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    Thank you for the translate. Just got started on this novel and the plot’s really good! I like that the MC is fiercely independent and she is trying her best to do away from her trashy unreliable husband and family. :mad:
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    Thank you for the updates!!! Appreciate it greatly....:blobnosebleed:

    Thank you for the updates Migrad! Hope this does not get in the way of your hectic schedule. :blobhero: #fighting

    Please get well soon! :blobReach:
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    hey you guys, sorry for only posting new chapter now!
    i still trying to adjust to my new healthy life style (sleeping for 7 ~ 8 hours).... its quite difficult for a night owl like me :blob_ghost:
    will try to post more chapter since the story just gotten so good...

    however i encounter some problem with the translation regarding of someone name which i will include in the chapter, so if im wrong or if you have some opinion, please let us know!
    I'm your father.
    I'm your father...….
    Those words struck canna like a thunderbolt. Like a roar that ripped apart her ears.

    "You are my daughter.”

    He approaches slowly.


    Canna didn't move until they got closer. She looked up at him with a white complexion.

    "I wanted to meet you."

    How is it that those watery black eyes are identical to mine?
    It felt unreal.

    "Dear God."

    Even this voice running down his throat didn't seem to belong to him.

    “What are you talking about now?”
    "Ah... I'm sorry.”

    The spirit wiped away his tears and smiled sadly.

    "You don't know anything. You must have thought of Alexandro edis as your biological father."

    Alexandro Edis.
    Duke of Edis.
    Yes, he is her father.
    I hate him so much, and I feared him, but he is nevertheless are her father.
    But what? who is my father now?
    I suddenly came to my senses.

    "I'm sorry."
    "What are you talking about, it's so sudden."
    "Yes, I'm sorry. I am being hasty."

    The divine spirit took a deep breath as if to calm his heart.
    Inhaling and exhaling, sniffing, such figure is very human. Not like fairies or ghosts.
    And the way he look exactly like her are kinda creepy.

    "You know Seon hee, right?"

    The Divine Spirit said carefully.

    "How does the Divine know her?"
    "You know what I'm talking about?”

    He let out a sigh that seemed to miss her.

    “I loved her.”

    I didn't think there was anything more surprising.

    "You are Seon hee and my daughter."

    But i was wrong.

    “I named you with Seon hee. It was chosen from Seon hee’s favorite red flowers.”

    The spirit smiled with eyes reminiscing of the good times.

    "In fact, her favorite flower is rose, but it was too common for a girl name. So we decided to choose between Salvier and Canna, and I chose Canna."

    Canna. The name of the red flower.


    A name suddenly came to mind.
    The name she once used.

    i use zhu hwa because the russian site transalted her name as zhu hwa.
    however in this chapter explained the meaning of her name which is a certain red flower.
    i tried to search some red flower and found jeong hwa flower, which is a big red lotus flower. im not tottally sure though.
    so i will change zhu hwa name with jeong hwa from now on until further notice.

    <Jeong hwa……> (this is zhu hwa)

    Jeong hwa flower.
    Which also means red flower.
    In an instant, a terrifying feeling of completely interlocking the pieces that I could not even imagine rose up to the top of my head.
    Is her mom my mom?
    So, does that mean that Jeong Hwa are my real sister?

    "How am I supposed to believe that?"
    "Seon hee was an excellent alchemist."

    He answered as if the Divine Spirit had waited that question.
    He bend over and pick up a mana stone.

    “She extracted the magical power of mana stones better than anyone else and melted them into alchemy.”

    For a moment, canna was startled.
    Alchemists like that certainly exist in this world.
    It did exist.
    However, there were only a handful of alchemists who had the innate ability to use the magic of mana stones.
    Just like Canna.

    "Magicstone, or magical power, is not originally a power from this world. It is a foreign power from another world that has been created since the World Tree was created on this earth."

    The spirit stared at the black shiny magic stone. It was the eyes filled with love.

    “Magic, which is a foreign power. And Seon hee, who is nothing more than a foreign substance. There is something in common between these foreign beings.”

    For a moment, the word hit her.
    foreign object?

