted in a few weeks. I think you should come in then. and... .”
    Kaed watched Serael eating the fruit for dessert with a clenched chin.
    “Call's coming-of-age ceremony is coming soon. It’s a big event, so the kids are looking forward to Miss Sarahel’s attendance.”
    Serael smiled as she put the peach slice in her mouth.
    “It must be fun for an adult. I think it’s a concept like a debut tang.”
    “It is similar. However, at Valken's coming-of-age ceremony, he enjoys fighti ng, so blood is often splashed. If you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to att end.”
    “Who is going to have to die? I think it will be fun, I will definitely attend.”
    “There have been no deaths yet, so you can rest assured.”
    In fact, no one has lost their life at the coming-of-age ceremony since Kaed became head.
    Long ago, across the border, many men died during Valken's coming-of-age ceremony, but now they are only having fun with losing an eye or a few fingers.
    Serael touched the fork with a look of anticipation.
    It was no different than the first event he had when he came to the Northern Territory, and it seemed that Cole was looking forward to his coming-of-age ce remony.
    At the same time, the present Kaed had prepared for her was also due to arri ve that day.
    It was a gift that not only Serael but also the youngest, Lecter, would like it.
    Seeing her crushing pieces of fruit with no expectation of an upcoming gift, a lustful greed burst out of Kaed's mind.
    What else is she going to do this time, who knows how to reciprocate? Can s he be more greedy and ask for what she wants?
    A bizarre taste, not knowing where she came from, gripped her imaginary tig htly and squeezed her tightly.
    A perverted lust that wants to push Kaed to the limit even if he scratches, be ats, weeps, and shouts.
    Even today, he savored the messy desires that he could not put out of his m outh.
    Time passed quickly, and Cole's coming-of-age ceremony was approaching.
    The event was scheduled to take place at the outdoor dance hall owned by Vl kanov, but it was a bit far away, so we had to go by wagon.
    Late in the evening, Caed came to the front of the spire where Serael was st aying. It was before her marriage, so I had come to pick her up.
    Because it was a long-awaited event, Serael dressed up brightly.
    The combination of a brightly colored bonnet and a bluish gray dress was ver y elegant, even if it wasn't flashy.
    In the dreary northern part, her appearance like a spring flower fluttering alon e quickly caught the attention of others.
    A maid passing by forgot her manners and stopped and looked at her.
    Caed, who was leaning against the carriage and waving his feet recklessly, st opped reflexively when he saw her come out.
    “Have you waited long?”
    Even though Serael greeted him brightly, he only threw an incomprehensible gaze.
    “Why are you looking at me like that? What did you put on my face?”
    “Come closer.”
    As he approached the request, Kaed reached out his hand.
    I wondered if he was going to escort me, so Serael also reached out with a r eddish fingertip.
    But his finger touched her chin.
    “... ... ?”
    When I saw something, I saw that the lace laces on the bonnet she wore we re untied.
    A delicate gesture untied the ribbon neatly tied under his chin, and the hat so on swung back.
    When the shadows on her face lifted, Sarah gave an absurd expression on he r face.
    “Duke, why are you taking off my hat?”
    “I hate covering my face.”
    “Do I want to write?”
    “You can use it to your heart’s content when I’m not there.”
    “No, what are you talking about? Today, I deliberately chose a color that goes well with my clothes... .”
    Involuntarily, he bent over and kissed his lips briefly.
    When the soft touch was slightly attached and then removed, Serael had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.
    Caed opened the carriage door as if nothing had happened. “Ride.”
    Mesmerized by the unexpected contact, she forgot to complain.
    Skinship, which has become more frequent these days, was as natural as flo wing water. It felt as if they were lovers who overcame the awkwardness of th e beginning of love.
    'All users are watching!'
    The maids who came up to the front door to see off murmured silently at the outrageous acts of affection.
    “What if I suddenly kiss you... !”
    “What are you surprised about? As I tried to do more. Come on, come on.”
    Behind my back I heard the maids taking a quick breath.
    Caed, who had made a statement that could be misunderstood, persuaded hi m to ride.
    Serael glared at him, but wanted to make it right, so he calmly embraced him and climbed into the high carriage.
    “It was cute.”
    Kaed burst into laughter at the sight reminiscent of a young cat with small cla ws.
    As we've been together, I've become convinced that he's the type of person who has a lot of laughs.
    As the leader of the largest bandits across the border, Kaed subtly spread a d aunting air.
    Moreover, his long-standing ancestors were high-ranking nobles who made great achievements in the country as a war hero. Although erased from history, their ancestors were also from the Valken tribe.
    The spirit flowing through Kaed's blood easily crushed the surroundings, and Serael would also tremble for no particular reason.
    However, seeing this innocent smile, the fierce momentum disappeared and it just felt like a genuine man.
    It's like he'd never even thought of a brutal murder or war.
    While the thoughts continued, the carriage carrying the two of them headed to the dance hall.

    The outdoor performance hall where the coming-of-age ceremony was held was an unusual place reminiscent of the Black Colosseum.
    There were bloodstains all over the place, so it was possible to predict what k ind of strength training was going on.
    In the middle of the spacious interior was a huge terraced pedestal.
    There were already more than 30 Valken men sitting there drinking and chatti ng.
    When Caed and Serael appeared, they jumped up from their seats as if they had made a promise.
    “Hello, Milose girl!”
    The men bowed their heads deep enough to see the top of their head.
    She was startled by the sudden roar that suddenly hit her ears, but Sarah did not express it and responded with courtesy.
    "Nice to meet you. It is an honor to meet you.”
    Accepting the greeting, they sat down, but watched Serael with curious eye s.
    All of them were barbarians of different races who had long been the targets of the empire's conquest, but they never felt unpleasant.
    Considering the Lecter and Axel I've met before, they weren't that special eit her.
    Serael did not want to be tainted by the discrimination or prejudice that arose in the aristocratic society.
    As soon as he and Caed were seated in the front row, the men began to sho ut Cole's name.
    There was an atmosphere where he wanted him to appear.
    Soon, Cole with a determined expression walked out slowly.
    Contrary to his rough appearance, he did not have a very good memory and was a man with a vague corner.
    “You have to drink all that for the coming-of-age ceremony to begin.” Kaed blinked at something on the table under the podium.
    Upon closer inspection, it was a barrel larger than a human head. "Oh... . Can Cole drink it all?”
    “You have to drink. If we don't make it to the ceremony, we'll have to postpo ne it for another year, so Axel's turn may come first in the meantime."
    Even though Axel, who likes to tease people, is younger, what kind of shame Cole will face if she finishes her coming-of-age ceremony first was drawn in h er eyes.
    'Even if I'm like me, I'll drink with energy.'
    Cole stood under the podium with a serious expression on his face.
    “I have been looking forward to the day of the coming-of-age ceremony.”
    He put his right hand to his chest, looking at Kaed and Serael sitting next to e ach other.
    “I am honored to be here with my master Kaed Vlkanov and his bride Sarah Mill... I give it to Milrose.”
    At some point, Axel, who was sitting next to Sarah, groaned and whispered. “Lecter taught me to memorize for a week not to make a mistake.”
    “That one line?”
    “No, the last name is ‘Mirose’.”
    So you're not wrong.
    Serael, convinced, nodded her head.
    “I will flatten the noses of my six brothers, Viper, Hawk, Roy, Sif, Axel and Le cter. I know I've been betting on whether or not I can have a coming-of-age ce remony, you bastards. You said you walked because you didn’t have everythin g?”
    It was the exact opposite when I thought that the names of Kaed's aides wo uld be impressive to list one by one.
    Cole made a solemn declaration, but at the end he put away his pole and grit ted his teeth and stared at the front row.
    Thunderous cheers erupted at the unexpected greeting that broke the rush o f the coming-of-age ceremony.
    Cole picked up the heavy keg and began pouring it into his mouth without he sitation.
    To heighten the mood, the men intermittently shouted loudly. The atmospher e was heightened as they roared to see if someone had even brought the dru m.
    Serael covered her lips slightly at the sight of pouring a strong drink.
    “Wow, I’ve never drank like that before... .”
    “Are you kidding me? You shouldn't drink like that."
    Kaed, who had been fiddling with her hand all the time, gave her a pint glass. Serael averted her eyes from Cole, who drank her alcohol as if doing a feat.
    “What about the Grand Duke? Did the Archduke also have a coming-of-age ceremony?”
    “I would have done it.”
    "Well. As the captain, I can’t do that.”
    It's an event that feels like a new ceremony, but there's no way the boss wou ld do that. Seeing Cole still drinking alcohol, Serael thought involuntarily.
    As Cole's neck gradually tilted back, the men cheered with loud shouts. A low voice rang in her ear amidst the noise and frenzy for a long time. “Have you ever wondered, Miss Sherael?”
    “My dirty gossip floating around.”
    Serael made eye contact with Kaed again at the subject that caught his atten tion.
    He leaned his shoulders towards her, and his gaze was still on Cole.
    “In the case of the annihilation of Vlkanov, the adoptive adopting the title wo uld be the culprit, and seeing him associating with the savage, the public target of extermination, would be a filthy bastard. Everyone thought like this, but what about Miss Sarahel?”
    Cole, who had already emptied the barrel of alcohol, staggered with open eye s.
    As Axel scolded me to get down quickly for my money, I could feel everyone around me chirping.
    But it didn't fit my ears.
    'Why are you asking such a question all of a sudden?'
    Serael, who opened her eyes wide, blinked her eyelashes, and then Kaed me t her gaze.
    He looked down at her, visibly embarrassed, and burst out laughing.
    “What are you stuck on? I'm just asking."
    "then... Why are you asking that?”
    “I was wondering if you were afraid. Wouldn't it feel bad? I'm married to a sc andalous man, so I'm going to mix my bodies now. Are you ready for it?”
    “... ... !”
    Kaed twisted the corners of his mouth and stretched out his arm and wrappe d it around Sarahel's shoulder. She was gently embraced by the force of her pul ling her to her chest.
    He stroked Sarah's soft hair with his hand on his shoulder and kissed her che ek lightly.
    “The reason you pushed me that night was because I wasn’t sure. Isn't it?" He was pointing to a contact in the office.
    “It’s not... .”
    “If you have any questions, ask them. Didn't you promise to tell me openly?" The low-pitched sound went deeper into the ear canal.
    “Aren’t you curious how I got this title and last name?”
    Five wolves as large as a calf ran from a distance and surrounded Cole.
    In the center stood a dignified black wolf hood, named by Serael, wearing a g olden leash.
    It turned out that he had to take the mock leash away from the attacking wol ves to pass the ceremony safely.
    Instead, there seemed to be a rule that you should never attack the wolf oth er than pushing it, so it didn't seem easy.
    Everyone screams and sees Cole running around, but only the two of them c an't take their eyes off each other.
    Sarah's blue eyes fluttered faintly.
    At first glance, Cole, whose arm had been bitten by wolves, was running and bleeding.
    She was about to move her lips, exhaling a trembling breath.
    From the audience, there was a sound that stopped breathing in surprise. His gaze reflexively turned to Cole below the podium.
    Sarah also had no choice but to be surprised.
    Cole, with her head covered in the mock snout that was wide open, was stru ggling with her back. His teeth, thick as thick as a human finger, flashed sharpl y.
    “Kill, you can’t kill me!”
    Sherael, who raised her voice and shouted, abruptly got up and rolled her fee t. Then, as if to reassure her, Kaede gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her ba ck.
    As she sat near his arms again, Serael's eyes didn't move away from Cole's h alf-eaten head.
    “Moga is eating cole! I could die there... !”
    “It’s not about eating. Look closely.”
    Looking back, something was shining in Cole's right hand, which he held up high.
    It was the wolf's golden collar that had to be taken away to successfully com plete the coming-of-age ceremony. The mock tail, like a black broom, swayed i n all directions as if expressing joy.
    When I checked the leash in Cole's hand, the men sitting on the podium jum ped up and clapped and cheered.
    Mo opened his gigantic snout again and this time bit Cole's neck.
    Serael reflexively shrugged at the menacing sight. Looking at the reactions ar ound him, he didn't seem to have any intention of harming him.
    “It’s a wolf’s expression of affection. I'm not attacking, I'm celebrating the cal l."
    “Bite the nape of the neck is an expression of affection... How can it be so w eird?”
    “In my eyes, there is nothing different from a human being.”
    “Does the Archduke show affection like that?”
    “It does. You must have received Serael as well. Don't you remember?"
    Memories of the office where intense physical contact had been exchanged suddenly rose.
    I was completely distracted by the thought that an affair was just around the corner. Her lips, excited by her clear pleasure, stalked her ears and the nape of her neck without hesitation.
    The unfamiliar sensation that touched his sensitive skin was tickling yet tend er, and it felt like a wave that could swallow Cerael at any moment.
    In the distance, I could see Cole squeezing my nose and stumbling from side to side.
    I looked more confused than when I emptied the barrel before. "Shit! mouth smell... . My mouth smells so bad... !”
    Cole's painful cry exploded like fireworks.
    The wolf's mouth must have smelled very bad.
    With his nose stuck up to his throat, poor Cole must have unintentionally enj oyed the smell of the beast's mouth.
    'I'm glad it ended safely though.'
    She sighed and buried herself in the chair.
    'I was surprised that Kaed mentioned the rumor.' Of course, Sarah was also aware of it.
    It is a scandal that the Duke of Vulkanov and the heir with the right to succes sion were killed in one day, and the man who was ostensibly adopted took ever ything.
    Others might point at Kaed on the back, but in fact, Seraeel had a different o pinion.
    All members of the Vlkanov family were descended from puppets establishe d by the imperial family long ago.
    Serael was well aware of how badly the slain member of the house had haras sed Kaed.
    Confucius, who had the most vicious nature, shot an arrow at Kaed's eyes usi ng the pretext of archery practice.
    'Due to Kaed's avoidance, he missed his shoulder, so damn it.'
    Originally, Caed was a man who would have killed Confucius because of the i ncident, and committed suicide after continuing an endless war with the duke.
    He now has only regained the title and territories he should have originally po ssessed. Humans deserving of death died and Caed escaped tragedy.
    I always wondered how it happened, but now I don't feel scared or want to a void him.
    “Sheep Sherael.”
    The voice in my ear was clouded by the thoughts that filled my mind.
    The night she went to the eve of her relationship, the reason she pushed him away was due to something else.
    That all of this is going by so fast.
    Getting to know each other and getting to know each other, getting to know each other, and getting married when you are convinced that you want to spen d the rest of your life together would be the ideal order.
    It was the first time they promised each other and got to know each other, s o whenever they ran into something, it was not easy to be convinced.
    Because that night, I had a strong thought about whether it was okay to be li ke this.
    'I don't know myself either.'
    I don't hate kissing Kaed again... .
    His image appeared in his blurred vision. Raeling his hands up and holding Se rrael's cheek, he drew closer.
    At the same time, something soft and damp touched Serael's neck. It was a feeling of reality, not imagination.

    “... ... !”
    Serael, startled, put her hand on the nape of her neck and looked back at Kae d.
    He bit her tilted upper body and stared intently at her.
    "Duke... . Did you just kiss my neck?”
    “It’s an expression of affection.”
    In response to the shameless answer, a smirk came out from Sarahel's teet h.
    “Can’t you come and give me a notice? Like before, I was really surprised.”
    “It’s because Miss Sherael doesn’t look after me.”
    “People may not be able to hear because they are thinking, so will you kiss m e every time?”
    “Can’t we? I'm going to get married soon."
    If this is the case even before the wedding, what are you going to do after th at without notice?
    Kaed lightly rested his cheek on Serael's shoulder, who was speechless. Eve n though she arbitrarily teased people, she had a natural look.
    For a brief moment of embarrassment, she felt a tickling sensation in her sto mach when she saw a man with a double physique gently stroking him.
    He was also seized by a strange urge to touch his smooth hair as it brushed against his skin.
    “I have a gift for the sheep of Sherael.”
    Kaed's voice seemed to be relaxed and relaxed.
    Sherael's eyes widened when she said that she would give her a present.
    “For me? really?"
    “I wish I could accept it. Will you come to my bedroom later?”
    “... Is my present in the Prince's bedroom?"
    There was a faint tension in Serael's voice that could only be discerned if you listen carefully.
    Kaed, who recognized all the tremors without having to raise his ears, secretl y raised the corners of his mouth.
    It's nice to see her smiling brightly, but the way she's confused is subtly addi ctive, so I wanted to over and over again.
    Kaed was strangely happy that he had such a bad taste.
    “It is not. The gift is due to arrive late at night, but I want to be with Miss Sar ahel until then.”
    "ah... .”
    “I even have a conversation to talk to. Can't you?”
    His conciliatory tone of voice seemed to contain some secret meaning.
    Sherael blinked for a moment and then nodded.
    "like. After the coming-of-age ceremony, we can go back together.”
    “I want to be alone with you at least for a moment.”
    “Ah, that, a little... . Everyone is watching, so don’t get too attached.”
    “Is it okay if it’s just the two of you?”
    He pulled Serael into his arms and kissed her round hair briefly.
    What kind of contradiction is it to ask if we can do this when there are only th e two of us and do it when everyone else is together?
    Embarrassed, Serael gently pushed him away with her elbow and changed th e topic.
    “What is a gift? I wonder what it is.”
    “See for yourself later. You will definitely like it.”
    “Give me a hint.”
    “Well, it would be a gift that Lecter would like.”
    What is it? Serael tilted her chin at the indescribable hint.
    I vaguely thought of flowers or items that a woman would wear, but as long a s Lecter was on it, that would never be the case.
    'Oh, please. Perhaps... ?'
    At first glance, Serael opened her eyes and looked up at Kaed.
    It was not strange to think that the person who would receive the gift was Ka eda, but his face had low expectations.
    Suddenly, Lecter jumped up from his seat. Lecter, who strode down the stair s, stood in front of the podium with a sad expression on his face.
    “I can't finish Cole's coming-of-age ceremony with such a boring ending. Aft er all, isn’t the best part of coming-of-age ceremony a fighting game?”
    "right. It is a proper coming-of-age ceremony when there are several people who are injured.”
    At some point, Cole, who took Lecter's seat, was excited and raised his fist. The other men also stomped their feet in great sympathy.
    “Who do you want to fight with?”
    Axel, who was eating the jerky, asked indifferently.
    Lecter saw him and exposed his fangs.
    “You, you bastard.”
    Axel stopped working due to sudden slander, abusive language, and a duel r equest. His eyebrows, which were always playfully curved, twisted violently.
    Lecter smiled coldly and continued.
    “I want to see you teasing and joking around all the time.”
    Axel threw away the chewed jerky and got up.
    “This child. Where did you get your voice?”
    “If it were you, would you like to write? Are you the one who released the rat tlesnake in my bed yesterday too? Come down. I'll break your fingers."
    “This is real.”
    The submerged air rose and Axel strode down the stairs.
    'I think I should dry it.'
    But the passing gaze was interesting, and Sarah sat down, anticipating what would happen next.
    I heard that the two, the youngest, often bumped into each other because of the large age gap.
    Rather than the fault of both parties, it was close to the level that Lecter suff ered because of Axel, who was particularly mischievous.
    Surroundings quickly became noisy due to unexpected and exciting sights. “I have been waiting for this day.”
    The fight began as soon as Axel descended from the platform.
    “The day when I can beat up my brother for no reason!”
    Lecter tried to kick at Axel's face with tremendous speed.
    Axel, frightened, hurriedly turned to the side to dodge.
    “Crazy bastard!”
    Axel, who regained his posture like a swift beast, slammed his fist.
    “Have you not thought about next time? You don't want to see me for a long time?"
    “Don't be silly! Does that hyung want to see me for a long time, so he puts t he snake under the blanket?”
    Lecter's headbutt spurted out blood that he didn't know belonged to. Not yielding to him, Axel raised a fist and struck Lecter's temple. Serael closed one eye tightly as a heavy plosive sound erupted.
    “It would be better not to make a scar on your face.”
    Seeing their growing wounds, Kaed shuddered.
    “Who are you talking about?”
    “Lecter. By the way, it will take you two hours to see the end, will it be oka y?”
    His gaze turned to Lecter and Axel, who were fighting back and forth.
    They were beating each other brutally with their fists and legs as if they were not tired.
    I couldn't figure out the dominance, so I wondered when it would end, accord ing to Kaed.
    “Can I go back to the castle without seeing the end?”
    “If Sherael wants it.”
    “I was afraid that the children would feel sad if it went on like this. Everyone was looking forward to my participation in the event.”
    “It’s not an official duel, so even if you get lost in the middle, you’ll understan d.”
    Serael looked at Lecter, who had just been hit in the eye, with pity. 'I hope Lecter wins.'
    Sending an inaudible cheer, she made eye contact with Kaed. “Then go back now.”
    Caed reached out his hand as if he had been waiting and raised Serael.
    The two walked through the noisy air.
    The dark light that had just left the castle had completely disappeared, and it was a dark night.
    On the way back to his bedroom, on the wagon with him, to the siege.
    Sherael's heart could not be calmed down easily and was pounding like a fish out of the water.
    "oh. Miss Sarah.”
    As soon as Serael entered the castle, a maid approached her with an excited expression.
    “You have returned to your nature. How have you been? timely... .”
    The maid, who had been chirping, saw Caed coming after her and quickly bo wed her head.
    “You’ve been there, my lord.”
    They opened the door for Sarah, but they didn't seem to find him right away, who came in late.
    “Keep talking. What's happen?"
    “It’s no different, uh... . The bedroom on the 3rd floor, where you were supp osed to move in, is ready.”
    According to his proposal, Serael was going to join her by nature sooner or lat er.
    The bedroom I was going to stay in was under construction, so I thought the move would be a few days away.
    “Are you saying you are ready to move in?”
    "yes. The luggage hasn't arrived yet, but it's enough to use it right away from today."
    The maid, who was easily nervous in front of Kaed, was so excited now that she couldn't hide her smile.
    “It’s a pretty bedroom that goes well with the lady. Mrs. Bailey took care of t he interior herself.”
    "okay? I want to see how it was decorated.”
    “Probably the brightest and most lovely room in the Grand Siege. Would you l ike to take a look when you come?”
    "Well... . I want to take a look.”
    Serael looked up at Kaed with anticipation.
    I wondered what the bedroom, which would become her own personal space from now on, would look like.
    Kaed, who was pulling the cravat down from the neck, nodded willingly.
    “Let’s go. I will wash first.”
    "yes. Then see you later.”
    The stairs leading up to the upper floors were divided into two parts.
    Kaed headed to my bedroom on the second floor through the stairs on the rig ht, and Sarah followed the maid up to the third floor.
    The maid raised her head at an angle that Serael could not see and let out a s ilent scream.
    'The two of you... !'
    It was a popular phrase among maids these days.
    The two of you did it again, the two of you will do it again, you two again!
    The maid wiped away her excited expression and smiled kindly.
    “Did you enjoy Cole’s coming-of-age ceremony? I was invited too, but I coul dn’t go.”
    “It was fun. Why didn't you come?"
    “Lecter advised that there would be a lot of blood. When I heard about it, of c ourse, none of the users were willing to come forward.”
    "I see. I wish I had come though.”
    “I definitely want to go to Lecter’s coming-of-age ceremony. That kid is so s weet. He is considerate and kind.”
    “Do you like Lecter?”
    The maid's face turned bright red at the sudden question.
    “No, miss. Still, there is probably no female user who doesn't like Lecter. It s eems that Lecter already has a woman in his heart.”
    "really? Who is that?”
    “Um, what was his name... . I think he was Roxa.”
    “It’s the first name I’ve ever heard.”
    Having reached the third floor, they walked towards the bedroom.
    “Anyway, it would have been unimaginable in the past that even a user like me could be invited to an event hosted by the Lord without hesitation. It is an h onor for me to work here after the Lord has taken his place.”
    “Be careful.”
    “... Oh, I'm sorry to be off topic."
    “It’s not that, you shouldn’t say things out of your mouth that seem to dispar age the previous duke. If it gets into the ears of a bad person, the Archduke ma y be in trouble. I agree with you.”
    “Yes, lady... .”
    While we were chatting, we arrived in front of Sarahel's new bedroom.
    “It was a project to insulate the walls, but it was said that it was completed s ooner than expected. I'm glad I was able to show her early."
    Because even the young lady wants to be with the Archduke as early as a da y... .
    I swallowed the shy words the maid said.
    When I opened the dark brown door made of walnut wood, I found a neat be droom with a soft yellow light.

