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    Hello, this is the second novel that I wrote. It is also at royalroad.

    Living life as a mortal, having a stable income and family love. Everything was going great for him, his life was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

    He had a lovely wife and a cute daughter who wished to be like him. His life had purposes, his life had meanings.

    But fate was never a benevolent force, due to predestinated destiny, his ordinary life was forcefully snatched away by the supernatural force above mortals' control.

    How could he live peacefully in this chaotic world where strength reigned supreme?

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Tragedy.

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
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    Chapter 1
    Forus Arder was a successful businessman, he lived a simple life of a simple man, his family was one of the countless small families in the country named Aorum. A small country in the huge alliance called the Mountain Union.

    In his early life, he had always been quick-witted and smart, he studied hard to gain a scholarship to continue his study of business management. He wanted to have his own business and his own stable income, to live his life to the fullest and to compensate his parents.

    While he was studying, he also needed to work for a small job, because of his family circumstances, his family needed additional income to support all its members, including his parents and his little brother.

    Later, his little brother went out to study aboard, he said that his new school would cover all the expense of his and this was his dream. Our parents overjoyed that my little brother studied aboard, it meant that his future would be bright.

    At first, he sent his letter once a month but as time went on, he began to send them least and least, his wording also had the feeling of distant. His parents and himself assumed that his brother was under a huge load of work and they didn't want to distract him.

    After Forus graduated, he went to the outside world and started his career as a merchant, he worked his way up and built his foundation step by step, his family condition improved at a steady rate, his business was booming, his life was at the peak.

    He had always wanted to go out of his country to find his brother, to see how he progressed. But his time was all occupied by various things, the only thing that made his mind felt at ease was his brother's letter that was sent to him once a year.

    On his path to becoming a successful trader, he found his loved one, she was a daughter of a small trader. They eventually got married and settled down, his family already had a strong foundation and could support itself.

    They got a lovely daughter to complete their family. She was a pretty girl, her long light-green hair and dark-green eyes were leaked with innocence and intelligence. Her memory and calculative ability was her strong point, her future as the inheritor of her father was clear as the sky.

    "Daddy, I want to become a trader like you! I want to make you happy!" High pitched voice of their daughter, Matia Arder, was exceptionally heart-warming when Forus heard it.

    "Matia, don't annoy your father, he is working right now." Forus could feel the gaze of his wife, Meria Arder, as he momentarily stopped working and turned to hug his daughter.

    "Father will play with you after you finish your homework, promise?" He extended his pinky toward his Matia, waiting for hers.

    "Yes!" She yelled happily as she ran into her room, working on her unfinished homework.

    At this point, his Meria approached him from behind, she dropped her body on top of his back as her arms wrapped around his chest, he could feel the
    intimating warm inside of her body as it radiated to him.

    "Dear, tomorrow will be our Matia's tenth birthday, what should we buy her?" She whispered her words quietly, not letting her daughter hearing any of them.

    "No worries, dear, I have got a big surprise for her already." His smile widened even more as he thought about his gift that he had prepared for his daughter.

    "Daddy! I'm finished!" A series of footsteps could be heard as a small figure rushing toward her father, Matia had finished her homework and was ready to play.

    "Just a minute, I'm coming." Forus put his work off and kissed his wife in the cheek lightly before holding his daughter's hand while walking toward the back garden.


    The entire sky was getting dark, the sun was setting, the moon was rising. Today was Matia's birthday, it was also the full moon day as well.

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday to you." The joyful sound of Meria and Forus echoed the house, they were singing for their only child.

    "Daddy, mommy, thank you!" Matia walked over to hugged her father and her mother respectively, she blew all ten candles and watched as her daddy cut the cake into three pieces.

    "Look over here, mommy got a present for you." Immediately after hearing that, Matia's eyes glittered as she darted toward her mommy.

    Meria smiled as she handed out a small wooden box warped in colourful cloth, it was a picture frame that contained her beautiful and childish photos, the biggest of them all was the family photo, her daddy on her left, her mommy on her right, smiling from ear to ear.

    "Thank you, mom!" She was even more energetic than before, turning her head toward her dad, waiting for his gift attentively.

    "This is what your uncle brought for you, he couldn't come here by himself, he is my little brother who went to study aboard since young." Forus pulled out a necklace that was designed especially for his daughter.

    The gemstone that was engraved into the silver necklace was green in colour, the light that it reflected off caused the onlooker to feel relaxed and free.

    Once the necklace was in Matia's hand, the jewel in the middle shone faintly, no mortal would be able to detect it. But, at the moment the necklace was worn by her, the gem shone brightly in both green and blue, the invisible thread of power was absorbed by her, nourishing her soul.