    “That’s why Seon hee was able to handle magic stones very skillfully. Perhaps as much as an ancient alchemist who has already perished. And."

    The divine spirit stared at canna with somewhat certain eyes.

    “With her blood flowing in you, you must also an excellent alchemist.”

    She is.
    She really is.
    In fact, she never saw an alchemist who is better than her.
    If Alexandro had not been forcibly repressed her abilities, she would surely have made a name for herself on this continent.
    But Alexandro, her father, was against it. He told me not to reveal it.
    So she didn’t show her talent.

    “Alexandro and you are strangers without a drop of blood mixed in your body.”

    The divine spirit spoke as if reading the inside of her head.

    "The Duke edis stole you from me. I wanted to save you. So I tried to rescue you several times..."
    “Wait, wait.”

    I felt dizzy. It feels like my brain is about to be crushed by the stories that rushing in like a tidal wave.
    Canna raised her hand and interrupted him.

    “Father and Mom… … Seon hee was exchanging letters. In korean too, maybe he learned it from mother. If it was kidnapping, he couldn’t be... … "
    "Alexandro hates Seon hee."

    Canna's tongue hardened at the word of the Divine Spirit.

    "I promise you, Alexandro is desperate to kill Seon hee."

    In an instant, a scene passes by.
    secret room. father's hostility. fierce hostility who was directed toward Seon hee and the divine spirit.

    “Letters are not only exchanged in friendly relationships. Seon hee also hated Alexandro."
    "Because she called Alexandro with nicknames he didn't like, often insult him in a foreign language he didn't fully understand."

    Crack crack crack.

    "Believe me."

    A cracking sound was heard from somewhere.

    “Canna, you are my daughter.”

    The world that has supported her until now.

    "You were kidnapped and raised by Alexandro."

    It was the sound of her world being completely shattered.
    Canna stared at the Spirit with an empty look on her face.

    "You're the only one I have, Canna."

    It was such a funny face.

    "Seon hee abandoned you and me and went back to her world.”

    To Korea.

    "Because she's always missed her hometown. She said she had a young daughter and a husband back home."

    The Divine Spirit smiled sadly.

    "But i don't blame her. I have you, who Seon hee left behind."
    “So, why don’t you stay here with me? I will make you a saint and spread the entire western continent under your feet.”

    Saint, the Western Continent, under my feet.
    Words that sounds like bullshit came out so easily from his mouth.
    But it was the Divine Spirit who said it. He is the head of the holy temple.
    Even the emperor would not dare to look straight at him. Such a spirit was speaking.

    I'm your father.
    Let's stay together.
    I'll give you the Western continent.

    “It’s too sudden.”

    It was a fancy and appetizing bait, but canna didn't bite. Not an ounce of greed occurred in her heart.
    It didn't look like something she could possibly swallow.
    Such a sense of incongruity arose intensely.
    Perhaps, it was an intuition close to instinct.
    I know he's her father. His distinctive face was proof of that. I understand that her mother is Seon-hee, too.
    Still, I can't trust him completely.

    "I need time to think."

    First of all, let's get out of here.
    A strong warning sounded on my head.
    Whether if he is her real dad or not.
    Whether he want to give me this continent or not.
    Let's leave for now and think it again.

    "Oh, sure. I can give you plenty of time to think.”

    The Divine Spirit smiled softly.

    "I'll give you the best room in the temple, Canna. You'll be able to stay without any inconvenience."

    But he already thought Canna was staying here.
    No, I decided.
    The back of the neck becomes cold. The beep sounds one more time.

    “Wherever I go, it’s up to me to decide.”

    At that moment, sadness flashed through the dark eyes of the spirit.

    “You still don’t believe me.”
    “It was so sudden. Please understand."
    “You really understand me.”

    At that moment, the sound of footsteps turned canna around.

    "Please understand me for not letting you go, Canna."

    When did they get here? Dozens of men in bloody red robes were blocking her back.
    She recognized who they were.
    Executive Officer of the temple.
    They were priests made for combat!
    Executors stood on both of canna side, holding her arms.

    “What are you doing now?”
    “I am protecting you.”
    “Alexandro is a monster. He is careless this time and missed you, but there won't be another chance. This is my only chance to save you."

