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    Name: [No CP] [Comprehensive Martial Arts] My life will stop 【无CP】[综武侠]吾命将休
    Raw Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3143632
    NU Link: N/A
    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Wuxia + QT male MC + No CP = Can it even be better? [Jianghu QT]

    Description :

    Immediately before Tan Zhao closed his eyes [died], because of his optimistic spirit of fighting against the disease, he was bound by the "conquering terminal illnesses" system. The system told him that he needed to travel into the dying people in other worlds to live more Heaven, the extra days he lives can accumulate blessings on him to extend his own life.
    He thought the deal was a good deal, so he agreed.
    However... Sure enough, he was still too young to live with a short-lived smile.

    1. The male protagonist without CP, quickly wear, which is probably the daily style of the abuse scum, probably.
    2. The male protagonist has his own death debuff, and every world will face various premature deaths, car accident deaths, accidental deaths, poisoned deaths, and so on. [But it's not heartbreaking or tragedy, don't worry]
    3. The conventional system has a low sense of existence and is not a stepmother system.

    Content Tags: martial arts [Wuxia], fantasy, space, system, quick pass [Quick transmigration]
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Tan Zhao ┃ Supporting role: Various supporting roles in martial arts who urge to die ┃ Others: Being short-lived, "Overcoming terminal illness"

    Wuxia + QT = Can it even be better? [Jianghu QT]
    This story has a humorous style, portraying all the characters who are chic and interesting. The protagonist is full of character, flesh and blood, and the essay system and the protagonist's "love and kill" [love-hate] setting is also very eye-catching. The writing of the article is smooth, the text is simple but interesting, and people can't help but yearn for that sword and shadow of the world.
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    1. 我爹不是我爹 My father is not my father
    Uncle Lu: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_Xiaofeng
    Yíngōu Dǔfāng (銀鉤賭坊; 'The Silver Hook Gambling House')

    The son of the Demonic Cult's (魔教; mójiào) leader has been murdered. Lánhúzǐ (藍鬍子; 'Bluebeard'), the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House, initially accuses Lu Xiaofeng of committing the murder. However, he promises to help Lu Xiaofeng prove his innocence if Lu Xiaofeng agrees to help him find the Demonic Cult's lost sacred artefact. Lu Xiaofeng finds the artefact but discovers that it is fake; the real one is actually with Lanhuzi. It turns out that Lanhuzi has been plotting to seize control of the cult's leadership and he has framed Lu Xiaofeng for the murder in order to divert the cult's attention away from himself. Lu Xiaofeng defeats Lanhuzi, exposes the plot, and returns the artefact to its rightful owner.

    2. 吾与汝孰美
    Li Xunhuan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiaoli_Feidao
    Duōqíng Jiànkè Wúqíng Jiàn (多情劍客無情劍; 'Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword') (published in 1968)

    Lǐ Xúnhuān (李尋歡), the protagonist of the first novel, becomes a famous figure in the jianghu (martial artists' community) for his skilful use of his signature weapon, the Little Li Flying Dagger. Although he is secretly in love with Lín Shīyīn (林詩音), he ultimately decides to give up on her in order to repay the kindness he had received from his sworn brother, Lóng Xiàoyún (龍嘯雲), who is also in love with Lin Shiyin. After Lin Shiyin and Long Xiaoyun are married, Li Xunhuan feels so emotionally hurt that he retires from the jianghu to lead a reclusive life. When Li Xunhuan comes out of retirement a decade later, he encounter a swordsman, Āfēi (阿飛), and befriends him. He also meets a maiden, Sūn Xiǎohóng (孫小紅), whom he eventually marries. Around the time, a mysterious "Plum Flower Bandit" has committed several robberies and rumours in the jianghu suggest that the bandit is Li Xunhuan. With Afei's help, Li Xunhuan manages to clear his name and expose the bandit's true identity. At the same time, Li Xunhuan is drawn into the complex feuds involving three key figures: his sworn brother Long Xiaoyun; Shàngguān Jīnhóng (上官金虹), the evil chief of the Gold and Money Sect (金錢幫; jīnqiánbāng); and Shangguan Jinhong's lover, Lín Xiān-ér (林仙兒). Li Xunhuan ultimately defeats Shangguan Jinhong and restores peace in the jianghu before retiring once again to spend the rest of his life with Sun Xiaohong.