    "Matia!" The unseen force exploded out, instantly blasted both Forus and Meria into the walls, causing them to crumble, Both of them finally landed on the garden behind the house.

    At the instant, the sky distorted and the earth shook, countless small leaves spang out from nothing to create a dome of plants. The land around the house was sealed by a thin layer of vines, preventing everything from the inside to get out and alerted the locals.

    "Meria! Matia!" Forus shouted loudly, his entire body was riddled with injuries, he could no longer stand or walk, his legs were broken from the impact.

    The vines that surround the house quickly extended themselves and formed a humanoid figure next to the floating Matia who was covered in bright rays of colourful light. They melted with each other and became one, the figure gradually transformed from plants into a humanoid figure.

    The figure was covered in a green robe that concealed its feature, the suppressive aura that it emitted caused Forus' consciousness to shake, the physical pain he felt paled in comparison to the mental pain he was experiencing.

    The figure looked toward Meria for a moment before turning its attention to her father and mother.

    "Mortals, for your descendant to become one of us, it is your eternal blessing. You shall be granted a quick and painless death." Its voice was distorted, impossible to tell its gender, or if it ever had one.

    It lifted its hand up, the green light was produced soundlessly, the light gathered around at the tip of its finger before slowly moving toward Forus and Meria.

    Forus turned his head to view his wife for one last time. She was lying there, motionless, her mind had already descended into the state of slumbering. Despair filled his mind, he was going to die.

    He felt regret, his regret for not finding his brother, his regret for giving his daughter that necklace, his regret for indirectly killing his wife.

    But before his life was about to end, a small cracking sound echoed the sealed space, the dome of vines was trembling. A hint of coldness quickly spread itself into the house, everything that came into contact with them got frozen spontaneously, including the moving green light.

    Finally, the dome of plants couldn't hold off the invader anymore, it shattered into pieces of frozen crystal and disappeared after a short while. A person wearing a blue robe was floating on the air, slowly descending onto the ground in front of the green-robed figure.

    "Long time no see." Many massive ice spikes appeared behind the blue-robed man, threatening to shoot toward the green-robed figure.

    Responding to the threat, colourful flowers bloomed all around the house, frequently producing a pleasant fragrance and causing the invisible pressure to weight down on everything in the area.

    "I only want this girl, you could have this as a compensation." The figure covered in green gestured its hand, a white wooden box magically appeared in its hand and started floating toward the icy-cold man.

    The flowers that blossomed also began to rot away, lessening the pressure that weighted upon everything.

    The man took the box emotionlessly and watched as the figure swiftly departed. Only after a long time had passed that he cancelled his ice spikes and looked at the remain of the house.

    Forus could see him smiled as his gaze fixed at him, suddenly, his entire body was frozen instantly, leaving him in the state of paralysis. He could only feel the sensation of death before he fainted.


    In the land far away from the location of the incident, a young man sat quietly in his own mansion. He had the aura of the supernatural entities and the invisible pressure like those two entities.

    A silver ring on his right hand lit up in both green and blue colour, causing the man to open his eyes abruptly, he sat in a daze before noticing the abnormality about the light that the ring caused, it was turning weaker and weaker.

    The man stood up immediately, his face turned grim as he gestured his hands in a systematic style and chanted unknown ancient spells. His mind was in the state of anxiety, something unexpected had happened.

    After a short while, the space in front of him twisted and broke apart, leaving a path toward darkness opened. Mystical and invisible energy gusted toward the darkness, slowly revealing the scenery that the path led to.

    The man swiftly dashed into the portal and arrived at the broken down house, only the aftermath of a battle and remain of the house could be seen, he was too late.

    His mind and soul screamed soundlessly as he tried every method he could to find the location of Forus and his family, alas, the trace of any unusual energy was wiped clean by those two long before his arrival, he couldn't find anyone nor could he deduce the killer.

    "I, Intor Arder, hereby declare, that as long as I live, I will avenge my brother and his family. If they were still alive, I shall protect them with my life!" His formless soul began to emit a dark and depressing aura, many complex hexagrams manifested themselves into the physical realm of existence.

    "With my power, I shall curse the enemies of my brother. For them to be dragged into the everlasting abyss and have their soul been suppressed!

    "With my power, I shall curse the enemies of my brother. For their descendants to have their bloodline rejected them, have them perished by their own bloodline!" The sky darkened, space distorted, time slowed down, evil laughter echoed the whole world. The curse had been sent out to complete its owner's commands.

    Intor felt his body was weakening, he would need years of rehabilitation before he regained his lost power. As for his shortened longevity, although it was not much, he had no ordinary way to restore them.

    But for his brother's peace, it was worth it.

