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    Marry My Husband 내 남편과 결혼해줘
    Raw Link: https://series.naver.com/novel/detail.series?productNo=4812845 (naver)
    Manga link:

    Description (from teenmanhua):
    “Please cut me some slack, okay? People who live need to live. You’re going to die anyway.….”

    In front of me, who was sentenced to a time limit, my only friend cried sadly.
    I died in my husband’s hands without even meeting the time limit.


    “Jiwon, lunch time is over!”

    Ten years ago, I woke up from my company.

    Another life given after death.

    To change fate, someone has to enter my destiny instead.
    I chose ‘someone’ as my friend.

    You wanted my husband.

    I just finished the reading latest chapter of the manhwa, and I badly want to read more. Then I discover that it has a novel version. Soooo~~~~

    Pleaseeeeeee translate this one. If you guys know the MTL version I fine with that. (spoilers are welcome too)
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    +++1 im reading this and its pretty fun
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    can I post translated chapters on this thread?
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    "I'll go to the bathroom and go in." Please put my coffee on the desk."


    Jiwon, who entrusted Min-hwan with coffee, disappeared toward the bathroom. Min-hwan went into the office with Yoo Ji-hyuk while washing the coffee as if it were his own.

    "Good morning."

    "Oh? Manager, are you coming now?"

    "I know. Did you sleep in?"”

    Employees who came to work first saw Yoo Ji-hyuk and said something. Kim Kyung-wook, who came to work early for some reason, also came and tapped his shoulder pretending to be close.

    "I've never seen you coming so late".

    "It's been a while since I've seen you this early."”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk passed by him. Kim Kyung-wook humbly scratched his sad back hair and sat in his seat.

    "MIN HWAN, what about you, JIWON? "You'really?

    Juran looked back and asked. There was only a cup of coffee in Jiwon's seat. There was no bag or jacket.

    "He's coming back from the bathroom." Oh, it's coming over there."

    Just in time, Jiwon entered. Juran opened his eyes wide when he saw that side.

    "Good morning..."That's it."

    Employees' attention was focused on Jiwon at once. Kim Kyung-wook opened his mouth so wide that his saliva almost fell.

    "Good morning! Good morning!"

    Sumin shouted cheerfully and stopped at the entrance. Thanks to that, Hee-yeon's shoulder bag, which bravely went to work from behind, slapped Sumin in the back of his head and passed by.


    An annoying scream was buried in Hee-yeon's hut.

    "Oh, my. Ms. Kang!" "What's going on?"

    Of course, I know shoulder bag did a big job, but it doesn't matter. Hee-yeon clung to Jiwon and chirped in a friendly way.

    "You've changed people over the weekend." Where's our manager Kang? Who picked that blouse looks really good on you! My hair is so pretty, too. (Laughs)

    In response, Juran also rushed to fix it.

    "Oh my god, Jiwon, you're so pretty!" Why did you hide your pretty face all this time? Huh?"

    "I'm just wearing contact lenses." "What do you mean pretty face?"

    Jiwon covered her burning face with a bag and went to her seat and sat down. It felt strange, both good and uncomfortable.

    "Did you have such a nice figure?" He's tall, slim, and good at work. Jiwon, you live alone. I didn't see it like that, but it's very selfish.”

    Juran made fun of me. Hee-yeon also fiddled with Ji-won's thick wavy hair.

    "I thought a new employee came in. No wonder! I was so lucky to be out of the youngest already."

    Soo-min had to sit down without receiving a proper greeting because she was pushed back by the fuss.

    I feel like something.

    Almost all of the alumni were not contacted by Sumin. At least two or three people who answered the phone seemed disappointed.

    Clean up. Who cares about my little things?

    Su-min, who had his teeth full alone, took out his cell phone and pressed the keyboard nervously.

    [Soomin came to work, but no one is saying hello] I think I'm getting bullied again.]

    As soon as I pressed the transfer button, I immediately received a response.

    "Stop talking there!" You came to work. You came to chat?”

    Kim Kyung-wook shouted. When Hee-yeon and Juran, who were gathered next to Jiwon, returned to their place, Sumin was relieved.

    [You don't have to] But thank you, Kyungwook.]

    I feel like it. I even put a heart on the back of my brother.

    [Thankful] I can do this for you. How are you feeling?
    Sumin, who had been out of touch since Saturday evening, called in a voice that was dying not until Sunday afternoon. He was very sick because of the body aches. Kim Kyung-wook, who said he would buy medicine right away, told him to rest on weekends even though his brother must be tired.
    He's so nice and pretty that he gets bullied somewhere.

    Kim Kyung-wook shook his head and stared at Yoo Hee-yeon's position.

    [Thanks to you, I'm all better, but I'm sick again at the company. I guess it's because I'm so scared of Heeyeon and Yang]

    This future husband will resign one for you.

    Kim Kyung-wook has long been married to Sumin in his head. There were also three children.

    [If you want to use half a day, tell me anytime] I'm always on your side, so don't be too depressed. Soomin, fighting!

    After checking the text, Sumin smiled at Kim Kyung-wook over the partition. Kim Kyung-wook's face, smiling with his opposite gums exposed, was so ugly that he almost screamed.

    By the way, is Kang Ji-won out of his mind?

    Sumin's eyes were torn apart.

    Kang Ji-won suddenly changed from Saturday. Kang Ji-won, who used to wear a 3,000-won scarf excitedly because she had no sense of fashion as much as earthworm poop. It was clear that he had a late wind after meeting Yoo Hee-yeon on Saturday.

    What? I didn't know you had such a nice figure. Do you live alone? Pretty? You're pretentious, but you're going to think that you're dressed up on a skinny subject like skewers.

    Sumin couldn't do anything all morning because he was trying to calm himself down like a ramen pot. Well, I wasn't worried because I was going to ask my circular hair loss to take care of it for me later.

    Monday morning passed in an instant and it was lunch time. Juran and Heeyeon woke up as promised and came to the position of support.

    "Let's go, Jiwon." I am starving.”

    "There's a rumor that it's duruchigi today." If it's real, I'm going to tell my restaurant aunt that I love her.”

    Sumin went one tempo late and hugged Jiwon's neck and whispered.

    "Have lunch." I'm not feeling well, so I'll take a break in the office."


    Without asking where he was sick, Jiwon stood up, releasing Sumin's arm. Even Min-hwan, who jumped up from the side, did not look at the citizens.

    "Are the female employees going to eat together?" "Will you let me in?"

    Ji-won's throat tried to say, "Go eat with Jung Soo-min," but went into a superhuman effort.

    "I have something to say between women." Minhwan, go to the men's world."

    Despite the unfamiliar rejection of support, Min-hwan looked just happy to death. Sumin was so amazed that she went back to her seat in the pack and lay down. I felt like my normal body was really hurting.


    It's 5:55 p.m., the time when the eyes of office workers, who have been loosened like rotten frozen pollack, are shining so brightly that they can't recognize it.

    Jiwon deliberately knocked on the keyboard and made a mouse sound, appealing that the work was less finished. It was much better to go out late and meet Baek Eun-ho comfortably than to look around.

    "Working overtime?"

    Min-hwan whispered with disappointment.

    "Yes. I couldn't concentrate today, so I have a long way to go."

    "Do it tomorrow. I'll help you."”

    "Minhwan scene, you have to work out tomorrow."”

    "Do you want me to wait and take you home?"”

    "I don't know when it'll end." "Isn't today the day you go to work out?"

    When I asked, hoping that it would turn off, Min-hwan scratched the back of his head.

    "Then I'll go first." Text me when you get off work."

    It's a success. Jiwon still fixed her eyes on the monitor and replied, "Yes, yes."

    "Let's go home."

    At 5:59, as soon as Yoo Ji-hyuk's voice rang, office workers jumped up like a spring. They were agile movements 180 degrees different from when they went to work.

    "Great job!"

    "I'm going home now."

    "See you tomorrow!"

    "Good luck, Ms. Kang!"

    The office was empty at the end of various farewell parades. Jiwon stopped tapping on the keyboard randomly as if practicing typing and yawned long.

    "Oh, I'm tired."

    As if answering to myself, the cell phone rang.


    [It's me. Baek Eunho]

    "I know."

    There was no funny point at all, but Baek Eun-ho laughed.

    [Did you go home?] I'm in front of your company.]

    "Not in front of the company, but there's a star cafe two blocks away, so let's meet there."

    [Doesn't your leg hurt?]]

    "It's okay. Go and wait for 15 minutes."

    Jiwon, who hung up the phone, searched her bag, took out her lipstick, and picked up a hand mirror on her desk. The moment I showed my face with it, a black shadow was cast behind me.

    "Oh my god!"

    Surprised. Jiwon grabbed her pounding chest and looked back. Yoo Ji-hyuk, holding a briefcase, was looking at Jiwon with one hand in his pocket.

    "Why are you so surprised?"

    "Why are you behind me to surprise me?"

    "I came to ask if you were going home, but you were on the phone."

    I was so surprised that I was embarrassed to raise my voice a little. Jiwon quickly packed her pouch, put it in her bag, and stood up.

    "I'm going home now." You did a great job.”

    The sound of Jiwon's high heels rang in the empty hallway. Yoo Ji-hyuk's shoe sound followed the offbeat and stopped in front of the elevator.

    "I think you have an appointment."


    For some reason, I thought he would say he would take me home again. Jiwon deliberately answered briefly by looking only at the number window above the elevator.

    "Which way are you going?"”

    "We're just going to meet nearby."

    "Are you walking?"


    "You said you couldn't stand because of your shoes in the morning."

    "I'm fine now." You just have to walk a little bit.”


    Didn't you mean you'd take me home? I felt embarrassed again because I thought I overreacted for no reason.

    "See you tomorrow, department head of department.

    As soon as Jiwon arrived on the first floor, she greeted and got off the elevator. In fact, I was wearing shoes all day long, and my feet were about to swell and explode.

    Should I have gotten in a car even if it was a little uncomfortable?

    Would he have walked for about three to four minutes out of the lobby with a little regret? The horn went off in the back.

    No way.

    The window of the black sedan went down the road slowly.

    "Get in. I saw you stumble from the back."

    It was true that he stumbled, so he couldn't refute it. In this state, I have to walk for another 10 minutes, but my feet hurt to death, and there is no taxi because it is rush hour. Ji-won was forced to get into Yoo Ji-hyuk's car and spoke quietly.

    "Let's go to Byul Cafe two blocks below." I'm sorry if I get this often...….”

    "It's okay."

    Soon after, the car stopped in front of the Starbucks. Jiwon quickly loosened her seat belt.

    "Please wait here for a second, department head!"

    It's uncomfortable if you owe it, so I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

    Jiwon, who entered the cafe in a hurry, made eye contact with Baek Eun-ho, who was sitting by the window, and waved.

    "Wait. Let me order some coffee."

    "I'll buy it for you." What are you going to drink?”

    Baek Eun-ho took out his wallet and stood together at the counter.

    "No. Manager Na took me to buy you a cup of coffee. I'd like two iced americanos in grande size.

    Fortunately, the coffee came out right away. Jiwon left one cup to Baek Eun-ho and took one outside.


    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was leaning against the car with his arms folded, came up a couple of steps this way.

    "What is it?"

    "I'm so sorry that I'm just getting on." Eat it on your way."

    Jiwon smiled and offered coffee. However, Yoo Ji-hyuk did not receive it. His gaze was far behind Jiwon, not coffee.


    Jiwon, who looked back, blinked at what this was.

    In other words, Baek Eun-ho, who lightly salutes toward Yoo Ji-hyuk, is looking at Baek Eun-ho as if he were going to eat him up.

    Jiwon moved sideways and blocked Baek Eun-ho from Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyes.

    "Department head, coffee."

    Please take this and hurry up and get this. It's extremely uncomfortable.

    Ji-hyuk slowly accepted coffee to see if Ji-won's voice worked.

    "...I just remembered."


    "It's related to work. I'm sorry, but please check your mail within an hour."

    "All of a sudden?"

    "Please work hard, Kang Jiwon."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk only left that comment and got back into the car and left. It's a little past 6 o'clock, so check your mail at least within 7:30 p.m. In the era when there was no smartphone, we had no choice but to go home as soon as possible to handle overtime work.

    "Sorry. You've been waiting for a long time, haven't you?"”

    Jiwon, who entered the road cafe, sat down quickly.

    "It's been 15 minutes."

    Baek Eun-ho smiled vigorously. The smile, which was a little playful, was not much different from when I was in high school. Light white shirts and black jeans reminded me of school uniforms for some reason.

    "You haven't changed at all, Eunho."

    "You're like that, too."

    The coffee I had just sucked in almost popped out. Jiwon coughed and found tissues to wipe her mouth.

    "Are you okay? Did you cough?"”

    "Oh, yeah. It's okay."

    The tied hair was changed to a voluminous perm, and the tacky loose school uniform was changed to a long H-line skirt and blouse. Lens instead of glasses, coral lipstick instead of bloodless lips. If this hadn't changed at all, Baek Eun-ho's memory would have been wrong or he threw it without thinking.

    Of course, Jiwon thought it was the latter.

    "I'm serious. What's wrong with your reaction?"

    But Baek Eun-ho frowned a little and asked.

    "I've heard a lot that I've changed."”

    "It's the same in my eyes."

    Baek Eun-ho's tone was serious.


    Jiwon doubted her ears.

    "... What?"

    "You're pretty. You were pretty when you were young, and you're still pretty."

    Jiwon stayed still wondering what kind of nonsense he was talking about. Baek Eun-ho's words added with a moment of time left Jiwon in greater confusion.

    "So, isn't the manager chasing you because he likes you?"

    "So, isn't the manager chasing you because he likes you?"

    It was fortunate that there was no coffee in my mouth. Otherwise, I would have sprayed coffee on Baek Eun-ho's face. Jiwon was so surprised that she eagerly pulled the corner of her stiff mouth upward.

    "You're saying all sorts of nonsense as an adult."

    Baek Eun-ho's forehead narrowed slightly.

    "You didn't know?"”

    "There's nothing I can do without knowing." It won't happen if you die or die."

    Even though I really died and woke up, there are things in the world that are more impossible than that. For example, Yoo Ji-hyuk, who is like a tree, likes someone, or who is Kang Ji-won.

    "Then, you're the manager. You don't think about anything, do you?" You're following him around alone, right?

    Baek Eun-ho, who was staring at Jiwon for a while, asked.

    "What are you thinking about and chasing after?" I'm just a boss."

    Jiwon, who drew the line, quenched her stiff throat with a sip of cool coffee.

    "You're still slow."

    Baek Eun-ho muttered quietly. Then he smiled again and said the wrong thing.

    "I don't have a girlfriend".

    What do you want me to do? Jiwon barely said it while thinking about whether to congratulate or regret it.

    "I see."

    "Is that all?"

    At this point, being in a cafe with Baek Eun-ho itself was an intelligence test. Ji-won, who was agonizing over it, soon found the right answer.

    "You'll be able to meet a good person soon.”

    "Good person? For example?"

    Baek Eun-ho's expression was serious. He sits next to him as he did in high school, and the white shirt he wore still reminded him of a school uniform.

    "Well, look around you.”

    "I already found it."

    Baek Eun-ho held one chin and tapped on the front table of Jiwon.

    "Unrequited love in high school."

    The emotions that I completely forgot about came back to life. Excitement, nervousness, happiness, and humiliation. One side of my chest became cold as if someone had poured cold water in.

    "It happened in the past." "It's true that I liked you..."


    Baek Eun-ho blocked Jiwon's words trying to maintain her coolness.

    "You're my crush." "Baek Eun-ho liked Kang Ji-won."

    In a slow-moving head, Jiwon thought. It is clear that Baek Eun-ho came out with a plan to tease me today.

    "You're too playful".


    Baek Eun-ho took two cell phones out of his pocket and put them on the table. One was a touch phone of the latest model, and the other was a black-and-white slide phone that was questionable whether it would work properly.

    "It's been 7 years since we graduated." I've been holding it for a while waiting for your call. Do I look like a crazy person who has been joking around for 7 years?"

    Jiwon blinked slowly. This is really ridiculous. Why do you and I live in a different world all the time?

    "I couldn't give up even if I heard that from you. I decided to hang in there until it breaks down. And then yesterday...….”

    Baek Eun-ho stopped talking and rubbed his forehead with one hand and took a small deep breath.

    "I heard it in front of the bathroom." You liked me back then, too."


    Eun-ho learned of Kang Ji-won's existence when he just entered high school and was assigned a seat.