    He was speaking completely arbitrary.
    Is that so? On the contrary, canna became colder. She thought in a very calm manner.
    And she quickly finished her calculation.
    Lets pretend to follow his demand.

    Come to think of it, it was better to stay here for a while than to leave right away.
    It will be an opportunity to gather information and determine whether the word of the Divine Spirit is true or not.
    And take a chance and run away or not.
    She had the confidence to run away.
    Now, in her necklace and ring, there is a poison that will stun people for days.
    Not only that. I have prepared all kinds of drugs that can subdue someone, such as sleeping incense and poison.

    <Let's pretend to follow him.>

    When canna is about to accept the offer.


    Then, a low voice was heard.
    Canna and even the executioners turned around in surprise. They found a man.

    “…… Orsini?”

    It was Orsini. He stood crookedly with a sword draped over his shoulders.

    "What are you doing here?"

    For a moment there was silence.
    As he approached the realm of the spirits, right behind the executioners, no one even noticed!

    “Orsini edis.”

    The spirit smiled leisurely.

    "Go back. This is the realm of the spirits. This is not your place."
    "Ah. Are you the spirit?"

    Orsini replied halfheartedly as if he didn't care much.

    "I don't care who you are or where this is. But I'll have to take her."

    Orsini pointed to Canna with his eyes.

    "So tell the executioners to take their hands off her right now. Before I cut off their wrist."

    In an instant, goosebumps welled up on the back of canna's neck.
    Is this real? The air around Orsini pierced my flesh like sharp thorns.

    "Pretentious, just like young alexandro."
    "I'll take it as a compliment."
    "a compliment."

    Ahahahaha! The Divine Spirit burst into laughter.

    "Did you know that canna is my daughter?"

    For a moment, Orsini's eyes shook violently. But soon laughed his head off.

    "What did you just say? We just look different." (the MTL are unclear on this part, apologies)
    “Yeah, I guess you didn't know that. Then ill tell you. Canna is my daughter. Do you know what that means? It means that you didn’t share a single blood, not a brother and sister. So."

    The Divine Spirit beckoned as if to show mercy.

    "I'll overlook your rudeness this time, so go home."
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    Thank you for this Migrad!

    All the best on adjusting your schedule towards a healthy & balanced lifestyle, good luck ;)

    Yes, I agree! This book is one of a kind & unique. :cookie:

    OMG!! Once convinced, I think Orsini might actually give it a shot now that he knows that Canna & him are not related :blobflag: In his own twisted way, I detect his attraction to Canna.
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    for some reason orsini I don't dislike him, and I still don't understand the great spirit
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    A3955737-8B48-448B-A52F-3EDC050C2656.jpeg New cover for the side stories
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    Is it safe to assume these hot guys are the ml?
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    Is chapter 126 already out? :barefoot:

    Can’t wait to find out what’ll happen next!!
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    Who is these guys? And the woman?
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    the silver haired guy is the trash ex husband and the black haired guy is Raphael
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    Wasn't the black haired guy Alexander Edis, the father (figure)? Because if I recall correctly Raphael was brown haired.
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    The woman is Canna (she has a mole under her left eye like in the fist cover on the first page of the spoilers)
    The white haired jerk is The ex-trash husband
    The black haired man is either Alexandero(not sure since it was said that he has red or purple hair with green eyes) or Raphael (he is better looking than the white dog)
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    I think I read a comment on kakaopage saying it’s Raphael. I guess it’s wrong
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    Wow ❤️
    Is Raphael and Silver ❤️ "the friends"
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    I forget. Who is raphael?
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    wow i cant believe this silver haired bastard are so fine....
    is that really how raphael look like? kinda un-priest like lol

    oh well lets imagine raphael as that guy lol, you guys gonna love these chapter :blobsmirk:
    raphael are sylvien priest friend. Seemingly harmless (he got bullied by jeong hwa lol) but actually very powerful. from the spoiler i read, he stalk canna the way jeong hwa stalk sylvien, but his intention are still unclear.

    But Orsini didn't even lift an eyebrow.

    "I'll go, but only after I get canna edis back."
    "Did you not understand what I was saying?"