    As he gradually walked toward the portal, he saw a collapsed female who was buried under a broken wall, she was on the brink of her last breath.

    The moment he saw her, his bloodline flared up faintly, he quickly appeared before her and injected his mysterious energy into her, healing her back from her critical state.

    "Brother, I will protect her for you, I will let her have a peaceful life, waiting for you to come back." He said softly as his soul felt relieved, he carried her with him as he departed from the ruin.
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    Chapter 2
    It had been a long time that Forus had last seen a ray of light, his entire body was bounded with black chains that obstructed his movement but also supplied him with energy to stay alive.

    After he was taken to this torture room, the man did everything to take him to the edge of death and back, allowing him to experience the feeling of hopeless and despair over and over again.

    "I have already saved your insignificant life, this is time for you to pay me." The blue-robed man said, not feeling any emotion whatsoever.

    At first, he had to experience having his body torn open while staying awake, but as time go on, he adapted to the pain and the monster in blue had to raise the quality of his torture to keep him feeling pain.

    He gritted his teeth till they broke, he endured the corpse-eating maggots infested his body, he watched his body rotten away at the visible rate, only to find himself unable to die.

    "Very good, the Death Aura around you are very thick. If you could produce the Aura of Decay, I shall grant you an eternal blessing. You shall become my faithful slave when you rebirth." The man laughed happily, the result of his experiment was very successful.

    An unknown amount of time had passed, Forus spent his remaining day in pain and suffering, his body was broken and reformed, his will was shattered and mended. His body and mind were strengthened due to extreme torture and mysterious pills the man used to nourish him.

    He also learnt that the man lost one of his precious treasure due to an unknown force targetting his soul, causing him to suffer internal injuries. His power dropped from his peak and he needed time to recover.

    At some point, he noticed that he could think clearly, he could now ignore pain and exhaustion. He tried to break free from the room, he formulated plans to escape, but, all thinkings of his was crushed single-handedly by the man's absolute power.

    He then thought about the man's objective, he listed all of his theories in his mental notes, he tried to verify them. He was waiting for his chance to live on, he was waiting for the final day to decide his fate.


    The man looked at Forus with anticipant in his eyes, from his calculation, today would be the day the first trace of the Aura of Decay manifested itself in Forus' body.

    "Today is your last day as a mortal, for your despair will create the aura capable of destruction, the Aura of Decay." His voice was shaking, he was very excited that his experiment would bear fruit.

    "This is my precious crystal, called the Jewel of Death. It was created by extracting resentful souls of numerous mortals." He pulled out a pitch-black crystal that absorbed all light that touched it and processed to send it toward Forus as if it was going to become one with him.

    After the weird crystal touched and merged with him, Forus felt an unimaginable pain, not one from his physical body but one from his mental mind. The Death Aura around him amplified countless folds, a new terrifying aura revealed itself within his body. It was the Aura of Decay.

    "It has been ten years since the start of this experiment, finally, I shall destroy the limit of mine and ascend to the higher rank!" He gestured his hands in a strange manner, twisting his arms in an inhuman way.

    The red lines manifested themselves on the floor of the torture chamber, forming a bizarre shape of a goat-head three-wings monster. The dark shadow of it stepped out from the red lines, the candles that illuminated the room turned blood-red, countless spikes grew out of the walls.

    Sounds of scream and songs of madness reverberated the whole room, chilling the mind of Forus. The laughter of the blue-robed man was accompanied with a wave of his hand, sending an undetectable force to drag Forus toward him.

    "Oh, Mighty One, this humble one has a life-long wish, please accept this gift and grant this lowly one his desire." He bowed down gratefully, completely submitted himself to the evil entity.

    In response, the entity sent its tentacles toward Forus, thrusting them into his body and wrapped around his soul, caressing it as if there was something it wanted. The movement of the tentacles caused Forus to feel the sensation of pain, he also felt a familiar feeling from it which puzzled him greatly.

    "Oh, Great One, this mortal was prepared specially for your greatness, he had the Aura of Decay within himself. This lowly one is willing to gift him to your greatness." He waved his hand, causing the power that warped around Forus to pull him toward the monster.

    Feeling desperate, Forus immediately made up his mind, his eyes were full of desire to live, to reunite with his daughter and to find his brother.

    "Great One, I shall bargain with you! The Jewel of Death and the Aura of Decay inside of me, I will sell it to you for the power to survive in this world. Grant me the power to survive and I shall give you all of them, you hear me? All of them!" Forus shouted at the top of his lungs, stunning the blue-robed man and causing the evil entity to pause for a moment.

    Weird and distorted sound of laughter echoed the whole chamber, a piece of goat-skinned paper was created out of thin air, detailing the condition of the deal. Power to survive for Jewel of Death and Aura of Decay.