    Eun-ho, who pulled his chair, greeted with a smile. Kang Ji-won glanced at Eun-ho and fixed her eyes on the workbook again.

    It was for a moment, but Eun-ho read Kang Ji-won's thoughts in those eyes.

    [I'm doomed]

    Let's say I've been solving the workbook since the first day of admission, but what's with that expression? Eun-ho was very embarrassed by the treatment he received for the first time in his life, but soon changed his mind and tried to explain again.

    "I'm Baek Eunho." "Did you say Kang Jiwon?"

    I didn't even glance at it this time. It was completely ignored.
    I got caught wrong.

    Eunho sighed inside. Once assigned to this school, the class will graduate as it is. As long as pairs were arranged in height order, chances were high that they would sit side by side with Kang Ji-won for three years.

    On the uncomfortable first day of admission, Kang Ji-won really didn't say a word. Until a pretty girl jumps in through the open back door.

    "Jiwon, we're in the next class!" It's a relief that it's not far away, right?"

    Kang Ji-won, who had been solving the workbook the whole time, raised her head and smiled brightly at the girl.

    It was pretty.

    The eyes that bend under thick glasses, the white teeth exposed under the light pink lips, and the neckline slightly visible under the neatly tied hair.

    Eun-ho unknowingly looked at Kang Ji-won with a soul. The girl who saw the gaze talked to me in a friendly way.

    "I know you." It's Baek Eunho, right? Jiwon, is it your partner?

    Kang Ji-won looked back at Eun-ho. The laughter still hanging from the corner of his mouth seemed to be directed at him.

    "Uh...Uh. That's right."

    "I'm Jeong Su Min." Jiwon is my best friend, but she is divided in half. Even if you take care of Jiwon instead of me, okay?"

    "Don't say things like that." Am I an iced Americano?

    Kang Ji-won's way of complaining to Jung Soo-min was also cute.

    "Hold on a second, you're... Eunho, do you have your cell phone? Even if I put your number on it. If anything happens to Jiwon, you have to contact her right away.”

    Eun-ho accidentally exchanged numbers with Jung Soo-min.

    From the next day, Jiwon was bullied little by little. When I contacted Su-min and asked, other girls who liked Eun-ho said it was because they were jealous of Ji-won.

    "You can't step up." Do you know how scary Gashina's jealousy is? "Jiwon is more comfortable only when you get as far as possible."

    So I couldn't do anything. It was only to exchange seats with support, get hit by trash on purpose, and then give up anger.

    It was also secretly necessary to come early in the morning and erase the graffiti on Jiwon's desk or find stolen textbooks and gym clothes and put them in place.

    Throughout the three years, Eun-ho secretly had a crush on Ji-won, and Ji-won did not give Eun-ho a glance. Jung Soo-min was the only one who knew that.

    I was anxious that if I went like this, I would be in disarray after graduating from high school. Eun-ho wrote a letter and handed it over to Jung Soo-min. Please deliver this instead.

    I didn't expect a reply. No, it's a lie if you didn't expect it. Of course, I thought I would be less disappointed if I thought there would be no reply.

    So I was really happy when there was a letter in the locker. I didn't even know what the cliché that my heart was about to explode meant.

    Eun-ho secretly put the letter in his pocket and went to the bathroom. I was able to open the envelope after taking a deep breath three times. I even opened it very carefully and carefully in case it was torn.

    A letter came out from inside. A letter that Eunho barely completed and sent to Jiwon after repeatedly writing and throwing it away several times.

    [We liked each other since we first sat next to each other] I'm sorry for the suddenness, but don't feel too pressured because I want to talk to you before graduation. If you want to give me a chance, you can reply. [-Eunho-]

    In the empty space under Eunho's handwriting, familiar handwriting of Jiwon was added.

    [I knew it] Now that I've said it, stop peeping like a stalker and following me around. I feel like throwing up because it's dirty and gross]

    My swollen heart banged and froze.

    Eunho folded the letter and put it in a road envelope. I tried to crumple it and throw it in the trash can. But what's wrong with that, my hand didn't fall off.

    Like a fool.

    Holding the crumpled letter in my hand, I don't know how I got out of the bathroom.

    Ironically, Jiwon stood in the hallway. The same expressionless expression as usual seemed insanely cruel.

    My face naturally crumpled. I felt miserable and ashamed.

    "Did you think about me like this until now?"

    Without answering, Jiwon turned around and ran away.

    Why do you have eyes like that? I'm the one who really wants to cry and run, but why do you look at me like that?

    Eun-ho opened the crumpled letter back and put it in his inner pocket. I couldn't throw it away or burn it. When it comes to first love, Eun-ho was forever Eul and a moron.


    Jiwon refused Eun-ho's words that she would take her and took the subway. Even after work, Jamsil Bridge, which can be seen from the window, was closed up. Thoughts flowed as slowly as the cars moved slowly.

    Finally, it was not revealed. The letter is a fake letter written by Jung Soo-min, and I really liked you, too.

    "What you heard was just because I had nothing to say. I wanted to get out of there quickly. I also have a boyfriend.”

    I just said that. It's all in the past. I didn't want to twist the situation further here and ruin my future plans.

    Eun-ho seemed to have something to say, but he didn't ask more.

    "Let's be friends again."

    I just smiled like that.

    "I ask how you're doing, sometimes I eat and drink. It's okay to have friends like that, right?”

    I was grateful for the consideration that made me not feel uncomfortable.

    He was a nice guy. Would I have been happy if I had married you? At first glance, I had useless thoughts.

    That's why I couldn't forgive Jung Soo-min even more.

    I didn't mean to understand, I didn't understand.

    Why he had to cut off even that pure love for the young. For what reason did I nibble on my life and eventually drive it to a miserable end?

    People poured out from the subway that arrived at Konkuk University Station. Support was also mixed between them and passed the ticket gate.

    Jiwon, who returned home, opened her laptop first. But the mailbox was empty. Even if I searched the spam box and opened my personal email, there was no business email.

    "That's weird..."

    Jiwon took out her cell phone and pressed the call button. As soon as the beep went, Yoo Ji-hyuk answered the phone.

    [Yes, Kang Jiwon]

    "I checked your mail, manager." There's nothing here. Did you send the email you mentioned yet?”

    [Where are you?]

    They said they didn't receive an e-mail, so I check the location first. Jiwon hesitated for a moment and replied.

    "I'm home. I just arrived."
    [The work has been resolved, but I forgot to contact you] I'm sorry]

    You forget something? Yoo Jihyuk? Ji-won forgot what to say when she heard the tapping of the rod while sleeping.

    "So, isn't the manager chasing you because he likes you?"

    Eun-ho's words, which he regarded as nonsense, hit the back of his head.

    No way. No way. That can't be true.

    Even though I consciously denied it, memories came to mind one after another like sausages.

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who takes Park Min-hwan home even though he said it was okay, Yoo Ji-hyuk, who secretly asks about Park Min-hwan, and Yoo Ji-hyuk, who blocked Park Min-hwan in the office.

    "Excuse me... Manager."


    Jiwon regretted it immediately after calling her.

    What are you going to do? Are you going to ask? Manager, do you like me?

    [Say something, Kang Jiwon]

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who had been waiting for a while, urged him. Emotions were as dry as chick poop.

    As expected, no. I was a little relieved.

    "No, I'll see you tomorrow."

    [Yes, go in]]

    The phone was cut off without a second of time as it was when I received it. Looking at the quiet cell phone suddenly came to mind. Lipstick placed in Yoo Ji-hyuk's passenger seat.

    Right, you had a girlfriend.

    My mind was completely lightened. I don't know much about Yoo Ji-hyuk, but at least it was clear that he wasn't someone else to think about with a girlfriend.

    Jiwon tried to turn off the laptop and connected to the mini homepage. It was to erase Jeong Soo-min's review of the first generation.


    When I inadvertently pressed the guest book menu, Jiwon tilted her head.

    There was an increase in the number of private guest book.

    [Leave it here because you don't know the number] I'm sorry that I bothered you after listening to one side. It may seem funny to apologize now, but I mean it. All the students at school lost contact with Sumin, and Yoon-hee, Sena, and others are all regretting it. It's hard to ask for forgiveness. Just know that we're all sorry. Call me when you feel better. I want to meet you in person and apologize.]

    It was Han Yeji.

    Is this really written by Han Yeji? Jiwon even clicked on the name to check the mini homepage. Without doubt, Han Ye-ji was right.

    How things are going.

    Jiwon's eyelashes blinked very slowly.

    Jung Soo-min and Han Ye-ji were friends in the same class. Other groups scattered here and there were also close to Jung Soo-min. After graduating, they became a little estranged, and from this reunion, only the members who came to Seoul gathered separately and became close as before. I remembered that Sumin secretly envied the story of talking lightly, saying, "What did you do with your friends over the weekend?"

    "That's what happened."

    It changed again.

    Starting from this reunion, Jung Soo-min lost his friends at once. The friends Jung Soo-min lost came to Jiwon.

    No. Is it right to move on?

    I had a question.

    I don't need friends or anything. However, there was no need to hit the wall. Jiwon posted a simple reply on Han Ye-ji's guest book.

    [I never imagined I'd get an apology like this] Thank you for telling me. I'll leave your number, so call me]


    I fell asleep thinking about something, but I slept very well without dreaming. Jiwon stretched out and fumbled to find and wear glasses.

    When I opened my cell phone, I received text messages from many people. The first thing in front was a morning greeting sent by Min-hwan and Sumin, respectively. Ji-won replied in the same good morning, just three letters, and opened a message from Ji-ye.

    [How about Friday?] Everyone says it's okay then.]

    [I'm okay then, too] See you in Gangnam after work.]

    This is the last message. It was Baek Eunho.

    [Wake up. Isn't it time for office workers to go to work?]

    The lightness was comfortable.

    [Woke up] Isn't it too early for self-employed people?]

    Eun-ho said he runs a small cafe in the neighborhood. Considering that I studied quite well in school, it was a waste, but it was a job that suited Eun-ho well.

    I replied and tried to cover my cell phone, but a message arrived from Juran.

    [I put a lot of effort into the plan today] What if I get caught? Am I shaking?]

    Today is Thursday. It is the day when Juran's plan is passed and the day when the meeting will be held on the theme of the plan.

    [Who cares if you get caught?] Manager Kim can't say anything because he has to post a meeting by today. If you want, it's okay to bite me and stretch]

    Juran laughed after checking the message. Somehow Jaehyun, who woke up early and was fooling around on the sofa, frowned.

    "You've been so busy that you're trying to make people laugh. Do you have time to look at your phone?”

    "Did you stir-fry Yeonji's clothes?"”

    "So I didn't dress you up"?

    I want to get divorced.

    Juran swallowed a tearful thought with a glass of milk.

    I didn't want Yeonji to grow up in a single-parent family. What if I get teased somewhere for being a child without a father? I got married promising to live happily, but I didn't want to nail my parents' hearts due to divorce.


    "Excuse me, this is a proposal."

    Kim Kyung-wook received documents from Juran and handed them over quickly. Juran watched the appearance anxiously.

    It was the fourth time in two weeks that the same plan was made. Personally, this is enough to find out. Unless your eyes are on your armpits.

    "It's worth watching."”

    It's right that it's on my armpit. Juran nodded inside.

    "There's no chance next time." You know we're going to have a promotion evaluation soon, right? Do it properly!

    Kim Kyung-wook, who did not know that his eyes were under his armpits, slammed the approval stamp on the last page.

    "Copy it and return it to the meeting materials." I'll give the original to the manager."

    "Yes, manager."

    The corners of Juran's mouth twitched when he turned around. Ji-won, who saw it, forcefully pressed down on the laughter and sent a message to Juran.

    [Original delivery] I'll do it.]

    What original? The stamped original is here. Juran checked the message and turned her head.

    Ji-won, who had eye contact with Juran, slightly shook the documents in her hand. Even if it was not visible, it was clear that it was not the original plan. A message arrived again to Juran, who became more confused.

    [Hurry up and copy it] It's the meeting time soon.]

    As soon as Jiwon closed the folder, she took the documents and went to Yoo Ji-hyuk's seat.


    As if tired, Yoo Ji-hyuk, who took off his glasses and rubbed around his eyes, raised his head.

    He's handsome like this.

    The sudden thought made my heart flutter like a sinner. This is all because Baek Eun-ho said useless things. Jiwon handed over the documents with a face as casually as possible.

    "This is a plan for today's meeting. "I got approval from the manager."

    "Leave it there and get ready for the meeting."

    It was still a firm attitude and work-like tone. As expected, it was clear that Baek Eun-ho had a very big illusion.

    It was up to the youngest to prepare for the preliminary meeting. Jiwon received a bunch of documents from Juran and put them on Sumin's desk.

    "Please file this and set it up in the meeting room. I'd like coffee, too.

    Sumin raised his head and stared at Jiwon.

    "Jiwon, I'm not the youngest..."….”

    "Not Jiwon, Ms. Kang."

    When I quietly spoke with my index finger on my lips, Sumin pouted his lips.

    "Yes, Ms. Kang."


    Sumin peeked at Kang Ji-won, who was returning to his seat, and then crossed his arms. Kim Kyung-wook replaces the chores processed by computers. However, it was impossible to move with the body like this.

    I've made all the coffee so far. It's annoying that I'm a contract worker.

    It was still in my heart that I was humiliated as a contract worker over the weekend. Sumin, who was boiling alone, looked back at Hee-yeon sitting next to him.

    "Heeyeon, can you set up coffee in the meeting room?" I'll put the files back."


    For some reason, Hee-yeon answered cheerfully and stood up. Sumin picked a bunch of documents and stapled them, and frowned her forehead when she saw the direction Hee-yeon was going.

    I told you to make coffee. Why are you going to the manager's seat?

    Sumin sneakily went near Yoo Ji-hyuk's seat and listened, hanging around.

    "Manager, give me the corporate credit card. I'm going to buy coffee for the meeting.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk took out a credit card and handed it over to Hee-yeon, who was shamelessly demanding it.

    "Please attach a receipt."

    "Thank you... No, thank you, sir!"

    Hee-yeon smiled brightly and took the card out. So-min opened his mouth and watched it, returned to his seat, and nervously tapped the stapler.

    Is that how you do it? Were you watching me drinking 20 cups of coffee without telling me?

    Just thinking about it made me angry. It was annoying to see him getting close to Kang Ji-won.

    Sumin took out his cell phone and quickly pressed the keyboard. The recipient of the message is Kim Kyungwook. It was the best tool to grill in the office.


    "Oh, it's Americano".

    "That's great. I didn't feel good when I had mixed coffee in the morning."

    "Heeyeon, you have a good sense".”

    The employees who came into the conference room, who were as soft as freshly caught squid, welcomed each other when they saw the coffee in their seats. Sumin also sat down and smiled at Heeyeon.

    "I was thirsty." Thank you, Heeyeon!"


    Hee-yeon sat down in her seat. Subsequently, manager Kim Kyung-wook entered the conference room.

    "What's this? Who bought this coffee?"”

    As soon as he came in, he picked a fight. Hee-yeon raised her hand innocently.

    "I bought it!"

    "Are you bragging? Are you bragging?"

    Kim Kyung-wook pointed at Hee-yeon with his blunt fingers.

    "Who buys expensive coffee for the morning meeting?" Coffee piled up in the pantry! Does the corporate card look like an empty money on the subject of contract work? You're wasting your money in places like this!

    The employees flinched and took a proper posture. Kim Kyung-wook thought it was because of him and filled his lungs.

    "Anyway, new employees these days don't know how to save money!" When I first joined the company...…!”

    "Mr. Kim Kyungwook."

    A thick and low voice cut Kim Kyung-wook's disease.

    "That card, I gave it to him."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's expression was strangely stiffer than usual. Kim Kyung-wook forcibly smiled and scratched the back of his head.

    "Oh, I'm..."…. Haha, but getting a corporate card to buy coffee...….”

    "It's my personal card. "I don't like instant coffee."

    As soon as he finished speaking, Hee-yeon came up and politely held out her card.

    "Thank you, department head!"


    Yoo Ji-hyuk put the card in his inner pocket and sat down in the upper seat. Kim Kyung-wook, who was hesitating, also took a seat next to it.

    "Let's start the meeting." Manager Yang's proposal, right?

    "Yes, sir."

    Juran flapped over the neatly printed documents.

    "It's a new product package and marketing plan. By combining well-being, the current popular keyword, and simple meals, the main item of our U&K food, it is a product where one or two-person households can simply eat healthy meals. Therefore, the package was designed in the form of paper bags to stand out among other colorful products. Page 3 is the ingredient table and page 5 is the package draft."