    "Oh my goodness... .”
    As if welcoming the new owner, Serael looked around, carefully stepping on t he soft fleece carpet right in front of the door.
    The wallpaper and ceiling, which determine the atmosphere of the room, are warm ivory, giving it a very warm feeling.
    I couldn't find even the bleak and cold energy of the North.
    The combination of the light apricot-colored curtains in front of the window a nd the lace inlay also looked sophisticated and not overdone.
    A round table where you can enjoy tea time and a comfortable gray sofa were placed on one side.
    'How can such a bright space be created in a dark siege castle where vampir es are likely to appear.'
    It was said that it was a sunny room, so I think I would have liked it even mor e if I saw it in a bright day.
    Serael sat on the bed lined with soft duvets.
    The mattress that touched my hips was also very soft, so I wanted to forget about my face and lie down.
    “I like it very much.”
    “I thought she would like it.”
    “Construction is also construction, but you must have done all the cleaning. Y ou really did a great job.”
    "no. Of course it was something I had to do.”
    When the maid had finished speaking, she approached the chest of drawers and began to pack things in the basket.
    Judging by the bottle of rosy liquid and the purple salt, it must have been a b ath product.
    The maid opened the bathroom door with a sad expression on her face.
    "ruler. Now you have to bathe in your new bathroom.”
    "yes? suddenly?"
    I just came to take a quick look around the bedroom, but suddenly it became a bathing atmosphere.
    It was still before the marriage ceremony, so Serael was planning to go back to the spire later to wash.
    When Serael hesitated, the maid tilted her head and expressed her doubts.
    "sure. Wouldn't it be better for a girl to take a bath too?"
    When you see the word 'do', Kaed also washes, but Sarahel's tone was why she didn't.
    Sarah nodded her head with a confused expression.
    “Of course, you have to wash your hands... .”
    “Is that so too? Come on into the bathroom.”
    It felt like I was preparing for the first night out of nowhere.
    “... okay. I wash because I am done with the day, not for any other reason.” “I know all about your heart. I won't say anything, so don't be shy."
    There was a smile on the face of the maid who nodded with her eyes closed, saying that it was okay not to make any excuses.
    'Oh, really. I can't argue that it's not like that.'
    We decided to spend time together in Caed's bedroom until the gift arrived, but it feels a little different when both of them have been thoroughly washed... ?
    The maid who misunderstood Sarahel's concerns in a different direction smil ed happily.
    "Do not worry. All of the perfume and bath products are ready. Just in case, I brought the one used in the spire.”
    “No, I don’t really care about that... . Rather, why are my bath products her e?”
    “I brought it up just in case you didn’t know. There is hot water, so bath wate r will be ready in no time. Come this way."
    The luggage has not been moved yet, so why did the bathing items arrive fir st?
    Eventually, Serael surrendered herself to a maid.
    When I soaked my whole body in the warm water mixed with the bath salt, my fatigue was relieved. Her eyes were closed at the hand gestures that gently relieved her sore muscles.
    Even so, my heart raced like a woman before the first night. Her maid's effort s to apply perfume with more passion and sincerity than usual may also have pl ayed a part.
    After bathing, Serael, who had changed into thin clothes, left the bedroom.
    “Then I will go.”
    “Oh, it’s okay if you don’t come back. I don't care. I will completely empty th e floor.”
    It was just a greeting, but the maid slapped her hand as if she didn't want to say anything and added strange words to each and every word.
    'I don't know why the sex atmosphere is like this these days.'
    Even seeing Serael and Kaed together, everyone's expressions changed. Eve n though they were happy, they were often surprised or covered their mouths.
    'I'm embarrassed because everyone makes a lot of fuss even when I have a normal conversation with the Archduke.'
    Immediately after taking a bath, Serael, whose cheeks were stained with a p ale blush, unintentionally exuded a fragrant smell and headed to his bedroom.
    I'm going to raise the back of my hand to knock, but why is this insignificant movement shaking so much?
    “The Grand Duke?”
    He knocked on the door with a bright voice in order not to show nervousnes s.
    “My lord, it’s me.”
    “Come in.”
    When she heard a low voice, Sarah carefully opened the bedroom door.
    I set foot in the space I had already been to, clearing my breathing with a slig ht tremor.
    It was a space in stark contrast to her new bedroom, which had a warm over all impression.
    The wallpaper and a few furniture were all painted dark, and it was also a pla ce where it was difficult to feel the warmth due to the unexplained coolness.
    Serael looked around the spacious interior and noticed something flesh-color ed moving in one side of the bedroom.
    'skin color... ?'
    His eyes turned to Kaed as if attracted by a magnet.
    He came out of the bathroom, wiping his wet hair, with his bare upper body completely exposed, wearing only black bottoms.
    “... ... !”
    Sherael's blue eyes widened so much that she couldn't get any bigger than t his.
    Thanks to this, Kaed's naked torso clearly came into view.
    The large pectoral muscles that had clearly revealed their existence through t he fabric were boldly exposed.
    Whenever Kaed moved the arm holding the towel, the serratus serratus engr aved on the thick side tube slowly waved and caught his eye.
    Several pieces of abs and protruding long bones were all caught in Serael's e yes.
    Whether it was from embarrassment or admiration, Serael exhaled a sigh tha t came out of an unknown emotion with her exhalation.
    It was a moment when the secret of a solid physique that kept attracting atte ntion even when wearing clothes was revealed without hiding.
    Wouldn't it be like that if the god in charge of beauty sculpted the ideal male body with all his passion and sex?
    His body was so smooth and perfect that it made such an absurd illusion.
    As soon as her gaze was connected with the naked Kaed, her heart, which h ad been beating so violently that she thought there was something wrong, plu mmeted down there.
    “... Fuck!”
    Serael screamed and turned around. It wasn't enough, so he hurriedly covere d his eyes with his palms.
    Even in the midst of embarrassment, he rolled his eyes up and down and left and right to look around, and now he looked shy.
    “What if I tell you to come in even though you’re not wearing any clothes!”
    “Did you wash? It smells good.”
    Instead of answering, Kaed said in a very casual tone, as if tossing and walki ng around.
    Turning around and blindfolding her eyes, Serael was conscious of his move ment with a high-pitched hearing.
    Hearing the sound of the closet door squeaking open, it looked like he was o nly wearing his shirt.
    For a time that felt too long, she tried to calm her unsatisfied mind.
    However, the thick, perfectly balanced body of a sculptural man did not fall o ut of his mind, so it was useless no matter what he did.
    Serael rebuked him in a hoarse voice.
    “You should have told me before I came in!”
    “What do you mean?”
    “You haven’t put on your clothes yet!”
    "ah. I feel bad.”
    The closet door closed again as the voice of Kaed, which had a faint smile on it, made a point.
    Soon there was the sound of cloth flapping lightly.
    The body, with its bumpy, angry muscles, was depicted changing clothes.
    Sherael closed her eyes tighter to shake off the wild imagination. How can yo u be so calm by showing off your naked body?
    “Rather than bad... No, that's bad! I was rudely invading the Prince's privacy." “Then you should be offended by my intrusion, why is Miss Sarahel angry?” “... That's right. Sorry."
    “You don’t have to apologize.”
    “Are you not feeling well, Grand Duke?”
    “It’s bad. I want to show Miss Sarahel everything, whether it’s her private life or anything.”
    The sound of footsteps, which were neither slow nor fast, approached.
    It felt like he was coming this way.
    Caed grabbed Serael's shoulder and turned it toward me, removing even the two hands that covered his eyes.
    Then, two eyes with different emotions collided.
    He had changed into a neat white shirt.
    The slightly damp black hair gave off a more intense scent than usual and tou ched the tip of Serael's nose nonstop.
    A man and a woman who smell their scent after bathing are facing each othe r in the bedroom. Dry saliva ran down Sherael's throat as she openly gasped for breath.
    “Are you mad at me?”
    "no. just... .”
    When I saw him, my heart pounded unexpectedly, and there were times wh en I was reminded of an embarrassing contact that I could not express out lou d.
    I had never experienced anything like this before meeting Kaed. She said he had never met such a charming man, but... .
    “Don’t be angry. If something like this happens again, I'll let you know in adv ance so that I can take a look before you come in because I'm naked."
    “It’s a bit... no. I wasn't offended, so don't worry about it."
    In hindsight, it was not reasonable for Serael to burst into anger even though it was Kaed who showed off his naked body.
    “Come here.”
    He took Sarah's hand and led him to bed.
    Is it because of the gift you prepared? Today he looked strangely good.
    As I followed him like someone fascinated by something, Kaed sat down on t he edge of the wide bed. Then he buried his head in the belly of Sherael, who was standing there, and hugged him softly.
    A cautious, yet irrepressible force seized Serael.
    The fragrant moisture in his hair quickly wet the thin dress.
    “Can I hug you?”
    “You already have it.”
    When he replied sternly, Kaed laughed softly.
    After a brief silence, Serael wrapped her arms around his wide shoulders.
    I mustered up more courage and slowly wiped away the black hair I had the u rge to touch.
    As if in response, Kaed dug deeper into his arms.
    “Are you not asking anything?”
    His head was bowed, so he couldn't tell what expression he was making.
    “You know what I’m talking about. Is there really nothing you want to ask m e?”
    It was a question pointing to the publicly spread scandal of Kaed.
    Slowly raising his chin, he looked up at Sarah.
    He had innocent eyes as if a man of great size was longing for affection.
    Because of the height difference, it was always Sarahel who had no choice b ut to look up with all her round eyes.
    Now that the familiar position had been reversed, emotions that could not be easily defined were engulfing Serael's head.
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    “The Grand Duke.”
    Sherael put a hesitant hand on his hard shoulder.
    Suddenly, a scar under the thin fabric brushed against Sarah's finger. When I scanned it with my fingertips as if to measure it, I could feel the bulkiness of th e thickly protruding scar.
    'I was surprised to see a naked body so I forgot.'
    On his left shoulder was a scar from a deep cut. Sherael also knew what this had caused.
    Caed noticed where her hand was touching and twisted his straight lips.
    “Want to see?”
    I was very happy to find my scar. After nodding without a word, Caed unbutt oned the button without breaking his gaze.
    Serael's heart raced wildly, even though she knew it was a simple act to sho w her scars.
    The second thing I noticed was his bare upper body.
    An ugly mark was engraved on the skin that a sharp arrowhead would have d ug long ago. It was a white scar that showed that he had recovered without maj or problems over time.
    However, only the wounds in the heart that occurred at the same time as the well-forged iron tip could not have been repaired.
    “Did this hurt a lot?”
    Serael asked carefully, scanning his scar.
    “I think I was angry at first rather than hurt. It’s a long memory, so it’s vagu e.”
    “Even if you say so... . It's a wound that would have taken a long time to hea l... .”
    "it's okay. The one who left this mark on me is already dead.”
    Unlike Serael, who can't speak easily, Kaed added insignificantly. Then she p ut her cheek to Serae's bosom and rubbed it slowly.
    Although not directly witnessed by Serael, the horrific scene was vividly portr ayed.
    Confucius must have pointed his hunting bow at Kaed while grinning. An arro w aimed at his left eye missed his shoulder, and Caed brutally killed Confucius on the spot.
    With that as an opportunity, he fought an endless war with his adoptive fathe r, and he must have committed suicide on the day of victory.
    This was the development that Sarah knew.
    But in the world we live in now, they have not waged any wars.
    The Duke Vlkanov, Confucius, and all members of the family with the right to succession were slaughtered one day at a time after a few years of favor.
    The man sitting in front of him was shot by an arrow in the same spot, but h e was standing in front of Serael with everything he had to possess.
    “The Grand Duke.”
    Serael stroked Kaed's jawline with her gentle hand.
    He had a dull expression on his face as usual. However, there was a clear wa rmth in her face, which was touched by her fingerprints from her Se Rael, and t he intense heat in her eyes towards her was young.
    “I chose the Archduke because I wanted my life to be happier.”
    In the dazzling gold eyes, only Serael was being projected.
    “For me, life is more important to me. I wish it was the same for the Grand D uke. I just want to bury the past without thinking about it.”
    Why is it so important to ask about his unhappy past?
    I didn't want to find out who he killed and how he did it out of curiosity.
    Serael, who had a past life that she did not want to recreate, wanted to focus on her future journey.
    Kaed opened his eyes for a moment and was immersed in a certain thought.
    He seemed to have something else to say, but he didn't seem to end up utte ring it.
    “Can I hug you?”
    Instead, I asked the same question as before.
    She loosened her slightly stiff expression and smiled playfully. “You’re still holding it.”
    “I don’t mean that.”
    A subtle power entered the hand that was holding it. Caed pulled Serael up a nd put her on my lap. The posture was the same as last time, but the place wa s a bed.
    “I want to hold the Sherael sheep.”
    He whispered in his ear as if asking for permission and looked at her softly. T he man's eyes, who felt it was difficult to understand her inner feelings, were b oiling.
    His gaze on only Sarahel slowly descended to his lips. His eyes were longing for something.
    At that moment, Serael, realizing the meaning behind the repeated question, took a deep breath like a hiccup.
    Both cheeks were reddened by the lust that touched them explicitly. “Uh... .”
    “I want to go to the deepest part of you.”
    He buried his lips in Sarah's white neck.
    Did you say that it was an expression of affection when you saw a wolf biting Cole at the coming-of-age ceremony? Now, Kaed was doing something no diff erent.
    Unsurprisingly, he put his lips together first to make a rubbing sound, then ra ised his teeth and licked it softly while biting the soft flesh.
    He licked his lips and sucked his skin.
    The tender touch was gradually losing patience. As the sensation of touching sensitive areas became even more dizzy, a squeaky sound began to fill the wid e space.
    “It’s tickling.”
    Serael unknowingly shrugged her shoulders and pushed her upper body bac k.
    At the same time, in his eyes, the purity he had had a while ago disappeared as if washed away.
    Instead, as if he had caught a moving prey, his eyes were shining brightly.
    Caed held her tightly to prevent her from escaping, determined and licked he r lips.
    The desire to pursue a fleeing creature and grab its neck was a hunting instin ct that only existed during border expeditions.
    It was only after meeting Serael that Caed realized that this tenacious nature could be transformed into other forms.
    It was not a lust that burns in moderation and then fades away, leaving only a shes.
    Kaed wanted to pour out all the emotions that were constantly rising day by day into her.
    Seeing her accepting her even if she didn't know anything, even if she wante d to keep pace with the slowed pace, her evil ambition soared, wanting to teas e her out of her mind.
    Serael, who suddenly sensed a presence outside the window, pushed Kaed's head off.
    He stopped Serael's hand without stopping, as if he didn't realize it at all. “Just outside... .”
    “Stay still.”
    “What do you hear outside?”
    His eyes, unable to completely remove the remnants of excitement, also look ed out the window.
    The sound of the rolling wheels and the hooves of three or four horses were getting closer and closer.
    “Are the guests supposed to come at this time?”
    “... no. Looks like a present for you has arrived.”
    Sadly, Kaed buried his face in the nape of her slender neck.
    Although the person concerned had not yet noticed, there were several brigh t red bloodshot marks on his white skin.
    Caed smiled with satisfaction in secret and got up.
    I hand wrapped the furry cloak around her and then untied my shirt to captur e it.
    “Go out and check it out.”
    After Kaed's words, Serael re-imagined what the gift would be.
    If it was enough to have to ride a wagon, it was obviously a size, an unusual gift, or life.
    A gift that not only Serael but also Lecter will like.
    There was some guesswork, so she left the bedroom with Kaed with a little excitement.
    It was already close to midnight, so it was chilly outside.
    Serael trodden to the courtyard, fastening her fur cloak. Kaede, who followed her, walked silently at her stride.
    A heavy black carriage was standing right in front of the castle. The coachma n, who jumped out of his seat, saw Kaed and was polite.
    “I brought you safely as you commanded.”
    "Good work."
    Kaed tossed a money bag that must have cost dozens of gold coins at the dri ver.
    Although he received it reflexively, the coachman waved his hand with a sad expression on his face.
    “I do not ask for anything in return, my lord. I just did what I had to do.”
    “Take it, as it is a disgrace for the hard work I did to bring the present to my b ride without a hitch.”
    “... Thank you, Lord.”
    As the conversation progressed, Serael's eyes could not fall from the carriage door.
    Then, the car door creaked open, and with a creaking movement, someone s tepped forward.
    It was a very familiar face.
    A smile spread across her face, and Sarah hugged Lucy. Since her birth moth er passed away, she has been her maid, who has been by her side and the onl y side of Serael.
    “I expected you to come.”
    Lucy, who was a little stunned, immediately exclaimed in a thrilled voice.
    “Lady Sarah... !”
    Lucy held her in her arms to the extent that those who did not know the relat ionship between the two felt a little rude.
    “How have you been? I miss her so much.”
    Sarah smiled lightly and patted Lucy.
    The maid, holding her waist tightly, suddenly stopped holding her hand.
    “Ugh. I thought he would have lost weight by going to the North, but it’s no t.”
    “Okay. you've been in good health Do you feel a little fat?”
    “No, he’s so dry that he doesn’t even drink tea. I said it because you looked good.”
    Lucy, who looked around at the girl's hair and skin, which she had been takin g care of by hand every day, smiled warmly.
    “Be flawless.”
    “I really missed you. How did you come all the way here?”
    Lucy's eyes turned to Kaed, who was watching the two women reunite with arms crossed from behind.
    “I see you, Archduke Vlkanov.”
    Lucy was a little frightened just by meeting her, avoiding her eyes and bowin g her back.
    "So... Shortly after she left, a message came to her mansion.”
    “The Archduke sent it.”
    "yes. She wanted a maid who knew her well to attend her, because she was a notice to let me go.”
    It was not likely that the Marquis of Milrose, famous for his shackles, would h ave easily let Lucy, who worked well and had a low salary.
    As a person who only knows money, he must have asked for money.
    Sarah turned her head to look at Kaed. She was grateful for bringing her one and only friend, but there was something she wanted to confirm.
    “Duke. Did you pay my father money to bring Lucy?”
    If Kaed gave money to the marquis, who only saw my wife as a means of ear ning money, I would really hate it.
    “I didn’t.”
    As he stared at Sarah with calm eyes, he answered clearly.
    “I think you will hate it if you give it to the house. I just asked for it as a favo r.”
    "ah... . What a relief. I think my father was willing to allow it.”
    “I didn’t even think about it. You see, I sent her maid as soon as I got my lett er.”
    It reminded me of the image of my father, who was leaning towards Kaed in a low-key attitude that I couldn't be more submissive than this.
    Sending the one and only woman to the north alone while being able to assig n a user so easily.
    Common sense was that it made no sense for an aristocratic woman who wa s about to get married to go home without a servant.
    The family didn't have common sense, and Serael knew that the territory clos e to the border was dangerous anyway, so they couldn't bring Lucy comfortabl y... .
    “Lucy, I’m so glad you came. I also lived in Karlsvik and it was a good place. You will get used to it soon.”
    “It’s nice to see you again.”
    Serael hugged Lucy once more and this time approached Kaed.
    “Thank you so much for your concern, Grand Duke.”
    “I thought Sherael would like it.”
    Sherael lifted her claws and stretched out her arms and pulled him by the ne ck.
    Her already stiff body seemed to stiffen for a moment, and then a large hand wrapped around her back.
    Not only that, Kaed lowered his chin and kissed her plump lips briefly.

    “... ... !”
    Lucy is clearly watching... !
    Embarrassed by the unrestrained contact, Sarah escaped from his arms in de spair.
    I came here doing something worse than this a while ago, but if you have ey es to see, it's a different story.
    Lucy, who witnessed the unexpected act of love, widened her eyes.
    'As soon as I arrived in the North, they showed me a kissing scene!'
    The last time I saw it, there was obviously an awkward and awkward atmosp here between the two of them.
    A little time has passed, but now, like a lover who has just started dating, sh e is so fresh.
    In particular, it was shocking to see a man who seemed to not get a drop of blood even if he stabbed him with a knife and expressed his cute affection.
    'And if I'm not mistaken... .'
    At first glance, when Serael opened the cloak that reached to the end of her neck, what caught Lucy's vision was an embarrassing bloodshot mark.
    It was a trace that could sufficiently infer what kind of action had taken place.
    'The two of you must be really good friends.'
    Lucy knew how deeply Serael anguished over going to an unfamiliar place wit h a stranger.
    It was a decision he had made to avoid the horny old man, but it was no less than a choice he had to choose after being pushed to the edge of a cliff.
    'I was worried about whether I would be able to do well in a parched land.'
    Now Serael has gained a bit of weight to look good on her skinny body, and h er complexion looks even better.
    Seeing the happy face of the girl she had longed for so much, Lucy secretly s hed tears of emotion.
    At that time, several men appeared in a dark place in the courtyard.
    They were Valken men who returned from a coming-of-age ceremony.
    “Look over there. The boss and the sister are kissing again.”
    Cole cried out in a loud voice.
    I think I lowered my voice, but unfortunately, I could hear all the way to wher e Sarahel was.
    “We were together all through the coming-of-age ceremony before, but the y’re kissing here too.”
    “Speak quietly. Your sister is shy.”
    “It’s a bit painful because I kiss you every time I see you. A person who does n't have a lover is really sad, isn't it?"
    “Hey. The boss sees here. If you don't want to die, close your eyes and prete nd you didn't see me."
    The six close associates exchanged whispers of one mana and blinked at the m.
    The man who was suddenly walking on the edge of ten tilted his head.
    It was Lecter with black bruises all over the place as if he had been beaten h ard by Axel.
    He kept looking at this side with a puzzled expression on his face.
    To be precise, he was looking at Lucy standing in front of the carriage.
    Unlike the other five who headed to the dormitory, Lecter changed direction and approached Serael.
    “Lecter, where are you going?”
    “I have a face I know. Brothers, go in first.”
    Lecter, who quickly got closer, leaned his upper body down and observed Lu cy's face.
    “Aren’t you Lucy? Right?"
    When my name was mentioned out of the blue, Lucy was also surprised.
    Serael looked at the two of them with great interest. He even looked back at Kaed with a playful smile.
    “Yes, that’s right... .”
    "Wow. Are you really Lucy? What are you doing up north? so nice Did you co me to see Seriel-sama for a second?”
    "no... I will continue to stay here.”
    "really? that is great. I miss you, hmmm. I've always wondered how you're doi ng.”
    “But who are you... ?”
    Lucy looked up at Lecter with a slightly wary look. It was not easy to recogniz e him, who had become a blind man due to a fierce duel.
    “It’s like this, so I can’t remember. It's me. You gave me the food basket that night too.”
    Come to think of it, there was a time when Lecter and Lucy had time to the mselves.
    It was when Serael delivered the food basket to him through Lucy.
    At that time, the two had a brief conversation and promised to put it all toget her.
    "I do not remember? We sat down and shared bread together.” "Ugh. You are Lecter.”
    “Are you recognizing now?”
    "You're dumb... No, why is your face like that?”
    “I was beaten in a duel with Axel. Don't get me wrong because I won. Still, if I had known you were here, I would have been a little more sane.”
    "Yes... . Congratulations on winning the duel.”
    “Even if I won, I just did it, but it feels good to be congratulated by you.”
    Lecter grinned.
    Serael reached out a helping hand to Lucy, who was hesitant as she did not k now what to do.
    “Lucy, Jim will be there too, so why not ask Lecter to listen?”
    “Oh, it’s not that heavy... .”
    “Oh my, it looks so heavy. Then, Lecter, will you guide Lucy to the user’s dor m?”
    “Lucy is the first in the North, so there must be a lot of questions. Good luck in the future.”
    "sure. I will sacrifice my life to protect her.”
    Valken men sacrifice their lives in a bloody way.
    Like the recipient of the unexpected gift, Lecter looked happy.
    “Lucy, come this way. I will show you the entrance from the main castle to th e user’s dormitory.”
    Lucy hesitated for a moment as she looked at him, and then grabbed Serael's hand.
    “You don’t know how happy I am to have met Mrs. I will adjust to this place a s soon as possible and take care of you.”
    "What are you talking about. Don't worry about that. You are now part of our f amily. I will take good care of you.”
    "miss... .”
    “I hope you like the Grand Duke. It looks like a ghost from the outside, but th ere are only good people here.”
    Sarah pushed Lucy's back.
    “Come on. Come to me anytime you need help. I will also tell the maid of ho nor about you.”
    “Thank you, miss. Then I will go in first to unpack.”
    After finishing her words, Lucy nodded and bowed to Kaed.
    Then he walked towards Lecter, who was already waiting with his luggage.
    Serael covered my cheeks with both hands as they watched the two of them walking towards their residence.
    “Wow... . It feels like a dream for Lucy to come to the Grand Siege.”
    “When we talked about the gift, it seemed like you had some sense of it. is not it?"
    “It was a gift that Lecter would also like, so I guessed it was Lucy. The two o f you seemed interested in each other from the first meeting.”
    Serael stared at Kaed with twinkling blue eyes.
    “Again, thank you so much. I don't know how to repay you.”
    As if nothing special, he raised one eyebrow and smiled.
    It felt like his lower abdomen was being pulled tight at the word reciprocatio n.
    “Thank you.”
    Serael looked around the outside of the siege with eyes that were once again impressed.
    A lot happened during this day.
    After Cole's coming-of-age ceremony, Lucy, whom she thought she would n ever see, came to the North, and had a conversation with Kaed and something like that... I also do acts of love.
    “It has been a very long day. I want to go in and rest.”
    Do I have to take a carriage to get back to the spire? It's annoying. Since the bedroom of the nature has just been prepared, shall we sleep there?
    As he continued his thoughts as they came to his mind, suddenly a long sha dow fell on the back of Serael's head.
    It happened before I even looked back and saw Kaed.
    He reached out his arms at a slow pace and hugged Serael's back.
    She looked down quietly at the man's hands interlacing slowly on my stomac h.
    The sound of even breathing scattered in my ears.
    “Then go to sleep.”
    “... yes?"
    A sentence that does not refer to a place could be misleading. Sherael sighe d and licked his lips.
    "where... Where?”
    “Where are you?”
    Caed, who tightly hugged Serae from behind, whispered in a low, subdued v oice.
    “I wish I could go to sleep in my bedroom today.”
    His subordinates had just gone out with an embarrassing sound, but he didn' t seem to care.
    She wrapped her arms around Serael's body, which was enough to wrap one arm around her, and locked her in her arms.
    Then he exhaled a breath of warmth that blew through the nape of her neck.
    They shared in the bedroom, but it seemed like they couldn't do it.
    But Sarahel was more embarrassed by the suggestion that made her doubt h er ears than the touch that wrapped her around her back.
    “Are you telling me to go to sleep in the Prince’s bedroom?” “Is this an unreasonable request?”
    The ensuing question prompted an answer.
    “It’s not... I wonder what you want to do with me.”
    Sherael hesitated and asked what she wanted to know, but she could not hid e the agitation in her voice.
    Hearing even a funny joke, Kaed laughed out loud.
    “Are you asking because you don’t know?”
    “I know, but I’m just asking around.”
    “Hmm. There are a lot of things I want to do, but if I ask for it, Miss Sarahel s eems to run away.”
    Sherael blinked her round eyes at the mysterious words.
    'Is there a lot of things you want to do?'
    Of course, she wasn't an ignorant idiot either, so it was natural for a man and a woman to share in bed.
    Holding hands and kissing each other, the knot of expression of affection wa s bound to end in only one.
    So shouldn't there be only one thing you want to do in bed?
    How can there be many
    She had no way of knowing the various thoughts that entered Kaed's head.
    “Why are you so nervous? Today, I just want to sleep in the same bed.”
    "ah... .”
    He gently squeezed the two hands that wrapped around Sarah's belly.
    “Aren’t you worried that I can’t even sleep properly? My insomnia will get bet ter when you're by my side."
    At the rather obvious pun, Sarah let out a small laugh.
    "Nonsense. Don't play around.”
    “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you check it out tonight?”
    He seemed unwilling to give up as much as I thought he was such a tenacio us man in the first place.
    In fact, Serael wasn't too reluctant to close her eyes in the same bed with hi m.
    His bedroom had a strangely empty and eerie vibe, even though the owner w as obviously there. In the bed with no wrinkle-free sheets, there was hardly an y trace of a human being except for a mild scent.
    I guessed that Kaed had severe insomnia, but when I saw the unoccupied be droom, I felt a bit of pity.
    There was also the belief that he would keep the good to some extent, so Se rael eventually nodded to Kaed, who pressed her lips to her cheek.
    "I see. Okay, so please let go of this hand for now.”
    Serael, clenching her fists, playfully slammed his arm, which didn't budge.
    It was immediately after hearing the gossip and lament that the two were kis sing each time they saw each other, so the gaze around them was burdensom e.
    'I thought everyone wasn't paying attention at the coming-of-age ceremony, but they must have been pretending not to know.'
    It's past midnight now, and there's probably no one to see, but it would be to o embarrassing if anyone witnessed them hugging each other in the dark outdo ors.
    “Sir, let this go quickly. I’m worried about who will see it.”
    “I love the smell of a Sherael sheep, so I want to keep cuddling it.”
    “I can hug you as much as I want in bed later.”
    The words were meant to get out of his arms, but in a subtle tone that could be accepted in other ways.
    Kaed released the woman who had been imprisoned in his arms.
    Serael took a half-step back, and he held out his hand as if to stop him.
    I want you to hug me in bed. Even knowing what she meant, it sounded so g ood to hear.
    Kaed looked down at her with an expression on the face of the chef who was presented with the best ingredients, contemplating how to cook it.
    'how will we do it.'