    "Impossible! This isn't supposed to happen!" The man collapsed onto the ground, his eyes turned crimson-red, rage and insanity filled his soul completely.

    He spent too much on this one ritual, it was supposed to be the beginning of his rise, for him to ascend and reached the new height. But, his excitement and carelessness had caused him dearly, not only he failed to break through, he even gave the chance to bargain with the evil entity away for a mortal. Even worse, the items that mortal used to exchange for his power was also his!

    "Deal!" Without any hesitation, Forus immediately completed the contact using his blood to sign his consent.

    The paper slowly turned black after having contact with his blood, it melted away and transformed into the strange floating black mist. It then shot toward Forus and seeped into his body and fused with his soul, causing an unbearable pain comparable to when the Aura of Decay invaded his mind.

    His body felt a lot lighter than before, his mind became clearer than ever, his broken and exhausted body was repairing itself at the terrifying rate, shocking even the blue-robed man.

    "You maggot! How dare you destroyed my plan and ruin my wish?!" Losing control of his anger, frozen snakes formed themselves in front of him, they dashed toward Forus as the man pointed his finger at him.

    Forus tried to shift away from the trajectory of the snakes but his feet were frozen by the blue flame that was concealed beneath the room, it was one of the traps the man prepared for an unexpected ambush.

    He was struck by the soulless snakes and flew into the walls, his body was paralysed by the freezing venom of the snakes, he couldn't even lift his finger. He could only watch as the man walked toward him slowly, his eyes were shining with anticipant, there was no trace of the previous madness.

    "Well, since I have lost my chance to ascend, there is no need to get mad anymore. Instead, having gained a new experimental material, I wonder what type of power would I be able to extract from you?" The blue-robed man chuckled lightly, feeling delighted for his new toy.

    He was all by himself, he had no love or home. He learnt to live by himself and to suppress his emotion. The sudden outburst of rage was quickly subdued by himself, losing control over one emotion might affect one's progress.

    "What are you going to do with my body?" Forus spoke with difficulty, he could faintly feel his body so he tried his best to delay for more time.

    The man frowned as he sent an ice spike and slowly cut the right leg of Forus into two pieces. After seeing that Forus showed no sight of pain, he relaxed and smiled once more.

    "Because we are going to spend time with each other, I shall tell you. I am going to experiment and identify the power that you have gotten, but I won't have you as my slave anymore, I shall kill you and obliterated your soul, you will never be able to reincarnate again." He spoke slowly and clearly, he wanted his every word to engrave in Forus' soul.

    "I will never give in! I have the power to survive! That being would never lie to me because you are willing to trade with it." Forus retorted angrily, he could do nothing except speaking, he had to provoke the man into coming closer to him. He even had to endure the pain silently to let the man lower his guard.

    The man suddenly paused and vanished, his laughter resounded on the left ear of Forus. Before he knew it, he was blown away into another wall, silent immediately occupied the chamber once more.

    "This is disappointing, you have an easy way out, not being able to feel my torture." The man was frustrated, and once again, he walked toward the broken figure that was lying on the floor.

    When he was near the lying Forus, at the speed of sound, he threw out a green dart that was covered in small pink flowers. It stabbed into Forus' body, instantly paralysed him, Forus could no longer move his mouth.

    "You think that I would fail for you petty trick? I have already take account of the possible scenarios. Your mortal mind could not contend against our great mind." The man spoke with a sense of superior, it was the sense of pride that all predators felt when they had their preys.

    "The dart would continuously send a fixed quantity of Death Aura to obstructed your movement, you would effectively become a cripple." After taunting the victim, he lifted Forus up seemingly effortlessly and carried him toward the exit.

    The ray of light that shone on Forus' face caused him to fall in dazes for a moment, this was the first sign of neutral light he had ever seen for a long time. From what he had heard from that man, he had been in that torture chamber for ten years straight.

    After a while, he was thrown into a dark room again, but this time, there was no other accessories, only a rotten wooden bed was there. He could also vaguely saw many shape knives and cutters, it was evidence, this was the experiment room the man had been talking about.

    As soon as Forus lifted his finger, he could feel the Death Aura from the dart rushing into his body, keeping it into the state of living dead again. But he was also able to feel some energy flicking within his body, it was a stain of grey light. The grey light responded to the Death Aura, more specifically, it was responding to the dart.

    But before he could explore this stain of light thoroughly, the blue-robed man opened the metal door and came in unhurriedly, his cloth was now clear-white, its surface was embodied in some kind of magical shield.

    Forus then realised, the cloth was protection against the spilt blood and skin, he was going to get torture again. But at the thought of the grey light, he forcefully calmed himself down and showed a expression of panic and dread.

