Spoiler My Three Tyrant Brothers - 폭군 오빠가 셋이래요

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    As I understood from webtoon, apparently the MC father is alive ....?! :blobfrowning:

    Any spoiler of how MC became a slave?

    Also, any spoilers if they change the names? Wednesday and Sunday ...the names of MC and ML (possible?) ....well, I really hope they change the names. :blobneutral:
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    The mc become slave possibly because some the noble's plot.. it was hinted but yet confirmed since I only read a bit..

    Well Wednesday will change her name.. it was her father who gave her new name the first time she arrived at the palace.. by letter nonetheless.. since he was currently away idk either at war or a mission.. sorry I completely forgot about it.. but her father wrote a very sweet letter for her..

    Ah n sunday got new name too..
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    why would copy urs actually? i mean like mine and urs is not the same its only the same topic bruhhh and my words were a lot different than yours.:facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:
    I don't want to cause a misunderstanding here or fight so I deleted mine. :blobexpressionless::blobexpressionless::blobexpressionless:
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    I am MTL the webtoon...

    Emperor is on the battlefield
    Crown Prince Chester (the one who picked up MC)
    2nd Prince Jed

    Lady Ericka (MC's mom) was a happy lady that had a tragic/complicated end...Prince Chester doesn't know how to tell MC.
    Prince Chester sees MC sleeping in the carriage. She puts the dog plush on the better place (the seat) while she slept mostly on the floor of the carriage. Chester picks up sleeping MC places her to sleep on the carriage seat with plush. Then he takes off his cape and drapes it over her as a blanket.
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    I sure hope they change the name!
    Wasn’t there a rumor that the sons killed their father though?! there are 10 chapters out on some site but in original language so I can only get some generic ideas...
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    Our mc name is Chloe and Sunday's new name is Theo.

    On her first meal in the castle, Chloe doesn't eat her food right away bcs the food looks so good she wants to share it with her brothers. Chester (the crown prince) told her, the second prince Zed is currently away for inspections, while the third prince Ezra is usually not in the castle for a long time.
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    Thank you for the information!
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    It’s “Sunday” or Theo!!! They kissed on the last chapter(≧∇≦)
    I’m currently translating the last chapter, I’ll post it once it’s done^^
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    Hi! I just wanna ask since I'm REALLY DESPERATE for spoilers :whistle:

    So, are the brothers protective of the princess? Like, you know, the typical brothers in a royalty(?) manga where the brothers are protective of their sister especially when there are guys around their sister something like that HAHAHAH. And, are they ESPECIALLY protective when Sunday's around? I'M REALLY DYING OF CURIOSITY :X3:

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    take it with a grain of salt, this is mtl with some correction to make the sentences easier to read.

    Philip, who soon visited the room, helped her groom as always.

    "From tomorrow, the women will help you to groom yourself."

    "A maid?"

    "Yes, His Highness ordered us to have them enter the castle."

    Chloe opened her eyes round when she heard that a new person was coming.

    Philip kindly added that he thought she might be anxious.

    "They're all strictly chosen again and again, so I am sure you will like them."

    What are the new maids like? Now that Chloe's fear of meeting strangers has faded, she was excited.

    A servant announced the arrival of Paladin Heath and the boy accompanying him.

    Philip, who reaffirmed that Chloe's grooming was over, ordered them to come into the room.

    The excited Chloe stared at the door.

    Soon the door will open and a familiar face.

    He showed up.

    It was a neat Sunday.


    With a big smile of joy, Chloe called him.

    She think he'll return a bright smile just like her.

    However, Sunday's face was nothing like her expectations.


    She couldn't find any laughter on the face of the emotionless Sunday.

    Bowing deeply at Chloe, who was embarrassed, he opened his mouth.

    "I greet The Princess."

    It was like treating someone with a high status, not a friend.

    Speechless, Chloe blinked her big eyes.

    Why is Sunday so unfamiliar to me?

    Chloe's eyes bustled through Sunday's figure.

    A boy with black hair, wearing clean clothes that fit him differently.

    Her dress changed, but her friend was definitely the same one.

    By the way…


    Somehow it doesn't feel like Sunday. She thinks that he's a stranger in front of her.

    The moment Chloe called his name in a trembling voice.

    "Hey, kiddo, take your time man!"

    With a brave voice, a large-sized knight entered Chloe's room.

    With Collin sighing deeply in the background.


    Chloe recognized Heath immediately.

    It was definitely the knight who was there the day Chester picked me up.