    There were sounds of handing over documents here and there. The meeting went smoothly, with everyone seriously looking into the plan and asking Juran something.

    I thought so.

    "It's related to advertising." The best exposure effect is also public TV commercials, but it has been confirmed that drama PPL has a much higher concentration. It is concluded that requesting PPL to cable dramas, which are mainly watched by people in their 20s and 30s, the main target of new products, can achieve the maximum effect at a much lower cost. There are 15 pages of the plan, the cost and duration chart of the public TV commercial and drama PPL."

    The employees handed over the documents at the same time. The same was true of Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was holding a ballpoint pen and listening carefully to the briefing.

    "As you can see on the chart, the cost of commercials..."….”

    "Wait, Yang Jooran."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk raised one hand to suspend the meeting.

    "Yes, sir."

    "I got the wrong plan." Page 15 shows examples of advertising models, not charts."

    Kim Kyung-wook stretched his neck and looked at the plan in Yoo Ji-hyuk's hand. At the bottom, it was marked as page 15, but the attached picture was not a chart, but a male actor with a hypothetical image.

    "Manager Yang, I told you to deliver the original copy!"”

    I caught a case. When Kim Kyung-wook shouted loudly, the embarrassed Juran jumped to his feet and went to Ji-hyuk. Sumin looked scared and held hands tightly and watched the scene.

    "Oh, I'm sorry." "This is a plan that was rejected by the manager, but I gave it to you incorrectly."

    "It's okay. Hurry up and get me one."

    "Yes, sir!"

    "No, wait."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was flapping through the plan, called Juran.

    "Excuse me, section chief Kim."

    He took the plan from Kim Kyung-wook's hand and checked the table of contents on page 2. Only the order and font were different, and the content was the same.

    "Yang Jooran, is this a rejected project?"

    "Yes, the new project proposal was approved today and we had a meeting."

    Juran presented his plan. Yoo Ji-hyuk also confirmed that. It was exactly the same as Manager Kim was holding, and only Yoo Ji-hyuk's and the table of contents and fonts were different.

    "Yoo, what are you doing?" I didn't copy the plan properly!"

    Kim Kyung-wook roared without any sense when he saw Yoo Ji-hyuk's completely stiff expression. Hee-yeon slowly got up and went out of the conference room.

    "Manager Kim."

    "Yes, sir."

    "Why was the first proposal rejected?"

    Kim Kyung-wook glanced at Ji-hyuk's question.

    "There was no proper part, so I rejected it. Maybe Yang was in a hurry, but he took some of the things he had planned on the internet...….”

    "How did you pass this project?"

    "I rejected it a few times, and I did it properly, so I passed it."

    "What number?"

    The gap between Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyebrows has narrowed to the fullest.

    "Yes. Any problem..."…?”

    Kim Kyung-wook, who has yet to grasp the situation, pretended to take the first plan and look through it.

    "Check this out, too."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk put down the fourth plan in front of Kim Kyung-wook.

    "It's the same plan." "What did you look at to reject it? What did you look at to pass it?"

    Poor Kim Kyung-wook quickly handed over the plan. As he said, the table of contents was different and it was the same plan. A dark tendon rose from the top of the smooth head.

    "What's this, Ms. Yang?" Are you kidding me?

    "Well, that's...".”

    Juran, who didn't know that things would go like this, couldn't answer and stayed vague.

    At that time, Jiwon stood up.

    "I'm sorry, but only the first plan was written by Assistant Manager Yang Joo-ran, and I did the project that has been uploaded now."

    Twenty pairs of eyes were fixed to Jiwon at once.

    Now I wasn't afraid of getting attention. Jiwon ignored all eyes and stared only at Yoo Ji-hyuk. He, too, was looking only at Jiwon with a cold and sharp gaze.

    "What do you mean, KANG JI WON?"

    Yoo Ji-hyuk asked dryly.

    "Assistant Manager Yang has been suffering from a physical ache for a while, so I tried to help you. However, I thought the plan you gave me to refer to was a reference material, so I wrote and handed it over based on that. Manager Yang didn't have time to make it again, so I posted it to the manager. It is also my mistake to deliver the first plan to the manager. I'm sorry."

    Ji-won also looked a little bowed as a sign of apology. Of course, not Kim Kyung-wook, but toward Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "Manager Kang, you're out of your mind!"

    Kim Kyung-wook shouted.

    "There's something else to make a mistake. You make a mistake!" Manager Yang is the same! "If there was a mistake, you should ask for more time and make a new one!"

    Kim Kyung-wook, who was raging, felt a stinging gaze and quietly looked back on Yoo Ji-hyuk. Judging from the experience of seeing Yoo Ji-hyuk for a long time, he was very angry.

    "Manager Kim Kyungwook."

    The title, which was always respected by adding "nim" behind the position, has also been shortened.

    "Who's blaming who?"”

    The employees held their breath and paid attention to Kim Kyung-wook, regretting the absence of popcorn.

    Kim Kyung-wook's back was filled with cold sweat. Realistic words such as written apology, salary reduction, and personnel review came to mind one after another.

    "Why is the plan that you rejected because it seemed to be salty on the Internet okay and posted on the meeting?" "Did you see it well?"

    "It's... I saw it properly..."….”

    "I just said that I had a plan that I could look at when I took it back."

    Kim Kyung-wook became a honey-eaten mute.

    "I'll ask you again." Did you see it well, Kim Kyungwook?"

    The manager disappeared and went down to Kim Kyung-wook. It has been one of the biggest crises since I started working at the company.

    "Sorry, I'm sorry." I think I made a mistake because I was tired."

    "There's something else to make a mistake. Do you make a mistake like this?"

    It's HR review soon. If you write an apology, there will be a huge adverse effect. Even if it broke more, it had to be prevented.

    "Sorry, department head of department head!

    Kim Kyung-wook threw everything in the face and no matter what, and bowed his back to Yoo Ji-hyuk, who was younger than him.

    "I didn't see it carefully." I won't let this happen again!"

    "You don't have to apologize to me. Submit your written apology by tomorrow."

    Without paying off his pride, Kim Kyung-wook's most feared words fell out of Yoo Ji-hyuk's mouth.

    "Manager, please give me a chance." Or just for a month...…!”

    "Oh, and..."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who brutally chewed Kim Kyung-wook's petition, looked around the temples.

    "From now on, please skip the first confirmation and bring it directly to me."

    The authority has been reduced. It was the moment when Kim Kyung-wook's influence fell in half in the office.

    "Department head, a new plan.

    Hee-yeon brought warm documents and calmly held them out. Yoo Ji-hyuk threw the No. 1 plan in question and unfolded it.

    "Let's resume the meeting. "Yang Jooran, please start."

    Kim Kyung-wook sat down with a poop-chewing face.

    During a moment when the employees cluttered the atmosphere, Juran and Ji-won's eyes met. When I winked as if I couldn't see Jiwon, I slightly organized the side hair that was flowing down Juran.

    It was very instant, but Jiwon saw Juran, who was organizing her hair, making a circle with her thumb and index finger. Okay, it was an autograph.


    “What the heck. Letter of apology? Why are you so sorry about that!

    Kim Kyung-wook mumbled and sucked cigarettes all by himself. Even if I threw the remaining cigarette as long as my fingernail length into the ashtray and lit a new cigarette, my anger.

    If Yoo Ji-hyuk's evaluation is added to the written apology, he will be at a disadvantage in personnel review. Far from promotion, I had to prepare for a salary cut. The monthly installment plan and the sudden golf club set installment plan floated in my head.

    On top of that, how would Sumin see me?

    It was not enough to show a good performance, but he hit the head on Yoo Ji-hyuk in front of the entire marketing division 1. It felt like the wedding hall for Sumin was far away 10 years later.

    While Kim Kyung-wook was in the midst of such thoughts, a text message arrived.

    [Are you okay?] You've done so much better job.ㅠㅠ]

    The old bachelor's heart ached. What should I say to look cool? After contemplating for a while, he chose the concept of a city man who burns cigarettes in the wind on the rooftop.

    [It's okay. This is nothing. I'm letting go of a cigarette]

    I sent it and waited, but no reply came. Are you busy? It was when Kim Kyung-wook rubbed the cigarette with only the butt left in the ashtray and put it out.


    Sumin came up from the emergency stairs and waved.

    "As expected, it was here." Drink this."

    What Sumin handed over was Kim Kyung-wook's favorite blue can coffee. If you drink it after smoking, your mouth smells like a rotten mop, but that can coffee you don't know.

    "Don't worry too much. You might not be able to see it properly because you're busy. How is that your fault?”

    The wedding hall, which had been far away, has come closer again. Kim Kyung-wook opened a can, gulped down coffee, and stole his mouth with the back of his hand.

    "Of course. I'm in charge of a few plans. Do you remember them one by one?"”

    "That's why, oppa.”

    Sumin made a serious face full of small faces.

    "Isn't this because Manager Yang did it on purpose?" Jiwon... No, I made you make the plan the same on purpose. I'm just saying this just in case!

    Sumin emphasized several times that this word is a family. Of course, Kim Kyung-wook did not hear the "by any chance."

    "That makes sense."”

    Kim Kyung-wook's eyes, which had thick double eyelids, became greasier and thinner.

    "Don't make that scary face." I just said it because I was upset.”

    Sumin hurriedly handled it and laughed.

    "I should go down and work." See you later, oppa!”

    Kim Kyung-wook drank the remaining coffee and lit a new cigarette.

    The more I thought about it, the more disgusting I was. Who are you going to mess with?

    "Yeah, I'm the only one in the human resources department." "You have one, too."

    Kim Kyung-wook's words to himself were mixed with cigarette smoke and flew away.


    On a drowsy Friday afternoon, the time when work is just around the corner.

    Jiwon went to the bathroom and opened a pouch. It was embarrassing to fix my makeup in the office.

    "You didn't bring lipstick..."….”

    I should go out and buy one. Behind Ji-won closing the pouch, the bathroom compartment suddenly opened and Hee-yeon appeared.

    "Don't you have lipstick?" "Do you want to borrow mine?"

    "Are you okay with that'”

    "Of course."

    Hee-yeon searched her pouch and took out lipstick. It was a luxury lipstick from Company C that no matter how much you don't know about luxury goods.

    I've seen this before.

    I revived my memory by returning my lipstick one by one, but it was not easy. I gave up support and opened the lid, applied it meticulously, and returned it to Hee-yeon.

    "Thank you. The color is pretty."

    "I know. It looks good on you."”

    Hee-yeon also patted the fact and applied lipstick again.

    Looking at that, I suddenly remembered. Yoo Ji-hyuk's car, the lipstick in the handle of the passenger seat.

    "Heeyeon, give me that one more time."

    There is no way to know if the color is right, but the case design was the same.

    Is it a coincidence?

    Jiwon returned the lipstick to Hee-yeon.

    "I just saw it. Let's go. We have 3 minutes left before we go home."

    "That's right. It's finally the weekend."I see!

    Hee-yeon stretched her arms up and shouted hurrah. It was a long live that made even the viewers feel relieved.

    "JIWON, where are you going?"

    Sumin tilted his head when he saw Jiwon sitting down after returning to the office after fixing her makeup.

    "I have an appointment".

    "Promise? With whom?"

    "Jiye and the members." "Do you want to go too?"

    When asked calmly on purpose, Sumin paused and soon shook his head.
    "I'm fine. I'm tired."

    "I can't do it." I'll be back."

    It was the day I was supposed to meet Ji-ye. I paid more attention to my clothes and makeup. What will they talk about? What else should I answer? Perhaps because there was no data, I was unnecessarily nervous. I was a little scared.

    It's okay. You've always been okay. Jiwon placed a spell on her own.

    "You're going to meet your hometown friends today, right?"

    Min-hwan approached and talked to Jiwon, who packed her pouch and put it in her bag.

    "The subway is complicated because it's Friday." I'll walk you home.”

    There was a conflict between the reason to maintain a superficial relationship and the instinct to drive Min-hwan away. As Jiwon was only looking at the monitor silently, Min-hwan was nervous for no reason and added as an excuse.

    "You said you were going to Gangnam Station." "It's close, so take me there and I can go to the gym."

    It's better to date than to take time out. Support made a decision.

    "Thank you, Minhwan."

    Min-hwan's face was brightened by the forced laugh he barely made.

    "No thank you. It's in the corner of the car, so come out in front of the main gate and wait. "I'll pull out the car and go there."

    Jiwon drew attention from Min-hwan, who even hummed.

    You've always been sweet. He tamed me like a pet dog and gave me compliments and snacks if I was well told. There was nothing after the road was completely over. Even the historical records that will continue their lives.

    You have to tame it now.

    I saved all the documents that were turned on and turned off the computer. It's 5:59. Yoo Ji-hyuk got up from his seat.

    "Let's go home."

    "Great job!"

    "See you tomorrow."

    Jiwon came out mixed with employees leaving work. Min-hwan followed closely from behind and pressed the elevator button.

    "What time are you going to go home?"”

    "I don't know... Maybe around 9pm?"

    "Shall we go get him?"”

    "What's wrong with you when you're tired?"

    During the conversation, Hee-yeon intervened.

    "Manager Kang, are you going to Gangnam?"”

    "Yes. I have an appointment, so Minhwan will take me home."

    "I'm going to Gangnam Station, too." What a coincidence! I guess we're meant to be, right?"

    Ji-won was more pleased than Hee-yeon, who welcomed her. Rather than getting in the car with Min-hwan alone, it's better to suddenly get in Yoo Ji-hyuk's car and ask him to take him.

    "Really? Then let's go together." Minhwan, are you okay?

    "Uh... Yeah, it's fine."

    Min-hwan didn't look okay at all. Jiwon pretended not to notice it and got closer to Hee-yeon.

    "That's great. There are a lot of people on the subway.”

    "Right! Manager Kang is the best!"

    "Manager Park drives".

    "But still. Hehe."

    Ji-won and Hee-yeon went out of the lobby chatting. Since it was rush hour, the vehicle passage was like a battlefield.

    "Come to think of it, I can't see Sumin. It wasn't even in the elevator hall earlier.”

    "You're right. I guess he'll come out after a person leaves."

    I didn't know that I didn't have it because I didn't care I don't really want to know. Hee-yeon pulled Ji-won's sleeve, which answered indifferently.

    "This is kind of a personal question. Can I do it?"

    "What is it?"

    "Did you fight with Soomin?"”

    "No, not at all."

    Fighting is also what you do when you have feelings. Jiwon didn't even want to fight the Sumin.

    "What about you, Park?"

    "What's the point of fighting?" More than that, why is that?"

    "You look awkward these days." "If I had a fight, I would have taken your side."

    It would have looked awkward. Jiwon replaced the answer by just playing Binggrae. Hee-yeon also did not ask more 'private questions'.

    "Oh, Manager Yoo is going home."

    Hee-yeon pointed toward the parking lot. Ji-won also recognized the approaching black sedan at a glance.

    "That's right. Min Hwan will come out soon, too."

    A round question mark popped up in Jiwon's head, who was talking without thinking.

    How did Heeyeon recognize Manager Yoo's car at a glance?

    It was a good kick for Yoo Ji-hyuk's age, but it was not an unusual car. If there is a characteristic, it can be said that the tinting is exceptionally thick. Ji-won, who has been working for much longer than Hee-yeon, has not long since been able to distinguish his car.

    The black sedan slowed down slowly. Yoo Ji-hyuk looked slightly tilted over the half-open passenger seat window. Hee-yeon greeted cheerfully next to Ji-won, who unexpectedly greeted her eyes.

    "Good job, department head!" Goodbye!"

    Also, the passenger seat window went up at the end of the nodding head. At first glance, the expression was still stiff.

    That's never a look at someone you like. Confidence that Baek Eun-ho would have been firmly mistaken was hardened like a stone.

    Soon after, Minhwan's car arrived. Jiwon looked back at Hee-yeon slightly while wearing a seat belt.

    "Are you going to meet a friend?"

    "Hmm... It's kind of weird to call you a friend, but let's go meet someone."

    At first glance, he seemed to be in trouble. Is it your boyfriend? Well, it was amazing that she was so pretty but didn't have a boyfriend.

    "I won't ask you more." Can I drop you off at Gangnam Station?”

    "Yes, near Exit 10!"

    "I'm on that side, too. "Minhwan, let us go together."

    Min-hwan smiled.

    "I feel like I'm a driver on a date between the two of you."”

    "It's in the same direction."

    "Will you go on a date with me on the weekend?"