    "Now, this is time for a little warm-up. Don't worry, I won't let you die easily, your body and soul will be a valuable source of my knowledge. Who knows? Maybe my hope of ascension might be inside your body, to be honest, I am very interested in that power that you acquired from the entity." The man smiled wickedly, his laughter echoed the silent room as he began to dissect Forus alive.

    Forus, who was paralysed, could silently only watch his own blood get drain, his own skinned get cut. There was no sight of ending in this torment of his.
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    Chapter 3
    After enduring for an unknown amount of time, Forus could finally gain a little bit of influence over the mysterious dart that inflicted Death Aura on him. He learnt that the dart was not under the control of that blue-robed man, because if it was, then he would not be able to exert control over it.

    Although he could suppress the pain that the man did to him, the fact that he could not move a single bit made him incredibly uncomfortable, coupled with how he had to watch the man experimented on his body, cutting them apart and healing them, over and over again just to test his idea.

    "I have to admit that the power that the entity has given to you is very strange, I couldn't find the true usage of it even after several experiments, but that was to be expected." The man stopped working to do his daily meditation, he was going to clear his mind to reconsider the new possibility of that unknown power.

    His daily meditation was the only thing that let Forus know how much time had passed, it had been a week since he made a deal with that evil being. He might also start to doubt that the power really existed if not for the fact that it was being used to slowly take control over the dart.

    Forus didn't dare to exercise any control over the dart, even a little. He was afraid of the very idea that the man could detect his plan. If he got caught before he could freely control over the dart, his last hope would truly be extinguished, he would have no real way to retaliate.

    He also couldn't go all-out trying to control it either, his understanding over the mysterious nature of the man was too little, he didn't know the depth and the resource that the blue-robed man could use. The realm that he stood on was completely above any other thing Forus could ever imagine.


    The sun was setting, the sky was painted orange by the reflection of the sunlight. The falling leaves were numerous, they fell off to accompany the woman to sit on a bench. She was looking toward the sky, waiting for someone to come.

    Her face was that of a mature and aged woman, a trace of the story could be seen in her weary eyes. She had been sitting there for hours, there was no mysterious energy inside her body, she was utterly mortal.

    Behind her was a handsome man whose eyes were sharp as a blade, his yellowish eyes could stare at those with a weak mind into submission. His body was brimming with the invisible force that separated himself and those ordinary mortals.

    "Sister, you have been sitting there for too long, it gonna cause your condition to deteriorate." The man couldn't endure seeing her getting lost in her mind, he asked her softly, knowing full well of what she was yearning.

    "I know, I also know that I couldn't live for too long, but I always unknowingly recall my past. I wish that I would live a happy life with my family, even as a mortal." She turned her head toward the man, her eyes were watery as she wiped them out and walked toward him.

    "I know that I have said it so many time. But if you want to be with him, you can always cultivate under my guidance, I could help you breakthrough and move past the limit of the mortal to completely cure you." The man couldn't help but persuade her again.

    "If one day you succeed in breakthrough past me and ascend to the new realm, you can always find him at the cycle of reincarnation and live together with him, for as long as you want." The man said in a hoarse voice, the old memory from ten years ago was starting to resurface.

    "When he tried to protect our daughter, I couldn't do anything to help him, I can't even be there to support him and could only watch him die. Now, for he is now gone, I shall live my life peacefully as he always wanted me to. He lived and died as an ordinary mortal, then I shall be a wife that he always wanted, I shall live my life as an ordinary mortal, I shall die peacefully as an ordinary mortal." Her voice was cracked due to intense sadness and grief, her husband had already left her. If not for his brother that prevented her, she would already commit suicide and rejoin with him at the next reincarnation.

    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't send that cursed gift to your daughter, it was my fault. I could have been there by myself several times, but in the end, I couldn't even be there to see his dying face nor could I accompany him in his death." The gift that he sent to their daughter was to test her talent for sorcery. If she could become like himself, then his brother's family would be prosperous for all to come.

    But how would he know that fate was wicked and twisted, that there would be a passing sorcerer who noticed her extraordinary talent and forcefully took her to their own faction. Not only the child was taken, but the parents were almost killed by the process. If not for him to quickly move to check the situation, the wife would have already been dead.

    Although he had cursed the enemies with one of his strongest spells, he could feel that they were not dead, one of them had used a mysterious treasure to forcefully break the curse, he didn't die but sustained some internal injury. The other was killed easily along with his family, but later, he also found out that it was the clone that died and not its true self.

    So his curse couldn't do any real damage to their foundation, it could only prevent them from advancing further for a wide. He could also deduce that they were both stronger than he was. Worst case, they might have giant backing with formidable depths of connections.

