Novel Me, The World and Everything About it

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    Me, The World and Everything About it


    5000 years ago, a being called the Evil God declares total war against the inhabitants of the world, Acacia. Having conquered the second largest continent in a short period of time, the Evil Subject brought calamity and terror across the other continents.

    When the Evil God’s army attacked the largest continent in the world, the nations has prepared themselves to be destroyed, but 4 people appeared and created a miracle. Overpowering the Evil God’s forces they were soon branded as heroes.

    After that 11 more heroes from other continents rose and joined forces with the other 4. Wielding their sacred armaments, they together eradicate the forces of evil that scattered across the continents. They confronted the Evil God and, ultimately, defeated it. One man that performed the most in battles and assembled the heroes, that one man that was acknowledged by the holy swords, and that one man favored and loved by the goddesses, was known as the Savior.

    Another Summary

    A thirty year old company slave finally got a vacation after long years. But he died.

    Waking up in a strange cave made of crystal. The man was perplexed because he was supposed to die. After checking his body he noticed something off, his body turned young and not even a single injury can be seen.

    Getting out of the cave he immediately noticed one thing. This world is not earth.

    Because there is a big puppy guarding the entrance.

    My work is also posted in Royalroadl.

    Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Shounen, Romance, Harem, Ecchi

    Table Of Contents:
    Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21
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    I just woke up. While stretching my body I find the sky grey and not blue, but I think it’s going to rain hard this afternoon.

    After I am completely awake I moved from the bedroom to my living room, then I turned on the television to see the probability of rain. It’s said that the probability of rain is low, but I think I will bring an umbrella with me.

    My name is **** ******, a Corporate Slave. I think I have been a corporate slave for more than 5 years, not getting any vacation and always deprived of day off. I finally got a vacation when I said to my boss that I might commit suicide and will curse him.

    On the corner of my living room my several bags are there. The contents of the bags are several clothes and some of my gaming consoles.

    After finishing breakfast I dressed myself in formal clothes as I get to ride my newly bought car.

    Although I said the car is newly bought, I did it by getting a car loan in the bank so I’m going there now to finish some loan-related paperwork, then I will get to have my vacation after all this five long years.

    On the way to the city bank the sky turned completely grey. I think the sun will not get its turn today as the raindrops slowly pour down. After a little moment the raindrops turned heavy as if a bucket gets filled with rainwater fast. The rain pours like crazy so the visibility from the car’s windshield is reduced.

    I just recently got a car of my own, and I’m quite anxious when driving so because of the heavy rain and reduced visibility. And I am quite late in the meeting time.

    Arriving in the city bank and after parking the car, my mood turned worse! Because of the f*cking rain my newly bought car was filled with dirt here and there. Still, my plan for going on my vacation is still ON! As I have only 2 weeks of vacation. After this I will quickly resume my plans and leave this city right away.

    After apologizing and talking with the bank clerk I was led in a room and waited inside there. Nevertheless, there’re so many people in the bank although it’s raining pretty hard outside.

    “I apologize for making you wait. The bank has finished your transaction and--”

    *BANG! BANG! BANG!* (SFX for gunshot)

    The clerk was disrupted by a loud sound from the outside of the room followed by a number of screams and people shouting as if in pain.

    “All of you, don’t move! And you there don’t you dare do something stupid or I will blow you brains out!”


    What should I do? I think I’m quite safe in this room but when I take a peek outside everyone is scared! Well, I just saw a security guard is down while bleeding on his knees and another security guard that I think is unconscious.

    The other guards are forced to drop their weapons because I think they are late in pulling out their guns and was beaten by the robbers. There are 8 armed robbers here, while the other four goes to where the money is. Maybe I can escape when they are not looking.

    Thinking this is a chance, I signaled the clerk from before that is now cowering in fear in the corner of the room and was putting is hand on his mouth. I gestured him to come with me but he refused by shaking his head left and right.

    “I’m quite scared with their guns, but no one can stop my vacation!”

    My vacation is only 2 f*cking weeks, you know! Getting stuck in this incident sucks. After saying that I raised my motivation and leave the room quietly, and after that I sneakily walk to a nearby vase and hide there. Then the robbers again….

    *BANG!* A gunshot was again heard.

    “Shit! That f*cking guy! He turned the f*cking door alarm on! Time for plan B.”

    He said something but I didn’t quite hear it because I’m far but sneakily moving here and there until the entrance/exit was reachable now. The leader-like robber said something again.

    “…will wait for the getaway vehicle to arrive because if we open the exits now the alarm wi---”

    I have no idea what he just said. Well it doesn’t matter. After peeking if they are aware of the exit opening I move silently and when I tried to open the door…

    *Kring! Kring! Kring! Kring!* (SFX for alarm?)

    A loud sound was heard in the whole bank. The robbers now getting vigilant saw me getting out when the leader-like guy shouts in a very disgusting way.

    After getting out, the robbers shoot their guns on me.

    “Shit, shit, shit! Why did that shitty door suddenly goes like that!?”

    Sounds of bullets passing me can be heard. Because of the heavy rain, and while running through the parking lot and opening the door of my brand new car, a gunshot was again heard and the bullet hit my brand new car. Wh@t D……. F*@#$#*CK!!!!!

    The windshield and the tires are hit. My mind cried, “It’s my f*cking brand new car! WTF!! Such misfortune! F*ck! You! ROBBERS!”

    I gave up on my Brand New Car now full of holes and ran through the highway.

    I fell down on the road while feeling numb, then after a while a painful feeling began to surface. When my mind is in disarray I noticed that my stomach is bleeding. I think the bullet passed through my body. What a strong gun they have, completely penetrating my body….

    I tried to get up but, my knees were tattered. When I looked back I noticed there was the leader-like guy holding a shotgun. To think he shoots me at the knees when he already shot me, that’s pretty brutal.

    “Shit! Because of you our plan gone disarray! At least let me do this much for ruining my perfect plan.”

    *Hah… hah… hah…* My breathing is getting hard. Is it because I was shot on the belly part? The cars that are crossing are either speeding up or backing up trying not to get involved. “Help…” I tried to scream but what came out was a weak voice. Maybe because it’s getting hard to breathe because of the delayed painful feeling. In this heavy rain I think no one will hear what I say though.

    Is this where I am going to die!? What I just want is a vacation! F*ck that reasoning. I should have stayed beside that clerk and cower in fear. While feeling the coldness of every raindrops getting colder…

    *PROOOOT! PROOOOT!!!!* (I dunno. SFX for truck horn?)

    I turned my head from the sound. A truck is heading this way in great speed. Thinking to the limits I think the truck driver is trying to save me from the leader-like guy of the robbers, but…


    Switching from his shotgun to his rifle he hit the driver in the head. With the truck driver dead the vehicle lost its control, then it started rolling on the highway. The leader-like guy said “shit” trying to run away but a gunshot was again heard, and we was shot in the head.

    That must be karma for you.



    News reporter: Today a bank robbery happened in the ******* City Bank resulting in 10 injured bank employees, 2 in the police force and out of 8 criminals, 3 were killed, including the leader. The remaining 5 were arrested, but 2 civilians are killed. One is a truck driver named ***** ****** and a man that cannot be Identified anymore because he was smashed by the truck but later identified as **** ******, an office worker that attempted to…………
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    Chapter 1: I Died Right?
    Arc 1: Welcome to Acacia

    I was drifting in a very comfortable place. It’s a place that has blue sky and white clouds.

    I can’t turn my head or even move my eyes. I was just staring in the blue and white sky with an absent minded expression.

    Well I don’t mind. More importantly what was I thinking again? Wait what? Well I don’t care anymore.

    This place is comfortable. What was comfortable again? I will stop thinking about it.

    When I was immersed on thinking. A black hole suddenly appeared in the sky. I continued so stare at it because I can’t move my head, what was that black hole I wonder? What was I wondering again?

    Well that black thing is just a decoration or something. That black thing---? Oh well.

    Then something happened. That Black Hole started to absorb anything in this place, and I was also caught on it. My mind started to clear all of a sudden and I started so look restlessly on the black thing.

    The blue and white sky started to go through the black thing willingly. And me. When I saw the surface water also going up together with me I started to panic!

    “O shit why what the hell is happening!?”

    Even though were still far (his together with the water) I think we’re going through there any second now! That some insane speed!

    “Oooo… aaaah!”

    When I go through the black hole.



    The ground suddenly lit for a moment but I didn’t notice it.

    Ouch! I think my skull was about to be broken.

    After calming down I started to survey the surroundings.

    “I can’t see shit.”

    Yep. I can’t see anything. It’s totally pitch black in this place. And how the hell did I get in here in the first-place.

    “The bank was robbed, and I attempted to escape but was shot, then was skewered by a truck so how the hell?”

    After thinking. My hearth throbs like crazy and I touch my head then covered my face.

    “I died”

    Wanting to go on a vacation. My life ended because of multiple misfortunes.

    It’s dark here. That black thing? I it that, this is not hell right?

    When I was panicking, I tried to get up when my hand touched the ground.

    “It’s glowing”

    When I touched it. It glowed. And the feeling of ground was not transmitted. What I touched was a hard and solid surface that feels good to touched because of its smoothness.

    “Ah, it’s transparent!”

    The light came from inside this... Crystal like surface.

    Now that I think about it when I hit my head it glowed for a moment. Then the light subsided.

    I touched the ground again but it didn’t glow. I got scared when its pitch black again so I tried to hit the floor seriously and---.

    The whole place glowed so I instinctively close my eyes.

    I can’t open my eyes because it was so dazzling, but after I repeated blinking my eyes got used to it and it’s not dazzling anymore.

    What I saw after that was a very beautiful scene.

    “It’s a crystal world”
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    Chapter 2: A Crystal World?
    Arc 1: Welcome to Acacia

    What spread before my eyes is a crystal world. A very beautiful scenery I only dreamed seeing in anime, games, and manga.

    “This looks more awesome seeing it for real.”

    I raised my tension when my main problem came-back.

    “I died”

    I died but why can do I look like someone alive.

    “I can feel”

    Touch? I feel the pain because of falling in the floor. Taste? I tried to leak the floor and, yeah it’s bitter. I can still hear. I’m hearing sounds like when you put a sea shell in your ear. Of course I can see and last I can smell. Myself.

    The 5 human sense are still within me.

    “So I’m not dead right?”

    My mind flashed. I immediately take off the clothes I’m wearing.

    There’s no hole in my belly.

    I checked my knees this time. It’s not tattered. So it was all a dream. Ah I feel refreshed because I think I can still go to my vacation.

    And this place is also part of the dream. I will wake up after a few more minutes so I will enjoy this crystal world while I’m still dreaming.

    “But this dream is really amazing. This crystal world is so detailed it looks real!”

    While admiring the scenery around me. I noticed a sword standing in the corner, half of its blade part buried in a crystal chunk.

    It’s a long sword.

    Although devoid of any decorations I think it’s a very sharp blade. Well it’s buried in this hard crystal after all.

    I approach the sword and look around it.

    “It’s a dream after all so I think I can pull it out”

    Having so much confidence in myself. I approach the sword and hold it. The feeling of metal in my hands was transmitted. But I ignore it.

    I tried to pull it with little force but failed.

    “It’s stuck”

    Having a hard time pulling it. I positioned myself on top of the sword.

    “1, 2, 3. URRRRG!”

    Oh! It moved a little.

    ARRG! Now I’m getting angry. It’s my dream so why am I trying so hard just for pulling a sword?

    Getting irritated I put all my power on my hands and hips. And.


    “I pulled it?”

    What! that was easy. I mean, I only use a little force. Maybe thinking I’m trying hard it became loose for me when I pointed it out to myself.

    “Hmmm, this sword is light, can this sword even slice things?”

    I tried swinging it. Its super light and I think I’m using not a sword but a toy when using it.

    Well let’s not think too much about it.

    I played with the toy (sword) with various things I can think off.

    When I was swinging it with force. Air pressure was created but it quickly disperse when it hit the wall.

    Well as expected of my dream but isn’t a little to realistic I can feel the air.

    Also I can feel, taste, see, hear, and smell maybe this is not a dream?

    “Nah. This is a dream I mean there’s no way I’m dead right?”

    When thinking about it, the sword slipped through my hands and it smashed the floor.

    It was again buried in the floor of the crystal and I pulled it out again. When.

    A small cracked?

    When I looked at it closer it looked like a crack. Did it cracked when the sword smashed it. Well it doesn’t matter. Shall I explore this crystal world?

    When I thought of that the crack suddenly travel across the floor.

    “Hmm….. WHAT THE!!”

    The cracks multiplied. And it’s getting bigger and it’s quickly multiplying. Before I noticed it the whole floor is cracked. Then.

    *Crack* *Crack*

    All of it got bigger. I think the floor will collapse any moment now. And.

    IT HAPPENED! THE FLOOR IS COLLAPSING! I tried to run but its too late. The feeling of terror of falling again resurfaced.


    I said while falling down.
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    Chapter 3: I need to leave!
    Arc 1: Welcome to Acacia

    “AHHHH! Not again!”

    I’m falling again, and this is the second time.

    Because of a simple blunder, I’m falling again.

    The first is handling the sword, and the second one is testing my strength.

    I’m quite perplexed that I fell because of the first blunder I made. Though I think I’m swinging it with minimal strength.

    It’s unbelievable that I survived on that fall. I think I have fallen quite high but I couldn’t measure it because the collapse hole was covered up in rubble.

    Then. After accepting that this is reality. I surveyed the crystal world, and after I got bored of walking. I tried testing my strength. I mean to destroy the crystal floor with a slight heavy swing and surviving that fall, I think I’m not normal.

    Thus the second blunder.

    I got curious on my strength so I find a suitable place to test it.

    The first thing I tried to test my strength is punching something. I want to try using the sword, but I think I will do it next time because of my poor handling.

    I find a chunk of crystal in a wide space so decided to use it as a training dummy.

    “Ok! I’m going to do this!”

    First I tried punching the chunk with minimal force. And. Of course nothing happened.

    Ok. Second one punching it with a bit of force. The chunk move a little because of the punch but didn’t break or even form cracks.

    “This time punching it with full power”

    I positioned my-self.

    Because I watched martial arts anime including boxing, I tried imitating it and after readying my-self.

    *doguuuuun!* I punched it.

    The chunk of crystal didn’t break but. It flied and collided in the ceiling.

    Again feeling the danger and late to respond to it. The ceiling collapse, and along with the ceiling falling to the floor, the floor collapse as well.

    So after thinking about what happened.

    I felled in again another floor. And again because of my low sense of danger.

    I’m about to be buried in the mountain of crystal debris.

    The sword was beside me because we bot fall on the same time.

    Feeling desperate. I hold the weapon tightly and swing it with serious force.


    As I was swinging the sword. Even for a moment I felt something different for a moment. My hands felt hot and the sword got heavy. But that doesn’t matter now.

    After taking a full swing. After a moment. A wind pressure incomparable to an airplane was released, and it blow away the debris that supposed to hit me.

    “This time.”

    I run away at full speed. After I checked if I was in a safe distance, the mountain of crystal began to fall filling the ground I felled in.

    “Phew that was a close one. As I thought every beautiful roses have thorns I need to get out of this place.”

    I honestly thought this place is amazing.

    Amazing. But. Fragile.

    Well I think this is not fragile at all. It’s all my fault to begin with as to why this crystal world is collapsing.

    Well getting out of this pace is now my question. Because many things happened and I also felt that this crystal world shook a little. This crystal world is now glowing.

    “It’s really beautiful now but I will die because of hunger if I stay here.”

    I said it depressingly. Well after exploring this crystal world I see nothing but crystals everywhere.

    Now where to go. Including the one I felled in there are supposed to be three passage here.

    Well only two remains now so I need to make a decision.

    “Left or Right.”

    I’m bad with things like this. While thinking where to go I hit upon an idea.

    “Looks like you got role now huh sword-kun.”

    I stick the sword to the floor and hold the sword steadily. Where the handle falls in will be my destination. What will be my fate? I think I will leave it to the gods.

    Thus I let go of the sword handle----. And! It falls in the direction of the right wall!

    “ALL RIGHT!!”

    I hold the word the sword tightly. And.


    I slashed the right wall. And of course. The slashed I made this time also made an air pressure and the wall was crushed.

    Sounds of cracks can be heard along with the crushed wall. And obviously the cracked was on the floor. So it collapse yet again.

    “I’ll just need to fall again right Kami-sama.”

    I readied my-self this time. Because. I’m now falling for the third time.

    After landing in an open space with an awkward posture. There’s one thing I noticed first hand.

    “This is dirt.”

    Oops. Need to get out of here first.

    After running to a safe place. I watched the crystals falling until it formed a mountain of crystals.

    It stopped after a few minutes.

    “Yosh time to get out of here.”

    There’s only one exit in this open space.

    I think this is the ground floor.

    I examined the ceiling and the ground. The ceiling is made of crystal and the ground is made of soil. Yes soil but there’s nothing here other than grass and bushes.

    “Ahhhhh! I’m hungry!”

    I will ignore this place for now. If I can see the exterior of this place I might find what this place is. So I will prioritize my tummy first.

    I am not that tired. But I think I spend almost four hours of my time there.

    Walking in the entrance. My jaw dropped because of what I saw there.

    “A dog? No a puppy? Wait its big”

    A puppy that was as big as an adult tiger was there looking wary of me.
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    Chapter 4: Man vs. Puppy (A Fierce Battle)
    Arc 1: Welcome to Acacia

    A puppy that was as big as an adult lion was there barking with a cute voice

    “It’s ok. I will not harm you so stop barking.”

    Trying to approach the puppy. The puppy raised its vigilance because it thinks I’m going to hurt it.

    “Oh! The sword, I will throw it away so stop being wary of me.”

    I honestly think it’s cute. Barking cutely. But because it’s big, I find it cute and at the same time find it strange.

    Putting the sword away. I started to approach the puppy yet again.

    I’m trying to befriend this big puppy in front of me. But the moment I’m halfway approaching it. Its barking suddenly stop.

    “It’s ok I won’t hurt you so-“

    When I tried to pet it. I was blown away.

    Feeling the wind for a moment. I crashed in the wall.

    “Eh? W-what?”

    The puppy in front of me change its posture. Then. It moved in an intense speed.

    The puppy approaching me so fast tackled me and I was again blown away. I crashed in again another wall.

    Feeling the pain in my body I looked in the figure of the puppy. When our eyes met.

    It moved again.

    “Crap! This puppy!”

    Standing up I tried to dodge it. But now it scratched me and a part of my clothes is ripped. Shit that was dangerous!

    I continued to dodge the tackles and claw attacks of the puppy.

    A moment after. I got the pattern of its attacks and I can follow him with my eyes now.

    Reaching the location of where I left the sword. I tightly grasped it and attempted to counter attack the approaching puppy.

    “You little rascal! Time for retribution!”

    The puppy that was about to be hit by my sword, bends its body and easily dodged the sword.


    The puppy again attacked me, but the speed is incomparable than before and its attack patterns changed to attacking my blind spots. It is now circling me before attacking me. Although my eyes can still catch up on its speed. Moving to the right when I turned my head, again it moved in my left blind spot again.

    It attacked me again and again. I was able to guard some of its attack but this one-sided match is in favor with puppy. ‘I will lose if this continues’ I thought.

    I timed when this puppy will attack me again.

    It attacked me and I pretended I didn’t cope its movements. And I did a round slash.

    I thought it’s my victory but this puppy did something unbelievable yet again.

    It discharged electricity in its body.

    Wall in my back and a sword beside me?

    “What happened?”

    My head hurts and my body is in pain. And a puppy is in front of me. Puppy?

    ‘Oh shit!!’


    I quickly rolled and avoided the fired laser. ‘It can fire laser too!’ what an overpowered puppy you are.

    The wall I was in a moment ago exploded and rubles of crystals was there in exchange of me. I think I’m still fine, did I faint when it shocked me.

    Looks like this is the time to escape. I can’t win against this puppy.

    I can see a hole that I think is the way out of here. But before that. I need to pass the tunnel before I can escape. We’re still in a slightly open area so the exit is quite far. Looks like I need to gamble now huh.

    But this stupid puppy, (well it’s actually smart) realized where I was looking and blocked my view as if saying ‘if you want to get out of here you need to defeat me first’.

    “Geez. This cute puppy. Can you please let me go?”

    My body hurts, the clothes I’m wearing is now tattered, and I’m seriously hungry. I’m not good at fighting you know, I mean, watching anime fight scenes won’t make you good at fighting.

    But I can still think you know. As long as there is a way, I will do it no matter how dirty it is.

    The puppy also positioned itself. Light orbs appeared around it and sparks can be seen in its fur.

    Grasping my sword, it fired the light orbs simultaneously and I dodged it.

    I run to the free right side but it also charge at me at the same time.

    I slashed it but it discharged electricity again. But this time I let go of the sword and picked up a crystal stone about the same size of a baseball and threw it to the puppy with all my strength.

    *Swoosh!!* *BAM*

    The stone I threw hit the puppy and the puppy was blown away to the wall. Looks like my plan works. The puppy crashed in the wall and it spewed blood. Its bones is, I’m sure, broken.

    *Pant, pant, pant* “You think I don’t know that you need to stop for a moment to cast that magic-like thing gimmicks of yours."

    I came through this thoughts when I imagined it casting magic, which was proved when it used those laser-like magic, because when it appeared it was standing there doing nothing until it fired those.

    While I was getting excited because of the existence of magic.

    The puppy was suddenly wrapped in green light and suddenly stood up.

    “Don’t tell me you just used healing magic? You’re cheating! You’re absolutely cheating!”

    ‘This cheat dog.’ While being frustrated. I picked up the sword and started to run away from the puppy.

    The puppy after fully recovering, started to run like nothing has happened. It catches up to me in no time, and eventually takes the lead and starts to face me again.

    I didn’t stopped running and instead pointed the sword to the puppy in front of me.

    The puppy avoided my thrust and distanced itself because it thought if it used the same electric shock I will use a feint again.

    Thus I continue to run to the exit. The puppy that was tricked again tried to catch up to me.

    But before it caught I tightly grabbed the sword and slashed with all of my power.

    The wind pressure released shook the tunnel but it just stopped the puppy on its track and it didn’t get blown away. ‘Tsk’

    “In that case…!”

    I released another slash with my full power to the walls on the left.

    Cracks started to form on the ceiling and I think it will collapse any time now.

    So I started running away.

    The puppy fired multiple light rays on me. Because I wasn’t looking one of the fired rays hit me on the back.

    ‘It’s hot and f*cking painful!’ I screamed on my mind.