    A date with Park Min Hwan? Ji-won was sick and tired of the situation she didn't even want to imagine.

    "If nothing special happens, I will."

    "You're so indifferent to me these days. Doesn't it look like that, Heeyeon?"

    Min-hwan asked Hee-yeon for sympathy.

    "It's not good to be tied to your boyfriend too much, right?" Lovers often need to be separated. In-house couples sometimes have to act like they're far away, even if they're not."

    He's young and smart. Jiwon nodded happily.

    "We're here. Please drop me off, Minhwan".

    Ji-won and Hee-yeon got out of the car and said goodbye and broke up.

    I arrived too early than I thought, so I had a lot of time left. Should I sit at a cafe alone? Jiwon was contemplating and just started walking around Gangnam Station without a destination.

    Gangnam Station on Friday evening was crowded with people who came out to meet someone like Jiwon.

    It was fun just to walk around them. Now, I was able to get out of my headache for a while like Jung Soo-min, Park Min-hwan, Baek Eun-ho, and Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    Jiwon stopped by a cosmetics store to choose lipstick, and went to the bookstore next to it to buy two pretty diaries. One was intended to present it to Hee-yeon.

    "Where is the cafe?"….”

    It would be perfect if I drink cold coffee now. Jiwon, who was looking around in front of the bookstore stairs, squinted at a familiar person across the road.


    He stood in front of the cafe with his hand in his pocket. I felt like I was waiting for someone.

    Soon, a young woman came out of the cafe and started walking affectionately with Yoo Ji-hyuk. There was quite a distance, but Jiwon found out at once who the woman was.

    It was Yoo Heeyeon.

    Jiwon stood still and watched until the two's backs disappeared from sight. Thoughts piled up like bricks.

    When Juran resigned as if she had been kicked out of her last life, rumors circulated that Hee-yeon and Ji-hyuk were lovers.

    Was that rumor true, not a rumor?

    When I thought about it slowly, it was clear. Lipstick in the car, Hee-yeon, who recognized Ji-hyuk's car at a glance, Hee-yeon, who was hesitating when asked who she was meeting, and Ji-hyuk, who greeted Hee-yeon while driving out. In addition, he even gave me a personal card to buy coffee at the meeting.

    HJ: "It's not good to be tied to your boyfriend too much, right?" Lovers often need to be separated.’

    Hee-yeon's words, which she thought were just smart, came with a new feeling.

    - "In-house couples sometimes have to act like they're far away even if they're not far away."’

    That's what you meant.

    Ji-hyuk, such as cheerful and cheerful Hee-yeon and oak trees, was not a good combination. However, standing side by side looked good.

    It's none of my business.

    Jiwon took it lightly and headed to another cafe. For some reason, I thought it was an illusion that a corner of my heart was bitter.

    [Come to the coffee shop behind DGV] I'll be waiting on the second floor.]

    Jiwon, who sent a message to Ji-ye, immediately sat down with a cup of coffee.

    Since there is no smartphone or Wi-Fi, there is nothing to do even if you sit at a cafe. Almost all other guests were reading books, talking, or looking out the window.

    This is better.

    Jiwon put her chin on her back and recalled her old memories.

    When the cafe was separated by chance, Min-hwan sat with his nose stuck in his smartphone and did not raise his head once. Jiwon, who had no contact or interest, would just sit idle and stand up after 30 minutes.

    "You came early. Did you wait for a long time?"”

    Ji-won, who had been immersed in thought, came to her senses with the sudden voice of Ji-ye.

    "No, I just got here."”

    "That's a relief."

    Ji-ye and Yoon-hee sat side by side opposite each other. How can it be this awkward? I just shouldn't have come out, and Ji-won regretted it a little.

    "Sena will be back soon, too. Oh, it's coming over there."

    "Sorry, I'm late!"

    Sena ran and sat in the empty seat with one left. It was the seat next to Jiwon.

    At the end of the greeting, another awkwardness surrounded the four. I felt like I was fighting for wits.


    It feels very long, but in reality, Sena finally opened her mouth after a few minutes of tact fight.

    "Well, I thought a lot about you that day." And we talked amongst ourselves...…. Oh, I'm going crazy."

    Sena's speech suddenly turned into a dialect. Yoon-hee touched Sena's ankle under the table.

    "Wow, you're so eloquently.

    "Then you do it." "You're not doing anything, and you're freaking out."

    "You said you'd do it".”

    "You said you'd do something, so I said yes."

    "Oh, really!"

    Ji-ye, who was sitting silently with her arms folded, gulped down the coffee like beer and put it down.

    "I can't do this. Kang Jiwon, I'll tell you straightforwardly.”

    It's time.

    Jiwon took her time drinking coffee.

    I don't think the three leaders intend to sincerely apologize. This was the conclusion I came up with all day yesterday.

    But it's okay. I was ready to listen to anything. If you criticize, you can respond, and if you swear, you can ignore it. It's not to get along well from the beginning, but to avoid it.

    "I'm really sorry." "Did you have a hard time because of us?"

    However, Ji-ye apologized like this because her face turned red.


    Yoonhee also said it quickly.

    "I'm sorry too, Jiwon." We thought you were a really bad guy.”

    Finally, Sena apologized. Yoon-hee kicked Sena again.

    "Why are you speaking in Seoul dialect all of a sudden?"

    "This is Seoul." It's embarrassing, so use Seoul language. Rome is the Roman language."

    "Be quiet, both of you." It's so loud that I'm going to die.”

    Between the three bickering people, Jiwon sat quietly.

    I really wanted to apologize. I was apologized for my high school days when I thought I would be stuck like a thorn forever. The days when I thought it was okay blindly on top of familiar faces and familiar tones came to mind as clearly as yesterday.

    "Kang Jiwon is eating well." Does your food go down your throat?’

    "What do you mean?" No, do I?

    "You do well." Life. Yes, don't live!’

    It was okay then. It was really good.

    "Jiwon, you don't know yours?" I'll tell my son not to do it.’

    I thought it was okay.

    'Ge-hit. If you do, you'll lose your friends. Never mind.’

    I guess it wasn't good at all.

    "JI WON, are you crying?"

    Ji-ye was surprised and asked. At the same time, tears that had risen fell down on the chin.

    "Don't cry, Jiwon." I said I was sorry.Teeth."

    Yoon-hee was restless and stuck out a tissue.

    "How can I wipe my face with that?" Put it away."

    In the meantime, Sena, who hit Yoon-hee's hand hard, took out a high-quality tissue from her handbag and wiped away Jiwon's tears.

    "Don't cry, please. We were so immature back then.”

    "That's right. We thought you were such a rude and mean girl. "I'm sorry, but I'm really sorry."

    Han Ji-ye apologized again with her unique bullish tone.

    I wasn't even sad, but I just cried. The icicles embedded in the chest melted and seemed to come out of the snow.

    "Sorry, Jiwon." Was it hard? Yes, we are bad kids...…. "Dark..."

    Sena kicked Yoon-hee's ankle this time.

    "You're coming, Uno?" "I don't want to see it."

    "I'm crying. What should I do?" "Tissue or some dough."

    "Eun-da. Wipe your face with a napkin."

    Yun-hee wiped away tears with a napkin. I first thought Yoon-hee was so weak that she cried when others cried.

    Jiwon cried and cried again. Tears stopped only after crying a lot until the makeup was removed.

    "Give me more tissue."

    Sena stuck out a tissue.

    Ji-won, who finally blew her nose, looked around with swollen eyes. All the people in the cafe were glancing sideways.

    I was ashamed late.


    When Ji-won opened her mouth small, Ji-ye and Sena listened carefully and focused. Yoon-hee blew her nose a beat late and looked at Jiwon.

    "Aren't you ashamed?"

    The other three faltered and rolled their eyes.

    "... I'm honestly ashamed."

    "I almost went home."

    "I really have to go." I'm scared someone might watch.”
    Sena, who was packing her handbag, was caught by Ji-ye and collapsed again.

    "Don't set it up." "Before you tell your boyfriend about your chest surgery."

    Sena's face became ugly due to the tremendous threat.

    "Do you want to die?"”

    "I'm going to die using your chest surgery on my suicide note before I die."”

    It was too sudden information disclosure. Jiwon blinked a couple of times and burst into put and laughter. Ji-ye and Sena, who were quarreling, and Yoon-hee, whose eyes are still red, looked at Jiwon at the same time.

    "If you laugh while crying, won't you get hair on important areas?"

    When Sena asked anxiously, Ji-ye's face was distorted with full of contempt.

    "Are you trying to call it a joke?

    "If it's not funny, forget it."

    It was funny. Jiwon laughed louder than before with dew hanging from her eyes. Then I cried again.

    As I repeated crying and laughing like that, Ji-won realized.

    You were lonely. Like other people, I wanted to laugh while talking nonsense with my peers.



    Four heavy beer glasses clashed in the air. Jiwon gulped down a beer with thin ice and put a puff in her mouth.

    "Go Gashina came to us and cried and made a fuss. How pitiful do you feel when a small baby cries? "So I couldn't catch you."

    Yoon-hee said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Sena shook her head as if she was tired of it.

    "I've hated you since middle school. "The rumors went around really badly."


    Jiwon frowned her forehead.

    "It's... I don't know if I can say this."

    Sena, who was in trouble, drank a little cold water and put it down.

    "Your mother isn't here." I ran away because I had an affair, and you always said you didn't go home and hang out with the bad kids. That's why everyone avoided you.”

    At first, even the children, who talked to and approached friendly, used to completely ignore Jiwon after a few days. It was because of a ridiculous rumor?

    "It's true that my mom cheated on me and ran away.

    Jiwon spoke calmly. It was rather the other three who were embarrassed.

    "Hey, you have to read the room!"

    Yoon-hee got angry.

    "Jumma, don't be self-conscious. Moody's Day." "You're really struggling with decorating."

    "Mi, sorry. I didn't even know that..."….”

    "It doesn't matter. It's true."

    Jiwon laughed and drank some more beer.

    "But not the rest. Soomin is the only friend. Where are the bad kids coming from? And, if I didn't go home, I would have been beaten to death by my dad.”

    It was a secret that only Sumin knew that Jiwon's mother ran away at night. There was no place to talk. So, that rumor was Su-min's work without seeing it.

    Why did I do that? What are you thinking, what are you doing? Now the question was greater than anger.

    "Soomin was beaten by Kashina for three years. "Should I say hey?"

    Ji-ye put three puffed rice in her mouth at once and chomped on it and resented it.

    "That's what I'm saying. If it wasn't for Eunho, I wouldn't have heard it properly."

    As Yoon-hee passed by, the words she spat out were catchy. Jiwon also forgot to eat puffed rice in her hand.

    "Eunho? Why?"

    "Eunho called Jiye." "After the two talked on the phone, I knew what happened."

    Sena explained. Ji-ye became more resentful and emptied the remaining beer at once and dropped it down.

    "Baek Eun-ho thought we bothered you because we were jealous. Does a golden horse have an ax disease? "She's my type. Are you jealous that she's crazy?"

    "That's what I'm saying." You know I had a boyfriend then, right?”

    "Oh, that trash?"

    "I did recycling as soon as I went to college, so can you shut up?"”

    When Sena responded coyly, Yoon-hee giggled and held a flower cup with both hands.

    "I heard that Eunho liked you." Jiwon, did you know?”

    "Did you say that?"”

    "That's so nice!"

    Yoon-hee giggled excitedly and glinted at the atmosphere of a feast.

    "I'm still happy to see that Geumma contacted us and pecked you to apologize. How about you? If it's Baek Eunho, he knows crabs.Teeth."

    "I have a boyfriend."”

    "Are you going to get married?"

    "No, never."

    Jiwon shook her head sternly and stubbornly. The word marriage gave me goosebumps all over my body.

    Then Ji-ye did it, and then she was satisfied.

    "You don't know people until you enter the ceremony. Just be friends and meet then if you break up. Eunho is a pure guy, so he'll be waiting.”

    I think he's a pure man, not secretly.

    Jiwon just smiled silently.

    I felt like I was born again. I was born again, but anyway.

    I became close to my co-workers, and I had a friend to meet and chat with over the weekend. I also learned how to put on makeup and spend money. I also knew that someone could give me rational attention, and that for a very long time.

    "Stop laughing and say something." What do you think of Eunho, huh? Or do you like your boyfriend that much? Be nice to me? Handsome? What kind of person are you? "Are you tall?"

    Self-proclaimed dating master. Sena, who likes other people's love history more than a daily drama, was impatient. As soon as Jiwon thought of Min-hwan, she barely showed a frowned face.

    "I don't like it that much." Loyalty... No, we can meet because of necessity.”

    "Then we can break up."”

    "But it's not time yet."

    Sena shook her head as if she knew.

    "Then, is there anyone you can see other than your boyfriend or Baek Eunho?" "There must be someone at work who likes you."

    Someone who likes me at work. Yoo Ji-hyuk also came to mind.

    "Well, that's what he'

    Jiwon opened her mouth. Sena's eyes sparkled even more.

    "Yes, yes. Is there someone there?"”

    "At our company..."…. "Well, there's a slightly higher rank."

    "It's high? You're such an old guy!

    Sena grabbed Yoon-hee's mouth and slapped her.

    "Be quiet, please!" So Jiwon, what did that person do?

    "Hmm... I keep getting in the car. He took me home when I said it was okay, and if I went somewhere, he took me there, saying he was on his way. "Last time, I fell asleep in the car, but they waited for me for three hours without waking me up."

    "And what else? Is that it?"”

    "When I bump into someone at work, they help me secretly. "When I wasn't feeling well, I told them to go out and let me go home right away."

    "I'm 100% sure. I'm so into you right now."

    Yoonhee said it seriously. This time, Sena also asked Yoon-hee without hitting her mouth.

    "How old is he?" "Handsome?"

    "It's early thirties." "Your face is..."

    Jiwon recalled Ji-hyuk without glasses. He didn't look as beautiful as Eun-ho, but he had a handsome face like a man.

    "You're handsome."

    "That's enough. If you don't like your boyfriend and Eun-ho doesn't like it, that person is the answer.”

    Sena clapped her hands. Jiwon hesitated a little and added a little.

    "But..." He has a girlfriend.”

    A light smile disappeared from Sena's face. Ji-ye, who was listening carefully, suddenly picked up a beer glass and drank half of it, and concluded.

    "That's trash."

    Yoon-hee and Sena nodded violently.

    "Oh, my head hurts..."….”

    I guess I drank too much beer yesterday. Jiwon suffered from a headache that came as soon as she opened her eyes. Looking at the clock, it's already 1pm. I didn't know how fortunate it was that today was Saturday.

    Let's just sleep more.

    Sleep is the best for hangovers. I felt an unpleasant vibration next to Jiwon's pillow trying to sleep again with her eyes closed.

    "Yeah... Hello."

    [Are you up?]

    As soon as I answered the phone with my eyes closed, I woke up completely.

    "Yes, I woke up." Minhwan, did you sleep well?”

    [I couldn't sleep. I didn't get a call from you last night]

    Because I didn't want to contact you. Jiwon measured how much time was left before Min-hwan's proposal. The proposal should go to Soo-min safely, but there has yet to be any significant progress between the two.

    "You must be so excited to see your alumni after a long time." Shall we have lunch tomorrow?”

    [I was going to say that, too]]

    Minhwan's voice became brighter. It can't be, but as if you truly love Jiwon.
    [I'll pick you up at 12 tomorrow] Have it ready.]

    "Yes. I'll take a break and contact you."

    The unwanted call ended. Ji-won, who gave up on sleep and everything, barely drank a glass of juice and lay down in bed and opened her laptop.

    "You went up a lot."

    J Pharmaceutical, which invested 20 million won, has already nearly tripled. Next week, it'll peak four times. Of course, it will rise further, but there is a better investment destination, but there is no need to bury it here.

    The cell phone rang again as I was lying down a little more with my laptop covered. This time, it was Heeyeon. I felt guilty for no reason.


    [Savior] Did you go home safely yesterday?]

    "Yes. I drank too much beer and I have a headache."

    [Beer and makgeolli hangover is the worst] You got caught wrong.]

    "It's a relief that you didn't drink makgeolli."

    [That's right]]

    Heeyeon giggled.

    [Then, you must be at home today]]

    "I don't want to go out." I should order food too.”

    [Thank you for your thought] What are you doing tomorrow? If you don't have any plans, play with me.]

    "What should I do? It's too bad. "I'm going to meet Min Hwan tomorrow."
    Shopping with Hee-yeon will be much more fun than sitting with Min-hwan. Jiwon sincerely regretted it.