    3. 朕的皇位呢 Where is my throne
    Huang Yaoshi:
    Huang Yaoshi makes his first appearance in the middle of the novel [the legend of the condor heroes] when he is searching for Huang Rong, who has run away from home after a quarrel with her father. He meets Guo Jing, whom his daughter is romantically attracted to, and learns about the fates of his six apprentices. Chen Xuanfeng had been killed by Guo Jing; Mei Chaofeng has been blinded but still retains her fighting prowess; Qu Lingfeng and Wu Mianfeng are dead; Feng Mofeng is missing; and Lu Chengfeng, now a cripple, has settled in a manor on Lake Tai. He later accepts Qu Lingfeng's daughter Shagu and Lu Chengfeng's son Lu Guanying as his grand-apprentices.

    As the story progresses, Guo Jing visits Peach Blossom Island with his master Hong Qigong to compete for Huang Rong's hand-in-marriage against Ouyang Ke, Ouyang Feng's nephew. Guo Jing also meets Zhou Botong, who has been in a 15-year-long conflict with Huang Yaoshi over the Nine Yin Manual. Huang Yaoshi sets a series of tests for Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke. Guo Jing wins, much to Huang Yaoshi's chagrin because he dislikes Guo Jing, who is slow in learning and appears dumb. However, he ultimately gives his blessings to his daughter and Guo Jing after Guo Jing proves his worth and shows that he truly loves Huang Rong.

    Chu Liuxiang
    Part 2: The Vast Desert (大沙漠) Chu Liuxiang's adventures lead him to the desert, where he encounters his old friend Hu Tiehua. At the same time, he meets Linlang, a beautiful maiden, whom he saves from a kidnapper, and falls in love with her. However, he discovers later that Linlang is actually Shiguanyin, a mysterious and highly feared female martial artist. Shiguanyin and Wuhua (who actually survived) are behind a plot to take over the Moon City, a desert kingdom ruled by an incompetent king. With the aid of his friends, Chu Liuxiang foils Shiguanyin and Wuhua's plans and helps the king regain control of the Moon City. Chu Liuxiang defeats Shiguanyin in a fight and apparently kills her.

    5. 铁口直断李狗蛋
    Yu Huatian [Flying Swords of Dragon Gate]
    The Emperor's eunuchs have gained power and influence, the East Bureau and West Bureau spy and police the nation. They visit the shipyards, but only as a cover to execute those who would try and report their taking of bribes to the Emperor. Wandering hero Zhao Huai'an fights the leader of the East Bureau, defeating him and putting his head in a box and hanging it as a warning to other corrupt officials.

    The Emperor's chief concubine asks the West Bureau why they waste time on power struggles when she only wants them to prevent the Emperor impregnating anyone aside from her. Three pregnant courtesans have been executed, a fourth is being hunted down. Officials stop a riverboat and are about to execute a woman but a masked hero intervenes. Zhao watches from nearby and the masked hero also claims to be Zhao. The imposter helps the courtesan flee to Dragons Gate, Zhao and his followers decide to fight the West Bureau to help delay them and aid in the escape.

    As a sandstorm threatens and drives most travelers away, a few groups driven by different agendas are determined to stay in the desert at the famous Dragons Gate Inn. Amidst rumors of an ancient city and with Zhao Huai'an and the leader of the West Bureau approaching, events are about to unfold with the Dragons Gate Inn as the stage for an all-out clash.

    6. 小僧心里软
    Twin of Brothers Wacky wannabe swordsmen Chong and Ling accidentally acquire the mysterious "Longevity Martial Arts", which is rumoured to be the key to a huge treasure. The target of numerous people who covet the treasure, the two friends adventure through China despite the danger. In their journey, Ling meets two girls from two opposing sects, while Chong falls for the sister of the future emperor of China. With their extraordinary experiences, will the two become heroes amidst the historical turbulence?

    Bai Yutang
    Zhan Zhao
    Sleek Rat, the Challenger In Song Dynasty, Liao Kingdom established a secretsociety called Dragon Slayer in Song's hinterland, butthe assassinator, Wei, was captured in the action. MuGuiying asked Bai Yutang, nicknamed "sleek rat", todisguise himself as Wei so that to go undercover inDragon Slayer. The leaders of the society tried everymeans to find out whether Bai was the real Wei. Relyingon his wisdom and courage, Bai tided over the crisis andfoiled the plot of the society.

