Spoiler My Villain Brothers Are Interfering With My Relationship

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    TYSM for the spoilers <3
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    Thank you very much for the spoilers!
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    To summarise veryyyy briefly what’s happened so far up to ch128 is

    after Timothy moved into elizabeths hometown. It turns out the parents were actually killed as part of plan done by the nobles of the empire to get rid of Sierra, where Elizabeth is from.

    Edward is secretly sponsoring the revolution army to get rid of the class system and punish the nobles who killed their parents. The count who is from the empire finds out about this and is really worried about this since Edward is a very powerful businessman, Daniel is a genius wizard and leo is the youngest sword master so they don't want to get on their wrong side. They find out the weakness of the brothers which is Elizabeth and kidnap her.

    The brothers and Timothy end up rescuing her as well as punishing the emperor and nobles that caused their parents death. Now the story is more about timothy winning over the brothers, Elizabeth has just announced that next week her and Timothy will be going to a wedding together to which Leo ends up spitting his drink on Daniel’s face. Timothy can tell its the beginning of hell for him :blobjoy:

    Daniel is the probably the kindest towards Timothy because he wants to support his sister and doesn't want to hurt her like they did last time from being too dependant, he still seems reluctant but it’s not as bad as the other 2 brothers. Leo and Timothy actually bicker quite a lot, but Timothy thinks its cute to tease him lol. Leo calls timothy "uncle" since he thinks timothy is old (he's only 7 years older) :blobjoy:.

    When leo had to stay over at timothy's house they have a talk and that same night leo dreams about a little girl who looks like him calling him uncle

    theres actually quite a lot of cute scenes now between Elizabeth and timothy as well as the brothers
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    So cute! :blobmelt:Thank you for the spoilers!:bloblove:
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    the novel completed with 141 chapters !!

    Theo approached me, put a hand on my forehead and asked with a worried face.

    “Are you really okay? No fever... .”

    "it's okay. I am not sick.”

    “Something is strange today.”

    Theo tilted his head and returned to his seat. I smiled hard at him and put his steak in his mouth.

    I watched Theo's actions throughout the meal. From the moment he puts down his fork and knife to the moment he smiles at me. The meal time was over. And.

    “Then rest well and see you tomorrow.”

    Theo greeted me and went back. Until the moment he got home, he didn't make any proposals. What the hell is this... .

    “What happened?”

    Confused for a moment, I shook my head and slapped my cheek.

    There is still time until the new year. Maybe you're trying to propose tomorrow instead of today. I put my thoughts together and got ready to go to bed.

    But the next day, Theo did not propose.

    'One week left. Let's wait a little longer.'

    So I passed the day and promised the next day. But the next day was the same. So he quietly asked Theo.

    “Theo. Don't you often hear that people around you will introduce you to women?"

    Theo's eyes fluttered slightly. He and I were of the appropriate age to get married, so it was a time when it was evaluated that the marriage would be delayed a little from the next year.

    So, starting with an introduction, I was secretly trying to talk about marriage, but Theo was indifferent.

    “There are a lot of them, but I’m rejecting them all. you are there.”


    "If it's because of what Mr. Seymour said, don't worry, because he's always meddling in other people's marriages."

    "Yes. no. Not because of that.”

    I wanted to say that if I want to get married in the spring, it will be too late to rent a place now, but I was proud of myself for talking about wedding preparations before I even received the proposal.

    I didn't want to give the impression of getting married as if it was taken for granted. If you don't propose properly, I've even been nailed down to not even bringing up the 'decision' of marriage.

    "just. I was wondering if there would be many people who liked you as much as you were busy going here and there.”

    “I am really worried. You call me Tal because you don't know how popular you are."

    Theo began to grumble in earnest as he had been holding back what he wanted to say.

    “It often comes to my ears that even knowing that we are engaged, they insist on introducing us. Did you feel embarrassed and wanted to go to the children and ask them?”

    “It’s because of Edward and Daniel.”


    Theo shook his head as if frustrated and pounded his chest. And in the end he didn't propose.

    'yes. Maybe you're going to propose on the last day of the year.'

    I made up my mind as I checked the calendar with only a few days left of the year.

    A few days later, on the eve of the sun, the three brothers and Theo are at home. And in recent years, even Fred, who often hangs out with Edward, has also gathered.

    With this composition, I thought there would be no time to talk alone, let alone propose. Sure enough, there was no proposal.

    After midnight, the sun changed and everyone was drinking celebratory wine, but he couldn't control his expression alone.

    "Are you sick?"

    “Uh, huh? no. It’s just a little cold.”


    Theo got up and took a blanket and wrapped it around his shoulder.

    how. when. Are you planning to propose?

    Staring at him, in an angry heart, he covered Leo with the blanket and got up.

    "Are you sleeping already?”

    "yes. I need to go to bed early.”

