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    In this chap Yoo Jihyuk confess Jiwon with flowers there chemistry going anothere level
    nd minhwa arrange some local thugs to hurt jihyuk but they reject when they came to knew jihyuk is grandson of chairman of largest grup of u&k food company in korea
    And those thugs reject to giv money to minhwa
    Minhwa was shocked nd angary to knew jihyuk is grandson of chairman
    Minhawa also took 5 million won secretly from sumin which jieon gave her as conguratulation on her wedding nd she shout at minhwa for taking the money but at the same time she is curious how jiwon hav this much of money
    (sumin hav no idea jiwon earn this money in stock coz she knows future so she can invest with no loss)
    Minhwa reveals she got money by her rich bf then sumin ask what jihyuk
    here sumin also come to know jihyuk is grandson of u&k food chairman, sumin also gets shocked and angary that jiwon got rich bf so she plan to create rumours about jiwon to destroy her
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    I have a question, in chapter 34, the bitch posted a picture of ML and FL and that she knows that ML is the grandson of the some company because her BS husband was investigating FL. What will happen to her the bitch Soo Min?? Will she get into a really big trouble?? I hope so.
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    What happened to the MC's mom?
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    Yeah sumin will get in big trouble
    According to novel she will end up in jail for murdering her mother in law
    But she will escape from jail go to tha fat manager who used to work in company before whom sumin seduce tells him to scolds yang nd heeyeon
    Sumin takes his car nd try to kill jiwon but heeyeon come inbetween to save jiwon nd heeyeon gets injured thankfully its minor but still sumin try to kill jiwon nd heeyeon by car here ml come to protect them
    Since heeyeon got hurt her granpa get very furious nd handeled this case very strictly here eveyone nd even sumin come to knew u&k company chaiman grand daughter is heeyeon nd ml's half sis
    Sumin gets punished as lyf prison
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    Can someone tell me what Jiwon and Soomin said to each other when they meet in prison?

    What happens when everyone sees what Soomin posted in chapter 34?
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    Well we hav to wait up to wednesday to get next chap 35 to knew
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    Thanks so much for the spoilers.
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    In this chap we see sumin falsely accused jiwon with Anonymous account in article like 3rd generation chaebol hav affair with married woman, jiwon dumped her bf to me to get rich bf, she made me kneel down so i had miscarriage bla bla
    after reading article juwon know for sure it must be sumin b!tch nd jihyuk was very angary
    (here we came to know jiwon also don't know jihyuk is grandson of chairman)
    Jihyuk tells jiwon he never revealed his true identity he joined to company just like other employee nd work hard got promotion to became manager
    Later jiwon nd jihyuk plan about the article to take down
    Other side munhwa scold sumin u shluld not hav mess with jihyuk but sumin can't digest fact jiwon to be happy with jihyuk so she did this
    jiwon calls sumin nd beggs her to erase the article but sumin don't listen nd feels happy coz jiwon is begging her after a long time then jiwon ask what u want how much money u want 300 million won i can give then sumin say i want 500 million won ask ur rich bf then jiwon say ok i will give but since amount is big its difficult to transfer in bank account how about u come with minhwa nd take in cash then sumin say ok

    Later in even sumin nd minhwa came to take cash sumin say minhwa this is how u should earn money by blackmailing then jiwon nd jihyuk greet them nd say go inside the room their is cash
    when they enter inside room its full of reporters who ask why u wrote such article

    [FONT=Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif](well i hav no idea what will happen next chap will again sumin will play victim role as how she always do
    i hope all company employee also would be there for witness to prove sumin nd minhwa r wrong)

    If u want u can read in this utube channel but has lots of watermark

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    they are really compatible in terms of brain hahahahaha
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    What will happen in chapter 36?
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    Well all repoters will ask ques to sumin nd minhwa why they spread fake rumours at this rate minhwa will also lose his job in u&k food company
    After this minhwa may meet yura i guess
    Yura - She is also a gold digger just like sumin, she wants to marry ml for his fortune
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    So, what’s the ending for Yura? Did she also get her karma?
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    Yeah every bad people will get their karma in this webtoon
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    What happens after she tries to blackmail money out of MC?
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    Anyone knows what happens in Chapter 36 ?
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    In this chap we see jiwon jihyuk held press conference and sumin nd minhwa got angary but they hav no chance to escape now

    So Jihyuk asked to repoters to ask question
    One repoter asked to jihyuk u r having affair with marrital woman then jiwon answed said i was in relationship with minhwa before but i broke the engagement as minhwa mother is too much demanding, this is my personal choice it has nothing to do with jihyuk

    Then Minhwa started to raise question to jiwon thats clearly nonsence then y did u move next door to jihyuk as soon as we broke our engagement to bcoz of his money
    ☆ Here Heeyeon come with property docment nd say it was me who introduced the house to jiwon nd jiwon is the one paying rent nd all other facilities money u can see in this document there is no contribution of jihyuk and the reason jiwon moved its coz of u Minhwa u were constantly stalking her even after getting married with other woman u r stalking your ex fiance and even this photo which went viral it must be taken by u
    Then minhwa says its rediculous nd heeyeon say do u considered quitting job from company

    Here Sumin understood everythings r going against her she must get out of here so she starts to play victim role as always so she ask jiwon but what did my child did here why u miscarried me
    Jiwon expected sumin will ask this so she pre planed abut this
    Then jiwon ask to sumin hav u ever been pregnant then sumin shocks and say what r u asking then jiwon ask to minhwa hav u seen any pregnancy test report of sumin or even went to hospital with her then minhwa starts to get doubt then sumin say i burnd all report when i had miscarriage then jiwon ask which hospital u went to checkup then sumin say gagnam hospital then jiwon ask all repoters anyone hav gagnam hospital no. one man raise hand nd say he has then jiwon calls that no. ASAP sumin gets tensed when jiwon calls nd sumin ask jiwon is it nessary to disturb busy people jiwon says its very important matter to know , then the hosptl picks up call then jiwon say i would like to hav 2nd appointment to gynecologist for Sumin but the hospital say there is no medical record of first appointment is this ur 1st appointment then jiwon say it must to mistaken nd cut the call then all press started to accuse sumin for fabricating lie nd sumin must get leagally punished sumin gets angary nd started to think its all coz of jiwon

    Sumin went to minhwa nd say oppa believe me its not like that but minhwa gets pissed off coz of a lie he already married sumin nd now he scolds sumin u fuc! b!tch u ruined my lyf like that he say nd left sumin went after minhwa

    Now sumin nd minhwa both r left so jihyuk conclude to repoters u all hav known by now everything nd this incident has nothing to do with u&k food company then one repoter ask do u 2 has any personal feeling before jihyuk is about to say but jiwon says no nd say if jihyuk don't hav any problm i would like to hav special relationship with him

    Then press confreence is over jiwon nd jihyuk went to home jiwon was worried nd said i feel so shy how would we face company then jihyuk say he is going to regine from company he is going to start his own company jn+ its providing secutity to other company jihyuk said he don't want to inherit j&k he want to do something by himself but granpa asked him to work u&k for temporary to get some work experience but jihyuk felt little sorry that he can't see jiwon during work nd asked jiwon will u miss me then jiwon said yes nd i will be very angary if u see someone jihyuk said that will never happen coz i hav u , jihyuk touch jiwon hand nd said he will never let this hand to get rough jiwon remembered how her previous lyf her hands were like skleton nd rough then jiwon was thankful to her father nd to come in past to change her fate nd jihyuk kissed jiwon in lips nd they started to get intimacy

    In last we see jiwon getting call from Ms Yang she was crying nd calling i guess she must hav found out her husband is cheating on her

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    “I was surprised. At the class reunion, you didn’t even look like you, didn’t you keep in touch with all sorts of things?”

    Kim Sang-cheol said with a hesitant smile. Jiwon let out those words through one ear and looked back. He thought he might come along, but he didn't.

    “I never contacted you.”

    When Jiwon answered a long time late, Sangcheol Kim blinked.

    “What do you mean?”

    Jiwon stopped in front of a shabby alley. Park Min-hwan was still nowhere to be seen.

    “Did I say I called you first?”

    “You speak Seoul well. Is it cute?”

    “That person, not me.”

    Jiwon took out her cell phone and listened to Kim Sang-cheol to see the screen. Kim Sang-cheol was nowhere in the message box or call list.

    “You say “Neah” and you go to the address, but who is it if it’s not you?”

    Kim Sang-cheol was annoyed.

    “It is true. If you don't believe me, call that number."

    Kim Sang-cheol took out his cell phone and called the number that suddenly received a message today. The beeping is gone, but Jiwon's cell phone in front of him is still moving.

    [Your customer is not answering the phone right now... … .]

    And no one got it.


    Jiwon put her phone in her pocket on the road.

    “Someone pretended to be me and called you. It's not my fault, but I'll apologize instead."

    “Are you kidding me?”

    Kim Sang-cheol's face was wrinkled badly. Even when he was in school, he wasn't that good. His support was nervous and swallowed dry saliva.

    “As you are, I am a victim. So just go back.”

    I hoped that he would come back nicely, but he wasn't like that from the beginning. Kim Sang-cheol grabbed Ji-won's shoulder, who was about to turn, and turned it around.

    “Are you kidding me with your luggage?”

    “Let go.”

    Jiwon shook the hand with all his might.

    “You said I don’t know.”

    “I’ve grown arrogant in the face. Ji-won Kang. A victim of calling someone up to this? Fuck you, are you all right?”

    I was even more frightened when the big man sweared at him violently. The inside of his head was hollow and his breathing was choked. His support clenched his trembling chin and bit him tight.

    “Gasna, I was scared. Yeah, you're scared, Dembino?"

    Kim Sang-cheol smirked and stretched out his arms.

    "let's go. Oppa will buy you something delicious.”

    “Go away!”

    Jiwon reflexively clenched his arm and stepped back. Passers-by glanced at this side.

    “Hey, Jiwon Kang!”

    Kim Sang-cheol, who was furious, shouted, not paying attention to the surrounding gaze.


    Almost at the same time, a much lower, heavier, yet powerful voice called for support. Jiwon's vision was obscured by his broad back. He took off his suit jacket and held it casually in one of his hands, breathing heavily on his breath.

    "it's okay?"

    Yoo Ji-hyuk looked back. Jiwon looked at Yoo Ji-hyeok, said yes, and nodded. Surprisingly, the fear gradually subsided. Behind this man's back, it seemed that no one could harm him.

    “What? Do you know?”

    Kim Sang-cheol looked at Yoo Ji-hyeok with displeased eyes. As if he couldn't hear those words at all, Yoo Ji-hyuk turned around and wrapped his arms around Ji-won's shoulder. Leaving a gap of two fingers between his arm and shoulder so that no close contact was made.

    “Are you hurt?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's breath, which was small enough that only Ji-won could hear it, brushed his hair. Jiwon nodded again.

    “Are you okay? No, what are you!”

    Kim Sang-cheol grabbed Yoo Ji-hyuk's right shoulder from behind. After that, what Yoo Ji-hyuk did, his support was not well seen. Everything was instant. I just wanted to see if Yoo Ji-hyeok looked behind him, but Kim Sang-cheol was grunting while holding his twisted arm instead of Yoo Ji-hyuk's shoulder.

    “This is the crazy kid! Have you decided to rip your arm off!”

    “If it’s broken, ask for repairs.”

    As in the company, Yoo Ji-hyeok, who spoke hard, put the suit he was holding on Ji-won's shoulder.

    "let's go. Support.”

    He took the support and strode out of the vicinity. Kim Sang-cheol mumbled something from behind, but he didn't care. It was the perfect dog shit. The car was parked not far away. Jiwon sat in the passenger seat opened by Yoo Ji-hyeok and pressed her chest, which was still pounding. men are scary When a man shouts or raises his hand, he is not afraid and his mind becomes white. What would have happened if he hadn't asked Yoo Ji-hyeok for help in advance? No, if Yeji had not called before that, I would have run into Kim Sang-cheol in front of the house without knowing anything. Just imagining it was scary.

    "just a moment."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk threw those words away and disappeared, and came back within five minutes and sat in the driver's seat.


    In her large hand, she was holding a piece of soy milk that looked too cute. Jiwon took a sip of soy milk. As the warm liquid ran down her neck, she felt much more at ease. The slight trembling of his hands and feet stopped.

    "thank you."

    Jiwon, who gave a small greeting, added after hesitating.

    “Soymilk and other things.”

    “I am thankful for soymilk, but you don’t have to thank me for anything else.”

    “You helped.”

    “Mr. Kang Ji-won used it. I said so.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk spoke dryly and pressed the start button. I'm thinking of taking you home. I'm sorry I'm dying, but I'm even more sorry.

    “I will walk home. You came all the way here because of me.”

    “I will go to the hotel.”

    Jiwon almost dropped soy milk. Yoo Ji-hyeok's pronunciation of 'hotel' was so clear I didn't think I heard it wrong.

    "hotel… … yo. this?"


    I hoped I had heard the wrong thing, and to the question I asked, a soft and clear answer came back. Support became even more confusing. It won't be like that. I can't. Next to the consciously repeated thoughts, the things that adults and men and women would do when they entered a hotel were unfolding nakedly. I rubbed my imagination like it was on a blackboard, but only the flesh-colored screen became clearer. Go away, Yoo Ji-hyuk. Get dressed right now. Jiwon closed her eyes tightly and then opened it.

    “Ho ho ho ho hotel, why why why why why why why why?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk glanced at Ji-won, who was stuttering heavily, and narrowed his brow.

    “Because there is no guarantee that there won’t be any bastards near Kang Ji-won’s house.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk said the word 'that bastard' casually with his characteristic calm tone.

    “I’ll take you to the hotel so you can sleep there. I'll go pick you up on time for work."

    “… … .”

    what was i thinking To have such a sound and reasonable person. Surrounded by guilt and shame, Jiwon slowly turned her head and opened the window. The cool night breeze brushed against his face, as hot as a tomato.

    “Go, go, go, thank you.”

    I was hoping for a casual tone, but I was totally wrong. Jiwon chewed his hard tongue a few times to make it as soft as possible.

    “I will take care of going to work, I will. No, come on, you can give it to me, it’s fine.”

    “He asked me to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

    Yoo Ji-hyeok looked in the side mirror and skillfully turned left to enter a four-lane road.

    “Which boyfriend leaves his girlfriend alone in the hotel and goes to work on her own because it’s not enough?”

    “If you put it that way, it would be strange to leave your girlfriend in a hotel and just go there.”

    I reluctantly rebutted it, and I thought. Her support slammed her in the mouth several times. Fortunately, Yoo Ji-hyuk looked ahead and drove without thinking. A towering hotel building could be seen in the distance. Yoo Ji-hyuk's car ran straight to the building and stopped in front of the front door.


    The hotel staff politely opened the car door. Jiwon quickly got off and stopped to say hello.


    “Aren’t you coming in?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk handed the car key to the employee and looked at Ji-won. He had an attitude that it was very natural for them to enter a hotel together.

    “Aren’t you going to take me?”

    “It’s weird to leave your girlfriend in a hotel and just go.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk walked quickly with long legs and entered the hotel. Jiwon was conflicted about whether to run away like this, or whether he should get angry and get angry. Both were 'gaeoba', themselves. It's like Kang Ji-won who doesn't know grace. Ji-won followed Yoo Ji-hyuk as naturally as possible, being careful and careful not to let his arms and legs go out together.

    “I will pay.”

    “Which boyfriend… … .”

    “It was a joke.”

    Was it really a good thing to ask Yoo Ji-hyuk to pretend to be her boyfriend? Jiwon began to doubt his decision.

    “Two rooms. I would like a room next to each other, please.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk handed the card to the front. Jiwon's eyes widened.

    “Why two?”

    “If one is better, do that.”

    “Of course there must be one!”

    After saying that, Jiwon later realized that her words could mean different things to others.

    “Then one-.”

    Ji-Hyeok cut off Ji-Hyeok's words to order again.

    "two. Two right. Two rooms, please!”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Soon, the front desk staff handed out two card keys. Yoo Ji-hyuk took one of them and handed one to his Ji-won. The elevator going up was full of awkwardness and silence. Jiwon stood stiff like chopsticks, looking at the number window moving too slowly. I couldn't even swallow my saliva for fear of hearing the sound. - Tiling. Finally, the elevator door opened. The two walked down the hallway without saying a word, far from each other.

    “I, boss.”

    Ji-won stopped in front of the door and called Yoo Ji-hyuk in a low voice.


    I called you, but how do you say hello? Jiwon hesitated, then bowed his head slightly.

    "thank you. good night."

    “Mr. Kang Ji-won too.”

    Ji-hyeok, who raised his head face to face, confirmed that Ji-won was entering and then entered his room. click. As soon as I heard the doorknob lock, a long sigh escaped.

    “Ha ha… … .”

    What do you think, what do you do? Ji-hyeok couldn't even insert his card key, and leaned his back against the wall to catch his breath. His heart was pounding as if his heart was about to spring out of his left chest, which he pressed tightly with his hand. I was worried about whether Kang Ji-won had heard this sound in the elevator earlier. Yoo Ji-hyeok, who stood like that for a long time, took a breather, then inserted the card key and looked at the clock. 8 o'clock in the evening.

    “… … this."

    A very important fact flashed through my head. Kang Ji-won, I didn't eat dinner.  


      *** As soon as Jiwon entered the hotel room, she collapsed on the bed. He was so nervous that his fingertips were still cold and cold sweat was forming on his palms. In the meantime, Yoo Ji-hyeok, who rescued Kim Sang-cheol and took me to the hotel as requested, was grateful to tears.


    The words I spit out to sort out my random thoughts hit the wall and came back.

    “It was just used. You promised never to be fooled again.”

    When I said it softly, I felt a little more at ease. Jiwon, who had been lying staring at her ceiling for a while, suddenly felt hungry and rubbed her stomach. I skipped dinner She didn't even eat lunch much. Perhaps Yoo Ji-hyuk also came straight away without having dinner. Thinking about it again made me very sorry. Just in time, there was a knock on the door.

    "who are you?"

    “This is Yoo Ji-hyuk.”

    Jiwon got up straight away and opened the door. Yoo Ji-hyeok's shirt, seen through the half-open door, had a couple of buttons unbuttoned without a tie.

    "what… … .”

    Because of Yoo Ji-hyuk's slightly exposed under the neck, the messy imagination from earlier raised his head again. Jiwon secretly pinched his thigh tightly, erasing his imagination.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I’m going to do room service.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk grabbed the door and looked down at Ji-won.

    “Do you want something to eat?”

    I didn't know that Jiwon was room service. Long ago, on a honeymoon, I stayed at a good hotel once, and the rest were all business hotels.

    “You are eating, boss.”

    So, I came up with the most common and convenient answer. However, Yoo Ji-hyuk was not an easy opponent.

    “Do you have any favorite food?”

    Your favorite foods? In that case, it can be said in 0.1 seconds. But it was food that I would never sell to a hotel.

    “I don’t think there is anything I like in a hotel… … .”

    “Tell me.”

    Since there is no support anyway, I opened my mouth with a heart.

    “Pork soup. I like to eat kkakdugi with lots of dadaegi and cheongcho, and a lot of jeonggukji.”

    Is it because of the feeling? Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyes seemed to vibrate subtly.

    “Pork soup.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk repeated it seriously.

    "Look. isn't it? So, eat what the manager likes-.”

    "there is."

    have you? Jiwon was genuinely surprised.

    “Do you have pork soup in Seoul hotel room service?”

    "Yes. I order two bowls.”

    “Then come in and-.”

    “I will be back when I arrive. Rest.”

    Ji-hyeok cut off Ji-won's words and closed the door. He returned to the next room, and at the same time pressed the button on his cell phone. why do you get it so late After an anxious wait, the other person's voice was heard.

    [Yes, bro!]

    “You are off-duty.”

    [Yes that's right!]

    “Delivery of two bowls of pork soup. Come to the WK hotel lobby and call me. Instead of a disposable bowl, put it in a porcelain bowl and put it on a tray.”

    The other person was silent for about 2 seconds before repeating it.

    [Two bowls of pork soup. WK Hotel lobby. Pretty porcelain, tray.]



    “Wear a suit.”

    [Wearing a suit.]

    “Kkakdugi, Tsangcho, Dadaegi and Jeongguji a lot.”

    [Kkakdugi, Tsangcho, Dadaegi and Jeongguji… … . What is all this, bro?]

    "I don't know either."

    [Oh, yes. Anyway, a lot of tennis.]

    The voice of the other party who received all the orders became noticeably darker.

    Jiwon sat on the bed and flipped through the TV channels he didn't watch very often. The cell phone next to him didn't ring. It seemed that Sumin was faithfully fulfilling her role.

    “… … like the boss.”

    Jiwon muttered as he picked up a large pillow and placed it on his lap. Yoo Ji-hyuk didn't even ask why, when he asked her to pretend to be her boyfriend endlessly. He only said this.

    -'Create a plan and manual and send it by e-mail.'

      It was a really Yoo Ji-hyuk-like answer. And it did a lot better than I expected. strong weak strong. In school, Kim Sang-cheol always teased and bullied other children. He chose only children who were smaller and weaker than him. He was rather kind to children who were wealthy, belonged to the so-called 'Iljin', or had an influence in the school in many ways. Kim Sang-cheol won't bother you any more here. He thinks that Jiwon has someone bigger and stronger than him. I was really surprised though. I never imagined that Yoo Ji-hyuk would break Kim Sang-cheol's arm. Yoo Ji-hyuk, whom Ji-won knew, was very far from violence. Rather, he was an excessively calm and rational person. Such Yoo Ji-hyuk broke the arm of the first person he saw until just before he broke it. He even grabbed Kim Kyung-wook by the neck. Before that, he had easily removed Park Min-hwan's hand. If I act unreasonably only when something happens to me... … . Is it excessive self-awareness? Jiwon put her chin on his lap and clicked the remote control button. Then he went to a channel and his hand stopped.

    [Infinite Challenge!]

    "Wow. You dance.”

    It was the only rerun of the program that Jiwon enjoyed watching. I remember being depressed for a few days after hearing the news of the sudden ending. Thanks to the program that suddenly popped up, Jiwon was able to get away from her troublesome thoughts for a while and flirt comfortably.

    “Heh, heck, hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!”

    I didn't even realize how much time had passed since I was banging on the pillow and laughing like crazy. Jiwon looked at the time while wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes until it was time for the interim advertisement, but was a little perplexed. An hour had passed since Yoo Ji-hyuk said he would order. Why does room service take so long? As I was contemplating whether I should boil it for a deep taste, I heard a knock on the door. -smart.


    Pigs will come when I speak. Jiwon ran back and forth, opened the door, and was terribly surprised. If they had seen the man at the door, anyone other than Jiwon would have been frightened. The man holding something was as tall as Yoo Ji-hyuk. He was much bigger, no. The expression that he is thick is more appropriate. His sporting haircut and his specially ripped eyes were so scary that if he looked at him just once, he would cry like Kim Sang-cheol and go to find his mother.


    Jiwon tried to close the door hastily. Between the closing door, the man tucked his chin and shoes.

    “… … !”


    The man pushed the door with force. Through the open door again, its enormous size was revealed. As the man's corners of mouth rose upwards as if torn apart, Jiwon stepped back in terror.

    “Who are you… … ?”

    “Room service.”

    bum bum, bum bum. A man entered the room.

    “Can I come in for a moment?”

    You're already in. Jiwon took a step back to the wall. The man brought the tray and put it on the table.

    "Bon appetite."

    The man smiled and bowed 90 degrees to greet him. His expression was so terrifying that it was better to lose his mind. So Jiwon was happy to tears when Yoo Jihyuk came in through the open door.

    “Room service is late.”

    He came in calmly and spoke to the man.

    "sorry. There is no stock of tennis jerseys.”

    "it's okay. thank you."

    "Yes. Enjoy your meal, customer!”

    The man greeted Yoo Ji-hyuk 90 degrees and left. Jiwon couldn't breathe properly until the door closed. If you knew that room service would be this scary, then you shouldn't do it in the first place. The first room service in Jiwon's life remained such a frightening memory.

    “Why are you standing like that?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk took a spoon and put it next to the bowl and brought a water bottle. It was only then that I caught my eye on the pork soup with the white steam rising up and down. We also ordered leek, kkakdugi, and Cheongyang pepper. They were perfectly plated in a pure white, clean bowl like a hotel. Something is strange. Jiwon, who sat at the table, soon realized the strange thing.

    “This hotel has a special tray.”

    What was it called a tray? It was 'Obon'. 'Sudeng Obon' boasts a large, round shape and a gorgeous flower in the center.

    “… … Retro.”

    After being silent for a moment, Yoo Ji-hyuk answered slowly.


    “It is fashionable. Retro.”

    "iced coffee. It’s retro.”

    right. It was a time when each girl group wore 80s outfits and shouted disco. Jiwon looked at the tray and admired the details of the hotel, looking at the tray, which is believed to have been used for 30 years at Grandma's Pork Soup.

    “Stop watching and eat before it cools down.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk pushed the plate stacked with leek in front of him. Jiwon took off the salted shrimp and poured the seasoning on it. I also cut one cheongyang red pepper and threw it into the soup. Lastly, I put leek on top and stir it, then I scooped out a spoonful of the soup and tasted it.


    As he murmured involuntarily, the corners of Yoo Ji-hyuk's lips seemed to rise slightly. Is it an illusion? When Jiwon looked at her again, her lips were straight and closed.

    “Do you usually eat without going?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's broth was just plain white. There would be no taste at all.

    “I ate it for the first time.”

    "ah. tell me.”

    A first-time eater may. Jiwon took Yoo Ji-hyuk's spoon, seasoned it according to his style, and added plenty of leek.

    "Here you go. It’s delicious when you put it all together.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk took a spoonful and ate it without saying a word. Even if I chewed on the paper, I thought it would be more delicious than that.

    "not really… … . Doesn't it taste good?"


    It still looked tasteless. But Yoo Ji-hyuk has that kind of expression originally. His Ji-won ate his share of soup while looking at the colorful flowers painted on the tray. In the meantime, the long interim advertisement was over. Jiwon's gaze, who had been robbed by the retro tray, shifted to the television. It was too much fun. Isn't it illegal for people to laugh like this? Jiwon forgot that the manager was next to him, and rolled his feet, chattering out of breath.

    “Ah ha ha ha! What is that! Ha ha ha!”

    It was only after subconsciously hitting Yoo Ji-hyuk on the shoulder that he realized that he was smiling too realistically.

    “… … .”

    After standing still, Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was hit five times in a row, caressed his shoulder.

    “Sorry, I’m sorry. I have a habit of hitting pillows when I'm funny... … .”

    “… … pillow."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's expression got worse. Support was promptly rectified.

    “I’m not saying the manager is a pillow.”

    "it's okay."

    … … also be

    “What did you say?”

    Jiwon is fine, I couldn't hear Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was added later, so I put my ear closer.

    "it's nothing. Eat it before it cools down.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk lowered the chair a little and sat down and started eating again. Jiwon just turned off the TV altogether to prevent the same mistake.

    “You can keep looking.”

    “No. It’s all over anyway.”

    The only thing left in the room was the rattling of spoons. I thought I would just leave it on, and that was when Jiwon was a little skeptical.

    “Infinite Challenge, you seem to like it.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk asked abruptly. Jiwon was pleased with the topic.

    "yes. I've loved it since it first came out. At that time, the ratings were very low, but I was afraid that it would end due to failure, so I watched more closely and wrote recommendations on the Internet.”


    The answer was that. Jiwon held onto the topic to erase the awkwardness.

    “Do you have any favorite programs?”

    If there was, it seemed to be news.

    “I watch the news.”


    “But this is fun.”

    “Did you just see it?”

    Jiwon questioned suspiciously. It's not a funny expression at all.

    "Yes. See you next time.”

    "yes. next time together... … ?”

    Infinite Challenge? where? Jiwon flinched and looked at Yoo Ji-hyuk. He was concentrating on the soup in front of him as if he had no idea. I was embarrassed that I had such a strange thought, so Jiwon quietly ate soup. it was yummy. Is this the taste of a hotel?

    "I really enjoyed the meal."

    The meal ended almost the same. Ji-won put down the spoon and said hello, and Yoo Ji-hyuk also bowed his head.

    “Me too, thanks.”

    He took out a napkin, handed one to Jiwon, and wiped his lips too.

    “If I leave the bowl, I take it with me, but I leave it outside for now. Sleep well."

    Yoo Ji-hyeok cleaned up the dishes he ate, put it outside and went straight to his room. There was nothing like this and that that men and women would do in a hotel. The soup was over.

    “I should take a shower, hmm, I should.”

    Jiwon was embarrassed for nothing, so he said to himself and took off his clothes.  

      *** I don't know what that damn soup tasted like. I didn't even know it wasn't seasoned at first. Yoo Ji-hyuk unbuttoned his shirt a couple more times and sat across the bed, swiping his face up and down. He only ate soup at the hotel. Even the rooms are different. That's all, in her head, the things that men and women would do when they entered a hotel were unfolding without a mosaic.

    “Oh, damn it.”

    He took a cold beer from the refrigerator and plucked it. To get rid of this filthy imagination, I turned on the TV, which I don't usually watch. An entertainment program that Jiwon liked so much was coming out. it was pretty I've never seen Jiwon smile so brightly. When he smiled like that and touched Jihyuk's shoulder, it felt like his heart was sinking. I was grateful for that program that made the application so enjoyable and I hated seeing it.

    -'I'm not saying that the manager is a pillow.'

      It was because he was so focused on Infinite Challenge that he stopped telling Jiwon who he was after beating his heart hard.

    -'You can use it as a pillow.'

      What would have happened if you had listened to support properly? It was terrifying to even imagine. Two cans of beer were emptied one after another. Ji-hyeok squashed his second can and threw it into the trash can, looking for his cell phone. there was no On the bed, on the table, in your pocket. Suddenly, I remembered taking out my cell phone from Jiwon's room earlier and putting it on the bedside table.

    “… … It varies.”

    Laughing, he got up and headed to the next room. -smart. are you already asleep There was no answer inside. Yoo Ji-hyeok, who was embarrassed, hesitated a little, then knocked on the door a little louder. -smart.

    “Yeah, wait a minute!”

    This time, Jiwon's answer was heard, and the door swung open immediately.

    “I put the bowl outside… … . uh?"

    The door that had been open about an inch slammed shut. Yoo Ji-hyuk held his breath as he raised one hand.  


      At first glance, he was clearly in a shower robe. Both cheeks were red on the moist skin, and the collarbone was slightly exposed. It smelled soft and sweet. Wet hair was slightly tangled and hung over his shoulders.

    “Hey, boss?”

    Jiwon asked in a trembling voice from beyond the door.

    "I'm sorry. what brings you here… … ?”

    Jihyuk took a deep breath that had finally stopped. The scent he had just smelled leaked out through the cracks in the door and filled his chest.

    “Leave your phone and go. I have come to go.”

    “I will look for it. Where are you?”

    “Beside the TV.”

    Soon the door opened slightly. Yoo Ji-hyuk's cell phone was held in the white hand that came out between them.

    "Here you go. I just took a shower, so I can’t give it to you myself.”

    “Excuse me.”

    There was nothing hidden behind the door, but Yoo Ji-hyeok put his head to the side and stretched out his hand as if Ji-won was standing in front of him in that outfit. His hand, which was slightly deflected by the wind, was placed on Jiwon's finger. He was moist and soft. From the point where his fingers touched, a shivering shiver ran down to his toes. Jihyuk couldn't hold his hand or let it go, and he stiffened. His cell phone snapped and fell from Jiwon's hand.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, manager!”

    "it's okay."

    Jihyuk answered without knowing what he was thinking and picked up the phone with a robot-like rigid motion.

    “I was very sorry. Rest well."

    "yes. Good night, boss.”

    A little bit of support added a little bit.

    “See you in the morning.”

    There was nowhere else to fall, and my heart was pounding again.


    Jihyuk barely spit those words out, and as soon as he came back, he grabbed another can of beer. Still, his pounding heart did not subside, and he went into the bathroom. It was only for a short time that he calmed his heart by turning on the cold water and being hit by the pouring stream. He poured body wash into the shower bowl and leaned his head against the wall. It smelled sweet and soft. It was the scent I had smelled from Jiwon earlier. Even after washing out and drying his hair, the smell did not go away. Jihyuk emptied another can of beer, lay on the bed, turned off the light, and sat up. Because it's fucking body wash. Because of this smell, I had the illusion that Jiwon in the next room was lying in the same bed. I was also confused as to whether it was an illusion or an imagination. What are you thinking? Jihyuk turned on the light again. And that day, in the end, I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night with my eyes open.
    “Eat this, brother.”

    In front of Park Min-hwan, who sat blankly in shock, Su-min put down the pot of freshly made hotpot. It also came with kimchi, water and a bottle of soju.

    “I have no idea.”

    “I mean, Sumin made this because he was thinking about his brother. eat this... … .”

    Su-min blew and put a spoonful of the cooled hotpot into Min-hwan's mouth.

    “Today, go to sleep at my house. You can't drink and drive."

    Minhwan took the soju and drank the whole bottle. He burned more in his chest than his flabby esophagus. His pride was crumpled like worn out foil and was trampled on by Kang Ji-won's imaginary feet.

    "brother… … .”

    Sumin leaned on Minhwan's arm as if sadly.

    “Stop forgetting. I will do better.”

    “Don’t talk nonsense.”

    Minhwan was so annoyed that he shook off his arm and dropped Sumin. Now, in his head, there were only Kang Ji-won, Kang Ji-won, and Kang Ji-won. Kang Ji-won did the same. How dare you break your marriage and meet another man?


    “x foot!”

    Minhwan shouted harshly.

    “Stop talking about his brother. My head hurts!”

    Tears welled up in Sumin's eyes, which had grown round. At first, even the tears that evoked the protective instinct, Minhwan was insensitive. No, it was rather boring.

    “Please don't cry. huh? Even now, I'm like a bitch, so don't cry."

    Minhwan, who had been muttering in despair, suddenly hugged Sumin and whispered.

    "no. I made a mistake. I guess my emotions are too intense. I understand?"

    “Okay, black… … . It's okay, brother. I understand everything.”

    “I knew it would be you.”

    Min-hwan hugged Su-min in his arms and patted him. Thump, Thump, Thump. He repeated it until his arm trembled, and then the terrifying cry ceased.

    "it's okay?"

    When asked softly, Sumin smiled broadly.

    "yes. It’s a little bit better.”


    Minhwan pulled out a tissue and wiped Sumin's tears.