    And I fall on the dirt. ‘Ah shit am I going to die again!?’

    Come to think of it this is the same way I died on my past life. I was shot on my back if I remember.

    The ceiling is collapsing now. And I’m going to be squashed by the debris like what happened in the past too.

    ‘No. no. no. NO! NO!! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!’

    I won’t die again, and like I will allow myself to die again!

    I picked up the sword and used it to stand up.

    My body is in pain. My hands and feet are trembling. It feels like it will give up any time now.


    I heard a howl. But I didn’t looked back and continued to walk to the exit. The ceiling is already collapsing.

    I can already see the sunlight from the outside.

    Now I just need to….

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    Chapter 5: Welcoming the World
    Weeb Mode Activated!!

    Arc 1: Welcome to Acacia

    I woke up on a sky filled with stars. I tried to move my body but the moment I moved, my body aches all over. So I tried to just tilt my head to the side.

    What I see is a figure of a cave, but it’s not a normal cave. Because it’s completely made of crystal.

    “I see. It’s a cave huh. So I came from there.”

    ‘So I got out of the cave’ feeling relieved that I’m still alive. I’m now hoping that no other wild animals will come here. Because I’m an easy prey now that I can’t move.

    ‘That puppy’s a real danger. And to think I survived from that creature I sure am great’

    There’s not much to do now and I can’t move my body. So I think I’m going to sleep. ‘God please protect me from any danger.’ I prayed on my mind.

    And I fell asleep.

    (I’m now writing in third person perspective)

    In a place far from North. There is a mountain so wide and tall that no ordinary people dared to come or climb it. Because of the fast change in weather and many strong monsters roaming around freely in that mountain. Moreover it will also make your sense of direction out-of-focus.

    Such a dangerous mountain was called the Colossal Mountain. And in that place only the strong will survive.

    And on the top of such a mountain there exist a small town with a castle at the center.

    A single woman was walking in the hall of the castle. She was a beautiful woman with long blue hair, has a deep blue eyes and a well-endowed face and she also got a body that will make men fall head over heels above her. She is wearing a dress, and on his back is a mantle.

    She is walking calmly but the expression on her face made it obvious that she is panicking over something.

    “What’s wrong, Mage of Total Destruction-chan?”

    “Oh its Frederick huh. And don’t call me in that name, it’s not amusing at all.”

    A man with grey hair and red eyes called Frederick spoke to her.

    “Well Jewel-chan is hailed with a title that is so great I can’t help but call you that.”

    “Can you please stop calling me that? All I did was fire an intermediate spell with more power than usual. Then the people from the magic institutes made a fuss and called it a new spell.”

    The woman named Jewel said in an agonizing tone.

    “That’s why they called you that. Because even an elementary class magic that you fired has a firepower that can wipe an entire platoon of soldiers you know.”


    ‘It’s true that the spell I cast has that firepower in it. But all I did was raise its mana efficiency’ She thought in her mind.

    “Well even you Frederick can fire a spell like that if you have control over your mana.”

    “You make me want to cry Jewel-chan but it’s impossible to me. Because I don’t have any talent in magic.”

    Frederick said in denial to Jewel’s words. Jewel in a hurry said sorry to Frederick

    “That aside. You look gloomy Destruction-chan, something troubling you?”

    “That’s why I said stop calling me in that name.”

    Jewel angrily said.

    “I’m going to report there now so just come there if you want to hear it.”

    “Based on your expression and tone it’s quite serious. Ok, let’s go there together.”

    After walking for a while they reach and open the big door without knocking. Behind that big door is five people chatting and having tea.

    In the center is a man looking at Jewel a little angry for not knocking.

    He has silver hair, black eyes and a face that can be called as good looking. He also has long pointed ears which is a trait of an elf.

    He was there chatting with four people.

    On his right. A blonde guy that has a similar good looking face but with blue eyes. Beside him is a little girl that has purple hair in twin tails and has purple eyes the same tone as her hair.

    On the left there was a woman that has red long hair and has same red eyes. She is wearing a hat that seemed to cover something. Beside her is a girl with blue hair and deep blue eyes similar to Jewel. She is her little sister.

    She bowed upon entering the room. Frederick also did the same.

    “What’s wrong onee-chan, barging in suddenly?” Said by her sister.

    “I need to report something to Sir Mark about something important.”

    “Hoh, something important that’s enough for you to barge on my room huh.”

    The man with silver hair called Mark spoke in a somewhat almighty tone.

    “Very well. Speak yourself to your heart’s content.”

    He spoke in the same tone as earlier.

    The people beside him look a little terrified in the cold voice he uttered.

    “First of all, I am sorry for disturbing you in your talk Mark-sama. But this needs to be reported to you as soon as possible.”

    She breathe deeply before talking about the report.

    “The evil god’s remains, the crystal mountain Grand Cabaret showed reactions after all this five thousand years.”

    Hearing the report, the people in the room showed signs of shock but keep their mouth shut because the report is still not finished. So Jewel continued.

    “At first I sensed a small mana reaction from the mountain.”

    “First you mean you sensed it earlier and you didn’t report it?”

    Said by the man with blonde hair.

    “Yes. I didn’t report it because I continued to observe the mountain. And then I sensed multiple magic reactions on the mountain.”

    She said. Then.

    “All the mana reactions I sensed became one. I was quite shocked when I sensed it so I panicked. So I used Clairvoyance magic to see the situation on the mountain.”

    Her voice is trembling while saying the report.

    “What I saw was the whole mountain glowing. After that I also sensed that the mana reactions of my familiar is now lost.”

    She remembers what she saw and became terrified.

    The whole people in the room turned serious and no one uttered a single word. Everyone felt a cold sweat forming in their backs upon hearing the report of Jewel.

    And about her familiar it was called the Millennium Wolf.

    Even though still a cub it has a strength similar to a great mage and a veteran soldier. It also has intelligence to cope in every situations. For that kind of Familiar to lose is unbelievable.

    Everyone is sure that whatever happened (either defeated or an accident happened) it was not normal.

    On the midst of silence. One man spoke.

    “Frederick and Galion, gather your elite men and prepare to go in Grand Cabaret.”

    Frederick and the man with blonde hair named Galion stand by each other and bow in one knee.

    “On your command!” “As you wish!”

    Together they leave the room.

    “Maya and Pearl, go gather and prepare the magic corps. If something happened, erect a multi-layered barrier on the Grand Cabaret.”

    The little girl with purple hair named Maya stands up together with Pearl, Jewel’s sister, and they bowed.

    ““As you wish Mark-sama.””

    They answered at the same time.

    “Pearl be careful. You too, Maya-chan.”

    “It will be okay onee-chan.”

    “You don’t need to say that to me you know.”

    Maya and Pearl said this before leaving the room.

    “I deeply apologize Nio-sama. It seems like we’re going to continue this talk in another time.”

    “It is okay Mark-sama, since this is a matter about Grand Cabaret. We will also prepare and will assist you in this matter.”

    “I will appreciate the help Nio-sama.”

    “Then I will also be taking my leave now Mark-sama. I will contact you if I finished preparing on our side.”

    She bowed elegantly and courteously leaved the room.

    “Is that the princess of the Dragons Mark-sama?”

    “Yes she is. She came here to ask for my assistance.”

    He said calmly.

    “Let’s talk about it in another time. I want you to continue observing the mana reactions coming from the mountain.”

    “Count on me in that Mark-sama.”

    She is leaving the room when Mark suddenly speaks.

    “I authorize you to use the Space Cannon if the situations turned dire.”

    “B-but it is…. As you command Mark-sama.”

    After she leaved the room Mark spoke again in the empty room.

    “Has everything he did, turned in vain!?”

    He punched the wall and the wall broke forming a hole on it

    The wall that was enchanted with multiple protections broke.

    Because of a single punch.

    After waking up, I noticed that I can move now. So I started walking to the river I grasp when I survey the surroundings. And since it’s not that far I quickly get to drink water and wash my face.

    When I looked back I can see the mountain made of crystal. It has spikes making it impossible to be climbed and is glowing making it looked out of place in this greenly scenery.

    ‘Well I don’t want to go back there’

    I surveyed my surroundings yet again and then I looked up the sky to the horizon.

    Although it’s a bit blurred I can see a big tree in the distance. Animals that don’t resemble any kind of species in Earth is here as well.

    ‘Is this it? The people in light novel and manga called another world?’ I thought of it and.


    I heard the sound of growling from my stomach so I stroked it while walking, looking for food.

    When I was in the river earlier, I looked at my appearance.

    Red mixed with black hair, and black eyes. A face that I think is a little good looking. And my age is, based on my appearance I think I’m around fifteen years old.

    I don’t know my face in my previous life. If I tried to think about it some black thing is appearing on the faces and I can’t recognize them because of it. I also can’t remember the names of my friends or parents in my previous life.

    But the knowledge I have still remains on my head. So I think I’m ok.

    But I’m a little sad because of the people I leaved behind.

    Feeling a little gloomy I stumbled on a fruit. It looks like an apple from my previous world.

    I used my ragged clothes and cleaned it.

    When I eat it. The taste is like an apple but it’s sweeter and a little hard.

    “I guess this world welcomed me with pain and a hard fruit huh.”

    As I was saying those, I gathered many kinds of fruits that I tasted edible.

    ‘I hope to see a human settlement soon’ I thought as I used my ragged top to use it as a bag for my fruits.

    After that. I started walking aimlessly in the forest.
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    Chapter 6: Luck, Misfortune and Blockheads
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    Three days has already passed after I got out of the cave.

    I am now resting on a tree in the middle of the forest.

    I was hoping to see a human settlement so I was walking continuously. Nevertheless, it has been three days I cannot even see any signs of human’s habitations or any similar kind. All I can see is trees from front, left, right, and rear.

    I also tried climbing a tree only to see a sea of trees.

    Well this kind of forest is a good place, but being all alone is sad.

    Because I’m a city boy not getting any shower in this three days, I think I’m getting sticky. Good thing there’s a river nearby, but I want a soap.

    I’m also top less but, sleeping in the night doesn’t make me shiver at all.

    I also tried running in the forest to test my stamina. It doesn’t make me tired but I keep getting tripped in tree vines and uneven paths. So in the end I can’t reach my limits.

    My situation now is also a bit grave. Although I didn’t meet any dangerous animals and avoided any snakes (poisonous or not) I see. I’m running out of food.

    The collected fruits I earned is getting low. And I also want to eat meat.

    I tried to catch some rabbits but they are so quick in escaping, so I never catch one. I also tried to catch some fish, but whenever I catch one and place it near the river. A rabbit will snatch it and quickly run away. Damn I hate rabbits now, but are rabbits are herbivores right.

    No don’t question your own knowledge

    The trees here don’t bear fruits and I don’t want to go back just to get some fruits. Because, I travelled for over ten kilometers in these three days.

    “Hah. Don’t know if my luck is bad but it’s no use if I keep complaining.”

    Saying that. I resumed walking in this sea of forest.

    I don’t believe in luck or misfortune at all. Because if I talk about it in a mathematician he will just laugh at me and say.

    {luck is nothing but a probability.}

    Well in my current case the probability of seeing human environment is quite low.

    “But I won’t be discouraged in this situation at all!”

    It’s been another three days when I said I won’t be discouraged at all, so it’s been six days in total after I left that place.

    I travelled for over twenty kilometers now but still there’s no signs of humans here.

    And although I travelled so far I still can’t get out of the forest.

    I have eaten my last fruit this morning as well. The river is gone too so I can’t even wash my self anymore nor drink water.

    “Thirsty. And”

    A grumble from my stomach was heard.

    “Don’t be discouraged at all me. Let’s just climb some tree and see some great scenery.”

    Don’t panic, always be calm. Nothing good will happen if I do nothing.

    As I was climbing a tree and got on top of it.

    “These trees surely lived carefree natural life, for them to be this much it means there really is no humans to cut them.”

    While sighing in my mind. I climb down the tree and when I reached the ground.

    I heard something clashing.

    I quickly climbed the tree again.

    I didn’t notice it but there is something like a line that separates the oceans of trees.

    I didn’t see It at all because I didn’t shift my line of sight when I climbed the tree.

    So I quickly go there. And when I finally reached that place.

    “It’s a road! It’s a f*cking road!!”

    I cried when I thought. ‘I finally found the first step to see humans again!’

    Although this road is not cemented and is all dirt. It’s still a road!

    “This six days… *sniff* It’s really a good thing I didn’t give u—“

    When I looked at my side. I finally noticed.

    There was two men clashing swords while looking at me. They are not moving at all while looking at my direction.

    ‘hey your swords are still clashing you know.’

    “Don’t mind me. Just do what you two are doing and ignore me.”

    The two men pointed their sword at me.

    “You. Who are you.”

    “If you’re a bandit I’m going to hand—“

    “Waah! Stop! I’m not a bandit can’t you see it you see, I’m not bandit like.”

    The two men stared at me.

    I also stared back.

    Looking at the two men. They’re wearing armor and fighting just now. Wait looking closely the two armors have same designs and also same crest on their chest area.

    “No, no-matter where we look you’re a bandit!”

    “Now stand down and throw your sword here. Surrender now and you’ll only be put in jail.”

    “Wait! I said I’m not a bandit can’t you underst—“

    When I checked my self.

    Disheveled hair, a sword at hand, topless, dirty trousers and a bit muscular.

    ‘WAAAAH! I looked like a bandit right now.’

    “Uhm. Can you please let me wash my body and clothes for a—“

    I was brought down.

    “So you captured this kid. When you two are sparring a bit away in the camp.”

    “Yes, this kid popped up out of nowhere.”

    “This kid looked suspicious so we brought him here.”

    In front of me is a man about thirty years old with light brown hair.

    I was brought in a camp a little away from the road.

    “He’s quite young to be a bandit. Humph. I am going to question you mister Bandit. Are you a bandit?”

    “I’m not a bandit at all.”

    I said with a straight face. And why is he calling me mister bandit?

    “Yup he’s a bandit.” *Nod*

    “He’s a bandit. Yeah.” *Grin*

    “Bandit right.” *Smug Smile*

    “No like I said I’m not a bandit.”

    Why the hell did they not believed me!

    “Everyone say it you know. You can fool me. Hahahaha, to fool me with a straight face is your mistake!”

    “What! I certainly said it with a straight face but I’m not lying you know.”

    “Hmm. Then show me your identification papers please.”

    He said in an annoying tone.

    “Uhm. What’s an identification papers.”

    “What you don’t know? Even bandits know it!”

    “No like I said I’m not a bandit“

    “Well as I’m in a good mood I’ll explain it to you.”

    He ignored me!

    “These is Identification papers.”

    The light browned hair man showed me a paper. And. I can’t read it.

    “These shows that you’re a citizen of the empire. If you do any crime related conducts, you will be arrested and the identification papers will be confiscated”

    I see. But why papers for identification?

    “And in the case of crime like snatching, destruction of property, noise complaints and other light crimes you will be put in jail for days and pay a fine for the crime you did and also another fine for reissuing the identification papers.”

    Ok. I got the gist’s of it.

    “Crimes like banditry, illegal slavery, rape, murder and any other heavy crimes. You will be put in jail for ten years to life imprisonment or the worst execution.”

    That’s scary.

    “And in case you’re free of charge you will pay I fine and will be reissued a new identification paper with a crime record.”


    “Well that’s identification papers any question?”


    “Same here.”

    “Why are you two answering?”

    This two soldiers in my sides are doing a comedy skit with the man in front since awhile now.

    “Well, you see I don’t have any identification papers in me or more like I don’t have one.”

    “You don’t have? Even though you’re a bandit?”

    “like I said I’m not a bandit!”

    ‘Why are these idiots calling me bandit over and over again’

    While cursing them in my mind I said something again.

    “I don’t have what I don’t have. Besides I’m not even a citizen of your said empire.”

    “Oh. So you don’t come from here. Then what are you doing inside the forest?”

    “I was lose there.”

    “Lose inside the forest huh.”

    “Suspicious.” *Whisper*

    “Suspicious right.” *Whisper*

    “I can hear you stupid heads.”

    I said angrily.

    “What did you say to my brother brat!”

    “You said stupid to my little brother brat!”

    “Oh, you two are brothers sorry you two looked idiots to me.”

    ““Now you’ve done it brat!””

    These two idiots stick their heads to mine while glaring at me scarily. Looking closely these two really are brothers they have the same angry face and same deep blue hair.

    “Come on free me in this ropes and where taking this outside!”

    I said it while laughing off their killing intent. I mean it’s not scary at all.

    Well I can free myself but I really want to teach this two block heads a lesson.

    “Hmm well said Timothy, Andrew. Well young bandit if you win against these two I will consider whether you’re a bandit or not.”

    “Then don’t address me as bandit but kid instead you stupid leader shit!”

    In the old man’s head. A vein popped.

    “Timothy, Andrew teach this young bandit a lesson. Failure will not be tolerated.”

    He said in a low tone.

    Looks like my misfortune today is really high huh.

    “let’s do this you three blockheads!”
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    Chapter 7: Upcoming Danger
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    I am now facing the two blockheads in a space far from the camp.

    Thinking that I’m a bandit. They arrested me.

    And if I defeated this two I will be free of charge.

    Well I didn’t do anything at all.

    “What? You cowering now brat?.”

    “Who’s cowering blockhead? Maybe inside that armor a stinky liquid is licking out?”


    I purposely mocked the elder blockhead to test my strength.

    As I came to this world. I noticed many things like my strength higher than my and my face is a little handsome.

    “Well. You two monkeys want to scream all day and mock each other? Let’s just start this!”

    As I said those words. The three of us prepare our swords.

    We are not using any iron swords or my sword we just use some wooden sword used for training.

    But earlier. This two is using swords in practice.

    “Hey you two.”

    When I said it. The two blockheads looked at me.

    “You’re using real swords earlier but why are we not using one right now? Your opponent is a potential bandit you know?”

    “Like hell we use a real sword against a brat.”

    “That’s right. Even if you’re a bandit using real swords against a brat is bullying.”

    “Although I’m carrying a real sword?”

    “You’re not using it now so we will not use ours to.”

    Oh. This two are actually kind hearted. But I won’t change my view of them as blockheads.

    “Well then are you three ready?”

    The old man said.

    The two siblings separated themselves from each other.

    ‘So they planning a pincer attack huh.’

    As I thought of that the old man raised his arm.

    I prepared a sword stance.


    As he brought down his hands.

    The two blockheads charged.

    As they were approaching. The elder blockhead raised his sword and the other blockhead is preparing to intercept the sword.


    The two clashed their wooden swords and continued to attack each other.


    I was confused. Why the hell are they fighting each other?

    “Oh! I didn’t said it but this battle is a free for all.”


    Seriously. What kind of comedy is this?

    But if it’s free for all.

    “Don’t ignore me blockheads!”


    The two stopped clashing for a moment and looked at me.



    The two were blown away at my full swing.

    ‘So weak’

    The two blockheads crashed in a tree.

    “What power.”

    “Ugh. Brother lets defeat him first before we fight again!”

    The two get up and prepared themselves again.

    “You’re still planning on fighting each other?”

    This time they were charging at me. But

    ‘Slow. Too slow.’

    As I thought of it. I avoided the two that was charging at me.

    My kinetic vision is surely abnormal.

    ‘It means that puppy is superior than this two blockheads.’

    “Is that all you got!”

    I intercepted the wooden swords of the blockheads when they attacked me again and countered it with a round house kick.

    The two were blown and rolled in the ground before stopping in a nearby rock.

    “*Cough, cough* What strength.”

    “*Ugh* Are you a monster!?”

    “Who are you calling a monster! Blockheads!”

    After saying it I charged at them again.

    But I caught something in the corner of my eyes.

    When I looked at the direction of the figure.

    ‘It’s the old man!’

    Although he’s not fast. He planned to stop me from charging.

    “I’ll take you on old man!”

    As I said it. I pointed the wooden sword against him while charging.

    “Hahaha. I am not part of this free for all battle you know.”

    When I thrust the wooden sword on him.

    He also prepared his wooden sword.


    I noticed that I was looking in the sky.


    I fell and hit my head on the ground.

    The old man while walking in the two siblings said.

    “I hereby clear my accusations against you. There’s no bandit that can fight like you young kid.”

    While I’m still lying on the ground he said it to me while giving a helping hand on the two blockhead.

    “A bandit will run if he saw the scene of this stupid brothers fighting each other.”


    I was confused on what he said but I won’t run away with that reason.

    But that old man?

    “Well it’s true that the battle was a free for all.”

    He said while offering me a hand.

    (Author: From this point I am putting names for every dialog because the main character’s name is introduced here.)

    “I’ll introduce myself. My name is Carlos Griego and this two men are.”(Carlos)

    “I am Timothy Rein.”(Timothy)

    “And I am Andrew Rein.”(Andrew)

    Oh. They really are good people. But how did that old man countered that thrust? I put a considerable strength in it.

    “And you young man? I can’t call you young man forever you know. Or should I call you Bandit-kun?”(Carlos)


    Name huh. That thought never cross my mind at all. I also don’t remember my past life name.

    Can’t be help I will invent a new name and use it. What should be a good name.

    “Hmm? Hmmm? HMMMMM?”

    “Is a your own name that hard for you to say?”(Timothy)

    Not good. They are getting suspicious of me again. Need to think fast.



    “Yes its Nedi Montan.”(Nedi)

    “Nedi Montan isn’t.”(Carlos)

    “Montan? Never heard of it.”(Timothy)

    “So you’re a noble too.”(Andrew)


    A question mark floated above my head.

    “Aren’t you a noble?”(Carlos)

    “I’m not a noble.”(Nedi)

    “Eh? You have a household name. It’s a proof that you’re a noble.”(Andrew)

    “Is that so.”(Nedi)

    So if you have a last name you’re a noble. I’ll take note of this.

    Which means this old man and two blockheads are nobles.

    “You have a last name but you’re not a noble. Hmm.”(Carlos)

    The old man is thinking something.

    “You said earlier that you don’t came from the empire and that you were lost in the forest. Which means you came from an tribal group living in the forest. Am I right?”(Carlos)

    ‘Oh. that’s it!’

    “Yes. Actually in our group last name is not unusual.”(Nedi)

    “That explains why your topless and came from the forest.”(Andrew)

    “We are sorry we suspected you as an bandit.”(Timothy)

    “Ah, un.”*Blank face*(Nedi)

    This two please stay and be a blockhead for a while as I don’t want to change my way of treating you two so suddenly.

    When we are chatting.

    I heard a horse afar.

    “Carlos-san I can hear a horse from there.”(Nedi)

    “I can’t hear anything at all are you sure?”(Carlos)

    A moment after. A man riding a horse was coming here in a quick pace.