    The person who brought Sunday here.

    Despite the confusion, she thanked him first.

    "Hello, Heath. Thank you for bringing me Sunday."

    Heath looked surprised to see her like that.

    "No, my Lady! You've gotten so much better since the last time I saw you! Like that sack of bags you've never seen before, no, no, no! You look much better now than your unique hairstyle! But if you have short hair, you can't wear any accessories that are popular these days. Argh!"

    Colin, who took an elbow at Heath's side, who couldn't handle the nonsense, whispered.

    'Please pay attention to your words and deeds in front of her.' 'No, what did I do... All right."

    Heath, who was accustomed to being scolded by his fellow knights, scratched his head.

    "Anyway, it's an honor to see you again, my lady. I'm Paladine Heath Radbold, from the 3rd Knights."

    "Yes, nice to meet you. Heath. I'm Chloe Ascanier."

    His eyes wide open at Chloe's answer.

    "Oh! You seem to have brightened up in a moment, my lady. And now that you have a name, that's great!"

    Chloe smiled at Heath's cheerful voice.

    But it was only for a moment.

    Soon her eyes returned to Sunday.

    Sunday is still with his head down.

    Chloe approached such a Sunday.

    Chloe, who tried to call him out again, changed what she was going to say.

    "… I'm very happy to see you again. You're not hurt or sick, are you?"

    "Yes, thanks."

    However, no matter how well Chloe talked to him, the return from Sunday was still blunt.

    She felt frustrated as if we were talking with a big wall between them.


    Chloe, who unable to understand the sudden change in Sunday's attitude, was terrified.

    She wanted to see the boy's face smiling as playful as before.

    'Something, is there anything good?' Oh, my God!

    There was one thing that came to mind at a moment. Chloe quickly grabbed Sunday's hand.

    "I want to give you something."

    The shoulders of the little skinny boy flinched.

    He lifted his head slowly.

    Only then did Chloe smile when she saw my friend's face properly.


    The boy blinked at the name that popped out of the blue from Chloe's mouth.

    It was like asking what it was.

    "Theo, this is your name from now on."

    Crown Prince Chester, who never forgot her sister's request, went through a naming dictionary and prepared several candidates.

    Recalling all those names, Chloe finally found the best name for her friend.

    Theo. The ancient meaning of God's gift.

    It was a name Chloe thought was just right for her friend.

    "Theo. I'm Chloe."

    We are not nameless slaves anymore.

    There's nothing called Wednesday or Sunday.

    Chloe hesitated to say so.

    Contrary to her expectations that he would like it, his expression was still dark.

    'Maybe you don't like the name...?'

    Come to think of it, I chose his name without asking him properly.

    'I was so happy that I got a name, but Sunday might have wanted to have a different name.'

    Chloe recalled the moment when she was happy to have a name.

    I was a little embarrassed that I thought my friend would be just as happy as I was.

    ".…if you don't like it, you can get another name….”

    Theo shouted quickly as Chloe, who was down in the grass, bowed her head and muttered.

    "That can't be true...!"

    Surprised by the loud noise, Chloe looked at Theo with her eyes wide open.

    Theo, who made eye contact with her, had a complicated look.

    But it was just a moment.

    He had a blank face, just as he did when he entered the room previously.

    "I will cherish the name the Princess gave me. Thank you."

    She's sure that he doesn't hate that name.

    But then Theo's attitude was all the more incomprehensible.

    Chloe looked up at Collin as if she were looking for an answer.

    The person that helped her every time looked like that he couldn't do much this time.

    Chloe tightened her arms around the doll.

    I felt stuffy as if a big stone had been placed on my chest.


    She looked at her friend with a wistful look.

    But until he left, Theo never looked up to her again.

    Darkness was everywhere.

    Chloe looked around and tried to figure out where it was.


    Chloe raised her head to a familiar voice calling me.


    A boy in familiar clothes was smiling at her.

    Chloe reached for him happily.

    "Sunday! Oh! No, Theo!"

    Chloe's voice, trying to say everything is fine now, was sank in.

    No matter how hard she tried to open her mouth, she couldn't say anything. Theo looked at Chloe with an unfamiliar face.


    Theo's voice calling her was also terribly unfamiliar. Why, why, Theo.

    I can't speak. I want to ask why Theo has such a sad face somehow. Chloe's eyes, which were struggling, became dark again.

    And the next moment.


    A familiar shout froze Chloe tightly.