    "But if you never cultivate and become like me, you might not have any other chance to save your own daughter again. If you have power, then you could have both of your family members lived peacefully." The man tried his hardest to convince the maiden to cultivate, not for his own good, but for hers and his brother's.

    "I have faith in our daughter, she would soon become the influential figure, an imposing sorcerer who reach the peak. I am a bad parent who let her daughter suffer unjustly, but this is also her chance to be extraordinary." She had completed faith in her daughter, she knew her child full well. The girl would suffer a lot, but she was adaptive and smart, she would soon learn to live in the harsh environment. She was destinated to become a historical figure engraved in the eternal history of the sorcerers.

    After having said so much, the weak woman coughed softly. The man also walked toward her and supported her up, her legs were very weak that she couldn't walk if nobody helped her. Her condition was very bad, the only way to save her life was to practice the art of sorcery or having the almighty sorcerer of the higher rank personally helped her, but they were too few and far between, those beings would always be in seclusion and hardly came out.

    "I will have to trouble you again, Mister Intor. My body was too weak to walk, I could feel that my death was approaching." She calmly said so. She was happy that she could reunite with her husband even in the underworld.

    "No problem. This is naturally my compensation for causing this tragedy, I am willing to help you and be with you until you died. I could also temper with your destiny in the next life so that you will meet him again." Intor Ander, the little brother of Forus Ander. He was willing to do everything to atone his sin, if not for tending Meria, he would have risked his life to slaughter those who separated the family.


    Time flew by, on a blink of an eye, Forus had been in this new room for months, perhaps years. He would never be able to remember the exact time he was tortured. He had been through hell and back, he almost gave up his little life for many times, only to be forcefully held back by the blue-robed man.

    One of the only things that held him in place and preventing him from scattered away was the warming memory of the past. When his family was still intact and peaceful, when his daughter was still within the range of his arm and when his wife was still there for him.

    His only hope lied on the speck of grey light within his soul, it had been continuously fused with his soul, allowing him to recover and strengthen his mental ability. It could also help him control the mysterious dart that was stabbed into him by that man.

    But, all of those enduring was the foundation of today. From this moment onward, Forus had already completed all of his preparation. He only needed to endure this for one last time and use the moment of weariness of that man to escape and kill him.

    "How are you feeling today? I've got a surprise for you." The blue-robed man chuckled as he pulled out a dark-blue seedling. Its roots were twisting continuously, it was more like a parasite than a plant.

    "What will you do to my body this time?" Forus spoke with intense hatred. If he still couldn't speak after such a long time, the man might suspect him of hiding something.

    "There is no harm in telling you anyway. This is my new creation, it still doesn't have a name. But after I used it on you, depending on the result, it would be either Blossoming Soulflower or Undeath Floret." The man obviously liked his new creation very much that he thought out two names for it.

    "Judging from the name, it would have the ability to at least make me your slave. You think that you could indirectly obtain my power by controlling me?" Forus sneered as he mocked the man, provoking him into fury.

    "I really want to see your expression after you became my servant. But don't worry, you won't die easily. I will take good care of your body." Having said that, the man sent the flower floating toward Forus. If the flower successfully planted itself into his soul, that would be the end.

    But before the plant could touch him, Forus decided to risk everything and exploded with countless Death Aura that was concealed in his body for a long time.

    The Death Aura that Forus emitted was very powerful and in great quantity, if the enemy was not the blue-robed man who took precautions against it, they would be overwhelmed by it and had their lifeforce sucked dry.

    "That was unexpected, but still within the range of my preparation." The man was not tensed at all, he was relaxed and carefree. He had prepared for this moment for a while now, he would not let the same thing happened to him again.

    Forus saw the man took out many paled-white pills and processed to pinch them, the pills were dissolved into dusk and greedily absorbed the Death Aura, reducing the overall amount of it.

    Gritting his teeth, he used every bit of his force to break free from the chain and gave himself many wounds in various parts of his body. Finally, his endurance paid off, the chains couldn't withstand the flow of time and his strength and collapse.

    Forus jumped toward the man, aiming his hands at that man's neck, he only had one chance to strike him and robbed him of his life!
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    Chapter 4
    The distance between the blue-robed man and Forus were not very far yet not very near. But with Forus last bit of his strength, willpower and hope, he had only needed one jump to reach that man.

    "Die!" Forus hand moved as fast as it could to the neck of the blue-robed man. With his warcry, the hand was like a sword that was ready to behead the enemy!

    "This is disappointing." Black chains that were originally broken down magically appeared behind the blue-robed man, the aura that they emitted were far superior to the previous version that used to lock Forus up.

