Chinese Master just wants to be salted fish [GL]

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    : 师尊她只想做咸鱼 (Master just wants to be salted fish)
    Chapters: 108
    Summary: Lu Li, a pessimistic, salty, living and living female programmer, she stayed up late at the age of 26 and died suddenly. She thought she could die, but she didn't want to be bound by the main god system to save the world system: as long as the host completes the task, he can survive in the real world. Lu Li: Reject, let me go to death. The system is good or bad, there is no bottom line to the gold finger, and the mission mode is not activated, so that the salted fish host agrees to do the mission system: the content of the mission takes the little true god as a disciple, teaches the little true god to practice, and guides the little true god to establish A correct world view and a view of life and values until the true god returns. Lu Li: I would rather die here. System: How sad your family is. Lu Li: I’m an orphan, single, and a dead house. System: I’ve never seen such a host without the desire to survive! Yun Qingzhi was raised by her master since she was a child. In her memory, the master has always been gentle and indulgent towards her. But one day, Yun Qingzhi accidentally heard the master and something called the system say that she would leave her and choose death. How could Qingzhi allow it? Lu Li looked at the disciple who tied him up, how could he never think that the soft disciple had turned black back then? But the little apprentice shed tears and asked her: "Is it a disciple who is not a good disciple? Why doesn't Master stop being a disciple?" Good, how can the little disciple be bad, can I not die if I am not?

    Why I think it should be picked up: I found this one interesting so I summarize the first few chapters for old time sake

    Anyways, starting off her system chose her to be its host because her soul was the most compatible but Mc really didn’t want to bother and said to just let her die. Although she was an orphan in the old life, she loved peacefully without any simulation. 443, her system was surprised to see someone who disregarded life so much, did it’s best to persuade her, even using the guilty card. Mc, although lazy, was a softhearted person and agree to be its host in the end. She was really disconnected at first, to go as far to have copy replace her after she’s finish with her mission. Her soul was transmigrated to a cold-hearted genius elder of a rather large sect. As elder, she has her own peak and originally lived there alone. Mc’s mission was to guide the heroine (FL) to the top(?) so Mc took FL as her apprentice. FL was 10 at this time, very shy and adorable. Her Junior(because she’s a direct disciple) apprentices loved her quickly. From the little bits I’ve seen. Her family was murdered in front of her and she wants vengeance. Mc took FL in as an apprentice because of the mission at first but she was won over by FL cuteness.

    At start, FL as scared of her master but Mc turned out to be very kind and helpful. Mc would unintentionally show her soft side to FL only, and also shocked basically everyone in the sect since the old soul was that cold-faced. Mc was give her gifts, comb her hair, tidy her clothes, cook for her when FL is mediating, carrying her home when she gets tired from training, comforts her when FL has nightmare of her past, gives her high quality milk. Mc was sometimes worried about how clingy FL tends to be since she seen master-disciple story where they get too close and falls in love. She would ask 443 for reassurance, but 443, being a system told her it’s normal and gave lots of excuses to why.

    I’ll stop here. I haven’t finished so there might be a twist but I’ve been seeing fluff so far
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