    “Think about it. How can we get support to come back?”

    “… … ?”

    “You always did. You say Jiwon is your best friend. So you know how to get Jiwon back to that bastard. right?"

    I wanted to go and beat the cub myself and take Kang Ji-won. However, if he put it into practice, he had a foreboding that Kang Ji-won might drop the crane and run away forever, holding Park Min-hwan's ankle.

    “Brother, aren’t you really doing too much?”

    Sumin's voice trembled.

    “Are you asking me to bring Jiwon back to my brother’s side now? You know for sure that I like you, right?”

    “I like you too. If you don't like it, why are you here? However, support is different. If I said I was going to marry you, what would the people at my company think of me?”

    So, should I marry Kang Ji-won even if I die? Sumin clenched his fists. His stomach couldn't turn over and he was about to pop out of his stomach. Aside from his crumpled self-esteem, what if Kang Ji-won is loved by Park Min-hwan and lives happily ever after? How do you open your eyes to see that?

    “I won’t ask you to marry me, brother.”

    Sumin's lips were forced to draw a pretty curve.

    “I just like him. So, I want to do everything you ask me to do. But what would I do if Jiwon changed her mind? Even friends, that is impossible.”

    “Don’t do that.”

    Minhwan stood up and spoke coldly. Sumin hurriedly grabbed the hem of his sleeve.

    “Are you really like this? My brother likes me too. That's why I covered the sample allergy case back then. yes?"

    Allergic events. had completely forgotten Minhwan frowned and looked at Sumin.

    “What is the purpose of bringing it up now?”

    “That’s a secret between you and me. A secret that no one knows.”

    'Not yet', Sumin cutely emphasized, and folded the moist eyebrows. Everything is going wrong. Minhwan realized that fact too late. If the incident is known to the company, it will never end with an apology.

    “… … therefore. What do you want?”

    Su-min stood up and wrapped his arms around Min-hwan's waist.

    “Go to sleep. I’ll make you haejangguk in the morning.”

      *** -smart. Jiwon was woken up by someone knocking on the door. Where are you? The place was unfamiliar. Jiwon, who lay still and looked around at the high ceiling and white-tone interior, woke up after about 10 seconds realizing that this was a hotel. -smart. There was a knock on the door again. Yoo Ji-hyuk was clear.

    “Yeah, wait a minute!”

    How can you sleep so well? Jiwon brushed her teeth and washed her face at an incredible rate, and roughly tied his hair up. Drying and makeup were a luxury.

    “Are you done?”


    In less than ten minutes, the ready-made Jiwon opened the door. Yoo Ji-hyuk, who looked a little more tired than usual, stood in front of him and then moved to the side.

    “I go down to eat, then I go to work.”

    “A meal?”


    On weekday mornings, at the hotel, I had breakfast with my boss. Just hearing the word was a cushion of thorns.

    “Will I be late for work?”

    “It was well timed.”

    When I checked the time, it really was. Jiwon couldn't find any more excuses and went down to the restaurant with Yoo Ji-hyuk. On a weekday morning, the hotel restaurant was empty. Ji-hyeok picked a table by the window and took out a chair for Ji-won first.

    “I’m sitting here.”

    “I will bring mine.”

    It was a buffet restaurant. Ji-hyeok grabbed Ji-won's chair as he was about to stand up and pushed him inside.

    “Isn’t the meal your boyfriend brings?”

    “Your boyfriend?”

    Jiwon looked at Yoo Ji-hyeok from a distance in embarrassment.

    “Why do you see it that way? He asked me to pretend he was my boyfriend.”

    “That was a request yesterday.”

    “Because we haven’t talked about it since yesterday.”

    Jiwon pursed her lips. No matter how much she remembered, she couldn't remember how long she had asked her to act as her boyfriend. I felt like I had fallen into a huge trap.

    “But until when… … .”

    “Let’s talk while we eat.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk left Ji-won and headed to the place where the food was lined up. After a while, in front of Jiwon, light foods good for breakfast were placed on a plate and arranged neatly.

    "I will enjoy this food."

    Once I saw the food, I was hungry. Jiwon, despite his shame, ate the food that Yoo Ji-hyeok brought to him one after another.

    “This is delicious.”

    Jiwon said, taking a bite of the freshly baked omelette. Yoo Ji-hyuk also cut off the opposite corner and put it in his mouth.

    “It is.”

    The fork of support paused for a moment. Jihyuk laughed. It was to the extent that the corners of his mouth were raised so subtly that he would not have noticed unless he looked closely, but it was certain. The cold, hard air that had always surrounded him disappeared in an instant, revealing a soft, boyish atmosphere. From Siberian Husky to Labrador Retriever. A strange thought ran through Jiwon's head.

    “Why do you see it that way?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk asked while pouring water into a transparent glass. The lips were again straight as usual. Road became a Siberian Husky.

    “Because I laugh… … .”

    Jiwon paused for a moment to find a suitable word. Meanwhile, in my imagination, a large dog with shiny brown hair was sitting dignifiedly.


    Is this the right word? He was surprised when he said it. But no matter how much Jiwon was surprised, he was less than Yoo Ji-hyuk. He stared at Jiwon without blinking, holding the fork from which he had just made the omelette. In this restaurant, Yoo Ji-hyuk seemed to be the only person whose time stopped.

    “I don’t mean that. So, I mean-.”

    Another nonsense came out of Jiwon's mouth, which he was frantically trying to fix.

    “It’s like a dog.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk fell into great confusion. I desperately tried to interpret what Jiwon meant, but it was unreasonable.


    Jihyuk lowered his fork slowly and said seriously.

    “Are you like a dog?”

    “It’s not a dog, it’s a puppy. Labrador Retriever.”

    "Labrador dog?"

    One of Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyebrows rose. Jiwon spreads his arms wide, trying to explain the 'dog' in question.

    “Why, there you are. brown puppy. Big, good listener, smart and pretty... … .”

    But the more I explained it, the more it became a labyrinth. Realizing that things were getting worse, Jiwon stopped him and lowered his head in despair.

    “… … Let's go eat. I have to go to work.”



    "good morning."


    The employees went to work, shouting good morning greetings. All of them had the same next reaction.

    "uh? The manager hasn't come yet."

    Jiwon buried a tingling conscience deep in her heart. Yoo Ji-hyeok, who first dropped off support near the company, said he was going to be late today. After all, he said he was too lazy to go to work at his usual time, so it would be better to go late. It was probably the first tardy since Yoo Ji-hyuk joined the company.

    "Nice to meet you."

    Park Min-hwan came in and sat down next to him. Jiwon felt his gaze quickly scan her untrimmed hair, lipstick-only makeup, and the same attire as yesterday. It felt like a centipede climbing up my shoulder.

    “Mr Heeyeon.”

    Jiwon stood up and beckoned to Heeyeon.

    “Would you like some morning coffee?”


    Heeyeon ran and followed her to the bathroom. Actually, I drank coffee earlier, and Jiwon had a separate story to tell with Heeyeon.

    “The apartment I talked about yesterday, is it still valid?”

    Heeyeon answered Jiwon's question with intense headbanging.

    “Yes, yes, yes, yes! You were supposed to go see it on the weekend.”

    “I want to see you today. Will it?”

    “It’s Daehwanyoung. Not like that.”

    Hee-yeon was very happy. She trembled with joy when she said that she wished she could move right away if the support was good.

    “You are such an excellent choice. I'll tell the landlord in advance. It's the perfect house that's not even sold on real estate.”

    "thank you. I'll buy you something delicious later."

    “You have to go home. I’ll buy you three layers of tissue paper.”

    “House calling.”

    I didn't want to live in that house for even a single more day, where Jung Soo-min and Park Min-hwan, followed by Kim Sang-cheol, could come to the house if they wanted to. I wouldn't have much luggage anyway, so once I decided on a house, I was thinking of moving, even if I paid more. That afternoon, Jiwon and Heeyeon headed to the apartment as soon as they left work. I thought it was just a big villa, so I followed it, but when I got there, it was a brand new apartment standing tall in a pretty decent neighborhood.

    “Did you live here alone? Isn't it too expensive?”

    “Thanks to Mom and Dad. I'm in one room now. Oh, if it is my recommendation, the price will be adjusted, so don’t worry, Eun-in.”

    From what she said and what she was doing, Hee-yeon looked like a rich lady who was loved and raised. Her support is right, and followed Hee-yeon to the front door. It was a spacious apartment that felt like it was spacious enough to live alone. Sunlight was shining brightly through the living room window, and the sub-materials such as flooring and wallpaper were of high quality even for Jiwon. Jiwon exclaimed with exclamation, and followed Heeyeon's guide and opened each door one by one.

    "how about it? Do you like it?”

    Hee-yeon opened the bathroom decorated with black tiles and gave her eyes of anticipation.

    “I like it… … . It’s too wide to be used alone.”

    “Then there is another house. Is the actual rating around 1.5?”

    “It’s too narrow.”

    “So. Do you want a house that is too wide, or a house that is too narrow?”

    It was incredibly convincing. Jiwon listened to Heeyeon as if possessed.

    “One room is a study, one is a bedroom, and one is a warehouse. If you use it like this, it won't be wide at all. If you come to play with your friends, you can put them to sleep. Wouldn't it be nice if I also sleep sometimes and go to work together? Security guards are resident and there are CCTVs everywhere and cars are not allowed to enter. What better place for a woman to live alone than here? In addition to that, I'll match the price, I'll move in right away, the mortgage is clean, there's no touch from the landlord, and the management fee is low because it faces south. How about traffic? How much is delivery food?”

    "okay okay."

    Jiwon decided to have Heeyeon do the briefing next time. No one had the ability to give instant briefings like that without resting for even a second.

    “Can I sign a contract today? If it is, I will write the annual leave and move my luggage as soon as possible.”

    “As expected, our benefactor! Hot and wise decision!”

    Hee-yeon, who had lost all the quarrels, took out her cell phone and held it high like the goddess of victory.

    “I’ll call the secretary!”


    “Because he is rich. Miscellaneous things are handled by the secretary.”

    Heeyeon sat down in front of an island table and called the 'secretary'.

    “How are you, secretary? Yes Yes! All right, I'm fine. company? Hoho, what can I do if it sounds a little crazy, that's what corporate life is like. It's no different... … .”

    After chatting for a while, Heeyeon hung up the phone and smiled at Jiwon.

    “He asked to meet me at the cafe in front of me. The lawyer will also come with you, so sign the contract right away. Come on, let's go!”

    It was a real estate contract that roasted beans in lightning. Even though I was looking for a really spacious and cheap house.

    “It’s me, Heeyeon.”


    “Keep it a secret from the company that I am moving.”

    Heeyeon's eyebrows went up.

    “I know who it is.”

    “The more you know.”

    Jiwon put her index finger to her lips and smiled slightly. Hee-yeon sighed, 'pooh woo-woo', and Gon took the lead and got into her elevator.

    "I see. You have to send the shit cart to get the Benz.”
    Hee-yeon and Ji-won met a secretary at the cafe opposite. Was it early 40's? She was a woman wearing a trouser suit with a sharp impression.

    “Han secretary, long time no see!”

    A secretary bowed her head lightly to Heeyeon, who greeted her lively.

    “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you, miss.”

    “You call me Heeyeon.”

    Heeyeon laughed and introduced Jiwon.

    “You are my favorite boss in our office. I introduced them because they said they were looking for a house to move into urgently.”

    "hello. This is Jiwon Kang.”

    Jiwon was nervous for some reason and handed him a business card. A secretary who looked carefully at the business card put a hand into her inner pocket and clicked his tongue in dismay.

    "sorry. I didn't get my business card because I was in a hurry."

    "it's okay. I will get a separate contact number from Heeyeon later.”

    "thank you."

    Soon after, someone called a lawyer arrived. Numerous documents were laid out in front of the application, starting with a certified copy of the register and the lease agreement.

    “The owner is Cha Geum-ran. As you know, I came as an agent, and this is a notarized power of attorney.”

    "Ah yes… … .”

    Cha Geum-ran. It was a name I had heard somewhere. But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't remember anything that popped into my mind.

    “The contract start date is today. It's an empty house anyway, so it doesn't matter if you move in on a convenient date before that. I heard that you are moving quickly.”

    Contrary to his cold first impression, a secretary paid attention to detail.

    “This is the office phone number. When the date is set, you can call us here. If you have any inconvenience while buying, please contact me.”

    “Thank you so much for being so considerate.”

    As Jiwon greeted her with a smile, a smile appeared on one of the secretary's faces.

    “How much praise did Miss Hee-yeon give. We believe in it.”

    “A secretary!”

    Heeyeon tapped the table. One secretary smiled again at him, grabbed her papers, and stood up.

    “Then let’s go. Jiwon Kang, see you next time.”

    See you next time? Jiwon was puzzled, but got up and saw a secretary and a lawyer off.

    “It looks very friendly. What are you doing?”

    At Jiwon's question, Heeyeon rolled her eyes to the right and smiled awkwardly.

    “It’s between the landlord’s secretary and the former tenant.”

    “Then why do you call me little girl?”

    Heeyeon with a serious expression withheld the answer. is there something wrong Jiwon meticulously organized the documents without asking any further questions. Heeyeon, who was looking at him, muttered to herself.

    “Well, it’s nothing to hide.”


    “A secretary.”

    Hee-yeon pointed to the name of a secretary written on the power of attorney.

    “I am my mother’s secretary. So… … .”

    Hee-yeon's finger moved upward and knocked on the name 'Cha Geum-ran'.

    “This is my real mother.”


    Support asked back in shock.

    “Did you lend me your mother’s house now?”

    "yes. After all, there is no one to write for me because I am not there.”

    “Then you will live. Why are you living in a studio? It’s not too far from the company.”

    “I was independent. The studio I have now is a part-time job that I saved as a deposit, and I only live on the company’s salary.”

    Heeyeon smiled brightly. Support was greatly appreciated. She vaguely thought she was a rich girl, but she was a richer girl than she thought. Besides, she's independent and smart.

    “It’s really great. If I had a younger sister like you, I would carry it.”

    “Hey hahaha! Aww, Eunin-nim too!”

    Perhaps he liked those words so much, Heeyeon twisted her body with an arrogant laughter.

    “It’s great. I just served and tutored in my spare time while attending school, and that's it. Kyahoo!”

    “So it’s not great. If I were you, I would have gotten my parents’ cards while I was in school.”

    Support rarely attended class meetings or school events. Aside from not having friends or being shy, it was because he was sorry for asking his father, who was struggling to raise support alone, for more pocket money.

    “Even if I didn’t have money to eat, I stole my mom’s card and did it. By the way, which school did Eun-in come from?”

    “University H.”


    Heeyeon wandered around as if she had made a big discovery.

    “You came from the same school as Director Yoo! Have you never seen it?”

    "really? I've never seen one. did you come to my school Which department?”

    It was the first contact I found with Yoo Ji-hyuk. As Jiwon showed curiosity, Heeyeon was even more delighted.

    “It’s the physical education department. It suits you, right?”

    “Um, no.”

    It didn't fit at all. I vaguely thought it would be finance, economics, or law, but it was probably the physical education department.

    "is it… … ?”

    Heeyeon tilted her head and said brightly.

    “But I had no choice. It was only in engineering or physical education, but I had never studied science and engineering.”

    “Why engineering or tech?”

    “The other department is a female student… … . Oh, this is very personal. Ask the manager later.”

    Heeyeon ended the conversation with only rice cakes left. She's curious, but it's not in the spirit of support that she dares to ask.  




    I thought that it was a house where I live alone, but I was on the verge of getting sick. Jiwon was stunned as he watched the inside of the house become more and more messy the more he touched it. I don't have a lot of luggage, so why isn't it organized like this?

    “I only wrote one day of annual leave… … .”

    If you don't finish it today, you have to work overtime tomorrow and come back to clean it up again. Jiwon groaned uh-huh and collapsed onto a pile of musty-smelling clothes. - Jiying, Jiying. A vibration echoed in the pocket. Jiwon took out his cell phone and answered the call.

    “Yes, yes.”

    [What are you doing?]

    “Are Yoonhee and Sena together?”

    [How did you know that again?]

    “You speak dialect.”

    Support grew. Strangely, Yeji usually speaks Seoul, but when she was with her hometown friends, she used to use a radical dialect.

    [It's sharp. The kids came to our store today to play. Let's come and have a beer after work.]

    “I can’t move today. I'll have to stay up all night to sort this out."

    [move? Why suddenly moved?]

    “Thanks to my younger brother at work, I got a cheap house. Because she broke up with her boyfriend... … .”


    Suddenly, Sena's loud voice was heard. Her support reflexively pulled her phone away and brought it back to her ear.

    "what's the matter?"

    [Did you not tell me that you broke up with your boyfriend? how did you break up why? are you crazy? did you cheat? gambling? Did you fight?]

    “I have a lot of questions.”

    There was a clashing sound, and Yeji took the phone again and shouted.

    [Put your address, don't go and help!]

    “No, it’s okay… … .”

    [Cut off!]

    Jiwon pondered for a moment, then sent Yeji a picture of her address. It was an hour after that, Yeji, Yunhee, and Sena rang the call bell in the parking lot. I packed all kinds of cleaning tools, detergent, and rubber gloves in a big plastic bag.

    “Hey go, you bastard.”

    As Jiye came in, she burst into exclamation. Because it was true, Jiwon replied shyly.

    “Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

    “Better than my room, huh?”

    Senna chimed as she took off her shoes afterward.

    “Tell me about your boyfriend. why did you break up how?"

    “You wear a mask. I'm going to die loud."

    Yoon-hee threw a mask on the back of Sena's head and beat her. The smell of people living in the open, spacious and quiet house wafted around. Jiwon picked up her mask and put it on Sena as she laughed.

    “That person’s parents told me to do all the housework and make a new meal every morning to serve. I want to make money and have children.”

    “Oh my. Did you even give me a mansion in Pyeongchang-dong in your name?”

    “What is Pyeongchang-dong? My ex-boyfriend is throwing away all the money he's saved up now. He said he would marry me with only two balls.”

    “Heh heh heh.”

    Yeji made a face of stepping on dog poop as she was walking down the street.

    “Yeah, you’re saying you’re eating sashimi in the middle of nowhere? I’m lucky if I don’t hit the balls with a rice spatula every morning.”

    If Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min were to say that they had an affair, there would be an uproar. Among the classmates, rumors about Jung Soo-min, who are difficult to get worse, will reach the worst, and some will directly swear. Because women get into such a story and get angry together.

    “So I said that I couldn’t get married on the spot and left. It's all good because she's run out of what's left. is not it?"

    However, Jiwon did not open up about their relationship. whatever will be known. It was much better to sit down and receive a belated sympathy vote than to gossip about the position of the 'victim'.

    "Good job. There, yes, your Haepumoji tombs dig Geoje.”

    Yoon-hee patted the shoulder of comfort and praise.

    “How was Kim Sang-cheol last time? Did nothing happen?”

    Yeji asked as if thinking about it. As we talked about the story that Kim Sang-cheol had come to, the conversation naturally flowed to Yoo Ji-hyuk. Since there are four women together, there is no way we can stop chatting. The three of them chatted for a while and cleaned the house.

    "Amazing, Great. Did he fuck you again? Wasn't the manager trash?"

    When the story of Yoo Ji-hyeok helping and arranging the hotel was over, Sena was apologetic and lost her appetite.

    “So I said sorry. I'm going to throw away some trash."

    To cut off this conversation, Jiwon moaned and grabbed two bags full of old clothes in both hands. Yeji bit her tongue and took the bag and lifted it lightly like a balloon.

    “Did you bring a box with you? I have no strength.”

    "Hehe. thank you."

    Ye-ji came out with a bag of old clothes, and Ji-won came out with boxes and recyclables piled up like mountains. Just then, a large man from the house next door came out and stood in front of the elevator.

    “Yeah, aren’t you really heavy?”

    Jiwon asked while fixing the recyclables that had been piled high enough to be hard to see. A man standing a little behind suddenly spoke in a loud voice.

    “Can I help you?”

    "Fine… … .”

    Yeji kicked the habit of politely rejecting support, making it quiet.

    “Can I ask you a favor? Still, it was so heavy that it was daunting.”

    Is it true that Han Ye-ji was holding the bag with her fingers earlier? Why are you talking like that again? The support was amazing.

    "Yes. Are you going to the recycling bin?”

    "yes. thank you so much."

    At the sound of Yeji's nose, Jiwon trembled while holding the box tightly.

    “I wanted someone to move into the house next door. I didn't know they could be so pretty. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

    “It is enough for you to carry your luggage. How about thanks?”

    “Thank you. It’s the way out anyway.”

    In order not to listen to Yeji's voice, Jiwon went to the recycling bin as quickly as possible as soon as she got off the elevator. After organizing the box I brought, a man came in and put the bag down.

    "uh… … ?”

    At that moment, when Jiwon saw the man's face, his eyes widened. It was a hotel employee who went with Yoo Ji-hyuk. He was the room service worker who brought the pork soup. There could not have been two people in Korea who had such a terrifying impression of that height and that size.

    “Why is that, Jiwon?”

    Yeji asked Sena with a clear nose.

    "ah… … . never mind. Thank you for your help."

    "What. See you next time.”

    The man didn't seem to recognize the support. Heck, there's no way you can remember me in a hotel where hundreds of people come and go every day. Jiwon did not pretend to know and greeted politely. Yeji looked sad.

    “The real Geantra. He is my ideal type.”

    In the elevator going up after sending the man, Yeji muttered as if dreaming.

    “Is your ideal type a scary person?”

    “A scary boy, a manly man.”

    Yeji rolled her eyes.

    “I like a girl like a key like that. Did you see the thick forearm? How masculine is your face?”

    Jiwon remembered Yeji, who was angry with Baek Eun-ho the last time she didn't like her. If that type of person was Yeji's ideal type, it was definitely not Baek Eun-ho.

    “I know that person.”

    “Really? Didn't you even say hello before?"

    Yeji's eyes lit up.

    “You said you went to the hotel with the manager. Then he came in with room service.”

    “A hotelier. get tired It's terribly sexy."

    Yeji, who fell in love even deeper and mumbled, suddenly grabbed Jiwon's hand.

    “Support. Can't it be done with just my ship? I will repay your kindness by grinding my bones.”

    “… … You don’t have to grind the bones.”

    Jiwon shook her head vigorously, thinking of Heeyeon, who is still paying back the favor of a sanitary napkin.

    “How can I help you?”

    “It’s okay kid. Hey, even if you pass by and get a boymo number. I'll figure out the rest."

    I've never asked for a man's number, but it's easy to think of it as someone else's business. Jiwon nodded.

    "okay. Can I ask for your number and give it to you?”

    “Kang Ji-won, you are an angel!”

    Whether or not she really fell in love with that man, Yeji hugged Jiwon and said thank you ten times. But Jiwon didn't see the man for a while after that. The sound of the door opening next door could only be heard very early in the morning or late at night, long after coming from overtime. The intensity of the hotelier's work was much greater than expected.
    Day after day passed without incident. Because of the imminent new product launch, Jiwon and Juran have more overtime days than non-working days. The expression of being busy without opening your eyes is the right word.

    “Oh, I’m tired.”

    Joo-ran, who came out of the bath room with her eyes closed without skipping lunch, made a sound of pain. Support was also tiring. He didn't even care about Jung Soo-min or Park Min-hwan.

    “I’m going to die like this. How many days until the official release?”

    "one week."


    Juran's new product has now gone through all stages and was about to be released. It was much faster than the schedule even Yoo Ji-hyuk said was tight. The other team members worked hard, too, but Lee Jun-seok, who worked overtime three or four days a week and ran like his own, was the biggest contributor. Is it correct to call it a ball? Jiwon was stretched out in front of a job that was twice as urgent because Director Lee Jun-seok did a great job. That scene brought tears to Heeyeon's eyes.

    “Would you like some sweet coffee? Shall I buy you?”

    “Heeyeon, if you don’t have a job, I’ll ask you a favor. Come on, my card.”

    Jiwon, who never puts off chores to others, accepted Heeyeon's favor in order to live now. Heeyeon refused the card.

    “I will finance it.”

    As soon as Hee-yeon spoke, a large hand popped up from Director Yoo Ji-hyuk's seat.

    “Take it, Yoo Hee-yeon.”

    "thank you!"

    After successfully raising funds, Hee-yeon went to the Blue Cafe with a light footstep. After a very busy lunch break, Eun-ho, who was diligently washing the dishes, saw her Hee-yeon and smiled.

    “I’m alone today, Heeyeon.”

    “Eun-in is very busy. Twenty glasses of iced Americano, please.”

    “Can you take it with me?”


    Heeyeon hit her knee.

    “It is. What do we do?"

    “What should I do? have to deliver I'm waiting for you to eat this."

    Hee-yeon ate the cookies Eun-ho gave her, and watched as she pulled out coffee. He's a really strong young man. He was a tall, slender body, always smiling, and was a rare young man with excellent cooking skills. Besides, how clean is his private life? Although there are not one or two female employees who take stamps to go to work in the morning and evening to see Baek Eun-ho, no one has yet received his phone number. Is it Yoo Ji-hyuk or Baek Eun-ho? Who needs to be connected to make Eun-in happier? Heeyeon fell into a bigger conflict than Jjamppong and Jjajangmyeon. Meanwhile, the coffee was finished. Heeyeon and Eunho each left the cafe with coffee in their hands. All the way to the office, the eyes of people who pretended they weren't were stinging.

    “Coffee is here!”

    “Oh, thank you… … yes?"

    Jiwon nonchalantly reached out and took the coffee, then paused. The hand that gave the coffee wasn't Hee-yeon's white, elongated hand, it was a familiar, large male hand. Jiwon's gaze stopped following his white shirt-clad arm up to his face.

    “I’m here to deliver coffee.”

    Eunho smiled softly. She is a face I see almost every day, but it was nice to see her inside the company.

    “Did you deliver it?”

    “There are a lot of sheep.”

    Jiwon found Park Min-hwan staring at Eun-ho from behind and quickly stood up.

    "thank you. let's go. I'll see you go down."

    Jiwon and Eunho quietly left the office and headed for the elevator hall. Su-min, who was preparing to greet Eun-ho, raised his eyes in a triangle shape. Why don't you say hello to me? Did you not see it because it was behind the partition? I just didn't feel like going through it. Sumin got up and walked out of the office. In front of the elevator at the end of the hallway, Kang Ji-won and Baek Eun-ho were smiling and having a conversation.


    Kang Ji-won turned around when he called me warmly. Baek Eun-ho seemed to glance at this side too. Sumin raised his hand and waved it from side to side.

    “Nice to see you in the office! good coffee... … .”

    When they were almost there, the elevator door opened. Baek Eun-ho strode into the elevator. Su-min looked at Baek Eun-ho's eyes, staring coldly at him through the closed door.

    “Did you come to say hello?”

    Sumin, who was dazed at Jiwon's question, quickly bent the corners of her eyes.

    "yes. I guess Eun-ho didn’t see me.”

    "I know. Let’s go in.”

    Jiwon never said anything to Eunho. The truth of that letter, many lies and alienation. Eun-ho also did not bring the story to Ji-won. However, Eun-ho also has friends who are connected, so he must have heard a little about it. If you roughly fit it in with that nice head, you'd have noticed it vaguely. The elevator hall where Jiwon left first was empty. Sumin bit her molars and stared at the closed elevator door and her own reflection in it. Then he soon turned around and went back to his office.

      *** No matter how much he waited, Jiwon Kang showed no sign of returning. Calls seemed to have been cut off altogether, and even business conversations that were likely to be held at the company were replaced by messengers or e-mails. He went to the front of the house several times and waited, but he did not even see the shadow. It can't be like this. Park Min-hwan, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, stood at the doorway of the villa where Ji-won's house was, and pressed the familiar lake. He took a deep breath, then exhaled, and pressed the call button, and soon clicked.

    [who are you?]

    It was the voice of a young man, full of irritation. The anger I had been holding back exploded. Park Min-hwan threw the bouquet he was holding on the floor.

    “This X -footed baby, who is you!”

    [what? Who are you!]

    I was at home and the other person hit by lightning shouted with a formidable force.

    “Are you that bastard last time? Come out right now! Where is Jiwon Kang?”

    [What's a madman doing in the middle of the night? Hey, you just wait there!]

    The intercom was cut off violently. Soon, with the sound of thumping footsteps, a man with a large body appeared vigorously. At first glance, he wasn't the man who disappeared with Kang Ji-won at that time.

    “Hey, you idiot!”

    The man put his face to Min-hwan and shouted threateningly.

    “I can't sleep well because I have insomnia! Where the fuck is that crazy bastard coming in the middle of the night!”

    A miracle occurred that Min-hwan's anger control disorder was cured in one shot.

    "ji… … The house seems to have been misunderstood.”

    “If you wake everyone up and get sick of it, what if you’re mistaken? I’m going to die of exhaustion just to organize my moving stuff!”

    Minhwan's eyes widened.

    “Hey, are you moving?”

    “Yeah, you bastard!”

    The man raised his fist like a pot lid. Min-hwan, forgetting that he was scared, hung on his arm and asked.

    “When did you move in? So you don't know who lived here? She lives alone!”


    He looked at the flower bouquet thrown on the floor and Park Min-hwan alternately, and clicked his tongue as if he knew. He was a man who clinged to women and clinging poorly to women.

    “If you act like that, women run away. A-Cx, I can’t sell it because I’m pitiful.”

    Damn it, I got a bad luck. The man who mumbled abusive language groaned on the floor and spit.

    “The move came three days ago, and the house has been vacant for a long time. If you know, turn it off. Go and sleep.”

    Minhwan stared at the man's back as he entered through the entrance door. He should have caught it then too. If he had punched the bastard's brazen face and clearly warned Kang Ji-won, it wouldn't have been this far. Jung Soo-min suddenly appeared and I was so angry that I thought I missed the timing. He felt a vibration in his pocket. He was the first to think that it might be Kang Ji-won. Min-hwan hurriedly pulled out his cell phone and checked it, then distorted his face. [Soomin Jung] He didn't want to hear his voice now. The crush he initially had as a bean has now turned into resentment, irritation, and disgust. Every time he heard a voice calling out to his brother, he had chicken flesh growing on his back. Park Min-hwan pressed down the scattered bouquets and went down the stairs. With his car parked in the alley as it is, his footsteps headed for Jiwon and the food stall he frequented.

    “A bottle of soju, please.”

    “No food?”

    The hostess asked as she quickly sliced the cucumber. Min-hwan was going to say he didn't need it, but suddenly changed his words.

    “It’s fish cake soup.”

    "Wait a minute."

    Soon the hot lamb was placed in a pot. Minhwan gulped and poured soju into his mouth one after another. he was drunk He habitually took out his cell phone and called the assistant, but only the announcement he was accustomed to answered. [Your call is not answered, so you are connected to voicemail.] An annoying beep sounded. Min-hwan grabbed his cell phone and left a voice message that Ji-won wouldn't even check.

    “Support. Let's talk. What you did wrong, I'll forgive you this time. I can take a look at how you spoiled my mother and how you met another bastard. You'll never do that again. Is not it? Don't be afraid to contact me... … .”

    Min-hwan, who covered the phone, put his fingers through his hair and messed it up. He couldn't remember how he got home. When Min-hwan became unconscious and stumbled through the front door, Ja-ok jumped out in surprise.

    "son! Where did you drink like this?”

    “Aaaah, my mother-in-law.”

    Min-hwan smirked, hugging Ja-ok, and drinking.

    “Mom, please tell Jiwon. I'm going to marry her Jiwon. huh?”

    “What is he talking about?”

    Ja-ok frowned and pushed Min-hwan to the bed. Seeing his son under the bright light was a mess. The tie was sold, and his shirt collar was open and empty, and his clothes were stained with broth. The most absurd thing was the swollen eyes and tear marks, as if I was crying.

    “Did you cry? Oh my gosh, because of an orphan girl?”


    Instead of answering, Min-hwan groaned.

    “Because I forgive you. You are also reflecting we should get married... … .”

    Ja-ok was stunned and as he was about to leave, he found an object that had fallen on the floor and bent over. It was Minhwan's cell phone. She was not locked. That girl would take good care of my son. Gulping, Jaok swallowed her saliva and opened the call list. A list of calls made to Jiwon Kang. Among them, the name Jung Soo-min stood out. Jaok quickly moved the number to his cell phone and sent her a message.

    [You've been well, right? I, Min-hwan, whom I saw at the time, is the mother. It seems like Minhwan broke up with her girlfriend and it is very difficult, can she see her at her company and contact me? I'm begging you~]

      *** The next day, Min-hwan barely woke up to the torch of Ja-ok, drank a glass of honey and crawled to work. Jiwon, who had a beard shadow under his nose, and his cheeks slanted, was also full of himself.

    “Support. talk... … .”

    Jiwon passed by without looking at Minhwan who was talking in the hallway. Next to her, Hee-yeon was just like her new boyfriend. Park Min-hwan was on the verge of going crazy. Maybe he's already crazy. Anyone can see that he has lost weight. The corners of his eyes went in, and his skin became brittle. There was even a public opinion that Jiwon, who broke up like a radish without giving Minhwan any room, was too much.

    “Deputy Park is also very good. In a month or two, half of my face is gone.”

    Jiwon, who entered the bathroom, listened to the story from the inside of the partition.

    “We even talked about marriage, wouldn’t it? If you look at it that way, Deputy Kang is poisonous. It's been an hour since public dating, but you don't even look at me."

    “Aren’t you supposed to be a man?”

    Well, it's something the company can do whatever it takes. Jiwon turned around quietly and stopped at the sound of Sumin's voice from inside.

    “No, our Jiwon is not like that!”

    Why am I your support? A cry went up to his throat.

    “It’s not that there was a man, uh, uh… … . right. That man was chasing one-sidedly! Our Jiwon can’t do that!”

    “Did there ever be a real man?”

    The person who thought he looked like a man was even more surprised.

    “Isn’t it? Since Jiwon is so kind, we just ate together a few times. It’s real.”

    What kind of expression will Sumin make now and what gestures will she take? Everything was drawn in Jiwon's mind more clearly than what he saw in front of his eyes. It doesn't matter. Jiwon will leave anyway, and Jung Soo-min and Park Min-hwan will get married. I didn't care about public opinion, but it was a public opinion that would eventually be overturned.

    "therefore? Who is that man?”

    Another employee inquired in a curious tone.

    “Oh, kid… … .”

    Sumin grumbled as if in trouble. What story are you going to bring and put together? Jiwon, who had been listening quietly, was shocked to hear Sumin's continued words.