    Before his fist touched the black chains, Forus disregarded his safety and forcefully controlled the Death Aura to condense into revolting mist and fused into his fist, empowering it with the power of Death itself.

    The Death Aura quickly eroded the skin and flesh of Forus' fist, creating the appearance of a deformed hand. Small pieces of bones were corroded and the flesh had rotted away at the visible rate.

    The collision of the rotten fist and the black chains caused countless sparks to sprinkle into existence in many different shades of colours, the spectacular scenery could only serve as the concealment to the devastating damage hidden inside.

    Forus was sent flying at the speed of sound because of the impact, his body crashed into the wall of the chamber, producing a deafening noise that would startle the weak minds.

    The black chains were broken beyond repair, they slowly faded out of existence because the energy the man provided was no longer enough for their usage.

    "In no way could I imagine that the Death Aura could be used in this fascinating way. Too bad, the aftereffect was too much for you to bear it." The blue-robed man spoke calmly as he walked toward the collapsed wall.

    Forus was struggling to even stand up, his body and soul had suffered too much damage for the ordinary mortal. Fortunately, Forus' body and mind had been tempered by the agonizing pain from the previous experiments, allowing them to withstand the injury.

    "It was regrettable that my plan could have been perfect if I could have more time to work with, your strange flower has ruined all of my hard work." Forus spoke with difficulty. All the time they had spent together was very long, they could be said to be a friend, if not for the fact that they were trying to kill each other.

    "You are one of the more interesting fellows I have encountered in my whole life. If only you didn't have the strange power inside your soul, I could have taken you as my disciple." The man was now standing in front of the lying Forus, he was waiting for him to stand up again, it could be said to be his experiment.

    With numerous troubles, Forus had finally stood up and reignited his fighting spirit, black flame started burning his fist again as he dashed toward the man.

    This time, the man, however, didn't have his chains prepare. He could only cover his hands with the changing sphere of ices, its temperature could turn the hot boiling water into freezing ice in a matter of a second.

    Like the previous round, both fists collided with each other, creating yet another round of flashing light. But this time, Forus came prepared, he had forcefully twisted his body to let only his fist endured the impact, causing it to be blown to smithereens.

    With his pale expression, Forus used his another fist, with black flame covering it, to slam it on the unexpected man. The blue-robed man was an intelligent man, he could predict a lot of things. But the minds of living beings were mysterious and everchanging, how could he know that Forus would ignore the consequences and destroy his fist to have another chance at hitting him.

    The Forus' fist punched the man's face directly. But, it was forced to destroy the invisible barrier surrounding the man first in order to hit his real flesh. The blue-robed man was a solitary sorcerer, after all, he needed at least several tricks to survive in this chaotic world.

    Although the barrier was not that powerful, it could still hold the fist out for a second, gaining the much needed time for the man to cast his protecting spell.

    Finally, this time, the man was the one that was sent flying toward the wall. Not wanting to waste any time, Forus rushed toward the man, enduring the pain and punching the man. Every time his fist landed on the protective barrier, bits of his skin would be frozen and dissipated away. It was truly the life and death battle that decided the fate of two men.

    "The Snow of Remembrance shall cover all thing!" A strange chant rang into Forus' mind, causing his expression to darken.

    Every vague word could very well be the fearful magic that could overturn fate and kill him in an instant. That was why he continued to exhaust the mind of the man, not wanting him to speak any chant.

    The white ring on his hand shone and actualised fragments of crystals then turned them into the white snow that could cause dreamy scenery within one's mind. The Ring of Recollection was the mysterious treasure he got from a legacy ruin he once entered. Although it had been the bitter past of his, he also managed to acquire the ring from there, but, he couldn't find any usage of it other than the Snow of Remembrance.

    Forus' eyes turned unfocused the moment he inhaled a tiny part of the snow, in his mind, an unimaginable scene was playing in front of him.


    "Dear, I have been waiting for so long, is the work today too tiring?" The sweet voice of his Meria was the best medicine for his exhaustion.

    "Dad, let us play!" Matia sneaked to the back of her father and jumped on him, riding him.

    "I would like to be here, but, this is just an illusion." The hoarse voice of Forus contained the hint of grief and sadness, how could his family be together after the incident, even more so with the same appearance.

    After saying the words that broke his heart, he closed his eyes and burnt himself with the flame of the Death Aura.


    When he opened his eyes again, Forus was lying on the ground. The blue-robed man was sitting at the opposite of the room, panting and coughing out blood.

    "How is this even possible?! How did you come out of the illusion?!" The man immediately stood up despite his injury and using his blood as the offering, he gained momentary momentum to use his last bit of power to kill Forus.