    “You have quite a high hearing ability to hear that horse from afar.”(Carlos)

    Well, I can almost hear anything near me.


    After the man dismounted his horse and approach us. He kneeled in front of Carlos.

    “The main group has encountered the mass of monsters. The main group is planning on intercepting the monsters in thirty minutes.”(Soldier)

    “I see. As for the orders?”(Carlos)

    “Carlos-sama’s troops are to encircle and attack the monsters from the back. I will also tell the other groups so I need to go now.”(Soldier)

    The soldier quickly leave after telling us.

    After that.

    We came back to the tent.

    “Timothy call back our troops scouting in the forest, and Andrew lead Nedi out of the here.”(Carlos)

    Timothy run out of the tent in a quick pace.

    “Carlos-san what does it mean when he said mass of monsters?”(Nedi)

    I asked Carlos-san after he ordered the siblings.

    “We came here to suppress the monsters flowing out of the forest. Sorry but this is the work of the soldiers so you need to get out of here.”(Carlos)

    Carlos said while preparing his equipment.

    I see they don’t want me to get involved huh.

    “Like what Carlos-sama said kids like you need to get out of here.”(Andrew)

    “I don’t want to hear that from you.”(Nedi)

    What’s this guy saying when I defeated him earlier.

    “Just get out of here Nedi. This place may probably be a warzone once we encountered the monsters.”(Carlos)

    ‘This old man is unexpectedly kind isn’t.’

    “Sorry but I want to come. I also have questions to Carlos-san. To leave while you all are in danger will leave a bitter memories to me.”(Nedi)

    “Are you sure. You’re probably strong considering you defeated those siblings easily. Well actually we are in need of helping hand right now but don’t blame us if you die from...(Carlos)

    Carlos-san stopped for a moment before he start talking again.

    “…..But. Oh well I won’t let you die so I think its ok”(Carlos)

    Carlos-san said. I wonder what’s with the pause.

    “Eh. We’re bringing him?”(Andrew)

    ‘Andrew you shut up now!’

    I need answers on how he stopped me earlier.

    And I want to see this so called monsters.

    After a minute of waiting I heard several foot steps approaching.

    Timothy along with the other soldiers on his back came.

    “Carlos-sama, everyone is hear and we’re ready to leave.”(Timothy)

    “Good. Let’s go now”(Carlos)

    I think I forgot something important, but oh well I’ll ignore it for now.

    I fell on the ground while my tummy is producing *Gurururu* sound.
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    Chapter 8: Forest Disturbance (Part 1)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    “Uuuh. That was embarrassing.”(Nedi)

    I am now sitting inside a horse carriage eating dried meat and bread.

    “Why didn’t you say to us that you’re hungry?”(Andrew)

    “Because of the circumstances at that time I completely forgot about it.”(Nedi)

    I was riding a carriage with the younger blockhead Andrew.

    He is taking care of me for now.

    But this guy is really taking care of me I thought we will be yelling and mocking each other. But he gave me food and water so I’m all better now.

    Maybe I should stop entitling him as blockhead.

    “My brother and I are really sorry for suspecting you. We just thought you are suspicious without thinking about your circumstances.”(Andrew)

    “It’s ok we already resolved it so don’t think about it anymore.”(Nedi)

    “The two of us are noble so acting like that without thinking. I am ashamed.”(Andrew)

    “As I already said, don’t think about it anymore.”(Nedi)

    Ok I’ll stop calling them blockheads.

    “But Nedi-kun really is strong. To blow the two of us like that so easily my brother and I acknowledge you as a person stronger than us.”(Andrew)

    As we were chatting in the carriage a man approached us.

    “So Andrew-sama. Why Carlos-sama brought that brat here together with us? He’ll just be a hindrance here isn’t.”(Soldier)

    “I tried to ask Carlos-sama to, but he ignored me.”(Andrew)

    “I see. Well just stay there and be a good boy so that you won’t bother us.”(Soldier)


    What’s with that guy acting all arrogant for?

    “That was man’s name is Henry. He is just worried about you so don’t mind him.”(Andrew)

    Eh. Really.

    “Yeah yeah. That guy got little brothers and sisters to take care of so he’s just worried about you.”(Woman)

    “Oh it’s Olivia. What’s up?”(Andrew)

    “Don’t what’s up me! I also wanted to ask why did that kid came with us.”(Olvia)

    “As I said with Henry. I asked Carlos-sama but he ignored me.”(Andrew)

    Well I’m the one who asked him to take me along.

    Henry is a guy with black hair in his twenties. He got this scary face added with a scar making him look like a yakuza.

    Olivia is an onee-san with long whitish hair and a beautiful face. Although I can’t see her figure because she is wearing an armor, I guessed that she got big boobs and curves base on her armor. She is the so called female knight.

    Olivia got on the carriage after Andrew offered to switch with him.

    What a gentleman.

    “My name is Olivia nice to meet you Nedi-kun.”(Olivia)

    Oh being called by an onee-san sure feels good.

    “It’s Nedi Montan but anyway. Nice to meet you to Olivia-san.”(Nedi)

    “Eh? Are you a noble?”(Olivia)

    Looks like that lie will be useful here.

    “No no. I came from a tribal group and it’s not that weird for us to have a last name.”(Nedi)

    “So that was it.”

    Olivia-san looked surprised but after explaining that I am not a noble she relaxed herself.

    “I’ll just call you Nedi-kun now to avoid misunderstandings. Anyway why is Nedi-kun coming with us?”(Olivia)

    “I ask Carlos-san to come with him.”(Nedi)

    “Carlos-san? Ask him?”(Olivia)

    Olivia-san looked on Andrew who was walking alongside the carriage.

    “Like I said I don’t know anything at all.”(Andrew)

    After denying the gaze pointed at him. Olivia questioned me again.

    “So, what are you going to ask about Carlos-sama?”(Olivia)

    “Earlier I defeated Andrew and his brother in a fight.”(Nedi)

    “What! You two are defeated by a kid?”(Olivia)

    He looked at Andrew, but Andrew looked at the side.

    “He is strong you know, despite being a kid he defeated us easily.”(Andrew)

    “So it’s true.”(Olivia)

    She believed him when she saw his expression.

    Olivia-san looked at me amazed.

    Can I finish my talk now?

    “You mustn’t judge him because he is a kid Olivia.”(Timothy)

    Timothy also approached. He’s riding a horse and on his side is another horse.

    Andrew ride the other horse.

    “Thanks brother.”(Andrew)

    “Just now you said you wanted to ask something to Carlos-sama Nedi?”(Timothy)

    “That’s right. I want to know the technique he used to stop me from my assault earlier.”(Nedi)

    As I said those. The brothers looked at each other while nodding.

    “I don’t know what happened. But if it’s stopping assaults, Carlos-sama can surely stop it easily without breaking a sweat.”(Olivia)

    Olivia said.

    “I know acknowledge your strength Nedi. But to Carlos-sama you are nothing but a kid playing with a stick.”(Timothy)

    Timothy said something, but I’m a kid physically.

    “After all Carlos-sama is a great swordsman of the North-East sword style. And he is not just great, he even reached Emperors rank of the North-east sword style when he was still young.”(Andrew)


    The three were nodding when they saw me clapping.

    I admired the unknown while clapping.

    “What’s Emperors rank?”

    After I said it the three tilted their heads to the side.

    Sorry I don’t know anything at all.

    “Emperors rank is a rank in swordsmanship that can only be reached if you have a talent befitting to be called one.”(Henry)

    I heard a voice from my behind.

    When I looked there, there was henry walking with a scary face.

    “If you have questions in the North-East swords style. It is a style that specialized in trusting and countering so countering an assault is easy for Carlos-sama.”(Henry)

    ‘I see.’

    I’ll take note of this information on my mind.

    “Oh. Looks like henry is really worried about you Nedi.”(Olivia)

    “Who are you saying worried? Anyway we are approaching the monster horde so stop chatting and prepare now.”(Henry)

    Oh we are almost there already.

    Time sure flies when chatting with someone.

    But swords style huh. It looks interesting.

    “Well then Nedi. Make sure to just stay in the back, ok.”(Olivia)

    “You can leave this to us.”(Timothy)

    “Our opponents are just monsters after all.”(Andrew)

    “So don’t cost us any trouble got it!”(Henry)

    Why are you all four spoiling me with attention, and you two I defeated you just an hour ago? So I’m clearly the stronger one isn’t.

    “Ah. I’ll just guard Nedi-kun. So you boys go and do your jobs.”(Olivia)

    “Tsk. You are skipping with work with a reason of baby-sitting huh.”(Henry)

    Henry said while making a scary face.

    “It’s ok Henry. Besides men’s are supposed to protect women and children you know.”(Andrew)

    “Specially a soldier.”(Timothy)

    “Tsk. Suit yourselves!”(Henry)

    Henry moved to Carlos-san’s group while making a really scary face. Scary.

    But I think they’re really treating me like a useless kid.

    ‘I’m going to surely join the fray once the battle starts!’

    After a while. The carriage stop and we started walking inside the forest.

    After a minute of walking the soldiers in the front stopped walking.

    “Why did they stopped?”(Nedi)

    “It looks like the monsters are gathered there.”(Timothy)

    “Nedi-kun don’t leave onee-san side no matter what happens ok.”(Olivia)

    Olivia-san hugged me but I’m a bit disappointed.

    Being hugged by a beauty is good. But. Too bad she’s wearing an armor I can’t feel anything other than its hardness.

    “Let’s see the situation over there.”

    We walked to the front after Andrew proposed it.

    While hiding in the shadow of trees we checked the situation.

    What spread in the front was a gathering of strange looking animals and insects.

    Big wolves, big Bears, Mice as big as a dog, and some Insects.

    Their numbers are several times higher than us.

    Our group has thirty soldiers in it. Thirty one if I’m included.

    “We will wait for the main groups signal.”(Carlos)

    Carlos-san said.

    Everyone prepared their swords.

    Waiting for the signal, everyone focus themselves to not miss the signal to attack.

    After a several seconds.

    A fireball that has a size of a basketball is flying in the center of the mass of monsters.

    Several fireballs the same size were fired following the first fireball.

    The archers released their arrows on the monsters that were going to attack the main group.

    After that the soldiers that wield swords, shield, and spear are now charging.

    Our group consists of nothing but swordsman or spear users.

    So we need to wait before the artillery fire is over but now the group also charged on the battlefield.

    I also tried to charge to the enemy but was stopped.

    “Where are you going Nedi-kun? Didn’t I said to stay here with onee-san?”(Olivia)

    Olivia-san is holding my hand and wouldn’t let go.

    I like your hands but I need to do this because if I don’t I won’t know the limits of my power.

    Henry and the siblings charged earlier.

    Carlos was slaughtering the monster one by one.

    The battle is already starting and I’m here just holding a woman.

    Olivia-san wouldn’t let go of my hand to.

    ‘Can’t be helped.’

    As I said thought of those words, I purposely let go of Olivia-san’s hand.

    “AAH! Nedi-kun stop.”(Olivia)

    She tried to stop me but I accelerated and charged in the battlefield.

    I prepared the sword in my hands and head to a space a bit away to the soldiers.

    ‘First is full power swing’

    I think it’s my signature move for now.

    Remembering the things I did in the cave and training while traveling in the forest.

    That’s the number one reason my food run out faster than it should be.

    I prepared to swing the sword, my hand heated up and I can feel power rushing in me.

    When I swing the sword at my full force. I felt the air pressure countering my swing but I overwhelmed it.


    The monsters charge at me. Every monster near me exploded and the monsters a bit far from me are sliced in halved while the far monsters were blown away.

    “I’m still not finished.”(Nedi)

    I charged again in the center of the crowd of monsters and released again another full power swing. The monsters approaching me was again exploded, cut and blown away.

    “One more!”(Nedi)

    As I said those words. I dashed on the center of the crowd and released another swing.

    Then I charged on a boar a bit away from me and cut it in half.

    This is the first time I killed a living being with my hands but I don’t feel scared or feeling a nausea at all.

    My mind was at first hesitating. But my body is not trembling at all, so I decided to trust my body and charged.

    Killing the monsters approaching me. A bear that was taller and bigger than me used its claw to attacked me.

    I avoided its claw and slashed its body. The bear fell down after taking my hit.

    Then the wolves encircled me and attacked on my blind spot.

    “Sorry! But I fought much stronger and much faster than you guys!”(Nedi)

    This wolves are inferior to that puppy I fought. So I have no problems at all.

    When a wolf tried to attack me again. I prepared my sword to counter it but an arrow struck the head of the wolf.

    Looking at the direction the arrow came from. There was Olivia-san holding a bow on her hands.

    I send a thumbs up on her. But her face is angry. I’m going to apologize to her after this.

    Another monster came to attack me but a spear was thrust on its body and it died.


    “Tsk! That woman let you go after she said those things.”(Henry)

    A monster was going to attack Henry-san but a sword cut its head.


    “I am here to help.”(Timothy)

    “I won’t let Nedi-kun hug the spotlight by yourself.”(Andrew)

    “Andrew too?”(Nedi)

    As he said those words he pierced the heart of a wolf.

    “Geez Nedi-kun didn’t I said to never leave my side!”(Olivia)

    “Ah! Olivia-san. I’m sorry for charging alone.”(Nedi)

    “It’s ok as a punishment you need to call me onee-chan from now on ok.”(Olivia)

    Well more importantly why are you all here. I look out of place as I’m the only one wearing a t-shirt and not armor but oh well.

    I charge to the center of a nearby group of insect monsters and swing my blade around.

    All the monsters around me were cut.

    A horde of monsters are coming this way, so I prepared the sword at my back and focused myself.

    The four people with me supported me by killing the monsters approaching me.

    When I felt the heat reaching my shoulders to my arm.

    “Everyone get out of the way!”(Nedi)

    I released a swing with my full power. For a moment I saw the sword glowed for a bit.

    A wind pressure incomparable to the ones I did earlier was released.

    A lot of monsters in front of me exploded including the monsters in the back and the monsters far from us were blown away.

    Clearing the monsters in front of me. I felt my breath turned heavy after I released one for the fourth time.

    As I was catching my breath. Monsters attacked again but Olivia, Timothy, Andrew, and Henry helped me.

    “Are you ok kid? Looks like you are reaching your limits.”(Henry)

    “Nedi-kun lets fall back for now.”(Olivia)

    “Yeah the monsters here are getting thick again.”(Andrew)

    “We will support you.”(Timothy)


    I was repeatedly inhaling and exhaling for air but my exhaustion doesn’t seems to be getting better.

    As we are falling back. One soldier shouts.


    When we looked at the direction the soldier is pointing at.

    The monster that came pouring down from the mountain are like filling in the monsters that already died.

    “What the hell!”(Soldier)

    Panic spread across the whole group.

    “Don’t panic! Our reinforcements are coming to! Hold your ground until they arrive!”(Commander)

    A man wearing gold armor that has a different crest is giving commands to all the troops gathered here.

    He got red hair and has good looks. And his age seems to be around thirties.

    “Magic squad prepare your magics!”(Commander)

    In the palm of the gold armored guy a fireball was emerging there.

    In the back. The people there wearing a robe was preparing similar magics.

    ‘They’re chanting.’

    “Flames that everything it touches burn gather in my palm and eradicate thy enemies *Fire Ball*.”(Magicians)

    ‘It’s here! The embarrassing chant!’


    Fifteen fireballs was fired and hit the monster crowd one by one.

    Even though some died there are also that survived.

    As the commotion was still on going.

    I seated in a tree near the main group’s magician.

    “Are you ok Nedi-kun?”(Olivia)

    “Yeah I’m ok.”(Nedi)

    “You look terrible.”(Timothy)

    “Well using a ridiculous amount of mana everyone will be exhausted for sure.”(Andrew)

    Andrew said something about mana. What does he mean?

    “I used mana? What does Andrew mean?”(Nedi)

    “Aren’t you using magic?”(Olivia)

    I’m using magic? What kind? I mean all I do is swing my sword.

    “That’s right Nedi-kun your state now is cause by mana exhaustion.”(Andrew)

    “That slashed that caused enormous wind pressure and mana wave sure is amazing.”(Olivia)

    What? That swing of mine is magic?

    “To use such a large amount of mana to defeat a large amount of monsters. Surely you have exhausted your mana.”(Henry)

    When I looked on the position we were fighting just now. Though not that visible because of the crowd I surely killed many monsters.

    ‘I see so I’m using magic.’
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    Chapter 9: Forest Disturbance (Part 2)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    (Earl Richard’s Perspective)

    My name is Richard Ascent de Daybreak. The forty eighth Head of the Daybreak household that holds the title of Earl.

    I am the lord of the city named from a hero called Matilda.

    And today I am facing the mass of monsters that flowed out of the forest.

    It all started six days ago.

    The people from the adventurer’s guild reported to me that there is so many monsters inside the forest at the north side of Matilda city.

    So I send some scouts to confirm the situation.

    I waited at least two days for the report to come.

    At that time monsters started to flow out of the forest and the need to dispatch soldiers and knights to defend the city is issued.

    While I am getting impatient for the report.

    My maid Elsie came.

    “Richard-sama the scouts have returned from their mission.”(Elsie)


    I walked angrily inside the mansion and following on my back is Elsie.

    When I reached where the scout was resting. Elsie tried to open the door for me but I get ahead of her and open the door forcefully.

    “Why is are you so la-.”(Richard)

    After I opened the door and spoke on an unbefitting tone for a noble.I stopped my words upon seeing the inside of the room.

    The people inside the room was Carlos my trusted friend the Rein siblings and one of the scouts I hired.

    I hired five scouts to survey the situation on the northern forest. But.

    The man in front of me now doesn’t have two arms, his left eye was covered in a bandage, and his body too was covered in bandages here and there.

    “Carlos, what happened to him and where are his subordinates? Are they attacked by bandits?”(Richard)

    “No, the other four died while investigating this man will tell you the rest.”(Carlos)

    He said. But when I looked on the man his remaining right eye showed despair.

    But I need to get the information at him.

    “Barnard is your name right tell me what happened while you all are investigating the forest.”(Richard)

    The man, Barnard tried to speak. But before he spoke. He closed his right eye and tears started to flow out of it.

    “Monsters. Rank C. Everyone died.”(Barnard)

    Barnard while crying spoke words one by one.

    “Monsters. So many.”(Barnard)

    He seems to be remembering what happened.

    “It’s ok now so please speak.”(Andrew)

    Andrew said to the man while caressing his back and Elsie wiped Barnard’s tears.

    “The group…. At first…. We avoided monsters…. And when we are…. When we reached the border…. We are attacked by Rank C monsters.”(Barnard)

    By border does he mean the border separating Grand Cabaret and other cities?

    This might be a very bad situation.

    “Barnard! I personally apologize on what happened on your subordinates. I will give you appropriate rewards.”(Richard)

    When I said it I bowed.

    “Although the rewards are nothing compared to the lives of your subordinates I shall personally take responsibility on this accident.”(Richard)

    As I said those words. Bernard can no longer hold back his tears and let it go.

    I signaled Elsie to call the other maids to assist Barnard to get a healing magic on the temple.

    “Timothy. Send a message to your father Baron Rein to prepare his troops. Carlos you also prepare your troops and prepare for the subjugation.”(Richard)

    As Timothy heard my order he silently bowed and leave the room.

    “Andrew. Message the other city and also call for reinforcement from the empire.”(Richard)


    Andrew saluted to me and get out of the room quickly while stumbling.

    Those sibling are really the polar opposites but they are both serious of their work.

    Me and Carlos were now alone on the room.

    “So we are like going to war now huh.”(Carlos)

    Carlos said some ominous words.

    “What we are fighting now is monsters. But I think it will be like a war for sure.”(Richard)

    “Hmm. That man also said that they encountered the C ranked monster from the border so maybe the one they encountered are in the outside zone of the Grand Cabaret for sure.”(Carlos)

    Carlos is right. There is a high chance that an appearance of high rank monsters will appear.

    “Yes and as we don’t know how many monsters are there. We need to increase our fighting potential as many as we can.”(Richard)

    I am planning on hiring adventurers and mercenaries if we have to fight the monsters from Grand Cabaret.

    But will this be enough?

    I am sure the letter to the empire is being sent now but it will take at least one day for them to mobilize and another three days for them to reach the city.

    It’s now noon but if the messenger reached the empire with no problems he can surely reach there by night time.

    “First thing to do now is push back the monsters that flowed out of the forest and prepare the subjugation on the sixth day.”(Richard)

    So we push back the monsters and manage to suppress the monsters flowing out of the forest for days.

    And so the subjugation after the four day was prepared while waiting for the reinforcement.

    “Are Carlos troops on position now?”(Richard)

    “Yes they are already on the rear side as we speaking. Baron Rein’s archer troops are also on position.”(Soldier)

    The mercenaries said that if we don’t fight the monsters now. The monsters will surely start to find food source and go to the city.

    They want to keep the monsters together until the reinforcements arrive.

    But it is strange for monsters to gather. Normally they will eat monsters that are weaker than them.

    I followed the suggestion of the mercenaries as they are specialize in killing monsters.

    “Magic corps prepare your magic and fire after me.”(Richard)

    A fireball was formed on my hand.

    When I fired a fire ball on the middle of the crowd of monsters. Several fireballs were fired and multiple explosions was made.

    Archers then started pouring down arrows on the monsters.

    After the volley of arrows are finished. The swordsmen and spearmen begin to charge on the battlefield.

    Carlos also charged while leading his troops on the rear as well.

    “Don’t charge on C ranked monsters alone group up before fighting it!”(Richard)

    I am giving orders on the troops that were led by me.

    The adventurers and mercenaries are doing well because they have experience on monster subjugating. So I think they are fine on their own and don’t need orders for now.

    While the battle was heating up.

    An explosion happened on the front but there is no smoke appearing on their and only dust are flying.

    Everyone including the monsters stopped for a moment and looked at the direction of the explosion for a moment.

    Then an explosion again happened. It’s not an explosion magic but a mana wave.

    “W-what’s with that mana it’s so thick.”(Magician1)

    “A large amount of mana is… Lord Richard it could be a monster an A ranked monster based on the mana it released!”(Magician2)

    The two magicians beside me spoke those words but again another explosion was released.

    “I-it’s not a monster!? T-there is no way a monster can have that many mana after releasing those two mana wave.”(Magician1)

    “I-is that even a monster?”(Magician2)

    When the dust disappeared. There was a figure of a young man holding a sword and was fighting on the middle of the crowd of monsters.