    At this rate, I feel angry and I can't stand it.

    I swallowed the back words and went to my room, put on a blanket and lay down.

    Are you planning to get married at the end of next year? I don't want to get married in the fall or winter. So what is that permit? Isn't it too early to get married already?

    I had all kinds of thoughts. For the past week, I stopped by the bank to check my personal safe, and thought about what to do with my finances and how to educate my children.

    Maybe it was because I thought about our relationship and the future before going to sleep. She told Theo in her dream that she had decided not to marry her, so she wanted to be her lover instead of marriage. I want to marry him, but I love him so much that he weeps instead of breaking up, and I finally wake up to promise him I will.

    "ah… .”

    When I woke up, my face was wet. I couldn't sleep properly and my mood was droopy, so it was terrible since the dawn of the new year.

    I wanted to cool off, so I put on a cozy cardigan and went out to the garden. It had snowed all night, so the garden was fresh. ha ha As she exhaled, her breath came out.

    'Timoteo. Stupid idiot.'

    Should I just propose? To do that, you must first buy a proposal ring. Considering the time it takes to process and make the ring according to the size of your finger, you will have to wait quite a while... .

    'It's too late to get married this spring.'

    what is marriage I wish I didn't just declare non-marriage like in my dream. You're single with your nose stuck like this! I know it's a nonsensical dream, but I feel so miserable.

    As I walked around the garden, my eyes met Theo, who was looking through the living room window. He smiled broadly and came out towards me. The problem is that I don't want to see him now.

    I quickly opened the door and left the house. With a shawl wrapped around it. I looked ahead and walked down the road.

    “Lilybet! Lilybet!”

    Theo, wrapped in a blanket over his pajamas, hurriedly ran over. So I started running at full speed.

    What? You want to stay single and have a relationship? Ha! That's nonsense! Timoteo Alzenberg, the last thing I want to see. You think I don't have a guy to meet without you.

    As I ran, I started to run out of breath. I ran as hard as I could, but Theo came after me and grabbed my arm and stopped me.

    “Lilybet. Why are you running away?”

    The moment he grabbed my arms and asked a question, I kicked him in the shin with all my might.

    "Ouch! it hurts! what's the matter!"

    No matter how much it is a dream, I can't calm down. Even before we started dating and right after we started dating, we certainly did not get married, but we still haven't even mentioned the 'decision' of marriage!

    After telling me that I usually have my nose stuck or that I don't want to break up. You didn't mock me, what do you mean?

    Theo, who was jumping and jumping in pain as I stared at me without saying anything, looked at me with a slightly serious face. he asked cautiously.

    "What's going on?"

    "yes. there is."

    “What’s going on, okay? Is it serious? Where are you sick?”

    Theo's face turned pale. I groaned and spoke to him in an angry voice.

    “I’m definitely getting married in the spring, and after about a year of being newlyweds, I’m going to have a child before I turn 26.”

    Theo looked pretty confused by my words. When she saw that stupid face, heat surged inside her, and she screamed involuntarily.

    “Aren’t you going to propose?”

    My voice broke the still morning. The sun hasn't risen yet, so the world is blue with gray, but it was already midday because of the burning heat inside me.

    My stomach was boiling. I know Theo is perfect in many ways. Appearance, reputation, wealth and fame. Personality... In fact, if you get to know it, it's a lot of foolishness, but it's enough to get used to if you get to know each other somehow.

    I don't know if that's to the extent that I have to hang on to it unilaterally.

    I really love Theo. Sometimes I cry because I am so happy to be with him, and the miraculous coincidence that I met him makes her heart flutter.

    But if I have to be a one-sided underdog just because I love you, I won't continue the relationship. An unhealthy relationship will always lead to catastrophe, and it is certain that only I will be hurt in the process.

    I love Theo too but I really love myself so I want to cherish myself more than anyone else. “Lilybet?”

    Even though meeting Theo is good at first, I think it is a choice that will always leave a scar on me, even if I put off my life goal or the life I want just because I love you.

    So, if he ever thinks of not getting married as in his dream or has an uncompromising view of marriage, for example, that he will get married after turning 30, he will have to make a decision.

    So it was time to make up our minds and say, if you don't plan on getting married, take some time to think about our relationship.

    “Did you know that?”


    “I decided to propose today.”

    “… What?"

    Both me and Theo looked at each other, a little stunned. Theo looked at me, burst out laughing and ruffled his hair. Then he hurriedly knelt down on one knee and took out his ring from his bosom and confessed.

    "Will you marry me?"

    Is there a case of getting a proposal at dawn this morning in pajamas with footprints in the snow? He said in the midst of absurd confusion.

    "I was going to propose to them tonight after they went home, but I think there was a misunderstanding between us ."

    "Huh… .”

    "let's get married."