    Serael's unintentional utterance stimulated Kaed's dark inner feelings, which he had been hiding, and abruptly rose to the surface.
    “Are you listening?”
    Serael narrowed her eyes narrowly trying to understand his heart, who was ju st staring down at him without saying a word.
    “... I am listening.”
    Impatient that she might change her mind, Kaed gave strength to her claspe d hands.
    It wasn't painful, but it was the grip that showed that he would never let Sera el go.
    “It’s cold, so you better go inside.”
    As soon as unwholesome possessiveness surfaced on his lavish face, he tur ned and took the lead.
    Soon after entering the castle, the two men silently walked through the wide hall and headed to the second floor.
    A faint light came out from the long wall lights, illuminating the dark corridor.
    As if the maid was not joking when she said that she would empty the floor f or the two of them, there was not a single ant cub on the second floor.
    The surroundings were so quiet, Serael felt as if the pounding of his heart co uld be detected by him standing next to him.
    Passing through the hallway where only the sound of footsteps could be hear d, Caed swung open the wooden door leading to his bedroom.
    A huge bed lying like a purple in the dark room caught Serael's attention.
    Caed took off the cloak he had been wearing, from Serael's body. As her she er one-piece outfit was revealed, she swung her away from her eyes.
    Even though it was the comfortable clothes I had been wearing before, I felt l ike I was naked because I was going to sleep instead of sleeping.
    He looked at Serael's slightly trembling hand and looked up again to meet the ir eyes.
    “Are you cold?”
    “The Prince’s bedroom is a bit chilly, but... It’s not that I’m shivering because it’s cold.”
    “You are nervous. I will order you to bring me some hot tea to calm you dow n.”
    “No, it’s okay. I'm tired, so I want to go to sleep."
    I thought it would be better to lie down in bed and close my eyes to get rid o f the burning sensation while tickling somewhere.
    Serael left Caed alone and went to the bedside and pulled out the blanket.
    She quietly went into the duvet and laid her head on the pillow, looking up at him, who was still standing blankly. Her little hand tapped the empty seat next to her.
    “Lie down.”
    Kaed couldn't stop laughing at the force that was filled with trembling.
    He hurriedly approached and soon took a seat next to Sarah. The smell of his body, which he had become accustomed to, was felt through his senses.
    Serael pulled the blanket under her chin and looked up at the ceiling with onl y her eyes rolling.
    'Today feels like the first night.'
    It was time to head to his bedroom after taking a bath.
    I felt like I was going to spend the first night, and for nothing, my breathing b ecame unstable and my heart was pounding at will.
    Although they are not going to do the rituals that should be performed in the early night, tonight was the first night the two of them spent.
    I asked Caed to come and lie down with curiosity, but it didn't calm down eve n more when we lay down together.
    It seemed awkward to lie down side by side looking at the ceiling, so Sarah t urned on the other side and bent her upper body in a circle.
    It was a futile expectation. Kaede, who was on top of his body, took Rael's ba ck with his strong arms and pressed it close to my chest.
    It didn't stop there, but he started to caress her stomach, moving his hands li ttle by little.
    The sticky touch felt on the thin fabric of the dress felt as if it was going to in vade somewhere at any moment.
    Unbearable, Serael opened her mouth. “The Grand Duke.”
    “... ... .”
    “The Grand Duke?”
    “Don’t talk, go to sleep.”
    “It’s not that, how can I fall asleep if I keep touching it... .”
    Even though he was whining with a loud voice, Kaed laughed and made fun of his hands without a break.
    I didn't think he'd leave him alone in bed. Serael gave up halfway and accepte d his hand.
    In fact, the large hand that occupied almost half of the upper body gently car essed the feel of it.
    The occasional movement that seemed to grow quickly was also quite good. It was the same with the arms that securely wrapped her back, and the warmt h and warmth of her body.
    Despite the fact that she had complained, her eyelids grew heavier and heavi er.
    Serael, unaware of the imagination that Kaed had been savoring behind her b ack, was slowly engulfed by a mysterious sense of helplessness.
    '... Good mood. I want you to keep touching me.'
    About the time when such a feeling suddenly appeared, Sarahel's eyes close d.
    Her pulse, which had been fluttering with tension all the time, changed evenl y, and the sound of her breath had a sense of depth.
    At that time, Kaed got up slightly and looked at the side of Serael who was a sleep. And he carefully rubbed her lips on the back of her back.
    He buried his nose in the part where his fine hair was dry, inhaled the fragran t body odor, and lightly sucked the skin that touched his lips.
    When she was wary and gave her a pin cup, she touched me a few times an d she fell asleep quickly, and she was funny and cute... She even wanted to sh ake it up to wake her up and be terrified.
    Can it be normal to get so excited by seeing a woman sleeping soundly?
    He seemed to have become an unscrupulous, unanswered man waiting for h er to fall asleep.
    Contrary to the thought that came to mind, however, Caed gently pushed the thin cloth covering Serae's shoulders under his forearm.
    He gently stroked the pure white skin that had been bathed in the moonlight with his fingers. It was a strange feeling to touch the soft flesh of a woman I w as in love with with a strong hand that had only taken her life.
    At the same time, there was a sadistic urge to break through at will. Even Ka ed himself could not understand the double-mindedness of my ever-changing mind.
    How soft and beautiful her body will one day be captured with both eyes.
    Just the thought of drawing my traces on a body like a piece of paper made my heart ache.
    It was like a person who suddenly found an oasis after not being able to drink a sip of water for several days.
    Caed secretly engraved blood on Serael's exposed shoulder.
    As she slept, Serael trembled slightly, not knowing that he was patting me lik e a dog.
    “Uh... .”
    Seeing her crouching down with a groan as if in pain, Kaed suddenly felt paral yzed.
    In my past life, which was only black and white, there was the only moment when I had color. At that time, the two lay down in the same position as they a re now, sharing body temperature, and warming each other's bodies.
    It was an abandoned old barn, not on a soft bed, and it was a precarious situ ation in which it was difficult to sprout emotions.
    Still, the feelings and memories that were dyed red. It was the only driving fo rce that kept Kaed from losing himself in his repeated life.
    “I just want to bury the past without thinking about it.”
    However, Sarahel's voice, who wanted to cover up the things that had alread y flowed, resonated in her head.
    'Can I bury it?'
    Without knowing the circumstances, it would have been possible to say.
    In Kaed's past life, the two met like fate and shared time together, even for a short time.
    How can he not recall the memories that are nothing but the medium that co nnects them?
    After thinking to no avail, Kaed kissed her on the shoulder briefly.
    I wanted to do whatever Serael asked me to do. If you listen carefully to what he is saying, you will be able to open your heart to him as well.
    A tender heart that suddenly bloomed has barely grasped his reason. Kaede patted her and lifted the hem of her robe, as if to appease her tossing and turni ng.
    She covered her with a thick blanket and hugged her adorable little body agai n, but strangely, drowsiness came over her.
    How many times have you felt your vision blurred as your mind relaxes? I've never felt such a pleasurable sleepiness, even twice in my life.
    Kaed also slowly closed his eyes, taking in the precious sound of breathing in his ear as a lullaby.
    As the morning sunlight hit his eyes, Kaed woke up.
    Raising his upper body slowly, he could not easily get out of the vague sense he was not used to.
    I slept through the long night without waking up once.
    It was just an excuse when I proposed to Serael, recounting my irregular circ adian rhythm, but he didn't know that he could sleep so comfortably just by bei ng with her.
    Raising his hair once, Kaed turned his gaze to her, who had not yet risen. An d she froze like a stone statue.
    “... ... !”
    when was it
    A flash of light flashed at Sarahel complaining that she wasn't a good sleepe r.
    In particular, I remember that it was difficult to sleep in one-piece pajamas b ecause the hem of the dress went up to the chin in the morning.
    What she said was never a lie.
    The blanket that Caed had covered last night was kicked and rolled at his fee t, and Sarahel's long saliva was rolled up to her clavicle, revealing her naked bod y in her underwear.
    Facing an endurance test boasting an extremely difficult level of difficulty, Ca ed forgot how to breathe and captured the dazzling figure of Serael.
    “... ... .”
    Kaed's heart was beating rapidly, narrowing the interval between the beating s, and power entered a strange place without any control.
    It was only last night that I had an impure imagination of how attractive her n aked body would be.
    In the distant future, I thought that I would be able to see it at the end or wh en Serael wanted it, but I didn't know that I would be able to appreciate it from the wind this morning.
    His slender belly, which went up and down in sync with his breath, and his w hite thighs and slender ankles, Kaed's eyes fluttered violently.
    A sparse breath flowed out of my teeth as the urge to touch my lips immedia tely exploded everywhere.
    'Shall I hug you?'
    Instinct whispered sweetly like a devil.
    The blood in his body boils, and he frantically incites him to get what he want s.
    Kaed was now in the agony of a lifetime.
    After being motionless for a long time, he finally reached out to close her bod y.

    If Serael opened her eyes at this moment, she would be seen as irretrievable garbage, so she had to act cautiously and quickly.
    Kaed gently grabbed the hem of her chin-covered robe.
    Then slowly pulled it down.
    She moved very carefully so as not to wake her up.
    Caed sighed only after the white acupuncture robe covered his chest, waist, t highs and even his calves.
    "ha... .”
    He rubbed my face roughly with one hand.
    I wish I could sleep in the same bed with her every night if I wanted to, but I didn't want to test my patience like this so often.
    After meeting Serael, Kaed realized the need to control himself, and as soon as he returned to the castle, he sought a drug that had the effect of suppressin g arousal.
    He was drinking and taking it frequently, but he felt that the effect was insig nificant, so he increased the dosage, and because of that, even the stock was r unning out little by little.
    The raw material for the medicine was a rare herb that only grows on steep s nowy mountains near the border.
    It was necessary to secure stock as soon as possible so that there was no se tback in taking it.
    Kaed looked down at Serael with confused eyes.
    She was in a state of sleep, not knowing the world, in front of an explosive th at could explode when.
    She looked very peaceful, with her slightly gaping lips, the sound of breathin g regularly leaking out, and the lashes falling down as she was lovely.
    But it was also the serenity of wanting to break it into pieces.
    “Damn it.”
    Kaed, who spit out a swear word, reached out and fumbled through the side table.
    He grabbed the medicine he had kept and poured it into a crystal glass.
    It was wise to take it in consideration of the remaining amount, but it was a p riority to subdue the desire to burst out immediately.
    It was more effective when absorbed with a liquid containing alcohol, but wat er was poured as soon as possible.
    Before the drug had completely dissolved, he emptied the glass and sat dow n on the bed with Serael's back.
    The tingling sensation of blood rushing over the limit was dangerous, as if it would explode at any moment, but fortunately it stopped at that line.
    The drug could not completely control his body, which was constantly reactin g, but it had the effect of holding a handful of reason.
    But the night of the full moon was another problem.
    The men of Valken were often excited by the smallest things and ran wild lik e unbridled horses, and their blood spurted.
    Even if the appearance did not change, a haze-like energy glimmered on the skin, and the light in the eyes that could not be a human one gleamed more be autifully in the dark.
    These changes were what they called wolfization.
    On the night of the full moon, when Wolfhwa was activated, the emotions h e normally had inflated several times.
    For example, just making eye contact with someone you didn't get along with would make you outraged, and it would escalate into a bloody fight.
    The night of the full moon was like a force majeure for the wolf's clan.
    If you face Sarahel's naked body on a day when you can't easily calm yourself down... .
    Even so, will the patience that hovers from the bottom be able to hold on to Kaed, who has lost his temper?
    It was terrifying just thinking about it.
    Caed and his entourage were adept at manipulating the intensity of the wolf' s shoes, but recently his ability to control has been unusually low.
    Kaed looked down at my forearms, which were lined with thick veins.
    'Should I chain them up?'
    When full-scale wolfization began, even the strong chains seemed to break li ke a toy.
    After the wedding, she was planning to combine her and her bedroom. In ord er not to miss the dream-like opportunity to fall asleep peacefully in the same bed, you need to take certain measures... .
    Serael groaned and tossed and turned while he was in all sorts of anguish.
    Kaed cast a complicated gaze on the woman who was the cause of all this an guish.
    Seeing her procrastinate, defenseless, she wanted to recite the Lord's Praye r, which she didn't know well.
    If we look at what many people do not doubt as sacred doctrine, will we be a ble to calm this deep-rooted desire even a little?
    "Duke... ?”
    Serael woke up at some point and slowly raised her eyelids. The only thing th at came into her sight was Kaed, who was staring at her with a strange express ion.
    “What are you doing sitting down? Have you been up all night?” “I just woke up.”
    Sarah rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.
    “But why is your complexion pale like someone who hasn’t slept? I didn't see well... .”
    Her voice, half asleep, mumbled hazy.
    Last night, Serael fell asleep as if she had been so nervous that she fainted.
    As he was already exhausted and being stroked in his fragrant and warm arm s, there was no way he could endure it.
    “I had that strange dream.”
    Serael, who had recovered from last night, looked up at Kaed with blank eye s.
    “What kind of dream was it?”
    “I had a dream that suddenly a wolf appeared and was just biting and licking my shoulder. It felt very strange.”
    “... ah."
    “I run away, so they bark and chase after me. I turn around and see her excit edly waving her tail. It’s an expression that doesn’t go well with animals, but it was really perverted.”
    A black wolf that fluttered so much that Serael's shoulders were wet, and ev en bitten with sharp teeth.
    It was impressive that her sparkling golden eyes were exactly the same as K aed's, but Serael didn't bother to say that.
    Kaed smiled and rolled his eyes.
    “I must have been very scared.”
    “It’s just a dog dream. No, it’s a wolf dream.”
    Serael buried her face in the pillow, stuttering with a twisted tongue.
    Then, realizing that the weight of the blanket was not felt on his body, he wid ened his deep blue eyes.
    She hurriedly got up and sat down.
    'My body is empty... ! I must have kicked the blanket again.'
    With a sleepy habit, she occasionally kicked and pushed the bedding to her f eet or dropped it out of bed.
    He used to wake up in a messy outfit every time, so I was worried that he mi ght look disheveled in front of Kaed.
    Sherael scanned the hem of my robe.
    As expected, the duvet was thrown at his feet, but the clothes he was worri ed about did not need to be touched.
    'thank god. At the very least, he almost showed me what he couldn't see.'
    Reassured, Serael sighed and rested her head on the head of the bed.
    Kaed, who watched her as she hesitated without a word, pulled out a blanket and put it over her body.
    “Sleep more. I'll wake you up in a little bit."
    “... no. Wake up now.”
    Serael spoke stubbornly in a sleepy voice, pushing the soft bedding away.
    No matter how sleepy he was, he couldn't fall asleep again while talking abou t him in front of him.
    Because the memories of being treated like a patient the last time I slept for 14 hours were not so pleasant.
    Serael rubbed her wrinkled shoulders.
    “Did you sleep well, Grand Duke?”
    “Lamb Sherael beat me in my sleep and took the blanket off me, so I couldn’ t sleep at all.”
    At first, her mind flashed as if cold water had hit her head.
    “I, really? Did I mention the Archduke in my sleep? Did you even steal the bla nket?”
    I thought I was lucky to wake up in good clothes, but the problem seems to have occurred in the middle of the night.
    Considering her usual sleeping habits, it was quite possible. Sherael was stunned and touched her forehead.
    I couldn't look straight at him for making such a big mistake. "It's a joke."
    Kaed changed his words insignificantly.
    Serael, who was pondering how to apologize with her cheeks stained red, op ened her lips with a bewildered look.
    Soon, he glared at Kaed with resentful eyes.
    This man is really... !
    “Why are you joking like that? I was surprised to find out that it was real.” Kaed raised his lips slightly.
    He paused for a moment, as if choosing the words to come out of his mouth.
    “Last night was like a dream. Thanks to Miss Sarah, I slept comfortably all nig ht without waking up. Yesterday was the first time I had had such a peaceful ni ght.”
    Although his morning this morning was nothing more than a battlefield... . Sherael, who was about to rant at the prank, shut her mouth.
    Then he opened his mouth.
    “I didn’t do anything special. I'm glad you slept comfortably though."
    “Did Sherael sleep well?”
    “I had a strange dream, but I slept well. It’s been a while since I woke up in s uch a modest outfit.”
    An awkward and heavy silence passed when the whole point was reached. “... ... .”
    “... ... ?”
    Serael was able to find the source without difficulty.
    'You seem a little nervous?'
    For the person who gave the joke, Kaed was subtly stiff.
    The air surrounding him also felt like he was standing upright.
    If you look back on your actions so far, it would be nice to hug Serael with m orning greetings, or hug her, or give her a small kiss on the nape of her neck, b ut she didn't.
    Thanks to her, I slept soundly, so I think she might have slyly told me to keep sleeping in the future, but there was no sign of that.
    He even kept a secret distance from Sarah.
    'Is it because of the mood?'
    Sherael tilted her chin and coughed a little to loosen her locked throat.
    Then Kaed poured water into a clean glass and poured it out.
    Sherael took the glass of water and was about to drink it when she suddenly noticed something shiny on his shirt.
    A long, wavy hair was attached to the end of the collar.
    It was clear that it was Sarahel's, as she had silvery blonde hair.
    She naturally reached out to pull her hair out.
    “Duke, here... .”
    It was no big deal.
    If it had been attached to someone else's clothes rather than Kaed, it would have been taken off casually.
    However, as soon as he saw Seriel's hand approaching near his neck, he fro wned and hurriedly backed away.
    Surprised by the sudden movement, Serael lost the cup she was holding.
    A glass of water fell through her crotch as it hit her chest.
    A thin cloth soaking wet from time to time soon revealed the curves of her b ody.

    Surprised by the cold feeling of pouring out, Serael screamed.
    However, the body reflected under the pajamas was more disconcerting than the damp touch on the skin.
    Serael got impatient and grabbed the hem of her clothes and pulled them str aight.
    Like her, Kaed's pupils lost their way and shook.
    He looked at her naked body in the morning and barely calmed his sensitive body to the limit, but he was embarrassed by the unexpected touch and reflexi vely avoided it.
    That would lead to a catastrophe, not a catastrophe.
    Even as she tugged on her pajamas, presumably to block out her skin, her up per body was clearly visible through the stretch of rubber bands.
    Something deep inside Caed's body, who had been watching it, penetrated t he powerful medicinal effect and began to boil at an insane speed.
    Kaed hurriedly got up from his seat and brought a dry towel.
    "I'm sorry."
    The lobe of his ear, who handed him the towel with the apple, was burning b right red.
    I was so confused that I even ran my hand over my face and touched it. Serael smiled softly at Kaed, who was acting in an unusual way.
    "it's okay. You didn't do that on purpose.”
    Sherael rubbed the towel on her wet saliva.
    After not hearing an answer from him for a long time, he lifted his head agai n.
    “Did you do that on purpose?”
    "no. But Sherael.”
    “Please, please do not touch a man’s body without thinking.” “... Without thinking?”
    “Sudden physical contact should be avoided.”
    I didn't ask because I didn't know, but disapproving remarks continued again.
    Sherael shrugged as if she had been whipped.
    Kaed, who had been acting impatiently before, raised one eyebrow and looke d down at her with a face stained with displeasure.
    Serael's forehead slowly wrinkled.
    “I have no idea. What are you talking about?”
    “Don't get me wrong. I just wanted you to be a little bit more alert.”
    Serael, who had lost his absurdity, set the day.
    “I didn’t mean to do anything to the Archduke. I had my hair on my shirt, so I was going to take it off.”
    The more I turned around, the more Hilnanjo's voice was amazing.
    “The Archduke is the one who touches me as he pleases. But do I have to as k permission to touch it?”
    It was just an act of natural goodwill, but don't touch it without thinking.
    'If you're going to react harshly to even the slightest touch, why did you sugg est sleeping in my bedroom?'
    Serael was unaware that Kaed was extremely sensitive right after seeing her sleeping body.
    It was also the case that a fierce battle between reason and instinct went ba ck and forth in his head so as not to attack her.
    He looked at Kaed with eyes full of sadness, but he didn't seem to want to lo se.
    “I don’t mean that, but Miss Sarahel and mine are not the same.”
    “What is the difference between you and me?”
    “Are you serious?”
    Kaed took the towel she was holding with a rather wicked gesture.
    She let out a short scream and covered her breasts as the pale skin shone un der the damp cloth.
    “Look at this. I'm embarrassed to show my body covered in clothes, but wha t's the same?"
    “... ... !”
    “Sherael. Do you feel the urge to sleep with me every time I touch you?”
    At the unfamiliar question, Sarah smirked.
    “Of course not!”
    “That’s why I said things were different. When Miss Serael touches me, I im mediately feel the urge to mix.”
    To be honest, it was said that the degree of body mixing was very relaxed.
    Even the words that he wanted to hold her wrist and kiss her tearful face did not satisfy half of his insidious desires.
    Sherael, speechless, rolled her eyes and rubbed her temples.
    He was a man who couldn't be bothered.
    Why are you kissing casually in the presence of everyone else, acting withou t hesitation even when we are alone, and now reacting sharply again?
    'Sometimes we even said that we'll do it together.'
    Whether or not he knew Serae's intentions, Caed jumped up from his seat an d pulled the string and called the user.
    Suddenly, Serael's eyes widened to the point that she couldn't enlarge it any l onger.
    “... uh?"
    “I wish you could go back to Miss Serael’s bedroom.”
    Trying to pull the hair off his clothes, he got mad and was about to get kicked out.
    Still, there was no time to object.
    When Kaed woke up a little while ago, Serael had clearly witnessed somethin g that could make her eyes twinkle.
    In his black pants, on his right thigh, he felt a huge sense of volume that coul d not be ignored.
    'Hey, what is that? stick?'
    Sherael took a deep breath and covered her mouth with her hand.
    It wasn't because she was an idiot who didn't know anything.
    Unless you intentionally put a club in your pants dance, of course, there was only one thing there.
    However, he was so embarrassed that his hair was bleached pure white in a n instant, so he immediately felt that it was a club.
    Even Kaed didn't seem to want to hide anything blatantly conspicuous.
    Sarah hurriedly shook her head.
    'My eyes keep going there and I can't see your face!'
    Fortunately, shortly thereafter, a maid helping the housekeeper knocked on t he bedroom door.
    Without making eye contact with Caed, Serael put her feet in the slippers sh e had taken off under the bed.
    Soon, a soft voice reached her ears.
    “When you are ready, go down to the first floor. He seemed to want to spen d time with the maid who arrived yesterday, so I told the chef to prepare a sepa rate breakfast for him.”
    It seemed that he had prepared a meal from an early hour for Lucy and Serae l, who had been reunited after a long time.
    Sherael raised her face to express her gratitude, and then quickly turned awa y, embarrassed by the presence of her again.
    “God, thank you for caring.”
    “Now get out.”
    Caed lightly pushed Serae on the back as he moved forward.
    There was work to be done, so the intention was to leave immediately.
    He told me to go to sleep in my bedroom and kicked him out as soon as the sun rose in the morning.
    She could be angry, but she couldn't complain about the sound of the door sl amming behind her back.
    The shock he had experienced for the first time in his life was shaking Serael' s mind.
    'What did I just see... !'
    Even though it had been covered with fabric, it was showing off a huge prese nce that made people doubt her eyesight.
    “Lady, have you ever been to a winter festival?”
    After breakfast, Lucy asked Serael, who was silently chewing the fruit for des sert, with an excited voice.
    Looking at her dazed, blurred eyes, she saw that she had not heard at all.
    “... What did you just say?”
    “I heard that winter festivals are often held in the Vulkanov estate, so I asked if you had ever been there.”
    “I haven’t been to a winter festival yet. Who told you?”
    “Lecter told me earlier. They say there is a very nice festival in Karlsvik.”
    It had only been one night since Lucy came to the Grand Siege, but she alrea dy seemed to like this place.
    He said that he chatted all night with the maids he met at the user's dormitor y, and met Mrs. Bailey early this morning and was guided to major places such as the banquet hall on the first floor of the main castle.
    Lucy, who was nervous because it was the first time she had met a maid fro m an aristocratic family, was moved by Madame Bailey's kindness and praised her without rest.
    Afterwards, Lecter chimed in throughout breakfast saying that Lecter had sh own us a wolf-raising barn.
    I was scared when I saw the sight of dozens of wolves eating raw meat, but of a calf, but seeing Lucy's bright expression, it was generally enjoyable.
    While Lucy was having a good time, Serael had a small brawl with Caed.
    Immediately after that, he witnessed something shocking, and he was still di stracted by it.
    “Did you hear that there is a city where festivals are held near the Grand Sieg e? As Lecter says, at the Winter Festival... .”
    Lucy's voice could not be heard.
    'Why do you keep coming up with that slim silhouette? Forget it.' No, how could I forget?
    He had a vague foreboding that he would formally form a marriage relationshi p with Kaed soon, and that in the not too distant future, more intimate commun ion would occur.
    The act of kissing and the touch of his skin were not unpleasant.
    As his liking for Kaed grew, Serael also began to draw more contact with him little by little.
    However, it was only a vague level, and I had never imagined it in detail and i n detail.
    '... Can you do that?'
    The question was whether Serael would be able to accept the dizzying and h eavy existence even in the eyes of the public. I even felt a little anxious that wh at I had seen before might not be the maximum.
    'what should we do. I want to postpone the wedding.'
    Rather than precisely the wedding, I wanted to postpone the first night that was inevitably followed.
    With her tall, muscular build, Kaed no longer felt threatened.
    Lately, he has developed a habit of hitting him like a large dog who has forgot ten the size of his body, but he has the strength to subdue Serael, but never fo rcefully treats him.
    But what I saw earlier... No matter how softly and cautiously Kaed approache d, it was clear that it would put a lot of pressure on Serael's delicate body.
    I was familiar with it Unlike men, the beginning of a woman is painful and not pleasant enough to shed tears.
    Moreover, what if the things we had to accept were so bloated that we misto ok them for a club? It was as if he could feel the pain he had never experienced before.
    'Nope. It might not be that heavy if you relax enough.'
    Sarah shook her chin. Then he lowered the corners of his lips again.
    'Nonsense. If it's that size, it's sure to be heavy no matter what you do. it will hurt It would be very painful.'
    The worries that followed were absurd.
    'Why am I already worried about this? Just because it's the first night, do you have to do it in a no-nonsense way? You can't do it if you don't want to.'
    Serael, who was just about to take a sip of lemon tea, stopped.
    'It's not that I don't want to... .'
    The thoughts that came to mind were scattered in my head like a tangled thr ead.

    Serael had a headache because of her unwilling will.
    He wanted to resent Kaed for putting him in this state, but it was not a sin fo r a man to have a large and beautiful body. Rather, as a wife, I should be supre mely delighted and praised... .
    'What should I do? Guess I've finally gone crazy.'
    If you're not sane, how can opinions come and go like this on a seesaw?
    Sarahel has always believed herself to be a person of strong values and quick judgment.
    If someone asked about his strengths, he would be proud to present it. It wa s because he had an ideal personality rather than being swayed around and doi ng this and that.
    However, after meeting Kaed, that judgment was shattered to pieces.
    'Look now. Worried and then relieved, liked and disliked... . It must be crazy.'
    The source of the problem was the bloated contour on the top of his right thi gh. In addition, as the upcoming wedding was added, it became a concern that could not be shared with anyone.
    Then Lucy held out a plate with a piece of bright yellow fruit.
    “Girl, try this. The texture is chewy and sweet and sour, so I think you will lik e it.”
    On a white plate, it was also Serael's favorite food.
    “How did you know? It’s my favorite fruit.”
    Serael stabbed the fruit with a fork that was waving in the air and put it in her mouth. This rare fruit bursting with sweet and sour juice was the first time I ate it when I came to the Great Gongseong Fortress, and since the day Serael said it was delicious, there has not been a day that has not been brought to the tabl e.
    For some reason, Caed, who was in a hurry, drove her away as if to say hello, but seeing the meal prepared in the breakfast room, it was too much to call her a cheerleader.
    There wasn't a single food I didn't like. Fresh salads with a variety of vegetabl es and fruits, soft butter bread and light pancakes with honey, and omelettes w ith plenty of cheese and spinach.
    For dessert, more than 10 kinds of fruits were cut into bite-sized pieces alon g with waffles with good flavor without being too burdensome.
    All of the food was perfect for enjoying slowly in the morning while relaxing with Lucy.
    “I heard that the original residence for the young lady was not here, but in a d ifferent area. I heard that she was preparing to move, but... .”
    Lucy looked at Sarahel's complexion.
    “Did you sleep last night in the Grand Duchess’ bedroom, that is, in the castl e?”
    "yes. That’s how it happened.”
    Sarah patted the nape of my neck. She wasn't shy enough to say that she sle pt with Kaede in return for her work in bringing Lucy.
    With that answer, Lucy smiled happily.
    Lucy heard from the maids that the two of them fell in love with each other a nd couldn't get out. Not only that, but the secret that he had already shared a b ed several times.
    However, I didn't dare say it out loud because I thought Sarah would be emb arrassed.
    “By the way, lady, you like festivals. The winter festival is starting soon, so w hy not take a look?”
    Lucy poured tea into Serael's cup.
    “There are so many things to see at the Winter Festival. There are games wh ere you hit the target with a crossbow, and you can even win stuffed toys. They say the street sells a lot of smoked sausage and hot mulled wine. Doesn't that sound like fun?"
    Sherael, who likes to stroll around the downtown area and watch festivals, fin ally listened. When she reacted to her, who had been strangely captivated by h er earlier, Lucy spoke her words enthusiastically.
    “There are a lot of tourists, so merchants from other areas come to sell their goods. They sell a lot of exotic jewelry, hair combs, and bowls. I can enjoy perf ormances by circuses and wandering troupes, and there are painters who draw portraits on the spot, so I’m really looking forward to it.”
    “It would be really fun. Let's go together when the festival opens. Would you like to take Lecter as well?”
    When Lecter's name came to mind, Lucy suddenly coughed as if she had he ard it. Whether it was her coughing or some other emotion, her face burned re d.
    Lucy shook her head with the car and looked at Sarahel.
    “Um, actually... Lecter asked me to go alone with him.”
    “What? alone?”
    Sarah playfully raised her eyebrows. He's been here less than a day, and Luc y has already taken a date.
    When I imagined the two young people living happily ever after, a smile was drawn on their lips.
    'I think you can understand why the users smile happily whenever they see me and Kaed.'
    However, Kaed and Serael were not very young. At least, the physical act the two of them shared in a place where other people's eyes could not reach, could n't be called fresh.
    Lucy scratched her chin in embarrassment.
    “But it’s a little bit like going with just the two of us. I do not know. I am asha med.”
    “So you turned it down?”
    “I changed the subject while smirking. Lecter had a face full of dead skin. I'm sorry, but I still want to go to the festival, so I'll go with the lady."
    Serael smiled silently, remembering the expression Lecter would have made.
    Another maid told me that the name of the woman Lecter cherished and lon ged for was Roxa.
    I wondered if that was a twisted name from Lucy, but Seriel's guess was righ t.
    From the time he was in the Marquis of Milrose, Lecter must have been in lo ve with Lucy. To build a bridge between the two of them, Serael gave a clear a nswer.
    “Why don’t we all go together?”
    “Are you all together?”
    "then. It would be fun to bring Axel and Cole. These are the children who ca me to Milrose's mansion with the Archduke. Do you remember the face?”
    “Uh... . I don’t know because I haven’t been able to use the full name properl y.”
    “Everyone, Lucy, is about the same age as you, so we can communicate wel l. If you want to go out of the castle, you need permission from the Archduke, b ut... I think you'll be happy to accept it."
    Rather than going awkwardly with Lucy and Lecter alone, it would be more ef fective to build intimacy with a group of people enjoying the festival.
    Lucy, who was smiling as if she was happy inside, raised her chin with a puz zled look.
    “Aren’t you going with the Archduke?”
    “The Archduke is at the festival... ?”
    Sherael asked, muttering her words. It was unimaginable for Kaede to natural ly melt into the air of her raucous festival with her.
    Buying food from street vendors, watching the band's lively performances, an d looking at exotic goods were completely at odds with his temperament.
    Drinking fruit wine or shooting something with a crossbow is somewhat pred ictable.
    “Of course, the Archduke may not have been very interested in festival activit ies. But I think you will appreciate spending time with her.”
    Lucy added hastily as if she had read Sarahel's intentions. She and Caed see med to get along very well, so of course she thought that she would accompan y her to the festival.
    "Well. He's very busy, so it's hard to suggest a buddy."
    It was a bit unreasonable to propose to a man who would be burdened with a heavy responsibility as the owner of a vast territory to go to a leisurely festival.
    In fact, Kaed has never been as busy as spending time with her, but... . "oh! I guess so too. I'm sorry. I was off topic.”
    Lucy acknowledged the mistake and waved her hand.
    If a person with a noble consciousness like the Marquis of Milrose had listene d to Lucy, he might have shouted loudly that he was trying to cut the time of a man with a heavenly title as a lowly status.
    But Serael seemed to know what kind of heart Lucy had with Kaed's name in her mouth.
    It seemed quite nice to see the two of them kissing Lucy in front of them.
    'It must be similar to how I brought up Lecter.'
    Sarah smiled brightly and shook her head.
    “What is off-topic? Anyway, whoever accompanies you, Lucy, I definitely wa nt to go to the winter festival with you.”
    “So do I. I'm so happy. I haven't unpacked my luggage yet, but I'm sure there will be a lot of things I want to do in the North."
    Lucy, who was excited, was ready to clap her hands right away.
    “It feels like a dream to sit and eat with a young lady. It's something I would n't have even thought of in the marquise. It’s all thanks to the Grand Duchess.”
    "right... . Thank you so much.”
    “You seem to get along very well. I think she will be happy because she is lo ved by her as well.”
    As soon as the weighty words were mentioned, Serael rolled her eyes and w as silent.
    'You seem to be loved by others.'
    When his cold eyes, which were difficult to read, turned to Serael, he someti mes had the illusion that he was boiling like a fire in a furnace.
    Each time he hugged me, the emotion that came through felt like a magnific ent wave that could hit Serael's small body at any moment.
    There were times when she was afraid of confronting her head-on because i t was such a difficult emotion that she could not even follow her toes.
    'But is it possible to love someone so much in such a short period of time?'
    I've always wondered if it's too deep a feeling compared to how long we've k nown each other.
    That doesn't mean the two of them have known each other for a long time... .
    “I am excited every day. Do you want to have a wedding with the Archduke a s soon as possible?”
    The complicated thoughts were scattered by the question that Lucy gave in a clear voice.
    “... Wedding ceremony?"
    “Yes, it is a wedding. There isn't much left. I heard that there is a lot of constr uction going on in the garden and it could be finished soon.”
    Serael staggered as if she had been suddenly attacked.
    “I am looking forward to seeing the lady in a beautiful white wedding dress, s o my heart trembles just by imagining it. Even though I am like this, a young la dy will look forward to her wedding more than anyone else, right?”
    Excited, Lucy babbled nonstop.
    “Since you have a good gold thread, you might have a baby early. Wow, I thin k a baby that resembles a young lady would be very, very cute. I have the confi dence to make you prettier than anyone else. How many people did you plan to have?”
    “Oh, baby?”
    “Have you not had such a conversation with the Archduke yet? How long wo uld he like to have children, when would he like to have them? Heh, hopefully a honeymoon baby... ? Hey, I don't know!"
    Unlike Lucy, who couldn't help but rejoice with joy, Serael stiffened. Wedding ceremony. The first night inextricably linked with it.
    the act of having a baby.
    And what I saw today...
    'The stick.'
    Sarah let out a silent scream and covered her face with her hands.