    “The cafe in front of you, the owner who changed last time. Since the two of them knew each other, it must have been that Jiwon refused. But Jiwon is by no means a bad thing. It can move people's hearts... … . No, it's an absolute secret anyway. okay?”

    Jiwon was so furious that he almost went into the bathroom and screamed. Why are you attaching facts that don't even exist? If you want to touch me, only touch me, why do you even include Eun-ho Baek in public opinion? But I desperately persevered. No matter what you say, people believe what they want to believe. Saying no to that would only backfire. Let's be quiet for now. Jiwon took a deep breath. Until you shovel enough to dig a big hole. A pit like that, big enough for a coffin to fit in.

    uh, that guy. way home. Jiwon found a large man in front of the elevator on the first floor and approached it. It was the man when I glanced up close and secretly checked his profile.

    “Hey, hello.”

    When the man saw Jiwon greeting in a small voice, he shook his head.

    "Yes. hello."

    “Long time no see. I was grateful for that.”

    “Ah, yes… … . Well, yes.”

    The man looked a bit awkward. Support was also awkward. However, he thought of Yeji, who helped clean and tidy up until midnight, and even sent a flowerpot as a moving gift, and gathered up his courage.

    “Hope, maybe, maybe, yo.”

    Jiwon held out her phone to the man in a natural manner as best as she could.

    “Can you give me your number?”


    The man's eyes widened. The response was so violent that the person who asked for his contact information felt embarrassed.

    “Hey, it’s next door. If there is anything we can contact each other, we do... … . That’s it.”

    "Ahhh… … . Yes. next door."

    The man tapped Jiwon's phone number on Jiwon's cell phone, unable to erase the bewildered light on his terrifying face.

    "What's your name?"

    “My name is Shin-Woo Kim.”

    Shin-Woo Kim. The assistant entered the name and hit the save button.

    “My name is Jiwon Kang.”

    “That’s right.”

    Shin-Woo Kim just replied like that and didn't do anything like saving. Then a new elevator arrived and carried the two people up.

    “Go in.”

    "Yes. Come in.”

    After the awkward greeting, the two of them opened the front door separately. The door that Tang and Kim Shin-woo entered closed first. He took off his shoes on the porch, he said as softly as he could.

    “Pang-nah, uncle is here.”


    On the table, a black cat with a white tabby pattern in his eyes answered with annoyance. With the grace given to one meal service attendant, this was too much. Kim Shin-woo skillfully emptied the toilet, replaced the remaining water in the water bowl with fresh water, and filled the rice bowl with food. 'Pang', who slowly jumped down from the table, came to the new toilet, marked the area, and chewed the food.

    “You are the best seller.”

    Kim Shin-woo sighed and stroked Fang's head.


    Fang was annoyed as he swung his tail.

    "okay okay."

    Rejected by Pang, Shin-Woo Kim quietly backed away and took out his cell phone from his pocket. Now it was time to report on the great event that had just happened.

    "older brother."

    As soon as Shin-Woo Kim spoke up, a cold reply came back.

    [What about Pang?]

    “I just fed you. It’s dirty.”

    [Get your clothes and come quickly.]

    “That’s it, brother.”

    Kim Shin-woo's words trembled with fear and guilt.

    “As I came up earlier, my brother-in-law… … . No, I met the sister who lives next door.”

    After a brief silence, Yoo Ji-hyuk asked.


    “By the way, that… … . My sister, over there, that… … .”

    [Speak quickly.]

    Kim Shin-woo closed his eyes tightly like salted shrimp and shouted.

    “You asked for my contact information!”

    After shouting, I touched Pang's back to calm his nervous heart, but almost bit his finger and gave up.

    […] … What did you ask?]

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's voice was also filled with embarrassment and shock.

    “Contact information, brother. We met in front of the elevator and suddenly he asked for my number. A name.”

    The cell phone went dark. Kim Shin-woo ripped off his hair, blaming himself for being overly popular. Although he was only 5mm tight.

    “Hey, that wasn’t the case. Pang is eating, uh, well.”

    While stuttering nonsense, a message arrived. Kim Shin-woo looked at the screen with a hopeful heart and almost dropped his cell phone.

    “I, I, my brother.”

    […] … why.]

    “I got a text message from you.”

    Whoops, there was the sound of dropping the phone. Soon, Yoo Ji-hyeok asked the phone he had picked up again.



    Hmmmmm Kim Shin-woo cleared his voice and started reading the message he had just received.

    "hello. This is the person next door who helped me the last time I took out the trash. I want to stay in touch... … Oh.”

    Kim Shin-woo, who did not save Jiwon's number because he was so embarrassed, did not notice that the number from which the message came was different from the number earlier.

    [Do not reply. Bring some clothes.]

    The phone is disconnected. Because of the phone call, the inside of the van where Yoo Ji-hyuk was sitting was a piece of thin ice. This development was completely unexpected. Even after hanging up on the phone, Yoo Ji-hyeok could not get out of the shock for a while and sat still like a wooden stone. The beginning was Heeyeon. She lifted her shoulders with her triumphant Hee-yeon and opened a sheet of her contract, declaring that I would use her brother's card some more.

    -'What is this?'

    -'Eun-in-nim moved out, so I introduced you to a nice house. What in the world is safer than that house?'

    -'The lady and Jiwon Kang met?'

    -'no. A secretary came and made a contract.'

    So, I gave you one more card. Jihyuk rubbed his face heavily with one hand. In an unusual atmosphere, the giants poked each other's sides and looked at each other. It was Yoo Ji-hyuk, who frankly ran away rather than avoiding women. The woman he was serving asked for the contact information of the youngest person. It was a huge event that will go down in the history of J.N, a bodyguard company with over two hundred people.

    “I, my lord.”

    Cheol-hong Choi, a Jeolla-do man who has some jjambab, spoke carefully.

    “It’s time to fuck your dick. While Shinwoo is delivering Haengnim’s clothes, Ji is the first to move.”

    Still, I have to work.


    Even so, Yoo Ji-hyuk's low-pitched voice was lowered to the end of the earth.

    “Test the radio.”

    "Yes. lord.”

    A mountain of men descended and disappeared. Yoo Ji-hyuk leaned his forehead against the headrest of the seat in front of him while listening to the radio that rang out. He's confident he'll never cry. If he dies, he can even pretend to die. Ji-Hyeok Kang, who could not even have a proper conversation with a woman, was a difficult person.

      *** Finally, a new product that Juran and Jiwon prepared with great care was unveiled to the world. Juran was nervous, so he took a glass of water and swallowed Woohwangcheongsimhwan.

    “What is that?”

    Jiwon, who got up after getting ready for work, asked.

    “Woo Hwang Cheong Shim Hwan. Would you like to give it to me too?”

    “… … Can you please?”

    Jiwon was also nervous, so he ate the Woohwang Cheongsimhwan that Juran gave him.

    “Let’s go now.”

    "let's go."

    Juran stood up desperately.

    “I will go to work!”

    It was an outing to monitor the field reaction. The two left the company with a notebook with the addresses of five or six large supermarkets. Jiwon smiled bitterly, feeling that the eyes of some of the employees who were staring at him were not pretty.

    “Why is that, Jiwon?”

    “It’s nothing. First, is it H Mart?”

    "yes. Let’s go around the route, eat lunch, go to one more place, and then come back.”

    Today, Juran and Jiwon decided to investigate whether the display of new products is working properly, whether the product salespeople are working properly, and what is the consumer's reaction. Jiwon started the company car and gently stepped on the accelerator.

    “It feels good. Don't be too nervous, sir."

    “Isn’t that right?”

    Juran giggled.

    “It’s a project I prepared with my parents’ backbones removed. He couldn’t even see the store properly and kept coming home to help.”

    I also knew a bit about support. My stomach was cramped. People never change. The same would be true for Juran's husband. It's impossible to tell a co-worker's family affairs to leave it alone, so Jiwon was driving silently and suddenly opened his mouth.

    “I bought a frying pan before.”

    "frying pan?"

    "yes. It was fine at first, but after a while the handle came off. dangerously.”

    "I know. It's really dangerous.”

    “I thought it was because I wrote it wrong. So I found some glue and re-attached it. Still falling, falling. I thought it would be okay this time, but I almost got into an accident while frying it after attaching it tightly. But one day, when I went to the mart, there was a notice on the product recall attached. It was bad from the start.”

    It looked fine when I was living. ', and then Jiwon added, suddenly, the topic changed.

    “The mart I go to now is that mart, so I just remembered it.”

    “… … I see."

    Juran muttered in thought. Despite her parents taking care of housework and childcare, she thought of Jaehyun, who has grown increasingly annoyed these days.

    “It’s all here. This is right in front of you.”

    Jiwon said lively. Even from a distance, the tasting corner was quite crowded. Although this product is aimed at households with one or two people, it was also popular with housewives. Jiwon smiled as she glanced at Juran's cheeks, recalled with joy. The two briefly took notes, took pictures, and then moved on to the next scene. And the next and the next scene were also quite well-received. Considering that it was a weekday morning, it was even explosive. The two went around a set route and ate a little late lunch. Now one last place. It was the mart where Sumin went out to sample and had a major accident. Tension spread across Jiwon's face as he parked his car in the parking lot. At that time, I heard from Park Min-hwan that it was a mess. He said that he was angry at the customer and the manager and that he was about to attack the head office right away. After doing the follow-up, Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min had been in and out of the hospital for several days together. That is a good thing, but it was unacceptable for Juran to throw shit on the new product launch, which she risked her life and death. So I thought of support. How will Jung Soo-min act? He actually didn't even think about it. i know you so well *** The sound of high heels hitting the floor resounded nervously. The sound stopped in front of the Marketing Department 1 office through the hallway from the elevator hall. -bang! The iron door swung open. The employees looked at the door in surprise, but were even more surprised when they saw Joo-ran Yang's expression. He didn't pick up a sword, but he had the momentum to kill someone. Yang Joo-ran is always kind and smiling.

    “Captain Yang, what’s going on… … .”

    Joo Ran passed by the employee who asked the question, and stood right in front of Jung Soo Min's desk.

    “Mr. Sumin Jung.”

    Sumin opened her eyes and looked up at Juran.

    “Why are you doing this, Mr. Yang? With such a scary face... … .”

    “Are you out of your mind?”

    Sumin's eyes widened at Juran's first harsh tone. The staff also froze in a state where they stopped working.

    "yes? just what... … .”

    “Are you crazy? Are you crazy? How could you have an accident like that, and immediately switch to the project of Manager Kim and run away!”

    Park Min-hwan, who was sitting blankly, raised his head. x has been it's caught

    “Hey, Miss Yang!”

    Without a plan of what to do, Min-hwan rushed out and stopped Ju-ran.

    “I don’t know what’s going on, but go into the conference room and settle it quietly. Everyone is at work.”

    “Park Min-hwan, please leave. It is not something to be resolved quietly.”

    Looking at Juran who spoke sharply, Sumin's lips trembled.

    “Sir Yang, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

    Juran was speechless. Abusive language, which I had never done properly in my entire life, spurted out from the Danjeon.

    "what happened?"

    Fortunately, before the profanity came out of his lips, Yoo Ji-hyuk appeared and asked with a rigid voice. Joo-ran tried very hard to answer calmly.

    “It’s our new product. Jung Soo-min had a major accident! Even so, I didn’t see a word!”

    At the last monitored mart, Juran and Jiwon wandered for a long time looking for products. There were no kiosks and no sales representatives. What returned to Joo-ran, who immediately visited the store manager, was a report that documented the situation at the time and cold apathy.

    -'I have no intention of judging large companies like U&K. But isn't it too much that there hasn't been an apology since then? Other than that, our branch cannot cooperate with the sale of this product!'

    When I explained the self-inflicted species, there were hoots and hoots everywhere. It is possible to make a mistake as a new contract worker. It was usually impossible with guts to bury it alone without reporting it to the company.

    “… … Let's go ahead and talk. We clean it up and then we dispose of it.”

    Joo-ran followed Yoo Ji-hyuk who turned around. Jiwon's expression, which had been hidden from Sumin's gaze, came in. There was no embarrassment or angry light, just a calm and relaxed expression.

    “Wait a minute, boss. Miss Yang!”

    Soo-min patheticly grabbed Ji-hyeok and Ju-ran.

    “Oh, I was wrong. I was going to report it, but I was too scared... … .”

    "scared? If that was wrong and the media reported it, it would have been better!”

    Juran couldn't contain his anger and shouted. Tears welled up in Sumin's eyes, and then dripped down her pale cheeks.

    “Sir Yang, I was wrong. My thoughts were short. I'm black... … . No support... … . I was worried about Deputy Kang. uhhh... … .”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk looked at Ji-won. It was momentary, but Jiwon read the embarrassment in his eyes. In the midst of everyone's silence, Sumin breathed in his nose loudly and loudly.

    “I, huh, huh, you are right I forgot the allergy information. I don't know how? Huh... … .”

    Sumin buried her face in her hands in earnest and cried. He cried so sadly that he almost felt sorry for Jiwon. However, Yoo Ji-hyeok's attitude was quite cold.

    “Don’t cry and explain it properly, Jung Soo-min. This is not Jung Soo-min's house. We are talking about work in the company.”

    Sumin stopped at the sound of a voice that was hard and cold as ice, then wiped away the tears with his fist.

    “Dr. Kang made a mistake, hehehe, he didn’t tell me. So I didn't know if there were any allergens. But when it becomes known, Assistant Manager Kang becomes responsible... … . sorry. Before being a boss, we were friends, so there were too many personal feelings… … .”

    The crying that had barely stopped in the winter began again. Jiwon felt the urge to plug her mouth with a sock.

    “Just because Ji-won Kang made a mistake doesn’t mean that Jung Soo-min’s responsibility is reduced. But Jiwon Kang.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk still called Ji-won in an emotionless tone.

    “Is what Sumin Jung said true? This is a serious matter.”

    Jiwon read the gazes floating in the air with her skin. The sympathy that I did, and the accusation in the mask of sympathy are directed at Ji-won, and the full sympathy goes to Su-min. He was so used to it that there was nothing to hurt.

    “I don’t remember.”

    Instead of jumping up and down that he told you, a quiet voice came out of Jiwon's mouth. Su-min spread his arms wide and blocked his front as if to protect Ji-won.

    “I will take responsibility. Don’t say too much to Deputy Kang!”

    “Think again, Jiwon Kang.”

    Yoo Ji-hyeok asked again without agitation.

    “Do you really not remember, Kang Ji-won?”

    Jiwon felt a strange sense of stability in that unshakable tone. It sounded like encouragement, not interrogation.

    "yes. I explained the sample to Jung Soo-min, but I can't remember the specifics. Time has passed.”

    Someone clicked his tongue a little. Jiwon slowly opened her mouth, looking down at her familiar crown.


    Ji-won's eyes met Yoo Ji-hyuk again.

    “We check the CCTV footage of the situation.”

    Su-min, who stood in front of him, looked at Ji-won with his arms wide open. He gleamed in embarrassment in his wide-open eyes. I heard a voice asking, “Why are you like this?”

    “Where is the CCTV? when that happens... … .”

    “What CCTV are you talking about, Mr. Kang Ji-won?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk interrupted Su-min and asked. Jiwon blinked at his seat beyond the partition.

    “My USB. As you know, it's an important project, so I've saved all the related materials down to the smallest detail. We have everything from sample receipt to delivery.”

    The employees glanced at each other and secretly moved in front of Jiwon's PC. Jiwon deliberately waited for them to gather enough before plugging in the USB. He didn't pay much attention to Sumin, who bit her lip as if it was visible or invisible.

    "Well… … . This is it.”

    Jiwon, who was scrolling down one by one, selected one file. Sumin quickly rolled her eyes. No voice is recorded on CCTV. There were enough holes to get out. click. A video was played while Yoo Ji-hyuk and other employees watched. Jiwon and Sumin entered the warehouse. The door closes, and Jiwon raises her hand and points to the stacked sample box.

    “They say, ‘There are three samples in total.’”

    Jiwon read the shape of her mouth in the video.

    “I’ve talked to the mart, so I can sample, research preferences, and write a report.”

    In this part, Jiwon raised the brightness and enlarged the face part. Although there was no sound, the movement of the mouth was clear.

    -'Sample 3 contains peanut powder instead of sesame, so make sure to put up an allergy warning sign.'

    A sign about two spans long was held in the hand of the supporter who was asking for this.

    “I have explained. After all, it’s important.”

    Jiwon said indifferently and pressed the space bar to stop the video. Sumin stiffened, unable to think of any other excuses. Still, it's a contract job that's hard to stick with. What would happen if I couldn't convert to a full-time job and returned to Busan as if being chased? How happy will Kang Ji-won be?

    -'Grammo Gruse. What do I want from Mr. Jung? That grandpa and his father, his father and his daughter now!'

    My mother's swear words reverberated like hallucinations. Her tightly clasped hands were trembling. While Su-min was silent, Yoo Ji-hyuk looked back at the video and spoke in a rigid tone.

    “If you look at this video, Jiwon Kang has clearly understood the precautions. Jung Soo-min didn't listen properly, did he?"

    “That, I… … .”

    Sumin raised his head awkwardly, biting his lips. Kang Ji-won, who was still full of leisure, and Park Min-hwan, who looked at Kang Ji-won, were in front of them.

    “… … I'm sorry. I guess I didn't remember."

    “What was the reason for the omission of reporting to management?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk interrogated without even having time to breathe. Su-min lowered her eyelashes and only moved her eyes to glance at Min-hwan.

    “Let’s just cover… … You said.”

    “Who are you talking about?”

    Sumin shook her head. The gaze of other people gathered together in the place where the hesitant gaze reached.

    "Gourd… … sir.”

    “Jung Soo-min!”

    Park Min-hwan, startled, shouted. Sumin quickly lowered his head.

    “Bar, Assistant Manager Park came to pick me up and helped me. It's not good for Deputy Kang if it's known that the accident happened... … . Cover it up, you said. If we keep quiet, no one will know. I'm Deputy Park... … Since you said that, I know you're right... … .”

    “It’s nonsense… … !”

    “You did that to me, Deputy Parker!”

    Sumin cried while raising his voice to face each other.

    “You said that since it’s a Kang-nim’s project, we’ll cover it up. You hospitalized the customer and went to the hospital with me!”

    Su-min, who shot every step of the way, begged Yoo Ji-hyeok this time.

    “It’s true. I did what Deputy Manager Park told me to do. I could call the customer right now and check it out!”

    Min-hwan grabbed Jung Soo-min and grabbed his hand, which was about to beat him. Not because it's a woman, but because it's a company. If only the two of them had been alone, he was confident he would hit a few bats until he was free. Also, it's Jung Soo-min. All of Kang Ji-won's crying while making excuses was a blatant lie, and he was properly deceived and faced such a nonsensical crisis. Jung Min. Because of that woman who is nothing.

    “Is it true, Park Min-hwan?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's interrogation turned to Min-hwan. It was true that it was hot. There, the superior was Min-hwan, he was himself, and he was the one who made the judgment. Either way, he could not avoid responsibility.

    “… … sorry."

    No matter what Jung Soo-min does now, the situation will only get worse. Minhwan bent his waist 90 degrees.

    “It is an important project at the department level, and Jung Soo-min is a newcomer, so I tried to handle it on my own. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, and the hospital bill was settled and an apology was taken. I will make sure that this never happens again.”

    Jiwon, who watched quietly, stuck out his tongue. The lie that she didn't hear the notice was expected. So then, as soon as she heard the story from Min-hwan, she ran and backed up the CCTV files first. I'm going to bite Park Min-hwan and get out of here.

    “Chief, please forgive me just once. I, black... … . I was so nervous I couldn't remember. I didn't do that on purpose. Boss, are you? Whoa... … .”

    Sumin burst into tears again. If Deputy Manager Kim had been here, I don't know if he would have succumbed to those tears and dealt with it somehow. Unfortunately, however, Yoo Ji-hyuk was a person who would not blink an eye even if Su-min fainted while weeping.

    “Mr. Su-min Jung, Min-hwan Park.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk looked at the two of them with cold eyes.

    “Each of you, objectively summarize the situation at the time and post a report. Deputy Park also submitted the apology letter.”

    Sumin nodded and wiped his chest inwardly. He got through the crisis. He might have a bit of a disagreement with Park Min-hwan, but he wasn't too concerned about it. Because he has already prepared a net from which he will never escape.


    “Why are you like that?”

    Park Min-hwan asked in a trembling voice because he could not contain his anger. If it wasn't for the company roof, I didn't know that I would have spit in the throat.

    “I’m sorry, brother.”

    “Call me Mr. Park.”

    Minhwan looked around, wondering if anyone had heard it, biting his molars tightly and whispering.

    “How many times did I hit it while trying to fix it? You hit the back of the head like that?”

    “It’s not the back. No, no.”

    Sumin shook his head vigorously.

    “I didn't mean to be wrong. I was just saying it as it is.”

    “It all happened because of you. I wish you hadn't mentioned my name!"

    “Aren’t you going to mention it? Am I going to get fired after wearing it all by myself?”

    Sumin lowered the ends of both eyebrows and looked up at Minhwan pitifully.

    “Because it’s Deputy Park, it’s passed as an apology letter. Sumin is a contract worker. He could not be converted to a full-time job and could be cut off.”


    It seems like Minhwan isn't the same," he said and twisted the corners of his mouth.

    “The dream is big. Do you really think you will become a full-time employee?”

    “What do you mean?”

    Sumin blinked her big eyes. Min-hwan leaned slightly on his back and put his lips to Su-min's ear.

    “Didn’t you get any punishment this time? You don't have to. After all, the contract will end after this year, and the contract will not be renewed, let alone a full-time employee.”

    Dry saliva gulped down his white throat. have to be here It was the first time I was recognized when I joined a large company. There is still much work to be done here.

    “Hey, what should I do, brother?”

    “Tell me to call you straight.”

    Park Min-hwan said fiercely.

    “Don’t pretend to be close even if you run into them both inside the company and on the street. Because I don’t even want to see you.”

    Min-hwan, who had left Su-min who had hardened, stopped and came back.

    “Bring Jiwon Kang. who knows? I'm in a good mood, so I'll wrap you up a little bit."

    It was a cold whisper, not even a kind of affection. Sumin, who was left alone, glared at the opposite building while the cold wind was blowing. Do you know if I'll be nice to you? don't be bullshit yeah Sumin took out his cell phone and looked through his contact information. I noticed the number I had left in case it would be useful. Sumin took a deep breath, cleared his voice and pressed the call button.

    "Hello, customer. I contacted you to ask how your body is.”

    The other party responded as if he was pleased.

    [It's okay now.]

    “I’m really happy.”

    Sumin continued with a happy voice.

    “Our company prepared a small gift as an apology to the customer. Excuse me, can I have your address?”

    Instead of a smile, poison spread on Sumin's face, who spoke softly and kindly. ***

    “I bought the hot Americano you mentioned, bro.”

    Kim Shin-woo politely offered coffee with both hands. Yoo Ji-hyuk, who had just been resting for a while after the scene was over, opened his eyes and was shocked.

    “It’s cool.”


    “Bring me some ice.”

    “It was warm… … .”


    “… … .”

    "I can not hear you? ice."

    Kim Shin-woo withdrew his outstretched hand.

    “It’s too much, bro.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's forehead narrowed.


    “How the hell is this? They stand still and stare at them as if they want to eat them, and if you buy a hot one, buy a cold one, and if you buy a cold one, change it to a hot one! Didn't you even tell me not to lose weight with jajangmyeon?"

    The piled-up tears burst at once. Kim Shin-woo lightly shook off someone who was holding his arm to stop him, and his eyes quivered with tears in his eyes.

    “Pang too! I took care of you with the utmost sincerity! Don't let me see you! Do you think I don't know why you're doing this? the next door... … !”

    “Stop that bastard!”

    At someone's cry, the giants rushed and pressed down on Kim Shin-woo. No matter how bearish Kim Shin-woo was, he could not be beaten and was dragged away with his mouth blocked.

    “Are you okay, sir?”

    After a bit of silence, Choi Cheol-hong asked while rubbing his palms. Yoo Ji-hyuk sighed and rubbed his forehead.

    "done. Please withdraw.”

    “Is Shinwoo feeling sad?”

    “… … .”

    “Leave Agu on his back… … . What you should definitely ask the old lady... … .”

    Choi Cheol-hong, who had suggested for the pitiful youngest, curled his tail and backed off at Yoo Ji-hyuk's bright gaze.

    "no. Hey guys, let's get out, get out!"

    The voice of Choi Cheol-hong, who was cleaning up the staff while clapping his hands for nothing, echoed in the night sky.

    “Aww, your clothes are going to explode. To the evacuation officer? Cheolsu, did you go, did you go to eat jjajang nuggets? Hurry up, move fast!”

    quickly. It's not something I'm saying to myself, but it's stuck in my ear. Yoo Ji-hyuk opened his cell phone and looked for Kang Ji-won's number. He couldn't make a call. All he did was stare intently and close it with a long sigh.
    “Sir, please calm down. I have to change into the bride's clothes and go say hello."

    Sumo held the hanbok jeogori and dried the Jaok. I've been doing this job for over ten years, and I've seen all kinds of things, but I picked this family on my five fingers.

    “Just change clothes. I will be here.”

    “How are you going to change clothes in front of your mother-in-law, the new bride?”

    “Your mother-in-law is also a mother, so what do you think? Answer me while changing, Sae-ah. How did things go?”

    Sumin just had a headache. Come to think of it, there was no reason to argue with Ja-ok anymore. I would have split the family, my father-in-law would be on my side, I would have registered my marriage and even had a wedding. Now what are you going to do?

    “Whoever you give the bouquet to, how about it?”

    Ja-ok's smooth-drawn eyebrows were raised in the shape of a seagull.

    “What do you mean?”

    “It was originally my bouquet. Why does my mother scold me when I give my stuff? Did I pull out the flowers in my mother’s room and throw them away?”

    At this point, Sumo lost the will to dry it up a bit. Judging from past experience, in a house this crazy, it was best to just shut up and disappear after finishing work without looking back.

    “What did you eat wrong? Where are you with your eyes wide open?”

    “Don’t scream. The general is surprised.”

    “Whatever you do, general, general! How do you look like a kid! Now that her mother-in-law is talking, she doesn't seem to listen!"

    “When did I pretend not to hear? mother… … . Ouch!”

    Sumin made a moaning sound as she wrapped her arms around her innocent stomach.

    “Oh, my stomach hurts. Ouch... … .”

    “Looks like my stomach is full. Honju, please leave immediately. I'll sit down for a while and leave when it's all right."

    He was the eldest son, more precious than gold. Suspicion that he must have been a gimmick grew and bloomed, but Ja-ok did not say anything and only his eyebrows twitched.

    “Come out as soon as possible. Seniors should say hello before the meal is over.”

    “Yes, mother.”

    Sumin answered, still wrapped around her stomach. As Ja-ok returned, she touched her forehead. Who would have thought that that crazy thing was that young girl who swayed like a tongue in her mouth. She began to regret the first time she told Min-hwan that she should marry Su-min.


    “This house is doing well. Bibi the egg yolks and drink a glass of soju, and you will lose.”

    Yoon-hee put a chopstick in her mouth and chewed it well. At the table where three women were seated, the full buffet course was laid out generously so that the upper legs were bent.

    “Get and add sprout.”

    Senna nodded deeply as if she was deeply moved by Yeji's words.

    “By the way, yes.”


    “Can you do that in front of Mr. Shinwoo? I haven't seen you since Fire Egg."

    “Shut up.”

    Yeji, who gave a soft warning, took a bottle of soju. It was a day when I was craving for a drink.

    “Did I tell you to raise your eyes or didn’t you? This is Mura.”

    Yoon-hee picked up the lychee she had brought for dessert and put it in Sena's mouth.

    “Wow, hey! hey!"

    Senna spit it out on a tissue and rinsed her mouth with water.

    “I have to peel it and give it to you, what is this!”

    "You're lucky you didn't peel your skin. friend, huh? Pouring salt from the mangjang that couldn't be applauded as she gave up her love for her friend's sake. Oh my gosh, I've been wearing your Kashina as a friend for ten years. ten years!”

    “Be quiet, too.”

    The two who were arguing became quiet. Yeji poured the lukewarm soju into her mouth alone after taking it out for a long time.

    “That’s why I told you not to come.”

    Yoon-hee clicked her tongue in pity.

    “I need you, Uyano. I'm going to fight, so I'm going to have to have a body, baby."

    “You can just order Baek Eun-ho for the body bread.”

    “Look at the golden horse. It just flew away.”

    “Yeji, don’t you think your size standards are too high?”

    Yoon-hee pushed another Richie into Sena's mouth as she asked carefully. It was an uncooked Richie.

    “Hey! I told you not to!”

    “Are you a big baker? Crazy?”

    “Both of you, please be quiet. Do you make hanbok by spun yarn? Aren't you coming here?"

    No progress through the years. Yeji muttered and poured another glass of soju.

    “I must have made all the hanboks. come over here.”

    Sena smiled brightly and waved at Su-min, who entered the buffet hall alongside Min-hwan. The corners of Sumin's lips trembled as if they were smiling.

    “Obviously we made eye contact.”

    Sena raised her hands and stirred more passionately. Everyone in the vicinity looked at Sena. Except for Sumin, who rolls her eyes hard.

    “By the way, what is that? Let them go around and say hello.”

    Yoonhee grabbed Sena's hands and lowered them. Meanwhile, Su-min and Min-hwan went around every table and started greeting her. She didn't even pay attention to the table of crazy bitches. Are these women who will stand still? As soon as Sumin finished her greeting at the table behind her, she jumped up to Sena and she cast a back hug.

    “Sumin-ah, the hanbok is so pretty! I think it was right when your mother got married!”

    Terrified, Su-min struggled and dropped Sena.

    “Leave this. Come on?"

    “Why are you like this? You are friends.”

    Senna became pale. Yeji, who had vaguely wiggled her braided legs, clicked her tongue.

    “Come with friends, Grano? Sumin-ah, is this my friend's child? ignorant friend.”

    Su-min, whose face was as red as lava, greeted Min-hwan elsewhere and pushed him away. However, Jaok's eyebrows turned into seagulls when he heard those damn words straight from the side. It wasn't strange to bite the shrimp cracker right now and fly away.

    “Poia Egg Friend!”

    As Yoon-hee matched the rhythm, the seagull's wings twitched. You have to drive out those illiterate bastards. While wandering around, Ja-ok found a strong wedding hall employee and beckoned him to it.

    “What do you need?”

    “Hey, those three girls. It's not the guest we invited. Get me out right now!”

    "Yes? It's not our authority to kick out customers... … .”

    “Are you an uninvited guest? They come in on their own and are causing trouble, are you going to leave it alone? In this way, it is difficult to properly pay the wedding expenses!”

    The staff looked perplexed and looked at Yeji's table. It was definitely not unusual.

    “Well then, let me tell you something. Wait a minute."

    He leaned closer and bowed his head slightly.

    "Excuse me. Did you come to Min-hwan Park's wedding today?"


    “You need to get out of your seat. There is a separate request.”

    “Who made that request?”

    Sena cutely placed the calyx and asked.

    “It is difficult to say. sorry."

    “You don’t tell me who told you to kick me out, do you write it down?”

    Yeji leaned back and folded her arms. The staff became more difficult to enter and broke into a cold sweat.

    “This is a request from the wedding party. So stop... … .”

    “Is the wedding ceremony coming? The bride who held the ceremony today is my go-to. Sumin-ah, you tell me. Is that right?”

    Yoonhee put the lychee in her mouth and chewed it. It was a tremendous force.

    “Who is your friend? get out right now Otherwise, I will call the police.”

    “You’re a police officer. Sumin-ah, you are so sweet.”

    Yeji pulled Sena crying and sat her down, then stood up instead.

    “Are you friends or Nabal? Yeah, I've known her since the time she got married to brag about her friend's engagement."

    "shut up. Go out and talk!”

    Su-min pulled Ye-ji, but she was pushed out of her power in the first place.

    “Did you throw a bouquet at the friend who lost you because of something you did well? Don’t worry, I’ll make flower arrangements for your eyes.”

    “Guys, what are you doing? Get these people out!”

    No one was eating in the hall now. Even the guests waiting in line to put their food on their plates were murmuring with tongs in their hands.

    “Let’s go out together. You must not do this here.”

    When the employee's hand touched her shoulder, Yeji raised her eyes.

    “What are you doing? I told you not to make a big noise on other people's feast days, so you're just leaving here, right?"

    “Is it because you were a guest who wasn’t invited, and there was a request to let you go?”

    “I have a wedding invitation here.”

    A half wedding invitation came out of Sena's handbag. She was obviously an uninvited guest, so I asked her to kick me out. The staff were even more confused and hesitated.

    “But we got complaints… … .”

    “Mr. Yeji!”

    Suddenly, a loud voice resounded through the hall. Kim Shin-woo's face, walking towards Ye-ji at the same speed as running, was like a bandit who met his parents' enemies.

    “Mr. Shinwoo? Didn't you go home?"

    Yeji's tone of voice became cautious in an instant.

    “I’m sorry, Yeji. Talking with Eunho hyung for a while has become a long story. by the way… … .”

    Shin-Woo Kim turned his gaze to the staff.

    “Is there any problem?”

    The employee, who had been hardened by the overwhelming size, scalloped head, and terrifying impression, took a calming posture.

    “We received a request from Honju to let him go. It's an uninvited guest... … .”

    “It’s okay if you’re not a wedding guest.”

    Kim Shin-woo put his hand in his inner pocket. The staff stepped back that much in an atmosphere that seemed to pull out a knife. But what he pulled out wasn't a weapon, but a credit card.

    “Pay everything from that meal ticket to the cost of meals for new guests. Don't tease me and don't say anything. From now on, this table has nothing to do with the wedding ceremony. Are you okay?”

    “Mr. Shinwoo… … .”

    Yeji's eyes twinkled in the shape of a heart. Sena and Yoon-hee couldn't look straight ahead and covered their faces.

    "All right. Let me tell you about it first.”

    “A guest has come for dinner, what do you have to do other than tell me? Please pay.”

    Kim Shin-woo, who spoke harshly, took off his jacket and covered Ye-ji's shoulder. The jacket that was as big as her size was enough to cover Yeji's body.

    “The air conditioner is running low, Yeji. Sit back and enjoy your meal.”

    "it's okay."

    Yeji reached out and took the card back from the employee's hand.

    “I finished eating. I've seen my friend's face, so let's go now."

    "Is that true? Isn't it because of a married couple?"