    The owner of the voice was Miriam, the only slave who had a name in the slave merchant's mansion.

    Chloe looked up at Miriam, who was about a bone taller than her.

    Her heart began to pound loudly.

    Miriam looked down on Chloe with his expression.

    "Did you do everything I ordered?"

    What did Miriam order?

    The confused Chloe fumbled through her memory.

    So, I'm sure I have to clean the owner's study, clean the hallway....

    At the end of her reverting memory of winding the spring, Chloe thought of one thing.

    "I'm not a slave anymore."

    The owner's statement that Chloe was born a daughter of a slave was all false. Chloe is the only woman of the Ascanian, and there are so many people waiting for her.

    "What are you thinking, Wednesday? Do you think you have a family?"

    Miriam smiled with a voice full of mockery. In a panic, Chloe shook her head.

    "No, it's not a weird idea. I really have a family."

    As soon as Chloe's words were over, Miriam burst into laughter.

    Ahaha, ahaha, ahaha!

    Miriam's laughter covered the surrounding area as if echoing.

    "You're so funny, now that I see you have a delusional disease."

    I'm not delusional. I really have a family. Your Highness Chester helped me. My dad gave me a name.

    I am not Wednesday anymore.

    "No, you're Wednesday. Everything is your illusion, your delusion."

    Miriam's face, which laughs at Chloe as if singing, was scarier than any other face Chloe has ever seen.

    The curse continued over and again.

    "Now you've been beaten by your master and you're dying on a cold stone floor. That's why you saw such a crazy fantasy."

    Do you really think so? I'm not Chloe, I'm Wednesday....

    It's all my dreams that I'm a lady, and I'm the real one....

    In an instant, everything in front of me went wrong.

    Miriam's unpleasant laughter and pouring curses poked her ears.

    Cloak his ears with both hands and Chloe held her breath.

    No, it must be a dream. Otherwise, I'll, I'll...,

    Chloe, who was shaking, opened her eyes.
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    MTL-ed, some parts will not make sense especially the middle parts.
    An area on the border with white snow falling like a veil.

    Chloe stood on the wide ground with nothing.

    Her gaze remained in one place.

    Ruins with only burned and broken debris remaining.

    As Chloe moved, footprints were carved over the snowy fields.

    Theo followed her slowly.

    Finally stopping in a place, Chloe looked around as if she was trying to find something.

    But she soon caught her gaze with a bitter face.

    Theo approached her. "Do you need anything?"

    Chloe shook her head at his question.

    “Not really. I think it was about here."

    When Theo saw the direction Chloe pointed at, he made a short noise.

    He also immediately noticed what Chloe was saying.

    “The room you were in?”


    The days of the week when Chloe was called 'Wednesday' when she had no name yet.

    There was a place around here where I stayed with several other slaves at that time.

    “But now there's nothing,” Chloe looked bitterly at the place.

    "...there's no such thing as a good memory."

    Theo murmured, unable to understand why Chloe was bitter.

    “I was sick and tired of the blanket, which was completely covered with ice because I didn't take off the fire," he said, and Chloe could easily recall that time.

    A hard black bread that made your teeth ache even if you wet it with water.

    A soup with little water, no more than a pile, old clothes that were so slanted that they couldn't recognize its original form.

    The back of my hand that was swollen to clean the laundry.

    I couldn't think of any pleasant memories.

    Rather, it was a boring day as Theo said.

    But Chloe wanted to come here at least once. "When I was young."

    Chloe opened her mouth, painting the form of a mansion that was now missing in her memory.

    "The other slaves hated me. I've always said strange stories."

    "......strange stories?"

    “Yes, stories I saw in my dreams. It's like a story about another world."


    "Someone said you had a big fever when you were a kid and your head got weird. You keep looking at things in vain.”

    She was not a slave in the dream.

    She was an ordinary girl who wore beautifully ironed clothes and laughed and played with her friends and studied.

    So young Wednesday would rather not wake up.

    "I said it because I really like myself in my dream and I liked it. Since everyone hates my story, I couldn't talk about my dream more and more.”

    But the slaves, who once began to hate "Wednesday," still hated her even if she didn't talk about her dreams anymore.

    The same was true of the new slaves.

    Even in places full of the weak, there was a weaker person.

    At first, everyone was talking about strange dreams, so I was reluctant to do it on Wednesday.

    As the atmosphere of "everyone hates Wednesday" was created, everyone naturally accepted the atmosphere.

    Except for one person.