    The day of moving the dwelling place of Serael to the nature has come. The Grand Gongseong Fortress was full of vitality in a short amount of time due to t he busy users roaming around from morning to late evening.
    When Mrs. Bailey and her maids put the luggage in the spire and put it in a b ox, Caed's men loaded it into a wagon, and Cole, Axel, and Lecter carried the lu ggage to the 3rd floor bedroom.
    The maids, who had moved in to attend Serael from the castle, unpacked her belongings and stuffed them one by one into the closets and drawers of the ne w bedroom.
    The hostess, Serael, couldn't help themselves with their work, but she walke d around and pointed out where to put things to tidy up.
    'I don't want to just play around, and I need to know where my stuff is.'
    Even though it was not a big deal, the moving hours that continued for sever al hours were overwhelming.
    Serael glanced down at the empty boxes in front of the bedroom. When he fi rst arrived, he had a lot of stuff in his suitcase.
    There were dozens of luggage boxes, even though only necessary items wer e purchased from merchants invited by the Great Siege, such as thick coats, wi nter dresses, and sundries for convenience.
    Although there was no limit to the credit card provided by Kaed, it was impos sible to use it without thinking, even though it was consumption that was adjus ted in its own way.
    It was a move that would not have been completed even if it took several da ys without your help because of the increased burden.
    Lecter, moving up and down the stairs, found Lucy standing in the hallway.
    He was carrying a very heavy-looking box on his shoulders, and he showed n o sign of distress.
    “I sweat a little on my face, but it keeps getting into my eyes. If it's okay, can you wipe it off?"
    "uh? Okay... .”
    Lucy pulled out a handkerchief and approached him.
    Lucy glanced around Lecter's face, not sweating.
    “Where did the sweat come from? I can't see it anywhere... .”
    “It’ll be somewhere on my forehead. Ah, it goes into my eyes again.”
    Good Lucy pressed her forehead with a handkerchief. He didn't seem to notic e that the number was clearly visible.
    "sister! Where can I put this luggage?”
    Cole, who had just climbed the stairs, showed him boxes full of shoulders.
    “You can give it to Lily. She will be folding clothes in the bedroom now.”
    “Lily? Who was that?”
    Cole passed by muttering with a puzzled expression.
    Axel's voice was heard from behind the car, this time from behind.
    He was walking up the stairs with three boxes narrowly stacked in his arms.
    “This is the last luggage I brought from the tower. I brought all the boxes left in the wagon.”
    “Thanks, the moving will be finished within today. Thank you so much everyo ne for your help.”
    “Your sister would have suffered more. What we have left is our strength, wh at?”
    Axel said in a no-nonsense tone and knocked down the boxes.
    Shaking his hands lightly, he saw Lucy wiping Lecter's face with a handkerchi ef.
    The corners of Axel's lips curled up playfully.
    “Hey, our youngest is easygoing. Are you helping with moving or are you dati ng? Which of the two are you?”
    “... ... !”
    Surprised by his mischief, Lucy jumped and took a step away from Lecter. Lu cy blushed, not knowing what to do, then ran back and forth somewhere.
    Lecter, who was alternately looking at the discarded handkerchief and her ba ck in dismay, turned on the double wick at once.
    “Why are you really like that? Talking like that would make Lucy in trouble! Yo u crazy.”
    “What guy? There's nothing I can't say to my brother anymore. My sister and the boss are going to get married, so why are you all so fussy?”
    Lecter's face was as red as Lucy's.
    “Hey, you’re getting married! Do you think I'm already planning that far with L ucy?"
    “It doesn’t mean that. Did you even eat your ears for love? How can you do a nything with this disgrace? Even if you go on an expedition, can you fight witho ut leaving me, huh?”
    "buy... It's not even love! ... Not yet!"
    “Ugh, you are really deaf. This cute guy who doesn't even have an answer."
    As Axel clasped his arms around his neck and clasped him hard, Lecter groan ed and struggled.
    The two, who were playing a violent game that was close to a physical fight, knocked down a console table placed in the corridor.
    Lily, who was in the bedroom, screamed at them.
    "there! Don't smash the house in front of the lady's bedroom. If you want to fi ght, go out and fight! Especially you, Axel!”
    “You’re not fighting, are you kidding me?”
    "what the. Then, if you want to play, go out and play! Are you helping with th e work or making it?”
    “Look at the shrill voice. When we practice swordsmanship, you can give us r elief.”
    “... Well, is that what you're talking about to a lady? You are not really a gentl eman!”
    Serael, who came out through the noisy air, sat on the sofa in the hall on the third floor and took a moment to breathe.
    All the luggage was moved, so the move was slowly coming to an end.
    As she drank the cold water that the servant had brought, she slowly becam e conscious of under the railing.
    'What is the Archduke doing now?'
    Just downstairs was Caed's bedroom and office.
    At first glance, it seems that he was very busy with the task of strengthening border guards and organizing the wedding preparations in the large garden.
    In the meantime, I had heard that he had sent his men directly to help Serael' s relocation, but he hadn't seen Kaed since that morning in question.
    'How do you see your face? Now that we live in the same space, we can run into each other at any time.'
    Serael's heart was always complicated because of his great existence.
    No matter how many times I tried to shake it off, the majestic outline stuck i n my mind and did not fall off.
    Even the face of Kaed, who was very puzzled the moment her fingertips touc hed her neck.
    'Does it grow so big even with the slightest touch of your fingertips?'
    Even looking back over the memories of that day, I couldn't understand it.
    'Have I made any mistake while sleeping... ?'
    It was a guess that was close to the truth, but Serael, who was sleeping sou ndly, had no way of knowing the details.
    'I don't know. I've done more than that many times before, and I've seen him sit on his thigh, so why didn't I feel it then?'
    There was an answer that gave me a little bit of a thread by biting my doubt s.
    'After all, I always sat on my left thigh, not my right.'
    When he slept on his thigh in the carriage as a pillow, he was clearly on the l eft.
    Even so, when they kissed in the office, their body was tightly pressed again st each other, but Serael did not notice at all.
    Even if you were distracted by other thoughts, could you do that?
    Looking back, I think there was a moment when something hard touched my body and I wondered what it was, but it was a faint memory like a fog.
    Sherael never dreamed that she would be such a dull type.
    'Nope. It's not that I'm dull, it's just that I don't have experience... .'
    As Shimuruk rolled his eyes, she touched the glass of water.
    wedding and first night.
    Serael, who was in front of the ambassador, was in a state of chaos due to v arious emotions that could not be defined.
    'Let's just worry about this and leave the rest to the future me.'
    It was wiser to focus on what was at hand now that I had to wrap my head ar ound an unanswered worry. Serael headed back to the bedroom to organize his leftover luggage.
    The first day in nature was passing frantically.
    The next day, Serael started walking around the castle with Lucy in the morni ng.
    By giving Lucy a tour of the castle, he was about to learn places he had not y et been to.
    Especially compared to other areas, the wide and complex nature often caus es even users to get lost, so it was necessary to walk around and get used to i t.
    In the morning, I visited the Guest House, where the guest bedrooms were g athered, and in the afternoon, I went to see the patrons outside.
    And there, he met Lecter, Axel, and Cole, a trio of teenagers who were hangi ng out there.
    Although Cole was a mature adult who even went through his coming-of-ag e ceremony, he was still treated as a teenager because of his immature appear ance, unlike his harsh appearance.
    “Would you like to go to the winter festival together?”
    While sitting around a round table placed in the center of the backyard, arran ging refreshments and chatting, Axel's face turned red when he suggested that we go to the festival together.
    “Yeah, I heard that a festival is being held in a nearby city, but I think it would be more fun if you guys accompany me. Have you ever been there?”
    Axel nodded in response to Sarahel's question.
    "sure. The hyungs don't like noisy places, so we've only been there together before. Wow, the smoked sausages sold at the stalls there are excellent.”
    Cole agreed as Axel swallowed his saliva as he looked into the air with a cont emplative look.
    “It was so delicious that there would be no rest even if I just ate it and died.”
    “The owner said that he prepared plenty of ingredients to sell during the festi val, but the three of us ate it all up in three days. While I was staying at the inn, I went to eat it every morning as soon as I woke up.”
    “We paid for all the french fries, fried fish, and lamb kebabs sold at the next stall.”
    Cole added proudly.
    Serael, who remembered their tremendous appetite, added a word.
    “Thanks, the street vendors must have liked it. It's really good that you're boo sting the economy of the community. How about looking at the stalls without a sking again this time?”
    Excited by the unexpected praise and suggestion, the youth exchanged enth usiastic glances. In particular, Cole looked at Serae with his wide-eyed eyes, an d placed both his hands on his chest.
    “I knew it from the first time I saw it... . My sister is an angel who visited the earth. Sif didn’t like us eating around, so he noticed it, and I’m really moved to hear that.”
    “It’s embarrassing, so don’t do it too much. It goes without saying that if you eat well, it will look good.”
    Saying that, Serael recalled Kaed, who had never been seen eating before.
    'I eat a bunch of weird looking protein bars, and I don't have enough, so I drin k all the time, and I don't sleep.'
    He was a man who was very concerned about his health when he looked at h is lifestyle.
    Unlike the two men who talked passionately, Lecter was silent. Seeing that h e was glancing at her Lucy with her bitter face, it was sad that her plan to go al one with her had failed.
    Then Axel beckoned Lucy.
    “Are you going with him?”
    Lecter smirked at his disrespectful attitude towards Lucy.
    “Don’t call me a boy! Lucy is a pretty name, so be careful.”
    Everyone, not just Lucy, was startled by the expression of their liking and ke pt their mouths shut. A rather somber silence settled between them.
    Axel's playfulness, which had been quiet, started to trigger a smirk.

    “Lu.si.la.is.pretty.name? hey... .”
    Axel, who emphasized each syllable, slowly clapped her hands and shook her head.
    “Just make a confession, confession. If you do this well, you might be able to get married before the boss and your sister.”
    No matter who came first, Lecter and Lucy's faces rose with heat.
    “Brother, shut up that snout!”
    “Aren’t you the first to use the large garden wedding hall, which the workers are working hard to build? I have morals, so I can't. I know it's urgent, but pleas e be patient and send the boss and sister first."
    “Are you crazy... !”
    Unbearable, Lucy shouted in a slender voice. She was a cute figure she want ed to keep seeing, but Serael hurriedly dissuaded Axel.
    “Don’t tease the kids too much. you're so shy One day, Axel, you too will hav e a girlfriend, and instead of blessing Lecter, would you like to make fun of yo u?”
    He only took sides, but Lecter and Lucy jumped.
    “Oh no! You're my girlfriend!”
    "miss! We are like that... !”
    Fortunately, Axel seemed to make sense and agreed.
    “Hmm, that’s right. I can make fun of anyone, but I can't stand anyone makin g fun of me. Well, anyway.”
    Axel corrected the posture she had laid out in a rude manner, and expressed her anticipation.
    "sister. Then can I have a drink if I go to the festival?” "That's not allowed."
    Serael just cut it off and refused.
    “You and Lecter are still underage.”
    “Please, sister. I couldn't even dream of Sif hyung saying that if you get caug ht drinking outside, you'll be sentenced to indefinite imprisonment. We are Gae ko, so if you drink it, you will get caught. you know? Even if you rub your body i n the damp grass and put all sorts of scents on it, you'll notice."
    Axel clasped my hands and said in an earnest tone.
    “If you go to a festival with your sister, I think they will look after you even if you drink it openly.”
    He turned his arrow to Lucy at first.
    “Hey, honestly, do you want to drink too?”
    "yes... ?”
    Axel pressured Lucy with a rather brutal attitude.
    “Tell me that right now. If you ask me to drink, my sister will allow it.”
    "ah... I don’t want to drink even a drop.”
    Lucy answered with a hesitant tone of voice.
    As if he didn't know that he would react so boldly, Axel gave a bewildered loo k.
    Before he could be grumpy, Lecter quickly sided with Lucy.
    “Don’t lead Lucy into the wrong way. How can a minor drink alcohol? You mu st not do anything that violates the laws of the South.”
    With a very mechanical tone, Lecter shuddered. At the first dinner at the cast le, it was the moment when Axel and Axel were secretly looking for a chance to have a drink.
    “Unfortunate bastard who uses tricks. Now I can drink any alcohol without pe rmission, so it sounds like a joke.”
    Cole, who passed the ceremony not long ago safely, laughed out loud. Axel, annoyed, immediately rolled her eyes.
    “Don’t be arrogant about the topic of your coming-of-age ceremony, you trai tor. Not long ago, while the other brothers were drinking wine, we drank grape j uice together.”
    “Anyway, don’t even think about drinking, son. Your sister might be in troubl e.”
    "shit! Everyone is mad about what the drink is.”
    Axel grabbed the bottle of orange juice and poured it into her mouth.
    He was big, but he was an immature boy who could not help soothe his sore stomach with sweet juice.
    Lecter, who was pushing the box of sandwiches to Lucy, opened his mouth as if a thought had crossed his mind.
    “But will the boss allow it?”
    “These days, going out of the castle is strictly managed. In some cases, they may not allow it.”
    "Eh? I heard it and it is There's no way I'm going to let you go smoothly. Dam n it, it was good.”
    Axel grunted and leaned back loosely in the chair. As he was about to eat the sandwich placed in front of Lucy, he let go of Lecter's hand, which flew like ligh tning.
    Serael drank tea and fell into thoughts.
    A long stone wall was erected on the border between the Lofern Empire and the unknown territory of the north. The wall was the border dividing the settle ments of the southern civilizations and the northern savages.
    I've heard that Qaed has been busy with recent security enhancements near the border, but I didn't expect that Serael wouldn't agree to go to the festival.
    She recounted a conversation she had with Kaed earlier.
    “The Archduke only asked me to let you know before I went out. So I thought he would be happy to allow it.”
    I said that I would attach an escort, and if you want to buy something, don't h esitate, and handed me an unlimited number of tokens and said that.
    Axel responded harshly.
    “Things have changed a bit. Because of something that happened a while ag o, we started repairing the wall. The boss was originally a tenacious person, but especially when it comes to border issues... There's an obsessive side to it. I d on't know if we're going to let you go after the second."
    Lecter called him softly and looked at him.
    Serael, who sensed the unusual implications, narrowed her eyes, and Axel q uickly made excuses.
    “So, even if it’s not because of my sister, I have strict standards for the three of us. Viper hyung and Hawk hyung go out without permission, but we have to report every time we go out.”
    Lecter slammed his fist on the table.
    “You are talking like us! It's all because of my brother. It's not like that, becau se whenever I go out to town, I get into an argument with the assholes."
    “Don’t say it like you didn’t rob it. Anyway, talk to the boss. Just because we' re talking to each other doesn't mean we can't go out. We have to obey the bos s’s words unconditionally.”
    Axel, who had a strong rebellious side, shrugged his shoulders in acknowled gment.
    The air of sparing words was somewhat questionable, but Serael remained si lent without saying a word.
    It seemed to mean that Kaed might not be allowed to go out because of sec urity issues.
    Suddenly, Cole stood up from his seat.
    "radish! Come on."
    He looked somewhere and clasped his hands to his lips and shouted. A calf b ut a black wolf found the party and was running towards them.
    It was a male wolf that Serael named 'Mo'.
    The wolf, who was quickly approaching, rushed into Cole's arms as if attackin g. Axel groaned at Cole stroking the wolf.
    “At this point, doesn’t it seem like it’s intentionally wrong?”
    Mo was so excited that he was the only one he liked in this place, so he jum ped like a spring.
    The wolf standing on two legs was taller than Cole, who was over 180, so ev en his excited appearance was threatening.
    Cole, who had been hit by the beast's huge hind paws, staggered with a crac kling sound.
    Axel looked up at him and snorted.
    “Even if you have a bad head, does it make sense that you can’t memorize y our name even though you have only one syllable? What is radish, radish? Vege tables?”
    Axel sarcastically said, "How about calling it a carrot?"
    “My brother was really bad. Cole has gotten a lot better with that. It used to b e worse.”
    Lecter gently handed a bottle of milk to Lucy, who cut the bread.
    "I do not remember? You always called us hey, you, nigga instead of names. I quickly decided that he was a very unkind person, but it was just because I cou ldn’t remember his name.”
    "Oh. Despite his poor memory, he's trying to call out his name right now." Serael added a word and Lecter smiled.
    “I mean that.”
    Axel shook her chin in disapproval.
    “You don’t have to wrap it up, sister. It's a name given to the lovely wolf by my sister, but the radish was a bit harsh. Cole needs to be more sincere. On a f ictional day, he should not only train swordsmanship, but also read books to de velop his skills.”
    Cole, who was messing with the wolf's fur as if he was going to die of cuten ess, glanced at Axel.
    “This hyena is swearing like I’m not there right now. I do it because I want to be hit again.”
    “Why is it an insult to read a book? Will you stab me?”
    “Do you think I can’t memorize one-syllable names? Of course, calling it radi sh is a joke. Please don't gossip about reading the book again."
    “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a real gossip. Ah... You only have three dirty p owers. It still hurts from being beaten by my brother earlier.”
    Axel patted her shoulder and made a sound of pain on purpose. Serael knew why his voice had a secret thorn in it. There was training at the gym from the m orning, and at that time, he seemed to have been severely beaten while compe ting with Cole.
    Cole raised his fist and slammed Axel's head in.
    “How can a young man who can’t drink alcohol be ignorant of his older broth er? Don’t be shy.”
    “Be prepared for the day of my coming-of-age ceremony. I keep this shame and pay it back to Lecter from that day on.”
    “No, why are you talking to me... !”
    Lecter, who was watching their workshop, got angry. But he quickly released his expression and looked at Lucy secretly.
    "Do not misunderstand. Even though we have high-pitched conversations, w e are really close.”
    “Ah, yes... . don't get me wrong Boys tend to flirt and express intimacy rathe r than being kind to each other... .”
    “Boys 'children'? Fucking?”
    Axel, who repeated Lucy's words as if to listen, burst out laughing. The wom an with whom Lecter had a crush on her was hesitant about a pea-sized subje ct, but she spoke her words out without hesitation.
    I'm afraid someone isn't Sarah's sister's direct maid. With that in mind, Axel d eliberately shot Lucy. Lucy was frightened by the grim expression on his face, a nd Lecter raised his fist to punish Axel.
    “Don’t be afraid, Lucy. Axel-hyung likes to play pranks and is often sarcastic trash, but he’s not a bad person.”
    “Is it a curse or a compliment?”
    “Is that a compliment? Anyway, don't be afraid, Lucy. He is also a reliable per son who will sacrifice his life to protect you if he gets sick.”
    “Sheesh. That is not wrong.”
    Behind the grumbling Axel, the wolf could be seen playing with Cole's crotch.
    I shook my head like crazy when playing tug, and suddenly there was a soun d of the fabric ripping and tearing.
    Cole, who became dizzy, screamed and pulled the wolf away with terrifying p ower.
    The pushed wolf looked up at him with wide eyes, this time approaching Ser ae with a gun.
    “Hey... !”
    Lucy, who had expected her to do the same, bit her nails in fright.

    Serael held out her hand and the wolf sat quietly and licked her tongue.
    It was an amiable act that did not suit his menacing size. Cole glanced at his raged pants and the docile wolf in confusion.
    “I think he likes your sister. He doesn't play too hard and he looks very polit e."
    “I think it’s because they are clever animals. Could it be that different people express their affection differently? You can't rip my dress to shreds."
    The wolf rubbed her scruffy forehead hard on Serae's hand and forearm. Eve n so, she slipped into her little arms as if she wasn't satisfied with the castle.
    Without recognizing my huge body, I saw a person squealing around, and so meone came to my mind.
    '... It's like the Grand Duchess.'
    Serael smiled secretly and stroked the wolf's snout.
    He had jet-black hair like Kaed's hair, his golden eyes flashing, and his gestur es that made him anxious because he couldn't rub me any more.
    The wind from the wolf's exultantly waving tail flew through her hair.
    “Lady, are you okay? Maybe the wolf won't bite her?"
    Lucy trembled as she saw the wolf, which was two times bigger than Sarah. He seemed unbelievable to see a giant wild animal behaving like a pet dog.
    “I probably won't ask. There was a misunderstanding when we first met, but now I am a good listener.”
    The wolf howled once.
    “This child will also sacrifice his life to protect you in a crisis.”
    When Serael smiled and was convinced, Lucy clapped her neck with a playful expression. Her tone sounded very similar to those of the men here.
    Suddenly, a loud noise resounded from the entrance to the backyard. Where everyone's eyes were on, three wolf cubs were running back and forth.
    They were the mock babies that Serael called them Ding, Dong, and Dang. It is ambiguous to even call it a baby now, and when I first saw it, it had a small b ody with soft inner hair and had already grown to the size of a medium-sized d og.
    The wolves who todled because they were not used to walking could now ru n like crazy.
    The wolves licked their tongues and sprinted towards this side, taking a big l eap, using a nearby wooden table as a support.
    The wind shattered the table and scattered pieces of wood like firecrackers i n all directions.
    Lucy was stunned by the violent sight of the little devil running rampant, and withdrew her body.
    Lecter smiled as if to reassure her, who was terrified.
    "it's okay. I'm not here to attack. Besides, they're really tiny babies. If you loo k closely, it will be more cute than scary.”
    “It is not. Even if you get bitten by a sharp tooth, it won't hurt at all, and it'll ju st be cute."
    Axel made a harsh, unhelpful remark. Lecter, who had calmed Lucy, glared at him.
    “Why are you like this? Do you want to say that to someone you are afraid o f?”
    “It’s because it’s fun to see you go crazy every time you touch him.” Seeing the wolves getting closer and closer, Lucy took a startled breath. “Water, can I have water?”
    “I won’t ask. Don’t worry too much.”
    While Lecter was talking sweetly, Axel snatched a wolf pup that was running towards Lucy.
    Contrary to his quick gestures, he held the wolf in his arms and stroked it.
    “Look, this guy is already heavy. You've grown a lot while I haven't seen you. Didn't your sister give you names?"
    "It did. The wolf you are holding is Ding, and the youngest is Ding.”
    “Pooh! You are so cute.”
    Behind Axel, who burst into a light laughter, Cole licked his lips as if secretly memorizing his name.
    As Serael crouched down and caressed the wolf, Lucy also gathered courage and knelt down. The lively wolf cub was not as scary as the one he saw from af ar.
    “Touch the dang. He’s the youngest, so he’s the smallest and most gentle.”
    Serael pointed to a wolf with fluffy gray fur.
    After a while, Lucy licked my hand and gently embraced the lying cub. It see med that the fluttering reminiscent of a puppy dog was cute and the fear gradu ally faded.
    Very moved by the sight, Lecter gently placed one hand on my chest.
    “Lucy, you... You really like wolves.”
    Lucy tilted her chin with a mischievous face.
    "Well. It's hard to say I like it. It's the first time I've seen a wolf, so it's a little scary. But dogs love it.”
    “Wolves are canines. So, wouldn’t it be possible to say that wolves like them too?”
    “Is that so? What... It could be.”
    Although the Valken are human in appearance, they are blood relatives that h ave inherited the blood of wolves, so it seems that it is difficult to get close to people who hate wolves.
    For that reason, Lecter was somewhat moved by Lucy's affection for the bab y wolf. It was a way of thinking that had a lot of personal feelings ingrained in i t.
    “It varies.”
    Axel clicked his tongue as if there was no absurdity, looking at Lecter who w as happy even at the trivial point of contact.
    The male wolf came back to Serael while observing his adorable cubs. She ru bbed her head on her shoulder and looked up with her loyal, bright yellow eyes.
    The wolf, with its bright red tongue drooping across her neck and cheeks, rea lly resembled Kaed. Serael embraced the giant wolf that burrowed into her arm s.
    A new bedroom with warm sunlight.
    Serael woke up early in the morning and sat in front of the dressing table, bli nking heavy eyelids.
    “Lady, if you are tired, you should get some more sleep.”
    Lily, who was combing her long wavy hair, saw her half asleep and made a c autious suggestion.
    Serael shook her head as she drank caffeinated black tea.
    "Nope. I want to get into the habit of waking up early.”
    When I was living in the 4th spire, all my routine was waking up late at noon, eating brunch in my bedroom, taking a walk, enjoying refreshments with my m aid, and then washing up and going to bed.
    After moving to the main character, I wanted to lead a more diligent life.
    Sure enough, all Serael does these days is to walk around and learn about he r nature, but she didn't want to show her indolence because she came within t he life range of a man who only sleeps at night.
    “Where do you plan to go today?”
    Lily tied half of Serael's hair together and crossed them neatly in the center o f the back of the head.
    “Well, I’ve been to almost all the places downstairs, but where should I go to day? Can you recommend any places to visit?”
    Lily thought for a moment.
    “Then how about the library?”
    “You mean the library on the top floor?”
    "You've heard of Mrs. The library here in Nature is as vast as the Great Library in the Imperial Palace. Had it not been for private land, it would have attracted a lot of tourists from the lower lowlands.”
    There was a library built by tearing up the entire five-story building in the firs t district. It was the only place that Kaed was interested in when he was persec uted as an adoption.
    'It was such a faded memory that I forgot. In the hellish Vulkanov Castle, it w as a place where Kaed had a little heart.'
    It wasn't something I had heard from anyone, but it was information that I ha d obtained through printing a long time ago, and it was a secret that no one kne w.
    Even now, even after all the developments that Serael knew about had been reversed, I had an intuition that nothing had changed much.
    “It made me feel smart just to be standing in that magnificent place. It is trul y a place full of knowledge and information. When I first set foot in the library, I was so proud that I had followed her maid and entered her siege castle.”
    Lily praised the library with exaggerated gestures.
    “A book that isn’t there won’t be anywhere in the Lofern Empire.”
    “If that’s the case, you should visit us no matter what happens today.” Seeing the maid making a fuss, Sarah closed her eyes and smiled.
    There was a time when Serael was also very fond of reading. Her will to read her interesting writings has been handed down from her previous life, and she was influenced by her mother who read her storybooks every day, so that she couldn't take her hands off her books even when she was lying down. She was a reader.
    This was until the Marquis of Milrose sold all the books in the library. As the environment where I could access any number of books disappeared, I naturally stopped reading.
    “Lucy will be at the dorm now. When she's ready, I'll send her up to the third floor right away."
    “Thank you, Lily.”
    "you're welcome."
    After finishing her haircut, Lily took out a box of accessories from the shelf.
    “What kind of accessories would you like to wear? Can I get you a sapphire ri ng that goes well with your eyes?”
    “The jewelry is fine. It is better to go out in clothes that are not uncomfortabl e for movement than to dress too much.”
    "I know. Then wait a minute in the bedroom. I'll call Lucy."
    Lily smiled kindly as she said that.
    As a maid who does a lot of miscellaneous things, Lucy, who is chasing after Serael and sightseeing, is the smallest of eyes, but everyone is willing to under stand.
    Lucy was also wise, so when she wasn't spending time with Sarah, she learn ed her job and maintained a good relationship with the maids.
    Shortly after Lily left the room, Lucy came into the bedroom. The two headed to the library at the top, planning to explore the dark northern castle today.
    I couldn't climb the endless stairs, so I got on the elevator. The elevator, whic h was decorated with a beautifully engraved reddish-brown wood, was able to go up to the top floor without any problems if the servant pulled the gear unit o nce.
    Lucy, who came across the newspaper article, praised the grand siege all the way to the library.
    Eventually, the two women who reached the top floor and entered the library opened their mouths at the same time as if they had promised.