    A low-pitched voice awakened the dazed mind. His voice was full of confidence, and his eyes were full of affection that even me, who met his gaze, could be sure.

    I remembered that I had spent the past week alone in my imagination and all my nonsense. In the midst of his embarrassment, his heart pounded, and the tip of his nose wrinkled. This is all because of last night's dream.

    “Lilybet. please."

    Theo raised his arm a little further and held the ring at me. At the same time, at the sunrise coming from the edge of the sky, the diamonds embedded in the ring sparkled and revealed their existence.

    "Do you know you're not cool?"

    "If you're as handsome as me, you don't need to be cool."

    “Your personality is getting weirder. uhh I have to take responsibility.”

    I reached out and he smiled brightly and put the ring on my finger. Checking the ring on my hand, Theo hugged me to crush me and mumbled softly.

    “Are you getting married in the spring? It must be please."

    Looking at the trembling voice, it was not me who was anxious about this marriage, but Theo.

    It was the newspaper delivery man who evoked the two of us hugging each other while feeling each other's warmth in a world where our skin was freezing.

    Unlike me, who was trying to get away from him quickly, Theo rather hugged me tightly and hid my face in my arms.

    Only then did Theo relax his arm when he heard the newspaper delivery man moving away.

    "Crazy! We're both wearing pajamas!"

    "I don't care. He's the only one I'

    "Let's go inside. I'm so embarrassed.”

    My bare ankles were so cold that I thought I was going to get frostbite, but my face was hot and I had a fever. I took Theo's hand and hurriedly headed home.

    “I tried to propose a romantic poem from a book of poetry and practiced piano music, but in the end, this is how it came to be.”

    Listening to Theo's plan, Daisy Brewer, the main culprit of all this, even more pitiful. What is this when you light a fire in the heart of a still person? He's no help at all.

    "Then what's your house and land?"

    "Oh, that? This year, no, last year, after we started dating, and we asked the architectural office for a house right away. It was a headache because the construction permit didn't fall even after it was completed, but I managed to do it after a few months. I was thinking about buying the land near my house and building a large garden, but the procedure was not easy. But now that we've got permission, we can build a garden.”

    "House? What kind of house is it?" Where is it?

    "Let's go together later in the afternoon. Edward said the house was nice."

    "Do they know? What? Then I'm the only one who didn't know?”

    "Since we live together, there's no way they don't know."

    At this point, I am ashamed of myself in the past when I was worried about not proposing. It's like I threw ash on my proposal.

    'But I think this is good, too.'

    It wasn't a flashy or fancy proposal, but the shiny New Year's Day sunshine and the snowy road with only our feet were pretty beautiful.

    The body temperature felt by the hands held together in the cold air and the sound of snow being stepped on are also romantic.

    "I have to rent the wedding venue tomorrow. It's not easy to book a wedding in the spring because it's competitive

    "Well… I think I can do something about it."


    "You can do it at the temple. But I am the last descendant of the Welf family. Can't I do that?"

    Come to think of it, Theo's maternal grandmother was a saint. I burst into laughter at the thought of relief. He gave a small smile.

    On the way home, each step is like the future we will be together in the future, so my heart is swollen.

    When I talked about my dream in the middle, Theo grumbled, saying it was unfair, but I felt better when I saw the shiny ring in my hand his. So we came home talking about this and that and opened the door. Beyond the door...

    "You didn't sleep?"

    Edward and his younger brothers and Fred greeted us with applause. I don't know if it's Edward who doesn't sleep in the morning, but it's time for Daniel to sleep

    "I woke up to your voice."

    "Wow, sister, you were hot Brother Theo worked hard to prepare for the proposal, and this is what happened."

    "Did you hear that?"

    My face heated up at the thought of my brothers and Fred hearing me screaming.

    "I'm in the room next to you. I heard a whimpering sound while sleeping, so it was an emergency between us."

    "It was a sad dream...."

    “I’m glad it was because of my dream. I thought my sister was going out for a walk, so I asked her to leave it for a while.”

    “That’s when I heard my sister’s voice. 'Aren't you going to propose?' Wow. It was powerful. It was to the point that Daniel woke up in his sleep and came out.”

    "Oh, my God..."

    If that's enough, Rose next door would have heard it all. Now I can't live in this town because I'm shy.

    He buried his face in his hands and swallowed his shame, when Daniel approached and changed the topic.

    "Congratulations, sister. Is this the ring? It's pretty."

    "Wow, sister, it's hard to find a diamond this big! You have to wait a year to get it!"

    "What are you doing, old man? He made a fuss about proposing, and this is what happened.”

    “It’s your brother-in-law, not your uncle. follow me brother-in-law.”

    "Oh, go away. It's disgusting."

    Leo moved away from Theo, who put his arm around me, to the living room. Fred and I sat in front of the fireplace, talking about rings, and Edward heated the milk and sat next to Daniel.