    "One day, there was a boy with black hair."

    The scene of the day was still clear when I closed my eyes.

    A boy with a live look in his eyes, all covered with wounds.

    The child bit the back of the slave merchant's hand trying to gag him.

    After being slapped several times, he did not stop resisting.

    After that intense first memory, it was when "Wednesday" saw the child again when they cleaned the mansion together.

    The child named "Sunday" still had wounds on his body.

    I feel sorry for it, so “Wednesday” crosses a dried-up herb hidden secretly.

    I wanted to give “Sunday” something better.

    But that's all she could give her at that time.

    Maybe “Sunday” gets angry at me for giving this.

    I was fully prepared for such a situation because I had been cursed at many times by giving anything to other slaves.

    Unexpectedly, however, “Sunday” accepted the herb, which may be effective.

    I was so happy that “Wednesday” made a mistake.

    “I told her about my dream. In my dream, I was in a different world, and I had a younger brother in the world, and he looked very like you."

    After I said it with excitement, I wanted to. Sunday may offend me this time.

    But this time again, 'Sunday' showed an unexpected reaction.

    “And that’s what he does.”

    Chloe tries to imitate exactly what Theo said back then.

    “...are you ignoring me for being small?"

    Faster than she did, Theo muttered what he had said on his childhood.

    Chloe grinned as she was pleased that he remembered the same thing as her.

    "You were the first one who didn't feel bad or look at my dream story like a strange person."


    Theo opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

    But he couldn't say anything and kept his mouth shut.

    Chloe noticed what he was trying to say.

    “I know. You were just not interested in my story at the time.”


    “But I was glad. I felt like I wasn't being unfair anymore."

    So 'Wednesday' did better for 'Sunday.'

    She thought she should protect him and take care of him like a younger brother.

    "Without you, I wouldn't be able to hold out, 'Sunday,'"

    Chloe said, bringing up a name that she had buried deep in her memory that she had no more to call.

    Theo looked at her with a surprised look.

    But soon he smiled.

    “That's what I'm going to say, 'Wednesday’,”

    He took a step towards Chloe.

    He stretched out his hand as he narrowed the street in an instant.

    Chloe's eyes closed in the friendly warmth as his big hand touched her cheek.

    “I told you. You saved my life. I wouldn't have survived without you."

    “I don't remember that," Theo said in a low voice, too, as Chloe whispered, with her eyes closed.

    “The Savior doesn't know what he's getting.”

    Sunday as a child who was rolling on a cold floor without heat with a medium.

    The moment when his heart was filled with hatred and anger, he heard a knock sound.

    A shaggy blond girl who glanced over the half-open door with light.

    How can he forget all that?

    The first warm glow in his life.

    “You smell like the sun,"

    Her hands rubbing her cheeks were suddenly wrapped around the nape of his neck gently.

    The shadows cast by the eyelashes that were closed down gently passed her nose.

    Theo bowed his head.

    Their soft lips touched.

    They kissed continuously on the land of nothing but silence.

    The warmth, which seemed to continue endlessly, gradually faded away.

    Theo, who stopped at a distance where they could feel each other's breath, gently grabbed Chloe's cheek.

    With a slight tremor in her eyelashes, Chloe opened her closed eyes.

    Theo's blue-gray eyes.

    Looking lovingly at the eyes, Theo kissed her forehead this time.

    “My spring."

    Fluttering, fluttering.

    The white snowflake began to fall from the sky.

    As he lifted his finger down the snowflake that fell softly on Chloe's nose, Theo laughed.

    Before he was harsh on a child who had nothing, but now he didn't hate it anymore, and he had spring.

    (Translator’s Note: The name “Chloe” is a feminine name meaning "blooming" or "fertility" in Greek. In Greek the word refers to the young, green foliage or shoots of plants in spring. The words “he had spring” translates to “he had her(Chloe)”.

    (Edit 2: So, in the fan translations, Chloe also means “sprout”. But, it is up to you how you will understand the name “Chloe”^^.)

    My own spring that loves me, to the point where I have the same eye color as myself.

    "Shall we go back now?"

    Theo wiped Chloe's eyelashes with his lips.

    Chloe's cheeks were flushed with the tickling sensation.


    When he said something unfortunate without realizing it, Theo said in a smiley voice.

    "I keep hearing that they will tear me apart and kill me."


    Chloe opened her eyes in a circle when she said something unexpected.

    Theo turned his eyes in the direction of the capital.

