Chinese Motherly Heart [Comprehensive]

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    Name: Motherly Heart [Comprehensive] 慈母之心[综]
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    Single mother Shi Hui fell into despair because of her son's incurable disease. At this moment, she encountered a strange system of the Loving Mother No. 019 and began a journey through.

    First arc: Dream of the red chamber
    MC's identity: Lady You (尤氏) – Wife of Jia Zhen. She is the sole mistress of the Ningguo House.
    Main mission: Jia Rong: (賈蓉) – Jia Zhen's son. He is the husband of Qin Keqing. An exact copy of his father, he is the Cavalier of the Imperial Guards.
    Side mission: Jia Lian: Xifeng's husband and Baoyu's paternal elder cousin, a notorious womanizer whose numerous affairs cause much trouble with his jealous wife, including affairs with men that are not known by his wife. His pregnant concubine (Second Sister You) eventually dies by his wife's engineering. He and his wife are in charge of most hiring and monetary allocation decisions, and often fight over this power. He is a cad with a flawed character but still has a conscience.

    Second arc: the legend of chu liuxiang
    MC's identity: Qiu Lingsu [Partner: Ren Ci]
    Main mission: Nangong Lin
    Side mission: Monk Wuhua

    Third arc: The Legend of the Condor Heroes

    MC's identity: Bao Xiruo
    Mission: Yang Kang

    Fourth arc:

    MC's identity: Zhu Ji (Fictional Zhao Ji)
    Main mission: Yingzheng (Fictional QIn Shi Huang)

    Side mission: Zhaopan

    Fifth arc: Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

    MC's identity: Xiao Yuanshan's wife, Qiao Feng's biological mother
    Main mission: Qiao Feng
    Side mission: Murong Fu

    Sixth arc:

    Seventh arc: Xiaoli Feidao

    MC's identity: Lin Shiyin [Partner: Ren Ci]
    Main mission: Long Xiaoyun
    Side mission: Ah Fei

    Eighth arc: The Return of the Condor Heroes

    MC's identity: Wu Sanniang
    Main mission: Wu Dunru & Wu Xiuwen
    Side mission: Gongsun Lü'e, Lu Wushuang

    Ninth arc:

    MC's identity:
    Noble Consort Yijing, of the Abaga Borjigit clan (懿靖貴妃 博爾濟吉特氏; d. 1674), personal name Namjung (娜木鐘)貴妃..懿靖貴妃
        • Princess Duanshun of the First Rank (固倫端順公主; 30 April 1636 – July/August 1650), 11th daughter
          • Married Garma Sodnam (噶爾瑪索諾木; d. 1663) of the Abaga Borjigit clan in December 1647 or January 1648
        • Bomubogor, Prince Xiangzhao of the First Rank (襄昭親王 博穆博果爾; 20 January 1642 – 22 August 1656), 11th son
    Main mission: Bomubogor, Prince Xiangzhao of the First Rank (襄昭親王 博穆博果爾; 20 January 1642 – 22 August 1656), 11th son

    Tenth arc:
    MC's identity:
    Main mission:
    Side mission:

    Eleventh arc: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

    MC's identity: Yin Li's mother [Partner: Ren Ci]
    Main mission: Yin Li
    Side mission: Song Qingshu, Zhou Zhiruo, Xiao Zhao

    12th arc:
    MC's identity: Wang Lianhua's mother, Wang Yunmeng
    Main mission: Wang Lianhua
    Side mission: Bai Feifei

    13th arc:

    MC's identity: [Partner: Ren Ci]
    Main mission:
    Side mission:

    14th arc: Ch 266
    MC's identity:
    Main mission:
    Side mission:

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