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    Year: 2022
    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Smut
    Status: 1 Volume (Complete) [Novel]
    “I can’t see you holding on to any man and crying beautifully. So what do you do? I have to give this one body.”
    Peregrine's Rose, Night Hunter River. They were all referring to Elysia Peregrine.
    After completing a secret night hunt, Elysia falls into an untimely trap and her body heats up, and a mysterious man, Cassius, appears in front of her and offers a helping hand.
    “You cried lovingly under me that night, and you’re going to marry another bastard?”
    “You put mine deep in this hole and wrap it with seeds. And yet I never came to mind? yes?"
    Even after that, Cassius chases after Elysia and shakes her heart.
    Elysia doesn't like the image of the child in her heartbreaking memories overlapping with Cassius, but in the end, her heart goes to him and she gets confused... .
    “Come to me, Elysia. Throw away all that nonsense and come to me. I'll save you from Peregrine."
    Finally, the man who had captured Elysia's heart whispered sweetly to her.
    Come on, get out of the nightmare of the past.

    * * *

    “What kind of craft is this? why? You want to eat with someone other than me?”
    Cassius raised one corner of his mouth cynically, and grabbed Elysia's one leg. With a ruthless hand he dug under her, ferociously scraping the cracks.
    “If you do this, you won’t be able to sleep with that bastard.”
    “Such crazy…!”
    “Yeah, I’m crazy. Crazy for Elysia Peregrine.”
    As Elysia shut her mouth, Cassius gently licked the corner of her eye. It was a hand with a subtle intention.
    “But why do you keep touching crazy people dangerously, Elysia? Last time you seduced me to kiss you pretty and shook it, now you're making me jealous of that damn bastard?"
    “I am the only one who can have you, Elysia. Anytime or now.”
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