    8.重生的皇帝 The reborn emperor
    Zhao Xu
    Zhao Ji

    The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

    10. 聊赠一柄刀
    Xiaoli Feidao

    11. 惯看秋月春风
    Xi Zhicai
    Guo Jia

    12. 一曲江湖梦 A dream of jianghu
    The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
    Lin Pingzhi (林平之; Lín Píngzhī) is Lin Zhennan's son and the sole survivor of the Lin family, who was massacred by the Qingcheng Sect. Yue Buqun saves him, takes him in as an apprentice, and arranges for a marriage between him and Yue Lingshan. Driven by hatred and resentment after discovering Yue Buqun's ulterior motives, he becomes increasingly vicious and brutally kills his family's murderers in revenge but is blinded by Mu Gaofeng. He becomes insane after his final battle with Linghu Chong, who spares his life but imprisons him in an underground dungeon.

    13. 姓赵的有毒
    Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
    Duan Yu's story:
    Duan Yu is a young and naïve prince of the Dali Kingdom. His reverence for Buddhist teachings and disdain for bloodshed prompt him to defy his family's tradition of practising martial arts. When his father, Duan Zhengchun, tries to force him to learn martial arts, he runs away from home. Ironically, for the sake of survival, he ends up mastering three powerful skills and becomes a formidable martial artist. In addition, he acquires immunity to poison after accidentally consuming the Zhuha, a venomous toad.

    During his adventures, he encounters five young maidens – Zhong Ling, Mu Wanqing, Wang Yuyan, Azhu and Azi – and becomes romantically involved with the first three. However, at different points in the novel, each of them is revealed to be actually his half-sister due to Duan Zhengchun's secret affairs with other women in the past. Of these maidens, he is extremely obsessed with Wang Yuyan, who resembles a statue of a fairy-like lady he chanced upon before. He relentlessly tries to win her heart but she does not reciprocate because she has a crush on her cousin, Murong Fu.

    Towards the end of the novel, in a tragic twist of events, Duan Yu finds out that he is actually not Duan Zhengchun's biological son, which allows him to marry all the three maidens. In the original ending, his love life ends on a happy note when Wang Yuyan finally realises that he truly loves her and decides to marry him. However, after the book was published, many readers disliked this ending as it relegated Mu Wanqing to a minor role in the story. In the latest revision of the novel, Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan's romance is marred by a series of incidents which eventually cause them to be separated and Duan Yu ends up with Mu Wanqing and Zhong Ling.

    Lu Xiaofeng (AKA Uncle Lu)
    Jiànshén Yīxiào (劍神一笑; 'Laughter of the Sword God')
    Ximen Chuixue seeks Lu Xiaofeng's help in tracking down a swordsman, Liǔ Chéngfēng (柳乘風). Lu Xiaofeng travels to a town near the desert, where he discovers Liu Chengfeng's dead body. He soon realises that the town is full of lurking dangers, and also traces clues from Liu Chengfeng's death to a former imperial consort, Gōng Sùsù (宮素素). After exploring the area, he locates a hidden treasure in the desert. The villains in the town have secretly followed him there and they attack him. Lu Xiaofeng is apparently stabbed and killed. Just then, Ximen Chuixue shows up and reveals that Lu Xiaofeng is still alive, and they have set a trap for the villains, whom they team up to defeat and kill. At the end of the story, for the first time ever, the seemingly cold and unfeeling Ximen Chuixue bursts into laughter.

    Second series: [Comprehensive] Zhao Ru Sun and Moon [综]昭如日月
    1. 道士与鬼妖 Taoist priests and ghosts
    2. 小青与小白 Xiaoqing and Xiaobai
    3. 信了你的邪 Believe in your evil
    4. 玄不改非 Xuan Buchang Fei
    5. 世界太疯狂 The world is too crazy
    6. 人间春色早 Early spring in the world
    7. 一个正经人 A decent person
    8. 无心算有心 Without mental arithmetic and deliberate

    Arc 1 / My father is not my father/ Ch 1-21

    My father is not my father (1)

      Standing above the void of the transit station, Tan Zhao's mood was not very good.

      Anyone who has just been killed by someone will feel very unhappy, especially when someone calls "a thief to die" after a stabbing in the chest. Of course, he quickly adjusted his mentality. After all, he was killed a lot, so he didn't care about life and death that much.

      Looking up, on the interface of the summoning system, the big gain days displayed at the top are only two days, eight hours, fourteen minutes, and three seconds. It is really accurate to the second. In fact, he lived only three seconds longer in the last world. The woman screamed. The sound is sometimes scarier than a knife. But he couldn't help being a little pessimistic. He had passed through five worlds, but only had two days.