    At the words of the divine spirit, orsini quipped coldly.

    “The divine spirit are the one who not understand. Have your ears turned bad after living for so long?”
    “How dare you to the divine spirit!”

    The Executives pulled out their swords in unison.
    To insult the divine spirit, that was the most heinous blasphemy.

    "Yes, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give Alexandro his son's neck as a gift.”

    The divine spirit mumbled.

    “Behead Orsini edis. I will send it to the Duke edis.”

    They're having fun.
    Canna watched the scene with a glum look.
    At this point, it seemed that she supposed to shout “Stop it!” for some reason. But she didn’t.
    She had no intention of doing so.
    Whether Orsini dies or not, it's his fate.
    She sincerely thought so.
    She decided that she would be here for now. She didn't even ask for help, let alone asking him.

    <So even if he die, it doesn't matter to me.>

    Bye. Good bye. She turned her head, saying goodbye in her heart.
    But the next moment, canna realized she was completely mistaken.

    "Tsk. I'm afraid it's Alexandro's son...."

    The Divine Spirit clicked his tongue. He half expecting it would happen.
    In a blink of an eye, the executives who surrounded Orsini collapsed. At the same time, the rain poured down.
    They were like dolls whose strings were cut off all at once.
    And in the next moment, Orsini came out like a bullet. It was so fast that Canna only realized it after he snatched her by the waist.


    He was too fast, and Canna are unprepared for that speed. A scream popped out as her neck bent roughly.

    "Are you stupid? Won't you hold on tight?"

    Criticism in her ear. Instantly, anger rises.

    “Who are you going to save? Put me down!”

    She is sincere, but Orsini didn't even respond because he thought she was being grumpy. Instead, he held her tight with one of his arms.

    “Let me go! I'm going to stay in the temple!"
    “Shut up and be still, you idiot!”
    "Put me down, put me down!"

    As soon that she screamed while ripping his hair mercilessly, she saw it.
    Orsini's sword catches the flying executioner's sword, shatters it, and hurls it straight out, splitting their body in half.
    For a moment, she felt nauseous and canna bit her lip. She couldn't see anymore and buried her face in his shoulder.
    She also stopped tearing his hair out.
    Ah i don't know. Do as you please.

    "I'll be waiting for you, Canna!"

    Surprisingly, the spirit did not come directly. As Orsini grabbed canna and ran away, she looked back and he greeted her with a big smile.

    "I'll be waiting for you!" (....arent you like a god? why didnt you do something?)


    "Now I'm going to take a breather."

    How many hours has it been?
    After running away like mad, Orsini managed to get out of the Great temple. He fled into the deep forest.
    Only then did he stopped for the first time.

    "Get off me."

    Orsini dropped off Canna. Canna couldn't stand up straight and slumped down.
    For hours on end, she swayed wildly in her unstable posture. she feel dizzy. she feel like throwing up.

    "Are you okay?"
    “Do i look okay?”

    Canna opened her eyes fiercely and glared at him.
    In fact, Orsini didn't look any better.
    Because he was covered in blood.
    Most of it was someone else's blood, but some are his own blood.
    Because I saw an executioner cut Orsini's back with a sword.

    "What are you?"
    “I didn’t even ask for help, so why are you acting like this?”

    Then Orsini's face froze terribly. He knelt down on his knees and met canna's eye level.

    "Hey, you fucker. Not even a thank you, are you saying im being selfish? Is that what you mean?"
    “Then did you expect to hear me say thank you?”

    Canna looked straight into his eyes. She laughed coldly.

    “Did you think I would be grateful?”

    I didn't even ask for help. But this person tried to saved me as much as he could even getting hurt.
    Orsini, not anyone else.
    Why the hell?

    "Don't beat around the bush, Orsini, it's disgusting."

    Orsini clenched his teeth.
    His eyelids trembled with indignation, shame, and anger.
    Even when he was cut by a sword, his expression did not change, but he was swayed helplessly by canna's words.

    "I didn't mean to run away. I thought I was going to stay in the Great temple. You've seen the spirit, didnt you? I am…"

    Canna paused for a moment, then spit it out.

    "I am not edis daughter."