    “A… Youngman?”(Richard)

    While I was looking at the direction of the kid. I caught attention of Rein brothers together with a spearmen and swordswoman going to the position of the kid.

    The five people there fought the monsters in the middle of the mass of monsters, and the Youngman readied his sword and the other four get out of his front and another explosion cause by mana was released.

    But this time I clearly felt the mana reaching until here. When I felt it, I felt a cold sweat forming on my forehead and I gulped on the scene that appeared after.

    Monsters were slaughtered and the monsters that were far are blown away.

    With just a single swing of his sword he made almost fifty percent of the monsters disappear.

    But a flow of battle changes every time.

    A mass of monsters were pouring again from the north.

    I looked at the Youngman if he will do something like that again.

    But the Youngman looks exhausted.

    The swordswoman help her in walking while the Rein brothers and spearman help him on getting out.

    As I saw them getting out from the center.

    I issued an order to everyone panicking.

    “Don’t panic! Our reinforcements are coming near! Hold your ground until they arrive!”(Richard)

    When everyone regained composure and hold their ground.

    “Magic squad prepare your magics!”(Richard)

    As I fired a fireball on the monsters, several others followed.

    We managed to thin them out a bit but the monsters number are going to outnumber us if this continue.

    I looked at the young man resting near our group.

    An exhausted expression and a little pale.

    It’s a sign of mana exhaustion.

    I leaved my post and come to the young man.

    “Here it’s a mana potion. It will recover some of your mana.”(Richard)

    When I offered the bottle with blue liquid in it, the young man reached it out with his two hands.

    “Thank you very much.”(Nedi)

    He said while being confused.

    And he drink the contents in one go.


    He said while sticking his tongue.

    ‘Somehow when I look at this kid, my desire to have a son increased. Maybe I should work hard with my wife to get a new baby.’

    As his complexion get a little better the young man stand up and pickup his sword.

    “Richard-sama. Some monsters are attacking Baron Rein’s group now.”(Soldier)

    “Call some of the Mercenaries and order them to help there!”(Richard)

    When I said that to the soldier. He immediately run to the leader of the mercenary group.

    “Richard-san. My name is Nedi and thank you for the potion.”

    As he said those words. I looked at him while worrying that the same thing earlier will happen again.

    “I’ll surely make the potion worth by defeating a lot of monsters.”(Nedi)

    He said this with a smile. When I looked in his eyes I can see a fire of determination that he never intends to lose.

    This feeling. Maybe this was the feeling my father felt when he saw me walking on my first battle.

    When I come home I’ll make sure to BANG my wife the whole night and impregnate her.

    ‘I really want a son!’

    (Nedi’s Perspective)

    I felt better after drinking that mana potion.

    Mana exhaustion sure is hard I don’t want to experience it again.

    After thanking Richard-san and was stretching my body. I looked back only to see the stiff faces of the four people with me.

    They also have their hack straight for some reason?

    “What happened to you all?”(Nedi)

    “Nedi do you know Richard-sama to talk with him like you are close friends?”(Olivia)

    “No I don’t know him. And this is the first time I saw him and talked to him.”(Nedi)

    “Well you just got out of the forest after all.”(Andrew)

    “Nedi is amazing.”(Timothy)

    What’s amazing about me and why are you acting like that towards Richard-san?

    “Well anyway I’m going to charge again. You all coming?”(Nedi)

    “You. You just recovered you know! Charging while your body is still in need of rest is fatal!”(Henry)

    “I know that. So as long as I don’t use magic I won’t exhaust my mana right.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words. Henry looked a little scarier than usual.

    “Well I still charge without you guys.”(Nedi)

    After I said it I rushed towards the monsters again.

    ‘I still need to confirm my strength’

    “Wait you stupid brat!”(Henry)

    Henry-san run with me towards the crowd of monsters.

    And it’s not just him. Timothy, Andrew and Olivia are coming as well.

    I’ll ignore them for a while and focus on defeating the monsters for now.

    Since I can’t use my signature move for now. I’m going to test my real stamina.


    I slashed a wolf and cut of another monsters in a straight line.

    But something seems different now. I think the monsters are getting a fewer now.

    As we are fighting a fireball was fired somewhere. I thought it’s like the other fireball like earlier but it wasn’t like that at all.

    It’s big and I can feel so much power in it.

    It exploded on the horde of monsters that was far from us.

    “The reinforcements have arrived! Finish them now!”(Richard)

    The morale of soldiers quickly rose up upon seeing the reinforcements joining the battle.

    I continued to kill monsters.

    “Kid! Don’t go too far!”(Andrew)

    When Henry called me. I noticed that I’m so far from them.

    ‘I’m in the middle now!’

    I was surrounded by ten tigers and monkeys constricted me to keep me in place.

    Shit I’m outnumbered.

    While struggling.

    A magic flied to me and it struck on the two tigers aiming for me.

    I completely free myself and kill all the monkeys constricting me earlier.

    “Sheesh. Going on yourself in the middle of the battle are you an idiot?”(???)

    When I looked at the direction of the voice.

    I was speechless on was I saw.

    A woman with maroon colored hair wearing light armor and riding a horse.

    Face devoid of any breakouts or acne. A figure that the armor made obvious that she has a great figure, and long maroon colored hair fluttering in the air.

    “Are you a goddess?”(Nedi)

    I just spoke without thinking.

    The face of the girl blushed I think she is about the same age as me.

    “Eh? I am not!”(???)

    “Is that so, sorry.”(Nedi)

    “A-anyway focus on what is in front of you now!”(???)

    Oh I completely that’s right where in the middle of battle now.

    When I looked in the front. Fifteen odd giants were walking together with the monsters.

    “An Ogre appeared fall back now!”(Soldier)

    When a soldier said it. The soldiers fallback little by little.

    But the girl and I were still standing here looking at the so called ogres.

    “You aren’t going to fall back?”(???)

    “No. How about you?”(Nedi)

    “I am strong so you don’t need to worry about me.”(???)

    “Well as for me I want to test something.”(Nedi)

    As I said those words I charged at the ogres.
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    Chapter 10: Forest Disturbance (Part 3)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    Ogres are fat giant humanoids wielding a long log on their arms.

    They are strong base on their looks, and I’m charging on one of them now.

    I readied my sword to thrust on its knee.


    The ogre screamed in pain.

    When it looked at me, it raised its log to smash me.

    I planned to escape, but the sword was stuck on its knee.

    ‘Oh shit!’

    When I’m trying to pull my sword, a fireball hit the face of the ogre.

    “Nice distraction!”(???)

    The girl from before was the one that fired a magic, and on her back was a shadow approaching me.

    “Hey don’t charge on your own and screw up.”(???)

    A cat eared woman kicked the body of the ogre.

    “Uhm. Thank you.”(Nedi)

    I was staring at her and when she noticed it.

    “What are you looking?”(Cat eared)

    Oh she talked. She talked earlier too.

    “Eh, ah, I think you’re beautiful.”(Nedi)

    Since I can’t think of a better word on why I was staring at her, I spoke my mind out loud.

    She blush when I blurted out what I’m thinking.

    “Stupid focus on pulling out your sword!”(Cat eared)

    Ah that’s right.

    I pulled my sword on the knee of the ogre.

    When I looked again. Two ogres are approaching us.

    It’s running, and the ground was shaking every time it steps.

    I prepared myself again and charge on one of the approaching ogres.

    This time it’s not a thrust but a slash.

    ‘More power so it won’t stuck on its flesh’

    Its flesh was thick and so it’s muscles, so for it to wont get stuck.


    I felt my shoulders and arms get hot and my slash hit the ogre.

    In a slight delay the body of the ogre was split in two.

    “I overdid it… Ugh!”(Nedi)

    I felt my body got heavy after that slash.

    ‘Did I use magic again?’

    The other ogre was preparing its log to smash me.


    I raise my sword and defended the Log.


    An intense shock run through my body.

    ‘What’s with that wooden log! It’s f*cking hard’

    I defended the ogres attack head on, and it’s now trying to crush me.

    But suddenly, it’s head separated from its body.

    The ogre lifelessly fall down and I kneel because I got tired.

    When I turn my line of sight to the one who help me.

    “Looks like you are in trouble, Nedi”(Carlos)

    Carlos-san was there smiling at me.

    “Thank you Carlos-san.”(Nedi)

    “There is no need to thank me.”(Carlos)

    Looks like Carlos-san saved me.

    “But Nedi you are already out of mana so stop using magic now.”(Carlos)

    “Am I really using magic just now?”(Carlos)

    “You are, you didn’t know.”(Maroon haired)

    The maroon haired girl together with the cat eared girl spoke and she said those words.

    I turned my head left and right.

    “Maybe Nedi is unexpectedly genius isn’t?”(Carlos)

    “Yeah to use body enhancement unconsciously, he sure is a genius.”(Maroon haired)

    ‘Body enhancement? Maybe the slash I made just now use some mana.’

    “I don’t understand but. looks like we got more to come here.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words the three looked at the direction I was looking.

    “My experiment is still not finish.”(Nedi)

    I got up and again dashed at the ogres approaching.

    ‘But how do I know if I will use magic or not.’

    When I’m thinking on how to slash the ogre without getting stuck, my body felt hot, and my power increases.

    ‘That must be it.’

    Then all I need to do is just stop making my thoughts to reality.

    I can finally finish this experiment.

    While I’m running, Carlos-san came beside me.

    “Kid don’t push yourself too hard.”(Nedi)

    “I’m not pushing myself at all, I just need to know my limits that’s all.”(Nedi)

    “I see then let me help you in achieving it.”(Carlos)

    When Carlos-san said that he increases his speed and charge ahead.

    Then the two beautiful girls also exceeded my speed and also charge ahead.

    ‘Is that the body enhancement?’

    I can see an aura like thing covering their body.

    “You two were quite fast.”(Nedi)

    “We are using magic after all.”(Maroon haired)

    Then, Carlos-san severe the heads of two ogres and injured the knee of one ogre.

    The two women are fighting one ogre not far from me.

    I charged on the ogre that can’t walk and slashed it.

    “This time with pure strength, I will finish you.”(Nedi)

    I put my strength on my arms and I felt a warm feeling spreading in my body.

    ‘Cancel it!’

    When I rejected the warm feeling spreading, it subsided.


    The sword sunk half on the ogres body and became stuck.


    I pushed the sword deeper.

    Blood gushes from the body of the ogre that was cut in half.

    When I pulled back my sword.

    “It’s still not over.”(Nedi)

    ‘I can do more.’

    I didn’t felt tired at all. So I charged on another ogre.

    Wind exploded on the face of the ogre.

    And the Cat eared girl kicked its abdomen.

    ‘Are they done from the ogre they fought before?’

    I slashed on the ogre’s head prostrating.

    Grey matters flowed out from its head and the body fell lifelessly.

    And we moved to another ogre again.

    While running I match the Cat eared girls running speed, but she overtake me and circled to the back of the ogre.

    The ogre tried to smash me.

    I avoided it’s attack, then the cat eared girl kicked the back of its head and I slashed on its belly.

    “I will finish it!”(Maroon haired)

    The Maroon haired girl was approaching the ogre with an burning sword.

    When the girl thrust its sword on the ogre.

    The ogre burned from the inside and flames flowed out of its body and finally exploded.

    I pity the ogre that was overkilled.

    “Theirs is no need to do that right?”(Nedi)

    “What do you mean?”(Maroon haired)

    “Well its already dying.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words, the girl turned her head to the side and simply ignored me.

    The cat eared girl approach me.

    “Leave her alone, even if you said it to her she will still do her *FINISHING BLOW*attack.”(Cat eared)

    “Uwah. How lame.”(Nedi)

    “Right.”(Cat eared)

    The maroon haired woman blushed.

    “Gretel why are you agreeing with that man?”(Maroon haired)

    “It is ok Cynthia this man knows how embarrassing you are doing.”(Gretel)

    “It’s a waste of mana too.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words the maroon haired woman called Cynthia screamed.

    “Gretel I hate you!”(Cynthia)

    The girl named Cynthia turned her back on Gretel.

    I see Gretel and Cynthia, what beautiful names.

    “So your names are Cynthia and Gretel.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words the two looked at me.

    “Yes that’s my name.”(Gretel)

    “What about it?”(Cynthia)

    “My name is Nedi nice to me you two.”(Nedi

    I introduced myself to the two girls.

    Screams of ogres was heard a bit far from us so we look at their direction.

    “There are still remaining so let's---.”(Nedi)

    There was Carlos-san looking at me. Around him are corpses of the remaining ogre.

    ‘So the scream are them dying huh.’

    While I’m still amazed on Carlos-san. A black giant was trying to smash Carlo-san.

    “Carlos-san behind you!”(Nedi)

    “Looks like a troublesome opponent appeared.”(Carlos)

    The black ogre behind him were going to crush him, but he simply brushed it off by redirecting the log like a stick, and back away to us.

    “This fellow is the perfect opponent for you to test your strength Nedi”(Carlos)

    Carlos said some amazing words.

    “That is a demonized ogre!”(Cynthia)

    “Cynthia we need to retreat now.”(Gretel)

    Based on the reactions of the two this ogre seems to be different than the others we fought.

    “That is right Cynthia-sama. You need to retreat now, this opponent is dangerous you know.”(Carlos)

    “Then why don’t you retreat now old man.”(Cynthia)

    “I still have obligations I need to finish on this man beside me.”(Carlos)

    “Then if you are not retreating, I won’t retreat too.”(Cynthia)

    “Well, with Carlos-sama around you won’t need to fear any danger.”(Gretel)

    Is Emperor’s rank really that strong? Well he defeated those thick fleshed ogres easily so I think he’s really that powerful.

    I focus again on the black ogre in front of me. It was holding an tree log that was bigger than the others and has no useless fat on its body.

    ‘I think this thing is entirely made of muscle rather than fat.’

    The black ogre wasn’t moving at all and simply starring here.

    ‘Guess I’ll try’

    “Before you go please drink this potion”(Carlos)

    He gave me a potion same as what Richard-san gave me.

    I drink the whole thing down and endured the bitter taste.

    “Thank you Carlos-san.”

    “Show me your power Nedi.”(Carlos)

    ‘Now then.’

    I charge towards the black ogre. The ogre seeing that I was approaching swing its log from the left.

    I avoided the swing and slash its knee, but it’s black muscle was so hard that I thought it wasn’t made of flesh.

    The ogre tried to grab me, but I moved and now attacked the back of its hand.

    ‘It’s hard here too.’

    I fall back when it tried to brush me off.

    It’s hard but I can still cut it, I just need to put more power in it.

    I charged on the ogre and slash on its knee with more power. The slash I made sunk on its knee but I can’t pull it out now.

    The ogre tried to punch me with the ground, so I fall back leaving the sword on its knee.

    The ogre pull the sword easily and toss it away, it’s quite far but I get it. So I started to run towards the sword.

    Maybe because it saw me run, it run to me too and tried to crush me but I avoided and increase our distance.

    But It keeps on chasing me and one of its swing hit me and I was sent flying.


    While on air, I felt that its painful but the puppy I fought has more power and speed on its attack to the point I can’t catch up to it anymore.

    When I landed I rolled on the ground and manage to stop rolling beside the sword.

    The ogre was there when I picked up the sword and swung its wooden log on me so I guarded it.

    When the attack collided with me, the ground around me broke and a circle with me in the center was formed.

    ‘It may be inferior to that puppy but pain is still pain!’

    While screaming on my mind the ogre repeatedly attack me. My hand felt numb after the tenth attack from the ogre but, it’s not stopping and is putting more power on its attack.

    My knees are also shaking, my body is also getting tired from the repeating shocks.

    ‘What to do?’ Just how many times have I thought of it, I can’t go on defensive forever I need to attack but how? Dodge first? But It’s body so thick that if you slash it your sword will be stuck on its disgusting muscles.

    Then my feet slip and my balance was thrown down. The ogre seeing this opportunity swing his log like a golf player and hit me.

    I was hit and was now flying.


    Feeling sorry for myself…


    Why did I take that monster one on one?


    As I’m cursing myself for my stupidity.

    A blinding light covered my eye but I never closed my eyes.

    When the light subsided a pure blue sky with clouds was formed.


    When I thought of it.

    ‘The ogre!?’

    I got up and surveyed my surroundings but there’s no one here.

    Surprisingly my body wasn’t painful at all.

    I was on the middle of battle just now so where is this.

    ‘Was it a dream or did I die again? What stupidity did I just do to experience death twice?’

    Now that I thought of it why was I not fearing I may die from the monsters or that thing? Because I already died and no longer scared of it?

    Well it’s peaceful here.

    ‘So dying isn’t not that bad now that I thought of it.’

    While I’m admiring the peacefulness of this place.

    {Why don’t you just defeat it?}(???)

    Suddenly, I heard a beautiful voice. So I move my head in order to find the source of the voice.

    And when I turned around a very beautiful woman was there.

    She has a golden straight hair and face that was so beautiful it’s hard to describe. She is wearing an easy to see through white dress and a really great figure was showing behind that dress.

    She is not wearing undergarments and the places that needs to be hidden are showing openly.

    My face get hotter immediately.

    “W-w-w-what are you doing wearing those kind of clothes.”(Nedi)

    When I put my hands on my eyes I made I little gap for me to see the woman in front of me.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    Again when she spoke I felt something strange. She is speaking but at the same time her voice are entering my head.

    “W-what are you?”(Nedi)

    When I questioned her she reply with a question same as before.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    “W-what are you saying?”(Nedi)

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    “I-I can’t understand what you are asking me?”(Nedi)

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    “As I said I don’t understand?”(Nedi)

    I managed to regain my self-control from her repeated questions.

    But she walked one step towards me.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    “Like I already said what are you talking about and what does it mean?”(Nedi)

    When I said those words. Again she walked another step towards me.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    “W-why are you approaching me?”(Nedi)

    My eyes then looked at the two bulging parts on her body.

    ‘They are huge!’

    No maintain your composure don’t be fooled by the weird woman.

    But then the two bulges got bigger! No it came a bit closer!

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    ‘She walked one step again!’

    My regained self-control started to broke again.

    “D-don’t come anymore, and please look at yourself please! Don’t you feel embarrassed!?”(Nedi)

    While I was screaming I felt my heart getting louder and louder and my nether region started to react.

    As I step back trying to keep my self-control intact the woman raise her arms and stepped forward once again.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    My body… I can’t move.

    “W-what did you do?”(Nedi)

    Because I can still move my head I tried to look away on her but my eyes were still attracted on her nether regions showing.

    ‘Aaaah! Stupid! Pervert’

    While thinking about my perverted nature.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    She again step forward.

    I didn’t answer her and close my eyes to not see her naked body.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    She said it again and I felt she step forward again.

    “OK! OK! I will try to defeat it so don’t come closer anymore. My self-control, my reasoning won’t last if you approach me more than that so please.”(Nedi)

    ‘I will try! I will try to defeat that black ogre! That was what you want me to defeat right!’

    While I was crying on my collapsing mind.

    {Why won’t you just defeat it?}(Woman)

    ‘The voice.’

    I open my eyes slightly but closed it immediately

    ‘But the voice.’

    “Why won’t you just defeat it?”(Woman)

    The voice going through my brain turned in a true voice.

    When I opened my eyes and looked forward the sky blue eyes of the women was right in front of my eyes.


    Since when did the distance between us became zero? I think she’s quite far a moment ago!

    I immediately tried to turn my head. But.

    “Why won’t you just defeat it?”(Woman)

    My head won’t move, I can’t turn my vision away from her.

    My eyes were really glued to hers.

    “I already said that I will try right?”(Nedi)

    “So? Why won’t you just defeat it?”(Woman)

    She said other words like so.

    “I will find a way to defeat it, I can also ask for help to defeat that thing.”(Nedi)

    I said those words like I felt I’m going die.

    “You can defeat that on your own so. Why won’t you just defeat it?”(Woman)

    She touched my head with her smooth arms and cares my face. I felt my hearth getting louder and louder and my nether region is reacting and it’s getting a bit uncomfortable in my underwear.

    “W-why are you persisting me in defeating that ogre?”(Nedi)

    “And why won’t you just defeat it?”(Woman)

    ‘I don’t get her, why is she insisting on me defeating it.’

    While I was thinking about things she touched my hair caressing it like an animal fur and whispers in my ears.

    “Hey? Why won’t you just defeat it?”

    “D-d-d-d-damn you! Release me so I can Bang you!”(Nedi)

    “You haven’t answer me so no.”(Woman)


    “You demon!”(Nedi)

    “I am not a demon, I am an angel so answer me.”(Woman)

    “All right! All right!”(Nedi)

    I inhaled deep air. Filling my lungs with air I screamed.


    When I said those words, the woman hugged me tightly.

    And when I felt I can move my body I hugged her as well.

    ‘She smell so good!’

    When I was smelling her hair. I touched her butt while caressing her back.

    ‘She is not resisting?’

    I’m hugging her and I felt that I will rape her anytime now.

    Then she pressed me.

    “That’s the answer I wanted to hear from you.”(Woman)

    ‘So, so cute!’

    The smile she showed me. It’s really cute!

    When I look at her eyes… I slowly approach my head to hers to kiss her.

    But she is the one who immediately kiss me.

    While I was surprise on her actions.

    “T-that’s the only thing I can do to you now, sorry but you still has things to do.”(Woman)

    When she said those words. Her blushing face healed my collapse self-control.

    ‘SO CUTE!!’

    “B-but! D-don’t worry I will immediately meet you.”(Woman)


    “You don’t have to wait long too I promise it!”(Woman)

    W-what’s with her she became loves struck to me. But I don’t hate it or I really wont hate it.

    “You just need wait a bit ok!”(Woman)

    “Ok ok, I get I-.”(Nedi)

    Before I can finish my words she kissed me again.

    Then she hesitantly let go of my lips and kisses me again.

    “Go and… never be… beaten again… ok.”(Woman)

    Every time she pause her words, she kisses me.

    “W-what’s with you, kissing me like that? I think this is our first meeting you know.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words. Tears fell down on her eyes.

    “That’s right but my heart no, our hearts will always belong to you.”

    She kisses me again and I closed my eyes.

    I felt the pain on my body returning.

    And when I opened my eyes. I was flying.

    I rolled on the ground and stopped on a tree.

    The ogre roared because he thought he already won the fight.

    I put power in my body and got up.

    “I will win this. No I will win.”(Nedi)

    I felt my body getting warm.

    And again I charged on the black ogre.
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    Chapter 11: Forest Disturbance (Part 4)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    While running, I prepare my sword and approach it while its attention is away from me.

    And when I reached its back.

    I slashed the back of its knee with my full power, but my sword was stuck on its knee because of its thick muscles.