    Kim Shin-woo stared at Ja-ok, who was standing far away, wondering if it was because of you.

    “I’m done with my work.”

    Yeji clenched her fists and stroked Sumin's head once.

    “Congratulations on picking up the trash that your friend threw away, Sumin-ah. It was fucked up meeting you, let's not see each other again."


      *** Jihyuk's car was parked behind the wedding hall. Jiwon lowered her sun visor, obscuring her view, and buried herself in the soft seat.

    “Can I rest for a bit?”

    “Then excuse me for a moment.”

    Ji-hyeok turned on the air conditioner on low so that Ji-won could be comfortably, and went outside. At the entrance to the parking lot, the eyes of the men who were smoking cigarettes gathered and then scattered.

    "older brother!"

    The man who stood out by far passed through the gaze and strode out.

    “Are you going in now?”

    The size of the waist was bent 90 degrees. Ji-hyeok quickly grabbed Kim Shin-woo by the shoulder and stood there, bowing his head slightly to greet the three women next to him.

    “I couldn’t say hello. My name is Ji-hyeok Yoo, who works in the same department as Ji-won Kang.”

    “I heard a lot from Mr. Shinwoo. Jiwon is my hometown friend Ha Ye-ji.”

    “This is Yunhee Kim.”

    “I’m Sena. Nice to meet you."

    The three of them greeted Yoo Ji-hyeok while showing polite manners that did not match their attire. In that short time, the woman's intuition quickly scanned Yoo Ji-hyuk's appearance as well as personality, wealth, and personality. I'm sorry, Eunho. I'll introduce you to a good girl. Yeji, who liked Yoo Ji-hyeok more than the pretty Eun-ho, apologized to her close boyfriend.

    “My saliva was drooling and complimented me as the older brother that Shinwoo believes and follows. It's a relationship that we met like this, let's have a glass of soju next time. Support, of course.”

    That proposal was pierced like an arrow in Yoo Ji-hyuk's log-like heart.

    “If you don’t feel uncomfortable, your friends will eat together. I will treat you.”

    Sena's eyes lit up to the point that it was burdensome.

    “There is nothing to say, boss!”

    “What is the manager in the first page? Are you the manager?”

    Yoon-hee poked Sena's side and said seriously.

    “I will stay without Gramo’s specifications, sir.”

    Jihyuk hurriedly covered his mouth and turned his head. It almost made me laugh. He was the funniest person I've ever been in my life so far, and I have ranked him on my top five fingers.

    “I will go first, brother. I have to bring Yeji and her friends.”

    I was glad that Shin-Woo Kim said goodbye. Ji-hyuk watched the car he lent to Kim Shin-woo leaving the parking lot, and then returned to Marxbach. Jiwon's eyes, which had been tightly closed as if tired, were opened at the sound of the door closing.

    “Now everyone is rested.”

    “Then let’s go.”


    “To feed Pang Pang.”

    A small smile appeared on Jiwon's lips. Jihyuk followed her, raising the corners of her lips faintly, then lowered her quickly and released her side brakes.



    Ji-hyeok, who had been carefully backing up, stopped for a moment and turned to Ji-won.

    "thank you."

    “It’s the way to come and go.”

    “Not that. Thank you for always being taken advantage of.”

    Jiwon's long eyelashes blinked slowly. To Ji-hyuk, even his appearance was like a swaying little petal.

    “I promise you. When the manager asks for help, I will do my best to help. So… … .”

    Jiwon gave a light-hearted smile.

    “When necessary, the manager also uses Kang Ji-won.”
    It was a wedding in itself. Min-hwan wanted to erase from his life that terrible event that would never come again.

    “Are you feeling cool now?”

    Min-hwan, who had decided to drive the wedding car by sending Jae-young away and took the steering wheel himself, clenched his teeth. Sumin's answer could not come out refreshingly.

    “Is this my fault? How many times do I tell them they're not my friends?"

    “If I hadn’t given Jiwon a wedding invitation, would something like this have happened? When he came out to get the bouquet, he was stunned. Did you see my mother's face? Her mother, her body is also weak, and if she collapses from stress, what will she do?”

    “Before Mother, I will fall first. stop it."

    In Su-min's eyes, Ja-ok knocked down when he knocked it down, and it seemed like he would never fall.

    "okay. What am I going to say with you?”

    Minhwan also muttered with a feeling of despair. At the end of those words, the swear word 'x feet' habitually followed, and Sumin's eyes widened.

    “Can’t you stop swearing?”

    Minhwan, who didn't want to even respond, rolled down the window. On the weekend, on a road that was jam-packed like his heart, a Sakka Maybax slipped and stopped in front of a crosswalk.

    “It kills the car.”

    Hearing this, Sumin straightened her head and looked at the car.

    “Is that expensive?”

    “Even if you sell it, you can’t buy it.”

    Minhwan nodded and continued to look at the car next to him. The window of the 'Killing Car' slides down as if conscious of his gaze. When the driver's well-groomed hair and prominent nose were exposed, Min-hwan doubted his eyes.

    “What is that bastard?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk slowly turned his gaze away. Minhwan brushed his teeth, remembering him touching Jiwon's shoulder at her wedding. Sumin placed his hand on his hand, which was holding the steering wheel tightly. The signal changed, and Yoo Ji-hyuk left only a light glance and left first and disappeared in an instant.

    "pup. Pretending to be nice.”

    Min-hwan also muttered and muttered while stepping on the accelerator.

    “Can’t I just be beaten? Do you know that I didn't know that Kang Ji-won looked into my eyes? Dirty, filthy bastard, you bastard with no conscience.”

    It was a mumble that would make Jiwon ask if he would introduce himself. The newly married newlyweds returned home to work in a chilly atmosphere. After showering, hanging robes and hanbok, sending thank-you messages to the guests. Organizing the gift money received today was the most important of them.

    “Choi Yun-seok, 200,000 won. Youngjae This bastard was only in his twenties. Park Hee-soo, 100,000 won. What's this. three thousand won? Some crazy guy paid 3,000 won to get a meal ticket!”

    The envelope with three thousand won had no name. Min-hwan made an impression and tore the envelope into pieces. The next envelope was quite thick. Minhwan's hand stopped for a moment when he found a familiar name on the surface of the envelope. [To Sumin. Kang Ji-won]

    “Chi. I'd be happy if it was fifty thousand won. Haven't you seen her wearing luxury clothes that didn't suit her today?"

    Sumin grumbled, took the envelope and robbed it. Yellow bills spilled onto the white envelope. A total of 100 sheets in all.

    “Five million won.”

    Min-hwan, who mumbled bitterly after counting the money, did not know the meaning of 5 million won. You will never know for the rest of your life. For the Jiwon of the past, it was large enough to risk his life, and for the Jiwon of the present, the amount was only the price of one bag. What you're willing to pay for taking two pieces of trash out of your life. Putting the five million won into the envelope, Jiwon spoke to Sumin to herself.

    -'It's cancer surgery. When you're desperate because you don't even have surgery, you'll definitely remember this money. By that time, Park Min-hwan had already lost all of his stocks, and he wouldn't have had a single penny.'



    Ji-hyeok, who opened the middle door, was greeted by Fang's warm greeting.

    “Did you wait long?”

    If the people at the company saw Yoo Ji-hyeok greeting a cat as he would to a person, they would have taken a step back.

    "Hang in there. I’ll change some clothes and take you to Jiwon.”

    He took off his shoes and went straight to the dressing room to organize them. This dressing room, equipped with a separate display stand for various clothing care products and accessories, including two stylers, was the only space in the house where pans could not enter. Every time Heeyeon looked at this room, she sighed. She told me to get rid of that shabby suit and get some of the clothes out of here. The outfit that Jihyuk chose was a gray sweatshirt that occupies a single wardrobe among the many clothes. Pang clothes that can be worn while holding Pang Pang.

    “Nya, nya.”

    Fang couldn't bear it and scratched the dressing room door. It was unusual for a cat that was chic in everything.

    “Don’t scratch the door, mold. I will go now.”

    Jihyuk went outside and picked up Fang with one hand. The few steps to Jiwon's house were always trembling. He would always stand in front of the front door, take a deep breath, and pat his bare face again. There were times when this reality was unbelievable. In fact, every moment was like that. Jiwon Kang lives next door. You can ring the doorbell, and you can have brief but extremely private conversations. - Ding Dong. Shortly after ringing the doorbell, Jiwon's voice was heard.


    The tightly closed door opened. Just enough for one person to go in and out.

    “Is Pang here?”

    Support was also comfortable. Fang leapt into her arms, her support gladly outstretched, and rubbed her head against her chest.

    “I will be at home today. Please bring me back when you are comfortable.”

    Jihyuk spoke bluntly toward that miraculous reality.

    “You haven’t had lunch, boss. I’m going to make you a cautery spot, so please eat it together.”

    weekend afternoon. My heart swelled like a pie at Jiwon's voice suggesting lunch. Jihyuk hesitated, then nodded his head and took a step into the front door. A faint scent of shampoo was felt from Jiwon's hair as she stepped inward. It was not a miraculous reality. Every moment, every reality was a miracle itself. Kang Ji-won is breathing. His long hair is tied together. I look at Pang and smile. Jiwon Kang is alive.

      *** On that spring day, when the cold weather had receded and the sun was getting warmer, Yoo Ji-hyuk first met Kang Ji-won. To express it more clearly, 'I saw'. That day, the school was somewhat crowded. Children who could not take off their high school shirts roamed the campus alone or in pairs. Jihyuk knew it late, but it was the day of the admissions briefing. I want some rest. When Ji-hyeok stops, he goes into the back road, where he has never been before, avoiding his classmates who rush to play basketball and excited freshmen. It was a place where not only Ji-hyeok, but also other people, hardly set foot there, because the trees were thick and there were many insects in the grass. But there was a guest who came first. A girl with her shiny hair tied up on the nape of her neck. In her thick horn-rimmed glasses, clever eyes were staring intently at one place. Her skirt is so puffy that when she squats, the hem of her skirt drags to the floor, and the black bag on her back is big enough to use even when climbing the Himalayas. At first she was just trying to get out. However, she became curious because the female student was staring intently into the grass.

    “What are you looking at like that?”

    When I got closer and asked, the girl hissed, and then pointed her finger at the inside of the grass. Ji-hyeok squatted and looked where the girl was pointing. There, a kitten smaller than Jihyuk's palm was taking a nap. He looked even smaller because he couldn't even get milk. The gray, white and black hairs were full of dirt. Unfortunately, the little creature did not attract Ji-hyeok's attention. Jihyuk stared at the cat for a moment with expressionless eyes and then tried to stand up.

    “He must have been abandoned by his mother, too.”

    It wasn't the little pitiful kitten that caught him, but the voice of a girl. He came from a provincial area, and his awkward tone, which was neither Seoul nor Gyeongsang-do, matched strangely well.

    “You can’t touch it. Her mother may never come back for her.”

    The girl hurriedly said that she was worried that Ji-hyeok would touch the cat.

    “Can you stay here for a second? I'll go and buy something to eat. You don't seem to have any energy."

    Jihyuk didn't want to do anything like squatting in the corner and looking at the cat.

    “… … Come quickly.”

    I really didn't want to.

    "thank you. Please wait a moment. Thank you. You can’t go anywhere!”

    The girl left a mixture of thank you and half of a request, and then disappeared one by one. What was strange about her was that she never looked at Ji-hyeok as she said all that. The attitude that could be disrespectful to others was comfortable for Ji-hyeok. She looked up in amazement at her stature, and now the eyes of those who make eye contact are more puzzled. Even the glasses that I started wearing when I was in high school when I grew up in full scale were exceptionally cold and all it did was to subtly hide the scary impression. Jihyuk folded his long legs and sat down on a tree to watch the cat silently. Whether or not he knew the human was watching him, the cat pricked its ears from time to time and slept well. It's like a fungus. This is how Jihyuk felt about small and insignificant creatures. The April sunlight seeped through the leaves. Occasionally, the noisy campus noise was carried by the gentle spring wind. The kitten inflated and closed the ribs smaller than Ji-hyeok's fingers and took a nap, and the female student did not come yet. Jihyeok's eyelids went down little by little, but in the end, they could not bear the weight and closed. It was a really sweet nap. When she opened her booth's eyes, the girl came back and squatted next to her. Jihyuk didn't even notice that he woke up.

    “Eat a lot, sweetheart.”

    In the softest and sweetest voice Jihyuk had ever heard, the girl muttered.

    “It’s you.”

    Fortunately, the kitten came to the girl's feet before he knew it.

    “I’ll bring you something to eat again tomorrow. Let's meet here, okay?"


    “Child, be nice. I'm Jiwon Kang You don't have a name yet, do you?"

    The girl smiled broadly. Ji-hyeok was less awake and stared at the girl and the cat with a vague state of whether this was a reality or a dream.

    “Your mother didn’t abandon you, but she went out hunting. You are so kind and pretty right? I'll take care of you until Mom comes."


    “If I were as pretty as you, my mother would have returned.”

    Jihyuk listened intently to the last words the female student shed like a sigh. Will she tell me she's pretty enough? The eyebrows that fold are pretty, the small nose is pretty, the smiling lips and the earlobes like flower petals are pretty. That your mother didn't come back is a personal matter that has nothing to do with you. The girl suddenly turned her head. Ji-hyeok reflexively pressed his glasses more deeply.

    “You woke up.”

    The girl's voice was more formal than the voice she had just spoken to the cat.

    "Thank you for watching. Take this.”

    Ji-hyeok suddenly reached out and took what the female student had given him. King Sejong is smiling kindly on the blue paper folded four times… … .

    "Ten thousand won?"

    It seemed as if the female student interpreted the question as a result of being embarrassed by the unexpected return.

    “This is all I have left. I'm sorry."

    “Not that.”

    “If I stay too long, my mother might not come back. Just go.”

    I didn't mean to go with you. The girl carried the bag like a Himalayan climbing bag on her back, then bowed her head and disappeared first.

    “Miya, Mia… … .”

    It must have been very sad that I went without saying goodbye. The mold-like kitten sat down and meowed pathically.

    “It’s noisy. If you like it, follow me.”

    Jihyuk said bluntly. He couldn't understand the words, but the cat raised his tail and ran to Ji-hyeok's feet, biting the tip of his sneakers. It was so insignificant that it was even cute.

    “You said you shouldn’t touch it, right?”

    Jihyuk unintentionally stretched out his hand and quickly picked it up.

    “I go too. You are waiting for Mom here.”


    The cat licked its front paws and responded impatiently. Earlier, the female student also spoke to me in a different voice. I just got annoyed.

    “Kang Ji-won… … .”

    Jihyuk pondered the name of the girl he had stolen from in his mouth. It was amazing. Except for Yoo Hee-yeon and Oh Yu-ra, it was the first time she had had a private conversation for so long. She didn't feel any fear or discomfort. come again tomorrow At this time tomorrow, Jihyuk decided to return 10,000 won to the girl.
    “I ate well. This house is doing well.”

    Hee-yeon, who paid 3,000 won and devoured the buffet, left her seat early, feeling deeply satisfied. Even though she's got a little revenge, she's still her boss. What should she do if she bumps into each other and can't control her emotions? It would be a headache if a video of her holding her bride's hair and dancing tango circulated as scraps on her mini homepage.

    “Oh, that person.”

    Heeyeon, who was walking with her hand in her slacks pocket, made a hand shade. From a distance, her exceptionally long and slender back was clearly visible.

    “Baek Boss!”

    Baek Eun-ho stopped walking and turned around. Hee-yeon still approached him with a slightly shaky pace.

    “Hello, Heeyeon. See you here.”

    “I went to a wedding. Does Mr. Baek go there too?”

    Eun-ho realized where Hee-yeon was talking about the 'wedding' and smiled bitterly.

    "Yes. It’s a way to only light your face.”

    “I think you shed too much light. You have a very bad face.”

    “It was a car again.”


    Eun-ho said casually while touching his face with one hand.

    “It’s always different. Every time I get a car, my face gets worse.”

    Actually, it didn't make a difference today. I could only see her Jiwon, who shined even from a distance, and Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was like a statue of her made just for her. Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyes, which were harder than the statue, were softly released only to Ji-won. Trust was evident in Jiwon's face as he faced him. Is that why? Eun-ho turned around, unable to find any gap between the two of them.

    “It’s not that my face is bad, it’s not that I’m not handsome.”

    Heeyeon, who had been feeling sad for nothing, was comforting and said something. The two of them were walking side by side in the shade of a sycamore.

    “Am I handsome?”

    “You don’t even know?”

    “I know.”

    Eun-ho suddenly stopped walking. Hee-yeon, who had stopped following her chaos, suddenly appeared in front of her handsome face.

    “This may be a childish question, but Heeyeon.”

    “Why, why? Put her face away and ask.”

    Heeyeon took a step back.

    “Is Yoo Ji-hyuk more handsome than me?”

    “Speak like a horse. Where did he look that he was handsome? He is disgustingly tall, and he looks like a jangseung at the entrance to the end of the village.”

    Hee-yeon wrinkled her forehead as she was, showing her disgust.

    “It’s true, he’s tall, good-looking, sincere, and has nothing to see except for the fact that he doesn’t have a woman. Oh, money. okay. some money So, what else is there other than that?”

    Eun-ho's face, with his back straight, got worse.

    “As Heeyeon explained, he’s a perfect man.”

    Heeyeon became even more apologetic and uncovered Yoo Jihyuk's shortcomings as much as possible.

    “He doesn't know what a joke or humor is. It's no fun. How strict is tuberculosis and how strict it is. Even if there is a slight twist in work, I immediately put my voice down and say, 'Explain it, Yoo Hee-yeon.' Because this is it.”

    “He is sincere, clean, and does his job well. After all, there is a reason why it has a high popularity.”

    Should a person be called positive or negative? Eun-ho's expression looked endlessly depressed.

    “I have to take a taxi from here. I'll go in first."

    Hee-yeon, who decided that it would be better to just turn it off, stood by the roadside and posed for a taxi actively.

    “Can I get you a ride?”

    "it's okay. Taxi is convenient. Goodbye then!”

    Heeyeon got on the taxi that stopped in front of her and waved her hand. Why was she walking alone with the person who brought the car? She was a little suspicious, but she said yes. Baek Eun-ho was a good person. He always expressed his feelings, but kept the line not to burden his support, and was sincere enough to go to the cafe every morning and close late at night. Although he monopolized the popularity of female employees with his curly face and well-balanced body, he never acted recklessly. He even excelled at his cooking skills. He was so popular that his desserts sold better than coffee. He shook a little. If it was that person, he seemed to make Eun-in happy. On behalf of that 'battery' bastard.

    “Still, you have to trust him.”

    Self-talk leaked out of Heeyeon's mouth like the wind. During her life as her brother and sister, Yoo Ji-hyuk had never once asked Hee-yeon for anything. He never had a conversation outside about his company life. How surprised he was when Yoo Ji-hyeok asked Hee-yeon for help for the first time.

    -'I like Kang Ji-won. not. I love you.'

    He really cut both front and back, and Yoo Ji-hyuk spoke dryly. Hee-yeon knew that this older brother was crazy with his heavy work, and she felt pity for a while. Of course she didn't make fun of her.

    -'Gwangjuwon, give me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ji-hyeok grabbed Hee-yeon's neck by the nape of the hula dance to the beat, subdued her, and continued.

    -'You help me.'

    -'Okay, so let's talk about this!'

    As Hee-yeon struggled, Yoo Ji-hyuk finally released the nape of his neck.

    -'What are you asking for help? suddenly.'

    I thought it would be a request to do well with Kang Ji-won, to separate him from Deputy Park, or something like that. If it was such a request, I thought I would never grant it. However, Yoo Ji-hyuk is the first to see Hee-yeon in her life with painful, hard eyes. 'Kang Ji-won, I want to make you happy,' he said.

      *** -Ding dong, ding dong. The doorbell rang. Jiwon sat down on her lap and tried to put down the clinging stick.

    “I’m sitting. I will do it.”

    Jihyuk got up and opened the front door. The owner of the tenancy shop, who recognized him, smiled shyly.

    “Hey, I found the wrong lake again.”

    “It’s right here.”

    “… … ?”

    President Choi pulled out his head and looked at the house next door, and then checked the inside of the house behind Jihyuk's back.

    “Heh heh, that’s right. You two were close friends.”

    The eyes of CEO Choi who took out two bowls of jajangmyeon and sweet and sour pork one after another from the iron bag were subtle. Ji-hyeok pondered whether or not to explain, but silently paid for the food. It was also funny to explain it to someone who didn't ask.

    “I have to treat you.”

    Jiwon, who could not put down Pang, gave an apologetic expression.

    “I’ll treat you next time.”

    “Then I will definitely live next time.”

    "Yes. So for now, don’t even lift your hand and just eat.”

    Jihyuk pulled the living room table to the front of Jiwon and set the food. When I cracked the wooden chopsticks and rubbed them against the edge of the bowl, the tightly wrapped wrap was neatly cut.


    Ji-hyeok folds the rap upside down and uses it as a spoon stand, and Ji-won bursts out a little exclamation.

    "I don't think you'll ever eat anything like this, but you're very good at it."

    “Pang-bap’s duty is so much that he likes jajangmyeon, so I ate it along with it.”

    “Are you Shin-Woo?”

    "Yes. Thanks to that, I tried all the Chinese restaurants in this neighborhood. This is the best.”

    Ji-hyeok took scissors and cut the noodles twice in the same direction.

    “I thought my dad was the only one who cut jjajangmyeon like this.”

    Ji-hyuk's hand, who was rubbing the jajangmyeon sprinkled with red pepper powder, stopped a little at Ji-won's words.

    “If the noodles are long, the seasoning will splatter on the clothes, and if you cut them crosswise, the middle part will be too short, making it difficult to eat. Is it my father's own philosophy?"

    It is only when the small things become a memory that the small things are happiness, and longing often sticks out of the memory. Ji-Hyeok wrapped the jjajangmyeon that Ji-Hyeok had rubbed into his chopsticks, put it in his mouth, and chewed the nostalgia.

    “It’s the philosophy of a good man.”

    Ji-hyeok took a drink and pushed it to Ji-won. Jiwon's eyes widened.

    “How did you know my dad was a good person?”

    “It is said that children are the mirror of their parents. Anyone who sees Jiwon Kang will think so.”

    “I am not that good of a person.”

    The sincerity of Ji-won's tone was evident, and Ji-hyeok almost burst into laughter.

    “Aren’t you underestimating yourself too much? Children are the mirror of their parents.”

    Jiwon tried to deny it again, but suddenly shut her mouth. A child is a mirror of her parents. If I am a good person, my dad is a good person too. If I am a bad person, my father is also a bad person. Then I have to be a good person.

    “I don’t know if Kang Ji-won knows.”

    Jihyuk raised his hand and patted Fang between his ears.

    “Pang is a huge blind spot for people. But I follow Kang Ji-won like this. It has a very good reputation within the company.”

    “I am?”

    Support's expression darkened.

    “Not at all. It's gotten a bit better lately, but from the time I joined the company until a few months ago, I couldn't get along with people at all. Everyone must have thought I was weird.”

    “I just thought it was difficult to get to. If that was the case, how could Ji-won Kang get promoted so quickly and get good grades in every HR exam?”

    Really? Jiwon doubted that Yoo Ji-hyuk was just saying something to please him, but he was serious as always. He wasn't the kind of person who would lie to make his mood go away. Jiwon's self-worth rose a bit.

    “Jjajangmyeon, it’s delicious. Do you like the food here?”

    A little embarrassed, Jiwon turned around. But his expression was much brighter than before. Jihyuk originally hated salty and oily food. The way to tear the jjajangmyeon was also followed by watching Kim Shin-woo do it.

    “Jjajangmyeon here is my third favorite dish.”

    “Third? What is the second and the first?”

    “It’s a secret.”

    But this noodle dish, filled with a lump of flour and a black, oily sauce, has now become Jihyuk's third favorite. The first was rice flour, and the second was pork soup.



    “Brother, I want to go out.”

    Still, I got on the plane saying it was new. It was good at first, but after staying in the hotel for over a day, Su-min, who became bored as he got bored, gently rubbed Min-hwan's shoulder.

    “Come out alone.”

    “I am heavy. And how does a woman get around here alone?”

    “Go out and swim. I'm busy, so don't touch me."

    Minhwan still fixed his eyes on the graph and pushed Sumin away.

    “Are you going to come out like this?”

    Sumin's voice filled with irritation.

    “Can I tell my father right now? The money you gave me to buy a house, is my brother stocking all of them?”

    “Jung Soo-min!”

    “Ah, the boat is packed.”

    Sumin grabbed her stomach and moaned. Park Min-hwan, who couldn't even scream, grabbed the mouse he was about to throw and looked only at the graph. It was an important buying time.

    “Okay, so stay alone for a second. You're not doing this because your brother came on a trip to say good-bye, right?"

    “I’ve been saying that since yesterday. If it's the next day, you're going home. If that's the case, then why did you travel?"

    “I told you to go and have a baby. You were the one who said you had to go.”

    “If anyone sees it, they will know that I dragged my brother by the collar. Would you be like this even if you came with Jiwon?”

    Sumin stopped aegyo and sat down on the bed sarcastically.

    “Why is Jiwon appearing here again?”

    Min-hwan looked at Su-min with frowned eyes. Jiwon Kang, Jiwon Kang, Jiwon Kang. Park Min-hwan wasn't the only one who couldn't escape the shadow. Sumin thought of support all day. The moment you thought you stole your best, Kang Ji-won on the wedding day showed up with something even better.

    "okay. I don't even need to talk. Because Kang Ji-won has just changed to Director Yoo. Were you two very friendly?”

    “What do you think you know? Yoo Ji-hyuk was accusing Ji-won. Jiwon won't accept that bastard. Even if you accept it, it’s hard because of me, so I’m just doing it for a while!”

    Park Min-hwan muttered nonsense with the wind on his unshaven face.

    -'Congratulations on picking up the trash that your friend threw away, Sumin-ah.'

    The words Yeji whispered in Sumin's mind came to mind again. Garbage thrown away by Jiwon Kang. Su-min tried to deny the fact that the man in front of him was just throwing away garbage by all means. Even before he came to Seoul, Su-min knew of Park Min-hwan's existence. In a happy and excited voice, just like when he was talking about his feelings for Eun-ho, Jiwon chatted about 'the wonderful manager I met at the company', and Sumin chirped and urged me to say more. And he stored all the information Jiwon said in his head. To take that man away one day, if that's not possible, to keep him away.

    “Even if it was accumulating, Kang Ji-won must have been the first to collect it. He's basically that kind of kid. Blood is not going anywhere.”

    Park Min-hwan's pupils shook without certainty. Sumin took a deep breath, pretending to be hesitant.

    “He complained to me every day. I should have met Director Yoo Ji-hyuk from the beginning.”

    "Shut up. Jiwon doesn’t say things like that.”

    “I never imagined that you would be my surrogate for so long. He said that if he had met the manager, his company life would have been easier and he would have gotten married sooner. I never imagined that I would put it into practice.”

    Hoping for Park Min-hwan to turn Kang Ji-won's corporate life upside down, Su-min lowered his eyebrows saying it was not possible.

    “I will confess. I, Jiwon, approached my brother at the request. Then I came to really love her brother.”
    Actually, it's not wrong. Sumin looked at Minhwan with sad eyes and thought. First of all, it is Jiwon who put her pride in Park Min-hwan. What idiot brags about my house full of shiny gold bars? Isn't that advertised to come and steal?

    “Again, bullshit. If Jiwon wanted to break up with me, he would have said it directly. Why would you make me do such a thing?”

    Minhwan strongly denied it. A deeper agitation was oozing out of that attitude.

    “That’s how I can legally change into Yoo Ji-hyuk.”

    Sumin spread out a small hand and covered her face, then lifted her head again.

    “Just break up with oppa and meet Yoo Ji-hyuk without end. In the same company, in the same department, how would you do that? You're just a fool to look at. How much do you knock on the calculator inside?”

    Minhwan approached the window and slammed the curtain. The hotel room, which had been full of sunlight, was filled with gray twilight. He stood still, thinking about something, and then turned around.

    "great. Let's say Jiwon really asked you like that. Why do you do what you tell me to do?”

    Of course, the answer to that question was also prepared.

    “It was Jiwon. If he and Yoo Ji-hyeok do well, he'll get along with the manager, so it's good for me too. I've always been attracted to Jiwon since I was little, so I had no choice but to do it this time as well. Jiwon made me wait in my brother's car, and Jiwon called me and went to Sanggyunrye instead. I did everything Jiwon told me to do. But that's not all.”

    Su-min got up from the bed and walked towards Min-hwan. As if in shock, he wrapped his arms around his waist and rested his face on his chest. He could hear his heartbeat under his tight pectoral muscles, and the scent of perfume was still sweet. I didn't pick up the garbage that Jiwon Kang threw away. I stole what I value. You must be hated, despised, hated by this person. It was self-hypnosis, close to his brainwashing.

    “I liked you from the first time I saw you. I wanted to continue working in the same company as my brother, so I tried to become a full-time employee. So, when Jiwon asked me to seduce my brother, I was honestly happy.”

    "Do not be ridiculous. You just needed a place to stick to because Kim Kyung-wook is gone.”

    “No, brother. That must be really wrong!”

    Minhwan tried to push Sumin away. Su-min felt it and grabbed the collar of Min-hwan's gown with both hands and looked up at him.

    “I admit that I was close with Kim Kyung-wook. Even so, if you become a full-time employee, you can be by your side. But soon he realized that wasn't all. No matter how much he wanders around, he always looks at Jiwon, and even if his body is next to him, his heart is with him. Actually, really... … Jiwon is for me... … .”

    Sumin took a deep breath and exhaled like a sigh. And once, twice, three times. After repeating deep breathing several times, Sumin closed his eyes tightly and exhaled as if squeezing.

    “Even if I’m pregnant, I’m struggling to get my brother away from me somehow.”

    Minhwan was silent for a few seconds. It was a word he had just heard with his ears, but it was not easily reached in his head. You say 'because I'm pregnant'?

    "Say it again. pregnancy... … what?"

    Tears were dripping down again from Sumin's wide open eyes.

    “Brother, black… … . I loved my brother so much. He said that if Jiwon doesn't do that, he'll tell me everything about how I approached oppa on purpose... … .”

    I really didn't want to believe this. It was a story that shouldn't have happened. Min-hwan clenched Su-min's shoulder as if to crush him, and clasped it to her face and shouted.

    “Speak right! So, are you intentionally pregnant? Was it all a lie to say that I was okay because I took the contraceptive pill?”

    Sumin's lips twitched like that of a goldfish.

    “I said that if I do that, I can marry my brother. If I marry my brother, I can meet Yoo Ji-hyuk freely, so it's a good deal for both of us. I really felt like I was catching straw. So I did what I was told... … .”

    Minhwan was engulfed in anxiety that he was going to make a bigger statement than what he had heard. just as expected. Sumin, who had opened and closed his lips for a long time, finally spit out his final confession.

    “Ugh, I miscarried… … .”

    The strength was released from Min-hwan's hand. Legacy? A miscarriage in the yard where you separated, registered your marriage, gathered all your relatives, and even held a wedding?

    “… … when?"

    A mixture of absurdity and anger became cold. Su-min, startled by Min-hwan's unexpected reaction, shook his wet eyelashes even more pitifully.

    “Meet Jiwon at the hospital, and the next day.”

    Sumin sat down on the bed and began to sob in earnest.

    “Jiwon took me and forced me to kneel on the floor of the hospital room. It hurts so bad that I hit the wrong place back then. As soon as he saw him, he cursed and yelled at the whale whale, and I was so scared. Whoa... … . But the next day, I bled, and when I went to the hospital, black, black, it was a miscarriage. uhhh... … .”

    Minhwan also saw Sumin kneeling at that time. He looked and pretended not to know. Min-hwan ripped off his hair, which was about to explode with a sense of betrayal and anger.

    “Why say that now! You should have said it then! Fuck you, damn it!”

    “How do you say it? Father and mother are expecting so much. My brother's child is dead, hehehehehe. How do I say it!”

    Su-min, who was crying out of breath, grabbed Min-hwan's hem and begged.

    “Please pretend you don’t know, brother. Jiwon said that he was good at connecting with manager Yoo Ji-hyeok and that he would help his brother get promoted. we got married like this You can have another child. Right, brother?”

    “Shut that mouth. It’s embarrassing.”

    Min-hwan roughly took the hem of his shirt from Su-min's hand.

    “Having a child you don’t even have, your stomach hurts every day, what do you want to eat? Even if I blame Kang Ji-won, you are the same. You are even worse!”

    “But what about it? we are a couple now How long have you been married, are you going to get a divorce?”

    Minhwan wanted to do that right away. The moment he stamped the marriage certificate, no. He was willing to sell his soul if he could go back to the moment he drank and drove to Sumin's house.

    “Divorce is easy. Divorce is never allowed in my family. In the yard where I took all my family and relatives and even held a wedding, damn it!”

    “Are you regretting marrying me?”

    Sumin said in a sad voice.

    “If I had married Ji-won Kang, it would have been more terrifying. She let her and me seduce her brother, and switched to Yoo Ji-hyeok, who looks brighter. She probably would have been the same if she married. Then her brother would be a real divorced man. I don't resent support. Thanks to Jiwon, I met her older brother and became her husband and wife. I don't need money or job titles. I just need a brother. The person who truly loves and cares for oppa is not Kang Ji-won, but Jung Soo-min, oppa... … .”

    Su-min's confession, which is mournful and moving, did not come too close to Min-hwan. On the day of the wedding, Ji-won and Ji-hyeok, who looked like a pair of movie stars on the red carpet, came to mind like a welcome. Min-hwan cut off Yoo Ji-hyuk's wrist, which was placed on Ji-won's shoulder, which only he could touch, in his imagination.

    “Kang Ji-won… … .”

    Mumblings engulfed in frustration and anger flowed out from Minhwan's tightly bitten teeth.

      *** While Min-hwan was on vacation, Ji-won enjoyed being alone. Park Min-hwan's number had been blocked for a long time, and the name of Park Min-hwan was floating in gray on the in-house messenger, the only communication channel. The hardest part for him was trying not to show off in the company that he was feeling good. Since we got married safely, Park Min-hwan would have to leave the company soon. Jiwon glanced over at Minhwan's empty seat. The reason Park Min-hwan resigned from his last life was because the stock hit the jackpot and he turned into a full-time investor. However, the person who made a big profit this time in stock is Jiwon. Park Min-hwan needed another reason to resign. You have to find out why. If you can't find it, you have to create it. Before the 'destiny' of resignation turns to someone else. Jiwon repeatedly made various assumptions and plans in his head and then broke them down. What do we do? What trap should I set? If you touch it by mistake and your fate goes awry, then how do you fix it? - Drumbling, Drumbling. The light ringing of the phone broke Jiwon's thoughts. Heeyeon picked up the receiver first before Jiwon reflexively answered the phone. It was the cleverness of the youngest beloved.