    Now that I've said it, I'm really sure.
    Alexandro edis....
    He is not related to her.
    Back then, in my father's secret room.
    Canna pointed to the portrait of the Divine Spirit and asked with interest if that person was her parents.

    <If you say so, so be it.>

    Canna, who knew Alexandro's way of speaking very well, knew it was an affirmative.
    I was expecting them to be my mother at the time, but I didn't expect them to be my father.
    Of course, Alexandro must aware of Canna's misunderstanding. He knew it, but left her alone. He played her good.
    How funny was that?
    Canna laughed bitterly. Strangely, she continued to laugh.
    I don't know how much of what the Divine Spirit said is true and false.
    The only thing I can be sure.

    "Alexandro edis is not my father."

    That's the truth.

    “Orsini, we are not siblings, and I do not share a single drop of blood with the edis family.”

    But why did she grow up as the daughter of edis?
    Alexandro raised her.
    The statement that he hated Seon hee may also be true.
    Isn't that plausible?
    She suffered like being tortured in edis. Perhaps, she received Alexandro's hatred for Seon hee instead.

    That was then.
    A cold sensation hit the back of her hand.
    That was the start. The raindrops fell one by one and quickly intensified. Canna's body was soaked in the rain.
    It couldn't be worse.
    How miserable.

    "So I'm not going. You go alone."
    "...where are you going?"
    "It's none of your business."

    I don't know. I really don't know.
    I wasn't sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do.
    There's only one thing I know.
    That her world was shattered.
    That's why I needed time to recover.
    Canna put up with dizziness. She groaned and got her body up. She then looked down at Orsini, who is still sitting.

    "So you go back to edis alone."

    Raindrops pour down on Orsini's cheeks. The Blood is washed away.
    He opened his lips.


    Somehow, canna was expecting him to say so.
    I thought you'd say no.
    I didn't think they would let me go.
    That's why he used the dragon to take them out of the temple. (not sure about the dragon part)
    My stomach churned when I remembered the feeling of the firm arm that held me tightly as if protecting a treasure from the rushing blade.
    I couldn't stand but swear.

    "You disgusting bastard."
    "Yes, talk as you please."

    When he raised the corners of his mouth and smiled, her stomach turned inside out.

    "Do not smile."

    She lifted her foot and trampled his thigh. It was hard as a stone, and she twisted her heels and pressed them down hard.

    “Don’t smile, Orsini.”

    Canna grabbed his sharp jaw roughly and raised it.

    “I hate it when you smiled.”

    Hate surged fiercely.
    I want to hurt you. I want to tear that relaxed smile away.
    And canna quickly found a way.

    “Do you really want me to forgive you?”

    At that moment, Orsini's jaw tightened.
    Canna smirked.
    She asked just in case, really. It is indeed an abominable hope.

    "You shameless son of a bitch."

    More, more, more.
    I want to hurt you.
    So much so that I can't erase it.
    Just like he did to her, she want to inflict intense pain that he will never forget even after 10 years have passed.

    “Then you should have died earlier.”

    And it was ridiculously easy.

    “Know what? If you had died trying to protect me, you might have been a little sympathetic.”

    A few words were enough.
    The pain in Orsini's eyes gave canna a cruel pleasure.
    How easy, its simpler than twisting a child's wrist.

    “So, next time you get a chance, just die.”

    Canna shook his chin. She stepped back and she turned her back.
    I don't know where this is, but I was going to go anywhere. Wherever edis isn't.


    But he grabs canna's shoulder and turns her around.

    “Calm down and listen to me.”

    Orsini persuaded in a calm voice. It was clear in canna's eyes that he is making every effort to remain calm.

    “I will go too.”
    "You`ll be in danger alone.

    Canna couldn't resist and burst into laughter.
    Danger? Are those worries coming out of your mouth?

    "You're the most dangerous thing to me. I don't know when you're gonna strangle me and hit me, don’t you think?"
    "Back then."

    Orsini's voice cracked.
    Even in the pouring rain, his agitation was clearly revealed.

    “Back then I……”
    "Shut up."

    Canna coldly cut off his words.

    "I don't want to hear anything. Whatever it is."
    "Don't call my name!"