    "But I thought you'd object to my marriage."


    "Why are we against it when it's something that makes you happy?"

    “What kind of image do we have to your sister?”

    Since I have three younger brothers, I talk a lot even if I say one word at a time. In other words, the three pretenders are ridiculous.

    "Until a year ago, you ruined my relationship."


    "Noona! But thanks to us, it went well. If I hadn't broken up with my boyfriend at that time, who knows yo’ud be dating a weird guy. Don't you agree brother-in-law?"

    Leo poked Theo in the ribs with a face asking for help. Fred arranged the situation with a sly joke.

    "Oh. When did my sister get so old that she got engaged and even got married? Time flies."

    "Congratulations on your wedding in advance. I'm not my sister, but I'm glad you're marrying Mr. Theo. I'll give you something good as a wedding gift. What do you want?"

    "I'll let you know if I need you next time."

    Sitting next to me, Daniel and Edward grabbed both arms, one at a time. They both looked genuinely happy

    I thought a lot about why my younger brothers interfered with my relationship. It was hard for me to understand, but Fred, who is close to all the brothers, told me. I guess it's because everyone has wounds.

    I understood that it might have been because everyone was relying on me, the oldest, Because they didn't grow up. However, now that I see no objection to my relationship, engagement, or marriage,

    I was proud of them even though they were all grown-ups. I feel like a sister who doesn't know what to do because my younger siblings are affectionate, but I can't help it. We've grown up relying on each other for the past time, so we have to be special.

    "Come here."

    Unlike Leo, who grew big under the protection of his sisters and brothers, Edward and Daniel are the big ones who suffered with me. . When I pulled them together and patted them, saying

    "I'm proud of you," both exchanged glances.

    "Hey, we're all grown up now."

    “I know, just for today.”

    "I don't think this is right. How old am I?”

    Edward walked away from me with a blushed face. A burst of laughter gave Theo a shove between Edward and me.

    "I'm going to go see your house later in the afternoon. Do you want to come with me?"

    “Does the house have our own room?”

    "Come and check it out for yourself."

    "Wait. I have a question. If you're coming in as a son-in-law, how many surnames does my future nephew have? Will it be Alzenberg-Belf-Herrington?"

    "Sister, brother, I'm hungry. Let's eat."

    "Isn't it too much to have three surnames?" Why don't you just abandon your castle?"

    "Come to think of it, I think we should choose guests before my sister gets married. We have so many customers, so I don't think anyone should answer

    "Fred, you cook for yourself. Theo, who doesn't have any talent, studies hard and makes his own food. Why do you always ask me to do it? Friends can't do anything for you. And Daniel. I' m not going to invite the company guys. If you're a politician or a representative of another company, you don't know."

    "Hey! Let's unify to Herrington!"

    The four of us were talking about this and that at the same time, so I was out of my mind. They were all boys with husky voices, so their ears hurt.

    Then Theo's word quelled the uproar.

    "Oh, it's snowing."

    When I turned my head, I saw sleet flying outside the window. It seems that the air outside is cold as if it is cutting, and then it is snowing again.

    The cold body has long melted due to the fire in the fireplace. And my younger brothers who sincerely congratulate me and now I have Theo who will be with me for the rest of my life, so my heart is warmed up.

    "Come to think of it, when did this day come?"

    When my parents died, the world was just cold and scared. Everything in the world felt far away, so I felt like my heart was going to explode just by holding out every day, but from some point on, the day came when I lived, not holding out, and I also had a happy moment like today.

    This moment was like a miracle. The tiredness of the past melted and my heart filled. I looked at each of my younger brothers who became quiet like a lie.

    Edward, who used to be an outsider in the family, is now a big brother who takes care of his younger siblings.

    Daniel, who could not withstand his own sensitivity, studies magic with a keen sense and carefully examines his family.

    Leo, who has always been crying, is growing up bravely and trying to carve out his future.

    And I was... scared, I did everything well. No. We all did a good job.

    While the younger brothers were watching the snow, Theo kissed the back of my hand lightly. His eyes his met. We smiled brightly at the same time.

    The feisty boy, who was eager to survive, became an adult without fear and promised me his whole life his. I was worried about losing my parents and my family, so I'm going to welcome a new family.

    I felt that one chapter of my life with my younger brothers was ending. Now a new chapter with Theo will open and begin another journey.

    I had a happy ending. This story has a happy ending.
    (**theo is tomothy's nickname and lilybet is elizabeths nickname)

    i really liked the novel, especially the earlier chapters about the family and timothy's own hardship, there isn't much romance tbh (only one kiss and no wedding) so I hope theres side stories, i wanna see the wedding and their future kids and cute uncle moments with the brothers:blobsneeze:
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    Thank you very much for the mtl!!
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    Continuation of the spoiler plssssss