    "yes. This is part 1 of U&K food marketing. Is there anyone you are looking for?”


    It was the voice of a young woman. But what hello? Hee-yeon put her face on her face and looked at her handset, but she responded kindly.


    The other party was silent. Heeyeon spoke slowly again.


    [Are you there, Assistant Manager Kang Ji-won?]

    This time, fluent Korean is back. It was a voice I had heard somewhere.

    “Who is that person from?”

    [You don't need to know. (You don't need to know) Is Assistant Manager Kang Ji-won there?]

    To find someone, the first thing to do is to reveal your name and affiliation. This woman made a squeaky noise, and she eventually found Hee-yeon's precious benefactor. Hee-yeon, who felt suspicious at once, spoke in a very business-like and cold tone.

    “You dialed the wrong number.”

    [what? isn't there U&K? (Isn't that U&K?)]

    "Sorry, you're right, you bet wrong. good luck."

    Heeyeon quickly put down the receiver before the other person spoke again.

    “You will see all the crazy women.”

    Jiwon, who had been quietly listening to the strange conversation next to him, asked.

    “What phone is that? good luck?"

    "I don't know. He didn't even say his name and used English sparingly, and he said that he called the wrong number when he was looking for Assistant Manager Kang. Do you have any calls like this?”

    "Not at all. He's a really weird person."

    Jiwon pondered for a moment about what Jung Soo-min was up to, but he couldn't infer anything from one uncertain phone call.

    “But the next time you call, hand it over to me. I will take it and judge it.”

    “Yes, Mr. Kang. sorry."

    Heeyeon quickly recognized her mistake and bowed her head to apologize. And she, on the one hand, wondered where she had heard this voice, but she never came to mind. Is she just mistaken, she wondered.


      *** Monday morning. Almost all of them had Monday's disease, and loud greetings echoed in the marketing department's first office.

    “I went on vacation. Sorry for interrupting your work!”

    It was a bold greeting for someone who had just married a woman who was an office colleague, boss' lover, and lover's friend. Her employees, as if they had made a promise, threw out clichéd greetings such as 'How are you?', then each went to the bathroom, copied something, or pounded the keyboard vigorously until it didn't work. Park Min-hwan didn't mind the atmosphere, sat down and talked to Joo-ran warmly.

    “Chief Yang, did you do a lot of work while I was away? sorry."

    "yes. I will summarize the work progress and send it to you by e-mail in the morning.”

    Juran responded with a tone that didn't even show the slightest bit of ugliness. Joo Ran also deserves to rub against Ji-hyeok to make a straight distinction between public and private affairs, but Min-hwan couldn't come up with any good words. However, it cannot be completely ignored, so Joo Ran decided to maintain a perfect working relationship with Park Min Hwan. Of course, except for Zhuran, almost all the employees made up their minds in the same way. Thus, the atmosphere of the first part of marketing became unprecedentedly uncomfortable. Even when Kim Kyung-wook was sitting as the manager, the atmosphere had never been this bad. Minhwan felt it all over his body, but he didn't care. He was right when he said, 'He didn't care.' For the rest of his vacation, he was almost drunk. I made hundreds of more calls to support, but of course they didn't connect. In the meantime, all kinds of delusions filled Park Min-hwan's head as if it were a reality. The hatred that Sumin had planted ate the delusion and grew in size like a dark cloud during the rainy season. Before long, the last day of the vacation passed and the dawn came, Park Min-hwan made a decision. Jiwon Kang. Since you used Jung Soo-min to break me, I will also use Yoo Ji-hyuk to break you.
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    Jiwon, who returned home immediately, took off the neat dress he had worked hard on in the morning, hung it up, and changed into comfortable training clothes. It was easier to organize his thoughts as he lay down on the sofa with his light body. Strange. Strange. Strange. In his last life, Jiwon never got pregnant. It is probably the same with Jung Soo-min. But where did this unexpected Jung Soo-min's pregnancy come from? His cell phone vibrated for a long time. Jiwon looked at Yoo Ji-hyuk's name on the screen for a moment and then pressed the call button.

    “Yes, boss.”

    [How is it?]

    “I just came home.”

    A short sigh was heard over the receiver. I felt relieved rather than frustrated.

    [Are you okay?]


    […] … .]

    After the indifferent question of support, Yoo Ji-hyuk's silence continued. After waiting for an answer for a moment, Jiwon asked again.

    “Chief, what did you say?”


    Yoo Ji-hyuk brought up a different story.

    [How do you eat? I wouldn't have gone out without having lunch.]

    “I’m going to eat Jjajangmyeon to commemorate the half serving. Oh, do you know of a good Chinese restaurant in this neighborhood?”

    There were no expectations. Even though he is a resident of the neighborhood where he lived first, it doesn't seem like Yoo Ji-hyuk would order Jjajangmyeon at home.

    [Caution spot. Jjajangmyeon is good. Sweet and sour pork too.]

    Jiwon was astonished. Does Yoo Ji-hyeok make Jajangmyeon by himself at home? Soup to Tangsuyuk?

    [The number will be sent by text message. Enjoy lunch.]

    "Ah yes. The manager too.”

    It's been a minute since I hung up the phone. I received a text message with only a phone number written on it. Jiwon looked at the number and contemplated it. I'm craving jjajangmyeon. I also want to eat sweet and sour pork. I wish there was also jjamppong soup. The decision he made after much agony was daring. let's do it all I was suddenly excited. In my past life, I couldn't even dream of the luxury of ordering delivery food that I couldn't eat. No matter how hard I worked for the company and volunteered to work overtime, the cost of living was not enough, and if I wanted to eat jajangmyeon, I had to boil and eat jajangmyeon. Can Jung Soo-min endure such a life? I was a little curious.

    “I will eat it all. I will order seasoned chicken to lick the seasoning and throw it away.”

    After declaring a luxurious life in a tragic tone, Jiwon immediately called the Chinese restaurant.

    [Yes. It's a small shop.]

    “This is OO Apartment Building 105, Room 1305. If you stir-fry, bring a small cola in the sweet and sour pork set. Does it come with jjamppong soup?”

    [sure. It takes about 40 minutes and costs 10,000 won.]

    “It’s a perfect combination,” said Jiwon, admiring herself, sitting up and taking out her notebook. 40 minutes. Enough time to think. There were several hypotheses about this nonsense. Jiwon jotted down letters in her notebook and organized the hypotheses one by one. one. Jung Soo-min had another man's child. In this case, the likely candidate for the father is Kim Kyung-wook, not Manager Kim Kyung-wook, but instead Kim Kyung-wook. two. Through the rare odds, she miraculously had a child of Min-hwan. Jiwon pondered for a moment, then drew out both of these notes. Jung Soo-min appeared at the pub to meet Baek Eun-ho. At first glance, it looks like she's wearing a new perm hairstyle. No matter how thoughtless and selfish Sumin was, he was not an idiot to give up on the easiest and surest way to have Park Min-hwan. Then there is only one conclusion: Su-min's lie to get Park Min-hwan properly.

    “The lie scale is amazing.”

    Jiwon shook her head. On the other hand, I was even slightly grateful to Sumin, who came out so actively. The memory of making jajangmyeon by myself after thinking about it for three days because I wanted to eat a bowl of jajangmyeon faded as if evaporated. Finally, the long-awaited intercom rang. Jiwon quickly pushed the button on the apartment door and went out to the front door and pricked up her ears. Soon, I heard the elevator coming up and stopped on the floor where Jiwon's house was. It's finally here. With a reverent heart, the deliveryman swung past Jiwon, who opened the front door with money, and rang the doorbell next door. - Ding Dong.

    "who are you?"

    “Delivery has arrived.”


    While Jiwon was watching through the crack in the door, a large man came out of the house next door. It was the 'cat feeder' that Yoo Ji-hyuk was talking about last time.

    “It’s fried chicken and sweet and sour pork, right? You don’t lose weight today.”

    As the delivery man spoke friendly, the man scratched the back of the head.

    “There was no delivery today. Of course I want to, but... … .”

    Then that's mine. Jiwon put on slippers and hurriedly went outside.

    “Sir, that’s like my meal. Room 1305, right?”

    “Room 1305?”

    The delivery man quickly checked the receipt and humbly apologized.

    “That’s right, room 1305. sorry. I come to this house for delivery often, so it has become a habit.”

    "it's okay. Please put it inside.”

    Jiwon opened the front door wide to enter the jajangmyeon and held out the money he had prepared. The man feeding the cat, who had been looking at him with a somewhat envious look, came out completely and greeted Jiwon.

    “Well, how have you been?”

    “Yeah, what… … .”

    It was an awkward relationship. Jiwon bowed his head slightly to say hello, but was startled to find an unfamiliar creature under his feet.


    “Fang! Why are you here!”

    The man was more terrified than the support.

    “Fang? Is your name Pang?”

    Jiwon squatted and carefully reached out his hand. Fang raised her tail at a right angle, as if in a good mood, and bumped her tiny head into Gon Ji-won's hand.



    Jiwon's heart, which was frozen colder than the Arctic glacier, cracked.

    "so cute… … !”

    Pang began to rub his head in Jiwon's hand in earnest. Her heart raced as fast as she did when her stocks took a hit. Jiwon filled her eyes with hearts and stroked her fangs.

    "You're pretty baby. Do you really have a lot of aegyo?”

    “Why is he doing this? And her aegyo is not as good as her own claws.”

    The man feeding the cat was bewildered and stretched out his hand to Fang.


    Fang, who was enjoying Jiwon's touch in the midst of it, slapped the man's hand with his white front paw and cut the balladang's stomach.

    “Aye oh oh.”

    “Oh my gosh… … !”

    Jiwon patted her fluffy, warm cat belly to her heart's content.

    “You have so much aegyo?”

    “Because it doesn’t exist.”

    “It’s so very pretty. Since when was our Pang so pretty? The front feet are pretty and the back feet are pretty too.”

    The sound of a tongue cut in half came out of its own accord. It's the first cat I've ever seen, and as if I'd known it for a long time, it was so adorable that it almost broke my rib.

    “I’m going to burn all the jjajang.”

    Jiwon, whose soul had been stolen by Fang, looked up as the man spoke in a very careful and respectful manner. The delivery man had already gone, and Jiwon's meal was waiting for the owner inside the wide open front door.

    "right. Pang is so cute that I excused myself.”

    Jiwon finally stood up, stroking Fang's head.


    Fang got up and rubbed Jiwon's feet. She seemed to be begging not to go.

    “Oh my gosh, Fang. What do we do?"

    Jiwon couldn't take her foot off easily and burst into tears. In my heart, I wanted to hug him and run away to the house.

    "See you again. My sister will love you a lot.”

    “Miya, Mia.”

    Fang hurriedly circled Jiwon and rubbed his head. Jiwon finally gave up on Jjajang and squatted down again. As if waiting, Pang jumped and landed on Jiwon's lap.


    “Really, why is he doing this? He's basically a chic kid. Neither his master cares whether he enters or leaves.”

    The man, who was in trouble, made an offer that would make Ji-won's ears flutter.

    “Would you like to take me for a moment? You can take me back in the evening.”

    "really? Is that okay?”

    Jiwon couldn't even bring out the word specification, and her eyes twinkled.

    "Yes. I just ate a little while ago, so I just need a little water.”

    "thank you. I'll take good care of you and take you back! Fang, let's go in."

    Jiwon hugged Fang tightly and nodded, nodded, and entered the room. The jjajang was puffy, the jjamppong soup was cold and lukewarm, and the sweet and sour pork was soggy. But thanks to the happiness of eating while running the TV in the living room and stroking the pan with one hand, that was nothing.

    “There was a cat as pretty as you.”

    Jiwon didn't even put away the bowl she ate, but lay down next to Pang and whispered.

    “It’s gone. It's so small and pretty, so someone must have taken it. Will he be doing just as well as you?”

    “Meow,” said Fang, crying as if answering in a pretty voice. When did you fall asleep while lying down like that? -Ding dong, ding dong. Jiwon jumped up at the sound of the doorbell. A sleeping fang, clinging to her support's side, slammed her tail to the floor.

    "Sorry. Are you surprised?”

    I slept too deeply. On the table in the living room, the Chinese dishes were still lying on the table, and a reddish cloud could be seen through the window. -Ding dong, ding dong. The doorbell rang again.

    “I think you came to get a bowl. Wait a minute, Pang-nah.”

    Jiwon, who was rushing to open the door, saw Yoo Ji-hyeok reflected on the intercom screen, and sighed.

    "right. Your father was the manager.”


    Fang replied. Jiwon swallowed his saliva and went out to the front door. In front of the half-open door, Yoo Ji-hyuk looked down with his head down.

    “I’m here to pick up Fang.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's expression and tone of voice seemed to have come not to pick up Fang, but to catch a criminal named Fang.

    "I'm sorry. It's so cute that I took a nap for a while because we took a nap together... … .”

    “You mean Pang was taking a nap with Ji-won Kang?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk narrowed his brow a little and looked at Fang. As the cat feeder said that he doesn't care whether the owner comes or not, Fang stuck to Jiwon's feet and didn't even look at Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "yes. He’s so kind, he’s cute, and he’s cute.”

    Jiwon lifted Fang and held it tightly in her arms. Fang didn't even bother.

    “My dear.”

    “Now I really have to go home. Let's meet again."

    “My oh my oh… … .”

    Fang wept bitterly. But since the owner has come, she has no choice but to let her go. Jiwon kissed Fang's forehead and held it out to Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    “You will be hungry. I don't have any snacks or anything at home.”

    “I will take you and feed you.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk took Pang with one hand and hugged him. Yoo Ji-hyuk and the cat. It didn't suit me at first, but when I saw it in real life, it was even worse.

    “Goodbye, Fang. See you again.”


    Jiwon couldn't take her eyes off Fang. It was impossible to know what a cat could be so fond of.

    “If you want to see Pang, you can come by anytime. Once you get used to it, you can sleep with us at night.”

    Jiwon's heart raced again.

    “Can I sleep with you?”

    "Yes. Because Fang also likes Kang Ji-won.”

    Again, there was no response to decline. Jiwon blushed and nodded in embarrassment. The thought of sleeping close to Pang in the bed already filled with happiness.  



    “Not bad.”

    “In my eyes, too, Mother.”

    Su-min crossed Ja-ok's arms and smiled. Under the ceiling decorated with a huge crystal chandelier, the transparent Virgin Road, as if walking on water, was a wedding hall in a dreamy harmony. Minhwan's face, who had been following him around like a zombie from behind, turned to gray.

    "therefore. A contract?”

    “It’s so urgent that there aren’t a few restaurants that fit the date, oppa.”

    Sumin shook her head. That's not what Minhwan's question was.

    “Do you really need to have dinner? Can't we just live quietly?"

    “Why are you like this these days?”

    Jaok rolled his eyes.

    “You are the only son. Do you know how much of the congratulatory money that Mom and Dad have sent so far? We have to collect them all and have a first birthday party, how are we going to skip the Holadang ceremony?”

    “It’s not that we won’t do it, we’ll do it later. I have an eye for people at work.”

    “I don’t like having children and having a ceremony. Sign a contract today, clean up your room, and stay while you find a newlywed house. Baby, are you all right?”

    "Well… … . The general is fine.”

    As Sumin stroked her flat stomach, Jaok's mouth caught in her ear. Min-hwan, who watched the scene, became dazed. Standing side by side with Sumin at this wedding hall, and thinking about the company people talking behind them, it felt like the rice I ate yesterday came out again. That's just not possible. Minhwan clenched his fists tightly.

    "okay. Let's make a contract here."

    “Really, brother?”

    “I thought about it, Minhwan-ah. It is all your blessings that a wedding hall of this size was punctured on the same day and vacated. Our baby girl and the general are lucky.”


    Minhwan said firmly to the two women who were happy with the fuss.

    “People in the company don’t invite me. I will only call my relatives, my family, my mom and dad acquaintances, and my close friends. I have yielded everything else, so please follow my doctor’s instructions for this.”

    Anyway, I thought this was the best. Now that he could not get married or hold a ceremony, Minhwan had no choice but to not notify the company of the marriage as much as possible.

    “Why don’t you call the people of the company?”

    Jaok asked sarcastically. Sumin bit his lip and looked at Minhwan.

    “I had an open relationship with Jiwon there. Everyone thought we were getting married, but how do you know that we are getting married to Sumin?”

    “Then you won’t tell me for the rest of your life? What the hell is old age! What else are you going to do for your son’s first birthday party?”

    Ja-ok raised his voice. The staff at the wedding hall who was in charge of the guide looked around the three, bewildered by the suddenly harsh atmosphere.

    “I won’t even invite you to the first birthday party. This is really unforgivable. Do you want to see me interfere with my social life?”

    “Does just one girl interfere with your social life? You have to say something that makes sense!”

    “There is such a thing as reputation within the company, Mom. It is also important for promotion. Do you want me to be a representative for many years without being an exaggeration?”

    When words such as promotion or ten-year deputy came up, Jaok visibly flinched. Minhwan thought it was the right time and kept pushing.

    “My friends are calling me. I just don't call my co-workers. It's the wedding, the first birthday party, and I'll do whatever my mom wants me to do. Not just because of one girl, but because I have eyes for other people.”

    Min-hwan had never been so opposed to Ja-ok. You got a promotion there. Ja-ok clicked his tongue once and looked back at Su-min.

    “Baby, I can’t do this.”

    “I don’t care.”

    Sumin smiled like an angel. It doesn't matter whether someone from the company comes or not. If only Kang Ji-won came, that was enough.

    “It’s okay to have a glass of purified water with Mom and Dad and greet each other. My general is my father, what's wrong with you? I don't mind.”

    “Oh my gosh, because she’s so kind, even the three-year-old grandma is so moved that she gives me a lump of good luck. Hwan-ah, be nice to Sae-ga and General. Where in the world is this kid?”

    “Your mother is also Cha-am.”

    Sumin covered her mouth and smiled. Min-hwan turned his head and tried not to look at him. No matter what he did wrong, he could only think about how things got this far. ***

    “Let’s sort it out.”

    6:00 p.m. on the hour. Yoo Ji-hyuk, who cleaned the desk without a single dust, pushed the chair and stood up.

    "thank you for your effort!"

    "see you tommorow."

    “I’ll go in first!”

    “Deputy Park, you’re nice too, but a soju call?”

    The office became noisy with the greetings of employees one by one, the chatter that they endured throughout the working hours, and the sound of pushing and pulling chairs. Jiwon took the opportunity and quietly went to Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    “I have a favor to ask you, manager.”

    “I’m busy right now.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk pulled one sleeve and checked his watch.

    “Then on the phone… … .”

    “Let’s talk as we go. Please come down to Area E on the 2nd basement floor.”

    Without time for Jiwon to refute, Ji-hyeok grabbed a briefcase and strode away. Jiwon sighed, but there was no alternative. On the way home anyway, he has no choice but to ride Yoo Ji-hyuk's car. Still, when I go home, I see Pang. Her mood improved rapidly. With a smile on his lips, Jiwon went back to his seat and grabbed his bag. Her Juran glanced back at her, then came to her and folded her arms.

    “Baby, what are you doing?”

    “It’s a good thing.”

    “Ugh… … .”

    The corners of Jiwon's lips, which were rising up and down, seemed to be shouting, "I'm in a good job." These days, Jiwon usually looks like this. Sometimes he smiled and stared at the phone screen for a long time.


    Juran's voice became very low and secretive.

    “Are you dating these days?”


    Jiwon jumped at the blunt words. If not Juran, he shrugged her shoulders.

    “Somehow it seemed so, so I asked. Why are you so surprised?”

    “It’s because it’s so absurd. I am no longer dating a man.”

    “A young lady who is only twenty-seven years old, really.”

    Juran growled and slapped Jiwon's arm playfully.

    “Actually, there are women whose lives have been ruined because they met the wrong man, but there are no women whose lives have been ruined because they have not met a man. Kang may be wise.”

    “It’s a saying. It’s much better to just live with a cat alone.”

    Jiwon answered, imagining the future of living with Fang. When you groan your side while you sleep, you can feel your soft hair, when you go to work, they come out and rub your body, and when you give them snacks, they eat them deliciously.


    Joo-ran looked suspiciously at Ji-won, who laughed aloud without knowing it, and then laughed along.

    “I envy Kang.”

    “Why, Mr. Yang? The promotion to the manager is also imminent.”

    “You have a choice.”

    Juran's tone was lonely today. It was the same with that sly smile. Jiwon didn't know what to say, so he just stood still.

    “It’s good to be alone. Like white paper, you can draw whatever you want. I already have a set picture, and the only thing I can do is fill it out without gaps.”

    "painting… … .”

    As they chatted, the two got into the elevator. Juran tilted his head to see the support not getting off the lobby as usual.

    “Aren’t you getting off, Deputy Kang?”


    Jiwon hesitated and answered.

    “Have you left something in the office? I have to go back and come back.”

    “Then see you tomorrow. Have a good evening.”

    Juran waved her hand. Jiwon greeted each other through the closing door, then realized that Joo Ran had gotten thinner than before. Tomorrow I will go to a cafe for lunch together. Jiwon blamed herself for neglecting Joo Ran due to various things these days. Area E on the second basement floor, which Yoo Ji-hyeok spoke of, was at the farthest corner, so there was hardly any traffic. Jiwon quickly approached the black sedan as if shooting a spy movie and opened the passenger door.


    “Take a ride. I have somewhere to go.”

    are you going home Jiwon fastened her seatbelt and pulled out the main topic.

    “Today, Pang-.”

    “I am in the hospital. I'm on my way to the hospital now."


    My heart was pounding. Ji-won opened her eyes wide and asked Ji-hyuk quickly.

    “Why hospital? Are you sick? I bought a snack the day before yesterday and gave it to you, did that make you sick?”

    "calm down. It's a health checkup. When it's over, I'm going to pick it up."

    “Ah, health checkup… … .”

    I was so surprised that I was embarrassed. Hmmm, Jihyuk added to Jiwon, who coughed a little.

    “Now I am getting older. The doctor said it is good to have regular check-ups.”

    “You look like a kitten?”

    “I am seven years old. Not too many, but not too little either. From now on, it should be inspected every year.”

    Ji-Hyeok was surprised to find out that Yoo Ji-Hyeok cherishes cats for not having enough.

    “Since when did you grow up?”

    “From the time we were weaned. I was going to take care of it for a while, but there was nowhere to leave it, so I just sat down.”

    “It’s so cute.”

    Jiwon wiggled his fingers as if Fang was already sitting on his lap. Her heart pounded even at the thought of feeding Pang, who was struggling with the health check-up, a delicious snack.


    Yoo Ji-hyuk said abruptly.


    “0, 2, 2, 7.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who slowly emphasized the unknown number, hesitated a little before saying.

    “If I am not there, please enter the password. Fang will love it.”

    0227. It felt like February 27th. is it your birthday I was curious, but Jiwon didn't ask what that meant.

    “I’m not going to be reckless. If there's anything I need to look into the pan, please let me know."

    While Jiwon looked elsewhere, a smile crept across Yoo Jihyuk's lips, holding the steering wheel and staring straight ahead.



    “Ahhh… … .”

    Sumin, who barely fell asleep at dawn because he was playing the bungeoppang game, only woke up after lunchtime.

    “I slept well.”

    It's good because I don't go to work. Sumin smiled and got up and rubbed her flat stomach.

    “Are you awake, baby?”

    Just in time, Jaok's voice was heard outside the door.

    “Yes, mother!”

    Sumin answered softly and got up and lightly touched her head. It would be okay to roll around a little more, but I'm hungry.

    “Did I wake up too late? I just fell asleep and I can't control it, Mother. I'm sorry."

    When Sumin came out and raised the corners of her eyes to apologize, Jaok smiled kindly.

    “It’s natural to fall asleep when you have children. Eat lunch and rest while doing this.”

    At the same time, what Jaok brought out was a piece of cloth and a needle. Sumin frowned, not knowing what it was.

    “What is this?”

    “Taegyoji, what are you doing? It is only when you move your fingers so delicately that a talented son is born. Since we're young girls, we're good at these things, aren't we? Ho ho ho!”

    You want me to make this useless thing yourself? I got really annoyed. I was planning to go in after lunch and bake Bungeoppang or something.

    "sure. Thank you so much for taking care of this, Mother.”

    However, Sumin smiled hehehe and showed his aegyo to Jaok.

    “Being a grandmother is natural. Let's have lunch. Are you hungry?”

    "yes. General wants to eat beef today.”

    As soon as Su-min said that it was beef, Ja-ok ran to the butcher and bought the most expensive Korean beef sirloin. Without lifting a finger, Sumin sat down at her table and ate only the meat that Jaok was grilling.

    “It melts in your mouth, mother. It’s so delicious.”

    “If you crave meat, it’s your son. Seeing him eat so well, it seems that our general is really healthy!”

    Ja-ok forgot to put meat in his mouth and grilled the meat, telling Su-min to eat this, eat that too.

    “The soybean paste stew is done. Hang on, baby.”

    Ja-ok got up and placed a heavy earthenware pot on the table. The savory smell of the boiling marbled soybean paste stew stung my nose. Sumin stared blankly at the soybean paste stew. I was always hungry. When she was young, her mother didn't feed her properly, so she was hungry, and when she went to school, she lived as a 'pretty girl who doesn't eat a lot', so she didn't eat much lunch. The small stature, which has always been a complex, is probably because of that. So, when she got home, clutching her stomach, who had been starving all day, there was nothing to eat. At best, all they had was gochujang, dried anchovies, and yellow and hardened rice. On the other hand, Jiwon always ate well. He said that he would eat a full meal on the plate and eat it again when he gets home. Besides, it was loved. The shock of seeing Jiwon's father for the first time, Sumin still couldn't forget.

    -'Is our princess here? hungry pills? Hey, who's going? Princess friend?'

    -'uh. is my best friend Eat quickly.'

    As soon as I walked in, the smell of soybean paste stew hit my nostrils. A man named Dad greeted Jiwon and Sumin with a bright smile with a ladle in his apron.

    -'You're as pretty as our Ah-ah. But why are you so dry? Frequently, often, oh hey, don't let your dad do delicious things.'

    It was the first day I ate soybean paste stew at home. It was so delicious. I hated Kang Ji-won, who ate it for granted and complained that there was no egg roll. Like me, I thought it was fair to mix old rice with old red pepper paste. Tears rolled down my cheeks and fell on the white rice.

    “Baby, are you crying? why? Is the food bad? Are you unwell?”

    Ja-ok looked at Su-min's face in surprise.

    "no. It's so delicious... … .”

    Sumin sighed and ate a spoonful of soybean paste stew. The soybean paste stew that Ja-ok cooked with all his heart was just as delicious as the one that Kang Ji-won's father cooked.

    “This is the first time I've eaten soybean paste stew. I’ll learn hard too, so I’ll cook it up for my brother so deliciously later.”

    “When you are pregnant, you usually cry a lot. She always boils it because her mother will teach her well. Minhwan takes good care of us too.”

    “Yes, mother.”

    After wiping away his tears, Sumin ate the Korean beef that Jaok was roasting as much as possible. I was really happy. It was a happiness he never wanted to let go of.

    “Eat some more. A person with a son can't use it when it's so dry. Come on, eat some lettuce.”

    Thanks to Ja-ok, who recommends eating for a long time, I didn't even have to eat a little. After filling his stomach with the meat he loved so much, Sumin put down his chopsticks and laughed.

    “I am really full now. You ate well, Mother.”

    “Hey, eat some more. Our grandchildren eat it all.”

    Jaok, who shoved the leftover meat into her mouth with a look of regret, brought a box from the veranda.

    “Drink some of this when you’re done eating.”

    “Is it a medicine?”

    The name of the clinic was written on the outside of the box. To Su-min, who tilted his head, Ja-ok cut the plastic pouch snout the size of a palm and held it out.

    “It’s carp juice. This is so good for pregnant women.”

    “Carp juice… … ?”

    It was an awkward name. Sumin forgot the emotion he had received from the soybean paste stew and hesitated to receive the plastic pouch. I hadn't even spoken yet, but a disgusting fishy smell came up.


    Su-min shook his head and vomited in vain, but Ja-ok didn't care.

    “This is so good for my son. Close your nose and drink. Do you know how difficult it is to make carp juice in this house?”

    Mother, this is impossible… … .”

    “Where are you? If you eat it from the beginning of pregnancy, your baby will grow up and give birth safely. It’s only a few sips, so drink quickly.”

    There is no such thing as a good kid. Sumin put the horse that came up to his throat and bit it hard.

    "well… … I will eat.”

    “Yes, it is. Eat quickly.”

    Ja-ok was watching, so I couldn't throw it away. Sumin finally squeezed his nose and poured the carp juice into his mouth. Next to him, Jaok squeezed the pouch and gave him the last drop of carp juice.


    As soon as I let go of my nose, vomiting came up. I felt like I was going to vomit even the delicious Korean beef I ate earlier.

    “If you vomit, you have to eat again. Even if it rains a little, be patient. Can't you do that when you're a mother?"

    Tears welled up in Sumin's eyes. This time, it wasn't a fake, and it wasn't tears of emotion. I just cried because it was so fishy and disgusting.

    “Drink water. Yes, that’s right.”

    Jaok, who gave me warm water, smiled.

    “Drink two sachets daily, morning and evening. You must never miss it.”

    “This… … . Two poos every day?”

    One grape is so painful, I eat two grapes every day. Su-min looked at Ja-ok as if he had been sentenced to death.

    “Is this enough to give birth to a handsome son? What is all the carp juice when the mother gives birth to Minhwan? I couldn’t even eat it because there was no one to give it to me!”

    That means he didn't eat it. Su-min, who became even more resentful, was about to open his mouth, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

    "Who is it?"

    Ja-ok wiped his hands on his apron and went out to the front door. At that moment, Sumin squatted on the floor and did as much as he could, even though he was nauseous.

    “Wow, whoop! Whoops!”

    I couldn't vomit and my stomach just got worse. Sumin got up staggering and followed Jaok to the front door. The delivery driver was putting a heavy box inside.

    “Did you deliver?”

    “Your wedding invitations are already out. Baby, sit down and fold this. I have to send it all to her relatives.”

    “A wedding invitation? I haven't made it yet... … .”

    “Mom did it all. Where do you have time to care about this? I’ve even picked out all the dresses and hanboks, so you just have to wear them.”

    “A dress and hanbok? Haven't you seen it?"

    “So it doesn’t mean that my mother chose it. Pregnant women can do prenatal education at home, eat carp juice, and then do that. you're really lucky Where in the world is a mother-in-law like this?”

    “Are you filming a wedding?”

    "He's really, really, really loud. How do you do that when you're pregnant? Even if I take pictures that are only expensive, I don't even look at them. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa After I have a baby, I will take a family photo.”

    “Mother, anyway, I have to go to the dress shop!”

    Ja-ok immediately opened his axe's eyes when he made a loud noise unintentionally.

    “Minhwan still doesn’t like to hold a ceremony, but if he asks to go to a dress shop, he will come out well. And how do you tell a hard-working kid to come out and walk around every weekend? If that's the case, then she just don't even get married!"

    She was tough enough to think that it was her mother-in-law who roasted Korean beef earlier. Sumin didn't respond at all and just licked his lips. She really didn't know if she had to try on a wedding dress once and get married if her wedding was cancelled.

    “… … No, mother.”

    Sumin crumpled up her pride and opened the delivery box. It contained a lot of colorful wedding invitations with the characters of the bride and groom holding a traditional wedding ceremony.

    “How are you? Isn't she pretty?"

    It was rustic. I wanted to make a simple and pretty wedding invitation with gold leaf.

    "yes. Your eyes are the best.”

    Sumin made a noise he didn't even want and took out his cell phone. There was someone who would be the first to announce that the wedding invitation had been released.

    [Jiwon-ah, are you busy?]

    It must have been five minutes since the message was sent. Tiling, the reply has arrived.

    [Just stay here. why?]

    [I have something to give you. Would you like to meet me after work today?]

    I felt like I wanted to record the face of Jiwon who received the wedding invitation.

    [OK. I'll call you when I'm done.]

    done. The corners of Sumin's lips, holding the phone, were torn and raised.



    A chat window sent by Minhwan came to mind through the in-house messenger window. Jiwon made a small impression and tried to turn the window off.

    [Wait a minute. It is important to say.]

    I heard Park Min-hwan's urgent typing sound from the seat next to me. What kind of nonsense are you trying to spread over and over again? Jiwon glanced around and looked at the monitor with his arms crossed.

    [Don't talk about Jung Su-min and me to the company. Also, keep it a secret that you're getting married. please.]

    As Jiwon stared at the monitor without answering, Min-hwan Park, who became even more impatient, quickly taps the keyboard.

    [I won't bother you again. You just need to keep this. You too, wouldn't it be nice to hear that your fiancée and your friend are getting married?]

    Jiwon then put his hand on the keyboard and sent a reply leisurely.

    [I'm not fiance, I'm fiancee. It's not bad for me to hear rumors, but don't worry, I don't have any intention of bragging about it. effort.]

    Park Min-hwan was about to say something more. However, at that very moment, Yoo Ji-hyeok entered the office and drew attention with a loud voice.

    "for a moment. Pay attention.”

    Then, Director Lee Jun-seok with a large box appeared and stood next to Yoo Ji-hyuk. The employees stopped what they were doing and looked at them.

    “I’m Jun-seok Lee, who will be working with me in the first marketing department starting today.”

    "Nice to meet you!"

    Lee Jun-seok bowed his head in greeting.

    “This is Lee Jun-seok. I've been in the development department all the time, so I can't be good at marketing, so please teach me a lot from seniors!"

    Clap clap clap clap, satisfying applause poured out. Yoo Ji-hyuk looked around his office and stopped looking at Ji-won.

    “I’m sorry, Kang Ji-won.”


    Jihyuk raised his finger and pointed to the seat next to Heeyeon. It used to be Sumin's desk, but now it's empty.

    “Would you mind moving? To teach Yoo Hee-yeon about work. It will be more convenient for Lee Jun-seok to learn from Yang Joo-ran in the same place as Kang Ji-won.”