    But turning the body enhancement for a second. I cut of the knee and it separated from the body of the ogre. It falls down as it loss its balance.


    The ogre screamed and tried to grab me when it saw me.

    I dodge the upcoming arm and positioned myself on its right side.

    The ogre then prepared its log overhead towards me. But I take it head on and stopped the blow.

    ‘This is just wood!’

    Feeling the enhancement’s warm feeling spreading on my body, I cut the long log like it’s made of paper.

    ‘I’m such a stupid person…. being scared with a wooden weapon.’

    After I cut the log. The ogre tried to punch me but I dodged it and charged on to the ogre’s face…. And thrust my sword towards its right eye.


    “This is payback you son of a bitch!”(Nedi)

    Letting the warm feeling spread all over my body at full power the sword glowed.

    And I started moving while dragging the sword from its right eye and circled all the way to the left eye while being careful to not hit it’s brain, and kicked the ogres jaw. Its upper skull flied leaving its head. The ogre that was his upper skull gone was like being electrified, but it’s still alive.

    “Just what was that?”(Nedi)

    I said in a disappointed tone.

    ‘I didn’t know if it was a dream, but it feels oddly real to me. Defeating this guy is surprisingly easy. Was it just an illusion to motivate myself? Well anyway that was quite erotic.’ Nedi ponders upon the dream he had.

    ‘Thinking about it is useless now. I need to finish this black disgusting thing.’

    The ogre tried to get away, but it can’t walk so it tried to crawl away from me as it feels that it can’t win against me anymore.

    I started to run. Getting to its front. I kicked its body. The body of the ogre flied a bit for a moment.

    Turning off the body enhancement. I punch the body of the ogre. Each time I punch it, blood and grey matter is spurting from its open head.

    I keep punching and punching it. The ogre and its body beaten was spurting disgusting liquid from its head while groaning.

    ‘It’s time to finish this.’

    Loading power on my right arm. I uppercut its head causing the brain to fly away from its head.

    The ogre that lost its brain fell down lifelessly.

    ‘Is that it…? This guy is a problem just a minute ago?’

    While looking at the corpse of the ogre, the soldiers away from me raise a war cry.

    ‘it looks like they are about to finish the remaining monsters too.’

    I walked towards Carlos-san’s group while looking around the monsters remaining in the battlefield. ‘yep they can handle it themselves.’

    “Uwaah. Isn’t he just more cruel than me.”(Cynthia)

    “No he is worst and more terrible than you.”(Gretel)

    Two girls whispering to each other welcomed me with an terrible look on me.

    “Good job Nedi, but if it was me I will finish it in a second.”(Carlos)

    “Thank you Carlos-san… But is that comment necessary?”(Nedi)

    ‘Seriously he can do that?’

    “Although it’s a demonized ogre, I can. And The cleaning up is almost finish too, so let’s get back on the main group.”(Carlos)

    ‘This old man is an dangerous man!’ I instinctively thought because this man can cut ogre meat like tofu.

    And so we walked to the group where Richard-san was located, on the way there Andrew, Timothy, Olivia, and Henry came to me.

    “Nedi-kun are you ok?”(Olivia)

    “I’m ok.”(Nedi)

    Olivia-san came and checked my body for injuries, as I only have small cuts and bruises on my body so I think its ok. Andrew and the others also expressed their concern about me and also scold me for going ahead, but when I said sorry they have forgiven me. ‘Just why are they pampering me with attention?’ I can’t help but think of this as they are openly showing it, ‘I mean I’m an adult you know..... on the inside.’

    ‘I thought It will be painful to even received small bruises but for some reason it doesn’t hurt.’ But Olivia-san still grab my arm and attempted to drag me away to get a treatment but was stopped by Cynthia.

    “That can wait Olivia, he already said that he was ok and we just need to talk a bit to him.”(Cynthia)

    Seriously I’m tired but what do they want to talk about to me?

    “Cynthia-sama! W-when did you came?!”(Olivia)

    Olivia and the others suddenly kneeled in front of Cynthia.

    “Just now…. so lend him to us for a bit.”(Cynthia)


    Olivia agreed to it and let go of my hand. Cynthia now grab my shoulder and we resumed walking towards Richard-san.

    “Say, what kind of person are you Cynthia and also Gretel?”(Nedi)

    ‘For Olivia-san to act like this she maybe a high noble or something.’

    “Don’t talk like I am just a tag along but.”(Gretel)

    Gretel looked at the direction of Cynthia.

    “You didn’t know? Well, you will know later.”(Cynthia)

    ‘What’s with that answer.’ But she said I will know later so I’ll just stay silent now.

    We reached Richard-san’s group with our group and Andrew’s group. The soldiers seeing me showered me with praises but what did I do to receive such praises?

    “Nedi really is incredible after all.”(Andrew)

    “Amazing if I say.”(Timothy)

    “But a real pain in the ass.”(Henry)

    The siblings and Henry-san said those words but I ignored them.

    When we approached Richard-san everyone kneeled excluding me.

    “Looks like you all are ok.”(Richard)

    Richard-san said looking at everyone, but he stared at me after. His looks are like that a predator for some reason.


    ‘Is he angry that I didn’t kneel?’ While thinking about it. It seems that’s not the case.

    “Ah! I’m sorry for starring at you like that, I want to thank Nedi-kun for helping us on this battle although you are not part of the military.”(Richard)

    Richard-san thanks me but Carlos-san followed up on the conversation.

    “About that Richard. This kid is not a citizen of our country, and that he came from inside the forest border.”(Carlos)

    “Is that so…. Which means he came from an ethnic group was it.”(Richard)

    The two adults started talking suddenly about me while looking at my direction. Although I’m an adult too (on the inside) I can’t seem to understand their discussion at all.

    “Which means?”(Richard)


    ‘Hey! What’s the content of your conversation I mean its suspicious with you two smiling ominously!’

    “Let’s talk about this after we got back.”(Richard)

    Richard suddenly end their conversation.

    “By the way where is Cynthia?”(Richard)

    ‘Cynthia she’s just beside me…. she’s gone! Gretel is gone too.’

    “If you are finding Cynthia-sama. She and her friend already gone ahead.”(Andrew)

    Andrew said those words. Richard-san doesn’t said a single word about it and talked to his subordinate of preparing a carriage for him. As for me I think I’m hoping again on the same carriage.

    “Nedi-kun lets treat those injuries of yours so come with me—”(Olivia)

    While Olivia-san is talking. Richard-san interrupted her.

    “I will arrange for a healing magician to heal Nedi’s wounds. And also Nedi.”(Richard)

    Richard-san again stared at me dangerously.


    “I want you to come to our house together with me.”(Richard)

    When Richard-san said those words, Olivia-san became silent and backed out as if she lose in a battle.

    “I will come too as well. Is that ok to you Richard?”(Carlos)

    Carlos-san suddenly got in between me and Richard-san.

    ‘He’s glaring on him! S-scary!’

    “It’s ok…. I think.”(Richard)

    ‘What’s with that sarcastic remark and don’t glare at him back!’

    While screaming on my mind we get on a carriage that was many times more extravagant than the carriage I was in earlier.

    ‘I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t get to say good bye to the others.’ It looks like Andrew and the others will help with the cleanup of monsters too and will be back tomorrow. ‘Well if I can see them tomorrow shall I greet them.’ While thinking about those things the carriage advance on the road.

    The carriage ride we had was safe and no problems arose to. It was evening when we came to the city. Because its dark I can’t see the scenery or the state of the city but I can somehow see a large gate in the middle of an large wall.

    ‘I wonder what kind of city this other world has?’ I thought with a smile on my face.

    (Third person perspective)

    Rewinding the story five days ago, where Nedi was travelling south. The soldiers from the far north began securing the vicinity of Grand Cabaret.

    Feeling the intense mana reaction of every soldiers that came from the Colossal mountain, the lower ranked monsters run away from the upcoming danger but the prideful higher ranked monsters tried to fight the soldiers invading there territory but were completely killed and turned to food or materials. And after one day they completely captured the area around the crystal mountain.

    And the one commanding them is an pure blood silver haired elf surrounded by his faithful followers.

    Mark Silver Birch. The hero who wielding the Sacred Bow of gods.

    “Mark-sama we finished in erecting the barrier around Grand Cabaret”(Pearl)

    “We also finished on subjugating the monsters around the area.”(Frederick)

    Mark nods on the two reporting on him. After stating their reports the two moved and stands behind him.

    “Mark-sama the Dragon princess have arrived.”(Gallion)

    After a big man with blonde hair said those words. A girl with petit body and red hair wearing a hat approach Mark.

    “Good day to you Mark-sama.”(Nio)

    He only nods on the girl who states his greetings to him.

    Seeing the behavior of Mark, the girl called Nio looked around him but anyone don’t seem to mind the behavior of their commander.

    “Mark-sama, you seem to be troubled about something, may I ask what it is?”(Nio)

    “As you already seeing on your eyes. We are in front of the only proof the battle five thousand years ago happened.”(Mark)

    Mark breaking his silence spoke those words. Everyone around him looked at him.

    Having a longevity of an elf, Mark lived thousands of years, but not just a thousands of years. He lived for an almost five thousand years in the same era where the battle against the evil god happened.

    But he hasn’t just lived at that time. He fought, together with the other heroes and Mark the only known living hero was now being called a living legend.

    “This enormous crystal mountain that was made by the evil god at deaths door. Showing no reactions all this time and now…..”

    Everyone seeing the expression of Mark and his voice that turned cold shows how that time was truly a hell.

    Everyone knows the battle at Grand Cabaret. And although they could imagine the situation at that time they will never experience the terror that happened at that time.

    “…. E-ehem. Is Maya here yet?”(Mark)

    Mark noticing the expression he was making changed his mood.

    “Maya will be here any moment now.”(Frederick)

    After a while a small girl that looked like a children no matter where you look approach the group.

    “Looks like everyone is here.”(Mark)

    “Mark-sama, Jewel wants to come with us as well.”(Maya)

    A woman with Blue hair came .

    “Jewel.... I already said that you will observe from afar.”(Mark)

    “Mark-sama I am sorry for not following your command but I also need to search for my familiar.”(Jewel)

    When Mark heard those words he stopped talking and faced the crystal mountain.

    “Then let’s go.”(Mark)

    The hero and his followers are entered the cave. The cave has nothing inside it, it’s just made of crystal whenever you look. And at the tunnel made of crystal the group stoped walking.

    ‘This cave that was made from that god…. I can’t feel anything other than resentment in this place.’ Mark's anger against the being called evil god is something that even he can’t explain.

    Because five thousand year ago the evil god stands before all beings, and if he fight the evil god alone, then he won’t even do a scratch on its body and will be defeated in mere seconds. And even if the fifteen heroes use their full force against that being, all that they can do is cause a wound on it, but its not on a level of an fatal wound.

    These are all his experience at that time so when he heard about the crystal mountain strange activity, his anxiety and the events five thousand years ago comeback to him as if hunting him.

    “This place has this dreadful aura drifting around.”(Pearl)

    As pearl stated those words, everyone felt the chill as if its piercing through their bones.

    “Five thousand years, huh. And yet no one dares to explore this place. All we know is just this entrance and nothing else.”(Jewel)

    In this past thousands of years no one dared explore this place. And although Five thousand years has passed and the terror that was brought to the entire world vanished. This place seems to contradict the minds of the current generations whether the story is real or not. So that is why no one never tries to come to this place.

    Walking while observing every nook and cranny of the place to not miss the slightest change in the cave they stumbled upon a mess.

    “This place… Did an earthquake happened here?”(Nio)

    “No. Even if this place was hit by the strongest earthquake it will not….”(Jewel)

    “I don’t think it’s the same as before Jewel.”(Mark)

    Mark picked up an crystal that was as big as the palm and easily crushed it. ‘This has not happened before… did that God revive or something? It’s not completely impossible but with the help of the goddesses something like reincarnation will be impossible.’ Mark thought as he pulverize the crystal until it turned to a really little pieces.

    “If that’s the case something like punching it will break this thing right.”(Nio)

    Nio charged magic power in her arms, and she punched the crystal wall that was said to boast extreme hardness.

    When her long slender arms that on one glance can’t even lift heavy objects easily broke the wall, intense shaking dominate the place. As they are at the ground floor and hitting an unexpectedly support pillar will greatly affect the upper floors.

    “What are you doing!”(Maya)

    Maya that acted like a kid befitting her appearance clings to Fredericks body.

    “Ara. I thought I will test the durability of this place, but it seems like this place turned brittle after all that long years. Dragon bones seems to be more sturdier than this.”(Nio)

    Nio smiled and showed an arrogant attitude after breaking the wall of the said remnant of the evil god.

    “That means I am on par as the Savior, right Mark-sama….”(Nio)

    When Nio said those words and look on Mark’s direction.


    “Nio. Don’t ever compare yourself on him as you don’t know anything at all.”(Mark)

    ‘No one can ever compare themselves to him and without him we couldn’t have defeated that evil god too.’ As he said those with a little bit of harshness on his tone, Nio suddenly became meek and apologize to Mark.

    “I…. I’m sorry Mark-sama.”(Nio)

    “It is ok…. But it’s true that you easily break it, and that was the strange part.”(Mark)

    Breaking these crystal mountain was one of the goal from the old civilization. But whatever they do, it won’t break even with the help of the heroes. So to this indestructible cave wall to break from a single punch It’s really strange to the point that Jewel and Mark felt that something must-have happened here.

    “Sister I can feel a faint mana reaction from there.”(Pearl)

    What pearl pointed to was a wreckage that must be cause by the collapsed ceiling.

    “Galion blow the wreckage away.”(Mark)

    “Ha! Mark-sama”(Galion)

    Galion lifts his hand to the wreckage and used earth magic to lift the crystal debris. And what appeared there was an single puppy.


    Jewel quickly run to the puppy that was injured on its whole body. Galion moved the debris away from them.

    “It seems he was still alive.”(Jewel)

    After checking that the puppy was still breathing although faintly, Jewel casted healing magic on the puppy.

    ‘It’s mana is low too, it must be using it’s mana for recovery while waiting for rescue.’ Jewel assessed.

    “Everyone our objective here is complete. Send a command to everyone to fall back as well.”(Mark)

    When everyone heard those, their faces was dyed with confusion for the command issued to them.

    “I will explain it when we got back on the castle.”(Mark)

    “Mark-sama?! Why are we falling back didn’t we came here to eliminate whoever disturbs this place?”(Nio)

    Nio screamed in denial to the command issued at them. Everyone that wanted to ask the same thing nod together. But Mark explained it to them.

    “We didn’t come here to fight. The master familiar pact is what we came here.”(Mark)

    “But Mark-sama!—”(Nio)

    “No But’s Nio! Even if you me and everyone else here were to fight that we won’t be able to put a fight at all!”(Mark)

    Raising his voice and put a bloodlust on it to scold Nio. Nio step back on the bloodlust released by Mark and became obedient.

    ‘Seriously. Hey Liam, if you are listening you got a fan here… and he thinks that he can fight equally with that being like you.’

    Talking on his mind to the long lost friend of his like it’s a prayer.

    Everyone gets out of the cave and issued an order to every soldier to fall back.

    Not knowing what they caused. A disaster that was about to cause a destruction of multiple cities if the reinforcement didn’t arrive was prevented by Nedi.
    But that story is something he won’t know this time.
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    Chapter 12: Troubles Inbound
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    (Third Person’s Perspective)

    In this world, there are seven great continents. This seven great continents possesses vast lands enough for many countries.

    There are many more lands that can be called vast in this world but those are smaller compared to this seven great continents.

    This seven great continents has rankings base on how big the land it owns, and on the second biggest continent. An empire that was unique than any other country exist.

    The Gallant Empire. The largest country on the whole world and boast military strength, promising magicians, and home of the north-east sword god. And the most eye catching is they rule the whole second largest continent.

    And on this amazing country, inside the royal castle that was twice as big as any other castle on the world, a group of people gathered inside a spacious conference room, but somehow they are all silent and no one is uttering a word.

    The conference room is in circle shape with a small room to each person participating it. The rooms are covered with thin white fabric but the silhouette of their shadows shows their figure and their voices shows their gender.

    “A report came this morning from Count Daybreak. It seems the subjugation is successful.”(Woman)

    A voice of a woman was heard on the room and echoed on the room and break the silence.

    “This news is really good considering that the monsters came from the forest border.”(Man)

    Now a man’s voice was heard agreeing to the woman who just talked.

    “B-but? Is it really… ok… to presume that we… are safe?”(Man 2)

    Another man spoke but his voice shows that he had a hard time breathing.

    “I also heard the report. It says that D- to C- rank monsters appeared on the battle and B+ rank monsters also appeared.”(Woman 2)

    A strong voice that can’t be identified if it was a woman or a man was heard, but it was surely a woman base on the figure of the shadow. When the other people heard it the silent room became loud.

    “It is true. The report also states that the B+ monster is the demonic ogre.”(Woman 1)

    When the first woman who spoke said those words he stopped for a moment and continued her statement.

    “The magicians accompanying the reinforcement troops said that the demonic ogre is the one commanding the monsters following out of the forest border.”(Woman 1)

    When the nobles who heard the statement became silent again. Because they immediate realized how grave the situation will be if the reinforcement wasn’t formed.

    At first the nobles who heard the request of reinforcement from count Richard thought that this is ridiculous, because it’s impossible for the monsters to flow out of the forest border at all, as the monsters inside the forest border prey each other and a natural order was formed inside it. But if an evolve monster or a demonic ogre appeared the situation will change to a big disaster.

    “Good thing Carlos Griego was there. It seems he defeated the demonic ogre but if by any chance the reinforcement doesn’t came there what do you all think will happen?”(Woman 1)

    The woman again spoke but in a cold voice towards the nobles in this place. But as the rooms has thin fabric on it, the expressions of the nobles in this place was not seen.

    This conference room was designed in such rooms because they don’t want their opponents to see their expressions during negotiations. The reason is the Gallant Empire has more than five hundred noble families existing, and political battles was one of the problems of the past empire. So to peacefully resolve the problems between nobles the conference room for every noble was built and a thin white fabric covered it to cover the faces of the nobles inside it.

    The conference ended with silence as the nobles can’t seem to find a retort on what the woman said. When almost all the nobles was gone the conference room’s cover was removed by maids and butlers accompanying the remaining nobles.

    The number of people remaining are five people excluding the maids and butlers.

    “Sheesh. Those worthless people who thought that the overflow from the forest border is absurd and impossible are really stupid.”(Woman 1)

    The first woman who spoke earlier had blonde curly hair, wearing a dress befitting of high status, and has a face of a model, and base on her appearance she seems to be around sixteen years old. But the most noticeable thing on her is the crown on her head.

    “Hime-sama you mustn’t talk unbefitting a princess you know.”(Man 1)

    The man who talked after the woman that seems to be the princess scold the princess while smirking, it seems he also thought that the nobles earlier are really stupid bunch.

    “Don’t scold me while grinning like that uncle, it’s also bad for your image if someone heard you badmouthing those nobles with that face.”(Woman >Princess)

    The man has blonde hair with a little mixed of white because he is getting old. His face shows that he was old with a white beard growing on his face. He is wearing extravagant clothes from head to toe, and was smirking together with his niece.

    Facial expressions are one of the key weapons in political talks. If one sees that someone is making a face as if they are making fun of you, you will surely be angry, and if you became angry your opponent may make fun of you and you will surely start a war against them. This is the reason why the rooms were covered with thin fabrics, it is to prevent the parties to lose their cool even a little. But since they cannot do something about the voice, the problem is not completely resolve. But no one can say that this method didn’t help at all.

    “Princess-sama and Duke-sama please stop doing those facial expressions. It really will be bad if someone other than us see it.”(Woman 2)

    The second woman who reported together with the princess was on her twenties and has white short hair and has a face of a matured woman. She is wearing a similar white suite. If it wasn’t to the two bulging parts on her upper body, everyone will surely thought of her as a man because she has a voice of a young man. She can be called as a cool girl.

    “That is- right. So- father! Stop making- of those- faces!”(Man 2)

    The second man who spoke while inhaling for air has blonde hair, round chubby face, and also has a round body. His clothes seems to be a little tight for him so he had a difficulty of breathing.

    “Ok ok. So why are you still here?”(Princess)

    “I am- here- to hear- the- true report. Haaah.”(Man 2 -> Round man)

    “No not you… you there.”(Princess)

    When the princess looks at the upper rooms a single woman was there. She is wearing a blue dress and has a shoulder length white hair and beautiful face rivalling the princess. She is looking at them with an expressionless face.

    “Please don’t mind me and just continue your talk. I always hear you talking here every time the conference is over. So I want to participate even if it’s just listening.”(Woman)

    When everyone except the princess turned into stones, they suddenly panicked.

    “O-o-o-o-oh my!”(Man 1 > Old man)

    “D-duke-sama!?”(Woman 2 > Cool Girl)

    “Father! See what I told you!”(Round man)

    The old man suddenly froze, the man looking girl panicked, and the buttons of the clothes of the round man popped one after another.

    “What are you three doing?”(Princess)

    The princess not knowing what the other three is doing questions them.

    “Hime-sama we were seen!”(Cool Girl)

    “Your disgraceful faces were seen!”(Round man)

    “I-if that’s the case! Then! Kuhuhuhu… hahaha!”(Old Man)

    The old man laughed upon being exposed.

    “Don’t worry Duke-sama, even if I have seen that disgusting face earlier, I will not spread any rumors about it.”(Woman)

    The woman talked uninterestedly to the old man with an expressionless face.

    The dark laugh of the old man suddenly stopped upon hearing the words of the woman.

    “Are you really sure you will not spread rumors about it?”(Old Man)

    “What are you talking about?”(Woman)

    When the woman said those words. The old man’s eyes suddenly turned sharp.

    “If you are talking about the face from earlier, then don’t make me remember it.”(Woman)

    “Is that so?”(Old Man)

    The old man noticing that he is being teased at looked away from the woman. But what he sees when he looked to the right was the faces of the round man and cool girl that was about to laugh.

    “What’s with that look?”(Old Man)

    When he turned a sharp gaze upon the two people, they looked away from the old man.

    “So who are you?”(Princess)

    “I am a student of the academy and daughter of a newly promoted viscount family.”(Woman)

    “Ah… you mean that family. Sorry for not knowing you.”(Princess)

    “I came here today as proxy for my father. He depart to prepare the defense of our territory when he heard the news about the monsters, but it seems it’s settled now.”(Woman > Student)

    When the woman explained about why he attended the conference today.