    “Wow... .”
    "Wow... !”
    Serael and Lucy, standing side by side, exclaimed with great admiration.
    The library, built over five floors, evoked the awe I had when I first set foot in the Grand Siege and a different level of surprise.
    Countless books were stacked on the bookshelves arranged uniformly over th e five-story railing, and the thick pillars supporting the railing and the floor were made of light gray stone.
    Both inside and outside, it was such a bright and noble atmosphere that I wo ndered if such a place could exist in the Great Fortress made of black stone.
    The ceiling of the library was adorned with transparent glass windows, and di agonally crossed comb-shaped grates shattered the morning sunlight and let it in.
    Standing in it, I felt goosebumps as if I had become a witness of a living and breathing history.
    Serael glanced around the library, her blue eyes twinkling.
    An old man sweeping a broomstick from afar saw Serael and rushed to him. Even before the ceremony, when she was called Madame, she put a modest s mile on her lips.
    Soon after, he greeted the old man who was presumed to be a librarian.
    "hello. Good morning."
    The old man seemed a bit surprised by the unexpected visit, but he did not h ide his welcome sign.
    “Good morning, madam. What are you doing in the library?”
    “I will be living in the castle in the future, so I am looking around the inside. A s soon as I heard that there was a wonderful library on the top floor, I went up without any hesitation.”
    “It is a great honor for you to visit. I haven't had a chance to introduce myself earlier. My name is Albert. I have been in charge of the overall affairs of the libr ary since the time of the previous Duke’s presence.”
    Albert was the only user who was described as an 'old librarian' in the play, a nd the one who guided Caed, who was adopted, to the library wholeheartedly whenever he visited the library.
    The old man who introduced himself politely turned his chin to look somewh ere and shouted.
    "fountain! Come and say hello to your Majesty.”
    At his call, a boy who was sweeping a broom in the corner rushed to his feet. The boy, who appeared to be in his mid to late teens, widened his drooping eye s and bent his back with a bewildered gesture.
    "hello. It’s Sam.”
    "hi? Nice to meet you."
    Serael responded with a cute smile at the stupid greeting. Albert also patted the boy on the back with a proud face.
    “It’s my grandson. I was worried about losing my parents a few years ago an d being left alone in the village, but the merciful Archduke allowed us to enter, so we managed the library together.”
    “It is. He is a very kind person.”
    Kindness and kindness were the most distant modifiers from Caed, but Sera eel readily agreed.
    Seeing the pervasive smile on Albert's wrinkled face, his loyalty to Kaed see med unquestionable.
    “It's such a wonderful library. Had I known such a place existed, I would have been the first to visit when I had the opportunity.”
    Serael clasped her hands and exclaimed pure admiration.
    “It's probably the coolest library in the world. It’s a place I go to every day, to o, but I am amazed every time.”
    Agreed, Albert glanced over the bookshelves with affectionate eyes. He see med to take great pride in this place.
    Serael also looked around the library.
    “Are you managing such a large place only with Sam and the two of you?”
    “Yes, there are only two librarians, me and this guy as an assistant. As you m ay know, the number of users of the anti-aircraft castle is small compared to it s size... .”
    Albert glanced at Serael and spoke again.
    “I manage, sort, and organize the collection with my grandchildren, but when moving a large amount of books or needing to clean the entire collection, there is no difficulty in managing it with the help of other users.”
    “I think the librarian took great care of it. It is very impressive that it has been preserved flawlessly.”
    “Thank you for telling me that.”
    Albert bowed politely.
    “Are there any books you are looking for by the way?”
    “I don’t have the book I’m looking for, but I want to take a look inside, is that ok?”
    "of course. Let me give you a brief introduction. Eat this way.”
    He led Sarahel and Lucy into the middle of the hallway on the first floor. Lucy constantly turned her head and was busy exclaiming.
    “Religious books are organized on the left shelf of the hallway. You can find n ot only the state religion of the empire, but also the catechism of paganism that is worshiped in the East. The irony is that the bookshelves on the right are lined with science-related books. It’s a book arrangement system that has been arou nd for hundreds of years in this library, isn’t it?”
    “Ho ho ho.”
    She laughed out loud as if she had hit Lucy's laugh code. It was a really deep laugh code.
    Serael laughed along with the absurd thought of telling Lecter about Lucy's ta ste later.
    As if pleased with the positive response, Albert smiled contentedly and led th e two women down the stairs.
    “On the second floor there are only art books. Books related to the formative arts, such as architecture, sculptures, and crafts, are mainly located on this sid e, and in the space beyond that pillar, you can get a glimpse of the infinite histo ry of the performing arts.”
    Perhaps he was interested in art, Albert was selfish and gave a longer explan ation on the second floor. As he headed to the next floor, he looked even more proud.
    “Did you know that the concept of public health, which was an important cor nerstone of medical development long ago, originated in a book? The historical book is on the third floor of our library.”
    Albert made a gesture of rubbing his hands.
    “Isn't that pretty surprising? If you wash your hands well and drink clean wat er in a clean environment, you can prevent diseases. You learn these basic con cepts from books. It is very fortunate that we are living in such an advanced ag e now.”
    “Ahaha... .”
    Serael, who had experienced an era that was incomparable to the present, s miled awkwardly. This era in which transcendent beings exist has impressive fe atures, but... .
    “You can also find a lot of anatomical literature on the third floor, which was t aboo until a few decades ago. It explains the overall structure and principle of t he human body well with text and pictures. If you are interested, please take a l ook around.”
    “It's very interesting. I'll check it out when I get a chance."
    Following Albert's hand pointing to the bookshelves lined up in front of him, S arah involuntarily threw his gaze. The head, which had returned to its original p osition, suddenly headed there.
    A book that had nothing on the surface that stood out, caught my attention. I t was just one of many books, and I wondered why it stood out so much.
    Maybe it was because of the title engraved on the back of the book?
    Albert, who was about to lead us to the next floor, stopped at Serael's reactio n. She hurriedly shook her head.
    "no. Can you tell me what theme the next floor is organized under?”
    “Oh, yes. Please come up this stairs.”
    With Lucy and Albert in front of her, she couldn't pull out the book and read i t, so Serael calmly waited for her free time to come.
    Next, Albert introduced books categorized by floor with easy and interesting explanations that even non-literate people could understand.
    After showing off the books in the bookshelves on the fifth floor and the glas s decoration on the ceiling, he smiled with satisfaction.
    It felt very good to be able to guide visitors to the library for the first time in a while.
    “The general guide ends here. Feel free to browse around now, and if you ev er need any help, call me anytime, as I and Sam will be waiting on the first floo r.”
    “Thank you for your time, Albert.”
    “I’m going to tell you, ma’am. You are really nice and polite. The Archduke, w ho is about to marry someone like his wife, is also a very blessed person.”
    Albert chuckled and politely bowed down the stairs. Serael stared blankly at t he old man's back.
    "miss. Which book would you like to read first?”
    Lucy asked abruptly. There was a book I had been eyeing for a while, but it w as an embarrassing title that I couldn't say out loud. Sarah decided not to be ho nest.
    “There are no specific books I want to read, but I think I should go to the thir d floor. Lucy, are you?”
    “I will read a lot of cookbooks on the fifth floor. I want to learn how to bake d elicious cakes and cook them for you someday.”
    “Okay then, see you later.”
    Lucy bowed her head at Serael's greeting and quickly walked away.
    Serael, who no longer received any attention from others, went down to the t hird floor without hesitation.
    'Let's check it out quickly when no one is there.'
    Serael arrived in front of the bookshelf where the book was, and began to se arch, pointing to the back of the book one by one.
    Before long, she found the book she had been eyeing.
    Looking at it again, my eyes widened at the very naked title, and dry saliva fl owed down my throat. After looking around the area where there was no one ar ound, Serael carefully took out a book.
    same time.
    Kaed was walking over the castle observatory with his closest aide, Hawk, an d his assistant Tyron.
    “What the hell is that messy building?”
    Suddenly, Hawk pointed somewhere in a nervous voice.
    The border should be clearly visible from the high observatory, but in a small town near the castle, an unsightly wooden skeleton was sticking out and obscu ring the corner of the wall as construction was underway.
    If the building was completed, the range blocking the view was also expecte d to expand. The aristocrat, an aristocrat, slid his glasses up to his forehead an d looked in the direction Hawk was pointing.
    The assistant opened his mouth in a calm tone.
    “This is a villa under construction by Joseph Wilson, mayor of the small town of Ilwood.”
    “Did I ask the owner of the building now? It means why is that filthy garbage blocking the view of the borderline.”
    Tyron flinched as the hawk growled and spoke again.
    “The view from the west and east watchtowers is no problem, not from this observation deck. Actually, the observatory of this nature was not originally a pl ace for surveillance or attack... .”
    “Tear it down.”
    Hawk dismissed it like a spit.
    “Don’t back down and say it’s broken. Even if there is one more watching ey e, can we just make a hole in the plate that is not enough?”
    Tyron looked at Hawk with a puzzled expression.
    “Ilwood is a small city, but it is close to the big city where winter festivals are held, so there are a lot of tourists. Thanks to this, we are paying a considerable amount of tax on the estate, and if the mayor demolishes the villa under constr uction without notice, there will definitely be a backlash. So, to appease the ma rket... .”
    “I’m Wilson, Mayor of Ilwood.”
    Kaed, who had been silently listening, muttered in a low voice.
    “It must be the bloodline of the bugs who flattered my stepfather.”
    Kaed stared at the assistant with dry eyes without changing his complexion. I n the meantime, the aide could be confident that my courage had grown consid erably stronger while living with strange men.
    However, whenever he faced those terrible eyes that did not contain any em otion or humanity, his whole body shook with goosebumps as if he had been dr iven into his limbs.
    Kaed's low tone gave the order in a tone that was not so boring.
    “Destroy that abomination by me today and bring the mayor's head with the r eport.”
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    Here you go

    Adviser Tyron stood still, speechless.
    I couldn't tell if it was because of the ruthless command that the low and low voice gave in a very plain tone, or because of the eerie gold eyes that had neve r stayed warm.
    Four or four of Kaed's men, who were guarding the observatory, detected un usual air and watched Tyron.
    Tyron carefully formulated my opinions with the giant beast-like men in front of them.
    Hawke wasn't wrong. It is true that there is a height restriction on the height of the buildings around the anti-aircraft fortress in order to secure a view towar ds the border.
    The building was not without room for illegality, as the barrier was covered b y the skeleton.
    However, the watchtower was still able to monitor the pity around the border without problems. It was not an urgent task, so it was a problem that could be solved flexibly.
    'Are you going to demolish the building of the market because it obstructs th e view from the observatory in nature, which is nothing more than just for viewi ng the panoramic view, not for monitoring the wall?'
    A cold sweat ran down Tyron's back.
    Needless to say, forcibly demolishing a structure that has already begun cons truction within today and asking the mayor, the owner of it, to be taken by the name of the owner, was obviously too much.
    Joseph Wilson, the son of the former mayor, is a greedy and quick-witted m an who resembles his dead father.
    Even though it has a bad taste in the city, it might have been better to coax it and keep it nearby than to get rid of it.
    Even if it is purged, it is a matter to be carefully considered, isn't it a cruel de cision to kill them all at once?
    'This is probably a person with personal resentment.'
    Tyron glanced at Kaed, who had grown up to be an impeccable adult man.
    He clearly remembers the moment when Kaed first entered the castle. I was also curious about his origins, which he did not tell even if he asked the previou s duke, because the coolness of his youthful face and the guns in his sparkling gold were impressive.
    He was incomparable to the vulgar and vulgar Confucius of Vulkanov, who ha d a clever and calm disposition.
    'It was to the extent that the status of adopting was more disappointing.'
    Tyron, who had served as the duke's assistant for a long time, witnessed wit h his own eyes how much persecution Caed had been subjected to by his famil y members.
    Was it because of that? As time went on, the eyes of Kaed, who had a young er gun, became more delicate as if an untamable beast was forcibly tying the le ash on the owner's neck.
    Tyron, who had an intuition that it was an embers that could not know when or on what scale would be ignited, warned the Duke numerous times that he n eeded to be careful about adopting, but each time it was ignored.
    Meanwhile, Kaed suddenly disappeared before reaching adulthood. The day h e returned to the castle without a word, it was the night of the brilliant full moo n, the night when all the members of the duke's family and their lifetimes gath ered to enjoy a large-scale banquet.
    It was also a night when the fates of many people turned upside down like th e palms of their hands. Only a handful of people, including Mrs. Bailey, have be en truly loyal to Caed.
    And Tyron... .
    “The useless thing was alive.”
    Hawk twisted his lip and shuddered. It was a sarcastic sarcasm thrown at the right time, as if he had read all Tyron's thoughts. Tyron caught her breath in a sh ock as if her silk was cut by her dagger.
    “Indeed, it was a short period of time to find and kill even the youngest of m any filthy bugs.”
    Fortunately or unfortunately, Hawk was pointing to Mayor Wilson, who was working on that building.
    However, he could not ignore the remarks that insignificantly revealed the tra gedy of that day.
    'disaster? It is ironic that the Duchy has developed significantly over the past few years as a result of that tragedy.'
    Even after receiving the Duchy of Duchess, Kaed did not neglect his duties a nd concentrated on his duties every day.
    He personally went to the border subjugation and cleared out a huge group of savages that had been tormenting the Empire, especially the North, for over a h undred years without any room for resuscitation.
    It was a completely different move from the previous duke's northern expulsi on, which was close to a show-off, and the emperor recognized Karlsvik's auto nomy and was elevated to the title of Grand Duke.
    A few years later, after bringing in the bride out of the blue, Caed did not go out to subjugate, but he was more obsessed with strengthening the borders m ore pathologically than before.
    'The bride of Kaed... Well.'
    The woman I saw at the last dinner didn't get along at all with the monster-li ke man who didn't show the morals and emotions we should have as human b eings.
    It wasn't what it looked like.
    Sarahel was such a cheerful and bright woman that it seemed impossible to share her feelings with Kaed. She smiled, ate and drank enough to make her s mile when she looked at her.
    'It was a bit strange, though.'
    While treating the menacing men around her in a casual way, she threw scor nful words and deeds that a noble woman should not have.
    His father, the Marquis of Milrose, is famous for being a ruthless person who is only concerned with abandoning his family and increasing the size of his busi ness. Besides, is he going to marry Kaede?
    'What kind of contact point is there between the two people?'
    While pure curiosity, doubt, and reminiscences of the past were blocking Tyr on's mouth, Kaed looked down at him quietly, as if asking for an answer.
    “It wouldn’t be a difficult instruction. Can't you?”
    There was an eerie feeling as if a sharply sharpened blade was slowly sweepi ng through Tyron's body.
    "that is... .”
    The extended silence was a disrespectful attitude towards the superior. Tyro n hurriedly ran away.
    “This is an orderly order, but there are guard posts at regular intervals near th e wall, so if a savage comes down from an unknown area, I think it will be able to detect it at any time. Therefore, to destroy the mayor's villa or take his life rig ht away... .”
    “It’s a long comment.”
    Kaed cut off his horse's waist. Then, a tall man with a sense of intimidation a pproached Tyron.
    A hand as large as the man's size grabbed the assistant's shoulder. Tyron wa s under pressure as if the weight of a thousand pounds weighed down on her b ody, but the hand on her shoulder just tapped and backed away quickly.
    “I’ll attach someone to you, so I’ll train you today.”
    “... I will do it as a squad.”
    Tyron bent over so that the top of his head was visible, and hurriedly exited t he observatory. Hawk, who was glaring at the stairs he had descended with a b itter glance, clicked his tongue once.
    “It’s the only peafowl left behind by the peacock, so why did you keep it aliv e? I'm not even sure he's trustworthy."
    “The author is a competent person who knows sari and reason. He has serve d as a counselor to the estate for a long time, so he needs to keep him close.”
    Hawk shook his head in disapproval.
    “I know that you put a watchman to watch over the human’s every move wit h the possibility of treachery in mind, but it’s still uncomfortable.”
    “You know what to ask? If you do, you will have to kill me.”
    Kaed dismissed it briefly.
    Unlike the butler, who only manages the internal affairs of the castle, the aid e had to grasp the trends of the vast territory. In addition, he performed admini strative duties, supervision, and other activities, both internally and externally, a nd acted as a proxy in the absence of the lord.
    Valken's subordinates, who show extraordinary talent for slaughter, are also i mportant, but Tyron's position was necessary to rule the largest territory in the Empire without difficulty.
    Tyron comes from a family that has supported high-ranking nobles for six ge nerations, and since he values the responsibilities and honor of his family, it will be difficult to cultivate the seeds of betrayal.
    Kaed only trusts in his talent and temperament to preserve the honor of the f amily.
    It was also something I had read early on when I was an adopted child, that T yron was implicitly disliked of the ambitious duke. He also had a common deno minator with similar grains, so he was a person he could embrace.
    'Even if it's a bystander.'
    Caed, who reflected on the past, cast his dry eyes at the wall dividing the bor der. The annoying threat was out of sight.
    Even though they trampled the onyx tribe moving south more than a month a go, another invasion attempt has been made since then.
    The savage swarms with potential for rebellion or descending to Karlsvik are i dentified based on their previous life experiences of endless warfare.
    Thanks to this, he was able to subdue them without difficulty, but because o f the small scratches on the wall, Caed began to become more sensitive than e ver before.
    As a few years ago, if you led a large army to subdue wild people across the border, you could remove the risk factor more reliably.
    But now there is only one reason why I can't go to the North Bee. Because th ey can't leave Serael in the siege for a long time.
    'If we do everything we can to strengthen security while adding troops to wat chtowers and guard posts near the wall, there will be no major problems.'
    Compared to the days when his adoptive father managed the estate, the imp roved security did not give him a sense of stability.
    Because winter is fast approaching, the number of people who want to plund er the southern civilization's food will increase as well.
    “Slow down.”
    Kaed opened his mouth with a dry voice, focusing his disrespectful gaze on t he structure that covered the corner of the wall.
    I had a lot of work to finish today.
    Documents requiring approval were piled up on the desk, and I had to check the letters from the members of the Valken tribe who were still living and inspe cting across the border.
    Since the day I slept with Sarah, I haven't slept even once, and I've been con centrating on my work schedule, but there is no sign of the end of it.
    There was no feeling of exhaustion, but there were times when a deep feelin g of exhaustion came rushing in from the sense of alert standing all day long.
    At times like this, I wanted to sleep peacefully with the small body of Serael, who has soft flesh, in my arms.
    ... The next morning, even though you could go through the same four mont hs as last time, you are surrounded by such desires. Kaed laughed out of absur dity.
    “Why are you laughing alone again?”
    Seeing his laugh, Hawk asked bluntly. Kaed ignored Hawk and went down th e stairs. With the thoughts that filled his head, he couldn't afford to answer the useless questions of his subordinates.
    If she offered to sleep without a good reason, Serael could reject it, and Kaed could be considered an ungrateful unscrupulous person.
    As a woman who knows how to reciprocate, should I ask for what she wants after giving me a favor like last time?
    I want to have the ceremony as soon as possible and combine the bedroom s, but why does it feel like a distant future?
    Continuing his thoughts, Kaed entered the hall on the top floor of the castle. Just then, she ran into Albert sweeping the broom in front of the library doorwa y.
    “The Grand Duke.”
    When Albert met Caed, he showed a welcome, and then politely bowed.
    He nodded lightly and tried to pass by, but a remark he couldn't ignore caugh t hold of his ankle.
    “What a coincidence this is. The devil is now in the library.”

    Kaed paused and looked back at him.
    “Yes. You are on the 3rd floor now. You come in the morning and I will guide you... .”
    As Albert was about to say something more, Caed strode forward with wide strides and opened the library door.
    Hawk shaking his head flutteringly and Albert with a happy expression watch ed the back of Caed, who was quickly moving away, through the gap in the hea vy door closing.
    The book Serael took out had a pile of old dust on the head as if it had not be en touched for a long time.
    After dusting off the dust, she went to a nearby desk and sat down, fearing a nyone might see it, holding the book to her chest. Serael carefully turned her c over over and began to read from her table of contents.
    '... How and in what order?'
    In the middle of the table of contents, there was a letter that appealed to the taste. She flipped over her bookshelf with a careful gesture. It was not known why this book was classified as a medical book.
    The important thing is that when I saw the provocative title of this book, my curiosity spread like paint spilled on a canvas.
    It was also a topic that was related to the worries of these days that I dug de ep into my head. Serael opened the bookshelf, pointing to the page number sh e had checked in the table of contents.
    Reaching the desired page, she soon found an illustration that filled the page and covered her mouth.
    'The picture is too naked... !'
    She only knew a little bit of theory but had no practical experience. No, I was not immune to sensational descriptions.
    'I don't want to see this. Are there any parts that are explained in detail in tex t?'
    Embarrassed, Sarah turned over the bookshelf. The next chapter, the next ch apter. As I continued flipping through, various pictures came out endlessly, con fusing Serael.
    was that so He climbed up the stairs and didn't even notice the sound of foot steps approaching him and the elongated silhouette.
    “Sheep Sherael.”
    The moment the familiar low tone fell over her head as if by surprise, Serael l ifted her head. It was sudden, but he immediately recognized who the man had come into view.
    "uh? ... Grand Duchess?”
    Sherael, who was flipping through the pages, made a bewildered look and op ened her lips slightly. He was a man I met in just a few days, enough to call it a reunion.
    Still, Sarahel smiled involuntarily at the pleasure that came to her unconsciou sly.
    A good-looking line was engraved on Caed's mouth, which was well closed.
    Kaed walked closer to the desk. All of a sudden, Se Rael smiled faintly as he realized the existence of the book he had been reading before.
    His eyes were fixed on the approaching man, but his body's sense of touch t urned to the book on the desk.
    'If you get caught, it's over.'
    It wouldn't be strange to think that because of the illustrations that filled doze ns of pages, it was misunderstood as an obscene picture book rather than a m edical book.
    If caught, it could be explained that he was only trying to read the text to buil d a theoretical understanding of sexual communion.
    no, clarification? It was such a questionable explanation that I wondered if it could sound more like a lie than this.
    In the first place, it was impossible to tell him that Serael was trying to study the theory of sex between a man and a woman.
    It was clear that the mistakes made in front of Kaed so far would be an unfa miliar history to the extent that they were nothing more than the blood of new f eet.
    It was not at the level of a blanket or a couple of kicks. Therefore, she had to defend the secrets of this book no matter what.
    'As natural as possible.'
    Serael slowly closed the open book without breaking her gaze connected to K aed.
    Don't forget to turn the back cover upside down so that the title is not visible.
    Kaed pulled out a chair opposite him and leaned his upper body abruptly.
    “... ... !”
    Embarrassed by the sudden movement, Serael was caught in a vain illusion t hat the book might be stolen, and flipped her hand into the air.
    It was a subtle gesture that could only be noticed if you were paying attentio n, but it was definitely defensive. It was a bit of an overreaction because it was a movement that occurred while Kaed was seated.
    As he was leaning his upper body on the chair, he sensed an unusual air curr ent like a ghost and stopped moving slightly.
    The languid golden eyes widened a little to grasp the meaning of Serael's acti ons, and immediately revealed a mysterious character as if searching.
    Serael deliberately made up a bright voice and rushed out.
    “What are you doing here since this morning?”
    “I stopped by the observatory on business and heard that you were at the libr ary. As soon as you enter, you seem to be diligently looking around. How is it? I s it worth it?”
    "ah... .”
    Sherael let out a sigh and lowered her eyelashes slightly.
    Fortunately, there was no sense of incongruity in the book that was turned u pside down. She made her eye contact with Kaed again, continuing her blurred horsetail.
    “Thanks to you taking care of me even in places I can’t see, I’m doing well. H owever, I think it will take a few more days to realize that we are in our nature.”
    “It’s not the first time you’ve slept. You will get used to it.”
    Kaed pointed out the memories of spending the night with him and coming o ut of the bedroom as if driven out of the morning wind.
    Serael's heart pounded violently as she recalled the bulging outline she had witnessed before being kicked out.
    He was the one who put Serael here, with this book.
    “I had an urgent work to do on the moving day, so I couldn't go see Miss Sara hel. I told the children not to cause trouble and to help, but did you listen?”
    If it's urgent, maybe it has to do with the border issue that Axel mentioned a while ago.
    It looked like everyone was taking a break, but if I asked for nothing, Axel wo uld get in trouble, so Serael didn't say anything.
    Instead, he smiled as he remembered the trio of teenagers who roamed the hallways, spilled furniture and played around.
    “What is trouble? Thanks to the children, the move was finished early. There was a lot of luggage, but it wasn’t difficult thanks to the people walking around and helping out.”
    Kaed ended the conversation with a brief nod. Then he tapped the desk lightl y with his long finger.
    "by the way... .”
    As always, if the sweet and low voice seems to be deliberately muffled, is it a mistake? Serael quietly waited for the next words, with a smile that mimicked her calmness.
    “What were you reading?”
    The embarrassment she had been trying to hide passed over her face.
    “Even in the morning.”
    He added, and his gaze, observing Serael, fell on the book.
    When Kaed showed interest in the secret he had been wanting to hide, Sera el's head began to spin so tight that it couldn't be faster than this.
    He is a man who is well aware of the library's classification system. He knew that only medical books were on the third floor, and he shouldn't have been sus picious of lying.
    Sherael told the truth, but decided to answer in a lump. “The human body... It is a medical book related to "body?"
    He raised his eyebrows as if in surprise.
    "yes. The librarian guided us by floor, and there were so many interesting ma terials. I was particularly interested in emphasizing the existence of the anatom ical literature here on the third floor.”
    “When it comes to anatomy, I read it a long time ago. It certainly impressed me that it was once considered a forbidden book.”
    Kaed sympathized with a fresh tone.
    “It was. Did you enjoy reading it?”
    “I saw it because I ran out of things to read, so I wasn’t very interested. At th at time.”
    Kaed added a short chin and pointed to the book placed in front of Sarahel's c hest.
    “Are you reading anatomy books?”
    Serael kept her face up and rolled her round eyes, conscious of the direction he was pointing.
    ... What does it mean not to feel uncomfortable?
    The most suspicious-looking book in the world was placed upside down with its title hidden.
    “Perhaps... ? I don't know. I brought it while browsing books without the publ ic.”
    Serael responded with a certain glare at Kaed.
    'Stop asking.'
    At the same time, the voice in my heart cried out. Serael longed for him to tr eat him like a gentleman as much as for this moment.
    Please don't take the book that the woman was reading and don't ask what t he book is about.
    After a short silence, he spoke out neither the former nor the latter, which w as outside the expected category.
    “I did not know that Miss Sarahel had an academic interest in the medical fiel d. Do you want to explore the human body?”
    "yes? It’s not like that, but the topic of exploring the human body doesn’t see m trivial.”
    “It would be better to focus on practical research rather than just learning the ory at your desk.”
    “... Of course, reading only the print and experiencing it for yourself will mak e a difference.”
    “That’s right. Are you in need of a male applicant?”
    "no... ! What does that mean!”
    Serael got up with her cheeks stained as if sprinting from her chair. You're pl aying with words without knowing the speed of her raging.
    Do you know the subject of this book and say something like that? Maybe it was because he reacted too sensitively, but he felt frustrated later, but Serael t hought that this was an opportunity and picked up the book.
    “Please sit here and wait for a moment.”
    “Where are you going?”
    When I looked up, there was a mischievous smile in his voice.
    “I want to leave the book in its place. I will stop reading now.”
    Serael, who fired a fresh shot, moved forward.
    As I walked, I felt happy eyes on the back of my head. She pretended to be o kay, hugged her book, walked to the shelf, and put it back in her place.
    When she glanced back, the man who disturbed her was hidden behind the bookshelf.
    "phew... .”
    Serael rested her forehead on the bookshelf and took a deep breath. He dyed his cheeks red with an emotion he didn't know where it came from.
    Something you almost caught while reading a questionable book? Did he play an odd pun?
    Or was she facing a man who had an existence that plunged her into the aby ss of trouble?
    Serael asked an unanswerable question, pressing down on her pounding che st. After he calmed down his beating heart a little, he turned around and went back to his desk.
    Kaed sat quietly waiting as she had instructed. As he was contemplating how to adapt to her awkward air current, he spoke up.
    “I have heard that Sherael is planning to go out of the city. It seemed like you were planning to bring a number of companions.”
    Kaed, who had washed away the smile he had seen before, stared at Serael with his shoulders slanted.
    Sherael, who was squirming with her hands on the desk, nodded her head.
    “I was going to ask if I could go to the Winter Festival anyway. It is said that t he festival is so big that merchants from other countries come up to it. Lucy an d I also want to participate. Would it be okay?"
    When asked for permission to go out, Kaed did not answer.
    Were you offended because the words came out of someone else's mouth fi rst?
    Sherael hesitated for a moment, and before she could say anything, a low-pit ched bass sound flew in.
    “You’re pretty close with the kids.”
    The voices referring to the three men had a subtly disapproving tone.
    Serael, who sensed that the flow of conversation was flowing in a rather stra nge direction, tilted her chin.