    Orsini's lips hardened as she shouted like mad.

    “You’d better call me filth. Be violent like you used to.”

    The more she talk, the more she split her mask. The truth has been revealed. Only a face stained with anger and resentment.

    "You have to remain as piece of garbage forever. Don't you dare be anything else now."

    A deep resignation hung over Orsini's face. It soon turned into a mockery.

    “Yeah, hate me to your heart’s content. Speak out as you please. But you cannot go alone.”
    "Who are you to command me?"
    "If I said cant, you cant. Its dangerous."

    In an instant, the anger surged. I feel like my eyes are burning with anger.
    How dare you to worry about me? How dare you!


    At that moment, a low voice are heard.
    Canna turned her head away. And she doubted her own eyes.
    In the pouring rain, a black priest stood still.
    He ruffles his wet hair. Drops of water running down his forehead shattered at the tip of his chin.


    When she saw his figure, canna somehow felt as if her head were blank. Her heart, which was burning with anger, was left with only ashes at once. She got dazed.

    "Do you need any help?"

    The deep sunken eyes looked at Orsini's hand. The hand that grabbed canna's shoulder like an obsession.

    "If so, command me. I'll follow you."
    "Who are you?"

    Orsini raised an eyebrow.

    “Who do you think you are to intervene?”

    But Raphael did not even look at Orsini. His gaze was always on canna. He waited patiently.
    For her orders.
    Canna stared blankly at him.
    Her lips opened.


    It was a decision that didn't go through my head.

    “I don’t want to go back to edis.”

    At that moment, Orsini's face was distorted like a car. (lmao mtl got drunk)
    Raphael approach canna. Orsini blocked his way.

    “Whats with you?”
    “Stand aside, Sir Orsini. I will take care of my madam.”
    "She is not your fucking madam, she's already divorced."

    Orsini spat out abusive language.

    "Who are you to take her?"
    "My madam doesn't want to be with you."
    "So who are you to care of her?"

    He was like an animal that would rush in and bite right now. But Raphael spoke without any hint of agitation.

    "I'll tell you one last time. Sir Orsini, stand back."

    Orsini's lips twisted.
    Thick veins grew violently on the back of his hand.
    There was a one-on-one atmosphere right now, so canna stepped out quickly.

    “Orsini, don’t…”

    But Orsini was one step faster. He threw a punch at Raphael!


    Fortunately, however, Raphael turned his face and avoided it.
    Then he grabbed his arm and neck and threw him away. Orsini's body was dragged away easily.
    Orsini lands on the floor by rotating his body with uncanny flexibility, rather than falling down violently. The moment he thought he had landed, he immediately rushed like a beast.


    Canna blocked in front of Raphael.
    Orsini, who was rushing in, stopped tall.
    Right in front of him, his eyes were like a beast. It was full of life and flowing out.

    "Get out of the way."

    His form is overwhelming enough to make your toes numb.
    But canna are not afraid of him. Not even a tiny bit of booger.

    “You get out of my way, Orsini.”

    Instead of retreating, she slapped him on the shoulder.
    Then again. She is simply pushed away by his power. She was powerless like a paper boat swaying on the waves.
    Canna now knew that.
    She knew it funny enough.

    "Who are you to care about me? Who do you think you are?"

    Puck. She slapped him again on the shoulder. One step further, he is pushed back.

    "Wherever I go, who I go with, do not care. You don't have the right to do that."
    "So you're going with that bastard?"

    Orsini responded harshly.

    “How can I trust that bastard?”
    "I don't need your trust. And how can I trust you?"
    "I don't trust you, Orsini. I'd rather believe a beggar by the wayside."

    At that moment, Canna realized that her tongue had stabbed Orsini deeply. His face split into pieces, seemed to be heard all the way up to here.
    That was funny.
    So unlike Orsini.
    I can't believe he shocked by all this. I can't believe it hurts him.

    "So get lost."

    After spitting cold words, she turned back. She grabbed Raphael's arm.
    They strode along.
    His eyes were fixed on her back.


    Orsini called her.
    But she ignored it. Far from slowing down, she didn't even look back.