    “Sorry for being rude Hime-sama… but I want to hear the rest of the report.”(Student)

    He urge the party to go back to the main topic.

    “Quite sharp aren’t you.”(Old Man)

    When the Old Man regained his self-composure. He turned a look on the woman up stairs.

    “Haa… That is right, it’s impossible even to Carlos Griego to stop a horde of monsters.”(Princess)

    When a messenger from the reinforcement came. They said that the Count’s forces seems to be holding better than they expected.

    “If it’s just a Demonized Ogre, then Carlos Griego can surely defeat it within seconds. But in case that he needs to deal with the monster mobs, he will surely be exhausted and that will turn to his disadvantage.”(Old Man)

    “The messenger also said that when they came, a scenery similar to a slaughter is what welcome them.”(Cool Girl)

    “Is it a work of a magician?”(Student)

    “Impossible. The magicians Count Richard commands are nothing but Intermediate ranks.”(Round Man)

    Upon discussing this for a while, they reached a conclusion that Count Richard hired some highly skilled or powerful adventurers.

    If that is the case. They need to know who the adventurer that they hired was.

    Because in this country. A man with a smart mind is considered valuable and hired as a government employee. A person with a great ability in combat can reach any position in military. A powerful mage can ascend in nobility. It means every time they see or heard a rumor about a powerful or smart people, they will immediately come and search to scout that person.

    “Count Richard may have already scouted that person before us.”(Round Man)

    “Yeah, but it doesn’t mean we can’t persuade that person to side with us.”(Old Man)

    The talk seems to have turned to a hiring all of a sudden. But the white haired student was curious as to what kind of person, which can defeat a large amount of monsters has. ‘Are they powerful? It’s impossible for one person to defeat that many. Are they a swordsman or a mage?’ lots of question was appearing on the girls mind.

    “Uncle, I am planning to go on Count Richard’s domain.”(Princess)

    “Hoo. You are going to do an official visit as a front huh. Not bad young one.”(Old Man)

    The old man seems to know what the princess is thinking. ‘Scout or Snatch’ this is what the princess is thinking.

    Because on the current empire. Talent and powerful personnel is what the princess needed right now.

    “I can’t come with you so you need to do it yourself.”(Old Man)

    “That is ok, it will serve as a test for me.”(Princess)

    Hearing those words the Student get the gist of what they are talking about. She simply prayed for the group or person that may be involved in the future of the empire.

    In the largest continent in the world. In the middle of the forest south of it. A single woman holding a staff was walking to the overgrown forest.

    She wearing a cloak and her face cannot be seen because of it. She stopped walking after reaching a certain part of the forest, and what was in front of her is a single log cabin.

    When he reached door and knocked on it, the door opened and a lewd odor flowed in the air.

    Although the woman’s face cannot be seen. She was quite disgusted on the scenery in front of her.

    A big bed was there, and a man that was about to hit thirties base on his look with a good looking face and a muscular body was sleeping there. Beside him are two young woman. On the right was a bunny eared beast woman and on the left was a petit girl from the magic race.

    “Master time to wake up.”(Cloaked Woman)

    The cloaked woman’s voice is young but an irritated tone was mixed in it.

    The two women beside the man woke up, and when they got up. They were naked. But because they just woke up so they didn’t notice it. The bunny eared woman rubbed her eyes and the petit girl from the magic race stretch his body and wings similar to a butterfly spreads.

    But when they realized that they were naked a similar naked man was beside them.


    The two screamed and got out of the bed, getting their clothes scattered on the floor they run towards the exit and disappeared on the house.

    “W-wa…. Oh Cecilia huh?”(Man)

    “Don’t Cecilia huh? Me!”(Cloaked Woman > Cecilia)

    The young woman named Cecilia smash the head of the man with her staff.

    “Didn’t I say that kidnapping women from the tribes of this forest is illegal?”(Cecilia)

    “I didn’t kidnapped them. Yesterday evening, when I was returning home, I meet this forest tribe and they invited me for a drink with them. But when they got drunk I took those two women back here with me.”(Man)

    The man said those words while caressing his head that was in pain.

    Cecilia took of her cloak and what showed was a pretty young and cute face. She got a yellow green spikey hair and has a clothes showing her great curves. But unfortunately she is flat chested.

    After he took off the cloak. She stared at the man with dangerous eyes.


    The Man Shrieking in fear backed off away from Cecilia.

    “That is the same as a crime you Ero Sage!”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia put her hands in front and released a wind magic blowing off the naked man out of the house and eventually blowing off half of the house.

    But the Man called Sage by Cecilia also prepared a magic. And what happened after he released that magic was something that makes it seem that nothing happened.

    The blown off house returned to normal, and he was there on the bed sitting like nothing happened.

    “Hahaha…. You can’t defeat me with that kind of magic.”(Man > Sage)

    The Sage proudly said but Cecilia again smashed his head. The Sage again writhed in pain bowing before Cecilia.

    “Cecilia-chan, can’t you be gentle with this young man.”(Sage)

    When Cecilia heard those words, the eyes that was filled with disgust was directed towards the sage.

    “You are not a young man so stop saying that please.”(Cecilia)

    “Ahhh. But base on my looks I am young man right.”(Sage)

    “Say more and the next blow will be filled with mana.”(Cecilia)

    When the sage heard those words he closed his mouth and didn’t talked anymore.

    “It’s not you who is apologizing and explaining the things to the tribes here so can you stop kidnapping women.”(Cecilia)

    “Like I said I didn’t—.”(Sage)


    When Cecilia holds her staff like a baseball player the sage turned silent and didn’t continue his words.

    “I came here to report to you. So every time I came here to see you kidnap women is really causing me an headache”

    “But if Cecilia is here I won’t be lonely and go around getting women so why won’t you sit here on the bed with me.”(Sage)

    The sage voice was filled with loneliness. Because she rarely comes here and go whenever her business was done.

    “I know that you are lonely. Living here in the middle of the forest by yourself.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia’s voice was filled with pity towards the sage but. She prepared her staff loaded it with mana then.


    Cecilia screamed with all her might while rapidly smashing the body of the sage.

    The sage body with countless broken bones and blood coating the whole room including Cecilia was what resulted after Cecilia going all out towards her father.

    “Hah! Hah! Hah! That’s what you get if you try to say something misleading next time.”(Cecilia)

    Wherever you look the Sage must-have died from Cecilia’s all-out attack. But when the one of the Sage’s fingers move, a magic was released and all that happened in the room and him returned to normal like nothing happened, even he that has supposed to die has nothing even a single scratch but for some reason a big mountain appeared on his head.

    “I just want to sleep together with my daughter again, is that not ok? D-d-d-don’t tell me! You already got a boyfriend!”(Sage)

    When the Sage thought so, he got angry and his handsome face distorted.


    This time the Sage screamed and hold the shoulder of Cecilia.

    “This is sexual harassment.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia reflexively smash the head of the sage.

    “And if I got one. I won’t come here ever again”(Cecilia)

    When the Sage heard those words he was relieved for her daughter not having a Boyfriend and at the same time shocked for what he just heard.

    “Cecilia! Don’t you love papa anymore?”(Sage)

    “Stay away from me pervert. Oh that is right my report.”(Cecilia)


    When she heard a click of a tongue she looked at the displeased place of the Sage.

    ‘He is trying to stall time huh.’ Cecilia thought

    “I came here to say to you that Grand Cabaret showed an activity seven days ago.”(Cecilia)

    When she said those words the Sage’s face turned serious.

    “I took longer because we just receive the confirmation from the observers, but without a doubt it glowed.”(Cecilia)

    Again looking at the face of the Sage. His eyes were staring at her, as if confirming whether her report is true or not.

    But after a while.

    “So why won’t you stay here for a day. I will prepare your favorite foods while you’re here.”(Sage)

    When the Sage said those words the serious face from before was blown away out of her mind and reflexively rejected the offer.

    ‘But what’s with that extremely serious face from earlier?’ these thoughts were bothering Cecilia’s mind right now.

    “Stay here I will get the ingredients right away. As for the Fried Chicken…. Will be an ancient eagle good to you? Or—”

    Cecilia again used magic to blow away the Sage and run away from that place.

    But to Cecilia. That was her first time seeing her father turned that serious. But as she don’t know everything about her own father on the first place her curiosity spiked to the maximum.

    ‘Maybe I should personally go there and investigate on my own.’ As what she is planning.

    At that same day.

    Two women. A princess and a daughter of a sage is planning to go to the City of Matilda.

    Nedi who doesn’t know a thing about this world, was bound to get a troublesome life waiting for him.

    But that won’t end with just those two. Because there are more people that was bound to meet him.
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    Chapter 13: Not understanding everything
    Arc 2: Information is something everyone needed

    (Nedi’s Perspective)

    ‘Unfamiliar ceiling and I’m not feeling cold.’ That’s the first thought that appeared on my mind when I woke up.

    But a moment after, I remembered all the things that happened yesterday.

    I am now sleeping on a very comfortable bed, and the room I was in is big for me alone. The temperature of this room is also very comfortable. Because of the past seven days of sleeping inside the forest and waking up on a hard ground, I immediately fell as sleep when I laid down on a bed and forgot to wash myself before sleeping.

    Well. They presented this room to me and they also said to make myself feel at home. At least this is a suitable reward for me for what happened yesterday.

    Although we are going on the road smoothly and didn’t encounter any monsters. Richard-san and Carlos-san keep whispering to each other. And although I got this very good at hearing ears, I can’t seem to hear even a single letter from their mouth.

    And when I focus my eyes on them, is see this blue like stream floating around them. ‘Are they using magic?’ is what I first thought when I saw it.

    Because it’s night when we reached the city. I saw a little of the people and the stores. The people on this city, is like the people from Europe on the middle ages. I also seen some shop but I don’t know a thing about what are they selling.

    After looking here and there. We reached Richard-san’s house. And I froze when I saw his house.

    First it’s not just a house it’s a mansion. Second it’s not just a mansion, it’s a mansion in a middle of a very wide lot with a garden and statues lining up until the house front. Third this mansion must have cause a lot of money.

    ‘Is he a noble? Yeah he’s surely a noble…. Right? Carlos-san?’

    As I think of this things, I look on the direction Carlos-san was. And when he noticed me, he looked to me with a face of ‘It’s a beautiful house isn’t’ with a smiling face.

    “Uhm… Richard-san… this might rude but, what is your noble rank?”(Nedi)

    I tried asking a question to Richard-san walking ahead of us.

    “Oh me? Ah! That’s right we haven’t introduced ourselves properly to each other isn’t.”(Richard)

    Yeah, we surely don’t introduced ourselves to each.

    “My name is Richard Ascent de Daybreak, the head of the Daybreak household who holds a noble title of Earl. I am this City’s ruler.”(Richard)

    When Richard-san I mean Richard-sama said those words. I stopped walking and ended up being froze there.

    Then Richard-san faced me and bow his head lightly.

    “I welcome you to the city of Matilda.”(Richard)

    Together with Richard-san. Carlos-san bowed to me as well.

    ‘Wait! Why are you bowing to me?’ After they finished explaining about themselves to me, a line of maids and butlers that upon seeing us bowed together and greeted us.

    “Master we are truly glad you are safe.”(Butler)

    “Thank you for your greetings. More importantly is she upstairs?”(Richard)

    “Yes, Madame is resting on the master’s bed room, but who is this child here.”(Butler)

    “This boy here is Nedi. Today he will be staying on our house to treat him with care ok.”(Richard)


    “You didn’t have a place to sleep right.”(Richard)

    Yeah I don’t have a place so stay the night on this city or more like in this world, so I simply nod to Richard-san.

    “Well then, Lea. Show this young man to one of our best room, and also cook something for him, there is no need to cook for my portion.”

    A maid called Lea urged me to follow him. ‘But I wonder, why the best room? If it’s just me a normal room will be fine. I am also good at sleeping outdoors as I’m sleeping in the open forest on this six straight days.’

    Carlos-san bid farewell to Richard-san and walk out of the mansion. And when I reached the room I completely froze.

    This room, you can totally say that it’s one of the best rooms. The room is big. A big bed that was really big for a single person is in the center. Expensive looking paintings. Luxurious furniture’s such as chairs sofa and many more. And vases that if I brake, I will surely be buried in depts.

    “Please wait here and rest while the dinner is being prepared. I will call you if it’s finished. Please enjoy your stay Nedi-sama.”(Lea)

    “A-ah…. Ok.”(Nedi)

    When the door was closed. I simply looked around the room.

    I tried to sit in the expensive looking sofa, but stopped as my pants is covered in dirt and dust. ‘Should I wash myself first? But Richard-san said I can stay here. That means I can use the furniture’s here.’ As I made up my mind I laid my body on the bed located on the center.

    When I got up. Someone knocks on the door.

    “Nedi-sama, are you awoke yet?”(???)

    A woman’s voice was heard.

    “Y-yes! I am already awake!”(Nedi)

    This voice is the voice of the maid who guided me to this room, Lea-san.

    Lea-san came in and bowed her head to me.

    Lea-san has a dark brown long hair tied in a ponytail. Her face has a gentle and mature feeling on it, but she was young as we look slightly the same.

    “I didn’t woke you up last night because you looked tired, so I will guide you to the baths before heading to breakfast.”(Lea)

    I nod to Lea-san.

    After that I followed her to the baths. Along the way. Maids and butlers here and there seems to be cleaning the hallway were walking to. It’s not weird for them to clean as this was their jobs but… they seem to be oddly ecstatic.

    ‘But man… this place is really big! We’re walking for more than five minutes but we still isn’t in the bath. Am I actually walking to a public bath?’

    “Actually. There is a bath on the room Nedi-sama was staying.”(Lea)

    Lea-san answered me with those words. ‘Well I also thought of that… I mean it’s a weird thing for a luxurious room like that to don’t have its personal bath’ is what I ended up thinking on my mind.

    “But as per Richard-sama orders I must guide you to the main bath.”(Lea)

    What’s with the main bath? Now I’m getting suspicious.

    When the talk was finished. An extravagant door was opened by Lea-san. Lea-san urged me to come inside. The inside has a big changing room enough to hold many people at once.

    After taking of my clothes. I entered upon a steamy and similar to any room I entered, spacious room. Somehow a swimming pool welcomed me.

    “Nedi-sama, I will go get you a change of clothes so if you need something just call out and a maid will surely come, so enjoy your bath.”(Lea)

    “Ah! Thank you very much.”(Nedi)

    Somehow I ended up only saying thank you on all the hospitality they are giving me.

    “But damn! This bath is really big!”(Nedi)

    After saying those I dip myself on the swimming pool size bath. A warm feeling that was just right for the body envelopes me.

    I exhaled on the very pleasant feeling and let the power on my body leave.

    ‘Not good. Not good. I need to scrub my body for now.’

    I need to wash my body properly so I tried to get out of the bath. I tried but my body doesn’t seem to leave the warm bath. So I stayed on the water for at least fifteen minutes, but my body seems to be not satisfied yet but I managed to get off out of the water to wash my body.

    But seeing my body on a clear mirror on the corner of the bath, I can now totally see my own body clearly.

    Black eyes, a fairly good looking face that a youth has, and my hair has more of a red color than black making it look like it was dyed. As for my physique, I can surely say that I will not achieve this in my previous life.

    “Nedi. Is the bath good? Was the temperature fine?”(Richard)

    While I was examining my body. Richard-san came.

    “No. The truth is this bath was really good, the water temperature was also good too, and it’s really spacious.”(Nedi)

    I smiled wryly to Richard-san. ‘I mean it’s pointlessly big! Do the servants also use this place?’ is the question circling in my mind.

    “I know that it’s pointlessly big without you saying it. But this house exist for more than two hundred years. It’s remodeled many times and now I am the owner. So it’s not my fault that this bath is pointlessly big.”(Richard)

    I decided to zip my mouth after hearing those.

    Richard-san came near me to wash himself before going to bath.

    But when he came near me.

    ‘This smell is! Don’t tell me!’

    Seeing me looking at him with a frowning face, he wash himself and smiled.

    ‘This guy.’

    “To think Nedi knows it. I thought you’re a pure child, but it looks like all the kids right now knows about it.”(Richard)

    ‘I was right! I thought I heard something weird before I fell asleep and ignored it… But it was you!’

    “Well… because I’m tired I don’t really heard the rest. But to think my room is close to your rooms… haaah.”(Nedi)

    Last night I heard a really weird conversation before I fall asleep.

    {Dear!? When did you come back? Iyaah!}

    {Just now.}

    {Wait… Aaah! Dear why are you so vigorous tonight?}

    {You hate it?}

    {No! I really like it.}

    {Then you don’t mind if I turn to a beast tonight?}

    {More like minding it… I will really love it}


    {Please eat me!!!}

    I thought I was only frustrated because I don’t have time to do it in the forest and ended up imagining things.

    But looking at the refreshed face of Richard-san it must have really happened.

    ‘Shit! I’m envious!’

    “I am in a rush so just ignore us Nedi.”(Richard)

    What do you mean in a rush?

    Richard-san moved to the swimming pool and soak himself, I too followed after him and also soak myself.

    “I heard you didn’t eat dinner. So join us on breakfast after this.”(Richard)

    Hearing those words. My stomach suddenly cried.

    “I’ll take the offer.”(Nedi)

    Taking up the offer of Richard-san for breakfast. Richard-san suddenly looked on me. Or more precisely my body.

    I immediately covered my body with my arms thinking ‘is he one of those?’

    “But Nedi. You have some nice body there.”(Richard)

    Richard-san said those as he looked at his own body.

    “When I was your age I didn’t care about muscle training and played all I want… but your body was trained. It’s not really strange that you helped us in that battle.”(Richard)

    What Richard-san was looking was my physique. Limbs that looked slim… but if you looked closely, it consist of tightly compressed muscles. It’s also the same on my lower body. As for my body… it’s like the rest of my body, I looked like a skinny person but has six pack abs on my body, and if you touched it a sense of hardness will be felt.

    This body, can’t be called as a muscular body at all. It emphasizes sexiness because my body is entirely made of tightly compressed muscles with no useless fat.

    As for what Richard-san said. It certainly is weird for me to have this kind of body build as I am reincarnated and has no memories of when I trained my body.

    But I don’t know a thing about this body. And base on my looks I should be fourteen years old. But to a fourteen years old to have this kind of body build… and when I woke up I am in that crystal cavern.

    “Nedi? Hey Nedi?”(Richard)

    Richard-san’s call called me back. When I looked at him, he was already wearing a bath robe and was walking through the changing room.

    “Staying any longer will be bad for you. So get up there and come with me to the dining room, I will introduce you to everyone.”(Richard)

    Well I want to stay a bit longer as I want to savor my first proper bath in this world. But eating is more important than bath.

    After I got out of the bath. After I rinse myself. A good looking clothes was given to me by Lea-san.

    But why is Lea-san bright red?

    “Uhm… is this my new clothes?”(Nedi)

    “This is…. the only clothes we have your size.”(Lea)

    Why are you bashful all of a sudden?

    “But it seems to be a bit extravagant for me. Don’t you have plain looking clothes?”(Nedi)

    When I was talking about the clothes. Richard-san came wearing clothes suited for him.

    “Nedi… Being naked in front of a woman is-”(Richard)



    I hide myself behind Richard-san.

    “It’s ok Nedi-sama. Seeing men naked is…. Part of my job.”(Lea)

    ‘No.... don’t say those words with a bright red face!’

    “Well you can’t blame her Nedi….”(Richard)

    Richard-san look at me.

    “…. After all. With that killer body of yours any women will be captivated for sure.”(Richard)

    Lea-san seems to be looking at me from time to time.

    “Ah! Don’t mess with my wife, or I will surely take revenge at you many more times.”(Richard)

    “I won’t do that!”(Nedi)

    What the hell are you saying.

    “Anyway, just wear those clothes.”(Richard)

    “O… okay.”(Nedi)

    After I wore the clothes.

    “Ooooh, you look like a young noble with that look.”(Richard)

    “It fits you perfectly Nedi-sama.”(Lea)

    Thus my first bath in this world ended as i also forgot the issue about myself.
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    Chapter 14: Meet and greet
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    Daybreak household dining room.

    It’s twice as big as the bath I am early on.

    In an extravagant table sixteen expensive looking chairs are there.

    Currently three girls are now seated there, two of them are eating. The two eating are the girls I meet yesterday named Cynthia and the beast girl Gretel.

    “Oh my. You are quite late dear.”

    The woman that hasn’t started eating spoke to Richard-san.

    “Are you waiting for me? That won’t do, you must eat while the food is warm.”(Richard)

    “I was waiting for you to come so I waited.”

    “Is that so… that’s lovely of you.”(Richard)

    ‘Uwaaah. They immediately entered their own world.’

    Seeing the pink background around them and hearing their low giggle made me irritated.

    And Richard-san remembering something urge me to approach her.

    “Nedi. This is my wife Cecilia, and Cecilia this is Nedi.”(Richard)

    “H-hello my name is Nedi.”(Nedi)

    “I am Cynthia, Nice to meet you Nedi.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san smiles at me.

    I looked at Richard-san with an look of envy, and Richard-san grins with a smug looking face.

    Cecilia-san a mature type beauty.

    Face that look beautiful even without makeup, slender eyes giving a gentle feeling on it, and Curly violet hair. And the most eye catching is that her boobs are big combined with a very hot figure.

    ‘Is this really his wife? If it is then I might kill him.’

    Richard-san walked towards Cynthia.

    “And this is our daughter Cynthia.”(Richard)

    Cynthia being introduce stop eating, stands up move away from her chair and bowed elegantly.

    “Although we meet yesterday I want to introduce myself properly. My name is Cynthia so nice to meet you Nedi.”(Cynthia)

    “You meet her yesterday Nedi?”(Richard)

    “Yeah, she helped me when I was about to be hit by an ogre. Thank you for your help yesterday.”(Nedi)

    I bowed to her to thank her about yesterday.

    “Quite courteous of you.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san Giggled at me bowing, I blushed when I saw her chest vibrating but Richard-san pinch my face to look at the last person.

    “And the last one.”(Richard)

    Gretel stands up and stands a bit away from her seat.

    “My names Gretel, I am not part of this family nor a noble. I came here since my best friend’s home town needs help.”(Gretel)

    “Is that so. If you came to help here because of her…”(Richard)

    Richard-san thoughts for a moment.

    “…. Cynthia present her a suitable reward. I’ll provide the money so buy her what’s she wants.”(Richard)

    “But I only came here to help I don’t need any rewards.”(Gretel)

    “Stop Gretel. That is just my father’s personality so just receive it.”(Cynthia)


    “He won’t stop until you accept it. He is quite persistent after all.”(Cecilia)

    By the persuasion of the mother and daughter duo.

