Spoiler Mr. Ji's Little Love Poem

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    [ signed and published ] , published under the title "Long Yunshen. "
    Getting close to him was the beginning of the end of the road, the end of one's infatuation.
    At the beginning of the story, Qiao man was the daughter of an aristocratic family that was worshipped by the stars. Ji Yunshen was known to be a top-tier wealthy man.
    In the destined entanglement, Mr. Ji Smiled elegantly. "Miss Qiao, I owe you a favor. What do you want? "
    She revealed a bright and charming smile and said directly, "I want... the identity of Mrs. Ji. "
    The smoke curled up, making Ji Yunshen's face look even more blurry. He said, "Qiao Man, you're greedy enough. "
    Some people said that the upper-class socialite, Qiao man, was like a plague in forest city, and everyone avoided her.
    But... ... She just had to squeeze out the sweetheart of Ji Yunshen, the outstanding businessman, and become the envied Mrs. Ji ...
    On the day of the wedding, the city's fireworks lit up the entire night sky, so bright that people could not open their eyes.

    I've forgotten how did I come across this book. Even though it's quite heavy but I still love it. Does anybody know the spoilers? I've just read the MTL version uploaded on WebNovel

    p/s: this is my first time creating a post, I hope I've done it right