    [Savior is so popular] Next time, I should get a number ticket in advance.]

    It was strange to say that he was popular. It is still difficult to adapt to the fact that there are people other than Minhwan and Sumin asking to meet.

    "Let's go eat something delicious next weekend or next weekend. I'll buy you that.”

    [Call me anytime!]]

    Heeyeon shouted right away.

    Don't you meet the manager on weekends? Jiwon had doubts and soon nodded. I thought I could take a rest on weekends if I saw him at work every day and met him again after work.

    The next day.

    Min-hwan came in front of Jiwon's house a little earlier than the appointment time.

    "You came early, Min Hwan."

    Jiwon, wearing a knit top and a mermaid long skirt that comes up to her ankle, got in the car and greeted her. Actually, I didn't feel very good. I can't believe I have to go on a date with Min-hwan on a day like this when the wind is gentle and the sun is warm.

    "If you come early, we can see you longer."

    Min-hwan smiled and stroked Jiwon's hair. Jiwon turned slightly and stuck close to the window.

    "I made a reservation for a restaurant. You didn't have breakfast, did you?”

    "Why are you at a restaurant all of a sudden?"”

    "I'll tell you when I get there.”

    I could see why Min-hwan felt much better.

    What can I do? It's a fraudulent stock.

    It wasn't unfortunate. Jiwon closed her mouth and looked at the scenery outside the car window passing by quickly.

    The restaurant Min-hwan reserved remained the same in his memory. Location, weather, information, and even the menu I ate then.

    "It's expensive. Aren't you overdoing it, Min Hwan?"

    When asked as quietly and anxiously as possible, Min-hwan proudly straightened his shoulders.

    "That's not too much." This time, it's going to be awesome. I'll let you eat it like tteokbokki for the rest of your life.”

    If I marry you, I have to eat tteokbokki while feeling it, you Yupdduk punk. Jiwon forced herself to laugh back.

    "Do you remember when I said Hojae came in last time?" That's crazy. It's not ten times as much."

    It's going to be crazy. Min-hwan added to Jiwon, who smiles silently.

    "That's good, right? We relieved our worries about our newlyweds."”

    "...Newlywed House?"

    Why is that already coming out?

    Jiwon put the fresh steak in front of her and stared at Min-hwan blankly.

    "Why are you so surprised?" We have to slowly get ready now.”

    "Ready? What?"

    "What do you mean? It's marriage."

    Min-hwan smiled. It was clear that Jiwon's reaction, which was so surprised to hear the dog's sound, was interpreted as an emotion. Ji-won was able to make the face Min-hwan wanted only after drinking a little water in a hurry.

    "Marriage? Isn't it too early?"”

    "My mom misses you."

    You're the wife of a rich family, and your son works for the same company as his son during the Joseon Dynasty, and the crazy grandmother who thinks his daughter-in-law is the last year?

    "Your mother? When did you talk about me?"

    "I always did it."

    I would have. I asked for a good and poor pushover like a fool.

    "Let's eat and go to the department store." I'll buy you something to wear when I eat with my mom.”


    I was really surprised this time. As Jiwon remembers, Min-hwan never gave me clothes as a gift. Even if you're going to get sick of wearing it like a beggar, never.

    "It's true. Do you like it that much?”

    "Uh... Yes, I like it."

    Min-hwan seemed to like the answer.

    "My mom will say she likes you as soon as she sees you. Shall we put the house together before the ceremony? Living alone, I've been nervous for a long time."

    I don't even think of anyone to give me rice cakes, but I pour kimchi soup through it. While Jiwon was chewing only steak and listening, Min-hwan talked about his future plans that he had set up alone.

    "When you get married, you'd better just rest at home and get ready to have a baby. If possible, quit the company.”

    "Company? Do you want me to be a swan?"

    "It's not a swan, it's a full-time housewife."

    Min-hwan opened his chest and tapped it.

    "Does it make sense that a man can't feed his wife and make her suffer?" You rest and do housework, and do hobbies when you have time left. Got it?

    How can he speak so fluently? Jiwon calmly put the steak in her mouth with vegetables.

    It was really delicious. There's nothing wrong with food.

    Min-hwan didn't shut up for a moment throughout the meal. At the same time, it was scary how gently he took care of the support. The steak was cut one by one to make it easy to eat, water and napkins, and after the meal, he even helped me get up by pulling a chair to see where I had seen anything.

    Next was the department store.

    As promised, Min-hwan presented a neat dress, shoes, and spring coat. I even picked out a comfortable office look to wear when I was at work.

    "Wear it and come out."

    "Yes, yes."

    Ji-won came out of the changing room wearing the clothes Min-hwan handed over in a puzzled mood.

    "You look so good, customer! I'm not saying this to sell clothes, but you're so tall and have a good body, so I think you'll look good in anything."

    Min-hwan was more unfamiliar than the employee's unfamiliar compliment.

    "Jiwon, you're so pretty." It's prettier than I thought."

    Min-hwan's face was full of laughter, and I didn't know that his eyes would fall from Jiwon. He was originally friendly, but he was too much.

    "A man must really love his girlfriend."

    The employee envied him by wrapping the clothes he bought beautifully. Instead of Jiwon, who lost what to say, Min-hwan smiled brightly.

    "That's right. I'm going to level up from GFRIEND to a wife soon."”

    "Are you getting married?" "You two look great together".

    Jiwon had a hard time managing her facial expression. I'm not the one who's going to marry you, but Sumin.

    "Since you're out, let's buy a bag." What do you think, Jiwon?

    Minhwan, who felt even better thanks to the compliment of the employee, asked.


    "Yes, I'll bring a pretty bag, too."

    I didn't want to receive it. I just hated it, not because I was sorry or burdened.

    "The bag..."

    Jiwon, who was trying to refuse nicely, remembered something and quickly changed her words.

    "I'll carry it around well if you buy it for me." "Thank you, Min Hwan."


    Monday coordination was easy. The clothes Minhwan bought me, the shoes Minhwan bought me, and the bag Minhwan bought me. Hee-yeon was the first to react when Ji-won appeared at the company as her uncomfortable coordinator.

    "Isn't this a new product that came out recently, Manager Kang?" You said you were going on a date yesterday. Did you happen to...…?”

    Min-hwan raised his eyebrows beautifully. Jiwon handed Hee-yeon a bag to take a look and said a little shyly.

    "Right. Minhwan bought it for me."

    Su-min, who ran in a row, looked at Min-hwan while watching him take his bag away from Hee-yeon.

    "You didn't even see the clothes." Manager Park, isn't that too much? But Jiwon must be happy.”

    "I can do this for you." I have to do it.”

    Jiwon smiled at Min-hwan, who answered coolly, and sat down. Sumin seemed to have something to say, but failed because Yoo Ji-hyuk appeared silently.

    "Everyone, sit down." Let's start working.”


    Sumin's eyes became round. Jiwon and Juran also stared at Jihyuk at the same time.

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's trademark horn-rimmed glasses were nowhere to be found. The hair that was roughly rolled over with wax became more trendy, and the tie was simple new.

    "Manager, you changed your style." "That's cool".

    Following Juran, Sumin also clapped his hands in a fuss.

    "This is much better." If I saw you outside, I wouldn't have recognized you!"

    JM: "That's gold, that's trash."

    Yeji's words crossed my mind. I suddenly felt bad. Jiwon didn't say anything about his changed style, but just turned on the computer.

    Whatever Jiwon thought, the topic of lunch that day was definitely Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "I was surprised because it was so cool." "Are you in a relationship?"

    At Juran's words, Ji-won was alone and looked at Hee-yeon's sense. Hee-yeon was rather calm.

    "I think it's similar." Do you use it or not?…. "What do you think, Ms. Kang?"

    Why are you suddenly asking me that? Jiwon was a little embarrassed.

    "I don't have any thoughts either. "I'm just a boss at work, so what's better or not?"

    Yoo Ji-hyuk is a bad guy, I didn't do anything. Jiwon expressed that Hee-yeon was not interested in it with her whole body, hoping that she would know it later. Hee-yeon seemed to have worked because she didn't say anything.

    "Yeah, Jiwon. "Manager Park in the back."

    Sumin, who was opening more rice today, winked at Jiwon. At the same time as I got goosebumps, I breathed in my ears and felt a soft voice.

    "Enjoy your meal, Jiwon."

    Didn't the company make an implied agreement not to show it? The touch of stroking my head was disgusting. Jiwon held Minhwan's hand with a forced smile and slightly removed it.

    "Minhwan, enjoy your meal, too."”

    Min-hwan passed the table and sat nearby. As if Juran was curious, I alternated between Minhwan and Jiwon.

    "Did you make up with Park, Kang?"

    "Are you reconciling?"

    "You've been flinching these days." I thought we had a fight. No?"

    "Even if you fight, you cut water with a knife." "Minhwan is so nice to us."

    "I think so. What's wrong with your bag? What's your anniversary?”

    "Actually, this is a secret."

    Jiwon slightly lowered her voice. Juran, Heeyeon, and Sumin, who were talking, listened to Jiwon.

    "She said let's go see her mother." "Let's get ready."



    Soo-min and Hee-yeon jumped up and down. Soomin is like that, but why Heeyeon? Jiwon looked at the two in a puzzled.

    "Why are you so surprised?"”

    "Not yet...". Two of you, what is it? To prepare for that, it's not the right age yet.… That's why."

    I felt embarrassed even at the stuttering tone. I was even more puzzled. Wasn't 27 years old the right age?

    "We're not officially proceeding yet. "First, I'll say hello to my mom and talk to her step by step."

    "Are you really going to get married, Jiwon?"

    "Call me Ms. Kang".

    Ji-won gave caution to the intervening Sumin hush.

    "It's pretty much like that. Actually, there's no one like Min Hwan, right? He's caring. His job is stable. The stock also hit jackpot this time. He takes me to the department store as soon as he makes a profit. I think I'll be happy to marry someone like this.”

    I sweated a lot to tell a lie that I didn't mean. Ji-won, who gulped down cool water like beer, said casually while eating.

    "If you get married, don't go to work." I don't intend to do that. How can you do that when you're told to rest at home and enjoy your hobbies?"

    "Manager Park is really nice to me."”

    Jiwon saw Sumin's eyes shine strangely.

    Yeah. It's a good thing. You want it, right? Hurry up and take it and disappear.

    Hee-yeon asked Eusha Eusha cheering Jiwon a little seriously.

    "When are you going to say hi to your mom?"

    The chapters are MTLed so apologizes if the grammar is wrong. I have no time to proofread
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    "I haven't decided yet." What's wrong with that, Heeyeon?

    Very briefly, Hee-yeon paused.

    "There's no one around me who's married. I learned to get married through Love & War, but I'm going to ask how it is when you come back later.”

    Smile brightly while answering. The reality was the laughter of a person who didn't know that it was more terrible and worse than Love & War. Among them, the most terrible thing was the fact that there was no power button in reality.

    "I'll tell you when I get back." "I'm curious, too."

    "Assistant Manager Kang, Employee Yoo."

    Juran, who was silently listening, spoke in a laughing tone.

    "Love & War is a flower bed." The reality is even more terrible.”

    Did you go into my head? Jiwon pouted her mouth.

    "You can be happy to get married. Still, I won't get married if I go back."

    "Me too."

    Jiwon sympathized without realizing it, but when she saw Juran's tilted expression, she hurriedly corrected it.

    "I think I'll think that way once I try it.”

    "Regretting whether you do it or not."

    Juran smiled lightly and moved the spoon again.

    Soomin didn't say anything. It was because too many thoughts circulated in my head to open my mouth. Kang Ji Won, Park Min Hwan, Marriage. They were words that should never be together.

    You're my friend. I've done everything for you so far. You listened to everything you wanted and were always there for me. If you don't understand the topic and be arrogant, I'm endlessly good to you.

    I know, you shouldn't be happier than me.

    Sumin looked up and looked around.

    Looking around like this, there was always support. Next to or opposite to Sumin, alone.

    But now there are too many people. From Yang Joo-ran, Yoo Hee-yeon, and Park Min-hwan. What happened to the high school alumni who said they would meet on the weekend? No one was answering my call.

    The rice grains were as rough as sand. Sumin put down his spoon and stood up first.

    "I don't feel good." "I'll go up first."

    "Do you have an upset stomach? Do you want some medicine?"”

    Juran asked anxiously. Sumin forced himself to smile and shake his head.

    "I think it'll be okay if you take a break."

    "I'll get you some cider later.”

    Thank you very much, Sumin, and then came back to the office. My head spun like a top. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do?

    The thoughts that went round and round were slowly organized.

    Yoo Hee-yeon is a contract worker, so you just have to prevent her from renewing her contract. Whether Yang Ju-ran quit or resigned as recommended, he made her leave the company. Park Min-hwan seemed to come over if he touched it a little more actively.

    Ttogak, Ttogak, and Sumin's verbal sounds paused in front of Jiwon's desk.

    You're okay, right? You have me. It's been okay so far, so it'll be okay in the future.
    <J Pharmaceutical succeeded in the 3rd clinical trial……. Dreaming of commercialization, attracting large-scale investment>
    Ji-won did not know it was high in the sky and put a sale order with a soaring graph in her eyes.

    The stock, which started at 20 million won, is now exactly 85 million won. My heart pounded as if I had poured espresso into a grande size. I could understand why Min-hwan lived so crazy about stocks.

    The world is rosy. The gray ceiling of the office was blue, and the hard cement floor was a fluffy cloud. Jiwon unknowingly hummed and organized the report she just picked and went to Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "I brought the report you mentioned."

    While Yoo Ji-hyuk carefully looked at the report, the laughter that leaked out continued. 85 million won is so happy. How happy would 850 million won be? Just imagining it made me feel like I was floating in the air.

    "Kang Jiwon."

    What should I do with that money? Should I buy a house?

    "KANG JI WON?"

    You should buy a small and pretty house where Line 9 will appear. You should put a long table in the living room to invite your friends, and put white curtains on the window. I'm going to buy a bed with the best mattress.

    "KANG JI WON!"

    "Oh, yes!"

    Jiwon, who was digging into the bed in her imagination and struggling, replied quickly. In reality, Yoo Ji-hyuk was watching the support with the report in his hand.

    "I sang it three times."

    "I'm sorry. I'll think about something else..."….”

    It put me to blush. Yoo Ji-hyuk stared at Jiwon and narrowed the gap between his eyebrows.

    "Is there anything good going on?" You look very happy."

    "I'll be careful."

    He seemed to have something to say. A lot of that, too. Jiwon waited calmly.

    "I checked the report."

    However, Yoo Ji-hyuk only slammed the approval stamp and took it exceptionally hard and covered the report.

    Was it that annoying to think about something else for a second? Jiwon returned to her seat and sat down. There was nothing to be disappointed about when the company and boss told me that they would quit within a year.

    The cell phone vibrated next to the keyboard. It was a message from Sumin.

    [Shall we go eat fried chicken tomorrow?] To commemorate your wedding promise with Park, I'll treat you.]

    You're taking a bite quickly. Jiwon immediately replied.

    [Good. I'll tell Minhwan]]


    At first, Minhwan didn't know either. I didn't know I would have such a deep relationship with a woman named Kang Ji-won.

    The beginning was a joke. I was looking forward to seeing a new female employee coming in, and she was a rustic woman wearing glasses. It was funny to see her tall, skinny body, and loose skirt as a woman.

    [Hey, it's broken. A female employee is here who looks like a dragonfly]

    When I texted my best friend Jae-young, the giggling replied.

    [Try to seduce him] Who knows? I wonder if he'll kill me.]

    [Am I crazy?] Are you trying to seduce a girl like that?]

    [Why? Are you scared you might get dumped?] [Hurry up? LOL

    Jae-young's provocation touched Min-hwan's pride. You were scared that Park Min Hwan would get dumped by a girl like him?

    It's lunch time. Min-hwan approached and talked to Kang Ji-won, who was heading to the cafeteria, looking around like a country boy.

    "Nice to meet you. You didn't say hi properly earlier, right?"
    Kang Ji-won sent a look of vigilance over her thick glasses.

    He smiled sadly, pointing to his employee ID card on his chest.

    "I'm Park Min Hwan." As you can see, the position is deputy."

    "Oh... Yes."

    "You're nervous because you're a newbie, right? Ask me if you need anything. What's your number?”

    Kang Ji-won, who was hesitating, received a cell phone and took a number. That's right. Min-hwan immediately pressed the call button to check that Jiwon's cell phone rang.

    "Thank you. Enjoy your meal."

    Kang Ji-won fell away from looking slightly lower.

