Spoiler Mermaid Princess / 머메이드 공녀님

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    Name: Mermaid Princess / 머메이드 공녀님

    Author: N/A
    Artist: N/A

    Raw Link: N/A
    NU Link: N/A

    Original language: Korean
    Translated language: English
    Release status: Ongoing
    Year of Release: 2022

    "It is said that a mermaid's tears become a mysterious jewel." Aisha, a girl who never cried despite any bullying. The day she escapes from the village, the girl becomes a mermaid. And the Empire's only boy, Archduke Hayden Elikin, arrives. "We are a family, Aisha Elykin." Life changed overnight. Hayden treats Aisha with kindness, saying that she is her lost sister, but the truth is clear... Can Aisha learn the life of a mysterious mermaid and a glamorous princess, even if she knows Hayden's secret? Is it Aisha or Hayden who shed the tears of jewels?

    I couldn't find this story in the spoiler thread, so I posted it, but if it's already in there, please let me know!
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    Table of Contents
    • Chapter 100 spoiler
    • Chapter 250 spoiler
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