    Jiwon was so happy that he almost stood up. Still, how uncomfortable it was to sit next to Park Min-hwan. However, he couldn't move his seat terribly, and he was just waiting for the day he would leave the company.

    "yes. I'll move it right now. Sir, can you help me change the computer?”

    Park Min-hwan's face was noticeably distorted when he answered in the guise of calmness. Of course he didn't care at all.

    “Of course I have to help.”

    Jun-seok smiled sadly and helped Ji-won move. Thanks to Jun-seok's help, the small move was completed in an instant. Jiwon sat in a new chair with a refreshing feeling and gave a high-five with Heeyeon, while Junseok sat down in Jiwon's old seat. Juran was happy with Junseok inside. He was irritably strict at his first meeting, but once they started working together, he showed incredible drive and quick and accurate work skills. With this level of talent, he was confident that even if he was new to marketing, he would quickly polish it up and put it to good use.

    “Come on. Now we are real friends.”

    Juran smiled brightly and turned back to greet him warmly.

    “You are a colleague, Mr. Yang. I’m lucky.”

    “I am lucky that this chief is here. I wish you all the best in the future.”

    “Chief, I have a question!”

    Heeyeon raised her hand and shouted. Yoo Ji-hyuk pointed to Hee-yeon with her eyes.

    "Please speak."

    “Aren’t we having a party? Director Lee Jun-seok is new!”

    “I thought that was the question.”

    Everyone laughed out loud. Except for Park Min-hwan and Yoo Ji-hyuk, who always smiles.

    “Then we have a simple dinner. Only those who will go will go, and those who will fall don't notice and just leave. Yoo Hee-yeon, who spoke up, contacted the location and got confirmation from Kang, and make a reservation.”

    “Aww! thank you!"

    After all, good food tastes best when eaten with company money. Hee-yeon opened up a list of restaurants that she had carefully arranged with her heart pounding at the thought of having dinner for free.

    “Hey hey~ Guardians~ What are you doing?

    The venue Hee-yeon chose for a party never failed. Thanks to that, the participation rate for the first part of the marketing party was almost 98%. In fact, everyone except Juran was attending. I want to eat too. Jiwon salivated while anticipating which restaurant he would go to today. But, coincidentally, it was the day I decided to meet Jung Soo-min. Is it a dinner party that the restaurant is waiting for, or is it Sumin who comes out with 'something to give'? The head shouted Jung Soo-min and the stomach shouted for a dinner party, leading Ji-won to endless worries.

    “I have made a decision, Deputy Kang.”

    Soon, Hee-yeon sent an e-mail with a saddened voice. [Today's meeting place and cost resolution] It was a fairly luxurious restaurant. A photo of a table with juicy steak, refined pasta, and red wine that goes well with food caught Jiwon's attention. This could never be missed.

    "how about it? Awesome, right? It's great quality for the price. It's a lot cheaper than going out and eating pork belly in soju. And the last time I went, the pasta was out of this world.”

    "Perfect. If there is a separate dining department, Heeyeon is the head of the department.”

    Jiwon seriously praised him and immediately confirmed the 'resolution for today's dinner venue and cost'. Jung Soo-min should ask to meet tomorrow. Jiwon's hand, who opened the phone to send a message, stopped.

    -'I have something to give you. Would you like to meet me after work today?'

    I was about to ask to meet him because he wanted to do some trickery. However, I suddenly became curious about the identity of the 'thing to give'. Jung Soo-min and Park Min-hwan are getting married. Park Min-hwan tries to keep that fact a secret. Jung Soo-min tries to give her something. Just before the wedding, there was only one thing she had to give to her friend. invitation. How did you share in the first life? Jiwon traced her memory. It was a meeting place. Instead of Jiwon, who had his head bowed down at an unfamiliar dinner, Park Min-hwan handed out wedding invitations one by one.

    -'I'm really getting married.'

    They did not raise their heads to look at them, but the shaky tones of those who received the wedding invitations were clearly in their ears.

    -'Chu, congratulations. Deputy Park.'

    '- Have a good life.'

    So I put my head down on the table. 'Why is Park Min-hwan with him?' I couldn't afford to face those eyes. Meanwhile, Sumin was overjoyed and made a fuss.

    -'It's so good, Jiwon! You two get along really well. I'll give you the bouquet, huh? Park Soo-woo for all of us to this well-matched pair!'

    It was a wedding invitation that no one truly blessed.


    Heeyeon, who was choosing the menu with serious eyes, looked back at Jiwon.


    “Would you mind making a reservation for that restaurant in my name?”

    “The name of the person making the reservation is Assistant Manager Kang?”

    “I’ll beg you.”

    “It’s not difficult.”

    Heeyeon smiled. She smiled as she heard Hee-yeon's voice making a reservation call to Jiwon-do's restaurant.



    “It’s so dazzling and dazzling~ No no no no no~”

    Sumin dressed up as much as she could, and stood in front of the mirror and turned around. The hem of her pale sky-blue skirt floated lightly like a cloud, and she turned around, and she sat down gently.

    “Sae, where are you going?”

    "It's a surprise!"

    Sumin was startled by the sudden arrival of Ja-ok without knocking, but then made her voice lively.

    “I’m going to give my friend a wedding invitation.”

    “The skirt is too short. How can a pregnant woman wear such clothes?”

    The skirt I wore today was knee-length. Sumin protested by pulling the skirt hem.

    “It’s not very short. If it's too long, it'll make your legs look thick."

    Jaok, who had completely ignored the protest, opened the closet door.

    “This is too short. This pattern is frivolous. what else is this? take it away right now No, Mom will clean it up and throw it away.”

    After going through the dresses hanging in the closet one by one, Jaok pulled out a black dress that reached almost to her ankles.

    “It’s the best. Wear this and go out.”

    “It’s way out of fashion.”

    “Are pregnant women looking fashionable now? We walked around so frivolously, and when anyone sees us, they curse at our family. You are no longer a young girl, but the daughter-in-law of the Park family, Min-hwan is the wife, and the general is the mother!”

    Ja-ok's voice rang out, which made all the goals rang out. But he couldn't even resist because Jaok was the only place he could trust. In the end, Sumin came out crying and eating mustard, wearing an outdated black dress and calling Jiwon.

    [Yes, Sumin-ah.]

    Support's voice was dark. I feel a little better.

    “Is it time for work? Where shall we meet, Jiwon?”

    [Let's go to a delicious house. How about steak and pasta?]

    “Wow! Sumin is the best in the world for steak and pasta!”

    Sumin was overjoyed. Jiwon's unhappy laughter could be heard over the phone.

    [Then I'll give you the address. I'll make a reservation under Kang Ji-won's name, so come by 7pm.]

    After checking the text message, Sumin took out a hand mirror and checked her makeup. Her clothes were terribly poor, but her face was still pretty, and her hair was nicely wavy.

    “See you in a little bit, Jiwon-ah.”

    Sumin's lips were sweet.

    The restaurant that Jiwon had reserved was quite large. I also liked the jazz that goes well with the modern atmosphere.

    "welcome. Have you made a reservation?”

    Sumin smiled and answered the employee's question.

    "yes. Kang Ji-won.”

    “I’ll take you inside.”

    The staff guided Su-min to the innermost seat. Instead of a door, a light curtain was placed on the partition, making it difficult to see inside.

    "Have a good time."

    With an obligatory but friendly greeting, the staff pulled the curtains. The people who were sitting a little cluttered all at once stopped talking and looked at me.

    “… … !”

    Sumin stopped breathing, unable to go in or out.

    “Mr. Jung Soo-min?”

    Someone spoke shaky. Heeyeon then asked in a high voice.

    “Soomin unnie? How did you get here?”

    All of the first part of the marketing was gathered there. Not only Yoo Ji-hyeok, but Joo-ran, who was always absent from dinner, and Lee Jun-seok, the head of the development department, were also with him. Park Min-hwan's eyes, which were wide enough that they couldn't get any bigger, looked straight at Su-min. All those eyes and the atmosphere spoke. This is not the place for Jung Soo-min to come.

    “Ah, I, Jiwon… … .”

    The curtain was pulled again behind Sumin, who was stuttering and trying to step backwards.

    "I'm here?"

    Jiwon looked down at Su-min, who looked back quickly, with a calm gaze.

    “It’s a little late.”

    Jiwon said softly, wrapped Sumin's shoulder and led him inside.


      The chair was empty in the right place, as if it had been prepared for Su-min. It would be appropriate to say that it was intentionally empty. It was the seat next to Park Min-hwan, where Ji-won had just been sitting.

    “Sorry for the sudden. Although Sumin left the company a little uncomfortable, I have important news to share, so I took advantage of the party to prepare a seat.”

    Jiwon still smiled and pulled out a chair for Sumin to sit on. Park Min-hwan's hand, clenched in a fist under the table, glanced across his field of vision.

    “Any news? suddenly?"

    Even in the midst of this, Heeyeon chewed a piece of steak and asked.

    “Good news. It’s news that everyone will know soon anyway.”

    Jiwon grabbed Sumin's shoulder and sat next to Park Minhwan. The very scene that exists only in Jiwon's memory, in the same place. After putting Sumin in the seat where he was originally sitting, there was only one seat left. Jiwon walked straight to it and sat down on an empty seat. Next to him, Yoo Ji-hyuk took out a new fork and knife and placed it in front of Ji-won.

    “Let’s continue eating.”

    Everyone moved their forks again as if the spell had been released at Yoo Ji-hyuk's words. However, all eyes and nerves were focused on Su-min.

    “Aren’t you going to talk, Sumin-ah? Everyone is waiting.”

    Jiwon asked while rolling the pasta. Sumin licked her slightly pale lips with difficulty.

    “I, that’s… … . It's so sudden... … .”

    Park Min-hwan grabbed Su-min's hand under the table and tightened it.

    'shut up.'

    It was a very small whisper that only Sumin could hear.

    'You say you're going to the bathroom and leave. Never contact support again.'

    Even if Minhwan didn't mention Jiwon at the end of the whisper, Sumin would probably just keep his mouth shut. It was the mistake of Park Min-hwan, who did not know the person Jung Soo-min well yet. The corners of Sumin's eyebrows became sharp and then folded in an instant. His cheeks were blushing shyly, and his lips were brimming with laughter. She was a lovely figure, like the heroine of a pure manga.

    “I’m sorry for not being able to speak to you and suddenly resigning.”

    Sumin got up from her seat. Min-hwan was startled and tried to pull Su-min, but, being aware of the gaze around him, he put his hand down.

    “Actually, I’m married.”

    The mouths of the employees were equally wide open like salt. marriage? suddenly? with who? maybe him?


    Starting with Hee-yeon's first question, a baptism of questions poured out here and there.

    “Jung Soo-min, are you really getting married?”

    “I, that, that, and that person?”

    The 'that person' here was, of course, Kim Kyung-wook. who else is there Kim Kyung-wook and Jung Soo-min are a male couple recognized by everyone.

    “Who is he talking about?”

    Sumin asked shyly and took out a white envelope from her handbag. invitation. Park Min-hwan recognized the object at first sight and reflexively grabbed Su-min's wrist.


    That even that act was a mistake, I realized the next moment, after feeling the atmosphere even more cheap.

    “Park, why are you doing this? Your face is red.”

    Deputy Hwang, who is close to Park Min-hwan, asked. While Minhwan paused and put his hand down, Sumin's hand moved calmly, taking out the contents from the white envelope and showing it.

    “I’m getting married. Deputy Park and me.”

    Everyone stopped moving and only blinked their eyes. Their eyes were busy looking at Park Min-hwan, Jung Soo-min, wedding invitations, and Ji-won, respectively. Jiwon almost burst out laughing when she saw Heeyeon's knife pointed exactly at the couple.

    "congratulation. The two get along really well. Will you give me the bouquet?”

    Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clapper

    “Why do you look like that? Give me a round of applause.”

    A few others reluctantly clasped their palms. One by one, warm greetings that did not contain any congratulations were sent.

    "congrats… … . Uh, yes.”

    “Don’t talk. haha… … .”

    Heeyeon savagely twisted the corners of her lips as she clashed her knife and fork instead of clapping her hands. Park Min-hwan bowed his head. Sumin pretended not to know anything, and bowed to his employees one by one to thank them.

    "thank you. I will live well. Thank you thank you!"

    "stop it."

    When Park Min-hwan openly held Su-min's hand tightly, the atmosphere became even more awkward. No one, not even Hee-yeon, touched the food. The pasta was about to explode and the steak was cold and tough. Jiwon took a sip of wine, watching the unfamiliar scene.

    "sorry. I will get up first.”

    Minhwan got up from his seat and pulled Sumin away.

    “Wait, Sumin-ah.”

    Jiwon summoned Sumin. It wasn't a loud voice at all, but everyone was very nervous.

    “I’m going to give you a wedding invitation. Didn't you bring it to give me?"

    Sumin held the wedding invitation in her hand. There was clearly written text on the white envelope. [To my dear Jiwon]

    “Give me it.”

    Jiwon, who dared to stand up from his seat, approached each other and held out his hand. Sumin looked at Jiwon's face, still holding the wedding invitation. Anger, loss, jealousy, humiliation. Looking forward to finding those feelings.

    “I blinked. Here you go.”

    "thank you."

    But there was no such thing. Even at the fingertips of calmly receiving the wedding invitation and opening it, instead of the pain that Sumin wanted, there was plenty of room.

    “I will definitely attend. Congratulations again.”

    Sumin was confused. Why do you look like that? Aren't you sad? Aren't you jealous or annoyed? Why are you so casual?

    “Let’s go quickly.”

    Minhwan bit his molars and dragged Sumin out. Sumin couldn't take her eyes off Jiwon until the end and disappeared out of the curtain.

    “… … Wow."

    Deputy Hwang gave an exclamation without knowing it, and then coughed in surprise at the fluff.

    “I’m just saying I don’t know.”

    As if that was a signal, Jun-seok Lee, who was trying hard to figure out what kind of atmosphere this was, asked a question.

    “What kind of situation is this? What kind of wedding announcement are you making so embarrassing?”

    All the employees avoided answering and rolled their eyes. The atmosphere is already drenched, and the wine glass in front of Yoo Ji-hyeok has already been emptied for the third time. And Jiwon took his bottle from his hand, just about to fill it for the fourth time, and poured it into his own.

    “I’ll have a drink.”

    gulp, gulp. Jiwon drank a glass of wine in just two sips and wiped his lips.

    “I just want to go see. See you all tomorrow.”

    Jiwon's calm attitude without any common complaints rather stimulated the sympathy of others. As soon as her support left, Hee-yeon burst into rage as she poked her fork into the steak.

    “What the fuck is this, sorry! Are you a fucking bastard? It’s a scene that won’t even appear in a 9 a.m. drama!”

    Even more puzzled, Lee Jun-seok asked Hee-yeon.

    “Why is this still a mess?”


    Heeyeon grabbed the knife and cut the steak roughly. She seemed to think that the meat was Minhwan and Sumin.

    “I’m sorry, Daddy! Deputy Park, Deputy Director Kang, and I had originally promised to get married! But how long has it been since we broke up with Deputy Kang's friend? … !”

    “Mr. Yoo Hee-yeon. It is private.”

    Yoo Ji-hyeok, paying close attention, took out a corporate card from his inner pocket and set it down on the table.

    “I will get up first. Heeyeon Yoo pays with this and attaches the receipt tomorrow.”

    “Can I have more wine?”

    “As long as it is acceptable.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk left the card and left. As soon as he walked down the curtain and left, Hee-yeon ordered two more bottles of wine and started rapping again.

    “You’re not dating, are you married? Gyeolhoon?”

    “Isn’t it okay? Deputy Park broke up with Deputy Kang anyway. It’s only natural for a man to look for a pretty woman.”

    When Deputy Hwang was the same man and surrounded Park Min-hwan, Hee-yeon's tone became even more intense.

    “Is a wedding going to happen in a day or two like this? At that time, Deputy Manager Kim didn't put it on the wrong foot, but he did it perfectly! At that time, Deputy Park and Deputy Kang were even before we broke up!”

    “I see that.”

    Deputy Hwang, realizing something he didn't know, hit his knee. The story progressed steadily in the minds of the employees, and it quickly became a fact.

    “I don’t really want to get involved in personal affairs.”

    Juran, who had been quiet until now, opened her mouth.

    “This is not it. There are things that make a lot of noise while taking out wedding invitations from a dinner party, and there are things that shouldn’t be done.”

    At the next words of Joo-ran, who muttered to himself, the dining room, which had already become a waste, was almost turned upside down.

    “Indeed, if he had thought so deeply, the two of them wouldn’t have gotten married after an accident.”

    Everyone, including Hee-yeon, fell into astonishment and confusion.

    “Sa, s, , s, s, sa, sasa?”

    “What kind of ghost eating shit is that? accident? Are you pregnant?”

    “You’re saying they’re getting pregnant now, and they’re getting married, sir?”

    It was such a private story, Joo-ran, which I would not have even spoken of. But today, Juran was so angry that he couldn't even think of such a thing. If it wasn't for a dinner party, he had the feeling of wanting to shake off the corn with a kick by holding his head in his left and right hands instead of Jiwon. Of course, Heeyeon will wipe it off with you.

    “Did you know that I went in and out of the hospital every day because of that allergic customer? At that time, Jung Soo-min came and apologized, but suddenly it happened. He says he's pregnant and his emotions are ups and downs!"

    As I spoke, my anger grew. Juran picked up the wine glass she had left without speaking and poured it into her mouth like soju.

    “Of course, that’s Moonsook, yes, no. I thought it was Kim Kyung-wook's agent! isn't it? Who would have thought that it was Deputy Park? i've had a baby If you get pregnant, know that you're pregnant, and no matter how much you stir-fry beans in lightning, if you get a wedding invitation, the two of them stick together for at least three or four months, huh, yes. you two met Long before I broke up with Deputy Kang! Alright, so come and give me a wedding invitation? Whatever you did well, proudly announce your marriage at a dinner party! This is a violation of the bare minimum of morals aside from personal feelings! If Assistant Manager Kang makes public public opinion, he can be punished by company bylaws, but Assistant Manager Park has nothing to say!”

    Lee Jun-seok, who was sitting next to him, quietly filled the glass. Juran put it back in his mouth and slammed the empty glass down.

    “Yeah, did you pretend to be a victim by yourself, saying that you were kicked by Kang? How embarrassed everyone was saying that Deputy Park couldn't do it, and that Deputy Kang was too toxic! Judging from today's attitude, Deputy Kang already knew everything and broke up. Otherwise, how can you be so calm here? is not it? Deputy Hwang, Deputy Hwang, tell me!”

    “Why are you doing this to me!”

    Deputy Hwang, who was struck by lightning while standing still, jumped. Heeyeon snorted loudly.

    “Is it natural for a man to look for a pretty woman? Please tell me if a pretty woman is important even in this situation.”

    “Well, I didn’t know that was the case.”

    Deputy Hwang suddenly became an attack target and shrugged his plump shoulders. Although he is quite close with Park Min-hwan, he wanted to refrain from getting involved in this kind of thing and being tied up as a wholesaler.

    “After listening to it, Deputy Park did a really good job. No matter what, you have an accident because you have an affair with the lover you promised to marry? Also, that, what is that, that… … .”

    “With an office colleague, a boss’ lover, and his lover friend!”

    Deputy Hwang's words, which he couldn't keep up, were neatly finished by Heeyeon.
    “Brother, go slow. I will fall.”

    Park Min-hwan, who was walking at a fast pace without looking back at Su-min who was asking, opened the passenger seat of his car.

    "get on."

    "brother… … .”

    “Take it!”

    Min-hwan got into the car roughly as if he was crumpling Su-min and sat himself in the driver's seat. Sumin shrugged at the sound of the car door closing.

    “Why are you here?”

    Minhwan's voice cracked like a rustling sound as he struggled to resist wanting to swear.

    “Did you intend to fuck me? I told you I wouldn't call the company people, how many times! I'm just telling you to shut up, is that hard? I can't even carry my face to work because of you! How are you going to do this!”

    Su-min looked at the cars lined up through the closed window and tried to let Park Min-hwan's words flow. His memories scratched the back of his head one by one. The employees look at them as if Sumin was not able to come, the trembling faces of the employees, the sound of Heeyeon's knives constantly clenching, and the eyes full of contempt and disgust.

    “… … What did I do so wrong?”


    Min-hwan's face contorted even more. Su-min did not back down this time, but turned his head quickly to shoot at Min-hwan.

    “Do you think I came here to come? This is what Jiwon Kang did. It wasn’t me who decided to fuck oppa, it was Jiwon Kang!”

    Sumin was embarrassed and ran all over the place. Treating someone who shouldn't be here, those cold eyes. It was all Kang Ji-won's responsibility. It has to be, and it has always been.

    “You don’t deserve to be called on for support. One more time, say this support in front of me. Marriage or whatever, even if I am a family register clerk, I will do everything like nothing.”

    Park Min-hwan warned in an unpleasant tone. It was an ultimatum for him, who was a first-class filial piety to Mama Boy to the bone.

    “Listen to me, brother.”

    Su-min, who became contemplative at the word of marrying him, grabbed Min-hwan's arm.

    “What good things have you done so far?”

    “I was just going to give Jiwon a wedding invitation. But did Kang Ji-won tell you to come here? Otherwise, how do I know where to have a dinner party, even after leaving the company?”

    Sumin explained diligently by showing Jiwon and text messages exchanged. Fortunately, there was a response.

    “I was going to give Jiwon a wedding invitation, but she didn’t tell me that she was having a dinner party and called you?”

    "Yes! That's right!”

    Sumin's head nodded violently.

    “Mr. x.”

    As usual, Minhwan spit out a double swear word and banged his forehead on the steering wheel.

    “Anyway, you touched a difficult child. He's a dead and can't live for me! You were going to give him a wedding invitation? He's, fuckin', damn it! How sad and angry you must have been!”

    Min-hwan's reaction was completely different from what Su-min wanted. Something is definitely going wrong. Su-min leaned her forehead against her handle and looked at Park Min-hwan, who was muttering something blankly. Kang Ji-won was the only one I could understand out of the mumbled words, and there were only three letters. A foreboding or intuition that if I got married like this, I would live like this for the rest of my life, came creeping in. It was as if someone had stuck it in their ear and were calling out to end this marriage right away.


    Park Min-hwan didn't even respond. Sumin paused for a moment, then resumed speaking.

    “We, this marriage… … .”

    -'Useless bitch!'

    As I was about to say, "Let's stop," suddenly, an auditory hallucination rang through the eardrums.

    -'It's pathetic, it's only Digi! I don't even want to see it! Would I have given birth to something like you? Nagapira, go find your naughty daddy!'

    “Marriage, what?”

    Minhwan asked without raising his head. Sumin licked her lips three or four more times. The words 'Let's stop' could not come out of those lips.

    "Nothing. It's my fault. I'll be careful now."

    Sumin suddenly yawned long and leaned against the car window and closed his eyes.

    "Let's go home. I am so sleepy and tired because of the baby.”


    “Mr. Kang Ji-won.”

    A familiar call stopped the support. Support wasn't too surprising.

    “I thought you would come along.”

    “… … .”

    "Go. He will take you.”

    “I didn’t mean to take you there.”

    "I know. Are you on your way home anyway?”

    “… … .”

    I memorized all of Yoo Ji-hyuk's consistent excuses. I knew he would walk over and open the car door.

    “I’m going to call a chauffeur. Get in the back.”

    Naturally, Yoo Ji-hyeok, who took the lead, opened the back seat door. While Jiwon sat down and looked outside, he made several calls outside and sat next to Jiwon.

    “About ten minutes. I’m taking a break.”

    I didn't say anything other than that. He didn't even curse at Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min or ask questions about it. If it wasn't for the confession he had made in the past, it seemed that Yoo Ji-hyuk had no interest in Ji-won. So his support really rested. The silence that used to be so uncomfortable and awkward that I wanted to run away immediately became so comfortable. A white mid-size car passed in front of my half-closed eyes. Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min could not see Ji-won because of the thick tinting, but Ji-won saw their silhouettes. Are you happy? Jiwon followed the car with her eyes and asked a silent question. How did you feel when you went through my feelings where I was? Minhwan's car disappeared from view. Shortly thereafter, the surrogate driver arrived. The sunset was falling on the road.


    Jiwon, who had been leaning on her with her eyes closed all the time, looked at Yoo Ji-hyuk's voice.

    “Are you Pang?”

    “When I arrive, I will pick you up with Fang in an hour. Do you still have the food you brought last time?”

    "yes. There are still many.”

    Jiwon laughed involuntarily at the thought of watching TV while listening to the noise. A curve similar to a smile was drawn on the corner of her lips, Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was facing her.

    “… … ?”

    Jiwon tilted her head and hardened her face. The corners of Yoo Ji-hyuk's lips became straight again.

    “Am I eating Pang for dinner?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk laughed again as he asked the question. It was a small movement, like a muscle spasm, but it was a huge difference compared to when he wasn't smiling.

    “If you feed me and take care of me, I will pick you up early in the morning.”


    Jiwon looked straight into Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyes with long shadows of eyelashes and asked.

    “Are you going to send Pang to comfort me because I’m afraid I might be depressed?”

    Brown eyes close to auburn were fixed in the sunset outside the window, avoiding Jiwon's gaze.

    “It’s not like that. Because Fang likes Kang Ji-won.”

    Having said that, I did not ask for further support. Thirty minutes later, the car arrived at the apartment where Ji-won and Ji-hyeok lived. Jihyeok remained quiet until he reached the front door and bowed his head slightly.

    “I’ll see you in a little bit.”

    "yes. Thank you, boss.”

    Jiwon, who gave a clichéd greeting with a very grateful look, disappeared inside the front door. Jihyuk has been busy ever since.

    “Come on, mold. Let’s brush our hair.”

    As soon as he got home, Jihyuk changed into his workout clothes from the wardrobe and pulled out a comb.


    Fang was disgusted and jumped off the table. It was clear that he was ready to run away.

    “I will go to Jiwon. You can't let it go like that."

    “Miyawu… … .”

    Fang, who grew pale, gently leaned against the comb. After combing all his hair carefully, Yoo Ji-hyeok looked to see if his toenails were too long or too sharp. It was something the cat hated the most, but strangely, Fang stayed still.

    “Do you like Kang Ji-won that much?”


    “Well, that would be good.”

    Ji-hyuk remembered Ji-won's smiling face as soon as he talked about Pang earlier. She didn't have to have a very bright smile. She was more dazzling than the golden sunset.

    “You are great too.”

    As he clipped one of his overgrown toenails, Yoo Ji-hyuk smiled. It was a look he hadn't shown anyone since he graduated from college.

    “I didn’t know if I could still remember. How did you immediately recognize it when you saw it?”


    After brushing and trimming her toenails, Fang stretched out and stretched her body. Jihyuk stroked his body several times from head to tail. It was a rough but loving touch.

    “Please comfort me. It is your lifesaver.”

    “Miya,” Pang replied. She was a really smart cat.


      *** Minhwan went to work from dawn, passed an empty parking lot, and took the elevator. I don't know how many days I've been doing this. I was tired enough to sleep standing up, but it was better than taking the elevator with the other employees. [It's on the 9th floor.] Time when no one is in the office yet. Minhwan opened the door naturally, but was startled. Why are the lights in the office on at this hour?

    "good morning."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's voice was heard from the farthest seat. Park Min-hwan greeted each other face to face for an hour.

    “Good morning, boss.”

    Now, in the first part of marketing, the only person who looked at him with the same eyes as before was Yoo Ji-hyuk. No matter what happened, Yoo Ji-hyuk used to look at Park Min-hwan with his cold, hard eyes that didn't even fit the needle.

    “Are you busy? I go to work at this hour.”

    The workload is obvious. Minhwan hesitated before answering.

    “Not that many. I just woke up and came out.”

    “I’ve been working overtime for the past few days.”

    “I can’t concentrate on my work during the day.”

    After the wedding invitation incident, Park Min-hwan came early and left work late to avoid meeting other people as much as possible. It was also because he didn't want to go home and have dinner with Jung Soo-min. He thought that he would do that until he and Jung Soo-min moved away from people's memories.

    “Then, I would like to ask you to take care of your business while I left early. Send me an email now.”

    Min-hwan was at a loss for words when he clicked on the work email that Yoo Ji-hyuk sent. At first glance, the work instructions and attached files were filled with overtime feelings. What the hell is this trouble sad and angry However, he did not have the courage to criticize Yoo Ji-hyuk. Still, he messes with the office atmosphere as long as he's confident. He was to the point of being grateful that he had given him something to do. Had it been an hour or two? The employees greeted each other and entered one by one and filled the seats.


    "good luck!"

    “Did you sleep well?”

    Park Min-hwan sat like an invisible person and didn't greet anyone. Even if I tried, there was nothing but bitter greetings and garbage eyes. How long do I have to do this thing? It was lunchtime, but Minhwan couldn't even go down to the cafeteria. It was because the whole company knew everything about Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min thanks to Hee-yeon, who spread her feet to other departments. Male employees desperately avoided Park Min-hwan so as not to be treated as a wholesaler, and female employees glanced at Park Min-hwan whenever they got together and whispered amongst themselves. However, he did not directly swear or talk to Min-hwan. He seemed to think it was a shit bomb that exploded when he touched Minhwan. By the time Min-hwan had had such a difficult day and went right before he collapsed, the weekend had barely arrived. Even on weekends, like weekdays, Sumin got out of bed as lunch was almost over. Still, it was earlier than usual. The smell of something delicious from the kitchen stung his nostrils.

    “It smells delicious, mother.”

    As he entered the kitchen rubbing his eyes, Jaok glanced behind him and then busily teased his hands again.

    “It’s abalone and seaweed soup. It is said that my son's brain works well when he eats a lot of seafood. Shouldn’t you, too, have a smart son like our Minhwan?”

    "sure. Even if you don’t eat these things, if you are your son, of course, you will be smart.”

    Soo-min sat down in front of the table, comforting Ja-ok.

    “If there is a guarantee that Minhwan looks alike, what would you worry about? I’m talking because I thought I might look like you.”

    Ja-ok had a talent for telling a story that was very unpleasant to the listener.

    “It smells good. What's for dinner, Mom?"

    Min-hwan, who slept too much, scratched his back and entered the kitchen. Ja-ok picked up the cooked abalone from her quick frying pan and set it down on her table.

    “Are you awake, son? It's the weekend, so eat this and get some rest. Oh, look at that half-faced thing.”

    “Is there no soup?”

    “I made my son’s favorite beef stew. I'll warm you up soon."

    Sumin, who had been eating clam seaweed soup, which she didn't like very much, raised her head.

    “Mother, I want to eat beef soup too.”

    “Is seafood good for your son? You eat seaweed soup.”

    Ja-ok cut Su-min's request with a single knife and gave Min-hwan a lot of beef soup. Tired. Sumin bit his lower lip softly. His body was comfortable. He didn't have to go to work or do housework. However, Ja-ok often set the table with 'good food for his son' and had him play classical music in the room, which he had never heard properly in his life. Carp juice and herbal medicine, which had to be eaten twice a day, were also terrible. Park Min-hwan, who went out at dawn and came in in the middle of the night, had a hard time seeing his face.

    “By the way, Mother.”

    Sumin smiled broadly as he chewed over the grilled abalone.

    “When are you going to do the house? If you want to move away immediately after the wedding, it's too late to prepare from now on. My mother is also having a hard time, so I’m sorry if I just eat like this on the excuse that I’m heavy.”

    Ja-ok and Min-hwan's chopsticks stopped at the same time.
    “You have to have a baby. You don’t have children, so what kind of house are you looking for?”

    Ja-ok frowned. Sumin also had something to say.

    “When you have children, take care of your body, and raise children, where do you have time to look at the house and move around? Anyway, please give me the housework a little earlier. I will give birth to a son in that house and raise him well, okay?”

    At the end, he put his hands in front of him and made a pitiful expression on his face. Ja-ok hid her displeasure and looked around her house. Even though she is her daughter-in-law to give birth to a son, she said that at this age, she gave her three meals a day and washed her underwear while she slept well, and she was under a lot of stress with her arms. However, she doesn't really like the money and the money to buy a house.

    “It will still be difficult. Learn housekeeping at home, raise some children, and then go out. Wouldn't her mother take care of it?"

    Ja-ok's tone became a little more annoyed and determined. Su-min looked at Min-hwan for help, but he was also turned away. Of course, Sumin wasn't the one to give up here.

    “I’m going to eat and go out.”

    “Where are you going?”

    Minhwan spoke to Sumin for the first time. He was always worried that Su-min would go somewhere else and have an accident. It was almost neurotic.

    “I want to go for a walk. You have to keep moving to make it easier.”

    “That’s right. Go out and take a walk.”

    Ja-ok, who did not want to see Su-min, who was confined to every corner of the house on a fictional day and only played cell phone games, was delighted with it. He doesn't know where Su-min is or why he's going. After finding the most modest and true dress, and putting on light makeup, Sumin came out of Jaok's house. He caught a passing taxi and headed straight to the front of a public company. To put it more precisely, in front of the workplace where Park Min-hwan's father, Park Chul-ho, works. We arrived just in time for lunch because we were in a bit of a hurry. Su-min, who was lingering at the entrance, found a familiar middle-aged man among the pouring out of government officials and approached him step by step.



    Park Cheol-ho, who met Su-min in an unexpected place, jumped.

    "what? Why are you here?”

    “I’m here to have lunch with my father, hehe.”

    Park Cheol-ho's colleagues, who were busy rolling their eyes in the sudden situation, clapped their knees.

    “Mr. Park, are you going to be your daughter-in-law?”

    “It’s very pretty. My son-in-law goes to U&K, and he also has good abilities.”

    “Uh, yes, but… … .”

    “Hello, nice to meet you!”

    Sumin put her hands on her belly button and politely greeted her with a folder.

    “Can I borrow my father for a moment? I missed my father so much that I took a taxi all the way here.”

    Sumin, who smiles at the time of bashing, was bright and cute wherever she looked. When the young lady, who was the size of her daughter, spoke so cutely, all of his colleagues burst out laughing and tapped Chul-ho Park on the shoulder.

    “I took good care of my daughter-in-law. You said you were lonely because you had only one son?”

    “I have a daughter, not a daughter-in-law. envy, envy.”

    As the envy and praise of his colleagues continued, Park Cheol-ho felt a little better. Girl, if you get out of the kitchen, it's useless, but isn't his daughter-in-law the one who will help her son? Besides, he has been pregnant since he was pregnant, so he couldn't not be pretty.