    "I think the Crown Prince, the Second Prince, the Third Prince, and even the Emperor want to kill me."

    By now, Chloe had a clear idea of what the situation would be like in the Imperial City.

    Chloe nodded even though everyone thought she was too worried.

    “Okay, let's go back."

    But Chloe felt sorry that the time for the two of them ended quickly.

    Did he feel such a sadness from Chloe, who hugged me tightly, after she said that?

    Theo said. "You can come again anytime,"

    Chloe laughed as she raised her head and looked at Theo. "Yes."

    Both of us will be together.

    No matter the place or time.


    At that time, Jonathan was sweating profusely.

    He will do the same before him.

    “Tracking, can't it?”

    “No, the Second Prince! Think with common sense! Your opponent is an ancient dragon, an ancient dragon! How do I, the owner of a tower, track the location of the ancient dragon?"

    “Its strength is strong. So, you'd rather feel it well."

    While the third prince of Ascaniar was indifferent.

    “Jonathan, you have to get in line now. Don't you want to turn the Ascanian Empire into an enemy to look at the ancient palace?"

    The second prince, who threatens people with a grin on his face,

    ".........is it really impossible, the tower's master?"

    The Crown Prince who makes people feel intimidated by the atmosphere and eyes.

    "No, I mean! There's really no detection. No matter how much I say it'm...."

    “Even if it's what I want?"

    Even a serious-faced, Beloque emperor.

    “Oh, no matter how much the Emperor wants, it's beyond me."

    At a time when he was restless, the door opened and a happy face entered.

    “Oh! The lady...”

    Jonathan's body, who was about to call Chloe, was pushed aside.




    "Our daughter!"

    Each of them, calling Chloe, just like Jonathan, pushed Theo away.

    Theo, who was pushed gently, raised Jonathan, who fell on the floor with his shoulders.

    Ezra murmured, looking at it with a grain of salt.

    “That's, really, I don't like it.”

    “That's right, that's right. I can't believe you took my little boy out of town."

    When Jed was spoken, Chester also gave a sharp look.

    The emperor was busy looking at Chloe on behalf of such sons.

    “Chloe, have you been to a cold area since you went out in a thick coat? What if you catch a cold?”

    “What? A cold? Are we little ones catching a cold?"

    "...I'm going to call an imperial doctor right now."

    "Jonathan, to the chick, the cure...”

    Chloe smiled bitterly at the sight of her family making me a serious patient in an instant.

    “I didn't catch a cold or anything. Everyone is so worried. That's why rumors about my brothers and fathers have been circulating."

    When Chloe sighed on purpose, Chester frowned slightly.

    "Rumor? What's the rumor? If it's a bad rumor..."

    “Ascanian's only daughter has three tyrant brothers," she said, pausing at the same time.

    “Huh, tyrant? Who?"

    "That's what you're talking about, right?"


    Chloe, who took her eyes off them whispering among them, looked at the emperor this time.

    "And there is a father who is as scary as his brothers."

    “Scary father, hmm."

    The emperor coughed in vain with a blank face.

    Chloe looked at the three brothers who were still struggling with such an emperor.

    "But she loves her families. A lot!” A smile soon spread across the faces of her loved ones.

    Chloe smiled at the sight, too.

    With happiness that will never end.
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    he called her his spring....I am crying.....:blob_teary::blobsob:
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    Watever happens tonthe bitch miriam and who killed the MC mom?
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    I really totally forgot about miriam :blobjoy:.

    So besides from miriam.

    Is there a villainess? Like rival or something.
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    Thank you for this spoil.

    I really wanna know what happen after this chapter.

    Can you give us a quick spoiler. Pretty please ☺️☺️
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    Thanks for spilling the tea! But I'm still unclear about the royal family curse, can someone explain? Please and thank you!
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    this eye color changing is quite awesome...i would like to be cursed:blob_grin::blob_grin:
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    just sharing a spoiler i came across about the eye colors...

    tiny spoilers abt their eye colors (emotion indicator) from user @이다해_SOLee_폭군오빠
    - blue: basic or normal color
    - black: anger
    - red: sadness
    - green: anxiety or fear or uneasiness
    - yellow: joy
    - purple: excitement
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    No color for love?!

    Even though it sounds cool it really is a curse!
    There are conditions like excessive flushing ( like harlequin syndrome) when people flush by simplest emotions... its make living really hard! A big part of our ability to be part of society is from hiding part of our emotions... it definitely helps avoiding lots of awkward moments!!!