    “A-all right. I will accept it.”(Gretel)

    Gretel smiles wryly at the family that persistently wants her to accept it.

    “And about you Nedi. Hmmm… what might be a suitable reward for you?”(Richard)

    Richard-san looks at me with the exact same eyes as yesterday.

    “My reward will be---”(Richard)

    The door of the room suddenly open with a [Bang!’]

    “Excuse me for intruding.”(Carlos)

    It’s Carlos-san.

    “Ooh. Carlos your quite early.”(Richard)

    “I came here to join you all for breakfast, but am I a bother?”(Carlos)

    Richard-san and Carlos-san glares to each other eye to eye.

    “Hmm so that is what this is about.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia seems to know about why this two men are fighting.

    “Too bad for you two but Nedi is ours now.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san suddenly hug me from behind.

    ‘Uwaaah! Boobs! Boobs!!’

    “Mother what are you doing.”(Cynthia)

    “Cynthia come here.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia looks at Cynthia with a smile on her face. And Cynthia looking like she knows what her mother is doing hugs me as well.

    ‘Uwaaaaaah! More boobs! Booooobs!!!’

    The two men quarreling earlier looked at me.

    Richard-san with a vein popping on his head and Carlos-san with an angry face towards Cecilia-san.

    “Cecilia get off him! And Cynthia keep hugging him.”(Richard)

    What’s with this man head for saying those.

    “K-kuh… that’s cheating.”(Carlos)

    Carlos-san grits his teeth with a desperate looking face.

    “How cowardly of you Richard using your daughter, and Cecilia! Don’t join on our battle.”(Carlos)

    Carlos-san unsheathes a sword from nowhere.

    ‘Wait? What? Where did that came from?’

    “That’s right Cecilia, why don’t you first stop hugging that kid and hug me instead?”(Richard)

    ‘Eh? Eh? What’s happening?’

    Richard-san holds a sword that was suppose in the ceiling a short while ago.

    “Hoho? Are you going to oppose me your wife?”(Cecilia)

    “I won’t hurt you dear I was just preparing to cross sword with this man here that’s all. But can you please stop hugging him.”(Richard)

    “No can do. And besides…”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san hugs me tighter.


    “Nedi is feels really good to be hug.”(Cecilia)


    Gretel looks here with a stupid look on her face.

    While the people in the room keep quarrelling and Richard-san and Carlos-san are exchanging blows with a sword, Lea-san came in.

    “What’s happening here?”(Lea)



    “Mother so what the meaning of doing this?”(Cynthia)

    “You Cheater!”(Carlos)

    “It’s not my fault my daughter is here!”(Richard)

    I’m getting dizy.

    “Madam. Release Nedi-sama quickly.”(Lea)

    “Why? Do you want to hug him too?”(Cecilia)



    “Why the long response?”(Cecilia)

    “That is because…”(Lea)

    Lea-san stops for a moment.

    “…. Nedi-sama didn’t eat anything since yesterday.”(Lea)

    I pass out while thinking of boobs.

    I woke up on a soft feeling on my head.

    When I open my eyes.

    A big chest was there.



    A cute shriek reverberates on my head.

    When I heard the voice. I immediately distance myself from her.

    “I…. I am sorry!”(Nedi)

    I prostrated in front of the Golden haired bombshell I met in my dreams.

    “N-no…. it’s ok…. I belong to you after all.”

    ‘The thing she was doing earlier… am I sleeping on her legs? And what do you mean by I belong to her?’

    “U-uhm…. Is this a dream.”(Nedi)

    ‘This is a dream right? I am dreaming right?’

    “What do you think?”

    She giggle upon questioning me that.

    “Are you saying this is not a dream?”(Nedi)

    “I don’t know.”

    She approach me and offer a hand.

    She was smiling radiantly that I stared at her for a long time.

    “Is there something on my hand?”


    I hold her hand but, she didn’t help me to get up at all.



    She hugs me instead.

    “What are you doing?!”(Nedi)

    I tried to ask her but she kept hugging me tighter.

    “Didn’t I say I will see you as fast as I can.”

    Yeah she did say it but I didn’t know if this is a dream, so I didn’t expect such thing.

    “Uhm…. If this is not a dream, then who are you.”(Nedi)

    When I ask her that question. She release me a little bit but I am still being hug.

    “That is a good question. Hmm…. ‘Who am I’ I wonder.”

    She said those words while still hugging me.

    “U-uhm. First can you please release me?”(Nedi)

    “Hmm…. No.”

    She giggle when she said no.

    ‘What’s wrong with this chick.’

    “T-then… can you answer my question.”(Nedi)

    “If you want some answer, then why don’t you give me one.”

    “Uhm…. Can you please stop answering me with a question?”(Nedi)

    This girl keeps on making circles in my question.

    ‘Then if you want me to give you one. Then.’

    “If you don’t answer me, then I will call you Goddess.”(Nedi)

    “Fufu. What’s your basis to you to call me that?”

    She release me from her hug and stands up immediately.

    I didn’t notice it earlier but she not wearing the same thing when I first met her. And although a bit disappointed… I’m still glad she is not wearing those.

    “W-well if you want my basis…. Because you look like one?”(Nedi)

    “Why a questioning tone?”

    “Because I don’t know if you are one or not.”(Nedi)

    When I said those she giggle again and approach me.

    ‘she really is weird.’

    “All right. I shall accept it human.”(Goddess)

    Then she suddenly act like a real goddess.

    “Then Goddess-sama what is this place?”(Nedi)

    When I asked that question she suddenly pout.

    “Can you please stop addressing politely. It will make us look like an quittances”(Goddess)

    “Is that so. Then drop the goddess act.”(Nedi)

    When we looked at each other eye to eye. We suddenly laugh.

    “Ah I didn’t introduce myself properly right. I am Nedi--”(Nedi)

    “I know.”(Goddess)

    Hmm. She knows me?

    “I know you. And I love everything about you.”(Goddess)

    A love confession?

    ‘Just what is wrong with this girl.’ Is what I was thinking then suddenly.

    A large grumble sound was heard.

    “Looks like we have to part for now.”(Goddess)

    “Does that mean I am really dreaming?”(Nedi)

    “Basically yes but no at the same time.”(Goddess)

    She answers me with again blurred answer.

    “Uhm… what do you mean by that?”(Nedi)

    When I tried to ask more.

    “Good bye for now Nedi.”(Goddess)

    I started to close my eyes and my consciousness is starting to dim.

    “I’ll be back.”(Nedi)

    I manage to squeeze those last words in my mouth.

    (Third person Perspective)

    When Nedi disappeared.

    The goddess summons a chair and sits on it. A table and snacks with tea also appeared.

    Although she is drinking tea and is eating some snacks, a depress looking face can clearly be seen on her face.

    “I’ll be back.”(Goddess)

    She said those words while looking at the spot Nedi disappeared to.

    “You truly came back but-”(Goddess)

    She stopped her words and looked at the same blue sky above her.

    “I miss you so much.”(Goddess)

    The feelings of being glad and sorrow mix in her. And she tears up.

    “Nedi. Nedi. Nedi. Nedi…..”(Goddess)

    The beautiful woman in her white dress spoke of Nedi’s multiple times so she won’t forget it.

    And although tears are falling down from her eyes, every time she says Nedi’s name a smile on her face can be seen.

    And Nedi naming this woman as Goddess will be shock if he ever knows the truth.

    (Nedi Perspective)

    When I came to again a breast welcomed me.


    “Oh you came to.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san smiles on me.

    But I immediately distance myself from her.

    But when I stand up.

    I suddenly fell and Carlos-san together with Lea-san supported me. and.

    A grumble sound from my belly is heard.

    “For now let’s eat.”(Richard)

    Richard-san said those words.

    ‘That’s right, I didn’t eat anything since yesterday.’
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    Chapter 15: Other World basics (Part 1)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed

    After the chaotic arguments that I didn’t understand any of it and my meeting with goddess ended. The long awaited breakfast finally begins.

    “I am sorry Nedi. You must be really hungry for you to past out.”(Cecilia)

    “No it’s ok.”(Nedi)

    Well the only thing I ate yesterday is a piece of bread that Andrew gave me, and the fruits I collected in the forest didn’t last for a whole week.

    “Since we ate earlier, I and Gretel will excuse ourselves.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia together with Gretel walked together towards the door. But they were stopped by Carlos-san.

    “Since it’s rare for you to come home Cynthia-sama. How about a little review to what you learned from the academy?”(Carlos)

    ‘This bread is so soft and tasty. And this egg has perfect taste on it.’

    “That will be good. I am able to show my growth towards my parents.”(Cynthia)

    ‘And this milk…. Is this fresh milk?’

    “Then meet me tomorrow in the courtyard after you have rested.”(Carlos)

    ‘And this bacon is…. Is this bacon? Bacon is supposed to be thin? Oh well it taste like bacon. Anyway it’s delicious! Is this what rich people always eat in their breakfast?’

    “Father and Mother. I want you to see just how much I have grown.”(Cynthia)

    The mood seems turned heavy all of a sudden and their conversation seems to have turned serious too.... just what happened?

    “Hmm. Then a duel is it. All right I approved of it Carlos… but remember Cynthia, if you haven’t shown us any growth….”(Richard)

    Richard-san turned serious too and his tone seems to have become colder.

    “…. Then you will stop attending the academy and follow my orders from now on.

    I looked at Cynthia’s face while eating bread on my mouth.


    Her face shows confidence that I see in dramas. But she shakes a little and although I heard it a little, I can hear her heartbeats beating like crazy.

    Well it seems to be a family issue. So I will stay silent and eat this delicious breakfast.

    After the talk. Cynthia and Gretel leaved the dining room and Richard-san finally started to eat…. Only to find empty plates.

    ‘Oh crap!’

    “I’m sorry Richard-san.”

    I didn’t felt it but I keep on munching food until all the breakfast on the table is gone.

    Richard-san looked at me with a wry smile on his face and Cecilia-san seems to be delighted.

    “Oh my Nedi.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san wiped my mouth with a handkerchief.

    “Mmmm. I can do it with myself.”(Nedi)

    Although I keep on pulling my face away from Cecilia-san. She keeps on wiping my face.

    ‘Is there really on my face?’

    “There all good.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san seems to be satisfied. And when I looked at the handkerchief she used to wipe me. I finally realized that what I did is really embarrassing.

    “Master, we are already cooking another meal for master and madam. So we ask to wait for a bit.”(Lea)

    “A-ah! Thank you Lea.”(Richard)

    “I’m really sorry for eating it all. I just can’t stop myself and before I realize… I have already eaten all the food.”(Nedi)

    Richard-san looked at me with a gentle smile on his face.

    “It’s ok Nedi. Your just hungry… that’s all.”(Richard)

    “Fufu. So this is what you want.”(Cecilia)

    Richard-san blushed when Cecilia-san answered her and hold her hand.

    After that. The breakfast for them were served and Carlos-san invited me for a tour around the mansion.

    “Aren’t you here to have breakfast Carlos?”(Richard)

    “I am not that hungry, so just eat there.”(Carlos)

    Richard-san and Carlos-san are glaring at each other again.

    “Why is Richard-san and Carlos-san—”(Nedi)

    ““Drop the san part!””(Carlos and Richard)

    ‘Eh? Eh? Why? I’m only being polite towards my elders.’

    “Dear, can you please stop arguing and eat.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia-san pinched Richard-san cheeks.

    “And Nedi. Drop the polite part and just call us normally.”(Cecilia)

    Even Cecilia-san is saying it too. If that’s ok for them then.

    “Cecilia-sa….. Cecilia, Richard and Carlos.”(Nedi)

    “You can call me mama or mother if you like.”(Cecilia)

    “And you can call me Father.”(Carlos)

    “Oy oy! Since when have you become my wife’s husband?”(Richard)

    Richard and Carlos began arguing again.

    “Calling you mother seems to be… a little… umm.”(Nedi)

    Cecilia looked at me and smiled.

    “I see. That’s too bad.”(Cecilia)

    Cecilia again pinched the cheek of Richard-san.

    “Show him the good parts of the mansion.”(Cecilia)


    “Oy! Josh wot our yo say….Ouch! Ouch!”(Richard)

    I leaved the room together with Carlos.

    “And this is the storage room.”(Carlos)

    Carlos and I are now in front of the storage room.

    When we entered the storage room. Multiple weapons such as sword, shields, spears, bow and a stack of arrows are there.

    “This seems to be the weapons storage to be precise.”(Carlos)

    “So many weapons are here. Is there a war going on?”(Nedi)

    “There is no war going on.”(Carlos)

    Carlos smiled at me.

    “Shall we moved on?”(Carlos)

    We leaved the weapon storage room and I ask a question towards Carlos.

    “Then for what those tons of weapon are for?”(Nedi)

    “Those weapons are reserve for Richard’s personal army. And if monsters came invading, some citizens are recruited and given weapons.”(Carlos)

    Carlos explains the use of the weapons. But it’s most likely will become scrap metal since there is no need for them.

    Earl Richard has one thousand personal army with two vassals, Carlos and the other one that possess half of what Richard has. So in total they got two thousand men ready to protect this city. But Carlos followed this.

    “What I only got is three hundred or so. So half is not really accurate because the other side didn’t got exact numbers too.”(Carlos)

    I asked Carlos about why he only have a small group of soldiers at the time of the battle in the forest.

    “The orders given to my army is to protect the vicinity of the city. So I only participated with a small group because I still have a duty to accompany Richard.”(Carlos)

    He also said that the other vassal has an army specialized in long range combat.

    “The army we possess is like this. My army which is specialized in close combat consist of one hundred percent swordsman and spearman, while the other side got ninety percent bowman, and Richard has a fifty fifty of swordsman and Mages.”(Carlos)

    What a balance army they got.

    “You keep saying the other side but who is this other person?”(Nedi)

    “The other side is huh. Well it’s not like I didn’t remember his name, but I rather not talk about him.”(Carlos)

    He stopped for a moment before he start talking again.

    “His name is Rein he holds a title of baron.”(Carlos)

    Then one last question.

    “Then can I ask your rank?”(Nedi)

    “My rank is a Viscount.”(Carlos)

    Carlos rank is Viscount. Pretty logical because he was close friends with Richard that was an earl.

    We keep talking and I asked Carlos about the one thing I curious about.

    “But what about war? It’s not impossible right?”(Nedi)

    Since this is a another world and it seems to be like the middle ages wars is not weird to happen.

    “Well the case of war happening is pretty low.”(Carlos)

    “What do you mean?”(Nedi)

    I waited for Carlos answer but a maid came.

    “Carlos-sama. Richard-sama is calling for you now.”(Maid)

    “Is it that time already?”(Carlos)

    Carlos took out a pocket watch and looked at the time.

    “Seems like quite some time has passed. I am sorry Nedi but this appointment is really important.”(Carlos)

    ‘I guess they will be discussing about what happened yesterday in the forest.’

    “It’s ok. I also have fun towards what I learned today.”

    “Well then. Can you please guide this young man towards the rest of the mansion?”(Carlos)

    Carlos leaves after saying those words.

    “You seem to be Nedi-sama if I am right. My name is Elsie it is nice to meet you Nedi-sama.”(Elsie)

    The maid named Elsie has a black hair tied with a ribbon. She got a pretty face and a well-endowed body. She look young and seems to be the one or two years older than me. I think?

    “Nice to meet you too.”(Nedi)

    “Well then shall we moved on?”(Elsie)

    Thus the tour in this big mansion continues with a new guide.

    After mentioning the places I already went with Carlos. Elsie decided to show me the training room that was separated in the left of the mansion.

    We kept chatting along the way and on a conversation we had, she said that her age is fifteen years old which made me face the other way and grin.

    I cough a little to regain my composure.

    “So you are older huh. By the way I’m fourteen years old.”(Nedi)

    ‘I lied. I don’t even know if I’m fourteen years old or not, but since this is what I said towards the others I shall use this lie here too.’

    “So I am older than you by a year.”(Elise)

    Elise laughs upon knowing my age and hugged me.

    “You see I always wanted a little brother since I only got big sisters and a brother.”(Elise)

    “But little brother… I’m only younger by a year you know.”(Nedi)


    This girl is really cute when she laughs.

    “Can you please release me, it’s hard to walk this way.”(Nedi)

    I’m surprise because when she released me, she immediately turned back to her behavior of being a proper maid.

    “I am sorry for my behavior earlier. So shall we hasten our pace.”(Elise)

    We again walked towards the building.

    When we entered the building, a Basketball court like space came into view.

    “It’s quite big in the outside.”(Nedi)

    “There are many training rooms in this building because this building is connected to Richard-sama’s personal army, so they use the other rooms for training.”(Elise)

    So that’s the reason.

    ‘It’s quite quiet in this place Maybe they hasn’t comeback by now.’

    “Good afternoon Cynthia-sama.”(Elise)

    When Elise said those words, I looked at the direction that she was looking.

    In there was Cynthia and Gretel. Cynthia that was holding the red sword she used yesterday is covered in sweat.

    Cynthia quickly wipes her sweat with a towel.



    Well it’s pretty obvious.

    ‘So their discussion this morning is really serious huh.’

    “How about you Nedi, what are you doing?”(Cynthia)

    “I was touring this your whole place for unknown reason.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words Cynthia inclines her head to the side.

    ‘I really don’t know the reason I was touring this place.’

    “If you were being shown around the house then that means you were going to live here right?”(Cynthia)

    ‘Lived? Here?’

    “No no no. I think that was going too far. I mean living here although you don’t even know me at all.”(Nedi)

    ‘Even if I look like a kid outside I’m a proper grown up in the inside. So even I won’t be able to trust a person I just met.’

    “But father and mother seems to want you to stay here.”(Cynthia)

    “That’s true, it’s like you were being pampered by Richard-sama and Cecilia-sama, and you can even include Carlos-sama as well.”(Gretel)

    “No no no. They brought me here out of kindness, That’s all.”(Nedi)

    When I said those words. The two girls looked at Elise.

    “What do you think Elise?”(Cynthia)


    Elise ponders for a moment.

    “Do you like a little brother Cynthia-sama?”(Elise)

    When Elise said those words with a smiling face and that we cocked our heads to the side.

    “That’s not my question Elise.”(Cynthia)

    “Umm… can we please stop this discussion. I’m planning to leave after I learn simple things about this town.”(Nedi)

    I don’t want to continue living on the kindness of others for a long time.

    “Hmm. So that’s the kind of person you are.”(Gretel)


    “I too want to become an adult who can lived with my own without the need of my parents.”(Gretel)

    “Well you are already living by yourself.”(Cynthia)

    ‘She is already working for herself! Although she was young?’

    “Gretel… san. Can you tell me what kind of work are you working?”(Nedi)

    “No need for a polite tone. I’m only Sixteen years old and besides we don’t look like far from age.”(Gretel)

    “Is that ok. Ok then, What’s your job?”(Nedi)

    “Although I am a student, I am a rank C adventurer.”(Gretel)

    ‘Oooh. Adventurer! Just like in many stories.’

    “I don’t know how amazing rank C was, but a working student is amazing.”(Nedi)

    Although I can’t remember my past life well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t work when I was a student.

    “I also work for Cynthia as an attendant.”(Gretel)

    I looked at Cynthia when Gretel said those words. She nods for confirmation towards what Gretel said.

    “Well personally I don’t think I am that great.”(Gretel)

    “No I think it’s amazing, you are not only an adventure but also a student, plus you are also working for Cynthia, and you got pretty face and pretty body.”(Nedi)

    I continue to say all the things my mind keep thinking with my eyes closed while nodding, and when I opened my eyes a bright red face of Gretel looking at the side was there.

    “Did I say something weird?”(Nedi)

    “Nedi-sama is unexpectedly a lady killer isn’t.”(Elise)

    Elise is looking at me with a smiling face.

    “Nedi! How about me?”(Cynthia)


    “I am also planning on living on my own. I plan to live by myself not needing any of my parents help.”(Cynthia)

    ‘Why is she so enthusiastic?’

    “I think it’s a really good idea. But. Richard and Cecilia become lonely if you left?”(Nedi)

    “Calling my father and mother by their names is…”(Cynthia)

    “Ah. They asked me to call them without honorifics so I’m calling them by their names.”(Nedi)

    “A-anyway. Am… I… amazing too?”(Cynthia)


    “Well more than amazing, Hmm…. I think your marvelous.”(Nedi)

    ‘Marvelous! Yeah with those body of yours, it’s really marvelous.’


    Cynthia’s face became dyed in red too. Then.

    “Nedi really is a lady killer. Nedi how about onee-chan?”(Elise)

    “Whose onee-chan?”(Nedi)

    Elise hugs me again questioning me about what’s amazing about her. But because I just met her a few hours ago I can’t guess.

    Thus another chaotic conversation is created.
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    Chapter 16: Other world basics (Part 2)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed.

    “Here I go.”(Cynthia)

    I raised the wooden sword to anticipate Cynthia attack.

    Cynthia’s attack was quick. But, I can still see her moves.

    I instinctively blocked Cynthia’s upcoming slash, so Cynthia retreated away from me when I tried to attack her.

    “Blocked too huh.”(Cynthia)

    After the chaotic conversation with the girls ended, Cynthia said she wants to spar with me.

    It goes back half an hour ago.

    After I manage to break free from Elise constant nagging.

    “Nedi, I want to ask you something.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia, that recovered from her embarrassed face talked with me with a serious face.

    “Your strength.”(Cynthia)

    “My strength?”(Nedi)

    ‘What about my strength?’ is what I want to say?

    “How… do you acquired that strength?”(Cynthia)

    My strength?

    “I also want to know.”(Gretel)

    Gretel that was bashful a second ago returned to her regular serious face.

    “How do I acquired my strength?”(Nedi)

    “That power you displayed when you fought the monsters yesterday, I got ahead of the reinforcement group to see who released the burst of magic power.”(Cynthia)

    That must be when I used the slash with magic power in it.

    “It’s you right?”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia looked at me straight in the eye.

    “That’s right.”(Nedi)

    I don’t want to hide it and more importantly, I’m curious towards my power too.

    “That much mana… was far more than me, my father or even the teachers in our academy.”(Cynthia)


    “The reinforcement group rushed towards the battle when they felt the absurd mana. At first they thought a dragon appeared.”(Gretel)

    Was it really that strong? The mana I released?


    T-there’s more!

    “… I felt it 4 times so when I saw you fighting the demonized ogre the mana reactions I felt at the time when we aren’t there yet was similar to the mana you are realeasing.”(Cynthia)

    So that’s why she knows that was me.