    “I don’t think it’s bad to be friendly with children.”
    When Serael answered with a bewildered answer, Kaed showed an even mor e uncomfortable feeling.
    “Who did you want to be best friends with? Is it Cole who had a coming-of-a ge ceremony this time?”
    It was an absurd question. Sherael, who had opened her lips involuntarily, sla pped his hand quickly.
    “It wasn’t like that, but I suggested it because I thought it would be fun if we all participate in the festival.”
    "Together? Then who would you most like to accompany with?” “... Among the children?”
    Sarah tilted her head again.
    Is Kaed seriously misunderstanding something now? If not... .
    “Actually, Lecter wants to go to the festival with Lucy, but it’s a little awkwar d for Lucy to go alone. So we decided to go together... They are all of the same age, so if you get along, you can become close. Lucy, it would be nice to be clo se to her children because she's living here."
    The repeated phrases sounded like excuses to Sarahel's ears.
    Caed leaned against the backrest as if to continue, maintaining a relaxed post ure.
    “Of course, that's not all. I've always wanted to go to the Winter Festival... .”
    Serael, whose tail was blurred, did not continue to speak. He was at a loss as to how to interpret the displeasure he was explicitly expressing.
    It was only a rough guess as to whether it was a bad feeling to hear someon e else's plan to participate in the festival as if it were a notification. Or maybe h e was upset that he didn't ask for a companion?
    “Did the Archduke also want to go to the festival?”
    Sherael hesitated what she could have guessed out of her mouth. Kaed hard ened his already cold face.
    “I hate cluttered places.”
    Without a moment's hesitation, a voice claiming to hate festivals broke her e xpectations.
    "ah... That’s right.”
    Serael, who muttered in embarrassment, threw a blank stare into the air som ewhere.
    'too bad. I like it.'
    Serael enjoyed meeting new people while listening to street performances in a noisy place, drinking sweet drinks, and having no time to walk.
    The occasional social parties and proms hosted by the aristocratic society we re not too bothersome. It was also romantic to dance lightly with a man I liked t o the melody of a string instrument.
    However, the opposite of her, Kaed preferred a dark and quiet place. She see med to believe that spending time alone was more productive than chatting wit h others. As far as Serael knew, it was.
    'You can't offer a companion to someone who hates a noisy atmosphere.'
    My resolve to carefully ask if I could go to the festival with you if I had time w as clouded like smoke. In the first place, it was a naive decision to ask the heav y-duty Grand Duke to go to a leisurely festival or play.
    “If you have to go to a place like that, there must be only one reason.”
    If it hadn't been for the continuous bass, I would have continued to think that way.
    “It will be difficult until half a day, but we can leave the schedule blank enoug h. Did you say you're going on the first weekday of next week?"
    Sarah did not answer right away and was lost.
    After belatedly understanding the question, a round curve was drawn on her l ips.
    The unusually dark-blooded lips parted sideways, revealing white teeth, whic h was strangely erotic.
    To see that one thing, Kaed thought that he had only worked like a dog so fa r, and wiped his dry lips with the tip of his tongue as if possessed.
    Serael clasped her hands tightly, not hiding her excitement.
    “Are you going to the winter festival with me? A lot of people and a very nois y festival?”
    “Isn’t there anything that can’t be done?”
    “The soliciting merchant may be annoyingly fussy, the ball kicked by a kid ma y hit his head, and the smell of meat from the street stalls may permeate his b ody and he may regret why he came here.”
    Sherael listed the things she had experienced while going to the festival one by one.
    Kaed also noticed that she was recounting her experiences.
    I laughed out loud when I imagined Serael making a difficult expression after being hit in the head by a small ball. But even then, when I remembered the idi ots flirting with Rael, I wanted to break his forearm.
    My resolve to go with her no matter what, became stronger.
    Kaed shook his chin as if he didn't care about the little things she said.
    "Do not worry. I assure you that I will have no regrets.”
    A smile spread across Sarah's face. Even so, the exciting festival was eagerly awaited by his companion.
    “I think it will be so much fun. Had I known this would be the case, I would h ave asked earlier. You look very busy, so I couldn’t even think of it.”
    “From now on, if there is anything you want to ask me, ask me without gues sing. Even the smallest things are fine. It's not that far away, it's right downstair s."
    Just from what I heard at first glance, it was impossible to visit a man with a tightly packed schedule for nothing.
    Well, I'm fine with that... .
    “Then I will do that. Instead, you shouldn’t annoy me.”
    “I can’t be bothered.”
    Kaede smiled softly and smirked. Then she opened her mouth again in a sub dued tone.
    “On the other hand, if I have a business for Miss Sarahel, is it okay to visit m e anytime?”
    “Ah, um... .”
    Sherael did not readily answer and hesitated. It was difficult for him to respo nd willingly, as he intended to visit frequently even in the midst of his busy sch edule.
    When the answer was delayed, Kaed let out a low laugh with an expression t hat he knew it would. Sherael's lukewarm response was not very welcome. I di dn't even ask for a bed, so why hesitate like this?
    It was cute that Kaed made a plan to shoot with his subordinates without kno wing it, but his hesitant attitude to asking for simple permission was quite anno ying.
    Kaed abruptly revealed a plan he had planned to come up with a long time lat er.
    “You are hesitating. If the bedrooms were combined, there would be no such trouble.”
    “The bedroom... ?”
    “You can share your routine before going to bed. Sherael asks me what she was curious about, and I ask her how her day was. How is it?"
    Sherael's eyes could not stay in one place and wandered in all directions.
    “I don’t think it’s a bad thing when you say that.”
    "good. After the wedding is over, we try to move towards combining the bedr ooms as soon as possible. Finally, the master room is empty on the same floor as my office, so I can use it as a couple's bedroom. The plan will call a designe r, so you can decorate it according to Miss Sarahel's taste. What do you think?”
    Like someone who had been planning for a long time, Kaed made the propos al without hesitation. Serael, who blinked quickly in her eyes, suddenly came to her nature and remembered her own new bedroom.
    She had not yet spent two weeks in a cozy, warm bedroom that did not matc h the atmosphere of Karlsvik.
    “Then what about my bedroom now?”
    “Keep the room Ms. Sherael is using, but use it as a luggage or storage spac e. If you want, you can do the morning dressing there.”
    Thinking of a pretty bedroom that might be turned into a warehouse, Serael s hook her head again.
    It wasn't that he was reluctant to share a bedroom with him, but his unprepar ed heart was naturally looking for excuses.
    Serael recalled the morning she almost got kicked out of Caed's bedroom.
    “What should I do if the Archduke kicks me out like last time? Trouble every morning... If something happened, I'd rather... .”
    Unable to continue saying that it would be better to use each room, Serael fi ddled with my earlobe. A nice blush appeared on her fluffy white cheeks.
    Knowing that she was looking around for excuses to avoid the annexation, Ca ed followed his will.
    “I will never commit such rudeness as back then.”
    I was going to double the dose as I should have plenty of drugs to control my excitement in a few weeks.
    The proposal to merge the bedrooms as soon as the wedding was over was a little grumpy, but I prepared enough for that.
    “Now, if she wants to touch me, she is free to touch me.”
    “... What did you just say?”
    “Isn’t Miss Sherael like that? He got angry saying that he could only touch m e with permission. Now it means you can touch me whenever you want.”
    "no... I didn't mean it that way back then... .”
    As the shame on her cheeks grew even hotter, Sarah stuttered.
    Kaed himself hugged and touched Serael whenever he felt like it, and she on ly shot at her because she was sad that her fingertips had touched a little.
    I didn't mean to say what I wanted to do with him... !
    Suddenly, I heard someone screaming from downstairs.
    Serael reflexively looked down the railing. He couldn't see the face of the per son who called him, but it must have been Caed's subordinate.
    “You should read this!”
    The roaring voice was so loud that it resounded from the hall on the first floor to here. It appears that an important letter has arrived that requires immediate confirmation.
    “It looks like something has happened. I'll go see it soon." Caed rose from his seat and beckoned to Serael.
    “Come here.”
    At the same time, Serael got up pushing the chair and walked towards him. Naturally, with his arms outstretched, Kaed wrapped around Serael's waist and pulled him towards me. The slender body imprisoned in his left arm trembled sl ightly.
    Before even realizing that the distance had narrowed, Kaed bent his upper bo dy and pressed his lips against Serae's cheek.
    There was a cute rubbing sound that touched the skin and fell. He touched R ael's chin with his thumb as he lifted his head high to meet his eyes.
    “I accidentally interrupted Miss Sarahel’s time. Now, the disruptors are leavin g, so start exploring the human body.”
    “You are a saboteur. He didn't bother with anything. And I'm not going to do any research on the human body anymore... .”
    "but. You don't have to study.”
    Caed, who added insignificantly, kissed the cheek again. Then two or three ti mes. A soft and warm body temperature was applied to the same area.
    Caed didn't fall off immediately, but hugged her and continued to leave a jank is like a bird pecking at her beak.
    Serael gently placed her arm on his shoulder, gently receiving the kiss that fe ll on her cheek and chin.
    'What do you mean I don't have to study?'
    From the beginning, Kaed's words in relation to the book in question seemed to have exquisite bones.
    All he saw was the back cover of a book turned upside down. If it wasn't for t he explicit title, it was a book with an ordinary appearance that even Serael coul d not find a singularity in.
    No matter how long Kaed spent in this magnificent library, there was no way he could have grasped the appearance of countless books. Therefore, he had to be some kind of old woman.
    Serael unwittingly grabbed his collar. Then, a low-pitched laughter spread thr ough her auricle.
    “I want to stay a little longer, but I have to go.” Kaed said playfully and left.
    "ah... .”
    “You don’t have to come along.”
    Caed stopped Serael, who trotted to see him off.
    Sherael smiled brightly and waved her hand.
    "See you later."
    Kissing him like a person who regretted breaking up, he went down the stairs without looking back.
    Serael, who was chasing after his afterimage that disappeared like the wind, suddenly felt a sense of popularity.
    On the other side of the stairs, Lucy, holding four books in her arms, stood in the distance and watched her. Her face was as red as a blush.
    It seemed to have witnessed the two of them descending downstairs withou t thinking and suddenly expressing their affection.
    Lucy, whose mouth was twitching like a crucian carp, stuttered and put her f eet on the stairs.
    “Uh... Ha, do what you do... . I didn't see anything.”

    “Come here, Lucy. done. The Archduke has already gone down.”
    Are you telling me to even kiss an invisible person? Serael recalled as red as Lucy said.
    Lucy, approaching with an indifferent expression, put the book down on the d esk and smiled sheepishly.
    “I think you can see why everyone complains every time they see The Hand maiden and His Majesty the Grand Duke.”
    “It’s disrespectful to others if you show too much affection in public... . The Archduke doesn't really care about other people's opinions, so I have a hard tim e at times."
    As Serael muttered as if embarrassed, Lucy rolled her eyes. He doesn't look l ike he's in much trouble. He was about to say that, but he decided to only think to himself.
    Instead, she sat down in front of Sarah and opened a cookbook and smiled s weetly.
    “This is now the lady’s house, too. You have the right to do whatever she wa nts, wherever she is.”
    Valken teenagers advised Lucy to leave quickly or close their eyes and preten d not to see Serael and Kaed in love.
    Lucy, who lacked agility, both failed, but next time, she was confident that s he would be smart for the couple's private time.
    “And no matter where or what you two do, no one will complain. They just se em to get along well, so I think everyone adds a word to each other.”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Most of the reactions are happy or envious. I am surprised again because I t hink that someone like the Grand Duke can also fall in love.”
    Lucy didn't bother to mention that Kaed looks so cold-hearted that he can't s how cheap sympathy, let alone love, to anyone.
    Because when his unmerciful eyes turned to Serael, it felt like he had the sw eetness of the whole world.
    “Even in my eyes, the young lady is a strong and handsome person, but I wo nder what aspect of her, Grand Duke Vlkanov, fell in love with her. ... ah! Look at this. It’s a dessert with fruit that she likes.”
    Lucy, who continued to speak, unfolded a page with a cake that looked delici ous and showed it to Sarah. Then she chimed in about the various recipes in th e cookbook.
    Sarahel was engrossed in another thought that had suddenly arisen.
    'I know. What did the Grand Duke like about me?'
    The question that had been buried deep in Serael's heart even before he cam e to Karlsvik raised his head.
    Why did a man with no regrets choose her as his marriage partner?
    Caed tried to take Serael with her, even granting her a request for money in r eturn.
    Fortunately, he came to Serael's base to get a gift, but for what reason did he want to marry her until he paid a huge sum of money?
    Serael rubbed her lips and touched the cheek that Kaed's body temperature had touched.
    It was a question that could not be easily solved like a tangled thread.
    'Nope. You must not question the past.'
    It was disgusting to reconsider the irreversible past from a negative perspecti ve.
    Had it not been for Caed, who appeared just in time, Serael would have suffe red a terrible betrothal to Count Noh.
    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid of the decision to marry Kaed and leave for the North. However, contrary to her worries, Rael was now living a calmer day t han anyone else.
    He could even be confident that he had a slight crush on Kaed. 'Then that's it. what's the problem.'
    Lately, unanswered worries have begun to bloom little by little.
    After seeing the presence on Kaed's right thigh, he didn't worry too much. Sh e almost got caught by her party while trying to secretly study her relationship with a man and woman.
    Serael, who had reconstructed the dizzying situation, burst out laughing invol untarily.
    It was due to the fact that his heart had become unstable because of the line of marriage ahead of him. It was not good for her to reflect on allegations that were of no help at a time like now.
    Serael hid the negative thoughts by burying the doubts that had sprouted wit hout warning.
    At that time, the central province not far from the capital Hindel.
    A heavy cavalry clad in gleaming silver armor from helmet to toe and a heavy wagon sped across the dirt road at full speed.
    The red carriage, led by as many as six horses, had a high ceiling decoration, doors, and even the wheels were covered with gold leaf.
    It was a gorgeous carriage that even a child could see as a very honorable pe rson.
    In the car, a man with bluish-silver hair and a woman with dark red hair were sitting side by side.
    The woman, who was looking out the curtains of the car window, turned her head to the man.
    “Brother, are you okay? A visit without a message to Archduke Vlkanov.” The man with his arms raised raised his lips and exposed his fangs.
    “If it was a message, I put it in again and again.”
    The man's blood-red eyes blazed with anger.
    “It was just rejected. The wedding is coming soon, so if you're going to visit, he said to come as a guest. Shit! It's like a cheeky human being... .”
    "What... It's not really wrong. I heard there was a lot of construction going on inside the castle, so they must have been concerned about welcoming guests.”
    As the woman murmured in a stern tone, the man scolded him.
    “Where do you dare vomit on my words? As the older sisters say, you better watch your mouth.”
    The man who had gnawed his teeth lashed out again with a harsh voice.
    “Before the ceremony begins, I am reflecting on the tasks that you must com plete. If you fail, you may become like your mother.”
    Although he was a half-brother, the words he gave to a brother who shared blood was very rude.
    It was enough to be angry, but the woman only sighed in fear and threw her gaze out the window again.
    On the carriage running towards the north, a flag with a strange emblem was fluttering in the wind.
    A red-eyed viper with white scales wrapped around two crossed swords. It was the coat of arms of the Viate imperial family that ruled the Lofern Empire.
    Lucy, who had been sticking her face out the window since morning, murmu red anxiously.
    Serael, who was wearing clothes with Lily's help, looked out the window at t he same time.
    The dark clouds began to form in the sky, casting a dark shadow on the son- in-law, and even a shower was about to pour.
    Even though it was noon, it was dark as late in the evening, and there was a n occasional thunderous sound, a harbinger of the rain.
    “Probably not. When I first came to Karlsvik, I thought it would rain whenever I looked at the cloudy sky, but there were more times when it wasn't. It seems that there are often days like this in the north.”
    “Then that’s good.”
    Lucy nodded in agreement.
    Sherael couldn't be sure, but she didn't want to discourage her, so it was co mforting.
    “Still, the weather must be sunny on your wedding day. I’m worried that ther e might be a change because the dining hall is outdoors.”
    Lucy, who showed anxiety, looked up at the sky one after another.
    Since the ceremony was only two weeks away, everyone, not just Lucy, spok e about marriage.
    If two or more young maids had gathered, they would whisper about the wed ding of the bride-to-be, and Sarah received congratulations every time she me t her. Albert, a librarian, who had recently made an acquaintance, came to me with a few interesting novels, saying it was a wedding present.
    This morning, it was only after the custom-made wedding dress arrived that the feeling for the wedding peaked.
    The sleeveless dress that boldly exposed the upper chest and arms was dazz lingly beautiful even to Serael.
    Hundreds of small, transparent jewels carefully cut along the chest line were encrusted, and it was impossible to take your eyes off of it with a dazzling brilli ance even in the slightest light.
    As the splendor was emphasized on the upper body, the design that naturall y hanged the skirt without inflating it seemed to suit Serael very well.
    Although she hadn't tried it on yet, Lucy burst into tears as she said the worl d's most beautiful new bride was being painted.
    “The good news is that even if it’s outdoors, it won’t get rained on.”
    Lily quickly helped.
    “Did you hear me too? The glass greenhouse that was under construction in t he great garden is almost complete.”
    “You told me every day, how could you not know?”
    Serael smiled sadly as she remembered Lily and Lucy of the past.
    Like a cuckoo clock, Lilly, without asking, has been consistently reporting the progress of the glass greenhouse construction.
    “Today, the stone pillars for the outside of the greenhouse are finished.”
    “Today, a chandelier made of fresh grass was hung on the ceiling.”
    “The glass greenhouse is so huge that it feels like a trivial weed when you st and in it.”
    Sometimes, he added his feelings, and he flirted with Serael every day. Lucy, who lived in the Grand Siege, soon joined the cuckoo activity.
    “The interior of the greenhouse is brightly decorated as if a fairy would live. It felt like it was designed and made by someone who knows her well.”
    “I think the Archduke really loves the young lady when he thinks of making s uch a splendid wedding hall.”
    My heart pounded when I heard that the space for the wedding I had only he ard of had been completed.
    Now, when the nobles who received the invitation arrive on the set date, the y will officially marry Caed.
    “The glass greenhouse will be completed the day after tomorrow. The cerem ony is just around the corner, my lady.”
    Lily put the necklace around Sarah's neck and smiled happily. Then she whisp ered softly.
    “Now that the marks left on the neck are gone, we can welcome our guests without any problems.”
    Sarah quickly put her index finger to her lips.
    "Shh... ! Lucy can't listen."
    Was it the night when Lucy arrived at the Grand Siege?
    That night, Serael could not have imagined that the scars would have been le ft on her body in the aftermath of the intense contact she had with Caed. It wa s because he was excited because he had just reunited with the maid, who wa s like his only family.
    The first time I noticed was the next morning, when Lily, who was changing her clothes, looked in the mirror because she was so embarrassed.
    Serael's clavicle and neck were clearly visible with the reddish marks that Kae d had engraved as a mark of territory.
    Lucy had already seen her blood marks from the first day of arrival, and knew that the two men and women were sharing some time or another.
    He was just pretending not to know for the sake of Sarah, who would be ash amed.
    'I was glad that only Lily was found out.'
    Unable to know that fact, Serael secretly wiped her chest.
    'I got angry because it's awkward. If the Archduke tries to leave a mark like th is again, I will immediately shave his head off and warn him.'
    If you start sharing a bedroom as a married couple, there will be worse situati ons than that. .
    'Am I mentally ready by then?'
    Recalling Kaed, who had already been prepared, Serael asked herself a questi on.

    When she was ready to go to dinner, she did not leave the room, but sat do wn on the bed bench.
    "ha... .”
    Unknowingly, she let out a long sigh.
    Lucy and Lily looked at her in surprise at the sigh of the new bride, who shou ld be happy.
    “Are you worried about anything?”
    Sarah nodded and threw her gaze out the window.
    “I think it’s because the wedding is just around the corner. Don't worry, it's n othing."
    It was unusual for him to mutter to himself as if to soothe himself.
    Confused, Lily tilted her chin.
    'It's just a process to strengthen the bond between the two of you, so what a re you worried about? Maybe because of the first night?'
    Lily narrowed her eyes as she supported my chin with her thumb and forefin ger.
    'But is there any difference in the early night? You should do what you normal ly do.'
    Within seconds, the maid found the answer.
    'Aha! It's a special night, so you're thinking about what to wear.'
    Lily put her fist on the palm of her hand and smiled in conversion. She didn't want to say if she was such a manly problem, but she did.
    As for the first night, it was the part that Lily could take care of more thoroug hly than anyone else.
    The ambitious maid was confident in making the most unusual and eye-catc hing preparations for Serael.
    I don't know if it's for Serael or Kaed, but... .
    'I heard that a new store selling lingerie and perfume has opened in the city o f Ilwood. When I get a permit to go out, I have to go right away.'
    Lily clenched her fists with a sad expression on her face.
    'If the lady sees what I have prepared, she will probably be relieved that she was worried about the most useless thing in the world.'
    When Serael, who entered the new room for the newlyweds' private night, i magined smiling at the preparations, Lily's ambitions flared up.
    Is that all? After soaking Serael for a long time in the thick rose water bath w ater, he was able to make his skin soft with lemon scrub and perfume oil so tha t he could not let it go without touching it.
    While Lily's eyes lit up, Lucy took a seat next to Serael.
    “You must have been nervous before the line of life. Cheer up. Before the we dding, we all decided to go to the winter festival together. It will be really fun to see the Archduke go with you.”
    With that said, Lucy was shocked when she heard that Caed would accompa ny her to the Winter Festival. He wouldn't have been so surprised to hear that Axel danced ballet as a hobby.
    At Lucy's pat, Sarah answered with a small smile as if not to worry.
    “You are right. It's foolish to sigh over something that hasn't happened yet, w hen something fun is coming first."
    He wasn't really tired enough to be energized, and it didn't get better by just sitting like this.
    At that moment, Lily quickly intervened.
    "miss. What color do you like, Grand Duke?”
    "Well... Black color? I don’t know.”
    You only wear black clothes. Serael added in a confident voice.
    "Aha. So, do you know what kind of scent you like?”
    “I don’t even know.”
    Sherael, who found herself unable to answer easily, was shocked again. How can she not know the man she will marry this much?
    It was then that I remembered one thing I could be sure of. This was also the night Lucy came to Karlsvik.
    “By the way, when I applied rose oil and went to the Prince’s bedroom, he sa id that it smelled good... I just did it. Forget... .”
    Serael, who had blurred the end of her words, looked at the air with a blank e xpression. She tried to defend herself for nothing, but ended up making useles s confessions.
    Lily's expression was very satisfied, even with the unfamiliar answer.
    “Now, let’s go down to dinner. The chef will be sad that the food will cool do wn.”
    Sherael got up from the bench, leaving behind the slinky maids.
    Delicious food was served on the table according to her taste, and it was eve n more satisfying when served with cherry wine rich in flavor.
    Even without eating, Caed would often come down to the first floor and take out a chair next to Serael to watch, but apparently he was very busy today.
    By the time the meal was over, the thick dark clouds disappeared and the ev ening sunset came in.
    The sunset reflected through the windows cast a red shadow in the castle. T he day was ending so refreshingly that I wondered if it could be more peaceful than this.
    Serael, who came up to the third floor bedroom, sat in front of the round tabl e and read the book Albert had given her.
    While I was concentrating for a while, I raised my head at the sound of a kno ck on the door. Lucy, who was hand-sewn in the room, opened the door instea d.
    The man standing outside the door was none other than Axel.
    “Sister, do you have time?”
    Axel asked as she stood in the hallway with her head sticking out if she had l earned not to enter the noble girl's bedroom.
    “I’m free, what’s going on?”
    “The boss was looking for you. Please wait in the corridor on the first floor no w.”
    Serael paused and looked up at Axel.
    “... Grand Duchess? Did you tell me to come down now?”
    "yes. It's cold outside, so please dress warmly."
    “Thank you for telling me. I'll come down soon."
    “Don’t rush. Hello, Lecter girlfriend.”
    Axel, who had something to say, waved at Lucy. Then he turned around and walked down the whistle and bustle hallway.
    Where do you plan to go when you see that you are asked to dress warmly? Sherael closed her book and got up from her chair.
    “I have lost my name now. Everyone in this castle started calling me Lecter's girlfriend.”
    Lucy looked at the distant mountain and murmured in confusion.
    “Why don’t you call me by my first name? Everyone feels like Cole.”
    Serael burst out laughing. Still, he patted Lucy with a friendly gesture.
    “Everyone seems to be swept away because Axel takes the lead and plays pr anks. I'll give you a break so I won't call you like that again."
    “The lady is very kind. Lecter said the same thing.”
    “Because we both like you.”
    “... ゅ.”
    Then Lily came into the bedroom with a grumpy expression on her face. She must have met Axel on the way.
    "what? Where are you going?”
    Lily asked Sarah, who was standing in front of the open wardrobe.
    “I’m going to meet the Grand Duke for a moment. You're waiting on the first floor, so I think you should go now.”
    Lily took out a blue soft leather coat for Serael, who could not readily choose clothes.
    The overcoat that stretched down to the ankles like a dress was made of a m aterial that was slightly sticky to fit the curves of the body.
    “When are you planning to return? I was going to prepare refreshments later, but I'll make tea in time for the lady's arrival.”
    "Well... I don't know how long it will take."
    It was an unplanned meeting, so I answered that, but Lily exchanged strange glances with Lucy.
    “It’s okay to eat my share of refreshments by yourself, without preparing the m separately.”
    “Ugh, we’ll be back home early. Don't worry, just focus on having a good tim e with the lord.”
    “There is no need for that... . Then I will go.”
    Serael stood in front of the mirror for a moment and roughly trimmed her hai r.
    After noticing that the maids were looking at her with happy eyes, she move d quickly.
    'What are you calling me for? I've never had a sudden call before.'
    As I went down the stairs one by one, I was a bit impatient, pounding like so meone who was about to go on a date.
    As I stepped onto the expansive landing overlooking the hall on the first floor, a familiar-looking man caught my eye right away.
    A black robe with a strong body and a tall head at least one head higher than that of Serael. Kaede was waiting for her, leaning behind her stair post.
    He naturally turned his head, as if he had already noticed the presence of Ser ael.
    As soon as their eyes met, his cool complexion seemed to dimly light up. He wasn't even smiling, and it was strange to have him feel that way.
    Serael, who was going down the stairs with her eyes on Kaed, opened her m outh first as he got close enough to touch.
    “Since when have you been waiting... .”
    Before she could even finish her words, she tangled up in her feet and fell to her knees. It was so fleeting that no screams came out.
    Kaed held Serael, who was falling like flying, with his body. Puck, with her bl unt sound, she buried her face deep in her wide chest.
    “... Ouch."
    To hide her embarrassment, Serael screamed in pain like a child. Kaede unwi ttingly hugged her in her arms and rubbed the back of her head gently.
    The fine hair she had trimmed before leaving was tossed out by her clunky h ands.
    “It seems like you missed me for a while. How long have you been in the libr ary?”
    Kaed asked a mischievous question with a slight laugh. “Was it enough to hug you as soon as you saw it?”
    “I didn’t want to be hugged like this.”
    Serael, who recalled the past of spilling double nosebleeds after bumping int o his back, reflexively placed her hand under her nose. Fortunately, there was n o bleeding.
    Caed playfully clenched his chin and observed Serael's face. It was clear that he, too, recalled the same memories.
    Embarrassed, Serael hit the player first.
    “Fortunately, I am not bleeding. The Archduke must have had softer breasts t han his back.”
    "not really. This time it is only flowing from one side.”
    Surprised, Sarah asked again, touching her nose again. However, there was n o sign of liquid coming out.
    Serael floundered like an idiot, then realized later that he had been joking.
    “It’s too much. Leave it soon. I am the blade of revenge... .”
    As he spoke, he bowed his head and kissed Sarahel's forehead.
    He was startled by the casual contact in a place where anyone could see hi m, but Sarah continued to pretend it was nothing.
    “You will be sharpening the blades of revenge.”
    "Cute. I can't wait to see what kind of revenge you'll get."
    Hearing the insignificant threat, Kaed laughed softly. He patted Serael's hair with a slight moxibustion.
    “There is something I really want to show Miss Sarahel.”
    The voice, with a slightly raised end of speech, was somehow meaningful an d drew attention. Her warm hand caressed Serrael's cheek. Its unique scent wa fted in.
    “Could you give me some time?”