    Afterwards, he seemed to say something.
    But buried in the sound of rain, it became faintly. It had to be blurred.
    Canna did not listen.
    I didn't want to hear it.

    * * *

    And how many hours did she walk?
    Raphael said he knew the way out of this forest.
    It was a great relief. Without him, she would have spent all her energy wandering through the forest.
    So, just follow his back and walk.
    Then one day it'll be over.


    What will be the end?
    Will it ever end?
    I thought it was almost over now. I made enough money and achieve my divorce.
    Now all that was left was a branch house.
    It was a journey with an end on sight.

    <I must have been mistaken.>

    In the meantime, she has faced numerous crises, and her life has been at risk several times, but canna has never been discouraged.
    But now...….
    I'd rather fall down.
    My head is throbbing.
    Canna bit her lips, trembling in the cold.
    Is it because of the shock of splitting lives or walking in the rain for hours?
    I have a headache and dizzy eyes.


    Canna blinked her eyes.


    Unbeknownst to her, she rested her head on Raphael's back.
    As soon as it recognizes, the body slides down. Raphael hurriedly pulled her over.

    "Are you all right, madam?"
    "It's all right……."

    My vision is shaking. Canna struggled to get her act together in a head-shaking dizziness.

    "It's all right, im okay, let me go."

    I need to get my act together.
    However, contrary to my mind, my body was heated up. My eyelids became heavy.
    No, I cant.
    I might die if I faint in a place like this... … .

    "It's all right."

    At that moment, Raphael said as if he knew the truth.

    “Rest assured and please rest in peace, madam.”

    It was a strong voice.
    Maybe, enough to lean on.
    Canna closed her eyes involuntarily.

    * * *

    Meanwhile, she had a short dream.

    “Happy birthday, Mom.”

    When canna was in jeong hwa body.
    She must have been around twenty-two years of age. As a birthday present for her mother, she made a one-of-a-kind perfume.

    “Thank you, Jeong hwa. After all, my daughter is the best.”
    "right? Am I the greatest gift?”
    "Yes, I'm so glad you grew up so well. I thought you were immature because your mom spoiled you so many times when you were young.…."

    Then Seon hong suddenly intervened.

    “Mom, what about me? Why am I a Spartan?" (not so sure about this sorry)

    Then the mother laughed.

    "My mom used to be so busy that she couldn't take care of me when I was a baby. Don't be jealous, Lee Seon Hong."
    "Oh, yeah. You two should be on the same team. I'm going to play with my dad."

    Then my father, who was peeling an apple, responded heartily.

    “Am I going to play against Seon hee?”

    when we were chattering. A moment that was common to them.
    But the moment I opened my eyes, it disappeared like a bubble.
    All that's left is the bone-chilling cold.


    Canna trembled and opened her eyes.

    <This is...…?>

    Inside a cave.
    I could hear the sound of a bonfire burning right next to me, and the sound of rain pouring in the distance.

    "Are you awake?"

    Canna turned her head helplessly.
    Raphael was sitting next to her.
    He was caught in the rain at dawn as cold as she was, but unlike her, he didn't seem to feel a bit of cold.

    "Are you all right?"

    My jaw trembled.

    "It's cold."

    I think I'm going to freeze like this.
    Canna hugged her pale cold body. It's like ice. Still in wet clothes, which was a natural result.

    "Please take it off."

    At this rate, she will have a very high fever and will suffer from aches and die of hypothermia.

    "Dress, take it off for me……."

    I just asked because I didn't have the strength to lift my finger.
    No, is this more of an order?
    It doesn't matter, whatever it is, Raphael will listen to her.

    "And give me a hug."

    I'm sure he'll listen to this, too.

    "Hug me. It's so cold.”

    I felt like I was going to die.
    I needed warmth.
    I didn't know if it was the cold or the loneliness.

    "I think I'm going to die because it's cold..."

    Alexandro edis.
    No matter how much I hated him, he was my father. That's why I called him father.
    But he wasn't even her father.
    Why was it so shocking?

    Wasn't the edis family no better than the bugs except Lucy anyway?
    I should consider myself lucky that Im not related by blood to such people.
    Not being considered as family and not really a family. What's the big difference...…….