    Min-hwan walked slowly and sent Jae-young a message of victory.

    [I got his number. He took it right away] What do you mean, someone is running behind you'really]

    [Since we're in the same office, of course they'll give it to us, idiot] Try to seduce her. [If you seduce me, I'll buy you liquor]

    [No other words] If Napoleon shoots something like that and drinks something else, just try it.]

    [Do you think I'm you?]]

    It was a common bluff bet between friends. Min-hwan snorted and began to send messages to Jiwon the next day.

    [Good morning] Did you sleep well? It's raining today, so make sure to bring your umbrella.]

    A pleasant greeting in the morning when you're busy washing up.

    [I don't know if you arrived home safely] You must be tired, so hurry up and wash up and sleep. Sweet dreams]

    If you go out to drink in the evening, say something sweet.

    But something was weird. No matter how much I text, I don't get a reply. Not even once.

    Jae-young teases him, and his pride is hurt. I've come to a point where I can't help it. I never imagined that I would have such a hard time seducing a woman. It's also dirty, so I don't usually look at a woman.

    Then the opportunity came. It was a welcoming dinner held after a busy season.

    Min-hwan secretly sat next to Kang Ji-won. At times like this, there is a comment that always works.

    Surprisingly, a woman like this is weak against kindness.

    "Drink half of it, and leave the cup in my place."

    Whispering Min-hwan pulled the side dish in front of Jiwon and secretly drank alcohol instead. It was annoying to come to the company dinner and start drinking, but Jae-young's pride came first.

    Fortunately, Kang Ji-won seemed to be weak in drinking. I could see a red face behind the baby hair that flowed down as I bowed my head.

    "Are you drunk?"

    Kang Ji-won shook her head when she secretly asked during the noisy time.

    "It's okay. Thank you for your care."

    Why are you being an iron wall again? The irritation has been confirmed. Min-hwan poured a glass of cool soju into his mouth and made a smiling face.

    "If you're grateful, do me a favor.”

    "Say it."

    "Can you reply to my text message?" Yes, it's okay if it's just one letter.”

    Kang Ji-won nodded as if she was about to see it.

    The next morning, Min-hwan sent a message to Kang Ji-won as usual.

    [Did you sleep well?] I think you drank a lot yesterday. Are you feeling okay?]

    "It's killing me."

    Min-hwan, who spat out abusive language, turned on the TV and put a ramen pot in the gas stove. I was about to take a bite of the ripe noodles and put it in my mouth, but my cell phone finally rang.


    Are you kidding? I asked you to send me even one letter, but only one letter came.

    [Did you get a hangover?]]


    It's two letters this time. I had more trouble than before I got a reply. Min-hwan put down his chopsticks and boldly pressed the call button.


    "Today is Saturday." "Do you have plans?"

    [No...] I'm just at home.]

    I didn't even think I'd have an appointment. Min-hwan stood up and poured a pot of ramen into the sink that he hadn't had a bite of.

    "You haven't eaten yet, have you?" I'll go there, so let's go eat hangover soup. Where is your house?”

    [What? You're coming now?]]

    "Just wear it and come out." "I threw away ramen to eat with Jiwon, so I'll take responsibility."

    Kang Ji-won, who was hesitating, said, "At the entrance to the Konkuk University," with only a mosquito voice.

    "Okay, the entrance to Konkuk University entrance. I'll call you back near there."

    What the heck, you're doing well. I even offered hangover soup.

    Min-hwan hung up the phone and took a rough shower. If the address came out, the game is over. Thinking of Jae-young, who would soon rot while calculating the price of liquor, made me laugh.

    Kang Ji-won, whom I met over the weekend, was more tacky than at work. There was no shyness, but he only looked at the earthen pot as if he had lost his enemy to rice soup.

    That's how the relationship began.

    I was going to finish it neatly. After getting a cool brew and setting up a nose bridge from Jae-young, I'm sorry to Kang Ji-won, but we just had to say that it didn't fit us.

    However, after meeting for a month or two, my thoughts changed.

    Kang Ji-won was so nice. I was not nice, but I was just a fool. It was perfect to stick out a shield to relatives who nagged me every time I met with my mother to marry me every day.

    Moreover, I didn't know anything because I was dull. I'm home. I love you. This text was the end.

    I think you can get married now.

    He is nice, silly, frugal, and in addition, he is an employee of a large company. Still, he had quite a lot of work, so he was promoted quickly. The idea that Kang Ji-won would be much better than marrying a smart and tired woman and living in prison became stronger.

    Kang Ji-won changed one day.

    I could feel him slowly avoiding Minhwan. I didn't answer the phone well, and I didn't reply even if I texted. I once went to the front of my house and waited for hours.

    Then I suddenly changed my style. Kang Ji-won, who took off his bloody glasses and wore an office look with wavy hair, was Min-hwan's ideal type.

    It's getting farther away. No matter how hard I tried to grab it, I couldn't reach it. I was going crazy because I was nervous.

    No matter how much I tried to look at it, Yoo Ji-hyuk kept an eye on Kang Ji-won, and Kang Ji-won, who only knew Min-hwan or Jung Soo-min, started to turn outside, saying, "They are alumni and friends." I even heard rumors that he was drinking coffee with a man at a cafe near the company.

    "Hey, does this make sense?" "I was so nice to you!"

    When Min-hwan grumbled while drinking, Jae-young grabbed his stomach and giggled.

    "You're all gone. I found out when the guy who said he was lucky with liquor was still dating."

    "Stop laughing and come up with measures." Oh, my. I think I'm going to give it to him.”

    "What's there to take measures?" Just get married."

    What Jae-young threw casually caught my ear.


    "Okay, dude. You said you were going to get married anyway. As you said, be nice, frugal, and even get pretty when you don't have parents. In addition to the person who was not a manager or anything, there were a lot of chopping chicks. Like you said, will you give me a dog?”

    Why didn't I think of that before? Min-hwan slapped his knee. What are you going to do after you get married like a snake's neck?

    "It's the weekend soon." Cut steak and feed it, and sneakily talk about the honeymoon house. If you don't have a straight face at that time, Jesu is also willing to marry you.”

    Sometimes this Jae-young is helpful in life. What expression will the manager who attended the wedding make? It was already refreshing.

    "The half-half-half-radish set came out."

    Freshly fried golden chicken was placed on the table. There were also three beer glasses with white foam at the top.

    "Thank you, Sumin."

    Jiwon said hello first.

    "Thank you, Sumin."

    Min-hwan also greeted and picked up a chicken leg and put it on Sumin's plate.

    "Thank you, Ms. Park!"

    Sumin smiled broadly at Min-hwan, who put the other chicken leg on his plate. The laughter instantly became awkward when Min-hwan put the chicken leg meat on Jiwon's plate with all his heart and quickly returned to its original state.

    "One is for Jiwon, one is for Sumin. What do you eat, Manager Park?”

    Sumin, who took a piece of chicken leg meat off to make it easy to eat, stuck out a fork in front of Minhwan.

    "Eat a lot." "If it's not enough, I'll order one more."

    "Oh, thank you. By the way...

    "Minhwan doesn't eat drumsticks."

    Jiwon swallowed the chicken and replied instead.

    "I don't like fried food either. I'm a person who peels off the fryer from the dry flesh and eats it.”

    "Did you remember that?" It's touching.

    Grossly, Min-hwan looked really touched. Jiwon regretted saying useless things unintentionally. I just remembered that I couldn't even eat my favorite chicken properly for a decade after getting married.

    "I see."

    The corners of Sumin's mouth went down disappointed.

    "Soomin is sincere, Minhwan. Just eat this."

    "Of course."

    Min-hwan opened his mouth and ate chicken from Sumin's hand. It was amazing. Is he the one who made a fuss about ordering chicken and turned the table upside down?

    "Manager Park, you're eating well".”

    Sumin liked it with his eyes wide open. Min-hwan swallowed what was in his mouth and drank three or four sips of beer.

    "Jiwon told me to try it, so I have to." It's edible even if it's a bit greasy.”

    "Oh, you're so romantic".

    I guess eating chicken is called romantic these days, right? Jiwon soothed her dry mouth with a piece of chicken radish.

    "If you get married, you'll be completely captured by our Jiwon." I think I need to enjoy it in advance when I'm a bachelor.”

    Jiwon remembered how much Min-hwan despised and ignored domestic men called "living caught." Surprisingly, however, Min-hwan replied with a smile.

    "I'd love it if Jiwon could hold it for me." My mother also said that men should always listen to women.”

    I told you that your mom and girl's voice shouldn't go over the door. You said women are the ground and men are the sky.

    "But it's still frustrating." I think it's also necessary to pretend not to know and let go.“

    "Really? Girls usually don't think like that."

    Minhwan reacted.

    "I don't know what other women think. It's just... It's called a man's cave. Men need time alone and space alone even if they don't go outside. "When you charge it in such a place, you pay more attention to your home."

    "That's right. There's nothing like that when I see friends who got married early. "Soomin understands men well.

    Jiwon sipped beer and agonized over what that conversation was about.

    Doesn't everyone need their own space and time? Why is that a man's cave? Will you say, "Oh, the place I had to enter was not a cave, but a corner of my house," when I enter the cave without any sense and get beaten by an Asiatic Black Bear in Jirisan Mountain and fly one by one?

    "We understand each other and live together." My husband should understand my hobby, too.”

    "What's your hobby?"

    "Cooking. I also like decorating my house." So, my ideal type is someone who eats what I cooked deliciously at the house I decorated. Now, our Jiwon is replacing the role.”

    It was true that Sumin liked cooking. The problem is that they don't clean up at all. Jiwon shuddered, recalling the memory of cleaning up the bombed kitchen for two to three hours on the day Sumin came back to cook.

    Well, you two would look good together.

    It'll be worth seeing. It was even exciting who would regret more if the two got married.

    "Soomin's food is really good, Minhwan. I'm drooling now that I think about it." I can only cook ramen.”

    When he praised Su-min and lifted him, Min-hwan gently stroked Ji-won's hair.

    "You don't have to do it." If there's anything you want to eat, I'll buy everything.”

    I won't fall for it, you punk.

    Jiwon just smiled and pushed the chair up.

    "I'm going to the bathroom."

    "Okay, see you!"”

    Soomin waved her hand at Jiwon going to the bathroom and picked up a beer glass.

    "Let's make a toast." But there's nothing to eat, Manager Park. What should I do?”

    "It's okay after eating chicken breast." It's not that I can't eat at all."

    Su-min and Min-hwan's beer glasses collided lightly. Sumin slightly licked the drops on the back of his hand with his tongue and took a sip of beer.

    "I asked you to eat chicken, but Jiwon didn't mind and asked you to go, so I thought you liked chicken."

    "Jiwon is rather indifferent." Well, that's also a charm."

    "That's why I'm worried. When you get married, you have to take good care of Park, but it's hard to take care of your health, Jiwon.”

    "I don't want that." I hope we can grab the ceremony soon.”

    Minhwan seemed to be serious. It was a really strange thing. Isn't Minhwan's feelings far from love?

    "Then, Ms. Park."

    Sumin tilted toward Minhwan and smiled with his eyes.

    "Can I call you oppa in private now?" "She's my best friend's groom, but she's too hard."

    A sweet scent stimulated Minhwan's sense of smell within the closer distance. His cheeks, which opened thanks to beer, were also cute. It was just cute.

    "Let's do that." I feel like I have a sister-in-law and it'”

    "Yes, oppa! I look forward to your kind cooperation!"

    Sumin reached out his hand. Min-hwan held the hand and shook it slightly.

    "I'm very, very glad that someone like you married our Jiwon. You know, right? Jiwon's mother."

    "I heard you weren't there since you were young."

    Sumin sighed a little and shook his head.

    "Because of that, men didn't think about marrying Jiwon at all. Why? Daughters resemble their mother's fate. I think that's why Jiwon is worried that she might run away after meeting another man."

    "Another man..."…. Are we meeting?"

    Surprised Min-hwan put down the beer glass he was about to drink. As if passing by Jiwon's mother, I only heard that she had no memory because she had not been there since childhood.

    "So, Jiwon's mother was getting married with another man..."…?”

    "Oh? You didn't know?"

    Sumin's eyes got rounder.

    "I'm sorry. I thought Jiwon said it."…. I'm sorry, oppa! Please don't tell Jiwon, okay?"

    Sumin, who became teary, put both hands together and rubbed them.
    Min-hwan had a lot of thoughts. It's better for your mother to die early. Did Jiwon run away because she cheated on you when she was young? If I knew this at home, it would be a mess to break up right away, regardless of marriage.

    "Okay. I don't care about that, so don't worry, Sumin."

    While answering calmly, I felt uncomfortable in a corner of my heart for some reason.

    "What were you talking about?"”

    As if he knew nothing, Jiwon came out and sat down. Min-hwan just washed and touched Ji-won's moist hand with his fingertips.

    "I said you were pretty."


    It's a lie, but Kang Ji-won, who smiled slightly, was pretty.

    It doesn't matter. I can crack down on it.

    Min-hwan concluded that way.


    A large conference room table was filled with employees. Everyone looked anxious at the meeting suddenly convened by Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "Are you all here?"

    Yoo Ji-hyuk, the last person to enter, looked around the conference room.

    "Everyone must be busy, but I'm sorry to call you out of the blue." The results of the general meeting just came out.….”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's gaze passed by and stopped at Juran sitting next to him.

    "The plan submitted by manager Yang Joo-ran was selected as the new product project."


    The heightened anxiety quickly turned into exclamations. While the employees cheered enthusiastically, Kim Kyung-wook's mouth opened to the point where the king potato went in, and soon closed grumpily.

    Are you screwing people with that freaking project proposal and taking the opportunity? Who told you to write a plan? Who else passed that? At that time, I had to reject all of them even if they were tightened up a little. What an ungrateful lady!

    In Kim Kyung-wook's head, who was muttering to himself, even pointing to Juran, who was busy, was turned into a favor when each department ordered him to upload a plan one by one.

    "My plan"?”

    Juran stood up in a daze.

    "Congratulations, you did a great job, Yang Jooran". "Come out this way."

    Ji-hyuk reached out one hand to Juran, who walked forward with a blank eye. Someone whistled and whistled at Juran, who shook hands with him on his face. Jiwon couldn't hide her joy and applauded.

    "That's enough for the celebration."

    When Ji-hyuk raised one hand, the disturbance quickly subsided.

    "The development department and our marketing department decided to carry out this project in collaboration. Assistant manager Yang Joo-ran will be the project team leader, and organize a total of five or less team members, including the team leader, and submit the list. Since we decided to release it in time for the summer season, the team leader and team members should be prepared to work overtime. You must be busier because I'm going to be away on a long-term business trip soon.”

    It was a really troublesome and important project to the extent that Yoo Ji-hyuk, who hates overtime, mentioned overtime. Of course, the compensation will be that great. As long as we succeed.

    While everyone was smiling thinking of sweet words such as bonuses and vacations, Juran's expression was dark.

    Who takes care of Yeonji? What about housework? If you use a sitter, the cost will be expensive. Negative bank accounts are almost limited now, and it's hard to just live after paying for a house loan.

    I couldn't expect help from Jaehyun. Parents-in-law can't even properly hug their children with her lumbar disc. Then, it was only my parents' home, but I really hated letting my parents know that I was living like this rather than dying.

    "Nice to meet you, Yang Jooran." "It might be chaotic because of the personnel review, but do well."

    Even Yoo Ji-hyuk's request was burdensome.

    If I hadn't gotten married, I would have prepared the project perfectly even if I ate and slept at the company all week. A useless regret lingered in my head.

    "Manager Yang."

    Jiwon tapped Juran's shoulder lightly as she came out of the clumsy conference room.

    "Since you're standing up, how about tea time for 5 minutes?"


    I should drink a cup of cold coffee all the way. Juran sat at the table in the pantry and emptied half of the coffee Jiwon made at once.

    "Whew, it's cool".

    Ji-won lowered her voice a little and asked Juran, who put down the cup and smiled.

    "Today is a happy day. Why do you look so sad?" If this project goes well, the bonus is basic, and if the results of the personnel examination come out, there will be promotions.”


    Juran hesitated. I never told the company about what the child was like and what the husband was like.

    I have seen married women who have been through several companies so far - for that reason, of course, lack of work ability or insincerity - who have been resigned from the recommendation once or twice. It was fortunate that the desk was not removed when I came after parental leave.

    "Was it too personal?"”

    Ji-won said brightly when she saw the expression of being in trouble.
    "You don't have to tell me." But if there's anything I can do, please let me know anytime. We have to help each other with anything.”