    Serael blinked her eyelashes silently.
    Compared to Kaed, she was at a level of idleness, so she was probably the o ne who took the time, but she was asking for Sarahel's permission.
    "like. How could you refuse?”
    Kaed raised the corners of his lips with satisfaction and took Seraeel's hand.
    "Fortunately, the. I need to go out, are you okay?”
    She responded with a brief flick of her chin. The two walked side by side tow ard the outside.
    When I opened the door to the castle, I saw a heavy black horse standing co nfidently in the front yard.
    The horse, with its silky and black fur, was wearing equipment that could be ridden at any moment, such as a rein and a saddle.
    Serael looked up at Kaed as if asking for an explanation. “I’m going out of the castle.”
    With a brief answer, he dragged Serael closer to the horse. “Are you out of the castle?”
    Before he could say anything more, Caed grabbed Serael and put him on the saddle.
    There was no surprise at the power of lifting an adult woman's body without changing the color of her face.
    Serael, who had no place to hold onto or lean on, and who had climbed on to p of the moving creature, gasped in embarrassment.
    “Uh... !”
    I could feel the presence of Kaed jumping up behind my back. Even without seeing her in person, I could tell that it was her refreshing movement, unlike he r who staggered in all directions.
    Serael placed her hands slightly on the horse's nape. A black horse who wore a green, tulle, shaved his mane once. Sherael, who lost her balance in an instan t, burst into tears.
    “Sheep Sherael.”
    A large hand suddenly came out from behind and grabbed Serael's back, who was leaning, and supported it.
    “Have you ever ridden a horse?”
    “I thought so.”
    Serael, who was a little offended by the assertive tone, added as if making a n excuse.
    “I once had a foal when I was young... .”
    Suddenly, the horse roared loudly. As she became conscious again of her sitt ing on the back of her wild steed, she tensed and clouded her tail.
    I didn't want to look unsightly, so I moved my lips again with a clear pronunci ation.
    “I rode a pony when I was young.”
    After spitting it out, it seemed like it must have looked unsightly because of t he cute word "foal" in the end. Serael raised the corners of his lips.
    As Kaed reached out to grab the reins, the gap grew closer. He whispered in a soft, young voice.
    “It must have been very lovely.”
    “Are you a pony?”
    "no. A sheep of Sherael on a colt.”
    As the horse stepped back lightly, Serael screamed impatiently.
    Kaed burst into laughter as he watched Sarah wag her body like a brood to ke ep her focus. Her forehead was a pleasantly cool laugh, so Rael laughed along with her expression.
    Then it turned cold. She was afraid of falling off someone's horse and died, b ut the man behind her was delighted to see her like that.
    "Wow... Why are you like this today? Are you ridiculing beginners by putting t hem on horseback?”
    “Don’t be angry. It was because it was so cute.”
    Caed came closer and supported Serael's upper body.
    Then, seeing her hugging her back with one arm, it seemed as if she had jus t come to hug Serael.
    “Don’t hug me.”
    Serael pushed Caed with her elbow and fired at him. Defenseless, his forear ms wrapped just below his chest, making him feel strange.
    With a smile, he gently lifted his upper body and shook the reins without war ning.
    As the horse trudged at the start signal, Serael's body wobbled up and down.
    Unknowingly, she reached back and tried to touch Kaed's thigh. For a momen t, I wanted to
    'Not to the right!'
    At that place... ! Se Rael, who had turned white, desperately bit his hand.
    Her right hand, with nowhere to go, wandered in the air in vain.
    Her five fingers wide open were oozing with the intention that she was trying to point somewhere a while ago.
    I could feel Caed taking a heavy breath over his shoulder and maintaining his silence. But Serael couldn't afford to worry about the strangely stiff air.
    Both his vision and breathing fluctuated along his struggling body.
    Without a single mind, she stiffened her whole body and gave strength to he r shoulders. It seemed as if her fluttering body was about to fall to the ground a s soon as she had drained her strength in the slightest.
    At that moment, a worried voice spread through Sarahel's earlobe.
    “If you hold your center of gravity while straining your shoulders like that, you will get muscle pain later. Relax your body and lean on me.”
    “... ... .”
    "Yes Yes? I didn't hear it. I'm so nervous... .”
    “Relieve your shoulders and lean back at an angle.”
    “... Can I do this?”
    Serael tilted her neck slightly and maintained an uncomfortable posture. A fir m instruction was immediately issued.
    “Come closer.”
    “... ... .”
    "little bit more."
    Serael, who had been moving passively, wanted to go as far as possible, and completely tilted her upper body into his arms.
    The man's heavy body, which did not budge even when he put on weight wit hout adding or subtracting, was very stable.
    “Like this?”
    “Good job.”
    He just leaned on him quietly, but Kaed praised him as if he was proud. She dropped a light kiss on her cheek, as if she were giving a prize to a little child.
    The situation in which I had told Caed not to hug me, but rather Serael was h eld in my arms was a bit embarrassing.
    She made a noise for nothing.
    “I think it would have been better to ride a carriage instead of a horse.”
    “Are you very uncomfortable?”
    "no... . It’s not uncomfortable.”
    “Then you are scared.”
    When she was treated like a coward, Serael jumped in anger.
    “Don’t stress it. I don't look brave now, but... . If I had known it would be like this, I would have done some riding practice.”
    I didn't want to show him staggering ridiculously in front of a man he liked. H e didn't seem too bad riding a horse alongside him.
    Hagiya Kaed knew that Serael couldn't ride a horse, so he probably had only o ne.
    'But how did you know that?'
    Did you make that judgment because it is rare for a lady to ride a horse in per son?
    “There is no paved road where we are going now, so it will be difficult for wa gons to enter. Even if you are afraid, be patient.”
    “Where the hell are you going... oh!"
    The black horse accelerated slightly and crossed the front yard as wide as a fi eld. Serael grabbed Caed's wrist and gently laid herself in his arms.
    As they crossed the drawbridge, he made an unexpected offer. “I will teach you how to ride a horse soon.”
    Even in the midst of the turmoil, Sarah did not hide her joy. "really? when?"
    “Anytime after the wedding. We don’t want Miss Serael to fall off his horse o r get injured, so that the ceremony is delayed.”
    Serael laughed briefly at the old woman who didn't fit in with Kaed.
    “I think it will be fun. I will try hard to learn by following the memories of ridin g a pony.”
    “Canter is difficult, but it would be good to learn it once with the goal of a lig ht flat step.”
    Serael inflated the ball as if he had noticed his poor sense of balance.
    “But I want to run at full speed. I don't want other people to struggle like a fo ol on a horse that rides well."
    “It’s a pity I won’t be able to see Ms. Sherael struggling anymore.”
    Even though I knew it was meant as a joke, my heart raced. Serael turned th e topic instead of replying.
    "Anyway... I want to have a wedding as soon as possible.”
    It was said with horseback riding in mind. Only after exhaling it came the real ization that I would be heard in a tone that could not help but wait for the weddi ng.
    “I am of the same opinion.”
    Kaed pressed his lips to Sarah's ear. Even though they may have different m eanings, Serael was outdated and did not correct it.
    After leaving the main gate of the anti-aircraft castle at the foot of a distant h ill, the horse started running at a faster canter.
    The chilly evening wind brushed her cheeks, leaving a rather tingling trace. It was cold, which would have been a bit harsh if he hadn't come wearing a thick coat.
    As we descended on the sloping ground, we came across a wide open field a nd a path paved with gray gravel in the middle. On the right side of the road, th ere was a village with large and small brick houses.
    There weren't many tall buildings, but it was a fairly large town. Thanks to thi s, Serael was able to get a peek inside while riding a horse.
    It looked very peaceful to see a woman drawing water from a well, a farmer with a goat, and children playing in groups.
    He said that there is a bridge that leads to the big city where the winter festi val is held at the mouth of that village.
    On the left side of the gravel road, with a distant mountain range behind, a c oniferous forest stretched out endlessly.
    I felt overwhelmed by the magnificence of how tall the trees soared to the sk y were felt from afar.
    I said I would not go on a paved road, so I had a feeling I was heading toward s that forest rather than the village.
    Sarah turned her head slightly back.
    The Vulkanov Fortress, which stood tall on a steep cliff that seemed to have been cut down, was proud of its majestic figure.
    It is running as a small dot on the vast land that I only looked down on from within that high castle. With a new consciousness, I could feel how wide the la nd that Kaed ruled was.
    As expected, the black horse raced towards the thick forest of long trees.
    By the time we reached the entrance to the forest, the sun had completely s et and darkness was falling over our son-in-law.
    The horse carrying the two men walked leisurely along the forest road and st opped in front of a fork in the road.
    Kaed jumped off the saddle first. Then he put his hand under Sherael's arm a nd took him down.
    Serael's cheeks were dyed red at the unrestrained touch.
    She looked around, tidying up her messy skirt.
    The moonlight penetrating through the trees was softly illuminating all directi ons, allowing us to see the dark forest without difficulty.
    Long trees stretching to the end of the sky were full in the quiet forest where only the cry of insects at night revolved.
    This forest, where traces of humans are barely felt, has been maintained in it s natural state without being cut down or severely damaged.
    It was a majestic size, but it was a forest with a lonely and gloomy air.
    Serael, who had been looking in all directions, approached a fork in the road.
    There was a sign made of dark brown wood right in front of the road, but the overgrown creeper was obscuring the sign, so I couldn't read what was written.
    “Hmm... . It’s not far from the village, and there is a signpost in the middle of the forest, so it seems that people often come and go.”
    Serael, who was trying to pick up the vines, saw sharp thorns and bit her han d, and turned to Kaed.
    “Unfortunately, I feel like my steps are cut off now.”
    “... ... .”
    Caed stood tall as if he had been nailed to the spot from the moment he dis mounted Serael. He was looking up at the night sky with eyes that could not re ad his intentions.
    “... Grand Duchess?”
    Kaed, who received the moonlight, did not move. His throat, with clear lines, only fluttered once like a wave.
    Sherael called out his name in a more pronounced voice. Caed then looked at Sarahel.
    Like the eyes of a wild beast glowing in the dark, his golden iris was gleamin g with a strangely shaped light.
    "Are you okay?"
    Sherael, who was hesitating, took a step closer to him.

    Serael tilted her chin when she saw Kaed who was silently throwing a foreign gaze. She turned her head toward the night sky, where Caed's eyes were set.
    There the round full moon was half obscured by the slowly floating clouds.
    'Is it because of the full moon?'
    In the vague memories of more than 20 years, Serael recalled a certain fact li ke lightning.
    It was that the Valken tribe, who inherited the blood of wolves, became parti cularly violent on the night of the full moon.
    In the work where the scene was all about dying and killing, there was only t he sentence that Kaed used Valken's temperament, which became rough in the full moon, and left a message of victory in hundreds of wars.
    That was all she knew about wolfing. There were no other features described in the original romance line, and nothing could be discerned even between the l ines.
    Serael looked at Kaed's complexion with a puzzled look on his face.
    'It doesn't look like it's going to explode... ?'
    The man in front of him was still staring at Serael without showing any viciou s energy despite the faint moonlight.
    But the slow but loud pounding of his chest indicated that he was pressing s omething hard.
    “A few years ago, horrific rumors circulated and people stopped going.”
    Caed's belatedly answering low tone had subsided deeply. Even knowing he wouldn't hurt her, there was a little goosebumps on the nape of Serael's neck.
    Serael asked cautiously, keeping a few steps away.
    “What was the rumor?”
    “It was rumored that a pack of wolves appeared in the forest, harming the str ay, and preying on children and virgins.”
    "ah... .”
    Serael recalled his words of hundreds of wolves grazing.
    “It must have been a vain rumor, right?”
    At first glance, reading the anxiety reflected in her eyes, Kaed let out a slow breath.
    He took one step closer.
    "It's a rumor from the howl of my wolves... Of course not. The grazing wolves are trained not to hurt people without orders, and they never come down near private houses.”
    It was a word that could be interpreted to mean that if an order was issued, it could harm anyone.
    He was a bit concerned, but he was sure that Caed would not kill Serae, let a lone the good-natured Young Ji-min.
    Serael looked around the dark forest anew.
    “It felt like there were very few people there, but there was a reason. It’s a te rrible rumor.”
    “It is not unreasonable for such a myth to circulate. The common perception i s that wolves are vicious and untamable beasts.”
    Kaed, who muttered as if monologue, blinked at a fork in the road.
    “Shall we go for a walk? What I want to show you is deeper.”
    Caed, who took the first step calmly, followed Serael. When I made footprint s on the green grassy forest road, I heard a pleasant sound.
    As I looked up, I saw the stars sparsely carved through the leaves of the tall c onifers and the full moon that gave off more light.
    'So pretty.'
    Serael glanced at Kaed's side face as he walked half a step ahead. Then, hesi tantly, he reached out and grabbed his fingertips.
    Kaed looked at my hand with a slightly stiff expression, then raised his gaze t o meet Sarah's eyes. As soon as she pulled up the corner of her closed mouth, she clasped her hands with Serael's hands, which were only slightly clenched, and held them together.
    The two walked leisurely on the surface of the forest lined with the dim light of the moon.
    The forest path, which would have been scary if Sarah had walked alone in th e middle of the night, created a romantic atmosphere just with Kaed by her sid e.
    Suddenly, a very small light flashed in front of Serael's eyes.
    The eyes reflexively followed the light. It was a tiny firefly that gave off a brig ht yellow light. The firefly, which flew in the air at a slow speed, drew a sharp c urve in the air as if to attract Serael.
    So enjoying Serael's attention, it shimmered like a small starlight, and then v anished over the overgrown bushes.
    It was not visible because of the trees, but there was a faint light coming out from the direction the fireflies had disappeared.
    Serael followed the fireflies as if possessed by them. Then, he had no choice but to exclaim at the scenery he encountered.
    "Oh my goodness... !”
    A picturesque lake stretched out under the purple night sky in which the roun d moon was fully revealed. The blue waves swaying along the gentle wind conti nued to the horizon in the distance.
    I never imagined that there was a lake surrounded by vegetation somewhere in the gloomy coniferous forest.
    But it wasn't the moonlit lake that caught Serael's attention.
    Countless fireflies flew over the rippling water surface and glistened with daz zling light. It flew toward the sky like a spark, and then hovered in place like a b utterfly. Thousands of slowly flickering lights colored everywhere Serael's sight reached.
    The transparent water surface of the lake reflected this splendid appearance as if gold powder was constantly scattering like a mirror.
    Sherael had never seen such a splendid and enchanting sight in her life.
    Kaed grabbed her hand and pulled her away. He took off his cloak and made a spot on the lawn by the lake.
    Serael couldn't easily take her eyes off of the feast of light that unfolded sim ultaneously on the surface and in the air while putting her butt on it.
    “I didn’t expect to see fireflies, which you can only see on a summer night, i n a forest like this. And so much... .”
    “The northerners believe this is a lake of fairies. Despite rumors that there ar e wolves that kill people, it is said that there are very few people who visit to m ake a wish to the fairy.”
    "I see... .”
    Serael watched as if enchanted by the marvelous movements of countless li ghts.
    Even though he was aware that it was a firefly, he seemed to be able to belie ve it, as Kaed said, even if it was a lake where fairies live.
    “I have never seen such a dazzling place in my life. Since it is a vast territory, there must be a beautiful place somewhere, but there was a prejudice that Karl svik would be cold and barren.”
    “I'm glad you like it.”
    “It feels like a dream. Does the Prince come here often? Do you want to take a walk in the moonlit forest and see the pretty lake of fireflies?”
    Kaed rolled his eyes as if he had heard even a funny joke and smiled bitterly.
    “Is it possible?”
    Suddenly, Sarahel remembered a story her mother had told her at the bedsid e when she was very young.
    “By the way, I’ve heard of it before.”
    She turned her head to stare at Kaed sitting next to her.
    “A fairy tale story that somewhere in the empire there is a lake with a fairy th at is hidden like a secret. Could it be this lake?”
    “... It seems so. As far as I know, this lake is the only lake in Lofern with a le gend that grants wishes.”
    "Oh my gosh. Don't forget to make a wish before you go later. How did you fi nd this place?”
    Although it is hidden deep in the woods, it is not far from the anti-aircraft ca stle, so did you find it while wandering around?
    Instead of answering, Kaed looked down at Serael, who couldn't hide his exci tement.
    Unable to overcome her soaring curiosity, she opened her mouth again.
    “I have heard strange rumors about the Archduke before.”
    “What was it?”
    “It was said that the Archduke likes to go for a walk. Is that true?”
    Before coming to Karlsvik, Lucy shared a suspicious rumor about him.
    At the time, it was considered nonsense to say that a man who only knows h ow to kill people likes to take a walk.
    Kaed laughed briefly at the absurd question that followed one after another.
    “Where the hell did you hear that rumor?”
    “I heard from Lucy some time ago. He especially likes to spend his time takin g a leisurely walk in the garden... . They said it was a story that spread publicly f rom the capital.”
    “There were rumors going around. I didn’t have enough time to waste my tim e walking around.”
    Sherael, who often wastes time like that, blinked her eyelashes quickly with a sting. A man's voice was added to the deep silence of the forest, where only t he sound of grasshoppers chirps.
    “But it’s not wrong.”
    He looked straight ahead and spoke.
    “It’s rare, but there are times when you just want to walk aimlessly.” "really? For example?”
    “Sometimes I think of that when I have a problem that I can't figure out how t o solve. I was foolishly expecting the answer to come if I walked without decidi ng on a destination.”
    Unexpected and honest Toroe Serael was perplexed inside.
    It was not easy to see him with a complicated face, his hair tied up, and worr ied.
    Like his cold-hearted appearance, he seemed like a person who would make decisions with a single knife and wouldn't agonize over anything.
    The man, noticing the agitation in Serael's heart, playfully raised his straight e yebrows.
    “I don’t believe it at all.”
    “More than that, the Archduke seems far from the word worry.”
    Kaede didn't respond. He looked at Sherael silently, but there was no sign of giving an answer.
    He did not gossip about how often he was suffering from the penances of a monk or a monk after bringing Serae to the siege.
    It was the same with the fact that, to meet her on the night of the full moon, she took several times her usual dose of a stimulant drug.
    In order to spend a stable time with her for a long time, it was necessary to s trongly suppress the desire that came out without a break.
    Serael did not ask any further questions from Kaed, who insisted on silence.
    'There was another rumor that Lucy told me.'
    As I dig into my not-so-long memories, there were parts that became cleare r little by little. One of them was rumors that women who fell in love with Kaed' s splendid appearance were lining up for courtship.
    It meant that nobles, who value honor and prettiness, were very fond of him i f they could talk about a man who was ostensibly from an adopted child and ev en went through a scandal.
    'I said that there are several known people.'
    Among the names Lucy had recited, one name suddenly became clear.
    No, it wasn't a name. He said that among the women who courted Caed, the re was definitely an imperial princess.
    If the rumors that a woman of imperial origin had an interest in the Grand Du ke of the North began to flow to areas far away from the islands.
    'It means that it is widely known.'
    A subtle displeasure surged, but Serael hurriedly shakes the uneasiness. It w as ridiculous to feel something close to jealousy in someone who had no acquai ntance.
    At that moment, Kaed reached out and clasped the back of Serael's hand on the grass.

    “What about Sherael?”
    Serael, who was lost in thought, returned to reality at the body temperature t hat covered the back of her hand and the question that suddenly came to her.
    “Is the Sherael also worried?”
    Sherael made an absurd expression on her face, and then put a disappointing smile on her lips.
    "sure. me too... I tend to think very often.”
    As soon as he took the full point, an anxious light flashed in Kaed's eyes. Her large hand, holding the back of Rael's hand, trembled slightly in an instant.
    Kaed hurriedly opened his mouth.
    “What is your concern? Were there any inconveniences while staying at the c astle?”
    “Any inconvenience?”
    Serael playfully lengthened her tail. She smiled at the world's most useless w orrying man.
    “It’s not like that. There can be no inconvenience. I am having a good day ev ery day.”
    “Then why are you worried? Isn't there a sore spot somewhere? Damn, it wa s no coincidence that I slept for 14 hours.”
    Sherael shut her mouth and widened her eyes at the outrageous, primary col or swearing. Then he touched his forehead.
    I wanted to grab his cheeks and tell him out loud that it was just oversleepin g.
    "calm down. It's not a huge concern. For example... .”
    Outright shy, she hugged my knees.
    “When I was organizing my moving stuff a while ago, I was thinking about w hether to organize my clothes by color or by season. When I realized I didn’t ha ve a lot of summer clothes, it was done in seconds.”
    Serael continued to express trivial concerns.
    “I was also thinking about which of the books the librarian gave me as a gift t o read first. Yesterday I was thinking about what kind of tea to drink before goin g to bed, but I just drank a glass of cider. ... Oh, it was a secret to drink before bed. Anyway, my worries are really trivial.”
    Sarah looked up at him with her chin resting on my lap.
    The man who looked as if he wouldn't blink an eye even if he put a knife in hi s face had an empty face. For some reason she thought she was about to laug h, so she covered her lips and asked.
    Soon, Kaed slowly rubbed my eyebrows. Watching her raise the corners of h er mouth as she exhaled her lethargic breath, she seemed reassured that Rael' s worries were so insignificant.
    Sarah muttered like a dream.
    “I feel a sense of unity with the Archduke even doing things that cause troubl e.”
    Kaed shook his head.
    “I don’t worry about that.”
    “... ah."
    That's right. Serael, whose colic was broken, had blank eyes. But without hes itation, he moved his lips again with a sternly serious voice.
    “Actually, I have one very serious concern.”
    “Hmm... .”
    It was immediately after hearing the trivial concerns before, so Kaed didn't se em to be very impressed.
    Still, he grabbed Seriel's hand and asked politely.
    “If Miss Sherael is worried, it is also my concern. Can you tell me what it is?”
    “I will never tell you.”
    Serael muttered sullenly. I couldn't say that it was the very first night I spent with you along with her wedding.
    It was a topic that was too embarrassing to confide in to a man who had an e xistence that made Serael agonize.
    'Compared to the past, though, this problem cannot be dismissed as a concer n.'
    Before coming to Karlsvik, I had a lot of different thoughts from now on.
    It was a thought that stemmed from the sorrow of losing her mother, bittern ess towards her insensitive father, and resentment at her stepmother who did not respect Serael in the slightest.
    When I learned that my father's business was going to be sold to an old man over sixty for debt, I was very worried about the unpredictable direction of my li fe.
    Sarah clasped her knees with her arms and leaned her chin against her. Look ing back on his past, it was a different feeling.
    In the not-too-distant future, he would leave for the north with the man he was so afraid of, and would he have guessed that he would enjoy the romance while sitting in front of a lake swaying with fireflies.
    She was drenched in retrospect as she gazed at the ecstasy that seemed to spread out in front of the bright yellow sparkling Milky Way.
    'Someday I will look back on tonight. By then... .'
    Serael smiled as she clouded her thoughts.
    “Anyway, don't worry. Thanks to you, I'm doing well. I eat delicious meals ev ery day... .”
    “Sleep late.”
    The sweet bass took over the waist and replaced it. She looked up at Kaed wi th resentful eyes.
    “Hey, can you please stop talking about that? It’s not like anyone else, and w henever the Archduke mentions it, I feel like I’ve become a huge slugger.”
    Serael made a rather strict expression. Unfortunately, his eyes reminded him of a grumpy kitten.
    “But isn’t it normal to have been away for 14 hours?”
    “Very normal.”
    Sarah turned her gaze back to the lake.
    “A person who is happy and relaxed usually sleeps well.”
    Kaed lowered his eyes and gently caressed the back of her white hand.
    For her, it may have been a word to defend herself, who overslept, but to Ka ed, it meant a lot more than anything else.
    Is there anything more reassuring than the fact that Serael is living a flawless life in Karlsvik? Her peaceful happiness was what she most wanted to give her.
    On the other hand, what about Kaed? Having never had a peaceful sleep in hi s entire life, he never felt happy in his life.
    An empty heart was always empty. Nevertheless, there was no room for slac k to come in, and there was no space to give up for others.
    He suffered from a life running towards the end of tragedy and even experie nced the words of ending his life with his own hands.
    If such a person were miraculously given a second life, could they really be h appy?
    Kaed stared at her with eyes more beautiful than the sparkling lake.
    Even a wretched human like himself could grievously understand what joy is when he sees Serael.
    Kaed remembers the first time he saw this lake shimmering with countless li ghts. It was a dry landscape for him who could not afford to enjoy his private fe elings.
    However, just looking at a space like that time with a small being sitting next to me, I felt like an ecstasy that is nowhere else in the world.
    He didn't take Serael as his bride to make him happy. In her previous life, she had been struggling with a misfortune as bad as Kaede, and all she wanted wa s to see her happy by his side.
    Nevertheless, it was Sarahel who breathed a secret into the dry man.
    “... So sometimes I worry about Kaed-sama. I wondered how people could ju st work without closing their eyes.”
    Sherael, who had been complaining all along without reading his thoughts, m oved her lips.
    “Aren’t you always tired? I know how painful lack of sleep can be.”
    “... ... .”
    “Isn’t it funny? One sleeps too much and the other doesn't sleep at all, so w e're worried about each other. How could it be that different?”
    Serael, who muttered in a smiling voice, rested her head on Kaed's shoulder.
    Suddenly, I felt a sign of him bowing his head in this direction. Rael raising hi s face, his eyes met eyes that were young as bright as a firefly.
    A hand, which was warmer than usual, clasped Sarahel's cheek. As if in resp onse to her, she placed her hand on the back of his hand, and Zakad lifted her a s she was, giving her feeble strength, pulling her closer and kissing her.
    Sherael open her lips warmly to let him in.
    Breaths that you don't know who belonged to each other were intertwined, a nd two pulses rushed incessantly from the touching chest.
    The intertwined kisses that wet the deep mucous membrane of her mouth c ontinued for a long time, tickling every corner of her chest like a feather.
    It was the most dazzling and enchanting scenery that the man who split his ti me for Serael even in the midst of his busy schedule wanted to show her.
    By the time we remember and reminisce about that day, it would be good if we didn't have any worries.
    With so much longing, Serael swallowed every soggy breath that had come f rom him.
    After visiting Meli Lake, the day came to participate in the long-awaited wint er festival Serael.
    Sherael, who had not been able to fall asleep with excitement like a child bef ore a picnic the night before, barely closed her eyes until well past midnight.
    Less than two hours after she went to bed, a distant echo came from outsid e the window. It was the sound of heavy carriages and horseshoes rolling.
    Caed, who was in the Oval Office, stopped writing a letter to the scouts stati oned across the wall, and stopped holding the pen in his hand.
    The animal instincts responded not only to the sound of an approaching carri age, but also to the unusual cry of a wolf-raising barn.
    Unlike normal wolves, Valken's wolves are spirit creatures that can sense bad energy. The reason why they don't howl for a long time like they do when com municating with each other, and keep making short, short, breathless cries like now is because they noticed an approaching uninvited guest.
    Kaed looked at the pocket watch on the file folder.
    It was just past 4 in the morning. I have refused all visits before the wedding, so the guests who came during this time would be very rude and ignorant peop le.
    As soon as I put the pen down, someone hurriedly knocked on the door of th e office. A candle on one side of the mahogany desk flickered precariously.
    “Come in.”
    Upon permission to enter, the old butler entered the office with courtesy.
    Hired on the recommendation of Madame Bailey after Caed assumed the duk eship, he was an old man adept at managing the internal affairs of a high-ranki ng aristocratic family.
    There must have been a reason for such a seasoned butler to panic. Before t he butler, who bowed his head, could announce the business, Kaed opened his mouth.
    “Who is asking to enter at the front door?”
    "ah... That is... .”
    The butler touched the one-piece glasses with a puzzled expression.
    “The crests on the badges and badges belonged to the Biate family.”
    Kaede's eyes gleamed coldly.
    “The imperial parasite has crawled into my land without a message.”
    Before dawn without fear... . Mumbling, Kaed lifted her eyebrows and looked at her butler.
    When his eyes met with the poor butler, the old butler got goosebumps. But he had to speak without fail.
    “There were a total of two knights with us, but only one showed his identity card in the wagon. This is Princess Rosalind Biate.”
    “You mean there was no companion in the car?”
    “Certainly not. However, it is not yet known whether the princess entered th e Grand Duchy alone. She said that she had left the castle for confirmation by S ir Hawk and Roy, who were near the main gate, so she traced the traces on the dirt road and if there is any information she obtained, she will contact you throu gh the messenger group. You did.”
    Kaed leaned loosely in his chair. Outside his window, the rain was pouring do wn.
    Kaed, who was slowly waving his long fingers on the desk, opened his mout h.
    “Bring it in. Instead, get off in front of the drawbridge and let them walk to th e castle.”
    Sherael, who was sleeping soundly, couldn't wake up to the sound of a horse crying.
    The butler, who was sweating a little at his added words, showed his manner s again and left the office.