    “It happened. I'm going to eat dinner with me and my daughter-in-law."

    “It should be. See you at the office!”

    Park Cheol-ho went out to lunch with his prospective daughter-in-law in a very good mood.

    “Let’s go to the soup restaurant in front of you. The soup is delicious.”

    I had breakfast and lunch a while ago and wanted to eat steak rather than soup, but Sumin just laughed.

    "sure. My favorite food is soup.”

    The two of them ate soup while sweating profusely, and went to a cafe to eat dessert. Then, whenever I see Park Cheol-ho's acquaintances, I don't know how cute Su-min looked to Park Cheol-ho. When I thought of the grandchild that the cute daughter-in-law would give birth to, it was even strange.


    “Are you serious, Dad?”

    Park Min-hwan asked with a bewildered voice. Ja-ok, standing in front of her gas stove, swung her spatula in anger, unaware that her fish was burning.

    “What do you mean all of a sudden! Buy someone's house with someone's money? I will never tolerate it!”

    “I will use my money to buy a house, so why do I need your forgiveness? Flip the fish over!”

    Park Cheol-ho pointed to the frying pan that started to smoke as he squirmed. Sumin glanced at the corner of the table and quietly added a word.

    “Father, don’t overdo it. I can just live here with my father and mother. The food that my mother cooks is very delicious, and my father is very, very good.”

    It was a word I didn't mean. How hard it was to chase after Park Cheol-ho for several days and even pack and deliver his lunch.

    “It’s not about doing everything. I'll give you half of it, so take a loan and pay it back while the two of you live."

    Park Cheol-ho licked his tongue at the burnt grilled fish and spit out words more like a clear-cut force.

    “Register your marriage right away tomorrow. You’ll be hungry soon, so move in before the wedding.”


    “You be quiet! What do you know?”

    Meanwhile, Park Min-hwan was quiet as he closed his mouth and shook his head. All the stocks I've seen so far have been bullish. He couldn't buy it because he didn't have the money, but if he did, he would have made more than enough money to pay for the house. If you get half of the house price in cash and get a jeonse with a loan, you will have enough money. If you invest that money in stocks, you will make a profit, and when the profit is enough, the principal will be used to buy a house before it is found out. The plan, which felt like a perfect plan, had no such hopeless assumption as 'the stock would go down'. Just like stock addicts do.

    “Minhwan, why aren’t you talking?”

    Min-hwan, who parked a bright red supercar and entered the club VIP room in a gaze full of envy and envy, returned to reality at the voice of Park Cheol-ho.

    “Oh, yes. father."

    Min-hwan cleared his voice and put his arm on Su-min's shoulder, pretending to be friendly.

    "thank you. I will register my marriage right away on Monday.”

    “Thank you so much, Father!”

    Sumin also greeted with a charming greeting and adjusted the rhythm. Ja-ok was still confused, but he couldn't say anything because he knew the personality of Park Cheol-ho who did if he had to. That night, Min-hwan slept in the same bed with Su-min for the first time. Of course he had a plan. With Su-min's cooperation, he won't be caught stealing the money he gave to buy a house and investing in stocks.

    "What's wrong with your brother? He said he prefers to sleep alone.”

    After taking a shower, Sumin sat down on the edge of the bed and took care of herself. Minhwan smiled brightly, rolled up the blanket and patted the seat next to her.

    “Aren’t we a legal couple from tomorrow? Is it weird for a husband to sleep with his wife?”

    “You were always mad at Sumin.”

    “Now it’s all over. Come and lie down.”

    It was the softest and sweetest tone I had ever heard. Sumin pursed his lips and rolled his eyes.

    “But, Sumin felt so sad for her brother. He even thought about going down to Busan with the general.”

    If you think about it, do some practice. Minhwan put up with the desire to pack his bags so that he could go to Busan immediately, and wrapped his arms around Sumin's shoulders.

    “It was because my brother was so embarrassed and worried. Sorry."

    “I’m sorry, okay?”

    Minhwan took a deep breath and counted backwards from 10 to 1. It was to hide the growing anger.

    “I won’t do that again. I will work hard to buy you whatever you want and let you eat whatever you want. Calm down, okay?”

    "I don't know. I saw you doing it.”

    “What are you doing?”

    Minhwan abruptly got up and lifted Sumin up.

    “Hey! brother!"

    “If it wasn’t for the general, I would have done really well.”

    Min-hwan placed a kiss on Su-min's forehead and laid him flat on the bed.

    “Let’s hug and sleep today. I'm going to leave work early tomorrow, so I'm wearing it prettily."

    “Do you need to be pretty to go to the ward office?”

    “I have to register my marriage and eat something delicious to commemorate. I will reserve a restaurant for you.”

    Sumin closed her eyes as she listened to Minhwan's voice as sweet as a marshmallow. With that voice, the anxiety that I might be ignored by Kang Ji-won's shadow for the rest of my life melted away little by little.


    Sumin whispered to Minhwan, who was already busy choosing stocks in his head.

    “Uh, huh?”

    “Do you like Jiwon, do you like me?”

    Minhwan answered Sumin's question straight away without even sending it to his brain.

    “Are you talking? Of course she is my wife.”



    “That was enough.”

    Jiwon looked around the neatly organized living room and dining table, and was satisfied with herself. It was the day that Yeji, Yoonhee, and Sena were invited to have a formal housewarming. Although the food is delivered, how about it? The small daily life of just calling friends, chatting and drinking beer was a great pleasure for Jiwon. -Ding dong, ding dong. The intercom rang. Jiwon found Yeji holding a roll of toilet paper in a screen the size of her palm and opened the door with a smirk.

    "come in. I have all the food.”

    “Did you cook?”

    Yoon-hee's eyes widened as she saw the food on the table full.

    “Exactly, my card did.”

    “It’s a very sensible decision.”

    Seriously praised, Sena held out a small shopping bag.

    “It’s nothing special, it’s a diffuser. It smells good when you leave it at home.”

    He was also wise, so he laid down a roll of toilet paper next to the table.

    “It is a three-layer premium tissue paper. If you wipe it with this, it will not boil.”

    “You put it in front of the food, what the fuck, what the fuck!”

    “You talk as if you have nothing to lose.”

    “Don’t tell me. Your mouth smells like shit.”

    “It’s the smell of your pharynx.”

    “Cak Ma Injung scratch.”

    Yoon-hee grumbled and held out the shopping bag she was holding to Ji-won. It was a sexy shopping bag with a pink logo on a black background.

    "What's this?"

    “Take it out.”

    It feels weird. Jiwon pulled out the contents with tense hands.

    “This… … . Did you bring it as a housewarming gift?”

    It was an underwear set. The underwear set, which consisted of a bra adorned with a cute ribbon, panties smaller than the palm of the hand, and slips of the same type, seemed more comfortable not to wear, no matter how good one thought.

    “The three of us picked it. Yoon-hee pays only for the payment.”

    Sena touched the hollow slip with her fingertips. Jiwon marveled at the fact that three people had chosen these masculine and impractical objects head-to-head.

    “So, where are you going to wear this?”

    “Wear it at home. Did you say you were going out wearing it?”

    Yoon-hee giggled. Yeji looked very serious.

    “What do you do when you have a good home? Occasionally, a man should bring in some. You broke up with your boyfriend forever?”

    Jiwon hesitated about whether to talk about Sumin and Minhwan at this point, and then stopped. If you tell these three people, you will definitely get to know Baek Eun-ho as well. He didn't care about himself, but he didn't want Eunho to care again. He didn't want to be humbled in front of his first love.

    “No man is coming. I will live and die single.”

    “Who's going to marry you? It is meant to be used to satisfy basic human needs.”

    Sena took the slip and put it in the road shopping bag and gave it to Jiwon.

    “Go and fit it. I bought it because it was roughly the same size, but if the size does not fit, I have to exchange it.”

    “Aren’t you going to wear it?”

    “Okay, so just do the fitting.”

    “Even if I fit, I have something to wear… … .”

    “Put him in!”

    Yeji and Yoonhee rushed to Sena's request for support and pushed Jiwon into the bedroom. She was puzzled by the sexy underwear in front of her, who had never even tried on, let alone tried on, her Jiwon, whom she had accidentally entered the room with with her shopping bags.

    “Are you all dressed?”

    Yeji, who has a quick personality, shouted and asked in front of the door.

    “I haven’t worn it yet.”

    “Did the pants die? Are you going to the ancestral rites?”

    There was a rustling sound outside. First of all, it was funny, so Jiwon smiled together and opened the shopping bag desperately. what about underwear Her shell was only twenty-seven, and the kernel was thirty-seven, but for nothing, her face turned red and her heart pounded.

    “Are you done? Is it the right size?”

    Yeji asked again. Jiwon started to cry while arranging the flesh that kept protruding through her bra.

    “Is the cup a little small? It’s ambiguous.”

    “I’ll take a look!”

    Senna swung the door open. Jiwon was startled and covered her chest with her hands.

    “What if I come in now!”

    “How are you doing with your friends? Aren't you going to go to the jjimjilbang later?"

    A steam room with friends. Jiwon was deaf. It was one of those dreams that had never come true.

    “I am going.”

    “Then release your hand. Let's see.”

    Sena skillfully adjusted the straps of Jiwon's underwear with her hands down. Thanks to Sena, the protruding flesh was cleared, and her size was just right.

    “After all, I need to know my sensibility. You just looked at the outside and got the right size!”

    Sena's nose lifted up. Her support looked back and forth at her unfamiliar underwear in her mirror and then pushed Sena.

    “Now get out. I'll change my clothes and go out."

    “You should try on your panties too!”

    “I’m going to try this on myself.”


    “At first glance, you are right.”

    “Show me what you’re wearing once. I mean, I'm very curious."

    A light quarrel broke out between Sena, who didn't want to go out, and Jiwon, who wanted to let her go. The wind blew the paper on the dressing table.

    "what's this?"

    Senna unintentionally picked it up and read it.

    “Bride Jung Soo-min, groom Park Min-hwan… … ?”
    “Give me it!”

    Jiwon, startled, snatched the wedding invitation. The wind ripped the wedding invitation in half, leaving the other half in Jiwon's hands and the important part in Sena's.

    “Why are you so surprised?”

    However, Sena's reaction was unexpectedly bittersweet.

    “Do you think Jung Soo-min is getting married? It's really thick too. Did I even send you a wedding invitation?”

    Senna clicked her tongue and looked at the wedding invitation envelopes that had been randomly thrown on the dressing table. [To my dear Jiwon]  

    “Come on love. Ugh."

    Sena wrinkled her facial muscles. Why are you reacting like that? I thought it would be a little more chaotic. After pondering for a moment, Jiwon soon realized. When talking to his friends, Park Min-hwan only called him boyfriend or ex. He was glad he didn't say his name.

    “Are you going to the wedding? Aren't you going to go and pay the congratulatory money?"

    “Once you get out. All the food will be cold.”

    Jiwon pushed Sena out of the way to deal with the embarrassing underwear first. After changing clothes and coming out, the three friends who were arguing at the table looked at Jiwon with their axe eyes.

    “Are you going to go?”

    In response to Yeji's question, Yunhee and Sena sent silent sympathy. He was expecting Jiwon to shout that he would never go. Support was determined to live up to that expectation.

    “Don’t go. I just took it and put it on.”


    Sena narrowed her eyes and looked at Jiwon. Following the exaggeratedly raised eyebrows, the slightly blurred eyes, and the twitching index finger of the right hand caught my eye one after another.

    “Isn’t that a lie?”

    “Absolutely not!”

    The three exchanged glances at the same time. I'm going. alone.

    “Thank you. Let's stop talking and have dinner."

    Yeji raised her chopsticks first. As her longtime friends, Yoon-hee and Sena also kept their mouths shut about Jung Soo-min and only praised the peeled shrimp.

    “It's delicious here. The shrimp are firm.”

    “Is this the same house you made Jjajang last time?”

    “It’s a brand new house. This is a local restaurant.”

    “Ah, that tenancy spot?”

    At the words Yeji spit out without much thought, Jiwon quickly turned her head to look at Yeji.

    “How do you know that?”

    Yeji, surprised by what she said was the cauterization spot, hardened with the peeled shrimp in her mouth.

    “Hey, you told me last time.”

    “I’ve never been like that?”

    Bewildered, Jiwon thought of a person he had forgotten while asking questions.

    “Ah, I heard him!”

    “Who is he?”

    “Who is Gaga?”

    Sena and Yoon-hee sensed that they had caught one, and at the same time began to bite Ye-ji like a hunting dog.

    “Men? That's right man!"

    “Did you not talk to us while you were a man?”

    “What are you doing? Where do you live? Are you tall? Are you handsome?”

    “Where did you go? Did you kiss? do well?"

    “Call me now!”

    “Where are you doing what? Ask them to come to the place where we are all gathered!”

    Yeji's face was ripe as bright red as a tomato. It was difficult to see her unless she was quite embarrassed.

    “It’s a kid who thinks. Let’s go ahead and eat some rice.”

    “What do you think we were thinking?”

    Sena smiled and slapped Yeji on the forehead.

    “You, I told you not to make that face! I hate it so much that my hands go before my mouth!”

    “It’s my nature to get stabbed for nothing. I don't have a man because I have that kind of hair!"

    There was no riot like this. Jiwon was thankful that Sumin's wedding was buried because of this uproar, and fell back and crossed the river to be maimed.

    "uh? Han Ye-ji is calling!”

    Yoon-hee snatched Ye-ji's cell phone, which rang just in time, like lightning.

    “Kim Shin-woo? Hey, who is your Kim Shin-woo?”

    “Are you a man? Are you a man? Isn't that the man?"


    A strong negative is a strong positive. Yoon-hee was excited and pressed her call button and brought it to Ye-ji's ear.

    “Hey, how are you?”

    A voice like an announcer came out of Yeji, who had just been speaking a thick dialect.

    “The houses have arrived. What about poetry, poetry, and Shinwoo?”

    Senna crossed her arms like a wild octopus in pain.

    “Now? Ah, now... … . no. That's not it. How long will you be there?”

    There was the sound of an elevator arriving from the hallway. Then, the sound of footsteps and a man's heavy voice passed through the front door.

    [I think it will be about an hour. Since Yeji is coming today, I came here on purpose to see her face. Can't you?]

    “Well, I’ll text you later.”

    [Later, when?]

    The voices heard in the hallway and Yeji's calls were strangely connected. At the same time as Jiwon realized this, Yoonhee and Sena also looked at each other face to face.

    “Before you go, Mr. Shinwoo.”

    [Then I will wait here until the text message arrives.]

    Yoon-hee and Sena got up and ran towards the front door without anyone saying anything first. will you catch me Jiwon thought for a while, but gave up. One might not know, two were too many.

    “Guys, what’s going on?”

    Belatedly surprised, Yeji ran out from behind Jiwon, who followed Jiwon leisurely to the front door, holding her cell phone.

    “What? nah where... … !”

    The cat feeder next to the wide open front door looked at Yeji with her small eyes wide open.

    “Mr. Yeji?”

    “Omma, this is Yeji-san!”

    Yoon-hee danced the squid twist properly.

    “Mr. Shinwoo. So, that… … .”

    Yeji couldn't do this or that, and for no reason kicked Yoonhee. Support was also very unexpected in this situation. Then she said that Yeji apparently didn't get a reply to the message. Since when have you two been in contact?

    “Hello, Shinwoo! Yes, they are friends!”

    Kim Shin-woo, who was standing still at the sound of Sena's excited voice, hurriedly bent his waist 90 degrees to greet him.

    "Nice to meet you. My name is Shin-Woo Kim. Yeji and I are meeting with good feelings!”

    “Omma, Omma, Omma! It's a good feeling, a good feeling! Jiwon, did you hear? Good feeling!”

    “Ouch, it hurts, it hurts!”

    Jiwon was next to Yunhee, and suddenly she was stabbed in the back and cried. Yeji and Kim Shin-woo meet with good feelings, but why is Yoon-hee beating me? She was really pitiful.


      *** The sun was shining brightly, and the apartment still smelled like a new house. Sumin couldn't hide his excitement and went around to open the door. I particularly liked the spacious kitchen, induction and large master windows.

    “This is the best. Brother, I will come here.”

    “Your mother has a good eye. It's a good place to live, and it's worth the investment. As you can see, you can move in immediately without touching anything.”

    The young broker gave praises to Su-min. Minhwan smiled brightly.

    “Do you like this place so much?”

    "yes. The two of us, no.”

    Sumin shyly held out her bulging belly.

    “Don’t you think it would be perfect for the three of us to live?”

    “Oh, you are pregnant! Congratulations!"

    The middleman clapped a little too much. Minhwan felt euphoric at the fact that he had finally stopped playing around this troublesome house.

    “Then let’s go here. How much are you doing here?”

    “Did you say Jeonse? How much is the loan… … .”

    "yes? tell me?”

    Sumin's eyes, who had been smiling, became fierce in an instant.

    “Brother, why are you chartering?”

    “Let’s talk for a moment, Sumin-ah.”

    Minhwan quickly wrapped Sumin's shoulders and led him to the empty bedroom. He knew it would come out like this. All plans were prepared to appease Su-min.

    "What's wrong with that person? Your father told you to buy a house.”

    Minhwan knelt down in front of Sumin's feet, raising his chin and asking questions.

    “What, what?”

    Sumin's eyes widened. Minhwan put his hand into his inner pocket and pulled out a small red case.

    “Let’s get married, Sumin-ah.”

    The tightly closed case clicked open.

    “You are my life partner.”

    It was a gold ring dotted with sesame diamonds. Diamonds twinkled like stars in the night sky on a black velvet background. Min-hwan saw that Su-min's eyes sparkled more than the diamonds.

    "brother… … .”

    “Will you accept it?”

    Instead of saying permission, Sumin's left hand trembled softly. Min-hwan took his hand and put the ring on his left fourth finger. He fit snugly from the start.

    “Thank you so much, honey.”

    Minhwan stood up, hugging Sumin with both arms and whispering.

    “We are going to become a real couple in this house. Right now, I have to invest in something else, so I can only get Jeonse, but this investment will surely succeed. Then you can pay the price and buy it.”

    “It’s the money my father gave me to buy a house.”

    “Is it for our future?”

    Minhwan patted Sumin on the back and continued to whisper sweetly.

    “I’ll buy you everything you want, my honey, and let you eat whatever you want. I'll never put a drop of water on my hands for the rest of my life, and I'll make you my wife. Do you believe me?”

    Hearing that whisper, Sumin raised her left hand. Behind Minhwan's broad shoulders, a sparkling ring caught his attention.

    “Can you promise me?”

    “I swear to the sky.”

    Minhwan nodded and put his lips to Sumin's.

    "I love you. I will make you happy.”


    “I am applying for leave.”

    Min-hwan held out a piece of paper to Yoo Ji-hyeok and avoided his gaze. It was originally a vacation that should have been applied for a long time ago. Do you look out for others, or build your self-esteem? He had only been spending time alone, and had only just submitted his application.

    “Don’t you think the date is too tight, Assistant Manager Park Min-hwan?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was always hard and harsh, was more harsh today.

    "sorry. I rushed the date... … .”

    “It’s been a while since the wedding invitation came out.”

    Park Min-hwan bowed his head and bit his molars tightly. If it wasn't for that bastard, the manager. The whispers repeated several times a day were a natural option.

    “Anyway, I will accept it as it is a congratulations and condolences event. Please don't ever do this in the future."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who roughly pushed the documents aside, fixed his indifferent gaze on the monitor again.

    "thank you."

    Minhwan nodded and turned around. Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was staring at the monitor, looked at the documents that Min-hwan had pushed back after Min-hwan returned to his seat. The reason stated in the leave application was simple. marriage. Except for Yoo Hee-yeon, who burns her will by paying 3,000 won for a congratulatory bill and saying that she will sweep her buffet, all marketing departments decided not to attend the wedding. It wasn't officially discussed, but that was the atmosphere. But that didn't matter at all. Yoo Ji-hyeok, who was still thinking about it, turned on the in-house messenger and clicked on Kang Ji-won's name. [Mr. Kang Ji-won.] [Yes, manager.] It seemed that Ji-won's voice could be heard from the chat window that went up quickly. [Wedding, are you going?] This time, the reply came a little late. [What kind of wedding?] [Representative Park's wedding.] When I said it, I regretted that I asked too directly. [It is undecided. Why are you asking that?] Because I didn't want you to go. I didn't want to see the two of them standing next to each other with those two eyes again. Jihyuk looked at the text he had just written and pressed backspace. The white space was filled with new letters following the slow tapping of the keyboard. [I just asked. Thank you.] [Yes.] After one letter, the chat window did not move. Jiwon always lived within a high and solid wall. The door on the wall was opened only to a limited number of people, but when someone tried to peek, it would slam shut. Just before the door closed, it was a coincidence that I peeped inside. A coincidence that marks the beginning of a long unrequited love. Ji-hyeok, who was staring at the stationary chat window, felt a vibration next to his desk and picked up his cell phone. It was a call from Shin-Woo Kim. Is it urgent? Yoo Ji-hyuk went out of the office and answered the phone in an empty place.

    "What's up?"

    [I'll ask you one more time, bro.]

    The only thing Shin-Woo Kim always wanted was to get rid of jajangmyeon. If you go further, it's about sweet and sour pork and fried shrimp. When the youngest person said the word “please” seriously, Jihyuk became interested too.

    "Say it."

    [Please lend me a car.]

    “… … car? What car do I drive?”

    [Yes. Just one weekend. I also need a vacation.]


    [That's it, um, what it is.]


    [That, next door, pretty sister.]

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyebrows became sharp.

    “Kang Ji-won, why?”

    [I, he, actually, I am meeting with that sister's friend with good feelings, hmm.]

    The sharp look in his eyes returned to normal.


    [It's a friend's wedding, and they ask you to go together. But I don't have a car yet, do I? I would like to wear shoes, but I can't accommodate you inconveniently, so please feel free to ask. Not a killing car, just the one you normally drive!]

    Kim Shin-woo's tone was very tense. It was pretty cute.

    "This weekend?"

    [no. It is the xxth day of the month of x.]

    The date Shin-Woo Kim spoke of was familiar. Ji-hyeok frowned a little, then realized the identity of the familiarity. It was the wedding date of Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min.

    “A friend’s wedding?”

    [Yes. Yeji-san, hey! He says he's from Busan, and all his hometown friends attend. A man has face... … .]

    Busan friends. Fragments of memories that I wanted to forget, and never to be forgotten, came to mind.

    -'Who would have known that you would die like this.'

    -'I'm sorry Jiwon. No matter how young you are... … .'

    -'I can't believe it. Really with Kang Ji-won's husband?'

    “With the spare key hanging next to the front door… … .”

    Jihyeok tried to speak calmly with a clogged throat.

    “Instead, take out the last key and clean the car.”

    [Thank you, brother! I will clean it so that the flies slide!]

    Shin-Woo Kim's voice filled with joy echoed through the cell phone.
    Jiwon woke up before the alarm went off. I slept well, so I was in good shape. I was alone, but I couldn't be shy. It was a day that should never be shabby. After taking a warm shower, Jiwon put on the two-piece she bought last week and picked up her new handbag. Shoes were also matched with clothes from the same brand. After all preparations were completed, it was time to go to the shop I had reserved.

    "let's go."

    Jiwon threw herself at the mirror and left the house. Is it because it's a weekend morning? I didn't see any taxis that I normally pass by today. Shall I call a taxi? Jiwon was hesitant because he had a premonition that a taxi would come soon, but eventually pulled out his cell phone. At that moment, the breaker at the front door went up. A black Mybax appeared in the parking lot boasting a graceful appearance and stopped in front of Jiwon.

    “… … ?”

    The darkly tinted window went down. Jiwon noticed a man looking at him from beyond and blinked his eyes.


    “Are you on the way to Jung Soo-min’s wedding?”

    How did know. Jiwon nodded awkwardly.

    “Take a ride. That's the way to go.”

    “Aren’t you going?”

    “Because I can’t be absent from a subordinate’s wedding.”

    The shop reservation time approached, and I looked up and looked at the taxi from afar. Reluctantly, Jiwon opened the car door and got into the passenger seat. Soft leather seats wrapped around the body comfortably.

    “I made a reservation for a hairdresser nearby. If you only take me there, then I will take care of it.”

    “How are you?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk entered Ji-won's address into the navigation and immediately stepped on the accelerator.

    “I didn’t know you were the manager. Did you change the car?”

    “Someone lent me the car I was driving. This is the car I had.”

    “Wow. You are rich.”

    The support was pure admiration. Embarrassingly, Yoo Ji-hyuk focused on driving instead of answering. The shop that Jiwon had reserved was the same place she had visited last time. Perhaps the impression was deep at that time, when the staff recognized the support, they were delighted.

    “You are here again. I thought it was because they had the same name.”

    “I like the last makeup look.”

    Jiwon sat down with a sense of wonder that someone who had seen him once remembered him. Soon, the staff brought hot tea and set it aside to put on a robe.

    “What would you like me to do today?”

    “Make it flashy. I want it to stand out wherever I look.”

    Even if I stand like a statue in the corner of the wedding hall, so that you can see me.

    “I think you are going to a wedding. friend's wedding? Or family?”

    “It’s my ex-boyfriend’s wedding. I am married to my friend.”

    The staff, who was skillfully preparing makeup tools, looked back at Jiwon with an expression of what I had heard wrong. Jiwon shrugged slightly.

    “I’m glad I found out before the meeting.”

    I didn't hear it wrong. The smile that remained on the staff's face disappeared, leaving only surprise. Even the other staff members and customers in the shop stopped moving all at once and looked at this.

    “I, sir. So, if you don't mind."

    “It’s okay to ask.”

    Jiwon nodded her head lightly. The staff, who had courage, continued to ask questions.

    “Are you talking about the last meeting? Before that meeting, my ex-boyfriend, my friend, and I… … ?”

    “I knew you were cheating.”

    Jiwon clearly added with a little gap.

    “I didn’t know you would even break the speed.”

    The staff's expression slowly changed from astonishment to anger and from anger to calm. The facial expressions of the other staff members who listened openly were similar. The anger that any woman can relate to quietly filled the entire shop.

    “… … Wait a minute, sir.”

    The staff took a deep breath as they put the makeup brush on the dressing table, which they were holding as tightly as a knife.

    “I’ll bring the manager. The makeup manager too.”

      *** Finally today. Sumin woke up before the alarm set for the puppet dawn went off. Minhwan was still snoring droolingly next to him.

    “Brother, wake up. You have to prepare.”


    Minhwan irritably shook Sumin's hand to wake him up, then turned around.

    “Pee. Sleepyhead."

    Sumin sat pouting and got out of bed first. He was thinking of taking a shower and waking Minhwan again. I was really busy without even opening my eyes. After taking a thorough shower, I had to wake up Min-hwan, who was still hanging out, and send him to the bathroom, and I almost got into a fight while talking to the mother who was coming up with her few relatives. After going through all the hardships and finally arriving at the shop, it wasn't very smooth. It was because of Ja-ok, who stood with arms crossed and meddled in everything.

    “No matter how much bridal makeup, don’t put too much makeup on it. How bad can cosmetics be for babies?”

    “Wait a minute, mother. If you don’t make it darker, the photo won’t come out well.”

    “What’s so important about a picture you won’t even see if you take it? Always, always, always, the most important thing is the eldest son of our Park family. Our stepdaughter is kind, so did you understand your mother well?”

    grandson, grandson, grandson. His head was pounding, but Sumin held it in. It will only pass today. It was goodbye to walking with a belly that didn't exist, and to carp juice that made me vomit just by looking at it. If you go through it well the first time and wait for it, one day you'll actually get pregnant.

    “Your mother is very worried.”

    The bridal staff put on a commercial smile to soften the mood.

    “Because you are so kind. You don’t know how meticulous you are on a daily basis.”

    “That’s right. She must have had two mothers.”

    “I like my mother-in-law more than my mother-in-law.”

    Among all the words that came out of his mouth, this was the only truth. I want to live with my mother-in-law, I want to live with my mother-in-law. If someone asked this question, Sumin was confident that she would choose Jaok without hesitation for even a second. It wasn't that Ja-ok was very fond of him, but that his family was that terrible. Her daughter said she looks just like her mother. The words that people often exchanged casually were like a curse to Su-min. She will never live like her mother. She'll never listen to her mother again. She will marry a successful man, and will live comfortably and comfortably.

    “It’s done.”

    The staff finished makeup and held out a hand mirror. As Ja-ok ordered, she was pretty pale for bridal makeup, but she had a pretty face, so it was okay. If she hadn't even had this face she could have done it. Su-min shook off the terrible imagination and smiled softly and returned his hand mirror.

    “It’s okay.”

    After finishing the hair and makeup tailored to Ja-ok's taste at the shop Ja-ok chose, Su-min finished all preparations with the bell-line dress that Ja-ok chose to cover her neck and forearms. Among them, there was not one thing that Sumin liked. it's ok because it's pretty I look pretty no matter what I wear. Sumin calmed her trembling heart with her own suggestion. The bridal waiting room was decorated mysteriously just like the ceremonial hall. Sumin greeted the guests sitting on a chair surrounded by beautiful flowers and lights. A mother, dressed in an incongruously pink hanbok, came along with several of her relatives, and after the ceremony, Ginny, the dress was rustic, and complained and disappeared. Poetry relatives who did not know their faces stopped by to say a few clichéd words of encouragement. Most of the topics of thanksgiving were a few generations of readers or eldest grandchildren. Min-hwan came, took some formal photos, said he was busy, and hurriedly left. After a while, men called Min-hwan's friends came and said hello and left. Since then, no one has come. Sumin sat down like a doll and looked only at the camera opposite her. In the bride's waiting room, which should be noisy with friends, there was only silence that did not match the wedding hall. The photographer, who had grown tired of having nothing to do, took a few more photos for no reason and laughed happily.

    “Your friends are late. Is there a lot of traffic jams?”

    “… … .”

    co-workers and friends. no one will come Sumin, who knows that better than anyone else, did not just answer, but focused his eyes on the camera. are you okay. you're pretty I am the protagonist i won As I mumbled the words I had been repeating since morning again in my lips.

      *** Minhwan was not in a good mood. It was a day when I just wanted to run away if I could. I was just dragged around without a soul. I was not interested in makeup that I received for the first time in my life or a tuxedo that fits nicely. Fortunately, when I arrived at the wedding venue, I forgot about the unpleasant feeling for a moment because I was too busy to say hello to my relatives and acquaintances.

    “How have you been? Thank you for coming. Yes, haha, I'll be fine. thank you."

    Among the guests who were greeted by repeating stereotypes, co-workers were nowhere to be seen. Minhwan greeted the friends who had just arrived in the hope that he would not be here forever.

    “Hey, what are you doing so late?”

    “I came from the bride’s waiting room.”

    “I went to see the bride’s friends, but there was only Jesu in the waiting room. When are your friends coming?”

    “He has no friends. Oh, old man. Are you here?”

    How he lived his life, except for a few relatives, no one was looking for Su-min, so the waiting room for the bride was empty. It was pathetic, but it wasn't something Minhwan was concerned about. Rather, she said it would be convenient because she didn't have to go around to meet her friends after getting married.

    “Isn’t that girl the bride’s friend?”

    “Kill it.”

    “Sipal, that’s awesome. But I came with my boyfriend.”

    Min-hwan, who had turned around for a moment to greet relatives and elders, felt a buzzing atmosphere and turned his head toward the entrance. Whistle and Youngjae whistled in a very low voice. She wore a sha x two-piece outfit that perfectly matched her cold looks. Her legs gleamed smooth, straight down under a skirt that came up just above her knees, and her hair, not overly styled, was tied together near the nape of her neck. I wasn't alone. The man escorting her to match her walking speed was tall enough to overwhelm every man in her ceremonial hall. Her body was tightly wrapped in her luxury suit and formal tie, and her pedometer was also strong. The sight of the two walking side by side was like an awards ceremony at a prestigious film festival. No, it was just the movie itself.


      Again, again. A stylish stiletto heel from the same brand as the two-piece came up with a loud sound and stopped in front of Minhwan's shoes.

    “Congratulations on your marriage. I came with Director Yoo Ji-hyuk.”

    The woman's mouth was curved like a drawn arc. Min-hwan couldn't answer and looked at Ji-won blankly, then suddenly swallowed his breath when he heard Yoo Ji-hyuk's voice.

    “Congratulations, Deputy Parker. It was a sudden schedule, so it was difficult for everyone to attend, so I came as the representative.”

    “… … Thank you for coming."

    Minhwan felt a sense of defeat and bowed his back. Jae-young, who was looking at him with his mouth wide open, without noticing, stabbed Min-hwan in the side.

    “Who is this beautiful woman? your company? Why didn't you tell me you were working with such a beautiful woman!"

    “Quiet and go in.”

    Although Min-hwan was passionate, Jae-young, who was naturally naughty and liked women, reached out a hand to Ji-won without hesitation and asked for a handshake.

    "Nice to meet you. My name is Minhwan's best friend Lee Jaeyoung! May I know the name of the beautiful woman?”

    Jiwon reached out to face each other and shook hands lightly.

    “I am a colleague in Deputy Park’s office. This is Jiwon Kang.”

    “Mr. Kang Ji-won! Kya, your name is beautiful. Kang Ji-won, Kang Ji... … one?"

    Jaeyoung, who had been clapping alone, suddenly hardened.

    “He, U&K Food Marketing Part 1… … . Are you Ji-won Kang?”

    “Do you know me?”

    Of course I knew. A rustic woman who Park Min-hwan wins over drinking and tries to get a glass of wine. She's gloomy and rustic, but she's kind and thrifty like a fool, so she's the perfect 'for marriage' woman. She is the girl who is said to have an affair with a high school classmate, and to go out with chile le fal le le.

    “Rather than knowing… … . Uh, I've heard of it, yes. In that company, there is Jiwon Kang, not two, right?”

    “Unfortunately. Kang Ji-won is still the only assistant manager.”

    Jiwon skillfully answered Jaeyoung's slightly rude question. Jaejoong still couldn't believe it. Is this Kang Ji-won a woman with a superior height that is at eye level with other men, and is wrapped in luxury goods from head to toe?

    “Come in, Kang Ji-won.”

    Jihyuk moved a little and covered Jaeyoung's eyes. Min-hwan pushed Jae-young back and bowed his head.

    "Yes. Come in, boss.”

    I couldn't even say goodbye to the support. He could only fix his mesmerized gaze at his distant back with the sound of his shoes.

    “Hey, did your eye color depend on your armpits?”