      What can be done in two days, is it different from the original world? He couldn't help but smile slightly, and the system shrank slightly, and silently raised his little paw: [Host, don't you give up so early, the early stage is a novice task, you are familiar with the familiar situation, in the future There is so much to earn, let's make a big vote in the next world!]

      The heart of the system is also full of emotions. I thought that the host I was looking for this time was a positive and optimistic young man who could accompany it all over the world to earn mission time. However... it overestimated the complexity, positivity, and illness of human nature. Fighting doesn't mean optimism, his host...hey, it's hard to say.

      Tan Zhao smiled softly again, the system was stunned and a thick layer of goosebumps appeared on the intangible system.


      Waking up again, the mountain pine swings gently, the fallen leaves are flying, it is a beautiful picture of autumn.

      "Young Master, we are about to leave the customs. Do you want to stop and rest for a while?" It was a soft female voice with a trace of respect, two traces of hesitation, and seven-point depressive excitement.

      As soon as Tan Zhao woke up, he heard such a sentence, and casually refused her: "No."

    The woman stopped talking, instead, a steel knife came straight through the top of the sedan, and the delicate sedan was instantly torn apart under internal force. Tan Zhao leaned back on the spot, and the steel knife brushed his ear and still heard the sound of broken beards. He had no doubt that if he hadn't moved ahead of time, his head would have been rolled into the yellow sand at this exact moment.

      [System, is this what you call a dry ticket? ]

      System: ...you are right to say that [shy.jpg]!

      Tan Zhao has not cared about talking to the system. Five people besieged his field of vision. Both women are beautiful and three men. One of them is very burly with a steel knife in his hand. It is the one who broke the sedan chair.

      He scowled and said, "Why are you killing me?"

    The five people were besieging him, seeming to be certain that he could not escape. The headed woman said charmingly: "The young master is a vicious gambler who will teach us the West. Mating holy cards lose out, he went so far nerve to ask this! "

      Western education? Raksha?

      Before he could understand, a scimitar was in front of him. There was not much internal strength in this body, and the body was very heavy. Tan Zhao had almost exhausted all his strength before he would escape, but even In this way, his arm was inevitably injured.

      I can't fight, if I don't think about it, I guess I will have to return to the transfer station.

      Tan Zhao didn’t care about the wound on his hand either. He squinted his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment. Obviously, this is a Jedi. Under the beautiful appearance of autumn beauty, there is a steep cliff behind. A handful?

      Tan Zhao barely thought for more than half a second and rolled to the edge of the cliff at the cost of another knife. The cliff was high, and the weather was not warm at this time, and the cold was constantly surging up. The system just wanted to say that we still had a chance to not fight this way, and Tan Zhao turned over and fell straight down.

      At the moment, also came on a cliff weak woman's voice: "He fell off?"

    "Do not worry, here is the land of ten dead without life, with the martial arts that waste is not long wings to fly up."

      "Ye, We can also go back to protect the law."

    For a long time, the mountain breeze gently passed the mountain top to send greetings from afar, Tan Zhao carrying a parachute, swaying and safely landed on the bottom of the cliff. Unexpectedly, it's not cold here, even hot.

      It seems to be an active volcano.

      System: Fortunately, the host is so witty, okay!

      ... Tan Zhao didn't care about the maliciously selling cute system. He didn't feel better when he watched the system screen for more than eight hours, not to mention that he had two big knife wounds on his arm.

      The wound was treated with the parachute and the golden sore medicine turned out from the original body, and it was already sunset. Tan Zhao hurriedly walked through the bottom of this small cliff. There was no way out on all sides. It was like a natural Colosseum. Due to the high temperature, there were few plants. After turning around, it only took another hour to buy a Pack of instant noodles to satisfy your hunger.

      Time is money, and his system is very thorough.

      The original name of the system was "defeat the terminally ill system". The main function is to bring the bounded host back and forth to each time and space to drill into the sky and land on the dying person to steal time. The dying person can return directly without the pain of death and act as the host. The stolen time can be used freely. Parachutes and instant noodles can be purchased in the system space. Time is used to purchase materials. Tan Zhao thinks that the people who develop the system will really do business.

      However, he doesn't care about this, even he is very grateful to the system and the people who may exist behind it.

      Barely filling his stomach, Tan Zhao found a cave to start a fire, and the fire was so bright that he finally had time to understand the world. To be honest, this is the first time he has lived through five worlds until he needs to understand the world.