    The tangled feud between the Vlkanov and the Viate imperial family has been going on for hundreds of years.
    The first Vlkanov was a war hero who made a decisive contribution to the de velopment of the Lofern Kingdom into a huge empire, and he was also a Valken tribe with wolf blood flowing through his body.
    The Viate imperial family, who has been jealous of him, secretly murders his descendants less than 300 years after its founding, despises the Valken people as they are of beast blood and drives them over the wall.
    The emperor at the time made his illegitimate son the head of Vulkanov and succeeded in devouring the family of heroes in the dark. However, the blood of Vulkanov, the only survivor of the annihilation, is passed on to Kaed 500 years l ater.
    As if as a joke of fate, he was adopted by the previous duke, descended from the royal illegitimate son, and enrolled in Vulkanov Castle.
    It was a secret that could never be unearthed if it were not for Serael, whom he ran into by chance in Kaed's previous life, which was stained with tragedy.
    In the 859th year of the imperial calendar, Caed, who annihilated all of the pr evious dukes and members of the Vulkanov family, who had been trapped like a parasite, corrected the fabricated history and reclaimed everything he should have owned.
    However, he did not think that the bitterly entangled affair would end easily.
    Caed had an intuition that the princess would not be the only member of the imperial family who set foot in his estate today.
    He looked down at the tiny raindrops that hit the smooth surface of the wind owpane.
    The drizzle that began to fall like a mist turned into a drizzling rain shower.
    If the traces were blurred by the pouring rain, it would be difficult for the aide s who followed them to find a clue.
    It was possible to give a congratulatory order to the guests who suddenly visi ted early in the morning, but it was wiser to enter the castle and obtain informa tion that could be obtained.
    But he didn't want to get Serael's attention on such a gritty thing.
    “... ... .”
    He poured light brown liquor into an empty glass. He gently shook his head a nd shook his glass.
    Reportedly, Serael's wake-up time was always different. It was noon at the s pire, and it was early in the morning when we just arrived at the castle, but the se days, it has changed regularly and we are waking up late in the morning. Eve n then, he often did not get out of the bedroom and roll around or fall asleep ag ain.
    It always took about 30 minutes to get out of the bedroom after playing so la te. Whether she has her own rules or not, she has not yet deviated from that ra nge.
    But today is the day we promised to go to the festival. Serael was so excited that there was a possibility that she would wake up a little earlier than usual or that there would be a variable.
    Regardless of bedtime, she used to wake up early on special occasions.
    Considering such a possibility, Caed was planning to hear from the princess a s soon as possible, and send her to a villa far away from the siege so as not to r un into Serael.
    In front of the drawbridge, a little far from the main castle.
    A red carriage with embossed rims covered in gleaming gold leaf was stoppe d by someone.
    Rosalynn, who was stopped by an anti-aircraft castle not far away, turned th e wagon's window handle.
    As the window opened, thin drops of rain hit Rosalind's face.
    “What’s going on?”
    The old butler of the Grand Duke came closer to the open car window.
    “Excuse my Majesty, Princess, but you have to walk from here. These are th e orders of Archduke Vlkanov.”
    Rosalind frowned at the outrageous request to walk.
    “Why are you suddenly stepping out of the carriage?”
    It was a street only to cross the drawbridge and cross the front yard. It was a n instruction that was difficult to understand, so much that I wondered if he wa s just being grumpy after allowing the entrance at the front door.
    “This is to avoid situations where the horse might burst into loud cries. Even well-trained warhorses, herbivores that set foot in anti-aircraft attacks are very anxious and often behave unexpectedly.”
    The butler finished his speech by secretly beckoning to the wolf barn located right in front of the drawbridge.
    “Are you saying, “It’s early in the morning, so I have to silence the sound and come in?”
    Rosalind wiped the raindrops from my face with her sleeve. The old butler an swered without hesitation.
    “Your Majesty is concerned that your Majesty will soon wake up to the noise made by the visitors.”
    Rosalind asked, seemingly puzzled.
    “Are you referring to the Milose girl?”
    As the butler nodded, Rosalynn let out a disappointing laugh.
    I am a madam to a woman who has had a wedding ceremony in front of her, but has not yet officially entered into a marriage relationship with Kaed. She wa s a rather offensive title for Rosalind.
    'Besides, you're worried that the Miloses will wake up to the noise? The Gran d Duke?'
    It was a tone that seemed to keep the peaceful night sleep of his dearly cher ished wife.
    As Rosalind knew, the Archduke and Serael were unaware of each other. The wedding the two of them had ahead of them was nothing but a ceremony that was concluded as a dirty deal, not because they loved each other.
    The rumor that Sarahel's father, the Marquis of Milose, had sold my daughter -in-law to Caed on the pretext of selling the building, spread secretly and beca me a fact.
    Caed was such a difficult person to read, no one knew what the intention of accepting the Marquis' offer was.
    However, considering the circumstances of the marriage, anyone could see t hat love could not exist between two men and women.
    And yet, to hear Caed brazenly feigning affection for her, Rosalynn was stunn ed.
    “There was even an order to take command of Gama if you wanted.”
    "That's Okay. I will walk on my own feet.”
    Rosalind turned the knob and closed the window. As she opened the carriag e door and went out, an unpleasant drizzle wet the hair of her princess.
    'I didn't expect to be welcome. It's not anyone else, it's Archduke Vlkanov. W hat was the stupid brother-in-law's thinking when it came to asking the Grand Duke to visit him before dawn.'
    Rosaline strode past the two knights disembarking at the same time.
    'No, I know very well what your brother was thinking.'
    It was understandable just by emphasizing that the twilight dawn is the most vulnerable time for men.
    It was my experience, and I was able to fully understand the meaning behind the smile of my brother, who was grinning badly.
    It was when Rosaline, who had her teeth grated, was passing in front of the barn, stepping on the lawn moistened by rainwater.
    The princess found a man sitting on a bench in a cheeky posture with only on e leg outstretched.
    Dressed in black all the way to the neck, he was a man who was strangely u nable to take off his hoodie, and he threw a sharp dagger into the air like a toy a nd skillfully caught it with one hand. It was a dangerous prank that dazzled the viewer.
    Suddenly, Rosaline made eye contact with the man.
    There was no change in his gestures as he played with the dagger, but the m an peered at Rosaline with an eerie glare in his eyes.
    It was the eyes that reminded me of the beast before the attack.
    'Is it true that there have been rumors that Kaed Vulkanov has been carrying a band of bandits as an escort since he inherited the dukeship.'
    If so, the man who exudes that unusual atmosphere must have held a very hi gh position in the bandits.
    The man stopped playing with his hands at the sound of his calling and looke d back.
    The door to the barn opened and another man came out with a pail of wool. He was a man of great stature and stature, which was rare in the system.
    “Come here and dry the kids. Even though I ate snacks, I don’t listen to thing s dirty today.”
    When the man who had just left the barn rubbed his forehead with the blade of his hand, unknown blood splattered.
    The man continued to speak without hesitation, even though blood ran down the middle of his face following the pouring rain.
    "shit. Pretending to eat meat, he bit my finger. I've already been bitten twic e."
    “Have you tried venison instead of goose? Then it got a little quieter.”
    “That's not the problem. Ding, Dong, and Dang are running rampant like the d evil, sweeping the crowd inside. They trembled quietly in front of my sister, but they are not normal.”
    “We are not in a position to speak.”
    The man holding the dagger glanced at the knights standing behind Rosalind and got up from the bench.
    Rosalind looked at the tall men as they moved, took her eyes off her, and wal ked back towards her nature.
    Two knights directly under the imperial family were standing in front of the h eavy wooden door of the drawing room on the first floor of the castle.
    Wearing silver armor with prominent breastplates, they secretly exchanged gl ances when they saw Kaed walking at a speed that was neither slow nor fast.
    Archduke Vlkanov, whom I had only heard of through rumors, had a cool com plexion and a very respectable appearance, as if even a drop of blood would co me out even if he cut it with a knife.
    Even though he was dressed in a black shirt without any arms, his muscular physique evoked an eerie sense of intimidation.
    The knights with the instincts of military officers felt a threatening tension as if they were being targeted with a sharp sword as he got closer.
    As the rumor goes, that person really doesn't sleep. One of the knights thoug ht subconsciously.
    Even when it was well past 4 in the morning, Caed did not show any sign of j ust waking up, maintaining the cleanliness as if he had come from his daily wor k.
    Kaed, who finally reached the front door of the drawing room, looked down at the knight with indifferent eyes.
    There were only two knights accompanied by the princess. However, there w as no way that they would have only two escorts on their way from the islands to the territory bordering the border.
    If there is a companion of the imperial princess who escaped on the way, it means that she has attached more articles to herself than to the woman born i n the imperial family.
    'If you see that I put my name first, it may be a piece of trash that has commi tted many sins.'
    Dare to guess, Caed opened the door after a light knock.
    What caught his eye straight away was his long, red hair.
    Rosalind Biate, who was combing her hair slightly damp from the rain, smiled gladly at Caed.
    The princess stood up from the sofa and greeted her with an elegant gestur e.
    “It’s been a while, Archduke Vlkanov. It’s our spherical face, isn’t it?”

    Kaed cast a heartless gaze at Rosaline, who was smiling happily.
    “You seem to be very relaxed that you are visiting the far northern lands with out a message. What are you doing from early in the morning?”
    “If it is a message, I heard that my brother put it in several times. He said he would visit before the ceremony, but the Archduke refused? Please understand that I came here silently because I was afraid that even if I sent a letter of cons olation, I would reject it again.”
    As soon as Rosaline finished speaking, Caed immediately recognized the ide ntity of the companion.
    In the imperial family, there was only one person Rosalind Biate could call bro ther.
    'After all, the Crown Prince accompanied me.'
    As he recalled the long past, a cold aura like frost filled Caed's face. Prince Ph ilip Viatera is a key figure in the imperial family that he cannot be ignorant of.
    That night, when Kaed's fate began to change, there was a big banquet in Vu lkanov Castle, attended by Crown Prince Philip.
    As he was walking in the dim front yard to return to his bedroom, Caed met t he first Confucius and Philip.
    Confucius, who was fiddling with the hunting bow he received as a birthday gift, saw Caed, whom he had not always been on good terms with, and threw a n arrow into the bow.
    “Philip, look over there. A good target is passing.”
    Confucius aimed at Caed's eyes, and Philip smiled savagely, far from stoppin g him.
    It was an accident that happened in an instant. Kaed twisted his body as the bowstring was pulled taut. Otherwise, the arrow would have hit the eye or the f orehead.
    Caed pulled an arrow from my shoulder and pierced it into Confucius's eye, a nd broke his neck in a single stroke.
    After seeing Confucius' neck bent in a strange direction and all that happene d, the Crown Prince screamed and ran away in an ugly way.
    'I should have twisted that bastard's neck too... .'
    Had I known that I would miraculously return to the point at which I was stru ck by the arrow the moment I put an end to my life, Qaed would have brutally murdered not only Confucius but also the Crown Prince in his previous life.
    As if to prove that they were separated from the same bloodline, their silvery blue hair and red eyes that look alike. When I encountered that garbage-like co mbination, I felt the urge to trample it so that it could never be regenerated aga in.
    “You make a very scary expression in front of a weak woman. I fully understa nd why you feel bad about the sudden visit.”
    Rosalind closed her eyes and smiled, half covering her bright green eyes. Alt hough she was a member of the same imperial family, her Rosalind's appearan ce was completely different from theirs.
    “Even so... He used a childish grudge that was not like the Archduke.”
    Rosaline smiled meaningfully and rolled up the hem of her dress.
    As if to prove that she had been walking on a wet lawn, Rosalind's feet were wet with water, and a few drops of water were running down her bright red sho es.
    But the man in front of him didn't seem interested at all.
    “Where is the person who sent the letter, and did the princess come alone?”
    “I will tell you later. First of all, I would like to apologize for coming at such an early hour. 'cause that's okay Were you sleeping?”
    Rosalind stubbornly maintained what she had to say and changed the subjec t. Caed realized that it was difficult to have a smooth conversation, and already looked tired and let out a short sigh.
    The princess shrugged her shoulders as if it was insignificant.
    “Looking at her sober clothes, it seems that she was fortunately not in bed. You either stayed up overnight or woke up early. right?”
    “Not both.”
    “Even though we are not acquaintances, please don’t be too cold. Why don't you take this opportunity to have a calm conversation with me?"
    “The princess calls that level of sensibility.”
    “... Yes. I hadn't even spoken a word. But the moment I saw the Grand Duke for the first time remains an unforgettable memory for me.”
    Although Kaed responded with a scornful voice, Rosalind blushed and looked away.
    Ten years ago, Rosalind, who was invited to a ball hosted by Earl Mo in the N orth, met Caed for the first time. Caed never paid any attention to anyone, but t he princess remembered him clearly.
    On that day, so many noble spirits, hard to count, came to Rosaline. He want ed to connect with a woman of the royal family, or simply wanted to say a wor d, for various reasons.
    Rosalind knew she had to consolidate her place in the social world, but she wasn't interested in them.
    From the moment Kaed first caught my eye, Rosalind's attention was entirely on him.
    “It’s been 10 years, but... Do you remember? After I found you at the ball, I s neaked after you.”
    Recalling Kaed, who had a prominent skeleton since he was a boy, Rosaline s miled softly.
    “But I had to stop because I was caught by you in the corridor.”
    Rosaline dreamedly described the memories of that day that are still vividly d rawn.
    “When I asked for my name, the Archduke looked at me terrifyingly and disa ppeared without a word. It was an impressive first meeting that will remain in t he memory of a young girl.”
    “Did you come running a long distance to get an apology for what happened 10 years ago?”
    Rosalind smiled lightly at the nonsensical question and waved her hand.
    “It’s surprisingly fun. I don't think the Archduke is popular simply because of his appearance."
    Rosalind spoke in a voice wet with reminiscences.
    “Since then, when was the last time we met again? right. After your predece ssor Duke passed away, you were quite active as Duke Vlkanov. He often appe ared in social clubs where noble businessmen gather, and even before he left f or a subjugation expedition, he attended a banquet held in Hindel, right? I was r eally surprised to see you mature then... .”
    “Saddam, do that. What is your purpose?”
    Kaed showed his annoyance and cut off his words savagely. Rosalind unwitti ngly bit her lip.
    Aside from being unable to come out favorably, he maintained an overly sobe r attitude.
    Rosalind wasn't very proud of herself, but she knew that she was as attractiv e as her looks.
    The woman that the current emperor fell in love with at first sight in the com mon village of the archipelago visited by the current emperor was Rosaline's bi ological mother.
    The emperor, who had several mistresses even at the age of well over fifty a t the time, was particularly fond of her.
    Rosalind was the eldest daughter of the emperor's humble mistress, but than ks to the handsome face she inherited from her, she was recognized as a legiti mate princess and was able to represent the imperial family.
    Philippe Biate always reminded me of that.
    While emphasizing countless times that I am the only deficit of the empress who passed away, and the Crown Prince who will succeed to the throne.
    Believing that, as he said, her weapon was her looks, Rosaline has spoken to many men and learned a way to intrigue them.
    The men's reaction to Rosalind in the process was not very pleasant, but the y were all within the predictable range.
    It was the first time in my life that I was treated like a troublesome scarecro w.
    'It was nonsense to say that the twilight dawn is the most vulnerable time for men.'
    Rosalind recalled Philip, who threatened to attack Archduke Vlkanov well, and said that if he failed to prevent the wedding, you would be like your mother.
    Rosalind swallowed a bitter smile and parted her lips as if nothing happened.
    “If it’s a business, of course I have to tell you. But I'm tired both physically an d mentally because of the long journey. If it's not rude, I'd like to continue the c onversation after sleeping, is that okay?"
    “I think it would be more productive to end a conversation in 10 minutes or le ss.”
    “You’re cool... . Does that mean you're just watching the poor woman wet in the rain?"
    “It means we shouldn’t waste time because we’re going to get tired of each other.”
    Rosalind shook her head from side to side toward Kaed, who couldn't back d own.
    He knew the weight of the task that weighed on his shoulders. However, the conversation between the two of us alone in the quiet dawn with the man he h ad loved a long time ago could not be tiring.
    “Why don’t you broaden your horizons? What are you going to do if this see mingly simple pun contains my sincerity?”
    “I would have told you to do that.”
    Kaed, who was treating the princess like a gentleman in his own way, reache d the limit of his patience.
    When Caed thinks of Philip crawling like a bug in the Grand Duchess and his dark inner thoughts, he can't even speak well to the princess.
    “The fact that the princess came to my castle without contact at a time when the dawn had not shone is not only a shame that lowers the dignity of the impe rial family, but it also raises doubts about whether the princess is a human bein g with common sense, even if it is not the princess’s sole act.”
    Rosalind, a little startled, twisted her chin to ask something, but Caed didn't give her a chance.
    “Where did the prince who accompanied him escape?”
    A white flash of light shone in the drawing room where the heavy silence fell. Then, a loud roar of thunder rang out and shook the space. As if waiting, a stro ng rain fell.
    'I can't see any gaps I can get through.'
    Self-helped Rosaline smiled sadly and rolled her eyes.
    boredom. From Kaed's glamorous face, Rosalind couldn't read anything else. The day Rosalind first saw Caed, she had seen him unexpectedly.
    The reason I didn't let go of the emotions that could be dismissed as the bea t of my childhood is because of the unexpected scene I saw that day.
    However, the first time I had a conversation with my childhood crush was a c old-hearted man with little sense of humanity.
    Even if the day to tear down that wall that was as strong as a fortress was co ming, Caed didn't seem to give up even a single piece of his heart.
    A man so heartless would not know how to give and receive affection with ot hers, and it would be no different not only to Rosalind but also to the woman w ho was about to get married.
    Suddenly, Rosaline felt somewhat sorry for Serael, who had been through thi s ordeal that she had endured for a long time.
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    Serael opened her eyes when the thunder roared loud enough to wa ke up even those who had slept without knowing the world.
    A flash of lightning illuminated the dark bedroom, and an earthquake-like ech o shook the bedroom again.
    "what... .”
    With a drowsy voice, Serael rubbed her eyes and got up. The sight of the thic k raindrops pounding fiercely against the window came into view.
    Serael looked at the raindrops that were condensed on the glass and then fell at high speed, and then put her feet on the slippers.
    Unable to completely escape from his drowsiness, he staggered towards the window.
    She looked up at the dark gray sky. The rain showed no sign of abating.
    “I was supposed to go to the winter festival today... .”
    Since the festival was held outdoors, the plan could be canceled if it continue d to rain.
    If you go from the first day, you can be swept away by the crowds, so I decid ed to participate today, when the end date is only a few days away, at someon e's suggestion to go when the heat has subsided.
    The rainy season in Karlsvik is long. He had been showing signs of rain all the time, so it might not stop like this for a few days.
    Sarah lowered her gaze. In the distance from the barn, two men in black wer e walking towards the castle. Looking at the silhouette, it was Cole and Lecter.
    “Are they the type who can’t sleep at night like the Archduke?”
    it wouldn't be Once upon a time, I heard that Axel, who woke up from Cole s noring badly, kicked him. Serael, imagining the powerful kick of the angry Axel, let out a light smile on her teeth.
    The mind became more and more clear, with unpopular thoughts taking its to ll.
    I don't know what the schedule will be today if the rain doesn't stop, but I tho ught it would be better to go back to sleep for now. Sherael wasn't used to bei ng awake at such a time.
    She was about to pull the string with the intention of asking the user to bring him a tea with a sleeping effect, but she stopped and bit her hand.
    'Is everyone sleeping?'
    As a noble, it is natural for a noble to call a servant at any time if there is som ething to be done.
    But in the middle of the night I thought it would be better to do this little thin g on my own. Because you shouldn't get too used to what other people do fro m one to ten.
    Serael picked up the lamp on the chest of drawers and left the room. In the mirror she looked at as she passed by, she was very pale and haggard because she lacked sleep.
    He knew that tea leaves and medicinal herbs were stored in the pantry on th e first floor, so the destination was fixed.
    She walked down the quiet corridor and headed to the first floor.
    Just as she was about to enter the hallway through the main hall and into the dining room and storage room, she suddenly heard a rustling of metal.
    “... ... ?”
    Serael took a step back and turned her head toward the metal sound. In the distance, in front of the drawing room at the end of the hallway, two dazzling di splays of armor were standing.
    Upon closer inspection, they were living, breathing humans. It was also a kni ght dressed in silver armor that flashed from the top of his head to his toes.
    'Did a guest with an escort driver come this morning... ?'
    Sherael tilted her head, unwittingly silenced the sound of footsteps, and appr oached the drawing room.
    In the stillness of the drawing room, only the sound of heavy rain and thunde r echoed from time to time.
    By then, Rosalind realized that an intimate conversation with Caed was impo ssible.
    When Rosalind arrived at the castle, Philip was instructed to seduce Archduk e Vlkanov by any means.
    He didn't want to follow a lowly order, and it seemed impossible to lure this r elentless man in that direction in the first place.
    Rosalind, who had received the attention of many men, knew well what a ma n was like in the face of desire.
    Aren't they capable of destroying the achievements they have built up throug hout their lives, even with small impulses that bounce like sparks?
    But the man sitting in front of him must have never felt the primal desire or l onging for a woman in his lifetime. He could be convinced just by looking at his horribly heartless eyes.
    Rosalind tried to estimate the number of days left until Caed's wedding.
    'About 10 days left. I guess I'll have to do something more than set foot in th e anti-aircraft castle.'
    Rosalind decided that it would be better to attack Serael rather than Caed. Af ter making her decision, the princess sighed and opened her mouth.
    “I'll be honest. It is true that Philip's brother was accompanied from the Impe rial Palace, but he split by the time he entered Karlsvik. That’s all.”
    Caed let out a brief arsenic. It was a move that did not deviate much from his expectations.
    It must not have been for her sake that Philip, who was terrified of my body, gave Rosaline a luxurious carriage.
    Now the Crown Prince was trying to hide his whereabouts.
    “Did you have no idea what was going on?”
    “There was none. I may have gone to see Jung-in, but my brother and I are not close enough to share a private life. Even if they knew it, it would be difficul t to tell them in detail... .”
    “How many escort knights have accompanied you from the Imperial Palace?” “... 10 people.”
    "good. Now get up.”
    Saying so, Kaed chinked at the parlor door.
    As the flow of conversation was cut off like a pair of scissors, Rosaline remai ned silent for a moment. She then looked up at Ka Ed as she grinned lightly.
    “Aren’t you wondering why I came to the Grand Gongseong Fortress?”
    “You don't need to explain. Because it seems like you know.”
    Kaed added in a serious tone.
    “Just by looking at the act of pushing my younger sister in front of an extrate rrestrial man, I can see just how trash the person who gave the order is.”
    “... ... .”
    Rosaline's eyes widened at the unexpected words. He got up from the sofa b efore he could even ponder what Kaed had uttered.
    Rosaline, who did not want to get out of this space, insisted on sitting. She f elt as if she had glimpsed another side of Kaed that only her princess had seen in the past.
    “Now that you have all the information, the Archduke is going to drive me ou t?”
    “Because you told me frankly, it means that you will treat me like a guest. Ar en't you going to attend my wedding anyway?"
    “... You're so chilly, I didn't expect you to do me a favor. Will you lead me to t he Grand Duchess’s Guest House?”
    “I didn't know that the unannounced visitor wanted hospitality. I'm sorry, but I'm going to send it to a villa away from the castle."
    “You mean you’re kicking me out to a cottage on the outskirts.”
    “As you know, there are no visitors to the castle until the wedding day.”
    In case any variable could cause the ceremony to be delayed, Kaed was send ing a refusal to all letters requesting visits.
    After he took the seat of the head of Vulkanov, the whole empire knew that t he province was prospering day by day and the discipline of the north was bein g taken.
    The nobles, eager to somehow connect with him, have sent letters ahead of the ambassador of the wedding.
    The purpose was various, such as saying that he wanted to meet personally and congratulate him, and he wanted to promote a business in Karlsvik, or to in vite him to a social gathering.
    However, the impudent Crown Prince Philip announced that he would visit th e Grand Duke Castle first, rather than congratulate him on the wedding.
    Caed replied that he could not afford to entertain the Crown Prince in the bus y Grand Duke Castle, which was busy preparing for the ceremony, and only the n came a letter requesting a face-to-face meeting, offering a date of his visit w ith some courtesy. Kaed rejected all of them without any room for recons