    “I understand now. But. Even I don’t know how I got this power.”(Nedi)

    When I said those, Cynthia looked at me with doubt in her eyes.

    But I was telling the truth though. Ever since I woke this day. Multiple things that I didn’t even bother knowing keep on appearing.

    “I wasn’t lying at all you know.”(Nedi)

    “You are lying.”(Cynthia)

    “That’s right. There is no way you can endure an attack from a demonized ogre almost unharmed.”(Gretel)

    “Gretel-sama, Cynthia-sama… What do you mean about that?”(Elise)

    Elise that was silently watching us from the side decided to break her silence and was looking alternately towards us three.

    It actually hurts when the log it carries hit me.

    “Umm. It actually hurts so this demonized thing? Did we fought a demon or something?”(Nedi)

    When they heard my question. The three of them looked at me with amazed eyes.


    “Nedi… you really don’t know?”(Gretel)

    “It’s embarrassing and yes I don’t know such a thing.”(Nedi)

    ‘They said demonized so maybe… a demon that possessed a monster?’

    “Seriously, a demonized monster is a basic knowledge anyone knows.”(Gretel)

    “I’m sorry for not knowing such a basic knowledge.”(Nedi)

    I’m a little annoyed towards what Gretel said just now. But base on what she said, there seem to be different kinds of demonized monster and it not just an ogre.

    “W-well if you didn’t know then. Then I can teach you—”(Gretel)

    “Nedi! Big sister will tell you so listen carefully got it.”(Elise)

    “Hey. I am the one to teach him.”(Cynthia)

    ‘Eh? Eeeeeeh? What’s with you three?’

    “Nedi a demonized monster is—”(Elise)

    Elise mouth was covered by Cynthia.

    “It’s a monster that—”(Cynthia)

    Now Cynthia’s mouth is covered by Gretel.

    “Evolved from being a—”(Gretel)

    Elise used the towel Cynthia has to cover the mouth of Gretel. But Gretel tried to force her way towards me and tripped on a wooden sword causing for them to fell together to the ground.

    “What are you three doing?”(Nedi)

    I looked at them from above their heads. It’s a secret that the three girls playing like this aroused me a bit.

    I help them get up one by one. Then Cynthia made a really stupid proposal.

    “Let’s do the teaching for later. So Nedi. Can you do a mock battle with me?”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia said those with a serious face.

    But because of what happened I didn’t think she was serious.

    “Mock battle? You’re joking—”(Nedi)

    I stopped my words when Gretel throws a wooden sword towards me.

    “I want to see it again too.”(Gretel)

    What’s that supposed to mean?

    “They said you endured an attack from a demonized monster unharmed.”(Elise)

    You forgot the ‘almost’ part!

    “We will start after a minute.”(Cynthia)

    “I didn’t even accepted it yet.”(Nedi)

    “Then you will eventually accept it right?”(Cynthia)

    ‘Damn my wording is wrong.’

    And when I was still preparing myself with the upcoming mock battle.

    A red hair immediately appeared in front of my eyes. The sweet smell of sweat approached my nose.

    But my arm that holds the wooden sword automatically raised itself and I tuned back to see the Cynthia trying to slash me.

    But I guarded the blow and backs away from her.

    “As expected of you.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia tied her long red hair in a ponytail after she slashed me.

    “That’s cheating!”(Nedi)

    “I didn’t cheat! Didn’t I said we will start after a minute?”(Cynthia)

    “Give me at least five minutes to prepare.”(Nedi)

    “Nedi-sama! Aren’t you a man! You must not make a lady wait you know!”(Elise)

    “Don’t scream and say that this is like a date!”(Nedi)

    I angrily replied towards Elise as I remove the tight vest I am wearing.

    ‘It seems good now.’

    “Let me get that for you.”(Gretel)

    I hand over the vest to Gretel and faced Cynthia again.

    Cynthia is wearing clothes that was good for agility.

    But I am wearing clothes that was for formal meetings and such and I don’t really think this clothes is suited for movements at all.

    “Fully ready now?”(Cynthia)

    I didn’t answer her, so Cynthia charge again towards me.

    She released a sword slash aiming for my sides. And my body, again instinctively moved and blocked her sword.

    She releases more sword strikes but my body moved like it’s on auto guard.

    Cynthia backs after I tried to counter her.

    ‘This is nothing like yesterday.’

    When I’m fighting monsters yesterday my body didn’t moved on its own so what the hell is happening on me?

    ‘But every time she does attack me I will surely try to guard it. So is this it?’

    I managed to counter her when I tried to stop my instincts. So maybe this body of mine knows how to fight?

    Cynthia prepared a posture ready to lounge.

    “Here I go!”(Cynthia)

    I raised the wooden sword to anticipate Cynthia attack.

    Cynthia’s attack was quick. But, I can still see her moves.

    I instinctively blocked Cynthia’s upcoming slash, so Cynthia retreated away from me when I tried to attack her.

    “Blocked too huh.”(Cynthia)

    ‘It’s no good if I will just resort myself to countering. Can’t be helped.’

    Steeling my resolve, I lounge to Cynthia and prepared the wooden sword overhead.

    But because I failed to control my strength, I flied and crashed all the way to the training hall’s wall and remained stuck in there.

    “““Nedi!”””(Cynthia, Gretel, Elise)

    The three girls approached me who was stuck in the wall. I can’t see them but the footsteps I’m hearing is approaching me and finally reached my back.

    They respectively held parts of my body. Two at my hand and one on my foot. And they peeled me off the wall.



    “““Pfft…”””(Cynthia, Gretel, Elise)

    “Whotz… fonny?”(Nedi)

    ‘Damn my nose hurts!’

    The three girls are laughing after they peeled me off the wall. And when I looked all over my body.


    I immediately covered the torn part of the pants that I’m wearing.

    “Hahahaha… to think you ripped your own pants in that way…”(Cynthia)

    “Fufufu, you look cute if you blush like that.”(Gretel)

    “It’s ok Nedi. Pfft... I shall get you a new one… lol.”(Elise)

    “Hey stop laughing!”(Nedi)

    “But for you to crush to the wall is… Haha…”(Cynthia)

    ‘To not control my power correctly is… F*ck this.’

    Although I tried to understand my own body by knowing my limits. To think I can’t control it is extremely embarrassing.

    As the three girls are laughing hard until their eyes turned watery.

    A sound of something ripping entered my ears but I immediately forgot it because of the embarrassing sight I’m in.

    So when I tried to run away from by passing by the girls.

    I tripped on a wooden sword that Cynthia dropped for laughing too hard.


    The pants I’m wearing was completely ripped when I fell exposing my lower body.

    When I turned around, the eyes of the three girls froze when they saw me and my lower body.

    The tight shirt I’m wearing is tattered when I was peeled off from the wall earlier so I’m basically naked now.

    As for my underwear.

    ‘It’s one size smaller than me so Lea-san said she will get me the right sized.’

    I looked bellow me.

    I didn’t mind looking at it since it’s a part of me. But.

    “It’s a Pen*s.”(Elise)

    Elise said while looking intently on it.


    Gretel covered her eyes. But when she peeked at it. She fainted.

    “Oh wind that carries destruction, blow my enemies with…”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia started to mumble but I can only hear a little bit of what she is saying but some blue essence seems to be gathering around her.

    “Blow my enemy… Blow my enemies... Blow my Enemy!”(Cynthia)

    A wind ragingly swirls inside the training hall. And it gathered in front of Cynthia.

    “Cynthia-sama! Your chant! Your chant is incomplete!”(Elise)

    Elise tried to talk with Cynthia. But Cynthia pointed her finger at me.


    The wind gathered in her hand hits me and send me flying towards the training hall’s wall again.



    I crashed in the wall and fainted.
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    Chapter 17: Other world basics (Part 3)
    Arc 2: Knowledge is something everyone needed.


    For a moment. I thought I was hit by a strong wind and hit a wall.

    “Nedi-sama, are you ok?”(Elise)

    Eh? Ah! It’s Elise.

    “Y-yo Elise.”(Nedi)

    “Are you ok Nedi-sama? You are talking weird so please rest a bit more.”(Elise)

    Talking weird?

    “A-anyway, what happened? We were in the training hall right? Where are we?”(Nedi)

    Hmm… I think I’m forgetting something?

    “Looks like you hit your head hard.”(Lea)

    Why is Lea-san here?

    “It is true that you are in the training hall I while ago until you past out.”(Lea)

    When Lea-san said those words my head shook a little. And when I notice my clothes, I finally remembered.

    “Nedi! I am sorry for what I did earlier!”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia came running in the room and immediately bowed and apologized to me. Looks like I fainted because of the shock when I hit my head.

    “It’s ok, it didn’t hurt at all and I’m all ok now.”(Nedi)

    Cynthia with face that was about to cry looked at me.

    “Besides it’s an accident so it’s really ok.”(Nedi)

    “That’s right! It is an accident!”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia face turned to a bright one while wiping her eyes after being relieved to what I said.

    “But Cynthia-sama. Elise reported to me that you used a magic with uncompleted chant.”(Lea)

    When Lea-san said those words, Cynthia’s bright face crumbled and became a teary eyed one once again.

    “What would you think will happen if you accidentally killed Nedi-sama with it?”(Lea)

    Cynthia hangs her head down to Lea-san who is lecturing her. But seriously what is the problem? I’m not hurt even though I was hit pointblank by her magic.

    “May I ask?”(Nedi)

    When I interrupted Lea-san’s scolding towards Cynthia, she stops me with a hand.

    “It is ok Nedi-sama. I am given the authority to scold my subordinates or even my masters if they make mistakes. So even though it’s weird for a servant to scold her master, in this house it’s quite normal.”(Lea)

    No that’s not what I want to ask but that’s really is weird.

    “That’s not what I want to ask.”(Nedi)

    “Then what it is?”(Lea)

    I looked at Cynthia who has tears falling down from her eyes. I got off from the bed and approach Cynthia.

    “What do they mean by uncompleted chants?”(Nedi)

    Because Lea-san said some ominous words such as me possibly dying, I asked Cynthia to at least ease her that I’m completely ok.

    She wipes her teary eyes and looked at me. She was blushing but she hold my hands.

    “First of all. I am really sorry for what I did.”(Cynthia)

    “It’s really ok, look do I look like a person that was about to die?”(Nedi)

    But honestly, I’m amazed on how my body survived that. Because when I was hit by Cynthia’s wind magic, I remembered how I died on my previous life. The feelings I had when I was about to hit the wall is like how I was about to hit by the truck on my final moments. So with the impact and shock I will surely faint.

    “So what about my question?”(Nedi)

    I looked at lea-san with a face saying that ‘can you let her off?’ message with it.

    “Haah. I shall forgive it since Nedi-sama is unharmed. But, I am still telling your father about this matter.”(Lea)

    Lea-san sighs upon looking at me who was smiling.

    “Well then, I shall take my leave here. I still need to do something inside the mansion so Elise…”(Lea)

    Elise who was quite since a minute ago twitch upon being called by Lea-san.

    “… Please take care of our guest Nedi-sama here.”(Lea)

    “D-don’t worry Lea-sama. It’s part of our job here.”(Elise)

    Elise stiffly replied to Lea-san. Lea-san again sighs upon hearing Elise’s reply.

    “Then. Please excuse me.”(Lea)

    Cynthia and Elise exhales a big amount of air from their body after seeing Lea-san going out.

    “Cynthia-sama, please think before doing something next time please.”(Elise)


    I decided to sit at the bed I was sleeping before and remembered something.

    “That’s right, where is Gretel?”(Nedi)

    Gretel faints to after seeing me completely nude.

    Elise points her hand to the place behind me. When I looked at the place she was pointing at, another bed similar to mine is there occupied by Gretel who was looking at me with a blushing face.


    When I greeted her, she turned her eyes to the side and didn’t said anything.

    Did my body really looked gross for her to faint like that?

    “Well… everyone who sees your body will surely turn like that Nedi.”(Elise)

    Oh! Looks like Elise is serious when she said those as she didn’t use any honorifics when calling my name. But.

    “Is it gross for you? My body?”(Nedi)

    I’m always thought that I have a sexy figure.

    “No… your body isn’t really weird…”(Elise)

    ‘What do you mean? H-hoy quit blushing and speak more! Don’t stop!’

    “… It is that… your pen*s is…”(Elise)

    ‘Eh!? What about it?’

    With my eyes asking for answers gazed at Elise. Her red face became redder.

    “It’s big.”(Elise)

    My eyes became round as I heard her answer.

    “H-how… can you tell?”(Nedi)

    I timidly question her about it.

    “W… well… Before I work here, I was working as an apprentice maid at an orphanage managed by Richard-sama. And from there even though I was still the same age as you, some shameless men there deliberately shows their thing to me.”(Elise)

    As she finished her sentence, she looked away from me.

    ‘I see. So that’s why she was able to compare it. But is it really that big? I think it’s the right siz—’

    As I was thinking about it, divine knowledge came to me, and even though it’s a memory of my past life I clearly remembered it.


    As I was screaming on my mind, the reason I thought it’s normal because the size of my thing right now is like that of my adult size thing in my past life, which is weird for a fourteen year old brat to have.

    When my eyes matched with Cynthia, she averted her eyes and looked away from me and when I looked back to Gretel her head is looking at the window at the corner of the room.

    “I really am sorry.”(Nedi)

    I apologize to the girls for showing a really weird thing.

    After we calmed down from the unexpected truth I learned today. Cynthia who was still apologizing to me, said that I can request anything to her in return (She also stated that ecchi stuffs are not allowed).

    “Then how about we continue my tour?”(Nedi)

    Cynthia who looked at me with serious eyes and said “Is that all?” and I nodded to her.

    “Then let’s go now!”(Cynthia)

    My tour was distracted because of what happened earlier but my tour in the Daybreak’s household continues with two more people as my guide.

    And as we ventured the place with a little hint of awkwardness. We finally reached one of the {I really must visit place} on my list.

    “This is…”(Nedi)

    “It’s amazing right?”(Cythia)

    ‘Books here books there, it’s no doubt this is place is the library!’

    We are now currently at the library on the way we past more places that I didn’t know yet.

    “It’s really well kept.”(Nedi)

    “Well, my father and mother loves to read, and some of this is the collection of my grandfather’s grandfather and even me started to buy some books but—”(Cynthia)

    “What’s the matter?”(Nedi)

    “You really don’t know?”(Gretel)

    Oh! Gretel finally talked to me!


    Gretel seems to have regained her composure now.

    “Books are expensive. A normal book will cost you thirty to fifty silver coins each and an expensive one may cost you a gold coin and the value further increases if an illustration is drawn. Also books found on ancient ruins are so expensive the royal family or high ranking nobles are the only one who can buy it.”(Gretel)

    “What! Books are that expensive!”(Nedi)

    On my question Elise turn finally arrived.

    “Paper is expensive after all. So books are really expensive, since the person who created the book must have known well that he or she is spending quite a sum to write on an expensive paper. There are also some clumsy people who fall into a huge loan because of a simple mistake in writing or the paper being covered in ink.”(Elise)


    I didn’t purse the topic anymore since Elise said such painful words with pained expression.

    ‘She must have written her own but failed to finish it.’

    “I said it base on my experience because I tried to write my own book after all.”(Elise)

    Looks like she has no intention of hiding it. But still, I won’t chase this matter anymore.

    I ignore her blabbing about her failing to create one because she was clumsy and get a book from a nearby shelf.

    The book of this world are simple as all the books on the shelves have black leather as a cover. It has no title or such in the cover so I randomly reached a book.

    I opened the book that I got and tried to read the words.

    “You have quite a good eye to read that book it’s one of my favorites.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia said those as she looked at me who was reading.

    ‘Is Elise finished?’ is what I instinctively thought but I immediately returned my attention to the book while frowning.

    Quite a minute passed and I peeked on my right side. There Cynthia that liked me reading a book quietly was smiling while occasionally giggling, I instinctively blushed on her beautiful smiling face so when she looked at me I looked away immediately to my other side. Gretel with a tired looking face has her cat like ears dropped and Elise with a satisfied refreshed look was standing quietly like a proper maid waiting for orders, but I wonder why I can’t see Elise as a proper maid?

    “Are you finished reading Nedi?”(Cynthia)

    I stiffened towards Cynthia’s question.


    I answered Cynthia with a lie because I don’t want them to know that I only tried to read the book.

    “It’s impossible to read it completely with only a minute so stop lying to me.”(Cynthia)

    ‘A-am I busted already?’

    “So in my calculations you must be on page four or something am I right?”(Cynthia)

    How can she think of it that way? Well to be honest what she said is the truth. When I scanned the whole book, it has nothing but words, it has nothing like an illustration that Elise said earlier. So is this book a cheap one?

    I simply nod towards Cynthia.

    “So what do you think? The book you are holding is about a man called the savior who saved the world thousands of years ago from an evil god. The first two pages are boring because it’s about his daily life before he sets on an adventure. But anyway this book is extremely popular, it was an extremely famous story that the merchants cut the story and made books with fewer pages for the masses to buy it. But this book is one hundred percent complete and it will cost at least twenty gold coins to buy this one.”(Cynthia)

    I backed away a two steps towards Cynthia who was explaining the book with a dazzling smile on her face.

    “Ah! It’s not exactly one hundred percent since the end was a cliffhanger—”

    “Cynthia! Cynthia!”(Gretel)

    “Cynthia-sama don’t say any more.”(Elise)

    Gretel covered Cynthia’s mouth and Elise was swinger both of her hands up and down to get Cynthia’s attention.

    “Oops I shouldn’t have said that.”(Cynthia)

    When Cynthia said those with a sorry looking face which was cute.

    I fell on my knees.

    “N… Nedi!”(Cynthia)

    “Nedi-kun are you ok?”(Gretel)

    “Nedi-sama are you still in pain?”(Elise)

    Cynthia who immediately noticed that I fell on my knees rushed to support me but was beaten by Gretel that faster than her, and Elise approach me and brought out a fan from her pocket to cool me down.

    “Are you ok Nedi? As I thought you should have rest rather than tiring yourself out.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia’s face became teary eyed in contrast to her dazzling behavior earlier. But I turn my head left and right while tearing a little.

    “Don’t push yourself Nedi-kun.”(Gretel)

    “That’s right you looked like in pain.”(Elise)

    ‘Yes I’m in pain but in a different way.’

    “No. I’m completely fine.”(Nedi)

    ‘Cynthia that was really happy because she thought I have read it and me lying to her is really scumbag like of me.’

    “The truth is…”(Nedi)

    The girls focus on me with a worried look.

    “… I can’t read.”(Nedi)


    “That’s why…”(Nedi)

    Filling in air on my lungs, I prepared myself.

    “… sorry Cynthia! I can’t read anything at all.”(Nedi)

    As I was hating myself for hurting her after she happily talk about her favorite book. She hold my head up and looked straight at me.

    “I should have known that you cannot read.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia said those words to me with a gentle eyes.


    Gretel and Elise approach me and hold both of my arms. Although I’m confident that I can free myself from their thin and slender arms, I can’t do it as I don’t have a will to do so.


    Cynthia voice became cold and she became scary. The two who is holding both of my arms also firmly gripped their respective arms to not let me escape.

    DON’T MAKE US WORRY!!!”(Cynthia)

    She brought out a feather from out of nowhere.


    Cynthia used the feather on different parts of my body.


    I-it’s getting harder to breath.



    “Ahahaha!! Stop! Ahahhah!!”(Cynthia)

    Tears started to flow out of my eyes since it’s getting harder to breath.

    I tried to free myself from the two girls but I can’t seem to muster any strength at all.

    “Give it up Nedi… Even I who was a beast man that was several times stronger than a normal human can’t escape this technique.”(Gretel)

    My eyes became round with shock towards Gretel.

    “You said Nedi-sama has beaten a demonic ogre right? For such a powerful man to fall on this technique. Daybreak household punishment technique really is a powerful.”(Elise)

    “Hahahah. Haah... haaah. It’s just teasing right?”(Nedi)

    After I muster my strength to say those words but Cynthia increased the movements of her arms.

    “This technique was just a simple teasing at first, but later on, the daybreak household used this technique as a form of punishment.”(Cynthia)

    Cynthia’s voice became even colder and the scary face became demon like. I instinctively gripped Gretel and Elise clothes.

    I endured a second to catch my breath but it was futile. The gathered air was released immediately because the intensity increased again.

    “Cynthia-sama. Using body strengthening magic is a bit.”(Elise)

    “His body is enduring this quite well so it’s necessary.”(Cynthia)

    ‘Can’t… breathe… my jaw… really hurts.’

    I need to break free.

    “Ahahahaha. Hoooooowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”(Nedi)


    A sound of tearing was heard when I broke free because of desperation and will power.

    As I was catching my breath while occasionally coughing.

    ““Iyaaaaaaaah!””(Gretel, Elise)

    I high pitch scream belonging to Gretel and Elise was heard, so when I looked at them.


    I was speechless.

    “No! Don’t look!”(Gretel)

    Gretel kicked me with enough power to send me flying. I flied across the book shelves and slide in the floor.

    “Y-you are too young for this!”(Elise)

    Elise quickly runs away and leaved the two girls alone.

    “Mother earth who shelters millions of vines, help me restrain thy enemy!”(Cynthia)

    A blue aura emerge from Cynthia’s body as she said those words. ‘Magic!’ is what I quickly thought. Vines emerge from the concrete ground quickly restraining me.

    I can free myself from this vines, but I think I can’t do it now since the teasing made me really sensitive.

    As I was engross in how to free myself, Gretel who was covering her breast was running here with a red face.

    “Gretel it’s an accident, I just want to free myself— Gufuuu!”(Nedi)

    Gretel who jump dive in me with her feet at my stomach.

    Foam quickly appeared from my mouth, but my consciousness is holding well making it painful for me.

    I lost my will to free myself and just looked at Gretel.

    ‘Well… seeing them bare naked was good. But. It’s painful.’

    Elise quickly returned wearing the same maid uniform she has while carrying a change of clothes for women, which is obviously for Gretel.

    The sight of Gretel’s bare breast was beautiful, but she only lost her top. But unlike Elise, who was wearing a maid dress. She lost everything but not her underwear, so the sight of her full body not wearing anything but underwear was burned in my eyes. Even now her body is still flashing in my mind.

    “Stop thinking about lewd things or I might punish you my own way. Nedi.”(Elise)

    Elise drops the honorifics and was covering her mouth.

    ‘She must be serious.’

    Although I expect some punishment for her. I just played dead and didn’t pay attention to her anymore since she is a pain in the ass and obviously her punishment is nothing but a bother.
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