    Unable to take his eyes off Jiwon in the same way, Jaeyoung was bruised as if lamenting.

    “Kang Ji-won is rustic, but he’s a nice guy, and Yoo Ji-hyuk is a nerd who only wears horn-rimmed glasses to work?”

    “When I asked to see him, he didn’t show me even if he died because he was shy. Were you afraid we might steal it?”

    “Why would you leave a woman like that? … . not. We'll go in."

    The friends who had helped with a few words saw Minhwan's expression and slowly took a step back. From then on, Min-hwan's head was filled with Kang Ji-won again. Kang Ji-won, who once held in his hand, but now has been lost, felt like he was going crazy because it was regretful and regretful. But this was a wedding venue. With his head and chest filled with Kang Ji-won, Park Min-hwan had to walk the wedding road.

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was quiet from the car, said almost nothing even when he came to the wedding hall. Not only did he ask Ji-won about this and that, of course, he didn't take care of Ji-won's feelings or be overly considerate, who would be uncomfortable. So Jiwon felt it was a good thing to be here with him. It felt like I had a cane that I could walk in a place that would have been a bit insecure and dangerous if I had been alone.

    “I’ll go to the bride’s waiting room.”

    At Ji-won's words, Yoo Ji-hyuk turned towards the bride's waiting room.

    “I will wait for you in front.”

    “I’ll be out soon.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk nodded his head and moved into the hallway next to the waiting room. Jiwon walked in small strides and headed to the waiting room of the bride in her memory. I saw a lonely bride holding a bouquet and sitting like a doll, staring at the opposite wall. That figure was Kang Ji-won on the day of the wedding, it was himself. Su-min arrived just as the ceremony was imminent, saying that the car was blocked. No family or friends would come to the bride's waiting room. Although co-workers came, almost all of them greeted Min-hwan and went straight to the dining room.

    “I’ll prepare you for entry!”

    The staff at the wedding hall informed the time. At that voice, Sumin turned to the entrance and met Jiwon's eyes.


    Sumin's face hardened coldly, but then he returned to a smiling expression.

    “Why are you so late? I was worried because you knew he wasn't coming."

    “The car is a bit stuck. Did you wait long?”

    Sumin stood up with the support of the wedding hall staff and Sumo. The hem of the long dress was pulled gently and followed Su-min, then stopped.

    "Of course. If not for you, someone else will take my bouquet.”

    I was curious about the support. On that day, with what kind of heart did you receive my bouquet?

    “Your dress suits you well.”

    Jiwon smiled bitterly as she looked at the wedding dress that her mother-in-law, Kim Ja-ok, must have chosen. I wanted to wear a mermaid dress with an alluring line. Kim Ja-ok, the daughter-in-law of the Park family, made a fuss about her that she could never wear such a manly dress, so she couldn't even fit her. That dress was what Sumin was wearing now. The memory of having a hard time listening to the long ceremony was as clear as yesterday, as the lace wrapped around the neck.

    “It’s so hot and stuffy. You have to wait until the ceremony is over, huh?”

    The staff urged Su-min, who was smiling at the time of bashing, again.

    “You must go now, Father. Ten minutes left.”

    “I will go. See you in a little bit.”

    Yoo Ji-hyeok, who was standing on one side of the hallway, saw Su-min and didn't say hello. He was the same at Jiwon's wedding. He stood there alone in that place, just staring at Jiwon coming out to the ceremony. Jiwon couldn't read anything from his expression. That gaze was buried somewhere in the corner of her heart, and was washed away without a trace in her arduous marriage.

    “Thank you for waiting.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk looked at Jiwon, who said hello, without saying a word. Jiwon's handbag vibrated. Jiwon took out his cell phone and checked it, hesitated a bit before answering the call.


    [where are you?]

    I heard Eun-ho's voice mixed with the hum of several people at once.

    “I came to my co-worker’s wedding. why?"

    [I came to a high school classmate's wedding. Ah, there it is.]


    [3 o'clock from where you stand, the white pillar.]

    Jiwon turned her gaze away as Eunho told her to. In front of a large pillar, Eun-ho waved his hand toward Ji-won.

    “What are you doing here?”

    Confused, Jiwon asked on the phone.

    [Yeji called and told me to stay by my side so you don’t die. But I'm one step late.]

    Ji-hyuk also found Eun-ho. When the two men's eyes met, Eun-ho with his cell phone closed walked over to him.

    "Nice to meet you. See you here.”

    "Nice to meet you."

    Eun-ho, who reached out his hand first, and Yoo Ji-hyeok, who shook hands with the politeness of his body, were not at all happy. If this was the Middle Ages, he would have drawn his sword and started a duel the next moment.

    “Excuse me for a moment, boss.”

    Jiwon apologized to Yoo Ji-hyeok and dragged Eun-ho to a place a little farther away to inquire.

    “What happened all of a sudden? Why are you here?”

    “Did I come to Sumin’s wedding to pay a congratulations? Well, as a courtesy, I paid 30,000 won.”

    “Is the amount of congratulatory money a problem?”

    “Not at all, no problem.”

    Eunho's voice lowered by one tone.

    “Compared to Jung Soo-min marrying your boyfriend.”

    There were bones in Eun-ho's words. His backbone was pulled and his face was burning. Lost her lover by her friend, she's a poor woman, she didn't want to be imprinted on you, but she's become that way.

    “It happened after we broke up. I don't care.”

    Jiwon deliberately raised her neck and spoke with a more calm expression. A soft smile crept across Eunho's lips.

    “It looks like that.”

    “Yeah? warm?”

    It didn't seem like it would come, but Jiwon asked not to bring this topic any further.

    “I heard you were almost there.”

    Jiwon's eyes widened slightly.

    “Is Yeji coming? with other kids?”


    “Did Sumin tell you about your marriage partner?”

    "Your ex-fiance's kid?"

    Jiwon glanced at Jiwon to see if a passerby had heard the conversation. Jiwon sighed and put a finger to his lips.

    "okay. it."

    “Of course I said.”

    Eunho raised the corners of his lips playfully.

    “Then… … What did you say?"

    “I didn’t say anything. You're here for a buffet."

    They're not the kind of people who just come to the buffet. Ji-won was nervous and said hello to Eun-ho and went alone with Ji-hyeok. If I noticed something strange, I was going to go ahead and dry it. We've come all the way here, but we shouldn't fall over due to unexpected variables. The front of the hall was crowded with people looking to watch the ceremony from outside and guests waiting to go inside and sit down. Jiwon discovered a group of guests that stood out among them. At the same time, the group of guests also saw Ji-won and Ji-hyeok.

    “Hello, brother!”

    Kim Shin-woo, who looked even more scared in a black suit with a bloody impression, bowed towards Yoo Ji-hyuk. It doesn't show up, but Yoo Ji-hyuk was a little embarrassed too. The other guests who saw this group now were also embarrassed by the same thing.

    “You guys, what is this?”

    Jiwon asked sullenly. The three friends were pretty today. The problem wasn't a wedding, but it was pretty as if she had been to a club.

    “How are you?”

    Yeji, wearing white skinny jeans and a crop top that sticks to the body as if they were sewn to the body, smoked a smirk.

    “Oh my, Jiwon. You look so pretty today.”

    Under Sena's miniskirt, who smiled brightly, pretending not to know anything, the studded kill heels sparkled brilliantly.

    “Eunho is over there. We'll go in together, so you go in first. Baek Eun-ho, here!”

    Yoon-hee raised one hand and waved it. The hot pants, which were hidden by a baggy T-shirt, barely revealed their presence. Jiwon was relieved that these friends were still not so old-fashioned that they didn't wear pants.

    "Why did you come? You didn't tell me you were coming."

    “Are you talking to Mandaco?”

    Yeji shrugged her shoulders and twisted the corners of her lips wickedly.

    “Will I come to see you? 그 새끼 낯짝이랑 그년 시댁 보러 오제. Don't pretend you know us and sit elegantly."

      *** Before entering, the place where the bride was standing was covered with a shutter. Sumin held the bouquet and listened to the sounds of the outside.

    “Then, today’s hero. The most beautiful bride in the world will enter!”

    The presenter cleared his throat. At the same time, the shutters opened and a spotlight poured in. Sumin bowed his head slightly and stepped forward to the music. At the end of Virgin Road, I saw Minhwan staring at me. One step, another step. Park Min-hwan got closer. And when the two of them got close enough to reach out and touch his hand, Sumin realized. That Park Min-hwan's gaze is only looking at Ji-won instead of the bride.

    “Finally, a beautiful bride and a wonderful groom have met.”

    The moderator threw a comment that was neither special nor impressive. Su-min let go of his maternal uncle's hand, which he didn't want to think about, instead of his father, and whispered while holding Park Min-hwan's hand.

    “Look ahead, brother.”

    Park Min-hwan barely took his eyes off Ji-won and turned around. The officiating speech was long and boring enough to make me yawn. The guests, who at first pretended not to listen, later rubbed their bodies and chatted among themselves. Jiwon sat in the empty seat of the bride's side and looked at the back of the bride and groom.

    “… … With this, we conclude the officiating speech.”

    Finally, the ceremony was over. The guests, who were dying of boredom, were delighted.


    It was really impulsive that Jiwon muttered a little.

    “Would you mind putting your arm on my shoulder?”

    Jihyuk paused, then raised his hand and placed it on Jiwon's opposite shoulder. In fact, there was a slight gap between his shoulder and his hand, but on the surface, it seemed that Ji-hyeok was wrapped around Ji-won's shoulder. Min-hwan's eyes turned back to his shoulder. Jiwon looked at Park Min-hwan's contorted face. I saw my pupils shaking uncontrollably with jealousy and anger, and I also saw Jung Soo-min clasping Park Min-hwan's hand. Once upon a time it was everything. In the world of Jiwon, there is nothing left except for Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min. The two were now walking hand in hand into the pit of fire. You will be hell for each other. The tip of Jiwon's lips curled up as if invisible. Park Min-hwan, who cares about the opinions of others and her mother's opinion, will never get a divorce. As soon as Park Min-hwan divorced, he would run to Ji-won, and Jung Soo-min wouldn't be able to let him go either. At the end of that gutter marriage, cancer cells will be waiting for you. Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min, who finally became a real couple after a long period of adversity, walked the wedding road. Jiwon gave heartfelt applause as they kissed.

    “There will be a photo shoot!”

    After the ceremony, the ceremony was followed by filming. The chaotic atmosphere froze as Jiwon and friends walked out from the bride's side.

    “Bride friends, right?”

    When Yeji asked what she was asking, she replied loudly to the photographer, chewing gum aloud.

    “It’s just a friend kid, a bullshit friend.”

    "what… … . Friends?”

    “Fire, egg, my friend. Fire Egg Friend.”

    While the guests were frozen, Ja-ok's eyes widened, who had been staring at them with distaste. Senna laughed softly.

    “What is a bullx friend, what a bullx friend! Where are we eggs?”

    A few people made noises, trying to hold back their laughter.

    "I know yeah. Where do you talk about eggs? Uncle, can't you stand here?"

    Yoon-hee was bruised and took a seat in the front row where she could see it the most. The photographer seemed to want to let the three men stand behind them and rob them of their gaze, but it was impossible because there were no guests on the bride's side.

    “Whoever will receive the bouquet, please come!”

    The photographer exclaimed in an overly cheerful tone. His eyes focused on Jiwon, who walked forward.

    “One, two, three, you throw it. One, two, three!"

    The bouquet that the bride's best friend received rose high into the sky and landed on Jiwon's arm. It was a moment where the existence of Kang Ji-won was forever imprinted in the wedding album of Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min. Just like Jung Soo-min did in Ji-won's wedding album, before she died.




    As soon as Sumin entered the changing room after the ceremony, she took off her shoes and threw them away. Sumo, who followed to take her dress off, clicked her tongue.

    “Why was the bride who had the ceremony today so angry?”

    “Does he know? Please take this off quickly!”

    Sumin ripped off the veil. I was going to tear it apart, so Sumo hurriedly pulled out a thread and took off the veil and the dress. Sumin looked into the mirror and mumbled abusive language to himself.

    “Crazy bitches, where are you coming from? Do you think I'm still their rattle? Wait, I'm going to stab you in the eye."

    “Hey, be afraid of the word.”

    “What’s wrong with Auntie!”

    Sumin burst out in annoyance and kicked the petticoat that had just been taken off. At that time, Ja-ok, who was attacking the changing room out of anger, was shocked to see him.

    “Sae-ah, what are you doing without culture?”

    Sumin's eyebrows, which soared without realizing they were high in the sky, drooped like a puppy in an instant.

    “My mother-in-law keeps pulling her hair. Even if it hurts a little, the general will be surprised... … .”

    “Aww, I got it. That’s it.”

    Jaok waved one hand and sat in the corner of the dressing room, crossed his legs.

    “Are those girls really your best friends? Now the old people are mad. I wonder if Min-hwan took her daughter-in-law wrong!”

    Sumin chewed the flesh in his mouth. I don't know how much trouble I had with my parents for fear of hearing those words. please shut your mouth Otherwise, I can't even dream of getting married to an employee of a large company. It's a ceremony like that, so why do they come and throw shit?

    “You are not my friend. It's the kid who got the bouquet... … .”

    "okay. Why is he getting the bouquet again? This makes sense! If there are bad rumors about our Minhwan, will you take responsibility? I almost fell from my surprise! You are really a thoughtful Annie, an Annie without!”

    Jaok, unable to contain his anger, scolded him as he pointed. It was a voice that could not be compared to when Sumin was annoyed earlier.

    In an instant, time in the hospital room stopped. Minhwan was so startled that he couldn't make a sound and just opened his mouth. What did that crazy bastard just say? Pregnant? From the fact that Ji-Hyeok Yoo and Ji-Won Kang are there?

    “What kind of dog grass is that!”

    It was absurd, but the man with less shock raised his voice. Her wife, who had been sitting still without saying a word, hurriedly grabbed his arm.

    “Honey, don’t shout like that. You're pregnant."

    “Is pregnancy a big deal? Now you... … !”

    “The hospital said it was fine. I feel like I got healthier after taking a good rest in a single room.”

    No matter how much you hate the human heart, it is bound to weaken when you say you have children. The heart of a middle-aged woman who had already given birth to and raised children increased. She beckoned her to support her as she walked up to the duvet and sat properly.

    “That lady, no, raise me up for a new wife. Then make a big deal out of it.”

    "Ah yes. Sumin, wake up.”

    Jiwon, who had not expected such a development at all and was frozen, aroused Sumin. Every conversation that came and went was a clear blow to Min-hwan. Please, if this was a dream, I even had a futile thought. But no matter how much I blinked, this damn situation was real. Ankle to Sumin, no. It was held firmly by the mother branch.

    "sorry. whoops... … .”

    “If you squeeze it out, that’s it!”


    “… … .”

    “It’s okay now. I apologized, so what? Be careful going forward, yes. Don't stand there, sit here on the chair."

    Jiwon woke up little by little from shock as she watched her angelic wife pamper Sumin. When I looked at Park Min-hwan, the person over there was completely blown away. The expression that said “x” was itself. no way. No, I can't. Jiwon grabbed Sumin's wrist as she was about to sit in her chair.

    “Your complexion is so bad, Sumin. I need to go out and get some rest.”

    “Take him out immediately. The apples are fine now.”

    Angel's wife took another drink and sent Su-min and Ji-won outside. Park Min-hwan's mind came back. A terrible feeling hit the back of my head that if I went out like this, Jung Soo-min would tell Kang Ji-won everything.

    "Wait a minute!"

    Without thinking, the outstretched hand eventually grabbed Sumin's hand. When Su-min stopped and looked at Min-hwan, the awkward atmosphere in the hospital room became even more awkward.

    “No, that’s, I… … . Well, that kind of thing, for now, I mean, later... … .”

    Minhwan, who was spitting gibberish, felt the atmosphere around him belatedly and released Sumin's hand as if he was throwing it.

    “Me, Deputy Kang. I have to go back to the office first. Because we can talk tomorrow... … .”

    “I wrote half of it today, Assistant Manager Park.”

    Jiwon replied coldly.

    “No, then I will go to work. I'll take Su-min, that, and Jung-soo-min. No, it's a bit difficult to spend alone... … .”

    “Why are you in such a hurry, Deputy Park?”

    Juran, who was quietly observing the situation, inquired. As usual, Yoo Ji-hyuk had a hard-to-read expression on his face. The more he spoke, the more he felt himself being sucked into a deeper abyss. What made it even more crazy was that I couldn't come out even though I knew it.

    “I must have been very upset. It was something I hadn't even thought of, haha. Because I never felt that way... … .”

    Jiwon stared at Minhwan, who was sweating even with a pale complexion. That reaction, back front.

    “Don’t worry about my class. I will bring Jung Soo-min and send it to you. Please take good care of yourself.”

    Jiwon, who finished greeting quickly, grabbed Sumin's wrist and walked down the hallway. At the end of the long hallway, the unattended emergency exit stairs were the target point.

    “I’m sick, Jiwon.”

    Su-min, who followed at a slow pace, grimaced and shook off Ji-won's hand.

    “What did you just say? If you get out right away with such a lie, what are you going to do with the back cover later?”

    When Jiwon hurriedly asked, Sumin shook her head with a pitiful face.

    "It's not a lie. i'm really pregnant I was going to tell you first... … .”

    “Who is your father?”

    Jiwon cut off Sumin's tail and asked the most important thing first. This was a bunch of problems. If it's Park Min-hwan, it's a problem, if it's not Park Min-hwan, it's a bigger problem.


    Sumin lowered the corners of her eyes and looked at Jiwon as if pleading.

    “Are you someone who can’t speak? You never said you were dating a man.”

    “That, I couldn’t say. support... … .”

    This reaction was also unmistakable. But I really can't. I can't. Jiwon held Sumin's arms tightly and lowered her voice.

    “Tell me it’s okay. I won't tell anyone."

    “Everyone will know anyway.”

    Sumin licked her lips like a crucian carp, looked around for nothing, then looked at Jiwon again and again. Jiwon just waited patiently.

    "that is… … . Don’t be too angry.”

    Yang, who finally made up his mind, opened his mouth slightly.

    “I, Assistant Manager Park, have a child. I will get married soon.”

    Jiwon was completely at a loss for words. not. There was only one thing I wanted to say. That bastard is azoospermia. He went directly with me and got tested. … … Of course, after we got married.

    "sorry… … . I’m sorry, Jiwon.”

    Sumin burst into tears and put her hands together and begged.

    “Will you forgive me? we are friends you're best friend huh? black... … . ugh, black... … .”

    Jiwon gave himself up to the creepy déjà vu and looked down at Sumin. Let's go somewhere and clear our minds and act.

    “I must go first.”

    Jiwon's hand, which was holding Sumin's arm, relaxed.


    “I’ll call you later.”

    Jiwon shook off Sumin's grasp and disappeared out of the emergency exit. Sumin, who was left alone, squatted down on the cold stairs. A mournful cry came from the side of his face, which was buried deep between his knees.

    “Black, Jiwon-ah, black, huh… … . black... … . Heh heh, black, black, heh heh heh... … .”

    As she sobbed, her slender shoulders shook and then began to rise and fall.

    “Black, yep, black… … . Heh heh, heck, kick!”

    Look at that distressed face. Look at the shocked eyes. Look at how you pretend to be good looking and do everything you can, and then don't say anything again.

    “Heh heh heh heh heh! hee hee hee hee!”

    Sumin sat crouched down and laughed to his heart's content. When I came, I felt like I was being dragged to the slaughterhouse, but now I felt like I was going to fly away.

    “I am, Jiwon.”

    Sumin spoke kindly to the empty space.

    “It’s best when you do. When you lose what you have, lose it, and cry all alone.”

    When the kids you wanted to be friends with throw objects and curse at you, when Baek Eun-ho, who received your confession letter, stares at you coldly. In college, when your boyfriend from a prestigious university who doesn't even fit in a fraction of a second suddenly broke up with you.

    “You’re fine with me. You can't have anything better than me. If you're so greedy, you're a real bad bitch. Hi-Hi… … .”

      *** Minhwan started the car, not knowing how he got out of the hospital. He saw Yoo Ji-hyuk's black sedan, who had been with him in front of him, exiting the exit. After turning around the parking lot and returning to his original seat, Min-hwan turned off the engine and banged his head on the steering wheel.

    “x feet, x feet, x feet! Where did such a crazy bitch come from!”

    He didn't even care about his past self, who secretly flirted with that crazy bitch.

    “Support. Please, pick up the phone. support... … .”

    Minhwan muttered like he was crazy and opened his phone. Her familiar ring-back sound continued like hell.


    Finally, support got a call. It was the first time after the breakup. Minhwan wiped her tears away.

    “Support. where are you? Talk to me.”

    [What the hell are you talking about?]

    Jiwon's reply was sharper and more outspoken than usual. It was because he was convinced that he had completely handed Min-hwan to Su-min. Of course, Min-hwan was even more restless, unaware of such support.

    “What did you talk about with Jung Soo-min earlier? What did Jung Soo-min say?”

    [Like what?]

    support asked. In Min-hwan's heart, hopes of what might happen were blooming.

    “Oh, I wish I hadn’t heard anything. I was just curious.”

    [So what are you talking about? Is Su-min pregnant with Min-hwan's child, or did she decide to get married? Or both?]

    Fortunately, even the hopes that had been blooming suddenly crumbled and fell. Wrong. it's all over A bewildered Min-hwan picked up whatever came out of her mouth and served.

    “I have to it won't be my child I'll do a paternity test later. Would you marry a woman who said I was crazy? Jiwon, you are the only woman in my life. Without you, it means nothing. It's better to just live alone for the rest of your life. Support, please.”

    [Representative Park.]

    Jiwon replied in a formal tone.

    [I don't know why you're explaining it to me. The two of us have nothing to do with me, and whether or not to do a paternity test, it's up to the two of us to take care of it. I really don't mind.]

    Minhwan clenched his phone until it broke. It was more shocking to say that it doesn't matter, it's okay, than getting angry and swearing, hitting with a baseball bat. Jiwon Kang. Kang Ji-won, who can't live without Park Min-hwan, believes in Min-hwan's words, even if he makes soybeans with red beans, and if he hurts anywhere, he hurts more.

    "Do not lie. Jiwon, you are sad now. is your heart broken? You can't pretend you're calm. yes?"

    [Representative Park. How careless I am.]

    After choosing a word for a moment, Jiwon explained it step by step.

    [For now, I'll drive the congratulatory money to Sumin's side. Minhwan has been working for a long time, so a lot of people come in. If you want, I'll sing a congratulatory song and give you a bouquet. oh, it feels When Sumin gives birth, I will take leave and take care of postpartum care. Can't you even do that? It’s really nothing, and I have to pay half and take a break, so I’ll stop.]

    Jiwon hung up the phone after saying thank you and adding a light greeting. Even after pressing the call button again, Jiwon's voice was not heard again. Minhwan banged his head on his handle again. He's bang, bang, bang, bang. Minhwan's cell phone, who had been banging his head like a madman, rang.

    “Hello, Jiwon?”

    Min-hwan, who answered the call without seeing the caller, heard the voice of that crazy bitch, not Ji-won.

    [Oppa, why are you looking for Jiwon again?]

    “Damn, you bastard!”

    Minhwan violently burst out the swear words he had pressed. Her immediate voice changed to that of her mother, Kim Ja-ok.

    [Minhwan-ah, are you crazy! What did you say to the kid with your son!]

    “Why is Mom answering the phone? He said, she said, did she just run to my house?”

    [I came here crying. I'm so glad your dad wasn't there. Why are you treating your baby like that? To a girl who believes in you and gets married!]

    “Mom, no. He's not such a good kid, he's a nerd, get him out of here!"

    [noisy. From today, Sae-ah, you will be with us.]

    “… … What?"

    [What if the child goes wrong while living alone? You know that too, and when you get home from work, be sure to come home and eat with your baby girl. By the way, I decided to go take a look around the restaurant on the weekend!]

    “Mom, it’s not him! I'm going to marry Kang Ji-won, how many times do I have to tell you to understand!"

    [Don't even talk about that short-haired girl! oh hey baby don't cry Mom will sting you harshly.]

    Min-hwan covered his cell phone, listening to Ja-ok's voice soothing Su-min, who was probably dripping those damn tears. A neon sign flashed cutely on the smooth surface of the folder.

    “It’s a couple’s cell phone.”

    Minhwan muttered and ran his hand over the blue lollipop phone. Jiwon always wanted to have a couple tee or couple shoes. Minhwan, of course, was disgusted. He didn't hate the couple item itself, but was embarrassed to do it with Jiwon. So it was this cell phone that I matched. It was time to change the phone, and this model was a popular model used by about ten people in the office. If this is a couple item, it will never show off, something I want to say.

    -'Are you that good?'

    When I asked Jiwon, who was just staring at his new phone, laughingly, he got a stupid answer.

    -'Of course it's fine. This is the first couple item I matched with Minhwan. It's me, try this for the first time.'

    Of course it is. Where would you go to meet a man properly? Min-hwan laughed so hard to himself, and casually threw his new phone on the dashboard. In the past, it was.

    "shit… … .”

    Finally, tears welled up and dripped onto my phone. Min-hwan buried his nose in his cell phone, which had been used carelessly and had all the edges peeled off, and burst out crying like his child.

    “Jiwon, I was wrong. Jiwon, huh... … . What should I do, Jiwon-ah? … .”


    - Click. Jiwon opened the front door through the living room that she was now used to. Then, just as I was about to press the elevator button, the door next door opened. That must be the scary person next door. Jiwon looked back at him and doubted his own eyes.

    "Director… … sir?"

    "good morning."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk walked over to him and pressed the elevator button that Ji-won was trying to press instead.

    “Let’s go together. I am on my way to work.”

    “No, that’s not the problem with going to work.”

    Jiwon looked at Yoo Ji-hyeok and the door he just came out of alternately. This was something I had never really thought of. The scary hotelier must have been living next door.

    “Why is the manager coming out of there?”

    “This is my home.”

    “Did someone else come out over there last time?”

    “If you’re talking about a big man.”

    The elevator has arrived. Yoo Ji-hyeok stepped back a little while pressing the button so that Ji-won could ride first.

    “He is a cat feeder.”

    Jiwon pursed her lips. There were so many parts that were at odds with reality, she didn't even know where to start. Is Yoo Ji-hyuk living next door? Did Hee-yeon not tell you that? Or is the hotel employee who brought you the soup is the one who feeds the cat? Or else... … .

    “Do you have a cat?”

    Jiwon asked the strangest of the many. Yoo Ji-hyuk and the cat. It didn't suit me as much as a polar bear swinging in a pine tree.

    "Yes. It’s been almost ten years.”

    That was a surprise. Jiwon unintentionally glanced at the suit Yoo Ji-hyuk was wearing. It was completely black without a single speck of dust, let alone cat fur.

    “Then what is your relationship with the person who feeds the cat?”

    “Why are you curious about that?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's reaction was harsh. Suspiciously. Jiwon did not take his eyes off him and said calmly.

    “It’s exciting. You are the one who brought pork soup to the hotel last time.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's pupils as he was about to get on the elevator shook for a moment. had completely forgotten Jiwon and I are alone in the hotel, and it's strange to remember who delivered the pork soup.

    “You acted like someone you didn’t know back then. Why is he feeding the cat and coming out of there?”

    Jiwon asked again. Would you say it's a similar person? Yoo Ji-hyeok was conflicted and remembered Kim Shin-woo's impression of clothing. Kim Shin-woo was a unique Impressionist even in that rough-looking family. It was not strange that he was often mistaken for a gangster. How can he say that he is a person who looks like him by chance?


    Jiwon's quiet voice seemed to pull the leash.

    “The hotel doesn’t sell pork soup, does it?”

    Jihyuk got off the elevator and went into the underground parking lot. He finds the car, opens the passenger door, and after confirming that Jiwon is on the right track, he sits in the driver's seat himself.

    “I didn’t eat dinner.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's voice overlapped with the sound of the engine starting.

    “I wanted to feed you.”

    Why would you take that line so seriously? Jiwon held back the laughter that was about to escape.

    “You can just say you bring it outside.”

    “If you bring it from outside, Jiwon Kang will just say that he will eat something else.”

    He certainly seemed to say that. Her support was startled by the fact that her Yoo Ji-hyuk knew her much better than she thought.

    “Did you know that I was moving next door?”

    “I found out the day before we moved.”

    “Why did you pretend you didn’t know?”

    “I might not like it. I thought I would never meet him.”

    “Then why did you come on time today? You always come in late at night and go to work early in the morning.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk curled his lips inward and bit them. It was clearly a look of dismay. Ji-Hyeok waited for Ji-Hyeok to answer while watching the scene that was difficult to see. The car stopped in front of the crosswalk at the signal. Yoo Ji-hyuk's chest swelled a little, then fell down.

    “Why did you ask the cat feeder contact information?”

    “Is that the number of that scary-looking person?”

    Jiwon frowned and asked.

    "Yes. Kim Shin-woo’s number.”

    “My friend who helped me with the moving day was interested, so I asked him to ask for me.”

    The traffic lights on the road turned blue. Yoo Ji-hyuk did not step on the accelerator. Behind me, a loud horn sounded.

    “Aren’t you leaving?”


    Yoo Ji-hyuk started the car late. It really wasn't like that. Jiwon looked at Yoo Ji-hyeok and asked.

    “By the way, why did I ask for your contact information?”

    Amidst the white morning sunlight, Yoo Ji-hyuk's earlobes stood out as bright red as tomatoes. He felt a sensation of heat spreading throughout his body and lowered the window completely. A cool breeze passed, cooling his flushed face. He moved his eyes slightly and looked to his side. His support was plunging and sweeping his hair blown by the wind. Long hair that fell down over her shoulders, always smelling the same. I decided never to lose that hair again. Jihyuk raised the window back. The sound of horns blaring here and there and the sounds of cars passing by were cut off.

    “The girl I like asked another guy for his number.”

    My earlobes, which had cooled a little, started to turn red again.

    “If nothing else, wouldn’t that be more strange?”

    With that voice and that tone, it would be more appropriate to ask what happened to the report I was asked to upload by today. But inside Jiwon's chest, her heart was beating like a bean. The heart that I thought stopped the day I died by banging my head in the corner of the dressing table.

    “Um, so. The boss said.”

    Ji-won could not look directly at Ji-hyeok, and asked while fixing her gaze on the windshield.

    “Are you jealous?”

    “… … .”

    Jihyuk couldn't answer. The days of giving Shin-Woo Kim all sorts of errands, kicking and taunting him, and even changing the duty of Pang-Pi went through my mind.

    “I’m sorry, but boss… … .”

    “Kang Ji-won, don’t you owe me?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk quickly stopped talking.

    “There is.”

    “Then don’t say any more.”

    “It’s so… … .”

    “Did you drink soy milk?”

    You don't even know I drink soy milk every morning? Jiwon paused and opened and closed her lips a few times.

    “I didn’t eat it.”

    “I buy on the way. It’s because I’m running out of time to eat breakfast.”

    Ji-hyeok kept his mouth shut as Ji-hyuk spoke firmly. Actually, I was thinking too much. For example, how do you get around Yoo Ji-hyuk, who will give you a ride to the company every morning?

    “You don’t have to make such a troubled face.”

    Did you read that mind? Yoo Ji-hyuk said abruptly.

    “If Jiwon Kang knocks on the door when he needs help, he will leave even at 3:30 in the morning. But rest assured I won't knock on the door."

    Surprisingly, I was really relieved. Jiwon stopped the car and watched Yoo Ji-hyeok entering and exiting the convenience store, then realized that the women passing by were staring at him. He was such a handsome man. He got better someday. He was tall enough to look down on Park Min-hwan, who was over 180cm tall, and his shoulders were wide open at right angles, making the suit fit perfectly. His eyes, which were always covered by glasses, were long and sharp, and there was never a small stain on his shirt.

    "Please eat."

    Ji-hyeok, who returned to the car through selfish gazes, offered warm soy milk. Jiwon took a sip of it and asked straight away.

    “Why do you like me so much?”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's ears turned red again. Hesitating, he just put it down without asking for his share of soy milk.

    “No reason.”

    “Since when did you like it?”

    “That later.”

    Jihyuk rolled down the window and started the car again.

    “If Jiwon Kang gives me a chance, I will tell you then.”




    Minhwan entered the office with a warm greeting. The employees glanced at Jiwon as if they had made a promise and glanced at Minhwan sitting next to him. The relationship between the two was a hot topic of interest in the first part of marketing. Did Kang Ji-won really get caught having an affair with the handsome cafe owner in front of the company? Park Min-hwan knows all about it, but is he clinging to it like that? Some even had different opinions. Deputy Manager Kim is long, but I don't think he would have punched the company without a reason. So it was the opinion that there was something between Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min. However, it was almost ignored because of the minority opinion and the fact that Park Min-hwan tried to cover Ji-won and passed this promotion as well.

    “Mr. Sumin.”

    Juran put the thick paperwork on Sumin's place.

    “I would like a copy of the meeting materials, please. Heeyeon prepares coffee for me.”

    “What about this?”

    Su-min smiled broadly, imagining throwing the papers in Ju-ran's face.

    “I am too busy. Please do it yourself.”

    Everyone in the office knew that Sumin wasn't busy at all. Minhwan was right when he said that the contract would never be renewed. A job with potential for development did not return to Su-min. At best, meeting arrangements, faxing, and answering phone calls. It was in stark contrast to Hee-yeon's keyboard, the same contract employee, constantly moving.

    “Mr. Sumin.”

    Seeing Joo-ran's hard expression on her face, Hee-yeon said quickly.

    “I’ll do it, Miss Yang!”

    Pretending to be good looking. Su-min took the documents from Ju-ran's hand.

    “No. I think I can do it.”

    Su-min's eyes, who stood up with the documents, glanced at Park Min-hwan. I'll just go out on my feet. Even if you're not a full-time employee at a large company, if you take your husband at a large company, your mother will like it too. Sumin passed Juran and went to the photocopier. After putting a bunch of papers in, pressing a button, and waiting for a while, his cell phone rang.

    "yes. hello."

    [Hey, lady!]

    It was the voice of a very angry middle-aged woman. Looks like the delivery went well. Sumin felt a little better and slid out with her cell phone. There were no other belongings. I didn't bring a handbag from the beginning, and all my miscellaneous belongings were moved metallurgically. I just had to leave the body.

    “Did you receive the present well?”

    [Did you say it was a gift?]

    Beyond the woman's voice, barely holding back her anger, a man's voice was heard shouting something.

    "yes. This is our new product.”

    [You are crazy!]

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