    Although the man had used extraordinary chains to bound Forus, they were nothing to the burning flame of Death Aura. When Forus burnt his entire body with the power of Death Aura, the chains were broken down almost instantly.

    Forus then shot himself at the man, aiming to finish him before the spell killed him. Because his entire body was burned by the flame of Death Aura, he could disregard the extensive injury he had within his body and used his last bit of force to extinguish the life of that man.

    By the time his fist reached the range of the man, many ice spikes were already presented themselves to wage the final battle with the fist that carried the presence of Death itself.

    "Meria, wait for me, I'm going to see you soon." If there was an afterlife, he only wished to be with his wife again.

    "Matia, I hope you are doing well. I am a bad father to you, I couldn't even be with you." If there was a choice for him, he would be by his daughter's side.

    "Intor, in the end, I couldn't even see your face." The profound emotions were contained within every word that he said, his every word was for his family, for his hope.

    A teardrop was the only thing on his face. Forus closed his eyes, he knew he couldn't survive this blow, he only needed to kill the man before him. That was enough.

    "Farewell." The burning fist hit the ice spikes.


    "Why am I crying?" The lady in white dress muttered as tears dropped from her face, everything she could see was blurry except for an ordinary figure whose face was everything to her.

    She saw that man waved at her and walked into the distance, leaving farewell words that would be engraved within her soul forever.

    "Meria, wait for me, I'm going to see you soon." He said, and without any hint of regret, he disappeared into the horizon.

    That day, Meria found herself sitting alone, gazing toward the horizon while tears were flowing down from her eyes.


    Intor Ander was meditating when he suddenly snapped his eyes opened in disbelief. He could feel that something unbelievably precious to himself had been stripped away from him.

    His eyes radiated colourful light, he could freely comprehend the mystery behind the magical spells and problems he couldn't understand before. When he got out of this state, his power would rise exponentially.

    "Brother, farewell. I promise to help your wife to get reincarnated in the most suitable place." He smiled tranquilly, his brother gave him his final blessing before he passed away.


    Matia was a very intelligent and talented lady. When she first joined the Flying Green Garden at the age of ten, her talent for sorcery was that of a great genius. She could rival those legendary talents if given enough time.

    Now, almost eleven years had passed since the first day she joined the Flying Green Garden. Her mastery over sorcery was very high, she was estimated to be able to become the second rank sorcerer in the next hundred years.

    Matia had no surname, she was an orphan who was picked up by one of the higher-ups of the garden. Her memory before she joined this place was sealed, she would be able to break the seal once she advanced to the second rank.

    "What is this emotion, why did I feel it?" Her dark-bluish-green eyes flashed as she began to determine the source of this feeling. Because of her great talent in both ice and plant element, her eyes and hair were influenced by them, turning bluish green.

    Suddenly, all the world around her turned grey, she could see no colour anymore, everything around her was colourless. Although people would panic in this scenario, Matia felt, strangely, refreshing and carefree.

    Little by little, the seals created by many higher-ups of the garden began to break apart, it was being devoured by a tiny speck of colourless light, causing many fragmented memories to slowly flow into her.

    "Daddy, I want to become a trader like you! I want to make you happy!"...
    "Father will play with you after you finish your homework, promise?"...
    "I only want this girl, you could have this as a compensation."...

    Countless information about her past was forcing itself into her head, causing her head to hurt.

    In her eyes, the only colourful thing in the entire world was her family.


    Outside the main gate of the Flying Green Garden, a green-robed figure was holding a weak string of light, he examined it for a second before crushing it into bits.

    "Only the last will of a dead mortal, how dare it think about coming to see your own daughter?!" The figure said in disdain before he flew back into the flying garden.

    At the same time, the change inside Matia's body was forcefully stopped, but the damage had already been done. Although Matia was never meant to hear her father's farewell, she still managed to get his blessing before it was destroyed.


    The result of the battle created an impressive shockwave that shook the entire underground dorm, causing many spell formations to break, many tools to be destroyed. Even if the man was to survive, the cost of this action would be very devastating, enough for him to have to change his hideout and start from the scratch.

    After the shakings subsided, silence once again reigned supreme, not a single sound nor movement could be detected as if there was no life within the entire area.

    "I, as a second rank sorcerer, was pushed into the hopeless corner and even almost die. This is disgraceful! If not for that mysterious curse, I would only need to lift my finger and killed this mortal!" The blue-robed man with only half of his entire body, the upper body, crawled out of the huge hole that was the aftermath of the great standoff.

    In reality, his power had fallen continuously since the surprise attack of the demonic curse, although it could not take his life, it had inflicted great hidden injury on his soul, he would need a huge amount of time to completely heal his soul to the peak state.
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