    It was natural and emotional to hear that one family was helping. Juran drank a little more of the remaining coffee and opened his mouth heavily.

    "It's......" This project is a little tight.”


    "Because of the house problem." There's nowhere to leave the child, and it's too late to run after work. In addition, I don't know what to do with housework. "My husband tries not to touch it."


    Jiwon belatedly recalled when she got married and worked at a company. Minhwan's clothes and socks all over the place, bags of snacks and ramen bowls. It was always up to Jiwon to clean up the messiness of Minhwan's car if the same scenery spread out in the house.
    "Can't your in-laws or parents help you?"

    "My parents-in-law's back hurts." "Your home is..."

    Juran, who had hesitated, sighed deeply again.

    "You think I live happily and well. I don't want to cry.”

    "I know what you mean."

    Ji-won desperately understood Juran's situation and nodded.

    "But still, my parents will want to do whatever they can for me." Are you going to give up on this project? If the results of the personnel review overlap with the results of the project, the promotion will be removed. "Manager Yang, you don't have to be embarrassed by Manager Kim anymore.

    It was a tempting temptation. Juran swallowed a dry saliva and looked at Jiwon. I felt like something was going to go well. Just like then.

    "Assistant Manager Yang, please include me in this project. Even if I stay at work all week, I'll make it."

    "Are you serious, Ms. Kang?"

    Juran's face was colored with emotion. Even if I didn't, I had a lot of thoughts about how to organize my team members.

    "Of course. And, I have a favor to ask of you."

    "What is it? Tell me anything I can do for you."”

    "It may be difficult...". "Assistant Manager Yang."

    Jiwon warmly wrapped Juran's hands holding the cup with both hands.

    "I'm talking about the rest of the team." "Please add Jung Soo Min, too."

    "What about you, Jung Soomin? That's a little... "

    Juran blurred the end of the sentence.

    Apart from human likes, Jung Soo-min is a new employee and a contract worker who is now entering his second month of employment. I couldn't afford to participate in such an important project.

    "Of course, you won't have enough work skills. "I will teach you well."

    "I know you two are close. But this is an important project at the department level. There is not much time, and if something goes wrong due to a mistake, it will damage not only other team members but also the entire department.”

    If the project went well, Jung Soo-min was likely to be recognized as a team member and converted to a full-time employee. Juran was a little serious, thinking that Ji-won had that in mind.

    "It's not what you think."

    Jiwon lowered her voice casually as if she had read the mind.

    "This project, I'm sure the octopus munchies will ruin it."

    "Octopus...... Sukhoe?"

    Suddenly, raw octopus? Jiwon smiled brightly when Juran blinked.
    "Why? You know what?" This, this.”

    Juran realized the meaning by seeing Ji-won's gesture of rubbing the top of her head.

    "Oh, that person?"

    "Yes, that person."

    In that way, manager Kim Kyung-wook became an octopus hostess. It would be very unfair. Although insignificant, fluffy hair still covers the top of the head.

    "Because of this written apology, I properly embraced what I wanted from Manager Yang. If an octopus has resentment, it will fly away in May and New Year. You know that, right?"

    "That's it, I know it' But why did Moonsuk say that?


    "Octopus sashimi. Moonsuk for short".”


    As a result, manager Kim Kyung-wook's nickname was finally confirmed as Moon Sook.

    "I'm sure that Moonsook will spit on this project. "You can't interrupt when you don't have time."

    "What does that have to do with you?"”

    "I'm interested in Moonsuk and Jung Soomin."”

    Juran's mouth opened bigger than the cup in his hand.

    "Are you crazy? Did your conscience lose weight with your hair?"

    Far from getting married until the age of 40, Juran felt disgust and anger at the fact that her circular hair loss, which she had never met a proper lover, was aiming for a girl in her late 20s.

    "That's why you're bald."

    "That's true."

    Juran agreed with Ji-won, who was not scientific at all, and pressed hard around her forehead to pressure her.

    "Jiwon, what you mean is that if you're on the team, Moonsuk can't let go of the mess."”

    "That's it." If you fix it after making an accident, you can't meet the summer season. I'll work hard and work at least 1.5 servings."

    It was funny to hear that it was 1.5 servings from the words of serious support.

    Juran giggled and nodded. For Sumin, it was a very good opportunity to unintentionally switch to a full-time job.

    Starting with support, the team was organized. Juran organized the list and took it to Yoo Ji-hyuk's desk the next day.

    Assistant manager Yang Joo-ran, Assistant manager Kang Ji-won, Principal Park Soo-won, Employee Yoon Seok-hyun, and Employee Jung Soo-min.

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyes stopped at the bottom as he was going through the list of Juran's people.

    "This guy."

    He pointed his finger at Jung Soo-min's name.

    "I still lack a lot of experience. You know this is an important project, right?

    "Thanks to that lack of experience, I thought I would rather have a fresher idea. It's a new product, so I want to put in a new idea.”

    Juran recited the prepared answer in advance. Fortunately, Yoo Ji-hyuk nodded as if he accepted.

    "The composition of the team members is entirely the authority of the team leader, so I won't say more. "Do well."

    The team organization was completed safely. Everyone was surprised to see the list.

    As expected, the most surprised person was manager Kim Kyung-wook. Because of the expression of losing the opportunity to vent, Juran managed to hold back the laughter that was about to burst.

    "New product project team, let's get together in the meeting room."

    The team members got up at the same time and gathered in the conference room. At the end, Sumin appeared and sat down with a very unwilling face.

    "Originally, roles should be allocated through discussion and coordination, but as you know, I distributed them arbitrarily because I don't have much time now. Even if your roles are set, you have to be flexible. You know that, right?

    Juran, who refined his voice, took out the print and distributed it to each and every one by one.

    "Manager Kang will be in charge of general assistant, development department, and production line communication. Park Soo-won and Yoon Seok-hyun, please cooperate to take charge of package design and ideas, and when the product is confirmed, please come up with an on-site sales strategy. And Jung Soo Min's marketing questionnaire. Please take the sample and investigate the symbols of many unspecified subjects. Let's check each other's workload and share the chores that occur at that time. Is there anyone who has an objection?

    "Hey, Ms. Yang."

    Sumin carefully raised his small fist above his head.

    "What exactly does it mean to survey these unspecified people's preferences?"”

    "It's a survey. You can sample it at the mart that supplies our products or at the point of gathering the target floor and investigate the response.”

    Sumin's face hardened. At the mart, he seemed to be seen wearing an apron and shouting out loud to try the sample. I didn't come all the way to Seoul to do such a part-time job at a mart.

    "Is there anything else going on, Ms. Yang? As you know, I'm not very shy.”

    He pressed his pride and asked for it with a smiling face, but Juran was cold.

    "Manager Yang's work is fast and accurate, so other departments also have high confidence. Park was a former designer, and Yoon majored in related departments. He judged that Jung was bright and smart, so he could make a good impression on the outside. We assigned roles according to our characteristics, so if you think you can't do it, pass the opportunity to others."

    There is only one "other person." Yoo Hee-yeon, who works in the same contract.

    I hate sampling, but I hated the opportunity to switch to regular workers even more than that. Sumin shook his head quickly and lowered his raised arm.

    "Aren't you going to have lunch?"

    Min-hwan asked Jiwon, who was sitting down even during lunchtime.

    "I don't want to be young." "Go and eat."

    It was a tiring day for some reason. Regardless of whether it was rice or not, I was just desperate to have a cold Americano in one shot.

    "Are you sick? May I buy you porridge?"”

    "I'm not sick. "It's okay, so hurry up and go."

    Go away. Go away.

    Jiwon shook the fly swatter in her heart hard. Whether it worked or not, Min-hwan followed another party and left the office while looking back several times.

    I'm going to go drink coffee now.

    Jiwon stood in the elevator hall to go to the cafe in front of the company instead of the restaurant. I was planning to cool down by drinking coffee in a simple sandwich.

    "Kang Jiwon."

    But why is he calling me again?

    "Yes, sir."

    Jiwon looked back and nodded a little.

    "Aren't you going to eat"?

    "I don't have an appetite, so I'm just going to drink coffee."”

    "I'm going to buy coffee, but just stay." I'll buy it for you."

    "No, I want to walk a little bit.”

    "Then let's go together."

    Without hearing the answer, Yoo Ji-hyuk pressed the elevator button.

    "Are you going to drink coffee?"


    A step closer, I smelled a perfume familiar to Yoo Ji-hyuk. I don't even remember where I smelled it, but I definitely knew it. It was clear that it was a perfume that Yoo Ji-hyuk had never worn before.

    "What's wrong with you?"

    Yoo Ji-hyuk looked down at Ji-won, who had tilted his head a little and smelled it without realizing it.

    "Oh, I like the scent of perfume." I'm sorry."


    Usually, if you answer like this, don't you say thank you or tell me the brand of perfume? Yoo Ji-hyuk just stood silently looking at the elevator. He was such a strange person.

    "Don't you eat?"”

    "I don't usually eat it."


    I guess that's why you didn't see me at the restaurant. I had nothing more to say, so I just closed my mouth and went to the cafe.

    But the cafe was strange. It's just lunchtime, so there still need to be about five or six people, but there was a long line in front of the cashier with people who came out to buy coffee today.

    "There are a lot of people."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk slightly pulled Ji-won's shoulder as he spoke dry. A woman with both hands full of coffee cups narrowly passed by it.

    "Oh, thank you."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's hand, which wrapped around his shoulder, returned to its place. The place where the body temperature was located felt empty.

    After waiting for quite a while, Ji-won and Yoo Ji-hyuk's turn is finally just around the corner. Jiwon's mouth, which inadvertently looked at the cashier, opened like a clam in hot water.


    Baek Eun-ho was an employee who wore a brown apron and diligently paid for it, no matter how much he shook his head or rubbed his eyes. Feeling the gaze, Baek Eun-ho raised his head and smiled at Jiwon.

    Why are you coming out here? Soon it was Jiwon's turn, but Jiwon was surprised and stood still without even thinking about taking out her wallet.

    "Iced Americano, two large cups." One Ciabatta sandwich, too."

    Whether you didn't recognize me or pretend you didn't recognize me. Yoo Ji-hyuk calmly ordered.

    "You know this person." "I'll give you a sandwich for free."

    "It's okay. Please pay as it is."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk held out the card while looking straight at Baek Eun-ho, who smiled sadly.

    Ji-won, who came to his senses late, tried to talk to Eun-ho, but had to sit down as if he were being kicked out because of a long line behind him.

    "You're from the same class last time."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk said very casually. Ji-won did nothing wrong, but she shrugged at the feeling of something wrong.

    "That's right."

    "Why are you working there all of a sudden? Do you know why?"

    This is the question. It's an interrogation. Jiwon sipped water, regretting that she had come for no reason. It was twisted tightly even if it was twisted. From the memory before the return, Baek Eun-ho suddenly appeared at the cafe in front of the company, even though there was no such thing. I was just embarrassed because I didn't know how to deal with it.

    "I didn't know either." Why is he there all of a sudden?

    In fact, I thought I would know a little bit. I just want to turn a blind eye to it.

    HJ: "You're my crush." Baek Eun-ho liked Kang Ji-won.’

    I remembered the words that often made my heart flutter before I went to bed.
    It's been 7 years since we graduated. I've been holding it for a while waiting for your call. Do I look like a crazy person who's been joking around for 7 years?’

    It was possible enough for a crazy pure man who cherished his cell phone just before it broke down for seven years.

    "I think I know."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk suddenly said. The moment I raised my head in surprise, the bell on the table vibrated loudly.

    "I'll bring it."

    Jiwon watched Yoo Ji-hyuk's back at the counter with a somewhat nervous feeling. Eun-ho openly waved his hand slightly over his shoulder. Ji-won also raised her hand reflexively, but Yoo Ji-hyuk had to put it down timidly as he turned around with a tray.

    "Thank you for the food." "I'll buy it next time."

    Ji-won, who was embarrassed for no reason, pulled a coffee cup and put a straw in it.


    It's okay, no, it was time for answers such as that to come out. However, Yoo Ji-hyuk said with an expression that he would not bleed even if he stabbed with a needle.

    "Please buy it for me tomorrow."”

    Jiwon stared at Yoo Ji-hyuk, wondering what I just heard.


    "Yes. Tomorrow."


    "It's better if it's not here." "If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it."

    I don't like it here. I won't buy it for you. How many people can do it? Jiwon replied almost crying and eating mustard.

    "Of course. Is it lunch?"

    "It's better if it's not lunch."


    "Let's do that."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk drank a cold Americano. I think I took a couple of sips, but the coffee filled in the cup was nearly halved.

    If you drink all of this, you can go up to the office. Jiwon drank coffee at a speed that did not lag behind Yoo Ji-hyuk. Without even imagining the uncomfortable situation that is about to come.

    "JI WON!"

    At the entrance, a voice that Jiwon knew very well called her.

    I hope not.

    Ji-won turned her head to that side like a broken robot.

    "Oh? The manager was there, too!"

    Through the crowd of people, he approached and sat next to Jiwon. Fortunately, the short Jung Soo-min didn't seem to have noticed the existence of Baek Eun-ho yet.

    "Did you have dinner?"

    Min-hwan then appeared and settled next to Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "Yes. Oh, wait a minute."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk answered as if he were spilling, took out his cell phone, and fiddled briefly. It seemed to be texting somewhere.

    Jeong Soo-min next to him, Yoo Ji-hyuk in front, Park Min-hwan in the diagonal, and Baek Eun-ho in the counter. Jiwon gave up even drinking coffee and just sat down. I just waited for this time to pass quickly.

    "Oh, everyone is here".”

    At that time, Hee-yeon appeared like a savior.

    "Are you here to buy coffee?" But there are too many people. "You said you don't eat. How can you drink coffee on an empty stomach?"

    "I know. There are so many people. I should stop going up.”

    Hee-yeon pushed Ji-won's shoulder, which jumped up in joy, vigorously pressed her back.

    "You still haven't had coffee yet." Manager Park, Soomin unni. Do you want to move it to this side? If you go a little further, there's no one, so drink there. I'll buy it!"

    No, Heeyeon. That's not it. I just want to go to the office.

    Jiwon eagerly sent a glare attack to Hee-yeon. Not knowing that, Hee-yeon urged the hesitating two cockroaches again.

    "Come on. We can't even drink coffee here. Lunch time is over."

    "I'm fine, Sumin." "I'll drink coffee in the pantry."

    "Manager Park is also very..." You can't sit down without ordering drinks at other people's branches, right? Hurry up and come."

    Sumin and Minhwan reluctantly stood up. Ji-won made a smiley face that was not natural at all and recommended it to Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "Shall we go up now?"


    Didn't you hear that? Yoo Ji-hyuk was looking elsewhere without a reaction.

    "We're going to go." "See you at the office in a little bit!"

    Hee-yeon eventually took out only Sumin and Min-hwan and left. The appearance of skillfully controlling the two formidable men and disappearing was like a farmer.

    "Heeyeon, isn't she so cute?" "When I'm with you, I feel like I'

    Jiwon spoke half a tone higher to erase the awkwardness. Yoo Ji-hyuk's hand, who was stirring a coffee cup, stopped.

    "Are you talking about Heeyeon?"”

    "Yes. Isn't she so cute?" "I wish I had a younger brother like him."


    Yoo Ji-hyuk, who had been biting his lips and silent for a while, replied slowly.

    "Everyone has a different feeling."

    Right, they were lovers.

    Jiwon shut up after recalling the fact that she had forgotten for a while. I thought I shouldn't have brought it up.

    "……A meeting with your parents."

    After a long time, Yoo Ji-hyuk opened his mouth while watching Hee-yeon. That's also very out of the blue.

    "Meeting with your parents"?

    "Yes. A family meeting."

    "You're going to have a meeting with your parents?"”

    "I'm asking if you're going to do it."

    What kind of speech is this? Jiwon stopped her hand in the air trying to cut the sandwich.

    "Are you asking about my meeting schedule?"”


    There was silence again. I've never felt this awkward when I was with someone else, but strangely, everything feels awkward and uncomfortable when I'm with Yoo Ji-hyuk. It was a great talent.

    "It's kind of weird to call it a family meeting..."…. Why do you ask that question?

    Yoo Ji-hyuk turned to another place very slowly and saw Ji-won again.

    "I need to arrange my office schedule."

    "Oh, schedule adjustment."

    Jiwon tried to understand the dubious answer.

    "I set it for next weekend." No matter how it goes, I'll make sure it doesn't interfere with the company's work."