    <Seon hee abandoned us and went back to her world.>
    <Because she always missed her hometown. She said she had a young daughter and a husband there.>

    But mom.
    Why didn't you take me with you?
    Make me a member of my mother's family.

    <Of course not.>

    Because she is a child out of wedlock.
    Her husband would have waited alone, raising her little baby, Jeong hwa, during the time mother went missing. When mother returned, he would have welcomed her with open arms.
    What if i had been with mother at that time?
    There may not have been a happy family.

    So mother, even if it was possible, would never, never have taken me with her.
    It was truly her mother choice.
    She sets goals, weighs the benefits, chooses the best, and does not look back.
    Canna knew her mother well. Because she taught herself that way.
    That's why she collapsed at her feet at this moment.


    It would be less miserable if you rolled in the mud.

    “I will be rude for a moment.”

    Canna lifted her heavy eyelids.
    His fingers grab the edge of the ribbon above her chest and lift it up.
    He pauses for a moment in that state.

    "Please forgive me."

    And pulled the ribbon.
    The knot is untied and the front is open.
    Raphael, very carefully, grabbed her hem and pulled her down, taking care not to let his fingers touch her skin.
    A damp cloth glides down her shoulders and chest, down her waist. At the end of her, it rubbed her toes and peeled off like a skin.

    However, canna did not feel even the slightest bit of shame.
    she didn't mind. She didn't even know that all the nerves were hurting and everything else was paralyzed.
    And the next moment, the sound of Raphael unbuttoning his priest's uniform was heard. Then, the sound of clothes falling down.
    Then he lifted her up and sat her on his thigh.

    As the warmth approached, canna instinctively stretched out her arms. She wrapped her slender waist around him and hugged him. Their skins touched each other tightly, and their body temperature overlapped.
    heat rushes in.
    Its Warm.
    more, a little closer.
    But I know this shouldn't be the case.
    She knows she shouldn't share her bare body temperature with a close friend of her ex-husband, who is divorced, but she knows... … … .

    No, actually, it was pretty good.
    If I could warm up my frozen body.
    If only I could escape from this sub-zero cold, the loneliness of being alone in the world.

    "Aren't you offended?"

    Raphael's bass sound came from very close.

    “Not at all.”
    “Then are you uncomfortable… … .”
    "No. Just a little bit like this."

    And silence fell.
    No one said anything any more.
    Tattering, the embers are burning.
    In silence, each other's breaths drifted.

    The sound of water droplets falling from your hair sliding on your skin, the sound of swallowing saliva, and even the pulsation of your heart.
    Canna breathed slowly.
    Oh, it's warm.
    I felt alive now.
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    From chapter 1 to 6 (the extra is called "spring, winter, and ...), it is an extra that is about Alexandro, how he was when he was young, how he fell in love with Canna, the deal he made with Seon-Hee, because Seon-Hee killed his brother Largos (I don't know if this is written correctly, because I used google translator to translate them, I hope that later someone publishes them with good writing, sorry), how Alexandro's health deteriorated, his thoughts and the evolution of feelings towards Canna.
    From chapter 7 to 11 (the extra is called "true or false") is about how Sylvien met Raphael, hahaha I loved this chapter they describe Raphael as a beast, there is a lot of bromance between the two of them, even Sylvien gets drunk and thinks that He slept with Raphael, they fights between them to see how strong they were, here they tell you that Raphael is the man closest to God, Raphael has purple eyes that hypnotize you and a strong sexual attraction, he is even capable of seeing dreams, once he sees a dream of Sylvien (rather it is a memory) where Sylvien's mother tried to drown him, there is a part of when Sylvien returned to Canna to the Edis duchy, and it ends in when Sylvien separates from Raphael (since he civilized him a little, he didn't even know how to write and read anymore), Sylvien thinks that Raphael is not his friend, but just a person he can use, but when he sees him leave, he asks God to please return him safely, he does not ask because be friends, but for something else.
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    The first two extras are related to the main plot and this last extra is something alternative I suppose, obviously the first extras are longer, but explain in more detail the third because it was the rarest (?), I am missing chaps 15 and 16, maybe read them today.
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