      Obviously, this is a martial arts world [Wuxia], and his original body is called Yu Tianbao, the young master of Western Raksha Sect, and the only son of Yu Raksha. It's just...this son was quoted, a fake son who was pushed out as a target, who would do his best to teach?

      The original body grew up in brocade clothes and jade food, silk, and silk, as long as he wanted it, there wasn't anything he couldn't get it. The small country of the Western Regions destroyed it if they couldn't understand it, and Jade Raksha also completely condoned it. But when it comes to learning martial arts and maneuvering people, then there is nothing to talk about. He was forced to jump off the cliff to protect his safety.

      It's just that in this situation, it really isn't much better.

      System: No, I think it’s awesome. Host, you only need to spend three hours a day to buy the food you need, then you can save 21 hours a day. As long as you live to be old, you can earn money. Host!

      [Would you like me to praise you for doing well in math? ]

      System: Isn’t it?

      Of course not. Although he likes to be alone, he is an individual and a social animal. If he is separated from the crowd and leads a boring ascetic life, he would rather be attributed to the dust.

      [Simply put it plainly, your host, I, like fun, understand? ]

    The system said it didn’t understand, but its built-in didn’t influence the host’s choice, so he could only hold his face and stop talking.

      After one night of reincarnation, Tan Zhao woke up in the heat. Although the clothes he wears are of good material, they can't hold up layer after layer, and because the original owner eats well... For the first time in his life, Tan Zhao experienced the sensation of fat on his stomach being warmed up.

      Temporarily unable to find a way out, Tan Zhao led a life of recuperating, exercising, learning Wu, and losing weight by the way. He is a habitual enjoyment. Naturally, he did not embarrass himself with the terrible idea of eating instant noodles three times a day, because even after two months, His current acquisition time is only seven days, fourteen minutes, and three seconds.

      The system of diligent and thrifty housekeeping feels that the host is too prodigal. How long will it take to save enough time to go home! When the system was broken, Tan Zhao remained unmoved.

      That day, the wounds on his body had long since scabs and healed, and his body was lighter. The fat on his stomach, face, and thighs had already disappeared because of restrained diet and martial arts exercises. Tan Zhao looked up at the invisible. The mountain began to think about how to go up.

      System: Host, what are you going to do after you go up?

      I haven't thought about this for the time being. Although Tan Zhao likes watching the excitement, he doesn't like trouble, but the identity of Yu Tianbao is a huge trouble. The five people who were ready to kill on the cliff that day were people with whom he grew up. His guards, who can buy the people who followed him since childhood to kill him, I want to know it is just those few people.

      Western Rakshas teach that this is about to change. Tan Zhao, who has roughly understood this martial arts world, has made a conclusion on the death of "Yu Tianbao". But also, entering the customs with big fanfare with the Rakshasa brand is like a child who has passed the market with gold, and it is no wonder that people who are tempted by profit are ready to move.

      His death should be the fuse and the pawn crossing the river. And if he was still alive, many things would disappear.

      It's really troublesome. Tan Zhao looked up and finally got tired, trying to reason with the system: [I said the system, I will find my identity in the future, can you not find such a complicated one? ]

    The system thought about it, patted his chest, and said that the next world is absolutely simple and straightforward.

      ... It always feels a little dangerous to promise so quickly.

      System: Oh, yes, do you want to rent equipment for the host?

      Having said that, an interface appeared on the control panel of the system. I don't know where it pulled out a rental mall. From aircraft carriers to mobile phones and tablets, as long as you can afford it, you can lend it to you.

      Tan Zhao: ...

      [Why don't you have such a good thing out sooner! ]

    It took seven days to buy one hour of hot air balloon use time. Tan Zhao raised the hot air balloon according to the instructions with a dark face. It seemed to be to blend with the ancient atmosphere. This hot air balloon is not the colorful ancient colors common to modern people, but It was gray-brown, and the ignition device was made very secretive, soaring all the way, the temperature was getting lower and lower.

      Tan Zhao gathered his clothes together, and finally couldn't help but sneeze loudly.

      At this time, Uncle Lu, Lu Xiaofeng, was walking in the wilderness in a red cloak, no one around suddenly heard the sneezing sound, his head slightly raised, just eyes facing each other.

      Obviously, Uncle Lu has seen the big scene, and he immediately said: "Xiongtai's good skills, can you take it on the next trip?"
    Rest of the Chapters of arc 1