    The possibility of interfering with the company's work due to the meeting was similar to the possibility that Mars would break into two and the right piece would collide with the Earth. Even though Jiwon answered with confidence, Yoo Ji-hyuk's expression became even more serious than before.

    "Do you really have to be in such a tight?

    Looking at Yoo Ji-hyuk's slightly narrowed forehead reminded me of what Yoon-hee said.

    HJ: "It's 100%" I'm so into you right now.’

    And what Yeji said.

    JM: "That's gold, that's trash."

    I felt calm down. Why on earth are all men like this? Hee-yeon, who went to a nearby cafe with only Jiwon and Ji-hyuk left without knowing anything, was so pitiful and sorry that my heart ached.


    When he sang coldly, Yoo Ji-hyuk's eyebrows flinched a little.

    "It's my personal life, whether I have a meeting or a wedding. "I told you I wouldn't cause any inconvenience to the company, but isn't it a privilege to reprimand you?"

    Yoo Ji-hyuk's forehead narrowed by about 2mm. He looked unknown whether he was angry or surprised.

    "Thank you for putting so much importance on me. But from now on, please don't show unnecessary interest in this way or go beyond public affairs."

    Now that I've said this, I'm thirsty. Jiwon drank the remaining coffee all at once and put down the cup with only ice left.

    "Excuse me, please". "I'll go up first."

    Jiwon woke up and left empty. The bell on the door rang lonely.

    Ji-hyuk, who was left alone, stayed still for a while and touched his forehead with one hand. The cafe was almost empty after lunch time.

    "You're still here, Jiwon's boss."

    Baek Eun-ho approached with a single smile and sat in the seat where Jiwon sat. A tendon rose on the back of Yoo Ji-hyuk's hand on his armrest.

    "What's your name?" I think we'll see each other often in the future, but I want to at least introduce myself.”

    Yoo Ji-hyuk took a business card out of the inner pocket of the suit and held it out.

    "I'm Yoo Jihyuk."

    U&K Food Marketing Part 1, Manager Yoo Jihyuk. Baek Eun-ho read his business card carefully and put it in his apron pocket.

    "You're still young, but you're a manager of a large company. That's amazing."


    Don't you usually say, "No, or I was lucky?" Eun-ho, who flinched at the uninhabited speech of the world, soon smiled in a friendly way.

    "I don't have a business card..."…. Oh, never mind. "Wait a minute."

    Baek Eun-ho, who went to the counter as if he remembered something, returned with a business card. It was a cafe business card and coupon. He wrote Baek Eun-ho and three letters on the back of his business card with a ballpoint pen and handed them over to Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "My name is Baek Eunho. I just took over this cafe, so please take good care of me in the future."

    Yoo Ji-hyuk in a dustless black suit and Baek Eun-ho in a white shirt and apron. The air was tense between the two men staring at each other without blinking once.


    "You're coming now? Hurry up and feed me."

    It was a greeting that flew to Juran, who left work with her tired body today. As always, Jae-hyun gave Yeon-ji a toy and lay on the sofa.

    I thought I got used to this. Juran lifted Yeonji, who was walking around, in her arms and looked around the house.

    Outside, he was a competent career woman. Work attitude, in-house reputation, and work performance were not lagging behind anything.

    However, as soon as she got home, Juran was mistaken for becoming a maid or a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher.

    "What are you doing? Aren't you coming in?"”

    Jaehyun raised his voice a little. Juran put down Yeonji for a while and peeled off her shoes from her swollen feet.

    "Hey, talk to me.

    When I picked up the remote control and pressed the power button, Jae-hyun looked back at Juran with a crumpled face.

    "Why again?"

    "I'm in charge of an important project at the company."

    "So what?"

    So. Juran quietly reflected on the words.

    I didn't expect anything. You're really great, I'm proud, I'll do my best to help you. I never imagined this reaction.

    No, I think I imagined it a little bit. It was so absurd that it just passed by.

    "The deadline is tight." Taking on a project doesn't reduce the existing work, but I'm working overtime for a while."

    "What? What are you talking about"?

    Jaehyun reacted much more intensely than when Juran said he was in charge of an important project.

    "Why isn't this nonsense?"

    "Why do you have to work overtime when you have a kid at home?" What about housework? I need to raise children by myself?

    "What kind of housework and childcare did you do?"”

    Juran was seriously absurd and asked back. Even the cereal bowl I ate in the morning is in the sink, but who did what?

    "How can you get married by considering all that?" You don't have to work on the project. Or go out early and work early in the morning!

    Jae Hyun screamed. Juran quickly hugged Yeonji tightly and covered her ears.

    "You're going to be surprised. "Why are you screaming?"

    "It's just that I'm speechless." "Why do you keep thinking about yourself?"

    I had no power or time to fight. Juran sighed and just brought up the main topic.

    "Never mind, you choose. Will you pay more attention to Yeonji until this project is over? Or do you want to ask my mom and dad to help you?"

    "If you don't like both?"

    "Get out."

    Juran said quietly. Jae-hyun seemed to have not understood quickly, but he blinked his eyes with his eyes covered even in the evening.


    "I have to succeed in this project." I should get promoted, recognized, and get a higher salary to raise Yeonji well. So if you don't like both, you go out."

    "Hey, Yang Jooran!"

    "Lee Jaehyun."

    Juran's voice became calmer.

    "I don't force you. But you know that this house also got a loan under my name and I'm paying back the loan by myself, right?”

    "Are you being cheap with money?"”

    "If you're cheap, go out and make money."


    Jaehyun clenched his fist and trembled. It was pathetic that I couldn't even answer to go out and make money.

    "I'll ask you again." Do you want to pay more attention or get help from my parents? Or do you ask your parents-in-law who just had a disc surgery to help you?

    Jae-hyun, who was pouting his mouth like a goldfish, soon spat out his annoyance, saying, "Oh my god."

    "Ask your wife to help you." What should I do alone?

    You must be worried about your parents who are sick?

    Juran was surprised by the sudden fierce thought and hugged Yeonji.

    "He'll come tomorrow." Wash the ointment. I'll clean up and cook dinner."

    Although his mouth came out a few times, Jae-hyun gently accepted Yeonji. Lee Jae-hyun, who never pretended to hear anything when he cried and even asked for good things so far he couldn't speak well.

    Juran called his home while Jae-hyun took Yeon-ji into the bathroom.


    As soon as the beep went, my mom answered the phone.


    [Did you go home, princess?]

    I was choked up as if swallowing an egg yolk.

    "Yes, I got off work."

    [Great job] Did you have any difficulties? Dinner?

    I just asked affectionately, but I thought I was going to cry. Juran gulped and swallowed and made a voice as calm as possible.

    "I'm going to eat now." Mom, did you eat?”

    [My dad asked me to eat gamjatang so I can go out and eat it] My daughter likes gamjatang, too, but I got a call. What is Yeonji doing?]

    "Yeonji's dad is bathing her.”
    [Oh, that's great] She's so good to Gongju, right?]

    I could feel my mother sincerely happy and relieved over the phone. Juran hesitated again. I didn't want to break this joy and tranquility.

    [Hello, princess? Can't you hear me?]

    Dad intervened behind his mother's voice asking again.

    [What kind of princess is a daughter who has a baby when she'

    [Be quiet, old man] I'm talking on the phone.]

    [Give it to me!]

    After a quarrel, my father, who won the cell phone, shouted loudly.

    [Oh, hello!] Did our queen go home? Did you have dinner? What is Yeonji doing? Who is this guy?

    [I heard the queen is me, you old man!]]

    [You're old, so prepare yourself!]

    As has been the case all my life, I could see my parents bickering right in front of me. Juran laughed as she hung a drop of tears from the corner of her eyes.

    "Yeonji is being bathed by Seo-bang. "I'm going to eat dinner now."

    [Yes! You're the best!] My baby is so weak that he can't do anything hard!]

    [What's a baby to a daughter who gave birth to a baby?]

    [Be quiet, Yeo One] I'm talking on the phone! Yes, dad is going to eat gamjatang with your mom! My baby likes gamjatang, too! Let's go eat it next time!]

    Speaking of gamjatang, I really want to eat gamjatang. Juran shook off his thoughts and said step by step.

    "But dad, I have something to tell my mom and dad.”

    [What? Stop him!]

    "Yeonji's dad, he quit his job."


    The voice of my father, who was shouting angrily, disappeared at once. Next to me, my mom hurriedly took my phone away.

    [Princess, what did you just say?] Does he quit his job? Why?]

    "He wants to move to a better company."

    [Oh, it's an elk!]

    Dad's voice became loud again.

    [Please wait a little bit] There are times when people go down in their lives! Married couples should help each other, right?

    [Give me your phone] Give me your phone. Are you okay, princess? How do you spend your living expenses? May I help you?]

    "I'm making money. I also took on a big project at the company. "If this works out, you'll get promoted.

    [Is that true?] My baby is all grown up! Good job. Good job! Anyway, I have a good daughter! You look like your dad, so you're very pretty and smart!]

    [Juran, say it correctly] Jooran looks like me]

    [Don't keep coming in!] Didn't you say you had something to say? Hurry up and dry it!

    Juran took a big breath. I really didn't want to let you know that this is how my only daughter, who had been cherished while studying abroad, lives.

    But this was the only way. Unless Jae Hyun suddenly goes crazy and becomes a good man like his dad.

    "I've been too busy with the project. "Can't my mom and dad come and take care of Yeonji?"

    [Lee, I heard you quit your job] Am I not supposed to see this guy? When you were young, your mom looked at the store and your dad raised you!]

    "It's......" Yeonji's dad is still not good at parenting. I guess you're preparing a lot of things to change jobs."

    [Drawing?] Hold on. Jooran mom, did you make a reservation at a pork back-bone stew place?]

    [I called him earlier]]

    [That's great! Ask him to wrap it up in extra large size!]

    I could hear my dad hitting his thigh with one hand the size of a pot lid.

    [My baby, stay there!] My dad and mom are going now! Let's eat gamjatang!]

    "Huh? Now?" Dad, dad!”

    Juran held on to the disconnected phone and shouted Dad, and suddenly looked around. Toys scattered everywhere, spilled milk, washing dishes full of sinks, and "princess" with dark circles down to her ankles in the mirror.

    "…… I'm doomed."

    I couldn't calculate my dad's extremely urgent personality. 183cm, 95kg. A passionate man from Gangwon-do, who raised the family by selling bulls from the ssireum board and set up a mother's restaurant, was now running.
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    "What are you doing? Yeonji's bath is over."”

    Jae-hyun said bluntly to Juran, who was busy organizing things at random. Juran put a bunch of toys in her hand in a box.

    "Put on lotion and dress me up."”

    "I sweated, too." I'm going to take a shower.”

    "My parents are coming now."

    "... What?"

    Jae Hyun's eyes got bigger. Juran collected trash from the sofa table and took it to the veranda.

    "What are you talking about?" "Why is your mother-in-law coming now?"

    Jae-hyun chased him with Yeonji in his arms and asked.

    "I asked you to help me from tomorrow, and you're coming right now. So hurry up and dress up and clean the study. Oh, I said you quit your job, so that's what I know."

    "Are you crazy? Why would you say that?"”

    As expected, Jae-hyun ran like a rabbit who ate Cheongyang peppers.

    "I've been fooling you for over a year." You're probably at my house now. How can you lie?”

    "I can leave in the morning and come back in the evening." "Why do you leave without thinking about me?"

    Even the one with a handful left was robbed and only the empty shell was left. Juran stopped pulling out a cleaning gun and looked at Jaehyun.

    "While my parents were here, were you going to walk around outside the whole time?"”

    "Who wants to go out?" If your son-in-law says he quit his job and stays at home, your parents will say it's okay. Like I said, you can go to work early in the morning and go home on time in the evening!"

    It was a miracle logic. Somehow I thought you were answering so smoothly, I didn't know you had such an ulterior motive. Having lost what to say, Juran silently received Yeonji and entered the master bedroom.

    "Yangju-ran, aren't you answering?"

    "I'm taking care of Yeonji right now." My parents don't have much time left, so hurry and clean up the study.”

    Jae-hyun, who stood for a while and stared at Juran, banged his feet and headed to the study.

    Downstairs will complain.

    Juran sighed out the first thought he had, and applied baby lotion to Yeonji's cheek and tapped her.

    "Abba, abba."

    Yeonji, who washed clean and felt better, moved her short limbs.

    "Yeah, did you?" Dad washed it for you, right?

    "Abba, abba!"

    A small hand clenched Juran's finger. I was exhausted and my heart that was stretched like flour dough became soft. Juran smiled brightly and kissed Yeonji's soft belly like a steamed bun.

    "My maternal grandfather and grandmother will come. Let's put on the jacket and wait, okay?


    He seemed to understand something and answer it. My baby, my princess, doesn't hurt even if I put it in my eyes.

    Juran barely shook off the word divorce by dressing Yeonji and attaching a ribbon to her hair. You said it's impossible for such a precious Yeonji to grow up without a father.

    Ding dong. Ding dong.

    Soon the doorbell rang. On the interphone screen, I could see my father snooping around with a large bag.

    "Why are you suddenly coming, dad?"

    When Juran opened the door, Jaehyun went out and received the bag.

    "Your father-in-law and mother-in-law are here."

    "Oh, yeah! Why did you hesitate for a long time?"

    The mother, who walked in angrily with a shawl on her shoulder behind her father, also appeared gracefully.

    "Oh my, look at how big Yeonji is. It's pretty, too. I heard you bathed Yeonji.

    "Yes. When Yeonji's mom is busy or sick, I often do it."

    Juran, who was walking with her parents' coat, was surprised by the tactless remark. Sure enough, it was noticeable that my father's eyebrows were raised by about 5cm.

    "Draw this guy." "When your mom is busy or sick, do you order it from time to time?"

    Dad sat down with a bag of gamjatang on the table.

    "Then, I should do more from now! Your wife is going to be very busy! Did you hear something amazing about Jooran?”

    "Oh, yeah. That's why you're here, right?”

    Mom patted Jae-hyun's shoulder gently as she sat facing him.

    "Hey, this is packaged at the best restaurant in our neighborhood. It's a little cold on the way here, so hurry up and boil it. Gongju, what are you like? Yeonji's mom will watch, so hurry up and take a shower. You haven't removed your makeup yet?”

    "It was because I was cleaning." "I'll hurry up and wash up."

    Juran took out the pot to Jaehyun, who was struggling with a poop-chewing expression, and headed to the bathroom.


    I laughed a lot when I turned on hot water and washed myself everywhere. It's been a long time since I took a shower so comfortably. As Jiwon said, I thought it was a good thing to hit the SOS at my home.


    "I don't want to go to work."

    As soon as Jiwon woke up, she covered herself in a blanket and muttered. It's not just annoying, nor because I don't want to see Sumin or Minhwan. It was because of Yoo Ji-hyuk.

    "You just have to work." What's wrong with someone who has a lover? Anyway, boys are all the same!"

    After talking to myself, I felt relieved.

    Jiwon jumped up, turned over a new leaf, and finished preparing for work. Caffeine is the fuel for office workers. When I entered the cafe in front of the company to recharge the caffeine that fell overnight, Baek Eun-ho waved his hand gladly.

    "You came out early." Are you going to work?”

    I met Eun-ho, who smiled single from the morning, and I felt quite better.

    "Yes, you opened the store early, too".”

    "You have to work hard."

    After work yesterday, Ji-won talked to Eun-ho on the phone for quite a long. Eun-ho said he took over the cafe because it was for sale while cleaning it up, and Ji-won believed only half of it, but did not express it.

    "What do you want? Coffee?"

    "Yes. Iced Americano..."….”

    "Two misugaru shakes."

    Behind him, a big man cut off Jiwon and put his card down at the counter. Jiwon looked back at him without hiding a firm look.

    "Manager, I'm ordering."

    "I also ordered Kang Jiwon's drink."

    "I'm going to drink coffee."

    "I'm going to drink coffee in the evening."

    Yesterday's promise to eat mustard while crying seemed to be still valid. Jiwon took the card out of her wallet and covered it on Yoo Ji-hyuk's card.
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    I’ve been reading manhwa and from this spoiler forum as well:blobpopcorn:

    I gonna say both author and artist do a good job because they portray the scene in a good way.

    After all, I can relate to the story, you know everyone maybe once in their lifetime met with someone with a character like this b*tch girl.

    If you are lazy to read the novel, you can read the manhwa but lack some detailed parts. But if you are curious like me, you definitely read the novel as well:blob_grin:
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    Yes, I hope this gets picked up too

    Thank you for all the spoilers