Chinese Ning Yuan 宁渊 by 星零 Xing Ling

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    Name: Ning Yuan 宁渊
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    This is gonna be adapted as a drama
    This is from the same author who wrote Ancient God and Di Huang Shu
    Description :
    Five hundred years ago, you did everything for the country.

    Five hundred years later, I still have a peaceful and prosperous world.

    Only, this time, it's not due to you.

    During those five hundred years, there has been a legend on the Blessed Continent that says that the master of the hidden mountain will obtain the world.

    It has been five hundred years since the last Master of the Hidden Mountain, Mo Ning Yuan, entered the secular world.

    After a dream that lasted many years, when Mo Ning Yuan woke up once again, she arrived in a new era, five hundred years later. And the old Mo Ning Yuan back was just a legend that existed for hundreds of years.

    Now, she is Luo Ning Yuan, the only one left in the Luo family of the Daning Dynasty. But when she was planning to live a life of leisure with this identity, the fiance with whom Miss Luo had been engaged to since she was a child appeared in front of the world, deluding about repenting for marrying another woman.

    How can there be such a good thing in the world, in these two lives, only you is brave enough to dare to despise her!

    (I translated this myself so this may be inaccurate)
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